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"2017-11-07 03:46:37"
NYC November 4th Antifa Refuse Facism Protest
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"2017-11-07 02:16:46"
NYC November 4th Antifa Refuse Facism Protest
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"2017-11-06 20:40:52"
New York Police Close to Arresting Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey
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"2017-11-06 20:35:06"
ANTIFA Texas Church Shooting Reported Day Before
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"2017-11-06 05:12:16"
Where Did the Towers Go؟ Implications of Dr Judy Wood's 9/11 Forensic Study and Its Cover Up
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"2017-11-06 04:31:59"
November 4th NYC Immortal Technique Speech & 9/11 Interview
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"2017-11-06 00:22:18"
Luke Rudkowski and Sabrina Rivera get confronted on death of Dan Wallace
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"2017-11-05 19:27:41"
Luke Rudkowski and Sabrina Rivera get confronted on death of Dan Wallace
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"2017-11-05 08:24:12"
Despacito - Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee
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"2017-11-05 07:18:32"
9/11 South Tower WTC Crash SLOW MOTION
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"2017-11-05 07:17:17"
Slow motion 1st WTC 'plane' crash on 9/11 by Naudet Brothers
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"2017-11-04 23:46:51"
Nov. 4th NYC Antifa 'Dead Cops' Cuck Professor Confronted
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"2017-11-04 16:48:28"
911 Eyewitness Hoboken 2005
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"2017-11-04 10:39:36"
Terrorstorm by Alex Jones
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"2017-11-04 06:33:38"
Loose Change 1st Edition 2005 FULL Documentary
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"2017-11-04 04:18:13"
911 Who was Responsible and Why by Jim Fetzer, Ph D
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"2017-11-03 23:40:27"
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"2017-11-03 19:23:09"
Trump says Justice Department should investigate Podesta!
\\now I'm really not involved with the justice department I'd like to let it run itself but honestly they should be looking at the Democrats basically look at Podesta and all of that dishonesty they should be looking at a lot of things had a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me thank you everybody //
"2017-11-03 17:33:08"
September Clues Addendum by Simon Shack
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"2017-11-03 08:05:48"
Waterboarding 9⁄11 Truthers at Ground Zero
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"2017-11-03 08:01:13"
The Warren 12 Report
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"2017-11-03 07:47:50"
Nico Haupt Goes To Jail!
\\I know the other thing digits French Joe this //
"2017-11-03 07:46:10"
Nico Haupt Ground Zero Affrontivism Performance vs Trifler
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"2017-11-03 07:39:42"
Nico Haupt Attacks WeAreCHANGE
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"2017-11-03 07:36:53"
9 11 tv fu kery Season 2 Episode 1
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"2017-11-03 07:31:28"
No Planer Nightmare
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"2017-11-03 07:23:33"
Ewing2001: Video Overlay proves 911 TV Fakery by Nico Haupt 2006
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"2017-11-03 07:18:12"
ewing2001 Deutschland Uber Alles 2008 tagesschauAA '77mix
\\ //
"2017-11-03 07:13:31"
Ewing2001 “This is the Image that Will Haunt You“
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"2017-11-03 05:24:50"
NYC Tribeca Truck Terror Halloween hoax
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"2017-11-02 23:21:47"
Donna Brazile Says Primary Was Rigged Against Bernie Sanders
\\former head of the Democratic National Committee skewers Hillary Clinton in a new book about the 2016 election as chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports Donna Brazile now charges the system was rigged against insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders want to try to get reaction on the.a result revelations this morning Mister Sanders senator Bernie Sanders had no comment on Donna Brazile former interim Democratic National Committee chair who's forthcoming memoir alleges in an excerpt in politico that under her predecessor congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz quote the DNC was reading the system to throw the primary to Hillary a great convention that we've had who's ill reports the Clinton campaign raised $10000000 to retire 80 percent of the party's bank debt but exacted a steep price the agreement Brazil right signed by Amy day see the former C. E. O. of the DNC and Robby mook of the Clinton campaign with a copy to the campaign's general counsel mark Elias specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC Hillary would control the party's finances strategy and all the money raised her campaign of the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director and it would make final decisions on all the other staff the DNC also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing budgeting data analytics and mailings this victory fund agreement had been signed in August 2015 just 4 months after Hillary announced her candidacy and nearly a year before she officially had the nomination there are lots of things that were shocking about it won the the the financials condition of the DNC to the way the DNC that had to rely on the Clinton campaign ... for the money and the resources to continue even operating in a statement Wasserman Schultz told fox news she is proud of her work at DNC and urged Democrats to remain focused on a progressive agenda madam secretary any response to a ton of Brazil is the Clinton campaign did not respond to our query nor with the federal elections commission disclose whether it is investigating Brazil's allegations Brazil said she search for other evidence of a rigged primary and found none I'll be asking some questions as well along with my friend Roland Martin of TV one yet the excerpt neglects to mention that Brazil used her dual role as a C. N. N. commentator to steer C. N. N. debate questions to Clinton in advance for months Brazil denied having done so well get I I you know as a Christian woman on the same persecution but I will not sit here be persecuted because your information is totally false but in an essay for time magazine last may Brazil belatedly acknowledged having done so and called it a mistake she'll regret forever the DNC's new leadership told reporters they've restructured the party's fund raising and are now committed to electing Democrats every year in every zip code Brett James thank you more on this with the panel could //
"2017-11-02 09:31:05"
Nov 1st 2017 2nd NYC Mayoral Debate
\\ //
"2017-11-01 19:33:09"
NYC Terror Coverage With Laura Loomer & Anderson Cooper - "CNN Is Fake News" On Live TV!
\\ //
"2017-11-01 08:04:36"
Snapchat Videos from immediate aftermath Of NYC terror on Haloween
\\I that's the yeah we got hit terrace I //
"2017-11-01 03:32:30"
I call CNN & Anderson Cooper Fake News Live On CNN!!!
\\what is it that there could be a video kind of a martyrdom video so call which is what we saw in I think in the Charlie Hebdo attacks avoid memory serves me there were there were some in some new tax in Europe that we've seen in their lives that it can make contact if you did make contact with isis they will have instructed him not to just leave a note right they wanna martyrdom video they want //
"2017-11-01 02:11:05"
Raw footage from NYC Halloween terror attack
\\yeah classic had removed when people want to use I'm glad that it didn't bicyclists some got letters that magnum underwater is I know this mongers but I weight loss //
"2017-11-01 01:10:58"
NYC Halloween Terror Attack Aftermath
\\nobody is no play TV I'm here a corner athlete in the tent chambers street we got the fake news media type push me around here oppose tax here scene of the greatest falls flat the governor Cuomo just had police news can I think this is so of here my great she and she aka ways when I suppose terror some of you know Kim why we haven't election coming and about why do the pushing is ... visions 0 put down killed so I I think this could have been another charity we only had one with the time square attack that was all clear false flag attack and now we have this here one week before the mayoral election more need for more security more pedestrian security this really happened there once we don't need to terrorists this was a terrorist scared but which is how do we support the 7 dead bodies 7 different individuals where did that and then on top of that Dixie that's the got a little and so these are the employees that are that are very indeed we accurate work the need a leader incumbent came down here and said that it wasn't a terrorist he left before the bodies were so does that mean that he's not showing the support thing now means that we have this Kim router like he didn you are create account with the Green Party under Kennedy on offense I'm 34 we are yeah mean I hate to lose how fun so I don't know what I mean though the funny thing about that Japanese movies have when I saw well so this happened about 2:00 hours ago I didn't think it was much of a big deal but it seems like the number is growing and obviously now we have full terrorist attack hysteria here Japanese media vu media we have governor Cuomo quiet car going for more security news cameras here live reports this is home to me I'm a bicyclist myself here in Manhattan I drive right here on this block goal time so I'm interested in what really happened air New York one here sigh sigh sigh not a bad but I still yeah sovereigns some now the other we have on the law enforcement is yeah and I have find is what we heard from a couple other you get any equation from about this on my friend did I finally breaks it up so it didn well into this sorry Sir yeah not even if I I'm like this I don't know man yeah one this also numbers one you know 611 611 I actually like 611 broadcasts the only real live footage on 911 it broke past missile is the world trade centers stand down in the background later and now I like them because it's stupid enough to let that out when Japanese media here I wish I come on here so early I didn't realize the magnitude of it they were reporting that it was so a dead man Japanese don't come often out that yeah like but it's very I would like especially when there's a lot of we're block away from the biggest falsify attack in American history how how could he not expect you know more secure please say a call for more security roll of quarters they like this but how can more security stop someone driving on the bike path I'm a bicyclist I assume it really hits home to me I drive by here all the time yeah it's crazy are you Christ is not to are you a crisis actress now no funny guys got a lock my bike up real quick back my guys I have heard every I think I no yeah and I got misinterpreted like wasn't statement and now all the media crews out here is that true he wasn't here when you have the neovia crisis to make a story set up it was well the father doesn't change it on the who is it a Mr you don't seem to and step might take maybe ntfc I haven't halfway are you a crisis like dude I a crisis actor if you know Chris I don't have to tell me was that you are a public alright yes on yeah Warren and now every media outlet in this here in August eating is a hoax no well I right yeah yeah when it last night square and not this many people are out so and so so George hearing it right there so many students in this area and that makes this so very dangerous regular area because talking about this World Trade Center area you think it's just a financial not true there's a port right there and that we saw kids playing in the sport Israel this 911 much going on we can handle the truth like it was from elite he was Muslim so I just want to add that he was not on the only thing you can do Middle East I mean you know he was doing a good in all my life and so I can't really tell if he's you know these are his Muslim 7 Lowenberg okay and and we're still learning very out yeah learning about yes good okay yeah ... elementary school here we have lots of kids here here lot of people here we don't know why this happens equal Britain out of mass that is just words more than 3 slings hear them as they I just we're not many of these back yeah plus as best we don't set by the community college high school and elementary school yes the get a signal Celeste that's number one singles the socialists yeah you go plug nmap then plus I gather yeah what what sonas went past fans in the living room and just what we see him in then yeah back good like you know them best should I know ... I see him out of college I was just so you know some I have IGN that's going to ask so see shutting down parts of lower Manhattan a nearby school going to walk down chaos and streets first I first reports that it was a growing regions personal portals of world regions then the forties calling it the NYPD already on high alert yeah we were here so if anyone wants to report anything that was said with many that are put out no no not you I didn outbox nuclear talk to us and putting them with the camera down you crave sake I'm doing now we did do and how we cries acted or you have to make number leann the bulls won they're all screaming out with yells there was no or low water mark that I I heard so it was a bad thing where we getting so if you look silly so I humanizes society of people it's not it's about the cream so leann IGN item excellent broadcast nearly real nice I I don't he's very are we like make sure like my music bear bile their motions yeah Russians and I yeah I saw that there yeah even I well you know we're going you cannot for we need technician as the perpetrator right right I I'm going was if I Israel did 911 let me know where on occasion what walking or how yeah not your regular fox news nicely with west news source I have trust as a corporate fox news down fox 5 NY really the most mom general why I think is amazing you're falling hi you're on a public sidewalk and I assume that where you got a lot of all your the only one I Holly tragedy I'm just so sad but what I've heard from inside reports is that he says something bad about the Yankees and he got the whole thing wrong and he said something anti Moslem and round up all the cops they say in Arabic or English yeah English is semi semi anti ... Arabic English which is ... yeah and new strain and so whatever his pass the whole fucking media's out here ... there really hyping this as a major terror all data and the formal gave the speech well when you know parity now are yeah but I think yeah she lives thank you so much that's great so yeah I started using it and or there's vehicles continuing to pour into the we now and route larger really this Israel did 911 yes Israel did 911 Israel did 911 I realizing that so there's I didn't hear the rocket large planes later and now and there you know right Israel did not 11 don't leave normally that //
"2017-10-31 20:20:48"
JFK Assassination: Zapruder Film Frame Deletions
\\one of the major pieces of evidence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and 8 millimeter home movie taken by a local businessman Abraham's prove disapproved or fell Jude in life magazine and became a focal point in the Warren Commission investigation does disapproved of film we see today accurately represent the true events of 11/22/1963 or has it been altered as many researchers have suggested in the following analysis we should attempt to find out as you watch the film you can see how the random motion of the camera mix analysis of the events difficult our first step is to remove as much of this extra motion as possible to focus solely on the movement of the limousine and the people in the scene you can see that once the limousine is stabilized it is easier to follow the movement of the people in the car and on the lawn previous researchers have stabilized limousine as well to focus solely on the actions of Kennedy in the car now we're going to do something different the first bystanders we see on the lawn seem to be looking not at the limousine which is passing them but behind it as if it is not reached them yet this odd reaction would seem to support the idea that the background action is out of sync with the limousine let's take a look at the way separate layers could be combined into 1963 era film using either an optical printer or an animation stand both use the same principle the background bystanders on the lawn would need to be separated by masking out the limousine this would leave a blank area in the foreground in order to re time the background without this blank areas showing background could be enlarged and 3 framed to create an overlap area then the limousine layer the background mask doubt could overlap this new background and be be timed and positioned independently allowing its speed to be controlled us well these layers joined together form what is called a composite jitters could then be applied to this composite to create the final effect it has been argued by John Castillo PhD that the Stemmons freeway sign which passes in front of the limousine has been fabricated his detailed analysis shows how the scientists not exhibit the same lens distortion or a line and prospective with other objects in the scene if the sign were a separate layer on top of the limousine this would be the perfect way to cover the change between real and re time to footage we also see married Mormons standing with her friend in the red coat clearly on the lawn when according to her testimony she stepped forward onto the street when she took her picture as Kennedy was shot if the lawn footage has been re time to we may actually be seeing an earlier moment before she stepped forward another unsettling aspect to the bystanders is their unusually large size in relation to their distance from the limousine and its occupants as if the entire background had been blown up this again supports the theory that the background layer has been re size separately as the car passes the last couple on the lawn the man's legs go from a position of standing feet together standing wide apart in one frame that's an 18 th of a second which isn't near physical impossibility not to mention strange it is however the logical point to cut from the retirement background back to real footage as the car speeds away here's an example of bystanders showing motion blur notice their shadows on the lawn are also bleary as they naturally would be however just a few frames later we see this the bystanders are even more blurred yet their shadows are impossibly sharp this is a clear example of retouching and further proof that the background has been altered although the lamppost passes in front of the limousine it exhibits no movement in relation to the far background as it should being an object much closer in 3 dimensional space to the panning camera it also displays an odd blurred extension on its lower left side where it passes in front of the limousine giving the lamppost and artificial cut out appearance this further supports the theory that the limousine layer has been separated from the background law therefore the lamppost would need to be cut out as well to overlay the limousine inconsistencies regarding the actions of the people in the limousine have been a point of discussion among researchers for example the driver turns his head twice to look behind and then forward faster than physically possible which seems to indicate removed frames the head turns correspond to 2 points at which the passengers lurch forward as if the car has brakes suddenly although the car shows only gradual slowing compared to the background second of these break seems to be strong enough to throw Connolly and his wife completely to the floor of the car and the driver and front passenger forward as well these examples alone pointed significant re timing of the limousine speed the sprocket hole area on the left side of the frame reveals an interesting clue when the motorcycle officer momentarily pulls up from behind the limousine at the same time as the second passenger lurch this seems to indicate either the motorcycle suddenly sped up or more likely the limousine suddenly braked and the officer was not prepared for it and braked later having the effect of pulling up alongside the limousine yet the film does not seem to show the limousine slowing or stopping again supporting the theory that the timing has been altered this brings us to our final question why would someone do this as mentioned before the passengers in the limousine lunge forward at if the car has braked suddenly many witnesses at the time testified that they saw the limousine slow or stop at the time Kennedy received the fatal head shot imagine the outcome of the Warren Commission investigation they had seen a film in 19 3 showing the secret service driver bringing the presidential limousine to a complete stop after shots had been fired to allow the assassin a clear on moving target for the fatal head shot who would they investigate that a lone gunman we began this presentation asking the question does disapprove your film today accurately represent November 22 19 our answer is no let's review are finding paced freeways side the large bystanders 82 shadows cut out lamp posts the lurching passengers the breaking motorcycle once you have seen this evidence it's difficult to watch the Zapruder film and see it as anything but a fabrication those who created it never wanted us to see even this much but now it is too late we know that the film was altered and re time before the public saw it most likely to hide the stopping of the limousine once this fact is accepted and enormous house of cards begins to fall if the secret service driving the limousine who else was involved if the secret service FBI or CI a who all had possession of the originals tell we're involved in its alteration but does that mean timeline which immediately bought the rights to the film and then refuse show it for decades was involved what does that mean if the Warren Commission based their report on the time line of a false Zapruder film what does that mean //
"2017-10-31 09:27:30"
Las Vegas: Overlay Proves Fake Jesus Campos Was On Ellen
\\the person on the left is hazy's Campos and award dinner after the Mandalay bay shooting on October 10 October eighteenth this much have your person was on the Ellen show there's no way he's use couldn't gain that much weight we overlay their photos is very obvious that these are 2 very different people in addition to this person who was on Alan being much heavier they have very different airlines different eyebrows different ears different jaw line different malls clearly 2 different people //
"2017-10-31 07:49:22"
'We're Not Intimidated': Tucker Responds to Legal Threat From Podesta Lawyer
\\good evening and welcome a sucker Carlson tonight we have exclusive new reporting on a story that has turned Washington upside down because more intriguing than anything in the city I've seen in 25 years this course you've heard independent counsel Robert Miller's investigation has zeroed in on its first targets today former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul mana for it in his business associate Rick gates were both indicted on charges of money laundering tax fraud in failure to report lobbying arrangements and the indictment among other things offers tantalizing details about how foreign lobbying actually works at the highest levels in Washington how mana for allegedly used wandered off shore cash to buy a range Rovers expand his wardrobe somehow spend $655000 on landscaping for his house in the Hamptons metaphors indictment comes as honestly no surprise to anyone who's been in Washington for awhile and his watch them operate the force legal system make the final call on that is pretty clear though that Paul mana for it is just the first in a series of people in DC who are suddenly in deep deep trouble who's next reading between the lines think we've got a dean election for this and in step and it's the indictment efforts to pro Russia indictment goes into tail on the 2 mysterious groups to I've been the document as be those companies we tonight Kerry al see that's led by in Weber and the put the group founded by Tony Fadell brother John whom you remember as Hillary Clinton Payne chairman none of this will come as a shock to viewers of the show last Tuesday we told you that the more investigation is no longer primarily a search for Russian collusion in the 2016 race it is now a much far reaching inquiry into crop lobbying practices across in DC one that is very likely to ensnare figures close to Hillary Clinton in press accounts Miller's investigation is still frame as a hunt for collusion between Donald trump's presidential campaign and the government of Russia sources investigators are in fact very interested in benefits behavior while he ran the trunk otherwise it just Jim is mostly bogus education has broadened now to Herman which people and which organizations in Washington in years we have to operatives on of Russian government and business and to group east among these quote they are more focused on taters of Russian influence in this country source they are on election pollution to groupies quote using their crop that segment was trained sweet for snarling legal threat stop Lee but will tell you a lot more 2 minutes us weekly explain Amanda for Amanda for used to I am group called the European sent modern Ukraine to lobby pro Russian forces in Ukraine US forces sought a number of changes to American it's to their public form for so the changes are obviously country to America's interests and values among them they one of the U. S. government just port the imprisonment of one of you new cane president's political opponents she does not begin to describe this operation even some of 20 protesters own employees thought the whole thing was discussed well today's indictment confirms our reporting on this it describes the center for modern Ukraine as a fake organization merely quote a mouthpiece for the Ukrainian president Yanukovych the indictment also confirms that the lobbying groups mana for hired in Washington including 20 protesters knew perfectly well that the center for the modern Ukraine was fake when they signed on to represent it according to the fed's protesters company was told explicitly they would be lobbying on behalf of the Ukrainian president in November 2012 the indictment says Winnifred's business partner explicitly requested reports on lobbying activity by both those companies so that he could brief the president of Ukraine get a coalition what they were doing it couldn't get dirtier but despite apparently knowing they were acting as foreign agents agents of a foreign government the pedestrian group never registered as foreign agents failure to do that is against the law in April 2012 the pedestrian group filed documents with Congress relating to its work with the center for modern Ukraine at the time they falsely claimed that group was just a foreign NGO the protester groups filing contained a declaration by the center for money Ukraine the quote none of the activities of the center are directly or indirectly supervised directed controlled finance or subsidized in whole or in part by a government of a foreign country or foreign political party that declaration falls was endorsed as true by Kimberly frets now the CEO of the pasture group and a former Jeb bush staffer all apparently ally moreover according to today's indictment the pedestrian must have known it was a lie when they signed that doc under the law the firm should have immediately registered with the government the US government under the foreign agents registration act instead the protest group waited until spring 2017 this year to do that and then somehow applied the status retroactively but that point the center for money Ukraine had effectively been in business for 3 years was a little late interestingly the pedestrian file those late papers just weeks after media let's begin reporting that law enforcement was investigating mana for its offshore bank accounts connection but wait why would Ukrainian interests higher Tony Podesta in the first place what cording to a former protested employee we spoke to over this weekend even foreign officials in distant lands understood that Tony Podesta brother was John Podesta a clean got key Clinton confidante he was widely known the 2 brothers had dinner together every Sunday night quote that's not something we hid from clients of the firm they loved hearing that even a native Russian speaker can grasp the point of all of this the pedestrian group was hired by Paul mana for on behalf of foreign clients because the company was perceived to have a direct line to powerful politicians John Podesta was Hillary's campaign chairman Tony protested been friends of Bill Clinton since the mid term elections of 1970 influence peddling 1 no 1 how central with the protest as political connections to their profit model consider this the firm's billing dropped dramatically almost immediately after Hillary Clinton lost the race for president that tells you a lot most investigators apparently figured this out today Tony possessed Podesta resigned as head of his cock his excuse boss that's right he blamed us in his parting statement Podesta said this quote it is impossible to run a public affairs firm while you're under attack US news and the right wing media but it isn't just complaining about us though he's threatening us this afternoon we got a letter from Geoff Garin third he's a lawyer with the venerable L. L. P. a big law firm here in DC the letter demands at this show quote immediately cease and desist disseminating false and misleading reports what Mr Podesta and the protest group it demands we were tracked and delete all our prior reported in the protest group and warns that if we don't do this quote Mister Podesta may pursue legal action including for damages in order to fully protect his rights but it doesn't stop there that were also warns us that we will face legal action under the Copyright Act merely for quoting from this letter publicly as we just did the most amusing line though is this one quote Paul mana for did not work with the pedestrian group in its representation of the European center for modern Ukraine that's what the lawyers letters told us apparently that we're hasn't read the man for indictment yet in paragraph 22 of that indictment we read this quote at the direction of mana for Dan gates companies a and B. engaged in extensive lobbying on Ukraine the indictment also says the pedestrian route and mercury were selected personally by Paul mana for to lobby on behalf of Ukrainian interests so John puts his legal team has a complaint is not with us is with the department justice in the motor investigate but maybe we're being too literal that that's probably so presses lawyer wasn't trying to inform us of anything but to threaten us to shut down our reporting on his client one lawyer we talked to earlier today said that the desktop people have used this tactic when others before it's common it's never to use fear to control press coverage we're not intimidated we've ample evidence for Miller's indictment from a number of confidential sources to paint a pretty clear picture of exactly what the protested group was doing for years here in Washington but the fax speak for themselves we're confident that Miller investigational be revealing a lot more about Tony protesters lobbying practices in the near future in the meantime if you looking for a summary of all of this here's the one sentence cliff note to the whole affair the chairman of one major presidential campaign colluded with the brother of the chairman of the other major presidential campaign to enrich themselves by secretly advancing the interests of a foreign adversary that happened that's the swamp they told you need to be drained //
