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5 Most Incredible Boeing 747 Versions
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5 Craziest Airline Liveries
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5 Fastest Civil Helicopters in the World
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10 Craziest Airline Liveries
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5 Cheapest Private Jets in the World
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5 Drunkest Pilots
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5 Shortest International Flights
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10 Extinct Dog Breeds
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10 Most Dangerous Underwater Caves
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5 Pilots Who Fell Asleep During Flight
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5 Most Expensive Guard Dogs
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5 Most Insane Swimming Pools You Won't Believe Exist
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5 Unbelievably Frozen Animals
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10 Craziest Baby Products
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The Longest A318 Flight in the World
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5 Most Insane iPhone Smugglers
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10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World
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5 Most Unusual Limousines
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5 Most Incredible Boeing 747 Versions
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5 Dumbest Pilots Ever
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5 Longest Flights in the World 2018
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5 Largest Horse Breeds You Won't Believe Exist
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5 Most Expensive Dogs Ever Sold
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10 Secret Services For Super Rich
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5 Longest Nonstop Flights Of All Time
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10 Largest Unclaimed Lottery Prizes
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5 Scariest Animal Mouths
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10 Strangest Car Features Ever
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5 Shortest Flights in the World
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5 Worst Passport Photo Fails
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5 Most Unusual Limousines
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5 Scariest Animal Mouths
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10 Best Guard Dog Breeds
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10 Photos That Said 1000 Words
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10 Weirdest Car Features Ever
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10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
\\number 10 commandeer although the Commodore might look like a big mop it's actually a very noble breed of dog it's definitely not a dog for an inexperienced donor because it was a very strong personality and might be a handful to train the first written descriptions we have of the common there date back to the sixteenth century when it was used to guide herds of live stock in Hungary but the breed has been around even longer than that it's thought to have been a descendant of the Russian of charkha this dog stand up to 23 feet at the shoulder and weigh between 80 and 100 pounds taken live between 10 and 12 years number 9 Brazilian mastiff the Brazilian massive also known as the feel the part I simply was first developed as a breed in the fifteenth century and its ancestors and the bloodhound English mastiff bulldog and RAF aerospace only it's a very strong big bone dog with a rectangular shape it's also a very courageous dog that will get very attached to its human family measuring between 25 and a half and 29.5 inches we could we between 90 and 100 and 10 pounds number 8 great Pyrenees the great fear and use its name in North America is known as the Iranian mountain dog in Europe itself the confused with the perennial mastiff which is a completely different breed the great Tierney's is a very big breed of dog which is used to guard livestock it could be a really great pet but you better make sure that you establish very clearly who the bosses arrest this dog will have the run of the house the could tip the scale add up to 140 pounds and measure between 25 and 32 inches as for life expectancy the great Tierney's book live 10 or 11 years number 7 black Russian terrier the beautiful black Russian terrier is also known as the chi Orkney terrier GRT meaning black in Russian in the late 19 forties early 19 fifties these dogs were used of military dogs work dogs despite its name the black Russian terrier isn't it terrier at all actually rumor has it about 17 different 33 years to develop this 1 including the Airedale the giants now Sir the rottweiler the Newfoundland Caucasian nope charkha and others the male of this breed can weigh between 100 of 10 and 100 32 pounds and measure between 27 and 30 inches eyes for the female she would weigh between 99 and 110 pounds and measure between 26 and 28 inches number 6 central Asian shepherd dog the central Asian of charkha as it's also known as a calm fear this flock guardian dog so it's a family dog it'll also guard its flock keep an eye on it when it's around children outside the home that might try to dominate other dogs and be a little suspicious of strangers and since the mail can wait anywhere between 121 and 176 pounds and measure between 27 and 32 inches you don't want to getting upset it going after somebody because we could do serious damage if it isn't kept under control number 5 go go Argentino also known as the Argentine mastiff the do go Argentina was a large white muscular canines developed in Argentina mostly for big game hunting including wild boar according to wikipedia it was first bred in 1928 from what was called the Cordova fighting dog and many other breeds including the great Dane this guy has also been trained for search and rescue missions police assistance as a service dog as a guide for the blind and for military work although the breed standard height for males between 24 and 27 inches and its weight between 88 and 99 pounds some individuals have grown much bigger than that number 4 Bernese mountain dog the Bernese mountain dog is known as a very versatile working dog from the farmlands of Switzerland the breed was developed a herd cattle pull carts and be a watchdog and loyal companion it's one of 4 types of Swiss mountain dogs but it's the only one with long hair it's called the Bernese mountain dog because it's from Bern canton even though it's a large and sturdy dog it's really friendly and calm so it's great for conformation obedience tracking herding and even carting competitions as far as size the Bernese male could reach 27.5 inches and weigh up 215 pounds number 3 board all south African mastiff the Borg all is well you guessed it from South Africa and it's part of the molosser family of dogs it was first bred to guard the homestead so it's a really powerful hard working dog you're wondering where the name comes from its Dutch Africans for former more in a slang word for dog full this big guy will tip the scale at 100 432 0 76 pounds when he gets to be an adult as for height the mail could reach between 24 and 28 inches at the shoulder number 2 toast set in you if you haven't heard of the toast in you you might have heard of the Japanese basket for the Japanese toaster this huge guys daily in massive and it's no wonder bread for dog fighting but it's a really quiet dog because according to Japanese dog fighting tradition it had to be silent even though you might be scared off by the idea of raising of greed that was in the dog fighting whose opinion is actually really boil and sensitive to the tone of your voice as well as being very good at paying attention to commands like human wrestlers and boxers dose is divided into different fighting sides is this forest week goes so you have light weights middle weights and heavy weight classes which mean you can have males is light is 83 pounds and as heavy as 200 pounds as far as height expected mail to reach around 24 inches at the shoulder number one Spanish mastiff the Spanish mastiff is known as the giant breed of dog that originated from wait for it Spain originally it was threat as a guard dog responsible for defending livestock from wolves and other predators there's also a mountain dog Spanish mastiff which has a heavier coat generally this guy will weigh between 70 and 100 pounds in the mail will measure around 31 inches of course all these breeds have had record breaking specimens within their free just like humans and every other type of animal or mammal //
"2017-10-29 15:22:23"
5 Smartest Lottery Winners
\\number 5 at Louise Hutchinson British teenager Louise Hutchinson was just 19 years old when she won over 1.34 0 pounds well over 1.6000000 U. S. dollars she celebrated by having a special dinner with a boyfriend David heard which would later marry back in the day she was working at a grocery store and swore she wouldn't stop working which he did do is buy a card home spits of money at a lavish wedding and a great honeymoon across America but mostly she and her husband smartly invested in their own companies for mobile beauty business and his online toy company they also were happy to treat their families to buy stuff but mostly as the lucky winner said we're both working very hard to get our business is going but knowing we have financial security at such a young age is phenomenal number 4 Jamie grief another smart British lottery winner who uses wealth the start its own business is Jamie grief this young man was only 2621 close to 1.$25000000 in 2013 JB says what I scratched by lottery carton saw 0 pounds I started screaming and running around the house and no doubt I would use the money to buy a house and start my own business and that's exactly what he did JB was living with his parents in the west of Suffolk back then but launched his company with this partner Francesca the print images on the hard surfaces to customize cars bikes or interiors Jamie says he loves being his own boss and never looked back good for him number 3 Deanna Sampson Sheffield UK resident Deanna Sampson had a pretty rough life from the struggle to make ends meet childhood to the same financial struggles later on as an adult not to mention the fact that you had a disabled brother lost her first husband in a car accident leaving her to raise her young son alone before she remarried lost a child born prematurely and saw her brother passed away later on when she dozed off early brothers chair and woke up convinced he'd visited her in a dream and told it should win the lottery Deanna went out to buy a ticket and lo and behold 18.$9000000 you gave 2000000 of family and friends also donated some of it treated 22 of our favorite people do a trip to Spain and then invested in our future by starting up a business should average restaurant to 3 bars to work 6 days a week but says she was never comfortable just sitting around and feels that this is a much better example to give your son and daughter number 2 Meredith Davies sometimes people win the lottery and they're already pretty happy with their life the smart ones use the extra money just upgraded make it a little easier that's what Meredith Davies of late Peter Wales did he always loved working in agriculture and was comfortable with farm life so in October 2004 when he went to 0 pounds the lottery he used the money wisely his company prepares plows tractors and combine harvesters this horse lover bought himself the form of his dreams very now breeds Welsh cob ponies there is this from a family of 9 children is also sharing his good fortune with this family number one Chris Manzi New Jersey resident Chris Manzi won the mega millions lottery in 2012 the lottery jackpot with $14000000 that he split with another lucky winner any we slept with approximately 3.$5000000 after taxes because he chose a bomb some although he seems to regret that part of it he did invest money sparkly even if he did splurge on a few toys as he calls them gave money to cancer research before buying himself a Florida beach out he does keep going to work watches his investments on a daily basis seeing them go up and down every day since he did consult on its bankers and financial advisors he doesn't have to worry about money and that's the best thing a smart lottery winner can hope for //
"2017-10-28 16:53:17"
10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World
\\number 10 Alaskan malamute the Alaskan malamute is one of the oldest wreaths of arctic sled dogs became Alaska from Siberia with native people thousands of years ago today's malamute is still a strong energetic and during an intelligent with a malamute that was used to hunt seals and chase away polar bears now wants to be everybody's friend so don't go get one if you're looking for a watchdog sure the malamute is impressive physically they can look intimidating with that wolf like face but this big dog is just a big softie the mail could stand up to 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 85 pounds where as the female will stand around 23 inches and weigh about 75 pounds there have been some cases were well developed male has tipped the scale over 100 pounds 10 a few giant versions that have reached 140 but that has to be muscle because the malamute body isn't designed to endure excessive weight number 9 the Kublai's the coup be the oldest of the 3 ancient hand Garion breeds this gorgeous Doug is a very complex personality and can be a challenge to train would be if you get the hang of it though your Kublai's could be an amazing guard dog that's white's name comes from the Turkish word meaning taught a guard beginning to blossom will be very loyal to you but it might not be good around strangers children so might want to watch out for that hukou bus is said to be a one family dog he can get pretty big reaches between 28 and 30 inches at the shoulder for the male 26 to 28 for the female as for weight expect the 2 of us to reach 315 pounds for a male and 70 to 90 pounds for a female number 8 kainate Corso also known as the Italian mastiff they can they Corso is closely related to the Neopolitan mastiff except the Italian mastiff is often more muscular and less bulky than its other mastiff cousin hit Amy's dog in Italian and Corso can mean both guard and court yard which makes sense since it was long used as a guard dog and a hunter it's still a great companion that could tip the scale up to 110 pounds for a male and 100 pounds for a female it'll measure anywhere between 23 and 28 inches for a male and 23 to 26 inches for a female number 7 Oct Bosch dog the beautiful white occupies is a flock guard dog that is amazing hearing and is renowned for its superior strength the name box 5 comes of the Turkish word lockbox which means white head not surprisingly the breed was developed over 3000 years ago by shepherds and will be now known as western Turkey this huge dog could weigh between 90 and 100 and 30 pounds and measured between 28 to 32 inches though the outbox is considered a low activity dog you should take it for a long daily walk it since the outbox is considered a pack leader its owner will need to be firm but calm so that the dog knows who the bosses number 6 Scottish deerhound like it's name indicates the Scottish dear hands original job was to hunt and bring down the road veer a majestic animal twice or more insights nowadays the single family Scottish deerhound will want to take long walks and have regular running time but it has gotten used to living in a home and likes it's lazy times too like most hound dog its leader than many of the dogs on this list it could weigh up 210 pounds but I can measure up to 2 feet 8 inches at the shoulder although to be very friendly with humans it can be a challenge with other dogs number 5 the sharply NY Mets these are plenty nets is also known as the Yugoslavian shepherd dog of sharply Nina name for the mountain range where it originated in a region that is they'll notice Kosovo it's a breed that dates back to antiquity and is probably the oldest of the mall the Serb breeds with dog is known for its unwavering courage as a laid out its life for its masters or for the hertz it has to watch though the average weight can be around 99 pounds for a male and 88 pounds for a female some males have reached 154 pounds and some females have tipped the scales at 132 as for height the average is 24 inches for males 23 for females number 4 the Tibetan mastiffs still considered a primitive dog breed the Tibetan massive was obviously developed in Tibet centuries ago it was originally used to guard livestock and property and actually still lives although it's also become a great family companion and show dog some Tibetan mastiffs can grow to weigh 160 pounds and measure up to 2.2 feet number 3 the Landseer in the United States and Great Britain the lance here is considered the same breed is the Newfoundland week featured in our first less than in most European countries it's a totally different breed that's because in Europe lance years of longer legs the new permits excellent dog shows they compete separately the land series city originate from Germany and Switzerland the male measure between 28 a half inches and 31 0.5 inches worries that the male will to between 26 and a half 1028 0.5 inches as overweight you can expect a male to be between 100 and 39 50 pounds and the female between 100 and 120 pounds number 2 they can delve dog sometimes the Turkish Kangol dog goes by the name car by through the generations it's remained a large powerful heavy bone brief because it continues to be used as a guard dog against predators in Turkey you can expect this beautiful animal away between 100 and 10 and 140 pounds for a male between 90 and 100 and 20 pounds for a female as far as height goes it varies between 30 and 32 inches for the male and 28 to 30 for the female and as you can tell it's code is pretty short but really thing with the candy out sporting a cute black mass number one the Pakistani massive also known as the bully coulda the Pakistani mass that is very muscular and has thick bones like other mastiffs be could be a great guard dog it's also a very dominant dog so it's better for experienced owners city sometimes known as the beast from the east I could weigh between 100 and 5170 pounds for the few specimens that went over the 200 pound mark and one that even reach 230 you better make sure you're clear about who the boss is with this guy the Pakistani mastiff could reach 40 inches at the shoulder but please don't try to ride it like a horse //
"2017-09-29 17:12:53"
10 Craziest Car Safety Features
\\number 10 headlight wipers saab introduced wipers on headlights on its 99 model back in 1970 although this electronic feature which includes a washer system too was designed to promoted as a safety feature but wasn't exactly a game //
"2017-09-28 18:44:22"
10 Smallest Houses in the World
\\the number 10 house built on a rock Drina river Serbia this small houses been balancing on a rock concert biting through thick and thin for 47 years back in 1968 a bunch of young swimmers climbed up on this rock to rest in the decided they wanted a more comfortable place to relax they build a sort of shelter to protect themselves from the sun but the next year it was turned into a real 1 room house by 1 of the swimmers number 9 the finish house in the woods in Finland laws allow you to build a small dwelling without a permit if it's less than 962 0 28 square feet depending on the location in 2010 a designer decided he wanted to build his own house and while hiking in the woods 1 day he found the perfect place but since he knew we wouldn't be able to build a normal sized home within 6 months to a year he decided to build a smaller 1 believe it or not he took only 2 weeks to buy the required materials and build this cute cabin number 8 the raven loft Pender island Canada Pender island is situated off the coast of British Columbia Canada in the Gulf of Georgia the house you see here is the brainchild of Jeppe do Reuter a graduate student who is looking to create a more sustainable lifestyle for himself so he purchased house atop some pine trees it only covers 100 65 square feet in most of the materials used to build it were recycled or repurposed it's heated by electric baseboard and lighting is provided by only 21 0 watt light bulbs and 6 candles number 7 tiny environmentally friendly home when Elizabeth Turnbull was accepted to Yale school of forestry and environmental studies instead of moving in the student housing on campus she decided to build around 144 square foot house while she was building it she made sure her homes environmental impact would be minimal by using only FSC certified Boyd non toxic paints and finishes and recycled windows number 6 many dream this is again have the American dream without a big house in a great big long one lady in Washington state build a road American dream and is perfectly happy with 140 square feet of living space Melis attacking her husband Chris submitted their tiny abode for apartment therapy small cool contest in 2013 located still publish Washington if the place is basically a bungalow but with an elevated sleeping off over the kitchen the wood slats give the home a rustic feel the supersize flat screen TV in the living room brings it into the 20 first century number 5 Phillies goings rent was just over $700 for a 90 square foot micro studio in Manhattan where you typically pay around $2569 a month for a studio Cohen who is a writer and professional organizer made the most of the space using high narrow storage units and installing a lofted bed that was just 23 inches down from the ceiling the studio didn't really have a kitchen per se but police said a toaster oven and a mini fridge which should re stock a couple of times a week unfortunately her inventiveness broader some publicity and what our landlord saw video of her flaunting how cool she made her many space he noticed her name wasn't on the lease and evicted her she moved to a 500 square foot apartment just 2 blocks away but that had to be much more expensive number 4 little house Toronto in 1912 a man spotted a space between 2 larger houses of thought fate wanted squeeze my own home in there so we did he built this miniscule dwelling and live that it with his wife for 20 years the house does have everything you need I'll pull out bed a kitchen a laundry room allowance it even has a small backyard number 3 the smallest house in Italy designed by Marco Brazi Italy smallest houses just 75 square feet and it occupies a tiny spotted an alley near Saint Peter's square in Rome sure the floor space is almost nonexistent but the designer made the most of the height and build a loft area above the kitchen and living room area the loft bed turns into a sofa and a trap door for the staircase can be brought down from more floor space upstairs number 2 the smallest house in the UK the smallest south of the UK is also called the quay house it a tiny red hope which measures only 10 feet by 6 feet it's so small it's become a tourist attraction big cut way whales build in the sixteenth century it's been home to many people throughout the years including a 6 foot 3 inch fishermen because it's so small it doesn't house much but it does have a stove a water tap a bed and some bedside storage number one carriage house could you imagine living in 46 square feet that's what this tiny home called Karen house in Warsaw Poland measures it's just 5 feet wide making it possibly the skinny is department in the world Polish architect Jacob scares me sandwiched in between 2 buildings in an alley it doesn't have windows the kitchen table has room for only 2 chairs the microscopic fridge can only contain 2 sodas and don't even get me started on the bathroom the showerhead Eames almost directly over the toilet this place really couldn't be any smaller //
"2017-09-20 17:23:20"
10 Most Powerful Whirlpools in the World
\\I number 10 street of Messina whirlpool the street of the seat is 2 miles wide at the narrowest point in 830 feet deep the seaport drop significantly and winds blow against the direction of powerful currents which create this powerful whirlpools what is called the mouse drum up got off around occurs in the narrow body of water between the southern tip of how the Brea and Easter tip of Sicily Italy because of the dangerous choppy seas and rotating whirlpools that can overturn small boats and treat serious problems for bigger ones it's generally recommended perceive vessels not to get too close number 9 Niagara Falls world full when the Niagara river is at its strongest blowing north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario in southern Canada the water goes over the rapids influence in the world tool creating another reversal phenomenon the water travels counter clockwise around the pool and tries to cut across the natural outlet that causes pressure to build up and forces the water under the incoming stream causing the swirling Niagara Falls whirlpool which could reach depths of 125 feet number 8 Hawaii mile Strom Hawaii Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth but it's also the home of one of the most deadly destructive down drafts of natural power what happens is the sea air blows before a fellow of water fresh your rocks lava tubes like a geyser then before another blasted the blowhole white pony ocean water sucked in creating a swirl with dangerous currents the cool white mile strip dragged suction which pulls down the the ocean 20 feet below the Mahvelat number 7 French pass New Zealand a treacherous channel called the French past lies between an island off the coast of New Zealand and the mainland a very strong current passes through this very narrow canal which is only 330 feet wide because of the force of the water a dangerous world list created it can be deadly case in 0.3 divers died there after getting caught in the world for being stuck down 300 feet under water number 6 scoop of Chuck narrows the skookum Chuck narrows is surrounded by a national park in beautiful British Columbia Canada these rapids attract a lot of hikers scuba divers campers and kayakers as a matter of fact dozens of kayakers at the rapids every day but that narrows ruled fools are not for amateurs pros are told to check the tide before getting in the water it's only navigate the rapids at high tide for loose slacks tights and other times the whirlpools and whitewater said to be extremely dangerous each day 200000000000 gallons of water flow through the narrows the difference in water levels on either side of the rapids he go over 6 feet 6 inches number 5 old sow the old cell whirlpool located off the coast of Maine United States said New Brunswick Canada is the largest in the western hemisphere it's a 250 feet across it was called the old sow apparently because it makes pig like screeching noises when the vortex is at its peak smaller sailboats and other boats with heels are advised to stay away because currents it reached 17 miles per hour number 4 Naruto the street separating the root shell NYG island if Japan is listed a mile wide than a route Joe street is located with a very narrow channel near Choteau where Tyson water levels being constantly and throw strong tides into a vortex the water resistant more than 8 miles per hour 44 times a day twice flowing into and twice flowing out the Naruto mile Strom's are the fourth fastest in the world because the title current swirled over 20 miles per hour during the spring and fall types the whirlpools grow to over 60 feet in diameter number 3 kharif again between 2 islands off the coast of Scotland in the Gulf of Korea can you'll find the third largest world full of the world scuba divers considered one of the most dangerous dive to the UK and the British navy once classified as non navigable but now just qualifies it as extremely dangerous mile strums war is so strong he could be heard almost 10 miles away number 2 mosques dromund while the salt straw man is the strongest milestone in the world the mosque stralman is the most infamous thanks to a gremlin polling Jules Verne who wrote a story called the descent into the miles from and then burn referred to it towards the end of 20000 leagues under the sea actually mosques dramatists even thought to be the first miles from ever mention it's located in the bill foot Nyland off the coast of Norway its flow currents reach speeds as high as 20 miles per hour and it's whirlpools can get up to 160 feet in diameter number one salts dramas position near the Arctic Circle the salt Stroman has the strongest titled burned in the world every 6:00 hours strong ocean currents could reach 25 miles per hour as more than 105000 gallons of water rushed through the narrow streets that connects the 2 fjords salts drumming gets its name from the district sultan and from the word strong which means stream or strong motion of water it's whirlpools or milestones did reach up to 33 feet in diameter they go down 16 feet deep when the current is at its strongest it's believed that the salts dromund as existed between 500000 years because the underwater currents are always churning locals and tourists are advised to be extremely careful because the salt stralman miles from really is the most dangerous in the world I //
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10 Famous Companies That Collaborated with the Nazis
\\number 10 BMW the German vehicle and engine manufacturer founded in 1916 focused exclusively on aircraft in motorcycle manufacturing during World War 2 and had no qualms about being a war machinery supplier to the Nazis they even admitted that they used up to 30000 prisoners of war slave laborers in concentration camp inmates to produce engines for the Luftwaffe it's scary to think that those forced laborers were indirectly helping their captors defend themselves against the allies who were trying to save them number 9 Nestle in the year 2000 following claims from Holocaust survivors in Jewish organizations who accused Nestle of having you slave laborers during World War 2 the company paid over 14.$5000000 into a compensation fund the company admitted that in 1947 it bought a business that it use forced labor during the war Nestle even went as far as stating that it can be assumed that some corporations of the Nestle group activity countries controlled by the Nazi regime did employee forced laborers it also seems that Nestle helped finance the Nazi party in Switzerland in 1939 and wound up getting a lucrative contract basically becoming the official chocolate supplier of the German army number 8 alliance alliance the twelfth largest financial services company in the world was already the largest insurer in the country with the Nazis came to power consequently they quickly became involved with the regime the company CEO Curt Schmidt even became Hitler's economics minister at alliance became the insurance company for the facilities and the personnel that all Schmitz alliances general director was even the guy responsible for paid the Nazi government instead of the people who actually paid the insurance policies when Jewish property was damaged following Kristallnacht later on the company worked closely with the SS to track down life insurance policies of German Jews said to the death camps and during the war it insured valuable possessions that have been stolen from their same Jews making the Nazis the beneficiaries of those policies number 7 coca Cola through Fanta the original fair to soda the orange flavored 1 was created especially for the Nazis believe it or not since the coca Cola company was having a hard time importing ingredients to make Cola the manager of coca Cola's German headquarters Max Keith created a new soft drink that could be made with ingredients that were readily available fit to hit the German market in 1941 next keep himself wasn't a Nazi but thanks to his efforts to keep coca Cola going with Vanna throughout the war the company made huge profits and started distributing coke to mereka GI stationed in Europe again as soon as the war was over number 6 Siemens founded in Germany Siemens took on slave laborers during the Holocaust and had to participate in building gas chambers in which that eventually die in very creepy they also get our award for worst post Holocaust movement of its sensitivity in 2001 Stevens tried to trademark the word Zyklon which means cyclone in German he was going to become the name of a new line of products that include a gas ovens by the way Zyklon is also the name of the poisonous gas that was used in Holocaust chambers when watchdog groups freaked out Siemens withdrew the trademark application they said they hadn't thought of the Zyklon B. gas used during the war I don't know what's worse lying if they actually had thought about it were not remembering at all if they didn't number 5 Volkswagen the man behind Volkswagen and Porsche Ferdinand Porsche had a meeting with Hitler in 1934 to discuss the creation of a people's car by the way Volkswagen actually means people's car in German the fewer wanted a cheap simple car that could be mass produced and be accessible to most people proportion and his team got the work and finally had it is signed by 1938 during the war it seems that 4 out of 5 Volkswagen workers were slave laborers some people say Ferdinand Porsche had a direct link to Heinrich Himmler 1 of the leaders of the SS and would request slave from us vets direct from Himmler himself number 4 Kodak good X. German leg also you slave laborers from the concentration camps during World War 2 several of their European branches also did a lot of business with the Nazi government one of Hitler's top economic advisers will helmet Kepler actually had deep ties with Kodak when Nazism began kept the recommended to Kodak into several other US companies that they fire all their Jewish employees if they wanted to profit from ties with the new regime number 3 Hugo boss before he turned his talent into an international fashion powerhouse Hugo boss made Nazi uniforms this was in the 19 thirties and Boston Celtic join the Nazi party so we got the contract agreed the Hitler youth clothing line as well as the storm trooper an SS uniforms the contract came only 8 years after founding his company so we gave it a considerable financial boost taking it to another level manufacturing the Nazi uniform was so time consuming that boss said to bring in slave laborers from Poland and France to work in the factory many years later Hugo said Siegfried justified his father's position in an Austrian news magazine saying quote of course by bother belong to the Nazi party but who didn't belong back then number 2 Ford Henry Ford was known as a victorious anti semite and didn't mind people knowing he sponsored the Nazis and was 1 of Hitler's biggest foreign backers in 1938 when he turned 75 Ford received the grand cross of the German eagle the highest Nazi award given to a foreign citizen Ford's German operations produced 1 third of the militarized trucks used by the army during the war in much of the work building them was done by prisoners even more shocking is the fact that for probably use forced labor as early as 1940 when the American army the company still had full control so basically Ford's company profited from both sides by producing vehicles for both the Nazis and the allies number one IBM the Nazis commissioned IBM to build custom machines that they used to track everything from oil supplies to train schedules in the death camps from Jewish peoples bank accounts to individual Holocaust victims themselves September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland The New York Times reported that 3000000 Jews were going to be immediately removed from the country and we're probably going to be exterminated IBM reacted by publishing an internal memo that said because of that situation they needed to step up production on high speed alphabetize equipment business is business I guess nnst //
"2017-09-13 18:36:22"
10 Worst Traffic Jams Ever
\\number 10 Bethel New York August 1969 usually when we think of traffic jams we think of rush hour traffic but you can bet Bethel New York doesn't usually see much traffic except from August 15 to the eighteenth of 1969 when 0.5000000 people descended on Max Yasgur's farm for Woodstock the New York Thruway got clogged up worse than a shower draining shares house and 20 miles with the vehicles got stuck in the congestion many motorists just left their cars where they work and hiked over to the 3 days of peace and music festival which ended up drowning in rain and mud and more than 10 times the people the anticipated the artist had to be flown to and from the site in helicopters or the stages but if stayed silent for 3 days number 9 Chicago Illinois February 2011 on 2/1/2011 the windy city was hit by one of its worst blizzards in history which culminated in the last of 20.2 inches of snow falling during the evening rush hour the commuters who had it worse with the ones on lake shore drive heading north bound out of downtown Chicago weather related accidents slowed down and even stop traffic varying cars up to their windshields for more than 12:00 hours number 8 East West Germany April 1990 if you think Woodstock was bad think of the first Easter holiday after the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989 the April 1990 weekend was the first taller they almost 40 years that Germans could freely visit their relatives on the other side of the eastern western border to this day be 18000000 car back up at the border on April 12 holds the Guinness world record for most cars in a single traffic jam number 750 blame China motorway traffic jam in October 2015 at the end of China's weeklong golden week national holiday the country's G. for Beijing Hong Kong Macau expressway which is already 1 of the country's busiest roads became a real live nightmare when a new checkpoint was set up forcing millions of motorists to emerge from a 50000000000 highway to 20 not surprisingly traffic was backed up for hours number 6 China national highway 10 traffic jam on 8/14/2010 China's national highway 10 north south section into Beijing was at a near standstill for 11 days the unusually nightmarish traffic was blamed on a combination of factors including road work badly thought out breakdowns heavy traffic and stubborn motorists who refuse to take detours some drivers spent 5 days in the 63 mile long traffic jam having to eat sleep and even wash up in their parked cars and trucks this nightmare for commuters was a dream for some businessman who walked around selling food and drink up to 10 times the normal price and for thieves who do the car's fault driver slept in them number 5 Tokyo Japan August 1990 on 8/12/1990 more than 15000 cars move at a snails pace for over 84 miles on a highway in western Japan when holiday commuters returning home ended up on the highway at the same time as residents who were evacuated because of a typhoon warning the holiday which they call the festival of the dead when families gather to pay respect to their ancestors but more like a dead end festival number 4 Houston September 2005 it's September 2005 when hurricane Rita was getting ready to hit more than 2000000 residents of Houston were told to get out of town a lot of them ended up on interstate 45 at the same time this mess because in 99 mile long traffic jam in 100 degree heat and 140 mile an hour winds at times and then there was no help as he tried to calm the panic when he said now's not the time for warnings it's a time for evacuation followed by being on the highway is a death trap ... dude were already on the highway luckily read ended up shifting eastward and stayed away from Houston number 3 Lille in Paris February 1980 the February 1980 the on Paris traffic jam is considered the record breaker as far as number of miles with 109 it was caused by a lot of cars coming back from winter vacation and really bad weather that was so much snow some people joke commuters should I just came back to the city of lights number 2 Moscow Russia November 2012 another bad weather related traffic jam was caused by the snow storm that buried highway and 10 between Saint Petersburg and Moscow on 11/30/2012 stopping traffic for 3 whole days some reports said the government set up tents along the road to offer supplies and psychological counseling to the back of motorists I would have had a couple of shots of vodka myself quite honestly number one so polo Brazil June 2009 Brazil's largest city has been notorious for its traffic jams for awhile since apparently it's carpark is growing by nearly 1000 new vehicles a day the regular rush hour traffic around the center city usually covers 112 miles of road the one Wednesday 90 to 2009 commuters Peter record by covering a third of all city roads creating a jam that spanned 180 miles people say residents are getting use to the daily grind using the commute to shave their cars even picked up dates but the helicopter industry the city's starting to grow which says a lot right //
"2017-09-09 17:49:15"
5 Safest Apocalypse Bunkers
\\beside the oppidum world's largest private apocalypse shelter construction of the world's largest apocalypse shelter started in 1984 at the height of the Cold War and ended in 1994 although the optimistic closed it's such a luxurious compound that you might have a hard time faking claustrophobia it's odd to underground levels //
"2017-09-06 19:26:36"
10 Weirdest Vending Machines in the World
\\number 10 live crabs vending machine can you imagine buying crabs like you buy candy bars through a vending machine yet and we're not talking about crab meat people we're talking about live crabs machine is kept at refrigerator temperature for the little critters are in a dormant state make it stay alive like them longer than in a stall that's why a lot of people call them sleeping craps the machine itself an average of 200 of them a day to make sure you grab one next time you're in China where else number 9 toilet paper vending machine in most western and European countries be go no public restroom you'll most likely find toward the paper no surprise you might be surprised to learn that this isn't the case in many places all across Asia if you need to go to the bathroom there you better make sure you pack your own paper lately toilet paper vending machines but popping up so that people who are used to this it pick up a role not go walking around ash bottom number 8 flip flop vending machine if you're ever in Australia Europe or Indonesia it's good to know that if you break a heel if you forget your shoes in a bar because he got you drunk or you feel a bit overdressed for that beach you could find a friendly neighborhood high then elvish foot fought machine to save the day hilarious right number 7 raw meat vending machine if you ever have an uncontrollable urge to hit your local butcher shop in the middle of the night for pork chops we've got 5 Joe or vast country bail on him it's good to know that a Paris butcher now has a vending machine that offers those 3 raw meats to customers 247 no I think you can get chicken and egg still number 6 bike rental vending machine the Netherlands are famous for being a pedal happy nation so it's not that surprising that they finally got bicycle vending machine where you could read out bicycle us rep that yeah ours these bicycle dispenser machines can be found at many railway stations in Amsterdam what is surprising is that a company in Montreal Canada came up with a self serve bike riding service called bixi even before the bike dispenser showed up in Amsterdam and Dixie has now sold its concept bikes and stations to a few other cities including the Big Apple so take that Amsterdam number 5 fresh vegetables vending machine in a world where we try to be more respectful of the environment but over wrapped and packed produce in supermarkets it's refreshing to know that in Japan you can find vending machines that sell vegetables that aren't plastic wrapped vacuum sealed or emblazoned with the hello Kitty logo some smart thinking local farmers now offer cabbage tomatoes cucumbers radishes mushrooms in more in machine set up next transit so and if you're worried about the produce going bad some machines are refreshing 5 or more time 8 number 4 dog food vending machine now this one takes the cake a vending machine that sells wait for it jogging cat food yep and doesn't accept coins or any kind of currency you have to pay in returnable drink bottles Houston was developed in this temple and runs completely on solar power plus the profit made from the recycled bottles that used to be the city stray animals number 3 we'd vending machine since vending machines for cigarettes have been around forever why not have machines that sell joins wait a minute these vending machines sell medical marijuana so they will only spit it out if you have a doctor's prescription but with laws that legalize recreational marijuana changed in California Colorado and other states and coming soon to Canada expect the machines to spread like weeds sorry number 2 live bait vending machine in many fishing spots across the U. S. in Pennsylvania New York Wisconsin Illinois you could find 24 hour machines to fill the void when your local bait and tackle shop is closed Pennsylvania's live bait vending owner Gary Hart still says that the machines bestsellers probably that doesn't nightcrawlers but some machines also offered 5 crayfish bloodworms minnows and leeches and some of them you'll also find some non living items like folks bobbers thinkers motor oil for votes and even frosty beverages bank one I number one gold vending machine yet the gold vending machine is gold in color but it actually sells gold to every word the dollar the euro but brash and you're stuck at the airport and Abu Dhabi Frank bird perched above for Moscow 50009 you could buy a few gold coins any gold to go vending machine it also by south African Krugerrand Canadian maple leaf coins or of $100 one out Australian kangaroo point sure I //
"2017-09-03 17:40:04"
5 Craziest Pilot Mistakes Ever
\\number 5 in August 2014 to British helicopter pilots were suspended pending an investigation when they landed uninvited on the wrong oil platform in the middle of the ocean 60 miles north of Aberdeen apparently it can happen occasionally that a chopper lands on the wrong rate but this mistake was peculiar because the platform where the helicopter was expected was 9 miles away which is a big difference when the bond operated as 92 chopper touched down on the ends go 120 th Jack up rates since it wasn't expected the crazy movements hadn't been suspended which is usually standard procedure the rex radio operator was so startled when he saw the chopper arrived he said can we help you and the pilots replied we appear to have laid it on the wrong break it's a good thing nothing bad happened but the pilots were clearly running on fumes that day number 4 in June 2012 a military cargo plane that typically requires a lot more than 3500 feet for take off landed it Peter O. night airport on Davis islands near downtown Tampa with the longest runway is only 3580 feet long according to reports the pilots complained of fatigue and that's why they landed the C. 17 Globemaster 3 short of its MacDill destination the plane to come from U. S. Central Command operations in southwest Asia with 23 passengers and a crew of 19 because the runway is so short it Peter O. night airport employees had to lighten the load of the 174 foot long aircraft for to leave safely witnesses caught a caravan of military vehicles invading the runway to retrieve the crew and start hauling cargo away thank goodness the bulky plane was able to leave David silence popover Hillsboro bay and land in McDill where it was originally supposed to land it seems that this kind of mistake happens once in awhile the runways of big deal Peter a night in Tampa International Airport have sometimes be confused with one another but between the 3 MacDill is for the one with the most unscheduled landings in 2004 in the same week 2 planes landed there by mistake number 3 in January 2014 a similar incident happened in the United States when a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 flighted bout for Branson airport in Missouri ended up landing at the much smaller Graham Clarke downtown airport in hit Lister Missouri about 7 miles away it seems the piloted program the plane to land in France in but were confused by the smaller airports runway lights thinking it was Branson's the problem is they limit the huge 737 with 100 24 passengers board on a runway that was about half the length of the Branson prompting them to basically slam on the brakes to stop the plane from ending up in a ravine passengers reported the landing was pretty abrupt that they could smell burnt rubber with the plane stopped but they were lucky the incident didn't turn into a catastrophe what's amazing in this story is that in this day and age with sophisticated air traffic communication you think somebody would have said something before the plane touched down and the computers used to program the flight would have manifested themselves to number 2 in July 3600 passengers on board an Airbus a 320 delta flight in route the Rapid City South Dakota the United States had a frightful experience when their plane landed unexpectedly at an airforce base 5 miles north of their planes intended destination and was stormed by our military personnel it seems the radar approach control and give the delta flight instructions and pointed out both runways the 1 in Rapid City in the 1 on the airforce base general Boswell of the Ellsworth airforce base said that this was a gross breach of security that presented a potential threat to both his airmen and their resources you really have to wonder about the pilots competence in an incident like this one because this could have turned into a major disaster number one in early March 2015 an area Asia ex flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was diverted to Melbourne Australia because the captain incorrectly entered the plane's location of the navigation system when the plane took off it immediately started experiencing technical difficulties many of the planes key navigation systems including the auto pilot were thrown out of commission and the plane could return to Sydney because of low clouds and rain that hinder the pilots vision of the runway and all these problems apparently occurred because there was 1 misplaced did and the captain's entry the plane's flight crew was manually guided by air traffic controllers and was able to land in Melbourne 2:00 hours after takeoff this type of incident happened twice before at Sydney airport in July 2011 it was a Philippine airlines Airbus a 340 that needed to head back to the airport for the same reasons and in July 2007 and Airbus a 320 was forced to land right back where it started I nnsl //
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10 Most Insane North Korean Laws
\\number 10 mandatory accordion playing as a teacher you're expected to share your knowledge with your students and help them flourish intellectually you think that's why the north Korean government forced all teachers to learn the accordion in the 19 nineties ... want yet via courtier it seems it was often called the people's instrument because it was easy to carry anywhere really easier than a recorder a violin or a pan flute anyway this decision was clearly based on some sort of political agenda because the teachers have to learn to play certain tunes including one called we have nothing to envy in the world which was basically twinkle twinkle little star with propaganda laden lyrics number 9 obligatory vote in most democracies you have the right to vote if you compare your luck to those who live in a totalitarian nation you probably feel it's your duty to vote but in North Korea it's your obligation no ifs ands or buts you have to vote so in North Korea which is after all called the democratic people's Republic of Korea an election is held every 5 years if you are a citizen you must vote it's kinda weird though is the fact that no one ever runs against the Kim family and whenever there is any kind of opposition it's usually someone who was hired by the powers that be to lose on purpose number 8 everything has a price in north Korean school students are expected to pay for just about everything their chairs their desks even the heating fuel the only thing they don't pay for is the teacher which causes a lot of parents to secretly pull their children out of school what's even crazier is that some students are forced to work producing merchandise for the government that's why in some cases parents bribe teachers to exempt their kids from work or just keep them home even if that's against the law number 7 cars aren't for everyone you might not believe this but in North Korea only military officials and government executives are allowed to have cars if you've ever been in North Korea you've seen how rare traffic jams are and that's why so you think public transportation would be the way to travel right well since citizens need special permits to go from one town to another public transportation isn't that comment that's why in the streets of North Korea you'll mostly find children play in on the highways soldier's hitchhiking number 6 watch this movie and die in North Korea if you're caught watching a south Korean movie or in possession of a Bible you might be sentenced death no really north Koreans aren't allowed to own use or possessed of Bible or watch a south Korean film or any video that might be considered disturbing if they're caught the peace capital punishment ... and using the services of prostitutes is also illegal in North Korea big surprise right number 5 feces please okay North Korea they don't use fertilizer instead human feet part of eyes the because of a lack of resources since this stuff isn't exactly easy to come by citizens are well forced to provided it's a great thing that North Korea doesn't use chemical fertilizers but this also means that government orders each and every citizen to provide a few 0 pounds of their own excrement say year usually the feces are mixed with straw to be used as fertilizer but it seems that having a harder time than expected gathering this stuff people of even stoop so low as to steal squat toilets so people have started installing locks on their wash rooms number 4 feeling blue since North Korea leader Kim Jong il Kim Jong goons predecessor called the blue jeans were a symbol of American imperialism the citizens of North Korea are legally prohibited to wear the garment still to this day that's why in North Korea you 5 people wearing black jeans only number 3 capital living some north Korean defectors say that Kim Jong woon actually vets potential residents of Pyongyang the north Korean capital you want to live there and do self forget about it it seems that capitalism marked only for the most successful citizens and more importantly the most loyal people guess as to whom Soviet government is actually responsible for housing assignments in North Korea number 2 all in the family North Korea has what they call the 3 generations of punishment rule that basically means that if someone in a family violates a law or is sent to a prison camp that person's parents and children could all be sent to the work can as well talk about the family number one regulatory hair in 2013 Kim Jong moon showed exactly how much of a hare brained leader he really was he passed a law declaring 28 government approved hairstyles for men and women in North Korea manner for bidden they grew their hair longer than 2 inches and forget about spiked hair that's explicitly banned supposedly because it rebellious but I suspect it's because Kim Jong hoon feels a lot anybody but him using hair gel nnsl //
"2017-08-22 18:10:01"
10 Worst Medical Mistakes
