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"2018-05-18 15:14:32"
Why Do Restaurants Do This?.....
\\ //
"2018-05-16 15:27:25"
How To Plan A Small Wine List for a Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-05-15 16:43:05"
What Should The Margin Be For Menu Items at Restaurants?
\\ //
"2018-05-12 13:56:14"
Who Is Real Organic Truffle Oil Made? Interview
\\ //
"2018-05-09 18:42:10"
Time To Step Up And and Be A Sous Chef?
\\ //
"2018-05-09 13:12:24"
Restaurant Instagram Tactics
\\ //
"2018-05-08 17:58:51"
What's the ONE Thing You Should Do As A New Restaurant Owner. Interview With Jim Rowe
\\ //
"2018-05-08 14:15:19"
What's in Most Truffle Oil? An interview With The Only Organic Truffle Oil Company.
\\ //
"2018-05-07 15:38:05"
How Much Money to Open a restaurant? And What Else Needs To Be Done First?
\\ //
"2018-05-06 18:27:55"
Why I Support These Brands in My Restaurant. Angry Orchard part 3
\\ //
"2018-05-04 13:28:47"
Want To Do Better Restaurant Mailings? I'm Sharing My Thoughts
\\ //
"2018-05-03 20:45:00"
Facebook Marketing Tips
\\ //
"2018-05-03 11:30:00"
Simple Free Business Listing That You Should Take Advantage Of
\\ //
"2018-05-03 01:09:55"
Help Donate To The Local Community...
\\ //
"2018-05-01 21:30:01"
How Do You Know if You Are Eating Wild Atlantic Salmon?
\\ //
"2018-05-01 17:06:34"
Why I Won't Support This "Local" Cider Brand. Angry Orchard Part 2
\\ //
"2018-04-30 22:38:28"
Should You Be Angry Orchard Cider?
\\ //
"2018-04-30 12:53:55"
Who Benefits from the Race? Run Like The Wind Radio Interview
\\ //
"2018-04-28 18:45:20"
My Health Crisis as a Professional Chef & Why I Opened a Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-04-28 15:06:31"
First Step to Getting Healthy
\\ //
"2018-04-27 18:31:51"
What Produce is a Hybrid and Should You Avoid Them?
\\ //
"2018-04-27 13:55:13"
Facebook Video vs Youtube Video, What Should Your Business Be Doing
\\ //
"2018-04-26 20:02:04"
What About the Salt We Use
\\ //
"2018-04-26 10:37:15"
What Happened to that Great Asparagus Dish on my menu....
\\ //
"2018-04-25 19:37:25"
The Best Way To Execute Comment Cards for Restaurants
\\ //
"2018-04-25 11:24:37"
Are Farm To Table Restaurants Healthy?.....
\\ //
"2018-04-24 21:15:00"
The Reality Of Canadian Farmed & Wild Salmon....... You Can Make a Difference
\\ //
"2018-04-24 17:01:09"
A Common Marketing Mistake of New Restaurants
\\ //
"2018-04-23 13:43:39"
Are You Acting Like an Entrepreneur, Lessons from my wife.... #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-04-20 15:54:52"
The Two Basic Steps Before You Begin To Market Your Business
\\ //
"2018-04-18 14:42:26"
How Business Owners Can Be More Productive.....
\\ //
"2018-04-17 16:07:15"
So You Want To Invest in a Restaurant? Tips For A Restaurant Investor
\\ //
"2018-04-16 16:31:00"
This is The Reality Of Garlic In Restaurants....
\\ //
"2018-04-16 00:24:24"
What's the Most Overlooked Item for Opening a Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-04-14 18:34:27"
Dark Side of Partnerships part 4
\\ //
"2018-04-12 19:42:18"
How Not To Waste Money on Facebook Ads.....
\\ //
"2018-04-11 22:37:20"
So Is My Restaurant Expensive?
\\ //
"2018-04-10 15:06:55"
Harvard Says This About Salmon Farming......
\\ //
"2018-04-09 14:15:57"
How Often Should You Do Facebook Live For Your Business?
\\ //
"2018-04-08 20:21:09"
Shocking Salmon Farm Stories. Why Would Any Chef Support Farmed Salmon
\\ //
"2018-04-07 21:57:36"
Do Not Do This With Your YouTube Videos.......
\\ //
"2018-04-07 01:59:43"
Canadian Salmon No Longer Has This Gov't Insurance
\\ //
"2018-04-06 10:08:50"
Business Owners You Must Be Doing This. This is How People Find You.
\\ //
"2018-04-06 02:51:50"
New Farmed Salmon Laws, They Are No Longer Sick
\\ //
"2018-04-05 18:07:08"
Is Your Manager Killing Your Business
\\ //
"2018-04-04 11:47:26"
My Farmed Salmon Speech, Please Don't Eat It.
\\ //
"2018-04-03 13:33:53"
The Conflict Lots of Restaurant Owners Have, It's Not How I Do Business
\\ //
"2018-04-02 12:39:18"
Cutting Edge Instagram Tactics for Your Business #BusinessMarketing
\\ //
"2018-03-30 17:35:59"
Best Business Tip ever
\\ //
"2018-03-29 16:26:15"
Ric Orlando's New World Home Cooking Closing.
\\ //
"2018-03-28 13:09:05"
Zenato Winery Tour with Chef Marcus Guiliano
\\ //
"2018-03-27 17:04:18"
Which is Better, Advertising, Marketing or Branding Your Business?
\\ //
"2018-03-26 16:09:24"
An Average Size Salmon Farm Does This To The Ocean....
\\ //
"2018-03-25 14:16:35"
Why are pictures of me on a competitors website? #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-03-24 17:38:46"
Kelt Cognac Tasting & Cognac 101 at Aroma Thyme
\\ //
"2018-03-23 16:01:00"
Where is the Best Place To Store Olive Oil
\\ //
"2018-03-23 02:54:12"
Decicco's Market Thinks This Beef is Local & Grassfed. More False Advertising
\\ //
"2018-03-22 14:49:47"
Real Call: Educating A Chef About Toxic Farmed Salmon
\\ //
"2018-03-21 11:25:16"
What Does It Look Like Under a Salmon Farm
\\ //
"2018-03-20 17:49:43"
How To Plan a Trip To Wine Country
\\ //
"2018-03-20 11:05:44"
More Fake Wild Salmon on a Restaurant Menu: La Serre Albany
\\ //
"2018-03-19 11:00:43"
Chef Daniel Boulud Thinks It's ok the Serve Farmed and Lie About It
\\ //
"2018-03-18 11:54:20"
One of the Best French Chef's in the World Describing His Wild Farmed Salmon
\\ //
"2018-03-17 21:59:57"
Is Tasmanian Farmed Salmon Sustainable?
\\ //
"2018-03-17 12:59:16"
The Dark Side Of Business Partnerships part 3: Name Picking & Exit
\\ //
"2018-03-16 17:27:35"
Italian Winery Tour, Magda Pedrini Gavi Italy
\\ //
"2018-03-16 11:00:01"
What Happened in Court With My Ex-Chef....
\\ //
"2018-03-15 20:44:48"
Marchesi di Gresy Barbaresco Winery Tour in Northern Italy with Aroma Thyme
\\ //
"2018-03-15 15:36:58"
What Do Lobster Companies think of Salmon Farms in Canada?
\\ //
"2018-03-15 12:05:15"
How Was our Northern Italian Wine Trip?
\\ //
"2018-03-14 12:00:00"
How Did I Learn About Wine Before I Was 21?
\\ //
"2018-03-13 16:22:33"
Champagne 101, The Big Guys vs the Small Guys
\\ //
"2018-03-13 00:31:14"
Our New Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-03-12 12:59:22"
Why Am I Out Of This Basic Ingredient at My Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-03-12 01:36:39"
Farm To Table Restaurants Should Ban this Farm
\\ //
"2018-03-11 19:14:28"
The First Step In Being a Good Runner | How To Be a Good Runner
\\ //
"2018-03-10 23:04:32"
Chef Peter Kelly Celebrity Thinks His Salmon is Wild. It's Not....
\\ //
"2018-03-10 12:25:41"
Italian Winery Tour at Marchesi di Barolo | Travel with Aroma Thyme
\\ //
"2018-03-09 21:57:28"
Is Hudson Valley Restaurant Week a Scam?
\\ //
"2018-03-09 13:53:30"
Tales of an Entrepreneur, Why Did I Have to Borrow Money in Vegas
\\ //
"2018-03-08 23:52:18"
News Flash: The Future of British Columbia Salmon Farms.....
\\ //
"2018-03-08 15:01:02"
How Much Experience Do You Need To Open a Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-03-08 01:20:25"
This Smoked Farmed Salmon Company Is Grossly Misleading Customers
\\ //
"2018-03-07 15:52:16"
Do You Need to Go To Culinary School To Become a Chef or Own a Restaurant? how To Become a Chef
\\ //
"2018-03-06 13:30:00"
The Dark Side of Business Partnerships part 2 #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-03-05 21:30:01"
My ex-chef is taking me to court... #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-03-05 12:47:17"
Chef Rick Moonen Serving Toxic Farmed Salmon?
\\ //
"2018-03-05 00:45:13"
Washington State May Ban Salmon Farming
\\ //
"2018-03-04 15:19:59"
The Dark Side of Business Partnerships pert 1 - My Personal Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-03 21:49:38"
Best Phone Microphones -- How To Get The Best Audio for Your Smartphone Videos
\\ //
"2018-03-03 14:19:01"
Snowy Trail Run to High Point - Sam's Point, Cragsmoor
\\ //
"2018-03-03 04:10:33"
How To Handle an Upset Customer
\\ //
"2018-03-02 21:38:13"
Emeril Lagasse Serves WIld Free-Range Farmed Natural Salmon. #FakeMenu
\\ //
"2018-03-02 02:12:17"
The Real Definition of Grassfed Beef
\\ //
"2018-03-01 18:22:19"
Book Review & Summary: The 21 Day Miracle by Ed Rush #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-02-28 18:26:54"
Chef Thomas Keller Sure Wouldn't Serve This Toxic Ingredient???
\\ //
"2018-02-27 21:21:52"
Need Your Opinion, Would You Still Eat At This Restaurant?
\\ //
"2018-02-26 19:30:46"
Walking Into A Restaurant To Call Them Out On Mislabeling Wild Salmon
\\ //
"2018-02-24 16:25:15"
Chef Charlie Palmer, Aureole Las Vegas Has Special Wild Farmed Salmon Mix
\\ //
"2018-02-23 23:30:01"
What is so Special about the "Responsible" Farm Raisied Salmon at Whole Foods....
\\ //
"2018-02-23 16:23:02"
Bad Yelp Review For my Restaurant? How Should I respond?????
\\ //
"2018-02-21 12:15:16"
Canadian & US Famed Salmon must be better.....
\\ //
"2018-02-20 16:36:58"
Is Scottish Salmon the Best Farmed Salmon?
\\ //
"2018-02-20 04:29:42"
5 Benefits of Drinking Baking Soda
\\ //
"2018-02-19 18:19:02"
What Are The Ingredients in Mayonnaise? And What Are The Side Effects
\\ //
"2018-02-19 03:42:34"
I Need Help, What Should I Charge This Person?
\\ //
"2018-02-18 13:40:05"
What Happens When Farmed Salmon Escape
\\ //
"2018-02-18 03:03:11"
The Worst Of Food Fraud ~ This NYC Burger Joint Should Have a Class Action Lawsuit
\\ //
"2018-02-17 19:32:32"
Where Do Our Winter Tomatoes Come From....
\\ //
"2018-02-17 03:10:58"
Critiquing Tom Colicchio ~ The Worst Of Food Fraud
\\ //
"2018-02-16 12:06:19"
Chocolate 101 part 2
\\ //
"2018-02-16 02:26:49"
Chocolate 101
\\ //
"2018-02-15 14:37:34"
Sugar Is Everywhere, What are Some Substitutes | Radio Interview
\\ //
"2018-02-15 04:41:54"
Robbed of $6k today
\\ //
"2018-02-14 16:01:25"
Buying Eco Friendly Flowers
\\ //
"2018-02-14 04:45:53"
Why Are Some Of My Menu Items Missing? Where Did They Go?
\\ //
"2018-02-13 13:06:19"
Health Benefits of Almonds part 2
\\ //
"2018-02-12 21:58:48"
Health Benefits of Almonds Part 1
\\ //
"2018-02-12 10:30:01"
How To Buy Almonds? Chemicals Added?
\\ //
"2018-02-11 21:46:46"
How to Avoid Aches & Pain in Running
\\ //
"2018-02-11 03:21:06"
Worst of Food Fraud: Expecting Organic then Getting Farmed Salmon: Siggy's NYC
\\ //
"2018-02-10 15:56:05"
Salmon Farm Hires Martha Stewart To Trick Us
\\ //
"2018-02-10 01:13:53"
The Worst of Food Fraud: This NYC Steakhouse Has Years of History
\\ //
"2018-02-09 02:28:26"
The most sustainable salmon farm.....
\\ //
"2018-02-08 13:25:28"
My Full Interview with Alexa Servididio: Healthy Eating/ Healthy Living/Healthy Mind
\\ //
"2018-02-08 01:40:29"
The Worst Of Food Fraud. Park Side Restaurant Says it's Wild Atlantic Salmon. And They Don't Care
\\ //
"2018-02-07 12:16:08"
This Common Practice at Restaurants is Illegal With the Liquor Authority
\\ //
"2018-02-06 20:37:36"
More Salmon Farms Evicted. But Martha Stewart & Rick Moonen Like this company.
\\ //
"2018-02-06 10:30:01"
The Worst Of Food : Marcus Samuelsson & Wild Salmon
\\ //
"2018-02-06 01:39:44"
The Worst Of Food Fraud: Ocean Market Park Slope, Fake Wild Salmon
\\ //
"2018-02-05 22:00:00"
How To Research a Salmon Farm For Sustainability. Alex Morton Interview
\\ //
"2018-02-05 11:00:03"
How To Pick a Name For Your Business: Chef & The Apprentice Entrepreneur show #3
\\ //
"2018-02-04 23:56:10"
The Worst of Food Fraud: Organic Salmon. Alex Morton interview
\\ //
"2018-02-04 11:00:04"
Organic Food trends for 2018
\\ //
"2018-02-03 22:33:00"
Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Sold Out & Certified Farmed Salmon. Alex Morton Interview
\\ //
"2018-02-03 12:08:09"
McDonald's Beef, The Worst Deception Ever in Advertising....
\\ //
"2018-02-03 01:52:29"
Tom Colicchio & McDonald's Buy Beef From Small Family Farms....
\\ //
"2018-02-02 13:21:00"
The Indigenous Nations In Canada Are Doing This To The Salmon Farms. Alex Morton INterview
\\ //
"2018-02-01 21:42:37"
Stop The Styrofoam in Ulster County NY, It's the law
\\ //
"2018-02-01 16:18:33"
The Benefits of Smiling. It's also good for business
\\ //
"2018-02-01 11:36:11"
Responding to a Bad Review
\\ //
"2018-01-31 22:30:01"
Why Salmon Farming is Backwards. Alex Morton Interview
\\ //
"2018-01-31 16:26:41"
Mykonos Restaurant NYC Serves $150 Lb Wild Scottish Salmon
\\ //
"2018-01-30 19:26:59"
What About Wild Scottish Salmon
\\ //
"2018-01-30 13:34:55"
What Other Wild Life Gets Killed Because of Salmon Farms. Alex Morton Interview
\\ //
"2018-01-29 20:16:50"
What is Your Business Selling #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-01-29 16:09:05"
Farm To Table Scam - Hudson Valley Restaurants
\\ //
"2018-01-28 23:38:32"
What Farmed Salmon Does Martha Stewart Farmed Approve of?
\\ //
"2018-01-28 18:32:56"
Best Tip For Being a Better Runner Instantly
\\ //
"2018-01-27 22:34:59"
Alex Morton Interview: Don't Buy Farmed Salmon at all, It's loaded with viruses
\\ //
"2018-01-27 14:29:32"
Did Nordstrom Really Take Back Tires That They Didn't Sell?
\\ //
"2018-01-26 21:54:25"
I'm With Gerald Celente and We Have Some News...
\\ //
"2018-01-26 11:00:01"
Convenience Store Health Makeover
\\ //
"2018-01-25 22:12:59"
The Ocean is NOT a Dumping Ground! Stop Farmed Salmon
\\ //
"2018-01-25 12:37:55"
How To Take Time Off As a Restaurant Owner
\\ //
"2018-01-24 23:34:36"
Why Do Chefs Support This Farmed Salmon?
\\ //
"2018-01-24 19:34:53"
Marketing Your Business 101: Chef & The Apprentice Entrepreneur show #2
\\ //
"2018-01-24 10:30:01"
Do you even need a website if you have a Facebook fanpage?
\\ //
"2018-01-23 22:00:00"
What's The Best Farmed Salmon
\\ //
"2018-01-23 00:00:02"
Who Trains Your Staff? #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-01-22 11:00:05"
What Cleanse Am I On?
\\ //
"2018-01-22 01:00:01"
Radio Interview : How To Handle Applicants When There Are No Job Openings #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-01-21 12:30:01"
No Excuse for Not Having a Website, When Should You Pay Someone #BusinessTips
\\ //
"2018-01-20 23:30:00"
Why Are These My Favorite Sunglasses of All Time?
\\ //
"2018-01-19 19:30:03"
Business Tips From My Second Book: Radio interview #businesstips
\\ //
"2018-01-19 11:30:00"
Radio Interview: Farm To Table in the Winter
\\ //
"2018-01-19 01:43:07"
Advice for Students That Are Looking for A Job (radio interview)
\\ //
"2018-01-18 11:46:44"
My New Years Resolution Weight Loss Goals & Success
\\ //
"2018-01-18 01:30:00"
Why some vegetarians and vegetarian restaurants are not healthy?
\\ //
"2018-01-17 10:30:00"
How To Hydrate Without Drinking
\\ //
"2018-01-16 20:30:00"
Am I Wrong For Not Buying From This Local Vendor?
\\ //
"2018-01-16 11:00:06"
I DId It!
\\ //
"2018-01-15 21:00:00"
Why Some Restaurants Could Care Less About The New Minimum Wage
\\ //
"2018-01-15 15:30:30"
Winter Snow in the Fire Zone on the Shawangunk Ridge
\\ //
"2018-01-13 15:58:56"
My thoughts on Coconut Oil To Cook With & The Other Best Cooking Oil
\\ //
"2018-01-13 14:02:13"
More of My Video About The Tradegey in Ellenville
\\ //
"2018-01-12 17:30:01"
How about mixing butter with Olive Oil to cook with?
\\ //
"2018-01-12 14:38:53"
Why I Wanted to Be Interviewed After the Murder/Suicide in Ellenville
\\ //
"2018-01-11 22:17:34"
What Wild Animal Could This Be
\\ //
"2018-01-11 14:27:58"
The Downfall of Some Chefs and other Employees...
\\ //
"2018-01-10 22:51:40"
I Broke The Most Important Rule of Winter Running...
\\ //
"2018-01-10 14:21:29"
Are You Eating Farmed Mistakenly? Here is one way to tell the difference
\\ //
"2018-01-09 20:44:31"
Is This Place Still Serving Farmed Salmon After I Busted Them?
\\ //
"2018-01-09 14:30:01"
The Biggest Lie About Olive Oil
\\ //
"2018-01-08 22:30:10"
What Health Concerns are There with Rice Bran Oil?
\\ //
"2018-01-08 13:30:00"
How a Small Farmer Can Sell To a Restaurant.
\\ //
"2018-01-07 22:51:03"
He Stole From My Restaurant
\\ //
"2018-01-07 14:02:07"
Wild Salmon Does Not Taste Better Than Farmed Salmon
\\ //
"2018-01-06 21:30:01"
Organic Wine Buying Tips | Organic Wine Buying Guide 101
\\ //
"2018-01-06 13:30:01"
When Your Cooking Oil Does This Trow it Out ASAP
\\ //
"2018-01-05 23:33:20"
How to Find Grass Fed Beef at a restaurant
\\ //
"2018-01-05 14:00:07"
It's Winter and I Just Got These Fresh Local Veggies
\\ //
"2018-01-04 23:16:36"
The Quick Way To Tell If A Restaurant Is Really Serving Grass-Fed Beef...
\\ //
"2018-01-04 17:19:48"
Why Would New Cooking Oil Smell? Ours Has a Smell and Flavor....
\\ //
"2018-01-04 00:30:01"
Radio Interview How Many People Did We Feed For Our Christmas Day Soup Kitchen?
\\ //
"2018-01-03 16:11:40"
Radio Interview: Olive Oil 101 Buying Tips
\\ //
"2018-01-03 02:01:43"
Do Restaurants Get Paid Off To Serve Certain Brand of Booze?
\\ //
"2018-01-02 21:30:01"
Are You A Born Leader?
\\ //
"2018-01-02 18:44:39"
Year Round Farm to Table | What Every Chef Can Buy during the cold Winter months
\\ //
"2018-01-01 23:30:01"
Here are some Eco-Friendly Booze Recomendations...
\\ //
"2018-01-01 16:14:58"
What did I drink for NYE, It Was Shocking To Many People - Plus The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
\\ //
"2018-01-01 00:00:02"
Top 10 Business Books of 2017 You Must Read
\\ //
"2017-12-31 18:38:03"
Daily Rituals for Business Owners, Jamie Takes Over Today's VLOG
\\ //
"2017-12-30 23:01:46"
How Many Miles Did I run in 2017?
\\ //
"2017-12-30 20:00:00"
The Worst Business Mistakes I ever Made
\\ //
"2017-12-30 16:00:03"
How Will Organic Wine Do in 2018?
\\ //
"2017-12-30 02:44:48"
Do You Need To Spend Big Bucks on Champagne for NYE?
\\ //
"2017-12-30 00:30:01"
7 Ways To Save on Organic Food
\\ //
"2017-12-29 16:27:34"
Marketing Resolutions for Your Business in 2018
\\ //
"2017-12-29 03:14:29"
Why Copying the Business Next To You is a BAD Idea......
\\ //
"2017-12-28 17:03:49"
Leadership Speech at a Local Bank
\\ //
"2017-12-28 01:05:36"
Six Generations of Wine Growing in the Finger Lakes
\\ //
"2017-12-24 15:54:04"
Support Organic, But How Not To Get Scammed...
\\ //
"2017-12-20 19:46:35"
Organic vs Organic... What Seperates Organic Beef from other Organic Beef?... Organic vs Organic...
\\ //
"2017-12-15 15:11:58"
7 Killer Video Marketing Tips For Your Business... #BusinessTip
\\ //
"2017-12-14 18:01:45"
Why are Florida Tomatoes 3x the Normal Price?
\\ //
"2017-12-13 18:21:50"
How I Started To Question the Food Supply as a Chef
\\ //
"2017-12-12 18:40:43"
Starving Polar Bears... Are Salmon Farms Making Starving Grizzly Bears
\\ //
"2017-12-11 13:07:57"
How to Market Your Business in 2018
\\ //
"2017-12-10 16:47:00"
The Problem with ALL Salmon Farms......
\\ //
"2017-12-06 14:19:19"
Hudson Valley Christmas Day Soup Kitchen | Aroma Thyme Ellenville
\\ //
"2017-12-05 12:07:48"
Well Known Baltimore Restaurant Does a Switch and Bait on Ingredients
\\ //
"2017-12-04 13:31:27"
Why Do We Support Independent Wine, Beer & Spirit Producers at Aroma Thyme
\\ //
"2017-12-03 14:04:19"
One Shocking Fact About A Florida Tomato
\\ //
"2017-12-02 14:38:12"
Who is my new chef
\\ //
"2017-12-01 11:43:11"
Who Did I Just Have To Fire?
