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"2018-02-07 09:46:41"
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Don't Worry, Planet X Won't Kill Us All on 19th November 2017
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Dr Michio Kaku PLANET X NIBIRU Update Today 27th October 2017 Latest Evidence Nibiru is Coming!
\\feel that way toward the earth right now ill come by first in 2029 and we'll see it up there it'll be closer than our satellite the thing the size of a robot Rose Bowl hurtling through the air and then it comes again a 2036 and that's when it make it interesting the debate over just how close he will get his heart is a serious debate between Russian scientists American sites here's a satellite picture the thing this is from well with this this and you know this does nothing but sit there I know that's a good thing in a life ... this was in 2004 does look very today here both sides seem to agree that in 3 decades the asteroid will fly very close to earth but Russian scientists want our planet's gravity could change the asteroids path instead on a collision course NASA scientists say there is a minuscule leave any chance of that happening one in 250000 better wanna blotto it's about world what joins ME Chicago is a theoretical theoretical physics physics professor at City University of New York Cooney he's also the author of physics of the future and our new book coming out about a month will take about that in about a month so 20 to see and 2029 it flies by underneath the satellite that's right mark on your calendar Friday the thirteenth on April 2036 though I'd like to pass on the second pass right the first pass like you said it comes right underneath our satellites you can actually see it within right overhead file and on the second pass it might actually be a nation buster it'll take on Germany it'll take out France England erotically nothing like her or the entire northeast of the United States awful it'll hit with the force of 100000 Hiroshima bombs really if it severed heads I think it has to be beyond human comprehension and the head of the Russian space agency has said that the Russian scientists should think of some ways of deflecting it or are handling this amenity what about a 36 what what we're going to sue the laser well everyone thinks will send Bruce Willis out there with the space shuttle but the spatial can even reach out of space are facing it out and the space shuttle only spins wheels are on the planet earth cannot even go to deep space we need a new booster rocket attack us out there many subtle does 1 maybe and then we have to nudge out of the way the farther it is the easier it is to push it out with rockets so it'll it'll miss the planet earth but it's something that we have to take seriously the first major threat from a giant media are are asteroid worry to hit us do we know what it would do to a rotation on the sun and the spinning on the access law it will it will definitely affect the rotation of the earth that goes around the sun immediate impact would be a gigantic shock wave going out maybe 50 to 100 miles then fire storms going out to hundreds of miles beyond that are stored and then meteorites raining back down on the planet earth so the devastation would be on the order of a 500000 miles legal bullseye bullseye containing happy United States that's the potential impact and it is a very tiny probability that we're watching it very carefully because the thinking among some these Russian scientists is that the first time it passes the gravitational pull of the earth people closer than a second pass 2036 the wild card is also atmosphere disturbances is gonna come right out right to the outskirts of our own atmosphere friction is going to take place and that's unpredictable we simply don't know how it's gonna react as it whizzes through the atmosphere of the earth and that could affect the second pass and that's why we keep our bankers trust in 2037 sets of figures but is the world ending in 2012 the mind counter seems indicate well they can look at my calendar that he says that it's cyclical and we could be witnessing a rebirth we should be celebrating then and personally I would be I hope I hope to be around in 2013 so don't sell the still hard don't get divorced the host don't ruin your life and in 2012 alright I'm sure some people will news for the future 20 of really weird it's great to see you can see a month for that new book right physics of the future about the next 50 to 100 years I think it will give you 3 outside now here's the asteroid story an asteroid the size of the Rose Bowl more than 1000 feet across feel this way toward the earth right now ill come by first in 2029 and we'll see it up there it'll be closer than our satellites the thing the size of the road but rose bowl hurtling through the air and then it comes again at 2036 and that's when it make it interesting the debate over just how close he will get his heart is in serious debate between Russian scientists American sites here's a satellite picture the thing this is from well with this and you know this does nothing but sit there on up the size of the Rose Bowl more than 1000 feet across feel this way toward the earth right now ill come by first in 2029 and we'll see it up there it'll be closer than our satellites the thing the size of a road but Rose Bowl hurtling through the air and it comes again a 2036 and that's when it make it interesting the debate over just how close he will get his heart is a serious debate between Russian scientists American sites here's a satellite picture the thing this is from well with this this and you know this does nothing but sit there I know that certain thing a middle name ... this was a 2004 does look very today here both sides seem to agree that in 3 decades yes right I'm really delighted that we have such a wonderful turnout on this miserable day that will mark the Yankees win of the first game of the series for those of you who are new to the ... event ... let me tell you a little bit about the presidential lecture series are we started the series in the year 2001 and the purpose is the purpose of the lecture series is to showcase the tremendous talent of the faculty of the City University of New York and the formula is very simple in the fall semester we invite one of the distinguished professors of the City University of New York or some national figure that has something to do with the City University of New York and then this spring we invite one of our own to be the presidential lecture span speaker we have a committee of faculty ... which is composed of doctors she let alone speak doctor Peter gray Dr Kenneth pearl and doctor Sam Karimi and if they are here please stand up so we can recognize you those of you who are here I know the fact is here these are the individuals who bear the brunt of the consequences of asking the wrong speaker to come and speak to you but they haven't missed yet and frankly I think that today we have one of the most popular the first time that we have a television star among our missed on the first time well maybe not the first time because every academic Senate you have one of those but the first that we have one of the recognized 100 brightest people in New York City by New York magazine this is professor Cocker who isn't professed distinguished professor of ... I thought City College and up he is a theoretical physicist and the Henry so Matt professor at the City College of New York and the graduate center of the City University of New York he has taught for over 30 years and he's a graduate of community college of Harvard you got it now right and now he's at the Harvard of community colleges Greensboro I knew he's earned his doctorate have you seen physics in the universe of California at Berkeley he's one of the founders of the string field theory now you know about string theory maybe some of you may know some about it but I know that all of you know about Star Trek and all of you know about beam me up Scotty and all of you know about energy fields so you all know a little bit about string theory I really personally believe that Dr kaku is a contender and eventually will be a winner of the Nobel Prize in physics because of his work and I hope that that half you will have the pleasure of seeing him in person today but if you want to see him on television on December 1 he starts a new series on the sci fi channel gold I'm sorry I don't know the title of his it's serious but he's Tarses series on the of December 1 on the sci fi channel and I hope that you will see it I was very interested in looking over the books the physics of the impossible because it addresses of science fiction technology will be something real in the future and I'm with you can see think about the possibilities think about somebody in the year 1901 thinking about going from the New York to Europe in 5:00 hours think about the impact of technology and I'm certain he's going to talk about all of that but use a little bit extrapolation and look at what can happen in the future and then look a little bit too stop tricks of the world and see how somebody has imagine what can happen in the future but that's all in our imagination let's talk to an expert let's talk to somebody who knows the theory behind all of that technology please please help me welcome doctor cotton place thank you very much after such a great introduction can't wait to hear the speaker myself let me also say I have been admission to make that you on new York's magazine voted me as one of the most my disappear New York however in all fairness say that Madonna also made that same list how I can get that list we not today I'm gonna talk about the future 203040 years into the future I've had the privilege to interview 300 of the world's top scientists now I'm a physicist we're the ones who invented the laser we invented the transistor we created the electronic computer we created television radio microwaves MRI we created the internet we wrote the worldwide web whenever we create something we predict how our creation is going to proliferate through society when we helped invent the internet when physicists made a prediction he said that the internet will become a forum of high culture high art and high society well today we know the 5 percent of the internet as part on your feet but that's because teenaged boys log on to the internet not anyone here just wait till the grandmas and grandpas log onto the internet then 50 percent of the internet will be pornography let me also say that when I was just a little bit younger than you guys I was fascinated by physics for me physics was the way to go so when I was in high school I went to my mom and I said mom can I have permission to build an ad with smasher in the garage a 2.3000000 electron volt electron particle accelerator and my mom looked at me and said sure why not and don't forget to take out the garbage so I took out the garbage and I went to Westinghouse and I got 400 pound to transform a still 22 miles of copper wire and I built a 2.3000000 electron volt electronic stellarator in my garage the magnetic field was 10000 doubts if you walk by the magnets it was parked when up to pull the feelings out of your teeth if you got too close to my magnets finally it was ready I plugged into the wall socket it consumes 6 kilowatts of raw electrical power I can hear the crackling of all the capacitors and then I heard this pop pop pop sound in the whole houses planes in darkness I am blown out every single fuse in the house my poor mom you know if you come home from a hard day's work the lights would flicker and die and then she'd say where is the fuse box and then she'd say I could not have a son who plays baseball maybe if I buy my basketball never thought I'd say one is you have to build these machines in the garage and Hey why can't he find a nice Japanese girl friend I mean one easy build these machines in the garage well that machine gun in the Harvard and began my career as a physicist so today I'm gonna give you guided tour of the future however there is a danger that sometimes we've businesses know too much let me tell you a story and then I'll begin over 200 years ago we had the great French Revolution and one day there were 3 gentleman about to lose their head to the guillotine there was a priest a lawyer and a theoretical because this is just like me about to have our heads cut off well they put the priest's head on the chopping block and they asked him do you have any last words before we cut your priestly head off and the priest said yes yes he said god god from a bar Israel certainly set me free well all eyes were on the bloody they raise the blame they came down swish and it stopped right before he hit the net in the priest well the mob had never seen this before they were shocked they said god has spoken let the priest go and now we see about the lawyer yes the law here now the bloodlust was starting yes the lawyer it but the lawyers head on the chopping block and asked him do you have any last words before we cut your lawyer really head off and he said yes he said maybe the spirit of justice yes justice and mercy she shall set me free well they raise the blame the way came down swish and it stopped right before it hit the knack of the locker before this time the crowd went crazy they said let there be a national holiday today god has spoken justice mercy have spoken today analyses about that the medical physicist well they put the businesses head on the chopping block and they asked him do you have the last word before we cut your head off and he said yeah yeah I got some last words and he said you know I don't know too much about god and I know even less about the law but I do know one thing if you look up bills you that the rope is stuck on the pulley and then he said if you remove the rope the blade should come down real good big mistake and was that well the word came down the blade came down in the port businesses head came down and the moral of the story is sometimes we possess to know when to keep our mouths shut and but none the less let me give you a guided tour through the future because I had a chance to interview over 300 of the world's top scientists easily people inventing the future first of all let me say that if you get cable television you get the science channel on the science channel starting December 1 how does mention my book physics of the impossible is going to be appearing as a weekly TV series that I'll be hosting wise for a December 1 every week after that you call it sci fi science Colin physics of the impossible so let's talk about that first of all how do we scientists know what's gonna happen 1020 years in the future how could be so confident well first of all this is Moore's law on a long charge you see that computer power doubles every 18 months now what does that mean this means that when you get a birthday card in the mail you open it up and that's a chip in it and the chip sayings Happy Birthday to you well that ship has more computer power then all the allied forces of 1945 Hitler Eisenhower Churchill would have killed to get that chip and we do a bad job you throw it away in the garbage or look at this chart you see that way back in the 19 sixties NASA had almost no computer power your cell phone today one cell phone today has more computer power according to this chart then all of NASA when they put 2 men on the moon this means that if cars obeyed Moore's law cars today would cost 10 cents this means that when you pop the car you would even bother put a quarter in the meter the meter cost more than the car so you wouldn't have to just park the car walk away from it so what does this mean this means that by 2020 computer chips will cost about a penny that's the cost of scrap paper so we now know the future of the computer the future of the computer will be everywhere and no where hidden in the walls hidden in the fabric of our lives just like electricity is everywhere and nowhere in this is the internet we wrote the World Wide Web the WorldWideWeb is written by if businesses to keep track of subatomic particles and you can see here that the unit corresponds to prosperity where there is the internet there's prosperity there's commerce science finance where there's no internet there is poverty so one thing that we've businesses do is becoming a something and then we simply give it away for free so how will you communicate with the internet in the future these are glasses that have full internet capability you can download any website any movie 2 emails from these things and they will also recognize people's faces how many times have you bumped into somebody on the street anything is up who is this person Jim John check I know I know this person in the future glasses will say it's Jim stupid remember you met a move we in your eye Digby flash right onto the screen of your glasses or use as like a jeweller's lands as an attachment to your glasses fashion models will be wearing these things young people will demand to have full internet capability any video any any movie any website any music downloaded via your glasses nightly studious off wait a minute maybe I don't wear glasses no problem in the future they'll be no contact lenses these are internet contact lenses that we physicists are trying to build I mentioned taking a final examination immediately immediately the lightbulbs begin the flow right think of taking a final examination you realize that in the future professors are going to have to throw up their final exam because you can't simply record memorization on a final exam anymore led to convey concepts principles rather than memorizing the names of the crystals or the shapes are via the minerals or whatever imagine full internet capability in your glasses well we physicists are working on this even as we speak imagine for example going to a foreign country you bump into somebody and they start to talk to in a foreign language no problem in the future you will see subtitles subtitles of a foreign language in your contact lens and let's say you visit the ruins of Rome it's such a big disappointment you read about the great Roman Empire and then you see all that's left almost nothing left of the empire you into the Roman forum and you only use imagination thinking of of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony at the Roman forum no problem your contact lens will recreate the further animation of the heights of the Roman Empire as you walk through the ruins this is called augmented reality not virtual reality I mixture of reality with animation with subtitles with translations let's say you're driving a car you're got your contact lens will give you exactly how fast you moving how much gas you have and well even point out landmarks as you are driving GPS all of that without ever having to leave the steering wheel of your car so this is what happens with Moore's law that computer chips will cost a penny like electricity will be everywhere and no where when you walk into a room today what do you do you look for the light switch right the first thing you do is look for the light switch you assume the walls have electricity even though it's invisible in the future when you walk into the room the first thing you would do is look for the internet portal you will assume the room is intelligent so this is your cell phone of the future this is how you will communicate with others one screen for any video when screen for any website when screen for any movie that's ever been done you'll access the entire database of the planet earth almost for free and let's say you have a blackberry you know how tiny that black cookies a typewriter is well in the future we'll have the paper you simply scroll out scroll out paper which is intelligent and you'll type on that sheet of paper so your cell phone is an entire PC effect it has more power than a supercomputer of today in fact what people be so cheap that when you put up wallpaper it'll be intelligent wallpaper will be as intelligent as your computer today this is your living room of the future this is how you will communicate with people let's say you're on a college campus and let's say it's Friday night and you do not have a date we all know what you do you get stoned drunk in the future you go up to the wall screen angle say mirror mirror on the wall who's available tonight the wall screen will then contact all the other wall screens that are out there the Wall Street was exactly the kind of person you like physical characteristics age whatever and hook you up to whoever else is looking at their magic mirror and saying mirror mirror on the wall then you go out and have some fun come back to your apartment and then you wanna see a movie she'll say to the wall screen mirror mirror on the wall we want to see because of one cop except remove Humphrey Bogart's fates and put my face instead and remove Ingrid Bergman's face and put my database sense that now some people a little bit afraid of this but realize that when the internet was first created by we physicists it was male it was hierarchical it was to dominate over the Soviet Union why did the Pentagon give us millions of dollars to create the internet it wasn't so that you can info your friends that's not why we possess is created the internet it was created to dominate a nuclear war with Russia so we can communicate and rebuild America after New York city's in ruins Los Angeles Chicago or vaporize that's how we're gonna recreate America after World War I 3 today the internet is female 51 percent of the users of the internet are women and they use it to touch people that's what it's all about technology lets frightening it when you don't know it but then you realize the whole purpose of the technology is to be female to touch people make contact with people so the internet has flipped flip from being a war fighting device to be a device that allowed you to communicate to all your friends that dog for example on the left is a cyber dog it doesn't really exist it baby sit your kids runs barks that god does everything except pee on your carpet let's say it's thanksgiving time in your lonely because one signs in Australia another wins in Russia and we're putting ships everywhere chips are going into a tall a police now please are becoming intelligent this is causing a problem for the English language so a contradiction in terms called smart Barbie dolls another contradiction in terms is Microsoft works that is also a contradiction in terms so again any technology looks frightening when you first see it and then you realize Hey the whole purpose of this technology is to touch someone to reach out and to touch people this is your office of the future today of course your opposite is built around the PC but why should I have to pee the PC in the future will disappear the future of the computer is to disappear electricity has disappeared we no longer see electricity intelligence will also disappear into the fabric of our lives these are scrapped computers this is your opposite the future you'll scribble on a on a sheet that has full where process a capability paint capability and then you all throw it away and as you go from room to room defiles move with you your files are more important than the computer the computer only because if you pennies after all if happening go shopping today you have a bar code whenever you buy something in the future is that having a bar code Hobbit chip the chip will cost less than the bar code of the future and so this is how you will move from office to car car to home home to office the software follows you seamlessly everywhere you go this is your typical of the future this is how you will operate like you said before if you don't like to be in a cubicle you just pop the wallpaper wallpaper is fully intelligent with the screen what have you this is the car of the future I had a chance to drive this car this car has no driver it is a driverless car these these cars have knowledge of and hundreds of miles in the Mojave Desert without a driver G. P. S. is the secret to allow this car to drive and for the Discovery Channel they put me in the driver's seat I thought the drive the car and then I went like this trying to drive like this next time this means a traffic accidents could disappear from the English language traffic jams traffic accidents could disappear as the cars literally drive themselves and let's talk about health health is going to be turned upside down first of all when you go to the doctor your doctor will be in your toilet you'll go to the doctor 3 times a day the doctor will analyze your body fluids and it will tell you that you eat too much too much animal fat too much salt so much sugar in your diet isn't the future wonderful even your clay that will tell you that you have an unhealthy diet well ladies and gentlemen this could be the queue are for cancer because today if you feel something in your breast it's too late it's really too late you have 10000000000 cancer cells growing inside her breast surgery is required almost immediately in the future when you go to the toilet you're taller will analyze proteins proteins emitted from cancer colonies a maybe 100 cancer cell not 10000000000 but 100 and tell you all by the way you'll have breast cancer in 10 years watch out but no rush and the beat ships scattered throughout your bathroom which'll analyze DNA how we know this because my friends are building these chaps they're called DNA chips chips that allow you to scan DNA within a matter of minutes so even as you're going to the bathroom combing your hair what have you your bathroom is giving you a complete medical examination and we now know that DNA is computer tape instead of zeros and ones zeros and ones zeros and ones we have APC GAAP CJ and we can read computer tape just like we read DNA so how will we do it every time you blow in a glass house you blow in a glass you leave DNA there it will sample the DNA and scan for all your genes I had my genome scan most of my genes have been scanned put on a CD rom which I then show to the camera realize that you will have this very soon to have all your genes read today cost $50000 within a few years it'll be down to $1000 and perhaps in 10 years will be maybe 100 Bucks this is your owner's manual in your home you have an owner's manual for your VCR your I pod your computer your TV set you have an owner's manual for everything except one thing your body this will be your owner's manual and fat when they scanned my DNA the even Toby where my ancestors came from 20000 years ago so I now know my family lineage out the 20000 years so what will be like to go to the doctor's office we will not only Spaniard the in a we find something wrong with an organ we well replace it and grow another one this is an ear except it's made out of plastic plastic sponge that dissolves with time we take some cells from your ears seated into this year and it grows it grows leaving a perfect ear than the plastic dissolves with time because it is biodegradable here's a bone on the left ears on the right today we can grow bone blood skin cartilage we can go noses years blood vessels heart valves the first bladder was gone 3 years ago the first win pie was gone just a few months ago and we will grow the first liver perhaps in 5 more years so for you alcoholics in the audience there's hope if you can hold off for 5 more years you may be able to have your own liver so let's now have the first DVD where we're now going to go into the hospital of the future what will be like you weaken grown organs so that by seeding it with sounds what would be like if surgery is done in 3 dimensions so let's have the first video from the Discovery Channel a program that I hosted call 2057 2850 years from now so as computer power doubles every 18 months it means that every aspect of our life finance commerce health is going to be turned upside down as we begin to realize that computer power can enrich our lives this is the world's first Blatter I human bladder that was grown from a young girl's own cells and implanted into that young woman that was 3 years ago a development a wake forest university where we taped changed history and ... and within and within 5 years we hope to have the first pancreas the first liver perhaps even the first kidney these are the front tier organs that are now being looked at to be grown in the laboratory the first wind pipe was ground just 3 months ago and in my case we actually grew in entire heart an entire most heart was ground just last year and how is it possible because computer power means that we can sequence James we can put doctors in touch with each other has accelerated medical advances and now let me say a few things about artificial intelligence will one day will we have robots the robust that will be C. in science fiction well this is asimo as a mo is the world's most advanced robot as a mole can run as a Mochan walk climb upstairs as a Mochan dance in fact as the mocha dance better than me I had a chance