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7 Debt Myths Debunked
\\Hey guys it's just and Tasha from one big happy brace yourself we are going to be talking about that minutes specifically dean bunking death nets in this video believe it or not that is not evil like most things in life if you over indulged it can lead to disastrous consequences kind of like sugar mmhm but that doesn't mean that you should avoid it entirely for most people most people can learn how to use data in moderation how to use data responsibly now don't take this wrong if they that where our deadly advocating that everybody be in debt or some that is not this year we are not saying that at all this is just the misconceptions about data that are deadly being spread around and where hoping to you get a better information yeah number one debt is done and only dumb people are in that so first before we even touch on that debt part of it the idea that you bet we have to name call and sheen people as part of a personal finance is just horrendous like whole ranges would you tell your child that they are dumb for doing something of course not would you tell your spouse that they are done is that how you treat someone that you know you value of course not so let's just makes that kind of dumb morons too big like we're not using those kind words to refer to how people manage their fine there's no reason the money definitely not ends we don't advocate that and if someone has a disagreement about anything that we say here you know we expect that you can disagree constructively and say well this is where I'm coming from these are my facts this is this is an issue that I take and we will respond to that now in terms of whether or not debt itself is done there are a lot of good reasons I'm in good ways to use debt to advance your overall financial position for example taking out mortgages on rental properties absolutely it could be used as a tool to leverage and yeah obtained assets that you couldn't otherwise get at this time or something a little less tangible like now 6 figures were at debt to go to law school so that you can increase your earning potential in the long run drink water yeah I have a water sorry but it reminds me to drink water every hour number 2 debt is stressful I know last year saying it absolutely is but so let's think about it why is that stressful at all but do you stress about your utility belt is 7 maybe sometimes you hear right when I was in the winter but I but it's usually 9 the only time you stress about a thing is if you're worried that you won't be able to pay it but somehow we are all professionally or most of us are perpetually comfortable with pain and electric bill the rest of our lives right now many of us are going out there thing are get out we to go off the grid 3 so we're comfortable with this electric existing for the rest of our lives but somehow the idea of having a debt payment is who were stressful and that's really odd and it's just a matter of perception and peer pressure and it just kind of this repeating this rhetoric that we hear on when it comes to dad and so basically debt does not have to be stressful having that doesn't have to be stressful is just another payment that you have the best way to look at it is to make sure of course everybody has about it I but have a plan look at look at the terms of your dad say okay well if I follow that would appear well once you have your plan in place then there's really no use to worry about it because if you've got to plan I mean the other thing to think about this don't let anyone else tell you you should be stressed about your dad you've ever wanted that ... you should be stressed about it peer pressure is unproductive you know what's more important is that you have a plan and that you are on track to be where you need to be I mean actually when you want to get there myth number 3 you will never pay off debt guys that is basically impossible the way dentistry third if you make the minimum payments on you will pay your debt off I log that's how your debts have to be structured the problem comes in when you're constantly taking on more debt or if you're missing payments and incurring a lot of fees those are the only ways by incurring in new debt and owing more money that your dad won't go away eventually you pay the minimum payments even with ridiculously high interest rates you will be out of debt the issue is though if you pay the minimum payment you may end up paying way more in interest than you actually want to pack but you will eventually get out of debt so that's a complete number for all that is bad well that's not entirely accurate so let's say that easiest example is very low interest rate or 0 percent interest that well Sir and also let's go ahead and add account beyond that there are no seasons since year with that like a credit card that gives you an intro 0 percent are well if you use that card and buy something and then pay it off within that time you just borrowed money for nothing and if you have the corresponding amount of what they had $1000 charged 0 well you pay $1000 a year later even had some interest you can invest money now deathly but is something safe in that scenario not the stock market but you come out better you come ahead and so does that mean that that's bad what I would say does not bad debt is bad when it becomes overwhelming when it is your go to source to make ends meet so basically it's the misuse of debt that is bad and not death itself and while and it's important to separate those 2 because again debt can be used in ways to increase your overall financial well being or I mean alternatively like we've shown in our it should we follow Dave Ramsey video focusing like tunnel vision on paying down debt could actually harm your overall financial trajectory if you haven't seen that video check it out will drop a link up above and down in the description box to show how it just focusing strictly on debt payoff at the expense of other things like amassing assets could harm you in the long run number 5 if you are debt free or at your house is paid off you are financially secure well it sounds good and it is good but that doesn't mean that your work is all over because remember to be financially secure