"2017-10-30 20:33:04"
Body Language Expert: Hillary Clinton Fears Prosecution Amid Trump Russia Dossier Revelations
\\any artillery claim but that's fine while it's just so nice when they get hot sheets yet hide it anymore isn't it you know I didn't want everybody you voted for me just I'm immediately going in to have a defensive crouch let's see maybe there will be ... a pit that a move away from the horrible rhetoric see how she's acting as she talks about this she's fairly open even though she's been deceptive she's barely open should not being honest with yourself or anyone else I'm if passport into a nice car rhetoric that had fueled his campaign for the very first day maybe because he never run instantly she goes and you got this shorter that comes up ahead goes towards a shelter this what kind of current center south Holden tighter this one came in closer she is an address out here she is she's going and ourselves good for anything it kind of was either the shorter oppose and even a little more convinced himself that had been condensed and now are touching the pack of art back with our hands because she's telling you what she did that dasi air whatever you call it really has determined the derriere to the point where it's actually made her uncomfortable this is what I've been waiting to see our sit there and squire we have not seen they talk about the Russian scandal and all her dirty fingers in that shouldn't squirm she just it was deceptive with all thank this is the first time she has score that he has gotten uncomfortable this is pivotal this literally could mean that she's actually afraid of some kind up blowback or prosecution that is good news for treatment what's watchers Kamelot why so much is that this was out at I yeah consolidators position in the Republican Party I and that there were enough people that would be attracted by his kind of ... I needed this to a populist nationalist data scapegoat ... rhetoric that you know maybe that's what he felt he had to do to win so let's give the guy a chance but it did not last long and it didn't last long because it again because clearly as my Angela said when people show you who they are believe them the first time she's very encouraged about Jones has a right even he says something aka I tell you I don't certainly have it right this time when he says the only to stop on the right if this isn't the nail in the coffin that has been uncovered it is very very close to it //
"2017-10-30 19:18:43"
Las Vegas Shooting Cheerleader Twin Victims Cheer From The Hospital
\\shooting victims Jana Barca is visiting a special pay 6 her identical twin sister Natalia suffered a more serious wounds a shot to the shoulder that punctured her lung I notice I go I like got shot and then like I fully one into shock go go faith get go okay yeah hope go yeah so go faith yeah I hope so go faith yeah hope 18 year old Addison short is another shooting victim she was hit in the leg like fire lake and it just took me down like and I once I got back up it literally felt like my foot was dangling so hunger and the bullet was still lodged in Addison's leg she's having surgery tomorrow go play fair hope some like 18 year old Addison short awaiting surgery her lower lectured a bullet still inside Kobe yeah hope go faith yeah hope //
"2017-10-30 19:06:06"
Las Vegas Mandalay Bay witness: Shooting sound from speakers, "No hits, nowhere"
\\ //
"2017-10-30 17:08:50"
Manafort indicted, Mueller looks to limit Trump's ability to pardon him
\\ //
"2017-10-30 03:24:59"
JFK Jr to Seth Rich - The Hillary Clinton Body Count
\\remember John F. Kennedy junior he was declared the front runner for the New York Senate seat back in 1999 days later his plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean I'm his rival Hillary Clinton was elected senator Mary honey was White House she knew enough of the inner workings of pills sexual advancement to be a star witness during the clean she was brutally executed at Starbucks in 19 in 1993 I health council things found dead in fort Marcy park near DC Posehn among a lengthy list of fully then there is James McDougal key witness for White House he was 73 years Jennifer bank fort worth federal matter enter in text I'm just a poor use to give a tax made of wood Jerry would you will suffer solitary in 2015 yeah Bill Clinton the less I'm a river nearly 2 I and on top he might have known 27 year old right now ladies rich no this year there is speculation that he was the source and it kind allegedly sent farmers and that he may have been murdered then Luke is the lead Ernie and I brought it in on the back lower your turn home on yeah boycott and the results day //
"2017-10-29 08:25:01"
CNN caught lying about Wikileaks, Trump, Russia and Cambridge Analytica
\\Tom tell us about Cambridge analytica that's this data company ... that's at the trump campaign used aren't you have some new reporting on that that's right in fact add sources tell my colleague Dana bash at the head of Cambridge analytica this data firm working for the trump campaign actually reached out to Julian assigns the founder of wikileaks during the campaign asking him about the 33000 emails that Hillary Clinton had deleted he sent this email to others ... telling them that he had reached out to his sides now on Twitter today a staunch acknowledge that said it was true and said that he had rejected that request so I'm this is really the first sort of this is the closest connection that we can make between the trump campaign ... and wikileaks as you know wikileaks released the DNC hacked emails John Podesta's emails but it's unclear if anyone ever got a hold of those 33000 ... missing emails and people in the U. S. intelligence community although songs denies it say that Assad has worked in weeklies have worked with the Russian Russian with they they believe that they're a propaganda arm of Russian government toward him with them thank you so much conclusions the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking we're not conclusive as to whether wikileaks was waiting for being the conduit through which we heard about DNC email so they didn't deal directly with wikileaks contrast with the suit makes and Christopher going home with Felix ... connection ... evidence there is not ... strong and we don't have good insight into of the sequencing of the releases ... or when the when the data may have been provided we don't we don't have ... is good insight into that //
"2017-10-29 06:54:05"
Grassy Knoll Bullet Flies By JFK's Head
\\ //
"2017-10-29 06:40:26"
November 4th It Begins - The Trump / Pence Regime Must Go!
\\ //
"2017-10-28 18:22:06"
Another New Angle Of Las Vegas Shooting Shows No Shots From Mandalay Bay
\\WNED ntfc //
"2017-10-28 08:49:27"
Las Vegas Shooting Audio Of Jesus Campos Reporting Shots - Mandalay Bay Won't Say What Time It Was
\\ha ha ha there in but MGM did not tell ABC type that that call came through //
"2017-10-28 08:08:41"
Obama Admin Threatened Uranium One FBI Informant
\\I know why the gag order was lifted ... was that's because it was a right thing to do but we do it department of justice senator Grassley encouraged by the president what was it or all 3 well I I don't know the behind the scenes I know that I spoke to on an FBI lawyer who was quite professional we had a very good dialogue and we worked out a process for it to be released okay so he can now speak with investigators on the hill correct in that that will happen on the Senate side in the house side what we what is he going to tell them well I'm not gonna go into that now because now the pleas of the proper process now is for him to get all this information together that for me to work with him for a few days to be sure it's organized and we'd get it very you know and sold it so it's structured and people can understand what we're saying and then I'm sure he will be interviewed by staff he's not going to appear immediately in front of the klieg lights so he got here's what I'm just trying to figure out I'm trying to figure out what he knows that that would that would lend the credibility of the claim of corruption about this deal 78 years ago all well there's that there's no question that the Russian company was cropped he's got all the bribes then do you know those are recorded in answer ... put into a an indictment in 2014 that's that's not an issue what he can do is because we have an on the record quid pro quo with the Clintons being paid by Bill Clinton being paid a 0.$5000000 by Russian people who were interested in the Iranian 1 deal going going in big and we have the Clinton foundation getting tens of millions of dollars from the same people involved in the deal so you've got it right there at the quid pro quo now my client can put some meat on those bones and tell you what the Russians were saying during that time okay about how they were doing money is any of this illegal I know it sounds nefarious but is it against the law but to pay bribes and kickbacks yes yes it certainly is there was an indictment based on that now now the other the other thing that's against the law is the quid pro quo of whether the Clintons and Dennis fit it in we know that they did ... and that would be up for a jury to look at it and say well with their evil intent you've got of trial going on with senator Mendez yeah right now it's the same kind of case ... when when you talk about this gag order being lifted I know Democrats of sand since the president got involved apparently that has no political anyway and so you have to consider that what would you say well I know it's Adam shifted to doing and who is who's been babbling about that well I think you ought to go back and read the constitution the Attorney General reports to the president of the United States who is then the chief executive officer of ... over law enforcement in the United States up I hope the president got involved in this I mean Bravo to him because it's unlike president Obama who thought it was just okay to threaten a witness who wanted to give him that information about corruption yet of threaten is is pretty much a headline of the past 2004 hours can you explain to our audience why your client you believe was threatened and what why would they try and keep him quiet do you believe you file that is the case in the filed a civil lawsuit to get back the money that he had paid in these brides out of his own pocket but he does he did it all under the control out of the FBI he did at their direction and buddy and they told me they would make you whole when he didn't get the money back it so he needed the money into a filed a civil lawsuit long after the criminal case was over and the hits and then lawyer was not me out was called by the justice department lawyers and lawyer from the ... looking for rob Rosenstein and told that if he did not dismiss his case then his reputation and liberty were in jeopardy that's that is and you know what I would have recommended well about dismissing cases given that apparently back in 2000 I 2010 people in Washington knew about this deal going down to one of them was Peter king the congressman from New York he was with us yesterday and ... issued the following statement about what he remembers 8 years ago about this back in 2010 I sent a letter to words secretary the treasury saying I was suppose this uranium deal I had no idea there was corruption either so it made no sense to me giving 20 percent of our uranium supply for Russian known to you Russian government owned a car I was sure that all investigations being done properly blow it if if P. I told them told them secretary the treasury the secretary of state told the president told any of them that there is always that corruption bribery she they're conspiring its influence peddling was going on could they have possibly gone ahead and award of this contract heard the key a sentence in there it made no sense yeah I on it on its own it beyond what a table knew about this well this that did the people the most of it that Obama cabinet knew about it because they had to vote on it today it that it's the board city yes ... that approves such a transaction because it had to be approved by the U. S. government Hillary Clinton said on that board ... Eric holder said on that board and my client was being told during this time that the Attorney General and that the White House the head of the FBI were being briefed on his case in his work in this corruption so I didn't you know all of the people to keep people as certainly knew about it and why did it go anywhere back then bill well you know what ABC hasn't called me CBS hasn't called me in B. C. as in college we have a newspaper here in Washington called the Washington post its motto is democracy dies in darkness it hasn't called me Victoria tensing thank you for your time will wait the next chapter in this and see what comes of it thank you for being here today incentive //
"2017-10-28 02:22:44"
Charges filed in FBI Muller Trump Russia investigation
\\we have breaking news night it is a landmark in the Russian vessel geishas go right to seen as having present Pamela brown family if you learn however so we've learned that a federal grand jury in Washington DC on Friday approved the first charges and the investigation led by special counsel Robert Muller this is according to sources briefed on the matter at the charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge at this hours and Anderson were told the plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody possibly as soon as Monday at the sources said it's unclear exactly what the charges are against the indictments of the indictment is under seal as spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment on this story now as you know Anderson Muller was appointed in may out to lead the investigation into Russia Medellin and the 2016 U. S. elections ... and he was given broad authority under the mandate given to him by rob Rosenstein so this is a significant development in the investigation at top lawyers who are helping to lead the mother firm ... that the probe we should say including a veteran prosecutor Andrew Weissmann were seen today entering the courtroom at the DC federal court to where the grand jury needs to hear testimony in the Russian investigation and and reporters present I saw a flurry of activity at the grand jury room but officials made no announcement but we are learning today Anderson at that the grand jury approve the first charges and the Muller investigation so just to be clear but we don't know what the charges are at this point and we don't know who has been charged a that's correct we have ideas of ... who has been charged but we are not naming those people we we don't believe that they have actually been notified yet typically what happens is the grand jury will ... approve an indictment it'll standards seal and then it will go through a certain process that takes a few days or a couple of days to get the arrest warrant and so forth before perhaps the attorney is called asking for that person for the attorney to turn to have their clients turn themselves then us so we believe that may be at play because we are told again ... as early as Monday possibly Monday or perhaps beyond that is when we may see ... some law enforcement activity related to these indictments under seal Anderson have been doing can you say or do we know if it's more than one person well Anderson we believe it's a more than one person but again I had the they have not been notified and that's one of the things we're trying to do today we are working on this story up for several hours as we were trying to contact in the lawyers of the people involved some of them did not get back to us ... so we'll be continuing to work on that ... over the weekend I you know it is something that ... obviously because it's under seal it makes it it's actually almost more difficult parts of this story to cover so event Jeff Toobin what's your take on that from a legal standpoint well it's it's a peculiar situation because I'm indictment for really announced without knowing who the defendant is or what charges are but ... it it is certainly a major landmark in the course of this investigation the other point I make is that ... 22 points 1 ... in white collar investigations usually the first indictments are against individuals that you hope will plead guilty and cooperate against others you don't indict the big fish first you indict smaller bases in hope of getting the big picture in the other point to make is that ... these white collar cases take a long time and it's a very unlikely ... that this case would even get to trial or 6 months to a year so if anybody thinks the Mahler investigation is going to be wrapping up ... in in the next couple of months this vision today ... pretty much guarantees that the Muller office will be up and running ... well into our 2018 if not through the whole year BR //
"2017-10-27 22:54:53"
How Israel Forces Confessions From Palestinian Minors
\\yeah for the book cards for for life traumatized for life students as and so what what have special protections of yeah Lynch is one side these doctors prosecute judges jails all always Israeli and in this case you know teenagers were always on the again got it //
"2017-10-27 20:33:26"
Deep State Withheld JFK Files To Sabotage Trump Transparency
\\I was not going to release any of the JFK files doorstep they're released next Thursday evening admit I going into Friday morning and the next morning the president tweeted exactly what we said what but he told Roger that barring no information he was looking at releasing and then last many said gather coming out today I only came out there's other stuff the founding does okay got 6 by but they just did that as one more you know time but the president is about secrecy with military stuff which is a smart thing to do you know what are your enemies we got it but this is 53 years ago 91 percent the American people Gallup polls whether multiple shooters anyone that's serious does that we even to even know what happened with JFK and so that's why this is so important what play this clip they go back to Russia down other score because it recently left the White House one of the president's top advisers because deep state withholding okay okay files stinks to high heaven and we've also got other clips here again where Lou Dobbs others are saying this is outrageous area joining us tonight former strategists Deputy Assistant to President dropped now the chief strategist for the make America great again coalition doctor Sebastian gore it great to have you here by thought it was quite a day in Washington DC right well let's start with a the obvious that is that the way of these documents which the president told us that we were going to have to obey the law says we must have by midnight today hot tonight ... but which we will not have twisted oddly about 2500 of us 35000 cultural documents some of which have been under seal for 50 54 year first things first let's dispense with a fake news I was they've had 25 years to do the right thing copper assets gaijin right at that by 3 reasons that you do it too that reduction right now that the reason I thought you protect act 2 operations we protect sources and methods well either of those can be true 50 years later so what if it's something embarrassing that we have seen in the last 8 years with the rank politicizing should poke postscript euro and the CIA on the planet so it really stinks I have and I do not want to do or here for breaking up last week but facts are facts thing or not credible by mainstream media does that because they live for a living plus a few pockets of reality like Lou Dobbs like Easter I think that really get over a fox business even though he had higher ratings than anybody ever did all C. N. N. shows up crazy it is but I digress that's exactly what we feared is that they would black out because the president is it down there the CIA running all this itself just like I'm not run the shipping department for our products should be the time away from my other off Dennis that's exactly what happened and I and I guarantee you when it comes out 6 months they're gonna dip each piece of paper in big old buckets black paint you'll have Lee Harvey Oswald met with just like Roger scout sat ... show again this is not the president is doing and we're not defending the president this is what we predicted what happens down are actually not one of the things we learned in these documents is at least 40 journalists horribly erect a wall policy I a books are not for the reasons are fighting so furiously are too hot to hide this because they most likely Ernie journalists to day early years there all it's official finding work dish except a bodiless got me is that we are we are whole did not kill Kennedy as the danger all a foreign country but it was not a communist but it was working for the Russians air call any of this how national security implications is not possible you think about that little problem for the not that they are up because my surprise nationally stories late last week set your I or raw release not a they were surprised I think we all towards transparency that I came back in a heartbeat each charter doctors or killing Saddam around Mr president he said well I was 6 months old so yeah he's got all of them reach I don't know recognized that what do you know what the voters to figure out where it was the grounds to say you know chasse that that they are doing now why do you say knowledge documents are credible as got mockingbird 7 they're buying up all the newspapers it says we agree that the free press essential but we need to do that as though they are putting out the talking points but may free media just like they still do today I mean they say ecstasy and follow that that Anderson Cooper CIA that doesn't robber Baron air I don't know you knowing that he had mentally worked at the CIA if you like C. N. N. saying that job do not you collaborators George Soros Shevardnadze collaborator he went on 60 minutes if any was proud of it no I don't give a shit Cooper ... has been on my international best dressed list tonight probably shot dead stone courtroom said store I sell every year about 4 years but I used to say he was a relatively objective journalist but it's also the better so badly at all no bomb where is it all say is that I really lost Norris respect or while well it's incredible that there is a lot of meat to what was released no wonder they don't want any of this released how they were ... owning TV journalist print journalist of controlling major newspapers and other trying to shut down other newspapers reporting on it I think this is a key thing your sorrow stories today correctly said all of these documents are approved JGB.their own extensive investigation and our I concluded that it was orchestrated by Lyndon Baines Johnson now that it's all reflected in my automated kill Kennedy the case against OJ at all meticulously recorded our only concern by the the way go to Amazon I didn't go to also also 0 marginal all happening okay soon not now coerced but you know n't author researcher on that's all it got you on how to save on again yeah to break this down by about a minute left here look globalism for trouble countries are breaking away from everywhere the economy's coming back or at a huge victories of the deep states get hurt as it turns out everything that we've done with the Russians they've done I don't see how they survive this politically unless fashion still keeping weight that we know the constellation of power in the White House how the president is surrounded and believe it or not I guess Kelly stop no one that's in there ... but it it it's just a nightmare situation and hopefully we'll be able to release soon that each state plan to remove trout because he needs to get that get that blueprint specifically I know you have that blueprint is well but I know he's been warned of that blueprint ... and so it's just it's it's it's very dismaying you know my sources tell me that at this point the generals around jazz session ever take away the fact no Attorney General Ron roasting I don't know sessions but it's actually make sure that nothing orders happens yeah he's in her it was not a lot his own assistant attorney generals and nobody around him is a toilet stall deep sea some amateur hour is like a puzzle he's he's in charge of death exactly and he's got his own weird notions about marijuana ... sure and so on but even I didn't know why forties it up big giant police state stripe down his back and he's in la la land broader stumbled //
"2017-10-27 18:54:13"
Jesus Campos's Las Vegas Security Union Rep Explains Why He Was Unlicensed