\\number 10 patient wide awake during surgery Sherman Sizemore story is the stuff of horror movies the West Virginia native underwent exploratory surgery at rally General Hospital in Beckley so that doctors could determine the cause of his abdominal pain however the pain he was subjected to on the operating table was even worse surgeons cut into size 4's got 60 minutes before he was given a general anesthetic the pace you could actually feel everything but couldn't communicate with surgeons after the operation Sizemore was understandably haunted by the experience apparently anesthetic awareness says it's called affects 20 to 40000 patients every year incise Morse case he was so tormented by this ghoulish experience that he committed suicide just 2 weeks later number 9 the healthy kidney removed by mistake I park Nicolette Methodist hospital in Saint Louis park Minnesota a patient was admitted to have one of his kidneys removed because of a cancerous tumor unfortunately doctors remove the patients healthy kidney instead the hospital's chief medical officer Dr Saville Carlson explained the discovery that this was the wrong kidney was made the next day when the pathologist examined the material and found no evidence of any malignancy wow anything else you might like to add doctor apparently the potentially cancerous kidney remained intact and functioning thank god for the patient who asked to remain anonymous number 8 unneeded double mastectomy 2 doctors determine the 35 year old dari Easton should undergo a double mastectomy but later discovered she didn't even have breast cancer this diagnostic mistake stem from a lab mix up in which a technician screwed up some tissue specimen labeling because of this error when he see got a second opinion the doctor to obviously analyze the wrong tissue came to the same conclusion and urged her to have surgery the New York state department of health did investigate the mishap but ended up saying the lad met all safety measures and found no problems as far as patient care that of course was that much consolation to Easton who didn't go down without a fight and filed a lawsuit against the facility number 7 look alike tubes little Alicia Coleman at a feeding tube inserted into her stomach and a chest tube connected to our heart but a caregiver at the medical daycare she was staying at mistakenly pump medicine into her chest instead of her stomach using the wrong to the toddler's tiny heart stopped and she passed away number 6 the wrong leg removed back in February 1995 in what was probably the most publicized medical mistake of its time a Tampa Florida surgeon mistakenly amputated 52 year old Willie kings good like it was later revealed that a chain of errors before the procedure culminated in the wrong leg being prepped for surgery of the surgeons team realize halfway through that they were taking away the wrong limb it was already too late and they had to keep going the surgeons medical license was suspended for 6 months and he was fined $10000 university community hospital taking $900000 and the surgeon involved also pay the pace it an additional quarter $0 number 5 a 13 inch memento in June 2000 49 year old Donald church showed up at the university of Washington Medical Center in Seattle with a tumor in his abdomen when he left the tumor was gone but doctors had forgotten at 13 inch metal retractor in his belly believe it or not for other similar incidents have been documented at the same hospital between 1997 and 2000 fortunately the presence of the foreign object wasn't life threatening for church insurgents removed it probably but it's still kind of makes you wonder what was going on in these people's heads that being said the hospital paid church 97 $0 for his troubles number 4 wrong blood type one of the most tragic medical mistakes happen at Duke University hospital in Durham North Carolina and 2003 when surgeons transplanted lungs and heart with the wrong blood type in the 17 year old Jessica sentiment immediately following the surgery the teenager's body started shutting down if she suffered severe brain damage James Jaggers tried to fix the mistake with the second transplant that sentiment died soon after the Mexican immigrant it come to the states especially for the surgery doctor Jagger's admitted responsibility for the tragic air and do costal now has a double checking system for all organ transplants number 3 removed kidney instead of gall bladder in June 2000 1684 year old woman was admitted to Milford regional Medical Center in Massachusetts to have her gall bladder removed but the surgeon accidentally removed her right kidney instead doctor Patrick gimmick Manny's plan was to remove the gallbladder with a periscope but because of organ inflammation and bleeding he switched to open surgery unfortunately mac in any mis read some test results and continue to operate in the wrong area the PC was lucky she didn't face further complications from the mixed up and her gallbladder even improved in didn't need to be removed the surgeon screw up did lay in a 5 year probation and he wasn't allowed to perform surgery without another surgeon present number 2 surgery on wrong side of head could you believe that neurosurgeons at Rhode Island hospital perform surgeries on the wrong side of 3 different patients heads in 2007 alone to the mistakes were caught early enough to close the initial incisions but the third surgery left that 86 year old man dead 3 weeks after the procedure the surgeons license with spend it for only 2 months and he was back at work so fast everybody's head was spinning groups number one wrong I removed when you're old Fernando Jonathan Valdez ialah had a potentially life threatening to Ernest left die and couldn't see out of it unfortunately when doctor on Monday Cisneros Espinoza decided chemotherapy wasn't working indeed need to remove the eye he took out the wrong one leaving the toddler blind although Espinoza defended the operation saying he remove the eye because he saw a tumor in it the Mexican national health institutes report says the I. he removed was completely healthy and cancer free small comfort of the boy and his family the child will be provided medical care for the rest of his life and compensation will be paid for the loss of his eye I //
"2017-08-14 17:04:22"
5 Most Remote Inhabited Islands
\\number 5 say tell Lena Conde Nast traveler because say to Lena a tiny speck in the Atlantic Ocean and that couldn't really be more true the 47 square mile island is home to about 4200 residents and is located around 1200 miles from the southwest coast of Africa in 1800 miles from the coast of South America that makes it pretty remote in 2016 an airport was finally built on the island but now some experts say it might not be allowed to operate because of the dangerous gusts of wind around it since state how lame it belongs to the UK its department of international development fork over the money to have it built in hopes of boosting tourism in Britain's most remote overseas territory but now that looks like it's a wise how much did it cost 250000000 pounds that's over 308000000 U. S. dollars you could bet the inhabitants are complaining about the extra hustle and bustle will be very happy to keep their gorgeous volcanic island all to themselves by the way say that Lena is so remote it was the chosen place for Napoleon Bonaparte's exile and that's where he drew his final breath number 4 Palmer stin island Palmer's deny them is in the South Pacific it is only been inhabited for 150 years that's one Englishman William Marsters settled there today there were only 62 residents on the island and they are all except for 3 direct descendants of Marsters said it's 3 Polynesian wives who were cousins by the way Palmer said is part of the more well known cook islands it's made up of sandy islands that connect by a circular coral reef because of that grief see planes can't land safely and since the ocean outside the reef would be too rough for seaplanes the only way to get there is by boat although some yachts and Taurus ships to visit the island some visitors might try to get a ride on the cargo ship that bring supplies to the island twice a year number 3 Tristan da Cunha considered the world's most remote inhabited archipelago Tristan da Cunha is 1243 miles from Saint Helena our number 5 on this list and it's Tristen Deku nuts closest inhabited neighbor the archipelago is also 1491 miles from South Africa which is a 60 boat journey away and over 2000 miles from South America just into coup not it's only 7 miles long and 37.8 square miles in area and its settlement as the locals are known is only about 300 people never the less Tracinda kuna is said to have a very rich history and local wildlife that is really unique number 2 Easter Island Easter Island just might be the most famous of the destinations on our list because of the 800 87 ancient statues of the island's aboriginal inhabitants created Chile is the closest continental land to Easter Island and that's 2100 82 miles away in 1995 UNESCO declared it a world heritage site and most of the island is therefore protected within Rapanui national park in 2012 during the Chilean senses it was estimated that about 5800 residents still lived on the island and 60 percent of them are considered direct descendants of the aboriginal Rapanui at 63 0.2 square miles it's hard to believe that at some point the island had a population of over 15000 people when at its lowest in 1877 it was down to 111 Easter Island is no doubt the most touristy of our remote islands today number one pick Karen island we close out our list we pick Karen island which is actually eastern islands closest inhabited neighbor but its nearest mainland is due Zealand which is 3390 miles away the nearest airport that's 330 miles away to the west Palm Gambier islands not that the 49 residents of pick car an island are known to be world travelers but this is pretty much as remote as you can get with less than 30 square miles in area that Karen is part of Oceania uses the New Zealand dollar and English as the official language so if you want to move there you could check out its immigration website yeah they really do have one if you don't mind the isolation of course //
"2017-08-13 17:14:32"
5 Longest Flights in the World
\\number 5 Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles 15 hours 50 minutes that he had flight from Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates and Los Angeles the capital of movie making is 8390 miles long it's a good thing the airline offers great service and plenty of amenities flight more pleasant any had uses a at 770 the flight but this is the airline that sets up apartments on its planes so every passenger has access to power ports and coach servers are offered more than 650 hours of on demand content on 10.4 inch screens how's that for keeping busy also very cool the pillars could convert into neck cushions for sleeping airline really goes all out to make sure you have the best life possible number 4 Atlanta to Johannesburg 16 hours like anti had delta flies a 7772 0 LR for its journey from the southern U. S. to the biggest city in South Africa but delta certainly isn't known for being overly generous with service and amenities like that he had or competitor Everett's launch to 2009 this route might use the same plane but clearly doesn't rival in the amenities department for example sub economy seats have access to power outlets but not all if you're not sitting in the front rows you better bring a portable charger for the 16 hour 8400 39 mile flight delta is upgrading though it seems passengers now get access to over 1000 hours of entertainment content through delta studio I. F. B. M. lately installed wifi in U. S. B. ports and seats for charging portable devices but you're gonna have to pay $40 extra 1 way for the wifi number 3 separate Cisco to send the poor 16 hours 20 minutes by adding Boeing's fuel efficient high tech 7879 Dreamliner to its fleet United Airlines is now able to provide new longer routes that just 1 possible or affordable before in June 2016 their 8400 46 miles Tapert Cisco to Singapore nonstop route replaced the previous charity which passengers had to connect through Tokyo United does it deserve the same praise for its service as international operators do but the 787 is a new plane that operates power outlets in U. S. B. ports in all seats which allows passengers to use their own devices if they don't like the content offered through the in seat service United is now getting competition for the San Francisco to save up for flight said Singapore Airlines has launched the same route within Airbus a 359 0 so now they shared the number 3 spot however Singapore offers better service including an in flight entertainment system that passengers can tailor to their taste even before they board through an iOS or android app because of this new competition United is revamping its first class and business service which they're now calling Polaris real nice except coach passengers will be seeing that anytime soon number 2 doubtless to Sydney 17 hours Qantas is doubtless to Sydney flight was number 1 on the list for a little while when it launched in September 2014 since it's 8500 78 miles and almost 17 hour long flight Qantas's jumbo double decker Airbus a 388 0 isn't anything to sneeze at either with its capacity to seat up to 400 84 passengers and it's 4 different classes of service first and business class passengers get the full treatment with lie flat beds and gourmet dining the 300 71 coach passengers get smaller seats of course but they're still pretty comfy with soft cushioning and great lumbar support which is important for such a marathon of a flight number one Auckland to Dubai 17 hours 15 minutes in March 2016 Emirates airlines launched the world's longest flight which covers 8800 25 miles in last 17 hours and 15 minutes nonstop this kind of blood is now possible thanks to Boeing's new more fuel efficient 7772 0 LR which now boasts the longest range among all modern jets in operation today the flight will take you from Auckland New Zealand to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates you could afford the luxurious first class or business cabins you'll probably have a better chance of not going stir crazy but apparently going in ever it's the that they couldn't collect coach passengers either it seems each customer gets an amenity kit that includes not only stocks to toothbrush earplugs and eye shades to help you get more rest but also access to the bleep part out so you can unlock games music and other content you also have in seat power to recharge your phone tablet or laptop plus an eye if the system with 25 0 channels of content and best of all amber it's is 1 of the few airlines to offer free wifi of course if you're going to fly over 70 hours a coach you could have won a few meals well amber it's will give you plenty and guarantees excellent service that being said it seems they won't hold the record for the longest flight for long because rival cutter Airways is launching a villa Auckland flight in 2070 so that'll be about 200 miles longer then in 2018 Singapore Airlines wants to relaunch a Singapore to New York route but a nonstop 1 this time 819 hour flight covering 10315 miles nnst I I //
"2017-08-12 18:16:41"
10 Cool iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed
\\nnst number 10 does this ever happening you it download a bunch of updates all the same time and then you realize you need to use one of those apps right now east to wait when that would happen right well now you don't have to anymore nor do you need to cancel it either just hard pressed the icons then choose prior ties download to bring that up to the top of the update Q. first thing you know it'll be updated and you'll be able to use it number 9 now a days working on line is all about sharing so it's great to know that you can now share stuff with the contact colleague work someone you like in the apple's new tap when viewing a note all you need to do is tap on the new share button up there at the top of the screen that he could select how you'd like to send the invitation put in the contact's name and press send it's that easy once it's accepted anyone you invited to the net will be able to add edit or remove content makes sense right number 8 some of us need to keep an eye on our mobile van with that's why it's cool that you can now set it so that you can only send low resolution images through messages if you're the kind of person you sense plenty of silly photos memes are Jess this is perfect for you number 7 blackberries and other devices already make it easy to get notifications but they read notification light on the top left but you might be surprised to learn that the iPhone offers a notification option 2 if you check in assess ability you can get your iPhone's camera flash to go off when you have a notification simply go to settings then general then accessibility then activate LED flash for alerts that would annoy the hell out of me but whatever floats your boat and it's nice to know that that's an option number 6 it's been possible to take a picture with your iPhone by using your volume control buttons for awhile which could be a great thing if you have a tendency to always end up putting your finger in the way of your snap but now you can remove yourself even further from the shutter controls by hitting the volume button on a pair of compatible connected headphones instead proof technology just keeps getting cooler everyday number 5 this next one is both greeted kind of worrisome to because it just goes to show you how we might be counting on technology a little too much but anyway since we've all pretty much offer god where we've parked at one time or another some people might like to know that the apple maps on I always 10 can help you locate your car as long as your phone is hooked up to your car's Bluetooth order apple CarPlay yeah apple maps can remember where you parked your car if you have the GPS signal when you walk away from your car it'll save you a notification to tell you where your car is at all times practical also took your car get stolen and starts moving later in the shopping mall number 4 you used your iPhone's camera zoom in to use it as a magnifying glass right will now thanks to iOS 10 it's a real thing now you can use your camera to magnify something you're reading or an aunt or anything you'd like to make bigger you just need to do a quick settings James you just triple tap on the home button to open the camera on the magnification option bigger than life dude number 3 you'll be happy to hear that a new feature is come along allowing the ability to set messages read receipts on a per user basis this means you could let's say your girlfriend see that you've read her message for not letting your Fossey when you've read his before read receipts in older iOS versions or an all or nothing thing you either could or you couldn't but with I was 10 you have more flexibility number 2 how much do we love series right wealth she so cool she's added a new feature for us she could now tell you the name of the person calling you that could be really useful when you're driving if you're walking around wearing headphones going for a jog you will have to stop Syria will tell you who's calling that you could even announced callers through your headphones for your car's Bluetooth hello the president is calling would you like to take the call number one making sure your phone is always charge could be a real hassle but there's a way to speed up the process then you'll be surprised how simple it is just use the flight safe mode by turning off all your phones wifi searching data draining communication skills you give your battery of fit of a break while the kids powered up not alive true but if you're in a hurry and looking to get every bit a GC can out of your phone that extra 4 percent you led by being connected for 30 minutes will make a huge difference //
"2017-07-22 22:07:26"
10 Craziest Airbnb Rentals
\\number 10 a windmill the Netherlands could you imagine reading out a windmill just outside Amsterdam for a few days talk about getting the food Netherlands experience this guy by 10 and his family ran out this authentic 1874 windmill with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms the full kitchen and a living room and the fed over 90 reviews on the Airbnb site all positive sure it's a bit costly starting at around 270 US dollars a night but where else we have such an experience number 9 a tree house Atlanta Georgia recently named Airbnb is most wished for listing worldwide this secluded in town 3 houses literally up in the air it's a 3 room suite beautifully furnished and it kind of looks like something you'd find in the Amazon forest or at Disney's Magic Kingdom this place is so amazing original of surprisingly comfortable according to reviews of the Airbnb site that it'll cost you upwards of $360 to rent it for just one night what a great way to visit the peach state right number 8 hobbit hole Washington U. S. day okay so we all know hobbits were the brainchild of J. R. R. Tolkien but telling that to more to the rings fanatics is like telling a kid Santa Claus doesn't exist it's just plain cruel so telling Bilbo Baggins friends that they could rent out a hobbit bowl for a week or a weekend would be like a dream come true right exactly so that's why it's agreed that this lady Christie is offering her hobbit hole in Orlando this so called tiny houses a hobbit expired welly nestled in the Columbia River gorge mountainside it accommodates 2 people normal size I guess but Hey what's normal right has one bathroom that one bedroom the odor also guarantees that goal of sorrow A.'s Duggar any other means devils will bother you during your stay but you might be visited by birds deer rabbits grouse which will do just that to the positive experience number 7 the amazing house truck New Zealand sitting atop we knew we bay in New Zealand overlooking the ocean the amazing house truck was restored with sustainable living in mine it offers 2 beds in one bedroom with a functional kitchen accomplished bathroom at an outdoor shower it is said in a private bush location the odor started building the amazing golden bay hide away a few 4 and it's made up of a few different original living spaces people can right now the house struck certainly is among the most original and fun would you say number 6 I castle Ireland live like a king in my castle is the catch phrase out of Peter put out is Airbnb listing and it certainly looks like many people who took up his offer had a really great time the castle is situated in Galway Ireland and was built somewhere during the 14 hundreds the owner was once a clothing designer and restored the castle to its original state by using traditional materials local stone limestone folk themes making it as traditional as possible he lives in the castle with his girlfriend but rents out the master bedroom with access to the turret a living room and dining room by reading the comments from past visitors it seems that staying in this castle really is a royal experience number 5 the magic school bus California angel then set simmer in a vegan couple from Monterey Bay California converted a school bus into a great little living Elko they're offering up through Airbnb it's set out on their 5 acre ranch you could sleep at a really comfortable queen sized bed and just chill in this great country environment to some great sunsets and sunrises you'll also be welcome to partake of their 6 CM yoga sessions if you like and just come and go as you please on the estate number 4 a lighthouse Croatia although there are plenty of lighthouses available on Airbnb this one in Croatia's pretty special because it's the only building on its own small island listed in the probate this lighthouses a traditional either it looks more like a beautiful cottage that a traditional vertical White House it is 5 bedroom flicking accommodate 10 guests it also is a fool and a sweet his ego and how often can you say you be patient and had a whole island to yourself ferrets pricey at around 750 US dollars a night but what a view and what an experience number 3 of private island believes another private island registered on Airbnb is located in the leaves check this out this is bird island we can stay on a beautiful a toll and enjoy swimming snorkeling kayaking hiking with 3 bedrooms and a private bathroom of course this place is said to have been the opening act of their being dis like this lived there 2016 ad campaign and I mean check it out what's not to like number 2 they converted gothic church United Kingdom this amazing gothic church in east Torrington UK was converted into a 6 bedroom house which the owners are now running out through Airbnb it's so big that some people have rented it out for bachelorette parties 10 parties as they call them in the UK and other group functions of course the owners to remind potential renters that this is a small intimate community that it might not be the best idea to play loud music throughout the night pricey it over 1300 US dollars that night but you get what you pay for don't check number one an airplane France prepare for take off and book your stay at love the undue whole village that's right over real plain 4 people could stay at a time and your group or family will have access to a kitchenette bathroom shower a room with a large bed in 2 single beds in the living room how cool is that during the summer you also have access to the pool transit you'll be the Atlantic the lower region of France you'll be 2 minutes away from the beaches and it's only around 100 US dollars a night to stay there us feel right //
"2017-07-19 15:30:03"
5 Richest U.S. Presidents In History
\\number 5 d'anjou Jackson the seventh president of the United States Andrew Jackson was in office from 1829 to 1837 is that worth in $2016 of course would be 100 31 $0 Jackson is considered to be the founder of the Democratic Party and even though he was said to be in touch with middle class America certainly didn't qualify as Colin Powell Jackson not only married into money his wife Rachel was from a wealthy family but he also made money in the military before becoming president although he said to have entered into considerable debt towards the end of his life old hickory as he was nicknamed Didone 1500 acres of prime real estate was part of his homestead known as the hermitage number 4 Theodore Roosevelt 26 president of the United States was in office for 2 terms from 1901 to 1909 theater Roosevelt like his fifth cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt who would later become the 30 second president was from a very wealthy family therefore came with a hefty trust fund in 2000 at $16 his net worth would be estimated at 100 38 $0 wasn't always rich though because he lost most of his money on a ranching venture that went bad in the Dakotas and had to work as a writer for a few years to pay its bills later on Roosevelt spent the greater part of his adult life in public service which isn't the best way to become rich but is 200 35 acre estate called Sagamore hill is now considered some of the most valuable real estate on Long Island a posh suburb of New York City number 3 Thomas Jefferson number 3 is also our number 3 Thomas Jefferson 1 of the founding fathers was in office exactly 100 years before teddy Roosevelt 18 no 1 to 1809 is that worth would be around 200 34 $0 today's currency he inherited 3000 acres of land and several dozen slaves from his father later acquired Monticello 5000 acre plantation in Virginia that is stamped behind Jefferson's face on the American nickel as you might already know Monticello the building was considered 1 of the great architectural marvels of its time Jefferson also made money in different political positions before becoming president but like many of the commanders in chief got into a lot of debt towards the end of his life number 2 George Washington the country's first president took office in 1789 and was reelected to a second term in 1793 the famous Malvern in Washington's Virginia plantation which could to have 1000 acres of prime farmland and was run by more that 300 slaves was a considerable lasted all its own but George's wife Martha also came from money and inherited property from her father so All Things Considered Washington's net worth in $2016 would be estimated around 580000000 smack a ruse interesting fact Washington earned a lot more is president of the guys that followed in his footsteps apparently his salary was 2 percent of the total budget of the country in 1789 number one Donald Trump although the newly elected businessman is set to release his tax returns the 40 fifth president the United States Donald Trump will be the country's first billionaire president leaving all his predecessors in the dust is sparse net worth goes so even if there is a lot of speculation as to how rich he really is or how many financial failure city into his personal fortune 247 wall St respectable USA today content partner that provides financial news and commentary estimates that trumps got worth as of 2016 would be anywhere between 2.6 and $10000000000 and even though most presidents leave the White House with less money than they had when they came in the Donald's companies are supposed to be taken over run by his children well he'll be the most powerful man in the free world his 4 or 8 years in the White House might not be as hard on his finances but they were on his predecessors I //
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10 Biggest Bridge Collapses Ever
\\number 10 that little boys unsafe overpass collapsed on 7/3/2014 the Belo Horizonte se overpass which is being billed as part of the infrastructure improvements in and around the town that was getting ready to host the FIFA World Cup collapsed on a busy avid either Pedro roadway below crushing a bus several cars it's a wonder only 2 people were killed 22 others were injured although any death is one too many of course destruction of this overpass as well as many other projects built around preparation for the soccer extravaganza had been marred it over spending and corruption allegations which added insult to injury when the whole thing came crashing down upon investigation it was revealed that Cohen construction the company responsible for building the overpass had been forced to accelerate construction schedules even though the project was already 2 months overdue number 9 Delecour includes overpass collapsed on 9/30/2006 in the vault Quebec Canada the third biggest city in the province the Delacorte coach overpass collapsed on the highway 19 Christian to vehicles killing 5 people and seriously injuring 6 others who were said to have fallen from the overpass while working on repairs what actually happened is that the center section of the overpasses south Wayne 65 feet of armored concrete broke off it was later revealed that faulty engineering plants cheaper materials and corrupt entrepreneurs have been behind the catastrophe the highly below was closed for 4 months and the government was under fire for months a public inquiry was launched in all similar overpasses were promptly inspected by the way this mass happen on a Saturday at 1230 in the afternoon which according to many explains why there weren't more casualties at this accident happened during the morning or evening rush hour during a weekday many more people could have been killed or injured number 8 it tie cartoon Negara bridge in Indonesia on 11/26/2011 only 10 years after its completion ticket type car today Garra bridge also known as the Baja come the second bridge collapsed into the Mahakam river killing at least 20 people and injuring 40 more that 2300 29 foot bridge which included an 800 86 foot suspension section was built to look like the emblematic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California and was the longest suspension bridge in Indonesia unfortunately for Indonesians who connected between tingle Ron and Samarinda on that fatal day it clearly wasn't built with the same care and meticulousness as the Golden Gate number 7 queen Juliana bridge although you'd never guess by looking at the queen Juliana bridge today the original structure collapsed during its construction in 1967 killing 15 workers the current 4 lane bridge which crosses state on a bank in villain stod the capital Corso reaches a height of 100 85 feet above water and its 8 packs and according to wikipedia weighs 34 0 tons the bridge was named after the queen of the Netherlands and was completed in 1974 number 6 the I 35 west Mississippi River bridge officially known as the 9340 bridge the I 35 west Mississippi River bridge was what is known as a steel truss arch bridge it was 8 lanes wide and span the Saint Anthony falls part of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis Minnesota in the United States the bridge was Minneapolis's third busiest accommodating 140000 vehicles a day on 8/1/2007 during the evening rush hour the bridge collapsed killing 13 people and injuring 100 45 the national transportation safety board investigated the horrifying tragedy and determined that a design flaw was likely responsible only a few days after the disaster the Minnesota department of transportation started plans on a replacement bridge the scene at the falls bridge which opened promptly just over a year later then on 11/13/2008 the NTSB confirm dinner gusset plates at 0.5 inches were partly responsible could admitting that air was the fact that 2 inches of concrete were added to the road surface over the years which increase the static load by 20 percent add to that the fact that heavy construction equipment and material was sitting on the bridges weakest point at the time of the collapse and you have a recipe for disaster number 5 iron workers Memorial Bridge part of the trans Canada highway the iron workers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver British Columbia was originally made the second narrows bridge because it was the second bridge to be built of the second narrows of Berardi inlet connecting the city to the north shore of the inlet to north Vancouver and west Vancouver unfortunately during construction on 6/17/1958 what a great stretch from the north side of the construction to join 2 quarts of the unfinished darts several spans of the bridge broke off 79 workers fell 100 feet in the water 18 are said to have died instantly or within minutes possibly kept under water by their heavy tool belts a diver who went searching for bodies also drowned in a royal commission inquiry the collapse was attributed to errors by bridge engineers in 1994 the 4200 39 foot long bridge with 1000 99 foot center span was officially renamed the iron workers Memorial second marriage crossing to honor those 19 workers and for others who died during the construction process number 4 INSEE Rivera then to repair a brick you know entrance Rios is the other thief PYY about Portugal collapsed during the evening of 3/4/2001 killing 59 people the passengers of a bus as well as the occupants of 3 cars river crossing the Douro river since the current which appears in the store was happening at the time of the tragedy bodies of the victims were found as far away as the coast of Spain and in France literally hours after the catastrophe the Portuguese transportation minister or take away the resigned in the following week dozens of bridges for clothes for immediate repair clearly indicating the Portugal's infrastructures were in dire need of attention unfortunately the him to repair tragedy victims will never come back their deaths did sound and important alarm number 3 west gate bridge the west gate bridge in Melbourne Victoria Australia is what is known as a steel box girder cable stayed bridge it spans the our river and it's 1102 feet long reaching over 190 feet at its highest point above the water it's the third longest bridge in the whole country the 2 years into its construction on 10/15/1970 the 300 67 0.5 foot span between peers 10 and 11 collapsed and fell 100 64 feet killing 35 construction workers an injury 18 others a royal commission into the collapse attributed the tragedy to the structural design and an unusual method of construction by the contractors the bridge was completed in 1978 number 2 songs to bridge the song to bridge was completed in 1979 and it's 3800 feet long spinning the Han River connecting the dong them and some dumb districts of Seoul South Korea early in the morning of 10/21/1994 concrete slabs fell due to a suspension structure failure apparently caused by the improper welding of steel trusses 32 people died and 17 were injured although the cantilevered bridge was suppose to be repaired it was finally decided to be torn down and build a new 1 because of weaknesses in the structure the new bridge similar visually was finished on 8/15/1997 number one Quebec bridge the massive Quebec bridge is the longest can't deliver bridge in the world and stretches 1800 feet between its main piers it cost 22 0 Canadian dollars who back in 1970 but was marred by tragedy during its lengthy construction the bridge's history dates back to 1887 many Quebec City entrepreneurs felt they needed a bridge spanning the Saint Lawrence river near the capital city of the province it took until 1900 before money from all levels of government became available Phoenix bridge company of Phoenixville Pennsylvania in the United States was contracted to build the bridge long story short even though the designers and engineers there are some issues during construction jobs to go forward with construction and on 8/29/1907 at 537 in the afternoon around the same time the powers that be at the Phoenix bridge company were holding an emergency meeting about those structural issues the bridge suddenly collapsed within about 15 seconds the whole south acre arm the kit the lever arm and the partially completed suspended span fella 50 feet into the Saint Lawrence river at least 75 of the 86 work when on the site died only 16 bodies were recovered from the twisted wreckage at the bottom of the river the dead included 33 native American Indians from the Qana walkie reservation near Montreal clues to where that annoyed we're seeing a bridge that crosses the St Lawrence river that bridge was also built with the help of native American workers if Quebec City bridge collapse with Canada's worst bridge disaster in history I //
"2017-03-11 23:50:26"
10 Influential Firsts In History
\\I the number 10 first skyscraper American cities industrial development exploded after the civil war to financial boom that came between 1884 and 1939 brought on construction of many high rise buildings especially in New York City and Chicago where the economy was flourishing the first skyscraper was the hope insurance building in Chicago it was a 10 floor building that measured over 180 feet it opened in 1885 and was torn down 47 years later in 1931 of course compared to today's buildings it was small potatoes but back in the day it was an impressive structure number 9 the first heart transplant the first heart transplant in history happen in 1967 it was performed by Dr Christian Barnard what might come as a surprise to some is that it was conducted in Cape Town South Africa and back then even though the donor was considered brain dead harvesting the heart and implanting it into another person was extremely controversial so doctor Barnhardt who died in 2001 was not only a genius but he was also pulled and daring number 8 first cellular phone the first cellular phone stayed back in 1973 but we have a ways to go before we had touch screen technology and voice recognition nevertheless Motorola certainly did create quite a commotion when he came up with the first cell phone but this first portable telephone they died attack bottle created by Martin Cooper angel angle wasn't offered commercially before 1984 and what it did become available you had to fork over $4000 to get 1 number 7 first complete DNA sequence a in 1977 researchers completed the DNA sequencing of the first biological organism a bacteria fights virus in 1990 work started on the human genome project this huge project required the whole world scientific community's involvement then on 4/14/2003 it was announced that for the first time the sequencing of the whole human genome have been completed revolutionary breakthrough for the whole scientific community number 6 first subway metro London England was the first city to have a subway this was back in 1863 that's with the first line officially started operating back then it was only 6.4 kilometers long which is about 4 miles the metro system which is known as in many cities now quickly became popular in cities where traffic was tense and complicated it should also be said that the idea of an underground railway had already germinated in France since 1855 I train the connect at the center of Paris to its outskirts was already operational number 5 first to lethal injection using lethal injection as a way of executing a death row convict was first suggested by Julius about Blair in 1888 but was rejected almost 90 years later in 1977 lethal injection became legal in the state of Oklahoma but oddly enough the first lethal injection was a performed before 12/7/1982 today this means of execution is still the norm in certain American states and in some countries including China number 4 first computer in 1945 press for accurate and John William monthly delivered the any act that would be the electronic numerical integrator and computer to the American army this first generation computer was designed for ballistic calculations it weighed 30 tons and took up 200 36 square feet of office space yeah art of magic how far we've come up number 3 first moving picture the first moving picture or first actual film is attributed to British photographer filmmaker and inventor Edward made rich it's doing today is race horse and was completely revolutionary when it was created in 1878 sure movie making it's come a long way since then but back in the day this was almost perceived as witchcraft by sound and total magic by others number 2 first website the first website went live on 8/6/1991 and was dedicated to information about the worldwide web project which of course is the basis of the WWW that is that basically become almost obsolete the first website which was more of a page that a complete site was created by Tim Berners Lee it was launched from a next computer at the CERN the European organization for nuclear research number one first electric car sure word press with the test let all the futuristic prototypes that have been developed through the years but would you believe the first practical production electric car was built back in 1884 by English inventor Thomas Parker using his own specially designed high capacity rechargeable batteries again we've come a long way but you can bet the oil industry and a lot to do with the slowing down of the evolution of the electric car I I I I //
"2017-03-09 19:38:27"
5 Largest LEGO Creations in the World
\\number sign USS Missouri Scottish fishermen enable enthusiast Jim McDonough created a 4 foot 6 inch high 3 foot wide and 24.3 inch long lego replica of the USS Missouri a shift depleted and more and more including stints you might not know that the SS wizardry the real one of a lego my card in the car 2 and later on my no it's it's often called was furbished the base support during operation storm and 19 one as for the lego replica it goes over to and 0 parts as a motorized stern crane rich with working lights took over 3 years to build number 4 Volvo XC 90 can you believe that the replica of the Volvo XC 90 conceived and created by an elite team of lego master model builders actually weighs over 2900 pounds and took 201076 lego bricks to build since Volvo is an official partner of the lego brand this magnificent replica is displayed at the entrance of the lego land in Carlsbad California in 2011 it was even used as an elaborate joke that was played on legal land general manager Peter run shady the pranksters moved his real Volvo XC 90 and put the replica in run Shetty's parking place instead number 3 Star Wars X. wing fighter even if you're not a Star Wars fan yourself you know that the George Lucas franchise is the most dedicated fans in the world yes you could even say the galaxy small to Wade lego X. we've set contains 506 pieces but with the continued growth of the Star Wars franchise fades have gotten so excited that a true life sized lego X. wing fighter model was built exactly the same size as the ship used to the movies how many pieces do you think that took over 5.3000000 lego blocks that's how Manny and the ship weighs in at an astronomical 23 tons but that's not all it even features glowing and instead make the iconic sounds we hear in the movies and I mean sure they broke records sparse size and scope with this one but can you believe this creation used up to 2000000 lego blocks more than the construction of an actual house when you think like that it's hard to imagine anything would be bigger than the X. wing fighter right well we're not done yet number 2 full size house financed by a British TV show top gear is co host games may had a full size lego house built by a group of 1000 volunteers in the den bees wine estate and Dorking Surrey England the houses 20 feet high and took a whopping 3.3000000 lego bricks to build with that incredible number pieces the designers were able to really develop the inside the dwelling building tables you tend cels Abed and keep an acute feline friend all sadly though may had a falling out with the managers of Britain's lego land and the house had to be knocked down number one world's tallest tower every year lego builders from around the world gather their communities to try to beat the record for the world's tallest lego tower records already been broken 12 times in the past 5 years with groups in South Korea to Brazil uniting to build their own lego skyscrapers on 6/21/2015 the title for the world's largest lego tower was awarded to the citizens of Milan Italy their towers did 115 feet tall and was composed of 580000 bricks it took 5 days to build during the 2015 Milan expo 18000 kids and adults got together to build the tower one brick at a time while 50000 spectators cheered the mine in the end Italian TV personality house under cut the line rooted crane over to the tower to please the symbolic last brick on top who does with the record will be beaten again in the meantime these constructions are all pretty impressive don't you think but I //
"2017-02-05 18:47:44"
5 Most Insane Nazi Weapons
\\number 5 the sun gun the sun gun was developed by the Nazis in it probably would have been the craziest super weapon ever built it that it actually been used the sun god was something straight out of sci fi novels but if Isaac Asimov had made it up people would have said he'd had too much imagination it was the kind of mustache twirling craziness that could've actually allowed Hitler to conquer the world the plane was to send a one mile diameter ... into geosynchronous orbit around the earth so that the sun's rays could elected and re directed I'm down on whole cities and burn them down you met the idea it's very ambitious but it was also really in dropped number 4 Goliath track to mine the allies found a cute little nickname for the Goliath tracks Bynes they called them Dougal bugs but there was nothing cute about them the Goliath was a remote controlled demolition carrier the Germans introduced it 1942 and used to carry a 100 65 pound bomb to a target it was Wierd controlled it would explode as soon as it would touch its target the Germans would use this type of vehicle to destroy tanks defense infantry formations bridges and buildings over 46 0 of these devices were produced including a larger version that could carry a 220 pound bomb problem is ever really slow hard to control and contrary to what we might think the impact of the bombs they carry wasn't that great when we think of today's modern robots that Goliath probably was ahead of its time but technology just wasn't there yet number 3 younger used 322 Mehmood the yield 22 memos was a giant flying wing ordered by the Nazis in built by the Yonkers a pioneer in the field of metal engineering oddly enough the 200 foot wide glider which didn't even have a motor and needed to be dragged on the plane to even get into the air was made out of wood it was created to be used in case of a British invasion the god only knows how it could've helped only to Mehmood square actually ever built and it seems the first and only test flight ended with the prototype crash landing in a field so much for that experiment number 2 the V. 3 cannon the V. 3 cannon which was also appropriately dubbed the England cannon was what you might call the vengeance weapon Nazis develop this massive super gun and build it directly into what hill the idea was forced to fire artillery shells across the English Channel from France to London it operated according to a multi charge principle which means secondary propellant charges will be fired to progressively accelerate the projectile as it moved up on the cadence barrel would trials were held in may 1944 V. 3 achieved a range of up to 55 miles 2 months later in further tests shells reached 58 miles between January 11 of 2/22/1945 0 83 rounds were fired on looks aboard but the V. 3 wasn't very impressive only 100 42 of the 100 83 rounds landed in the canon took 10 lives and wounded 35 more number one the largest gun ever used in battle Adolf Hitler was so obsessed with invading France that he demanded a new weapon be created to break through the concrete fortifications of the French magic online the only major barrier standing between the Nazi leader and the rest of western Europe the oversized toy Hitler had German arms manufacturer Frederick crop AG bill really boggles the mind it was called the Gustaf god it was 4 story site 155 feet long and weighed 1350 tons it shot 10000 pound shells from its 98 foot peril sure was powerful but was also so big that it was completely impractical they could only be carried by rail and was an easy target for allied bombers flying overhead within a year the project was scrapped //
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10 Internet Activities That Could Land You In Jail
\\per 10 having an open wifi connection millions of us all around the world have a wifi connection link to our internet service at home just is unfortunate is the fact that millions of us not me of course haven't felt it necessary to protect this wifi connection with the password we think yeah who's going to connect to my wifi anyway what are the chances they're good honest people Scherer but actually having not protected wifi in your it turned into a nightmare there's been a lot open wifi access to the just by a third person that access to legal com you never even think about because you're a US law abiding citizen self but if your wifi is used by the wrong person you could be in real and that's been life in jail number 9 deleting your search history you would think that something as basic as innocent as deleting your search history might land you in jail right after all we're constantly told empty our cash boulder got down on our internet services sluggishness of course if you're not doing anything wrong it's probably 5 to delete your search history but if you're David per now university of Tennessee student who is being investigated by federal authorities for allegedly hacking then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palance Yahoo account then yeah you could end up in jail for deleting information that might be evidence in the investigation in India they also passed a law that made it mandatory for all internet users that would basically be well everybody to save their search histories for 3 months but that always quickly tossed out because of public outrage number 8 Facebook likes being arrested for liking a post on Facebook sounds dictatorship like doesn't it sure freedom of expression is the most important thing in the world he should be held accountable for what you say or support on Facebook or anything else ... well not exactly especially not in Thailand in August 2030 police Major General Principado en commander of technology crime suppression division was quoted as saying an interview with the daily newspaper the nation if you like a message debate damaging to national security press like it means you are accepting that message which is tantamount to supporting it by doing so you help increase the credibility of the message hands it also be held responsible I'm not prohibiting from pressing like but if you'd like this kind of message will be arrested by this kind of message he obviously doesn't mean the video of cats being freaked out by cucumbers laying on the floor and even our first reaction to do something like this might be discreet say it's unfair unwarranted and crazy maybe people who posted in like messages about the school massacres or mash shootings like the Orlando club incident had been arrested or at least question some of these things might have been prevented just same the number 7 dancing in a video in 2020 young Iranians 3 men in 3 unveiled women were arrested for dancing in public with people of the opposite sex who weren't wearing head scarves the video titled happy we are from Tehran and set the peril Williams Grammy winning an academy award nominated hit happy we seen by over 150000 people on you tube before it was brought to the authorities attention 5 of the 6 offenders were sentenced to 6 months in jail and one received a year long sentence fortunately their sentences were suspended for 3 years meaning they won't go to prison if they don't re offend they also had to go on national state run television to say that they were actors who have been tricked into making the video for an audition meanwhile thank goodness the video is still available on you too and now has received over 2000000 views number 6 sending the wrong tweet we've done a few videos about people saying stupid things on social media and although most of them were innocent just not very smart here's another case in point just before a vacation trip to Los Angeles California British citizens we've been Brian and Emily punting in their mid twenties to do the following to their friends float free this week for a quick gossip prep before I kill and destroy America unquote this tweet flag Brian as a possible threat surprise and their passports were confiscated when they landed in the states the innocent couple was questioned for 5:00 hours put the band of illegal immigrants and held overnight inspection of planning to commit crimes although they tried to explain to authorities that quote unquote destroying is British slang for partying the language barrier was not a good enough argument number 5 file sharing hold on a minute don't get all worked up you won't automatically get arrested if you share any file but you do need to avoid sharing files that you're unauthorized to share with you know it or not that can definitely land you in jail person to person file sharing through torrents or other file sharing applications is illegal in almost all countries you should always avoid pirating files on the internet and find a legal way to download stream and watch your favorite shows or movies number 4 automated invitations although most of the time automated invitations are harmless and won't land you in deep doo doo sometimes they can't Thomas gag in from Beverly Massachusetts was apparently arrested on a restraining order violation when he said his ex fiance and invite to join his Google plus circle the guy pleaded that could never set such an invitation claiming it must've been a robot which might have happened but unfortunately he can still be held responsible so the moral of this story don't have people take restraining orders out on yet number 3 cheating playing FPS in Japan 3 teenagers were arrested for achieving in the online game sudden attack the first was a university freshman where's the 2 others for 17 year olds in vocational and high school the players are said to abuse cheat tools in the first person shooter game and might have also distributed them better play fair guys number 2 using V. O. I. P. services in 2012 Ethiopia the government criminalize the use of Skype Google talk and other VOIP services why apparently the government had quote national security concerns unquote but that's most likely a pilot who week since the government was already trying to control information to the country with its telecommunications monopoly in Ethiopia there is only one ISP company the government owned Ethiopian all the calm that has already been filtering its citizens internet access in hopes of suppressing opposition blogs and other news outlets so what happens if you get caught using a VOIP service you could be sentenced to 15 years in prison that's why number one googling suspicious words remember when a pressure cooker which use to cook food in a backpack with used to bring books to school or take stuff on a hike nowadays if you search for pressure cooker and backpack within the same timeframe you can have the surprise of your life like Michelle kinda Lana and her husband who quickly got a visit from Suffolk County police detectives because Suffolk County criminal intelligence detectives received a tip from a computer company who told them about suspicious internet searches yeah might sound paranoid but weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing pretty much everybody was on edge so you might want to think before you enter search words that used to be harmless nnst //
