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"2017-08-16 02:47:33"
Hutchison demonstrates Zero Point Energy
\\NBI remarkable works of Canadian inventor John Hutchison has grown widespread attention from businessmen and government scientists since 1979 but he began using ultra high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter in some very unusual way it has come to be known as the Hutchison I yeah I think you're seeing ... moving there is a form of levitation by ... translational movement meaning that the objects become lighter you can float around the heaviest being the barium cylinder see there ... with the 2 wires coming out of it tends to slide around ... 7 pounds of its own weight physics of it is self presentation of what they call ferromagnetic and pies though electric barium tightening ... through a power amplifier broad narrow band local electrical energy going into this critical so the applications of this in advanced applications using free energy our to power it would be ... Paulson technologies this is a crystal converter unit that I made of money you're going to see the press will work and indeed it seems to work to this day ... the principles involved the Casimir effect and ... space charge type of barrier technology in semiconductors and ... on a cheater activity called that go through time and space the idea to get the material inside this to interface with the nurturing action of and moving on to what they may look like inside I actually bring out a piece here of this material of common minerals and that produced in a special way and I take a reading here and having a higher reading I have a hot spot somewhere in here don't have hair almost half of all as you can see no one can see there's no batteries in or anything else except the crisp clean material different configurations and with the family state it's always that and have been tough enough to fear of crime thunderstruck stuff off of phone which maybe decide to them of course mountain saying material in cylinders different from that of course very different mixes in there and I found that ... that Vodafone there is very not as powerful as the material here or the very tiny one here I actually have more power than large artillery shell unit here and what I want to do of course is to ... administrative and the fans about making actual power that mean deterrent small motor camp attaching this too they fear another lead the top and it should then because we have basically this kind of material power motors or very small mortars defined but scaled up in larger amounts of of material and power a few several more power native Hutchison hopes his simple shake and bake method of producing these crystal energy converting that will attract investors who can see the potential of permanent batteries which never need charges non toxic several interface with space and time Hutchison's more dramatic experiments border on the paranormal and have generated more than just a passing interest from U. S. military research lab we've had about 750 devastations of levitation translational movement ... metallurgical sample falling apart changing into transmitted unknown metal ... quite a variety of gear touch the fact would impregnated into metal other objects in metal ... monopole magnetic field trip many journal ... right host your Pandora's box to different types of effects on the outer edge think of it it in this remarkable series of video clips shot by Hutchison we see what happens with the fine tunes the electromagnetic frequencies aimed at target objects and is Vera the I no benefit atomic level I feel that there is a dimension shift activated by very conventional electrostatic alright feel for the therefore we electric parking away that opens up another area time they that may activate the field and interventional reaction but fate to gravitational waves of time wave of crime situation brass are dealing in crime graviton maybe particle somehow causing a distortion which causes objects differently break apart hopefully better ... thing he'll bar fall apart or become white yeah ice cream in a plastic Cup I'm a 70 pound cannonballs I I the and you I I this it what is so interesting and also frustrating about his invention is that he's using a combination of Tesla coil reduce bring strapped to them that experiments which in one case for example I actually live so 19 publishing towards healing electromagnetic fields so when we analyze that we find that there is ... position versus time graph that we can plots and also the philosophy versus time bony actually analyzing exhilaration versus time that's increasing straight line so we're forced as scientists to admit that we have heard to refer to the fact which ... from my mind actually lends itself to now Melissa new force which I call hyper pours down because we have to take a derivative that to finally get a flat straight line constantly increasing exploration so the Hutchinson effective been used as a benchmark for a comparison to any other high voltage propulsion microgravity in other words //

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