\\we should show a customs document that indicated at Mandalay bay security guard issues compost many previously unknown visit to Mexico 700 miles round trip to Vegas it within just days or so Haddix mass shooting even accomplish was a major witness but the teenager witness to the massacre and how it was shot in the way during response to questions about the shooting like weather campus was actually a license security got whether you never at you know racks listing the panic in the past if she was so many mysteries they seem like reasonable questions but so far police have stonewalled us hop on us actually when we asked for some help opposite union is more forthcoming David Icke is the president of the security police and fire professionals of America and he joins us shit you think about thank you for having me so our sense is that Jesus composta story is of great interest to his employer MGM and there doing whatever they can to shape it is that your sense I think Mr caps stories of great interest to everyone gas we released on the tragedy so I want to ask a question factual ones because what we don't know that he won't most job at the hotel this is a is a security officer I was a security officer at Mandalay resorts ... it we see licensed by the state how does that work no security officers that work directly for a company in the house security they do not have to be licensed they don't want to have a guard cards security cards if they work for a contracting agency then yes they do okay we try to get the answer county sheriff yesterday he wouldn't reveal that you're aware either Mr compost went to Mexico shortly after the shooting cracked yes I was ... and what was the purpose of that trip you know yeah he told me directly that was a pre planned trip yeah it planned to go visit family and ... after the ... shooting she was still capable of doing that so he went ahead and made that trip on the weekend I spoke with the local officers I was actually going to fly and on that weekend and because of Mr Kapuso going beat visiting family and returning on Monday that I flew in on that Monday to meet with Mr kampas hawk I don't get it what what what would begrudge the man a vacation of course but because he was a key witness in this investigation that was still on going and chaotic at that point did investigators have qualms about and we think not to my knowledge there were there were there were no qualms about I'm leaving because he had his plans have been made prior and he intended to return on Monday which she did I'm a by because the whole upper back upper back yes can you describe the nature of his injuries Mr combos for us ... wounded and the left thigh ... to ... fragments of a shell I'm in the left side and ... when I met him for the first time on that one day and he was ... recuperating he was in good spirits and ... and ... looking to tell his story and and move on with his life this fact was been removed when he took a trip to Mexico you know I was told one of them have been removed and one of them had not and that they were going to deal with that issue at a later date how does that help us ever seen Stephen product before receiving not to my knowledge just to work for MGM he still works for MGM yes do they set up the on interview is employer I don't know who set up the whole interview we had ... 5 interviews set up a yes prior to that I know that when I was in town ... Ellen so I'm interviewer the person a schedule C. interviews called Mr kampas on his cell phone he handed me the phone I took the phone and I responded to her that she could call to arrange an interview she wanted and ... that we didn't hear from her and of course ... after that Mr Campos ... was taken to a clinic on Thursday but why did you skip the interviews yeah I can't speak for Mr kampas on that I've had no contact with him since that time and ... well you know I I I think it's you know it's Mr campuses story and I think he has a right to tell it on his own ... but don you know as far as we were concerned we were prepared at the interviews where hours away 5:00 hours away from actually ... doing the first disappearance had explanations you know where he went we received a text saying that ... we are taking him to the could care and whose wheat was taking there was only when we left the room what we were having a meeting with ... ... but 3 upper level MGM management people and ... when we left the room that we were and ... Marlys the living room it was Mr kampas one other security officer a fellow officer fellow member of the union and ... then there was a ... a corporate security officer yeah chrysalis charge clearly thank you very much for all that really interesting //
"2017-10-27 08:27:13"
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos Flees To Mexico
\\first a fake he'd use Campos appeared on the Ellen show now he's use Campos has reportedly fled to Mexico that was former secret service agent and patching up come standard why what investigators allow his just compost school again was the sole eyewitness you know one of to the shooting from the building to leave that country shortly after a while the investigation is still going on about that but it's very strange Tucker I mean it think about this really no guarantees ever going to returnees not under arrest up he's not under any court order to stay in the country I mean they're limited illegally what they can do to order him to stay but it's just confusing I mean even our sick about this before we went on to say what you're thinking even the most innocent of explanations right Meizu witness any victim off 1 of the most horrific crimes in American history obviously incredibly psychologically traumatizing this but Hey this legislation yes family down there is visiting you needed some time off but to go to Mexico right after the crime when you were the sole eyewitness to be potentially the crime of the century and as you brought up in this segment you having a pretty significant injury 85566 Richard 3 rounds of the lag Israeli beyond perplexing there's there's no convenient explanation for why I think it's possible I'll think of your seat with that route is squarely near like you be going anywhere because it would have just what you like but I look I don't mean to kill a character both he's just because I don't know anything about the man I thought sorry for my still do you was injured but the behavior of the people around me so weird and we're in a specific way they're trying to control access to him to try to control the story about him they're clamping down on information about him and his actions why would they be doing that it in GM doing that what is going on yeah I don't know if you're out I'm not either certainly not try to impugn his character that mean this guy was it was a victim of this crime as well it but there were quite a look at this rate the questions go away the all the only explanation I can think of from the beginning the genesis of all this I mean you know this kind of issue state we're in right now with this because we have more answers about San Bernadino and Orlando 2004 hours that we have to have in this case weeks is that there has to be some kind of friction between the parent company of Mandalay due to the potential for mass lawsuits and the beer out the FBI that's investigating this there's no other convenient explanation that explains a lot of the time line discrepancies that also explains as you just said you're correct I think this is limited and controlled access the compost and a reason why the parent company may not have a problem with him leaving to leave the country they may have facilitator embedded in I mean I would not shocked by it all but it doesn't explain the behavior of for example the Clark County sheriff are pretty sure Charlie cougar called over there today to ask a simple question about licensing this doesn't seem to have had a license as this current art you know whatever what one of the roles in the worst so defensively yelled out and hung up yeah it's also don't typically act that way when they're asked a simple question what is that about it we almost pressure from the major media how would I mean it's not like you're calling from a local blocker in this is a credible media reports on stories like this all the time Tucker we have to remember you know this is I get it at will respect what forces for all this we understand that this is a crime perpetrated on the American people people are justifiably concerned about why it happened we have no answers you have to expect there's going to be profound media interest in this and yeah I answer like that doesn't help right I mean I respect law enforcement if you want respect even away that because it really quickly yeah this guy it's not impossible he came attic to the attention of federal authorities gambling winnings I think reported over certain numbers he was turning a lot of money to the casinos is it was asked exactly what she become the attention of federal authorities and we had been arrested because possible if they knew it was ... yeah I mean if you want your deposit $10000 or more you have to fill out a currency transaction reports at a bank you may have had suspicious activity reports in banks as well I I don't think this guy was it goes to the federal law enforcement system I think information comes out you're gonna see more about that I agree with that and I think they're still but company going just a guess didn't thank you //
"2017-10-27 06:22:38"
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting Victims Rescue
\\it was you're coming do not miss out on the side of your they were laid out people were shot you know yeah right this second right but yeah second go round thing with real Nnamdi she was able to sit over here there yeah //
"2017-10-26 20:39:07"
Zapruder Film Proves JFK Assassination Story False
\\we are we Oswald supposedly was on the sixth floor of the Texas school book depository building behind Kennedy when he killed him but from the video we clearly can see he was shot from in front and slightly below where his head was as his head jerks back in upwards and a piece of his skull goes flying off the back trunk of the car that he's an //
"2017-10-26 03:59:33"
JFK Secret Societies Speech Just Before His Assassination
\\NBI marks of the president to the American newspaper publishers association Waldorf Astoria hotel New York City papal 20 seventh 1961 chairman ladies and gentlemen I appreciate very much your generous invitation to be here tonight you bear heavy responsibilities these days and they article I read some time ago reminded me of how particularly heavily the burdens of present day events bear upon your profession you remember may remember that in 1851 New York Herald Tribune under the sponsorship and publishing a harsh really employed as its London correspondent if you're a journalist by the name of Karl Marx we are told that foreign correspondent Marx stone broke and with a family ill and undernourished constantly appealed to Greeley and managing editor Charles Dana for an increase in his munificent salary of $5 per installment a salary which he and Engels I'm gratefully labeled as the lousy just petty bourgeois cheating but when all his financial appeals were refused fox looked around for other means of livelihood and fame eventually terminating his relationship with the Tribune and the voting is talents full time to the cause that would bequeath to the world the seeds of Leninism Stalinism revolution and the Cold War if only this capitalistic New York newspaper had had treated him more kindly if only mock remained a foreign correspondent history might have been different and I I hope all publishers will bear lesson in the next time they receive a poverty video from a small increase in Kaminsky are newspaperman I have a selected as the title of my remarks night the president and the press some may suggest that this would be more naturally worded the president versus the press but those are not my sentiments tonight it is true however that when a well known diplomat from another country demanded recently that our state department repudiate certain newspaper attacks on his colleague it was unnecessary for us to reply that this administration was not responsible for the press for the press had already made it clear that it was not responsible for this administration nevertheless my purpose here tonight deliver the usual assault a so called one press very in recent I have rarely heard any complaints political bias a press a few Republic nor is it my purpose tonight gosh or defend televising of presidential press down I think it is highly beneficial to have some 20000000 Americans regularly sit in on these conferences to observe if I may say so the incisive the intelligent and the courteous qualities displayed by your Washington correspondents we are finally ITV mocks intended to examine the proper degree of privacy which the press should allow to any president and his family if in the last few months your White House reporters and photographers have been then been attending church services with regularity better surely done them no harm one the other hand I realize that your staff and wire service the top of those maybe complaining that they do not enjoy the same green privileges the local golf courses which they once did it is true that my predecessor did not object as I do to pictures of one 's golfing skill in action but neither on the other hand did he ever bean a secret service man my topic tonight is a more sober one of concern to publishers as well as editors I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a common danger the events of recent weeks may have helped to illuminate that challenge for some but the dimensions of its threat have loomed large in the horizon for many years whatever our hopes may be for the future for reducing this threat all living with it there is no escaping either the gravity all the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security a challenge that confronts us you know to custom ways in every sphere of human activity this deadly challenge imposes upon our society 2 requirements of direct concern both to the press and to the president 2 requirements that may seem almost contradictory in tone but which must be reconciled and fulfilled if we are to meet this national peril I refer first to the need a far greater public information and second to the need for far greater official secrecy the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies the secret oaths and a secret proceedings we decided long ago but the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment a pregnant facts far outweighed the dangers which I cited to justify it even today there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions even today there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if I traditions do not survive with it and there is a very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment that I do not intend to commit to the extent that it's in my control and no official of my administration whether his rank is high or low civilian or military should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news to stifle dissent the cover up our mistakes what withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know but I do ask but I do ask every publisher every other day and every newsman in the nation during examine his own standards and to recognize the nature about countries pero in time of war the government and the press have customarily joined in an effort based largely on self discipline to prevent unauthorized disclosures to the enemy sometimes a clear and present danger the courts have held that even the privileged rights of the first amendment must yield to the public's need for national security today no law has been declared and I wanna fierce the struggle may be it may never be declared in the traditional fashion our way of life is under attack those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe the survival of our friends is in danger and yet no war has been declared no borders have been crossed by marching troops no missiles have been fired if the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self discipline of combat conditions but I can only say that no war ever posed the greatest threat to our security if you are awaiting a finding of clear and present danger but I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent it requires a change in outlook a change in tactics a change in missions by the government by the people by every businessman or labor leader and by every newspaper for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on public means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion and severity and instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day it is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence economic scientific and political operations its preparations are concealed not published its mistakes are buried not headlined it's just that is a silenced not praised No expenditure is questioned no rumor is printed no secret is revealed it conducts the Cold War and Sean with a onetime discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match nevertheless every democracy recognizes the necessary restraints our national security and the question remains whether those restraints need to be more strictly observed if we are to oppose this kind of attack as well as outright invasion the fact of the matter are that this nation's foes have openly boasted of acquiring through our newspapers information they would otherwise hire agents to acquire through theft bribery or espionage that details of this nation's covert preparations to counter the enemy's covert operations have been available to every newspaper reader friend and foe alike that the size the strength the location and the nature of our forces and weapons and our plans and strategy for their use have all been pinpointed in the press and other news media to a degree sufficient to satisfy any foreign power and that in at least one case the publication of details concerning a secret mechanism whereby satellites were followed required its alteration at the expense of considerable time and money the newspapers which printed these stories were loyal patriotic responsible and well meaning had we been engaged open warfare they undoubtedly would not have published such items but in the absence of open warfare they recognized only the tests of journalism and not the tests of national security and my question tonight is whether additional tests should not now be adopted that question is for you alone to answer no public official should answer it for you No governmental plan should impose its restraints against your will but I would be failing in my duty to the nation and considering all of the responsibilities that we now bear and all of the means at hand to meet those responsibilities if I did not command this problem to your attention energy thoughtful consideration on many earlier occasions I've sent and your newspapers have constantly said but these are times that appeal to every citizen's sense of sacrifice and self discipline they call out to every citizen to weigh his rights and comforts against his obligations to the common good I cannot now believe that those citizens who serve in the newspaper business consider themselves exempt from that appeal I have no intention of establishing a new office of war information the governor flow of news I am not suggesting any new forms of censorship for new types of security classifications I have no easy answer to the dilemma that I opposed and would not seek to impose it if I had one but I am asking the members of the newspaper profession and the industry in this country to reexamine their own responsibilities to consider the degree and the nature of the present danger and eat the duty of self restraint which that danger imposes upon us all every newspaper now asks itself with respect to every story is it news all I suggest is that you add the question is it in the interest of national security and I hope that every group in America unions and businessmen and public officials at every level we'll ask the same question of their endeavors and subject their actions to the same exacting tests and should the press of America consider and recommend the voluntary assumption of specific new steps or machinery I can assure you that we will cooperate whole heartedly with those recommendations perhaps there will be no recommendations perhaps there is no answer to the dilemma faced by a free and open society in a cold and secret war in times of peace any discussion of this subject and any action that results are both painful and without precedent but this is a time of peace and peril which knows no precedent in history it is the unprecedented nature of this challenge it also gives rise to your second obligation an obligation which I share and that is our obligation to inform and alert the American people to make certain that they possessed all the fact that they need and understand them as well the parents the prospects the purposes of our program and the choices that we face no president should fear public scrutiny of his program for from that scrutiny comes understanding and from that understanding comes support or opposition and both are necessary I am not asking your newspapers to support an administration but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people for I have complete confidence and the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers I. welcome this administration intends to be candid about its errors for as a wise man once said an Arab doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct we intend to accept full responsibility for our errors and we expect you to point them out when we miss them without debate without criticism no administration and no country can succeed and no Republic can survive that is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy and that is why our press was protected by the first amendment the only business in America specifically protected by the constitution not primarily to amuse and entertain not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental not to simply give the public what it wants but to inform to arouse to reflect the state our dangers and our opportunities to indicate our crises and our choices to lead mold educate and sometimes even anger public opinion this means greater coverage and analysis of international news for it is no longer far away and farm but close at hand and local it means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission and it means finally that government at all levels must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security and we intend to do it it was early in the seventeenth century that Francis Bacon remarked on 3 recent inventions already transforming the world the compass gunpowder and the printing press now the links between the nations first fought by the compass that made us all citizens of the world the hopes and threats of one becoming the hopes and threats of us all in that one world's efforts to live together the evolution of gunpowder to its ultimate limit has one mankind of the terrible consequences of failure and so it is to the printing press to the recorder of man's deeds the keeper of his conscience the career of his news that we look for strength and assistance confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be free and independent //
"2017-10-26 03:42:29"
US Government Insider Says JFK Hit Was An Inside Job
\\who is a renaissance man he is a an author a writer a poet a musician a songwriter a man of enormous talents and taste assures me that his father's diaries are to use his words incendiary and that they are likely to confirm everything that Hon told bull St John his son and Alex Jones that being that the Central Intelligence Agency was running the operation in Dealey plaza on 11/22/1963 that general Lansdale with the Central Intelligence Agency was on the ground in Dealey plaza that Clinton himself was a back bencher in the operation but that is he told ... balls Jones and his son LBJ was running the show welcome back your on the war room here it info wars ... and we're talking about the ... the John F. Kennedy assassination and the courageous decision by president Donald J. trump only last week ... to release the still secret classified files pertaining to that vial murder in 1994 ... triggered largely by the widespread success in impact of Oliver stone's film JFK the Congress passed legislation that mandated the release of all of the government's secret files setting an absolute date like deadline of this October 26 for the last trudge of those files by law only the president of the United States can delay the October 26 release and then he must do so by at least 25 years if he decides to exercise that prerogative what's in the search for ordinary documents well we learned so much about the involvement of both Lyndon Baines Johnson and George H. W. bush in the last jump of documents ... though George Bush in the 40 first president of the United States told us that he had never worked for the Central Intelligence Agency and is 1976 Senate confirmations for director of central intelligence lo and behold V. under the 1994 JFK records act we obtained a memo that showed that J. Edgar Hoover instructed the head of the Dallas FBI 2 brief George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency on the activities of pro up Castro paired me anti Castro Cubans in the Dallas area we also learned conclusively that George HW bush was in Dallas on November 22 19 Steve 3 even though for 30 years he publicly claimed that he couldn't wait remember where he was that day in fact on the night of the 20 first he slept at the Sheraton hotel waking up there on the morning of the 20 second he further disassembled about his whereabouts the rest of that day claiming to be in Tyler Texas for a speech but informing the FBI director in Houston that he would fly from Tyler back to Houston when in fact he flew from Tyler back to Dallas why the subterfuge Mister president how ironic that there would be 4 presidents in their in Dallas that day John F. Kennedy Lyndon Baines Johnson former vice president Richard Milhous Nixon and yes as we now know solely because of the 1994 JFK assassination records acted disclosures George HW bush was there as well now Alex Jones ... is the investigative journalist who broke the death bed confessions of E. Howard hunt E. Howard hunt was a legendary a CI a operative who was a veteran of the bay of pigs operation ... who was later arrested in the Watergate as one of the Watergate burglars ... and hunts ... death bed confessions recorded by Alex Jones and info wars I and produced by Saint John hunt ... who is ... president parmi who is that yeah our talents sun ... and co author with me of the book and the bush crime family now Saint John hunt who is a renaissance man he is a an author a writer a poet a musician a songwriter a man of enormous talents and taste assures me that his father's diaries are to use his words incendiary and that they are likely to confirm everything that Hon told bull St John his son and Alex Jones that being that the Central Intelligence Agency was running the operation in Dealey plaza on 11/22/1963 that general Lansdale with the Central Intelligence Agency was on the ground in Dealey plaza that Clinton himself was a back bencher in the operation but that is he told ... balls Jones and his son LBJ was running the show all of this to be confirmed in the secret diaries of the Howard hard now the national archive has these diaries among the files that the US president has now ordered released because they were seized by the DC Metropolitan Police who for many years told Howard hard did they had been quote missing only to later revise their ... their claim one hunt threatened to sue claiming that they had turned them over to the Central Intelligence Agency from the agency they went to the National Archives where now they are among the most protected still secret classified documents take John hunt joins Alex Jones tomorrow at 130 central 230 eastern to break this down but I'm looking for the ... hunt diaries to be that cherry on top of the sundae ... and I think that this is where we're going to learn so much about what really happened that fateful day and you know there could kind of be that same effect that we're seeing with Weinstein gate where more people want to come out more people one hop on the bandwagon of talking about the JFK assassination and getting the truth out there up again how much of these documents will they redact Anders carries Roger if they do try to redact the meat and potatoes of these documents that are good about to get released do you think trump would respond to something like that do you think trump would make a statement on those regards well I there's going to be an enormous amount of material you can already see that their bureaucratic game plan is to claim national security national security they should be required to explain that where is our national purity ... a compromised in events of 50 years ago if you mean that these documents are going to show that the people of the Central Intelligence Agency lie and that they've been lying about president trump that they've been leaking in violation of law ... then you can see why they are concerned is it any secret that the deep state and that the Obama holdovers at the second and third level Mister Brandon Mister clapper ms rice admiral Rodgers ... that he's ... former Obama NSA officials have used their network within the intelligence agencies to undermine and plan a coup d'etat against this president just as there for runners rain a coup d'etat against JFK that is why they are so sensitive today alone well it's amazing listening to you recount George H. W. is mis remembering of where he was during the JFK assassination let's not forget that George W. bush mis remembered where he was the day of 911 citing that he was watching it live on TV when we all know he was in a classroom reading a children 20 on the bushes forget where they were during these historic events is that a fact that George Soros is financing a global I'm not gonna call a conspiracy of the global effort to discredit and delegitimize don't try this is George Soros and actually this is a man who has put up billions it to the electoral process but he's funding the most radical organizations which are anti trust it's called megalomania and the old evil Nazi collaborator George Soros and knows mainstream media's totally discredited that's why 1998 she met Sally money yeah but I do to survive my understanding is is that you went out with this protector of yours when out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property Jews was it difficult not not if they're not at all not at all maybe as a child you don't you don't see the connection ... but it was big it created no no problem no feeling of guilt not thanks was free market I filled a niche I'm proud of 2017 has this menu get up there from the CIA Anderson Cooper say it never happened Alex Jones made up despite the fact we have the clip that shows how weak they are they know they're exposed so just tell bigger lies talk about Hitler and the big lie theory and so that's why it's a revolutionary act to financially support this broadcast we got specials that are ending in the next few days 50 percent off rain forces the known highest quality healthy organic compounds for healthy ... you more active focused brain 20 percent now more each bottle we're doing 50 percent off not because its hot selling we sold so much I was cut so popular that I ordered the biggest order ever other so I can do it 50 percent off via my free market ideal would work to sell even more at lower prices make you even happier and find ourselves to explain a win win it's worked I thought we had a 2 month supply it'll be sold out a couple weeks at this rate so I've got it in the special next few days then put it back to regular price until more comes in that is going in the next few days Kikwit 1240 percent off about and survival shield X. 2.for some of that in bile true selenium for mustard seed throng strong formulation 40 percent off the new specials will continue for a week or more anthro plaques or delay sellout 50 percent off that's the dry form a supernova tally as supernovae tally 30 percent off highest quality known organic high quality herbs ladies and gentleman that have passed district almost impossible California standards until we know someday what we talked about we know they're going to do but the point is ladies and gentlemen it's all available at info wars in for or triple 82533139 as everyone now knows the globalists or try to shut down freeze worldwide and they see info wars is the tip of the spear George Soros groups are coming after us they're suing us they're lying about their attacking us because they know we're not Nazi collaborators scumbags like they are they know we're tell the truth and they know politically we are kicking their asses now more than ever spread links to articles and videos and information and news and info and support us financially getting high quality products so we could stand against the billionaire globalist they think America is a bunch of slaves that they control I'm Alex Jones and we've proven we can resist these criminals as long as you support us so please funder operation headed for and spread the links it's a revolutionary act it's the scumbags //
