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"2016-09-27 22:19:52"
2 Minute Presentation
\\did you know 90 percent of corn soy and cotton producing 9 states has been gently not I work at Massey and this is the good the bad and the ugly in 1972 to men Herbert Boyer and Stephen Cohen were the first to develop a check that allowed them to cut DNA it's a piece of DNA reattached other words this is college and today over 75 percent of conventional process you would need a state contains genetically modified organism there's been no studies that show GMOs actually do cause serious harm to humans but there's many cases of sickness allergic reaction warning damage even death let's among countries or even like them and how strict regulations or ban them completely but on the plus side furry spirit that has reduced the use of pesticides by farmers because as the modified for more basic pest resistance and I compete against leans more they're also great for adapting to changing weather and farming conditions caused by increases of drought and NBC so what's the problem how many niceties isn't the use of GM us it's the fact that we're eating experimental foods without our consent since the FDA does not require food companies to label foods that have been the Mach 5 the American medical association has back to the FDA by saying there's no justification for illegal drugs there's been no cost turn humans serious harm humans how can we help there isn't much we can do to stop the use of Geonosis they've taken over the food industry but we can start by getting mandatory food labels on all foods that contain she arose we can do that by talking to the local representative ... passing petitions helped by spreading the word we deserve to know great //

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