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"2017-08-24 19:49:15"
Roger Stone Discusses Strategy to Remove President Trump via “mentally unbalanced” + Current Events
\\bring in Roger stone on here in a minute but here he is in may telling you for missile or says open next fake rollout will be then after that he will tell you today what the next role model be after that info wars learning years months or days before it's admitted officially the opposite the fake news the sterling why hot sound of dedicated truth let's go to Roger stone clip from may 16 disclaimer right up front they're going to say that this is a conspiracy theory but stone cold proves they are going to claim that Donald Trump has Alzheimer's that that it is aggressive and that is progressing and that is the source of of his insanity I've talked to the president fairly recently is sharp as a tack there is no evidence of any deterioration in his thought process this is completely bogus but under the 20 Fifth Amendment if a majority of the cabinet plus the vice president agree that the president is incapacitated or then he is removed and if he seeks to fight the charges it goes to the U. S. house of representatives where erosion among Republicans could destroy the trump presidency this is bogus they could not beat him at the ballot box so now they seek to remove him by claiming that he's in say look at his record on the economy looking his appointment to the Supreme Court look at the way he has the Chinese doing art to say that I can play carefully more and more I think stop from left they stayed in this is that info that's right now it's all admitted Roger stone joins us right now he's out in Los Angeles with her looking at an Oscar for the get me Roger stone lot of a powerful stuff I going on is for best documentary at 2018 coming up out Roger it just hailstorm of stuff going on we gotta go to break here in just a moment but up front here you you you did make a prediction because I thought it was some of the inside baseball you told me you talk to some people from high level editorial boards where they were admitting what the next roll out a flawed would be you're actually right out here we have it I predicted it right here on info wars they would accused the president of having senile dementia that he would say they would say that he was mentally unbalanced but this is the direct manifestation of the fact that the whole Russian gambit has failed so they shifted from Russia to race up where they had been race baiting or the president clearly denounces violence are on the left or the right over racial matters you're not satisfied with that so now they're trying to say that he's crazy arm I see here that is particularly out of control here Alex and the extraordinary thing is I think I can break this right now Jeff Zucker is not long for this world at CNN I am told that the executives at the highest levels of AT and T. who are in the process of acquiring Time Warner which owns CNN are very dissatisfied with the suckers performance at C. N. N. I. and that he will be shown the door fairly shortly well she you know when the 10000000 viewers tonight again they would bring back Larry King and they put you on they put me on but we don't need their platform they're a joke they can't though they can't give people what they want imagine crossfire when Roger stone Alex Jones ... and then a couple of the idiot Democrats no one could look away they have 10000000 viewers first week but it's not gonna happen well what happened last night was quite extraordinary and Martin up who has appeared here info wars a number of times outstanding conservative activists are who really ran the trunk campaign in Missouri was up against up 5 critics on and when he had the audacity to come back at the brainless unit Navarro what all heaven broke broke loose skater seizure of Cooper supposed to be a moderator but it was 5 on one today CNN flow Martin to York I'll put him up in a very pricey hotel and then canceled him one end of our out went Jupp up crying to management that he had the audacity to actually call her out on the air this woman is on edge because she really is that he's the same person putting out the talking point that they they issue the starting point and that that that the president has dementia what does that have legs and then once the next if you've talked a lot of folks on the editorial boards a big papers what's the next thing they're being told to get ready to make up well the president is bald mentally and physically sound it's gonna borrow who was fired by the Jeb bush administration for lying about being an attorney and got caught so who is she to talk about anybody up it's very clear that the predictions that you made Alex earlier about are heading towards absolute anarchy and an attempt 2 ought take the president out on the streets in other words work we're going to have violent demonstrations are in violence which we saw in Charlottesville which we're seeing at the hands of black lives matter in in T. far and were you C. N. N. MSNBC the wash imposed say when violence is for peace 1984 literally quoted on C. N. N. washer bows that headlines last 2 days when when violence I it a defense peace and they're saying we're going to attack you and C. N. N. as legitimizing it and they're having a moderators on and people saying hashtag hunt Republicans and they got the nerve to say that we're the ones calling for a violent revolution no we just kicked your butt intellectually with a political revolution and we've turned the economy back on and righted the ship and you crazy gremlins are cramping your little britches well it's exactly right what this is really about Alex is the last election they can't get over it they will not accept the results of a fair democratic election and therefore they seek to remove Donald Trump by any means necessary they tried the the electoral college they tried the recount they tried.Russia collusion delusion these things have all failed now they're moving on to claiming that he's mentally unbalanced that he has dementia that won't work either are the last stop on this Shumway is violence that's where they're headed when I predicted violence of course those on the left say all stone is advocating violence no I don't advocate violence but I do not think it's 1974 I do not think you're going to have a clue in this country and the patriotic Americans are going to sit there and stand for it they're going to see it for what it is an illegitimate undemocratic unconstitutional power grab yeah they let me from below and everything with NBC making Kelly with the year the video still they used is like the most unflattering thing I mean it's so transparent yeah that's a quite a picture of me that they have their I'm far more handsome than that up itself but it's this is typical of the last look at the photo the politico used the other day in covering the fact that I have been speaking at this these up pro marijuana states rights conferences which a bit my speeches have been very well received but a small hand of agitators ginned up by David Brock and the people at media matters for America has staged a boycott of 75 speakers expected in L. A. 3 people dropped good written that's right they're pushing a no platform for you which means the end of free speech which again I have a stack of news here in a stack of clubs were C. N. N. MSNBC they're all saying it's time to end free speech percent free speech is white supremacist they've had the ACLU apologize and remove an image of a white child because they said that that was white supremacist because the ACLU said yes the dumb dumb white supremacists have a right to March so now the left is openly friendly I feel you are Nazis and the ACLU has apologized for showing a white baby and amongst other photos of children yeah it's Kafka ask me really is Alice in Wonderland chime in America though the left is gone completely insane over the fact that we have 1000000 new jobs I thought that the stock market is reaching record levels and in middle America but be sure you people are very pleased with the performance of Donald Trump now what the president must do is take the fight to the Congress attack the Democrats and the Republicans track yes there are we trying to intimidate him so he won't be like to be in it if he doesn't roll over needs to stop tweeting and stop fighting no need to keep fighting where come back in 15 more minutes with Roger stone Roger stone is our guest I may look we carried the explosives on the pardon we gave an exclusive on the Google droids watching listening to you BME exclusive it's closer attorney it say's mentally ill next because we're not just thinking this stuff up we have the sources and and and and stuff was a short segment long semi come out he'll be gone out earlier important meetings one else's front center on the radar wonders trump need to do because it's clear it'll give us more in the next segment when they are initiating the attempt to overthrow him now they send it to a month ago they said the next to months to have it telegraph their operatives that they have confidence that now launched a full assault everyone I know in corporate and boxes from from uber you name inicio trumps white supremacist we must overthrowing Nazis are everywhere I you know guys get in their face either telling businesses from Starbucks to flower shops ask people of their racist I you seem hysteria on the street where they try to attack you everywhere I mean they have activated their people into a type of him packing weird ... temper tantrum revolution I don't think it's going to go well I mean Hitler drop bombs on England it turned the people for the war from being against it and I think these globalism their miniature such cowards they don't understand all this intimidation just gave me way more energy made me commit to do its absolute total resistance art I don't think the people of middle America support this president are going to stand for some kind of cool under coursed president has an obligation to restore order in the advanced that there is up now insurrection against constitutional government Armonk NY are the left his work themselves into a frenzy because everything they have tried has failed they were able to use Watergate to take Nexen out they were able to murder John F. Kennedy when I say day you know the the the establishment dug deep stay guys in college Eisenhower called the military industrial complex none of their standard operating procedures are working with this president and the reason for that is because we have a vibrant and robust alternative media when people get sick of the lies on C. N. N. they can go to him for wars to find out the truth that's why I checked left is working overtime to try to censor us to try it out use the manipulation of our algorithms I didn't doesn't other computer tricks to try to end our reach so that we can are okay let's be clear let's be clear they're launching everything now the censorship gone up 500 fold the physical