to meet as a mo and the question is how smart is our most advanced robot and can these robots even have emotions so that we can bond with them let's have now the second video but we will now go to Tokyo we're now going to go to Tokyo and meet the world's most advanced robots and the question is will one day will they become smarter than us but one day they put us in zoos and throw peanuts status to make us dance behind bars well let's conceivable box the question is how smart are are really wants well one day that will they be smarter than us and put us in zoos well first of all here's the governor of California in a very bad mood so one day we will we have to deal with mad governors well let's take a look again asimo usul Graham every single move of that robot so why are we spent why is Japan spending so much time on these robots well let me tell you a secret Japan's population is the fastest aging population on earth they have very few young people they have a lot of old people these are future robot nurses that's why Japan has been so much more building a robot that's the future of nursing not the future of human intelligence however in the coming decades as robots get smarter perhaps he'll be as smart as a my eventually this marked as a dog or a cat and then decades after that may be as smart as a monkey at that point I think we should put a chip in their brain to shut them off of the side to get murderous thoughts but that's not for awhile that's decades into the future where plenty of warning plenty of warning in effect for the science channel special that I'm hosting on December 1 we went to all the world's leading artificial intelligence laboratory and you can see how primitive are robots really are well as a few more things that we discuss in the science ... channel documentary invisibility believe it or not we physicists believe that invisibility is possible we flew down to who we flew down to ... Duke University and we filmed the world's first microwave invisibility device it'll make an object invisible microwaves and we went to Berkeley where they can actually now deliver visible light now there is a problem if you're inside an invisibility cloak you cannot see outside it's only a one way trip therefore if you are inside the invisibility cloak you need to punch too eyeballs so you can see outside so from the outside you see 2 floating eyeballs or hear a floating head so remember that many materials allows us to bend the microwave radiations around an object just like water flows around the boulder if you are downstream from a boulder you don't know that there is a boulder upstream that works for microwaves and in Berkeley and tell tacked on a microscopic scale they showed that it works for visible light as well so this means that in the coming years coming decades we may be able to attain full invisibility just like you see in the movies but we don't have it yet also teleportation would be great to simply zap yourself across the room just like they do in Star Trek well this is called quantum ... teleportation and for the science channel TV series we went down to Maryland to the university of Maryland where we actually photographed with a TV camera actually photographed in Adam being zapped across the room a TV screen lit up every time Adam was teleported from one chamber to the next chamber now this of course creates problems because if you're captain Kirk you have to die yet the dissolved in the process of creating a copy of captain Kirk over there so who is that imposter over there then imposter over there looks like captain Kirk he sells Priceline just like captain Kirk okay so who is that person over there you just saw him die and there were you selling price line over there it really makes you wonder who are we are we just information that information can be zapped from one place to another and believe it or not telepathy is coming faster than you think we taped this again for the science channel special 12 episodes 30 minutes apiece starting December 1 here's how it works this is Brown University where we have a stroke victim on the lower right he is paralyzed he cannot move you cannot communicate with his loved ones he is a quadriplegic a stroke victim on the upper left is a chip they put the chip in his brain shown on the lower left because he the dock where the chip is placed you look up bad shipped to a laptop that person who is now clearly paralyzed can now read emails surf the web answer emails do crossword puzzles do everything you can do on a computer except this person happens to be paralyzed this means that in the future you may want to simply communicate with the web by thinking about it we can also use this technology by the way this is how it works by the way he's allowed to see the laptop you see the connection on the right an electrode that connects to a laptop computer the world's first direct link between the human mind and a computer and also in Japan they have very previously map images of the brain onto an MRI scan and had a computer recognize them we can actually see the outlines now that accorded outlines of an object that you are looking at with your eyeballs this means that when you are asleep and are dreaming we may be able to photograph some of the dreams that you have this has already been done at Kyoto University now with dreams but with the not with the person looking at an object the computer decodes the images on MRI scan we can now recognize the first thing that was done with the horseshoe I can actually see the horseshoe the person that is look at the person's horseshoe that is looking at and via an MRI scan but in the article it says that the next target is dreams maybe when they will be able to record your dreams this is how it looks like you have to put this thing on top of your head but in the future it may be invisible it may be painless and invisible and you'll be able to surf the web all by yourself also we should point out we should also point out that we can actually use this for a lie detector test when you tell a lie your brain stand lights up like a Christmas tree that's because first you have to know the truth second you have to create the lie 30 had to quit the cover up of the line in fourth you have to analyze the consistency of the cover up well all the other lies you've been telling all these years that's a lot of brain power you can actually see that on an MRI scan now let me say a few things about the far future so far everything I've talked about is the near future we're talking about 102050 years in the future now let's look even farther we went to NASA and we visited the scientists who dream of one day building a starship this of course is far beyond anything we can muster with today's technology however we actually interviews scientists who believe that it may be possible to ban the fabric of space and time so that we can leap forwards across enormous distances perhaps using Einstein's theory this is a black hole black holes are not science fiction anymore we photographed the accretion disk of black holes this black hole lies at the center of a gigantic galaxy NGC 40 to 58 that doc that dont you see at the very center is about one light year across in the inside of a doctor is a raging black hole in fact if you want to see a black hole tonight go outside and look in the direction of Sagittarius that is the center of the Milky Way galaxy there's a black hole there which in some sense lies at the center of our galaxy so kids ask the question if the moon goes around the earth the earth goes around the sun then what does the sun go around well we know the answer that the son goes around the black hole in the constellation Sagittarius at the center of the Milky Way galaxy now if you look at that black call is rather disappointing dust clouds obscured the galactic nuclei if you could somehow remove the dust clouds then you would see a fireball fireball rise every night perhaps why believing the moon in brightness with the raging black hole at the center unfortunately dust clouds prevent us from seeing this huge fireball that by rights should be illuminating the night sky and if you have one holes perhaps one day you may be able to even bend the fabric of time itself this of course takes us into science fiction but actually we do have a theory of time travel now some of you may say yes I well you know I've seen these time travel movies ... I know what happens if you go backwards in time to meet your teenage mother before you're born and your teenage mother falls in love with you well you're in deep do though if your teenage mother just how in love with you before you are born I do think you're so smart let me give you the mother of all time travel stories and see whether you can figure this out as you would your smart enough to figure this one out the year is 1945 stranger comes in from the darkness carrying a baby girl that he leaves at an orphanage well the nuns find this baby golf they don't know where the baby girl came from so the nuns call her Jane and Jane goes up as an orphan wondering who is my mother who is my father well when Jane is 17 years old she's a beautiful young woman and then she has her first boyfriend a drifter comes drifting into her life but it was not meant to be they quarrel she argues with her boyfriend and it's a very sad story first she finds out that she's pregnant her boyfriend has left her she's a bandit and pregnant she's rushed to the hospital 9 months later she delivers a beautiful baby girl but somebody that night breaks open the window of the hospital kidnaps James baby girl and leaves in the darkness well it's even worse than this Jane is bleeding very rapidly she's going to die the doctors have to perform an emergency experimental operation they have to change Jane into Jim well Jim wakes up the next day with his huge headache in his whole the bad news first the boyfriend left they're pregnant somebody stole her baby and that's about it Jane anymore she's Jim well Jim grows up and becomes a ballroom drunk every time someone says who are you Jim what did you come from who was your mother your father well finally Jim one day is once again stone drunk at the bottom of a bar after a bar fight but the bartender comes up to him and says Jim Jim wakeup you see I'm not really a bartender I'm a time traveler come into my machine and let us find out who is this Jim slash Jane so they go back back we back in the past so poor gem he doesn't quite know where he is in the past but suddenly he meets this beautiful 17 year old girl and it's love at first sight but you know it was not meant to be they call and then Jim finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and then fit Jim systems up on my cock history repeating itself this happen to me well and make sure the My Baby get the best education possible that night 9 months later Jim because the hospital breaks open the window kidnapped his own precious baby girl and then Jim and his baby girl go back into the time wishing again back way back in the past until it is 1945 it is a dark and stormy night Jim comes in from the darkness caring is precious on this Armitage well Jim finally gets it together Jim so that would be a drunk all my life I'm gonna join the time traveler score so Jim has many heroic exploits in the annals of time now Jim is an old man he says to himself I had a good life but I want one final mission for my last mission in time I'm gonna go backwards in time put on a wig to impersonate a bartender to meet a certain bar room drunk who just got into a fist fight because someone said who are you Jim who is your mother your father now for 10 points who can tell me who is Jim's mother father son daughter granddaughter grandfather great great man by in the back yeah Jane is a family tree under herself I can imagine a family get together and they get into a food fight is someone says you did this to me no you did that to yourself okay well we've businesses think about this this is a one hall this is what I do professionally I work in something called string theory on the co founder Stringfield fairy and we think that perhaps the fabric of space and time can be bent and in which case perhaps you may just may be able to go backwards in time however the energy necessary for this is the energy of a black hole so this is not hard for us anytime soon however 150 years ago there was a gentleman in England a mathematician at Oxford university who wrote the first book on worm holes who was this professor of mathematics at Oxford university Veneman hope the name of this Oxford university professor his name was professor Charles Dodgson he could not right under his real name because he was an Oxford professor so what he didn't create a pseudonym Lewis Carroll this is the world's first representation of a worm hole in the English language written by a distinguished professor of mathematics at Oxford university who wrote under a pen name Lewis Carroll and fact Queen Victoria was so enchanted by Alice in Wonderland that's euro professor Dodson a letter Queen Victoria said please please please give me your next book which he did it was a true these on higher mathematics that he sent to Queen Victoria okay so now let's say a few things some people say that well if this is for the future let's talk about the future far future when we first this is looking out of space we don't look for little green men when we look at artists space we look for type one type 2 and type 3 civilizations a type one civilization has the power of an entire planet they or a planetary civilisation they harness the weather they complain with thunderstorms they play with hurricanes and volcanoes that's type one type 2 is stellar they consume the power of a star like the federation appliance on Star Trek Star Trek would be a very typical type to civilization 53 controls the power of an entire galaxy like the empire of empire strikes back once they have William Shatner on Star and he was answering all the questions of the Trekkies the Chucky's what asked William Shatner questions like what is the fourth dimension with his anti matter what is a black hole and William Shatner was getting more and more frustrated the people at said finally he got so frustrated pounded on the Dow's misfit dammit dammit I'm an actor I'm not sure I know nothing about Star Trek I'm hip hop the fourth dimension anti matter Jennifer this is as good by Priceline anything so they had me on later on I had to answer all the questions of attracting well Star Trek is a type to civilization they can barely harness the power of a star this is type one a type one civilization is planetarium 100 years 100 years we will be a type one civilization whether we today we are type 0 we don't even rate on this scale we get our energy from dead plants loyal and call this is tied to type 2 is stellar they controlled the power of a star they are immortal nothing known to science can destroy a type to civilization even up their mothers star go supernova they can simply leave or just and I said a ham shut up get what is your complaint traffic this is a nice intersection over there and you wouldn't go away he deserved yanking on my path is a professor you're wrong this type for our and I said look yet there are planets stars and galaxies that's it so any advanced civilization would have to be a planetary stellar argue lactic and insisted you're wrong there's the power of the continuum not any Star Trek fans out there what civilization harnesses the power of the continuum the queue very god now if you did not understand what just transpired get with the program get with the program okay it's on every Tuesday night get with the program for god's sake okay song one day will we be able to harness this fantastic power the power on the eleventh dimension this is my domain this is what I work on Iraq on string theory we're gonna begin to test the string theory starting next month watch for it end of November beginning December they're gonna crank up the biggest machine of science ever created the large hadron collider now would you be able to test the periphery of this theory starting next month outside Geneva Swiss what take years of course to analyze the data however let me also say that when we look at the earth from outer space we see that the earth it says in this gigantic bubble you see our earth also radiates we radiate radio and television for 50 years it's running the earth there is a sphere 50 light years in radius expanding at that speed of television containing our finest cultural archives the noblest achievements of the human creative spirit like I Love Lucy leave it to beaver and now joined by the immortal classics believe us and butt head part 2 and dumb and dumber part 2 and any star within 50 light years of the earth will pick up our cultural emissions and they'll be convinced there is no intelligent life on the other so the women I wind up a few years ago I spoke of the Einstein centennial a great honor but my favorite Einstein joke is as follows when Einstein was an old man he was tired of giving the saying pop over and over again so one day his show first came up to him and he said professor I'm much so far but unless you're part time after I've memorized your talk I fitted so often I memorized it so why don't we switch places I will put a mustache and a wig and I'll be the great Einstein and you can be my show for and take a break Weinstein love the jokes so they switched places so the show Fargo these talks all over the world he's fantastic pots all the theatrical flourishes well one day a mathematician in the back ask a very difficult question and that I thought that all the game is up but then the show for sad that question is so elementary that even my chauffeur here can answer it for you thank you very much thank you very much the fact one of my really wonderful ... okay cool take 2 or 3 questions because time is short so ... you have a question yeah yeah let me say 2 things I have a whole chapter in my book visions about the aging process first of all if you go to a drug store you see all this advertisement anti aging this take 10 years off your face tenure is that how can the FDA allow all these fraudulent claims the being made so actually interviewed an FDA official he said the food and drug administration can only monitor things that penetrate the skin medicines that penetrate the skin anything that does not penetrate the skin they cannot monitor but then if it doesn't penetrate the skin it doesn't work so in other words you can only live through your teeth as long as it doesn't work we begin again according to federal law you can make any statement you want about take live pick 10 years off your face whatever anything you want as long as it doesn't penetrate the skin as long as it doesn't work now let me tell you the science we went to MIT and we interview the discoverer of a rather important gene that's creating headlines Oprah Winfrey devoted to show to it 60 minutes devoted to a show to what is called Sir to it is a gene and protein that seems to mimic caloric restriction now there is one and only one way of your supplying the lifespan of an organism all the way from he sells spiders insects mice rabbits dogs cats monkeys were analyzed and the results came out front page of The New York Times about 2 months ago if you starve yourself and take consume 30 percent less calories you live 30 percent longer now how many of us one US farmers sounds but the genetic mechanism of that is gradually being worked out it turns out that the human body or any organism has 2 choices one is if you undergo famine you have to hunker down eat less lower metabolism and just write out the famine the other one is consumo you want and have children so a body has 2 choices animals mostly suffer famine famine is a normal state of most animals so animals do this all the time they hunker down eat less reduce metabolism and wipe out the period of famine until they can gorge themselves and have children we've found the gene Sir to which I say mimics that behavior without having to starve yourself now is at the fountain of youth I interviewed the guy who discovered and he said no don't believe the hype however he said once we do find the fountain of youth it may be part of it so the point I'm raising as we're now working out the genetics of the aging process did you know for example that some animals don't die crocodiles alligators flounders they just keep getting larger they don't die at all they're just as vigorous at 70 as they are at 5 on so how can your textbook says that the crocodiles diet age 70 that's because the zoo keeper died at age 70 yeah crocodile this keep ongoing they have no known finite lifespan they simply get bigger so in the animal kingdom you know it's not necessary to die or age they just keep getting bigger that's why you don't see gigantic crocodiles is because they they die of starvation accidents or disease but they have no finite lifespan so it's not necessary to die they're just as vigorous with no aging so that short thing of it is Haiti is still a long ways to go however be we've scientists are now seriously looking at the possibility retarding the aging process we do not I repeat not have the fountain of youth however as when scientists and I regret the fact that my generation may be the last generation to die well I think that's an exaggeration I think people will be crying for quite awhile into the future but it does mean that real real progress is being made in the aging process which is something I could not have said a few years ago what do you well we won a gold beyond Einstein because Einstein's theory breaks down at the center of a black hole and at the instant of creation Einstein's theory makes no sense whatsoever we need a higher theory the only hire theory which complete includes a quantum theory and Einstein's theory is string theory it is the only game in town some people say well I don't like string theory give me an alternative and the answer is there is not it is all the only game in town you either work on string theory or you miss work in the wilderness so next month we're going to begin to crank up the large hadron collider now the largest and collider will not eat up the earth as some people claim because every day cosmic rays cosmic rays from mother nature rains radiation on the earth more powerful than anything we can create with this pea shooter call the large hadron collider so we're going to begin to test the periphery of the theory the theory itself is too difficult to test directly but we help fight indirect proves by looking for what it costs particles sparkles are super particles a new class of particles that we hope to create with the large hadron collider and again I think a few years to analyze the data but the machine will be cranked up next month by the way I just broke in Texas last month and the people in Texas know that they have the super collider to be built outside Dallas Texas the super collider was to be 3 times bigger then the Switzerland machine so how come it's not based in the United States high command his brain drain to Switzerland well because in 1993 there were cost overruns on the supercollider and the last day of hearings a congressman asked the businesses in the last day of hearings quote will we find god with your machine on the last day of hearings everything hinged on this one answer so the poor professor of physics that we will find the Higgs boson at that point you could hear all the jaws hit the floor of Congress $11000000000 for another god damn subatomic particle the vote was taken the next day and our machine was canceled and that's why we have his brain drain goes to someone right now since then we've businesses have been replaying that question over and over and over and over again in our minds how should we have answered that question well I would have said this I would have said got by whatever signs the symbols you ascribe to the deity this machine will take us as humanly possible they his or her greatest creation genesis this is the genesis machine it'll recreate on a tiny scale the most momentous of mementos of van in the history of our universe its birth instead we said Higgs boson and a machine was canceled I hope the next time we get asked that question if you think about the answer a little bit more are you one last question as much about what they're okay first of all when people ask about ... 1984 I had a chance to go back to 19 before re reading it again when I was writing my book visions and I realized something the internet could have been a devise like what happened in 1984 I devices monitors everything knows everything however and event happen and that is the Soviet Union broke up the internet was a war fighting machine secret for the most part devised by military scientist used by businesses like myself but after the break up of the Soviet Union the National Science Foundation did something rather momentous they give it away for free for free they give it away today it is impossible to recreate 1984 because the internet is everywhere if the president of the United States would have tried to ban the internet the reaction would be laughter people would just laugh Fateh it's unstoppable so I think in 1984 is not possible however there was another book written around that time that other book was called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley that's a book that we really do have to worry about because in that book that book was set 600 years in the future in that book they have cloning in that book they have the drugs everywhere in that book they have the stratification of the human species in that book with how we have about 80 percent of that book today forget 600 years in the future welcome to the Brave New World so we do have to worry about some of the ethical questions raised in Brave New World but as far as the problem of computers the problem is not Big Brother the problem is little brother every nosey busybody can get on the internet and find all sorts of information on you and in the future if someone wants to find out about who you are the body a barber shop and get some of your hair follicles and sequence your entire genome this means that the national Enquirer instead of getting photographs of Brad Pitt will have his entire genome read by getting some of his ... you know here his his hair and it's going to create a huge problem of genetic privacy today if you have a matchmaker one of the principal purposes a matchmaker is to look for hidden diseases inside your family tree well in the future all a matchmaker has to do is go your barber shop and can find all sorts of genetic diseases inside your family tree such genetic privacy is going to be a problem because DNA sequencing is so advanced and it only cost a few 0 Bucks to analyze every single gene in your body okay well thank you very much reminded a great craft let alone celebrate Christmas outside and it's certain that if we do not over crowd him we might be able to have some contact or some personal discussions with doctor cackle thank you again for coming yeah //
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What is happening to our world? STRANGE Events (2017-2018)