"2017-02-02 19:00:01"
10 Things You Didn't Know Were Invented By NASA
\\number 10 aerodynamic trucks of course NASA is in the trucking business but they did contribute to an important innovation change the face of road transportation while researching aerodynamics the national aeronautics and space administration agency helped develop the wind cutting apparatuses set up on the very square and flat news fronts of trucks and later on trucks that almost looked like they could cut through the air like a spaceship annually this means a truck like this one could save about 6800 gallons of fuel a year that's over 25000 liters and now almost every truck on the road is designed to be more fuel efficient thanks NASA number 9 wing let's speaking of aerodynamics NASA's research is also behind creating the upturned wing tip on airplanes which is called a wing let this simple innovation saves airlines billions of dollars in fuel costs every year which also means that if the plane can fly further on my spiel they're cutting down on their carbon imprint which is good for the environment would it be nice if such great innovations also had an impact on the price of our plane tickets one can only dream number 8 invisible braces who would've thought NASA would be behind the greatest innovation in orthodontics today to be honest like many inventions be invisible races were sort of a happy sideline you see translucent all the crystal in aluminum TP a per short is the innovative ceramic stuff behind invisible braces or in the front of your teeth anyway it wasn't invented by NASA for safe but NASA did team up with Carradine the company that developed it as a protector for the infrared antenna on heat seeking missile tractors TP a was being developed another company was working on finding a better design for braces they realize TP a would be great replaced traditional races because of its transparency that's how invisible braces came debate how about that number 7 anti corrosion paint obviously not all anti corrosion paints were invented by NASA but they did develop a special protective coating to protect the Kennedy space center's launch structures from air salt corrosion thermal stress and rocket exhaust that special paint is what now protect separatist goes Golden Gate Bridge New York harbor statue of liberty Hong Kong's giant Buddha and many other important monuments number 6 ice resistant airplanes I guess it's not really surprising that NASA would be behind ice resistant airplanes because it can get pretty cold in space and their spacecraft definitely needed to remain ice free CF masses help keep the skies safer by developing many electronic solutions to stop aircraft from icing up things like heating the leading surfaces of the wing the technologies created thanks for this research are now used on everything from commercial airlines to small one engine planes number 5 safety groups you will probably be surprised to learn that NASA was the first to use safety grooving you know those dents in highway shoulders that's Dappy back if you get distracted or start to doze off while driving yet NASA they probably didn't use them to make sure their spacecraft would fly straight but apparently they're the ones behind the small invention which has led to 85 percent less highway accidents since they've been implemented pretty cool ha number 4 international search and rescue systems sarsat the search and rescue satellite aided tracking system which is a bunch of satellites that communicate with personal tracking devices it broadcasts court it's another report information in times of crisis was implemented by NASA over 30 years ago in 1982 ever since it's got more and more efficient profiting from evolving technology and it's helped save over 30000 people around the world number 3 precise GPS if you were blown away by hearing masses behind starts that you might not be surprised to hear that they've been instrumental in the development of GPS technology sure the Global Positioning System is pretty that's been around for as long as we've had satellites floating around in space but it wasn't always as accurate as it is now it used to be that many variables like satellite pot drafted weather interference could throw it off but when NASA developed the software behind precise GPS technology became much more reliable before GPS could be off by 45 or 50 feet now it pinpoints within inches number 2 shock absorbers in buildings when NASA launched it shuttles the platform would sustain extreme pressure zealot developed a shock absorbing structure that would be able to resist almost anything since then the simple design used this absorbing structure is integrated in building structures all around the world making them more resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters number one smoke detectors it feels like smoke detectors have been around forever but actually they were invented the use of the first American spaceship Skylab which was launched on 5/14/1973 NASA teamed up with technology giant Honeywell to create the first ionization smoke detector that invention led to the launch of cheaper photoelectric smoke detectors in 1979 which oddly enough is the same year Skylab came back to earth not bad how //
"2017-02-01 19:01:05"
5 Smart Lottery Winners
\\number 5 at Louise Hutchinson British teenager Louise Hutchinson was just 19 years old when she won over 1.34 0 pounds well over 1.6000000 U. S. dollars she celebrated by having a special dinner with a boyfriend David heard which it later merry back in the day she was working at a grocery store and swore she wouldn't stop working which you did do is buy a card homes bits of money at a lavish wedding and a great honeymoon across America but mostly she and her husband smartly invested in their own companies for mobile beauty business and his online toy company they also were happy to treat their families to buy stuff but mostly as the lucky winner said we're both working very hard to get our business is going but knowing we have financial security at such a young age is phenomenal number 4 Jamie grief another smart British lottery winner he uses wealth the start its own business is Jamie grief this young man was only 2621 close to 1.$25000000 in 2013 JB says what I scratched by lottery carton saw 0 pounds I started screaming and running around the house and no doubt I would use the money to buy a house and start my own business and that's exactly what he did JB was living with his parents in the west of Suffolk back then but launched his company with this partner Francesca the print images on the hard surfaces to customize cars bikes or interiors Jamie says he loves being his own boss and never looked back good for him number 3 Deanna Sampson Sheffield UK resident Deanna Sampson had a pretty rough life from the struggle to make ends meet childhood to the same financial struggles later on as an adult not to mention the fact that you had a disabled brother lost her first husband in a car accident leaving her to raise her young son alone before she remarried lost a child born prematurely and saw her brother passed away later on when she dozed off bitterly brothers chair and woke up convinced he'd visited her in a dream and told it should win the lottery Deanna went out to buy a ticket and lo and behold 18.$9000000 you gave 2000000 of family and friends also donated some of it pretty 22 of our favorite people do a trip to Spain and then invested in our future by starting up a business should average restaurant to 3 bars to work 6 days a week but says she was never comfortable just sitting around and feels that this is a much better example to give your son and daughter number 2 Meredith Davies sometimes people win the lottery and they're already pretty happy with their life the smart ones use the extra money just upgraded make it a little easier that's what Meredith Davies of late Peter Wales did he always loved working in agriculture and was comfortable with farm life so in October 2004 when he won 2000000 pounds the lottery he used the money wisely his company prepares plows tractors and combine harvesters this horse lover bought himself the farmer dreams for you now breeds Welsh cob ponies I stared at this from a family of 9 children is also sharing his good fortune with this family number one Chris Manzi New Jersey resident Chris Manzi won the mega millions lottery in 2012 the lottery jackpot with $14000000 that he split with another lucky winner many we slept with approximately 3.$5000000 after taxes because he chose a bomb some although he seems to regret that part of it he did invest money sparkly even if he did splurge on a few toys as he calls them gave money to cancer research before buying himself a Florida beach out he does keep going to work watches his investments on a daily basis seeing them go up and down every day fatigue did consult on its bankers and financial advisors he doesn't have to worry about money and that's the best thing a smart lottery winner can hope for I yeah when //
"2017-01-31 19:01:04"
5 Largest Pools In The World
\\WNED number 5 the dream world fund lagoon the dream world flood the goon boasts the largest freshwater pool in the world and is situated in of all places Karachi Pakistan the pool which opened in 2008 and is part of a huge complex known at the dream world resort hotel a golf course is almost 96000 square feet that's over 2.2 acres it contains close to 2220000 gallons of water number 4 Laguna Bahia located in algarrobo Chile Laguna Bahia is technically a pool but there's a reason they call it a lagoon it up pull you can't usually go kayaking windsurfing paddle surfing or canoeing and what would be the point you get to the end of the pool before you could say bush out a Pacifico exit that's not the case at Laguna Bahia this salt water pool covers almost 3.5 acres it's extremely long and pretty wide and is absolutely breathtaking not to mention the fact that the Pacific Ocean is only a few feet of sandy beach away number 3 less precise resort pull the last recess resort pulls also situated in Chile put in Santa Domingo like it's her money to it algarrobo it's a salt water pool but this one covers almost 5 acres 1050 feet long and 230 feet wide the poll also has a unique patented energy saving filter system the compliance with the pulsing flesh method that this affects the water this is great for the environment because it needs 100 times less chemicals and 50 times less energy to clean compared to conventional treatments according to experts this was a very challenging project to build because the substrate had to be sloping so that the lagoon could offer different deaths in different zones of the full to accommodate a variety of water sports and believe it or not this incredible construction had a 4 month schedule to be built and came in on time number 2 St Alphonsa del Mar resort pull our number 2 was the titleholder for 9 years until it was blown out of the water no pun intended buy a brand new pull in Egypt which opened in 2015 but will get back to that later Santa fonts to Delmar resorts pulled looks a lot like last recess and Laguna Bahia and is in Chile too but it's 4 times the size of bust recess becomes almost 20 acres and holds a whopping 60000000 gallons of water they cost almost 2.5000000 US dollars to build but honestly I thought there might be a 0 missing in there somewhere the said Alfonso Delmore pool neighbors the Laguna Bahia and algarrobo and of course can accommodate paddlers and voters just as much as swimmers number one the city stars urban resort project who won and here we come to the New World record holder which will probably be out done in a few months or years to the first of 12 pulls to be built in the city stars urban resort project in Sharm el Sheik Egypt this monster pool covers almost 30 acres 1.3000000 square feet crazy and they're planning to build 11 more these giants who knew Egypt was such a big country just kidding guys and I //
"2017-01-31 01:00:01"
9 Incredible Zoo Escapes
\\nnst number 9 we back in 19580 the C. bite it was living at storybook gardens zoo in London Ontario Canada at the time managed to get away and swim Lake Erie crossing into the U. S. that was found near a boat house in Sandusky Ohio 0 was brought to the Toledo zoo the closest place where he could be kept wasn't there long within weeks he reported that the king even though original was it the San Francisco Bay Area it seems silly to 0.of kept the animal since 60 years earlier the aid Supreme Court ruling in a similar case of bait right away see line I declared that wild animals which scape from their owners are no longer the property of their former owners finders keepers basically I guess that was probably better for you S. Canada relations that 0 was returned a storybook gardens number 8 a very sad and horrifying Zeus gave happen in to police the Georgia in June 2015 when hundreds of animals escaped from the zoo during a massive flood one man was mauled by a tiger the poor guy was helping with flood relief efforts when a large white tiger retracted it seems it was a real nose arc situation there what around 300 species of wild animals lions bears Tigers hyenas crocodiles Jaguars and penguins escaped into the streets which in turn into reverse some of the creatures were returned this too but many had to be shot by authorities and others sadly drowned in the Muddy Waters number 7 if you're going to care for rhesus monkeys you better not be careless or absent minded and employee a prank Bucks jungle camp animal park near Amityville on new York's Long Island certainly learned that the hard way he used a plank to get across in exhibit vote but for got it there the appropriately named Capone let 172 of his pals out of the park in into the woods during their escapade the army of monkeys chased away a bunch of railway workers and even stop the locomotive in its tracks for 5 minutes in a frantic plead to corral the macaques the animal park offered money and season passes to anyone who is braving quick enough to catch one and bring it back to the park number 6 on 2/28/1965 Goldie the golden eagle escape from the London still while this cage was being clean he got a temporary home in regent's park swooping and soaring around dodgy police firefighters and you Terman be the reporter tried to snag with Ethiopian birds fight for 12 days of the London public got to see the free bird inaction and apparently over 5000 people showed up to gawk at him Goldie was eventually recaptured by deputy head zoo keeper job Cory one of the authorities of birds of prey abundance still it seems Goldie stomach is what did it man when the choreography dead rabbit in managed to catch him with his bare hands 10 months later Goldie escaped again but only for 4 days number 5 in the summer of 2013 rusty the red pen became an instant internet sensation when he escaped from Washington DC's national zoo the zoo keepers were caught up in a major panda hunt through the streets of the nation's capital using Facebook and Twitter to alert the public and ask everybody to keep an eye out for the unusual passer by it only took the zookeepers about an hour to capture rusty but they never quite figured out how he got out in the first place number 4 it might make you smile when you see animal control officers trying to capture an escape zebra or monkey on television but those animals aren't that scary but when you live next to the Bronx zoo and you learn that an Egyptian cobra has escaped you don't really feel like laughing dubia so you can imagine the kind of panic that set in when the zoo announced it was closing down its world of reptiles exhibit with this message on social media staff observed an adolescent Egyptian cobra missing but a live snake roaming around 3 in the city and a teenager with an attitude to boot yikes zoo director Jim granny tried to calm everybody by explaining that the highly venomous creature was probably somewhere in the reptile house but since it's less than 2 feet long and pencil then they just couldn't find it ... but if it's pencil thin this that make it easier for me get away yeah number 3 imagine the shock this zoo keepers at Tokyo sea life park felt when they were emailed a picture of one of their humble penguin swimming in a nearby river counting the flock they realized they were one bird short of the 135 usually make up the exhibit the one year old right away penguin or should I say swim away had somehow managed to scale rock wall nearly twice its height and make its way around to kill today remember the penguins can't fly people it seems the picture was set by the director of another nearby still needs a rescue mission was launched to capture the tuxedo to escape me zoo officials asked untrained locals to not try to catch the speedy sweater and waited for the bird to come back to land for a rest before they nabbed him and brought him back number 2 sometimes escaping from a zoo is best done with the help of your fellow inmates they don't even have to be the same species that's what happened in a German stew when a fox in a poor help the kangaroo go free officials at the park say the Aussie marsupial was able to break out by slipping through holes at 2 separate barricades one of the holes a bit dug by a fox underneath the kangaroos includes fence which allowed to squeeze through but apparently that only got up so far luckily for him it seems the bore it done the same thing beneath the park's main exterior wall which allowed the kangaroo to make it the rest of the way to freedom number one we could have a zoo escapes list without talking about Bornean orangutan can Alan to skate not once but twice 3 time a teen eighties this guy became world famous force for peace break out because every time it's thought that finally outsmarted it would force them to stay put that not only can set himself free 3 types take little strolls rather do during that summer 1985 he even taught escapism classes to Isabella primates who got their diplomas in using the tree branches as a crowbar to pop open the gates of their enclosures yeah yeah yeah //
"2017-01-26 22:46:50"
10 Jobs Likely To Be Replaced By Robots
\\hello number 10 mixologist mixologist terribly latest crates there basically bartenders to point out a great mixologist will whip up your favorite cocktail or create blood that will blow your mind except cocktails could be hit or miss it's where anyone see and be one no comment there the star attraction at the bionic bar on the royal Caribbean quantum with cruise ships the robotic dual could perfectly mix any drink from a list of 300 cocktails and second but they really suck at small talk ruining a sympathetic ear if you're ready to talk about your latest break up number 9 shepherd okay still we've seen humans and dogs corralling herds of sheep cattle goats but a robot yet looks like the Australian center per peel robotics has developed a shepherd robot we cannot only 10 the cattle sheep in the lakes became even affected we've run a livestock farm packed with smart sensors the robot will keep the animals in line monitor their health and even analyze the quality of the past year but the animals who probably feel like they're just a number feet hurt a fine sheen like that number 8 former man has been farming for as long as we can remember that the thought of actually being done by robots is a little freaky yet when I think about it much of the farmer's job involves routine tasks that could in are done efficiently by robots they could survey the land drive the tractors cut prudent harvest crops in vineyards now you'll find wine bar they can prove the buying in farm fields you find letter spots that pulled up leads to the base of the plant and there are probably plenty more of the farming robots popping up as we speak there's one now number 7 security guard robotic security guards are already patrolling businesses and it looks like more and more of them will be stealing jobs from given protection agents nights groups keep 5 robot can monitor its surroundings vicious behavior and the tech potentially criminal sounds like glass breaking more people screaming it seems there are already 24 these guys patrolling shopping malls and offices in the Silicon Valley disciplinary carrying guns within a few minutes George Zimmerman's in the world not robots going nuts firearms number 6 travel agent years ago before there were websites like Expedia and Orbitz you most likely needed a travel agent to book a flight somewhere or to check out the best hotel deals for you these days more and more people rely on online booking for their vacations business trips car rentals everything fits wide appeal last thinks there will be 12 percent less travel agents by the year 2022 unfortunately pretty sure these web sites would be able to show you their own vacation pictures so you could see how cool the place actually yes number 5 factory workers manufacturing jobs have been dwindling for years in developed countries being replaced by machines or cheap labor employees in developing countries the more and more companies are converting their workplaces into mainly robotic or all robot factories in early 2016 apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn replace 60000 employees with robots now China's ever win precision technology is in the process of replacing 90 percent of it factory workforce with machines number 4 stockroom workers we knew this was coming it's been going on for awhile but this year for the holidays the number of warehouses packages being moved by robots instead of humans will multiply considerably Amazon calls at its new robot army lead of short bright orange robots on wheels that'll bring stock shelves to workers they could skin the packages by making Amazons operation more efficient workers will be expected to scan at least 300 items per hour 3 times more than before the robot army came in they also get a break from walking 20 miles each day is too much exercise anyway right number 3 bartender if the mixologist could be replaced by robot you can bet your friendly neighborhood bartender is on his way out to case you're worried your bartender will screw up your screwdriver or your take twister your month super robot bartender is is confident and on the mark is your super mixologist he knows the recipes for 300 cocktails that could make them in seconds not sure what you want picked up steam in the robot will come up with 20 to 25 drink ideas for you to choose from to manufacture of this robot says it retails for around $5000 which you're buying from far or for your own personal use again you want to keep your human bartender for this chit chat robots are known to be a bit on the cold side number 2 pharmacist how would you feel about a robot filling your prescription that's what you should expect that the university of California at San Francisco's pharmacy computers get the prescriptions and robots preparing dispensed them when this started the university says the robot filled 350000 doses without a single error MIT center for digital business director Eric green jobs and says the robot would be even better at avoiding that interactions between medicines that make human pharmacists noon number one soldier some experts say robots could replace the fourth of all U. S. combat soldiers by the year 2030 I didn't say it army general Robert Cohn did they want to make the U. S. army a smaller more lethal deployable and agile force quote unquote robots are already disabling land mines but looks like they'll be engaging in frontline combat too scary isn't //
"2017-01-25 19:00:03"
5 Shortest Flights in the World
\\number 5 came in practice to little Cayman Caribbean 10 minutes if you need to get for cave in Brockton little pain in the best and fastest way to go it's clearly that came in Airways express flights that link that to sister islands the flight takes less than 10 minutes on a twin otter turbo prop aircraft and costs only $50 25 says U. S. dollars round trip the flight is so short that the play doesn't usually climb above 1000 feet in the air and with that like you barely have time you've already late course if you really don't know but when I try to save the few the Bucks it just swim over to the styling number 4 say Galen Friedrich shape been 8 minutes can you imagine flying to another country in just 8 minutes well that's what an Austrian airlines plane I flying you from Saint Galen in Switzerland to Friedrichshain bed in Germany that would be the shortest international flight this quick trip being sold by people's via an online is only 13 miles long and is available twice daily since 11/2/2016 they cost Amir €40 which is less than 45 U. S. dollars if you want to drive between the 2 countries which are separated by Lake Constance you'll need to travel about 47 miles which takes about an hour you could also take a very but it'll set you back an hour and 20 minutes for the new air route you board the 50 seat Embraer 145 aircraft and the flight runs 10 times a week number 3 Connemara initial bond Ireland 6 minutes unless you're really great swimmer you'll need to take a boat or plane they get from Connemara Inish non in Ireland that's where air air and comes in they offer a regional flight between Connemara county of Galloway initials on one of the Aran islands what's crazy is even though the flight takes only 6 minutes and is less than 10 miles long it's still not the shortest played in the world number 2 Minami Daito ticketed dates go 5 minutes if you want to fly from an army base Joe in Okinawa Japan ticket to date tell which is in the northernmost island in the day to islands group located in the Philippines see you could count on re Youku air commuter dipping your transporter the route this listed 7 minutes and sometimes takes even less than 5 minutes as a matter of fact it's considered the shortest commercial flight in the world sometimes even takes only 3 minutes you'll fly on a P. H. C. 81 0 aircraft which can only accommodate 39 passengers the flight is so short that it takes a bit more than a minute between the closing in the opening of the landing gear self if you're planning on joining the mile high club don't pick this flight number one Westray to Papa Westray Scotland 47 seconds the 2 small or be islands north of Scotland are separated by shallow water but you still might need a plane to get from one to the other that's why the people who do need to get across a flight on a Logan air Britten Norman Islander the distance is only 1.7 miles won't have much time to rest your eyes or anything else from the Westray airport to the Papa Westray airport the complete flight takes generally about 2 minutes and when the wind conditions are perfect the flight has sometimes been timed it only 47 seconds can you imagine and the ticket cost just $30 so why would you just take a 20 minute very well maybe you would if you don't like flying but anyway billionaire Scotland's domestic airline in franchise partner with life be operates to de Havilland twin otters to Britain Norman Islander P. and twos plus a handful of saab 350 twin engine turbo props to fly passengers around the island nation the D. N. 2 it's great to fly you and 7 others to the tiny Papa Westray which has about as many archeological sites as it has residents the I //
"2017-01-24 19:30:34"
10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Hollywood Sign
\\number 10 back in 1976 funny guy Danny find good decided to celebrate new year's and California's do more relaxed marijuana lost by hiding parts of the science labs too does turning Hollywood into Holly we of course that didn't last long but even back then you can bet that plenty of people took pictures and had them developed so that the prank would never be forgotten number 9 back when the sign first came up the real estate developers hired Albert co thief would be the signs full time caretaker of course Albert and other responsibilities for the Hollywood sign maintenance was his primary job including replacing the light bulbs on the sign when they burn out which was a pretty big job would you think of the number of false lit up the thing how high the letters were fact that there were 4 more than now number 8 security around the side it's no laughing matter to keep people away from it and to keep it from being vandalized a specially designed security system was developed sets aside is basically a national landmark homeland security even a technology the 4 hour monitoring alarms a helicopter patrols number 7 in the 19 seventies sceptre 50 plus years of reigning over LA the Hollywood sign started showing signs of aging what of the hose had tumbled down the hill one of the albums have been set on fire and the other letters were basically just falling apart playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner jumped in to save the sign and held a benefit gala during which celebrities were invited to buy a letter to give the site a complete facelift after captain on it himself by buying the why while heavy metal artist Alice Cooper purchase that ... in honor of Groucho Marx and singer entertainer Andy Williams sponsored the W. other donors secluded country superstar Gene Autry Warner brothers records and less Kelly of Kelley blue book number 6 the artist who created the Hollywood sign was an Englishman Thomas Fiske off board in London in 1890 coffin the great the U. S. and settled in LA in the early 19 before launching the crescent sign company real estate developers would rip and shorts got cop to create and install the sign when he was in designing and building signs golf paint landscapes on campus over 5000 works as a matter of fact he died in 1984 at 94 years old his paintings are still hanging in famous galleries in and around California and the whole country number 5 on 9/16/1932 actors against whistle climbed up the each of the Hollywood sign and threw herself off some reports say she was upset that are part of being cut out of David O. Selznick's movie 13 women from body was found the next day with a note that said I am afraid I am a coward I'm sorry for everything might done this a long time ago it would have saved a lot of pain pee pee number 4 in 1940 famous business mobile Howard Hughes bought 100 38 acres of land west of the Hollywood sign in hopes of building himself a mansion in which he lived with his girlfriend actress Ginger Rogers but when Rodgers broke up with him cues dropped his plans the land just sat there until 2002 when huge state sold it to an investment firm from Chicago they of course wanted to build luxury homes on it but many movie studios actors and foundations race the 12.$5000000 asking with you have yep him again providing the final $900000 now this site is protected park land number 3 originally and up until 1949 the sign read Hollywood land that's when the LA recreation and parks commission decided it needed to come down because it looked really worn and sad the Hollywood chamber of commerce when save this so they sit tearing down the last 4 letters and restoring the remaining 9 to promote the town number 2 when you think about how iconic the sign is now it's pretty crazy that the original site was only supposed to be a Billboard announcing the real estate development around it it's entering the sign cost around $21000 to build which would be over a quarter of $1000000 in today's money pretty expensive that could you imagine paying $250000 for one sign advertising a new neighborhood number 1 the first time Hollywood land line was built on what is now known as Mount leap back in 1923 by LA times publisher Harry Chandler and it nothing to do with the movies Hollywood it was only supposed to be there for 18 months while box reads new upscale housing development were being sold but Taylor wasn't satisfied with 43.letters he had 4000 light bulbs placed on them pretty preheated big that it's still around almost 100 years later ha //
"2017-01-23 01:12:54"
10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World (III)
\\number 10 comment there although the Commodore might look like a big mop it's actually a very noble breed of dog it's definitely not a dog for an inexperienced owner because it was a very strong personality and might be a handful to train the first written descriptions we have of the common there date back to the sixteenth century when it was used to guide herds of live stock in Hungary but the breed has been around even longer than that it's thought to have been a descendant of the Russian of charkha this dog stand up to 23 feet at the shoulder and weigh between 80 and 100 pounds taken live between 10 and 12 years number 9 Brazilian mastiff the Brazilian massive also known as the feel the part I simply was first developed as a breed in the fifteenth century and its ancestors and the bloodhound English mastiff bulldog and RAF aerospace only's it's a very strong big bone dog with a rectangular shape it's also a very courageous dog that will get very attached to its human family measuring between 25 and a half and 29.5 inches we could we between 90 and 100 and 10 pounds number 8 great Pyrenees the great fear and use its name in North America is known as the Iranian mountain dog in Europe itself the confused with the perennial mastiff which is a completely different breed the great Tierney's is a very big breed of dog which is used to guard livestock it could be a really great pet but you better make sure that you establish very clearly who the bosses or else this dog will have the run of the house the could tip the scale add up to 140 pounds and measure between 25 and 32 inches as for life expectancy the great Tierney's book live 10 or 11 years number 7 black Russian terrier the beautiful black Russian terrier is also known as the chi Orkney terrier GRT meaning black in Russian in the late 19 forties early 19 fifties these dogs were used of military dogs work dogs despite its name the black Russian terrier isn't it terrier at all actually rumor has it about 17 different 33 years to develop this 1 including the Airedale the giants announcer the rottweiler the Newfoundland Caucasian of Chaka and others the male of this breed can weigh between 100 of 10 and 100 32 pounds and measure between 27 and 30 inches eyes for the female she would weigh between 99 and 110 pounds and measure between 26 and 28 inches number 6 central Asian shepherd dog the central Asian of chart guy as it's also known as a calm fearless flock guardian dog so it's a family dog it'll also guard its flock keep an eye on it when it's around children outside the home that might try to dominate other dogs and be a little suspicious of strangers and since the mail can wait anywhere between 121 and 176 pounds and measure between 27 and 32 inches you don't want to getting upset at going after somebody because we could do serious damage if it isn't kept under control number 5 go go Argentino also known as the Argentine mastiff the do go Argentina was a large white muscular canines developed in Argentina mostly for big game hunting including wild boar according to wikipedia it was first bred in 1928 from what was called the Cordova fighting dog and many other breeds including the great Dane this guy has also been trained for search and rescue missions police assistance as a service dog as a guide for the blind and for military work although the breed standard height for males between 24 and 27 inches and its weight between 88 and 99 pounds some individuals have grown much bigger than that number 4 Bernese mountain dog the Bernese mountain dog is known as a very versatile working job from the farmlands of Switzerland the breed was developed a herd cattle pull carts and be a watchdog and loyal companion it's one of 4 types of Swiss mountain dogs but it's the only one with long hair it's called the Bernese mountain dog because it's from Bern canton even though it's a large and sturdy dog it's really friendly and calm so it's great for conformation obedience tracking herding and even carting competitions as far as size the Bernice bail could reach 27.5 inches and weigh up 215 pounds number 3 board all south African mastiff the Borg all is well you guessed it from South Africa and it's part of the molosser family of dogs it was first bred to guard the homestead so it's a really powerful hard working dog you're wondering where the name comes from its Dutch Africans for former more in a slang word for dog full this big guy will tip the scale at 100 432 0 76 pounds when he gets to be an adult as for height the mail could reach between 24 and 28 inches at the shoulder number 2 toast set in you if you haven't heard of the toast in you you might have heard of the Japanese basket for the Japanese toaster this huge guys daily in massive Ben it's no wonder bread for dog fighting but it's a really quiet dog because according to Japanese dog fighting tradition it had to be silent even though you might be scared off by the idea of raising of greed that wasn't a dog fight a toast India is actually really boil and sensitive to the tone of your voice as well as being very good at paying attention to commands like human wrestlers and boxers dose is divided into different fighting sides is this forest week goes so you have light weights middle weights and heavy weight classes which mean you can have males is light is 83 pounds and as heavy as 200 pounds as far as height expected mail to reach around 24 inches at the shoulder number one Spanish mastiff the Spanish mastiff is known as the giant breed of dog that originated from wait for it Spain originally it was red as a guard dog responsible for defending livestock from wolves and other predators there's also a mountain dog Spanish mastiff which has a heavier coat generally this guy will weigh between 70 and 100 pounds in the mail will measure around 31 inches of course all these breeds have had record breaking specimens within their free just like humans and every other type of animal or mammal the //
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10 Laws You Are Breaking Right Now
\\per 10 writing disturbing fiction it would be hard to believe that writing disturbing fiction might get you in trouble uncertainty our ships around state of Illinois in the United States of America this country that has auto proof cleaned itself the greatest democracy on the planet be up and apparently illinois'is not the only state where you could face 30 days in jail and up to $1500 in fines you wanting what they mean by this Serbian fiction that disturbs the person who reads it even if you wrote it for your eyes only and it isn't published can you imagine how much trouble authors the likes of the late Edgar Allan Poe chill master Stephen King Trueblood Charlene Harris could get into wow what a way to celebrate the first amendment and freedom of speech guys I mean really number 9 possession of a permanent marker how do you like this one in a few states in the U. S. including the major state of California it's illegal for a minor to buy a permanent marker but it is legal to buy marijuana if you have a prescription when they passed this law the reason was they wanted to prevent and herb graffiti right they would actually rest anybody would say well a 13 year old in Oklahoma who wrote on his desk in permanent marker would beg to differ is he was taken into custody for having one on him but George Zimmerman when 3 in Florida for killing teenager Trayvon Martin because his gun wasn't owned illegally number 8 friendly bets so many people place friendly bets on their favorite sports teams winning their next game especially during the NBA playoffs the World Series or the Superbowl right and what about the World Cup people go nuts well if more than $2000 are involved in a single day you could be arrested in 1970 the illegal gambling act was passed in that says that any gambling that violate state or local law involves 5 people are more and as of the 2000 Bucks or more in a single day can get you that 10 years in prison and a crazy story out of a gangster movie subtilis he got it this is major trouble in 2005 when a cop overheard it making bets with his pals at a bar the cop got chummy with jealousy and encourage the betting over a few months until 1 day to Lucy won over the $2000 line that night this mighty piccolo sees home no rest of but 1 of the men in blue just shot him in the heart of cities you open the door inclusive diet you don't believe me you wanna bet number 7 V. P. N. and IP address loopholes if you're in another country and you get the urge to binge on Netflix you might be tempted to play around with your V. P. N. they make it look like your IP address is back in your native country but that's illegal it's also technically illegal Cooper's tenure in one country when you're in another but it's not illegal to be a multinational conglomerate that outsources departs countries and tries to make you believe that their service representatives are not into India the Philippines or baton just say in the year I'm speaking to Gerry good one number 6 leaving your teenager at home alone remember the movie home alone macaulay Culkin was really young when his parents but got an at home in that smash comedy and would you think about it what they did was really criminal but the laws determining how old children have to be to stay at home alone vary a lot from one state to the next some states have no law and others issue recommendations without legislating per se but others really go all out for example in Illinois leaving your 13 year old at home alone is cause for legal action and could even result in having the parents thrown in jail at the other end of the spectrum Kansas will allow you to leave your 6 year old alone at home but so for his sake eases cleverest the kid in the movie wow number 5 cursing on a bus can you imagine getting a $500 ticket for using the F. word in a casual conversation while riding a public transit bus that's exactly what happened at cherry Duckett of Milwaukee Wisconsin he was just chatting away minding his own business when an undercover cop cited empress wearing on the city bus violation is considered disorderly conduct believe it or not and oddly enough at least 7 other states have similar laws Duncan of course said it was an American to be cited for that since he was a curse again anybody but the Milwaukee county sheriff David Clark said they had a 0 tolerance policy regarding disorderly conduct on buses which he considers the quality of life issue separate 6 years ago I'm wondering what the people protest against police brutality would say about that 0 tolerance policy today number 4 using a fake name on the internet if you've ever made up a user name for a Facebook account for Xbox live Gorda access mistress Jeez bad boy network you've committed a federal felony I'm not judging you just stating the fact I know it's ridiculous to expect you to give your real name in real info when logging on to summon bear sing site and everybody knows it will matter because you're not going to use false credit card numbers or hack into the government's secret database or Hillary Clinton's high security emails still just by using fake names on the internet according to the computer fraud and abuse act you could be arrested and charged with the federal crime of hacking now you know number 3 working remotely on a travel visa have you ever heard of this even know what it means step really pretty murky territory that's for sure working remotely on a travel visa could be Acilius checking your work email while you're on vacation in another country so for example if you're vacationing in the United Kingdom and you decide to write a letter for work or check in on a project you're developing for your employer back in the states could be considered working illegally in the UK because you're getting paid back in the U. S. but working abroad crazy right got it good number 2 sharing subscription passwords this one is kind of obvious but Hey a lot of people have no idea what copyright infringement means so maybe you don't know that it's illegal to share say your Netflix password so that somebody else can use it you might think via the wretch who cares well they actually do care and you actually can get in trouble because it's wrong people but it seems one third of subscribers services like H. B. O. go and that plagues have admitted sharing their passwords would citrus staying is that a survey showed that password sherry has also helped attract new customers is what's they've used a shared password people get hooked and eventually join legally what really number one connecting to unsecure wifi networks next time you decide to logon to the wifi network from the cafe across the street be where all the public networks are supposed to be free there also supposed to be for customers so technically what you're doing is illegal and you know that everything you do on the internet can be monitored right yeah so watch out for the computer fraud and abuse act because it applies to wireless routers to I //
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10 Extremely Bizarre Eating Addictions
\\number 10 Adele Edwards is a 31 year old mother of 5 who's been eating foam from sofa cushions she was 10 years old she says it started during a particularly trying time in her life with her parents got divorced but she doesn't just she wanted peace and spit it out she's actually swallowed the insides of 7 whole couches in one year infectious so addicted to the stuff should carry southerner purse to snack on at all times since it's not something that the body can naturally digest she's been warned by her doctor that if he doesn't stop her intestines might eventually explode in fact she's already had to use a great amount of laxatives break up a ball the size of a grapefruit that was stuck inside of our it seems her fiance is helping her cut down breaker habit but a dell has a long way to go number 9 a 34 year old woman from Chicago is addicted to eating toilet paper yeah toilet paper it seems catchy eats up to a half a double role of 2 ply tissue every day she says she carries it in a person likes to go to the movie theater because she could indulge in her addiction in the dark without people looking at her strangely and I guess it's a lot less expensive than a big tub of popcorn to snack on her mother and sister of both tried to convince her to quit the strange habit but to no avail number 8 a young girl named area has a serious case of OCD and part of her condition comes with a very odd eating disorder area is a self proclaimed vegetarian yet she purposely scratches her head to make yourself leave in order to create scabs that she could scratch off and eat which some might consider a weird form of cannibalism and not very vegan like the good news is Daria has sought professional help when her friend Erica saw her pulling something from her scalp and putting it in her mouth she got very on it and now after 4 years it seems Daria is under way back to normal number 7 an 18 year old girl who suffered from 2 different conditions checkers tell a mania and trick of fate yet ended up on the operating table took until a mania is a mental disorder that consists of pulling out your own hair trico Fiji is a condition that consists of eating hair so this young lady pulled and ate our own hair for 5 years losing over 40 pounds and constantly suffering from stomach pain and vomiting which she was finally operated on doctors remove 10 pounds of hair from her stomach she now I started eating normally and his game back around 20 pounds number 6 stand up comic Josh heard about eating glass in a book and was kind of freaked out but also oddly intrigued when he tried it he realized he could do without causing himself too much damage well it's cut his lips many times in the insides of his mouth but he loves the attention he gets from people looking at it in awe any admits that that is mostly what he's addicted to it seems is reportedly eaten more than 250 light bulbs and 100 glasses talk about being rough around the edges number 5 26 year old Nicole from Detroit Michigan in the United States started eating dry wall when she happen to face chalk one day like the taste of that which she discovered dry wall was even tastier to work became a habit that grew in the last 7 years she's even 1000 square feet of the stuff chewing on a road scenery as well as on our grandma's houses wall in on friends homes walls as well number 4 in an era when we're trying to cut plastic bags out of our consumer habits this 23 year old man Robert actually eats them he's consume 60000 of them sometimes even steal some from the supermarket to satisfy his addiction apparently the pale blue transparent ones and which is daily newspaper is delivered ours favorites this addiction could of course become a major health it seems that even though Robert does suffer occasional stomach aches he's had medical tests and is doing fine socially though his fiance's had enough she says the last straw for her was when she and Robert had a case wedding cakes for their upcoming nuptials Robert refused because he was full of plastic down the line this deftly could become a major problem since consuming plastic can cause liver damage an intestinal blockage number 3 this will they call crystal ironic name when you think about it eats household cleaner up to 10 times a day and is done soon now for 30 years on the TLC program my strange addiction she admitted she started eating it when she was a child from one day while cleaning spelling the stuff made her mouth water which she tasted it she'd like the grainy texture in the case became hook while on the show Dennis evaluated the toxic chemicals completely rider teeth and you can only imagine what it's done or insights lakes number 2 this 62 year old Frenchman who it seems had a history of mental illness was addicted to eating coins yeah like money he swallowed a total value of more than 650 US dollars in old French Franks and new euro coins and the man with complained of stomach pain doctors would remove coins from his stomach it took awhile before they actually operated on him because he had a 12 pound month sagging below his hips and they did open a mop fails to pound necklaces the needles in their number one I 19 year old young woman named Allison from Atlanta Georgia in the United States has pretty much always loved chewing on rubber when she was small should chew on the feet of her dolls over the last 6 years she's been chewing on shavings of rubber tires comparing them to beef jerky and appreciating their incredible chilenos Alice's fiance who works at a tire factory of all places is very worried about his darlings addiction but it seems that when she was examined by doctors Allison was told that she was okay except back at cancer the chemicals tires it's really incredible is that she's already consumed over 54 tires sincere addiction began she is now trying to cut down though I //
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10 Gadgets To Make Flights Easier
\\number 10 nap anywhere pillow this is a pillar they can go with you anywhere comfort is needed long trips in the car on the train or on a plane it fits securely nestled between your head and shoulder and fastens around your chest to keep from shifting while you sleep font toward a cradle your face in built for comfort from the nylon material to its unique design it is small enough to fit in your purse knapsack both carry on case because 59 US dollars or 36 GB P. just unpack it unfolded and clip it on then you're ready to nap anywhere anytime number 9 digital luggage scale a handheld digital scale that work similar to a fish weight scale this gadget is compact enough to take with you anywhere designed for travelers and businessmen on the go this amazingly accurate scale wraps around the luggage handles and after lifting the baggage off the ground the scale reads out the exact way that that 90 pounds on the stylish grip it is easy to read and runs on 2 button cell batteries number 8 sleep phones sleep phones wrap around your head like a sports head band with the added bonus of being a set of headphones that attached your favorite listing the fight whether it be in I phone MP 3 player or tap it is the perfect but for travelers who want to listen to me Dick while they sleep they come in wireless and courted options with some supporting building ambient sounds and Bluetooth ability to connect the C. smartphones or other capable devices number 7 treasure tag the Nokia treasure tag is a Bluetooth enabled plastic tag that is a great addition to any travelers arsenal it sends a warning signal when you're about the viva 90 behind it could be used to track lost items using location services through a smartphone app itself for $10 in the last rep this 6 months on a standard 2030 to watch battery it is recommended for use with Microsoft bones and software for best results number 6 air hook this universal holder is designed to attach to smartphones and tablets up to 7.5 inches in length it is also billed as a beverage holder the 2 party system clips to the seat back in front of you allowing you the freedom of not opening your tray table sporting an adjustable design the device could be angle for easier viewing with your C. dissident reclined position perfect for families traveling with young children it has a simple 3 part set up as it secures quickly under the edge of the tray table with a clamp and funky system number 5 carry on inflate work station for the business grower student on the go this compact workstation is like having your own desk with you anywhere you go designed into a modified laptop case it comes with basic compartments for cables phones tablets laptops and more having a spacious area from laptops up to 17 inches it easily attach it to your seat tray and with its handy bungee system you can close it up at a moment's notice safe and secure without having any clutter work cables to detach or disconnect number 4 old backpack with battery with the 4000 per hour battery nestled inside this backpack it is built with the techie traveler in mind giving you 2005 hours of extended time for smart phones while charging for in operation it as an attractive rugged design with reinforced although not padded straps for comfort filled out of the water in odor resistant fabric it is great for extended where the packets unfortunately available only in the United States number 3 knee defender the need offender is a useful set of clips that attach to the arms of your tray table making it impossible for the seat in front of you to fully recline this may benefit you immensely as legroom is a scarce commodity in coats however this gadget to come with a warning right to these precious few inches of space is under debate in August of 2014 a United Airlines flight was diverted after a heated argument between a female passenger and a man trying to work on his computer broke out she threw water on him when he refused to remove the device both parties were arrested on arrival in Chicago number 2 luggage locator the leglock luggage locator is actually a standalone GPS location device easily placed into existing luggage it is able to provide GPS location up your baggage through a simple smartphone app available for both iOS and android total cost of this gadget is 70 U. S. dollars with Bluetooth enabled you could locate your bag even before leaving the terminal to Ludlow complies with all flight standards and regulations and immediately disables transmission when in flight number one blue smart carry on smart suitcase the rolls Royce of luggage this smart enabled baggage is able to accurately calculate its own weight and with the built in sim card level text you when you have strayed too far from your luggage with a smart epic can use math location services to track it anywhere the app is also used to unlock the case of locks immediately when out of range of the paired smart device 8104 0 per hour battery runs for up to 6 months think you'd be even used to charge you SP devices and finally the price 400 $49 for a base model but I guess you'll forget the price after all these amazing creatures nnst //
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10 Most Extreme Airports in the World
