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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 009 WA State Legislator Website
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 008 Twitter Pedophiles
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 007 Chinese Connection
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 006 Alert Arabs
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 005 Audio Programming
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 004 US Studio Taken Down
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 003 US Handlers Exposed
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NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate Pattern Psychology
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Elsagate Video One
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Pizzagate Manifesto - Act II: The Art
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\\of the most intriguing discoveries of modern science is the fact that there is nothing in this world that even approaches what might be called truly solid we speak of solids liquids and gases but these terms describe superficial rather than basic properties all matter regardless of its day is composed of invisible particles called Adams which in turn are composed of other particles the air we breathe though invisible to us is just as real as what are matter because it's made of the same fundamental particles it is the arrangement of these particles of the forces that bind them together that gift to a substance that special properties if we bring a piece of steel close to a magnet we say that the steel becomes magnetized but what is it that actually happens we placed the steel inside a coil of wire connected to a high gain amplifier and then bring the Mike that close to the bar steel we can hear something that suggest movement inside the stadium this fineness we think of a piece of steel has being sullen and according to our definition because a song a popular concept of what makes a solid it's certainly a fault this piece of steel and any so called solid substance on this earth it's almost entirely empty space if we could eliminate the empty space in this piece of steel all that would remain would be a tiny bit of matter sauce Bob has to be invisible even with a high powered by Chris this concept of almost unlimited empty space it wouldn't matter is comparatively new but it is the very cornerstone of our knowledge in this atomic age atoms are not solid is that they're tiny solar system opposed infinitely small particles revolving at tremendous speeds and bound together by enormous forces and like our solar system atoms are almost entirely empty space for the moment let's forget the forces within the app thinking only up the particles and the empty space around lance knows no reason why I couldn't take the so called solid steel bottle I just throw it right on through that wall except this we've tried that has if I were to attempt to run through that wall right now all I get for my trouble would be a good sized lump on the hand but that which would prevent my body passing through the wall would not be a collision of particle but rather a coalition of forces the same forces that make up the atom bomb and if it were not for these forces my body can go freely back and forth through that wall as though it were not there it is within the realm of scientific possibility that there could be 2 worlds coexistence occupying the same part of space at the same moment of time he twirled just as real as the other but that's mountains valleys rivers trees and that one world could pass freely through the other were neither world being conscious of the existence of the other world if it ran just one thing atomic forces within the material substance of these 2 worlds that are not mutually interacting what we mean by this see here are 2 pieces of steel their parents is quite similar but a magnet will reveal a basic internal difference between the 2 pieces this one of course is picked up but this is not a fact this piece of steel is not magnetic stainless steel of course we all know that other metals such as brass or aluminum are not affected by the man rate of aluminum yeah it can be suspended in air by the electromagnetic force so we have transformer the rate being a factor one turned shorted secondary smaller rain will react even more now there is another ring that's what made of a material we say is not conduct WNED right out of my there is another exam several 0 watts of power Bob and that's part lyrically spark gap the copper coil the same power novel most of the cost sent visible has no impact on many subs and generate a lot of heat what paper things that we think of as being quite improbable are not affected at all however a piece of steel wool person to fight against did you ever fry an egg on a coal stove it's no trick and all you have the right equipment this is a cold hard because it's cold you can make it out of what I just be sure that there's a cloud of wire inside and that you connect well to a high voltage alternating current some the rest disease as long as we're being different well yes potter I'll instead of Chris okay France very quickly stone remains perfectly calm back to list if a fire break on the morning newspaper ntfc gadget like if you get up in the morning sat on the stove read the morning newspaper I tried to exert your lan another example of the fact that this horses like some all of the examples which we have cited thus far a bit of the physical realm of course have been limited by that we can however cite examples that transcend the purity test and clearly demonstrate the reality //
"2017-10-22 21:55:45"
Pizzagate Manifesto - Act II: The Art
\\all NMAA all all this this comet ping pong pizza the local DC pizzeria work John and Tony Podesta would hold fundraisers for that Hillary and Obama campaigns there is a consistent theme of art and performers that showcase and display their work during for we jumped into a local bar take a look Kim noble noble was a victim child abuse sexual abuse human trafficking brain dishing programming and ritualistic sacrifice the horror that noble into word because what is known as dissociative identity order when the brain is exposed a certain trong fragments into multiple pieces different various personality characters global was not an artist born to know that her psychiatric evaluator had recommended park Seraphine swarms coping and expressing her feelings this is another example what looks to me to adults and be younger adults 2 children on the table you notice that both children steering saying association occurring or perhaps it already had occurred in another extremely disturbing piece this where there are signs both pedophile you'll notice that this room child violated by an adult for other adults witnessing seems to be their smoking you notice strobing smiles see the child going through a disassociation where their brain fragmenting and their personalities splintered oftentimes victims of abuse scribed the method and the feeling in which personality is collapsing that Ophelia symbology lies within a handkerchief that is being used in this painting often times got a file same child abusers and handlers keep remnants of these events such as handkerchiefs which is why John Podesta's emails certainly words and verbiage as we stated in previous video we also house the handkerchiefs and the color code references just another personality representing a splintering of the subject and several alters core person simply blindfolded and it's becoming another personality 2 sides 1 of them in which has only 19 often described victims of extreme tron this symbology it's rampant and many of the followers and associates with comet ping pong pizza and James our fans so oddly enough the splitting of personality V. magazine cover with lady Gaga normally we can attribute this bizarre behaviors to artistic and after however no the artist who interesting so see it within this entire investigation that is arena Abramovich seem right here alongside lady Gaga I don't know if it twentieth annual Lionel center benefit this is a performance part also known as spirit cooking where artist and exhibitors take part in 10 cannibalistic and say 10 ritual the same effects clearly see waiting auto company we're gonna brown it's very all it is someone sturdy normal figures prominent artists wealthy elite members of society and English politicians are constantly in attendance such so are don likely seem starving to most people of society one would truly have to ask the question why children our present not dis exhibits moving on to going on a journey which we found this to be the most disturbing art befall these pieces of art are clearly depicting horrifying facial splay back adolescent girls in their underwear in a very provocative and controversial setting what makes Ileana's artwork remarkable busy absolutely intense facial gestures exhibited by these young children yet in the same environments we all know makes the effort display but there are also adults in what seems to be underground shower rooms or basements always workgroup towards older men and women in their undergarments interestingly Tony produced article he mentions Tapley on injured of each one of his favorite artists here's a photo of Tony produces how inside it hangs piece of art that it takes one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims found in his apartment 1996 other photos Tony addresses living room clearly place we on this artwork there are also live performances that occur act common ping pong pizza a regular basis this is a lead singer majestic 8 a band called heavy breathing and you know all our parents right thank you or be in love with a fellow blazing which yeah here you like world sound yes and little boys and so I think I was n't Sir we all have and you audience member suggests little boys lead singer's response their goal yeah starving blaster all house preference other person that's associated constantly available for 10 photographs are seen here with Bill Clinton by the name of Rachel Chandler so most Rachel channels work includes Skoda constantly depicting young and vulnerable children symbolism that's used to all ways suggestive and often times someone and appropriate very bizarre manner another person that consistently brings on sense artists comment ping pong Pete as she is an artist herself Sasha lowered this time presenting band called sex day see I upside down triangle blood symbolism yet all ages are constantly invited to these events same upside down triangle symbolism slate here by Sasha lords photo that's on Mr so yays Instagram associate of common ping pong piece same screenshot plays an upside down red triangle stick and a hot dog cost woman and child the user symbol listens after all circumstantial which makes it very hard to prove that's why the FBI possibly releases updates pedophile area symbolism another interesting part of sex stains symbology comes in one of their music videos here you can clearly see another sign Ted aphelia even making the same color these are the types of posters better constantly splayed by Sasha lowered when presenting shows here again we see that Jeffrey Dahmer victim another one of heavy breathing songs all the children as you can see here highly suggestive highly symbolic yes here video heavy breathing song called the neutered no ways and it's a and a baby again circumstantial and symbolic hard to prove please subscribe follow us further information as we can you next the dogs showcase never ending connection and it in symbology tying all of these individuals together //
"2017-10-21 09:39:04"
\\yes I am 10 newspapers where these jails abortionists 6000000 figure out between the ages of 1915 and 1930 it first news but is the son of New York your real June 6 1950 that is for sewing it's the first page of that that section I don't want never both the saloon it's a big lift a little collection that good sex the front page the article is called how much worse it should never showers to get pretty there's a big article takes up most the page so Glenn yeah since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem the Jewish people about your dog page in the history or not which the Russian government despite the 6000000 Jews 0.5 the Jewish people so the world we persecuted how did 2000000 it told judge stop that was of them have been sort whose noses of Jews old man woman and child I've been doing this through his people 6000000 Jews 0.5 the Jewish people thought the world of being persecuted hounded humiliated tortured golfed so going on yeah brought to you as well yep I think how do they see on the 6000000 Jews in Russia take a look yeah 6000000 Jews English 6000000 this is an article entitled follow us wasn't he should have charges against Russia and as soon how can you feel Sunday June 6 1915 18 a pitch for Hitler ever set from the government gettin me a this next newspaper New York times again some 1918 that is a New York times October 18 1918 page 12 that I want I'll go pitch 12 page 12 the New York times 10/18/1918 and the articles and cold $1000000000 phones to rebuild Julie notice 6000000000 souls will need help to resume normal life when all was said 6000000 souls that would only audible yeah as again 6000000 Jews need help 6000000 6000000 Jews need help 0 nautical cold $1000000000 phones to rebuild chili as in the New York times October 37 gift as an excuse for this New York times again a New York times 9/30/1919 pick 6 that I want medical it's 6 page 6 the New York times 9/30/1919 and the article is called Ukrainian Jews in to stop problems my sweet was yes Idaho didn't 27000 Jews have been killed and 6000000 on pal 6000000 as a whole down the article nowadays we come out now before the world with a determined slogan those problems must stop said the president Nixon will message it's only a question of all the stocks continue before the civilized world you must not commit the world to slumber this fact that the population of 6000000 souls in the clean yeah I'm in Poland have received notice to action and by word that they're going to be completely spare minute you literally cannot make this 6000000 souls completely extended explain as in not about colds couldn't use him to stop problems in the New York times 9/8/1919 did you know Javier before Hitler combat power that's the next years ago I the scene you know tames again New York times we did it November 12 1919 spit 7 that I want yeah they go the 7 in a New York times 11/12/1919 not a post Cold close shot played if Jews Felix M. Warburg sees it with the worst of us in the war it is yeah the success of bottles of content on these of all the bullet in the back of you green chili he said and if we choose to tragically unbelievable poverty starvation and disease about 6000000 souls or halt the Jewish population of the 6000000 6 0 souls well how the Jewish publication via our goal for that on the article she can lead to estimate there's give didn't we believe the poverty starvation and disease about 6000000 souls or hot the Jewish population of the nautical entailed tell side plate of Jews in the New York times 11/12/1919 this inexcusable yeah because she from 1920 2/23/1920 the articles on the front page called $50000 he is sensitive to see if the frontiers continued on page 3 column for according to a hardball it's just that I'm not February 23 19 this the $2000 to see if the fringes continued focus page or down he called upon the land I choose to allies to the kitchen and according to pitch to the emergency phone in order but the lives of 6 millions of Jewish people may be saved 6 millions of Jewish people move received a little further down rabbi Marc speaks why why marksman eloquent plea for Janice response to the call of the representatives of the Jewish leaders for a Jew a graphic picture of the starvation principally of the 6000000 Jews who live in Eastern Europe and Palestine 6000000 Jews thousands upon thousands of all people have died of starvation and pestilence and that was his mobile died he said I hate these people 6000000 Jews in an article entitled $50000 we used to see if suffering James and the question of Atlanta 2/23/1920 this is the next newspaper this is a New York times as from 1920 local the New York times it Friday may 7 1920 page 11 that I want there we go page 11 page 11 the article is cold the Jewish war it gets $100000 gift notice the phone for Jewish war supplies in central and Eastern Europe we have 6000000 once this whole fine conditions of famine disease and death was in which just by contribution of $100000 for me it's extra which 6 millions this whole 5 conditions of vitamin disease and death 6 millions it's horrifying conditions of famine disease in I would go down the rest the article if anybody wants to read it as inaudible cold Jewish war it gets $100000 New York times side a with a sudden 1920 yes in New York times again this is 1921 Michael New York times Wednesday 7/20/1921 pitch to that I want variable pitch to pitch to New York times July 20 1921 the article cold Baixa mad about CF 6000000 and Russia my supply threatens old jeans to sort it all means okay is playing in come in the office look at that washers 6000000 Jews if this next admonition by massacre at the feminist baton the counter revolutionary movement is gin and at the Soviets control is when and hello this is one of the biggest articles aloft this is 192112 yea before idle for lack of a set for the government Russia's 6000000 Jews VS cooks diminution by musk I synodical untainted Baixa mad I see if 6000000 in Russia on page 2 in the New York times but he's gay July 20 1921 this is the exact of Montreal this nineteenth that you want because at Montreal Tuesday December 29 1931 this over a year before it occurred because at Spiff 6 I don't want I will go it's 6 it's 6 exact one shield 12/29/1931 and the article that you must speak support self 6000000 Jews be a starvation 6000000 bad conditions in southeast annual report by rabbi Weiss the US crisis at hand 6000000 Jews in Eastern Europe face starvation and even worse during the coming winter 6000000 Jews I get a division of the us the article the art of those cold 6000000 Jews face starvation the Gazette to Montreal 12/29/1931 one off yay before Adolf Hitler ever set foot equipment this is our next guest bedroom this is New York times begin all of New York times but this is dated nineteenth goodness sending mid 80 first 1936 this does not see the 6000000 Jews produce the Holocaust New York times page 14 that I want our goal page 14 New York times Miller 30 first 19 thirties Agnes cold Americans appeals to Jewish section it's quite a bit on it's unknown here yeah the petition and expressed my opinion of enlightened Christian leadership in the United States they have a larger Jewish immigration to Palestine stressed the intolerable so of the millions of Jews in the European Holocaust the European Holocaust in 1936 before the second World War even started we go up yeah it is again Great Britain has it in her power to open the gifts of Palestine and that in the victimized and persecuted Jews skip and from the European Holocaust the European Holocaust in 1936 3.5 year before the second World War if I even started that's an article entitled Americans appeal for Jewish refuge a New York times 5/31/1936 his next if there are this New York times again New York times this is dated February 23 1930 looked before the second World War started body and how New York times it's pitch 23 that I want make all page 23 New York times 2/23/1930 yet the article is cold Jewish teach us chided by Isaacs along the bottom and as the Jewish tragedy picked I depressing picture of 6000000 Jews essentially you are deprived of protection or economic opportunities slowly dying of starvation or hold gone was presented to the teachers by Jacob tosses the Jewish tragedy started when Hitler came to power in 1933 that is to give you a its 0 Jews essentially look slowly dying of starvation 6000000 as in 1930 it Jewish teachers chided by Isaacs New York times 2/23/1938 yeah Hoss for the second World War //
"2017-10-17 01:02:41"
Pizzagate Manifesto - Act I: Intro
\\I ... dies by that debate because all of the study comes out of nowhere and starts going crazy and and I watched this today because I was watching between Mister gates and to Anthony Weiner gates I found Anthony Weiner gate to be a terrible situation he obviously knows details and in the way he's handled it is either lying or incompetent and I do want is unacceptable and one of their most notorious yet hidden scandals which involves Laura Silsbee was smuggling children out of PD without documentation who was caught by the Haitian authorities prosecuted if found guilty one of the most disturbing parts about this case this is according Harvard human rights journal as we stated that Bill Clinton and his first acts as special envoy to the UN in Haiti quote was to put out the fire child abduction scandal involving Americans you have to ask yourself why with Bill Clinton everything strike a deal with the Haitian government in order to release and rescue child traffic this is only one close many rabbit holes that house merits we're not talking about conspiracy theories were acting on absolute facts in the pizza gate scandal risks really difficult to uncover some of the individuals involved simply because a lot of the evidence that we actually house it's circumstantial and based on hidden symbols which the FBI consistently released in order to raise awareness but we have to also understand that there are high level government conspirators that are hiding pressing and hijacking this information in 1999 the U. S. District Court of the district of Nebraska worded $1000000 transitory damages and punitive damages related to the Franklin cover up in a very similar case of child pedophile yeah child trafficking Washington DC fault to Reagan and the bush administration as confirmed by the Washington times Craig Jay Spence Republican lobbyist it was founded Ritz Carlton hotel room in 1989 giving secret late at night tours of the White House to Washington called boy Mr Spence hinted that tours for a range by top level persons Clooney Donald Gregg national security adviser vice president George Berber Walker bush even more disturbing about this case the deaths both the people who were investigating cover John W. decamp served in the Nebraska legislator from 1971 to 1987 died shortly after appearing on the Alex Jones show camp at the time has written a book that is titled the Franklin coverup focusing on child abuse satanism and we're the other victim in this case was no other than the state's chief investigator Gary Carr dory who died alongside son serious plane crash 1990 ... do his briefcase which was thought to contain vital evidence was never recovered from the scene nor with the plane's rare seats likely indicator the bomb shortly after his death further witnesses were too frightened to come forward one of the most notorious and legal child trafficking organizations child protection services I wrote a scathing report last year on the corruption in child protective services I introduced Senate bill 415 relating juvenile proceeding it required a court order to enter the residence parent or guardian John it called for family court to be open to the public confidentiality and secrecy in family court protects the wrong people it provided that immunity in the system shall not extend to the seizures are children that are found to be a politician nor to the administration medication to a child over the objection of the parent or custodian and it provided stain from applying for obtaining receiving or accept adoption incentive payments under the federal adoption safe families act of 1997 the department of child protective services has become a protective empire having worked with probably 300 cases statewide and hundreds and hundreds across the country and in nearly every state I am convinced there is no accountability child protective services I've come to several conclusions one that poor parents not always but often are targeted to lose their children because they do not have the wherewithal to hire an attorney hi this is that case workers and social workers are very often guilty of strong line they withhold and destroy evidence they fabricate evidence and they seek to terminate parental rights unnecessarily that the separation of families and the snatching of children is growing as the business grows because state and local governments have grown accustomed to having these spare dollars to balance their ever growing budget that the bureaucracy is huge look at whom it is getting paid state employees attorneys court investigators guardian Adlai items court personnel and judges there are psychologists there is psychiatrist counselors foster parents adoptive parents and on and on all are looking children in state custody provide job security that the adoption and safe families act set in motion first in 1974 by Walter Mondale and later in 1997 president Bill Clinton offered cash bonuses to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care in order to receive the adoption incentive bonuses local child protective services would need more children they must have merchandise cells and they must have plenty saw the buyer can choose some counties all all for 4 to $6000 bonus for each child adopted now strangers an additional 2000 for a special needs child employees work federal dollars flowing but that is only the beginning figure in the formula in which each bonus is multiply Bob the percentage that the state has managed to exceed its baseline adoption number therefore states and local communities work hard to reach their goals for increased numbers adoption for children in foster care as you can see this program is offered from the very top and is run by health and human resource this is why big dumb in child protective services get no help from their legislate doors it explains why my bill Senate for 15 suffered such in the judicial committee that's why I was cut off at every juncture and why I was defeated myself last month for my reelection but another Republican that tax dollars are being used to keep gigantic system afloat many grandparents have called being lost in the system grandparents who lose their grandchildren to strangers have lost their own flesh why the children lose their family heritage and grandparents and parents to lose the connection of their hairs and that the national center on child abuse and neglect in 1998 reported that more children died in foster care than in the general public and that wants to remove 2 official safety these children are far more likely to suffer abuse including sexual molestation than in the general population think what that number is today 10 years later call for an independent audit of all state job service and for a federal congressional hearing on child project services abolish the federal and state financial incentives that have turned child protective services into a business that separates families for money I've witnessed such injustice harm brought to so many families but I'm not sure if reform of the system is even possible the system cannot be trusted it does not serve the people it obliterates families and children simply because it has the power to do so what I have said to you in these few minutes is that we must confront the fraud in child protective services child protective services sees as children using the very system that is paid for by the taxpayer who actually believes it is used to protect abused neglected children the bureaucracy of workers benefit financially file system that converts children into cash while destroying their families and their lives no child will emerge from the system can never be sound many disappear and never ever heard from god will not stand for what is happening to our children and our friend his heart beat for these children he will lift up the down trodden what is happening in America regarding child services is a criminal political and it must be brought to an end please join me and work to help set our children and our families free to whom much is given much is required shortly thereafter Nancy Shaver was found dead single gunshot wound husband 52 years found gunshot wound to his chest police concluded that they have still not been murder suicide perpetrated by her husband whenever a motive for the murder unclear never stops yeah the same Clinton machine I think pardoning rescuing and Symone circles that are entrenched pedophile yeah sex trafficking and human rights this is the most significant global initiatives spear headed by the open source immunity citizens looking to put in and child trafficking and abuse we owe it to these people to continue our investigative work spreading misinformation and scrutinizing the establishment every single action they take let us not allow these heroes die in vain please support us followers as we continue to put out more material and information all of us at network radio you very much //
"2017-10-13 05:13:00"
Operation Incident High Project
\\distortion is divided into 2 sections of this and we're gonna be adding a lot more documents data as we move forward this analysis left side right here do with Stephen paddock in his airplane right side woods our beloved government we know the event occurred on 10/1/2000 interesting part 3 weeks earlier 911 fortune forms anonymous person by the name of John I made these posts where we warn people they say it's an inner city area stay inside stay away from areas large gatherings you indicated there's going to be in effect some sort of attack and he actually build it as incident I project what's you'll hear about that is when you take a look at the actual shooting well you should once it makes other partisanship the fact that he mentions Vegas Pacific now initial post said that it's going to occur on September 12 the next day however Las Vegas that's a very interesting thing to post 3 weeks prior to the actual attack 2 days later on October 3 another John are from Ghana in game makes a post and he shows us that Stephen padded out an airplane but he sold out of town on the wrist and 53 4:03 am look up pops on FAA website right here you can also find it on is a site that Mayers the government records and the transactions that occur on the FAA once the interesting thing that happened here has created a lot of different theories and there's a lot of information in regards to that airplane because the tail number after TV I served 2 different airplanes one of them was a 2001 de registered told Wesley Phillips clearly different plane and fly to where there are records is a newer restriction of lost Steven Patrick playing I was then so to you a speech corporation that was then sold to John W. Rogers John W. Rogers extremely close ties to a bomb matter fact John Waters business firm Ariel investments was awarded nearly 0.$5000000000 contracts by a bomb when he was in the Senate in Chicago corrupt in Hyde Park was close friends with Craig Johnson Craig Johnson sisters shop Obama 3 years later this airplane this young bird watcher 2 of the lawn Anglesey same area or not Virginia if you take a look hi Balog I will see it belongs to John W. Rogers she took a look at along associates website what I did follow the trail no actually do some research make some phone calls first the foremost to solidify belongs 2 wrongs cuando see which belongs to John W. Rogers Cohen associate defense contract if you look at the defense cuts fern actual officers are Eric Maloney not John so then we took a look at jobs are lost cigarette with the strict doing so I was able to debunk that information there's actually 2 John W. Rogers here's John W. Rogers of Ariel investments which does have very close ties to Obama and there's another John W. Rogers this person is a physician out of Salem Virginia people have thought that John W. Rogers that has ties to Obama are the same tail number that is on slide it wears on a film that is AA records somebody thought that it was scrubbed that's not the case there's 2 different belongs a lot of services which is different but has nothing to do with this position John W. Rogers and DR Sam Virginia so I followed the trail will get further actually called the clinics of John W. Rogers and D. spoke to his attorney was was client and what happened was in 2010 he purchased a plane from broker so using have connections and and 2 other partners created full on metal scene just to mitigate the ability to reduce your complaint under that very name or the awesome dis to belongs or use it is not a common name in Latin a lot needs to slaughter kind of news circles so there's absolutely no connect tween the plane John W. Rogers or the ins where once we turn our attention to this side board will be half government contracts do you know in this post mentioned ... sci systems known as ... since ... 6 is a company that creates security metal detectors body scanners so also the mother company throughout history wrap this can happen to your client Michael Chertoff who is a former head of the department of homeland security it called for the government to bring on these body scanners in the airports following an incident Randi's body scanners were not ideal they made a lot of money the person that owns the OCI systems that create the scanners Deepak Chopra not to be confused with the other departure from who also happens to be a backer of the body just deep dark children however it's very close Obama and he went on to a trip with a bomb for 3 days in India then there's my niece children because his name comes up with Obama it was a first see Chico chief technology officer for the United States actually Barack Obama made that decision plain and I couldn't find any connection between these 2 the only thing that was correct between Deepak Chopra needs children Obama was to lobbyists in Virginia that walking for or some systems to get into contract we will be looking into further is whether or not Anne's Chopra and he was appointed when Obama took office in 2010 it's going Deepak Chopra got his contracts from of all for the rockets can she through OCI systems which he owns which is a client of Michael Chertoff the guy that co wrote the picture act an honest person from fortune also mention James Muren who happened to be the CEO of MGM mother company both mentally day shooting her the interesting thing is that if you look at stock those closest on October 2 it is the actual highest it's ever been and James Newton it's connected toys I systems financial the board members and officers I'm Jan work selling office major and none of shares of them jam holdings tonight in fact since July James near has been dumping roughly 85 percent of his holdings so temper 6 and 7 we're 2 remarkable days for the SEC stock market we can see all these folks here selling off shares right before the event occurred these numbers are known these are absolutely enormous amounts especially right before the attack the other interesting part is that James nearing smallest director William W. grounds or bill Clinton's those stones enormous amounts of it Jim stock I have a lot to gain from OCI systems going up now we have our very first true lead that we can follow the federal bureau of investigation has only taken over and we have some documents that were sifting where you can identify some patterns that indicate there is some sort of cover and the putting out that video shortly later the sound is studio valuable follow us on our social media handles are all available the our website network radio.U. S. //
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NWR #056 Devann Sheuerman
\\ //
"2017-08-09 22:40:39"
NWR #055 Darren Becket
