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The Jewish State Is The Deep State II
\\they cannot be corrected by individual spokesman alone they must be taken up by an army of soldiers for truth and I hope that the people who are listening to this will become soldiers in the most crucial battle of all the battle for truth I know that this is a very vast subject perhaps just in very broad terms you could try to explain what it is that we perceive it Israel is constantly under negative attack in our nation's get away with murder and mayhem massacre and the world was very largely indifferent to Saddam Hussein gassing his own Kurdish citizens but every incident in Israel comes under immediate harsh and using negative scrutiny it's like the world has this knee jerk automatic I'm thinking state of hot for everything that happens here why is that so while I'm not sure it's the world possibly some of the foreign chance reason ministries I think a my feeling isn't based on reactions and I've been getting from citizens from all over the world present the the man in the street so to speak with the man before the 2 even the man before these hostile and often there ... prejudicial ... television sets has a pretty good feeling of who is the who's right and who's wrong and Israel enjoys a lot of support in the broad stream but you're quite right the reason there is a an adverse ... attitude towards Israel on the part of the elites in many parts of the world why is that it's a combination of things it could be could be the post Vietnam syndrome the application of the colonialists model where it doesn't belong with the colonialist the Jews are the Arabs who conquered all of North Africa brutalize peoples who conquered the Middle East will blend in so far as to Europe and the gates of Paris syrups and I suppose there's a large process of de colonizing the Arab conquest and that is what Israel is doing when it comes back to the ancient homeland which was left barren by the Arabs left on populated when my great grandfather came here almost 100 years ago believe me there were very few Arabs the was nothing here we built it up and the Arabs migrated as a result many of the Palestinians and we're here what people forget about history and I suppose that the links in particular are susceptible to slogans and not to all of tough scrutiny of the facts I think to there's perhaps a a problem with Jewish power we are people that have been accused of being or used to being victims for several millennia we've paid the most horrendous crisis in the history of man and nations for this and I guess people got used to the idea well the Jews alright as a victim but after June ... seasons or uses power to defend themself that must be there must be something wrong there ... and I think that god is an adjustment that will take some time ... for the world to me just to ... and thirdly I think that in addition to everything else that was a battle going in the arms of understood this that is the battle of propaganda of the battle over a falsehood that they're trying to impose ... that is something that they have seized the initiative on and we have been slowing laggard I am responding to by exposing these falsehoods I think it's never too late the voices United for Israel is a friendship organization it's made up of Jews and Christians it's non political non denominational into denominational it's just ordinary American men and women of goodwill who understand the meaning of Israel and who are committed to Israel's security and survival now it's obvious that we would reach out to the Jewish world for such support but why reach out to the Christian world what can Israel ask from Christians what can we expect from them I think that we can ask from any civilized person Jew or Christian for that matter Moslem I got out of some one or 2 letters from Pakistan from people who were sort of rethought things recently it's very clear that there was a nation here a small nation I think a brave nation that is fighting for its life but I would not sue got the support of the people watching this program if it were only that I think that the story of Israel the Odyssey of the Jewish people ... is is really a barometer for the world's hope I think that if Israel ... can make it if a people that has been decimated and oppressed tortured torn and killed we are people that has been used to being killed for many millennia if those people can rise from the dust and refreshments life and creates a sovereignty here in its engine homeland and rebuild it and bring life where there was no life and will back enemies 0 times our size and stand up to the Saddam's the Qaddafi Z. Arafat's a whole lot next I think there's a larger message here I hope for all of humanity because I think our our history over the last ... centuries there's been the history of the battle of freedom against the battle against the tyranny the terror in his eyes and serve the world animals in this contest between freedom and tyranny Israel stands at the forefront however maligned however distorted this is the real meaning of Israel's adventure and that's why I hope that the champions of freedom and the champions of truth will stand by her at this crucial time that really brings me to the final question Mr Netanyahu and and in fact you've probably answered it and how would you like Israel to be portrayed how would you like the outside world to understand Israel and to look at Israel truthfully just truthful Mr Netanyahu thank you so very much for being with us and on behalf of voices United for Israel this is free to cave in Jerusalem wishing you all and to Israel peeks all she heard some absolutely incredible 911 conspiracy theories the web of course is full of them but tonight we're bringing 1 out that feeds on racism out in the open we were absolutely shocked by 1 recent poll that found out that 1 in every 3 Americans believe the terror attacks were not to the work of America's enemies but some sort of an inside job and ever fairer found a smaller percent who believe in even ugly Hey Nita had nothing to do with that that this was all part of a large conspiracy Zionist or otherwise out Qaeda is in my opinion and has been exploited it if I I question whether such a group even exists Chicago writer Christopher bowline is one of the conspiracy theorists I believe that there are Israeli elements that are connected to the messiah when I'm all by that somehow Israelis were involved in the attack on the World Trade Center the Pentagon people are gonna look at you critics will say you are anti semite are you know I'm not an anti semite ... this is the this is the main charges leveled against me and has been for years even before 911 because I am a critic of Zionist policies that's a very common technique among anti Semites they will they will twist things I'm not an anti semite I just believe that's wisely anti semitic or not the question now Willis 911 conspiracy theory become like the Kennedy assassination analyzed for generations as an unsolved mystery Deborah Feyerick CNN New York and check out our with our out the open panel should they have plenty to say about this Lorne Michaela Roy welcome back alright so let's let's start with the resident you on our panel you hear this stuff it just makes you sick to your stomach there is absolutely no evidence that anybody other than ... compiler was involved with this exactly how how upsetting visits to look we've been kicking around for 2000 years that face you're looking at a lot of anger in it because of that that's no way to live wondering around the globe never having the home it's pretty difficult because every time there's trouble were scapegoated were not the only ones that are scapegoated but were scapegoated by people who are frightened they don't care they are paranoid you cannot D. bunk this theory it is madness as well as idiocy to think that the Jews brought down the World Trade Center on 911 like you cannot argue logic to someone who is mentally ill what frightens me I'm and mmhm I WNED just say it will there are 10 of thousands of people June saying yes well I remember pulled me off did Nightbreed for instance a breakbeat is deaf or a judicial Masanori walk by I liver or the societies I mean you can