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\\the 2 brothers down in North Carolina wobbling Wilbur Wright had another idea they believe that man had the potential that he could actually fly well by god they proved it now this is something most of you people interested in the UFO field will also find of interest they were flying that aircraft and subsequent aircraft for about 5678 years and there were still newspapers around the country that refused to print the story quite frankly because they didn't believe it that sound familiar but from 22 101914 period of just a little bit over a decade suddenly the world is at war then this flimsy aircraft suddenly took on a military here they are of course were quite improved from the original Wright brothers airplane but they still could only fly a little bit over 100 miles an hour 1914151617 and they fell out of the sky pretty easy but in the 19 thirties witness one of the first juror jet aircraft in the world the British glossary 28 we had literally gun from riding horses to the first jet aircraft in just a little over 30 years then the Germans came out 1 better the ME 262 now this was an aircraft that could fly a little over 500 miles an hour armed with cannon and some other goodies and if Adolf Hitler had gotten out of the way of his Luftwaffe and it's a good thing you didn't but happy there's an excellent possibility we'd all be speaking German today because of this among some of the other weapons that the Germans developed quite impressive but after the war we got into the jet business in a big way the bell X. one general Chuck Yeager the flu this thing faster than the speed of sound which you know peta brings up a couple of other things quickly how many times have we heard people that have been interested in the UFO topic that the distances between the stars or just simply too vast there's no way that anybody or anyone could figure out a technology to fly between the stars all this kind of area again for a human population the civilization that ... our species has only been around for perhaps what 200000 years give or take when you consider that the universe right now is the estimated to be somewhere around 15000000000 years soul give or take 1000000000 we've been around as homo sapiens sapiens for roughly 200000 years who's to say what someone else out there with another 110000 or 1000000 years in front of us might have accomplished but why do I mention this the bell X. one flew faster than the speed of sound at the time there were scientists mainstream scientists that were screaming that it was impossible because they would hip a sound wall in the aircraft would disintegrate well obviously that didn't happen but there it is so we 1 from 193 to 1947 bom the blast the sound barrier then a few years later our German scientists that we brought back from World War 2 were working on our rocket programs the Russians German scientists that they had brought back from World War 2 we're working on Russian programs and they felt this they got their first Sputnik I was a little boy about 6 or 7 years old and I remember hearing the radio broadcast this thing was flying around up there beep beep beeping how many in here were around was Sputnik are you aware data something was following Sputnik when it went up verified by Russian scientist later did you know that well what was it I don't know but Sputnik when she won up was not alone but the American government and our program suffered a tremendous black guy those pesky read said BDSM doubter space what was next the missile gap because our missiles were primarily still blowing up on the launch pad when we try to send them up and I'm sure some of you you folks who were around there you'll remember that but we split between our hands to rub them together and we decided by golly we're gonna jump into the space race and around 1958 the mercury 7 were chosen these were going to be America's Primera first men in the outer space unfortunately the Russians beatus again but they sent Eureka Karen up Alan Shepard followed up with a short 15 minute sub orbital flight but we still have a long way to go incidently this was all under the auspices of president Dwight Eisenhower now Eisenhower was a military man is a matter of fact it was Dwight Eisenhower that basically ended up beating the Germans with the Normandy invasion he was the Supreme Allied Commander but when he came out to get out of the army he entered politics became president and he acknowledged that there was something wrong there because our missile programs will all under the auspices of the United States armed forces there had to be a better way well Eisenhower went ahead and created NASA now incidently NASA at the very beginning or a bunch of guys sitting around a rented table in a rented office trying to figure out what are we going to do next like a lot of high powered groups they thought well you know we oughta check out our brain bust and see if they could make some recommendations fours they ended up going to the Brookings institute how many of you folks in here I've heard at the Brookings report they came on okay yeah it just so happens about 1992 when I was a director of research for UFO magazine I got a call one day from Dick Colin who at the time was working with professor Stan McDaniel now if you were around during that period of time and if you were following what was happening in this crazy UFO field you will remember that there was a tremendous controversy over something called the face on Mars now the face on Mars with something that hopeful and have been chasing for many many years the matter of fact he wrote to us several books on that but one of the matters of controversy dealt with what was then another NASA mission that was going back to Mars called the Mars observer this was a parole the cost in the neighborhood of 1000000000 that's with the 0.$5 1000000000.$5 and they weren't going to have a camera on the damn thing no camera now yeah why would anybody want to go to Mars and not take some pictures well Hoagland couldn't figure that out neither could stand McDaniel so they were lobbying heavily to get massive put a camera on that on that craft and he called me up and he said don he said I've got a question for you he said we're looking for a document that master purportedly had prepared for them back in the early sixties and he said I can't find anything out about it he said would you work do a little investigating on that CBS had located and I said well sure and I ended up discovering the Brookings institute document on the peaceful pursuits of outer space that was prepared for NASA back about 196162 and I might add there's some very interesting reading in here as anybody in the audience read the Brookings report anybody one gentleman in the back that's all I see over here okay then there Brookings when they were preparing this document now remember in the 1961 were talking 6061 were talking way way back there we're talking when people like Donald key hole was still running nightcap fighting with the airforce somehow almost weekly basis that yes there are real U. F. falls and this was even before the petty Barney hill incident and they came to the conclusion in that document and incidentally they had some pretty powerful scientific minds in there people like Margaret Mead okay and they came to the conclusion that not if ladies and gentlemen not yeah but when we discover either alien life or alien artifacts then our solar system because I don't think they had any idea at that time that we would be able to travel outside of the solar system but we have to ask ourselves do we release this information or do we keep it concealed because if we release this information it's going to have on electrifying affect on several types of people okay scientists to men had mirrors will be devastated because they will realize basically how primitive they really are and the other groups of people that will be electrified devastated and who knows what will be fundamentalist religious people's they didn't specify whether they would be Protestant Roman Catholic Jewish Muslim I mean just highly religious people so we have to ask ourselves what we do and incidently they gave a date when they expected this to happen either on or before the date of 1982 now here we are in the year 2012 does anybody have a speculation on what they came up with but then we get into the good stuff president John F. Kennedy was elected 1961 took office the first thing you did one of the very first thing she did was to challenge the nation he challenged them to put a man on the moon and return him safely before the decade is out by god we did it but it wasn't without the heavy crust and a heavy price Jaffe Grissom white anybody know what those 3 men are famous for I'm sorry they died in a capsule fire the incidentally the Russians lost a heck of a lot of cosmonauts to we don't really know actually how many but these were our first casualties but on 7/20/1969 if you were around then chances are you were just doing exactly what I was you were glued in front of your television set when they touched down and I'll never forget the feeling that I felt I was so proud I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest by god we did it but before we did it before we got up there NASA was not not hedging all their bets they ask for scientific inquiry on lunar phenomena you see ladies and gentleman loner phenomena is actually a very very old thing world class astronomers for over 4 0 years have been observing anomalous activities on the moan lights so after the invention of the telescope things like lunar domes things that they thought at the time were exploding volcanoes now we know today that virtually the moon is geologically dead so what were those ... astronomers actually seeing incidently this report is available on the web NASA technical report our 277 if you're interested I highly highly recommend that you coop get a copy of it and take a look at its rather large but it's a fascinating but they wanted to know exactly what might be waiting for them out there how many people in here are aware and boy I tell you I am announced this on my old radio program UFOs tonight on C. R. ran many many moons ago no pun intended that when the first astronauts went to the moon boy did I catch a lot of crap they were carrying weapons they were armed with 45 caliber handguns in their capsule when they want at the moment now at the time I was told after you're out of your mind your knots nope nope nope because we called up we thought to public relations at massive they verified it the reason they day okay was that when our astronauts were going up or coming back okay in the off chance they landed somewhere like a jungle okay then they would not be you know they would not be at the mercy of the environment or the people or the animals or whatever they're I thought about that do you remember where the Apollo astronauts always slandered when they came back in the ocean I okay alright I'm easy but there were some things up there like the Kurdish promise this is the reason I brought mine laser pointer here right there that photograph was taken in 1956 by an amateur astronomer incidently this photograph ran in Harvard sky and telescope magazine no idea what that is sits across no idea what it is or who put it there but there it is and if you know anything about nature didn't you know that ... there are no straight lines that I'm aware of in major there's 2 straight lines one born one way and one going the other the ha ha poll 14 down on the surface of the moon millions belly there's nobody in here that wants to argue that we did not go to the moon is Sir are you serious you put me on you're sure you don't think we want at the moment I'm sorry and M. how do you think they did this in a studio how many people in here think they're full of it that they're full of it now can the that's my that's my up producer back there there's that your match then something very unusual all the original astronauts when they went to the moon were placed in quarantine once they came back now even as scientifically challenged design yeah I know that it would be pretty hard for any type of bacteria viruses or whatever else to survive millions of years of bombardment by solar rays but they were afraid of something being brought back initially at least this is what they said you also know about the ... government ... regulation that was signed into law at that time men if you don't I'm gonna tell you about it that anyone that was exposed to an extraterrestrial source artifact whatever could be basically locked up without due process spurn indefinite period of time are you aware of that I know there's gonna be some people in here that that you are aware of that well it's my understanding that that has since been rescinded but I often wondered about all of those people that have stated that they underwent an involuntary extraterrestrial abduction that bad if if you were one of those people that would have to open a very scary concept for you to deal with and there they are eager Mitchell I believe ... the guy in the middle was Russa and ... shepherd after they were released from quarantine and the very last mission that went back Apollo 17 and suddenly the plug is pulled now this is where I began to wonder about some very very unusual things we had spent in excess of $20000000000 to go to the moon we lost lives going to the moon port a tremendous amount of national treasure into that program if you were around in the sixties you will recall a lot of what was being promised across the board when I say promised I'm talking about in magazine articles news articles scientific Talking Heads on the tube talking about what our plans and projects and programs were and Hollywood was behind the whole concept 2001 a space Odyssey one of the genuinely gigantic blockbusters people were really going crazy over outer space and suddenly arbitrarily with no warning bom it's over which is EE curious considering that we had already had additional astronauts train ready to go the rockets built them listen to me the rockets were built and all they had to do was like the mom and they're currently sitting down in Florida rusting away and their habitat for wild animals that have built their Mastin had who knows how many generations of young animals growing up in these rocket motors never one believable reason why that happened and we withdrew from space until Skylab in low earth orbit all we had some feel good public relations deals with the Russians they send some space ships up there we ended up docking with each other but that was it until the shuttle 1982 gonna be our space struck once again simply basically low earth orbit we had a few well maybe more than a few unmanned probes squad and the solar system but with the exception of the shuttle's that was it nobody even looked at the moon anymore as a matter of fact astronomers other then amateurs if you ask ME astronomer do you ever look at the moment all know why why would I do that well it's right there for one thing owner there's nothing interesting on the moan who do you do a little research the moan okay we brought back a rocket from the moon that is called the genesis rock that has been David at 5 0 your soul 5000000000 years old which is interesting but that Kurt that the rock was in was an additional 0 years older than the rock anybody know how old planet earth is 4.5000000000 years our solar system is gas debated to be at approximately 5000000000 years begs the question waterbed rocked him from where did that come from and we ignored them all until the early nineties she is me a second anybody know what that ... gadget up there is that's a point in time we sent Clementine that for the moment 94 but NASA that did it it was a department of defense they don't pay sent that spacecraft back with some of the most high tech cameras and other instruments then keep that you could imagine when I tell you that if there's anybody in here that still smokes if you were to take a pack of cigarettes out of your pocket and drop it on the ground that device could read the label from thousands of miles in outer space could read the packet of cigarettes now what did they do when they went back they reef photographed the moan over to may Yemen the photographs were taken the moan was completely remapped okay I've got a question why were they looking for something I was in the military I did 2 tours 2 combat tours in Vietnam I can tell you from my own experience and more talking micro not macworld but Mike pearl that you send a scout in to look at something so the guys upstairs no what's probably there you go when you do whatever it is you gotta do you leave and then they send over the reconnaissance aircraft to see what's changed the following my logic we were up there in the sixties and early seventies and then we abandoned it and suddenly the department of defense goes back in 94 and completely and totally re maps and re photographs the moment how many of those photographs have anybody seen so now we get back to me always a favorite subject of mine I talked to Jim sylvan matter of fact I ended up doing a couple of shows with them he told me he said don he said you've got to get that book you've gotta read it okay well I tracked it down as a matter fact that's a ... scan of the cover you can see how well use its pen to say that I was slightly amazed would also be an understatement this anybody has anybody in here read this book once again the gentleman in the back is that it maybe one or 2 others okay Leonard was a science writer and just as Apollo 7:00 PM was winding down the very last shot at the moment one of his buddies in have somebody's in Massa said that ... George ya come over here boy got to see some of these Apollo photograph so blow your mind and you know like everybody else he's thinkin all rocks in general ... okay how why would rock Sir craters blow my mind no he said you gotta come over you got to take a look at some of this stuff so Leonard did he started going through some of these photographs incidently the photographs that he stated in this book with the accompanying numbers I later got practically la a complete set of the same photographs now one thing about mammy NASA photographs if you get them today can I be very blunt the resolution is for shit because it's as if they go out of their way to make these things is unappealing as possible I've seen some sharp photographs before tonight's over you're going to see 12 there were other books written about our mysterious spaceship mon some better some wars but there were beginning to be a lot of people that were asking some very uncomfortable questions about our lunar friend up there and then this guy came along ingo Swann is that name familiar to anybody in her how ingo Swann is the man to put together the protocols for the remote viewing program that was carried on by the department of defense the DIA the CIA and a Stanford research for many years I know the man he is an extraordinarily gifted man in that field and I'm talking about psychic phenomenon matter of fact my wife and I had dinner with someone several years ago when he was out here in California you resides in New York but he's got family here occasionally comes out we were over in ... Burbank at the a little Italian restaurant over there spend about 4 and half probably 5:00 hours over dinner and talking about minor lunar research and but specifically I'm incident that happened to someone is anybody in here familiar with that incident his remote viewing project for a secret covert intelligence agency and what he saw as anybody in here familiar with that several in the back yes the dark side of the moon which is a figure of speech it's not really any darker than any other part of the moment put the part of the moan that we never see from down here on earth what he remotely view food and all their their single my self what he remotely view would appeared to be the only way to say it is what he taught to be an extraterrestrial facility on the far side of the moon there's some other things in that book if you can find a copy penetration and if you obviously you must have an interest in in this esoteric material if you can find a copy my god get it and read it so UFOs tonight CRM there I am weekly banging out shows and I gotta tell you the ones that I did with people on the the the topic of lunar phenomena or mind blowers some of these are still incidently available online my current radio program ... cold dark matters radio carried by cyber station you essay out of Boston but around November of 1995 I interviewed a man by the name of veto sick carry a Petro chemical engineer is that name familiar to you folks veto security via heard well Shikari in 1979 was working for an outfit in Houston and they had a client who was a Venezuelan oil company that they had does dispatched a couple of engineers up to Houston on whatever was they were working on now this guy that was set up was an American it's a matter of fact Shikari had met him through ... I guess it was teletype machines this was before the internet before Ron sky before you know web cameras or anything like that but this guy came up Shikari was detailed to shepherd him around for the next couple weeks while they were doing whatever was they were doing with the oil thing and basically be this guy's putting so he gets up there he pulls her copy of George Leonard's book out of his pocket he handed it to secara he said look he said what I really wanted to appear is to go over to NASA and see some moon pictures he said but before we do any of that he said I want you to take this book home tonight and read it or is macho but if you can then I'll talk to you tomorrow Sosa curry took it home read a chunk of it came in the next day one sure what they held thank and this guy said I want to see if this stuff is really there show they naively assumed well Gordon NASA Hey this was a taxpayer funded thing well gosh the taxpayers are here we want to see your moon pictures I think they thought it would be that easy wrong what NASA put those guys through was one of the most Amazing Stories you've ever heard in your life but they ended up upsetting Shikari and this other guy and I mean upsetting them badly and if you have a computer yes sound card the shows are free I recommend you go up to the dark matters radio website that bordered the download page yeah that a particular show veto Sicard and listen to it it's 2:00 hours it's a the combination of laughing your tail land off and being so damned mad you want to scream but I've got a couple of clips here audio clips that I wanna show ... and if we could play veto one please now this veto sick carry on UFOs tonight ... well early 40 pretty and we scratch their head because the a little early for the pictures in the book economy growing 3 days seems like a long time but they had so little you got on the stand we have certain procedures and it's up to you you can decide yes Sir no glad to come down over to look at the store but here wondering no recording equipment no cameras no pencils the band the papers prepared notebooks ... no calculators not the only thing we would be permitted to go anywhere and ... a small room magnifying glass particulars live right and that we were allowed to bring the book because that was not properly anyway because lately about the and there I was that we went back the following day we're pretty excited we got back into the room having gone through the tunnel and wit and when we got there one of the world off to our left was open it turns out to be a full panel behind that panels another route and in that room they had 3 of the 5 of I mostly went conference room table and they were shaped in the U. you patter to build it up one crossed the fact that to come about okay and laid out in all of of the long that usually the configuration or all of the photographs that we had requested and apparently a hell of a lot because it turns out of some of the photos that Leonard had in this book or actually be difficult based based photos the computer to pick up some so many anomalies that are triggered a sequence of additional photos inconsolable assume sequence and and apparently when he went to pick those no wait a minute wait a minute yeah what what you're saying is that from the lunar orbiter spacecraft it was tracking the moan and the onboard computer would trigger a camera when it saw something it was interesting yeah see they were sure they were going to get the 1000000 craft bracketed knows whatever the case of an accident burns up in the atmosphere that type of thing you remember this thing have a land of the ocean right Paris and all that so what they were doing is they were taking the photos and they were developing them on board and then they were transmitting them back to earth before the spacecraft ever came back right this way they would have at least at the pictures even if they lose the cap so we'll as well as the king of the computer that was analyzing these photos with Stan every time we would pick up an anomaly but that triggered another sequence of okay and sometimes in a manner that sequence became assume sequester got closer closer closer closer well I wanted to make sure that was clear for the so after 3 weeks of having these 2 guys jump through every hoop imaginable massive finally says okay you can come down you can see these photos now Leonard had specified about 40 photos that's all he was aware of but is Shikari stated they also had a series of zones on some of the photographs that were some of the most amazing things now if you could play veto to now listen very carefully to what he has to say but a crew I don't either turned into a very quiet and very solemn type occasion for twice at we know what we were looking at and we knew what it meant and this was an agreement okay what we're looking at we were looking at as best as I can remember from all of it now the great majority of the stuff we saw what looked like excavation expiration type of construction equipment coming from the petrochemical industry we you know pretty familiar with building refineries that type of stuff we know production equipment we were coordinating this with women's book they were pipeline they were Patrick there were a ... certain pictures had the what appeared to be some type of construction equipment I can't say it's comparable to a bulldozer or anything like that but it was earth moving a bone moving type of you know now Leonard in his book when he made statements about what he saw in the photographs which apparently was artificial constructions with ... a definite intelligence behind it request that they were you I don't really think there are extremely few know what we're not talking about a ... 