\\number 10 Queenstown airport New Zealand 10 minutes outside of queen status the fourth busiest airport in New Zealand nestled between jagged mountain ranges in a picturesque valley it's been voted the most scenic approach in 2015 pilots have to content author with extreme weather conditions on departure and would be turning this well due to high amounts of bird activity over the runways modern day expansions of added the addition of night flights extended throughout the winter months make in the flights that much more hair raising number 9 Svalbard airport Longyear the airport operates for a small group of violence of Svalbard in Norway the extreme conditions of this nor the vocation of make construction of the airport very difficult parts and structures of the airport are actually constructed out of vice the roadways been insulated allowing it to stay cooler than the ground which is in a state of permafrost this is done to guarantee that the runway doesn't melt and become unusable in 1996 100 41 passengers lost their lives in a collision on approach with 1 of the many ice capped mountain ranges surrounding the airport number 8 sick a rocky Gutierrez airport Alaska on the tiny island of Japan ski lies an airport with the single waterfront runway the un sheltered airport is operated by Alaska Airlines it is regarded as one of the most thrilling airports by many because of the high probability of accidents on take off and approach high winds and storm activity because boulders from the causeway and other debris that litter the runway if the plane Spanish to take off they still have to contend with countless flocks of birds that occupied the skies over the island and surrounding air space adding to danger of mid air collisions and engine failures number 7 bada International Airport Scotland fly be operates the one and only commercial beach front airport on the island of bata in the western islands of Scotland once a day the tide removes the landing strip which consists of the actual beach front and carries it out to sea there is no modern lighting on the airport meeting bill flights after dark the airport carries warnings to stay off the beach when the runway is active number 6 time continental port pun Doris time constant International Airport is located in Tegucigalpa Honduras it has a very short runway just over 6000 feet or 1800 meters instructed between dangerous about ranges and caters to large commercial aircraft drastic sudden changes in wind velocity and current direction make it difficult to land without having to make split decision adjustments to approach angle poor weather conditions can add to the difficulty involved in landing the aircraft on top of this any human air can lead the pilots overshooting the runway and drifting in the populated areas surrounding the airport number 5 who stuff that third airport said but the may good stuff the third airport also known as Saint Barthelemy airport is located on the island of St but the me in the carribean the short runway caters to smaller aircraft carry no more than 20 passengers at a time this steep approach angle can cause some anxiety on dissent but ends by a beautiful beach front sign stand as a warning to beach goers and sunbathers tend not occupied the edge of the beach in the event that a pilot mis calculates their approach angle landing them on the beach front itself number 4 princess Juliana International Airport states Martine the airport was originally a military air strip before being converted to a commercial airport in the 19 forties aircraft of a very low altitude approach pattern that can cause disorientation for the pilots and a departure planes must perform a sharp turn to avoid mountains directly in front of the departure path although it accommodates larger commercial flights it has a remarkably short air strip measuring just over 2000 meters for 7000 feet number 3 watch show E. era squint airport Saba island located on the small Caribbean island of Saba this airport is the shortest recorded commercial air strip measuring only 1300 feet in length the I think consists of a mountain made from old volcanic activity with a small triangular airport carved out on one side missing the mark on approach will land you piece the face with a mountainside or plummeting into the sea number 2 Mukalla airport Nepal Luka airport with its 500 meter long runway located on amount clip 3 kilometers above ground level at the base of Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous airports in the world the airport as new radar guidance pilots have to rely on verbal communication with the tower for updates on wind speeds and direction the airport is prone to rough weather conditions constant avalanches and steep terrain for approaching aircraft earthquake severe storm fronts make it impossible to land at times even during emergency situations which occur regularly and without fail number one pero airport with time pero airport operated by several airlines has only 25 pilots qualified to laying on its air strip instrumentation is of no use on approaches the airport is blocked visually by mountain ranges standing 18000 feet in height landing is only allowed under perfect weather conditions of the pilots must use landmarks to adjust their approach pattern and angle of descent staying aware at all times of the proximity of mountain tops to the outer wing span of the plane pilots must rely on knowledge of the local area to fly in situated in the Himalayan valley the airstrip measures 2000 meters or 6500 feet and is punctuated on all sides by private homes and powerlines due to the complicated approach patterns only delayed flights are allowed and even then only on clear days with perfect visibility in you yeah I //
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10 Cool Jobs that Pay 100K+ Dollars
\\number 10 equity research associate according to in Forbes magazine and equity research associate is expected to make a total medium pay of $100000 could be studied in business administration got an NBA a CPA or gone through a chartered financial analyst program no doubt you know what an equity research associate does the research associate typically works closely with the research analyst to develop financial forecasts it to provide recommendations on particular stocks associates typically gain an in depth understanding of the financial and operational issues within a particular sector gaining valuable skills knowledge and relationships bright hardworking individuals who are passionate about the capital markets and learning will love this job it will be able to prosper in the banking and commodities fields number 9 physician assisted if you're passionate about health and medicine but didn't manage to make it in the medical school to become a full fledged doctor maybe you could become a great physician's assistant says you could make $100000 right off the bat and be right there in the trenches with the doctors and nurses while helping people and actually consulting on pieces while supporting the doctors in any wing of the hospital or clinic so how about registering for classes stat number 8 homeland security jobs if you didn't get a college degree but did serve in the armed forces you could have an amazing career even after retiring from the army navy airforce or marines veterans very often qualify for high paying exciting careers in homeland security working for the government in a wide variety of jobs including customs and border protection immigration and customs enforcement federal protective services the Coast Guard and even the secret service to name only half so it looks like he really can be all that you can be even after you leave the armed forces number 7 nurse practitioner back in the medical field getting a job as a nurse practitioner can be another great option with a base salary of $100000 a year nurse practitioners need more training than basic nurses including a master's degree because they're somewhere between a nurse and a position but the salary goes accordingly to not to mention that as a nurse practitioner you'll do a lot of the same stuff nurses do but you have more responsibilities and more challenges coming your way making the job more exciting though and you don't need to be a woman to be a nurse a job that's open to all genders number 6 drilling engineer as a drilling engineer according to you'll be making between 100 and 6 and $116000 a year are you wondering what drilling engineering is it's a subset of petroleum engineering as a drilling engineer you'll design and implement procedures to drill wells to safely and as economically as possible you work closely with the drilling contractors service contractors and compliance personnel and you even get to interact with geologists and other technical specialists no way this job will ever get boring number 5 geophysicist if you like working outdoors said you're fascinated with rocks gravity in volcanoes you might wanna look into becoming a geophysicist you'll be making between 100 and 10 and $119000 a year and will be studying the various features of our planet how great is that number 4 special agent if James Bond was your hero growing up not just for the women the cars the gadgets in the drinking but also for the past dating assignments he went on maybe you'll want to consider a career as a special agent yeah it really does exist and it really does pay very well between 100 and 21 in $125000 as a matter of fact maybe it won't be as glamorous as in the movies but it certainly will be challenging number 3 dentists although most of us cringe at the thought of sitting in the dentist's chair some of us might be crazy enough to become one just kidding about the crazy part no but really becoming a dentist is a pretty cool idea actually shirts a body years of school but then you make a salary of 125 to $129000 and you're pretty much your own boss plus if you're compassionate and warm patients will flock to you because you'll be running away from that other guy scares the hell out of all number 2 airline pilot now which young boy hasn't dreamt of piloting a plane right and maybe a girl too I guess I I would know because I'm a guy anyway maybe we've dreamt of more of a fighter plane like in Top Gun but becoming an airline pilot could be pretty awesome too sure it's about it's hard to become one as it is to become a doctor but it's a job that has you traveling all around the world through the sky to boot and which peace between 100 and $154000 a year I'd say that's pretty alluring number one software architect if computers are more your thing in your attic programming and stuff like that software architect is pretty much the best job at the world you get to create software apps and games and make a lot of money doing it $3339000 a year and if you're smart you might want to negotiate percentages on some of the things you create who knows if you create the next big thing you might become a multi billionaire before you know it //
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10 Outrageous Requests Made On Private Jets
\\nnst number 10 a company that rents private planes to the rich and famous reported that one couple paid nearly 7 figures for a 6 hour flight to know where meaning that they have landed in the same place they'd flown from during the flight they had a very expensive bottle of wine experience midair spa treatments manicures and pedicures as well as experts skin care treatments they brought a world renowned chef on board and one of the world's most famous opera singers gave them a one hour private concert how's that for a special day number 9 another private plane reading company tells the story of a client who flew one of the world's best poker players with them from Europe to Las Vegas one of the planet's gambling capitals he just wanted to watch the master at work learn from the and practiced during a 2 day game sprayed with strange that we simply was already in why do you need Skoda money Carlo don't they have great casinos there too number 8 every year this company gets requests from customers who want to double the pleasure when new year's eve comes around so for a meager 100 35 0 pounds that's close to 180000 US dollars they'll fly across the international dateline from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles California in the Gulfstream G. 650 the world's fastest and furthest ranging jet so you could experience the new year in style at both ends of the earth number 71 plane on a large jet wanted to celebrate our fiftieth birthday to Florence Italy and 1 of the candles lit on our cake since having an open flame on board is strictly prohibited the company arranged to have a fireman on board for the whole flight no word on how much that must've cost or if the guy came out of the cake shirtless wearing black suspenders number 61 very loyal frequent flyer with this airline kept insisting on having a McDonald's filet of fish sandwich on each of its flights the fast food fare had to be ordered at the very last minute before take off to make sure it wouldn't be cold by the time I got to the client kind of fishy her number 52 very prominent New York lawyer is 1845 the other 48 have a very peculiar way of getting ready for trial in the last 3 months they've chartered a plane 3 times for the sole purpose of litigating at 30000 feet yet they read it together I guess it's sort of like a time share right number 4 this airlines client hired a private jet to fly the family dog from London England to Madrid Spain to reunite her with their owner the dog flew alone with the fold jet to herself this airline also admits the flying apparent from Manchester to London since the bird could fly there on it though also stay the comedian and talk show host Chelsea handler is said to have had her dogs one or a few times when she was on tour and missing her 4 legged friends in December of 2014 she had dogs chunk and jacks on the plane with their traveling in style number 3 a 34 year old woman from New York was in such a hurry to divorce her cheating husband she said the official papers on a Lear jet 45 street to Miami Florida luckily for her the main authorize the landing of the plane at his private airports move maybe he was just as eager to sign the legal documents himself number 2 here's another story of a client having so much money she could pretty much rule the world this 57 year old woman from Boca Raton Florida treated our canine friend to luxury dog food flowed especially from France on a Gulfstream 4 S. P. she felt that local varieties were not up to snuff pervert dogs refined palate and that monster fighters behavior just wasn't the same when he did have his particular brand of dog food only available in France I mean really number 11 company while respecting its clients privacy did tell the story of a high profile client who's obsessed with the color pink to please this client they had the aircraft interior see 3 covered with pink fabric but they didn't stop there they offered the client pink food including prawns and macaroons pink champagne play pink Floyd's music and even at the pilot wear pink shirt the airline did hint that the client is male referring to him as he would admitting that when the client who's did VIP guests on board that welcome them to the aircraft with a pink carpet that it makes you wonder who it might be yeah WNED //
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10 Most Amazing Parking Garages in the World
\\nnst NBER 10 Q. park the key part company isn't your average parking lot management company they've won awards for design efficiency and environmental awareness the queue parka Charles street in Sheffield in the UK is a multi story parking complex and next to Sheffield Hallam university and used for multiple special events including the Sheffield Grand Prix the carpark is renowned for its secure pedestrian and vehicle entrances as well as its top notch clues caption television security systems contrary to many car parks it's extremely well lit and parking host patrol the site on a constant basis number 9 Eureka car park do you recall car park in Melbourne Australia as fascinating because graphic designer axle P. Moller used a 3 D. chalk drawing technique to create lines of color to form directional words such as up down in and out as you drive towards them as most people who've used multi story parking garages no getting in and out of that can be a challenge up close the parking garages sign seem distorted in weird but if you stand back you'll see that motorists drive straight into the directional markers number 8 hermit parking building the hermit parking building was designed by Sean who leave Joe who architecture so that it wouldn't look like a parking lot erected in young in C. South Korea and 2010 this beautiful innovative design certainly achieved its goal right built with 600 polycarbonate sheets and 900 stainless steel panels its exterior looks more like a state of the art luxury apartment complex than a parking garage number 7 the BMW well okay said the BMW well this in a parking lot per se but since its stores hundreds of BMW's it could certainly poses a parking garage located in Munich Germany where else the weld is one of the world's most innovative and high tech show rooms spectacular design is totally breathtaking and the fact that it's coupled with an interactive museum mix it up fascinating place to visit but also who some of the most dramatic Hanover's you can imagine in fact the place is so impressive you'll probably want to spend more than a day there number 6 Cordova parkade situated in Vancouver the most expensive city to live in Canada the Cordova parkade was built to help revitalize a part of the city that was going to the dogs big Goober like many big cities is like doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde it has it's beautiful quarters at its core sectors devastated by poverty drugs and homelessness while most cities revitalize neighborhoods with cultural venues new stadiums and shopping malls Vancouver terminal department store into a $28000000 parking complex and integrated pieces of old Vancouver bridges in its design number 5 the Santa Monica civic center created by more ruble you del architects and planners the new 8 story parking structure has 6 above ground floors and 2 underground levels it was created not only as a necessary place to accommodate 900 cars but also was an original and a Loring's building designed to visually unite many different buildings it's so beautiful and so does it look like a parking garage that tourists actually stopped in front of it to get their pictures taken number 4 Michigan theater parking garage although most of the parking complexes in this list are state of the art designs Detroit Michigan's theater parking garage is said to pay tribute to urban decay as you might remember noticed the motor city of the United States with the biggest car manufacturers had their plants in the heyday of the American car industry Detroit has been having a rough time since 2008 of the Michigan theater once a pearl of the city's cultural heart this now big gutted it is used as an indoor parking garage number 31111 Lincoln road probably 1 of the most beautiful parking garages in the world 1111 Lincoln road in Miami Florida was designed by a progressive Swiss architectural firm called hers ugh ended Burton to also created the iconic bird's nest stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics remember that this $70000000 parking complex was completed in 2010 and this is just a place to park your car it also houses shops on the bottom level in offices at the top 8 total splendor for the I number 2 Huma by taru the floating car park located in Tokyo Japan Yuba Hotaru which means see firefly in Japanese was built on an artificial island and is designed like a cruise ship so it isn't just the parking garage it at shops cafes and even serves as a rest stop on what is called the Oppel line Japan's longest underwater tunnel which took 30 years to complete and cost 11.2000000000 U. S. dollars no wonder it's become one of Japan's most sought after tourist attractions number one the other stock car towers BMW is that the only German car manufacturer with an impressive state of the art show room that we couldn't resist including in this list in Wolfsburg Germany Volkswagen has 20 storey car towers that looked like something straight out of a science fiction movie no humans in there just quick efficient robot ushers that lifted place the new cars that have just been built in the company's plan actually you can visit the towers if you're really lucky you'll be placed in a safe glass killed and moved around by robotic arms that sounds cool WNED //
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5 Unbelievable Weather Phenomena
\\uhhuh number 5 frost flowers can you imagine seeing blooming flowers in the middle of the Arctic Ocean in the dead of winter well check this out these aren't flowers per se not really Florida but they do contain actual life believe it or not the so called frost flowers were studied by scientists of the university of Washington to discover that the fragile ice structures popping out of the water are home to microbes that survived in some of the coldest temperatures on earth they use the flowers to protect them from the harsh cold kind of like frogs that hibernate under thick layers of mice in ponds or fish that can actually live frozen in ice during the winter it seems that the research the scientists are conducting could eventually bring answers to questions as to how life was formed on earth and open the debate as to the possible existence of extraterrestrial life in doing their research the scientists managed to recreate the frost flowers in freezers to learn more about structures form and interact with the environment frost flowers also appear in the Southern Ocean but there's still a great mystery parties there number 4 snow dados I'm pretty sure you've heard of shark NATO that's it guilty pleasure being although one X. more than high wait almost as rare as nobody does or snow devil says they're also called although tornadoes are I think during snow sees snow NATO is such a rare find that only sick I have never been photographed for the photos came from Ontario can snow dados are just really uncommon because they need in your object conditions form including a colder air mass passing over relatively warmer surface heated by sunlight and a low level wind shear or colliding air currents which makes the rising air spin the warmer service will cause the snow or ice to form fog or steam and if a column of colder low pressure air comes above the fog it'll start rising and eventually you get a funnel shape that looks like a tornado but even if snow natives are spectacular and impressive they're nowhere near as dangerous as tornadoes but because they're so rare we know very little about them from a scientific standpoint number 3 critical we've all seen icicles but not many of us have had the privilege of spotting a pretty cool live see a pretty cool is the equivalent of an underwater icicle that forms below sea ice when a flow of very cold saline water meets an area of ocean water they were first discovered in the 19 sixties doesn't that look amazing number 2 upward lightning although it's a really rare occurrence upward lightning is pretty much self explanatory instead of letting the comes down it's lightning that goes up it's such a fascinating phenomenon that a few researchers have started studying it in the past few years including scientists at Florida institute of technology who published a study in nature communications and Tom a Warner and his colleagues who been filming lightning on high speed cameras and who managed to catch 41 upward lightning flashes among the 776 lightning occurrences they've captured according to experts upward lightning primarily happens when there's a positive cloud to ground lightning bolt nearby and the electric field change caused by that flash will bring an upward positive leader to come out of a tall object you know like a building a tower or even a wind turbine number 1 raining fish are most unbelievable weather phenomenon is fish falling from the sky yes sometimes it really does rain fish it seems the oldest reports of fish raining from the sky date back to over 200 BC in Greece and according to specialists including the weather channel severe weather expert Dr Greg Forbes tornadoes and water spouts actually do provoke rainfalls of fish and other small animals did you see the movie magnolia well in that film frogs rain from the sky and it seems that the writer of the script wasn't on drugs when he wrote that scene on the morning of 6/28/1957 at magnolia terminal near Thomasville Alabama thousands of small fish frogs and crayfish fell from the sky some think that this phenomenon can be explained by embryos and baby tadpoles being drawn up into the sky in the condensation process and growing in the clouds before falling back to earth well if you have trouble believing that on 2/11/2013 near Lynn haven Florida it was reported that crabs fell from the sky craps crazy I we the //
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10 Largest Sharks
\\tiger shark measuring on average of 1 to 14 feet in length the tiger shark is regarded as 1 of the largest sharks in the world the largest tiger shark ever recorded was caught by Walter Maxwell an angler outside the cherry group fishing pier in myrtle beach South Carolina in the summer of 1964 the shark measured roughly 18 feet in length and weight 1780 pounds to this day it holds the world record as the largest tiger shark ever caught Meg of mouth shark sounding like some sort of children's to wake this odd looking shark has one of the widest smells of any fish it is a plaintive either meeting it filters food out of the water without having to hunt its prey the big mouth shark measures on average of 13 to 16 feet in length but have been known to grow in excess of 18 feet resembling a small whale the largest recorded mega math shark in history measured 18 feet and weighed in at just over a ton goblin shark this shark resemble something out of a nightmare with its protruding jaws and razor sharp teeth pointed does that cold ice measuring roughly 12 feet when fully grown there've been reports of goblin sharks over 17 feet in length only 2 of the species of ever being caught in the Atlantic in 2000 scientist captured a female goblin shark measuring 18 feet in land this gave researchers an opportunity to study and understand this species of shark in more detail common thresher shark the common thresher shark or Atlantic thresher is a slick looking shark as beautiful as it is deadly as the name suggests it uses its tail to incapacitate its prey and it's been known on occasion to attack small watercraft in the same manner it's called a thin Izzy long gated making up for most of its body land most thresher sharks measure on average of 16 feet in length but the largest recorded thresher measuring in at 20 feet over all great hammerhead shark there are 8 species of hammerhead sharks populating the oceans with the largest of them being the great hammerhead a predatory shark by nature they rarely attack people or watercraft typically the great hammerheads only reach 13 feet in length wealth you have exceeded these measurements the largest of the sharks was recorded having top bin at 20 feet in length green land shark this beautiful almost mysterious looking shark is suggested by researchers as being larger than the great white shark although this is by observation only and is not big corroborated it is one of the longest living species of shark but the average life expectancy spanning hundreds of years the shark is a predator consuming everything from hot and red fish to smaller sharks they populate the coldest parts of the northern oceans and average a length of 8 to 15 feet with some sightings of the green land shark placing its measurements upwards of 20 feet Pacific sleeper shark scientific observation of this species suggests that it may be larger that both the great white and green land shark found only in the north Pacific and 200 meters below the surface making it hard for it accurate measure they are predators and scavengers referring to feed on squid salmon Pollock flounder and other fast swimming fish they average 10 offspring per litter making it possible to populated areas quickly Pacific sleepers average 14 feet in length but the largest recorded sighting placing its measurements over 20 feet end to end great white shark averaging 15 feet in length this is 1 of the scariest creatures in the ocean thanks to countless attacks and Hollywood influences in 1988 off the coast of Prince Edward Island up female great white was caught in measured at 20 feet and is regarded by many as the biggest great white in history while other professionals and amateurs alike beg to differ in 1945 off the coast of call by a small fishing village at Havana Cuba local fishermen caught a great white shark pick them Alphonse throughout the monster this mammoth shark measure 21 feet in length and weight over 7000 pounds giving it the title of the largest great white ever recorded some researchers debate the accuracy of these measurements to this day having only 1 known photograph as a reference basking shark without a doubt the second largest shark in the world with an average length between 22 and 29 feet is the basking shark the sharks could be found traveling the world over preferring warmer waters and have been spotted on countless occasions close to land there plankton eating sharks and posed no actual threat to people the largest recorded basking shark in history measured 40 feet in length although after years of over Michigan coaching basking sharks of this land have become very rare whale shark as the name implies the shark is literally as big as a whale the slow moving shark is also a plank debater and the largest of 3 species of shark that do so they are gentle giants allowing divers and researchers to touch that and up close contact with researching and documenting their habits whale sharks are found in warm water subtropical oceans and have an average life expectancy of 70 years the average size of a whale shark is between 18 and 32 feet wait 20000 pounds with the largest of them having been spotted off the coast of Pakistan in the Arabian Sea it was recorded with a length of 41.5 feet and weighing in at 21 ton or 47000 pounds there have been unconfirmed sightings of whale sharks larger than this still living today summer been estimated measuring 46 feet in length and weighing approximately 30 ton or 66000 pounds //
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5 Gadgets That Can Save Your Life
\\preparing for any situation could be a daunting task but with the addition of these 5 items we hope to make that task a little easier here are our picks for 5 gadgets that could save your life number 5 goals 0 yeti 150 solar generator story power for up to 6 months this little miracle has inputs for every kind of device supporting car Chargers USB and standard AC in points with the battery capacity of 12 volts 150 watts and 14 amps this generator can be recharged using solar power a standard wall E. C. outlet or if need be hooked up directly to a car battery lightweight and portable it can go with you anywhere from the backyard to the top of the most remote hiking trail with these sigh that when an operation and use for emergencies the yeti 150 could power everything from cell phones and laptops to lights without producing any emissions comically created with the operation of standard household generators number 4 violate camp stove a wood burning camp stove that uses small pieces of kindling in 2 weeks to allow cooking pulls double duty as a generator and charger for U. S. B. power devices by like camp stove generates power by burning wood and converting it into electricity for charging and powering lights cell phones and other portable devices this dope greets the smokeless Plame for cooking making it perfect for warming and meal prep in small spaces lightweight and portable it could be carried with these in a backpack or rucksack we can only conclude this is a must have in any survival kit number 3 may swear pod this wearable device actually monitors your body's vital signs with built in sensors had access to emergency services this little gadget can call paramedics at the first sign of physical distress it is the built in ability to document incidents by capturing video audio and picture piles of offenses full brought to you by the first sign technologies this wearable is a first line defense against assault or aggressive attack with a built in alarm and warning system the mace where pod aides of the deterrence and apprehension of violent and aggressive attackers number 2 ambulance drones with 6 propellers this bonafide drone is capable of delivering life saving equipment and measures such as dificuldade hers and basic supplies to victims in need in a fraction of the time taken for it's binding EMS units because of its design it is also capable of reaching far out locations with these traveling at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour using GPS positioning systems to navigate the drone could respond to emergency calls almost instantly all this at the cost of $19000 using onboard cameras and monitoring device yeah that's controllers can aid in the treatment of remote victims by communicating with and assisting on seed responders number one life strong this remarkable little device weighing only 2 ounces is a must have for survivalists hikers and aid workers in developing nations alike awarded time magazine's invention of the year award this draw consisting of a plastic tube in a revolutionary filtration system makes it possible to drink from virtually any water source without fear of contamination you could actually take a drink from a standing pool of water such as a ditch or from puddles or potholes without fear of harming yourself in any way with this being said be aware that it does not filter out poisons toxins chemicals viruses heavy metals or taste it does however filter out a minimum of 99.9 percent of bacteria and parasites present filtering particles as small as 0.2 microns the life's job could be used to filter up to 1000 liters of drinkable water and has a shelf life of up to 5 years WNED //
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10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World
\\number 10 Cape tribulation Australia the beaches name itself Cape tribulation serves as a warning to beach goers known for countless crocodiles sightings in cassowaries and aggressive bird kidney EBU with razor sharp claws this beach holds many dangers to its patrons the forest surrounding the beach is home to venomous snakes and from October to early June th the water is populated with thousands of box jellyfish these jelly fish are highly venomous and prone to attacks the box jellyfish have been responsible for more than 70 deaths on the speech since the 18 eighties number 9 players to believe J. Mexico translated as dead plays a the front part as the world over prone to large waves for tides in a claimed many lives over the year leading to the formation of a volunteer lifeguard team in the span of just 24 months starting in 2007 that he was responsible saving victims from drowning though fatale number 8 Hana hou Monday Hawaii warning signs scattered on the beach caution swimmers against going in if they have any doubt of their ability to make it back due to the strong rip currents that live below the surface of the water invisible and ever present the currents make it very easy for an experienced swimmers to get out and extremely difficult to get back into shore if you are lucky you may find yourself next to an outer portion of shoreline beautiful co each is under constant surveillance by a staff of 8 lifeguards who occupy 2 towers on the beach and emergency response watercraft ready to go at a moment's notice this beach is responsible for 27 deaths since 2004 number 7 new Smyrna beach Florida shark something it is not uncommon here on this beautiful beach on Florida's Atlantic coast populated by powerful rip currents and an increasing amount of shark activity this is definitely one of the most dangerous beaches of the world new Smyrna has the highest record of shark attacks in the world city gets 238 today although the attacks have yet to produce a fatality this gives new Smyrna the distinction of having the title shark attack capital of the world number 6 killer whale Hawaii this beautiful black sand beach is situated at the base of an active volcano pouring bother into the sea since 1983 killer way is name translates to spewing or much spreading which describes this mountain very well the beach itself holds many dangers the biggest of which is shark attacks there's been a recorded 102 shark attacks the waters surrounding the island with a total of 8 fatalities number 5 Fraser island Australia the list of dangerous for this speech seemed almost endless from the sand itself to the surrounding waters in forests that make up this vacation spot strong rip currents drag swimmers out to sea danger stinging jellyfish pose an ever present threat shark activity poisonous spiders crocodiles sightings and wild dingos this place is a thrill seekers dream come true the beaches dunes have been the cause of neck and back injuries due to shifting shoreline and shallow dive Igor crashing your buggy into one of the hidden water pits in the dunes themselves this speech averages 40 to 50 emergency calls per year number 4 reunion island a surfer's paradise said vacation hotspot is seated drastic increase to the shark population in the last few years it holds is being home to 13 percent of fatal shark attacks worldwide in the past 5 years alone it is but the location of 18 shark attacks with 7 of those fatalities it has been nicknamed island of the sharks which is aided in decreasing tourism activity a good rule of thumb for this island is to never surf alone this increase in shark activity may be due in some part to the ban on commercial fishing of sharks for meat for over a decade now number 3 gone Spain South Africa great white shark migration to gun spade creases of the summer months when the water temperature actually drops tourists are attracted to the area and ordered a cage dive with the sharks however some sharks make it close to the shoreline posing a serious threat to swimmers people are reminded that swimming groups stay in shallow water avoid wearing bright clothing and then never swim with the open wound number 2 handicap the ibeats Hawaii penny Cappy I upbeat to the Hawaiian Islands is seen by many to be one of the deadliest beaches in the world in the past 3 decades the water surrounding the beach a bit responsible for the deaths of more than 30 people the mountainous forests leading to the beach is as deadly as the water due to flash flooding and steep terrain a sign posted on the beach front by locals keeps a running tab of deaths attributed to the strong Riptide and unseen currents totaling more than 82 days number one receive free Brazil receive PS 1 of the highest incidence of shark attacks worldwide there have been 56 attacks in 21 fatalities in the past 2 decades the increase in shark populations and activity is due to the heavy shipping traffic and causes the bull and tiger sharks to swim close to the shoreline the increase in shark activity is a modern problem but the area having no reported attacks before 1990 this I so I //
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5 World’s Tallest...Everything
\\were 5 world's tallest roller coaster if you get our personnel just thinking about roller coasters gonna want to steer clear of the brand new record breaking dive coaster called Valerie van this insane ride opened in may 2016 at the cedar point amusement park in Sandusky Ohio it's 200 23 feet still amalgamation structure was constructed to become the tallest fastest and log is dive coaster in the world if you're not used to coasters you want to know that if dive coaster gets its name from being a roller coaster that includes a free falling sensation at at least 190 degree drop at 200 23 feet that's a tough to make your internal organs switch places with each other but see the Bowery but wasn't happy with all that it also includes a list of Luke we'll be hanging upside down at a record breaking 100 65 feet that's the right sits right next to beautiful lake eerie you'll probably get the feeling that you're going to end up in it for a moment but Hey if that's what you're into number 4 world's tallest church spire the Guinness world records organization says the tallest church fire in the world is warm mood stir a Protestant cathedral in full Germany they started building the place of the gothic era but it wasn't finished until the late nineteenth century if suddenly the tallest church in the world it's the fourth tallest structure built before the twentieth century its steeple measures 530 feet and you have to go up 768 steps to get to the top from the top floor which is 469 feet off the ground you'll get an amazing view level which is in Bavaria and a clear whether you'll be able to get any credible glimpse of the Alps by the way the last stairwell to the top which they call the third gallery is a spiraling staircase that could just barely accomodate one person at a time and for firmly if then what number 3 world's tallest filing cabinet you've heard of John guard right artists 3 using all sorts of all things to do thrown out or were on their way to the dumpster well Vermont artist brand Alvarez created the tallest filing cabinet in the world in 2002 by piling up 36 drawers one on top of the other why would you ask each drawer represents the number of years of paperwork that Alvarez accumulated while working on the project now throwing in Burlington Vermont Alvarez's feast claims it's the tallest filing cabinet on earth but believe it or not some other works of art claim the same title so I guess Guinness will need to have a file off world's tallest couple if you put the world's tallest married couple on one another's shoulders that measure 13 feet will co inky surveyed Cleef Bolton measure respectively 7 feet tall and 6 feet 5 inches tall amazing right even crazier it seems their kids might just help them become the tallest family in the world at 4 years old son Lucas is already 3 feet 11 which is the height of a 7 year old 2 year old daughter ava is 3 feet tall which is the typical height of a 3 year old when the couple got married one of the goals was to redesign the doorways in their house that that that stop clipping their heads fortunately they have a got around to doing it yet owe it another problem their bedroom can only accommodate a standard double bed so they have to sleep with their feet hanging off the edge number one world's tallest lift if you suffer from claustrophobia or vertigo you might want to stay away from the bay long elevator in China and even if you don't you might wanna die instead of getting on this thing it's made out of glass and it goes up 1073 for crying out loud if that's not enough for you it's situated on the side of a cliff and it's the world's tallest or highest outdoor lift even more scary they can get passengers to the top or the granite just 2 minutes and get hold of the 50 people at a time and you certainly would want to go any faster on the way down right earth located in the willing you one CD carry a child this child just she forced park it's been nicknamed the 0 dragons guy lived our nickname for it the vomit inducer //
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5 Greatest Mistranslations In History
\\I number 5 when Italian astronomer Giovanni veer GTO scupper rally started me Mar city 7 spotted dark and light areas on the red referencing earth spots but what he thought he discovered channels and use the Italian word can alley colleagues translated that in English and the word canals which suggested that intelligent life that build stuff up there although is pissed translation created a lot of confusion in the scientific community it also created a burst of creativity within the literary community some think the mistranslation is at the core of HG wells in the war of the worlds and Edgar Rice Burroughs a princess of Mars cool ha imagine what would have happened if they translated fight could only wonder what science fiction stories that would have given birth to her number 4 please mistranslations almost created a major political crisis thank goodness we can laugh about them today but in 1977 when US president Jimmy Carter visited Poland he was very unlucky with his choice of interpreters first upon landing the city had left the United States this morning which was translated as I left the United States never to return that Carter said he was happy to be in Poland which was translated as he was happy to grasp it holding his private parts excuse me miss president Carter gave it just that the state did her a new interpreter had been assigned but fortunately the new guy didn't understand the president's accent so he decided to remain silent talk about awkward number 3 the Soviets are recognized for being the most diplomatic people in the world but this was translated quote made the Cold War even colder in 1956 during a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow of all places Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev while speaking to western ambassadors was quoted as saying we will bury you the phrase was plastered across the front pages of newspapers and magazines repeated on TV and on the radio until somebody stood up and said Hey wait a minute that's not what that man apparently Khrushchev had been referencing Karl Marx to instead in his communist manifesto with the bourgeois therefore produces above all is its own grave diggers when asked about this Imbruglia made years later Khrushchev tried to clarify during a speech in Yugoslavia 1963 I once said we will bury you that I got in trouble for it of course we will not bear you with a shovel your own working class will bury you yet not exactly the sweetest thing to say but maybe not as hot file number 2 very often mistranslations are caused by a word having more than 1 meaning in a given language this could get really tricky when you're in diplomatic negotiations with another country during talks between Washington and Paris in 1830 such a silly this understanding all shot negotiations to hell the confusion came from a French verb demanding which means to ask secretary translated the sentence by the French government demands which didn't go over too well with U. S. president Andrew Jackson when it was finally cleared up that the French were asking not ordering to go shave shins were able to resume number one very often mistranslations or in this case misunderstandings are seriously and scrunched in racial stereotypes and prejudices for better or for worse a great example of that dates back to U. S. president Richard M. Nixon's visit to China in 1972 during which Chinese premier job would lie when asked to evaluate the effects of the French Revolution said it was too early to tell this could sound strange since the revolution had happened almost 200 years earlier but everybody attributed John's answer to Chinese wisdom actually it seems Johns had misunderstood I was referring to the events of may 1968 in Paris not the 200 year old revolution but apparently this misunderstanding with better left unexplained and Chinese wisdom remains uncontested I it's //
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10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World (II)
\\I number 10 Alaskan malamute the Alaskan malamute is one of the oldest wreaths of arctic sled dogs became Alaska from Siberia with native people thousands of years ago today's malamute is still a strong energetic and during an intelligent with a malamute that was used to hunt seals and chase away polar bears now wants to be everybody's friend itself will get one if you're looking for a watchdog sure the malamute is impressive physically they can look intimidating with that wolf like face but this big dog is just a big softie the mail could stand up to 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 85 pounds where as the female will stand around 23 inches and weigh about 75 pounds there have been some cases were well developed male as tip the scale over 100 pounds 10 a few giant versions that have reached 140 but that has to be muscle because the malamute body isn't designed to endure excessive weight number 9 the coup Voss the coup be the oldest of the 3 ancient hand Garion breeds this gorgeous Doug is a very complex personality and can be a challenge to train if you do get the hang of it though your coup lots could be an amazing guard dog that's white's name comes from the Turkish word meaning taught a guard beginning to blossom will be very loyal to you but it might not be good around strangers children so might want to watch out for that who boss is said to be a one family dog he can get pretty big reaches between 28 and 30 inches at the shoulder for the male 26 to 28 for the female as for weight expect the 2 of us to reach 315 pounds for a male and 70 to 90 pounds for a female number 8 Kaneko or so also known as the Italian mastiff they can they Corso is closely related to the Neopolitan mastiff except the Italian mastiff is often more muscular and less bulky than its other masted cousin hit Amy's dog in Italian and Corso can mean both guard and court yard which makes sense since it was long used as a guard dog and a hunter it's still a great companion that could tip the scale up to 110 pounds for a male and 100 pounds for a female it'll measure anywhere between 23 and 28 inches for a male and 23 to 26 inches for a female number 7 Oct Bosch dog the beautiful white occupies is a flock guard dog that is amazing hearing and is renowned for its superior strength the name box 5 comes of the Turkish word lockbox which means white head not surprisingly the breed was developed over 3000 years ago by shepherds and will be now known as western Turkey this huge dog could weigh between 90 and 100 and 30 pounds and measure between 28 to 32 inches though the outbox is considered a low activity dog you should take it for a long daily walk it's it's the outbox is considered a pack leader its owner will need to be firm but calm so that the dog knows who the boss is number 6 Scottish deerhound like it's name indicates the Scottish dear hands original job was to hunt and bring down the road veer a majestic animal twice or more insights nowadays the single family Scottish deerhound will want to take long walks and have regular running time but it has gotten used to living in a home and likes it's lazy times too like most hound dog its leader than many of the dogs on this list it could weigh up 210 pounds but it can measure up to 2 feet 8 inches at the shoulder although to be very friendly with humans it can be a challenge with other dogs number 5 the sharply NY Mets these are plenty nets is also known as the Yugoslavian shepherd dog up sharply Nina name for the mountain range where it originated in a region that is they'll notice Kosovo it's a breed that dates back to antiquity and is probably the oldest of the mall the Serb breeds with dog is known for its unwavering courage as a laid out its life for its masters or for the hertz it has to watch though the average weight can be around 99 pounds for a male and 88 pounds for a female some males have reached 154 pounds and some females have tipped the scales at 132 as for height the average is 24 inches for males 23 for females number 4 the Tibetan mastiffs still considered a primitive dog breed the Tibetan mask that was obviously developed in Tibet centuries ago it was originally used to guard livestock and property and actually still lives although it's also become a great family companion and show dog some Tibetan mastiffs can grow to weigh 160 pounds and measure up to 2.2 feet number 3 the Landseer in the United States and Great Britain the land Sierra is considered the same breed is the Newfoundland week featured in our first less than in most European countries it's a totally different breed that's because in Europe lance years have longer legs the new permits excellent dog shows they compete separately the land series city originate from Germany and Switzerland the male measure between 28 a half inches and 31 0.5 inches worries that the male will to between 26 and a half 1028 0.5 inches as overweight you can expect a male to be between 100 and 39 50 pounds and the female between 100 and 120 pounds number 2 they can delve dog sometimes the Turkish Kangol dog goes by the name car by through the generations it's remained a large powerful heavy bone brief because it continues to be used as a guard dog against predators in Turkey you can expect this beautiful animal away between 100 and 10 and 140 pounds for a male between 90 and 100 and 20 pounds for a female as far as height goes it varies between 30 and 32 inches for the male and 28 to 30 for the female and as you can tell it's code is pretty short but really thing with the candy out sporting a cute black mass number one the Pakistani massive also known as the bully coulda the Pakistani mass that is very muscular and has thick bones like other mastiffs be could be a great guard dog it's also a very dominant dog so it's better for experienced owners sits and sometimes known as the beast from the east I could weigh between 100 and 5170 pounds for the few specimens that went over the 200 pound mark and one that even reach 230 you better make sure you're clear about who the boss is with this guy the Pakistani mastiff could reach 40 inches at the shoulder but please don't try to ride it like a horse I I //
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5 Places You Can Only Visit At Low Tide
\\number 5 this shivling that can only be seen at low tide in Kobe Kamboj Gujarat India near the Gulf of Cambay you'll find the status bar Mahadev temple actually you won't see the temples 4 foot high Shibley if you go to the temple at high tide since the temple was built so close to the ocean that you could only spot it's simply at low tide that also means that the shrine the Shiva which was built more than 150 years ago can only be used to worship with the tide is low so the best time to go see it is in the early hours of the morning since as the day progresses that temple slowly get submerged number 4 CP shells Benedictine abbey Mont Saint Michel is Benedictine France its third most popular this guy is built between the 11 Stephen century and is known as the wonder of the because of its breath take but also because set on top of he island the center of a bay redound hides in according to between the low and high can get up to an incredible 49 feet back in 1879 this way was built that's when visitors really started to come because before that the place was almost inaccessible nowadays you 0.3 tourists visit the UNESCO world heritage site each year you shouldn't try to reach Mont Saint Michel by any other means that the causeway though tourists drowned after being cut off by the time I got to mention the deep mud and quicksand surrounding the island that can be really treacherous in July 2012 the guardian reported that the causeway was submerged when the water rose to record levels number 3 east quite a light New Brunswick Canada east quite a light on the bay of Fundy in the province of New Brunswick in Canada is a magnificent place to visit and tourists from around the world can't stop raving about its rustico gore and the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings to actually get to the White House one of the oldest wooden towers in Canada you need to have really good shoes I'd be ready to go up some old wooden ladders this truck is only possible at low tide at the tide rises 5 feet per hour a kid eventually leave you stranded which is why an extreme hazard sign has been posted by the Canadian Coast Guard number 2 codename U. N. Thailand the 3 items of code name U. N. in Thailand are often called a unique paradise in the Gulf of Thailand because of their incredible beauty wonderful natural activities and the long sandy bridge that connects them a breathtaking natural wonder during low tide you can walk with a long strip of whites move stand but at high tide of beach disappears into the crystal clear water and Conan U. N. returns to being 3 separate island sitting in the sea since the other to privately owned anyone who wants to set foot on them has to pay a fee but the diving underwater exploring as well as the islands beautiful beaches are well worth it number one the route the disappears twice a day in France a road called has Sajjad do who are which connects the Gulf of brunette with the island of do our muti a can be very dangerous we try to use it at the wrong time of day you see twice a day with the tide comes up the 2.5 a mile long passage disappears under 13 feet of water generally people know to use the road 2 times a day for a few hours with special signs on both sides of the road to tell you what it's safe to travel but some people do still get caught between the tides so that's why elevated rescue towers have been installed for people to climb if they do get caught with their pants down as we say I //
"2016-11-18 03:44:33"
5 Extreme Anti-Cheating Techniques
