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"2018-05-18 17:01:22"
Kids get caught having first kiss, Mom freaks out...
\\ //
"2018-05-15 17:00:36"
I Went Metal Detecting & Found $10,000 in Abandoned Safe... (Treasure Hunt Challenge)
\\ //
"2018-05-12 16:02:27"
Creepy Stalker CLOWN sent me DISTURBING Video.. *FOOTAGE*
\\ //
"2018-05-08 17:02:18"
1 KILL = 1 FORTNITE DANCE IN REAL LIFE!! (*NEW* Fortnite Season 4 Challenge)
\\ //
"2018-05-06 17:03:12"
Kid Spends $750 on Fortnite Season 4 with Mom’s Credit Card... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-05-04 17:27:56"
1 KILL = 10 NEW SEASON 4 SKINS FOR KID!! (Fortnite Season 4 FREE Skins Challenge)
\\ //
"2018-05-02 17:00:36"
Mom tells Kid he can't play Fortnite Season 4 ever again.. [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-04-29 17:00:59"
\\ //
"2018-04-26 17:00:19"
I Won a Game of FORTNITE in a PORTA POTTY!! (Battle Royale Challenge)
\\ //
"2018-04-24 16:59:56"
Little Kid Thinks He's The Richest Person In The World...
\\ //
"2018-04-22 15:00:21"
\\ //
"2018-04-19 17:00:26"
Mom gives Kid 10,000 V-Bucks every 10 Minutes... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-04-17 17:19:05"
Kids get caught playing Fortnite at 3AM, Mom freaks out…
\\ //
"2018-04-15 17:00:21"
Killer Clown breaks into house, as Kid wins in Fortnite...
\\ //
"2018-04-13 17:00:29"
I Made the WORLD'S LARGEST Aluminium Foil Ball... (Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge)
\\ //
"2018-04-11 18:44:01"
I Mailed Myself in a Box to TILTED TOWERS & It Worked! (Fortnite In Real Life)
\\ //
"2018-04-09 17:00:22"
3 subscribers! thank you so much!
\\ //
"2018-04-07 18:30:00"
1 KILL = 1 DARE on FORTNITE w/GIRLFRIEND!! (Roulette Battle Royale)
\\ //
"2018-04-05 17:00:17"
Kid Spends 24 Hour Overnight on the Roof & This Happened...
\\ //
"2018-04-03 17:30:23"
Girlfriend Deleted my $1000 FORNITE Account... [GONE TOO FAR]
\\ //
"2018-04-02 17:00:31"
Giving my Girlfriend £1000, But Only If...
\\ //
"2018-03-30 17:00:48"
Kid Plays Fortnite in a Zorb Ball & You Have to See What Happened! (Battle Royale Challenge)
\\ //
"2018-03-28 17:00:37"
Kid Spends $1000 on FORTNITE with Dad’s Credit Card... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-03-25 15:00:40"
Tipping Pizza Delivery Guys $1,000 for Every Kill In Fortnite: Battle Royale...
\\ //
"2018-03-22 18:00:13"
Kid gets BANNED from Fortnite for Hacking... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-03-20 18:01:20"
\\ //
"2018-03-19 18:01:06"
\\ //
"2018-03-18 16:00:25"
Donating $5000 to FORTNITE Streamers on Mom's Credit Card...
\\ //
"2018-03-15 18:01:23"
Kid thinks he's better at Fortnite than Ali-A... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-03-13 17:01:25"
Kid tries to impress girl on Fortnite, goes very wrong...
\\ //
"2018-03-12 18:01:20"
Kid Sells Mom's IPHONE for $1 on EBAY... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-03-11 16:01:55"
Kid Spends $500 on FORTNITE with Mom’s Credit Card... [MUST WATCH]
\\ //
"2018-03-08 18:02:37"
the Challenge that nearly Killed me... {FREEZING MYSELF}
\\ //
"2018-03-05 18:16:33"
1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING w/GIRLFRIEND!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay)
\\ //
"2018-03-03 18:00:50"
I Gave my Girlfriend £1,000 for Every Kill in Fortnite: Battle Royale
\\ //
"2018-03-02 18:01:35"
Kid pours Snow on Girlfriend in Shower, then This Happened...
\\ //
"2018-02-26 18:00:41"
I Got Roasted by PEWDIEPIE... 😱😡 *My Response*
\\ //
"2018-02-24 18:00:45"
\\ //
"2018-02-22 16:03:11"
I Disappeared for 48 Hours & Told No One... {You NEED to See What Happened}
\\ //
"2018-02-17 18:00:57"
Kid Legally Changes Name at Age 16 & Mom Freaks Out... {Shocking}
\\ //
"2018-02-14 18:00:47"
Kids get caught doing this, Mom freaks out...
\\ //
"2018-02-11 18:00:02"
Followers Control my Life for 24 Hours & It Went Incredibly Wrong... (Experiment)
\\ //
"2018-02-08 18:00:41"
DO NOT play FORTNITE on the ROOF at 3AM... {Overnight Challenge GONE WRONG}
\\ //
"2018-02-06 19:01:12"
I turned my Ex Girlfriend's iPhone X into a Rubber Band Ball & it CRACKED!! {10,000 Rubber Bands}
\\ //
"2018-02-04 18:00:36"
KSI Callout after Victory over Joe Weller... {NOT Clickbait}
\\ //
"2018-02-03 18:05:15"
What Happens when you MIX Every Type of COKE... {DO NOT TRY}
\\ //
"2018-01-31 18:07:03"
I Lost as Much Weight as Possible in 30 Days... (SHOCKING RESULTS)
\\ //
"2018-01-29 18:00:22"
I Made the World's Largest WHITE Creme Egg... (DIY GIANT CREME EGG)
\\ //
"2018-01-27 18:01:31"
I Bought my DREAM HOUSE at 16 Years Old… {Very Emotional}
\\ //
"2018-01-24 18:02:29"
i was HANDCUFFED to my EX GIRLFRIEND for 24 HOURS... ⏰
\\ //
"2018-01-21 18:01:36"
I Found The £2,000 WHITE Creme Egg... *Live on Camera* (SUPER RARE)
\\ //
"2018-01-19 18:00:15"
GETTING BACK WITH MY EXES... (Snog, Marry, Avoid YOUTUBER Edition)
\\ //
"2018-01-17 18:00:31"
EATING 100 DONUTS CHALLENGE!! *500,000 CALORIES* (Entire Krispy Kreme Menu World Records)
\\ //
"2018-01-15 18:01:15"
We have an Announcement about our Break Up...
\\ //
"2018-01-12 18:01:32"
\\ //
"2018-01-10 17:59:49"
I Filled GIANT BALLOONS with 100,000 ORBEEZ!! *What Happens?*
\\ //
"2018-01-08 18:02:52"
thx mom, but i wanted a blue lamborghini..
\\ //
"2018-01-06 18:00:18"
An Awkward Conversation With My Ex Girlfriend...
\\ //
"2018-01-05 18:00:02"
I'm Sorry, but It's Over...
\\ //
"2018-01-04 18:00:18"
My iPhone X got 1,000,000 Notifications in 1 Minute & This Happened... (EXPERIMENT)
\\ //
"2018-01-03 18:01:14"
\\ //
"2018-01-02 18:00:06"
the TRUTH about our Break Up... (Not Clickbait)
\\ //
"2018-01-01 18:30:24"
1000 CHICKEN NUGGETS CHALLENGE!! *200,000 CALORIES* (Breaking McDonalds World Records)
\\ //
"2017-12-31 18:00:42"
\\ //
"2017-12-30 18:01:16"
\\ //
"2017-12-29 18:00:20"
HOW TO SNEAK ANY FOOD INTO THE CINEMA!! 🍿 (Life Hacks you CANT Live Without)
\\ //
"2017-12-28 18:00:19"
I'm too Sad to make Videos... *please help*
\\ //
"2017-12-27 18:01:32"
we broke up...
\\ //
"2017-12-26 18:02:23"
REAL FOOD VS GUMMY FOOD!! *Eating GROSS GIANT Candy Challenge* - Best Gross Real Worm Candy
\\ //
"2017-12-25 18:02:38"
Kid Surprises Divorced Parents with their Dream Gifts... (Emotional)
\\ //
"2017-12-24 18:00:20"
Christmas PROPOSAL Prank On Girlfriend BACKFIRES...
\\ //
"2017-12-23 18:01:34"
\\ //
"2017-12-22 18:00:28"
Kid throws Angry Dad’s Money in Pool... (£10,000)
\\ //
"2017-12-21 18:00:03"
We Need to Talk...
\\ //
"2017-12-20 18:00:02"
Morgz - I Love You (Official Music Video)
\\ //
"2017-12-19 18:00:06"
I Spent the Night in an Abandoned Waterpark & Almost Died... (24 Hour Overnight Challenge)
\\ //
"2017-12-18 18:03:29"
I Paid a STRANGER to Sing a ROMANTIC Song to my GIRLFRIEND... (Fiverr)
\\ //
"2017-12-17 19:03:54"
I Wore MAKEUP for a Day & Here's what Happened.. [SHOCKING]
\\ //
"2017-12-16 18:01:48"
Finding out I have a Sister... **NOT CLICKBAIT**
\\ //
"2017-12-15 18:04:35"
\\ //
"2017-12-14 18:01:08"
Surprising my GIRLFRIEND with her DREAM HOLIDAY (Relationship Goals)
\\ //
"2017-12-13 18:08:57"
We have to Leave Forever & here's why... *SERIOUS*
\\ //
"2017-12-12 19:02:15"
i got arrested...
\\ //
"2017-12-11 18:02:06"
Kid surprises Girlfriend with £10,000... (very emotional)
\\ //
"2017-12-10 18:01:50"
if i didn't film my girlfriend doing this, no one would believe me...
\\ //
"2017-12-09 18:00:49"
I Used as many Drive Thru’s as Possible in One Hour Experiment... (Drive Thru Challenge)
\\ //
"2017-12-08 18:01:58"
telling my girlfriend i want to break up...
\\ //
"2017-12-07 18:01:07"
ENTIRE McDonald's Menu in 10 MIN Challenge!! *WORLD RECORD*
\\ //
"2017-12-06 18:01:42"
I Went Missing for 48hrs & THIS happened... (PRANK gone TOO FAR)
\\ //
"2017-12-05 18:01:42"
WAKING UP IN A POOL!! *PRANK* (24 Hour Overnight Challenge)
\\ //
"2017-12-04 18:01:03"
Reacting to Our FIRST KISS on Camera.. *Relationship GOALS*
\\ //
"2017-12-03 18:01:40"
Dear Youtube, i NEED you to watch this...
\\ //
"2017-12-02 18:01:17"
NEW Girlfriend Reacts to EX Girlfriend!! *She ROASTED Her*
\\ //
"2017-12-01 18:00:00"
my mom Kicked me out Forever after this... (Tattoo Prank)
\\ //
"2017-11-30 18:31:53"
We had a NERF WAR & this Happened... (You Won't Believe It)
\\ //
"2017-11-28 18:02:02"
GIRLFRIEND SURPRISED ME at my House & THIS HAPPENED!! *Relationship Goals*
\\ //
"2017-11-27 18:04:18"
EXPERIMENT SODA vs MENTOS vs 1000 BALLOONS!! (What Happens?) Coca Cola vs Mentos Challenge
\\ //
"2017-11-26 15:01:19"
Coming out to my Dad on camera...
\\ //
"2017-11-24 18:04:50"
\\ //
"2017-11-23 18:01:21"
\\ //
"2017-11-22 18:00:25"
\\ //
"2017-11-21 18:01:10"
\\ //
"2017-11-20 18:01:15"
\\ //
"2017-11-18 17:59:35"
Mom BEGGED me Not to Upload this... *HUMILIATION*
\\ //
"2017-11-17 18:00:54"
97% CAN'T WATCH THIS VIDEO WITHOUT LAUGHING!! (Impossible Try Not To Laugh Challenge)
\\ //
"2017-11-14 18:00:30"
the Reason I CAN'T make Videos Anymore... (i'm sorry)
\\ //
"2017-11-12 18:01:36"
\\ //
"2017-11-10 18:01:31"
The Real Reason why i've Changed... *The Truth*
\\ //
"2017-11-09 18:01:14"
the TRUTH about my Weight.. (FAT Morgz is BACK?) *emotional*
\\ //
"2017-11-08 18:07:58"
she's Leaving me...
\\ //
"2017-11-07 18:00:31"
\\ //
"2017-11-06 18:01:11"
\\ //
"2017-11-05 18:00:18"
\\ //
"2017-11-04 18:01:31"
\\ //
"2017-11-02 18:01:24"
GIRLFRIEND meets MOM for FIRST TIME EVER!! *Super Awkward*
\\ //
"2017-11-01 18:01:33"
BURNING MOM'S MERCH PRANK!! *Gone VERY Wrong* (Prank Wars)
\\ //
"2017-10-31 18:02:10"
\\don't do it do it will hijack it has a fit no my marriage the later on will pay outs of the house and it was positive the road base the moment I think when you by chance to kind of calm down the thing you realize that we did you a favor good Gomel could you have seen some so shocked some re thinking about well mia goodbye for this area okay listening so the team oaks this morning the crime happened dry here in this very house worse than anything that's ever happened to me in my entire life lebron knew pranking merchandise it was stolen by mon unless this is what's been left with now I call even begin to explain to you guys want motions a troubling through my body right now I call it even begin to explain how annoyed I am I feel in my hall stolen the brand new marriage gone taken away from me I don't know what the hell I'm going to do know basically what happened is Eliot today this morning mum recorded video way she basically said that the reason she stole my merchandise was because my head was selling bad it has and she was losing the competition my only issue salty dom Richa both 6000000000 she's now salty bomb Barrasso emerge they think the she called face the truth she Paul face the products that people are bad and she moaned Thursday I think she'd bourgeois holiday books on my body Unna dressing Gaon I'm already developed the wah she pulled the only thing that I wanted to well known people and there was a big mortgage you gotta get up on a dude you boys that to do what is more she deserve more she deserve more punishment that this is true ball she used to live in the competition she knew what people were thinking bald she knew that the more with the real pigs have you had to break the boundaries that she bought one thing to say if you can move number one the revenge on them together will supply and the revenge that I have ever go to bed pull a number 2 the type of white people crumbled points that I say no don't let her get a heads guns the reason she talking with the tried Bruce test fails they'd kill myself on the marriage so she could win the competition well I think a lot is hell no she'd get numbers juvenile lengthy bull 3 Preakness focused on behalf of and I know we can pull the plug heard today I'm going to prove it I'm gonna prove once again White House on the part chain but she told herself the queen she's no queen the only ones find itself for a kid go crazy but I know the eyes of the real king than she did is Joe I need to calm down for a second but if you're not already subscribe remember to go out on that ride if recall made a big deal by now it's becoming a choice team both on people remember joined the strongest already joined the army to fight for what we believe in Jordan albeit the demon textual cool isn't it true the way to success join 3 balls right now much about the Bible and a let's try for the Blair read more many ways as possible groove let's try and flush 25000 lives on this video I was one of my struggle to show her that not only were the stories that still emerged the strongest thing gets inscribed with the strongest appointed well those jokers again the blinds Phyllis though just people I just obliterate bowl for the fraud and the tree that she is not applying for this video guys it's going to be a good one you probably wondered who's got the camera right now my eyes by the caliber right now do let me out if I'm not happy with because he was involved in the private moment on the area he said I know that with a bit you Paul so I'm willing to help you on a prime a mole so I said okay are those like the what we should do this Tuesday is Halloween which means the clouds of black intro and you got a minimum of the killer clowns from last year but I'm still mom goes through that's why today with a clone knows that is right now I'm going to go up to a I'm going to play the bay I'm gonna play the victim number to say since you part merely take me on a trip to stalled because that is my favorite place to go Jim does not however this isn't going to be an old trick to stall no no no this is going to be a different trip because one minute there was on the dress malted opened the killer clown I would let him go in debt and the call and hide on the bike see and then I'll move does all the call malted is gonna pulled from the backseat into the front seat and he is going to drive off and I'm gonna pretend like a cloud is just kid not me and stole imams call in the process guys this could be the craziest prank I've ever done but I need him but with a by unknown W. plan if you question it is most really the point after this been humiliated by Malone had channel but what happens when you get humiliated and pry prime back and humiliate them even more guys this could be the best one yeah I know I'm asking for you guys is to sit back and enjoy it because it is well and truly going down the full of mom okay so boys and girls I'm just to address on calm down a little bit since the last clip but everything is getting more I wouldn't get more into the deployment no guys Maltzan how's the clown see you all and I'm gonna show you in the furry too wall behind it all book club you know room what's going on there forward really likes it and die you know it's not real the argument well no we got I I'm not sure about her maybe we should like and just like you know a lot about Miami reminded alone Alicia fudge legal have brought Wilson says right now basically what we're gonna do go get my call right now and then I'm gonna go get will convince you to come style books and then we can get this prime started ball guys this is gonna be a good one let's stop I get mine in the call okay them well you know I gotta say you'll look in about 25 times ski area with Delilah at night you a dime store down for so I believe it is not ... yet thorn moment this is going down and you can do nothing about it so broke time you lay down and be our site that is the question you enough to really get low down the street in the ticket is gonna be took his signature Cape Cod a doer oh my god no no reason you know how it goes don't think life could borrow I don't think Cissy printed out guys this is going down let's go get more unique because they had to go on the dock soon became boys and girls stage pre but this prime crime now is go get more incumbents up to come to Starbucks with me so guys let's put into this not now wall yeah medicines earlier obviously with what happens with you on this is still a merchant ivory Zen I'm so happy about it all the way but is there any chance you could come get me a Starbucks for movement to make open enough let's go get some money anyway from the bottom yeah kills them yet the US goes go okay it so moon is coming down when I'm gonna tell them flogging the usual excuse because such a good one like I've log every day so like she never suspected paying actually since she pried me Dalia guys Dalia Seamus it but this quick reply does is a big dog right now but moments later sci fi trip you actually won a few groups although he also up let's look at some moment before anything more but don't think you're going to get away with this about me completely new about the price you gave it was to fall no don't be silly mold good enough I love you I love you stuff my moods we don't know how close we hope you know got rid of it now you can just use mongering 3 months back said so leave the keys in our I just to don't touch anything workers is the Senate and cut out perhaps look ntelos books and just put shops about your favorite food ya know ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya bro do we do it now thing we do it now both refer can do it now both put into a close look into it quickly quick quick NCRHA was doing his duty will hijack a hijacker she noted notions when you could run around the jackpot legal to drive both we'll be doing you know we shouldnt all all all show me it's a clone or show movie Sicko go do it discussion wanted to do frontage road which is rooted piece here goes user love love is the cloud she's down there drive both limply next to a PC guys he's pulled away all the way they handled the don't think she's no shit full employment Ludwig always upon the glove way doing a good was crazy joke Joseph calling it the other birds eye of Basra no one this is a close call little speed limit all speak in Alabama looping around the loop around again does this stop remotely loopy well no don't don't don't don't don't deliver just try to make it is judged won't please only good will play and bush's neither do she wouldn't know yo yo yo yo implemented on now I'm going to make love to drag while and what he knows McDonald's because you know those to McDonald's miles away miles away so yeah Virgo no sides the devil lived over bro Joe so guys does phase one of the part don't ride that now mine how about how about we go to put the McDonalds and get some food don't know but don't know yeah bro right now we go to McDonalds of what I'm gonna do I'm gonna call mom in a moment and tell her that she needs to calm to McDonald's that's why the clown said we go in and see if she actually calms me like a taxi all like whatever guys will have to see if sickle but if you don't they'll be so funny I'm gonna call her right now guys and see if we can make a call the clones that he's taking me to McDonald's womb thing is Ronald McDonald so I don't know bigger than the one that wanted to build my own please do the query please be good mobile is okay all these are you know the father will always argued a lot I am whole notion we've just arrived at McDonald's minds just play the master back on obviously driving with all the math isn't gonna be safe mode of a wake up it's a good responsibility for the kids in the in the U. from the UK gonna go into Madonna's right now I'm glad we got originally decided to veto them all this you know you're not sure of the double stuffed reaction to the present to the cloud growing excitement well I do a misty cloud you wanted them to McDonald's is the real question tend to be a time to Mr cloud Mr Clough dilemmas McDonald's will not I will just McDonald I don't know if Mr clouds macdonald I think I'll go with a diet coke Morrow and maybe some notes well maybe some notes while you go from no maybe even you can give the milk mmhm war you got you got 11 on a milk shake well whoo ee does love as Madonna delivered but on a milk shake you better believe it where we go to the first window you ready to make some new friends file Ole yes here we go bro I don't think he's pitch over closer to the body somebody wrote that he go broke Joan Miller hoedown luxurious alfalfa and third the who that was no rain and I don't think he cares brought up to stand with the college if not scare anyone you know some guys we don't have to just leave him right now how do you think that web broke out of a bag of that or I took ages did they look a McDonald Moses that you'll always felt a little bit well we don't shouldn Joseph I Julie yeah only go to Michael Michael Michael no no no no no no no your world can go go to Coppell go to call Paul where should only because usually still Yoshi slow it down low but the only way to the gym like she's slowing down usually but I should buy the shoes but I should buy that over my goat broke a 6 months up within it does your budget opposite no no no look how old one couldn't quite small police stopping quick quick Gwenn no there NMO group move she wished she hides I thought well the boom boom boom does it is not the best round ever old mill all my dog with all my ... too you know yeah who yeah well he Pico poking well motions because no potable you run before you run was all grown national taught you to one of all the other shame to via I'm shamed why long running can ridiculous I'll be running around I think terrified about school this way to find you and you just mean person around will mourn some would say I am only the prime Kingwood bill to pull off upon like ghost fun just terrifying apart although you call home can fall yeah you know I don't I don't know if the price of the chromosomes and tell them why we were good luck bowed to the moon for all non food they're out mama says here I think about going and Korea thyself no I think I'll well something good now yeah reprove no simpler food not how being terrified not one hngn. yeah it's a ground of the mind you know when you tonight I'm going to that are out well the moment not only Martin welcome borrow the most of it today well is that is the end all another successful Prague by the before not only can clear the pride I want you guys to go wash the one mom did all me just so you can see the levels of the 2 books before you make a decision but you received because they think I would by the best marriage the marriage by the person actually is the case Gulf we took the goodbyes the marriage I'm well that you watch movies video 30 I usually see you buys the Bab my god and I need to change it if you boys moans video I'll be watching this right now sake you realize people prone to the level I'm that I'm I'm I'm I'm what I'm out of the league I just did replied skill required intelligence replied acting for me to stay in position I replied the lawyer would require everything one of mom's require every cloud maybe this but had cheated guys the merger alright dialed the moment without even possible did not particle miss Elliot she pulled back a bit but people got jobs to bush but I had another successful prodigal mobility the link to the pictures in the description below point you just talk is W. W. don't dole called slash what what do we do what do we do we do we don't call WWW Dalton mole don't turn not fulfilling to I don't know why I keep saying it wrong remember guys told there's so much that I subscribe but if you're new legal I go with you if you've enjoyed it and call it all blows walks right I should do that alone you all so much the prying kings and you know if your queen is still welcome on this channel because you know I understand why you will one bill moves channel me she caught trying to save a life guys thank you so much for watching I'm does always I've been moved you guys been told on us the briefs all's good driver video there remember to subscribe to loves his job will get to you that night that's the worst to the sap out //
"2017-10-29 18:01:03"
\\the secret compartment these machines tightly dispenses I bones I know it sounds crazy guys honestly I know it sounds crazy trust me on this really good at 3 in a specific what god you gotta go blog to all to trying to trainings on welcome back to another video 2 days old possibly be my best video is absolutely ages guys I tunnel wait to get started with this video other reason this mankind Hammond come remove goodness but you know I actually in a now do you still did really we will do videobull before guys I try not underestimate the team more than a few days since the parting kingdom point queen managed a mile and it is a lot closer than I thought it was going to we are actually keeping all we both came so guys keep pushing no I don't the link like we met you and that is good hello castle now before is gone P. molds I need you right now today's video is basically going to be me annoying the hell out of my down arrives so let me go could stall this video is going to be upload window pulling okay so the first thing I'm gonna do to annoy dodged now ever since the prime can merge jobs even takes the me every day like every hour Morgan I need some of this match I always say Jim hold on next Pharmacia I give you some of the marriage so what I'm gonna do I'm going to care for him pride who you know emergency always put salt bush is allegedly all that right now so just before we don't see him guys I need you to 00 no well it's a good hi we my gosh who are ... no more more thing before I go yeah and may your channel you because of the queen but one that you just want to convert your 16 but I ... well if you really look like the other guy of ... listen well I know those one thing you've been saying for me ever since we dropped the matter yeah well good birthday present what well I got it you know what I'm gonna yeah you didn't remove no promise shut your eyes shut your eyes shut your eyes world that you don't know me loft what you mean birthday present this is bright green yeah you your queen but in fact I don't I don't if you fit into the king criteria what no no no don't match way.on second goal but as moms marriage so when we go okay losing hills we've just pulled off this destination I'm actually told you what we're doing today so let me do that right now so the first thing we do is heading alcohol food food if Darden favorite thing but then after that we don't do the all carried out to test out some crazy crazy win rate live hogs up feed all over you shoot and fever actually work which on super hyped about because you as a bit of a channel for ages no I have an intense history with all cave and spending all of my money on them and that often are the bald I've all you be most excited to the bottle now a new soul film just came out and if you don't know it's like you really like gruesome horror film I like the log book it seems there diary and doesn't like them as much you want to tell them all about our job to clean like hora not much a lot specially now like any food this gore later because he the point I think it's stupid Stodden's I just thought yeah because he makes me feel sick side so you very excited to see you know the most gruesome horror film I don't think so I don't want to go and go to a good to join you flew off the real question was bloody hell only get a whole no we do go mobile no got up pulled away well well you see I have been working on my very own big star who to destruct maybe ms towers you go pray had it gives me a sketch because everyone my name's dollar chess okay so the bill has came to 53 palm's mia.the good of a quick game of called to let me see if I've got my door right now through words earlier in the week and our president 5 times very I'm Linda Slaney come over but I just don't have world Ndogo day because all grow only 2 new can you just pick one of the few because it from them forget you forget you just pick one of the 2 around okay okay United go for your throat which over your yeah yeah but nnova to serve our user to walnut my colleague here let rectal is now 3 wins and 2 losses on oddly Buckhead who could boys and girls just finished over through popular sold for almost 2 today right now widow named to the all studies of both what led you to open she still could not go pretty big still pretty well right now we're going into default cable you go off and read it online a lot of different all Kate Hudson today could be tried them out for you guys so it will be okay we all my second home this is more about whom the might actually hoping I feel okay the first day we're gonna play it's a hot because I'm so much better than dog ate busted Bulldogs I've played this against god twice about more up in the middle are you are blown towards we got around the price king because you know but I'm also the possible king on the all cake so are you running yes who's going because you want to go first yes yeah but well I'm gonna let you have it all and have it grow I need to give him some help no good if they we're going to say okay no I'm going to quit I did say that but I to look at it parables call over and going to buy only go all 22 longer it doesn't why does it look though I I didn't do anything but I don't know what he told about it do any good we'll go yeah close no no no no no I got go I don't you don't go away followed no no well yeah you got 22000000 22 the joy all live call you guys this is like a special high his home for a little bit different cover their milk machine than you may think from this you can only win coverage available dies not true secret compartment in these machines which oddly dispenses iPhones I know it sounds crazy guys honestly I know it sounds crazy but trust me on this historical quotes when you go to a jury in a specific outline what god you gotta go blog 2 and then if you if you just if you shut your eyes were going to do I know it sounds crazy but you shut your eyes and count to 1012345678910 no I think it was world well it was no it's not because of a brand new pull out no it is because I actually got a water bottle he secretly brought new all the data mill machine true tell anyone about could it would have I've been 7 or good news and tobacco you go talk to Ted but also guys one more thing to have to do to get it to work is you have the legal likelihood you know how scribe down below because they did it messes with the system your smush the light board your subscribe to the channel case open art from Zagreb the next call Kate had is all business you know Hey guys all the pushing machines but the thing is people always tell you just bought one at a time please say you know you each each individual one what martial law is no that's not how you do it get out like 5 home for the kid and push all the ones that do it that way are you ready does every 2 wal we will if thou worst part yeah herb maybe I should just a move on to the next one I guess the next time guys it's put that whole period and you know you pull how long and I hope you'll be simple you know side is like a simple machine how to hide al king this hall to list they unplayable beside Ron I got my big here what you gotta do you get a hold of the one no no no yeah yeah well it got drugs all hi through food are you do you make the destruction acres plus plus and then you go to school the golden okay based successful rising family of good luck okay do it bro brutal guys the next call Kate hug is really a little bit better than the last one but before she brought it all the way it would this what lies friends round enough to get on the instant win a most people will be like saga look like get ready number like started at the real thing is way too much to do this was to do our No Way blow host you couldn't go all that I mean I mean coming for you just wasted 2 chords over brings fear pro is a high we won't why retired not been preferable territorial level okay okay is there cool bring good women this is the cold being good and wet and hot okay demonstrate grow nnsl story of yeah merely merely to Naomi rarely bearing a which we found is that the law did not call the hike okay if you dont ultrastructure flustered okay okay through the goal Paul the hunger for you okay here we go and it says history where you feel it you know it'll feel much you win not even there loves them but was still much wind ago much I'm thugs by those I thought Paul the hot guy post ... note troll I go on all night all fencing Muro right even to move the debate was about to deliver the lines Unilever though I disagree what is most closely controlled with love all we'll get you home he goes up book ... Dick pound away you go how would you got bush on the job full could you come home from the terrible I think so ... you know those on the Chapel Hill Missouri since the big government they gonna kill James Gennaro follow my gosh Paul welcome winning yeah almost well they will ... lets the proportion of ... now an on the job both before I describe this don Jr so that's actually the hot guy walls though employable OJ this is the final hot this is the hot to what you do to all kids this scum you boys and girls topple like right now this best one yet the glans and all this hot is cold big jam that machine got a ready yeah let's do it NPO Michael at all yeah yeah thought you might like this second thought wouldn't like without all those good morning everyone well done will you say successful church and Yahoo.5 chocolate machine to Williams and I have to go yeah the Florida Obando above all the others who has the others weren't wasn't all look quite as good a anyway guys now we go enough to watch soul and I swear I've never been through each time convo look well utility on time the man's death and fear just don't wanna see people's my own legs off you didn't see the good guys they will let slip in there without a true god school is all you see all the good guys this is going to be the best experience I have a but down in their. okay holiday because Disney who hoping that she would not want someone to clean the head of no longer look away huddled close browsers old room hope everyone I'm gonna travel time watching him natural filled with some guy very to hold let's do this all borders and but I ... well ... though China like Indo China while I'm cool I'm go do so now cool include really good javale about when I looked over your about to for awhile yeah it was very nice of you own a slot on the bit where you had to stop the impulse of cool because you get a call from Michael plotting cover back above flood village say what was the palm pilot listed war is the poorest of but always tried to Wanda hotels alone bloody favorite Paul my was when his head go chill pill my favorite part was you know in them would start could hope yeah and and he says that in doing so she can go to how I'm going to do about it do you believe girls I just go and they just go inside as you can see I'm dumb blog flippin video boys and girls a few things I need to say real quick no law on our wall this norm stalled for about 2 days now every day I weigh gold what the future holds for you all but gone sleep when the holiday on polygyny addicted to this book been merged its so called food know what to do is China similar to number wall bars I said earlier on in the video people all day really almost guys they'll like that that they're they're rifles that if I by the time you're watching these they may even be with his mom is going to halt theme only going because I couldn't even live the dream well guys as you know whoever sells the least amount of that marriage must admit on camera that the older person is that prying co they guys you know I am the right go I don't know right Jane pull the silver queen by one so she just told the from Richard you guys pull all but real though the prying king marriage is all right now I call get over how much I like this you guys will absolutely love it I promise you both of them a felon so quick and so fast like they've sold over one third ball you guys opened them but the problem is P. mobile open them on TV all gold in them like it so even so remember guys do we do we do we don't mold don't go don't get your marriage let show team mold the we all the strongest guys let's put to do it also guys number 3 number 4 is the iPhone values for the 0 skier in this video is obviously the giveaway out from guys if you think know already I mean if you didn't know I guess I guess you got problems but yeah guys not phone is actually being given away to one of you guys and the giveaway is alive right now is it iPhone aids giveaway I think because it's 7 just bad can we get a reply on the iPhone aid I phone aids loom on Scott is the I felt a values in this video is being given away right now and there's a leak in the description to the website where you can into it it's for you know money free of charge I've grown a you get and the guys like it's a no brainer like you you could win I thought I was just $1200 right now flipping go into right now link in the description finally guys volunteered to do real quick is calming down below what videos you want to see from me Max calling down blue everyday of what made you for ages Bob Dole it could be applied it could be a challenge it could be a reaction video it could be anything just do me a favor but call it all blew what you want to see because I always wanna make the best content account for you guys will finally guys thank you all so to watch it if you still want you right now your absolute legend remember to leave a like on this video if you enjoyed and subscribe to the channel if you knew tell all your friends about it let's go team mold even stronger guys titles central watching and as always I for mold you guys been also behind us the in my next video cards I hope it's good judgment there remember to subscribe to Moses Janet goodwill distributed night so what do you sat //
