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10/5/2017 - Rob & Jenni Share Their Stories
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Sept 28, 2017 - Jim and Leslye Share Their Stories
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Sept 21, 2017 - Caroline and Bao Share Their Stories (Part 2)
\\right I emphasize like the innocence of who you're working China and okay and you know even as you run into a student body leadership or whatever you call that it it's like okay you run as high as where you thought to go any was just so great how that he's gonna relate to so many women Caroline that you know especially our age group braids like that conflict of you know are we a partner in a marriage or read this like 19 fifties kind of partner lately it's completely different and it's like who are we and what does it look like it's a you know ballet don't think will ever be back about white race you know it's like she's a she's a leader he's a creator like her husband to being will sear that way but yeah I think all the people in our generation thing there is that there's a conflict there in that how you you moves grew that let captain to it and now it's not a burden but that the joy of that and you know really I think even a little bit more with the emphasizing of the joy because that's what I've really seen so much and you know it's like this joy this unconditional love that you know I just would love to hear the pulling it together it's like you know my business is thriving grade it's doubled in size I yeah yeah yeah greatly in that's not a burden which like I took my hobby and now I have a thriving business that I got behind and it's not a burden right like that kind of ties in that school you know how you shifted the energy and you know if you think just more on the positives of like how your you know because you emphasize the so much with me but how you can have all your pots simmering right like you got all the areas of your life working now and it's not a burden and the joy of the back it yeah I was just left jobs you'll back that simmering in all areas and that the jury blinked into it to sell match the and you just very few little baby upgrade these architect is so important to you and I love the way that you said it like if I was on a deserted island or desert right like I have the architect Tucker whatever what we could and you get the why it is so important but they get why it was so important and a I just I think I was looking for like why did this becomes so important you what was it that stood out that you can share your joy you can share your heart you can share a am I calling I down rape her best 8 but it was when I hear the emotion that makes sense yeah yeah really good and that you know and I think with the anxiety that that was a pattern that you you definitely connected to you maybe a little bit more about such a server surrendering I think it's great that people can be like what is that look like how to Y. su grinder like you know we had layers but then you know maybe a little bit more than just the surrender because I don't know how many people just relate to that I surrendered rate like a little more of a deep dive and in that and overall like I loved your power versus force theme right because isn't that the truth like we get any matters so much what this is out it's not you but it's you you know in partnership or however you might say this with god with Christ with whatever like India decline and don the well is so deep it's like I you just like in a tie and all your points act to just the joy of it is what I really sense but yeah really over all this great really call now who else lives in some people gentlemen like you're from each of you and what about Robert Leslie because I know you're probably closest your time I I need to both of you so either one of you can go okay okay like I let her draw though I I I loved her story and thought it was awesome you know how you started you know from your child's head on and just built everything on a par and everything and she where you are now and just incredible because you can see it blossoming and you've blossomed so I thought it was really awesome yeah very inspiring no thank you all and I'll add to that Caroline it was interesting up I didn't even know about the first part of coaching right before you had met Bob and that you had thought that you had really you know been able to get things on the controller and then here you are not really there and then you know me Michelle at the exact time you met Michelle you ready to meet her in but that provided to you was huge so I mean that's you can and you know I've had a lot of conversations at the album you know it at the retreats in reference to your love of Christ in and and everything and he would like X. inspire that you you you you basically over that all the time it comes out of you it's like you had such a passion so no thank you from rape I'm not here all this stress when I know you're driving I'm going to go kind of around heralds going can you connect for many here even though you're driving I am needed you but you might be muted because I'm not hearing you okay ... yeah okay she liked you you she's driving looks that just all keeper mu different will come back to you just like okay I'm reasonably switched so we got about Scott online but gyms not I've got okay got about I really like the way you want opened your story out your you new leadership that that the way he can you know you check and how it worked out for part of your life but it didn't bring me right hopping such joy amend how that how surrendering you know finding that that journey confronting surrender into surrender really brought you the true joy not just or you're getting our house Yarborough's religions the coordinates alum you know that you can achieve but now you're achieving book physical or air and their actual motion or on up at baggage checks and just you know surrendering also I thought that was robbery armed I thought that was let me anything I think that injustice or I would say trying that and she sits on the calling just making it like a clear cut recalling yeah not you know it's just a button called you you're able to kick at that Bible right what yeah yeah it is it's like a couple calling Frey architect was totally appalling and then you know like LA police said yet you know the love with them because you're like the cat that parade wage fell go sleep of the love of the capital Alvin you know the unlimited dropped from whom well and the who you're in the emphasis on the power versus force at that weight right is so beautiful and it wasn't of you and then you maybe even to tie back sort of back in the red you even with your kids like you know I think it's a lot of parents can relate to it's like the yelling screaming the hitting the snacking then you know to to teach your like you were just reacting proof or snout at their wares there's different ways of being and I'm not leaving you know dead soldiers behind me as she sat right wing just become school the third you know it even like the way we spoke yesterday at the way you're gonna relate to carry ray to clean different like not needing to be defensive open conversations real conversations that would just like people are at O. yeah because you know I wonder if related to like you I leave like that soldiers behind me all over the place right but now you know you want to see that the break through the turn around the results yeah yeah yeah you're saying to paint those yeah work yeah okay birds are great hi Kimberly John yeah you can bet I'm gonna own media and then John then Scott but don't know how long you've been online so I don't know if you heard Carolyn the whole story and I had to run in my car so I missed most of what everyone shut so yeah double at but I I thought your story was brilliant and you're in your comments like I I like that like scene I did the victories like you have such a powerful story that so many people can relate to you know and I think people are still doing that you know living were wanting to live the 19 fifties lifestyle you know kind of thing but it doesn't necessarily work and how you come out of that had grown from that instance can be a huge benefit to so many people and I think yes I think seen seen the victories as you develop it more like expanding on the victories and bringing those into our old view of what the picture is like not just things are better I know that's what I'm trying to do for myself and my stories is really seem that the blessings of that falls in the pitfalls and I am expanding more on on how it's different in in the UT kinda like the beauty from ashes you know where you know people I think I would be a nice thing to put right into your story Kimberly right that's a thoughtless when your heart just said yes favorite scripture is money but then you bring that in it's like a really see how you know gods turned you know beauty or yeah ashes into view here I've gotten the beauty I'm yeah right yeah so yeah yeah just what you said that you really I would be gorgeous Brea okay great okay guy just let her have it seemed like I know of yours are you can you share I would give it a little now funny no it's not be commuting your need it on yes yes you can hear but we can hear you can you hear me yeah yeah yeah for some reason I can't hear it right that the plugin so I'm just gonna apologize I should prolly during the video out anyway I'm just Caroline I too agree with the fact that you took us from that you know June cleaver does not exist even though we all to kind of as mom sometimes think that that's part of what we're supposed to grow up to be and I just loved your transparent team vulnerability about how you know at that season in your life for a half fresh treaty you were I heard your frustration and how ... yeah just kind of where you were but how god was able to just transform you literally do now they say when you become a Christ follower you're born again I felt like you were in that party your story yeah really were born again yes and I can just feel that and and here that your toning your body language and ... which is just so amazing for anyone who's been a mom who's been in that position where you just are so frustrated and strengthen long trail like my gosh I'm such a terrible mock you now and that's not the case at all in the case was ... but an amazing woman you are and get your passion for