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New World Order: Controlling The World (Conspiracy Origins Of The NWO).
\\a New World order hello NW a conspiracy theory covers ideas surrounding the emergence of a totalitarian world government the common theme in these types of theories is that a secretive and powerful elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the entire world through an authoritarian world government which will replace sovereign nation states and the use of an all encompassing propaganda campaign designed to provide an ideology that Jose establishment of the New World order as the pinnacle of human progress many influential historical and contemporary figures have been accused of being part of the secret group operating through many front or fake organizations to orchestrate significant political and financial events these events range from causing systemic crises pushing through controversial policies at both national and international levels and I merely steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination during the twentieth century many politicians such as Woodrow Wilson twentieth president of the United States and Winston Churchill prime minister of the United Kingdom use the term New World order to publicly referred to in you period of history characterized by dramatic change in world political thought and in the balance of power after World War one and World War 2 these politicians apparently saw the period as an opportunity to implement certain idealistic proposals for global governance in the form of new collective efforts to address worldwide problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation states to solve while always respecting the rights of nations to self determination these proposals led to the formation of international organizations such as the UN in 1945 and NATO in 1949 and international agreements which will calculated to both maintain a balance of power in favor of the United States and to create regular cooperation between nations in order to achieve a peaceful phase of capitalism according to author George Williams don hall many people seem to believe that the United States is ruled from behind the scenes by conspiratorial late with secret desires in particular S. most secretive group that wants to change the government system put the country under the control of the world government in the past the conspirators we usually set to be crypto communists or secret supporters of communism her were intent upon bringing the United States under common world government with the Soviet Union but the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 undermined this theory don Hoss argues that most conspiracy theorists change their focus to the United Nations as a likely controlling force in a New World order well they publicly the U. N. appears powerless and politicians within the American establishment mostly demonstrate an unwillingness to give the UN anything but a limited role well they're skeptical of the New World order conspiracy political scientist David Rothkopf how do you see in the 2000 a night book superclass the global power late in the world that making that the world population of that then 6000000000 papal it's governed by Natalie or super class of approximately 6000 individuals or point 0001 sent and to the light twentieth century governments of the great powers or mice powerful sovereign states provided most of the super class accompanied by a few heads of international movements such as the pope of the Catholic Church and entrepreneurs like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers according to Roth cough in the 20 first century economic power now rules I change fueled by the explosive expansion of international trade travel and communication accordingly the path nation states has diminished shrinking politicians to only minority power brokers status rough cut suggests leaders in international business finance and the defense industry not only dominate the super clubs they move freely into high positions in the nation states government and back at into private life largely beyond the notice of elected legislators including the US Congress who also remained mostly ignorant to affairs beyond their borders Roth cuff does indicate that the disproportionate influence that the superclass exerts every national policy struck the but ease ultimately always self interested and that across the world few of the super class object to corruption or perceived governments provided they can do business in these countries some conspiracy theories go beyond Rothkopf and other investigators who have studied the global power late viewing the history of the world as a history of warfare between secret societies these theorists claim that the established upper class families with old money who founded and financed the Bilderberg group Bahamian club club of running council on foreign relations Rhodes trust skull and bones trilateral commission research and advocacy groups and private clubs how the illuminated conspirators who I thought to be plotting to impose a totalitarian New World order through the implementation of an authoritarian world government that is controlled by by the United Nations and a global central bank their political power is believed to be maintained through the development of financial capitalism on the world economy regulation and restriction of speech to the concentration of media ownership massive violence through technology widespread use of state terrorism and and only compass sing propaganda campaign that creates a cult of personality around a puppet willed later and the ideology that world government the culmination of history's progress international political organizations and liberal internationalism in general have been regularly criticized and opposed by political groups since the 19 thirties particularly by American conservatives and business nationalists Marxists who are skeptical of right wing populist conspiracy theories also accuses global Parilli of not having the best interests of all that hot suggesting that many into governmental organizations suffer from democratic deficit will fall short of fulfilling the principles of democracy however Marxist suggested the supercluster plutocrats I only interested in brazenly imposing and neo liberal or near conservative New World order the implementation of global capitalism through economic and military collision thought to protect the interests transnational corporations systematically undermines the possibility of a socialist world government Maxis argued that the world is in the middle of a transition from an American empire to the rule of a global ruling class that has emerged from within the American empire they point out that right wing populist conspiracy theorists blinded by the anti communism thou to say that what they demonized as the New World order is ironically the highest stage of the very capitalist economic system they defend conversely American progressives welcomed new international organizations and regimes such as the UN in the aftermath of the 2 world wars but like Marxists they argued that these organizations suffered from a democratic deficit ultimately suggesting that there were inadequate to prevent another global war and foster global justice the United Nations was designed in 1945 by US bankers and state department planners to remain a free association of sovereign nation states supposedly intended not to be a transition to democratic world government accordingly progressives and activists from all around the globe valid to form a world federalist news hoping in vain to trade in actual global democratic government system British writer and futurist H. G. wells actually went further than the progressives of the 19 forties by actually appropriating and redefining the term New World order as a synonym for the establishment of a technocratic world state and of the planned economy when the government society and industry are controlled by the late compromise of technical experts despite the popularity of his ideas in some state socialist circles why was apparently failed to exert a deeper and more lasting influence because he was unable to concentrate his energies on a direct appeal to the intellectuals who would ultimately have to coordinate his vision of a New World order during the red scare from 1947 to 1957 members of the American secular and