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"2017-12-18 02:37:02"
Diddy wants to buy Carolina Panthers and hire Colin Kaepernick
\\ //
"2017-12-17 15:11:49"
Comedian Faizon Love Says Trucks Make White People Smile
\\ //
"2017-12-17 14:57:07"
Nicki Minaj Side-Eyes White-Washed iTunes' Top 10 Hip Hop/Rap Chart
\\ //
"2017-12-16 22:24:13"
David Banner Pull Up At Black-Owned Bank
\\ //
"2017-12-16 07:49:55"
Lupe Fiasco speaks net neutrality, says to build your own ISP
\\ //
"2017-12-16 07:29:07"
Charlamange Tha God On Eminiem Donald Trump diss & Upcoming album
\\ //
"2017-12-16 00:25:10"
David Banner thanks supporters for believing in him & talks upcoming projects
\\ //
"2017-12-15 05:24:15"
Claudia Jordan On Omarosa being FIRED from The White House
\\ //
"2017-12-14 21:16:32"
DL Hughley On The Lack of Accountability for Donald Trump
\\ //
"2017-12-14 01:31:30"
Angela Rye On Omarosa Manigault Being Removed From The White House
\\ //
"2017-12-13 20:42:00"
DL Hughley reacts to Doug Jones DEFEATING Roy Moore in historical Alabama election
\\ //
"2017-12-13 04:37:17"
Michael Rapaport reacts to Roy Moore LOSING to Doug Jones in Alabama election
\\ //
"2017-12-13 04:24:51"
Michael Rapaport RIPS Lonzo Ball for rocking hoodie with face superimposed over Nas album
\\ //
"2017-12-12 23:36:35"
Man Says Joyner Lucas "I'm Not Racist" Is A Dangerous Piece of Propaganda
\\ //
"2017-12-12 07:44:32"
Rapper Boskoe100 still clowns Keaton Jones after his mother was exposed as a racist
\\ //
"2017-12-12 06:10:13"
Comedian Faizon Love respond to Keaton Jones's viral video about bullying
\\ //
"2017-12-12 01:58:13"
T.I. reacts to Keaton Jones's mother being exposed for racism
\\ //
"2017-12-11 22:47:49"
Killer Mike & Jane Elliot ask black residents of Alabama to vote for Doug Jones over Roy Moore
\\ //
"2017-12-11 20:53:23"
DL Hughley reacts to Keaton Jones's mother being exposed as a suspected racist
\\ //
"2017-12-11 18:40:06"
Angela Rye on Donald Trump being accused of sexual misconduct
\\ //
"2017-12-09 22:36:11"
Michael Rapaport SLAMS Donald Trump after speech at the civil rights museum
\\ //
"2017-12-09 06:22:03"
David Banner's advice for people in the south, dealing with the snow
\\ //
"2017-12-09 04:51:04"
12.8.17- Professor Griff: B-More Lecture/Symbology | Sirius Mindz
\\ //
"2017-12-08 23:03:38"
Angela Rye Responds To Republican Roy Moore Comments On Slavery
\\ //
"2017-12-07 20:41:07"
Michael Rapaport does review of the Big Baller Brand sneakers
\\ //
"2017-12-07 01:21:50"
David Banner says be kind
\\ //
"2017-12-06 23:25:56"
DL Hughley Says Happy Birthday to his son Kyle
\\ //
"2017-12-06 19:46:10"
12.6.17- David Banner Speaks
\\ //
"2017-12-06 17:16:14"
T.I. reacts to Atlanta news anchor Sharon Reed being called the N-Word live
\\ //
"2017-12-06 17:11:10"
MUST WATCH!! Viewer calls a NewsAnchor the NWORD LIVE: How the news anchor responds priceless!
\\ //
"2017-12-06 05:48:34"
T.I. congratulates Keisha Bottoms on becoming the 60th mayor of Atlanta
\\ //
"2017-12-06 02:05:43"
Michael Rapaport RIPS John Oliver for attack on Dustin Hoffman
\\ //
"2017-12-06 01:58:07"
Lavar Ball On Pulling LiAngelo Ball from UCLA & Trump Feud
\\ //
"2017-12-05 20:49:26"
DL Hughley on the republican party supporting Roy Moore in-spite of harassment allegations
\\ //
"2017-12-05 20:09:10"
Killer Mike's says vote today, support the product of black Atlanta
\\ //
"2017-12-05 06:40:23"
ATL rappers ask the black community of Atlanta to support Keisha Bottoms
\\ //
"2017-12-04 23:05:44"
DL Hughley On Michael Flynn Pleading Guilty & Lying Donald Trump
\\ //
"2017-12-04 18:28:15"
Killer Mike's message to black Atlanta resident that oppose supporting Keisha Bottoms for Mayor
\\ //
"2017-12-03 18:37:52"
12.3.17- Dr Umar Johnson: Kenya's Dedan Kimathi & the KLFA Mau Mau's Official Principles of Unity
\\ //
"2017-12-02 07:01:30"
Killer Mike & T.I. Urge Atlanta Residents To Vote For Keisha Bottoms
\\ //
"2017-12-02 05:06:17"
Plies On Michael Flynn Being Indicted For Russia-Collusion
\\ //
"2017-12-02 04:36:59"
Michael Rapaport reacts to Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI
\\ //
"2017-12-01 22:54:30"
David Banner Speaks On Learning New Information
\\ //
"2017-12-01 06:09:13"
Peter Rosenberg CALLS OUT Post Malone for disrespecting HipHop
\\ //
"2017-12-01 00:32:04"
Dancing DanRue offers apology after being record using the N-Word in an argument
\\ //
"2017-11-30 20:47:12"
DL Hughley On Donald Trump Retweting Anti-Muslim Videos
\\ //
"2017-11-30 06:11:40"
David Banner says we have to be consistent even when the cameras aren't on
\\ //
"2017-11-29 21:39:45"
Plies asks, "why do politicians get to lie without consequences?"
\\ //
"2017-11-29 20:41:57"
DL Hughley Respond To Denzel Washington's Comments On Black Incarceration
\\ //
"2017-11-29 01:47:08"
Rapper Q-Tip goes on rant after latest album isn't nominated for a grammy
\\ //
"2017-11-28 23:30:58"
DL Hughley responds to Trump using the word "Pocahontas" during event honoring Native Americans
\\ //
"2017-11-28 23:23:22"
11.28.17 - David Banner: Good Or Evil
\\ //
"2017-11-28 17:03:24"
DL Hughley On Donald Trump's Obsession w/ NFL Players
\\ //
"2017-11-28 07:29:13"
Van Jones: Donald Trump Is Racist For Calling Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'
\\ //
"2017-11-28 05:26:07"
Cardi B Speaks On Libya
\\ //
"2017-11-28 04:59:30"
Michael Rapaport RIPS Tiger Woods for meeting with Donald Trump
\\ //
"2017-11-28 00:40:00"
DancingDan EXPOSED after using N-Word in heated argument
\\ //
"2017-11-27 20:42:12"
DL Hughley On Taking Responsibility For Sexual Harassment Allegations
\\ //
"2017-11-27 07:23:29"
11.26.17- Dr. Umar Johnson: Visit Gravesite of Reverend Martin Luther King Sr & Mama King
\\ //
"2017-11-26 21:56:09"
David Banner Speaks On Spreading Positivity
\\ //
"2017-11-25 05:05:13"
David Banner Responds To Questions Asked By The Youth
\\ //
"2017-11-24 21:35:13"
11.24.17 — Dr Umar Johnson Promote Black Owned Business
\\ //
"2017-11-23 23:35:01"
Colin Kaepernick Speaks at Indigenous People's Sunrise Ceremony
\\ //
"2017-11-23 23:06:17"
Angela Rye On Lavar Ball VS Donald Trump
\\ //
"2017-11-23 04:54:09"
Comedian Michael Rapaport ROAST Texas Republican Joe Barton for sending explicit photos
\\ //
"2017-11-22 21:58:39"
DL Hughley on Donald Trump demanding praise for allegedly helping LiAngelo Ball
\\ //
"2017-11-22 16:31:09"
Michael Rapaport RIPS Donald Trump for addressing Lavar Ball and not Roy Moore's allegations
\\ //
"2017-11-21 20:35:26"
DL Hughley On Recent Report: Black Men Receive Longer Sentences Than White Men for The Same Crime
\\ //
"2017-11-21 09:10:30"
Tariq Nasheed On The Ingraham Angle
\\ //
"2017-11-21 05:05:07"
Lavar Ball responds to Donald Trump Twitter rant
\\ //
"2017-11-21 03:18:27"
David Banner On Mumble Rap & The Current State of Hip-Hop
\\ //
"2017-11-20 20:49:05"
DL Hughley On Roy Moore & Evangelical Christians
\\ //
"2017-11-20 20:34:52"
Michael Rapaport RIPS Lena Dunham for elite hipster racism
\\ //
"2017-11-20 16:54:22"
Plies reacts to Donald Trump demanding Marshawn Lynch be suspended for kneeling
\\ //
"2017-11-20 16:34:11"
Snoop Dogg SLAMS Donald Trump after Twitter rant about Marshawn Lynch
\\ //
"2017-11-20 13:44:21"
Snoop Dogg reacts to Charles Manson dying of natural causes
\\ //
"2017-11-19 22:43:31"
Michael Rapaport: "What does Donald Trump really wanna call LiAngelo Ball & The UCLA kids?"
\\ //
"2017-11-19 20:04:49"
Trae Tha Truth Frustrated Over Hurricane Harvey Relief Money Not Helping Those In Need
\\ //
"2017-11-19 17:53:51"
DL Hughley On Donald Trump Lies
\\ //
"2017-11-18 16:49:09"
11.17.17- Dr Umar Johnson: 25 Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity & Peace of Mind In 2018
\\ //
"2017-11-18 06:36:27"
11.17.17- Dr Umar Johnson: Black Friday Shopping Season Begins in 7 Days
\\ //
"2017-11-17 21:04:03"
DL Hughley On Al Franken VS Donald Trump
\\ //
"2017-11-17 09:04:36"
Killer Mike Says Be Independent, Feed & Protect Yourself!
\\ //
"2017-11-16 21:43:12"
11.16.17- David Banner: Make Them Pay For Your Kindness
\\ //
"2017-11-15 21:34:29"
Michael Rapaport On Donald Trump Helping LiAngelo Ball, UCLA Players
\\ //
"2017-11-15 21:18:36"
Plies reacts to republican Roy Moore sexual misconduct allegations
\\ //
"2017-11-15 20:38:40"
DL Hughley responds to Roy Moore claims of being persecuted
\\ //
"2017-11-15 01:26:16"
Charlamagne Tha God speaks on Charity, Colin Kaepernick & More
\\ //
"2017-11-14 20:43:36"
DL Hughley responds to Louis CK harassment allegations
\\ //
"2017-11-13 23:11:20"
FREE MEEK MILL RALLY: Hundreds Gathered at The Criminal Justice Center In Philadelphia
\\ //
"2017-11-13 22:03:38"
11.13.17- David Banner: You Are A Slave To What You Don't Know
\\ //
"2017-11-13 21:49:53"
11.13.17- Professor Griff: Black Power Awards | Sirius Mindz
\\ //
"2017-11-13 20:24:22"
DL Hughley On Republican Roy Moore's sexual misconduct allegations
\\ //
"2017-11-13 15:56:53"
Colin Kaepernick Is GQ's 2017 Citizen of the Year
\\ //
"2017-11-12 21:16:32"
David Banner Says "Our People Are Starting To Moving Into Consciousness"
\\ //
"2017-11-11 07:56:53"
Dr Umar Johnson: Talks Meek Mill, Tyrese Gibson & the American Criminal Injustice System
\\ //
"2017-11-10 19:05:54"
11.10.17- David Banner Talks Strong Men/Strong Teachers
\\ //
"2017-11-09 20:59:44"
DL Hughley On LiAngelo Ball Being Arrested In China
\\ //
"2017-11-09 19:51:08"
Plie to Athletes: "You Are Being Used, Period"
\\ //
"2017-11-09 07:34:36"
Chance The Rapper RIPS Chicago mayor for $95M “cop academy”
\\ //
"2017-11-08 21:05:05"
DL Hughley On Recent Local Elections
\\ //
"2017-11-08 05:19:45"
Michael Rapaport: Vin Scully vows never to watch another NFL game amid protest controversy
\\ //
"2017-11-08 00:43:05"
Tamika Mallory reacts to the "Free Meek Mill" campaign on social media
\\ //
"2017-11-07 22:39:09"
11.07.17- Professor Griff: "Code Switching, Do you play the Game?" | Sirius Mindz
\\ //
"2017-11-07 21:12:14"
DL Hughley On the 1 year Anniversary of Trump being elected President
\\ //
"2017-11-07 01:03:08"
David Banner Says, "Love On You And Yours This Week"
\\ //
"2017-11-06 21:05:43"
DL Hughley On The Texas Church Shooting
\\ //
"2017-11-06 18:13:37"
Michael Rapaport reacts to Larry David being SLAMMED for Holocaust Joke
\\ //
"2017-11-05 19:30:48"
(FULL LECTURE) 11.04.17- Professor Griff: The Mis Education of White Amerikkka | Sirius Mindz
\\ //
"2017-11-05 18:57:28"
11.04.17- Professor Griff: The Mis Education of White Amerikkka | Sirius Mindz
\\ //
"2017-11-04 19:15:52"
David Banner: "Just Something To Think About"
\\ //
"2017-11-04 05:05:44"
ABC Traffic Reporter, Demetria Obilor responds Jan Shedd & haters criticizing her outfits
\\ //
"2017-11-03 19:43:21"
DL Hughley On Papa John's CEO Blaming NFL Protest For Declining Sales
\\when we get a 3 week playing pop pop examined the owner Bob got Peter is saying that the out football BR booklet that golfing their maternal money maybe if they don't it's sweet sauce you know we're moving away like Kandyans he's off in there or maybe it's the fact that I'm not you know on demanding that no longer really or maybe it's the fact that are you know motor people you spill your hormones are banding problem you know will you please she's getting state Bob Miller altogether you know maybe maybe Gulf people either guy are being treated adequate tried to bribe means maybe a limo criminologists or the cardiac moment then go yeah the thing I think more than anything else if you wanna still warble food to people what's known black people you need us to throw or local you don't know it horribly bad room quickly rising you that senator so maybe you should be more respectful maybe people didn't like the British will recover the affordable Care Act we've got on TV and you complain that you back retard it can fit more pizza maybe because you played money pits for because it is one thing that needs but it's a company that the black one is better who one is global you got you talk slick and Garth regularly not yet publicly enabled were you talk to it anyhow your chi earlier you drop I remember I specifically him being saying on TV burst out laughing Lewis exactly that's that's one thing is clear from minister he he spit up in that department down to see how that she'd be familiar we're really not but I also think this maybe a lot of people are picked vaguely black people who you need to sell your organ part cooking steps into the white government reform here TV sets into the fact you were talking about you didn't start picking Seymour Pete took exception to defend yourself reportable who heads do you think either Chris that Michelle the P. 30 right now so maybe you can possibly get your sausages to sweet talk tell you what Papa John's maybe if your on your the software little sweeter I was given a little salty our and your disposition away a little sweeter you might have more black who by the crowd I look over the TV signal that yeah report coming up in 15 minutes yeah you would all I hated her //
"2017-11-03 06:05:20"
B.o.B Says There's No Evidence Slave Trade Ever Happened
\\I received no such thing all I was saying here stay if you don't know let's try different if you if you know nothing about the Egyptian in the committee mystery schools in the aboriginal man and the connections of the Morse empire you know nothing about that and you it is that's right finding now that great grandfathers was a convict and went to jail any a beeline all my family are convicts we all came from could we are capable long line of felons if that's all you can do it we then that's fine that's cool but either way understanding your history is still one this is the first that now we gotta go to the next level something different every single day but even if he's looking at a clean and our lives have been learning the only so sake despite the rule Doris and let's start with any book it's a number if you do something new every day no longer program no because you had no pattern how can a program via program doesn't have break your program //
"2017-11-03 03:01:54"
Plies ROAST Papa Johns For Selling Unseasoned Chinken Wings
\\about what I say isn't about Tommy John I ask level it I look like a morning and I I digital wind gall before I even got a will I do with all digital wango in its second wind god told me what I thought I knew Bob don't add up to date I won't Salamone fucking chick away line you check all my life that's what will you take away life yeah I got a bit uncertain don't bother to take away because the toast altogether with that that's who I don't know somebody's bought me a petition so I hereby going mental Senate just being emits a may have wound but we will get its circulation Papa John I also got him to go away like that yeah I got no business Saturno got dancing when they see a among fucking great so where does I want to take away like that what I will so you keep selling that that piece go now more than that in a way but don't take my lies promoted single I love across America we're going to put in that issue //
"2017-11-02 23:08:28"
Michael Rapaport: ESPN revises social media policy in wake of Jemele Hill controversy
\\so ESPN just put up the new rules and regulations of things that they're allowed to talk about and not allowed to talk about so the Detroit Pistons had the Jordan rules ESPN just released the Jamelle rules effective immediately ESPN reporters are supposed to only talk about sports and sports only but but how the fuck are you going to talk about the greatest of all time Mohammed Ali and not talk politics I guess you can't turn on ESPN anymore to hear about Jackie Robinson Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jim Brown bill Russell Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling Colin Kaepernick sorry and you can't say the word kneel on ESPN anymore get the fuck out here you go this is some Stalin shit Yankee Stadium was a safe haven in New York City after 911 Muhammad Ali would be just another fighter if you can speak out and take a stance flow like a butterfly sting like a bee rumble young male rumble //
"2017-11-02 19:42:52"
DL Hughley On The Inconsistency Of Donald Trump Administration
\\alright I did that with Tony Tony Tony yield good you know it doesn't feel good Inc I want the same I'm method that the trumpet ministration has for protecting us from terrorists if this out from tearing through outside the country is the same one and the same message getting are prettier of goings on I was the thing that is what he thought it called the little bag that integrate an animal and a joke he wanted to have to get them but when a mountain driving through a crowd side never know if that is the main thing he does how we so concerned about the terrorists that come into the country not that got upset about the terrace what are you it's in a yeah I don't eat those baggy theories that maybe suicide leaves out speaking if I think the people in their homes or you know that made it would take 7 will that he cares to kill the eagle one great game I heard you got police chief of New York saying that it maybe we need to be more diligent al-assad's I'm Muslim person among them driving in New York struck a camp and over you see a lot so we should be good to look out for their which exists only the governor you know athletes look out for white dues who buys several I thought were opposes them around there and you know Biggs's nobody sees that if they come to apply it anybody they look like mainly because we all we know what it's like I could be suspicious yeah but doing something normal so many nuclear if in conflict and you no matter what we called our board aware that we do not we all learn this thing level of hate from the exact same place I learned it from the internet and socially little room where the internet and social media he heals you'll not people intro this a big move baby carriage right now he went on the internet and so for me and videos and I think he learned how Donald Trump learned they got bent out big ... Brock Obama his out birth certificate was a fake on the internet and social me you can close our borders you close your eyes he had a place him alive I will play for later besides box in the you know I've killer money internet and so to me in that I want it both remain why just making a couple different have badly didn't create this problem different parts of the world and different ideological ideas but they all married the sag beings hate and why one man learned how to hate me analyze and it takes a truck any become the tear run them another man I see 8 penalize you go then it's often out well on self pity I South Carolina and killed 9 people get on the other man learn Hindi online and became the president of the United States of America I got a little over the GT 6 we got to Jeremy part coming up in 15 minutes right here that the only reason //
"2017-11-02 09:12:07"
Plies RIPS Papa John's CEO For Blaming NFL Protest For Declining Sale
\\love you all the advantages but ... got them ... Papa John yeah give peace a play Papa John yeah Opava Jonathan Bob does a ... they got damn salesman the clan there was it the black players been taken in the knee 0.5 ago it's all because of the cap next a sale now if Bob Dole in the days of mother fucking say about how that man that motherfucker souls yelled out hippies own that that most books all members to follow I caught medicine follow okay you mother fucking say about go to players been kneeling in and have failed nobody that'll mask that motherfucker please apologize I'm pissed off but we don't know fuck ya send away the NATO motherfucking deep fried no way no way I'm a bug problem yeah I got a look a big frown no Michael waylay waylaid by you guessed it away no try to blame is a matter for you mother fucking say it now Papa John my little nat the mother fucking piece anyway //
"2017-11-02 01:30:03"
Kodak Black Buys His Mom A New Mercedes Benz
\\for everything yeah yeah all of us I think that we I ... they yeah I think //
"2017-11-01 20:43:31"
Snoop Dogg Releases Anti-Trump Cover Art for New Album
\\$0 has been set aside respect his victim you may be entitled to compensation for your free consultation call 1800 64 James so every chase you if they can get this //
"2017-11-01 20:08:00"
DL Hughley On Recent Tragedy In New York & White Terrorist
\\code is killing me softly of course yesterday I America I had to do I I feel so bad for other region of New York at tribeca area because again that's where I'd be the World Trade Center was a nasty yeah they tried the law of the World Trade Center before it's always the thing I even before it was successful fly planes into a big guy right in advance read the book the World Trade Center so it's always something going on that we have a easy in a crazy man that just mowed down I watch the people killing 8 and injuring 15 minutes literally ate it particularly how ... for me because that's right around the corner when I write about one of them apart New York is the street I walked down a well I guess to train to go to work at a station in New York so if if it's very it's very close on I can't tell you how sorry I am for those people and how much I pray for them I but I I I would have to say this that there is never an opportunity with something like that happens ... when a brown person does something like that we call it what it is immediately and there is never an operative as some ... like that officials I specifically called appear king and who was supposedly present and that he was supposedly a president United States of America to try to divide us into Stokely yes it was a horrible day yes we have to be on the look out alpha people to seek to do us harm as American no one can deny that but the single them out as if ... that you know is that I think Peter king represented king said it's time to stop being so politically correct when did you start when did you start every time we have no problem with the money when they have brown hair responsible for something we have no problem college here with and it's terrible that those 8 people are more where I those 8 people were killed and 15 people write down this terrible we should do all that we can to make sure that those circumstances don't happen again is a pretty much of an impossible task to seek it did stop people from from getting into a car and me because this is soft targets is low technology is that guy renovating get into yet yet a lot of people and still rightfully so are committed to making sure that we got a medical gate though things would happen but America has still a bigger problem and that is why tears on Haiti's it is your more likely that man in Vegas killed more than this guy and injured more than this guy know what we do went what happening in in tribeca happen we have to pull out all the stops to make sure that have beginning but what happened in New York almost killing 60 people how they got on the arm of the 0 people injured and sat well that's the price of freedom is that we can go if you can see it's not a hussy who's registering vans if you can try to stop entire region of the world from coming if you'll stop times that if you ban immigrants you can't try to stop I what happens in terms of mass shootings in this country one we have the will to do and what we do not one we can demonized people and one we cannot one that's different than not and one lives just like the boy next door but make no mistake about it there are you a more danger from that from about a person in America who can legally get a gun in his angry then you are you have you just off the one we will do something about and one woman I've said it before and I'll say it again they listen that's here is the kill those people in New York didn't even have as good a month at the end of the white if they kill our people and and and that he just did not happen and why we're committed to doing something about what one right away what is a terrorist and we needs that may politely correct when that they have their babies now not the time to talk about when there there's nothing we can do one we're committed to doing something about a woman that we never miss a chance to divide each other this way we never miss a chance to act like is inherently some group of people we are the most dangerous group Americans by far the most day this group of people to America to ever exist every day I 3 had America that sat behind America's FBI 300000 more Americans that pen pairs that the hands of other Americans that have died all the wars we ever fought combine and we have no effort to make the make make sure we do think about not one we don't know a thing about it all is the is the pony to price of freedom yes we should do we we can to stop people from coming to this country and causing also but make no mistake isis and got a damn thing on earth alright that's the law no from the genie states will get the Davenport coming up if 15 minutes is the deal he was //
"2017-11-01 07:37:10"
David Banner Speaks On Teachers Being Afraid Of Black Students
