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"2017-08-10 00:11:33"
Angola: MI5 Tried To Do This Princess Diana During Her Walk Through This Field Before ...
\\Angola and my son I've tried to do this to princess Diana during her walk through this field before her Paris trip where her height life has ended with a car crash as the wife of prince Charles who would one day become the ruler of England as the king of England she was expected to perform various visits charities she had obligations public visitations and this one was during her trip to Angola and my 5 engaged in a series of assassination attempts on princess Diana in the months leading up to her death this according to an Angolan official who says British royal protection officers plotted to assassinate her on a mine field just months before she died in Paris on 1/15/1997 princess Diana walks through an active minefield in Angola and detonated a minor front of an audience of international borders with the help of a land mine removal expert quote MI 5 cent 8 agents to organize her assassination in court says menu well gene green jeep a former Angolan state intelligence and security service official what the plan was for her to die during her walk through the mine field they saw it as a perfect crime because nobody would question it she would be the stupid girl who got involved with things she didn't understand and have it blow up at her face and called retired MI 5 agent confesses on his death bed I killed princess Diana increasingly seen as a loose cannon by the royal family princess Diana was marked for death most before her trip according to Jim grungy who explains that British intelligence agents attached to MI 5 were tasked with assassinating the princess quote before she could embarrass them the royal family even more 2 weeks before she came to Angola in my 5 were here working with us Angola state intelligence department in the mine field she would visit plotting the exact location of active mines using the techniques we used back then we have trained dogs to sniff out the vapors coming from the minds finding land mines is a very slow process but we map the field within 2 days their plan was to Walker over an active mind when she came to Angola she was was famous woman in the world we love her we couldn't believe the British wanted to kill the princess but they explain why they have to do it and the British promises government millions of millions of dollars in arms what said the former intelligence official meaning that the Angola military needed cutting edge arms to gain advantage in the long running civil war put they weren't finding it easy to finish her off god is watching when Jeff said and he added quote that already tried to kill her with food and they try to smash your car up in London Jim could you explain that poison pills were used to doctor Diane's food and drinking and drinks during the year previous assassination attempt but the pills manufactured by the CIA's technical service division were given to an MI 5 agent who did not follow through with the plan instead he warned princess Diana there was inactive in my 5 contract on her life according to Diana's friends the troubled royal made a series of hysterical calls to friends before setting off on her walk through the supposedly cleared minefield baking them to court pray for me and quot in 2013 close friends she moaned Simmons said Diana believed her enemies in my 5 agents called quote men in gray suits in court how to arrange for mines to be planted to silence her for good you could read another article here banned worldwide princess Diana documentary unlawful killing and quote she monsoon NZ cult group Diana was very very scared very nervous she was absolutely convinced she was going to die during that trip to the mine field she told me quote please pray for me I'm terrified that they haven't cleared the minefield properly I'm scared to have left some live wants to blow me up Simone also recalled being at Kensington palace this was a residence off Charles and princess Diana Kensington palace when princess Diana received a menacing phone call which cost the color drain from bandits face she claims the caller powerful establishment figure warrant put drop the anti lie and landmines champion you never know when an accident is going to happen called then you will do you good G. explains that data was a nervous wreck by the time she arrived what the whole time she was in Angola she didn't trust anybody in the 5 she didn't trust her protectors if they give her unexpected instructions she would do the opposite she wouldn't eat their food on 1/15/1995 in Angola princess Diana's disobedience saved her life while walking through the minefield Diana refuse to follow an MI 5 agents directions instead she followed closely behind the land mine removal expert believing he was a safer handler that an MI 5 agent loyal to the queen of England what we were all relieved when she followed that path and saved her skin and called search in good shape hooked it was tense we thought we were watching a live assassination which you detonated the dirty mind for the cameras and stepped out of the field we knew she was safe they didn't pull off their perfect crime you might think we were cowards for not trying to stop them but you don't understand the way these agencies work back then when you knew the secrets we knew if you spoke out or disrupted anything you dyed your family would be punished to it might sound strange because they got her in Paris a few months later but I'm happy she didn't die but on Golan soil this by Baxter Dimitri on your news wire the article also has an embedded video you should watch //
"2017-08-06 22:00:31"
ALERT: Attorney Afraid For Her Life Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open.
\\I red alert attorney who's afraid for her life blows the Hillary Clinton and Clinton body count wide open this is how the Clintons work real evil people terrifying no doubt in America you have the hunt include to road which is scariest and stronger since strangers rode in the US creepy and cursed like the one in politics right he said by some quote the Clintons don't have skeletons in their closet they have a cemetery quote Elizabeth Beck a lawyer who was previously known for calling Donald Trump a horrible person that's not afraid for her life as acquaintances of hers with ties to the Clinton foundation the Mayo Clinic and Haiti were recently found no longer alive seemingly afraid for her own life she laid out a suspicious nature of their deeds and their deaths and connections before saying quote sometimes the power of evil is too large to do anything about it and quote Elizabeth and her husband Jared are both involved with the DNC fraud lawsuit and that have reef Seve threats which were traced back to the office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz the disgraced former head of the DNC am Hillary Clinton's close friend on 7/17/2017 an emotional Elizabeth back joins Owen Schreuder with enforced discussing recent revelations in the death of Peter Smith and Barrington wise not was found on a beach in Florida Jerry Beck is the attorney representing the plaintiffs in the DNC fraud lawsuit Jared Beck's wife Elizabeth back who is also an attorney in Florida speaks with over a surer about recent developments in this case Elizabeth outlines a recent developments and connections with the lawsuit she starts by splitting some circumstances behind the death of baritone wise not the prosecutor who was found dead in Florida with trauma to the head back proceeds to go over the timeline of events you could see the embedded video here only for you WND reporter Alicia trial invested in interviews tornadoes with back who is suing the Democratic National Committee for rigging the to Sussex team presidential election benefiting of course Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders who would have won the election Beck says she enter plaintiffs are being harassed for threatening messages and for current quote freaky encounters and they fear for their safety particularly in the wake of the mysterious and unsolved murder off the DNC staffer of course as we all know Seth rich and you can read more on the story he could see the embedded videos only for you this is by out of mind I am done I usually you know if you //

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