attacks 500 fold the bullying the freaking out did the rhetoric was CI a high level folks and we're going to kill trump on television I at their their what canvassing Congress about who's going to go along with them throwing them in a mental institution I mean this is happening the single most important thing the president could do right now is to take the FISA court weren't they who's the mass based illegal unconstitutional spying on at least 30000 Americans and tell Jeff sessions to bring an immediate criminal indictment against Brennan talk about Rogers up Barton Jerry rice at all that would cut right to the heart of the guts of these gotta go on the offense and we're seeing some signals would sessions with the Alwan brothers indicted for espionage against the Republic order shall today as the indictments are ready I was seeing other criminal investigations the Clinton's going to high gear I think the president must move now for the Republic you know the most fundamental and important stones rules you never when I'm defects president must go on offense against both parties in Congress go on offense against the deep stay and begin the prosecution of those who violated our civil liberties under Obama yeah knowing he still had hope that king of the military because they're openly in the news dropping the military to go along with the girl there waiting to take a support away when they plunge economy he's gotta move first so they can blow their com US forces these are alien out it forces president move Ella caroli I believe all the court we military coolest thing now no test in the face of all that they will say see they they want you to it's a week based on need where a guy plays me and says horrible racist stuff so people want to kill me on the street what's come when I play a trailer for that coming up another Rogers doing an amazing job you're getting into the serious stuff great job on on on the film I get me Roger stone and I think it does deserve an Oscar I don't watch documentaries these days and it and it is riveting please other does report work is gonna be spending a week a month with us here in the 80 action but finishing up Roger we have a massive civil war there watching the admission that are saying they think he's mentally elf they wanna militarily overthrowing you told TMZ when you got off the airplane yesterday in LA you said look we will put the club you're gone you said look I'm not for violence but very overthrow him America's not putting up with it it's not like where you punches in the face like anti far and somebody fights back you go Omar got you fought back his head he thought there the white knights that no one 's allowed to fight back against I mean this is crazy how entitled day are you can see them with the censorship everything mounting their campaigns for rioting that they're building towards a crescendo and they had met their building towards a crescendo to removing what your Intel on how that may look what you think is going to happen if they tried I believe it's gonna blow up spectacularly and take the Democratic Party coastal party to basically outlawed party when I say drug use the military against these people they're on TV saying kill trump they're on TV saying we're the CIA we're going to kill him soon where organizing a clue outside of law that got Brennan and clapper all saying it so that's outside of law preparing a man clue in America you strike back against that with the national security apparatus I'm not calling for the 7 days in may I'm calling to stop the 7 days in may literally so what do you say in closing Rajasthan yeah I think you are remember our exit the president is the head of government he is not a candidate he's the president of the United States a move against him is there for an illegal and unconstitutional move it would have the right to order the military action put down mass insurrection in the country he would all I believe most police officers in this country would be remain loyal to the president again we are not the ones advocating violence we are not the ones who are rationalizing violence we are anti by woods what I told T. M. Z. was however that if there is illegitimate unconstitutional move to remove this president is going to be met with violence from those in middle America no longer have to depend on CNN and CBS find out what's going on we can find out what's going on but coming right here to info wars or going to break my heart or daily caller any number of other places that will tell you the truth and those people will be mobilized of that there is no doubt up in the next 2004 hours you can hear over and over yet Roger stone advocated violence just jump as you peach not what I said listen to the whole take not what I said what's the next attack on him after that and again just did it clearly do group either building towards the big event there's no question my sources like yours tell me that violence is that the next event they predicted this before Charlottesville we now know that Charlottesville was a fraud and a guy who ran the entire operation that top white supremacy is what turns out that it was working for Hillary a year 0.5 ago army for Obama a year 0.5 ago so I think the fraud insurance bill has now been exposed I expect I'll exceed your question correctly there will be more false flags there will be more apt get crop shut up to foment violence and then claim that violence on Donald Trump I thought that's exactly what happened in Charlottesville and I expect there will be other Charlottesville's shortly I spent Oklahoma city's federal building with a nurturing and blow it up planet from subordinate try to pin on the president none of us are going to buy that and and and were ready for it and we know what we knew that Soros is funding the summer range they finally got their event David Gonzalez violence they finally get some mileage to than brand us for the coming civil war which they have lit the fuse on but the truth is we're here fighting our listeners are fighting it and we're going to win it we have the beach out of the president now the big enemy as you said is the Republican establishment with ... the speaker of the house meeting with Democrats on TV saying he wants to work with them basically against trump they're all preparing with Mitch McConnell saying crap maybe remove the New York times this weekend they are clearly preparing the attack in the next month this is the time for maximum vigilance and never hedging our batch but being fully committed to the Republic and fully committed to this champion Donald John trump thank you so much Roger stone well it's great to be with you and again the most important takeaway today you're hearing it on info were sparks Jeff suckered the head of CNN will be out of work shortly folks at the highest levels of 18 to you are on the verge of acquiring Time Warner and US CNN are very unhappy with the way CNN has become a a front organization and no longer a news organization well said 900 airports that info wars alright we'll talk to you soon thank you Roger great out there //
"2017-08-19 17:23:18"
Roger Stone Discusses Steve Bannon Wikileaks Julian Assange + Journalist Lee Stranahan
\\welcome back I'm Roger stone sitting in for Alex Jones hisself momentous day ... in American politics White House aide steam then and now out on guests today I wrote a controversial piece for the daily caller in which I made the case that although Ben is a good man and his heart is in the right place on issue after issue he has not stored up for our for the trump constituency one of the particular areas that I focused on was the question of ... Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio ... your pile was a key element of Donald Trump selection his testimony for Donald Trump on the immigration issue was a key factor in terms of the presidential candidates credibility the Obama justice department launched a political job prosecution against Joe our pile are they even brought that action under the wrong statute to ensure that the sheriff could not get a jury trial they are they actually spied on our pile and inter enter tempted his communications with his attorneys during the trial a big no no and they communicated the justice department directly with the judge X. part tied in violation of the law despite all of the irregularities sheriff Joe could not get a return phone call from about Steve Ben and he could not get even the sympathetic ear of the trump White House now fortunately comes word that ... this has come to the president's attention final late and that he has ordered the White House counsel to prepare a pardon for sheriff to double our pile this is extraordinarily good news the president is headed for Phoenix and I can think of no better location then ... then Phoenix Arizona to announce this act of justice and mercy so arm up kudos to the president up however the criticism of his staff remains the same it's a shame that the president had to wait so long to learn about this miscarriage of justice we also learned today that congressman Dana Rohrabacher Republican of California has met with Julian astonished the publisher of wikileaks for some time I have reported hearing info wars that a secret grand jury had been convened I originally during the Obama administration but ... was not a pup terminated under the trump justice department and an effort is being made by the trump the justice department to seek a criminal indictment against to Sarge in the United States for what we don't know it's not clear what if any law Mr songs has broken Killeen assigned use not a Russian asset the government mindlessly through the intelligence agencies repeats that my mantra over and over again without a scintilla of evidence that it is true but at the same time thought mistress signs is a journalist who is neither of the left nor the right but who was outraged by the tremendous abuses of power and corruption that he has learned about now for those who say well assigned use C. N. is that he prince stolen material material he has received from whistle blowers perhaps you should look at the Pentagon papers case New York times of verses U. S. A. during the Nixon administration or perhaps you should look at the writings of Bob Woodward who regularly publishes classified information that he's gotten from third party sources this isn't within the greatest traditions of American journalism it is hardly illegal and it is not illegal in the case of Julian the Sarge who will now tell the president that his justice department is seeking an indictment against wikileaks Mister Bannon is gone but I can think of many individuals with solid trump credentials real libertarians real liberty oriented ... Republicans who worked in this campaign men like David urban or ed Martin I'm who could easily fill the shoes the idea that conservatives will be at a disadvantage because the trump White House is now largely peopled with New York Liberal Democrats like Gary Cohn or the president's son in law well that may be true but it's