\\share a quick story which you are when I was in the third grade as bad as him and we had a young new white teacher who try to say that ... I need to be put his special classes she told my mother that and my mother told her she was a fucking full nothing was wrong breaks down his need to get is there ... us thinking about how strong my mother was and if she would have listened to school system who later retracted placement special classes ... how that would be real my whole entire life and I wanted to applaud my mother standing strong not allowing me notice system to diagnose me ... she loved going we ended up you know going to another school and making IEDs and be thank you okay I need your help and hurry up because the night is almost pants so I may so I don't believe a pagan holiday and I believe the how we missed workers they don't know that I think we praise indeed put I remember how bill how we would like and now hood lie it was you so what can dole do so adventurous it was just all these things and I don't wanna lie I don't want to participate in price says because I know what this day really means but but the key is don't know if you know what I'm saying like should I get candy away like what would I be a total fucking hypocrite I don't know his yacht salmon which out they got this really bothered me to see it if I don't know if it's it is Daria up till her right yeah I remember in our neighborhood cool is due he is actually why do to use to kill full candy bar I have bought for candy bars you know and see who also make because he is so chrome we gave our lives can into my next door neighbor settlement will dissipate this holiday book while standing out there talking to Lou Yahoo Blackie locked onto me citric entry I just gave you for candy bar freaked out in DC in this land is me you know made my day on I am so alone in my house but most I mean nor now the not so //
"2017-11-01 06:50:40"
NFL Texans’ Jadeveon Clowney Wears Inmate Costume To Team’s Halloween Party
\\right we //
"2017-11-01 06:32:53"
NFL Ravens’ Jadeveon Clowney Wears Inmate Costume To Team’s Halloween Party
\\ //
"2017-11-01 04:28:11"
10.31.17- Professor Griff: Janet Ms Jackson If you're NASTY | Sirius Mindz
\\he was a poet no we don't see any burn now he who was a call Kilmer because part right here yes my car right did well yeah I did pull up next to a black car I don't know what kind of car was but there was no one out here yeah during a lot she said her car was parked right did she got a stolen it wasn't about outage Jimmy unlocks anything while some might colleges got stolen well as they had a cold thing yeah going to well yeah they got just when you do hard as the the Mercedes in the Japanese car domain so now he got his then we can get you and all cold skin when they take my raggedy ass call which you got a lot the quo with the lock locking people up Leon market with a lot the sister thing we can get the signal was like oh okay so manually locked the door year man that's you could step along with it wasn't ... which is what we've come out okay is a way around it love him but I didn't look too good I don't you don't know you keep love love to do yeah okay all yeah where is he was both like next to Marco so it was it was yeah check the camera I okay give me a minute to get together it's my stores later Mercedes I don't know okay our rights my I don't check to Kim's a set n't but you wouldn't know it when you got your attention because you don't know whose car it is and okay right trying to position is dead Skinner skimmer yeah burn well yeah we should look at bigoted not think information I got bored I got good $14 in the bank yeah I know I'm alright peace peace peace was good I guess I could dive into this now I you know just to name them sit in the park while some might college got stolen soon ... yeah okay not good but anyway let me get my Los today I want to talk about yeah talk about on Janet Jackson notice talk about no one asked question that racism played of a role in the decision I love for these individuals to ban Janet Jackson so while studying in and and reading to conduct a pair ... from reading I mean different things about how she's not even bank but because of what happened all 4 believe plus on the amount of pressure that was put out hard and how she blacklisted and black people industry palm I and I think that the only befitting if we talk about racism white supremacy because now Justin Timberlake is apt to come back ... to the Superbowl when the amount of pressure was put on Justin Timberlake at the time it pales in comparison to what was put on Janet Jackson curry so do you have any thoughts on this just gonna put it in the comments so we can come down to this particular subject I om this article says Tom launch loops.coms or not is kind esoteric kind of some sites which is gonna got it with a grain of salt ... and then comparing that to TMZ comparing that to money singing again. com it didn't go down 2 music news ... so this whole idea of Janet Jackson 20 2004 being invited to come former Superbowl bomb one of the largest stages what in the world so this you know music is concerned and then when there was a malfunction in her enter gear now according to them I don't know if you you saw it on yes I so I sort of performance and ... I see a lot of people come to try to pull off that particular hello stunt so to speak ripping clothes off and spinning out peace I don't just alright bomb I saw that done that live performance at that particular time what what happened was Justin Timberlake ... keep in mind that he was in a new artist particular time and Janet Jackson's people who even Janet Jackson seen something in him to invite him on a major platform might get to enhance his career but when it's it went down I think he turned around one of the songs and just chatted at the same time dissing nam noticing prince so we just internally in watching when he's interviewed dealing with this recently he called black people ethnics yeah priceless art piece by piece go broke I see the little one I'm very if palm if you'll know Justin Toomer ask him to give me a call because I want I have a DVD I'd like to give him Scott ethnic notions I the notion no idea white people white males in this white male privileged position having to take advantage of someone else's suffering in such a way where now that you in the position the malfunction was by design and Justin is in the Illuminati rectally momager wrong absolutely wrong is not in the Illuminati that's not that's that's not correct he's not yeah now you may be a victim of Illuminati is actually does pause plants can but Piane by Justin Timberlake not any aluminum ... a voom holds Janet Jackson has been banned from performing at the halftime show of the Superbowl due to the infamous 2004 Rick mom brought I went over that in my book alright yes he was a Mouseketeer yes you would under his mind control thing in in in I'm not going to Disney lot in Florida in a few of the places but he's not in the Illuminati com Janet Jackson not banned from the Super Bowl halftime into Phil says alright so this one despotic right here from TMZ give it a minute pulled up this is Janet Jackson not banned from the Super Bowl have top NFL says I does it well this is interesting if Justin Timberlake lost Janet Jackson in this half time show he can have Janet Jackson because there is no official band barring their from performing at Super Bowl alright at Super Bowl 50 to TMZ sports has learned but you didn't go back TMZ you didn't go back to what she was banned alright and then we was in office memo that was sent to her or anyone else to let her know that the band is been lifted a right as the the kind of ratio less are these the kind of racialist games that could lead to white men within the music industry or if NFL don't miss it body the game that they play I okay so what time Jay Thomas a what he knows Harvey Weinstein what what is it what does that mean in the larger scheme of things brothers if you're gonna come on here you're gonna make some sense to me man let's see Jay if you go to put appear to Justin Timberlake know Harvey Weinstein give me the connection and where they connected how they connected and what does that even have to do with Janet Jackson so come on you know I pull it Bailey peace house only because I so now ... no no Rick I don't think it's the probable that you think it is broke go on be the day he JZ was acts to perform and Jay Z. Stefan them alright let's just keep this recent history in mine I so now when the Superbowl went out to look for people to actually fill that slot they needed somebody that was on the Jay Z. level in order to perform perform at the Superbowl all right in it calming the landscape the musical landscape looking for on non threatening audits black they couldn't put enough of them together tad that draw so the only other artist on that particular level would be a Justin Timberlake but since he had the controversy with Janet they were throwing the dice in this of the dice this is this is the hand that they did del then this is the cause that they're playing peace born Muhammad was good man so I'm saying to you alright Richard Johnson was good man peace peace bomb we have to start looking into these things I'm not saying Gee you 1000 percent wrong ... lean mom I'm not you know Rick Ali Mohammed I say gypped out 1000 percent rubble we need to go deeper than just he knows what he wants dean we've gotten the Illuminati dis got a little coin catch phrases a lot more work not only show we gotta get deeper I we had to get deep so ... they call that incident that went down with Janet Jackson nipple gate now if you're going to blame someone and they were doing a performance together them both both of them should have taken the was it meant I feel alright cool both of them you take the I sources Janet Jackson took a hit they stop playing all songs on the air they bought from doing shows on the Janet Jackson has a name to the point where I mean I'm not sure live nation Messin with or we need these people but none the less Janet Jackson should be able to fill arenas I would think about how I feel the thing about it these people having a network initially never down on the radio shutting her down in print shutting it down in TV shutting the Dow was she can get the advertisement she need enough to let you know about it day up to either put the concert on are you talking about these people having that network on that they put in place this is after the nipple gate incident 20 in 2000 for Janet with seemingly blackballed by the NFL alright then I think the NFL suit I think MTV close to a live nation suit somebody bullet look let's look let's not get this look into it she has worked with the Lee since all right villages is now with J. T. Justin Timberlake getting the Superbowl 52 half time show it's clearly war under the bridge when it comes to his relationship with the NFL but what about Janet and that's the question Justin Timberlake you arse riding high sitting on the throne right now enjoying your white privilege Janet brought you on it put you on get a set of saying the least you could do is return the favor no that's the most you can do the least you could do it when you're doing your interviews don't sound so cold and callous and coal black people ethnics I with black because god is black we black because we come from that doc no need to move with black because everything in nature is black that's good for you I get is defending that we're talking about the Super Bowl NFL Janet Jackson white privilege I simply click and racism white supremacy simply because this is truly unfair to someone like Janet Jackson who put you on so if you listen to Janet Jackson interview she and Justin Timberlake they both of them said listen we are arm practice this 10203050 times it was suppose to be both a black leather thing is built to pull off revealing 8 read how to boost the a kind of thing I ... surely raise had not we can't ideas get yeah okay no one second you know I mean for its musical people I we invited some news Pete alright so now just it is not going to jeopardize his money to pull that he's already pay and what would it what for example I said ... do I think professor Griff do you think that the muses scientist music mafia is looking looking public opinion looking I don't stand looking public what is at me looking public opinion diplomats just is not going to jeopardize money A.'s already paid ... be as I mentioned he's enjoying white privilege they asked him ... I am not sure if there is a ban on Janet Jackson why can he bring Janet on as a special guests because you know as well as I know Paul that we did made in America in Philly well on Jay Z. and will Smith's all of them were looking at what Public Enemy might come to Philadelphia and say if you go back and look at what we said in Philadelphia bomb we broke all the rules I they said we could mention Mumia Abu Jamal so we had a banner made we just held the band I I'm not sure if my phone is going to ... hold up our together if you pursue this leprosy we could do at that last bit percentage ... miss Thompson said miss Tomkins bought me my music is not bank don't know that I've done 1 Samuel 1860 when it came to pass that date was returning from the slaughter the listings that the woman came out of all this is it Israel singing and dancing okay piece called Mohammed game on I'm saying that if the NFL it's never going to regain because they made Janet Jackson apologize I ... unless the scene Janet Jackson apologized what happened doesn't when you got half naked white women with no shapes I should give me a flat asses anytime they get a chance coming half clan half naked bomb in this ridiculous but to make a black woman suffer and pay every time she do an interview caller said the the least you can do is turn down the half time show black people still boycotting and now he's crossing the picket line and in doing is disrespecting us he needs to be boycotted JC sure the line in the sand so all the artists need to step step in line then refuse office to perform beautiful perspective I'm learning to let my brain around people's prospectus so but what I articulate about what what's happening now is all I said the other night in Philly Holloway thank the people from Philly brother rob just wanted I rasa con in Ben after my mom and taken and thank John and deftly thank you to my wife solely for support me in that effort the other night in Philly bomb just we recognize it on it in Philly by by people that look like me is a beautiful thing but so the whole idea of standing up for what's right if Janet Jackson apologized and said it was a it was a wardrobe miss function why did it come that Janet Jackson so Hong I Whitfield pieces that which you'll be in a TL now mass makes a map Deborah I ... peace Kimberly washed in Stanley Washington was good Kimberly Robinson it's daily Washington so on so it says NFL spokesman tells us that we're not going to comment on the spa specter or spot any speculation regarding the potential guess there are many no get their there may be no gifts along with Pepsi we're excited to have Justin Timberlake I there's not exactly no fingers crossed okay Superbowl halftime shows and then they give a list of Superbowl halftime shows where lady Gaga and all these other people came half naked I hold on get back to the other article we only have a few minutes on this alright so now Phileas gold pan Africanist really really great Marcus Garvey the Janet Jackson did a Jesse Jackson would when he apologized to the Jewish community over and over what you write about that Richard Thompson auction block mocha Farrakhan Muhammad peace cartoon army base Philly pan African so but it ... that ... miss Tomkins you must be fired up you might wanna hang up morning call me so I'm for real did lady Gaga befall wood slabs of beef on our breasts I think yeah something like that may but it was ridiculous but they are crucifying Janet Jack it's called call Muhammad peace so it's one of those things on and I'm looking here's a Janet Jackson not banned from performing at the Super Bowl I everything you forgot about Janet and Justin Timberlake let's look at that on everything you forgot about Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake to our 2004 Superbowl controversy they look back at the 22004 year the U. Justin Timberlake headline the Superbowl Justin Timberlake 9 it wasn't a case a lot of shake a lot has changed since the infamous wardrobe malfunction between Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson take a trip down memory lane and see what life is like in 2014 the National Football League has confirmed that Justin Timberlake will perform at Super Bowl 50 2 in February marking his first return to that closely watched stage since yeah it was if if they put it infamously expose Janet Jackson's breast during a performance 2004 Superbowl it has been it's been more than a decade since that incident which became known as nipple gate hypocrites man is been more got damn nipples on got damn stages social media and all kind of stuff I what is it that you feel about a black woman's name nip is it melanin that they feel is I'm I'm just trying to figure it out I you right miss Tompkins not giving a damn about NFL in if they advance you write that's desperately opposition but for the people that don't know opposition miss Tomkins that's why won't he let them know that racism white supremacy is alive and well it when it comes to dates so you're absolutely correct I know one Ellis Montgomery says no nobody brings up the fact that she was married to a Muslim but what does that how does that play into this I'm not the reason why they're banning here as she met I'm not understanding please help me out jockey telling you know I'm not the smartest one in the room all right my job and I keep telling you know get the story presented some questions pull something out of you let's have some dialogue I and I were talking about dialogue I need everyone to pick up vinyl called newspaper we go deeper into Colin tell pro 2017 a black identity extremists ... of articles in the US will pick up to final point not only that my class is ... put me my study groups tomorrow night at 8:00 and so you can go to WWW.professor you know to sign up for the class peace but the grave damned NFL and Super Bowl circus ... please check out my page Chicago Bob Barr got you big bro I quit Lewis I got you this time there's a lot of things care about yeah we we care about a lot of things what we know that some of our people right now that a chubby is ill with the remote in their hand and a beer in hand watching highlights what they missed over the weekend football for NFL so we got to catch them people I still don Ilene Tompkins help me out here I ... trust me I don't I'm not really into not really into sports like that I but you have a lot of people right now Pico brown you are right hope your day is about some reflection and you go the other so this time as I understand it absolute correct I is this stage staging mighty black man down on their knees but I gotcha fake black yeah yeah yeah got you we understand it this Tompkins I yeah you got you going to offer me sis everything everything is not a conspiracy theory everybody's not controlled by those people so stop dead I owe them it says la Toya warrior goddess Jack's we know what it is the black woman has long been relegated to occupy the bottom of the proverbial totem pole you write the toy this will understand out Powell you write she and Tina does Spencer I got my copy of final call on the green okay give tanks on the lake I Rick Ali Mohammed also professor Griff Janet might say something black politically correct out of bounds yeah but they was they were saying in 1004 how so many young white kids that watch the Superbowl ... which dramatize well if you got your young little white children watching the Superbowl is many condiment big commercials on Viagra commercials that come on you'll need to stop being hypocritical right now Marcus James Griff 7 or 8 have been shot dead just now in New York ... it to come out of the phone Texas couple people see if that's true Marcus Maksimir legal where I can see that wear red in New York New York is huge Brooklyn Bronx queens Staten Island governor's island Long Island Reese island Ellis Island why does island where upstate New York it thicker buffalo Rochester where mark is James Kamal menu got more information on the internet but the cysts come on we gotta stay up the branches to go to the root ya come with me it would branch of knowledge if you give me some information given to me I to pull up blog I think it above yes Sir I minutes to serve a piece with good Matt Stanley Washington right be safe filma are George Alexander could almost from Roosevelt mornings a bowl pizza George cook the Muhammad final goal newspapers the independent black owned publish distribution newspaper bye for black people yeah I don't know why she did know that already would it person is but a mediating take 10 minutes this morning I don't know a slow pace Christopher Parr hand Christopher have you gotten a relative that was in the military in the late seventies name upon him tell him to give me a call 678-557-2919 where are you now practicing martial arts familiar 8 year old man I'm not practicing martial arts with anyone in this you brought to their circle yeah sorry the Muhammad riverside bubble class though the study group is tomorrow night brothers sisters 8:00 PM alright go to WWW.professor Griff got me we are standing up to a kneeling at the feet of the elders it was standing on the shoulder and set the so that we can study all right ... you know when I come on like this I know I get different people saying different things but we have to reap be respectful even if you may disagree with something I'm saying most cases is not me I just read an article and I'm trying to pull something out of you bomb analyzing the article analyzing what's going on and how to handle and Janet Jackson it any black woman what's going on in the music industry politics religion whatever it is I Bob is my job to move you out your comfort so Quinn Lewis it terror attack in Manhattan and a home depot truck 8 killed as of now CNN breaking news Dick calling it a terrorist attack Carrie Roberts anybody ever think Janet is a willing participant thought about tech Jimmy Robinson I think what she just a willing participant and it is what it is I so yeah you're right on we know the NFL's best the Superbowl was a giant ritual you write Julie Roberson we need to explore that aspect of it also alright what did it if they'll stand for anyway alright what ritual go down at the half have time because 1000000000 people watching I to become a great piece William Burke creek piece I feel my Chris Cleveland how you feel about Texans taking a knee over the weekend Texans taking in the over the weekend I yeah I was not privy to that Texas taking and me over the weekend Popo shown up I guess to come my neck that report written from that miscellanies bands being stoned I don't know I did the young lady you need just is right in the purple yeah yes Sir cost only yeah I I think so men I so my battery's about to go dead my family's going to do it until it died so I'm saying to young regardless of whether we cross reference different articles but regardless of what it is it almost seems as though ... at that time and then ... for that the witch hunt with lawn and Janet Jackson's head was on the chopping block arm I defy any of you all right now to go call to go and ... and look up both full I go look up both floor they came at Janet I is this is real and this is how I was going down will you speak in Birmingham I'm in Atlanta this weekend we can't afford clock at the help to Athens cafe alright my car was parked right next MCA's been able could you share to do well Jay what happened I was like John Gilmore show they just can't okay Eitzen vegan food on the backseat they could in that that would straight she looked G. Pete rock was good alright so well you know moving to fast Houston Texas owner referred to as plays I got Chipstead jaw S. inmates yeah basically said that our goal that inmates run Chris who takes you to get a little bit more than just well you don't want me some I gotta start speaking up out man rip Houston Texas owners purchased grade yeah I guess I get any chance on town she was just a few days ago okay amber Renee piece the Trayvon would you not watch anymore yeah I'm not even into like NFL like that and I'm not into sports sold it was so what coach said it do you about and that that was going on that really gets you let me know so but I guess I have to because I'd start getting back into ... giving you the new hat we see the way Miller native lands and now we understand things I O. M. said he got down on one knee but they still played yeah I think that minister Farrakhan