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"2015-04-04 13:41:09"
Malcolm X on Jews
\\my wife will hold for you bringing her way for your patience nonviolent approach have now become open here pretty sure component themselves very different but the room job not over here in the hall below him in the mall right here in New York but it will put my head down and hopefully bill Buckner brown and well now there were problems there covering her brow right really the amount of heat who who are crying and not in Georgia but right up there and not go well put down in the ground really remember that one of them call bullet proof what why not not in Germany right now we don't up to 0 call and Farrakhan gun they could come to you like the humor good humor but on the other I won a couple not big problem one of you but if you want to talk about now available but not well really now don't blow it over the nuclear within holiday record when you move or not Bravo but I think you were part of the of the always trying to make you represent 100 with your program make you live coverage for what happened to him in you don't know what happened you right here got mail bomb the cracked open for those who what I really feel like millions you only the big 0 who will take over later bill 100000000 black people one of the real you know 100000000 100 real don't know Hugo your baby can make you cry over him they feel what happened with you 100000000 right what they can program for they're wonderful well with both their work bill 100000000 people in the western hemisphere 180000000000 what if they go where they go them today people he the I'm leann although the new god the father give him hope that no you might be governor for the look what I got during a new 0 black people there is good I mean human capital available turn on you and want you to cut through this little Volkogonov government figures listed in your problem if you have somebody for but all of our new menu below that amount in your bedroom yeah you some of them throughout human model what would are you from and thought for a minute and right now we're never going making the world 100 years hi leann hundreds your update thing particular well they all would have meant to go home you under our belt and I don't want my computer then we bill Goldberg could check your goal being older her bald eagle got your green bird will cut Abdullah down in a dollar later and later with all we did you know in all the world removed rescued gore that Dick you know really cool good looking all right now all good value bet pope here you more and more old Ohio did you ever know 0 gobbling all 4 different we're gonna be blunt the workers nor do I know someone better political and I someone better political well you've got home prepare no money and does the medical complaining fell you know home program here in New York the in which I'm realistic concerning how to kill poll about 80 percent of the economy of mostly broken pro number 2 here are organized in building movement this thing come back home off channel 13 broker you weren't you one will come by Paul and one was from Birmingham I did too one will show up and one was the 30 minute delivery up 30 minutes early and at the end of it imprimatur brought up the he told he's not responsible for anything out trick while I can understand why you think that because you're not playing with the same old vocal ability to upgrade may believe pre screen can order all kind of stuff they got together and ... on preventive security open interview with him liberal because I have made the statement on that that humans are the ones who would rather go running out appeared Holloman across the country human grievance membership more than anybody else he only got to talk about you by all the people who came before during the campaign that they can't take any credit for the most white people on the other the gold mine talk about what they wanna talk about it they want to tell you what I can do to them but don't want to give you one of those men have done though and him again killed many of them of the plan killed of those of us they would come to power take me back over there Gavin Newsom then god is justified grammar local paper Clinton against him well he then set themselves up as a judge and the hardcore we're not doing that we're leaving the judgment and we hope to god //

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