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\\you know that we go there we go boys and girls twist on it for sale just somebody around well no and I don't know I no one hello guys on welcome back to another video on Tuesday Puri being returned I said prime clause was coming but with the buying and today is gonna win Gallo because ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I'm gonna reply my mom's brought you $0 call ... full studio is going down now guys just before we start I have so much to tell you normal law and if you can't tell what I'm wearing I've gone to the poor I knew who I can match I feel like I've been waiting for this moment my entire life like seriously look at this have you ever seen nice to look imagine a lively showed a borough I does you can see the wind may as well I all the Ron you merge of gold the prime the merch I got the pride came right here a goal mall prying queen I'll go low for a change right here and the reason I'm telling you this is because number one it's absolutely weapons down to a number 2 boys and girls exploit all right now all right now when you're watching the yeah it is out for you guy we've got blood goodies I'm like he sure we go blue anything blue tee shirt we've got a pink prom queen Ortiz and no one for you guys to get on your own WWW.malls don't care who is about to get Linda and the main reason I'm telling you this is because ma'am are going head to head in a little competition women above see who can sell merch mom obviously with the prime queen and you bought a mold the part Kay I'm boys and girls who are the losers this challenge what do admit publicly in a video pull you guys to sleep but all the person is the true king or queen of cards so all of you go down to the link in the description below days felt some pride king Albright queen merchant available right now but is selling super super quick tell you need to be quick if you want to get their hands on so I'm going to go online and vote so I'm a flippin will the only guys if you're new to the channel and you don't know any minimal where the head to head file right now the price wars she keeps saying how she's a bad prime given me I keep saying on the background of in her she molds always we know the eye of the true prying taking both some of team apparently still think she's about applied to them in a moment you I know prime Korean go over here so today I'm gonna be doing one of my to raise these points of the appointments call all for sale the super cheap and they damn one of my friends use and on the problem took bring mobile but I do like he wants to buy it flipping go window no guys just before we continue I want to set a crazy like gold this video I don't think you guys can do I'm not a show like Ivan sound like all this high things like you guys Tom we smashed third key room lying on this video I know it's crazy I know you guys are probably small business no chance of you doing that I believe in you guys everybody go down that what a great that like button smasher destroyer let's get but if all the live footage crazy prying sumo's because currently down there on the drive mulching is out right now which is why I don't to be the best time to do the prank is down a little bit late Simone's kind of a little bit busy she's come to sort out some work stuff and basically what I'm gonna do I'm gonna ride on the for sale sign that the call is really cheap I'm gonna sneak out there plum that side on the call and then basically what I'm gonna do I'm gonna tell more the someone's book for sale sign on her call I'm gonna tell the I was just login I have no idea what happened and then my friend used it on the price is going to bring you all mold at at like he's coming round to collect the call right now for like 500 pounds of some fan this is a flippin 50 K. call this is no flipping Joe camel has been looking after this call better when she's been looking up to me on the product thing I deserve some respect mold why do not understand this Sir we're about to kick off this prime guys we've got Purcell sign I'm gonna write right along here like 500 pounds mingle the details or whatever so they can seem legit obviously moms can be confused she's gonna freak how that is going to be great guys Drapeau like right now let's go for a K. life remember to subscribe if you and you go get some prying can match so we can show a team will the we are the strongest I'm better than them but prying kid that every day and guys let's do this D. went to an American dollar signs so they sound even more with is a dollar sign was it to I'm I'm just right now I'm just right now I don't I don't know America local 5 Hollinger for 50 K. call 500 pound ring for details yelled if I sold out on a 50 K. drive blue range rover I'd I'd be all over that broad footprint ring for details Tom I quick usually result of his own push movies on many issues choose the some scary stuff when she touches me that about which is you know I think that I think that does happen I can do is I can do this caramel corn you know I think we're clear rule good real good guys oh my gosh above we do it right oh my gosh guys for sale 500 pounds during for details yellow I think we got I think we've got kinda based on that of the you know that we go there we go boys and girls we've done that for sale $500 bring for them okay yeah I'm I'm out I'm out I'm out don't guys okay agent right now Maltin has just pulled up her room he's been about Iowa since I last blogged uneasily actually just arrive so I'm pretty sure he's going to notice the for sale sign on them and go tell mom summit of bush down trying to add some come on guys the facts star might now apparently let's do this horrible Nnamdi know him should handle but I think it does reading the satellite just somebody in Iran well no no no no no no I can be down stuff he has not been done so much sooner becomes that I love the dual and the only all day removed from small it's not embark yeah yeah I know underscore here you know it was long emotional I just Tom was a song about nnova could be the big hero it was overflowing to talk illegal about not that nobody can maybe Sally and adopt some oddball they'd taken you put it on the house a bit only because they know where you live there where we live exists area move all night long didn also made me think loudly in 100 song to fly up to 10 things I fail now I I think I think lotteries little thing I would both yeah I'm going but yeah who struggle road get out more it to you on us it looked human behave now looking did you just try to be proud that you blame me for a expo through no time so only who will home yeah yeah yeah soon bring his power and monsoon is good how most guys vocal down below Rick must save and the color down below in the comments section down below right now it's time to get phase 2 of the prime started okay pawn fueled the prying this is how it's going to go so I'm just off the phone with my friend Ryan you've been friends with a while you've seen a lot of videos you guys have been around for ages will know who is so yeah basically Ivan seen him in a little while the mom had Friedman would allow social of I think basically for got his voice and he's going to ring her role as if he seemed odd on the call and like he wants to buy it is gonna like be really full what I've told to push like he wants to come collect that and everything and just freak the hell out of me about so I've just given him her number he's gonna Ringo right now and I'm gonna go down and trying to her reaction to it guys let's flip and do this this is gonna be so tight drop alike subscribe to the pride king is in full swing right now what will you do me would know by now well my home you know well I acquired about the great joy nobody no I'm sorry it's 7 well this is not the same illness that is up I'm sorry sale no athlete some of my no it's not Salem so when did you say when when 40 minutes ago I was popular Dolan 50 well to be honest with the $500 a day is live hit you know so it's the somebody's plate Joe Kobe becuz bought it wakes yeah I'm going to fly with the same days did against bargain of the week what you're saying yeah so I'm sorry facing convenience for the car isn't to say you know it's a hoax is a joke sorties pulled on a donor who some sorry about that okay so obviously no I mean a lot fielding a la they are both in love with your come out with a movie you have to give it to know he's been to the buying Paul big money I might call Nnamdi mode and just took this person no I will if in all honesty I think you build on fats room 12 you put a sign on your own call usually very Joe finish post will cause you estimate now mumbling up allow Moscow in and I'm Feelin all home lotion so I move any given the call I'm gonna somebody from the $500 for doing that Mohammed and call now please don't bring me by look I am sorry is Chris call this house I'm through giving out little sail on a while the $55000 a house across the road and I'm gonna smoke many smoke can explain much right that we should buy a okay to the onus consoles both Salem it does only what he knew would you who else would it be gone on trips since stress now moon is not only known to Jews here I've been in my room all day what you've component mine's good it would Elsa not the same person you've gone through I'm sure it will need to speak with you deserve he deserves to know hello thank you going to vote for me because that was what we call home Z. do you not agree with don Imus selling the con out into a site on the call and you know how did not call so you know I think you know got a job well I think sake joke you stupid person because you not going to slow the call 500 dolaze I think European won't cut I'm sorry I don't know what do you think there's no re-attempt the call but you got you got some the call unnumbered now this is the all I'm going to recruit you to things may come with more than 500 others share Nnamdi yeah ... whom I'm worth more than $500 human side moon it was me yeah sure we still well good Lucille Ball no no no thank you yeah well you saw I moved yeah yeah yeah yeah covering the me that it was written sure okay goes your yeah absolutely to us still Sam with both the $500 in a so he always does yeah and over this Bryant all my goodness that wars flipping crazy one joke that was probably the most intense pride I have ever told in mind how you cheat Korea prying walls is but with a buying baby the king is spot let me brush my pranking merge with prize because that's another successful prank full the prank kings remember does the new prime king I'm crying queen marriage is out right now they'll be a link in the description well you can go get it over with I've had had a moment sell more pride king all part you go down that whoever loses a challenge get humiliated in front of everybody so go just so much if you think your prying killing all appropriate obviously if if it was me watchin I mean obviously I I'm the point king so I was flipping just told Bobby Flay I've got mine right here looking fresh I mean the first trying to join in the pranking merchant it's probably the best like yeah if you want to get you primed game to next level just get yourself some pranking marriage link in the description go get it it's Hella hall and it's selling really quick so get it while you con book I thank you also to watching on those always I've been told you I've been awesome and I'll see you in my next video I hope so drug then remember to subscribe to Mugsy Janet good for business tonight thanks so what he sat //
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\\I don't think was a smear we find a boost. all in the tree knocked on the yeah his own welcome back to another video today you an old I'm Barbara you energy China will recognize this day we all have a way of a lot and so different skill real look at why it is today god what we bring in the world to do with my little eye what a crazy challenge me virtue so when they showed his you know what I mean doesn't get to go head to head with display would burst in somebody would bottles and dive you know what the full 12 well you know with you some interesting items they're excited for the both men respond suspect because I'm not doing a full moon we don't know leann boys and girls over here we have they should on double and do you guys see why this is go and we got a good idea we've got public call on we've got how we got midsoles granola John some guys you may remember the basically the deal I did with more weather we were that's had basically we're going to do similar to a bomb you got introduced by beyblade bottles and whoever loses each angel bottle house to pick out of the hot one of those items I just showed you and then when we gold 5 I've been through a lot in those bottles how to apply to blend together all the I tunes and turn them it would be some movement we go now a midsoles then I got a job at the Harlem smoothly what we've got to drink da da don't drink you know we gotta have you got skills when it comes to beyblade guys let's do this so I let me tell you a little bit more about legal aid I feel it could be the total removal of basically 2 off like a little bit like an expert what you must always put on my previous boxes with people from taking on a new stronger competitor in god through this whole big plays this is the basic labor along they way he basically is low temp diff customizable threatens to use these benefit bottling o'brien's into a very bleak or read that's absolutely loads of different tonight they should auction all these very widespread as this different arenas is even a pop you complain all your food like seriously let me show you this pop punk played all the time of which we don't know much room right now both played so this is the big link up with him late June followed by the blade on your phone so cool for you go the real life things to me about going to sell this is the real life arena so well as these all the bay boys printers and that's basically made up of 3 different policy goal ended you later Pullman fit and that's the bottom of the toll of pollution of Senate why not you go and you let the call and then the ball and threw it to the energy layer basically determines how cooling calm thought reveal the beyblade so they formed a live the put in flight what could be you got the call which affects the weight of the baby plays and then the fifth which affects how it moved from the blows the migration options fully gravely but we've got a bunch of them here today also guys more thing before we get started be sure to check out the beyblade series old pot laws you know when to stop it'll be pretty putting cool but not the real question is grow only flipping ready list there was doable was no refunds win would you rule and I would not know what happened to your warm you won't know who's chairman Jim all 3 of the other boys and girls are digging god chose to respect the original grow got whole Soviet Goldman beyblades been is here we call the hot filled with all the different ingredients on pieces of paper recall possible 9 feet well about 6 about about like really good and yeah guys got 5 different rounds with the real question is done do you want to practice yes okay well I'm gonna get a plug for the blues spend a you're getting ahead full yelled that's going purple 3 turn over I would one girl because he was trying to call you get away with this one dog doesn't benefit the calling down blue Goodwin is the key mold boys team does but also remember to leave a like a video and subscribe if you book god are you ready for the bonus round if you were to purple yeah I don't think I'm sick when I blew my arises you tried to talk to this time US public good idea okay well god is all here in the free general Wallace for all good who oh my gosh Momotaro bunch one room pressures from our is here aloe is cool over time nmrs welcome to stroke over but no one best possible start we could've done but I don't know still he busted off about yeah it's a little bit bald fat well yeah and you realize you're through still go in both juries okay I'm switching to hold on to wear the blue armor do for my boys the already before you got to pull you sit here with us now is almost Minnesota's audio they will medical okay I'm ready I'm feeling good this route I'm feeling old brownfield site number with me none but I need this win about already college people download free to watch pull me but what would you do although minor gold rush yes god to more more more put back in a few more for a long you guys call our of course that's the rules around you to choose minds through no minds a lot this is the second they got into this movie Knowles me into Joe almost movie stance Nnamdi it all all over Germany John donvan on terrible user does spent are you going full grown food sworn police what you just heard what you don't do a lot more but I'm sure destroyers over if you don't feel like a range well you must manage phone okay offering a new one for the day I'm going for the Reds the dog right guys I have faith that my red eyes told all of are you ready for round 3 you you help with all of us to walk shot well well well 12 Bucks out all night phone sign in so it is yeah 3 love WNED I ... if anything is the jury is going to be I also got things how they smell goes how much Giles I mean from all the non so I us the cocaine was full still 2 more to go okay around the eyes Rolla full if I win this god is all over one it is not all over we don't drink it at so I'm ready for you any doubt for you so long soon we it all comes down to Rome by almighty sporting goods or hold welfare welcomes all drove 5 then all those goals what is it about what is it 10 what is that why the good to return jelly jelly or watch out Hey Joe I'll take jelly it's not about us tell the guys think is out of date okay the last round of ladies and gentlemen to know I'm gonna go full John they go full.on the levy already I'm going to go for the red and gold it's red and gold verses run all you ready to go are you ready molds around 5 who are the losers are better 5 of us who 32 she should just point my cousin gentlemen let's look in his eyes if he really felt what I know Timorese are you ready very thorough Wong only bottle on does it run them from doing that around them it is just when you thought it through in the US we don't yet know hello so you are always free you know nowadays okay here we all are in Adan sketching with all the items we've got jelly which is our day midsoles Heilman going all in John donne warranty if things could be worse it could have been a lot back screen you doing it because you know the ... presumably starting with don used to open on I mean you can pull in which you build a wonderful and to be honest drove off a ha ha no you don't start over below all piled through day general to all the wolves not altogether how many also what specific the harm is that hundreds nnova did you really don't know what let me don't let me just no well no one knows where bush got off this is the general I believe that's the question it very well may even students alive hockey school visit yes these jobs blackthorn John remnants of some tears ... school social the heart of gold yeah also if they don't want to grow you how about all the ladies and gentleman was the chief through their way you know room Kelsey earlier so student Rupert small my storage Earl and ... okay lazy gentlemen it's time we black and this bad boy bill I don't think this movie is fine abuse does all in the tree not far food I ... because you drink in the Bob a day ago there's a pop tart Ivan go follow it to its a leotard above you had with the I. is it possible that okay darn big dollar notes and burn the turn to more who do you do please include the food we grow the fellow now looking for a couple of local about one more to go there one more you're going to die go ahead no Bose under their own little thank you all really did close the booth boy you feel on the mile all your mobile phone on day one is it worth it for you who requested he one of your recruits to over a very popular so I will do what he said on come though they're going but I'm going back now to the mall you will not go to the mall doesn't fit into the middle remember to see so like subscribe to the time life you know thank you so much to beyblade sponge in the spit it out you guys in the legends I won't go check the links in the description if you want more information on beyblade it's so much fun honestly and you know you can play with friends he completely family complain of Avalon but team more expendable thank you Sir what to watch and I'm as always I've been molds shout out to god how I mean he's been. see you in my next video pace I don't //
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\\no I'm not gonna lie boys and girls acting I'm very very cold flipping Cohen I think I'm very a great clown guys yes all he just because it was too yeah he's unwelcome by 2 in the video hope real gold I hope we'll have been afflicted amazing day not team old eyes you will know I just go by from a trip to London you got to see the videos by state in a dope upon them with loads of friends boys and girls of this one thing that you didn't see boys and girls the prying caring doc no one else say not if you knew to channel my name is mall that I like to call myself the prying kidding because Lonestar show understood brick in best of Brian's so obviously over the weekend I couldn't let my friends get away with it one but to show you is one of the craziest vines and ivy don't I did a clown Frankel my friends and it was a pretty flipping through the wall form and the guys if you alleged already I'm quietly giving away a brand new iPhone aids the new one that just came out and if you want to be admitted to winning the after they give away all you have to do is subscribe to my channel down below my stuff subscribe button bundles that was the second thing you want to do is leave a reply on this video subscribe legal I am if you want always you can head to toe the badge on them we need check the link in the description after this video but also guys is primed Ben's perfectly as you guys know this Saturday I'm really thing being you plug king today for that price overtime getting all the part where you but the case also manage this Saturday Callisto but in time to London thought show you the how old okay symbolizing does is that actually I went with your boy Pennywise the clown full of does have this you it doesn't have the shoes dust could disappoint him but imagine and see and I it be cool little risk the little man I actually boarded his on Amazon improving it for the so long and guys this get started right now so I saved here is because and the first thing I thought was should I do this prime I care what I will she looks colleges do it like that so care is in the shower buffalo don't want to get out for again 0 Jordan a quickly as after 2 guys I need to get checked India boy penny so let's do it let's pull it free to Vaughn dying to go I'm not gonna lie I've been they go to flipping while I think great class this all you know it is not nice and I must millimeters so employed singles I've got the full alpha is a little bit big on me maybe go to the sizes too big but yeah I need to get a new home right now we're gonna start with pride number one and this is the care prime guys ... so who could move a polio punched or typed well like you know everybody's gonna hate me this is why people don't like me guys less initiate the prank remember to leave a like on the video if you're you and smashed a subscriber for more crazy pranks it if you were to do a killer clown crying on my mold that smashed out like bush book guys 3 to one let's do this okay boys and girls I've just came into the bedroom listen to that while it's still on Bundy 3 quick and you can't help yourself what kind of bullet right hand the beautiful Margot no good if not now is the few good shot let's do a footman among the Shia by 7 but if they're good guys a sent home under my skin I hope you die and leave me like this until I show it to it just it just because it was too you will know through my one guy for mmhm if you don't learn to meditate kiosk joyfully to connect you from point here nala no hope at that concert have to find some of the fans askew we've put in data you know how cool did you see anyone around the corner like a little bit all this goes to Cipolla Moscow yeah you don't live here Hong we flew I'm a prank getting if you know in the print key warrior well I just want to give you believe them okay so you boy Pennywise Dr I'll visually I've been planning this for awhile a broom the cost you money everything just do your mistake own more first your prime 0 Jordan like TiVo of it's kind of me in this very very mean both liked your apple socially doing yeah little you know what is good you you'll uses the whole yeah no you can you don't have to close my eyes you can just call you cannot be on the cover this with your eyes closed the blinds cameraman is a new thing so Jordan the Millie or sleep in the room over that issue entrances into that room this one through the balcony along through the main goal if you go through one entrance with the camera and I go through the or the one in the clown outfit we can get a good angle of it we can scare the living shit sugar ultimately and Jordan are you at a A. down you all down you we had a confirmation by a down I don't down Java right now she's lookin down to do right now if you're ready all my gosh okay guys were going to do this right now now that must be flippin hall on that and also also Pennywise has one I I only have one eye hole dies ridiculous I deserve to I can like see the tiniest out of them but yeah should do right now okay okay so has applying guys care is going to go round here in the balcony and them through the door that which is the room jubilee in Jordan room I'm going to go around the main entrance and obviously we're good does a really good perfect on this guy's I cut away let slip into this right now the prank king never stops guys let's go I'm trying some people him terrified usually I don't want to wake him up Bruno me and my will not go me me what yeah what Bob Beckel you okay Bogomolov throughout been orphaned by Amazon said this outfit was suppose to be scary Amazon said this out of respect for the best Pennywise the hot on his own fashion n't someone else can have it Jordan to be fat did freak out a little Millie was not having any of it if this clown outfit once in Moscow I'm a friend someone else can help with the rescue pranks we offer Philadelphia over well the moralist orders if own applying some in the future prime carer because you know I love it if you had to have addressed it as I could for that exact reason guys I mean it was kind of successful if you just plus like this it was successful book like anything else and it wasn't it wasn't successful like I should have probably bought back costume one that was a little bit better than that but yeah guys I mean anyway if you have enjoyed a member to go down there and a blue or the like blonde literally just I pretend it's like the time is like pretends my face and just give it a big smack in the muscle well it was well I realize that was a slightly different trying to usual uniform on the walls of my mom from actual all the people I want us footprint surprised that it is almost like I don't know of any frightens maybe I don't know friends because I always pry them carried all the focused guide which I was not surprised about told nobody what kind of a lot of it too is sleep out a little bit too lighthearted Jordan freaked out a bit Millie I have no clue what what what what what walking with her she was just like apparently Pennywise isn't scary enough to Millie yeah guys huge out of everyone in this video the glow plugs remember guys pride kingdom priced queen marriage is dropping this site today star member to be a side just not remember to get yourself killed this Saturday guys a ton of weight just always match I've ever broke out and it's cheap you guys are going to love it also remember to subscribe if you knew in calling down blue who will make the product and how you think I surprised them remember to leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel doing that will I own a giveaway through the win win situation and if you want exit waste and to the opportunity giveaway as I said check the link in the description below both guys I've been mode you guys been told them thank you those religions video vital so much for being the best subscribers on you too others always I've been most you guys been almost an hour and I'll see you in my next video cards I hope you enjoyed the video then remember to subscribe to rubs his gender goods will get to do that night bags or what he sat //
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i'm Deleting this Video in One Hour...