you need enough passive income enough assets to cover your daily monthly yearly living expenses for as long as you live both so that means you need to cover your utilities your insurance yeah he's got yeah 8 versus you can't keep the house if you don't pay the taxes they will take your house is that so and also one of the houses you've got it you got to keep it up to code yet you have a gigantic hole in the roof while your neighbors on the call the city on you and and all of them live in localities they have for clothes in your house for code violation so taxes insurance all those things you don't have assets to pay for them if you don't it doesn't really matter if your house is paid for and not you lose your house and it doesn't have to keep working or find some other way to pay your regularly expenses so debt street is not financially secure that myth number 6 if you do not pay off your debt your heirs will have to you or your family members will have to so that's not exactly correct for some debts so some debts actually die with you like student loans for example especially federal student loans private student loans and that depends on your servicer but federal student loans if you die all of your loans are discharged that's one of the reasons why Joseph and I prioritizing trying to pay off our student loans quickly the second being that we're gonna take advantage of different loan discharge option which is public service forgiveness but basically if one of us were to die $200000 a brick of debt would just go poof those are the type of the low the next thing is our credit cards the mortgage it would attach to the estate which means that ... so the mortgage would be attached to the house the credit cards would be attached to whatever like cash was in our on you know ... bank accounts similarly with our car payments the car loans would be attached to those items so what would happen is those things would be subject to creditors but you know it doesn't what none of that would attach to our 41 case for example which is where our 200 in almost now on $4240000 worth of assets completely immune from creditors also our $0 each in life insurance completely immune from creditors so these this idea that I'm and you us being in debt or you being in debt would have necessarily have a negative in on your children that's not Sir Richard so that's a completeness right there or or at least a partial myth that's like a white white line is I don't know but just so you guys have you in that role is perfectly into our last number 7 if you're in debt you should not say for a time this one is huge for your financial security in the future who do not believe that now there are some communists there but your retirement accounts I taught suggests that almost completely immune to creditors and so let's say yes you got lots of data but you go ahead and say why would put some away her attire and super high interest credit card debt that that's the thing that you're most concerned about their that could be a toss up but if you don't employer matching even then you put in up till part the player matching Sharon you it's always worth it so let's see Kerry that data Indians get terrible well yes house a bankrupt so if it does not direction maybe you get all of your debts wiped clean you know what those creditors can times it's that's were among K. almost completely there's some there's some very very high limits that things over 1000000 it's super high so for your average person your retirement accounts are safe save save save so it doesn't make sense to pay off your debt especially if you can get a 100 percent return immediately through an employer match there's no interest rate out there that's 100 the highest you're gonna get is maybe 3640 percent something like that which still does not meet 100 percent exactly and so do not skimp on retirement thinking Obama to pay off my instead because you need that compound interest you need to be investing from from the early years so that appears on the long run because what is universally true is you can't borrow and retirement there is no other way to fund it if you have planned for and though the one other thing I say on this that's not a debt myth but completely related to saving is saving is a lot murder in paying off debt it absolutely is because with saying you have to know that you have this chunk of money there that you're not paying off debt is the same as buying you have money coming you have money coming and so it's just a lot a lot easier to develop the habit of paying off debt than it is to develop a high stating so we would rather see you start saving smaller amounts earlier even at the expense of paying a little bit more in it slow down debt payoff so that you can fill up the habit of saving because that is the only way to become financially independent save a large enough nest egg to support your living expense this is definitely that is absolutely right remember that name of the game is wealth building not entire debt cordon are dead free ness well financial independence that's what matters as usual let us know your thoughts and comments down below in the desert in the description box okay that's next video banning //
"2017-11-01 01:14:22"
One Big Happy Halloween! Baby's First Time Trick or Treating and Frugal Family Costume
\\you might even go Reeves do you know what you want to be for Halloween what do you want to be yet we're gonna go out sign uhhuh if that we are the last yeah no earlier today all this can of course in the so he wouldn't but I got the idea to make a pumpkin so I mean that's perfect really fast so rough around the edges that didn't make it and an hour back I think it turned out really really well and it is really only took the power so all it takes is a minor song a table saw No Way real fast then the plane that's it we get real spirit first check which treats let's go there's so many kids out and all of it but if you keep giving well evenness yeah good how are you one of the deliveries giving us when you get thank 300 but it yeah there we I little by for they prefer 3 no the trick or treat they think you I think all yeah and my first Michael okay we remind me the //
"2017-10-29 19:11:33"
1,000,000 Views!!! One Big Happy's 100th Video!
