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Last Minute Halloween Costumes | Grungy Hair and Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome that Colleen is right around the corner and if you still don't have a costume like myself I'm a show you how I create this hair and makeup look in paired it with 3 last minute cost if you're interested just keep on watching starting off with the skin today I'm using this brand new Smashbox photo finish iconic primer steak while it looks really heavy it went on the skin really nicely this is my first time using the product and as you can see did a really good job at modifying and also minimizing the appearance of pores so I applied it to the side of the face area needs it the most and just wanted it out with my fingertips for foundation I decide to mix my pro filter foundation by anti injury to 90 or with my coke and a foundation in shade to 13 these 2 together work really well they give me a nice medium coverage and also a finish that isn't to Matt and also not to do it I don't want to go to glow even this luck I kept it all pretty mats since all the looks are more towards the grungy side so I just applied it with the brush since I ... combined the 2 foundations together and then blended it out with my boyfriend and then to further cover up any imperfections alike might sunspots I'm using my lover CA secret camouflage in she'd Essie and then with it charts a shape tape I'm using shades of light medium and also like neutral the 2 together give me the perfect highlighting shade amusing not to ... highlight concealed on the side of the fees recently I've been I let me just applying a rainy thighs and spreading it elsewhere down the center of the fees were I for the want to highlight and I've been using ... just recently at this Smith to 32 that I usually use on my eyes to further spread the concealer out and then I again went out with my Ofra to set everything in place I am of course using might lower say translucent powder and again another clean Smith to 32 I just absolutely love this brash and using it to death the powder into the areas that Chris up and then I'm using my LH cosmetics goof to press the powder into the rest of this now instead of using bonds are like I normally do I'm going in with this kind Twain palette by it cosmetics to create a very chiseled own structure starting off with the house the cheeks instead of applying it right at the hollows I'm starting a little higher I think to make the cheekbones looked really good Conley and in defying to some going in with a lighter country and she first outlined ... the bone structure and you can see it's already pretty intense but I'm going for that look again I want to be grungy sort of undone I'm not going for a perfect luck and so I start off with a lighter shade to outline it first and then I'm going in with the darker contouring shade and to further define the cheeks and then putting it out as I go and I will further pointed out the very end and after the cheeks I'm also gonna pilot contouring powder to the forehead jaw line down the neck and also the sides of the nose moving on to the eyes I think I have discovered my new favorite magnetic my eye color nude sticks pencilled this is the shade chalk clay it's just such a gorgeous rich shade of brown and I'm starting off with this as my base in applying it really because the lash line putting up towards the Crees and also the lower lashline again I want us to be more towards the messy side so don't be too careful when applying it does get on the eyes and then bonded out some about this all the way out towards the Prowse and also in the buff it out on the lower lash line go crazy with a make it from uhhuh from there I'm a star building on the color and creating more of that grungy lived in sort of luck some going into with a love sick I believe it's called love sick from the love sick I showed us that by not cosmetics I really want to stay away from using black eye shadow for this look I want to use more of these ... Reds and warm rounds to create that lived in luck and because of that it's turned out some using let's take first I'm any deep cranberry red eye shadow should work for this and then from there after you've completely left out I'm going in with this really rich brown this is rubbish from the rest I shot a stack and I'm just applying that to the same areas in the crease towards the outer edge again don't over think this be really messy with their and just go for it we need out towards the hairline take the shuttle up to the brow and extend that eye shadow on the lower lash always on your cheeks and then to really create that grungy of bags no grungy look is ever complete without this muster the brown eye shadow this is rubbish also from the rest I just act by Marcus medics I also wanted to browse to be extract bushy and and done so while I normally brush my bow has up I went a little extra within just extended them all the way up with my benefit 24 hour bell center and I don't want to use false lashes today because I'm gonna be using a gloss and dislike the lashes would take away from the class effect so I just loaded up on my Marc Jacobs about NY mascara and then I'm going in with the Marc Jacobs headliner map pencil in brownie which is also such a beautiful rich brown and just filling in the water lines with that brown liner this next part is my dear friend his entire I shot a lot and using the 2 faced the multi latex gloss which is a clear glass on the leads to create more of that morning in luck and amusing a lip brush to apply it really close to the lashline I find that when using gloss on the lead the closer you apply to the lashline the longer it'll last out the night you won't get as messy right off the bat so keep a pretty close to the lashline and boom there you have your grungy horn and let to complete the rest of this make up like it's going to be really simple I'm just taking this Lemerre share pressed powder and a large fluffy how to brush and running across the entire face to further land that contour into the rest of the skin and for a blush I'm using Dallas by benefits are really nice dusty rose that complements the rest of the luck and that completes the make up I'm gonna do the lip later so let's move on to the hair so I wish you guys had a great super messy beach waves so this is how I normally do my hair just to an extreme some starting off with the way memory mess to make sure my hair holds all night spring the entire head of hair and all the around up top but with dismissed and then the with a 1.25 inch curling iron and Mister clean the waves so before that waved beach she lived in like I'm not altri waves so this first wave is going away from the face and as I can see I like the curly and Croat put down roots back at US will see and it explains why and then for the next girl the clamp is facing the other way and the curl is going inward towards the face you want to make sure you're alternating the direction of each of the waves as well as playing the ends straight through and not leaving them with the rest of the hair to create that messy undone who lived in life because if not you a wave them all in the same direction as well as wave or bands that ends you'll get more of a meter waiver crawl and it won't look and honor crunchy so I'm gonna go ahead and repeat these it seems steps to the rest my hair and you guys back here when I'm done also as you finishing up each section make sure you're letting them cool often also hear spring them with a soft hold hairspray that we the here still has some ability to it but it will last you throughout your act crazy home when festivities some intriguing after each section and then get back to once you're done take a little break let your hair Colostethus up a water and then when the has completely cooled down you can start running your fingers through your hair to break up all the waves and just fluff it up you can even do a little hair flip we want to be super messy because we're in a further tees it up with this little hairy Josh ... brush anything with those have the bristles will work and just I mean they had the ends and then teasing about coming from the mid part of a hair up and now that the hair and make up are done we can move on to the 3 a last minute costumes that I paired with this like the first one being a mummy that I created out of cheese cloth that I got from the gruccis story and I decide to go with a new look for this one I used Marc Jacobs lip gloss in enamored and for the biker chick I just threw on a leather jacket that I already had and also a bandanna that just so happens to be a do your bandanna and I say to pare this look with a rad lab I used a cranberry liquid lipstick by time Los Angeles I decided to keep that same let them and Anna for the pair costume or what I think looks like Carl from the walking dead if you watch the show you know what I'm talking about I also threw on some hoops an eye patch and a hat and there you have cost number 3 I hope this video was helpful if you're in a pinch for a costume this year I know up maybe one of these 3 for the Holly parties I have coming up this weekend and yeah I've yes on this video helpful give the like share it subscribe hit the notification bell and I will see you in my next video bye guys //
"2017-10-25 20:18:05"
Rosie the Riveter Hair and Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Alatorre
\\IGN WNED you guys are welcome back today I'm gonna be doing a tutorial on this Rosie the riveter or the riveter since I am throughout the day and there is a bit of a backstory to this tutorial some of you might have seen that I posted it on Instagram I did a photo and then this little Instagram video which was a sponsored video that I did in partnership with vox sound they reached out and they want me to do a are wholly to toil specifically for Instagram and I was like you know what buxom is known for their lip products I'm gonna focus on the red lead and do a Rosie the riveter like so long story short since it was just going to be an Instagram video I didn't do the hair on camera and I did the make up over music I did talking guys through it and when I was done with the Instagram video I just fell in love with the love everything about it what it represented Rosie the riveter that outfit the make up the hair that I couldn't just leave that as an Instagram video because I knew you guys would love as well so I'm back today to the film the hair portion of this tutorial so the makeup might and look a little different in the intern out show because of the make up was filmed on another day and I had a combat today to redo the hair on camera for you guys so you're interested and want to see how I create this Rosie the riveter luck keep on watching I can not take credit for this here do because I do not know how to do pick up hair and you know where to start so what I did was I I went to YouTube obviously and I searched pin up here in this amazing you 2 were popped up her name is penat doll actually Murray and Doyle I did is pick up your style I nasty to classy so you guys want to see her do I go to her channel and they do it here and just give some more tips and as someone who has never done pin up hair I'm a kind of explain ... what I learned along the way so the person should data was sectioned off what is gonna be the bangs I'm gonna do like a little you shape at the crown of the head and make that the beings I would be using a 1.25 inch curling iron what you do is curl the hair inward I did use away memory miss why did the first time around just because my hair is on the longer and longer each side subtly that long and it doesn't hold Sacha perfect curl really well if I'm sorry to mess with it sounds inspire me here with this I always meant to be a hairspray or what but it does work when it comes to holding style stuffed with the clamp facing outward I'm a toddler crawling underneath at the roots pull it out inco in ending their lives a little more this is how I grow longer hair because of not muzzle across it at the bottom so by starting at the real name going down and then clothing at the top like this you gonna curl from the root alway down verses just at the bottom just hold it for a bad don't bring your hair just make sure it's hot let it go you're just jealous that there don't do anything to I don't has prayed just let it live let cool off and work on the rest pieces and then from here you want to let them cool down just a bit before we start teasing the hair because last time I didn't wait and the curls of started and doing themselves so just give him a second to cool down and then we're gonna tease so just tease out the route I'm using this here Josh brushy thing with these have a bristles works really well for teasing this one 's a little big but it works so again just go section by section antes up the real vanilla crazy for just a moment but it will pull them together so now that we do that we think of it to the other side and just brush it over this way while at the crows cool down a bit because once you start brushing it can undo them so just be really gentle when brushing over the teased areas and the ones that looks pretty smoothly one person hairspray I'm using a very strong hold hairspray this is the BB strong finish a firm hold hairspray another one they really like is big sexy hair that one well look at her place as well but this stuff is like glue I am telling you I take a shower to take my hair down because it was so intense so what I do is just hold her up and then spring break here and then brush it through one more time to make sure everything looks really smooth and now this next part is where you can get a little tricky and that I'm not gonna lie I had to do a couple of times to get it right I got my hair is longer so to create that curl that Ashley Marie had in her video I can have to fake it because the crows aka and their since my hair is so long we did do is I tucked a one finger underneath or maybe even 2 and I just wrapped the hair like so and just play with it a bit until you get the desired finish again with her hair was shorter so the crow and right here from me I have to type it in and I had just big day and did this and I had another section so actually use and leave a one little tiny section our here to create another swoop on the site don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first time because I'm telling you I had to undo and redo it like 6 different times so well that I'm to give finger underneath you can even smooth it over this direction and start the curl and then once I have it where I want it I kind of pull this area back a little just to create that volume once you have it where you want it you can pin it and I'm gonna go from the back and even add one more Bobby pinned back here just to hold it down because it's looking a little loose back there and of walau we have the front swoop really create a separate crawl down here so I really here's pretty just a tiny bit gonna curl around the finger isn't using your fingers really helps to create that crow when you have long hair because if not it's just really hard to get a perfect girl was really long hair so just get it where you want it and again we're just gonna pin here to just so that stays and again once you ought to look the way you want to just has a breakdown tie up the bearings are done and this is the hardest part of this entire tutorial from here it gets a lot easier so already do is start curling the rest of the hair but amidst all of here at once with the way memory mass so against her at the real welcome back up imagine a penis back as I go because he gets in the way of so start at the roots slide down something to go ahead and call the rest my hair and then show you guys how to get to the sky what is next for it I really really don't overthink at all you do is start pinning the hair on the top of the head it is not to be perfect because the scarf is going to cover most of the hair ... minds really thin it's I I'm pretty sure it's a costume scarf has a wire in it and the thicker the scarf the better because it'll cover most of the hair if it looks messy in the bath so I'm so it's from piece right here because how Ashley Marie did it and this is the only piece I want looking kind of smooth sense it's right at the front and all you do is literally have some Bobby pins on deck I'm just going to pin it like so underground this from peace now pull it straight back in up and pin it and you can do the same thing all the way around and talk all the hair is at the top of the head okay so now that I have it all up top I'm just going to start for their pinning the curls where I want to go because my here so long that it's you know this is a look like if so further grab them again don't over think gay just grab them and him are you gonna do so it's gonna bunch these all let me below body been right there and you can fix it more once you have ... the scarf on also you can see which girls are sticking out which ones that look good but for now is going to get them all this still looks pretty nuts but I mean at the start anyway so I can further adjust the curls so take this card to get under anyone the bow to land right behind those 2 girls we created earlier so ray here it nice and tight right there and then around AM because Rosie the riveter it's not really a Bo it's more like straight sensitive flaring out the bow like this I disconnect mutator like that so now again I'm gonna further adjust the crows even my front ones coming a little loose that is all that there is to it wants you gone the coals where you want them to go the list is been and here is the final here do as you a sites and not that complicated again do not overthink this it's all about just I'm playing with the curls pinning them and putting them into a you get the desired finish I honestly think this looks 100 times better than the first time I did the hair but even the first time I did it even though this defense up looking the way once you would still worked for the luck known thing so you guys can make it work display with a little do get frustrated and don't give up and now with the hair done that let's move on to the make editorial which again is going to be a voice over self off the light and the city of I'm bringing my skin it with the glossy a priming moisturizer because I'm going for a full coverage heavy glam on the skins I want to make sure everything is nice and hydrated and then for that full coverage and using the Marc Jacobs remarkable foundation this was actually my first time trying out this foundation and it is it definitely full coverage as you guys can see so I also applied it to my eyelids and used as a base for the actual and then to add some more coverage and highlight the center the fees I'm going in with tarts to set everything in place I'm using the Larmor CA translucent setting powder and with that same sponge I used it to apply my foundation and pressing the powder into any areas that Chris up well I thought I leads and underneath the eyes and then for the rest of the skin and using a powder whatever you want cuddly and before you do anything else I'm in front of my skin using the 2 faced milk chocolate brown Sir I'm just applying it to the same area as I generally apply bronzer so halls of the cheeks forehead Joe lying down the neck and also a little bit on the sides of the nose so now that the base is done let's move on to the eyes for some a filling my browser using the Anasazi up always in the shade soft brown and lately I've been feeling in my brows up top first and then filling in the bottom afterwards and I've been getting more of a natural finish right you that's so just find a man brushing them out to give an even more natural finish and then I'm using this ... customizable Buck summit palette from my Instagram video to complete the eyes and say why stick with more of a topi eye shadow color you don't want anything that is too warm for this luxe I start off with that later she'd and I'm just really busting that into the crease and then I'm also gonna be applying this to the lower lash line I'll make sure to include all the colors and all the products I use in this video in the description box for you guys so now that I have the transition shade I'm going in with another eye shadow that is similar in tone is a little bit darker to further deepen the slut so again applying to the crease and lower lash this look away to not be complete without a bold wind liners some using have aunties trooper liquid eyeliner to build the swing it seriously the bass and makes a doing a winged eyeliner so easy and what I like to do is just outlined the wings first and then completely fill it and the foregoing with lashes I'm using Buck sums it big tease mascara and honestly this mascara was so black it really intensified the look of my lashes but because of that old thick wing I did have to go in with some falsies to further make them pop some using the lorries and wispy me sweet nothings clashes wow that is really hard to say can then to you further land to those lashes into the real lashes I'm using hold the line waterproof liner by buxom in call me which is a block later and then for blush I'm using a Marc Jacobs night fever and hot stuff since I am doing a red lip I want a flash with a similar town and then of course you can't forget about fix plus especially with such a full coverage you want it to all not into your skin look really natural some just going in it with plus what am I saying I couldn't not go in with the highlight even though I feel like I highlight is not very are reminiscent of that era but we're trying to make a receipt of the riveter a little more modern so we're adding some highlight with this hourglass pally I'm using the color purer strobe light from the ambient metallic strobe lighting palette and the same thing goes for the inner corner part of the eyes I could off the map back I can help myself and decide to add that seem highlighter to the inner part of the eyes and then once I was done highlighting I went in with this a brush by hourglass in just left everything out to give it more of a natural finish and then I used my benefit 24 hour row setter to set my bows in place idea fluff them up as much as time I kinda stuck them back and I also used at the jail to brush back my little Edie hairs and because I've already used my fics plaster setting mess whatever you want to use I can now go back in and apply mascara that say money is earlier to the lower lash line and then finally for the red lipped which really makes the entire look I'm using Buck sums up plump line lip liner in the sheet cloak and dagger and for that red lip I'm using it toxic cherry begin sexy pulled teletech also by buxom and then I almost forgot you got outside the beauty mark to you really complete the flex I'm using but sounds well the line waterproof liner in the shade here's my number I'm just passing on to the area where I want it and we are and not with the Detroit all I hope you guys enjoyed as much as I enjoyed creating it for you guys if you are familiar with Rosie the riveter I highly recommend doing a little research on her she is such a huge symbol of a women empowerment so I wanna remind you guys that us as women are so much stronger when we lift each other up and not tear each other down so support one another love one another and we are stronger than any man could ever think we are ... the one that's the only mention is that this blew jumps you I already had on hand I've worn it so many times and you stop wearing it by it honestly just an easy go to outfit for me ... if you can't find a blue jumpsuit to wear with this a lot a dark blue and done them by now colored shirt should work really well also just roll up the sleeves of flex on them and you're good to go I'll be I wonder this video if you did give the like sharing subscribe hit the notification bell and I will see you in my next life bye guys //
"2017-10-21 14:30:00"
First Impressions: Laura Lee's Cat’s Pajamas, Anastasia, La Mer | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back to my channel it to them to be trying out a bunch of new stuff that I opened up in my previous blog as well as on me is the stories so you are calling me on Instagram give me a follow their also make sure to hit that subscribe button for the nurse case about just getting all the good stuff the good and the necessary step out of the way I would be to say in the inter to maybe vios I've lined up everything you back here that no one to try it's a lot of stuff a lot of stuff in the same category as the lot of exciting stuff so if you're interested and want to see I get a first impressions first look at some new products keep on watching I don't have any new face products no new primers foundations concealers so I'm going to go ahead and do my feet based base first and then jump into everything else I'm going to first start by putting my eyelids I like using it really lightly primer like this one shadow insurance by 2 face on the lead attorney foundation and to prevent it from creasing when I'm just gonna be using my found as a base so cynical head and read that over my leads and for foundation I may be using a my current favorite these fancy foundation the Fenty pro filter foundation so I'm gonna be mixing this with my Smashbox photo finish primer Isaac to share it out give it more of a tinted moisturizer type of finish and since I did me more of a share finish I'm gonna go ahead and use my lumbar see secret camouflage concealer just to cover up any other little imperfections like blemishes and some and then of course it to conceal highlight on the side of the face and using good old tarts sheep tape and light medium ups because surprise that there's no new face items it's all lips shadow palettes and Lipson shadow palettes to some areas that preserve a lot I'm gonna be using the trusted alarmist CA translucent powder but I just remembered I do have one in you face product it's of the lemaire sheer pressed powder I do love there loosening pot I love ally it is pricey like Ballmer products but they are great I mean this is a pressed powder with a little bit of color to it so I many users across interface once I that's when you look at the fact and this is the powder in shade light no way lake that she'd mediums not breakfast too late one woman to put forth I grabbed a shade number 32 medium instead it looks a little better I can tell the has a furniture not it's not like he does like a really light fragrance to it I can only tell I'm gonna use it V. Lemerre powder brush with that sense already have the sky the justice all several motion okay think it definitely as apartments to a very subtle one it's not changing the color of my foundation which I like I was there as I was gonna make me look to peek in dusty pressed powders are saying how does the have east slight tint to them make me nervous because it sucks when you get the perfect foundation match in the powder changes the color your foundation for more recruiting and it's going on pretty sure nice doesn't look like I have a lot of pride in the skin amber bonds are the only one I have is this one of from in the nars holiday collection which is absolutely stunning opening up this PR boxsets back here here the school box it brought back so many work memories Everytime holiday Hey it was just you would cry it was so beautiful on ours those holiday really really well so this little pally is a part of a holiday collection it is the nars axe man ray the veil cheek palette and in here we have a lagoon abounds there whenever denies isis allow their Macy's in Laguna bronzer I'm surprised no one at the boutique tell me to calm down because there was a moment where I was wearing so much bronzer but we had to wear these black turtlenecks to work that were long sleeve Andromaque so you couldn't tell that my face did not match my body bags I didn't care and the other new bronzers slash illuminator that I have is this one from Becca it's the shimmering skin perfector priced gradient glow and it's got a bunch of different colors in here I think what I wanna do is just kind of swirl them altogether and apply them over at the bronze there but this north sponsor looks like how the sheen but it's not completely Matson maybe Tivoli I don't know how many is the blushing a highlighter also just because I have some other ... blushes and highlighters to choose from but if we want to go in with the slogan a bouncer the formula of this limited run there is different from the O. G. one that comes a compact at least I'm pretty sure it is unless they just pressed it differently but it looks like a different formula it kinda reminds me of the make up forever Provence fusion I like a lot it feels really light and airy and it has a really nice slate like sign soft signage shimmery not shimmery there's no greater to it's like a nice sign a sheen and have a finish to this bonds there it's really pretty I love it I love the monitor and it looks like I went a little ham with the bonds are like usual ... them in a blanket out just a moment I think I am gonna go in with just a little bit of this back a greedy and glow bronzer slash eliminator arms the dust it over the sponsor I don't know I might regret after I do that the let's see who some just like very lately slipping it over at the temples really nice she was like that's about of the meat I know usually I don't go for bronzers highlighters are blushes that look like this where there's multiple colors and one but this one we mixing together is actually giving a really nice glow like I mentioned I'm gonna go ahead about the south it doesn't look too intense and grabbing my japonesa brush and just kind the across the interface and because I don't know what I'm doing to the ice yeah I'm gonna hold off on doing ... lash and a highway and start dipping into the eye shadow palettes I have so many to choose from don't look at the back of my hair don't judging I know actually you might expect the palace I have to choose from are the Natasha Nona Leila Lila palace the scary here I have that peer pro minimus of his name IT any 10 at the end ETN politics this was a really beautiful as well we have in the Laura Leete cats at the jammers palette congrats lord this is incredible we have the oddest ossia prism palette stunning that sheet of green eyed their throne who and then we have the tart let toasted how it which has a bunch of your ... basic warm eye shadow colors in here definitely a good mixture of maps and shimmer is transition shades I think from all of these are the many used are the lord of the Los Angeles politics and dying to use this as well as the Natasha known as I just believe I bounce off camera with the do your brows Tyler since I have known you brow products to try and before going in with eyeshadow I'm going to do us a little bit of this Lemerre powder from the Balboa down to the crease make lending a lot easier especially a little more on the outside amiss are by going in with the bomb diggity also notice all the names so queue and I'm gonna go ahead and flip this into the crease and really when it out towards the headline I'm also gonna be applying this show to the lower lashline simplicity over to a smaller brash and do that while I'm on this item yeah he's are going on really easily there also blending out really nicely as you can see they're not going on chunkier Apache and to further develop the slug and they go in who we it quickly same thing applying it to the crease and the lower lash line one thing I do notice from her eye shadows or that she selected for the palate isn't that they all complement each other so this top pros elect this bottom as a leg and I love that she included a black eye shadow like every palate every action a pilot should have a black eye shadow there just kind of like a a ironically the kind of like an essential to me when it comes to politics I love that she could the black and and then mainly focusing this on the other corner again gal easily that landed so pigmented and the brush picks up a lot but it's pointing out so nicely so incredibly good like white it didn't Snyder catch on any areas of the eyes it doesn't look chalky it's just diffusing out so nicely I'm really impressed I am really loving this palace idealistic with they just create entire look off of it so the next shot too I'm going in with is cooking ahead I'm gonna again bill on the color applied to the outer ... beat and the I Barry Scheck is and then with my fingertip I'm apply quirky suggest room here actually a member and that all the way into the inner quicker than and the last show me use it is the black eye shadow you can tell a has a little bit of sparkle to it it's just one of further defined eyes so I'm gonna go ahead and apply this really close to the lashline both upper and lower lash line focusing it more towards the outer portion of that time letting that black eye shadow into the rest of the colors with that celebration and actually the last thing I'm gonna use this palette is scatterbrain as an interpreter highlights because this is an I. Charlotte that I would typically do you I thinking of the colors of the color scheme and the formula it is an absolutely beautiful palace so now I'm gonna go ahead finish the eyes with I think the only time you item will both of these are new but I've used this minor before this is at the mall cosmetics all day every day eyeliner in 1987 I'm gonna fill in my water line both upper and lower and then this past year has been out for awhile I tried it once and then just kind of forgot about it can't remember if I like it or not I'm assuming it was okay since for how to cut it but I'm gonna go ahead and use it again today this is of the Medicaid troublemaker mascara yeah I think I remember why I it is again it gives your lashes that very death feeling it feels very like crunchy and I can tell it's gonna leave my lashes feeling very while I had seen the make up far away yet on the monitor and this eye shadow looks he's eating and I kinda wish I would use this knowing I wasn't do you a purple eyeshadow like this and then you back a cosmetics shimmering skin perfector lilac geode I liked you you have kind we see if I can toss into the inner corners out or let's leave even shows up I don't know right it's definitely adding E. tiny hint of color if it's changing the goal to more of a lilac finish but I kinda wish I would just done this for in a corner I'm okay so now to finish a face highlighter and blush I'm EE could be using hearts in you eliminator with al the amputation on this in the finish is beautiful but as far as these products I have a lot in the nice collection back I might use and a separate video out and they do have these 2 new blush gets by on estancia the colors in the darker one are pretty interesting and there was only one that really caught my eye and I think I could really use any of these are too dark but this one down here caught my eye it is such a beautiful rich rich plum but you for darker skin tone I'll see how that could be a pleasure looks really great more of a kind then the other one is radiance gradients the dark one ingredient is the later the 2 so this is radiant should we try foreign try one of these I'm taking that tiniest page this is my desire to go to because it's more neutral the well to do is pick it up dust off my arm and then a blatant cheeks even the way it's going on my arms it looks a little patchy but I can't really homes sos yeah I know it's going on a little like X. bunching up or getting a little it's not smooth it looks really textured and chunky unlike the payment is just gathering in certain areas even when he's watching it looks I don't know it's really interesting I'm gonna go ahead and use again that lemaire powder and the large powder brush to buff this out bus over to smooth it out to make it look more natural grabbing a stiffer brush to brother blended so I have to play with the somewhere but from what I just saw okay going in with the elf hearts Buffy and cream highlighter do well and you know to use the lighter side of the Martinsyde Vulcan kind of in between Ben ami used the more town site because this was gonna be 2 frosty oh yeah that's really pretty high that's the more gold inside super pretty I would have a lot of glow going on because of the the grading glow highlighter by Becca but for the sake of the video assist H1N1 this is so beautifully done an amazing job ... a lot of products are here miss for me sometimes they work sometimes they don't but this one is definitely out of all of 6 I had back here by far the most unique are these in you to tone it lipsticks bye bye beanie they have 2 colors in one so they're split down the middle like this Susan has a darker and lighter shade this one is Chuy N. Norreys so let's give her trying to see how it goes picking it up like sue I like it I mean it's pretty and again I like the concept I just feel like I would wear them individually verses mixing them together I just feel like this kind of with this luck I think it's falling a little flat I fucking need something more vibrant for newt as I had the new Nicki Minaj lipsticks there definitely to pay for me to pay for my taste I would wear any of those colors ... but they are pretty peaks just who have these near Norris lipsticks let's just throws on on because the look is already dramatic this isn't the nars audacious lipstick in the shade Kyrat K. I. R. A. T. correct this is definitely Instagram a photo where the I would wear this for an Instagram post but I don't think I would wear this lipstick paired with this I shall look because it's a lot too intense and too matchy matchy but again I would love it for a photo just because it with expert they can call I think I might try it one more lip color from these new ones I think I'm gonna try and like not news but this one looks darker than a nude this is honest asi ES starfish lipsticks let's try this one out for the and I'm gonna stick with this final adoption it to conclude this video because I think it pairs are really nicely with this a lot it doesn't overpower the eyes it's ... neutral and Toby I'm still kind of like a nude but it's not one of those great looks like that could be on wearable I think this is a wearable that collect and yeah I think from everything in today's video what really caught my attention or what I think is definitely worth checking out our first of all laurel leaves at cat's pajamas palette I'm not just saying this because she's also influencer that I happen to know but you know I sigh as I was using it when I so beautifully it blended out so nicely it's easy to work with has all you be 6 in here and you Dudley's palette every single day and then the other one ... again another influence our cloud the else part defense there coffee and cream ... highlighter do well because the quality of this is incredible and I'm assuming it is affordable considering it is also so definitely worth picking up since it is limited edition it is just I mean when you can get this good of a highlighter at such a good price and it is one her present with it and hearts demeaning job I'm the one item I would say I would pass on and I also feel like it's causing my cheeks to look a little choppy like that there's a patch missing right here from where I applied the honest osteoblast these I don't know what happened I don't know why the pigment keeps jumping up like that and not going on smoothly I'm have to play with them again some more bad for a first impression I would say I wasn't very impressed because you guys saw how the powder applied to my cheeks it was a very smooth it was very textured and again it's currently I think messing with my my cheek on this site but I am yeah I think that is everything let me know what got you is the tension if you think any of these items are worth checking out in the comments section number well and as always likes you subscribe hit that occasion bell and I will see you in my next media by guys //
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#VLOGLIFE 2: Visiting St. Tropez | Melissa Alatorre
\\Friday another plane so I just got home life leann it can't be about I don't have hours to New York and over there were hopping on another plane chimneys worthwhile dissolution go back relax actually no airlock community I have to end it like 2 videos realize I'm an adult and then 100 times also look who I found Sonya and really mean because you don't see this bottle of heavy on here 7 street this water press that was sitting on our team long beginner cups of water and what do I do I open the heavy on not knowing that you have to pay for that with your meal you tricked us any dislike getting knowledge along the way okay I'm not that 9439 go together originally she's at $20 I'm over here like I'm 15 Matt brocade with $4 we have he do scared me I thought this Mary who was who is in my room he turned cherry answered through door one order to at this n't we haven't made it to San Tropez I cannot believe I'm here eternally strips and just like what they do deserve it you know but this is an amazing hotels might use amazing I feel so fancy here yeah we just we literally just got and so I'd imitate and nice cold shower not a hot charity to wake up I wanna go to bed till tonight because I great I just saw this only god some anyone again anyway play talked I don't take a nap I want to get up and get moving so that way I can sleep well tonight in knots go through the whole of jet lag process so and mean the goals are gonna get ready right now inches hit the town gets some photos the Senshi okay I'm so excited to be here as they were it's all brick things you own Hey guys I like your hat I I know you guys have been requesting a tour for the longest time so today I would be the it's get a grip of the equipment I just knock it out of my own mansion I don't know what happiness is like I turn my count and they were like no they were here about hasn't coffee with the late last in the bricks that hat I had not sponsored it won't get any deal until hi that guides the back of the room and I did a robo even though I have clothes on because I've got a packs that path so my bottom half is freezing because the head of the country to change into that I would those robot but it's not really keeping me warm actually surprisingly wide awake after this really long travel day and the extreme time difference right now is around 9 A. M. in LA and it is 6 P. M. 6:30 PM here in center bay which is like an insane time difference I'm gonna go get in a little work out at the hotel jam with nice jam mmhm but I and it's I I and the I WNED we I like a clean up quite nice today my wife earlier in the log looking pretty your lines he I it I there it is you know look at censoring your first goal for America low pressure we're going on and so first yeah one and through a dangerous again for America and vote pain with sign good morning United so quickly I woke up way but log only on a little height so this will difficult mole Windisch today he Paul I a year be in love with it I all the you I all it's this I so the this the I WNED //
