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"2013-03-09 02:35:34"
Bondi+ at the Mosta Police Station after DCG release
\\from its beginning this was I noticed something that some news out that all its respectability fragments I was arrested I was told because of my notes because I published a bond to develop the opposite I have new evidence stuff I was arrested I believe upon request but it seems to be the logical conclusion but the reason for my arrest laws I know what's going on like what's up at 7:00 among the dumbbell now please tell me who want that to happen interest in reporting it to the police I'm asking for my arrest because of the number of on legal bill it's a no leader of the opposition then all his I don't know though posted 6 take take notes of the stockpile after that talk 7:00 in the being I'm doing the whole subject of my home post 9 the police were already occupied gates with a warrant for my arrest issued by a magistrate to get into the hot tub this good to a lot of fun pics of hope for now so it into violence ambience could be published I don't want my resume where so my reaction to because ... this is fantastic too very very efficient I mean it's quite obvious stuff of somebody in the labor policy went down to the station and get a game park that they had put its ya number by which I didn't mean the 3 people who actually came from me who are perfectly civil life one night but to have a set what do you think about there I think Lewis sexy simple thing I said this much of my statement it's something you have to give you copy but opposed since I've been on the line so I kind copy down but then I think that's not so I think I'm sitting here putting that supporting the foreground I can think of men on the stand goal that might stop the political parties from campaigning the day before an election Yukon subplots campaign yet supplicants even though I mean it's it's really pushing but it's absolutely appalling and I need you member states of the democratic south that's a little should seek to control what people say and what they rock pulling I'm just as the whole basis of my statement I now the goal wasn't fit to look in the office and from that the mac couple of amendments grades to try and cover the incident what do you all know Hawkins and that's that's you can't possibly could fit in I think that's a the bidding started to even if it's right technically possible stop people commenting on Facebook discussing things from social media up a posting comments on blogs like mine it would not be inside of that because the only countries that do that kind countries like China and Iran you don't expect to be in the new bands that I have the police investigating and interrogate people for writing about something it's just beyond pulling shopping I'm just the police had no time to stop and why I will not abide by Google isotope quietly announced trying to think about politics I think because the web is full of other Russian that abuse is almost a perfect equality obeyed then we would never get I'm the points I made to the other side to hold which protects all of freedom of expression this constitution superior to the law which prevents sauce from writing stuff about politics on the internet David it's a superior there is no way on that I don't like this it's not if Chinese but somehow I all the ramps hearing people but can you prevent people told 0412 PM kitchen itself even over there so long that yeah I mean I don't need a new Irish stuff ... you who are some people in Boston a plate full push so we can we can select or really I didn't pay basically I quit I failed to take that job listed bondoc father since it was like well you could find that far and you just don't know that much no big day in day you to check with the what a big big big day will you know when you say it does help you I smiled at this address was shipped nuclear computations I tell my doctor couple that with the fact that the central feature on anything along that we shot this that they only had one Cup that is why the witchy what Eli Wallach and speculative there were not but I'm not going to help him on the part so I have type VI is put to bed only to see that I've missed on top of it Donato midtempo yeah I'm not read the open source Yahoo when you see I feed the poor down now whew and don't see on the fear of something if you saw the movie I started only have concluded that because see I need to talk to Manaus Dixon appearance in that dress and undress I still cut paparazzi it's a movie and they believe they this physical prevention them on his socks Nick that say we somehow midday under our free time to move the pilot compartment functional did you ever see this coming wish to be on this this was done going you think that's a lot to me to the by becoming because you have enough to yesterday data security instigate saying and some form of policing of the situation I results throughout 2008 election iconostasis show lots of the comfortable in public but he for a complete yesterday time struggle interviewing lawyers about will dictate how I think it's not fair Doug locus sky Kagome blogging and the times to so which is ... it's of the fighting the military force the people in and out of it Depretis the story for a puppy John see I got put together all before the public but the most important point that I made to the police if that's what the definition of publication number old palace big newspaper print you publish that they have withdrew its cost you brought costs in that second reciprocal spelling out we did so that's what service on the internet Herman and she published spun and so basically what about how my internet site even if I did go through I think today existed published today he could affect even go off to Simon's 5 years ago a published today and the point to make a pretty solid makes absolutely no difference with IBM's he often today on the today oriented time documented that yesterday because people who visits my blog today think it's agreed to today under the influence today and every defense when I 7 the police turned up warrant for my arrest I said I passed because it may not go down to the death story on I am I going to find jobs that the Scots or sit on the rest I'm a supply side benefits on a patrolman into the such as Joseph Scott don't call right up until the I just thought if I know he's not being arrested bullets at labor party candidates for discussing on Facebook on preventing the but who gets arrested me I'm for the police said why didn't you file a complaint against us officer my point here is that people should be free to talk about politics on the day before election so I'm no good takes its attacks on Tyler post again soon I am objecting to the fact 2 problems to the fact that the noise really abusive and to the fact that some of the dividend labor policy quite clear yet used up the Paula find the complete 7:00 I've had the police obtain a warrant for my arrest by 9:00 I mean I I took the police if I had to fight a complaint would you have a warrant full for the arrest of the person I complain against what would you think reciting //

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