\\is America a they guess tuning and Hey guess what this episode of network areas sponsored by audible pretty simple you go to audible child a com slash there are great you get a free subscription to a company called audible who creates audio books and they have over 180000 of them they can choose from its online it's fuckin free at least for the trial part which gives you a free download a free book you can choose any book you want listen not cheap some of Iraq's account expensive when you get to get any of them you want one a beginning and if you don't like it you can cancel your trial but you do get to keep your book your audiobook and you get to listen to it on any device for ever release until they stop it and they won't stop it I mean like come with the dye but no really ... you get you get any book you want and you can download it listen to it it's an Arab that you can use on all your devices obviously and it syncs all in together seeking continue where you left off no matter where you go and if you cancel again you're trying to get to still keep your after your service and everything to still keep listening to those books that you got even the free one and you can always go back and re started if you want but it's a free trial check it out man it's fucking awesome like just do it does a lot of awesome books out there that you should be reading and today's age now all of the reading books and sprawl because we're very busy with a lot of stuff that we do all the time people for got you can sit down and read books because you're spending a lot more time traveling and working so guess what you can pop in an audiobook while driving or traveling in the plane or even if you're in a jam on a treadmill or something ... I don't think you want to listen to while you're pumping iron but I don't know man your deal check it out pretty cool anyways today's guest is there and Beckett we've had one before he is kind of like a one stop shop for life coaching ... he's you know wellness curation is his basic ... specialty his good with anything from meditation to life coach to business coach really cool episode he's a friend of ours ... a second time when it's on the show you'll be seeing more often great guy with a good time talking to him so that for there to turn back it folks nnova load Darren all welcome back good to see you today around to how you been really great near the beach I'd love your huge gigantic green bottle of sparkling water with that's called the mountain valley so the commercial this there are many out there go on by the water so what's going on with you man it's no affiliation just go by that water remarketing they do during drinks that you should have it arm so what's going on man what's what's wind up with the ... what's been up with your journey well Fadi the journey never ends ... currently I'm focusing on ... Avenue class out it's cold fragrant she gone who were gay us unpack that verse a fragrance fragrant chi gong thought it sounds kind of like theatricals when we hear sound like a Street Fighter move ahead okay or Marvel Capcom move it what what is it she gong is an is a sexy a fairly recent term ... for what's called Delyan which is ... attorneys from for guiding energy so and ... in India you have yoga in China you have shit on so fragrance Xiong is a mixture of a particular practice of postures weekly 15 sep posture and then it's breath work and a guided meditation using essential oils to elicit emotional responses and then to clear those emotions ... whether they be negative positive in that moment ... zip that's that's very good chance of teaching that of 45 times a week ... while which is a lot of fun were you teaching it ... Enola in teaching at a place called mystic journey L. A. in Venice and ... Chakri universe in Beverly hills ... and then a few private residence faces of her skin like you guys have your own world map like I have and I don't know if any of this and like it's over my head is it kind like a tight she but with oils ... yeah I mean there's so many terms for all the stuff cheap long distance skill breath him so whatever the modalities anyone's using to get grounded her clear or whatever it is to be present in this world ... I you always have his breath may we know that it's the CA it's it's what connects our hurts or bring so there's a reason your mouth is in between the 2 ... way how does that make your mouth your your your ... heart your brain you mean like as far as like physically here yeah there is a physical connection ... using your nervous systems ... the easiest way to explain it is I call it dropping in that first part of meditation or really anytime you're anyone's face for the challenge somewhere is awkward feelings or don't you next making a decision that's because word were in in the monkey mind as people have to call it right and so they say get out your monkey mind that no one knows where to go will you gotta go to your heart because that's for your intuition is through the native cultures understood that your your real mind was and they're both right ... we do have a brain and it does have a function so when you bring your awareness into your heart and then you start breathing from that space what happens is you start to alkalize a different type of connection to making a decision so then that intuition that that thought comes from your heart and an oddly enough and there has been research done on this I think heart math as them quite a bit hot ass Cartman Thea like a very site either yeah Newhart Metacomet even that good yeah it looks like I just you know I like to yeah it would so what they're they're researching is there's an actual frequency that they can track that goes from your heart to your brain and it's actually a stronger connection from your heart your brain than from your brain your heart there is a connection from your brain your heart but it's not nearly as as dynamic so when we started that the heart and then move through our breath your breath starts to activity in in what cultures called the mid tied and the mid tide could also be ... synonymous with the Vargas nerve so the mid tide is like your body's natural tied tidal waves you go in you take a breath to go out and it's not in consistency with just your breath it's an actual tide that is deep within current superior body system and so when you start to turn this on the Vargas nerve turns on and at that point you start producing the feel good hormones don't mean oxytocin serotonin yeah you're not producing court is all you're not producing ... these more negative ... chi trend Lynn yeah I mean they have uses right there I don't there's no reason to say that none of this is possible for good reason I mean that we've been in that stressful reasons obviously like chronic stress avoid would try yeah there's like you know if I was the head of the group I was the garage is on the way here and I was love looking at the magazine kind of like what's next and it's changing right when I was you know 6 it was autotrader hands time magazine in my teens it started to get more into like okay there's there's video game magazines and there's more playable there's more entertainment yeah there's always entertained right this is what I'm seeing and now the first thing that I'm seeing is time magazine learn how to be happy okay we've got a long way but also at the same time it's still very nebulous for most people they see that may go on okay area it's like another gimmick and there's no there is no gimmick to it other than just believing that it's possible and that's this third part the third part is trust in that you have an opportunity personally to make a difference in your life now not tomorrow not next week not when you have all your shit in order like today so and that's profound for most people because in other lives whether you believe in past lives are nice your ancestors didn't have an opportunity to live that way they had to wait literally 60 years to get whatever it was you know you have to you know get okay we're gonna go to the town to get food okay great like we have to really plan for this I've been to the grocery store 3 times today are fake yeah well goodbye Amazon comes to me yeah I like it's all great the one of the things I really love about going to the store is just being with other people so and that's that's kind of that what happens is when we go when we start the awareness into the heart and then we move that thought for that awareness and using our breath into our brains and our brain starts to connect with a deeper space you sort of feel other people you actually start to sensitize more of your surroundings so you have a better sense of smell you may hear things I remember the first time I ... heard T. differently I was just you know pouring myself a glass of water into a Cup and I was I was giddy like a 3 year old child you know seeing something for the first time and it scared me at first I thought how could I possibly hear every little like part of the water dropping in and why is that so exciting to me and I think at that point that connection for me started to grow asserted to be curious how often can experience this because then the other aspect is most people can feel into their heart rate like when they feel love for the first time or they feel something exciting like a new business opportunity but then it it drifts right there's a roller coaster effect yeah you know sided you get high and you get low near like ... why that happened to me you know ... is my life important because it only lasted for a few seconds and I think that whole process is unpacking demystifying the enlightenment experience oddly enough we're going to talk a little bit about because my my hold my business with helping individual people ... I'm varying levels is all about that process demystifying what it means to feel happy be successful and have a healthy body that's a lot of stuff man Hon yeah it's quite simple but then the hardest part wherever we go with this conversation today is that practicing is the most important thing so eh in chi gong love the moves we do for long amounts of time like 3650 fours of the same movement and making get repetitious but that there's importance that because practicing helps us just fail so that we can tweak things right those thing about this this morning and that's coming up again so it's a wonderful moment for its like if they have these kids toys where the one of the first things the toddler does is try and put a shape in the other shapes hole right like because the square peg and I got off at the square peg into a round hole and ... there's a really big lesson at that in this in this state which is it the the toddler doesn't know that it's successful Intel it's failed unless he guesses right the first time which it will happen you know but a problem will know that actually did it right exactly is even if it does it right all theirs done it wrong again learns no they exactly exactly you know what's funny about that is that your brain that typically written when it records because the recorder ... and your sub conscious records everything ... it records as truth for it denies it to be false so for example if I'm you know saying something to you like a hound you have cancer your sub conscious at first is going holy shit we have cancer but there is no I don't have you just said that it that split second your brain typically actually believes first and then it discerns the truth from what's not true I think that's really interesting in learning because for kids I think that example just for some reason residents in that sense for me at least because it's like going I'll put this in here cool it goes in the matter what OSHA it doesn't go no matter what I gotta learn that it's wrong and then I know that ... this goes here that goes there so from failures you have to understand what's correct that's interesting man that square peg little toy for kids it's like such a genius yet simplistic tool children you know if you really think about it you go into it as far as associating I think your point is also important on a different level because once you know the tall others never is not really doing this alone usually there's someone watching and guiding like who gave the person who gave the talk that the toy and I think we've we briefly touch on this last time in our conversation but it's really important that humanity start working itself out of kindergarten in that first phase were learning what's what's right what's wrong at least to the degree of what we're viewing our world in but at some point you have to use those tools too and your advantage and so in your case of say someone saying that they have cancer and then that person realizing while only gosh there's a reaction it's about the excitement and the energy around it so the person who saying you have ex was that is set giving it with energy they're either gonna say like ... won't you have cancer or like oh no you have like with discernment and dislike whom and the difference in those 2 will actually change the result of how that person uses so when I'm working with people it's really important that I don't give people my opinion even though it's hard not to do that it's more about giving people the free will to make that decision for themselves and I'm not a doctor so I'll never tell anyone this as far as the medical terms go but often I work in the world of emotions and I know that when we're in an emotional state of either joy or sadness if it's peaks to a to a certain degree level will never make the best decision for ourselves and you can say that about both you could say I'm sad now in making a decision about my worth and I feel sad around my worth or you could say I'm making ... decision about my worth around joy and maybe you overshoot that maybe you like you think you that you have too much joy in your life and therefore you revert back to the offices so it is important that we're asking ourselves ... when we're when we're failing that we kind of curve failure with and understanding that everything's happening the way it should and that's really difficult for people because that's where faith comes in and part of my job is to help once again demystify that space into something that people are physically understanding so in the very beginning were talking with the heart brain connection that's something physical that you can actually feel the you know have to have a masterful level of spirituality to experience that we can do it now you can do it when you're in your car in traffic literally it's this 3 step process of awareness breath and then realizing that you're doing this with other people so that this togetherness this communion thing actually helps us to move through asking better questions not necessarily trying to figure out fix all of our our problems I think the community aspect is very important like you said alum and I think Neil was talking to you about that earlier ... as far as I guess so to kind of make it make sense in my bring scattered right now but basically we have to make we really do have to come together at some point as a as a brace of the human race you know I feel like we've went so far in advance and civilized who've created all these different communities and countries and just creations and etcetera but they've they've actually they've done some research and I can't remember exact details of it ... but you can look it up for the viewers but they've they've seen that a positive correlation between people that are more successful and more affluent let's say affluence and success and then correlation again it goes with depression and suicide and I think it's partly because we've placed such a materialistic and selfish ... specter on how we should be in who we should be but we kind of free guide that we're tribal by nature you know innately speaking humans are tribal which is why it is always gonna be factions are always going to be somewhat divided some level so even if you have all Americans going yeah where Americans first okay cool at some point matter how cohesive we are we gonna be going to different factions ... and I think it was either John locker or hops Kimberly said that factions are inevitable because like in this room mean you when you're sitting here we can all be fans of let's say healthy eating and living but then we'll public different sports you know or our favorite fighters or our favorite supplement or a favorite coffee or whatever so it is always is like subdivisions but ultimately speaking and relative to what's called Dunbar's number I think students 16 that number where you it's like so basically a human being ... this will make sense kind of for people because as a human your optimal number of people that you interact with is about 216 I think that's what it is it's called Dunbar's number but what that does is and this is according to ... you know research and I'm citing doctor Jordan Peterson was amazing top person but you need that cats sweet spot because you do not spot for you to kind of Klein and higher you know out in the community so 200 people is is big enough for you to actually achieve something when you achieve it like if you say you successful within that community of 200 folks but it's also not so small number we get to the top and you go what it looks like I've accomplished anything and but that number of commute us what sense of community is very important I think that we're kind of slowly more moving towards innocence you know we're always trying mitigate our differences and stuff and I think part of what we're seeing like in today's society for example you have the right in the last the left is far too laughed far too liberal they want no categories they want no differences they want fair outcomes for everybody nearly equal outcome and in the far right is kind of a little bit more of nationalistic you know and I think the suites what's sweet spot is in is in the middle is to recognize that yes we have different cultures yes we have different backgrounds yes we have different ideas and different philosophies of perspectives but what we should do is embrace these differences and just kind of accept him it doesn't mean that you know it doesn't mean you can have for example interracial relationships it doesn't mean you can't do any of it is it's things but also means it doesn't have to be eroded you know in a sense like it's so fascinating look at earth and you see how we kind of were on one continent and at some point we're probably a very small number of people that just kind of spread out you know nomadic type and just went in splurge different lands created different things sometimes men like I'll tell you what the Saturday I was at a Metallica concert is about 70000 people there at the Rose Bowl and sometimes you just sit there and you have to Marvel at how humans do these things you know as ever because we are one we really are you know at the end of the day you go back we did all of this you can thank the ancestors of your ancestors of you and you can go all the way back and start saying everything we see today we can thank ourselves for is what we've done as a human race and we look at their 70000 people in one kind of an amalgamated crowd people like human soup and they're all there to witness this show and they're all cheering you know at the same time you see crowd of numbers it's like so power remains in power is why I like you know when you joined people like to be part of things to you know they're individuals they like their individual differences but they also like to be part of a group of a collective it gives you a sense of belonging I think that's very important I think we've sort of lost that at some point you know I think that's what people are so lost sometimes no purpose you know it is there is like your 9 to 5 rat race of just going to your cubicle doing your job going home and you know and we've got of loss that whole sense of belonging you know real real belonging I feel like I'm things like yoga and meditation it definitely calms me down and it it's me back to baseline ... with practice like you said I feel like for me man Ivan Daniel go for that long it's only been probably what Neil 8 months but it months or so and I do it once a week but I'll tell you men when I get pissed off in traffic or something pisses me off upset me I'm not nearly Sattar frustrated as long as I usually am and I feel like taken those deep breaths it's like a it's like a shot of ... dopamine or a shot of something that just you take a couple of depressing just calm down I wasn't able to do that ever you know I would have to like punch my steering wheel or just you know go into a little bit of a rage my emotions are far better I have a question also on and it was it is it my turn to talk well you know you have been going to circles thinking about everything but down is is that there is a frequency that shared between the planet and and alright everything's going it's all one frequency Aetna that if not to speak once or whatever look that's kindergarten where we are we're learning at a very fast rate that we know far less than we thought we did things that are coming up in our history that are for finding familiarity with are things like sacred geometry the financial sequence ... there's pyramids that are popping up that we have you know clear fields to chop down the trees and we find a pyramid ... we get the technology to go deeper into the ocean we find more pyramids ... I think that because I'm not a I'm not a conspiracy theorist my my role isn't to perpetuate fear or hopelessness it's to bring hope to people to bring hope into their realm to give them a sense of permission to start being themselves again and I think that's for community starts community starts you know in awareness that other people exist and that your decisions both in your mind and physically have a directs correlation 2 how that relationship will unfold that's very very important because we can talk about aliens we can talk about you know sound healing we can talk about chanting we can talk about really deep philosophical subjects but if we can't figure out a way to give other people an opportunity to share their voice with out stifling them we won't go anywhere so it's interesting I grew up in a very martial artist world my that was a martial artist but also group is a Christian scientist so I wasn't ... a I was never introduced to western medicine on a large level until I was in my early twenties and that was actually fairly important for me even though I felt like a lot of it was suffering as a kid because I had these 2 paradigms one was super physical like we're gonna feel what it feels like the punch and hit and move I was also a baseball player but before that we need to look like a baseball player he has like the white American to me ... altogether so but on the other hand I was also taught to use the my thoughts as an as an intention with some sort of physical movement behind it so in one of my nicknames growing up as road rash because I was got hurt playing on my skateboard my bike it would take a loose down my skateboard on the hill and the skipper at a rock and I keep going in ... but we never like of course who took care of things and specifically and ... but I never take antibiotics ... which to some degree was very helpful for me to kind of stay outside of the the the paradigm of the status quo and in my process of learning about my own problems meaning my own shadow and starting to learn why that's an important task to look at our shadow I learned that the best way for me to find solace in the chaos was not to have someone blab at me about their opinion about my life Evan got an opinion but when the first time someone ever just listened and just said I hear you yeah I just you melt and I got a chance to do that on a heightened level when I started working with people in the fitness world I was you know really into fitness ... in college Mr playing baseball in college and by the time I finished my collegiate career I felt like I knew more about fitness then a lot of people around me and I was I was using it in a cool way ... was like bodybuilding needs martial arts and what you go to school for I forget sorry I I got it was a school for actually conflict mediation and communicate that's right yeah ... and they do bridge they did they they very much bridge in my world now because as we that we as in the theoretical world of conflict mediation it's about building were poorer and about being calm in that report and handling situations with solution mindset and it's the same when you're in the fitness world you're helping someone to redefine what they look like or how they feel and ... we quickly from there I learned that the the physical aspect wasn't the only thing meaning it wasn't the driving force in the change that was happening in the individual the next step was okay a touch when I touch someone I'm having an ad it's eliciting a different type of response starting to feel not only myself June them stirring to feel them feed backing through me I started to see them since see their world through my eyes and I felt oh my gosh this is what what parents are parents are helping kids to walk it's time to do it it's time to take a nap in the kit will tell you but the parent has to like actually take the kid and we don't have very good educators in the west and I don't know so much about the world that have been traveled you know the 80 comes but where I have traveled to I find the educational systems to be much more ... the container for growth and creativity is happening through are not through ... quantitative results do you feel like going across the world that they're more into that because I well I think you have to you what we're looking at is culture and works culture begins our western culture was was started through manifesting destiny we're gonna manifest our destiny somewhere else most cultures have been there for thousands of years U. S. is a very young country so all of these other cultures minus the original people in there that the natives of course which go back far far further than even we thought right yeah ... and things have shifted over longs that's a whole different right but my point being I'm an educator so even though I may call myself a physiotherapist I may call myself a massage therapist I may call myself a meditation practitioner that chi gong instructor or ... sound healer all of these things are just modalities to educate the individual that they're the very thing they've been looking for it's like you're watching the Disney movie and instead of just dreaming your whole life about if it's possible you actually live it and that that takes that takes courage most people don't have the energy in their day to find the courage to do something different it's easier to stay stuck in your patterns but you get to a certain point of these I got to a certain point where it wasn't easier it was actually easier to break off because I chose I chose consistently that this was my life to live not my parents life to live not my educators life to live not my ancestry not my where I grew up those are all aspects that helped me to identify with community we need the the west needs help and what we've gotten so far is a bunch of pioneering yoga practices and meditative practices and the pioneering the kindergarten space which is so important you think about people who are getting into B. their seventies and eighties and they're on public television and ... they're speaking about profound subjects and you know ... we're just talking about and they're on their seventies or eighties but Tony Robbins ... Deepak Chopra Oprah ... the Wayne Dyer's who did pass a few years ago and ... there's a new generation of I guess educators and it's far confusing for a lot of people which educator do I choose which grew I choose which one master do I choose who I learned from there so many marketing is off the off the wall and I'm saying whoever you choose you'll know at the right time don't force it don't push enlightenment isn't a race I think that's what we call it the west is in a race for enlightenment whoever gets there first gets the gold pot and there that will be for the racing forever at that point so my message to the people that are listening the people who want to listen to people who were are interested in learning about feeling better in their bodies and expanding their world my message is slowdown I grew up wanting to speed everything up I wanted to move faster I wanted to throw the baseball faster and wanted to move quickly through school I wanted to learn very quick and every time I try to go too quick I hit a block or something that threw me back and I always came back to the basics people wonder Darren while you search your so skilled in so many different things you do web design your fitness trainer your massage therapist you're a life coach you help businesses it's like how do you do it all it's all the same it's all physics it all comes down to the same principles love is eternal it's everything that ever will be in ever is your community is here to support you offer them a chance to be supportive and have wisdom winds wisdom means no one to shut up no one no one to talk know when it's your turn no it's not your turn knowing the energies rising the seasons they their teachers the of the seasons go you don't you don't decide that you're gonna put crops in in December and after probably gonna freeze so that's why we have spring people wonder why ... there's this new emergence of moon cycles while everyone's doing and full moon ceremony or Newman ceremony have one 's doing these is better things I have not heard of the new moon ceremonies I knew it ... knew me like celebrity like how like the new moon yeah just celebrating the new moon getting people together around the new moon getting people together on the full moon getting together of people around the equinoxes Newser celebrations that ancient cultures did intuitively they would you know the harvest season there's a reason we have thanksgiving the continuation of us giving thanks for having food having community having the ability to live and harmonious ways and ... we're losing that's what we're losing we're losing our culture we're losing our ability to to be deeply connected with nature and people are scared of it because it seems different and I hope my message is also helping people to realize that it shouldn't be scary ... when you start this process you will go through a biochemistry change your body your brain chemistry will change you will get tired you will have aches and pains you may get sinus stuff for a few days you may feel like you can't bring a cohesive thought to the from your brain you may feel like you have all the energy in the world and nothing to do with it I know people who have had sessions with them and they go I can go to sleep and I thought something was wrong with them and so that's the process of having a coach is for someone to tell you that it's wrong at a client ... happens to be blind it's really beautiful ... that I get to offer my gifts in different forms and ... we did a breath work session and after that birth work session he said ... he got really sad a few days later and and couldn't couldn't sleep at and he thought something was wrong with them and they got sick and I'm saying all that's probably true but you being a human also means you have a consciousness and that consciousness is also awareness and it and that awareness can bring meaning to your world so for the millions of people out there who are for lost start to find meaning in your world don't wait for meeting to show up people are wondering about where their passion is what they're meant to do on this planet decide that you just want to find out start digging start clearly taking a shovel and just started digging into yourself and go what do I want to do the questions alone will line up the energy to help bring the person into a state of I don't know anything and that's okay and I have the utmost faith like we talked about this last time it happened again today among the way here I realize there's beats traffic I go up parking spot gonna be a little and I almost said difficult and then I said party is going to be pretty easy today I just changed the way I worded it and I sent some energy intuitively and what that means they used imagery in my head so I'm imagining a map on the matching this area and I'm just imagining beautiful light and imagine a parking spot and I took this weird route to get tea that to the parking spot and there was woman back so as I'm pulling in multiple and ... right over here it's a head to head and it is like I want that parking spot but I spot is here it's more yeah it's more about sick like people don't believe most people don't believe that there's there the power in their world they have authority and I don't mean authority lake like the president's authority there's not much authority there it's more about you like we wake up and we decide like yeah I'm in charge my life there's not enough in our current ... a societal construct give even that far space so at this point and hit in history I feel I feel like it's very important that we not only just teach people that there's these tools that are available but that we guide them and we spend the time to help them figure them out as the children that are 10 right now they're going to be give they're gonna get to be our aging go wow this is even weirder than my parents thought it's just keeps involving it's involving it's that were involving at such a fast rate mostly because of technology and technology I think is the 2 fold kind of thing you know certainly one could make the argument for technology being a detrimental part of society but ... this awareness was this game the other day ... see what technology does yeah it's just energy yeah because if you even when watching wondering the garbage man went by so super level and just take a breath and imagine that they're they're crap is leaving their bodies that's what I do right when I was a massage school ... ... we had this moment where a bunch motorcycles imply we're we're massaging had my instructor win over the loudspeaker in the stereo system that'll karaoke set up he said in a really soft voice he said do you hear those Tibetan monks so I mean it's really just about where a reference point is and how much do we want to play with it right I think that's the lost art of play playing isn't just entertainment in fact playing is how we into it our world most if you've ever asked an artist how they decided they were going to paint that in almost there's always carry out but almost everyone will go up I was doing this thing I have this ritual I do or I just free flow with the no one goes I was very still and I did a robot and I painted the painting no it's is flow in intuition the the word for it in the in the medical community right now is emotional intelligence when you have an intelligence to know where your emotions are at and how to guide them you can use them to your advantage I think that's part of what I'm bringing is how are we playing in our worlds and how are we using play to our advantage so that we're giving ourselves permission to play more and that's extremely important in my my turn your turn FF what do you think it's so hard for humans to what I mean which is like we're able to know everything about the world we can break down molecules we can do all these things yet it's so hard to understand ourselves I I think it's just the natural process of us moving up there's we're gonna get a little it's hard but also focus on the physics here a stronger shape that we know of is a triangle as the weight distribution is really is good for creating objects gravity so it's that if you take the the concept of so above so below exactly the pyramids like triangle pretty much it it's just the way that the the energy works it's very stable so a stable energy field would be a triangle and in many religions in many cultures you have what's these 3 aspects of if humanity were being honest the first one is usually some vertical aspect like ... in full in fee for theology ideological point of view from the west would be like self focus on self so it's vertical you're going up ... in Buddhism it would be Buddha Buddha's like enlightened one right so you're focusing on yourself and your learning about yourself the second is reality so there's what's real you know we're here and then a body and not you but I am in some of its right one piece yet the self portrait so the vertical aspects were all together in the horizontal aspect is the communal aspect so we're always trying to bring in ourselves and then we're always trying to expand in the material world so materialism isn't actually bad it's religious how we decide to use it so back to your original player on tribes we briefly run through history we stood start tribal we started with the small knot of people and we got screwed up by nature you'd you know you'd have a population of 20 for 5 years 10 years 20 years fire comes through burns you all down right before the winner you're screwed start over again so we did that for a long time and you're right as we started to build bigger and bigger societies we lost our tribal connection so the new way of living is tribes with in bigger spaces and we have that to a degree but it's been based on capitalism not around unity and I think that's the switch that's happening right now I do feel like it's a switch I do feel like it's a switch most definitely right but yeah it's like the difference between it being a switch that work in that we're looking at is even the hope in in the way in the world of the universe everything happens very quickly ... you flipping the switch is happening over our lifetime this you know people are saying you know it's the patriarchy gonna come down right away I don't know you know hopefully but we do too fast we could also have better results so things have to happen over you know long amount of time so then what can happen right now what can happen right now as you can right now start treating people with more compassion you can start treating yourself with more kindness that I think is the key to the switch actually working to our advantage so that we're not destroying ourselves waited on the I think that there's a lot of things that happen to our lifetime as far as human civilizations are concerned on you know for example the patriarchy the patriarchy is a sexual selection mechanism for females at a certain time frame if you Dr Christopher his name will come to me later but there's a book called sex at dawn and he talks about how back in the day like hunter gather at times there was no Willie patriarchy per se was counts the tribe with leaders and people you know in one tribe there was no marriage there is no way no ... relationships that's exclusive for example of ... wife and husband that didn't exist it was like one tried and then they would all have intercourse in then then it didn't just this is way back in the days of people that know really that Hey you have intercourse with this person 8 months down the line or 6 months whatever that that's your kid with that person you know with a female it was just a thing that happened they thought so that kind of kept him closer as far as there wasn't much of a division of ... that's my child he's going to be the leader or the whatever and they had these certain methods like when they went hunting arm you know the males would trade spears and stuff so that like if they did hunt which wasn't very often that that catch animals but if they did arm the females would or will you know who who did it and then when he came back you know if this person caught it next time did it give it to that person so it appeared that he did it and after agriculture that's me when females I started going O. you know there's Darren Darren has a lot more resources on the net go with him because evolution psychology would do Tate. this is me securing my offspring in my future in this is a safe person to be around and as we kind of went to the timeline that's kind of how we built the patriarchy is that the males that would rise up to patriarchy the females would say that's the guy I'm gonna go with because he's the best option for me so the page argues a sexual selection mechanism now I think to a very large extent we've kind of hyper extended that page or keep structure and I think right now we're seeing a little bit of a dismantling as the axe you know swings the other way around so who knows man but I feel like all these things were talking about are definitely slowly breaking into the mainstream where people work really it wasn't like breaking into the mainstream you don't things that we talk about right now would be considered absolutely yeah I know out of out of reality to be like all these people are that the hippie kind of B. asks if you well you know yet is your sing back to a point around the pigs that's kind of what's happening is putting paiks and they were realizing that all of those not all those pics fit in the world paradigm so bright sorry did not not to interrupt you but down Neil just sent this so I'm 6 sex at dawn is by Cecil that Jeff so that right I thought was Christopher Ryan but from I didn't think that thinking have for their listeners men we try to now it's good ... so they break into the mainstream yeah I mean it's this at some point every generation's gonna hit a breaking where they realize as you grow older that not everything's a there is a dream world and it's not an illusion