\\tonight one American experience mmhm exclusive group with funding for American experiences provided Bari liberty mutual insurance additional funding for the forgotten play provided by the Yaquis foundation American experiences also made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you thank you I ... mmhm uhhuh you remember exactly where I was when mother told me my father dark we had snow Irish sitting on staff trying to put on my boots she came over and said sure would your father died last night mmhm she was very depressed in fact I felt concern for my mother because what she had gone through my mother's father had tuberculosis and she died when she was one year old her mother hard to Berkeley Los was and was in and out of hospitals my mother developed Burcu Los whose and of course my father I come to deter burglars and then I developed a Berkeley Los it's mind boggling I mean it all do you think of you worry about both your mother and your father but then you say well what's going to happen to me I'm centuries people called the captain of death but the dawn of the nineteenth century the disease that killed one in 7 of all people but it never live more than any other illness the ancient Greeks called it consumption they need consumption came from the in the CA share as the fever built and as the coughing continued V. sensation ... of essentially coughing yourself to death the disease is what used to be called a wasting disease he just get thinner and thinner and so if you look at pictures of people who are dying it's a disease their cheek bones are very prominent their eyes seem very large and hollow all the flash has wasted off their face in their throat victims were racked with hacking bloody coughs debilitated by pain in their lungs and so consumed with fatigue they could barely get out of bed the end could come quickly or unfolds slowly over years of suffering there was no known cure in the early 18 hundreds assumption struck America with a vengeance ravaging communities touching the lives of almost every family mmhm no one was spared rich for young bowls and no one knew who was going to be attacked and how long they would live women who had children understood that their children might well become orphans and that they had to train them how to behave in other people schools there's a desperation in the stories of how can I be sure that when I'm gone my children will be taken care in a lot of talk about tennis you had a train children for dealing with death in dealing with the death of parents and how to go on can manage faced with a deadly and painful disease tens of thousands of Americans a journey to far flung parts of some to the remote wilderness others to new city in the south and west all search of an elusive uhhuh in 1873 the Adirondack mountains in New York the most remote regions in the that June 25 year old physician arrived from New York City spent his final days in the woods and lakes if he had loved as a child Edward Trudeau I just was a crushing diagnosis the doctor tells him that the upper third of one of his lungs is involved in it active tuberculous prop he doubters this way out the door and stands on the stoop and he says the world it got dark he just couldn't believe it had no illusions about the disease 7 years earlier it claimed the life of his older brother to Jo March his brother's death as one of the turning point in his life at the time he'd been very close to his brother and that experience of caring for him in his final days imagine then he is Harar when he finds out he himself develops tuberculosis he was sure he would die he he expected to die and he couldn't believe that you know this it happened to him juegos doctor had told him to spend what time he had left in nature positions of the day believed consumption has a cold was hereditary but they started to notice that fresh air and outdoor living good sometimes change the course of the illness though he could barely walk judo pursued his passion for hunting by lying down in the canoe padded with balsam branches my hunting blood responded at once he recalled and I forgot all the misery and sickness I had gone through by the end of the summer Trudeau had put on 15 pounds but as soon as he returned to the city his health deteriorated 3 years later nearing death tudo decided to move his wife and 2 young children to a small Adirondack outpost because Saranac lake one of the coldest places in the country dead of winter sure does health improves he was becoming convinced the clean mountain air was like medicine for the lungs the open air life he declared has a wonderful effect upon my health you see client bent to treat consumption goes all the way back to Greek medicine in the nineteenth century when they started to get more scientific and they also started to try to break that down and picked his head cold mountain air is said warm dry air that does better for the consumptive some would say go to the mountains there is good there others would say go to the beach set in the sun in fact physicians advocated all of the aplomb mmhm for no reason greater then the newly opened territories of the America the man who began to explore the west came back with all sorts of stories that the west was eaten that the west was health giving the people who are thin went out there and became healthy and strong and so you began to get this image of the west as a place to go because you would get well come west and be cured come western get life it was a health giving even this outdoors beautiful unsettled part at the con uhhuh starting in the 18 forties health seekers fanned out across the vast plateau between Mississippi in California living rugged primitive lives in the wilderness together with pioneers and explorers they played an integral role in settling the west free western state you look at the 3 of their larger cities and you will find that many of whom were consumptive spur among the earliest migrants young men with consumption who were moving to cities like Denver or Los Angeles in search of of the cure chasing the cure in the 18 seventies railroad lines began to stretch into the farthest reaches of the country jumping on the interest in the climate cure developers launched an unprecedented campaign to entice people with consumption settle in stops along the newly laid tracks there were railroad advertisements all over would they would show a picture of a somebody thin into particular insight call western half health and there were developers that we're building communities settlements with H. Saturday ear was particularly wonderful and the climate was particularly great and come here live in our community and you will be cured there was nothing that was too excessive to say you didn't worry about over selling the goods Los Angeles is the healthiest place in the world short who's going to hurt you well maybe Denver but they're not around so you you could get away with them tens of thousands of help acres migrated west dozens of new city sprung up to accommodate the influx places like Albuquerque Colorado springs and to sign the city of Pasadena started as a colony for consumptive from Indiana some got better but many were buried in newly dug cemeteries promoters had given little thought to what would happen to their communities climate was not a cure all Adirondacks Edward Trudeau had started prior gaining fame actor who saw patients is hunting but he suffered one relapse after another bringing with it the memory of his brother's death there was the so called galloping consumption where it would go into the bloodstream and you put time very very quickly but in other cases it was a long slow and agonizing death and no one quite knew why or what made a difference but for the most part consumption was a disease that could last for 102030 years more and more Trudeau was becoming preoccupied finding a cure for cancer combing medical journals for the latest information on the illness he stumbled on a startling revelation in an obscure article written by a German scientist Nnamdi he meets a copy of Robert kooks people and it is like a religious experience for him I were open I could hardly believe what I was reading it was transformative Robert coke was one of a handful of the germs cause disease and most doctors stir Vince's Phil or was in her please departure coke announced he had found the tubercle bacillus claimed because tuberculosis he explained that when in jet the bacteria into a healthy animal rapidly develop the disease do not cook did and this is the basis of modern science is that he took bacteria he grew it to purity and then he delivered it and cause disease and this was the key point you can isolate the bottom from the affected person you could throw it in in isolation and then it would cause disease what it was transmitted to getting uhhuh coke also described how the bacteria spread the germs he said were expelled through coughing someone close but I could inhale the air borne bacteria into their lungs red lodge cause disease there was no doubt he declared that the disease was highly contagious his findings were so outside mainstream thinking the medical profession simply ignore them I DO of tuberculosis being communicable was so hard fit with medical tradition and a lot of the resistance really came out of people who had been looking and thinking for a long time it just didn't make sense to them to go on the other hand believed she was witnessing the dawn of a new era in matters and set out to learn how to grow the bacteria himself yeah and what if some it was not a train school they don't have he never learned how to use a microscope so if you know this wasn't new territory for him go set up a rudimentary laboratory in his house in Saranac lake months went by struggle to replicate coax experiments he has no running water in his house he has no electricity of course and he had to create his own thermometer his own incubator and he would outdoors that he would open and close depending on what the temperature was on his home at the moment and he would try it was trying to maintain a 37 degrees centigrade environment for the bacteria to grow so he did that he had a little candles underneath his incubator warming it up and and opening the doors and closing the doors needs doing this constantly for 3 weeks to grow the bike here is all alone he is no faculty is no help you know he's doing it by himself and I just thought of his own intellectual curiosity countless attempts in 1884 judo became the first American to verify cokes he takes a sample from his own throat develops a culture of it and he can see he himself is caring this rod shaped bacillus that that coke has described so imagine he was able to test the hypothesis and to show that indeed there it was far away from the power centers of medicine true does work went largely unrecognized for the next decade Americans continue to go about their lives unaware of the contagion in their midst 1886 a young writer with consumption arrived at the Los Angeles railroad station where many newcomers were greeted by a 30 piece band Charles Willard was hoping to get well enough to restart his career Los Angeles was hardly more than a sleepy pueblo 10 its streets still unpaved yet civic leaders had grand visions for the and he really hot dry temperate climates the east coast invalid after working a few odd jobs Willard landed the position of the Los Angeles chamber of commerce where he was put in charge of luring health sick to California so here's the irony he himself is still very sick but there he is promoting the idea of the climate cure when he has not been cured by it Willard started a journal called the land of sunshine and filled it with testimonials to the healing powers of southern California he targeted the publication to east coast readers especially those of money Charles Willard did not want to attract the wrong kind of sick people to Los Angeles people who were not educated people who were not white Anglo Saxon Protestant so there was a real double message there yes com if you're like me but don't calm if you're not to the fine points of religious message thousands people with good shin swarmed a metropolis priding itself on health soon contained a huge population of sick and dying people one resident describe the sounds of the city as a constant chorus of coughs try to imagine how lonely as he city of influence it really is hard to imagine but indeed that was the a fat obviously this kind of boosterism and went to many of them came it got to pee another kind of problem Charles Willard succeeded too well Los Angeles was not unique across the west other cities were also paying a price for the recruiting success mmhm and suddenly the city's that saw them self catering to middle class and upper class people had a large number of poor sick people all over in their midst and they were unable to care for them and they didn't have the resources to care for them either in Saranac lake Edward Trudeau had watched with alarm as the science of contagion continued to go unheeded along with other scientists he started publishing papers and attending medical conferences to explain the body of evidence finally by the mid 18 nineties the medical community was persuade the term consumption was dropped in favor of the name that link it to the bacteria tuberculosis or TB within a decade Robert coke would go on to win the Nobel Prize for patients the new understanding of the disease would only add to the suffering or ... live sand aspect of this scientific progress is that it means the person with tuberculosis into more of a threat when you thought consumption of Rhiannon families you couldn't do anything up out of it got it you are not to be blamed now the individual with she Los's was the danger the more focused there was on person to person the more that stigma that prejudice intensify the idea that although outwardly you may look like a healthy beautiful 22 year old woman you are in fact fall ill in some way contaminate it you know that something awful is happening in your body sought to enact laws to stop people with coughs crossing their borders others look for ways to remove them from populated areas they often set up tent cities on the edge of town so the sheriff would take them drop them off in this tent city and most people were kind of having to fend for themselves and other people that tuberculosis who weren't so sick would help them in some charitable people would bring food in sound but they were isolated and indigent and really really unwelcome even Charles Willard was not immune when his symptoms became impossible to hide he also became a target after his home accidentally burned to the ground no one would rent a place to live in cities across the country public officials began to call for government intervention health departments primarily concerned with preventing diseases carried in the water supply now had to confront a deadly illness spread through the most casual of contact we health officials felt they had to conduct E. save national can to the news to everyone in in fact it's the first NASP pain in American history there's nothing like it for campaign to teach every single American that they needed to be careful about how they coughed and sneezed because you could never tell who was sick and who was sent special results that people could understand that spitting could spread the disease coughing without a handkerchief could spread the disease they promoted the use of Kleenex I mean setup Kleenex came about women's him lines start to go up after 1900 it was so you could get your skirts out of the dirt and not carry home on a load of germs into your house man's style of wearing beards changed the anti TB handouts would say get ready your whiskers because you don't wanna kiss the baby your kiss your wife and give them to her killer suspect here your beard terms crowded neighborhoods transformed as parks and playgrounds were built to provide urban dwellers with islands of fresh air new Yorkers began to call Central Park the lungs of the city by the early decades of the twentieth century improved hygiene started bringing me over all cases of TB down but in poor crowded neighborhoods the figures continued to climb in some cities immigrants were twice as likely to die of the disease than their more affluent neighbors for African Americans the death rate was 3 to 4 times higher and suddenly you have a new understanding of why it is a disease of the poor in the immigrant they are living in places without ventilation they're working together it's crowded sweatshops so it kind of feeds on itself a new understanding of the disease and the whole beginnings of policies to try to lessen the impact of reduced lease the spread of the disease public health officials began to call for improving the lives of the poorest Americans better housing and working conditions reduced working hours and child labor laws if the anti TV campaign if government officials unprecedented power to police the sick health inspectors were instructed to monitor people's movements inspector homes or commit them to ill equipped publicans there will pressure from pop health Scholes to segregate the very sick fell most heavily on working class poor Americans immigrant Americans they did not go knocking on doors on Fifth Avenue asking do you have any constructive skin there was a sense if you're wealthy you are going to be allowed to manage your illness however you want to it was the poor people who really felt pressure from public health officials to make their sick relatives leave home and go into one of these institutional facilities sanitary measures a sometimes autocratic I cleared a prominent health official we're prepared to enforce measures which might seem radical they were not designed for the public good it's an area of public health practice we're increasingly they needed the community to be protected from the illness starts to trump the individual rights of patient when people say I don't want to be taken away their right to resist that is over written in the name of public health how do we ever live with the contagion in our nest someone is sick among us that person needs care and hope that person is also contagious and can give us what they have what is the balance between taking care of that community and taking care of the person that question is always with us and it almost never has a good answer mmhm ... and with each passing year hundreds of thousands of Americans Ulises scrambled to find medical care hospitals were overwhelmed to cope with the flood of patients New York city's Bellevue hospital transformed fairy barges into makeshift works uhhuh there was no room to put people who had tuberculosis said this was one way to separate out contagious people was to take although consumptive is from a local neighborhood and put them onto these day camps and they'd spend the whole day on their little chairs in the barge moored on the river it's just a way of keeping them out of there of rooms in their rooming houses and out of their work places some of the hospitals would only take people who were in their first attack so this was one way to separate out contagious people was to take although consumptive is from a local neighborhood and put them onto these day camps and they'd spend the whole day on their little chairs in a barge moored on the river it's just a way of keeping them out of there of rooms in their rooming houses and out at their workplaces some of the hospitals would only take people who were in their first attack because they didn't want to take people who are dying they were in the business of caring for the dying so sometimes you take and change your name pretend you are someone different go to a different hospital it became a game trying to figure out how to survive and how to make it when he really had no resources years earlier and were drove told friends that he wished more people could find relief as he had done in the cool fresh climate of the Adirondacks he had begun reading about European sanatoriums facilities built in the countryside the provided long term care for TB patients editor Joe was familiar with the treatments that were occurring in Europe at the time and there was a growing idea that one should take people who have tuberculosis and take them into an environment that was perhaps ... different from the environment that we're in and one of the ideas that I had was that they would go out into the country that would be resting they will be giving good food and they would be exposed to the sunlight so the idea of the sanatorium was to create a place where people who had been infected could rally their body's healing forces throw it off we today talk about the immune system they don't use that language but it's clearly the phenomena that they were describing does determined to build the first Regulus a sanatorium he had grown friendly with wealthy TB patients from the city and now urge them to open their wallets to help create a treatment facility for people of modest means the people who came originally were wealthy patients they were the people who could afford to take a difficult trip through the wilderness to get here and then they could hire a place to stay at a hotel or you know rent house or build a house but Trudeau felt that there ought to be a place for people who are not so well off that's why he founded the sanatorium mmhm by 1900 juegos sanatorium grow into a sprawling campus 22 buildings including a church and a research laboratory news of its success spread so quickly medical professionals flock to Saranac lake see it for themselves you know ignited a movement over the next decade hundreds of sanatoriums would spring up in every part of the country many of them set up by charity or religious groups state governments opened huge complexes for people who couldn't afford care in private institutions many facilities were segregated by race African Americans barred from white only sanatoriums help start their own in the first decades of the twentieth century one out of every 170 Americans lived in a sanatorium some for many years it was a life of exile mmhm began to realize that I was getting extremely tired and then she started coughing up slam and so I made an appointment to go see the family doctor a nation on the tubular Bushell ire right away and usually young man you tuberculosis I knew that we didn't fool around saying you think about it it was very adamant and all of a sudden it was all over and I wish now suddenly being told me get yourself on a train and get up to the mountains start curing Europe are very shaky on man people often left in the middle of the night they left without telling people they just with their jobs a day they just laughed sometimes they were trying to protect their families and sometimes the families are trying so for some the sanatorium held the promise of cure for others a place to go to die white coated doctors come in and look walking out and show I'm figured guys were coffin I wish left there in a little bit no I really was overwhelmed by a shot there I'm really sought to I was about to die the hardest time who was accepting that I was there and maintaining hope that I would get better and being optimistic so it was nice separation from your usual life that really was very hard to take you agreed basically Longley they never told me how long I would be at the hospital and I never asked don't ask me why I never cried I never asked I just took one day at a time kept my sense of humor and that was it that was my armament that was it entering a sanatorium required complete submission physicians and nurses regulated every moment of the day measuring patients progress towards health by testing for bacteria in their flim and X. reading their chests Trudeau believe TB patients need to be well fed and insisted they consume at least 6 glasses of milk and 6 raw eggs a day and he ordered them to rest when people first came to a sanatorium many were put on 24 hour rest they were put directly to bed they stayed there all their meals were brought to dead entrees they were not allowed to even get out to go to the bathroom they had bed pans class one was better S. class to bathroom privileges only Siri I could walk around locks yes I did nonna for to go where his patience rested was a significant is how long he was convinced that fresh air was the single most important treatment for a disease lung instructed his patients to lie out doors on reclining chairs day and night regardless of the weather actually that night on the porch get fresh air that's what they call it what it was 10 below what we a little more than fresh here damn cold weather but I would have had no electric blanket might have about 45 other blankets over the electric blanket that rubber sheet over that and then a wool cap over money here sure father show I was assigned to bush not how door cure cottage but flashed in and as I shut outside the building but you could see nature all around you and the saying that I still remember those so Sean light bouncing off mount Marcy and then she premiums for and making it just a very truthful one hopeful and make you begin to say she'd be nice to be out there mmhm with no treatment available other than rest in fresh air tuberculosis sufferers everywhere strive to imitate Trudeau's method across the country people added porches to their homes when that wasn't possible they simply may do there were tense on the roofs of some tenement buildings all over Brooklyn a cure chair inside and someone wrapped in all their hats and clothes and then there were also tense that could be inserted into a window so that if you were in your apartment house your legs would be inside the house and the white tent would stick out the window and somehow the fresh air was suppose to come into you just from your head sticking out the window for all they surrendered when they entered the sanatorium patients also found a certain freedom I'm burden from the fear of infecting others they sought comfort in each other's company in these situations there was a great deal of gossip everybody gossiped about everybody else who's talking to who who's trying to run away and drink who left and also who died even if you're poor action it's a sunny day and you're having a station with a fresh flirting with someone just a few bads or a few rooms away someone else's coughing horribly or having a horrible hemorrhage that's being cleaned up within your site or bodies being taken down yeah Carter on a Gurney I think the presence of death had to be with you for Chile every minute of every day I remember 2 young ladies very personable and I was in my teenage years and these were attractive young girls and I got to know them Bruce Templeton very powders and it was in for 6 months of their arrival both from a diet which if it troubled me know where 2 young ladies like fat that developed this really is I still remember their names to this day it was very unfortunate njegova own studies reveal that only a third of his patients got well he stood at the bedside of hundreds of dying patients but the hardest test the bear was out of his own daughter Charlotte judo died of tuberculosis at the age of 60 uhhuh the doctor which rarely free of symptoms himself frequently having to stop work to take the risk you're what Edward Trudeau died in 1915 after a 40 year struggle with tuberculosis a miracle cure still a dream production methods America is continually increasing its output of penicillin the new drugs that affect almost miraculous cures the liquid charged with penicillin is poured from the bar turned into a powder it is ready for use in the early 19 forties the discovery of penicillin revolutionized the treatment of infectious diseases derived from a mold this first anti biotic cured a host of infections but not tuberculosis mmhm a microbiologist at Rutgers University believed he knew where to look for an antibiotic that would literally beneath people's feet few people who understood true nature soil early in his career he'd written a definitive work on the micro pick organisms that live in the describing the earth in an ordinary garden killing field or warrior microbes fight each other for supremacy his previous work pointed to the streptomycin strange organisms half bacteria and half fungi responsible for the sweet odor of earth after a light rain but there are over 500 different species finding one that could kill harmful bacteria without toxic side effects prove to be extraordinarily difficult it was unbelievably time consuming and boring and you could look all day long and see absolutely no the happenings real microscope so you go to a different style patch maybe you go closer to the hostess stables because P. batches that you really want others which feed on horse dung rather than dried leaves so it's a huge hit miss affair in late summer 1943 what's been assigned the research project Albert shafts an energetic 23 year old graduate student uhhuh the hunt for antibiotics captured Schatz's imagination he would often spend 18 hours a day peering into his microscope looking for the tell tale sign of an antibiotic and what was known as the street test shots placed common bacteria in a Petri dish swiping a strain of script O. my sis down the middle if the strain were potent enough would create a dead zone around this a battlefield the clear zone gets bigger and bigger and eventually the bacteria you say we're pretty I got something 3 months in shot stumbled on a variety that appeared quite powerful on October 19 he's seal the test tube containing the promising batch and gave it to his mother as a memento of is the chief Schatz was eager to test the new antibiotic against ridiculous even given the risk that laboratory was not set up for it dangerous germ like tuberculosis so there were a couple of basement windows and ... some stools sit on and that was it it was very sparse and not what you would expect where people would be working with a very very ill in organism and the equipment is very primitive so exactly clean there was none of the stuff that you see today of you know in close labs where people of manipulating that Petri dishes with mechanical arms was nothing like that shots talk Walkman into letting him Percy a slap in the laboratory because he had to add fluid to the glass containers that were being distilled and when the liquid and the container got to a certain level he had to and more liquid so it was very very tiring hard work within weeks shots would witness one of the most dramatic events ever seen under a microscope the destruction of the tubercle bacillus watchmen and chats name the antibiotic streptomycin the following spring walks Vincent the drug to the Mayo Clinic protesting with patients starting in November of 1944 researchers gave 5 courses of streptomycin to a 21 year old woman dying of tuberculosis within days the infection in her lungs few months later she was discharged from the so with streptomycin first time in human history there's a magic bullet there's a drug you can give to people that is going to make the majority of them far far better you can cure tuberculosis I mean it was unbelievable seize that had plagued to Mandy for 3000 years was suddenly able to be cured the medical director assembled all the patients and all the staff I don't know spoofs drugs that they had just discovered and what I don't want a reaction from the patient clear that I mean you can see the smiles on their face well it it was indescribable the euphoria would not within months of treatment many patients began to relax scientists will come to understand the streptomycin does not destroy all the bacteria in the body and the organisms that do survive grow stronger and more resistant to the drug suddenly the drug was not being effective when it didn't so effective so quickly and so they understood very rapidly but it was don't resist this was occurring and so they needed to develop further drugs by the late 19 forties 2 additional drugs were added to streptomycin the drug cocktail properly administered it's far more effective and with tuberculosis it's clear you would need a combination of drugs so the bacteria hasta combat tour 3 attacks at once rather than the simple one attacking can cope with one Akon cope with 2 it can cope even less well with 3 and then when we take the antibiotics we need to take them consistently correctly not over do it and not on to do it because then you will facilitate the development of drug resistance uhhuh before and you buy half of all people with active TB could expect to die within 5 years by 1950 most were getting well and going on to live normal healthy lives as cures mounted the sanatoriums begin to close many were dim if you became ski resort or hotels almost from the very beginning when I was in the infirmary young doctors came by and say we're going to experiment with these new drugs and so that wish done quite obvious shit Trudeau was on a close in a few weeks and were instructed to go find the apartment she town show we could could can you to get well and all of a sudden I realized I can overcome and live a long healthy hard working life I should look factor the family's history of tuberculosis WNED how lucky I was and when they said I was essentially toured I was a waiter I wasn't thinking so much of a big relief on my part but what my mother had had gone through because here she was she had dealt with her mother she dealt with my father no she had to deal with me nbae sick the produce thing in her life bush when she came to my college graduation what a fortune fulfill in November 19 for a former professional baseball player named Larry Doyle 8 is last meal at the head of a long table at the Trudeau senatorial he had been a patient 12 years after lunch we walked out the front door and strolled through the snowy streets of Saranac lake NBI was the last to particular suspicion to leave to go we'll put fun before American experiences provided by liberty mutual insurance additional funding for the forgotten play provided by the Yaquis foundations American experiences also important broadcast and by your PBS station from viewers like you //