\\that is a wreck hi little news is it reasonable yeah going Hey guy because this week we had 1000000 yeah so we're super excited then about that we can't see any of your tax just yet Joseph is working on pulling up a live stream so that we can see I mean your tats well I'm not so reasons not to be able to say that has not been a little bit early eighties yeah as always what it means rotated all I know I have a statement that we are technical guys at la well we can it's is rooted device but it's locked I don't know why that is ... hit armed men NCARB you just keep talking okay so I'm just gonna top while just to see if if you can straighten out where ... all I can see the comments okay hello come on staff oh yeah is that yeah you know but now it's like it's why our wealth will get these things wrinkled out these wrinkles are out of the process eventually but I'm I don't want to stop the live stream because then we see that because if I thought the live stream in the middle of it then what happened like restarted it will be completely different so we are just going to moving the way it is now ... Hey Linda I hate her knees Hey Muhammad Hey Christine not modern budget curl what is up ... yeah so we are just so excited about hitting 1000000 views you guys know what our channel is relatively new we've only been making videos like now you are and but so I was at a feeding cotton this week and Finn kind is a conference for people creatives in that personal finance fear and I actually got to meet a number of you and so that was read really off I know I didn't actually say that I was going to be going to pin because because to be honest when I open it okay so I thought that something Khan and wary resist tearing us like the really bad about this but I got these ... to do you to give away to you guys here in the town so I'll tell you what they are since reasons making skip ahead and already has no so thin kind has this expo where a lot of different wick finance brands like banks credit car company things like that will come on and you know talk about the different products that they are offering you know to increase access to credit and benefit consumers and so they they give away a lot of swag great so one of the things that I found that I lights on from a company that I am a huge fan out is and how well you can see this it's always nice to reduce its student loan hero I do not own and so this is how it makes with one of those things where you charge it up and then you take it with you so then you have like a little bat you can use to recharge your phone when you're out and about so we are going to be giving away along the east to you guys now reads about WNED habit ... yeah we're gonna be giving away 4 of these to you guys ... after that so I'll tell you all about how you guys can enter to win these and these are just 3 okay this is not sponsored at all I just ask them he commits a some of these to give away to people no fracture so I tell you all about why we love student loan hero in another video because we're gonna be doing a series on student loans and just kind of talking about how they work well actually to go about how to hang them off ... but I want to talk to you about in combat while yeah I know my money goofy because that yes both my reason for going to grow about by yeah I need to go Reeves give give give if that's where they bought Iomega Cameron Seay but why unique it can get notably different take it because otherwise he's gonna catch a fit you guys if you have kids you know how toddlers how topics can be not just adjusted downwards a pin on we're working with that they understand the main how funny wait for you on the right side of you are okay itself in Khan I signed up for mankind probably like 6 months ago give us your me okay that's going to make sure her just in the semi semi chat and let me know that you can hear me okay gruesome okay I got it now I think Alexis wanted so yeah but not a great yes I bought the tickets for mankind and I almost didn't go because believe it or not I can be kind of skin office ray like I don't like to believe what I just want to be mean who you see us being on our videos and those of us who those of you whose who met me at the car you know what I am exactly the same person as I am onscreen as I am off screen and so like I am very genuine and I don't like that kind of weird sort of way like greasy networking scene that can happen at conferences sometimes and so I was worried really worried that it was going to be like that's I almost didn't go so Wednesday morning at like 5 A. M. my flight is at 730 and just not only in bad only own 1 a girl I'm not going to fit in this this isn't gonna work ... and it's especially because look our message is a little different from what you will see in a lot like them it's not mainstream you know in the practicality to figure that out by now yeah yeah that we have a very unique approach and it's yeah I'm very very thought based and calculated and soundly that's about that actually doesn't happen that much in that personal finance community what song just like there's no way that we're gonna like with CNN and stuff but doesn't like you paid for these tickets you better go like like no psychologists completely that make you better go yeah we know we have a conversation about it months ago whenever she was ... the thing about going into my line I knew over starting out it seems like going to a conference Mary I'm probably won't really help us out the amounts and so why me but those tickets your eyes but I think that he's really happy that you went and it's