"2017-10-26 03:22:10"
2 New Front Row Angles From Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting
\\warning this video contains graphic content from the Mandalay bay Las Vegas shooting your discretion is advised yeah //
"2017-10-24 17:28:54"
BOMBSHELL Las Vegas FBI Clean-up Footage Proves No Shots Were Fired From Mandalay Bay October 1st
\\ //
"2017-10-24 07:31:31"
Sisters? Las Vegas Victim Rachael Parker & Alison Parker, Virginia Reporter Killed On Air in 2015
\\ //
"2017-10-23 20:32:00"
NEW! View from behind Las Vegas Police during Mandalay Bay shooting
\\I it even though it was your //
"2017-10-23 06:14:22"
Mandalay Bay Rooftop Footage Proves Paddock Wasn't Shooting In Las Vegas
\\new footage has been released that's are further proof of what I've been saying from the very beginning that shots were not fired from the 30 second floor of the Mandalay bay hotel on October 1 in Los Vegas now the foundation room is a labor roof deck lounge arm a type thing it is up on the top of the Mandalay bay building mainly be a building is 43 stories forever reason they have their reasons which I'm not I'm not sure of all the details but they refer to as the 60 third floor but to be clear the Mandalay bay buildings 43 stories this is a a roof deck lounge where these people if we're filming from so this is again 43 stories so this was 11 stories above where a paddock was allegedly shooting from and these people looking straight down at the crowd and they do not know where the shots were coming from even though is supposedly coming from just 11 stories below them further proof of what I've been saying all along no shots were fired from paddocks room we know for a fact that shots were fired at other places right arm that other casinos had their windows blown out and I think that this was just to create these the armed situation Ave just total lock down on the Las Vegas Strip in this justified shutting down all casinos keep everyone in every building that they were order already and to limit any potential on damning footage coming out I you hear yeah so alright now there's 30 I No Way yeah yeah yeah I don't know yeah everyone now like you know if you're yeah //
"2017-10-23 01:41:00"
Mandalay Bay Shooting: 17 Las Vegas Ambulances Line Up At Hooters Several Blocks Away
\\ //
"2017-10-20 07:02:24"
9/11 Conspiracy Wars [2006]
\\these guys are evil yeah fascists aiming to take on government to destroy our democracy summer I spent my Saturday afternoons at the World Trade Center speaking with conspiracy theorists who believe that 911 was not the fault of middle eastern terrorists but then it was more likely the work of our own government that Osama bin laden is actually a CI a operative and that many of the passengers that died on the planes actually government plants and they feel the best place to tell people about this at ground 0 first who are these people what they really believe really fucked with well yeah mereka Trujillo this is so weird given back because well I we so do like charity work nnsl action inside job really about my training I by very right our military explosives and his voice you come and they came straight down at the yeah I suppose that the basement of the building Giuliani yeah longer so so theory some of the theory is yeah ray or some other form of area I I don't blame yeah I have my high high up okay who I hope is a for him it means let it happen Barbara my hobby is make it purpose so it had nothing to do with I the one he like what will the pancakes I I IG like IBM lot better than the pancakes okay think of it as you're raising of the church number one with a bullet is to I happen to here's a rundown they had an arrow what everything the the every we ARE lala land the buildings long right I don't think any planes there was no no it's not a hologram there was a there were ideas and today's but does Greer now failing no claim theories there were no planes you know you personally wait a second you where were you sent we're doing what what were you doing we were on your way to work for you waiting for the buildings have what we so when you use you I really don't this there were no hijackers and no we can laugh he moving those what diet you what about it yeah we need to right click I we zamiescil it Alan thank god we more other the last yeah yeah people building so it hello you and around it's going sure sure rose I'm opposed to the but it is we my the well all so a lot of room you dialed 9 well yeah in the that's right if you look at the that these just as much evidence that government was involved as there is that I was 9/17/1976 Abby skies born in Peoria Illinois there's the skyline remind you of any other cities don't borrow I later and the sky loses her virginity to a man from Pakistan questions here finally did you know that my dad was in the military 2 plus 24 people for best 8 back so how easy it is to create a conspiracy I took my evidence downtown to beat these name rather their own game I was ... rather tentative first at that level move Miller it's hard to get better though Nnamdi and they say any I don't know their own look at the he exactly you my buddy right yeah the yelling alright giving a good at the yelling I think yeah right feeling right now yeah other women in the 11 my job I she I you biting people yelling and make a lot of money really now as leann we take now no but I yeah my one that's over a even nnova no I'm a there are is categorically because you can yet more beside the you're the one who brought about yeah we do we want this acetylene torch I got under for tomorrow it was 3 leann you know I'm one that there's a reason you know what I am with yeah in a matter of weeks based what was you'll never what you will from when I'm on I don't know what I'm not one so no no where the we need to do is go to the here is a ugly do one of them yeah because the job but it yeah they were paid they weren't is so there was no and because they saw smoke No Way Out no you're right it was 300 degrees one thing deal but 300 degrees you yeah while you know what you know what yeah we tend we it after 911 the patriot act rampant Chris I'm with nobody in it reading you know there too they still yeah I here's a no because do you really think well a calls out we brought our own site they decided the only way we could have come up with brilliant comedy was if we were CIA agents and Israeli spies Nnamdi I'd rather go on the side now I think I think it's because yeah I saw they I move they they've been inconvenienced all the signs then I got that water thrown at me strange hobby hanging apple and Hey you but as long as they keep sitting on the grave a 3000 falsities bad science I'll keep annoying an inconvenience in them that and they're extremely entertaining I know I know money changing conspiracy theorist mind but I want something and I just stick to the courage of my convictions I reach a much braver placing myself just like a little truth there that could you're in the manner and even managed I we'll see the American dream it's I think it for there is worldwide you make every all more in you need to know they the no no you he was maybe the grab the last yeah channel that say here it's where selling buttoning it anyway that in I now I want to be in I don't //
"2017-10-20 04:58:30"
Thanks to all my followers, please follow me at NPTV 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6
\\everybody is no player TV our thanks to all my followers on this page I wanna censorship been going on with you 2 Billy at least so I really don't know what the future holds as far as this page but please do follow my other YouTube pages no plane TV to know plenty me 3 help Clinton before nuclear TV 5 and most importantly no clear TV 6 //
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Fake Jesus Campos Contradicts Las Vegas Police On Ellen
\\this video contains news clips that I do not own I use these Inc in accordance with the fair use act of 1976 for purposes of criticism comment news reporting teaching scholarship and research the 2 photos on the top R. what we've been told all along was hazes campus the security guard at Mandalay bay who saw by Stephen panic notice he has 2 very distinct moles on the left side of his chin now the 2 photos that we see on the bottom are the person who was on the Ellen show yesterday claiming to be hazes campus he does not have these 2 very distinct moles on west side of his chin further this person who was on Alan yesterday has given a statement that conflicts with what we've been told by de Los Vegas police there is no story was that Campos we saw after the shooting sprees are started and he put it to an end and he was I I hero for saving lives then the Las Vegas police came out and change our story and they said that campus which saw a full 6 minutes before the shooting spree began here I am and he says that he heard the shots going off is that he said it described as what sounded like drilling but the now says this was the gunshots and he confirms that so someone's lying through the elevator and went through this door and saw that there was blocking and when you saw that did so weird why would somebody put brackets on a door yellow those just the out of the ordinary Joe was the beginning yeah okay and then you walk out of this and this just slammed ... will when I was in between that area all's calling ... security dispatch to get transferred to engineering ... they don't know anything about it so on the dispatch an engineer to go on verify what that was ... that's when you got called okay another time I heard the what I assumed it was drilling sounds and I I believe that they were in the area where it can somehow they thought that really it there were gunshots but you thought it was just thrilling sounds at first the windows just drooling so right so then at what point did you get shot what happens here ... as the doors closing and it's so heavy ... it'll it'll slam I'm walking down this way and I believe that would ... because of the shooters attention ... as I was walking down ... I heard rapid fire and at first I had to cover I felt the burning sensation I want to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood that's when I called it an army radio that shots have been fired and I was gonna say that I was hit but I ... got all over my cell phone just to clear that radio traffic or they can Courtney of the the rest of the call so so it cut so he shot you don't even know he shot through this door right from behind the door and I know how he was shooting yeah but he sought out right so you don't even know is coming from here so it's D. estimate this point so you were called up you just think that you're coming to look at a door that's been blocked in the firewheel right yeah I didn't think anything ... out of out of the ordinary at the time I came from a higher floor came down a different hallway a service elevator I know that you first of all you know thank you so much for being here and and I know that you've had so many people asking for you to tell the story and talk about this and I understand your reluctance because you just want this to be over so you're talking about it now and then you're not going to talk about it again and I don't blame you because he why relive this over and over again but it's helpful for people to understand what a hero you are but no the timeline unfortunately a great deal of my best to Gators time has been preoccupied on this timeline in the public space word incompetence has been brought forward and I am absolutely defended with that characterization this is a very dynamic event very big event thousands of people involved humans involved in documentation and every venue of information involved in this information in this investigation so the information was obtained via security logs officer Campos himself ... body worn cameras hotel cameras lock interrogation my dispatch LVMPD dispatch hotel and private cameras in interviews so imagine bringing are all together to ensure that we are drawing an accurate picture so provide you a little more information on that I still stand by a time of 2159 959 important that you continue to listen to me 959 is important it wasn't an accurate when I provided to you circumstances associated with it is an accurate okay I am very well aware of the MGM statement provided yesterday I agree with your statement not in conflict with your statement but what here's what I will tell you we were provided a time of 2159 as us human entry into a security log through investigation we have determined that Mr Campos had encountered the barricaded door list Jason to the suspects door at approximately 2159 in his attempt to gain entry to the 30 second floor heat required him to listen to another level nother level and eventually make access to route 30 second floor he went to the doorway that he was dispatched to originally to address the open doorway he'd been a gated that situation subsequently received fire from the suspect when you culminate that timeline so shady from the initial 2159 to 2205 time line that we're still stand by as the initial volley of fire ... Mr Campos received his wounds in close proximity to 2205 he attempted to relay that information via on his radio and it was confirmed because he also related information via his cell phone so the timeline associated to both of those sources have been verified 22 a 5 the number that was provided earlier reference to the the majority of fire ... upon our community I still stand by that time and that was done by a combination of different sources that I listed for you earlier 2217 12 minutes that is when our officers first arrived on the 30 second floor 12 minutes you are very well aware the suspect fired at approximately 10 minutes upon our arrival on the 30 second floor firing had seen we do not believe we had continually had an active shooter are at that point we conducted evacuations of the rooms adjacent to the suspect's room and you know the rest so there is no conspiracy between the FBI between LVMPD and the MGM nobody is attempting to hide anything reference this investigation //
"2017-10-19 04:06:26"
Mandalay Bay by MGM Las Vegas
\\ //
"2017-10-18 19:29:53"
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Security Guard Ellen Interview
\\I do not own the rights to this video I use this video in accordance with the fair use act of 1976 for purposes of news reporting teaching scholarship research and documenting our work okay so is is you the security officer in ... in and you were called to check on a door that was I guess when a door is left open for a certain amount of time you're you're suppose to go check on it right yes we do notifications making sure that ... not to secure our or if they were already been secured this ... make you laugh ... but check on the doors okay so you were going up the fire escape to get there doesn't reveal the stairwell because coming from the 30 first up to the 30 second right I when I approached door ... they did in an open and no I was blocked off so I had a real well ... is that a normal thing that the door at the fire escape I let stairwell would be blocked off know there always was to remain open right and so ... after we dropped no I think came back through the hallway ... then I approached the room you got into the door there was a metal bracket holding the door in place right so what we're talking about here just so right is clear okay so this is where the hotel room where is where this you know what this is the stairway what and this store here was blocked and you didn't know that till you came up in the end through the elevator and went to the store and saw that there but it's something locker that are and when you saw that did you think that's weird why would so many put brackets on the door yellow let's just turn out of the ordinary Joe was the beginning yeah okay and then you walk out of this and this just slammed umbel when I was in between that area host calling ... secure dispatch to get transferred to engineering ... they don't know anything about it so on the description engineered to go I verify what that was that's when you got caught yes okay I'm not that time I heard ... what I assumed it was drilling sounds and I am I believe that they were in the area work it somehow there thought that really it there were gunshots but you thought but it was just thrilling sounds at first the windows just drawings Iraq so then at what point did you get shot what happens here does that doors closing and it's so heavy I don't I don't slam I'm walking down this way they and I believe that's what ... car ... the shooters attention ... as I was walking down the ... I heard rapid fire and but first I had to cover I felt a burning sensation I want to go lesson about leg up and I saw the blood that's when I called it an army radio that shots have been fired and I was gonna say that I was hit but I got over my social and just to clear that radio traffic before they can Courtney ... but the rest of the call so so it cut so he shot it and even know he shot through this door right from behind the door I don't know how he was shooting yeah but she shot out right so you don't even know is coming from here so to speak estimate this point so you are called up you just think that you're coming to look at a door that's been blocked in the fire right yeah I didn't think anything ... out of out of the ordinary at the time I came from a higher floor came down a different hallway a service elevator and I walked down rounded the corner the 100 hallway and that's when I goes quiet at this time and the doors of such you can see about about a foot is this a towards on the whole way but I didn't know at that time but let's not I want like about of the Kobe I kept walking and no once I got more than half way was when I saw his Zeus and I started here shooting I thought so at the time I don't know student I thought it was Jack ever know business now like we're not we're not working up here this late at night we won't be doing that right and it was I believe outside it wasn't always and that's what its use yeah cleaned out so take over take cover yelled out man within milliseconds people say that I would I would I got hit because he was still shooting so you would have been hit had he not told you Jeff was near full and cover their passing behind my head and I could feel pressure your goodwill oppression going past you just even being out of the way and where we're like where guests coming out of the door why are there was a female that are came out and I told her to go back inside it was safe ... shortly after that's what's known was approaching and I told him to stay back into cover ... and that's one more rounds were dispersed right wow so at the end I mean it really saved your life and he saved it also the woman that came out of that good door to or first of all you know thank you so much for being here and and I know that you've had so many people asking for you to tell the story and talk about this and I understand your reluctance because you just want this to be over so you're talking about it now and then you're not going to talk about it again and I don't blame you because why relive this over and over again but it's helpful for people to understand what a hero you are because you being shot in the leg saved so many people's lives and instead of you just getting out of there you save Steven's life you say that woman's life and who knows how many other people and ... so we just wanted to celebrate you that's why you're here today because we want to thank you for what you've done even after this happened ... instead of going W. stayed to help the police and give them all the information they needed to peace these things together and are and also what what else did you want to mention I just want to mention all the people that assist the band my ... weather with metro bath beyond of the community especially from out together help everyone in need are the first responders ... even the people that got called in to assist in the hospitals and just everything is what business together on how everyone came together to help that night you know like sour yes there are a lot of people that showed up to help I I definitely I want to thank members spotters people on the ground show hoping hoping each other out I mean I think that acts of humanity were were made sure that I I wanna thank its use yeah from my family and all my friends and everybody prefer saying my last yeah yeah that's that site really you did they I I don't know if you're taking off and and and I know like you said it's it's hard to think about that'll Baden well did you save people's lives ... and we of course wanted to give you money we wanted to and you both were very very ... specific you said you don't want money you don't want money it also you're not getting any money at right that's not getting any money but but Steven your favorite team is the colts and you've never been to a game some the NFL is flying you to meet the team and get the I. P. tickets and we're all men also it's over here okay ... also has is you're a fan of the Oakland Raiders and shuttle flights going to give you season tickets when the team goes to Las Vegas you're gonna be able to see them all also we know it's really important for you to ride that everyone is recognized ... Shutterfly cares about supporting community so it's going to make a donation of $25000 in your name to the go find me that's better we //
"2017-10-17 04:35:25"
Mandalay Bay Press Conference: FBI Tells Las Vegas Sheriff "Don't go there"
\\but I want you to do is give us our air rouses opportunity talk about Mary Lou he may not have anything for you okay but yeah I think it's fair for you to ask him and then I would like to get to senator Heller and resources left are or was fired so or senator Heller Eric resources left mark I'm Clark WNED I mmhm homework planned Clark I'm sorry the core plan 6 don't ask me to make assumptions please //
"2017-10-16 04:32:10"
Interesting scenes from Mandalay Bay by MGM Las Vegas
\\I n't I now no the the from yeah we need to talk in order to hospital okay we for you Paul so we we you know re Paul you're the I the I but we for all of you to follow me we are you know a cry for a long time blood on my face //
"2017-10-14 21:39:34"
Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock's Brother Is An Actor Linked To Crisis Firm Behind Orlando Pulse Shooting
\\must cross that well this is getting better and better despite the fact that mainstream media quickly came up with the newest Hollywood scandal to divert everybody's attention from the epic set back caused by other Dodgin fost exposure of those fake US government inside joke the skeletons keep coming out of the closet such is the one seen during this interview with erratic that got through fear legislators speaker Scotland goodbye door is in case you missed the status of his decision it was cleverly identified by alternative websites as a promo for the sensual Florida community office the performing school for activists whose borders directors includes a woman by the name of Sarah Brady who also owns a public relations firm with the expertise in crisis management crisis communication she's also public relations for the pulse foundation tight to the false flag attack at the palace gate drop in Orlando not just a collection immediately sets off the alarm already this is a crisis actor playing a role in a street see if it hypothesis I was reluctant to points out due to several evidences of multiple gotten better the mob does say to me although by any means the possibility of a false flag attack competing dismissed especially because the Lausanne jellies braced for college so de la and specialized in hiring to auction opposite bottomed out actors for Christ just defense published several ads all the internet in early August seeking crowds for a confidentially event in Las Vegas //
"2017-10-14 04:43:15"
All Data Off Mandalay Bay Witness Facebook Who Died Days Ago & Saw Fireworks & Multiple Shooters