architecture I would love to hear a little bit more of that as well because your architecture is not just a job for you it is truly your passion standing there you so I would love to hear a little bit more that in your story too because I think that that's I'm a big part of your personifies finding that thing that literally lights you were at okay great but thank you for sharing is a was awesome yeah I think you're you know one thing I want to say I'm I'm just making an out but you know I think that there's some women women that are suited to being June cleaver you're also that leave it to beaver my mom right and pearls I were in pearl's in the apron you know a really beautiful dresses stockings and how I'm any my mom was that and she's totally suited to that and and actually you know my sister one racist uses is very suited to bat and and she's powerful there it was just that I was I was incongruent because I was I'm really well like my dad look right but I think they think we think them not all have to be June cleaver and that's not true yeah yeah or that just a I just it was the journey to being come clear well to power do not force yeah and who I not feel bad about the power the powers you you're a powerful young and that's and I did I did know how not assume yeah my power was just mismanaged I'm completely so if you I don't good to be powerful are you know in a way that really lands for people and that I can feel really good about because you're lying to it it's different yes finally I am a line sometimes you that's beautiful Caroline that's beautiful so we're both it's just the way that that conversation happened between you and Jocelyn is beautiful because of the it's very authentic but then you said you know it's become more like my dad the you know the women are going to relate to you've done it for years feminine energy yes right here are yeah her it doesn't make her any less a woman right underwritten 10 percent which is the like ... I you know I did after my dad's asleep naked screen for women straightened and you know on the call I am sure you can relate that you can tell a woman who's in feminine power versus like a strap on a deck in there trying to be something they're not greatly that gets written awkward so it's and then in power in war but you get to be the mother and you get to be the business woman yeah it's a brawl call my plots are simmering victory story okay so I've seen John Peter yeah I conduct yeah I really or not and I'm going to join in the conversation and started to a because when you're talking about Paul and I can relate to Paul I mean that that's me right it's like I'm always looking for a partner I had a hard time finding something actually didn't want a beach include right that's why I never you know if you do not a story ready but I do know that story was so pervasive anti cancer team when we're just talking so ask me and what are you learning I think you got a couple stories there right yeah I do yeah no one thing and you're gonna have to dissect them a break from down the one thing that was clear to me it's like your your audience today it's us right but then how do you break that down into local audiences you know it's a lot trickier watch well yeah I think I I sort of how I ran into that was creating this and like all this is several stories and and I think what I learned by premier together it's it's a story of a power our yeah its sister and leadership so but power is so it could be spiritually or it could be and career so you know when I was resisting in career what when I when I was resisting went ka and so I you know so I think that that scene thank you Peter now put this in the name of our being now right my journey to power as a journey to leadership you know which is which is a true natural power to benefit others that's why put leadership awesome yeah right yeah I think we're just a few tweaks you can pivot to you know watching your coaching you know workshops that you give well you can tweak it more to emphasize your level of architect what's brought you there but you started as a hobby and now you can read it yeah I mean you got all the elements this depends on which way one of him that it yeah yeah awesome great John we begin I don't yeah ... I think that I really related to you and there are a couple of ways I think the first way is that I don't think it has anything to do with gender a person is of a leader and they you know you grow up as a leader in the wind you're you know your orders being affected by this are going and then it becomes you know a curse and a burden I think you're really illustrated that I related to how you turned away from that and how it created such inner turmoil or you get that something I experience big time I coldly believed I had some kind of anxiety disorder and would you describe the physical nature of your our experience are actually with Kimberly I'm out like oh yeah I totally felt something not exactly like that but I felt something that was so overwhelming that yeah I needed an escape from it bike was searching for anything and it's so so far consuming and I'm sure that many people dad out vaccine leadership characteristics and have turned away from it experience that same kind of turmoil so I think as a super relatable story you know it may manifest in a different way for them but they'll certainly relate to that like at the cost of turning away from who they truly are is a tremendous you know really is it was for me and I'm sure it was like you know if you have any idea either Michelle when she turned away from it Graham became instant mami ... she had her version of it ... I know I had my and I'm sure many people well that's a super relatable story I just really thought it was you know just look very very well crafted and and you said such important high end that people are gonna relate well I'm sure thank you awesome yeah the turmoil comment you know the cost and turning away but I had to write to be able to get back but I love looking at 0.90 need to know if that it's awesome yes our senior year arm your groups and things like that can you know yeah people have done that I I mean I'm I don't know of anybody who hasn't gone to some sort of experience of that nature yeah you know it may not be that exactly but people have gone through something they turn away from what they're actually called the do you know the women you know the living after the June cleaver saying what I like Albany go do their if you are and you know it creates that men generally have hit a wall in that and so we turn away from it thinking they're not you know I'm not supposed to do that I'm not worthy I'm not good enough and it is just send into some sort darkness so it's relatable to men and women for sure great thanks to that feedback no off the work of great Ramadan your love you here also long slow pitch not to love again yes great job on a really great throbbing lovelier off video but they're on the phone and they're in route driving so thank you anything you wanna sit back no thank you guys ... I taken notes and I'm as it turned out I'm going to a training this weekend about ... breath work it's called integrated wisdom soon and I I think it's a real and deep cut into it bract work as well it shielding Aden emotionally spiritually physically all that and and this being able to go through this was actually ended up being my homework for preparation who are that training so thank you and not to forget rate will think you are right now so look for or a story now alright tell Maria stories I writes me raised during Iran's al-assad's art form or it Leslie laroche liberty delays on getting important are 2 new apartments well that's where we all preamble all 6 of us you're crammed in one room while my parents ran yeah there I admit I know is really young but there is a particular moment I remember and then that moment was when they found like an express grand alliance never actually under my arm all my mom kept crying such memorable moment because of course nearby how can a giant wall on my arms I thought I was gonna die your answer around just didn't you know we didn't have enough money rhetoric one month's brown in here is a sick child on-again it with a lot of how species that we wouldn't be able to afford so on can can express their prince nets didn't take my life terms died are you know it merely just those moments really get my formal are amusing to support each had been rented yeah we were so close thing again we're back to supply charter for the next day and you know let can team wrong when I got drugs you know grows from religion is able to find a job that was it able to sustain its house maybe not the best neighborhood you know we always treated during after midnight like you are an insistence that some students how the police officer something like that force the help that was another lesson loggerheads back on that you know IRA non just mean running across my siblings alright you know this is a temporary you know all this happening in our neighborhood stock temporary kids do you know once again that you can share once you grab once you become successful in this land of opportunity you're going to get out of this place well when I read every word of that because first off I was only 4 years old and also you know things like family Iraq I should each year naxalites me looking back now I can see that the universe could click on the liturgy this is not extremely clone mark I'm sure rolling miss Saigon arm in a press conference I can keep up on world peace courts Richard hatch was harden's inches while watching your interest at the time carmakers and Mara are will be singled out 16 we took it in we take your arm I got the part I got the part for little teeny on their we're not on you know after comes logicians I got the car and in what such a bank loans on it was the first time any of us assume $3000 check in there it was coming weekly which was nasal unwrap the great from right now it's you I'm with me saying I don't know if that was it yeah against the US check what you seen miss experience across New York an opportunity challenge it won't cure and perform it in religious harden she should you are first former lead singer because I was spending over months rehearsing with because the same group of people arm to arm you know the moment I really shouldn't merchants when I was asked to sign the credo over there by somebody who is actually younger than me of