it's I mean everything is an illusion and not of illusion it's just a matter of layers so the kid dreams then it starts to move its way to the real world and it goes okay I got a dial back my expectation each generation that's led up to this point has given permission to the next generation to either break down the old way of living and build their own and or use that as a building foundation for the next so where this really interesting time where if you look around anywhere in the good the beach it's beautiful outside there's no ambulances there's no war there's like slick man the best spots in the world but at the same time if you ask on average you know out there if you just went out there and asked everyone how's your day going like really like be real with me and everyone give a real answer about how they're living it did I bet you'd the probability of the amount of people it being at like 95 percent most people feel helpless they feel like there's the sky is falling almost straight is that because of a lack of community belonging to you feel that they feel kind of lonely like or at least yeah I think I think and this is also my personal story I think that it's a it's a it's a misguided sense of connection like what is unconditional love mean to most people they say oh yeah I love my partner unconditionally ago do you really know what that means that doesn't mean just like when we argue that you know we're gonna get over it and then we'll move on it's that I need to understand you not on not only to be understood I need to understand you so that I understand myself better and that process isn't easy because most of our world isn't set actually almost none of our world is set up that way it took me to have my own career with my own way of doing business with my own way of doing even my own teaching process hundreds of people telling me to do it a different way and me going on doing it my way to finally get to a point where I feel like I'm free to do what I want when I want to do within the con I can plug myself back into what everyone else is doing without feeling like I'm attaching how do you reconcile that for people that let's say because I think the main question for most people is that how do I do what I will how do even first there's a finding out what you would like to do and what you want to do what your purposes one and you should have a third was asking questions so let's say it for the people that like artists you know a starving artist starving because his journey is I called today especially in today and it's always been difficult for artists and but especially today how does someone go from removing himself from this structure of a 9 to 5 because people do have bills they do have payments they gotta do rent car notes all these things that are required to sustain yourself how do you unplugged from the matrix and then transition into doing your own thing without that capital being there well you I think from of from a reality standpoint you have to build career capital so if you're an artist and we won't see the word starving before it to begin because you are an artist at heart everyone's you have to realize our Elise understand yourself to a point where you know you're good at everyone has a style of painting you know even those people that do several stuff you can tell Hey that person did that in that person did that ... is very few people in the world who are artists you can't tell their work when you look at their other work so you're finding out what's what you're good at K. if you're one of the N. accountant you know maybe you realize that you're really good at working with numbers so great that's a that's a menu of stress well my guess is there I mean stress can be a good thing too depends on how you look at it but it it we were building capital it's like it's not capital do you mean like little cut capital or like as far as like and sure yeah so for me I decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer okay so I can literally take my personal anywhere we do right now I really funny you know we're gonna do fitness in this room you're gonna get super fit we're gonna do for an hour ostrich out will be good it'll happen right now so you mean US capital Munich that's like arum like I can intellectual capital right make you sing that you you have this feels it is a little capital and then we start leveraging it so I've expired dungeons training for 10 years now at least ... focused on it and my experiences led me to the point where I don't have to worry about setting things up right I don't have to think days before I train someone what I'm gonna do with them because I know that when I show up they're gonna show me my brain is and heart is going to figure it all out for me all the sudden that specific move shows up that specific mood drug that specific meditation Pacific massage technique a he called intuition you know that gamma state the monks are and where we can clearly pick things out of thin air and do it and it's the most powerful so with that takes that takes skill and that takes practice so didn't happen the first time I touch someone massaging who happened over hundreds of people I touched so the artist who's learning to leverage their self in the real world first task to recognize that they're worth something so we have to change the conversation from a starving artist to king artists or whatever that higher vibration terms and then even though they may be starving it's their job to practice being in that level this is the Peter principle you know the Peter principle I forget it's an older term that was in philosophical business and I think that thirties or forties where use your ear capping yourself out by saying your love will potential in your career is based on your competency level yourself so if you don't ever believe that you could ever be the CEO there's no chance you actually have to imagine that you're that person before you step into those shoes so whoever is is the artist whether it's someone in accounting that still are depending on some level ... we have to first start by realizing market so artists figures out that I'm gonna be huge like affirmation what's right that the USS Cole it center right but also maybe they figured a style that they like right but practically speaking because mentally is one thing but practically in the real world what would be the best we are you suggesting that okay right now I'm stuck with a job to pay my bills I have to pay for food for gas all these things but on my time on crafting my skill set on cultivating it and then I find which transition with that be like for example what you'd recommend for people to transition from ... the typical 95 rat race into their purpose whatever that purpose may be whether lucky sets an accountant at cetera well you have to you have to discern what the leverage points are if you're an artist let's look at it it doesn't it he does have to be artists generally person that wants to do something yet consult all use an example of this is also my business when the situation this is what I do I help wellness professionals to Brandon market themselves learn how to leverage what they're good at so if you're an acupuncturist and you see a client today at no $60 but you're living in Brentwood and you also have a practice in Brentwood it's quite expensive so getting out of the rat race seems almost impossible because you're you're you're basically time for time so I'm in there for 60 minutes and then the next person comes in that 60 minutes you're saying I get paid for a specific amount of time that I'm with somebody that's step one and then also helps you feel the energy for that acupuncture is though to become a wider audience they have to figure out the next gift which is what is what and who do they want to help if they had thousands of clients what's the avatar on average is that a young woman ... is it a ... athlete ... is a young athletes is that older athletes so for the artistic maybe this is my particular gallery that I like being at okay so now we have the ability to then scout out those types of those types of business structures and then we're also looking at how are you showing up we have this beautiful invention of the internet and ... for the last and who you could say over my lifetime about 30 years ago it's evolved from it being just word processing to it being ... a creation that has leverage points to it ... isn't your business isn't just a website like a business card it it can have legs you could sell your book you could sell course you could so one on one services ... by tapping into the clients that you know are going to love your work by your messaging so once you learn the gift of what you're doing the next step is to understand your audience and you can't understand your audience and so you go experiment so when you experiment with you on audience whether it's a class we say you're the artist and you need to get your your gallery up the acupuncturists may be you are going to start doing ... seminar group serial cores and then we're leveraging that in the background so using technology to your advantage ... some people call it final hacking I think that the more modern way of looking at it is that you were building a vehicle for you to be a part of or my business is helping you to build a vehicle so that you can go do what you're good at right most if your medical practitioner your natural path and you're doing your work you don't want to spend your time figuring out all the other stuff you want to spend your time harnessing more healing more results your clients see I it's about capturing and leveraging the that's interesting man leverage this is is I guess that's that's what we'd look out and that's important yeah what high 5 I'm so we have about 10 minutes to stitch today's kind of a shorter day than last time ... but obviously you know or can be having discussions benefits are listening I'm so Friday's I know we used to do that we always do the hang outs typically and we have been done in awhile but we're gonna get back into doing that and down I think our next one will have Darren we get to kick back and just kind of ... on a chat kind of similar you known yeah I love it that's gonna be awesome man done do you have anything as far as what you doing recently they've switched up the when a promoter talk about ... so you offer all this to to that's your business you offer people that the coaching in the guidance to China elevate themselves get wild and razor frequency as well as like their their for lack of a better term I guess their business or their their craft yeah so a couple things and I'll just kind of people appointed with them ... working with people one on one is never the same with each individual so I developed this cold curated wellness consulting so before we even know what to do change what you want change we have to ask the right questions and so if you are interested in working one on one with me we need to have a conversation first and that conversation we can flush out no hope you flush out ... what it is that you're really looking for what challenges you're having ... and what is going to be most efficient moving forward ... I am a trained massage therapy professional ... also trained fitness professional polarity practitioner cranial sacral petitioner ... use essential oils my work ... teach meditation chi gong so it we have a large array of modalities to ... elicits a stronger sense of self which then ... just by nature of physics makes you more healthy more happy and more successful ... for the listeners out there that it's our other well as professionals maybe your massage therapist maybe you're an acupuncturist ... if you're a doctor plastic surgeon and you're struggling to get your message to your your client seller that clients so you know is there waiting for your work ... my business while this creation world's first well this agency and ... I want to help support your work and I want to help you build your business so that you're able to spend more time with your family and with the people that you can really help on a larger level with so ... I implore you get in contact with me ... if this sounds good good for you out or you just want to have a chat and ... hang out I love I love all of that yeah so you can find me at Darren that's my personal site ... you can also visit my business site wellness ... I'm also teaching class in a way as I said before at several spaces ... those classes you can find on my website are also my Instagram during back it ... with a hyphen underneath and yeah thank you so much funny for having me here I look forward to our continued discussions there always so deep they are the they're all they're always ... I call it the space between the spaces you know I think it's really important that we have these types of conversations to start ... different you know there's a lot of you doing podcasts is what people doing logs and shows and my goal is to bring real information real thing to city to the microphone and I think you so much for allowing me and for yourself think in and of course thank you for being here on this discussion you're they'll pretty much the only guest that every time we come here there are certain things that you say but you talk about that just I'm like this and I said this last time I think that's why I I kept going on is a ranch last time because you're saying things that like I've legally just the past couple weeks of this past period been thinking of you know to mean arm how about you ma'am but I like to get high as fuck and that's that's in my that's my zone and I hit that peak state and it's not always like I have to actually be kind of focused on that has come to mean usually comes to me while driving or uncensored music and you know one of the things you're talking about earlier is that this is my life I am the driver I'm the director of this film on the movie star of this film this is me on doing this on in control of this world right is my simulation and it's interesting however to and I I have to hold my soul from interrupting you because you'll say shit and I'm just like damn and I this is what I was just thinking about suit it's really interesting menu on that frequency and it's it's pretty cool I love what you're doing and thank you for you know doing this as you're helping people promoting themselves getting them to do things that make them happy that's fucking cool yet so can't take that away from you men and I really appreciate that Bruschi coming on the show looking for to hang out because I hang out is going to be ... global a wild card you know we have you know it's going to be here what's gonna be happening there there super fun so thank you so much there in Beckett go to Daryn ... cure and as well the ski well this creation ... well this so check out his work excellent excellent fella ... thank you for being here thank you to all the listeners in all our fans I know that ... I can see fans manipulative jerk saying that ... listeners would be would bend and and support is a bit better we have love racing yeah well thank I wanna thank them all because they're awesome in a promise you will bring it back to hang outs and we have a couple of new things coming up very soon that will pick start that being said how it's a Monday ... love you all of you know //
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NWR #054 Briana Banos
\\but it Hey thank you just turning into network radio this episode of network radio sponsored by audible audible is an Amazon company you can go to and checkout what they offer what they offer is audiobooks there's about over 180000 audio books to choose from and then they range anywhere from self development to novels 2 stories to college textbooks to scientific literature beyond is all kinds of stuff you can get in this all really cool so the good thing is if you go to audible slash network radio are you can get a free trial so you subscribe for free and you get to choose to download any book you want could be $100 but it could be a $2 book gets downloaded and you can listen to it on your iPhone or iPad or computer and a few let's say you start off listening on your phone because you're driving its Bluetooth then you get to your work or you get to the airport he can continue where you left off it sinks all your mobile devices and if you don't like a certain you feel like it you to cancel it you to cancer subscription which the first month at 3 in the first book is free but you do get to keep the service meaning you get to keep audible wasn't after you get to keep using it you get to keep listen to that particular book that you download for free so there's really nothing to lose and man there's so many cool titles are really awesome stuff especially if you're a person who drives a logger is a traveling or even at the gym if you just sit there like on a bike or something ill really keep your mind occupied so check it out Arbel slash network radio today's guest was this amazing ... woman her name is Brianna bond yields Andrea ... she suffered from like a topical steroid withdrawal symptom and laudable don't know about that so it's a really big issue in certain communities is like ... I don't know thousands of people to suffer from this where'd they get described is topical steroids because they have like an exam our some sort of chronic condition so they start using this topical steroids and ... they eventually get withdrawals and something that the medical community is are we talking about much so this is a fantastic interview and ... dispersing Brianna sugar is a can of spam free and I apologize if I messed up your name ... but it's a great episode and we have all the sea so head back who was with us last ... last time awhile back we talked about kind of the stuff briefly she's here to kind of support and and speak on certain things that you know when it comes to this particulate issue so I hope you guys enjoyed I enjoyed it taller Brianna hello what is their last name for her icy vandals but am I'm off Cubans was actually by noon so I can say waves a paw and it means that they're in Spanish so Brianna manos is that it's so him back my ... has gone will come back thank you love coming here yeah thank you for being here on so this is interesting I saw it the I. video and then just for the folks are tuning in ... we've had so hang on we talked about topical steroids and what kind of ramifications they have on patients and that this is kind of like ... a subject matter that isn't widely discussed in medicine so but there's a lot of you guys out there that have had problems with topical steroids you just got on a world tour and ... we're gonna kind of I'm pack everything that you've been going through because you're also producing a documentary yes so the premise is and you are what you go got you know just you can go ahead and and kind of give your background story of how this transpired well ... I've had eczema since I was really young ... and I used topical series on and off for a long time going up but it was only sparingly was nothing massive it was normal exam on the spot such close usually have eczema ... but I mean was a performer and I got a job with a a cruise line ends that meant living on board and the conditions on board I guess really work conducive for my skin and I'll never know to this day what it was that caused my skin to go crazy ... but suddenly I had like a rash everywhere and I went to a dermatologist to see if they could help me and they ended up throwing the kitchen sink at me and one of the things they gave me was top steroids and for about 3.5 years I was on and off these drugs and ... at was near September October 2014 I'd really decided that I don't want to be on these drugs anymore how long on there for on the drugs Arafat through enough years you're half years but were they helping a first yes they were so players who can I don't you know it's like magic right tumble series condensed clear up your skin homeless is Corey ... but also antibiotics ozone and anti fungal on I literally just hide I think 7 prescriptions I was online at one time alone but I just felt so you had antibiotics then because you're antibiotics you start getting fungal infections and then they give you on to fungal infections or not correct the whole thing was I literally have the kitchen sink or I mean I have I was on all of that at one time and the doctor said that they know what was wrong with me but obviously looking back they didn't because the summer scribbler was on was 2 of them were into like antihistamines river edge ... womanizing anti fungal cream woman antifungal oral that I had on my bloodwork done every month because it can mess with your kidneys are on an antibiotic oral which imagine being on in about it for months that's horrible for your your diet alone yeah yeah I was on a topical steroid and then I was on ... cynical proton pick which is an immune suppressants ointment and all this was at one time did you seek other it like second opinions or anybody as this one particular dermatologist that was like here's what you gotta do and take all these together no the I just I sought one now and of course thank you trust your doctor they know they're doing this is their profession ... ants they had a friendly staff I felt safe therefore comfortable there ... and saw was with them for those 3.5 years at what point in that so 3 half years you're going on off treatments and and I just feel free to like lean back and stuff this movie Mike with you just just be super close to it yeah on but so do not years here on these drugs on and off and they help out but where the helping where you still have out breaks or was it a thing where Wisconsin getting better and sometimes it was what was like that was a that the treatment like during this phase no ... what was happening was on I would be on them that I would be greedy and then I would take a break from them and I will go back on the cruise ships and then I would have worse skin like a sort of getting on my scalp our was getting on my back behind my legs like places I would never have usually had this before ... are you still there how does that work with topical steroids are you supposed to just use it when you need him is if because I don't like antibiotics in general you take a course right so if stay on it consistently and I'm just pointed devils advocate com mitigate any kind of you know ... I guess response that the doc would have ... you should have been on all the time her well I think that's a problem because right now if you read an insert ... in any kind of scary too it'll say mostly in bold letters like do not use this past 2 weeks on but then doctors get away with it because it says or otherwise prescriber your doctor and there are tons and tons of dermatologists Ellison tell you that steroids are fine they're safe although my thing your skin but you know they'll tell people if they have severe eczema all you have to be on this for the rest of your life and that's not what the drug was ever made to be used eyes are for on is if I can add to that is ... we have thousands of people that have gone through the us that say my doctor told me to use as needed however much I needed and in fact the reason why they exhibits getting worse is because I'm not using enough what I mean there's of course because of not going through this you do a lot of your own research ... there's not only a difference in potency when it comes to steroids are different classes on thurs class one which is like super potent across several just mild or you can just go lo med hi some doctors go that way on and you've got people who are put on right away the super potent steroids that are the all cortical based cortical steroids yeah cortisone is a cortisone yeah and what that's basically the vests emphatic of cortisol what does a hormone that your body produces ... and it's from your Juneau plans that sit on top of your kidneys ... and there are a lot of doctors are saying this is not become systemic like you can take oral steroids are systemic by topical steroids it they won't do anything to you but your body absorbs diet and it goes into your bloodstream and of course it can affect your adrenal glands ... so there's different aspects of using topical series like like suing said ... let's say you have all these outbreaks all over your body like rubbing to move top was Jerry all over your body and you're covering a mass amount of surface and then and then we also have doctors that actually say after you why this topical steroids wrap yourself with Saran wrap on to that it's Aram wrap their or yeah or so suffocating well yet and so when you graduate to the law like highest level likely but us all and you know they can't prescribe anything higher than that than the doctors like him how else can we increased potency and they literally tell you to surround rap your body in order to make sure that none of it refuses and dissipates out into the air that there weren't really saturating and in what I mean what's a huge problem I know one of the doctors I've ... the name it's interview ... heated ... there's a YouTube video of him talking about that and it's a problem because it does intensifies the absorption things up by 100 times or something ridiculous on it's really unsafe ... and I mean just like I touched when you have the steroid potency however much it is sometimes people get knocked up to even oral steroids Siva people on topical morals I mean just basically overloading your body and this is just for to treat eczema is also for other things such as like psoriasis which is an extreme form of eczema I mean was racism is a bit different and I've I was a series is the go to for that as well which phone sadly I think that's the only thing they have for that is one of the of some biologics out no first racist but I really can't touch upon that too much I'm yeah I'm not a X. I'm a little more familiar with the stresses because I work with the community as well and the you know once they graduate off of the steroids this is where that's different than the exam a community this rice's community they graduate into and burl and human era and those are the suffix psoriasis auto immune suppression tools that the industry uses however you know what we've seen and what I've noticed in my case studies is that ... the high risk factor of lymphoma and liver damage are so extreme that they had to be taken off because they were actually going in that direction and they said they disqualify them out of being part of the ... amber Primera group and so they either chose or were disqualified because they were going in that direction and liver testing in damage was so hard so I have seen some of the photos and and and for the folks that are done listening it's kind of it's bad I mean is it really about a super super read any there is photos were your leg was per practically purple yeah everywhere correct at what point did you go okay you know we're repeating the same thing and it's not working is it getting worse perpetually flaw I mean at that point the footage we saw that was me after stopping topical steroids on the hunt for me ... what are you sorry but so you were read and all that before you stop the youths ... no I had I had examined patches Flaig everywhere on my body that I never have had them before and that's one of the like signs of steroid addiction ... or Syria dependent seeing some people using that word more ... which is when you have what they call steroid induced Exuma because it's no longer we need to build your lost all that bad though that the excitement so tolerance to the anti bacterial or the siren ethical is right for us to return it it's more of a trying to make it more simply is just my body has become so dependent on it that the eggs are part just pop up everywhere and if you stop using the type of steroid it's just gonna spread all over your body and that's what I think the purple pictures anything it's always because I stopped using the money to stop because I found ... I'd want it like it incentives run 2014 September October I had wanted to stop using these products for those like at my body needs a rest from all of this my skin's not looking to use you anymore and suddenly this rash started to develop it would creep up my back it was keeping up my stomach and suddenly it was likely that my race me I sort of swelling it was like this is weird ... and it took I'm almost 2 months to train for got what was going on in my head any ... doctor I went to they just said well you see the steroid burst so they gave me oral steroids as Jared injection and on the steroids my skin would come down but as soon as I tapered off of them it was circling back up again and so that's when I started researching us turn finally what is happening to me this is not existent normal and I stumbled across ... Nina Sloan now Nina Marshall she had a YouTube video about topical steroid withdrawal and her going through this process things like well I really look like her I'm I'm I feel like this is what I have and I stumbled upon its and which is the international topical steroid addiction network it's a nonprofit for ... Redskins syndrome that people that are scary dependent and I was reading the symptoms and everything and I mean I think so yeah I'm waiting on a checklist and so so I told myself I hate it was around early January and I went to urgent care because it was my eyes were swelling again and everything and I was trying to see if I could talk to that doctor that I was seeing about this and he was like known the series are doing this to you ... maybe is heavily allergic reaction to something you really need to take more prednisone which is for US air raids no nobody visited that whole thing with the ... the cruise line though right ... back is that that's kind of interesting I'm not trying to say that that that was what caused it but it's it's just like I'm wondering what the trigger was I right honestly I probably think I caught a fungal infection from giving you have costumes and everything you're rotating through your sweating you know other people are sweating I already had sensitive skin so to me I really just thought I could have had a fungal infection which you will you on the cortical surface there was at that time ... winning like on your at the crew on on the cruise ship I I was at the end of my first contract his during the concert risking was getting worse and worse ... anything forgotten what it was and that's when I went to go see the dermatologist in between in the middle of my contract but you are on some form of cortical is right because you grew up with eczema I wasn't using I because I used very sparingly wasn't something like I use a lot of our own so on the cruise ship I didn't have anything with me like that ... but that's why I ended up going to the dermatologist because I just really wasn't sure what was going on with my skin and like I said to this day I will never know if it was truly just a fungal infection that maybe they'd just given me the anti fungal as I could have been fine so you go to the doctor to say Hey this is messed up and he says no you just need an oral steroid use in another all star of yeah any any doctor that I saw and I try to show them like research or I care think this steerage are doing this to me steroid rebound phenomenon yeah like ups but they they negated like no this is not what's happening to you like this can't that's not possible basically just saying that that doesn't exist but we know there's groups of communities of hundreds or thousands of people that are ... yeah suppressing this good yeah I think there's about 10 private faced group chat groups support groups that ... they're probably in the range at this point collectively around 10000 I mean just done I can't say how many there are I don't I don't know that number but I know the biggest group has over 7000 in a in just that one group ... so I mean the community is growing sadly and and there are people that don't even know that they're going through this because they're being misdiagnosed they're being told colleges have severe eggs in a in a parallel universe the psoriasis community also has like on that same level so the spirit is that chronic pesticides and this summer I come off super public during one way but but just hear me out I guess my question is with found with state that that the steroids and topical steroids per se do this bacteria and like all these different elements to be developed tolerance through generations like for example as we as more and more people use more and more ... antibiotics and corticosteroids in in in and so forth is that affect the overall population to I'm not really sure about top of the series and others antibiotic resistance ... and I guess that's the way it went on to say they are these that that XMI patient does become resistant to the topical steroid yes and they also become ... what's called contact dermatitis from the preservatives that are inside the tube of the prescription so they actually become ... alarmingly reactive to the actual topical steroid in of itself so they need like an antihistamine to calm down the reactive of the histamines in the body when that too of prescription medication is supposed to go into the first exam a patch there becomes a secondary whiter package but I think as it we are trying as his like is there like a setup wizard resistance yeah I guess is the is that happening just as more and more the population is using and are these what caught so what causes exam off like it was just over there that's a really that's the $0 question I mean do we know what is it like an infection is that I don't know bacteria is a no no and just dry skin and it's hereditary on you can get exam from being allergic to something a contact allergy no but what is excimer so itself it's just it's like a skin irritation ... so it's not like an infection per se early on an autumn you I wouldn't call it an infection infections and you catch you can really catch examiner yeah yeah so it's not like a bacteria out brit I mean I'm just trying to figure out what exhibit is and then if we define what exam is there's an easy way to to break it down okay so exam can be divided up into 2 categories the contact dermatitis where you develop a reaction to a nickel which is the number one com and currently now on antibacterial soaps is one of the highest causes so the medical industry nurses and hair stylists are in the top categories of work related ... instigators of Rick getting contact dermatitis those are typically the ones that received on their hands and so there has become all because the PH is unbalanced so their skin shuts down its ability to react to the wrong P. H. constantly so it's like I'm getting abused I've had enough stop so it shuts down and in those cases people are prescribed the the steroids and then all of a sudden they start seeing about ... that's spreading in areas that it never was so that was the original contact dermatitis that spills over into the spirit rebound phenomenon the other category of eczema is where it's a topic dermatitis where it's hereditary where it could be genetic it could be part of the component of the allergies asthma eczema triad where it is autoimmune you know comprised of that triad of ... the immune system not being able to deal with whatever ... enzymes that it isn't as foreign to its body and then it could also be the industrialization of nations it could also be the ... the factor of the the the got system not being able to protect itself so divided them into 2 categories one the exposures that we are exposing ourselves to and of course fragrance ... nickel and the antibacterial soaps are the 3 guilt guilty ones immediately that we can easily dispose of in our society the other ones of course are more complicated because their internal systemic okay so what it wouldn't be something like that would happen with that with the ... antibiotic no no and so sorry it's gone full circle so you're at the doctor and then you he gives you the stories orally women and then what happens next ... he gave me issues early January and ants at that point ... my husband and I were trying to avoid air raids yeah room with you comes here my ... we were moving into an apartment and I was really hesitant I don't want to take the steroids vital myself for moving I need to be able to like function and so I said I'm gonna take this if I taper off of this in a gang Starr to balloon and like my restaurants for me again I have topical Seri dependency and you're weeding yourself offer you just cold Turkey stopping everything at once we just kind of slowly letting you know ... with oral steroids it tapers ... but I have stopped using topples ... I definitely went cold Turkey out of the cold Turkey ones just because I didn't have a physician or anyone that believed in this process I had nothing to go off of except what I was seeing on its and what I've seen and support groups ... so I kind of took it into my own hands ... and that's the scariest thing I've witnessed yet as people thought are alone isolated alienated and they don't have medical supervision and this was like full blown adrenal suppression this is like on the verge of Cushing's and you know like severe adrenal suppression so it's an endocrine imbalance and to have your entire hormone system destroyed and like it you know at a at a young age and not have anybody to turn to this is that a crisis whole it's time ... I was 26 I'm 28 now and as you're doing this and this and who so who you consulting with when you're going through all of us like family members friends are I mean I leaned on family traveling ... I did find a GP who didn't know about this but she was like sympathetic and was like if you need comfort measures Letitia what ... I did you a general practitioner GP of sorry ... she gave me Arica antihistamines to help me with the H. she gave me an anti anxiety medication so I can go to sleep because it help to your ... them because it makes you drowsy I'm gonna didn't wanna be on sleep meds ... things like that she help with if I thought I had an infection I would go to Hershey what's on my skin if I had something she could give me the correct antibiotic for it ... because obviously we're prone infections are skin is like so open raw ... but she'd hadn't she had nothing else to offer me which is the problem is once you're in this third the doctor really can't do anything for you other than offer comfort measures and then you go into the withdrawals and you're getting your skin is getting like rashes everywhere but you seem to be doing a lot better right now yeah pledging so what was that process you just stop using