imagine a Fife 5000 suddenly your only into business at at and do business area 5000 so you name it goes under this it will go production area in the artistic career and you can eat it younger in France in London you can imagine 1000 sailor moon to move yes it you can imagine and very safe orders for all that was said from department of double set quote DU bois department and it very we woke 4 door set retinue you can inspect one of these people will have their work work quality the art cheeky since I'm in favor who work in a bank the outboard dig political vis a vis a vis a vis Oct W. shoes but when duo sat scores and and tell them look I had a need an initial information I need for 4 years does a need that boulder so you earn over to work say that these special for just us just secretary Eurocopter United Nations has said something anti semitic and you you seem all over the world in Europe it day in Roanoke yes you have the impression I mean it when they discovered that I understood I mean it's like it's like when when you relate to the delight on you know because suddenly you you open a newspaper or you are using Tory you you hear a politician everybody everybody says the secretary or what did you say this sets up the I need to pull guy it white because do most sub gives the order to do that and you I can say for instance speaks up or get a check he ignored good therapy Israeli soldier kidnapped by.less in 2004 hours his name was no overt or I mean even if it was an American general who was kidnapped he's never whoever had been mentioned deduction need 2004 hours weekend should you Broughty vehicle hers and this is the work of a pistol just saying maybe to close the case the proposition passed first time in my entire life that they don't belong to their position they say so almost every single say the raid the or the lies so but I think that it's time to put an end to the masquerade the miscarriage is going on now for at least 50 years and the masquerade contains storm assumptions which Bros are pure light he that Israel has intention to go for the 2 state solution Israel never had the intention to ruffle close that solution not even for a single moment it's Israeli almost historical irony to see now official representative so for Israel coming and defending the 2 state solution what did stop you for 50 years the referee but anywhere for you what are you writing for why did you grow fori any fees if this is not enough anyone who believes well I'm terrorists in the occupied territories has no intention to run for the 2 state solution barriers and there was nothing wrong with a single Israeli government who stopped him run very brilliant thank those criminals settlements and that's the best and all the rest easy miscarry now the second law use that then once they doesn't exist ladies and gentlemen the run state exist now for 50 years the only question is what kind of snake easy is it a democracy or is it the apartments that that's the only question would use them open Janice well established there sentiments projects the commanding very clearly we are going to build settlements in order to prevent the post they threw the state of Israel weren't based upon this project officially unofficially by my me by political support by military support Israel entire isn't not only the setlists he's propped over the settlement project and the sentiment project has one blue or to prevent the 2 states and that's the only goal of the settlement project and obviously also some kind of real estate Hehe interests nothing more than these so proclaimed to day the Israelis in favor of the 2 state solution and proclaim to obey that that's the only solution I was a great supporter of the 2 state solution for decades many of your arguments you know well my arguments for decades by the windows years never perceived as a threat to be in support of the 2 state solution or those who speak about midway about prospects emotion plenty yes ago say the prospect solutions I'm sure beats burgers now when the 2 state solution is impossible then they come up because now you know that it will never happen now they cannot even at the Milken say to think some of rhino even most of the Israelis who saved him imports my notes because they know that this train left the ride to the station and will never be big movie past few I mean look people Iranian submarines periodically go down someday one of my not come up who would know why we can do a variety of things if we wish to increase the pressure on not advocating that have you ever heard about the day Israel attacked America also known as the USS liberty incident of 1967 during the 6 day war 34 American servicemen were slaughtered in 100 73 more were wounded after Israeli forces repeatedly attacked USS liberty in international waters the liberty was not a battle ship it was entirely unable to defend itself for decades the US government threaten survivors with jail if they spoke about it in kept the truth from the public survivors of the attack have long maintained that Israel intended to kill the entire crew in sync the USS liberty as a means of scapegoating the blame for the incident onto Egypt but why would Israel want the US to believe that Egypt was responsible for the attack it's a classic false flag right shifting the blame for an incident as a means of drawing the president I want the US public into declaring war in Egypt while Israel claims that this attack was stunning era IT evidence confirms that the Israelis knew the identity of the ship as an American vessel Furthermore I did you know that Israel has nuclear weapons in 1986 an Israeli whistleblower and former nuclear technician revealed that Israel had amassed a secret stockpile of nuclear weapons this whistleblower spent 18 years in prison after revealing classified information it in 2014 a lawsuit was filed against U. S. charities that funded Israel's secret nuclear weapon program I don't know all the facts and I think we all know all the facts but I was deeply concerned that this could have been and ... in another can speak of organized I highly organized attack on the country and still may be I again I don't know the facts but I do know that it's really hard to protect the homeland what has the media told us about 911 before the attacks there were many stories coming out about Israeli espionage on the United States did you know about Israeli art students who occupied 2 entire floors of at least 1 tower did you know about the Israelis arrested on 911 did you know that at the time I saw I had in urban moving company as a front they were seen by New Jersey residents on September 11 seemingly celebrating the fall of the World Trade Centers in photographing themselves in front of the wreckage these men were caught by police held for questioning him quickly sent back Israel and the United States government so didn't aside no balance tack on the twin towers before it happened did they have a crew ready to film it what do we actually know very little because it's anti semitic to bring into what has the media's hold you about the Israeli Palestinian conflict Israel has successfully wanted to prove to the world that it is an innocent victim the Palestinian violence and terror in that the Arabs and Muslims have no other reason to be in conflict with Israel except for an irrational hatred genius former Israeli ... prime minister and the former ambassador to the United Nations here in the United States very familiar figure of course American television audiences ... Mister Netanyahu I just want to pick up on what you were saying when you were talking metaphorically about aircraft here is the United States having to get them if they're going to win in this war against terrorism you began that statement but taught by talking about the connection between the PLO and terrorism you're not suggesting that the United States gonna have to go out to the PLO as well no I think we can handle that I mean but President Bush is set correctly that ... that you have to root out not only the a terrorist organizations but also the regimes that harbor them and give them safe haven ... is in point of fact I have Arafat's part of this terrorism empire is one of the big data factories of suicide bombers I mean he's got kindergarten