some I made a very valid point in in the newspaper guild that indefinable news beginning that that is it what appalled at what you said memory we now playing a day place a good window Dave emits in that this is a prison excitement let's treat your NFL number 4 prison number Alstott place from also plays just need to pull out create their own league that's easy to say John trade but eva by women to do at all that we know what money they not willing to do that all right street unison 5 a professor want to needlessly list of Ron day was that the men 1 number 675 by 7 to 919 wrong I mean up more cuts in the grip I would like to invite you to a black experience kick off reception call me November 3 6:00 PM call me Maud gonne be brought 6 market my number death 678 mafic up put any of I'm so glad you still fighting the power much respect much respect to you terms I'm going to read my final call right now Scott Muhammad Salah brought peace I June Harrison piece June arm so let's look at let's look at the overall out come but the importance of then stripping Janet Jackson down white men or a white stage for billions of people to see then turned a fart turnaround crucifying enough again what the young lady said on Africa of Kimberly I believe she was probably will have the testing yeah that's true because artists do all kind of things I Janet just had a baby in her fifties now wiser and older arm I would presume that mean nothing and I don't know I like that Bob hopefully wiser smarter and learn from the experience it seems like the Zionist Jews trying to build a case against Janet okay all I'm then I need to add just in time for the event in Atlanta this weekend most 4:00 at the local essence what what what lessons on the west then what you score check it I Saturday November th you know them before 2070 4:00 PM helpful essence cafe right here on the west I and bless you don't keep going on beasts give thanks jubilant I alright so this is not about me grip criminal as an artist it can sigh amid all this simply because he's black we want to do a true and what is so upside amazing our future all the heat and not just in this play the Superbowl and got away unscathed right about that sorry it was good all the alright all that awaits summer Janet Jackson showed so much so she got bought from radio watching TV well it just great you said you know something yeah that's enough to break somebody spirit what would you never want to being used in I will Justin Timberlake it we got it always have to be a but in this case you get this simply because they he was gone one ripping clothes off in it what demand back to perform at the Superbowl I think that's it ought to do some radical I bring Janet back yes simply like I was thinking JZ should accept the did a deal to be ought to perform at Super Bowl initiative brought Colin Kaepernick are you know what should a took a need just bounced after that use me up radicals hell that's just me I Reagan also agree with white feminists ought to that's for do that for her while good question they always want to recruit black women it's a feminism of just served to serve their agenda further to feminism is not about a black woman old blogger finish reading what you say but black will stay away from stay within that system yeah you know sometime like that come only look to be a racial issue well obviously Justin Timberlake and ride highlands is white male privilege right now I white privilege be sure Google Sarah was set mark to be against it be against small peace be sun alright so I'm saying to you all we have to be able to look at it so what are X. rays involved in this zeta so mock yes some ads it is more nope you just shall Iraq is laid back here that I hate yeah you have some activists not just just checking yeah breath beau gate cool cool alright so Janet Jackson now I want to see how this thing plays out alright I wanna see who really supports a black people and knock it out efforts to boycott should both inside the Superbowl and outside Superbowl halftime before tying creek gain postgame it don't matter alright it don't matter so we need to understand the dynamic alright so what better place to exercise your freedom of speech on a large platform both stage are you all know my phone's about to die I would like to continue this conversation based server he's got we treat all but all is well we want to know if all is well with Janet yes explain well and that I could get up with Justin Timberlake and ask him a few questions not not high style not white issue but I like to say okay well since you don't his JZ turn down the Superbowl invitation you get the axe you Janet Jackson didn't come the murder of the first computer came here my let me make good what happened yet I alright website WWW that riff dakini shall not want but do not one now Paul my study group tomorrow night 8:00 Saddam joint you won't W. Fatima milk crates you can go to or WWW.PayPal yeah leap forward slash festive grip corporation I that he knows or grit peace part was that smoking at work to watch this you better get back to work it's not like all the but you eat Daren Hahn Kate broke now this is the start of the hidden and carry out manual C. O. up W. M. E. I and you go look into that dare the Superbowl teacher would be one for Janet and us to stand down purity contract has just been given warnings Garamond jobs jewels all jury COGIC it's just been given to it G. 4 S. G. 4 S. security while not that we don't look up his aunt barrio Emmanuel C. E. O. of WPP and I am she put on the panel yeah please Justin Timberlake should be kept in public spot on Jack's Jack Jack why that's a deeper perspective deeper insight well my shot out to grip where Shawn P. as you shout out I ... quite visa harrassed beat Paul J. Thomas arm this is one of corrupt what the Cup got accomplish them 0.5 dressed talk to artists awards talk to those people death symbolic support ... Jan Jan but as one of compensation all yeah I think we need that very real quick who each explorer I'd be stunts in his information on that alright did you make a lot of noise brought you share with me day it of Justin is a culture vulture's that is true jelly well I think all black culture right yeah that's that they get no play money abroad might fact that ever let you net game you have Robert overruled stuff looking she for S. alright albeit Jones Davis it's going to get what audits you at school did people that's researching that right now as we speak but read it you might want to go to Google to put that in like I'm about to do right now telephoned right so if you're just joining in yeah wacky Georgia this Saturday at 4:00 essence cafe alright if you ask worse rob Thomas is worse no no play on the now you will get I did get yet now who was the theory getting Powell of arrests in the future while John E. columns just drop the bomb yeah rest got it pixie pixie was good it was at checks mean it pulled okay small we will even in a security groups are mercenaries she for experts appearing solution G. 4 S. security solution comparte resource expertise deliver customized security products Palava yeah I got a look at you S. curing solution crop mercenary yeah we don't mention names we don't see right first we have to keep these things up and my pride but more like the client but I will be back when he it tomorrow interesting story brewing would love a few white people get arrested them indictments were handed down yesterday and they kick right jail I know this this is Harvey Weinstein day get away he made a deal with those people I not to serve time as long as he give up those less than the PPK you know I think I always otherwise the doctor dropped less yeah yeah yeah yeah right over go look good you are these indictments handed down yesterday to some white folks Jack was raking in millions of all right crop just dropping back on it tomorrow is down in Charlotte was 3 fiat tomorrow in class should not I feel tomorrow 20 year shales get with you all on Thursday but I got a call Nelson show Thursday evening if you in the DMV area I might be syndicate so much nationwide on the show but look at the clothes to show why there will be on the call no show miss so stay tuned I'm gonna begin with yes brackets our identity extremists are I disagree if I got a break not right getting cold outside funding cafe young ladies government state is being stolen so yeah I'm not arts fest grip club revolution is not in the bit we have to process talked on the phone number 675 by 7 29 one not what's at WWW that's great shot me I. G. excess aggression Facebook that's great I got it yup up to do //
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DL Hughley: Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Says 'Lack of Compromise' Led to Civil War
\\John Kelly who with the president's ... chief of staff who was but I want to be the idea but on a to both be a mitigating factors both elevate via the premise and the power in the private sector that the prince he spoke to be the adult in Rome I have been dragged down the trust level because now apparently he will only talk on fox news and that's when he was lying on a sitting congressman with easily provable facts and now he's he's rewriting history he is saying that the ... the civil war happened on fox news of course lowering them of course they are never going to challenge you about anything you say a pox because they I I probably agree with him but I said that it was the lack of compromise that debt colleges still wore a lack of compromise let me ask you what compromise should there be when men want other men to stay slaves are channel well the compromise be should they not be able to beat them or rate them or sell them on Tuesday that've been a hell of a taco Tuesday right should be that they could only be free sometimes are not either the thing in America now that if there is not coming to the forefront more more is that we speak out of both sides of them we say things and they would take them back either you believe that all men were created equal or you do not do you believe that slavery was the blight on our country and our results them or you do not you cannot have them both you do not get the phone call both the if you believe that we all are created equal or you don't if you believe this slavery is our city our original scene you can not war monuments to the perpetrator of the sin you're suppose to be ashamed of you can't have them both you cannot tell me how about Colin Kaepernick who led a peaceful procare if a trader but rather really who led a violent one is a hero Colin cabinet never kill one human being not one American he challenged it can be better than itself rather Li Ely physically talented and killed thousands hundreds of thousands of men one is a hero and one if they if they trade you have to tell as speak insisted tell us what 80 if you're telling me that we are all created equal you cannot believe that the civil war the lack of compromise if they lack of humanity there were men who believe that you should be able to have the right to own other men and it's 5 compromise we tried that before we give you the Missouri compromise we gave you the electoral college will be that people who don't even have the electoral Mike that we give them have you both have the biggest say who the president the people with the least Al Gore at the case late this other states and the and economically get the biggest say you you had to compromise and you keep fucking it up you can't you can't tell me that we are this or that if you want those monuments you can't say the US and the flag you cannot say we created equal you were going to get that Kelly was born in Boston why I guess he was raised above that which is also figured it either we are out we ate the problem is that in America is the would be I the reality Abbas is is in conflict with the with the idea of the idea about this aspiration but what brought about this will be one of the downtrodden and is means that what we are either we are a country that believes certain things that we do not if you want to keep those minus keep them in your neighborhood even when you go to school why should we go to under funded inferior schools which would move it with statues and at and that and I'm a name that the man who only wanted to subjugate I'd go there so shitty we don't even have the book that doesn't do a lot more feed them I think is the bee's we'll eat it Israel is our is you and me you cannot have them both if you want those monuments and you believe the right really with hero the and you but yet you tell us we move on with everybody that would be as if me and you dad when it when a relationship how brutal to you for years and years but we decided to go to work and I could get it together but I insist on keeping the momentum that the as well but the hand it out we look at the picture they wanted all deflected you cheat which if it is that you read yeah you cannot want to own one you can I want everybody to be American and do the things you do you cannot what they did discriminate against the L. B. he'd taken it you cannot what the band love them you cannot honor people who go to Charlottesville and deep yeah right on peeplo Kong calling people you cannot have both the thing either you are are you a you do not get to get the phone are both beers you don't have to have everything you are what you say you are or you're not alright there's little no from the DD thank you gotta Davenport coming up if 15 minutes of the day are you with //
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David Banner Says Sometimes You Have To Let People Make It
\\some Turner you have to let people make no matter how powerful you are no matter how much opportunity you have sometimes you have to love people then they love themselves and if you are a man or woman of virtue you have to let go that sorry or that you serve excuse me speak for you do I have to say a word and if those that you sire which on life so bloody what Olivia panel they don't stand for you you know what to do Lange Texas ... for her that everybody else you know actually some people who drove up from Jackson Mississippi I got about lecture series was special tonight man ... it was spiritual like I was close election book about 45 minutes man we we said in our 2:00 hours Bela and down some really really special ... appreciate you plan on who believe in him and allowing me to add on to your lives prospective I don't know what to say thank you so very much ... listen I am our own restaurant yeah natural again if my mother up but it was so //
"2017-10-30 23:47:06"
Plies On NFL Houston Texans Protest during The National Anthem Sunday
\\a man is it wise you know it in then all the sudden attack out traffic Gaza may tell my players that need is weak if what Houston Texas no I'm confused about the oil me would according to ESPN they said player near this weekend about a comment that was made by the owner by the inmate Courtney is mia they said the fans cheered him when a neo I so I'm try to figure out how a couple weeks ago when a near flame just in the system I have for America's say they were disrespecting the fly I'm trying to figure out how just this past week when they need about it may come in nobody said it would just regular magnified so how Neil Innes we deign to spend flat but 3 weeks ago when I was little inflamed Jeff in the system Airbus enable dishes Megan the flat so if you like the smartest person in the world if it but I am the dumb is new so it means //
"2017-10-30 20:25:24"
Michael Rapaport: Ex-Trump Adviser George Papadopoulos Pleads Guilty in Mueller's Russia Probe
\\Georgie fucking Papadopoulos up to listen it's your fucking name fucking much we got man afford in the other room the scram like a fucking skirt what he got from the Georgian we got I'm not saying your name I don't give a fuck form saying your name right Papadopoulos what the fuck do you got it's a fucked up shrubs fucking birthday today I don't need to ship what the fuck do you got for me George by pickup adopt this some Papadopoulos right Georgie peek at your fucking name now Georgie Georgie pickle you like a you like a tickling pickles is what you're going like pickled pickles a little no misconception about federal prison Georgie there's many a federal prison men Levinson women in a long time so when they take out the wonder bread baked so lack some brief Frank they take out the wonder bread baking and somebody says all I got the olive oil so safe sex federal prison Georgie what you got on choppy fuckin rad //
"2017-10-30 19:40:06"
DL Hughley responds to NFL owner Bob McNair comments
\\alright that they've given them hi Bob hard to get and put in a veil play the pair is balls yeah up up NFL owner Bob McNair said I you know I had a meeting that would love that they call together about discussing what the NFL could be you could do to help you know kind of a deal with the issues that the protest that raises in the middle if we can't let the inmates run the prison and a lot of people think that this would the misnomer of that figure speak it was not their amazing similarities between president plantation amazing similar the NFL is the most lucrative poll but pro football league in the pro league in the world in the world nobody makes more money no other afford us boys and they will make more money but on average NBA players make 5.15000000 if not bay that baseball players make 3.2000000 NHL players make 2.4000000 and NFL players want make 1.9000000 what I tell you that is amazing the similarity between plantations and printed and football when slavery was over they had all these people are all these people that were free and they needed the economic and they need this free labor of what they know the head what do they do they sent in the prison for petty reasons and much like prison much like that the biggest strongest bath this group of black people well that I played football I probably where in dream for them what it what this man did buys that by telling you that the that I let the inmates run the asylum there is a reason basketball players make so much more money because the owners in basketball a more collaborative and more court that local he's a relationship with their players they don't see them as as they they not they'll take pride in all of them football players seem to ads yeah I did act like plantation like prison ward if it is a basketball Donald sterling say it's something that without a lot they made himself a sock and they may themselves they they made him sell it that if there is there something I live on the land how they made incentive football would have the power that and you got he's run the feel for me they do exactly what they want to do that if this is not different than a plantation they make you believe that this is all that you had when we were slaves they don't have fences around the plantation they didn't do that then the game all the rule us would fear and intimidation they give everybody on that one there were 4000000 slaves at 1.for me and all of them decide to lead them to bin nothing they could do what they do with that one what indeed that Turner a Colin Caperton no they do the exact same thing you are not a slave you're not beholden him to play football you gotta go to some of the finest is the tunes of learning in the world nobody William I will hold out a lot better than you by the way but to make them believe that they all use them you know the average football players play through and have you so you're young man what the college even get a you can educate yourself your body's pride separate them from playing football and now what your mind is a deliberate you like any that like no other group of black people in the world have access to an education is the finest in the world and you let them believe that you beholder that we have been so late in our mind for so long and that is the difference between the NFL and and and basketball that's the difference that's why Beth well play the so much better pay and so much more respect if you think something like that on Tina brown with loan all Colby with though what would happen what would happen to you you lose that Dante but you let that man say that to you and you did nothing you did nothing you let them do what they do to call Kong cabinet and you do nothing you let them but he let out a he leads don't say what is that the you and you do nothing but you believe that they own you they do not they buy your athletic prowess not just silence you are bright strong man the strongest on the earth and you let that man say that to you because you believe that the mind you have right now when you play football this like slave owners remember how they can think slave could feel pain if that's similar to that of NFL owners and see the you are not a slate the only slave you are the one you allow yourself to be if you're educated you set your own terms you can make the world yours you are the most educated strongest man on the face of the earth and you let these people disrespect you because they dangle money on Friday they are doing exactly they always then they could not think of all implant cases they use clear they think castrate everybody just a few they didn't look everybody just a few and whether you nat Turner or what do you call a cab to get the exact same thing you truly do like a lot of brothers president would awards will tell you present actually do run the institute's they live there might have gone though you can set you obey the reason you're not respected because you let them disrespect if if you all stuck together just like we had all stuck together we all left 4000000 people left they would have with their if you got stuck together they couldn't do what they do but you insist on being afraid you go to that your mind will do a lot more for you you will live a lot more along with him on the lake the next that's the true what Harriet Tubman say I've read 1000 slaves and I could have read 1000 war if only they'd known they were slaves or that they won 1 of 45 up for 3 but have you only a slave that you allow yourself to be when you go to work but to a school figure that football mind that work for you even you get to you won't read this like in prison then I get a big strong do this here is a guy who can read and read they fear calling cabinet because he inspires you to be better than what you think of that inspired you to use the power and you let him get his book out and you play like the master told you do and you should be is saying that he got danza alright Othello no from the GT 6 or get the debt report coming up in 15 minutes at the DOD we //
"2017-10-30 18:16:53"
Michael Rapaport SLAMS Former Trump Adviser, Paul Manafort For Russia-Collusion
\\now we're talking now works for begin talking pull mana fort we ran the trump campaign just turned himself into a fucking FBI 12 fucking counts including conspiracy fucking conspiracy against the United States but there's a way out man a fort you're going down the flock okay that should happen don't go down a lot you're fucking right give us Donald we want the Vietnam what do you got on deviant Donald Trump man a fort you're fuckin racked you have no dignity no product we want trump 40 that they make movies about rats her best you could hope for you spend the rest you fuckin life in prison and that one day don't make a movie about you polling to fuckin racked we got on Donald //
"2017-10-30 08:22:01"
\\yeah this is so amazing your destiny because of the time is against but giving me the spirit of the joint or war and this means so much to me vannatter on it's very you know what I'm saying go my music my baby miserable ideas people if you think you ugly is somebody out there this year they will you state it was destroyed but yeah I mean this very well why this //
"2017-10-29 09:52:03"
Rapper Slim Thug reacts to Bob McNair calling NFL players Inmates
\\you know what's good about being down miles Kutztown shakes get to do what the fuck you want to do you get on Instagram to say fuck everybody you don't need to smoke we you could just Carla bits of bids ho ho you didn't do whatever the fuck do you want to do our own bodies would you work with a focus you go be still the big they're gonna do whatever the fuck they say they say you can't smoke takes money get piss in a Cup yeah I do on this is in a big thank the label love onusumba got you wrapped with cyanobacteria on fucking owners tickets are like now this yeah so so I'm a good tale that is bounced 9 about tonight because that's what most of the check this out baby bows gates so I'm a bore owe more than do you know sand fans he's got me right and if the ... San big boss live low voter so gangsta we got the rats as ... you have to shoot then if the car so I think I see ya later me with his got the shoe no and TV show okay so I'm I'm about to go right why are you //
"2017-10-28 20:40:18"
10.28.17- David Banner: What Are Your Afraid Of?