30 foot bulldozer now we know that fact that was one of the frustrating part who was on the back of each photo was brought to technical data that you would need to calculate anything on the surface for example in the back of the photo told you how high off the surface this picture was taken okay go back to power point I'm now here are some of the photos where you can say what I feel are definitely artificial constructions for example right here have you heard about the famous bridge on the moon americorps seem crater well there it is here you will see what looks like some very old I don't know constructions that were either damaged or destroyed but you can see that right here and my favorite and I'll show this in the little higher detail in a minute right here see the arrow pointing to it this is what I call the castle wall the bridge these destroyed works here and the castle I call it the council what you see here you can get up here the top curves around you'll see an extension with what appears to be some kind of ball on the very end of it here casting a shadow down across the base of the structure I've got an interesting story about that remember the guy I mentioned Jim sylvan how sometime back I guess it was in the eighties I think it was in Florida but Alan Shepard was having a book signing and still open who use to ... have a lot of these photographs had this photograph mounted we went down to the book signing and they waited till almost began one shepherd was signing these books he walked up to Albany said Sir you set them big fan of yours site but mired your work for god many years going all the way back to the Apollo program I got this photograph of Merrick recipient you said duh admiral would you ... would you please sinus so shepherd took the picture signed it before we can hand it back sylvan said sure by the way can you tell me what that is point is that this castle looking structure he told me said don he said shepherd looked at that thing the kind of blanched he handed me the picture back didn't say a word and he walked off OJ now some of the other rather amazing photographs that Leonard who originally himself discovered the rolling what since leaving attracting a tread behind now back him now 2001 I was a guest on art bell's a coast to coast talking about lunar phenomena and if anybody in here you still listen to art especially back in the nineties you know that art had been may be charitable and a polite at best some very dicey customers occasionally on post a Coast mmhm now I've always had a fairly now just be honest that kind of a hard ass to reputation when it came to UFO material I guess it was comes from when I was a child but if there's something that I think is really there I'll go over the wall with it one I sent a bunch of these photographs to art I expected art would look at him and say you know after I think here you might have some I have somewhere well to make a long story short he ended up doing the third degree routine on me and I'm gonna play some for you here really quickly but this is one photograph that one bell sought bluest slacks off many several what we're looking at and I said well you're looking at what appears to be an artificial whatever crawling across the lunar surface actually there are 2 of them here's the other one but this one you really can see leaving a very pronounced almost Hank like to read in the lunar dirt he's so what's NASA say about it they and I said well right there're a hard night pointed this out is the crater that this thing crawled up an album he said wait a minute the came up and out of the crater I should get all look at the track right there it is he civil what does NASA say it once I said well they said it was a rock Iraq will hurry to get out of the crater I said I don't know ask NASA right there was now if that doesn't look artificial but then we have some other craters where some very unusual artifacts around the crater no I didn't get it when I when I was set this up to commit her I didn't know how the audience was situated I'm sure some of these are really hard to see but like right here right off the edge of the crater is what appears to be a pad of some type with 4 little indentures in it right here I mean if ... you guys want to mop up the show's over I'll be happy to go through these again with some of these interesting photographs but this is another thing that has a high spin of artificiality and once more another crater where workings on the crater wall look like bees were machine Pat out of there yeah try snicker now what the hell that is I have no idea but it looks like a power to me sure doesn't sure doesn't look like it's ... an artifact from from ... I'm impact and we get to one of the most interesting areas on the moon Chang's crater now I blew up a couple of the most interesting parts of this right here and right here but we'll get to that in a second this area screens artificiality now I'd like to play art bell one please this is a very short clip from that program down I think it is ... third from the bottom third from bottom right 123 by all pull alright I I'm there it says to rolling objects right in Patel crater is it yeah these objects rolled up and out of the crater notice right front large with out of the drop in out of the crater yeah now NASA says that you're not looking at anything unusual these ours just rocks that ... ... are rolling across the lunar surface because of some inexplicable geological of events once the problem is that they rolled in out of the crater we're very pleased to have been women some others saying as nothing special just some anomalous ... our our affect on the moon that what of moon Quakers something is that what they're talking about well it would seem that that's what they're referring to okay let's gotta clip to please there's an area on the moan called kings crater by non looking you got an arrow and you've got a circle right fun things greater yes one of my looking okay if you look just be side the circle to the left and I had about the 10:00 position yes I was there I see an arrow yes there is and you have to look at it dying I realize that if you're honest not trains going to be hard to see it first looks like a rock well it's not if you look at it closer and and click on it to get the full affect our line you're going to see what too many beyond any doubt looks like the rear end of a satellite dish Linux here right there I'm I'm boy does her book but it does are you sure don that we're just not eat it does actually look like a grand satellite dishes okay this is king's greater now the place that I was just talking about was right here right here is this artifact now obviously for you folks in the back you don't data you can't see any of this but there's 2 areas women wanted I just do okay there's this right here and yes let's go here first you will see by the crater wall right here what appears to be a building with 2 layers windows right there it always struck me as looking like an old army Quonset hut now that up obviously is not what it is but right there you folks in the front row can you see it can can you see what I'm talking about are you too far back it and right here what I was talking to bill about which seriously resembles the rear of a satellite dish now so what are we talking about is it possible that if any of this is not mon dust and crap the theory is something up there well even with those photographs and I've spent literally years on the one such of already seen a number of other ones when I discovered this photograph had a very good friend who was a ham radio operator yeah bill Nelson and after we met we became good friends bill had just retired was running for the guy what had been running the I. T. department for one of the major major banks downtown and bill had some buddies over at ... JPL that were ham radio operators and he had done one of these guys in the CIP man he said you know I've gotten recently an interest and loner photographs he said that I know you guys have got to have some more there he said would be possible to see any of these new guys said sure so we brought bill over a stack bill called me up we spent an afternoon scamming them then we started to go through them and then I discovered this now what is that well appears to be a pipe running through the wall of this crater you can track it all the way up to hear where it's coming out the ram of this wall with a very odd attachment on the end of the pipe areas in higher detail then you can see word runs through the soil here to write their now if in fact that is artificial my god how did it get there how long she'd been there that's absolutely the first time I saw this I was just absolutely flabbergasted now incidently later on I did find some other photographs taken from different angles that's still clearly show something running through that crater wall so we get to the bottom let the slide show presentation this somebody else on the mall well in my humble opinion if they're good they're not there now they in fact were there in the past and were in here at any rate for one reason because the majority of you folks that are in here have an interest in unidentified flying objects or aspects of that the bottom line is simple if even one case of unidentified flying objects is a real and when I talk about real I'm talking about technology from someone else's civilization from somewhere else then the chances are probably 98 percent at least some of those represent extraterrestrial technology another star system does it make sense that every time one of those things show up and ladies and gentlemen a hell of a lot of them seem to be showing up that they're going home and coming back no no no if any of this is real it only would make sense that they would have facility set out like on the moment perhaps Mars perhaps at various locations around our planet under the seat and that they're going they're kind of like an Arnar spot //
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Project Serpo The Secret Space Program Sent Astronauts to Zeta Reticuli
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The Space Program So Secret Your Not Supposed to Know About It
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Antigravity Technology from Recovered UFOs is Being Used at Area 51
\\okay our first like course Sir we have the yield incident 1947 alleged to be of unidentified flying object living out of part of it crashing on the Brazzell ranch the kind of Norse by northeast Ross what town arousal ... and this is the one where there are all kinds of other claims like it was important flying wing it was 1000000000 experiment because what the latest version that there were Bob mutilated a Japanese pilots in and I was being carried by a balloon another version is that there was a weather balloon another version as there was a you are a mogul balloon which was used was sensors to see if it could go into the high altitudes and detect nuclear radiation from the then Soviet Union to see if they were testing atomic weapons mostly insiders have been contact with most of the witnesses who have come forward say that was definitely and they don't mince words about it a spaceship from some other world okay next slide very important figure are in the history of the subject is doctor ran over bush who was chairman of the national defense research commission office of scientific research and development during World War 2 and ... he was also on the bought national advisory committee on aeronautics eventually became NASA and Dodd chairman of the joint research and development board ... from 45 to 481947 major director of 18 she and he originally thought chose some of the members of the special study group which became known as majestic 12 next slide here was one of the original members of majestic 12 doctor death of prong but you could see he was ... a member of the Atomic Energy Commission member of the scientific advisory committee of Brookhaven he had a lot of scientific credentials good choice next then there was doctor Jerome Hon sacre and he was an expert in aeronautics mechanical engineering ... probably an adviser on the aeronautical design of this vehicle does vessel that they recovered at Roswell and at other locations okay are nobody by the way he knew this was a top secret studying group appointed by president Truman 1947 and.their results a league document around 19 80 to our researcher build more arm that spelled out it was it was called the Eisenhower briefing paper by thought at the rear or who rear admiral ... killing coders who at that time was in the lead position or majestic 1 in 1952 and these papers talked about the crash at Roswell and a couple of other Arab forms of unknown origin that came down okay next slide then we have the doctor Lloyd Berkner secretary of the research and development board directed studies a weapons system evaluations and he was a member of the CI a seeker Robertson panel in 1950 3 on UFOs he was also allegedly a member of this well one of the 12 of the you know special study groups one of the original members next not an original member Dr Robert Oppenheimer well known for his ... the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos ... allegedly was that one of the car crash sites the crash site that was near Trinity site according to documents that were released to our doctor wouldn't Robert wood in his son and I won I won I studied where the year coordinates were given in the documents I was amazed to find that was probably within 100 yards where the first atomic bomb but was tested at Trinity back garden July 16 1945 and by Oppenheimer apparently in secret was sent to this site and took 3 paper clip scientists with some paperclip scientist prove these German scientists Bob that were of had emigrated United States they were ... they were hired by our government to work you ... many of them at the white sands proving grounds because of their knowledge of rocket technology then the superior knowledge we had and now chairman science and ... back in 1947 Bobby took amount there and we'll have the next slide and one of these was Werner von Braun the rocket scientists he went to Roswell line landing site 2 was a great rocket developer his mentor was Sir permit over who had made a statement that he believed that UFOs or interplanetary spacecraft a generative do you own their own artificial gravity fields and of that would be the only way that he could explain how they seemed to mollify both gravity and inertia ... forces so while I know ... I've been in touch with an ex NASA engineer who had a pop secret clearance who had ... cocktails was Werner von Braun one night and Bernard was there and he sketched look what the crap look like he sketched was bored one of the alien bodies look like and but Clark is his name ... was looking at the snap can insert voice soon as I can I'm gonna grab that napkin put in my pocket well I guess good burner was having a little bit too much to drink beer in his hand tipped over his drinking and bitches douse the napkin I'm of course white smear dangle over so that was and that next but another paper clips scientists that went to landing our site to Worcester doctor Ernst Steinhoff and he apparently was but experten aeronautics and meteorology so that apparently there was a storm on this craft came down and ... he was consulted on that he was one of the paper clip crew and up part of the yard pioneering a rocket group at the white sands missile range okay next then there was doctored shivered a stronghold but the way these are all in their arms you aerospace museum of honor ... in New Mexico Alamogordo New Mexico and he had them do you degree aw and was one of the first ... doctors in the school of aviation medicine at Randolph field Texas and he was very active here for sure space medical program wonderful guy to have out there to give an evaluation on the body so they found blacks this is a photograph that is only recently are seen the light of day it was leaked by a scientist from all lasalle mostly was evidently taken in the ... for I would say I'm going to say it's probably taken around March 15 and I say that because it was taken in 1958 in on 3/15/1958 the first conference was held by and I or I was the one to identify the center figures general Dennis white head first to sit down and draw up an alleged treaty with the aliens called tell mine treaty the treaty which allegedly according to Dan is renewed every 9 years and that we have not identified all of these people if you look in their hands we have cameras one has the movie camera there's another ... officer whose bending down here looking next okay this was the next photograph released in 1964 on the far left we have identified that person as Dr Oppenheimer father at Holloman airforce base in New Mexico why are they are probably headed up the slight 17 to make that exchange where's are the extraterrestrials in the 1964 that's when E. B. to volunteer stay here on earth part of an exchange program well one of our sciences it was arranged that one of our scientists would be taken back to his home planet around zeta Reticuli to next here is our to support team this was taken in 1950 3 Eric must be almost 100 ... engineers and scientists they were majestic a scientific advisory group ... way over in the front row second from the left he is a doctor Theodore fit by young doctor Theodore von Karman the founder of Aerojet who had also participated in reverse engineering ATM machines 4 majestic next and believe it or not we have one color photo from August 2003 taken that loss Alamos and somebody had designated wasn't MJ 12 reunion or starlight teams Victor in Sierra I haven't been able to identify anyone in this photo and I'm always looking for somebody who would all day Sir published and a new book by Robert Collins and Rick Doty's it's called Bob exempt from disclosure and if you go out my website there's a link to where you can purchase the book next this according to Dan was his boss John Mike McConnell who was once the director of the National Security Agency is in private practice now Vice Admiral farm he is in the position of number one MJ one next well I don't know what number you has but ... you ditched comes from several sources that admiral Bobby ray Inman his current majestic ... as you probably guessed a lot of these are the members are aging now and that they don't replace one of the 12 until one of them died slash you're one of them died and according to the sources that ... and of course I cannot verify this but for the first time ever they have chosen a woman to be a member majestic 12 okay next but of course one of the primary things are engaged in is reverse engineering alien spacecraft beginning with the recovery of the mysterious craft crash landed near Roswell and we're now beginning to get a lot of information about that one guy who just recently popped out of the woodwork retired 2003 and he was armed head of security at area 51 he had access to all areas including us for and it's now or not kind of I'm portable very small look and not email exchange in which is trying to describe some of the testing he has seen where we have put hi we have used the alien desk the alien propulsion and we put the nuclear power source aboard and aw avionics we developed for our airforce pilots because they cannot control of machine like the aliens do by their mind there brain waves and they cannot do a control their minds as well as the aliens can and ... they might of sync up and then suddenly get distracted me go sideways and there's a man that's as far as she goes now as far as I know the people have been out there all along highway 375 including myself used to go out there during the middle of the week sometimes in October and even on October and night life felt temperatures to drop to 22 degrees causes nearly a mile high up there here see bird the glow of lights in Las Vegas about 100 miles to south and way off in the distance sort of jumbled held which separated Yuria Rino is groom lake and the groom lake complex from the papoose mountain or S. for complex out here where things craft would come up so high glowing kinda hover for awhile maybe testing a few things zigzag back and forth real fast one time one of these craft decided come right over the highway and ... ... there was a guy named Gary Schultz who took a photograph of it when it did it shows Saddam desk came of the highway another time and put down a beam of light right on this guy's truck in in one zip back I don't know what they were trying to do we think there's also an alien craft to visit out there and there have been craft reported of huge dimensions like 23 football fields in length non size of battleships floating in the sky okay next far field propulsion is being considered by a lot of our young engineers today I got the specs and drawings for this one from a guy named mark tomorrow I am and I have it on my website and he wants to build both field propulsion electromagnetic electric gravitational field propelled craft okay next here's the ... tester model of the Roswell aero form ... bill McDonald different annoying ... is kind of a forensic artist whose work with police trying to reconstruct faces well he has reconstructed this from talking to multiple military eye witnesses and they said that this craft can change its shape or more from school I well guess what we're testing Bob morphing aircraft Lougheed out where I live in the antelope valley and I even saw an F. 15 that was fitted with flexible wink ... on next here's an animated drawing of the Palmdale plant which is been awarded 9.3000000 dollars in an airforce contract for morphing point like this this one of course is well what if the what they call upon uninhabited but aerial vehicle UAV ... some of our pilots are worried that these kind of craft will become smart one day they will need pilots anymore going next bum one scientist working in the field of but the sign this prototype and I was very interested in it because it's very close to some of the things that I sperm and egg with myself by the way you'll see a paper on my website with a photograph of the device that I worked with back in the eighties are built and I haven't really done too much since then but I had some of my own ideas and they have my ideas have morphed since then and what's interesting beside using a superconductor invest far he's talking about this bomb a plasma field broke within of Taurus which I'm very very interested in because one of our sources from Lionel talked about one of the craft had he drive just like that so this guy spent about $1000000 building a model and ran out of money his trainer promoted again has a website okay next because another thing that third may have come from ... making a study of alien technology are is nano technology because these craft or not constructed the way we construct airplanes they grow he's a flying discs and ... now we think maybe they're using nanotechnology and this is called a nano to and it has a tremendous amount of string and ... the body of the space craft store power by and if he couldn't there you would need to have the batteries services could bend themselves doing away with actuators or circuitry could be embedded directly into the body of the spacecraft and when materials could be decided on the molecular scale such holistic structures become possible so the lattice over here of carbon atoms on the left is a carbon nanotubes okay next this is our some of the new satellite photos which are extremely clear the shows the US state of development of the groom lake complex at area 51 today as you can see it's not something that's been abandoned I could not afford to abandon those has several ... an airforce general told me has a lease 5 underground levels Pacino's up and yes there is still some alien technology underground area 51 most of it is over about 10 to 15 miles away and papoose mountain at the site for facility next but I'm one of the ways that too early we conceived that the aliens could get here from there without ... taking years and years and holy 10000 years to get here army it have to have some awful long lifespan ... is using wormholes and there's so drawing depicts a warm hole which is a distortion of space so that ... theoretically are you go in one side and come out the other side light years away there's also a possibility that you can go into a warm home come up in an alternate universe some scientists like 4 in a different era of time okay next well one way we are one new technology being used torpedoes and