camps summer camps ... that teach little Palestinian children to become suicide bombers who is preparing not only the suicide killers of today but the suicide pilots of tomorrow ... so but that is an issue I think that we can we can handle the main point that I want to stress is that we don't approaches as them as a small problem of the ... Israel or a small problem of America vis a vis bin laden because what we have here is something far worse you know 1995 I wrote a book called fighting terrorism and I said that if we don't arrest the tide of Islamic and militant terrorism we've militant Islamic terrorism then the next thing that will be as not out of a car bomb ... indeed and World Trade Center ... but that a nuclear bomb now it wasn't a nuclear bomb it was a 350 ton conventional bomb but I'm sure you don't doubt and nobody listens to us now doubts that if ... these ... maniacal movements and the regimes that support and develop nuclear weapons they will use them and then you're talking about not the horrendous casualties and by the way that's it breaks the heart just to listen to the stories that you gave earlier now imagine that the horrific toll as well refer because it is today would pale in comparison to hundreds of thousands or millions of casualties what is important to understand is that you have to dismantle the entire terrain park and especially before its main practitioners the terrorist states of Iran and Iraq acquire nuclear weapons and this I I think has been a wake up call from hell it is telling us you have the power now to act someone who will because the terrorists have the will to destroy America to destroy freedom to destroy all of America's allies in all the democracies is will being simply on the frontline they have the will but they don't have the power but simultaneously to get back to my original question should the United States become more deeply involved in trying to arrange ... a temporary truce at least in your part of the world between the PLO and your government well it's not a question of a truce Arafat's true colors were revealed for those who want to see and to cause a massive shift of opinion is well I would say unprecedented unanimity ... even from the most conciliatory ... Israelis because they realize now that he doesn't want to state next to Israel he wants to eradicate Israel ... and uses a terror to sap R. will ... and hit us in many ways what you have here to parents Osama bin laden represents an Islamic militancy that wants to reverse history they never accepted the rise of the west in its prime missing in the world and the retreat of Islam they want to reverse that and therefore they have to destroy America in their fantasy and to do that they will attack America again and again they have a constant tension then men are to be able to destroy America today but they think they can bring it to its knees and once they acquire nuclear weapons they'll destroy America make no mistake about it Yasser Arafat is more modest in his goals as part of this family he wants to nearly destroy as well but we have to get the entire turn at work when there is still time and nothing that you will do with Arafat making giving him the hills above Tel Aviv is not going to make him stop and he's quite irrelevant in this respect BB Netanyahu thanks very much for being with us and in the United States terrorism is not a common cause of death even with the massacre they had in Orlando and and salmon Dino but the United States government is spending $400000000 per year per U. S. victim of terrorism compared to what they spend on cancer in influenza you see that there's a huge amount of money we're spending on terrorism when it's not only because of death so what we're talking about is when I talk about fighting tears and we're talking about criminal fraud and here's the bureau people behind the war on terror this is this is the man who designed and constructed the lead advocates name is Benjamin Netanyahu is the current prime minister state Israel and this is a quote from an Alice a prostitute who was formerly with US Army War College and 2009 he wrote this article and he said that the evidential trail for 911 and the wars in Afghanistan in Iraq runs from P. knack project for a new American century a packing their cohorts through the mostly Jewish neo cons the bush administration and back to the Israeli government none of the denials and put American nations can alter that essential reality and here's Mister Netanyahu with Mr Ehud Olmert to the background these are both Lee could politicians they would only here was the ... mayor of Jerusalem for a long time he was deputy prime minister of Israel and was deputy promise of Israel and mare Jerusalem when he went to New York City on 9/10/2001 and stayed there onto that I'm on 9/11/2001 yet his visit to New York City was kept completely out of the media why I found out about it in the Jerusalem post years later that he had made a transaction in New York City on September 10 meeting with these guys and sold the better football team and they came back 10 days later he came back to ... New York and and basically hell Giuliani's hand said you know this is ... ... I'm here to help you and support you and but he didn't he never said well I was here at the time I was here to terror tent that was kept secret but why why with this high ranking Israeli politician be in New York City on September 10 eleventh and why his visit kept secret this is the end another Israeli a leader of prime minister defense minister chief of staff Ehud Barak and a wood Barak appeared in the London studio on BBC TV BBC world which is the largest English speaking broadcast in the world broadcaster and before either tower had fallen that day both planes had struck but the towers are still standing he he he may decide he presented his analysis to the world and he said the world will never be the same from today on he said yeah we know we behind this this is the work of Osama bin laden and we know what we we know bin laden this is Afghanistan and he concluded say it's time to launch an operational concrete war against terror and his little analysis that he presented on the BBC world then became the official myth of 911 and that's what we did we went to war against terror and what agenda is being carried out here is something called the unknown plant or did you known wasn't a liquid Nick Israelis military strategist who wrote this paper about how Israel's master plan would be constructed to dominate the Middle East it was printed in in in in journal called keep our name a journal for Judaism and Zionism in February 1982 and thanks to an Israeli scholar named Israel Shahak at Hebrew university he translated this this document into English for our benefit so we would understand what was the Israeli plan and with Israeli plan called for was basically something called balkanization breaking up the big Arab states inter ethnic statements which is exactly what was done to Yugoslavia in the 19 nineties you recall Yugoslavia's broken up into 6 or 7 many statements based on ethnicity and that's what's being done in Iraq you see there that Iraq is now basically fragmented into 3 serious in the process of being broken up Libya's now broken up ... Sadan has been de facto deep dujour broken up so this is this is the name of a policy do you known plan and as I said was articulated first in public in 1982 and the plan is basically as I said to break the states up along their ethnic confessional wines so in the case of Iraq you have that that's the Shiites in the south the Sunnis in the west and the Kurds in the north in this area in the north Kurdistan that's where the American American military is now stationed with about 10000 troops that's also by the way the place where the rough show family owns the oil company so what's going on here this is a the endgame more the the the recent game of an Israeli policy resigns policy which the American joint chiefs of staff were fully aware of back in 1948 when Israel before Israel was even a state this quote this quote is from a 1 of the papers that they wrote 13 papers on on Zionism and what it would mean to the United States in 1948 this was dated March 31 and that the joint chiefs of staff is of the