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"2016-08-22 20:18:34"
Paleo Wraps 'At-Cost' - What I Eat in a Day!
\\we've got 10 the real world welcome everybody this is not my American the beautiful arrived very Monica and what we have here today are these how legal wraps that knew my family a practically living off the right now and we have them act cost right now available for you on our website and I'm gonna give you an example of what we what we have regular play I usually like these from and that to Merrick one which I like to have after a break so it's usually make a basic guacamole mealtime to some sort of gourmet rat one day and a riot loves these things to while here we go what I like to do it when we he's like Stephen stray so what we're gonna do the meticulous I'm gonna put a couple lettuce leaves down like that you could never legislation about was that you were then we take my guacamole work right on top of that lettuce leaves and I am going you can have guacamole they they and then I'm also going to take some of our cash you dressing she's here to kind of like a ranch dressing pour that on like that usenet was under wraps it's then we're gonna go like this cover it up with some lettuce it is so good and then you're all of that in one month got they rob so that what would you do tomorrow morning the machine I use these as the crepes for my morning breakfast the tomorrow morning show anything what that's a what's in we've got avocado goals which is the SI would you like and tomatoes amazing for any man to break even bases everything you like not a lot we they alright everybody so we'll see a little bit as we make our breakfast meal with that I use the original bass too much okay we're back and it's breakfast time I love breathless this time reading the original pally our apps you see what how use them in the morning her life raft free around 1000 wake then I cut up with the man and the fourth that usually I use the whole thing that or something then I got some key we right here on the poor that are like that some strawberries one of my alma mater do you think then people think I'm crazy this is Kathleen ranch dressing lifted his like kind of a cream cheese some reason I just love everyone please makes fun of me about this but I just love it's on like this when I was in junior high school hasty goes really socks chop cookies cream cheese on it loved it so reminds me of that and some weird we well and wiki divas you roll it up and I'll probably do like to these 3 rolled up like that and you seriously have amazing Craig that's so we have these polygraphs at cost can find it for less on the internet right now simply click the link below this is not monarch about to have breakfast love in the palio wraps and we'll see you next time at roughly world TV show thorough well //

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