\\ //
"2017-11-29 11:30:01"
Why Was I Acting Like Gordon Ramsey?
\\ //
"2017-11-28 11:47:15"
It’s #GivingTuesday. Please considering donating to our #ChristmasDay #SoupKitchen.
\\ //
"2017-11-22 21:58:21"
Very Simple challenge to Live a Bit Greener This Holiday
\\ //
"2017-11-20 13:59:47"
Best Business Advice from Tim Ferriss
\\ //
"2017-11-17 01:20:34"
How Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio was Developed ?.....
\\ //
"2017-11-10 07:47:11"
A peek of our Allegrini Winery Tour from a drone in Valpoicella Italy....
\\ //
"2017-11-07 07:10:06"
Touring the Barolo Vineyard Countryside
\\ //
"2017-11-02 16:28:05"
Step 2 On Buying High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
\\ //
"2017-11-01 15:50:23"
Popular Hudson Valley Market Might Stop Labeling Farmed Salmon as Wild Salmon.
\\I gotta tell you I'm a little excited today welcome to Marcus.TV out chef Marcus gill animus chef on a mission to his mission is salmon I gotta tell ya I'm a little excited today really excited because now I work really hard I trying to educate people on real wild salmon versus farmed salmon is a lot of people just don't understand what restaurants and understand a lot of stores that don't understand and I've been in a battle with this store this local store I in Middletown New York I it's called out red berry farm as you can see here right now you speak called Middletown farm not sure if it changed ownership or just change your name back ... or what happened the because that's how these right next door to it but I've been going in the store for some for 5 years I don't buy much in here at all up an inch to the sea are you know what's out there on the market and I have bought you know one or 2 things here and there but today when looking at their wild salmon because I was told once again ... last week by some of this place has wild salmon I've been in a battle with them because I don't believe they have wild salmon at all as you can see here are wild king in New Zealand salmon 1799 a pound I look at the salmon there it's it that that folks that is formed salmon that's not wild salmon ... you're looking is Priscilla big fat lines in here and every time I've come into here to the store to to talk to them about this I usually get a nasty reply easy dumb just plain or I'm talking about ... they tell me I'm crazy I tell me to get out of the store been told get out of this order exotic pictures of my camera so today I must've gotten the guy in a good mood and I started taking pictures first and I said I saw me told me of wild salmon here because this is all while it's pointless Norway's point New Zealand folks Norwegian salmon is not while watching that went to Goshen only place are they can get sure wild commercially because not not sport cocky I can go up to the Saint Lawrence and sport catch some salmon but commercially caught wild salmon does not exist in the Atlantic Ocean except for one or 2 small pockets in Scotland that's it there's none of that go around it super super expensive ... Pacific is where the wild salmon comes from it comes from abundantly from Alaska it harms are down the British Columbia coast and into Washington and Oregon alright on the California northern California I get some Chilcott stuff there so folks today the guy actually listen to me I should point and I pulled out my phone and I showed him pictures on the internet of what went wild salmon looks like compared to farm salmon I show these massive bat lines that are in the same that that there said that they have their and I'm gonna explain to them one of the articles I showed about Norwegian salmon is not while that actually arc sick Norwegian salmon is a Norwegian salmon barrow island salmon arm Scott scattershot salmon the stuff you know a lot of the the advocacy groups are saying don't eat the stuff more than once a month it really bad for you so the guy I'm I'm I'm super ecstatic right now the guy listen to me he took down the the the labels here he actually took out a label singles I'm gonna changes is what he was this is what they've been telling me at the market to go and we go to pick up the market goes they're telling me it's wild salmon and I said well while Simmons not in season right now first of all if you can get while Sam New Zealand salmon is a farmed salmon industry yeah they might've puts puts some wild salmon there years ago to see if they're populate New Zealand was only only other place I think in the southern hemisphere to New Zealand salmon are so wild salmon actually look there's not much of them there itself farmed salmon industry in New Zealand no salmon is a north northern hemisphere vanished from the northern hemisphere likes cold water arm and Alaska being the most dominant place and the best catches of wild salmon so if you see Atlantic salmon on anybody's menu while the lamp examined it's not while folks it's farmed salmon so now here's the trick or here's here's here's been beat the test I wonder if red berry farms is actually gonna release which sets up the guy was just appeasing the while I was there but again it's the best conversation I've ever had with them at this place ... across the street Mr sushi down the road I had a conversation with him he was very open about it he's apologized for making that mistake but then I'm I was told later Nick C. later his menu during the winter that he's serving wild salmon on some not really sure how well or maybe he really is serving while seminary Bianca's vendors and I. meanwhile some not wild salmon has a specific season the seasons winding down it's over right now I you can buy wild salmon ourselves nothing wrong please find wild on some wild rose and Sam you can buy frozen wild salmon right now all year long is nothing wrong with that so when you go to a restaurant and use getting wild salmon if they're saying it's wild salmon asking who was previously frozen if they told you know it comes in fresh you know they're lying in there lying Intel ... the end of April beginning of may when that when the river on season starts and yet there might be there might be very very few little pockets of wild troll clock ocean salmon during the winter I've through Alaska but that's a very very sporadically and it's expects Spencer what I tell people is go to the website for pike place market check that out see if they have really fresh wild salmon there and they'll tell you if it's previously frozen rockets bought wild salmon ... but if they don't have wild salmon folks of pike place market fresh wild salmon its not in season because they're the ones who get it first pike place market in Seattle it's a famous market I there that show over there don't fish you know 102030 feet never catch that that that that's someplace I've actually been there seen that done see them throw the fish I've seen I've been there in June when wild salmon is everywhere in that market in the I don't think they have formed single point that market so red berry farm let's hope you guys are straight there and not misleading more gas I'm just so ecstatic that they actually listened to me today arm and that's it folks do you to speak up speak up a places arm let them know that you care let them know that you know what the big difference just ask questions where to stop homes from if you have any questions leave a comment on my blog email me tweet me and I will happily do some research that's all I've done a lot of these videos I uncovered a lot of people that are actually misleading people because of you my viewers that are that that will send me information I've got some really bad emails over the years like where employers like man I work at this place in the guy's mind regular chickens pronounce organic chicken is charging organic chicken prices that it's it's all but a lot of these employees have said to me but I don't want to say anything publicly because my I lose my job I just got another email just recently another guy that's working places Samantha lying there lying with with with what they're serving here then they're getting away with it's driving me crazy so you have to just it's amazing what people will do folks it's amazing I and they're just relying upon apply not just to believe it but don't believe in question all the time a checkmark Acheulean up thanks for watching you like my videos please give a like thumbs up Sherritt subscribe you know the deal //
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Step 1 in Buying Good Olive Oil ~ How To Buy Olive Oil
\\what you get scammed on all of hello Facebook live and you to determine how you watch this chef Marcus Juliana here let's talk about how to buy olive oil so bring some to a couple different parts to keep his video short but I've done a lot of posting lately on olive oil and died just how hard is the behind him but you get scammed on olive oil how little real really true extra virgin olive oil is out there ... a famous ... ... Italian oil experts once said I wish I knew his name I read it somewhere on recently last couple months that 2 percent of all the oil is exceptional 8 percent of the oil out there is good and 90 percent it's not worth consuming so it's about 10 percent of the olive oil that's out there is high quality ... and secures my first tip when you go to the store to buy olive oil you're going to want to research your olive oil online and maybe even actually call the producer of the olive oil ... that we have we buy 2 olive oils currently in there and I restaurant around the time of one is from America and from California and the other one is from Chile so now how I pick these olive oils was I picked them because I wanted to get closer to the production so when you walk into the store and you look through the vast array of all those out there most of those people don't even own most of companies don't even own an olive tree now Burt Tolley which is the largest producer in the world they provide 8 percent of the so called extra virgin olive oil on the global market 8 percent is a large market share folks I think they own probably 12 trees 12 olive trees that's only in their driveways you pull and in there industrial ... building and Milan Italy ... tanker trucks go all day in there they bring in oil from ... usually from Spain I think were totally buys a lot of this there's now oil from but you know it's an Italian name it's an Italian so called you know packaged in Italy ID give the deception and the product is Natalia product I think less than 20 percent of what's going into their product is actually from Italy so here's my biggest tip folks when you go you look at the brands make sure the per the brand that you're buying is they actually grow the olives themselves and it's easily to obtain jingle on their website you can give them a call are the easiest way to do that is called California producer California's very good ... we also use the old live from Chile which is to be the old llave organic are they own alder trees the things that is a lot of these side importers of olive oil actually have offices in the U. S. they have our customer care office in the us you can actually call and speak to somebody and the simple question you would ask is ... what types of olives you're using for your for your olive oil and you actually own the all over but the olive trees yourself or you buying from contracted farms you buy on the open market on how where were you getting the olives from don't tell you ... worse though the bit specially proud of it if they if it is their own olives if indeed they're using so that's my number one tip on it to a couple more tips and ... couple follow up videos so go to the store and look at all the brands take pictures go back to your computer do some research call them if you have to some of these websites like if you want some a California websites like for example quarto olive oil they go through the whole process with you they show you they show them in the machine in the fields picking the olives ... by machine and how they can pick the olives and at the press within a couple of hours because it's so quick and so efficient and it shows you that it's their own olives that they're using ... and olive trees have grown America and Orton in New World countries like Chile and Australia are much stiffer than the grown Italy there much different to to pick and produce and Italy it's a very painstaking task to pick olives because they're mostly picked by hand button chili ... news ... chili ... California and Australia they have high tech machines are going and pick the olives in fact in Australia they can pick olives and get them pressed within hours of picking them could suppress the centrifuge is at the end of the row over there picking olive so there's very very very little time for oxidation which means a much higher quality oil as opposed Italy with after we from the fall or they pick them by hand and they put nets out on because the trees are much bigger not plant the like of truth vineyard style box to choose a soul outreach go in 1000 years and a lot of them do live for hundreds and hundreds of years and they're very fire resistant by the way if you offend olive oil olive tree would be a force fire on it immediately within that year will sprout up new sprouts from the bottom very very resilient tree of a lot of power of olive oil slow next video Madonna talk about what you should be tasting your Olovo what's your olive oil tastes like to be quite a considered higher quality boil so today's I take away make sure that the olive oil brands Bruce you're buying is actually growing their own olives that's one way to eliminate fraud it's not the it's not a sure for all but it's one of the first steps that you can look into which I look into when I buy all of well thanks for watching leave some comments I'll be happy to answer and stay tuned for more follow videos on how to buy good extra virgin olive oil //
"2017-10-30 12:00:55"
This Popular Olive Oil Was Never Meant To Be Consumed
\\welcome to Marcus Gee.TV option artificial animal chef on a mission tell her today's mission is olive oil more I'll world so much you know about olive oil sorry for them dark background on its early the morning here in New York I'm in that restaurant getting some work done I love coming here for single morning 5:36 of course still dark out then and I'm just getting a lot of work done being creative and making video sometimes this early morning or lease editing videos today's topic is olive oil pomace olive oil P. O. M. A. C. E. Thomas olive oil I know about Thomas honorable for many many years many chefs chefs are trained for really weren't sure what Thomas oil wise and I was very interested palm Assoc right did a lot of research many years ago without the promise soil was never dreamed really for human consumption so you can find pomace oil in the store going the shelf you'll see it's a cheaper price but you're also consuming promise so a lot of times in your regular extra virgin olive oil because that oil may be blended adulterated clocks with cheaper oil folks and you are distorted by how well you look at all those brands those are the people making those article growing the outsourcing to people crushing the olive oil does a double disc consolidating a bunch a people's works and putting it into a bottle and putting their name on whether it's Colavita of sleep will bury whatever the brand is these there's so many layers of olive oil production right so these guys are buying oil on the open market the guy's wrists lured lining up the tankers in the ocean with oil coming from Africa my first manner from wherever these guys are buying oil from cooperatives is and the coopers are buying great log also all these different different rower so there's so many different levels but what happens when you do the first pressing Okie so if you're buying extra virgin olive oil it's automatically understood that you are buying something that is expeller cold pressed because that's really what has to happen that's why you don't see cold crass search or speller pressed on and on extra virgin olive oil packaged for the plumbers soil Thomas well draft you pressing grind wrists or centrifuge while these guys you centrifuge your your base of pressing the juice out of olives fresh out of fruit you will the seeds in the pope left so some guys well he got up a little bit and get a little more out of but then what happens when you really can't mechanically extract right because you write everything down there's nothing to extract well you can start adding something like Ecsenius what we do with not in seed oils so canola oil corn oil ... all these oils trans your own ... are they had hexing gas that's a solvent that just basically pulled everything out of the oil well what happens when you add a chemical to get the that ticket that hexing gas out legal theorist series of processing we have the high tempus oil bring it up to several 0 degrees and then what time does oil is very dark very cloudy even even like almost like it's burnt oil so they have to go in deodorize it take away the order if the bleach shift to take away the caller that the stabilized they do all these funky things this oil soaked promise won't Italy folks is called one parent day one panties lamp oil fuel oil bomb in a polio which is they say the birthplace of the olive oil industry in a plea of theirs 16000000 trees 250000 residents that's an average of 240 trees per person up olive trees in in a boy yep that can be very well known as the birthplace of the olive oil industry right however most that oil is sold off for fuel oil to electric companies for lamp oil on for centuries to churches would use lamp olive oil is lamp oil because of burn better than any other fuel but it better than any other oil so long parking no lot of the times no you don't eat or consume long Pontet but as a way for these big producers to get more yield the process the lump on the promise soil and they put on the market they cut it with your olive oil and the sticking them with you guessed it shivers all boil and they put on the shelf as promised soil so lot of lot of chefs I've known over the years so promise was okay to cook with Marcus I'm Paul also something that can others under can withstand high heat below 30 been heated up and blasted with heat and then gone through all the funky chemical ultra adulteration some and processing so how much more damage could you actually do to it but the bottom line was that the oil in the beginning was not fit for human consumption so these companies figure out a way to just stretch out and get more money more yields and that's our promise oral is folks nephew took promise soil an added beta carotene to it which is a flavor enhancer arm and maybe put a little bit extra virgin olive oil there you have no idea what you're teaching of no clue that was not extra virgin olive off the label said extroversion out well and besides how will he get adultery a couple different ways you can you can put other cheaper oils in life hazelnut oil sunflower oil encoded in with extra virgin olive oil or you can think extroverts Laval and cut it with Thomas olive oil which you know was always obvious in the scene family and out this is what goes on the shelves folks this is what's out there so so many different layers of ... of olive oil production from the growers themselves to the pressures and always coops of the tanker trucks at that line up I in Italy in the ocean is waiting a drop off while that even if some guy has great intentions of if the owner of a big brand axe olive oil company as the best intentions in the world of giving you the best extra virgin olive oil he's relying upon 345 guys down the chain from him that'll hopefully done the right thing and it's of air re lucrative and scandalous industry where these guys can make tons of money by subbing in cheap oil so happens all along so cool you know might see where the strictest company out there but the people that are buying from they have no I have no idea going down so it's a lot of this is on traceable folks only untraceable equality almost going to these bottles I don't ... experts who are determined experiment was sent which are members named where I read this not all of our experts said 2 percent of all the oils in the market are great 8 percent are good and 90 percent ovoid them avoid them they're just not the real deal all their adulterated their something's gone on with them that you should not be consuming and don't support them so 2 percent of all available on the market folks if you're pining gallon at the store or 3 leaders of the store 20 Bucks 25 Bucks that's not the good stuff at all the good stuff that top 2 percent is going to be expensive I would suggest buying it using a very sparingly on this season with and do not cook with it cook something like sunflower oil could be another oil that that's has high heat resistance it's not gonna go bad ... and that's that obviously costs a much better price Marcus Giuliano I'm just more disloyal thanks for watching if you like my videos please like subscribe pass on check out I'm going to do a lot of lot of videos of all books so much you know about olive oil and the average American knows nothing about all all all of oil that the average Italian knows nothing about olive oil thanks Italy exports the most amount of olive oil insist blocked Italy actually Spain produces the most for the Senate in late and gets patents and Italy call back in that little spot the screen really but all these guys because it's picketing packed in Italy since privately and you think that Italy was the biggest olive oil producer when in fact they're not Spain is the king when it comes to the overall olive oil production as far as volume but all get sold off its Italian Tunisia all northern Africa they make all of all but it all gets again shipped Italy impact is under active Italy the back the time food supply some of them the most scandalous fraud are fraudulent foods because you know all those pigs in Parma arm are saying about half of those pics are even from Parma they're getting pulled in from Sylvania from hungry from other countries porcini isn't watching his get picked on all of the countries again brought into Italy and they get packages Italian porcini is obscene thing with some truffles and it's it's it's it's to some reasonable unknown more of Italian foods so you're buying some is too cheap there's a reason for it ... cost a lot of the time pasta makers the flowers not grown in leading those big guys buddy I almost because of buying a true or not pointed finger body up percent syllabus the big brand name that what people recognize but if you're going to have course you go to start an American by buddy up their flower colors from the U. S. there have a plant in the U. S. review what the by a famous brand Italian brand how would you feel if you found out that the product was even sourced from Italian soil they're buying the flower on an open market anybody can buy flour on open market some people louder and you know and then make possible appointment what makes it better what makes it worse so folks good food cost money do your research by car companies are transparent life it would do research why better products every possibly clear a truck market showing up thanks for watching her like my videos please set like give thumbs up shared past month have some questions I'll be happy to answer //
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What do Cancer & Mushrooms Have in Common.