only true because Steve ban and would never go to back for trunk campaign veterans seeking positions in the trump administration either in the White House or in the departments as I said earlier it's like an individual throwing themselves on the mercy of the court a a man who kills his parents then argues that that that he should receive mercy because he's an orphan we are we are ... therefore I think of at a point where the questions come at me both by Twitter and ... tweet and text and phone call fast and furious is the elimination of or I should say determination ... banning going to shift to the trump administration to the left cool will guard the basic tenants of trump ism the principles under which he got elected well the trunk revolution is much larger than Steve band and it's much larger than any one individual up other than Donald Trump himself one of Mr Behrens greatest sins was calling himself the chief White House strategist well the chief strategist of Donald trump's presidential campaign and of his White House is Donald Trump with all fairness by the time Ben and joined the campaign for the final weeks are the basic tenants of the pump platform had long been decided it was Donald Trump himself who hit upon immigration and the wall who hit upon the idea of revamping and overhauling our veterans health care system which is sadly broke up who talked about the inequity of our NATO partners not paying their fair share who talked about how would the enormous international globalist trade deals were sucking the jobs out of middle America Donald Trump is the man who came up with the same snot Stephen Kay Bennett and with the help of Sam Nunn Berg who was terminated early in the campaign he honed each one of these messages to perfection and he never deviated from them up from the early campaign until election day no the chief strategist of the trump campaign is Donald Trump we are ... is therefore I have I am confident that there will not be a change in course the idea that the trump a White House will move to the left is unfounded and in fact are the entire dynamics surrounding the Charlottesville incident which smells more and more like a false flag with every passing day as more and more investigative journalists like Leister enhance started digging to the facts about what really transpired are we learn that this was a provocation because the Russian collusion delusion has failed they could get no traction on the phony Russian issue so now we have slipped back to race baiting as up as a political tactic one thing I agree with Steve Bennett non in an interview I saw yesterday if the Democrats want to talk about race and we talk about economic prosperity we will win if Donald Trump will stick to his guns that violence on the left or the right must be denounced is wrong is not the answer but focus most principally on the need for economic prosperity well then a the president will fight for his corporate tax cut cutting our corporate taxes below those of Mexico are Japan China Canada I thought that would spoil spoke with that apartment that was sparked but they will call that trump boom perhaps one of the greatest peacetime expansions that we will ever experience now would be a very good time to remind you that we are under attack here are 8 info wars and a good time for you to go to the info store where we have an extraordinary special going on which we named after our friends at buzzfeed our amazing prices in 1776 cell brain force plus 55 percent off survival shield 55 percent off at 1776 silver bullet 66 percent off at $9.95 these are some of the best of the best products and they're on special today you see we don't how George Soros in the background writing this big checks or a Ford Foundation or Rockefeller Foundation we can only count on you and when you buy at the store you are not only getting the very best products tested rigorously with thousands of testimonials but you're also helping the fight for freedom you're helping plant the flag here and info war should pay for the expansion that Alex Jones has planned so please folks help in the fight for freedom goatee store now and load up on some of these incredible products at at really bargain basement prices some of these are the best discounts we had ever had and we need your support to continue the fight for freedom I'm Roger stone filling in for Alex Jones today on the Alex Jones show show thanks for joining us I'll be right back welcome back I'm Roger stone sitting in for Alex Jones it's well known that I have been a critic of this CNN analyst and Navarro first a little truth in advertising they stopped calling her Republican strategy he has never any office in her life she enjoys denigrating the president calling him names constantly big hit racist pig she is endlessly abusive to her Cole I talent on CNN John Phillips a a and W. Scotty now use and others yet when ever she is criticized she goes running to management goes running to Jeff Zucker to complain now finally Cannavaro ... that air head diva are a woman with no campaign experience or qualifications for her position as an analyst has finally met her match today she confronted ed Martin of formally of Phyllis Schlafly's eagle forum and a key up organizer and Donald trump's Missouri campaign let's take a look at what happened everybody every station every fund and said I he's getting more stability I think we do need a president that's going to get better people all the time and improve people but let me be very clear animal borrows wing of the Republican Party is over the people that wanted amnesty illegals on demand free trade vat party Romney ill and I got back huntsman Ron the McCain and jab they lost everything so we need to move on I but I'm a Corker resist serious man he's having expressing his concern on the other hand Corker and the Senate are still doing that though the work of trump trump is putting more judges than bush or Obama did at the same point he's moving ahead with regulatory reform in America where I live not didn't whatever where Anna and everyone talks to each other where's really it's good to us feels better to so that is on you should probably respond how want to respond to this I mean just I mean I you know frankly I think and the this was I refuse to live in the United I finally I do waste of my time and my life so can I go back to the initial subject matter that we were talking about before getting to go get distracted which is what Republicans are saying and I commend those Republicans that are speaking out because I think it's important for the country to see that there are Republicans standing up for I mean I just and there you have it somebody finally ... confronts in and Navarro with her nonsense ... this is an extraordinarily abusive person and the people at C. N. N. the makeup people the gaff first the hairdressers and others talk me talk to me about her endless abuse she really thinks he's something special when she's nothing at all up later in the program we're going to be taking your calls are because there are many many questions about what will happen now which Debian and out of the White House and what will happen in the wake of the Charlottesville attack that number is 1-800-259-9231 again 800-259-9231 I am anxious to take your calls here at info wars also why you got a minute go the store we have our 1776 buzzfeed special this is our dedicated to our friend Ben Smith at buzzfeed since the buzzfeed attack on the info war store last week why our sales are up dramatically as thousands of patriots have taken to the internet to give us the support we need you will not find sales like this are anytime again soon so folks load up on some of the best products were talking about caveman a chocolate or strawberry at 30 percent off we're talking about silver bullet are but my all time favorite brain forced out which I'm using right now took top 2 of them before the show helped keep you focused and alert are these are the very best of the best and when you buy on the info store now you're helping the fight for freedom here helping us struggle against the globalists we need your support we value your support the time is now please go to the M. full store and stick it right up the nose of buzzfeed I'm Roger stone ... happy to be sitting in for Alex Jones an anxious to take your calls 800-259-9231 I'll be right back welcome back here host Roger stone sitting in for Alex Jones I spoke to Alex this morning after the vicious attack on him on the streets of Seattle where he was called it with hot coffee by some tolerant a liberal believer in free speech Alex is fine to get back in the fight ugly urged me to take your calls and that's what we're going to do here in just a moment a I do want to mention before we do that that the ... the ... U. S. cannabis business expo ... is September 14 and fifteenth and I have agreed to speak there yesterday we ... announced the formation the formal formation of the U. S. cannabis coalition a bipartisan nonprofit ... ad hoc committee designed to simply call on president Donald Trump to keep his courageous pledge to let the states decide when it comes to the question of medicinal marijuana 29 states have now ... legalize some form of medicinal marijuana it is providing relief to millions including veterans providing millions in revenues for states and counties I am creating thousands of jobs despite this the White House chief of staff John Kelly and the tourney general Jeff sessions have both threatened a crackdown are going back to the days of pre Obama when the federal government prosecuted marijuana use and distribution in the individual states yesterday the website U. S. cannabis was hacked to and down for several hours today we see an influx of media matters for America trolls trying to break up what is a bipartisan organization which I am heading with the Orlando trial attorney and prominent Democrat John Morgan a prospective candidate for governor of Florida Morgan is personally responsible for financing the democratic up past a constitutional amendment in Florida that legalize medicinal marijuana in the sunshine state he's a hero of mine and this bipartisan committee includes both Republicans and Democrats liberals and conservatives libertarians and of progress ships go to the site check it out come to the business expo help us stop the trolls at media but now let's go to your questions I'm going to start with Dave from my home state of Connecticut the nutmeg state Dave what's on your mind right I think we have any ... what we love the internet we love Donald Trump ... we lost Michael Flynn today we lost ... Steve Gannon call my kid he should I hired you to to be in the White House with with everyone else ... but we're left with ... Gary Cohn who's a registered ... Democrat and I just think we ... we need we need to try and you know hang together and before we hang separately and I just want to throw that in there and see what you thought well I agree with you about general Flynn ... he should never have been dismissed the