submarines is called super capitation and dog it's like making a bubble around the entire torpedo and what happens is it removes the drag for the resistance of the fluid medium and therefore the bar torpedo could move at super fast speeds or the suffering could move at super fast speeds through the park likewise bought an alien spacecraft Bob has a kind of a bubble around it that it generates ... widgets are artificially generated field it's a kind of awe electromagnetic gravitational field and this creates a removes the inertial re systems all of what I considered to be so the space medium itself which I define as a super conducting super fluid in other words it's less a fluid without viscosity okay next and another concept book only it's a relativity concept and here you were showing a cover from Star Trek craft Voyager from series Voyager ... there is the possibility of again creating a bubble around the ship and moving up faster than what and the shippers that actually not moving within the bubble honey okay backs now let's see division are was established in July 1945 to work on nuclear stockpiles all the work there their Los Alamos revolves around nuclear physics ordinary Kidder ... medicine anything nuclear and what they have done because there are all layers of bug classification secrecy around nuclear projects is the slide the Arcadian technologies underwritten make it even deeper so was the division is but one concealment of where they would have Storch 0 technology next and it got its name Z. division from Jerrold Zacharias who was brought in Baja Robert Altman Heimer and ... from the first letter of his last name and does this is just ... photograph of Zacarias pouring a chemical do molecular beam experiment next are all these technical areas T. a 49 is an area containing some money structures on the Los Alamos map it's surrounded by walk security fence and Bob it's located on the free goalies mesa site near Bandelier national monument which is allegedly were majestic 12 has a hidden a meeting place next this is a drawing of a leaked document of one of our projects this is our thing where we try to reverse engineer an extraterrestrial energy device known as the C. R. crystal rectangle according to this scientists we have a lot of these artifacts like the crystal rectangle in a vault below ground harm felt Los Alamos there we don't know what to do with it we don't even know how totally understand how it works for instance under a microscope you can see is there's a lot of little black hole Wilson's rectangle they know that he uses a rare isotope of hydrogen hydrogen 5 and they know that if you draw let's say you draw 2 kilowatts of energy from this crystal rectangle and by the way they have taken it aboard the shuttle they've taken into space to experiment with it he dropped to kilowatts Fuhrman just keeps provided missing what we need 10 megawatts now okay Troughton megawatts it never deep pleads totally offices don't understand the physics of and the scientists that we had to scrap arteries and start from scratch again okay necks this is so just the header of the top secret D. I. a report now according to this new our security guy he said the are code word here is bogus for the D. I a and yet he said but when he looked at the contents what about this crystal rectangle let's genuine and he said Mister Cohen some surprising FBI hasn't knocked on your door but the truth of the matter is there's another guy who's a friend of Collins doctor kid green who is a medical doctor who ... despite his protestations is also been briefed when he was a member of the CI a and the FBI came knocking on his door asking about these documents and trying to tell far they must be fraudulent why were they so interested for right now but I can't stop because it's published okay next well we had the Jack Shulman in the American computer company talked about the C. division and coming into possession of the lab shopkeepers no book they describe a capacitor that had meant storage capacity SubDiv come from the Roswell crap and the cold transfer a passenger aniket stored 99 D. gigabit bites a computer storage and a small device and he wanted to market but after posting it on the internet you got into a lot it did spirits and ... he was talking a lot about the Z. division had some visitors with official patches and it kinda like decided to go low profile next are you really sure you all on the up we had a guy in the nineties named bill you house that was not his real name all he was a mechanical engineer he was one of the first ones after Bob Bob Lazar to come out and talk about working for the satellite government working on a flight simulator hers a drawing of the simulator and this was trying are pilots bond flying these flying saucers before they get into a real one current and it had it was on a gamble so could tilt up to 65 degrees and ... the supervisor he ordered the adviser for the scientific adviser he'd finally met on this project was about 5 feet tall spoke inside its head with his own words and he was called J. rod so that was the first time we heard the word J. arrived only we all mistakenly thought ignoring a couple of things that bill said that is name was Jeremy no he was called AJ abroad because of symbols and he made signs and symbols of ridge interpreted these were very ancient signs it looked like a Jay and abroad one linguist started to study this they said this is for equivalent to the number 15 are Mister you have spent 30 8 years are playing a formative role and the ultimate I'm acknowledge special access project because the literally subterranean program for perfecting functional flying discs okay next I show here hydrogen boron fusion focus reactor that thought Eric Lerner who's a plasma physicians is working on with other plasma physicist it dub and build you wells had mentioned that the aliens mind boron that's one of the things we were interested in here on our planet and all the fuel but would be hydrogen boron and this fusion device and their harms non radioactive substances no one a fuse at extremely high temperatures they produce only helium nuclei and no neutrons no radiation residue so maybe ... the aliens had some kind of a fusion reactor that they fit the poor onto but there's like if you house was fond of talking about it but 0 different uses okay next but here's the torch device Bob this is a quote from the fire to Steven craft to people extraterrestrial biological entity sickle deepens well electric charges cannot be conducted for the charge accumulating fluid Russia fluid directly through the toroid Wolsztyn edges there will be a password of a fact which will accumulate charges of an opposite polarity so I'm just showing demonstration here on the right the one on the left was a drawing done ... based upon crafted in the abductee was aboard next here is an actual FY a response given to John green wall bah and this may be the first official confirmation that a project Korea's is related to UFOs a top item here which can't quite read it is dated 10 may 1983 and specifies for bright Patterson's FTD your foreign technology division so now I think that's the end of that slight said and we will go to the project Aquarius see that's good in Bob segue to the project Aquarius Paul and here's the book exempt from disclosure there's a link on my book store on my site that astro story of an aquarium slowing there's my website by the way no that have a lot of information to keep putting out there okay next okay now I'm gonna introduce you to the man here doctor Dan fury sh previously dollar stock began crying he had his name legally changed for in Las Vegas Nevada I have the court record on that he showed an aptitude for microbiology when he was young boy he got his first microscope when he was only 5 years old as first telescope a couple of years later when he was only 8 years old he was taken under the wing of the director of pathology for major hospital in California he was born here in California southern California and ... I recently found out he had a reunion reading what this doctor in Las Vegas recently and ... he's very precocious he's a brilliant man he was taught the art and science of histology medical book microbiology but very early on so why let's go to the next one down the hall was recruited in 1986 according to a story panda he is putting it down in detail in a video to prefer it now I'm not just pause for a moment to tell you that what I'm telling you has become extremely controversial just like the bottles arcades but to an extreme degree there's a lot of polarization there are certain individuals on the internet who have cold damned directly fraud and a lot of dirty name a cryptic which he doesn't deserve others who idolize you okay that's not me either all I did was in I was alerted to the document that was leaked called the Q. 94 document it was the most technical document I have ever seen have water biological microbiological terms and my first thought 1999 negotiated with the lady who are sent me a copy pa who's going by the name of BJ wolf at the time that was just pen name that she had on a book called vehicles disobey and all was about Inca city on Mars and it was ghostwritten for Dan to offense compatriots and so she had learned more more about Dan she said as she did she found out that ... he worked up to a the site for facility area 51 ... here is so imply coppery shouldn't found out more and more about him which story was not the complete truth but there was enough talk me into their poultry 0 to she asked me for some help and because her original intention was we're gonna spring dance and I'm going oh yeah right what we'll do is we'll pick a Muppet a call harder both transfer him to another car book drive them down the hall you would not put him on a TV station just like that boy was I dreaming I don't know what I was dreaming that night anyways that was about to happen before I left for a Las Vegas to meet with Marcy ... she called me at work on a Friday night late afternoon before I left and she said how would you like me damn when you come here and I said can you arrange that and she said yes and ... someone over there in April 2002 ... walked into our meeting place wasn't which was in the library and I saw first saw they had sitting at a table hit a briefcase open have paper spread all over the table I was dressed casually but I had I have a lot of hats and I had one of these baseball caps that said US airforce sonic because I was at the airport he saw this he just grabbed all this paper stuffed it into the briefcase that he had shop the briefcase grabbed ram for the elevator I said well I said what what's going on where she says well handled Bobby back in a minute she went try to explain things to him but 5 minutes later came back into the room beckoned to me and he shook my hands on the first time he was shaking and since you understand I have to be careful and I said can we talk pieces let's go to a private room get a private room by first talk with him last about an hour and I have some questions and during that time well yeah he answered one question in such a strange for a for a man who was a scientist but I about fell out of my chair because only somebody who had some contact within a week would move and he looked at me and said you know the aliens are numerologist I'm and now I know that how do you know who the heck right and we got into the study of the special numbers they like like the number 9 which is a key number this is why they renew their treating every 9 years 2003 was supposed to be the last treaty citing signing they said the lawyer had one year of 2004 why did they do that because of something again told me during that first meeting called what drives the whole program different reason for the cover up which doesn't have to do with the fact we have the teach in our sky has because of the doctrine of the convergent time line paradox and since the whole point what are you talking about he said what is she the treaty is work renewed every 9 years all the way up to here 2012 I'm 2012 boiler rings a bell yeah he said well we've been there before that's what the catastrophe and we're trying to slide step around the contest you can't tell people worse Assyrian from he's us from the future 52000 years from now how time traveling aliens that rocks why she in those gray form he says after the catastrophe a period of time the human genome sport and one became the tray Rajini other became toll one Nordics so that Z. or if it was like you take the left brain and split it from the right place and and the qualities of word and qualities of the other one another what happened 6 I see nobody will believe it here's dammit earlier times standing outside the little alien he was approached by agents but said they worked for the DNA our department of naval intelligence don't look it up doesn't exist there's an office of naval intelligence not a department Bob Lazar it had one of his arms tax forms and there was department of naval intelligence on bomb that was one little piece of evidence that journalists George Knapp had that Bob Lazar worked out it does support when I talked to dance mother and father Jon and Odie crane try Chris that I used to help out damn with its taxes because jams dancer real savvy with finances and ... he's brilliant was science were biology was chemistry but not with finances and he said that was the same thing on his phone they got from the government his W. to white form wasn't said department of naval intelligence okay next here's just d'oeuvres wanting inviting dared to join the New York academy of sciences he said that dog he got his PhD from the state university in New York are there is a possibility you did did your cat of me of sciences gets bird new PhD candidates list them to a certain someone invitation we can get no confirmation that there was ever a student by the name of Dan Crain Danbury surrounding combination thereof at state university in New York we do have a notarized statement by man who worked with Dan who said he called he was gonna go into a business on the side with Dan called state university New York in 1995 and they confirmed at that time his PhD we have another notarized statement from his mother that said she gotten one of these Bob cylinders do you get in the mail so what he had but that document and then on it was handed over to his wife who promptly put it away and of all made inaccessible okay next but we do now the damn graduate of universe university Nevada Las Vegas and here he is or working in the yard chem lab Barton he wanted to be a medical doctor at the time because his grandfather died of cancer him wanted to find a cure for cancer he was excellent field of biochemistry are he refused falsify some test results arm that one of the professors was experimenting with I believe it was a lawyer trail on mice at the time of the popular vote away to treat cancer and ... he refused to endorse the test results and a professor said I can blackball you to school and he went home is father brought him back in your room rolled in psychology just to finish up his degree but he does have all the credits requisite for biology and even house graduation as soon as PS in biology okay necks R. N. dandan always worked up it yes for the only had him working up there a couple years I think from 1992 through early 1995 and damn of he lived in town it was only cold up every now and then for it bought union advisory role were high they would say get out your microscope we want to look it is a different things like that but so he had taken a regular job it has a OB parole officer with the sheriff's department later on in security but they were required to have jobs like this OB well for one thing majestic doesn't give him a paycheck they will provide for his needs but no paycheck nothing traceable anymore right especially since Lazar opened up his mouth so what you know his wife worked he worked arm and he wanted to follow up on something he had learned directly from direct communication with the J. rod which was to drill down into Egypt bedrock appear on Frenchmen Mel which is on the east side of Las Vegas ... coincidently near where John Lear looks and there are he picked up a sample of something bottom down and the bedrock today looked under a microscope and this is when they discovered this amazing particle he calls good ash particle we do not know what it is he believes that some kind of what I believe it's a form of micro form of what we call ball like plasma but this thing carries a program and it seems to emerge when a crystal is electrically a stimulated with a certain voltage seems to emerge out of what he calls a portal now what does it do well you discovered if you put a self denuded solar damage self near disconnect particle it generates button biology the call across bridge and across bridge connects with the cell and regenerates Dan's gone way beyond that to the point where he now thinks on any point where you have silicon dioxide which means he may have oxygen in the atmosphere silicon dioxide in soil were conform crystals you may get disease catch particles and it may be these contests particles that generated the first aw model sells prokaryotic cell art agent or key Arcadium souls and maybe even further on Bob eukaryotic multi celled creatures but and I agree with him here because the more and more I studied but molecular biology myself like I had to go to class at UCLA to try to keep up with some of the terminology I also came to the conclusion being ... that I am I a composer information technologists and worked with computers and work with codes that Bob do you know a is a code and deck code contains an instruction set and it seems like out of all the DNA in the human genome 93 percent of it seems to be an actor but now they know it's not what they used called junk DNA but that this DNA also plays a role and producing what DNA produces which is polypeptides amino acids and change the molecules have become proteins which become the structure of our functioning bodies it's All Hallows eve you were decide by a magnificent intelligent a course myself I have gone to the point because of some of my own personal experiences reaching the conclusion that the entire universe is expressing a substratum of itself which is encoded all of its laws all of its rules everything from sub atomic level are up is generated by code okay next this these are the diagrams done professionally aw according to Bob Lazar first level papoose it's actually papoose mountain not Pappas like pepper slicks on the other side a papoose mountains dryly carved into the base of the bow is a lab containing 9 hangers with 9 separate discs like I said we don't know how we acquired these were to crash where the were given in exchange of whether we shot one down but he worked on one particular model he called the sports model because it was old like a jazzy sports car okay next now this was drawing was done according to dance description armed of underground above he wore were they installed later on biological labs in a special level with 5 where elevator bypassed level 4 and went down into slanting angle to get down to level 5 he was sure is a special he said environmental chamber in which the J. rod who was suffering from a peripheral Marat erotically because of some kind degeneration in the system was housed in a special environmental unit and there was a sweet but she call the ambassadorial sweet and you'll hear and see them talking about that sooner for hurry up okay next this is a drawing that Dan did ... to degenerate into a rock from reticulum 4 okay necks here's just a star diagram of zeta Reticuli wanting to next here's a picture Dan spending its time working through microscopes Max ha here's a photo micrograph showing organ ash particle emerged through a portal okay next why here's justice gaming has Bob called hyperspace to earth notion of power lotus works because the whole thing lotus and he believes it comes from a divine source okay next more micrographs of the ... but to get ash particles I brought up the term bottle full time she asked me to do some research on bio photons because I'm more familiar with physics and I did so submitted a couple of papers on this he made those papers part of this project papers and to look for him to Washington DC in one or did I just do okay next Dennis now retired as of March 2005 and marital status respected mentor majestic 12 so as you could see when I but first met him he was still on operational serving as science director project loads okay next and here's the book a Tory wrote soon coming out ... there working on the galley proof right now I understand this process will still take another 3 weeks so I may not have copies of this told next month's okay that's the end of the slide how could the first question they and they want where did you work in the mid nineties how did you come to be employed well several locations in the mid nineties I had dogs proper positions here Las Vegas which made me look like a good old fashion Joe effect that had some police experience well at the late eighties ... you're probably centering their question around work for the government ... in 1986 I was approached while working as an undergraduate and doctor Burke bilberries office ... it is in its parasitology laboratory to be exact I was looking through the scope of the time ... 3 gentleman walked into the laboratory close the door behind them ... there was ... 2 uniforms a suit that were present both of the uniforms I would make is it's probably being there are United States Navy ... my memory of that one of them is kind of easier for seeing all of those who sneer forms what not ... we spoke for awhile they asked me if I was interested in seeing the world alike so when my back was are we with the civil several ... interview process is not unlike this ... Dan dollar reviewed my background went through several background investigate ... finally starting up follow 9091 timeframe I was I was cleared for working ... Grunwald past her into the path of the sun out of Saudi ... what's it does exist I'm tired of miles religion here ... the no workplace ... that's how I came to work there my original assignment my ritual sign that was that group like disability to review ... histopathology slow ... Astarte went through nearly 8 years testing them whether the song basically let loose career and I have no contact after that I was brought back in shown some higher grade slides of unknown origin ... following that I was introduced into a working group and subsequently brought into the path facility the site for facility ... we we work for well over a year follow slides of unknown origin ... after I took a minimum leadership position under several of the other ... biologists who are already present ... most of which are are now you see you know the names whose individuals I was then introduced into the thing what 45 facility in the 45 coded for 9 years where unanimously ... so what we did is it is our introduce introduce the new members myself locks them into the include the ... the Clintons feria and we were eventually shown the subject ... for which we were examining the slides slides or unusual in that the word pressurized cells ... and they were they were reviewed by us on a conveyor within the fully automatic micro we were touching anything ever ... at the second instance so we were finally allowed to have a ... urinal a keyboard ... for aiming slides and I digress but working with the ... gerente itself an impasse adoring sweet sweet now was this under this project a quarter in the sketch initially I was assigned as a as a working member project Aquarius ... then finally I was made a leader ... that mysteriously after one meeting with the train arrived I was asked to he on the working group leader position I didn't find out why I was asked to take the wheel working group leader position until well within this last year I never understood it because son Steven was was older than I was nice you're not only here ability ... that NH and I would never figured being advanced about an individual like that in the end ranking within a working group and in fact I never can above and I we work together laden sie you might do 94 document Tom you have in your possession what's coauthored my name went on there is the the printer investigators also working group leader but in fact he and I were both involved in the offering of the okay now could you explain briefly about what you were briefed on on who and or what J. Roth was initially I was briefly Jay Robb is mainly ... specifically from the reticulum system to reticulum 4 I had no idea of the truth yes from to reticulum 4 now but I have no idea of the truth of how they came to be ... as I said to you before I have never met an alien but I have met extraterrestrial I'm I found out subsequent to to ... interactions with the generado then again they have they have personal names the term Gerard simply means 15 which was only a basic name for their located the number of light years from our location so they took those names ... and they identified to the sigma protocol so linguistic protocols with a broad symbol which was a ... Anderson bowl and the letter J. and the fact that was a combination of Miami and numerology to do with a Raja J. meaning 15 to 15 but poker ... now 15 more years away is that the Cleese 87676 Charlie current I've been told now he he he he did not specifically tell me that that was the location but the number 15 was mentioned what 0 college currently we 676 whatever 0 Jay Robb get here I mean how do you yeah 15 lightyears away that the crash of 63 from what I understand it was