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GRWM: Meet and Greet Announcement! | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys a welcome back it's been awhile since I sat down and just talk to you guys so today's video is going to be a get ready with me and it's gonna be more towards the Chinese side so he don't like chatty videos or don't like hearing me talk a lot now is your chance to click out of this video but before you do I have 1 major announcement that I want to get in this get ready with me and I thought I would throw it in in the beginning because I'm not in the whole day and I am having my first ever meeting agree I am so excited and it's not just the 1 I mean really it's gonna be 21 here in LA and then the other 1 in my hometown of San Diego I am I am beyond excited you guys and I can't wait to hug all of you and say thank you for all the support so if you can make it out I'd love to see you guys a medical all the information in the description box for you guys because I don't know off the top of my head the exact locations but I do know it is or the first 1 in LA is going to be on a Saturday October 14 from 1 of 4 at the Walmart in Baldwin park I believe again I just don't blow and the second 1 in San Diego will be at the Walmart in Chula Vista on Sunday the fifteenth from 1 to 4 and now with that big house out of the way let's go ahead and get ready to go ahead and get started with my face today I'm gonna take the longer CA radiance primer and I mean dispense a good amount on my palate here the good glob mostly primer lest foundation and I do have a spray tan on and not naturally this golden Intan my best friend got married this weekend house maid of honor and I treat us to some spray tans I even had to pick up a darker shade of the Fante foundation I've been loving the stuff I may take my normal shade which is 290 take like 1 whole pump almost the whole time up to 90 and then I picked up this really tan golden shade which works great for an olive undertone if you guys wa I know a lot of you have been asking for the how to mix your foundations a video for an all in wonder toner just find your perfect match I've been working on it we get into this I've been working on it I'm not gonna lie I filmed it too at 3 different times now and each time when I review a I'm just not satisfied because I just like that info is that all there and I feel like I'm complicating it more than it should be so amid attempted again once I'm back on my travels better have to film the foundations video against all tie that when I get back kind of putting whole wheat toils on the back burner at the moment because I don't know what it is I want to do this is the first year where I feel I don't see uninspired I just don't know what I want to do for Halloween tutorials I kinda want to focus more so on creating pretty looks because I just like most of us honestly like to be honest we all want to look cute and sexy and attractive on Halloween all the gory and bloody and special effects that is really cool back when it comes down to it if I was going to hold a party it would most likely one look you and not scary so I kinda wanna focus on doing more stuff like that this year I don't know coming down below if you guys have any specific requests that you'd want to see do you wanna see more like bloody special effects ... scary side you want pretty stuff let me know because as of right now I have nothing planned and it's already October and then to conceal a highly amusing touchy tape in like medium but I'm also gonna mix and just a pinch of light neutral because when I highlight with this concealer and I'm tan I feel like if and I look pretty dull like I could use some more breaking into my skin and this color shows a very light but it works in terms of frightening so just like 2 little streaks of this I'm not the best I thank the never ending make up the mayor is like further than arm's length away and I can not tell what I'm doing I would put my contacts in but then I thought he gets so much make up my contacts it's I'm worse off that way but anyway I suspect a mile because not coming with me I'm really bummed he's also not coming with me next week okay so let me just give you the time when I go to New York tomorrow I come back I have 3 days here and then on Monday I'm going to send you okay with Clarence which I'm so excited I've never been to Santa pay Kyle is also not going with me for this 1 and I'm kind of bummed because I love experiencing new places with him even if it's work related we always have so much fun together I by asking for like don't count I ever get sick of each other because we're with each other 247 since we both work from home because a writer and I'll see in here do you do all day and we really don't honestly I think it's because we're so into what were each doing were not in each other's ... business all day long that I it just it works really well we're both very creative people so we encourage each other and we inspire each other and we just kind of push each other to be better in our own careers on so you know we never get sick of each other and with each other literally 247 we don't really fight and we do you like argue it's over something dumb like washing the dishes or like cooking or just like house like chores I guess ... that we just know how to talk it out I guess you could say we have like a really good way of communicating with each other we never scream or yell at each other we kinda just explain like why were frustrated and then we help the other person understand then we like is to make it you know I think communication is really the key to a healthy relationship but I'm so he's not coming with me misinterpreted earn Kevin playing this for ever see this apology get ready with me is I just like gets stuck on the same thing for like 5:00 hours so now I'm going to finish the rest the fees some to go ahead and bronze using the alarmist CA Matt radiance baked bronzer she number go to looks like these they don't hold up the other parts I was using I hope again gonna make up for the warmth even though you saw the county she looked really dark at first once is that with powder and highlighted I'm looking ... pretty dole in pale in comparison to my body something I really want the skin sponsor is working so perfect that will make my skin but message over to this capital Kwan sculpting cutter this used to be an old favorite forgot about it and only use this to hello dimension to the sides of the nose little contouring action I'm so bad at conjuring noses and that it conjuring in general like cream contouring is not my forte which is why I never do it sending us cut creases are just not my thing and never do them because I still think they're very flattering on me my eyes get like this double full do I see that I look straight forward they get this double fold which makes a cut Chris look her rendition because it looks like a double countries so that's why I tend to do more simple I looks or smoky eye looks a smoking as disguises the double fold perfectly and I know if you noticed but I would have totally changed my make up style in the past or just in this year I just a loving more so like the red carpet celebrity type look verse is like a heavy glass I'm I don't know I guess you're teased as changes over time and as I got older I just that's just what I've been liking I've been liking clean skin clean the cymbal I've got a lot to them but still very glamorous on that soft and before a slut like dark heavy eyes and dark like I still like that have to be in the mood for a so it's funny explain how your teens changes in Micah what have you guys been likely come down below like why is your make of sound do you love the heavy clan Khatris smoky eye natural ana no makeup makeup I mean I'm a dip into my hourglass ambient lighting at volume 3 palette this is in my favorites videos month so Izzy Fenty foundation and the Morrissey a lot of my favorites I'm using today Babbitt dip into this first and what I would do is use a combination of these powers to finish the skin so missed out with the finishing powder I love love love finishing powder it just it changes the finish any foundation so you can see it's I mean I'd seen like slate glow it's adding it's not a highlighting her don't confuse it for highlighting powder because if you want that bam highly in your face this is not going to get it to you and then I'm also gonna go in with the browser and see if that over the map bronzer to create all of her clothes and you are you don't wanna play a shimmer bronzer to the house of the cheeks and apply to the apples and see the back it's gonna be sort of like a base for the blush the blush in using the market does another one of my favorites in all the right the flesh and fantasy or flash and then for a highly amusing at the Fenty beauty hello what's highlighter in me money and has led baby I honestly should have included this in my favorites but kind of forgot I just love the whole concept of the lighter shade and then the more intense when because again I feel like my eighteenth the makeup has kind of changed and I like more of that subtle glow but still want some areas to pop you guys are pilot Qasimi me like a woodcut subtle glow you go full intense highlight in every video back in it is like to see like the streak I don't know how to explain it but this is perfect because you can just layers I start with the lighter one and just kinda sleeping over the high points including Babylonian appear and then I take just a pinch of the more intense sign in really only apply to this little pocket right here breath and then if I want to if I feel like I want more of a glow then I'll take my finger tip and apply the more intense one elsewhere as well but just a little less I thought before I would go in with the really intense Haley cow like all over it and now I just use a concentrated amount in those areas and then what I do is again I take that brush and I just went over the entire face to create a really soft airbrushed finish purses seeing the streaks of highlighters combines everything out I don't know my bows off camera within the honest ossia brow ways in soft brown R. A. P. to my do your bow Siler universal brown if finally ran out all 3 of them I had 3 backups and they're all die and if they were about that's all so moving on to the eyes again and apply anything to the ice just yet because I'm using my I need stakes in told as a base so I'm gonna go ahead and apply this all over the lid be very seriously the easiest cream I shows the bland it was a bikini and they look glass ceiling on the late which is why I love them so much and then I'm taking my Linda how burger LH cosmetics fresh to go for it always is when the bunnies out just works really well because it's fluffy but dance and what about this into the trees and while it's still not completely blended out and still wet I'm gonna press on my favorites little do your mono eye shadow that do your a mono eye shadow 658 because the police I'm gonna go ahead and just press the do your shadow on while the new sticks is still way all over the island Nancy brash in who's gonna continue to past this in blending into the cream eyeshadow and then I'm also gonna apply this to the lower lashline putting it back into the shadow of talk and then from here I want to make it a little more smoky so reached into a drawer is back here the polygraph is that the ... marching gods 720 clam bisschen eyeshadow palette also another fee rates tone you guys this video is just full of favorites I'm gonna take this dark brown right here insula smoke up the lashline senior Brian here so lower lashline and outer edge of the upper lashline in weeding out in this direction and I might skip on lashed him not sure so I'm gonna go ahead and tight line with Marc Jacobs headliner in the the lacquer which is a black liner and I'm not gonna do anything to the lower lash line I'm just going to go ahead and apply mascara the and love it nor mascara by Marc Jacobs and then you guys know that filled the lower lashes on the switch over in use the tart with a mascara because every mascara transfers underneath my eyes it's my losses are super long since we go head popped this on to my right and we are back in action now and I just realized I messed up and you use a mess before applying mascara to my lower lashes so who's going to hope for the best and hope that the mascara is a chance for her but now to complete this look I gotta ads and clear brow gel decide on lashes and into the lips so clear about Joe 25 about center by benefit the bets I totally forgot about this high lighter it's called the ballerina it's the same thing as ... guilty honey by Laura Geller but it's a different color this works so well as an interpreter highlight paired with this cool tone I shall look because whatever you do I is if the shadows cool you do of gold in aqua highlight it just throws off the left this originally were awesome to go ahead and just put that on to the inner corners we're gonna try miss myself now we'll see what happens to the lower lashes let's just try and using the above or rose had biscuits coconut water I love this stuff for the nude lip I'm using the l'oreal Paris colour riche and that ... sharpen a ball noises that lip liner in 114 meeting call and for the lift I'm using a combination of hourglasses I lust for you and I wish oops here is the option with the new that let a little more at the time a little more subtle if I want to turn this into a night time look I would end up with the ... black liner in the wireline to get all the way around some idea out a little more that I'm gonna keep it simple and just toss on a darkened with I discovered this one last night and color is just perfection it is the Congress Austria not lipstick in rats it's just such a gorgeous color I love a it's like it's not Burgundy why does yet it's Burgundy it's not super rad or super climb it's just like the perfect Burgundy shade lipstick and a go so well way to fight unions lip pencil in number 44 so I'm gonna go ahead and put that on for love option but that concludes today's media I'm gonna end it now because I'm assuming this video is going to be really lengthy and chatty so yes I don't hear me talk anymore but I hope you enjoyed this video and getting ready with me and I hope to see you guys again at the meet and greet major market calendars and check the description box wrong information and as always like to subscribe to hit that occasion bell and I will see you in my next video bye guys well I think it might be the time //
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#VLOGLIFE No. 1: Behind the scenes, Morning routine, Meeka | Melissa Alatorre
\\good morning to I pressed my little breakfast the little egg muffins the no never he my food what if a supersoft you don't do that as a bad dog things when you do that can shake on it they are back on the path could go we get you get catfish 8 put your best time the little thing on her mouth is on the muzzle I get a lot of questions about that it's a leader so give a dog that's like really hyper like Micah just prevents her from like running ahead of you or just going all sorts of weird directions and then I'll feel a question got hurt in training vests and what she's in training for she's in training for life but I guess it's just another safety precaution isn't in training for anything because this prevents people from getting her all about that because she loves people and it's really excited for it that obviously everyone loves that's that really helps that people ask where they pet her or that their doctrine up on her he gives her a moment to calm down so that answers your questions it is currently around 6570 and I'm gonna get a work out and I know you a lot of questions about my work out since I like posting them on stories and I do have to motivate you back to just get your day started writing your week sort of right ... Susan some a little bit of my workout today nothing Creevey because Khan I worked out together so he doesn't want to fill me while he's trained ritual as well it kinda complicates workouts but ... yams and is moving in real quick I think chairman to be doing and science and a little bit short notice and I do have a workout split which again I can get into in another here because one to know and yeah good morning start it but the yeah we leann I yeah you you I I we but I but it's this I I I his love Jimmy he like you I was planning on showing you guys how I get Jim E. get so I'm gonna do that for you to and then filling other videos since you leave town ro and so that the yeah it was a back you know you so I was filming my first video the daily get ready with me as you I saw and I'm moving on to the eyes of the look I was doing and moving on to the eyes and I look up MA mikes are dead both I use a level here Mike so there's one attached to me and want to touch the camera and I look up and they have 0 battery so much okay maybe I didn't lose that much footage so I click back to review my foot age and there's like the re 4 clips with the no audio and I had already done like 3 different parts may face so ... I decided to give up on that video take a little break la Brea there I and I might have some lunch right now shake it off and then film it might be rich video and then if I'm still up for after wearing them in a wash this makeup off and try and do it again in the get ready with me ... but this I believe it's the back fence and we do tomorrow and I want to go maybe is it done it and or filmed early on in the days I can also add a little bit had tonight ... it's okay I think Colin I answered meditating so I'm feeling varies and I feel like I can I still make today have been so yam have some lunch and then get back to filming a he's not a super comfy pillow few short doing on cue video number 2 on maybe if you had 5 yes he must surely pose sorry 7 alright so I finished my parents video washing makeup off I do it all over again it is earned 4:00 PM let's see how long it takes me to film is usually it's like the taking the photos other make up after reading in the park shots that he can for ever but see well I just tried to hit that occasion well and I will see you in my next video bye guys well we made it you guys I was able to film might 2 videos today anything that's gonna happen while looking lady here come on she looks really good ... is so yeah I just filmed this get ready with me but now I have to pack for tomorrow which should be really easy because it's just 2004 hours if I pack more than just a carry on someone cleave flat me it should not be more than a carry on and then I'm gonna go ahead and pack next and review the spinach and hope that it makes it tough with him so we're going to do that it's I fame . the you alright I think we're ready for this right to NYC and about this guy them you not coming with south you know priorities before getting on the flight to see downloading my entire lady Gaga playlists lessening listen to well it's done laws go but the I'm friends with the F. members whether he's answering often to be really quiet so in the meantime the Marilyn can get my makeup done by the lovely artistry here so why don't we yeah well those are dangerous look good here yes I know something funny we live in the same building an alley we never see each other there were 3 little I just finished with look one which is kinda like my go to messy beach ways and moving on to look to you and a look number 3 I don't even think I should you guys look numbers here but look number 3 very flicks back her age Coney is that basically what we like alright that is a wrap on today and we're looking at your tie we're hungry we want so he's not New York to catch a flight guarantee with his recordings thank you guys thing yeah so much everything who are ready very and remember to video don't think I'm I was easy now then it was like a little Sam Aaron Philip on that found a you're there for a minute should you even if it was and it says that lip balm I'm going to use Interbay Monday with Claire and and very subtle she gazed they it was getting late again ago okay so this is the lip balm that they give me on Air France the give you a little sample paranoid since for me to find it everything home this is it the moisture replenishing with bomb rose what it's even better than I remember it should be out in public right now they he mmhm he convert anything I hi all my bed so glad I'm home high you can just handle being with that and we better we you have been home to use it I would you eat Burger King a rag and back from the gym I just look at my hair I use these 2 parts for the first time ever and my hair feels really really nice of say about it ... these are the reader has on its own color read or a singer Rita Hassan step one step 2 weekly Remini and you put your hair after shampooing immediately went out and the disappointments of 2 words out me here just feels incredible feel so soft so just had to be given permission ... but the reason I'm about me now is because we're about to do an unboxing them into a story that I was a little behind the scenes I do my unboxing them about them because as you can see I have a little bit of a faux marble on the bathroom wall as well as on the floor which gives a really nice aesthetic and that this is my pile that has accumulated from the week I have ... a lot to go through so I'm a little bit or nnst my camera's battery died about half way through it so you seem to see the things that we use some stories when I was doing it then thanks really shocked but I said to say really quick that when there is every time I do a massive unboxing like this it just overwhelms me with ... happiness and CC so grateful because a little over 2 years ago when I was a freelance ain't working at Norwich ringing counters ... no way could ever for this much make up and it's just crazy to me that you can build your own career really off of tools that are free to everyone so I highly encourage you guys if you are currently struggling or are working in the that is creative like make up nails hair ... anything really and you have these tools available to you you you too can make a career for yourself I highly encourage you guys even slightly thinking about a or you've been ... doubting it just go for it do it I left me with the camera but I swear encourage you guys to go out there and pursue whatever it is that you are passionate about so yeah I hope I'm thanks for you today yeah I hope you are enjoying this is what I don't even know where I'm at in this blog or something illegal at now it's time for you to clean up this matter to be as it is E. disaster so let do this unclean so I thought I was done with my unboxing yesterday and then surprise all these commitments so and today is Saturday it is around 10 is it 4:00 I'm editing my blog for tomorrow then I'm gonna edit my get ready in the video that you guys can saw a sneak peek of the make a plug in my favorites video and yeah I like when it comes to making those and wearing a hat members I hate the way I look in part I hate I dislike any resort Hey I try not to I dislike the way I look in and baseball caps but different going on me nothing but I think I'm gonna end of this week the blog here and start off fresh tomorrow with another blog going to send to pay so I will see you guys tomorrow can embark sees see you later alligator Miguel you I think by children //
"2017-10-05 13:13:46"
Monthly Favorites: August and September | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back I cannot believe it's RD October and that 2 months have already flown by since my last favorites video and sit on our team is going but I have decorated with this little guy back here my little sugar school succulent so I'm getting in the mood for Halloween I really don't know what I'm doing for my tutorial this year I'm kinda sounds so if you can help me out coming down below on anything too as the as want to see ... I do have a get ready with me video coming up ... with this make up like talking to you guys a little more in detail on what I have going on this month and why I feel kind of like stuck with how we did Doyle's but we'll get into that later like I mentioned in today's video is going to be another favorites and I really do like the fact that I tend to wait 2 months before doing a favorites video because it makes it easier to pick up products because I think about it I'm like okay what have you been using consistently for the past 2 months and I'm like boom boom boom boom boom and other times I got products that were already in a previous favorites video and an even realize it because I just love it that much for example I grabbed these 2 today I was thinking I was gonna go them into the video but they were in my last name it's video in that is at the Maybelline a master come highlighter and Smashbox photo finish primer is there so love these even more because of the dominion and the body been featured in a video so yeah he has adjusted and want to see what some of my current favorites I just keep on watching I wanna start by talking about the lipstick I currently have on my lips when it comes to a nude lipstick I'm very very picky one because of the color has to be perfect my skin tone and the color likes to turn every new lipstick very brassy and orange and it's not very flattering and to a new look for me has to have some sort of Sheena to a a gloss as long as it's not not for me a nude not lipstick just doesn't work I don't know there's something about not nudes that I don't like on myself I thought they looked very drying and they make me look look even smaller than they already are aware as Amy science glossy if she knew lipstick makes my and natural lips look plumper self my first favorite would be in these hourglass technical secret weapon lipsticks were they called these are the confession it refillable lipsticks by hourglass so the point of these lipsticks is disposed of by these little refills and insert them into this packaging and then you get the S. and I just think they have the best selection of news and the perfect finish this is with the lipstick looks like after being on my lips for about 20 minutes or so and without a gloss a did use a lip liner which I will get into a debate because it is on my list of favorites as well but I love that it's not overly glossy it's not not I believe they're labeled as a sound lipstick but to me they're just like the perfect finish for a nude lipstick and the colors are mean thing so I'm gonna go ahead and swatch a few or all of the new look stakes in this range and some are a little deeper and then your typical new nude lipstick and I also just love how small they are I mean the price point could be less if you're just buying the refills it's gonna be cheaper but if you buy the refill and to the packaging it can get pricey and it's a really tiny tiny look stack of by doesn't stop me from putting on my list of favorites okay up next they wouldn't be a Melissa favorites video without some market beauty I don't know what it is about this brand at the center they just come out with is incredible all the quality the packaging everything about the brand is just beautiful so the first item or the first 2 items are these market dubs people get colonies the editorial pallets on the back it says I Connick once I finish I pally I don't see anywhere where it's called a jittery all our editorial palette nas and but the 2 have sex with our 740 scandal last and it's 720 glam bashing I've only been traveling with these it because ... lead lead that should have been going on for example my friend's wedding this past weekend ... it's all been very and neutral ... bronzy or neutral warm ... shimmery type a luxe and very simple Ambika also though really dramatic with these so this is scandal less looks like this I used this shadow to death I use it all the time I think I used in my ... transition into fall make up to 12 only get appear for you guys you can check it out just beautiful beautiful color is this one also is just like an amazing I live color so beautiful and then the other 1 is 720 clinician so I tend to use this 1 I use them together ... bit for the most part I think I can do an entire look with 1 or the other but this 1 has your deeper brown and your black shadows you can go even more dramatic with this palette just absolutely love these and also the packaging how small and slender they are make them perfect for troubling the other Marc Jacobs product I want to mention a which I've been using in my videos non stop and I need to replenish it because I think it is addicts handed this is the velvet knew our our new wire velvet now velvet knew our major volume mascara you guys are familiar with this because again I use and all of my videos I don't know man I've had this for a long time in just how I've been using it and then 1 day I just decided to use and I was like well this mascara is amazing I cannot use on my lower lashes though any time is on my lower lashes I regret it because it does transfer back on your upper lashes this is incredible I should have gone into this item next after the lipsticks but then just completely forgot and Jim took it does but I have been loving this a l'oreal Paris colour riche mats sharpen noble lip liner sentencing read the names and I'm like what that's what it's called because I just like love and reach for it but don't actually know the name of the product and this is in the color 114 maps in call it is such a lovely formulates a very creamy it goes on the lips and very easily and the sheet of nude I mean who who it is such a good new lip when I look at that call Larry I love it it's like a neutral Toby peeing not too warm I don't think it's warm at all but I mean incredible the best one of the best nude lip liner is I have come across in awhile so one more high end products and I promise it's going to go down in price range from there I think this product is in the hourglass ambient lighting edit volume at 3 palette the reason all this poly is because I already used all the powders in here individually and our glasses put them all into one palette which makes it so easy for traveling because I only bring this one how it ... verse is bringing all of these powders individually which let me just pull out one of the full size counters you can see the difference or how much space you say if this is the palette rainy and this is one of the ambient lighting bouncers look how giant the browser is save us so much space and and the ambient lighting bronzer I always use it is the one that's in here which is luminous bands like I always is finishing powder I alternate between his 2 blushes I love using this highlighter the only one I don't tend to use a law is this one and they don't want to give it a try because I love the finishing powder is the just change on the look of your foundation to something a little more soft and radiant ... be out love this palette just for the fact that I actually use every single powder in here and it makes my life so much easier being able to describe this one Palais and go this next fight is and not in the makeup category bags I was super impressed because I have a really dry hands especially really dry cuticles so my hands can look pretty beat up really easily I think it's ... the brush cleaner that won the house like alcohol in it for a quick clean that really dries out my hands and I also wash my hands a lot also because I'm constantly doing make up bites I've always disliked using hand moisturizer is unless it is going to bed because they always feels so greasy and they leave greasy fingerprints all over everything they feel greasy when you touch your face so because that my hands are always super dry something only applying moisturizer or hand cream in the evening bats Palmer is came out with this coconut oil formula cooking oil hand cream and this goes for their entire ... range of body products at it from the coconut oil range it absorbs it really quickly it's super hydrating really thick really rich let me just like sports enough for you guys you can see because it's a really ... book it's a really thick and creamy but it absorbs the so quickly it's like if I feel like a dry oil it doesn't leave a greasy oily residue on your hands so is the only moisturizer that I've been able to use ... throughout the date on which raise my hands I keep it also on the make up table because I'll never ending like product shots I try as best they can tell how my hands my nails look nice even though that doesn't always happen but I mean this is an incredibly sizer it smells so good it's made with coconut oil Manoa oil which it always reminds me of that oil that nice to carry which was so pricey so I love that I can get my men oil in an affordable option I have this one here at log has what I'm gonna lead into this next but the last one in here is sweet almond oil so this is an incredible moisturizer if you feel the same way about hand creams like I do that you hear how greasy they feel tries one out because it is a problem and but the other part going to mention is in the coconut oil body oil and again going back to the nars Montoya oil that one is so luxurious I absolutely love it buy it for me I don't know there's certain things I don't mind spending money on and then there's other items and I'm like how it hurts to spend that much money on a body oil so that Mars oil being one of them say love it so much but it's such a luxury that this hurts every time is the money on it from like you really need family can yes you can do it so I love that Palmer's came out with this coconut oil body oil and again coconut oil no oil and a sweet almond oil are the 3 main ingredients and its just so luxurious it smells incredible it just as luxurious as the north when oil oil by at house or even a glass of the cost so I love that ... homers that this I am partner in with them on a series of things later this month which I will get into in the I get ready with me video for this make a block and that's just been overall really impressive their stuff so I'm excited about our partnership and I can't wait to share more about it with you that is now even though I know these 2 parts are fairly new they have completely won me over thank the beauty of the prophetic foundation and the ways of called last month the club last month universal glass bongs I am a days off when I'm not wearing make up or even when I'm wearing a very minimal luck I always tosses gloss on in you guys always ask me on is the story of Snapchat what I have on my lips usually less the cost is just incredible it smells delicious the texture everything about it is just amazing and the pro voucher foundation I love the wearability on it I've been mixing it with the ... Smashbox Pam riser and also I'm a bit mixing it with the Larmer CA radiance primer which is also my favorite songs and talk about it right now and the mixing it with this because it gives me an all over ... later coverage and dewy finish verses of the more medium it to full not coverage that you get with this foundation alone so I love mixing it with primaries I love even just tossing in a pinch of this with another foundation to make the where ability of it ... last a little longer and yeah these 2 men to be dis I absolutely love I think are worth checking out since the brand is really new and I really hyped right now these 2 products are definitely worth checking and the last thing on my list of favorites is actually a hair products I have so many hair products but I I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to hair and I'll keep using the same items even when I try new staff is just whether or not I'll continue to use the new items when I'm so used to my go to items for my hair routine so those new products really won me over I really really love it I'm really picky also about dry shampoos because I hear so dark that allow them to my hair gray and also my hair is naturally really really dry I don't do anything to a it's just that's the hair type I have course Dr textured hair salon of dry shampoos can easily dry my hair out even more but not this one it's of the bumble and bumble Prada powder tres Indy's only I'm just going to each of the same it's at their new and dry shampoo it looks like they say it's a UV protective at 211 is thou extender to cleanse and lightly value wise from the roots to the ends and it's for normal to oily hair so the reason I've been letting this is because it feels really refreshing on the scalp I don't know what's in it but it just feels like it always has a gun it almost has like a cooling effect when it hits the scalp it doesn't turn my hair gray and my hair doesn't feel dry afterwards is really shocking because man like I love the Batiste but he say Batiste dry shampoo I love that stuff it works wonders back my hair will feel extractors it'll feel clean barrel feel dry this one is just perfect it cleans my hair up and doesn't leave it feeling dry cell love this stuff ... will definitely replenish I know this is a pretty pricey item to have to replenish often by if it saves me time having to wash my hair and down and that is it for my list of favorites for the month of August and September it sounds so crazy even saying August and September I don't even know where those months lance mind blown crazy but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed these items let me know of anything collier I as always coming down below on what your current favorites are or if you recommend anything based off what I show today that you think I check out let me know because I love hearing you guys recommendations and yet as always like share subscribe hit on occasion bell and I will see you in my next video bye guys //
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Smoky Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys a welcome packet today I am creating a look inspired by my fever make up artists hung then go if you've been around for awhile and you've seen a few maybe vios it you know that he is my favorite makeup artists he works on the most beautiful faces like Selena Gomez and we write a callous ski basically a Victoria's secret model T. Perry anyone beautiful you can think of and actually all the let's see you guys send me are his at lax and what's funny is that they're all pretty similar mine is a change in the color because he's really good at elongating that ice cream this really nice ... cat eye in just I don't know he has this this thing too is make up he just makes people look at their already beautiful you make some 10 times more beautiful and so you recently did a series of looks for love magazine which I'm still not sure what exactly love magazine is but seems like everyone's doing it and he's doing the make up so what I did is pull all those books together and create this lot using the same technique so if you're interested I want to see how I create it just keep on watching I'm going to attempt to speak a lot slower in this video I know I can talk really fast I get carried away this is the only time I wish I had ask you to fill me because they would tell me slowdown speedy Gonzales by its just me so I don't realize I'm doing it by I'm gonna try and slow down to a so I was I putting my eyes it with the urban decay eyeshadow primer potion the original formula who's gonna go ahead and set that across the entire late and then I'm gonna apply whatever foundation I would be wearing on the skin over the eyes as well this makes blending and applying foundation after shuttle a lot easier today I'm using the essential beauty foundation in shade to 90 thank you plenty proposing under is the ground I feel like I have made in life when we read closely on her Instagram wall how exciting it and it was no use of this I mix it with a lighter shade but when I highlight this sheet alone works however for today's video I am going to share it out so and mixing it with my Larmer CA foundation a primary in radiance so I wanna share out the part the little bit make it more of a tinted moisturizer somebody mix these to you on a little pally and go ahead and apply it to my eyelids see how it matches really well I don't know why in that video I was scared to use it looked really dark and I don't even have my self Tanner on anymore so not to fail but also not super tense moment and then I'm gonna settle the problem down to the crease with the lumber CA translucent setting powder I'm gonna be using this in you color pop I think I love you pele has all the basic essentials you can need to treat the slut so I'm gonna start by using this shadow right here sliced without a corner and I blend in and just really buff it out and also make sure you wean the shadow out in this direction to create that kind I 4 start forming the shape for the cat now Mr billing the window with it this pencil eyeliner by Mao it's the all day every day not eyeliner in the sheet Columbia and any chocolatey brown liner will do for this just make sure it's a really creamy easy to bland pencil eyeliner slow just concentrate in this area and I'm taking a Smith to all 5 increase in the wing I also don't wanna brings later in all the way I wanna keep it around half way ... through the I and I also don't like the wings or make that we not long celebs and keep it right here the OBD cat I and it's okay if the when is it coming out perfect like mine is it's kinda looking kinda sad because our slogan is sharply up wave ... foundation concealer or any complaint whatever your preference and those other cleanups adoring about being perfect just yet and then from here I'm picking up this darker shade of brown down here in the corner and apply it right on top of that pencil eyeliner and smoke it out a little more and then again going back to the palate with that Ingalls Alana brash and picking up some of this black shadow in a press that really close to the lashline to again does it even up the color him further I find that we and then again I picked up somewhere that brown shadow and the first brush in just smudging this out and then I'm taking a fingertip and just putting out the edges remember there's no shot on the late it's just the foundation in primer so it creates a really nice some my G. later and then I'm getting that first blending brush and just buffing out the entire I including that liner and then from him is adding more black shadow to define the winning but then also the thing it out until I get the desired finish them looking for I want something that looks like a cat I but Smokey and more on the softer side not so define and then once I got me where I want to be I'm gonna go in with that foundation mixture any concealer brush and just clean up the edge you can use a make up wipe I just prefer my foundation for this that now that both eyes are done I feel like this look could use a little something Morris so I'm gonna go in where is this shadow up top it's like a cool toned bronzy Toby color I picked up my fingertip and just press it onto that area has no eye shadow on it so ray here and it'll still keep that smoky Catholic but now we have a little bit of humor on the lid if I that's of the slick with miss and I know that I say don't look super exciting right now by it's all gonna be about that lower lashline in creating a thick smoky when that connects from the lower lashline going at so it's going to get more exciting don't you worry for now to work on the skin and I'm gonna play that same mixture they start off with on the eyes these 20 BT foundation the pro filter foundation in shade to 90 and the lower receiver and Asian primary in a radiance more primary at less foundation I want more of a sheer finish and then I'll go back in and Spock correct any areas that need additional coverage through to go ahead and make these 2 I pally and then applied to the skin with my fingertips and the blunt about this but I go in unspoken still now with the lumber seasick a camouflage and I'm gonna further cover up my sunspots in me beef I think everything else is pretty good because I'm so gonna highlighting concealed on the side of the face ... which then add a little more coverage so I pick up a little more of this or in shade just to conceal incorrect the blood out and then of course I'm using it towards the shape tape in shade lights medium it to consume high I always to supply a little under my eyes and then as a budding out all apply it to the center the for a bridge of the nose keep beau and chan and again to set everything I'm using my long received as a powder and a poof a lot of you guys keep asking about this so this is the L. H. cosmetics proof it's by Linda how breaks and yeah that's what it is so go ahead and use the proof is that my entire face and then the sponge to press the powder into areas like these sneeze the poop today let's see if that works I always creased but with the Turks shipped about increases much so hopefully me pressing and with just the poof will work well fear I might regret this later I'm not about to lies in just a moment but first I'm gonna bronze and I do that using the make up forever programs fusion in shade 20 and and then for the side Leno's I've been liking this other harder by make a fiver this later one Isola more forgiving on the sides of the nose and I easily get carried away some of the head and dust onto the science okay now we're really gonna make the lower lashline pop I'm gonna start by going in with this brown shadow first and applying it to the lower lashline then I'm having that angled liner brush and going in with the black shadow really close slash lining again connecting it with that wing on top so don't worry focusing right now we saw the bland I was one connect the lower black shadows to the black shadow appear and you also don't want eggs black eye shadow only in you want to stop right about here and then after that wasn't planned out this shadow so I just kind of buffer on the entire edge of this shadow and then I'm also gonna go in the water line both upper and lower with a black liner this is another 1 by mouths of the all the everyday eyeliners this 1 is called 1987 I don't want a full set of strip Washington a long time but I think today's the day I'm using I believe these are called wispy sweet nothings up the first minute plight my Marc Jacobs of the norm Askia alright here is what it looks like with the lashes on in now the liner sort of blends in with the lashes he creates a really nice Selena Gomez so I think the last to dry and from a browser with the dealer across and they're in universal brown shocker I'm gonna go ahead and white this away I know we don't it's that that long I usually apply it to get off right away but since I had to go back to the eyes of like resources there for a bit I may use at this hour glass ambient lighting and it's volume 3 pallets to complete the rest in my face starting off with a the finishing powder I'm gonna go ahead and just this week that across interface finishing cutters just add or the change the finishing your foundation right now I'm looking pretty masked and this gonna add a nice subtle glow across interface very red carpet I'm also use a browser on this palette it is the luminous bronze light I also have this in the full size I love the everything I use is in this palette and to see that over the bronzer I already applied just to create more of a glow since the other browser was Matt and for blush I may use that purple one in the middle which is the what's called so real halo clash look too much on this site that's why I always keep this brush in hand to just blended outfits can too intense and now I'm gonna miss myself notice I didn't apply mascara to lower lashes because if I apply mascara to my lower lashes and miss myself it always transfer than any of my eye ... so I'm gonna miss myself and then add highlighter on the use ... this one from the pallet as well in that atmosphere to a lower lashes and for I miss today I'm using the hang over our exit 3 in one prime is set and refresh great way to face and then once the skin is almost I'm in a pop this on to points of and then I always stick my finger tip for these smaller areas just not get carried away when though I always get carried away with senator they do it from there but again if anything's ever looking to sharper and blended ... you can always take a blending brush I recommend something like this or a large fluffy brush like this one to just lightly buff across interface so everything looks I'm really soft and blended and not ... harsh and a matching a pub the little bit of this highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes as well and then one more time I'm gonna miss myself just to melt that highlighter to the skin and then at some clear brow gel or mascara and then move on to the length I'm using the benefit 24 hour about center 27 0 links and for the lip I wanted something that was like a relief deep ragged like a crimson red that was almost plummet not plan using Smashbox is always on liquid that stake in misconduct paired with IPV lip pencil number 84 alright you guys that wraps up today's video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learn some new techniques maybe next time you run across easily the Gomez luck or a look by hung mango he sees the make a right you guys have to follow any posts ... all his looks on his Instagram but hopefully next time you see one of his looks you'll be able to references video and recreate it so I hope you guys enjoyed it as always lectures subscribe identification bell and I will see an extra hit by guys //