\\so it's around David banner ... so ... at and tied it this will no what are you afraid out because something happened we have so far so does this big showdown was supposed to happen and one of my really good friends in the music industry who've been able to accomplish a lot how many said David banner lets you be a part of the show because I need you equal now you know what's going on you know at that event like you said there's there's there's no balance in hip hop he said I need to come up here and I need you to ... written that was the show up right so I said brother and just so you on notice I did the same thing with the guy by there were a couple people who was made your major artists that was supposed to be on a guy box who when I definitely comfortable with the direction that I was going in and that's fine because I don't believe that died late the same thing on everybody that was laid on the my burden to bear and I don't even believe my children well my future why should have to suffer because of what I believe so that means that I have to work harder to be able to secure a position that will blow for them from my comments here but anyway ... this is the funniest CWO so it was a made it was real cool breeze right jefe and go so I told him that I would do it but I first want him out labor you know you know what I you know what I do now grow like that yeah I know exactly what you do miss the GABAA so he told her good white folks ... I like to bring it David banner yeah he he he he could be what it takes is there little folks they scare you dial fuck you scared of I don't get it you know when when black people's true you know I would always give you know examples to white people who would compare the black Panthers to clue Klux Klan in our ads one simple question I would ask have you ever seen white people hanging from trees behind ... like Pat the party mortgage or rally no you haven't all I do speak the truth if you are guilty about what your ancestors in which our brothers and sisters do then say that but why are you acting like I'm the monster for reacting to fear and oppression rape and murder that's our people have been doing not hundreds of years for thousands of years so if you scare book you would put it in your pocket we not stop the other thing is this the reason why that was important was because I also want to tell strong men and women out here is that you shouldn't have to curb your personality because of someone else's insecurities you know there's so many P. I I even have you know people who work for me that say you're so intimidating what makes me intimidate 6 would too extremely handsome ... now take no shit I remember the universe of people universities to be intimidated and me and I'm a member of a black official told a white folks you see it if you don't fuck over him you don't have anything to worry about people are used to soft black people who just want to fucking get by I'm not an angry person I'm not a mean person unless you slapped me in my mother fucking face and that's just like David banner the real data incredible hope like people would always say he was a monster but she shot at him if you look at him he be out in the arm palm forests rubbing on dear initiate any white folks pullout wait thanks you shouldn't shoot out of anybody get pissed off they say he's the fuck must get the fuck out here do you know that was one of the reasons why I almost changed my name to just banner because there so many similarities like most people that I was to put out a semester the pieces away from a masters degree full the Mississippi down that should happen before Eddie you know but I go from town to town city to city like a vagabond that people become his dumb ass rappers never been but I am not going to and we to make you feel safe because you have insecurities and you'll week fall level up I should have to level down for you I seen the women in my family do that like I'm not the first person graduate from college my grandmother had a college degree and I watch my grandmother because the man that she loved didn't have the level intelligence that she had that she level herself down to make him feel complete don't tear yourself down for nobody you can help them you know raise the level of consciousness or whatever the situation may be but don't don't Neil for anybody standup be who you are if they can't take a real fucking would allow home state the other thing is this that I wanted to talk about today somebody angst me what makes it easy for me to do the things that I'm going to do and I want to tell you audition this is really important on and it's funny I was reading an article about Albert Einstein and he said the same thing he said the key to happiness is living the simple life and that's the real the shit in the world one of the things that I was able to do where is I cut my expenses by 75 percent like I sold a bit leaves a soda man soon ... late she but I'm a single black man I don't need all of that shit so what ends up happening is is we as black people get caught into capitalism and you could never conquer capitalism the more money you get the more shit you by what live a humble life then people can't control you so I'm able to say no I give you the example when I do one project regardless of whether it's commercials regardless of whether it's a tour regardless of whether it's a album I'm usually able to live here for 2 or 3 years what the life that I've established for myself I'm not limit the somebody else I'm happy you know just a movie reel which you as well I don't eat exotic foods X. anybody who come to my house I have greens in if I'm eating meat at the time really simple meets and a whole lot of water it McCrea I don't have a whole bunch should not all you know I think the thing that I possibly probably spend money on these you know a quick me for my job and and my employee I like play PlayStation then I like G. star jeans rested I should I don't I did not find that should no M. Olin how light bein first edition books that's my passion you know find an old books so what I'm telling you is if you live a simple life and you say in you say and you say that people are not able to manipulate you most of the problems is mowed my example football players and basketball players most among the folks don't understand for justice because they get high as Beals they can they don't live humbly living beyond my means so one of the traps they put black people Leah is the more money we make mobiles with me why not stay on this level allow your finances to raise they are able to be a human being again so live sample you know I like to dress like every night implements a what are the reason why I'm able to buy the lie as close because I speak a lot I put a budget in and the reason why out I I consistently buy clothes because I believe if somebody spending the money that the spinning for me to speak then they want to see what they spent their money on that she should be flat so I put a budget is and what happens is every time I speak out by either a new top or a new jacket and then after I speak about 10 times Bustos which initially in and out yeah okay tale when I put it below ... change still cool treatments you know those there but I live a very very simple life should I barely get a heck even my hair stuck to his but here I don't have to go to the barber she is maybe twice a month so what within that you can't manipulate me and I'm able to say no a lot of my staff they can understand that but why do you say no so much because people trust me and I have to be careful what I do with my brand because it's hard enough to get black people to trust other black people anyway so because my people trust me I have a responsibility with dead I think I told John man I turned down some major major money because you know this company wanted me to play a del deli and that's how much I can be that I can't use that can allow my image to be manipulated like that right now last thing I want to talk to you all about is over and over again we see that television and TV can't be trusted but we constantly allowed him to give us our favorite black leaders ... our favorite stars they're usually the people that white people accept I had a person the same man why don't I get a guy box on the radio ... more and I say maybe because I say keep you white Jesus out Brady across Pat might be it might be because the hooks it pop your blood this book you'd like this I don't know it may be because I say it Clayton some you go down young girls throat who tell about the roads wife boats which do about groups what you know about trees me is we go from there look like me while we expect them to play this some of them do I appreciate it we're going to have to find ... some self esteem we're going to have to pick our leaders because we like them not because they're up what Lee mobile and white supremacy in the end you expect those same people to turn around and fight for you against the same system that pay in so fucking ignorant stupid is dull no one ever work but I love you know phone with all my heart and I appreciate the support ... SIPRI yeah but 6 appreciate I appreciate on the fact that you are spending your money with you know thank you for supporting David we about to of start selling the flags ... when I made the flag I make a flag for the top box and I was thinking about a flag for our people I just didn't know that our people what we're going to react to the flag as quickly as they did and got really show me something that instead of complaining making like they had a flag why can't we make our wills and I made so presented to the people in if the people deem that their flag I will be on you know so David bad outcome will have a black power ... the black face of flag very very so so ya state soon ... I love you and I appreciate that be blessed ... make sure ya support rap city make sure that you support bit create those 2 albums that just drop ... make sure the child look out for both alright I love you know ... homework it is who gets a flame treat your flag like as a person right now raining outside so I took my flag there she insane no late tester Graham it was a yeah //
"2017-10-28 20:26:39"
Comedian Alex Thomas reacts to Bob McNair calling NFL players Inmates
\\while there you have it I don't know how much more straight forward you can get owner Bob McNair of the Houston Texas state we can not half the inmates run the prison fuck your apologies bro that's how you really feel and that's how you with a you yo boys really feel you Jerry Jones Donald Trump we are inmates to y'all let's take that word owner away in college slave master because that's really what it is my suggestion all over it in 78 a yacht inmates in that band called in a pail need did not show up to the prison on Sunday real talk it's fucked up brothers I know you got a job you got families to feed his shit like that but how much more does we all take for real he might as well say goddammit I were on the plantation we can't let the slaves around the big house I am your math well Nancy just cocoa cam Newton in that press card but chicken George include to can't take got Dale //
"2017-10-27 19:59:04"
DL Hughley Says Government Plans To Intervene For Opioid Crisis
\\brandy I wanna be down so yesterday trop ... announces that the government is now going to deal with the opiate epidemic not the way he dealt with Greg government that will crack that was the scene of the epidemic that was seen as a moral failing and the ... that with with people that they were addicted to crack was jailed that was it there was still time was a moral failing you do something wrong you prided itself is a weakness and you should go to jail for I guess aren't the only thing something can be an epidemic in the United States of America is of white suburban people get but what it was railing on neighborhood when it was destroying our neighborhoods when it was decimating families the answer what the capacity it wasn't a government into it ... it was the government I acting in concert trying to us to stem the tide of people who are affected by it was jailed it was Dale windy I think it's it is a moral failing when Sally gets it it's an epidemic not make the mistake I think the government is absolutely right I think this is an epidemic that is reached a devastating reports is a lot of people are being not torn apart families people are dying thousands of people are dying and they've got their rightfully is involving itself is something that that they they should be it should also have day when crack was doing exactly the same things RP I guess is true an epidemic and an epidemic until the suburban people get alright is low no from the G. D. sexual guides and the part coming up in 15 minutes is that the only way to //
"2017-10-26 20:13:37"
DL Hughley On Donald Trump's Approval Rating & Losing Support
\\yeah that was jagged 8 so I again a new poll care coming out this morning up says that that ... that that trump has his lowest approval rating up box poll has them at 38 percent which is traditionally even the fox both about 42 percent so it's clearly a routing out support primarily independence and that you know how that people are not necessarily connect them where you very strong ... when he's very strong is Republican support ways drop some support out I at least an educated white males who are some of his most part part of it ... supporters ... and it's amazing to me that despite all this happen that he still has his band rock of support that does not move ... I just found this interesting this since ... trumpet impregnated since January he's had several feuds with people from all over since February this these are in no particular order ... he's a feud with Fredricka Wilson I was a concert on a Florida Maxine waters then they'll heal the is being a reporter Bob Corker the senator from Tennessee John McCain the senator ... from ... Arizona Jeff Blake the other senator from Arizona he's out of view to what Carmen you learned to cruise who is the mayor I wanted I wanted the mayor of the city of Porta Rico with Lindsey Graham another another ... ... senator I believe South Carolina mark ruby US senator from Florida calling can't predict he's gay AZ's that theater with Meryl Streep he's cuter with struck steel or he's up you know with the con family this is all just since February he's out of ... feuded with that Mrs la David Johnson the weight off for star where ... widow who lost her husband on the David Johnson in at night here and here he slew would you do with Nancy Pelosi he's viewed with Arnold Schwarzenegger with dont see and the pope the director of the FBI Australia's prime minister Malcolm's home at home build a tumble versus the flocks up president of Mexico mere Micah Kelly Mika Brzezinski mark Cuban Brian Williams Bette Midler and I'm sure that any number of people then I have got since January he's been involved with where fuse offhand comments are right arguments with all those people all of this so sometimes if every time you turn around at the different in every a different person that you're fighting it is you it is you sometimes if every time you around it's you I wonder what it is the people continuously issues support our stocks we are behind them RC he is viewed it with families gold star families he feuded with people in his party out of his party east you with people this every of it with Newt guesses what reporters he's feuded with everybody so you would have to believe that they were all wrong and he's right they did everything they did they did everything wrong and he did everything right his support among certain people will not a role because they determined to not see what's in front of it everywhere he goes he is a fire started he starts trouble because he believes you like and I guess you do I guess you do did that people have seen them argue and discuss and say discussing bank about the people aboard a Rico about women about out you know you every every time you turn around he's I literally by the time not that this is no from MTV section he will have probably got into it with someone else assist coming off handed a made its way economy I need to put out the the out leader of North Korea I mean put him I put what he said about the people in China you know the lease of China I put them so it say's a lot about who Donald Trump peas and says a lot about how small minded how bullies he said a lot about him but it says more about the people who continuously support it says more about them they ever could about him there's a little Nova GT 6 we get the debt report that's coming up in 15 minutes is that the only way to //
"2017-10-26 04:25:55"
CNN's Angela Rye Claims Trump Targeting Waters, Wilson Because They Are Black
\\basic Johnson a liar taunting Congress summer Fredricka Wilson calling her wacky is race behind all of this is discussed now soon political commentators and borrow and it's all right here in political contributor ed Martin good evening to all of you thank you for ... coming on a an affirmation Johnson spoke spoke publicly this morning president trump almost immediately immediately a disputed her characterization of their phone call on Twitter I know you feel strongly about this wide does his response what what should his response have been actions silence respect honoring the service of a fallen soldier calling the widow and telling her I'm sorry if I made you cry that was not my intent I want you to know how much I respected I honor your service of your following husband and that this country and I will embrace you for the rest of your life of for your children's life instead he just can't help himself he has no impulse control in there are children that have more discipline and more impulse control and more common sense than this man does who for some reason is the commander in chief the lame excuse for a commander in chief just what I think he can't offend me anymore just when I think he can't make me more mad he das and for him to pick a fight with a gold star family for 8 days now that's not Philly that's not stupid it's disgusting it is grotesque and it is outrageous and people from political analyst to gold star families say this whole education may have something to do with race congressman Wilson also hinted that on this was racially charged on the New York times the White House itself is full of white supremacists do great well I it look I think the ... you know and his response is sort of captures what a whole bunch of people are feeling and I think we have to be respectful of that but I think a whole lot of Americans are looking up in there saying when our politics is played with a sacred moment whether it's the con family in the th and the summer at that at the convention or the congresswoman in this case we're proud and were happy that we finally have a president who is on the side of fighting back and I think the president or the president is saying is that our general Kelly and others have counsel them and witnessed what he said his attempt to be respectful after that it's not it's not only unfair I wish Anna would turn her rage at the the congresswoman for politicizing a sacred moment there's lots of ways you think I'm going to tell you that question because the problem with it appears that of holding forth on national TV like our congresswoman Wilson did so I think that we're proud of the president and look at the end of the ana your side lost your side the left wing of America lost this election were prime if you had a fire sick of you guys saying the same thing over and over again about how my side lost yes you're right I supported Jeb bush and he lost I supported John McCain and he lost I supported Jon huntsman and he lost your Hillary later why support I can't think of what Hillary Clinton and she Lara but right now I am no longer supporting one person or another an American citizen and Donald Trump whether I like it or not whether I accept it or not is the president of the United States that we've my president I mean Federico Wilson's president that means Donlon as president and that means Maisha Johnson's the president and you have got to behave with the respect that the presidency requires and the media and I will not turn up Federica Wilson is because I know her you see she's a congresswoman from my community she's a congresswoman from South Florida where I am from and I've spoken to Federico Wilson and what that window said today is practically verbatim what Federico Wilson said so when you're picking a fight with Frederica Wilson and her account of the events right now you know just picking a fight with a congresswoman you're picking a fight with a mother and you're picking a fight with a widow who are all saying that that what that is exactly what they heard and also respect the fact that for 25 years Federico Wilson has had a program to mentor at risk kids from that community and has been rather she was well the show was wrong in this case I don't know I was never going to go back and tell us that if we're going to well yeah I took advantage a family friend go ahead if any manage ouch ratio no she did not take advantage of it so first let me just start here congresswoman Fredricka Wilson because that's how we pronounce her name is a former principal she the former school educator and am I just made mention of the program that she runs in her district 5000 mentors and that that program is something that let David Johnson went through she is not a politician politicizing this but what so ever she was in the car because she's a dear friend and old and a central part of his upbringing center so I want to correct the record there the bigger issue that we have here is if it's not congresswoman Fredricka well saying that it's congressman Maxine waters if it's not congresswoman Maxine waters then it's up to you Susan right that it's not Susan rice that is Jim mail you know from ESPN he has an issue with strong black women he had knowledge you know he does yeah absolutely marvelous structure of that major your dry crappy cherry pick I did get you several examples and if they want to strap wait I'm not finished if it's not a strong black woman many of the issue with the strong black man I give you don limit and if you need one more example of a strong black women woman I'll give you a for Ryan who was of the fellow commentator of yours so I'm saying there's a clear path pattern and practice of his bullying behavior and its armed with black women don can I can I just offer you know they're 16 Republicans one couple are Hispanic one was a woman one was a black guy there's lots of members of Congress summer white guys summer black guys summer women Donald Trump if you are disingenuous like Frederica Wilson was if you print it realized something like she did wait a second I let you talk if don't everything about her name if you have 3 guitars and he doesn't care what your races he doesn't care what your height your color you be little little jittery rocket man whatever he's going to come back at you and look America out here were happy with this we have a guy on our side with change instead of rolling over for political correctness well listen if you are handy Anna Hogan during she's got chief going after a gold star family then I think you are in very small company we're gonna spend a little more time with you guys stick stick around we do know the segment we come back on the First Lady kicking off her anti bullying efforts today has she read her husband's Twitter account and the first lady's out talking about hurt our new anti bullying campaign gets her husband's footer feed us like the biggest you wanna find ball he's hub what a bully is go to the president's water feed ... and as some people said that he did with ... with this Congress or vertical which bill and with the gold star with all this morning ... would you think of an angel divergent go well I think she's getting her name what a surgical weight with me all that that's what I think our co workers story will she thought as the nominee no I just notice Rigoberta near the United sorry about that with flair and that follows go on fair enough ... so it is very interesting that they would have a bullying campaign coming from her office and she announced that of course on Twitter which is even more interesting because we know that Donald Trump often uses this platform to not just Billy black women as we talk about in the last segment but also ... to attack NFL players which he also did today I'm instead of dealing with real issues you would think that with 41000000 people following him on this platform he would use it for far more constructive behavior like I don't know unit of support for real peace legislation that he wants the finance a lot at is not so hefty stack of accomplishment so far ... this month alone the president's continue to treat his derogatory nickname for the congresswoman calling her wacky he also mock senator I Bob Corker's height dubbing him little Bob Corker The New York Times even as a running list of 382 people places and things down troubles insulted on Twitter I added this Milani need to this square her bowling campaign with their husbands behavior okay look first of all I commend her for having this anti bullying effort but there is an inconsistency when the guy next to her on the bed is one of the biggest bullies out around like president George W. bush said last week the bullying that's going on in politics affects the national tone and use a thing I think that there's a lot of people around Donald Trump in the White House what for him who are enabling him because they are afraid that if they take a monitor they criticize him in their truthful they will get fired and they like their jobs and they want to continue in their jobs Nadia can't get fired Ivanka trump can get fired isn't that what Ivanka trump was therefore to soften his image to make him be the softer better human being though you know softer brand of the ... detergent well then let them be not let them try to do that because the other people obviously can't they are the family and I have got to think that Milan you Trump and Ivanka trump have got to think that their husband and father tweeting against the gold star family for 8 days is insane and insensitive so for the love of god to the country a favor and do something you really think about half of it listen if I had a pair of my parent was behaving this way I would say mom you need to stop it some what I would tell them if I'm like yeah things up so I may be wrong in some way now in some way they're complicit and I'll give you the last word well you know I I actually I think one of the great things about this president right now is around him are some really a powerful successful people general Kelley Armani is really a strong I think civic strong smart lady of on call you listed Nikki Haley is really risen up I do think that they offset some of his sort of political us street fighting and I think the more money gets out there the more she broadens the way people see this president and I think they look they don't expect he admitted he didn't he wasn't running to be the role model in chief he knew he had some flaws in his life instead he's running to make America great again and again out here don you know Saint Louis where you been out you work out here where we are the people are looking up there going things are going in the right direction we feel pretty excited about it I just have one thing to say it thank you all but America's always been great miss can I carry along did have some work to do we know this is //
