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"2015-12-14 13:00:00"
Literary Football Discussion - Monty Python's Flying Circus
\\from the plastic arts we turned football last night in the stadium of light Jarrett we witnessed the resuscitation of a great footballing tradition when Johnny United came of age in the European sense will almost crew still on display of modern existentialist football but annihilating by mid field model argument the now solely obsolescent Kevin at your defensive philosophy of senior operative and free net Ron Andy recite intellectually out argued by doubting thrusting in busting with aggressive canton positivism and that's sending in this fine Jared team was my man of the match the us think a free scheming scarcely ever to be cowed midfield 20 same prayer Jimmy bus that road Jimmy at least one aging football commentator was Gladden last night by the sight of an English football on a breaking free of the limpet tentacles of packed Mediterranean defense could even broaden by way of surprise at the way the Italian seated midfield dominant so early on in the day yeah boom boom Allmendinger boutique is a cool symptomatic of a new breed of football as it is and it seemed to me to be a whole genre of plant is it not bone what I'm getting at JI ms you seem to discover you concept of a motive that should I stick to the Italian defense last night OneNote or at the bull flows dome on there was the bag limit I do think John will adopt a more defensive posted for the first leg of the next time taking horrible first owner or the back of the neck but have you any plans for dealing with the free scoring Turkish forts well Brian well let me give me do you //

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