alright outside of ... king okay Kingman Arizona right father there was a problem involving his physiology and his smile physiological communication with the craft went wrong and of course he's he's ill as we know the engineer a smoker protein associated problems ... and it crashed and how was he well what's he transported immediately from that crash site to the US for facility Powell stand I don't know okay yeah I don't know you don't know how he was you came to be at the facility and I thought I played I believe I believe he and our associates for transfer trance offered separately ... he'd taken the heat to the IR originally to the groom lake facility car and an associate 2 I believe what's our house also ... I have no independent verification of where the associate website all I can say is that it was very like for now you interacted with Jay road wizard general procedure for Vince interaction motorists in federal procedure there was a verse CG very specific okay ... after we would be brought in with our hope for biologists there was controlling helper biologists those in the in the gallery and then the the production specialist which was self number of occasions ... we entered the Clinton sphere through a large series of protocols involving now pressurization ... compartmentalize edition no pun intended ... so finally we were pressurized in in fully encapsulated ITT yes ... polar caps with the suit for entrance into the clean sphere ... once we were pressurized and entered into the clean sphere ... watching digress we have medical medical evaluation all that first but ... they they ceased doing that after couple medical evaluations of more just interested let's get you in to get the work done ... I would enter into the into the clean sphere and I was not supposed to ... can indicate with the Jay Robb at all I was not supposed to have the state ... the reality is we're communicating from the time that I entered into the ambassadorial sweet startled the clean sphere ... talking back and forth freely I could hear whatever he was projecting at me from 5 and he could very clearly hear what I was thinking I see here any perceived ... I was suppose to stand over by a hologram projection system which is run as like teleprompters over to my right that would be run inside of the clean sphere class ... hold my hand open in remake certain signs it became a joke that really did it became a joke the lots of folks who were watching from the gallery running the show thought that I was standing there mimicking the the only thing the way ... the perceived on the day that the approach the close approach that he may be media grabbing incident yeah but he did with my body they perceived that there was a communication so I began getting question quite extensively whether or not he in fact was communicating with me because you promised not to unfairly with the sigma unit ... and ... I alluded to the fact that there was conversation under way but I didn't talk about what it was until of course the ... I was caught in my research protocol forwarding ideas that were somewhat different band what they expected were they expected my Rifat private research was going to go on this is later at that time the deal was brokered to find out about the doctor I told them a little bit about what he showed me little bit and they told me a little bit about 30 city based problem now that you brought that up which implies traveled through each time is what space and you said that Jay Robb was first tree from me crash near Kingman well what's he at that time just traveling through space from the staging area or yeah yeah okay gets you wasn't doing any time traveling at that point no not as far as I'm aware okay dinosaurs he told me no can you describe Jay brought to us what it looked like and how we behave gets they are the gentleman ... with which I was Associated was approximately 3.5 feet tall ... he had a dark brown appearance very ready appearance to his he was in a highly pressurized clean sphere ... he exuded glycoprotein like material reports on his skin ... which was associated with the rightist or off the field we were it does have an odor ... I don't know I don't know I couldn't receive any orders what's whatever was inside ... I would imagine I would imagine you don't have a data set to say what it was like factories I think I read that ... indicated whether not the reason why because I'm wondering whether she passed that law enforcement why wondered well yeah I've heard about these ... prescription coming through the pores of the skin before and there have been those who've had encounters you say they could smell the odor okay from skin all right ... or worry you're describing ... pretty happy large head in comparison a torso so the ratio of ... premiums of the torso area would be larger than what we would call modern being ... large bowl was black guys the the whites of the eyes and ... and slug it out so it looks like a lot of people basically when you look into his eyes you feel like you're gonna fall into his eyes forever and I think that probably had something to do with telepathic pitcher that is a business structure ... large arms legs large like ... for very fan sinuous fingers ... veils not as long as presented in some of the images that you showed me in the past ... once done by problem that was a but ... building you have slowed the other that's it apartment master ... photos smiling so puppetmaster leads me to but ... it was hunched over most of the time could not support himself fully are given muscular atrophy that had to do with the the ... for for their opposition would use ... so he would grunts and move toward me almost any flopping fashion ... feet were were large in comparison to what we would say our feet would be ... toes fumbled for 4 and he was sorry he was on clothes ... which bothered him he wanted to wear clothing and I was and every turn ... called himself called himself captive and justifiably so ... his ... feet were unusual in that ... his is planned our area di had a very large knob thirties what we call our heels ... is ... his facial features were grotesque in comparison to what he showed me what normal would be ... Wissam normal of his but yes yes ... his sorrow is here's bilaterally symmetrical to the extent that ... ... the disease process was not changing its official figures features ... ... those was recessed knows what we have basically 2 to a particular for a list ... extremely small Bob Marley ... hard palate no teeth his musculature again it was it was suffering from land from from I think my owner junction due to the around the fish you have any idea what his chronological age 622 one for what he has to have his wife sat in saying that I don't know that I don't Bob that number 622 is now used as a an important number within the community okay a very a reference a request from 622 very report from 622 could be from anybody ... so it's it's used in a factory V. S. or SRP record ... that I have with me late in the supplemental report from 3 to I have ... probably his label from 30622 I have to get ahead it's gonna be a cold reading when we look at it but it's probably from 6. ... they excrete in a manner that we would excrete ... their external genitalia are different than ours the the the females have somewhat like below what they have a class for situation ... the mail has a male clasper the female female claspers and if so it looks like a disk where rectangular solids that are rotated into position requesting that the ... incorporation ... they do have internal fertilization now this was something here read because you can female it's you know this is something he showed me of his wife all internally yes in what how was set image presented to disappear ... I was inside the image you were inside him that's what it felt like what virtual reality gets everything everything that he showed me what he this was this was the the incident ... when he projected into me it it it felt like I was there I my sensations were or frightened extraordinary what sorry background perceived or she in a domicile of some sort of a a good excuse for a grade surrounding very very dull drab surroundings almost like a ... concrete evacuation center great have exaggerations owns underneath the hotels in case of a mass mass casualties are mass disaster ... where there is a very was very clinical environment saying were you impressed that he was kind of depressed about his situation extremely depressed ... if if we were to turning human I would and I'm not psychologist but I think you would be termed as quickly to he wept but he didn't we outside the what for me was with me pour out could you estimate what is the level of intellect was smarter than me smarter than me 5 mile long range that you have a wide range of knowledge ... the mathematics but he showed me ... with my life hoser right it ... he showed me ... concurrently not only not only the quotations for a rule of nines but he also did so dying grammatically and he so with 3 dimensional smarter vis our health system ... where I was watching come together Bob so that if I was not understanding apparently felt not understanding the script I would understand it as a child learns groups group theory mathematics ... highly evolved highly intellectual ... highly repressed the motion where where I was with him I felt great happiness to be with him but I could feel his great sadness not only because of what he wanted to become what he knew he was by being present with us but what working gloves how he was being treated ... it was not part of the group that has to be catered to involving le petit 93 ... he wanted to help he was willing but I went in for 6 that the I took well over a problem wells nearly 300 I individualize aspiration samples from from is there a logical system beautiful desirable for me to take there was no pain medication and whenever I would fire the the introduction 6 to remove the sample Dick Dale's aspect of abortion system ... he would cry and then you just stand there looking to resolve suction yes very effective I would I would bring the I would bring them here the sample after the relational initial removal from his into the into the introduction system and then approve it moved from there to one of the helper biologists usually it was it was Robert ... outside of the clean sphere but he would move it from there to be handled under under our normal protocols little 5 faster the don't be unveiled system ... he just stared taken so ask do you feel the communication that he established when you were contact with it here extend this communication over in the distance 60 feet 60 feet definitely 60 so 60 feet from the center of the clean sphere to the introduction of ram we got into the ambassadorial sweet so we 63 so you don't feel like he's been location with him since that time was a selective in somewhere well police are never explored yeah that's all of the folks that the folks that are on him until trying to focus the the the folks that wanted to ... find out what he was saying to me ... very new darn well that he was communicating with me after what because I was smiling I could help we were actually joking back and forth ... and you know some big notated have Michael you have a clue what he was saying so what happens is like they certainly wouldn't pressed me like they did ... after I woke up from the the big attention scenario ... I woke up outside of the clean sphere of drug out of there by Steve ... he finally got secondary cigar and drug me out of the clean sphere ... they had a that included saying I'm sure of it they say they were there were extra rough and removing my plug in my I catheter and all of that business and I would be here now one of the things that I want to ask you now parting slightly from the subject ... we're gonna ask this last question then we're going to take a break okay and then we'll see where we go from there but that's why I think of smiling because of inclusion in the lack of bullets yeah I heard her but everybody's been asking me why and of course you're going to have to restrict the cigarette why are you talking to us now what is your intention and telling those about fits about here involved small careful cartridge it's it it's multi vocal first there's several reasons Barton the largest reason is not the most important reason the largest reason from a personal perspective is to step out under the black ops community okay and retire already he Bob and I told you before I can see myself walking along because they're not being bothered by anybody except for maybe a a bird here and there things and fully just taking my time looking at it from a for fun from Jordan and you're worried about your health right well my office my health is degrading there's no doubt the heart disease that I have is in fact degrading my health time has come I don't know I don't know how long that is in the force that's within god's Providence so you would like to maybe take have some freedom have some guest appearance to go to Walton's ponder something right study the life this apparent Walden's pond during ... there are other reasons that without without yelling the poor me scenario are yes people have a right to know that's you know it is the other folks ... ... have have screamed that some of them I think real some of them Sony is a $3 bill ... yes they have a right to know what is going on they have a right to know because this is their future or maybe not it depends upon our wisdom or lack thereof well this gets me thinking the the the one thing that we that we heard from the Brookings institute study the famous Clapton study Bob Edwards was this would cause a great all social people it would destroy our social bonds are religious by in fact when I don't digress a bit Iraq which are the every time but it in individual his approach with the issue of what this destroyer face I have heard it's my experience only I'm sure there are many varied opinions no it would do no it it would strengthen it it strengthened from a certain perspective yes from another perspective now the Brookings institution's correct on a certain level the suspended disbelief for a moment and and walk with the idea that this is really that and the the ruins that are present on the moon and on March the ancient temples were in fact an artifact the gifts of our own progeny can you imagine what is going to happen when those temples which were trait to this but gods mark found out to be nothing more than the creations of man but the man themselves for those who were being worshipped will fall headlong into the pool of narcissus and may be that's a good thing maybe that's a good thing maybe you will find the truth ... love god something other than buildings stones marble maybe we'll find out who he really is she it or just thoughts in each one of you needs to decide for yourself whether he is speaking the truth I cannot decide that for you I'm just here ... like a an attorney in court my father was an attorney presenting a case to the jury saying this is our there's a good case for this man paying careers and there is a supporting evidence for that there are a lot of things still I do not make sense there are gaps there are discrepancies I'd met this to you but I feel fundamentally court dismissed story he's telling the truth but only time will tell and like you said it is our future that matters here //
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\\ ... I exited my master's thesis I was going to do it on demi but then they want me to do something more expansive us movie ... silicon gonna theory so we did the Atlantis thing I got an a on it was about 300 and something pages which was 6 times longer than it had to be and ... my professors got interested in it ... in a general sense ... I was been interested in ancient civilizations the possibility that there were high decisions in the past I'm gonna kind of go through quickly part of the outline here her service may with the chariots of the gods and all that I got 2 years ago I I start thinking about the traditional when a story that occurs in Plato ... in that particular when I start thinking about the temple where they have the image of Poseidon my chariot drawn by winged horse that's thinking like why would see god have win courses ... the idea of chariots of the gods of course came to mind and maybe this has do with a flying vehicle time at your Casey's origin has to do with their protection of mind and ... have spirit into body and so on and ... the ... yeah ... modification by aliens is businesses early come across in the readings but there is a very specific readings of aliens are image as a second influx of souls into Atlantis from different spheres whatever he specifically mentions them and you could tend toward the the time just before the conquest Reese says those are coming from other sources or worlds in flying machines so there's clearly something ... connecting them it was a lot of traditions Europe mayor probably with a search in the ana gnocchi and so on ... numbness product triggered his kinda quickly ... the mini hello him in the Bible course in India ... BM descendants of them which is almost identical and what's his name on Atlantis any living world author had noted that there's a nation Donnelly yes downloads are ... down hit and noted the similarities the Bible account of with the have played as Atlantis account work one of these divine beings and there is one of the mortals and have a race of semi divine beings have become interesting Pat most people think that land is a thing of the kind of in the context of socks on Amanda Morrison is destroyed hurts evil but according to both the platonic account and make your case is it was hardly that there were problems to be sure but according to him it lasted roughly 200000 years which would be basically the beginning of homo sapiens ... his ... first of the human types of our kind was Amelia's who appeared to roughly 210000 years and it turns out if you look at the help and how temple groups the ... mitochondrial DNA ... that you have the mitochondrial and in the 240 the mitochondria even about want eighties the kind of merged into that protect time frame in the case or 3 ... periods of destruction ... which the at the second one there were 5 violence in this kind of ties into some of the American Indian traditions there are certain things that are still about my house which ... that is no room in the Atlantic will number one there's plenty of room most people don't realize that before the melting of the glacier ... that sea levels worldwide were at least 300 to 400 feet lower I don't know what the height is right here but if we do that right now would be several 0 feet underwater yeah we had a modification the last couple years student under our researcher we thought we'd have to look down at 320 feet or so and it turns out that we don't have to go 110 feet because that's what it was around 9600 for those that are really into it is 9564 accordance ... Jezreel milioni did admit analysis of foraminifera small marine organisms lock see ... record of salinity and temperature he found that there is a major change or the salinity went less 11600 years ago and you take up 2000 years and it's 9600 was I played on ... Paso there is fresh water flooding in that particular time ... getting to the Indian stories that seem to relate to this there's a very interesting one which actually ties in with enhancements the Cherokees so in a book called our voices of our ancestors by younger you walk ... chichi ... was one of the traditional Cherokee ... keepers of the traditions and according that story lobbying's TLA which means thought could come from the direction of the player to use in the inter married people in the Americas ... the children to sign yeah on 5 islands in the Atlantic after a cheesy second destruction there 5 islands in the Atlantic main posts idea area hog with India and I used most of which deals with Poseidon which was the greater activity ... pretty logical perspective the Bahamas are impacting microcar yeah he's in Ewing had found ... carribean grenadier but you think you're being it's actually in the Atlantic Europeans is next ... and their own opinion had been that it was ... ... either continent information on ancient enemy favored an ancient one what I was doing my thesis in the seventies it was a theory that there is granted another now I know there is it's about 15000 feet of carbon platform and that's it okay the Hopi story probably a bit familiar with also and specifically mentions things in the high tech worker in the first world ... basic poppy the door at the top of the head which we call the crown chakra or India sauce rara chakra supposedly open per person there is no bony covering for their entire life and they could kept their accord with god and of the animals through them so when they called the big headed serpent comes among them tells there's a difference there is war in some of the people go underground and the world becomes a big ball of flame suggesting either mechanic activity or asteroids or something like that second World we still have this opening early start building ... roadways between their villages commerce becomes more important so again the good people go underground this time big indicates something of an astronomical or we see the world turned over twice became a frozen pole pockets the third rule gets real interesting in this one it hardens over just like it does now since may have to do with why there was this internal impetus to create things and so on and the call the spirit world who's currently which has no particular meaning in the Hopi language now according to the stories ... this third world they developed civilization very rapidly and aids flying vehicle called the power vota you'd be W. O. T. day which in their language means flying shield her waters and according to them one now well several people start attacking each other and eventually the world become so decadent that is destroyed but one of the things associated with this is that the people at that time user creative power to melt the ice at the top of the world this kind of goes in together you see see via the disappearance of or the modification of the Gulf Stream were Europe which is been a frozen wasteland except around the ... Mediterranean Olson heats up and this occurs roughly the template in BC others also other interesting stories that everyone it more to the you know technological aspects of them of the gods Boston Egyptian also whose equipment Hermes it's mostly come to a place called the island of flame which was in the Atlantic and who brought the knowledge of civilization so the Berbers have a story that's almost identical those about their ancestors coming from place it had libraries and hopelessness is tradable canning products yeah there's a more interesting story about Horace who was one of the major gods among the Egyptians and it's in a book and it's not only just enough knowledge of it came across that has ever writing on his you raise dentist flying on it and spitting fire at the enemy suggesting aircrafts most of your probably familiar with the money Shastri especially the mercury Bamana which I was really interested a long time ago and experiment probably have way too much mercury ask so if I create a good reason danda I began to think about this ... of actually to some other technology to kind of simmered in of any recently with the ... now the up and up the eye on a craft December ski but one of the things that it would have been powered by using mercury turbo I was thinking of this kind of phenomenon debt was noted by IT Sanderson an invisible residents that if you heated the mercury under little ceramic dish and when a circle could start going in another circle but it was startling faster somebody had ... ... noted this particular factors fooling around with it they may have been able to create something kind of interesting a fluid rotor mercury turbine that would move parallel like a turtle it says that it develops power the room why and and become like a pro in the sky and driving world we still have a problem accepting that there's any high technology unless ... no we don't first even though certain types of technology like lighter than air craft with a balloon as was done in for really not too long on the nineties but the political the condor using only the technology available to those people and we also heard this weapon going any context you what's here that people think that the most advanced people living are now in this is not the case Asia classical magnum actually has a bigger brain capacity most modern humans and they apparently are developed to warmer climes one of the more interesting one was in a zillion character from tart DEET ... lead to VM Bhatt predecessor the Mediterranean some of his characteristics were altered human at a higher than normal ... vault of the cranium the genial tubercles in which your tongue connects was actually more advanced intriguing things the poster of the year sideburns was following a particular direction which is advanced but it isn't the one that the ... Europeans fall turned out that it's coming in the Canary Islands and in the Andes mountains and stuff ... possible survival with wireless the more interesting one is a group of people that he referred to by 3 different names the millions imho you I don't know I in us radiator lesions or the Iranians so I run these people were regarded by promised him a expert in that as being identical to the for proponents carried items you're tall and they have the largest brain capacity of anybody that's ever lived 2000 cubic centimeters