"2017-10-26 01:02:17"
Dreezy Meets Colin Kaepernick, Says She'll Fight The NFL For Him
\\so much you're saying here that's because some measure into without legs so much as a few times NASCAR's primaries there into though without legs amazing news Turkish airlines grant us an airplane to fly to Somalia a 60 ton cargo plane so we can fly there with food with water for these people now we start to go find the page to allow anyone to help us donate food down a wider will make sure everything goes to helping these people this is a victory for the people is a victory for the people of Somalia it was done out of love out of respect for these people ... we want to bring structure to this so now we're going to use the name love army for Somalia so use the hashtag love army for Somalia and this amazing Leschi 0 let's keep going //
"2017-10-25 19:37:13"
\\I was Dru hill in my bed so yesterday I came across a video ... bill o'reilly ... box bang ... the disgraced box out ... that new factor host saying that he was angry with god now possible lead he said he was angry with god and if you got to have and he would ask why didn't god look out for me which struck me as particularly interesting because by all accounts you are a blessed man you got to work and that work they didn't care about facts what's truth or feelings that wasn't particularly Kristen didn't care about ... being eyes sympathetic ... warm in July it was a stop racial fears and you made a fortune off of it you made a fortune off of it and when that fortune is taken away because of the all misgivings you all miss doing you had the temerity to be angry at god see the problem with some people in America is that we don't like the sound people in America ... are convinced that god is not it will not meaning that image we after we make him an hour's we had that we have to make god and god you know some of us may god a god that we can respect and that we can love some of the things we do and that bill o'reilly particularly advocated for some of the social things he did 7 attacks thing it had nothing to do with Jesus even though you XPath Chris yeah nothing to do with the Wong Chris is they've been of one black people's the tally candidates got a wand waving a wand mount minorities you spew hate and you got caught which I hate in the cookie jar I literally the cookie and you're mad and gas you met a guy play only means that you dated you did it you made a fortune spewing hate and bigotry all and disrespect and you you lot how Chris out Christ like you are a Christian you where god cried the Christ didn't care about tax cuts he'll want poor people get that they're out of food stamps because he'll want tax cuts for the wealthy either want healthcare taken away from people you wanted that you created god in your image it only Jesus was being persecuted when he was being ... crucified he never got married guy he asked what if a given but the people that were doing it too Joe wanted to try out the job went to Boyle's law in this family and in sync with never never did get mad again so apparently what what what some privilege like me do the thing you have to do to get that mad at god to make them grow as god to make him a great guide to make them question god is not take their wealth other health on a family on their mind what you have to do to some people with cell privilege to make them shout are angry at god to question god and ask why god it is that it is not any other things you would think with so that's a man that's a family that's a hit help that go well not any other trial the Joe would you do to president white guy to make them question what god is doing to them and to make them angry god is make them accountable for their actions you make them accountable for what they actually what you read here she also but that makes you Medigap that's a shame because some people in this country don't believe that we are made in gods image they make them in there that's a little help from the G. the segment of the Davenport coming up if 15 there is a video you with //
"2017-10-25 06:56:59"
10.24.17- Professor Griff’s Open Mic/Q & A | Sirius Mindz
\\ //
"2017-10-24 19:36:29"
DL Hughley On Myeshia Johnson & The Hypocrisy of Donald Trump
\\there was brandy baby out so over the last few weeks a lot of north critically up by the president's been made about football players not as standing for the national anthem he said that was tantamount to ditch bank about the soldiers and the anthem I wonder if you think it's disrespectful what's up of outlets and they'll go on and on how then is that much more this is better for you not to know the name of the slain soldier ... for you not to know how odd to be speak sensitivities to a gold star family I if you think it's disrespectful up for you to up our athletes and not stand to honor those who have fallen for the country I'm managing how much more disrespectful it is for you to be so up so I guess it says it look my age that Johnson was on making the round about and what happened to her husband David and David Jackson who died in 9 ... and I wanted things he said was that the president didn't are now you know as it is now to me if you send people off to war if you are honest so out with Whitley able to send people off to war the least you could do is remove those who are fighting for what we call freedom that's the very least you can do and if you are angry at athletes not stand you ought to be equally angry at as Lee at leaders within those men ought not remember anything mice ... Johnson said that he ... that every word that the in the Congress want intimated that the brothers that was true this he was in tears they even seem to know his name that our husbands name nicely Johnson will now be a single mother through no fault of our own so if we don't remember if the president and member of the hardware hut there so I had his name we all have an obligation to remember hers she gave the ultimate sacrifice you will be rated 3 kids at least by some amount of time by herself without their father that to me is a great sacrifice to get the cement is that it's amazing how angry we get about I think that really don't matter and not as angry about things they do any number of people are bending over backwards to make excuses for president who seemed insensitive without a test who was playing golf for men and women were putting themselves in harm's wrists and if we care about and it is that it is not I guess if you cut the dental of Akon family he did it with ... you examine Kang so he all along has been insensitive the soldiers he said a lot of this is that if they and we've allowed that we've allowed things to be said ... ya about you know questioning the patriotism of men who are on a football field one night stand one and then we talk about disrespect but that was to sell but it's not just that when a president does this if we care about gold star families which is stop making so many of them which should be diligent when we send them off to war they seem to be political part it shouldn't be about so people can think that we look tough also that people so that poll numbers data we we've where country up there to really read the young country but we've been at war 7 we've been at peace only 17 year we make a lot of gold star family that a lot of them on this is there but when we do find it necessary to send men and women in harm's way rather than people playing golf on making athletes out feel I'm less than patriotic but not static what about ... the pan national after which is the very reason soldiers in harm's way they're fighting for freedom the freedom that allow that we do that the very thing that with the least that we should do if you remember the name and treat them with the dignity debate is there this is a bit sweeter war what they say about a gold star mother that shouldn't be a wife this Indian food a war like that you should accept this she was insulting and the people who support this president so except that she was insulting after all who would know better than her she's the one where the key is that if the casket out of out of the the out the I can't get a lot one who she'll never see again who would know better how she felt that her now how can I don't know what the president isn't it was but he did better serve say that's not what I meant rather than telling her what you hear he'd be better served pretending to know his name you know people that you know if any of the ideals name when you when you felt he was disrespectful you know Colin Kaepernick named when you fill me with it that you know everybody's name but the people you see in it put in harm's way we don't have to know ... we would maybe maybe the president did know his name but we should all know my because she gave the ultimate sacrifice if we care so much about a gold star family if we care so much about the soldiers rather than just saying where we should honor them the way that we that we know is right to do we should honor them with only putting them in harm's way when it's absolutely necessary absolute not to bolster poll numbers not to prove to some I would tell not the one that the wind hits that you might well think that that's the way you're supposed to be it should be the last resort to put someone in harm's way and when we do put them in harm's way which he dropped everything we do in particular did a president I think the mac if you can remember catatonic cabinet today and you could remember Jim they'll heal Mang you should at least have the balls to remember the David Johnson he gave his life following orders he gave his life put yourself in harm's way he gave his life doing the very thing they you get bit that he probably athlete that the right to do freedom alright there's a law not on the GT 6 and get the jazz report coming out in 15 minutes is the deal you //
"2017-10-24 05:56:22"
10.23.17- Dr. Umar Johnson: Returns To Chicago Illinois
\\peace and love black families that print soprano Africanism Dr Umar Johnson how come it to you live and die wreck shop I tailed I'm in the building we are in the windy city first visit in almost a year I was here in black history month but I'm drop into the culture connection but the meat with the security teams culture connection and so when I turn the corner I run into an indelible schooling for sale so when I turn the corner available school so my question to Chicago or my family Chicago you know I love you but I want to know why you ibis in a middle schools critical one right now I turned a corner and I see a sign this says school available you feel me and I'm lookin look like it's a pretty good shape you know what I mean right here in Chicago you know some right it was a no look met you know I'm not a realtor solvent going to look in that fact is not only that but it's a nice little property actually it's not that small sawmill didn't charge me for it but I'm not the least into the cell and it just got a couple schools in Saint Louis I gotta go to Saint Louis we in our final quarter right now family I'm Susan a school new year's day I'm dropping a bomb in Detroit I'm dropping a bomb at the tree January 1 Kwanzaa lecture Detroit stand up new year's day northwest community center shout out to the queen Sybille schools from Saint Louis this morning it was a very ... pleasant blessing much appreciated to the system precipitous schools of freight Louis this morning and got the go go look at him I'm just gonna I'm gonna get a lot of last minute school visits there October November December got to make a decision last minute school visits October November December I got to make a decision you know that's that's how we going to do this and you know that's how we going to do it nice Gordo you know spoof a sale got a little yard they nobody sent me to Chicago yeah I'd been sitting you know school Chicago what's up with that shot tell ya got to send me to school you know I'm spent if I don't know about the schools are my check out the schools so I got this in the prince of 10 Africanism school Chicago you know what I mean I looked at a couple of a couple look at a couple Chicago schools couple weeks ago I looked at a couple Chicago schools couple months ago there was okay not really not my job that they was okay not really not in the job that you know I mean I'm about to go check out couple of schools ... a Gary Indiana tomorrow so we go ahead of Gary Indiana tomorrow couple schools there you know I go you know what I mean of buses I was a Chicago I couldn't resist an opportunity the link up you know I mean with the Chicago family real quick I mean so that's what a prince is in town right now you know what I mean is what a prince is in town good to look you in excess it will be a lecture lecture gonna come either kwanza or black history month for Chicago to lecture it's either going to come door kwanza or black history month Chicago you fill me but ... tonight just go be nice Q. and a session I have been a culture can met and about 3 years I think the last time we decide to coach connect was 201324 day shots of the coach connection brother just this black owned establishment for let me set this up at the last minute makes ya get here you know how we do it the coach connect we pack out every time all the time so few in Chicago where you coming through the night if you win Chicago you coming through the night if you in Chicago and you come in through the night try to get this soon as you can you know I got some tee shirts left over from Columbus Ohio shot up to Columbus Ohio everybody who came out to Columbus Ohio Saturday night doubles much love much love much love Yasser Senegalese things seen me yet but you will to my Yasser Senegalese things seen me yet but you will tonight so to address to the coach a connection with doctor will more will be at tonight is 400 west 70 First Street 400 west 70 first read as I said no tickets unnecessary but there is a $5 donation the brother just got bills to pay it and about capitalism is about the activism but I deftly brought a couple of ... unapologetically African tee shirts August some unapologetically African tee shirts left over from Columbus I got some books come get your book even if you can't stay come get your book all my black parents the Chicago Illinois you know you need to read that book cycle academic Holocaust the special education in a D. H. D. wars against black boy cycle academic Holocaust special education in ADHD wars against black boys that'll be on sale tonight at coach to connect I also got the rare black and green flags red black and green flags is in the building you know what I mean so we will have some final answer questions that this is not a lecture I'm going to open up with an update history an update of the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey academy do a Daffy to F. DMG so I'm open up about 20 minutes 30 minutes and then we go to an a this is Chicago's opportunity to axe the prince of pan Africanism doctor Papa Mister unapologetically African the most requested blacks Gallo all the planet earth it's your opportunity to interact with me and the reason I'm doing this is because the cargo as you all know I tell you all the time played a very unique role in my rise to prominence within the black struggle you know September 18 of 20 10 9/18/2010 brother die washout up to brother die while hopefully come good night I seen him in awhile brother caches did you still in the building where brother catches the yet I heard from him in awhile either but ... but the Dow Wasat via email we call me back in September of 2010 I had only been to Chicago 1 time when brother Dow why reached out I had only been a Chicago one time speak at the Roberto Clemente high school for career day the first and only time to Chicago prior to the Dawa it's where you throw interview was the Robert take club Roberto Clemente high school a career day and that's the only time I've been here okay and shot the system a Deerbrook she made that happen system Medea I stay with her and her family had a great time so then that would but that was like 2878 sunlight deck so Lindau I read 1 of my articles that was posted online about the war on black boys hit me up got why said bro somebody sit me article I got a public access channel you know I can't afford to get you here can't fly U. N. another that you got to do that on your own dial I'm built like that but if you can get it our interview you on Chicago TV so you know out perked up a sailboat shot down the second largest black community in America you know slop perked up I had enough I said let's make it happen so I booked my flight book my hotel I never forget it because it was cold it was colder shot down and I stayed at this little cheap hotel you got me turned the heat up real high because I was sick a quart of coal now to Chicago but in Philly but accord cold what not and down I ordered a piece that piece it was good though I ate that piece that I might die while pick me up from the airport submitted all tell you can bet the next day okay we went to the studio and we did cycle academic how because war gives black boys is all you too you go to you tube so you tube if you go to you too you know what I mean a tight band Dow why yes Ryo in doctor who marched you'll see I got a one a white dress shirt white top I got that extra sharp Philly shape up with the beard white long sleeved dress shirt white tie .why had on the cultural outfit dark background and when the interview was over got why give me a copy of the DVD shot out they have got that down while we get a copy so you know what I'm to do this one bro I'll get one later if you never gave me that DVD let me show you how the universe works if dialogue never gave doctor who my job so that D. V. D. following that interview I don't know if things would happen as quickly as they have it right then you feel me because right after that I spoke in Harlem shot out the New York City I will see y'all in queens December sect in New York City to prince will be back in queens so anyhow I speak at the national black theater 120 fifth the fifth shot up to Harlem and I got copies of the interview I did with Darla so we do Chicago the second largest black city in America one September 18 it then 4 weeks later followed weeks later we end Harlem the largest black community in America New York City inclusive all of all 5 boroughs so I copy the body DVDs admit don't through the years African American museum of Philadelphia where I got my start you know a lot of people try to take credit for me you gonna be but the African American museum in that Garvey movement you when I A. C. L. division 121 steel Nazi legacy sabi more Avenue north Philadelphia stand up so I took copies of the Dow why interview made copies made available for my first lecture in Harlem my first lecture in Harlem I have spoken in New York before but it was only for the Garvey movement for you and I a the RPG greatest of organizations of all time but never to the public per se so this is my first New York City public lecture 10/30/2010 mark the date 10/30/2010 the night before Halloween went all through the house not a creature with spirit not even a mouse in the prince of pan Africanism snuck into New York City nobody knowing who I was and I dropped dead guard the grenade in a Harlem on 10/30/2010 in black America 8 been the same since so I had the Dow why interviews in Harlem people start buying them up with all of the D. V. D. still get me wrong audio the DVDs aspire to but the Dow why if you was new it was recent it wasn't that long and it was super hot so was Chicago in New York Chicago in New York because if it was a foot to interview a Chicago it with the pop it if it was a foot a lecture in New York locket distribute the Chicago interview to the largest black community in America it wouldn't pop so it was a Chicago New York thing it was like a sling shot Chicago or New York put.that would want in a sling shot pulled me back in that sling shot it just let me go what a pass 7 years since September 18 and October 30 Chicago and New York 2010 this is our seventh year anniversary right now this is our seventh year anniversary right now this will be celebrating act culture connection we celebrate in the 7 year relationship between the prince of Penn Africanism black Chicago black America in being king of black conscious so I go whole job too long you know how we do my security team is there culture connect you know I just pulled over Emmett till Avenue shot off to Emmett till rest in peace Fred Hampton rest in peace ida B. wells rest in peace ought to Chicago he rose you fill me that's how we don't laugh doors open at culture can make the doors are open at culture connect $5 $5 donation to the coach connection books DVDs flags and T. search the prince's here this army Chicago get down we set this up in like 2004 hours mean justice set it up like 2004 hours I begin Texas and phone calls all day you know what I'm saying Fran it's was scored as available so the big I turn the corner to go to culture can make in our run into a school you fill me some going to do what I do call one of our god to me dashi keys I know how I do not know how to print noted that she can go on there we going to do what we do but we celebrate in the 7 year anniversary tonight 7 year ever they look like I might have a spot of Philadelphia for Kwanzaa I still need to Chicago spot I need a spot of Chicago for Kwanzaa I needed churches somebody to let me and so we can do Chicago we could use the church we did last time but I think you go the more space for clients shout out to the church that hosted me Chicago last that we can still do them if necessary but I think we need a little bit more space but much respected of wholeness that alright fans some about the pullout 7 year anniversary doctor Umar a Chicago married at the hip for life before the sea and all my brothers who wry wit me McGonigal Youssou route with me from shock their brothers is shower rod hard hit me up they say. if you have any problem call this number we not playing you understand we will do Tom for you we will die for you if you ever have a problem when you come to the city you hit me up so I got like 50 groans //
"2017-10-24 05:06:15"
10.23.17- Kevin Hart Chat W/ Fans