\\now when someone dies their information is not completely wiped off if they spoke Facebook does these remembering pages this is set to wretch the DNC staffer who died a very mysterious death after leaking information to wikileaks Z. remembering paid this is what happens the pages of people why deceased this is Kimberly Shlomo all her information has been removed from her Facebook page can we show male died days ago at the age of 23 in her sleep 2 days before that she posted on Facebook about what she saw in Las Vegas Mandalay bay shooting while she was out the route 91 concert now this was not like this just a few hours ago I look we made a video from a page hours ago earlier today where I looked at all other posts including this critical one that we're about to see where she X. describes what she saw in the shooting this is the beginning of a post Sir relatively long posts now this is where on she gets into the real critical stuff here on out she says what you saw before the shooting fire crackers were set off firecrackers were set off he said that the sounds were coming from multiple directions and that I she got away from the scene the sounds got louder and now she doesn't have a moment remembering page although there's mainstream articles that mention her death and however obituary now she's dead all information from her page is now gone now let's get back to the video that I originally posted just a few hours ago where I go through her post I read through her post I also read through the article describing E. are circumstances under which she died Kimberly sawmill was at the Las Vegas Mandalay bay shooting because of this on October 5 and now she is mysteriously died about 50 feet in front of us and a little to the right firecrackers were sent off let me repeat that firecrackers were set off I am brutally stated some asshole just shot off firecrackers in close proximity to so many people I was literally pissed off you could see Jason Aldean looked to his left kind of startled by a but he was also clearly irritated I would say about 15 seconds later the first volley of gunfire was released it was so sure Bali than any of the others and the gunfire was not as close together either everyone looked up down around me thought was more firecrackers at first but then Ricky reached over dole sought to put our boots on and quickly the volley ended the gentleman behind me looked to me as I was putting on my boots half laying down and said come down crazy is just fireworks Jeez that's when the second volley went off at the end of that well I am still strong government lose time which and we turned and tried to run but the people behind us still weren't moving I yelled at the lady run as gunfire run look on her face was pure terrible she finally dropped the stuff and turn to begin running then the dirt ball hit it was close very close the gentleman who Denmark me saying that it was just fireworks though the ground and he never got back up we were running some sort of quarter maybe and I look to the right and I saw this large cowboy sitting down with his legs spread holding a blood soaked woman I thought to myself we need to hide well I look quickly for somewhere to go to gunfire once again got closer and closer we couldn't hide because day and I do mean they were chasing us that exact moment is when I see started to really panic that is the exact moment in which I thought I would that was this was that I was gonna die I was never going to see my family again so as you were running we approach this fence where men are throwing woman over and we went up to as then knocked it down so we were able to get out as he crossed the threshold of the venue my my my my straits other mass shootings in hearing the victims'families in my head and talk about how they never got to say goodbye I did not want is for my husband and my grandma so I called at 10 OO 7 the gunfire was a stopping this whole time it wasn't ceasing it wasn't slowing down it was directly behind us violence bullets were coming from every direction behind us in front of the side but I know I just know that there was someone chasing us the entire time I felt this way father we got from the venue to close the gun fired up I kept looking back expecting to see the gunman and I say men because there it was more than one person there was more than one gun firing 100 percent more than one as we were running we kept changing direction because I felt like no matter what direction we took we were being followed so we end up running you know we're trying to our past the first place I remember getting to was a parking lot she turned to me I started with her back to me and that is when the gunfire got even closer than ever before it was right there it was right within the parking lot everyone around us was panicking once again so we disk idea going underneath the vehicle we continue to run for our lives as we were running along when I'm guessing was Tropicana Avenue in this dark coats van drives by slows a little at a smaller Hispanic dark skinned woman leans out the window when she yells something we couldn't understand it clearly taunting manner it really freaked us out because again we know who we could and could not trust now Las Vegas shooting survivor die suddenly Kimberly sawmill died early Monday at her home think you're serving survivor character Californian charity co finer dies suddenly Kimberly Shlomo died early Monday at her home about a week after surviving the mass shooting at the route 91 harvest festival in Las Vegas Kimberly's formal has died she was 28 years old she was not injured during the shooting she died early our apple valley home according to her grandmother Norton found someone just after 8:30 AM when she arrives to care for her 3 year old great granddaughter scarlet she believes showman ever died in her sleep after her husband Mike left for work at 4:30 AM Kimberly had absolute absence has always been prone to seizures she told her friend that she recently had 3 focal seizures I believe the stress on the shooting took her life they that's the shooting show more explained to Victorville daily press how she and her friends escape otherwise as a gunman portion a hotel suite of Mandalay bay opened fire on 20000 concert goers October 1 that was the night that my wife and lives of my friends so many others were changed forever Shlomo told daily press day after the shooting I may have escaped unharmed but I know that I've been emotionally and mentally scarred for life she was taking merit medication for a pituitary tumor she and her fear a trial of trying to fall asleep at night and the sounds of gunfire become what became louder in her head in images of the broken and bloody bodies flashed through her mind in one post she said she overcame her fear for more by venturing out of our house to have lunch with a friend she also explained how she was able to focus on the pain caused by tattoo gun and forget the pain caused by the horrific events file Facebook photos are a pair of cowboy boots with an American flag and her new harvest that 91 festival tattoo that includes was the day of the shooting and attacks country strong //
"2017-10-14 01:29:47"
28 Year Old Mandalay Bay Witness Dies In Sleep After Saying Fireworks Were Going Off In Vegas
\\Kimberly sawmill was that the Las Vegas Mandalay bay shooting because of this on October 5 and now she is mysteriously died about 50 feet in front of us and a little to the right firecrackers were sent off let me repeat that firecrackers were set off I am brutally stated some asshole just shot off firecrackers in close proximity to so many people I was literally pissed off you could see Jason Aldean looked to his left kind of startled by a but he was also clearly irritated I would say about 15 seconds later the first volley of gunfire was released it was so sure Bali than any of the others and the gunfire was not as close together either everyone looked up down around me thought was more firecrackers at first but then Ricky reached over dole sought to put our boots on and quickly the volley ended the gentleman behind me looked to me as I was putting on my boots half laying down and said calm down crazy is just fireworks Jeez that's when the second volley went off at the end of that well I am still strong government loose on which and we turned and tried to run but the people behind us still weren't moving I yelled at the lady run its gunfire run look on her face was pure terrible she finally dropped the stuff and turn to begin running then the dirt ball hit it was close very close gentleman who Denmark me saying that it was just fireworks though the ground and he never got back up we're running some sort of quarter maybe and I look to the right and I saw this large cowboy sitting down with his legs spread holding a blood soaked woman I thought to myself we need to hide well I look quickly for somewhere to go to gunfire once again got closer and closer we couldn't hide because day and I do mean they were chasing us that exact moment is when I see started to really panic that is the exact moment which I thought I would that was this was that I was going to die I was never going to see my family again so as you're running we approach this sense where men are throwing woman over and we went up to as then knocked it down so we were able to get out as he crossed the threshold of the venue my my my my straits other mass shootings in hearing the victims'families in my head and talk about how they never got to say goodbye I am not want is for my husband and my grandma so I called at 10 OO 7 the gunfire was a stopping this whole time it wasn't ceasing it wasn't slowing down it was directly behind us violence bullets were coming from every direction behind us in front of the side but I know I just know that there was someone chasing us the entire time I felt this way father we got from the venue to close the gun fired up I kept looking back expecting to see the gunman and I say men because there there was more than one person there was more than one gun firing 100 percent more than one as we were running we kept changing direction because I felt like no matter what direction we took we were being followed so we end up running you know we're trying to our past the first place I remember getting to was a parking lot she turned to me I started with her back to me and that is when the gunfire got even closer than ever before it was right there it was right within the parking lot everyone around us was panicking once again so we just the idea of getting underneath the vehicle we continue to run for our lives as we were running along when I'm guessing was Tropicana Avenue in this dark coats van drives by slows a little at a smaller Hispanic dark skinned woman leans out the window when she yells something we couldn't understand it clearly taunting manner it really freaked us out because again we know who we could and could not trust now Las Vegas shooting survivor die suddenly Kimberly sawmill died early Monday at her home so you're serving survivor character Californian charity co finer dies suddenly Kimberly Shlomo died early Monday at her home about a week after surviving the mass shooting at the route 91 harvest festival in Las Vegas Kimberly's formal has died she was 28 years old she was not injured during the shooting she died early our apple valley home according to her grandmother Norton found show more just after 8:30 AM when she arrives to care for her 3 year old great granddaughter scarlet she believes showman ever died in her sleep after her husband Mike left for work at 4:30 AM can we had absolute absence has always been prone to Caesar's she told her friend that she recently had 3 focal seizures I believe the stress on the shooting took her life they that's the shooting show more explained to the Victorville daily press how she and her friends escape otherwise as a gunman portion a hotel suite of Mandalay bay opened fire on 20000 concert goers October 1 that was the night that my wife and lives of my friends so many others were changed forever Shamal told daily press day after the shooting I might have escaped unharmed but I know that I've been emotionally and mentally scarred for life she was taking merit medication for a pituitary tumor she and her fear a trial of trying to fall asleep at night and the sounds of gunfire become what became louder in her head in images of the broken and bloody bodies flash their mind in one post she said she overcame her fear for a moment by venturing out of our house to have lunch with a friend she also explained how she was able to focus on the pain caused by tattoo gun and forget the pain caused by the horrific events file Facebook photos are a pair of cowboy boots with an American flag and her new harvest that 91 festival tattoo that includes was the day of the shooting and attacks country strong //
"2017-10-13 22:20:19"
Las Vegas Police Scanner: Multiple Shooters, Strobe Lights At Mandalay Bay
\\well I actually don't show us what Justin had well I don't think 5 enter radio per minute right here fire from a very high for me are we coming from Italy great any officer didn't want here it quite alright if you're going on the east side handle it they are they're every doctor comes up it could be a target they got a lot bigger over because I usually handle it a possible night great not how I thought I do not want a book I okay very writing your trouble yeah so I went in in you are classes from 9 late but it is coming from Mandalay there is a natural Y. coming from one of those windows yeah I 361 what I have a radio or you know the look at it well becoming a whole song Los Vegas Boulevard at Tropicana all you work so we come up Tropicana the ballpark well yeah it seems well I kept it there I told Bernard 35 I work getting done 0 tailor their mind or insurers after what you owe we've interviewed more fully hard rock that year it on the north side of pa yeah you've got a lot bigger Walmart day that there are multiple people better because I've been shot or were shooting in Prague yeah but perimeter Tropicana and Russell had locked it good outer perimeter and it will be acting how Celtics might become arriving at trial and the bold part now I will be here ethnic HP is shut down PI operate the Tropicana all well 37 or how one thing I'm not being deliberately on early healthcare for everyone pretty high great so 3 very right wrong you know what I actually hero shot a short right shoulder sonet terminal are yeah you know when you show them how it's not literally from Italy right OneNote mobile for Nike but you're right in that or if they are if you want a quick very well or whether we got right organic vehicle going the wrong way wash car at work you know what they all are for or it's All I Want 35 under 30 seconds or so I can walk if the parent is annoying me government income and only a very orelon I've got it for for an older guy what particular variant of all we probably would not multiple to be honest by all the filming Hong no we don't dress in the proposed on the east side of this growing up we would make it short I got you know because I think of any right or not yeah I can't even to provide cover yeah yeah yeah yeah all working toward a real short yeah no evenness control over borrow 29 and 30 second level but what they're really good nobody vehicle I needed yeah well you know if you're you know you're all so there may be more alcohol or not I am yeah I think I like it around the 30 second or going to work all what do you do as he we have a high clarity also also shot laying under 30 seconds for yeah but you know it I hope we I think Clinton shall shortly Walker's well I think I helped alcohol in his attorney car what I am up here we have another call coming to a show over 804 Goldacre 29 or it's how it's permanently shooters will fully automatic weapons I thought you know what the White not shut down I have to look at Hawaii menu I'm searching for your company but you have omitted or you get lots of that 25 percent lower total I really don't want to hear what she's very bottom alone and let me tell you where but your so we look a little and hopefully I don't really agree we are going to I don't quite know where I am or what you will get there //
"2017-10-13 17:51:18"
Mandalay Bay Victims Being Carried To Hospital, No Blood Or Wounds Visible
\\ //
"2017-10-13 08:36:00"
Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hero Jesus Campos Missing, Family Won’t Talk, Sham Security Co Guarding House
\\it is Campos was says do 5 interviews tonight per union president but they lost lost contact we're in a room and we came out and he was gone media scrum tonight as we learned security officer shot in Vegas attacked his Campos whereabouts are unknown now Laura loomer with the hazes Campos house and we're gonna see here is really interesting family says they can't talk about it March hi everybody so ... your training in right now Hey Zeus sorry it's really dark right now because it's night time and were in the car right now playing that's it he's he's campuses house so users campus response to do an interview with Sean Hannity tonight and a few other people as well yet like site interview schedule tonight and all of a sudden he's gone and people are saying that he's missing I so understand how a guy who has armed security as house to make sure he doesn't leave and that no one you know comes in here and in the aftermath of this ... this a massacre I don't understand how a guy like that goes missing they're saying right now the union that represents ham and ... you know other individuals or as well they're they're saying that they don't know where he is right now I mean this is just not not normal this is not n't we are going out last dinner right now is having dinner and I just got my dinner short because I wanted to see where the hell this guy is and his car he drives a red cord that I've not received confirmation from several people that his car is the record by and it's in a driveway right now doing a little run around right now and ... getting out so where where is it how many outdoors where we wears a moment where not working on the part right here on this corner where try things out on March pioneers FBI like the same one the thing I'm really sorry if it was on both there's no place in the front and back right somewhat enough 2000 on up on a story the security doesn't provide me because if he's really gone then he should have security if so then it's a life he's home because if they're going to say we don't know where it is ... then that's obviously ly alive I walk up to the house right now an FBI or whoever's protecting him like we saw yesterday tries to stop me so I'm gonna find out whether he's home and it's a securities I paramount knock on his door and speeches family because this is really weird and I don't know castles on Sean Hannity appearing if you're really a hero why would you cancel on China handles your key to bring up my court just like are not split some I ndeb wriggling out right now this is actually there's no media here okay so this is probably the biggest story in the country right now there's no meat outside this guy's house you gotta be okay you mean to tell me that everyone's freaking out about this guy going missing and no one 's here to find out whether he's really missing I mean seriously the Las Vegas media and the national media is doing horrible job cover story doors are open results occasionally comes up in the camp so this is his house I mean we're here so far there's no security here's John at the current US currency CNMI let's go let's find out care we're here given doorbell ring the doorbell Lou so I just looked out the window of growth I think I can we to Scott we are good for me but he's actually is there any way Sean Hannity there's major throughout the nation that something happened to him in the best manner see here I have to go he's not here we can't talk about right now investing now because people are wondering if something happened to him they're worried about his safety okay well as you can see you in a record here come on property record we know the labor here that we can see so we just knocked on his compasses door and I somebody answered the door and they said I can't talk right now so people are aware of the information they're they're just not telling us what's going on there's no other movie has here right now they're looking out the window right now to try to see what we're doing but here took the camera because no one can see right now ... but and he's obviously not that I'm missing right now where he is now a security guard is here though I tried I tried okay we also have an unmarked vehicle right from the front of the president people would really like to know it's hazy does nothing right now because I think he bought it reiterated didn't show up initially Hannity and area tried no I mean no leann pretty if you have any questions IGN and that's the only comment look at me you can on on scene 3 of 20 you work for a real sick or is it just love you know hill company that the FBI or do you just this verily emergency answers on is there a reason why that sure they are going right now to the on scene you told us the work progressed here's a company called on scene doesn't have an active business lately yeah no comment lack please read Richard kinds of major at flies how is it that somebody of providing armed security but the armed security company doesn't even have a valid business right security the ballad of fitness license letters no comment no comment don't ask you again do you work for the FBI you Expedia cast did you work for LVMPD no comment for those of you who are killing and yesterday we paid them the first visit to Haiti is how close this is how straight here and that's his record that supposedly nice car worry hotel security guard and if we matched Drake off over here he says that he works quarter on scene on scene if you look out on themes it appears to be a fake security companies we address the license is a virtual address which is already really suspicious you think that they would have they have one but like a physical Richard you told me that you don't work for the LVMPD thought Richard Klein it says that he is ... former LVMPD you work for LVMPD if the comment for Kyrie companies here I'm you know practice without having that knowledge this no there's still time restrictions we thought we'd come a portent here because we don't we're really not going to be reduced just there's a lot of consistent these people are at the union office for her because they can't focus on it try and they're saying that they have you know where he is but we just the door and I mean that's what the one America guys the woman just the door and I mean so Hey if you it's really a hero wireline course you he'll have there's no way a guy who would be declared a hero by the LVMPD for his actions he was shot president trump watches Sean Hannity every single night you mean to tell me that it's normal behavior for a guy you raise money for medical file hero media interviews story on top of that cnty you hear this is slightly Quixtar generated 2017 they have a virtual address the physical location it simply reflects I mean the brand on account of background on you we have here your entire life story seems check out your you know if we share of what you're doing a course with and we're still you're here to provide you know security is your job that like when we you out we get our own no background really kind yeah if you're able to find out does not yeah well actually line placement provided us with a profile and you no I just find out doesn't really seem like this but he is really legitimate it doesn't really seem like you know what you're telling us is very accurate seems like you are working for telogen the ... you know tied in with the FBI or D. H. cast because security company that you're claiming to work or isn't he what would you do a charity we we check with the Nevada secretary of state and it hasn't expired paper how is that possible NMO comment also Richard Klein for months seems not only is this a mac inactive which is a major red flag the also goes by the I named Michael Klein NBI because this is unmarked vehicles right here this year tuning and he's just count those who is this supposed you know you're a security guard who appears to be more of a suspect a hero and we're at it how he just canceled on Sean Hannity unexpectedly and another ... for interviews as well tonight national media interviews and ... before I'm before security yeah confronted us the woman answered the door the woman related to his his comp those and she said that he's use you he did say that he was there but he said that he's not allowed to talk to she did say she's not allowed to talk to the family is being ordered not to talk so we are you had suspicions that they're being silenced zombie had intelligence suggesting that the FBI had implemented their secret gag orders on bellhop employees and security employees who are you know trying to keep quiet there is quite the cellphones of like video and cameras for witnesses of the shooting their tragic story all photographic evidence appears and the woman who answered the door related to his accomplice confirm that he's being told not to talk about this funeral March no roaches there is no other news media here he's is crap doesn't supposedly messing he's not missing he's not missing they're just fighting him Dr you're kidding luggage away generally Nevada pleads U. S. 340 each there require that not even have been accurate registration it says ... sex are you telling me his registration is all the way from 2006 marina you ran the plates subtitles so it doesn't even have an accurate registry I mean what is that what what you're Winona 317 and this guy has registration from 2006 I mean they can't get the vin number because it's on the property and I can't log on the property you can't make this stuff up you guys hazy's campus I've confirmed with multiple people in law enforcement and people who know friends and family members of his his compass that this is his vehicle where but Hey we're not trying to attack you it's just this is becoming a it's almost like a lie for the American people this is this is starting to look like an extreme cover up then we just why I know that what is the reason why they're trying to you know prevent the public from knowing here he's he's campus since I mean did if he even like a legitimate security guard we ran his credentials and he's not even registered with the state of Nevada in like the appropriate areas where would you know less whether he was a legitimate credential security card I mean who is this guy is he an accomplice like he's the last person to see Steven haddock alive before he committed the worst massacre in US history you think that's unfair for people to want to know about his his concerts also MGM wake him from the database Rachel red flag so it's like he never even work there such a we don't even have doesn't even have make legitimate ... security this is credentialed covert ops this is starting to look like covert ops most flags and make lasting for those of you who can't tell yeah where we know choice give guidance is doing his job yeah 3 trains how you doing his job but I do our yeah I'll just ask you one last time is on scene a real existing security company do they have a valid license to be practicing private security okay is not in use why is the license expired by like 10 months was there a reason why the license would be expired are you allowed to answer that question no comment on nbatv yet many questions metro public information officer but why would naturally answer my questions I thought you got what you told me yesterday that you were connected with metro so why would not show answer my question there investigate they're not the lead investigators DHS an FBI took over the investigation and I guess that's why you have to tell okay well take your time yeah answering the questions that you did answer but a year just before we leave can you confirm is is hazy's campus alliance we know we now if he's we actually the it's like the entire nature of the entire nation would really like to alleyways if campus alive or did he flee the country is he leaving the state of Nevada is he yeah is he being arrested what what is the deal why did he do this cancel the dinner is tonight no comment yeah well thank you have a good night you can't I'll just tell me now for future reference that the cut off date is 10:00 great print media being outside of properties right that Cyclops 10:00 PM okay so we we follow the rules we don't come here and you know a time where we weren't supposed to be here it's not 10:00 right now but but doing the work the mainstream media and clearly local Las Vegas ... media representatives and authorities don't want to do I mean this is that this is a top story right now and they have reporters who are swarmed outside of the union office in Las Vegas that represents and yeah employees and they're all asking where's his accomplice why did you cancel is he missing but nobody came to his house we knock on the door and the family member clearly sad I can't talk about this I was told not to talk about this so who is preventing a family we have confirmation right now that there is a gag order on the family of paces compass I'm sorry but that's a red flag if you are truly a hero and you really did nothing wrong there'd be no reason why you wouldn't be able to talk about what you saw what you did so unlocking al-assad's this is an unmarked vehicle that's outside his house its sound but is it a Toyota that's clearly if the fads 90 Toyota Toyota corolla vehicle parked outside and paces compasses house which suggests that ... it's not it's not his US security guards car he's driving a truck ... with plates covered right now it suggests that that is some type of what federal federal vehicle I'm Mike's place that we are not alone you're not allowed to drive with a marketplace that car is most likely some type of the federal agents so there's there's no place so if you guys are tuning in right now before I go I just wanna give you confirmation that the family members of hazes combos answered the door and a woman told us that she was told she cannot talk to anybody about this and she she shut the door so I I don't think he's as Congress is missing I think that he's in hiding I think that law enforcement is that is keeping him concealed and are probably telling him not to talk and I think that you know there's more and more and it's coming out that's suggesting that he's as couples really isn't my hero that Joseph Lombardo you know the sheriff of our town our tree right I think that we're going to learn some very soon that yeah hazy's combos is not the man of the hour so stay tuned I will be attending the press conference tomorrow at the joint LVMPD an FBI press conference does send your questions IJmuiden your questions because I have a lot of questions for the sheriff and the FBI especially now that I am it was confirmed that Hayes is compost and his family members had any gag order placed on them so thanks guys have a good night //
