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Luke Cunningham
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"2014-06-16 18:41:15"
Two-Minute Self-Introduction Speech
\\okay my name is Luke Cunningham I am from or is broken sake that is where I was born and raised ... I currently it's in Murray state university I'll be a junior in the fall I really really like Murray it's not too big not too small off like it's the perfect size for me all my major is health and physical education ... I hope one day to be a middle school P. E. sure ... some of the hobbies and interests that I have is really big into sports I really enjoy watching and play sports I played sports all through high school ... my favorite sport to play is hockey I just play street hockey about every day ice hockey I still I shrink every Friday and Saturday when I was younger I was just that's what I really enjoy doing but wasn't good enough to play in college which is fine still play street hockey anytime I like ... another interest of mine is I love to travel up there and to quite a few states a lot of states actually ... I've been out of the US my favorite place I've visited out of the U. S. someone on a mission trip to Haiti I had this I hear a handmade machete from Haiti ... Haiti was great glove weather was I can imagine it was very hot but the people in the culture is just it's like changing really is ... one person that ... has been influential on my life would ... would say is my father his name is Paul Cunningham I worked with him for several years he is a part owner United auto glass ... result very hard working very good Christian man and he's honestly my role model I look at Sony ... that's exactly how I wanted to raise my family tree treat my kids a but yeah there's so nice to meet you //

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