course I'm right 5 years old on the couch Irene nodded saying you know my own I am barely right normally but I guess that's fine but you know it will shrink like wow I'm against guns inspiring as kids you know somewhere another sure glad it will make sense of it turns out a graph that I was an inspiration is somebody back know Michelle I ethnic group Pat I'm so I took that Peter background and I really just taking all the stories that while story unless someone like I wanna treats with these things so violent act back to school and elementary school I started writing in a week habits annual short story competition at my school and I always under that rose ended up getting some sort of metaphor acknowledge just adding even though at the reform would rather you shot in orbit Jarocin begins like a you know and it's because you're here longer than I was shell on fast forward a couple years later in that you are even more games your near our house warming Baghdad committee chair facilities normal gerunds because of its hard work working 7 war over 70 hours a week missing console in idea of working this imprint of the idea of working hard equal airplay arm out so after Labor managing this new score me confidence that's a little challenge because Leon vinegar writing and I don't know willow's how did this before about it because I didn't know crass you know there's the smart kids over there and then they grow he needs aids you are right assistant I'm a system to help her read or write or something that was given to me let on that I know that's the way it challenging my carpets I wasn't in copy chair good it was just because arm they wanted to find arm to fund the program itself but it really wasn't confidence it like really had like how I think that you are willing metals and now on getting assistance are step how to write it made me arm I answered a story that well when I get writer you know I wasn't born here I can't write like these folks born here you were born here I'll show like a revamped my dreams to become a doctor email died your work hardening believed that I can be a doctor work hard save people at the same time arm just you know work enough hours closest you artistical terror people children's myself parents should read it for me kids again and wasn't going here Alana our creek retrace breaks together on as well as you know because my teachers didn't think so is that you need I am sit around again saluting the courage force myself with these classes she gotten closer to that doctorates degree for some weird reason a card from my surface below average student your answering service arm now is just starting study will never ever kiosk to those emails that I guess I learned some no problem she did enough work to what will those aids are you getting a senior runner grad habits are class I jotted notes now is breaking I took a screen procrastinating I'd be about valuing movies I love movies stills unitary state but right now that I am sure that this class he wants her to write scripts and movies and stuff on the first few I mean first you cry cerebral really rafters your Lanny I played by the directors rules how to learn the directors the language on the throne after getting rolling ridge Karen I felt like wow I can instantly create whatever I want you know I can create different realities different universes our extremely sore and I love that look out IgG and there's no judge what I would need assistance from 9 matching your song I really meter reading 8 track now watching on so it and to prolong this life in writing I entered in a writing intensive leader at 8 infighting right writing intensive school act which teaching or not expecting anything back I got up at Scully break a partial scholarship to getting work for 7 weeks and everyone under the means hound writers missed quite writers these performers these ... 0 or casting directors in just to work under them and and right as evil that's published a couple of things from that an arm you know that decision didn't really make my family happy because it's a raid my dinner its original your scent don't because Jamie doctorates degree are so I I love everything about that intensive theory in my just like I got to find my dear formal dorm and got to follow my dad I love literally at the moment and that because it was so broad so pure it received nested team are things and swearing sorry thing I will say I didn't write your mattress being forced to write and hopped longings was his enemies cranes but otherwise I love every day I'm simply going on that I came back and went to prison engines becoming a doctor general practice at do your chance to prove my rating since it's money that arms you want out but for some weird reason my heart just wasn't getting which you write a check from reasons in Brighton stag as likely just write me application before and more women varies like you didn't even study friend and chat uses the guy got your scores back refrigerator applications sellers like Turkey from all harm at 8 had a right to the point where they got yeah I just write a story for me is preparing share in our arms that symbol she couldn't question she gets all their an arm a Pakistan at the end.a story probably during second my family are Kemp Tanya and released her case in so I told myself I wasn't working right away submerge myself into my sank I'm gonna go do it in groups you are the E. are inspiring ruptured and I've seen so soon after I take classes are looking at once E. resonant we are shattering doctors performed CPR systems surgeries I don't really glamorize and you know since I started with all that should never gonna be straight I decided that maybe I could start a business work right my parents were out on when helping you with that selling industry in I did some months Indian literature here's a sap our cards first couple years unmanned arm thank futuristic Gladys hires from Iran want and then just I'm Jetstar so that I can white screen writing a script that will change the world right at me each each and of course that's how am I still had that you can do any thing American one tally I'm gonna happen and I need it happened but I was working with their 70 hours a week ounce for short seat if you make a selling business work on top of working my full time job knowledge miserable I was better because no one was there to help me I was angry at my family for question my decisions as roster rushed 15 pounds schools which is a lot because that's like one tenth of my weight basically are in I knew I needed help and I was hot and is just so happy when I was walking the difference in a world our to the point where I felt like if I was your mission in this world right now it might it's even better because I'm not adding any value I would state late at night and skate at at work slate it's terribly coming home to no formal bakery your body talking about back against warns travelers one now I still I still rate talking right coworker Jason are begin etcetera about my business you told me about this business carriage I was doing arm 3 armor intervenes successful business not moment literally opened and restoring the possibilities for me let me Tina what would seem longer about change not right this is not revealed to not my life was when her black that everything was what university.for me energy on let me know greens that everything was divine mean perfectly Christ truly needs rankings now in front of a pen and paper not a stethoscope and turned presser I would need to create one would be a little more for 2 birds with they're not chat it makes my scripture formal risk hurting me race will have that you a higher vibration instinct would you share migration and thinking yes I have doubled my income was high school she well I so I I I in her red meats in the past don't machinery choice awards No Way and so much more to come scroll cheek girls can achieve well I got a it well you're a they're so beautiful yeah I am so proud this is a great idea now here where it just those often like your group Beverly tonight beepers going like this Peter dumped in there well I did go I'm here and not yeah Donald thank you so much for sharing Caroline although I'm I'm gonna go back and I didn't hear so much more I'd I'm sorry to hear your story I'm gonna go back and listen to and I'll give you some feedback tell I just just that's where I am not ... bell thank you so much for sharing your story and that was really powerful holding and I dare my car not even sharing out Arab yeah I mean but that's just incredible I I I didn't I mean I never really had a chance to sit down and talk with you about everything that you've been so and and that it really sounds like what what Michelle the band and then you know that was really like a huge breakthrough are you and you know I'm I'm really proud of you till when enough family choice the orders incredible not book and it's just I I just love your church that barren land and the fact that you just have you know pursuing and no matter how hard it in your heart a guy you just kept pushing question question and that you need the downside that there was something better and ... and you know it holy pays doctors look here we are well ... yeah I mean I I I I don't have nothing else really comes to mind ... I just wanna say that like I haven't really had a chance to to tell you how proud I am of you of but the bus and and ... you know being banks and are often too so yeah you've got you down maiden job they're welcome and then what will we will not connect on the phone till ... I know yet the question of the senior care stuff though call me an act up to date those correct on that sounds great share your yeah well things first thing I I is I compose myself like can you get word that without crying though those beautiful you know you I just I had no idea you know worked 5 years older in miss Saigon but I didn't even know that and you know what it makes so much sense because I mean you both got to discuss them with your older and like you far I mean 17 years of coaching doubt the youngest I've ever coached you are hands down the youngest and Scott yet was right there with you that it's never even had someone like under 3533 or 33 maybe it was the youngest and it's just like how like what is that that drive to play there again go for more and I really believe that that experience with miss Saigon you helped to open up of what's possible in many in your mind is so ... at