"2017-10-13 06:17:10"
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Hero Security Was Not Registered In Nevada, Cancels Interview With Hannity
\\his campus is the Mandalay bay security guard supposedly he's no no longer on D. I. employee payrolls seems historia has changed significantly you was first being reported that he was sought after the shooting spree allegedly by Stephen paddock and he played a role in stopping it Las Vegas police came out and change your story now saying that he we saw a full 6 minutes before the shooting started on raises new questions about why arm the police didn't respond sooner the original story was that he I had and were immediately radioed his his security dispatch and that's why the police came and are they saved lives now your stories change to he was shot full 6 minutes before the shooting started he had a a a interview scheduled with Sean Hannity scheduled for today but he has abruptly cancel that today being October October 12 2017 Hannity 9:00 PM so is there his campus security guards star by Las Vegas gunman Stephen product before October 1 met mascot speaks out in an exclusive interview no the tweet talking about this John the Baptist on that interview with Mandalay bay security guard his his Campos who shot by Steven paddock tonight on unity how long rumored all lonely loomer ... weights you hazy's campuses our house there's armed security outside and she was not able to get any interview she wants you on ask him some questions but she was unable sprout are pretty interesting video the security I refuse to answer who was paying him a or if he was on a silly affiliated with the police or FBI I'm Sean Hannity and run his campus interviews I you canceled responded Hannity as a reporter earlier and your GM resource Lisa statement on Thursday with another timeline change claiming camp was was saw at the same or what as or within 50 seconds after he he reported the first shots were fired yeah ABC news although we prefer not to comment on the details of the investigation we are issuing this statement to correct some of the misinformation that has been reported 9:59 PM Pacific time was derived from Mandalay bay report manually created after the fact without the benefit of the information we now have we are now confident that time stated in this report is not accurate we know the shots were being fired at the festival while at the same time as or within 40 seconds after the time he's his camp was first reported that shots were fired over the radio metro offices with together with armed Mandalay bay security officers in the building when campus first reported that shots were fired over the radio yeah keep in mind he now is shock 6 minutes before the shooting started the shooting lasted for 10 minutes approximately so we're talking about I least 17 minutes 1617 minutes and police and armed security were in the building is reporter earlier that to get on the gateway pundit that security guard made famous in this Las Vegas shooter story is not even registered as a guard in the state of Nevada we do that again this again this is a high end the casino hotel resort what's the money going to this place highly secure place you're not having any security that's unregistered this is huge security guard is not registered as a security guard in the state of Nevada is even a guard why was he there every security guard the state of Nevada hasta register as an armed or unarmed guard with the state's private investigator's license in board this and these records are publicly searchable and Ivana PO ID.GL sweet.U. S. there is no Hey Zeus Campos license with P. I'll be it hasn't you see screenshot from the Nevada private investigators licensing board you are a campus I athletically we have a Frank campus to Jose campuses a Juan Carlos Campos but there is no Hey Zeus Campos registered as a security guard in the state of Nevada this makes his resemblance the San Bernardino shooter all the more interesting //
"2017-10-12 21:50:11"
Mandalay Bay Victims Being Transported To Las Vegas Hospital
\\nmap yeah I wish we had done more so there is literally at trail white going in to the hospital from the parking lot people were being pulled out came up and trucks trucks in limos in other words it became we we yeah I guess nnova no if you //
"2017-10-12 19:21:31"
FBI Wipes All Videos & Data From Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses' Phones & Laptops
\\report Duffy I wipes phones and laptops of Las Vegas eyewitnesses route 91 workers get the vice is back with videos messages deleted but the people that work that route 91 so they got their cellphones back today they said that all their phones are completely wiped clean all messages and info from that weekend are completely gone all messages and videos from the night of the attack time been wiped clean looks like somebody has something to hide is that all their phones are completely wiped clean all messages in info from that we can are completely gone anyone else experienced this 3 different people who were vendors there set all saying the same thing the woman later comments later a route 91 worker confirms a story come cut commenting of course isn't active federal crime scene they can wipe it clean I was the beverage manager for the entire event my laptop is wiped clean info worthless separately contacted by another individual who told us the same thing both individuals ask their names not be revealed fact that all information relating to the master has been deleted is inserted Prof further claim this cholera some assert now thought feds wiping data is a routine part of their investigation procedure they want to stop the many conspiracy theories circulating they're not doing a very good job at and call to says the media's treatment of the story and constantly changing official narrative is only serving to make people more suspicious kind of odd that we keep being told things that are true about Las Vegas massacre from basic timeline to this weird insistence that Tadic meeting good living a gambling rights Coulter and Coulter point so many questions that remain unanswered about the tack including why Tadic checked into the hotel days earlier than us authorities first set said he did why he was wearing gloves if you could transmit suicide and why paddock shows who mode 200 rounds the hallway and a security guard who was checking on someone else's room before beginning this massacre //
"2017-10-12 16:10:34"
Press Conference: Las Vegas Victim Suing MGM Mandalay Bay For Negligence
\\Las Vegas shooting victim suing MGM resorts page Gaspard 21 year old college student from Wheatland California and she's the first victim the file lawsuits against MGM choose out the festival spent 7 several days recovering at home she claims MGM failed to properly watch people coming and going from the hotel and they didn't respond quickly enough after the first shots were fired at one of their security guards the complaint also says that the mentally bay hotel casino didn't notice all the guns going to see Stephen paddocks room and didn't act when he broke his hotel window Casper's attorneys also question differences in timeline when the shooting as reported by MGM and Las Vegas police yeah actions of them Mandalay bay security guard Hey Zeus Campos and a possible breakdown in the chain of command procedures keep in mind the first story was that he was shot after this mass shooting and he somehow played a role in stopping it now the story is that he was shot a full 6 minutes before this shooting spree started story all along has been that he called his on dispatch but no response at Tuesday's press conference attorneys for Gasper also said offices were put a disk difficult situation because of the concert conditions at concerts and her mother emphasized the need for improvements to safety procedures at the vets is one of the main reasons for the lawsuit how are you everyone I am one of the attorneys representing page Gasper and we hopped pages mother heather sulking here today as well as her grandmother ginger I am representing page along with attorneys know it the to my right shot papers and others laughed and Nate Morris who is from the Vegas area and working with us on this case I want to talk about Paige Casper because for not is what this case is about it's about the people who were impacted by what happened on October 1 and about the companies who should be held responsible and you have a responsibility to keep the people who are on their properties that have their say page is that Iran spirits yeah well last 21 year old college student and she came to Vegas on our own time on her hard work Lanny to enjoy country music that she lives with her closest girl and it became a nightmare page was shot in the right side of her body sustained serious injuries will spend several days and I see you and hug several medical procedures she has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home in California one of the most important thing that we now pay twice communicate it today is that this is that if you have a company that can talk about their prayers and certainly the families that have lost loved ones and suffered injuries we a lot of prayers but why page filed this lawsuit it's about competition and answers page one dancers I know a lot of these people who suffered through the night of October 1 want answers and that's what this is about friends and for page there are definitely people who are not going to have their voices heard but page wants to be the voice and she is a brave strong young went one and we know that she wealthy pages on heather wanted to say a few words so she's gonna read a statement I first single answer questions 10 days ago last changed in ways we could never imagine we never could shrink that our daughter page what 11 moment be singing under the desert and the next moment the clean to hope that she would see the next sunrise 10 minutes of gunfire became an eternity for the child that we live 10 seconds of a voicemail saying our daughter had been shot became 10:00 hours of driving into the uncertainty of what we ever hold her again 10 days ago we clearly began to understand that if I run out evil well find a way to hurt and destroy we began to understand that this can no longer be allowed as the day is it dredged John we have become a certain about a few things we are certain that life is precious every life we are certain that hearts break for those lifelong staff want for those lies changements only Democrat those lies injured and just hoping to find a way to say where we are certain that we have to stand up and left the voice of reason you heard we are certain that the change for safety needs to happen to honor those lives lost and those that are forever changed we are as simple and humble family and money is not the driving force behind us asking to be heard our driving force is wanting change and practices and security when we buy a ticket to an event we need to know that our safety is considered and protected when we gather in masses fire protection should be paramount our world has changed therefore we need to change our practices as well we are certain of one last thing we are certain that should never happen again I want to also add on to her father and that in this tragic time that Vegas in the community has been amazing we had strangers reach out offering from homes their rooms blankets food it companies error gave us free rides everywhere we went people where we only need to Vegas and stealing hardy's but we now know Vegas as a community that is very lobbying and campaign and we just wanted to make sure that there was no way to put out that we appreciate everything that they get from the community has done for our family and the families affected by this we'll just open it up for questions no Sir not if you don't as she's at home healings still with doctors appointments and she has one today and just sucks along route right now is focused on the physical healing and then little pieces the mantelpiece supporters after falcon as C. L. K. E. and you don't want work problem yeah I think of when you you got to call the caller ID your what was your first reaction talk please shot come when your father he receive the first voice now and then he contacted me and I have set that she had been shot I didn't understand that I knew she was in Vegas for a concert I couldn't I don't know what was happening and he said to turn the news on but there really wasn't much yet because it just happened so that it became so well and of what has been of how do we get to her what we do and so that's what it's been now is just spinning in circles trying to figure things out so all now enter chaos her phone was dropped and so ... a friend contacted her father and her father contacted me right out by force ... tell me I'm sure okay let me let me address the it'll 3 civil litigation one thing that we have an opportunity to do is to learn and it's not just for plaintiffs like page companies that are defendants get the opportunity a line also my firm in the lawyers appear been doing this a long time and away often that people can learn to make people places and things safer is through litigation and litigation gives us that exact opportune to look at documents look at procedures talk to witnesses and at the end of the day hopefully the companies involved here will come up with better procedures to help people in every case I've been involved in that involved a lot of people like this there were injured companies did make things safer and that's the goal we want to make it safer and pages aren't voice that ... in particularly to us she wants us to focus that our attention on them making things safer and that's what we're going to do 5 songs please tell me Mister okay so we're days into this process we filed a lawsuit yesterday for us to get up here and act like we know all the details would be unfair to y'all and unfair to the American people but what we do know at this point is that there were policies and procedures that were not followed for instance at a concert you're gonna have to have safety procedures for ingress and egress there has to be a PA announcer that announces a problem so people can know that there is a dangerous condition those things did not occur people who were left I'm knowing figured out on their own how to escape it because they tunnel people out in this kind of situation where we know good people can do horrible things that's the America we live in we do know that now so what we can do is planned for and by failing to plan for it we put a lot of people in danger and that doesn't happen we can plan for this we can be proactive we can do a better job and the truth is we have to do a better job 59 people aren't here anymore 59 families are living with grief 500 people are going to have to live with the experience of being shot which is one of those people I will make sure everything that we can do to make things safer timeline there so this currency on one security guard I have to offer well was shot and report this discussion coming out before the shooting so we could we talk about that yes I can address that you already know you know I want issue screaming order for us because it's going to change if the matter and you're looking that's interesting right now are and IBM VM same yeah really screwed me wrong I like and then I refusing to comment on it then I think your first big question to me is why did the security guard go out there you know it was there what was the situation that's the first question ... the 6 minutes is a long time and the second question is did he using radio to call the front desk or whatever that security operation has been was 911 call and the food chain of command so you don't really know here because for 6 minutes that will happen and then please of criminal started shooting yeah he's innocent people so that I am one is extremely pressure and it's gonna be a big focus of all of the losses in the I was also far you do forget or software it before Colin I won't at what time we don't know that we don't know that I am what I think we will get all the surveillance but it's being ... 911 calls call it that is going to be ... bought the resignation I would like to add one thing to the timeline folks all you have to do after this on press conference used oil site ndan wait 666 minutes see how long that is that is a very long time the city of Las Vegas so great job of putting into place out people they can come and help swat teams police officers and got 6 minutes was crucial these people that were killed and injured dishonor to have those 6 minutes to protect you we will never know what could have been done in that 6 minutes because nothing was done we lost our 6 minutes so we won't know what happens to go up there did your iPhone put it on our Tyler my 6 minutes see how long that is I've done it a long time what we actually you're a lot but we are your concern about your ways you're in office or a lot boss I appreciate that question Nathan Morris ... but I'm a I'm a born and raised lusting and and we we appreciate yeah first of all I can yeah perspective we very much appreciate the lot of support ... Beijing her family Carl and into answer your question specifically tell us if we have what questions we want answers to but because we believe me again living in a city that's based on trust and confidence and having a good time it's a disk error when there are breakdowns yeah individuals and individual are it is whether it's a business or an individual person we find out what this breakdowns are so our cities safe so that everyone can coming and feel safe many fear for their conventions for their vacations for their concerts so specifically ... are concerned at this time arm is focused on those individuals who were in a position to provide that safety ... specifically ... before that ... officers were involved ... both Beijing her family are extremely grateful and and and they've expressed the same to the response for law enforcement and and and I think I'm as Janice mention ... by officers and trained for that yeah we are we're very grateful for their contributions to it would say well I don't know but prejudice security officers at the concert I went to a movie buff scores now I may be last week all so no we don't let me ask that question is that okay we have not named ... any of this city officials are police departments because they were emerges we are immersed in response people from what we can see today as we sit here today they do the very best that they could possibly do ... but this is a discovery process we need to learn as much as we can but we believe it is our own I nodding as to what happened the news that we get the information we're getting from witnesses their police officers to handle it as best as they could but what they were put into it was a very difficult situation people were being haunted now have a very small area they created a slowing of traffic I trampoline up people and an easy target that's called an egress the facility that had the show how do you think you people the chance to me should Parapan MRC and there's all kinds of alerts you folks prior bones hearings whether we know that we should have a better job and that's what this lawsuit is about I was the one with you I need to stop you a lot of work but I know there's a lot of our working out of me what happens if yeah and I can actually responded that pages grandmother and heather's mother here at Penn ginger Slocum is a legal assistant she has been a legal assistant for many years check that and pages grandmother was involved in the litigation involving 3 wheelers many years ago and he knows from firsthand experience that litigation sometimes is the force that may companies change their practices and procedures to make people safer we've seen not with cars and airbags we've seen that in our airports after 911 things have to change they already were changing Google safety and security and and concerts and hotels pre Vega shooting and you must be a lot of articles about how important it was that concert when I say if any of the people who are putting us on were making as many as safe as possible it might of the world that we live in today pages family especially her grandmother theme this type of action make a difference in people's lives adult pages the brave when did you first expect there will be many others but she is the first voice are you working with any others house there potentially hundreds of others a vaccine not so certain we've courses ... contacted by many people to help them out we're in the process of doing that our job is to talk to witnesses and potential claimants and investigate those claims this is not a group of lawyers that rushes out do anything we put a lot of thought into it takes just a weekend or in the people we represent but you look at some more research done this for a long time and handle a lot of these cases and done it with a great deal of success I believe that we will be heavily involved in prosecuting these claims and bring in the change of now that we're talking about sore the real out of people that Harris yes had there been a lot of people inquire about it yes do we have multiple clients yes we do but people are grieving for all orders to go out there and knock on doors are good hospitals that's not us that's not the orders that we are people ask questions and look for lawyers and they will find the best lawyers and that's usually people like appear that we're experienced in doing these things score don't judge so how do you go to internet watch you got it right now both of the garage well I yeah yeah better or yeah right right right right now her for that question that's a voice not only is there for it also hill how do you feel right now problems for responsibility you know this is going to let me just address that as far as the specific self proclaimed you know really it's it's only a game we know at least we know that the 6 minute issue the file management pretty huge of the general security and our concern just the fact is this person was able to get better many long guns in view that hotel room and then a lot of ammunition that ... physical Sir because yeah everywhere you go and weakness yeah its heroes there's cameras everywhere and no then that's also clarify restitution as to how how he was able to set up this fortress I do but I think people ms innocent people and and your first responders and I said it's early on about alright any interviews because the banner anyone's house they wouldn't be circumstances that might support doctor does that because they're presented by host our but a lot lately about what learn our about how I I yeah what are what what are well this is 6 minutes like you say let is also the only shooting me off somebody being able to struggle that many guns and ammunition into you know if you can get there hotel and I just want to be clear on it the focus of this lawsuit is not about guns which ruled honor thing of that photograph I'm not a lawyer Jack's gun owner is not much better to defeat issue is how this this person who is yeah band of Hong causing harm takes over 25 long guns into the room etcetera that happen unnoticed and then put it purifies that it did happen because the report is that he was there since Thursday so at least 4 days he was in there stockpiling these weapons as well as ... ammunition and one would wonder whether ... room service owner the cleaning staff who it's good why why some re not noticed what was going on and we would also added threat thing down cameras being installed but does surveillance cameras that the perpetrator high in the circus clown outside the rare reports and I expect that we will do additional investigation on the camera that was installed in P. call about how often how did the hotel not know about that why wasn't I read fuck that somebody got shot but not on all the songs drilling you're putting things in our hotel on installing it someone here we don't know to be our staff things like that and we expect we'll all find where that information and that's exactly what we're going to be investigating yeah I wish Howard you guys have a course your best as you know well you know how to speak with you that's not if you ask about relevant questions great people webpages that question and that's one of the specific reasons ... this lawsuit filed about once there is a lot of foster it provides us the opportunity ... to go to a formal process it's ... to be able to find out more specific information more specific answers if people have to be responsible for the answers to get and it's so specific clearly mascot powers that would actually be a additionally we see here ... again I thought raising I'm often asked about the culture of Las Vegas it's beyond culture I didn Las Vegas that we have learned this culture of helpers a culture of people coming together not only as the gun help page in her family but for many others specifically to your point meaning individuals who've been involved have come I think to draw firm here in Las Vegas also I think counsel here ... and it took them out we are in Texas coarser many individuals with Texas Paul yeah I'm an extreme out for you helping ... it's been a just a tremendous resource for us to find out what's been going on ... in a more informal sense to help us to better understand what could have been done and what actually went on we found out that's been tremendously helpful to help us become more informed to understand where failures were where things could be improved yeah but what stock exchanges yeah yes them so they don't there is already in use filed against ... about stock company so they are there up what we call a necessary defendant in the case put some other plaintiffs group argument I will say this about the bus talk so it's an aftermarket part and it's not something to be gone later factors recommend what this suggests the the younger illegitimate Halifax groups do not suggest that somebody modify their ... product just like any products should not be modified aftermarket parts so I put this is the only MGM insecurity ... slot but stopped when he was already in the case so discovery will show what role they had down the road ... so I hope I answered your question a legal question returns on their work colorable shooting tiger suit movie theater structurally they failed to one of them are you using a different legal analyst me you know you've got to be more successful there are what levels are so that's you and it will be there's not a lot of discovery in this case that but so you probably will be over problem that and ... a lot of information is going to come out that every case is different every situation is different of that and frankly you know you compare this with Colorado ... it is this just a different set of circumstances because here we have a situation where we have somebody barricade themselves into an elevated position I don't know back then again there are many many things yeah stop by some of the equipment and ... then and there is a delay on the part of the security system yeah but that just different from Colorado let me add to that every state in this union has the right to develop laws how to protect their people and Colorado has their own laws in Las Vegas has different so lost one of the legal process in this case it's promised liability one thing that Nevada has done a great job it's telling its citizens and businesses to make their places thanks it's important to this community it's in court portents the businesses they work here it's important to the people that are invited here to enjoy this great city encourage state so the product liability laws here in Nevada are very strong for the people which we bring different than the press liability laws in Colorado so Colorado can do it their way but Las Vegas does it a different way without getting all the details so permits liabilities we feel very confident they were gonna bring us supported legal clients there are justified and that we will prevail but we got a lot of work to do and I promise you these lawyers up here are going to do a lot