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"2017-09-04 13:00:01"
Could We Build A Planet From Scratch?
\\Hey there welcome to life noggin these days it seems like everyone wants to go into space and colonize new planets with global threats such as climate change and other factors like a growing world population and trying the bombs never ending appetite it's probably a good idea to expand humanity's foothold throughout the galaxies but it had me wondering rather than rely on another pre existing planet could we make a new habitable planet ourselves now before we begin it's best to know that we're going to be making a lot of assumptions here and there will be a world of other factors to consider that we bring up in this video and even if it is possible it likely won't happen for a very long time but for curiosity's sake let's go exploring I just hope we end up like the rover and not the cat to start off if we want to be living on it we should find a good spot in space to put the new planet we'd want it to be in a habitable zone meeting the planet should have an orbit the right distance from its star to ensure optimal temperatures and most importantly liquid water too close of an orbit to its star and the planet would be a good home for a human torch too far away and the planet would most likely be in a deep freeze we'd also need the right materials to make the plan our earth has a core made of mostly iron and nickel then its mantle which is comprised of mainly syndicate rock with elements like magnesium aluminum oxygen and more on top is the crust which has some similar materials but throws in more things like calcium sodium and potassium if we made our own new planet we probably wanted to have similar elements and a similar structure we also want a bunch of water to form some motions as most of the earth's surface is covered in it someone should probably start running the faucet now but even if we get all of the materials actually creating a new planet like earth could prove troublesome it might be a better route to make something more like a giant space station we've already made the international space station and plenty of space vessels so this could be more in our wheel house it would still require a lot of material and be pretty expensive if we wanted it to be super big say the size of our moon or a small planet by comparison it's been estimated that it would take around 850 quadrillion dollars to build a real life death star either route we go we probably also need a lot of food since there's going to be a bunch of scientists and astronauts out in space working on this according to NASA their average astronaut uses about 0.83 kilograms of food per meal with 0.12 kilograms of that being packaging material excluding the weight of the packaging material this would mean we'd need roughly 780 kilograms of food just to feed one astronaut Alan space for a year only 3 military diet one thing that can prove useful for any type of space colonization is having the ability to have a giant magnet shield to protect our new homes NASA recently announced that they want to try and deploy a magnetic shield around Mars to make the atmosphere more livable through things like protection from solar winds and radiation having something like that at our disposal could help us with a variety of space missions including terraforming which we did a video on putting all this together could be the start of making our own planet 1 day in reality creating a new planet would probably require extremely advanced technology and there would be tons of other things to consider but if we could 1 day do it what would our new planet be called let me know in the comments section below have you ever wondered how much space is worth if so you should definitely check out this video 1 nationally that passed us in 2015 likely contains 90000000 metric tons of these metals worth up to $5000000000000 don't forget to hit that bell next to the subscribe button if you haven't already so you'll be notified whenever we post a new video as always my name is black go this has been life noggin don't forget to keep on thinking //
"2017-08-24 13:00:01"
What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides?
\\Hey there welcome to life noggin when you picture allergies you may imagine someone sneezing coughing and itching on a beautiful spring day or perhaps you think of someone accidently eating peanuts or shellfish and going into anaphylactic shock whatever the case may be allergies are a serious problem for millions of people but how and why do they develop and what's so different between allergies to pollen or dust and allergies to bee stings or soy well let's start with what these different types of allergies have in common your immune system when an allergen makes contact with the surface on or in your body nearby immune cells act quickly to destroy the allergen this cell then covers itself in broken pieces of the allergen and moves to a site of some lymph tissue when it gets there it passes pieces of the allergen on to even more immune cells so that they can work together to form an antibody called immunoglobulin E. which definitely sounds like a monster from DND if the body comes into contact with the allergen again these antibodies which are proteins designed to attach to foreign substances and remove them from your body will start a reaction to fight against it first they activate a part of the immune system called a mast cell which then expels a lot of chemicals like histamines when histamines are released they make your capillaries the smallest blood vessels in your body more permeable which allows white blood cells to enter the capillaries and fight the allergens however increased permeability doesn't just let white blood cells in it also lets fluids out causing the watery eyes and runny nose that you know and love I'm not crying I swear it's just allergies and similarly a congested nose is caused by the capillaries growing larger due to the increased permeability so that covers how you get allergies but what about why why would your body turned against itself like that and wire some allergies just annoying while others are deadly for many years the prevailing idea was that the immune system perceived allergens as being similar to parasitic worms and for that reason it would unleash the same attack on a peanut as it would on a tape worm parasitic worms are a serious threat but they are less prevalent than they were in the lives of our ancestors which explains why immunoglobulin E. would choose to attack allergens in the absence of worms a similar theory says that allergens may have posed a real threat to us many years ago according to doctor Kate Welch a specialist in immunology and allergies it's possible that our ancestors were in serious danger when they encountered something like Pollin therefore our immune systems are kicked into gear when they make contact with these allergens even though we evolved and pollen isn't really a big threat anymore Welsh claims that it's even possible that allergic reactions are important because they may want us to get out of a dangerous area say directly under a wasp nest seriously get away from there finally another theory has come to light recently any claims that allergens are actually more dangerous than we might have known several researchers have conducted a study in which they injected mice with an allergen found in bee venom called P. L. A. too which rips cell membranes apart they found that immunoglobulin E. didn't react to the PL 82 until it started hurting sales so when you cough or your nose runs this study suggests that it's because your immune system is trying to get dangerous allergens out of your body and when it comes to life threatening allergies they're simply a more overactive version of the same response so don't let your sneezing bother you too much your immune system is doing you a big favor my immune system is actually my animator and he saves me from stuff all the time right animator can you save me hello so are you allergic to anything let us know in the comments section below or tell us what should we talk about next we're taking suggestions for future videos did you know that life noggin has another channel called play noggin we explore the science found in some of your favorite video games check out the video we did on splatoon to and what the ink is really made of when your inklings not grossed out swing through ink also gives them cover by hiding them from the enemy for actual squids it's not so different their ink sacs open up right by a final they can push water through with squid is threatened by a predator they can dump the ink into the stream of water shrouding them while they find a place to hide my name is black go this has been life noggin don't forget Yvonne think //

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