all it's so opened at last leather just takes on things in you you go me rightly isn't that gorgeous nose and the some of us are in their forties and fifties right it's like I think that that that that's bright shiny energy that just goes for in believes it takes her arm and it's just it's so gorgeous and you can so say if I yes you know the burden that you also carried out like the responsibility of your family and not to disappoint and then the 70 hours a week right hidden then you are creating all of that so it's like you took on the good and then the heavy stuff for now you know I think the gorgeous card of your story is you get to kind of pick and choose that the universe best pick up exactly what you know you're vibrating at including out there in you know I had to build a life of joy in light independence and how and you know be who I want to be and you know the power thinking you know the biggest names here that I get the people will relate to is I love the way kinda uses like that but that was just in the wrong place at the shirt would never lay right right he would like that honoring of your truth even though it's now your family wanted and you know going down you being a doctor and like not doing what really likes you are and you're getting in your head maybe yeah that you weren't a good writer like which is so crazy like yours is amazing amazing amazing amazing writer and you know it just in front of the family choice award and just think all this now works like the best thing I can do for my family for doing what likes me at that is I'm honoring my heart my truth my spirit like Holly and it's it's opening all the doors and all the abundance and but you get to have it all in this is just so the beginning out it just it was just so beautiful the way that you you put it all together and you know I think I need to know what you had such a dark moment where we thought you current adding any how you you know people are going to relate to that Hey you know maybe I don't belong in this world I'm not adding value it it's because you are honoring your truth and now that you are in look at all the ballots really jump look at what we get all the value and Jim just your inventions it's like that's all what you're about as adding value in Lethbridge you're just raising your level of consciousness is adding value in helping to transform hundreds of millions of people so that yeah just honoring you choose is how you add value and how the universe supports shale and enter it is beautiful is beautiful in your deliberate in the way you had on this pivotal point she went through I really feel the pets the search the calming and then the results and it was just great a great job really great job thank you so much my heart each year India okay not alright let's just go around Peter a boutique you're on you yeah less no awesome really awesome no you didn't it's what it's I still remember do you remember when we had breakfast at that number parking last year with an adjacent and I or that's when I kinda made for the first time and you say hello to different person from back November need have and massive kind of transitioning you're just tall kinda like I don't know I don't want attention you at that at that time you can see really relaxed but now you're just so won't really Watson hostelling arson captured intermission suckered star ethics why people react weight to it and since you're such a good writer she and could you bring one of those stories will go in the back every single one of ours pressure yet just learned our the inspiration behind the book yeah we sure yes Leon jump in their money okay producing occur I think you can pick it out we saw your lovely little hearing close after can you hear me yeah yes okay so you can hear me hearing again I don't know my phone is that yes the planet tree and yeah I mean you can put it that way but I heard you just without putting in your your ear as well say whatever work I can't hear you yeah I can hear you guys when I don't I don't know anyway I'm so yes you can look upon hearing sorry I'm but bass you know how much I love you and just broke my heart when you said there was that possibility that you could make a difference in the world because I have I you I shared your story about your book with this Korean woman who is housing my daughter right now you you gave her hope and I love this woman in tears that she can do something other than what her family is demanding that she does and that's because it you and I just I love you to death you've brought so much joy into my life I love doing life with you I just loved your story and most importantly is because I been blessed to see some of the background of that that you are so you're just you're such a person that is a beacon for so many other people with your writing your band chance your work at that your heart your passion for football and you know I think you had to be at the game if you're standing on the chair it just you know you you make a difference in my you've changed me personally you have changed me and I just yes I agree UNITA I would like to see me I would love to see this in a story form because like I said is Korean woman just for whatever reasons told me her story today and I was listening to your story from her mouth so I please share this you're not and she said it's very common in Asian families and I'm not Asian but I could hear both to your heart's so thank you again for sharing what I teach it just works was it hits me hard also got that since you're out for you know in case I got rid of me class got my gosh plus John R. Kimberly I think I can really and you that yes look at your do it now sorry I've I won't cut it okay I just think that was brilliant like your story is so it's so powerful that the words that came to my mind was courage and love because you know you can you really creek traders so well again in a sense so your duty and responsibility to your family but at the same time not following the patterns that were I don't I don't know the condition of my dad but working 70 hours for a number of years I'm sure had a toll on its health and on the family and everything that might be something might wanna add into that too that need you search for it a different way and when he saw the opportunity that opens because you know putting it out there the universe would respond and then seen it and knowing it and and going for it not takes extreme courage you know to go against the grain to go against all those feelings are what could possibly happen to those relationships that you value so much and ... you're just such an exceptional young person and like it is beyond anything just to be you know in a group with you really just to see what you've done in this time to understand your background and I could see a little bit of that accuracy that's holding makes sense that did not surprise me one bit and a little long actually it's where you know just how you are ersten because you're you are you how that energy error and giving out and you know you do it so brilliantly because you're always you always have a concern work where you're you know and you know even if that person is older than you because you know I'm older than you you're like your concern it you're you're you're you're just brilliant and how you do that in your so called wedding in your language like you were so well suited to be a writer like every time I hear you speak I catch some poetic you know way that you stated I'm like my gosh it's brilliant and it's beautiful like for you to follow your truth you know is another huge thanks I'm sure your parents were really excited when you want to become a doctor because that's like to change we're taking yeah that's what we want and that's what we've been reading reading into that little girl I'm telling her you know what for you to step away from that and shift all your tricks which was what was really going to bring in Chile and financial freedom and everything you know is it's just awesome it's gonna change so many people's lives you know for the better incredible don't you think I thanks Carol it must really well stated beautifully so John when he jumped in that okay they had a lot of people but I think I think a few things that I think are valid was really really amazing is that it now I love the story but I think like really efforts I think that most think it's okay I know you did Guadalajara and will relate you know idea of meeting their parents expect change and with their profession to apply and then not needing it because it brought them such misery arm and dad under you know that disappointment that they are you know gosh I'm sure you many many people feel I like I I'm a let down on a failure I can you know live out in this dream that my parents have and especially dominating parents so many people have had dominating parents especially people that wanted pursue medical career most of them yeah it was all about the parents you pushing that you do that I've met a few doctors and I met a few people that are that left and it's always the same kind of story of like I you know the parents feeling so let down and I was in a doctor but I remember my dad in the gray let down after I graduate college like I would lock I no idea what I wanted to do it is all perception what will you have a new green now you get like this no executive job now automatically if you have a degree and a lot of people could they come from the older generation are like even the Old World think like that that's what they think and down I it did help follow your own name and you're on the I think a lot of people who really relating that to many people the district you probably didn't call there on their own during and they feel that their life was failure or that you know somehow they did not down there used out here we are that like really our audience is like you know showed your true self language yourself between that and it's never too late I think at the big big names that are your story here is the outlet and I mean shot to be a writer instead of a doctor I mean yeah it will really want to be a doctor it immediately what hours they work and the help that they get into I've never met a really healthy doc most of them are paperwork and really I mean they work like you and I 70 hours into the let them work like way way way long no point yeah I just think that a part of your story I like it that I got his own story in it well went