of work and Paige and her family are going to stand strong and they're going to be with us this entire process is a hard job to the okay it's personal to them and it's personal to us have you enjoyed your there are not a lot but I was out here yeah yeah or wish to have you should be licensed yes Sir specially if there if there are fish dish license and that's that's something that we will work on it during the discovery process to find out that the the training of the people who were on the security shifts forgot the 5 minutes before ... and what they did and what they saw was going to be a major part welcome one you got it knowledge are you a little Richie chat with the auto happy like do not think would look back down check process for sure ... I don't I don't know if Mister Douglas was far more ... there's just you know there's different stories on that ... so I don't want to speculate whether you need you need to have a special license to carry a weapon so so going along those lines I'd like to thank you for that question very much because it illustrates just just this process that we're going to get these questions that you're asking I don't hear these questions and you know September I don't hear these questions you know last year I'm hearing these questions now our legal process the process it pages decided to gauge allow us to represent her is allowing us questions to be asked the same questions asked where we have seat belts when we have something that keeps people praying that when she the same question that was asked ... why don't we put sprinklers in building where we could fire escape single unfortunately often times were slow to act blessing but this circumstance all these questions Rask and we will provide answers page and we will provide answers for community and those answers will make us stronger and make us better you have do you know how many security guards her building earth lower liking a mother with a our house I so we don't know what we do know that their industry standards that for every ... type of particular industry this this the casinos are event planning their security experts that have set the standards and no one of the things you check my is whether those standards were met by yeah yeah corporation this is accomplished court hero no matter what I do what I want because he was shot state or a large looking do you agree with that that piece of salt 0 because what happens to battle it so you know what Mister Bartlet's that this time he asked me he was presented with the fact that set of circumstances where you have one person with with the assault rifle shooting at one set some place I read there were over 200 votes by medical demands of life I'm happy for him and his family I think he he did what he could under the circumstances so you have actually knockers publishes a procedure oppida yes and for that I want to say that this is not an easy for us we have obviously the event was not easy for us but it has been a very difficult decision for our family to make the last few days ... where personal family where pride it more humble we're hard working we're you know come from a military background long forced my daughter is extremely strong person amazing patriotic loves her country rubs people will do anything for others so it's been difficult for us to come now it'll be a voice this way because we know how people can be hateful but we know that pain to happen sometimes has to have a heart things happen and I really that's what this is about for us and our family is that we want to change that happen they want things to be put into place that they're not going to happen to you this isn't gonna happen to your children and your families and so really that's what this is all about for our family specifically with that in mind we just ask everyone in our community and nation will rise please just take a step back and look at the break of a of this young woman and any in this world we live in where social meeting is going to be as we just ask those it takes time to step back and and learn a little bit about peach and her bravery inner strength please communicate that please be a force for good helping and supporting goes here please don't just stand by for just one thing we like to ask everyone please recognize that she's a human being has been great and strong I need your support spelling on gender it was for us we'll see you on different textures I was at work what was that what no does seem you M. ever try to screw your neighbor thing Morris yeah check you don't think I'm all for her cell can S. ee our K. E. N. and then on the shelf Siegel that he she our was he ever so it's easy I see I'm with Abraham what will in Houston free hospital treatment with big fat liar 6 for far from usually for so we will yeah I know but I hope this is gonna be you know it doesn't matter anyway and once again minute and you are no matter what we do know legal work but really it's an effort with what you bought half of its like this without a strong leader thing is it's not me Arafat ... and certainly Steve expected going for a long time Randy will be great for yeah right so that your family problems and I don't think she beyond just talking about changes a person I don't think don't really want to get into the specifics of naming everyone family just to protect their privacy and the family members sure I ask you I am I agree with her pages expressed to me this morning her concerns about her family members thing at confront it didn't that she feels like she can handle it but she doesn't matter that she loves to be brought into it what about her what you what was it like she likes but you're not using you talk about her well she's always been loved by so many she was even starting middle school school president talk the way through high school she has always been a force for change this is not unusual for her to want to be a voice she is a hard worker she came like they sat down here on our own even though her father and I always offered her help she says now I'm an adult now I need to learn my way in and do my thing she works 3 jobs Helen 3 she's a senior in college ... she has always been a blessing to anyone she comes across in our community is very strong in supporting her and I'm loving her and she just she's such a bright light anybody that ever comes across her can see it right away which was probably some state well she's off now but we don't know what that holds she psychology major yes you were Washington I am sure they don't last while it used to be for jobs now sister I don't know but I do have to say this because I'm a Dallas cowboy fan she is also a very dedicated Dallas Cowboys we all as Texas roots both of her parents were born in a small town in Texas her grandmother still lives in Texas so she has a lot for country music in many things Texas and country and that's definitely part of her heart any other questions we want to thank you all for your time thank you for coming out here and so courteous ... a couple the lawyers are going to stay around if you wanna ask you questions probably we were happy to answer those our own thank you very much I mean this is great proving dolphins very hurt thank you //
"2017-10-12 02:28:14"
GOP Rep Gohmert in Shock as Reporter Reveals Imran Awan Accessed House Server FROM PAKISTAN
\\there are just so she sat governorship forums where the idea is you were saying earlier well when they that sheet maximum amount that houses or you can write yeah you see that's why him another family member and other such you Papa we got which I think shows on the payroll great ... and do we know for sure some of the others family and associates did not every performance IT work these offices well there are implications for example youngest brother was a college 20 years old your honor licensed massage every year access I am a thief was storage batteries one month here in Pakistan spend more like taking act like or months earlier Pakistan 7 years he was there more than 3 months package also asking where he indicated that he was doing his job well from past so he had access doing the job of providing security for house members from Pakistan seriously that I have not seen that anywhere I was not aware of any model one himself said he was helping with what he was doing the job for which you ... what amount she gave me an early around $60000 over energy $60000 anything or anything and so you're for the 3 months throw Pakistan is just staggering //
"2017-10-12 01:08:06"
Las Vegas: Laura Loomer Visits Home Of Mandalay Bay Security Hero Jesus Campos
\\I just shooting at I cannot say yes currently goes up 8 this campus property right here jumps like yeah yeah okay yeah so I'm where I'm from the house of Hades campus he's the security guard that was supposedly shot the night of the shooting at Mandalay bay're paying attention to the press conference that happened the other day I might not only changed but ... details us surrounding its campus in his role ... you know in the moments before and after the shooting up were released so you know he was originally hailed a hero and done Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department as well as the FBI said that ... yeah he's uses a hero he saved so many people from dying and because of him so many people are alive turns out he's not really a hero because I'm he was actually shot 6 minutes before the shooting took place ... which shows that he could have done more to actually prevent the shooting he was not shot out while the shooting was taking place which was originally told to the public well so if you all had he sees campus and that would be yeah yeah I are you at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department so your private security firm I think there is a security matter this but we're just here to make sure that we have some he's my you think quieter protection act who who you are protecting check it out from that anybody that's trying to come in hasn't been any credible threats of violence towards his life there are there any you can ask the department yeah I know that the FBI and the metro police department like that they heat euro I would hear action so that you have to ask is is that his real name is campuses that Larry is you I am yeah now we'll see how long can we speak with him yeah yeah I know it's families not having any visitors on the property why did you cover your badge axis we are happy here okay you know that's course okay so you don't work part of the yeah Las Vegas what's the firmly work for I Paris yeah you know there's going to highlight change course ... concerning the events that happened then when I'm you know yeah because we shot have there been a lot of media here to yeah yeah he's use and since that time I had changed it shows that you actually are was shot 6 minutes prior to you I would have been the knowledge of that there's been a lot of Libya around yeah it's here I lost they answer it regularly California now did you recognize the California plates so here are that was just part here that we pulled away yeah well I don't know it debuted during our you know you're you're providing security armed services just your walk up traffic property up just advising and they're not allowed on the property so you're not here on-again so somebody if Hank very is that right I would imagine so your page right we're gonna hasty less your base the firm on that yeah private I guess armed security firm here in Las Vegas are yeah national national local local okay a local Kyrie you guys just you protection argue that your best that you could write as well as what is what is on scene Mr high profile Texas I profile okay so if if you can't press that high profile on individual we're just here like I said family keep everybody out property why wouldn't you want why would he need protection it's you that Sir at the ass Las Vegas all the police department the FBI that's something that are you in contact with the FBI well okay I do you know where you're from protection for the residents is that bad even I I understand that yes the house and not just broken into this weekend I would not have been having knowledge of that they're not or anything your security efforts without the year after yeah I or any other national intelligence agencies like I would have yeah you know if the 6 campus like Nnamdi there were Natalie Maines employment out the day yeah I like it so how were you contacted very easy just have our arms but somebody has to yeah underclass for security and I'm sure so it ends yeah that that's what we're here have you had any incidents happen here so far not very yeah orders it comes multiple reporters and I had come on the street yes and if you're gonna be giving interviews that I was there that I would like with the family is he is he going back to the hospital but I or see any other bullet sellers like the base that you know we would bring about his medical condition now okay do any of you guys have any questions we're here and find out issues campuses resident so you have any questions feel free to let me know and take over the phone really second look at some of the questions John yeah experiencing your questions so why does he need security I don't know why I think its security yeah yeah currently my name is Laura Laura why why does he need security ... but what what what is the reason you've been talking in security I thought the FBI and the police department weren't aware of like his security situation since are not funding at yeah but if they're not if they're not responsible for funding providing how would they know why security okay this isnt us as vehicle it's your house your master can he leave at well so you're not here to make sure that he doesn't leave a country or flee the state at so if he's campus when I walk out of this house right now he'd be able to leave without you following hammer contacting LVMPD at the FBI yeah yeah yeah yeah how do I contact for LV appear naturally because of a point of contact I'm sure there is a point of contact humanity contactless chaplain Bardo or the I. agents on the scene right now you have it okay and what's your what's your name try your last name how do you feel that your job and your employee of on scene I don't work for any other law enforcement agencies are security companies ha ha right now so you don't work for the FBI you don't work for you guys you don't work for EID I work for Las Vegas matcha I think it's just pure luck I work right now so you're not going to confirm whether you work for FBI EHS or LVMPD a monster that's ads lighting to security right now you might ask you specifically because you could be doing contract work but you're obviously during right now ... by I think it is really significant whether or not he's getting protection by some but he also does work for LVMPD DHS or happy I yes those folks yeah you're a statesman apartment Bernard and I whether you work for any of those agencies okay so you are in contact with them regularly on yeah contact them and ask them okay okay so you not confirming or denying what you work for any other intelligence agency they want Forsman agencies I'm just here for added text we're not confirming or denying what you wear Frannie want Forsman agency FBI you chat III LVMPD yeah ask other things okay first you're gonna cardigan take it right to contact you can I get your contact information my contact yeah I don't have you have a supplement I do but that's not a yeah but a number for your firm number for the family I it's sure it's not like you can get it on what's the website I've seen on okay I out thank you for your time are you shed aftershocks governors using purity synopsis yeah it's weird that California Kara Beavis pulled right thank you try well I was incredibly nervous that you see give us Marineris listen you guys he wouldn't confirm or deny whether he does any work for FBI or other organizations like GE jast E. a LVMPD is so notice how you get very definitive answers to all of my questions besides his affiliation with other I national intelligence agencies local law enforcement agencies on the ground it did provide answers but I'm get a car but what can I do not know whether he also does work with the FBI for DHS so we for her pays to scare posts 80 you know Jesus they hero Jesus our savior either mentally shooting I we need to find out someone is there's a re if your hero if you really are right here so why do you need armed security //
"2017-10-11 23:41:10"
Las Vegas: Who's Mandalay Bay Valet Chad Nishimura & Why'd He Vanish After Interview About Paddock?
\\let's talk about Chad Nishimura the valet Parker at the Mandalay bay hotel thread archive you can't fly anymore the 4 chan boards is a screenshot are from the article that's been taken down let's talk about Chad Nishimura the valet Parker at the Mandalay bay hotel in this article now lead for some reason Chad Nissi Morris said he briefly spoke with Patty and many seem like a normal person even claim that there was nothing unusual among his lawyers CNY Seymour was absolutely shocked that Pat could have committed such a massacre archive the earlier this this is the original article I apologize our apologies page your request is currently unavailable but we do have the archive psalm so here winners in the non area how are you need if park suitors car is archived web page here you can see the RL okay Akon me how many how graduate working as a valet at the Mandalay bay resort said he's parked the shooters car on Saturday so the 4 year old Steven paddock checked the car into the hotel on Saturday morning dilate Chad Nishimura was from milioni said he spoke briefly with Paddick just in shock really it's really scary to know that I was close to someone that was that dangerous I never would have thought seem like a normal guy nothing too weird about him he didn't have any crazy bags with him that I can remember we are convention hotel so we have a bunch a people that have boxes and multiple cards for the stuff there's nothing weird that I can remember but this guy supposedly had 32 high powered assault rifles in his room don't make sure that it's so some assault rifles and adding some of what Christians miss you more and hundreds of employees at Mandalay bay are cooperating with the FBI agents as investigations continue a number of people from who I worked at Sunday night's concert or nearby social media health connect family and friends word about their loved ones Tara Spangler originally from Paglia Molly was working closely concert venue after Hooters casino suppose our Facebook page you say pursuing victims planet concert swarmed into the casino now we see this the unseen article at unseen encyclopaedia sad Nishimura on the left Stephen product on the right hotel worker vanishes after seeing Stephen Herek didn't have many bags valet worker from the Mandalay bay hotel who parked the suspected must biggest shooting gunman's car has mysteriously vanish after giving an interview saying Stephen product was a normal guy who didn't have many backs chutney Seymour gave a statement to mourn achy Allah now borrow a reporter for Hawaiian affiliate KITV 4 news the article has now been deleted from the website after it appeared to go against the official mainstream narrative that lone wolves government had had managed to get through enough guns for a small army into his hotel room completely undetected the most disturbing part though is that Hawaii native Nissi mora has completely vanished since the report was published with all of his social media accounts being scrubbed from the internet further colleagues say he has been totally unreachable for days since shortly after the horrific massacre that left 59 dead and hundreds more wounded the article off offered a refreshing perspective from someone who had met and spoken to panic shortly before the attack took place and gave an entirely different version of the man who acted alone and that that is being reported by the MSM miss you more told ABC that affiliate that product seem normally didn't have any bags with them open upon arrival perhaps you could explain away the removal of the article as being down to higher ups I ABC taking issue with the report that conflicts with the narrative that they're pushing on the public but why would shed new seem more also disappear into we all his social media accounts could this report have put the whole moon will story in jeopardy or did he know something else that he may have also also going public with people who realize the original article had been deleted haven't you tweeting to the network that published a report KITV 4 news a trying to answer but but have had no response fortune users have archived the full story once it became apparent that reports regarding this encounter with being erased from the internet try to use was also try to reach out to a bar Navarro we got regarding the retraction of her story however the has been no response as of yet another curious and of this whole story that the bio for the Kate KITV 4 reporter says she's a weather reporter why would a weather report report on such a sense of story as this here's the full report glory seemed number of people from wire where Sunday night's concert nearby Tara Spangler result from hi Molly was working close the concert venue at Hooters casino she posted on a Facebook she was safe scream star that was ground before it was too needed when searching charge nation more social media accounts recent dead ends after as profiles of all but shut down is Facebook page now just has an Aris Trina says pages removed even his Linkin park profiles and take them down slink then profile has been removed now again this is Chad Nishimura we search Chad Nishimura okay so what comes up when we search Chad Nishimura that's not I am that's a different Chinese tomorrow nothing from there now I accidentally search Chad niece once you have Lewis first child needs well this comes up Chad niece is that Chad Nishimura it's like the same person to me Chad niece I think this is an old profile though so he has an updated anything yeah that's the same guy so April 4 no one so it's message this guy so this is my little no Chad niece I was wondering if you were a child anymore who works at Mandalay bay who saw us even product answering the hotel and so we'll see if we get a response for this is another really interesting our topic well tidbit of the story what's all team you to search and reach out to this chat Nishimura originally of Hawaii and us see if anybody can get in touch with him //
"2017-10-11 19:21:40"
Mandalay Bay Hotel Questions New Las Vegas Police Timeline Of Shooting
\\now first reports were that hotel security guard Hey Zeus Campos was a hero who stopped the Las Vegas Mandalay bay mass shooting and he was shot after everyone else was then please came out and change your story and now they're saying that campus we saw a full 6 minutes before any of the other shooting started now this is a a major inconsistency because the resolve story was that Campos immediate we are radioed his is security just batch which he he didn't have a fatal injury totally plausible that he did that now if you saw 6 minutes before the shooting that raises the question why was there not a response earlier it points the finger at the hotel as being highly night with Jack now 7:00 PM 10/10/2017 this comes out hotel questions new timeline of Vegas shooting a spokeswoman for the Las Vegas hotel where a gunman committed the deadliest mass shooting in U. S. history is questioning the latest timeline of events provided by police MGM resorts spokeswoman Debra disarm said Tuesday the company believes what is currently being expressed may not be accurate she didn't know outbreak but statement comes day after Las Vegas police revise their chronology of events for the night of October 1 we Stephen patted opened fire from 30 second floor I killed 58 people they were originally said products stop firing on the crowd to shoot through his door and wound in Mandalay bay security guard who's outside on Monday they said the guard actually was wounded 6 minutes before paddock started the massacre meanwhile at the agents return to a house in Reno owned by Stephen Paddick after police determine someone had broken into the home over the weekends Reno police officer Tim Broadway confirmed Tuesday that police were called to the house early Sunday by neighborhood noticed a light on inside the home an upscale community on the edge of the Sierra foothills along interstate 80 he says they discover someone had broken into the house and immediately contact the FBI he said it's not clear how the person or persons gain entry or whether anything was taken he says they don't have any suspects or descriptions of possible suspects he told the Associated Press nobody really saw anything just a light was on but nobody in the residence says local police a working in conjunction with the FBI to make sure no one ends else answers the home looks to me like it most likely was someone on the inside is looking to cover up information //
"2017-10-11 19:08:03"
Early Reports From The Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting
\\all agencies have responded to reports of an active shooter situation at the Mandalay bay I can't tell you at this time we do have a suspect down ... our officers skins for left for you but I understand the people of Las Vegas want help I see a lot of people out here that are coming down wanting to help please steer clear of the area we have all the resources from Las Vegas much Paul police department as well as our partner agencies coming to down to bear on the situation so please stay away from the area we have had reports of people coming down trying to ... help on where we got that so we're good right now so but do we have about numerous victims right now I don't have a number for you on that backed up please keep dies their families and am in your thoughts ... as we work our way through this problem ... once I have more information to come back I will come back and give you that information at this time but as of now but I can't confirm as we do have one suspect down and we want people to steer clear of the area are there other suspects insecurity tonight you you obviously have familiarity with says all equally you've heard all the reports situations like this on like this but it's not as bad as it sounds but what we can talk and it was in response to hearing your story defense there was bad you know small small talk people hate to hurt you suck day area that we had flags that was set up but if that was completely for it with people myself Gary with other people we can at least 45 people the area shot and shot earlier brotherly I know for sure all the example a few others from our critics acknowledge it sucks up ahead another solution to link a lady was shocked at her side alone does not lead to call another round it was it was it was oddly sing it will hit a high level we shot it wants the first offload that the government caller got you know we're shooting from put possibly type is the thirtieth floor if you will be for military think was acquitted what was called up to almost all spoiler alert was our it was probably mentally feel a 20 on the set that up top single went beyond actual speccial microcenter for where the job a little easier I think building we what the security guards what would I change bodies was on your side most of the like I don't know you won't get sick tonight you obviously have similarities all equally what we call the reports the situation on like this but it's not as bad as it sounds but what we can still talking to police in response to hearing your story mmhm it was bad you know what what what people hate our if you suck the area that we had flags that will certainly affect was completely for it with people myself carry with other people we can always fall apart people stay in here area shop in Aldershot earlier frontally yeah so how would I know for sure all the example a few others from our classic collection sharks up ahead another solution to link a lady was shocked at her side alone does not lead to call another round it was it was it was ugly thing at level one we shot it wants the first offload that the government won't judge me you know we shooting from put possibly type is the thirtieth floor if you quit being for military thick liquid see what was coming up well almost all spoiler alert homeless are but fundamentally feel 24 that are kind of scene with DR actual speccial microcenter for this job a little I think get rid of all sorts of remorse question there may not be true that he as you also this took me here also when you saw all these people coming out call your county impossible even what what's what's going to happen out 45 minutes here I was saying about every anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes to look at it and it was like fortify realistically now this is the Mandalay bay building and the scene of the shooting welcome the slide breaking news edition of Vanity tonight America in a state of shock after a madman opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas killing now 59 injuring 527 others in the most deadly mass shooting in American history authorities are now working round the clock to assist the victims and determined a motive Catherine Herridge Donovan hunt Claudia count trace Gallagher ball on the ground tonight they have the very latest also Laura Ingram Sebastia court get David Clarke John rich kaiet Jones there on stage just before all this happened and I witnesses will all join us but first here is how it all went down my fellow Americans jury together today in sadness shop I agree we got calls committees dispatch but I hope multiple shots being fired from the direction of the late day towards the group 91 concert everyone was like literally laying on top of each other trying to get out of the way my husband I ran out toward our car there are people hiding underneath my car public small to keep ahead product everyday we had what if there was flooded with people ha ha ha may god bless the souls of the lives hello may god give us the grace you and the guy provide the grieving families with strength to carry on but first in the midst of tragedy to rush to politicize the war shooting in American history she for now the left has no shape and that is tonight it's very very important live opening monologue weaken the worst mass shooting in American history president trump he offered his deepest condolences and he addressed the nation about this tragedy early explain here's what he said last night a gunman opened fire with a large crowd any country music concert in Las Vegas Nevada he brutally murdered more than 50 people and what we did hundreds more it was an act of pure evil now president Chirac also held a moment of silence at the White House for the victims of this Vegas shooting at it plans to go visit the city Wednesday after traveling to Porto Rico that's scheduled for tomorrow now what the president is trying to console the nation and offer support to the city of Los Vegas and the country the media Democrats have rushed to politicize this tragedy in an absolutely despicable display let's take a look right there at the side of your screen we must warn you the images you're watching they are heartbreaking horrify lives shattered dreams destroyed now some of these victims are still in the hospital plead to life we still don't have all the facts you know what bodies or even in the war yet parents were in hospitals with their kids that are hanging on to life not on this matter to the left in this country their impulse to politicize this tragedy as they do other tragedies is beyond the pale they're using this tragedy why to score cheap political points and push shot gun control agenda don't believe me watch this I want every commissioner Bratton back in when you hear this is very relaxed gun laws in the state of Nevada towards protecting themselves they don't here is what you just described like I mean flexion prod description of insanity reality hot one more time description a little sanity terrorism violence happens elsewhere here it's because of accessibility of a certain weaponry so I'd be remiss in not mentioning it now I know it's highly political but I as a security person in this city I'm looking at the access issue at looking at these numbers absolutely shocked and outraged that for some reason were not allowed to talk about that in a real debate over guns in this kind well I think it's really important to make sure we do it accurately it's time for a national dialogue we can have any call reason lawyer which the country can clear out hall come we have so many mass shootings in this country we can't have that conversation because it really becomes almost hole between the gun owners of America who are protected by the NRA and other people are saying they ought to be a more reasonable middle ground now this is a bad a look at some of the trees look at the statements coming from Democrats calling again for gun control just within hours after the massacre happened this is so shameful Elizabeth Warren thoughts and prayers they're not enough not what moms and dads will very kids this weekend more sons and daughters will grow up without parents Nancy Pelosi she's out there calling on speaker Paul Ryan to create a select committee to examine the gun violence in America Hillary Clinton she took things further going after the NRA here's what she tweeted quote our grief isn't enough we can and must put politics aside and stand up to the NRA at work together to try and stop all of this from happening again beyond disgusting inappropriate empathetic now Clinton waiting lists that 9:00 hours after the shooting and went deep into the gutter politics she says she doesn't want apply here's my question do they have any decency and he talks about the families we don't know the details yet but this is their initial impulse keep watching the images on the side it's screen tonight has anyone on the left criticize Hillary or other Democrats for making this point I don't see it imagine that the president today brought up the second amendment how with the news media in this country have reacted we don't know the motivation of this lunatic we know was premeditated we know it's evil I could make 100 different arguments if it wasn't gone it would be a car bomb or whatever the only thing the Democrats should be focused on tonight the country needs to be focused on the victims there in the hospital there families in the investigation because we don't have facts but instead they couldn't wait a half a day to play politics shameful and members of the media they're also going directly after the victims liberal CNN Jeff Zeleny suggested the only person president trump is the only reason is going to Vegas and because the victims in the audience who may have many supporters really that's pretty twisted and Barry Scheck watch of course Las Vegas is a town that he is connected to an end and a nose well his name is emblazoned on the top of the hotel there is wealthy campaign to their line so this is something I'm not surprised at all to see him go there by visiting early something else I think should keep in mind a lot of these country music supporters were likely trump supporters and this is something that heroes battleground after the heinous act in Las Vegas at my next guest are you S. marine veteran did what he could to help the victims Taylor when he's with me now it Sir good morning from Las Vegas about is your home served in San Diego with the U. S. Supreme Court I want to share with our viewers here a video you were taking on your song you reach your girlfriend gem that was the time this is a long list before the shots rang out video that we got showing it to our viewers now at the moment the shots were fired you start to scramble as you cans of thousands of people Iran into a parking lot signed a pickup truck and do what's ... was actually the first sentence so I think it was fair it now but just don't ever get to head down get away from the gunfire and we got pending against the fence and start there are people over a fence and people were getting shot all around Anya's squarish taken I'm not much you can do you ... once we got over the fence ... I saw a parking lot actually just behind me over here with work trucks and I separately during a fastball and lots more people use that track image and delete keys and I was hoping that was the case and ... look down on the first try to open the door and the keys are there look at Jan sat let's go get some people and usually went back to our site fire you a name the keys to the truck first one you tried and then you started to transport how many people so a local hospital town the strip was 10 to 15 people as many as we can cram in there and we were just trying to go down the line knows that dozens and dozens of people that were being pulled out to the street have torso worms and lands knack everyone was just critically injured in as but everywhere it's really hard to sat just pack up and leave because they don't fit so many people and there's so many people at Sony alpha no annulus around saying it how many people do you think you got to the hospital ... same between 20 and 30 while how many trips ... we didn't you fall trips are we went back a third time and we had to convince the cops last San Antonio yet more people ... once we get it and ... there is a lot less critically injured that were not being tended to Sarah ... we thought we were where you can just turn over to other people who were there and train for the situation and we then went to link up with friends after not magic but then the ambulances were full response to have you been able Sandro's asks what you have gone through yourself well I think yeah fortunate serial more ... headstrong along it's really unfortunate terrorism exists ... I just hope it doesn't keep people from enjoying events like these are the best time of the year for many families and friends I can't disagree with that I was your girlfriend I should direct fires yeah actually has 2 broken her brain F. fractured ran that's just located is while issues helping throw people in the vehicle usurers prior to the mat against now she was she was very strong and helped out a lot rises there are best year and year Taylor went so that tank you for your service very thing around you know your bravery Howdy on our security guard it was the first define the shooters through I has been identified his name is Hey Susan Campos out his bravery also likely saved countless lives here his story is incredible and he's talking about surviving hundreds of shots being fired at him was a chemist and has the story of heroism security guard he Zeus Campos was only carrying 8 nights step Crawley was on a random patrol Sunday night in Mandalay bay at the same time Steven Patrick was in his hotel room fire rained on to the festival crowd he was personally attempting to locate our what was occurring in a matter of minutes campus tracked down Pat ex hotel well campus at no gun and he was all about not even close to a fair fight when the inside of critics hotel room looks like this panic had cameras looking outside any notice Campos coming that's when he turned it got away from the festival and toward Campos firing 200 routes into the hallway it was ... shot in the right by campus immediately radioed in to police that he found the location and they weren't there within seconds officials say without the help from Campos they may not have felt panic as quickly as they did Campos told ABC news I was just doing my job like maybe you can just tell me your story you were worried I know we're at the 91 concert in ... but you're all day waiting for days not being allowed real surreal that same night we have a good time and also year some pocket going on and I don't think anybody really understood what it was and then ... my buddy got to look at Bob my buddies like I got hit somebody got shot 3 times and then everybody knew there is a cheater cyber buddy buddy bye still on top of each other cut down you're here player 40 first day trip you're retired teacher and you came with your best friend and he took 3 bullets to the chest as close as I am to you right now troops are or so it was hard you know I saw there that's like I was the only you and so we had it you know resiliency there somebody with EMC every loss that you now offer military ex military people there were things that we got a compressed announced you know kept regret sized yet he actually put his finger in the hole not a so we can you know the only thing we could the compression on ... and in we stayed like that for at least 10 minutes 15 minutes before finally meeting this is that we need to get over the fence so we get money to states that lease we know we're same deal with them and so you were 3 other guys had to physically hauled him over a fence in order to get him under the stain and you're protected area yeah gotten over and slid under state where there is another another awesome lady came over ... and help keep pressing so there is multiple there's you know I'm no hero but there is tons of heroes out there that order there's a lot of heroes up it's pretty astonishing to think that you guys were physically plugging his bullet wounds with your fingers yeah great robbed me of my friend Robbie had his finger in the we got a piece of good news a few minutes ago though your friend rob when he was shot 3 times putting both suggests his daughter texted you get what you say say dad got talked to us that he's going to be okay so take a load off me but still you know so many other people I make it a bit me as a threat next my body I could have been me that so ground in Vegas night where 59 people have died 527 literally or injury 527 people innocent civilians Americans and of course after a mad man went on a rampage story a country music passable so tonight authorities they're still working to determine the motive behind the shooting but here's what we know so far about this madman name is Steven paddock according to his brother it was a lonely millionaire who was a frequent gambler they're also reports that the gunman's father was a convicted bank robber wants a ban on the FBI's 10 most wanted list and according to authorities static extensively plan this massacre there's also newly released video of the hotel room crying scene where you can see that because the paddock use to carry out this deadly attack laying on the ground and according to police 23 guns were found in the room including some that were modified in order to fire like an automatic weapon and according to reports panic you set up a camera inside the hotel room actually fill his rampage he also by the way set up security footage and we're asking the hotel tonight release this the American people deserve to see what happens police also say the paddock put a camera inside of a food cart that was left outside of his room in the hallway so he could see of any police for comic and also tonight we're learning more about the shooters corporate attorney Mary Lou anally what tardy's are now saying is a person of interest sources that telling pops news that Pat I sent thousands of dollars overseas that they have then first girlfriend issues currently traveling in the Philippines however it remains unclear who actually receive this money and US government sources are telling fox news that investigators had interviewed an immediate relative a Stephen paddocks call Fred is relative describe your comment has quote unstable and say he made them feel very uncomfortable well up much more on a possible motive all throughout this hour tonight but first Democrats liberals in the mainstream media celebrities late night comedians all work differently rushing to politicize this tragedy and predictably calling for more gun control and we'll get to those examples in a second but unlike them we're promised you on the show we care about truth we care about actually care about victims and families and we're not peddling conspiracy theories or rushing to judgment were not try to use this incident to score cheap political points now is probably why we almost doubled our competitors in the ratings last night the American people you can no longer trust these people in the mainstream media it is sad journalism in America's debt now yesterday we told you for example liberal CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny isn't the only reason the president trump cares about the Vegas shooting is because the victim for probably his supporters we also told you about CBS having a fire one of their lawyers why for mocking the shooting victims are not even carry off tonight unfortunately things are getting much worse now before we show you destroy task at a polling examples I want you to watch this ever so powerful video this is from the concert last night about an hour before the shooting took place almost 30000 people in that crowd my friends big and rich led the crowd honored the military all almost everyone in the crowd breezy there fall with their light and singing collectively god bless America watch this powerful video so powerful so necessary only to come together like the people in that crowd get one hour before that masculine or Republican rats liberals or conservatives Americans seeing our blessed America now I'm gonna get back to my monologue in just a second there is a press conference going on at this hour we wanna get the latest information will help that come back sort monologue make it very clear to me that I need some patients from all of this investigation it's a long time for being concluded ... recently where it went out to Mandalay bay I can tell you there were days away from process completion the processing in that room ... we're getting very close to the completion of the processing of the site we have a significant amount of time westerners well however the southbound portion of Las Vegas Boulevard is now completely open but we are also working diligently as we speak I believe we just opened up to the northbound lanes ... and completion of the northbound lanes should occur sometime this evening so bearing in mind that the investigation is dynamic ongoing continuing and I love answers for yet it clearly understanding that nobody wants answers ... 2 why more than the police in the victims families we have a responsibility to get it right and so that's why it's gonna take time and that's why we're going to take that time however there are some I guess at best interesting reporting about how long did the shooting lasted how long it took us to get into the room first question is how long this actual shooting last I'm prepared to give you some information on that the first call came in tort dispatch center at 10 OO 8 Kim about shots being fired the suspect I can tell you that we know now that he fired off a non for somewhere between 9 and 11 minutes we know that the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys and we know that the firing by the suspect ceased that kid 19 so when you think about that a minute first minute the police are where the shots being fired at 10:00 you know wait and it stops at 1019 that's a remarkable response by this police department I also know the question came up how long was it before swat team in there to suspects room nobody said your dad was 72 minutes and that's why so long as I just mentioned to you ... has assured mentioned previously in the briefing are we at foster's actually working another of ink at the Mandalay bay ... who heard the shooting they took it upon themselves to form up into a team and the cell stairwell it is sending the floors and also back to a hotel yes the swat team had arrived first at the Mandalay bay before they can take any action as I mentioned earlier there was a very thorough security guard ... who was shot during the search for that suspect that's your yard went up to the room he was advancing towards a room when the suspect fired through the door at the security guard and struck him he was able to provide additional information to the police are exactly what room that we were looking at however at that time so important to note that the shooting it stopped we're considering a barricade at that point because a little longer an active shooter or not hearing any further shops the floors had already been evacuated at the gas the suspect was now isolated in contained within a room at the point it's watching made their decision based on what it was appropriate to answer or to make it clear again to you and while there was that slight delay suspect was no longer firing into the crowd was a question about the validity of the crime scene voters somebody Hadley I can confirm those ... ... in fact photos from inside of the room there in fact photos of our suspect and as the sheriff mentioned previously we all opened up an internal investigation to determine the source leaks of those photos to the public yes what we found in the sheriff's artistic Truman assure spoke a little bit about cameras being located to clarify there were 2 cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch says law enforcement or security approach this room and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door people so that he could see down the hallway at this point thought you had a number of questions about ... the weapons and the ... SEC permeate here to my right ... she'll Schneider well answer ... are provided statements you but not take any questions evening I'm special agent charge just cider ATF San Francisco field of vision special agents from the San Francisco field of vision philosophy is field office responded to the shooting that occurred on Sunday additional agents from other locations within the San Francisco field division as well as agents from ATS loss Angeles Dallas Hynix in Boston I feel divisions have been working on this investigation we know that you have many questions regarding the firearms in this case there's also been a lot of artificial information he recorded recorded regarding that guns we'd like to clear up any conflicting information regarding the number of firearms and the current status of the trees information please understand that this investigation is ongoing and what I will be taking questions at this time because we're still working through all of our destiny to findings don't give you the facts that we have as of this time currently 47 firearms have been recovered these firms recover from 3 different locations but locations consisted of a hotel room as well as their day and whiskey Nevada they were purchased in Nevada Utah California Texas the gunman purchase rifles shotguns and pistols at this time none of the guns recovered appear to be homemade there were 12 fire stocks identified on the fires in the hotel room it yeah firearms and ammunition technology division provides determinations on devices such as bonfire stocks elderly legality the classification of these devices depends on whether they mechanically alter the function of a fire arm to fire fully automatic both players stocks well simulating automatic fire do not actually alter the fire arm to fire automatically making them a legal under current federal law it is still being determined which firearms were used in the shooting all of the firearms have been traced we are still awaiting results from some of the fires that were located at Comiskey residents as the investigation proceeds 8 camp will continue to conduct interviews and provide our resources and full support to the sheriff and all our local law enforcement partners thank you as a solicitation continues on we continue to hear stories of her all ex by police officers first responders and average citizens alike I commend all of their actions showed the men's courage in the face of extreme danger or mention that one of those great people Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer Charles at Hartsfield after our show that the route anyone concert at night along with his wife when shots rang out even though I'm sure //
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Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting - Cui Bono?
\\on September 11 2017 someone posted an honest Nestle on 4 chan message board that there was a coming high incident project and that they should stay away from any large crowds okay writes it's called the high incident projects they wanna make the American public think that places with extremely high security are not safe they're trying to create more regulations you'll see laws passed with next you years to put up more metal detectors and other security devices median politicians will be saying places with lots of police need even more police I can't guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but Las Vegas is on their minds a Twitter user posted this claiming that this is from the Mandalay bay hotel September 30 in mandatory active shooter training in the weeks before this the department of homeland security was running a training consortium and one of the cities in which they were doing this was Las Vegas is it the US department of energy's Nevada test site counterterrorism operations support this is the Nevada centers website let's take a look at their training schedule these are some of the training sessions that they had in Las Vegas in the days and weeks leading up to the Mandalay bay shooting it was pretty much 3 weeks continuous passed last 3 weeks on September before October 1 and the Mandalay bay shooting let's look at who stands to gain from all this this is a securities and exchange commission document this is a very poor on Soros fund management form 13 have cover page this is all about Soros groups holdings this is all the different companies that they have an interest in scroll down a little more and here we see MGM resorts international there was a large put option done put on MGM resorts international MGM resorts betting that the stock would go down again this is official document from the SEC Los Vegas mayor good men may ask Israel for security 8 in light of this recent suppose not suing because according to the Las Vegas mayor is realism at this every day in the wake of Las Vegas man massacre the city's Jewish mayor said she might look to Israel for ideas on how to proceed on safety and security in the future Israel's live with this every single day since 1948 because America Carolyn Goodman I thought the comments the times of Israel I don't want to reinvent the wheel we always have safety first we have 43000000 visitors a year she's in a second term as Las Vegas mayor succeeded her husband out Oscar Goodman the 2 are among the city's prominent Jews which also includes casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson for those of you who are followed the election soul not us adults in was a big backer of trunk made a lot of ways in in his community for doing so this is from before the elections from June last year over a year ago who is Sheldon Adelson and Kenny he sway the U. S. election we ask of the casino tycoon in pro Israel mega donor wheels more cash than clout or if he will soon become kingmaker as a primary election named after him the adults in primary it's not as though it was Californians are Yorkers tick boxes refuse to Republican wannabes the pilgrimage to Allison's casino empire headquarters to curry favor with the behind the scenes mega donor a 2 year old multi billionaire pro Israel stall are hello dressings tight in this election he refrained from back and trip cruise eventually he endorsed trunk reports indicate he will find trump's campaign to the tune of 100000000 well see by super pacs we have all the marbles you can make the calls and he has all the marbles Las Vegas Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman said in January after he bought there Las Vegas review journal a newspaper $440000000 critics say he corrodes US politics by steering Republicans in evens it even more ever more hawkish pro Israel stances they allege skulduggery and harrying his casino empire and they see say his newspapers rely propaganda and 9 journalism now and chorus trump I trump guy has been in the casino business for many years the Chertoff group Michael Chertoff was the secretary of homeland security during the bush administration now what they do security services they offer a comprehensive security assessments risk management strategies policy and planning frameworks and ongoing monitoring service to help clients anticipate prepare for and build capabilities necessary to navigate today's complex threat environment here's an article from the forward Las Vegas conspiracy theory spreads on the web feeling age old anti semitic tropes in the hours after Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theorists wasted no time heading to the antenna and quiz of mission information to weigh and comments asserted panicked look Jewish a claim shooting was claimed 4059 lives in ... injured over 500 never happened at all alongside those familiar hoaxes or more specifically anti semitic conspiracy theory was gaining traction it claim Michelle that'll sin the billionaire Las Vegas casino magnates could benefit from the bloodshed by selling billions worth of secret security screening equipment the unfounded theory formed on 4 chan beginning with the cryptic posts from weeks ago commenters form that theory of Jewish it economic control that's spread to corners of ready in vo like other conspiracies of the internet age Las Vegas very bland centuries old anti semitic shows with false evidence and a healthy dose of group thank by Wednesday Las Vegas theory which also proporcionar cool Chartoff the secretary of homeland security under bush can do that by Alex Jones who runs in for wars in a widely shared Facebook video containing several on there verified theories about the shooting second shooter promoted by our shows info wars he began with messages left by an anonymous 4 chan user this is warning one mak