virtually one fourth larger than any modern humans the conventional explanation is that they looked like a people in southeastern Spain surveyed thought that even though you can see across the straits of Gibraltar that these people had to walk around the entire periphery of the Mediterranean look at Egypt all these places to get here which is just stupid there's even a zillion micro magnon remains of deep sea fish that applied boats that simple I believe that ... ... homo erectus had boats and rafts of some kind that's only we could go into parts of Southeast Asia but one thing about traditions ... a friend of mine lately ... Vincent many had told me of one from Australia no historian aborigines have into a culture but with regard to sophistication they're not even close to the Egyptians immigrants it a story about a particular location missiles actually covered by geologist and once had a pretty nice most you know paradise signal a component and then there was the ... the taboo that was broken and when it was broken there is immense devastation which was interpreted as a mechanic of people it turned out there was exactly right it occurred in 10000 BC so having oral traditionalists virtually 12000 years old for her to changes in land masses I count something which I've never seen anywhere and that wasn't the Celtic for to library ... it was 2 elevation change is off the Congo basin in the Atlantic Ocean of 12500 it was in a 5000 year period it rose upon 0 feet went right back down almost as if it may be counter balancing so ... let's see but with a side reindeer the hound syllables rising a what some people don't realize is that the Bahamas was entirely out of water it was not little islands it was thousands of square miles a lot bigger than that create and the Indians there really cayenne's missiles once bigger nose encompass many arms see ... people wrongly state that only people that have read or know of Plato and indicated Landesman for one thing we're not even sure whether the names acrid versions posing meaning daughter of atlas and the Atlantic Ocean is named after the Atlantis not to Iran it's more likely that a language from the other side of the world being a U. S. Tekken is where the name comes from when I was in the upper division anthropological linguistics semesters of of course I only brought up an interesting fact that the US Tekken languages are believed have split apart in 10000 BC in the American southwest and that language the word awful means water climate means a place ... and it's these include pay claimants lucrative source appliance and get something very close there are many and their native American accounts of coming from the sea and almost none from coming down from the north the Mayans state categorically that they can't have the greater dissent from the Pacific on the lesser descent from the Atlantic ... coarsening Aslan is probably very patient also so no one of the more recent and important things that we go directly to doctors Gregory Laura little handy wrist in half with something related mitochondrial DNA ... there was one ... there's actually 2 that are quite interesting be if you're interested in move them or whatever ... which correlates to people that would have been related to in the southwest and and ... the newest correctly to older sites in South America and the entire Pacific Ocean the haplogroup X. was unusually thought it was European they called ecstasy didn't know who they found an American Indians I thought well it's admixture then they found it and really old American and 2000 be the amount of and then they found a bunch of very interesting people would watch as the Canary Islands the pretty ... Basque people appearing to use the Berbers in Morocco Italians Egyptians on Jews ... Phoenicians and especially a group called the truce is rather several versions and who also they claim to be descended from Jethro Medea the fact that the stars are simple belief in reincarnation you can never joined the religion because in a past life they believe that you may have chosen the wrong and I have to work out your own salvation see can't join the religion and I can look and they speak specifically of the destructions of Atlantis and the gore presumably sonic or they have more of this haplogroup X. anybody else ... simply single misstep refining in him is probably Carthaginian or Phoenician well that wouldn't be a problem for one thing and they have the correct chap with associate with the Atlanteans the Iroquois Cherokee or insane people have it the mound builders had it and there's time lines which are really very much associated this there were changes in 10000 BC opponents are 28000 BC 10000 BC and 2000 issue 28000 would have done via time of the second destruction supposed leader some major changes ... Tim tells the course the final destruction of the mound builders group and this is a major new development ... cricketer sting thing happen us first to them ... may I have a 2005 a great little ... had seen some things I'd done that he actually read my reports which is interesting because they're wrong profusely a photograph of 200 photos and stuff and one of the pictures I had was on the Bimini road which was of a wedge safe thing recently leveling stone got real enters a return to find that the first year couldn't find that would offend other ones and girls were there's another side so right now I can see so this is really small but basically what you're saying personal she doesn't greatness but just read about on this this is what it looked like in the Bahamas and basically 14000 BC recall this area's been trying to see how really close this is to Cuba Nickerson Cuba side it's gotten very little sentence 2100 down there's a volcano near there remnants of a no fault and the string that was above the water and actually there was a land bridge it would have gone over here W. contend that's almost directly in the middle at first we thought it could have been things like boxcars but does look like that now looks like it may actually earned factional then Jim governor was actually doing pretty good for awhile and now they're like the ones that are being the the roadblocks doing any further research under estimating like to or so $0 in to get moving again so it's been it's been there stopped promotes part ... anyway this would've been the area Casey called Poseidon of this is the grand how a bank a little Bahama bank and this right here is case all were there is also stuff at all these areas ... cap island over here when the more interesting areas given the up here handles right here and the UK actually appear near lands and it looks like we have remnants of the maritime culture now with those directly associated with the lan us is problematical but what does seem to associated with it is the things that we had in 98 actually the shows right here look better address this is a by the way 6000 feet deep right here and here it's your lucky if it's 30 feet ... Binley way up here and the idea of our criteria which is what I do but it's not on the case open for the cat screen up on the program ... my nephew such experienced in on ... digging for the truth which is mainly digging for conventionality ... and I was kind of funny to me because the guys the guy who was an associate of Shannon I'll go into the controversy looking into that ... was there on the program with them something really nice mellow guy which and was totally wrong on everything and now we know that he was right even live in the article that was in nature magazine and we can prove but had any records that he took it a pretty good core inside zinc so they weren't so good we've got an angle but they look pretty good to me when we finally found them last year ... there to its cards here's the controversy of the Bimini road it was discovered night and 1968 near Bemidji Simonson something's gonna happen 68 a dozen asserting that yet itself was in surgery but it's certainly true that had the attention people there and also handles ... initially was found by a Manson Valentine it would have been discovered by to me to read accounts of him actually Lee got caught up with the idea propeller silicon stop now the major Ribicoff for those who don't know was ahead of the rebbe coughed and said he was on a level with Cousteau ... it turns out that the ... things that he stayed about every road were exactly to the amazing thing is it took 30 years for people just to look at it now I was at my training here where we don't generally studied ... Mediterranean marine archaeology is to delete the southwest or something like that so don't really know what to look for now we realize we were synthesis the anchors themselves that we've found go prepared from at least 38 D. 21388 that last one is when I found a seat in the last row which has about 5 holes the bigger better one of the older ones they may be a lot older ... they were all within 15 feet of each other at least 3 of these anchors that was just amazing on please call proctor showed the Bimini road controversy is and these guys say that it is nothing but places in there's a real problem there even sharing higiene center rota there was something of a hoax thing had said that ... that's all it was the only and it was only one layer which is also the place he took the Koreans at his 1 way or the other places are 2 and 3 layers ... the J. we now know is a brick wall like if heaven harbors its virtually identical to some of the Mediterranean here's the cool part it may be older than all and symmetry we don't know how old it is it could theoretically be is almost 10000 years but it's not likely because of where it's at ... depth here her trying to correspond that was ... antiquity something about 30 feet would be more interesting since was actually closer to the top of the mountain and you see that when you go down the submarine a bandanna to dogs there in one a little bit to the south and things that you would not think about right in later on came to have a whole lot of meaning because of things that we received 110 feet definitely be in the 10000 BC occurred ... indicate that there were some things that are in 98 and we had an amazing ... I think it'll be finished for different too far up their hero ... first of all I'm doctor David zinc with their Virginia polytechnic they did neutron activation analysis study of the the land which you should have the same product and then he wrote there was one major difference with the Bimini road ahead less of the trace elements as if it'd been about the water and had headed certainly ... one of his people an archaeologist I think had noticed that the referral spacing Pacific mathematical patterns on the road which were not present in the other one ... we know right now that there are different stones and better from different areas it's mainly limestone but there is granted and one of the major discoveries was something called bio Spira which is in effect marble that is not needed to build but anyway so we had all these particular things I don't go through but not if it takes a long time to to read what was going on ... the ... their stones if tenants in mortal sins on a mentor and usual once you see a couple her one on this kind of a paraboloid triangle that goes deeper into the center as it was meant to slide in and out I've never seen it anywhere I told Greg all we have to do is ... prove it is archaeological because in that destroys our whole argument a wave to them then find his antiquity and we think we have a ... ... when you see the parents on the road you know and I understand I discovered a new site as recently as June and we call it the paradise point here is related to a dream I had way back in the seventies middle seventies it is definitely as artificial as the Bimini road has the same style and this last November when I was there we found several acres which I have here they're actually kind of it's known anchors ... and the cut stone fragment which is a mortal sin as over these people really did a lot of more to sing intending because you don't have to use I met ... the in 1998 we did sites counts on on the west side of Bimini we got some really intrigue targets without power and one that we thought was like a pyramid it turned out it was just we were reviewing it was just wrong and just shout no actually I kinda come in on the other one ... that if things consumer because it had a large and some other things you might have to be very difficult to see from there but it doesn't take a look at the camera every another big project of of what we have here is image really puts a whole lot like structures especially agreement right down here okay a little bit and work with others okay even took a look here there swear shadows right here when I called ocean ... the results they said that that they were hard targets as a rectilinear shot of ... okay okay right here we have to pose little systems and they actually met the thing is that everyone of these look like architecture are proportionate to human protection style electoral 3 hot appears like a little rough here with 2 columns and stares north interesting witness actually nipping correct right here which appears to be tiered pay and handles like when a kid has a flashlight into another phase need all these weird things but when you measure listeners you can measure this in 3 different formats comes out this gets bigger and bigger and bigger like a step pyramid type so the next year we went back to look for the stuff that we found out later after spin the $0 but the GPS was off it was really tough because of the war and all that stuff we ... this with this way became extremely important as last time we got a total of $45000 which still left about 6000 which guess who gets paid and ... what happened was when the ocean technologies people were expert in this ... one of their people and found that we were a third of a mile off so I do ... grids to do this particular area the first day I got a list of the gossip to look good that right there prove that it was inside scanner what they had picked it was rectal linear formation standing at least ... from one to 2 meters off the ocean floor so we went out to investigate yes did fight anybody who said it was 8093 or 96 yeah I didn't see it so the next day they correlate RGP us with their this is a really critical thing under water 100 feet is a really long distance you know you need to know where half out of this type of system every pixel as a GPS play so the next day we went down and across the inner housing who the boat people and keep it went underwater cities on 100 square I'm still figuring he's been about 20 minutes trying to getting clearer a fair distance like a mile off shore enhanced begins must be 8090 feet no it was 120 feet deep was to have ever done and we go down there and we get to an interesting area was like a 45 degree angle maybe this high almost like a Basil plane or something and there was coral heads it and different ... spacing almost like it was it went on maybe stuff going on and I do think that some of the coral things we see Bahamas ... maybe artifacts with things going on especially it cannot cat island to the other side so right about then something unusual happened I realize my regulators networking to ... the air was not coming in under the pressure needed to and I think okay I can either swim or brief but I can't do both at the same time ... really hard to do both so in order to the line and really going down for the public hearing accidentally my handles off of the rope which is a really bad idea I'm heading upside down my fence touch the top of the water and talked as the there is a single back down goes nuts that long interval we really done a persimmon it's a kind of screwed up we were going to do it drift out to try to locate the so we appear to be on the right that was one of the things later on off of self there may be also picked up things which the doing the scanning thought was artifacts neither is modern stuff and we know that there had been a from one of our submarine things that that there's actually been a waterfall did come out from their meetings when the 2 places which would have fallen something like 300 ... the more interesting thing in the biggest surprise and the best one was what happened with someone a pro flying on the east inside of memory which is really shallow I think here is that it's to show only gets like less than 6 here's a feature which I think is and ... slides here and we call this area east side it's kinda between east feminine self governing and ... it's shaped like a rectangle but it's vegetation which is doing and there's also a feature he played Pentagon south Bimini and ... there was a kind of theory about what would cause instances is vegetation and but it's been persistent for decades at least but well it could be either a fresh water source coming up ... which turned out to be correct there we thought first it might be and the thermal gradient was altered and was like providing more energy to that wasn't true the radiation I'm going to probably wasn't Ambia started a different chemistry so they had us up on our profiling went through different depths going across across across it and this rectangles one quarter by 0.5 mile inside so it's pretty big area what they found was and John of an eagle and I had been there a couple years earlier the sand was really weird it was almost like sounds like a very saturated with water needs a reason plus they found out there was absolutely no Stratovarius is if the strike had all been removed now to some kind of profiling can actually go down roughly 55 feet into the ocean for they're able to go down 23 and if that's the level where it is it is significantly beyond 10000 feet he had it would have implications that this was constructed by humans a long long time ago we had a massive labor it would have formed in effect the rest on which is exactly what it looks like from about turn up the John of an eagle satellite photos and which were dented ARE showed straight lines that appeared to be going in that same direction when he went in the water the water was actually harder at the bottom like 90 degrees follow the steps of the maybe actual strawberry moon there also so there does seem to be something that is happening geologically there Casey it indicated that if they didn't you logical served in the Gulf Stream between the Bimini area that they would find them proof of Atlantis what turns out we were and having a phone conference Mitchell don't apply geographic science he just happens to bring up and talk uses the geologists were interested in that area because there is a rapid tearing down and building up of material ... whether something sings on the seal arising affected substantially the same year under water are there have been some G. illogical activities which have tilted the Bahamas platform you may have heard of the US stalactites stalagmites that are under water at an angle in parts of the carribean which are basically correspond about the 10000 the time sociologically right pretty for Graham the Blake plateau is directly opposite the stern seaboard American case submitted been part of the lives of Atlantis and at a time when the under water in this probably is correct my question was again like the Bahamas the biggest thing about this is of course is that some of you heard what they call the hall of records according to Casey that when the people of Atlantis were leaving about 3 of them one which is the tip of the homeland and beside your which supposedly American there were various the other in Yucatan I decide which we determine his captors neighbors which have been found to be older than I thought the interesting thing is that both the Littles and I through different reasoning came across came to the same conclusion as to where this stuff probably is buried and the other is the very hard to get to Giza plateau ... I talk to Robert shocking early nineties and doctors a kid and told me what he said Djilas been since society here and not telling they had done acoustic Sinding affect us soundings in front of the great pyramid and found was telling 3060 or something like that that there were air spaces in front of the slayings of his deep level now they've also founder some very large chains that are between some of the other ones ... even more interesting ... to how many of you take National Geographic but a couple years ago had a picture as helpful as it will be dated part of it based on one astronomical correlation friend of mine who has a track air traffic controller and is pretty has a good program announced archaeology found the problems that we've all had before he admitted he had a problem with it I found a very interesting Kournikova Leysin with the ... great determined to to herself to the north on the to do the south is thinking like is doing the cheesy periods if there's anything unusual in the really was I think it was 10500 B. the 2 northern ... shouts aligned with a 0.0 star and a 3.5 star in exactly that same time the 2 southern ones alive line with a 0.03 0.5 magnitude star the stars are Vega office and tori iota Hercules in the fourth in which I wish we could put the likelihood of this occurring of my accent is almost literally astronomically remotes it's similar dates ... had abi does the Assyrian around 7500 be without I doubt it ... the ... likelihood again that this is is whose is an accident or just a ridiculous I mean for correlations that correspond to a Swiss time frame it meant that the people that did this knew about relative luminosity of stars which is certainly not a primitive characteristic is an advanced the Mayan numerical system is is in my opinion a direct descendant of the Atlanteans it's time it has the perfection in it which no other system has ... I know how many familiar basically a. represents 1 probably some make up it only listening to 34 and a straight line via is 5 so it prophesied of the hand is string the well adapted to doing a chosen bop ... typing recalculation a Mexican researcher found it's better adapted to computers and since is based 20 which is better in base 10 anyway have commonly divisible factors 1255 but the interesting thing if you converted to our system you take up zeroes going from 1 to 24 8000 81248 miniature hot binary progression that this could have happened by accident is really remote ... when I go over to our more recent stuff I'm ... I mentioned probably the biggest discovery of still waiting for the ... things but ... quite literally this this particular step ahead of the somebody profiling of any site with the rectangle is probably Ducky so far there have been 2 and probably 3 sizes were discovered because of unusual dreams I had one of which is the paradise point pier ... additionally several slides right here and we should probably get into that because there's a lot here you might want to skip Spock's this 1 right here is actually in 1989 this thing right here probably was an artifact I don't think you can actually see it but there is a my summer beaches on here look like they were very crude pictures it because like I say this in this area has many cultures ... ... had a book that showed the ... features that they showed Paulina's let's key which shows a Cuban caving has this really complicated down concentric elliptical things with what appear to be the star of the planets in the solar system the intriguing thing is at their ellipses ... also and they seem to show a heliocentric down universe the really strange thing is a set of people that are regarded as being extremely primitive disavow any of the 7 day who were in the Bahamas but looked almost nothing of material culture this is very sick it shows an arrow going like out in the direction of the sun suggesting a comet or something or some major a disaster I wouldn't do it I yeah hearings over closer like little almost like a crude things I'm not that true now this is actually a blue green thing this is the area where the Pentagon or the erecting a I don't think that's that actually shows the entire thing right here Phoenix this is one of the stones David sing found it was a clearly carbons was marble this is on the Bimini road you see this little marks right in here to okay and that's it up what is weighed about 200 pounds what's up on the boat right there basically so far we've found a sudden variations of different lines that we found granite limestone marble and the bios very okay I Marvel oh yeah marvelous handed ... certain types of environments it's kind of unusual to find here now some of this is probably at some north and got ... it's basically what the type of stuff that we found it was different the black stuff degree gray marble vile spirit is not needed to Bimini as from the other side of the Bahamas and it looks like black granite up close in fact to geologists looking at it said those that way so I sit in something related to granite was missing ... mica otherwise it would have been granted so any rate it's very unusual and what we found was a stone I'd down the road a signal to Greg and now Laura Larson's a huge amount time of the water like partner made just opened service Greg goes down there hands the flask on that was under other stones which made an interesting incorrect starts digging Amazon Mr spring up his Blackstone some of which are here in Australia and ... I wrote down on the slick these are all artifacts and when I'm sleeping like a big door stop when he was like a cut break it seem to be and and then I saw was on the other side and behind you know never seen this before at all Phil like we would put in a light come some of the harbor works here around LA and it was absolutely