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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty (DRUGSTORE) | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back if you're my channel welcome and thank you for joining the family and I think all of us can agree that these days where constantly being bombarded with new make up every day every hour every minute every second it can get really overwhelming especially if you're new to make up your beginner and you don't know which items you actually need in her makeup kit so I came up with the brilliant idea I mean not not sure how brilliant it is but I thought for today's video I would share I thought today's media I would share what I consider to be my 9 essential beauty products to enhance your natural beauty isn't gonna be anything super glam or dramatic or complicated we're just gonna focus on enhancing our natural beauty that is already there and I also decided to make everything drugstore in affordable because we also don't break the bank when trying to look beautiful city has ages they don't see what my 9 essential products are keep on watching first things first you want to figure out your base so what do you feel most comfortable in is a a like coverage foundation media coverage full coverage maybe just a little bit of concealer maybe it's and no foundation or no skin products out all it's really up to you for me I love spot concealing but it can take a little extra time in a little more technique so I would be the quickest and easiest way to improve the look of your skin is to just use a foundation because it's quick and easy you can apply all over and you can you really quick with a any can also be again attitude which razor BB cream CC cream foundation it's your choice today I would be using a foundation and I have been loving this cover girl by list healthy elixir foundation this one is too dark for me and then the other shit I have is to light ... so forgive me because I do one because all drugs are bad I need something to lighten this foundation some to be using a little bit of the off the foundation in shade to 13 to turn this down but the finish alone on this is pretty full coverage it's really radiant and do we and I don't think it's an affect the look of this some going to make these 2 and that is step one just figure out what beast you feel the most comfortable and you guys also may have noticed that I didn't go into the primer or I don't consider that to be a necessity are essential to just enhance your natural beauty I think a primer is necessary if you have enlarged pores or live text you need a correct that before foundation but for the most part I feel like a foundation or a good skincare routine a great moisturizer and a good foundation should do the trick and also setting with powder which I will get to in a bit and I mean come on for a moment that people were using the navy ... men's like shaving bomb as a primary so I you can always ... use of the product doesn't have to be a primary which is why did include that in my essential items next up would be concealer and specifically and under eye concealer because again if you have a good foundation with a good coverage you can always apply a little more to those problem areas you don't necessarily need a face concealer in and I can see are but I think and under eye concealer is definitely an essential because we can all use a little help just bringing the eyes begin to look more awake so I really like the salmon peach attorney concealer just apply to the inner corners I'm gonna be using at this went wild photo focus concealer in the shade medium peach reminds me a lot of noises honey radiant creamy concealer and I'm only gonna play this to this in a corner and I also play my foundation to my eyelids because that is going to be my primary for whatever idolize you can also drag this concealer under the lives of yup discoloration on your eyelids as well but see how much brighter that looks just back concealer that's all you need up next is powder and I prefer a loose powder because it really helps with Christina helps lock my make up in all day which again is why as I carried a primer if I have my setting powder my make up well last and I can always touch up with as well and again this is a drug store but the RC any powder is a 3 ounces and around $10 where as many other potters are one ounce and around the same price ... from the drug store maybe like a little bit less they get a lot more for your money with this powder I'm gonna use this across interface and I'm really gonna pack it on to the areas like he's like underneath my eyes and around the nose and then I'm using a proof this one is by LH cosmetics and a press it everywhere else the next essential would be 8 bronzer one has a little bit of wants to it by is mainly Toby so that you can also contour and she'd the face with that as well I love the butter bronzer this make the rate drugstore brands are out there I'm in the reason I consider bronzer to be an essential is because they can do so much it defines it and sheep that your bone structure ads warmth if your faces looking flat in pale because if you're looking at me right now I look really fly in non dimensional what so ever them 3 days had a pipe bombs are just to enhance your natural beauty and I'm gonna start by applying it to the house on my cheek so but because I'm not gonna be using a blush I don't consider blush to be an essential you're also gonna sleep this onto the Appalachians and bring it back you can see my some spots are still showing and I'm totally cool with that for an every day luck that is just me but little bit better I'm looking at my sunspots showing this is not meant to be a fully glammed dramatic look it's just meant to be pretty the forehead is the next and it really depends on your specific for had given how far had you might not need that much if it's whiter maybe you need more on the temples for me I can go all the way around create like a little bronzer rainbow and the jaw line to financially and them to switch over to a smaller brush and also by the bronzer to the sides of the nose and also the crease of the eye in the lower lash line metric also I'd a little underneath the lid to make it appear fuller is if you really want outside not to look again to preaching city missed is next on my list of essentials your poly wondering why a setting Mrs that really required for me it is because it it just changes the look of your make up if you're looking powdery if it's working have the kinky dry a setting master hydrating mess will change all that a mouse that down the make up and makes it look like skin makes it look fresh you can use a duck the data refresh silicon in make up and it doesn't have to be a setting mess they can also be a hydrating mess so having missed won't necessarily prolonged that where you make up but it will all still melted into your skin to make it look really and nice and fresh an example that would be this rose water and glycerine scrape of this up at urban outfitters I was just browsing through the makefile as I always do and I ran across this and I really love this stuff smells really good and then the setting is that I really love in the drug store is the photo focus the settings for a buy one and while that's only $5 I believe at target or any drug store and he just works really well and I live with my skin like this next one is kind of up to you guys whether you feel like it's an essential or just an added item for me I consider a highlighter to be an essential because I live for DUI skin just adding a pop of highlighter to the high point of the cheeks and on the side of the late into harm's eyes it completely changes the luck and so maybe using me when the master chrome and the best drugs are highlighter out there it is incredible if you guys run across it Richard grabbed one and I use a small brush to just apply and let him go too crazy with them trying to keep it still pretty natural if I'm gonna go ahead and just took them to the high points brother center the live both Robert Brown no one 's smidge just assume management of the nose give it a go and a little bit on the chain ... in also the inner corners of the I now it's a lot of the browser and it is another category that it's really up to you but I think filling in your browser just doing your browser is an essential part of the beauty routine unless you're to have perfect brows I know some of you will be like you would have preferred browser browser really full but they can always a little bit of help the kind I tend to have my mother owning all over the place so I always use a brow gel clear or with color and to make them look a little more full and defined and hold them lock them in place all day because of not looking as a mere half way through the day and once like going out the window I don't know if they have a mind of their own they really deal so it's up to you and media more sparse brows maybe like a palm 8 if you have really thick present me just like a clear brow gel or you like a pencil it's really up to you but I think just and filling your brows is a tad bit maybe on the arch and can really change your appearance if you've ever done just one eyebrow in the views of the Mary it's interesting how once I kinda just looks lifted so for me today I'm gonna be using the Maybelline brow precise fiber volumizing is my theory about gel on for a quick on the go luck it so that my brows any spice areas and it also locks may present place so I'm gonna go ahead and sleep this product you my brow hairs so as I'm applying this brown gel I'm brushing the bow has up especially at the arch to just give them more that defined let typically I would Philomene right here and the tail that hill wasn't a little bit health but again we're not trying to be perfectly Kelantan or just trying to enhance its opportunity mascara an obvious essential up I don't know any girl that can't live without mascara I think that I it just opens up your eyes in a even if you just lately sleep it is I have to be an extreme Ezquerra I love big shot this is the big shot and X. Sheila mascara in I believe it's called baddest black and it's darker than the normal a big shot but mascara just over that that I use it just means well pretty so I'm gonna go ahead and apply this to my upper and lower lashes he is a little a foreign after for you guys and finally the last item on my list of essentials is a lip color either in closets or a lipstick preferably something that I is more so hydrating like a bomb so lip color that will enhance your natural lip so as of them in this video I just filmed my Riana or Fenty review which should be up already and she came out with a universal gloss bomb in her collection and her lip gloss does exactly that I'm not in use it today because I'm keeping it affordable and drug store I'm so 7 to be using this a vivid hot lacquer by Maybelline in the sheet unreal also this is a full coverage lip gloss she this is a full coverage lip gloss so the color really does show he doesn't answer your natural lips ... another optional pride is not a saline essential is a lip liner for me right now you can't tell because I foundation around the rim of my mouth but I have a little discoloration on around the edge in my lower lip I think it's sunspots I'm not sure so usually use a lip liner that is as close to me look color as possible or just the new to even out my lips so I'm gonna do that today but again this is not an essential that lip color is the lip liner is coming out on ... for can be your essential all in 1 color I'm using this Lori L. coloration that lip liner initiate a 1:14 am meeting called Max in call and again this is unreal they've hot lacquer by Maybelline and they guys have it those are my 90 give or take a little depending on what you personally want to use their my 9 items that I consider to be essentials to enhance your natural beauty and this to me would be an everyday luck and it's appropriate for school work and just anytime when you just want to feel like yourself but loomer beautiful so I hope this video was helpful to you guys let me know you enjoyed it and as always alike should subscribe and I within the next one bye guys //
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\\it rained today so you know what that means winter is coming welcome back you guys I'm getting ahead of myself it's not winter but because it's raining I deleted sweater weather even though I'm in a sports bra and it's Hon sunny again regardless the rain inspired me to create my first of all make a block of the season and I also we're all completely drug story prerace request I was really inspired by this look picture taught it on and we went because the other day it's always my for doesn't really translate well on screen ... opened up right here I drew inspiration from this photo so you guys are interested and want to see how I could the slut keep watching I'm gonna be using the Maybelline at Sheila palette today's Susie's so exciting this is an incredible clad it's tag cloud goals I miss our fight penny my eyelids with the butt of focus I had a primer by went wild and then I was in a pilot and my foundation to the like around the ice that we wanna do my eyeshadow and then go back in with foundation I want to ruin the eye shadow out of using the cover girl by the least healthy elixir foundation I use this in another video I don't know happen in my later she needs this one 's too dark for me as a forgive me and mixing it with a non and drugs are foundation but this foundation just works really well with this one to light it up in not really change the finish it's amazing Michael Indo aka foundation which is extremely expensive not drugstore at all let me go ahead and make these together to just lie in the cover girl foundation so I'm getting the foundation and just applying it over the eyes all over the eyes I wasn't doing an adequate bends and it'll over and then I'm taking an old favorite of mine the Maybelline shine free loose powder and like this one over the newer ones I just feel like it reminds me of the law received tons of powders only uses to just dust it onto the brow bone and outer edges to make one thing a lot easier and the first color I mean even the palette is this brownish purple she wasn't really pack on to the lead so all they do is pack this color on to the lead and once I look at mount color on the lid and restore funding up to the creases in the same brush and if I need to also jovial cleanly just make funding easier fix my camera things again I think you can see better now I think before it was too bright it was washing everything out so hopefully now you can see the eye shadow so all I did was just relieved buff this out and they're from here there is also a nude blonde colored I don't hear you can use this to further pointed out that I don't like the way this is looking some reason to keep busting out the outer edges on with that clean running brash and a little more of that Maybelline translucent powder it's definitely looking more plan which is what I expected and but still gonna try and create a similar look to Emily Ratajkowski celeb photo that Patrick taunted and then I'm gonna go in with this black shadow and apply it really close to the lashline upper and lower to create more of that smoky affect and to Buck up the edges of action of pickups more that brown shadow and left them on top and then just reapply summer black but just go back and forth between the brown eyes and black eye shadow to get the desired smoking is level on the lash line I'm gonna give this moisturizer tribe had it for awhile but I haven't used it this is the going a skin active that moisture vomit with the sunscreen it's an anti oxidants super moisturizer okay now owner this one for sure has a fragrance in a in like a room and a really strong one well I regret though not my skin okay it's too late now to use it anyway but own man the fragrance in this is so strong nica burns to I like this moisturizer off because it is actually burning my skin at the moment up probably because I just wiped my skin to without combat us any moment instead of using this Neutrogena hydra boosted joking I think exists on before it's a for extra dry skin and hi performance enhancement go ahead apply this all over for foundation began mixing the cover girl by list healthy elixir and the awful foundation just to turn on the color I know that this comes in my shade I just I don't know what happened the lighter color that I had so little head into my knees to apply it to the skin with a sponge so I combined the 2 it looks like that nice olive tone and I have put my fingers just a little bit first so don't waste any product in a split up the sponge pretty sure the cover girl foundation also has a strong fragrance bits typically the moisturizer like the skin care that would really affect my skin foundations never really burned me Skinner feel irritating if always a skin care eye creams serums moisturizers I'm gonna use a small amount of the what a focus concealer by went wild in the shade medium peach just to right in this in a corner for that I and then to conceal highlight the side of the face I'm using the Malani retouch plus a race light lifting concealer and using she'd at medium so so my concealer broke it use how this'll spines that you could easily just apply it directly from the product and excited dispense little on my palette if you're wondering when the plane with the British and then again I'm gonna go in with the Maybelline shine free a loose powder to set everything in place specially and I said they don't crease and then on there is the face of using a little poof he's improved just uses less power when I raise a sponge I feel like I'm packing on power to the face and a fresh just doesn't really present in approved just it works wonders now to bronze everything up I'm using the a better browser by physicians formula this is shade bronzer I'm sure that I'm pretty positive is another color this is called from there so I'm just warming the skin that because as always I'm looking pale after powder sponsor is still essential year round not just during summer it just as definition ones at the skin it was good how brown threaten and since we're going super glam today let's also for their chiseled cheek so again the translucent powder and the sponge they used up all my foundation to take that and just cry about the cheese use the edge of the map as a guideline so I go that way and then I bring it back and while we let that set for bay I'm gonna go ahead and a little bronzer the side windows I'm also to carve out the notes because I went a little too crazy with the bronze are there so sending again with as these as the cheeks under the nose bags into smaller brash song to sing that powder and claiming it along the side of the net if you ever try to come to your nose powder or advance during its making your nose look wider like yes I went too far how just do this trick with the powder initiative the problem who's been my go to blending brush this one and the one by japonesa hope nest thank you guys for correcting me on the US video I'm these 2 great is really the sheep they were the same both equally watching this they're both pretty similar it's like shape it worked really well I get was a mess of this rose water glistens pray because I was feeling more powder in the normal and I wanted you guys to see what the makeup looks like when it didn't look so powdery normally I would weep because a soft at other power products but you can help myself but ... and even go back and finish the eyes now so that the skin can dialogue once are adding powder on top of this right now so let's go on to the I've finished I've little actually can be super easy is a repeat the same ... colors the Browns head on the block shouts the lower lash line is starting off with the brown one I would like to start by pressing it in the first to reduce fought since we only have our base done and what's ahead on the outlet on since it's on them Tina clean blending brush and the thing it now and then with a small precision brush and apply the black shadow really takes the lashline I'm also gonna replace more to the Avril assuring just to deepen up the black shadow in giving a fluffy blading brush and just putting out this other edge because I don't like how something really sharp right there woman but for now if you need help you can always got someone that chances of powder to for the fun this out now we want to make this even more smoky especially around the ram just like Emily Ratajkowski editor photo so I'm using this a black player by rem all it's called the scandalize waterproof Kohl pencil in black and I'm gonna apply to the ... lower and upper water line and then burned out past the lash line up to further deepen up like shadow why debate over whether to add false lashes are not I'm gonna fill in my brows and I wanna keep them pretty and light so Mister but using the Maybelline brow precise fiber by laser and then after that just fill in any sports areas with the the lore yell browse silenced the finer in brunettes the others goes and I decided amides lashes I'm gonna use these Eyler lashes I'm pretty sure these are drug store I think I've seen them at ... Appleton the drugs are section unleash but they have an easy to use and they're very similar to the are dealt with speeds on the go ahead and pop these on and then apply mascara on top of them to make them look more natural blended in may be using the voluminous lash paradise waterproof mascara this stuff freaking things on your eyes lets me use that I could not get it off even with the cleansing oil so Connor sees it again but it works all right now it's back to the skin really quick I'm at an all over glow using this Malani is sunlight spotlight face and I stroke pellet and women do just we don't live in the face and has a 3 difficulties in here I'm not gonna get any of the pink she just the lighter and more bronze one just lightly sweep across interface almost losing it like E. finishing powder and were bludgeoned debating between these 2 right here I love Bella believe me but it can be a little too intense sometimes but point out which is developing its my favorite person doing a nude let I wasn't easily Bambi by I was sick with the Ameri about because he looks so gonna go in with the spooky blush and 8 contienen clip as well this is really shimmery however so if you don't want to be the that glow we Emulex that's ahead later on your cheek I would go over something else and then to highly amusing obviously is the master chrome by Maybelline using a small eye shadow brush so I can just apply to the hype into the face and then I began thinking that blending brush and I was using earlier in just we can share everything looks really well blended the highlight the blush to bronzer and then for a lab I have been lobbying in this lip liner by Laurie all its shade number 1:14 am and meeting called bits of Matt's in call big news on the go ahead an element of this first and then I came to combine these 2 Lori L. infallible peas to create a ... dusty nude verses like me it's like super super pink or super Toby I'm using 342 tongue tied and 340 skinny dip the planners so that it just glides on it in any of the ... click public planners like super super creamy and one of my favorite new colors alsa these are those 2 colors mix together you can see it's like not to pink not to brown consulting doesn't not too dark they want to be super nude pro this my first marines look formula and I feel like it's a little sticky some of them out of some of this and real and even hot lacquer glossed by nibbling on top normally don't like to do a gloss over liquid lipstick but I got in this time and then to say everything in place I'm gonna miss myself out with the the white while the thought of of gays setting spray so I switched on the light for something even more nude because the other lip color when I was smacking my lips together it was Sabrina and was looked like Jello it's hard to explain as it was like chunks of the lives that were missing so instead of wearing the wings hot sand matte lipstick number 530 and still is in the planner and unreal gloss on top to get this super nude glossy look what is happening in my hair alright so this is the final look you guys I hope you enjoy this all a drugstore fall makeup tutorial it's getting me excited for more dramatic looks anyways miss them and I've been reading some of the comments that like an engine before don't worry they're coming holiness coming so stay tuned and of course he'd been on vacation policy on the south your uploads is it looks like a nineteenth yes there is like your subscribe and I will see you the next one by guys //
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Fenty Beauty Review + Foundation Wear Test | Melissa Alatorre
\\I know you guys are thinking and yes this is another thing to review a bad set by yours truly at Melissa as though if you're new to my channel welcome and honestly how could I not reviews price line it has been so highly anticipated at least for me ever since we ana announced she was launching her own makeup line I've been waiting for it to drop and I am coming in a bit late with this review because I decide to make my purchase online on it have to be honest the eyes though I was at a bachelorette when picking it launched I so I thought I was not in the correct state of mind to make a make a purchase so I'd like to wait till I got home it see you make a reasonable purchase per se is racking up my bill on Azomite order finally came in it's already here altogether I spent around $500 Kyle and I also bought some other things for myself and skin care items that Polly back to my bill as well altogether about 12345678 I live in it pieces from the Fenty BT collection 4 of which are foundations because as a light to medium olive skin tone is really hard a fine one foundation and not just me perfectly and I don't want to have to go back out and try and find my not so I bought a 4 foundations and I will tell you guys right off the bat there are some things that I didn't even purchase because they just don't appeal to me so I will cover that in this video and before I get started I just like to say that as a much as I love Brianna I think she is a total badass and I love how she could care less about think about her and she's just who she is I thought you would be like my alter ego by could be that crazy and wild Intel who did them EE not ... regardless of how much I love her and my thoughts on Riana I may be giving an honest review because when something is so incredibly hyped up like fintie is at the moment it's important for my viewers to know if this is what their money if they should purchase say if it's worth their time I got to Sapporo and tried out and it's also important for the brand because it's not just the new product it's an entirely new brand and I want them to succeed and they can only succeed if they are given a good feedback on how to improve their products and how to keep their awesome products awesome so ... Yemen given eyes have you guys are interested and want to use prints out with me keep on watching I'm gonna kick things off with the Fenty beauty pro filter instead retouch primer I also have my Sephora on tap so I can give you guys all the Deets on the products so this retails for $32 and you get 1.8 fluid ounces I consider this to be pretty average for a Sephora product so right away I have to say I am in love with all the fancy packaging and the packaging itself also very sleek and beautiful I just love it this is my aesthetic I would say when it comes to product I think it is very minimal classy and beautiful also gonna go ahead and apply this pro filter soft mat primary I'm not a huge fan of modifying my skin before playing foundation and the foundation is also not so I'm only gonna places and in my face it doesn't it doesn't seem to have a synthetic fragrance to it it's not like nothing artificial interns a fragrance was added to it some is applying it on the center it doesn't feel like silicone they own it also doesn't feel very Musi or thick and heavy it just feels really nice almost like a cooling effect and it feels more so hydrating than it does not define and now which foundation shade is going to match my olive skin tone I got shades 1625332 nineties so too in the medium range at 1 in the light range and 1 in that medium to and range and because he has no I do like to mix however when I made the purchase a lot or maybe like 2 or 3 of the foundations were labeled as all live under towns I'm so I think to 90 is the only one I bought the house and all of undertone that landed within my range some guidance watching his ability to show you guys the packaging again a really beautiful and sweet and similar to the primer however this 1 has a white cap everything else is pretty similar with the soft touch and glass for the first 1 here is 1 is 60 then we have 250 to 90 which has the olive undertone and yes gas I love this color I feel like I'm a visa might look a little dark so this watch at the very end is actually to 90 and 116 mixed together and in this alas the swatch or the really dark swatches is shade 330 which I got just in case we need to make some foundation shades and is a pretty diverse the shade ranger here that I picked out I just wanted to play it safe and make sure I had all my bases covered arms I'm gonna mix those 2 because the other 160 into 90 and ... again some more information about this product it retails for $34 and you get 1.8 ounces which again is very average for a product carried inside Sephora ... you do get 0.8 more ounces of the normal foundation only they come out with a one ounce and so you get a little more here for your money and I think 34 is pretty reasonable I mean I've spent money on really expensive ass foundations of the foundations I own like my Tom Ford one was $80 so I'm OK with spending 34 on a foundation I know some people might not be but for me I think it's pretty average see and I'm gonna go ahead and make these and apply them to win the foundation brush this is the Fenty beautiful farm air touch openstream the description approach this is of the full bodied foundation brash I love pal brushes and I thought this is a pal brush on crack it looks really large influx being a life that's let me just grab a typical paddle brush for reference this one right here is by sigma and you can see it's just a lot more flat in comparison to the full bodied Fenty but I didn't purchase of a sponge off and you cannot wait because I love my over one I love the blender is so I don't feel the need to try out another spines because I'm already content with the ones I currently have ... again it just didn't appeal to me I thought I didn't need to spend my money on another Spanish so I say to pass on it's I'm gonna go ahead and apply and the foundation with brush and then use my over sponge to further funded out I'm going to pass the brush directly into the mixture encircling some kind of padding in gliding down at the same time if feels the brush feels really nice the foundation again doesn't feel or doesn't smell like you would have a synthetic fragrance and it ... but look at that perfect all of that match I have been this excited for foundation match in a long time so happy I don't think I'm day we did it was full coverage or not hold on I mean something my son spots but the coverage is pretty good while you guys this is your reunite with again I don't typically go from our foundations or not primaries but this doesn't feel heavy out all the formula at self has more of a liquid the I don't even know where watery because it makes some water down there the more fluid it texture doesn't feel heavy but the coverage man the coverage is good buildable I will say because it is not you have to work with a quicker because it's hard to drive down ... so choose your method of application and get it done quick I'm really really really love this brash I will continue to use then added to my little stack of pal brushes this just again it's like a how Russian crack at next are the match sticks and I only bought 2 because I never cream contour I feel like I'm not very good at it so that cream contour sticks it didn't appeal to me I saw the trio's and I felt like the medium trio wouldn't work for me an either with the light one which is why only bots ... French vanilla and starstruck for a cream failure which I mean let me open it up really quick because I thought like that of a highlighter color is really would match me I there soci starstruck SFX restaurant I mean yes I think it'll it'll work I normally go for more of a champagne color like ... golden peachy highlight this one to me looks very pink here is the packaging of the match 6 this is French vanilla and this was the magnetic yep so you can get them all together I like that a lot this guy retells for $25 and you get a good amount if this is meant to be a corrector concealer I mean that concealer will last you a long time warming up with my fingertip as suggested it does not down which I really like feels really creamy in the packaging elect way too late and yellow but looking on the skin and this is how I like a playmaking concealers I always won them up before a plane into my skin so I really like the way this feels it reminds me of my Larmer CA become a 5 concealers in texture words I'm a really solid but knocks down beautifully with the touch your fingers I thought I could actually gone in with the darker foundation on its own because this would have balanced it out ... but now they have it on the skin and taking that same oath for Spanish and putting it out I was doubting that product and I am very much impressed and my some spots are showing through but not too much like I'm fine with the coverage right now I love it and he looks really natural and clean and pretty and I'm overall just impressed by the match 6 because I was really doubting that product so let it would use again so I'm gonna use it my lan mercy translucent setting powder and used to using this and I know it last me all day and so I don't change anything else I may redeem after the where test because I don't want to affect the where my foundation some to go ahead and up pressed powder into the areas that crease and then with a poof apply everywhere else little bronzer next sense now look kind of pale but noticed the olive undertone so no one of my skin within the healer mercy a not radiance baked a bronze or injury number 2 for blushing using this does the color is meant for you statement blush like a nice light pink I never do this with a cream highlighter I thank him how used to be a little difficult to work with because it done wrong at the end of make up it can shift your foundation to make it look a little peaky and textured where you apply a highlighter so I typically apply highlighters underneath my make up and then when my foundation on top to give sort of a lit from within certain glow ... but still a for that obviously is so I'm gonna go ahead and use it star struck again at this color is not the typical highlighter color that I would go for it but it was the closest match some to go ahead and use this someone ring it up with my fingertips as the pro tip Steven also Ford icon the not too bad the formula itself isn't super creamy I was working in for awhile and it doesn't really seem to melt down it seems a little chunky and glittery not my favorite cream however I would say boy but not my favorite but it's going on the skin and nicely it's not ruining my foundation underneath so I do like that but as for the formula I wish it wasn't so glittery and textured looking you can tell just by looking at the stick itself it looks like it would be more texture Chris going on the skin nice now if they came out with a champagne gold tone one that I can use underneath this color highlighter then I would probably like that morning guys so yeah I'm not too sure about this one it looks nice on camera though but let's see how the kilowatt highlighter applies over someone is mean money and hustle a baby obsessed with the shape of this compact I don't have anything like it I think it is so cool so you can tell on him already this side is going to be way more intense and this identity later what is this foundational Menocal armies bow that many use mean money a little more all over the face or more blown out and then I'm gonna use a concentrated amount of hustler maybe just right on the high points of the face like the cheekbones brow bone ... when I feel like no one has mentioned this but on camera diesel look like they're just a flat white color but when you look at the packaging up close it's actually like a holographic glittery color on the pallets on on all of the packaging not these up and not once but this has it the brush channels have a fatal to it no you can't see it on camera and to apply the first header all over the face them to be using brushes 3 of 6 by Linda how very that's another thing I was not drawn to the highlight a rash of bias anti beauty I know it's very unique and different but when I saw it and how it applied highlighter I felt like he was applying too much highlighter and so again I didn't purchase it because I wasn't on tour I thought they didn't need it and I felt like ... I would end up using my brushes anyway as if you want to try something new and different probably give a Trier check out in store and see that's new that you would use but when I thought I was like room and so that's why I pass on that one and let's go hit the plane mean money enough chatting and it is but you but he so that wasn't me money and I am actually going to spare myself before going in with hustler baby because that's how I would typically do it I would go in with ... one Cup of highlighter spare myself and then apply a little more highlighters I'm just using a fixed plus by mac but see now I thought I have a mixture of people who call happening on my skin because that match sticks was too pink Benny way back to you hustler baby in I was just looking for an excuse to say that we don't like the very tops that she I wasn't asleep this on the islands because she didn't come out and I had a pallet so and we can use this and a crease color I got a neutral brown in the crease to finish the highest who I'm a double one is out to get a little too intense but if it were me just doing my make up like any other day and I was in to hang all these new products I would totally use this on to highlight with both colors because I like the idea of a softer highlight and then a more intense one to really make certain areas of pop I would skip out on the compiler because again to pink and I supply compilers differently than most people by ... I love the colors in here I feel like they're very complimentary to a medium ... light to medium olive skin tone and also it tends skin tone so I'm sticking a blending brush and putting out a little bit of this he later because I played a little too much in certain areas bull and one more thing I almost forgot to mention one really important thing that I mention there's not one highlighter that's a single it's not split in half that everyone's been using it is called trophy wife that greenish yellow highlighter not for me and I did the color is it very unique and I would only use it if I was trying to achieve a specific luck I don't see that as an every day wearable highlighter I didn't buy it because I saw it I think that is a way to yellow wheat green and it's not going to work on my skin tone and I would only wear it again if I was going for a specific luck so doubling up on to that I haven't really heard too much about metal moon the one that looks completely white back I've been seeing trophy wife everywhere it's a 3 D. hyper metallic gold and it translates more outlined green to me in my eyes so ... that one would be a pass for me the last thing that I have or the last few things are the portable contour in concealer brush I bought this because I wanted a brush I could throw me back for touch ups not necessarily to come to on the go I thought I could use underneath my eyes without sex decrease or mascara transfers or even on when you look at that face and get that we are to ring around who lives like about the back out this is a great thing brush I really like it and the last bike I had is the invisible at blogging powder I didn't use to set my face because that's not how I would use a plotting how I would use it touch up and ... pick up any excess oil comes a little sponge I watched 3 on AS video describing the powder and she said she creed this powder for touch ups and also to be things got a film on it and also to be a photo friendly because she says she's fallen victim to the white path from a flash photography and using the wrong powder so she craved this to be a universal body powder that works on all skin tones and will not cause flashback which is great for a plane powder so ... may get off camera really quick to finish my make up and then we'll try this to tone down some shine and the glass the makeup is it done now let's go in with the bloody powder and the gloss and wrap this up I will be back to check in later but for now we are almost out so I'm in the use of that little sponge I came the blotting powder was going to press it into areas that look a little too shiny who was ... do you see how Matt that we wound you and I would get little in the way here I think I look a lot to me now though so I'm going to miss the myself again and waved fix plus holding Annie's them plotting powder but it works so this is the glossary here it's meant to be a universal glass and it looks a dark bag I'm telling you when I see people place their lips it looks Sheeran again there looks like a nice was the tent smells like a delicious flavor of cool aid super pretty I think I would still use a lip liner with it because I have a little discoloration on the outer edges of my lower lip I would definitely tosses on for it every day lucky can see just kind of enhances their natural lives and so nice if he's the good and there you have a guy that is everything that I purchased from absentee beauty and who who looks like my mascara transfer a little bit so let's try out that little brush I bought little portable contra brush to see if it'll actually bust out the Skara I think I mean my under eyes look a little textured by thing you got rid of that mascara let's perfect for that so overall I am very much impressed with everything especially the skin I feel like my true all of himself I feel like this is a perfect match and I'm just super impressed by the foundation especially because it is a math formula and I very rarely go for math formula foundations that by my skin right now looks flawless I would assume you guys on in so you can check it out yourself everything is just the quality is amazing the packaging and I think the pricing is fair it's not ridiculously expensive and it's not super cheap train the men all and what I would expect from east of for a brand or E. brand carried inside Sephora from everything that I did purchase the one part I think I need to play around with a little more are the match stick highlighters ... I use the star struck and I just think the colors off and ... the texture is a little too chunky for me so I think that these need to be ... a little more creamy and maybe a more of a sheet arrange it they do have quite a bit of color is it's just this one for me is to paint on the darker ones are too dark that I pick up some of the darker shades and see if they work on my skin tone I just want more of a ... champagne gold colored have not stick to highlight with again overall super impressed I want to cry because this foundation locks it's so good abit now the ultimate test is how it wears I wasn't aware longer but it's already 3 and I go to bed early so I'm gonna give it 5 to 6:00 hours before I check in again and ya I'll see you guys in a big B. R. B. C. later alligator and now I'm back and a little more oily than when I last saw you guys identity oily on in the teasing like everyone does so little oil has broken through but aside from that area everything else has the employees everything else looks amazing and just look at the side of my face they look so good the foundation and concealer broke up a little around my nose area I have a feeling it's the match stick not the foundation that's breaking up so I want his again using ... my normal routine in my normal concealer like towards shape tape ... and I think if I did it again I would use of my normal concealer Randy the eyes and then use the match stick to chest highlight the face not necessarily to conceal I'm but overall I am is super impressive the where this foundation and it's only been around 6:00 hours it is 9:00 right now for you guys reference it is a 9 to 7:00 PM a I would want longer bet and I I don't do well seemingly in this is late already my pajamas but I don't really want to come in and check in with you guys one last time because because wrestling on the usually employed to see the where many foundation so I hope you guys up on this video helpful and informative and let me know coming up below if anything clear eyes you gonna try think of the DVD if you personally picked up anything they are loving it let me know the cum section and as always like to subscribe and I will see the next one by guys //