\\I'm I'm from the number 5 multiple choice test picking up a list of the fifth spot is this idea brought to us by Bangkok university as an alternative to the traditional multiple choice test that goes down the page in a straight road numerous times over and over again this tag shown here with 60 answers is a spiral of them possibly mindboggling in dizzying madness the Thai university claims that while the circular test paper may seem confusing at first it raises the bar of difficulty leaning up your friend's shoulder or Pete to get the answers of the person behind you to the next level although it seems like a very annoying in a practical way to take a test this Rajabhat university has the majority of the internet agree that it would reduce cheating tenfold number 4 W. A. E. C. software the west African examination council or W. A. E. C. for short has introduced new software to combat cheating in schools in countries such as Ghana this software is United differential profile essentially it's a fancy plagiarism and copyrights checker similar to services such as grammarly high staff with the Ghana office of the west African examination it'll have stated that their new software scans the test papers of the students and we'll both check it against national databases such as the internet as well that's false leaks papers that cheaters will have gotten their hands on prior to the exam number 3 keylogger key logging is a simple yet effective idea featured in movies such as along came a spider this program it's become an iconic former surveillance the idea is that once the program it's been downloaded to the computer of the electronic test taker every keystroke corky that they pressed once the program is activated is recorded and either stored locally on the computer or sent to another place to be processed and checked this works because see the question is when was the adoption of the declaration of independence a keylogger would send me their 7/4/1776 or declaration of independence day 7/4/1776 making it obvious to the students searching the web for answers were number 2 proctor track being regarded more on the excessive side of the anti cheating measures proctor track is a program that once installed in your computer is able to identify you through features such as your face and knuckles and record you as you're taking the test while this seems very secure it does have some down sides turning on a light picking up a pencil or even stretching can flag your test is a potential violation in case this was an off putting an uncomfortable enough you have a red warning message alerting you that proctor track is monitoring you and your computer as well as displaying its recordings or your face and a small section of the screen number one biometric palm vein scanner ending out our list is the biometric palm vein scanner while that's already being used by some banks and by the CI a and FBI the biometric palm vein scanner is also being used currently by piercing V. you eat for test takers upon their first admission the students bombs are scanned for the first time then they scan their palms when returning from breaks or taking tests elsewhere with the same technology and are automatically verified piercings view is director of security services Joe bright she insists it's necessary to have such potentially extreme measures where the outcome of the test could possibly determine life or death in future situations and occupations but //
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10 Biggest Cat Breeds
\\number 10 the American bobtail although you'll hear about different types of cats with the name Bob tail like the Japanese the Corellian and the American those 3 breeds aren't really related what they do have in common is a short or nonexistent tale that came from a genetic mutation it shares along with the Manx cat crazy enough though the Manx is it related to any of the bard tales either the American bobtail though is the biggest of the bobtail breeds females average between 7 and 11 pounds whereas males could reach between 12 and 16 pounds number 9 Turkish van talk about a rare breed everybody who knows cats does that these guys generally hate getting way not the Turkish van it's actually known as the swimming cat because it likes to take a dip in Turkey's like van the female of this breed usually ways between 7 and 12 pounds by the male way between 10 and 20 pounds since it likes water so much you might find it playing in the sink or hopping into the bathtub but then it'll follow you around the house and try to nest in your lap as soon as you sit down number 8 the British short hair look at that face are this is the British shorthair guys it's a really affectionate cat but it isn't clingy it'll enjoy curling up next to you instead of in your lap this breed is said to mature slowly like between 3 and 5 year so expect the playful alert and intelligent cat to what's to play and really dig kids although it can be kind of reserved with strangers especially the French just just kidding the British shorthair quickly warms up when you give it love number 7 Siberian you will be surprised to learn that the Siberian cat originates from Russia which also explains it's really dense and long coat which protects it from the harshest cold climates the Siberian can get very large and not just from the fluff of its code and it seems many oversized breeds of cats are descendants of this hefty guy number 6 Norwegian Forrest cat the Norwegian Forrest cat originates from Norway obviously and is said to have been introduced by the Vikings in 1008 D. as many characteristics in common with the Siberian cat as its name clearly indicates the breed comes from the harsh Scandinavian forest but it has since been completely domesticated and is probably one of the mellow wasted relax cats you'll ever meet but back in the day Norwegian farmers use this parade for catching mice this guy was a chair but if you do get a Norwegian make sure he doesn't lie down on your Chihuahua poor little guy be in big trouble and I'm not talking about the cat number 5 the ragamuffin is strongly built breed of cat with a dense muscle structure it will take 4 to 5 years to gain full maturity and will probably take at least 3 years some even longer to reach its adult weight around 1015 pounds for the female and as much as 20 pounds for the mail number 4 the rag doll the rag doll has a lot in common with the ragamuffin doll and it's not just in the name the rag dolls a large long haired cat that is a really sweet calm temperament and kind nature they're not much for adventure and like to look around the house it's great for quiet people who have a lot of time to pet and stroke of big cat the craves attention the female ragdoll will generally way between 10 and 15 pounds in the mail could reach between 15 and 20 pounds number 3 Chauci the chassis is originally from Africa and rare in the UK or the U. S. they're bred and sold in France of some Brits will cross over and pay top dollar or I guess I should say top pounder top euro to lay their hands on one of these cute little kittens it's also grows up to be a very attractive cat that looks a lot like many wildlife feline well they did tell you they were originally from Africa right they can become pretty impressive like their wild ancestors to the can obviously be adopted it live domesticated lives by the way the adult female char Siebel rain should wait between 8 and 15 pounds while the male can reach up to 22 pounds that's Garfield size number 2 Maine coon the Maine coon is a beautiful breed of cat that certainly deserves to be on our list weighing anywhere between 9 and 18 pounds contrary to what you might think this feline isn't fat it's really muscular it also is incredibly friendly and usually gets along with everyone and I mean everyone including dogs and fellow felines it's particularly cool about the main coon is how easy going it is so much so that you might be able to walk on a leash while you walk his pound the dog number one Savannah cat the largest domestic cat breeders believe to be the Savannah of course of people argue that the Savannah is it actually a breed but a mix creation of sorts a cross between domestic cats especially the Siamese and the server which is an African wildcat in the UK the Savannah is a very common and isn't even recognized as a breed by the governing council of the cat fancy whereas in the United States the Savannah it's considered a breed in its own right if you're considering getting a Savannah vet said experts say you should consider its really unique needs carefully the UK's RSPCA feels that the wild nature of this cat if left roaming in hunting around outside could affect the natural wildlife in the country can do magic that's probably because some individuals from the species the ones close to did the servile side of their ancestry can grow its biggest 30 pounds and that's the size of a medium dog //
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10 Coolest Billionaire Water Toys
\\number 10 yacht slide if you're gonna have a yacht you're certainly gonna wanna add on your very own yacht slide right sure and there are many versions of the yachts light for example you could have an inflatable yacht slide that will allow you to go from the pulling your vote to the water surrounding your yacht or you'll have the slide for the poor on your yacht and if that's not enough you wanna slide like the one at the Monaco yacht club if you're into extreme stuff this is a yacht slide without it's 50 feet high it's about 5 stories in lane to street in the water next to the club by the way if you do only out that's tall enough you can get one of those for your yacht to number 9 this C. pool MK 2 how's this baby for having your cake and eating it too with the sequel MK 2 you could actually swim in the ocean without all the potential Lincoln is of the sea swim experience you know what I'm talking about no jelly fish and other marine life that may want a taste of you see Paul has an inflatable consort that floats and provides you with a private pool right next to your own yacht kind of like a huge sand box but with sea water number 8 yacht blob if you're a big kid or a thrill seeker that panic guy or gal you spend your youth bouncing on the trampoline or and bounce rooms parachuting or bungee jumping you're definitely going to want to add the yacht blob to your arsenal of water toys check it out it's like having your own personal bounce house on the water Yahoo number 7 lampu good boost electric surfboard them who to boost electric surfboard will give you a motor powered ride on the wave created by a small company in Hamburg Germany the board is made with cereals ever give you sing out at 34 miles per hour or 54 kilometers an hour and great stability at 14000 US dollars it better be all that if you're wondering the charge will ask you about 40 minutes in the battery takes about an hour to recharge number 6 ocean pearl submarine if your average billionaire can have his or her own plane why not a submarine right this solution pearl mini submarine made especially for boarding from a yacht is really cool 2 people get bored if it offers an amazing view under water because the top is almost completely transparent in your ocean pro submarine you'll be able to go on 6 our missions and hit a cruising speed of up to 3 knots that's pretty cool ha number 5 the Jedi Vader I'm pretty sure you've seen this toy before this is basically like a flying jet ski the jet of beta will have you flying above the water instead of cruising on it most people could only afford to rent one of these babies for a few hours but Hey if you're a billionaire you might want to get one for each member of your family they make really cool Christmas presents trust me number 4 scuba craft if you've always dreamed of living like James Bond and you happen to be uber rich yet just what want to get your mitts on this baby the scuba craft is well it's the it kind of gives it away a jet ski that could scuba dive you could glide on water with it at speeds that would rival the jet ski or speed boat but you can also plunge underwater and explore nearly 100 feet below the water surface of course you'll need to wear scuba gear player under because it isn't a submarine but still it's futuristic stuff and I guess it must be pretty pricey because the company doesn't even want to divulge the cost of the thing they only sell real potential buyers you know the people who won't have a heart attack when they hear the price number 3 funnier climbing walls just like Beyonce slide the climbing walls could be attached to your Yatsu that you your kids your guests can do a little wall climbing in the middle of the ocean also like the yachts life the climbing wall is inflatable seat could blow it up like a bouncing room is depleted later when you want to put it away you know it's also very cool you could jump off the top of it and land in the water pure into adrenaline rushes and contrary to normal climbing walls that don't have you leaning in water if you fall off you won't need to be harnessed escalate this wall number 2 Gibbs quad speed a little bit like the scuba crap that has a double function driving on water and under water the gives quad speed get heavy racing down the beach on 4 wheels and then diving into the ocean where it basically turns into a jet ski floating above water and allowing you to cruise all over 2 models are available the one cedar and the 2 seater another fun toys you have plenty of money to throw around number 1 seed preacher here's another to wage a double 07 would revel in the C. preacher is basically an aquatic sports car it was developed by a California company called into space productions and was 15 years in the making the entry level price is 80000 US dollars and it seems more than 100 units of already been shipped since 2013 but some of the models just like cars have extra features that could easily go for more than 6 figures what's because the C. preacher could speed across the water and even go underwater for short periods of time doesn't make you want to start your own spy movie or your own 50 shades of gray I we yeah but //
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10 Stupid Lottery Winners (Part 3)
\\WNED WNED number 10 Gary bond Ariel bond a 32 year old carpenter from Havre hill message if it's near Boston won $1000000 when he bought a state lottery scratch ticket that's a pretty good chunk of change would you want to set yourself up for life but instead of starting his own carpentry Gary ended up getting arrested because he put its entrepreneurial skills to criminal use he intended living off the government and trying his hand at a little sideline with the marijuana growing operation 21 grams of coke that for personal use or for distribution who knows the maybe Gary should think it at him last name and invested in stocks and bonds instead number 9 leroy Fick bay county Michigan lottery winner leroy Fick isn't necessarily stupid or dumb but he certainly is selfish and self centered put some people could say that continuing to receive government aid like food stamps and a bridge card which allows you discounts in stores when you're needy certainly qualifies a stupid Mr feckless consider poor before he won $2000000 on the TV game show make me rich and even though we had to pay more than half its winnings of taxes he did afford to buy himself a property and at the Sith albeit use luxury car so we could be considered VV after the game show win yet because of a loophole in the law if he kept milking the system for all it was worth yet not exactly smart when thinking about the 805000 children who need food assistance programs in the state of Michigan thanks leroy number 8 Timothy Elliott in the case of Timothy Elliot you have to wonder who the dumb one really is in this story Elliott bought scratch off lottery tickets with money he stole and for which he was convicted of robbing banks any thought that while he was on probation plus his probation stipulated clearly that he wasn't allowed to gamble purchase lottery tickets for visited establishment work gaming is conducted yet the judge said his violation wasn't serious enough to warrant jail time no that's fine there are way too many people in prison for offenses that are dangerous but he'll be receiving his winnings in 20 yearly tax of $50000 35000 after taxes Mr Elliott's lawyer asked who would have any legal right to deny him his money well maybe his lawyer in legal fees but let's give poor Mister Elliott a break apparently he's living with a schizo affective disorder under supervision of the department of mental health number 7 Farnham rhombus in 2007 when autumn rhombus one a shared lottery jackpot of $19000000 for this fellow airline mechanic who workers he decided not to share the information with his wife instead he just left wealth afters wife confronted with the postcard he'd received congratulating them on the purchase of a new home that is anyway this generous guy left the share the winnings about 0.$5000000 after taxes and now is stay at home ex beauty queen wife lawyer Katie that finding the servant with papers in this case I guess he's not dumb per se this greedy and selfish and apparently invisible number 6 Delores backed Amarah when the bourse McNamara and Irish cleaning lady won the 77000000 euro millions jackpot her life could have taken a change for the better but instead it meter crazy all the bad stuff at her family's past stuff like ties to criminal bosses and strange events that her son got involved and started creeping up and becoming tabloid fodder people said she should have kept their mouths shut about winning that's what was so stupid but how exactly do you do that when everybody wants to know who won an amount that huge order Lawrence became so paranoid she started living in a secluded house with security cameras everywhere exactly the kind of life you don't want when you win a fortune right number 534 year old unnamed south Korean divorce McNamara probably would have loved to have won her jackpot in South Korea where this young winner managed to stay anonymous unfortunately as John Doe status did make any smarter because when he won the 1.7000000000 won the equivalent of 1.6000000 US dollars he squandered his money frivolously and quickly ended up broke that's when he became a professional smartphone and designer clothes the although he was prosecuted in December 2012 and said that he should never have won the lottery and regretted the wind he never the less had 10 lottery tickets on him when he was arrested sad sad story when people that could have been smartest kept repeating the same mistakes number 4 Haley tari fairly Tories lottery win story could have been so funny and cute she bought a lottery ticket in 2006 foot on a Friday the thirteenth she saw money spider right across our hand I guess it worked because she won over 0.5000000 English pounds problem is she just spent the money lavishly on gifts for friends and family but also smartly bought property in repay debts except after that she cheated taxpayers out of 10000 pounds in jobseekers allowance and council tax benefits she wasn't eligible for again proof that winning a big amount of money doesn't make you smarter unfortunately Atari was sentenced in June 2012 and went to prison number 3 John McGinnis can you imagine going from winning 10000000 British pounds the equivalent of almost 13000000 U. S. dollars to being 2000000 pounds in debt well that's what happened in British hospital worker John McGinnis who certainly demonstrated that he was of the sharpest knife in the drawer this guy burn through money faster than wildfire suite 2 acres of forest 1.5000000 pounds and gets to his parents and sister very nice but for a bit over the top maybe a half 0 on a fleet of cars 200000 pounds on a wedding 750000 on gifts to his ex wife 4000000 on the Liverpool football club yet and that's not even the half of it that's what happens when you check your brains at the door number 2 Freddie young Michigan native Freddie young had it made when he became a millionaire after a lottery win in February of 2000 1154 months later a judge cruises fortune when he became a murder suspect in June of that year he was charged with first degree premeditated murder in the shooting death of his daughter's landlord maybe you should have bought a house instead anyway yet will not befitting his last name when he gets out of prison in 25 to 30 years number 1 Patty Bigby now it's a me this question how does a woman go from winning $1000000 in the lottery to getting arrested for trying to sell her grandson for 75 $0 because he's desperate for money 2 years later wealth that's petty Bigby story this dumb lottery winner tried to sell her grandson to her estranged daughter of all people them she'd given up for adoption in 1983 the dodder contacted the police and the authorities decided to put the squeeze on big be having our daughter called back to negotiate a $30000 sticker price on the kid win big theater 42 year old boyfriend showed up at the drop off point they were met by police once again clear proof that money does not make you smart WNED yes //
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10 Weirdest Ultrasound Photos
\\over 10 an ultrasound is always an exciting and sometimes stressful moment Priem parents during a pregnancy but one thing's for sure the last thing you expect to see in the picture is a baby dinosaur unless your mom a dinosaur which is highly unlikely it will answer all of them went in for her 20 week scan that's what she thought she saw maybe the fact that the new Jurassic Park flick Jurassic world was about to hit movie theaters a month later was the reason people are seeing dinosaurs everywhere anyway thank goodness little review blue was born in normal human girl but the image of her looking like little flick from land before time certainly has been a hit on social media since our parents posted it number 9 as I was saying ultrasounds can be stressful for parents the case for Donna and Simon Biscoe child soldiers show it after skull to later in a new ultra the abnormality was gone and thumbs up like everything's folks can't wait to get out of here and meet you in person number 8 British mom lar Turner was going through a difficult pregnancy so which a sound at 7 months she her husband saw what they thought with an image of Jesus Christ watching over their unborn son right there in the womb they were amazed and ecstatic I personally freaked out too but hate because it's better than seeing an image of stir or Osama bin laden in that right number 7 Janine god creator has been Ryan were really happy and had a good laugh when they receive the ultrasound image of their unborn child making a peace sign it seems a lab technician saw the sign to because he went ahead and wrote the word peace in the corner the picture number 6 when Beverly winner from Stockport England saw the 3 D. skin of her unborn son she it's a bit shocked the boys seem to have a heart shaped head the mom to be said I looked at my fiance we both asked if it was going to stay like that 5 months later little slogan Platt was born perfectly normal medical imagery experts think the strange head shape of the picture might be caused by the angle of the skin and the way the amniotic fluid with covering part of his head I number 5 the 2009 don Kelly and William Hague then did a double take when they saw their unborn daughter's 24 weeks scam it was truly a are you saying what I'm seeing moment yeah their little girl look like Michael Jackson thankfully when she was born she looked more like them then like the king of pop and no they didn't name her parents number 4 some parents aren't too keen on showing their prenatal pictures but when musicians Jeff and Susan snow spotted their unborn son sonogram picture they wanted to share it right away it seems the little guy was holding up the universally recognized hand gesture that symbolizes rock no word on what they need a little metal head let's hope it's not to weasel number 3 this baby proves that manners are not innate their required you can't fault this little guy for not knowing that people were watching theory is picking his nose instead of smiling for the camera of course it's adorable one your mama's belly kid but you can bet tell you not to do that as soon as you come out of there kiddo number 2 like most parents this guy and his wife were expecting a cute little baby picture when they went in to get a 4 D. ultrasound of their unborn child what they got was the image of a scary read please leering demand audit guide on reading the man posted wife but I went to get a 4 D. ultrasound of our unborn child saw the picture changed our minds Brady was okay with the little devil was actually born number one check this little guy out forget about the terrible twos he already looks like you've got a teenager attitude I'm sleeping leave me alone not to mention the fact that he's proudly exhibiting his middle finger which can't help but make us laugh what do you think n't //
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10 Most Dangerous Islands in the World
\\number 10 and we tack a toll Marshall Islands part of the rally chain in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean and we check its hole is a large coral island the covers a little over 3 square miles what makes it so dangerous is the fact that the U. S. government conducted 43 nuclear tests there and had to build a huge dome structure to contain the radioactive materials because of the radiation authorities had to evacuate over 800 people from the island it seems that the place will be uninhabitable for at least another 10 years number 9 saiba according to the Caribbean hurricane network's website in the last 100 years the tiny island of ciba has been hit by more severe hurricanes than any other place in the territory which is saying a lot because the Caribbean is the tortillas for being the incubator of most severe storms save it which is part of the Lesser Antilles chain and is said to be administered probably of the Netherlands has been hit by 15 category 3 storms and 7 category fives that's why most travel agents will encourage you to visit in the winner when there aren't as many whether threats number 8 may occasion not Japan how would you feel about living in a town where you have to carry a gas mask everywhere you go alright with the way things are going now a days maybe you already live in a place like that anyhow made occasional island part of the Izu groups southeast of Honshu in just over 100 miles away from Tokyo makes our list of most dangerous silence to live on because of the cloud of harmful sulfur dioxide gassed spit out by volcanoes at 1.back in 2000 it got so bad they had to evacuate the entire island some citizens started coming back in 2005 and by 2012 sub 2700 75 people were back on the island although some people don't wear their gas masks 247 they do carry them everywhere siren alarms rang out from the toxicity level becomes particularly dangerous of course this place isn't exactly a tourist magnet but apparently some people are curious to see this place where everyone seems to be at some weird costume ball so they do visit the island but should have medical tests done to evaluate their pulmonary capacity and the need to bring their own gas masks no kidding number 7 yeah by island Yang buys a large island off the coast of black bead State Burma and extends about 520 square miles it was made famous because of the battle of getting by island which occurred with the British and Japanese forces clashed during World War 2 this battle had a very odd and eerie conclusion when the Japanese forces tried to retreat because the British were clearly winning the battle saltwater crocodiles devoured between 400 and 1000 soldiers depending on who tells the story known as the greatest disaster animals have ever inflicted on humans the military has since left the island but the crocodiles have 9 number 6 Okubo Shema although it would necessarily be dangerous so that I know could Oshima island per se it's the Tory asleep renowned for having been home to Japan's World War 2 poison gas factory also known as rabbit island because rabbits were used as lab animals there locomotion mound was marred by such secrecy to pit even white the island off its maps for years 6 kilotons of mustard gas were produced there in all those years so although it's kind of a creepy place to live it seems that after the war the island was cleaned up and the bunnies for release but the children that live there and are now running wild and protected still not sure I'd want to have a home there though number 5 Farallon island although Fairlawn island is absolutely beautiful and regularly visited by divers because it's a natural wildlife refuge for sharks seals whales and many sea birds it still has its problems from 1946 to 1970 the Pacific Ocean in that area off the coast of San Francisco in the United States was used as a nuclear waste dump the exact risk to the environment is still unknown but scientists think that trying to pull out the containers of nuclear waste around Farallon islands and actually cause more harm than good we're talking about 47555 gallon drums of hazardous waste here folks number 4 but Kenia toll Marshall Islands although the bikini atoll the second to Marshall Islands an armistice it's Saturday you the secular world heritage site it's dangerous for 2 reasons nuclear radiation and sharks between 1946 to 1958 this Pacific Ocean beauty was the site of more than 20 nuclear weapons tests and although the I. than in many of her sisters were declared safe in 1997 most of its original citizens have chosen to not return why well maybe because even locally grown produce is not advised for 1 also since there's been very little fishing in the area the last 65 years sharks have been flourishing which makes the waters even more treacherous yet hundreds of adventurous divers sort should be state people with a death wish come to the island each year to explore the numerous shipwrecks around it number 3 reunion island Indian Ocean a little over 93 miles southwest of our issues the East African volcanic island nation also said in the Indian Ocean reunion I'm gorgeous must place owned by France and known for its creole culture it's also a famous destination for climbers notably the baton at the other for mates and active volcano that is incredible to climb and rewards mountaineers with breathtaking views unfortunately the waters all around the beautiful location or so shark infested that even the locals have started moving away as a matter of fact the concentration of sharks is so high around the island that surfing and swimming have been banned since 2013 too many deadly shark attacks have plagued the once popular tourist destination making it one of the most dangerous islands in the world number 2 bila declined the data Grande 20 miles off the coast of Brazil near so Paula elude the Quine the dead Grande makes our lives because it's the home of the golden land and by birth the world's deadliest serpent whose venom actually melts human flesh it's believed that 4000 of these creatures for the rampant on the island which is 4.6000000 square feet it surface that might sound like a lot but that's the populations density is big enough for the Brazilian government to ban access to the island that's okay I wasn't really planning on visiting anyway number one north Sentinel island situated far into the bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean north Sentinel island is inhabited by the central least try one of the most dangerous in the world although the region around is very beautiful with its clear sapphire water is secure ring up submerged coral reefs and powdery white beaches there is very little that's known about the inter island because the tribe is that very hospitable toward strangers as a matter of fact tried made headlines in 2006 would it kill 2 fishermen who would approach the island illegally although some businessmen are thinking of taking over the island to build towers of resorts and hotels better think twice before the attack this at least tried they protect the island which is about the size of Manhattan in New York City like a lion protects its den making it one of the most dangerous islands to visit in the world I'm //
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5 Most Bizarre Religious Rituals
\\the number 5 for some 400 years people have been rapping leftovers for meals eaten by Brahmins wrapping them in plant taint leaves lying down on the ground and rolling over on them because they believe that this cures all ailments and solves all troubles but now the Karnataka government is to form the High Court that is decided to modify the controversial practice at the cook that Superman at temple from now on food not tasted or even will be placed on plain tea leaves and put on the outer yard of the sanctuary number 4 in Salvador da via Brazil in a church called pink gray at the no so send hog deploy him which basically means church of our lord of the good ed you'll find wax in plastic body parts hanging from the walls and ceilings arms legs livers hearts lungs eyes internal organs and other assorted body parts like the church holds an annual religious ceremony a procession called the feast that do bond theme feast of the good ed where church goers dress in traditional clothing attended mass at the church of could say so did prior in Salvador then walked 8 kilometers up hill to this other church when they get there they sing and dance while washing the steps implies in front of the church the event is so popular it attracts thousands of people from all over the world but that doesn't explain the body parts right well the church is believed to have curative properties added it's room of miracles people hang the wax or plastic representation of body parts or pictures of them selves or loved ones either as an offering to pray for divine intervention or to thank god for curing a particular ailment might be strange but there is a method to this madness number 3 for over 500 years now people at a Muslim shrine in western India have been throwing their babies up a 50 foot tower for good luck we told you these were bizarre rituals didn't wait well okay this one is a little more that bizarre puppet throwing a baby off a building be lucky well seems to parents through the child onto a bed sheet held tightly by men below when the child who I would guess almost always survives is then blessed with good health luck courage of lifelong strength this yearly celebration is observed by Muslims and Hindus in the Indian state of Maharashtra and also takes place in smaller villages throughout the country because the baby's too young to remember this later on but can you imagine the tricks the sub conscious mind would play on you number 2 rituals marking the passage from boyhood to manhood exist all around the world and some of these rituals are downright barbaric outsiders in the Amazon male teenagers become men by pledging their hands in the gloves filled with hundreds of venomous stance I'm talkin bullet dance people the largest in on the planet with one of the most painful bites said to be 30 times worse than the sting of a lost beside her mom a Brazilian indigenous tribe believe that experiencing this intense level of pain and suffering will make the young men braver tougher and better warriors and that the ritual will protect them from disease I guess up if it is the Killam first right anyway the boys are expected to keep the gloves on for 10 minutes allowing the answer to have their way with their hands apparently the initial bites are really excruciating but that's nothing compared to the rest of the ordeal the ants neurotoxins because the participants to supper symptoms that can last for hours or even days including stuff like fever hallucinations shaking convulsions paralysis that loss of muscle control those who make it through become men yeah I guess number one honestly when you hear about the route done through come it's hard to not get upset and not feel that it's barbaric guru done through com is a ritual art form performed in kalief temples in southern India devout followers dressed up as the Hindu divinity government up and perform a dance after the performance the backs of devoted Hindus are pierced by sharp books that manner that lifted off the ground onto a scaffold using ropes sometimes with babies in their hands and take it around the temple as a mark of offering the goddess you'd think a goddess wouldn't be so demanding because that's gotta hurt big time the the the the but //
"2016-10-31 23:55:50"
10 Worst Jobs In History
\\and n't number 10 groom of the stool from the title the job you'd hope the guy hired to do it would be polishing or dusting the store to sit on right no such luck although it was one of the highest honors in the 2 door court to be appointed group of the stool because it but you are highly trusted and had a particularly intimate access to the monarchy it also meant that you were to assist the king with this personal hygiene including the wiping the royal bada number 9 Roman fuller doing the laundry has always been a drag but we in developed countries can't complain much about it now as machines do much of the work force flash back to chip Rowe and your romantic view of Julius Caesar parting with Caligula and his friends will melt away back then the guy charged with keeping the tunic said togas clean and white add the soaked in a mixture of water and hot human urine before trampling out the stains fun right it seems the ammonia from the P. was a good cleaning ingredients of pots were left outside of shops public urinals collected the liquid to kind of makes you think of our modern day composting bins number 8 Egyptian mama fires according to historians ancient Egyptian priests not only prepare people for the afterlife in a spiritual way but also in a physical way so they would spend a lot of time with corpses and somebody would die they would remove and wash the cadavers internal organs and they would destroy the brain by poking a hole through the nose to pull out the remains the so process but sometimes take weeks as if their work was a gruesome and tedious enough is because we have a rough time making friends and were shunned by the community maybe because hanging out with them would give you a feeling of being too close to death number 7 petard ears assistant talk about having a job it's life and death the petard here's assistance task was to attach petard really primitive explosive devices to enemy targets lighting the fuse and then running for your life this is a fairly common job in early modern warfare including during the civil war and you can imagine that there was a lot of turnover as a lot of assistance would end up getting blown up by their own petard so number 6 leach collector remember back in the late nineteenth century when leeches for years for medicinal purposes drawing very small quantities of blood from patients this therapy have you ever thought about how they would get those leeches ants coming to you now are a people were hired to be leaves collectors and even though the pitches were in high demand their collectors were not well paid and if that wasn't enough to discourage them they have to let the leeches latch on to the road lakes to recruit them sometimes we did you risk because the critters would consume up too much of the collectors blood yikes number 5 hurry here child labor exploitation has been around for ever barriers kids that would be paired up to move carts of coal through deep tunnels the job could be done by belts because they weren't small enough to fit in the narrow passages the children would attach a chain that their belts would crawl up the tunnel pulling the cart other partner would crawl behind pushing the cart for kids would work their whole day in those horrible holes wearing wet clothing number 4 Victorian sewer hunters in Victorian times sewer hunters who are also nicknamed talkers would earn their meager living by sifting through the contents of London sewer system looking for coins nails bolts or anything else that they could sell as crazy as this may sound they go down there with a stick and a lantern and stuff anything worth picking up into their large pockets there was obviously Fallon their lives would be in danger as they can get stuck in high tides or get buried alive by crumbling bricks from the walls or ceilings also there was even a pack a ferocious wild hogs living down there number 3 resurrection nests in the sixteenth century early modern anatomy students were basically forced into body snatching so that they could have so big this study that includes vest Thalia sue is known to be the father of modern anatomy later on in the 18 hundreds people called resurrection lists were paid to supply medical schools with fresh corpses if you can bring in a set of teeth for example you get one pass a not a flash if course the currency in today's economy one pound would be worth 50 pounds which means around 73 U. S. dollars this was pretty gruesome work because resurrection this tunnel into a gray from a short distance to avoid disturbing the ground and would drag out the body with the road basically they were paid grave robbers but for a good cause number 2 barber surgeon back in medieval times in Europe barbers for multi task yours not only would they cut your hair and shave your beard but they cut your flesh to do most surgical procedures that positions were too squeamish to perform or thought were too demeaning that includes amputations Adama's bloodletting you know with the help of our friendly neighborhood leeches and tooth pulling without our modern anesthetics of course makes you happy to see how medicine has evolved right number one whipping boy not so long ago in early modern day England a royal Principia signed what was known as a whipping boy the boys would be educated together and would forge a really strong bond but life certainly wasn't fair for the commoner the 2 sits with the prince needed a physical punishment is under royal counterpart would take the beating for his royal pain in the arse that's because all of the king was allowed to punish the Royal Air that needs tutors can only enforce rules by punishing the other boy the prince probably had to behave if he did what is spread to beat the crap out of it when nobody was looking WNED //
"2016-10-29 14:51:09"
10 Craziest Business Suits
\\nnst NBER 10 do that do suit it's one thing to be a fan of the TV show a movie franchise or even a beverage it's another to actually wear it on yourself some people will say he has his favorite hockey team's logo tattooed on his heart or this guy wears his heart on his sleeve but Jason Heverlee he wears mountain dew all over his body this suit took a lot of dedication to make that a lot of 2 liter soda bottle labels to talk about a sugar high allow number 9 that duct tape suit now this is a real guy suit right duct tape this solution to any testosterone driven handyman but Hey why stop using duct tape to fix things why not solve your wardrobe could not to this guy Carson might look a little obsessed with duct tape but there's a method to his back he actually created this to enter a contest and he ended up winning a scholarship from duck brand duct tape for this golden problem look using duct tape isn't only the right thing to do it's the money making thing to do number 8 suits see I have no idea why he would want to wear a suit to bed but if this is the type of thing that floats your boat who minded judge this suit see is a onesie pajamas that doubles as a 3 piece suit and all in one suit PJ combo with pants suit into the top and a false Drescher sewn in under the jacket the only thing missing is your own tied see the false buttons on the shirt they conveniently hide the zipper that allows the whole thing that slide on and off we all know with that's good for number 7 ugly Christmas sweater suit are the ugly Christmas sweater it's become a staple in most families to buy could be silly around the holidays as well as with old aunts who have rotten taste in clothing what's really creepy as that ugly Christmas sweaters have become so popular over the last few decades they've started to multiply like fungus now thanks to shine it's the you can get it ugly Christmas due to cover your whole body number 6 denim suit Americans like to put the word Canadian and for the things to make them sound up different Canadian bacon is nothing more than a slice of ham basically in a Canadian tech CEO is a denim jacket with jeans yeah makes Canadian sound so rustic anyway Ralph Lauren apparently heard the term and decided to go all out he created it denim dress suit which is definitely something I wouldn't wear in a boardroom if I wanted to be taken seriously and from the look on the model space neither would be number 5 track sido some things just don't go together like peanut butter and mustard coffee and Tabasco sauce or a tracksuit and it took Seto why would you want to blend these 2 things wealth one guy actually thought to be a good idea to create a tracksuit as comfortable as pajamas but that would look like a tuxedo lead you go for something like that number 4 the diamond encrusted suit if you think the denim suit is a country music enough for you check out designer Stuart Hughes redefinition of the power suit looks cheesy as hell except those aren't rhinestones Glen Campbell there half carat diamonds 480 album and there are only 3 of the suits in existence you know why because they cost of with the $0 apiece that's why I guess if you're Garth Brooks Blake Shelton or Elvis Presley you might want one of these things in your closet in Nashville number 3 the world's most expensive suit Stuart Hughes wasn't satisfied with this $0 diamond encrusted suit he had to push luxury to the limit Stewart's died in armor goose the extra mile a cost 3.$2000000 what do you get for that arm in that leg did get a waterproof bullet proof certainly a plus nowadays cooling system equipped suit bedazzled with 880 black diamonds again the tie it's woven with 24 carat gold so yeah if you want to feel like you're suiting up like James Bond this is what you need baby number 2 wet suits suits for those of you need to go from the surf straight into the board room do you need a wetsuit to know I'm not stammering it really is a wet suit that doubles as a business suit quicksilver created this wonderful new line of crazy where there's even a tuxedo version for those black tie affairs you'll need to attend with your fellow secret service agents number one suit JMS okay Sir before I puke all over this cuteness let me confess how much I hate made up words made up of 2 words cleverly stuck together to make a new word this being said feast your eyes on suit Janice made famous by Neil Patrick Harris character Barney Stinson on the sitcom how I met your mother this idiotic product for the stupid marketing people that were hired to make it sound good boast that it combines the style informality of a suit with the casual comfort of pajamas it even comes in 3 colors so you don't have to wear the same suit to the office every day except if you're a serious businessman why would you want to look like a rate if you have tears pajama closet before coming in for that all important meeting I mean seriously folks //
"2016-10-26 17:18:32"
5 Strangest Yachts
\\I'm number 5 super yacht yachts owned by she calmed down of the United Arab Emirates the US is considered one of the longest yachts in the world measuring 141 meters for 463 feet it was delivered to its owner in 2013 by the builders Abu Dhabi bar the US was originally at Dutch navy frigate which would explain its shape that gives it a worshipper lore that friggin hall and lightweight composite superstructure helped to enable the enormous vessel to reach impressive speeds of up to 26 knots shirts at present but it's so massive I can't see why anyone would want to have it for their own personal use I guess when you're that rich your brain just doesn't think straight anymore number 4 the a built by Blom invites the alias the yachts what the Hummer is to cars a huge overdone bully of a ship that was built to intimidate and impressed but with no consideration for beauty that 390 foot super yacht looks more like a submarine that a boat would you say sure it will make it look twice it looks really luxurious on the inside but what was the idea of creating a boat with an upside down hall just plain weird number 3 sailing yacht a Russian billionaire on through a bill that Sheik code like some vague it seems the founder of the fertilizer producer Europe had wasn't content with his yacht evaluated it $275000000 so we headed upgraded a bit he is moved into the ceiling side of the industry the bill for this still the yacht keep to a whopping $377000000 the massive got that looks more like a destroyer or an armored ships is 468 feet long 442 meters and has ghastly masks that are close to 300 feet high biggest most of the money went into making the vote really luxurious inside because this outside is downright homely not homey doesn't look like it was built for someone who is suffering from sea sickness number 2 guilty this yacht one beauty contests in the late 19 eighties but I guess that would make sense for the go go's platinum blonde and Duran Duran were all the rage but come on look at it know whether it be the captain's list of those freakish looking mega yachts like an old rock star her looks of definitely faded or should we say have gone out of style and believe it or not the owner actually chose those colors yeah they were added on later I guess dockets you on it might have found it of some interest number one the ocean emerald building 2009 and refitted in 2015 the ocean emerald is a 134 Floyd or 41 meter custom yacht built by Rodriguez yachts and designed by world renowned architect Norman foster and his partners like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there's no accounting for taste some people love the design obviously others do not personally I think this boat looks like a bicycle helmet bicycle helmet that sleeps 12 guessed it 5 bedrooms including a master suite to V. I. P. staterooms and 2 twin cabins the British things are modern and luxurious and the vote operation many typical high in amenities like if deck jacuzzi at Jim and air conditioning there also stabilizers which is always nice VF gets the 10 to get seasick I //
"2016-10-26 00:44:34"
10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the World
\\you number 1010 and shut case the timid shut is a combination of various mind boggling inconceivable riddles wrapped together in a single event with the Somerton man was found washed up on Summerton beach in Adelaide Australia the Carter was put to work to find answers there was no conclusive evidence as to what the cause of death the man's identity whether he was still alive on the beach or where it come from found months later was a scrap of paper in the man's pocket reading Taman shut ended in Persian Australian authorities the FBI in Scotland Yard have been able to provide no insight into who this man was what the significance of the paper is or why he was found dead on some written beach he remains in the west terrace cemetery in Adelaide his plaque referring to that's the unknown man who was founded Summerton beach number 9 Antikythera mechanism the Antikythera mechanism remains to be one of the longest existing mysteries of planet earth although this analog computer was discovered in 1900 in a shipwreck close to Greece its existence predates the birth of Christ by 100 years and was a millennium before its time the Antikythera is a conglomerate of complex arrangements of bronze gears used to determine the position of celestial bodies with simple examples being the sun and the moon number 8 kryptos the mystery of kryptos could be anywhere from an international scavenger hunt to a wild goose chase the premise of this culture with created by Jim Sanborn an American sculptor there are 4 panels the first 3 passages to been solved and contain what seems to be hints such as between subtle shading and absence of life lies the nuance of illusion located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency and sample one 's own home town of Langley Virginia this mystery remains one academic perplexity that challenges even the greatest of minds today number 7 Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper was a Victorian serial killer that after 100 28 years still remains to be 1 of the most perplexing mysteries of all time white chapel the canonical 5 and repair all the G. have all become freezes associated with the most intriguing unknown serial killers to have ever lived with the 5 most notable murders committed in 1888 Jack the Ripper was a murderer like no 1 else of his time and the shroud of mystery surrounding it still drags everyday sluice in constantly the river and it's inexplicable are of weakness provides that this mystery is 1 that for entertainment's sake may well be best left unsolved number 6 MH 3 seventies disappearance Malaysian airlines flight MH 370 is perhaps 1 of the most well known mysteries in the modern world the Boeing 777 disappeared without a trace while in route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur during fine weather conditions and did not transmit a distress call since its disappearance all searches been fruitless recently debris has been found both on and off the coast of Africa and some of it's island countries but no conclusive evidence as to its location has been found number 5 the remains of Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus is certainly 1 of the most well known explorers to have ever lived it is with great confusion that 1 would then find out that it's not entirely known where his remains are located since his death in the year 1509 his remains are estimated at supposed to have been moved 3 times originally buried in Vellala did Spain his bones were transferred is Spinola in 1537 as he wished he was later moved another 2 times following the war the purities and the Spanish American Civil War while researchers announced his remains to probably be located in Spain the Dominican Republic argues that he never left Hispaniola I knew certain conclusion has been reached number 4 Genghis Khan's final resting place Genghis Khan was a large figure in the medieval period having United tribes of war against each other in the region time treated an empire which spanned the majority of Asia and greatly top of the Roman Empire insights however following his death in 1227 despite allocation has been an amoeba there are many legends but as of yet after 12 years of increased research that excavation no significant progress has been made number 3 the zodiac killer the zodiac killer was a serial killer active in the 19 sixties and seventies the killer claimed of murdered as many as 37 victims and its identity is still unknown to this day however his identity is not the only mystery the zodiac killer sent numerous cryptograms codes riddles and letters to authorities and only one has been deciphered the story in mystery was enticing enough to inspire the 2007 film zodiac starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey junior number 2 the fate of Hitler stolen wealth it sounds like something out of a fairy tale Adolf Hitler and is buried treasure a collection of billions in gold jewelry and money well there is little more than speculation and disagreement regarding Hitler's fortunes location and even its very existence groups are still searching for the buried treasure internationally with some beliefs that it's hidden banks across the world buried in Germany or at the bottom of Lake Toeplitz in Austria this bed time story turned reality gives an extra big Buck to just tell Hitler almost managed to conquer the globe number 1 the identity of the babushka lady the Bousquet lady is the title given to an unknown woman president the crowd in Texas 130 fifth president of the United States John F. Kennedy was assassinated the peculiar figure dressed in a coat and scarf remained calm recording the events without a sense of urgency shortly after she disappeared into the rushing Dallas crowd located in Elm Street the F. B. I. pressure the woman through the media to reveal her identity and producer Phil but she never appeared //
"2016-10-22 20:34:09"
10 Biggest Hoaxes In Sports History
