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"2017-08-21 19:07:54"
Mike Cernovich - The real reason people want to tear down those confederate monuments
\\and the fact my son of a bitch sort of see our an O. V. I. C. H. .com what what is the real reason people wanted to hear down these federal monuments up this is an explanation if most people because most people don't really know what is going on but all the while ultimately out I begin with kind of a question people say they're not you guys are all how may be people 50 years or older would you consider to be why is so again before we talk about the monuments and everything just as a thought experiment think to yourself how many people 50 years or older do you think are decent wise people this is a wise man this is a wise woman this is someone that I would go to for advice I'm almost a pretty much almost none right very very a fraction a fraction right they're not gonna tie this together yet to be patient with me this is a deliberative contemplates the contemplated this isn't that right this is contemplate but if you contemplate the question then we'll see where this is all headed that think the kids man that there's no good advice they're mixed up there's nothing coming from our cold sure to give young people hope pro was alright the boomers and they took all the jobs they imported tens of millions of low skill ... laborer so they could have essentially a servant class of people they didn't educate the young people properly and they're they're overgrown thrown around children lately I show you a great example so Ben Sasse wrote a book about how people don't grow up but I'll show you what a cloudless sky so Ben Sasse here he writes a book you know what the real problem the real problem is men are mad anymore you know you've got a just man up you got it may end up if you want you want to be a man so that many posts is like staged photo op to Twitter that right there is a United States senator and he he posed he be posted that that was a deliberate branding that was a deliberate branding decision by right now this guy wrote a book how you know where and branded tornal adolescence right she just can't believe that people to start growing up you got me on up you got a man up and do something so this book is called the vanishing American adult so let's go look at the book in which is kinda compared so Ben Sasse his book is that the vanishing American adults and so that's his book you know there just aren't enough adults out there well and there is so it is that you look like us but what is fact right what is that so even even the people out there who are saying you know this a crisis of winds down we don't have states many more he's wearing Shlomi gym clothes looking like a bomb I mean I don't even look like that my parents got some non US senator you know I wear gym clothes my parents skills but I'm not a senator outside the Senate so he's talking about you know we just gotta grow up everything so Ben Sasse is a clown that would do this do fish would you ask this guy for advice online the vanishing American adult right there Ben Sasse and so at the most that's where we are as a nation there there are no good ideas the economy scratched people have student loan debt so now people rallied their victimization including my side oh my god indeed was so mean and do you and Dave was bullion please police were being bullied by Indy 5 shut the fuck up pardon my French tired here people on my side crying about how to teach was booked for shut up you look like prophetic you're pathetic we're being bullied by TiVo great what wait wait to adapt the last narrative of victimization and whining all poor poor thing Kate you want a cookie you want to milk and cookie you wanna pillow pillow to snuggle up to get your body pillow or something like that you can lay down some of the body pillow for a few showed up alright everywhere I look O. T. for still being there bullying none of them know that's why they're waiting why do you think it keeps us wanting you're waiting because people are drawn to violence and right now and T. 5 has a better brand if you're you gotta just realize that you got if just pay attention to what I did whenever I posted a picture of anti file whenever I posted a picture of NT 5 or the left right whenever I posted a picture called police picture the gross people I would always show you that the fat people the people about teak the people with the blue hair the people that nobody would want to be associated with I did show you the tough guys in the I did so my god you know here they are looking like military thing I should do the goblins I should you pot belly goblins that's how you beat a tea for you associate their brand with the fat the debates the degenerate the gross the file the peta fox why do you think we always call people who look like part of why does set up person looks like a powerful because nobody wants to associate with 85 when a lot of them do look like Pat a false and have argued in favour pedophile yet so it's actually honest critique you don't sell my god look at look at the strong people over there look at the strong people that we have on that team they should still be strong people so let's hold a rally with 20 of us let's hold a rally of 20 or 30 of us and then we'll have ... 30000 of them show up and then we're gonna talk about how we're bullied and we're just being bullied we can't really handle and I'm so sad I can't believe it better you know blob that's where he argues but anyway that's that's at the crash that's a digression of the initial conversation which is the reason people are obsessed with the statues is because the jobs the good jobs are gone the only way the only way to make it now in America is you have to hospital in a way that you don't know how to hustle nobody teaches people how to hustle nobody teaches these kids out Hassel right now I give me an example these kids they can go find these armed embrace to pay I used to support a lot of these people right they would have a go fund me already go cover this event and then I would help fund that they would go and they would never send me a picture you know what they would do you they would send me a link to their periscopes so like you know sort of each man we need gas money you know we can't afford it you know we want to go cover this event yet for it to get some gas money sure sure sure not no big deal and then they don't say thank you here some original pictures for you to post on your Twitter nana now they copy and paste they copy and paste the link to their tweets and link to the periscope Cynthia so they sent a bitch we want you to give us gas money and everything and help us out I would exchange what what's your retweet us and build our brains up even better because that's all they that's all they think about are there like locusts these people or that she's up where where like a locust mindset where all they do is they see something productive and they just warming it destroyed they don't actually think about they don't actually think about planting seeds there building long term relationships is just about can they get another reach we can I get a little bit more E. Fay can they go get a periscope and get me to retrieve it so the 15000 people gonna watch it but never thank me never say Hey thanks you appreciate it ... here some actual pictures videos we took for you because you know that way you can get some recruits out this not I know that there was never the share there is never the shed just entitled little twits and that's how you know these people are going to lose because they don't have any long term relationship and this is rich people who by the way you know how many you know that I mean this is people of all types you gotta look you know you gotta look at it both ways but anyway right now there are really no good ideas right now right now if you really want to make it in this world you have to drive mia I don't have it there is no way around that's why people always like certificates you look tired Sir that you tired Sir that you look yeah everyday I wake up tired every day I wake up time why because that's the only way to make it America you can't make in America and nobody teaches you how to do this now that's what I try to teach you right nobody tells you cities people Valga look man if you think that you're just going to find a job and work 7:08 hours a day and goof off and then you're just going to be safe yes that's all coming down it's all gonna come crashing down on you so then what they do is they got no money they got they got these big school loans that so they want to fight each other racial if there is economic opportunity and people make a lot of money you know I don't have time for racism right I I don't have time to heat right break racism because why got black customers the Jewish customs they have Muslim customers they got white customers I got Christian customers I don't I don't so Christians I don't insult that any religion my because that's the whole point of commerce and trade hustling it's Hey if we're all trading together buying and selling and exchanging goods and services of one another then you're not thinking oh god I really hate that guy you like on how this product in the customer in mind it you know what why should I really am now hit now that now the nasty boys you know proves that served as a shell we've caught him finally so that's the thing these kids have never been taught how to make money you go just insulting people you know go it is insulting large swaths of the country are time to hate people I think I see a black guy or Muslim I think in Iowa Minnesota person you know how to a solid person how do we get that person and a cerebral now that doesn't mean if I see things that are wrong I'm not going to criticize obviously nobody's gonna accuse me of not crossing the line sometimes pushing boundaries but my overall mindset as they can you know we got a bill this coalition we have to you know figure something out to kind of deal see but no he teaches you that's right so if nobody teaches you look the jobs are all gone there are no good jobs left the jobs are all gone the only what you're not going to live like maybe a boomer parents and they gave you know good advice he told John to go to college they said just go to college get a degree borrow money if you have to win it all be on those days have been gone so long that is all I got a and the only way you're going to do anything in America the only way I can do anything in America is if you just hustle and grind every day that's why people you're tired yeah showing in the sample but people I'm showing people that every day you can find me online go find me not doing a video or writing an article or doing something Goethe go find a day where I'm not doing something because if you're not hustle and grind and every day you got no shot you're you're you're not even in the game your that you not you not only are you not going to be major league you know I'm going to be in the galaxy you have to grind just barely have shot but just to have a shot you have to cry to make a major lead you need like I have a lot of luck anybody who tells you that I haven't had a lot of luck people don't why Craig mile mock yeah yeah yeah and now but tidying than your skills are going over the line in ways that are going to be dictated by technology for example the only reason I'm doing what I'm doing this because a social media no TV network would have ever given me a shot no news network would have ever given me an opportunity so if if they're if they're Jack Dorsey who god bless them you know I definitely criticize the guy but if it weren't for people like Jack Dorsey in the periscope people and everything then and that's what could that something somebody else so my skills my ability to banter Aaron Tonkin responded things quickly into to go on monologues overlapped with something that somebody else did that's the definition of lock so sure you have to build skills but there's a lot of luck involved here so but the point is that if you're not hustling in writing every day you're not even you know you have a chance to get lucky it's just we're screwed but nobody teaches at nobody's teaching that today nobody is teaching you in your school and your parents are teaching you your parents if you go cry don't all quit your job your bosses need on which was made maybe I'll call your teacher nobody tells you that look you just got