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Super Easy Monochromatic Fall Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys I welcome back of fall is creeping up on us it's almost time to say goodbye to summer I'm not ready yet I'm not there because I just are you getting a tan and I'm not regularly go okay not ready and so pretty sequoia I thought I would create a luck in that would help as transition into fall so something that isn't too bright in something that is also not to darken Bambi also something that isn't super glowing because I've been getting a ton of requests you create a look that is aids bam in your face and do we and I also don't want to do a look that was super not so for me this is a perfect right in the middle had a luck semi mats just just right that's all I can say and it is monochromatic citing the colors are very singable during this transition period and one I hope you guys enjoyed this a lot and let's get started data Mister by putting my skin with you guessed it prime riser by Smashbox yes it is I did why using at some places all over and then I'm sure they will check on the eyes so that Sir my my hair I would take my eye shadow primer which is going to be the mac soft ochre paint pot and I'm gonna go ahead and apply it to the leads before foundation and women do is apply my foundation hop the reason I do this because soft ochre looks a little too great into light on my skin but it really helps a decreasing because I only as a foundation I will crease or even conceal I will crease on the highs and because this is so modifying it really helps to lock my shadow plays and do something really simple and just wanna use my foundation or consumers of the summer by this virus and for foundation I'm gonna be using at the pitch perfect comfort not foundation by 2 face there's a brand new it they just cannot within the peaches and cream collection and I I don't know I don't know what I was expecting from this when I first tried in a first impressions video which is either out already or is coming soon us I was a little afraid of this part of the fun of me for me back I would again out to dinner and I you know it looks really nice on the skin which is against the I was not expecting I'm just expecting full coverage and not I don't know I really like it you can still see some a freckle showing through with this product so comes off very natural any mixing the sheets sand in nude I haven't found a color that matches me alone and the person I try to I use one that was too dark the second time I used it I use when that was to pick up the sand has a lot of those orange undertones which is great for an olive skin tone some to go ahead and makes these 2 together and apply them all over including over at the mac P. pottery applied to my eyes perfect color if you guys want a dedicated video on how I mix my foundations I think emissions before I was making later darker just to get the perfect all to let me know and I'll do that for you guys I love that you can still see my freckles and bites and not my sunspot so I'm gonna go ahead and cover those with my long receipts secret camouflage concealer I mean we can use the darker side 2 color cracked because a lot of using threats she taped to highlight the fees highly and conceal now I'm taking it hurts the Sheik tape in shade like media and I'm only gonna play it to this in a corner 2 for the brain of the eyes and then other blended out in a place elsewhere seen sponge and is that my areas of that because of a lot like underneath the eyes leads in on the nose I'm gonna be using if the law receives the camouflage amis that same it down the lender to just press it into those areas and then on the recipes I'm gonna use the cover affects powder to just press the interests of skin just machine that powder into the proof really it and then Kress and roll onto the skin 4 brother today I decided to check up on them to be using in this matter radiance bait how are bronze thereby learn receding she number 2 these are you I mean I have the imac I spinach powders are like give me son but just with more sheet options in their bronzer shades I think the mac bronzers only coming give me son in another color correct me if I'm wrong but I like these can differ shade so I'm gonna go and use this to contort and bronze it isn't and it is in not bronzer but it's not that's a fact and from there it's not shimmery it's not completely not have a nice sheen and then I always switch over to a small brush to do the sites the nose and it was a little bit of banter a here to make my lips a bigger Lisa bottom lip I usually got this in the mail by hourglass it's the ambient lighting and it's a volume 3 it's part of our holiday collection RT commute with holiday this is the finishing powder a strobe highlighting powder and a believed this one what is a sign this is another finishing powder in dim light on this week this all across my face Emily uses to highlight so finishing powder is called diffuse the light of his seeking the law I've brushed my husband ask and it's going to come and lately sweeping across interface kind of on the high points in light little sweeping motions it is out the different finishes skin the word finishing powder an anti you wanna use a really small brush it this is an eye shadow brush basement cosmetics brush number 232 animal uses to bundle my eyeshadow and you are a small brush so that you don't get carried away with the highlighting because again we still a bit of a glow bet ... not too much of a glow soon I'm going in with the straw powder it's called hypnotic strobe light from this pally it's the summer here in the middle and I'm actually you know I'm awaits a minimization to do it again um amigo in with blush next then this myself I later for luxuries even make the rights of this is at the marquee cups of flesh and fantasy air blush flash enemies the same brush this look is gonna be monochromatic in this color is just perfect to go with the item to be using and they just make sure everything is really well done and I'm taking this brash also by happen ask if you have noticed the look a lot like the nice brushes isa work when I saw Mike asking for is these are the north which isn't that much it was brash and I'm gonna lately sweep across entire face to make sure everything is really well blended I see do this with the nice brush when I worked at night when the lead artists I mean streak in it really stuck with me I do not attend and I'm gonna miss myself before going on the highlighter on using the actual use when I feel like of users in the past will be of the city's it this is the LCD hydro enhancer alkaline feature amiss and I'm gonna go into with the strobe headlining powder nexus one is called hypnotic strobe lights enemies in that small brush Ms gonna apply a little bit to the high priest the cheeks and not really anywhere else you know well do you ever trying to hear off your face and you end up with streaks of a missing foundation or make up on your skin from where you like scratch the hair off your face that happens to me all the time so it's just a player rally you again I'm really a light sweeping motions are not really packing this on and watch myself on the monitor because I can see better on the monitor verses nightmare because one of the best excites little bit liberal blown a little better here because of seeing them anymore but see how the highly itself is an intense it's we were settled in a lot of the other ones out there right now so we love this stuff if like this Haidar looks more like what it looks like when like just hits your skin reverses an obvious like bam glossy glittery highlighter so I guess we're gonna go ahead and play it to the other areas I would normally play to actually make sure wasn't too sugary or to really the ability to handle it too much at that now you guys can see the skin up close it looks really clean and fresh I mean honestly Hogan's foundation right it looks really natural okay so for the eyes I wish you guys had to make a one eye shadow look really dimensional because that is all I used when I really dislike and I think if you guys ... multiple options for the ai's shadow because the one I used a wise this one from the Marc Jacobs iconic poly people giggling at the editorial pallets back on his iconic me they're just calling it iconic it is a scandalous palette I just had on my desk which is why I keep using it back I know if you just want this one I shudder you might not by his entire palettes only give you guys other options on this watch the next this I'm shadow with in this medium and other right now pause here some of the options in case you don't wanna get this entire pally back I'm wishing I could make this a one I shall look super dimensional summer start by just apply it to the crease with a Smith 230 twos are same 1 I use apartheid or just a clean fresh 1 summer so we just a tiny bit so really Buffy now in them and build on the color and also to be a plain square to the lower lash claims and got easily brash and on the pick up some more that shadow start greening up onto the highly but not all the way it'll look like you have a cream colored shot on your late even though you don't then again despite Fidel and just so I can further but this out I'm taking another Smith to 32 a clean one and I'm really blown this out before I out anymore eyeshadow in numbers to give someone that same eye shadow animated really concentrate right here on the outer portion of the crease which is why you want to bust out the shadow in the first place because when you just out E. concentrating on a color in that one area it makes it look like he used anywhere from 2 to 3 shadows but you only use one and again going back in with the clean blending brush and again just I think everything out and that is it for the I is super easy and quick I've been let me quick easy I Sherlock's but fall is coming and the holidays so be prepared the dramatic looks are coming I just I love simplifying the sort of glam makeup looks I'm gonna fill in my brows really quick with the do your across Tyler in universal brown he was always nothing new how do the other about off camera was gay too difficult sometimes stimulates are your best friend you think they would give you the best lighting at least for videos but when you turned your make up underneath them it's just it does you off but I'm gonna go ahead and apply my 24 hour press center brow gel by benefits onto my brows and making them work isn't hurting and while I'm young I was in a play a little bit as that seem hiding powder to me in a corner of the eyes and I might as much as I might not I really like how simple this look it's a lashes might be too much but we'll see I'm gonna go ahead and just load up on a ton of the market gods of enormous get and then I always separate mascara my lashes and say oh wheeze transfer underneath my eyes no matter what and I've been using towards lifted lately because it is an espresso she'd so it looks a little more natural in the lower lashes and it really does last a long time we're trying to finish up my mascaras before I move on to the next one because of not feeling that we send so apologies if I keep using the same Ezquerra or the same products but Hey I guess I kinda shows they really love these products right was just using you stuff all the time what if and officials let the let it's also gonna be in this same a family kind of like a highly know what to call this like the warm soft brown kinda reminds me of like I ... and no I don't know what I would call it by a mistake with the same tones the blushing I do this in color so the lips are gonna be the same color as well I can find the original lip liner that I used in the photo of this make up because I did do this make up before I went out to dinner ... so the lip liner I originally used was curvy lip liner part of the I was at a clip art collection ... but just in case also since that question is probably on its way out or maybe no longer available I'm another great option is the stark and make it 247 glide on lip pencil by urban decay the subcommittees today since I can't find Kirby and for the left I'm gonna be using caramelized and moves it whoosh liquefied lipstick bye bye PT I would actually say I think the I think her is a lot darker let me I put a couple of live concerts to think case I was gonna try 1993 and other classic by urban decay and not with the luck I hope you guys have been enjoying these much more simple lucks I know I tend to do a lot of smoky eyes a lot more dramatic looks but I've really been into these simplified and make up tutorials that I think are much more helpful and I think our looks at you as what actually went on a day to day basis so let me know even enjoin them because fall and the holidays are coming Halloween's coming out so it's about to get Craig craze I hope you guys are ready for a as always like your subscribe get the notification bell and I will see you in an excellent by guys at //
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One Brand Tutorial: Too Faced Peaches and Cream | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back in today's video I may be doing a first impressions are slash reviews slash big oil on it the toothpaste peaches and cream collection and I did receive in a P. R. package you came in this who is it a giants mini fridge so many phrases on a real one even though I wish it was real I did get every single piece from the collection minus a few colors from the lipsticks and melting powders but I will be swatching of the price that do you have and you will see how we do the video I does this make up like wasn't gonna work out and I was not just a little again but it basically looks right now I'm actually really pleasantly surprised and I love how natural the skin looks and I was not expecting that so I feel like you guys might be as shocked as well or should you will be should get how do this video ... because I don't know I know what I was expecting from this collection but I was not expecting a more now we'll finish so if you guys are interested keep watching who her right I've already filled in eyebrows and I already applied the mask peapod in soft ochre on main lake as well as a little bit of the new pitch perfect comfort not foundation on the ice as well this way it looks like whatever I'm applying size blends into the US the skin is coming little trip the number to go straight to the eyes I'm gonna be you that just peachy Matt's palette and write about the one he had to say about this pally is when using the word Matt's right and you're going to assume that this entire palette is math well it is all mats for this guy sangria I don't mind it but I can see how as a consumer if you're wanting in on that Holly and there's one sure appreciate in on that how you delay what the heck ... so they only had to say about it and other than that the clues are very very beautiful peachy warm Browns and some plans of the first shadow I'm gonna be using as a transition shade is fresh picked down here so I'm gonna fluff this into the crease it is a little darker than a normal transition shade sums in a really tough it out know them very peachy you guys know all the to these products that chocolate pallets in the peach collection the original the collection they all have sons were sent to it next I'm going in with just right and as these seem to be going on really pigmented I did another mentioned I also used the imac now I scan finish powder across entire related to make one thing a lot easier ... so they are going on really pick minted over E. powdery beats and you can really build on the color something a little more it just right and darkening up this purple shadow and they come to go a little darker on the internet or corners some also to pick up peach tart and just play it right to the internet recorders Nixa purplish Adam and then right on the side of the late I'm gonna take peach sangria the non impact shadow from the ballet and the money's my finger tip to apply to settle in same brush that I played the purple shadow with and again just bluffing the edges around the purple shadow and then I'm gonna pick up that same brush and I used to play the transition shape and I'm gonna pick up peaches and cream down here to just buff around the outer edges of the shadow and I go right around edges all around but the buffet out those gonna bring back some others peach tones to the crease alright so that is it for the I is I want to finish their siskin before I finish the lower lash line and mascara and lashes but overall I have to say at this poly isn't really pigmented from the shows I did use a mattress watch the rest of the pally in this video for you guys I did get a little bit of fallout but nothing excessive especially for such a dark eye shadow simply clean this up and move on disconnects alright so let's just say I tried standing may hear differently today and it is not working from I don't know what's going I start by using them you know where is it there's a new primary on this that it is of the prime been peachy calling Matt skin perfecting Primerica and since it is not a final we can apply it to my tease out reminds me of a D. slick by urban decay so secretive and it is government assistance things gonna go ahead and apply it to the center of the face wow it does have a really nice cooling effect I really like that I really like the way it feels on my skin honesty this cooling effect I don't know what is causing that what ingredients or what's in it but I feel like it the next when applied the pitch perfect comforts math foundation I like the word comforting assuming it's not gonna be automatic and super dry on the skin I have feelings can be ... of a duty mats and it already feels really nice to really think it has the same consistency actually as born this way just a little thicker but it looks really I creamy infraction doesn't look ... Musi are dry and really don't like mathematicians I have that movie texture this one seems really nice go ahead and start playing all over it isn't a darker back I'm gonna balance it out with a concealer again it's most super peachy I could do without peach smell in my foundation everything else okay with the in my foundation I'm kind of move it's a little much because I feel like I'm in a smelly all the hoopla but faith but overall I mean the coverage isn't super full coverage you can tell by my some spots that are still showing how what was I thinking it looks and it looks to do me it doesn't look man is suing once it dries down it'll be much of them outside but so far it feels really nice my skin feels breathable and really really fresh doesn't feel like I have a lot on the skin ... but now to balance out this that Chito looking concealers what I call it when I look look to orange I may use that the born this way concealer in light nude and I play a little more than I normally wages because they really need a balance out how ... dark this foundation is okay my look just a little crazy for a moment until I finish Russell luck but again I was just trying to balance out the color the foundation next part that I am ... super intrigued by and I don't know how it's gonna work out for me but these are the melting powders and we have a bronzer E. Palash and an illuminator and they're really cool when you look at them they look like plastic it almost looks like they have that classic film over them but they're not they're solid and when you work it in with your finger they just melt down so I'm gonna work with this product right now while it's while everything has been set summer start with the Browns are first and I just wanted of my finger I'm going to apply to the back of my hand like that and then I'm gonna use my sponge to apply to the same area as I normally would with a powder on their and start playing it to the general areas you see what I mean by its not as user friendly just because I feel like some people might get this pride to be like how to actually use it even me I'm like using way too much right now it does look really natural beautiful on the skin a distinct earned 3 look a little crazy I'm hoping when they set with powder I won't look as crazy and ones and the flesh and the highlighter but so great now just the kind of blended family go in with the black should wait to hook that color who you barely need any the skin just looks very natural and clean what's going me off is the fact that my concealer or like the fact that the foundation was too dark to begin with but these ... melting powders look absolutely beautiful on the skin it doesn't look like your progeny skinny just looks really natural mean you can see it just looks really clean highlighter is alas again we're gonna melted down this color looks really pretty it's a very soft glow to something you the same sponge once more and like the high point of the fees even those of you don't like to wear a lot of ... skin pilot on a foundation or concealer these might be a great way to add a little bit of color without having to apply a base first because applying ... powder products to bare skin can be really difficult they don't at stake as well as they do to foundations of these are great option way really and natural finish without having to apply apiece like the foundation okay synopsis everything I'm gonna be using the new peach perfect modifying setting powder and it smells like peaches you guys smell P. smell is real intense in here today and ominous will honor my poop and then set the interface the power goes in your mouth and he's really good it reminds me a lot of the alarm is a powder and I thought he did try the other 2 face powder and I wasn't it's so drawn to a has more the E. as some moving texture to it this one feel a lot or just like the la received hundreds really nice but now I feel like I need more bronze only skin it doesn't it doesn't look like I have a lot of makeup on doesn't right looks like I have nothing on my skin should read or watch the video on how to apply these products before is kinda winning or not I feel about and applying the product to with fragrance raise my eyes because moist terrified of getting to retire this again and fragrance is one of the worst offenders so please immediately got images so I wasn't any use of this sweetie pie radiant map bronzer but because I feel like the powder kinda just to go away from all the color and the use of it to come to a little more and add some more color sons and apply it Anna over the other prong Sir to add someone to the skin so the same areas and then using a small brush I'm only gonna pick up the bronzer because clearly some of that pink translates onto the cheek so it looks like from the cheeks but it won't everywhere else simply use the small brash a plate to sites in those I received 3 shades of the peach Catholic 6 we haven't drunk dial Sunday funday and dull phase so let's go ahead and try them on disco darkest to lightest because I feel like I am I in this book with a new clip so let's start off with drunk dial in the packaging is super cute and me to face with the lock on to the packaging now everything's just really really cute so I'm gonna go ahead and play his first with all the planets we can to see what it looks like without a liner and wants a while super pig intent goes on really creamy this is drunk dial and the formula feels so nice on the lips for a matte lipstick it's very comfy and creamy and it doesn't feel dry out all I mean it might change after I won it for awhile but right now it feels really nice obviously super super payment Ted and the color is so pretty the next one I'm gonna try on is a Sunday funday in this one is a deeper nude almost like E. to be neutral color so Sunday funday is looking a little bland army the color is beautiful cell with a lip liner that's a little bit darker I could see as being a really good news for me because it's not our our it's not translating it really peak really peach on my lips so I see the deeper or E. add darken you to defy my lips because if not I kind of just blends in with my skin but overall it's a really nice a neutral look colors these all cities like peaches FY I this last one is dull phase no on me it is we we too late now I replied Sunday funday and this time I used a curvy lip liner from the Asadi colorful collection this look like there is a great color for outlining new the lips and now it looks normal it doesn't look at like it was blending into my skin it is a really great I'm neutral color pushy with such dramatic eyes and now the last thing for me to try isn't the modifying ascending spray and I already look up pretty Matt I don't think I need a modify myself but was given to try again for the sake of the video and for a first impressions of the physical collection let's just give a shot so I'm going to basically to Michigan up really well because it does have and I think it's you know like a clear like ingredient or something where you know she got becoming little white spots on your face just watching it a good shake and then go ahead and Mister self and that completes the tutorial nice wanna go over which part is I think where stand out parts for me and which ones I weighed possibly pass on for sure the peach provide comfort not foundation it looks supernatural it looks like skin and I really like that about this on the one thing I will say about all that these products because I will say the pitch perfect powder is another one that I think is a great product in very compatible to the lan receive chances of powder however with the face products I really wish they didn't have the peach fragrance infused into them because I can still smell it on my face and why do you like the way it smells I just don't like applying it to my skin especially underneath my eyes something away for the U. modifying sending spray doesn't agree option if you're more towards the oily side and then the other 2 place settings fray is great if you are normal to dry the cooling not skin perfecting primer this was just really nice to use it's not as heavy as a D. slick buyer in the case so he found ... that pain would be too heavy for you this can be other great option because while it modifies and minimize the look of poor is it doesn't feel really heavy on the skin ... and the let's fix I said in my past videos I've been kind of over using liquid lipsticks and I have been craving classic lipsticks classic Max lipstick such as the is some really glad to be can out with these final option because they are really really nice as for the products that I am not too sure about the first ones being at the melting pot areas and don't get me wrong this is a really cool product I think it is very unique and I haven't seen anything like this in awhile or I don't know I can't think of another part to like it I just the reason I would probably pass on them is because I don't think they are extremely user friendly you have to work with them a little bit and as you I saw I still ended up going in with more bronzer imply sh after I sat with Patterson maybe these go better over powder again 8 really watch any videos on how to use these products gonna go yes full glam now is a little product yes any other totally passed on or just have to play with a little more are in the translucence moving if finishing powder I just I don't know I don't know I feel like it really do anything but I do love the concept of a it's just I know maybe look different on camera but for me looking in the mirror I thought you didn't do much and then the sweetie pie radiant map bronzer the eyes and I would pass on this is because it's got the pink powder mixed into it so it's like a blush slash bronzer and I play my runs all over is so when applicable over the pink powder I'm mixing with the bonds there it can translate pink on the face which is why I would pass on I'm C. N. ever upset my opinion on the 2 phase sweets or sweet peach to face peaches and cream collection let me know what you guys are interested in checking out from the collection of a choir I what you would absolutely not to get so I will give you guys my 2 cents so I hope this field you guys out my hair I don't you know it's doing anymore I'm gonna head out of using news video like you subscribe and I will see you in the next one bye guys //
"2017-09-07 15:00:03"
\\you know you're starting to sound that way I knew you were coming over so me have there is you're basically Indian Loki or should we start thinking cowards with pretty talented leann no inherited noodles quickly pass a nice looking likely channel today ICU today I have a very special guest you we entered in the entire world needs is that could be because you got you got it you know I'm not room at least I can get rid of her Kyrenia I literally slept over last night and I couldn't be better way to welcome I even know I was ordering them you know I am I am entertaining that I have a home feeling we're gonna be like that very noble like the more I know I'm not Loki 9 I'm not sure if it's because I really do I really do like 5 yeah I like no no you guys if she had any entire like preparation in going out and what do you doing hiding eating this all week in them to tell you have you tried this before from 2 to 10 now it is so incredibly spicy and opening in my like little accompanied oath really yeah when I was argumentative crap that you've been doing although the hockey club okay so you might not listening to me play arrow yeah Guyana it is still make and in order to pay for this I had some ... you're going to hear yeah good water yeah I take some of these like little like they deferred and find like you do on both played normally done their time ginger 18 wait you drive north and Jim up before a meal you're by no means healthy if you had the radiance they're not healthy but I don't need you know they're running going out I did but these early in life killing next level I think it's different when you have drawn in from an actual restaurant but when you buy these little sodium on this is that I know I grew up having led the Ramiz attack it my mom would even bother me if I am then this new yeah whatever cares but this delicious but the city mummies is 1060 milligrams that's really about it that any despite imperfect I did get to explain these I'm really excited about that I would open it up her wig and even if I thought I did 3 for after and I I got you this because I know you can get you to if you're wondering why there are 3 balls out here title is under the impression that these are just gonna be really delicious so if he wants the ball but he didn't wanna participate bringing attention to another really fun you'd like the Mexican reserve the Indian versus the white boy back yet let alone participate so yeah I'm going to limit it give him his needles off camera he's gonna he's gonna on camera right although I don't is both an expedient thing looked like they were a lot did even though yeah my goodness like the feel the need newly super like that here like salad Hassan they're like so without it though because you don't spill anything Hey I sounds all the time I was never drawn info I think it'll be in the small village of strength W. here you either 2 different market one which actually I'm well that's a good flavor though fire safety she made me wake up and work out today it's a good it's a good day I did nothing for that you guys could not China Diocletian gab Wehrli wife the noodle talents going down but I'm gonna wake design in the end it's not a Mexican through you see you Kyle in frame rate now put them behind him but we did anyone notice unless I grew he's wearing like platforms this day by not coming over I can't handle the coming again from my I need a little bit enjoy your I even if I CD you know you can if that's eating anything that you think the demon in the video you are ready for your winning but I guess we should just go for it right you know I won't name out they salivating literally not as he likes professional looking even though you know the feeling Yateley and noon accumulate and I'm gonna I'm gonna prepare me for that right it's not person now because our frame now you wanna beating easy you really like we don't like new moon yeah so salivating space you I was actually not expecting not those are bad I think I did that start bad I think it's quite likely it just hits you though that beat you can keep making noises be you like even if they don't go out anymore water right now so yeah we're not doing them water milk anything on it Kylie he's cheating is a list of my lips on my trip and you think there's no and when I'm the position is that the rule I'm all sweaty people downplayed house like it was in the videos I did this woman look so like Chris look either I have placed 9 well Elaine hits your tongue really hard voice Indian hasn't I Tongo calico RNC have been easy enough to light up like a hot whom I think not it look you know style we we to conclude by I wish it could be called Cameron yeah this leading towards doing this than when I work out you know me knows I get really bad voter highly joint we are getting really hot in his so my god we didn't eat makes much noise who little eva sticky little I think that now that the good to if you I just made the biggest that's with that thing is going to rule my foundation they are like doing this no no no we are doing well I'm do you mean by me to a ballet do you do you feel pain they we are only a south Indian neighbors pregnant while dying well I am would you like me to clean as we like to think quite the while I'm sweating man getting heartburn but overall it and I did do this I don't mostly what I do only look look look look what women was eloquent and we know that he knows very well that section was pretty fast you solve a shitty mood although you know Nobel like why do so many noodles said you got any I assume using rigorous on camera any eyes glistening better he better not we better do you hear that do you for that matter in writing so that we're opening up a hell of a nothing you know great earth I would go better if I can suddenly in the clear nobody does any settling defeat is that there Mexico it's now I can do this maybe by it like it's only a second wind I feel like everything has come over me right to keep going eyeing the island and only person can elaborate on it and then the queen you are nothing that could we put hospital concerning both optimized yeah Google moment of time do you feel about this look when you thank you for not making these but I finished everything a little here same thing happened okay thinking of water now there's a new unlike sledding on the inside like flashing on the fees and that I like swimming even if you don't weren't they anything yet to show the camera wow holiness think about yeah look if no why not gonna do without a little but I'm not gonna do it that way there is a boss he won I lose if the I really am in pain no I went through wave where it was like stomach pain chest pains and I know what a well in the second wave like literally Allison came over me like I view this but now I think my lips like we would move her ID get that's like in ways I accept defeat I can't even like I can't even Hey I guess I'm about Alice did it you when spicy Robbins sodium yeah I'm not going to talk a bit of time like at reporter in the ice cream before the only 4 days now it's like right images and ice cream in life you really do this like the media's liberal use like that's it there you like candle that like attack we love who I don't know if that's a highlight on Fleek or not do we forget about that look good ground way though he only had later been through the champion flavor yeah well that concludes the video I'm reading my mind goodbye then you can speed up those up like using Skype ended we shall see you the next one back a bit well the thing who is the of the song no Nnamdi yeah //