\\number 10 back in 1985 Sports Illustrated writer George Plimpton wrote a story about an amazing English pitching prospect that was going to blow all Major League Baseball teams out of the water and put the New York Mets on top the guys the with sid finch and he was said to be able to throw a fastball at 160 miles per hour with pinpoint accuracy this powerful arm created such a commotion at the other team started complaining the Major League Baseball officials fearing for their player safety but everyone should check out the date of the Sports Illustrated issue it was published on April fools day and unfortunately for the Mets and their fans Vince was as real as the tooth fairy number 9 Sports Illustrated poked fun at its readers again in 2021 writer John worth time created so Monia Kapova a 17 year old rising tennis star from Uzbekistan who was as real as a pink unicorn the magazine created a porch up a poll but using computer generated images and worth times article for everyone when people started finding out the reporter said it was meant in good fun playful then hopefully creative was not meant to some grand hoax however women's tennis association spokesman Chris de Maria didn't find it funny at all he was quoted as saying it was misleading and irritating there are a lot of great stories out there we didn't need a fake 1 I'll come on man laughed a little number 8 on a really foggy day in 1990 the races that delta downs of Louisiana were almost impossible to see so much so that Jackie Sylvester care moves thought Hey what I just wait for everyone to come back around the track it just start racing then so the race began and careless waited for his opponents to come back around before he whipped is forced to the finish line to win the race well this victory didn't last long because apparently Reese officials got complaints about the result act quickly realize care be should cheated he was banned from racing in the state for 10 years number 7 during the 1976 Montreal summer Olympics Soviet penser boards on the shank hill was said to be 1 of the favorites to win a medal unfortunately for him his notoriety cave in a very different way during the pentathlon event he had the heavy task of helping the Soviet team rise from its fourth place standing leading up to the event in the beginning of the competition he seemed to be doing really great that is until the British team captain exposed to that's a cheat it seems other shaker Sepe had been electronically modified to allow the score points at will he did finish the competition with the regular a pay it still won by a large margin but because of his cheating he was disqualified in shame number 6 Danny Almonte was thought to be the best 12 year old pitcher in the world no doubt he worked hard head greet jeans great coaches at a little bit of luck except the also had a fake birth certificate and was actually 14 years old which explains why it was stronger and better coordinated with the lie was discovered the hoax because the team that little league World Series title the poor kid led by greedy misguided adults it'd notoriety it most likely would have like to pass on number 5 golf is due to be a gentleman's game that relies on players honesty of course paid huge tournaments there are plenty of judges out of the greens but during some qualified rounds for the 1985 open David Roberts it made the most of the fact that the league's work as severely monetary cheated by moving this fall much closer to the hold multiple times people did catch on he was busted at bay in from the PGA European tour for 20 years number 4 sure the 1936 Berlin Olympics are best remembered for Jesse Owens showing up 8 off Hitler by winning a gold medal but a fourth place finisher in the high jump competition actually pulled off the biggest gap at the gates Dora rochet was actually Herman rochet who had been forced to compete in the Olympics as a woman by Nazi officials forcing a guide to pretend to be a woman crazy considering how the regime treaty gays and transgenders back then anyway the truth came out 2 years later would rotten set a world record at the 1938 European athletics championships number 3 these 2 marathon runners art related and never knew each other but they do have something in common they both won marathons by cheating Morse took on the gold medal in the 1904 Olympics while Ruiz when the 1980 Boston Marathon both we spectacularly short finish times in Moore's this case he was said to have skipped most of the race hitching a ride for the last 11 miles as per Ruiz nobody really knows exactly how she got across the finish line but everyone agrees she didn't read the full circuit later on some people were reported the sake they had seen her taking the subway to finish the 1979 New York marathon so yeah she probably did something like that in Boston too as per lowers he did get some redemption the following year when he went on to win the 1905 Boston Marathon the legitimately number 2 Dada Crowhurst wasn't in experience British sailor decided to register for the Sunday times golden globe race he was hoping to win a big amount of prize money but quickly found himself in deep trouble early on in the race instead of plugging on P. secretly abandoned the race but kept giving false positions so that the authorities would think he was actually in the league Grover stopped off in South America for a while waiting for his opponents to come back around thinking he'd rejoin the race at that point problem is what he did rejoin the race a month later his actions prompted another competitor to push his boat too hard forcing him to abandon ship so although Crowhurst victory seems certain he quickly realized he'd be found out if he did win it's believed that fearing public shame and feeling terribly guilty Crowhurst jumped overboard around 7/1/1969 preferring to take his own life rather than face the music when you ship was found on July 10 there was no 1 in sight and the boat didn't seem to have been involved in any major accident number one in terms of hoaxes the Spanish Paralympic basketball team certainly takes the cake we're not talking about the wheelchair bound basketball teams but the mentally challenged players while competing in the Summer Games in Sydney Australia it 2000 the squad just blew everyone out of the water including the Russians in the final unfortunately it was later discovered that the Spanish team was made up of at least 10 players who were not mentally handicapped it was all the twisted greedy plan to steal the gold medal up until 2013 when the former head of the Spanish federation for mentally handicapped sports was finally found guilty of fraud 13 years after the fact although the team that already been forced to give the battles back a long time ago the guilty former director was ordered to pay nearly 150000 pounds and fees that's over $160000 in US currency heavy price to pay I //
"2016-10-20 23:38:24"
10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World
\\our or green colonel on protocol number 10 bombardier global $66000008000 starting off our list the global 8000 business jet is planned to be able to pipe farther than any other of its kind not only does bombardier supply jets Oprah Winfrey Bill Gates that silly beyond the company also claims that the global 8000 will have the lowest fuel burn and emissions of any business jet like it with entry into service plan to occur sometime in 2019 this go green air machine will be able to fly nonstop from city to Los Angeles or Hong Kong in New York number 9 Airbus a 319 corporate jet 80.$7000000 with some of the sleek instead I catching designs it's no surprise that Airbus this prestigious family of corporate jet would appear in this video with the base model price of $80000000 you when those in your company could relax and what Airbus prides itself to be known as unmatched comfort and if customizations to improve performance include the 83 Neil engine shark let's on the ends of wings both of which combined could save up to 24 percent in fuel costs for this 124 seater versatile jetliner number 8 Donald trump's Boeing 7571 $0 Donald trump's iconic Boeing 757 comes in and number 8 on our list with some dubbing the jet as trump force 1 jawbone's this private jet in its entirety as you would expect which he uses for his campaign promotions for this controversial presidential candidate lancet is Christy just claim the T. bird as he refers to it he does it in unforgettable style the Donald is in the T. birds since 2011 after purchasing it from Microsoft co founder Paul Allen and since has customized the aircraft to his liking both inside and out number 7 Tyler Perry's Gulfstream 31 0 25 $0 Tyler Perry's Gulfstream 3 comes complete with even varnished and polished wooden benches with many cushy chairs Bates of curtains TV screen to locate plays a very private jet looks more like a fully fledged hotel than a mode of transport this scared jet is decorated with 3 painted lines on the sides reaching a crescendo at the tail nicely combined with sleek shark leads on the tail and wings valued at $125000000 the Hollywood star also posed a 42 inch LCD screen theater waiting electronically controlled window shades Blu ray players and film collections for said players number 6 juice a plow Boeing 7478 V. I. P. 153 $0 Hong Kong real estate investor to supply all sports one of the most beautiful jetliners on this list plain top playfully and twining with a light shade of blue and the whiteness aesthetically submits to a deep ocean blue throughout a crisp white curve title Dreamliner the latest technology video displays and spiral staircases as well as options for sigma and a gym can all be found on board this Jack number 5 Roman Abramovich is 767338 P. our $170000000 walking into fifth place is Russian businessmen and owner of the Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich is Beijing he's on a Boeing 7 so 7 the plane which happens to allegedly feature a dining facility for 30 people support the chest that egg gold decorated theory here and it's rumored to also have missile protection for extra security simply with space enough to accommodate what was originally planned to be up to 300 passengers rushes twelfth riches bands jet name the bandit has the ability to accommodate Chelsea FC's players to a game and back number 4 prince I will leave bin Talal 7474 $220000000 no for Steve just list would be complete without the deserved company of prints out will lead could tell all the Saudi businessman and investor has owned the plane since 2003 Edison's custom by fit to include a dining table to see 13 gas and himself to high quality bedrooms and a thrown in the center of the aircraft to make sure that the printed its guests are properly attended to and taking care of 11 flight attendants are on board during flights on the iconic 747 spacious enough to have originally seated over 400 number 3 Hosono Boquillas Boeing 7472 $30000000 the final 747 on our list is none other than possible bulky and decorated with Busiek upholstery Angolan supports the luxury chairs are 1 of the highlights of the sultan of Brunei is pride and joy of the upper atmosphere given that the original price of this unique air beauty was approximately 100000000 the world's richest monarchists it spent in excess of that same amount again into decorated the living room bedroom and bathroom a gold and Cristal the latter of which supports things made entirely out of solid gold number 2 Alisher Usmanov Airbus a 344 $0 second richest Russian Alisher us man off made the world's largest and most expensive Russian jet after his father 4 count with a chocolate coca and diesel that exterior this mouth watering masterpiece is larger could even Vladimir Putin's private jet the buying price of it 8343 0 with 200 38 0 a dollar but however sources of place the estimated value at its highest double that price depending upon the interior decoration and install technology number 1 prince al Waleed bin Talal a 385 $0 the number 1 spot for the world's most expensive private jet is are returning Saudi businessman prints out will lead bedfellows Airbus a 381 of the most recognizable models to boast the flying palaces final price was estimated at an amazing $500000000000 the prince's whiting golden behemoth luxurious exterior carries it to the inside featuring all of reclining chairs at a 14 seat dining area decorated lavishly with flowing strokes of page throughout the shining gold color table and of course no palace would be complete without a similarly tone thrown for a prince yeah //
"2016-10-18 23:52:40"
10 Adorable Animals That Use Wheelchairs
\\over 10 Holly the alpaca Holly was born premature with a twisted spine in a barrage of health issues inherited from our parents she seem to be healing and doing well at first but eventually it was noticed that Holly was unable to use our hind legs with an intensive regimen of physical therapy including accu sure and besides she has been able to gain some ability a custom made set of splints in a wheelchair were deep Sarah Holley 3 litigation she frequently busy nursing homes and but also writing the day of peace stop alike with their energy and the story of her will and perseverance number 9 Rosie the dear Rosie was the victim of a dog attack that left her hind legs damage to the point of losing use of them for a little more than standing after the incident and to this day Rosie undergoes physical therapy for her rehabilitation with hopes of increasing her mobility without the use of the professional walking wheels wheelchair kit supplied by handicapped well the chair is primarily designed for aging dogs it has been a wonderful addition to Rosie slave and a definite bonus in her recovery process number 8 Estella the Guinea pig injured in a band aid on a road side by a previous owner Estella was rescued by harvest home animal sanctuary in California she was paralyzed from the waist down an injury suspected to have been caused by someone or something compressing established torso with excessive force after a short Facebook fundraiser the sanctuary was able to purchase the parts to build a custom chair for Stella this is made like better and more enjoyable for Estella who was made great achievements with her rehabilitation number 7 blade the tortoise blade is another member of the top 10 list afflicted with the numbness later on in life blade was the victim of a debilitating bone disease caused by deficiency of minerals like calcium and vitamin D. the disease baited near impossible for blade to move around under the weight of its enormous shall veterinarians had an idea with the use of a roller skate skateboard style contraption build out of lego parts is odor was able to relieve the pressure on his legs and allow blade the necessary mobility to live his life happy and active number 6 Ethel the bunny that's what was once able to walk and hop freely without any aid but after contracting an unknown illness was left without the use of her hind legs Ethel's owners so we had Chris purchased a custom made PVC wheelchair to give up all the ability to walk and run having this aid has also helped revive some movement in Ethel's hind legs leaving so in Chris hopeful that she may one day be able to move around without the use of her chair number 5 Bruiser Bruce the miniature horse birth defects and other related health problems that made walking almost impossible for Bruiser fitted with the custom wheelchair to support his frame and corrective shoes for all 4 feet this is enabled Bruiser to rehabilitate quickly after some time Bruiser is gained strength of the tendons and increased mobility in its hind legs allowing him to walk and run free from his chair for extended periods of time reserves another Facebook along with a dedicated following number 4 lily the line had bunny saved by the North Texas rabbit sanctuary lily the line had bunny is as cute as her name is ferocious with Shorty years in a tiny frame Billy resembles a kitten or small dog at first glance born without the use of her back legs because of a spinal fracture the sanctuary needed a way to allow lily some ability she was fitted with a wheelchair constructed of small PVC water line to be which is light weight and functions to supporter body and allow her to move with these number 3 Chris P. bacon the piglet once a piglet now full grown pig Chris P. bacon is one of the cutest animals to ever be fitted with a wheelchair board without the use of his hind legs Chris was taken in by a veterinarian Dr blend the Caro who use recycled toy parts to construct a harness and wheelchair for the little guy over the years chairs been modified to accommodate its increased size and to this day allows him to make his way around with these Christmas foreseen in a 6 minute YouTube video and has since become somewhat of a celebrity with its own Facebook page and a group of followers number 2 frosty the snow go due to complications at birth brought on by disease known as joint 3 or naval 3 frosty developed infection inside his body causing him to lose all function at his back legs the infection was combated with antibiotic treatment and the infection soon went away unfortunately frosty still had to use of his hind legs in order to stay healthy and mobile frosty was fitted with a custom wheel chair created by Edgar's mission farm sanctuary which allowed him to eat drink and exercise with these number one flipper the cat flipper the cat was born with a defective twisted spine leaving the kitten unable to walk from birth while the cat is full function of both front and hind legs the twisted spine makes the hind move in a sideways motion this leads to cat the drag itself along from place to place veterinarians believe that this condition may work itself out as flipper matures but in the meantime a group of secondary school students have built flipper a wheelchair that functions when attached around the hip area with the slaying this allows flipper to get around with these and eliminates having to drag her back legs where ever she goes for the //
"2016-10-16 22:18:50"
10 Stupid Lottery Winners (Part 2)
\\number 10 Curtis Sharpe although Curtis Sharpe of Newark New Jersey isn't a stupid human being by any stretch of the imagination he certainly didn't act like a smart when we won $5000000000 back in 1982 the air conditioning technician that everything you shouldn't do when you what a fortune invested bad schemes give away tons of money without looking squandering more of it on luxury items and forget that the Internal Revenue Service is not your friend after losing all the money for Mister sharp ended up finding god in becoming a minister at his church but thank goodness although it won a fortune that could have set him up for life he was smart enough not to quit his job so he does have social security and a full pension to fall back on but he does say today that he had to do it all over again he take it much slower and it hiring good financial adviser and a good lawyer least that's what he recommends the younger lottery winners now number 9 Marie homes single mother of 4 very homes is a much too forgiving person if you want to put it nicely in February 2015 this lady who was holding down for part time jobs to make ends meet won the $188000000 Powerball jackpot better homes hit of North Carolina but what was one of the first thing she did when she got the $88000000 check after taxes she posted $3000000 to bail her boyfriend and father of our youngest child career criminal Lamar hot sauce big Dow out of jail for a hair when in weapons charge a few months later hot sauce was in hot water again and needed to be bailed out on another weapons charge this time bail was doubled so for $6000000 but the wholesome and sweet boyfriend wasn't done yet deleted in jail again on street racing charges and miss Holmes was needed to post $12000000 bail usually bail money is of lost comes back to the person when the perpetrator who was bailed out those we supposed to do but with hot sauce Marie Holmes is almost guaranteed to lose all her money before she hits the third anniversary ever lottery win number 8 Christina good now I don't know if I'd call Christina good now stupid but she certainly has a pair of balls on I'll tell you that the 38 year old southern Oregon woman used her deceased mother involves credit card to make $12000 worth of purchases including a scratch lottery ticket that water $1000000 quickly good now showed up at the Oregon lottery offices and made off with the first of 20 yearly checks of $32000 then she was arrested on identity theft forgery fraud and a few other charges nobody ever found the $32000 but apparently since the ticket was bought illegally hello good now appeal the court decision as excessive punishment according to Oregon law the Medford police department will be awarded the winnings because of Oregon police agencies can't collect money Gail through criminal activity number 7 Jason Canterbury when he was 19 years old Jason Canterbury became the youngest lottery jackpot winner in south African history he would 6.7000000 south African rand which today would be worth about 1000000 U. S. dollars unfortunately Jason used his money to basically trying created drug empire and end up getting himself arrested for the murder of an associate over drug money disagreement if that wasn't enough he also tried to dispose of the body itself which is never a good idea anyway he did try to appeal his 28 year prison sentence back in 2011 but was not met with much love from the judge number 6 Martha Wilson would be mean to say that Margot Wilson is dumb well we certainly can't call of the sharpest knife in the drawer after winning $2000000 in the Missouri lottery that is in the United States of course work lottery winnings are heavily taxed naive Marvin gave her friend a fray appear same unrestricted access to a bank account what appears to use the money to travel gamble by cars in apartment squandering some $640000 leaving the lottery winner completely broke number 5 Victoria Zell in 2002 Victoria's itself showed up at a press conference with her then estranged husband who had won the Powerball jackpot it is said that even though they were getting a divorce that be sharing the winnings half and half 3 years later Victoria was in court be convicted of driving dangerously and causing the death of 30 year old Joshua Schmidt and serious spine injuries the 31 year old amity Dubach since our lottery win zealous just throw caution to the wind and turn her life into a living chaos proof that money doesn't always solve everything and being an idiot certainly doesn't help either number 4 Charles riddle Charles riddle won $1000000 in the lottery in 1975 that was a huge amount of money back then well it's still a pretty hefty chunk of change today but instead of realizing that he was set for life Charles divorced his wife and became a cocaine dealer bad bad choice Charlie the many high profile lawsuits that had the fight didn't help either that 8 years later its life to real completely ended up in court on drug abuse charges 2 years after that he was sentenced to 3 years in a federal prison for dealing cocaine number 3 Denise Rossi California resident Denise Rossi won 1.$3000000 in the lottery when a group of employees from her job at the winning numbers but did he start this to be a great time to end her apparently perfect 25 year marriage so she didn't tell her husband that she was afraid new millionaire just that she wanted a divorce well she almost got away with it but winter my was discovered by judge gray the former amount of her winnings to her ex husband so there another clear example of line being up bad bad thing number 2 J. summers J. summers was just 20 years old when he split a 28 0.$9000000000 jackpot with 5 people in 1988 when he got his first annual payment of $290000 he went out and bought not 1 but 5 new cars I blew all the checking to to have bunt says summers what 20 year old twins that kind of money and is sensible with that things didn't get much better with his friends persuaded him to swap its annual checks for a discounted lump sum payment 1 morning she woke up and the money was gone it just vanished thanks to a friend's bad investment and shady deals now single and living near Detroit suburbs works the construction is trying to make it big as a NASCAR driver I'm still bitter and I'll be better the rest of my life he says I think I'd be further along that day if I have never won yeah today that's it blame it on everybody else but yourself did number one Ronnie music junior if you gotta with $3000000000 in the lottery at the age of 45 it might be a great idea to start that business you always dream to having you know being your own boss hiring people you like and trust working on your road schedule and that your own rhythm not such a great idea though to invest your job in a crystal meth drug ring that's up running music junior did and now he's pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and firearm charges and is waiting to know exactly how many decades they'll spend at a federal prison just wonderfully wearing a Walter white featured under that prison jumpsuit //
"2016-10-15 00:48:49"
10 Dumbest Gadgets
\\number 10 the iPad chopping board if you love cooking in love checking stuff out on your iPad you'll want to get an iPad chopping boards right wrong because you don't want your tablet to fall onto a sharp blade or worse you don't want to cut your hand off trying to catch your iPad before it falls under the sharp blade sure having your iPad Haney to follow a recipe can be cool but does it need to be near sharp knives and propped up in a place where it could shatter from falling off no number 9 Twitter peak gadget makers peak launch Twitter peak the world's first gadget dedicated to Twitter it's mostly targeted for customers who love to it if it don't have smart vote see it looks like a black buried retails for 100 Bucks including 6 months of service sound good but it doesn't do SMS the like the car for so why would you buy something that only gives you access to Twitter when you can get any number of gadgets that will allow you to multi task even for a much lower price just plain stupid number 8 eye to eye periscope okay sure when we through web cams strange because we aren't looking in the eye to eye periscope was created to problem it uses mayors in a booth like device but look at it it's the foggiest ugliest looking my eye doctor has one just like it big you'll ever see it's completely ridiculous number 7 cat digital iPad holder I've never understood people who sit on the toilet and read as if they were in their living room but Hey whatever floats your boat right but this gadget pushes this thing on the throne business today stream here is your brand new iPad holder which comes with your very own toilet paper Sir makes the perfect Christmas gift right number 6 the remote wrangler most inventions are created out of frustration brought on by a real problem so yeah makes perfect sense that somebody would create a device that allows you to keep a remote close at hand but strapped to your face come on how many drinks did they throw back before coming the people behind the moronic device that yeah let's create it ugly mask that's really uncomfortable and looks like a torture device that idiots around the world will strike them self notes to the well make millions so why why would you want to do that number 5 puppy tweaks have you ever wondered why your dog is doing while you're at work well thanks to puffy tweets you'll never find out does that sound like the best sales pitch ever for a product no but really this completely pointless little device is supposed to be worn by your dog detecting movement and noise than twice what the dogs up to yeah it could sound cool but you'll be getting one of about 500 pre written tweets will probably have nothing to do with your pooch is actually up to not to mention the fact that if you get a tweed every time he moves of god and say by the end of the day number 4 true grit okay so somebody created a case for my tablet that would open up the give me half the keyboard on the left side and half the keyboard on the right side ... what's the point in that there's absolutely nothing useful to this people the whole idea for an adventure just to not just create anything it's to create something we can use and I feel like total awkward idiots this we'll get 3 X. is on expectorant my book people I'll tell you that number 3 the bigger burglar alarm next time you're out with your buddies getting a few beers don't forget to turn on your beer burglar alarm if you have to step away from the table for a few minutes your friends who are not to be trusted ever will without a doubt Drake what's left of your glass while you're away if you don't turn on your alarm see your fear burglar alarms quipped with a proximity sensor that will set up an alarming 7 tries to make away with your precious liquid while you're away pictures you've already put away what a stupid invention I'll just keep using my tried and true method licking the side of my glass and telling everybody I have cooties number 2 retro cell phone handset wanna convert your lightweight BC portable cellphone into a Fulci cumbersome hand set like that when you add Hey back in may 71 of course he does that's why we don't understand why somebody would create something that would be so impractical okay sure richer was cute it said it's cool but no people don't want to go that far guys okay good number one car stereo remotes sometimes you see a product and you wonder who is this designed for case in point the car stereo remote do you really need a remote to spare you the 3 foot reach while you're driving or sitting in the passenger seat or maybe this is for people with no arms now if you have no arms him to finger so what are you going to do with the remote anyway you look at it this is just plain stupid certainly the dumbest of all gadgets on this list //
"2016-10-13 01:12:49"
10 Creepiest Mansions
\\I yeah number 10 round mansion what makes the round mansion in Belgium so creepy is the fact that its last tenants sometime in the early 19 nineties just debate and then I'd bedroom mansion with no explanation and were apparently never heard from again it seems the tenets left so quickly baited even take any the expensive furniture or their personal effects they just left everything intact the place is so weary it should be used to film Harvey's number 9 the loss Felice murder mansion it's not really surprising that this man should it's been abandoned for more than 50 years it comes with a whole lot of baggage so much so that it's been nicknamed the boss for these murder mansion why because on 12/6/1959 doctor Harold Paris and beat his wife to death with a ball peen hammer before bludgeoning their 18 year old daughter after that he killed himself by drinking a glass of acid following this horrifying mess peril since 2 younger kids were taken away the authorities to shut the place down a year later the 5000 square foot home was sold in a probate auction but the new owners evilly and Julian and Rica's never actually lived in the place they just used it for storage when they pass their son inherited the place but he never live that either it's really a shame because it was truly a magnificent place with maids quarters a ballroom a conservatory and 4 bedrooms that could of all rival for the master bedroom title but now it's it's fallen into disrepair although some potential buyers have offered millions for the property it just remains locked in off the market kind of frozen in time since that tragic night over 50 years ago number 8 Jacqueline house this 70000 square foot home is known as Jacqueline house that was built in 1925 for copper magnate Daniel Cohen Jacqueline hence the name the rich businessman lived in it for about 10 years before it became a rental property eventually just fell into disrepair years later it was acquired by apple founder Steve Jobs who himself abandoned the place in 2000 then 4 years later jobs made plans to level the place and build a more modern home the local preservationists gave him a hard time the court battle raged until 2011 took jobs finally got the permits to demolish the home but jobs didn't get to build the new dream house though because he died of pancreatic cancer later that year number 7 jail day number 81 build in 1910 in Beijing this abandoned Chinese be answered is known as Chelan a number 81 locals believe it's haunted so it's remained empty and abandoned for years apparently the place was billed as a gift to British colonists by the end of 1949 it was home to a high ranking nationalist official who fled Beijing for Taiwan when the communists took over the officials poor wife was so distraught from being left behind that she hanged herself from the rafters since then JNA number 81 has been riddled with rumors of paranormal activity but of course there was never any real record of weird incidents per se even though government officials have tried to get the home leveled it's on the historical register so it can't be touched number 6 the crumbling Beverly hills mansion although Beverly hills is one of the most coveted real estate markets in the United States one creepy places not found a buyer for a very long time this 58 0 square foot a State Building 1925 was once owned by stage and screen director Vincente Minnelli Judy garland's husband and Liza Minnelli's dad buys and her step mom thought over the place for years when Papa Benelli died in the house in 1986 he will bite time you submit to his widow but put his daughter in charge of the estate see the problem it 2000 Liza decided to put the house up for sale and reportedly offered to purchase a condo for her step mother but when the house sold in 2002 step mom refused to move the whole thing became a real legal mess in which the new owners agreed to let Minnelli's 94 year old widow living the place she died in 2009 the odors talked about restoring the house but nothing has ever been done the places but abandoned the squatters ever since number 5 our backer Clement house our backer Clement house a southern mansion known by a copy mogul Samuel our backer was built in the late nineteenth century a bootable Kentucky through the years it's more from a home offices for attacks business before being taken over by the city in 2005 for of all things unpaid taxes when the last said it's were thrown out this beautiful place was just abandon and by 2008 was sold to architects got crap are for one dollar it plans to restore it and use it for community purposes but when that didn't work out he gave it back to the city in 2014 the bank sold it again for one dollar this time to oracle design who wants the restorative turn it into apartments we'll just see if that ever happens number 4 German doctors the state this abandoned mansion in Germany has been deserted for over 20 years that not much is known about who lived there before the place is badly dilapidated but still boasts gorgeous fixtures and furniture what's creepy is that the occupants left a lot of clothes and photographs like they had to get out in a hurry even more creepy part of the house was probably a doctor's examination room because medical instruments were found inside photographer an urban explorer to any of our base thinks that most of the family was killed in a car accident according to the headstones he found and that the lady who owned the estate died a short while after number 3 hacienda Napoli's this is state belong to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar I see an apple leases that almost 5500 acre property imported tree info Columbia plot of land also had an exotics do weird lifesize dinosaurs statues and an airplane runway when Escobar's reign ended the government sees the property the mansion was used as a shelter for poverty stricken people until around 2006 but that maintenance costs for getting out of control so the government turned it into a park now the public is welcome to roam the grounds and tore Escobar's being home number 2 Rothschilds castle only 5 miles away from Notre dom in France you'll find the ghostly abandoned Rothschilds castle it's been uninhabited since World War 2 the famous Rothschild family who possesses one of the largest private fortunes in modern history fled to England before the Germans arrived during the 4 year Nazi occupation of Paris the Germans plundered the house when the city was freed the U. S. army occupied the chateau when they left the family never returned and the homeless suffered decades of neglect from graffiti artists squatters and vandals although the castle was declared a historical monument 1951 it wasn't before 1979 that the youngest Rothschild son Barron Edmund so the castle for a symbolic 1 Frank to the city authorities turned around and sold it off to a wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman for 50000000000 Frank's which would be about 8000000 American dollars today 30 years later still owned by the same man the place is still in ruins and would need about 35 $0 in renovations number one a ghostly neighborhood although billionaire's row is the most expensive neighborhood in London England a lot of the homes there are really creepy when you get inside as a matter of fact a third of the mansions are empty and a bit riding for almost 30 years tender that were thought to be worth over 105000000000 U. S. dollars and owned by the Saudi royal family they were purchased between 1989 in 1993 but most have even been touched you can only imagine what's crawling around in there right I //
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5 Weirdest Police Training Exercises
\\number 5 in the Netherlands illegal drones become such a problem around airports prisons in some public areas that police have found a really original and weird way to fight the problem they're currently working with guard from above a company that trades eagles to attack and destroy the small consumer models that are becoming a growing nuisance and threat although the experiment is still in the testing phase it seems the birds have no problem breaking down the drones and are quickly rewarded for their feet with the peace from one of the guys to send the I'm just kidding number 4 Baltimore Maryland in the United States has been in the news a lot lately with all the rain tension problems the police forces could face a to better understand the troubles of mentally ill for counter while on duty cops undergo special like training at Towson university part of that includes wearing in newly developed device called mind storm which takes an officer through a psychotic episode from inside the mind of a distressed person so it's kind of scary right the audio and video device for bards them with messages and visual images that a psychotic patient might experience later on in the experiment officers are asked to go out into the field and perform their duties while listening to strange voices in their head sets talk about taking it to another level number 3 remember we used to spit in our handed shake with our best friend to seal an eternal friendship some would even make a small cut on their hand and take a blood oath but as part of the blood weeks ritual these shirtless Brazilian cops take it even further when they finish their training they receive their badge by getting the pin slanted in their bare chests but first they have to scream Kaveh aft which means skull wife's golf maybe because they need to be out of their minds to accept this this type of scarring is thought to have its origins in the United States military around ruled war too but is banned in most parts of the world in of the civilized once I would guess number 2 accounts job can be really stressful as we've seen in the news lately that's why the peel police department in Mississauga Ontario a suburb of Toronto in Canada has decided to add meditation to the training of its officers cops attended a lecture at a local Buddhist temple where they were taught mindfulness while chanting in the lotus position might sound a little strange but it seems that meditation exercises for police trainees is gaining in popularity across the U. S. and Canada and with all the shootings in abuse stories we've been hearing that might be a good thing number one when you think about police officers who usually don't think about art connoisseurs well New York City cops won't necessarily become art critics but visual perception expert ATV Herman has been teaching NYPD staff about art to help them develop a more critical life when they're out on the beat through famous paintings like young Vermeer's mistress and made permanent has the cops interpret what's going on in the image using only visual cues although this might sound weird her classes have been praised by many within the department because it's apparently helping officers think outside the box and sometimes the sessions even have surprising conclusions in one case an officer was shown el Greco's the purification of the temple which depicts Jesus kicking out the money changers and when he was asked what was going on the officer said thanks guy in the pink that would be Jesus should be arrested because he's the one causing all the trouble make whatever gives the cops more perspective right nnova we //
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5 Biggest Babies Ever Born
\\I'm number 5 Jim Michael 16 pounds being the biggest baby to ever be born in Texas the Lone Star state where people post everything gets bigger and better certainly isn't anything to sneeze at the mother of that record breaking babies jaded Johnson who had signed Jim Michael at Good Shepherd hospital in Longview Texas the boy came into the world wake 16 pounds babbling even if doctor obstetrician John Kirk who is expecting a 12 to 13 pound baby according to statistics a 16 pound baby is double the size of an average new board Anja Michael is only number 5 on our list number 4 Sam Asano I don't either 16 pounds 1.7 ounces before he was born doctors that estimated Samosata auto Hiba appeal city California and United States would weigh between 10 and 14 pounds that's a huge gap what you're talking about newborn weights nevertheless Josephina tag Lou son was born weighing 16 pounds 1.7 ounces dumb founding his mama and everyone around jobless son who broke California's baby weight record only weeks after 15 pounds 2 ounces Andrew Jacob sirventes was born number 3 Stephen like tell 16 pounds 5 ounces Australia's heaviest baby ever born is Stephen I tell who weighed in at 7.399 kilos at 16 pounds 5 ounces in U. S. dollars anyway he was bored I can see hospital way back in 1963 since the average weight of an Australian baby is 3.37 kilos Steven was more than double the norm this Aussie baby grew up it is now 53 years old you wonder if he's a humongous giant yet sober week but though he's a pretty regular 1.86 meters that would be 6 foot 1 for our American friends and waits a proportionate 97 kilos about 218 pounds so yeah things do change number 2 Nadia pounds in 2007 Tatiana Barr about of a of Siberia had a little baby girl if we could actually call her little anyway Davey Nadia was taught the August 12 child if she weighed pounds if that already sounds and seem to you listen to this all the time beyond his baby's weight over 11 pounds and it makes you wonder what's in the water has apparently tachyon was quoted as saying I eat everything we don't have the money for special food so I just ate potatoes noodles and tomatoes I guess all those cliches about radiation in the Soviet Union didn't reach Siberia number one Mohammed Akhbar rich suited 19.2 pounds we round out our list with a little boy it actually behind it could never be considered a little anything the heaviest baby ever born in Indonesia but also in the whole world obviously at Abdul Monna General Hospital because siren in northern Sumatra 19.2 pound Muhammad slip between average size babies the difference is mind blowing right Mohammed was his parents third child and his doctor was expecting to deliver twins father both parents are big people in their first 2 children were also big baby's father Mohammed faucet Newton and mother I mean we're certainly not expecting to breaking the world record a 40 minute see section to deliver Mohammed was apparently quite complicated due to its size and all that we had breathing issues at birth he quickly recovered to put things into perspective when he was born Mohammed was already the size of a 9 or 10 month old toddler //
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10 Facebook Posts That Got People Fired
\\number 10 Kevin called and was interning at Anglo Irish bank when he decided to take a personal day and told a supervisor was for a family emergency problem is he was actually going to a Halloween party which would be so bad if you hadn't posted pictures of himself on his Facebook page in a cute little fairy costume thirds are Kevin's boss all the picture and not only fired him but attach the photo to email and see see the entire office number 91 of the biggest problems with Facebook and social media and general as a lot of people need to self superior to make themselves interesting case in point Kimberly swan she basically did what a lot of us do on a daily basis which is moan about the lack of excitement and our day jobs accepted the post crap like first day at work O. M. G. so dull on your Facebook page it's bound to get to the wrong ears or eyes yep you guessed it 3 weeks later upper management got the see the post and the board entitled millennial got the boot of course he probably just said whatever and did the same thing in our next job but Hey some people never learn number 8 a lot of people have issues with their bosses but it's never a good idea to bad mouth in public even less on social media well that's exactly what Damon wants worker dawn Marie Sousa did winter supervisor took her to task for a customer complaint about a performance stead of venting privately to somebody she could trust you know like a friend or family member Susan went to our Facebook page and called her boss a deck and a scumbag no but tell us how you really feel diary American medical response the company she was working for told her she was fired for breaking the company's internet policy because she posted something about a Amar without permission I'd say that's a nice adult way of putting it number 7 teach it could be a very challenging that frustrating job sometimes it can also be very fulfilling and fun that nowadays there are definitely more hardships that rewards unfortunately that being said besides politicians are rock stars teacher is probably one of the jobs that's most scrutinized when your teacher if you need to be on your best behavior at all times and watch what you say and do in public this also applies if you're a college professor like Laurie gets it of east Stroudsburg university this lady had the great idea of posting this Facebook status just a few days after the shooting at the university of Alabama does anyone know where I can find it very discreet headband yes it's been that kind of day the university took immediate action and terminator sure it was probably just a job but looks like she didn't get the last laugh number 6 it's common knowledge that tips account for a large part of its servers income as a matter of fact in certain countries the gratuity taxes automatically charged to the bill unfortunately in certain parts of the world bad servers could take for granted that they should receive a check we don't know exactly what happened in this case but when a couple of the $5 tip at her assigned station Ashley Johnson felt gypped and she wasn't going to take it lying down so what did you do she turned to face both of course she posted the following message thanks for eating at bricks you cheap piece of shit camper 3 mistakes using Facebook to vent naming the restaurant where you work and sounding like a vindictive using bad language when talking about a paying customer bricks pizza managers obviously saw her Facebook status and fired her 2 days later since Johnson is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer she later said I lost my job because of a Facebook status even a week later that's still a lot to get your mind around yeah when you have the mind of an irresponsible childish twit number 5 sometimes situation sounds so ridiculous you can't help thinking this person probably auto sabotaged him or her self consciously or not case in point data could slip through is already on the verge of being fired is a 911 dispatcher in west Allis Wisconsin distiller fate the scheduler turn to Facebook and posted that she was addicted to placated Adderall polity marijuana yeah that's what she wrote Mad Dog 2020 great and that's it what a sad story no doubt this lady's Facebook post was a cry for help and it was definitely hard by our employers since she was fired soon after number 4 Buckingham Palace guard Cameron Riley might have been very good at standing still and winking as little as possible when he was standing in his little phone booth like cubicle in front of the castle but that didn't stop them from developing in a version for the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in the days leading up to her wedding apparently he was hoping for more love from prince William's future wife instead fill the got the cold shoulder so he turned the Facebook writing her and William drove past me on Friday and all I got was a shitty way boss you look the opposite way for me stupid stuck up cow am I not good enough for posh but it totally with you on this one who really gives a F. about her the royal couple was really sweet about the whole fake they registered in English classes so he could get his great to equivalency just kidding he was fired number 32 12 wasn't that long ago right that's what Jessica was about the bartender at Chicago's proof nightclub decided she needed to vent about all the harassment men of a different race reporting or throw so she turned her Facebook page threatening black people calling them porch monkeys and apes and say that they must not be fully developed for comments stirred into a threat because unfortunately she found people to agree with their and then a manager so we gave me from the iCloud got involved say a Hitler this is in violation of your social media contract please remove it ASAP showing how brilliant she was the future X. waitress replied are you joking I have a life outside of the club yeah you guessed it that life is lived in tire really outside the club now number 2 in the better left unsaid category this one probably takes the cake of course nobody can be forced to like their boss but not too many bosses would take kindly to be told straight to their faces that they were hated so maybe you should write I hate my boss of your Facebook off especially if said boss just so happens to be at Facebook friend chances are said boss will reply something like you do realize her friends on effort right number one I guess working as a prison guard can give you a certain feeling of confidence and maybe even make you feel invincible that's the only logical explanation I can find for this jackasses behavior back in 2012 way before governor junkie sick was buying for the GOP presidential candidates by letting correctional institute prison guard Jesse Hubbard posted this brilliant comment okay we got in la let's go get seasick next who's with me ... what you didn't think that that would be construed as a threat the prison fired hovered for get this violating a conduct rules didn't know poised to threaten or intimidate a member of the general public the general public we're talking about the governor of the state of Ohio people seems to be Hubbard's lucky even go from one side to the prison bars to the other I //
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5 Creepy Abandoned Theme Parks
\\number 5 presidents park back in February 2016 creepy and weird images of a farm in the U. S. state of Virginia started popping up on the internet there were pictures of bus of the first 43 presidents of the United States for the first George Washington to the latest George W. bush no bus a Frank Underwood from house of cards for fitzgerald grant from scandal because it would've been even more creepy anyhow it turns out the bus for the revenants failed theme park that went bust when the project went belly up in 2010 its instigator Howard Hank and started taking the statues to is 400 acre farm around 10 miles away from the site in Williamsburg look of about a week it cost nearly $50000 since each president wait around 20000 pounds maybe tap is a little heavier but they say if the glandular problem nevertheless take is hoping to save the statues with the crowdfunding page to help restore the heads and open a new park the plane is to raise a 0.$5000000 so that a new museum could be open and that everyone can get to see these amazing busts some of the 20 foot sculptures are missing important parts like ears and noses Abraham Lincoln as a gaping hole in the back of his head which is even more creepy when you think about how he died right in his museum packets is hoping to include exhibits about the White House America's first ladies and a spy in covert operations center let's hope it works number 46 flags as most of you know hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans Louisiana over a decade ago but some parts of the area still look like it happened yesterday the 6 Flags amusement park is 1 of them pictures taken by photographer Seth law the show and what a creepy and desolate state the pretty much untouched park has been left in what he reported back while the said you can see where the people would wait in long lines the roller coasters this snow cone stands the souvenir shops and even the Paris will still there apparently even saw an alligator while he was there because the floodwaters brought in the reptiles and they haven't left some of them are at least 10 to 12 feet long Jurassic world the blockbuster sequel to Jurassic Park was even film there but a crew of 400 people had to build a new backdrop on the grounds to bring out the modern world meets Jurassic Park feel that they needed number 3 Cajun Nuba leisure land to who could Japan some people think this theme park is cursed why well according to the Japan times the fact that it was built next to the side of the pond of the ghost woman an age old myth that is freaked out Japanese people for generations probably hasn't helped and it might even contributed to making the place close prematurely because when it open kitchen in the leisure land attracted hundreds of thousands of children each year with its amusement park it's campsite and it's driving range in the late 19 nineties less and less people started coming and by the year 2000 kids and it was shut down what is left of it is really creepy would be a great place to shoot a heartfelt number 2 happy world in 1997 some of them in me are dictatorships most powerful men got together for the ribbon cutting ceremony for a brand new theme park near Yangon cities do they hoped it would distract the population from the tough realities that was living under the state controlled media spun the theme park as a quote recreation center for the people with world class modern games unquote flashforward less than 20 years later the park is invaded by vines and trees that are swallowing the big red roller coaster the Viking pendulum ship and so many other dead rides what's even more sad is that dozens of people are living in the abandoned restaurants and amusement centers on the park's southern edge you know who those people are the employees of the park who lost their jobs will be closed over 3 years ago when someone tried to find out from the owners by the park close they found their offices were inhabited by a pack of vicious stray dogs number one the land of oz the land of oz was a theme park in museum filled at the end of the 19 sixties and beech mountain North Carolina and obviously inspired by the wizard of oz movie sounds like a great idea right entrepreneur Grover Robinson hope the theme park would attract families and money to the resort town and he was right in the beginning the park brought in up to 20000 visitors a day but the creator never live to see them because he died of bone cancer 6 months before the park opens later a fire destroyed the Emerald City and part of the museum's collection including dresses that Judy Garland had worn in the movie that didn't help park attendants that 10 years later the gates closed in the 19 nineties project emerald mountain saw the light though when a group of volunteers started slowly restoring the park well that's still not what it was tourists came coming go in search of the Emerald City the park also hosts a 2 day annual festival with a guided tour of picnic at Dorothy's farmhouse and for an extra $0 a whirlwind visit from Dorothy yourself no not Judy Garland now that would be really creepy this yeah //
"2016-09-05 00:31:52"
10 Parent-Child Duos That Could Be Twins