hit hard every day do you have a shot at making but you still might you still might not still even if it even if you do everything right even if you do everything right you still might not make it I don't know it's telling me there's no there is no happy ending there's no happy ending right now in America so because this is a big talk to people what what is the message you have to ship it to sell people well you get the blacks out to get you the Muslims are the whites route to get the blacks and Christians are out to get the Jews at the the neo Nazis are out to get everybody guides 500 people showed up to that rally and they got $10000000 of free publicity 500 people that event they promoted for 2 months and they got tens of millions of dollars of free they got 5 or people Jeff do you see and I saw 5 her deplorable tickets in 2004 hours so let's just talk about the reality the reality is there is an event back in general called in for a ball 500 take is a 2004 hours then that's paid alright no media coverage that is a free media coverage the neo Nazis in the alright had nonstop wall to wall coverage wall to wall coverage they played it for 2 months and they got 5 more people show up for free of it that's it people should be happy if you're actually a rational thinker if you're actually rational thinker you'd go numb let me let me ponder this how bad is racial issues in American culture pocket well these not balls planet of it for 2 months this the biggest event of the year they're getting wall on media coverage and they can draw 500 people so extrapolate that to America and you got maybe 2 or 3000 of them in the entire country I would say and then you look at a fraction of the people you do have a value of one person the population so that you should people should be happy but the turnout people should say what all this coverage that's all they can draw that's a Marshall movement and that is why that is why the alright will not divorce himself in the trunk of if you do a separate periscope on this we're kind all over the place whatever there's a reason the alright won't divorce themselves in the pro shop movement because if they can yeah leaks late late be a parasite be a rat leach themselves on a trial what are they pass a circle jerk couple 0 guys circle jerk each other so they have to go will approach Tromp that way the media can time to trial and then they can get the media attention otherwise it's just some French that just some French then you got in America you can find a couple 0 people to believe anything in America you get a 500 people to show up you can find in America 500 people that'll tell you that the solar eclipse that happen today right you can find you can find 500 people in America right now who would tell you that clips didn't actually happen Sobol swag by the media the media's lying to you that there is not you can 55 or people in America to believe any cook cook who I'd they're probably 50000 people in America they're probably 50000 people in America who don't believe eclipse is actually happening today but that really it's just a media PSYOP designed to ... manipulate people brainwashed people and it's not really a cheese steak even price price 50 why because that's that abound diversity humanity the diversity humanity is you got geniuses and you got hit if if he gets and you have cooks and you have crucible even Michael Shermer wrote a great book called why people believe weird things so Michael Shermer was kind of dork now even though we got falsely accuse but sexual harassment he tries to light across the liberals and it did work 6 county area he's to be good but anyway Michael Shermer I wrote a book why people believe weird thanks and what for example I think alkaline water I'm an intelligent guy I'd I am the only water in my house it's gonna have is going to be a people think that's where I don't think press everybody you know think something we're everybody you know it doesn't matter what it does something weird there drinking alkaline water or whatever they believe in something that there's no proof for just the nature of humanity we all believe we all believe I'll wear Deng's and no big deal but yeah I I only drink only trick on for sure I do like hippie thanks I do a lot of so it's the nature just be in California and get you a little bit we get a little bit we're so if you can get a few neo Nazis who show up to an event but doesn't say anything that they try to extrapolate 500 people to 60000000 people but why why can't the neo Nazis draw 10000 people why can't the neo Nazis draw without that there are so many why can't they draw bigger crowds why it why other big events with nonstop media coverage is so so poorly attended it doesn't really make sense right what that the reality is that the media confuses them because again that's why they won't that's why they won't separate themselves from the truck movement although I just that would be my challenge if all right believes is so relevant quit talking about trump it's alright really believes there on the vanguard there's discussing a pro trumpet say quit saying you're pro trump for about a month see how much media coverage that they get right they can't they got a latch on to leech on the truck trucks I don't say I'm pro drug Biden said that I'm no longer I'm no longer a no longer approaching right Ivan say I'm Sam no longer approach why because I don't want my I don't know who I am attached to any one person any candidate I'm I'm bigger than any one person and I don't need you to do that a lot of people got mad at no gun the people got nothing else to try I can talk about a lot of things going on the world but alas the whole point is that they have to leech on the trial because if they don't then it yourself French group it's kind of sad if you think about it because if you think about our I'll take a few questions object today she's kinda it's equipped standard was watching the eclipse I'm a little disappointed nobody compliment me on me this is a good looking chicks I'm a little bit sad I expected I expected a little bit of you know compliments to go look AT shirt I guess I'm a little disappointed little little who sat guys how now you say nice but I believe now I don't believe it because I had to fish for the compliment Shawna shot by someone close what am I reading I'm reading the lightness and Mike you're very talented people Rastapopoulos I do hope others you look reprimand deathly not raped but I have been getting back in shape naturally slowly but surely I always like to people like all you taken steroids I haven't done steroids for years and if you think this is what a body Audiovox arrows looks like you got very low standards because my physique sloppy sloppy A. F. thoughts and do it grateful I'm everybody wants to understand Russia house we do get there when I when I mention that I was reading do get a lot of the liberal media verify Twitter's freaked out and I go well if do get is the most interesting political philosopher and Russia it is Putin's sort of spiritual mentor why would you not redo it you take the bus the special of the north is drop IT 9 text yeah tonight comes to talk about the troop troop increase this truck drinking alkaline water I wish you would trump's health and fitness is not something not something that I like to talk about I really wish trumpet take better care of myself he does a good jam because in the rye jockey fluid just a lot of lot of different things def definitely definitely lot of different things I guess I want to go much damage son of C. E. R. and L. V. I. C. the real crisis in America the real crisis in America spiritual this economic and that's ultimately caused by low skilled immigration people decided people decided they couldn't do their own trash cans mother wants everybody people decide they need to have a servant class and they want to import people to act as their servants like a lord lords and ladies ladies and then what they found out is that that drove down wages for a long long long swath of people and then you have carnage just what is Mike I know my parents got the notification and got no I know I can always tell when the periscope notifications go out because the live US periscope for me I should always have 800 to 14 how to live yours anytime I have fewer than the range of 2200 from not within that range then I know the notifications and go on to something no big Mike savage son of //
"2017-08-19 23:08:01"
Lee Stranahan - Bannon FREE, Gorka may be next, Here's what YOU CAN BANK ON!
\\a there everybody Lee how you doing this morning nice to see you I've been talking a little bit on Twitter I thought it would get this out a little bit the usual stuff on the way citizen journalism school places the banning should require Matt Boyle and Alex Marlowe to go they sure will would commend the shape up please goddesses in journalism school back come check out citizen journalism school I really would like you to be part of it we're trying to save journalism by creating next generation of journalist and would like you to be part of it it's affordable you get self paced Sentai early online program more stuff coming with John Cardillo on that next week I think a lot of rain in Florida recently also while we're at it populist.TV we gotta sarus documentary were working on among other projects we also bring you multiple periscopes that make you smarter every single day it cetera etcetera etcetera okay so I guess retweeted ... and ... and lowered primary retweeting morning everybody how do I. Cecilia retweet this ... puppy so we talk about a couple things first stuff the reports are the court is going to be leaving I talked about this a couple days ago the obvious next move is for them to get rid of Gorka his other band in person by the way the obvious next move after that is to get rid of Steven Miller now pay attention mainstream media dummies again I must say what I said to you before I said this to you before band the left yeah let me let me put it this way this is a song that I think about often when this sort of issue comes up and that's a song for got about drey by doctor dray the DVD a doctor now yeah I remember when forgot about tray came out forget about Drake came out at a point when doctor dray had been sort of on ice for a little bit and a lot of other rappers had come up and doctor dray was basically flipping off the entire rap world and there's a great line in there I'm not gonna try to wrap it because I have no flow but I will say the line which is a says your what you run around talking about guns like I ain't got none what you think I sold them all it's a great line it's a great line in other words he's like look you people copied me you're talking about guns Hey I saw the guns I slowed guns so what if we got about man and is that what's going on you forget about Vanna what you think he sold what you thinking what you think he's lied left his balls on the White House is that what you think isn't there enough in a case in his office on the west wing I don't think so you want Gorka unleashed great sat sep Gorka is a rock star Shep Gordon is a rock star who's been on TV multiple times a week his profile is so much higher now I said last night because people are like break part TV very poor TV look the obvious place for Breitbart to go that I don't know if they'll be able to do it but there's a reason we went populist.TV gender stand it's because video is the future part of the problem to break our business plan pay attention is it's based on a few faulty assumptions such as writing they have a lot of people are bright Burton read the prophetic New York times story on Alex Marlon Breitbart let me explain I'm getting some publishing stuff here owner make you smarter about it will make you smarter about this a faulty business model that a lot of people have the faulty business model involves aggregating other people's stories in other words take a look at bright part how many stories recently are based start with the word report colon and then something else another rich what they're doing is they're taking somebody else's reporting New York times report something then they do report and then they have somebody else write it up so they're paying somebody to rewrite a watered down version of what the New York Times The Washington Post The Daily calling a by the way this is not an original theory with me this is what Andrew bright part wanted and told them before he died I'm gonna say this again I've talked about