totally in the B. B. worth it in the long yeah I had a really amazing time it was such a warm a group of people everyone was just super welcoming and I met like some other you to prove that you might actually follow so I met budget girl I met dollar do ... I met his and her money I met the financial diet and everyone was just amazingly friendly and so you know now we all know each other it's not just like I'm watching them on my computer screen on my home screen like I know them now so we'll let you be prepared for collapse going forward and because I I really learned the importance of finding your people and I really think that does it didn't go he stayed home with the kids and so this is that's why I'm the only movie talking about it but it was a busy she didn't talk to me that much at all was is done I know it was I believe it's about conflict ever been to but what I learned is that you know my people it doesn't necessarily have to be people that adhere to the exact same personal finance strategy that I do on and that we all believe that there are multiple ways to live your best life and to structure your finances to ensure financial freedom and that there's a room for all of those voices so they are my people even if they follow a different you know personal finance philosophy and that was an amazing thing to realize so if you have not checked out their channel your channels financial diet budget girl dollar dude I really encourage you to check them out to you and take a little bit for must take a little bit from that and and put together a plan that works perfectly for you because were all on a different path notices okay let's see what sorry little spur of the moment were actually on yeah I'm not doing a lot of snow down yeah like and and it's kind of this week has been so hectic that the millions of you and this is our 0 video this radio right here major milestone guys so it's it was kind of like oh my gosh we gonna make sure we go out we got to talk to people because this this video section you know it's such a major milestone we had to do major mouth those yeah so we're really excited about both of them and obviously we couldn't do anything without people watching us so that they can also minds and we're going to obviously continue making videos and hopefully there's no better and better yes absolutely and I am after going to thin con this year I already know that we are definitely going to in kind next year so FICON also the building an afternoon where people who are you know watch eyes and when to meet I can come up for the afternoon and come meet so it's kind of like a media up so we never really done to meet up before but after experiencing what it was like to meet you guys absent Congress some of you we just wanted to kind of let you know in advance that we are going to be in Orlando for fin con 2018 if you want to come meet us there so this gives you almost a year to budget and say and plan for the trip if you feel like taking the kiddos to Orlando in process because we would love to meet you I mean I like meaning the people who watch us and the people who like like hearing them say that our message was resonating with them ants it was exactly what they needed to hear when they needed to hear it just meant that the whole world to me and I was kind of about it so people come up to me illegally because tough so we're still since we see where the kids so he yeah we're going back home no my normal day but next time and also making videos hopefully you outside of that file video that was almost entirely me shooting that leads and putting that together and cause I wasn't I wasn't all someone who ask ... someone asks Linda asked where was been con this year it was in Dallas yeah and actually not really cheap ... tickets from spirit and ended up being $120 round trip for me to fly from DC to Dallas so's a really great deal and without which I would not I probably would've gotten like it was a crazy expensive ticket I wouldn't gone on and I used our reward points at the Sheraton because it was held at the Sheraton in downtown Dallas so I can pay for the hotel and a PW a country if you always for the flight they had food there often so you know the pretty reasonably priced check most expensive part of the fifth Coptic it themselves okay is it your machine gun is a machine gun go rob Girard then I say that right because you said can you say my name want to hear how you say it machine no president garage you have to let me know I pronounce it correctly give us like a fanatic breakdown of how your name is suppose to be spell you bet I love the full video too so I saw it just like you guys as you know as old one big happy subscriber ... because like I had nothing to do with it I don't you can I'm in the video briefly because I did take pictures while Giles but Alexis were playing out in the lead but obviously I was not able to get her to help me with police this year but that's just just as is the first time to their bellies yeah so I we really appreciate you guys watching this you our you know we try to give you a mix of personal finance and lifestyle because we think that that level of personality is what is missing in in personal finance to really humanize it because it's one thing to tell people all well you need to be uber crew and you need to cut back in you need to cut off this or that thing and it's another thing to actually live that life and show people what that looks like and that's why we try to take a more balanced approach because we recognize that you still need to love your data daylight you know because every