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No Foundation Routine | My Go-to Makeup Look | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys looking like my channel sorry my eyes are so right it's pretty late I usually from the morning it's already a company and as such a grandma but it is currently 9:24 PM here's a proof but I wake up really early because I love going the gym super early and this look I really want to create videos and based on the look that a well my Snapchat in stories a lot because I get a ton of a quest for them they feel like right now they're not really easier reference maybe it's like a certain technique or and I look and I just have a video I can tell you guys to go watch for this specific luck so I wear this look a lot to an out of balance that Jane is the stories you know those requests for editorial and especially on the skins and see is just spot concealing it's not a full face a foundation and if you're not part of my Instagram or a Snapchat family definitely give me a follow I promise you I I listen to all the feedback that again on their on which because I should come next which looks you guys like I'm always asking for their feedback so if you're part of that family coming down below you know I ask it kind of question there was like girl yes just domain but I always feel the need to ask because it's like I'm asking my friends for their honest opinion so give me a follow their joined the family and of course don't forget to subscribe in the notification bile and let's get in to the media I was up by burning my skin it with the Smashbox Primorye's there you guys price doesn't coming because I've used in the past couple videos I've just really been loving it super hydrating it's really lightweight I'm gonna go ahead and the pilot all over now what you gonna leader I tried finding another one because I've been using the Marc Jacobs to do jobs a lot as well and I want to give you as another option but a lot of the other liquid in the music have where coming off a very metallic in not natural whatsoever so I went back to Marc Jacobs do drop since these just translate really match on the skin they're not they look like foil alike anolik metallic glow it's very natural so what I do is I just take one pump on the back of my hand and I'm taking my ... frat perfecting pass I'm gonna pick it up on the side that has the pointed end and a Mister applying it to the high points of the fees so where you would normally apply a powder highlighter at the end if you make a preteen you're going to places like we had in those areas I am in a pipe to my brow bone and the temples I don't want to mix it with a paper this time around because I'm not covering it isn't foundation so it can end up being a little too Khloe if you mix the elevator into your primer in a pile of your face so instead of just adding it where I want it versus all of the fees I even have to be careful not to apply to much to the to the nose because they can look like a lot Cupid's bow and a little bit on the chin as well so now the next step is to spot conceal any imperfections other mean my sunspots I mean concern I just some spots are so especially these 2 right here they're just down in your face is so intense us again where you send screen I see that a lot but wear sunscreen or you'll end up with these on your face when you're older ... so I misspoke concealed primarily on that some spots in any blemishes or redness and I have a my skin I'm still my go to concealer for Spock correcting across the entire face is in the long receipts secret camouflage concealer in shade Essy for these concealers were designed to have a one a darker shade of one later shape so that way you can custom bland ... whatever color it is that you need depending on what area of the face you're covering because as we all know the interface is that one flat color we have some areas are darker or lighter ... so that's why these concealers look like that so all this on me look dark when I blend in together they create a perfect all of town and it's a mental diseases to crack the is more towards the peachy site but for today I'm going to mix the 2 and I stick my finger and warming up as I blend the 2 colors together some just kinda working it into the Palais as another one this out under start by playing it to the sunspots first start with these over here but others are planning out this concealer if it looks to lie on the face orange I just keep on mixing the colors inside that little concealer palette until I get the right match I never cover this up because this is a mole it's not a US and spot so I just like that would be it live I think it's pass I get a lot of redness or on the news so I play a little extra concealer right there and I also get a little bit of an Israeli here and on the edges of the mouse likes content play around the outside of the mouth of edges I don't have to cook anything else that maybe like a little bit right there and that's a so now I'm gonna pick up that sponge again and just lately blend of this concealer into the rest of the skin some keeping it to that area and just making sure that it blends in with the skin around the area concealer you can still see some imperfections and I'm totally cool with a there's a look isn't about being perfect and completely covered up it's about kinda just embracing the salon perfections and just a further improving the look of your skin but not completely covering it so embrace the little imperfections I have like a big Pat of sun demonstrate here but there is like it's really fine arms and I'm gonna take tarts shape tape it does apply to the enterprise of the eyes the reason I'm not using the lumber see concealer underneath the eyes because they can get a little dry since it is more of a finish once it dries down this one even though it is a math finishes in the front of the ice so it looks really nice and plus it's the only one that has increased on me so then apply a little bit to the in a corner here just rain yeah I'm not trying to highlight underneath the I. increase that triangle just wanna cover up is in a corner because it makes a major difference when you just concealing brain in this in a corner part of that time so again it got me my protecting passed by both frat and just blending this out if you need to you can also play is considered to the leads but to complete the look I'm gonna be using a cream eyeshadow the new 6 minute man I pencils on the free of any use of them on my legs so I can apply any concealer to actually just this in our clinic I'm gonna be using my poof and in the correct exciting powder across the terrace these even on areas where I didn't apply concealer because if not you'll be shiny in some areas and 9 others so I'm gonna apply it all over and then underneath the eyes I'm gonna be using the Larmor CA translucent setting powder an oppressive in with that affecting sponge but first the cover affects powder typical powder and that machine into the proof and then a minute press and rule on the skin like a star on the areas that I want to really set like the concealer on the sunspots and then I dried the proofs everywhere else in the face and then for the lower say pattern picking it up with a sponge and I pressed the attorney dies bet pickup decreasing Chris now go ahead and run to my skin and a little bit of contouring using the make up for ever Provence fusion and come back to this concert because it's like the only one that matches my 10 when I get 10 over summer I thought all the other ones are either to greater to orange in the something like the perfect and undertone so go ahead and apply this to the same areas that I would play if I was doing a full face makeup self holes of the cheek forehead jaw line immediately on this as an Islamic skip so I am gonna go in the low bidder bantam said to the nose just select completes the look of everything and then the last thing I want to add before going in with a setting miss are heightening missed is a blush so I can still burned out if I need to some to be using this one a from it the dose of color is meant for you collection is called statements who that is so pretty it's so subtle I love it it looks not but has a slight sheen to it which I really like for a in natural dish luck okay so now I'm gonna go in with the LC hydra enhancer alkaline facial missed misplayed this although my face and then ... was almost guy are going with a highlighter and either be strategic with a highlighter I'm not gonna apply all over I'm not gonna apply in excessive amounts we've been very Pacific on the placement how much I use so doesn't look too intense for a natural issue like ideas like how you going in natural ishe because I know someone will come and that it's not natural whatsoever and I'm using web all from the the it doesn't Katie does a close election such a pretty ... highlighter that translates really glossy and instead of using over the large brush or a found rush I'm gonna be using an eye shadow brush so that I can be really specific with the placement so this is E. Smith 232 I normally use this to buff out ... my eye shadow isms and pick up a tiny bit dust off the excess and I like to start with this little area right here is so kind of like I guess is alike pocket between bone and the brow and I'm gonna play sitting right here very lightly then on to the problem never do the same thing appear theory lately sister I guess like the outer corner of the eye is the best way to explain it right here bring it up to the brow bone and the temple for about the brown and then tiny amount on the bridge knows my mother to be applying this airport is a little bit later back that pretty much sums up my go to ... no foundation routine I tend to do this for daytime events or when it is running out the door really quickly it obviously took me a lot longer to do on camera by this routine takes me under 10 minutes to do and I normally toss on the mascara browse a lip balm for a gloss and call it a day and another leading guys hanging I'm gonna do you aren't a complete this a lot I just want to make the main focus of today's video ... that skin and my no foundation routine by obviously when I do the intern outrun gonna have the complete let's I'm gonna go ahead and jump into that I went ahead and already did one brow off cameras on the do the other one on camera for you guys and using the do your prostate either in universal brown shocker I know it's all I use these days and then as a base for my I. Scheidemann of using another shocking products that you would never see coming the magnetic mat I penciled by new 6 in the shade terra I'm gonna go ahead and apply all of the lid and lower lashline and then for the most part I would just leave it like this one with the eye pencil over the lead and and mascara and that's it by spice it up just a bit in occupants who boomer eating I wasn't abusing this Marc Jacobs I show pally in scanned the less scandal let's not scandalous is part numbers 740 and it looks like it looks like in there so gorgeous I use on Instagram like the other day and I was shook it it is so pigmented ... semester with this shadow right here am Zinni's my finger tips to press on to the center of the eyelid can I stop using the middle finger I always use my middle finger to apply make up and I thought I'm flipping everyone off sorry guys and then with a large fluffy brush on that plate is clear right next to it into the crease and lower lashline really quick and simple don't over think the lack just go for it into a star with his other corner really does off the excess and into stepping into the crease and then what I normally do but looking like a lot on the one I ago but the other one and just apply whatever access shadows on the brush onto the other I and I'm gonna get real ambitious here and also use the same brush for the lower lash line it's a really big self we'll see how this turns out it is tapered though so that's why I'm using it but and I'm also really focusing on extending the eye shadow out this way on both I'm also gonna be a plane fly all the same high later that's on there is a face on to the in a corner part I I wasn't hearing there's like hanging off for dear life for me I mean I promise you are now using the new are by Marc Jacobs end on my lower lashes on to be using at least if I turn I like that at me doing eyes allows you I see the skin of clothes as well so you can see how good it looks like just a little bit concealer I also like this a little more than a full face of foundation it's just that I get in the habit of a plane foundation it's just I don't know it seems more done out for an evening like and this is just to me perfect for daytime wear back I like this a lot more than then I begin Islam or maybe it was really like okay gotta play mascara who are you can forget about brow gel gonna go ahead and apply the 24 hour bell centre bite anything I may browse and then for the lip I'm gonna toss on the lip balm and in an attempt to not be so basically the slug I'm gonna throw on a gloss and using the doesn't Katie over the top class are you guys exactly select I hope next time I wear this look on snatch our Instagram it's really easy for you as a reference because you will definitely see me wearing this look I can on there so I hope you enjoy this video if you did you know the drill given a like share subscribe identification bell and I will see you in the next one bye guys I'm going to the end //
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TRAVEL VLOG: We Went to GLOW CAMP | Melissa Alatorre
\\back and we are heading timber cocoa we'd like yeah I'm I I 8 we the the only reason I bring Kyle on these trips so that he can carry all of it and yeah yeah Newsweek open closer into the greens mom those keenness like the pink one for yourself if you get from them that I I being when you no when are you guys ready for this meal how beautiful is a here it's so peaceful cut BB careful you going too far 8 oh my god that was truly a grizzly bear did you hear that there is a good thing too you know turns out just a lawn mower searching for this taking extra precautions became we're in the wilderness here I I am do you know the tide change and Nash thing in a way as to bail a that came they put on the glass so please guys on it every time I close my he a very with love the man game well I look pretty good don't I it's better that I long even you amazing I don't think I love that picture I WNED yeah one one thing that you have done that you would you forever if there's something that you would say you go to a hockey I mean there's no doubt I mean the aging process is all about protect the element in hand sought protection is pond on the most important some protection and as a part of it in doing that exfoliation so when you do it faithfully and not excessively what you are doing so that it will also allow your skin to absorb your moisture much more effectually it will certainly add up all your other attitudes in a product to interact with your skin then it's also about by the way added shoot so much is that be forget as we get older and used to tell ya I'm a lot older it is about staying engaged in life always exploring new things be adventuresome yeah it's about great posture it's a great quick body language yet and having fun and being wild and crazy yeah yeah all those things so that you can see you aging is a mindset then you should run away from your years but at the same time you should civilians had got a little tired of boy yeah it's really about always speak out to Iran for trial and that's what you do so well I mean the way you ought to inspiring and motivating the world to do a brilliant job so Iran that knows you and follow you follow him a face with the thing that's for sure yeah say eating green valley yeah there's no better lighting them is to do and I mean on whatever you do you make that you have a window that you can get ready for it I highly suggest doing night over any vanity mirror any artificial lighting now the sunlight is by far the best looking tops that site already part of this and I would have recorded me do my make up by both my camera and my phone were pretty much dead from recording all day today such Wednesday here in recap of today's events because meeting last laugh lay la meeting all I was so cool because first of all he skin is impeccable that man has a beautiful skin and just talking to him and his insight on skin care and his products was amazing and the one thing I took away from it ... I asked him I said what is your number one tip for anti aging and he said do everything faithfully but not excessively and that is the one thing that I have lived by since last year you guys know I went through a bit of a rough patch with my skin and I think of those overworking yeah I get so much as skin care to try out and I was trying out way too much out once over exfoliating definitely way to meet him and us there ... then peel ... it's just too much at once that it was over working my skin so I like that he said make sure that you're still doing everything just not an excessive amount because it's really easy to overwork your skin and said that that was really cool that he said that ... and he said some really awesome person I had heard about him before from other support employees I had met him there like he is so cool all the knife person ever really happy in super friendly and that's exactly how light it and you don't have to dynamic change in particular out the photo and names are determined what and we he we I my great nonna no let me I it has a popcorn E. Portuguese and then the they just they WNED the when the camera which are you getting ready to head out to go horseback riding in but make it I am so excited as I love horses ... aside from my husky sled team I want an entire paw pharmacy with places and don't know can still I love we get the room from rating and immediately gone to EJ's it was really chilly out there the little bit make up a gateway is already pre the wind the San will that make it friendly someone got 70 what's known as a we can use all these products together have a little girl time and they did use all 3 of these in yesterday's facial and the one part that I was super don to you is that I wonder feel double concert because I'm a huge fan of double cleansing I always double clans and this is just a really nice becomes I was intrigued because in the box it actually comes the little tiles and moving it to wipe it off with a towel for Kimberly did in the facial but when you open it is like a little talent here Rosendal mask action in use of that who that it's who that guy is not high Gee I declare a detox mask as well mask mask on this I Apollo here with flame after all and Bergen also try that new Tschumi moisturizing cream subscript doesn't sound that and have a little go the I I'm gonna Tate a blogger so what you have here is you Instagram has been full force and you have the Blaga and Pat that's a wrap mass photos hash tag bloody life now you guys know what time is it good time would turn it through time it was with time he uses the fade into equities coming to him heading to dinner in that come to realize that I should write more warm clothes it is because it is because it is extra chilli and when this jacket absolutely anyway what time is it what time what the hell on earth company it's a pop up the goat pen at civil code just beautiful nature spot and everything compasses so much off what my grand stands for the sting of wellness be suitable to wear life like I said last night bring up is the other at that you could go from the inside out the should I yeah yeah well and you I yeah don't worry I'm not touching the blink at the gonna ship it because it's so bulky it does not carry on I that is my mental for and then so sad W. Mrs view it's been super relaxing by it is time to go home miss because so much look at willow who was making fun of me for liking you think you I I I now now yeah giving her grandma I'm going in my right I'll shower which I am in the seat of honor for now I wish sweet and not twice in one week whatever if will be an 8 hour like let's I thought because feeling so funny and nice yeah thank you yeah in I //
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The Perfect Red Lip and Simple Makeup | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back I was rings like almost up to the other day and the amount of requests for this tutorial was insane this so here I am today create the tutorial and I did have appeared with a nude lips I am gonna be giving you guys a 2 different look options in this video I just had to use this in new lip color from Karen and the I was at a club pop collection ... if yes I know I will say is carrying I was gonna Garibay her handle is again as I was ready for her birthday she came out with a nother lip color with color pop and it is called at the back and it is the most anything about it I mean I'm at a loss for words and so beautiful and it looks good on everyone it's just he decided to look on everyone so it's such a beautiful ride in it holy transforms us look into an evening like so take this as a daytime nighttime log or just a beautiful look with different look options and yeah he is interested keep going through a really putting my skin with the Smashbox a photo finish primer is already put a good dent in this you may see that I've been using this like crazy I absolutely love it summer due to pumps of this primary but I'm also in the mix in at the mark Jacobs do you it do drops to add a little bit of illumination to the skin Selman go ahead mixes together the piling all over from a foundation today I'm using the long receive a flawless fusion ultra long wear foundation you beat after now had so long can I mixing the shades in academia and dusk these 2 together give me a really nice all of town and I have tried this foundation on multiple occasions and it really does last a long time it is a not finish which I normally am not drawn to mathematicians whatsoever they just don't look good on my skin they tend to feel really heavy and my skin just feels drier underneath a map foundation and but this one is a relief then when he goes on the skin it still looks like skin and it doesn't look overly night's not over powering it just looks like natural skin I don't know I really ... like this one I keep using it when I know many women make up all day long and same thing with that your star foundation that's another great option if you want an immediate do we lock on that stays put all day I would recommend your star if you want me not foundation that lasts all day I recommend this one and I can still get a little oily ... but this one just keeps me looking a little more Matt a little longer and I play with my fingertips firsts I can I like sharing it out that way and warming up this product and then a blend out with my Ofra perfecting path and then to conceal hi I am using it hurts she taped in light medium this line is also pretty mad so I don't he's a lot because of not to try sums it up by anything I is it and then whatever is left over I'll apply to the center the fates now to set everything up to be using the lumber CA translucent powder even on the eyelids because the foundation is acting as a pre race I really want to set that in place and then there was a phase I would be using another powder with a poof don't know which one yet I'm staring at the la Marilyn but I keep using that one it's really expensive so make a little indifferent how Mr sitting with the legacy one while my eyes aren't creasing as much but also take the site and to split up the creasing and then sat could not use of the screens in place so we make she picked up the excess prayers and I'm not just gonna stick with the Lemerre powder since it's already here I'm just being leaves it on get up just to leave it in a day and I think the proof and apply this to the rest of the skin where I didn't set with the light with the pattern always refrain from using a setting spare hydrating myth after playing powder I know it's really tempting because you look super powdery but anything that you apply to the skin on top of a pottery finish like bonds are blushing highlight anything that's a powder formula is going to blend a lot easier on top of powder versus skin that is moist after having used a hydrating mystery settings grace just keep that in mind ummah for bonds are today I've been dying to use these new make up forever customizable powders so they look like this all we have is the blush palette or the blush powders but they're all the same size and a customizable you can put whatever clothes you want a little politics I have one over here that only holds 2 and it has the 2 bronzers site in many use you might be too look more like hunter patters and I have to have another one that I think is a really key concepts so all of these are customizable it so you can either put it in a single compact like this triple compact or a double or even one of the really large pallets I think those are the kinds of things really want human video ... but something because in a way I'm so many use the highly complex but I'm a devotee warmer bronzer okay so 7 B. using the make up for ever pro bronze fusion in she 20 am which is a little warmer on my skin and then if I cannot control those powders but they look a little late but this one I feel like we've bounces out the color of my face with my body but the right amount of warmth to it I went a little too crazy with the Browns are the size of the nose but I'm hoping it kinda just blend itself out once I do that's my make up if not opens out leader hopefully I remember ... but now many go in with one of the make up forever blushes that I should you guys earlier in the little customizable palettes I think I had these 3 Ahmadis a summary here I don't know the names of them over and include them in the description box but this color right here is a soft pink with a gold peach reflect it reminds me a lot of noises orgasm so because I'm gonna be doing a red like the leader this one is gonna go best with a red blips on the go ahead and a place in the cheeks this actually goes on really soft I was expecting it to be super pigment executive along the brush but it's almost like a really nice sheer blashette really like it and before you the setting miss I'm gonna go in with a large fluffy brush and buffalo we around someone did ask me if I had a Duke for the Lemerre brush that I normally use and honestly you guys it does not have to be this really fancy expensive Lemerre brash ... I 7 how this one bit any large fluffy brush should do I have one right here from hourglass which I'm assuming is also probably really expensive I have one from sigma which is a decently priced I have one from tar in the unicorn collection I have want Alexi which is really affordable and there's a bunch of Micah for on this one so any large fluffy brush should do you all use of the like the one today just to give you guys another option I'm as long as it's a dome in not he buried in all you do is just go on the face in circular motions and then I'm gonna be using at the LC hydrants cancer acclaimed facial miss to tone down the look of powder and also to further intensify the highlight I this is a good way to intensify highlight without having actually what your brash or Pleiku highlighter ... space over the mess the way to its almost dry and then go in with the powder highlighter some at this and then we obey and before adding that I later which is also gonna be the at make up for everyone from that customizable palettes are customizable powers to find out the name and I will do the highlighter before the eyes for this look because it has you bet over the either start with the help of the cheeks and I go like this and just kind of go over the I and I could really nice effect when you're not wearing eye shadow and that's it for the skin I'm gonna go ahead and fill in my brows off camera I saw you guys have seen me do the same brow routine now in a ton of videos and using the do your pal Santa Susana go ahead and do it off camera really quick and then I'll be back to finish the Eisner S. bullock okay for the item to be using it that custom palette I went over in a previous video the one filled with make if he'd shadows and all you really need is your favorite transition shade it could even be your browser or country powder I tend to always use okay hauling it will be here I tend to always use this one right here which are the slime either one this one or this one I think it's Yemenis us over here which is in a latte or crappy lifting so I'll be using latte and all they do is apply this it to the outer portion of the crease with a large fluffy brash some distorting without a corner and Buffy into that are clear the crease and I'm looking at it I think I might use a lighter shadow for this but either way same techniques the works and I'm also gonna play the same color to lower lashline I just wished overdose Miller brash so that I don't get too crazy the number to create really soft when using a black eye shadow I'm also using ... correct from a pallet down here any sort of grab an England brush one that you would use to apply in normal gel liner animate pick up some of that shadow really dust off the excess you don't want a lot of like I shown the brush because if not I won't look as soft and this week is only gonna go half way across the late summer start radio without a portion flip and bring it back in the slate is about where you want to stop you don't bring it in any further Denise wanna create little flick and then to further soften up that we have is grabbing a angled brash and for that I think about now what I think really complete reflect our the lashes so I'm gonna apply velvet nor mascara by Marc Jacobs in in a minute pop on these lashes by the lorry in the extra whom I love the little the back of their acquire lashed an awful strips they're really comfortable and they really do add that extra warmth as the name says and for the loss of them actually use of the tart lifted mascara I just like it looks a little more natural since it is an espresso color and it also has a chance rose much because it's extremely waterproof and then I'm outside the lashes and I do before nafta's years and see how amazing these correlations okay so here the before and after this I had the lashes on this eye does and you can see just as a little at a bit of flair to complete such a simple basic make up like I just I love these and you'd like to my parents I almost forgot I also wanted at the hay later to the interpreter is the Isom go ahead and pop them into corners who I had never used this pressure the inner corner like life changing I know reasons like this is the urban decay the finger rash after 110 it fits so perfectly on in a corner get out my clear brow gel as always in these in the 24 hour press center by benefits I don't ever come from that they did change the name of this season he called ready set brownouts 24 hour brought center totally threw me off when I saw the package was a cousin you Praja from them I was for a lot of this that in this one is optional you don't to do it but if you wanna make I look more open in a week you can always go in with a new eye liner and apply it to the water line this is a fake awake by tired some and I had a plan to lower water line and for the lead them to be using number 36 are number 20 a lead pencil by bike you just outlined my lips and menus discovery was amazing lip balm by back that it is in the back a lush with color bomb in the shade cafe and with cafe who lives the college cafe but it's is really pretty sheer lip color that is essentially a lip balm with color it's really hydrating it's a perfect and nude and neutral and it's just a really ... great lip color for everyday wear some aliments first and then apply the and for another loop option I decide to add a carry out of studies lip color new is the color with color pop ID by is this not the most gorgeous shade of red you've ever seen it is so perfect and it looks good on every skin tones you're really really great job green is the color it's going to be added to my staple Reds definitely for show and that completes days to toil hope you guys enjoyed it honesty this look is gorgeous on anyway it's so simple but it just I don't know it speaks for itself it's a really beautiful like I definitely recommend getting the extra room flashes on a CIA at them to every look in it completely changes everything and outings amazing red will totally transformed slick as well so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial as always let your subscriber identification bell and I will see you in an excellent bye guys //
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Must Have Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Singles | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome to my channel if you saw my it does the Katie does the colors collection tutorial this palette right here might have caught your attention because okay hold on I can barely move because this church is the phone as they put it when you open that it's got all of my go to makeup geek eyeshadows I tend to travel this pal a lot when I'm being indecisive sometimes I'll take a preemie palette like an urban keep collar type poly bell often whenever I'm looking at what I've packed and I'm just like what if you want to do you a brown smoky eye or what if you wanna do you ... a classic I would like to win the liner I said to stress out about it so I usually pack this palette because it has everything I could possibly need and all of you are requesting that I show you what is in this palette and I did a little tweaking and moves in the shadows around toss some of them rearranged date because I notice that some the shadows I really wasn't using so that shows in here are ones that I would actually use when I'm traveling or I'm just whenever I have the Syrian looking mind at this how it usually has everything has a new trolls cranberry tones greens blues ... I think I might be missing a few colors but any go to let that would do for an evening out or even just daytime where ... I could do with the shadows in here and I took this video would be helpful regardless because I don't even know how many eyeshadows makeup geek makes these days they seriously have hundreds you know maybe an exaggeration they have a lot of eye shadow options when it comes to their singles and site but this would help and those of you out who maybe have been eyeballing some of their shadows or keep creating a car and then are unsure of which is to purchase these are sort of my staples in my help you guys out and also before getting into the swatches because I am a swatch all of these for you I do want to use a little bit about this poly it is by make up forever it comes and D. it is made out of 10 goes really sturdy and it is a lot bigger than the standard size the Z. palette which I think hold on hold on one moment the board for water yes like those get up in the hood so this is the the standard sizes the poly if not because of the extra large ... them pretty sure it's a standard size basic science data we would call it size but anyway I think is the one that people use the most and look at all the extra space to get with the make up forever pally you get 2 extra rows on the side one extra room on the top and the make up for everyone does come with a little cushion so whenever you travel you can ... cushion your eye shadows or any powder ... part that you have in the palette so doesn't break and it is a lot cheaper I was a lot cheaper but it's definitely cheaper than the Z. palette that's why I keep my knees I want to say just to give an estimate I will include this information in the description box but just give an estimate I think this is around $15 whereas the standard size that the poly is a little over $20 and if you have a easy of pro makeup artist discount at any of the and be certain LA or make a because we do have a pro program you'll get a discount on this palette which makes it even cheaper I saw heavy recommend this because if it's so much more and it's a little more sturdy than in the Z. palette so yeah I will make sure to include the ... link for the pallet down below because it can be difficult to find and now let's get into swatching all of the make up the shadows and let us watch a mother talking I threw them because it's a lot yeah who they it's you to I in I the the well and not complete all the swatches and that took me quite some time I honestly do not think it would take me that long to so all those shadows of like how hard can it be am I being ambitious and yes I was being bear him bishop if I made a mess to ... but now I'm going to go over which ones are my absolute must has obviously I love all the shadows in this palette but there are some that I will literally use every single day and can tell based on the giant hole in the middle then so we have ... Barcelona beach latte FRAPH pay affect a latte I'm not sure what the names of each of these are going to pull Alicia split out latte is that one this one is struck a making a mess lots a fresh pair crime related desert sands and mocha are all really good is standard eye shadows for transition shades and ... really neutral luxe those are shadows that I would consider steeples and ones that I use almost every single day so I think that concludes today's video very shortly I hope you guys enjoy day in case you're wondering I did record this make up like it's coming later this week so make sure to get the notification bounce you don't miss out on it and as always like share subscribe yeah I will see you in the next one by espnw I I I //
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Desi x Katy Dose of Colors Collection Tutorial | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys I welcome back today I'm gonna be green this look using the new what does he Katie does a colors collaboration I am so excited for you guys huge congrats I can tell you pour your heart and soul into this collection I mean it really shows everything from the color of the formula the packaging it's just a stunning collection and I really wanted to create a look around the shadow harpoon because the growth dimension that that was the one I show that they wanted to make super unique and unlike anything else you have ever seen and I couldn't agree more it is a very unique eye shadow it's the one I have on my leads this Smokey and Karina gold the reef like I said it's hard to explain it so unique and Peres humor made so I really wanted to you revolve everything else around this eyeshadow I'm not really gonna focus on swatches today because I feel like I'm sure at this point you see them all over the internet I just really wanted to focus on creating a beautiful looks of you guys are just that people like Jim alright I'm starting with ice first today and I've already applied a little bit of concealer just around the eyes and on my pimples that they don't just you guys in order behind my eyes with 2 face shadow insurance I find that the lighter weight primer such as this one works best with the the white shadow formula from the pallet and the goals dimension that their policy which is right here is meant to be an accent palette so these colors are meant to be used with other yes I have gone him on this color down here harpoon here which is the one I'm gonna be using today you are meant to use other staple mats and transition shows that you already own summit dip into my go to palace verses when I travel with its all make a peach shadows so me open it up and show it to you guys so usually tell this pal it's a little bit of everything but I'm gonna focus on using more of that transition shades and the screen on right here to put more of that green tones in the shadow harpoon and to make funding is here I'm gonna take this a mac mineral ice can finish powder and I'm going to apply it to my brow bone down to the keys and the first item any use of the transition shade is this one right here it is called preppy I make a geek sometimes go to the crease starting with the out of me and then bringing him all weekend and then to deepen up the crease I'm gonna use it Barcelona beach and apply it to the same area and is really tough it out and the actual thing to focus more this color right here on the Outer V. portion and just slightly bring it in and then because harpoon is a really beautiful green gold eyeshadow wonderful smile those green telling someone to go in with enchanted forest and I'm gonna pop this shadow right here on the Outer he I am gonna create a smoky black when using eye shadow someone of buildings the color I'm out of question and I was taking a large fluffy blending brush and burning on the close together and nobody uses black shadow down here in the corner corrupt but make it geek to build the wing and for this part I'm just using an angled I had a brush and into the path the color right here it's all the crazy for a bit not even like a wing but once we clean it up it all put together who is packing on right here in the lashline and then this brush has another angled side to it so I slipped around and further define that we can also grab another are separate angled eye liner brush to further create the wing I'm gonna be using my DR Starr foundation since I we have a little bit of concealer on I don't want to wipe it away so I'm just taking a consumer rash tenement go right into here like so you can see that wing being created and then I just take my sponge and for their clean it up right now I can go in with harpoon and honestly the reason this shadow looks like this is because these 2 are meant to be used wet keep in mind because if you swatched land without letting them first they don't look as intense these 2 are meant to be a used it dry and applied with your finger you can apply all them with your finger by ... my experience I felt like the way this one goes on with a brush a wet brush better than my fingertips some just winning my brush off camera because at night can be a disaster and then picking apart Pune and am I glad I'm to my island I absolutely love the effect to this shadow gives one way it just it's a colossal it's so beautiful was like a mermaid can arise of a mermaid a little bit every time I get in one swipe though because if not I find that it tends to shift a little and you won't get that nice glossy Wefaq tribunal one clean slate and I was gonna bust out then edges of this shadow where it meets the map shadows bag her like that cut creased issue affecting getting to missing in that same brush I used to play a shadow move further clean it up rounded out little where and while we're young eyes I'm also gonna apply suse is really pretty shimmery shuddering in the corner look like that to the inner corner also meant to be used wet summer to wet my brush and then put on to that occurs okay not the best idea to apply a what shadow when help concealer on the inner part of your eye that isn't sad ... but overall the shadow the what formulate is really beautiful and they are a little tricky to work with again trying it in one clean swipe don't train buff around or mess with it once on the ice with its there it'll stay put ... if you try one afterwards if you like it just doesn't look as good as when you just have one even clean swipe on the lead and on the end of corners so trying it on the first time I don't mess with a I make sure you what those 2 shadows and overall I think that the shadows are absolutely stunning phenomena go ahead and do my brows off camera and also apply some mascara and then move on to the skin I wasn't planning on doing a piece on camera because I want to focus more so on the collection but a lot of you have commented in the past that you like seeing me to the base and to never skip it so I'm not gonna skip it today amid you really quick and then go back into the collection is so over my foundation to be using that same do your star foundation I use around the eyes and they've already primed to my skin with the smash box photo finish primer razor some industry to the foundation this foundation is a little bit darker but it'll bounce out with the consumer to be highly and to conceal highly amusing tarts she tape in a light medium to bounce out this foundation and lately what I like to do is apply underneath the eyes and then drug whatever is left over on the sponge into the center of the face like that forehead to the nose keeps going chain so I don't apply any additional concealed to those areas I just work with what is on the spot and then just at the interface I'm using my a super duper fan C. Lemerre powder and approved and underneath the eyes and using my former CIA translucent setting powder of moving on to run their next I'm using in the make up for ever pro runs a fusion in the shade at 20 and and then up next by the new highlighter is from the does he get a collection and unless it different to the highlighters shall we we have 2 new highlighters from the does the Kitty collection we have way go and and meet on may and looking at me I mean I think it's gonna be too dark for me this is what it looks like in comparison to a flag all where both so the other 2 highlighters this one logo will definitely match me it is gonna be a perfect match this one is any better for a medium to deep skin tone amiss watch them side by side so my finger tip really quick I don't really want to focus on swatches because there's already but just watches of this collection out their own focus more on creating a look using the collection but here are the 2 swatches you can see me now Matt is just a little more towards the town site in little peachy and then well go is a true champagne gold in color some to go ahead and play football and I'm gonna be using an LH 306 brush to apply the highlighters so let's get real close that we could see it action so hold pretty I already am obsessed with the does the colors I believe I called supreme glow highlighters so ironing you're gonna love these by such a glossy affected the whole collection is very glossy and wives and the focus is really the glow I mean you can tell because of their images from the collection it's just I mean if you want to create a really glossy what effect when it comes to the skin the eyes the lips this collection will definitely do that below him with her later today yeah while how pretty a little bit on the tip of the nose that little on the chin so now for flash because the eyes to how that really mermaid a green affected going I wanna keep it leisurely neutral some to be using this hourglass ambience Joe lane blushing she'd brilliant news and then to blend everything out and make everything look really soft and pretty especially ... why I played a lot too much later in the forehead and taking a large fluffy brush and I'm gonna love across the entire fees in small circular motions really softly you're not pressings brush on to the skin really hard and I honestly think this will become one of my daily go to highlighters because the color is really perfected the formula again I love the does the color supreme glow highlighters so this is no exception it is I just as good and the color is perfect I did with the ice is going to be really simple and quick I'm just going to apply the same shadows are in the crease to the lower lashline some to start with Barcelona beach and probably mixed together along the lower lash line and then with a really teeny tiny precision brush I'm gonna apply enchanted forest towards the outer portion of the lower lash line and I'm going back into that same brushed that I use to play the first color is in just popping these shows together and I swear go also to the inner corners like I said though what eyeshadow Susanna inner corners as I had concealer there didn't mix a lot together some just going back over it with the powder highlighter and all that's left is a lashes on a pop on the same ones I've been using the extra whom by the lower and then what's on the new look 6 and now for the moment we have all been waiting for I'm a try on the 2 nude at lipsticks that no shade and more creamer please whatever pleases the darker of the 2 semester off without one because I feel like it might be too dark for me and I'll end up wearing no shade for the intern out of this video so let's try on a nuclear please press and I'm not going to use a lip liner to get the true ... color payoff of these lip colors okay so they say that more creamer please and it's definitely not a nude on me it's actually translating a very ... orange on me which my lips and my skin tone they do that that's why struggle with new lipstick they turn everything really brass you or inches so because this has that slight orange under 10 to 8 going to pool a lot more that color onto my lips so and this is definitely not a new for me but I could see it being a nude for a medium to darker skin tone just think of it as the skin tone she's a little more on the 10 sites that actually makes sense why this is a good news for a medium to deep skin down I'm sorry go ahead to the south and now try on no shade alright this is definitely my kind of nude I really like the color it's almost like a neutral pink not to pink or to peak human undertone to perfect nude with a little liner you can further define the lips I might though the liner on the before I do that I wanna also try on over the top the glass which is a clear glass with a lot of gold glitter and so while it looks intimidating it doesn't show up like a greater he left so I'm going to just have a little bit of this glass onto the center may live whatever he's also don't go directly from the applicator I like to pick it up at my fingertips just that we also you're not getting your ... live clearly have on back into that lip gloss to a hit and I have been so this is over the top gloss on top of no shade recognition on yes is over the top laws on public no shade really beautiful it's of great newt that I could see working for a lot of later to medium skin tones in my pool a little ... orange on some people from what I have seen but on me it's like a slight a little bit but I really like the nude it's a it's a good new to go with such a dramatic eyes and I think I'm gonna and the video here I really love the way this lip looks with the entire looks I don't wanna mess with it so this is the final look I hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully you got some inspiration when it comes to using the shadow harpoon since it is so unique again a huge congrats the 2 dozen Katie in those of color is the whole collection is just stunning it's definitely worth checking out I mean everything just like I don't just want this new collection that the packaging is so beautiful and so yeah huge congrats you guys they really enjoy using this collection and let me know what caught your eye as I is there something in particular that you're I'm from the collection or that you would want me to use in another tutorial ... as such is again using the liquid lipsticks let me know and I will do that for you guys and with that said you know what's coming like share subscribe identification bell and it was the you the next one bye guys //
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New at The Drugstore (Maybelline) + Hamptons Vlog | Melissa Alatorre