steroids yeah I I completely stopped it was 1/25/2014 so I'm in months 29 so next month I'll be 2 and half years and ... I'm so definitely dealing with it ... I would like to say it's more like trussed up I still have all my face my neck my hearings arms like a I called only grandma hands like finally we can't see you but there there's frankly with all else and skin we have 6 can we have redness dryness and it's still not what I would call examine it's definitely a steroid induced issue and and you're getting or do you feel like you're getting over it slowly we outlined I'm definitely what I feel to it is over the hump ... but that's kind of scaring us this process like there's people out of here quickly like within a year there people that are 5 years into this we so years like quickly so go through that hell yeah for one year is considered to be like okay actor got it easy somehow yeah ... it would sing so is like to call it even like sailing but they got easy because they got a year I mean I mean I guess is obviously on being in no no I get recently been juvenile about innovate like gap 5 years computer year yeah you're getting off easy and in that sense I'll still yeah it's 5 years even yeah that's I mean it's life changing because like for me I was a performer you know like what you do I forget to ask I was a dancer slash like aerialists performers on her cruise ships ... and so I mean that was what I did and that was what I loved and I still can't do it to this day right I could never ... sweat or do the amount of cardio ... without becoming itchy red bone it probably would ignite my skin like I haven't tested that quite out yeah alone so it's it it it changes is not just it's not just a skin condition which I think people need to understand ... relationships get ruined ... family and friends are lost because some of them don't support you through it and I was very blessed to have up there a lot of people who will get kicked out of their homes because there parents are there levels clothing grocer ugly or they don't know deals it only got really old lakes haleem we actually have stories of parents that were turned into child protective services because they were not administering topical steroids to their children and the schools reported those parents and said that they are negligent and abusive because they're not applying topical steroids the parents tried to provide documentation to the school and the county government agencies and said look this is the research these are our choices as you know parents we don't want our children to be on top local stories they've been on them and we choose not to they were still bullied into using the topical steroids I mean these are horrific stories that are inside our private chat group it is this going to people going public about it as if it means that it seems to be a real problem and there's actual cases so wires on what our physician sings anybody coming out saying that Hey this is you know there are a few doctors around the world that are doing research on this and I mean when's here in Philadelphia about Beverly hills on doctor Rapoport ... he's one of the first ones like doctor Klieman ... level all they've all done research like king 25 years worth of research and they're awesome because they've done so much research and they have the case studies that written published white papers and ... books I don't know of any books it's more like journalist type whatever is now it there are doctors who are trying to talk about this trying to bring like show this ... bring it to light alone but sadly they kind of just get pushed aside I feel the medical community you can go against the grain on and and medicines yeah with the research and clung trials like 01 of the doctors I spoke to in Japan he was kind of saying in Japan doctors get he did more the more they prescribe with the more prescriptions a right we don't know anything about that here in America what a shot and we did for awhile member at what it means in America it was kind of interesting they found ways to on incentivize physicians to prescribe minister and ... drugs and then there is a forget what the act was that passed legislation that kind of stopped all of that you know what I mean June extent at least I'm like my documentary is not about I guess bashing this medication and not just any guys awareness right it has its place in the metal community and you know I do feel ... for doctors innocents like they're under a lot of different pressures you cry you know their funding is in jeopardy they have more people work that they do now there's just more legalities and everything and steroids here are sadly the go to offer but like does blanket over any skin condition and so you're you're really fighting this huge machine of trying to tell them that you can't keep doing this to people late just giving this person this medication for the rest of life you're you're not helping them there's a missing link in the sense that ... if the patient comes back to the doctor and says look talk this is not working or I'm developing a rash as a result of the topical steroids that doctor has an obligation to report that to the FDA as an adverse drug reaction that's a missing link that's not occurring they're not doing that they are not doing that and in addition well this is something that I've heard for the last 8 years through my case studies is that the patient becomes disillusioned with the doctor so the patient goes to the doctor 234 times it's not getting better it's getting worse they don't go back to that doctor so you know we can't technically accuse all the doctors of being you know negligent or you know mullah you know Malon tension ... I don't know because it really comes back to the patient they don't connect with the doctor they go off the the radar to go to homeopathic you know nutritionists and whatever to find alternatives so they fall off the stratosphere and so those statistics are no longer available for us to unify and take back to the medical community and say Hey this is a problem so we're encouraging everybody to go to like patients like where they can to to Stickley just dump there medical case history there either their stocks their information they can do it anonymously and they can just say look I had a negative reaction to close all or you know to termina clone or whatever and then we can all kind of gather and say ... so there are mild middle severe types of reactions to these and they're not getting better as if to issued anything at all in regards to the talk to the story down withdrawals ... awhile back I mean I don't have any of this information with me on here and I think in 2000 one there was a study that I believe the FDA did that they were trying to showcase at least when it came to general practitioners that were writing prescription for topical steroids for people on because obviously a dermatologist the specialists but your practitioner is more of a general knowledge yeah ... and so they were actually really severely prescribing their ... patients the supple steroids and it was like that you could see like this is a problem because they were having reactions of side effects ... but ... there's no unified there yeah depository known on it like I'm going on what he was saying that people fall off the radar insist I think people lose trust in their doctor ... because if you go somewhere let's say I lost my job there's people that lose their job they have no medical insurance no illusions no money like so to keep paying to go to a doctor that keeps telling you you're crazy like right I don't believe what you're saying get out of my office if you're not going to take the prescription of topical steroids but let me say that means that all reality only goodness you really there were some cool easy stories only crazy story I mean but you can be verified me I I nothing you know like as far as anecdotal evidence right like I saw my doctor he kicked me out well I mean I could train walk into an office with a video camera there's that's not going to ever happen right done so there's enough significant numbers to to validate that I actually I've talked to someone like I collect case studies of people and they literally tell me my doctor told me to use as needed and the problem has been I'm not using enough I know I mean my favorite one to this day one of the parents ... we are messaging each other and she's very distraught he said the the doctor she was seeing site steerage Assoc like so safe you should you can eat them like it's fine if it to what yeah literally almost like no clues final extreme so I just that's a love affair with the steroids because that's their security blanket they don't have alternatives to offer and I think that's where Brianna and ... I think her documentary will play an important part in the social discussion is that reform needs to take place they need to go back to the drawing board and understand that topical steroids were never meant to treat long term chronic conditions they're fantastic their magic when it comes to the transplants and we could not do organ transplants without steroids yeah because that's the way of like Hey immune system calm down you've got a new friend in the neighborhood just relax while you kind of adjust to each other one I think one of the biggest in most tragic things about this is on because I know what I would do is steroid dependent on I can never use topical steroids again like people they can go back on the on the end up and you just gonna closer to my sorry un you can if you're on custom Scarborough no I'm but just moving in with you know I'm good ... if let's say in I need a transplant and I will need to use you can't use you can't so you are because you go through the hell all over again or that you just give me goosebumps Brianna who can you imagine being a part of a community that I these drugs were meant for certain things and now I am no longer able it's to use that without having some adverse effects and it's kind of sad to think like ... one of the women I was supposed to interview in England she the day I was suppose to go see her she went into like sepsis are going to the hospital and her mother was messaging me saying they're really pushing oral steroids or IV steroids ... on her and check on what I should do they're not listening to us ... I think showed up going against it which I was trying to tell girls like I don't to be put in the position of being so afraid of taking the steroid in them basically life or death situation you're actually weighing out is death there is there a better way because that's all there is the stairs scared like I would be scared of putting my body through this again because you have PTSD like and and these people that are in these groups like they literally have PTSD and some have chosen to write in their charts but they are allergic to steroids to trick the system so that god forbid if there ever in that situation and their own conscious that their chart says steroid allergic so they would rather for example if they needed the steroids I would rather die than go through that I think I mean they've been going through a slow death in some cases I mean that I I can't speak for everybody I think there's some people that would say that honestly ... I know I it's a question I mean obviously if I was put in a situation I would probably choose to take a series but I because I'm not in that situation I can't say for sure what I would do sorry I had I don't know ... is just it's tragic to think that like this amount of suffering is actually what's on your mind like if you have actually need the drug for something for you to the first thing on your mind as I'm gonna go through this whole again and what shouldn't being the should be the case for anybody like these drugs should be administered correctly known should be put through at steroid dependency and have to think out of whether or not they actually take a stereo and a life or death situation when you got off the steroids what was your protocol accounted you what did you do to kind of get through what you're going through to get to a point where you're looking like you're a lot healthier is there certain things that you took in conjuction did you just have maybe a change of diet I mean I think people try so many things they cling on to different things hoping that it'll how people change their diet people try different what works for you though like you because you mean you've you obviously do a lot better but that's that's the the point that there is nothing like that you can do that's wrong or right and it's and it's doing time it's time it's basically like I said some people ... heal faster than others like I know one girl who healed and she didn't change her diet or anything she actually ate worse than what she did before so it's just the years have to basically let let your body just kind of did not think yeah kinda heal and I mean they'd be great to understand if there is something medically proven that could help speed the process of there's maybe something genetically impaired or maybe something yeah there's a lot of theories floating from nitric oxide oxide earlier LD ends and you know low dose metro so I added extra ... it's it's basically about the construction of the steroids that basically construct and then inflate and then there's people that have different symptoms like I hide here lost some people don't have here lost some people gets crazy by the way that you've actually through hair loss oh yeah I was also that I mean we all should beautiful long hair and it was just like devastating to yeah it's ironic thing ... does actually kind of the point where I decided I needed to do something ... while you're making videos talk about it because I mean this is ridiculous that people were going through this for years it's been decades I don't wanna harass it that's that I think to me that little therapy yeah that's like ... that would be the straw that breaks the camel's back like I'm losing hair that's never a good sign well a lot of this community are like excuse the expression but like lepers like they're like they're in caves hiding from society because they can't deal with it like this one woman ... beautiful sold Nina it I mean it's insane or current like like these people I'd never met them but of course and Facebook which we become intimate and you see their suffering and you just want to reach out to them and and we know we have this thing we have a specific language that we talk with a gentle hug gentle hurt because you can't touch the person that you want to embrace them somehow ray and ... you know we have so many cases of like suicidal tendencies that we have to like deal with and now fortunately face because the system of reporting you know people that are on suicide you know you know calls right and it's so scary so where it is so where you at right now account for what he'd do to cheer eczema for example so because you still have eczema right I it's scary induced I would not call when I how'd you don't have XLR 8 no I wouldn't call exam aliquot steroid induced excellent like I I want to make that clear because I think people are calling this but would you have before I had it regular normal eggs now before I started using the topical steroids prescribed that often that's different the top Vince then then then steroid induced ask him because I have the parts of my body that are affected by this are not normal exam areas like my skin was never this bad before city using topical steroids so this is deathly I'm still in the withdrawal process from or what we call the withdrawal process from using the top of Assyrians and Nazar going to the withdrawal process are you noticing that the areas that you that day awed areas that you have exit mother slowly dissipating also ... I'm kind of public a stagnant point or Salih because ... but it's it decrease I guess my yeah is once you stop the steroid soon to induce patches start to go away because they're no longer appearing in Audley you know areas that where they shouldn't be adopts the whole hope I mean like I said there's people that are going through this much longer than others on the hope is for you that's kind of what happened it's happening okay yes that's happening yeah we can say that for your example 9 as he stopped the steroids the areas where your exam is flaring and should be flaring it's going away like my legs used to be purple no they look relatively normal okay done so that I am healing so there's a very strong correlation then right yeah I'm doing that too yeah earned with a strong negative correlation right yeah because the steroids constrict blood flow and oxygen flow so that's how the vaso constriction of topical steroids so as the the nitric oxide send the peach re balances itself in the adrenal glands jumpstart and they're like oh you want us to work again they start producing their own cortisol and so in that process then the rebalancing effect takes place simultaneously while the body is expungement the residual effect of the spirits that are inside the body so it's kind of a twofold process that goes on and the purple that brown is referring to is when the blood vessels were actually constricted now that she has blood flow and oxygenation back through that's part of the healing process and so that they are no longer purple there you know moderated into normalcy I have you have you try to seek the counsel of a nutritionist no does just based off of that I mean and I'm this is definitely my my the whole shit going off hard right now but just anecdotally and down based off of things that I've learned from nutrition on I would suggest you try to defer the first we'll see contrition is because there's a lot of really interesting things you can do right with foods and and different food science like for example I was it their own national expo west and I found out that red beets for example increase your nitric oxide levels right naturally in and if you load up for 2 weeks and it doesn't mean you have to have abnormal amounts but let's see for 2 weeks straight you either eating or juicing red beets you actually lower your blood pressure and you increase your nitric oxide in your body you it literally you'll have more oxygen in your blood and your system and that's something that you've kind of been pushing to help ... you know ... patients that have strokes heart attacks that kind of just kind of conditions ... I would strongly I would love to know what what nutritionists and people that really detailed on on food science how they would address this situation because I imagine there could be things I could help I mean on the other side of having gone through this look looking at support groups hearing what people have said ... there's no rhyme or reason yeah there's some people that I think that that would be extreme and they did learn how to clean it out at all nothing's hoping that no and then you've got people that are eating junk food and they're getting better trust within Karen what do I'm definitely not I should bring the alcohol that you know downgrades your NDA my I'm all about healthy living like right in general just a normal person should be eating healthy you should be eating like tons of processed food tens of you know carbonated crazy few drinks anything like that things like tons of sugar thing nobody should be doing and that's right great great for your system ... so yeah a healthy diet would be great for someone who's going through this but I can't sit here and say you're going to get better because you're on a healthy diet I I've monitored people that were vegan vegetarian paleo you know like every spectrum undone and there is no rhyme or reason and you know there's one book that I do recommend and that's ... called the got ... by a German ... gal who she basically recommends for you to listen to your individual body because your body will communicate and tell you what it needs yeah so there are the gluten intolerance there that you know that ... vegans and you know what not so ... that book helps guide you and understanding by analyzing your poop which is fabulous una actually yeah I love that discussion you know you and I have had that discussion and I'm like who I'm all about the proof you know like I hate to think of it like you know well it's fighting and you know it's true the gutted recent studies actually Israel is really doing a lot of research on got ... health and that's that's great is the new frontier its skin all about that got health entered finding out it affects your mitochondrial ... and if it's everything really any I don't like you said that the signs that suggest that different people will react different and that's why I I did a video because like you so like maybe diet that everybody is different and so when someone like OSHA do clean eating unlike what does that mean out out I guess I would say more not just that I would suggest because I think when you get down to the like they did Zetian's that do the real research on the details because food does so much crazy shit there's so many reaction when you sit down and listen to doctor one of Patrick or ... Robb wolf and so they're talking about a lot of that stuff if if you if you into like the got health those guys that's our special I I'm a difficult transplants at this point actually holy shit yeah there's like a holy shit that's exactly determine who achieved because it's like sacred almost because only when those enzymes are like and what I have heard that I think inductor Patrick talk to one healthy person who has you know proper movement in their fecal matter and they have all that the proper enzymes because they have a wide spectrum of the bacterial count and then they're able to do the fecal transplants back into someone who does have extremely poor rific got activity or lack of activity ... within 3 days they're seeing the benefits of that people transplant now okay for all of you that are grossed out at this point just remember that they're taking the bacterial levels of the fecal matter actually just yeah BC they're they're taking them at the German porn that you watch yeah so okay yeah I had a good yeah so then so that's part of it there's also you know another aspect which so and that's under arm you know sweat Syria as well and that is that people with good normal sweat production with out odor they have a wider variety of bacteria with the good and the bad bacteria the indoctrinate that back into an under armed person that does have very foul smelling bacteria and within 3 days the good bacteria is eating up the bad odor causing bacteria so I mean I I think that's sexy so you know I don't know if it's sexy saying but whatever floats your boat immediately not only floats my arm knew it that that's it's fascinating but so okay sorry who won because they go yeah 15 minutes okay 50 or 50 ... what we so where we are right where you are right now like what would you suggest right you're you're doing better my my suggestion is prevention and that's what the document is all about bone it's just disseminating this this education awareness so that people can understand why this is happening and it can be prevented people don't have to go through this on and I was doctors you know can become more aware of this and actually accept that this is an issue on I guess I'm not here to to bash steroids in anyway but they're being abused are being over prescribed and people are suffering immensely from less and it it just needs to end yet ironically I it and I and I have to go back and make sure but I think it was 1989 where the academy and the American academy of pediatrics and another group of doctors ... American board doctors actually lobbied against the sale of over the counter hydrocortisone because hydrocortisone has just recently been sold over the counter 15 year I think 10 to 15 years ago it wasn't just in the last 8 to 10 years if I'm not mistaken it became sold over the counter and that is where the highest prone of negligence is also because parents Unicode sold over the counter they don't read the insert and they're just slaughtering it over their babies and ... I did a survey of 25 pharmacies out of the 2524 pharmacists said ... they only suit you know suggest over the counter headquarters on to start with and then I ask them well what about my one year old baby and they said 24 out of 25 no problem just use a little more sparingly and you know that the side effects for babies because they have that our skin and typically they do get there eczema in the genital areas diaper rash and then behind their knees and in the lymphatic areas that is where the their most susceptible on their hormone systems are as well so that's like even crazier so ... you know another war to wage is basically the ones that are over the counter and that's where a high percentage of abuses and the doctors that Brianna interviewed in India were major pioneers and trying to reverse the legislation to not allow hydrocortisone to be sold over the counter because in India they're using hydrocortisone in conjunction with bleaching but I don't even just had a person I mean they have the very strong serious stuff that can be bought over the counter and they're being used to bleach their skin your skin whitening because our trade away their skin it things of the skin and then they apply bleach so they get one and another what's that ... because that's a social condition where they want to white and their skin red right there's ... I use I use it I had a you know I obviously I had a background in in in medical skin care for awhile but there's a product that had that used to bleacher skin and for some reason a lot of the ... Asian hype about hydrocodone I couldn't write the hijack knowing a lot of talk about entries it's right on the end yeah it's there's a lot of correlation with liver cancer with how to condone and so they're India they'd they'd come in trying to get whiter and they've been using steroids to thinner skin and then the bleach it yes sounds like so sorry doctors the doctor cut the Clarion and those doctors have a wider spectrum of case studies because they're seeing so many people try to whiten their skin and then they became steroid addicted right so it's kind of a parallel universe there that it's not so much like the exam a population as much as the house medic and I think what was interesting but I went and spoke to him in India and because these are people with normal skin they're not using steroids to try and hope as Gavin dish and these are people who have normal regular average skin and they're becoming Sterry dependency can you only imagine what putting this medication on some minorities broken skin people that I have skin problems that you know that's a great point Brianna because on the original pharmaceutical companies when they do these ... test studies for safety and efficacy they're testing it on healthy skin they're not testing it on exam a raw opened compromised skin so therefore the potency of absorption is different from someone who has healthy normal skin versus someone who has brought open compromise skin so that's another factor of ... potency that is not accurate as urban like a a positive correlation with ... allowing the cortisol products to be over the counter and outbreaks that we're seeing of these dependencies that there hasn't been any kind of well basically Brianna is one of the pioneers of the the social movement that like were tiptoeing in and out of doctors arenas whether it's through the national exam association or whether it's through some of that last year you were at the conference you had the 18 I'm a kind American academy of dermatology at a conference in Washington DC in September and you went as part of the it's St group yeah I was a I was a patient participant speaking of which I won't touch 11 thing also because I know we're kind of short you on the show the doctors this is this is this kind of interested me you on the show the doctors who is October 2000 15 and Gaza 1016 I think so goes to assume Felton 2015 yes most 2 years this October we 2 years and you're saying how they edited what you're saying did I'd be on the television yeah ... it was I was so frustrated over all of us that we're witnessing they were so excited she was on there and that it was like what it really disappointing experience in a sense of I think they tried to like commandeer ... the reason why I was there they found Meursault only scan which is basically just a really resistant bacteria to antibiotics in the kind of USAC vehicle we found out what was how did they find the detested you there they spot me okay but you were resistant because you had been on antibiotics for so long prior to that I just think like I said earlier in the home segment that we are so prone to be getting bacterial infections on I also had a fungal infection to they found out but it takes longer when you swab to find out if there's a fungal infection on your skin on and it's funny because you know the game antibiotics the merciless taken away but the fungal infection was actually what was actually to me worse like when I they put me on anti fungal my skin got a lot better un so I just think it's funny that they kind of use the Mercer like look like saviors yeah ... because when I was contacted by was saying like I have trouble Sir withdrawal I have steering dependency we're gonna talk about this in the late delineated not completely how to really test and all of us you know that I like cheerleading her online it was incredible that like what's just happened well there was one other situation and maybe you can remind me of what her name is ... she was actually ... an entrepreneur that went on shark tank ... handler Hannah and she was amazing because she did a great job on shark tank and then when they did the follow up episode of like her success ... Robert Hirsch effect actually went to her house and said Hey what's going on with sales yada yada yada and that her husband stepped up and basically said look Robert this is what's going on on the backside Hannah is going through this this this this and and Robert was horrified and he's like why and we were all literally that night hoping that episode that they're not going to edit it out like they did with Brianna because like we keep seeing that like this denial denial and then fortunately shark tank producers did not it idiotic our because they didn't have that medical angle to it they had it just from the investment business entrepreneurial life you know thing and then have no way of showcase all of her pictures of what she was going through and it was red skin syndrome she acknowledged it and she really helped promote the platform because in brown's case they and I actually meeting her attorney well so they nixed that what would be the reason that they would do that is if the uncertainties that liability I thought I believe it's probably ability and just listens like my saving grace because I was very much attacked by certain community of people that I'm not gonna sailing on there but I was the fun part ... they they would have torn the ocean just need steroids sushi her skin is infected arms using steroids antibiotics and it may seem grace was they did not prescribe the steroids because they know they knew on the show like I I should maxed out I should not be on steroids taking antibiotics because I needed the antibiotics ... but I think for liability purposes that they couldn't sit there and allow me to discuss redskin syndrome because they did edit out portions of my answers near the end when I had to scrape and instead of being on set they did added our issues quarantine the I was here your corn seed because I had more so my skin even though the producers had called me and told me when they they told me why was there waiting to get picked up to go on set ... you can't come on because you have worse on your skin and at first to mean merciless something that's very serious you should be hospitalized and so I asked was it should I be in the hospital right now and they said no it like it's just on your skin it's not in your system you're you're pure blood ... then they said you know half the people in the audience probably have mercy sitting on their skin but because we know you have it we're not gonna allow you to come online I also probably a liability imagined yet so well I I think what we're looking for through her documentary is basically to raise awareness from the consumer level and that way the consumers are able to be more informed and when they go to their doctors they're able to really balance out the decision making process more carefully right one thing I think I'm in love touching upon as we get labeled a steroid phobic and calico that's horrible into me it wouldn't know reduced were concerned because doctors shouldn't be prescribing steroids so so easily so readily so for him chronic condition yeah ends so a salicylate label me steroid phobic things so be it I think that's funny because I use steroids for so long and I should have been using about long well I just think it's silly to me start you know attacking people and just boxing them in these like weird category yeah you're phobic just because you know you're trying to logically look into something and research something you've had experiences where I can understand we should understand that you're apprehensive about using these products again yeah on as far as your documentary it's kind of put that in perspective because we kind of need to wrap it up ... what seemed documentary give any for it yes it's called preventable protecting our largest organ preventable protecting our largest organ at our our largest organs are scanned right our own ends I first I wasn't call it something different but ... a friend of mine Redskins syndrome interest why not just got it no because I think prevented boils moorings it's it's much bigger than just red skin yes exactly on as parents are bad no see because I'm just being June yeah I mean it really was a thought process because you don't want to call it the wrong thing you know you don't want to be labeled like a conspiracy theorist talking to one side order OG's bashing the drugs we're not gonna watch that you know something turn to be unbiased and a friend of mine was interviewing me for the trailer that I mean and so one of the questions was if you could describe Redskins in German what word what would it be in and I said preventable because that's what it is it's it's preventable and he was kind like you should but a bomb but I think you should call your documentary that and so that's kind of like how it happened ... because this is a suffering but isn't you're born with it it's not something that just comes on naturally it's something that's caused by a drug that we should not be taking so working people either you know visit your website you have website if people can follow you on C. let us doing I have a lot of social media ... my website is preventable doc ... or have also is an information about this I have been putting out weekly on little snippet teasers of what I've been filming ... over the past weeks I mean this is literally I think my half way point ... I still have until January 3 July 20 ninth that'll be shooting around ... the U. S. and I go to Canada next will be my last time out of the country ... and is a rock star where have you been so far on the world just will click on I was in 2 cities in Texas and then I was in 2 different cities and ... the UK and then I went to ... Calcutta India in the in 2 different cities in Japan and now I'm here in LA Laguna and I don't know if the international news ... so they can go to prevent preventable yes do you have any recommendations for people that have these can tions prior to being on steroids in in in the spars like what should they do the doctor says take the steroids helps in the state helps a little bit whatever what would you like what would your advice be to these people but that's like my biggest thing is for people with examine this is the prevention point of I think when it comes to going to a western doctor all they can give you a series that's all they know how to do and that's not really finding the cause of what's going on with your skin so my biggest thing would be good that's when you can go to a nutritionist that's when you will go get allergy tested that's when you can go try and find out process of elimination what is causing your examine so that you can know what the trigger is and that's what you can avoid that's what you can work with instead of just using a story to suppress the problem even though the problem is still there you're still using something general having bad days ill it's yeah in but as a band aid that's basically kill him off of him Edward Vicki suffer in the end ... so my advice to people with eczema is use natural things trying to figure out what is actually causing the problem free I think you know Asian medicine eastern medicine really ... ours so much more powerful and that they can help with the diagnosis process a lot more and kind of work in conjunction between east and west has there been anything that's been universally accepted as not maybe a cure but is there something that's like agreed upon that this is like a very something that you should definitely do it at that this does help you to mean Israeli consensus on certain things that can be helpful I think doesn't take steroids beside him staring ... earlier you know I think I'm I'm an advocate of process of elimination you know like whatever the cause is it's there it's a mystery it's you know crazy so you don't normally completely almost will because eczema is not just like you can't use for I feel like saying clean eating like it's just a a blanket thing like eczema is different for everybody ... they're different triggers different reasons why people how the problem so it's you yourself individually finding out what your body needs to help that problem while as far as in so I've never I've always thought that exam is like a skin condition that you just get and that it was size certain protocols for it like it's caused by a B. C. D. E. and the ... the way to fix it is you know the following formulas of the following things don't go in there someone I personally don't do it you know I when it's not contact dermatitis when it's not specifically directly in relation to a trigger ... and when it's a topic dermatitis I always tell people focus on the liver start with your liver first where you're constantly like baby in your liver and making sure that you're not burdening anymore with sugar alcohol and you know the typical toxins and then clean eating boosting it and giving it the opportunity to do its job then you know obviously the kidneys colon and they got thing I mean I think they found it like we are lacking cynical Philip grin in our in our skin and so we have like a weakened skin barrier so th things can easily penetrate and you know trigger a Exuma easier ... like is it like different people have different triggers so it's just it's basically like you have eliminating trying to figure out what it is but causing the problem it even be some with weird chemical yeah something that you're using you have no idea about and what I would recommend this keep the skin journal where like you literally documenting day to day to day you know your ups and downs and what you're eating and what's going through the process when you're having rashes or whatever because you can you know help start statistically figuring yourself out of thank you said something not too long ago and that is like the Mike mitochondrial barrier and when you said Philip and and when you have ... and you know that the loss of filler grant the mitochondrial actually helps compensate for that and so when you restraint and the mitochondrial walls of yourselves you know and you know Black Sea oil Nigellus citybus been known to help with that ... you know those are the kind of beautiful ancient remedies that we have the beautiful future and hope 2 in a research and discover and bring forward to the surface that ... I think everybody has more control of you know so it's the diagnosis part of it as well as researching into the wonderful things that are available to us but we just tough to find you know each individual the journey that's why it I think integrative medicine medicine and alternative medicine has been coming up more and more recently because people are getting tired people like the survey I think there was almost 90 percent of people were feeling of the doctor didn't know what to do for them anymore and so people are trying to branch out and find something that works for them that's not just a blink it'd here go I give this to everybody so more individualized young for that's the case patient care centered well and fascinating done thank you for coming on the show and and talk you know telling anybody but you story which is is it's a remarkable story and I think we've been through this is exceptionally much you know difficult I imagine ... so definitely good luck to you with your documentary thank you ... we'll have you back on here again before you know as you get closer to launch in everything from to promote it ... Sir website is preventable yes do you have any social media people can follow you on yes I have on an Instagram us they have a Twitter but I will save kind of falling off that a little bit but my on Instagram is preventable under slash doc ... so and you can find that on the the website and then I have a you tube under my name which Brianna Banos ... why keep all of money my ideas but not as soon as I learn BA and alas ... so they can go there as well that's where I mean all my videos C. confine from when I shave my head that's my first video ever put out ... during DSW that's courageous and then I just kind of made a ridiculous full of myself in dismay of motive silly videos trying to spread the word and awareness and I think another wonderful resource it has been it's which is I. T. S. A. ... the nonprofit organization and ... that's where you can get I think very unbiased information that is out there ... with just a public awareness as the agenda they've been doing an amazing job like they have a reason to save lives I can actually say they've saved lightly literally I would not be here without them like they have been a huge rock for so many people in the they worked really really hard got my first go to every time I come across something like I mean I I probably talked to between 100 to 200 people a week dealing with this internationally and my first go to is look you have homework your homework assignment is go to its once you go through that then you have decisions to make and you know I have a box of Kleenex with you by the way and like literally people call me afterwards we believe this to my child and so they have to go through this emotional process and then make some decisions that if they are going to go through topical steroid withdrawal when do they do it do they go cold Turkey do they do it wean you know progressively off and those are tough tough decisions and none of us have answers was no medical up job support system that would they be able to work with us not yeah not yet hopefully after Brianna's your memory I we're all banking so much hope on this document no pressure Brianna who ... I mean but on second do it without the help of everybody being brave enough to like tell their stories and everything so it's definitely a community effort let's support and then Sir hand you have anything to promote I know you have all kinds of resources that you would push that people can go to as well if you don't do this for a while yeah you know it like right now I just want the public awareness to be enough for topical steroid addiction topical stirred in a withdrawal be informed be aware and and that's pretty much it you know as a mama that's where I come from mums hane wouldn't call well to spice well thank you guys so much recruiting effort for coming on the show thanks to all the folks that are tuning in we love you guys don't take steroids unless you're working out they take a shit on it nnova don't listen to anything I say I don't know I'm thanking god looking //