not related to the geological contiguity infect adjacent stones can have different crystallization aragonite calcite so the arguments are ridiculous now sin had said that in his own work that 25 percent of its 2 inch Koreans I showed bedding plants when he did the ... nature articles have all of them did which is not true now he's saying that you can't determine that from 2 inch Koreans which but that kind of an interesting non argument they did ... Balkan dating a radiocarbon things giving I have like 3000 BC was there saying oh was nowhere near Atlantis whenever one of us and biased and ... you can determine anything because of the bolt dating would you do it Alford's there were stones that were 200000 years old office south ... it was just really a bad system they didn't take it seriously yet everybody has cited as part accurate thing skeptical Inquirer was never skeptical people that supported that position only the other one ... the ... the the fact that they're different types of stones anonymous source in emissions of their arguments utterly bogus and it's like what does he have now that actually valid if people are still citing this in fact Craig someone a computer program and he actually stopped before he got to this particular point but then he repeated exactly the same thing he wasn't even a geologist when he looked at the store he was a biologist okay let's go but we get a lot more please when I need it probably skip a few that's north of its weight change we have in order to is probably ... this the people as David Sinclair John Hanley bond us we've all been the people who'd been mainly in involving this last couple years ago sink into ... stones of Atlantis which he actually read in the nineties I help them some things are metrology that's this is south Bimini north I mean the deniro to be right up in this okay ... ... that basically right here I think this is actually given this is called a 3 sisters are Crowe has one of the artifacts was found inside to totally goes through here which people saying oh they just drop stuff over the Bailey road because people are admitting real art it is an older not from here and that's just wrong the new feature is actually right here about 50 yards offshore and I just means about 300 feet long Greg thought it was more like 200 yards long and it appears to be a megalithic here it's built up and you see the stone patterns everything okay ... beast in me move alone you know if you want I can use a lot quicker yeah bringing together office okay okay go so go we go but efficient go no this is their first going on right here mainly by division aerial inference that showed that there was not just one or 2 matters a whole mount complex there was a shark ... artificial whichever one I call it a leaping catch the rectangle appeared to be like a builds are and then up above there is an upside down so often very large Holly walk and then across the channel one that he and I found in the Philly purpose mode is gonna be ... ... looks like a cobra now there's actually an animal in dimly which mimics a cobra well stepped on the poor thing of the biggest lake and its neck family out of them if this is mimicking a covert sometime in antiquity you had been a source in a place which with cobra witches Africa was the can be the leverage that okay governor okay as a first year out there go that set her apart right there ... this was actually taken with a 110 underwater cameras from the fragments of you can see parts of their their right okay yeah he wrote not real clear because of some of the big stones here by the way are the name he wrote is not the job for a couple reasons for one thing it's 7 degrees out of alignment parts the Jay and in one of the other parallel or in the past here they're both 7 degrees out of alignment so it's here at 7 it's here that's pretty remote that you'd have okay yeah he just ignored her it's a it is a see see the parallel areas between the stones right here now yup there is a feeling is the sum of the alignments right here okay okay you just keep going effect more interesting ones right here did the idea of size right here some of these ... about for fear he you know the Windsors long is 16 and this last time we went there on ... RKO luminous Julia Michael we were so along the edge and apparently there that both people regain bug that because they can see our bubble Hey we got a mile past them eroded over still point 01 was like about 20 feet square okay I feel a bit better alignments right here last and also do have smaller stones that make up the space between them okay I well yeah just keep going writer legal orientation this here these are actually early ones from the night is a little different now see the nice alignment here Bo tried to pull up one of these is a bit faint frequency some that's okay ... and it nearly capsize the boat the estimated it weighed probably about ... 10 times will be better pictures there so by the way what you're saying is not that the stones themselves Villard Filatov friends it's about one inch of material sampling Marengo first up it's actually understand is almost white for like looks a lot like the Peruvian things okay Ricciardo's going to to some of these particular things but ... Hutton this regular there's an interesting hexagonal stones and sees a right angle things of around but this one 's interesting this was probably something that once stood upright these 3 pieces here it was basically would have stood up almost like an inverted knowing column I would've been about 6 hi zinc found one also another part of him near the solitude that's it sideways you I that's a little bit closer okay okay disinhibited pattern here ... yeah so you see there's a lot of these rectilinear formation but one thing I discovered this last time out with Greg and no June was that we were going to bring ups because we did the TV program a ... the Atlantis when the new evidence thing him which appeared in I think July but he wanted because we don't get to do we want to the science fiction channel owned by NBC and we did get to spend a day more we want to thank you or them excellent back and he pointed out when the stones were like this that in order to measure it which I didn't know we brought to other ones on board which were different quality life stones significantly the image of later in the evening one that we pulled up and one that was below the surface was exactly 23.5 inches in a measurement so there's a standard unit of measurement also and again more the stuff we just keep going through offering one stop this is an interesting one it's almost like steps right here on both sides going up I've never been able to find this area again okay ... notices hexagonal one right here okay this is what's called a ghost hunter actually is anything here it's what's left over from a stone there's apparently proposed okay yeah it's a more ... cream shirt that was on the deniro to suit the next one you're in the same city well this very reasons people prices about 15 you can actually swim through here but not in the tank and the spread of this maybe seals found this particular artifact when it was divisible by 10 and all its dimensions okay that's going to the man's first time okay as Doug Richardson John Haley ... that's my blood there's a whole lot of it ... headline acts of mercy he went to the side of my foot into getting 5 states I'd like to think so much your picture that's me wheat if anything is a restore law to camouflage the guys the girls and boys were hot pink so it's like do some weird Mars Venus thing going on here you guys don't want to be found the women do okay that was on the map on the merits writer this is the rectangular man that's one argument Bolton beginning this is a well that's no longer there in his first one was called the pirates well they would go by their Morgan apart was excellent and so you're prolly varies impression of it now this is the healing Hollings he's gonna bubbling appeared on ... the water table is really high some people call this actually Disney healing also political account of you I would never drink there's like in simpler terms for he actually used to have this is actually what the people built on some make up the water could actually irrigate from the 18 hundreds okay if this important by the way because it relates to the strawberry moon ... offshore which shows that the same principles under was going there that you get fresh water simply by going ... Nicholas right here Papa was working with the rebel concerts I was half the year Helio which it had curly one time had a lot of lithium in fact more than a place on earth no it doesn't seem coming in at all has very high concentrations of sulfur it'll change a copper silver brass to colors in just minutes when lithium was there people got real quickly that's really okay it's kind of creepy looking place there's you see the thing is these are all turn colors because the chemical things Casey it said specifically that there would be so from what is a sort of on the north line which is exactly where this is I had done no more analytical take a look and it was like Tampa 0 times more than it was on the phone the other parcels of significant okay that's actually mountains through their Indian things have been founder that's actually Saunders close okay the second year static some severe the people in ancient times leaves the Indian singers can more times how this this when this thing the fort fanned out its neck take that's another round I found on the part of the island really committing on the northern part of North no this is some places that are just like going key and a few other ones where you see a lot of this stuff hardly one 's view of lost or anything else okay this is a ship that support it which enters in very definitely to the ... ... Bermuda triangle thing they're actually going out to do a test bombings on this thing which was a concrete it from World War one some strange person wanted actually for the casino on top I can imagine what happens the first her came they have you can find a lot of big bullets around if you die okay for it's really interesting features there is a feature optimally that's actually putting human foot I've seen masen valentines photo and it turns out this is really bizarre it's what's like a human foot it's actually made of magnetite sandwiched forms into geometric patterns magnetite Santa sometimes socially with gold ... Telerate has also been found on BME was most some go and not with a typical carton of our okay ... this is a step that goes up naturally up the northern part of him even looks very interesting was actually gets deeper as you go on the northern part of Germany it gets incredibly shown to be and you can actually see the layers of Jim article history okay the water is actually near the mariners but it's not really showing much in okay this is this is really weird this was a mango but it appears like it's going in mines and so is really strange if you think that nobody's planning this okay one of things you can find sites that is of course isn't vegetation pattern alterations that's what we're looking at the other one so this is actually the fish man this is an infrared by the way right here this is 100 let's see 4 or 529 feet those details the other one right here and as you can clearly see the rectangle occur Israeli other mailing since going to need her help much appreciated but this is actually on the service or something had cut down into the rock which you could even modern art and artistic sure we document everything okay ... another the males right here and some more right here you should have some better ones of her pretty soon okay that's not awfully astute free since you but that's a boat it would take a big I turns out that this is how the same forms around so we know what is and what isn't important step okay independence it is written partly okay here's officially gains in the plans profession and the other one right there okay for that's one of the man's which you can't really see it's gonna hurt this plan is not the best for doing that okay another way really okay as before they went to the mound that claim is actually owned by Eisenhower was real because playing at one time and okay for its own good of which probably skip if you listen let's skip ... 0.2 and 3 and what we have that yeah a lot of the same and that was just like the first year that we did stuff someone American under so let's try the fourth I'm hoping though there be one that shows the ... problem is that one that has the the horseman which are discovering that was that's an interesting story itself but had this unusual dream and when I first come to Bimini on the big boat they come across as marble from there because we couldn't get him in the dream I'm at a like a keep going computer access door terminal and I type and filled with one now Texas infinity can happen in the next image I'm gonna talk this is beautiful white wings see her statue on a pedestal and a character that so behind me is like a statue maybe it's out when I don't know and it's indicating that there are records in the base of a sign of interesting thing is I kept looking after that dream ... to see if there's something like a white wings the horses on a boat that what's interesting then it turned out that when we're flying over I discovered a man that was a white seahorse ... and it was from the air so I kind of went together so if that's true we can do harm grant penetration rate we might find something really interesting likely related to Madison record but that's not the reason that was discovered okay it is just a map showing the proletarians that so I think so yeah okay eh and thank you okay which is on that this is where there's an angular markets a semi circle of stones and actually comes within one foot of the circus minutes for someone who wasn't very carefully protected area no we are not sure where this one so let's go might do you have okay can go okay think this is probably a Gila ke right here okay yeah it's like okay keep going yeah I see the same similar to Bimini star okay again the lights Pariser okay a list of right here okay CNN same thing okay keep going different levels there okay yep there's definitely locating see some of the some of this could very well be natural this is one of the people that was with us on the bottom 90 okay again same area Soffici take pictures like Doug Richards those who take one picture Vimeiro looks terrible another looks really great that's a Jonathan eagle right in there overzealous and features consider here interesting hands condoms it's not actually multiple feature thing is just a bunch of rocks could again we're talking about hard work so I have to do is dump a bunch of rocks here in order to use it because they affect but you know this is ... triple feature Donnie fields found like 90 fields was one thing that totally he said there general does one layer it's not one layer at several layers based on the jet okay yeah and she's using a fluorescent marker is a really bad disability that particular day we did find that an intriguing thing the middle stone is the most artificial of all of them okay let's and that's one of the criminals right here that was done I hope it pretty well here's what we're looking at you can it's been a road that's a jury what is that picture which comes off the northern part okay but once I heard is this is the rectangle right here this is why we were interested in it you also see a small pentagonal form right here on the inside here destroyed it is totally gone it falls natural con countries on the outside and again it if the Astros down at the 20 foot level it's really ancient so we got rid of okay okay ... let's see unusual feature writers from the air by the way this is actually no other part of me see this is actually a bit different from the beach ruckus is actually more like a stone in the premier on as if it's regular life so much kinda okay this is no longer here the weather has destroyed his entire body was against evil connected to the show this paradise point and it is out here that we have the ... it's a bit more in that direction were the appearance a big fish it was cut right up from the permit that's a ... .is has been okay yeah that's about the reason her research okay since birth because the 7 leaders in 98 it's a necktie gamma that's Tom vanderveer Tom vanderbur was involved with the Decca corporation something really and it was the ... you're a trailing a camera 6000 feet of retrenching they came across what looked like 3 buildings at 6000 feet one of which had called her and that's probably on the field somewhere vehemently anti and brooded also have something to look like a call from the other side okay ... that's a size can torpedo right there they're not too big and this is one of the boats we had for the I think for the submarine okay there is a moving armored all that if you're claustrophobic this is the worst place but it's actually really nice to your point moving in a bubble yeah just keep the other one after I know what that is all this might have been taken from the submarine 1 thing I notice that 110 was that I saw these patterns of vegetation and Sam there were like square this had no meaning at all until the tech guy wasn't John Hanley had in 98 we're going down and ... significantly deepening found what appeared to be on like trails ... that you have on the surface the Americans with them ... subtle things go back back and forth and rectangular and square patterns and it turns out that if these could be remnants of things it literally are for that are the remnants of the shadows if you will on the things that were around 10000 but I think that was it split it's in places that are spread out so we have been many and also a gun he which is someone else's okay I ... yeah okay go ... shows a shell it is okay that is actually a part of a kill of a boat that was there this was covered by the weather the maps of the many are now no longer accurate that's part of it okay sisterly near there are very big spikes it's kinda dangerous are okay that's one of so I got a whole range of things that's our whole group saying a palace colleges honestly okay Beverly okay could read at the end of that one good when you get to the last may have one or 2 more she was violence more trays phrase left Washington around us okay about that last right because it's not it's not knuckles about how okay business that if you are interested though in the other stuff their son Peruvian and another 70 pounds ... we as America Clinton had it there's a cool separate permits you okay 6 6 is the newest one you know these are yet since I paid $300 to get 50 slightly some provincial bishops I don't know what's with slaves is really 1 or 2 Bucks nearly a dozen of the Georgian across 599 a slide but these will be ... some from Tampa it turns out that a man John Saxon had these very interesting stones which look like her ankles but they were far bigger this is when the artifacts I have with me right if you wanna take a look afterward it was cut this is on the outer edge of the J. this is clearly because ... then this one doesn't like a Roman toilet to me actually on the ... the curve of the Jay of indie rock that was discovered in in may other muscle rectilinear formations because this is the stuff we pulled up the black stones right here there was a lot of lives like 75 pounds and just start reading along the edge okay it was on 55 of 5 if you're into numerology ... this is at Andross right here you see the same ... patterns right here okay ... again address this is relatively shallow was likely to 10 feet does skill yeah ... disability I know like 6 ... so right here ... pro listen for I can only tell me particularly these would be the same as 6 feet maybe later so feature on a pretty good size scaling civil rights here okay these are it's a fairly new was a really interesting one here is in the weather angles are going here and it's really shallow this is silly artifacts that's again one of them ... commute scaling prohibitive once he's afterwards okay some of the other ones is that once we pulled out the blacks to Greg has this when I have these ... underwater see this nice well correct stone here right here that part focus but this is one of the acres on the Bimini road apparently this one is closer to home and knowing acre kind of interesting Laura saw this when we were looking at that toilet like sea life okay well this isn't really me because it shows the 3 stones falling over better underneath this big one here but you're barely supporting someone's retainer this isn't Cryin acre from 1380 do you seal the holes here that were collected on the inside ... this is on lands in on the little Bahama bank and this was a perfect circular hole about 6 inches since program here I think you see more the next one yeah right hearings is absolutely perfect whole okay ... this is the big anchor the one that looks like a Carthaginian when there's a hole right there at this point about 400 pounds and was quite into pulling it open as Lisa's those make a good anchor as opposed going like okay ... let's see this is an act ... angular Casey's nice very close patterns on here okay this is also adding the UK looks a lot like a mini also adding fuel okay it's right here in a very tight this these are less disturb the Bimini road was apparent in the twenties and thirties before taking stones offered to build bridges in Florida and I don't blame 1000000 could have known what it was okay this is in Florida it's been a pretty volleyball through it's very interesting ... he resembled acres but ... you may have been some for some other reason okay but now this is the venues when this was 6 feet high 12 feet long and was going into the ground they've never please call Indian rock road these are spread out all over and there's not a single source of stone that I could find these are there are various brokers to go around the circle thing was about 17 ones about 15 inches you can see some of the lines are from the rope proves that have been about 2 inches thick so past may pose a hankering to be parts of the line or something like a destroyer because the good stuff is a is a rock it's more likely it may have been used as a mooring stone if there's anything there but they're quite a few men and their different ... types and so this one we couldn't date because there is no organic material ... or they also had these card faces there are this is what I understood I think the next 2 sides of the same thing public on the mound builder per there's a lot of communication labels have things a lot homemaker and my aunt see right there and right there okay because of first look at a Celtic knowing that this was on the beach some absolutely dead perfect hole on this one like it almost like a pipe would come through have no idea what the thing was okay maybe astronomical citing these if you're wondering look are apparently acres see the holes in things okay that's our proctor's road so is this right here in this in some kind of unusual markings there okay ... this is one of the ... leveling stones right here actually is but a triangular saved up right up here nmap a little extra because Greg broke the sample it's kind of answers a sacred and basically you can see the the shape of it is wedge shaped and that's exactly yeah I was okay ... you see again is nice rectangular cut stones and very nice this particular song average the Janus around which it's one that I can actually carried out most a really small disconnect okay ... I think that all this is the paradise point here the new stuff I think so let's keep going knows things yeah okay saying this is the new site yes absolutely no doubt that that was our favorite factual can you see some of the patterns here in the near pictures of ... you can see full term areas again right here right ankle features that's it so but this one is really interesting ... you see the 2 holes here in this very definite groove thing and I think of it this way here there have to be anchors and on the south side where the current clothes we found a lot of acres this is a very big one I can see some of the ... things here in this terrible ocean creature that's I well this is this is really weird ... when we'd better been there that day is really to dream it turns out that calm ... Andrew Collins yeah ... who'd written a book a retailer's was there I'd I'd met him he was on our expedition 98 really good observer get a dream ... there's like underwater and saw a tree well on this particular day unverified my dream uses tree that was under water happens like to particular genes are the same area and is installed that would have to be there any courses sealing the patterns of stones even more obvious then the road once okay patent realize right here problems into there we go and that's what actually occurred was that Juliet like it is an issue this is but what you find of things that are actually under the sand are very well protected ... the organisms eat right into the rock you can tell him that one right there if you look at it ... some there at the end of one of the features on the road I dug in it was like perfectly clean you know it's almost like the Miami what Socrates Gregory this is a one woman more interesting with okay well this one is very because the pictures very I've heard people say that there was an arch that was north of Bimini there is there is not really an artist was calling architrave I agree because we have the columns and the thing goes right on top of supports the ropes as an architect an architect is not ancient and some people are trying to claim it was it is marble have a sample of a 11 miles north of Bimini and ... there had been because they're what Kristen told me was that there were things that look like tombstones and I think that's that's like Sally would've been for like a funeral plans are Marjorie place that's probably what it was from I wasn't anywhere near age of a rover going down by cities to big shark tales out from under the spike things like this and keep going like this and nobody's paying any attention to me whatsoever and Kristin goes aren't really starts yanking on the tail was going to get a move which is what you want to take a sure later on I think no it's okay it turned out they were nurse sharks would unite dangers you can do a lot with them photo was like 8 feet long you know kind of is weird Korea green color but this this one did is they did come out but it's fun to have is the only picture I have a pretty ... probably did in the room there's a place called Mozilla shows which is probably nearly was which has he the blocks of granite filter unbelievably back okay ... deniro these are some of those rectangular slabs silver off on her limits like we are so mercilessly out but he does have some acres I have those may be worth a look if you see the rope proves right here such //