this before let me be clear with you I don't take credit for this this is what Andrew Breitbart one it he had a a meeting just a couple of days before he died remember they're getting ready to relaunch the site and he said I want original reporting this is why improve loved me I I let's be blunt right now investigative reporting is dead over a bright part they have Aaron Klein over there that's as close as they come Mike Michael lay he does good work care and Brandon Darby does good work okay but they don't have a unit the best investigative reporting happening right now in DC is from the daily caller's investigative unit period that's it under Marlowe I was trying to put together an investigative unit over there and when I quit I was I was discussing this with them and I realize that never let me do it can understand so the best investigative reporting unit right now is the is the caller that's for the one brother Chaudhry came from and you can see it because that model head ... Marlow and that idiot boiled kills stories they really don't have a brain cell synapse between the 2 of them right they don't want to cover the one brother story any these other things because they're cowards right right they got half a brain synapses and no testosterone that's what's going on now banning's back but they've got a faulty business model faulty business model is it's based on writing they need to move to a video business model I said yesterday what are they going to use her talents Boyle well 7 gore because a rockstar 7 Gorka could beagle could immediately tomorrow be doing on our tour of radio a day he's got a phenomenally great voice right he's got a depth of knowledge he brings it he's interesting to listen to he could be doing an hour to a radio if you wanted to tomorrow no radios in easier play for bright part let me explain why they have it infrastructure already in place they have the patriot channel on SiriusXM that they're part of the patriot channel quite frankly needs more programming could they move Cork up for instance and let me explain what I mean by infrastructure I mean there's a physical plant there Breitbart is a slow moving boat right now okay slow moving boat I as a as a ... media entrepreneur or I can just do stuff Furthermore I have no problem with drop in my iPad down right here opening the curtains like it's a natural light coming in and doing this is not the most technically slick thing I can do more technically slick stuff and that's the goal of populist TV is to build up a I look if the marshes were smart they'd they'd give me money but about whatever I digress because I know how to do this stuff and I'm ready to drop the studio and now I've been talking about this for awhile but in the meantime I'd rather spit knowledge it you're right because I can sit down with my iPad and talk for an hour and make people smarter and I can do that in a T. shirt or I can do that in a suit I can do that with turning on lights I don't need it bright forces slow moving boat they have trouble doing stuff that way and by the way they've also got people like Eminem but I'm not be specific to and I like him but he's he's bad they people like John ... John Kahn over there John concert talented guy but they were like we're going to launch I I want you to look at the podcast that they launched its been a failure right they launched a podcast division and they were very the problem with bright part has been in this is not gonna change under Brandon is that they want to control everything right so for instance by and by the way they've also got shilling over their shillings good shilling shillings goodness been getting better so they've got some talent that they could put on TV but they don't of a physical plant in other words they don't have a studio they don't have cameras and because they're not an innovator in video like I am I know how to put together a studio for a tenth of what they could would spend on it and put it in in a weekend because I have 40 years working in Hollywood behind the camera and I I am a technical person who either and I don't get into the tech talk very much here but I've put together video studios and I can talk to you about the vantage of using video over IP in a studio and bubble blind why you want to go to a 4 K. work flow and everything else right and so they never utilize that a bright purple whatever and I told him I said I mean you know you listen to whatever my point is with SiriusXM they have a studio there physical plant that people can walk into it they want to have Gorka walk into that studio but just having walked into that studio turn on the split to switch they're ready to go Furthermore they producers who are already on staff at Sirius XM so the obvious place for them to go it's not TV don't underestimate the amount of work but it's where they move to go in the reason they need to go that if you look at some place like the rebel friends now again I'm talking about work flow here the rebels of video based outlet now being video based means you can actually do better work quicker particularly but you need people and this is the trick but not everybody can do what I do let me explain I'm capable because I have little depth knowledge of stories I'm capable of talking quickly what people say persona I don't know where Santa alike check I like Jack I think actually the good social media personality and everything else but he doesn't anything do with bright park area and and by the way I don't think he he's ... well we'll see we'll see he's a navy guy band as a navy guy I I wouldn't I wouldn't put that in the in the realm of impossibility but I gotta say on pizza gate and stuff like that he burned some credibility and I gotta say someone like ban would have no patience for some like pieced together in the same way that I for the same reason that I had no patients repeats again it was sloppy and it made our side looked at I like Jack ... a lot alike Jekyll line and I like they say was capable of doing good work I don't know if he wants to work in a situation where he's managed does does the but bright bright parts not info wars are not even not but I'm just saying there's a difference they don't see themselves as imports so here's what's likely to happen here's what's gonna happen Barings gonna be back in the morning show the power of the morning show is going to be driving narratives as is another major area I get I'm talking inside baseball but here but think about it this is one of my frustrations with the bright part morning shown why I want to take it over by Alex Barlow's Lacy if you read The New York Times things one of the aside from being stupid and ball list is also lazy the reason is lazy issues brought up in southern California under nice circumstances never faced hardship never faced anything else right is very little experience and he's kind of a special snowflake is from that special snowflake ... school of doing things and because of that he got super lazy on the morning show and the morning show became just a routine it's easier to do radio when you are just are like okay well it's Thursday so Frank Gaffney will be on okay it's Tuesday Sir John Bolton will be on but you don't make headlines that way you dig and again I lie like Gaffney allot bold moves like that on the spine whatever that's not my point my point is you don't make headlines that way when Pan Am was hosting the show they were making headlines in the morning you dig they were making the news cycle they were setting the table for the news cycle with ban and back that's going to happen again let me give an example simple example with Ben and back they can get on people like a Steve king or Chuck Grassley or a rand Paul on a regular basis not just to peddle whatever they're doing but to make news and to push narratives I gotta say this is the part where being a ball was powered like not Marlowe hurt them because they're not able to push original narratives when band and was there they were pushing populism with Marlo there you're coasting on populism gender stand you see the difference this is a big deal and this is one of the advantages I'm skint probably suffer quick second one of the advantages I have now you notice I push narratives this is why I was incompatible with the people who over bright part because Bob when you our a a smart aggressive journalist who wants to push in narrative which is me and which is banned and witches 10 half Irish not hillbilly but you know enters half Irish half Jewish as well his birth mother was Jewish use racially Jewish but I could tell you the bright part story sometime but anyway my point is Andrew was clearly aggressive about pushing errors band was clearly aggressive revolutionaries you're going to see that again the morning show and if they're smart they're gonna going get Cork and now the thing they could do on TV did you have to understand the other problem with TV is you need a studio and you need producers as a lot of behind the scenes people at any TV show you need a ton of people to cameras are mostly robotic right now it's nice davinci of operator it has a certain amount of production value it's not necessary but but you need producers and they don't have producers over bright birthday out one guy ridge ridge is great but it's not enough they need to bring in producers but what they could do is get some other TV studio on a fire sale it's already got the blaze couple of days like imagine a network that blew their credibility and not the blaze right the problem is the blazes studio is in Dallas it's a great studio I've been there it's a great studio but it's out of the way you understand now the blaze also has facilities in New York but their main studios that studio in Dallas again it's fantastic studio but it's it's in Dallas that's the problem right so but there's plenty of other people there's lots of radio that's right now is about to fire sale so there could be a fire sale it's going on that would allow you know what I mean by fire sale is some TV station it's on its way out right and by the way doesn't have to be a political TV station because a lot of these ... a lot of the positions camber people technical people the physical plant audio the studio that doesn't make any difference they could take the sports network I'm making this up they could take those sports network and easily converted into bright part news but it takes a while we take to months to a year in the meantime thing at the radio going if they push Gorka out great he goes either bright barter box or someplace Corker's or rock star that's another voice whose unleashed if they push Miller out Miller did not work at bright part Miller worked for ... died sessions right Miller work processions Miller another rockstar another rock star if they push him out and Miller has proven Miller comes into the equation now you've got a media powerhouse right you've got now 6:08 hours of programming just between Gorka Miller and band that you could do on radio instantly by the way add that to the bitter radio that I do which will be over there likely because it's you know again I get I get I get ... but that's a lot of populist radio and look my full plate my whole play is that populism is the long term played the larger please not Stranahan right its populace that's what it is so anything that lips I've told the story before I did it of product demo for Jon Voight the great actor John Voight years ago I'll just tell the story briefly and ... we're at boys studio but at the time the film Titanic was in production and I don't know if you remember this case you probably don't the Titanic was supposed to be a massive flop of urine Hollywood Titanic was a disaster Cameron was going over budget it was over schedule now now of course to speak did you know one of the top grossing films ever but at the time all if anybody was doing was talking about how Titanic was going to be a disaster by the way I wanted it to the set of Titanic and that was amazing but I digress in Rosarito Mexico but anyway so Titanic's being made and I'm I'm in a meeting with Jon Voight and I said to him also I made a Titanic rags unlike so woody so what do you think about everyone sama Titanic know what do you think about that and boy did the most classy thing I have seen in Hollywood ever which is void said and by the way everybody was Trachsel Titanic news of what cities of well I'm in the film business therefore I want all films to succeed as a filmmaker any time a film does