president's son in law Jared Kushner gave the president a bad piece of advice on that subject up but the same time this has nothing to do with may I have no interest in going into government I am not free spirit I think I can be more effective on behalf of the president right here at info and its stone cold true send out speaking around the country ... and so on but I do think that there are able men and women who were key players in the trunk revolution who were never recruited for this administration in fact they couldn't even get their calls returned and on issue after issue or unfortunately Steve ban includes a good man did not step up to the plate up for those who complain that the White House is now full of liberal New York Democrats those are the same people who didn't help any other trump supporters get into the trump administration I agree with you on Gary Cohn I think he has to go I do think that ... for example of that general H. R. macmaster who we have now tied directly to George Soros not only in terms of his communications would Soros says based on reports from it it Israeli intelligence but also linking him to a think tank up prior to his service in the trump White House I that was funded by Soros and the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation ... these people also must go are into I'm not don't by any means in that camp but up on issue after issue whether it is a the plight of sheriff Joe our pile or the prosecution I'm Julian assigned or whether it is the state department where rex television ... Ahaz turned out to be a puppet of Condoleezza Rice and the trump foreign policy looks to me like the bush Romney neocon foreign policy Dave you're right there's a vacuum in the White House and we need a trump person to fill it not Roger stone there many fine young and but it's fine men and women who are capable of filling Mr bands shoes let's go to ... Stephen in the state of Florida my new home state Steven what's on your mind yeah right you're but I can hear me yes indeed okay yeah do everyone to talk about is there she as the student of U. S. sister you know that our Supreme Court has come down with decisions dating to that the fact that an attack on America didn't check and Jesus Christ because it was founded as a Christian nation that's almost a direct quote from either decision making in Dallas that's when our Supreme Court was good ... hope we were going back in that direction but the reason I say that is because but there's a man that's gone on Alex Jones show now a couple of times to reach 3 or 4 times including yesterday Skinner's Rodney Howard Browne and next occurring eve being called Randy brown because he doesn't want people in the know about him to recognize who he really is and what he's trying to do a chat this is what I believe okay and I would encourage dallasnews reporters to look into this man's background dispatch spirit guide at being notorious ... past lily laughter movement that made a total mockery of Jesus Christ and the gospel ministry and the thing is when he says he will not disclose to suppose that congressman he Matt where that told him that they're gonna take out front debtors prove to me that he is lying about their situation now dispute the information he gave about your knowledge of the New World order history and such but I think you just you thing Alex in this whole situation with trump what's now going and at the name droppers someone that's just trying to further his own selfish agenda because it's been beat the president is being threatened like that it's the same as a pastor finds out about someone that's a child molester he at that point he has an obligation to turn that person into the authority that back that Rodney Howard Browne will not do that to me is no surprise knowing his back Stephen no I think we got that just let me make a couple comments I don't know a pastor brown but out my friend Gary had been brought my attention to a very disturbing article a that appear to 0 hedge in which both the former CIA director John Brennan who is a convert to radical Islam who is actually a convert to Wahhabism at the time that he was the a CIA station chief in red up are actually threatens the life of the president of the United States only to be joined by James clapper who was the head of defense intelligence under Obama these ... would essentially ... the gentleman's saying they are if Bob Mueller is fired and that ... that trump will be taken out are and they don't mean that in a democratic sense there's some footage you see of the actual program with wolf Blitzer this would lead me to believe that the fundamental story of pastor brown is correct that there is a plot to remove the president I'm that I imagine would only be triggered if they believe that they cannot co opt him as general Kelley is trying to do right now or they kit impeach him based on a trumped up charge brought by Mr Miller call it perjury or some other false charge I pray every night for the president's personal safety and the safety of his family there a lot of lunatics out there Donald Trump is a brave and courageous men and even a pursued this job never mind to fill it up but Stephen thank you for your call up let's take another while we have time I how about Michael in Texas Michael letter rip yes Sir Mr stone thank you speak clearly jury a commentary on the house noticed in convoys thank you Michael what you got to wonder yeah I take exception to one of the comments you made understood banning however you say I guess well you commented that he didn't think there that'd go more lacked the absence listed panic but I but I caution you to realize that it was people like Nancy Pelosi asking for his ouster so now we've got those actually used to trumpet complied with the request to grant because you don't know how much more like you want to get well I was also complying with my request yesterday the daily caller number of other conservatives who determined ... that Steve is a spent force nobody is indispensable in this revolution not Roger stone not Alex Jones nobody but the president he is indispensable I and I believe he will be replaced are I will be on the forefront of those criticizing ... general McMaster criticizing a general Kelley as I just did ... it I would just see your argument if Ben and had been more effective but his greatest single goal seemed to be the great the self aggrandizement abandon himself this new book devil's bargain is a very thinly veiled vanity biography probably paid for by Ben and himself I and every other pages about Steve Bannon's career on Wall Street as career in Hollywood in his career as a that is a a computer game designer I thought this book was about Donald trump's ascend to the presidency if you want to read the truth about how Donald Trump got elected you go to the M. store and get your copy of the making of the president 2016 how Donald Trump orchestrated a revolution by none other than Roger stone you'll find no self aggrandizement in this book this is about how Donald Trump did it and believe me folks I was there from the beginning down focuses on strategist he's his own speechwriter he is his own pollster he is his own strategist I. N. it is to him that the credit belongs alright let's go to our Richard in New York Richard you have a question how are you Roger I loved you back in when when ... when you're on CNN CNN years ago and also when I had a suicide note when Marco then called you a tiger said thank god we have a dog on our side and so ... going summit really great to be on the line today with you the question I have for you is if 11 this Marxist in the elite media in Washington to try to take the president down and may succeed in taking them down you think the American people will March on Washington yes I I actually do you see the differences in the 1974 the last time we had a coup in this country there was 1 only 1 monolithic mainstream media there was no way to get information out to the patriots to those who had an alternative view of what was happening Richard Nixon was removed from office because he was a peacemaker because he ended the war in Vietnam on a faster time table than the Pentagon wanted because he opened the door to China because he reached a strategic arms limitation agreement with the Soviets my god the man was for peace he had to go therefore they took advantage of clumsy ... ... theatrics I any ham handed effort to bug the Watergate by underlings in the president's reelection campaign the CIA learned about this infiltrated the operation botched it purposely so that they were arrested and it was used to take the president down the reason that citizens who oppose this did not March is because they didn't know the backstory they only knew the version that was being told to them by the mainstream media thanks to the existence of info wars and bright bar and daily call Aaron town hall in conservative Tribune and so many others Americans will know the real story and we will March and there will be a spasm in this country if they try to undo what was done at the ballot box last November Richard thank you very much for your call let us now ... go ... lastly we'll take one more call for you can about Tommy in Tennessee Tommy what's on your mind yeah Roger I don't ask good art I just got a question for you nobody ever brings this up I just want your opinion on something arm we know since 3/9/1933 we've been under military government that's why FDR was the last president sworn in on March 4 and they don't have to do is the twentieth the payment of broader military government have been members stance you think current knows this well I think president trump is not a career politician I'm but I think he understands the dynamics of who's running the government up I hope he's aware of the fact that there is an effort to isolate him by the generals I've written about this extensively I'm I put my faith in Donald Trump and the trump doctrine up I believe in the end that he when he has all of the information he invariably makes the right decision so this is really a question of not allowing him to be isolated in the oval office cut off from his friends cut off from his advisers cut off from his key supporters that is I believe what general Kelly in the military Kaballah around the president are seeking to do today but having known Donald Trump for over 40 years I can tell you the first time he learns something that he wasn't told but should have been something that he learns or it the first time you learned something that he was ... purposely thought left in the dark on there will be hell to pay up I am Roger stone in for Alex Jones delighted to take your calls today it's a momentous day in American politics it's an extraordinary day for the trump administration take heart our president is on the job we had 1000000 new jobs since he was elected a rock rock record stock market in America is on its way to being great again under Donald Trump we appreciate your support here and info worse we ask you to go to the store to