highest brass and US military they said Zionist strategy will seek to involve the United States in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives what were those Jewish objectives besides settling Palestine in picking the land of Palestine they included the expansion of Eretz Israel the land of Israel into Jordan Lebanon and Syria and to the establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East well I think the joint chiefs of staff were pretty correct about this because now you see now since 911 United States hasn't been involved with NATO in Libya Iraq and Afghanistan and left those countries fragmented destroyed and seriously reduced in the quality of life and now the country this being target obviously Syria and what we know about Iraq a woman about Syria excuse me is that this plan was is being done in order to help the state of Israel as Hillary Clinton said a she wrote this email back in 2012 which you secretary state and she wrote that the best way to help Israel is to use force American force in Syria to overthrow the government so this email from 2012 reveals that United States has been seeking to oust the Syrian government because it is in Israel's interest not that basically something that is mandatory that every Congress person has to sign saying that what Jerusalem you said is the capital of Israel and what else I bet you make a commitment that you will vote to support the military superiority of Israel that ... ... it the economic assistance that Israel what's that you would ... vote to provide that what if you learned about ISIS from the media I've learned that isis has attacked the USA isis has attacked frames isis is attacked the Philippines ISIS even boasted that they were going to straight kabaha in Mecca but isis does an attack just around the corner Israel I guess they would rather attack distant countries in 2015 Syrian president Assad spoke about the connection between I since in Israel he responded for the first time to air strike attributed to Israel saying it's very clear that Israel supports the rebels because whenever we make advances in some place though tack in order to undermine the army that's why some in Syria joke how can you say that al Qaeda doesn't have an airforce they have the Israeli Air even as early as this morning Assyrian UN envoy claim that Israel was directly supporting ISIS by bombing regime sigh there have been claims made that Israel is the largest buyer of ISIS oil but when it very search for sources to verify or debunk this claim always kind of a long rants on anti semitism in 2015 NATO said it wouldn't send ground troops and to fight ISIS is it because I see this is actually our ally in the goal is to overthrow Assad in Syria and install that Israel in 9 states firmly puppet government in 70 Russia Iran puppet that's currently in place we're just really really can view Israel can stop ISIS but they can't stop people from throwing rocks at if that get happy right I'm just really confused because in order to have clarity on something one must having answers to their questions in order to get answers to your questions it must first be acceptable to ask them when I see things like evidence in the money trail to support that my government is acting like a cheap whore selling out to the highest bidder makes me think that we'll never find anything that remotely resembles as long as the world's among people above the law //
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Jewish Power II (This Video Is Illegal In Several Countries)
\\I but the why research the secret societies and I research the Bible by the way I'm a Christian so if your question don't think I'm knocking your religion on telling you what I find I found that very hard core while the C. Heidi's lurks about football was the agent Jewish mysticism it is a method of encoding information through a system of mathematics and numbers it is some of the most ancient knowledge that man has ever possessed and it's been kept secret and given only to those who have proven themselves worthy through the process of initiation nobody knows where it comes from I can tell you this and was there long before the Jews came along the Jews just took it and preserve that and they passed it down that used by everybody because the set the hardcore of the secret knowledge the metaphysics the real science that none of us know anything about these people along with the secret societies never dared to write down in any language what they knew what it was that they were guarding because then someone could steal it and then the secret would be out so they devised secret systems of encoding the secrets of the ages the knowledge the hidden knowledge the old call no call doesn't mean evil that doesn't mean the devil that doesn't mean Satan oak call means 7 means hidden that's all it means so they took this knowledge they made a phone call through a system of encoding encryption one of which is mathematics number another is architecture everybody wonder why do they have a fraternal organization called the Freemasons are close the guys to build walls you bet they do but every wall the bill contains the secrets the man kept and maintained throughout the ages and it's encoded in the architecture and the measurements of the buildings and the mathematical former formulas used to derive the geometry of the shape the length and breadth and height the broom all in code no better at and I want to assure you the United States has no better ally than Israel our alliance has been remarkably strong but under your leadership I'm confident it will get even stronger that was the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking yesterday at the White House earlier today I sat down with the prime minister for an interview right here in DC and I asked him about his relationship with the new president president trump and more first prime minister great to see a good to sue Shon thank you I watched yesterday what I said on television last night is this is history in the making I thought it was very profound I think it was a historical mating the meeting of the minds in a meeting of the hearts interesting it was interesting to watch the president say you know what a cherished ally Israel is and you to say there's no better supporter of the Jewish people and the state of Israel than Donald Trump and you've known for how long have you know that I've I knew him from the time that I was serving as Israel's ambassador to the UN and the you know we would sort of bump into each other here and there in New York City but the we've got to know each other over and over the years and most recently obviously and look we've always had a great alliance between Israel and America through successive presidents ... I feel we have no the president has a an even stronger alliance a new day called well maybe a new age yeah I I thought though cryptic message being sent and I want to just actually read what you said here for the first time in your life for the first time in the history of your country he said that the Arab countries your neighbors in the region do not see Israel the enemy but as an ally and then president trump talk about new found ... you talk about new found Arab partners and he talked about maybe in one state may be 2 states but maybe a bigger deal more important deal so I'm listening and this is my take is that you would once said that one of the benefits of the Iran deal if there was only one benefit is it brought you and your Arab neighbors together so my read on this is that Israel now has a strong relationship with the United States maybe it's the strong relationship with Great Britain but also Jordan Egypt maybe the amorous maybe Saudi Arabia as that that whoever existed before that trip I think there's a change the changes coming because of the rise of radical Islam but it was long it has 2 problems one is of the radical SUNY's led by ISIS went before that by al queda and the radical Shiites led by Iran the Arab countries are threatened by both with a look around in this who's gonna help against these news twin threats from those who will be the one country in the region that's powerful that's determined that's resolved to fight this common enemy and that's usual so they don't