well I think that's what really melodic are yeah why don't I think I mean I was used to being a writer and I think that has something like you out in and so are limited dovuto ball in it what people really really what the people really want it you know and you're doing all that great but if we were and you just with how you started a new you can over when you were 2 years old but you know your your family was seeking freedom right you know that's why they moved 6 kids in your living together or any place in aid of year and stuff I can really be I think the woman for at least one of the themes of the story is here we are we live in this country to do anything that you want to do but I still would have freedom choose and you don't honor that she that truth is where this much of the freedom came through but yeah I think even the way how Kimberly and Jocelyn shared where if there is I think more not so much of it and maybe it is in America I just maybe didn't see it as much but you know I have other friends with different cultures where parents choose more of their past were then and how hard that is on the child and I you know it it it just in these are the people like you know your family for the most part it in a healthy family is to feel like you're not honoring that pass through choosing the path that they're choosing and you know all how you've overcome that and you maybe even go into the fear you know if that was your big thing like the fear of disappointing them let people into you know stir such fear of disappointing them and being a disappointment and not bringing value to others put you know did emphasize that part of it and then now on the other side it's my family's with seeking freedom wanted the freedom to found the freedom and free of disappointment and realizing the more that I honor myself more it is the wind wind if that's what helps that that's what's going to contribute to that yeah we did such a great job you know just like little little things that are standing out as I think about it that you know just great insurance when I really knowledge the the vulnerability I mean I think a huge part of the story is not so much even getting all the words right but it's we were that boner but we share the emotions freight just doesn't register this in our heads were saying really great words but people don't connect with that and you know I know a lot of people take things out that's fine but you're I was amazed bum rob and I'm sorry robin Leslie you know it's it's the Jewish holiday that's why they're not hearing you up front Caroline most likely wasn't can make and the call that you will have people go back and listen to this you know so they all know your story I'm in Jenny's in France and Germany yeah this is a tough time for him actually did not but on my point is I things to rob earlier like the more all of us can to share her heart's you were about like the exact words or should we hit all the points that people relate to 7 percent are words 38 percent is the way that we say something and Tara someone do them the rest of the math but what is it 50 ... senator what is that 15 a 6 percent or something is the physiology it's emotion right that's what we want in value just you did that what you just you put your heart into it you shared from the emotion and that's you know the highs the lows it's all you know that's what people feel so you know as you do this outside of this group especially it just you know share from your heart right chairperson the real owners share from and actually this is what rob was saying he's like well you know I don't know if I'm so comfortable saying this this unlike get comfortable this is the safest Republic planet right lately even if you're not sharing to this just this group my and that that's been with some of the greatest feelings if I share but there's no skeletons many more eyes you know think there's just this you know because once you get it out and you don't have the emotional hooks of all European you're free of that and that's where you're the inspiration for others so I'm just making sure from your heart you not your head not being so well why shouldn't share this or maybe I won't go down on that deal right Peter like Peter was very good about really emphasizing the elements of the story that take people to your pets is really what I would say you know left them and let them into those dark moments and because that's what really it speaks to people and that's what they're going to relate to and then I left I said with the screenplays unit water right the sad endings here's a great thing of everyone of your story it's going to end on a high so you take them down to the lows but we're gonna end up on a high note is that yeah really get anything once they our house I don't even have like you'd say I'm I'll take 16 yet I yeah Ian sewerage around these we live here so what the love of family love that they can't great on anyone else to step comments shares anything the email the other thing that came up for me found Kate who said it maybe was Kimberly here Jessalyn maybe both you but your point about he is getting to a place where you didn't think you had value you didn't want to be here didn't number should be year that's a real huge pit right and arm one thing when you're telling this story to tell how that be even more impactful is how I went through it pretty fast I can't just stop now it's like I got to this point where I fell in slow down your speech and everything insist that and that will like he emphasized by your kittens and stopping the money could split that sink in people right such a real quick moment well thank you says it almost missed it I mean you know it's a bass I know you can get through it but when he choked up a little bit on that one but take you to a man like Michelle she's taken there to that correct maybe then contextualize it you know like I was sitting in my apartment arose in my car does haven't you can't manage your time right need a like great picture of nonsense really bad day which is thinking anyway Debbie maybe a little upgrade I yeah yeah because we all have the same senses right we see it we hear it we feel it you know as primaries tasted similar concern for the most part secondary stress you know you can have people see it and hear it in Hewlett but that that is what really helps people you connect the most to it rate like and then in that where it's like ever know if you've ever felt like if you just weren't adding enough now you would would this world be better off without me okay when I hit that point and I was just I was doing this for seeing that and you know people are just like a lot if you're so crazy thing more people than you might realize how those moments yeah yeah I can assure you that from coaching in you know you become the person that people will tell you things that they don't tell their for their spouses or their best friends for 8 because you kinda like the safe person but it's there's a lot out band more that you can inspire people with your story is yeah all of us right all of you guys are amazing okay so Jill and Leslie are going next week and then Bob in Jenny October Beth and lands on as an agent you October 12 I'm actually gonna we share my story isn't your link it from a different version this I've ever shared the artist this and it's gonna be a story about us but Pistorius yeah you know what led up to all this to be honest which I get to share that story so yeah I'll be October 12 and most finance Universite front I'm just I'm going to introduce the alumni program and said you know I just wanna be up front what I'm thinking where I am muscle test it like 5500 times you know but don consumer 12 will be that as well so you guys Brock thank you all for just you know Sharon from your heart valve Caroline she she had a pop off to back up in a great job and I look forward to hearing each and every one people who've already gone thank you thank you thank you Peter for axis was Peter's idea to do you know and I mean it like that it was like the techniques that were actually was meditating on it was more of a confirmation right so what we're going to have to wrap up a couple minutes early what a concept like that anyone spinal lost questions comments we're gonna end early can I get a complements your time and it my October schedule worked yes you guessed there yet so how about we just everywhere on the big one to 3 look and then right one you carry everyone's October you're in the in the numbers I will I will do that as well arthritis thing I didn't love love love I pronounce I told okay Peter //
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Sept 21, 2017 - Caroline and Bao Share Their Stories (Part 1)
\\yeah welcome welcome to them big bold bright miracles mastermind call it and reading from god spoke to me lean Patty Iraq August the guy at this is sort but it says stain rise like the larks on the wing and sing and thing there are so many things to think about so many things for which to be joyful I think my peace which passes understanding it was literally not sure yeah well I'm I think most of you at least heard if they have some of you are listening to the kind of consistently that Abraham Hicks 15 minute meditation on Manny I listen to a bunch of times my stuff in there would litter and leave when your heart can be seen with the success of others 9 rightly that's one word like so freelings there is a lot and I'm not a singer rate like don't ask me to sing I'm not really thinking you see someone else in celebrate thirst after not have it you'd like little need credit what was it about right now is gonna Maccabees can really bring you go on like I think we we can sing for the joy other F. we can synchronize joy of others so it's a lot of yeah but is that and rob you know you're really relating it to that rate the singing the singing for you know the joy of others and that's what that reading was on very short just he was saying things things celebrate it's it's on its way do you know anything that can you think that the thing that really stood out my mind a couple weeks ago with you know reading Dr David Hawkins that 99 percent of last is non physical for some reason I didn't get it was that big threat mature mind body spirit and like gas spirit the bigger part adding muscle passed it myself and then to really understand that 99 percent of us is non physical and we are just being so consumed by this little one