allow us to continue to be the tip of the spear in the fight for freedom god bless you victory or death welcome back to the Alex Jones show Papa Chrissy of the left is stunning on the one hand they attack president trump for his failure on their view to I denounce violence most harshly or should say harshly enough at the same time there in the streets advocating violence if you see Alex Jones today on video you can see these punks on the streets of Seattle a talking about the need for violence advocating violence the violence of the left is just as bio and wrong as dumb as the violence on the extreme right we have up one more call I don't leave you hanging so Stevie from Massachusetts Steve what's on your mind I don't think rider ... I'm actually grow sorry ... I Erigeron monetarily caller ... in maybe feel that better about them and removal it seems like kind of a justified you know you're really really good points there but it still feels like a lost caravan style you know kind of ousted a resigned whatever who would be on that list is kind of silly issues that ... you mentioned before you know there there are others but you know it it was a good appearance Steven Miller is in there ... you know who would come in Sir well Sir so Steven Miller is a very good man but does Scotty now use a woman could certainly do this job a ed Martin of who we saw earlier in the program I'll a key player ... in Donald Trump selection could do that job David urban who ran the president's ... historic campaign in Pennsylvania could do that job no one is indispensable in the trunk revolution other than Donald Trump himself our a and perhaps that is the exact problem decision about ... the aggrandizement or E. grow of Steve van and but he seemed more interested in his White House title in his office and his desk and his place in the entourage yeah he was absent and so many of the key troubles within this administration so I am still optimistic that the trunk revolution will move forward that we will talk about economic prosperity and growth while they talk about race and race baiting and that that is in my opinion up the formula Ford not only victory in the 2018 elections but the re election of trump and pants and 2020 about bringing that matter up now would be a superb time to go to the store to get your trump pants 2020 teacher now this tee shirt shows that you have your faith and Donald Trump has not been shaken by the phony narrative of the left over Charlottesville I mean this is a first amendment opportunity to go to the store and show your support for the president the other thing it does is it allows you to meet like minded patriots when your out sporting your teacher tell folks we are under siege here the Amazon Google Twitter Facebook monolith that tech left is seeking to cut us off we need your support go to the store now by one of these T. shirts buy a hat get in the revolution O. N. help boss fight for freedom free press and are the first amendment god bless you thank you for coming to info it's my high privilege to sit in for Alex Jones today we will win if we stay in the fight god bless you and as I said earlier victory or death the now joined by Lee Stranahan who is he's really been at the root of the Clinton Ukrainian connection that has been ignored for the most part by the mainstream media last weekly they gave you little credit they started to cover it but let's start out by talking about band and I you know band and you've been in talks with band in that what do you what is your reaction right now to the ousting of Steve band well you know they say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it the globalists to push the band and now I'm just unleash the beast following this is the worst nightmare for them US Steve I don't know first against Steve ever Breitbart lying co narrated a film steel band and directed call occupy unmask anybody who's not seen that I would suggest re watching it in the light of what we've seen with the re up for the race for that film was very prescient and being hired me over it at Breitbart couple things first stop when Brandon took the job with trump this is a guy who likes the microphone Stephen is not shy about his opinions but he immediately subjugated is only ego to the trump campaign and you only heard Fuhrman really a couple of times since then and that's too bad because Steve was one of the most articulate believers and supporters of populism out there so 2 things number one up for the people who were inside the White House outside the liberals yeah again you just unleashed the breeze but the other problem was after Brandon left right part they lost it using New York times article right now 5000 word piece some bright for I've been saying this for months but they say it themselves in this big puppies in the New York times about bright part bright board wants to be like okay enter Breitbart talked about the danger of that I'm here to talk about was a winning learn to hate look if if Alex wanted to suddenly be liked by the establishment what would that beauty info wars right it would demolish it you cannot they'll never like you first off they'll never like you the only way to like you if your complete trader bill never like you and Furthermore you you diminish your position Sir Kay Charlottesville though just a simple example we have the moral high ground the leftist in the media don't have the moral high ground our position is very straight forward owing got all ask you just it answer without equivocation do you oppose political violence absolutely right that was easy for you to say right it's easy for me to say they can't say it the leftist can't say it this is true even the Republicans can't say it so we have the moral high ground where the people who oppose fall political violence when I see someone who's a white nationalist run according to people I'm opposed to identity politics when I see an Islamist through it I'm opposed to identity politics there's not 2 sides there's one side and that's what the Ukrainian story by the way really shows will talk about that a second but so many Republicans and to end a lot of libertarians are we maybe they don't want to take the moral high ground we have nothing to apologize for wearing against racism wearing against violence right that's our side and we should be proclaimed pope proclaiming that I'm pre caffeine or forgive me no I got my caffeine too and it's an interesting point you made about bananas but you're gonna it's it's an amazing point you made about band and I completely agree with you and it's also complete veritas everything you broke down great point release ran I'm now joined in studio by Roger stone but your quick take real quick what happened Ben and well I think you died of his own hand I mean ... I root for the daily caller yesterday a piece more in sadness than anger that I am the key issues that matter to conservatives but more importantly to trunks supporters he just has not stood tall when Joe Arpaio can't get his calls returned when he calls the White House to tell them how he's being abused by the trump justice department something wrong with the system when Steve Benen is up camp being the appointment of rex tiller sin whose chief patron is Condoleezza Rice ha and we now have a trunk state department completely peopled with bush Romney retreads is something fundamentally wrong I I like Steve I'm I think my worldview is probably closer to his butt on the key issues on the key fights he just hasn't weighed in and he's been a bit of a disappointment leave your take well first of A. Rodriguez CEO to be hollow not my 8 my view is that when you go up against the establishment it's very difficult and I think Brandon was trying to you gotta remember brains got a military background right he's used to chain of command and I think they're the big danger here and I tweeted this of the president today he doesn't know who is real enemies are look there's 3 things about trump that you don't need to be a psychologist to figure out he likes being flattered if you punch shot him he got punches back twice as hard and he loves his family I believe Donald Trump generally loves his family so they figured out how to get to it when they got to interest liberal daughter of uncontrolled is in New York liberal the end friends ... Chelsea Clinton who ma'am bidding us someone Roger I've written about extensively before when your friends who Aberdeen there's a real problem and they got to a vodka at a party that was thrown Wendy Murdoch's house right in January where they had Micah Brzezinski and all these other people who hate Donald Trump and I think Donald Trump has been suckered in how do you get I've learned is Raji you worked on many political campaigns more than I have but one of the things I've learned in birth from my work in politics is no matter how smart you are is an outside consultant at the end of the day that candidate answers to their wife their family and the guy they went to college with and it's so frustrating and I'm sure you've seen is Roger where you give good advice to a candidate and they ignore it because their wife or their daughter or their friend who they grew up with it's like Hey I don't know if you really want to take that position ... and so I think being and suffered from that I gotta say I liked everything Steve said in that interview that came out of the American spectator like everything is shut I don't I don't disagree with that and I wouldn't expect him to have a a perfect batting record the problem is that many many times just never went to bat so that his supporters out today saying well now the White House is completely populated with New York Democrats true that's because Steve wouldn't help anybody else who was for Donald Trump get hired in the in the administration now to subtly complain that you're alone is like throwing you murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you're an orphan a well I think on this case he he he did not help any allies not in the departments not in the cabinet jobs not in the White House there aren't many trumps supporters in the trump administration fine men like god David urban or ed Martin could get a hand up took to try to get into the administration to help ease our experienced people these are lightweight Caesar political heavyweights people who played a key role in the election of Donald Trump couldn't get the time a day from Steve Bennett you know I am look I've said that I have not personally heard from Steve since June 27 when I had a medical issue I reached out to Steve told him about and he just sent back a note on that up I know other people who've said yeah well I think you you may know some of them to Roger that Steve wants to avoid this Russia issue I and I work for Sputnik I host a radio show on Sputnik because they let me say what I want they don't restrict me in any way and it's a great platform up up but I know for a fact I'm sure it's worrisome H. worrisome to some people on the right there are other people on the right not to