"2017-04-18 21:53:11"
NWR #051 Kanen Oblias
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NWR Lliberty Rising #005 Chase Rachels, Derrick Broze Debate
\\ //
"2017-03-07 21:13:26"
NWR #050 Kody Fairfield, Brian Kelly
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NWR Modern Celebrities #023 Soulja Boy & Chris Brown's Fight, Sean Kingston, & Mariah Carey
\\which is due in the nude then we get a lot of them right she also what's up everyone you're watching network radio modded celebrities I'm your host Nicole know what my co host Brad savage thank you know we have a special guest bodies yeah the owner on network radio I'm excited that he's here I'm excited to but not excited because he's gonna crap on us the entire stuff I don't think so well he probably will with you can you can agree with me but that's not on the right side he does I just love the picture argue so much so my so tell me what is been going on this week okay so I couple weeks ago we talked about a soldier boy car and Chris Brown potentially fighting potentially fighting a poster came out yeah fifties that was back in somebody and Floyd met Mayweather was talking and I believe soldier boy a that's right and TNT it which is Floyd Mayweather's whole company is now backing up the whole day and starting in this past week they're no longer gonna have it I mean we kind of got off the whole promotion thing in everything another they cancel it and we kind of saw this coming week are we really gonna think that these celebrities even the ones that a list celebrity I would say either one and the other ones like IE E. a celebrity but you know I it's not gonna happen that they were gonna fight there just hyping it up I get it I wish you could come to fruition now I know I really wanted to come to you but here's the thing so sold away with completely down of course because he needs to make money I know Chris Brown I does it and so Chris brown's manager called soldier ways managers say he's not going to sign the contract Chris Brown I think inside the contract yeah so soldier boy got so pissed and went on entire Twitter rang I'm not gonna like read all because it's way too much yeah I think I look at it later on and but I'm gonna read like a little snippet of it he said I can't believe this Edward scared to fight me sign the contract he where'd US and then back to her set up the boxing I should being home censored because I I don't because so it was just a lot of letters in her district yeah I have and this be that if this yeah right away so he knows a couple letters of the alphabet out that you're basically he said I caught you faith in the streets of this whole world this whole beef as sword in a wide both fights I guess Christmas hurting got scared LOL come on boy so sold what they see is really get away which I kind of feel like he might know because I feel like he's a little more crazy than Chris rock up what he has more to gain from it that's for sure is like a huge fight harder but we saw Chris brown's dance moves you can't pledge that the guys get my dog dakine Bob and weave exactly opposite we played a lot of what you do and should the guys skinnier than a fuckin maxed I got the guy really tight you can to our club and he's okay yeah he came to you do you think you can take a modify soldier boy yeah I would beat the fuck out of Seoul there you go you hear here first though so if we know I don't like in the first round fight any owner of network radio could take it down no not ... I meant that he actually is a nice kid I don't know about him now is Bubby hunter for money this phobia PR stunt yacht when I met him ... we're at now a place called hello club in Houston in the Galleria mall you heard it right it's in the Galleria mall interest is owned by our co owned by Robert Ory of the Houston Rockets he came in with like he came very late so we're almost almost closing time with lights already on you came in the spring 2011 or so and he had a gun that's a long time ago for you he had an orange soda I think classic and now he had a bunch of big old goons with them yeah but he was just as nice do I took a photo with my photos of them and he didn't drink or anything I mean just little he walked on the club for awhile guys want student leaders at the tree that he set there he didn't talk much I don't think that anybody uses still we had classes on I think maybe this high could a been what he had are think like reading class even had he'd had this shitty thing and I don't know what the fuck out of this and that the base of the story so we should have him sign the contract and bring it I don't know box I don't watch a lot yeah I even if you did do that I don't like well I think it's yeah I got my first stripe in jujitsu no okay that's more than I think soldier boy has them cortical street cred but I don't know if that's gonna fair enough I I know just I think I think brown has lots of news in this bike is if you get beat up by sold way everybody got me gonna make fun of exactly and then if soldier boy wades he's gonna get so much more money so much more face any good probly write a song about it like you his new singles can be like artists always argue for a number that's if you won the fight he'd be able to be like he was in my new single it's called hitting Chris and that you know hitting Chris in the brain but without it could be something like that that's what I would do that's I would you okay gotten hit Chris in the wing yeah severing okay let's move on to other musicians lacking the list celebrities I'm Migos and Sean Kingston first all whatever happened a shocking thing he got in an accident on a wave runner got any almost die for me I know I think we talked about on the show this is like a long long time may have been the go that maybe been previous radio show I don't know but I remember talking about it now it's like what happened him yeah I don't know if I need to have done a little bit of an accident and he hasn't made any music yeah so apparently he was in Las Vegas with me goes and they got into a fight and one of Sean Kingston's buddies shot a guide and it didn't hit anyone by elite free to everyone out you know he got arrested and now like Sean Kingston's lakes somewhat tied with their rise in other states like ... like why do you have a friend like that like what happened a year and I don't know just all this like random stuff that the blame on shocking sit for but he wasn't even his fault it was his friends yeah so I don't know but that's a downed friend like to shoot for you that's crazy that's true he's got back apparently what I'm saying is that how many hip hop artists have crews entourages that carry that things that they probably are unable to carry most of all yeah I mean little Wayne's got arrested for having firearms a lots of other artists have been arrested for carrying firearms so our every that surprised that somebody in Chongqing since crew was carrying keep I'm really not but my problem is wire me it Migos what was the piece that was going on between me I don't know there's no information to a fight broke out and I've looked at numerous articles you need someone to hang up where did this happen Las Vegas we need to send somebody out there right now to figure out what we need a field reporter to tell us I don't know but I mean if they're publicly just I volunteered I think yeah well I'm gonna Vegas right up to you I think the fight suppose take place in Vegas of the one that with Chris Brown and it's old but is that really happening not we just talk about it yeah you guys talk about very fast you out of names throughout not only strokes are Migos are there 3 so I don't know I mean Migos is bigger than chunking center yeah so I don't know the shocking thing to me because I remember him and Justin Bieber during a song about what Justin Bieber had like the flowy flipear I never thought of him as like a dog like a thug yeah yeah badly because god like I always thought of him as like a nice proper you know late now like it you know what I mean he wasn't a rapper he was a robbery Justin Bieber no shocking state ... okay tell me what else would either be things happening or good okay I feel like this entire site may is going to be about musicians because we're gonna talk about my care units perfect I was about to talk about her last weeks we'll see I really yeah okay so Mariah Carey has claimed that she can now I live in the real world so she didn't interview with Rolling Stone magazine and this lady was trying to allude to her in new year's eve and performance and how she lives sake which is like let's just talk about whatever and she said in her interview ... just like I would understand somebody who has a desk job and how to do it I could it I literally incapable of being in the real world it's arriving so she's basically thing like she can't explain her experience at her job and why she was not lip sinking Weller like why she gets the anymore easy the average person the average person can explain having it does job like 9 to 5 type of job to her so she says she's incapable of living the real world and I completely believe I think she would suffer a lot if she decided regular job oh yeah she would make it on my guess is I may catch he'd over this is that she was in the real world she would be looking for somebody who has money to marry I think she'd be hollow there because she was dating that wasn't she did you know one guy that Rachel sterling guy 0 yeah like he she was a she still gold digging even though she's worth a lot of my well hate it's great thank you all for having in the show we love your input come back I will get I want you to be here next up from my rapid fire heater love it because I need to know whether you hated or you love it I hit an 8 I thought that's right answer all the above everything seat went out go with C. yeah for kids out there if you're in college or take an exam and you have a question I have no freaking clue us if we can clear what the answer is to see went out to see yeah this is according to US psychological ... psychology professors yeah I am automotive psychopath it's not just a vague this is a great show thank you get when you are feeling thank you should I gotta go I come back soon I will alright so we're back to my favorite segment of the show rapid fire I am going to change the title and it is not good thing or bad thing you know Jessica thingy good thing or bad thing is going to be hater love it right so this we got rapid fire Hillary Clinton turned down an offer on the 4 of dancing but hate it or love it I hate it if they want it but it's got some so bad though Stevie so I mean no she you got what health problems she would not be able to get out be able to walk up there and do you watch it you can measure heard when a foxtrot bill Nye the science guy is probably older than her and he was on dancing with stars with the good no but he was on and he powered through it I almost want to take the time to look up his age to see but I think he's not as old as she and they do it okay I'm gonna die we're gonna hold the next segment called Brett was right again okay bill Nye is see one well yeah I alright here we go they make sure gets on camera when she says I was right you're right play that again nnova right I love that says you know if they did think the 9 thank you that's like for for Britain's your a you keeping that you better keep that okay albeit in the target area thank you all right so it we both hated yes we I want to see your on there we have for differ reasons why we hate it Michelle Obama also declines did see what the stars yes I hate that I wouldn't love to theme which I would also love to see you and that's it cool for athlete and I think she would kill it she would definitely win she would kill it on like the mamba and salsa in any of these other ideas that you think should win I'm I wish she would be on there but I get if I was her I would go on and how is it that they have 24 season that show some I know they always get like see dealer so every day yet they're like I'm half celebrities right now yeah okay so ... let's see here mama June we know you are yeah yeah she's down to a size 4 yeah I heard I'm so excited so what you need it or not but you didn't answer the question love it you love it love it okay she underwent numerous surgeries and some serious lifestyle good for her do we get a healthy yeah I'm glad so I look at as well okay ed Sheeran and Katy Perry became BFF's hate it or love it love it I don't really care already carry their belly good for that yeah I get that their friends I think it Katy Perry still dating anybody sheet she was staying down there for awhile yeah just yeah I don't know if there's I think they're still together off and on for ever all her friends keep saying you should break up with them like bold blah and then she's like yeah I think they should stay together exactly how the conversations go by the way it probably is that right alright Savannah chrisley dating NBA superstar Chandler Parsons what okay first I don't know Chandler Parsons's but Savannah chrisley I love the grisly show yeah I would like all TV shows I had no clue who this lady is and I just need anyway now if their daughter of Todd chrisley we talked about him up again anyways Savannah chrisley is the daughter on this TV show called the chrisley and chrisley knows best okay with southern family she's to date this other guy who's like a musician I thought they were so cute together and I'm sad they broke up mum so hated so you hated okay fair enough okay and ... Kate Upton says there's no sex before any of Justin Bieber landers games the Detroit Tigers pitcher hate it or love it I don't know what love it I don't know where you know I don't know it's a bit maybe he's not that he's not getting sex a 4 yeah I thought that there is like I mix I like some athletes or you know some scientists say that ... it's good to do it before because it releases all these things but then I've heard other people say it's bad you know I think it's dependent on the person the person you know if the if he ends up pitching a no hitter yeah I think she should withhold that I mean if you have some lucky sort of thing the day before game maybe put your socks inside out or are you aware that Michael Jordan wore his college athletes what's underneath his actual bulls shorts are really yeah for every single game so if it's working what IBM neutral on this is there like a lump it's hate it or love it that's why that segments because a lot of it because she probably knows that he will do about it if yeah I do a do it alright perfect that's all we have rapid fire okay Peter love that's good I like on the top yeah me to stay tuned for our next episode subscribe down below there's also it comment there's also more videos to watch you could watch history you know what back what happened with slavery is less than a week before find out if we were right now she find out Bret was right because Nichols never write only so thank you guys it's the tune for next week //
"2017-02-24 02:39:54"
NWR Modern Celebrities #022 The New Bachelorette and Beauty and The Beast
\\it's a human oh yeah it's very feminine look if he's in his hands and feet were so tightly when you should support what radio modded celebrities I've you know the call no right very 50 right now cookbook I'm sassy //
"2017-02-23 05:33:10"
NWR #049 Sara J Simpson, Dr. Drew
\\or else do this all make it quick go to audible slash net we're greedy you and di check out an audio book there are so many cool audio books out there over 180000 books to choose from this episode of network radio is brought to you by you see how did that and reversed it tricked you I did the promo first then I did the ... reason why wouldn't a problem it's because ... our sponsor audible is an awesome app it's an audio book app you can download it on any of your devices including your phone laptop tablet toilet whatever it sinks ... all device together so if you actually listen to a book and your work and that because you're slacker and you go home in the car you can continue where you left off from your PC at work and then you get home you can go to the shower and have your little blue to thing on ... sinks your tablet at home a computer at home whatever any kind of device you can get that app on it will sink that's the point ... they have a lot of amazing books 180000 go get educated ... maybe some self help books I don't know I don't care do you maybe can get a novel maybe you can get that book 50 shades of gray I don't know I only care but does article books go get some odd looks rather com slash network radio get a book Get Smart don't like it delete that counsel would you get still to keep the book to audio book you can keep it forever so even if you cancel your plan within the first month basically free you get a free download of any book you choose doesn't matter how much it costs and ... you get to keep it so even if you delete it and the decide to install it again you can continue with your book you can read it at any time without and pay for it again bone free shit son yeah this episode is also brought to you by on au in in I. T. on it is a company that creates amazing products I always talk about alpha brain alpha brain is an Nutro pick what the F. is a neutral pick a neutral because a brain vitamin son you can get ... alpha brain you can go to network radio.U. S. which is our website network radio.U. S. slash on it bow and and I teach click there it'll tell you about alpha brain you can go to ... D. alpha brains duh main ... articles on on its to read more about it in depth but the point is this it's amazing it's great for your brain great for memory crate for functionality you are you know way more smooth and you speak like right now added seeking alpha brain I'm not as fluid as usual I can feel it very subtle but I can feel it also good for sleeping and dreams and vividness just so awesome brain vitamin made of completely earth grown nutrients everything's fantastic high quality and guess what man you get that product see good in art radio.U. S. slash on it you go to get the alpha brain thinking anything else but that's my favorite part of the ... make and I've been using it for years and years and years so you get it you had ... the code at work radio you check out that seem to 10 percent off any of their on it supplements and if you don't like it you can send them an email telling them you are dis satisfied this French I'd guess gusted and guess what they'll give you your money back you can keep the bottle don't let us ship anything back no households no problems guaranteed get it gets smart today's episode is awesome we had ... Jessica no not just Sarah about Sir Simpson surges Simpson with ... hillsides day are a foster care nonprofit to take care of kids super cool organization they have an awesome caps to Pasadena which you can go check out and see for yourself they have a gal can up to Saturday at $300 but it's amazing red carpet celebrities ... drinks food auctions just gonna have fun man support a good cause without further ado cue the music doc yet to network radio on our heart today we're joined by Sara Jay Simpson she's a financial planner and she's also the 2017 I chairman of the health sites are charity gala we're also joined by a world renowned doctor drew thank you doctor for joining us today and Sarah for being here obviously ... can you tell us a little bit about our hillsides as far as what you guys are doing right now I know your ... your provider for foster care your nonprofit you do all these wonderful things for our young people that come from broken homes you provide him with all kind of adult adequate care and kind of help facilitate them to be productive members of society you know getting them help treatments and kind of moving along with a productive and positive life just think it will take you so much for having us here today we really appreciate the opportunity to be here ... letter having so hillsides it's a nonprofit organization that was founded on over 100 years ago up by a very compassionate young woman by the name of Evelyn Wiley and I was interesting she actually started off the organization by taking an 13 and children that had been abandoned and severely neglected and today the organization serves over 13000 children annually so it's grown substantially over the course of 100 years un when she'd taken these 13 children she had a vision of caring for them in an environment where they can really thriving grow up in it and in a unique atmosphere ... not like the constitutional type a living that you would see you know children in 100 years ago when they are not foster situation so she actually acquired in a campus in Pasadena that was 17 acres the how to cottages on it and.17 acre campus today's serves as hillsides residential services so ... and it's absolutely beautiful campus were actually in the midst of remodeling there's an outing ... add new art center and things of that nature that we use for sports activities things of that nature so it's a bit beautiful campus but I think she would be so proud of today Dr junior capacity in this organization I know you are you are currently a consultant you were on the board of directors at 1.on your chart I've been involved for years and let me just let people push out if you guys don't mind please we need your help ... this is the day one uncertain funding and ... the hillside organization which I would support hours trying to figure out probably close to 20 years I've been involved in that so it's been 15 and when a patient might actually introduced me to the organization and I thought oh my god this is the model this is the model for how we can approach what is that epidemic of our time which is adverse childhood experiences and people do not understand the profound effect on euro development social development psychological development that the adverse experiences of childhood and our build families family systems have upon us you know it's the gift that keeps on giving I keep saying to people are abused in childhood it's now a lifetime ... of dealing with that and if you get in and intervene early you can reduce some of the ... adverse outcome ... and this is the model for that you have to take it then after oftentimes remove them from the environment where this has been perpetrated earth trapped in there just inadequate coverage there neglected and you bring them into a therapeutic merely go where they can live with it for attachments that would continue and get education and get what if they have special needs get those Matt I mean if we had 1000 of these across the country I I hope to god so many of our social ills would be solved but is the model for how to do this right I when you guys take in these are kids in these children is it something you guys are working closely with the state on do you guys have like an outreach program how what's the process of a a a kid going from their broken home or if let's say from the street into your guys care what is that crosses Intel I yes so you are correct so it there's various situations how child might end up in the care of hillsides but you are correct in assuming that at the state you know local government would be the word of the primary ways that we would have a child there there are ... other situations where the family me worked directly with hillsides fell into early the complete Caracas exactly if there's a need a therapeutic need that that you know the child because ... also we have a program called youth moving on and that program is for ... are such children but they're 18 to 24 so once really they've been emancipated from the foster care system they would be in this youth moving on program and that's available for children not where I hillsides but also those that were just generally speaking in the foster care system yeah it not multiple sources a again your LA county somewhat of a patchwork ... but hillside is the model of the shining example of what can be done about it it's a lucky child that ... is admitted to the hillside organization ... and again we need help we need your help we wanna I swear I don't know if you want to specifically ... urge people to be a part of a fundraiser or not but ... we certainly ... check out the website it's it's unbelievable organization and I I have never wavered in my support and they have never failed in the quality service of the delivery yes certainly so we have a goal to raise a 0.$5000000 at the gala and currently you were out 280000 so we're working our way there but certainly all the support we can get it would be wonderful so if you visit and on the homepage if you click donate it actually take to the Petri condone it but then you can also buy tickets to the gala from not pages while and or sponsored the event from that page and you guys are just a quick question for you our doctrine a how old what how what percentage of these ... kids have ... problems are related to drugs and drug abuse ... it is not I that shows up once in awhile because whenever someone is at fault with adverse childhood experiences ... they tend to try to solve that problem by whatever means are available to in order to feel better and of course some kids tried trigger a second problem the second problem is addiction so you go from the dysregulation associated adverse childhood experience and then you try to seek out a saw solution to that you start using drugs you trigger that genetic potential and I of addiction ... they I'm sure hillside can handle these things but I don't see many kids that disorder produced per se are they have to be able to participate in the in the milieu of their ... but get it that you know it's a it's a deep set of resources that can handle just about everything frankly is there a certain pattern you guys do see with kids like a certain pattern of dysfunction that's attributing to these are societal issues that they have well I'm not quite sure drafting but but you know it's it's something that I deal with on a daily basis that whether it's targeted on the radio whether it's on the clinical world which is that well you know we we eat we need careful secure attachments assistant Lee available across many years in order to develop not just us an adequate sense of self in a place in the world a capacity to regulate emotions that system is something that we all think about very often but if it's not properly attended to it with a secure attached relationship with adults it ends up becoming shattered the child then turned inward or whatever means are available to try to find means to regulate feelings are to prolong too intense and too negative at a response to that there could be a series of personality styles psychological interventions other had substance use and ... acting out acting in of all types really grow out of that childhood experience whether it's you wanna talk about eating disorders or depression or anxiety or personality services are up just the 5 disorder you find that the court may there some genetic pieces to this of course but at chords adverse childhood experiences and it's about the trajectory of how our brains developed and fundamental that development is the capacity for emotional regulation and that requires trust it requires close does it or attachment and when there is abuse that took the trust is ruptured the attachment is ruptured and kids do not re enter the frame that allows the mac a passerby to rebuild once again editor said bitterly dysfunctional mean yeah that's kind of my my promises I just wanted to see if there's an underlying problem that's typically ... you know ... seen in eastern situation's like and it seems like maybe abuse is a is a huge factor well I up you still it's got problem that there's got drama about where other conceived in a book little via BT crops ... whether it's you know yeah 8 a chaotic attachment or a or a patient as domestic violence in the home or inadequate supervision but there's so many ways that kid's ... can be shattered terms of getting their needs met and ... the outcome that is protea doctor I know you're out you you got that tight schedule today so when I think for about joining and it is my privilege and I want to thank Sarah for serving as the chairperson for this year's gala should not amazing job but I appreciate your being there and ... I'd buy love listening during history of hillside the advice when you go there is like is your Los Angeles to it that there's a whole I love the campus and there the previous track using all the crystal a couple other campus because when you see it it's just it's overwhelming what they've been able to do and this little community with with the room the support of their of the Catholic community at large degree in Pasadena but we could expand that support ... Edward is there were that organization like this is is what is that proselytize and again Sir thank you so much for being there and thank you for having this thing up this year thank you so much started and by the way it had always been there and always be in there it was that your first year that your current rodeo around about what the rest of us so thank you for that that bag sure we'll see many more years into the future because once you get hooked on this thing if you don't you don't wanna let it go you want to see it flourish that is true and it was actually ... doctor drew's wife me involved with the Dallas so I have season to think for this movie I use what do you feel about that until after your over I don't think it's a buddy who run thank you affect wasn't too bad perfect yet so so I guess I come on a gun go back into when you guys identify how who's who's a person identifies these children is that the because I I am so oblivious on how this works ... I've never been involved anything like this as far as like you know I just see what I see on TV sometimes and it it seems like Howdy guys identifier qualify the type of our own people they gonna take into your program to be honest I don't get involved in that the process of identifying the children that would qualify to ... you know either living hell sides or be part of one of our programs and there's so much involved in not side of things so we have ... know counselors and and things of that nature that would be and fault without and ... you know there's obviously a lot of there's a whole legal side evidence while that we have ... an amazing ... team of individuals that get involved with the state of California especially and things of that nature is to make sure that hillsides is receiving the support that we need on you know the government side as well and you know we're very fortunate health sites is one of the premier providers ... of care in this regard it's really common and sought to say thought many of the children that come to hell sites have been in anywhere from 10 to 14 homes before they come to hell sides so they've not been able to be in a secure atmosphere where they can feel like they can stay there permanently and so it's nice because once they come hell sites they're able to stay there and really grow and flourish and feel like they have a permanent loving atmosphere that they can stay and so you guys have come to it it's like a campus cry like a boarding school maybe Zach well can it that's a good rating a yacht so that the campus that we have on that I mentioned it earlier it's a 17 acre campus in Pasadena and it started off which is that the 2 colleges and now we have several colleges on the campus for the the children that actually live there ... that's where the school is is while I'm so that's our residential ... care facility is is there in Pasadena and we have ... as I mentioned earlier that you couldn't move in our program that we have housing throughout ... Pasadena art Altoona area ... but but yes yet thoughts but be a good visual to think of it let me ask you a simple question because I'm a simple man is it gala is a gala is it gonna I've seen it I've heard so many times and I've yet to figure out what life is attained over Tara yeah this objective it is how does it I I think our high gala I like Dallas you a dollar public notes 9 I yeah yeah I I don't know I think our I'm so who so what how does this work you guys have an elaborate and awesome event I imagine it's red carpet we have some amazing sponsors this year ... who sponsors and how do I get their stuff so we you're correct we have uneasiness sponsors and any you know huge sponsors from Disney ... Bolton accompany ... to smaller local ... companies throughout Pasadena in a way that really come together and support the event I'm so it's really nice obviously to have these larger on donors but it's really nice to see some of the smaller ... companies come together locally and create amazing auction packages and just a really fantastic event for people so it is our largest fundraiser of the year so it's a very important event for health sites on so the event itself helps funds are 4 major programs that we hive and I don't if you're really going to to those right now who rely on that you're here yet that you get the microphone you say whatever you want ... we want to hear more about what you guys do what you want to promote certainly so at the gala ... you know as I mentioned is our largest fundraiser so it's very important to us and it helps fund our 4 major programs we have a residential treatment program and that's for the there on the campus or come in ... to hillsides to receive ... care you know maybe through our school things about nature island and they have suffered severe trauma ... emotional and psychological you know challenges that are there that we have specialized care ... and treatment and place for them our educational service services there ... that service at therapeutic residential and other facility as well and offers individualized education for the students that really need specialized care ... and have some behavioral challenges and things of that nature so it's really for kindergarten through twelfth grade I was gonna ask you what's the Atreus kindergarten through twelfth grade so what is their average age is ... 