\\what about my loaded up 9 a I wish you know to get in here but for I say anything let's address the fact that my eagles are fucking killing man he a G. O. P. S. if you go killing right now ... seen here recovering share what I'm doing he goes to I'm demo recovery casting Imogen you don't yeah the mere thought of getting close I'm getting got them close man so insecurities loads I got to take care is looking as much as I can 26.2 miles a minute we all think about me going old saying what ... running to raise money for a you know for education Sydney's ... these kids to college are you for it the like you do you like the initiative do not like the initiative I don't know what you guys think you know we sure what's your ... which should take on it I mean I'm I'm very much ... in love with the idea I love the fact that I'm growing up and I'm realizing that I can do more and I should do more and you know going out with this platform I think that I think that this is something that is going to turn into ... a major thing man so if you guys are with me fuck with me help me man I told you I decided the syncing kids to college of Philadelphia myself only out of my pocket I'm doing a in this particular case right now one of the do a big I want to do a better some ask you guys to help me and ... while I won his marathon in New York I'm now wonderful because so help me donate give anything you came in anything is much much needed ... are you guys gonna do is go go to ... I. G. click on the link in my bio and I would say we're going to do it let's talk to some people in that man you know it down the you said you loved initiative the me let me see if you wanna me invites you Diana seems to love about initiative about start clicking random people and I wanna talk to you know see which shell Frank connect all hate each year done after it looked up our Dalai Lama eagles Jersey yes only hire or I am looking at yeah down you know one of the great people to get too close to the TV are now I'm I'm day you're good at it ... partially think you're hot clear I will partial W. from I'm I'm well mom I'm actually from Lincoln University which is outside filled up you but I live here is that any thoughts Ely anything piano I know exactly who you are but I live in Arizona right now that okay but you still represent for the birds out most death their right birds too I like you couldn't cardinals but you stage through Philadelphia that now I represent I'm hearing a no idea I like that much much much much much lower I can't believe I'm talking to you right now why not this is who I am unreal motherfucker bank I know you aren't I know you are I like great shit unexpected this unexpected why how they already know talkin in fact I think it take the quiz you get it I think you screen shot hopefully come out I hope become obsolete a I want your opinion 7 would you think about my initiative Love Me right in for ... education we wanted for call do not love it which you take on all my god we lost that that try to take a picture and we lost a lesson to us you got in here that's go to Tracy you up come on Tracy I'm in my entry random I can advise you to the trenches you killers do low it's inviting them randomly talking to phase is well liked by this was separate me from the pack I don't mind I like engaging in talking again your feedback yeah you guys feel see what you think because ultimately you guys are import that's my opinion and that's what I think and if you may not feel a thing the same way I don't know what you guys think you guys may have some information as don't is better than make make me say always does a great idea boom you know what I should do that hold on you know what let's go Reina it's going Steve you pick up I wonder why don't let everybody pick up classes some people can't pick up maybe you guys in a bad area or something I like the feature but I like it when when some people don't pick up and hurts my feelings yeah yes I do own reader I'm doing good how are you William Crowe I'm from Dallas Texas Dallas Texas yes I'm coming your way all by touring the come come come out dumb and I am confident coming down as well as can be on the second leg months or is not the first thing I don't like I'm doing good which you know nothing is late take yeah debate yeah I know right I knew I I need to like get up at 5:00 in the morning you know what I'm gonna need to lie you get above 5 will get worked out well I ... work for the Dallas police department okay okay if you gotta go Braxton Hicks yeah yeah I'm off the law that you have to looking back look at a better right now let I gotta get up and running although I need to run to dump me now I thought that we don't jokes that worked at okay Douglas green doing so yeah you'll probably lose major right yeah very that that Paul how good our out our weight that we ate your ... weight but it would what are your thoughts via talks or be running ... for Carlos running to raise money for education saga said some kids to college we I think it's great you like it at I think it's great I yes I do you do I have a 16 year olds he'll be gone tips will be a senior next year rail and so we're gearing up to try to get ready to essay tease grants law all that all that shit and you know I want to do I think it's a great thing you know where do I talked about this in the night breeze what want to do it all Chris stance was shoot awhile ago Oprah say he sent file pledge accused let me talk about this later lance we can I had ship blew me away she says she send me all of pop culture 500 kids you know like on Thursday years old of gold option I said how like what what other ways can I make my presence felt for my generation what what else can I do I celebrate your labs in the world our brains funny counts initially movies tomorrow right by that how can I help it was that good if I can sing kids to college as a start I think that's it that's amazing begin that's what started a foundation helping from the heart because that would matter what I do comes from heart so why not write the opinion among fans because awesome in that respect shipping no one knows you guys think about where I don't think but what I meant because ultimately feedback can be good or bad thing why I'm taking random feedback to my if I want something good if someone some then if it's good I think it's also I think it's good that you know celebrities who people really look up to can make a difference you know then I mean I mean you make us laugh up I love everything you know all your you know this shows your work everything you got I love it and I just think that you know you using that to reach out to help our our kids it's a great son daughter see rob's I think it's a good thing so does a positive things don't stop blaming all your daughter you Love Me good I don't know but I'm going to bed okay you can get the little guy can I got a call is this because you won't believe this you are a handgun you're gonna Hagenow now don't you hang up on the trail ... Jimmy might not she won the guys like crashing articulate unavailable Gephardt and fall I'd like to get out of talking to him that liar mobile right yeah well yeah yeah no problem maybe you mother no reason you don't need we got a grab a lot yeah how good was in vain my name is Chelsea didn't mean to Chelsea you're up a lot Jenna Mobitel tomatoes you could talk about was you can say my daughter loves you she got all about itself beyond you know peace kindle me is that this year my greyhound so that was a madman but I'm glad I got my gosh all my guy how rob he was too late you did it all the time but they don't like it but you don't I love get feedback mama I'm serious I appreciate it Chelsea give me and I'm taking at this month door right now I'd like some of those who listen Sir to people here in court where my thoughts on what I'm thinking you gave gray and for suffer sheets for I I think you okay I wouldn't ask me why y'all in that we get disconnected albeit we get disconnected thank you so much EPRI you don't love you it's going all while our house we we're going as though that was dope privacy is there anybody else who he was and and talk to here are let's see here see who was I did talk to man the whole thing is full okay okay well let's go I'm ago when ... where is here we go they Viagra and let us try her and in and Vallarta I thing is Viagra and Machen I'm looking for ... some get along here it would not have already used to make up my alley how are you not unless the enemy or in Melbourne Australia because you never really yeah well I don't know if you look for those I'm I don't know if you're a member but we're crap metal thing and up yeah yeah frown you and I love them and they'll miss what the Hon out holy shit I don't really well we don't know yet know I'm all for right only yeah not Iraq speak yeah because I'm a massive enough I love you Daddy and I where you I remember you wrap bloom number yeah well I I well I don't know where all right your person and I remember that we were going to follow in your or not away time next like interview and you're like I why kid rock if he does that I think that if he lets you rat I remembered a look how random is that holy shit why not yeah almost automatically right group who really for all right 100 don't try to show you that there's still you have a great memory and that go against it left the show yeah but I would really I wouldn't call it now so blooms on my and I do not want my my live then only to break you know that I'm not into my room ... deny nothing I I'm I just wanna say it's amazing what you doing with the colleges at it so it because I need that kind of support over there and not a thing I love I think handstands what my paper well you know what you know what I mean is something that I eventually want to grow to the point where it's a national you know I mean right now I think start off our domestic side and getting the just attention awareness but I think of course I think picking off with going by myself the city of Philadelphia isn't 10 kids get olives off my arm over my initiative but now getting people to help and I'll donate any little thing they can is is don't but also it also puts me in a position to put a definition behind my words so running for a call so with this marathon this being the first and it could be many more than I do but if I can think is a college for free I think that a bit don't think that we can look back rod we did as people and as such action so I'd break even course together to Jen I'm Rick that I'm not going to try to make the world that yeah I thought about it quite possibly just I'm gonna be and al-assad's did I'm glad I'm randomly it you ever member who also cool I'll make sure I tell Q. about this moment applies you know what I'm gonna do of an outcome yeah that whether how I got I got a complaint by irresponsible to insult me overlook out okay well Sir thank you start not one but by god take it easy I had no idea I love you all to I'm not allowed Kay's book you US stump then your stuff don't greatness with this new feature I mean the fact that I'm random the talking to fans is the amazing thing man an amazing thank you know what Joseph I added there's a gallon see Joseph picks the let's go to Joseph right now Joseph Joseph Biden halt I believe it is they hold off buying whole yeah there it was head was what was going there how you go man stealing your beer hate I see brother up but you don't know why I can't believe I don't know you believe no the job do that after Harris I looked out okay good you get okay we offer me from Seattle Joseph Rees of Joseph dammit Johnson offense just let me make go to I try to give the guy a man ... J. a tava ray does go as go Jay a Tom Ricks we will invite you J. any Tavarez the feed you pick up man once again Jay a tabla where is says from San Diego ... jade Tavarez did pick up alright as another got shot I as another god try I I'm going to go back to grow now the shrine may talk to me may hold aha I got that is is now a hi how you doing may iron where you from Jersey Jersey as right of yeah W. or there's South Jersey South Jersey I know exactly where you are first one they stop at the shop okay do not make the same this is a conversation I'm a people person wearing the right now you don't feel like a family and talk about it okay how do you feel about money said what I'm trying to dig out the night D. like it the love it you know I think that's a really great idea really why thing you had one as great because you want some than positive and yeah you're setting the tone setting the tone right create lucky soon yeah I like the setting the tone setting the tone or other so they told the others ... it is said that that that you see not only being a good deep or something that you see growing I buy things that just I don't do it for the day I like doing things have as I like to do anything just for the moment I love do you think that progress and become big fakes you know groundbreaking moments ... you know I think the banks say all my guy I was part of that I saw that something for our generation little if you look back and if I generation can be responsible for helping the generation behind us get educated as a major fucking accomplish it's a major yeah accomplished so I have doors reading a piece of arm of his wife's saying but then including the people of my generation anyone a Whitney is another and that's why I said the people understand like I'm you know what I mean they will go on thinking about with this tour my response would soar even a taking take what I can present ticket sales and donating that so my helping from the heart charity so at the in the motto is a certain amount that goes and soon the guy the education front as well my money's just better right now it was a real grown man shit I'm getting all this fat old age is that what this I know is you are well yeah I guess so holy shit may not only on are you saying I look only I know all guys ... Jesus they just said is over everybody yeah I'd those bad knees and all okay I guess so are you a college where you are now okay older younger I'm 25 okay get alright so then you can deftly understand because in you can fill my passion behind I like in the afternoon alike a little later in the show the plan will come to my show overcome the Jersey absolutely I was on the stage and really long the answer should have been the media yes don't take them out every that we can hear yeah that law begin I well when I come out your car your cry given okay well I'm sorry don't blame me blame must service I'm trying to do what I alright good to talk to you I was good to talk to you to know I love you I appreciate you taking but you know I love you too you rest up you look higher on Wall right numbers the malaise and then get up and run in the morning Scott okay right thank you to all that you know by so cool man a little bird do okay homework Mike I'd Mike outcome of you I'm coming to my list you might pick up call Mike come on Mike Kamal Mike my P. powers call Mike Kamal Mike alright my my leg goes orelon stuff this is third man no guys would pick up I try to go girl guy girl guy girl yeah no guy would pick up ours to listen as you guys see men ... my faith Tom's from now Warner lives are gonna be dope they gonna be in Iraq and they going to get a read through which you guys how much rather talk to the man you know I would you guys be part of these conversations let's go back to 4 with the point ahead of dole bears fan base if I can't talk to you and if I can engage with you at the end of the day I am where I am who I am because the you and your help I love and appreciate shelf for that ... lashes on my mind will get some more of the tomorrow ... the irresponsible tour man is a tour date is here it is it is it is about to do a major major thing because this is my best our date go to Kim our ... go get you tickets man the first leg mentors underway Orlando Orlando new year's eve I am coming your way man new year's eve I'm bringing my ears class and tore his city go get killed god damn tickets mailers make fucking history will bring a 2018 would laughter god damn it sorry because so much but as late tomorrow we'll do another one we get in the more topics more questions from the show ya my lead time with John and where money Tommy John pajamas socks and everything a lot going on it's too late to go should I should tonight if I get about debate and I can't for the government got //
"2017-10-23 19:56:52"
DL Hughley Says "Donald Trump, Particularly Does Not Like Women of Color"
\\well of course over the weekend ... at war hero ... David yeah the David Jackson with that laid to rest I am while I he was being buried of course the president was doing what he does that that's sweet and play golf ... this ... thing and I can't tell you what happened on this phone call I can tell you this I've known this president to file a fumble ... I words I have known him to say in case if if things I've known him to be in particularly insensitive when he's talking to people of color you have seen them I denigrate a gold star family guy and a war hero in ... in in John McCain so it's not a result of believe that that would extend to some idea he is that he has a habit of telling us one thing and then the video evidence or tape or audio evidence showing us something else he is a liar now is he alive but he got now apparently lying sprayed because John Kelly had now live on out come out on the congressman I say this I do not know what happened on that call but taking people at their face value and you think people like all the best indicator with the money and that will do what they have done and he is a lie consistantly always line I have evidence I can prove that they were they were up by maybe within vote I can prove that my inauguration crowd big I can I can prove the president ... of Obama spied on me I can prove I'm gonna give you my taxes I'm gonna show you out if I can prove it any never does he have a life no what no matter what he does or says there's always somebody to refute now I can't tell you what happened on that call but I'm willing to believe the kind with little I've never seen a lot and and and the and the young widow about of the fallen soldier wide everything now I can say this that it there seems to be certainly I difference between the way he treats people the color of color and the waitress everybody else you can tell between Texas and you can tell between Florida importer Rico you can tell between Charlotte but he had a different influence and the next and inflection when talking to people of color any particularly does not seem to like women of god I don't care if it's Susan rice I don't care if it's in they'll heal I don't care if it's now this congressman woman I don't care if Maxine waters I don't care if Michelle Obama how carries it in value jet Valerie Jarrett this man attacks more black women than fickle thing and I can't tell you why that is but I can say this if I see you lie on tape I want you lie on Google you are nothing more than a liar and she and you can pretend all day long you don't know how it affected that woman I can take her at her word and put people to threaten the congresswoman because he merely related that the accident happened is even more deplore I'm at that this it we've got to a place now what if you caught in a lie and then I can prove it you lie that is tantamount to treason to a lot of you you you you must accept a few things one is that this president has a I had a proclivity 80 things too like the Rivera Katie likes the lock that he knows no one will bring them to account for medevac the guy we brought in Kelly was suppose to be a baby sitter he's lying now the podium is full of people who rely Smith I ran out alive so but then again new grow now knows there have to be how I'm at now live in it it's got to be coming up I don't know what happened on that call but we are all subject to our history we are all subject to what we've done before and this man has proven time and time again to think he does not particularly care for women of color and he does not get particular care for that Sir that'll know from the GT 6 will get in that report come up to 15 minutes at the I. you Lisa //
"2017-10-22 21:55:12"
Cardi B SLAMS ‘Racist’ Cops After Being Kicked Out of Hotel for Allegedly Smoking Weed
\\you know something Albany is known for being raises every so what's on niggas form New York got locked up in this set of state they always complain about seals being them and I've really experienced essay yesterday because how the fraud that I was staying in a hotel room is smell like we so the cops came in the middle of the night knocking on my manager and all my door so good about it we were smoking weed and we gotta get kicked out now if you know me I don't even talk about smoking weed because everybody knows that I do not smoke weed I get very paranoid and none of my team members smoke weed if there was a kid because office on the nose I both believe I'm not sick in there because we do not smoke I can get we call get drugs says nobody smokes nor by the smoke especially when I'm sleeping and I'm while state you're not gonna do that to me my new anybody on the panel was called pacing where you want to kick us out but Patty out will not be seen though like if I was guilty of smoking weed or something I would even make the show that our biggest city because it because I wanted to investigate by train and the smell of weed in my room then I would I got a lot done but I was so confident that it wasn't me or neither Maxine members because we really do not smoke we and then niggas is is gonna pay our everybody on the floor Caucasians that it was because there was smoking the weed in the middle of the night that's it is not working right that niggas was really being a racist who got motherfuckers was being prejudiced and taking all hooked up but because there was smoke you we have you got the wrong but the one I'm telling you and I can not smoke weed so I do not smoke really don't want to be the one Deadpool's d'oeuvres race car like all they did that because their races but that is the only explanation that I could fucking fine because I don't understand why they would say something I don't walk around with a whole entourage is is the me my manager my security gar the DJ and my dancers and nobody smokes weed in in the mother fucking in the group nobody so the mother but this is just say like all we could do you guys out because this is a business model marijuana so why don't just search the room why don't you guys this is the room no Israeli kick us out spread and then it's one of the earlier though some wrap parties it was smoking weed and they got kicked out too we not associated with them so what I just I just can't I can't really I really can't say how you motherfuckers picking tools a shape all talk about who beats you may have read seen or who you you need a humbug assault on how much so far away you want to think about well you wouldn't get fucking upset if you getting kicked out of a hold so because you doing something that you know you're not going I understand if I was acting up what was bugging but a bitch was really fucking sleep a son I would have been a call for the past 3 days I right now fucking sweating on a fever but niggas is not going to tell us that all smoky we would not not although you guys want to pick and choose why because I fucking get away she is so hard to believe now omega I don't care I don't smoke and no niggers not gonna kick me out because niggas was smoking nobody was smoking to suck my date was this so hard to believe that I don't smoke weed wise mother focused talking about that on line I don't smoke weed vote the book what is what is the point of me lying about I don't smoke it the last time I smoked weed host 21 I try to take a poll they go home loan us 23 son I was so paranoid how speaking now Atalante does is not my choice to say I did a lot of beer mon when I want to gamble freak out my pop little pill some other than that this is not my style I know them allow Bates I know when I told them the full arm very loud usually RB parties it what is it like I was a hot debate in the booth I'm safe and that she got me so tight I fucking can I ask people discuss me goodbye //
"2017-10-22 20:18:27"
David Banner: Drive Or An Addiction
\\Sam yeah I'm today's both is going to be about something that I've been fighting for very long time so the difference between your dry and it did and addicts ... why take a quick story about someone but I love the area here one of my mentors actually she she ... she hi we like this crazy amount of money millions and millions and millions all liquid K. taxes are paid up in there talk about me to problem is she was so driven she works so hard then she looked up one day she was 60 years old and realize you don't have children or meaning relationships you know meaningful relationships ... really outside of a few for friends and family so now the question is was all X. excess worth all these trinkets worth like it's in this multi $0 house I still watch a football and I thought about it I was like you know she did all this homework but she's gonna have to give her money to people who really 9 times out of 10 don't design or you know really didn't have anything to do with that level of success when this nephew this is a system out was a whoever made whoever they may end up being and I really dont made me start it made me to make me think like even in my own personal life like for the most part ... I've been able to obtain everything that I wanted to do every dream every goal that I have set out my whole you know long so when it was time for me to recalibrate you know my train things that I wanted to do ... I had to sit back and they can say well do I want to do 20 more years and and that multimedia we'll create this multimedia com you know not have a family and have a wife and things that truly NASA may have you know I have a friend that works with one of the biggest it's a time is on this are you tell me said he wanted to be a billionaire and down what's you close a close no but constantly ndnation the one where it's care and although $0 the whole here you know where where it's you know yeah pronouncement jobs that's when I one so post you know it's just Brian in you know chase in that way what is it really yeah single black man she'll because the for it because pair sitting that is parasitic make is never you always have more and more is more more brown and then we really didn't get old enough Rome the middle of a crash so I sacrificed our time in our relationship yeah you know under the under make so would we really and truly I think the most important thing in most you know so careful chasing them day then turn around and leave everything //