Steve or like go well I don't talk to lead because I want to get caught up in this Russia thing as I pointed out this whole Russia stories a lie you and I were talking about it a year ago before I ever had an inkling I work for Sputnik well my story and you give me for her to limit yourself to talking only to know if you can talk to people who are under investigation in the Russia matter then you can talk to the president I'd states investigations a fraud it's been a fraud from the beginning direct Russian collusion delusion one of the main reasons why I wanted to get you on today is because there was collusion with a foreign country there was interference in our elections there was a presidential candidate working with the foreign power to affect the outcome of the election unfortunately for the left it's not Russia it's Ukraine up and up but the whole mana for drama which we need to get into today backs into this and you told me some amazing as the other day that I our listeners need to learn about the level intensity of the Ukrainian effort to subvert our alleged amazingly straight and breaks the news of the Ukrainian Democrat collusion and then all the sudden the Russian narrative just disappear for the mainstream news everyday interesting will be right back with Roger stone in the strand always Troyer Roger stone least right hand jet I counsel here gonna get into the real collusion between the Democrats and Hillary Clinton lease ran hand has been reporting on that Roger wants to get into some of those details I pitcher now to Roger stone a belief that when Paul man afford joined the trump campaign harm it really at the end of the string of primaries up as we were moving towards the convention that became very clear that the Republican establishment balls could and would try to steal the nomination from the presumptive nominee because the Republican National Committee ... convention is governed by not federal law or state law by its own rules we have historical precedent 1952 denomination was stolen from Robert Taft and awarded to general Dwight D. Eisenhower so the higher of mana for ... struck fear in the hearts not only the establishment Republicans but more so Hillary and her friends went into overdrive looking for dirt I think when they couldn't find any they sought to manufacture some because many forts reputation as a political gunfighter was very solid decision guy who knows how to run a national campaign and to his credit I think he was a seminal one trumps nomination in preparation for the general election in terms of building a structure that could function during the general election campaign I thought at the time that the news broke regarding supposedly illicit payments to manifold from the up a democratically elected or democratically recognized political party in Ukraine I immediately smelled a rat and this became a concerted effort to drive man a fort out of that trump campaign aren't really at the behest of the Clinton Democrats who feared his leadership and his assistants to trump you have now done yeoman research on the back story of the entire Ukrainian effort to affect the American elections and that's what I want to talk about today what had well here late it's really significant in you know a couple things I was at the press conference were Ted Cruz in Texas basically announced that he was going to fight this you realize members of point in the election we realized he couldn't win on the popular vote so we started pursuing in delegates strategy right and that's the point they brought me an accordion and he was a great hired now as you mentioned in mid August story started to come out in the New York times Washington post Reuters every major news outlet they found a secret ledger in Ukraine and a prosecutor says Palmira fort was receiving cash payments in this secret ledger also called a black lecture in the Ukraine okay now let's cut let's cut to June 27 and this year after the election this same prosecutor who announced that secret ledger comes out and says lo and behold oops no metaphors name is not enough there were non cash payments that's what he said now how many media outlets you think reported that the times the pot nobody nobody Bloomberg is the only people I proud to report it CNN mentioned it literally item bottom paragraph the last paragraph story attacking man a port okay no anybody who looks into this not by the way the other thing you would assume from this tribe Russian area is that Paul metaphor is Russia connected is Russia connected it's very clear manner port was actually giving yet a code which the president of the Ukraine advice to move away from Russia to move towards the E. U. it's exactly the opposite of what the media's per track right so the fact that they reported this secret ledger but they didn't report the retraction by the same person what's significant then because I've been reporting on this I was contacted by Kate source as close to this you can possibly get in the Ukraine and they showed me information about 8 investigation that have been opened in the Ukraine I reported this 2 weeks ago very important I reported this 2 weeks ago and I showed the material to other people because I don't want just put a flag on the ground that I did I want to burn the source now just a couple of days ago it's confirmed what I said you'll notice the stories up indicate that the investigation was opened on August 1 okay this plot with this story came on political a couple days ago this story here and the caller one they say that Pollard remembers demanding more information if you dig down into the story you'll see the investigation was actually started on August 1 so that existed that this is election interference it was a false story they've now retracted it and the rest of the story involves how the VNC was directly involved I think it legally in doing this so the Clintons get to collude with Ukraine the Clintons did to try to impact elections all around the world the Clinton get to have all this hush money in all these foundations but its trunk trust not allowed to say anything trust not allowed to do anything trump is one colluding with Russia even though there's no evidence to the Clintons literally get to get away with everything colluding with Russia colluding with Ukraine ... Hillary Clinton gets to say Bob black people are predators the need will Clinton just get away with everything and then they use their attack dogs in the mainstream media to go after trump Delhi's train hand we've got 7 minutes left with you let's get a boil down of everything we are just getting into with Rogers down well yeah sure that was the big thing here look at the reserve political article back in January and started to outline this and that political article points out that there's a lot of 80 DNC operative named Alexander chalupa she worked in the Clinton White House shoes a DNC operative from 2004 did not 2016 and she's the one who met with the Ukrainians not only that she also met with the a a group of journalists Ukrainian journalist at something called the ... open world leadership center this is significant because this is not legally open world leadership center is a branch of its part of the library of Congress it's posted by statute be nonpartisan she was using it for partisan purposes now the other thing I want to point out this is a story that was also reported that relates after the election so don't try to selected November Alexander chalupa works with a guy named Brett Kimberlin Brett Kimberlin sick convicted bomber he bombed a a lit up 5 or 6 bonds are get the exact number in Indiana Indiana up in the late seventies early eighties to cover up an investigation into a murder he wasn't being investigated for so you get sick you know goes into prison he gets out of prison and he becomes a Democrat activists who becomes a liberal activist you start to group called justice through music project he starts a group called up a velvet revolution okay and he does a lot of work in Ukraine when he gets out of business eventually marries someone who's Ukrainian we met when he was for it when she was 14 by the way I should point that out as well why do I mention this guy because Alexander chalupa the DNC operative use Brett Kimberlin as the bag man to pay a foreign national to fly in this country and to meet with Democrat leaders where they discussed how to keep trunk from taking office now this was reported later ironically enough by buzzfeed they didn't mention Chilumpha's name but they didn't mention up all the bands and then the daily caller up followed up and said it was Alexander Chiluba I've subsequently interviewed witnesses who confirm every aspect of this story the Democrats are in my opinion clearly money laundering here and an investigation needs to be called up by the way the 2 guys to watch on this are chunk Grassley and Steve king both from Iowa a great many Judiciary Committee well yeah yeah and Grassley's pointed out the Ukrainian connection and so his king this is a story and I'll put it like this you just showed politico said you Ukrainian government is looking into DNC collusion trading Google that anybody who will use DuckDuckGo know in New York times supposed nothing nothing at all like you said L. O. incorrectly that they get Democrats can get away with this why can they get away with this we have to realize that we're fighting it asymmetrical information war here right they control up the the mainstream media establishment including box and they do this through repetition if they talk about a story every day they smeared Roger I know the details of that story all I have to do is say Roger stone colluded with the Russians people don't see the headline they don't read it he dealt with somebody who's never been proven to be Russian after a month 0.5 after the hacked they never point that out so we need to fight the information war here asymmetrically and realize look the founding fathers beat the radicals does that make sense and the way they did it was not trying to to fight them one on one that's one reasons are actually glad bands out of the White House actually because I hope we speak so I hope we start speaking up again I think he he will you know Steve is a brawler and I agree with Roger Stevens non demonstrated that since he's been in the White House and I hope that comes out but but again god bless you up you know Roger god bless you you hear dental wars are fighting this information war in an asymmetrical way that's the only way to do it all people have to do to get ready killed on this is look up what they tell you and what they don't tell you they print the story they don't print a retraction is stunning actually it's very stunning well with what's really significant here I think is that the Ukrainian connection and the Ukrainian collusion to assist Hillary asked to be viewed ... now in light of the wide me technology to the north Koreans to make their missiles more viable and more accurate this puts the whole thing in an entirely new life the other