\\hello Facebook live and or YouTube depending upon how you're seeing this I'm out in the woods today I am running I actually am just off of it of rope would ... running through the woods and on the road and you know I've said this many times I want to say this again I just because of this can help anybody it can help anybody but there's a lot of experts out there that think ... or the theory is that cancer is a fungus cancer is indeed a fungus or the most prominent ones a pseudo Tulio semen Cheney from our from Rome an oncologist too I made a discovery 30 years ago our song by the way I've interviewed Demme is on my YouTube channel ... under the cancer videos I believe ... just look ups Julio Giulio seem Jeannie and DaMarcus Juliana you'll find stuff on you tube under my channel so he believes that cancer the fungus there's other people out there that believe that as well other ... top medical practitioners on medical experts no I'm not a medical expert I'm just telling you what I've read from them so no not the woods now this is significant because they wanna mushrooms out right now there's mushrooms everywhere and ... mushrooms only grow and dad or partially dead or dying trees and put let's talk about the ones that they're on the ground of some of the ones are on trees ... although we can like the ones in the ground for the same occurs dead matter on the ground but they always grow on a dead or partially dying tree and the reason for that is mushrooms absorb wakes mushrooms are there to clean up motions are scavengers okay so here is a here is a oyster mushroom oyster mushroom and look at the dead tree stump it's on totally dead the other part of the tree is alive this is a partially dead tree load with oyster mushrooms I've seen her ... chicken of the woods mushrooms out right now and dead trees this is my second dead tree that I've seen water with oyster mushrooms I'm actually come back and pick these later some really good eating however cancer is a fungus cancer is feeding off of something in one 's body off the host the mushroom here's eating the dead debris the dead and dying it's here to clean up so like the catfish like the catfish or the woods right so of cancer is a fungus it's in the body the clean something up it's like rats rats don't come without garbage roaches don't come without the proper environment you need the environment to host these things rats roaches mushrooms and cancer so folks if this is true this theory is true Julio semen genie lot of other health experts are on to something then we could easily say that cancer is a fungus and it's there because something your body is dying something your body is dying off you have some kind of ... acidic wastes there some kind of waste in your body that cancer is thriving on now we all all of our bodies go through on the day he paces of I'm detoxification we're getting rid of toxins in our body builds toxins the build up what time were the consequences what what's there for what's there to to to feed off these toxins that build me a body in the waste the metabolic waste in your body so just figured I'd share that on because I am out in the wild with all these motions around me and they're here for a reason and it's cancer in your body freeze and how important is genetics and cancer as an off another question people often say well yes it's a major major factor will prove slipped in one of the world's foremost geneticist says they can't that that just in general ... genetics and any kind of chronic disease has very little do to get a lot of other health across the same Gary null is one of those they said it's a very very little to do with genetics that you need the environment trigger things need the environment to bring things on so Hey Greg what's up you like those round mushrooms I will pick some will have some for dinner later oyster mushrooms thanks everybody for watching tuning in if you like this video please set like the like button give the thumbs up share it and ... stay tuned next time //
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We Drove Past Jack Daniels Because There is Better Tennessee Whiskey like This One
\\hello Facebook alive and you too hello everybody them where you're watching us Jamie Marcus and we are in Tennessee if we are very at what city we are in Tulsa Tennessee right now and we drove past Jack Daniels Jack Daniels in Lynchburg Lynchburg's is right over bright bright they not that far off now but are a lot of art and we drove past Lynchburg Woodrow past Jack Daniels and said we're not stopping we're not stopping why stop it of course down here ever is like volume courtesy act Daniels gotta go see that Jack Daniels Evers was like order going to subject errors in Tennessee nope sorry Jack Daniels puts about 300000 people through their facility every year and tore it is a major major brand on by brown Forman yes it is an iconic Tennessee whiskey found that 142 years ago I believe ... but ... it's too big a brand we don't ... don't carry it nor do we support it but we do support places like this we are at Richard Richards purchase distillery in Kelso Tennessee and we're going inside to get a tour with Phil and Connie Pritchard the owners we've been buying their Bourbon for 10 years or so then we have the Tennessee whiskey we have their sweet Lucy and dye they make rom they make Bourbon they make whiskey they make a bunch of things and we're gonna go inside and I think we'll get a Facebook live once we're inside and situated before we go I thought I want to show you this building ... we just found out that this was an old schoolhouse yeah really pretty cool I don't school house they don't use all of it but it's a really cool building and I think it's pretty cool over there if you can see is cotton fields cotton fields everywhere and I think that's pretty cool and I'll just give you a little quick tour of where they are I mean they are in rural area I mean there is nothing really around here job I think I just really like will building it's really cool all ... it's really pretty ... cool so I went and saw walk inside to Pritchard's no purchase make this double barreled Bourbon that is outrageous double barrel means been 2 barrels when one of our most popular burdens for the last decade aroma time and ... we're gonna jump inside stay tuned and we'll do another Facebook lives already can ... see what's going on thanks for watching trim back end or I am so glad you Jamie decided to come down here that even today real good day because clock and no let's talk Bourbon awesome let's mark Berman alright well you've chosen no one in my storage to to talk about and that is our double barreled Bourbon and that's not just the name of the part of that is involves a ... procedure that we use to make this program this permanent actually aged in not one but 2 new charred oak barrels so if anyone is really no Bourbon has to be allowed by law needs a new charter out one time exactly you're doing it 2 times who took time to Herald the nude nude so nobody does it's a very expensive so I mean my gosh when burrows used to cost us $125 apiece well you know $250 per barrel that was expensive but my gosh increasing the price barrels lately price barrels is just gone through the roof but that's what makes this Berman show good and it's so a central to the quality and what we're trying to achieve R. as everyone knows bomb Berman cannot be barreled above 125 proved most people barely pretty high but the question must be asking is how does your Bourbon get from that hunter 25 percent for that first battle proved down to that bottle prove the answer of course is you whiskey has been watered down before you ever screw off court water has no flavor water dilutes flavor I'll give you an example you made yourself a bowl of chicken soup and it was too hot so you drop an ice cube in there you cool it down but you succeed in delivering the flavor of that chicken soup how are you going to reinforce the flavor that chicken soup you gonna go back to the stock pot with all those bones and all those natural flavors and that chick so you're going to end up reinforcing the flavor of that chicken soup not many people have chicken soup ice cubes what we do with the Bourbon is essentially the same thing but we don't how the stock pot the magic of Bourbon is in that charred oak barrels that it first goes into but what we know is that the most valuable elements in that barrel of those natural sugars it'd been caramelized and that is they are absorbed into that white whiskey that goes into the barrel it brings a sweetness it's only after it's been in the barrel a number of years do not hope heavens do for whiskey what cops do beard makes it better I happen to believe perfect balance between the sweetness of the sugars in that barrel and the hope tenants Hirsch somewhere around 8 9 years well at that point we do something very special we take it out of that first barrel cut it down very close to its ultimate bottom proof of 90 and we put it in a second new charge of so your first one is beneath 9 years as a magic science in the magic out of the magic right now folks 8 to 9 years a lot longer than most people doing and if you've noticed Tom some of the newer distilleries they've actually shrunk their barrel sizes because they say they can get better contacted and better aging and some of them action if he did that ... aging rooms were there you know and here comes New York and then he Tennessee but up in New York some Iraqi he did warehouses of the China he needs to go quicker as well so you're in a big barrel meets in 9 years so that's been well well above the average folks well above the well in the long and short of it you know what kind of way you should you so the right age but who is he is pretty unique you just can't make good fast so what we do after that first barely if we put it in a second no charge don't really know what's in that second to chart a weirdo more sugar moisture that's what makes this program little bits that much for that second barrel used magic about which we hello Homer had so to speak is that double barreling that makes this product so special you have a lot of stuff here we take some runs today on Jimmy response span on some of these models and we've takes a while the stock we serve the double barreled through the Tennessee was for the survey sweet Lucy's side so the double barrel was out for awhile and with a gap of that what's the what's the forecast on that supply we are currently able to sustain a production of about 300 6 modifications from mark okay and I'm not so sure how long we would be able to stay so New York was only getting a handful of cases and our sales rep ... peachy Lebo Peachey ourselves our family just pulled 2 miles and she can automatically fat shaming has decision or waiting for and just put our shoes and you don't want to send the no I will so we're at right now now because one of the famous distilleries here and tennis even a dry county are you in a dry county no no in the good thing especially about a Berlin one thing we say is hot and dry taste extension in addition but the nice thing about me a Bourbon like this is that people are really learning to drain better than to than they are that's one of the things when somebody spends maybe $900 for a bottle of spirits Meg not a safer Hutch what I'd like to teach when I feel we have people come in and we love takes is double barrel Berkeley should I go straight to the ceiling but the taste of good quality Birman like this one I do subject a little baby step and a hole in the front part amount just a second and when I swallow hard and I want to pass through the sides of the my the sides of your tone of very sensitive to sweetness and when you swallow you will pick up on that but when you exhale he also agreed to pay particular attention exhaled breath you know what your taste in when that happens your taste in Berlin I know so cheers chairs now this is straight best way to enjoy the garment allowed hosts a few blocks but I do crazy with coke nnova even I asked for before I will do it sorry so first thing we should that's a co but we sure as heck Oklahoma I don't haul this is not need ice that all this is not ... just so mellow and smooth ... it's Bourbon I don't miss it hides the alcohol but it's not doesn't is not it's not has not had a whole plate it's just very super super smart and that's a match about double barrel that's a new charter oak barrels now double barrel so if somebody walks into a store and says double barrel into Russia double barrel they're referring to specifically our product your product there were double barrel register trademark US patent and trademark office Belgian excellent number your dutiful rob products beautiful the celery awesome people here into uhhuh //
"2017-10-25 22:16:48"
Cold Pressed Oil vs Expeller Pressed
\\cold pressed versus expeller pressed verses solvent extracted hello face however your out I'm in Nashville right now just the it is reminding without a lot of well the restaurant owner some really awesome restaurant owners and are for some dear friends now ... so I have a comment today on Facebook about oil we've been doing a lot of cooking oil it's really amazing the vast array of oils at a restaurant and have access to all different levels all different price quality all the prices all different qualities ... same sunflower oil what seems to be the same sunflower oil could be drastically different same with olive oil so I have a comment about what is cold pressed oil so let's talk about cold pressed versus expeller pressed verses solvent extracted so most oil that duh most well now let's exclude Olovo let's talk about ... soybean oil let's talk about sunflower oil that we use a sunflower oil at the restaurant to cook with so far all that is actually cold pressed we don't like to advertise it as expeller pressed even though hold the press than expeller pressed could mean the same thing they could not mean the same thing so basically when you taken not to wear a seed you have to take this and big sleepover rise so it polarizes chops up and then you have to start a centrifuge or an extra extraction process would extract the oil through a filter maybe centrifuge again all the particles out so go through basic like this picture meat grinder you're putting me in the meat grinder and it's getting force that the smaller chopped pieces again and then getting extruded through the end piece the dye which the little holes so if you were to put some flower seeds in their soybeans well you would start getting that mash at the end well as it goes through in an expeller pressed in them and that were there physically manually extracting it like that through a machine mechanically extracting a that mechanism can heat up drastically so it becomes hot just because someone's expeller pressed as in its cold pressed now so just so I can simplify this every oil that is expeller pressed I'm sorry every cold pressed oil is also expeller pressed or go through this mechanism so ms mechanisms are now upgraded or altered or or designed not to get the oil hot so after this mash goes through this grinder like experience it gets pushed through another filter get centrifuge and you have the oil that runs off you know you have the smash that's there picture some players of the sunflower mash so now you can keep this up if an army hasn't heated to begin with what the mechanisms just because running a mechanism machine if you makes you sit home and you run your machine you're juicing a lot of things you know sit juice will sometimes that warrant gets one will get warm coming out because the mechanism machine itself which is heating up so in an expeller in a cold pressed operation they're keeping the temperature at 110 degrees lower our sunflower all I don't think goes past 110 degrees we've actually been at the place that does our sunflower oil drilling the process it's actually pressed on demand so I call up on Monday and I say Hey I need 2 tubs of sunflower oil this week and they'll cold pressed that that week package and ship it to us on Friday it's awesome process instead of oil just standing out and being in a warehouse or something like that which is it usually happens of oil on it does cost more money but it's so well worth it and so fresh in the some clarity spotted is incredible so back to the mash that goes through this this extruder this this mechanism is expeller press can get heated up from the actual ... device that it's going through or the producer can say you know it will extract more oil out of this so how do expect more oil you heat it up you keyed up to a high temperature which allow some more the oil to run off and fall off make centrifuges and get get a lot of stuff out of there now the next step after that is the producer might say okay we have the smash doubts a picture some piracy it's going through the whole hall and everything you have a wet mash that has oil in it you have a dryer mash because the heated up so it's not as not as wet but there's still something in there that that but the producer wants to get out of that oil so what does that producer do they add hexing gas trolling M. hexing gas to get to us extract despite the solvent which will now allow everything to come out of this mass of the sun fire mash or soybean oil masher whatever they're using canola it causes everything to get out of that Max well the consequences it has fixing gas and so what do you have to do with the hexing gas is you have to now I heat up to a really high heat ... it's gonna turn the oil funky flavor off color it's gonna it's gonna manipulate that oil to where if you want to buy the oil that had the hexing gas and then it was high heated you can be like us this oil is terrible sort as a producer after do they actually have to deodorize it bleach it de Gaulle met as a whole 7 step process that they can do to oil including including hydrogenated lot of people are very conscious now about trans fats but a lot of restaurants in the specially bakeries still use it Hana bakeries in New York still use hydrogenated are trans fats are still buying the pubs of it I've seen this personally happen ... so always ask you go to a bakery using real butter or using some type of hydrogenated vegetable margarine so again 3 steps you're taking sunflower seeds or whatever whatever you're pressing your putting in the mechanism the mechanism could heat up that's an expeller pressed mechanism for keeping a cold you can call a cold pressed if you you're not going to control the key that's gonna go up in its expeller pressed and after all that is extracted manually or physically physically action saying then they can throw solvents on it so when you go to buy oil especially the cook with my suggestions you cook with sunflower oil the Hudson Valley has a great sunflower oil producer you can find it in Adams Vereker markets ... maybe some other local places farmers markets have it's called Hudson Valley cold pressed their oil is so fresh and so pure and actually seen it I've been there they're great people where it's basically just sunflower seeds going into a machine that's doing it doing it solo and carefully that's not altering the heat he does get past 110 degrees and the oil comes out it's black at this point because it has the sunflowers shell part particles and and then you have to actually press it through this filter to get all those pieces out and that's what goes into the bottle folks it's like you take a sip of this that's like I taste sunflowers it wasn't deodorize it wasn't Lisa wasn't the don it was a heated to 500 degrees there's no hexane gas added to it whatsoever so here's a progression you go to a store to look for cold pressed first speller press the second best if it doesn't say cold pressed or expeller pressed pulley avoided because you have to assume that that oil there's been hexane gas added to the oil and then going through the 77 steps including the gunman deodorizing bleaching I heating to an excessive except the point maybe oven doing some other funky things the fractionated get does the basics cold pressed oil is the way to go I will do a video on olive oils ... olive oil is a is basically fruit juice it's an amazing amazing con oil on and that too is expeller or basically mechanically expressed base over there during a hydraulically with new machinery or the old way by doing a putting up throughout the system wheels and grinding it was a lot of different things to to consider with olive oil and a lot of us I'll boil folks it's impossible I good olive oil 20 Bucks a gallon or 30 Bucks a gallon if you want high quality extra virgin true real unadulterated olive oil you have to spend of ballads 20 Bucks the 30 Bucks a leader okay don't go to the store and buy a gallon in some container and saying oh wow is this you know is this great oil and you pay 20 Bucks prefer buzzing on it doesn't work like that that oil is adulterated they've taken it and they basically the same process that I just described where the press the olives the first time through a physical attraction process whether it's ... threw a stone real like which would be used to do in some olive oil farm still do this all the producers still do this ... or you can get work done by machine but then they have all this power masher pompous laughed so it's a ton of old stuff so the greedy guys are so how do we get more of this olive oil out of this promise limited pomace oil by adding a solvents and then heating at deodorizing it got me into all that same stuff in it added back to extra virgin olive oil a kind of diluted a little bit and they put it on the store shelves as extra virgin or virgin olive oil and you have no idea folks it is impossible to buy good although not spending good money it's holy extroversion that is it's totally impossible it defeats the law of business on you get what you pay for it comes out of Wall splurge get the stuff in small bottles don't buy too much open one small bottle of time all those a very fascinating oil but the highly highly abused oil uses quick you can keep in a dark cool place away from the sunlight I keep keep it tightly sealed I have some more videos on olive oil and they do a lot more on all of all because people just don't know olive oil to its maximum potential or even know how to shop for olive oil there's different times you can bite ... oil from the southern hemisphere verses from the northern hemisphere because there are seasons ... Australia and Chile are the most strict when it comes to processing Italy it's a really really abuse in fact some fun facts here and olive oil a Puglia which is the which is the gateway to I'll boil it's the mall has the most powerful trees I think per per capita in Italy there's 60000000 olive trees and a polio that's the heel of the boot folks in fact my family's from there my grandmother grandfather came there ... years ago almost 100 on 8090 years ago 4 miles outside of Bari from Paisano so in that part of Italy there 16000000 olive trees there's //
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Beverage Hoax at Panera Bread
\\welcome to Marcus Yu GI.TV options market showing on a shelf on a mission these vicious truth in manual arm say hello Jamie everybody Jim is in the background ... we are in Murphysboro Tennessee on our weights in Nashville right now I worked on for about 56 days I visit our daughter for her eighteenth birthday she's an MTS you as a freshman there ... them off to a restaurant conference in Nashville action master mind group where we brainstorm with 5060 other restaurant owners for the next 2 days lock ourselves in a conference room sure beneficial so what we're traveling we tend to eat out more than we normally do I am really but I kept for a long time religious recently about you know when a menu says something that's what it should be and Jamie you point out something in their bread that it was just a paragraph to grab something really quick and you know I've they've repair but it's been good in the past without actually matching enemy there binder behind the counter so I can actually look in their suits and a salad dressing Simpson all their food disponer likes to brag they serve better food folks in my experience pan Arab bread has a lot of the same chemical stabilizers and preservatives and funky stuff that other food places have as well they may be serving free range chicken or maybe cage free eggs ... but you look at like the salad dressing oil they're using are the chemicals are going to some those brands and non organic ... it's it's run of the mill stuff but however Jamie you point out they were selling agave lemonade right yeah so few weeks ago I 4 months ago actually ... our son had gotten some paragraph and I noticed that it sent a copy let me on their menu and I was like wow that's interesting and I think I don't get it because I was like alright Gabi sweeten lemonade is better than high fructose corn syrup now I know there's controversy on on ... I got a folks I know that's out there another's better agaves and other agaves so when you have kids you kinda like draw the line would you would you would you do would enforce our kids don't drink high fructose corn syrup they don't drink sugar sugar drinks with with white sugar in it but we do have organic agave sodas at a restaurant that do partake in ... so yes so that's kind of like when the things that we will let them have so you saw this for the first time yeah while that's cool so I let it get in IT it and I think wow that's really sweet and it wasn't super sweet but was sweeter than I expected it to be and so I was curious you now and I'm we had laughed at me I got to the drive thru so I did do you know ask any questions so when we were there the other day I could you not you work and not a ground yet no and on and then of course on the container are the ingredients reading ends ... like all luck I got a day let me in lemon lemon juice juice and sugar sugar yeah so I'm you know here's the problem lot of these companies will use the buzz words that they that they know where they think that I'm gonna sell product and it does because it sold us and you know we know to look for for for greens you know to read the fine print but it was like okay there's a got a lemonade okay cool that's awesome but they're just they're just gonna name out there for something when it's really agave and we'll keep sugar lemonade they were just better off calling it a lemonade was what they would have been done just let me just call me if you're gonna say Sweden with agave or you can put the Gabi as that name there you know it's just it's so misleading folks it is so hard to go to a restaurant and find real pure food it is insanely hard and that's why I made that's right to this YouTube channel are part of the site of the shooter cellists just educate people aren't asking and ask questions and ask questions and ask questions and don't let these places want these places for your call them out when they do something like that so well you know put something on on on unarmed pair breads Facebook or something to hate take a picture is a very misleading or wherever you're at let these companies know that we care about what we eat and that's the bottom line and did the more we speak up the weather hopefully gonna listen I'm companies do listen by the way because some companies have changed ... and they see what the trends are out there and of course and there are no such transmits why that they put that morning Garvey on that I don't know how much it copies and they're ready for more sugar in there then I got nothing a lot of the sort companies understand that hate people trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup so what are the buzzwords were the buzzwords that industry so read labels ask questions make comments on our Facebook tweet them leave comments on her Instagram let them know that we care and listening and we're willing to speak up chef Marcus soil thanks for watching if you like my videos please set like subscribe got Tony new content coming out it's just so hard to get all edited so fast ... that's my downfall is adding some file just keep backing up and backing up sometimes ever get to the bottom on your ... but if you like this please hit like subscribe my channel deftly passed on and if you come to the restaurant say hello //
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GMO's Will Feed the World One Day
\\welcome Facebook live or you to think about how you're catching this and ... get some technical difficulties to begin with here we dream and I said Jamie we are in Murfreesboro Tennessee right now we are it MTS you middle Tennessee state middle Tennessee state Murphy brown Tennessee enemies or here's our daughter goes to college here sort visiting for the weekend and she is a pre vet manger and she has some agriculture classes seeking a plan and one other so she was explaining to us on the way here to the campus the airport national airport she was explaining that her professor ... in her plant class is pro GMO and that GMOs about will one day feed the world's population is what her professor saying now our daughter smarter that we've always taught our daughter to look at both sides of the story ... we like to investigate ourselves we understand that there's a lot of money involved in ... in GMOs in medicine in politics if ever there's always follow the money trail right so I said you know what maybe this professor's white right and maybe one day GMOs will feed the world's population so I can over the theory was my theory that you know first of all there are no long term scientific studies and yet most gyms are so new in the last 1015 years Purcell Monsanto the company behind the power houses GMOs has never done anything positive for our for our country or positive for the environment up from Agent Orange to they've never done anything possible ways to create products that voice destroyed things and basically these GMO seeds are the genes are spliced they put a bunch O. chemicals I'm into them that are not natural at all so the planet's toxic in the field this really isn't a what GMOs video is ... most of you know Jim Ozark I've been a long time ... ... educator on GMOs in 1998 I'd stand at the Denver creek at that cherry creek Denver farmers market and get back to me important with me she was a baby baby yes and I would get people to sign petitions the state of Colorado to label GMOs if I was going to lay its bad or good or this or that but just label them let us know that our chart contain GMOs well because nobody knows no long term scientific studies is on their studies that that Monsanto will say I hate this this is great only do like ... 3 month or 6 month study on rats in the last year was about 2 years or 3 is guy French ... scientists are Russian scientists there was French he said I'm gonna create Monsanto recreate Monsanto's ... study but I'm gonna make the rats live law ominous care this so how much longer the Monsanto dead and he became ... very very ... shocked by these rats that got all of these tumors and basically was killing off the rats and other people have made similar claims that ... that it's ... that their lifestyle I killed off so here's my here's my theory ready that GMOs are going to kill off the population of the world too and look down where there will not be a population growth population decline and there won't be as many people to feed so they will be honestly able to feed the world and that's the bottom line offense that's how they're going to do it I'll get there it's not a good theory but I think it might be a likeable Bob plausible theory so alright that's it for Murfreesboro Tennessee stay tuned to ... or Facebook lives but tomorrow will be visiting a distillery that we buy from ... Pritchard's and of course room in Nashville a couple days me very very exciting will upload some more videos and you can check us out on YouTube a Roman time on YouTube has all of our videos for this video will be seen as well and ... that's it it's a beautiful day here there is enjoying the weekend uhhuh //
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Are New Zealand Salmon Wild?
\\they had a salmon special and the salmon special was from New Zealand they were hyping it up so my daughter asked well is that wild salmon illegal absolutely it's wild salmon and it gets fed ex in every single day hello face or you to and about how you're tuning in thank you for tuning in ... this video goes both places Facebook live and you to my you tube channel gets about 300000 views on month and our reach on Facebook is about 25000 a week right now people are loving our informational videos about food about real food so right now I'm on route 4455 overlooking the Republican 6 sun in back of overlooking the Catskills ... right behind me is middle Wasco and on beautiful state preserve your mental Oscar connected the sands point connected to ... Mohawk preserve and back is the Catskills some of you can see those those are beautiful mountains back their beautiful area and upstate New York if ... you've been here or if you live here give it a thumbs up for ... that dunks in the Catskills in the Hudson Valley if you're not from here don't know it or enjoy the scenery so New Zealand ... New Zealand salmon ... my daughter is out of the restaurant last night for dinner and ... she's going to Tennessee ... middle Tennessee state socialism Murphysboro Tennessee and she went out to dinner last night it's our birthdays turning 18 Happy Birthday Courtney she went out to dinner with grandma and grandpa were going down tomorrow her birthday's on Monday so we're going down so she went to a very nice restaurant very upscale restaurant mom that claims they make everything from scratch and the prices were a little higher and she got talking to the staff and they wore ... there did some pretty legit so they had a salmon special and the salmon special was from New Zealand they were hyping it up so my daughter asked well is that wild salmon legal absolutely it's wild salmon and it gets fed ex in every single day gets fed ex and air freighted in every day overnight so Tom I want to talk about New Zealand salmon personal New Zealand salmon is not wild Chilean salmon is not while through the general rules salmon only exists in the northern hemisphere ... California and north into Alaska and over to the other side the Pacific is where you get Pacific salmon it goes to Russia and down the coast there ... with the primary catches were the best catches in Alaska the most sustainable catches most monitor catch the Alaska ... in the Atlantic Ocean a wild salmon does exist but there's not enough to go around commercially except for very small pocket in Ireland which only catches 55 metric tons a year which is not much even get the United States and its public 3 to 4 times the price of wild I king salmon it's so rare ... that one or 2 pockets I get fished in Scotland ... commercially so I'm the general the general rule is 0 the rule is ... southern hemisphere salmon is not while it's formed in Chile and its foreign is ill on the farm king salmon and then it from Atlantic salmon those the 2 species of the farm ... side of the truck Sir traffic going by you might not be able to might be breaking up so that's a general rule now they were kind of fabricating not inside they were divert sort of hyping up the fact that was fed ex that are flown in our air freighted in every day folks you can not ... you could not ... take salmon and put on a boat from New Zealand or any fish and just ship it over put a boat you have to freeze it okay the boat's gonna take a long time so all perishable things are air freighted every single airline out there does air freight so as you're getting on a commercial passenger airline underneath is a whole nother world besides your luggage of what's going on down there others all kinds of containers is shipped dead I've used or abused airlines a lot of use airports alive ship food and when I was in Colorado at the restaurant out there I would ship in stuff from ... from Boston I call first thing in the morning and we get on a plane a plane in Boston on my seafood and get air freighted out to Colorado and was at the Colorado springs airport at 530 the same day same day delivery from Boston folks are so the the under side than the other part of that airplane is a whole freight world that we never see there's a separate part of the airport the free people go to to pick these containers up that companies operate out of and so yeah the salmon is fed except it's no big deal it's a air freight and no big deal because that's what they're doing with a ton of these products from all over the world so they're kind of hyping up something that's kind of just standard standard ... standard procedures for that so hi I'm one to keep this video short no New Zealand wild salmon no Chilean wild salmon it's all farm raised its all farm raised and open pen systems in the ocean ... salmon or jam packed take together ... they're fed antibiotics are fed up all kinds of stuff for their food awesome the food maybe a better quality but they still have to stabilize a very very high fat content of the pellets with harmful nasty chemicals so it doesn't oxidize so keeps a fat fresh salmon is a lot of that to gain weight so it's a very high fat food are but a lot of cases the Fisher putting him to those pallets they're just harvest in the from anywhere and part of the world they can get cheap fish that living just harvest and basically rape and destroy us on the east coast in and fish supplies I'm gonna get ... pellets for Norwegian salmon from Norway they actually coming in that's coming from the Baltic Sea which the very polluted sea ... so the salmon are eating a very polluted source then they're adding chemicals into the fact the stabilizer it and then you look at the Norway knees nor //
"2017-10-20 22:58:17"
Champagne 101, Real or Fake?