12 or 13 ... but we do have kids as young as kindergarten through I'm 12 grade yeah I'm actually are say just are are kind of one owner thought up there war mon so that's your website to the folk center tuning in 9 kind of see it little bit and they can go check it out perfect and I said you got of you trying to raise how much this year our goal is to raise a 0.5000000 half 1000000 of course if we could raise more than not that would be awesome if you let your average when you guys typically do how would how does the last year ... we are about we'd usually raise around 0.5000000 it's excellent yes yeah how do I do that it is so from our web pages full out here if you click on Tony and from there ... you can actually get to the Gallup heat from there as well so ... once you click there and on the bottom left hand side you can click on the gala information and you can purchase tickets to the event and we would love to have everyone in the community there up it's a great opportunity to have fun and support a great cause learn more about the organization ... but if you are not able to attend you can support the event by making a donation or sponsorship ... right there on that same page would you guys have planned for this year so this year we have lots of fun highlights in store yeah so we ... the theme of the whole of the hillsides gala this year is las Flores to hell sides so it's a lot new theme and we have many highlights so this year I of course food and cocktails are always an important aspect that I wouldn't want it has a right yeah and I make a suggestion for all the non profits up into a lot of these events on throughout the years and a lot of times the whole the fundraising part arm he said Saudi come in something's gone owns it's Wierd but you can still if you can see him right we get you can hear it's I was hearing scratchy things I'm like an owner have a show me no pun intended I should show but arm we were at the ... up about you all yeah so I I got these events and the whole a lot of the auctions especially the silent or the the some of the auctions in the beginning I'm like no getting drunk first yes and then do it thank you right Tim Duncan ... you know nice and loosen okay I was I thought I was the only one that thought that no no that's what I buy stuff I agree I agree we know we we my business partner and I we went to this event and ... in the beginning which Skalica protect him it was walking around like okay who's looking at me you know how do I log out of the lakes who's that person why this or get and then you start seeing the stop and look at cool cool cool and whatever then we found a Mike Tyson a punch love sidelined and down wit luckless is cool who was until later that we purchased it though we bid on and what we have to get that lovegra after a couple drinks you start getting worked up over there buddy everybody does right everybody loosens up and they start buying in feeling good and I love that's actually a fantastic thing that a lot of people are always I don't know if you guys get any because your charge of these of these events right now basically and a lot of people like Hey man how are you like why do you waste all this money on like all these things are expensive wanna just donate all the money motherfucker nobody shows up you know I mean I want to help everything so you know by raising all this money and throwing the latter event it makes people like it gets people encouraged yeah do it you know whether those people going to do it or not if it's getting them there there's there obviously it's working exactly exactly and actually ... I had was very familiar with hillsides and ... the very first Allah I attended though really got me more involved with the organization and I was kind of looking for an organization the community I could be more involved with but wanted it to be something I wouldn't be passionate about in Iran after I attended the gala and learned more about the organization it really spurred me to get more involved so I think that's the case for many people to why are you involved you're you're very power and you're very passionate about it from speaking with me earlier you know it was it's always been instilled in me since a child to help others you know that are in need and I think that it is important for us to be involved in our community and to reach out and and whatever because touches you ... I mean I house lots of things I'm interested in ... but this was the cause that really touched me and I mean I mentioned that it was after I attended the gala that I learned more about it but then I went to go toward the camp isn't really looks into the organization ... deeper to find out more about them than you had at them yes they're not pizza get there not to hurt her I didn't think about it ... if this so it sounds erratic assassin it sounds pretty awesome and like you know ... it's basically like a private school that's privately funded through donations from the public and it seems like it's breaking people that have almost no future in a way and it's affording them the opportunity to turn their lives around instead of being in abusive or neglected environment or maybe even now I'm just a just a broken environment into being somewhere where they're actually like do you have as percentage or at least like some kind of ... like ... I mean you can't really and number but is there like a certain and I even know the word for it would be but like ... a success rate or do you see people coming in and graduating going on to do things you kind of keep tracker certainly ask so ... you know we definitely have a very high success rate I don't count the number exact number with me as far as like with the on call it yeah I mean I just like you know people coming in versus people coming on and bettering themselves kind of thing exactly so you know it's it's always nice when we see these children coming and ... some you know some of them have been there for awhile at a young age and you see them graduating high school and then moving on to our youth moving on program and putting a resume together and getting their first job and ... it you know it's really touching to see about and these programs have been just a huge success and we're ... right I believe one of the pioneers in the program of helping kids move on from ... the point when they are emancipated from from the foster system at age 18 to helping them transition into adulthood and it's been a very successful program that we're really proud of do they go to school there campus is it like a living squatters under so we do have a school there I campus and they do attend public school as well so because we do serve ... so many children that you know they do that a public school as well and our goal of course is to ... help these children transition obviously they're back with their family if it's a safe atmosphere ... scandal how does that work so you have a fat so is it is it the case were maybe a family's too poor and then they say Hey arm we can afford this kit we wanna make sure he gets a proper you know up bringing and and and and a fair education or is it that you know arm maybe that the the husbands abusive and what's going here take this get how do you is there like a there's various situations why a child would be involved in one of our programs the health side so one you know you had mentioned earlier when you're speaking with split doctor drew is ... severe trauma would be definitely one area where the child has suffered some sort of severe trauma and they are now in one of our programs to help them to cope with.and to really turn around in their life into us to thrive ... we provide like psychologists and psychiatric evaluations of things that I nature correct correct so this this galaxy and we kind of sidetracked off of it you said to some cool things as cocktails there's food yeah I was going to be there with so so to your it's your point about that the Cox hall yeah allowed nature mood and yeah there's no winner winner chicken dinner for sure so got some drugs in there too saying yeah just saying just while I think so ... so it's not for you during the cocktail hour will actually be having ... tequila and wine tasting both so because we usually have wine tasting which is a lot of fun but to stick with our ... theme this year we decided to add tequila tasting as well so we're going to killer we gonna expect you know I'm not sure exactly which tequilas will be there there will be a featuring rather him be the one to have the word in there or the scorpion that might be fun maybe also just that and find out what I think you're going to try yeah so it'll be great ... and obviously that the core and you know will be sticking with that the Latin theme and I check of Mars is a local florist in Pasadena.has generously donated their services so I'm really excited to see how their ... creativity is going to to shine at this event un and you mentioned the auction as well so this year we have some really amazing option packages put together and we have ... NBC for weather forecasters Fritz Coleman who does our live auction every year now for I forget how many years but he's been doing it for quite sometime ... but this year Jose Ronstadt who's a Latin TV personality Ivan journalists will be joining him so I think it'll be fun so dynamic do okay Oxon or yeah gonna do the women in the middle and I hope that I don't know yeah everything Fritz do that but it should be fun to see him and who is the I would like not to do that now and speaking Spanish I know he does their bidding on I think I was off I don't know I don't spend my day that might be a good way to get you know auction prices go yeah kind of cool because you know it isnt him to make it sound like a wall now that I know whatever I didn't okay yeah I I don't either well beyond that package right here it's very nice don't ask me why I would have chosen a theme that like half the words I we don't speak about I avoid saying because I know I'm going to sound horrible for nothing you speak any other languages maybe should have in English yeah I thought I was going to be in this is fine but yeah I had the theme Spanish let's find what your origin you look kind of like European I am a European much do you are repeat so I'm or Swedish or yeah and I can tell your Viking yeah yet the big theory are so WO European but so it'll probably be a lot of fun the options to be a lot of fun watching the 2 of them together everyone who is has a great time with that and there's a lot of packages like ... why Mexico things that nature ... and it's you know you mentioned your friends betting on packages it's always challenging to put items together that we think men would enjoy betting on so that I think we did a great job fastest supports in liquor yeah cigars that's when incumbents we got got today occurred this year so one of the packages I am excited about is ... for example besides like to travel to Hawaii Mexico different things like that ... we have used to take it concert I does okay the concert so which is really cool was about 7 years ago I think that their in house you know last time and it was huge no but those guys are awesome yeah I mean here's a legend yeah I mean anybody would want to go see you 2 are yeah which one of you yeah exactly that's I think that's also so the but the packages tickets to the 2 concert and then you go get your hair and makeup done up okay a salon and not sure guys who get all of that maybe guys was how it went with me yeah yeah it might be more of us all I've never I don't do it don't ever had well actually that's a lie I've had make up on Russell for Halloween though so this really count well maybe if you know your bidding on and your wife or your girlfriend who could go yes yeah hair makeup done yes so the owner house with his minutes actually doing the hair and makeup herself which is really exciting because she is an amazing how silent let's give her a shot of so Alfred and has bleeding USM and yes okay and they've been very instrumental in all of this yes offered in house we have both been extremely instrumental in that so in their stylists yes there are so long colder okay a sata I can not repeat that ... how to hide so well what can a plug and so how do we tell people to can check in hours so they're located in Pasadena in one Colorado gorgeous gorgeous salon and they're both in meeting stylists ... Hauser blow drying it's great just don't know what they did not do my here today so don't don't let this represents them in any way at all it's so how do you see religion I tastic we I am there all the time but ya this is not a good representation of there's nothing wrong I'm sure that they do affect John but no Alfred and house but you both have been extreme toll in this entire events I don't know what I would have done without them a lawyer here exactly what I wanted to hug to help out ... so they have you know they have introduced me to so many amazing interview in individuals ... Jose runs out for example is one of ... their close friends that they just thought it would be so much fun to have him involved with the auction ... they have helped put together and meeting packages ... like that you 2 packages I was mentioning but ... house lady and offered are also donating ... wonderful thank spotty package for their salon is well I'll take that yes I'll do that you could yeah she can do now and you can come to him for all I wasn't there are dirty job but I'm not going to but I will do that I will take that that's a good so they're doing the spa packages while they're doing the spa packages while and ... they have also helped out with the entertainment of the event as well so one of ... Housley is great friends ... who has worked with me to arrange for the entertainment as well so occur core ties will be the band that will be performing there and she will be so much fun to have live so I'm really looking forward to that ... so that was through BMI and studios that what's yes eyes I saw that BMI's involved he tells us live about that yet so soon so Dahlia was so generous and arranging for ELCA to come and perform at the event and that was through through fiat money ... that she we do you have ... decides on a guy who will be performing at the event we have a surprise performance that they have swore me to secrecy that I cannot mention any guess but it'll be amazing simulated Agha where both passive elimination is going on when it's you who so yeah so it's sort of be really awesome so the entertainment no doubt will be absolutely amazing so it'll be worth while to succumb for the end entertainment aspect of it ... so there's that but we have so many other besides okay as we have some the other sponsors I have just done so much in the community to help make sure that the event is great force the motors honored sponsored our parking so that you will have to pay for parking because we found out a few years ago people did not like thing for parking settled down yes that was an issue so they stopped up and said don't worry we're gonna take care of this thing ... yacht so it's just really been amazing to see all of the smaller local ... businesses come together to ensure that it's an amazing event how how big is Pasadena City is a huge city music you more in it it is an action interesting fact I read about Pasadena I think is in the wallstreet journal few years ago is not per capita we have more restaurants and non profits than any other city in California interesting ya I was felt like it's a small tight knit community what it was yeah yeah so I feel like it's going to cool it town gets together and and they rallied together to you know support these events how do you know if they think they come together and they all volunteer their time and effort in their monies and to pull off these nonprofit type charity events definitely know it deposited awfully has a great ... is a great community and is really good about coming together and helping with events like this and supporting local communities and things like nature as well did you go past you know ... I've cropped up in southern California so is within within our policy and so yes an aerial you soak up people never leave I don't I mean I can imagine why you'd want to leave I guess but exactly Hey look at where your recording today with that's why I'm only knew exactly why I left and came back and said ... I'm gonna come back there arm so this gala is on it's go ahead and seat so people that when I attended and their 3 adult tickets per person corrects and that goes directly to the foundation correct those $300 a person and the event is going to be held on out the lingam who toggling M. Huntington hotel and casino which is a gorgeous location so I don't know if you've had the opportunity to be there but I have not beautiful got such a beautiful location for the gala I'll be on February 25 and ... as I mentioned before Scott ... to purchase tickets to the event everyone in the community is invited we would love to see you all there it is black tie optional although I say how funny go black tie yeah but who knows you optional I do like mandatory I agree yeah we know for certain if you show up you will they'll send you home Anglicans I'm really exactly got so it is like to optional but I personally say come what side so you'll have or come fabulous session popular yeah I like about it I like that one this students attend the schools are you guys have anybody that I know you had award ceremonies for some of the students yes so 1 of our programs lectures machine to you ... earlier when we're speaking was our youth moving on program and this is the for the youth ages 18 to 20 ... thought 2425 years old and this program was put into place for those children that are adventure before transitioning and we how'd you know work programs and things of that nature in place for them and it was a really touching experience recently we had a gentleman who ... I believe he was 19 when he came into the program he was not ... part of hillsides at that time he was actually just ... he would walk by ... our resource center quite often and he was very heavily involved in drug use and he came in to the resource center and wanted to know how we can help and it was a very challenging situation ya but within a couple of years he had improved drastically are you saying he checked himself into the program yes yeah so he started to sing exactly as are open so people can just go to the camps and say Hey look I need help yes so in this situation out that's exactly what happened with him and he came in and within a couple of years he was just doing fantastic and he won one of our awards that we had ... for the members of the youth moving on program and it was interesting because when they gave him the word he walks out of the room he walked outside and everyone kind of thought he would what it's all about his body go in soccer I think when they went to one of the ... the stock members want to look for him and when she found out he was also crying and he's so you know I just need a moment to myself because he was so overwhelmed and he said to her I've never accomplish anything like this before in my life and I've I'd just I'm so overwhelmed by this and so was really touching to see somebody go from you know being on drugs on the street to getting a job beyond being completely drug free and just really being that you know a positive part of the community now and it was just a really touching experience that just opened recently do you have a lot of these children that eventually go because I feel like it's a great platform for our kids from broken homes to become like public speakers and do you have any kind of programs are there people that are driving that ... Avenue yeah for hillside and I actually outside radically that you say about it ... so we have ... a guest speaker at the at the gala this year and he was part of our youth will be on program and so he's gonna be at the gala speaking about his experience with the program and being part of hillsides in what they're able to do for him and he is actually now one of our cottage supervisors cool doc so you guys have it's almost like a whole program you can go fineness ... do you have any kind of ... crazy stories like what happens in this anything crazy happen on campus it's not a hot that's the guy you know I of whom we can at this so I can see us I I can't think of anything off alone had no no it's crazy kids okay while the 18 year olds running around just toss on higher is if anything I missed nature yeah yeah just like no no no no talking about like some kind of murder or anything own yeah you know just the usual thing you know very pouring campus is a rally got is unknown and and it's a crazy can't think it's in the middle yes is your typical it's your typical scooted kids who took on yachts vocal kids typical teenagers I have vowed to do a uniforms no why no uniform could have a private school in the uniforms well you know I mean one of the guys who yeah yeah I think they should have you know from the 15 from to be kind of cool could be kind of cool yeah well you know maybe a blue dress shirt gray pants dark blue sweater I don't mean any harm to very there you're really into this VR is just right there a no I mean I guess it's a way for them to express themselves and dress how they want that's cool yeah Newark is you have to I went to a private school had to wear that shit also that's where this is coming from so yeah I produce but what might be going on under the superior but you know come to the U. S. and old men because we went to ... I went to a private school but it was a non profit private school so it was a it was all charity based our own ... and it's out so we had all kinds of kids you have rich kids yet poor kids just like any other school but even that was private and some kids are were actually attending that private school through I chaired a terrible programs you know every year that qualified is different income families and you know based on income in the they put in school but it was interesting transitioning from a because when you wear that uniform everyday you wanna show off you know one day I got a pair kicks where am I guess I got sent home a there's been times I've it's at home and I think only why are you I just said my shoes there lily they foment a boss I was sent home you'd have to change and you get set back and that was the bad part I was a great part the bad part is facing you folks are having to tell them why you were sent home so but there was a certain relief of having uniform because for come you know don inequality for certain people from to families you were constantly try to keep up with the Joneses I don't you wanna get a new pair of shoes you wanna have the cool jeans you don't be wearing raggedy clothes and looking like a bomb and that that was the one cool thing that was a cool part about having a uniforms cheap uniform it was all you know pressed and everything so kids always look presentable that was the one part that I thought was kind of cool I agree sorry to go off on that tangent but it brought a lot of emotion in my childhood every doctor drew back on the line for you I was battling with the palm so but those men yeah you're you're completely right I agree about the uniforms it does take you know a lot of speculate from keeping up with the Joneses and always having the newest coolest things if you guys ever implement that I would like to be credited well this let me pick the actual what they wear maybe I think I have a feeling of other beyond he also has a lot of the consumer get the jacket and maybe we can spread that out yeah but and you know we would but we love for everyone to be there and to be able to hear you know his story perstans from him ... you know I think it's always great when you can come in and take a tour of the campus or talk to you know one of the individuals that house been part of one of the programs and just see first hand how ... their experience was and this year actually for the for the dollar I'd selected bogan double can be a flower out as the symbol what is that I appreciate you think a smart thing to say what that is I have no clue what it is here it is on the water had looked so yeah so doubled India flower I selected.because it's a symbol of protection and welcome and I just thought that it went beautifully with what we do at hillsides that we welcome these children and strive to protect them and help them to you know grow and thrive in the community and ... so that's why we our simple how do you say it again Balkan via you can maybe I'm not seer Europeans coming outside you know I mean people can be because I like German or Dutch I used to think I sound more like Dutch or something I think what I would say no Balkan via it's a it's a lot more planned ... so yeah deathly noble can confidently not how we're for now I think we'll make a booking via or exactly yeah yeah so to go along with that the Latin ... theme there you go we chose this flower and it just kind of all started falling but they like really think of things like being meant to be you but when I had chosen ... the the title of the gala and the theme everything just kinda started falling into place and so I just thought that this one along really beautifully with it so that's actually kind of the projected as beautiful I am so just to kind of wrap things up a little bit let's go ahead is anything else that you want to push out ... or talk about Joe still have some time so okay just a gun ... the importance of supporting and the organization as a whole and this event actually ... we have a capital campaign is or refrigerate going on that we are on that this event will benefit the capital campaign as well so we're gonna have a paddle Aktion and thought specific auction at the event will benefit the capital campaign which ... if you act want more information about it you can see on the website but it will be you know really just redoing that the campus from the ground up it's amazing it's gonna be a such a gorgeous gorgeous can as for the children it's a campus open for public to go in there just Connecticut the because you said to take a tour like are they able to can someone come and say Hey I can once you you guys are up to hear what you're doing take a look at your facilities and and and you know it to potentially get involved at least have that element of touch yeah I think that if it's an organization that you're thinking of being involved with no matter if it's whole site or another organization that you're involved with I think it's always a good idea to go tour that you know the facilities the campuses get to know the employees the stock there are things about nature on for example many of our ... of our sponsors that especially if there's one thing for the first time this year I did invite them to come and see the campus because you know some of them agreed off about sure whatever you need help with let me help you but I thought that it was important for our donors to see what they were supporting and you know they were all very touched after they came to the campus all I mean I have to see myself when I go spend time there it doesn't matter what kind of day I'm having after seen these children and some of the traumatic experiences that they've gone through but yet they're just so happy and so positive you leave their thinking it doesn't matter what kind of day I just how'd I I you know I mean it in a better mood after seeing the kids and just spending time with them so I think it's always wonderful for people to see the campus if they are going to be more involved but to answer questions not open for the public should just go see it would need to be arranged through it's gonna hide the bodies first time well I called what is you know he'll want is you'll you'll also want is like you know random people Willy nilly coming in and out because there are children correct we have to make sure that those children are protected exactly got so we have protocols that you have to follow in first and foremost we have to make sure the children apart that said do you have anything else you want to plug anything like that no just again ... if you want more information about the event to to visit the website and and you can see more information about the various programs that we have and if there's you know more information that's up your alley that you honestly get out the total hillsides of dots our report and donate some money to help some kids in need of help you know that's one thing that I really enjoy don is that I love non profits I think Americans are some of the most generous and charitable people on the planet week we give more in chairs in any other country ever and it's it's a free market enterprise approach and that's why I like it I like this approach I don't like government mandates I know you guys have to deal with certain Yippie party with a ton of red tape oh yeah which makes our job harder than it should be I imagine yes so you know hats off to you guys and told other nonprofit organizations and even if you know I I think nonprofit sometimes get a bad rap like I've bash some but I nobody wants to my family I've been to some months like this is more for nature together you know doing much ... but I'm not meta meta not mad at nonprofit organizations that have big salaries because I feel like those towers are justified in even if it's you know I'm like an anti government person so anything can do without taxes for me is a beautiful thing ... but we guess who's very honorable it's very on noble and I think it's an awesome because I love that it's voluntary that's most important part is voluntary and job you guys are raising 0.5000000 in one night yes you guys have a horribly more as I have it right I'm in the wrong business and hopefully more and and and and you know it so differently hats off to you guys on that and so opt for the folks tuning in it sounds like they have really and an exceptional platform that they're utilizing and down if you want to go to the gala it sounds a lot of fun there's ... dancing and shenanigans and fun and it's good because and they can go to hillsides are org and there's donate and that goes directly to the gallery that just for their own organization so the page that you're on right now this is donate ... if you would want to put in the comment box they're just gala 2017 ... if you would like it to go specifically towards not events and the programs that the event funds ... or on that same page you can click on the link on that mentions events I think it says our gala ... and from thoughts page you can actually purchase tickets to the event or sponsor the event from from that page as well cool guys that's excellent so and I agree there's so many nonprofit organizations out there and to adjust some names own and I got in trouble you are right not all created equal and that's why I say if you are going to be involved with a nonprofit organization I do think that it is so important to talk about the organization that you're involved with ... I certainly did with hillsides and the more I looked into them the more impressed I was and for example the I'm please I health sites have been with the organization for many many years it's very common that you would have an employee that's been there for 10 to 2020 years even bombed the event coordinator Bernie gore and Kerry Espinosa on the hillsides day literally poured their heart and soul into this organization and they've been working tirelessly in the past couple weeks I think 7 about 7 days a week of the past couple weeks to make sure that the event ... turned out beautifully but ... Bernie Goring carry Espinosa and our C. E. O. Joe ... ... because it is just amazing and their leadership and their passion for the organization really comes through so I think thought all those you know there's maybe even the things that you could be interested and it's good to find something that you're really passionate about the absolute the call but if you look at all the greatest leaders and all the successful people they've all made a cause that's larger than their own life you know it's something that you find the one I do things drives you better you know ... I had to learn that through time I could figure it out like I was in my head of always been going I want to have a good because I want to feel is people that's like not just because I started reading all this development books is like self development and they keep talking about that I never really got it and finally clicked and down you know that was kind of like my breakthrough moment where things just kind of fell in place those kind of my experience also and I I knew I wanted to be involved ... an organization you know within the community and ... I remember I was at a gala for the Humane Society gala which is an amazing organization I love animals my dog with me all the time but I was it animals what's nice just a well anyways but the only decide you wanted to do but it didn't touch me in the sense that I didn't find it myself talking about it and wanting to go out and raise money for them and things of that nature so although they are a tremendous organization allegedly I don't know I don't know much about them did they might be great I mean I think it right by agree no I'm just kidding I do agree I agree thank you you know you have to do what touches your heart and you know you will if it dies you'll find that it's easy to talk about it and it's easy to raise money for them and then ... so I think you just really have to find what touches you I know it touches me why profit organization I like this is about to go down hill really quick I can talk now yeah I see like I walked into that one for some reason as the words came out of my mouth I could set it up to me I know I know Sir thank you so much for being on the show thing are you receipt your time thank you to Dr drew for ... being you know being partly shows while calling in and giving us his arm background and input and everything in it definitely we appreciative of for everything you guys do ever to go to because I said that they all well who to go to hell donate some money to a great cause on you know if you're in the area go check it out I plan on to I I'm gonna go take it I'm just gonna be at the gala right eye on the 20 fifth put up to the right spot right now how bout this weather yeah sure is the tree fell through I I I I I I do wanna be a gala unfortunately I only have plans and so I think like eightieth birthday or 70 fifth other lawyers can't miss it should out up to the number my life is a lot of valuable in the gala she'll kill me she will kill you say it is important arm but no I know I I do wanna check it out I thought I'd marry you know shout out to powerful Mary are yeah to see Mary is amazing she is and down you know she'll still be there yet so network radio I hurried will have representative there may well be there looking beautiful all sure looking stunning for sure so that'll definitely not replace yeah I don't have a girl scout for me single scout that not only does the scene and see other scene there any ... any good auctions to bid on a safe but I correct myself yeah thank yesterday again to go to our audible slash network radio get an audio book because they're amazing and ... go to never create at U. S. slash on its own and in 19 get some alpha brain pills he can sound smart and clever like myself along with its caffeine of course ... but yeah I think if tuning and we love you check out the galaxy can from very 20 fifth hillsides out org or G. the cops came say they're supporting can you tell I was looking around like wait a minute not from here we get our //
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NWR Modern Celebrities #021 Chris Evans Twitter Feud, Karli Kloss Geisha, Jeremy Meeks at NYFW