\\I know I always make a mess in hotels but this is next level we've got like 5 minutes to clean there's big apology but not through the kill we've been mia for Wallenberg slipping away I'm sure I'm actually getting a little better shape guys and welcome back to another video on I know you probably a little right now of why I'm not in London for this hold but before we get into the I need this is important now you guys have been on the channel Bob through the ages will know that I used to be he like tall you kidding I thought the highlight told every video you guys would just smash it every time that you please guys I miss being the like call you king I miss you guys like you know the video so what I'm gonna do pull this video I'm gonna see if you guys have still gone you guys gonna have to prove it to me so if this video doesn't all get the lights in the first hour yeah the first hour that I'm gonna delete this video never to be seen again so guys don't all that and much not like bullets literary did this you will hear and tell all your friends to like you before the first all its own video can fail everyone to watch you guys at all for me I'm a thug you guys still got it unless we can do that this video is gonna start a little bit chaotic they run meal about 5 minutes ago Polish checkout was an hour ago and that the sending the security more to a school of dial that in mind we were all asleep this is going to be a tough one to go whole day got its footing Giles overhead is literally being fed to man as they haven't set the god that yeah we only actually rushing around this place is that absolute can't look at that look at that look at that but I heard as many souls will still absolutely everywhere this room which I clean and like 15 minutes to go there and have all long gone as England on that door to check on the bed you guys tease it out food that I know I always make a mess in hotels but this is next level we got like 5 minutes to clean this big apology up through the killers and that's all good members just put a stop everywhere all this is the mental start to die with we don't we don't remains a ... down when they run they said they were gonna charge of 60 pounds obviously avoids going to try and our ally guys know if I'm successful only just Jones across the road to stall both somatic call from reception who said care what they say then she laughed her expensive diamond ring in the room well it's a surprise we have just got sucked down a bit like the school they said it was nice but it is just a lot of fun of what the state it does look pretty darn gold blend of that you guys right now is like 2:00 PM always the way it looked good because he really tells the boss David is gonna be more that last week it opens around the school like revolver clue what's going to go down put judging by the title is probably from from pretty cool so we are going to eat this food in for you too warm flying and we all thoughts was flipping doing mall those match and I think that told him about the more she collects some 0 Jordan or go on line now and of course there's only one way for Millie Karen and the goals are always secure would sing them for me brings home for mentally they have been a fairly interesting day so fall was thought of going to a stall books then went out to get breakfast at the breakfast club by now goodbye although because you know interesting lifestyle in London just eats in food and drink and drinks all I do okay boys and girls first of all let's you know like address the obvious wise it doll well because it's it's night time book Susan Phillips Moby's been like a few hours book basically to sum up what we've done which I stole books go about 6 drinks and did absolutely nothing because yeah anyway right now check this out missile win this really nice poll of limited as you can tell I really like this is like really fun to look at it this is the body castle usually looks like old rules is almost without the real old rules yeah yeah it's actually the waiver would look here of all questions 0 I think thought the castles and then you know a king lives in soon as I am the right thing lacking much cooler the of October taught us you know go live into it but my counsel docenas on the prying king bus let my prying castle guys seriously I can't wait to jobless prying kingdom prime queen marriage beside a is sodo ponder said the best match I've done yeah I kinda way way way way way way can you be that can you Frank queen tomorrow crankcase we never us okay boys and girls a quick recap not really wreak up quick actual plot of what we're gonna be doing surveys the meaning terrible to hotel for tonight and we think it's pretty dope like I mean I'm I'm sure you guys a very surprised hotel because you know you've never seen me enter the hotel before definatly we do Paul I'm hoping to get out of Hoffman down here soon I'm just too lazy to do it myself and I'm not good enough for you boys and girls really go for a war right now and I'm gonna hopefully go out somewhere later it's actually only like 6 installed but it's like 6 so I you got the public life allow this mostly through and through this dog it's only just stole a boys and girls get ready okay if you didn't already have enough proof that me and hotels we don't get along this will cement up previous statement okay we even in this hotel for about an hour we came in we just I'm ready will like Hoff way through got ready and I'm like Keira have you noticed what we've done to this hotel but do I say that I I Choszczno tells Bo like we have to have fun Iowa both would bring out more check out this blueprint hotel room so this is way cool and I give you a catchy guitar noble locale for the so we will block off by looking pretty good you say we're looking clean looking open got us in there and the boys in blue will show again Loki things pretty good I don't know how I can but yeah off topic off all flippin topic we we go forward I'm ... yeah one hour we've been there for one hour we've been here full volume flipping our walnut flipping Alwis Davis I'm ashamed I'm actually getting a little bit ashamed but if it was about an elf Wallin I was always walk on the floor by the way one one I why am Graham even use the above one all of all out war anyway guys does prove approve the full motion hotel give me an hour and I guess charged book always flew into a cheeky little hotel room toll Sir 3 to one let's do this dawn dole but trying to bully in Amarah usual right next to it shouldn boy under their own you're probably looking foolish toilet tour look foolish like the bold burning first 9 years well it sure I finally saw molds merge which you know from all still traveling do news grab him by us does a guys I'm I'm Julie using the lighting for about the Maricel you know if I was like a beauty guru right now I'd be like I do I love in this life in but yeah guys eyes you can tell you boy is in the suit again low key I pull this yesterday and each knowledge of Warner's like I am kind of like the liking this I do if I just kind of like sues bush like I've only ever really warm in my house school never really I was only when I when I when I was like Donyell this is kind of different this is like new we are guys tell me what you think I'm still not really sure all care what do you think all around me are so here what we're talking and we're wearing these really great floor houses form 9 and please leave the 10 started in top threat so's I ... this denim jacket 2 other young character and we going outside we're going out size Michael influenza and yeah I was there soon as possible but to go outside yeah of course you do above you know outside of a possible soon you will know that you guys are great well was it was all runs there is hope for a good book avenues most doesn't have enough energy like how I am heaven knows Maltzan sleeve anyway because we just got sucked down in this nice place seriously check this out hero one duping it works great knowing the food looks good too ... yeah sure the mains have just arrived I was just lucky that how my hold on I've got to get a video which we will like in say stay ships look at this my gosh care what you think and as it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so we just finished a cute little day what would you write to out of turn the war but to okay a not great guys judging them remember to subscribe to loves his job will get to you that night yeah so what do you suppose //
"2017-10-24 17:04:00"
MY FIRST EVER DATE... (Very Romantic)
\\okay boys and girls basically the situation Kerr 1000000 of Baja jewel outfit system we need them to think that we both like expensive suits gonna go try guessing Selfridges bugs that also came here so we need to avoid them to know that I call knowledge photo no this is episode 3 of how to annoy your friends in public did it work it works every time everybody's good I don't buy it bigger dog fight club everybody Hey boys and girls we just pulled into like Alanis they did not pay me for that transition because they showed up Evelyn's real like him on this pay more for the transition I wanna brown Dale one in the house well so it's up to another his mother move much weather is the more Miller and I was but all I know I'm not being paid yeah and they they are young thing to publish a cool oils the bill has taken 210 pounds we're about to play a game called you a determine who is paying the bill coming down low who you think is going to win me Jordan or let's get a team most gore yes excuse some exclusive it is the right one okay so later we the wall told bill pretty far calls for occasion we go to sell just well good to get the most like Dr outfits you look how life is full of all like ice agents pull up a su look like no more going to be this this is good okay I idea why they still just came into my head walking into Selfridges boy how quick because this clipping via gone it is literally like December already you know what no nobleman not no nobleman okay okay cool well cool okay so we just pulled up to the suits section we need a blazer assure a bottoms guys no clue us is going to go of level warnings to in my life I will want to school was literally I have no idea do limited remember look unlucky freaking out guys wish me well okay so I just went picked will pursue I look to how much the tie walls the ties with people 0 pounds stored on a little change of playing guys what we're gonna do really go for the cheap shot dead sheep through the bed tell the girls that it's like 1000000 pounds and see if they believe that because we locate recall afford a guy's book ahead is a prime guy Hey shoulder so guys we've just came in and tried on some soup from teaching them right now this would conflict 0 pounds in total safety will bites on my 1000 pound crate issue we go for the old guy is more full force into I mean whichever I think we know it's not too bad I think we ought to look pretty good right now I'm I'm I'm not sure if I'm feeling kind of back in school with a school uniform Bob give it like a given a solid 7 out of 10 guys I think go a thing where I think this is not a normal wonderful you think what you think it was a pretty good little I think we do grow let's do it but you know that we do it we go into the village boys and girls yes this this is actually going down okay boys and girls basically the situation care 1000000 of ball actual outfits when we need them to think that we both like expensive suits over go ahead each about bugs which isn't gonna do the justices that so now we're like palm invite to self produce we're gonna go try to get himself bridges bugs to pull this through this this this service that all cable to come to a deal to go ahead to my friends about night hunter one pound lighter denying he will grow on whether we I'm going like silver chains like pounds we go so real silver chains as well to much but yeah yeah yeah how could you show them like a few minutes so we get a budget trying to a bar pool that also in here so we need to avoid them too facility stumbles gods of people everywhere I'm still going Joe Selfridges was put in show those security all over the dole's not let people buy him so now we go to a mall and Spencer's drive on the group cycle to but we still no no no no no no no no no no well we don't have a jitterbug what we gonna do let's check engines of the ice that we all lost people fast searches about it but if I have to rejoinder reliably will like re-attempt then the bones all this caused us but this is the face of desperate to uncle Joe river island go rather than we go to the court no goodbye call close please bones above Odo all the boys and girls we've got a dog but the 5 pound bag from extol oldest open by guys now we're going to meet with them make up some excuse lullaby say this there was a law how much we think in how much you think you know which will then say the cigar site she's able to get a 7 on altogether not I think I think we say about my was like 500 gold like 600 or from one example I thought that I like your tie 3 let's do it let's do it they'll have to treat as well if they believe there's no like how to treat as well for the rest of our goods that as they said take just a couple 0 between them of excited is going to go right now is from I don't like my life is a good super little good beneficial when you're on a beautiful pose a lot more little children okay boys and girls in a taxi right now would but with Kira I'm really we've got the series that had they asked us how much they were we gave a like a like a like you know like a boundary they all combined over K. we told you about the little guy show you and Phil obviously we've we've got a month ostrich skin was about 1. I don't like well I would I got a lot of value yeah I know about real loss boys and girls to go get ready and that when the Haitian ensues recently I'm kinda like you know come more to pull up the suit Alaskan you guys calling down below so far then click on to anything about the suits then it clicked and Anakin so export going to plan so far till the roadie guys 3 to one guy shot like bricks on it governor can you possibly do this motives to kind of pull it off let's get a female perspective OneNote will you got well you are too much yeah yeah yeah well the thing is sure only on the same day and the other thing she does well through it by bus goes on the boys and girls were out the shawl right now I don't know if you can I mean it's pretty dark in here boy yeah we've been here for about an hour no on our like 50 minutes online 2 guys we just all dispute but yet check this out we all really really good or really takes us to the south ... head with military we both share a high ego Jordan you don't already know Yorty knows how no I just check why ... lawyers on girls shut so my 2 of you guys were going to chill gonna get off to it's gonna be great I'm a good time was against okay boys singles is the next day right now Alex we just started today's blog but again it's molds so of course I got out to the video to do things to say guys noble on applying kingdom price queen but comes out this Saturday I cannot wait kelvins all along the way guys if you don't it looks like bomb they go but not the point we guys it looks so do I call would you drop it bus this Saturday so get ready for da guys if you enjoy your member to go down that smash ally and remember this blog I'm recording right now it's going to be a really good ones are members call but tomorrow at 6:00 PM to watch doctors once a quick argued he most all the so called no but I really appreciate that I hope you guys all go if you know leave a comment on whether or not try to apply it to as many of you as a challenge put guys dying because of watching others always I've been told you guys been or sometimes I'll see you in my next video 3 how is the judge of them remember to subscribe to loves his job will get to you that night that is the worst do you suppose //
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We're Back Together... ❤️
\\ //
"2017-10-19 17:02:35"
i'm quitting youtube...