\\hello Facebook live or YouTube however you're watching this today it is Friday October 20 and it is national champagne day ... according to the committee the French champagne committee of course everybody's national champagne day seems to be new year's eve but according to the French today it is I want to talk about some champagne or she what champion actually is because a lot of real champagne out there was a lot of stuff that people call champagne it's not champagne alright first of all champagne is from a specific regions from a designated reason reason region in France France up specifically champagne that's the name of the region there is approximately 84000 acres growing and she pain ... there's about 70000 different growers in that region so when you go to the store of course we still the big labels like moved the co a cotton sure ... moistened on a motion tones a dom Perignon there's only about maybe 10 big brands that that occupy the shells maybe 5 but did between no 70000 grower seat here's the one thing that most the big brands don't do most immigrants don't grow their own grapes thing by the grapes from small farmers across this region of 84000 acres and 3 small spots in fact champagne grows more potatoes and more beats then they grow champagne grapes were Greeks for champagne there 7 grapes are allowed in Champaign the first 3 of the most common wow Chardonnay which chemical block the block ashore name Chardon oddness hunter present Chardonnay ... champagne now you can use Chardonnay you can use Pena manera ... and piano are those the most 3 common grapes they also use penal blanc belong and Pino greed and there's 2 others that I don't quite know the names are in fact the last one number 7 which is the smallest is more like 4 acres growing in all of the 84000 acres of champagne so for you to get any of those those minor grapes is very very very highly unlikable I in fact ... does creates that fact that last grip the camera with a name if there's 5 winds 5 champagnes that are made from that great work make one of their that's it folks but when you go to the store it's either Peter know our kingdom in the air or ... shorter name on the Rozay version is made from popular Nawar with the skin contact ... so that is a red grape and it's done and it's making champagne we can also make white champagne aba block the block mean white of light is made from 100 percent Chardonnay which the very sought out champagne rom people depicted me like that so arm there's 4000 different labels a champagne is 4000 houses making champagne typically the big guys don't grow their own grapes they buy the grapes I then they bring them to their winery and they make ... the champagne which is really sparkling wine folk champagne is sparkling wine but the allure about champagne is that they're making the bubbles in this bottle from inside the bottle there's there's 3 ways to make sparkling wine you can do it the method Champenois witches bottle fermented where they put on the yeast and everything in here and the sugars and it gets fermented in here I'm in is a way of disgorgement where they take the is in the last few weeks of aging the champagnes and they keep them like this they turn them a quarter turn every day or so and in the neck of the wine are becomes all the leaves which is all the dead east all the settlement they freeze S. they pop it out shoots the deadliest they topped off with wind and put the Cork back on and it goes for sale no mo champagne by law I believe there so many laws about this I might miss quote I think as we 15 months old ... but most houses do more than 15 months of is a vintage year which means the best of the best in 3 or 4 years then they need some for 3 years or more and it's not uncommon to actually bottle age champagne ... for 3 to 10 years before the vineyard actually releases it so the 3 ways to make it get the Houston here and make it in here then there's another method which is done with a make the end VAX okay now incidently the only other regions to other regions South Africa I believe and ... kava which is from Spain with half the bottle from inside your which is the most expensive way to do it then the second way the second the next least expensive way much like most of the white isn't huge thing was still back through the introduced the bobbles the east to actually have the fermentation in there and then the violent I that is called the crime want method ... mantra months I'm not actually a person sure but it is a different method ... then the last Methodist bracelet coke Pepsi insults for companies do where they actually put the stuff it messes getting filled in to ... the vessel the bottle its basic pumped with CO 2 I just like as a soda gun is get the soda syrup mix with water to go through the piping the hoses and meet CO 2 which the gas and get sparkling that's a lastly folks that is dirt cheap to do it that way so champagne is by far the most expensive wine region in the world cost $1000000 per acre in Champaign that is part of the reason why champagne is more expensive the other reason is because it's age for so long 15 months or more 3 years 5 years even 10 years as the case ... to prune the vines on some say ... you need a degree just able to prune the vines I did everything is so highly skilled now champagne its needs in these limestone caves that go through reams and upper Neher reams of pronounce wrongs ... in French I am underneath the city is especially raunch they're saying there could be 1000000000 bottles and the single time underneath the city's aging in these limestone ... life some caves that go through miles and miles and miles of underneath the cities numbers on on the countryside of course it's in that vineyards ... home seller which is down still in the limestone so limestone is a crucial part of the terror war in champagne I think at 200 days of rain a year which means I need soil that could actually die get rid of the water and drop it or they need so they can actually hold the water which doesn't align stones which you're all deposit crustaceans ... because I was under water once plays that crucial role in and basically ... managing the water content of the soil so the vines can thrive in the Greeks can arrive so when you go to the store and you look for champagne you're gonna see a lot of different things across the shells on our beloved process go is one of them that you're gonna see you're gonna see kava and you can see all kinds of things that say champagne that are not champagne they're marketed with the word champagne on so if you go to the store you gonna see Corbell or Great Western champagnes in New York or ... Andre cooks and Jim could you see that all these different labels that say American champagne or means method Champenois even doctor Franks says method Champenois on it and some of these vineyards are gonna tell you in America that they have special op permission from the champagne association to use their names I'm I don't some research someone saying I've had some even your somehow we have permission not that I know does anybody really have permission to do it the problem is in America we don't protect other people's origins of through and drinks that's why I'm we can have a good video on parmesan you can make parmesan for any milk you want you can forget forgo the whole 2000 your tradition from Parma up parmesan Reggiano cheese you can forego the whole 2000 will tradition and standards that they have very very strict in Italy and make whatever kind you want to hear and make it a hard grating cheese and call parmesan and get away with it same thing with champagne see of all of these inexpensive champagne producers champagne and sparkling wine is really what the artist this champagne sparkling wine but from Champaign so have always sparkling wine producers in the U. S. the cheap ones that are calling themselves champagne and Kordell is up there at the top and down some is are not cheap so you have to keep mine you go to the store you go to a restaurant and you're going or I can tell you if your bride in your booking a wedding and they're selling you a champagne toast chances are you're not getting a champagne toast you're getting a cheap sparkling wine toast we saw our weddings as a cop a toast or per second toast was really that's what were the bride can now pick what they want Cobb or per second or if you want to splurge for the champagne wishes 5 to 10 times the price we have no problem with that but there is a massive price difference because the work that goes in to hear the aging process on the $0 an acre for land the whole process is very very expensive you can have in American winery that does not have that uses any grapes they want uses any print techniques they want by grief some anywhere not use any of the methods and still slap that champagne label on that for 70 Bucks retail the great circle in tea here into a true champagne cost more than 7 or $8 per bottle before the labor and the aging so there's a major discrepancy in what champagne really is and what own why the majority of Americans pain is it's really not our fault it's the fault of the big companies are out that all these vineyards they're making massive quantities ease and telling us for years we have champagne now if you've noticed some of the best sparkling wine producers in the country do not label their products champagne so you have grew a from New Mexico which I absolutely love and fell in love with it in Colorado they call their stuff sparkling wine ... ... you have a lot of ... French houses out of ... California like mom now burned now you have the roadie a state out there which are all French by the way they've they've they've have now been years here in New York are not the US they're making wines and all for him none of them refer to their stuff as champagne they refer to it as sparkling wine so there's a direct correlation typically a direct correlation with the amount of sort the quality of the quote unquote American sparkling wine the lower the quality these companies typically called champagne to boost the price and boost the sales when actuality it's not the guys are doing it right and maybe you can do method Champenois the bottle fermentation anywhere in the world that you would like to on but just can't call it method jump once it's much more it's it's the pruning it's the aging it's the limestone it's a terroir it's everything it's a tradition that goes into making a true champagne and America has none of that so the people that are doing at least the bottle fermentation the more expensive bottle from this we do here than I am and ... ... the Ulster county and not in the Hudson Valley ... white cliff makes a great bottle fermented sparkling wine it's fantastic Michael and yet you do a great job with that right here right across the across the mountain so for national champagne they don't get duped on if you are gonna have champagne today ask for the real thing are there is a place for the other stuff but I gotta tell you if you're gonna buy from a company that is going to ride the coattails of French traditions at that up 500 years old and call their products champagne for me I don't want to support a company like that I'd rather go by on American person that's calling their products sparkling wine indeed what it is on if you go to court bell's website you can see a bunch of different things they offer a lot of these so called champagne producers in America that say they're doing method Champenois aren't even using the correct grape varietals accord build those recycling program Corbell another red one from a low hum so there's all these different varietals that are not even permitted in champagne in the champagne region of France I am you could that would help by the bubbles of its bottle fermented small fine tiny bubbles I want certain there's about 1000000 bubbles per glass of champagne if you Portland set there in bubble way you get in the same amount of bubbles going off that you can tell ... with this CO 2 with the pumped ... ... sparkling wine for the actually ... put gas into it at the end you can tell us are big published if you poured a glass of of ginger ale next to a glass of champagne you could actually see the size difference bubbles would be a major difference big big bubbles sources nice tiny finesse bubbles the bubbles usually start want a watched item 1.on the glass and not put in the glass of the bubbles keep dreaming up we have many multiple streams that glass of champagne were coming from 1.subsist streams of it coming up as opposed to a glass of some 7 upper coke or Pepsi where the bubbles are just all over it constantly and it so national champagne day I know what I'm drinking later on conduct we have some paint the day to celebrate national champagne Dame and of course there is a time and place for American sparkling wine I would forgo the cortical people that are riding the coattails because I don't think they deserve the business I need to really step up and say exactly what they are but again American law it just does not protect a lot of designated area of foods and wines from across the world like port kindly come from Portugal from Douro valley sherry can only come from Spain there's nothing soon only come from certain areas in other countries are not allowed to do that ... in fact I'm just as laid out of 2012 as one dozen 12 Puan Australia had to stop making port because they were making a port style wines put important labels they're no longer allowed to do that here in America you're still allowed to do all of that unless you're new in last 5 years if you want to do the last 5 years no one to start up you're not allowed to put porker sherry but if you did it before that your grandfather dance of you had champagne on your label before I think was 2012 interests is in the recent few years your grandfather any you can keep slapping champagne across you keep slapping port across in the upper port on a bottle of California wine that has no grapes that they would use import the proper use 100 different creeps in port wine but they do use about hundreds of grapes the only one we would recognize as wine drinkers of the company hope which is from the real real hot real hot meat company a famous or temperament real hot famous which is a region in Spain that's only great to even recognize imports and because are allowed to do 100 different varietals are only using a full on each 1567 maybe con you know grants makes a 7 great support which are using 7 different grape varietals and thus the name 7 grapes gram 7 grades ... support is another fascinating fascinating ... bomb beverage in tradition ... really really I guess when it gets a look for national port day is and do a ... do a video on port and that maybe if there's not a national poor David will dual port promotion and aroma time and really just imports as well so hope that help you with champagne and go pick up a bottle of the real champagne for champagne day twentieth Friday 10/20/2017 I'm not sure if that changes every year you'll have to go to the French ... champagne committee website and check that out I'm chef Marcus Randall thanks for watching if you like this video give it a thumbs up share it ... if you think so many can benefit or be of value and learn something please share pass along and ... newcomer to Roman times say hello I //
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The Easy Way To Prepare For a Speech - How Do I Prepare For Speech
\\and I some really exciting to be here love speaking I want to say I get off tangent sometimes ... but I will be do having a queue in a the end I don't how power point I don't look like power points on a commitment to a power point when I do my smartphone photography seminar which in turn helps you can see pictures good and bad ... southern night that we do not do a power point then when I finished my speech when I pulled into the parking lot of aren't going some I don't hate diplomat and but I like what I talk about in a vague Dick can't buy half the research so we have to do a job seeking John I have to research I typically don't do it because not come from talking about it I don't talk about my personal experiences I don't like about tips that was gonna be beneficial and provide valuable body and //
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Are Chefs Really Cooking With Olive Oil? Olive Oil 101 Part 2
\\our chefs really cooking with olive oil welcome to Marcus Gee.TV options market show anime shop into this mission is olive oil our ships really cooking with olive oil so I've been a professional stuff but in cooking professionals since 1990 it's 2017 that's 28 years I've been in this industry the last 14 years I've owned aroma time ... I've seen a lot of restaurants have seen a lot of hotels I've seen what's what happens here and a lot of people always ask would you cook with olive oil Deku flowers the general the general public ... knowledge of olive oil as well yes olive oil should be cooked within your shows like Mario Batali who go on the Food Network and talk about cooking with olive oil so a lot of consumers would like restaurants to cope with olive oil so now me personally I don't cook with although I don't like to cook with olive oil to very very fragile oil is very perishable there is a season for olive oil it's harvested it gets press that's basically all of juice fresh press olive juice the first pressing the cold pressed extra virgin is the one you want to buy all the other grades are much much less desirable in fact once they start making those other levels of all while they actually have to ... put high heat to it they have to put chemicals like hexing gas that the deodorizer that the bleach it to make it to bring it back to a presentable and a palatable a stage again so to really process just like a lot of other oils so don't think because you're buying a lower grade of olive oil that still high quality work still even adults not sent relieve inedible its own there's no reason to buy a cheaper olive oil up all folks who buy extra virgin olive oil use the season if you don't cook with it blah chefs are on cooking within what consumers are saying yes cook with it so let's talk about what happens when a chef actually cooks with olive oil now since 1998 men doing this I've seen this a lot in the most with the from the best places I've worked o'kane like to brag the cook with all of our guests we cope with olive oil yes we're comfortable you talk to most salesman the look or you want a Cup of olive oil I'm gonna oil for you it's a blended it's a blend that olive oil so I went to a restaurant depot unloved when the restaurant depot now we stick up my phone only seeking pictures and videos inside and I'm waiting for them to say something to me because I don't really buy much there ... I go for a couple of things some paper goods I'm gonna get a good deal on and ... god willing to dump bamboo toothpicks or half the price what they were from the distributor ... so I don't know going my way to go there but there are few things when I go so understand like aw when I walk down these massive eye holes I see all these restaurants stocking up and I miss people there to bring these these these vans and trucks and just load up all kinds of I see the cheap oil to see the cheap products it's just mindboggling what restaurants are using so I walked down there olive oil I'll their olive oil section here's what I found for cooking oil check this out to the first or the came up ... was our own brand in this is a very popular very popular over the years I've seen this in countless operation liberty even the nicest ones for the Broadmoor ever to the green Briar to some really nice operations of the plan that although 25 percent important olive oil doesn't say where it's imported from doesn't seem a great stepping on extra virgin vote something like this is about 8 Bucks a gallon game cheap fake Cup of oil is like 20 to 25 Bucks a gallon I'm the real deal olive oil a leader is gonna be 20 box to see the big price and everything I say fique olive oil there's a lot of really just adulterated fake oils on the market then you know some of the best brands out there like Colavita a 5050 shot that it's actually the real deal extra virgin pure olive oil actually in that container we'll talk about that another follow up video so here's is 1 of the shops favorites this the 75.51 this is extremely popular you talk to any I'd food distributor anything this is what it is if you're concerned with water restaurants cooking with Missy over cooking with olive oil asking if it's a blend that oil and it's extra virgin olive oil and again I don't recommend cooking with with ... all well to begin with so but if you want to clarify in a restaurant that's it you ask okay because I doubt they're taking $25 a gallon oil and pouring it into a saute pan to cook I really seriously doubt that the next part your look this this is from a place called gourmet factory of gourmet factors an importer of supposedly finer foods ... maybe some finer fake foods are they like to import Bulgarian ... and it's not even allowed to be called feta cheese but it's a Bulgarian fat I mean from sheep's milk or a book that I they import a few other things and go on their website gourmet factory this blended olive oil look at this folks 99 percent soybean oil one percent extra virgin olive oil and and head of beta carotene is that it's there but if you look at the label and I get a full shot the label before shot a label shows all of us at shows these green beautiful olives great display piece you pick that up you think you're actually grabbing you think you're actually grabbing all of oil so one person actually I was in it I'll actually sauce might pick up a couple cases of this I saw pressure and the guy picked up a couple cases and I'm sure he thinks he's doing the right thing but may handle me and 99 percent saving all so the problem with lobbies blends right off the bat is they're loaded with GMOs GMO corn GMO soybean GMO whatever GMO cottonseed oil but the lord with all kinds of pesticides probably all but the real problem is that they're just so process than heated up to our you know such a high degree there keep motorized of chemicals they have hexing gas in them yet to try to remove the hexing Gasol these have the process he sings beyond belief your body can't really recognize these oils at that high of he that high processing is just it's really a disaster that this this that oil Sacha IE a commonplace in restaurants you know between the fryer in between cooking restaurants go through a lot of oil ... so all of oil on the slightest wrinkle is part 2 of the olive oil series what chefs really cook with it don't get me wrong Lana chefs are taking expensive I'll boil in there putting in the pan they have the greatest rate this intentions it is not familiar with the science of a lot of all ... and help perishable is so luscious notes perishable but then they just run that painting turned Oppen and cook away with it so you would never go to the health food store to pick up a flax oil that's in the refrigerator section and a dark container with the date on it and take it home and start putting that in a saute pan would you know olive oil is basically very up there as far as therapeutic value is it's all of us are a fruit so all those ... are loaded with a bunch of good nutrients that olive oil juice A. K. A. olive oil that comes out of it can be very healthy on that first pressing of extra virgin olive oil and keep in mind there are a lot of different grading systems that they're only voluntary grading systems for the U. S. the A. their volunteer grading systems and they're not really enforce if you go on the ... American agan markets website I was on this morning reading through ... reading through the criteria I mean us the criteria can be so vague sometimes and just you know based upon the flavor and the caller to make it you know a certain oil in the apartment a civilian things like the happen ... sometimes agree very vague and if you're not being regularly tested which is companies are not being tested on what's in the ... in the bottles only consumer advocates see groups the ones after testing what's really in the bottle ... a lot of fake stuff is passed on and that's a Republican I had mixed media should be the next video really what when you go to the store and pick up olive oil are what he really picking up what's a percentage chance of you actually getting real extra virgin olive oil in that container of chef Marcus going on if you like this video please sit like subscribe to videos check out my YouTube channel check up my restaurant at top Roman time be and ... as always eat healthy and //
"2017-10-16 21:31:39"
How Long Should Keep Olive For Once It Is Open?
