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"2018-05-15 07:14:11"
Assassin State
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"2018-04-23 20:44:10"
Israel Shoots to Kill as the the Gaza Ghetto Resists Its Destruction
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"2018-04-22 15:37:30"
WATCH IT! (May God Bless the People of Gaza)
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"2017-10-22 11:28:39"
Help Dr Norman Finkelstein in His Police Brutality Ordeal.
\\my name is Norman Finkelstein I was kidnapped by the not so county police at midnight on Tobin I it's hard to conceive what this whole process is of just getting arrested it's like he's sequences Depp's which was humiliate you the great you can break you morally it's like how to tame a horse a wild horse it's an excruciating process of systematic methodical but most important protracted humiliation I was in my boxer shorts I was just about to go to bed they should put on my clothes you should know your kidnapping me your kidnapping a 64 year old man he was also calculated because October 10 I was supposed to appear in court they waited until the night before I was supposed to appear in court and it was obvious what they were going to tune I would be tried in the so called criminal justice system well my court appearance was supposed to be happening and then I would be issued with a warrant for my arrest because I haven't shown up in court I couldn't show up because they were re arresting me I took my arm going to target totals gonna break obviously you know how the I could just short of breaking can be up against this bookshelf and we went to my apartment farm close put it in the shopping bag and they took me down just my box of choice nothing else literally nothing about they put me in the cell where the usual the process begins one of the car I said treat him like a sack of potatoes in the famed my head on the ground and then they started just treat me like a sack of potatoes the handcuffs were on back there tight so each time in and her it got me on some sort of I guess it was occurring Nnamdi nice people throughout each of these ideals is always non white Scarry you know when you hear that Chris I think like but only nicely cooler always non and the nicest are always African the facts are when they hear it a trip so I told them everything that happened how I ended up here and they told the police well we did our psychiatric evaluation he seems perfectly fine really sick funny is what goes on somewhere he's crazy the bid up the wheelchair my phone the ground ahead they picked me up just threw me no with the handcuffs in the back of course //
"2016-12-26 17:41:13"
Norman Finkelstein: Jogging along Coney Island Seashore on the Day Christ Was Born
\\who we //

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