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"2017-08-24 23:20:31"
\\bits ago Liza coming at you and welcome back to you yes I am aware that my here that makes me look like a second grade teacher slash your babysitter clash that's cool because it's a lot like a substitute fourth grade when you do something you know what I film these videos I never wear pants or shorts what do you do it down here you trying to see some brown bottle really sometimes I wear what I just read you named stapler really isn't a lot of worship and where to John drinking but without ever I just Michael replied that it's anyways I'm take me serious observe boa sale this is what your clothes say about healing and please don't talk behind my jokes are worn out like me sleepwear closely about wearing a white shirt get eat anything wiring sure because you're bound to spill something on this I wearing a black shirt while I can literally still anything on the share in her seat wearing patterned pant leg pants are making up for the lack of it should I got as a child wearing a crop top still the shirt off of baby wearing your favorite bands teacher Ainsley like Pink Floyd via Zagreb ban them Floyd who Mayweather wearing overall other opinion who looks and cab wearing a bikini Hey white friends of my and this is for swimming tanning on lord wearing camo print I you can't see me sorry wasn't on the frame wearing a white outfit you know I am not above area try me world wearing a red outfit alone out here it and I'm not wearing a pad wasn't wearing the full Braunau and explosive diarrhea and I look like I work for UPS if if that's it yeah wearing street style goes up created wearing an oversized sure well wishers huge well I guess I better fill it out yeah wearing workout clothes going here and going to the gym when you don't actually work get clues Jim wearing your boyfriend's clothes slowed dude you're so way bigger than mine wearing nothing okay and this video is not a lot of wearing a blue shirt you work at Walmart or Best Buy or your 12 year old boy middle school uniform can you help me please wearing a red shirt means you work at target gave him a girl wear red shirt without like she works at target wearing a khaki colored nmap many go dumpster drive now I wearing sweat pit yeah I really don't get why they call are your favorite musicians to show on my love chance the rapper who wearing a plain T. shirt go wrong with you know I'm saying wearing a shrug dude that's literally a scar sh well I ... wearing a suit means business wearing a swimsuit means business but it means business in the pool turn your computer like you know just the pants wearing shoulder pads super convenient when you're on your period wearing an undershirt yeah crap forget during the peak you really don't you want to call it a peak well either I got the medical every goes today because my haircut telling me it's time to go pick up my get but thank you guys so much for watching your glow like I always do and I'll see you guys next day after Wednesday applies for the Bronco nnova he I ready why am I dead because little boy yeah loosely air little boys and little boy you're a 90 fourth grade English yeah rain print oh my god didn supplies being a lot more intense because the ones he's the first game they were they there I would like the human representation of appearing in a tampon commercial jet yeah demographic is missing women I do I people but when you do run because if you do something about the Starfire Pleiku shouldn in here cool and Philip was 5 writing I we //

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