\\welcome Facebook live and you too depending upon where you see in this or how you're saying it Jamie naira buttermilk falls today route for a 3 mile run 3.5 mile run yeah hi honey I and up but not falls in spring one ... so we access the rail trail just past the Novalee I it is the Nepali rail trail though mouse makes you have permission to be on private property if you're going on private property but there's an access point right on the other side of where the people drive up to and come right to the trail here ... but the real show goes from the nebulae all the way until spring one and I've read that many times really call myself while trail ... hopefully that'll be restored one day where can be public use which I believe is the plan and what they're talking about the level of folks so all of oil I've been doing a lot of I don't always know what about all well I've always a lot of videos on olive oil like don't never ever could with olive oil ... because I'll boil so fragile that it breaks down really quickly and becomes a carcinogen and it becomes ... picture rancid if that extra virgin I want to do with wanted to look at a 3 for the 5 part series on olive oil with a 3 to 4 minute long videos I'm thinking this is going to kind of the first video in here because what fueled by olive oil and they keep olive oil so all of well how long should you keep all the oil open for if you have any idea honey my nose only because he told me I felt for you told me I had no he had heard so olive oil is basically fresh pressed ... choose from approved olives are indeed a fruit they have a seat unsolved request by your you were taken out of right off the tree which we've done the work on the hope that it is still bitter you can't even yeah it's not really something you want to know but not the typical pizza plumber apple that you're used honestly fruits ikea mind avocados are free to and start tomatoes so olives are 8 indeed a fruit so our world that you're getting is actually gracefully juice its virtues as a one way of looking at it but it's you're welcome Hollister mode with oil so the experts are saying I've known this over the years always store aisle well in a dark cool place an air tight but once you open that package most experts agree 3 to 6 weeks while and that oil's done it's gone it's that extra virgin it's extra rancid ... olive oil is very not only all of we wanna vice extroversion begin with and folks I have some news for you there's no such legal definition for extra virgin all these kind of things that I slapped on labels here in America so weird and that's why there's so much to cover in olive oil and I'm also going to talk more about all those labels about all the other folks if you're going to sort of olive oil by smaller units by smaller bottles don't buy a bigger container and think you're gonna save money and open it up and ... and hold out for more than 6 weeks that's right 6 weeks ago clown so the first thing you want to do when you get home with your olive oil is you want to put it into a refrigerator and keep cold dark and airtight use it and if you're gonna open it put a date on it right a date on it put a sticker on the bottom masking tape or whatever and ... get rid of it within 6 weeks optimally 3 weeks no me no ... folks over at wild type farms he is very strict on some people flower whole grain flours he wants you to be able to buy 2 or 3 or 4 times as ... frequency of flour then you buying like a 25 pounder for home he wants you to buy like a pound or 2 pounds or 5 pounds for home use and what you use it reporter it he is associated ... a strong correlation with certain types of Philly after certain of the steely act with the rancid flower this fire does ransom just like olive oil and if you're you're if you're going to the grocery store and buying a bag of flowers and sitting on the shelf storage crop and it's been sitting in you know for who knows how long which is the whole tone of the video by the way flowers legal do that later but olive oil has vintages so you're going to buy the freshest vintage of olive oil so what you're buying from a northern hemisphere of the southern hemisphere makes a big difference Australia and South America has their season and then ... California and north I'm north the northern hemisphere like Italy Spain ... Greece Tunisia and would or not France France does have some very small olive oil producers they're all family owned I they had a massive frost back in the thirties with like a lot of olive groves and the big companies that were never gonna invest in France again so when people say they're with a small family run olive oil producers so if you ever see French although folks pick it up it's probably a treat its hand crafted itself from a small small family so that we look for French olive oil and we'll talk about the seasons of olive oil in the series will talk about the death legal definitions ... the pressing the different qualities oppression because what they do to olive oil is the deodorizer that bring up to such a high heat certain all boils because they want to ratchet and had chemicals hexane gaps in it to get a vaccine gets out deodorize it so they have to really heated up and they really destroy if you're not the folks if you're not buying great quality olive oil don't buy olive oil whatsoever at all but the point of this video was 3 to 6 weeks once it's open use it arm and then I get really defensive extra virgin extra rancid and ... let's finish our run Larry I buttermilk falls near spring one New York and the little 360 pan here and back to the waterfall even though this waterfall give a huge thumbs up if you like I will give a huge thumbs up you like the video give a huge thumbs up and share it uhhuh //
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Update on my Interval Run Training : Jenny Lane SRT Run in Minnewaska State Preserve
\\hello Facebook live and YouTube wherever you're watching this from so I think 2 weeks I put the video that I want to do more informal training running which means sprint recover sprint recover sprint recover spent recovering 3 miles hobby was the key ... which had heard from a health guru ought to do that and so I've done maybe 4 or 5 runs the last 2 weeks not much mileage ... maybe 12 miles 50 miles the last 2 weeks in a race to run for today 80 miles a week 2 years ago ... but I have been running that much all this year so this Mitchell runs her arm today I'm up on the mountain in middle Wasco I just ran up Jenny lane puzzle nervous about the seventh on Jenny lane and ... in awhile and paramount at their section of a blueberry run among the SRT the Schwanden ridge trail so the last 2 miles of it all up hill on a on a rocky single path on a really rocky uphill single path on a single path trailed being like that ... but lots of rocks as Baxter back with me today and just how nervous going up this 7 done a while I think only that once back in March or something this year I gotta tell ya ran the whole thing I ran up the whole thing I stop once you seem to the bathroom Baxter for the stop and take my what's go boy and ... he go now I said that and ... I think there's some of the central principle training ... because I ran up this and I was surprised myself ... based upon my my running mileage everything so yeah if you don't do trouble training give it a try you go to the track and no sprint the fifth straight aways and then recover on the on the turns and spent the straightaways that for 3 miles on my also did some rail trail work doing that right it's meant to have a quarter mile then recover myself a quarter mile sprint the quarter mile recover quarter mile I got tied the dog gets really tired too and that usually he's right there with me when I'm slow and steady and go one at a 9 minute pace for everybody back and forth back and forth die he was kind of a he was like what are we doing today if you so yes the giants will training when we get back to my run I got about 3 about 4 more miles to do here so back onto our the SRT is watching that might actually uhhuh //
"2017-10-14 15:18:48"
Our First Stop in Italy is at This 200 Year Old Barolo Producer : Marchesi di Barolo
\\hello Facebook live where in New York City right now at the food and wine festival New York City who'd want possible I'm here with I don't know David a data and the cool thing about this is so my bottle yeah this is mark Casey D. Barolo and we well we're gonna be this vineyard and one month we're good now you're not going to be there because you're no less well find money probably by more and ... there so your family you all your family owns more gift giver although I amazing Barolo over the years and let's see what ... along the vineyard been in business along with your family had if I'm out there I would go away Islam 200 200 and I 6 while no no I learned when there is by on cause and now I will work I will tell you we early next year that is the at work you know ... where and gore Florio's sun so more cases that were all low family run being years old we will be there in what looked be there Novak the there will be here but we'll deal with their I will be there so let's 20 people to Italy yeah the from on our website ... your last enter still jump on board is poured out because of it includes 12 wineries you know right from JFK I support that allows a per our host we're going to vineyards and I know that I swift so it's not like you get often it in Europe and nobody inside knows us everybody everybody though the winners and know who I am buy one from their family run operation we just met with the people from Rocca smoke a sub yeah we're going to their tasting room we're going to use the knocked over going to a tallow personally in night a medieval village imprint tallow we're going to Khan ever going to see Giovanni and got I don't require any Mexican cooking the Borg money if they attended the Santa Maria November night them get shopping there I'll be shopping that afternoon for food ... and returning to nights in Verona gonna torn corona on it's gonna be amazing summer going Barolo ugly on the about public shallow lake Garda don not Khan and Verona so it's an amazing tour I'm sorry you're not going to be there yeah we got a bunch of people wait to taste your wine so I just wanted to I connect everybody here New York City and ... thanks for watching but I have run //
"2017-10-13 12:57:50"
Are You a Restaurant owner That Is Afraid To Do This? #BusinessTips
\\something that restaurants are freed to do welcome to Marcus Gee.TV up up market show and on the ship on a mission these missions business something that restaurants are freed to do a lot of restaurants are really afraid to do this ... Jamie's off camera they sell a jamming everybody let's see so you asked me a question governments was interviewing somebody yesterday I that was working first consulting another restaurant and how I wasn't shocked but I sai sai so tell me about this at the restaurant you know I make my now I know what I know the restaurant he's telling me that the restaurant is basically giving away their food busy place too but giving away their food 8 ounce burger $7 down the street the guys competitors doing 8 ounce burger for $15 and both are kinda like diner sounds a salute both in the same same category seem class and I've seen this many times this restaurant owner is scared to death to raise the prices he thinks that people are coming to him because of because you know I'm sorry they are coming from because she prices he thinks that they will come to him that he raises prices surf and turf 8 ounce filet 5 ounce tale $27 now I said well this guy knows food costs of course and his answer was well yeah those who causes for almost 45 percent folks if you own a business your restaurant 45 percent food cost that that can happen in the industry steak houses sometimes have a higher food costs because you're ordering a steak oops cost them $2030 and charging is 75 $0 for it so yeah sick cows do have higher food costs when you look at the volume sales volume of the statehouse I mean they're doing it's a $10000000 operation so you have a lot more of that but that money to play with but if you're doing a 0.$5000000 $1000000 in 0.5 and you're at a 45 percent food cost that means for every dollar that's going into the register there's actually 45 something going to the food now a good tightly run ship will run anywhere between the mid twenties to for the very very low thirties for food cost folks if you're a restaurant owner if your consumer watching this food is expensive even cheap food is expensive nowadays it's it's virtually impossible to keep giving stuff away at such a low price ... new article the other day Jamie and if you saw it ... the burger place smash not not smashburger one of one of the big burger places no more cashiers the dome with cashiers I it's all it's all automated pay labor on top of food is even more expensive we spend more every week on labor that we do food here then it is it kills us labor labor kills you at food in labor the others this guy's 45 percent food as labor Slavi 40 percent 3540 percent he's of a 7088 almost 80 percent well yeah because saying if bill without any pain the bills and the good and the guy was a movie or he goes yeah I don't think he's gonna be there next year we can't afford to keep going restaurant owners you have to charge appropriately do not worry about what your neighbors doing do not report worry about what your customers then you think your customers will pay you half to charge appropriately Jamie you and I run analytics on on on all of our dishes so will run monthly reports and sale came the prime rib sold you know we sold 300 prime ribs this week or this month and the you know or will close to burgers burgers are better example so we sold enough 300 over bacon burgers and 25 of the special burger we're gonna say you know what the special were released all 25 is worth keeping it's it's dead it's dead so do we look at and say now do we lower the price this burger to to maybe race sales where we just start with a whole new burger in general and the answer for this is startling to Bergen terrible sometimes by tweaking prices folks if you have your best selling dish on the menu like this place a certain $27 for their servant or if if that's our best selling dish people are going to balk at a dollar $2 more right leader even raise prices cents more can make a lot we could raises prices across the board a dollar to $2 on every single thing and nobody would probably say a single thing to own but if you're doing 100 people a night toward people one night but dollar extra a person per dish this adds up very quickly now in his case but dollars not enough no but it's a good start it's a smart way to start raising your prices slowly you can't be afraid to charge the consumer consumer knows for the most part that what they buy and how much we spend is what they're going to get in quality exam and if you have a low if you have a low price and your menu right low price point low price point then people there image is low price is lower quality and for people like ourselves you know you might gain more customers who are looking for better quality right get it down and saying you're working harder working harder so we made a conscious decision last year to raise all of our price like catering we do we do a fantastic job catering were green certified over ingredients are organic sustainable are of of higher higher quality begin with and we wouldn't know in the beginning we were nervous so we would take jobs Eric okay yeah we're not going to really make much money off of its explosion this that now it's like okay here's our price this is what we charge and our catering cells are gonna we have our frequency has gone up people I think people people like to feel good about buying something high quality begin with ... and but of course you have to tell the story you just can't raise your prices across the board not not explain it you know bottle of soda and a restaurant I saw it a little Bob Florence also $5 $5 and this restaurant is the same qualities as of now we're serving better quality so you know for us to go back and look at things like you go but like if your wrestler you're making money on your coffee on your soda on your soup things like that so there's no reason not to charge of the shower and super socket to sway some lease purchasing of soup it's not going to people are still going to drink soda people are still not drink coffee as long as you're within that realm yes I'm saying don't and I don't be consequence up I do sometimes say don't worry about your neighbor's charging but I gotta tell you if you're charging $2 for coffee and everybody around you charging $3 for coffee you need to charge $3 for coffee okay if you're charging $3 for coughing every Roger charging a dollar you probably should not drop your price to a dollar you should probably to have a better story in your coffee wire coffee superior better presentation we do French French presses here which is a far better presentation anybody else doesn't coffee and care and are teapots we do this cast iron Japanese teapots that has 3 cops there's a reason why we get 5 if you're $6 for a key because the presentation is dynamite the French press the coffee is incredible people love it people claim it's the best coffee they've ever had so yes that's that's worth an extra dollar to people besides a French presses when they break the cost $1015 replace they do break so you have to factor that in a lot of them don't factor in marketing costs they don't factor in breakage they don't factor in ... other thing that goes into making something dish breakage all that comes up all Dennis will be paid for during the 44 percent for because you have no money to market you have no money to replace plates you have no money to give staff raises I would rather I would rather give my staff more money and have more qualified staff here executing food than trying to give food away you don't have east qualified sap to put the food up this matter what you're given right it's not gonna make it up to decide if I can make a princess like me properly season partly Guatemala comes up so 50 mistakes that calm head over to their 50 it is ... my coaching consulting website there's tons and tons of free videos over there there's also a book you can buy 50 mistakes that business owners make all things like this if you are a restaurateur do not be afraid charge adequately nothing rip the customer off but do not be afraid to charge what you need to make a living you're in business your business to make a living in business have to keep employees there you need to charge accordingly and drives me crazy and restaurants are free to do that because it makes other restaurants look bad that are charging appropriately if there's a rush on the short improperly that it's able to the guy down the street you know charging $3 less for his wings you know what's going on is gonna shoots a free to charge he's afraid if he raises his prices that he's gonna go out of business is because we're just not coming down in reality he's digging his own grave to begin with I'm sure partially on up thanks for watching like my videos please like subscribe and so on uhhuh //
"2017-10-12 10:54:06"
2000 Years History of this Cheese, And it's Counterfeited all the Time
\\ ... the generic term parmesan is abused all over the world they were talking about we just got in this really cool chick we're talking about partner John Reggie on she is from northern Italy ... we just got a 5 year old age damn I typically it's only aged a year blame there some fun facts that people don't really know about parmesan Reggiano and the reason is because parmesan cheese ... the generic term parmesan is abused all over the world I including here in the U. S. so when you're actually asking for parmesan cheese in Italy that means something or in some countries it means that you're having Parmigiano Reggiano and that is the route that that's a cheese in fact but a lot of companies have ripped off that parmesan name and it's applied to like I think craft craft you send that to move called parmesan cheese I think they've legally had to change the name of the cheese on their part which I don't think call parmesan anymore because he was at work parmesan you're talking about parmesan Reggiano with that seal on the underside of it this is a well one pound piece of 5 year old we just got this and so then age for 5 full years ... Jamie what are some what are some fun facts we can talk about but about parmesan cheese because this parmesan culture of making cheese is a 2000 year old tradition ... in 1000000 more on the milieu of Romagna Italy which is in the northern west coast northern western part of Italy for 2000 years they've been making this cheese for the same exact way ... highly regulated physical stores from there that that really really takes very very seriously so when they see an American company or any company costuming parmesan cheese I mean they they really get upset because this is an amazing 2000 all traditions were some questions that we can so how long has parmesan ragione no pin me they see what they say those records of it being made ... 2000 years while they've been making this cheese this way for 2000 years while the only ingredients in the cheese or the milk the milk ... the milk and salt and a rented that they had well I mean gradients that that's it so tell us a little bit about what makes this tea is special and ... is there is good milk could be used for the cheese is it grasp that yes all the milk that goes in the parmigiana Reggiano is indeed 100 percent grass fed and it comes from a small area ... Parma and ... where they also make projected the Parma I which also and or rip Parrilla the pasta manufacture largely thank prospectors also in that same area so it's made from grass fed milk there's I think 4 to 5000 cows in that area and that's it that are allowed to make milk for parmesan Reggiano the mill capacity by law out of the cow no more than 18 hours you have to use to Milken's so what happens is the use the milking for the night before and the milking from that morning so 2 sets of milk go into making it she is no more than 18 hours the quickest that actually such getting me that she is is is in 2:00 hours so why not just 2:00 hours also very very strict in that and you know when you're talking about olive oil I'm under what words on this fasting with a lot of different styles of food and traditions and even awful Hasumi I've known this for years always meet super super quick quickly can pick the olive and get it into the press the less the better off you are the higher quality oil eagle will and in 2004 hours all of your dad basically what you pay so this not Cassie super fresh ... what can the cows eat so the cows to the grass ... but of course you have winters that happen and the cows are only allowed to eat grass dry grass hay from that part of Italy only so we can't import anything they can bring in nam grains things like that it's only Hey from that part of Italy so very very real thing in 2000 years ago this is the way that you could ship stuff 0 years ago 20 years ago you couldn't ship things so once things get made in a traditional way like that they just it sticks that's attrition it's it's their culture and ... I know you already touched upon but just I reiterate how many cows who they have there 49000 cows I believe anything more than 5000 can excellent show somewhere of harm genres ya know where its new even as it northern is he is a southern and northern Marin its its northern Italy all cheese by law has to be a year old I believe there's different levels as you go up we have a piece of 5 like it's a real peace a 5 year old here ... but with your going to the store to buy parmesan Reggiano you're gonna get something that the minimum 12 months it could be a year 0.5 there's different I don't know the names of the levels a bit of the cheese cheese shop if you want to get some this 5 year old partner in Regina ... we can get you some we have a great source for this ... this retail is cheap $4550 a pound probably $40 a pound ... we get you some if you're new York's city go to Murray's Murray's cheese has this ... so why they have all of them ... 2 year old and they have a 5 year old so this is actually aged in the warehouse no this isn't some who bought Marie's bater so we bought it and brought it here and then H. themselves all the cheese is aged and lock the vaults and in 8 specific aging rooms in that part of Italy so it's sort of like a 3 tier system you have the farmer who does the mail milking the cows he's not one who makes achieves that that that never happens you have the farmer with that with the milking the cows the naked chef to write down the road down the block the guy who makes a cheese who never owned scouts is part of attrition as it's been and then the third step is once we've cheese is made then it goes 12 alternates age so it's really a 3 processing and and people said all this cheese is so expensive it's so expensive yes because personal you're putting a year's worth of of your of of of resources a product away in some cases a year 0.7 years in this case 5 years and so you go to a restaurant you ask for parmesan chances are you're not getting parmesan Reggie I know you're getting something like Pekka Rinne no are ground up Madonna you get here and others which does not say that those are those are bad cheeses but you'd like I said parmesan is basically a generic ... so the way you can really tell if you're getting something from Parmigiano Reggiano is from the seal there and that's gonna be stamped all the way across the wheels way an average of 86 pounds they're huge wheels ... so you know it's not like someone liking just tick boxes of say it Sir ship in the wheels like that ancient ship like that I think she's inspecting the cheeses are inspected yes they are dexter Gordon the hammer and they were wooden like who's who inspects the consortium the consortium so to be tipped get that label on there a lot of foods across Europe are highly regulated from where they come from so for example wine one has all those deals that are having one hit it David D. O. C. label on them on that little what band on on the neck DO see the R. C. gene ... French has a lot of ifs with Francis as he's so things are inspected and because our such part of the tradition of the culture that the government with a consortium there they wanna make sure that you're doing things that way and representing the brand properly so they have their own consortium they have their own part of of this trade organization that actually inspects the cheese is so big take each wheel and the hit with this wooden hammer I feel if it's right and properly are aging properly there's any Hollis bots in it ... then of course that she's now expected further and they take one of those those use public people promising us on on the internet or on TV those like rod so they pulled into the cheese and twisted and pull out my get you can actually side swiped the chiefs are going to pull the cheese out and tasted so then the cheeses taste that ... sometimes cheese might have a Holliston the cheese may still be good sometimes a cheese may just not be good just in this is the repugnant nature here and if they enzymes bacteria just don't happen properly then the chances are good so if the cheese is no good here's interesting thing that she's not allowed missiles parmesan Reggio ... it's actually stripped actually strip the logo will never get the love boat trip to this and what happens is they sold off to manufacture the processor who then puts it in lasagna or whatever but they're not allowed to clip from assignment Yano about 10 percent so one of every 10 wheels gets rejected so high standards very high standards very high since they take this very very seriously each you know big they taste they they inspect and this hapless keeps happening with the cheese to make sure that that it's ready or when it when they're getting accurate solid that is actually the real deal they can be proud to put parmesan red Yano on the lake so I you know it always interests me the outside of cheeses are some are harder to tell us a little bit about what it takes and that's just the Rhine mixes where that's expose the airing of course that gets the most out that dries out it dries out so fun so why some are more edible than others so know some people say the rhymes and cook with them and do things with them so ... years and years ago I was for such a history we cool on how they meet the teasing you should Google at right yeses googol yes parmesan raise yeah yeah because it uses massive copper vats very cool and the wheels the same size comes every single time it will seem sides of these as large copper that they added the milk they add the rent it ... which is made from the and the enzyme from I believe public cattle right there for the beef right there ... and this heated up ... poor old and then they they take these wooden wooden la paddles and they mix it mix and then they put a cloth underneath it and lifted up and we've never been there we really need to go there were going to Italy and for weeks we're gonna be near there sort of but then we're heading over to Slovenia to visit my living as we do although there mo via ... and we're going into well on the net so we don't know parole Dudley on the Gardella gone now about shall allow slot bay for rona for 2 nights so we're going in the opposite direction but if we went this direction I miss is where the famed producer departments from consuming very interesting so as are making this cheese you have the way runoff which all the milk is not usable for cheese got the way right off a criminal company yesterday that's making bacha from ways like in when you have make she is you can have this runoff which is not part of ... now its bow waste product so in Italy and what they do in this part preserved and ... and apartment they take this way runoff that's fed to the pork there picks and I think that's a that's part of now the Persian the Parma regulations is you have to feed your your pigs wave from the parmesan Regina producers such like this nice cycle whether they're keeping everything block one recycling so the pigs eat that in the 9 months and they got me virtue don't I think I don't know how long shows legally able aids for 9 months I believe was a Persian or can the legal age for the pressure on him which is also another trademark infringement ... when people look out across across the globe ... Bridger dose in Italy specifically its hand but when you supergroup the Parma you're talking about the fame ham tying him from Parma from this exact region ... so they pull this cloth up the way comes down the way goes the pigs the police walked up and then they cut that in half that makes 2 wheels and the copper that's what they're using of the same things reviews for the last 5 years 0 years it's the same I mean some of them are indeed ... you know 2 years old ... something also interesting that this region ... this really make the famed balsamic vinegar Joe not the fame balsamic vinegar comes close in this part of Italy so it's really a food Mecca part of Italy and we really need to get there and at 1.check things out we've driven through there I don't remember from a 1997 we've driven through their 97 of course wouldn't stop we were on a strict time line to get ... niece that often through Burgundy where I'm going so anything else that we can say about the she is now I think you touched upon a lot of stuff this is very very educational no they're very what's come try some contrived some we have some here I were putting the service with Preciado putting on our special because you know I'm not too sure department but Peugeot Americano from a producer out in Iowa a look Quercia but questions a couple from Iowa initialing enough they lived in Parma they lived in Parma came to Iowa and great story and they're making produto ... an adulteress away that they wouldn't harm or what words close students knowing that I don't think they have way runoff from Michiana with their neighbors but they're make they're not but they're making it in a very old world style and so police server without produto very very good ... American Preciado so ... and the one way that you can always tell realtor should of repression of oil out deport consult and I was reading labels Odex I was in a place that had a preservative on the shelf and I actually took some pictures the produto that was called the culprits are subject to protrude department just generically judo this expensive stuff I had all these fucking greedy incident preservative sulfites and I'm like wow you know just it's amazing because you go to a restaurant you just assume Hey worried system had a surprise you know how bad could it be or what's acts actually in it you know and so funky chemicals and we're just mindboggling this is brand after brand I went through a 45 brands of looking at the packages and was mind boggling ... the look virtually got is is salt and and the pork preserve the Parmer salt and pork this cheese they don't have the luxury 1000 years ago 5 years ago 3 years ago to help prove put prisoners in their foods they made food that would last us this is why this is age for men over year so it can be it can last much more shelf stable or you know stays there for greater now if you do buy a bigger piece of Regina at your house make sure that when you cut into it ... each piece gets wrapped up very very tightly errors and number one detriment to this we have a cry Iraq machine here so we're gonna actually seal it up professionally properly seal it up but make sure you cut it rapid double rap if you have to put a ziplock bag with all the air out ... so that that's the number one thing that the secretary has Jesus this pair ... it's meant to be caught and used so ... give a thumbs up if you like this video share if you found it interesting informative ... we'll make more videos like this alright thanks for watching everybody have a great day uhhuh //
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Does Your Social Media Sucks?