well it benefits the entire community that being said I've heard about a lot of problems on Titanic and that's all he said he wouldn't trash he didn't trash when all he said something few people said few people admit which is he's in the film business and therefore he wants films to do well classy guy classy guy and ... but I mean the populace news business therefore it's been very frustrating for me to see bright part sock and that's why I'm immediately my reaction is been thank god bands back because a rising tide lifts all boats right I'm super glad I I am not in competition with good people I'm not in competition which the band I'm not in competition was 7 gore economic competition with Steven Miller I'm not in competition with brain and are benign competition with Michael a right I'm not accomplished I'm I'm in and and by the way I'm not in competition with people who sock because they suck I mean competition which CNN and MSNBC and fox in the New York Times and The Washington Post 0 saying that's why I want to destroy that's why I want to take down that's why one gone that's the lying media the hides information from you suck up to the establishment that suck up to the deep state they suck up to Republicans and they create that media creates an atmosphere of symbiotic suck up witness let me explain super important understand this symbiotic suck up witness is what I mean by that since the politicians know that the mainstream media why why do you think so many Republicans came out the trash trump over opposing political violence truck came out very clearly opposing all political violence because the media right the media they know will trashing them the politicians know the mainstream media will trash them if they don't go along with the agenda it's bullying 0 sign so therefore they want to run to a microphone Dick condemned trump's statements condemning all political violence trump was exactly right we have the moral high ground on this could trump of said it better usually usually trump could say things better but I but I don't care he says I'm much better in the media and his messages much more right on the media and so I don't know what standard I'm supposed to be using to criticize trump there 0 sang so yeah I'm not saying you know look trumpet trump sometimes his mouth gets you in trouble do you love them but is now sometimes gets in trouble he's more because he's direct it is politically incorrect right but sometimes he gets himself in trouble with that but whatever I don't care I I'd like to say I'm not I'm not overly critical of that my job my job is to keep the media from lying about what trump says all point out when he gets things wrong that makes sense but whatever that's that's what I do I point out my job as opposition media that's what I view myself as is to win the media's lying about the president to correct that none by the way when the president get stuff wrong all correct that too but I don't need to do that that much because it's cover other people cover that you know that's therefore I said this about the film I recommended again watch a film Ukraine on fire by Oliver Stone Ukraine on fire is a good movie not exactly movie ever made but it's great good movie you'll learn a lot but one of the th the the downside for the film is it's not fair but one of the upsides to the film is it's not fair in other words he doesn't present the other side but you know what the mainstream media presented the other side so I don't need him to do that does that make sense it just something you think about when your opposition media I'm trying to put out an opposing narrative I'm not trying to go along with the existing media there so it is a few thoughts a little bit inside baseball for your but but bright parts gotta get off that writing thing so every the ones like heating guerrilla band a bigger patiently pay attention you're not paying attention it's because you would even arrest Soros for you don't like him politically Carol says that arrest Soros for what what's happening with gore is it empire self is more complex around trying to I was trying to it you you stop lowering the bar for treason stop it she treason mean something your don't we are no better than Louise mensch when you do that you're no better than Louise match can you possibly fight this in the realm of ideas and not just accuse people of treason is it not enough that much better ideas and to expose Soros for we actually is you need some sort of military tribunal what's wrong with you Correo okay I'm a role I got a phone call funding hate is not illegal to use do you understand this is why that taking down statues thing was bad then again I like Jack but that was stupid you lose the moral high ground if you're pulled political operative be smarter about stuff think what this what precedent of my setting this is real straight forward ask yourself what president you're setting I'm not commenting but concert brushed ethics witches ask yourself if all people acted that way how would go that's an interesting approach yeah it was yes right it was Landon I know I'm not the Taliban I'm not in favor of symbolically taking down statues because once you do that you're in favor of symbolically taking down statues Garrett you see and then it's a matter bickering about which statues to take a new out numbered in this culture culture wins which means you're going to lose the Washington and Jefferson statutes do you get that do see what you're doing you can't act like you own the culture we don't own the culture therefore once you set that precedent they're going to use it against Jefferson well who how many people did leading killing United States you can kill people in the United States where Jefferson was a slave holder and Sally Hemmings a global global global Bubba group let love those I //
"2017-08-19 09:30:39"
Lee Stranahan - Bannon back at Breitbart - Awesome!
\\Hey there everybody at least really and how you doing I'm here at the office of citizen journalism school and populist in.TV I thought I would do a quick thing I just been interview with Luke for we are changed as I was doing it the news was handed to me that ban is back at right guard I am going to be honest with you about this because you know I'm always honest with you I'm gonna be honest with you about this I'm gonna say the things bright part is not gonna say ... ... and I want you to hear certainly favor retweet this puppy won't you I'm also going to point out that populist.TV is my website will go over there were still doing the documentary nothing shall talk about all the stuff that people are going to ask me what's going on but with this so I thought I would get this out of the way quickly for months now I have talked about cowardly Alex Marlowe and cowardly bat boil and I'm not taken word of that back van in being brought back at Breitbart is going to show these idiots who was really responsible for the success of bright part you're gonna watch brake parts number's gonna go back up Brandon is so much better radio host that Alex and boil it's there radio numbers are going to go up the business is going to go up the editorials going to get better now I have said for months Marlowe and boiled our huge bloated egos 31 year old bloated egos who think they were responsible for bright part success now all of that being said let's be realistic you can see it on the story it's up there right now I'm sorry if you if it's a press release look I get it I get it I get the media game I get the media game I understand how press releases were if I went back to break apart which I have no plans to whatsoever I'm doing better without them in the practice the ... yeah that was let me let me scratch that the race a race if Brandon asked me to come back to bright dark and I could do it in an executive capacity and I could do radio I would absolutely considering I love Steven a loyal to that being said I just called Alex Morrow and Matt boiled cowardly weasels because they are right I'm not backing off on any of them I'm not trying to get hired by them because quite frankly more voices not less I think I'm better is an independent voice who's capable of doing and saying things that frankly break our bones give does that make sense Furthermore I burned bridges I understand why Alex Marlowe wouldn't want to work with me again because he's a cowardly weasel who wants to be like and I've said it over and over and over again and I'm not gonna stop saying it and I'd say it to his face and he sees me around town all say it to him which is why he will step up and say you understand so I'm not that I'm not backing off any of that stuff it's true and it's gonna be provably true now that ban is back because the comparison of like oh my god look the site's got some balls again it's going to be very clear right Alex you sock matched your sock you're a professional not all that being said what I just said makes it very very hard for bright part to come back and do a cheery happy ... look this is awesome will you know lease back in what they wrote is there's a press release I get it I understand the game that would be very difficult so when I say I'm not going back to write for I mean realistically I birth that bridge and the reason I brought that bridges because I love you and I care about you more than I care about I cared more about telling the truth that I did about anything else now now with vehemence back it right for will I continue to call for a part out yeah they do something wrong but they're going to do a lot less wrong right I would have to say van is a sucky radio host it's an embarrassment when he's on like that freak Matt Boyle who's who's impossible to listen to and you know I'm right but I don't expect banning to agree with me and I don't expect beginning to admit it publicly right piece that you can't do that he just can't do that so but I'm quite all that being said I'm super glad Banants back and I'm super glad because Alex in Matt had been an absolute embarrassment too bright porch name being on now the good reporters who were over there and there's a bunch of a routine Mike Leahy Brandon Darby our Dr Susan berry I think I'm leaving out people it's not intentional slight your client is a lot of good work good nonetheless right I'm happy for them I'm happy for them the numbers are clearly going to go up and bright part will be the premier site for bringing this sort of nerves so there you go there's there's my take on it let me try this because I don't know what people's takers all put on questions any I'll put on my glasses any questions I'm not going back deathly I don't see it's possibly going to be I don't see how they could possibly bring me that I definitely make more money on my own but let me let me just I want you to do the math here alright I will you do the math first off they never get health insurance at Breitbart ever and I have a lot of kids second I get paid that I I don't get into my income but I will tell you I get paid as much doing the radio show a bright part which takes me about 3:00 hours a day as I did working 247 for bright part and the radio show on Sputnik they never let me do outside work and they want to restrict me from going outside right part restricted me from doing outside work they would never I did interviews today info wars with Roger stone I just did Lou whom we are changing I do Japanese television I did my radio show I've talked to reporters from the Wall Street journal of so and so forth so even if I went back and I did nothing else just comparing the radio show and I wanted to radio right I have health insurance doing radio that I never had that I get paid the same and we're gonna have a big announcement about the radio show self so there you go you'll build listened abandoned in the morning and me in the afternoon that's pretty good I think that's a real good thing so no I definitely make more because if you if I did nothing but the radio show I making the same family of citizen journalism school that we have the work that we're doing and then we have a lot of other stuff coming we've citizen activism school we have all this other stuff I will tell you the expansion that they're talking about bright part unfortunately is a big bloated shipped with people in charge were not great at doing things quickly I am but again I'm a rising tide lifts all boats I'm not a competitive person in the sense that bright part being back in not sucking is good for everybody and Steve is an absolute I'm 100 