day that passes is a day that you will never get back so that's why we show you the lifestyle things and how we have fun ... even while working on our financial goals tax even over Betsy's dealer you can see not the front but now and now I have even heard of this wanted this so one shot one song Senate ask if we have tried to stop me from which you know I haven't heard of it we may need to go hunt for this now so we can try it but I'm a little scared because honestly that unicorn rabbits you know was kinda rough like a little weird what so ever less idea right unique alright did yeah all of it okay so if you guys would love to get one of these we have more power base student loan hero and again this is not sponsored not sponsored ... but these were obviously free be more free we got I picked up I took one them like this is awesome can I have some peace to give to us that means they're like yeah so so we took for apple I took for he wasn't there but so if you want to win one of these if you guys don't know we want her blog it's brand new and it was one of those do it scared kind of things because I actually love to write and I've been wanting to write more often and it can be really hard for me to put myself out there but I finally did so the blog is there and so it has info that you won't necessarily find on YouTube and it's a place where ... we hope that belt working work together and so ideally eventually we'll get to the point where have blog posts that really correspond with each video as it comes out not making eye every video but but more and more that they'll be they'll be tied together and so forth on about graphics are things on you too many as well you can find them over on the blog articles like yeah so if you don't have these cut middle power banks that they are really really useful for giving yourself on a little boost when you're out and about so we're gonna get beat 4 feet away to you guys sorry not that I know your yeah all you have to do is either you do either one head on over to our blog which is one big happy and drop us a comment I want one of the existing blog posts and that will enter you or you can email us at old be 8 we are going big OB 8 to life at and just tell us about lake something that you love about our channel and it's something that you would like to see us do more so either one of those ... and that we will announce the winners next week Sunday in a live stream and so they're not all you have to do so they put something in the comments that we know that they're commenting for that since I only have good point good point Steve students on flat yet so mention that if you want to be entered for the student loan hero paramedic or give away if you just met since economic hero will include that as the tree yes yes and sleeping with your email dissipate student loan hero on and I'm just will think very briefly why I like them and because we're really selective about who we talk about and which products we talk about and the thing I love about student loan heroes that you know we have no student loans I go there and I look at their articles and I look at their calculators and they have just Saul much knowledge they their resources are excellent and one of the the thing that I love and respect most of our plan is they also include public service loan forgiveness calculators and I leaders to help you compare all of your actions they're not playing hide the ball with you they want you to make sure that you are making the best possible financial decision for yourself and I love it when companies have that kind of social responsibility and as consumers it's important that we give companies like that our business because that is where our power it is as consumers it's with our money you know so when I find companies that are doing things like that I wanna let you guys know if only go on there read their articles to use their calculators even debt that you need to refinance or whatever that doesn't matter I just respect them as a company again this is not sponsored this you know to make it clear like this is just how I would do it feel about student loan here 9 so you may as his few question athletic that's illegal questions for let's see what is your end goal with this whole you to think you know honestly I don't know if you guys what look back to December of last year ... who let me just make sure this is ... funds off ... ... fun stay at home wife that's it that's what she said I think earlier that your stay at home okay so when I started doing YouTube it was just because I like it ... so my first video was my big top but that was years ago and then I've done like one or 2 updates for the national here community because I was inspired by other people's videos ... but it was you know you know I was in a job I hated numbers im's quick I'm gonna do something creative something that I enjoy a so really I have no idea let you guys know we will definitely not be leaving we love our jobs you said that before and we certainly won't be leaving our jobs anytime before Alan Wilder forget and and right around that time we should hit our $0 saved ... and so then we can retire early right so that point we've tenant do whatever we feel like if we decide on what god wants us such fields and anything like that ... but so you team is just us providing information on message that we think isn't there already and so that's that's the ultimate goal and so it just as each going nuts and a fulfilling the mission right there yeah I actually do consumer finance law during the day so this is my passion I do it during the day and