\\if you're one of those business owners that's gonna say well you know I just I just can't get into others can get into it the but welcome to Marcus in G..TV I'm shocked Marshall anime shop on a mission to this mission business article here from for stock com and is this is so is such a great topic is your lack of social media strategy killing your business now I don't have to even read this article and neither does differ most would understand it if you're not on social media you are hurting your business you're hurting your potential sales your growth your image you're hurting your hurting people they're actually out there posting about you now if you're one of those business owners that's gonna say well you know I just I just can't get into others can get into it then hire somebody to do it get one of the youngsters on your staff to do it right now at my bar my office and I'll read it my bar don't know how to do it I'm delegating out Instagram task to somebody okay I am deleting announced now don't get me wrong don't delegate the whole thing out don't hire someone to watch just only that personal touch your social media but I have somebody there right now trolling all the people that are hiking up on the mountain that's right there and if they checked into 1 of the state preserves Mohonk Sam's point ... middle Wasco if they're out there hiking there get a thumbs up from Hudson Valley green restaurant Instagram right now they're just miles up the road here 23 miles 4 miles were 3 blocks hiking and they're gonna see that on their Instagram posts at my restaurant like their post because I think the pictures are beautiful mountain here before all day so I'm delegating out right now but it's under my supervision okay what if you if you the worst case scenario if you wanna hire to coverage everything then that's fine do that but they're still in you know a level of personal collection you need to put on your social media so ... order you that other business owner who's like man I just don't want to go on social media because I don't wanna be bashed one of the big food companies I was dealing with thank you deal with their like we don't want to go on because I don't feel the ramifications and like you guys are solid company mystery author talking about you men get on that community and then increase secular demand drum up business job some good PR just inter act with those people okay just get out there in Iraq so those 2 schools of thought are gonna get rid of them okay and everybody has a technology nowadays of the phone smartphone to do this okay illegal walk around a laptop feel to do social media posts right on your phone okay let's jump into the article now let's see now written written by here we go ... look he's shown Womack for social media seems in the best thing to happen to small businesses it is simply a brief to almost every business is using almost every business factor that can benefit and of course be a curse number businesses of all sizes can now create major marketing campaigns on shoestring budgets however some businesses are killing their brand with poor marketing materials or end up with no marketing strategy they've failed to develop a strategy behind your posting refusal investing quality graphics and don't engage with their community folks not engaging with the community is a killer that people don't talk about you pas or negative especially positive man you really got to say Pam thanks for thanks for commenting thanks for sharing things is engaged them if they're talking something bad the man you gotta address that you don't don't just sit back there and say oh man looked at them get them go now say Hey man I'm so sorry you have a great time in my business or my product of my service it's not our intention to do that I'd love some more feedback from you because I really like to fix Adam can use your your comments says as positive criticism for my staffer forever is used in a positive way okay I think the person criticized the tolling knots but man don't they go under skin is get get in there you might know the person so that he looked at me play some of those are totally non legitimate it's a competitor it's an ex employee it's it's you know your neighbor something to try to give it to you but you there's ways on certain platforms you can protest that get those removed and say my ex employees out there bashing my restaurant on yelp okay yelp will most likely if they can prove you can prove that they most likely will remove that I've had closer mode I've known of impact please and it kind of happens right when they leave right then obviously get bad reviews they say things like that only employee would now so it's easy kind of justify that ... there are a handful of essential elements that you that need to work together for your social media strategy to connect with your target market and generate quality leads for your business make sure your social media strategy isn't suffering from these common mistakes cheap or ugly graphics you get graphics everywhere now I use a program called camp it's a dollar for a photo every can afford a baka okay on with the iPhone you can take your own high quality photos of K. get rid that flip phone get rid of the you know that that that old those old pictures up to your pictures I actually did an iPhone photography course side that of the speech seminar workshop on that ... for restaurant towards a couple years I was really really fun you do a lot of really awesome things with your with your smart phone okay we live in the visual side where people like to look at pretty pictures even if they don't read your content the media substance are made about your business based upon the graphics you use folks are so many free programs out there there's so many ways to get good graphics use good graphics sticker on pictures if somebody's you if calmly took a great picture of your restaurant or business your product or service man say Hey can I use at my marking get permission from them share that okay re share their posts Instagram has made it virtually impossible to take a bad picture Instagram is the digital Kodak moment and they taught us how to take pictures with ease get on Instagram get those filters it so easy that I bought all those problems right no designed consistency is your business traditional modern or contemporary if your target target audience youthful or experience are your products services designed for corporate consumers or household consumption believer not those elements should make a difference when designing your social media images and messages when someone looks at your images and read your messages or watch our videos are trying to determine if this product service is talking to them that's super important I have several different clients I'm beer drinkers Rwanda comics they have allergies elderly people coming because they like green sustainable organic food farm to table I feel the coming because a they're getting married and they want to come in and check this out for a catering job so I have to be different in the posts and I'm going after in those people okay I don't want to show you know craft beer the somebody who is specifically after that organic coming or something or Cannock market a cake that we care about that they want they want to know your farm to table were using so be careful the channels and where you post in the kind the hashtags you used ... hashtags a super important it's that pound symbol so for me when I do hashtags it's like bump posting beer hash tag Hudson Valley which is where we live restaurant is hashtag craft beer hashtag barrel each beer hashtag IPA hash tag not drink local hashtag think New York drinking your coats us local beer now ... you know hashtag stay out ... so you know I'm doing Rozay whiners all these hashtags for Rozay raw hashtag Rozay all day you know growth Rozay all year you know what's in my glass Aztec wine tasters the certain hashtags you can use utility when you don't know what a hashtag Instagram has a pre plugged in for you to say that hashtag you start typing and that's like a Google search all of bill in the most popular hashtags and show you how many people hashtags up before so that's pretty cool again folks modern technology has made the soul brainless for us to do that if you're not doing it there's no excuse no content consistency posting consistent social media can be draining but if you choose to use it as part of your marketing strategy it is something that you need to do strategically failure to do so make sure brand seemed disengaged okay post post post my goal every day is to abuse social media one abuse until breaks the anybody watches grant Cardona ... check him out he talks about abusing Scholl full media until it breaks okay that's my goal abuse it keep posting keep posting keep posting keep posting keep sending emails out keep keep doing stuff okay don't disengage don't post one picture the not go back for a week and let people just pile of comments and talk about you not be there now one of most important things a social media that all of this article's talking about ... but maybe that's honest no connection with your community I'm amazed at the number of businesses who failed to connect with their community I see the posting ads offers advice and you name it with the people commenting and asking questions but no response from the business never the consumers begin talking to each other which seems to derail the conversation away from the business postal slot social medias about listening being a good listener okay the person who's doing my Instagram right now and my rational right next door my bar they're listening to people and listen to people are hiking on the mound there wasn't 100 different people to her to forgive right now they're interacting with these people and saying nice picture great data be hiking you know stuff like that you know great great weather we're having the fall falls beautiful girl believes there listening they're not sitting there were not sitting there posting 100 times work commenting engaging and liking 100 times and that right there will build your community easily there's nothing like getting a like from some who don't know when you're like what look that cool guy look like will business look that cool channel look that cool profile likes and comments are warm leads because ... these are people who have expressed some interest in what you're offering alright no investment to reach your target audience let's face it just because you build it ... you build it or post it they are not going to calm if you need you need to go out and find them the Sony social media platforms are free many business also failed to allocate financial resources to effectively reach in their party audience causing their message to fail and fall on deaf ears if you can have great images great content and be on standby connect their community but if you have not invested in reaching your target demographic you've not essentially you have a son she wasted many of your resources how much actual media advertising that can be very hit or miss many social media ads are targeting and often allow you to pay per click so they're saying throw some Bucks to add that your post right boost your posts on Facebook get in there precisely target your audience don't think that having we don't get it right both Facebook limit stuff when platforms have limits like Twitter has limit you just can't write 500 words in your post right has 100 fourty character so there's limits there you have to say more you think what your post is about you know when you're near slowing down the field you don't see all of your friends you don't see all the communities the alike because Facebook knows not the flawed the whole thing David's limited so it actually kinda helps out in a good way so that when your business you try to promote something throw by Bucks 10 Bucks or something you have all these demographics in the all these target audiences you can pick people who like your page you don't like your page people who like your page and our friends for me I have like 30 different audiences set up I'd like craft beer and within 10 miles my Russia crappy within 25 miles on Russia by doing a vent that's 23 weeks away I'm gonna advertised farther out the matter enticing a new beer on tap today right now more going 10 miles out my craft your artistry that's so many people close by can go you can even part of people that are visiting your area alright it's very good exit co you can drop a pin on the map and set on Facebook and he'll pick up a radius our you can eliminate people you could at people's based upon their likes and based upon their actions okay do they like margaritas or are they drinking margaritas see at the like verses that action alright so me I want people at like margaritas but I really don't have that drink margaritas so if I get that action be I behavior based on mine ... element of my ads in my basement boosts and that's really where it's at right Facebook is so precise people it's insane and it's still a good value right now okay it's really a good value you throw 10 Bucks on some than 10 Bucks a day on something goes a long long way to build your fan page watches from bill net fan page you get 1000 likes 5 doesn't extend doesn't make them you boost your post to your boost that making and to your then you can like your fan page their friends right if they like you you know that that that that's one step better to err like you do your RD on their radar okay there's also a little blind poster you can actually post something to where people who like your page are never gonna see it as a whole Facebook blind post dark bozos are really cool ... yet so ... look he show Womack is your lack of social media strategy killing your business folks social media is here it's the way we do business you don't place below AB ads of phone books anymore you don't really place you know to do billboards to do all the things people are looking at Billboard for one to look at the road they're looking at their phone to look at other things a disengage or that kind of stuff ... the people listen to radio yes some people do listen radio yes I will read the newspaper style best bang for your Buck is Facebook is it so hard headed I like direct mail to me that some people are already in your database you are not the lights are you know with a birthday as you can target some who has a birthday this a whole nother topic here that I don't really get into the swing one confusing realistic the social media go to 50 you'll see a lot more posts Aaron all these topics budget topics with my free I'll blah cyber coaching website for business as a restaurant owners really but all types of businesses by my book is on their 50 mistakes business owners make ... my new book will be out soon that book is ... pick people that people still don't know you're in business between people are finding out how the people behind your business that book will be out soon it's a smaller book that 50 ... but it's a cool little glow book that I wrote or in the process of finishing right now so check that out that'll be out there soon you can sign up for emails my emails a 50 and check out all my cool free stuff there as usual if you like my videos please hit like subscribe to be a part of the community and leave some comments I'll try to respond and ... their own value to any gonna leave a link with a comment I YouTube doesn't like that you 2 dozen like for you to go watch a video and then leave YouTube okay they want you to keep you in the U. to community because the more videos you watch the more as you watch the more you toot makes okay so if you're gonna make a comment that has a link him YouTube will automatically yank that okay in that I have to approve it to put it back in and talk to approve those means you're you're gonna Yemen or risk losing people on my next video so lot of people don't like bah comments with links and I'm so if you wanna make your comment be seen and heard forego the Lincoln shut Marcus Giuliano thanks for watching if you like my videos please like subscribe to my channel and share yeah the but //
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One of the Biggest Missed Marketing Opportunities That is FREE
\\a very very very really do I see somebody execute this properly welcome to Marcus in G..TV I'm shocked artificial animal is business and that pays business is your email missed marketing opportunities in your email and what am I talking about I've got to tell you very very very really do I see somebody ex cute this properly I'm talking about executing this property properly is the footer on your email is a lost marketing opportunity so when you compose your email and you're saying okay thank you sincerely whatever Marcus you reviewed your clear last thing is good deeds that last part after that is a border on your email so many people are missing out now I like to change mine up here and there I like a lot of permission to get my links in this and that and I will put events that's going Val vents are going on in my restaurant work maybe one made more popular YouTube videos say check this out ... years ago when I was on 2009 doesn't 10 when I was ... out there after Tom Colicchio because he was very blatantly lying about what was on his menus calling Karass red beef ... going grain fed beef grass red beat and nobody the restaurant would listen to me and I saw what I did was on the bottom of my email I said see why I'm mad promptly killed so I'm pissed that Tom Colicchio but it wasn't for everybody or is that something in the mail job but it was full of the sales people I was corresponding with and people that you know people that I might have known so you can have different food is a different signatures for the bottom of your email based on who you're sending it to not have a generic one that died that just covers everything my website how to buy my book things like that so back that time click you know what are on there that signature on the bottom ... well my sells us email me back like men lot of people should be pissed atomically go for doing that right so we got engagement in my emails but if you're a restaurant owner of your business owner and then bottom portion every email is blank or you have to be a business owner for that if you're here you to burn a few try to get people from the audience anywhere if you're trying to convey a message you're somehow arguments I'm sitting on a Sunday some on a budget emails right now my office and as is realizing ma'am as emails are coming into me wasn't checking emails people just don't take advantage of that at all so here's a bases why let's not sharia bam take a look at the screen so I list my my websites how to find me my green restaurants my personal website ... how to buy my book live Corso's put a disclaimer on the bottom like if you're not the intended recipient for this you know please disregard this sin or this is intended for the ... the person who who's emails on here and you know this may be confidential in this and that's it floors good to have that and my bottom down here feel free to snag it use its white because I snagged from someone else it is modified a couple of things it's the same Louise love legal our jargon that a lot of other people using companies you saw blood slot that but make a conscious effort maybe at least once a month to switch up that signature so sugar business owner doing events your restaurant man put put some your daily specials are your weekly structure what's in season say Hey it's softshell crab season at X. Y. Z. restaurant given all summer because social crabs all summer leave it on all summer you do locks on a Monday night you want one but Hey blocks right Monday special deal this and that ... and just watch what happens it's pretty cool but here's the point of that it's free it's totally 100 percent free if you're not thinking about it you're losing out head over to 50 not check out that that that's whites free cyber coaching website are you can also buy for my 50 mistakes that business owners make book there ... but on the website there's tons and tons of free stuff give me questions or comments leave them below I will try to address if you like this video please give it a thumbs up give it that like button share it pass it on and ... thanks for watching //
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My New Running Program....
\\something about updating my running regime you know I really have been running much ... back doesn't 14 I started running a 30 miles a week consistently and die it really changed my change a lot on my body on my physique everything I did that for about a year 0.5 and of course 30 miles of the 40 miles of the 50 miles of the 60 an adventure some points I was going 80 miles a week running Iran eat marathons in 2014 a double marathon which is 52 miles ... couple ultramarathons 3034 milers and it just took a toll on my on my ambition to keep that kind of workout regime up I mean it was just an amazing time dedication keep doing that so as a result of me just not me being unmotivated and the head injuries on top of it bites throughly stopped running all together Tom and I would just I would nurse injuries I won't work through injuries I'd be like I you know I'm injured let me take another extra month off and you can look at my strata and see those times a hint hint for 6 weeks 8 weeks and I went back there hard again and the 50 miles a summer once had run in homes 3 months doing half months I racked up 50 miles on weekends 49 I suspect him at the end of 10 days I was like man this is just this not condition to do this so I've been listening to one of my favorite health gurus and this person is saying that 3 miles a day as optimal are for for running ... to keep your body in shape and to reverse a lot of things and just feel good and for your physique and everything so on it's no secret that I have gained weight well of course the last G. since may of this year and it's it's now October 1 I had a very stressful summer in the kitchen and I did have enough staff and I was in the kitchen every single day 18 hours a day eating out of stress reacting out of stress arms there late at night even late at night having a glass of wine to glass ornaments 3 glasses of wine or really good beer one or 2 of those and I just wasn't taking care myself and I knew that but dom summer was extremely busy with us so we had to do to survive now I have a kitchen staff again so I can be out like on throwing now and and enjoy that nature so Tom I think my new plan here's to do 3 miles they've intervals 21 intervals am I did hear once ... from another another fitness and health guru that's that if you were not just for 10 minutes the dangers Max your match yourself out of 10 minutes a day that you would take that you'll be doing a body of huge benefits he'll have time for tenants go run run your ass off for 10 minutes easiest bashes again and you know that's about a month for me that's about a mile 0.25 ... myelin a third maybe if I just ran Athens Ranil hard ... for ... for 10 minutes but I really like this idea of 3 miles a day a 3 miles they do intervals so speed up I have a mild slowdown graph mouse speed up slow down speed up slow down speed up slow down that there's a lot of beneficial things your body to stranger body ... to recover in recovery mode is extremely important also talk to my wife the other day about heart rate training ... le read a book couple years ago 2014 now rich role neutral did a lot of heart retraining ... ritual V. him on to be like an elite Ironman ... super Iron Man ... from a couch potato and he's ... claims a part of a success was heart retraining and for some that he went out to train he actually ... when we decide to heart rates this trainer said nothing over 140 so he went out his he'd gone after he'd done a marathon he'd been successful many tried alterar ultramarathon need yet it did not do not finish in there and now you know anyone who does not want to do not finish and so he was like what am I doing wrong I thought of trained enough I thought of trained nuff I thought I've I thought at the time and he had put the time in but his heart wasn't ready to keep up that long endurance so he started training at 140 and theory that is bombed yet to figure out your heart rate for every fear aliens and everything it's just not 100 fourty universal across the border in order to start for most people because if you have ever hardly trained that's not a good place leisure Holden 40 I would say that maybe you want to help lower that so the idea is to take your heart rate run out there sees your heart rate hits that target heart rate of 140 in his case when my case that's what I that's what I thought of going to doesn't 14 are you stop and you slow down which teaches your heart to work so are lower for the same output I would do this running up the cracks more mountain and I found your first appearance amount I had to stop 56 times we don't get my heart rate can be down the second time around the mountain it was much easier hentai stop less until I can rock the whole mountain without stopping it only human heart rate under 140 degrees I'm sorry 40 beats so I was having my heart work last to get more output is the name of the game for that's a heart retraining is a really important way to to ... to train for endurance long distance however who are out there doing intervals ... you're after getting your heart rate really up into different zones and making recovered and then we make just faster runner on a lot of people who who race I'd do a lot of intervals because they want to be a faster runner so intervals the way to go but I guess the regardless of whatever whatever my situation is your situation I guess the name the game is get out there and and do it I'm gonna hike today it's only about a mile 0.5 height I wasn't feeling good if they had a fever I was in bed early last night couldn't sleep all night place and you know it is too beautiful a day not to get out so I got myself out of bed this morning and here I am in nature zone what is your training do you have a favorite famous opera favored training technique that you use ... for running keep in shape I'm 44 years old Tom so hot you know mind was training program for Manson who's 24 bit different but leave some comments of your favorite training program what you like to do any techniques that can help could help anybody and ... consent then check out some cool drone footage I I the and the I I the the I it's I //
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Sustainability & Transparency in Food | Hudson Valley
\\all about knowing where your foods coming from welcome to Marcus G..TV upset Marshall anime chef on a mission days mission assisting ability a food sustainability genius hear Jamie's off camera hello everybody and that you know we get a lot of emails ... industry emails on trends and last week one of the emails are Cividade earlier this week one email scam out like 5 or 6 articles on transparency sustainability story telling all about knowing where your foods coming from and ... we've been doing this she sets 9899 I've been really fascinated about where food comes from and how it's produced and what of the word that pops in one of the downs and why we should serving some of the food ... or even some of the food and then of course as a food we avoid here all the time so what is this one article here Jamie so where so Amanda about how you feel about this our buses are and she's like she's actually written cover me on a couple articles in the past this is our food news feed on how to get diners excited about sustainable seafood how to get diners excited about since then we'll see Stephan operators use different methods to educate guess about where their seafood truly comes from and does somebody go ahead and start reading the article restaurant goers are inundated with information from the farm their vegetables came from to the way their beef was raised at the most difficult thing to provide details about his seat when the most challenging places on the menu to feel you have transparency is seafood it changes hands so frequently and there's not a lot of transparency because of the nature of the products is and you're using chef owner of lantern in Chapel Hill North Carolina that is so important seafood this is an advocate for seafood for a very very it's not it was 1999 I was of the chorus of America are living car out of the time as the clinician to America at a sustainable conference chef school out of conference and I just have to sit next then reload joy the owner and founder of a company called eagle fish brand new company we just saw him researcher Sonya adamantly so many years they still operate a company called and releases natural seafood its founder whole foods and all kinds of open source across country they don't really do wholesale anymore but the soulful sell to restaurants ... eco officials all founded on story of the fish where it's from how it's clots ... everything about the fish that was sustainable if if you are lucky enough to sit next to him at a conference yes generous of them some for dinner and we started talking and I was hooked immediately acts like I was always concerned with food and where food is coming from was a perfect time to find a mentor teacher on that for me and I just opened right up and it's like wow and I came back to the restaurant in Colorado and started changing everything immediately and was just really shocked with the food that I was serving it was just really nice if they're doing research much Sir during research now I was I was a fortune of a 94 to attend a secret conference by Stephen Connolly Stephen Connelly is a one of the best better seafood purveyors and wash them ... and they always told us that every store bishops have a story so no words from David no the boats that was caught on because it they contract with captains of boats that they know boat when it was client how was clocked and what used to more information about the fish the more transparency and perhaps have printed is so if you go to a restaurant depot where you call Cisco in order you know keeps a frozen snapper yeah might say origin Brazil or or Indonesia or something you have no idea how it's clogged you don't know when it was cut you you know nothing about that a lot of restaurants because folks the restaurant industry is a tough business to make money and and chefs cut corners as much as possible just the nature of it and salesman walked in our door trying to save us money every dating back at this new product that's gonna save you money on this when you look at the product allot a chef won't say well Gee will know it's from through China it's from it was you know was whatever it if this is all net gill netted and it's not you know which does unsustainable seafood to begin with the population is a form of it comes from waters that are really in questions come from the meat Kong delta which is one of the largest waterways the world which is very polluted people live on top of it they have no no modern plumbing so everything falls into into the Mekong Delta right to the river there and they raise fish there like crazy crap they're like crazy tilapia all kinds of things that get sent to the U. S. and this is the type of stuff that children walk in and say I can save you 50 cents a pound on the flop you're buying it I got this tilapia and just really don't care from the Mekong Delta that there's a story to it there's no there's no story as opposed to tilapia that's raise you know in North Carolina watcher is a great plotter producer North Carolina sustainable it's going to be $34 more pound or let's say ... my money and get my money that's long line caught net clock or you get long ... my money that's that's clout with 1 hole 1 line which means there's no by catch issues no sea turtles are losing their lives and you do longline catching your stringing Lyle a hoax out thousands of books and you'd let that sit out there all day baited you don't really up for hours later when all kinds of other Fisher on it like sea turtles Fisher nozzles be catching and some will say or bi catch you can use the bycatch on a good friend of ours here who's living Ellenville who's about commercial fishermen in the Carolinas he said Markus yeah you throw those long lines out there you wait several hours wait all day they get hooked to real men and those were looking for my he we're looking for certain fishing does have some of the time you get short because you're on the wrong side the current we're not there to catch shark were not there to process shark were not there do anything with sharks sharks not our thing so instead of saving the dollar on the hobbits to save a dollar on the hook they cut the job off the fish a throwback to the ocean just that certain diets but you know this is this is all part of sourcing sustain one having a story knowing where your wrist office coming from and and knowing that you're buying the right seafood so seafood for me has always been you know a place where where I've always done massive amount of research so what else is this article said anything ... focuses on unused or trash fish the fish we don't see very often and finfish that are low on the food chain which reproduce and grow quickly like sea trout and Spanish mackerel express models versus symbol very good high omega's but yet there's there are some companies up to that now are specializing in bi catch these are the Fisher coming up room by catching the nets in in Alaska and they're good fish eat and there's just no market form since it's important to store seafood responsibly reusing always ask for the catch method and the fish fish is the lack in NY the latter she says tell her exactly what species of fishes which is helpful since there are so many species you also need to know exactly where fishes club because they can be different names depending on where it's because it's exactly so I'm you know then the article talks about talking the talk so how important it is for your servers ... when you're in a restaurant out well obviously in our restaurant to be able to talk about these fish and be able to be educated on selling it to the consumer exactly yes exactly know because that's that's where the magic happens if you can talk to the gas and explain and and ... and and perpetrate the story properly right to me be able to communicate yeah Medicaid that story and put the description on the menu to be able to sell that right transatlantic ... see that that's the gist of the article ... me I make it read more so she said she said 11 important point there about again the last name of the fish of the species a lot of times Fisher sold on trade names so for example Chilean sea bass is a trade name it's a Patagonian toothfish ... so they said we can't sell Patagonian toothfish so let's name Chilean sea bass bass is a very popular fish bass sells anything but bass on on on a label it sells its not basalt folks it's how to go to the gym ugly fish it's becoming extinct the Wellstone have bill wells down there don't have a U. thing where the whales food supply down there the stuff is a lot of stuff was illegally fish because they're they're exceeding quotas onto the surface pirated and and ... here is the biggest problem with with with buying fish from such a frozen white fur or just for fish fillets begin with once you take the head off in the skin you have a piece of white flash a lot of these people call it whatever they want it's just they dealt and this happens very very frequently folks a lot of these large importers into the country are falsifying the fish that they're catching so they can make more money on it so I'm at a chef in Colorado Jamie in a very famous long once in Russian Colorado famous seafood restaurant car strings there he was bragging at at at shops meaning one time that he does he can he save us through because he's Serbs tilapia no skin on skinless boneless floppy a to supply the news calling it snapper and he can charge that much more so he's paying 250 a pound for cheap full I Hove tilapia and high quality snapper might be $10 a pound heading gutted fish massive price service and he similar bragging to other shops this is what he does I said this this is this is us shape what's astonishing and of course not since then I've seen ships to all kinds of things are just totally mislead consumers into thinking something think something's crash that time click here did it that if some is crass but it's not precedent saying something's no wild collided Sir it salmon is a very very popular lot of just don't understand the difference between wild salmon farms that may think because Democrats in the ocean in big massive pans with 200000 the fish sitting there thinking that it's while because it's from the ocean and some like Maria Lloyd the famous Greek chef I've had conversations with her and she swears that because of fishes living in the ocean that can be called wild on her menu just won the most famous Greek restaurants in New York City and she argued with me an argument message can't do that it's not I need every day in this delicious and it's and this that and the warmth Atlantic salmon early selling and it's just a bit it's astonishing what the chefs get away with and slivers of love can't talk recall Wolfgang puck's restaurant Spago in Vegas the partner came to the table apologize that we clock there typo on their menu for wild salmon versus farm salmon by Steven star was another one when it's even stars are shots in Philadelphia ... China grill told us they had farm raised calamari from the road I ... from Maine onetime enemy that you're even farmers calamari it's not feasible to do that so chefs and restaurants among just tell you whatever whatever they want ... Missouri points this article I just like the last part of it it's a labor of love tied to a place and we as chefs booties authors need to show our support and implement changes in our only I really like that that was kind of a good and comments the article ... just you know why take the time the effort do the research that's why people are paying to come to you know if your shaft were pure consumer and your interest in even better seafood is lots of seafood guides out there now like em SEU ... and with the internet within a you look right at least a hand out cards pocket guides before use the have the smartphone so you could go to restaurants and see the thing in those out here ... you can go on to Monterey Bay aquarium in going to marine stewardship council friends of the sea ... there's tons of us everything's I like food choice see if ... fish which lists all the ratings so for chefs now it's easy to get that and these fisheries will now put the embassy logo on the box that the paperwork them it sees a business for profit business I believe because like $1000 or 15 hours a certified and up from there but yet so if it does it does cost money but you can see that somebody is at least monitoring and I gotta be honest with you MSE money become they all have loopholes in them but at least it's a guideline and a start and it's holding somebody accountable so on it is a start and there are some things I disagree with them on Jay of make a good video something that that gets you up with my right back where I am on ... but of course they need to supply the masses with better quality seafood and they've done a good job doing that for years and years a chef Marcus Juliana thanks for watching like our videos please that like subscribe to our channel and ... checkout aroma time be check up shop on a and we'll see you soon //
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My Latest Media Interview on Video, What Shapped My Cooking Career..