question I get constantly that I want to address is about the raid it man affords home on the 20 sixth of last month by the FBI where they kicked in the door the front door then they kicked in the door of the bedroom where he was sleeping with his wife a the purpose of this raid was intimidation they're trying to squeeze metaphor they want him to bear false witness against president that Miller wants him to testify that yes I colluded with the Russians and yes from new everything I know Paul mana for 45 years that is never going to happen never they want him to lie and you won't lie about it but that's what that was all about this is the heavy oppressive hand of Mister Mueller ... in the kind attacked the eels on drug dealers not political operatives where no further here's another story that you probably know about Roger Vella it's been completely not covered do not the black male claiming to know about the hacking the metaphor it's daughter Janice is that's a major story and by the way who was attacking him Ukrainians the same guy who supplied that ledger less Chico he's Ukrainian politicians he's the one who manticore had I think file a suit against and violent police report against saying this person is trying to blackmail me and Paul made a fortune daughter was hacked you never hear that in the news right it was Jack so it's not just government intimidation it's it's black ops intimidation and literal hacking of of his daughter now the other thing that's interesting is they never print we can afford again metaphor I'll tell you the best article as you as you well know Paul metaphors fathers America Britain Connecticut up I was doing some research in Connecticut newspapers but you see the Hartford current early New Britain paper had the longest quote I ever read in the media for mana for and he lays out now what they did do you keep was flourishing Unicode which to move towards the human not to move towards Russia the recent Washington post story shows that when people were trying to set up meetings between trump and the Russians if they were trying to do that if they were suggesting it who was coming out against it even in Washington post admits that all men are for right this is a complete smear job I don't know metaphor it all and never spoken to me at all it's sick but just as a researcher to complete smear the other thing it's really significant is what I've been reporting this week about Charlottesville Charlottesville if you just look up ... Ukraine torch March you'll find exactly duplicates of what we saw in Charlottesville in Ukraine in 2013 and here's something else that I don't know if you know this Roger David Duke beam white supremacist was at Charlottesville is a doctor writing calls himself Dr David Duke journey idea or David Duke we can't give yet I guess what what country might have gotten that from the island of island state university no no it's Ukraine but yeah it's your crank look up just looking at David Duke Ukraine he's got extensive connections what happened in the Ukrainian crew is the United States Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John McCain the CIA in the media we overthrew and bulk funded by George Soros we overthrew the government in the Ukraine and putting literal neo Nazis anyone can look up SB over beers in boy O. de LA so motor Sobota there you go right there that's from David Duke's own site bragging about his Ukrainian connections so when I started to notice this and I started to notice could you go back to the picture of the torch March 1 I can go back to the last picture if you can't see those flags there with the red and black on them that's the flag of the Ukrainian insurgent army killed Israel actual Nazi collaborators in World War 2 they killed 60000 Jews and up polls okay that flag is the blood and soil flag the top red stripe is from blood the bottom is first soil in Charlottesville the guy who crashed the car in to people can be seen walking down the street chanting blood and soil you know I started to notice that this is what they're trying to do out here here real quickly they wanna Jennifer race war they want you know not from both sides and then they will use that for a literal coup if they can't get the coup bill take impeachment if they can't get the impeachment they'll take just another electoral victory destroying trouble like orally but but mark my words this is their goal in they're going to do it by getting these I I'm not a conspiracy theorist anybody knows my journalism but if ever there's a false flag operation investigation required it's you it's this situation in Charlottesville that the media jumped on an audio Jay is apparently investigating more into this you guys thank you so much lease Stranahan for breaking all this down check out his website the S. and the CJ S. doesn't stand for conspiracy journalism school status and journalism school thank you so much I really think I know not only Roger are they trying to smear Donald Trump with the fake news and ignore all the Ukrainian collusion we know that they're trying to also censor the internet rig up all the social media platform so that the average individual can get the full scope can't get the full truth just what the powers that be have decided you are allowed to see and another great example of that is that gab has been removed from the android apps store this is breaking news just happened yesterday clearly an attempt to stop a new independent social media from forming we're now joined by and you talk about the creator of gab enter were you expecting this did you see this coming or what happened here well no we didn't we've actually ban on Google's play store for a number of months now and ... we had no inclination that this was coming a we knew it was always a possibility but it just came out of no where they said goodbye you're off the apps store have spawned for hate speech ... you know it's very peculiar because you have to ask yourself why was our app removed after being in the store for months without any issues ... you know just a week exchange the moors Google manifesto and offered him a job and just a day after we raised $1000000 500000 of which was raised within 2004 hours mind you see really have to ask yourself these questions well you first of all I really dig your pajamas UNM I hope we'd wake you up just kidding I don't let you know that this this comes up in the wake of the extraordinary news that a diamond in silk I'm for taking off of you to one of the most popular outspoken supporters of Donald Trump I love those women I think they're very funny think they're very effective in getting their message across now a day now they're harassing gab where I'm a proud participant ... this is part and parcel of the other effort update should be addressed by the assistant Attorney General for antitrust in the trump administration except for that job is vacant I end up unfortunately Steve Ben and made no effort to fill that job we don't even know when the job is failed that the person a man or woman who feels it will be cope ascetic with this mission but they should be because the rise of a vibrant robust alternative media is what allows for the election of Donald Trump I'm just tears into did they give an example of hate speech well we got no examples we got no you know screen shots or you know here this user said this on and actually Roger I completely agree and were in talks right now without Ron Coleman ... who famously one E. slants Supreme Court case ... you know landmark first amendment ... you know win and we're speaking with him you know about our options here because you're absolutely correct we have here is a duopoly right you know between Facebook are between ... you know apple and Google rather you know they own and control 95 San kit for apt and you're not have the stores for in apple's case objectionable content and in Google's case hate speech ... is absolutely absurd when we have you know 12000 plus death threats to the present paid state on Twitter it's insanity lunacy I'm so glad you brought that up one of the top trends on Twitter I'm not sure if it was yesterday the day before was assassinate president trump you have members all of our government calling for the assassination of Donald Trump how is that hate speech allowed on Twitter on Facebook but then gab get your move with 0 examples I think we know the of course no course you know the answer to double standard and it's ... quintessential example of the ideological echo chamber that exist in Silicon Valley the reality is is that we are a threat to the Silicon Valley robber barons again we raised $1000000 in about 38 days 54 0 of which came in about 24 to 40 8:00 hours ... we've openly spoken out against their ideological echo chamber in their biases and double standards towards trunks supporters friends and a Facebook inside of Google inside of Twitter were messaging me insane like I I'm fearing for my job I'm fearing for my livelihood and it's terrible it my heart goes out to them for being this position to just like what happened at Google just like whatever that Google exactly their turf they're afraid that their next but I'm feeling that James to more will not be the last person on you have to stand up and fight back against this and I actually had the opportunity to speak with him last night and done you know we're building an alternative technology alliance here on if we have to rebuild the entire internet from the ground up infrastructure communication Artigas protection as you thought you know we will do it whatever it requires we will do it and we will plow ahead and we will win we have the people on our side we have truths and the freedom of expression and liberty on our side well I don't know if you realize this Andrew but you're 100 percent accurate here's a story from the guardian today women say they quit Dugald because of racial discrimination I was invisible as Google reels from the fallout over controversial diversity memo multiple women say they face regular discrimination and ultimately left there is liberal Google women leaving out people just leaving because they don't get a fair shot they don't get a fair set this entire issue is why I've affiliate myself with a group called free our where they are doing yeoman work pointing out how Google Facebook Twitter Amazon are out running is essentially a jihad to shut down free speech and free expression TI I I think the left understands that ... that the election of trump would never have been possible without a without the up free at end of mass based internet now trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube so the only the only news you get will be mainstream media no gab no info wars no daily caller and they will fail and or they just wanna put the cap on the tube so that we can't continue to force this information out there one more second with and to talk about and then Roger stone takes over the fourth hour this is the Alex Jones show they're trying to purge the internet folks are trying to go for full control