percent I thought well that makes it even easier that makes it even like this little one percent yeah there who we really are sold whining to the love the joy that she's the happiness to help you by themselves just so it's the majority of who you are 99 percent think about if you had and 99 percent chance of doing anything don't you feel like so good about that now that I have everybody on you who can lines are annoyed that okay but yet we hear all speech my engineers robin Peter like well this is his sticks Baker what is that feel like if 99 percent if it's gonna happen Sir there's a metaphor that well Eckardt told I had it in one of books us listen to their day that stuck with me and he says think about it as like your big lake and I'm only the surface gets is like that's like the one percent that interfaces with the world but down deep it's just stillness right inquire about those beautiful metaphors easy to visualize that that is magical because that's honestly you know us a slightly different way of saying all of what I keep saying to you guys it's like it's like were so unshakable were so immovable take all this craziness can be going on in the service I think about when he says what Peter just said like you know he's not a rock into the water and it looks like it it creates such disturbance but you 235 inches down maybe a foot now the waters do not doing anything it's own circus rate so we're unprovable 99 percent of us is that non physical spirit higher self chews up god self that only knows Logan about that's that's pretty cool Iraq this year the other engineer mine and 99 percent where does that bring up yeah Laker so it's so funny it's like Peter with the with a water analogy it's the drop of water in the lake or drop of water in the the ocean it yeah at you you'll see it disrupt in that little area but after that it just spacing goes away so it's it's it literally becomes nothing so now it's yeah I am pitifully said it just so stood out and then crazy enough you know it it's so amazing when something's in your awareness probably 2 weeks ago not even quite new 12 days 1313 days its muscle testing recollected muscle because I 13 days ago I read you brag discovering the presence of god in the book Hawkins 99 percent of buses they are mindless violence our mind is you know who we really are what we really are and then not even a week later I'm listening partly listening to a book on tape by amber ham hex and those like 99 percent of us is the nonphysical look Alexa repeat you know I would go back parent night but that's yeah I think it's just it's so cool any muscle past rate like you can muscle past 99 percent of us is it the mind the silence it's not it's from the higher non physical side of it so I just think that is so cool alright so we're doing more stories today Caroline in battle Caroline I was like what is in front of your camera look like Becky Anderson thank so I'm in doubt just because kit Caroline's broken beyond the road second half of the college you can go first that were real yeah okay gets and Caroline you look like you're in motion that are just coming right back to my spot theory coming right back tears hot yeah a so I I'm trying to you know let let let's just before we jump then yeah you minutes any miracles a shares Peter but I love that then I met you Sharon and anyone else who has a quick miracle I keep on using you you do it if yeah forget I don't mean only yeah you are you know some no money for my coaching session your spirit Michelle's whiskey what's really bothering me and I'm like what work challenging like mine my second toe on my right Clinton really hurts what's up with that but look so I look up in you know I just knew little Billy's honey work but site scrambling here so I started to look at somebody's got to be in tune with the right you know the second telling right good so it comes love knows it's all about union occasion and then about you know the way that you you write or I should chronicle that up in you read that right anyway slow we sell canned let's just let's clear you know what's new in IT was Michelle tune into it was really about like worrying about details each right right and so we just clear not let it go it felt better in their welcomes mornings like that's just where I think that's what no no I didn't you know you know in on society and this is worth saying for all of you and it's in David off and you know Dave dropping them one of his biggest fans I ever released y'all I was put on this planet to help continue his legacy and his work honestly with the facts the level of fan that I am of date doctor David Hawkins but it in his book and I'm going out with his blocks or at least portions of it that was probably the more accurate statement that in our healing and recovery you see that's a great but if you ever have health challenges healing and recovery if you're dealing with anyone who has like addictions that book is phenomenal but the biggest theme I get from that book is the body is what's called in sentiment and what it is antient means it it does nothing on its own like really wants the spirit you are the ones you know you the heart stops beating the whole bit rightly does nothing so bottom line will mind body spirit think of its spirit really that 99 percent higher self to self and then all that level of consciousness of the spirit of what you're accessing gets in your mind and that's where your thoughts your beliefs your stories all this is going on at the level of the 9 in what goes on at the level of the mind is the only thing the body can respond to that's it but he's not doing anything on its own not say what had happened to me couple years ago is I literally you know I had a baby and you know I was getting 4849 or so and I have this whips off I had the story of my body has turned on me this was actually is what isis and myself bodies turn whatsoever yeah okay in what was happening is but I just felt like I don't know it wasn't processing food the right way I think I had an issue so sensitive to foods if I ate anything that had blue and I just felt like I grew up if I had something that was very felt ill in whatever it was it was just like kind of like I'm so sensitive to everything in with what the heck is going on my body and then the miracle came like I read this book and I was like my body is not doing it it's the story that I'm telling myself which I am believing with full intensity right not just with high debt and I'm connecting with 1 hell is wrong with me only guided me doesn't see you like practically perfectly I don't know how you're not losing weight either you know you're struggling there this whole back and then I was like well and do 180 here and I started really consciously putting into my mind that you have my body's limits Tony strong it's healthy happy it's it whatever can processed foods that can process any types of foods and I think a true pendulum a little too far with like a process anything but I was able to start even almost anything and not have such a big issue and then you know this past very 34 months are just like well how about we just clean up our diet now let's get back to the way I think I designed it and you know that's where I lost like 12 pounds rainn going out on that but it's this whole your body does nothing other than responds to the level of mine what goes on at the level of mind you never dies at your level of consciousness and your conditioning right so consciousness is a huge part of it but then you have habits then you have patterns right that's in many ways why we create our little 3 by 5 cards so it's like new habits new writers you can shooting why were you know create this environment so you keep it going worse new awareness issue and works you know living in June from the spirit living in June from truth higher self to self awareness Cox well everyone because you see we got a like retrain the muscle but the consciousness allows you to see it differently and it creates new patterns and you know we're just working together to we have the best match other accelerates are awesome miracle thank you Peter bodies incentive it will respond at the level of mine anyone else have a miracle share anything before he jumped in and your car like well I could use also shared the you know we talked with him last call about it well did your campaign not that I have on car media just kind of just being positive speaker love language is constantly being there or yeah a little more you know I I have to look Michelle I tested her little crutches while back but she's not doing any of this work or any that we're doing together which is being around me shifted marks you it is this show here to think or I were unity for 5 points off with her that from when I met you were you last time my muscles passenger she's up teens 16 in almost 20 points and I'm getting 19 points okay ensures white guys here's the miracle in which you hundreds when people really start opening up to truth you shocked a lot quicker like seriously it's it's you know up in the 600 like I feel like I clear through some big things and I move like 1.unless you know that Bob will really listen and that it's this you take off so many layers in Q. hundreds in the 3 hundreds and you know I I was stunned I am stunned where you know every single 1 of you were 350 or not at 350 but you know you don't some of your work wardrobe really close to 35360 right 100 and some odd points I really got 150 points you will all be up 11 about I promise you I have to work overtime I will get enough that's it include not stunning in it you know a year year 0.5 some review yeah it's been 2 years or so that it's like on my gosh my gosh so yes that is a huge miracle so both your ears near home lesson for everyone that's when yeah absolutely make it attractive what you're being loving them and you can speak to their they're nonphysical bad spirit their true self like I do that all the time in meditation goods I'm a picture speaking to your higher self a picture sunset connected with that muscle past that not that's a huge that's huge because majority offices non physical I mean it looks like we have to touch each other in hugging can act that way and that's great that you know my hunger it's not the only way now so that's awesome to have had a big woo hoo for Peter patrols taro and carmie them Urkel's great let's get everywhere ignores him on your line really quick there you are John I just