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Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This...(2017-2018)
\\a shadow government Joe it cool please control of America for John F. Kennedy and unlike previous election say election this one was to be special for decades patiently grooming certain personnel C. issues the actors where finally all in place for the takedown of America that have finally come to fruition they were prepared to give us the greatest election of all time with all the drama and ratings that would ultimately good Hillary Clinton in the White House with all the mechanisms in place and all the necessary loss pass through executive orders the mainstream news media was ready to create their illusion of reality but then enters Donald J. trump the outsider he was not in the script they thought he would easily be ousted by the end of the primaries but instead he overwhelmed them with reality to take the nomination so here we are if you're paying attention 2 what's happening around the errors you will notice that the globalist have been wounded in recent events such as the brakes boat some has risen autumn independent unites evening that I just look at it even the weather is in great it's a victory for ordinary people decent people it's a victory against the big budget bags against the big businesses against big politics and I'm proud of everybody that had the courage in the face of all the threats and they were told they had the guts to stand up and do the right thing we now need a brexit government a government that gets on with the job a government begins the renegotiation of our trade relationship and the other thing I think what needs to happen is the JV 20 third needs to become a National Bank holiday I we will call it independence day the people in the Philippines are fighting back as well a script of doom and gloom it we have welcomed it thinking that we must sit on our hands to ensure totally annihilation in order to have peace wars and rumors of wars earthquakes unable dance natural disasters financial collapse and total destruction that by the way they can do and have the technology to make it all happen you bet it's in their script you bet is part of their grand scheme the big picture our last act the grand finale do a grant dilution they have been working for hundreds of years for these type do Asher in their kingdom of Lucifer New World order in the previous video I brought up the deep underground of military bases that can be found all over the earth these play a very important part in their soon to come grant the same right now there are 131 deep underground military bases in the United there's 1477 of the worldwide each one has an average because 17 day in $19000000000 each one has a bill aside go mobile you speak take a year to 2 years itself each one now there is building a couple of lonely here ... with sophisticated methods calling now feeling is you know so the railways ... you know of a country all the brown military bases United States then on them trying ... floats off both songs with single rail on a reporters went off the rails there's a what do you call hijacked we have nothing like this on the service groom lake is where them from this area to everyone else for us to CI a maze ... was originally a bombing range a nuclear test site ... it was later remember mostly bases on United States ... then in voice over 18000 workers work in shifts of 12:00 hours of that way most inordinate covered are like us we built our house 9 underground military bases there each with an average show ... opacity gave awards are basically a city on the ground roughly one quarter Cuba miles hollowed out on the ground they'll get boring she's ransom they don't more they legally required no rock like the rock the very success a laser ... melting into the black radiance as reduce the wrong about her lan else the remaining rockets coating on the inside the base so you don't have you god I some other fans think like Abdullah called at a technology this is basically how do we get is the old Adam elsewhere anyway have a real world 2 days ago all foreign you build a Beijing 04 basic goals nubile still absurd crossmember holds approximately one when short laughing well above the Alsatian of Iraq one nation you were really blast out work on allow more great now who are bill the large rooms are required based a small building a nother based to so I don't see so which is Los Alamos robbery so biological laboratory one was out partly Archuleta mesa ... we build an underground facility about a part of it we although none of so what's the we build we're in the process the early stages of building a drug war ... traveling round 2.5 miles under no number the early bedtime number original of ... wells for drilling machine there were you were or are the radio while today's area 51 is only one phase one of the 31 days about 131 bases I called very good they wanna make based on our one vision but that's a rant area 51 to ask for room laying and a host of other now these mega bases are gobbling up our gross national product right now what's going 20 the gross national product on building around so I don't know how the defense budget that doesn't count the spare parts but help for any of that at all and the last budget is dead dead wrong it is side steps the United States Congress and its constant the number of people share your bunch a moron you don't need to know one needs its own basis is an exact reporter written very our hero right we ate at night for 3 is since we'll legal team the overturned at Australian thing is one thing Bailey and take over seriously get totally out of the public would be to off the surface sure the underground bases without question my brain used as a former place the house alien takeover daily take over me in woman's Asian a one world government thanks to the people like Julian assign each fields Schneider in many more who are willing to risk their lives to do what's right we have been able to get the whole picture in their grand scheme of unimaginable cry against humanity today there are approximately 130 deep underground military bases in the United States alone with tips of over a mile to almost 3 miles they have a nuclear powered laser drilling machines second drill a tunnel 7 miles long in one day but dole's military base in New Mexico is probably the deepest it goes down saving levels they have been building these day and night unceasingly since the early 19 forties these places are basically large CD's underground connected by high speed but NATO Leviton trains that have speeds up to mac to trillions a but trillions of dollars have gone into this bottomless pit called the black budget Obama double distance himself in just a few years in order to understand whether plants have been we must go back to the rabbit hole because it's time that we all know what's been going on under our feet who is the shadow government these are elusive variance Illuminati elite in ancient times these where the giant meant only now offspring of the fallen angels and human woman who ruled the ancient earth it is the same bloodlines that ruled the earth today these are the ones who hate and war against a creator incarnate Jesus these are those who worship is sacrifice to Lucifer they have been building up the UFO extraterrestrial phenomena in secrecy as part of their psychological mind manipulation so when they finally disclose this deception the world will be waiting and we'll 2 US saved their lives about the so called engine aliens but now the United Nations it's getting ready for a contact with aliens from outer space this is Moslem off now she's out of Malaysia she will be planet earth first interstellar diplomats I Michio kaku is a theoretical physics professor also hosts the science channel series sci fi science physics of the impossible which is doing great by the way how are you doing very got nice to see you Michiana I don't knows that goofy ideas serious idea what though but but what does the U. N. doing involved in the well don't expect lying sponsors the land on the White House lawn anytime soon announcing take me to your leader it sounds like a goofball idea but here's the rationale sometime later this year maybe early next year Thunderbirds will announce that we have discovered earth light winds in outer space and will be gave up the night sky somebody maybe gazing back at the shadow government has been working not with aliens but the money entities ... that terrestrial kind in other words my friends please don't come for other galaxies or outer space please reside on earth demonic entities who for thousands of years have inhabited I had a great humanoid life for you know order to carry out tasks for the shadow governments human experimentation a genetic manipulation underground through their abduction phenomena as technology they target those who hate Jesus and practice witchcraft because they do not have the protection from the host of heaven please call then entities however given the shadow government incredible technology advancements in the manipulation of the human genome technology that is used on humans to extract tissue or manipulate the unborn fetus the Lucy variants have worked tirelessly to create a way for them to expand their lifespan artificially through the genetic manipulation of both animal and human DNA it have been geo engineering their habitats here on earth that at the same time crosses the cancers that we consume in our foods and water hoping to eventually face out dear god the Cuban they create human hybrid vessels for the schematic nephilim to inhabit the shadow government military have obtained incredible technology such as a T. R. 3 second jump space hold but they have also created viruses such a seeker any boleh you can fight their U. S. patents online trillions upon trillions have been funneled into the black budget through organizations such as the United Nations the Vatican not so in other corporations they have invested many years and lots of money for their last and grand deception in New World order agenda their goal is to keep control of the earth for another 0 years so I ask all of these dooming glow is manifesting and it's magnified on the surface of the earth and it seems that all hope is gone combs their final act disclosure they're counterfeit seeking coming extraterrestrial agenda possibly from a galaxy far far away comes the saviors of humanity and of course they come bearing gifts such as free energy technology that already exists but has been suppressed for decades here's for cancers that we have had all along but also been suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry who instead it clicked us with Cass here's another to rake in millions here their plan is to bring the human psyche to the brink of total helplessness so that we welcome they're extraterrestrial agenda with open arms in a sick their new revelations that according to pope Francis will change the gospel as we know it in other words they plan to this created a creator incarnate Jesus from beautiful tall and majestic looking beings 2 strange looking life forms well I write in a may sink technology these will be that Nephele demons in a hybrid human the vessels must creating as our extraterrestrial brothers not from the stars but from the underground bottomless pit black budget military basis president trump with the help of of our allies including Russia will put an end to these Luciferian New World order globalist agenda the righteous sons and daughters over Hanley father throughout the earth have the opportunity to take their discernment back from everything the separates us religion has kept us divided for thousands of years because we have a trusting nature and therefore we are east of the sea Jesuits slash Freemasons have the gift of speech and with their fort ton in the scene the masses we have been deceived on all fronts through our history through our science and through our religion and unlike what we have been told we have free will and have total and complete control of our destiny our future religion has kept us out of touch and out of commission from things that truly matter he has disconnected us from the press and kept us to the M. manipulated pass we must regain total control of creation we must rid of all genetic manipulations we must rid upon Santo and every corporation tied to one side we must stop there can trails spring over sky we were spooked the serpent's seed bloodline under total containment this we must do before our heavenly father cups the elusive variance have kept our heavenly father sons and daughters both every race and culture under under the curse of the letter in house divided us since the beginning of time we have been under the Babylonian temple system got Stempel it's not built by hands but reigns in our hearts as our spirit of righteousness and discernment we must never surrender our spirit to any book or to anyone or anything we are to concentrate in the now so that we can take care of tomorrow it's the only way we defeat the evil on the earth because we do battle against flesh and blood because all the evil on the earth is pledge and blood and they can be affected and they can be stopped and they can be defeated we are the guardians of our fathers creation and we must regain our post with extreme prejudice fan and only then his kingdom we'll come and his will be done on earth STDs in heaven all cultures in races of peoples of the earth who stand for what's right and have a moral compass to live in principle and moral values are his righteous sons and daughters all who will buy and preach the narrative post doing bloom both the letter are false profits who promote the agenda of Satan's Catholic Church father's the letter has kept us divided for thousands of years every race and culture has been under the colors of the letter that keeps us judging each other and divided all religions have been cursed to keep us grounded in pagan practices no bill can ever the holy war improbable Seton's counterfeit version of Christianity give us their version of the word of god it is my pleasure to introduce to you our creator father the word made flesh Jesus our heavenly father incardinated in Jesus to come to our rescue to deliver us from the curse of the letter set us free from the doctrines of men to redeem us from religion he's truly did set us free from the curse of the letter he totally carried us out of the Babylonian temple system and Rico scientists to himself that my brothers and sisters once it is the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ //
"2017-10-25 22:33:23"
NIBIRU SHOCKING 72 HOURS WARNING - What Will Happen When Planet X Nibiru Arrives 26th October 2017
\\do you want to hear insider tell his story about watching the bureau come in with his buddies from the CI a they watched it on the Hubble Space Telescope that you paid for with your tax dollars yet they don't allow you to see the massive planet coming in I'm going to give you the link while I tell you what he said this insider the video is called insider speaks out about new bureau planet X. and Ellen and well Ellen in this history broke up and flew out of here so forget about Ellen then he doesn't mention all he does mention Ellen and he says extinction level event new bureau is near that's how he describes Helen not he said that he saw the discovery and the news about this 50 years ago on the cover of the of the science magazine and you can click on that link anytime you know open up a new window and it will pause this way knowing you can come back here and listen to the rest of this if you have a mind to you wanna just go there and watch that that's good enough that magazine that he's referring to so that there would be a way of at least 3 miles high on all 3 close them counting the east coast the west coast and the southern coast Louisiana Texas Alabama Mississippi Florida so if you have a 3 mile wave coming in on all 3 close anybody who lives within 100 miles of the coast it's toast it is clear by now that those people who control this information don't want you to have the truth or at least I'll say to give them the benefit of the doubt all say they can't afford to let you know the truth but when you see it in the sky then all the speculation is done because there it is right there in the sky now where is it going to come in from well the sun is pulling in N. so if you want to know where it sat you look toward the sun and if it's behind the sun there it is should be somewhere close to the sun as is coming soon now it's gonna whip around the sun angle back out so it will go out pretty much the way it came in only on the other side of the sun does that make sense you have to consider that the sun pulls this thing in like a magnet and as swings around goes around the sun that does not collide with the sun he goes back out it will be back in 3600 more years now we have historical record that shows this thing has come in in the past it was called many names the destroyer wormwood new bureau it's called planet X. today as one of the popular names for it it was called nemesis I didn't know that until I read the play ends report I mean Wendel Stevens report about the play aliens you have this object that comes and now this guy I saw it and his testimony is valuable because he in the CI 80 he has buddies in the CIA they watched it together for decades and then finally there line was cut so when I say they don't want you to know the truth and I qualify that by saying they can't afford to have you know the truth you have to consider that if the people knew they would flee the coast on all 3 sides everybody living in the south would move north everybody who lives on the east coast would move west and everybody on the west coast would go east and you'd find a jillion people and ... Missouri and Ohio this is not good because those states cannot handle a jillion people there would be no place for them to ... lift up their hind leg and take a peek they have to be realistic about this so I fully understand the secrecy I just envy those who have underground bunkers Anna if you guys didn't get your ticket well I'm sorry there wasn't that many to go around I got mine I'm just kidding I never got one either I'm out here like a dirt bag just like you so if everybody moves from the coast how easy would it be to sell your house and get all your equity out if a big wave is coming in nobody would buy your house if the truth was out it has to be speculative now the rumors we'll send the wires in land away from the coast and the rest of you can bake in the sun who cares I care that's why I'm making this video I would like to see every wise person surviving and that means you've got to relocate now if you trust that this thing is coming and now this guy gives his testimony listen to it and decide is he telling the truth or see a crazy man if everybody tries to sell their house and they can't they're going to be some losses all that equity will be lost what would the lasses be in home equities alone people work their entire lives to pay off the whom and then they read that a 3 mile wave is coming in and it's gonna wreck their home well they try to salvage whatever they can they try to sell it to some soccer who doesn't know the truth if this turns out to be the truth that this man is reporting I don't have any way to determine if he's telling the truth I listen to a story I think he's credible but I thought Drake was credible now he starts talking about miss Sarah I thought Benjamin Fulford was credible many starts talking about $12000000000000 bonds there were offered to him by the queen this is hysterical this is the reality this is hysterical this is this is comedy writing if 80 percent of the people of earth live within 100 miles of the coast where are they going to move 80 percent of 7000000000 is ... 5.6000000000 people homeless jobless and wandering around looking for something to eat they want to know if they can use your restroom so they can rest from wandering around I think it's pretty obvious why the governments all over the world cannot afford to let you in on this private secret you're just gonna have to die now is that bad news of course it's bad news what did you think it was good those people say why don't you be positive well the truth is sometimes not that positive visit it would be better if you know that if you don't know because if you know a little bit in advance you have time to prepare maybe maybe I think you deserve a little bit of a chance most people are going to call this man a crazy man that's good for you listen carefully to what he says if you don't think he's nuts and you act in the other guy doesn't you might be able to selling your house anyway the government has to keep this a secret and I think the people have a right to know even if they abandon their homes and try to survive but I don't own those big banks with all those mortgages because this will collapse the entire banking system especially those banks that hold the mortgages but there will be a chain reaction to one bank goes down it takes down 40 others so you see why they cannot afford to tell you the truth they want you to go all the way up to the brink of disaster believing their lives who holds the mortgages on these homes ever seen any trends that these banks are trying to get out of mortgages along the coast if you do that might tell you something if you not to do research why don't you look into it I don't know how to do that research all I know to do is type in and type in my favorite word in there comes all the web pages that have it if you're more clever than that then you lead the way those biggest banks who hold those mortgages are the same people who own everything else and they are protecting their investments by keeping you away from the truth disinformation misinformation and outright lies and propaganda are all legitimate in their eyes because they're protecting their assets it is in their interest to wage a disinformation campaign to confuse you denial of the truth you might think this is very selfish and greedy but what can you do about it if you think they're doing it in a mean spirited way you can poison their wealth by spreading the truth to everyone you know but I think that that will come back on you because when the financial system collapses everybody is going to suffer money will be worthless prices will skyrocket so it's in your interest to keep this quiet to if this thing is up there you're gonna be able to see it soon and sensitive as big pull them by the sun you can look to the sun for signs of it are there any signs of it now visible I hate to tell you this but yes there aren't in those images are put out by the government they're called so hollow S. O. H. O. so hold means stereo images and do they show it you betcha they do Nancy leaders web page zeta shows you the pictures of the swing system I can't call it a planet because it's not a planet it's a it's a constellation it's a star with 7 planets going around it if you believe that he watched it coming in for decades with his buddies in the CIA I just think it's an interesting video actually is an audio the only thing you get to see is a Red Star fiery hot millions of degrees and that's what he reports how does Nancy lieder know that those images are new hero all the drawings of no bureau from the hot as Nancy lieder know that this object is coming in because she has great friends they're not from around here they flew in on a flying saucer like so many other visitors that have been coming here for thousands of years and you can find the proof in all historical documents wall drawings photos taken by Billy Meier and the group of 25 witnesses who lived at his compound and saw the space ships coming in for decades they're even photos from India taken at the ashram where Billy Meier lived in the middle of the twentieth century I think it was I think I saw images from 1964 or perhaps 1956 I can't remember at about 40 seconds into this audio video with the insider the insider says that he was very excited about the article and he showed it to his family the article said a 3 mile wave is coming and his family said don't worry it's not for another 50 years and then he says that 50 years has come and gone and so the listeners thinking Hey we're here folks if he's right at one minute and 14 seconds into the video he says they've been watching it referring to the CI a and then he stopped and he said I watched it no that is not hearsay that's first hand testimony I watched it it's not a man speaking in the third person he said I watched it how did he get access to uncensored streaming images from the Hubble Space Telescope he has friends in the CI a this shows you that the CI a are the privileged class and you are a dirt bag there are better than you they deserve the safety of underground bunkers and you don't you deserve to die you deserve to pay for those underground bunkers with your tax dollars now isn't this a fair system why hasn't anyone else in the CI a come forward to tell us about this upcoming catastrophe don't they care about us well if they did tell they might be dead by now dead men don't talk much that's why the CI a kills them are you catching on these bankers are serious about protecting their assets and they were even kill to keep this quiet this is not about protecting the people are warning the people the people are dispensable all this is about money money isn't always has been much more important to bankers than human lives and those of Goldman Sachs and Morgan chase and other Illuminati held assets are more important than your but when they ask you how's the weather up there you telematics windy they believe the world is over populated and