view us anymore as their enemy but increasingly they soon as our ally against the common threats and I have to say that in my conversation yesterday with the president trump he sues the things in the same way that opens up opportunities no question about that can I get into a little more deeply what has happened in the interim you have forged closer alliances I know you can't divulge everything but what can you tell us about these particular countries the Saudis injections here Jordanians because I've gotta believe none of those countries want Iranian hegemony in the region that's understood they think Iran will cut their throats in the right there right on the ride and they are you know I don't look I I had to in the great alliance between Israel and the United States we've had our differences we also had happened I got to give credit to president Obama we had this memorandum of understanding you know turn your support for Israel appreciate but we also had our differences and the most important difference ... was on Iran the Arab countries would whisper things in the dark you know they wouldn't say it outright I had to sort of speak up for everyone in the region ... but right now I think it's not merely in the region people understand that Iran is a is a malevolent force and the nuclear deal with Iran ha if it kept the ring is just Walkin the deal essentially said this and said no bomb today 100 bombs tomorrow in 10 years that's what it says because Iran can go for the enrichment of uranium which is the kicker alone 2 years ago he said that the yeah anti March of 259 now the assumption was people who well okay we're kicking the can down the road but the the this nuclear catalyst single bomb then becomes a capacity to make dozens and dozens of bombs and Iran doesn't change its attitude in fact since the with the signing of the deal Sean this is what has happened Iran's become more aggressive more deadly sponsoring more terrorism and in fact also with more money with more money a lot more money and people are saying wait a minute this war and tiger if it's not stopped they devour all of us we all pray to this the militant Islamic regime that will arm itself with nuclear weapons and ballistic missile it could reach you they've killed Americans all over the place the sponsor terrorism against Americans all over the place now they're going to build ICBM intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the United States and have the multiple warheads to do that that's hard to do for America produce words will then use with the Arabs everybody now understand and there's an American president 1 to stand up and we're talking about what to do it called 1970 dear lord Rothschild I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of his majesty's government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to and approved by the cabinet so it's possibly the most famous nafta in modern Jewish history and it begins with 3 words then the lord Rothschild why was it that this letter was sent by the foreign secretary to your great uncle Walter it shouldn't stream Christian because he was Bradley uncertain order soldier what will that he became in students on this and I think the but reason was this that it was primarily a a movement from Eastern Europe but they didn't clarify who was in charge of that movement and in addition there was offering great Britain's said they felt that the rostro famine there ... should be the one to whom it is addressed and Walter was will grow strong and walls herbs as honest and drown there's relative the background reasons so will to receive the Balfour declaration and and I have a copy here and I wonder if I could possibly ask you to read it for us notion dude Iraq and when former spectacles commercial or rude ... corrupted his majesty's government you were in favor of distributing the palace lawn of a national home for the Jewish people 100 years of best in deference to facilitate the achievement of this object vin clearly understood that nothing should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political Sturgis and drug but Jews in any other country I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the zone is federation mules off of Woelfel and here it is the Balfour declaration what do you feel when you when you see it here I've gender difference when the most extraordinary bargains in the history of the Jewish people vigor took €3000 out to get to those and then you say part of this miracle happened a sinister incredible piece of opportunism I mean if you think you had an impoverished so would be song Jews heartgard swim ... some Hargreaves 3 grams meets a few people who grew the most about from reduces the who have such great fall and conviction he gets to Belfort and yeah unbelievably persuades powerful Banorte George the prime minister and most of the ministers but this idea of ... the national heard so on Jews sugar large took place amid Sir Sir on not thinking of men fusion are Strout strobe far too difficult battle with scrub the noon news show laughter goes through fog Robeson's your and in the end it comes out as a rubber clump of modular so I'm in this central point is that of 4 of the Jewish community true false known sure you have the first bit which promises a national herm Rosen the national home and then you have the view that nothing that stupid dawn sure Drummond anywhere home they are to literature but you come back to the big point which is that this is perhaps the greatest invention jurist dollars thousands of heroes condoms summer cool Cohen do you think it's important that all Jews coming move to Israel put 2000 news the Jewish people been exile horrible exile and now we can come home Jews all over the world every day proved the guard she gather in the Jewish people and now were allowed to come here why would you know want to come here even the United Nations says this is a wonderful place to live and they're just counting the physical aspects of living here not the spiritual aspect people are happier in Israel live longer this year than they do in America of course you should come home let me show you something think force that 234 you just acquired a share in the world a co come pick another forced up you increased your share in the world the com if you're fortunate to buy a home here it's as if you buy a home with a world of calm worldcom is after this war the spiritual world this virtual world you can't do anything to get any better for it you reap the benefit of what you do in this world I just by walking here this girl who gave better for this is the holy land wanted to live in the holy land he has a whole new experience all the prayers from all the Jewish people boulder world come here first to the coast tell the western wall permit go to heaven are you allowed to live here now course we should come home if we can you saying that all Jews should Israel every Jew should come home right now except for 2 Jews should wait jul who cannot make a living here she threw out how to make a living before he calmed and number 2 the jewels responsible for the Jewish community should not leave the community or else god forbid the community will fall apart now there's a secret to come home this extra was caused because Jude hated Jews without reason if you wanna have been successful cubby hole homecoming start loving every Julia possibly kill without a reason and that will guarantee you'll be welcome home welcome home in 1954 the Israelis hired a number of Egyptian Jews to plant bombs in American and British sentiments libraries and other civilian targets to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood or other malcontents the plan known as the lavon affair was part of an effort to convince the British to retain their military presence in the occupied Suez Canal zone several bombings took place but the British were ultimately forced out after Nasser nationalized the canal in 1967 the Israelis attacked the USS liberty U. S. navy technical research ship off the coast of Egypt the ship was strafed repeatedly for hours in an apparent attempt to blame the attack on Egypt and draw the Americans into the 6 day war but amazingly the crew managed to keep it afloat in 2007 newly released NSA intercepts