I need it yeah you really Leslie why you very good Ole are okay any burning shares before we we go to so here's a guys let's re emphasize this I feel like my room's kind of plot putting in the miracles consistently is there a commitment to me he confirmed to at least one article that doesn't like if you like some weeks ago I ate them mentally here here is a huge reason one for your own benefit you're noticing them you're getting into my I. personal have a commitment if at least you will be yeah I saw that this weekend was for but it's like I am so committed to that and yours I think sometimes there's more but it's just putting them in Ian happy my assistant is compiling these this is part of this book that we keep talking about her rated you know part of why we're doing the stories one there's so many reasons it's your benefit as well but in the scene how you're growing seems Christian things your share with your clients help you in your business there so many reasons that we'll take all your stories we're gonna transcriber given back to you you can fine tune them you can edit them they're not gonna go in the way that you say that it's you have like a working thing that you've already kind of gotten it out of you and then you know part of this will be going to that but can work on pulling the rest of it together but yeah I'm I'm I'm moving it forward rate Teslin doubt but big changes there he's like yeah he seems like a Robert thank you now though these are the 2 that got behind creating the block so yeah room forward with this back okay without even so thumbs up if you're you're committed to sending in at least a miracle we yes yes yes yes okay great mackenzie John or Jan but is that yes yeah no problem are buying all good alright great I wonder why yeah I'm not I'm so glad you're here right so yeah I think there are any yeah yeah I mean yeah you gotta you're a pilot will prosperity my gosh a yeah let me yeah okay great so we are young yeah Caroline people our full attention because she is going to jump in there and share her story first one last thing before we jump in there yeah course and I don't before he leaves robin mostly is a tough at the second show last night about possibly getting a it Airbnb Europe we'll wait for November so I'm I think we also have so much fun living together and you might actually save us money over the hotel so I'm just gonna sell you now and if you if you're interested let me know if your days you're gonna be there I mean no one I was looking last night some really cool places like right down in the water with the ocean out back it's technical I don't know but you know ... also no reason this coordinate that whoever's interested they will so fun you know I just witnessed super quick check in I mean you're all coming to the event yes No AB 97 do you think you are but just like by show of hands or Jim and John you can ask just type in their would you be interested in looking at an Airbnb as you just went sure yes and that yeah Gemini I'm up for anything sure great yeah well I mean you're so close but you can always great about staying would you be up for Islam Caroline I'm sure I also have some space here so I mean I'm not a case we want to do that idea however we can work would you want 12 people well don't think so well yeah I mean I do add up 3 empty bedrooms yeah I yeah not for the whole team it's not yeah yeah it's not that I think I need any would be fine and here's the thing I mean just because I've got a grandson I I have to get a hotel room if you will for myself I think it's sat I mean the bed ends a Friday but we're having our celebration day on Saturday would be willing to check out Saturday morning and then jump in with you guys for the night as well many on the size IBM for that part okay it yeah Senate now Peter and it'll be great okay Caroline New York here listening all I okay hi everybody you out to you I up so I'm gonna start I call this the journey to leadership and live in July a in Christ that's what I call it and this is bad it's been a good practice for me and honestly you know it's like a first draft right but arm and they will put stuff together I link things together some gonna start our just in in my childhood my first memories work that I identified so strongly with my mother and my mother is beautiful and gentle source should not I I'm she's not it strong my dad was strong and leader of the family and so on finding walked in the room lights up the room I really identified with my mother ... into a huge extent so much so that I'm I felt sorry for other people I remembered that they didn't have a mother is beautiful as my and I say because it's material to the story my own nature strong welds I'm the feedback that I have gotten over the years from my mother brothers and sisters and my father it certainly but I was very strong well and you know I got my way I got that you back to my brother just like a month ago Caroline your is it your way so an hour and he's holding me in that place from when where you younger I am okay I understand a fast forward to eighth grade and that it's only significant ... because I I was in a really loving Catholic school and I ran for student by secretary it for me I know I wasn't most popular girl bands it always popular I am brands and I popular with the popular girls and you know whatever I am I am one in and honestly that was the highest office I could see for me and probably for any girl I don't think there'd been a girl that was vice president or president and student body back in 1972 at Corpus Christi school and I enjoyed being part of the leadership I am the school I felt important up it was a place for me to be able to contribute and and bill somebody and be recognized and I believe that I acted out of useful but truth and innocence MC cleanest leadership position so I don't have any conversations yet we're going so I school I I notice I thought I was I Nepean yearbook editor I you know among other things but it was just a yearbook editor that's where I start to run up against I not being affected as a leader odd so basically I got myself kicked up the yearbook staff odd because I'm totally just ran right over our week moderator sister Patricia and I'm my father's words to making you walked in there and he said don't say anything and we just talked and afterward then and I got back on editor of the yearbook but my dad's words to me were you don't get mad you know we get accepted be effective I'm not I held under those words obviously it till now and as important but I I wouldn't really be able to access the power of those words I'm certainly not at that time in my life and I have access to more as I've gone on and certainly I in my time with you guys so I was starting to carry this responsibility as a burden to shoulder and and the force you know and and so it would come out is like anger well I just like slash through my moderator and and that's the worst cut out any real power I'm gone that could you know the real power write all my own powers came out is slash and burn okay so colleges pivotal I found architecture I have been in all caps I mean you don't even know how big architecture what still is but it was so big that I can use the say that if I were on a desert island a no no no let's look bigger well I would have like an architecture book in the jury cooking I when you can choose the Bible you know I'm just like architecture was everything for me I found my progress was my purpose for being it would challenge me and I decided ... I am member on the conscious decision I don't have to be a leader anymore I know I can I'm challenging architecture I don't have to put myself in that position where I am just carrying this well advice thought you know let's I just putting my getting myself into hot water our it's easier not to have the responsibility well doesn't look like not a white on white boom went on and I obviously didn't want leadership responsibility and not to seek support you're in and out were kinda wait like my conclusion was I only need to be responsible for me okay so I move along in life and you might say that I acted responsible a as the years went by I you know I went to the Peace Corps for 3 years fragments sake I mean and I never even on there they authenticate the reason her that a person might go is to reform but you want to help others we yeah you know course you know I want to help others and your you want improve yourself and learn why yeah I really want to do that and the third is to bring the good news how you know what your experience about the world so that we beat you know that we become more unified right right so I'm all aligned to that and data I get married 2 up tall and I we have children but honestly with all and I was clear it's really all added sort of self centered in so I was giving out of the labs that I have so how the pool aloud's I can give that because I have Tom I didn't know that I might or that might might be able to draw on a greater source man and I have a Catholic upbringing you know I I love god but I don't really no god I'm sort of embarrassed you know tit to unwind myself to god at this point certainly you know to Jesus anyway so I'm beginning to see yeah increasingly I'm holding responsibility as a burden and ... and it shows up in me and as anxiety so I just slowly I'm starting to see that would be my house yet to fix it up I'm I I'll miss and I start feeling anxiety and then I start to see how I justify any decisions to avoid responsibility I just fighting so I don't have to be responsible so I go back to my mother is a role model my merits she she took care of each had 7 children but she took care of the home my father made the living Mike's father was you know had the ideas and did all that so of course and my mother being sold at that image up her so ingrained in me that of course my husband is now been responsible why he carries the part I'm responsible for the home like you know I'm like what fine and I'm my husband did tell me in our early marriage that he wanted to be at married to the woman that I was when I walked out the door to work the way I was confident powerful clear armed but I would say I was shrinking to my liking set a weaker expectation of white and mother in married life I'm I didn't have to carry them of them you know a burden of responsibility I I was really literally I see now afraid of having power because I didn't know how to be with I was I was