they would like to trim down to about 500000000 which means they wanna kill 13 out of every 14 human beings on the planet now why would they wanna tip you off and tell you the truth if you don't have an underground bunker you can't survive on the surface that's why the elite built the bunkers in the first place and they built them with your money confiscated by the IRS if you want me to be blunt about it have you noticed how much more desperate the IRS has become lately in the last decade is this thing got closer they took everything the people had they figure the assets you have are better off in their underground bunker then in your house on the coast because your house on the coast will not survive anyway so in a way it makes sense to put the money underground and so the IRS has been extremely aggressive to the point that people thought that they're they have and sociable agreed I'm putting most of this in the form of questions to get you thinking because I can't do your thinking for you and channel 7 is not going to do this for you either they're going to tell you what to think it's not gonna be in the form of questions they're gonna give you statements which are lies and when you get wise you're gonna say I realize but this is propaganda all media is owned and controlled by the same insiders who are allowed to know that new bureau is coming in as evidenced by this man's report and some have even watched it on the Hubble Space Telescope like this insider who has a heart and decided to tell us this secret government controls the puppet president because they appointed him to that office and he obeys their commands they told him to ram the health care bill through and he followed his orders now they have direct access to your veins and your parents so they can kill them off when they can no longer pay the IRS then they passed a law that government can kill Americans even without charges can you see the handwriting on the wall why did all of these things happen it makes sense when you add new bureau to the picture the IRA just getting aggressive the passing of these laws they want to be able to get rid of people because they're gonna die anyway now if you were in charge and you knew that billions we're gonna die when you want to get rid of some of them ahead of time so you can incinerate the bodies I believe they're killing Americans right now and incinerating the bodies and I think that's the reason why you don't see homeless on the streets because there should be millions if there are 50000000 on food stamps there should be another 50000000 homeless and I think we're beyond saving lives I don't think they have any interest in saving our lives they don't need the population in the first place and there's no place to put 5.6000000000 refugees so they created this galactic federation of lights they told the people that a duplicate planet to earth was created on the opposite side of the sun so we can't see it now is that a tall tale talk about a nut case whoever the guy was they came up with that concoction there's your nut case there's your tinfoil hat and some people are stupid enough to believe this I believed it so what does that make me never mind don't don't answer that it's MoveOn well if there was a duplicate of planet earth don't you think it would have water why wouldn't that duplicate planet be just as susceptible to tidal waves as this one that we live on they also told us that aliens and ships would evacuate us this is another lie it's the point in lying to us they need to stall our reaction to new bureau by giving you false hope if most of the population thinks the gonna be rescued where they gonna do absolutely nothing and what did these controllers want the people to do absolutely nothing they want you to stay on the coast until the last day and then they'll pick you up and when they don't you're gonna be screaming what about us and they're gonna say sorry suckers just like they always do we want to give you false hope if you think aliens are gonna save you forget it playing you like a piano man this is like jazz you know what I'm saying man they play you like you was a piano man read the shell the night a web page P. A. pal like powerful how P. A. go to the bottom of the page and click on updates you can go back 6 years and read everything they've ever put out it's all propaganda all baloney every single report sounds like they're gonna land on the earth tomorrow and you're going to be saved we're gonna give you lots of money and they're gonna give you devices that make free food you're gonna fly around in the anti gravity craft Hey don't laugh I believed it I believe that for years I was telling everybody we're going to be rescued it's funny those people never believe that they are smarter than me so read those reports on the shell the Nile page and tell me if you weren't being played or the people who read them work being played I'm telling ya they play us all like we're a piano heads look if I call you a piano head just a friendly reminder Mr piano head and it's a woman ms piano head we should all remind each other that we've been had we been played by the secret government this insider comes out and tells us and I watched it it's real do you believe him listened to his testimony tell me if you think he's speaking from actual experience or if he is the greatest actor since Al Gore and a minute 23 seconds he describes this object as a solar system with planets he talks about the debris or the trash around it he says the CI a told them that the average dust particle ways 70 pounds it's made of iron and when this constellation comes passing by earth it won't be any closer he says and about 20000000 miles but you know the sun is 93000000 miles away and if the sun comes by it's gonna get pretty hot here because he said it was millions of degrees hot I think that's gonna scorch the earth I think it's going to burn a lot of things and there are predictions that say just that that a third of the earth of the burned is this thing comes whirling around but what happens is the earth gets locked into position with this thing because of both magnets and so it probably only scorches one side of the earth but if it is a star a blazing hot start it comes with an 20000000 miles of earth it will be almost 5 times closer or one fifth the distance of the sun and if the sun came in that close it would burn everything up I don't know how much heat this thing has but it has 5 times the mass of earth according to some scientists anyway this guy says the 70 pound rock shit gonna rain down on us like hail I have never been hit but the 70 pound iron rock falling from the sky have you but I think that if Hale condemned a car I'm talking about ice hail little tiny balls that Lana no good in the dent it or they break the windshield if ice can do that to your car was little tiny golf ball size rocks of ice then what would a 70 pound iron rock do that came in from space and his traveling about 10 kilometers a second I think it would damage homes and buildings cars trucks farm equipment tractors Barnes everything you need to survive should be damage it'll wreck all the satellites as it comes and it's Guinness those and they're going to shatter because space is very cold something moving like a bullet that facets cold metal it will probably shatter it I don't know I'm not a metallurgist especially when the specializes in space but the temperature out there is very very cold like 400 degrees below 0 something like that Fahrenheit and of that satellite gets hit with a rock it's gonna break it Skinner render it useless so all of our communications we're gonna be destroyed so it's gonna be pretty rough on the surface but if you got a nice cushy bunker you'll be okay Kenya's suck up to anybody and this CI a dawn you need one of those passes desperately try to save one or 2 of your kids to if a farmer's tractor is destroyed how much food can he grow for you if a manufacturer's plant is destroyed how long will it take him to rebuild it if there's nobody providing resources the whole system collapses the whole civilization is destroyed if we get rain down on with 70 pound rocks he says there are trillions of them he saw them so how long does it take to repair a factory if you have no home raw materials if the sources of all those materials is also destroyed how long does it take to rebuild I'm sorry to ask you these disturbing questions I'm trying to be positive here's what's positive you're gonna die knowing the truth might help you prepare you have 2 choices to know the truth or not know the truth if you choose to know the truth don't blame me I'm not bringing you the news this guy is blame him don't worry he's probably dead but he says of the planet is pelted with 70 pound rocks everything will be destroyed and the earth is made up of tectonic plates and they're being pulled by the gravity of near vero and so we're having a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes Nancy leader told us that we would be having a lot of volcanoes long before we had any volcanoes she said that every volcano that's gone off in the last 10000 years will be going off again and I've been watching them and it's turning out to be true and a lot of other predictions they made are also proving truthful so the Nancy lieder web page I think is a good source of the truth that's why the government wants to close them down if there is a very strong pull of gravitation from a large object do think it's going to affect the moon and pull it out of orbit people are reporting that the moon doesn't look right it's in the wrong place when Venus recently crossed the sun they said it was 10 minutes late what does that tell you you think that these guys are off by their calculations by 10 minutes Nancy leaders most recent web page says it was 10 minutes off that means that Venus is being pulled out of orbit a little bit 10 minutes is not the end of the world the bureau is now that happened on June 5 in 6 2012 today was what is what the tenth Sunday if the moon and Venus are being pulled by this thing but what about the satellites those of a very delicate orbit and if those are pulled out of Orbitz we're gonna lose them some will come crashing to earth vacated everything will be wiped off the shelves because people realize they're gonna need supplies they'll buy everything water soft drinks flour pasta thereby everything and they'll pay whatever they have to the stores will double and quadruple their prices and they'll get it because money will be worthless an entry on the ledger will be worthless you go to the bank and draw out all your money and go to the store and the prices are out of reach your money can't buy anything so we need to look at what this guy is saying and ask is this real we need to look at Nancy leaders web page and look at the sole whole images say she right or is NASA right she says that NASA's airbrushing all of these things out and they can't keep up because they're too many images to airbrush and they make mistakes and they leave some man and then the cat is out of the bag don't you wish you had an underground bunker with food and water and supplies like those guys in the CI a those wise guys those cities are 1.5 to 4.5 kilometers down there hundreds of them recall do you MBAs deep underground military base and if you're not invited that's too bad I guess only the beautiful people are gonna be able to survive this if it's true it took a television camera and then went down and they interviewed some of the guards to these underground facilities in the guard said they will kill anyone who approaches the entry we'll do what it takes to keep you out so you're not gonna crash their party they have armed guards ready to kill life on the surface will not be sustainable with all the crops destroyed all the means of farming destroyed and winds of 300 miles an hour that will wipe out anything that survived to that point the hill of rocks weighing 70 pounds each will have its toll on our civilization as well everyone should be asking is this guy telling the truth I wish there was a positive way to present this to you but sometimes the truth is not so positive what would you like me to tell you that this is going to be fun camping out if this was going to be fun they wouldn't have to hide the truth from you what did you think this was gonna be a her a cane a tornado that you can hide from where you're going there's a tornado you go to your basement well what if it's going to be a really big tornado then where do you go you need a deal and be deep underground military base and that's why they were built they only had 50 years to build them and they did okay for the elite but if you didn't get your pass by now it might not be coming at all so what can you do you're already doing it you know what I mean I mean if you've been in the dark stay in the dark because ignorance is bliss fish by Saddam if you don't know anything just keep it that way and don't panic if you see something in the sky and you finally figure it out rejecting the secret governments explanation then you probably won't be in a panic for very long because by that time the passing of this collection of planets and the sun as the insider describes it will be brief and you can enjoy your life along with everyone else right up to the minute when everything is blown away put on your headphones and turn on some jazz piano jazz and enjoy what little time you have left Mr piano head because by that time there is no more need for preparation stores will be empty when you see that thing in the sky and there will be no hope of those stores ever being restocked again money will be worthless anyway an event like this will cause financial collapse pieces of paper with numbers on it currency denominations will be less useful than toilet paper toilet paper will have more value than your dollars prices will skyrocket as shortages prevail if you have a stock of beer get drunk before someone puts a gun in your face and takes it from you they insider said the things he saw had 7 planets and its own son is he right he was using the Hubble Space Telescope and watching it with CI a buddies who were telling him the science of these things as it was coming in don't you wish you were in this insider club well you're not but at least you have his testimony so you're not entirely left out that's positive isn't well just think of this somebody in government has decided to allow this man's testimony to remain on your to and I think I know why and Nazi would do that some of those guys in the Nazi regime think that the brightest should be spared they should be warned and saved if possible but how is that possible they have tickets for the underground cities and you don't so no matter how bright you are you can't feed yourself on the surface even if you are tipped off and you move from the coast where you are toast if all the fresh fruits and vegetables on the surface I destroyed what are you going to eat shoelaces how are we going to rebuild it will take decades to recover from the US a manufacturing plant went up because there were places already existing that could supply them with materials when you destroy all of that you have to start from the beginning and when you have to start over some of the sciences commit lust when the palladium is dropped off their own people and they came back decades later they found that they had regressed they became wild again well if you spend 12:00 hours a day planting seeds what time do you have left for the internet and it's not there anyway think about it you can just re order the materials you need and have been sent to you everything is destroyed the ability to replace those things that were destroyed is also lost in the destruction we have a very fragile economy and it's susceptible to sudden crash for a variety of reasons those who control our economy for decades because the crashes spy restricting credit then they bought up all the best businesses and they allowed the credit to flow again and everything resumed good times only they owned everything now lot of times they use government money to buy these things and when they use government money you know the government is now it's you use your money your the government the use your money to buy things when government has privileges that's not you that's them they use government money to buy General Motors so that they can guarantee that no efficient engines will ever be put in the cars and trucks so you'll always be forced to pay $4 a gallon for gas now and $40 a gallon in the future because of the slavery you are a slave did you know that sorry to bring you the bad news I thought you knew isn't it time you get a clue about you at about 2 minutes into this video the insider says that when he first started seeing it it was a fuzzy red dust ball but over the years he and his friends watched it and it got bigger and bigger and bigger and by the time it appeared to be across the street summary pulled the plug on encrypted the signal and the net Biro party was over for the CI a the party was over but the hell was just beginning here on earth and this man decided to do an interview and tell others what he knows what he witnessed and if you're clever enough to know the difference between personal testimony and third person rumors then you have access to the truth as it is being reported in this video testimony of an insider who wants you to know I don't know if this insider has thought this through I mean informing us of the upcoming event where are we going to put all the people who flee the coastal areas and how are we going to feed them who could handle so many refugees can you imagine the entire state of New York moving to Ohio if Ohio's population grew by 30000000 people it would be a bone that would last 50 years but if you move those 30000000 people in one month it's a disaster more people will die from being without food and water and shelter then would be killed by a 3 mile high wave so what good does it do to tell anyone do you think the insiders know which areas are going to flood when sea levels rise as a result of the shifting in the earth's crust that to mile high pile of ice on Antarctica will be and sunshine and tropical and it will melt and sea levels will rise now do you think these guys know how much or rise let me give you a clue it might be 600 feet you know who told me that I've left you plenty of clothes for you to figure it out but let's say that they're right 600 feet rise in sea level puts most of Illinois under water all of the land around the Mississippi is under water in Washington DC is also under water and the Coast of Georgia is found in Atlanta Edgar Cayce also talked about this if all the area that 600 feet above sea level is under water then the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico just like Edgar Cayce predicted that'll be salt water from New Orleans to Chicago and the narrowest with them that see will be about 50 miles just like al Bielik described when he went to the future he wasn't the only one who went to the future Andy bossy are going to the future many times 1 time they sent him to the year 2013 his assignment to go to the Supreme Court building and tell them what he saw he came back and said it's under 100 feet of water this was called the Pegasus project they said 100 feet of water how do you know he says because there's algae growing on the columns and then he emptied out his boots and they were full of water I don't know how you breathe underwater you have to ask him he's a lawyer operating in the state of Washington he is a very articulate man he is very credible not everything he says is credible and you talk about life on Mars I don't buy it I think there is life on Mars but I don't think he found it I think you found a shadow that looks like a human being we tend to see human faces and things and we think that means human beings that's is craziness so the Supreme Court building rests on ground that's about 85 feet 88 feet above sea level right now none of that property is more than 90 feet above sea level given take 5 feet if the sea level rose just 200 feet the Supreme Court building is under 100 feet of water and this was the year 2013 so there is no soon soon soon soon how soon real soon garbage like you get from Sheldon idle who else traveled in time ask it took Billy Meier back to meet Jesus and they brought a Russian with them name jets to so where did the time machines come from all the aliens brought tears but Nicholas Tesla died and left behind the plans for one that was used to they built it Nicola Tesla gave us alternating current we live our light bulbs in computers with this type of electricity not the type that Thomas Edison was pushing DC AC had some advantages so this genius Nikola Tesla designed the time machine the left the plans beyond any did not build it he died in 1943 and the war department rushed in and sees all his papers and they built a time machine and it worked and a lot of people died as they were trying to figure out how it worked and your bus Iago routinely went to the future and brought back the records of upcoming events so that those privileged people could know what the future was if you think that and make a killing on the stock market and that kind of thing forget it they did they knew exactly what was gonna happen and they place their bets there is rumor personal testimony from people who were involved not rumor but personal test that's the truth so which one do you pick is no gun to your head here was Edgar Cayce lying about the Great Lakes emptying into the Gulf of Mexico did albeit like make up his journey into the future to see the Great Lakes emptying into the Gulf of Mexico maybe a fake and your by Chicago is lying to the insider says he watched this planet coming in on a screen and that the signal was coming from the Hubble Space Telescope is seen lying to he didn't sound like he was lying to me to me it sounds like someone describing what he actually saw vividly at 2 minutes and 6 seconds into this video you said we could see it was a blazing hot ball of fire he said it was a solar system and that it's coming through our solar system and that can't be good he said then he said something really scary 2 minutes and 30 seconds under this said it has asteroids that appear to be 500 miles across now if one of them hits the earth you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye we can't take a hit like that even if we have an underground city retreat like those who have raped and pillaged our country and if they die in their bunkers you know we should all cry for them sob sob 3 minutes and 5 seconds the insiders talking about meteorites and it's clear that he's not a scientist because a meteor is in space and a meteorite it's a meteor that hit the earth and did not bring up in the atmosphere so I don't know what he's talking about when he claims that meteors go back for millions of miles in the tail of this orbiting solar system so if the tail is millions of miles long this thing is going to make quite a spectacle in the sky a solar system of 7 planets passing nearby the earth 5 times closer than the sun but anyway if he's describing what he saw you have to allow for some errors in labeling these objects he doesn't know what to call a large iron rock if he saw something I want to know what a sun and went on to describe it as best as you can I'll make the adjustments for understanding but I'm not going to dismiss his testimony just because he calls a meteor a meteorite or if he calls a moon of one of the 7 planets and that system a meteor if you perceive that the objects go back for millions of miles in the tail those objects have to be fairly large and his testimony is useful because nobody else's testimony like this the Hubble Space Telescope is not accessible to everyone and it would be fairly easy to determine who this guy is if the CIA wants to know it could be that for talking is dead by now but I don't know I don't expect any future interviews with this guy this is a one shot deal where he reveals the truth they kill them or they tell me just to keep quiet information he has a lot more valuable then the information that Bradley manning had because hundreds of thousands of people had access to the information that Bradley manning had what manning released was of no value compared to the eyewitness testimony of somebody who watched the bureau command that is far far more damaging to the bankers who have mortgage assets I have not reached any conclusions I'm still collecting the facts and the eyewitness testimonies and I see a pattern either all these people are lying and of the greatest actors that Hollywood has ever seen or they're simply telling the truth the government says they are lying what do you think the government meaning the secret government that puts out all the propaganda wants you to believe in them after they've been caught lying about everything from Nassau and space to the puppet presidential race to the economy and the unemployment rates at 3 minutes 40 seconds into this video he's saying that the speed of this object or solar system will come will increase as it comes and it has to in order to achieve breakaway speed and that is scientifically correct so someone is telling him the truth but if they killed this whistleblower you can be sure that they will have to neutralize his CI a friends also because they provided him with information leaks are plugged in a hurry in the CI a they don't call the CI a murder incorporated for nothing you know I had read that the closest material will come as 14000000 miles and this guy says 20000000 miles instead either way that's too close in this large thing can rob us of our atmosphere as Myers was robbed a long time ago there is also a huge gash in Mars that makes our Grand Canyon look like and Nick on the fender the gash covers about a quarter of the surface when you're looking at Mars had done what caused this well in the bureau is on the table as one possible explanation based on what this insider reports you have to coalesce this information with all else that you know about Mars in the gash in the history of the aliens of tolls of our solar system I'm not too proud to consider anyone's testimony if they claim that they watch this thing coming in on the Hubble Space Telescope I'll consider all the testimony and I will decide what I believe not the secret government I don't want them doing my thinking for me if I want to hear the testimony of Lacerta a lizard who's lived on this planet her species has lived on this planet for 65000000 year does what are you doing here nobody said anything about a bunny rabbit I'm talking about Lacerta she's a lizard go get Lacerta that's not Lacerta that's tell ahead lasorda is a lizard there it's better thank you he's not an alien she's a Terran or Errol who's galaxy is so far away that we can't even see it from earth if I listen to a sanyasi cats or patella who were all palladium's and their friend ask get news from the Dow universe if I wanna listen to Nancy leaders friends the greys from zeta Reticuli who have been giving us very accurate information for about a decade now I will hear all of them and dozens of others if I want to and I will decide what I believe and nobody's going to stop me with ridicule or humiliation I am humble enough to stand up to the humiliation I don't care about me I care about the truth so go ahead and call me names if you want and I will say to you kiss my shorts I don't need your approval to watch whatever I want go back to your ball games and your sit coms and dull your minds so you can no longer think and they'll inject you with a tax and then you'll be dead in no time now that they have full access to your veins I will never voluntarily submit to any kind of shot by government no inoculations from government because I'm aware of what they have done in the past innocent people and I don't trust government calling me names is one thing but gaining direct access to my vein is a little too personal for me at 3 minutes and 54 seconds into this video this insider says this object is going to flip us upside down now does that sound like a pole shift to you it's possible that the earth's core remains in place and just the crust shifts but to those on the surface it really doesn't matter if the pole shift or the cross shelves because the polls are located now in a different place than before either way I want to make that distinction because pseudo scientists I'm going to argue with me about pull reversals I want to be clear about what actually happens the Zetas told us directly at the core of the earth never changes and that it's locked into something in the universe and it never never changes but the crust ships giving us the impression that there was a reversal of the polls when a large magnetic object comes whizzing past the earth at a distance of 20000000 miles which is about 22 percent of the distance to the sun that's too close for me and it could cause this planet to shift suddenly not the core but the crust it's like the cheese on your pizza slides now do you get it near pepperoni goes flying I would prefer that this thing was not 20000000 miles away but 500000000 miles away 4 or 5 astronomical units out the astronomical unit is the distance from the earth to the sun I wish it was 5 times that distance not 20000000 miles is one fifth of the distance even 500000000 miles a still cling to close it will cause earthquakes and volcanoes like we've been having and a lot of shifting of the plates some thinking and some some plates lifting up uplifting Edgar Cayce said that mural and Atlantis will rise and the aliens told us that mu and Atlantis will rise again can you believe this I don't know if it's true I can advise you I am still collecting the testimonies and trying to figure it all out myself and you know how dumb I am I told you I believed all this stuff they were telling us from the galactic federation of light how smart can I be anyway I 4 minutes into this the insider issues a guarantee that 70 pound meteorites will fall to the earth like hail he said he guaranteed it he issued a guarantee that they will and if they don't he's going to go out there and gather them all up and make sure that they do scanning if he's right look up because survival will be unlikely I've been hit by hail and the ice bullets were small wouldn't hurt that much but Hale has damaged cars because been as large as golf balls those only fell from the atmosphere imagine something coming in from space at 3 kilometers a second or something what do you think would happen if a 70 pound iron rock lands on your car Shelia 3 kilometers a second you have insurance it won't help you not gonna be able to file an insurance claim you'll be too dead to make a claim for one refer to the insurance company will be 2 dead from all the tens of millions of similar claims they're on the verge of bankruptcy now how could they stand up to a hill of 70 pound rocks space they're not gonna pay anybody at 4 minutes and 30 seconds under this this guy is telling everybody that they need to be at least 50 feet underground with concrete above their head when this hail starts well folks I'll tell you something if a semi Pell rockets fired at the speed of 3 kilometers a second and you're 50 feet underground you're dead trust me you're dead that thing will turn concrete and to liquid it'll turn rocks into liquid it'll be like a volcano that kind of Connecticut energy will turn rocks into lava you'll be killed by the heat if nothing else the impact will kill you if it lands on your head in your 50 feet underground with cement here a 50 foot thick cement and it will go right through it ask the scientists do the physics he said that he was telling everybody that they need to be 50 feet underground that means he's been talking and he's lived well how does he do that how do you save his butt from being killed by the CI a is he too important to be killed he uses the word astronomers he doesn't even say it right it's astronomers he learned to say it wrongly but the MND and in different places strong honors he doesn't sound like so many is that important he did not sound well educated but he was in the right place in the head CIA buddies and he was allowed to watch this he also talked which tells me is not very smart you should of kept the secret because one he's not doing the people any good if they all knew what good would it do them they all die anyway if you're gonna make it a few very smart people are gonna survive this somehow I'm not sure how anyway the link on your screen still video which has been heard by about 11000 people and it's not the only copy so if you have not heard it you might want to hear it there's a lot more to report to you but I've covered about a third of the recording and I think that's enough to give you an idea what he's talking about thank you for listening //