"2017-10-22 17:43:14"
10.21.17- Dr. Umar Johnson: Live Backstage At Columbus Ohio
\\peace and love black power was that great soprano Africanism Dr Umar Johnson we are here Columbus Ohio I'm backstage children right now Chillin Chillin Chillin it was just open folks to come and then we do have the vendors here we expect in a very large crowd today so please don't wait too long to get here ... we had a lot a lot a lot of tickets purchased online and it appears that most folks are going to end up showing up at 4:00 which means that line is going to be down the street and around the corner are going to have to start getting here early okay color people's time is not going to be good because it means you're going to be in that long line so if you committed a lecture today come now what a line is short because all those people who bought tickets they're gonna be showing up at 4:00 and that's going to be along the line we will still get you when we wanna get you went as quickly as we can but everybody coming at 4:00 is just not good okay so try to give him that what a line a small we got a very large crowd coming out today and Columbus very large crop for those of you who I just give me information doctor who ma Johnson is here in Columbus Ohio black America's number one certified school psychologists and I'm going to be speaking at 4:00 opening acts are going to start at 4 I'll probably get on stage 2435 again the doors are open now the opening acts will start around 4 and I'll probably be getting on stage closer to 5:00 now when I leave Columbus I'll be going to Gary Indiana is couple schools for sale that I need to check out in Gary Indiana so I'll be in Gary Indiana check out those schools in the next couple days what is the chance that I'll be in Chicago act to coach a connection for a little emergency humidity question and answer session on the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey academy so for my Chicago people if you wish Chicago stay tuned because I may be at the coach connection I'm going to make that decision bottom morning weather not I'll be able to squeeze in the meet and greet at the coach connection in Chicago so we working on that right now also working on a lecture in Chicago I'm supposed to do at the ... was that the Herald Jackson community center I think it is what Abish good what is the press Greg good looking now so we worked on that and that'll be coming soon appreciate you passed ... menace on the money on the money not at work that is how you get ready how math had to take a page out your book of chilling re lecture ritual backstage at the unapologetically Africa Gabi academy pillows and a large red black and like we books what DVDs yeah we look for a spot to Chicago we could do to lecture at if we look for but Chicago can do that do the lecture at ... is trying to do at the Herald Jackson's in a little while ago but ... I really do like the set up ... by the year 2 ago they had the arrangements not the set up gate assist the my money change my mind couple hours later if you refuse to give me my money back you know that was very dishonest of her but be that as it may we wanna find us another place in Chicago to do the lecture it's no sweat alright so Chicago help me find that being you now for that lecture I hit the system back up to see if we get you know works and not webpages pay little sunset sound already gave a $2000 a money but she refused to ... work with me on that so very dishonest system but that's okay with uncle were about that we go find another place to ... host the Chicago lecture so Chicago help me find that spot okay I'll begin to Chicago tomorrow shot tell gotta go to Yassin's give me some of that good Yasin's ... Senegalese who and ... miss how we going do that that's how we going do that but ... the assistant barrel Jackson center she sought no took my money disappear or even try to make good on the arrangement but we will find another place to shut down what I want to do right now while backstage is ... speak a little bit about just a couple things parents need to do you know given the fact that ... welcome bounce 23 TV 9 though I don't know who it is but I don't know that right now always seems not but the now more as live as we go but ... let's talk about couple of things ... parents need to do parents need to do ... school year just started up right school year just started up so couple things that parents need to do number one you should not be looked into special educate your child this early no parent should be looking to special educate their child this early in the school year I would argue that you shouldn't be looking to special educate your child at anytime going to school year but if you feel that that baby has a disability that they ought to state that they have some other type of issue Venda um I would say that you should give at lease until the new year before you have them evaluated at least wait until the new year until you have them evaluated okay don't push the button and October November you know they still getting settled in school just started a you have to keep in mind that when you say you want your child evaluated you know you need you're making the assumption that the teacher is not the problem see whenever you get a child evaluated you're making the assumption that the teacher is not the problem so you need to be very careful before you start making the assumption that the teacher is not the problem because the teacher could very well be problem okay you're making the assumption that the school is not the problem if your child goes to school that has not me annual yearly progress in a long time why would you get them tested when there is a clear and competing explanation for while the child is struggling why would you get the child tested when there are clear competing reasons full why the child is struggling doesn't have a good teacher has a new teacher is it a failing school a struggling school all of these are reasons that could explain why the child is not doing well so why would you get the Chow test the when the school is a failing school that doesn't make any sense we have to get out of this habit of doing whatever white people tell us to do without children we have to get out of this habit of doing what ever white people want us to do for our children we absolutely have to stop doing that it's not a good look it's not a good look at all we have to stop doing that so with that being said with that being said no special lead before the new year now if the child is in special ed and the child is struggling then you need to call an I EP meeting if your child if you were not satisfied with the amount of progress that your child made last year in special education if you are not satisfied with the amount of progress that your child may be last year in special education you should be calling and I EP meeting now you should be calling an I EP meeting now to review revise revisit or reconstruct the I EP parents please remember you can call an I EP meeting whenever you want parents please remember you can call and IEP meeting whenever you want to you do not have to wait until the annual I. E. P. review date to make changes to your child's I EP let me say this again you do not have to wait for the annual I E. P. review meeting before you make changes to your child's I EP a parent can call and IEP meeting whenever they want to so few child that may have a good year last year you need to be calling an I EP meeting now I want to talk about my son or my daughter is a lack of progress remember if the child has a disability if the child has a disability if the child has a disability they are entitled to FAPE what is space I'm going to talk about this today in Columbus Ohio I'm going to talk about this today in Columbus Ohio FAPE is a free and appropriate public education faith is a free and appropriate public education if your child is in special ed and they are struggling they are not doing well then what that means is the school is failing to meet their obligation to provide your child with fate free and appropriate public education so you call an I EP meeting now don't wait 3 years from now don't wait 4 years from now don't wait 5 years from now one of my biggest problems with black parents is all wait too long y'all wait too long to complain about the mis education that your children are getting twelfth grade is too late eleventh grade is too late eighth graders too late you should be call it an I EP meeting now to protest the mis education of your children do that now not later do it now okay and at that meeting you let them know this work is too easy this work is too hard and when you go to a meeting listen to me real well when you go to a meeting when you go to a meeting make sure you know what you want to get out of the meeting you should know what you want I don't care what the school wants it's not the school's child he is your child she is your child you should know what you want psychologically you never go into a meeting unless you know unless you know what you want out of that meeting I want to improve their reading goals I want my son to go to another school I want him to have another teacher okay I want him to have extra time to take this test on leave him the route the school bus I needed to have a behavior plan know what you want shot out the DJ super Marielle Nagore you Japan get with me DJ Super Mario let me know when we go do this Japan follow up I think we go on January we need to lock them dates out for Japan because we only almost 2 months away shot up the China can't wait to see China as well shot out the Nashville Tennessee to principate out for can is and will be in Tennessee sat Friday November 10 prince of pan Africanism will be in Tennessee Friday November 10 buy Cleveland family drive safely I heard a lot of McClellan family is on their way appear to Columbus right now heard a lot of my Cincinnati family are on the road wound their way up to Columbus right now I heard a lot of my Youngstown Ohio family is all on the road all the way up the Columbus right now I heard a lot of my Dayton Ohio family is owned away to Columbus right now and I heard a lot of my 2 legal Ohio to lido Ohio family is one way to Columbus right now so please travel safely please travel safely okay ... I would try to get his safe Nashville Tennessee November 10 Nashville Tennessee November 10 I wanna see my Knoxville people in Nashville I wanna see my chat a new good people in Nashville I wanna see my myth there's people in Nashville as well our next national independent black parent association leadership training conference will be held in Miami Florida in January okay our necks national independent black parent association leadership training conference will be held in Miami Florida in January we will have the weekend so we will have the exact date nailed down it will be a Friday and Saturday in January with the lecture on Sunday I repeat the national independent black parent associations next leadership training conference will be in Miami Florida in January it will be 9 the 6 on Friday night on the 6 on Saturday with the lecture on Sunday we will have that information so Long Beach California I see you Long Beach California I will be out in Long Beach November 18 keynote the black consciousness conference prince apparent Africanism is invading Long Beach again I love you too sister Bridget I love you too so caller I EP meeting that caught I EP means now if your child is in special ed if your child is in special ed I recommend that you call an I EP meeting and get that child xtratime I take their tests if your special ed child don't have extra time to take their tests included on the I EP you not on your job okay if you have your child in special education which mean the school is getting paid off your child the child is possibly and most likely be a mis educated make sure they're getting extra time to take the tests make sure the giving extra time to take the test if your child has an I EP in they don't get extra time to take the test you are not one your job called an I EP meeting and tell them that you want your child to have extra time to take their tests okay extra time to take their tests okay also keep in mind if the child is struggling academically or behaviorally if the child is struggling academically or behaviorally when I marry you sister Bridget it all depends are you you are you nappy you gotta be nappy headed I don't I don't due process here you gotta be nappy you got to be about the people do you love your people are you confidential do you know how to keep our business between us can have a big mouth woman in a movement okay and you got the lead people more than you love yourself you fill me you got to know how to cook to okay you gotta know how to raise children without unapologetically African mindset you gotta have god first in your life you must build a relationship with the ancestors those are some of the things that require of my queen okay out once I get the school we going to get the queen okay school first queen second okay politics before pennies revolution before romance right so we won't get the school first and then we deal with the marriage okay gotta get the school for it I got take care to kids then we can build the wife he sits okay ... let me talk about yesterday Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland okay there was one school in Cleveland there was one school in Cleveland that is a very good possible location for Frederick Douglass the Marcus Garvey cat very good possibility in Cleveland okay so what I have to do right now is I have to see if the Roman Catholics are going to keep me from getting the schooling Cleveland because I'm not saying I'm choosing cleave I'm still you know but the best schools in Detroit the best schools in Detroit but the Cleveland school that I saw yesterday is a very close second is a very close second okay so Cleveland looks good so we got Wilmington looking good Cleveland looking good Detroit if I can get that price down on the main school in Detroit that's looking good Gary Indiana we going to see you on Monday or Tuesday Baltimore we going to see next week South Florida we going to see so right now we don't know with 6 schools but if you know of more schools I need to check out you need a semi does links Semirom screenshots the middle realtor contact information okay but Cleveland is looking real good Cleveland is looking real good and whatnot and Cleveland only 3:00 hours from Detroit so if the school is in Cleveland I can still get the Detroit and do some organized and so that's a good thing best that that that's a good thing okay animacy what Gary looking like embassy with Gary Indiana is looking like to you know what I mean but the school could pretty much be a success anyway the school could pretty much you know be a success anyway you know I just gotta find the best situation because once we dare we did you know what I mean once we did we did it and I don't want a situation where I got it pack up in Cleveland and go to Detroit will pack up in Detroit and go to Wilmington pack up to Wilmington go to Gary because we didn't make a good decision so we got to make this decision work because I don't want children come into my school by and made love in the school because it will be heaven on earth it will be heaven on earth it absolutely will be heaven on earth I don't what the children buying into the school that I have to tell the parents we have to move I'm moving to school to another state because these white folks is tricked into whatever the case may be so we gotta make a good first decision I got a look at the community I got a look at the consciousness Cleveland has a lot of consciousness Detroit has a lot of consciousness Gary Indiana I don't know how much consciousness is there I think they do have some consciousness and Gary because we back in the day one of the biggest black political conventions was held in Gary Indiana so I'm assuming they got some consciousness in Gary we know a god consciousness in Detroit and Chicago okay Chicago got got in the schools to me to look at I need to look at a Monday and Tuesday while I'm there okay because I'm get into Chicago tomorrow okay okay Mississippi I gotta get back to Mississippi to we work on Jackson Mississippi we were gonna own Jackson okay yeah I wanna work at the school similar resumes F. DMG resumes you wanna work at the school summit of resumes F. D. M. G. resumes edgy mail send your resume send your resume okay I might have to marry one of my teachers keep it in house keep all the money in school I might have to marry one of the queen's why hire to teach children so we could keep bottom Winston Salem I need a venue in Winston Salem I never spoke in Winston Salem North Carolina Charlotte we looking for value when Charlotte shot out the sister Sean that we might almost have been you when Charlotte for Kwanzaa Atlanta I will be in Atlanta Thursday December 28 the prince of pan Africanism will be in Atlanta Georgia for Kwanzaa Thursday December 28 surrounded a black Madonna doctor who ma Johnson Atlanta Kwanzaa lecture there's they did 28 Houston Texas Saturday December 30 the prince apparent Africanism will be in Houston Texas Saturday December 30 tickets out oneself Atlanta tickets are a selfie Houston Detroit Michigan January 1 at the northwest activity center Detroit Michigan January 1 at the northwest activity center in Detroit Michigan okay so we were going on at Nashville Tennessee Friday November 10 nat Turner land drew reveal Virginia nat Turner land November 11 we will be in that turned a lan 11/11/1111 that Turner was hanging on November 11 nat Turner was hanged on November 11 and so we want to be down if a ancestor remembrance they win that Turner with elder Khalif okay also I want to be real clear what everybody I want to be real clear I don't care if you team pan African I don't care if you national movement to say black boys I don't care if you did national independent like parent association out a key if you my brother sister uncle aunt cousin niece nephew I don't care if you win the pan African struggle with your Garvey I I don't care who you are please please please please please I'm telling you now please please please do not do not do not expect any hookups for any jobs at the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey academy I wanna be real clear I want to be real clear because somebody already starting okay I don't have a problem which you say you would work at the school I'm glad to know you wanna help us what you have to apply like everybody else there will be no hookups at the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey CAD IBM hiring the best people for the best position at the best school are repeat I'm hiring the best people for the best position at the best school you not get hired because you queue you not get hired because you're conscious you not give the heart because you pan Africanist you're not getting hired because you hope that you not get hired because you are be G. and I give my heart that you know my mother you not get hired because you know my grandmother you not get hired because you from Philly you not get hard because you from Chicago none of that matters I'm going to look at your resume I'm going to look at your resume interviewing send a resume unite didn't consider no resume no interview there will be no hookups in the reason there will be no hookups the reason they will be the hook ups is I've seen too many times I have seen too many times where people get jobs at a school who are not even good at the job they were hired for just because they were friends with the principal friends would I'm not doing that this saying about you it's about the children it's not about you it's about the children so don't come to me with no hookups okay his goals for everybody must security team this goal nobody is get middle job just because you know me all our friends one associate I do not care on choosing the best people okay I might have an entire staff full of strangers so be it how may have an entire staff full of strangers so be it out with the best people okay and I would tell you right now if you get hired and we are friends or associates or comrades you don't do your job I'm a fire your ass some tell you man I'm not play which I don't think because you know me because you know me is sweet Elaine sweet dual your job or your ask wanna get let go everybody working at the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey academy is a free agent fax everybody employed at the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey academy is a free agent and you will be released for free agency if your wires get lazy breach the confidence of the school find out you big in a white girl find out you became trans gendered or whatever that is do anything that violates what we stand for your ass is out telling you now come the work we do we even know what hit you got to go home in the weeds and you a teacher in this school would know we Ewing teaching in this school with no weak okay so you don't want this job if you wait about teaching our kids this ain't no hope to at school you can go work at one of my hopes up schools this is revolutionary pan African nationalist the resume email the resume email is F. D. M. G. resumes F. D. M. G. resumes at GE are repeat send your resume to F. D. M. G. or D. S. you M. T. S. F. D. M. G. resumes at GE component family good morning is it open yes ma'am the opening next day here okay we're going to get started until most of our people and sighed how we looking right now they still slow right now okay I think our Bible show about 4:00 because we had a whole lot of pre sell a whole lot to do what ... to parking that's probably why slow people gotta find a parking street parking best that yeah it's our best I without you got right now till 4 check with me a 450 if we gotta go to 430 5:00 we will the film but I want I want them to have an audience before they before so keep me posted on Iraq okay somebody said no mixed kids no that is incorrect that's not me I don't do that the product of an interracial marriage is an African child the product of an interracial marriage is an African child the product of an interracial marriage is an African child so if a white mother is raising her black children she wants them to come to FD MG they can come to F. BMG okay we do not practice eugenics were like skin supremacy or bi racial supremacy or black skinned supremacy in the pan Africanist movement biracial children are welcome they are Africans like the rest of us I do not separate black children who have no control over the fact that dad had a baby with a white woman or no control over the fact that mommy had a baby what a white man okay if one of them has a black parent they can attend the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey academy because there's no such thing as a mixed child in the first damn place they might be psychologically mixed up but they're not mixed okay because black DNA is dominant black DNA is super plain black DNA takes precedence over all of the D. N. A. whatever you mix our DNA with becomes us what ever you mix our DNA with becomes us that's why whenever they hang black people they always castrated black men they hung Chinese but they didn't castrate Chinese they hanged Jews but they didn't castrate Jews they hang the Irish but they didn't castrate Irish they hanged Italians but they didn't castrate Italians but they always cashed rated the black man okay you cannot work in my school with a parent helm come on it past no I'm good I'm a Facebook level we get okay I got you okay in the school yeah yeah yeah now we got away to the people get a yeah until it's half full we we we problems start to open and that's when it's half full yeah but I want them to have all these with what a good day yeah but you know to be looking for a parking that's what it is yeah there talking on cool is that right neighborhood yeah yes and then I got awhile back are let let me I want to look like is starting to get there let me know is okay okay okay am I coming to South Carolina Columbia ... we will be don't Columbia South Carolina in January of black history month sota principate at Charleston South Carolina I need a venue on the way much awesome