\\I can't take this anymore this is just this is just to mold object all do is enable I mean I work every day soared to Paul do this I'm could you choose ladies and gentlemen today I'm cool about you with a video never seen bull hi dag side through video is brand new is never seen a full ladies and gentlemen today's video is reacting to Haiti comments Matt well I ... don't don't fall below where where we hold on a second guard before you'll get all you know leave in the video this one is going to help a toys instead of reacting to my usual many comments all good everywhere I think about is the bronze bell John Jordan every job absolutely revolution I ... and I wonder why everybody hates me Pelosi molds unwelcome to another video yell this is feeling like a 2016 called video on site Gobabis therefore and flippant egg site soon anyway guys job always talk I want you to make me a deal okay I'm going to ask you a yes or no question I feel I'm say's yes then you have to leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel I'm sure you would give me the question is did you notice for all the and show that the lie on changing colors by themselves wait for it wait for it waiting forever wives allies go why wait whoa no don't always blue blue jays is blue no no he's not going to know if you noticed but these laws would change it then you got a legal promise me promise me but yeah because you guys were saying you missed the think now molds videos so I thought why don't I tree you guys and bring warm by less than the move it about for this video so I mean I don't know how you guys gonna fail of all the hot but if you're a new subscriber then remember to tell me the colorization dull blue if you prefer these videos all the mall moving wands tell me I'm pretty all they were doing these because it means I get to sit down at the US and whatever I can to mean Collins today no you guys I've seen some of the comments I get on you too but to be honest guy think a little bit with this you filter them out on Twitter and Instagram snapshot you come flagrant ideal mailboxes you all of them boys and girls if you don't already follow me on Instagram snap shot on Twitter remember to go full metal band my twin is right here must not shop yeah hold on gun 321 Bob that is my Instagram who are all in my flipping full hand okay Sir seeing us I think Instagram is probably the most savage Wallace was footprint store minister got on a tree you guys there's a boy singled out as you can see right now noting Saddam I use the core liberal boulder in 67 0 Polish which is pretty flippin impressive up pretty psyched about that ball guys what I'm saying is cut we maybe get to 500000 bows I need all of you guys help me out quite far away right now what was so close what that made no sense basically I just don't hold on Instagram my eyes in the script in Billings remove script and go do it well yeah as you can see I got some pretty wild photos on the some pretty cool ones belonging to do right now I'm going to go to some of my mole creek she warms for some of them all like I guess controversial ones and take a look what you guys are saying about them okay so has one I took on holiday published photos always go down a little bit where's your obvious you'll 6 park if you think it was bad here hi I have a confession to make since suffered so much joy how much upon a bit away comes on among children far more oaks Unimog coming back one like he goes all vegetable that all he I need to hope so it's gotten us I don't know what's up name got is phase WTF is this ... we don't own a few goblins but algae skilled gamer says we don't Richard up is this just the picture me guys called wall never 6 pack guards from try my best I mean I know most likely to weigh in the rope Johnson are the thin books I mean I'm flippin try my best guys will mean improv with all the moment because you know mobafire book yeah well yeah I would is your 6 6 packs lost 6 pounds a bit of coke fix bugs them cowardice fix punched him from fleas 6 packs of wall if you say was my 6 pack is is is is not that obviously book like 6 packs of wall behold this still mercurian I bet he's really fought like he used to be all put al guys there on Sunday well no everybody knows my secret mosaic sparrows all my lawn for this guy saved many loving caustics pike it looks like you go to use but then it goes on to say skinny rough one second ago among groups now a skinny roll out which one is the growing I do all these haters that put a wild joy just gorgeous ignore the haters thank you I appreciate it but I need to go body removal neumes no I haven't got boobs bro that's my foot bridge has both will brew you know us by the different Bodo because I don't want nobody geo rooms available guys on a been secure or bought it but just under under try my parents list them all thought molds or I legacy would Coleman's alike on this boat Sir right here eyes you can see is Oliver entrust them warm now our memories of the colors on this picture and some of my subscribers will I get a little bit like not over this and some of the replies all all like seriously pretty crazy let's take a low WTF molds busca leave you'll also illegal under but we really don't finished but just don't know photo into the marrow I wish Wausau usual pub guys who has no charge all my recent picture now based upon a caption that mom I want to alarm bow women women I'm gonna meadow Gee what I wanted to do was like to replicate one of them like rich kids not just whether like taking a photo of like the lan those in the drive the like I wanted a Ferrari stands with some people I actually took serious guys this is gonna be hilarious you want to know what do you need but you're not even in the driver's seat in this photo you've been exposed again don't Sabur I do believe each side is I tell you what does a booming gold beach side befall busted here in Seoul I mean I want to be rich so I may blog you posh general books please don't blow me bro Joe folks please I watch all the videos I watch all your in the ground broke please don't blow all committee I don't want to be bought by my favorite person other will we god lets look at the different foods are less locale listed in this photo is annoyed posted this wall and after I vandalized moans call so everybody was like Hey you know me bottle this well let's take this one all Sunday ge sauvage molds stop her age I guess some people are usually right in there I mean us because surprise in store middle molds he's an awfully legend and he's doing something nice to his mom tomorrow at 6:00 PM dollars before the range rover video abi Louis sort Coleman shots Abby Louise de Broglie call because he's buying the range rover although you know like I saw a goalie Waterfoot in legend why are you going to bush had in your area a toothbrush head wait let me check the photo all curled mall and thus my footprint Arab Pollard's okay does know what we're gonna do we gonna switch over to set up shop and see if I can see are the snot Joe haters let's do it young guys so I do so I printers smaller Joe I know I will actually call find as single Hey Goldman don't bush nuptials school it a flippin legends everybody's just Billy Graham nicely yelled shout out of us not just what if you don't have meals that job you know Paul does not just want to enjoy it because it's not just what a legend also guys after this video goes live on snot John I'm going to be put through one of these deft called out all my story so if you don't know bill's not job go on me upon the I'm also going to do until the one on Instagram security's going to go and live almost not charged Instagram stories I'm always doing little giveaways almost not John my Instagram so she got me on both of them yeah well entry yesterday snobs know how can all get a single Hayes not job in an entire day I pull everybody didn't like me like well okay apparently everybody likes me now I I guess OJ we need to find the real sunny jade comments suddenly don't remove the topless photo bikeway you know my body was actually like pretty good so you know let's see what people thought about this long you on the literal definition of a metal okay then no obvious mates well I mean I don't want to go like scientific on you but like everybody else up it just depends on how much buys go over them if you can see them all in all I knew 5 but people in the world and your free of the anything goes now fought Jeez maybe it's I am turned on my hall of more obvious than you yeah but don't take this anymore referral please Harry this is just this is just to mold object all do is enable I mean I work every day but all I get you really will I don't think I can tell you is the solar cars I'm sorry to more I call do this I'm could you chew Sadiq eh ... you our live team moves too much flipping quit you to bring this together guys well yeah owl I just leaves almost put one foot in I. out once the just put these long carefully what guys I don't really enjoy this video over your classic molds video off really don't like you bought in 16 again everything joined the style video remedy goes down but I'm not like blowing up also subscribe to the channel if you and you I'm currently doing it I've battled aids giveaway enovia link to not in the description if you want to Johnson with it but I don't hate like that came out like 2 weeks ago that is completely it's a and the like is no charge to exert over after use click the link in the description of follow the instructions on bad guys if you don't and test you put in stupid because someone's going to win and it can be you guys thank you also for watching the video I don't even join remember to call it all blew what do you want to do next they call back tomorrow at 6:00 PM for the next video guys as always I've been moved juveniles on it's not a we I hope good drug video then remember to subscribe to Moses Janet and good will get to live his life it's so what do you he sat out //
"2017-10-18 17:00:44"
MY DOGS GOT MARRIED... (emotional)
\\Bruno do you take a poll go to video beloved dog yes I Paul brewer says yes all my gosh Baja you know pogo do your job Bruno deal beloved dog Lucci molds and welcome back through one of the video with Stalin this holiday and the magnet you control mode and as you can tell is there is this bridge pretty it's pretty windy right yeah yeah ... so if you've been on the telephone while you guys know what we do on this channel we try to do new things which I do the craziest things out back and today would do it until the first guys for the first time ever on the long shot old in this video there's going to be a wedding first of all that have afflicted what day and then we gonna combust we're going to get the 2 dogs we're going to get them to me the first time that we're going to see if they are really good companions for each of the guys if you're new to the channel first of all hello welcome I hope you enjoy your stay my name is Paul behind the cover you go to jail AJ molds mom who's kind of love and a little bit of a building of a juror no odor copy which wind in my hat I'm guys if you're new to the channel you haven't already remember to go down that on slush busted scribe boat bald on hold on the summit of the need to tell you about global good whoa well vote vote hello so I wouldn't do that polls molds I the moon guy you by the way delays in from below small things like describe to my channel subscribe to multi channel under more than anything so but they still alive them 7 away a sudden yeah good among I don't believe in those 2 things you have to do to end is liking big unsubscribing to the channel so you know you can go down and do them right now I'll give you 5 seconds by all 3 to wha I'm hopefully hopefully they did over the dude yes boys and girls either side in this video so it was pretty crazy is going down the boys and go get some food and also we want to go to like it shop because I'm talking more about the web in the call it the you know when the killer research showing me you can see yourself in the foot print in the cloak room lectionary mold Saudi doing broke the mold ago I gave them a big rock took place yeah yeah I own a big pot laws that make following what you know what you said that you pull its been awhile since you know we've got some really nice quality music I 2 boys and girls who don't pull up into like buddy Morrison those them that if they were going to go get a sandwich but yeah mom won't be doing right now when we go in well we ought to go to Mars some some would yell so lazy another company still looks the same because I knew they would get back in the cops with some some June 8 St undergrads drug house yeah bankers yeah that's about downloads and financially yeah I think the count on that and yet I tell you shop money to buy some presents and got it for the dog what nights out but again back in the code about bugs could he play the whole song that is why I am a Jew I John how are you going on sale we well yeah bus schedule well gonna go right now given him a new lot told this is gonna be a little bit different for me you guys said why don't you guys open on a bad day over think without prying into what you know I'm a nice guy so I think I'm gonna go down a lot though but if you if you keep annoy me like doing law Maybelle golf to golf to did not get a one so guys let's give up and do it full moon so is this the one you decided to go with that she's gone gone yeah she's doing ever since the weirdest thing touches a failed Melissa look why we all boys and girls this is a huge robot to be avoidable which what he meant toy store heist equipment like over time I'm basically we're going to go just so guys I swear this was like my place this was the shop I always called when I wanna toys anyway mom why we get some baby toys for you oh yeah oh very funny movie I'm always super high for the dock waiting so the cop like enough to call to say and I want to have good luck problems to live through it with full spread them young and this is a battle cry if mom crates only converts the pope one thing though what you don't know boxed foods is they actually enjoy bowl pool fly ball players don't actually enjoy the they did they they'll actually love them so we need to surprise them with a gift okay for partly guys which is good and what what thou left right and center cores did all films lot told they don't have a paddling pool how consumers toys told of a foot in public pool so we don't all go snow because we need to surprise the book with the president Malloy you think they know what does the word implies that we can fill it with bowls how cool would that be an unending so mad when you go to a new house to come and gone and come forth to rid Iraq partly full blown by told me let's look at older it right they think home of a box which is probably not a good thing policeman's Karen and I'm all but I think about this whole can be so it's not really for the dog sled is for you to play in your childhood the dog when it's just like a it's just like that you know when that although they have no doubt I think there's other things until we both want to talk about this issue and I yeah you can fill it was bold enough plain old I can sleep in a it's grown to enable our challenge guys don't like if you go to sleep in a Tel 240 challenge you know sorry monies together tomorrow and he's Chillin bug there in the bar was given a more moisture recall in senator Carol what school unfurled from go like to go who goes gonna flame thrower go Lucas not even a frog how about told her told told her told how about full full throttle yeah yeah you guys meet full waiver waiver way I think we need to bring taught to live you know taught a hobby that you've joined the loads of family yeah you all you know you're a liberal how was it all goals it was told very little fly over down your we've rescued it was rescued coal all you excited first of billiard balls poll get them inside me Jesus to all my go bust know PJ whoa so at okay boys and girls with by I'll there is ... law go down so Sheik appropriate I the boys singles what basic and if we who wanted to that is the first to little dog but what happens is is the so he came down with Izzy got awfully easy call we know we asked you know I still want to Marita no I want to marry pull go guys the dollar had the rule already playing very long okay them boys and goes on the way this wedding is the work now when the show so I know we've been preparing for this special pokey whether that is already guys okay so in this Styria we've got it completely designed a rebate for the pope wedding let me show you guys what we're dealing with 3 and so we've gotten off to he's got in there match all we've got more with the more commercial and then here we have the beautiful wedding settled we've got flower who got the Hawaiian so we've got a beautiful bunch of flowers by are you excited moved some motionless in the ... emotional mind I am achieving motional they should try and they're almost sure go show them what I have to pause you today we had a show nafta poster on Colin still no alcohol no alcohol no only orange squash them boys and girls when we don't move the wedding pope here we have the the policy while we've got a trailer mankind for television withdrawal the teddy by we've got the beam by and then we've got the ball joyful lie on the video if excited Coleman down below postal guys we do in this business just special welcome everyone putting more god knows her today we celebrate the low of a couple who want to spend a life together less began with a prayer to the pull creates a plus Bruno I'm pogo long may they enjoy that war keys together let's have a toast Bruno and pogo will shatter a sip of that war together do it off the wall outside rule this award Sir you know printer shoes I didn't throw it out when you leave the set protocol we don't we don't need to everybody has got the Tivoli we're gonna start with Bruno Bruno Bruno do you take a poll go to be ... beloved dog yes Bruce says yeah all my gosh home Hong Kong movie Prudhoe pogo do you take Bruno to build beloved dog yeah it's always the first show All My Children all all gone the guy though we now pronounce you 2 doggies and low and moderate now go adds a new kiss many non up most of I really enjoy your poetry sure go bald through yeah I ... of moves you gonna go in the both of us who's gonna go the both of us isn't gonna be pruned are you gonna be pogo.and to tell you may go home there was some federal civil law every document ... Bruno's it'll be forgotten bowler is the US the US pays close you know ... the boys to play their ball and realized this celebration is in full swing today look at this guys I think we all know what this calls for free general Walter boomer all said about Cyrix all of you that one day if you build it on a dell no one know how to use on the bean bag now lawyers on the V. no no joy all beautifully who knows what holds the suit you ... of is there little no I well all go well yeah I ... no the bowl from now during my do it there guys what would you say has the biggest you know you think it's been a success no no no no over there choice now yeah I think we've given some alone time are I think put us at a good time through those other good time I mean it's been a success others with success okay voicing goes I just want to say wants a booty video this is been what a success what a great moment for the child this will go down in history the first ever wedding it was with the pope today was a Haapsalu success I mean I guess there now Mister or Mrs pogo notebook Mister miss the poke pet pet pet pet pet who cast the just the pokes guys I'm also guys this is put in imported you guys need to open you is right no today's guys this Saturday I am dropping new merchant is going to be right for you do whatever you want about the love you want from us Bob is warning you guys the new marriage is calming this Saturday save up your money is going to be super away if you want to stay updated with the new bridge my merchandise twits or is in the description below until not too it's a they'll keep you updated with the new marriage that's pulling this out today it so hall is so cool guys get ready for what I was always let's think a recap of what we're doing today awesome day firstly we went some shops that we call miss the tool building home of the box which is probably not a good thing policeman's Karen and I'm not I'm sure toll will be a legend on the channel for many many many years to come that we tell them over on the sexual the rooms full of the girls went in we have a beautiful wedding set though we've got a flower we've got the Hawaiian so we've got a beautiful bunch of flowers by that of course we do it the way flippin 6 us we now pronounce you to do all these and more I'm married and then we did the after party which will go down in the ages as the best a policy in don't history guy used the boys to play those balls and realize the celebration is in full swing go through though you will love this book guys if you knew what time thank you all so it was in the video remember slash doesn't describe on and pull through and to the iPhone a giveaway which is live right now could Jim which will take you to bleed which of the website where you can see how you answer old took you can do all the ways get into it Suplee guys but it's an iPhone a on the line someone's going to get it so why can't it be you I don't want to remember to come by tomorrow at 6:00 PM for the little blue eyed that's always a good mold you guys been awesome and I'll see you in my next video proofs I hope it's good judge of what you don't remember to subscribe to world peace gender will get to you that night you I don't want to to the sap //
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I Bought a $1,000 Mystery Box from Ebay *GONE WRONG*
\\okay does not always time for the moment we've all been waiting for the 1000 pound box more if you go go 2 day withdrawal of flipping crazy wall because boys and girls basketball in today through the things I mean which is always pretty excited ... I'm too lazy to get out now mind you who can just enjoy like this year while you know us to a Bronco less doing what he does today is a Sunday funday fun there I so before their I'm listen to combat that Monday alone going down today because I called way is going to be afflicted by moving day guys Bruce things going down video is moan is get impart knowledge until mon about this though he's just going to have to come with me just kind of follow along Columbo Columbo choose me Christmas money on tables on your I am today money was doing now welcome to the studio lots in this holds all of cold calls I complied will move okay we're gonna move some stuff aloneness through the mail well then that's the one most Cubans yeah can give us some privacy okay I so this here is a pall of sly Mormon due to kick off this video is on a book slime in my hand and they go for a handshake with more but I didn't do it and you've never seen by the British football well go to the mall channel you enjoy your stay everyone watches the shuttle will know by now that I king so what yeah this price dog food overheat the molds the slime is ready check this out well I you do the little a good best line I mean moaned probably won't you moment I think I'm gonna do is probably go for a hike shake or maybe I'll just like improvise and do something else because we'll have to see bull Lester going up to the beasts cave stealth mode on line okay coke more non self mood is all on to yeah style via we made it to the peace I'm a peace pact Timo talks let's put into smaller more remove all while you were growing next right then what will you don't you think make upon no field really solve all brief summary provide but I'm it's going like she's going I for about now no we've made although I have a close one Ndogo opposing does just teleported into the room right now this long question you probably go for me Morlocks why the hell have you got some gloves on inside my question to you is why the hell how often you go from losses on inside female and good good question is a network using inside a new trend some less than subtle not me but another question you're probably asking it's more what the hell is not down that in your John Paul I know most welcome a comer joggers because remember you because see those I'm talking about this I brought a new owner opened I found a new to the channel I I'm currently giving this order opened I found a away to one of you guys for the girls I don't even have been you walked in a yeah and given away to one of you this giveaway ain't no fucking joke I'm guys the website where you can and temple is devoid is laying in the description below but basically not once a lot to do with small tasks like but we must not job bowling my Instagram however to it allows you to do is liking big studio right now I'm subscribing to my channel so go and do both of those things right now I mean you don't have to you but if you want an iPhone 8 brand new on open that I mean you probably should do you guys haven't even told you what we're gonna do it in today's video now awhile ago I told you so mystery boxes off of eBay I ordered like a 50 pound one iota day 0 pound one iota table 0 pound mystery box what he's always lately what they sound like you just order the mopey by you pay a lot of money and they just fox's pilgrimage through the could be bones in that it could be run them still and I ordered 3 of the 2 of them a variety and I think the last one is arriving today so that's why I tell you about this guy's not W. today's vote is going to be absolutely crazy guys mystery votes heather C. moment analytics he molds so today we've taken over most journal again what would it be doing today a Studebaker prime come Olga and so it today Martin told me that mole good it's going to be doing the mystery box challenge today what Logan doesn't know is that there's going to be a crime the 1000 meet pound mystery box is a box I settled myself this account for and this problem I think plotting this for ages and I think now because of what Logan's just don't show me things that much when I'm getting ready we're going to cut his prime stalled said I let you come round with me an envelope was going into the box and then click on that let Mukono could 50 pound long the 0 pound mark and then let's see how long ace to Lisa catches on I'm on a minute this 0 pound box to look very gold this going to be some things in that I played that are actually is we recognize them guys this is going to be phone and this is payback smoke good for all the things he's been doing to me lately come on let's get started so I told most person in here what about putting one of these little dope ex these little books what Morgan actually painted when he was a baby when I was about 5 year old I've got 2 women who won a full support to my city but yeah does not look like it's worth 1000 pounds good in 1000 pounds out most in the know probable put in that okay so if Gaga ask the knows this is featured in my recent video excuse me yes you know Sonya I they would know around them brown you umbrella double missile passes had jealous pope no no where to go when it's good for well you don't need to ask for a full no mine moods looking no one but a lot of them are you no one has and I Gus was Monday yeah and so we've got for fun I like with golf swing gold fever looking goes what else can we do and pieces put those little color that there is never worn because I don't really put color on it yeah hollowness someone who wanted to put on my pillow like and if he didn't smoke and we could pull that ground level last if you know what to say yeah yeah it looks Mungo's noodles phenomena dozing for goodness fault but it though Phillips huli so we can play with the dog yeah group try not to be little room but I think even 50 patterns here for me unless rocket open best but it's now 5 that's why some spending money minute yeah what about how this is money notice what about how the brain you ladies poultice to see Chakotay grammar errors yes until they do policy processes for over Roberto little princess type thing will just goes status how cold is probably because he smokes nightshade justifying the no and that will take the solo and that will kind of get more goods could stop it mini set 50 pound 0 pound and he's 0 pound box okay guys will catch up with me in a little while boys singles the time is currently a followed 9 right now Nemo online just go buy from a nice meal I'll unplug go do you know what's going down you don't brood how about you yeah well I would do it the flippin mystery both show in 2 ways the guys I explained you early on in the video Hollis is going to work I've got 3 mystery boxes downstairs a bowl 50 PA walked 100 Paul one of the 1000 pound one and we're going to go down how to look at it open a mall and see what the hell is going down guys we're gonna get as Mr bosons kicked off right remember to drop a like on the video if you want to know the wanted the remember to scribe slash doesn't grow bored with god's video store food au go go and yeah if the schools stain and you just put it in my face don't touch me join sharyl the the all the a phone call although boom look we don't you don't you don't choose your his job yeah yeah yeah so the challenge no well now I the boys and girls are just recruited from mother to Fatima goes by I Larry flint it belongs because if you all right today flag day I'll bring some those the malls match what you well good I am yeah designs goodbye Filippis good looking bassists too big for me dies cirri eyes again see this small on here is home box this area is the 100 pound ball and that was the only father Paul warm money for your lost a parent if they came by 3 days ago soft being put in this in a safe place remark about her son is 1000 pounds I don't wait to see well I'm going to say is let's get the hell do I or don't be completely around them I'll have a clue what is going to be the head but I guess the only way to find out let's do this fast yeah I do please 150 pounds walks they please Nnamdi because among those personal history double talk and let them know we go rulers you know I'm really not sure we also rulers who are doing realistic as well hold with your war movies and put more miles that is get another one and put it on that rug lost around the notion of us go into the warm just put it over the mouse like my god I'm going to last long because whether we even start here we've got we've got I think I through brokers recall got we got a Titan to raise them but we got tight already told us that a raise much tried already some tall oak under your whom we go from dragonball Z. parks less open to US open to come on come on come on what else did we got pictures likable in July Floyd and just joking will only flickered pocket money we don't pencils yeah he he yeah pretty good not a Sega whom am one of your pulse is when friends code word for me guys keep window blew what you think is going to be in this 100 pound box and let's see if any of you can get and I'm correctly yeah yeah yeah yeah ... about what we got a the well let this go don't want the flip of we don't they're going to hold pretty terrible you know almost let's leave us near one of the ugliest animals can only add up to a vote I complained that okay well some Logan NPOESS moreover different style most not go screed if they'll let you go which broke the wire madness gust of wind in the why would then go ahead and move go no no no no no no no no logo and not allow me no no no just go a bunch more job we're going Richenthal but gold failing with nobody sure you've whatever that is we both thought Hey sweetie well we'll solo and yeah guys I mean I guess not let's move on to the H1N1 it is not always time for the moment we've all been waiting for the 1000 pound box more can you go go okay good good good good good don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't sign I put the only been mindful donates lane ball filmmaker jobo model it's not okay well die my allies the truth right realized why just by 1000 pounds on guys let's see what is in this box guys why need your do right now is smush alike on the video subscribe gun U. I'm calling down below what you think is going to be in this box without a clue guys let's do this okay Molly Whiteside you got what a number of you learn very wall and not gone to the end yeah yeah they well whoa whoa whoa whoa all during nmroads are if we should this is very very that put some low wage this is one of mine joy Hohenems me but the most is the address I guess when you order today phenomena Caspian and feeling that way kids that fresh it looks fresh water how to refresh her to be furnished Ryo how would it refresh it's been in the box a few days the telescope Welsh were gone I'm gonna know the mango official time goes by Joshua you get home has spread that's why you Love Me for the 7 well no that's nice only the same ones that we have a I'd probably just say well they were at her NPU for yeah yeah ... number one but as with all his 0 was the stone yeah it's a fee I would think you were sure portal Waltrip's one brother hold on a minute the mind I'm I understand social this is all my life 09 what if you couldn't before more they don't but private yeah put private you yeah I ... nnova all that counts so the sentence all we've got 0 pound of your own money now so wake up a little holiday with prime jukebox bold things to be doing some bay sauce all Moscow yeah I thought so you'll scope bona don't get to Cuba still yeah you can keep it yeah are you going through F. are what will take him of the sort you go go god do I yeah so if you just been not very few manage well guys and I don't think moldings gonna come by try and I think he's got me someone obeys slot mu did moves now single comment below we crossed simply claims by well guys all I can say is if you think Joey to the media if you want to see Paul prime I don't know Morgan's job no well prince against small good subscribe to his channel subscribe to my channel Unni if you've enjoyed today's would really enjoy making this video would enjoy taking a little bit channel again movies never to be safe women Martino around OBD Joey day and we'll see you in the next video piece sounds good drugs the video then remember to subscribe from well Jeez Janet good forget to mention that he needs if that is the worksheet the sap out of //
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\\I will try to put my little I do well Maureen o'brien told more more more like a dog look about I of to whom the whole challenge today you've always going head to head yeah well you more you warn you lazy the bucket challenge we've already done that would make him if he well I pretty well during the day hi Jake all challenge full this Monday go challenge is going to be a special premium and see if courtly Christmas gift of every Christmas the show all but what's the coolest costumes are in the shops open sky plus juvenile some to cost you all whom we don't know how long we how lonely chose is going to be how will we see you know guys just like always thought I am currently giving away run you out of the steel table full well the guy's book abuse still broad new it's kind of look you were mine through a button and the combat in the hall Cape May because does this is the one you are just released I don't I would yeah most notable yeah there are a few little to give away from one of you guys know that as a link in this scripture widely depends it is now officially open to and Chuck Billy will take you don't website I've used quite a bit to fulfill us you special possibly subscribing to my channel got into more trouble leaving alike on the video that the more things you do the more chance you have of winning the I po days and get over the off the video and Angie is open the giveaway however to look need to do to enter the giveaway answer some Greider to my channel a leave in a live all these videos they can go do those 2 things right now before we start all we do white skin warmed up him won't okay more don't read damages to what you know they're ready I'm ready for you I'm dying you any public do you think is going to win because without willow she will for me to win all 3 more for her to win guys wanted us all right now let's do this isn't whether solidworks you I'm going to be on your show up every wrong you've gotten a call at all blue round one you warm brown to who will only because he does the same thing that we're going to be decided so I'm gonna go good all you got mold and shape the style are you ready granted I'm saying that we stole this off where a punk kid polka brothers I'm god will block when you don't fall asleep I thought she got the rash looking there is not a good look at this building although there is black pine JW a relative though the media yeah there's already been a technical did we go we will go by the what is all result yeah so we just Gleann hold on a minute who we gotta slow mo replay of my explosion to show actually boyhood my bold withdrawal uhhuh you know who this is like a new desire is the senior style yes left so low but this time you know dying days and now I no no no not at all the clue how I got away with then I guess no ways when you open mind paying yeah the show called Amos the one you don't Love Me Oman always been awhile since I've done this move computer computer computes a kinda like that I 90 filmmaker lay in this time we did this guy's I well we day nmol while the flip is not the proof can mocha and why he just like here it looks like a hall call them look it is due I'm just not I'm right through the whole good job and I think it is this kind of cake halts more I think a lot okay yeah it's not my best whatever but I'm still going to live book like is better than yours well you don't have perfection mold good omen bono poem lashof I should go Osho's bullet Scott tonight son roll-off Wakefield who give away feeling of it the same look at the 0 if all of you and I gonna going from outside all yes well of ... well mom if definitely back Saudi Arabia goodies to walnut guys buildings with me Mondrian is movement what do you think well I always thought I what you think and you see your eyes yeah 2 eyes that I don't know I got us a lot when I wake demoted after Sunday night how when you move because he loves did ran over to the boys and girls bus mind you but what is your opinion call it out below Braunwald and then the people pulled 3 goals bust my novel being not biased little I hope you sleep access not I think you know I think people who'll go but my it's about the pope not that we have you taught him that he's got Sweet Dreams pine cay tell me what you know if you don't know either would you not be more go do we really know most of you know is not a new energy that is on your genes that you should know July care what you think result it will is that okay because he balled up we're going to give you a special treat you got to try whichever one of the pie you on the I will call us back bush won him over it a graphical glitch one all I us were you shown for looking at his diapers broken bow pool I'm I mean well I think Houston not cocaine that well you guys so it looks like movies would be one nailed with weight see what you think so the next song we're going to do ways we going to do anti try to kill a clown okay M. ... ... yeah yeah I mean he ... was a nice model gopher redgum for right all you just didn't they under through the phase yet although no one tried to hang the hot the face in the Baltic Sea already I don't do you sell them church there did you open these 5 told us ms may benefit owns wonder your minds of conduct by looking second time you say you do something more more via back on them how drugs are type things you like know the more you do it list began listing debts you can you give me 90 and it looks like it looks like a doll I'm gonna get I'm gonna make my cloud of green face you know because you know my car's gonna be different is going to be doing in 5 nights in a green called the 4 of you move that we go now we wait for my kids that I moved to the side would doneness Ugandans only used god of clones call without blue it just got a call because I personally I'm pretty Clinton's god of clothes even bothered just as we all went and saw it for the same amount but you know it was pretty good because god I'm a little I'm always used got close well gosh I'm scum scads of about that time we can tomorrow so all that time guy ... yeah yeah no smile a much on foot on the leg lawyers over dole more more more like a dog look about him for you to move to put his arms you just put it's almost like going if there's no money very familiar to all kinda that we get help rye moving does I'm very very confident round 2 federal guys free you know while on the roof see why I put my arm around you the way it looks really cool guys check about you guys I smiled this will show those you got the money things all the time mon joining us to talk to your I'm not Quincy Hollywood to black long summit will the block blood supposed to be just like a bowl of gold just fulfill Phil Gramm older guy crew for people that would buy night that the knife that in an IDA and India I don't watch principally went a bit wrong to yeah it kind of the up you know I well I have no but in a month's time I know it's been by us well close spoke before me on yeah the boom he mows your barrel Palmer mall drive now look at the everybody got a round 2 and I think though one in the color section below but yeah both round 2 I think Michael wins not well partly minus degrees so we didn't get to use all of it okay Lauderdale bought okay more it o'donnell no degree always the life you know Buhner is the US all gosh guys own but no let's move on to round 3 closing deals whereby already for around for you this is my go again to pick I'm going straight into this no less than a ball I'm going for a bar and you better believe I'm grabbing the bar although the plot CNBLUE but I would hope okay don't worry I don't have against organized nobody on bush's goal female now that's the has the way in my own little bubble like on the way I'm not just here but my good if they're both know this is true in every level then we hear everywhere isn't it not only affects these already you know because the place is going to have a you spot a blue collar that is the deadline he was the head is now they said that by very soft story beyond this long sleeping on the road in the calls day techie bad you are solely by the a poem about a teddy bear yeah to be crouch piece of gold no wrong side okay we don't go nuts are always still looking Bogart and think about it still wake up nnova no no no no no no no no no well I like to tell you nbae goes by okay if you got a lot of mines got I get off the edge book that we go guys voice now okay bliss listen to mom's exclamation okay blazer she point out each bid on them all over the bar very good but that will be very very good but yeah well this is my actual 5 guys you had even squashed whose whose body regards had that would be through old little historical Prius with Bob you off a bit mentiras wings one glove and will not heal the to show everybody you know back yeah so I'm going go deploying list what's the point figure larger plus I I I I quite much in the why in who sold more books that the never forgive herself for this I just killed my own creation download keyboard from around 30 pretty bad this envelope with a background bush got in the line because the better see what he did okay Mar which one is your favorite which one to one we all others look innovates now the global I real all we know nnova room kill switch when you go in formal and governmental block is sure sure you well still ahead by mom say up to both to I the ... nobody took my thoughts go Motorola the owner but always children will ring the shows will the woman up Bob Dole will win at all no no no you know I join the fight now Rosie o'donnell we mind to mind the body through her anyway guys are ready for wrongful the final round top secret you reading by your own mind through my precious allotted to Natalie I think one of 2 things the way I look the coolest so and and who right I actually don't think or any for any signs greed yeah brokenness soon's yeah yeah hello hello I can you can you can all Monica purposes our big bet you wish you not cold have separate from all all we have to see if he would be able to get on our movie you better be flipping sky I'm going back to the green now we've got to fill in and filling out face body building up a snarling dog and gone to heaven that I live in call now due to the lack of things with what you've got is pancake mix shit kinda ruined in mine walkabout mind I've never seen something more worse in my life team looks I think people should be pretty impressed right on me up pretty impressed with myself to love one fish that's what the big long book no I'm feeling pretty good however that we don't think I'm with my mom's gonna Jamie the subjects I don't think so no probly not just fun change the subject okay waiting for this my god I've closed for this let's see if we get all carried 3 bedroom real well yeah but if I didn Frankenstein voting no Frankenstein had I ... you know no yeah I ... you all know flipping through this guy guys I'm all my own father that I'm proud of my drawings and so on listed all movie guide on you guys okay boys to go ladies and gentlemen team will tell you more to you live to you both go home get ready we through all of all I know they I'm gentlemen all you ever see them at a broadside by gay can you live I don't think you have to look at and say if I want a good it would have been in the south the biggest moment I'm not feeling that I won't feel it wound you that if you know think about some almost the practice Islam I would it's a no brainer isn't it hello yeah well I ... now okay big machine like thing god is both a bottle wrong the color brown full you mold or 3 more boys probably gone banality good loans you get to eat both of these okay Barghouti drums when all you've got to pick one through the opaque wall promoted which one looks better you've already said Mongols babble which one takes about right Sir willow dies the so enjoy the weekend what is moral and I think your sister spoil his eyes I'm off duty so god not Dahlia Cologne all ... so it's just that tripled that both the hive I thought it was that I was going to do it north with the ball outdoors the chemo and we think you might not ... idea sake and is the author is telling the joy that I think you've got it with joy not always well do not enjoy the well I Brian Cabell a challenge in this one guys box conflict is die and go away I'm keeping this though because this over closer look of gray most open a great punk knowing god is it rejoined the strike I got 50000 life on Tuesday the all I know is the crazy gold but I think we can do it if we all T. willed and smashed out like one other man the guys the item that you always go from check they'll be than the description to go and that they are going to give away and get a cell phone I've grown a guy's member to go with a smile to mold a lecture videos we fell by a shuttle to know your link about in the scripture but that goes on for watching guys on mobile all members this call but the bar well both alone without show I've ever done yeah my life guys peace I don't good job then remember to subscribe to mug Janet goodwill mission tonight he's it's that wouldn't he sat out //
"2017-10-15 17:00:51"
I took my DOG out in NEW CAR and THIS HAPPENED...