\\hello everybody hello Facebook live Jim and I are out hiking right now I thought this is a great opportunity to ... do a live video while route nature ... we're not we're actually in Ellenville ... we're going up gore by the waterfall my bottom up waterfalls one that is the water for you leave outside of Ellenville so going up that show a loop around so Mrs on state land on the on Sam's points they may have some of it is on private property so I recommend a for you go anywhere hiking make sure you know where you're going and the ship permission to be on private property we in fact do have permission to be on this private property not on it yet ... so James and read the questions I'm gonna answer this is an email interview that I'm doing for local newspaper so I just let me find the sun the fund answer questions right name your name markets Juliana owner restaurant around the time bistro let's get the goods questions memory see you 3 is that opened a whole world here driver first food memory that shaped me for an experience that opened up the world to me assuming the role of the food they brought 3 yeah I think we had to I've had one experience as a little boy visiting my grandmother learning how to mother cooked all the time she cooked all the time always fantastic time come from an Italian family so cooking was always not who never went out to eat somebody was always cooking was usually my grandmother or one of my aunts and I can remember 4 years old 5 years old helping my grandmother make fresh pasta I remember going in her garden helping her in the garden so I think at a very high note a very young age but I just condition that you cook you cook good food food means good good family around missus how you handle that and if there's something that really shaped my current culinary path I think Jamie if you can agree I think when you got pregnant with Kourtney yeah that that really was a game changer because we were unhealthy think care what we ate wouldn't know any better to tell the truth we are we to say whatever I was we're educated so being a professional chef working at a lot of hotels and country clubs I knew that the food supply was just in terrible shape watching even if the big hotels I work like the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado springs 5 star property beautiful restaurants but watching the Cisco truck in the U. S. food shuddered back then the Kraft food truck pull up and unload food hours every day of the week I was like where does this come from where in the world is this amount of flaming young cut to 8 ounces come from a pork tenderloins are whatever was said this stuff is so uniform and so precise it's more like a factory I'm they knew that that was not the answer to our food supply where the answer to good cooking great food the really pivotal point though Jamie was wearing Colorado and that's when you're pregnant when so almost 8 18 years 18 years ago J. frost J. frost came to me Jeff Ross brother hung himself in the book fast food nation if you've never read fast food nation it's a great read it's about our beef industry include supplying general based out of Colorado some of some of the stories and Jay's brother hung himself it is a farm wasn't viable anymore and I rounded up myself and some other shops around about a dozen chefs in Colorado springs and we started working directly with the farmers and the farmers got excited we got excited we sat down at the table and we look for the farmer said Hey guys we have $5000000 for the purchasing power on the side of the table or $0 whatever it was all farmers eyes lit up and Jay started farming my potatoes of the Russian I was that we use his potatoes a smoothly 0 on a percent all year long contract at a price that with a fair price and he needed ... and Jay came to me Benny said Marcus I want my kids to go out leave the farm graduate high school leave the farm get off the farm heroes but now with what's happening I know this form is viable and I want my kids to go to college get an education and come back and I want the option to be there for them to work the farm but this is the farm his brother just hung himself here's earlier because there was no hope on this farm and that was watched by fear and that for me was really a pivotal point and Mike cooking career when I realize that could impact far more than just a patron sitting at the table we can impact the actual producers the farmers the people who were responsible for our food so I think it's kind of 3 pivotal points it at the to find my path my career you have a food philosophy and how did you develop well kind of death the fatwa start object of a food philosophy and how to develop it so the last question kinda led led into this and it's a perfect Judas trees down all over on the shelf they want this many there were one or 2 last time I was here but I was a couple months ago ... so I food philosophy is to support real food it's close to us as possible now of course supporting all locals not impossible is very hard video you can buy local avocados local lemon chicken by a lot of local produce in the winter although we do buy a lot of local items year round how local items my faucet fee is local first always independent always look for independent supplier infant producer whether it's ingredients in the bar like vodka Jan Bourbon look for the small guys are doing doing the right thing in a small community the following the this is an obstacle course today so looks like they're still a yeah so support people that are doing the right thing you know when Jack Daniels was sold to DR geo judges a massive conglomerate controls a major share of the alcohol beverages that are consumed the bars and restaurants when they bought Johnnie Walker then she sold the John you know this initial the Johnnie Walker plant then something just abandon it and 700 people lost your job in a small town in Scotland and for us we don't want to support a company that's doing that because we know what it's like to lose jobs in our community we've lost jobs it's gone it's gone out of business or they've been outsourced other parts of the country or the parts the world and I will work hard for our money it's hard for us to turn around and ask you for support state support independent by local and have rasa turnaround and by split brands from a huge conglomerate that don't care about community the environment they're willing to pay for sports cars or actors actresses millions of dollars for ads when all that money could of gone to a community that needed it even our salt comes from but single owned mine I'd of Utah ... family insults great but this 55 the for mines in the Himalayan mountains the 5 different companies mines are out by parading out of Pakistan you don't know what you're getting you're buying a Himalayan salt that you think is we really don't know if it's how much better it is in the other Himalayan salt and it's confusing so the philosophy is by local by independent have a relationship with the people who buy from so in fact it all not all but as many as many as we can about we're taking 20 people to Italy I in November and we're going to all the wineries that we buy from so ... and by the way that they're still has room to get on that trip $4000 a person 8 to his Cookson hills hotel transportation flights double occupancy them on but if someone to jump on last minute you know Italy last minutes not a ... not I think people really do travel abroad last minute but there are some seats available for me one drop in on that so we're going to places that we buy from that we have relationships with that I'm gonna show you these are the people were proud to buy from so that's the philosophy the nutshell you want to add anything to the Jimmy right I support we can ... only one left it drives me crazy when I have to buy but product from General Mills it and which it doesn't happen often at all but even a subsidiary of General Mills it just drives me nots or ConAgra one of those big suppliers AFI I think so quickly they had they would have organic labels the problem like Cascadian farms it goes to a big label workers fix yeah I wouldn't doubt ticks through the grass I still drives me crazy when they buy up cascading farms other brands well the side you think you're supporting because it'll change it Phil change imagery they still make it as this yeah we can sometimes you better marketing like you better marketing and they do better design you get the consumer you want to continue buying I do think that it's coming from think and feel coming from small little far right ... so like last year Applegate whistle I don't I was a $35000000 company I think it was sold few Hormel Chisholm passive so hopefully we'll be able to continue service but the man had fallen and think of what the next question Jamie tell us about your career how do I start my career had we culminate in Roman times so great question you are my current service industry some immigrant o'neill the Novalee waiting tables in the gold mountain waited tables started cooking then ... was reading a coloring book more than my accounting book and I decided to our start ducts are cooking and I went to school full mechanic unit college got my degree there now this now were actually on called ice cave mountain road in the beginning of it is on private land but were really intersected it it's actually on state lands right now the couple different paths we go here we're gonna loop around and go down past the pass the yeah access trail to standpoint the caves of the wild caves alright so begin Ellenville went to Sullivan I really enjoyed the program I enough that a liking for food some of professors pulled me aside and you know you've you're you're talented you should go here you should do that the kind of took minute their wings and I was invited to go to the Greenbrier in West Virginia first you went to London of with the Greenbrier furries Greenbrier first so the visor the Greenbrier first applied and got rejected Walter Scheib we don't want them to be a White House chef semi rejection letter wasn't too happy I went to work at the Broadmoor Colorado springs Colorado longest running 5 star property in the U. S. and my second week there I made appointments to sit down with Steven Barlow and Mister Marland who was the president and CEO of the Broadmoor hotel resort and the secretary said ed I said I want to introduce myself Mister Barton Aminu employee it just want to say hello the shoes will shock because not many frontline employees do that go right to the top and I set down with them went over my career goals tell me when to work at the Greenbrier assistant US marketplace through the general manager the Greenbrier so we call broad stoner for you and get you a job there and applied twice at that point now for the Greenbrier with no success that's like man that's how it's done so onto the green Briar the Broadmoor the green Briar Peter tenants offenders weighing Peter Shetler was a fantastic restaurant and old San Juan hope everything's well with him in old San Juan have not heard from them been trying to reach out to him ... his arrest under club marmalade from Yeltsin once best restaurant and from there from the from the Greenbrier West Virginia you have a unique opportunity a student teach and London and I have an opportunity to work for pure Kaufman who's a chef who trained Gordon Ramsay and I want to work for Gordon ran through time but her soul he would kill me 1997 he only had 2 Michelin stars the time working on his third the first book was out I was a fan of him for a couple years before anybody else ever knew of him I was watching a menu that this guy was going to be yet made work for coffin trained under coffin so to work for Kaufman went to work for in fun Mosman the last couple weeks I was there and Paul Gaylor Lanesboro cook dinner for Diana a month before she was killed I am so all that kind of shift my career and got me started in the food industry and we got back they got married the 2 year later you got pregnant and we said it's about real food now at this point it's getting harder and harder for me to work at places because I'm getting more of a resistance to who would I believe then and what restaurants are willing to serve you guys did not jive with me I wasn't there to serve trans fats into the fryer all this butter sugar and cream white flour fried foods food colorings I'm a person of the help that so I couldn't really work at a place they want me to do that I tried I don't know who good job in Larchmont the Country Club and move back from Colorado and it just didn't work my values are being compromised I wasn't eating the food we're fucking clear the from her cooking was good expensive rose grimaced crap basically next Russia how did you how does it can you provide sure how to rebuild the menu around time build them in your own time we first opened with what we could get but we're not restart we could use the bar menu and everything I mean we are so we could for a small period there if you're out of the of beef supply from the beef prisoner buying beef from we missed a week of having beef on the menu this is how you're one 6 months and perhaps ... and as we became more successful distributors farmers we're more likely to get a product that we needed a lot of the products are fed ex then in the beginning some are some still are now too I'd love picks up up in New Jersey and then hunt's point I wonder should I had to go pick up it's about every week now those distributors delivered to us so planning the menu was really on our values on food and what we could forget the time and ... same thing with the bar we usually start with the big brands of the bar with Jack Daniels in absolute but as soon as her microdistilling wave hit New York 16005 we started phasing all those big brands out and went from vodka to switch everything else when I do you have it works you to our homes tipper to the passenger home shops accidentally about half from food storage he's out of that problem and it night so that's a great question Roy feel passionate of course it'll pass about local food but real food I'm a huge advocate of people experimenting with food my huge advocate of people joining it's called community supported agriculture CSA join a CSA buy a share and for 456 months you'll get different foods every single week you'll get kale spinach beats different types of beats cucumbers based upon the season Watson they'll available and that will force you to learn how to cook a few things learn how to experiment expand your taste buds you're supporting something local mostly essays that I know of are sustainable organic fire dynamic ... Los spray no spraying along those lines and you could talk directly to the farmer you can see we're how your foods being grown and that's really that's obviously an inspection that passion about it that that local connection and a good connection you know let's face it locals great world gonna buy mangos walking by bananas and that's when you look for an organic banana you look for in organic mango ... itself we're buying local have conversations with the farmer find out how he gross stuff is not certified organic don't worry about that if we let you go in the farming business you is doing that's more important than him being certified organic it's all about you know mostly farmers know where that no I I said that a branch no over there over there ... suppose I stand Jamie thought she saw a snake or as I slip on a big branch I think it was made out so yeah it local the local learn about local food off of a farmer invites onto his property and his farm most farmers pick her land aren't stupid enough to spray harmful chemicals the feel of smaller scale I mean yeah yeah when you're when you're growing corn certain crops need need more anymore chemical assistance but all of them don't so I find a for the farmer next question to either I'm no saying something interesting ... how would you have any tips I think you always you always I just recipes when you bake you love to bake I love debate Friday use maple syrup agave well flower you ever cook was a you substitute eggs water white flour white sugar for all substitutes when you bake you experiment you know nowadays that when you started doing math there was no internet to really go out there find 300 recipes for vegan banana bread for now 3000 right behave the whole ... it was a bit more challenging to to do that years ago now in the nineties ... for you substituted refined restaurant you like you figure out how to substitute can change change it so it's ironic that you make a cholesterol free and whole grains and less refined sweeteners ... what's something you want to master making that you haven't yet something master in making that I haven't yet well that's a good question you know we just one barbecue last year I never really done that kind of loss smoking the barbecue of so that was something new I did ... high you know I I like blood different ethnicities years ago I went to an Asian foods to help our friend Palmer open a Thai restaurant member that Jamie on his website while ginger make rob you went I don't wanna make raw foods I wouldn't volunteer all week of pure food no 1 in York City that's back in 2000 52 6 we're gonna make raw foods ... that's that's a good question you know I'm really not that I'm really not if if if if if I'm really I'm not really turned on by lead that net new way of cooking with the hydrogen and all that kind of stuff would even call that ... yeah smoke free yeah but it's not like a small but if that other stuff yeah I'm we did switch started su beating which is really good it's helped our our production and our our stuff timeliness getting food out and ... yields ... you know for me the biggest thing is continue learning how to run a good business being a good business owner Israeli you know most marketing marketing analytics I'm new ideas all that kind of stuff is super important I mean to really be a successful business owner keep the business viable what's your ultimate comfort food ultimate comfort food I love beans give me a ball black beans I'm happy Gimme some foreign Brett I'm happy love rice jasmine rice basmati rice simple for them a simple leader ... I'd I don't need things complicated I like the mono eat which if you gave me a whole you really gave me a bowl of basmati rice and a softer than to be totally fine adept thrown some bok choy some broccoli or throw some beans on I'd be totally fine with that so my cover food is the simplicity food please tell us about the best I sharing with the reader so we need to share a recipe with the site with this were rescued you wanna share Jamie we always share soup recipe it's on our website it's so simple again organic sweet potatoes yellow curry paste Tyler court pace organic coconut milk salt and water and that's it folks our shop report recipes on our website that's super easy have you been looking for my thoughts emotions at all I have not either I bet we'll find some of which are looking so ... the chocolate torte recipe is simple digitech protects along the long grass so ... look chocolate torte recipe is simple ... maple syrup rocket cal powder or chocolate powder ... coconut oil and it just basically cold sets you can make a cross you don't have to make across to the bottom are crosses the same ingredients in you had shredded coconut flakes it's that super simple so now we're still on ice cave road mountain road I ski mountain road which is the road that that's starts at the waterfall in Illinois you're leaving that road that goes up there yeah but I believe in our on private property I'll be back where we will be heading to private property soon so ... laughed at the last the questions don't have any questions but didn't comment live a comment and ... leave this video up and put it on YouTube and ... check it out because I have to convince that down it's only 1000 words for the newspaper so but that duh will be coming up at a local newspaper I will ... and I'm just along for the ride if you're good you're along for everything yeah ray thanks for watching over you may join the beautiful weather get outside get outside this is a beautiful fall day fearful October so we're actually going past the access trail to get you to the wild caves I mean about the wild caves Lana locals really don't know about some real time are still plan to high yeah because I'm I'm a docent for the states which means you're gonna register the hiking go in because I don't want anybody just going into this part of the mountain because it's ... treacherous dangerous ... off the beaten path off the path altogether and ... but the wild caves are is the ... largest open fault line in North America with corresponding ice caves and at that last part and ... it's a 400 acre open fault line it's just right up over the ridge here so if you're an elbow and you're looking at the letter that the school makes other high school seniors who says 18 now over that ridge on the other side is a world of canyons in caves and ... just big gashes in the earth and what do you have the Grand Canyon of the guns and you also have the shingled goalie ... assemble gully canyon that you can access from smiley road but again you must tell the state you're going answer through Sam's point you have to get on a on an approved hike ... with them I see habits a guide to take you through there it's treacherous others lotsa crevices and cracks and that they're good it's going be hard to get you if if something happens have written that you're not with the group so I don't attempt to do that on your own but it's right here and it's a a how ... true asset that we have in Ellenville and doctors all the trails in general are true asset the mountain here so yet so that's it thanks for watching leave some comments leave some questions and we shall answer //
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Farmed Salmon Proponents Want You to Believe This... #FarmedSalmonScam
\\welcome to Marcus Gee. the upshot all anime shop on a mission today's mission a salmon so if any of you know me I have a lot of videos on wild salmon I'm very pro wild salmon and anti farmed salmon for lots of reasons I've lots lots of videos ... my you tube channel about that subject and let's see summary a comment here onslaught of it's a lot of propaganda out there that that support //
"2017-10-03 01:18:13"
My Son, Justin, trying something totally new. #Sports
\\okay just then Justin are at the football field it's getting dark out the the can't appear before you this iPhone cameras great just trying to kick field goals his arm nice one Justin is I never kick field goals before he's I'm Soriano Justin's an athlete if anybody knows Justin Justin for a real good athlete on everything so you're interested in not in field goal kicking and now place cooking here so he's out we ratchet down the long toss ... first dozens out throwing the ball thieving thrown 100 yards get a couple 98 hers 98 yarder so but 102 yarder back a month or so ago below the wind can affect everything were down in the windy part here the possibly when the part ... I run on that road over there it gets really windy when you get by the sewer plant down there worth only goal football field so Justin is never really done this before in him and I did this years and years ago so how many yards that's 40 Artur and that's a 4 yarder that was nice are your shoes tied yet so yeah you had some room on that you could on a little longer the more so you really never does over at Justin first we did this years and years ago well he must unlike summary him down here to kick a couple in a 10 yards of that age was like a problem he was able to get get a couple up but such a homepage and he hasn't played football is baseball is soccer loves golf and ... basketball amazing basketball player so how many yards so 40 yards wow Justin oh my gosh you got that I probably said you could done 50 you could a deft that was up there you got a lot of room to spare on that in Francisco Ruiz fellow body ... 99 thing in my ear hello everybody on watching this it's fun doing stuff out my kids this is total spur of the moment Justin was like dad let's go to the field there's a long little long toss there's like with kicks the football how many yards he's actually standing the ball up with a ruler who would rule out there so I don't have to be the a place holder 50 yards 50 are now off yeah that's the art is a lot remember that no Justin personally Justin is but the 15 turning 16 in may tenth grade it's 3 couple more but the more 50 yards you wanna now one Donncha and what a beautiful night out ... nice attempt you know the thing thing with this just as a technique you know you've been taught no technique yet so you're just out here Kickin little technical little practice totally different game alright John burns is on hello John burns does that you're kicking the football for the first time Mister burns that's some good kicks in so that is a the 30 yard line or 20 online that was a 30 yarder and that was done with accuracy and a lot of power now with good for another 15 yeah if you go under the 30 yard line now 40 yard field goal attempt courses differ in the game right you got the fenders got everything you got the pressure what is the first step in doing this behind here practicing it's good loser was Anthony and the sorry we ... we want to go last Wednesday so bad Justin had a game and we would talk and we just could get back enough time then over to the restaurant how many yards 40 yards 30 online for your attempt our yeah was really good one and we are gone I think it's a 40 yard line and burns would you try the duo do you not see that the not a good image I think both the New York Jets but you're better than most the New York Jets Justin the blue devils data placekicker that's all I heard John I heard they do need a place kicker not sure how that can happen Tom has a going mom's on 5050 yards 40 yard line ... yeah I know long you shake that yeah alright alright everybody skin dark out here the iPhone camera really illuminates so it's darker than it looks there's the moon well field is pretty dark alright everything through watching appreciate the audience just without trying something new bye honey we'll see you soon I the the //
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Shocking BBQ Sauce Ingredients
\\welcome to Marcus Gee.TV I'm shocked Marshall animus shop on a mission please wishes pure real food just how hard is that get pure real food notes easily or a farmer's market for a restaurant and pick up some local legs some are local beef things like that but they want to Russia gets it back into its kitchen that's where can we really meet a disaster ought to disaster in happen actually it can meet so many other ingredients that have no integrity that are polluted it that that list goes on and on of what could happen sink in the winery world you can grow grapes organically in the vineyard do the best job you can possibly with the agriculture of the grapes but then you bring the wines the grapes action to the winery that's where everything just goes down the drain and they just do whatever and then no one you cannot be that might not be the best able to and sulfites they're adding ... egg whites they're doing things they're adding sugar to it ... to help Easter longer doing things that that really aren't organically as they were out in the field same thing happens in the kitchen just go to the farmer's market just buy from a food up they buy some good ingredients that gets back into the kitchen only to be tainted with other ingredients that are very in organic that may be toxic that me just be like wow what in the world my eating with my local barbecued pork ribs you might want to ask the question next time you go to other former table restaurant so I'm gonna show you a label 2 of the most popular barbecue sauce more the more popular barbecue sauces in America ... in Kraft Foods makes it ... here's the ingredients okay ingredients tomato puree water tomato paste of course other non organic ... who knows what's in those who knows how the tomatoes were grown who knows where they were grown with their sprayed with this and that ... as a general rule though when the company is using product took process that typically they don't buy the best quality should you so for example Kraft Foods here or whatever but every few clients they're not going to the market to buy the most beautiful looking tomatoes for their barbecue sauce they just want the cheapest similar spot little guy look like because they gonna fix that down the line of the food coloring and the justice somehow so they're not going to Mecca worry about buying number one quality threat is that you would look for you go to the store or the shuffle look for to serve in a restaurant so with that being said because are not number ones they might not be a separate us much like example is golden lemons lemons that that get juice and processed and packaged the lemon juice are much uglier than their counterparts of the selling in the stores was last was less a goes into those less maintenance goes into sub that sold for industrial use which sometimes means less sprays that might be the only good thing here is not trying to sell the whole apple your solemnly apple cider the apple juice apple doesn't look good to juice next thing Greer high fructose corn syrup deftly from jumping modify corn most likely are vinegar folks vinegars part one of the more detrimental foods you can actually soon vinegar is a CD gas it's diluted 20 parts to one if you're a consumer seated acid straight up you'd be a lot of trouble you get a lot of health consequences from consuming a CD Gasson but want you dilute 20 parts the one you call white vinegar red vinegar you can start putting hadn't ever you want and there's a reason why your grandmother would take the chicken and put it in the sink and throw vinegar in it because vinegar kills it kills a lot of things another are better vinegars to consume for example ... apple cider vinegar that is raw unfiltered unprocessed so there are better George better vinegars but with the standard vinegar and you go to buy like we use a lot of immigrant my restaurant white vinegar white distilled vinegar a lot but we use the clean this folks it kills stuff we use the clean and it's unacceptable cleaning agent from the health department from the green restaurant association the green wrestles with his love and eager because it's not a really a true chemical in the sense of buying a soap ... that's loaded with fragrances and other chemicals biodegradable and it cleans glass extremely well folks windows glass we use a lot the claim use it now click my dishwasher uses it the the grease in the kitchen the degrees of everything with vinegar so I just laughed when most sales people come by with them square bottles of an all natural spray brothers all natural spring it'll clean grease off of anything right so vinegar will clean a lot agrees think that's a really tough tough cleaner but imagine imagine in just a minute your body like we all know a one steak sauce you port on a penny the penny become super bright becomes clean at all so what's it doing inside your system folks ... a 16 losses acid vinegar based it does have some moisture sauce there some other spices but it is basically an acid base like such as vinegar being 1 ingredients okay next is water by and we have more corn surplus corn high fructose corn syrup and those corn syrup this thing is a loaded folks with gently modified foods low with chemicals as low with a bunch of things modified food starch salt I'm it contains soybean oil hydrolyse sized soy protein which might be another name for MSG modified food starch to them as she goes by a lot of different names ... mustard flower now folks even mustard seeds are genetically modified I have to buy a really high quality mustard seed we buy mustard are we buy muster that has ... is organic and must see this organic and monster that actually certified GMO free ... summa cum elected big companies like great coupon in ma I am a I LL E. they have no policy as far as telling the farmers know GMOs so GMOs upon getting into one of your favorite high and mustards just saying then probably on what kind of bitter they put in there ... tried onions dried garlic natural flavor natural flavors in here which could mean anything folks read 40 there's a red dye to compensate for probably ... a not so good looking product not so good looking tomato blue one I'm not sure why blue one of the I guess the balance out the coloring for like the rainbow and I had it in there and figure out what color they want extracted lives of paprika potassium sorbate to preserve freshness now folks that's a standard barbecue sauce you're getting when you go to a restaurant was something similar to that Willis restaurants making it themselves they're making it themselves in their adding was likely catch up with just corn syrup and by the way and maybe read died because of your buying bulk catch up Bristol Kamani ketchup that has some of those particular ingredients in there are harsh vinegars leader of Russia's lower making we're making ourselves what's actually going into it so I cocktail sauce I was shocked to learn way back when I wanna make cocktail sauce and one adult you can't catch up you think you can to catch up and you take a can of chili sauce you blend together at horseradish and sometimes the lemon juice to the shop on poverty and that's cocktail sauce like this of cocktail sauce seems like a scam to me we're making our own cocktail sauce but this this is all but it is so we make barbecue sauce here with organic molasses organic Tomari jimo free organic Tomari organic apple cider vinegar GMO free mustard ... and a bunch up and ... an organic ketchup no corn syrup in organic catch a product that we use and the tons of spices of organic on a ratty it spices like black pepper up pap Rico ... Kuhlman I the list goes understood would pay this chili powder is in there list goes on about 10 to 12 different spices and actually go into our and including organic espresso I've touch organic is responsible are dry rub that goes on our on our on our part to keep the meat meets just with excellent dry robin we actually had it right in so folks so beware of you know if you're concerned not concerned and forget that the forget your watches that are not conservative we put your putting your body but if you are concerned yet to be concerned every single level of the food production and processing because again they have sought out the best ingredient with just you know about my final lot open a lot of places do this and strike me crazy I see one restaurant posting you know we use all this local produce and it's a local restaurant and I turn around and I see what's going to the dumpster in their boxes and it's not local produce are balancing it out right there balancing it with some local parts with which is open Simpson did you know that we use mostly you know we love using local person what's in season we're using this this this from this farm and if you're gonna if you if you if you're gonna make a statement like that then jump at your other ingredients look at your act mature not mix in a concentration camp commodity eggs may make sure you're you're using not using a hook commodity sugar look at every green across the board and restaurants don't do that we just count that one or 2 ingredients at 6 ingredients uploaded grants that they're using this is fresh local farm to table and they take it and they mix it with whatever they want and it's just it's really they're supporting local but I think it needs to be more accountability and I really hope that the whole point of them not having me yet is they need to make there is a certification for farm to table restaurant there needs to be somebody and the organization that goes in the same occupancy your farm to cable you need to buy X. amount of this and we need to look at all of your local producers and in the off season make sure buying local she is local dairy local flowers local grains where ever you are in the country local knots if you're a part of the country and have nots ... and and figure out how much can we actually balance into your menu because California's a lot more options in New York they could buy the almonds locally but if I'm in New York I wanna buy almonds I should be able to buy almonds from California not buy cheap moments from wherever and same thing honey every creature across the board should be analyzing you're saying your farm to table because really a lot more options and then restaurants are willing to go out of their way to look for there's a lot more options as it was a lot more options then restaurants are willing to look for early going going to go out of their way to look for there's tons and tons I do have a form of the fully 4050 different farms post this week of all things I can buy on a local 304050 mile radius of fear that's right that many farmers will just that 1 farm up like a by every week in the winter time it slows down bisulfite Chaloner insulates George dropped potatoes carrots turnips all kinds of squashes I buy apples all year long I can bite apple cider all year long fresh pressed apple cider from a farm up the road here because they have enough apples in storage depressed cider all year long it's a beautiful thing the chef Marcus Juliana thanks for watching if you like my videos please like subscribe when you go out to demand better food demand chemical free demand process free demand real food thanks for watching //