percent loyal to Steve I'm a big believer in Steve I'm glad I work with them would work with him again independently and I I I expect there would be much happier with right thanks pick you will too there you go no venom technically did leave right for its a long story I know what's going on there I don't know what the fuck would play it when I talk or say that was wrong then I could fire them but he's not going to let me point out the reality have said this 1000000 times before Alex and man are in there because banning can whip them into shape so you watch you know will be whipped into shape you'll be able to compare now how they get on their own and how they do with abandon threatening them when you have spoiled children like Matt and Alex the only way to do it is to is to keep them in line there we go that's it it's just true it's just a true nobody can possibly deny well I interview manner I'd love to I don't don't think you can and again I'm gonna tell you Bannon is going to come out and say great you watch the stuff I'm saying about Alex in Matt van will come out we'll see great things you watch it's all gonna be PR and I understand why he's gonna have to do this but you can't point to a story you watch you watch the difference further all tell you this you watch limit when he put it like this I don't know how many people here been following me for awhile if you've been following me since I was a bright part 3 year let's say am I better now or when I was a break for just that I just I'm just curious why do better work now or when I was a bright part forget money forget everything else now right everybody saying that there we go if you know about me then you know so here's my point now watch and see whether Breitbart is better with panel without fan and my prediction is it's going to be much better you watch it's gonna be much better I never said everybody a break for it was bad I always tried to say it is a lot of good journalist over there and Alex socks and Matt sucks their horrible on the radio and everything else that's what I've always said you watch that's what's going to happen so I think the world is better with me over here although I will make that we make this offer let me let me end with this when we talk directly to Stephen a steep truffles Steve just you know what else is that no one else listen just this is just bursting state if you want me to kick Alex's mat's ass absolutely I'll do it if you want me if you can put me in charge of them they'll be checking coffee and mopping the floor and doing the Kitty litter and all that stuff that's what they'll be doing that again I just between you and I stayed but not I would take a pay cut to do that because those mother Hubbard's have become those Howard lead weasels elitist results whom won't answer questions from their audience cord ducking me I ain't leaving Washington kids I got a shot here I am leaving Washington so Steve again nobody else is listening just between you and I please call police ... please please I will dress image French housemates not even if I'm not into that you have to understand that's not my thing more Milo thing again if you're you and I talking okay fine but here's the point it's not my thing I would do it purely for the humiliation although it's hard to say whether they will like it or not it's hard to say they make sketch fresh approach main thing it might go over but anyway there you go now everybody else can I've been saying all that I'm very happy and very happy and very happy is back in bright for my friend in her bright birch name deserves to be site say the site deserves to be say but I'm not going anywhere and we're going to be bringing in every day on fault lines are going to be bringing it every day on periscope we're expanding populace.TV I expect it's going to be a better world for everybody like I say I'm I'm happy and I'm happy that he's back in bright bright I'm happy because in her bright parts names are saying and Alex and and again you watch he's not gonna say anything positive about me I guarantee you he plans we can how could we I just said I want Matt Boyle when Alex Morrow when French maid outfits he came up that then we can't go well that was funny strain and add a good one there doesn't make any difference I was doing this before I met Stevie I was doing it before I met Andrew I was an independent person who get factual journalism and everything else and I'll still be there I'm there for you guys and I love you and appreciate your time appreciate your support rewatch says retweet this poppy also look that you'd be partners citizen journalism school Alex in Matt I'm still offering a free scholarship not everyone we'll charge you extra but if you guys want to learn to be fricking journalist and by the way you sold out band and you sold out speed you sold them out at every opportunity and we all sign you sold mounted every opportunity ... I I really I hope he takes you to the wood shed but we're not gonna see it publicly you watch it from here on in it's all good roads good whether P. R. spend that's what it is but god bless them okay Joculator by //
"2017-08-15 12:35:46"
Lee Stranahan: CONNECTING THE DOTS More on C-ville hypocrisy, Ukraine - DNC connection
\\is there but it's leave how you doing I am here in my apartment just a block 0.5 from crowd strike crouch strongly people to examine the DNC server I'm gonna do that usual stuff quickly citizen journalism please go check it out a really serious I mention people I mentioned every time some really proud of this I'm trying to save journalism and you don't do that with just one person some pressure you to do the kind of deeply researched up I'm gonna show you also ... popular star TV we post lot material there you can check out its fact based journalism I know it's confusing to some people ... also retweet this puppy so let me explain a little bit of how I work by the way let me let me say something else something I see this periodically for some people they sell get to the point quicker you know no let me explain you don't fight short of spent tensions brand journalism understand what I'm saying here you don't fight short attention span journalism by doing short attention span journalism someone give you 2 ways that the media tricks you understand this they've conditioned you to just read the headlines I'm a say that again they've conditioned you to just read the headlines and they've learned to write headlines that stay in your brain and that you click on the understand they don't want you to actually click on the story and then even though there are links in the story they often don't want you to click on the links and the reason they don't want you to click on the links it stunning when you start doing this that you'll find the link actually doesn't say what they claim it says so if the link says justice department statistics show the day you know show that white people kill more people whatever when you click on in global wait a minute that link doesn't say that at all they're conditioning you for short attention span journalism so what I do is not that you understand that's not what I do I do I and you shouldn't do it either fast food journalism might be another way to put it the fast food and good for you so what I want to do is I want to take you further down the research rabbit hole as it were and I will explain what's going on in my head about Charlottesville and how it connects to the Ukraine DNC story now we had a lot of new followers lately and retweet this but we we have a lot of new followers let me explain what I'm going to ask you to do and I'm gonna ask you to do something else I'm going to ask you to actively while we're doing the periscope pop back and forth with the browser and check the stuff I'm saying if you watch my interview with Leanne on info wars today god bless some while I was talking about stuff I said for instance Google swell bada torch March and they get it and then they showed the results try it yourself S. V. O. be O. de a small bottle torch March then you'll immediately find images if you look in images dozens of images of this Ukrainian nationalist group okay now so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tie in 2 stories because in in my head from doing the research what I'm about to tell you is very staggering as I'm gonna ask you to retweet this puppy and it's very bad for Democrats if we follow one rule which is why I just posted on Twitter a Lynskey rule for which is hold the enemy to their own rule book keep that in mind hold the enemy to their own rule book so the DNC's rule book in this case is they want to accuse trump and his supporters of being Nazis you with me everybody agree on that that's the clear DNC rule that I'm gonna be using here their role is trump and his supporters are Nazis now when you look at what's gone on with the Ukraine and specifically with the DNC and the Ukraine what I'm about to show you is that the Democrats are the ones were hooked up with Nazis actual Nazis murdered 60000 people vicious Nazis okay that year given bill find itself so what you do the following ... I've mentioned it a few times and I've done it on purpose I mentioned spoke bada SB obi obi a soul body is a political party in Ukraine if you Google that work just that word that's actual find it's a far right I'm gonna tell you the way it's described in the I don't agree with this because it's there really leftist but I don't want to debate that whatever their far right now we hold the Democrats to their own rule book they shouldn't like them already there are far right racist anti semitic party they're associated with the Ukrainian insurgent army this is a group that in World War 2 allied with the Germans then turned against the Germans but in both cases they were vicious thing murdered a lot of people look up the Ukrainian insurgent army so I have one tablet so bada have another cab with Ukrainian insurgent army you'll see the red and black blood and soil flag you can read about the atrocities they committed bay and adding pregnant women killing children calling people out into the street calling people all the Jews all the kai except to show up this is their term all the kites have to show up you'll find all of this bring your possessions in your clothes there over a period of days they shot them and you'll find Stefan Banderas Stephan been dare was their hero there's the bandiera brigade you'll find that name and you'll find modern day members of the so bada party holding a photo of Stefan band era he sort of a balding looking dude you'll see the pictures of them pretend this is that they March with the picture in fact the first guy who was elected ... after the Ukrainian after a Soviet Union fell Yushchenko ... he he declared Stefan Dendera like a hero now the reason I mention this is I'm trying to establish something to lobby research you'll find all of it disgusting these are very bad people but I want you to hold it in your head for a second that these bad people are who the Democrats have been supporting you understand so hold them to their own playbook I thought Nazis were bad why have you supported them now just hold on your head for a second this forget Charlottesville and forget everything I just said now I'm gonna go over the DNC Ukraine scandal but what you're gonna see the reason I told all of that to you first is when I go over the DNC Ukraine scandal you're going to see that the people in the DNC pushing this are associated with that these groups very they're not just Ukrainian their Ukrainian nationalist who were associated with the Ukrainian insurgent army and you'll see that Hillary Clinton's directly tied to them you'll see the DNC operatives are directly tied to them you'll see that Evan McMullen is directly tied to them you with me you'll see that John McCain is directly tied to them servicing Sobota and before I get to that let me mention one other thing I would do this I wanna make sure you're actually doing what I'm talking about when you Google sloboda you'll find actually 2 things a political party and one other thing can anybody tell me what else you'll find what else you find for sloboda I just watch even agrees to a magazine aha the magazine now if you look up that magazine you'll see that it was formed in 1894 I believe no it's not 6 degrees of separation it's no degrees of separation you'll see no no degrees of separation Svoboda was also a magazine it's a U. S. magazine used to be a daily paper it's the largest