\\she's I run away to the Hamptons Maybelline what does annnnd mainly holiday is and and you today leann you Hey guys will go back to my channel as you saw from that intro to today's video I was we and it was one of the most incredible experience is it was so amazing never did a the day that I and I just like it's a very New York thing which is by Maybelline buys their sense me when is the new rand ... bit was just overall an amazing opportunity and it was so relaxing just came to hang out with everyone I have just like a giant summer party and I originally was going to make a vlog out of the trip but as I was editing the footage I realize that I didn't really do the party to justice and they came out with such incredible stuff while we were there that I really felt the need to use a product to give you guys a first impressions I'm using any makeup look which is what I have on today and just watch everything because I heard about you guys where ever else you are in this world that here in the U. S. when it comes to drugs or products they never really have testers so you can't swatch the product in stores the kind of go in and buy stuff and then hope you like it when you get home so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to swatch everything since there are a variety of blushes and lip color is and I shudder pallets ... a bronze apologists so much that others would be the perfect opportunity to swatch everything and go over it in detail and also show you guys some footage from the trip in the intro and outro to this video so I hope you guys enjoy today's video and let's get started Aramis are by talking about the city many pallets I did use one previously in a first impressions video and I swatched all the city many pots in that video Sylvia's interested just click the little I. in the corner and the video should pop up for today I used in the roof top of bronze Palais and I can easily see this becoming that was the palette I could easily see this becoming an everyday pallet for a lot of people it is completely shimmery however which is the case with a lot of the same any pallets or they have a wind to to match shades in there that aren't really transition shades so I can see how you might have to grab some other shows that you already own especially not shadows and transition shadows but overall the color selection of each pallet was done really really well they're super pigmented and they do have quite a bit of fallout so I would recommend that you do your eyes the first before you base like I did today just as an extra precaution to not rule your foundation but overall they are a high high quality a for the size and the praise this next part I was especially impressed by mainly because I feel like it tops my to bear cap on the liner which is the only line I use these days this isn't that curve to the liner and I just find it really user friendly I don't know there's something about it the tape the weights shaped it's really really easy to use if you struggle with Linda liner this might simplify it for you ... it's so fine that you can really build in the liner versus starting off with a really thick liner trying to get down a being careful when ... doing Elias it's not too thick I really like the wearability of a it has a slight shine to it but not one that bothers me I don't like my liner to ever be shiny and I do mean that this is what it looks like on my eyes right now you can see it's not too shiny and you can easily build on it without it wiping away the liner someone is the more you builds ... the more it takes off and this one it was easy to build without it flaking away next up I have the fit me elusive finishing powders and these they do come in a variety as shades from fair all week to deep so they do add a slight tens to your babies they are completely transparent and this we struggled a bit with these patterns because I am a medium skin town and I use that light medium all over my face with a poof and while this one looks like it would be my shade it translates a little darts like like a deep and that might be is just a bit and I also use the light in the areas that I highlighted in this was too dark so I thought I would almost use fair in my highlighted areas and light all across my face off trade out again ... but the power itself it's really really silky to the touch when you I read it between your fingers if feels super super silky and soft and almost like it would be a blaring powder and I actually really like the finish I haven't checked if he gives flashback and I'm sure you guys how to check if a party gives the flashback before you step outside and take a photo what I do to test her flash is I got my phone I go to the camera and I use the good camera on the other side I turn the flash on and I just take a photo of myself O. usually from studio lighting because I can affect yeah I like to do in the dark some actually step away and take a photo and see if it flashes back based off this photos let's see your beady eyes okay not the best photo banishment you guys anyway so you can see I held the camera across my face so that's not a flashback that's just me being washed out by the late but when I look up close is definitely not any flash back I did he use of the LC ... alkaline facial missed it to set my make up and I think I using a setting spray or economists will really toned down any flashback that powder again is because of the reason you get flashback is not only because of the ingredients but also how well you've blended the powder into your skin so if you just lightly does Pat on your skin and your early work and it just be sitting on top and that was the ingredients will cause the flashbacks so looks like this powder pass the test I think I just have to play around with the colors a little more and see which ones actually match me and will take away from my highlighted areas the massive bronze palla is up next and I was a little skeptical of this one I'm not gonna lie because when you swatches palette the swatches feel relieved dry to the touch almost like you're not picking up anything out also I thought it was going to be a dyed in not be pigmented out all which actually worked in my favor because the colors to me none of them really spoke to me I was like this is going to be too dark this means to orange and these 2 are shimmery shade so darker had on a lighter highlighter I'm assuming or E. shimmery bronzer as well that's what you can use this one part but I ended up using the sun on my face today and because they are a dryer formula and you don't pick up as much it actually worked out because it went on my skin really soft is it my dear bronzer that I'm not too sure about you guys known super super picky about bronzers but in terms of aid drugstore bronzer or contouring powder I think that this she in the palette is a lovely and you can make it work I'm I'm just not too sure about the other 3 shades especially the highlighter because the king of highlighters you already know if you saw my last favorites video the Maybelline at master come high later it is a must have it is so intense glossy it's ... wipes skin finish it is in credible are I think out of all the new launches from Maybelline that I have in front of me and this one is definitely a stand out products for me and I think I will leave it at that and move on to the next project alright I'm next I have the new fit me blushes I'm wearing shade of fifties and I thought this had a choral peach undertone it definitely does not the name of it is a wine soaked up a plum color I should have used a she number 35 which is called coral to match the lipstick I would like to go with the same brush color as the labor the same undertone I'm so messed up there but it still works at the looks good together the color range is awesome and they have everything from a super super pale blush always the really deep wine colored the gone nicely good shade range and it's just a beautiful blush which well you guys Maybelline is a pain in the same thing great about their products they obviously took on a trip but they were like use these products in a video and see if they're great if I just let us know that alright the last product that I used for today's make a block from all the new Maybelline products are the new super stay Matt Inc liquid lipstick somewhere in the shade heroin when we were in the Hamptons I saw this lip color on everyone every skin tone crispy had on Sheila ... who else you know it was on every single skin tone imaginable and it looks good on everyone so I obviously felt the need to use that in today's make a Buck and see the look good on me as well and I really like it it's a really vibrant coral as with the formula south I went on my Instagram stories and read about the 4000000 a day because this is definitely the longest wearing lipstick I own the color I wanna Hampdens was there was 2 I believe I wore loyalist and then lover or actually you know why it wasn't this one it was the lip gloss which I will get to in a bad ... I were one of the new glasses in the Hamptons and let me just tell you I put this looks a formula to the test because I wore it for a couple photos I was thinking of an alpha and afterwards I would take a shower and normally is I'm gonna be showering I just if I make a boss in the shower and this day I just used my drug LVMPD bar the white are so not the gray one and get the 2 names confused as to get from our soap anyway and that usually takes all my makeup off I do it wants to take off my make up and then a second time to use as much as a thing on my skin silica double claims action and I did that in the shower that day I get out of the shower and my lipstick you still perfectly on my lips and had not moved a hand by just had it bled out nothing so when I see these have a staying power they will stay on your lips until you wanna take them off which makes sense why me willing also came out with this super state eraser stake it looks like a lipstick but it's a cleansing vomit made specifically for removing a long wearing lipsticks and it does get every little bit of a lipstick off your lips whether it's these Maybelline ones or any other long wearing liquid lipstick it will get it off your lips some assuming they created this because they were like well your lips ambassador formula it's a little thicker than your average flick with lipstick it's definitely not a watery consistency it's a little cream here and and you do have to work with it a little bit to get an even application only across especially with heroin I felt like I had to get a brash and just go over in order to get the full pigmentation of it because I'm not I thought I could still see a little bit of my lips a new look color swords again nice even call I had to go over it a couple times you definitely don't want to keep building this like a lipstick though because you can build up really quickly and then feel really ... heavy on the left so you can try to get in one even clean swipe and when you're touching up this lipstick I recommend is removing the men also probably use this cleansing stick to remove in the middle of take a little nap and wipe off the middle and then reapply it because the don't like to be built up yeah I they will look at heavy on the lips so I have noticed that from these let's take the band on a scale from one to 10 on how comfortable they are I would say the where is about the I would even like a 7 Bonior let's just feel like a little puny because United to much like a lipstick making easily happen with these so just be careful when applying them but they will definitely wear for a very long time so like I mentioned earlier the also came out with some new glasses that are a fool coverage and almost like a liquid latex so high shine full coverage and they are called in the vivid ha lacquer glosses and the sheet I had on in the Hamptons was I'm pretty sure it was unreal okay was right it was the color unreal I were in this photo you guys follow me on Instagram it was this one right here you can see it's washed out and that's really because when I wear this on Snapchat a lot of you were commenting that this was my perfect nude and it is a beautiful shade of nude because the house a completely neutral under town so it's not Pinker peachy doesn't turn brass Yummy lips is just a nice a little washed out nude I don't know it's hard it's hard to explain the color but it looks really really beautiful and they have a good shade range of new there's charmer unreal tease to Q. Islam ordered the pink side but still kind of a nude leader great if you like glosses machine you gloss trailers for another one of the really big launches where these color correcting pens and I don't ever color correct too so I wasn't super drawn to these how ever you see how this peach orange one would come in handy I would even use it if I had like a bruise or something additional my skin I would use this because it's super super creamy in fluid and has a high coverage so it's a great ... color correcting pen I'm just not really drawn to color correcting I don't really need a I'm not a good candidate for a ... but if you love color correcting the formula the formula of these really really awesome and I like that it's a pen form so all you do is to step out and it dispenses the product and you can see it's super super creamy and like a portion of orange is a a he Korol neon orange or a super bright orange like my lip color silent actually uses under my eyes I need some frightening for any discolorations is going to be a great option then of course you have your lavender your pink your yellow and your in which I you guys and finally I have a 12345 new brushes and the 1 that really stands out to me is the powder fresh this is an incredibly soft do you guys know how I like and taking a large fluffy powder brush and nothing across interfaces would actually pretty good because it's so incredibly soft and then we also have a little foundation brush a contour brash and a concealer and I shot a brash and I think that covers everything in new from Maybelline including the items I use for today's make a black now doesn't go over my top 3 products because I know this is a lot size going to share my absolute favorite out of all the new items the first one is an obvious one user you know it's gonna be the master co highlighter I don't have anything else to say about this because you probably already heard it also just got to get it the city many poly in with top brands like I mentioned earlier I could easily see this becoming a daily it go to pallet for a lot of people and in the last item I will include a might 3 is the current to the law because I find it to be equally as good and user friendly so that's not my top 3 let me know what cut you guys attention what you will be checking out and now is to back to the blog W. to like share subscribe identification bell and in joy he's here in our life check out injury news name on it I I'm I he WNED that's so see it's I yeah well artists were don't you I I I I yeah I the I you like n't I the I so //
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June and July 2017 Favorites | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys a welcome back in today's video I'm gonna be sharing some of my current favorite products as some of you may know I don't do these videos a monthly because it's not every month but I have a lot of favorites I just do it whenever I feel like I have a good amount so this sort of sums that June and July and you'll be surprised some products ... in this media parts have been around for a long time I just recently discovered them and fell in love with that and also before going into today's video I wanna say thank you for all the love on my previous video on long wearing make up because Hogan is a new camera right it's so good thank you guys I have for all the sweet comments especially those of you who gave my plan a shout out because I have been obsessed with this plant speaking of favorites the plot is one of my favorites god using even a me Kyle my boyfriend he's making fun of me because I think it brings plan up every day I just think it's so beautiful is it not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen ... so for those of you who commented that the plant made the whole back thank you because it just further justifies how beautiful is planted is hopefully Kyle will see those comments but anyway let's go ahead and jump into today's video I'm gonna start by talking about some products that I currently have on my face because if not I might forget to mention them starting with the the lashes which I actually use in my previous video their corner lashes so the only go from the middle and flair outward and they are by the lower lashes and they came in this ad giant last book so let me open it up and see what the name of these lashes are they are called the extra room and in the name is very fitting because that's exactly what they do they add a little extra room but to your natural lashes especially when you're wearing a natural look like I am today and they're very very comfortable because it's not a full strip so doesn't put you on the interpreter and I just like adding them whenever I feel like I want a little extra volume but don't wanna commits to a full strip a flash you know I'm saying another by curly have on the feast is in this skin deep lip gloss by Marc Jacobs I love a perfect nude gloss for a daytime luck on this issue for daytime the Vance Owen I don't really want to thank my lipstick or even ... when I'm going out to dinner or anything where my lips they can possibly get messed up I love just going on a new gloss because it's easy to reapply it I need American just toss it on and when you feel like it's wiped away and this is a perfect new I have on right now and I did use a little bit of this bite beauty lip liner in she number 22 just have further defy my lips but this combo to get there is absolutely amazing and it is a no fuss calling this next part I actually also have all my eyes and almost forgot because I use that as an eye shadow base and I might have mentioned it in a previous spirits video back I love it so much that I don't care to bring it up again they are the magnetic not eye color pencils by nuke stakes I'm sure you guys know I'm obsessed with these because it's all been using as an eye shadow base recently and they're just so crease proof and they make your eye makeup look really lights and critique some I shoulda Paymer is can actually make your eye makeup look really heavy and keiki especially when you start pointing it out these just look really natural they don't Crees they last a long time and ... the 3 colors that I have are Tara big and tell and I just feel like these 3 colors in particular work really well with a variety of eye shadow colors and I show left so I highly recommend these 3 shades if you were to pick them up in time out yourself I almost forgot this nice price I also currently have only fees it's the master come highlighter by Maybelline this highlighter is so F. weekend good you guys I can start using it on camera and off camera that's me no I love the product when I use it every single day and when I'm just doing locks I not for Instagram on Cameron I'm still using them that's why no I absolutely love the product and I've been using this delete I can't get enough of a it gives your skin not glossy wet like it is better than some of my height and highlighters I highly highly recommend you grab one if you see it in store got to get 3 don't second guess it just throw them in your car check out it is amazing and it is a drug store and affordable which I find amazing especially for the size because I know it's just me but when a drugstore mass brand comes out with a really high quality products the portion you get is so small and I feel like that's almost there way of justifying the quality and the price is the just give you a smaller amount because it's a better quality product but there's still time to get affordable so the back buttons a regular sized compact and it's that good is why I would pick it up and stock up when you see it in store next time I talk about to staple products that I always use in my go to evening luck I've done a similar look so my channel back I don't think I have the actual dedicated video for my go to daytime luck and also my go to at night time luck as a Lemme novias want to see those 2 looks in one video together coming down below and that we the easier reference but I just like I've done so many similar locks on a channel that I if I did a video people would be like you've done a lot before at the let me know the as once you and one medium so this first product is my go to red lipstick that I always wear for my evening like it is that do your in 999 Matt lipstick that is the name of a doesn't have an actual name it's 999 maths they also make 999 in the regular formulas so not not but I love the math formula and the reason I was go for this one is because a red lip that just puts a whole look together it even if the eyes are really simple and basic popping on a red blip just I thought wow factor to any evening luck and this is always my goats you I will later we search for if I cannot find it before I head out the door I will not leave without this lipstick it's a comfortable where you do have to touch it up at Natchez flew over my who anyway that's is let's take it is a really comfortable where it doesn't last as long as the liquid lipstick but it's comfortable which is why I choose it over a liquid lipstick plus the way it feeds eventually nicely wary it just kind disappears it doesn't crack or flake off like illiquid lipstick does so makes it really easy to reapply and touch up at the night and the other part I always use in my evening luck and usually parrot with that red lip is this do you are mono eye shadow in the shade is 658 because no pleat ably what's he say it looks like this it's a really pretty neutral at Toby eye shadow with the most beautiful flex and glitter in a I guess is my fingertip to apply to the lead and it completes any evening luck it's stunning if you're not into high end eye shadows or have never really been attracted to them I highly recommend trying to sort out the store swipe it on your hand to get out it is so beautiful and completely where they and I use it in all of making looks next up I had it to foundations I wanna talk about and these are the 2 that I have been talking with me on my travels whatever I packed my a troublemaker bad I definitely don't bring more than 2 foundations because they're the bulky is item you compact a cell I usually stick to to you and the other 2 that have been coming with me on all of my travels the first one is the one that I used in my previous video on long wearing make up and it is the D. your star foundation and the reason I love this one is for its wearability I have worn it for a really long time and it still looks Lollius cell I love this foundation because of that and it just it's not really the type the ball on the skin when you apply it looks like skin it's a beautiful foundation and then the other one is the one this way foundation by 2 face I'm shocked it took me this long to even try this foundation again it looks like skin when you apply it which is why I love this one it looks really natural I love the texture of this foundation and I use the shade gold and beige in this one and into your star I use a shade 21 but if I do have a tan I dig it up with a darker shade I believe she number 43 I will listen NAMBLA again another product that I used in my long wear makeup tutorial this is it tarts shape tape I have a really Creasy under eyes if I also with powder they will crease but now with this concealer this concealer I can apply a and not set with powder right away in it barely creasing his so if you have a problem with Creasy not greasy Creasy under eyes she tape is your best friend next up I wanna talk about the Smashbox a photo finish primaries there if you have dry skin like I do and you find that your make up looks it dry and cracked as the day goes on this is going to help to prevent that because it is so high trading yet extremely light weight and I look up some information on it because I had been using it but didn't really know I anything about the park itself and it does give you 24 hour hydration eyes so if your dry skin tight out it says it's also good for oily skin combo skin basically all skin types ... this I guess trade out of your oily and see if it works for you because I do know I've heard people say that the reason your skin gets really oily is because it's dry it's trying to compensate for how dry it is so give it a try and see if it works and I play all over and I don't find myself I mean I think this foundation on for a few hours now and I played this all over and I don't see myself getting really just yet so different give it a try even if your oily skin care I wanted you a separate video on its skin care items that I have now added to my skincare routine my skincare routine is still the same as my last video but I've added a few items here and there including these that rubber masks by a doctor Jerry I feel good I did a lot of doctor Jack products into my skin care routine just because they're so good and I feel like they're a little more intense than a drug Alvania as I looked on Dallas it but they're still just as gentle and I just I love doctor products so this is definitely my favorite mask at the moment the rubber masks and they come in different formulas is hydration lover there's bright lover from lover and clear skin lover I don't really use bright skin lever just because I use a lot of other vitamin C. products but fiducial lover from lever and clear skin lover are a must have especially before a big event and they just you see a difference when you take the mask off and that's usually a how I judge a mask inviting a mask off and my skin still looks super dryer looks exactly the same as before but the mask on it's a no go for me but these you see a physical difference we take the mask off your skin looks more plant in radiant and how great it is just it's a good mouse and the last bike I have here is actually not make up or skin care it's a nail Polish I never talk about nail Polish probably because my natural nails have been so messed up for so long that I haven't been doing anything to them but this is a low or early breathable it treatment plus color nail Polish and that this is the shade nursing nude I love it because I feel like it enhances the look of my nails it makes them look at healthy and pretty I had on my nails right now as you can see ... ME does a really short right now they're still really fragile from doing gel manicures gel manicures really mess up your natural nails and so this sort of disguises any damage on your nails the color just I don't know just perfects the look of your nails without actually adding a US solid now plus on top because this is here the formula is also suppose to help strengthen your nails and help them grow faster back I haven't really noticed that aside from I just like the way makes my nails look so if you've been wondering what now Polish I hide only nails for the past 0 videos if this guy and did that completes my favorites videos and let me know if any of these caught your eye if you've tried them what are some of your favorites because I love checking out some of the guys recommendations some of your recommendations have actually become a favorites of mine as well as a condom below on any of your favorite products that you think I should check out and of course like to subscribe hit the notification bell and I will see in the next one bye guys //
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Long Wear Foundation Routine | Event Makeup | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys I welcome back to my channel I am so excited and I said I know what I mean videos back I'm so citing a because I'm so mean to my new camera is finally came in and this is the first of 2 oil I still mean sense forever it's been a long time and so pushes radio it's gonna be cuddling the because there was just a lot of information I felt like throwing into this video since I'm just excited to be recording I tasted oil is going to be on a long wearing a vent make out the so you could technically I do this luck were the foundation portion for bridal make up or just any day when you know you're gonna be wearing make up for a long time and trust me I have tried others foundation routine in the past they want it for longer than I should have maybe like 8 to 12:00 hours in it has stayed put and as for the actual make at this is the luck that I wore to you does the NPT is a launch party with a dozen colors this past Saturday if you fall now such an Instagram you've already seen this because you guys are requested a to toil for a few are falling there go ahead and check me out click on this are no I'm pointing at it baby don't want me there go ahead and give me a follow and let's just jump right into it shall we summertime right to the tutorial and I'm sure you guys when I used to prop my skin today I used my favorite lala retro whipped cream by drug elephant and for an eye cream I been using this new one from the least and I really love it it's super creamy and really hydrating and super super soothing and it works great underneath makeup especially if you have a really dry and guys I highly recommend it now to pry my skin I'm gonna be using this new smash box photo finish primer right there I open this in my unboxing video and I've been using it for a while now while I was waiting for my new camera come in and I really like it definitely trying to forget your specific skin concerns for me either to get really dry if I leave make up on all day and then my foundation looks really dry and cracked especially around this area and I get a little oily almighty's open up to the point where bothers me I kinda like looking a little weary but if you are more towards the oily side and you find it are breaking up your make up then I would use a primer to help troll the oil on the one I use use got discontinued cell can recommend anymore they do love the the urban decay and this is in the urban decay dislike prime I've used in previous videos I only applied to the teens on when I want a little extra oil control but it does a really good job at filling import is it is on the heavier side sigh would only apply it where needed not we all over it interface anyway after prime eyes are gonna go ahead and likeable pumps of this all over the face it is a very fluid it's not like at all we why like it's very hydrating and it does the job without feeling the gavel on the skin and for a foundation of using the do your star foundation let me just tell you guys at this foundation has been tested because I wore it this one day in particular where I had events all day long starting really early in the morning going into the evening and I knew what I was gonna be able to come home it to touch my make up re do it it was going to be on my face all day long essentially and the last event of the day was at 9:00 PM I met up with all my friends they were like your foundation still looks really good considering you've had on all day I was like I've had it on for like 12:00 hours or something something crazy like that I never wear my foundation or my make up for that long and ... even when I got home I was like I even want to wash off it looks really good and my skin had gone a little oily but to the point where it looks nice it didn't luck it would do we it didn't look overly oily self I love this foundation because it has been tested and it lasts so I'll be using this for today I'm gonna go ahead and apply with the B. blunder I might have to mix in she number 41 just a dark it up a bit because I do have a little bit of a 10 going something out a little bit this darker shade but not too much they're going moving on to concealing highlighting I have gone back into shape tape I loved it when it first came out and then I just I play with other concealers and forgot about this line and I was really frustrated with how Creasy my under eyes have been getting lately I don't know if it's because I've been a little more sweaty because of summer and how hot he is and no matter how much power I would send my under eyes with they would still crease all that you know it's time to bust out a sheet he began and I forgot how amazing this concealer is it is literally budge proof full coverage it does increase if you have really Creasy under I've like I do this will be your best friend I had recommended and I use the shade like media mogul heading uses to highlight and conceal I've been into using a little less concealer so star a young in a corner in just like it this way add a little right here in tiny built to keep his bow in a smidge right here and that's it I also I almost forgot I also take the alarm is the secret camouflage concealer in the shade asks me for because I really like the orange correcting sheet on this site and I just pick it up with a finger and cover up the dark spots before it went out these shape tape just so it doesn't show through when I planned out the sheep tapes and that is a lighter shade and want to look at a greater blotchy in that area of the orange a correcting concealer will help to for their covered at in other words I had them sent out a little more going this way just to make sure it covers up that correcting conceal I just used and then again be blunder and are not even though this was by Ofra I've been doing a for dirty like that isn't over sponge not be blunder I've really been loving it's all I've been using lately it's just really really soft and it feels a lot smoother than I'd be boundaries really like it summer go ahead implements al and I keep whatever's left over the sponge and then I add that to the forehead and any other areas that I think need a little more highlighting also I'm not wanting any of my concealer onto my eyelids because I am gonna be using a cream eyeshadow as maybes and when I I concealer to the leads are even foundation and then try going in with and I should appease like an eyeliner or AE cream eyeshadow it just creates a lot of bill that any can make eyes look really heavy songs that just work around the eye area and leave the actual the bear why I so I'm gonna be setting with powder and I'm gonna be using 2 different setting powders I've been using the Larmor say one underneath my eyes it just to further prevent creasing even though with the shape tape you barely crease out I'm this is just an extra precaution when you gonna be wearing your make up all day especially at a big event so I just take that same damn media blunder I mean I think I got it's empty let me grab another I have like the backups for this on so hold on let me get my other 1 so to apply the law mercy powder a user that seem at damp beauty blunder that I was using to apply my foundation I take the point 810 and I just press it right underneath the eyes it or even take this powder in pressing into my laugh lines and around the nose some not baking I'm not playing any excess powder answer really passing it in until it kind of disappears on the skin and then same thing with the last lines around the nose and then on the rest of the face and using the cover affects perfect setting powder the reason I'm using this line and not the Larmor see powder is because this one is a little more forgiving on the skin it isn't as a drying it doesn't contain talc was alarmist a one does which is why it does such a good job at setting because of that target just further locks everything employees and this one I feel like doesn't dry out your skin wise by applying the law receive one all over eventually also to feel really giant tape so to apply this powder I just take it proof this one 's from LH cosmetics I dipping into the powder like sieve and once you have a good amount powder on the proof you just do the slow motion to really work into the pool and then you just price and roll onto the skin is a very old school this technique has been around for ever they just really gets the powder into the foundation without messing it up an increase of really nice lately are powder verses of the sponge where you can get a little heavy handed with it and I cover my entire face with potter and before moving on to the eyes I'm going to go ahead and runs a little this is another old favorite the make up forever programs fusion I think during the movie I since I had with all my make up and we organize and get rid of old make that it reminded me of a lot of my old favorites so I seasons on all the time in my tutorials from the very beginning and I absolutely love it someone going a play this and if I need a little more all go back in at the end and add more bronzer but I was a tad bronzer before eyes because if not I focus on how flat and pale a look without a and actually in out a little bit of highlighter right now as well because I feel like it I would be using it master come by Maybelline you guys this hi Larry if you were obsessed with the glow down the eye shadow that I recommended in a previous video this is like the glow down at times 10 I mean first of all it's an actual highlighters so it's a giant but he just gives just gonna really nice away glossy luck and I'm just really impressed by this product someone going to play a little and then we're gonna go into I was okay so we also want to focus on making national last we want it to stay in place and not crease so when I have a base is really important and this is why I really love these magnetic mat I pencils by Newt stakes I would be using the Shea terra today because the look I'm doing is a more neutral and towards of the warm brown side citizen be perfect so I find this may lash line and blend it up towards the trees you can see doesn't have that much color to it but it's really make a difference when applying the shot on top going into this palette and abusing this shuttle right here as E. transition should enter for the planned out that cream eyeshadow some just plain is kind of the crease and just for the buffing out the edges of the cream eyeshadow I'm also going to be applying this to the lower lash line and anything that same brush I'm gonna pick up that darker shade right next to it and I play this to the internet are quitters creating sort of a spotlight and again also playing this shadow to the lower lashline to connect that color back up into the trees I was getting a larger flat the blending brash anima buff around the edges and on the center of the late I'm gonna be using this ideal do well by Joseph colors in the shade magic moments in this from them meant for you collection I'm gonna start with the cream eyeshadows items and pick it up with my fingertips swirling around in then the area that doesn't have any action I am going to press it on to that part I and the right after you apply the cream eyeshadow you can apply the pigment right on top again just using my fingertips so it's not like a perfect spotlight eyewear very center is highlighted adding that I should to the intern under a corner is just giving it that extra dimension versus just a street shimmery late and I really like that affect and I was driving that same brush that has the dark I shot on it in Buffy at the edges now I'm just taking this all consuming lighter by Lori L. it's still my favorite for clean that really old should dark and G. water high I don't know how long wearing it is I mean I worked all night and it didn't move it but I don't know if you were to cry if they would smudge my long wearing go to black eyeliner is of the mark Jacobs one which I will link below for you guys but for now I'm gonna go ahead and filling my water line upper and lower it with this guy and then with the brush of just letting out whatever eyeliner tickled over the water line you create a softer affect and and then I'm gonna load up on a ton of my Marc Jacobs don't they know why mascara at let it dry little bit pub on some lashes fill in my brows and then I'll be back to complete their slick and we're back now I'm gonna go ahead and finish Russell luck and to me to this day the long as a lasting blush are still the targets 12 hour blushes I'm gonna be using celebrated because it's like a muted pink and I go for a really at pinky nude lips so I like the blush in the lip to match gonna go ahead and just pop this on my cheeks and then notice I didn't add any mascara to my lower lashes just yet because I study the setting spray and I wanna finish with all the rest of the powder on my skin before doing that and if I spray while I have mascara my lashes is a disaster sideways weight told I'm done with the rest of the fees I also one out a little bit of a glow all over the face I'm gonna go in with this ambient lighting bronzer by our glass in the shade luminous bronze a light which is a very ... shivery bronzer little pop down to the forehead and apples in the cheeks and before I am a highlighter I wanna miss myself with this urban decay chill setting spray again urban decay also has the best settings phrase they are made in partnership with the scan to Navia which has always been like the holy grail bridal Micah setting spray so you know stuff works and I prefer chill because it's more so hydrating all later is also great I've used it before but it's like the fact that chill adds some Haitians amongst myself and then I eat high bit more of Maybelline's master come and to limit the highlight pop I like adding it when the skin is still a little tacky and wet from that sitting sprays so right now the pretty times in a pop a little more on the high points of the cheek and finally for the lead I'm using one of the new hourglass lipsticks in the shade the first time and it was an outline my lip with curvy it lip liner which is a part of the pilots that IE color pop collaboration ... and of course mascara on the lower lashes to complete the slick and with this fully brush I just left the lashes so they're not touching underneath that I and I also got someone that uses some powder from RCA in a just apply to the tips of that it doesn't transferred out the day and here is that the final luck I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I know it might of been lengthy and very talkative but again I'm just super excited to be back filming again with this new camera so coming down below on any request you I have I know I ask that of you guys a lot by this channel is for you I do this content for you guys so I was I check in and see what you guys wanna see so let me know in the comments section is video comes up if you enjoyed it subscribe hit the notification Bosnia Misao my future uploads and I was the next one bye guys //
