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"2015-09-24 23:30:51"
90 second elevator pitch
\\hi my name is Maria Kovalenko and I'm currently a dietetic students attending Fresno state can you name attrition as Michael upon becoming a registered dietitian I believe that the public needs to be educated about nutrition especially that there is a growing number of obese individuals among those are children the didactic programming dietetic that present state prepared me well for this internship providing me with the knowledge and hands on experience I have also have the opportunity to volunteer at the wick program in the city of Fresno I was able to work with children educating them about nutrition and make healthy food choices aside from that I have certain skills that make you stand out from the rest of the applicant I have great communication and critical thinking skills witcher vital in this field I am a natural born leader whose goal oriented and persevered in any given task I work well with others in a professional manner can achieve a common goal when it comes to problem solving in making decisions I keep a positive outlook and stay centered on maintaining the overall focus I am very dedicated and motivated to complete the job but the difficulty I am open minded and always eager to learn after leaving Sam I plan to stay in the Central Valley and continue working in the community program will provide the additional experience education and skill that I will need to excel at the registered dietician and the communities that //

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