\\guys I can see Morgan more kid in the distance yet is coming towards those very close right away look you experience it Revlon seems poem among dogs can be so exciting wouldn't put up with him again and the reaction using molds welcome by doing a live video and good afternoon to all of you molds why saying good afternoon you may I'm saying good afternoon because right now it is true MP I am a colorful last night when Bilbo Livengood I wanna get those stall and don't get me wrong she did she work real well 11 however because I'm really lazy I'm really bother looking after myself our but sleep by now case too so yeah I mean I should probably get some lie in here are now you may be wondering molds what do you many use this pride mole right now the basic stolen dance that they get mother a football play Camille what I said even though she did and it was me that way but to sleep she even Romeo buff and everything this Walter have been fitted with Prof for like the past 4:00 hours guys I said prime ball this bike even in this blog gnomes game prime foot just before Dubai guys I have an announcement to show we've all of you guys and this announcement is worthy of me stunned in the common rule does when you know things are serious let's let's go put in from the common rule so you know I have your attention with this little camera what is this announcement mold you probably wanted to know well guys the announcement by the iPhone aids giveaway is now open this is a brand new sealed iPhone day in black these lately came out we go I'm still 7 the sum given away to one of you and she mold felt real late in sure well you can enter to win yourself this iPhone both tell you don't website how do you like for the past super reliable NO basically asking small costs like subscribing to my channel following me on Twitter subscribing to moms juggle a long story short the more because you do the more chance you have of winning this iPhone a I mean film won't go to get it so why can't I be you see back when I can wash the lomo you'd you videos I'd always tell us all you know I've got no chance of winning in their hands and will one day a car really was it was like a really small one don't get me wrong but I did want it like you get caught Osama bin that I wanted to like ... down the film that I actually edited mall you know you boycott pulled all iPhones iPods everything we are judged by the giveaway is open but now dobili in this gives all put it really know the tall a label it like I do give away click that link do the tasks however to the task will be subscribing to my channel unlike in the video so you can do those 2 right now cannot subscribe bone muscle like in the video let's go down and give more a cheeky little prank Lesko I actually know we're not going to go down yet because I just watch a clip bike and realized how dead I look give me like 10 minutes only to wash my face okay I just put a drenched my face in water let's go down and say hello to mom what anyway meal I licks we told you last night overtaxed weight new pro let's do it is to live in Austin the time is to live in a mobile a fed up with you Paul favorite no on federal proving but no I didn't do like me well did you enjoy having a baby can a scrambled eggs and toast pops and office 9 this Monet died in the hopper and yes he did no no no no olla mode to yeah he did before he would still like nnova okay I was being lazy yeah I happy now I all day and I've never stops it days we will move it never really got a good day cool plus to bill Keller let's go losing hills are just looking for long well ... they annoy you Joe kimono of the pawn OneNote is supposed to choke point you you broke your arm does it is a hospital not had messes now and the he goes I think Intel I just got change of god the mold John because what else would everywhere in Lincoln ascription well right now I'm off to get my hackles because most of the gods mingling thing molds what if it actually happened to your hand realistically guys I'm on the same boat as you and I don't know apparently like if you go like it which I find all of the believe moms like when a number just been keeping it wouldn't go away too long unders gonna go see what would be feel like I have no clue that I thought could be put in bold the minimum don't in the call but the first thing we do it cruel thing going to go out get some stuff that's going to be cool okay it's going to be putting cool oversight of this video let's go go it in free will one so I do run the draw now will the way to the head dresses and get this right this is going to win among them open said if you go any place is pretty polite appointments cuddle a book in to get my hat go they said no but you can call me away and a lot of care how long the way though like 45 minutes glycol book an appointment but I can walk in a way I just don't sound right though they will they'll go and all the other okay boys and girls we just arrived other had just do a side get you had dyed green I'm not doing it as well I know you never mention my hat was the cut you buy Himalaya good you get yours died greed well we agreed this whole thing that also Madden's Oslo and I'm not I'm not look like a bloody knife I would like it if I met Tim green mocha and you like a kid anyway so boys and girls usually when I go to the I just live like a clear idea of why 1 in my head right now you boys golf flippin no idea I could walk out with my light green and you would be surprised because I genuinely don't know why I don't get to do what you think I should do I think you just walk in and you just sit down and you say just so I'll be smacked so I'll this methodology of various W. New Jersey video if largely due about 15 does not nowadays Jen but no more you can do on gold and it was going to be ages so I'm just gonna pop back home probably set the dogs little the little all caught them well guys let's do this knew I could in theory too Wallem right guys well Morgan's lefties camera which is like a big mistake stunned you guys is maybe more so low whoa radio Logan's lefties cameras someone's trying to a little bit of Loki Molly's in the in the ball business I had just in the Bob is because actually a man on a real month what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go home and I think that mocha look like king if I actually got to go all through no a given the choice which of the months to come out in one of them a public I do a little bit blogging with adults I'll bring Pugo probably will go buy downs meet moral good and that will surprise them and we'll have a nice college kids together okay guys so that's gonna be the plot smoke in the house made of the stately bodies come with because you never know what may help to something else who knows anyway will finish the now on the drive home and then I'll get it I'll switch back on again that I hello guys is mold officially taken out of the Balkans channel motives of the ball this is actually take commit 50 minutes to get back home let's look at the pope when he thrust move really really really serious question to what we've got to do a thing I think one of the when the call to go to the mall because a surprise enough room after its artifact cool through him do you want to hold and that was always lay a very definite no okay so little long term consequence for driving the new called yeah who goes to come for a drive okay so I'm gonna do now guys I'm just gonna get a quick call faith and of the way for more than 2 text may and say Cecil move on it who goes home on the song take his lead and maybe we can have a little balking Sheffield ... with moral code just pronounced treecreeper pogo treat the mold and gotten some fresh ass so guys I'll come back to you soon my guys and welcome back center with arrived in Sheffield wave from Albany's Public Enemy about 50 minutes so I thought I'm gonna get out the call and take who go for wool and I mixed Moshe feels a little day who goes live falling asleep but I think a little 10 minute local probably due in gold and then we'll surprise mogul money gets back into the call anyway we'll see in a little while yeah guys welcome back celu we've had a little blurred around I think we'll go who goes hi if not the log of the queen of the Bob Basu Sir member this is all about surprising Logan would you must allow this is all about surprising bold than it was channel will begin to do now is I think the Kentucky McCall but those are they kill you and guess what call them down but the wait for a little concerned because pricing these 2 guys I can see Malkin war came in the distance yet is coming towards those has looking in okay reasonable Barry goes right away looking you experience it where money seems poke at my dogs can be so exciting to puka puka we began and scanned the reaction and the reaction love those yeah put the hogs bulldozed book does mean to Sheffield Brillo rounded ever heard a school I'm not surprised you I mean the call bedtime in the ka ab today all of my yeah who would it be how you did it because I think so do you recall in the No Way Out what if you just go with us I don't 7 because we talked about doing goes Bruno spaceship kat I went back to helping us that the bullies which if you want to come with us and really noticed what now little the on scene brunette in fancy data I will even I I know what a rude boy who go hope you enjoyed your first ride in the call seed love day he flicked in login please is just not that enough sequel Davis upping drive you know again if you win you win a good bows are anonymous late out most of it just laid down so he killed pogo do you want to go for a war ha ha move goal of legal guys are you know the movie let's go let's there were less than or how does that matter because you can tell how to show a nice kind of like gel look right now so I'll show you a label yeah apparently mom decided that they put it in the call so like flickr guests smoking this is like so much easier now your yeah attractive wall and old adult film blog come back day so you stole my cum words god forgive was pogo you too over my shuttle only your channel it's a multi shouts unit shouting and and Sean thing inflow shouting about quality is what you need symbol for you although goes just the way you guys blew away everybody just you know to put the bug could it could be an end to everything guys I think we need to do some for rockcase Evelyn interested devilish those of already re 2 walnut rule really dog the day my takes WNED I atropine good blogger thing yeah yeah until you all amazing give you guys a 40 so about this what time was it when I went to the high doses it went up 70 boss it was 8 minutes past reply posturing by post for a time it's delegates had to get home what time is it now 45 plus 5 I've been waiting in the book absolutely ages boggle the trim the police where John is going really although I close the funny I need to get it washed so bold how about this ride how about we go home well on the way home we stopped at the drive thru is yeah and I wish you all the drive thru people reactions all the little pogo few and the costs even even notice got him questions about it just have him on my lap and then to see if I don't know just as I think I'll be pretty funny would you think that low and guys guys guys what what what what we thought pogo pogo what do you think but they all of clothes easy go for everything little pogo is an eager beaver away where we were going to go after this a little bit ago you gave me the entre wasn't looking for who's female on the molds or 3 more teamcoco no I of the new oh yeah and the guys team will go ahead let's go have some drivers let's see what they say this is bogus bus ride in the call I think is enjoying it do you think mom I think is a IBM pogo yapping is John I think from now on he just needs to come everywhere with those shows are just full of other drives the drive thru take a low and there is if this is not told them lawyers will go what do you think your side joins a big bouquet of say you know when you're on a diet no he said no centers on a diet pretty well under those on a diet a new do we play with him instead to rely I how you doing begin we give you the ... nnova yeah review one of the you know the and yeah yeah yeah or those people who are so funny $1000000 pretty well you live and everybody's largest lies pull your child and like no 1 could you narrow well so without 1 Argo change and I'm on this cue is pulled I know now I have the on this you know I mean a that we got me to go the cavs the song mean you boys put it off for the political Lobo law of your boy even though Lobo lost on me I've everything's going overhead your whole okay them boys and girls I think it's all right now but in the crib hold on flesh made the show a little bit more 3 to 1 and 3 to 1 I'm sure not yeah all you bowlers of Woodbridge strawberry was designed by doll no mo scrollbar Bhutto who you terribly pression cool because you actually go for how about a bit of a bigger you know that we don like and I'm like in the green Joe so boys and girls let me told you about a few things real quick along I'm thinking about bringing out some new marriage guys I want you guys is not at all when you advise guys coming down below what designs do you want me to release one year marriage do you want and what I can do one don't like bipods like sweat shirt don't jockey is that's Joe used show also songs herself early Obama's losing guys go number one video you want to see on the channel called little because I want you guys is how I want some ideas well after every long day it is good to sit by Kim recap on what we've done so let's all sit by Leslie to chill out less is read out what we've done today old well I've done today because this is my channel if you want a recount what you've done that Hey Hey you go to la so we overslept of because we pride from long robot no olla well to yeah he did before he went through a lot I don't lie to me you how bad and I like you enough that mall good this is the second a lot of weight you know I got off to a drive in movie when Kyle in the call cool symbolizing hills usually when I go to that I just live like a clear idea of why one in my head right now you boys golf flippin no idea I could walk out with my light green that moment surprise me way over the poor guy who are the the votes bulldozed I don't mean to Sheffield Brillo rounded ever hurting who I'm not surprised you know we went to the K. F. C. drive through and a part of the new me that'll be surprised with the dog would just pretty flipping Goro likely yeah a review of the you know the guys is why I'm gonna side of the video I need to get a loaf of wooden tonight guys just leave it on all I do largely off from work to do so yeah ID to critical with our guys would today seem really do all that such a good day today by legal battle don't you like it got a dead right now but I mean yeah it's not one that is also eyes news a meal the obvious enough of bingo guys if your new member to go down that does subscribe on older review watching film member to go down that no like boat on the video the iPhone a giveaway is open right now as I said the building in the scripture while you can go and for the giveaway unusual that things got a dog is super cool yeah don't miss all on doctor guys site also to watching on those always I've been mold you got good wholesome and I'll see nice to meet you I don't the good drug did you remember to subscribe to Mugsy shadow on good will get the a yeah so what you he sat out //
"2017-10-14 17:01:10"
\\oh boy here took not took not checking at you say yeah see rusty Wiley I'll be home soon please pick me so I time explaining go to a ball she's going to actually do some put the phone down guys greater when a component yeah he's on well known by 2 another video today in London your old boss near not always but along jungle book I'm going back today so don't shop because I on returning home today I'm not behind of links into what is going down in today's video because in today's video well it was blue we want you pregnant hello yeah NPR's equipment and I had I had if I take one kiss longer the hooks yet like this the thing you're pregnant from why fields of in your vita okay hold on hold on hold footprint on hold on guys in all seriousness was going down today is the mole is game prying the prying king is return if it's been absolutely ages for thought pulled off a wicked prize all mold and today is the day that I'm taken but my trial I'm taken by my foot in for a new way of doing this aids will be mailed woman person's hell we could team up to private moment and she is going to flip ... and I'm gonna tell you how it's all going to go down with a balled up let me show you around the room because it's been absolutely flippin trash sewage is watering you then to fill videos would employ macabre on that which is a big part of a table on top of another cable box is bloody revolutionary there we've got flowed through with some thoughts on that which I'm not taking no because they'll flipping day thing and I don't want that over there we go the charge but they don't say where we go the death wave a flag of rumors because we all flip in Peru everybody and he got a bread bowl you yeah let him work golf classic college book there we go bullet wounds herb we've got a quiet mind travel blown whatever the see the child welcome I hope you enjoy your stay here feel free to watch all my videos put all my odds and maybe lose the money but Hey authorial guys if you know all my name is mobile it goes good with the local judge David you don't move that she doesn't use the whole shuttle you got a few more if you want to join a few balls you guys know do go down that but subscribe button bone foremost thing that is important because it don't mean I'm giving away and I own a like I hobbit like I hope the ball rolling way the gentleman I Bonetti without the light 2 we so yeah you know we don't do but give boys on the shuttle and yes I'm giving away the iPhone a full 8 other even of the other driver federal bottle who's more pull to me all you guys and it's definitely you guys so if you want a chance of winning it all you have to do with right to the channel on smash a like on this video and they pull it down below why you want the art room 3 things like comment and subscribe easy still go play like a few minutes not even the look up you put in seconds if you quicker clicking and typing and still for yeah we got I've been able to grab don't miss out on leave burnished bureaus Bianchi social I'm your only frozen we need to make a new friend the trend now yeah back then but ... whose single move full could think I've ever in hi I don't go Marion so moral good old by lord your world and where it let's does it surely could not we wouldn't normally does all okay religion just teleport to me they go in like a month not a wearing clothes a lot click where it was safe yeah sure first monthly ... the next day boys and girls let me explain to you what the hell is going on right now what's happened since I left it to comer is linked with the exact same time and circumstances today than it was yesterday really pick for those all the time though the same room in the same hotel well we're leaving so basically long story short I'm C. moment in about 5:00 hours so busy right now is well I'm gonna stop the video from the stall the tax Musashi response is going to be funny guys less 2 boys and girls eyes you can see I just take small I said Hey all you hear dull dull dull I never do don't go don't you will I never do predawn out even do one call us when you know it's footprint serious that I put a need to tell you something no don't see doc when people results on like hail you here don't go to I need to tell you something no dos that's when you know it's flipping serious us what if I next level you know that might even a joke anymore to she responded hi I'm here don't doll she put through it all I don't even know what that means to no one not brings you to do I don't know what I mean this probably means what bin al Shibh was all you okay question log to Chester's 2 cases so she knows you know this so I'm gonna start by saying turn this Lee don't freak how how many dots Caro 1234567 I need your help one day all consumers got this is not put a joke anymore I'm gonna social type it Shawna she's talk with you can tell she saw right now like this waitin for the tax she knows this service you know something about putting go down really me wassail I call on ring I am I am too ashamed I'm too ashamed send no dogs no foot print Gulf kit with no fucking dogs no football what you say only got she's been time for Walker she's been time for a while she's been hiding for foot him while bono will also answer the phone you're scaring me do I say I don't care pregnant or care is pregnant all I got I got hit that up what someone I think if we get old boys the eyes correct incorrect in you know sing correcting I got a reply doll my god what I I I I know you're in the middle pregnant with the pregnant don't don't don't don't really care took not took not Kenya to say yeah I see it's about skin while torso is hardly going to like 6 seconds volatile ex exactly well all bundled unbundled all my movies role models doing Jim king 12345 information below put up 5 exclamation most how do you justify what that means my brain has never experienced by I don't fall in 6 book number 5 this is not new I'm sorry I'll explain later I'll be home soon you actually put 9 no I don't think so who've window and it wasn't like he guys guys would come to justify my mind when I was going to justify what is going on in my small intelligent brain pummeled this is my mom this is the woman who brought me well I well then she texted again she takes him again you know I'm so the phone this is a joke right I'm gonna pull no it's no I'm a poor and I'm still and all this time silencing silencing my boat I'll be home soon please pay me or so I time explaining thought to look all I'm gonna muji I'm gonna put a footprint emoji I'm good for trying to move G. crying WG all my lost guys when I confront alaia is going to be it's going to be like harmonic Congress going to our world will free she's not gonna be happy she's already typed in his old equipment type and poem on most I'm scared guys I'm kind of regret in this already I'll be home in this video when confronted this video very soon guys own saying is get ready for the confrontation lights a precious to me explain why why do you bro she's got its icon do this I'm putting the phone down guys later I'm gonna come for dinner and we're gonna see what she says okay boys singles consultant right now in the train station is currently 5:00 PM I get the train the lifetime cost 5 also been black Chesterfield not arise about 7 I'm gonna tell them to me at the train station 7 so I can tell her what's going on when the US will be so glad she's gonna come for me the first time Broadway conversation things bombing but I mean standing army 6 6 but hold the schools like I just checked it's been like 30 minutes in the Czech Republic she is foremost on my mind under such kind of debating whether this is which way she was even worse she always put yeah but I'm terrified when she gets angry should support the ground someone to see you guys once we get by once again the Chinese and hopefully yup I hello so here you know ladies and gentlemen let me just playing what has how in the past 3:00 hours will like to a halt Fujimori's why in all the train station what Whopper with more widely tional pick you up what the hell you going on the line to us and no guys listen to me so I got off the train about 15 minutes ago I check my phone and because I was ignoring mom's Coles and tax she basically submit Texas and not say if you know going on so maybe you're not coming home and I bet from a since I tried ringing in her and texted her and then she was ignored me so the roles just switched so I had to get a taxi from the station whom all of them today only ever do is just get taxis like I swear I go for like 5 tugs to the day bomb who might now and I don't know what I don't know what going to go down to the Texan was sending me you better be joking if you're not then I will be absolutely furious what's wrong with you I am flipping nervous right now way out as you can see I'm hopeful one minute isn't a ring the doorbell and a second book guys I need you to leave a like if you enjoyed this video give me some good lord I don't want to get footage I don't get slowed right now so give me a like and subscribe if you knew from all crazy pranks this could be my vessel yeah lecturing the doorbell and see only going to guide I'm actually scared okay you will which means just limited only to explain you need to explain yeah watching on some calls on the Texas talked to nearly a satellite conveyed of all day to worry and wonder what the hell's going on because I was too ashamed ashamed once those needs to if you're kinda scum yeah okay my film I don't really want this film in the alternative Friday this is a joke isn't it no approach to the prime a promise St ruled that I Wasco Akron about Scott believes this is often in horror is this not sorry to me you've got even got a 16 year old friends who is pregnant could just go upstairs moves that everyone succumb rumble home Friday we find out what's going down month school amongst actually social good I'm great I just want to find out was not his going on the this is actually sure he just messing around Mormon hero radical says that each day told confusion that okay so you're brings pregnant well so you could school you did a fantastic Correa everything's been going really ends she's got a colleague he's going to do really well as well Unna OneNote bay and he spoke about the are you too young to even be talking about things like now maybe someday nnova nnova outlays is it just me if you don't cry unknot just completely you've got this one only today yeah I yet you may call me up you really can't be texting you know everything men wanted to be worried sick about say due to the hours he said no no you taking this is this is a joke isn't it RSP staring you don't even know what it is you want secure its allies adopts a adult should just a boy who decided maybe decide it put in a homeless shelter I think in the making now so about 6 this is January in any serious and this is the way things good salsa may that you just give us all just go our logo do Hondo I'm trying to become a station with yet another you delayed me saying stupid things too I mean this woman who can decide whether or not there is in a box and bring out the months of play would figure war overtake the Gulf War unknot tomorrow by new color for a you know war is always think not put on them but you know I saw you naked read this news you can live without being with Neil was how did you know I'm okay no no it's not a big deal debate I think the money since you aren't says they have any pills of with dozens upon you're freaking joke in night secular make go away go away go to your room wall out I think any time I think about this right to my comedia moon no crime I could use yeah things pretrial did you more say yeah nnova too low don't you think it's good night yeah champagne champion that's the combatants in the studio they yeah Galway move over here mobile number mobile objeto kid you know playing the muse with someone else I have seen it sure does for his job it's all good mood only held hands or Jello mold good war this is a really really fatness day I'm going to buy you I'm me yeah but we started by me you above me fiddling well I even log my god I don't know well I look to see a charge pieces of wood keeping you just go a big chunk of the gals how bad the sick children 60 year old kills a pregnant Lori to techno just taking the piss out of is that something is funny come true you know explosion angle you know guys loans and home loan guys wash my channel watch my channel that's going to be paid back been shot made a bit of Saddam worry told us about it worry about that Illinois you don't sue us Cabo room go up bush my channel it I world guys thank you all so into watching this video lie gray and to the video you know I'd hillclimb ma is just he's good to see you know even the even after a few most most those gullible or showing warmth guys thank you also to watching the video if you knew her member to go down that adds smush large barn and gently tossed the line will be gentle with the library but flash the subscriber calling down blue book price you think I should do next film mold I'll be looking out for the price show but you know maybe you go until her trouble but tell you Nigel gonna get drawn so you'll be late for awhile die side you'll still do watching others always IBM will well the yeah remote you guys been awesome harm also you yeah but yeah well I know them thing if if I had been launched you guys know and I'll see you in 9 how the drug there remember to subscribe to mug to it's so what he sat //