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GMO's Have Been Done for a 100 Years and are Safe
\\DaMarcus G..TV on truck market shalal and Jamie Dimon shop on a mission shuttle final Michael stuff there find all of our really cool stuff in Rome bistro here in Ellenville New York and Dallas talk genetically modified foods there was a article that we just did on ... genetically modified corn tortillas out of Mexico on 90 percent of them are genetically modified corn yeah ... not a surprise to me not a surprise you might be surprised to some people out there think and ... this stuff late in so online these companies whether it's pharmaceutical companies whether such jumping modified industry they put they pay people to go online and so when there's a cop or clap their on why GMOs are not good or why this back good are or why this this whatever is not good there's always people that call wanna leave these very well written on situated comments that make you think like all wow this article could be very wrong lot of these people indeed never have a real main they never put a real picture I'm sometimes he used fake names like Donald Trump as coma has done many things to me I've had lots come through my lots of comments like other famous people that really aren't them but they're out there ... challenging what I'm putting on line in my videos for what articles are written here's an article amid with that article written transgenic corn here's an R. out a comment from so many happy girl not happy girl what would you think of that this girl knows a lot this year was a shadowy right no picture though however nothing like that what is her comments now I can guarantee you she's being paid to put this up 100 percent could you know go out of your way the list fax and this and that I bet if you followed her comments should should comments left and I could be fully wrong with this particular one but this is how typically works so her comment was ever since mankind discovered farming and settle down we've been modifying plants for our use corn is gone from a grass like plan to what we have today the guys in the ... fryer retired Gregor Joe hi not men doll in 1866 published his work on P. plant genetics which began the science of genetics say so there's some facts there's some dates okay plant selection by our ancestors could now be explained the term G. M. O. has become a dirty word but we have been doing this forever there you go just couldn't explain it until we get our world population under control we will need these high yield plants defeat us we need the world see bank as a repository of plant genetics for our future generations of scientists the world's plants are under stress from pollination ... pollution poor soil climate teams etcetera etcetera and we really need scientists to modify today's planned so we can eat this person the way they wrote this to the average person this makes total sense we've been doing it forever let's move forward we have some severe problems here's the facts here's the history here's the problems we have owner not related and we need food and not do it and we had this is the direction we have to go in now here's what this person is dead wrong okay first of all the right on yes we have been manipulating genetics implant that's been happening all along we manipulated genetics and a lot of things not only plants and dogs and cats humans you cross the difference you know the humans would that this you know solely from Asia somewhere around here so genetics are mixed all the time okay but the way that the ways that you defined genetically modified foods as opposed the hybridizing see what they would do back then was to take should ever 3 different people ants one had a certain characters that you wanted and the other had a certain character someone to blame you you cross bred them you just put it into a laboratory where you actually spliced the jeans you would introduce people happily pet the plea P. plant the people you introduce corn to corn apple to apple cucumber cucumber at the very rare occasion of say okay aplomb an apricot which told him why to hybridize us 2 together modern technology of genetically modified laboratory things which this person says looking for the future you've always been doing it now consists of taking harmful toxins and putting it into the plan right so for example if you stock roundup next to a club on an organic corn plants and round up those 2 are never going to prosper if you drop the wound up on the pollen and tried to cross there never grew they're never gonna cross because they're too foreign different objects to form different matters but if a scientist now said let's go in and splice the jeans and going in and force entry round up the opposite you know ... amino acids and round up into the corn so the court can now within the round up now that's something that could never ever be done S. introducing 2 plants together so people often and people that are corrosion of the modified foods have this take we've been doing it forever folks get use to it it's been done for ever you been eating at this is nothing new you've been eating at this been no harm in this and believe me a lot of the food in our grocery stores are totally hybridized I was wondering what the real Brockley look like what is the real you know here in New York like we can walk out pick queen Anne's lace which is the original care little tiny tiny roofed that is a very pungent caretas but it's like if so it if you press the plant down when it's growing in the summertime the care look we'll get a little bigger but it's not the original character that was hybridize to make it look like the cat looked like the modern day care take care same thing with corn corn is grown all these tiny stocks not all the small little corn things all the way around as opposed to one stock with a dozen years big that years on it so farmers have done this because they want their crops to get more yield and they want their crops to a ship better not but in the laboratory it's done for massive profit gains for Monsanto dupont the companies are doing it to a point where they don't want the former sitting there seems because they want the former to bind every in fact the legal say there seems Monsanto soup farmers whose neighbors genetically modified crops have crossed over to their farm they've gone after then someone sent us a huge mass of legal team that is not afraid to go in and just be cut throat and make farmers go bankrupt in India they do that India's holy done that the whole former genocide India which is over I think 300000 farmers now Monsanto funds the farm they loan the money I'm when the farmer can't pay back Monsanto Monsanto foreclose on the farm Willie's Indian farmers what they do is they walk out to the farm me drink roundup and they'll them think kill themselves this is not covered anywhere in the media folks know where in the media and the reason why they're doing this the farmers are killing themselves going suicide says the Jack crops that were sold are working they're not getting more yield they're not making more money they owe more money and they can't make it work so as a thing that they're totally ashamed to go back to their family they can't do that Indian culture they kill themselves they leave their families there with you know 00 I'm I'm a single mom now who who can't provide for these families a Monsanto takes over the farm so folks the proof is that these are not really working sure you might have a crop that has one thing or 2 things that might be beneficial but the overall picture is that these are highly detrimental to the environment the cross contaminate everywhere as we mentioned the previous video ... there's been stories of how people get sick farmers of harvest them the P. population isn't massive decline because these the population was that the Clinton declined when you hybridized 2 apples and had a new outlook varietal the B. publishers enough people were getting sick you could still eat the crop no granted hybridize apple might not be as healthy as the pure strain heirloom varietal of the apple that's understandable I say that with tomatoes threat is going up 8 minerals 12 minerals office organics well grounded could have 56 minerals we could have that can be depend upon the soil you grow it and I'm the type of tomato that you're doing so this person here ... I don't believe their comments and you should live their comment either Eugene very very ... discerning when you actually read what these people leave us comments because there's these people being paid this a full time job to go ahead and do this and then here's the common thing that I found when people attack me chills I say well if you're so confident about your work is not why is it your real name here here's a lot here's a standard answer always get their standard there there they have the standard plugged in responses just like you know like it's it's like I can auto send they say I fear for my family if I were to identify myself I would fear for my family that's I've got not comment 50 times over the last 10 years I've attacked samba salmon farms I've attacked in the salmon farms really I'd they they really have some shows that I have attacked the vaccine industry I've attacked the job in modified industry I'm attacked us 3 industries unwillingly and I'm currently attacking the ... the sweet low by the ... beverage alliance on Twitter because as soon as you post something on how sweet most bad for you or noncount non clerk sweeteners no good in theirs they merely come on the beverage alliance since then and they have paid for dietitians with with the certification of the credentials coming thing that's not true and here's the real science and that their Twitter handle is called let's clear it up every week on Friday I go through there and I see them interact with all week and I go in there and say to the person who they're now attacking that it's a paid for front by the beverage association and are there to prove a point and their science is invalid I a good every week on Twitter because I'm out there just as the attacking them as much they're attacking the people they're trying to present you know it's funny because they'll they'll always go after life extensions was that vitamin company life extensions hacer has their stuff together they've all the peer reviewed science when you call them and you looking to buy a vitamin they will list send your study after study after study why that vitamin why that food why this is good for you beneficial they have the science down to a tee and it's funny when let's clear up attacks and they have several times have gone back to what you guys just messed up along with the wrong Twitter Twitter people you've messed up life extensions in the you know they're not they're not stupid little leaders in the industry when it comes to prevent think peer reviewed scientific literature on what they're posting so I shot Marshall Anna and Jamie thanks for watching if you like our videos please at like subscribe and deftly passed them on every day //
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SRT drone video of the SRT and Long Path fire zone from 2015
\\I I I I this I it's the I //
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How Much Mexican Corn is Contaminated with GMO's
\\welcome to Marcus energy.TV I shot Marcus Joanna and Jamie and I am a chef in a mission yes you are Dushevina ... but listen good news is we are in our new office or I'm in my desk 9 year will be hopefully this week on the other side over there is you can be your gas ... really an awesome office we have set up here I don't like the computer over there have fully cleaned off my desk which I think is it over the first I ever see any of the clean desk is a yeah yeah I think that that that's because you haven't been living here for a lot the well I plan on keeping this desk cleared okay okay plan on getting work done on this that I was here this morning 6:00 yeah felt good that this that's no the bar doing work at the bar so I felt really good to get that early I know when you come here early get stuff done to fight I got fun much stuff done today yeah and I was here right after I think that's one of the keys to ... to being successful as is being able to get into your into your space and just flow creatively without any interruption but we're talking about gently modified corn today yeah some of some really bad news here some really bad news WNED I like Mexican food like Mexican I really like corn corn is one of my favorite things a lot of corn ... but ... here's an article from Mexico what it's called Mexico news daily Mexico news this is September 2017 this is brand new news even though it's not shocking to me this might be shocking to some people and what is the article say to me medically modified corn found in over 90 percent of tortillas in Mexico ... you U. N. A. M. research team also found the herbicide why posse triphosphate which is which is round up so as you go into their a team of researchers has been surprised by the discovery that slightly over 90 percent after tea is sold in Mexico contain traces of genetically modified corn now this is a major blow for Mexico because Mexico is the birthplace of corn that's where they would they would brag for years we still have the original strain of corn we still have organic corn we still have the know the corn from Oaxaca which is southern Mexico we still have real corn folks genetically modified crops cross contaminate like crazy even in countries where there were not allow their allies have joined my for cops is there still could be jumping modified crops for example we never approved driving my fight week it was only grown on the couple ... plots and I think Oregon or Washington or something of the past we never approved it and there's it's out there this was years ago this is done and there's traces of jumpy modified wheat in certain part of our week supply here in the U. S. so this stuff did it it literally just grip threats like means and don't modified crops have certain things in the comic in the super string to make them really resistant like a super weed where it might be impossible to get rid of them for example round up around a pretty crop is a crappy this spring round up on the second kill the crop so imagine now your spring these crops down or your swore these plants are actually moving to other parts were not welcome or not wanted and now these other farmers can't even killed by using round up or anything so even if Monsanto said we need we found the city admitted where they were court ordered that they have to kill although all them gently modify corn in America they could they could do it you can just spray to read up on it and kill it it's impossible job because it did bribes that's what it does it's designed to drive when you put round overall the study by the national ... anonymous university of Mexico found that 82 percent of all corn products such as so status flower cereals and snacks contain some level of genetically modified seed this is in Mexico by the way folks in the U. S. I'm sure this is far worse I'm sure the researchers also found that her a bit herbicide place Fosse they say like Las Vegas live fast no my phosphate in approximately 27.7 percent of the samples that tested positive for trans yet genetic corn so just because a corn is roundup ready doesn't mean a spring round up on it and it could be another type of could be BT corn could be a different type of jogging modify corn but a lot of times if you're growing roundup crops just using round up to control the weeds in a paper published in August by the journal archaeological ... act and rule ecology and sustainable food system the researchers said the traces of genetically modified genes found in corn products sold in Mexican stores and markets have their origin in plants that have been manipulated mainly in laboratories located in the United States that's what I was talking about the stuff just the stuff the stuff spreads like weeds it just it get out get out to get the food supply even if you're not even if it's not your neighbor doing it could be somebody in another country another state to honor miles away fiver miles 1000 miles away most commercially available corn in the U. S. has been inadequate modified to tolerate lies bossy posse the world's most comment herbicide and the active ingredient in roundup made by months on I just heard a country is now facing why phosphate out there if they're phasing out 5 years on I was just listening to something on Gary null today I think this morning ... how more and more studies are actually saying because Monsanto says by fostering round of this is harmless and while ago alliance the local landscape purplish always just an amino acid you can spray it anywhere you want and wrong it's I mean it's it it there's a lot of severe consequences even for young males ... impotence non fertility problems ... there's lots of links that Monsanto keeps the 9 months and that the company brought us each orange and other deadly toxic chemicals arm so Monsanto's not in the business of creating earth friendly organic ... harmony ... environment they harm the harmonious products although review by the World Health Organization suggested like phosphate may have some carcinogen attic potential the current consensus amongst the world's regulatory agencies is that it is safe for consumption those review concluded last year that the wife phosphate is unlikely to pose a carcinogen that Jen genetic risk to humans from exposure through that I I'm a look of the site the Gary know was talking about he has a very well respected ... researcher that has that has some really hard sciences saying the stuff is is totally not good for you whatsoever of course is an independent somebody email Gary Nolan is show and said ... here's a guy who's pro this and I you know pro GMO profile by phosphate and here's his here's this credentials in this that his stuff is very very well respected Gary in this show is saying he looked at the guy and this research of cigars funded by Monsanto the guy has his hands is getting money from the job you modify copies of course he's going to say that it's a lot of times people you have to really understand that the stuff you're reading you have to really that the person who is putting it up there because there's a lot of people that are paid to do a certain type of study to prove something and not it's like when they do it when they do studies for vaccinations if you have if the child has an adverse affect they remove the child from the study because that look the study is not there to prove that causes an adverse affects it approve that produces antibodies for whatever John they're putting in your body so Sony produces a side effect they're not valid for the study because it totally eliminate that group the same thing with all the studies if they're getting some of them don't want that's not there to prove that so we eliminate that they're only focus on proving something positive for their agenda for their finances for their company the U. N. A. M. team also tests in handmade tortillas need using more occasional processes and homegrown corn varieties G. M. can content in those courts tortillas has significantly lower frequency when compared to commercial products and may 20 also had 0 way phosphate content the researchers found all of their samples were tested for a transgene presence in you and I am laboratories and the results certified by a German laboratory this last facility also test the samples of life phosphate content the head researcher said the team a surprise to find genetically modified corn in our tortillas and other corn products Lina Alvarez blue well you for ya rose sees called the results striking because cultivation of genetically modified corn in open fields is not allowed in Mexico due to long an ongoing legal action and temporary ban he did not mention what risks if any the public might be facing given the research results so they're not they're not allowed by the government to grow to that agreement and the stuff is there the stuff the stuff is absolutely there he did say that Mexico should recover its food ... civility sovereign sovereignty sorry and warned that Mexicans have fewer G. M. 3 core an option like I said before it's will be worse than America Mexicans eat an estimated half a kilogram per day of tortillas and other corn based products pound a corn today so first people that say no cards no carbs no cars Mexicans eat over a pound of quorum today okay and ... there's a lot of very fit Mexicans out there are differences of Mexican society in general a pretty much lean fit society dislike Asians we lot a rice article with a slender society Alvarez Julia told the U. N. A. M. news service DGC asked that in 2016 the country produced 25.7000000 tons of corn 12.3000000 of which were sold for human consumption 4.2000000 were grown by substance farmers 4.4000000 were fed to animals and 1.5000000 tons were axed she also believes that Mexico produces enough corn for human consumption native and hybrid entrance team free the 10000000 tons of corn Mexico imports from the United States every year should be used only to feed livestock or as highly processed industrial consumables and no longer for human consumption much less if it is contaminated but with quite costly said the researcher Alvarez will yeah recommended more support for substance and agro ecology ecological farming of highly nutritional native and hybrid varieties of corn to cover the country's me this is this is this is this is exactly where all the people that are against jockey modified crops are saying that that that that this is gonna political our environment and there are no long term studies folks Monsanto these companies put out studies that are 12 months 18 months short term studies there's no there's no 1015 year study on our health a healthy environment ... there's a lot of people that are notice things that have happened on their farms like that that Danish pork farmer who said that his pigs were dying much sooner they were getting sick are ... milk farmers when they put ... bovine growth hormone into their into their Gary cattle so they can't milk the cattle for 10 or 15 years ago only looking for 5 years I could just like them they produce more milk in the beginning but there's also downfalls like more ... lacerations more sections thing in more antibiotics right on you know people say all this junk in modified surface so good for so we needed we need that there really are no individually independent study saying that Hey this is the way to lead our to lead our society in general Russia over 90 percent of the Russian population eats from small farms homegrown farms election 2 acres if Russia with that size population can do it so could wait why can't we do it but you know Americans for the promise were used to walking in and getting ... frozen foods and then they were not used to cooking have you had a choice of going to the store to buy real foods to clock you have more real foods in our diet what these companies these huge massive companies I would to restaurant depot ... this morning pick up a couple things like you know I always look at at the stuff that we don't buy there is lots of we don't just only few things we can buy their I'm just looking like pancake mix we'll get crackers bread crumbs I took a picture of an ingredient bread crumbs a list was atrocious of ingredients in it putting on his bread all you are bread crumbs our whole wheat flour the east the water that use to make the bread and that's it but just 3040 ingredients everything from point sharp solace the cotton seed jar a child ... ... let me try to save ... short means there's always list of ingredients in a way but this is what the standard people getting when they go eat in a restaurant when they go to a store to buy pre reading chicken nuggets so McDonald's touted all we have better quality chicken our chicken nuggets but what's in what's a breading made up right where the chickens being fed to paying meant that GM all products they might say it's 100 percent white meat in there maybe chemical free but look at the red cross look at the process look at the fact that they're flying the chicken nuggets and loaded with loaded with with crap so give me questioners article now it's a great article sat article it is sad very sad looking good article to put out there to people so now some people going to say that genetically modified foods we do them for years 0 years and that you know there's no reason not to move forward because we've been doing this and get a grip Marcus get a grip this where to make another video to follow this video on a comment from this article and we're breakdown that as well okay I shut Marshall analytics for watching I'm Jamie feel like our videos please that like subscribe I found that's gone and done things for watching //
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Is the McDonald's Happy Meal Getting Healthier?
\\welcome to Marcus and G..TV chef Marcus Joanna and Jamie and we are here to render time in the restaurant fender really interesting article that this is all over the news by ... now anyway somber 2017 you even read this article you know I mean not this is interesting but it's like shocking I like the headlines like deadlines you funny McDonald's happy meals are getting healthier I can't wait to see what healthier means to that McDonald's McDonald's happy meals are getting a little healthier the fast food chain announced that it is swapping 100 percent juice beverage including its kids meal with a product that contains 40 percent used and that's half the sugar the move comes after McDonald's has made strides to offer help your food consumers now demand higher quality organic healthier food at McDonald's food didn't exactly fit that bill it's chicken for example now does not include artificial preserve good does this is I mean their food is good but they're just allow it in an effort you're making an effort they're learning certain things folks they know that you care about what you're eating then about you that you care about what your kids are eating so them for McDonald's to make a ship like this is a massive why give it to my kids and my grandkids at 100 rank is when we have grandkids I'm not planting into McDonald's for a meal however this kind of marketing system marketing tactic it will sway some parents to feel better about their purchases at McDonald's right in McDonald's is great a playing the game of of advertising that all this Asher this is interesting come November kids will be drinking honest use instead of minute maid juice boxes and I wouldn't be surprised I don't know if honesty's is still family owned but I don't be surprised if coca Cola or minute maid actually owns the name of honest debate though so it is what I was figuring that minute maid probably phones further in the article cuts on Michael cloud yeah lot contains less than half the calories both brands are owned by parent company coca Cola so really critical as taken right there's a soft outlaw knocking out of the juice is probably a concentrate from China ... Masoli grown pesticides 9 you know ... GMO late in their whatever we don't know we don't we don't know but I'm excuse used to be a good that was years ago when it first started managers know once once once once a becoming takes control of something there after changes right children will now choose between milk where the now better for you apple juice beverage versus soda like it used to offer self admitted may have generally been dropping by 18 percent since 2012 is huge 12 percent in 1918 percent annually drops in 5 years that's a massive that's massive Linus business has been growing its products are on the menus of when the subways and check for lack of this is part of a commitment by McDonald's to raise the bar on our food a spokesperson for the company said in a statement we are committed to continuing our food journey for the benefit of our guests this isn't the first change becomes a happy meals in 2004 McDonald's introduce apple slices to the option in 2011 it reduce the fry portions in 2014 it added low fat yogurt Willis salad hops in being very interesting I yeah and I've even read that article and I knew that just from yeah knowing that I've been on honest you sounds like a good name I think that I think a player can feel better signal my kid drinking honest Jews right so this post is long marketing it's a tomorrow morning for protocol it's on morning for on issues and mark marketing for McDonald's yeah Donald's now this is a major press release saying they're going to teach their ... customers that ... it's okay now it's okay it's okay to advertise bring your cousin