\\and can be friends after this show wow this address me she's ever what you're watching that we're creating a modern celebrities I'm your host nickel no with my co host Bret stop it think young brand new Brett it's a new but I know this babyface breath let us know in the comments below if you like me grow back I you know who does have good facial hair who Chris up okay Captain America Captain America doesn't have facial hair in the movies in this he doesn't that's true any real live Captain America has a mustache and beard and it looks phenomenal so basically just like me then that's okay anyways I what's going on with him and so how did America aching acres Ivins and he got into a Twitter feud with this guy named David Duke so David Duke tweeted saying why does Chris Ivan who plays Jewish inspired superhero Captain America heat the women of his people so much hashtag white genocide it's a picture of him in all of his not all of it is but it's a picture of him and his various girlfriends and the non white third block with Tina and there's a different colors you know okay no Bravo to him yeah I'm so he treated got type he does have a type it's not white okay so the wrong with that so he suited back saying I don't heat then that's your met that I love try it's stronger than he it unites that's I promise it's in your it's under the anger and fear well he seems like he's Captain America 247 is legitimately Captain America yes of people are making these memes say like showing that captain America's fighting racism and all this stuff yeah and it's ironic not ironic but it's so great that he thought American movies and he's embracing in real life the dating people of different cultures exactly I'm very proud of him I'm proud of 2 I didn't see civil war the I I need kidding but now since you did that and I I like Captain America I'm out of the super hero fan of movies I I like stuff that she has like real dialogue storyline can be friends after this show wow this is just me she's but I'll give this one a shot shed by this David Duke guy so we were like who yeah who likes guy YC important I'm he's a white supremacist help shocking yeah shocking I he's doctor David Duke at in his bio says Dr David Duke former member house of representatives each year history yes 3 votes 500000000 readers 22 languages and one of the 0 most read a quote 8 people in the world and 2000000000 video views let me guess this guy was a congressman from somewhere down south he's from Louisiana that is down south so I'm so glad that it popped up on my Twitter feed Catholicos of its case done away 9 yeah when he's doing awesome stuff like that yeah and so I was like what's going to because it does it he's very vocal about his political views and I just follow him and he's on and he's very outspoken against other people to know so he if you say something wrong we'll call you out right away that's what I like about him he doesn't just let it slide like a lot of celebrities they're not quick to say like what they think because they're afraid like ... they're knocking the P. C. N. upper OP we're going to judge him for what their sales only their over react yeah so I'm glad that he's one of the few people that actually you know speak out doesn't condone it yes you know he's willing to take a stand for what he believes and very American very American yeah I thought about that so Bravo yeah kudos to you and let's move on to someone or people who are getting offended each well not me I hope you're not offended I am not is this is this about the vote thing because I read an article it tell me in the leg though viewers now there's a model named Karlie Kloss very famous we don't know who she is a very pretty very pretty so she did a vogue magazine cover photos you and she was dressed as the geisha very pale makeup like basic geisha alf that yeah I'm and people are specifically agents are really mad about it but I'm not gonna say it's all Asians because on Twitter a lot of people are heating and I look at their picture and they're white person although they're like getting offended for and this isn't like everyone just the people that I've seen on Twitter yeah they're getting offended for Asians and I'm not Japanese I mean you know you're Vietnamese I'm Chinese Vietnamese and I can't say from a Japanese standpoint but from Asians neo person in general yeah I'm not offended by it and I think it's because you know people try to make artistic I'm if they got a Japanese person to do it kudos to them that yeah great it's a white person yeah she probably redo it but I'm not like all my god vogue is so racist and all this stuff you know yeah and it's like they are in I mean it depends on how you look at it you know are they doing it to mock or they do it to embrace yeah and to make it a piece of art I think is very tastefully done it was it ... I'm a Japanese person I'm doing all these weird stuff exactly it was just it's a vogue magazine's cover issue and it's like what vote does is very T. so in my opinion yeah not everything they do not like trash yeah and so when people are getting offended by like but wait wait they're not making fun of us they're not trying to you know be mean said jump to great movie nights not degrading and anyway I I saw my mistake okay move on exactly and I saw she was very apologetic yes you you know and I I think she did the right thing by apologizing but I don't think it was something to over react about war yeah like you said I I think it was it wasn't done incorrectly and if it offends people then yeah you know I'm sorry but it seems nowadays as we've talked a lot on the show that everything that somebody does is now offensive yeah to somebody somewhere so let's talk about something that's on a lighter note okay I love like notes okay so this guy and about a year ago he had as much I take it okay and Hugh is known as like the hot it was not their black guy the headlight light yeah I oh yeah I remember okay so his much I went viral everybody is like oh my god like he's so high so now he's walking on the runway at New York fashion week yeah what so that was like a big jump very high no talk about a mug shot from 0 to hero yeah you know he's like you should be thanking the police like well thank you for getting that good angle I can tell you it's because you really see what really caught my good side and now I'm blown up then do you think this is going to spur other good looking people I gotta tell you know I was going to ask you that I say maybe I just know if I do end up going to jail I'm gonna take one heck of a much alright this thing is gonna I'm gonna be better than this guy to tell you that I'm sure god will be very proud well you can go to your dad's duo about it please answer anymore never now but I still know some people yeah and so if it doesn't look good if the lighting is right the first time as a you know this or take it alright is make sure we get it looking yeah I'm actually really proud and he has a wife and 3 children and one with his wife 2 stepchildren and I think this is going to be great for his family you know here absolutely jail so now he's walking the right way it's hopefully he keep his life on the right track because he does have it's your job which means he filled the void no that's not exactly what it means killed them that she'd I've taken and I've taught courses are a the thing is is I hope it doesn't spur people to keep yeah to take other ways to do it but this guy it's Hoppin the right place at the right time to be the right crime to meeting I don't know what I don't know what can you can you look it up can we see what this guy did aha Melanie weapons conviction on ice pack in some heat and now is packing heat on the runway Bravo yeah you're gonna make me keep that in that that chorus and I like I just hope he keeps with his you know career and keeps a straight line it doesn't carry guns again I hope so too is no need I I mean it's not zoo lander out there know was trying to kill him although he could be the new assassin so last week we did good thing about thing we tried it out viewers loved it when they tell me that okay if you like this stuff coming down below so we know you actually like it or give the media but yeah I would just assume that all of them supper because are you ready yet to read it remember how to play yes wherever they are but if you say it's good thing or bad thing again if I find it weird how Michael Jahn I really nervous again okay are you ready yes okay Kanye west's bleached hair good thing about that thing company is giving a puppy we good thing about thing I think what the heck yeah it's like a maternity leave other puppies but for puppies if if you were going to take advantage of the I. new puppy but when you get a new puppy you do have to train it take care you don't get this puppy had admitted under house do I think should be paid leave no but I do wish my company did that I am Reynolds Valentine's gift to wife Blake lively did you hear about it no yeah everyone's at all this is relationship goals everyone loves this couple yeah I love that yeah okay so he got her a pair of 1700 earrings $79 okay it's not really that special understand why that me yeah Magdalene's dollars exactly nothing to him exactly $10 yes that's right by and I'm like what houses relationship goes out and it's a bad thing and ... how cliche is it that he gets her ear airings it's not something that's special alright he could directed until his own movie about her and then that would have been evaluated supers alright bachelor neck you watch the show yes they do okay says he only kiss season 21000000000 Korean or what is our neighbor in Korean do you eat the good thing about the it it only kisser that's what he said pretty sure no on the Valentine's day special human had a little room segment yes I own the as far as he went with her is that he kissed her all I remember okay so you're referring to the latest episode where she went is you his hotel room yeah okay yeah I believe it you believe that he either loser yeah because he it because when she left she was like oh my god I'm so embarrassed I just got rejected for sites that you like freaking out the rest the episode because she thought she is going to be sent home yeah do we think that's a good thing or a bad thing it's a good thing for him he needs to find love and not just thank right last one okay American American horror story you watch the show I seen episode champ delighted it's a mess right everyone a lot of people like it yeah so it was the producer or the writer was on a show and said that the new season 7 will be about 2016 election good things I have very serious good way I mean site yeah I have I will watch the show now because I was like oh I've seen bits and pieces of different seasons Mina I could see how people can get into it yeah but yeah house like what I see just gonna play like that CNN news reel of the actual election I mean it was it was pretty horrifying yeah the election that that that's what I was saying I was my job I I knew you'd get there okay so ... I don't know I think is an ideal because I want to watch it I'm glad we play this game meets it was fine it was right we're getting better at it yeah so I do you weigh that's what I want to go where is my pride it next the next when you get a prize okay perfect well thank you guys for watching we appreciate it stay tuned for next episode like yet comment below are fake thanks guys //
"2017-02-16 05:58:38"
NWR Modern Celebrities #020 Jaden Smith, Update on "Cash Me Outside" Girl, and Mama June.psd
\\I must have a foot fetish no guys gonna be like I was going to get with her blackguard I saw her you know right now I'm not gonna do that yeah well like yeah CEO's ice fees great body you know everything now your advisor blows me ha ha real celebrities okay what's going on I I need to know because I was cut out of the loop this week okay so jaded spent well this happened a few weeks ago but like I don't know it just went way over my head because I was like oh whatever jaded smell JD Smith if it would have had him in it it probably nobody was watching okay well Jaden Smith hide I've Instagram live video and you talked about how he it feels like you disappoint is father he failed tape okay gotta move out I lay as a budget gibberish stuff I don't understand like I don't know if you know this but Jaden Smith talks in a lot of like interesting ways like he doesn't talk directly about what he's talking about how he talks of around yes I got you so why are people doing this or yeah should be like that right at any he was talking about how his parents or people in general don't support his creativity a young people's creativity and I'm like dude you have parents that are millionaires yeah at why I don't get it I do tell me his creativity was hindered by having his dad up put him in movies you think this kid would be able to get a shot to be in a multi $0 film supported by real production company you know is that has all the hookups for if you wants to pursue a career in Hollywood acting and last time I checked is a form of art and so I don't know where he's coming off I feel like I'm more irritated about this at the fact that he's upset that he feel like his or is being hindered really I think all these holy all other this help yeah I think he's had all that he has been afforded a lot of opportunities that many others have I think he doesn't appreciate instead of saying all my art is being hindered you should be thankful for what he has been offered because there's a lot especially in Hollywood there's a lot of people that would die to have one film with Will Smith do you have to have 3 speaking lines in a film with Will Smith let alone be like they're working directly alongside him having an intricate role in this and my question is is like why creativity does he want to express like this you wanted you art like painting like what like I don't understand why is creature be it because he does it explicitly stated in his Instagram video I've so I'm just wondering like why can't he do right now yeah but I didn't doesn't his sister did she do music for awhile yeah she does music okay silk and I I kind of like it now not like a live the life I think I only remember one thing of hers and I I don't who was something with her hair I wouldn't have felt like I was a freshman in high school a big okay so what do you like 2 years ago 8:00 okay but so his sister's doing the music stuff he got on he got into the act do you I think honestly it's because acting socks it's built haven't gone anywhere his dad's career is kind of taking that yeah I'm saying it here I don't I will take it on and I will own it his acting career has not been gave for the past I'm only eat and so I think he is blaming his lack of success in now on his parents for not affording him space to be creative maybe that's actually a really good point because when I'm thinking about it you know he's been in several me movies using karate kid with and just leave it on the soundtrack with him and then you then proceeded hopping is not movie did really well does get this daylight not this kit is recorded with Justin Bieber Justin beer when he had that swoop fame for this cat is Justin Bieber spin on the top for how long her very long time and it's like they're get he's afforded the opportunity to perform with one of the number one artist multi platinum selling CD's why why is he what is he how does he have any room to complain I don't know didn't have come on the super yeah please explain to me and you'll probably talk in circles and almost all ocean strain you I know you're wrong I'll tell you why you're wrong and your dad he's better movies well this is the thing they have been very hands off peer they say that they should raise them selves in a way like they should move learn their own path in life which I get it yeah but like you need it at least show them some direction in my some sort of guide you know what I mean like they're just very hands off I think they're I think they're afraid of what now their sign is given the perception of them that that he's you know you need to be in movies you need to be like this because Will Smith was such a phenomenal actor at his age at his son's age you know doing the fresh prince fresh prince of Bel Air than men in black series I mean you name it he was killing it movie film anything in television he was the best at it and he's known for that's I think he was afraid that well he doesn't seem like a parent that's foreseen has signed into that role yeah that's like all I force my son to go into Hollywood you know they hate you want to do it all support you and so be I really think maybe not so much less hands off but I do think is.supportive in if you want to go after this I'll help you out which clearly ask because is done movies with them he's got him in the industry and even in music and everybody sure he still financially dependent on exactly how is he making money David Smith is 18 years old yeah I like him to go out and get a real job what is a real job of what 18 year olds do probably work at a fast food restaurant worked doing retail via busboy idea I know is stunting Mike yeah he should try to creating the where he she tries creativity of picking up dishes like I was doing at mama carpio's need a busboy okay that's that's how my creativity I just hope that he gets like his head of the clouds comes back to reality he's white he's been given and utilizing I know like even I sometimes don't utilize all my resources and I'll be the first one to admit it but he has so much more like his so many connections whatever industry wants to go to his dad and mom could easily get into it they already have in the would you did because that's will let me parents do you know my dad the cop if I wanted big you know going to law enforcement in which my dad has stated he would help me out with that you know not like you know then the rules he would deftly you'll show me the process to do it he could put in a good word and he would deftly help out just like any pair and I I I just feel like he is very ungrateful for what he has and what he's been able to do you and instead of complaining about all why me or ... wise in the world like this like he's complaining about why people are you know instagrammed live about answer Instagram live at this late you're complaining about being in movies with your dad I think he's young he's immature and he doesn't understand what's going on in the world I mean this is the same kid that everybody makes fun of for his stupid tweets right yeah why we've been talking about okay the next talk about another stupid girl alright I've this is I would like you to give you a bit okay I guess I'm still waiting for the doctor bill observes air yeah the casting outsider all okay I was on Instagram and I saw this video at this girl fighting on an airplane like wheat what is what's going on say research several quake this guy on her mom on spirit airlines her mom was taking a little bit too long to put her luggage in the overhead compartment the lady behind her mom was not having issues very unhappy started yelling these are screaming at each other and then the lady started calling her daughter stupid and then she was just like freaking out about that the lady ends up putting her hands on the moms nag and so she pushes out the pipes are tapping the girl they cast me out cycle jumps into a the police ought to come break come up and and now all 3 of them are banned from spirit airlines forever holy cow so are we surprised no I know I am not surprised that I dislike ways this for the doctor Phil show was it not for a guy I came because this was a flight out of LA so I don't know that this was after the filming of it and then they're going to air it later I don't know what's going on I've but I think that this could I be more to like the show just now yeah Maron too yeah loosely so you said he was leaving from LAX that's what you know makes you think that they are the film that then yeah I think that people with this but issue because it hasn't aired the opposite had the air get they could put in the and credit a so I'm like interested in so what's gonna happen with the school's reputation because she now has an Instagram and I yes Sir with your Instagram as I always do not following alright I'm not following again I don't think I could have a lot but she does a lot of it's going live videos and she just like yelling at the camera arguing about people there's even an Instagram my video where she doesn't talk about crap about this other like Instagram famous girl and then the leaks her number on the Instagram I think in the like on nursing a whole ordeal and she's 13 years old while they got hurt 8 she's 13 shoes that I saw she was bean she was here in LA and step outside of the hotel to get into a car probably heading to Dr Phil or out to eat with her Bob and all the paparazzi out that she's never done this sort of attack yeah for the night snapped pictures church but Hey you going you know what do you do it like where you going out to me going on the Dr Phil show and you know I don't know I really don't know we're gonna have to see like I don't know she just gives off and I don't know which is garlic walks on the street and then turned on a light walks back into a large tells you the other night Phil shows you the goggle I guess we got to wait and see and then searchlight walking to get into the suburban and our moms right behind her mom's like yeah we're going on the tax bill shall and their moms adage that bomb disposal leave them guess you you know is are you going to market this up she would you like to try to bar you so I will die but her mom like yeah yeah we're going to the doctor Phil show her mom really like the fame to let's be real all they both deal absolutely yeah that's why I don't give him attention hope it ends soon let's talk about another mom and doctor do well okay do you ever the show honey boo boo I I just remember I catch phrase I love that show so yeah I remember when she was on top there's a tiara okay and then she had her own show called here comes honey boo boo I watched every single episode I make I was so selected I you know how much I love reality shows yes is like a reality show it's not like a reality show like Kim Kardashian where it's like oh this is cool they talked the good life but events it's like with the can I mean I like poor people right not anymore I but it's like the stuff that they do is so interesting I remember there is spaghetti recipe that the hot it's like you know pasta noodles if he put like a stick of butter in and catch up and now it's her spaghetti it's just so interesting to see how they live their lives yeah and so that's why I watch every single episode but now I'm the show's ended and the mom mama June and I forgot the husband's name but the highs been up and who is also the data lauded the here comes honey boo boo for all okay they had marital problems he kept saying I'll not cheating on your not cheating on you he ended up yes he did because they want on ... marriage boot camp the TV show corseted and then he finally admitted that yeah I was cheating on you know so she got a divorce in him and she's doing that Chloe think clay court action revenge by the thing on the actual show but she's having her own show called mama June from hot to 9 ... from not to hot site do you think she will be successful in this endeavor I honestly it is you should not and watch the show I think that this will be the last social beyond because you won't be successful you answer the question because ... I don't think this show in general be successor her leading to other things will people be interested in watching the show yes I think that this is gonna be interesting show because everybody loves weight loss shows everybody loves to see the transformation and this family already has a lot of bands anyways everybody loves a good comeback moment she's doing that for the guy that she is to be married to yeah I'm Alanis die should really just do for herself and her health purposes yeah yeah so what do I know I'm not a doctor so she took all of receiving she's died in the preview of the show she took the savings and bought a new house started trying to start her life all over again trying to get healthy she's trying to lose weight that's why it's called from not to high okay that's like revenge body by mama June version okay in Georgia I hope I hope she's successful I really do I but that I I hope if she become successful because of it a sense of like she becomes healthier because I think that's the most important part she'll have more self esteem I hope it just doesn't go too much to her head is the is the kid still kinda chubby yeah is it too early they don't at her into that you'd I sure like because you know when Pete someone close use trying to lose weight yeah you just by default I love eating the same food they do so yeah I'm sure she'll get healthy till I help so I have this in words I I see a lot of families out there it's like you can see the parents are big kids are big and childhood obesity is like a really really big thing in America right now yeah so I think he's obese I don't know like her closet use yeah yeah I think it's like over 30 percent body fat or something like that but I don't know I just want them to be healthy I want them to be healthy I want them to be happy because saints here comes honey boo boo their family has gone through so much drama and yeah the oldest daughter had a child aged the oldest are kept saying when she was on the show her mom would never give her any of the money name so she tried to sue her mom and all this other shit I feel like some families can handle the fame and others can't I just feel like that was just destined be drama written so I'm really excited for the show to come out we'll have a career party Instagram live the yeah but she's whatever happen to the John and Kate plus 8 people they got a divorce to right yeah I think just that still has her show it's I keep place 8 did she howled with kids now all day I think the oldest ones for like 4 crazy me yeah ha interesting stuff okay really do something new to the show today alright I it is called rapid fire good thing or bad thing alright I just say good or bad good or bad and then if you if it's something that's kind of like either Shockey and or if you give me an answer that I'm like ha that's not how they are going to drive a little deeper into okay so you get the concept good thing or bad thing okay I read it I have to focus okay we're deferring to 5 by the way if it were it where to retry laid out every sorry I know there's no right or wrong answer but there are right okay so aren't Justin Bieber makes up for lost time on Instagram was shirtless so good thing about doing that thing Scarlett Johannson I'm barely holding it together as a working mom good thing or bad thing I think what because she could barely hold it together being a working mom is a hard job it is and I think she gets it together I think it is a very hard job nothing that her job is easy but she's not the only working mom how that's true but it's a bad thing because she says she's getting in the way right now she's barely home to get but there's a lot of moms up that issue the first of all Scarlett Johannson probably has a lot more support in and has there again like these letters are still entitled to divert they you know like I said a lot of heart and I love her so I think she's great too but she should be complaining it's like yeah I'm not safe being a mom is the hardest job out there you can quote me on that but I think she has a lot of resources that she can use its share that a lot of moms who have 567 kids working 2 or 3 jobs it's also pretty hard it is okay next Spencer Pratt and Heidi montage baby question mark good thing about that thing that thing right my question here who are these people run the show looking to beat close all week they could be have this baby right around yeah let's go by and I might I is it real wise and about things because from what I remember on the show they were just a horrible not a horrible couple but they bought all the time because I can't imagine that bring a baby into the world and them fighting but then again the show's been on yourself they they got us all better okay number 4 is the world's first 5 star cat hotel good thing or bad thing that I think what is the cat in a 5 star hotel what the hell I don't know I am a cat person would I drop it off at a 5 star hotel probably not lasting reading good thing or bad thing Timberlake opening up on why he left and see I don't I don't care love yeah but don't you come on over the line answers going to be I argue I don't call you read it I know what I mean let me see if I got the answer right yeah ... he wanted to do something else he knew that in secret gonna go down hill by the time he left and he wanted to explore other avenues okay yeah it's like you get half credit which doesn't pass my class okay you're kind of right is because yeah nominees greater but you're kind of right so he did say he wanted to pursue his own endeavors you know artists but I big thing that I he opened up about was that he felt that there were people in the group that work putting in the work that we didn't want it as much as the rest of the didn't we take a guess on who we think those people are I don't remember any of it you know I just I hardly what they look like okay you're too young I guess I was young when they were really popular like okay I fully like 9 it was there I don't I was really impressed yeah you're right I well I thought it was good topic we passed the rapid fire Biggio do you like it yeah I did okay okay we're going to do to get on the next episode this stay tuned wait for the next episode to come out and and the guy so much for watching and click the subscribe button we need to keep telling us subscribe alright //
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NWR #048 Dr. Glenn Lipson
\\ //
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NWR Modern Celebrities #021 "Cash Me Outside," Drake's Talk Show and Artists Boycotting Grammy's
\\you love him so much that you know how he grows up it's based on work radio modded celebrities I'm your host nickel no with bouncy bright over it county Brett don't my nickname how did you know okay ... let's just let's just dive into it tell me I really would like others grow because I love this girl so much who is this girl that you love I hope I love her too who is it 13 year old her name is Danielle school waits for a goalie now nobody knows her name like that I don't nobody knows or has the cash me outside marmite arrives shows on Dr Phil Hassey usually read the number word meme of 2017 so far what we're only a month into it I hope it that changes fast I love her there's nothing to love about her what she thought you know I don't want her as a person I love her mean and the means about her it's just like who first of all what is she said aid I say as I slowly catching like in English if they catch me outside how about that if you like fuller's it because she said she got her out from the streets because their moms a like a white suburban punk yeah I'm like that that I don't know what private school she's going to you yeah yeah she's learning this learning yeah ... no I I can't stand her she is like I heard the person or the means that both you separate they both ... have you heard the remix no I don't wanna hear idiom I saw what I saw some kids dancing to run on gas but people made songs about a remixes of that song in now she's a but you know what that you don't have a problem is is that she is she knows that she's super popular now yeah she knows that she is like trend bean and everyone's using our catch phrase but we're kind of like rewarding bad behavior yeah and that's something that I have a problem with what you do is something fine and something kind of cool like yeah ideally alright maybe sound stupid because it does but it's not so bad but this chick she's like super aggressive towards her mom and anybody who tries to keep her under control because she teenager and I feel like we're kind of plotting her bad behavior by supporting I don't want to sound like an old debt this up but trust me I want to be a cool young guy but I can't get behind is I really care or is it like people are making but it hurts so much die she like putting her plate no it's a rumor that she committed suicide after all these needs came now yeah it's a room it's a room there's a rumor is that like all the celebrities I know I know there's a rumor of us right now going about you think there's like a little speck of her in her being that she's like she feels bad because so many people are making fun of her or you think it's completely like I have so much publicity now I knew like me and I am so cool I think it's the latter I think if that like she is only I mean if she's willing to go on doctor fill an act like an idiot and now she feel that she gained some notoriety no one even watches doctor Phil anymore excuses that I should know nobody watches that show and now somehow she became super popular because of this she's owning a she feels I feel like we're just justifying what her action okay this is why I agree with you and this is why we're talking today and not you know what you she was on doctor fill it back in the members of the like I coming back next week on the show and I am so glad I went to see what happens next I wanna see lake what Dr Phil has to say about her and if he's gonna like a rose to her on the show it yeah I like that I had to come back just as air again probably I do everything I want her to get her nails though have you seen her nails early this long should kits are mom and stuff right yeah not okay but I can't there's a lot of fun dance moves in funny scenes and like you know bad booze but not all like I'm gonna get the high this 13 year old aggressive behavior towards her parents now now do you think it's even a real because a lot of people say that doctor Phil's guys I've it's exaggerated the way their story and I'm sure I'm sure it is exaggerated for sure but there's a lot of truth to that yeah I think she's just a rebellious 13 year old and I think that was a and then they wanted to make it something even bigger Jana probably wise and that's how this really became out of issue there is like we want you to challenge doctor feels so much I mean I saw bits and pieces of the show and it was like she was just literally challenging everything that Hussein Everytime yeah what how did that show even conclude I don't know I just watched his show on YouTube so I watched the little clips of each thing now I don't ever watch the full episode like when is Dr Phil even on lake let's be real on a mid day or so yeah I am but I think I did see what they're going to talk about nice in a way is going to happen after issue going to continue to be a meme as you can get to continue her popularity because I think doctor the doctor Phil show is trying to monetize on this popular absolutely away yeah just like Ole everyone's talking about this girl nobody watches our show exit the call in like 10 other people so we need like a more viewership in here we can be leased it like a few 0 yeah that day in the know what's gonna watch every well the doctor Phil show does have a lot of interesting people like there is this girl and she like blew up because of the Dr Phil show she believed that she was pregnant with baby Jesus it she was a virgin had she was like mother Mary announced that and her dad was admin nag me like I don't know if you saw it but I've gotten doctor stork from the show the doctors came on to the Dr Phil show to say like Hey you're protruding belly you're not pregnant you're actually just having a lot of gas and that's why I like your belly could be so big and that was it silly but this girl was like she blew up all over social media because it's not not not to use its just yeah if you think I'm pregnant with baby Jesus low lightly she was she seemed like yeah she is she talks like Eric wrestling ladies talk about Jesus and have yeah and she I was about her because like the way the story when a doctor Phyllis because her and her sister were both abuse and so they had both had like mental trauma from me and this is how I like the aftermath of what happened to her I took a dark turn yeah but even that you know doctor bills an interesting show yeah but I yeah so I really want to see this are you going to tune in to watch her about your film absolutely not really but I a similar link all watch it and the girls at my work they're gonna talk about it because they never like that test mouse about that but I'm like ha what she there like you go DO Brett on what I think of what don't I know it has NASA how about that idea and I'm just like that what do you say you don't like speak English I hear what I'm like yeah by co workers know they are very mature they're not listening to that also catch that I tell them to watch you they're probably not going to sit with us but they're fine but I live in a mature okay so let's talk about I and someone else okay what may or may not have a late night talk show later on it's a nice no all I hope so right I hope you talk about us I don't think I'd be good I leave night talk show because their little bit more like a rise she and their way notes because you go to bed at like 930 Nicole but sure I do not have a very healthy to know I love ya know gently shows on like it at midnight or is that like Ted beyond it right now is like on the 101030 but you would be able to make yeah so tell me who's going to be well I should I guess locating gas okay is a boy or girl boy okay is an actor or a musician or like sports purse he's a rapper you old he's a rapper ... Izzy like prevalent today yeah we talked about him on the last episode straight yes okay Sir Drake I got it 3 I want you to listen to me through the camera yeah I think you'd be great at it too okay here's a thing people are like oh he'd be good because he started out as an actor now he's a musician he has so much like in his career very count on you to tell the person I'm not gonna take that away from him I don't view him as like buddy witty person if you think about it the late night talk show people on lake Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno Jay will okay Jay Leno nobody ever watched I love Jay Leno my way yeah I don't really watch it and I've James courted like they're all multi talented just like Drake but they're all like coming from a comedic background yeah so maybe it's something good that they're getting of fresh new artists who somebody I don't have a yeah background exactly but I think Drake is so funny Drake see I see this goofy it not I ha ha you're really funny like you know to me he's just like a goofy guy kinda goody but Jimmy Fallon is not funny but I love the tonight show I think it's very it's funny to go any kind of way but it's not like his yes writers to tell jokes and Drake is a performer and he could deliver jokes you know he's he's hosted the espys he's hostess sat night life I've been seen as our hands around here what yeah I think it does have a couple times right yeah I am just curious to see like why he would talk about could you know lake lake James courted Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon is that like that the interview there guys and they don't come from like that actors celeb like mainstream celebrity back on but when Jake is going to do it he'll like it's going to be interviewing on its friends so wonder how that dynamic is going to play out it could even be better because they feel more comfortable and he knows how far he could push the limits and things that they could talk about I think you do a really good job actually which you really watch it all absolutely yeah I think you do really really good job I'll watch it I need to I don't think I watch it will first I've never seen any late show on yeah you uneasy does that you the hopefully the daytime talk show yeah I love daytime talk shows you as I don't watch them because I'm working and that sure I'm still in school so I'm not maybe 8 maybe Lambert my doctor at the last time maybe okay I've sorry it's a creeping up on me you're creeping me out I'm sorry I'm so he said in an interview with the university of Kentucky basketball head coach John couple Lorre's post because I don't don't know part that's not right but he said my end goal crazy not is Johnny Carson and the appeal of that sexy late night TV that's funny Yaxley once Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon's shop basically