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What is a Keratin Treatment? | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back this past week I went and got a keratin treatment for my first time ever I had never gone with them before nor do I really know what a keratin treatment was I thought it was the same thing as a Brazilian blowout turns out they're 2 completely different things will not completely different but different similar but different so I thought I would blog the entire process for you guys because I figured you guys would be interested in seeing what a curtain treatment is what it does special you have really thick curly coarse wavy textured hair like mine you might find is via hopeful so let's jump into the blog person all come back and talk to you about my experiences and how to take care with your team and what it is compared to a resilient not against that whatever the hair salon awaiting me go because if you've been to I have gone to with a full face makeup you know it's gonna get real and by I always ... run a clear brow gel to my eyebrows at him using the glossy boy Ralph kind of interesting who'd like a white the white car and you can see it a 3 part focus good see how it like a white creamy texture which is really interesting but it works makes about the caller was in a place so I'm gonna pop this into my brows or I'm gonna pop this eyebrows real quick and then head to the salon you see what the problem is the way it was highly parking can you look at the sign put on you never know where you can and cannot see that no press 10 no part 8 working day it's just nightmare anyway looking after this one right now service keratin treatment both so like if that were to be doing a keratin treatment today parents granted I don't assume I mean easier to that is a look at the hot Howie this the Boers you from the gym to go I think I saw that yesterday they're too busy doing what kind of a 30 year for I and we will see what it looks like it was the most flattering angle I think you know my son every 7 what are we doing there getting any delta yeah and all yeah I have I really want it only boils like do not hot yeah you're here with me you draw I mean toward the new style for some not forcing them into the slot today though yeah we violence even this is the case you see the why not no I that why currently and and while he also now we go through all okay so I'm glad I never got a flat iron are it's a win over that Beyonce they went in Serbia on fame you thank you don't like me for that okay do you know you're not my man I cannot give me what and going to ninja right here while I think I can go on the road with you and be your videographer now you I have my hair I really love it I had looked at this it's great mood 2 out I gotta go I'm gonna get going and you're shitting me I call them when I parked here I knew that's gonna happen Allah so like I mentioned in the beginning of the video this is a 5 to 6 days driving down the keratin treatment and after the first time washing it and I know that sounds discussing but my hair is so dry it honestly take so long for it to actually look we we in 30 so I can go about a week without washing my hair any dry shampoo is my best friend ... but I can really extended not washing my hair because one of video on that maybe like a weekly of log of me not washing my hair and seeing how I keep up with it still looking at a fraction clean out let me know I can do that for you guys thinking that would be a fun video to shoot yeah so this is ... the first time I've seen the care Tenchi men are my hit my natural hair after the treatment and I can definitely see a difference it is still we'd be ... and it's gone natural texture however there is a lot less rate is and the ways are as deep which I actually like because I want to further enhance the ways I could just grab a curling iron into that myself verse is trying to loosen up curls to match the ways with us my hair this to me is a lot easier the one major difference for me is I it dried extremely fast before if I don't own this video I was like okay I have to set aside the entire day to wash my hair and let it dry before I can sit down with them and show you guys my results and I was shocked my hair dried in a bow you know altogether maybe like 5:00 hours normally went awry air dry my hair it takes 8 to 12:00 hours it's a little early and all the process because my hair is so thick and it is the drive it nicely in really quickly which to me was amazing because my dream has always been to be able to go to the beach or the pool I'm going to water and get out and have it air dry beautifully and quickly is so die is a really nice change for me and enough to answer some questions that I had when I went to the salon that I'm sure you guys will have as well my first big question was what is the difference between a keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout so the major difference between the 2 is that a Brazilian blowout will change the texture or the finish of your hair it'll be more towards the street side versus a keratin treatment that I still maintains your natural here's textures of yeah curly hair with the cats and humane you'll still have curly hair when it air dries the Brazilian your hair will most likely be waves are a little more towards the street side verses of the calls that you normally and the other major difference between the 2 is that a Brazilian blowout actually releases more from now the high into the air versus a keratin treatment so formaldehyde I'm not exactly sure how to explain it to you guys my Google search says from all the height is a colorless strong smelling gas used in making building materials and many household products it is you've impressed what products such as particle board ply wood and fiberboard who's in it he says permanent press fabrics and stir in insulation materials so it's not a good gas by any means keratin treatments just released a lot less of it which by the way is why you saw me wearing that facemask as well as the neck and shot him in the log that was just to make sure that you are inhaling and too much of this gas backyard into that release as much of the Brazilian a Brazilian tends to release a lot more now just remember a long time ago there was a huge warning put out about Brazilian blowout in how they where I'm really how serious are dangerous because of the amount of formaldehyde at the release into the air so just be aware that ... if you do decide to get either team and just make sure that whatever someone you go to they're practicing ... really safe hair treatments what are the other question that I asked a lot while in the salon was can you get your hair colored when you have a keratin treatment and I asked Nick if he said it's best to color your hair before a keratin treatment because a keratin treatment will actually lock in your hair color make it last longer ... beaded necessarily say you could end to do carry 10 after you decide it's better to die before a keratin saw further elaborate on that in the comment section was asked him some more questions what else that I want to mention so it should last you can get 6 months I don't remember if I already said that ... die someday I could totally keep up with it we can give me ... these results that can make my hair dry faster and help with the phrase I am willing to do what she meant that will last 3 to 6 months when he sent me to 6 initially argument 3 to 6 weeks now like now to get into making an expensive and I'm not gonna come back and do that let's cut my hair it's a too much but 36 months is a really long time and that means he would only technically need to care and treatments a year in order to have amazing results so to me that's what bet and then the other thing I want to mention ... is post here so I can get your care to team and the one major thing that neck emphasize was to make sure you're not using any products that contain sulfates which is a form of salt I saw your everyday of something like that I also had a Google that was my best friend who will everyone's best friend if you don't know anything always when in doubt Google it but saw essentially or so faith in your shampoo to strip your hair a lot quicker of any treatments here dies ... hair oils and that's where a lot of times out people with color treated hair don't use products that contain sulfates or a lot of products that ... prolong your hair color or maintain your hair color don't contain filthy so he really emphasizes that in order to ... prolong my treatment and have it last longer than 3 months he said do not use sulfate products so today when I washed my hair I use parts from the wage and I can tell I because I remembered from when I did a Facebook alive with the brand their main thing was that none of their products contain sulfates they are absolutely against the faith they don't include in any other products though I knew that that was easy option for me to use in my hair and I think that pretty much covers everything or at least all the major points that I wanted to go over with you guys of course if you have any additional questions that we know in the comments section and I'll make sure to text and Nick about it because like I mentioned this is my first time getting a keratin treatment and I was really I'm familiar with the process before and some still learning along with you guys so coming down below any questions that you might think of as watching this video and yeah I really really love the with the stream it has been in my hair on his sleeve just pocketed tried so quickly I can only imagine how nice it would be to blow dry my hair I could be the next follow up is was like to actually blow dry my hair after a keratin she met but I'm loving it I love the results I would totally do another one and keep doing them if it means faster drying time and less for is style I hope that this video was informative I hope you enjoy that I'll let me know if on the comment section as well and I will see in the next one bye guys //
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PR Unboxing and More! Ft. my dog Meeka | Melissa Alatorre
\\ironically took some aesthetic issues except for 3 it doesn't hold the back of a channel is a completely different set up than what you normally see ... so let me get you guys up to speed on what's been going on so I had sort of a lack of media does not only because of moving traveling but I've also had a ton of issues with the camera I normally record with them yet she set the camera down because mounting tired magazine by the way she's gonna helps me a little Vanna white ha you hear it so I'm having a lot of issues with the camel and only record with so right now I'm filming on a brain you can write off for logging sound not sure what the quality or sound might be like on today's video but really care I kinda want to do more spontaneous type videos ones that seem a little less produce I think I'd have been stuck in a rut recently I'm the only videos where I sit on film I saw him doing the same so this is kind of my stepping outside my comfort zone and doing other type of content shooting other videos for you guys so let's give it a try today opponents have to you know that and before I left home to the Hamptons which I just got from ... this weekend I had filmed 3 videos in preparation for me being out of town and all of them had it sound issues accordingly we have not been my friend everything's been going on not about me good or anything but I've been trying ... and one of the videos was this massive unboxing because ... during the move like saying it would be easier to leave everything packaged in a box say in a video when I moved into my new place which is where I'm coming right now and that was one of the video the hat sound issues he didn't blush master chroma teletypewriter master bronze in in that video anything that weighs additional or extra night already hi my own collection I decide to throw that into a giveaway arms like some of those items also into it and it is media but ... how did the same thing with his video I have all these boxes and all these boxes back here that need to be a box ... from this week and I thought why not just a box in there like I had which is what it's going before I get the video Isola say ... this is an incredible part of my job I am so thankful for this ... before when I was with I think it was a constant struggle to keep my make up kit that I would use on others I am from a make it gave it was a constant struggle to keep it fully stocked I would ... do a gig and then use that money to go 5 or make up to replenish my cat and I was always struggling and I didn't have this is not a make up nowhere near it out whatever was in my kit was all I had and I would sometimes even though in my own personal make up that I use on my self into my case even now you know not solicit you that make up artist you can make it work ... so it is incredibly rewarding for me to be able to get back to you guys and also to donate these items to people in need of donated before to Becky's house in San Diego which is any organization that ... helps too and get women who have been in abusive relationships back on their feet on as per my philanthropy back when I was in a sorority in college yes so those really gonna get back because before I used to hold on to make out ... as a house ever gonna get anymore so it's really rewarding for me to get back so anyway none of the blood being less I'm Bob please show me let's do it me fairly open neither the homeobox thieves who may Vanna white starting with the smallest nbae Loria ... in here we have some new lipstick 712 at Max mandate was just lucky that we go shall we one of Sheila maxillae in love and a 100 math at the house his name's on this is a very good one to this with a little more shared that all Thier completely math formulas Canada reach up top for this next the H1N1 it says ... meeting now and know it's from a color pop introducing the 12 essential brushes that you create a full face of ground keenness okay for me it looked like all I do all fiber brushes Nothingface precious my rushes all together there's 12 everything he said it comes in cut public like is becoming a familiar products and I really love how affordable they are usually not everything about him you know if he would like to have that clear from alarming Felix opening up in okay for this card say you will is that we hope you love our how America protects broad spectrum SPF 30 for added protection from the summer sun and Iranians for extra do we skins you create your flawless face some assuming there is an FPF when you I and so we had the fees eliminator in here I believe objection the motion is I knew I already have the is so I would definitely throw these in addition to the other giveaway we have the pretext foundation primary and is the radiance primer I only have the media's primary but I have yet to try the protect primers so in another radiance one to give way for them to hang on to this protection we are some are and I love my SPF because I said it before but I have so many sunspots that as PF is that that's right and also in here we have a more face illuminators we have seduction and indiscretion and know what a specialist like most of the sun that I do not remember who of him acting on his own to myself because nothing ever seen him before I ever had the other colors not the phone it's like a perfect Beijing need cold highway slightly pink the last thing we have here is the mat radiance bait powder which also has 17 days but he gave him a lot of good luck received however found precious what next one we have this black box that I'm not sure who it could be from the president of the label off and put anything on your back from this is crap stake above NTIA what do we have here at 83 codes kabuki 3 need HP Max kooky right now one castoff say I really love that her stuff everything I use from I mean the life what do you what they've got going on the super cute bad I can give you the way as well because I too many items the point where again I use to collect all of them and they realize I don't need 100 of these little by theme other soapy to fall I love going the minute giveaway on along with the make up so I think you're going to give away the night is the key I mean I love looking at yeah and if everything is I love the drums as your product because it's the one thing that I don't like to go out and buy ... because I'm about you guys make it really paranoid if one of my troubles I items only has enough for one or 2 washes away to you says so then I will bring that one with me on a long trip album by some more and then before 100 little shampoo conditioner that we have what it's you uses it left it for wasteful and I call them like I keep all of them so this is really cool we have much of that little trouble saved items daycare mast the blow dry cream always can use those ... to some Washington conditioner is this is really really awesome think clearly because I say with a phony use all of these on my next trip will take them with me this 1 here says open by July 2950 is it this funding going and I have a feeling you're gonna get lucky with this one too because like I mentioned I've recently came back from a trip on the Hamptons the with me for you to help all of their goodies that trip was amazing you know I'm hoping that'll plug up soon from the trip because it was so often I'm everyone to chat with you guys some hoping I can get that and next after this video maps metallics gloss over my all day on between they've had your pal with one of the one of our 100 clicks additional lipsticks one on the whole this is the key with the little bracelet with a little limp on it with ... the queue and then I think nearly half then you metallic lipstick from Eveline again I really think like 2 or 3 separate these some of the songs for you guys title at the I usually like going from the smallest to largest package calling Christmas you know never the for the biggest one birth most of the people if that's a shame because the wedding ring fifth hour glass emails me a good one in here I just love all the gorgeous images at bay ponies info sheet solicit called confession ultra slim high intensity refillable lipstick that's interesting see you can refill it's patently so this gold piece right here if we hold the lipstick enough wife refillable says these are just refills of the color is ... into a given mission the and I'm sure I was and let's just insert this one into the little gold piece that is refillable and so it looks like with the ace you just take off the bottom of her and then you insert this into the peace the house like that little bit of black white young and 7 and 8 and then you could say that and that is your lipstick well did I'm Marc things make me hungry a very academic also break moving on to the next one right this one is from a kit summer though on this is actually the song right on the occasions then the only place I've ever done official from it never got right so we have Kate plus spared so we have a pair of super cute Sonny's live straight he's on I'm always down for my sunglasses I also have a lot of fun damage on me I as well as making you can tell I just do not know anything about find out it's going up so I wear sunglasses an SPF every time I walk out the door even if it's just for a few seconds and the new products in here we have the new wrinkle worrier I Java you head is gonna try this new IP with you would actually look like okay so I'm the boxes with the AP looks like it's really cool flick packaging actually I see how opinion theme okay so it is like a gel I cream doesn't come in here without but I'll give it a try I think almost tell immediately my friend I can because I overheard me if I'm to be sensitive to it or not then this other one is the kick some of all explicate glow moisturizers so keep some of though is that I really want known for explicate where her back the layers of clothes and explicate Wilson assuming the same exfoliating moisturizing right and it looks you know lately didn't look too heavy atom there thought to give some to try as well I stop using my right name now during summer because right they make your skin extremely sensitive because it causes ... it said shed at a more rapid peace and regenerate itself though and as I'm using it for summer because I see that with the bottom burning turned bright red suddenly been exfoliating and except for like later in the week summer try this as my format exposed explication I'm gonna try this as my form of exploitation one of these days all I can give this to me gun because we set of his coming screaming when I think you want if you want you can you can have it delivered her in the first trailer go in here we have a bunch of the violence Boston glitter and we'll have the violin Abbas pro highlighting powder is costing you I haven't seen this before let's open it up and see what because look like right to these other 3 color is looking at them this is the one that I would use these 2 are too dark from even though they don't look at dark on here and just watch on my hands we can look at the color give me excuse me perhaps I your point alright next up we have another one from tripod movie effect with any other pop has come out with Fuhrer the person who's right because they're so affordable I'm always curious but this one family does not have a price point they normally have been on those I'm absolutely Islamist watch all the colors for you guys but they've got a really good coverage not to have me not to drying ... your ear is a blocking my camera for it was a big mistake and pick one up next meeting in on the fun nbae one of the old Hey knock knock knock describe the crackers from key Australia says more than excited to share our key X. Kylie press kit with you includes all styles in the car in terms of say that it would appear that was really I've only been the you know if you know me because feel like the cat eyes one except one piece of hair so badly but he hit a federal not the villages were so beautiful ... while you travel on this from these are really cool interesting not and the other one that was eyeing online every like hot so you first summer I love these in great Italy he'll likely combine the agreement with them to the concert but is a kind of big ha again very lady Gaga I think I'll wear a pair in I'll have my sister work here because we are going to every legal concert together in Hawaii whom I like about this pair these are so interesting this change I think what they're just so different wonder when the hurting good shape the olive green this is doubly my hair apparent collection I just like they're very summer very retro I haven't alpha in mind that I can wear these with already if they're so cute needed anyone have American hello holds up she doesn't care okay moving onto the next box thing he's a meticulous was so sweet so nice and good luck with the book if I think really really cool we have this bag of the rock and roll hall and it's like a little match drawstring bag and it is a Frontenac close nnova beach Albert makes for summer I never liked the way I look in baseball caps and if I don't have the right face shape right or something are they had Anna and all this is for this little ballot the coming here called prissy if prince says I'm and let's see what we have in here pull this one super heavy I was not expecting that super excited for this line this is the primary if there is a primer plus moisturizer in one let's go ahead and swatches really cool packaging god is good it really does can I can I open I just picture me that opening up the faggot going everything from the beginning I he anyway I didn't look like the you'd want to dedicate a review for right or at least you would want to see me that nobody else let me know if you're interested look like a foot from benefit just from the case and here we have at the browser by will care love how creative brands get way these packages you have in there best route 5 if you watch me do to oils you know I've been obsessed with ready set brow I cannot live without her brow gel is I have in my browser now I just really love the way back specific brash separates me from here to make them look ... a lot more natural after filling them in maybe we have high brow to make our brows center Israelis a brown 34 hour invisible shaping and setting down her brows week if if is this ready to crown compete noses differences 24 hour row center is clearly because of the scene hi I wanted to change the name of it got that and we have everything over here to come around browsing and yeah I have a lot of these items some I have backups before someone include some of these and we had enough there Smashbox box the movie doesn't exist beyond those kind of all over the place hopefully with editing it doesn't seem so they can bring that we can only go on my father when you tell me we have it looks like he fell asleep this is the always on a liquid Hey I haven't tried slash fox ... Smashbox is liquid lipsticks to answer and I don't think anything on here about sending the fact I'm assuming that this is for this call in a little info cutting hair I'm assuming that they're doing what they did last time the Senate envelope like this where you could ... sent back and use publicly would donate to a charity of your choice and when the trains on there is just like a key house which I've donated to before and thinking well I think that that is so cool that Smashbox the thing is I think it's really cool to give back when we work in this industry we were also fortunate to get stood before her so much make up you know we started with Lori L. wheat and with Maria defense hubby summer in celebration of the scenes and please enjoy some of our favorite brand new Hughes recession aside to share your vision of course smashing through our copyright award winning color each collection and hope you enjoy testing them out right guys that concludes this unboxing I have like a huge mass everywhere I really hope you enjoyed it of this video was kind of all over the place and totally different from what I normally do but again I'm going to be a little more spontaneous with my videos in not having feels that produced obviously make it the toils and and videos are a little more informative rule be more produce in my studio by ice definitely once again more blogging anymore on on the go videos like this and yeah I hope you have enjoyed it let me know what you thought number show you guys the other items that are gonna be good this giveaway because your Nissan this video on all the items that were additional bit like I mentioned I had previously tried filming this video and I have a ton of stuff to give away so industry that will I this the yeah all the rules I had and she will be in the description box make sure to check out before you guys ask me any questions them on to you guys read it and now we're back in the media room now still kinda mass but it's coming together I will give you guys a room tour as soon as it's ready and I think I've done enough clapping for today so I hope it isn't in this video give it a like share subscribe all that good stuff in it with the you an excellent bye guys this is the aftermath after IBM boxy a medic in this up right now because colleges queens living in today and I manage to mess it up well something //
"2017-07-23 18:02:07"
Skin Prep Routine Before a BIG Event | Tweezerman x Huda Beauty | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back at today's video is it to be done with absolutely no make up on what you see is what you get and I promise you I am not sweaty I just have a ton of skin care on and that is because today I'm gonna be sharing with you my straight out of the shower slash a bent Pratt routine there's a routine that I like to do one to 2 times a week or whenever I have a big event coming up to get my skin makeup ready so insurance I have the absolute best makeup application for whatever it is that I am doing and today's video is in partnership with Weezer Matt out about you guys back I thought I grew up with this brand I remember always picking up all my essentials like tweezers scissors brow raiser is from tweezerman some really excited to partner with such a classic brand and I hope you guys are excited as well so if you're interested and want to see what my routine is keep on watching RMI jump straight into it I like doing this routine is straight out of the shower on clean and dry skin so before any skin care is added same thing with the body I like to do this before I had any body lotions that way I'm also working with clean dry hands and I was out with the browser for some to dip into the to the man who would be the collection and I wish you guys the little I make a pouch that comes in the collection it's a pair of the lips very good of beauty and also included in this collection are a magnifying mirror a pair of the brow grooming scissors large slant tweezers a small slant tweezers and east bully rash and the present I dealing with this man over here to make it easier to do this tutorial and the president do is Grumman my brow here's upwards and that way I can get a sense for what needs to be ttuisd shaped trams all that good stuff and normally out of habit with my spleen brushes you can see this one straight I usually just go a little banged I don't know why I just like doing that and then I just grew by brushed the back of his all the way up I recently whomever else they're not too crazy but they can always use a little of me so once I brushed off the bow here's up I can see what actually needs to be to ease some I got my magnifying mirror to really help me out and see all the little hairs I have a large mirror here in this works for general shaping and really just by looking at your brows from a Florida beach at their even but this is great for grabbing all the little tiny hairs around the browse some gotten the large pair of slant tweezers and I'm gonna start going in and getting rid of any of those little hairs I have gone out underneath the brown and then for the tops of the browsing to do the same thing you want to brush the brow hairs down see you can see what has gone out and once you're done with that you wanna breast about his back out because we're gonna going to trimming next a you never want to trim underneath the bra you wanted to stream on top to get that with the clean sharp left I'm gonna grab in the brow grooming scissors next I really like browsers at how this shape the kinda look like a swan to me at least a look of someone facing upward but the reason I like them is because the house is really flat side that you can lay against the skin to get a really nice even tram so you won early this is there's flat against the skin angle underneath the brow hairs the access them all underneath just the very tip of the ballots in Gil Motrin for me it's always the ends of my bows I get a little crazy that will and that is if the browse moving on it tuition in the face next I do have an entire dedicated video on this topic however one thing has changed in that video I used a cooking oil to help with the slip and the shaping of the face ... but a lot of you advice in the comments section not to do that because it can further clogging pores so now I just do it on clean and dry skin I don't use any thing to help with the shaving and to share the space someday be using another trees around tool this is not part of the hood MPD collections is just something that I picked up I ask my local drugstore in the skin care tools section this is the brow shaping razor and these are great because they fold so you can pack them with you to go I usually have one in my to go skin care bad when I'm traveling Oregon to be doing up project outside of my own filming room because I don't know what it is but I always a notice whenever I'm in the car on the way it to whatever it is I'm gonna be doing that my stashes Gronau maybe have a little excess a unibrow hair and these really come in handy when you need a little clean up because it's ... you have felt very thing when I was someone else doing your make up and I notice mare that the stash is like out in full force and I didn't even notice that he's always come in handy as I was gonna pop this open and give it my stash or trimming wishing guys how do it on dry skin so clean dry skin others no slip to it so use wanna pull back the skin and shave in the downward motion I never go against the grain I feel like that because a lot more texture and could possibly lead to ingrown hairs so just go down where and get the entire stash we also make this faith to really get in a in a corner if I needed you that's the face that's great too if you need it for the shape of browsing can go ahead and shoot down would just be careful pay really close attention to not sheer bra it's working little motions right before you get to the end of the browse all you do here's a look a lot cleaner when I do my make up my brown's this next that is by far the most satisfying to me at least I would be using this tool also because a man I'm easy for the past year I feel thing of it is when I got a look at it is the I call it the black had a white had killer but it's called the no slip the skin care tool and it's a dual and data one side has a flat loop more black and removal and on the other side is an eagle the wire which is for white had removal so before I discovered this tool ICB very guilty at picking out my skin a very aggressively with my fingertips removing blackheads and whiteheads which leads to even more breakouts because you have bacteria on your hands and you can also ... because where you can pop a blood vessel or on your nose if you're really aggressive at your fingertips so this tool is a much better option and ever since I discovered this too I only use this to pick at my black and white heads I don't use my fingers anymore and if you have never used to like this I'm sure you guys how so what you do and this works S. specially gray after the shower when it's a little the knee and your skin is a little noise in the shower I just feel hate the black heads easily are removed it when your skin has that texture to it right now more so to strike because I'm filming it might be derailed but post shower in the bathroom what's the catch so for the white heads I'm a teac less side that isn't flat that's more like around the wire and I think I mean sorry guys on how that many white has right now but I usually wake up with you know a couple straight white hats on my face but what you do is you just press it down on the white had so this one right here press it down and you just see all the gunk come out of the White had without you having to aggressively pop the way had I have one right here on this site may news where is it man it's so satisfying you can hear pop the Glock in the way I had is gone for the black heads you take the flat side and again this stuff works we better in the shower you hold the nose back in you all you do is is a collide the flat side along the nose and you can just see all of that nasty stuff coming at you knows it's so satisfying to he very just go all the way up and it now that I'm done nitpicking how may face on my final step in my routine is E. mask when that is hiding in soothing especially after all those ... extractions and keeping the face I don't want anything ... that has like acids in and nothing that is a frightening or exfoliating because I thought that'll further aggravate my skin I really love the rubber masks by Dr Jerry and they have a budget of from ones depending on what your concern is or what you're trying to target I'm gonna be using a clear skin lever it's my favorite one and I just notice a difference like take these masks off my skin feels very high dated very plump they also have ... bright skin lover from love where Haitian lover then I'm gonna go with this one today so I'm gonna go ahead and pop this on me to put my very attractive headband on ferries that doesn't get me here can you first use a little Sam that comes in the pod your plight all over and then you put the rubber mask on which to me is that very soothing part of it and he lets it between and you can over here again ready to rob a bank the a this mask terrifies me guys went to give her a hug and she was just a okay it's between that's only going to take this off that is fine the way this feels so satisfying was it a the mask off I just further work that serum into this again in just luck how bomb the skin looks my skin feels so good so plump and moisturizes you see it feels QC okay that completes my routine now just finish it off with an I cream and strays they're gonna be using the water fuse hydro see the ideal woman to go head to head to the ice first and then for the moisturizer I was going to be using ... the moisturizer from the same collection and this is the water fuse automate hydrogel and I keep both of these products in the fridge set their icy cold it just feels really see them laughter mask after you get into a routine out of the shower feels incredible alright guys and that completes the maestri out of the shower slash of bands practice routine again if you're doing this prior to an event make sure to do at least one to 2 days before especially if you're gonna be shaving your skin or doing any extractions because you want to give your skin a time to heal you don't apply ... any make up or anything like that immediately after she being or doing extractions because of the make up can easily go into the pores and cause even more breakouts so give a little wiggle room if you have a big event coming up especially if it's something like your wedding day but this is definitely everything that I would do I promise you your makeup will look so good I love the women make up looks one to 2 days after units routine the foundation goes on so smooth powder is a detective all the brows look sharp and clean I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful if you have any questions at all make surely them down below and I will answer them as best they can make sure to check out the to the man who'd be collection and of course like share subscribe identification bell and I will see in the next one bye guys //
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Glossy "Wet" Eye Look with NO Creasing and NO lipgloss | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back to my channel and the my new beauty room I am so excited to be filming in this and you space is the first time I'm coming in here and for some of you who have been with me since the day one this backdrop is probably bringing back a lot of memories because I have the same it trinkets that I had I am a backdrop for my first ever videos of the Chanel skateboard the coffee table Bucks though alpaca and llama this is this is a new my sister brought back from Peru it's so cute just I would know him in there ... BLME knowing I think at this with me for now my chin up from here Kyle's home how many of the videos but anyway for today's editorial I wanted to show you guys how you can get a glossy affect without actually using a gloss on the eyelids because anytime I have done a glossy I make a plug on Instagram I get a ton of questions asking does it creates the does the last does it get messy in the answer is always yes it is a messy is that like you can do a doubling of it last but if you like I can hear a fact that it works but it's definitely not an everyday he wearable left side I would show you guys how you can create that fact just using eye shadow so he is interested in YC how I got this I make a black people watching alright first thing we're gonna do is apply a cream I show to the land and I mentioned these in my last video I cannot say enough good things about them the quickly became a favorite prior to mine these are the magnetic mat I color pencils and by Newt steaks and the reason I love them so much is because I think they are incredibly easy to work with their super creamy but they don't crease when you punch a late it's the looks like skin if they don't pick up or get really thick like a lot of other creamy hydroponics do some are going to play this I don't have any foundation my eyelids which is really important because I can also lead to creasing so I did apply my foundation and concealer back I just sort of tough to the edges and lately blended them in but left the entire island bear with no fans and I'm using the color think today because I want to go more towards the ones make sure you do one eye at a time so does have accounts tests and dry down and just played really close to the lashline and then slowly when he awakens looking after exocrine really confusing affecting shadow we can only see on this site scouts that looks like skin do not look at him a heavy cream eye shadow on the lid out I also have my face highlighter on his brow bone no I did that I think those are you working on the skin I say to finish it and by the way I will include all the products on the skin in the description box as well and if you need to you can just take your finger tip and went up the edges and obviously we have foundation on and we're playing a cream products of associate Kiki and is under edge blend in this direction instead of verses out this late blended towards the cream product that we are not I disrupting her that foundation conciliar have on you can also grab a face powder I used the longer see one today and go around the edges with that as well did to soften up the edges of the cream eyeshadow now to get that wet glossy effect on the eyelids without using an actual class you want and I shudder with the specific finish I would be using it these color pop eye shadows as a reference seniors can see the difference so do you see this I had a look in the corner and this one here this one is more of like a Metallica shuttling the pressed pigment you can see the reflecting gives a little more chunky whereas the other ones down here give off more machine I mean this amount ones mixed into here as well we just get this one right here see health like a very reflective but not chunkier glittery finish that is what you want and you can really use whatever color it is that you want depending on the look you're going for so I'm going more for E. what's bronzy like so the shuttle many youth is you know the drill animus which I think is yes concede that color and the reflect on skin first before I apply to me night okay so here's a swatch of the eye shadow you can see it has a really nice and smooth out to see our houses that glossy finish hi shine hi reflex but not glittery that's what you want so I'm gonna take my finger tip of I should have wiped it off committees and he okay I was going to use a fingertip to press it over the center of the eyelid enemies of brush to defuse elsewhere some just working my finger into the eye shadow and then I'm gonna press a over the center of the lake and with that same brush of using earlier I'm gonna buy from the edges that we you can't tell where the powder eyeshadow and and most of the shadow seizing the center and you can add more as you pointed out we keep it mostly concentrated on the center of the island your fingers work best for this because of the really price the eye shadow in and smoothing out you saw how when I did the swatch I had a smooth out to get that nice reflected that nice smooth finish you think it works best because he's not brash to defuse the edges and then when I touch the lower lash line we're just going to focus on that actual I live from here and to add a little more dimension like a glossy I would have I'm gonna take another I shudder with the same finish that's a little bit lighter and apply it right to the center of that I up against the light shines in just the tiniest amount this is another color pop a shadow it's called the ringer and against knees my fingertips in a hurry they are the center sorry dummies when middle finger closes to the lashline it's going to give even more of a class and again seem brash about the edges do you guys see the glossy this happening to see it it to me this looks classy and I wore it are aware this look to winning the other day and at night my eyes it definitely looked glossy which is what sparked the idea for this tutorial and through like the fact that this gives it it's so simple not to further intensify the glossy effect I'm gonna miss myself with a fix plus any facial missed facial spray fittings great should work for this that because I have to be fixed last as long as there is meant for me that don't use water had so concentrate more so on the eyes be sure that the mist is hitting the eye area so do this before mascara are also William asking now I'm going to go in with a little more of my fees highlighter as an interpreter Hey late this is starburst by CRT actually really like this from a first impressions video I like the finishing gives me really pretty just along the inner corners and then to complete the luck comes in at mascara I haven't been into wearing false lashes lately they've really been hurting my eyes but that's okay because I have been lobbying in this market of mascara it's nothing you have had it for awhile I just never thought to use it it's that velvet no are major volume mascara eye and it works could someone a pile that on my upper lashes and amber my lower lashes amusing lifted by targets the only one that doesn't transfer underneath my eyes especially right now during summer summer to go ahead and do that and we are the one more thing I just thought of because I was wiping away the mascara like on my eye shadow and to fix a or 2 regions by the eye shadow I came up with another check to further intensify the glossy effect so I took a little pencil eye shadow brush and I picked up the lighter shade that's right at the last thing on the center the lit I picked it up I sprayed it with the fix was and I reapplied it right that cynical it and it made the look even more classy is so try that as well if you feel like you're looked is it coming out as classy as you'd like we just keep it right there in the center don't take it out any further alright you guys and that wraps up this tutorial the lip I applied is color pops fortress and late in the shade jacquard JC queue you they are deep I really been into coral lips lately that I will leave it down below along with everything else that is on my skin and what I'm wearing I hope you guys enjoy the StatoilHydro did give a thumbs up like share subscribe and I was in an excellent by guys //