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A Shocking Warning!!! Why is Nobody Talking about This... (2017-2018 EVENTS)
\\Eurovision I I I I don't have a whole lot of trying ... well let's begin by finding out what the this line properly or not I'm very very happy what were you an employee or are you know I I of former employees one other place I would like go about a week ago and you've got a big running //
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FINAL WARNING Planet X Nibiru Update Today 25th Ocober 2017, MUST WATCH SHOCKING
\\Eurovision I read a lot of web pages and it seems nobody knows where planet X. is I found this site at doom slash book slash the S. G. underscore 16 underscore 14 done P. H. P. I will include the link in the video description so you can go there it has some valuable information which I think everybody should have because there are a lot of people out there who say that planet axes behind the sun this is utter nonsense anyone who knows anything about our solar system understands that all the planets are Anna rain or a it's called an ecliptic plane Pluto does not fit and but Pluto is no longer a planet you may recall that I told you why he was kicked out he was puny he wouldn't go to the gym and then they caught him drinking a light beer and they throw his ass out so forget about Pluto I have read that the gravitational attraction of planet X. will hurl Pluto out into the Kuiper belt and perhaps even as far as the Oort cloud so don't worry about Pluto all the rest of the planets are in this ecliptic plane here's a drying sun is yellow the earth is that green blue and brown ball the path of planet X. is marked in blue we have been told that planet X. will come in below the ecliptic plane will pass the sun and then leave after passing through the ecliptic plane closer to earth on this pass then any other pass recently path is parabolic what does that mean if you have a ball a softball a baseball or a basketball and you're going to throw it to your friend the path is parabolic because the ball is being acted upon by the earth a parabola is the path of a moving ball in a gravitational field what does that mean if you throw the ball up into the air the minute it leaves your hand is traveling at the fastest velocity and every second that goes by that ball loses 9.8 meters per second of its speed so if you hurled into the air and 4 times that speed in exactly 4 seconds the ball would stop rising and begin to fall because gravity is still acting on planet X. is the same way the earth is replaced by the sun and now all planet X. is just the ball with a whole lot of debris which comes then and speeds up all the time it's coming in if whips around the sun and then it goes back out to where it came from likely the Kuiper belt but possibly the Oort cloud it's a 36 0 year cycle and send some reading a page that was provided by zeta talk they have a number 3600 57 that number is very strange because there are 300 65 days in a year and 7 days in a week that number is 3657 they said that's the average time it takes to go out and come back again one complete cycle 3657 years and it does vary why does it vary because it encounters things on the way like earth an earth will pull on it and it will pull on earth and the slows it down but it has enough velocity when he goes back out to go out for 1800 years imagine you threw a ball so hard that it took 1800 years for it to reached the point at which it stops and begins to fall back that's played inex and it's because the sun has an enormous mass and played it acts has a mass and the power of the songs in Florence on it works on it all the way out it stops it from going out and it brings it back in because planet X. has lost its velocity and so it comes back and so streaming faster and faster with every second that passes until one day it's here and whips around the sun passes through the ecliptic plane of the planets and goes back out a look at this diagram planted acts is coming in at which point is it behind the sun my answer is never behind the sun never never in order to be behind the sun I would have to be on the same plane as the earth and the sun and you can see by this picture that only takes place once and when it's there at the ecliptic plane located between the sun and the earth there's going to be a shadow on the earth we're going to have a passing planet nexus some people might ask is this the 3 days of darkness no no the 3 days of darkness is also the 3 days of continuous light because plotted acts locks onto the Atlantic rift it's the part of the earth that is very metallic when it locks onto it there only 2 things that can happen the earth stops rotating or bladed axe just rips out that large piece of iron and takes it with it on planet Mars you have a 4000 mile gash and everybody has their theory about what it is the scientists are saying water wash this out nicely baloney plate of eggs came close to Mars there was a lot of iron in that particular part of Mars and planet X. now owns it that's what happened that's my opinion you form your own opinion 65 years ago actually it was longer in 1947 I think it was June of vehicle crashed all the aliens died except one she had a high fidelity body what does that mean sugar rock your socks off all nowadays you love the fast machine she kept her motor clean she was the best damn woman that I ever seen she had sat Lewis I was tellin me no lies knocking me out with those Americans that has taken more than her share had me fighting for air she told me to come but I was already there the walls were shaken the earth was quake can she had a high fidelity body now in 1947 we had no clue what form the asteroid belt we thought it was asteroids that's why it's called the asteroid belt but this alien told us that it was a planet and there was a collision and I surmised that the collision would have to be something from the debris that's trailing along with planet acts it would have to be a moon or some of the debris that hit this planet and shattered it and if it was a watery planet then you have frozen ice in those asteroids she did not use the term planet acts this alien who crashed in 1947 she didn't speak English she spoke 340 some languages but she did not speak English she only told us that there was a collision that form the asteroid belt and I surmised that since planetary collisions are extremely rare it would have to have been done by something that pass through like planet necks so I felt when I read that that she was talking about planet acts I didn't make them clear enough when I did the video and so some people ask me where exactly did she say that planet X. because the asteroid belt it was I think in chapter 6 when she talks about the collision that faith shattered a planet and form the asteroid belt planet X. comes in with a whole lot of debris the insider whose side said has a tail 1000000000000 miles long and there are trillions and trillions of particles some of them the size of a mountain and we are going to pass through this tale of planet X. at least 5 times according to Alex collier who recently said that if this thing takes 3600 years to go out and come back if could have a tale that lasts 5 years and he could be right I don't like to get behind what other people say I tell you what they said I don't tell you if I believe it or not I just say this is what he said here's why it makes sense but I don't want to go so far as to say I'm sure that it's right take one more look at this image because I want you to notice something if you were to draw a straight line between the earth and the sun and then your word to draw a second line at any point along planet X. you can draw thousands of them if you want tell me the angle that is created by the line that goes to the sun and the line that goes to plan an exit any point on its path the floor their planet X. is from the sun the smaller the angle and when it's rising up to approach the ecliptic plane you're going to get the widest angle what is the widest angle you can see on this graph is that 30 degrees or is it more like 45 degrees it is certainly not 90 degrees is it it is never going to be 90 degrees and it is never going to be blocked by the sun except the point at which it passes between the earth and the sun passing through the ecliptic plane and that's moving very fast at that point it's moving faster than it ever travels when I was closest to the earth is going to grab the Atlantic rift and hold it for awhile earth will stop rotating because planet X. has a grip on that Atlantic rift and that's when the trouble begins because if you think earthquakes and volcanoes and tsunamis are terrifying wait till you go through a pole shift the animations I have seen are that it jerks the earth well the force we have never felt before and all that water on the planet is pulled to the planets X. side temporarily and when the pole shift takes place you have a mountain of water thousands of feet high and that's going to slosh all over the coastal areas of the world you're going to have 5.6000000000 refugees trying to stay alive and they will not succeed I pointed out in a recent video the planet X. it is said could have a 90 percent fatality rate on earth and I compared it with our own government which wants to kill everyone except 500000000 of us which means killing 13 out of 14 people on the planet so yeah 13 chances out of 14 that you will die and your whole family everyone has the same odds that's government that represents 93 percent so if you fear planet X. consider the threat of our own government 93 percent chance of death with our government and only 90 percent chance of death of planet X. of the 2 player legs is a milder form of death more people will survive planet X. there and our own governments murder of 13 out of 14 of us they build thousands of FEMA camps a crematory and 111000 trains with foot shackles what do you think they have planned the Georgia guide stones tell you now let's get back to planet X. I want to read this article apparently there is a whole lot written in this is 16.14 planet acts it says this section was compiled from the information provided by Nancy lieder of zeta talk the planet X. prophecy describes a periodic disruption of our planet from an officially unknown object in our solar system at the time of writing the position of this officially unknown object was far beyond Pluto and the author writes far beyond Pluto resides a dead binary star similar in mass to our own planet X. orbits between these 2 stars in a long and thin path the reason I have to call them stars is because she calls them objects and they're both sons one is a dead son similar in mass to our own and so the word objects is not really good diction they are both sons one is a lie and the other is dead our son represents 98 percent of the mass in our solar system and of all the other planets asteroids Kuiper belt you Adam all up they only represent 1.5 percent of the mass of our solar system with Jupiter consuming just about all of that I think it's absurd to pretend that we know what's in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud I think it is likely that massive objects exist way out there letter as big or bigger than Jupiter Jupiter is just enormous look at this picture look at Jupiter and then look at the earth how many earths could fit in Jupiter Jupiter is enormous in the sun it's much much bigger than Jupiter if you place them side by side only 1.5 percent of the mass is Jupiter and the sun has 98 percent of the mass and later in this article they're going to tell you the pilots is only 4 times bigger than those near the dead binary star is similar to our own son in mass plan next travels between the 2 therefore the size of planet X. is much smaller than that dead binary star so let me read that spec the lions even if this technology was given to them because it was far better than anything we had and it just so happens that the duration of the Mayan calendar is based on a 3600 year cycle why what's the connection now the traveling companions this peculiar planet also comes with many moons and other debris which travel behind it like a string of pearls this can give the appearance similar to that of a comet from one angle or a Wien's planet when viewed head on due to the smaller moons that trail and snake behind it now we've all seen the so ho images and we have seen the ancient drawings of planet acts and it is a big glob of degree some people ask why can't we see it and the explanation in this article is that we can't see planet X. because is surrounded by debris and my question is the debris does not reflect the sun's light this thing is coming in from an angle we should say crescents we should still hold cloud of crescents why can't we see that debris reflecting light now she starts the sudden swerve as well as I never start a sentence with as well as because it's awkward but I'll try to read it as well as moans boulders stones and gases attracted during past visits through our solar system there is a fine iron or dust surrounding the beast if it's an iron ball in its magnetic it will attract iron and that's what happened to Mars they got ripped off for a big chunk of iron and if that's the debris that falls on the earth look out if we hit that chunk of Myers it's going to have catastrophic effects and I think there are dozens of chunks that large I think the tail is loaded with objects that are anywhere from fine iron dust to mountains and moans on zeta talk they also said that there are hydrocarbons what are those basically its oil and when we passed through the cloud this oil rains down on the earth summit catches fire because of the friction and it burns and it could burn up the oxygen suffocate people it could rain down on the earth if you ever saw an oil spill and you saw the the docks in the ... the wildlife covered with this oil it's very sad because you can't get it off if you've ever had oil on your hands you tried to wash it off and soak it doesn't come off easily you need strong soap a man in Brazil saved a penguin and nursed back to health and that penguin comes back and visits him every year for 4 years just type in penguin and Brazil maybe he'll pull up the video I found it not as a video but as a website I'm not sure that it is a video so in this debris we have moons boulders stones gases she didn't mention petrochemicals but they are there and according to the Zetas that's how we have oil deposits on the earth it came from the tail of planet necks it's goes out there and picks up debris and brings it back to us now it gets confusing because where as earlier she said that there is a dead binary star beyond Pluto and that planet X. travels between the 2 objects listen to the next sentence planet X. is a dying smoldering sun and although it does emit light it is extremely DM compared to our son and further diffused due to the massive dust cloud surrounding it you may be aware the Jupiter is also a son and it emits light and the aliens told us that it's a son because it emits more light than it receives from the sun and so they don't classify Jupiter as a planet it's a son it's a star and the Indian group that said that was the plane dams and their system when they took Billy Meier out to the player these they got there in 10 minutes by the way Billie Myers said winner relieving and somebody maybe ASCA or patella or some Jassy said we're already here and he looked out the window and saw blue stars there were 5 of them and that was a very interesting chapter of the book is called UFO contact from the play these by Wendell Stevens I think he was in the airforce and his job was investigate UFO sightings he lived at the Billy Meier compound and was there in 1978 went to popes were murdered now the question you've all been waiting for recall the image that I showed you earlier while I read this at the time of writing planet X. is between the earth and the sun approaching us baloney that is impossible because this was written years ago maybe a decade ago I'm guessing around 2004 implanet next was certainly not between the earth and the sun I agree that planet X. is approaching us because we haven't had a pole shift when it passes through the plane will be visible in the sky and you'll be shitting in your pants because we never had such an experience the earth will be bombarded with the debris that falls to the earth and some of that will burn up in the atmosphere as you gonna see a light show like you've never seen you gonna feel the pull planet acts and the debris and if it rains it will be oil the falls upon you you'll be lucky if you don't get hit by a rock a rock the size of a quarter will kill you because it could be moving 10 kilometers per second that's like a bullet hitting you a big bullet a 50 caliber bullet and this is why planet X. could be fatal to 90 percent of the population of the earth so I think this line is incorrect at the time of writing planet X. is between the earth and the sun it could not possibly remain there for 10 years 12 years if it's coming and it's coming in from below the the ecliptic plane the Australians and New Zealanders will see it and all those people on and arctica who man the South Pole telescope S. P. T. which was built in my opinion to look at planet acts coming in a South Pole telescope has equipment see in the far infrared and the microwave wavelengths we cannot see in me infrared or the microwave wavelengths the electro magnetic spectrum is very broad if you were to stretch it out from Los Angeles to New York City the visible part that we can see would be only the with of a dime 2 centimeters your first step from Los Angeles to New York City where the far far broader than the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see you've got gamma rays X. rays ultraviolet and infrared light radio frequencies these are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum and you cannot see almost all of it almost all of it is invisible to your eyes so if you can't see something in space it might be emitting waves that you can't perceive a mosquito can see in the infrared it needs to because it needs to feed on blood from other animals so it sees all animals as varying degrees of infrared light and when it sees the right frequency it knows that lunch awaits and it flies over and bites and it could be a horse and it could be your arm or your neck or your legs the most skill sees in the infrared the South Pole telescope sees in the end for a red it also sees in the microwave so if you turn on your microwave to warm up a Cup of coffee they got cooled the South Pole telescope could see the waves inside the microwave it was built in my opinion to view of planet X. if that's true then player lex exists we have no confirmation from the US government you might want to ask them why did you build it on the South Pole Antarctica you might want to ask why did you build it so that it only sees far infrared and microwave why not near infrared or our visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum if you ask a lot of questions you are smart if you can't think of any questions you have fluoride in your water learn to ask thousands of questions and write them down and if it's an investment don investment to you answer all the questions this is wisdom the essence of intellect is the question the more you ask the smarter you are the smarter you're going to be try to recover from the neurotoxins they're putting into our water they have no right to lower our accuse but as long as they're doing it you must reacts by asking questions why is the South Pole telescope looking into the far end for red in the microwave Waveland's why was it build on Antarctica here's a good question what did you find we paid for it you mind sharing it with us we should be the benefactors of this information should not be held from us by a dirty rotten government that poisons children with fluoride cadmium arsenic lead and mercury that's what comes from the phosphate fertilizer factories cadmium arsenic lead mercury and floral silicic acid fluoride for short when you get through asking questions about the South Pole telescope you might start asking questions about Iraq us infra red astronomical sky telescope 1983 they found an object they were unsure if it was a galaxy or a planet it was 50 times farther out than Pluto and they weren't sure if it was part of our solar system I read the article for The Washington Post and to me it looked like the greatest scientific minds in the world were babbling idiots if something is 50 times as far as Pluto at that time Pluto was still a planet they didn't catch him drinking lite beer yet they were still trying to get him to go over to the gem and work out empleado refused that he remain Pironi so when they caught him drinking light beer they threw his ass out serves them right don't ever drink light beer people if you're a real man drink real beer our solar system extends from mercury and the sun out to Pluto and possibly the Kuiper belt but when you get out into the Oort cloud you really beyond the solar system when does a solar system and is that a good question for the intellectual do we count the Kuiper belt or during a county or cloud or do we count neither or both there's another good question where does politics go does it go to the Kuiper belt or does it go all the way out into the org cloud where is it when the distance from the sun is maximum and it stops going out and starts to fall back what effect does the other dead star have does it pull it then is it moving fast this will it whips around that son so now we have a parabola with too attractive buddies and they're both sons one of them is alive and the other is dead how does that work write down your questions and pursue them if you want to be an intellectual so I have a 3600 year journey perhaps 3657 years pass on average the writer says after a long journey its orbit planet X. move through our inner solar system around the new millennium that mean the year 2000 she is placing it in our inner solar system would that mean mercury Venus earth and Mars she says since then it has swung around the sun and is heading toward earth alright she saying it this is past tense this already happened and I say the Australians should see it and when it passes through the ecliptic plane does in the northern hemisphere should see it I don't think people in the northern hemisphere can see any object that is below the ecliptic plane unless it's pretty far out far out enough so we can see it and then I would disappear the earth itself would block it and the Australians would be able to see it very clearly as is coming up to the ecliptic plane now your remember when Al Gore went all over the earth telling everyone that we need a tax because the earth is warming up he forgot that all the planets were warming up and all the moons were warming up that suggests that something is acting on the mall causing tectonic plates to crush together and create heat but Al Gore is not a scientist he's a fool and if you believe him then you are an Al Gore university clack and you don't know Jack diddly squat he made $100000000 spreading propaganda and lies to convince us that the solution to our global warming is a tax a world tax the first World tax by these tyrants that owning control everything now they want to start with the world taxes they've taxed everything now we want to move up and tax the world we're going to tax the air that you breathe now let me read the next paragraph because it sort of fits and the sign of planet Alexis first approach were erratic weather fine red does falling from the sky and places increased fireball sightings an increase in earthquake activity and I will add plate shifts plate movements and the heating of the core of the earth Al Gore told us that it's carbon dioxide in the air that he's up your this is psychotic this is delusional the atmosphere didn't even rise one degree whereas the core of the earth increased to 4000 degrees and so did other planets experience a warming from within makes sense something strong and gravitational comes by everything inside of the planet or moon or the earth churns heats up its activity it's during everything up Al Gore says the carbon dioxide heeded the error in the air heated the earth this is totally nuts I hope he enjoys the money they paid him for saying such outrageous lies this is playing on the ignorance of the people and the people are not intellectual they don't ask questions and you must ask questions if you want to be a leader you must be a leader because we need leaders we have a void of leaders we have people like Al Gore he is not a leader he's a misleading he's a cheater and a bottom feeder I consider Al Gore all horror Anna Buhr and much more the next part is something about Boxing Day 2004 in Japan 2011 but talking about earthquake activity in 2011 there was an earthquake off the coast of Japan and a nuclear power plant was hit and it melted down and radioactive material has been spewing out into the Pacific Ocean and then the currents in the oceans circulate that radio activity around the globe poisoning everything that comes in contact