people at yachting gave up on me Charleston we need a value in Charleston ... see ya sisters who've come without is what if you know what if you know that he termed in straightening call my get in all that you have read the map natural it needs to be natural some systems don't have nappy here but it needs to be that okay if you're not sure cut it all off and just come ball if you not sure whether your hairstyle will pass the employment examination cut it all off personal okay just goalball get a nice pretty ball hit I think the boy his sister the little road retract report okay can't wait to get the Chicago tomorrow December to Yasser us Senegalese I had you know Yasser since August gotta get the Chicago get that Yasser is up in with the Chicago schools that can't believe I got to Chicago schools on the list the Afro wig on a bad here that you can do that you can do after we wanna bet here today but here's what I want you to understand you can not where Afro week to Moscow for work and then when you get off take it off you gotta Beyonce they do that's not allowed Matthew natural in you with after a week because you had a bad here day we can live with that but if you got Powerman we've which we come to work with the after week that's not gonna work because you are a role model 2004 hours a day you are role model 2004 hours a day about children see you wanna street ecstasy you Mappy and natural they castrated black men because they were jealous of our genetic superiority jedit jealous of the black man's genetic superior R. T. that's why the castrated black men and that's the reason why they can't stand us that I can't stand black man they can't stand lebron James eva is just that lebron James makes white folks billions of dollars every year so they tolerate him okay they have a corporate interest in lebron James they have a corporate interests but don't confuse the fact that lebron James is a corporate interests Steph curry is a corporate interests Kevin Durant is a corporate interests Ezekiel Elliott is a corporate interests he's a vehicle Eliot Gobi this case of course is going to be the case because the cowboys meed him in order for the corporation to function okay but once you're no longer a corporate interests you end up like OJ in jail you end up like Bill Cosby when Bill Cosby was a corporate interests could not by touch no Bill Cosby but once you no longer a corporate interests they turn a back how many you brothers what the college and play football and while he was on a football team to coach treated you great your coach treated you like the best thing on our front but the minute you got hurt they took that scholarship away didn't you complain about what happens at a halfling scholarship they took in the problem with us is we think white people like us because they treat us good you have a they have a corporate interest in you a lot of white folks have a corporate interest in black folks see you don't have any white friends you don't have any white friends no such thing as a black person heavy white friends okay okay they're not your friend you're just functional for your agenda if you keep all confusing friendship with functionality when I need you so mark corporation can function of course I'm going to be nice to you but when I'm no longer any need of your corporate contribution I let you go look at slavery during the American de humanization process okay won a slave got her some slave massive would Killam if you could work no more they would literally kill you it would take your life because the slave is only worth what he could do for white folks in 2 days black people are only worth what you can do for white folks you have no function except benefit the American power structure that's it that's absolutely it why so many black men in jail today Ewing had this many black men in jail 100 years ago because you are no longer function old for the American corporation to operate you're no longer functional anymore so what do you do with people you don't want you lock them up in your children incarceration extermination Miseducation say it with me incarceration extermination Miseducation say it with me one time incarceration extermination in mis education okay Isabella McQueen don't you don't worry about that baby I'm a help you get on your sweet way alright incarceration miss education experimentation and economic castration you see that is all America is about that's it that is absolutely it enter so was this I just want to get the school yard I'm just be really I just want to get to school okay you wanna go to Africa with me this shit Africa trip last week of July 1 week in August to Africa trip last week in July 1 week in August to Africa trip last week of July first week of August save your money we're going to lower Egypt came it the obeah in Kenya lower Egypt can it Ethiopia and Kenya cost of the trip is going to be approximately 4500 between 4 and 45 somewhere in there what I try to get a little cheaper everything is included except you spend the money and one male you don't have a passport gets a passport you gonna need a passport going to need a pass or okay 18 a passport brothers if you owe child support payoff that child support you won't be going nowhere remember it's all about incarceration extermination mis education economic castration Philadelphia I'm looking for a venue in Philadelphia Winston Salem I need a venue Charleston South Carolina I needed venue Providence Rhode Island I need a venue new haven Connecticut I need a venue okay Chicago Illinois I need a venue kit do Darrell Jackson said a Cisco stole my money can mess with her no more Chicago I need a venue Gary Indiana we need a venue Denver Colorado we need a venue Phoenix Arizona we needed then you Austin Texas we need a venue we need venues Mississippi we need venue nor leans venues baton rooms venues Oakland California I need a vin you've Sacramento California I needed been you San Francisco California needed been you Los Angeles California I need a venue Cincinnati I need a venue to legal I have never been to to be to Ohio principal and Africanism have never been Toledo I need a venue okay so that's how we does how we operate that's how we operate okay what about you for dinner the night one of me for dinner that night with a black we got some black restaurants to Columbus when I get my dinner at the night we got some black owned restaurants Hartford Connecticut we need a venue Atlanta I would be in Atlanta Thursday December 28 I will be in Atlanta Georgia Thursday December 28 when are you coming back to Cleveland you need to get in the car my brother drive them up the Columbus you all the hour 0.5 away get on up to it get on up here okay it looks like the prince apparent Africanism to be gone all stays close at 5:00 it looks like the principate Africa is because they close at 5:00 we gotta get people Tara to find some parking we gotta bring a residential area we got a fun guy to give people some time I found some parking some take a couple questions anybody got any questions I'm asked a couple questions okay parents still go to meetings alone parents read everything before you signed it parents makes you go back to school night Paris makes you go to every report card conference parents make sure you always question the report card grades parents make sure you always follow up a meeting with a letter always request a meeting with the letter all Livingston Avenue was so Livingston Avenue Livingston Avenue Columbus San Diego I'll be back in San Diego so I was a San Diego in January I'll be back Mamakating probably the best vegan chef in the world mama cater liberal be cultural center San Diego pride of best vegan chef in the world straight up Indianapolis Amer probably do I did Indianapolis for black history month right or was that Kwanzaa double Blech instrument women it was black instrument summer pride to Indianapolis for ... for black history month okay but let me tell you something that I wanna do though just a moment is about 5 schools I'm looking at a beach right but I can't tell you what they are because as a whole bunch a whole tub haters who have been blocked in my attempts to get certain schools I don't care about our kids if they care about our kids they would you know stay away from you let me do what I need to do what's your do you need shots by Africa not if you have it immunization exemption form from your doctor if you have an exemption for from you doctor you'll need those shots sister Rachel was the black food restaurants such sister Rachel and Columbus I'm born there right after we done here okay okay that's what I'm this is one thing we need to do I need to host a national independent black ex offenders conference I need to host a national independent black ex offenders we have to organize our brothers and sisters who are coming home from the penitentiary question what would be the best city in America to hopes a national black ex offender conference what is the best city in America to host a national black ex offender conference we need and we need a place that proceed at least 1000 we might have to Houston proceeded valves use the casita 0 shot a black Madonna in Houston conceded 0 what other cities in America do we have that have auditorium or church that will let me use it back to see the 0 we got a lot of mega churches but a lot of demi interested enough in black it only interested in Jesus ingrained money okay Livingston Avenue rates are you a game you know address yet rich are you still living at the Navajo I'm not from Columbus I need a name and address what I know about Livingston Avenue what is the name at a restaurant what is the address okay what do I think about conscious people I think that I don't know if we really have conscious people I think we have informed people we have rate well read see we don't have a conscious movement we have it information movement this is all about information nobody's building in consciousness we don't have any activism there's very little activism in the black conscious movement this more activism in the black church then there is in the black conscious movement there's more activism in the black church then there is in the black consciousness movement visible activism and black consciously where's the activism name me an organization a movement or conscious community that's trying to build one of the 4 major in that we need banks hospitals schools a supermarket we we we don't have act is no activity that black activists but you know by the conscious community activists they're just information disseminated spesso it's all information no action we will be exactly see what people tell me dear brother I'm wake him up I met some young people a waking up I met some elders they wake up everybody we cannot we cannot wake him up what you got people who build woke ain't done shit what good is it to be woke what good is it to know who you are there from whence you came if you're not going to do anything about your reality I'm not impressed I'm not impressed this shit we got DVDs them lecturers and trypsin Daishi keys and change remain kwanza black history month the black fest the bulls it's all celebration without substance it's all symbolism Barack Obama symbolism no substance Kwanzaa symbolism very little substance black history month symbolism very little substance everybody keeps saying black wallstreet black wallstreet where is it at where she will be what is the black what show me the black community in America where you have a hospital a supermarket a school in a bank all in the same place that is actively investing in black people we don't win as individuals we went to gather we don't wave as individuals we win to gather we keep talking about you know deb brother got his college degree in that system became a lawyer a you know a pages you know got this award that has nothing to do with improving the quality of life for black people it's not about individuals it's about the group vo group has to be doing better not individuals Barack Obama being president did not improve anything for us it may have improved something for him but he didn't prove anything for us yeah when I open up the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey academy that's not for me that's for us it has to be black first it has to be African family first it has to be us first it has to be race first it has to be us but the problem is have few negroes are multi cultural you want to help everybody you want to help everyone help black folks you want to help everybody action on well you got people who engaged in action but it's all white 5 minutes they date you know they try to do some good stuff worse off financed by white folks if the white men give it to the white man will take it from white men give it to you white men will take different there is no I in team there's no I in team ego masquerading as black consciousness E. go masquerading as black consciousness self hate masquerading as constructive criticism self hate masquerading as constructive criticism black capitalism masquerading as black improvement black capitalism masquerading as black consciousness school that's not a plug and I love so yeah build a safe a lot of play from the crowd no they're back raise their wall are no not right now what we can do is make an announcement to let people know to vendors that area you know to me that they start coming in yet get on the Mike and let the people know that they're there but you know what if the past the wants to raise the wall you can but in respect to him I would not do it yet because he wasn't looking to do that you know to me but I will let the people know the vendors that it then raise acts maybe he can raise yeah who raised you raised well as far as the whole leadership then go okay we need leadership we don't need leaders okay those leaders should be part of the leadership team we don't need individuals we need you know leadership you know but let me beyond us no system no system is going to say black people if they don't wanna save themselves okay so you know and I'm a Beyonce which if you axe me what has been some of the moles this heartening things I've learned within the black consciousness and be honest which one of the most this heartening things that I've learned in black consciousness is a lot of people in it are not in it to change anything let me say this again a lot of people in black consciousness are not in it to change nothing no they basically just want a platform where they can get attention to fulfill economy inter project their opinions that's it okay in fact it would be better if the black conscious community just created its own television channel and put everybody who doesn't want to do any work and the television channel and let them run their mouth all day long or their radio whichever blackouts as radio black conscious TV because most conscious personalities are nothing more than newspaper reporters they are journalists we don't have leaders that organizes we have Germans everybody to journalists everyone is simply telling you what's going on that's it that's the whole black conscious community that's it yes it with the assumption would be exception of those who have some schools with the exception of those that you know try to do some serious things 99 percent of black coaches brothers and sisters and elders with a platform they purely information disseminate their they're they're they're no different then wolf Blitzer of you know ukee Washington don lemon digis informed it is nobody's going up images sharing opinions in information that's all black consciousnesses share your opinions put out some information some money share your opinion put out some information the money share your opinion put out some information the press we have a black person so it's a it's a black information network that's what we got we have a conscious black information network information about the pants information about the president information about your enemy information about America information about Obama information information information no organization anybody organized enough no organ forget that fame organization no action no activism organization and guess what a no but I think about it the the bad thing about it so Adam but I am very confident that we're going to fix this I think now that people are beginning to see contradiction with in consciousness contradiction within consciousness folks asking what am I doing 2 years ago I would answer that but if you get all my live feed an axis Dr Willmar John so what is he doing that's a ridiculous question I'm IT one incident okay ... well see that's well once I get the frigid Douglas of Marcus Garvey academy once I get the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey kept that's going to be the foundation from which I launch all other in it once I got the school is the base the school is the base once we get the school because the look of what a credit union a political action movement Mr Baha open up a black owned grocery store but see it's hard for me to build when I don't know where I'm going to be it's hard for me to build one I don't know where I'm going to be so that's why getting this school for me it is the most pourtant thing in my life outside of my family I have to do this in the good news it's nothing new year's day dead dead Detroit lecture new year's day at the Detroit lecture I think I'm going to be announced in the school I really do I really do okay so wherever it's going to be Gary Indiana Cleveland Ohio Detroit Michigan Wilmington Delaware South Florida Baltimore those are the 6 locations right now I'm going to choose one and this will be going to I was looking at Houston but I think a lot of schools out of Houston I was looking in the Jersey I didn't see a lot Ohio I didn't get a lot I looked at what the Cleveland ... but ... you know we just got to do to school we just got to do to school and we almost there this is October 21 to November 21 December 20 first 8 weeks we 10 weeks away from FD NGO 10 weeks away from our F. deems it I don't know what's gonna was saying polls they told me it was so so people told me it wasn't so Adam but we've got $2000000 anyway so Saint Paul's you know I think they could he gave me Saint Paul's up they they could work with meals Saint Paul's I really think that if I was of what was I would head Saint Paul's because nobody was interested in Saint Paul's until doctor who my wanted to buy no one was interested in Saint Paul's college until the prince of pan Africanism wanted to purchase it once I made it clear good morning coming open send your resume so something else to for my elders elders a retired teacher elders a retired teacher any body in the black community if you have a certain skill okay because I'm gonna have a lot of part time staff to and a lot of itinerant staff if you have a particular skill that you think god children could use you can be talk to me it's up okay of tell sister should now to check in with me when you can the hostess are if you have a particular skill that you think god children can benefit from send me your resume input part time okay could you might have a full time job which mice a doctor who mark I want to do I wanna be with the rights of passage team we might see a doctor who walk you know I wanna Sherlock is how to build computers doctor who mark you might know how do I know how to ... build remote control cars are doctor who I know architects to go girls how to make their own sandals I can teach the boys ... should know what up so because for the one so easy to picture naked what you think of it and bring it to me take apart the membrane backed him at hope is that are you hiring white conscious brothers and sisters what the is a white conscious brother ins what is a white Koch's brother and sister can somebody help me I'm lost what is a white conscious brother or sister I'm lost somebody know what it is what what is that what is a wife conscious brother insists okay somebody I know how to make ice cream double to stick is how to make ice cream any type of interesting worth while beneficial skill okay you can do that someday I might be real good with cameras okay you would teach a young men how to do the documentary film sites okay so any type of unique skills you had a big hand bags you know unsure how to make the old watches send a resume you got to be full time if I retired teachers if you want to volunteer I need a whole army of retired black teachers took coach mundu teaches I need a whole army of retired black choose coach my new teachers I need a whole army okay so that's how we wrote that's how we wrote archery love to teach our children are to be silent weapons they don't come in handy one day silent weapons really don't come in handy one day yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a white conscious man is a white man Dayton a conscious black woman what kind of shit is that the current you miss Sammy Jenny embassy you too baby a problem is up in school I I've been school Hon yes if you get hired at the school your child will get a discount or to wish yes if you get hired at the school your child will get a discount on tuition if you have more than one child at the school I'm a try to work at a discount okay I'm try to work at a discount okay after Saddam how to fix copy machines perfect brother and is and that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about we need that I need somebody to teach our boys how to build they'll computers I want to learn how to make the old computer from scratch make their own cell phone from scratch okay now edit why you take one of the hospital now we're going to do it okay he wanted to speak before the opening acts what has to be safe okay guess be before or after but it is of the are is better before okay you're gonna get a bit I mean I can't but rather let him know where he's going to be better at it okay good then then then okay go milieu corolla so who introduced fax them to you are having to work it out we're gonna have a we're gonna but started 430 so I know to be ready FOR you want yes yes there you go bigger for come on and passed so we will let you warm up let him know about the church programs I got here service boom boom boom if it up but the quays issue how you introduce the actually double dome together however you want to do that but I think it'll start dax till 430 you can speak between the acts not a mate however you'll do it and then I'll be ready at 5 but if I don't end up going on until 550 5:30 am go with that so however yup however up pace alright somebody look good out there have been passed we are yeah I soca okay okay we in the black church this is a amis I they said is full so we got a full house I think we gonna have another jam packed event okay Columbus's here some about the sign off about the sound off but if you need to reach me you can text me 215-989-9858 215-989-9858 yes also resumes F. DMG resumes edgy F. D. M. G. resumes edgy now although you can text 215-989-9858 if you need to leave a voicemail call 8444 doctor who mark if you need to be usable I Bethany people know how to grow death we need people who meet who know how to grow a community garden is a must food preparation we don't teach our children how to eat Abby some of y'all if you ... know how to prepare role in vegan food if you could come apart Tom and I'll pay you by the hour to teach them we probably going to have more part time in artillery teaches the full time because we don't have a university if anyone have even in university the parents our school my never shut you might never see the locks on the doors at the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey can you may never see the locks on the doors act if we don't have Lamar's classes for apprentices because we don't have domestic abuse classes for brothers who can't keep their bare hands today so we don't have self esteem classes African spirituality classes is gonna be off the hook that somebody acts because somebody work at the school he was not pan Africanist it depends it depends because what I cannot have is a teacher whose undermining my philosophical ideology so although I love my nation of Islam I love my guys enters a love mom awhile opinions I love my Hebrews a low mumble wars I love my socialist a lovable but I can't have nobody in my school telling my children they not African because that is not me I'm African which is an original name it is an indigenous lame it is a native Maine it is our name we did not get it from the legal Afrikan those that some live bull shit so anybody who's not you know if you teach in we from Asia we age she added I'm not able to I'm teaching my children we culled from Africa what's the Methodist church I'm speaking at the deck what's the name of his church I'm speaking than they would a church I'm speaking at the day is the what first African say that again first African say that again first African say to get first African Methodist episcopal Zion African that's what we all I respect you not to be you could be a more Hebrew Asiatic our respect you no argument from me I don't care what you call yourself but at my school if you ever contradict why not teach it Mott foundation my doctrine my philosophy of