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"2015-04-27 16:38:04"
Leafly Strain Spotlight: Sour Diesel
\\Hey guys my name is Regina and welcome to the leaf please strain spotlight this week will be diving deep into a strain with a little bit of a kick sour diesel sorry diesels sometimes called sour deed is an invigorating city rat named after its pungent diesel like aroma this fast acting strange delivers dreamy yet energizing cerebral facts that have paved the way for sour diesel's legendary status its driest pain and anxiety melt away with the strains of long lasting relief making sour diesel a top choice among medical patients it's stimulating a fax have earned sour diesel a crown in the city of a category but it's unknown origins leave room for debate according to growing guru and Rosenthal sour diesel originates from Mexican city back and chemo while other folklore claims that sour diesel descends from chem Dogg 91 Northern Lights and an unknown skunk phenotype whatever its true origin may be this strain is sure to pack a punch now if you want more details on how soured he performs in the lab tests take a look at the strain fingerprint provided by steep hill so there you have it a quick breakdown of the legendary strain sour diesel discover even more details about sour de plus thousands of other strains and where to buy them using the legally app or this is been Regina for lately come back next week for another fresh look at the cannabis industry see that WNED //

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