confirmed that the Israelis knew they were attacking American ship not an Egyptian ship as their cover story had me one time brings worry 2 times it's alarming threats right those were Jewish are being targeted and today the Jewish community center in Owings mills and a Jewish day school in Annapolis both got bomb threats if you choose not is saying with a very scary situation the bomb threat came in around 10 this morning and while business is back to usual here at the center leaders here say they're still some concern we had a quick how determination that we felt the threat was not credible Simon we decided not to evacuate our building the JCC here in Owings mills is always busy Monday morning was no different but threats to Jewish facilities nationwide disheartening 0 has sure clients day quietness present like go ahead you say can't delegate a question though per you give us a closed hearing locking us can you give us a question don't be rude not I think I'm not going to give you a question you stay because you are fake news circa hitting you state categorically that you know guys investigating get a new outbreak of threats against Jewish targets including schools with young children there were threats across several states today preschool children were evacuated after a bomb threat this Jewish community center in Davie Florida and it comes after hundreds of gravestones were vandalized at a cemetery in Philadelphia A. B. C.'s GOP leaders is in Philadelphia tonight tonight the startling images of children evacuated from a Jewish community center in South Florida after a bomb threat was called in similar scenes unfolding in Alabama Michigan Rhode Island and New York and it doesn't end there today we've seen evacuations of 21 JC season day schools in at least a dozen states 90 threats this year so far authorities say the threats are substantiated today the White House condemning them the president continues to condemn these in any other form of anti a full access in the strongest terms these new threats come after an estimated 500 headstones were toppled that this Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia over the weekend volunteers flocking to the cemetery today it takes 5 men to lift just one stone is our hallowed grounds where individuals were buried here their families their friends it'll make a story out of Davy or forties are investigating a bomb threat at the David pas nag Jewish day school and this is just one of several threats that have been made targeting Jewish communities around the country in recent weeks CBS Forcella hard heavy on is light and Davey with the latest developments Silva good afternoon just about half an hour ago we got an update from the day the police department they tell us this was the not again repeating it not a credible threat but that sent the school of ed officials and of course the police department I to ... a chaotic scene here and in panic as parents were alerted of this bomb threat and showed up to provide a ceramic lesson from kill the show I don't like to be controversial but sometimes it's fine a lot of the issues that we as the Jewish people have in relation to the land of Israel and the question that always is asking the international community one that you have arrived we actually have to the land of Israel unfortunately stem often from our own people anti Semites there aplenty anti Israel people there are plenty but we as a people have to be absolutely 100 percent committed to the land of Israel and need to understand boldly and clearly that the land belongs to us not because the United Nations guided twice in 1948 not because of any doubt for decoration but solely and exclusively because this is the land that god promised 12 people in the suite car shop in the first 8 of the sweet Torah portion god clearly tells to Jewish people see that I have given you the land or you have to do is go into corporate and Russia who is the foremost commentary explains that if the Jews had not a quick a catered over whether value owns the land of Israel if they did not send despise to try to work out should we conquered should we not concrete that simply have gone in guns blazing and done what they had to do to take what was rightfully theirs from the beginning of creation we've got a lot to a small piece of land to a small people that we wouldn't have so many of the issues that we had at that time similarly today or we need to do is talk to the world get out there on the stage and said I know you've said no box the land of Israel belongs to the Jews and that is the end of the stories that we won't have to try and defend ourselves all the time constantly being on the diff defensive constantly trying to respond to our critics we don't need to play the game of diplomacy or political correctness when it comes to something as crucial and critical as the land of Israel Israel has always belonged to the Jews Israel currently belongs to the Jews in Israel voice will belong to the Jews for all eternity after role says weeks says showing this week's Torah portion with that I wish you and yours a wonderful shop in naval warfare a false flag refers to an attack where a vessel flies the flag other than their true battle flag before engaging their enemy it is a trick designed to deceive the enemy about the true nature and origin of an attack in the democratic era where governments require at least a plausible pretexts before sending their nation to war it has been adapted as a psychological warfare tactic to deceive the government's own population into believing that an enemy nation has attacked it's yes well if you if you the problem is how at the no American you are old Dave spare money what we more and more roads know what is going you have to hello especially alright so now now I do get on de real lead just Sparky's stronger they left so we're left and never been with a left there is F. operating basically nonexistent the part you get used to be the left party ... kind of merits they only Jewish left body in the Israeli parliament parliament is now solely concerned with LGBT E. shoes LGBT is that I'll ask them to let all of that you know that and men lesbian gaze the I owe you know so this is the main issue and it is not surprising that if a young Israeli always living in the joint state is searching for true identity as the patrols between being an LGBT enthusiast or everything would be if their scholarship that that they've been evolving for 3000 years many of them say hi I'm returning you know my back all this is their way through oncoming and these why more and more Jews in these Israeli Jews are recover and and the Jew dyke you know redundant due to Judaism it's very it's very obvious as I need them that anything probably is not going to eh ease is imploding Israelis imploding it's it's not that Israel would be a smash by by the Palestinians all by the Palestinian solidarity move you know Israel is falling apart and it's becoming more and more Jew dyke it's we see demographically we concede spiritually we conceive politically yeah Jerusalem day and this is the scene outside the famous Damascus gate entrance to the Muslim quarter of the old city will 19 look alike stir these the paces of Israel's by brand ultranationalists young men stood by a messianic zeal and now emboldened by election success religious ultra nationalists now hold key cabinet posts the new government they revel in remembering the stay at the date Israel crushed its enemies it took full control over Jerusalem in the 1967 war many of these young men at the Boston all mass settlements across the west bank well delirious chunks of fused with biblical references settlers believe they have a divine right to the land in the west bank and Jerusalem see themselves as the flame holders of Israel's future these nationalists are also religious fundamentalists it really well plainness you have when this thing will be this to revenge against the Simeons times they appear like a sectarian football more Palestinian shopkeepers harbored the shot that shops the settlers movin home protection brewing the moon turns ugly suddenly a Palestinian journalist set upon yeah yeah I look yeah //
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9/11 & The God Of The Jewish State . . .