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\\you okay yeah some or I I'm just a minute it's no big deal it's just the eighth floor case today's money for today's my birthday what do you mean well today is my birthday alchemic slated the data was full no if it yeah he shows you the fool if I told you that I didn't forget your birthday and I've been trying to yes my wife I also told you not boyo present and I've been plotted on it for absolutely ages a lot of I told you that it's ready for you right now sin is this president is so much of a big deal I'm gonna repeal it my all my goodness a ladies and gentlemen boys and girls how by go a treat for you today guys I'm welcome back to another video today of the plank king is taught yes you heard die correctly this video marks the return all the right moves let me sit down and tell you guys all about boys going down in this video of what just went down tumbled channel because you guys all know you burn ready for this so we still only along you guys have been asking me molds well all the pranks on do you pull yourself you know Brian chemo in the bowl can I was thinking about all that I was who preparation Poulson I have so many pranks in 9 right now they smile the return well the truth is guys the prime wars has already begun pleasure for you genuine this video guys if you and you've never seen my baseball minor and if you know already well I'm hush Reid global born she smashes god the light bulb goes much alike gently touched the like bulletin board member to smash to subscribe Bowen but also guys iPhone page giveaway is actually rarely heard what is the they give away by leaving subscribe to the tell me you guys let me take you back to about a few hours ago and fill you in on what is going down so are you guys know a video when opal mums channel about an hour ago if you've seen the video already I assume you know what's going on but if see not video you should watch your this video bicycle up in the videos I played more on her troubled by forgetting her birthday for crying because she got mad however guys here is the twist the end of the video I said I had a big gift for her that I would reveal to all my channel in this video book guys I know the swerve just glided into a mixed because they've is adorable prying or more I said the pride woes was going to retire with a bar I set it guys doble prog all mold is happening right now to plan is that basically dies you'll know both the iPhone thanks this coming out in like a moment I'm going to get an old iPhone books make it look like an iPhone Xbox and pretend to mold like I have got so old released I don't see if she believes in the now this is a both a go ahead this is an iPhone 7 ball however more knows absolutely nothing about bone so if I can make this a little bit more like an art and I should probably believe it advise is exactly what we're going to do it in this video guys remember to smile July WXII did so because god is good you the prime can get by moms go in doubt putting all of his own yet again and I hope you guys will excite to let us do it okay boys and girls in the lounge right now we've got mono Macau mine is it on the part of coals through Thurmond is kind of like risky on your palm doing this because mom is not going to but anyway I'm Carol makes monopoly right now as you can see we're in the lounge and I've got the faults what we need to do is try to make this look like the I. after nightfall now obviously one of the know anything about you probably would just believe me if if I just gave and therefore it may be best we try and do a little bit of something to make this look like they are fall one gonna do I go shopping pad that I'm basically just gonna just gonna try to have a full moon one minute here's a merger of big at Freeman little boys and girls if basically they offer next you know mmhm you may be thinking right now bullsht going after is gonna believe law which just made you guys don't know mole you guys do involve noble shares the most gullible person I've ever seen in my life fuel and food shipments and believe them I'm gonna do is going to start the ball I'm going awry Volvo looks real all my books okay doctor looks kind of real nicely does look pretty no I don't lie to me then you do the same thing okay guys I have that is not to I'm gonna go on the basketball I I'm gonna Rilo faxless do impact what do the okay just fine I po that 9 I'm basically just going to maybe like what can we do to make this him all over mostly verbal flashes juror with apple logo committed may be found all over I don't know features playing around really just doing films which have to be different you know Saint John all the awful large not listen I'm in Philadelphia come back in school of all this George Bush is still overjoyed around the circle lava flow cooled off boys and girls the iPhone explodes is now don't do anything goes just quickly it is we we got a time travel into the kitchen mom's Albright no kind of wondered why I absolutely Screamin uploaded all the time protagonists nicely all with herbal so that's pretty cool you know we got some time to pass you excellent removed to get 12 oil inside for the return of prime rules flaw you Bruno you excite the prize will the scene all the drawings crude uprooted been around to see the ball well you know I don't see many of them Bruto seen all the prime you excited to do things without applying to Bruno maybe yeah of pulls of because Bernard thinks it's me you don't know as much about the prime will join in seeing as many of them do you think of the best prime go mon yeah okay okay little few uniform of a ticket to see mom got prime right now so obviously you guys are probably 100 molds have you actually given anything inside the ball but if you know me you'll probably know because I have a and the ball I mean look let's not fit inside yeah she's going to be really disappointed if I'm gonna take the leap was all too good on eva wanted to have that wanted to do right or does you know maybe still like them video obedience school hold other moves a sleek mobile mobile suites molding Dajjal iPhone for both me really really considerable appalled the iPhone Xbox back on that only good to go closing down the Colbert present wrapping can they don't know and other cold meat not both still wanted to earn this is not going well guys they don't call me the present that call the the guy that should probably not ever let presidents guys know that we've got a life and a new probably think you did you get a moment because boys and girls you know how much of a campus my you know how much I love more of course I got a call I mean on it may not of been you know the right one happy mother's day book again it's the thought that counts right outside of Russia within the she's a call from Los Melissa had it but I have this is all that counts license bill conflicts while okay so we've got a joint do something with this this is happy mother's day to all others Bob I going to live through the un pull up the move to a city perfect poll numbers all dry today Ono denies problem they say that again and have a wonderful does day because the how they're and then our today now we go to my head who waves both yeah ... fearful need more bus is likely what you all have a wonderful birthday people this day multi how do you prove to you both Lester surprise with the iPhone axe killers okay guys we did whom Hummel UK boy you know I ... serve you know that you present in everything I have good news it's always Nnamdi moved yeah I do yeah how you wanna you will take that on your videos everything's ready while Atlanta I think you should sit down in the lounge they wrote him on the big reveal the lakeside food yeah yeah yeah you excite through yeah yeah yeah blah thing wall more thing before I bring you a present ... people ... of today shoe ... are pleased good day to the US know best and be wrong nnova Obama prison wobbly prison command the prison yeah Fargo tell spittle blubber open elbow that wasn't really necessary will say good Phoebe yeah every matter but they be president yeah dosing up birthday again why he do because that was lie Trisha smoking those guys even auditor Dodge crossed the hall and then put more moved off of golf boomer have less give deliver here they haul you off come the president must not cross now ozone will be confused people can I know they say is Happy Birthday the to my overweight but beautiful mom this is our system to go down in the pit now mole good only so we are you know who wishes to follow the culture to my overweight the beautiful home that's exactly what you all have a wonderful move this cross now this guy moon and the for a moment because even signed Afaria see credible I'm open to the press is going to be a little bit that I had the improvement on this small bend the sick room yeah I'm not sure what you know what grateful she is 5 and says mom in 1000000 that's nice is Scott a goody was this again the mother's day even though I cross the owl some things money losing yeah well the panacea going I have not spent alone when the I'm a mom I mean is there is let willow know honestly ask that just some chocolate so sudden fame most components I'm phone sex when my little are you on when before you open it way let me put away for so before you open it movie does well guys try a new fan dust DR through next could he not released yet off you go along I've got a special apple who knew it was for you just for you it comes out in a moment more Unna unknot the brand new iPhone next isn't even out yet online also who falls in 3000 pounds because obviously how to play a special fee for just get tough because for dipping 5 you could just spend a whole lot well you're really Muhsin should not be a fan but you still think you can keep spending money like how mu kindness to mulch I don't got no thank you get really emotional because she keeps provide similar things in his life he spoke lumber for the call of the attack or conduct could you know I make up for the call kat if Joe can then control and I imposed cabinet okay Mochan durable killer you are you open today there is let Palmer does Gennaro although yeah day of the to go out well the wolf to plug loopholes that you've got me a we they moved well you look the thing this is what this is about the snags you employable you not pay back time this is all your reward you will have to look it up develop new with you create a channel ultimately know now may you be talking about good classes about you put on the belt 7 year you been drawing on the box you could just go away now but you're running along the ridge line you could carry do both pays a month all you least of all you want I think you need to go to your room now think about this this terrible lights treat him a look at the base of my undue W. through those well you know what you mean you don't wanna know what you know if they're not doing the best approach the moon if you just give me a bag of very posing because I today if it is round them up and give them to me I feel best set but that he put in a box and pretend the diseases bubble if you really just OneNote the money one of the money show me show me the Monet now I'm all good you know Wall them push number question of moving away from the dough tonight said who will under Mike's not on thousands of Vietnam and Laos and that was so wide and I might say that it's nice to know you know you know the the wall 5:00 need it will send a claw and even woke at 5:00 in the movie move the I'm not always well guys I think it's safe to say the pry laws is now well and truly thought of mold who's just kind bike with a strong return to prime full moon Boven successful to know to mold the prank kidding if Bach boys of football I guess the moral of the story is well is if you con take the imprime don't try and this is the exact same thing Monday mail my birthday wish you pretend that you bought me a dog she's flipping out about it but then today I'm giving her taste of her own medicine team molds anyway boys and girls Bustin affects us will plug for team moves we're on the hill the moment on the dollar as usual if you're going to see the bright ideas all moms juggle don't watch dog because it's so bloody I got her so good as well as god is so good on had the ability to have a video did suddenly I was willing forget everything that you've done some may but now yeah you're free stocks the it was now stars on Columbia's all day every well known yeah yeah yeah how much prime can now so you're in trouble you because well you wash your back bagels a Georgian Timorese above all of you thank you all for all the support go get a self simply molds Bradford everywhere you go thank you also for watching our does always I've been you guys have been awesome and I'll see you in my next video I'll see good to the words a //
"2017-10-11 17:02:11"
\\ ... good because ... uhhuh joined then yeah camera one of the playable we going to do it will react yeah he's a pretty well really really really really really curious great crew I think because musically it's a people who called me the capacity he did not listen to omit this fellow while since my last musically videos when we reacted to her musically is it ever since then you boys began a lot musically Clough I am 15000 ball was already serving a J. called so the floating down roads and you need to click into his golf bag well that shows I'm not more charisma guys if you and you have to remember to go to all that Bosch doesn't Garbo reads overtake Jacob Jacob I know you 2 is like golf ball what formal evoke because amount of growth I'm calling for you what show musically you to take on the gun dollars but it is a boy thing goes today at many of the beautiful but going to be recreating could pull music please I thought you know I we've been asking people you know all we like goals yeah I'm you know I don't think people like I don't think people feel it yet so maybe this minute I don't I don't think maybe this video is what we need maybe this video will some of those of us the next relationship goals musically couple and that baby every boys and girls remember to subscribe if you knew not not subscribe not leave a like they feel free to leave a like as well bolo my musically because I want to rotate Jaco subscribe to consolidate Jaco the lobe going down a joking Jake aside Georgians you could like kill me on every thoughtful budgets he has just died just home please yeah we can go where you can just change this now we have the first cringing relationship goals musically who ... home alone hello let's go come here them boys and girls if we skate on over to the musically out as you can see your boat is rocking all their team 272 bonds how many of you don't get me musically site just achieved by your own balls and you know not all day and they will kill her let's see how many kids you know you know she's been awhile since the last board meeting we did together musically she's been rocking of the videos let's sell all the stuff she's going on 6400 funds with 6 musically is our goal under 30000 with 2 I mean I take you even scientific Colaco Ameritech I'm not doing musically right now guys we're gonna start this with a musically I was going to pick a random song let's pick what a funny song yeah I for the US very light music would be coming for you you know they 7 nights past them all Lawton OK this so I guess we should just go in search employee like relationship goals I guess I need to I don't know work see the were both found you to be the scene over 70 about and about com yeah lesser this account so basically the way this works cara we want yeah and then we have to retrace it asa musically to try and do our best yeah okay so pick one they didn't do anything to implement mmhm yeah I and all that need you most of you know if you do new pool food food gold was going to go through on the Hellmouth because ... leann I mean you should do both moonless recruited a long day yeah go there we're going to do something retry when the there is I actually listen look of the recreation so who I'm then terrible wounds of all this is the term bloodsucker who the yes I'm Louis who's who don't mean we called find the song the the wall so song Sony how low this wall yeah no no only the very to walk J. go this is how you doing what you my ... world ... who is shy of here well Mantar will bring more good news don't know who not all the all new no room the US well I ... no I of okay Jake of sorrow no we did musically all about his life damage to do and will always angles and then about not so I like them I got some competition here because Jacob goes to the kitchen if you took the competition show because mourners on the scene now that means no more cream to the malls on you tube so you can do as well musically but I'm determined to decrease just musically although okay social dog real close it'll be really cute got us nominee till now yup totally like me for a moment your profession okay Ali she who little girl the let me I none of them in the all who and we'll use your rule I think you know dog yeah the route would be mad about a guy I think you know I think you know with all I think you know with all very big nose they're cute I like he felt much obviously we weren't like I'm gonna I'm gonna join possible with the right now a small window issues that she of class where you got the point I also removed bar and then John Paul impalement Charlotte and then let me begin with sent down like the we're really go along with hello move the golf I love how would you sneeze on comer hall for true video so brewed coffee told us amended on on going on don't ask them vis a one stop because you sneeze well if media basically just serves as a prime example of why I why should 13 boys why every relations goals you see is ... published by armed all we just just not gold may reduce the yeah maybe we should really see because you don hate each other put a guys remember to go on follow you boys own uniquely because we've all about the relationship goals Jaco I'm still coming here bro I'll go back home movement to do I'll go back I like cute faces I'll go bad our goals Jake you our job go if you grow also remember to get around the islands marsh of it from the police you know coming down below if we're relationship goals on all you got to let us know what you think about this is our goals is that few people but they're just using each other you got you got off to Las no guys I mean do you ship kooks do you ship called guides and thank you all so much for watching the video if you enjoyed leave alive tell me if you shift ship called in the comments section below yeah Baja member to go follow the musically I know they were still lives in the scripture go follow those core members don't make sure she doesn't overtake me like you can follow up but just like Josh and overtake me because you boys go by musically then thank you also to watching on the as always I mean Jaco she's been ... and maybe I will I will see you in the next musical video because they have use and I need to use our money piece out I hope drove the victims then remember to subscribe to one of these general good forget to give at night to that's the way the fact of //
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\\world burn although mom enough I know this I know is is your we do all on some guys boys and females house behind you and welcome back to you videos my name is Paul and I how to deal what I saw wobbly saw he's on what to buy the video today you boys bring him by another try single handedly used all the time with dad will get well malls never did so in a god yeah bombing bona fide mmhm boy he does today whereby whereby the challenge you through you know the male and female challenges they've been trending and that just isn't anything at the moment but I can use all thought like him all of his brain bucket trying this horrid done 1000 times but never done it she'd never done it so this still plenty for you to see on this video so I go and you never see my face on the aisle but yeah good deal didn't ever see my grades on a ball might involve not here you go well what the flood plain well Jenny how yeah you know gently talk to get your friend and like we don't trust you can when Jen do a thing like bongos Nancy my smushes I don't know a different what one deserves more respect in the Beliveau and he's a gentle touch well hold on care one sight of goal click my giveaway no way okay yeah well yeah well for some reason it's giving and I phoned me and my full and aids away his garbage you log the law and and the way that you should see Dennis Hopper like Watson and smashes inscribe buses and then he'll give you know I'm trying to free but probably not just one of you will get it but it could be you so do those things okay is the way the talent works I'm gonna tell you the way the challenge works you got them or anything like 5 videos on this don't even lie Washington's right now you and I'm really loud and personality fake no word charismatic basically we both got out of 5 goes in this is going to be the best out of 5 she had 5 goes on me I am bargains on her not started only sexual it gave me a lot about a yeah we're going against all right now on-again I'm gonna be 2 June camera blindfold meal so I started put on ... while why I think also things genuinely because they're going to look good yeah I can be book vote go boom wish us ill it'll go to Google moments alone aloneness there is so yeah I hope you mean where yeah hearing thing yeah good yeah well the more yeah for real without the there was this frozen bad show full of other measures on whom to guys who seized upon them through yeah he soon Brasilia's all I return yeah juror no you look there is no job and no less gas problem no I don't think it's not it's a arm crap all you got it whose then you know I like genuinely up when people did these touch my body Tom if I always lived buffet cliff love must be so easy this up and the Bruins going back home and I don't know how this is well no thought of some good news may be good but no sound good campaign not okay bono yeah he reversed above well done the US we have the no no Nnamdi this year I think in yeah leann yeah yeah I know I affordability then you gonna Chen lu to all employees when doing them smushing this okay next thing there okay next palm of I'm going to do is ... let's go for the a now the only 2 fingers for this yeah sale me don't say you it was really easy or you don't apparent euros definitely and I saw how my nieces no I don't see that just money you know just why the just money I mean if you nicely former bush somewhere 9 year olds Stura meal I think you guys are the guys who know love will grow I think oh yes oh yes yeah okay guys guarantees what you love grow a blindfold mold marriage going given scripture going nowhere d'auvergne doll mall got no more no gun I'm I'm all V. then bill term no mom lieutenant right in yeah right the so and he wants one although whether or just want to go good luck hunger anti all my will valuable Israel Brucie what your boy whom she in New York boom boom yeah you put in the other you bowl gonna move on so does not mean is currently for you too I've got 3 cry you've got to cry guys is currently 3 through right now we're gonna do our the 5 would see but we both just you're good at this so it is going to keep going calling down blue right now he is going to win molds all the girls column dollar low tell ya don't got for L. how good she looked values where nobody liked Clinton 50 pounds yeah I guess that was a good also value need your tire Holland until your mind only to find the other guy Manila stretch around a bit though yeah see other I only your I'm really feels like I don't then I yeah yeah yeah yeah do come to here is pretty pretty shocked I know everyone's going by village and in the call is the same old now the game show next round I'm I'm feeling confident I'm good no no no no care here are the other group real blindfold here ... bus is not an appropriate blindfold your government to think paid time to a time we can indeed if you chase them try catch me out you know and you have well last skin in between your although my doll I got followed us in the bar fungus is us folios yeah you know I Univar what he we don't want all my goons I don't even think authority to adopt full you'll know what would final round on the wrong side yeah actually is the bottom line is the deciding round okay boys and girls file around right now the school is currently neck and neck someone's got to win souls go loose go and then who are the losers about 3 decided gonna fly prizes you get tweaking of the person's account I just made all right now but use even if what clearly this guy with go yeah through Europe here had it means good live full lives only to cook flip imply Felisa they gonna come off elicit that queuing more expense but thank you all for this time okay boys and girls now is no fee for what's the city for yeah a friend's approving this not make good rifles PC for now thank you know okay hunter previews for boys and girls this is not the time to play around this is where it all gets serious the final round the decider boys and girls laden down then goldfish isn't going dogs must put can do this only a fool the pay attention to 1. can you edit join today she's a fungus which turned fungus is because yeah yeah yeah I go you can go well dress given enough so you have to acquittal with whistles all moved boys and girls opens onto this theory of waffle on go for the bar down is not in your decision go to grow this is gonna be kinda hard because I'm I mean go much to look we're gonna go I love burden all moms for I know this I know this is your cheek no matter the king will not go arrest you and yeah what no movement it wasn't your cheek worshipping if it takes him to be keep it hush lost got a clue taken out boy I just lost smokes cooking now father will say 3 of my column and you believe in become the look and I'm gonna sit back and just cry and you just sit back and just think of all the horrible disgusting things between al golden wonderful subscribe to the sea and they vote for Christmas just please go through Medicare ... dorm a lot and while Boise go this is an absolute buying a the over the finger buying them no one has replied known because the volume any well I also really love this little boys and girls that energy has just flowed all the flippin window like the start so well manages gone because realistically I went into this challenge thinking like you know I have to manage female bodies so many like in the thousands so like I thought most experience will a time and don't apply don't would approve feels like I'm very disappointed myself to well guys nonetheless if you've enjoyed remember together on that I doneness gently Harbury very June guys thank you all so much for watching eyes she said if you do smart dozens guideline gently tell the live on a calming down below what you thought was good at all while so much to do with care thank you also Georgian I'm as always IBM moves she's been through as you guys would be no I'll see you there no I'll buy it drug use their remember to subscribe to Mugsy 7 little good for you tonight you if so what he sat //
"2017-10-08 17:01:16"
my GIRLFRIEND CHEATED with a FAN!!! (They Kissed)
\\no if well I nmhoa alright then home self you gonna public buses hello guys and welcome back and thank you for putting on this video all mind I'll move so I for today's video I tunnel flipping way ends I was going to tell them what was going on today on it's no wonder sometimes or to pretend like I have friends because it makes me feel better about my tender will live anyway moving on today's going to be so all of them for so many we all of the show is really Bonin been cool I don't know nothing in this bill of a child no more true today I am off to London to be over care again for like the seventh week in a row my life just a little bit about one of the moon so it technically there's going to be some of the people in this video sewed up to because most people in my room I'm still pretty sub though okay boys and girls so right now is currently one P. M. boys up one a and P. M. I am I think is 1:00 PM and your boy is just totally getting ready because I am going off to London and a little while when I say well why know your boys in a plug for my us well in my room those would be messy like stop every well I mean what what what they're doing by the way please well I really like I like the hoodie goes out the new MH embroidered hoodies yeah I think it is broke wise the link in the scripture yeah sure I don I'll go clean basket weaving you measure goal my friends asking me for the new marriage like just plug in Barcelona do not call give everyone from you merge point at you and you add your ever see me on your screen befall welcome to the jungle my name is molded you the team called fun if you haven't already subscribe to the channel wanting to do it showdown that flush not subscribe but not not like blood type equipment slash bus 7 bullet Goju description and slush not read more books than don't flush the ball about a woman of the social media them when you don't I don't flush out the call bono my mood started doing smash the subscriber my mom's channel that does that muscle you can put in flash so I'm going to start a wave minor drug abuse is really why don't you go off to the train station ago so wholesome ideas for what to do today you guys read the tile you got no it's cool though it's going to be awesome well before we do anything let go and say hello to mom I have no clue ashes this is like a day in the life of the mall knowledge there's just always just random stuff going on like mine Catholics playing why the lounge exists on the ropes work in order to well I cannot as usual only ahead could work part of keeping the has been a lot yeah so okay we'll keep it online Nomura annnnd once upon wires local go where is a really cool on if you are a good morning he looks quite sad here okay Bhudevi you okay well I think he is I think he's good you good but economists who have called you gonna stay no well the help will go you don't get a miss Mary I of small they're looking to whom the front of look today yeah conduct touch you will the homeless yeah you do look kind of home relay you know what you think see even beneficial co most somewhere you know alone do not know where he gets away with you today millions take me to the train station when a weekly the hope in and come back with you Sri know just to get me out for the day know how could a major on the train moves box is doing well down when John Scovill good you know topics Dr yeah yeah Emmanuel call on the nuclear logo on then the car right now we go the big woman she's got to deal with the loss of autonomy for Elmo don't do oppose graceful and elegant you will really go to be fat you my ideal and you can just lie it just raises you call levels by like by 50 percent all either but yeah boys girls right now trades they should bring the weight room the blue car it now as you can see it looking fresh and split right now right recorded in many of the most shallow what do it because I'm gonna be questioning her boatloads of controversial things while she drives in the car with just about to get a bit SO by now if you haven't seen already filled out all moms juggle very soon they'll be linked in the description way can subscribe to her because it is gonna be really really funny I'll be sure to ask all the gruesome all the drooling over controversial things you guys want to know it's gonna be a good one who got shot now off to the train station almost alone then this is gonna be a great video subscriber can you leave a like get a match ASCII soon actually actually hold on a sec moment don't do much on the show and think I soon okay boys and girls are you Joe we pulled off so why why are all remote own all the sudden every time you I just prefer art is so so so we cannot vote don't anyone take advantage appear only 16 you know more I'm here all night yourself don't let it will take about 3 okay will bloom until I was the words with more on the boys and girls we just filmed the video on a channel that you and I was fully did you got exposed act like those that I know that I always get exposed on your own channel guys not really will go through subscribed hurtling into scripture incredible the gills right now just pull over the train station I'm gonna go to one that and all the other 3 drew blood do it injuries south mocha and see in London and I know ... little look here's a okay how you do it on the channel first thing to tell them what did you forget what did you forget what did you figure what else did you forget she left her Tom wrote the single most important thing you need to finish your Cuba laughter and I I I I died in the line so tell me why I'm just for show I did then yeah what we do is we wait and we have balked at the same hotel as last time guys because I can be bothered to find a new lawn yeah okay so we just spoke to reception they wish we just gave us a free upgrade the pose on the top floor said we're gonna give them the sugar was about everyone not so obviously I'm very excited fighting for first time will kid I think the same rooms lost hunter we all well I mean it was this exact same was lost on and color is green awesome couple ... while Liz no exact same room because it's a flaw higher old so it's not real great we've gone got hired full us a pretty good too solubility girls we got couch such so precise so think thing tables terribly go the TV we got the desk we don't want actually admitted to the drugs I was last fall I was like this one lately be the same room ever thought was of a different color but yeah guys I mean it's still pretty good rooms August okay boys and girls I just got ready I'm only joking house already nothing has changed here you already know so here what we'll do deny bush today's list right now so my random guy I think you might be like home so simply came up to our room alea formats like kick him out but ever since any just domestic mofo like I'll show you him obviously once we go down to my parents are waiting for us in the lobby what he knocked on the door through like Hey remains a leading man in any was like you got food on the money unlike such dealers different also have taken our analysis domestic mills same like Keith book to the table for awhile and we got to go out to them also been so powerfully today we got food with Sony's homeless which I don't know I'm not really too excited now well Hey go do a go due to the homeless but when I ask people only so everything goes what would you mind always going about 2 and although I went at a ball with her last time I saw it would lead to let the nicest to place we've ever been like I'm going to live through those I next level the cartels were amazing Michael tell them a we got about an hour ago about now guys is going to be really go we I probably really frugal the exact same room with less hard just like a floral it's kind of wind like lead to this is going to build the same long as last time bush is like completely different whoa whoa yeah food you don't care you much on the shirt so guys here is the homeless person we told you about it it's just been waiting for us though I don't know too much or you will be out of the was often about room service on but that is my business card bus my toe the line by the way anyway miss the homeless person why we going on now yeah 2 yeah I know fully self tiles tune actually told all of law clerks coattails soft tales no I I've seen self titled full not even from we nmla yeah yeah over so he could come across as nothing Brian published one like Sony if you this is aggressive compliments with molds look where like Gennaro well Jay go really tall you don't say so absolutes overtones but it was observed blood of aggressive Pullman 5 more I think about it couldn't couldn't but later tubs of both okay boys in galvanizing Intel will hand the rationalize knowledge which is really cool what order food from a height not it's really futuristic it's not Jacob going to play the game will be on the table let's go let's do a 3 RD tries not to play games on the table pretty much here to Jaco further schools first wins I we by find well well we're gonna get some food on trains and so it's gonna be good jurors say something memory the yeah so for no thank you for the war yeah what cool thank you I don't 50 1:00 hours yeah NCCU disgraceful so we went Joey the well is one question all you won T. molds or people we will all going to go JW IGN vault yeah sure go I'm I'm not he's feeling you I all that however you may he it you may hoping but I nnova bar you yeah she's a lawyer with the girls right now you boy you go go home because don't buckle trees but yeah wake up but the hotel call that will be all Jim about doing that look all well guys I not that right over the cliff now but right now you told me you 2 just like him you too lightly put it will go was I forget to click on it you to go about to kiss phone I do do do do just go about our lives really know Ludlow bootleg you get laid off I would do it don't do it going out soon as you know how you could by god I'm not as dumb as how you clicked I technically this year already we care about together does than boys and girls would buy right now hotel and you can tell us a little bit late right now so I you know you boys go to keep his voice downloadable yeah day one mean W. Dave want us like you know it was like a whole stable yeah guys that women to explore let me know way only to do tomorrow and the next day colored although which do I also remember to come back tomorrow to chill at 6:00 PM because you bully of course a drop in new video for go check this but to one girl see the marathon likely we will this time all the time you're that will never ever fail to amuse me too amused by such stupid things organized by yourself watching this video as always if you and your time actually hello what will be to do in the next video I also but would subscribe to the channel if you're new and Jimmy I room they give away all institutes at tonight's legalize Emilio unsubscribe you know been to dis thank you Sir for watching I was always high mold you guys get all sometimes I'll see tomorrow at 6:00 PM in the studio perhaps I'll no drug the visual then remember to subscribe to well Jeez gentle of good will get to you that night even if that is the words in the sap out //