over the internet they wanna regulated and it's not to protect you it's to protect themselves from the truth being put out there against their lies against their false narratives ... need the crew about Britney another story some other people getting banned on you do you only see this going on they demonetized does they demonetized Paul Joseph Watson they censor us on Twitter but now they're just gonna try to racist entirely if you dare how you want it undertook how dare you how dare Endou tour bus try to create a competitive app with Twitter don't you know that Twitter runs the world now how dare you compete with Twitter how dare you right it's it's it's terrible the free market is just such a terrible thing the ability to have ... you know the freedom of choice to choose an alternative platform aside from the 3 or 4 that owning control and operate and funds ... every meaningful access point to the internet every meaningful access point to hardware in terms of technology god forbid somebody stands up and says let's build something new and start over so I got this story here just came out from the National Review a I don't know this guy's name but they you got other people getting banned from YouTube now apparently there's a ... a Muslim man Ahmad mussar job brew and Abu Halima I'm sorry if I butchered your names who have now been banned on you too because they're Muslims and they they dare comment on radical Muslim terror I mean they dare comment on alt Muslim tear and I wanna corner phrase right now I can't take credit for it I think of Daria credit she actually coined this phrase all these people protesting in the streets all these people that hate trump all these people that we see on on Twitter calling us racists there alt Americans you would call us alright due to start drawing all around all this all that everything's all your old Americans all of these people that hate trump all these congressmen all these people in government that wanna call for troops assassination everybody in the media you're all all Americans I think Silicon Valley fits into that a narrative as well you know they love preaching about how new net neutrality is so important but I think it's pretty a relevance ... when you have a handful of companies that can just no platform and on person complete groups and individuals off the internet you just very sad Harley exactly and as you pointed out Twitter doesn't give you with the rights over your content you've met other people to point this out as well if you're on Twitter and you got all this stuff all this great content that you created well they can just erase that goodbye Jacqueline gone and then you have nothing I mean there are people that I know that have spent you know 8 years on Twitter building up a following a 5100000 people they have 10000 plus tweets whatever and they wake up and it's gone and you were saying the same thing on you to where you know if you're a concentrate on you tube in your job every day is to produce content on then you wake up and 65 in Paul Joseph Watson case what 95 percent of his videos demonetized ... you know how expect to make a living arm and that's very scary stuff that they have that much power and that's what we're seeing now is they're going after the money so first it was okay let's sign them let's use artificial intelligence to automatically fly their accounts in shadow band them and ... unit that will ban them completely art and now they're going after the money so they're going 13 monetizing you 2 channels there until platforming people from a PayPal yeah tossing systems and that's why I think the crypto currency is really going to be the solution to that and that's why god is planning to watch our own crypto currency as fast as we can with the initial queen offering to solve that problem well you've done what is the answer to all this and that creating a new platform competing with these people that's the answer I mean that is that is the most americana answer if you think there's all these races run around at all didn't compete with them that'll be them that's America that's capitalism beat them but they're trying to end the capitalism society they're trying to end the free market but you've done the right thing you created dab Pete with Twitter now we need people to create some Google like DuckDuckGo we need people to create some like that to compete people //
"2017-08-01 23:00:19"
Seymour Hersh discussing Wikileaks DNC leaks Seth Rich & FBI report
\\but if you don't do what I know what it all comes on an FBI report donating our you could figure out of an online the kid gets I don't think he was murdered I think I I don't think he was murdered because of what he knew of the kids say have a nice for 27 he was not a night she expertly learn sucking the data program we learned stuff and so he's living on one street someone I looked at once for even in a very rough neighborhood and in the third deck area was where he bit different about change I'm sure you know that that about 800 cans violence does not have robberies most of them with somebody brandishing a gun and it fit his hand and tell me what I'm sure you know it answer marked up the cops concluded he fought off the people tried to run in the sort of place that that 22 local and then make the kids did a Grammy got scared intake as well okay so but the cops do best music nobody knows I'm telling you know maybe you know some of when you have a gift like that DC cops it's your job you generally don't just go here for kind of what the most what's going on you you have to get the kids apartments she which is fine if they get these days you don't need a warrant for most cops get a warrant because they don't know if the guy here as they have a roommate if you need a woman so they get a warm arms attorney there is such a thing they go in the house they can't do much with computers transfer of the council not much about it so the DC character ever cyber unit he he they're more sophisticated they come and look at the ideas maybe he's had a series of exchanges authorities are going to kill me you motherfucker over a girl or and they keep hitting the various other cyber guys a little better but they can't so they call the they call the FBI fiber unit DC the DC unit of Washington field office is a hot shit the guy running the Washington field office he fights invite you know he's like a 3 star it at an army base he's ready to go for you know what I mean it's going to go with a top job there's a story greetings at their best X. month what you get in the war that it was public information you get in the war doesn include baguettes de if it does not include the affidavit underlying what were you going and what the reasons are that almost never available ... on I can tell you that the existence of a war just a public document 99 percent of the time so ... data to say more they call in the shed defense get through use of baseline this is according to the FBI reports what they find is he makes struck first or you have to know your 3 you have to know some basic facts with one of the factions no there's no gene he'll protested email that it does exist beyond may 22 may 20 first 20 seconds away email from either one of those groups and so this so what the report said that sometime in late spring we're talking about it June your summers in June 21 late spring would be after I I presume I don't know I just it says they spring early summer alright she makes contact with wikileaks that's in this computer and make contact now I have to be careful because I am I don't I'm virtually on in Europe Julia trend toward divisive ugly people like that you know I've been in bed by having a minimum Londonderry get a message comes she needs the Ecuadorian ambassador that the fucking I'm going there I don't know trouble are getting photographs but every fucking they use on the total surveillance by everybody and but anyways they file what he had done we have submitted a series of documents of email from future emails from New York City and know right away only shit about the PNC come in on if when America was attacked but whatever happens if the the Democrats themselves will be shipped you know what I mean all I know is that he offered a sample but extensive sampling I'm sure doesn't of the medical things that I want money that later wikileaks did get the password here the drop box protect the drop box which isn't hard to do I mean you don't deal with the 19 which is new to me was certainly not that don't get and if they don't exist in the drop box she also miss is also in the FBI report he also let people know which only repealed and I don't know how he dealt out to you but we can second I don't know how we dealt well with the real heli stardom mechanism but even so the word was practically yesterday reports are also shared this box with a couple of friends so for heating after the media markets are going to solve your problem okay up I don't know what that means ability was anyway but wikileaks does accept and of before he was killed I can tell you right now Brennan's an asshole I've noticed people for years cry for some of the better guys not rocket isis the NSA guys apart a moron and the opening of the troubled also is that it is fair don't eat the only way they're going to make it so order to a get no I'm hired by if they have a seat delivers affect upon check this movie saving the drums are going you know they don't like to live in a pension and I'm gonna make it but I gotta tell you guys in that job data movement of change that they might be employed like their press a fisherman 0 Bucks rippling before this I know somebody I have somebody any inside you know I've been around a long time I read a lot of sellers on the inside who will go and read a file from this person is unbelievably act reading carefully very high level guy Neil to favor you just going to have to trust me from I have but the call in my business one form journalism I have a narrative of how that whole funky things began Mr Brennan operation within American disinformation and talking to Perkins president at 1.when they said they even started telling the press they were back between the press the head of the NSA was going telling the press fucking fuck fuck garages which only the press ... that we would know who was the G. argue the Russian and Russian military intelligence service leave it on the also should they were telling these to my work to pick your price of 14 years and some of the fire in your car and that they have smart guys but they're probably be holding on sources if the president or the national head of the CIA chosen something to actually believe that I was very good time to write about glacial in the Vietnam War in 72 because there were just locked in so that's what that time did these guys run the fuck and drops not warm but I mean I wish he would calm down and a better press secretary don't get to be so troops not longer think they all fucking lied about I can tell you right //

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