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The Secret Space Programs Amazing Warp Drive Interstellar Technology
\\ha ha I grew up in the forties and the fifties and experienced a lot of stuff that for many of you I expect is just history are by way of background let me mention a N. incident which seems to be related to all of this high in the mid fifties there was a science fiction film called for bidden planet and the opening to the film was a flying saucer waffling along through hyperspace or what have you N. D. over speech was and then at the end of the 20 third century man figured out how to achieve the speed of light and then vastly exceeded and so on and I can remember as an ignorant 10 probably arrogant you've thinking well Gee if they can do it at the end of the 20 third century why not try and do it now I relate to this because I mentioned this story to some friends at a NASA meeting a few years ago and a good friend of mine who immediately piped up and then you spend the next 60 years finding out why they don't do it now okay so and you should understand the figuring out gravity control or gravity manipulation whatever you want to call it is something that's generally N. our culture but it's something good for the most part scientists Sean as a serious topic of research for the simple reason that if you look at standard theories of physics quantum mechanics and general relativity in particular you would appear simply looking at those theories that there is no way to manipulate gravity aha and however being clutter I guess is the right way to put it I kept on plodding along and try to find a way to do this sort of thing and ... through a series of lucky accidents seem to have happened upon something that may work it's not guaranteed yet but I've got a gizmo sitting in a laboratory at the university India I demonstrated at her fellow from back east last this past after new which shows the behavior of the effects predicted by some theory that's been developed could you question next slide please okay the reason why this is important as far as we generally are concerned is because if some means other than chemical propulsion and electric propulsion indeed even nuclear propulsion is found we're pretty much likely to be trapped in our gravity well of our planet it may be that there are clever critters out there elsewhere in the cosmos indeed they may be all over the place but if it's physically impossible to traverse interstellar distances then they're trapped in their gravity well stew and all of the reports that you have a flying saucers and mother ships and what have you is ... pollution will be perfectly Frank about it for those of you who have had these experiences and I've known some people who had quite vivid experiences they are disinclined to believe that that it's likely the other thing to assume as that since our solar system has been around roughly about a third of the age of the cosmos about 14000000000 years our solar system being 4.5000000000 years Hey since it's been about a third of the age of the cosmos there are stellar systems in other galaxies indeed even in our galaxy there are vastly older than SR stellar system and if our stellar system is just an average short of stellar system an earth like planets are fairly common as is now widely believed to be the case in scientific circles then the likelihood that intelligent life has evolved elsewhere is pretty good and there's a pretty high likelihood that if it is indeed possible to figure out how to traverse interstellar distances and given the amount of time thousands or millions are indeed higher perhaps a few 0 years longer than we have had to have all that someone or something has figured out how to do it okay as far as we're concerned what's on offer now if you look at the moral less mainstream scientific media next slide please is something like those so called generation starship I'm not going to show you pictures of UFO was what if that's what you're here for okay that's an artist's rendition of a generation starship the idea here slide is that it would be nuclear powered and that it would have cheese something along the order of potential who speed of light and travel to the nearest dollar system in some decades that is to say it would take longer than a human lifetime make a transit hence generation starship you have several generations of people on the starship living and dying before they get to their destination okay next slide what we want to do and of course next slide that's what we want to do I had spent a lot offer since the 19 sixties who pay hi Priddis slide from a friend's power point presentation given at JPL got going on 20 years ago now he was giving a talk one post that nation rocket engines and the last slide who put up without comment was this slide okay next slide what you're talking about Paris which now well known as helping Pierre more mobile a warp drive sue called it's a system that was worked out basically Miguel out through the air in 1994 broke down the metric so called that is to say the equation of the bending of space time that must be the case in order to achieve hyper fast probably across space turns out that the fury of relativity is right and by the way the series special and general relativity are both right you're not going to hear from me that some new miraculous various what we need to do Scala okay theories of general relativity here right and the loophole in general relativity the simplest Wimpole is to distort the space in such a way that you create a bubble in spacetime so that your ship sits inside the homeowner backslide place and the bubble move sure spacetime you can make a bubble move had arbitrarily large philosophy much much faster than the speed of light your spaceship is never going faster than the speed of light it's going some small velocity or no velocity at all Hey next slide please really we need a way to get around spacetime of course is not for bubbles and all that though that it's now considered at the cutting edge and perhaps be on the fringe Hey this is from a paper in 1988 that is to say going on 30 years ago now okay kept for a Michael Morris worm holes in spacetime in their use for interstellar travel a tool for teaching general relativity they didn't fool anyone they knew that they were so semi serious and talking about this as a realistic A. conceivably a realistic possibility next slide please and there's a man that's a map of what's called an absurdly benign warm Hey lex slid worm hole as you know probably from watching TV if nothing else or magazines or what have you is a short cut through a higher dimensional hyperspace also called spacetime connecting via very short throat 2 regions this region here in this region here via this too which is vastly exaggerated in like this is supposed to be alpha Centauri if I recall correctly yes 27 like yours around this way and through his 2 so much shorter distance indeed if you make a Hurley good up solidly behind were mold it'll look like the next slide which is a cover from Scientific American 8/19/2002 sorry that is an absurdly benign were bald depiction coupling Times Square in North Africa Hey I think simply stepped through the really weird thing about these things as if they are potentially time machines as well that is saying you can arrange things so that one of the wormhole malice is located in the past or future of the other world home out and simply by stepping through traverse arbitrarily large distances in time Stephen Hawking when this it all got started in 1992 our I came up with something he called the chronology protection conjecture where he claimed that creating a wormhole and using smoothed affirmations of sweets time if you arranged the mouths of your worm hole in such a way that they created a time machine one of the 2 mounds would have to traverse future light cone of the other value and that would create what is called a closed timelike curve the CTC or a closed timelike line you sometimes that CTL and all you have to have this one measly photon on that path and it just goes round and round and round instantaneously and blows it up okay the only way you can time travel to the past is if you can find a way of literally ripping spacetime so that you avoid the necessity of a smooth passage cross the future light cone of one of the mouths of the worm hole next slide please okay we need a way to dispense with vast amounts of a fuel rockets or not the way to the stars they're probably not really the way to the outer solar system they may be your way to Mars in the asteroids and only a very very great expense blowing a lot of toxic crap into the air and ultimately into outer space and a lot okay chemical rockets really are not the future of serious space fearing a society her civilization if you want yeah began yeah what's been going on in what all refer to easy advanced propulsion community because there is a community there are perhaps ... a few dozen people worldwide who like me spend some of their time trying to figure out how to get around spacetime quickly and not with any more success than I've had I'm happy to say at this point no I hope one of them 6 weeks you heard Tatum succeeds I hope I succeed anyway one of the problems in doing this sort of thing is that there is a culture of doing science were human beings we behave like human beings and one of the best observations one human behavior is that the way people get started on this short of a quest is they have a bright idea they seen what they think is a path forward and they follow the path and they keep on following the problem with following pads yes did you have to be prepared to accept that you're wrong when you find out that your role okay that's probably a good life lesson in any event but Frank Wilczek Cass's nice quote about the way in which people do science hello like Columbus who found the new New World while see who way to the old explorers who make landfall one unexpected cotton and Salah ideas are often not prepared to accept what they have found they keep seeking way cheap seeking what they certify okay this is indeed one of the problems in this area okay next it another quote could you press a button again please there I think I understand about this is that this is a normal part of progress forward it's very easy if you're in the heat of debate and all that to get very cranked up about this and so one and you look at the work of somebody else you say all that's wrong and it may well be wrong you know but you need to understand you need to have how should I put a little empathy or compassion for the fact that if you don't make mistakes you don't make progress because if you don't make mistakes if you hit the button again no Garcia Screamin dice okay if you don't make mistakes you won't be confident and what you have done being correct K. if you don't know what's wrong how can you be sure of what's right okay next life okay is there any plausible physics for more realistic transport that is to say is there a way to make work drives and worm holes or at the very least much less than making work drives in wormholes is there anyway to to what is now friendly called in the field of advanced propulsion a space cry or a field propulsion technique that is to say the gravity manipulation that was Steve I think later on you at the beginning just before I started talking that by the way is a plug for the book okay for here and for years I right out of my way not to write a book okay and a friend of mine who was manager millennium projects for a month Lockheed Martin for a number of years now 20 years ago yeah who is still a friend kept after me and he said you've got to write a book no one will pay attention to you until you write a book okay and finally just get him off my back I got one of these short of automatic email solicitations from spring over a log for a book proposal I figured aha I can kill 2 birds with one stone I can get him off my back and I can test the theory that this is still not publishable in the reputable press so I sent in a book proposal for what I was going to write and to my amazement they went ahead and said ... send us more and I sent the more they said all will give you a contract and then about a year later this is a result of that yeah should you be interested in purchasing it pretty Z. other plug I would encourage you to purchase it for his space studies institute website they have it cheaper on their website and then they get the profit as well as royalties the royalties from the book right are assigned to the space studies institute exotic propulsion initiative this cycle okay another hit of the button place well no no no no back back they'll leave it there okay more wholesome work price maybe ... quantum 0.fields the quantum vacuum that's the fashionable view the most common view you'll find Vance propulsion community stems as far as I can tell from the idea that gravity control is weird and quantum mechanics is weird therefore they must be related okay which isn't necessarily true at all okay but that is a popular way it within the field of advanced propulsion of looking at this time the last little thing down here mock affects is the stuff that I do it's the insight that I had back in the fall of 1989 and then struggled with for a number of years until I got it all sorted out and all that N. may actually turn out to work next slide please okay Evan this was a these are power points by the way for a talk this I gave it a ... technical conference some of the more power points for the technical conference but I gave a talk at last fall so bear with me some of I'm going to go through pretty fast okay the way in which physics and advanced propulsion and all of that stuff work snow is mainstream physics is that purple circle and within mainstream physics there are 2 overlapping camps there are people who are quantum mechanics these are people who do something called relativistic quantum field theory and there are general relative that's and of course general relativist no relativistic quantum field theory and vice versa but their first love is either relativistic quantum field theory or general relativity okay real general relative has are one to our culture rated within the community of general relativity okay are subsets of those who are interested in advanced propulsion I've indicated here has 0 pointers these are people who are convinced that the quantum vacuum as a repository of vast amounts of energy that is just lying there waiting to be tapped at all you have to do is figure out how to unlock the quantum that okay vacuum by the way is empty it is a vast repository of energy but it's not electromagnetic or the other forces of nature it's gravitational energy because over here Einstein and mock what you find is the vacuum space time is the gravitational field of the matter in the universe and it turns out that that gravitational field is enormously strong the only reason why you don't detect it actually you do detected every time you push on something the reason why it pushes back is because of the energy in the gravitational field that you're pushing on the object with okay okay so who have keys and when you get down below this line here this is a path that's being followed by a NASA engineer and physicist name Sonny quite at NASA's Johnson over here you have the harder with desert Mr model of electrons and I started mock which suggests that there may be away if you can find a way to screen normal matter problem the gravitational influence of distant matter in the universe of exposing something called experiment has and the bear mass is negative and it's utterly humongous next slide please okay we're gonna switch up for a moment and talk about something that you may have heard about about a year ago a friend of mine who works with sunning whiter NASA Johnson sort of blogging on a non NASA website called NASA space flight and talking about his work with something called the E. M. drive over here originally invented by Roger short or a British electrical engineer Pachora 2002 Troyer's been fooling around with those things for 20 years going on 20 years now ex it okay we need to find yeah a way of producing propulsion without great we got to stop blowing out of the tailpipe next machinery must be made available on techniques that are available to us now electromagnetic equipment next how can electromagnets ism be used produce frost next resonant cavity screws shorter's answer okay next slide Paris is shorter you have brought that's bully her not was on the science channel show as you can tell from the logo from which I boosted this this is of course undersheriff newstalk true by the way Hey this is from something that was one actually ... George Lucas I think it was it was a celebratory show but George Lucas at the end of the show he said ... were on the verge of don't worry about it we've next like okay move sorry nextel the thing that he sure found initially N. Sonny of Paul at NASA Johnson found was that these E. M. drive so called only work when there is a plastic disc mounted inside the resonant cavity okay ex N. case you want to see what these guys look like that's Sonny Weide that's Paul March and this guy over here is provide who took the heat for something called the breakthrough propulsion physics project a fellow at NASA Marshall who is the godfather of mark Melissa's project NASA Glenn Beck's like how does this work standard mainstream physics it doesn't work as a matter of fact you can if you go online and look up E. M. drives go find the John Baez and dawn Sean Carroll have derided this publicly and so on next hit it's a quantum vacuum plasma thrusters what's my name Paul at least a year ago so ago were claiming okay ex the quantum vacuum plus with roster was the main emphasis a talk that I gave last fall mock affects actually may have an explanation for the thrust if there is some real frost in these things but that's not absolutely certain yet why what a vacuum plows Mohit is nonsense in the view of mainstream quantum mechanics there is no quantum vacuum plus the problem with if they want plus most of electron positron pairs and the energy required create a pair of electrons and positrons electron and positron is twice the energy of the electron which is a non negligible amount about nextel according to help pull from something quite electron positron pairs okay according to White he was at least a year ago claiming that these things are intensified in the presence of matter by the presence of an externally applied electromagnetic field okay they violate energy and momentum conservation and so they can only exist for a very brief amount of time how long does appear live 10 to the minus 22 seconds which is a very very very very short period of time next slide how many pairs do you need the producing observe cross tens of micronucleus of her house but I think we got so okay I want I'm going to go through I I'm next slide before I but the question of we're gonna skip through this row quickly but I okay read the book no next line that's here mocked by the way that's from the non technical talk that I gave a few years ago he's a guy who started all this he's one who said Hey look when you spin and her arms fly up it's because you're spending with respect to what he called the fixed stars that is to say the distant matter on the cause how can that be Einstein's answer was the gravitational field couples and that's what does exploited the guy who picked up on it like she guided mocks idea in the early fifties is this guy Dennis Shyama Cambridge university for many years and then the institute for theoretical physics in Trieste next slide we're going to go through this one row quickly but as I'm sure you're not interested in and the technical details of the stock next slide I that's the equation by the way that underlies smock fax Truman green here is one that we're looking at now that is sufficiently large so that you can see its effects in laboratory experiments and these have been scrubbed and done very carefully with multiple copies the voices and been sent to other labs they've seen the same stuff and so on this term here his attorney that must have some purchase of one reality if it turns out they were gonna make for Molson work drives next slide okay that's a myth DC had our it's a stack of PCT Chris schools with whom am cap and a brass reaction mass the PCT crystals a group glued together this why that's what one of these things looks like indeed a device with the sword here was what was running this afternoon a next slide next slide ... you want to read the caption okay okay next likely alright that's it going in one thrust balance throws ballons is this aluminum beam here this thing flips over into a Faraday cage it's mounted on the end of the balance and one of the way of removing scoria signals is to reverse the direction of the device make sure the thrust reverses when you change your direction it's one of the basic tests and it turns out of dogs okay next slide the thrust balance schematically looks like there's flexural bearings supporting that be the thruster over here counterweights over here and you measure the position of the beam the flexural bearings give you a little bit of springs so that the thrust pushes against sprint nice but that's the first ballot next slide that tenants vacuum chamber and of course I have to mention crock okay the mascot of our experiment okay next lie okay person but press forward but there we go that's how things work you make a mass of the stock fluctuate and at the same time push and pull on the stack as it's fluctuating in synchrony so that you're pushing one as heavy and pulling one it's light and so on and that's where you can make these things we've propuso called propellant lists for us next slide then RFID or why worse than a harmonium was over of course pro no the first thing as long as a power level input is maintain the force stays the same but the acceleration increases yes yeah it's not so it's not an inch worm type of operation it produces a force which time averages as a non 0 time average because system acceleration in principle if you can get all of the technical details right and that's a big here these should be possible to use for having left operations that's some years down the line I would guess even if everything works out perfectly this is some data this is with a device pointing in one direction that's with a pointing in the other direction as you can see the way away lines here are inverted here and if you have the next slide that's the difference between the 2 you can see that when the device is turned on it here here's the switching transients goes up here nothing switching transients and so on the reason why it's switching transients there are 2 reasons one is because switching transients or the way in which these things will ultimately be developed and indeed the SSI now has an assigned patent that was just issued one switching transients and parametric amplification per thrusters of this sort okay so that's part of the reason but the real reason why lines are like that is because when you have people come into your lab they wanna see big swings out of the noise they'll want see something where you have to take 100 pictures and then average them in order to elicit a small ball next slide okay that's word reversed again other slide back to the main message had he waved gaily crinkly gobs of electron positron pairs okay slide ... it turns out that I've been at this for a very very long time gay and I built a whole lot of stuff and we just happen to have sitting around in the lab ... some equipment which made it possible test whether or not the quantum vacuum Plazma hypothesis was true it isn't by the way backslide who go through this quickly this is the way sensor that's used in that experiment see any major you a they don't sell many more that's the shielding for the U. 80 next slide that's it with a partially reassembled vacuum chamber that's with a fully re assemble vacuum chamber but when you're majoring her small weights Ross you have to connect power to the device in your running and the way to do that which is becoming standard in this business now is to use liquid metal contacts gallant stand okay there with copper wires plunking down into the fluid that way you don't need to use forces and torques and stuff like that which a bundle of wires with next slide this is one of the