Ukrainian language newspaper now it's it's not used to be daily now it's not dissolved atop my head 1894 receive it again 1894 this was for okay and it still exists today is there one with me on this you can see it there are still a part that is a significant because what I'm about to tell you about the chalupa sisters ties into sloboda magazine there's no it's not a coincidence that Svoboda magazine is also tied to the ultra right wing nationalist murdered poles and Jews party okay so I just want you to take all this knowledge and for right now put it aside for a second for right now just holding the back here head there's this group should voter their system newspaper turn magazines for boda bad people right coverage will agree they're bad right we all agree is a bad group we all agree that this is a group of her holding the DNC to their own standard they should have nothing to do with who committed nauseating violence are openly anti semitic to this day high the right absolutely now this makes it a very very easy call the column out of our Chrissy that's part 2 of what I'm talking about let me talk about part one okay so let's go over this now again I'm still hold everything aside for saying let's talk about the DNC Ukraine scandal because I've been reporting this story for months looming over as concisely as I can't Alexander Chiluba is a name that you need to know all put up some of the slides are done before Alexander Chilumpha's Ukrainian American cheese 2 sisters Andrea Chiluba who was on Twitter he can find her Twitter feed and I really Chiluba I really chalupa works very Soros funded organization Alexandra and reach lupus a Democrat if you go through a feed you'll find pictures of her with a guy from the daily show and other stuff Alexander chalupa worked in the Clinton White House Alexander chalupa was a democratic operative from 2004 to 2016 got me on the chalupa sisters got me okay look up to see who they are clear Democrat connections clear Hillary connections under percent clear Alexander chalupa according to Andrea chalupa was the lead person doing trump Russia research for the DNC now the DNC is subsequently lied about this and pretended it was not the case but it's clearly the case so let's go back to the beginning of 2016 before the truck Russia accusations because I want you understand Alexander chalupa is behind the truck Russia allegations she's pushed them don't you understand what they've done here so the weight of the world the way to learn a lot about this story is typed in trump Ukraine back fired and you'll find a story and politico someone Google and let me know if that works in that brings the political story up you should find it quickly Ukraine it's as Ukrainian ... election BNC influence it backfires to something try that yes George Webb has he heard about the chill of the sisters for me then ask if it'll tell you that I was asking about just war make sure you can find this story by doing what I said work stopped one thanks very much okay so everybody can find that okay so Alexander Chiluba begin working on information against Paul mana for Bowman afford would eventually become the ... trump campaign manager okay and Alexander chalupa did things and we know this because if you read that political article she spoke to the reporter and she admitted this they'll see that some Ukrainians denied it but other Ukrainians who work at the embassy said Alexander chalupa on behalf of the DNC went to the embassy met with people and so I'm trying to do research to take down Donald Trump this is collusion the interference happened in August when the government in Ukraine a prosecutor Sir on August 15 you look it up came out and said look look up metaphor secret lecture you'll find a lot of stories a lot of stories came and said we found Paul made a porch name a secret lecture and he was getting cash payments within a week Paul metaphor was gone from the campaign so this was interference that was effective you understand there was collusion then there was interference the Ukraine government came in and said that and most significantly it was a lie I'm gonna say that again it was a lie in fact on June 27 of this year the same prosecutor who came out and said man a port had been making his pain here had been received cash payments and secret ledger which metaphor deny completely at the time the same prosecutor came and said no that wasn't true they understand so therefore in the main street is hiding this from you even though it was reported by Bloomberg and if you go and you look into it you'll find that you can find the original Ukraine story you can also find I believe the stuff is all of the populace TV bottling so America I wanna be's clear as possible the media lies to you and you can figure this out objectively by doing simple searches single one G. there it is there's a story in Ukraine there's a story in Bloomberg what why is that what that's clear interference and it's dishonest interference now what happened between the beginning of the year in August what happened was Alexander chalupa was meeting with officials of the Ukraine Furthermore according to an email that was released through wikileaks we know that Alexander chalupa wrote to not low level people at the DNC but the director of communication who then forwarded it to the national press secretary so Allie chalupa Alexander chalupa was working with people of the highest level the DNC communications people telling them I'm doing research or metaphor and in that email she brags about meeting with 68 journalist from the Ukraine at a place called the open world leadership center now get a lot of service if you probably never heard of before look up the open world leadership center you'll find a couple of things number one they're a government body they're part of the Congress and that means you're supposed to be nonpartisan I am not a lawyer but I believe Allah chalupa violated the law by using the open world leadership center for partisan purposes to do opposition research on trump getting Ukrainian journalist to do opposition research on trial be with me that's a that's a okay be Allie chalupa in working with journalists when the journalists we know she spoke to is a guy named Sir Hey less Chango Sir hellish Chico is a journalist turned politician in Ukraine who is the person who supplied the secret leisure that it seems was a forgery someone to say that again we know chalupa the DNC operative dealt with this stylish checked all the shakers the guy who percent now we have there's no conjecture here if you read any of the news stories you'll find the let's check because the guys supplied the ledger soda and by the way how do I know let's check go talk to chalupa he admitted it fox news in an interview that he but we also know that that chalupa met with 68 journalists from the Ukraine any government or by the way the other member city there's 2 things you find about the open world leadership center I'm gonna throw in the second one was worth noting dangling can anyone guess some Hungarian billionaire who was one of the founders the open world leadership center just any any wild guesses yes Sir here Sir hellish Czechoslovakia's name in here yeah it's right Soros is on the board I posted this before as well no no conjecture about this okay so up the significance of the ledger someone as to the significance ledgers Israel straight for in all it was Chango brought out the lecture in August of last year multiple news stories drop across the world New York times Washington post everywhere else mana force name is getting secret payments in this lecture within a week he's gone it turns out that the whole thing wasn't true that's the short version does that make sense I'm trying to get through this stuff methodically by the way his multiple operating here because you're not supposed to use a nonpartisan the open world leadership center you're not supposed to use it for partisan political purposes and she did by the way I'm a journalist let me point out so someone saying cynically it deserves more recognition but I won't get it less is more rest well I guess it's up to you is a how many more rest you need to retweet this and tell people this how many more rest do you need to get educated on this stuff yourself so you can speak about it coherently right this what I'm saying that some people like to hear this stop waiting for someone else to come along and say if you take responsibility yourself I'm giving you information here look it up yourself follow along if you have questions feel free to ask me there's no more transparent journalist let's take a quick brief how to say this I hate elitism in journalism enter Breitbart was my friend mentor one of things I loved about Andrew he was completely accessible to people and people sometimes say meanwhile you talk to swoon with 4 followers why do you do that why because Andrew get and the recent Andrew did is he wasn't an elitist I hate people who call themselves journalist but doc questions they will say it again I hate people who call themselves journalist but doc questions Jake tapper does it Anderson Cooper doesn't Mike Cerner bitch does it Alex Marlowe does it matter Boyle does it right you see where I'm going with this so people say will change their on same side no they're not I hate journalist who won't answer questions it's the height of elitism and they're doing it because they're hiding something I'm not hiding anything no I I when I just went through that list you may like some of those people who make it will dry like service sure I like break or not I don't care who you like I'm suggesting you raise your standards and hold all journalists to the same standard I understand you can like whoever you want to but if someone won't answer your question and they're a journalist they're not a populist journalist their elitist jerk gender stand that's what they are their elitist jerk I'm gonna throw some information out there but don't they don't question me on it don't you dare question me on it thing right that's what they're doing to you just lost my glasses saying up that's right seat people waterway beat this because I would lose some of my gosh and now I'm officially blind the Jack of many 2 lasses sorry I it's hard I just threw them and so they found something they could be around it legitimate ups thanks my son Jack there we go okay so make shots so I don't like the leaders journalist my rule I have the I have the fourth grade math rule on journalism show your work what is it about the name journalists that they think they're better than you and what is it about you where someone calls himself a journalist you think they don't have to answer to you I just don't get it and I hate it I hate it because they screw up the profession that I've chosen late in life in my forties to enter they make it suck they just make it suck sorry and they've ruined it for everybody else and they're ruining the legacy of my friend Andrew bright part who died for good journalism he died of a heart attack but he work yourself to death he was told I've I've done this before but we say it again the doctors told Andrew to slow down hidden slowdown Diddy it had a heart attack the year before and the doctors told me got a slowdown he didn't slow down so the truth about in her bright parts death is far far worse than a conspiracy theorist who say was killed by a dart gun or some crap like that no no no no no it's worse he died for you he died working his butt off for this country he didn't slow down that's objectively provable period and everybody who knows him knows you've been the hospital your before for a heart ailment so when someone like like but man boiler Alex Marlowe particular handed the keys Danvers car effectively here you go here's a site with his name on it their traders as far as I'm concerned was legacy that's it man and and the guy died for it and they don't care they don't care Alex is bragging about flying first class I I'm sorry see this is the population mean man I think I was handed nothing it's just true I was handed 0 and I had a high end and sacrifice bite sacrifice my whole career out a loyalty to Andrew and the truth mostly to the truth I had a great gig at huffingtonpost is making plenty of money on the left gave it all up because it wasn't true publicly gave it all up so there you go so let me tie and everything I just have to do that sometimes because it really does bother me sorry so take everything I just said about Andrew