who do you think would be better Drake Jimmy Fallon or you can well I know I am I'm a big I think Jimmy Fallon is better that you can I like Jimmy Kimmel but I like Jimmy Fallon a lot I think Jimmy Kimmel is more genuine the Jimmy Fallon pilot Jimmy Fallon's show better the Jewish people that's sure you hit it spot on yeah like area your diagnostics of that yeah etcetera but we don't know what tree can bring maybe he can combine both of those 2 together yeah Jenny with handgun Hoppin anytime soon because this is going to happen after his music careers died I do like it I like that tip of its own area now he's been on the top for the last like 4 years yeah I don't think this is gonna happen for at least it's a another size staffing needs at the 7 year well you think he has a long journey career like that as a rapper he just turned 30 he's 30 just turned 30 I thank you is younger than I maybe could be like a goofy guy either but that's but let's talk about okay so Drake was up this late night talk show but he's also going to boycott the Grammys so there's all what reason voluntary that's the type of place so what I found online is Connie Drake Frank ocean and Justin Bieber are going to boycott the Grammys because they said that I a they don't respect or the great we don't respect young black artists and beat they don't care about awards are they really are they mean like young black artists is in like hip hop like ghetto hip hop and rap maybe it's just very that it did they just say young black artists are there I don't really ever watch the Grammys I don't like award shows and you know that I know what I'm like is not a category for that's hip hop album more I think there is but maybe it's like they're not me mainly focusing on the girl I think guys are really coming up in the music industry in mainly just like the Carnie west you see I don't know they just a young black artist okay that's all I'm going up that's so vague can you explain what you're standing for a little bit more not you yeah I've honestly I have no clue way they're trying to say and Justin Bieber's not blocked by I a support like he's supporting you know yeah hello friends and stuff like that I'm I agree with that and the awards on everything and I don't understand like again award shows because people want to be recognized for the hardware like specially like directors I've that people who make the soundtrack like yeah he's issues and stuff like that they should actually be recognized because they're not in front of the camera so people don't always know who they are but I do at the end of the day when I watch a movie or when I listen to a song that they don't get an award I'm just I'm not like ... this person should I know I'm able lie you know I feel it is also just celebrities trying to fit like fill their ego even more may you know it's like so what that you're not winning academy award are you not when Grammy but your bank council has tons of zeroes behind it yeah because you're killing it on film likely not a cap you you think that really faced him they still kept on killing in making movies like any finally got you thought even but he finally got it but okay arena look at him and be like oh he's you know this other actors out there that have won multiple Oscars are we see that they're better you know at making movies and acting then let out a copy on a lot of people said would say no Eleanor Caprio still better and he makes better movies so I don't know I feel like it's just everyone wants a trophy yeah I think they want a trophy if like all and it's like but it never was not be recognized or gays blacks okay now Asians okay Latinos like everyone say I'll we all want a trophy I think I'm I'm getting tired yeah I am well I think that's like the millennial thinking in a lot of people are going to be like oh like soccer decide millennials but it's it's a recent like what say 5 years everybody want to serve everybody wants to be told that they're good and I agree what we sold like yes you are good and you can do whatever you want to do and all that stuff but like at the end of the day there really can only be one winner our the Grammys even giving out the crew decides that I don't know all I know but you know what I know but these are questions I'm sure a lot of people lax on like is it based off of sales of songs I don't know how the Grammys the winners actress I know it's not the people's choice awards so we don't get it you know now now that they have to be censored a committee or a lake yeah you know organization that gets to decide it but what I think is interesting is that Kanye west is boycotting it because he's won a lot of Grammys not just that they because I understand that gravy don't respect that young black artist thing by its that award shows don't matter because remember back in like 2000 I think is 2009 or something when he took that Mike away from Taylor said staying I started this if I think that the odds say deserves Alberta album of the year award all blah like I obviously he cares even image jargon slash heist it whatever he was on that night yeah he Kylie cares about who wins the award oh yeah absolutely he totally does and this guy he's had 21 Grammys 21 Grammys you think he brags about it like it is I don't know like I don't know how often he talks about how great we see Wednesday doesn't seem like I won 21 Grammys I'm so called a lot I think he sees itself as like a really good artist and that's what he brought because he's so creative and not how many awards he's white yet no I agree hold I was just can do the math for a quick he won his first he won best rap album so they have a rap category he won the best rap album in 2005 he was born in 1977 so or that 7787979892 0 and buying CD 345 so he was 2930 when he won his first one how old is he now 39 is that right alright he's not 39 has 39 seems so young to me but he's 39 so he was young you know like I don't I don't and it may be that any and I rake and Drake is yeah how lower we code I don't know like guys give me more specifics about yeah I think was his first nomination the Grammy's Drake was in 2010 say he was 23 when I was 23 I would have yeah so yeah so there's another category of I don't understand and these are both Kanye west and Drake were boycotting that yes all saying that ... it and there are both young men that's interesting why they would say they don't respect maybe it's because I was back then and maybe not as much now maybe that's why they're saying it but I don't know the specifics of like why they feel that way and why lights all the shit started to depart this year instead of last year the year before that you know what I mean and what happens when they win at because I'm sure Drake is gonna win something what happens when Drake when something is I am now the award goes to Drake he's not here someone will take on their behalf that's like whenever someone doesn't show up there the person I announces it will be like I'm gonna take this on their behalf in the just yet reached them some other time I do like what there where it looks like though really yeah I think it they like the show pictures like people like drinking out of this kind of cool I think I'd want only purple over the war is just how the picture you like your job is kind of like you were in agreement one day just so you could do I hope so yes you owe speaking Grammys guess who's coming out with a new album tomorrow John Mayer my man on the job there droppings new albums my aunt is going well and is going on and is going on will tour guess is gonna go and see him yeah okay ideas all the audience that they this is almost Brad loves John Maher when he first started growing that thou I like ... that's kinda weird he goes you know mean John Maher grow out this is based on where the exhaust they way I think you love it so much that you know how he grows up his facial hair island is an odd thing to recognize let me clarify this the story goes like this 60 Brett what do you do in your facial hair and I was like I'm going out and she's like I did with good I'm like I know it doesn't look good but I was like 1 of the very few things that me and John Mayer have in common is how our facial hair by either way my point being you know it's based on your growth al-assad's rakes facial hair goes out to but that doesn't need anything I don't know how anybody speech and simple like Orlando bloom or Johnny Depp's Orlando blooms were all the same I still don't is this your boyfriend is a habit he does but I make it shaved it all the time quickly if not that alright that's all we have for you this week touch us next week interesting news about couples maybe some engagements we have you yeah I know it's because it's not engagements he's you know we are we to spring spring fling summer make sure you dump her there you go ha ha I think okay thank you guys for watching subscribe renew itself even if the SkyDrive subscriber numbers radio //
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NWR Modern Celebrities #018 Beyonce's Pregnancy, Selena Gomez and The Weekend, Nikki Minaj and Drake
\\I was scrolling on make these big and you're expected see this person in lingerie now and that only not as what's going on everyone and welcome to network radio modded celebrities I am your host Michael no with we charge you over here address hot show it's coming in it's coming in I I'm just training it right now actually irregular really hard on the most honest it's been 5 almost 5 weeks in the making it's now February 2 I started it January 1 and is there a deadline for the mustache like if you don't get that crawled by like week whatever now the girls gonna come in sometimes you don't rush the sort of thing but if the post take 6 weeks and I'm starting our to get the girl a little bit I put some wax and yet there's a lot now the wax now there's no it's not a smell to it it's a petroleum based but it's actually a lot of work by people who do this like that Carol lot about if the like wax yet the call yet that would come and look a little moustache comb yeah like home it through and then it was all that night when you sleep on my Yasser inside out yeah not nothing really of it's all a curly on one side the other side normal I know that's why you go use the brush and brush it out at least 2 more weeks guaranteed 7 we you hit everyone could tell my face they don't like and I know what it's been telling meet somebody that I feel like I should public look really nice right now I'm not meeting so if you met him the US 5 there's all that important you just but he allowed 5 weeks it's like nothing else that's tasteless wow great transition I am beyond say yeah is now pregnant with twins yeah everyone you posted this picture I'll show you and in a poly posted here and in the video I'm not a fan I'm not a fan I was an easy it looks real cheesy it looks like they have like it that's not a real background right that's just like I can't say it looks like you know she's not headed yeah yeah I like you would go to the mall and you take pictures next all those profits yeah but people are freaking out about the artists window don't know why they should have kids so what yeah I think she already had one why are we that surprising another one or another to we're gonna pop out hidden I think it's because she is Beyonce 8 okay wait yeah it's a mashup dies I think his lake she's the artsy people feel like maybe Beyonce's like they're fried or they know her really well because they see her on social media I only feel like her life there.luminaries yeah maybe I understand that people are happy for her but I don't understand why people are obsessing about it you know I mean ya know it's not I mean anything that this lady does everybody obsess about yeah and I don't are they exegetes kids that's a question why would you ask that but they've how'd you know some trouble in their marriage you we also sister like pita JZ in the middle the elevator now I think there Jeezy's kid last time she was pregnant people thought that she was in like herself physically pregnant she's probably using a surrogate is if you look in one of her past interviews her like stomach folded like a pillow yeah like it doesn't look like a woman like sat down because you know when you're crackle I don't know if you know but I don't I haven't I'm pregnant I've been right me either but when you really frightening into my cousin was recently part pregnant when she would sit down her stomach would still stay plugged yeah like it what it Blake who locked to go like this idea or insight yeah and that's how the Aussie was last night but I think people probably like got over and she's like well maybe I can do to get in now she's taking this picture at the one where she's like to show everybody like I I really am pretty I she's not wearing like that because look at what not a body suit but you know people like in the hole like a fat suit yelling a fat suit but yeah for pregnancy yeah yeah so it's like conspiracy whether she was actually really pregnant yeah yeah so I know I'm happy for her I would never want to take that away from her but this photo is so cheesy it's a cheesy and gross and I can't stand like the pictures of a pregnant woman and her husband for boyfriend Lori baby's Daddy whoever it is then like taking those black and white corny photo except that weird she's like holding this style make like with her hands I mean he's like down their necks here think how you like kissing it put his face on it or his hands on it with like the engagement ring ways you can hit a 3 ring so they had kids before they got married and I don't know that these pictures are so bad so bad what if the woman just to get by what IT selfie not a selfie but like she wanted a pregnant photos yeah that's okay because I was going to see a lot of women like to marry him Maury whatever that from yeah yeah Samaria yeah so to Mary's on the show the real yeah and she said she felt extremely sexy when she was pregnant yeah like I don't know something about the hormones or whatever maybe she just felt like because there's another human being inside of me like I'm killing it right yeah but maybe the lake you're okay with the what we just take it by yourself just not the cheesy ones not the cheesy what were the chi slight holding the belly like the inside here I don't know it's still creepy and weird and so force I think it's ready because I know some white and I won't say how I know that the cooking I feel like what they say it they're gonna know exactly who the thief up I use the one that did this they posted on Facebook and I was scrolling on my feet thick and you expect to see this person in lingerie now and that only god what's going on and I tell some other people about it and they're like yeah I don't know why this person did it wake is it was just like an odd sight to see yeah but again if you keep it for yourself and that's awesome like it's intimate between you and your husband your boyfriend you and your baby Daddy whatever yeah I but to post on Facebook I'm just like ... what is the purpose of that yeah anywhere other believe like all my because while that if you show beautiful so artful and could solve 30 though that the word but it fit the category of this idea known you in catch me if you yeah I don't think I see this now is a 21 year old I don't think I would ever do it maybe leader I don't know I know I don't think you I did you ever do to call I would never and like even if I you know I love I would love my wife and you know the person that I'm having kids with and if she asked me to do it I hope that she would understand and watch the show beforehand that how much I really don't want it she loves me enough to be like I wouldn't ask him to do that yeah you know I want to show this episode to her I will wear you might even be conceived a child like if this ever happened yet before everything you hoser anything I say Hey one requirement you watch this episode and comes up or thumbs down I'll take the pictures of her you know I'll do that I don't think she would want you to take on the great photographer I get all the rectangles okay there's a picture of blue ivy hurt curry daughter her eyes I mean it's like the me when your inheritance goes from 1000000000 to 333 0 33 know ahead of time like all my god so sure yeah it must be around yeah I've millet's another relationship account I wanna talk about someone that we talked about a couple weeks ago Selena Gomez in the weekend first I'll make a few weeks ago and she was the surest reportedly dating the weekend but just recently she went to Italy with him yeah went art museums you don't do that which is the guy right now not just like oh we're maybe hooking up every once awhile so yeah you don't just go to Italy but Hey let's go out about knowing that you're gonna be seen in public as a celebrity like this and I mean a call that I said it looks pretty legitimate I need definitely call they think you know I thought there is going to date around yeah now I ask your safety hazard like a real is it big yeah how we should come back that if you did you come back to our conversation yeah but she actually posted an Instagram video of him and then immediately took it out so people alike what he's trying to hide a what do you not want maybe he just said like Hey you know maybe I didn't want you to really post that sort of thing because it's like why I have known each relationship is different yeah I mean even in my relationship or and your relationship maybe you don't want something to be posted a picture of you guys are this and that and it's like you want to be on the same page and they're both celebrities so that even magnified even more because now they have endorsements they have you know late record labels behind them so whatever they do you can have repercussions like yeah me posted a picture of maybe that was suppose it will have as big of a deal then the weekend you know yeah I just think it's interesting that Bella and sleeping over so don't call each other on Twitter home and I honestly think the unfold each other on Instagram don't quote me on that I'll try and look for it later I'm sure they did but I'm pretty sure the oddball each other on Instagram im Hailey Baldwin who's Steve Baldwin's daughter the brother Alec Baldwin yes to give you some background info family yeah yeah you're the family tree I'm she actually tweeted out something of Bella Hadid so Bella de did like a house to work for a magazine and she tweeted about it a couple days ago saying like who can be cuter than like something along the lines of like whose cuter than Bella no white and people alike always that shade again so it really got it I think it is to have some really know people are reading too much into it girls are sneaky let me tell you girls can throw state without you knowing that there exactly she's like okay the course is directed at Selena also that be directed towards bush wishes that she could she could just let the death or no one 's you know as beautiful as so and so not that no one at the end you know are so so so beautiful you Alec omigod go you're soaked here yeah exactly but the point is that no one is is beautiful that's just her friend being a good friend so we now know what side he I wouldn't know Terence Smith if users like the head honcho this all yeah she's like the main B. or whatever they call yeah queen bee or whatever it is of like the group you now didn't get no backbone she's like it because Taylor swift and harsh like it because let's go back to you as many governments in the weekend do you think this is going to be a long lasting relationship there I always got that now she's jumping aboard what Brent Billy's good I think that I do for you hero is probably right around this time ha I don't I do think it's gonna be a relationship in the first place you are wrong about that I give it from what about 3 months real odd type in the celebrity world to just be dating 3 months 3 months okay I'd have no time line because I know I'm gonna be right either I think that your life ... a year yeah I don't know I just feel so bad because like I really don't want Selena Gomez to be that girl that likes deals a boyfriend or attacks you know what I mean but you but she's gonna be taking somebody's acts no but it's like whatever correlate crew you know and I mean I don't think that's that I don't think that group of girls I just heard about him from this the shell I don't know like there were a click like they don't rap about each other you know they don't mention each other any songs are they all are they out hang out with each other all the time with Taylor swift did do a song and she had all her rights on her girl friends in the music video I like strong women in there all look like this will be one music video yeah okay there right now if you wanted to make like 20 songs all her girlfriend look at great music videos okay look it any hip hop music video they have all that Drake has his 2 best friends in almost every single one of his music really yeah wow skating that's just got married not because we're gonna talk about trickle of it later Zen officer so now I see no this absurd and next up is less likely so now is from 9 to listen anymore or as friends and I got it right but the point is I don't think they're that close of a girl group than what they really are so maybe it's okay I think it's fine I I think and and they're celebrities choose because they want to date other celebrities it makes the pool of people lot smaller ha that's that's really true actually because I feel like a celebrity around celebrities don't often want to day outside of that yeah because they don't know if someone wants to be with them for their money for their fame if they're no good social climbers up like that exactly and so I feel like to be likable well this person dated so so in Hollywood a log that they're off limits unless it's like your best friend yeah which it always that case you shouldn't you have put it out but I don't you know I don't know but you know unless it's like your best friend or something that you're really really close with I think it's fair game I think well actually let's talk about your great now Drake in it using knives have been seen together recently yes do you think they're dating no they're not date I want the date so badly you know they would be a good couple anyways right here just friends and they've always spread not and they are I think they are genuinely are really good friend obsess relationships come from friendships moon were you friends with your boyfriend beforehand that's not melted ATI glory that yeah exactly so and the person I'm dating we were friends before that's obviously true statement I really think most the time your friends before you stand friends are really I never been friends on but do you read or hear any good even on the other friends I just think they think I've been today no but I I think if your friends you generally stay friends you don't really ever make it past really yeah tell me some of that you know that we're friends particularly yeah yet nobody well all she's probably gonna cut out because like a lot shorter to as you like well yeah there is anybody that I'm really thinking really hard al-assad's ... no I don't think I had any friends or close friends at least that really friends of their boyfriends beforehand yeah it just doesn't happen because they stay friends they don't become boyfriend girlfriend but they could be in the same light group days they dissident like get to know each other well enough and then become friends because there is a you tube couple I mean becoming relationships I there is a you to couple that I watch very very are often there from just getting films bar and you have been together for like 8 years ago they were on the set same friend group and I just watched a video of them recently ladylike their first titles like together and they said that they were in the same pride group it's not that the friends of each other they were just both dating other people at that time and then they went on like I ski trip or something like that and they're both stuck in the car together nobody else came and they ended up just becoming really good for getting acquainted with each other and then they started dating so there were technically really not even friends before though but they're in the same crime Carew office on the same yeah if we got you know I think that they were yeah thank you that's number 2 for Brett on this show and ... well but I just know we talk about the coming I'll yet they're just friends and I think they're really good friends and my question is is now Nicky is hanging out with the crew again she's hanging out with little Wayne at saying it out with Drake and the whole Y. and C. B. group okay she alienated herself for the last 2 years while she was with me mill and Drake and meek had their beef going on she wasn't seen with Drake she did make any songs with great the last time she made a song with Drake was truffle bottle truffle butter good at that's I said everything that that it's right there at the first time I checked that is a great song I enjoyed it but ... how do you feel about that that she she said she wanted to stay out of the beef but she didn't hang out with Drake or talk to him at all while she was meek mill even though they were friends before I think that when you're in a relationship with someone you're obviously going to take their side your bias against that you not just gonna be like oh of mean your friends and you had beef with my boyfriend I'm always going to take my boyfriend side and not just me I don't know I look good riff but we were friends before I know but you're gonna that's it flip it around the other way if mean your girlfriend had beef you obviously take your side and I was friends of the before you had met her you don't know that I don't know that I thought that I would be to your site but what I not continue to do the show with you no I still do the show with you know but that's different that's an obligation she has no obligation to hang out with Drake make music with them she has a half to go I don't have to do the show with you but I was still do the show you know but that it's not what we do this though as a weekly thing yet they don't have music on a weekly schedule it's not like oh we set that I it was different it would be different if they are like Hey we heard him me on this day we're gonna make write music together do you ever they deal I make music together out that I don't think they want to do that I would it be different they're like Hey we're going to be on this day ball blah and then they had beef and she did show up that's a whole different story but if she has no like set in stone obligations with Drake of course she's gonna be with meek mill down so what what do you expect her to do she's not just gonna be like okay by then it looks like he's and loyal to her boyfriend and she's like AMCC shady that's true so I think it's good that Drake you know didn't have no hard feelings you know took her back with you I mean arms echo you know I bet you they gonna make us I have a because I don't live with there he's not in love because I'm not sure what sexual orientation but I love story but I want everyone to call me its hockey right because he thinks I love Dreger I have so many great songs in a really big fan of Drake and I would love to see him in a so even if yesterday I don't really but I think that he might be maybe but I really want him in the evening hours to be together tightness is about Nicki Minaj okay nice Nicki Minaj she lost about 105000 to $200000 this last week because of a burglary in our house our house the house yeah what she wasn't there but it took all the stuff and now she has like 24 cameras I say she should have a security guard out there do you think these are all inside jobs I honestly do something's going on because Chris Brown now the humanized like someone has to know their daily schedule yet order for that to like brought that and they're not catching these criminals like hundreds and $5000 lake worth of stuff like that a lot of money yeah like you see here walking outside like okay imagine this but seats even at night time where it's pitch black this person may be parked in the driveway or have it has a getaway car they're carrying like truckload like this the other hard yeah we know what it is noted yeah exactly house being inside job yeah because it maybe it's like I'm not saying it is but what if it's like her manager someone that's a closer in the like ... we're just gonna clean on Nikki several quake don't worry about it and they're just doing that yeah you know what I mean like it's just so we have to know her schedule really well yeah to be like watch your backs let yes yeah I'm gonna walk up my hope we don't know the feelings of the legislature Serapio Hey they could take actually my probably my most your support of my support his ex yeah about what to write here to get everything else but now with the toilet paper because good going on I just I just locked up so the price at all okay well that's all we have time for today stay tuned for the next episode because we're going to talk about Drake some more and his future endeavors so I'll be exciting that is exciting I'm excited //
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NWR Liberty Rising #006 Liberty Hangout Part 2
\\alright what's up okay so ... we'd just finished the last episode but this is still the same episode and we just want to keep talking our Facebook live thing cuts now after about an hour 0.5 or something so we are back we're live a I just have it some more coffee right now so if you're wondering why I'm so loud and excited and just stoked on life other than you know just naturally loving life it's because I got some black coffee where you can get some too if you live in the Orange County area pick up your bottle of black coffee today and no I'm not getting paid for yeah brewing come Joe is it PLK is that what you zev does it black PLK do you usually think black will be okay at those black coffee how do you know what yeah but you know that you know that you can talk to you about that now if you'd like Hebrew there like multiple black coffees I've seen on the market did I've been calling it black coffee in this guy has not corrected yeah I don't offend you be okay coffee here ya actually I like a bit of a black I'm glad that I ... B. elkay brewing co at your coffee today's ex yeah man it's really so good writing good that yeah really clean no starter yeah ... but yeah so what we were talking about as I am rolling another blind is it's an odd less American guy I know and also I'd like to mention that tobacco is wacko and we are smoking ... see do you have so as we were saying ... we were talking about just beautiful world that we have on China sparked this up what he'd ... ... is others that we are I was up everybody just put his face so I am back in here real California since while you're doing that California's but to secede not bush ought not secede Caroline the ballet on about something yeah or Dallas they got the permission to yeah about yeah yeah big difference would be a good thing or a bad thing for California great that is a great day and you know it's funny okay so we're going to talk about this before we never you've actually got the colleagues that part ... it's amazing at how I should any kind of secession for a bigger government is a net positive I don't care who it is where it is when your governments are more localized there's more transparency more control with the people so you know that's why we just take it to its logical conclusion we just say well why don't you just take it all the way down to the individual you know but do yourself a local government that hold up pull up into 2 questions with regards to cal exit one are we be what happens to California since we get so much subsidies from federal government it's gonna change everything you have done little chain then make up of this country for I don't think it's gonna happen hold up and then be the second part of it is how scary is it that how how much scarier is it gonna be that California when it's run it by itself and they have all the Hollywood liberals like California's a blue state man you know I mean so imagine how much worse it would be when they ban everything attack everything you I mean it would be a liberal heaven and it would be hell for the rest of us think about what what would you believe to be a better scenario for them stagger exit on that and I just don't really realistically think California likes it I think it's just politicians who are angry at the fact that they let their team lost and now they're trying to find ways to push small government believes which is so funny and ironic that like how fast the tables turn you know ... so I think it would be great it's just you're right like California gets so many benefits from the federal government that it's like I think it's fantastic I mean I think if that happens then California can break up into different states to and then like remember that 6 California 5 seats break up and there was a 5 yeah there was Jefferson cut our jobs on how he knows like none of the nose like California break up into here this is the right yeah 60 says yeah I was ... the guys up north though there anything or anyone in Jefferson County they're talking about their lives after isn't there now they're not they're conservatives are the Jefferson okay that the state of Jefferson essentially right before World War 2 they were about to secede and become their own state well and then Pearl Harbor happened land and right then and there world or to start it saw that was game over for ... their movement and now it's gaining steam again I just think that a California became so could I mean this all just sounds absurd like talent really you think just about California liberals are gonna give away the federal subsidies and all this crap go do everything themselves like I don't think so you know I have to like I do you know no I just don't give them much credit to these ... I'm communist California's like yeah there you know this is essentially were saying like well what do you think of California did actually the logical thing well yeah great things would happen but that's not how California politicians work maybe would be upset since California is a positive state as for net positive status forests are giving federal government money there fell government it's one of the few actually there's only a few of them better in the red when it comes like as far as like contributing to ... federal government I suppose you're breaking even I Florida was it was a state that breaks even Washington's jag again yeah you're like well yeah if we change the complete makeup of California politicians that it would work that I'm Sam saying what I'm saying is maybe it would be offset it be a wash because yeah they're not getting if ever federal money but also the not paying anything into yeah but you also brought up Republican states you know when I see red I met like as far as contributing states so no I know what you're saying the state breakeven right sums that yet so here I've Florida so the map is right here catch up California's among a handful of so called donor states which pay more in taxes to the federal treasury than they receive in government funding right so California is a donor state on this particular map it's red which is a great example of why the federal government will say no you're not leaving exactly so went so if they see an historic he might have all that money that they're relying on to give to welfare but what it just kind of were actually would be a net positive because you will have more than yes see from federal government I mean that's the thing yeah it would be a net positive but you off this understand that that's not how the master's work you know right now right I do things to see right I'm just saying we think Donald Trump is gonna allow California to become its own country I don't work like that so I because that's how it was set up and that's exactly how is that us how a set up that's what every state has a flag it as a as a as a contribution you know and that's the thing that's why I argue that if we were to have a United States we should stop at the articles of confederation because the constitution was essentially a bill that centralized government fed up with the concentration is yeah centralized government even more so it created an empire that's actually one of the analysis of the constitution is it soon as the constitution was signed the US empire was created Dan Esty it is think about you put 13 colonies together you force them together because if you look at how the constitution or suicide there were states that didn't want to comply ... and that's actually one of the things that they don't tell you public school they tell you in public school there's a voluntary agreement between all states but that's not really how work like it was voluntary because you threatened economic sanctions on some of them if they don't comply that's all voluntary that's coercive so true and that's why when the south try to leave and ... the civil war there like I how word yeah Daddy how work around these parts everybody is the focus of your things is voluntary not everybody thought that everyone still thinks that the civil wars fought over slavery in that never have Lincoln was some great president yeah slaves and they're absolutely wrong yeah sure I read the book called the real Lincoln and it says the story about the real Abraham Lincoln who was more of a federalist he wanted a federal are lower federal lose you want to federalize and grow the size of the federal government that's where you step is that is that Thomas do you read those books I'm not sure it might be it might be yeah but yeah that Thomas DiLorenzo is that Mrs institute guy is he's actually done lectures and my eyes alert did I read about this from Brad peers and because he father with yeah I do think that somehow if I had so so basically and Abraham Lincoln he went after journalists he imprisoned over 1200 ass imprisonment of journal over 1200 journalists he's an asshole he was not a good guy didn't get there's actual real quotes about heating care about Abraham Lincoln was America's first emperor he is because it was the state that wanted to have their own rights and he was the emperor that said no states do not have rights in this country it doesn't work like that and I will tell I will start entire war kill hundreds of thousands of people to prove that and that's with the civil war was fight for control because some people wanted to leave and they're like