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"2017-08-06 15:00:02"
Time for some YouTube weirdness! | 8/5/2017 check in
\\happy Sunday everybody how's it going here with by Jay actually in the movie who did you didn't didn't it's time for a recap of what's happened since the last time you saw me here all on you 2 it's actually currently Saturday and I filmed a little bit of this in advance so that I have a more accurate record of what's going on ... to hack for the dark parks like I had planned on going to not actually excited about going to ... but it's a little too hot for that outage they really didn't want to go outside or anything they did play around in their little icon blue plastic guy solely pull for a bit but yeah who's over hunter you know the grounds for them they don't get New York power ... work went pretty well wasn't stressful like it usually is I'm actually pretty easy day everybody's been pretty lazy around my house just laying around Morelli Borg ... record this part out in the car because they just picked up my daughter from her band saying that I've been taught ... Gillo annoyed because when she sees me pull out by got away like 5 to 10 minutes you say because she just doesn't know if she just doesn't wanna stop takin her friends I walk over I guess that's that normal teenage to life I don't know ... I was in a normal teenager so not sure for those of you have had doubts about my secret base of operations if you look at the picture here you can see it is actually house inside of a trailer park who I guess I'm going to be safe when the tornado county sound my neighbors may not be thou ha ha ha ha now it's time for the good stuff ever run are you reading so I'm mentally I've been doing pretty good not really as dependent on the Xanax I think because the fact that I had been getting ... had been on I take it is why I was needing all but I out and how could you spend this grass or the fact that the hyper vigilance was making me get up that night and I do all this stuff so I wasn't sleeping well even with you and be and and the Serco ... I found out that my wife on she also has ... generalized depression non TV for she had forgotten to take her medication for almost a week and ... she's been tired and grumpy and we think it's probably because he's going through withdrawal ... dead now if she's gonna go ahead caller doctors out I believe eventually gonna go back on it I'm hopefully that helps Sir ... she's been in bed a lot and yeah that's how I usually get when I get depressed and I'm pretty sure that's what she's going through ... I've been taking my hands on I actually have vault timer set up for the times I will take my meds but then again I'm a lot of medication and ... lately it stopped not really been hampering my creativity are weirdness but I'm I'm having issues keeping things and I am maybe yeah say some things I shouldn't say things like that but ... I'm gonna work on that I'm going to figure out how to have an internal sense here that will on but we stopped doing that ... now start actually right now I'm playing around with the dogs and I just thought I would ... put this piece any here because a lot of you watch these videos of mine but not a lot of you only a few people but the ones that you watch it are interested in the mental health part and I wanted you to know how I am actually doing right now sorry guys it looks like it's time to wrap this video lot because my people need me the world's not going to be weird on its own so I have to do it for them ... here's my closing date earned all see later so I hope you guys enjoy the 2 days that randomness and weird yeah thank I am not a just have a good day I have I don't go back to work and tail are I mean Tuesday afternoon ability ... so that would be took lockers on the time that I have to go back to work girl star school on Monday 7 minutes are in school eagles back to school on Monday so we can ... and yeah everything's pretty good right now on how you doing video ... pizza like and subscribe how they get //

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