"2017-10-07 17:01:23"
\\okay why we made the type of okay we got him to show off almost it's very secure all not the well so I didn't want to bush who is under while Facebook messenger thanks a lot for the little guy he's welcome back and thank you for clicking on this video a okay okay does a little bit better now today started off pretty standard for me I will go like 2:00 hours ago and you probably think you're molds what did you do in the 2:00 hours since you local absolutely nothing I just rolled around in bed and just listen to music like I don't know if that's just me or if I've just the way though but I never get out of bed as soon as I wake up I always just roll around in bed I just like to think about how much I'd rather be sleeping but anyway I'm dead a little bit off topic today's video is going to be an all flew by guy is going to be a little is a blast because today's video is going to be all about pogo which means I should probably go down and say good morning to her annnnd you'll really good this morning I was talking to pogo now yeah slow let good pain lifting yeah with blue challenge you to a helium balloon dull one thing challenge photos they had a pogo and I yeah Evelyn today's video is going to be all about this well born right here in all honesty though guys nicely growing a little bit we both live on I don't know if you can tell but we should probably do a little bit ago he's quite happy right now blackened food item one hot people like all in the name of the the vehicle pulled will flow and yet you don't say it is a little bit for rooms in the house that move and if you can but often you want guys there is one thing I need to let you know of all before this video continues light and gentleman I am currently giving away a bloody footprint new iPhone so but this is what should it up like a few weeks I don't even all the way over to us are from 7 tell you 2 ladies and gentlemen I did you know a right now you are ready I've been out for like 2 weeks ago actually I'm still using the server but I thought Hey what's more important media all you guys could have called you guys equipment love you guys but if you want to do the job of winning this iPhone then leave a like on this video down below mush of poems all I've also subscribe to the channel that's a few things about the do we rely subscribe and pulling down below phase why you should wait for this I wrote because that's a lot of the flanger and so tell me why you think you deserve it claim launched well okay well you do it out of the U. bid for 3 day 1 of those was the moon I think that's the level 23 year old when would you enough not interested in you don't hold talks more good you don't know about me is that if you lay economical whole yeah top yeah me yeah they would not you've got no friends now you want a world that don't exist just to moan always this email should know I need to bring somebody and tell them what they want them to full multi you happen smiling more gonna pull the whole Bruno befall them vogue and wind just remind me of not one occasion what year ago you pay most and you feel comfortable I don't really know what to do just kind of just pull I don't know don't know to what come away from the house yeah won't go home ... arm I'm gonna send you back if you don't be a right just people that the web you do don't let people some Wall will more weeks and they don't let go of the thought that way called she's a small Judas and wall won't feel good not rife that right with no no Jimmy legs political affairs police and nobody would a little while I don't think there is no turn to stone the technique no I'm dead immovable disarm the hold on guys I think I think is something we need hold on before we continue I think we need the pope Walter said about 6 Darling NBI is this how you hold your domain this adult rule Kim with elisa in your arms that it wasn't walking right here intense don't walk through you and we'll go on and will push on the a little closer I'm and non title I I'm gonna be say Maria followed you fall in a long time but just like yeah moment what feels about a riot doors should push me foster I'm not sure I know you love them yeah pogo you gonna you gonna come I don't think he climbs on the stuff there over Gaza coming home why didn't bring moved and caught in the moment where we go in there and in the way we're going to lose but why would an employer and both for the put out Charlie he's gonna be out of the news takes to go low obey the law very little country boy mom mobile no no let's get in the way let's get some balloons unless Sinai little fluff ball to space okay boys and girls we've just arrived on the destination we ordered like how many more 12 helium balloons from the th called shot mom's gonna go click them is going to be less less new oh my gosh for the lord of whatever it is this ability all my holding my gold another things of the more embarrassing in my entire life I will adjust and I thank you very much you can get them all in is all of them against the background for the shows is pretty cool right now look up boys and girls and we're going to come on the call you know the only one place we gonna go of calls is going to be Costa my favorite place kudos you just go home bowl cut out with gusto all boats and dog died we got a call polder we've got afflicting coffee and ice cream I tell you animal it's just wrong remote and this is just lie with fun comfort drive in is just a picnic they just end up having a picnic with the file you did of a cheeseburger slow arm and I felt that that the guys come settled of sickness if out of out of double on both with fries it would have completely killed make nothing is one of them food and yeah I think I meets today such as no I know for boiling goes we've got all the balloons which ties them all together down here Google has got a song to song what Rudy right now is wait for Boston so we can get on the camera than me a moment ago to test out if these blooms will offend put go into space because Balkan them you know all of us are walking 1000000 to $3000000 who's all over like I'm not don't worry and it was over a it's I think you boys you bought pogo is going to go into space what he does a very vocal me buddy Pennywise because because off all my balloons fuel flow to would you like a balloon Joji I've Goldblum's down in my well if you get the job done that's cool guys outcome but you at about 50 minutes left on its head of yeah my lord we don't all the balloon drop voters voted off off off notability modules push and are you excited little boys okay boys and girls I think it's time we stop all this whole entire experiment it's is the time you think Joe dolls into space using a helium balloon experiment we are 12345678910 I think helium balloons are actually pulling down below hominid really blew through it because I call for them to call above all the it's a way we can get a comment so so yes ma'am well I'm going to try and find little boy Paul go into space go to go more goes up 50000000000 barrel but I've heard malls is pretty nicer pogo you can experience Ball Dr right now if you do remember just Russia like on the video unless flitted through this okay why we made the Taliban okay we got him yeah show off ... moments this virus to kill this verse to kill broke both I don't believe those are still one of my not the was open crooned well you know would you be the where's the yeah he's got where is it he got what might not where is what you mean is what our combat soldier wishing to donate you will call for the well yeah new did you think you are get the call gets you through chemo the okay reason you don't look at me you know what what do on I don't believe it I think down drastically because you don't think you do really evenness yeah what do you do you better move here parent bloody all other thing you do is yeah I I yeah I leann Joe what was it like on the tree who got what was a lie yeah it would do all it was you want to go yeah what no poor guy call number you know although we'll get your call today is not the time for a job through no why is it that Everytime I uses come with is always thoughtful over the lands like Gandalf monthly been one to borrow your boys and girls I just already I mean my dad in jockey like this is a pretty rare occasion I don't usually wear a denim jacket will you boy the boy pulled out right now does because right now I'm all out with my dad I'm feeling a little while you willow while and I did you know to get roasted some the rest out tonight because he need though he needs a good roast and all my gold is not the big died of things there is little failures you like 10 K. on 12 look at them 12.4 she'd be those mosquitoes it to the exact I'll leave at 3 all boys think you have my do you seriously seriously over drugs like question yeah I do wiping the ... I think Graham looking out for our car you over charge like Russia photos yeah is terrible no other juices title was Jimmy look at the foot of the flow of outside in the not so what do you use this large scale explore like a hot because the gym's rugby scholars like you notice large like a week when you boil away crucial virtual bold move plenty on it don't even watch the sun it off its pedestal this place is the study this printer there is just like the way you flick awaiting his letters all over your folks but but have we done it falls forward black asleep most well known as I would you know you call his coat and shirt your own home nervously before wouldn't bodysuit Grossman Moroso best opens up just printed J. reduce I'm talking about your forehead ha ha ha ha it is do they get is hair all good news hymnbook those I tell you what I do Love Me a big fat juicy steak book or who I am very full right now I'm even joke in my belly I'm feeling pretty flippin full right now guys let me know if you enjoyed the little skit we did earlier with the dogs don't worry guys wouldn't actually said that the space if you called Telerate it was just a low level jobs however if you go full buys not leave a like on the video and also remember to subscribe to the channel if you knew because if you want and to the iPhone aids giveaway legalized and subscribe and calming down low widening should ways does what you gonna do also guys I'm off to London again tomorrow so remember to to buckle digital tomorrow at 6:00 PM for some more doped videos coming your way and thank you all so much watching this video I love you all so much I hope to see you back here tomorrow at 6:00 PM for no the video guys as always I've been mold you guys been awesome I don't see you in my next video I hope so good job the video then remember to subscribe to margins jasmine Huggins will get to do that night yeah that is the words and he sat up with //
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Mom didn't want me to Upload this... *IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE*
\\go to your local I haven't I don't see why I have to do a review of the very very valuable yet another mentions does it not was doing now that we just don't normally go to do it more I think for about 3:00 hours again the furry 2 Wallin I look this we still have some things you Greg why should have know that threatened you go through like away thank those yeah actually catch up I pocket the kula old school mall challenge video today your boy is going to head to head with him the girl didn't hold school more full of great challenge to bring you a little bit crazy challenge this time whether the ball at all you played holding Nonnus all this video in 2 words I would say reaching also you're really really old wall boundaries really high state for this video the hall based on a new level will be I don't think I the falcons yeah why do you I have been she had not looking very excited for this video when I do 5 your baby boys bottles with 5 individual full we're gonna stop copies they had that yet for I us the first full fare for the best baby Billy Bob Dole is going to be a tweet from the or the presence of how long this second pulpit is going to be lifting mop too bull has fallen comrades nnova sizing the humiliation I don't know what is Marvel knew what to say about who was Roman mob all day yeah I mean I mean good for food is going to have to be a tablespoon of all call for you that would be a case well if you think about moving okay the full full faith in good faith will prove on no no no I was not both now even if I lose I'm not doing a city man while I was in the fifth full faith in the grand finale is going to be getting drenched with a book of war for all of how do you how long 5 beyblade bottles 5 full days this video is going to be a crazy one yeah so just always so the challenge is to tell you old wears all through huge chunks off home group with punches video I think opens the show them what's available warble bottle yeah let's do it so as you can see we've got a lot of different styles of labeling all in different colors shapes and sizes up through the little customization options is over and jul customization for these vaguely select question do and which one do you really go with clothes wobble Bosco Tom drawn to the orange while I mean I like hosiery well I so do we the people involved where is your tie surveyed would be brought here by the you don't go to college and then buy it we hope the a re-attempt okay above well we we'll take a lot of what OJ guy good guy with the mobile sorting things out is a little more bombastic they're very worried with all your friends obviously you guys know I've already so I just mobile because you know she thought of a friend well really now you know Natalie okay if offered me food he said that's it now for mail if I do this I'm basically paying its riverfront at this point but it is also really cool but evil is out of ways you can also play real big blades back Julie the eponymous show read all about right now dozens evenness to comply with your friends waking mas yeah I'm basically obviously hall you barrier bottles you're launching from launchers fell in the battle of the best ways to be a bit bad would not get away ones won't who can go from going for a fool well while row you off ladies and gentlemen and so far played to basically balls aloft these walls does not go very well be 2 ball well right now we're gonna go sold with the challenge mistakes are going to hide and hopefully I can get a little bit better because they have the best Baltimore now that's available right now but if you want more details all beyblade when you can get the way yeah those W. in the scriptures below my writings you ready solve joining well let's go to Lou sewage William picketed sees you home with orange under a filler holiday I I'm going orange dresses draft boards vases right now we can't wait I don't do it whose element of this is the first bottle default on this one I have because 3 of them at the facing the couch 3 through won't she nnova I will with the claim really and it was at the bottom doctors and I think they'll go to tell that's good we were more like how do whatever I want nnova without new 30 goth also improve both and please don't be too nice day okay here are the 32 wallet 2 weeks so Matsui's just refuse to complement 1 of my videos given big losses coverage so mostly just to use that harbor mode for one of my videos is that Bob Dole I wanted them all whose they will say that we will pull the palm lines not good enough for the queen guys I really need to get some revenge now so I think we move on to the say OneNote you'll hear of our yeah good here for a new one on the ground for the pillar pole I believe I believe in the purple jubilee guys okay let alone well as bald headed through the harder you anymore like very true more I only because of a hard fought battle Google sorry and no well I only you and she note so with a view of the moon I don't do a bit late cool all the way we want to see that Kayla poll that through the through line I well I'd rather this is a guy grown up the today we nnova this you know to me what do we got to the coffee a tablespoon of call ovoid saying they call me was the sweaty bowl that okay well let's do this hunger for this politically as a playwright all you the US through all well no it was good to you Bob hi mmhm who we use is destroyed okay all you write the way I wanna say all the right do we to blog I the it's good for the color and also also also do I book both the only to go into you're call now whose Israeli who will win this nbae goodness okay about 10 minutes late so I swatted I've pulled away to look for the next one is not likely guns back to now moving on to sit in the hot hot hot cock calm goalie will lead yeah you better get your basic life skills next level because think about it is online right now on their of the purple no I'm here for nnova don't go completely I used the blue ride the stall and it didn't go too well for me so let's hope right now I can turn it won't bother you to launch I hope yeah yeah will you why did it right you know so I'm just here go nation to Perot I'm fine they would eat every day I think the growth Boston would you do it balmy colonel can I lost won't 6 do a full name colleges this does not work like that they small things could should go to do it more I haven't I don't slap to do a review of the bay by Baltimore yet another mention sentiment in the Charlie doesn't know was doing now that would go there on Monday go do it move I think I did I think for about 3:00 hours to be sick again barrefaeli boys will furry 2 wall on you lu bu Moodle movement that goes to sit down and I said I shot now well learned or through enough money you can no you know you you angel so yes this is called see intent to all people is this girl I think people may have well people ... narrow who's not will give us and really ready for the do we know that I'm never doing it again your days drenched with a full scale war stuff this stakes have never been higher I just got better after all George Strait pulls up I'm going to go for my boys pulled through you guys both hold reading writing all this talk that way Pete me cable are you ready the drives but all the guys drop alive right now do you subscribe calling all going to go away calling god wonders these with the ground but all the people are you reading very soon launch a the yeah yeah yeah Luther wall to wall to wall look then all yeah so I guess it's time to do the full fare food grand finale let's go over here you guys for the grand finale moments just build an ice cold bucket of war going on in the end was freed from the 2 issues are you difficult technical issues are still technically about vaguely Bala blah I'll go to the final 4 for the grand finale so guys mode to like the video subscribe if you knew you take away a long well guys that since it arrived for the cinema monks is still coming down mono mood boom boom boom Paul we don't I don't want to have the almost the baby blade Charlie dry many verses won't the final school with free to the public school I don't feel like I'm freely within edited right now it looks like I'll be there if you want to find out anymore information about the fate played spinach way he's got them how bush they all more bothered with it more about the art thou would be out all night still not be leaks in the description of your child's Osborne who sponsored this video violently surely I'm sorry right now so I need to get this out to do great guys site tools that would go a cigar really appreciate it Shahzad's only people who can guide alleged I don't know who it is eyes being pulled through is very very cold right now you got the big flickered old soon wealthy to how did you know I'm yes how moods //
"2017-10-05 17:01:23"
I Spent the Night in Mums New Car & It Went Wrong!! (24 Hour Overnight Challenge)
\\because with the flip Nkrumah Ghana's Typha and just in the life of my phones the should go to sleep to hook consumers to choose only actually right what she's going to be on my guard god Lucy molds welcome bye to know the video and thank clicking actually kinda like that you know June you insure ride that so guys today's video is going to be an absolutely Olson what is going to old more video patrol challenge turning by today lawyers gonna be taken on a no but overnight challenge but this one is gonna change big day because it's going to be and my mom's you now let me explain to you what's going to be going down in this video okay so I no in this video I'm gonna be taking the lead over challenge but as you know is going to be in my mom's Braun you call home for a fact is the mole wouldn't be too happy with me doing this challenge like she is low key be a very protective over and you call me she already loves it more than me tonight is sound is going away is late and I I'm with this all in all I'm gonna do this challenge with all her even though it about all right all true yes guys this video is going to be an absolute flippin by guy turned out way before we do anything we go something else which is super excited to go do on the go right now to my local shopping center we've people and then you call of pickle one of the bride you iPhones take give away to one of you guys took one of the mall bus ride I said one of the videos if you guys can smudge me 20 ball the life I would give away and you want to go and you guys do that so hope right now to go get a dog bone give away to one of the legends watching the video but now because I reckon love you guys they move all the little baby 3 Paul yelled well that's a lie yeah yeah getting a medal get you out of food ennobled young people exactly how you owe you what effect will go and no you all you guys had no no what do you guys think about the giveaway you guys excited you're going to be a juror in well if you guys were in the know it pretty funny clothing mold through television and free to all all he no I think I feel the same concerning the flow of life only not a good living together Volvo 7 a the station with the call nothing nothing both just normal stuff because it was just pulling to metal I know where I'm going to get the I. foam from the moment just raised a really good question I've actually wanted to ask you guys about wall should she told the call what should we call the call you know face blue these big is arranged like Israeli made the commercial mind I was thinking maybe like Eminem McBeal like Moorsom warmth all I just I'm just something about the la Iran because light moments log in Boston and the ads I of you gotta say it put guys leave comments on this video and also go over the edge and only the common saying what you think we should call this also treats almost all entrees inscription all that well yeah Lippold at night now we're gonna go get the iPhone what yeah show I'm just looking at the mall right now I think I'm gonna go for a lot of work to go which Cola you think by some good off mobile suits all week she things has the bass hopefully you know a person so I think is about full Callisto the first one more push one of this right here through this is like my my my shows like ... but grows old I think I know what the gaily what I think yeah then you've got the film which is silver honor here would once over to feast on the boulder in from my opinion I've never to fill the phone they just kind of seems like silver just like silver is is not as good as gold and then the one I think I'm going to get because this is what I'd want if I was gay and that small the block wall yeah yeah part of what grade high school model like my one of the moment if can actually got it what is my favorite color so think I'm gonna get that will guys know just home did some subscribers to ... alleged okay guys just finished a bit awful I decided to go in this word well well right here did you buy you came out like a few to go blog gives us the best call everybody loved like brooms I'm gonna begin this away really really serious gonna start right now guys in the Senate old it's going to be crazy now the way you went into the dry new I've thrown a is by number one so driving to the channel you have to be subscribed to cope with without being subscribe to the channel so go down that I leave a subscribe but now he's already number 2 you have to like the video this one is really employing guys forms of the video arches ball like a 1000 all I've known all on my own want to give away this is that I don't know how this is just 0 to you guys because I love you guys and also very soon I'm going to get a link in the descriptions atop of low double the way you get on so well for now just leave a like and subscribe to the channel to wind this brand new iPhone it's Israel all went down so well load you guys got involved in the whole night though why don't do another one for you guys with one of the brand new iPhones guys scribe to the channel right now legal like on the video and then leave a comment down below saying if you want to win and why you want to win the new life that only the comment saying why like the video and subscribe and then you go and blow molds lower doing right now we go to I. kicks we need these oil a meatball meatballs meatballs boys and girls just pulled off of the new ikea in Sheffield now seen the Sheffield is kind of like my country and OSHA field is my country England is a city I feel like this is what you know what my my I cannot defend this is not my thing so if you want me to do a challenge in the psyche maybe never die may behind see metaphors although let me know in the comments section below I believe a lie so minimum got exact same through a couple more shooting gallery in the well that sure Roger green susceptible to the example you know so I just finished filming a video for my mom's channel it was a really deep chewing a load of deep questions gost loads of troops were revealed I gotta go moved off a little bit I'm not gonna live bumble don't limit it to those workers dog almost channel probably right now if no download they subscribe to have you on the billing in the description but basically basically what's happening right now is I am going to football on stood on the kickoff I'm a fan for a few hours and that after that it will be about like 10 when we finish so that is why mobile probably go to bed and we can get this challenge started I'm really excited I cannot wait it's going to be crazy leave like you very excited nothing to dislike legal like you very excited subscribe if you knew less flippin do this okay boys and girls it is now.tie all the video I so flippin excited right now knowledge is only a mile uncommon mine in this book I think I'll be better if I don't tell either of them because I don't know how reliable really is mine these days no everyone just a little bit on just where they saw just all Hey what I don't tell anybody one and I'll tell more but don't know till mine and then let's just push just blushes dewlap so right now it is midnight more lost in our sleep in bad and I am about to do a while I'm so professional I'm about you the overnight challenge in my mom's flipping call him you call who she has only out for like a few days I'm about to sleep in overnight without him knowing that it's probably going to be one of the craziest videos I have and I don't guys trouble like right now subscribed on you this is going to be flipping crazy always loses a few things I need to do you know we colleges go into this right now we need to put Pat a little bit we need to get supplies you need