chalupa and Alexander chalupa we'll get to Andrea remember I said at the beginning about this Ukrainian nationalist group out there bad right number that let's tie them together is what I reported last night I want you to understand the significance of it the Democrats can't say that they're not aligned with Ukrainian nationalist because entry chalupa was speaking I believe she and Alexander chalupa thing it's very clear that they're part of the Ukrainian nationalist movement why do I say that because I posted a story it's on my timeline is from the daily Ukrainian go Google at daily here private 0 tries type in daily Ukrainian find the website for the daily for that you forgive me the Ukrainian weekly try this trite you you thought Ukrainian weekly someone tell me when they get that okay so when you get there so much so in the sites up and then what I want you to do is when you get there go to the search box at the top and tight end McMullen ever see em you L. L. I. N. Hartford that's a search term that I think will get you click on that search and see what you find tell me just someone copy and paste the name of the story all know if you got it right but there is reason to have you do all this research Ukrainian weekly what you gonna do a search McMullen hard for like Hartford Connecticut North Carolina so we're just copy and paste in the title of that article and by the way bookmark and save if you use Evernote say would ever know yeah McMullen Hartford both both of those search terms I'm not I'm not there you go this the article 20 second Congress of Ukrainians in America held in Hartford the Congress of Ukrainians in America look look look come an article the Congress Ukrainians in America is a group that's associated with Ukrainian weekly and sloboda member member the beginning I said for boda was that magazine was founded in 1994 newspaper right now magazines Ukrainian language we click on that article just do a search within the page control F. let's general if you know this there were not a search within a web page is or not to do that it's like control after windows half in most browsers that lets you search for specific word on the browser is a really important trip to know if you're doing research okay so do a spine and just look up the word insurgent go ahead look at the a what is it if it's not windows half what is a control left control up there we go thank you I hit the keys my ma I have muscle memory and now I'm thinking when I do it ... so look up insurgent what you're going to find is that data group the Ukrainian Congress includes veterans of the Ukrainian insurgent army does that tell you anything about the group because it immediately told me something about them by the way if you notice the name of the group before then that that ... also relates but I want to get down the hall right you'll see that this is veterans of the Ukrainian insurgent army they're not siege that's right these are people who slaughtered people now if you look up McMullen in that same article you'll find that have McMullen gave thing there you'll also find that Hillary Clinton sent a representative so McMullen ex CIA he was there he was reaching out to Ukrainians all the anti trust people were there and you also if you do a search for chalupa we'll find out Andrea chalupa gave a presentation there tear now again what I've said before is I want you to ponder for a second what the fallout would be if Donald Trump spoke to a group that included veterans of the SS or veterans guards of Treblinka our guards of al Stritch any any idea what it would be like if Donald Trump send a greeting greeting guards about stretch the reason this is flown under the radar is people don't know what the Ukrainian insurgent army as but it's clear but it's clear and you can you're looking at yourself right you see where it says that you see that McMullen send a greeting you see that Andrea chalupa was there so what we tie the first part the DNC collusion to the second part understanding the history I want you to see the Ukrainians the chalupa sisters knows people are not good people to understand these are like the worst of the worst the Democrats have hooked up with these are people who support atrocities this is how you hold them to their own playbook this is how you hold them to their own playbook now the way this fits into Charlottesville in my mind is a clear correlation between the tactics being used in Ukraine by Hillary Clinton by John McCain by the CI a by the media and by George Soros created demonstrations funded demonstrations that get violent that lead to a coup that's what happened in the Euromaidan inject in February 2014 and that's what's going on here in the United States right now that's what's going on okay so I'm giving you enough to keep you busy for awhile but I want you to see this is what we know conjecture journalism looks like yes someone she says you watch it so watch the film a Ukraine on fire okay tell me what just tell people you thought of it because it's it's scary right I'm not joking watch this film Ukraine on fire it's frightening in my right it's scary correct yeah this is one reason they won't get off for Russia yes you can find on video for 399 good to know find that I'm doing if you don't have Amazon no mention of Hillary's actually right yes that is what I said here's Mike concert if you've seen Ukraine on fire here's my concisely review it's very good but it's a very good but well the US how make 3 criticisms one is it's very one sided it's not prior to present votes vote both sides that's okay by me and the reason it's okay by me is the media is the other side this is presenting a counter narrative and and it's already long and dense enough that makes sense so I don't that's fine second criticism is that Oliver Stone is a leftist and therefore he doesn't tie in certain things that I would tie him such as she doesn't tie in how the occupy a black lives matter movement or the same movement heat almost done she almost does he points out the chance that people are using in Ukraine yet some say see what I mean it looks like we could yes yeah but that is our saying documentaries can do that but look up everything yourself that this is like taking you through it this is why I've taking you through it this is why I've told you go to the research see because here's what I do I yes on Amazon's part of Amazon prime okay so this is why I tell people I watch a film Ukraine on fire I've seen it a couple times now then I started to check for myself to run down the research then I started to go down this rabbit hole does that make sense and I'm going down this rabbit hole and I explained it when I was on crowdsourced treat the other night litigious explain to you how I do journalists let me just explain it to you and I I hope I'll try to be quick so I went back through a file that I have in ever know every notes and no take electronic diary notebook app that I use I start to go through it through it I noticed that Alexander chalupa had hosted up protest against Paul man for his hometown in New Britain Connecticut from there I started to research Connecticut newspapers the Hartford current in the local New Britain paper from there I found the article on the Ukrainian Congress does that make sense then I could see the Ukrainian Congress was a group that was tied into Ukrainian weekly and small bar but just knowing something's names vote bada was not enough for me to think that they were connected so then what I did was I went through so bada but still bada is in our Ukrainian I don't speak Ukrainian but it got Google translate so then I'm trying to figure out how would you figure out whether they were sympathetic with the Ukrainian nationalist insurgent army people aside from what it said on there so that I start to think well they lionize Stefan been there so that what I did was I typed step on Banderas name in I got the Ukrainian translation of it then I went back to school bada in Ukrainian use the search engine to do a search for Stefan band error then I use that search engine to read the articles I took them and I cut and pasted them and I could see that the people should bottle like Stefan bend their so then that told me a lot of what's going on here and I also saw why it's not obvious to most people so that's the that's how I roll I interest in research it's you have to go through that level of research sometimes to get to the truth and something I once spent 72 out of 3 straight days trying to track down a quote that J. Edgar Hoover had supposedly said that every biography of the black Panthers says he said and I was able to prove it was a complete lie that they literally cut out part of his quote in every movie and every recitation but it took me 70 2:00 hours so people sometimes wonder why I get frustrated with these milli Vanilli journalist who just spew out anything that they say that's why does that make sense I hope so because that's that's the way our role on journalism I I I I I I I'm obsessive and therefore when I see people who socket journalism it's irritating yes sorry I'm only human I'm only human and I am see my wife and 9 months in the biblical blind I am is what I do so sorry but the but the benefits of doing it that way are I nail stories I'm always right and so again when the suffering she's come along here like I'm jealous this is why Andrew Breitbart Love Me this voice demanded 7 best your best give journalists in the country they know how I work Andrew knew how completely obsessive I was on the Pickford story worked on together which is why he praised me so highly whatever so that's what I did to find all this now you've done the work right so now don't get cynical don't get lazy now you're smarter so share this with other people help me try to figure out a better way to explain to people we get the story out there so people know Alexander chalupa is counter the lies they're being told about Paul man afford correct people on the right who get facts wrong because they don't help that's it that's what I do anyway that's that's it I wanted to go through this to try to explain the how these 2 stories better right dignity in New York ship channel be a populist please go to populace.TV thanks for spreading I really appreciate it ... US citizen journalism school that time would appreciate the sport source document you would appreciate the support I I people who post the stuff area yeah we also my wife a periscope go I've seen her since January send in a large donation so I can get near her I'm planning to see here in the next few weeks I'm trying to I'm trying to be able to afford to get a lot of expenses out here we get a lot of expenses are here ... and it's all it's heart and here's the thing we've 2 little kids at home it's not like my wife can just hop on a plane and fly here we got a 5 year old a 7 year old //
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Lee Stranahan: Here's the BOMBSHELL Ukraine - DNC CIA story I just dropped