with Fisher dying people are dying and it's all kept quiet because if it is known that there are 400 of these power plants then it will become known that they have to shut them down and that means shutting off electricity to billions of people around the planet what happens when the electricity goes off can you get gasoline or diesel from a pump that runs on electricity the answer is no well trucks be able to deliver food to grocery stores without diesel and gasoline the answer is no well the food from the shelves vanish in about 2:00 hours after the announcement is made that planet lex's real and people start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and realize they're going to have to shut down the power plants 400 of them because if they don't we're going to have another Chernobyl another Fukushima so money ends also at that point because almost all of the money you deland is electronic the dollar is electronic you get pain is a paycheck they give you a piece of paper or are they just direct deposit and your account when you make payments on things it's all electronic so if you have no electricity you can't pay your bills electricity and water are already off so you can get a drink you can't turn on the air conditioners it's hot if your heater depends on electricity to work it's not going to work millions and millions of people are going to die because they all have water they don't have food and they can go anywhere in a vehicle that requires fuel electric cars are dead you can't recharge the batteries so they don't want to let the word out that there is poisoning going on every day and the coast of California is seeing 10 times as many rags as it should see normally they don't want you to know that they will not allow Obama to make the announcement because as soon as he does there will be panic there will be 200000000 refugees in America alone there will be 5.6000000000 refugees along the coasts worldwide trying to get to safe ground and there are no facilities to accommodate 5.6000000000 refugees they're going to die and Sophie McCann's for build and 111000 chains to carry 15000000 people per trip were built in the evacuation will take place with foot shackles on those trains I mean that means certain death so those who want to reduce the earth's population down to 500000000 will use planet acts in order to escort people out of areas where there are no provisions for them like toilets and water and sleeping facilities and so they're going to transport these people to airtight buildings for what purpose to get rid of them because they're gonna die anyway that's what I surmise and if you are an intellectual start asking questions are the FEMA camps real what were they build for are the 111000 trains with foot shackles real why were they built why are there 500000 coffins capable of carrying 3 bodies wired a stacked up in the FEMA camps Alex Jones went to the FEMA camp and videotape them and I'm pretty sure you can see that video on YouTube and so you do have a chance to see what's coming if you can put the pieces of the puzzle together ask a lot of questions and started putting it together so in Japan in 2011 we had an earthquake and poison the scenes when the nuclear power plant melted down there was 17 times as much material as there was at Chernobyl and you know that thousands of people died from the radiation poisoning at Chernobyl so the precaution that our so called leaders will have to take is to shut off the electricity by shutting down the power plants and once they do that you get no water no electricity if it's winter you freeze to death and of that summer in Arizona you'll cook we have to have air conditioning here we have to have water and without it you die if you can't flush your toilet you die from the smell the bacteria that grows anybody with a swimming pool thinks they got it made their neighbors will be dipping into that pool and will be gone in 3 days all the water will be gone in 3 days people need drinking water they'll drink your swimming pool water until it runs out each person uses 100 gallons a day for washing clothes washing dishes showering flushing the toilet and drinking water and landscaping I don't think that people won't care much about landscaping if they're fighting for their lives and so the use my drop to 50 gallons per day because half of the water uses landscaping that's why it makes no sense at all to put fluoride in the water why does your landscaping need good teeth and where is it written where the studies that prove that fluoride is effective in preventing cavities we know it's toxic we know it's poison so why put fluoride on your lawn Whitey shower in fluoride how does that help you to you why flush fleur I down the toilet the spending 3.$5000000.99 of it is wasted if fluoride is effective so why would anybody do something so stupid that's all I'm gonna say about fluoride here 50 percent of the water uses for landscaping if you cut that down is still only 50 gallons a day to wash clothes and wash dishes and to drink and to shower flush the toilet when planet X. was approaching it appeared as a star but on this journey pestered and toward the sun there is some sightings of a second son the second son was never planet acts I don't care who says that it's not true what's happening is a massive body is bending the light rays immersing then the light and it appears as 2 sons we know from Einstein that light bands we know from the aliens that light bends they don't use light years as a measure of distance because they said first of all light does not travel at the same speed all the time it varies and second of all it does not travel in straight lines it bends so there was an eclipse of the sun and stars in the background seemed to jump as the light was bent around the sun during the eclipse the sun was blocked by the moon and the stars in the background we're in a constant position and then they suddenly jumped and that meant that the light was being bent and there is no longer bent and what is straightens out you see the light jump from one position to another that's the double sign a fact we already know it the double side effect is evidence that there's a planet acts in my sure there's a plan Alexis no I'm not planet X. will never appear to move toward the sun it comes up from below the ecliptic plane it's just about 90 degrees from the sun at that point it passes through the ecliptic plane where it does achieve a 90 degree angle its path is 90 degrees from the line from the sun to planet X. it's a T. shape and it goes up above the ecliptic plane and it goes back out where it came from perhaps the Kuiper belt I think it's reasonable that it goes out as far as the Kuiper belt but I don't know much about this other son out there this dead star that pulls it if there is and do our star out there ... one with a mass equivalent to our son it's not a door star apparently player lex's Adorf star it emits light it's a dwarf star but the binary son this darkened den and some are in mass to our own son is out there somewhere I don't know where but it's out there I'm not sure it's out there because I hadn't seen it I have seen proof of it but the scientists are saying that it's out there at least the zeta Reticuli scientist goes out into a very very cool part of the solar system the temperatures are in the Khyber bill have to be somewhere around 400 degrees below 0 how do you feel when you're in that kind of weather if there is any heat on the planet at all would have to come from within it would have to be plates crashing together and causing heat part 16.14.1 the effects of the passage planet X. is approximately 4 times the size of the earth 12 times the mass and a huge magnet now she's saying here 4 times the size of the earth and 12 times the mass and she has said on other occasions that it was 4 to 5 times the size of the earth and 23 times the mass assault I wonder if this has been corrected I wonder if it has been reviewed recently I wonder what the Zetas say directly because when any message passes through another person it changes a little bit have you ever played a game where all the kids pass a message by whispering it to each other starts out as one message and by the time it gets to the last kid the complete circle message has changed dramatically reminds me the kid who was saying a prayer and the prayer was give us this day our daily bread and the kid said give us this day our jelly bread that funny so xenos tell Nancy give us this day our daily bread and Nancy writes down give us this day our daily bread it changed a little bit I would like to know what is the mass planet X. planet X. is approximately 4 times the size of earth 12 times the mass and a huge magnet being a huge magnet is not good not good if could pull the metal the iron out of the Atlantic rift and take it with it it supposedly passing closer to earth than ever before zeta say it will not do that it will nearly grab onto the Atlantic rift and hold any position the earth will stop rotating for awhile and then it will resume but the side that faces the sun will have some days of life and the other side the dark side is gonna have some days of darkness then it will change its rotation and the sun will rise in the west for awhile I think it's 3 days and all of this is gonna be pretty amazing if you survive the passing of planet X. since it's a big magnet this is not good the insider who reported watching it on the Hubble Space Telescope says you better have a leather helmet you know 4 inches thick or something like that because it's going to make you insane because every cell in our body is a magnet every element on the periodic table is a magnet the reason that fluoride is so poisonous is because it is the most electronegative element on the periodic table and people cannot grasp that concept that we are all magnetic everything his magnetic this son is electric coal which is related to magnetism gravity magnetism light it's all electro magnetic we don't need something here age and magnetic passing close to the earth this is terrible as you will soon see if it's real so I wasn't travels through our in our solar system it can have dramatic effects on the planet it passes by that's what the author wrote and I'm adding if it passes nearer to the earth than ever look out we're all in trouble we're going to proceed to the next section now and it's very important who want to ask you one question before we hear what the author wrote planet nexus coming in and at some point it's no longer coming and it's going back out and I would like to know what you think that point is we know that it comes then under the ecliptic plane and we know that he goes out over the ecliptic plane of the planets what is the mid point of those 2 paths it's the pole shift when planet X. reaches the ecliptic plane it's no longer coming and it's now going out and the author writes the prophecy in its simplest form I forgot to read the heading interaction between planets the prophecy in its simplest form states planet X. leaves our solar system and grabs the earth's South Pole with hits North Pole and drags us along with it remember with magnets opposites attract and so the self pull of the earth is going to get a yank from the North Pole of planet next it pulls the earth Ellen but it moves a little bit an earth does not follow it would be a catastrophe if the earth became one of the objects traveling companions planet acts I'm sure this is happen if there were people on the planet it killed all of them that case it would be more deadly than our own government when planet X. grabs the self pull of the earth within its North Pole and drags along for a short distance on releases that this results in a 180 degree shift for the core not if you've wondered what causes a reversal of the polls the North Pole becomes the South Pole this is telling you this is how it happens a large magnetic object comes by and causes the core to reverse as it passes their spins around and now it's facing the opposite direction that is the car the crust makes a 90 degree shift because it is dragged along with the car and it doesn't drag very well there's a little bit of looseness and so we only get a 90 degree shift that's why planet earth has said it on North Pole in many different places that's why we have the Great Lakes because when the North Pole was over Wisconsin just north of Wisconsin there was probably 2 miles of snow as there is currently in Antarctica and arts you got was a tropical climate and solos Siberia both today are very cold India is warm today but 0 say that India will be one of the coldest places on the planet Brazil is nice and warm right now along with the pole shift off the coast of Brazil you'll see one of the poles when you look at the earth as a globe you see that India does not line up with Brazil as north and south in Sylvia's shifting of the crust is not going to be perfect it's not going to all move together we're going to be some place crushing some land mass of sinking and some land masses rising up out of the city who owns that land you can be sure that the fascists will try to claim that like them grabs so much of the western United States land they'll learn about 50 percent of the west and I think those territories belong to the states not the federal government the federal government has emerged as a monster grabbing everything they can grabbing all your money through there crooked banking system and grabbing land as if it was theirs who appointed them to be the land grabbers certainly not the people so if we have land that rises up I figure it should be Liber land no words libertarian land it should belong to everyone with no one putting a finger up your ass we don't like the finger up the ass it's time to cut out dead bull shit if you want to put your finger up your own house go ahead but leave us alone were trying to get on a fucking plane so the core chefs 180 degrees in North Pole becomes the South Pole and the South Pole becomes the North Pole they have moved because the crust moves 90 degrees and after that we have normal rotation returning but but I changed axis of rotation and a different geography so we're going to see in the western part of Australia go under the waves we're going to see India go under the waves and there are gonna be a whole lot of refugees starving and desperately in need of water and they're not going to get it there will be catastrophic and I hope that planet X. is not real or put off for a few centuries to give us a break but when we get a break we push that off on someone else and that's not right now she has given us a brief description of the exit of planet acts and the effects interactions between planets she is now switching back to the approach remember the pole shift is the midway point it's approaching up until the mid point which is blacks reaching the ecliptic plane and the pole shift takes place she told us what will happen and now she's going to tell us as it approaches earth complex interactions occur between the 2 planets the first effect is a wobble in the rotation of the earth this was caused in part by a highly magnetized deposit of iron located between fault boundaries in the Atlantic Ocean the Atlantic rift if we have a magnetized to positive iron that's in motion we should be able to generate electricity from that and that would be free energy I'm sure that some people figure that out and came up with inventions but the U. S. patent and trademark office denies patents for free energy devices because it threatens big oil that means that our government including the patent office has been taken over if the patent office has been taken over what do you think about the Supreme Court Congress the puppet president if all been taken over so you don't get free energy free energy would make everyone rich we have a magnetized deposit of iron located in the Atlantic Ocean and it's called the Atlantic rift it's between fault boundaries so it's workplace come together if you had 2 magnets in space and one of them came close to the other if the north poles were both on top UNC the bigger magnet bullying the little magnet and there would be a wobble and that's what we're seeing people have photographed the sunset and then the sun comes back up again because of the wild bull and they filmed it going down for a second time in the same day that's pretty interesting we never had that before the wobble increases until planet lex's eventually close enough to grip earth by the Atlantic rift and slow down rotation to a complete stop so one of the things you're looking for before the pole shift is the wobble and then the slowing down of the rotation of the earth now once the earth has stopped rotating this condition lasts for almost 6 days 5.9 days leaving one side of the earth in darkness and the other in perpetual sunlight 5.9 days rotation resumes one planet X. leaves and pulls us around well it takes the whole day for earth too slow to a stop it only takes an hour to resume rotation this is the hour of the shift how are you going to know that the sun has stopped rotating you look up in the sky and the sun isn't moving stays in the same place for awhile and that's when all hell breaks loose because when the earth stops rotating what happens to the water it continues moving and it slashes on the shores all over the globe what happens to the bulge in the middle of the earth that's because from the spending that flattens out and what happens to the polls which were flattened out the surge of water to anybody living close to the polls is going to see sea levels rise dramatically you know several 0 feet maybe I think I read that that bulges 13 miles high you don't notice it because everything is 13 miles high and it does not appear to be 13 miles high but imagine that that fell 13 miles and spread out evenly it would be about 6 miles deep all over the polar regions I don't know if that's correct that's why I say several 0 feet just to be conservative it doesn't pay to make Nordic people fearing that they're gonna drown in 6 miles of very cold water but if I was living in Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Norway Russia northern Canada I would be reading this with great interest and I'd be asking the question what happens to this 13 mile fitness you're just 26 miles broader at the equator will all this water is because they're 13 miles of water on both sides you might say well that's deep not really the diameter of the earth is about 7900 miles the radius is almost 4000 miles what's 13 miles is nothing so is the water deeper at the equator the deepest place on earth is the Mariana trench ideas about 35000 feet deep is located just south east of the Philippines and who went there 2 people went there Kelly Rowland the producer moviemaker and the other guy was Richard Branson virgin airlines the billionaire why did they go to the Mariana trench because they heard it was closing and they wanted to see for themselves what do they know that we don't know you can be sure the both of them are in the inner circles and they are told things we are not told and they're told not to tell us and they're told why they shouldn't tell us because 5.6000000000 people are going to flee the coast as soon as the announcement is made the announcement might be made by planet X. itself rather than our so called leaders I called them bottom feeders lowlife but they fancy themselves as privilege a sort of royalty they deserve things that we don't and I hate them for it so somebody is going to get 6 days almost of darkness and the other side is going to get 6 days of sun tan better get the suntan lotion out I believe that Arizona will be stuck at about 10:00 in the morning for these 5.9 days I lived in California you might ask why did I move to Arizona it was planted next I was reading about it I thought I better get out of here because a big wave comes and it's not going to be good I saw math they California the only thing that was left was about 150 islands the highest peaks were now islands I saw that west of Phoenix was all under water and south of Phoenix was not so you might say I moved to the coast but it's not the coldest until California is toast and I hope it's put off 100 years but based on the way things are I don't think so now she has a heading called before the shift leading up to the shift is a period of great turmoil weather will become unpredictable and erratic snow will fall where it hasn't before earthquakes and tsunamis will increase volcanoes will pop I recall when she told us that if any volcano has been active in the past 10000 years it will become active again and that turned out to be correct in the last paragraph says there will be major changes in geography as plates rattle well we're already seeing that Indonesia sank 80 feet during the rotation stop one of the signs that rotation is starting to slow is fine read those falling from the sky has finally Texas tale drifts toward us then over a 24 hour period earth slows to a complete stop stays locked for 5.9 days during this time playing the next looks huge in the sky I think the panic will be set and by that time the ancients recorded this as a fire dragon in the sky due to the appearance of the trail of moans and debris I you know and the Chinese culture they have the dragon and in the parades they have this long tail so maybe this is legacy from the last passing but kind of acts has not passed this close to the earth ever I think that is scary alone it was closer this time than ever before and it killed 90 percent of the people last time what are you going to do during the slowing in rotation stoppage there is an increasing an almost continuous moan coming from the earth as the plates are stressed I cannot relieve the pressure sensitive people become ill from the energy that rock under pressure creates increasingly soul when played Sir crashing together they're making here and that he can radiate and if you're somewhat near the surface you're probably gonna cook she has a nice images coming up the next setting as during the shift when the rotation finally starts after 5.9 days of being gripped by planet X. it will do so as of June old planner legs moves past earth into the inky blackness it is best to be sitting or lying down when the time is getting close and hello la have toilet paper around you'll be thrown toward the current north you know what really scares me are the 300 mile an hour winds because the worst hurricanes we have ever had or 165 miles per hour this is double that the energy that the wind has doubles every 10 miles per hour so if you go from 165 miles per hour which is you can live through that it picks up things and throws them at you like buildings and all those boards I've heard about a a 2 by 4 that was thrown into a tree and it went right through the tree there's a lot of metal and glass and if you get hit with a 300 mile per hour piece of glass it could cut you into look at this graph the power of the 300 mile per hour wind a class for hurricane which is the strongest winds we've ever experienced in a hurricane 65 miles per hour if the speed goes up 10 miles per hour the power of the wind doubles so let's look at that factor we're gonna continuously raise the speed 10 miles per hour and we're going to double the power this is very frightening at 175 miles per hour you have twice the power of the wind and at 185 you have 4 times the power of the worse hurricane will come from what is now self but due to the change in axis this is the new east so the sun is going be rising in the self that's the new east and setting in the north that's the new west the only problem is north has already shifted 45 degrees and that means south has also so I don't know what she means you're if you wrote this in 2004 that was before that change took place so we are already feeling the push from planet acts as it approaches as the earth gets dragged the oceans tried to stay in place Willis's inertia being explained in terms of animation or personal will as the earth gets dragged the oceans tried to stay in place inertia this causes sloshing of the oceans on the coastlines first the currently southern coast lines and then the northern as the water slosh is back so everybody living on the south side is gonna get wet first and that means that Houston Texas is going to get a blast from the Gulf of Mexico and when it comes then it's going to go all the way to Dallas fort worth because all flat it's not going to rise up and go to el Paso because that's the highlands there's gonna sweep right across Houston knocking down everything in its path go all the way to Dallas fort worth knocked down everything there and then drag it all out to sea I heard Nancy explained that a one of the videos she says there's nothing to stop it now will go all the way to Dallas fort worth she says be at least 160 kilometers 100 miles from any coast line I don't think that'll help you they found it whale bones all ages all busted up at the top of mountains and that means that the water sloshed and threw them there and kill them and so if you think you're safe being 100 miles from any coast line think again if you think you're safe because your 600 feet above sea level think again the tops of mountains are not 600 feet above sea level they found whale bones there of all ages which means they died catastrophically what could have caused it I think sloshing sees would cause it a pole shift would cause it let's put the image on the screen now and talk about what we have we have some new land emerging and you can see that it's off the coast of South Africa it's also off the coast of Antarctica which is going to be a warrior we have existing land that will remain untouched in that is Africa Europe Russia China Indonesia Japan Greenland North America South America Australia and Antarctica that's the dark gray the light gray is ocean the lands that will submerge are India and the western 2 thirds of Australia to all the people of Perth might be a good idea to go to Brisbane Sydney and I think New Zealand is looking very good I would not go to New Guinea because they're cannibals there and they ate Michael Rockefeller he ran out of gas with his boat he swam to shore through shark infested waters and either the sharks need him or the cannibals eat him and one guy from the cannibal group came forward and said that if a man did come to shore they have in the back of the head with a hatchet because arms and legs off put them on the fire they drank his blood they ate his brain and they devoured his body he was like 23 years old I think so you see that little area there to the left of Australia in this picture you see the light gray and the darker in the dark gray is submerged New Guinea is what's emerged half of that island is New Guinea in the other half is something else I forgot Sumatra maybe I I can't remember my geography but that little cut away part in the northern part or the upper part that's where those cannibals live I did a video about that I don't remember what it was called may be your Cup Rockefeller you'll find it so that's the new geography after the shift they have a picture of the water levels showing the gray area to be flooded light gray already submerged the white is the ocean and the darkest gray is above sea so we're gonna have a lot less land on this planet sea levels are going to rise with the melting of ants arctica 2 miles of ice if that's warm climate how long will it take for it to melt I don't know a couple of years it depends if the sun is shining on it it could melt pretty fast what's reasonable 10 feet a day I don't know 100 feet a day have no idea it's a good question for an intellectual to ask how long will it take for 2 miles of snow and ice to melt in Antarctica if it's warm there in the sun is shining on it another question will Antarctica be the equator let's go back to that other picture yes yes indeed Antarctica will be their career what about Siberia it will be very close to the equator if not part of it on the equator so if there's any snow and ice in Siberia it'll melt now let's go back to the map we were on we see that the entire Green Bay area has flooded we see that Central America is for the most part gone so merged we seen all along the eastern coast it's all under water the entire state of Florida and much of Georgia is under water and the Mississippi River is now 50 miles wide net salt water what about Cuba Cuba has some tall mountains and parts of it are going to be sticking out of the ground I mean out of the water but a lot of Cuba will vanish under the waves well the sea levels rise gradually or will they slosh around kill everybody at the coast and then rise gradually after everything settles down the earth returns to orbit when earth returns to orbit we have a new equator and if that part bulges what does that mean it means it's going to be 13 miles deep and saw lot of land that is along that a greater let's go back to that picture again western Africa is on the equator if that swells 13 miles begin to bulge at the equator because