\\number 10 although it's well known that singer songwriter Julian Lennon is his dad Beatle John Lennon stubble ganger a picture is worth 1000 words look into both in their twenties it's also well known that John son Sean looks more like his mom Yoko Ono number 9 although the original Madonna Jesus is mama could make a case for the fact that she was more of a surrogate Madonna the baby singer and performer could never claim that she wasn't mortis is biological mother check them out when they were teenagers at about the same age number 8 Louis spectrum was born in 1917 almost a century ago on the right is a shot of his great grandson Matthew Backstrom board almost 80 years later in 1995 talk about the apple not falling far from the tree even 3 generations later number 7 photographed 30 years apart this father and son duo seemed to have a thing for tee shirts with cartoon characters and getting their picture taken with their set of wheels not to mention the fact that they're the spitting image of each other number 6 this mother daughter duo is another striking example of genetics at work the resemblance is almost scary even if the daughter hatted styled her hair or did her make up in a similar way she still would've looked like her mother's twin number 5 redditor sergeant use father is another guy who certainly could not have denied paternity of his son in this posting sergeant you said that his dad died when he was only 4 but everybody's always told her that he looks so much like the old man no kidding even dress the same and held a cigarette for this photo only in the wrong hands number 470 something Oscar winning actress Goldie Hawn known for roles in such movies as private Benjamin the first wives club and death becomes her as well as being actor Kurt Russell significant other for more than 30 years had 2 children with their first has been bill Hudson son Oliver and daughter Kate who are both working actors Kate Hudson is known for her Oscar nominated role in the movie almost famous not to mention her memorable turn as dance teacher Cassandra July on the TV series glee it's a good thing these girls get along because they certainly couldn't deny their family resemblance number 3 anyone who's tried to take a family picture knows how hard it is to photograph a baby so what are the odds that a father and son could be photographed with almost the same look on their face at about the same age so many years apart number 2 supermodel and spokeswoman Cindy Crawford is no the whole world over and apparently our daughter kaia Gerber is following in our mama's footsteps sky is just as gorgeous as the original make and model no doubt you have an amazing career as well yet she could have been a Gerber baby I I had to say it number one this guy thought everybody tells me I look so much like my dad let me find a photo booth to take the exact same 3 poses he took in the seventies the result is striking wouldn't you say this is so cool nnst //
"2016-09-02 02:23:02"
10 Most Evil Alarm Clocks
\\I in number 10 sonic bomb with super shaker if your alarm clock blast deafening heavy metal music still manage to hit this news button 4 times before you even think of getting up maybe you'd be this 113 decibel alarm which is the equivalent of getting woken up by Jack Kammer or the downtown hustle and bustle of Times Square in New York City and if the volume alone doesn't do it for you the red flashing lights and bad shaker unit which you install under your mattress should get you up for else maybe we just send the army to your house every morning number 9 sparrow alarm clock when this alarm clock goes off the clock starts flying around your bedroom hovers just above your head and starts to glow if you want us news of it you have to hit the sleep button while the thing it's in midair over your head then it leaves you alone for a bit flying towards the ceiling the second time you have to reach a bit higher and so wanted to you basically have to stand up and fed to turn the thing off when you do get to that point there will be much point lying down again at least we hope and so does your boss to get up already leads the bomb number 8 water spray alarm clock with this alarm clock that extra 10 minutes news might not be a good idea because the water spray alarm clocks will launch a water attack on you could imagine getting straight while you're in bed water on the floor on your sheets seeping through your mattress you'll feel like you wet the bed it will probably jump out of bed the second the alarm goes off the next morning right number 7 twist equation alarm clock and alarm clock that forces you to do math before your brain is even awake yet that's the twist equation alarm clock for you where this clock when the alarm goes off the screen will show you a plus or minus sign instead of the actual time you have to twist the dials to make up the mathematical phrase that makes sense before you could turn it off is that mean that Noyes keeps blasting way try to do the math man that would be enough for your bed partner to want to strangle you number 6 laser target alarm clock okay this one sounds like it was created by a mission impossible phantom also faces a few dark tournaments over the weekend see the only way you could turn off the laser alarm clock his fight gaining a laser beam at the exact center of the target in this society of trigger happy not jobs we live in this is exactly what we need an alarm clock that requires a lease are going to be turned off plus you have different settings one shot if you do you'll get up quickly 5 shots if you know you're one of those back to sleeping on the that make it harder for yourself of course if you wanna make it even harder hide the gun or put it in your safe next year firearm case in the garage number 5 dumbbell alarm flock the dumbbell alarm clock is perfect if you want to work on your pipes as soon as you wake up in the morning Billy we could turn the damn thing office by picking up the wanted to have pound dumbbell clock and doing 35 step reps with it that don't even try to cheat this thing this motion sensors inside of it number 4 flying alarm clock okay what will they think of next this one is downright childish as soon as this alarm clock goes off it sets a propeller flying across the room with those that do well the propeller is actually the key you'll need to turn the alarm off with that means you'll have to go on a propeller hunt if you ever want your alarm to shut up like when you went hunting for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday right room every morning number 3 clocking inventor gari Nonda from Massachusetts institute of technology created hockey that alarm clock the plays hide and seek if you don't get out of bed in time no really when the alarm goes off you're allowed this news once we go over that cocky will just jump off of the bed side table and we'll away fun begin that everything in its path until it finds a spot the hive and like a pouty spoiled child sitting in the corner so big boys so you get out of bed to silence him but if you decide to kick the crap out of them to forgive put your shoes on the first one to break a few too so early in the morning I still think clock you should have it called Chuckie because he's just as demonic number 2 money shredding alarm clock everybody says the time is money but this next clock pushes it a bit too far can you imagine an alarm clock which read your money if you don't get out of bed well that's exactly what this alarm clock no doubt invented by Satan does if you don't get out of bed and threats to catch the life of me I don't know how you can even fall asleep in the first place with all that worrying that the thing Michael Ryan shred your bed shipments if you sleep then or white eva put money in it for real a beef come on this is just insane folks number one tyrant alarm the tyrant alarm is a concept plot designed by Alice Wang what it does is it steals your cell phone if you don't get up right away and then it dial soap woods number from your contact list every 3 minutes until you wake up now if your status I guess you don't care that you're probably got your friend but come on I mean this is nuts only a crazy person would be amused by this right I I I WNED //
"2016-08-31 01:15:23"
10 Strangest Waterfalls in the World
\\uhhuh number 10 ruby falls ruby falls is the most popular underground waterfall in the United States tracking over 400000 visitors every year founded the city of Chattanooga which is settled on the Tennessee River ruby falls is also the deepest commercial limestone cave in the U. S. he was named for ruby labor the wife of the man who first discovered in the 145 foot waterfall contains high levels of magnesium which is known as a natural laxative so don't drink too much of it if you're already regular if you know what I mean number 9 ice cave waterfall Iceland's I because they looking every year and breathtaking waterfall the light reflecting to the man feel of the of course where you have underground waterfalls you have underground rivers take a look at the running called Krystal ice can number 8 Pamuk held a comical a which basically means castle in Turkish located in southwestern Turkey it's famous terraces are made of Travers team which are carbonate minerals which have been left by the flowing water this amazing natural structure it's 8860 feet long 1970 feet wide and 525 feet high this but it's been used as a natural bath for centuries when the ancient Greeks and Romans founded they quickly discovered the curative properties of its more mineral springs for years the springs attracted crowds of tourists who are blown away by the splendor of the heart and calcium bicarbonate rolling over the cliffs number 7 under water waterfall in the Republic of Mauritius the volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean you'll find the spectacular underwater waterfall yet that this sounds strange doesn't it and technically it isn't a waterfall per se but it's pretty incredible so we had to included in this list this magical natural occurrence is actually just the optical illusion that makes it look like there's an underwater waterfall with in the ocean as the sand and sediment sink farther into the sea from one coastal level to a much much deeper one it just looks like a marvelous waterfall would you say number 6 blood false in McMurdo dry valley in Antarctica a bright red 5 story high waterfall pours from the Taylor glacier into lake Bonney of course it's not real blood the courses down off the cliff in blood falls actually got its name from a 5000000 year old underground lake whose iron rich water seeps through an opening in the glacier and deposits blood red stains on the ice when it falls after coming into contact with air and erosions the lake is really trapped under a quarter mile of lace and cut off from the atmosphere so it's never seen sunlight and is completely deprived of oxygen when the glacier started forming over the lake the water below became salty today the salt content is so high even 3 times greater than sea water that the water can't freeze hence the lake and the waterfall number 5 Cameron falls located in Waterton lakes national park in the province of Alberta Canada Kaman falls looks totally amazing in the month of June because it extremely rare phenomenon occurs and makes the false pink this is caused by the torrential rains that stir up argillite a particular mineral and when the light reflects on it it turns the water up beautiful pinkish red doesn't look like an odd mix of blood and cotton candy number 4 the gar waterfall though it is especially impressive as far as size or flow the garb waterfall boggles the mind because of its special shape it peculiar location the water comes off a cliff which is covered in moss and falls into a small river located on the 40 fifth parallel the big gar is exactly half way between the North Pole and the equator making it one of the most unique waterfalls in the world number 3 horizontal falls there only to horizontal waterfalls in the world and they're both found deep within Talbot day in the buccaneer archipelago of the Kimberley region of Western Australia a great amount of water is pushed through this pair of gorgeous in the McLarty range becomes from powerful tidal waves the produce spectacular temporary waterfalls they can measure up to 15 feet as the tide changes so does the direction of the flow of water when the tide falls or rises the water builds up faster in front of the gorgeous and then the massive tidal currents create a spectacular waterfall fact a little bit like lava in a volcano and water rushes through the gorgeous down to the lower levels of the other side of the ridge lines beautiful number 2 fog waterfall in a country renowned for it's amazing landscapes and natural miracles the fog waterfall was captured on camera and on video I cashed in constant sent a native Icelander this phenomenal natural wonder which really is an anomaly is apparently caused by an inversion in temperature hot rising air acting as a seal and keeping cold air trapped under it thus creating fog falls off a precipice in chip Dale and into the Brita door below totally breathtaking number one forced tail fall in winter and early spring were still fall flows from the el Capitan mountain from 2 different streams and then drops about 1570 feet on a slab of rock which creates a miss that goes up then the water continues its way down another 500 feet to the bottom of the mountain in the last 2 weeks of February or still goes through an amazing change it becomes like a fire fall as night falls in the last rays of sun melt away they hit the water and reflect off the falls at the exact right angle creating an amazing the fact that looks like a cascade of fire instead of water //
"2016-08-29 03:52:47"
10 Worst Employees Ever
\\number 10 can you imagine letting your Ferrari to an employee in learning awhile later that you crashed your luxury sports car I guess you have to be pretty rich to even imagine something like this but anyhow that's what happened with generous California businessman who that is 23 year old employee drives Italian baby it seems the woman got a bit excited driven a little too fast as one would do so behind the wheel of a Ferrari right and flipped the card of curve causing around $125000 in damages she was unharmed but it seems our boss was irate when you say I'd say the ladies like here Boston you see insurance money to pay a hit man to get whatever number 9 this lady definitely qualifies for our worst employee lists and even though her boss might also qualify for a worst boss list if what she said was true she would certainly make our most stupid employee list as well this lady started trash talking about her boss on Facebook even accusing him of sexual harassment problem is she forgot her boss was a Facebook friend he replied fairly quickly by firing her just as publicly number 8 a jet blue employee who worked at JFK airport in New York City loading bags on the planes fell asleep in the cargo space of a plane and worship the Boston 200 miles away 21 year old sitting there certainly surprised dispel the tarmac workers at Logan airport when they open the cargo door of the E. RG 190 aircraft unloaded sit with the luggage it seems there spoke up 1 flight be 61004 was taxiing for takeoff at JFK but by that time it was too late number 723 year old Stephen Reid a hotel clearance Scotland wanted a day off from work probably because he wanted to save on sick days repent of the space with a razor and himself in the head and on the body with a boulder to make it look like he'd been beaten up even went to the police station to report the assault you know to make it all sound real fun of the masochistic idiot admitted he was lying in bed of 100 pound fine for wasting police time later read commented saying looking back I should've probably just both work and ask them for the day off number 6 1 morning in 1990 assistant executive engineer a key Vermont to work for the central public works department was feeling a bit under the weather and went home taking a sick day and never return 24 years later he was found guilty of willful absence of duty it seems it came under investigation in 1992 but that begs the question that it takes 2 years before they started messing up anyway formal dismissal proceedings didn't start before 2007 and if then took 7 more years to finally get him fired urban development minister think high in the do did in the bordering its dismissal number 5 how's this for outsourcing to China this guy named Bob hired a Chinese IT developer to do his job in his place while he earned a 6 figure salary for watching cat videos and shopping on eBay all day Bob was even getting great reviews for his amazing work what's crazy is that somebody at the company eventually found it odd that a guy in Shenyang was logging on to their computer network every day so they hired a Valentine who's part of the Verizon risk team to investigate when the breach was traced to Bob's V. P. N. network the company thought he was the victim of some kind a hack but upon further investigation they realize they're mild mannered genius was more of a smart slacker number 4 Newark airport employee Pythias brown thawed supplement his income by starting his own business on eBay problem as he did with items he was allegedly stealing from checked luggage slaving over $200000 worth of loose but if you're going to steal a camera for HBO worth nearly $48000 and a camcorder from the C. N. N. employee maybe you should try to sell them on eBay when police raided brownstone they found 66 cameras 31 laptops and jewelry and other valuable items so yeah he was charged with theft number 3 you know how you often hear the expression only in the U. S. like that lady that sued McDonalds because she burned herself drinking their coffee and one well it seems council staff members in England it received over $100000000 or approximately 75000000 pounds in the last 5 years for compensation because of work related accidents that would be fine if they were legitimate requests but when you hear that Lancashire county council peated employee 5500 pounds a ski 0 US dollars folks throw back injury he got falling out of bed to answer a work related call you think really number 2 Frenchman Frederick Dehnart who has a managerial position in a Paris based perfume company is suing his employer because he's suffering from poor out a phrase coined by the media as opposed to burn out date arses work was so tedious he was literally bored out of his mind and actually compared his descent into hell to an actual burnout dinars asking for the equivalent of 414000 U. S. dollars in compensation and damages which includes holiday pay the disgruntled employee complains that between 2010 and 2014 he was shelled by his employer inter Parfums giving him a little to no work for limiting him to menial tasks number one talk about staying under the radar this Spanish civil servant didn't show up for work for at least 6 years and nobody seems to notice you know we gave them away his work colleagues tried to give them a special award for as long service in 2010 walking Garcia had been employed with air quotes with the water company and candies and was supposed to supervise the construction of a water treatment plant except he didn't show up for over 6 years and nobody noticed due to a mixup between the water company and the local authorities the water company thought the local authority was managing Garcia while the local authority thought the water company was in charge of him Chrissy got up pretty good since he was making 37000 years a year and be a little over 41000 US dollars and was only fined €27000 a little over $30000 to 69 year old decided to retire or more to the point make it official I //
"2016-08-26 19:13:51"
10 Celebrities Who Were Teen Parents
\\I number 10 salons dole's Beyonce's little sister Solange Knowles is a singer songwriter actress and model but unfortunately she's mostly famous for that silly elevator incident with their brother in law Jay Z. but most people don't know is that some lunch married when she was just 17 and had a son only eat half months later her husband was 19 year old Daniel Smith and all of the marriage lasted only 3 years Daniel and salons are said to be doing a pretty good job co parenting Daniel Jules judo Smith for whom the singer recorded a song called the 6:00 blues her mama experience also encouraged her to launch the baby Jacobs kids clothing line in 2014 so launch married music video producer Alan Ferguson number 9 Jamie Lynn spears first became famous for being Britney spears baby sister and even though she started her own TV show so we want to one particular never got the same attention her sister got unfortunately that change when she got pregnant had tabloid Jamie Lynn tried a bit fear and put career on hold to take care of the baby later on she Paris desperate it's all Starbuck children's television show little Maddie Bryansk dad is Casey Aldridge JB that's first boyfriend like many young couples in these types of situations calling it quits 2000 and in March 2014 she got married to Jamie why it is a great step father to Maddie Brionne number 8 Nikki Taylor model Niki Taylor became a mom at age 19 go into it half way she had twins that was back in 1994 which would make sense shaken hunter Martinez 22 today although she certainly wouldn't say that all TV I should have babies tailors the quoted to say that the small age to between her and her kids sometimes makes them feel more like friends we like the same music and movies and we think the same things are cool she told mom magazine we just look at things kind of the same way because that applies even more now that they're adults number 7 academy award winning actress and famous talk show host Whoopi Goldberg was in rehab and only 17 years old which you fell in love with their counselor Alvin Martin and got pregnant marrying seem like a good idea at the time she told the Daily Mail in a 2009 interview about the marriage didn't last long Goldberg did manage to do pretty well for herself and although she's had ups and downs in a relationship with her daughter Alexandria who generally goes by Alex moving to California working hard is an aspiring actress does seem like the thing she needed to do today Alex's made will be a very proud and happy grandma it's even been on Whoopi's ABC talk best the view with their mama a few times showing how great the relationship is now number 6 Naomi Judd country superstar Naomi Judd has 2 daughters well known who with whom she sang for years as the popular do of the judge and golden globe nominated actress Ashley Judd who were born 4 years apart when she was 1822 having babies apparently didn't slower down because the only went on to become 1 of the most successful country artists of all time and although like all families the Judds family life wasn't always a bowl of cherries it seems they're doing pretty well as a whole number 5 lebron James having children younger becoming famous is that reserved only for women said some celebrity dads were teen parents to one of the most famous is NBA superstar lebron James let his son the Bryant junior at age 19 with his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson although the broadest known for being quite a handful in the ego department he be doing pretty well in the husband and parent feels seems he really pushes himself to be the best he can for his wife and kids analysts Savannah and lebron started their family on the seed to be doing okay number 4 Sofia Vergara model and actress Sofia Vergara had her son Manolo Gonzalez Ripoll Vergara in 1992 when she was only 19 she was married to a high school sweethearts Joe Gonzales back then but the couple divorced the year after but no was born although the modern family star has admitted that being a single mom was hard at times she also said that there were benefits when I had the nolo I was think TV and I had the energy for everything she told red book that's funny because everybody who does are now says people half rage of trouble keeping up with their number 3 little Wayne little Wayne was the youngest artist to side with cash money records soon after he became a household name in the rap world but what most bands don't know is that he was also one of the youngest celebrities to have a child when he was only 15 will wane got its girlfriend Antonia Toya Jackson pregnant she was 14 at the time they married 5 years later but the marriage only lasted 2 years now 33 Lil Wayne has 3 other children by other women but still says Toyota will always be its first love number 2 Oprah Winfrey before becoming the superstar in TV mobile we all know today Oprah Winfrey went through a very hard childhood suffering abuse molestation and rape at 14 she became pregnant and desperately tried to hide her growing belly her baby died in the hospital soon after its birth and for decades Oprah kept her pregnancy a secret in 1990 a relative sold the story to a tabloid for $19000 although she peered this scandal would destroy her career the whole thing blew over rather quickly Winfrey was able to get on with their life oddly enough the trouble she got into with those cattle farmers in Texas actually cause more of its third letter teen pregnancy being revealed number one Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin is does the queen of soul and was the first female to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame born in Memphis Tennessee your father was a popular and powerful preacher and Aretha discovered her power resided in her voice in a time when this thing happened often read his parents separated when she was very young justice side is the fact that Aretha had her first child at 12 years old you heard right 14 years later she gave son Clarence a brother went side Edward was born Aretha's I've raised voice while she pursued her music career allowing her to provide very well for her or her children in her family even to this day Aretha has never revealed who fathered her voice //
"2016-08-06 19:45:46"
10 Most Exotic Fruits
\\you number 10 Lang said this small shiny round fruit is mostly found in Southeast Asia and as recently been introduced in Hawaii like a lot of fruity can be very sour when it isn't right but deliciously sweet when it is ready to eat its taste could be if it's similar to a bittersweet grapefruit and it grows in bunches close to the trunk and branches of its tree the way it's pictus pretty primitive all the picture does this shake the tree that represent fruit the more likely the fruit will come down number 9 mangosteen you've heard of mangoes right sure but you might not have heard about the mango steam or the manca as it's called this fruit is even called the car type fruits when you open its thick purple pelea find an elegant segmented white flash the monk guide is grown in the south of Thailand but even though the country is generally warm year round the a few months from may to September if you're ever in Thailand during those months sure to get a taste of this delicious sweet and luxurious proved number 80 ruku what's extremely exotic to us this is so original and every rule household in the Amazon as a matter of fact the a root who plan is probably has come in there as an orange tree in Florida or an olive tree in Greece I TOT Pixar or Lana as it's called in Latin it's scientific name is a shrub a small south American tree it's also cultivated Southeast Asia with the Spanish introduced into the seventeenth century its best known as the source of the natural pigment I not tell the shrubs fruit gives us that color number 7 ugly fruit like many fruit the ugly must be peeled so we can eat its flesh what's unusual about this guy's it's covered with reddish scales which actually protected from many animals a little like a mango people eat it by scraping the flesh over their bottom teeth until they get to its large pit the Aug way is a great source of vitamins a and C. and it's pope could be used to treat burns and when fermented it becomes a delicious wine number 6 star fruit you've probably seen the star fruit already because it's gaining popularity in the United States also known as carambola it got its name from its shape what it's cut across the middle its skin is waxy golden yellow sometimes a big green and offers a vast array of flavors that will remind you of plums pineapples and lemons number 5 a key a key is a tropical fruit native to West Africa where it's known as a key I but it should make at its legendary it was brought to the Caribbean in the eighteenth century and became Jamaica's national fruit it's also half the Jamaica signature dish a key and salt fish sometimes people call the AFP a vegetable brain because only the inner brain shaped yellow which part is edible what is a bit scary though is if it's in the wrong way it could make you very sick speaking because what's called Jamaican vomiting sickness which can even lead to coma or death number 4 fish Silas the peseta says it unusual lantern like us get is part of what's known as the nightshade family in the same family were much more familiar with tomatoes peppers and eggplants since the Purcell is has a mild refreshing at city close to the tomatoes it can be used in many of the same recipes can you imagine having spaghetti at the Sava sauce number 3 rambutan some people think the rambutan it's the strangest looking fruit ever in Malay Indonesian and Filipino rambutan literally means Terry say could understand what they call the first that when you see it on the outside it's magenta with green hairy legs all over it but inside it looks like a leaf chief group it's clearing gummy it's also very watery and has a huge seed in the middle it tastes pretty good but the rambutan makes the list because of its peculiar look number 2 through his hand you can guess where the Buddha's hand got its name although we certainly hope the great ones hands worked curled an arthritic looking like this citrus fruit plus hit as many more fingers that a human hand the yellow and green fruit is not really eaten per se not as is at least it's thick web any rhyme it hard the white part you see is often candied and made into a delicious the citrus delicacy and sometimes it's infused with spirits or made into the course the small amount of flesh inside is really sours to people rarely use it in food plus the fruit sells for about $25 a pound it's pretty steep number one squared water melon have you ever seen the squared water melon before it's the brainchild of a farmer on Japan southwestern island of Shikoku who thought that having a big round water bellowed in your fridge just wasn't practical so we came up with the idea of making a cube shaped water melon which would be simpler to pack and store so we started growing balancing glass boxes and the fruit just naturally assumed the shape 20 years later cuboid water melons are available in select stores and upscale supermarkets so it's it's really expensive 10000 yen which is the equivalent of about 83 U. S. dollars it appeals mostly to wealthy and trendy people in Tokyo and Osaka to pay its 2 major cities //
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10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
\\now number 10 you douche DO Bordeaux does do Bordeaux is also known as the French mastiff like the English mastiff the DOJ to Bordeaux is one of the oldest breeds in Europe although it's relatively short with a height between 23 and 27 inches it's a very sturdy dog and generally weighs about 150 pounds its most distinctive impressive feature is its humongous head one of the biggest of all dog breeds number 9 the Anatolian shepherd the Anatolian shepherd is a very powerful dog it's known for being very instinctive and protective of its family it's also capable of great love and loyalty to those who are close to a the Anatolian shepherd weighs approximately 100 fourty 4 pounds and measures between 29 and 32 inches since it's mostly used for great over 8 the Leon burger the amazingly there is a car stalks the great parodies on her way it's about 100 terrible to I told the and she very trainable ideally it social trade when it double scholars can ari from red to a reddish brown to lie in the number 7 Newfoundland the Newfoundland previous addresses Serrie the heaviest or the tallest of but it can grow very big our fax some breeds of the race of the feet tall when they stand on their hind it's obvious and they can weigh up to 200 generally the laboratory 27 to 30 inches long and we between 100 and 150 pounds the Newfoundland has a water resistant coat thank the different colors including beige brown black and white with patches of black number 6 the Saint Bernard the sea bird artist not only feed Mister being huge it's also famous for being a legendary hero that save skiers and hikers agreed alpine rescue missions it's also pretty well known pasted the Beethoven movies which created a real buzz around the breed in the 19 eighties and nineties who did what to adopt the Saint Bernard after seeing that first movie but did you know that the St Bernard got its name from the great Saint Bernard hospice makes sense doesn't it the Saint Bernard dog could weigh anywhere between 100 and 10 and 200 pounds and measure approximately 25 to 30 inches color is usually a mix of rusted white with a few shades of black throated for good measure it seems that the longest dog recorded history was a Saint Bernard is Dave with major F. any measured brace yourself 8 feet 6 inches wow number 5 the Caucasian shepherd dog the Caucasian shepherd dog is also known as the Russian bear with the Caucasian off charkha this dog is known for its very strong bones and its muscular build it generally measures between 27 and 30 inches and weighs in at 330 pounds since it's a mountain dog like the Saint Bernard it is a heavier coat that sub briefs that don't live in higher altitudes number for that great Dane speaking of breeds that are not mountain dogs the great Dane is doomed for being one of the tallest breeds in the world this guy Freddy was already 7 feet 4 inches from shoulder to tell it 14 months incredible generally great Danes average 28 to 34 inches and weigh between 100 and 200 pounds their coats are usually caramel brown harlequin black fawn riddle and mantle with a bluish hue number 3 the Irish wolfhound for average height the Irish will pound beats out the great Dane but that's not the only thing that's impressive about this breed it also has a commanding appearance he could seem a bit intimidating yet a little bit like the great Dade the Irish will found is in heavy dog it's average wheat berries between 625 pounds and its height averages 30 to 35 inches as you can tell it's code is much more on the shaggy side number 2 the Neapolitan mastiff contrary to what you might think the Neapolitan mastiff does not have a chocolate vanilla and strawberry coats just kidding but the Neapolitan mastiff is known for being an amazing guard dog that will protect family and property with its life it's also extremely Boylan fearless generally this big greed will measure between 24 and 29 inches and weigh from 1330 pounds it is a very strong message body that is rather rectangular and distinguishes itself with its hanging wrinkles the folds on its head and it's really large do lap number one the English mastiff the English mastiff is considered the largest breed of dog in the world as far as mass goes he could measure between 27 and 30 inches and weigh between 100 and 20 and 220 pounds the world record for the heaviest dog of all time even belongs to this breed is the way Zorba any weight a whopping 343 pounds at desert 37 inches that's some major pooch people WNED //
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10 Celebrities Before And After Drug Use
\\the number 10 anyone house in 2011 amazingly talented British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse the latest member of the horribly sad twin 7 close immunity of celebrities who all died at 20 ... sold it will be trial to voice and rich mix of musical genres including rhythm and blues jazz and soul immediately blew away the music world fortunately she was heavy in the heroin and alcohol which severely altered her appearance and ate away at her she never manage the state we have long enough to cure herself of addiction number 9 Whitney Houston another amazingly talented singer Whitney Houston was known as one of the most powerful voices on earth cranking out number one hits one after another Whitney was said to have gotten hooked on crack cocaine by then husband Sigur Bobby brown or sad physical transformation happen before our very eyes and sadly culminate with her death in 2012 just before the Grammy awards number 8 Matthew Perry Matthew Perry story certainly is that is that is Amy's and Whitney's the actor most famous for playing Chandler Bing on NBC's popular sitcom friends from 1994 to 2004 really struggled with alcohol and drugs including opium derivatives and amphetamines his long kicked the habit and now campaigns very actively to raise awareness about drug abuse is rough years to take their toll though if you could see from these photos number 7 Moesha pardon gorgeous young actress bishop Martin had been in show business for over 20 years now believe it or not but a real breakout role came back in 2003 when she was cast as Borisov Cooper on the TV series the OC unfortunately soon after she left the show she apparently started hearing the life of her character struggling with alcohol and drug abuse for years a parting ways giver body a hard time because you could see from these photos number 6 Steven Tyler so musicians take the sex drugs and rock and roll lifestyle a bit too literally this certainly was the case for Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler who now talks very openly about his struggles that he went through with drugs Steven says he started getting high when he was 16 and experiment with a great number of drugs for years after that he'd also staying sober is a day to day thing this face and body sure remind us of how irreversible abusing drugs can be number 5 Amanda Bynes young actress Amanda Bynes was looking at an incredibly promising career with roles on long running TV series like all that and what I like about you and movies like easy a and sees the man Amanda was one of Hollywood's it girls but the wholesome looking child actress use drugs it because of them struggled with mental illness fitted of getting arrested for a few D. you lies and admitted that she smoked marijuana and abuse prescription drugs although she was institutionalized a few times and seemed to be doing much better she's had a rough time of it is we could certainly tell from these photos number 4 Tara Reid gorgeous young actress Tara Reid was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world of the 19 nineties acting in some of the most popular rom coms of the era she quickly became extremely popular but might not have been equipped mentally or emotionally to deal with fame alcohol and drugs took over her life but started really affecting her mental and physical health another horrifying example of the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse number 3 Courtney Love lead singer of the group poll wife of Kurt Cobain excellent actress notably the people versus Larry flint and sons of anarchy Cordy loves but struggling with drugs and alcohol in a very public way for as long as we can remember mixing alcohol and prescription drugs was a particularly big problem for for awhile and although she says she's off drugs now and doing much better the fast certainly haunts Sir if you could tell from these pictures number 2 Lindsay though hand super child actors Lindsay though hand became an instant star thanks to our amazing acting ability in such films as the remakes of the parent trap and freaky Friday sadly her partying life for drug and alcohol abuse center crazy lifestyle meter board of tourists in the rules that made her famous Lindsay went from being a cute young girl which he played alley Fallin on another world to a broken beat up young woman from we all wish would just get Iraq together because when she's well she just about amazing work the pain she's put her body through will probably always show on her face number one Charlie Sheen son of actor Martin Sheen Charlie started his acting career as a teenager and did some amazing work in films like platoon and comedies like major league hot shots before becoming a household name on the sitcom 2.5 men is alcohol and drug abuse turned into a monster in Hollywood he became so hard to handle people's fired from the uber popular sitcom the drugs and alcohol did help it controls party in a few months ago she came out the media admitting that he had contracted HIV because you could see the brutal years of abuse is body underwent certainly shows on his face let's wish him the best //
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5 Most Radioactive Places On Earth
\\number 5 my the shoe Kurdistan we we think of radioactive soil we often think it comes only from bombs had problems caused by poorly managed nuclear power plants well in the case of the mindless you in Kurdistan its radiation comes mostly from cereals you apply power plant as a matter of fact did 1006 report from the blacksmith is did the violence you was one of the 10 most put is on our not only was the site the home of a processing facility its uranium waste was so poorly managed it now houses 36 thumbs of the stuff almost 2000000 cubic meters it's the region is also located in a part of the world that is prone to seismic activity potential movements of the sites could expose the waste and because some of it and a big rivers contaminating water that's used by hundreds of thousands of people they might never suffer a nuclear attack but they still have good reason to live in fear of radioactive disaster every time the earthquakes number 4 the poly gun because xtime another neighbor of Kurdistan is Kazakhstan whose poly Gagne was once the Soviet union's nuclear weapons testing spot Moscow that Susan the place to do it atomic bomb testing because of its uninhabited status despite the fact that 700000 people live there the poly god was with the Soviets detonated their first nuclear bomb and it holds the record for the place for the largest number of nuclear explosions in the world 400 56 tests over 40 years from 1949 to 1989 the testing that was carried out of the facility and especially its impact in terms of radiation exposure was kept secrets of the place was closed down in 1991 scientists estimate that 200000 people felt different directly affected by the radiation number 3 Mayak Russia it's sad to say that our third most radioactive place in the world is again in the ex Soviet Union Mayak an industrial complex in Russia's northeast at 1 of the world's worst nuclear accidents back in 1957 close to 100 tons of radioactive waste was released when a huge explosion occurred this contaminated a massive area believe it or not the thirties Rabal to keep the explosion quiet until the 19 eighties but as early as the 19 fifties surrounding area and lake Karachay we use this trash bins for that nuclear waste this obviously because the water supply to be contaminated card she might very well be considered the most radioactive place in the world and over 400000 people who live nearby I've been exposed to radiation from play it as a result of all the serious incidents that have occurred including dust storms and fires they Charites natural beauty hides deadly pollutants and the level of radiation in the wasted lives in its water could kill a human being within an hour number 2 Chernobyl Ukraine the name Chernobyl sadly became synonymous with radio activity when 1 of the world's worst nuclear accidents happened 30 years ago in 1986 although most of us have never heard of the place which again was in the Soviet Union Chernobyl became instantly infamous still to this day it's heavily contaminated the awful accident exposed over 6000000000 people to radiation and although it's very hard to pinpoint the number of deaths directly linked to the incident estimate start as low as 4000 and go as high as 93000 it's believed that the accident released 100 times more radiation than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs combined although the people of Ukraine were directly affected it seems that Belarus absorb 70 percent of the radiation not surprisingly it's citizens have been developing more cancers ever stands number one Fukushima Japan in 2011 a devastating earthquake and tsunami up the coast of Japan destroyed homes and lives but also leveled the Fukushima nuclear power plant which caused the most long lasting effects the natural disasters because the very unnatural meltdown of 3 of the 6 reactors at the power plant leaking radiation all around the surrounding area and into the ocean the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl radioactive material was even detected as far as 200 miles from the plant although the government and scientists have been working to diminish the environmental impact of the catastrophe the world will probably feel its consequences for decades if not centuries to come I //
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5 Coolest Suspended Pools
\\number 5 Adelphi hotel pool Melfort usually open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM each day as Belle points at Delphi hotels rooftop pool deck with a possible overnight stay of approximately $200 for a single adult guests can enjoy fine food and drinks by the sparkling pool overlooking the alleys and streets of Billboard if you're planning a party or function for a moderate or large size group the Adelphi could cater for anywhere between 20 and 70 people have this outdoor Hey even if your event host fewer people you would 11 colleagues can enjoy complimentary wifi access coffee for juries beverages and equipment for your business ventures all included for 67 $50 a day before your match so on the edge of a skyscraper number 4 Hilton hotel pool Auckland despite the bear appearance of lack of color in the exterior Falklands Hilton hotel this small cubic splash of color is it as small as it seems between the 2 great white buildings that make up the hotel this heated and suspended lap poor rise above a regular city street where it swimmers could peer over at the oncoming traffic this goes both ways as the viewing gallery below the poor gives a view of the action from underneath the Hilton hotel in Auckland also comes complete with friendly approachable staff and some of the most comfortable beds in the business voted by users of tripadvisor number 3 hotel indigo pool Hong Kong complete with 5 futuristic luxurious adaptations of deck chairs the hotel indigo Hong Kong islands building skyline oasis puts gently and carefully about the civilians below Hong Kong's urban jungle is given a luxurious touch with the hotel indigo strategically placed and aesthetically pleasing horizontal bins to reduce glare where most needed when the hotel's 138 rooms occupants are given the opportunity to swim a few laps during their stay they're not only welcome with luscious seating arrangements also showers to wash off and beautifully and expertly trim hedges extra privacy and appeal number 2 Holiday Inn pull Shanghai similar to the previous polls on this list the holiday in port in Shanghai has only a small section that crosses over the edge of the building if the steering full of the 20 fourth floor throws off your courage you have a much larger pool in which to frolic directly adjacent however if you are brave enough to take the opportunity to be prepared to be watched not only is there the vertical view for people on the ground to peer up from but there is an added viewing area on 3 of the 4 sides of the aquatic enclosure chainsaw yon associates brings you on a trip to the hotel with an aquarium but this time you're the main attraction number one marina bay sands infinity pool Singapore more than 50 floors a 2.5000 rooms above the grounds at Singapore's financial district is quite possibly the most incredible domestic ocean in the world a room in the hotel which opened it 2010 costing just short of $6000000000 goes for around $300 a night as a starting price the full itself falling slightly less than 500 feet in combination with the sky park looks more like an excessively extended cruise liner it come to rest atop the 5 star hotel however if he were daunted by the Holiday Inn tool this is certainly not the swimming destination for you according to numerous visitors it generally feels like you're about to fall off the edge of the earth //
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10 Scariest Bridges in the World
\\number 10 the Ishiba Ohashi bridge Japan would you see the if she were Ohashi bridge situated in western Japan you'll probably think more of a roller coaster that arose this crazy bridge links the city of Matsu to the town a second bianco you have to wonder what the architects and engineers behind this they were thinking it's basically a highway to outer space right you know some sort of shortcut to your worst nightmare it should come with a warning like may induce vomiting nausea and organs changing places in your body but seriously if you're looking for a thrill this to lay a concrete bridge rises so sharply begin even the bravest drivers an unbelievable experience and check out the steep slope to about huge ships to pass underneath it wow number 9 heel pain bay bu bridge Cambodia okay so it's well known that being who is one of the strongest if not the strongest sturdiest material in the world but still a bridge made of it for real cars and trucks during the rainy season you can only access the island by boat but in what's called the dry season when the Mekong rivers flow goes down you can get to the island by crossing that Cale pembantu bridge what's incredible is that the bridge is actually rebuilt by hand every year the bridge also lead to the deaths according to the vehicles the past each moment the bridges framework is made of bamboo sticks and a carpet of several layers canes cut in half extending over it building what seems to be an extremely strong structure number 8 her gun and could 2 laks bridge Mongolia located in the northern part of the outside mountain range near the border of China invasion only gave the westernmost part of the Mongolian provinces this bridge that spans the kurgan include 2 lakes is relatively short is made of wood but it's really high 2000 meters in elevation that's more than a mile high impassable for 2 cars in the side this 100 meter long rates would test even the best driver skills courage and stamina number 7 album bridge Pakistan build over the Gilgit river the alum bridge is a combination of iron rods would and wires nothing more it links the Baltistan region to Gilgit the capital of the administrative region of Gilgit Pakistan and the rest of the country it's about 300 meters of land which is less than a half mile this wooden wire suspension bridge was built by Chinese and Pakistani engineers in 1978 since the parties don't feel very confident into play surveillance of boys to insure vehicles don't exceed the speed limit also trucks and other loaded vehicles weighing more than 20 tons are not allowed to pass number 6 the GNU or suspended bridge Pakistan or second Pakistani bridges also located in Gilgit Baltistan but in the northern part of the country the dead your is 510 feet long and it's connected to a 30 foot curve tunnel dubbed the bridge between heaven and hell connects Gil gets a dead your cross the Hunza river was built in the mid sixties and is currently closed to vehicles only pedestrians are about to cross it now since it's been declared unsafe by the district's administration locals who got the cross it by car safe if the ultimate test of the driver skill and nerve and add that an abrupt stop can leave a vehicle stranded in the middle of the river now that's crazy number 5 the trip to bridge Switzerland the trip bridge is one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps it's 100 meters high and 170 meters long and is voiced about the trip to police your region walking the bridge certainly isn't adventure but so was reaching it by cable car the trip was modeled after the Nepal these 3 brokerages which were real tourist magnets number 4 the carica reedy rope bridge Northern Ireland the character really rope bridges suspended bridge near ballot to weigh in Northern Ireland it links the mainland to the tiny Karrakatta Aline the site is owned and maintained by the National Trust the bridge spans 20 meters and is 30 meters above the rocks below it's now third into a great tourist attraction bringing over a quarter of 1000000 visitors a year when it's windy crossing the bridge is a truly exhilarating experience but it can certainly be terrifying as well if you're afraid of heights number 3 the Inca rope bridge Peru Inca rope bridges were simple suspension bridges over canyons and gorges that would provide access for the Incas bridges of this type refined since the Inca people did newsreels their traffic was limited to pedestrians and livestock these bridges were an integral part of the Inca road system and are an example of feca innovation in engineering they were frequently used by the Chesky runners who delivered messages throughout the Inca Empire number 2 the hanging bridge of cassava Paul stretching high above a river valley this bridge did the Nepalese town of consol was built for a very practical reason to ease the traffic congestion caused by local animal herds in the bridges so long it really does hang when you look at it it certainly appears to be one of the most extreme and dangerous bridges on this list but it seems such a high amount of traffic every day with herders that farmers using it to move goods to market that it's actually prove pretty sturdy and capable of handling an impressive amount of weight besides on the popular Annapurna circuit widely used trucking route through the Himalayan foothills number one who signed a bridge of board lake Pakistan known as the most dangerous bridge in the world the who study hanging bridges only one of many precarious route bridges the northern Pakistan there's absolutely no way could be considered safe but it's actually used on a regular basis by many who traveled to the larger cities in northern Pakistan this particular road rage is very long and poorly maintained as you can see many planks are missing which must definitely make it under Irving the cross and when strong winds test your nerves it makes the crossing even scarier not to mention the fact that the older broken bridge hangs in tatters right next to the new one kinda creepy ha I //
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10 Most Bizarre Divorce Settlements