\\if everybody actually initially on water first tales como Ariel I just finished doing crowdsource the truth my friend Jason Goodman and George Webb and Trish the dish and everybody has to go if you didn't catch that this is for you if you miss that and let try to summon up again I'm a do it concisely as concisely as I can this is major stuff so we're asking retweet this this connects what happened in Charlottesville last night I see drawing a sign she's noticed this as well disconnect what happens in Charlottesville last night with the CI a with the established Republicans with the DNC you're gonna wanna hear this very very big deal and I'm gonna take you through this in a way where I want you to do it interactively and look at stuff yourself that's what I want I want you to do so before I do that and we did the usual thing please go to citizen journalism school do need your support also show you how to do journalism also you can go over and help us the Soros documentary a populist TV so I just donated thanks to ever donated so we just send some money and I really appreciate it very very much any amount we we appreciate okay so let me out let me try to lay this out I want to point out a couple of a striking similarities between the rally that happened the guy who ran his car into people and Ukrainian euro Madan revolution in 20132014 then I'm gonna show how CI a former CI a person Evan McMullan fits into the whole thing and the best part about it is there's 0 conjecture here 0 conjectures do me a favor retweet this puppy subscribe on periscope okay so let's just go over this a couple of things you can look up for yourself you can follow this on Twitter first up the guy who ran his car into people fields was part of a group that was in white shirts and tan pants shields you can see that group marching down the street in Charlottesville yesterday chanting the blood and soil blood and soil look that up you can find it very easily and you add on a Twitter I retweeted okay with me so far that's the guy ran the car and the people with me now why are they chanting blood in soil so weird thing to chant well blood and slow soil is the slogan and flag of the Ukrainian insurgent army the Ukrainian church army was a group of people who collaborated with the Nazis in World War 2 snatches Hitler Ukraine or point out the Ukraine connection here is very clear they have a red and black flag if you look up pictures just to torture March Ukraine you'll find that's the small bar a party this robot a political party or neo Nazis are far right nationalist blood and soil is what that red and black flag it's blood red Black Flag look up Ukraine insurgent army you'll find that that's what the flag is about you with me so far that's what if that's what they were chanting including the guy who ran his car into people does that make sense big deal the torch March is also something this Obata party did in Ukraine this is not don't go back that Nazi Germany go to recently the blood and soil flag you can see it in the Euromaidan in the Ukrainian coup that was sponsored by Obama Clinton and Soros I'm going through some of the stuff quickly but I can point this all up 2014 exactly right 2014 with me so both the torch March and the blood and soil March are taken directly from the euro Madonna let's tie this in who was behind the swing voter party Mr voter party was and now look of sloboda which is S. B. O. B. O. D. a spur voter party that's the guy who John McCain's on stage with the neo Nazi you can see right so all of the stuff where Hillary Clinton and John McCain is saying they don't like neo Nazis yes they do they love them in Ukraine John McCain is on stage with them the U. S. supported the neo Nazis in Ukraine what purpose did the neo Nazi serve in the Ukraine what happened was they took a peaceful protest and they turned it violent okay and that kicked off a coup they got yet a Kovic out of there you with me this is recent history 2014 in Ukraine the US media as it's covered up go watch a film Ukraine on fire executive produced do the research yourself none of this is conjecture none of this is conjecture this is what happened in fact is an audio Victoria Nuland who was the US state department close Clinton confidante there's a audio Victoria Nuland and Gregory pie yacht was the ambassador to Ukraine for the U. S. figuring out who was going to be in the government afterwards and she says this neo Nazi guy I don't want him in the government I want the guy who one hand picking these names yachts I want yachts in there but I want him talking to this guy 3 or 4 times a week some of those who want to neo Nazi out of view but still involved you dig I'm going through this stuff quickly but it's very scary because we're seeing the same tactics being used here and we're seeing complete hypocrisy for McCain Clinton and others now let's tie and Evan McMullen and McMullen was the spoiler candidate is former CIA go to is linked in a resume ethnic moments former CIA than any dropped out of the CIA then he went to Goldman Sachs he was brought in as the spoiler to try to take trump out the strategy there was he's Mormon let's bring in a guy we might split the vote in Utah where trump had his lowest approval thereby giving you taught a Hillary Clinton which should put her over the edge right that's sort McMullen's now why do I bring up that McMullen because you see I it because the CIA was involved with the store bought a party go look it up go look up some about a CIA in fact there's a theory that the CIA was behind the sniper fire that really led to the violent revolution that the press all blamed on the president yet a Kovic you with me so far okay I did research tonight I found out that every McMullen was an event in Hartford Connecticut in September during the election that was hosted by a Ukrainian national group the national group includes veterans of the Ukraine insurgent army in other words this group is Ukrainian nationalist their newspaper started in 1894 is called spot Botha but I I I I'm gonna stop right there let me stop right there I just posted that article on Twitter you can see that every McMullen there in that Andrea chalupa was there Andrea Chilumpha's was doing a presentation wouldn't shock me if her sister Alexander chalupa was there but she's not mention every chalupa was there doing a panel so was a a a representative from the Clinton campaign but let's just stop right there okay forget everything I just said and I just want you to look at the optics of this politically okay stop just everything eraser racial rage if Donald Trump while running for president get a campaign stop at a group that included former S. S. members and they were called veterans of the SS just ask ourselves this question if Donald Trump had made a campaign appearance that included an audience with former members of the SS do you think it would have made nerves I just want you to think about that while I drink water ponder that for a moment coming up on a limb and say it would I don't wanna live and say that it would when you look up the article that I showed you it's on Twitter right now and we're gonna post assault populist.TV Evan McMullen any representative of Hillary Clinton's campaign made a stop at a group that included veterans of the Ukrainian insurgent army now if you don't know the Ukraine insurgent army is that's what they're counting on they're counting on the fact that most people don't know that the Ukraine insurgent army were Nazi collaborators who killed about 30000 poles and Jews in completely heinous waves having them show up and they shot them all they stripped the women down they shot them all they posed with SS stuff don't take my word for it though read the article yourself you will see in it veterans of the Ukrainian surgeon army were there and you also see then go look up with a great surgeon Armenia's you'll see that everything I'm telling you is true now Evan McMullen and former CIA and or former CI a liquid that way former CI a it was that was in 1943 so a group that includes veterans of them and by the way that group continues stroll bada let's leave you want to talk about that one you want talk about them one of their heroes is Stefan band era Stefan Banderas date you can see these guys from so bother with this picture look up and there this group goes back to 1894 it's Ukrainian nationalist group that's too Evan McMullen met with 0 press coverage this photo shows go look go look some of the stuff up Stefan Bender not Antonio Banderas completely totally different group don't confuse the 2 one involves Melanie Griffith and the other don't so don't confuse them okay some centerplate will Polish something you to my old stuff I don't need that simulates simulant okay so every McMullen's meeting at a group what this shows me is that this is a nationalist group these are the same neo Nazis that the CIA was behind that McCain was behind that new and was behind that Clinton was behind that Obama was behind and that Soros was behind that helped foment a coup so what I'm suggesting to you is what they want to do is a coup in the United States and what you saw yesterday in Charlottesville was direct echoes of this where they're bringing in the guy who ran the car into people was shouting the slogan of the Ukrainian surgeon army and I think an investigation needs to take place right away I am not a big person for false flag theories because usually their break this is a break the guy who killed the person the murderer was shouting blood and soil blood and soil is on the flag they're doing the torch March this is the same as the Ukraine army that's what it is so blood and soil it's that they're shouting so any questions on anything we see if there's any saying question how do we know what he was yelling look it up on Twitter I've reposted already I reposted it there's a group including him that served if sick it's the group he was with the white shirt no I suffer less safe when you too blood and soil go look it up to look it up on Twitter good type blood and soil concessions we trust that I'd I don't know you can see the group you can see you look for picture you'll see a picture the guy ran the car into things all posted on Twitter that's what it is guy Ukrainian I don't know I don't think so okay the Craigslist ad for actors you know I saw it I didn't see one for Charlottesville but whatever yes I know blood and soils fashions yes you're right it is it was also you look at the Europa done the Ukraine things if you look at the Ukraine thing you'll see that that flag the blood and soil flag was there generic neo Nazi right it is okay that's right are you saying it shouldn't be looked into that this guy's using exactly the same slogan they used in the euro Madan are you saying that every McMullen should not be asked why would you speak in event with former Nazi collaborators again I'm just gonna say it if trump had spoken an event with veterans were SS veterans Nazi veterans come on so I'm not gonna waste time with people are like well you know it's just that it's just the generic Nazi thing just because the coup that happened with the same people that make just because McCain was in favor of the people with the blood and soil staying in Ukraine this is what just stop there is it bad to yell generic Nazi slogans let's just start there is it bad because if it's bad then McCain needs to explain and Clinton needs to explain and Obama needs to explain why they were in favor of the people doing it in the Ukraine in 201314 you dig you can't have it both ways you can't say what happened Charlottesville was offensive boy happening Ukraine the week that the U. S. McCain the CI a Clinton Obama supported you can't have it both ways so pick one great it's generic nature is just random chance they do exactly the same thing it's own whatever but you can't have it both ways that's what I'm getting at you can't have it both ways so now the question becomes how do we blow the story up and that's up to you retweet this ask intelligent questions be skeptical look this stuff up for yourself you'll see exactly what I'm talking about the best thing we have going for us retweet this is Julian assigns retweet this it wikileaks a Sarge's onto this little already I tweeted some of the stuff last night but the fact that the blood and soil things happening right now what I'm suggesting and I suggest to be yesterday before the car hit happened I said what I see coming is an attempted coup where they're going to use violent protest as a way to take out trump and it's already happening it's happening right now they're setting up for a violent coup to take out president trump they're using what happened in Charlottesville to try to blame it on trump and the first casualty there trying to take out his ban they're trying to tie this to ban banning trump have nothing to do with this McCain does Obama does Clinton Dutch them to go over to Twitter give any questions feel free to us in there do me a favor once again citizen journalism this is the kind of journalism I do nothing I'm saying is conjecture everything I'm saying saw 0 percent you can go look it up the meat is never going to tell you this at all so the only way to do this is to make your voice heard so they can't possibly ignored us that's it also can help on the source document trade really appreciate it because Soros is clearly behind alts also be talking about some of the stuff ... tomorrow my radio show fault lines that Nixon straining and god bless you thanks very much everybody popular star TV citizen journalism school doctor later by above the waves McCain is paid for by Cyrus the McCain institute he's the only Republican won the only Republican eyes I know the McCain institute got money from the open societies foundation and by the way McCain's the guy who ran the McCain institute is being sued for that dossier the Russian dossier he's part of being sued by there you go okay love you guys by //

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