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Full Face of NEW Makeup July 2017 | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys I welcome back before jumping into today's video I seem to say thank you so much for your patience and during my absence on you tube I'm normally like to upload 12 videos a week but because of traveling and moving on my schedule been all over the place and I haven't been able to stick to a strict filming and editing schedule by promise it's all that puts all together soon and because I have been all over the place I had so many I knew price to catch up on this I mean you ... items have been released this month I have even had a chance to play with such a video is going to be another first impressions video and I actually really like the way this a look turned out I normally with first impressions videos I there's always something that I don't like about the make up some things usually off because again I have never tried these products so I never known many get back to you like this look and I would wear out where over summer so like the politics of you guys are interested and when he is a first impressions and see how clean is luck keep on watching all right I'm is are we talking about target because they have been coming out with a ton of new stuff Mister by using this reports of the C. radiance drops they're basically like a hydrating oil that has an illumination to it some of those in the play this let it sink in for a bank and then come back to a place I know you can mix this oil with foundation to help to find out we can we're doing more hydrating phenomena place first and let it sink in and then go in foundation I like those I can be really nice for summer it's not a heavy oil it's like a dry oil so doesn't feel I'm really oily or greasy it tends to Kelly disappear if you apply for right now to go in with the classic foundations and I'm to be mixing tan sand and medium sand I mix these 2 together to see the color and I thought what he gave me the perfect all live under tone which is a really rare and hard to find someone to 2 stripes of the darker 12 strips see how it turns all live in the mix together its path through and then a meticulous kabuki brush into stepping out as a like this foundation has been getting a lot of mixed reviews I did try it one other time I can remember I don't know if it was in a video or if it was just me playing with make up so this technically like a second oceans of this foundation and I really liked I spike I didn't send it completely so decide to separate later in the day and I buff most of it out with the brush and taking that sponge the sums from over and I'm gonna pay in I just think the last time I used I used it wrong I piled on way too much product ... I tried only using a sponge I wasn't really busting it al and I like this more sheer luminous finish verses like the heavy thick it all looks ahead to before next for concealers I have uses before they're nothing you but I just kind of wanna highlight the products because I feel like they're a little under read it the first one is that the us secret concealer by Larmer see a little on the thicker side this is great for a one staff under I correcting concealer I'm because it does have a really good coverage and then the other concealer is the candle glow concealer I've uses before him a channel this is great because it's really sheer almost so it's great for highlighting without adding a lot of additional coverage some to start with the secret concealer and only can apply a little bit too it's in a corner to help further brighten up and then I'm gonna go in with he kind of lip concealer to highly and this one you just click it a couple times like to she clocked and then played directly to the skin so I'm gonna go hence everything with the good old Loma CA translucent setting powder moving on to bronzer next I feel like this is the one part that every brand is coming out with right now because we are in summer that I may be using the new makeup geek bronzers because I like they're really hyped right now as part of that in the new collection so these are the colors and I'm already a little on the fence because ... none of the color is really spoke to me and then we're like okay that one would be perfect for my skin tone you guys know I'm really a key when it comes to run your life things translate really brassy on me and so these are the 3 colors right here one is for fair skin it's called Sunkist we have the one for medium skin tones which is tiny and then burnished witches for deep as skin tones and what's funny is that this one is for fair skin tones but I think that's the one that I'm gonna use because based off just watching them it's the most neutral flash was so lucky a natural on the skin tone here we go she really like that color I think it looks really natural but again this is for fair skin tones so I don't even know what it will look like on someone that's really pale because I'm pretty town right now who it is hot in here please excuse my upper lip sweat it is what it is ... but overall I will say this bronzer did pull the look together because my face looking a little lighter in comparison to my body I thought the because the bronzer matches my body really well is it a fair bronzers that I'm not too sure on because again I'm really picky about bronzers I like it I don't think it's a great I think the shade range might need a little bit of adjusting the formula is a nice you don't need a lot so I think this will last you a long time but again I don't know if it's my favorite a bronze in every user or a ... if I would use it again I'm gonna go ahead and fill in my brows off camera like cool down a bit I'm not using anything yields using that your brows Tyler my absolute favorite smuggled into the off camera like cool down for a day and I'll be right back for the eyes I have used this pipe before but not this color this is that the new stakes magnetic maps I color in the shade tell I cannot say enough good things about this product I think it is an essential for summer these and stay on your eyes in a matter how we lyrically see your eyelids get these a stay put you can use them as a base you can use them as a single eye shadow these are so so dead so many years of this ... as an I don't apply all over and they just wanted out both on the late and that the lower lash line and it wasn't only the eyes here back I do want about we're sure you guys the makeup geek in the new palette that is a part of the collection with the bronze areas and this pilot has some ... I shows that are available on their own so you don't necessarily need this pal I think the color scheme is really great it's a very as it says in the nude sort of collection and some president go into with cabin fever and I'm gonna play along the lash line to add some more definitions on the upper lashline intellectually and I'm gonna go in with so pale as a highlight like this shadow because it's not I assure marine highway it's more of a satin finish so they have a sparkle in it has a nice sheen news on the air corners and on the problem and that is only beginning to the eyes I'm in and mascara and bowed gel after ascending mists so I'm gonna go back to the skin now I will be using in this ... from blush from their new I believe it's called topical collection tropical island something like that their summer collection wasn't like a really nice I'd dusty pinky peach Sony is the same brush that I use for my browser to place the cheeks this also completely mad this notion where this it's really pretty I like it I was not expecting that I don't know why they just look kind of mean to me in the package she they go on really nice but never had I am to be using this new one from C. Oktay this is called the a starburst highlighter I don't know the name of the actual products the color is starburst and it looks like a really pretty soft gold champagne color and I'm single handedly that life is a face cool the color is really pretty I was expecting it to look more frosty because it looks so late in the pan that's a really pretty soft golden color I really like it and because I'm already so sweaty and getting that upper lips last month in a plane into the chip itself just a little on the chair and that I'm scrubbing a large fluffy lending bash to put that all together I think highly is really beautiful it surprised me because again looking at in the panel is like I can work for me but it looks really beautiful and glossy and soft now for the mess I am super excited for this one because of the bottle is stunning and this is at the LC hydro enhancer an alkaline facial miss infused with jasmine just look at the bottle is that not the most luxurious looking facial miss you ever seen of the bottle is by you the product is a fucking apart is clear and it just smells so luxurious some to go ahead and put my hair back in little headband I don't know if this had been came from all the guys were asking on Instagram I have no clue think can appear box this was as luxurious as it looks for sure knocking the back incomplete the eyes I'm gonna be using some new products from I cope so this is a tinted gel route booster and the brush on this is really nice it looks kind of like ... Gimme brow fight and I think it's a definitely making my row here look more glossy in comparison to a lot of other products that I own likeness and Chris is the hard drives are not that dry while I apply mascara also by I co this is also committed to perform this is lash alert mascara and I know I go is known for having ... that kinda mascara that forms little tubes around your lashes so when you wash off you kind of like pools the tubes often lashes it's weird you can't wash off like a normal ... cleanser so be legally have to like softly pulled the 2 W. lashes I've used mascots before and really liked it so let's give this a try the brush on this I haven't used a brush like this in a long time it's like slightly curved but I like a small it is and I'm not gonna be applying lashes CA's can see with the mask over there looks like so here's a little before and after it definitely made my lashes darker shiny or glossy here and there without looking clump your dry this one 's deftly more of a glossy refined sleek finish almost problem was that for the eyes if I wanted to use this appear on point eyeliner and this is the same concept as their live wires which I think is really cool they are self sharpening so on they're never dole everything he put the cap back on it sharpens at that eyeliner lip liner for you so when you take a look at it scouts is sharpened so every time you unscrew that product a sharp as if we see or we can have a really nice fine point which I absolutely love reading that is genius for a mechanical pencil eyeliner or the planer and then finally for the lip I'm using the new does the colors look it up sign lipstick can I just say you guys I am so happy that brands are gonna come out with more and more a classic lipsticks I am so tired of liquid lipsticks sparkling lipsticks metallic look sex I just want a good old classic lipstick so thank you doesn't colors for coming out these the formula is amazing and this color toast looks and can get a perfect a little darker than a new for me on this article mortars attempts at right now it's like a perfect in neutral brownie teen nude let's think also the shape of the lipstick itself is really cool I believe is again hourglass lipstick that looks preset like to it by like this unique shape and packaging is really pretty it's like a sleek rose gold color Liz a lipstick some really pretty full coverage really pigmented creamy but not so creamy that it's going to create a mass all of your faith in the color is perfect alright in here is in the final luck and actually really satisfied and impressed with the way everything for that stuff together because at certain points I was like I'm just make it and go south back I really love the way this low turnout and that sums up my video so glad I got hit with you guys again it's like it's been so long I hope you guys enjoyed it coming down below on what products that out to you which ones you didn't like ... I always love reading comments I under first impressions videos because we're all trying it or to me it's like we're all trying and you put it together for the first time seemed on the skin on the face succumbing to below which products you liked and didn't like and of course a like share and subscribe and I will see in the next one bye guys //
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No Makeup Makeup Look for the Beach/Pool | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys I welcome back I am looking a little more tentative 8 and that is because I have it thankfully had some really cool opportunities to spend at the beach doesn't are if you follow me on the socials they took calling I on a little staycation too shutters on the beach in Santa Monica to celebrate their water fuse collection which I have partnered with them on this video tapes all be going over that leader but it was really cool because they treated us to a little overnight stay but also surf lessons which even Sandiego is the one thing I wish I would have picked up on her learn how to do so thank you don't regard for the surplus and and I also recently was in Miami but with all the beach visits I've been getting a lot of requests for E. beach or pool they make a plug and I honestly whenever I'm going to the beach or pool don't wear any makeup I focus more so on its skin care and sunscreen but there are those occasions away maybe you're meeting up with friends or maybe a guy you really into you are going really into you and you want to look a little more put together so I came up with this no makeup makeup look for the beach or pool Soviets are interested in YC how about the slack keep on watching the first thing I do is a prep my skin with a really a lightweight gel based on which strays there because I typically use of my nighttime moisturizer during the day as well that works when I'm feeling dry but over summer I get a little more clearly in sweaty and if I use a really heavy moisturizer during the day you can feel like a law on the skin it can cause congestion any commitment look even more oily and sweaty than I already am so that's where the doctor Garrett water fuse line comes into play it's all really like way it's a gel based formula in it just because like you're playing waters here skin I really love it because the hydration Las normally with a gel ... based formulas I feel like my skin drinks it up but then I feel dry and our leader with this product the hydration lasts and I feel like it makes my skin look really ... radiant and do you weep but not heavy and oily so the first part of the go in with is the hydro sue the I. gel and I keep these products by the way in the fridge because again it feels like water and we put in the fridge if feels like you're playing icy cold water to your face so it's great for morning crap if you wake up really puffy I know over summer that's my issue I tend to wake up really puffy right now it is 630 in the morning yes I am a morning person and I have a little bit puffiness especially around the eyes so keeping this part in the fridge is who really helpful for me I want invest like a little mini fridge just for my skin Caracol thinks I'm crazy but honestly how nice that sounds would take a little bit of this product and apply underneath and around the eyes and I can go in a little heavy in the mornings just so that my skin can absorb it ... so that a sequel in this contigo fact is really like the way it feels in the morning it's really sickening and then I'm gonna use the ultimate hydrogel as might face moisturizer and again I'm gonna go in with a little extra because it is super early in the morning and I feel like any day and while about moisturizer sink in at the last part I want talk about from the water fees collection is the hydro sleep mask this is great if you're you see using a face oil and feel like it might be too heavy for summer because again this feels like you're playing water you added to the end of your skin care routine in the evening so after moisturizer you apply a you let it sink in where overnight and then you wake up with reliever punish scan without feeling super oily and again I keep in the fridge it's a nice little pick me up a refresher for this hot summer nights I really love the way this entire collection field I highly recommend it ... especially if you tend to get really oily and sweaty over summertime like myself now the next and most important step would be to apply your SPF you guys I cannot emphasize enough how important applying your sunscreen is when you gonna be out on the sun all day especially over summer when the sun is a little more intense take it from someone who used a fake bake I used to work at tanning salon and I would 10 after every shift and you can't wear SPF intending bats I also used to lay down the sign southern MPB loyalty as dark as possible I think back then we weren't as educated on sun damage we just want to be as town as possible and I'm seeing the effects and now a lot of my some spots in the eyes can see them all get closer this is all sun damage these aren't cute freckles you know some of these are really cute freckles and I really love but these are some damage some damage I can see this this one just recently started forming this giant patch right here sun damage sun damage I cannot emphasize enough how important is you guys that you play your SPF so next I always fly either on a separate as PF even if my foundation in my moisturizer hasn't as PF I still use a separate line so I can keep reapplying it during that trip I was also introduced to this doctor Gary you V. illuminating SPF 36 this reminds me of a stroke cream by mac actually eliminating has that pull us and gloves I'm gonna go ahead and apply this all over if you don't feel completely comfortable going of bare faced 2 options I either use a concealer to spot correct for that I love the Larmor see secret camouflage has it to different concealer shades so you can ... customize the color depending on what area you're trying to cover up when she is also a little more correcting and more towards the peachy site which is great for my sunspots and then for an eye concealer I love one that is really peachy or salmon in town and to really bring up the eyes I've been living the one wild photo focus concealer in the shade medium peach another great one is nars radiant creamy concealer in the shade honey and then the other option is to just ... cover the interface in 18 to moisturizer one hasn't SPF as well on that we you can keep reapplying it into moisturizer and use that as your sunscreen per se is a separate something like I used I really love turn guard by Terry it originally started as just a sunscreen and then they came out with 18 diversion so it looks like this so this I'm just completely cover my entire face saying maybe I am concealed underneath as a little more and that would be it I'm for today IMG guys how to spot conceal because I think will not cover face if he didn't waste either because he's my hands and father all over some to start by going in with the alarm receipts secret camouflage concealer and I just picked it up with my fingers women are and start applying it to my son spots so these guys are here commit these over here it's really thank you because was my sun damage is on the high points of my face like my cheeks because that's the area that the sun hits the most so where's it going guys so those are my main areas of concerns and come out the little blemishes and I will cope with this morning and I did lose my voice in case you're wondering why some a little raspy little Vereker and it was a take maybe Dillinger and plan this out usually top over that area so that the consumer is it moving around to the rest of the fees and then for the I. things in that way and wild concealer I'm going to just focus on this in a corner a couple little dots not going in heavy with at all because we get the most amount of history on the inner part of the I. missile in debt right here and we gonna take my sponge and one that now and then dried whatever access is left over on the sponge onto the island and after that the skin looks pretty clean and even almost like I played a foundation but I did it and because of their is creamy part on the skin you're gonna have to set it regardless so you're gonna have to use the powder so I'm be using the German blend it looses setting powder this powder is suppose to make anything waterproof I have yet to really try it like go swimming in a pool with this powder on by and I have to sit out the summer and let you guys know it really does lock in your make up music to really bonded in a moment also said it with a setting spree because it can cause flash back if not blended in properly so I'm gonna use my sponge to just pass it on to any areas that currently have concealed on them and of course we don't want to look powdery at the beach is so 87 minutes or high during miss is a must I'm using the 2 face hang over our expert 3 in one replenishing a primer in setting spray it's just going to melt that powder into the skin and make it look a lot more natural and how many users of the hourglass and medium bronze light bronzer to add some warmth that someday mention some politely to celebrate the star of apple's the cheeks membership back this is a very shimmery Bonsor too by the way and you can also play a little bit of this to decrease just for some more added dimension and then I'm just taking some of that to my bland setting powder and lately buffing all over the entire face including the ice to soft on the left of that bronzer and also to tone down the shinobi wells and again I'm gonna miss myself with that hang over are explained second spray since pre since birth mark now I'm gonna fill in my brows with Gimme brow might benefit I don't want to use a pencil or gel I wanted to look to define this is just going to set them in place and also make them look a little fuller and then for mascara on the use it lifted up by tart which is more like a deep espresso machine and it's also really waterproof the summer to go ahead and do that and then I'm just adding a lip love lip balm by urban decay to the lips and I really love those upon because me with coconut oil chilly lately but it gives her lips are really like plump classified they really love it are guys that completes the luck I hope you enjoyed this that no makeup makeup each pull me go black give it a thumbs up if you did and let me know ... what your routine is when you go to the beach or the pool do you wear make up do you skip the make up and only wear sunscreen is this something that you guys would wear let me know in the comments section like share and subscribe but don't forget to hit that notification bow and I will see you in the next one bye guys //
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Urban Decay Naked Heat Tutorial | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back it today I'm gonna be showing you how to create this a dramatic plummet smoky eye using the new urban decay and make it look how it I have been dying to tell you guys about this palette for so long I got awhile ago because I was working on a little project for urban decay creating a series of different lacks including the one I had on in my knee favorites videos so that was the big secret was the urban decay naked he Palais the lipstick is fuel the same one that I have on right now and I was also in Las Vegas and in New Orleans this past week celebrating the launch we were filming some really cool content for urban decay's website I believe and a few other platforms they also told us that there's gonna be a Billboard either in the York or Los Angeles with all of us that were on the trip on the billboards that you happen to see that take a photo please tell me in it I'm super excited for a I've never been on a Billboard ... nor did I ever think I would have the opportunity so thank you guys for making all this possible for me thank you severly K. for hosting us an amazing time I will say there was a controversy while we were on that trip something about some swatches being released that were very pigmented by publication an enemy the cult look bad and I'm here to let you guys know that this poly is beautiful I believe it is the best one yet that urban decay has released from the naked Sirius and it's super versatile which is why I want to create a plum a smoky eye because obviously when you look at this pal 8 you see more of the warm brown tones and people tend to forget about that cranberries in the plans on the right side of the pallet some issue as I could the slug it is going to be a voice over in a super hot Tran a raptor video out because it's 1000000 degrees in here I'm so excited to move into a new apartment with a scene because I just was a territorial this'll fan so I guess I just bit keep on watching to start things off I've already added a little bit of foundation and be applying to my face or on my brows and also filled in my brows with the do your past Eilers I'm just using this mac when I scan finish powder to set from the brow bone down to the crease and then going straight into the naked he pally I'm using sauced as a transition shades and supplying that to the crease and then working at all the way from the end of the eye to the inner part of the I using that same brush I'm next going in with a low blow it this color is gonna be very complimentary on many different eye colors I love that brown's under this kind of muster the shade and I'm just building on the crease color some applying exactly like how I did with sauce using the exact same brash create the smoky as the spooky I I'm going in with alkaline 247 glide on eye pencil this is also a part of the heat collection and I may use that as an I. showpiece so I played foundation from the brow bone down to the crease and as filling in a browser that I didn't apply to the limits of this is going on bare skin I'm going to really a pipe from the lash line up to where the shadow meets and then Buffy all the way out says you guys can see it takes quite a bit of time to a blended out that makes you do one eye before you did the other because once this eyeliner sets it doesn't move and from here I'm gonna pack on the shadow ashes it's a really beautiful deep shade of plumbing I'm just going to pack that on directly on top of that eyeliner now to connect to the dark eye shadow on the lid to the colors in the crease and using inflatable to create the perfect smoky eye that blends out from dark to light using my handy dandy Smith to 32 brash I was going to but then blended these I shows out as much as humanly possible I hope you guys like that I fast forwarded through the blending before you stick kite in between clips and I felt like it didn't really show how much blending actually do so by fast boarding I don't actually cut anything out I just make a lot quicker but it shows how much blending I'm actually doing I'm gonna move on to the skin for now and once I have my concealer and powder underneath my eyes on the back to finishing the smoky eye so for now I'm putting my skin with the back up backlight priming filter I want to create you really glowing complexion is some also gonna be using a very luminous foundation today I'm using the do your star foundation which I could look super dark but I had a mixed shades because I'm kind of in between my and self Tanner feeding away I'm not completely pale yet the syllabus of Tanner laughed and so I really had to warm up my skin ... Biddenden being a little darker than that my body so don't focus on not just focus on the skins and to further cover up my sunspots I'm using my Laura Mercier secret camouflage I'm just using the site is a little more on the peach side to color correct before I go in and highlights down the side of the face to further Brian into corners of the eyes I'm using a salmon or peach toned concealer my theory is in ours rethinking the concealer in the shade honey and I actually recommend doing this before your eye shadow that we don't mess up that in her corner ... them is doing it now because I forgot to do in the beginning some is putting into into a corner where we can get a little more darkness around the eyes and then to highlight the center the phase I'm gonna be using the born this way concealer by face I'm not too sure of the colors so make sure to include that in the description box along with everything else that I'm using in that today's tutorial to sell a concealer and foundation in place I'm using the cover FX perfect setting powder I would like to pick up any excess creasing before setting because of not you tend to lock the creases in place and I was using that same us Smith to 32 a clean one to bust the powder into the areas that crease I find that works best with this setting powder or anytime when you don't want to do that baking method or pack on too much powder and then using a large fluffy Bashmet dust it all over the rest of the field this powder rot her his a new powder by urban decay it's of the trends and press B. potter I want talk about this product for just a moment because I think a lot of people are getting it confused for a setting powder when it really is a finishing powder the difference is that a finishing powder sort of changes the finish of your complexion so this one is meant to further illuminating create a glow it does have specs of the glitter or just an illuminating property to a it's not meant to set your make up so you would use as an addition to a setting powder to just further enhance the glow just how to get the info out for you guys and now we move on to browsing in contouring with my favorite bands at the moment the Marc Jacobs omega funds are in the shade 10 test it is limited edition I have yet to find it again in stores or online continues stock that because I need it for a great melody jumping back to the eyes for just a moment I'm going back in with alkaline to fill in my lower and upper waterline and for the lower lash line of action extend past the water line and use as a base for that I show them to be applying to that area some just smudging it out and then I'm gonna go back in with ashes of the deep plum shade and apply it right on top that eyeliner and to further smoke out and connects the lower lash line to the color in the crease I'm going to also apply sauced and inflate goal and just really smoke it out personally I really love the look of a lot of shadow on the lower lash line if you don't feel comfortable doing so just keep a tighter to the lower lash line but always make sure to blend of the shuttle back up into the crease to connect the look of the smoky eye and to get a look at the shadow is disappearing into the US the skin I always like using E. face powder I'm using that same mac really skin finish powder to Buffy into the best the skin an infant in a corner highlight I didn't want anything to shimmery since the I look is completely Matt some going in with ounce from the heat pallet on the inner corner and to complete the item in a pop on a couple of these individual actions by our del I'm using the medium length and also the long and I will and mascara leader once the glue has straight down for blushing using score by urban decay I kinda wish I would of you something with more of a peachy undertone but this is kind of what I had on hand in actually complimented the look really well and then to set everything up please I'm using chill also by indicates is an urban decay kind a day if you guys want a one band to toil with urban decay let me know the cum section a blow and then for a highlighter I'm using Laura Geller is killed it honey I apply highlighter after a settings play because I feel like it further intensifies the highlighting gives it more of that glossy look versus coming out sparkly in grainy and then to finish off the skin I always like going in with a large fluffy face brush and just busting lightly in circular motions to make sure everything looks really well planted now to really complete the items in a coat my false lashes in real ashes in perversion mascara both upper and lower and of course you can never forget clear brow gel I think if I got to play my last editorial in it's just my eyebrows look so different I feel like projects defines my brows and sets in and please some using ready set brow and the lip is steal from the urban decay heat collection fertile that up packaging is really stunning I'm holding in my hand it's like a nice copper color and they guys have it that completes the look I hope you enjoyed it I am hoping to have more videos out but as you guys know I'm traveling I'm removing my schedule is really hectic right now but I'm trying my hardest to get more videos out for you ... but definitely stay tuned subscribe to you miss out on my future videos identification bell I love you and I will see you in the next one bye guys //
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NEW Drugstore Products + First Impressions (June 2017) | Melissa Alatorre
\\Hey guys welcome back to my channel that today's video is going to be a first impressions drugstore addition I recently got a bunch of new stuff in the drug store and I thought what better way to try it all out then on camera for you guys Soviets are interested and want to see some amazing and also not so amazing drugstore products keep on watching okay so I kinda cheated and already did this site off camera so this is technically still first impressions and I have never played with the Palais musici as I got this look on this I and let you know how I feel about the pallet itself so everything I'm doing is putting my eyes without a focus eye shadow primer by what one I was going to play a little it and I'm also gonna be applying at my foundation mixture on my legs a little bit amusing l'oreal pro mac and pro glow mixed together and I'm gonna be testing out to different sponges and this one is from Lori L. this one is from flower beauty so Mister by testing out this guy first to just blend in this foundation on my lead simply not as fine as a big blunder cemex a little hard to work with in smaller spaces like the eye area now I'm going to set the bow bow down to the peace with my long received tons of the powder and not using all drugs are today just the new products and testing out but I do have a drugstore we give you guys want more drugs or videos ... or drugs or product recommendations deathly check out drugs are weak a link it in this video Arianna be using one of the newest city many palettes by Maybelline and these immediately caught my eye because the color selection is beautiful I say to you graffiti pop because of this top of blue I really want to incorporate that color and I obviously can't apply all these eye shadows or or use all the pallets on my eyes at once on this watch the other ones for you guys if any of them catch your eye and you want a tutorial just coming down below on which one is your favorite and which one you would want a tutorial for so we have rooftop a bronze urban jungle which it's definitely a favorite of mine downtown at sunrise concrete runway and chill a branch neutrals some to jump right to this a city many palla and the first claim using is this really vibrant purple I use that as my transition shape the one thing I will say about all these pilots is that it looks like there aren't really any transition shades they're all really shimmery and metallic I see it to get kind of creative or poor shadows from another pallet was going to popular into the crease starting on the RV and then blend inward from here to pick up that really dark purple and you'll see this wasn't gone as Pimentel it's I have a little trick to bring out more color out of the strata and you can see if that's what it looks like without anything being done to it this is just over the foundation and I think of these it doesn't have a lot of color but if you look at this side this is the full petition from the shadow so it is possible everything is possibly going to work with it so I'm gonna pick up that same dark purple eyeshadow and I'm gonna spray it with my urban decay chill sayings phrases or in the brush little missed and again a packet on and that is how I got the most pigment under that shadow you can also use a dark eye shadow base or a provider base purple eyeliner but I really want you guys to see the shuttle on its own without a bass helping it out so Nina right now I'm gonna go back in with that later purple and went around the edges of his own luck so choppy like it is right now and the normally I wouldn't do the lower lash line if I had it done the skin yet but because Morgan the Palin I'm gonna go ahead and do the lower lash line like I did on this site sliver seem to do is use it this Maybelline lasting drama waterproof gel pencil in the water line and then one day out past the lower lashes a little bit on the top right here as well and then with a small angled brush and his wing it out what kind of following the guidelines from the shadow where wiped away and I was grabbing a little blending brash to further Bhandup this liner and then write about blueliner I'm going to apply that light blue turquoise shadow from the pallet and the last lemon bees even the poly is this really pretty shimmery shade metallic sheen right here technically it too dark to be an interpreter highlight them to do it anyway I'm just not gonna planned al as dramatically as a way with like a champagne or pinkie or nude highly on an agreement bear rain here Muslim blend into this purple eyeshadow appear it's not to mention yeah and that is the palette I really like yeah I think that color scheme of all these incredible account weekly with the other ones again some of the shadows like this purple one weren't as pigmented as some of the other ones from the pallet you have to work with it don't give up on the bridge try if you apply an eye shadow or any make a product I can only when it's not working it just such a pure technique make it work do try to to make the make up work are going into the Lori L. visible lift radiance booster primer next and I was reading the readings on the back and the second ingredient after water is dimethicone which is a form of silicone so I have a feeling it's going to be really silky and smooth to the touch so let's give it a try give it the field test is really smooth it doesn't have a fragrance which I really love a lot of drugstore brands tend to pump a lot of fragrance into their products stop doing that and only just like flowers in a vase it doesn't feel like I thought it would I had a feeling it would feel like ... the make up for ever smooth primary like Mary are I like professional it feels more so like in restraints than anything else another thing to be moisturizing it's that really meant to be bringing me my skin look really nice and eliminate it 24 hour hydration though it is meant to hydrate and the bright and that's how it works with the foundation I'm gonna be using Lori L. pro glow and pro Matt mixed together a misstep by slipping into my skin with the pow brash and then we gonna put these to be sponges to the test the lorry all one and the one buy flour beauty and on this item to use the fire beauty triband hours ago isn't it was so nice but so soft feels just like the beat wonder which is a rare I feel like a lot people try and get the BT blunder effect but no one 's in now that yet in this one feels really amazing and soft and I feel like that primary me my foundation really sheer because you guys have seen it kind of mixture before and it's definitely not sheer where does the foundation go for with the sponge I'm gonna play a little more it's like there's not even foundation only skin maybe the sponges absorbing everything not as a low point coverage scene I felt compiling on foundation because it can also she on the other side yeah okay so now it has me thinking that it might be the sponge that absorbs a lot of product because on this side it's not assuring out the foundation as much as the other one was said to that is very interesting I like both of them this is really nice also it's a little more dense if you like the feel of that it's not hard it's maybe a little more dense than ... the beeb under very similar to my ... for sponge I been using a lot recently made videos so between these 2 to say the l'oreal one might be a little better just because I have a feeling some was cheering up my foundation and also it's so wide it's hard to get into really small areas however these are the best in dupes I have seen it so far for BT blunder in comparison to high end brands so the drugstore brands now that these are really really bad now I'm gonna move into some other new products from flower beauty has led the lift and sculpt contouring palette and also the shimmer and stroke highlighting palette and learners uses because the bronzer in the scopes pallor the contour color is really dark so just a tiny bit excess in here we go okay that's not bad I was terabyte I would like you to come out so dark but like it's like pretty decent axew proving so now let's try the blush I mean that same brush you don't mean much this really blended out but the color actually looks pretty good I mean the help from this palette but I'm also gonna use I think a couple from here may be on different parts of the face and I use that pink highlighter in the center as like a cheap toppers had a little illumination to the cheeks amber I'm gonna go in with this how later next from that same contour palette Mulcahy and absolutely does that pink highway onto a high points of my cheeks kind of like as a blush topper so the scullery here and I thought the gold one is pretty similar to the one actually such a so this one is the one from the face Palin I was just using and this is from the highlight a pallet so I think it's same highlighted rightly say look really really similac so the only other one of any use I'm gonna skip that one since it looks like the other one on the use of this tape right here and isn't a pop it right to the inner corners even though I already have a highlight there's kind of want to check out the color so yeah over I really like all these flower beat products ... I was really terrified of the peace palette thinking of the bonds are going to be too dark and it looks really good I was already done in wrapping up this video and I was playing back my footage and my Mike completely died something to fill you in on what happened I was you being in the U. rebel state not liquid lip colors I believe these are new either that or it's a relaunch and I went super nude because of the eyes are so intense the colour I was originally applying in but not a fan I was a lot to to go sums it up quite free ice you can see what I mean it just went on really streaking only getting a nice even coat from that liquid lipstick I'm removing my lip balm that is in effect look let them at this country that isn't gonna get real close with my camera zoom this will mean no but I did get that effect from mo better the darker she might just because later one but it's all I got to keep we're playing it and then not smacking my lips together or not ... really messing with it because it kept getting streaky in early th flagrantly is this is a bad I did apply mode on top and I don't know if it's because this was already drying down and it allowed this one to go on a lot better but it's because it's dark and they didn't want a streaky but when I applied these together it looked a lot better the final task was to let it completely die down soon it looks like self net players over the news see how easily out 11 on editing gone streaky it how the feelings just because the other ones underneath that so now I'm gonna wait for this to dry to give it a final verdict Salvi back in like a minute too because I was doing a pilot lipstick giggles Ancona glossy it's on to Matt so let's just wait a little bit we'll be right back alright selepas try now and and I guess in the US but first I'm I feel about these I want to love them but the flavor the texture the streaking as and when they're my favorites I think I have to pass on the summit wipe it off to conclude this video just political months though I will be at Ike alright my lips feel much better now that I took that lipstick off I couldn't carry on this video with that lipstick on it's very uncomfortable beyond that wraps up this video and let me know which items interesting you guys have anything caught your eye I highly recommend the Maybelline city many because I think they're so adorable and versatile and ... to some really cool colors and there's some cool shadows this l'oreal primer was amazing the l'oreal sponge I think everything I tried was really great minus on the lipsticks and flower beauty while Susie check them out I was really impressed by their staff especially after having to hide their stuff the first time around and it didn't work this time everything away as really good itself obviously this video if you did you know they don't give a thumbs up scribe and thinking about seeing a missile on my future uploads and I've seen the next one bye guys //
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May Favorites 2017 | Melissa Alatorre
\\you guys welcome back today's video is going to be a may favorites however I didn't do a thing it's video last month I don't think I've done for the past 2 to 3 months so there's gonna be a wrap up of the past few months or so before coming into the video I have a few announcements for you guys one is that I am traveling a lot in the month of June I'm also moving and everything came up