\\they did exactly what they did in Europe it's very problematic indeed a I have an idea as to why it evolved in that direction of what use is defeated because of the fantasy because they wanted to create a nation that didn't exist nations develop organically I think that Israel wanted to create the create a fantasy nation was nationalism French nationalism is nationalism love for country an English for a country Jewish nationalism Zionism was nationalism for a nation that did not exist the concocted it's emphatically and and the question is why would anybody want to join this ... this club why would anybody want to be a scientist to move to Israel why would anybody want to be a national Jew now there were Jews by the way they're called cannot him this guy units and roll touch I think his name was ... who had this movement where we're not Jews where he proves we have nothing to do with my ass produce it never got off the ground the reason we never got the ground is because one would anybody want to bother you don't want to be Jewish sold so get rid your Jewishness why would somebody want to join the scripts with the sign is did they have consistently infuse like a Frankenstein monster was not a person we gotta consistently infuse it with some artificial life so first we start with this lands business let's connect ourselves to the lands and be pioneers that that became boring get pretty quick today you know what they have the Holocaust the Holocaust is they're going to use the pew survey listen to this 100 Jewish Jewish people identify with the Jewishness what's essential to your Jewish identity 19 percent say observing the Jewish religion 19 percent 191191 knowing the full of people like them to fight as Jews 56 say Jewishness means essentially working for social justice and equality now you have to get you to do that but okay at 69 percent say leaving an ethical and moral life again was left to be 73 percent say essential to their Jewishness is remembering the Holocaust now it used to be the Holocaust became a god if you get to hear the phrase well who's a Jew well Hitler didn't distinguish between religious and non related hit wouldn't was that makes you would you would use to be that taught in the tower decided was that you no Hitler decides who's that you it used to be that you can question god now you can question the Holocaust now how customers a bit no question but what about a gonna deny your you can be a god dispersed you question got anything in question in the Jewish religion but not the Holocaust denying god used to be what put you outside the camp now it's denying the Holocaust Abraham our father went from town to town building Walters to god now they go from town to town building how close memorials the Jews build the grand temple to god in in in the holy lands now they have Yad Vashem it used to be that people would go in and visit the temple all the Jews would would with with with my great now they visit the concentration camps it's that Ollila Regola have much of the living the Holocaust became their Jewishness such as that but the Holocaust became their god if they have to constantly in fuel Zionism with new life when the Holocaust becomes tired because it will as we generations go further and further away from the Holocaust it becomes less and less at exciting they can have to find something else that's what was doomed from the start because wasn't a live person was a synthetic person they had keep pumping with some artificial life now they have they have to find another with a capital low they have to find what they're not to use to be they weren't the the the diaspora Jews the goal is to now we're not the Palestinians they always have to find something took her to create an identity I I Bowman Vietnam a period of 20 years by I killed can any action to take Kennedy assassination matters because you esque the lies of the war can that is that one man killed killed by the arms Kelly assassination matters because media can port source it matters because lies about the American population stork we've so what is 911 truth and years later 911 truth matters be hi Bob what half very day 911 was a policy it brought us in the war on terror series of Lee wars grisly photos from Iraq 911 truth matters because for 15 years the controlled media has pushed a false narrative about 911 and the war on terror all the while suppressing evidence that disproves the official myth again the American people have not believed and not have not trusted the government this question was asked and and ... the American public in 2002 73 percent thought that the US government was mostly lying or hiding something being untruthful dishonest that increased in 2004 and 2006 you went over 80 percent and when they found is a New York times poll when they found that only 16 percent thought the administration was telling the truth they stopped polling so our predicament in the United States in a nutshell is that if the U. S. government and media are lying to us by September 11 it means they are controlled by the same people who carried out 911 that's a reasonable conclusion so why did the government and media cover up the truth about what happened on 911 first to protect the real culprits from B. identify and to prevent the official myth from being exposed as a pack of lies and 3 to advance the fraudulent war on terror Zionist where gender being waged by the United States which was the primary reason for 911 I have come across as problematic word Zionist what design is mean Zionism means basically Jewish nationalist that is a nation nation state of Israel for the Jewish people and for the Jewish people alone I'm Zionism of course is based on this idea of of a state in which Jews are the only ones that actually have high and franchise citizens so it's based on a notion of Jewish primacy so 911 was a highly sophisticated false flag terror tri city designed to create shock and awe and to end to instill fear in raging the population to compel US public opinion to support an Israeli Zionist war agenda known as the global war on terror and that's where we've been for the last 15 years starting the war on terror was the primary reason for the false flag terror attacks of 9 lowing reality as I see it Canada is an Amway being retooled now as a kind of warrior state modeled after the Israeli warrior state maybe even Canada's becoming a servant of the Israeli warrior state Israeli propaganda to ... mislead the world about the nature of the Iranian nuclear program there is on the one side could I call it the Jewish state of Israel and on the other side the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran is a very functioning you know I'd feel much safer in Teheran for Burbank Hoover as the years go by well then if it wasn't those people who did it who did it and you know some people will still not go into that narrative but others it will go into in those who do go into it tend to come up with us you know a conclusion that somehow Israel the foreign policy of Israel Massad ... worldwide Zionism that there's something there that is very central to it and when you see benefited from it and who is using this narrative ... it's pretty obvious brought to us world economically morally we went to war against salute we nothing to do with 911 it was a total pretax it's it's inexplicable and there you go to Cheney there you know to bush there you go to the Jewish neo cons who wanted to remake of the world maybe I can say that because I'm Jewish India because among standing opponent symptoms but I was sitting in a bar on Capitol Hill and I was told by congressional staffer careful how you use the word neo conservative people might think you're being anti semitic key just expense for I mean it's no secret the majority of neo conservatives have been and remain Jewish that is a fact they are not they do not represent a majority of the American Jewish community but you think it's legitimate to talk about the pro Israeli politics of some of the conservatives well I think it's very difficult to understand them if you don't begin at that point I mean I should think people would want to talk about that rather openly because it to the extent that you suppress it and I think there is an attempt by some to suppress it I think then it festers in 1996 a group of neo cons but reports intended his advice incoming Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu it called for a clean break with the peace process rolling back Syria and removing Saddam Hussein from power an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right amongst those who contributed Richard Poe Douglas Fife number 3 at the Pentagon David Windsor knot of the state department and my wife Windsor it was no more than a mental Lexus done it think tank ... up by a group of people ... yet so many of us are Jewish it there's no need to apologize for Pat ... ... a most of us all of us infect our pro Israel I some of us more fiercely so then via and then then others but we have no problem also criticizing Israel that that paper in 1996 that we can break paper that was the paper that took accusations of dual