\\number 10 doctor Richard Batista from Long Island New York made one of the oddest things creepiest requested his divorce settlement he wanted his cheating wife to return the kidney that he'd given her a kidney is of the name of their pet Chihuahua we're talking about the actual organ here folks doctor Batista gave his wife dawn out a kidney back in 2001 but I guess since she cheated on him he wanted to send a clear message you wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for my organs so give it back or about 1.$5000000000 law experts were puzzled by this request because organ donation is legally a gift not alone and by giving the kidney back Mrs Batiste that would basically be signing her death certificate for doctor Batista was clearly very bitter number 9 now many people converse that they've had to fight for the right to own some of Bob Dylan's hair only in the world of rock and roll right wealth that's how ugly the divorce of the black keys Dan Auerbach and Stephanie go to Scott but what it was finally over in 2013 Stephanie walked away with $5000000 a home a Toyota Highlander and most notably Bob Dylan's hair well a lock of it at least as TMZ reported it's unclear how the hair was obtained if the hair contains any product etcetera but Dan agreed to part ways with that in the divorce no word if Dan contacted Bob Dylan's barber to call dibs on a new box of the singer songwriter stresses when one would become available number 8 sometimes divorce settlements become very specific but rarely have we seen something as detailed is this a woman was apparently awarded an ice cream allotment in her divorce settlement her husband and Indian stock broker had accused her of spending all of his money on ice cream still trying to figure that 1 out but anyways he was ordered to pay her $1300 in alimony every month plus an additional $2.50 per her to buy ice cream is that 250 a month a week a day an hour if she was eating so much ice cream maybe she should also have received at Jim allotment well I guess some people really do scream for ice cream number 7 winning a Nobel Prize is a big deal in more ways than one first of all because obviously it's an incredible honor any great recognition for our fears second because it comes with the $0 in prize money but when Robert Lucas won the 1995 Nobel Prize for economics things got kinda weird that's because when he got divorced 6 years earlier it agreed to share half of any future Nobel Prize winnings with this axe the weirdest thing is that the clause was set to expire in less than a month after his win so if Lucas is would become just a tiny bit later he would have had to give the ex Mrs Lucas half a mil when he was asked about the deal after the fact the economic scholar said ideals a deal it was her idea maybe if I'd known I'd win I would have resisted the clause E. yeah number 6 maybe Robert Lucas was just taking a page from Albert Einstein's playbook when he agreed to give his wife half his Nobel Prize money but although Einstein has always been considered a genius reports that he wasn't very smart at school certainly corroborate this story since Einstein willingly signed away the total sum of the prize money from his Nobel Prize to his wife Mileva I guess science I neither felt very confident he wouldn't win or he wanted to make sure his wife couldn't whine about the settlement if you ever did win or he just loved her so much she hoped she'd come back when he got the money number 5 there's another crazy creepy divorce settlement story this Australian man was forced to dig up his parents remains when he got divorced it buried his parents ashes on his family farm but put his wife was awarded the property the divorce proceedings he was told he had 2 weeks to remove his parents remains and tombstones from the premises either this guy really wrong his wife or she's the most heartless which you could imagine since we don't use the B. word around here number 4 singer songwriter Marvin Gaye was 1 of the most influential artists is in molding the Motown sound of the 19 sixties unfortunately he wasn't good at managing his personal finances it was going to spend so lavishly he often couldn't pay his most basic bills in 1977 when he was going through his divorce with Anna Gordy he was also going through a particularly rough time financially puts 1 is lawyer came up with this novel idea they would record a new album and get all of the royalties to Gordy as alimony Sibugay headed to the studio and recorded the double album here my dear to onerous deal with Gordy unfortunately for her critics and audiences didn't love gays divorced team concept album oddly enough though today's critics praise the album which was the singer's worse charting record in the 19 seventies 7 years after his divorce gay was shot dead by his father during an argument Anna Gordy Gaye died in 2014 sheet was 92 number 31 night rider in Baywatch star David Hasselhoff divorce paper the Bach his second wife after a marriage that lasted almost 20 years their settlement was pretty standard except for 1 exception it seems the settlement papers explicitly said that he would get to keep the rights to his nicknames Hoff and Malibu date as well as the catch phrase don't hassle the Hoff you have to wonder why the woman would ever want to use such cheesy stuff or if you never try to fight for these trademarked names and phrases anyways but I guess the Hoff just wanted to make sure there was no question as to who owned them number 2 in today's academy finding affordable housing can be hard to better where you live that's why in 2013 and judges Spain ordered a divorcing couple to split their 27 0 square foot apartment into not literally of course but she determined it was the only fair option for the couple given their financial situation this month the pair had to continue living side by side which might not have been ideal for them but perfect for their daughters who were 6 and 7 at the time I just hope they didn't want a divorce because they couldn't stay to be the save room anymore number one in most countries for common law plies judge's order divorcing couples to split their assets evenly right down the middle but when they say that they don't mean cut everything in half literally yet that's exactly what a Cambodian husband decided to do when most serene and that may be divorced ceremonies family showed up with saws and cut the couple's 20 by 24.5 foot house in half he that took his pieces away presumably to rebuild somewhere else law enforcement officials could do anything else that just watch and make sure everything was done legally because Siri wasn't doing anything wrong the wife said that while the situation was very strange it was what my husband wanted that's very mature of her would you say I //
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10 Horrifying Zoo Accidents
\\but number 10 on 7/11/2012 Copenhagen zoo employees found the remains of a 20 year old man of Afghan descent who'd apparently scaled a fence to gain access to the Tigers in closure in the early hours of the morning before any staff was on the premises one of the theories that was tossed around with that the young man might have wanted to end his life by offering himself up to the feline predators number 9 September 2015 at Hamilton's to about 80 miles outside Auckland New Zealand's biggest city another tiger attack occurred this time the females you keeper was the victim of oz the only male Sumatran tiger at the zoo apparently the employee opened the gate to allow the Tigers access to an outdoor enclosure a normal occurrence but 45 minutes later zoo authorities offered refunds to all the patrons and clues the zoo down upon hearing that the poor woman had been attacked and killed number 8 on Christmas day 2007 at the San Francisco zoo in California a 300 pound female Siberian tiger name Tatiana manage to get out of its pen and attack 3 a man a 4 year old feline managed to get over that 12.5 foot fence and get to our victims part of the problem was put on the back that the U. S. association of zoos and aquariums guidelines say that fences around tiger enclosures should be at least 16.4 feet high once she got out of her pen Tatiana first called and bit 23 year old coal beer Dolly Bothwell 70 bureau Carter Suzy junior and cold beers younger brother Paul yelled at the animal and it said to scare it away stent Tatiana one for Suzette slashing its neck is the brothers ran for help after killing the teenager the tiger father trail of blood left Michael beer to the zoo cafe where it mall booth Ben for cops who had already discovered Susan's body arrived at the cafe and found the cat sitting next to one of the bloody brothers the officers use their patrol cars lights to struck the beast and when it turned to approach the vehicle all 4 opened fire killing the animal number 7 in November 2832 year old custodian nor didn't mark Tong who'd been working at the Singapore zoo for less than 6 months was mauled to death by 2 white Tigers when he apparently tease them by weaving a bucket in a broom at them the visitors first thought that this was part of the shell like a tiger taming act but they quickly understood that it wasn't when the largest of the zoo's Tigers suddenly lunged at him knocking him over before he rolled into a ball and tried to cover the tiger's head with the bucket with the tiger bit month Tong on the back and started dragging him into the tiger's den the visitor started screaming in horror trying to alert authorities and distract the animals unfortunately the severe bite Mantan had received on the neck and is fractured skull brought on by the tiger biting down on him did in men apparently Mantan had been having a bad day because earlier an Australian couple had seen them shouting and throwing things at the crocodile enclosure number 6 on Thursday 4/18/1996 Canadian wildlife biologist Patricia Wyman under third day working as a caretaker in the Wolfe center section of the Halliburton forest and wildlife preserve in the province of Ontario Canada was apparently killed by for captive wolves wind that had visited the preserve many times before being hired and it taken part in what education programs the early enough to DB for her death Weinman had expressed concern about one of the packs males but it only spoken in these worries to her fiance the next day 2 of the worst centers employees found the 24 year old biologist body in the wolf enclosure her clothes have been totally removed and strips of it were strewn around her body the wolves were killed to be tested for rabies test the came back negative it's thought that Wyman might've been encircled by the pack invited tripped on a branch drawing blood which would have provoked the wolves predatory instinct and taste for blood number 5 in April 2012 mela the 39 year old African elephant who had retired the Franklins you in Auckland New Zealand after 3 decade career as a circus performer attracted some very sad and negative attention when she accidentally killed a zoo keeper would be caring for her that day the incident happened on a Wednesday afternoon while the zoo was open to the public but we don't know if anyone witness the actual tragedy number 4 than they were 20 fourth 2010 was a very sad day at sea world that was the day that Tilikum the killer whale killed its 40 year old trainer don branch out by grabbing her by her pony tail pulling her into the pool and swinging her around in its mouth the trainer's job was fractured as well as part of a vertebrae in Reds when a braille those of whatever niece were dislocated as well as her left ear while she was thrashed around in the pool the autopsy determine that branch who died of blunt force trauma to the torso this horrible event happen during one of the world shows are fine visitors who were quickly ushered out so that workers could try to corral till the come by the time they retrieved branches body she was dead since surveillance cameras captured the horrifying scene bridges family asked the court to keep the video private Tilikum is live at sea world since 1992 and is the largest of its peak killer whales its branches death he's been removed from sea world show and new protocols keep traders away from the whale sea world has had a rough time with its reputation and public outcry is certainly not helped number 3 in February 2012 a 63 year old man who had worked at the Johannesburg 0 for 40 years had recently come out of retirement because of staff shortages when he was killed by a 10 year old female white line name my anger who we had looked after Joe remain ether was apparently preparing the animal's food and was attacked because the game had been left open Z. staff it heard roaming ether screaming and rushed to help but he had been bitten once on the neck it was already dead when he arrived in hospital number 2 this horrible story happened at the Pittsburgh zoo in Pennsylvania a mother who is hoping to give her 2 year old son a better view of an African wild dog closure accidentally dropped the toddler 14 feet on of the mesh above the pack of dogs the autopsy revealed that little Matix their cottage survived the fall but not the attack of the wild dogs were city very territorial and probably just decided the child did not belong so sad number 1 in may 2000 1324 year old zoo keeper Sarah McClay of gloss go Scotland was killed by Sumatran tiger named per day who would just walk right through an open door at the Cumbria safaris still apparently hours after the attack a bald on top of the Tigers dark did dork was found to be defective the clay died from multiple injuries including puncture wounds to her neck //
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5 Most Mysterious Mummy Discoveries
\\and APTN number 524 0 year old money and green removal tool in 2012 archaeologists made an amazing discovery they identified a brain removal tool used by ancient Egyptian and bombers lodged in the skull of a female mummy the dates back around 24 0 years it seems removal of the brain was a regular mummification procedure in Egypt starting around 35 0 years ago identifying ancient tools and bombers use for brain removal is an easy and researchers say that this is only the second time such a tool had been found inside among the skull the strange object was discovered in 2008 through a series of CT scans it was situated between the left parietal bone and the back of the skull which been filled with resin researchers then inserted an endoscope into the mommy to get a better look and to detach the object from the resin an endoscope is a thing to be used for non invasive medical procedures fascinating number 4 pride of grieving Papa went 2 year old Italian toddler Rosalia Lombardo died in 1920 her inconsolable grieving father a general with silver rod with grief that he asked the renowned in Palmer Alfredo Salvia to preserve his daughter's body little resolving this course is 1 of the last ones to be admitted to the Cup Putin catacombs of Palermo in Sicily thanks to Sellafield isn't bombing expertise the body's been very well preserved X. rays of the body of showed that all the organs are perfectly intact Rosalie is body is kept at a small chapel at the end of the catacombs store and is preserved and a glass enclosed coffin set on a marble pedestal number 3 a 2000 year old European in China in the early 19 nineties an amazing discovery was made in the Terran basin of western China 2000 year old mummies with blond hair and long noses it's characteristics meant that these people were most likely not Asian lo and behold in 1993 professor Victor Mair collected DNA from the monies and confirmed that the bodies all had European genetic stock even though ancient Chinese texts that go as far back as the first millennium BC do not mention groups of Caucasian people not really reveal how our why these people ended up in western China number 2 the 3 sacrificed Inca children 500 years ago 3 Inc its children were in tune down a desolate and freezing mountaintop as a religious sacrifice when they were discovered in 1999 and on earth from the summit of mount you jako they were named the made in the boy in the growth of lightning mount you Yakko is a 22 0 feet volcano near the border of Chile the children and it brought up there for a religious sacrifice that was part of a ritual called Cooper Kucha and had frozen to death which explains why they were among the best preserved mummies ever found their internal organs were still intact blood was still president their hearts and lungs and their skin and facial features were just about perfect the cold in the dry thin air did everything that was needed to preserve them and when they were discovered they look like sleeping children not mummies other Incan mummies including other children have also been found but we're not as well preserved is this trio number 1700 year old Chinese woman this incredibly well preserved woman was discovered by a team of construction workers in China in 2011 near the museum of tide you of all places they were working on expanding a street and found this 700 year old mummy that apparently would be the corpse of a high ranking woman in the Ming dynasty the family that ruled China from 1368 to 1644 the money was found the 2 other would in tombs 2 meters below the road surface archaeologists were asked to excavate the area and they couldn't believe how good the lady look for her age her skin pair eyelashes and face were incredibly well preserved and experts say she looked like she had died recently WNED nmls and //
"2016-05-21 22:06:26"
5 Craziest Cases of Human Smuggling
\\number 5 in March 2015 a desperate young mother used to backpack to try and smuggle her 2 month old baby past airport security it to Papua New Guinea because she didn't have the correct immigration papers for her son to lead the Philippines the effort was found by shock airport staff at the noise Aquino airport when he was spotted in the luggage by the xray machine thank goodness job was sound asleep but never realized this wasn't the best situation for the poor desperate mother 25 year old Jennifer paba Loria was allowed to leave the airport with their son and charges were filed this is the first time something like this has happened it's unfortunately pretty common in 2012 another case that attracted me tension when an Egyptian couple would stop their baby in a carry on bag tried to sneak him into the United Arab Emirates but they were busted after they put the bag through an X. ray machine the man his wife in the newborn son arrived at Sharjah International Airport but were told they couldn't enter the country because the boy didn't have a visa custom officials told the pair that have to wait a day to sort out the matter that's when the couple decided to see if the boy up inside a carry on bag and speak empathic purity luggage it you 80 airports are usually scanned on arrival after passengers have their passports stamped an xray worker spotted the baby in the bag and in that case the couple was arrested maybe they should have been more patient for the child's sake number 4 in another recent case in 2015 a young boy was found hiding in luggage with the help of an airport Skinner X. ray images captured the youngster tucked up in the trolley suitcase as he tried to get it Spain the leg belonged to a 19 year old woman who seemed nervous so that made police suspicious reporter aside and believing she may but smuggling drugs the skater luggage only to find something even more surprising when they open the suitcase and 8 year old boy stuck his head out and said hello my name is a bill about an hour 0.5 later police arrested a man from the Ivory Coast tried to get through the same checkpoint and said he lived in the Canary Islands he was believed to be the boy's father the other woman was acting as a carrier forum for substantial fee would strange in this story is that if the dad had so much money why did you just pay for a plane ticket for her son it's probably some kind of immigration red tape issue right number 3 again in 2015 a Frenchman tried to smuggle is Russian wife into the European Union by hiding her in a massive suitcase which kinda silly is that the man didn't realize the big secret operation was it even necessary European Union citizen spouses are allowed to enter if they could prove their marital ties to that families can stay together Poland's border guards detained the 67 man at the railroad station in terrace Paul and eastern town on the border with Belarus I guess is wife was either really flaky or not very flexible because the size of the luggage through the officer's suspicion if only the man and know his wife was allowed to enter the passport free Schengen travel zone number 2 in 2013 have one of the busiest borders in the world the one where Donald Trump wants to build 8 keep illegal immigrants out wall the U. S. Mexico border customs and border protection officers foiled a smuggling attempt when they discovered a woman twisted up in hidden inside a suitcase officials released a photo showing the woman tucked into a ball on lying inside the luggage in the back of a vehicle the woman born Kamal Mankell service act wasn't even Hispanic she was a Thai nationals who had already been deported to our date of Thailand she was charged with re entry after deportation number one in 2011 after a conjugal visit to her boyfriend wonder Meara's T. her Rita who was serving a 20 year jail sentence for illegal weapons possession at Cheadle Mel prison in Mexico 19 year old Maria del bar are Hoda Rivera tried to smuggle the object of her affection either that it facility in a suitcase apparently one was one flexible fellow because the neighbors to put himself into the fetal position to get into the bulky black suitcase unfortunately for him Maria was of the best actors and seemed really nervous not to mention the fact that the suitcase looked like it was going to bust at the seams poor girl was arrested herself for trying to pull this off against the conjugal visits are a lot more complicated since then her I Nnamdi //
"2016-05-20 02:47:49"
5 Amazing Execution Survival Stories
\\5 Ali Reza M. a 37 year old Iranian man convicted on drug charges was sentenced to the death penalty and hung in pushed on prison in the northeastern part of Iran in October of 2013 known only as Ali Reza M. the damn home for good news for 12 minutes before being pronounced dead the next day with his family went to see the body they were dumbfounded when they noticed he was still breathing in the craziest of ironies readied authorities decided to wait for the man to feel better before they can hang him again no really I judge reportedly said his execution would go ahead once medical staff confirmed his health condition was good enough this of course outraged Amnesty International dean that the exit you dropped almost a year 0.5 later in February 2015 the father of 2 who'd been arrested for possessing a kilo of methamphetamine was sentenced to life in prison number 4 room I'll broom another botched execution was from Mel brooms in 2009 room was even the first person ever to survive an execution by lethal injection acquires a miracle because lethal injections are designed to be as quick painless and error free as possible well be proof that nothing is infallible group was convicted of kidnapping rape and murder and is always contested the charges DNA tests could improve on a percent that he had committed the crimes he was accused up but he was none the less sentenced to execution by lethal injection for 2:00 hours the executioners tried to find a suitable vein for an IV line hitting bone and muscle in the process but never piercing a vein that didn't medially collapse basically torturing the death row inmate finally he was sent back to his cell and created a week's reprieve during that time proves lawyers declared it suffered cruel and unusual punishment and begin a larger movement to change the lethal injection laws in the United States that case gave them arguments that to kill broom would be to destroy key evidence of the suit in March 2016 only a few days ago the Ohio Supreme Court in a 4 to 3 ruling decided that broom could undergo a second execution number 3 and green in 1640 when she was 22 years old and green was working as a servant and a manor house in Oxford shower England and allegedly became pregnant with the house masters grandson well since she wasn't married green hid the pregnancy and eventually miscarry choosing the high the fetus and Sebastian's and dirt back in the day a single woman who concealed a pregnancy or stillbirth could be accused of infanticide even though midwives attested to the fact that the fetus would not have been viable greed was still condemned to death for her child's murder she was hanged in 1650 and beat me afterwards to ensure she was really dead yet green was still bleeding when her body was sent to the corner for dissection it's believed she soon got better and was granted a full pardon well how about that number 2 Wenceslao among gel on 3/18/1915 25 year old went so slow motel was arrested for suspicion of having taken part in the Mexican revolution much jealous immediately sense without trial in order to be executed by firing squad during the execution motel was shot 8 times before the usual coup degrasse the night shot which is the final bullet shot in the head at point blank range to ensure death miraculously Moselle survived it was given the nickname L. Fusi Audo which means the executed 122 years later in 1937 Michelle was invited to Ripley's believe it or not radio show any live down in 1975 a few days before his 80 fifth birthday later on the British band Chumbawamba famous sports 1 hit wonder I get knocked down wrote a beautiful song about his story called appropriately elf who Salado number one you would McDonald first in our this is 1 of the weirdest cases of twisted karma we've ever seen in 1752 Englishmen Ewan macdonald got into an argument with fellow Newcastle citizen Robert Parker when Parker tried to leave McDonald followed him and stabbed him in the throat no less McDonough was found guilty of murder and hang up the town more in new castle as usual back in the days body was sent to where most bodies of executed criminals went to the dissection auditorium of the local medical school obviously corpses were very valuable to surgeons because they were the only legal way to study anatomy you could imagine the surgeon surprise when he walked into the room and found a confused McDonald sitting up on the operating table you'll never guess what happened next dissecting surging grabbed a mallet struck McDonald's head and finish the hangman's job and proof that karma as a but it seems that a few years later that murder a surgeon died when his own horse kicked him in the head I I //
"2016-05-18 03:17:57"
10 Most Extreme Anti-Cheating Techniques
\\number 10 this is a pretty straightforward idea take 2 folders together and create a mini office it's great to allow students privacy when they're working individually and I could keep curious size up the others exam she also the only problem with this anti cheating technique is we could actually make cheating easier because the kid could isolate himself or herself and hide step inside the mini office and not be seen by the teacher or maybe I'm just paranoid number 9 another way of using the folders is by having students tape them to their heads sure the students might feel a little bit too isolated but just like a dog wearing a list be think caller after surgery so doesn't scratch an itch your students won't feel the itch to look over at their neighbors paper number 8 sid smartphones are so easy to use and hide they become a great tool for cheating that's why one teacher had this great idea you've heard of leave your bags at the door to cut that out shoplifting in stores right well here's the leave your phone at the door technique each student's Davis right on the board and that's where each vote goes before sitting down to take an exam this idea doesn't solve everything but Hey it's a start right number 7 obviously one of the best ways to stop cheating dead in its tracks is by keeping an eye on your students they can be hard to do when there's just one of you in 20 to 30 of them so this teacher at a great idea he found a way to hover over students by climbing up on a metal rack in the corner of the room to watch over his exams let's be kind of intimidating for the kids to bed so that you can't suffer from vertigo if you want to try this technique number 6 remember Sally fields uniform in the 1960 a sick come the flying nun even if you're too young to have actually seen the show even in reruns chances are you've seen the habit well fast forward almost 50 years 2000 at 13 that's a start university in Bangkok Thailand where teachers came under fire for making their students where makeshift course like blinder hats to prevent them from cheating when pictures of the classroom filled with around 100 young women taking a mid term exam with the odd paper hats on their heads made their way to social media people first thought it was a joke what it was proven to be a real thing outrage spread like wildfire oddly enough it seems that the idea had been okayed by the student council as a matter of fact many students were outraged by the backlash created by the spread of the photos students even said that they were happy to wear the silly hats because they encouraged concentration bouquet and as long as we're talking about having paper products on our heads apparently Thailand civil aviation center had a similar idea when it had its students wear cardboard boxes on their heads to take their exams I kid you not number 5 cheating it's become such a big deal nowadays that some universities have given their teachers and metal detectors like the ones used in airports can you imagine getting scared that you walk into a classroom to take a test universities justify this by insisting on the fact that cheating techniques have gotten just a sophisticated as cheating detection techniques little cheat sheets have been replaced by electric erasers wireless earpieces that cell phones obviously you gotta fight fire with fire number 4 forget about cardboard and paper at Thomas more college today and for Belgium the latest technology is used to torpedo any chance of cheating while students are taking tests or exams DG I've been on drones equipped with GoPro cameras hover over the desks and said real time images to the monetary teachers that that is but perceived as overkill by many not to mention the fact that the drugs only have about 15 minutes of flying power and could end up crashing on the students'heads well and what about those propellers that could just blow the papers right off the desk I'm sure this idea will really fly get it fly number 3 in a middle school as well ha side is Ubay province where cheating was running rampant teacher said to crackdown on organized cheating rains teachers at school way middle school decided to take it outside by setting up desks in the playground we had plenty of room to make sure the kids could stretch to their neighbors desk or whispered answer teachers patrol around the students and supervisors placed on higher ground watch for any suspicious movement kind of makes it they could Shawshank redemption risky from Alcatraz would you say number 2 every year China's education ministry holds the Goku exam and it's make or break college entrance exam and more than 9000000 high school students take it it's said to be the most pressure packed test in the world while they take the exam students are scrutinized by video cameras that really images to staff members who watch the students every move also police officers use wireless signal detectors to identify possible transmissions of exam information through radio devices or radio cheating apparently in 2011 during the days of the exam police detained 62 people were selling wireless headphones 2 way radio devices and other electronic knick knacks that were suspected to be used during the exams number one the Indian Army definitely must've had cheating issues with its get it it's a good at these kinds of extremes when the 1159 potential state of the here soldiers showed up for their entrance exam they were forced to strip down to their underwear to make sure that they couldn't brigade cheat sheets or electronic devices but the Indian Army wasn't content with the strip search it had the candidates sit outside on the ground 8 feet apart from each other in their underwear to take the one hour long exam while uniformed soldiers patrolled the testing area one guy apparently commented we do not expect to appear do such large scale examinations at Hoss but demi gods to remove our blows wished not dignify I'd say that that's an understatement I //
"2016-05-15 21:01:34"
10 Women With Real Superpowers
\\right Natasha dim quina not toxic Dame keen as received a very peculiar power that most teenage boys would give their right arm to possess she is X. revision although her power is unexplained scientifically the Russian woman can apparently see through other people's bodies and examine their organs allowing her to help diagnose internal illnesses for ailments while it remains unclear if for super power comes from some sort of genetic irregularity as long as she continues use to get the help her fellow humans she certainly qualifies as a wonder woman in our eyes Veronica cedar west German native Veronica cedar received the nickname that ocular woman when in 1972 she set a world record for her vision which is 20 times greater than the average humans eye sight it seems that Veronica could see details of a person's physiognomy from nearly a mile away that's close to 1.6 kilometers even most animals and nature don't have such an acute sense of vision although vernacular woman probably would be the best name for it animated TV series or blockbuster movie character would certainly love to see as well as Veronica without needing binoculars shack in Tallinn Debbie where was this lady we were taking our high school math exams Jack in Tallinn Debbie from India is often referred to as the human calculator because she doesn't need one to solve those challenging math equations her superpowers so impressive that a great number of procedures universities and researchers have picked your brain tried understand how a human mind could work so quickly insults such incredibly complex problems I wonder if she works in an accounting firm Kitty Smith this impressive woman live back in the nineteenth century but her story lives on because she truly is a real life super human which she was 9 years old Kitty Smith tragically lost both of her arms although most children that age experience such a tragedy would probably fall in the long bouts of depression kiddie center sites on turning her feet into her new hands the time she was 21 she was a full fledged artist and circus performer using repeat to play the piano pay clean and right basically she could do anything a person did with their hands which made her case for the record books and an inspiration to everyone Mary Lou Henner actress Mary Lou Henner is mostly known for her role as a lane on the late seventies early eighties sitcom taxi did for her activism with healthy eating and animal protection but who do see it a super power it seems ms center is one of only 25 people in the world diagnosed with Piper thighs via this condition gives her a super accurate super human memory that allowed you to remember every last detail of her life thanks to this power she could recall anything that happened everything she ate everything she did and the exact dates she did it as far back as early childhood crazy right anyway we certainly don't want to get into an argument with her about past events do you now Joanna cool wise although leads inevitably depletes our physical and mental abilities it seems that you in a quiet is it exception to the rule this 91 year old lady is still entering gymnastics competitions and winning brittle bones of loss of muscle mass apparently not for this moment is the oldest of this in the world she has no plans to retire instilled its th parallel bars like she was a teenager imagine having to enhance your grandmother and hanging out at the park with her hanging out yeah literally Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce Shelly increase your price is not only the fastest woman in Jamaica she's the fastest woman in the world she holds the title the female world champion runner fans around the world started calling her the cheetah up track because you just blows away the competition leaving everyone else in her dust some great male athletes probably really jealous of her impressive speed but won't admit it of course perfectionist bionic woman would no doubt be the only decent running partner for right Bacchus once in have you ever heard of Becca Swanson this the brass get native is known as the strongest woman on the planet can you imagine squatting 800 pounds that's what this whole couple lady can do how would you like to try to arm wrestle are at that booze bodybuilders and weight lifters wouldn't dare try to take Iran it's been proven that her combined lifts are the highest in the world within the female categories she is a bit of a show off though but would you be too if you had a super power during whatever presentations she lifted a spectators car off the ground on its 2 back wheels she's also what a few titles within the World League of wrestling ladies one thing's for sure I certainly wouldn't want to make her angry sky bro Berg Aussie sky bro Berg is considered the most the last woman in the world and that's an understatement the woman has been nicknamed the human rubber band for years now she's become famous worldwide for her ability to squeeze in a tight places making a living as a contortionist Skytrax curious crowds around the world she packs up into a tiny glass box she can even squeeze yourself through a tennis racket if you take the strings out first come on by the way she probably could have made our list of human smugglers to squeeze agree self into a suitcase Nina Conti and our last unbelievable woman with the super power certainly is at the least Nina Conti is an incredible ventriloquist you don't think that sounds like a super power well she could actually convince pedestrians across the street that some with right behind them I actually think this is kinda creepy but really cool to another one of our checks is to have a voice travel down a hallway is that the place was haunted the shining anyone do do do do do do do do would want to play Marco Polo whether either that's for sure yeah //
"2016-05-13 20:52:47"
10 Stupid Lottery Winners
\\were 10 little Eisenberg little Eisenberg is probably the least to put up our winners on this list that's because he feels that although we $15000000 at the age of PPE 3 back in 1981 and was basically broken living in a mobile home a wee lass caught up with them in 2009 at the age of 81 he says he had a great life and would do anything differently if it was to do over sure that where the ups and downs of being raped him being poor having to pay alimony to his ex wives and getting in trouble by bidding too much at the track but Eisenberg is no regrets and says he considers himself a lucky guy who live to the fullest okay that number 9 added may aircard in may 2000 and 1179 year old retiree edit bay or card 151 $0 in the mega millions lottery in California unfortunately this is our cart trusted her sweet son Ronnie Lee or anger to sign the winning ticket in front of the lottery officials because her hand was shaking too much I guess she expected him to sign her name but that would have been illegal right so by citing the ticket the selfless side became the winner of course or under promise to take care of his family but he quickly fix things to his own liking picking up the 32.$3000000000 mom son he bought his bobolink in SUV giver about $125000 in cash and paid a few expenses for then he turned and spent millions on himself and his daughters before turning into a pretty smart lottery winner himself investing millions of dollars which is by the red stepfather weren't allowed to touch the poor naive mother suitor Sun for the full amount plus punitive damages fraud conspiracy to commit fraud and financial elder abuse among other things number 8 Vivian Nicholson in 1961 British housewife Vivian Nicholson got all excited when her second husband Keith Nicholson a coal miner won over 100 52 0 pounds the equivalent of over 3000000 pounds today telling the media they were going to spend spend spend well that's exactly what they did they squandered their money and became famous the tabloids for the chaotic life in 1965 her husband died in a car accident and Vivian at a fighter has with the state for part of what was left of the money then she relocated to Malta after assaulting a police officer and married another dude Brian right who also died in a car accident can you believe that 1 Vivian had so many problems to be too long to list them all here suffice it to say she was addicted to boost narcotics and spending her fifth husband yet there were 2 more died of a drug overdose Vivian herself died of a stroke in 2015 at the age of 79 and also suffered from dementia what a life number 7 Gerald must wagon Gerald must wagon of Winnipeg Canada is another perfect example of great news turning into a nightmare when he won a $10000000 jackpot of the super 7 lottery the poor uneducated man could about his life changed for the better but he wasn't prepared to deal with that windfall in an intelligent manner he blew almost all the money in less than 4 years by himself a huge chalice that he turned into a self proclaimed party pad where he consumed insane amounts of drugs and alcohol he got into all sorts of problems with the law including up you sexual assault charges that landed him in jail more than once eventually when he lost all his money he had to go back to work doing heavy lifting for minimum wage to help support his girlfriend and 6 children tragically on 10/2/2005 must wagon hanged himself in his parents garage turning into one of the saddest lottery winning stories ever number 6 Jaime and Abby court when British couple JB abhorred 150 0 pounds of the channels islands lottery they started spending their winnings as if they were set for life by designer clothes splurging on holidays of course they needed leisure time to rest from not having jobs and buying furniture and a giant telly for their 890 pound a month flat obviously 8 months later the money was gone and they were complaining on social media that they could before the Christmas presents they wanted so they applied for social assistance which was refuse to the big surprise since they could afford the rent they were evicted from 2 different places although they admit that they should spend their money so quickly they do wind to anyone that elicit that they should get public help this from a guy who even before winning the lottery was convicted of spinning in a woman's mouth because he wanted to transmit hepatitis C. what a charming young man right number 5 John Ross junior in March 2012 John Ross junior when the California lottery set for life game when he scratched a winning ticket lottery promises $70000 after taxes every year for the next 20 years which according to Ross would allow them to get his life together this is supplying of course that was probably a mess before that well a few months later Ross said to be able to sell products yell because he was suspected of being linked to a stolen Honda civic which he apparently hit for a woman who stole the car ironically one of the first things rusted plane to buy with his winnings which totaled over $2000000000 over 20 years was a car some people just can't make a go of it even when it's given to them on a silver platter number 4 Lara and Roger Griffiths in 2005 Lara and Roger Griffiths the British couple won a hefty 1.8000000 pounds that's enough money to be set for life if you're smart the LAR and Roger were anything but smart 8 years later they had 7 pounds laughs give or take a few and were separated why referred to the title of this video and because there are few skill in short of a dozen the blame everyone and their mother for their misery because of course it's the lottery spawn if they're divorced broken miserable it's everybody's fault but their own if they spend a third of their winnings on a new house got botox another plastic surgery for Lara revived that musical band chums from university for Roger bought handbags holidays cars furniture in a business which went belly up that Roger had an affair and disappeared said that Lara wouldn't kill him when he regulated seller that they were broke luckily for Mara a British tabloid the Daily Mail gave her a bit of money to teller sad sordid tale number 3 David Lee Edwards only 12 years after raking in $27000000 for the Powerball lottery Ashland Kentucky David David Lee Edwards died completely broke and all alone in hospice care at the age of 58 within 5 years of winning the crazy amount of money drug addiction an insane spending left Edwards and his wife Shauna living in a storage unit contaminated with human feces Edwards could I use the wind Maternus life around having bought an amazing home in a gated community but apparently you can't teach an old dog new tricks Shawna divorce Edwards and remarried but he'd ever amounted to anything number 2 mac miles when factory worker Matt miles won 1000000 pounds of the euro millions raffle getting care that he had poor credit he didn't start by cleaning up is that or is credit problems no he did what any idiot lottery winner does he went on a 7 month Bender with his brother Pete and several friends during his round the world pub crawl as the media called it he spent 70000 pounds on alcohol alone and when he came back surprise he was even able to get a mortgage on a house that he was hoping to write out the tenants to cover the mortgage people are just not born with 2 brain cells to rub together number one the look of Betsy enough family consider brushes Slumdog millionaires by the media when they won $1000000 in the lottery the muka that's enough family was broke 15 years after winning the fortune how they manage that by turning it into the worst possible cliche they bought a luxury apartment into 5 an oil rich city got loaded on cheap vodka that they purchased by the box and generally gave the rest the beggars on the street first thing they knew they could afford groceries anymore the head of the family eventually went back to working as a roofer but the family barely makes ends meet ... money I yeah //
"2016-05-11 21:37:58"
10 Amazing Animal Whisperers
\\number 10 Christina's unido the shark Whisperer Christina's unido is often called the First Lady of shark diving which doesn't just dive and swim with the scary guys as if they were to th was harmless little fish she's she actually communicates with them and believe me whispering underwater isn't an easy task but Christina sure is an impressive lady not only was she inducted into the woman Stivers hall of fame in 2011 she's been fighting for sharks welfare for years all the while working as a diving supervisor diving instructor at shark dive professional at you next so the underwater explorer society on grand Bahama island her shark whispering doesn't just consist of chatting away with them they would have much dancer and wave words anyway but she also uses a delicate procedure called tonic immobility disorder hypnotize the shark which he needs to do some scary like remove a fisherman's hope from a shark's mouth what triggers with around the sharks is like watching an amazing mermaid show except this is for real folks number 9 Caesar malign the dog Whisperer 46 year old Cesar malign is without a doubt one of the most famous animal whispers on the planet his TV show the dog Whisperer has been on the air worldwide since 2004 for over 9 seasons according to I. M. D. B. although his calm assertive energy technique has been criticized by many including the Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals there is no denying that this once illegal immigrant to the United States has a magical way of communicating with the most fun socialize canines and if people didn't have some trusted his benefits he would have had so many convince fans wearing buys techniques and running out and buying the DVDs of his TV show season after season number 8 spike corn Myers the bear Whisperer around 1930 John Myers who everybody knew by it's nicknames like corn opened a barren deer park that is ... property in Paris in Michigan in the United States although he seemed about as Harry is this grisly friends Myers was a pretty civilized dude I knew how to make the most of his talent for interacting with wild animals that could have easily made a meal out of them it open as property the Taurus and entertain them with this great tales about the wild frontier you need to take many pictures of himself played around with the bears and turn them into postcards to that the tourists to buy souvenirs for they came around since the term Whisperer was appoint when Meyers was around it was never actually called a bare whisper straight to his face but that certainly doesn't mean that he wasn't 1 the call of the bear man of Michigan spike corn died in 1959 number 7 Andre Hartman the great white shark Whisperer another great shark Whisperer is South Africa diver Andre Hartman who the friend of a company called marine dynamics that takes tourists underwater cave just to observe great white sharks in action one day Harbin notice that the great whites were somehow attracted to the boats voter would try to take bites out of it again to stop laundry pushed one away by touching the tip of its now the big fish lunged up but then fell backwards as it were unhappy trance that's what Harbin realized to touch the electric receptors in the fish just now something called the apple day of Lawrence CD it's panic cartilaginous fish like sharks and rays a fairly it's so sensitive that the smallest touch said the Russian inflammation of the shark's brain and puts the fish in a trance caused by temporary sensory overload since then apartment's been so used to being around sharks that he regularly swims among them and makes them pulled along by grabbing onto a fin it 2004 his foot was bitten by shark but he recovered completely it went right back to a sharp guy big business number 6 keys cheapens the pig Whisperer doctor Keyes Stevens is a Dutch veterinarian who specializes in consulting for pig farmers in Germany the Netherlands and other countries have it that's something you don't hear everyday right sheep it's which could be considered a predisposed name for somebody who's going to get into veterinary medicine but not necessarily somebody who specialize in pig behavior has earned the nickname the pig Whisperer because he's developed a holistic approach to understanding pigs which means he takes into account mental and social factors rather than just deal with physical symptoms to treat the condition or disease big signals is the name of this company and its goal is to educate farmers on how to monitor their picks needs to be more in tune with their care and health cheap it is so good at what he does that he could destroy us a big lead to the point with the little fellow looks like he's been hypnotized amazing number 5 Shaun Ellis the wolf Whisperer Shaun Ellis our wolf Whisperer is often even called the wolf man because he fixes wolf whispering to another level taking literally a hands on approach actually even becoming a member of the pack Ellis is part of a selected group of people who have direct human interaction with captive wolf packs at the international wolf center in Ely Minnesota the United States a research institute which was founded in 1989 the fact that the wolves at the I. W. C. are so socialized to humans at a very early age it enables easier veterinary checks that to mention to me said what behavior viewing opportunities for the center's glass windows the mission of the IWC is to teach the world about wolves that shot Alice's maybe dislikes mission to develop a strong bond with the wild canines that are scary to most of us number 4 Ken globis the bird whisper bird whisper came globus isn't necessarily a household name or even a fairly famous guy but he certainly ran in circles of famous people since its pertaining talent with a very popular guy on the TV and film industry for over 25 years globus handled many antisocial birds after having dealt with EVM Fred said his parents pet store in Inglewood California not too far from Hollywood USA were almost all the birds had been caught in the wild very quickly this career globus throughout all the folks on bird raising and uses own innate sensitivity per the feathered creatures through the years he developed a new way of taming parts that if the developers impossible to handle when globus died at 2008 he left behind a great heritage which allows many of his disciples to continue his legacy a progressive de centralization of birds number 3 RC bridges the buffalo Whisperer Quindlen Texas native RC bridges grew up stuck riding in rodeos and then worked as a wildlife ranger and a farrier in 2005 his life changed when he took in a most unusual animal an orphaned baby buffalo he named his new friend wild thing and treated it like a member of the family having to live in the house like a human which of course gets out a little strange even crazy well it seems it is wild thing grew even got his own room his own cell phone and Xbox just kidding for those last 2 but bridges did teaches buffalo to dance to pull a cart and even a ride in this car 7 years later he took in another buffalo name bullets of course this isn't recommended for everybody but it certainly seems to be working for this buffalo Whisperer number 2 Ned drew up the school whisper you might wonder how our why somebody would become a skunk whisper right well in that drew us case he's actually in the wildlife control rehabilitation and conservation in general but as a child growing up among farmstead wills that develop big control techniques he learned how to keep chipmunks for disturbing grave sites of all things later on by studying ecosystems he learned the value of proper wildlife relocation instead of extermination which you guessed it include skunks but prove us business focuses on have a wildlife relocate themselves changing the environment to make it less attractive to a set of traffic and moving animals his clients include squirrels raccoons possums geese boxes coyotes at yep skunks through highs committed his life to these endeavors that you should check out his Facebook page which is dedicated to education about wildlife as well as support for wildlife rehabilitation centers at conservation programs number one Kevin Richardson the line Whisperer Kevin Richardson would definitely be considered a cat whisper but not just any cat he's developed an almost symbiotic relationship with the biggest cats of the family alliance 41 year old Richard said works is that animal ranger at the line park in land Syria just outside of Johannesburg and is known around the world first mysterious ability to relate to south Africa's wildlife especially lions the fact that he had a career in physiology before working with human patients who had undergone surgery certainly doesn't hurt he's been quoted as saying I don't use sticks whips and chains just patients it may be dangerous but this is a passion for me not a job I'm simply they relate to I'd rich their lives if these animals are going to be kept in a captive situation don't they deserve to have the best care the best entertainment the best lives Richardson is really become part of the lions family which inspired the title of his book part of the pride he also works with conservation organizations to benefit the animals as well as a consultant and animal handler for movies and TV the the //
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10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World
\\yeah number 10 the Atlantic Ocean road in Norway located in the Midwest part of the Norwegian coastline the Atlantic road is one of the most amazing beautiful scenic drives in the world because it's like driving on the edge of the ocean actually it's like driving on the ocean that's also what makes a dangerous the curvy road dips and parts is over the brutal waves of the Norwegian sea which often crashes over the pavement blinding you while you drive besides the fact that you feel like you're driving on a roller coaster the Atlantic road is part of Norway's national road 64 construction started in August 1983 it was completed 6 years later the roads 8 breathtaking curvy bridges and phenomenal views are incredible but also terrifying which makes them the country's most popular tourist attraction number 9 skipper's canyon road New Zealand sure skipper's canyon road is one of the seal that's better known scenic roads but it doesn't make it any less scary because it's horrifically narrow and you need to be an expert driver to maneuver your car on it it's located in the southwest of New Zealand South Island and a 16.5 miles of gravel road apparently it was carved by hand by minors over 140 years ago and it's made from a very narrow cut in the middle of a sheer cliff face the road is so dangerous that if you rent a car and drive on it the insurance company won't pay if something happens like most of the crazy roads in this list good luck figuring out what to do if you come across a car driving the other way as a matter of fact one of you will probably have to back up until you can find enough room to pass and that could be a few miles skippers road is obviously mostly a one way it is incredibly narrow enough over steep sheer drops of several 0 feet number 8 south you guess road Bolivia known as the current task did those yield us this was for a long time probably the most famous teachers road in the world this 43 mile gravel dirt track is between las prospect quarter eco in Bolivia that that road climbs jungle clad mountains to a height of over 13000 feet winding and turning with nauseating leads deep canyons below it's estimated that between 200 and 3 other people would die there every year because dozens of vehicles would drive off the road it over the edge of the 3000 feet claps now that the new highways finally been built close by most of the traffic and thankfully avoid self you this road but that doesn't make it any less scary by the way to add to the crazy factor in Bolivia people drive on the right side of the road but on self you this road they drive on the left so that the driver can get a better view of the edge of the road also you said big vehicles never have the right away and have to move to the outer edge of the road forcing fast vehicles to stop so that passing could be negotiated safely all this and threatening landslides on the slick in rocky path lakes number 7 damn road and vidim river crossing Siberia the band wrote in extreme Siberia is one of the craziest roads to travel in the whole world it's an old railway service track built by that damn railway and that was replaced by a new railway track it's so dangerous and so bad that it shouldn't even be considered a road except it is still used even if it's made up of rickety old bridges waist high water crossings and at certain points is miles and miles away from civilization this 2700 mile bridge is mostly gravel although the video river crossing is a broken