then I come home and I do it with you guys so I do it because I love it so ultimately I don't know I just I just think that empowering consumers in educating people on a managing their money well I'm is really important and also showing people that there are multiple ways to manage your money well and you don't it's not personal finances not one size fits all so it's good that their voices like our is for people who want to take a more moderate approach so Kristina I as we tell much yes she did not have us and now but she said that she thinks that it takes more guts do YouTube channel now block and and I don't know that it's a different kind of cuts because being in front of people speaking sometimes that's really difficult for some people like Rick everybody I think that it seemed the very first thing you know I didn't know was that that does not come easily to me and so it would be way easier for me to write articles and so I don't buy it for other people he was writing is so important to them well putting the writing out is hard and that's and that's more like toxic she was much more comfortable getting it from him right and talking to people and her writing is something that that she feels like that's more coveted personal to you Americans have started the plot was a huge step for her we're getting need to DO either really is kind of a big yet Joseph is for those of you who don't know ledges very but he did not like public speaking he doesn't really hike like brand new situation so he has really come out of his shell over at least for you guys over the past 10 months or so that we've been making videos because like at home like you guys will see any of the things like if you looked at our where we took my mom to get its act you if you made it and I expect to hear cartilage piercing if you made it all the way to the end you'll see josa like walking into the living room with Alexis on his shoulders and just they're just like Groovin right where actually lifted goofy ... what normally but he doesn't necessarily it's not easy for him to show that side of himself on the camera she story I am hilarious off camera does all the time ... so the something else I realize it FICON sorry like I just want issue so much I want tell you guys because like we don't really get to interact with you in real life too often but ... I discovered so many people left and con well the people who have established blogs established podcast established ebook actually had no idea how to get started in video and so we wanna start helping people with that so that's something that I could definitely see coming from been caught and coming from this YouTube channel is that now we have sold much knowledge to share with people especially I'm gonna say starting on you tube channel now is completely different than it was I'm also starting a you tube channel without having a blogger other social media channels to send traffic to is completely different and so we've done that so we know what it's like to start basically from scratch without any social media you know help from someplace else not knowing anyone on you too because he's we've only done one Kelabit that was just for September 11 so you know so we think we have like a good wealth of knowledge to help people grow a channel from scratch that's not about how to you too lake that's the other thing yes it is much much easier to grow a you tube channel that's about how to you too but that doesn't help someone who doesn't want to make a how do you to channel what is it how that how someone who wants to make a how to sew channel or how it would work or how to manage your finances late so if you guys ever won a 32 channel and you're looking for arm of course to take on how to start a YouTube channel I recommend that you take a course from someone who has recently started you to work with in the past 2 years ago who didn't have a whole bunch you 2 buddies to cease to funnel traffic over to them and who did not start a how to YouTube channel someone who started a lifestyle tight channel because those are much harder to break into and how to you too ... so miscast about doing a hair care routine video now so I mean this just doesn't don't think so I don't really know that night and really help you bad but if you want wanna guessing India I'm so so seriously live to my ... rate here I'm going to confess you guys that I actually relax my hair 4 weeks ago and was yes I hear you actually still it is still curly but it's not as curly as it was the name and before and the reason why is it that is just because it was taking up too much time ... when I with that so I had to spend 3 or 4:00 hours to my hair twice a week and I just don't have that kind of time I work full time 2 I got you know I've got kids ... meal prep all that so what's up with the court videos and you did it before but I have to I'm but Alexis Alexis will do some videos on her hair I'm so so do that but okay so the decorum videos so this is kind of how real life work so we did some decorum videos but we had to focus on debt payoff we needed to like we we wanted to get rid of those 2 debts and so the problem is that when you focus on that pay off especially rapid debt payoff you do have to end up cutting out a lot of stuff also I'm in in April March April one of the hard drives of we're using actually crass and so we lost at least 2 videos that and it might have actually already been done to some extent but well we'll get there we'll do our yeah because we we did our ... night stands and we got new lands and those goals to blog they happened in April and are