loyalty there is no dual loyalty paper in 1996 that we can break paper that was the paper that took accusations of dual loyalty there is no dual loyalty Volvo I love ya cuckoo insulators book is about how the Israeli secret service Mossad recruits and frowns just released in French it is called god won't return to Bethlehem this is the first time that such a book which deeply investigates the presence of Israel in front has been released in French his book contains the words not widely known in France Sanam a Hebrew term for covert agents working for Mossad the Israeli secret services how we are choosing how do they work what are very connections I take an example you know you remember a de to soldier collection mopey he was completely unknown and in a few days has his name became it became famous in order to work that much do welcome to say any Jakob going is a Jew himself and his family members living in the occupied territories he says this has helped him to know the Israeli para just inside out and over the years net him to become strongly anti Zionist I school and ... free machinery how display any social ... behave tool should poked its giant and or vis de pushed me to write to the 2 books about how Jim was shut many put it's a lot of Jewish who leaving fries scene in a deep states everywhere to head them in their propaganda Jakob go in is already being attacked for his books a nice before the book cronies the venue was tagged with the graffiti Jack Germond knows his fame has also earned him enemies does say in these the consent and vector drew critics ... Israel because it's it's too much to be treated via a traitor a couple you know come close are do Jews who who served in Jadoo analogy seemed ... competition can't yet he says he's not afraid and plans to write a third book Mr proper Stevie Paris peipu 99 a clean break paper that was the paper that took accusations of dual loyalty there is no dual loyalty did he give it to John and Mary Ellen's let us know so depressed I don't know what to do we'd go for it man easy for you to say you got the promotion it'll come right just don't worry about it that feeling is definitely bear it's a new morning in America fresh vital the old cynicism is gone we have faith in our leaders we're optimistic as to what becomes of it all it really boils down to our ability to accept we don't need pessimism there are no limits it must think those who have been some great art right of the excuse me just survive you know you look like you had felt in the cheese dip back in 1957 go there okay this one real fucking ugly you see I think these glasses off she looks like a regular person doesn't see all what about Bob from now the height face that's what we got up on you to get out or call the cops gonna call you don't you need you need a Brazilian plastic I've got one that can see the is a tall Caucasian male does it appear arm wearing sun I don't like the squirrel Juan awaiting recognize from the United States without official recognition all the vital elements of a be impossible military health loans trade it was up to president Truman and every faction was hammering at the White House door whose side would he take we just finished to ours and we had a country around but back on an even keel I guess that's when I began to fail but they presidential chair was about the loneliest place that a man could be if you think that the president as somebody to pass the Buck to your justice mistaken if you can be I had a sign on my desk the Buck stops here couldn't get any further I gave orders that nobody nobody but to come to see me and talk about Palestine affair but one man could not accept the informal presidential order at the final decision his name was cry and white the doctor channel Weitzman and then try again all and I won't let him in but someone did come to see me and he got in this name was added Jacobs and a lot of people have asked me that's fact got back in the first World War violated the business of the 2 I get exasperated when they ask me that because a man religion are his car as never had any effect on my feeling for him are mired socialization with him this man with whom I was in business but any data from the finest men I ever had in think do it and he and I completely understood each other and we all send each other it is one of the best buyers that ever I came across and how is one of the best salesman that he ever had base so shared with they came in turnaround say very much quiet as they could be and I found that says anyone aware of my review here at last come to get something club because you never advance befriend thinks it's up in the White House and since we've been friends and then he told me that he thought that time or not to ... Weitzman out of my house it's odd to see and I told him that I would see the doctor but he'd have to bring him in the side door I didn't want any propaganda started down the thing doctor writes one first name was Sierra today I am nana nana pronounces cycle in care call him that to his face and he liked it it is a wonderful man one of the wisest people I think I ever met there was a leader while the kind that you read about celibacy Dr Weitzman came to see me where a long long conversation as he explained the situation from his viewpoint and I listened to him very carefully and at the same time I sent freighted Jacobson and they both sat down and talked to me for a long long time under through I said alright you do Jews of put it over on me and I'm glad you have brought a likable on my desk at the White House I is to keep a quotation from Mark Twain which set always do right this will gratify some people and astonish the red as was his habit the president's final decision ratified a nation and astonished the world United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority the new state department was controlled by the Israeli government is in the form it Israeli foreign ministry tail was is what they're doing is they're gonna have to ever at the state the scope of what was to things wrong with that one is that it's it's you know kind of suggesting the Israeli powers controlling things number to that of all the branches of the government the state department being a pro is but the most pro Israel branches based on based on every statement I've heard of any Republican the last 2 years the Israelis are controlling our government not the state Shalom Israel Republicans I'm governor Mike pence a great honor for Donald Trump and I stand together with you to support of Israel and I'm deeply humbled to be speaking to you at this historic time and with all of you there in that special holy place Jerusalem the eternal home of the Jewish people over the course of this campaign many people have asked me why our tickets stands so strongly with Israel Donald Trump and I stand with Israel because Israel's fight is our fight because Israel's because is our costs we stand with Israel for the same reasons good people everywhere stand with Israel we stand with Israel because our cause is just hand I heard because my family were horrible noise of thunder and because her for one of the 4 beasts saying Israel is not just our strongest allies so and who lives for so many years whole life force Israel is our currently Israel lives on the White if it's there's no man going round is taken then he decides who to free there isn't a way like the United States everybody's hated like freedom although showing mnbound never like I was standing there if I had to share in the city and many so would you say that last offer could or disappear poverty with the others it's and let's we WNED so use and I virgin from there was I I n't within break paper that was the but not to positions of dual loyalty there is no dual loyalty I supply is out by supporters around I suppose I support I support high support Israel I am going to because I'm free cowrites your freedom yeah station week with I mean what college at a we're in both cases part 911 not up for and what I what I show them immediately afterward third building the World Trade Center it 7 and they look at that and I don't know you understand that you have one of the building where demolition all of the hardware and what American and they didn't they did and make no and that it's a long black your 911911 he has led directly he vowed America 17 god knows how many about people in other countries the older boy remain calm American ever know ever know it is all that but the mafia and I'm going to give a rat that but they are not they will do it I am a I'm playing as as as truly an all or nothing and because even if they lose this one if the American people ever realize what happened they're done giving you know be a bloody proving more and they're gone I mean it doesn't he did not even be most we don't went down third with back in by plane it required for all demolition therefore all of them away called and you know what I what I have and ended you know I don't I'm not going to give you an argument look at and they look at the film and without exception come back it it 911 I I I I I //

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