Christian right influenced by the work of Canadian conspiracy theorist William guy Carr increasingly embraced and spread fears of Freemasons Illuminati and Jews as the alleged driving force behind an international communist conspiracy threat of godless communism in the form of a state atheistic and bureaucratic collectivist world government which is also demonized as the red menace became the focus of apocalyptic millenarian or second coming conspiracy theories the red scare came to shape one of the core ideas of the political right in the United States which is that liberals and progressives with their welfare state policies and international cooperation programs such as for a night supposedly contribute to a gradual process of collectivism that will inevitably lead to nation states being replaced with a communist one world government right wing populist advocacy groups with the paleo conservative world view such as the John birch society reprise numerous conspiracy theories in the 19 sixties claiming that the government of both the United States and the Soviet Union were controlled by a select group of corporate internationalists greedy bankers and corrupt politicians who were intent on using the UN as the vehicle to create a one world government these right wing anti globalist conspiracy theories few to campaign for the U. S.'s withdrawal from the United Nations American writer Mary M. Davison in 1966 booklet the profound revolution Tracy alleged New World order conspiracy to the establishment of the U. S. federal reserve in 1913 by international bankers whom she claimed later formed the council on foreign relations in 1921 as a shadow government at the time of the booklets publication many rate is interpreted international bank is as a reference to the international Jewish banking conspiracy that was supposedly masterminded by the Rothschilds family a wealthy family descending from my M. shell Rothschild let's jump was a quote Jude to the German Landgrave of Hesse Kassel in the free city of Frankfurt whom established his banking business in the 17 sixties unlike most previous court choose Rothschild manage to bequeath or leave his wealth to his children established in international banking family through his 5 sons who then establish themselves in London Paris Frankfurt Vienna and Naples American writer Gary Allen in his books none dare call it conspiracy 1971 Rockefeller campaigning for the New World order 1974 and say no to the New World order 1987 claimed that the term New World order is used by a secretive elite dedicated to the destruction of all national sovereignty he etiquette lighted the anti globalist theme of many right wing populist conspiracy theorists in the U. S. accordingly after the fall of communism in the early 19 nineties the main target of the American far right shifted from crypto communists to put it on behalf of the red menace to globalists putting on behalf of the New World order a shift was attributed to the growing right wing populist opposition to corporate international unsubstantiated accusations or which Hans who also hallmarks of these transition every period 19 fifties which is you to the Cold War from 1947 to 1991 in a speech delivered on 9/11/1991 during a joint session for the US Congress president George HW bush describe his objectives for a post Cold world global governance in cooperation with post Soviet states you stated until now the world we've known has been a world divided world of barbed wire and concrete block conflict Cold War now we can see a New World coming into view a world in which there is the very real prospect of a New World order in the words of Winston Churchill a world order in which the principles of justice and fair play protect the weak against the strong a world where the United Nations freed from Cold War stalemate is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders a world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations the New York Times reported that American progressives were denouncing this New World order as a rationalization of American imperial ambitions in the Middle East while conservatives rejected any new scrutiny arrangements altogether and objected to any possibility of a UN revival chip Berlet an American investigative reporter specializing in the study of right wing movements in the U. S. right quite when President Bush announced his new foreign policy would help building you wrote oughta phrasing surged through the Christian and secular hard right like an electric shock since the phrase had been used to represent the dreaded collectivist one world government for decades some Christians saw bush as signaling the end times betrayal by world later secular anti communist so bold attempt to smash US sovereignty and to impose a tyrannical collectivist system run by the United Nations and quite American televangelist Pat Robertson with his 1991 best selling book the New World order became the most prominent Christian popularizer of conspiracy theories about recent American history he describes a scenario where Wall Street the Federal Reserve System the council on foreign relations the doodle bug group and the trilateral commission control the flow of events from behind the scenes now Jim people constantly and covertly in the direction of world government for the anti Christ in the early 19 nineties the galvanizing of right wing populist conspiracy theories such as Linda Thompson Marc Cohen and Robert K. spear into confrontational militancy led to the rise of the militia movement which spread its anti government ideology through rallies and meetings books and videotapes sold at gun shows short wave and satellite radio fax networks and computer bulletin boards however it was the I've not I am radio shows and viral propaganda on the internet that have most effectively contributed to extremist political ideas about the New World order which have found their way into previously apolitical literature on numerous Kennedy SS Indologists ufologists lost land theorists and most recently occultists from the mid 19 nineties on the worldwide appeal of those subcultures transmitted theories have been New World order conspiracy like a mind virus to a large new audience of seekers of stigmatized knowledge Hollywood conspiracy thriller television shows and films also played a role in introducing a vast popular audience to various fringe theories related to New World order conspiracism which for decades were previously confined to radical right wing subcultures in 1993 to 2002 television series the X. falls the 1997 film conspiracy theory and the 1998 film the X. files fight the future are notable examples following the start of the 20 first century specifically during the late 2 thousands financial crisis many politicians and pundits such as Gordon brown prime minister the United Kingdom and Henry Kissinger American diplomat and political scientist use this have New World order in their advocacy for a comprehensive reform of the global financial and Nicole's friend you commercial and financial relations agreement taking into account emerging markets such as China and India these declarations had the supposedly unintended consequence of providing new evidence for the New World order conspiracy theorists which culminated in American talk show host Sean Hannity stating in these fox news channel program that the conspiracy theorists were right progressive media watchdog groups have repeatedly criticized fox news in general and its opinion show Glenn Beck in particular for not only mainstreaming the New World order conspiracy theories of the radical right but possibly agitating its militant campaign is into action in 2009 American film directors Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel released New World order a critically acclaimed documentary film which explosive chin CPUSA fears such as American radio host Alex Jones he consistently expires and vigorously oppose what they perceive as an emerging New World order the growing dissemination and popularity of conspiracy theories has also created an alliance between right wing populist agitators like Alex Jones and he pop music's left wing populist rappers such as carrots one professor Griff of Public Enemy and immortal technique thus illustrating how anti elitist conspiracism can create unlikely political allies in efforts to oppose a political system //

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