check protocols for the way measurement just took some blocks under the way stage so the thing is fixed and then you run it as if it were being run normally and then you subtract the result to you get next slide okay from what you've got with it running free next slide Hey next slide and what you see here finally is that there's a switching transient here but there's nothing there that's it is sufficiently high level of accuracy to show that any reasonable density of electron positron pairs being so cold dense applied in the polyethylene desks and their E. M. drives or in the device that we were running is simply not there okay so the quantum vacuum Plazma is a dead duck next slide okay disk failure of the quantum vacuum plaza conjecture main but has not yet space drive drive no Mets work that is to say mark affect trust score Hey in the experiment done with the M. drive seem to show that it is indeed possible to produce frost without traditional palette the plastic discs in these things and I've looked at Paul stated very carefully and I've given a hard time about various aspects of it and so on but it appears that there may be a real signal and there you look so next slide the this is the main message the main message is that if you're going to try and do the physics of advanced propulsion you simply have to understand gravity and the way you have to understand gravity his way which Einstein and she started not the way in which most physicists nowadays understand most businesses do not think that inertia is a gravitational phenomena whereas in fact in general relativity it is this is something that there's arguments about people of Britain papers about those people made mistakes and all but my colleague Heidi for who was on the title page of this talk with whom I've been working for the past 45 years now has worked out she's a theoretician as you can tell I'm a cantankerous old experimentalist okay ... she's worked out the theory of something called oil Narlikar advanced ways it's a theory of gravity that goes a step you on general relativity where general relativity is a subset ... broader theory did oil and Narlikar created back in 25 the reason why oil in our cars theory didn't go anywhere in the sixties was because Stephen Hawking came along and pointed out that as it was presented then it had a fundamental flaw it had the flaw that way advanced way physics works is the reason why things are instantaneous is because when you wiggle something here waves go propagating out into the future and now in the future they make stuff out there we go and the stuff out there wiggling in the future sideways backwards in time to have a thing here it's wiggling and it's the action of those waves coming backward in time that produces the inertial reaction force okay this is chapter 2 of the book okay and you'll find it very weird and hardly believable matter fact in a way it's weirder than I suppose some ghosts in Porto poltergeists and things like that certainly a lot less common but it's very likely to weigh reality actually okay it's very likely that the world in which we exist is not the world of are commonplace experience but rather a timeless so called as philosophers of science like Colin block universe okay friend of mine John Kramer's invented interpretation of quantum mechanics and he just published a book on this with Springer came out on January as matter of fact called the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics and I recommend that to you to it's an outstanding book it's just first rate I ran across Jon's work back in the early nineties so on New Britain France hola alive and I knew that I knew then that had her shot had this property and I looked at Johns market I said audience that makes sense when I read Feynman's Nobel prize address back in 1965 Feynman was soup one of the originators of the so called interaction advanced and retarded interaction so called absorber theory of electrodynamics like gravity and he devoted half of his address to that and I read it in the mid 19 sixties and I thought this guy's not that's just preposterous prime obviously marches or what here we are time is marching on how could it be that reality is something other than just time marching on a evanescent present with a yet to be future and a long gone past and it turns out that's not the way to world brilliance physics is says it's much weirder than that okay anyway the bottom line on this as gravity is the way to the future if there is any way to that future next slide but we need to keep perspective on what we're doing here next slide next slide it next slide next slide next slide next slide next slide next slide n't more slide a okay you need to understand that what we're talking about here tonight is at the intersection at the intersection of serious clients because I have done this project to the best of my ability is serious Hyatt's because nobody's gonna get that the scars on wishful thinking nobody's going to get to the stars on their favorite unified field theory nobody's going to get to the stars trying to figure out how to home the right frequency or anything like that if it's going to be done it's going to be done with basic solid sound reasonable experimentally replicable physics you know and that's what I've tried to do ... I made a little progress and to buy the book police from the SSI support the exotic propulsion initiative that corporation and mark Miller says tower 0 foundation back east or to my knowledge the only operations in the United States that are supporting serious work on advanced propulsion and it's a worthy cause to donate their money to their 501 C. threes so you get a tax deduction okay any questions but grew to sting the first time that I've actually heard ... someone applied science tam without knowing look at a young this happen this way cipro I applaud United and I appreciate it have imaginary background myself so I like that and often times and ... even going back to what you put in for Bob Lazar he described a propulsion system now this is all you know allegedly ... something to do with spinning mercury in a ... twirled obeying you know anything about that I never looked at that yeah it's like a big scholar sorta so you should yeah I I'm writing a sequel along with a couple of other people too making starships and I'm gonna have some stuff in there on that an overview of what's been going on from the perspective of someone working in the science and of his stuff our water boils down to is that given the why don't popularity of the flying saucer UFO phenomenon what is at the statistics 50 percent of the people in the world or at least in the United States take seriously the idea that yeah yeah I know and that's one pretty flimsy evidence to be perfectly Frank scientifically speaking it's pretty flimsy evidence notwithstanding my friends who claim to have seen it slowly seeing one another thought of herself pardon yeah the pad let let me tell you what the problem with that is the problem with a simple it's it's what quote what's called cargo cult science okay it the name derives from a phenomenon who was observed by hand apologists in the Polynesian islands after World War 2 should World War 2 DC threes ... N. supplies and supplies and supplies for military forces who were passing through and the a aboriginal population so he sings command from the sky into score jawless stop an all black and no goodies and so when the planes and military one away they started creating bamboo or whatever Williams planes hoping that that would because DC 3's come back into scored all of the goodies that's cargo cult okay do you have ... phenomenon from a scientist perspective or at least from my perspective I would tag all scientists with this from my perspective is very much like cargo cults science the reports that you get of so called flying saucer incident it's commonplace that they involve electromagnetic for not that's like saying ... no cheese involves milk you know it doesn't tell you anything really interesting ... the type of information that I've seen that I have looked at the stuff carefully in years I looked at it with some care 40 or 50 years ago and I occasionally take polls what's going on but as far as I can tell nothing much has improved since 40 or 50 years ago and at that time there were only one or 2 sightings that involved any instrumentation more sophisticated than a core caulking out or lights flashing or what have okay which tells you nothing basically from the scientific pool on is a lot of parents come come from there to here yeah there was quite a bit out there if you look into it of but they were going to pass but it doesn't tell you how to control Grendel absolutely absolutely nuts point no if it doesn't tell you how to control gravity it's useless jobs which I agree that Saddam does report the observed you know certain report yet on them by the end of each of us are good problem has is it observing the phenomenon in reporting which see if what you report if you report what you see and it is not of useful value in figuring out how to solve the problem of so called gravity control that it's in effect useless it's an interesting tale with ties to have me a good long about an all black road it from from my perspective it's of no interest because it doesn't tell me anything that will help me figure out how to do what you really actually want to do which is manipulate gravitational interactions about yet through well I will admit to ask you something about your your device now Bob you know the big gobs of these 10 to the minus 20 or the second Julia Alois mock articles they aren't there no we don't exist basically although they also admit to get great crowds of them and say Tommy would imply tons of energy to produce those things or at least prolong energy over long long period of time or spiked energies high energy X. supposed to be a quantum vacuum fluctuation that when you apply a low energy electromagnetic field to certain substances that it induces number it induces the presence of these things the chronograph with very large north where the where the energy like that still fluctuation Bernini's Ecuador basically the idea is that it's an unstable situation and if you just click below with film here lot more than you put each interesting coquette because it was sort of like adds yeah yeah yeah I'll point here G. idea via the Jews has no going back to to Singapore ... you may not ... if you know the ingredients of a cake for example or if he could taste the ingredients of the cake you would know how it's made but you know that there might exist Cartman and definitely not ... bidders something like that put super example when ... supervisors an object or has an experience one common thing besides electromagnetic energy things like batteries discharging into things turning off one common ... 3 reported time and time and time again ... is a lack of sound we because the osmotic a lot of sound a lack of clones almost a feeling of a of new passage of time and often times ... in fact the the experience you will have in his envelope let's say of the passage of an hour and then we when he comes back out of this situation only a few minutes the past so you can't really see anything about that of the house and help you may potion system but you might say well definitely is parliament WEC will possibly this whatever this field is it is imposing time so we know that it's a time space type a potion system or we can we can conjecture that the time space battles gravity is space time and I'm shines through losing it your have you hope you're creating a time machine if you're manipulating at your causing it change and some light right so these things if they exist that we see have they are moving using this sort proportion we might say they're not just the third time machine basically I I and we did not have it not and not a note not on time HG wells since the word but as you're gonna have to read the sequel on I get a written no ... yeah time time machines let me put it this way the fundamental thing to understand about this is that spacetime is gravity it is not something else is it gravity an expression of space time or space 9 is Spain's routing is the gravitational field okay okay that's what Einstein said okay that's what he called Marx principle in 1918 and then he got dumped on by villain to center and about 2 other people in all black and there was a big debate and he gave a lecture applied no I'm taking up a honorary chair position in 1920 insist talked about the ether and got people in the 0.field all cranked up Chris old eastern 0.field so what and what he meant was spacetime is the gravitational field is not something else it has gravity is not something in space time it yes based on so when you manipulate gravity you are manipulating space toaster that's why when you make world whole where you get a sufficiently a Jupiter mass of negative rest mass matter in a skier say 10 meters in diameter or thereabouts you can create a horrible okay the problem is where do you get a Jupiter massive 10 glove negative rest mass matter and the answer to that question if you read chapters 789 yes it's all around us you indeed contain within you and then I utterly enormous amount of negative press mass Matt it's the bear mass of all of the elementary particles that make you walk the only reason why it isn't exposed is because of the gravitational action of everything else in the universe one you and if you can find a way to screen that a direction you reveal a bare mass and now you've got your Jupiter masses like enterprise past present okay into that that's that's a real real real tall order but if the experiences that you and her compatriots are having an all out our true it means that someone has or something has figured out how to do this okay but within the physics that as we know today that's as far as I can see the only hope of making it a warp drives to work you you okay those giga get answered as it who's next but I think Stephen because ... did you find both Lazar credible who would have known about it now no no let me let let me let me tell you a story a little a little history do you not find much of anywhere all right back in 19 nineties was the heyday of Lazar and area 51 and a lot and was our one around talking about some papoose Laker something like that and sorcerers and stuff like that of sports you know hal okay ha I in 1997 I was plugging away in my lab doing what I was doing whatever it was at that time while this project and ... fellow who is a member of a group that call themselves the groom lake interceptors showed up in the physics physics department got a master's program going at about that time user Chalford Putin at cal state Fullerton his name was Tom Mahood he has a website called the other so you can look it up and he'll tell you in colorful language about his experiences with this at all but if you're interested are the groom lake interceptors with a group of people ... I will try to call up the names of all of them therefore 5 of and they are they set out to do a book what they regarded as the extreme and overwrought claims and stuff that who's clearly incredible and Tom was one who got assigned Lazar's case and he went dog and dog and dog eat dog and all I had and what he discovered was that there were vast inconsistencies whose story that they're the likelihood that what looks are was claiming was correct was essentially nil and from the physics point of view all you have to do is look at claims he was making as physics as obvious nonsense element 115 or 117 that sort of stuff Nuzum have anything to do with us help but it's irrelevant yeah gravity control is not going to be created by making supermassive nuclei autumn knew your own interest in this wasn't inspired by of seeing your posts are battling with other have I ever seen a flying saucer no I have never seen a flying suit they could do just hi I'm that I I'm gonna claim agnostic someone that you understand that like I'm like I have enough friends and people who I know whose judgment and credibility I trust to believe that they think they have seen something that actually operates in the way that the stories claim that they do ... so I'm not willing to just dismiss it out of hand especially in light of the fact that if life is common in the universe and stellar systems have been around millions or billions of years longer than ours you know that those clever critters couldn't figure out how to do it hello and we might I find that even more preposterous would do what motivated your interesting gravity drives as I said forbidden planet hello if it can be done you know why not it it it set the seed room help he said help well help me Novak gravity we know about electromagnets isn't a lot of I hadn't even taken high school physics at the time it was sold what'd I know you know but everybody was going around you know TV's were new and stuff like that cars and they're talking about flying cars life magazine was putting big photo place of flying saucers and stuff like that so what I thought I don't know maybe maybe not but if you're never gonna you're never going to invent something unless you try you know and that wasn't back you know I pursued a different path as a professional career but the underlying ready and that career was to eventually writing a book that I wrote analyses quite line up in the process right new room this information about you oppose out there seem to be credible to you I mean millions of witnesses and people experience that I as I say I I read the the only time that I really read that literature at all seriously was in the late sixties and early seventies when the triple A. S. FICON report came out and the trip away has had a meeting sponsored by ya torn pages and Carl Sagan one UFOs soon S. said he and stuff like that you know and I read I actually read the con report and I read conduct statement necesitamos bunch of Bologna and so on and then you read some of the reports in the back strength mistake he obviously didn't read the report that he's writing about because the people who are the reports in the back of the thing said Hey Jesus wasn't quite as obvious as it so no my view on this has always been that you should not spend a lot of time on stuff that isn't helpful okay I think you should try to stay focused on what potentially is helpful and as I say at that time nothing that I saw on the literature struck me as particularly helpful who could be more compelling than the the a contact with the living beings in our universe I think that the album there is the one that there's anything unusual happening at us for our room like orange also use some of the site are there are that's the whole verse engineer story who are being the most obvious 6 the most probably go now most public example yes yeah I know I had a run in with that through a fellow named Gordon Novell about 56 years ago ... and Novell approached me and hello Novell approached me and wanted me to help them out with what he was working on and ... I did a little checking out all that he said that he had been authorized to have access to reverse engineers who would spill the beans to okay and I said Gee Gordon if you've yet reverse engineers to spill the beans to you and you tell me what the beans are and they make sense then we'll talk he never came along with any beans you know they don't think the government is more in the vein similar 00 vast can Spiro see of the X. files for probably not you know as as a friend of mine in government have been as I say I've had glancing blows with the government for many many years in this business as a friend of mine in government back in the eighties the government is only really really really big place and even the NSA can't keep track of all okay so somewhere out there in the apparatus there may be some little group of people who think they are masters of the universe or something like that I can't tell you that isn't the case with absolute certainty but I think it's exceedingly unlikely and that it's genuine I would say essentially impossible yes I know the one of the other the most popular series for people into your foes is that aliens are on evolved humans they've found a way to come back in time of circus off I want it I want to ask I don't talk about it was that it was tough enough about that for you live it paths of but I want to ask you to to elaborate a little bit on repix space time I know you said it's much it's marked much less please support and traveling in the future but you radically it it could there possibly be live travel to the past is what you yeah yeah time travel to the past my guess is and it's a gas it's not it's not a certainty my guess is Stephen hawking's argument contrary to what Kip Thorne would have had beat the case back in 1994 when he did the quantum field theoretic calculation for his chronology protection conjecture he said we're gonna need quantum gravity solves but he thought that it might turn out that hawking's mechanism wouldn't work the way this works is that worm holes heavy D. focusing affect the mouth so for hold our flared in such a way that they have a D. focusing affect sewing at a closed timelike lied warning tree circulation there's not a negligible probability the photon will be diverted off the exact path is not what we say that if you travel back in time you could never go you could never travel back to the future and have the same future bet you pay per would what that shows is that possible to go back in time trap everybody wants to know about time travel know what it means is if you can travel to the past and my guess is that even though hawking's argument may be right that it may indeed prove possible terror space time ed ovoid Hawkins chronology protection conjecture so why do not rule out the possibility of time travel to the past I think it's unlikely but there's an outside chance that it may be possible okay if you are what I do say following on that is that if time travel to the past is possible it means that you've already out there in the future done it and so the president that you are experiencing now is a president that exists because of what you do in the future crowd okay and that's a head benders die grant you but that's the logic of the situation yes grew ... there couldn't there been many recordings of radar ... the ... speeds shirt which whatever these objects are moving ... and well it's always struck me is that ... there seems to be no sound no sonic boom even though they're having ... at multiples of the speed of sound purchase suggests that ... spoken like a pet might give a clue as to what the propulsion mechanisms if there is if the word propulsion using health clickable now actually doesn't have anything to do with what it means is spacetime is being distorted in such a way that the airflow is liable or your clothes land have lamb along its smooth airflow okay so you're not creating a sonic boom and sound was it's hardly surprising either because of these things are electro magnetically operated at the frequencies that look realistic to operate them at do not miss on a creature go up in the gigahertz range hill and you wouldn't hear anything so neither of those things turned out to be particularly interesting you know if you can implications of those things for how much such as must work harm how should I put it common place I think it's way I would put it it's not helpful it doesn't tell you how to do and not some bolts of manipulating the space time in the way in which you have to in order to achieve what you want to do I your phone voice been captivated by the reports that say before started moving of UFOs world world down to the floor after they do a certain type of maneuver they will burst into they will divide themselves into the whole budget pieces ... coalesce back does that does that of certain to get you any honey clue were show offs yeah what you mean show offs there putting on a rocket show for you fireworks show yeah users I'm serious hope you know you don't have to go through flying a walking you're flying saucer you don't need a person happened to abide to pieces and then put it back together Hatcher showing all yeah with genuine observation and what might they wanted to see it just ego what what if what if I don't pick another cry so I am not I have not practiced in the alien psychology at this moment I have no answer for you well that's an interesting answer sewing up okay that's okay Vicky well let's put it this way if you were doing it arrive we're doing it I would call a chilling all I so ... you seem very practical its harbors ... being able to get to Mars the quickest ... possible ... let's say in the next 20 years what kind of ... Brooke rocket engines of of what kind do you predict like to say get there in 30 days well real heavy duty clear rocket you can get there in 30 days probably ... is that the way it'll be done I doubt it fill out a the issues with nuclear energy are sufficiently wanting that it's unlikely in my opinion that that's the way that NASA will go if we continue along the rock band hello squash them real question as it is there enough evidence now to suggest that there's an alternative way of doing this okay and I would argue that perhaps or approaching a tipping point of enough evidence of that sort being available to make it worth trying seriously fido okay so forth the effort has not been serious as far as I can tell no other than on the part of individuals likely okay thank you sorry I have to go but diet you said something you talk that intrigue me I just wanna be clear that I heard it right how I thought I heard you say that in the present time that matter <