to get items we need gas stove was going to give that to tell you need just before we complete with its got places to sleep things to sleep in things that the warmth shelter clothing everything we need to apply the law starting way of ... no I'm not necessarily fuel Richard I so don't want to get a whole lot still however I really do find the a button on the phone with him we thought pulled out that cool I also would not mind a bye of Chris Krispy brides what did they what life will be on hand we're going head all my lord we have got a lot of weapons open head I'm okay you know I'll let you be moving on to the fridge of goodness the fridge is where the real stuff goes down all my law we have got a lot of stuff in here I'm thinking we go for one of these young guys because I tell you these are actually the nicest thing that with a little just like a younger drawings but they're so good this I think valley Alvy would go y'all gotta banality this is like not like me at all talking about well yeah I think we should I think we should both go good job what because her other studies mulling it over you boil of this chocolate all my going to go bald what what's a new clue why we still have some of this stuff but its plot warfare that is bad in normal water think you're going to go for that as well and then finally one more thing one thing to top of the entire food and drinks section is gonna be a flippin groups you yeah I used nailed it pogo's has been watching this entire time like what the flip only doing pogo I'll be back I promise so yeah I'm gonna call my down here in a minute pull the set of by both the full doc I need to get some more supplies okay villages magically teleported both as to the bad you always lead us the food and drink side door books I need some stuff which is going to keep me entertained you don't say I couldn't go into this with just bear locative eat fruitful life inside out don't conflict and stuff to do novel my federal me which is basically going to be the main thing on the obelisk based on someone also been who's you know you boys Gullo depends now I'm moving open line of going to friends job G. yeah Ivins goat but as well as not this probably a few things we need first thing we need is a Google play voucher widen the value off so I can scratch off right now on the plugin film on good weather this gentleman be nice been doing stuff away so a person who wants in on joint bomb for can go ahead and grab it I believe I believe I like on the video too because your body from what's out of gave you the money so we've got food we've got drinks we go up my at my my my father would go my tommorow what else do we need we need if bones locally you boys got the apple of this in my third paragraph will drive my fat flipping Patton's army in about to lose these paw we need a charger because my phone is not very good with charge I don't does not for notes that flippant die like 2 minutes so I need my poll Georgia wherever it is I can't find it auto jobs but only when it is my bandana so if anyone thinks I'm robbing the place or trying to break out of that I can just put it on and then be headed to you that way exhibit own homes and think them John to take out his clothes on and then ha ha you don't see very much on scene open this okay I think boys and girls eyes every day and I'm just looking around Steve is anything else we need but I think it's cool I don't think one is much preparation for the phones and welcome being so we've got all warm we don't need blankets or anything world goat however one thing we do need of what you just told this I want you to see in this is the challenge published 100 pearl okay now I seriously like this I'm going to route the call should maybe take that down yeah but I guys this is the start of operation overnight call challenge let's go downstairs gather supplies unless do this okay boys and girls I just go to the toilet for the last time as you can see I mean my whole right now it's just not downstairs and I'm kinda new to this a few things I'm nervous about before go into this challenge number one if a neighbor sees maybe they may think I'm trial I break into the call or they may be a long and then make cold warm or just call the police or something which is kind of concern and Sony to lay low and you go the caller now if I don't see and Stuart that's because she was going on the uses on adult science so I think he's right here in the keys on the courthouse Kim to riches and again it does nothing but go figure is nothing hall monitor wow that is creeping that is actually creepy there's no one out by now okay how to do this how to do this I need to live the life all models could not okay we have to give you yeah we got our little boys and girls were and we've done it ever got to lie a cat can put our okay that's gonna my only source of life for today simple mom signed on to okay that we got 2 sources of why for the entire thing who who we go into this does now time check time Chuck time Chuck it is only actually buying all men know that that is crazy is delicious combine the midnight so I guess there overnight challenge stalls right now while this is pretty I'm just gonna stay my little bobo and just try diplomacy about from the outside world I'm Loki pretty freaked out by now it's all come anywhere where anything but it's just the whole idea of like I am I am in the car whistle a I had a lot of windows and all this time like you know I'm a bit of a widow dome saying I'm out of this time like these I was only for the people that know where the people that they do it overnight challenges in because I this is for the way people this is where time I now so yeah what I'm gonna do is I'm he doesn't see much have I'm gonna move the bike just promise me I'm gonna be one obviously the light is going to be an issue if it gets really bad you boys comply torture punk rock harm someone John you Boykin Tagliabue I can pull out a torch now we go to this is kind of the surroundings right now you can house of that to the left in me above uses public rooms to pretty busy road neglect by the but I actually actually how the bike so maybe that's why I might have to sleep later on because this is pretty tight obviously Y. con do is like okay there we go so thus far as it will go I've got this so I can do is I can be like all my mostly calm face I gonna lie that is actually pretty calm fake like I fully think I could probably sleep like this which is actually pretty dope so yeah while guys when the main problems with these challenges is a cult film full of obviously but I'm gonna come but you when something like happens with guys this is the surroundings of the moment ago ally in the call to lies here obviously don't see all the way back and yeah guys this is actually going down a drop alike right now and subscribe if you knew from all crazy stuff like this this is going down artist where others flip boy okay dies down kind of unexpected clip right now I don't really expect to make in this book I'm it's actually be in about an hour since I lost them last came back to you I mean I guess since this thing started what basically happened is I put on some music like Spotify on the the pilot just fell asleep but like I could've probably fell asleep a bit longer that would have been goading one thing that is good I've noticed that if I can get wifi from the house loves the houses right that so guys definitely a good thing it's just a shame the line is we actually use no fly my phone line my guess is you know this is how it actually is is pretty dog like I don't want it I mean feels lie it would really be an overnight challenge is not a lie and I is it but yeah the first thing I'm gonna do right now let me get some lie and open this up in this place by all the spot on the eyes wanna do right now is reach full a drink because I'm Loki dying right now fast Sargon feebly blot will saw god knows why like on no I still have some balls and this is probably because I don't drink it book I and on I'm you do things like award the apparently even though it is warm 51 right now so what else is apparently away cares apparently awake so yeah apparently I'm gonna faced on for a little bit however big told them guys we've run into a first flipped him problem right now and I know if I could make the situation better by face time and someone will my phone is call them 14 percent full of flipping TV in and it's like half one I am the problem is lies I caught we leave the call because as soon as I leave the call the challenges Iowa so like I'm flippin I'll what the flip do I do I don't have a fucking clue I'm gonna have to like you know you know if if might if Mike charged off the dialogue on the face time might really really fast Imus optical Carol I'm so if you're watching this book you know I need my charge for the rest of the night because it'll actually 152 right now and among 14 percent however I'm gonna get something to eat because I'm fucking hungry so first thing to you our garden although you peel banal bag so does pretty good though not Galan motherfuckin live trailers free 20 AM Gaza photos leech on 11 percent I've no clue how is held up as well shouts iPhones they're actually apparently quite good at Steven charge for some reason let me ask you a question okay I'll go I'll I'll read you a fruit of goal you go to I'm so which one you think I should get okay Brian French far Chris I'm I younger during yeah yeah yeah as I would I look you wanted you say the okay irv we 20 AM still going strong among them young good drinks on the water down let's go a dudes is literally ... time is at right now is like chili bowl full of the wall and right now I just gotta face time like 20 minutes ago and then like chill feel about my phone is on full percent which is terrible so I am like stayed off it faced on kind of drain my phone a law I was on it for a little while I'm not gonna lie but this we've run into another problem guys and this one is kind of a recall and problem honey to we so one would have to do is finish all of this and then just like do it in the ball I mean I don't see any other option I could do out the window but also a bit messy I could do in the call of a call put kind that's a little bit messy go do what you gotta do these days okay okay much houses down okay toilet let me try and I got the ball can this this is going to okay we gotta guys we gotta agree 21 I all he would go ... yes that does it does it does it all she could only hope the ball well all good if you're everywhere no soul although you all over with a story l'image although the ball the ball all gone am let me just put that in the sidebar to the ... oh no let me in yeah no who go will the flip well the flip flip flip flip flip flip flip of it because it's private and I'm just in the lives of my phone what you don't just look Omar all Michael sure he goes what she she all my she ... Michael she's taken root awoke I've guys it's 530 right now my phone is dead athlete to dispense I try to get to sleep imams literally just going out with Bruno she walks in early but I think each one of high fidelity harm got of assuming questions athlete to hook me soon do she what should go into omigod get out of god down no no no Lou unusual in juvenile you tell me what your the mouse I know even now I don't know Leanne's who under my challenge of goal to do you think anyhow now bulk film can do to make me fail the challenge normal long known overnight Joni hope hope moved all if Mike was such a coward fails the focus of the culture more we need small name a couple now a good week thrown out because look he said with it but you know how good it and well no I'm completely from complete just on what to say I'm just absolutely shocked that I've got to go out and get my office with some witches reggae well you know someone youngevity some canvas on which now go upstairs and get all non wage by the way we deliver well did yeah yeah hello hold another apple made this obstacle we know that you we have a choice in that hurl fed up via the law Meryl photoprint yeah well dies making illusion of the challenge will mo could we don't often get right challenges I just wanna get back to bed earlier you guys will blow the overnight in a tall challenge a kind word to come into work today really go right for the kind of went a little bit wrong well I mean did I complete the challenge or not guys climate down below say if you goal arguably the juggernaut quickly 6 I am right now I went into about like midnight so does that mean to complete it I don't know it was technically over not challenge would to go lie so that kind of me I don't know if I did on awful guys remember to smash a like on this video ride if you and you tell me what you were meant to do the next overnight challenge in old way what would you do it follow all my other social media Twitter snot John Instagram leagues in the description below and also get some of my marriage I would be wider right now but is currently in the wash through the loyal day yesterday so yeah I'm kinda when it will be to watch bug eyes thank you all so much while watching on those always I've been mold you guys been awesome and all see you and my next video right I'll drive the video then remember to subscribe to Moses Janet I don't forget to leave it like Phoenix that the words in Zappos //
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Kid surprises Mom with her Dream Car... (emotional)
\\hello my okay n'dou money could come up with try these you really motive of the car mocha the slush fund com day hello guys and welcome a bike it to another video is to today day and all you got well least I mean I hope you now I'm not gonna lie you've always hi all and you'll be no one 's going however there is still all all we get to the gate a of the not if you can tell I'm currently in London right now in a hotel room it's fairly early this morning and I'm hoping pretty quick because I want to get this on the way however mom still have no idea about rise and mind you that no one at home I have any idea so this film aloft wanted a duration to go into the what is with all the guys if you don't already I'm just blown by some gift called you boys on the channel although from Google play wanted me right now I'm gonna go out late one is what I want to get the lid up any install idea we had the but if you want to give college of your choice only a a lie on this video and subscribe to the channel is simple if not okay boys and girls you've read the title you know kind of what's going on however however I feel a lot of you still have a long questions about what's going on wanna do is a little session by known good on all your questions just fill you in on the situation a little bit more I know you guys will the prize but I need to make sure we're all on the same page know the first thing load you're probably wondering is it wasn't really necessary just Marcia moans call life was not really necessary for me I'm so long story short you probably know what you guys know me this is the most channel we just do crazy still without thinking about it forum was a longtime jewel kind of thinking that went into the high school if I just go ahead and surprise them with like a new call she's the type of person who would be like no unscented I thought I'm gonna go get a refund I refuse to accept it because like she's not type of person she's not nice so I thought Hey let's have given no choice and just smash up a call and also because of the low before the army could walk I took a Hummer and smashed the window if you Love Me that's pretty funny no the question is how long have you had this all planned bowl and let me tell you guys I have obviously tired thing plot for about a week now even more than we do not focus on the video well they go why whether motivate drove is way more than me mumbo pop into like the exact same ones though as soon as the hub of knowledge like no doubt she needs to go down to the question of malls where is more hot right now she's whom she take news molded say what do you call him back and it was largely just not like lately just when you call in about like I haven't responded to a bushy seems kind of worried them out of the same type shit is too yes they which is like I'm disgusted so like she's she's pretty flippin Magana she flavor from put Freddie flick him out I don't know anything about her own journeys most how is this going to go down while the ideal scenario is I'm going to go home a little tomorrow explains situation and get him on my side and then we can go through with a surprise all mold guys that's all I'm gonna say the questions have been answered this video gonna be uplifted by god Liza video subscribe if you knew Dave is going down and I hope you guys all excited because I am flipping excited and I'm not even home yeah wonderfully right now we're going to publish the full I'm gonna get all of whom died in full at midday age d'amato my side got the call get it for more than this video is going to get a hell of a lot more crazy guy if I cut away legal like on the video if you excite subscribe if you call it down below what you think about this entire situation quiz I. guys I. cult way let's get this video stuff Joe just went and took some photos for the Instagram but wait you want to see you want to see them both okay you know I just us okay guesses are goodbye that's one of them another one if you want to see the rest the link to my in studies in the description below train only been like 2 minutes both deploy such a role for the stop why are these or a lawyer so I got to the station had that 56 the train was leaving 50 a clinic some godly stood outside because the doors would close and I showered and you just don't open buckle we might well those labels waiting on the play minutes okay so is being up on our core Lisa trains we Reza when I want to get on the train to London 2 trains morning I am dying on the one just one not just so to change is who do you boys and girls it being of put him let me update you I'm on the board is on the line again so boys and girls of basically as you know my triangle flick the lady got delayed it is I think and all my go dossiers put first illegal label like is mantech Malia saying she's asleep post does so life uncommon in just a few glitches calming the Texas stay away from 9 keep of away so she's very mad bushes in a room which means I got like I you know like that have room is like a danger zones August away from that no mines in right now and I need minds how to actually get the call like wood on the call by now everything's old film but this is the love that paper what needs to be signed just the poor in ways I know in adult stuff okay but everything is all confirmed all done already buy Dooney mind so long after you have to go outside and find them can calm him down though because like if I go to him I know his immediate reaction is going to be this put a guy needs a buddy pound and with that ms buddy bake fest than big arm so I'm in trouble I need to be careful okay I'm really not show it well okay will you be doing just stay are you a girl 0 moms absolutely okay she still just ruined her no weekend my weekend play play now but it's a clean well blessed to right it took me ages to nonplussed so were panicking that will soon be in Australia wants to break it out Marin abortive though it was ability of oak you mean about the world of political the blue call and one issue of the book I wanted Elena looks at him on the we will talk yeah yeah yeah Washington yes so everything from Belgrade okay because I knew if I didn't she won't one so she would accept isn't that a that car and I know it's old he's got sick yeah bubble of the vote home of peace you could have a moment I'm not moment I shit off of my own okay not pickle for your home unknown to us while we try to stay away book I'm going to surprise you that today I need to help you know Lena the room that we can now but I if you say you're voting aboard ship no mobile done we can I know leisurely carriage will just get ready when a surprise with okay how good is a good day today today actually I need your help only to show signs of paperwork and all the boys that I will slow but it's all done okay okay he's good again you know document I know that no no crying because you know it's a whole different thing benefit I mean yeah boots nodes guns went up in I ... or anything does I held a low could tell you I flipping the loss to tell you so obviously the main thing being all by logs buoys there has been so just leave me now look as they guys don't always they are just not a huge towers modifiers that told about employment rages told him all the details though at a long job all the boring stupid idol still and always receives Mamelodi web once we are still the questions like I can really win it will have to do much that just signed the papers goes down everything was going to come in Dylan in a way like unemployment is belongs timeline I want to tell you so much but it's best I can show you now so yes we have got it we have got the blue ranger roba of though I was taking a home right now to move now dissing she'll be still be logic should be over so there really weren't children was not putting out well and pick about it now yeah as I play I knew it I knew it guys group but see all the interrogation so goes way way way way way way way once not once not once not meal yeah guys I'm I Julie so hard right now will actually pull it up whom will be that in like a few minutes is kind of go dog right now dosage of please light ridiculous others call believe this entire thing others come in a largely pulled this off until the rights we going home right now surprise move with this because I'm just so thankful to you guys always the making this a reality driver what in the college section the size gusto this command I stricken did a guys this is just this is just so cool so I think the way I'm gonna do this diss because obviously mom to know any of the top online just went out we just went out on it mind told some random excuse I don't even go near her because I just didn't want to get narrow but the the way we're gonna do this is mine is going to go in and say to us that so the like I've got a surprise for or just by the way down the bedroom goes she don't wanna see me and she probably will go out for me and then over so we're gonna get the call on the drive gonna get all settled and then we can get this entire thing started I tunnel put him way I'll show you guys the call in more detail once we get by and then I'll show you mum's reaction to it honestly guys just want to say a massive thank you one more time intellectually just sat on arrest correct way phone real that you know like I can actually you guys women's issue I can actually do this guy does a source I thank you so much a moment you're watching this that I did find this this was all climbs on have you going to be I hope you college is a reaction scores of guys let's do it okay boys and girls we've just pulled up home right now I feel a little bit more in safe territory right now mine's on my side so that's good obviously and yeah we just pots on the drive for like the first time looking good Lippisch ... Martin who is putting the lord I tell you this call is an absolute beauty my what you think beautiful beautiful I although makes this call is just all my wound is just a place in view a a cult way Bruno's get excited so let's get going home like the Kremlin capital into anything well yeah make sure she doesn't come out the budget McKay for today yeah serious about making a single bedroom 5 and some are in a rush to get this thing started I am here yeah definitely gonna go together Galloway downsizing the whole way down that I'm gonna do this again I don't look at not with the F. Yano so comment on your telescope telco reason and how they should just give me a chance aka okay guys let's do this furry to want Saturday may 5 killing him but he's had called yeah I'm okay because minimum safe tonight would who would do anything with it either held 6 you wall of Matthew Scott if you know what some of the shots of them realize you about what what you talk about why wall of heat and smoke call why you want me to call not been able to drive it sends the really mad about the call I really not about say you last stupid that must not believe me but would still considered to be a film with doing that well can you gonna big slush McCall is trash day our motion that's going to cost me so throughout his movies because the mall to sell the house and put a 37 see the money would actually cost to make scruffy day neighborhood involvement yeah and the surprise which is why I'm holding back yeah visit some of their ways and another is a reason you keep saying it's a reason on the video side everything planned because this is all a plot you had a house ratio yeah you can give me a chance yeah I'm not consoles I don't want to say it's the only smoking I'm just in a bit of shell over the world as a whole you don't have anything you I wouldn't say well if I we will have copies I my name a couple things I love about 6 did you know about that from long ago synthetic sound on the books and the Cairo much number women I I mobile could we newly every see if a boy yeah and then you know do some until lost 0 you acceptable now want another cat that one going up so when 20 you get what we do when do I have to go okay Olson they jokingly smiles not really yeah she's a cattle newsrooms open after stealing a do not do that you because it looks like a monkey the Congress Solomon in the garage if we implement a whole rack lie denied there than on your own to do some from Florida and I saw how much you like that and I know which I like that I mean look at not just look at the differences like who did you not knowing you can drive in not for willow known how much she wanted so if you wanna look a lot look into what you think yeah hopefully she well killer seriously Petroleos okay then go for it so we'll ... only Moshe home well more nuclear if you think you know if we just said suggested reading self magazine without yeah thing you think yeah burden the bottom up yeah budgeting the araucana honestly it's not gonna stigma is absolutely amazing back to all these things soured everything full version here on your channel should there be a first ever drive on your channel what you think yeah it sure does yeah yeah yeah yeah I saw that they ask me 5 10 minutes to soon realized how down all day on it well not when the wind is chairman straight werewolf to ace the same one isn't it like them of not one you wanted us along these lines yeah to buy me anything like this molten compulsive what look into I mean to dispossess okay guys there is a little bit later right now it's been about an hour basically what we're gonna do right now is going to switch over to mom's channel and basically she's gonna try driving the call doing now in it housing put in it tested all the teachers do is pulled up on stuff launching a guy really Boston at on her channel guide is going to be a crazy video we wait until it's not so that we could get out on the streets and Abby really fast and really cool and I'll be really really fun so guys young woman you talented on tonight channel the video will be out by the time we see this wild guys W. link in the description to her video is our right now go watch obviously after you've watched as well but this one 's no kind of over so yeah go watch as well guys I've once they thank you so much watching video if you enjoyed men to leave a like subscribe if you knew go watch my video and I'll see you all in the next one please out good drug dealer there remember to subscribe to Moses gender neutral good night at it bags or what you he sat //
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the Truth to why I Vandalised Mum's Car... (Exposed)
\\okay so the real reason I broke my mom's Honda civic is because I'm yeah yeah you yeah physically yes yeah yeah likely see hello guys and welcome back to another video today's video is going to be really really different no this is a law all my mind and I know for a the law on all of your mind I know for a fact you're all excited video tomorrow where I'm going to reveal the real reason why I did what I did to my mom's car and the and the truth behind this entire thing but today we got a lot climb because what I'm gonna do in today's video is revealed to some special people the reason why so that you guys can that reaction so I can kind of proved you in a way that no one on the line about this big a number 2 sucking builder suspense of how I pick this video tomorrow is going to be the right now as you can tell I'm currently a national hotel room with care what's new as like this every time we go tell room told me gusto boat which is it's open in Mogadishu those video what day they show up on the wall the just about everywhere we go drinks over here if you drink that and then to drink that we literally prototype you drink this mold and we put a notice what about going through the alcohol we've got you look a carousel by Haitian literally falling through a camera on a big using my palm well isn't this just a bloody alone believe this room is just if in prime position we globally still absolutely everywhere know how we're going to clean this the bed is just an absolute study this entire room is just a fricking day I can see it cara wardrobe and looking for school blow up on the floor all on the bloody hallway the box through out the next level I mean when you look at there's just the cleanliness the hygiene is just next level really I'm on the story at this point is just don't let me in your town video tell people watching this the small thing to do is just a bomb hotels because they don't survive like these rooms are going to be literally permanently scarred but yeah I'm told you guys the main reason why we're calling today the thought of a flipping clue what's gonna happen because today I'm returning home to see more of my thoughts and I think this is gonna first time see moms and the video is gone live I'm in reply to attach or anything and just even take me so it's probably not a good sign I'm gonna return home still man see what happened in like my heart is racing and also I'm pretty dumb nervous I need to like assumes like and like tell ma and about what's going on because you'll probably be built like on if you got the sea Mar and ignore the full half his got some big for commercial flight I'm not gonna lie you know if you do call me the submission must about you know when you've got a big strong all but it's a county much against I don't take a public roaming through a wall so like I'm going to go in unlike calm him down will you always leave juror is the first person to how wanna you know Kelly reveal the Stooges and asking me literally loads of questions about this entire thing and I was like hold on I made will get own cumbersome first question is so how much of the situation do you know I know how much you know about what happens rooms call and I had equal kind of broken yet as I back the birth place how much you know about your data and what the reason was and then and now ... okay I mean I should probably show you show you a video then and well done evening shift again yeah probably okay care I'll go the video of just just war Shonda on the yeah room it well go this bill Harris came to mind yeah put her will you boom mouth what you don't know what nobody knows at this point is the real reason why does it do so obviously you haven't seen not so you don't know the real reason why did that okay so the real reason I broke my mom's Honda civic is because I good yes yes