headed as the bird and you guys have experience that this year and it was fine with me that my husband carried and and he craved a partner so there's that you know just the inherent on a lying there and the cracks start appearing Michael and Kathleen our children 3 and 1 years old and really I that was it I I was losing patience with their minds the whole time out thing it out of your bad times but I'm fine and then I would spank out of anger so I would lash out just the way that you know that force and what not any grace and without a need la that's just power was also forced into wins no grace and love it joy I so I change occurred arm an opening Kurt and I I was it really such a low point and realize I had no desire to change with Michael and Kathleen not it I was actually working for me too to lash out in anger at them and then I chill lot better in a course I'm leaving dead soldiers behind me I'm and I I was at church Catholic Church during whenever and somebody said that the pastor was odd hearing confessions you know sacrament of reconciliation that's we go through the trees standing you know as that Mao chan I as the bean I'm honestly and god Christ Jesus arm where you I come fast I win it I confessed that I lacked desire to change with this way of being because it wasn't working for me but I wasn't working with aid for anybody else so something had to change I mean that's how impossible I saw in the burden of response ability and is that right Ike Ike I didn't even really want from but this set into motion a beautiful new and like real journey Tikhon and opening up to god and being becoming the best best version of myself an arm and it was through the word of god so it was to the Bible I'm I ended up being evangelize we moved to the desert so I had my time in the desert like John you know got John the Baptist you without the desert wearing is is a hair shirt or you know eating bonds any pads I was in the desert literally are when evangelized by Evangel and that I'm just a Christian I evangelical Christian but in the way that she was talking to me was so challenging to me about being saved arm that's just sort of terms and Catholic Church we don't really talk about it like that you know but it just she just drove me to god in like refuge okay got it because they knew he was true and somehow he was working in it and I did have a breakthrough well I'll just I went I my winter retreat with her well thanks Calvary chapel evangelical Christians and I had a breakthrough I I surrendered I finally surrendered my life today Shinji's assault was through this like fear of what this other person wins like wanting me to expect Syrian some god that I went to the god that I knew and and they created for me thank you Calvary chapel for an opening that I could step into and seek sika yeah and peace and be surrendered because I wanted to know the truth so I am so I asked her courage it was at a retreat I ask your courage from my fellow people I you know to tell my husband about what had happened ... because I I didn't want to be look like I you know I didn't want to be worried like that I was a Jesus freak but that had also disappeared the worry that I'd be a Jesus freak okay I'm a Jesus freak comes in all and I started the bold steps and being responsible so this I would say is in one of my turns it was this surrender at a retreat I started the bolts that being risk suppose shifting the burden and opening up so is shifting maybe from one shoulder to the other but whatever it was as it opened up some I I would say though that fear and and not being announced its pervading and I house to parade that has to be what's underneath this response ability not it well really reveal that I'm not in I start my own business law in 1991 but I held it as a hobby see the list of that manipulated and that kind of justification that I that when I used so that I wouldn't have to be rich quote really responsible it's not it's a hobby that makes good money my husband's responsible he makes the money and I can be happy my hobby and raise our children and that's Elena worked it worked but I hadn't really faced my resistance to responsibility and tell all the construction of our house began and this is the reality heck I I designed the house without a problem so I can decide how to one side and down the other thank you lord but the minute they started up likes frame performing for the slab in the house I started experiencing anxiety .might you know down my back we went away for a week camping tomorrow I saw a lot better we turn the corner I see some framing and zinc anxiety I'm back sorry to be god I love it appears for a second okay and lying anything using that you're ever do anything I was facing a demand I could not understand I couldn't see I couldn't understand I mean I wish I was experience is a tightness in my back to the base of my spine my whole body was raked with anxiety sometimes rolling through me I like and why they're bad I'm just like oh my gosh it's like ways I could just like their objective like hold my gosh why in this and I'm Linda would it you know and I've learned to surrender and just let it take me and then it all just sort of wave itself somewhere else but honestly I couldn't escape but I certainly couldn't right out of this I was trapped in a dark cloud of fear I experienced then even a descending race cloud dark cloud and depression didn't it was starting to descend that was old man so the people that experience depression that's rough well my will to survive created the real break down moment and really it's the will to survive that created this talking to a friend and she introduced me to these like her nature life coaching trainings transformation are our trainings and I was able to formulate with her in this conversation I dream of what I wanted in my life and are in the power of that vision opened up open me up to enrolling in these training it was that powerful my own vision and what could be now I am and in that in that Darren I'm sure inside me that I was suffering from I learned about the conversation in these trainings our conversation and weary their victim or responsible and it hit me like a rock me a victim I mean honestly I hadn't really thought well I mean at this point I knew that I hadn't seen and I didn't know that I was creating with my first look at how I was being in relation to others and 2 other men invents in my life I see now I was a deer in the headlights and no wonder I was in the low 3 hundreds in awe at that as my level consciousness these trainings were so powerful that after 4 months ... my biggest breakthrough wise I opened up too loud big out big al big al right yeah big alot if that my inner well this you know that I love which shallow like this shallow wow and that what I perceived to be the bottom was really a false bottom that we build this incredible abundant well below that never ran I literally just was like I'm just drawn from the well where is just never running dry that was my first experience with a and I opened up to giving I'm just like okay I can just draw from it and I experience now being a leader you know that that which had been in me that I had been not denying and honestly that caused all this anxiety so with subsequent one on one coaching experience great relief from my anxiety so I saw that I was up any kind of medication for several years and I was active in joyful leading the life of the wild and give me great touch the goodness but there were more layers to like go on and I was holding on to that them when I heard John 3 speak at that Carlsbad chamber because event in March at 26 his blue when his blueprint for me and if you guys I don't know maybe Michelle Spadea blueprint for your job it's really just interviewing me about are what I really want in areas of my life and putting it assembling it together in a story you know I don't even like in advance where I critics you know that people were becoming Trent and my case a party at my house and I would be able to experience all the dreams of what I want to create in how I'm showing my house and how and being with my gas and the kind of that you know the complications that we've been on it but it just but it's away and what is that Michelle's at like 20 minutes yeah on average I mean they're all custom but yeah I on average that so 20 minutes at and and so that I would listen to it for a 30 day I listen to it for about 4045 days and then went on a trip to Italy and didn't listen to it early again but it didn't do stings IT but this time I welcomed it I knew that it was coming up to tell me some I know now that it was coming I know now that it was coming up to me shields thank you Michelle country her gently holding the spacing guiding me to surrender need more layers Michelle observed many times that I wasn't I mean into my power you guys have heard that and that power that had been in me since birth but I had denied because of the way that I was hearing it didn't feel good that's all in caps it didn't feel good and so I naturally manipulated around it I links the responsibilities that might be why I now link then the responsibilities of my business as joyful opportunities to connect with people and their deep desire for the sanctuary to women you know I place that inspires them I link being transparent and curious and lobbying with Paul you know it without expectations or agenda and at the same time with our children really learning to live being that way with him with out any kind of I want him to be this are wanting to do that so that I don't have I am experiencing the time now of growing in la at it in growing I in love and in power as a coach of this team at 7 with the same group ups at you're good low power okay okay so arm so I am experiencing so much love and power right now as the as the coach for team I have these amazing hearts and souls in this current level training odd that lasting till November and that is my journey are let me really see what I call again my journey out what I'm leadership in love in July Innkreis you're very 9 eighth week yeah yeah yeah didn't bands out so here's what I'm glad you really kept that theme going through the story I think people can relate to because we are //
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Sept 14, 2017 - Scott & John Share Their Stories
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Aug 17, 2017
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