the earth is spinning we get a flattening out of the polls so this new land that appears at the equator is gonna have to rise a lot in order to be above water but Antarctica is going to be a very beautiful place there are forest underneath all that snow they recovered when a guy called there if the equator rises 13 miles what about Alaska Greenland I have more questions and they don't provide all the answers but that's okay there's a lot of information here flooding and submerged areas that's the map we just saw the new arrangement will place the existing poles at the equator where they will knelt before the new polls freeze the above map shows the extent of the flooding due to this temporary rise in the ocean level so we're gonna have a temporary rise in the ocean level from the melting of 2 miles of eyes I think that would raise the ocean something like 400 to 600 feet I recall the Xena said 675 feet the next section 16.14.2 time line of the last 2 weeks when you can see planet X. with the naked eye undeniably in the sky time is short this is the indication that the final 7 weeks have arrived and a timeline of events is provided this is very useful I'm glad the Zetas provided this at this point emergency management teams are exhausted from the constant calls for help by now you should have a plan and be determined to implement it well I'm in Arizona and if the electricity and water is off and there's no food and no way to get anywhere life is over for me alright so she's counting 50 days from day one to 8 we have a severe wobble the sloughs 9 days why is it 128 then okay she's she okay she starts her day one and she goes 7 days at a time I saw the severe while the last 9 days 1234567 she screwed up that age should be moved over 1 count them 1234567 and she's got a late there the aid needs to be moved over and the dark client needs to replace the light line alright whatever because it's only one day from 8 days to 9 days I see too and I'm wondering why so I count I find 7 instead of 8 markings alright let me see if you have the next one right 9101112131415 yeah Allen's okay I'm not going to check everyone she got the first 1 wrong wait a minute it says they won 2345678 okay it's correct my mistake shouldn't start with day 0 she starts her day one so I have severe wobble for 9 days then we have a static lean to the left where is left in space which way is up in space what if you're spending which rose up sure it is leaning for the next 4.5 days now that wobble is from the magnetic push and leaning is a magnetic push also but apparently it stops wobbling so I do understand then we have a 270 degree role 2.5 days 3 days I don't know what that means by the way 3 days of darkness on one side of the earth and 3 days of light on the other imagine being panicked and it's dark and there's no electricity that is chilling sunrise west 6 days so we're going to see the sun rise in the west for 6 days that will be reared that takes us today 26 a dramatic slowdown occurs after day 43 and rotation stops for 5.9 days just before the polls show of and the pole shift lasts one hour and so the earth's crust will shift 6000 miles you know the earth is 25000 miles in circumference and a 90 degree shift then is 1 quarter of that it's about 6250 event 6250 miles traveled in one hour the atmosphere doesn't come along without some slipping and so you have 300 mile an hour winds that's the final 7 weeks I never saw this image before but I think it's pretty neat you're gonna need a flashlight to see it at the right moment if you're on the dark side this is the last card and perhaps the most important there was a diagram here without any labels on it and so I put earth planet acts and the sun because it took me awhile to figure out which was which notice that planet axe is approaching from below the ecliptic plane as it approaches the ecliptic plane it will be visible from the northern hemisphere but at some point it rotates as it crosses the ecliptic plane it reverses and the second diagram shows how it reverses it also shows what the earth does in response these images show planet acts and the sun as viewed from the side the center line represents the ecliptic the ecliptic is the flat plain that the planet's orbit alone planet X. approaches our earth it lies horizontally below the ecliptic at this point earth is aligned to the north and south poles of the sun and I wonder why the earth's North Pole would match the Suns North Pole because magnets don't do that and a size on a cycle where it reverses its north and south poles now and then and the earth doesn't do the same so I have questions planet X. has to be moving very fast at this point this is the half way point it was coming in up until it hits the ecliptic plane and after that it's going back out again so the maximum speed is achieved right here but the next sentence leaves me very confuse so is this says the position for some time before the final week it is one planet X. pushes through the ecliptic but the situation begins to change rapidly and a severe wobble develops in earth's orbit sun and moon will often be in Iraq positions during this time let's go to the lower description and image at this point planet X. starts to turn in a clockwise manner so whereas planet X. North Pole was facing the sun on approach it does a reversal and itself pull is then facing the sun and planet X. aligns with the Suns north and South Pole as you can see in the diagram at this point plan that starts to turn in a clockwise manner as planet X. swings as North Pole to the right earth moves Herbert North Pole away following on her side in a lean to the left you have to look at the top picture of that's the way the earth begins and then it winds up in the bottom picture with the arrow pointing at it your thoughts to the far left planet exes in the middle and the sun is through the far right the sun is so much larger than planet X. or the earth that these diagrams fool you they all appear about the same size remember 98 percent of all the mass in our solar system is in the sun so earth probably doesn't even show up as 0.0 percent it's that small the writer says keep an eye on Polaris or the southern cross to determine this event this will also bring the tale of planet X. towards the earth expect increased fireballs in the sky and red dust well I'll tell you going through that is going to be one terrible terrible experience South Pole of the earth is facing the sun that should produce a warm day on Antarctica and that puts the North Pole in the dark at this point I don't think the earth is rotating it says that it locks onto the Atlantic rift and then I wonder how that is possible if the South Pole is facing the sun so that's confusing the next confusing thing is what it says next this slow 270 degree roll continues and earth must avoid the North Pole of planet X. alright so is planned exes rotating around doing a reversal the earth has to do a reversal also I don't know what a 270 degree role is but let's go along with it so the earth is trying to avoid the North Pole of planet X. which is facing off the earth and so our North Pole goes around to the backside with the South Pole antartica facing the sun the author says the heiress North Pole avoids the North Pole of planet X. by pushing her North Pole away lying on her side this produces 3 days of darkness well the northern hemisphere is going to be dark for 3 days according to that so I guess locking onto the Atlantic rift already happened and now we're in the pole shift 3 days of darkness the northern hemisphere is in the darkness in the southern hemisphere Australia as 3 days of light this is news because I didn't really understand the orientation of the earth relative to planet acts nor did I play out in my mind that the North Pole of planet X. is going to do a reversal and come at us pushing our North Pole to the farthest point and attracting the South Pole and pulling an end to Venus's orbit if the earth is polenta Venus's orbit is going to get very hot for a few months until earth goes back into its orbit what force is going to push earth back into its orbit this sudden shift of the North Pole pointing up to the North Pole pointing to the left relative to the sun is going to cause a lot of sloshing of water and the coastal areas are going to get drenched I'm talking about big waves coming in larger than you've ever seen before knocking down steel and glass buildings old brick buildings is going to destroy Hamas coastal areas there will be a lot of rebuilding afterward so the northern hemisphere will have 3 days of darkness and this is the first time I've ever become aware of that earth continues to roll insane groove planet acts and everything is turned upside down this creates a condition of sunrise west which lasts for 6 days I don't see how the northern hemisphere can have a sunrise at all the orientation is the northern hemisphere is in darkness when planet X. leaves the ecliptic plane earth will then a real line with the sun somehow and I presume that the North Pole will be north but that's just the core the crust of the earth chefs 90 degrees and it doesn't go back things are going to get very reared the sun rising in the west is going to be startling to the people but with waves sloshing into shore and 5.6000000000 refugees trying to escape and all dying as they try to escape and the military putting guns in their faces telling them go back where you came from there are no facilities no water no where to go to the bathroom there's no food anywhere chaos will follow cannibalism perhaps and the military will be given orders and they will either follow those orders or they will allow the people to go anywhere they want let's consider both if they follow those orders people who are trying to flee trying to save their lives are going to overwhelm the military there too many people you let loose 5.6000000000 people around the earth military will not be able to handle that many people so I see the military collapsing I think they will be beaten to death if they don't so they will be forced to use their guns and kill people or they will be beaten to death if they attempt to hurt anybody I don't know if people leave their homes with guns but handguns are a given they're going to carry the handguns because they're gonna be scared they're gonna want those handguns every checkpoint is going to search for guns but they cannot put out enough checkpoints with this many people on the loose imagine 200000000 people in the U. S. on the loose on the run trying to save their lives there isn't a military force on the planet that could stop them I think that people will turn on the city cops if any military squadrons try to maintain law and order they're going to be facing Danlos crowds and I think most of these guys are gonna be on foot because I don't think you'll be able to pull and get gasoline anywhere cars will be abandoned everywhere and they will remain abandoned until gasoline starts flowing again and that could take years it would take months for planet earth to right itself and resumed normal rotation it says right here the sun will rise in the west for 6 days how long can you live without water can you make it 6 days you can't carry enough water to last 6 days do the math pencil it you can't carry enough water for 6 days people are going to be turned away everywhere they go they're going to come like a swarm of locusts 200000000 of them minus those that perish from the big Wayne's all those people out there who say they want planet X. to hurry up and come you don't know what you're in for you don't want one planet acts to pass through that ecliptic plane and head off where it came from because it will be catastrophic and that's all I have to say thanks for staying to the end hello wonderful day //
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PLANET X NIBIRU Update Today 24th October 2017! Evidence Never Seen Before, MUST WATCH
\\welcome to the show here masters I you know well are you glad to be here man ask battle I enjoyed that well Marshall ... yeah I've been hearing planet X. in the news lately year that the NASA has confirmed to planet X. and also there's a second solar wind it has been detected yeah out I was wanting their fi if you can go into a little bitty detail how about some of these latest planet X. development well there will be a situation where the people were monitoring ... this site that presents the magnetosphere the planet and yeah down for 2:00 hours at the magnetosphere had collapsed and when they came out and talked about those they said well it was a software glad she and that's the reason why it failed that was the official story they did they said they would come out with more of course they never do ... their worst site that we're saying well we're seeing other monitoring site with other kind of the information that are showing I corroboration or a momentary collapse I know there's a youtuber by name a duck plan who caught the government an absolute patent dopey lie they were talking about amassed so ... methane release up the west coast carbon a methane released and they said well it was just ... satellite error software glitch or something made and what happened was the very same kind of phenomena is being monitored by Europeans and what they show it in fact was what but NASA site had shown and what got you into it caught them red handed and lies and cover up are I can't really stop right there for one second and then tap refresh our memory as to what exactly they found well there was a massive relief up ... methane carbon as I believe it was methane off of the west coast United state was huge and what is it that you know ... yeah deal feel well there are a lot of people that feel that there is this is an ongoing problem that right now you know we have that that natural gas deal that went bonkers down in Los Angeles area right from the thing a lot of methane but that this is part of a larger trend down there they said it was ... requirement yeah it is always equipment failures like you it reminds me of a great thing on movie casa Blanka after Rick shoot the German Nazi and colonel yeah and the French policeman says round up all the usual suspects the colonel is dead yeah I would take me back to that and it had better give me a good chuckle as well you know the usual suspects try that there are a lot of really good right now one of the things that we're tracking those I have tremendous amount of ... food carbon stored up in Europe thousands of years old tends of thousands of years old opt in Alberta where that huge fires not only get leveling at an area the size of a small state but we're having massive met they ... carbon release their we're having in Russia ... large ... methane releases so we not only are we're dumping it up in the atmosphere on our own between you know Takahiro in Calvary ... that does help but you really have put a lot of methane up there and ... word just ... we're finding mother nature's jumping and and so there's this whole process of carbon and methane releasing these greenhouse gases and at the same time that the year of the planet ability are biosphere's ability to manage this is being some fairly ... hurt you know we have a certification in the ocean that is hitting the base of the food chain Babylon is being devastated so that they can ranch you know do ranching for cattle and grow palm oil so that we can go get cheaper at McDonald's ... will show that one hand we're really polluting which is taking off releases of greenhouse gases naturally and then we're exacerbating the problem by the parts of the biosphere that could describe this out are being she barely damaged by ... natural manmade activities but all of this is still yeah the principal cause and and this is what I call the inconvenience omission that Arafat and at Lincoln being I don't make room is that it's all still principally solar and we came to that conclusion actually back in 1999 early athletic yeah but it that time we were still radio hour yeah because how can I apply and creating a tether for cation a planet earth I wouldn't call that all lower I agree with you and that you know interestingly enough yeah I know it will live up in the Arctic Circle have been telling us for a long time many many years almost as many years as I can remember and being in that and I've been in it since 99 that the sun is not letting and riding in the same place in the stars are not in the same place in the sky they've actually had members of their tribe yet lost because they can't navigate anymore and die ... it's also causing a great deal of problem in terms of and now the ice pack up their and their ability to hunt so this is really impacted them and they have been telling us for quite some time this is the case and ... lo and behold what finally happened yeah yeah we not only have the wandering magnetic North Pole alright that I mean do you think that there's been a Paul change on the planet yeah well no there and the aid that it actually been stated the poll them physical Paul alright we have a physical Poland magnetic pole magnetic poles that's what your compasses following and that is been definitely changing and they're very extreme rightist you know because the airport there have been a paint new numbers on the runway because runway numbers are based on magnetic north the physical north is based on the access of the planet on which we spend and that has turned as well so yeah that we've had both a physical share and the magnetic share plus of vents are building in the south Atlantic towards a polarity where where the North Pole becomes the South Pole and vice versa we have very profound things that are happening you mention applause pole shift I can I stop you there for a moment sure a do scientists agree that a pole shift has been going on and the past that polls chefs have taken place know your grade that these things have happened in the past I mean that's you know usually what will happen is they'll it's it's it's what I call the Star Wars logic a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away that echo like they're talking about us well know their ships and boats we just released on our side while WA and what you want to do it followers signs articles we just could not ... planet X. signs number 8 and we do a tremendous amount of research on these things because what we're really all about is it's it's it's it's really hard and do something constructive with one trick ponies and one offs alright waiting room look for our Trent Haynes better we're seeing happening over are a significant period of time and in different areas and being reported in other media outlets that you know and credible media that you know we're not talking about books that talk to the latest we're talking about people that are running local operations and their reporting the news locally conversely what were also saying yeah that there is a new kind of suppression happening we've seen that suppression along time the United States government nay Appiah's skate data all the time they did they just wanna keep us in la la land yeah Mrs Sarah is this part of the car spun everything even the earth that's that's par for the course on everything even for example the earthquake the you know the size of my god number if there have been reduced so Annapolis frighten them the public area where the absolute thank you for mentioning that pursued minute pet peeve of mine you know how the U. S. yeah but never medically they couldn't downgrade right now everyone of them and I knew it was what they were doing quite some time I knew I was going to play out because a 5.1 of 5.25.out of like that well 70 of 4.something right and it low fives were becoming high or I will eat this tattered look 5 high pours I you know I live 6 becomes a high 5 you know they always push it down a few decimal points people want to go that route then now they're saying Anderson Cooper boilers chicky yeah July and they're saying well major earthquakes are decreasing well of course are decreasing because they've got the Bucks that's right okay you know what we do is we look at her way and I give it and I get the letters from people in the Gulf Europe earlier rob rob rob rob me give me all the lectures of high point no one above and I go back and they re calibrate for 4.on the body get back to me they have value I yeah I right here with that change here remember you know I it was back in the nineties I think I might have been the eighties well they they changed that but what when they started cooking the books you know course they did change the call I know her talk yeah they're not going away hate and that you're right that would change sometime back where they started acoustically cooking the books I don't know I have I have a gut instinct for like around 2000 72 8 but when they started cooking the books because I didn't see where you are yeah the night when I start reporting on all this stuff back in 99 I wasn't saying all this concert that pattern of downgrades well I don't fault him for quite some time so I know it's been going on for quite awhile where they actually officially change things at 1.cell and I were on a course tub denial of smoke and mirrors it slid up along the long course of denial and not taking us down the wrong path making I think that the right path and I think Americans especially of just phantom Lotta Europeans as well and people from all over the world who have been operated and just lives by the New World order that's been marking throw and I think he would now I think Donald Trump is going to actually now help was not enough catastrophe that were in you know senator thing Wayne people than reporting Torah codes or some people not in the Bible code that right their work unit trump will be a candidate and that there will be an assassination attempt on his life well I'll just make it more interesting now but you will be successful now my children they were there in that it doesn't say if it'll be successful or not but I guess at 2 different sources 2 different color code researchers have come back with the same thought that such a thing as call divine it in our intervention in divine protection I have personally experienced the my own life and I feel I can ship with Donald Trump that and what he stands for of all I can say and I think there's divine protection surrounding him as well alright if you only can get assassinated yeah well I think I might not martial of you know getting back to this release of 5 yeah he's greenhouse gases I I think it right back in February when we have this massive release I've carbon monoxide and the over the past few months here I've been tracking it there's says rom website that features a world globe and they show you different hot spots on its globe what where you see a massive release of carbon monoxide so evident right they got some satellite up there they can detect these gas releases and then they are updated on this world globe and it seems like the hot spots I want is the LA area another one is around the Tulsa Oklahoma that area and another hot spot is on the east coast near New York and then now around the world here hot spot I neither one is right around that at Beijing seems like Beijing China and that you know where were seen as massive release of carbon monoxide right which I can definitely indicate that there is the best place move men at war bath him out going on well that actually is what is a keen interest right now is that I've particularly with regard to the east coast then that they're saying well this is just part of the natural process alright where you have chunks of the plate setter going down into the magma but the question is will it have that natural process change and on of course they have the assurances listeners around or did you is also fun and out but I'm not saying is wrong it is not the natural variability argument but not working anymore we know the magnetosphere is diminishing and interesting land not where you did rumors heavily impacted is over South America yeah and yeah they have a tremendous amount earthquake going out on a lot of the Pacific islands and down in Australia they do and you know what really upsets me is what we started saying is that new sources we've been going to to give them information have we become part of the cover up I'm good example is ... one that's called the natural resources defense council NRDC and they have a page that was all about minimizing the Harmon risks of nuclear energy for years I know I've used it for years ever heard a lot of people to it over the years because they have a map that was updated on a continuing basis they showed all of the nuclear reactors in the United States their names that child whether they were you know what operating out harder than what they originally designed for what the prevailing winds where what the dangers sound you were all yeah the key word is were and was because now obvious why it's gone it done and what they did was yeah I mean you can see that in our DC yeah they drank it could relate somebody got to arm and they have completely abandoned their mission of integrity they put up this you know come give us money page and that replaced real information with come get less money and a very nice picture of a nuclear plant now right next door to the cure for cancer page yeah yeah and the so we're seeing those but what's interesting is we're starting to see mainstream media in countries outside the U. S. are starting become part of this general trend well we're also finding because we do that when we do our signs update article we rely a lot on archival data from a reliable sites to go and look at previous pattern so we will see if something knows happening now what we're finding is archived data is starting disappear everywhere I yeah and the purpose I notice that on the internet to a rapid death this ad they're just wiping out the internet the path of the camera yeah it that they are spending it clean and so that people who are now coming into awareness I mean it let folks like you and me alright it's not going to leave it on the planet awhile but these newcomers like 20 year olds that 30 year out there searching for the truth and have no where to be found what do you do then that's right you know it the old well he can't find it it's not happening logic and that's what they're throwing out I'm so just go back to the mall go shopping right and this is this is a very in this isn't serious prestigious peer eval NPI elimination of the printed word and so then you can just wipe clean the entire matter of anything you don't want anybody to know about like 11 of the dark ages really if that isn't the dark ages and the reason why they're doing it alright now I'm talking as a planet X. researchers the reason why they're doing this really really simple the if you want to know when we talk about the elite who controls the world you know if those people say you know maybe we need to relocate to a different place more of them will survive and that's not what deletes one elites want when we have a planet X. Y. but we will have a full pole shift there's going to be a terrible tribulation and they want the maximum amount of debt possible because they don't see it as human being right he applied mullet alright yeah tactic Carlos useless eaters and they live off of us and so yeah though to look at the Georgia guide stones in Canada wikipedia if the 10 commandments for the 20 first century so yeah a barge a guy that owns up a lot of people think that was an hour of what's his name from fox on not his his that Marinol Lyanna well I mean to me N. N. C. N. N. at the at what that left his name Fonda's that maxim acts Sussman but ... move the car Jane Fonda's ex husband Ted Ted Turner Ted Turner and me with black CNN US CNN okay you can see how much I am into the mainstream Renee with as I find I thought right number credibly repetitive and ridiculous sometime yeah I mean when I used to go to Atlanta for working up story packages I passed through an alley you've gone through the Hardenbergh actual and that's with 2 wells all right there you have it and of course all of the things the archive if you're coming in like to the show make sure you gonna are I've and that phone number if the link check all that you've heard today as well 7 doctor who didn't hit well what we're ready to take this in the direction of sustainability right now with not a good direction Harriet account look I make an observation for sure you know you when you're talking about Ted Turner and the Georgia guide stones which says hit the population under 0.5000000000 doesn't say how we get there right nature Stingley enough ... that they did it your guide stones 1 up in March of 1980 and it was a few months later that CNN went live Harry and yeah where can interesting coincidence I yeah you know a lot of people up there locally feel like Ted Turner was the one and it would it out it will definitely whoever did it would be engaged with the secret society because that have the Georgia guide stones