hard drive crash and we lost them so we haven't done anything else in the master bedroom since then though we do have curtain rods and curtains from ikea and that we need to install so maybe we'll do a lot about that who can run time but Christmas so we are going to be doing a lot of ... inexpensive DIY projects we're gonna read you paper Christmas purview worries requests so we're gonna be doing blog ms and so they'll be a lot of good D. I. Y. you know holiday decor videos that'll be coming on in December yeah well above everything so you should probably just clear your schedule to know that there's going to be a video every single day I'm so glad stay at home wife asked how old you got into woodworking building great work on so really I mean my dad did a little bit of woodworking I like you felt at 4 in the backyard whenever ... never let all but a lot of it it does not some techniques there ... some days my grandfather taught me and has been a lot of time there during the summers had a farm and and that was kind of always wanted to get into it and then it's like well you go to school finally when I bought my first house and it rides nicer acquiring very very low cost things and just piecing it together and then and then now we we saved so much money building our own furniture as like you are learn new things each projects and I am the Watson on YouTube videos on what workers tend to not be writers there's it's hard to find really I'm American they're deathly articles out there but it's a kind of really learn it so much easier watching them they do it in the video I feel I ... eggs are those that buy that I am read what's out there watch a lot of videos and in the seventies together each time and gets better and better we do need names so for me because I I've been I bought my first house when I was 19 and I can do a DIY product projects students like if I was 2003 and no 2002 the year Lexus was born so I bought my first house after Alexis was point but senior and you know I just I don't know I just always have been into being crafty in doing DIY things I guess I saw my mom do a lot of projects around the house like she would hang beings then you know like rip up carbon in the bathroom and put down new carpet yet we were Cartman in the bathroom he won't ... NFL normal to me for them when I moved down my mom's house and I would encounter like cold how floors in the bathroom like this is ridiculous my feet are cold but yeah I just always done and I've always been H. D. T. V. D. I. Y. person especially back in the day when HDTV India rights to actually show you how to do the project they don't really do that as much anymore so I don't miss that though it's a great way to save money to hop custom work that you can really never afford to have a craftsman do it and it's like a harder maybe you shouldn't pay for half of them to do it now because this will be that expensive me it's gonna really this however the needs of the team to their types that and then there tends not so it just depends ... Cheryl says that I really is resonate even though she's near retirement so we're glad yeah that's happening for people all across the spectrum how close you are to retirement that's it counts take yeah I mean it and especially it's it's so hard being kinda different ... but it's what we share with you is what rough like resonates with us in our personal financial lives like we prioritize saving so we may sure that we will have enough for retirement like we've already saved enough that if we stop saving today and worked until we were 65 we would still have enough for retirement so we actually don't even need to save another dollar if we don't want you and that's a wonderful thing to be able to say in your early thirties you now about yes we still have that so we do need to make sure that that debt is going down and down as a savings going up and up over the years but it is a marathon not a sprint you know and as long as you can stay motivated year over year and you'll see progress even month to month just it just works really does and I can't wait till the year and video for us to show like how much our network has changed over over the years that's roots and not that I'm I mean it's probably from Iraq oh my gosh like you to talk to you as well for a number so I can hunt I'm let me just say PR fashion beauty thank you about my skin and I also like I like to keep the room with you guys I am wearing make up this is not my what my face looks like without any make up you know a lot of my company got I'm wearing foundation I'm wear concealer Amway blast away highlighter and we scare Anna where I stand up and my eyebrows at that so like I don't think that this is what I just naturally look like in real life was I just always will keep it real with you guys this is exactly what I look like through its so not fair men can have a look all normal and and look gorgeous any justice is actually like working with me approach ... but yeah it's just as women we just kind of have to put makeup on to look normal on video but I will tell you I don't wear make up on the day to day basis I don't wear make up to work I'm yeah you won't see me in make up except for on you too and it's something that I actually really product because Alexis also doesn't wear make up on a day to day basis and you know in part because for her I want her to feel comfortable in her skin with her face on a day to day basis yeah it's next door on make up when you wanna look especially Graham alright well thank you everyone for and then one last question and what kind of attorney is already yeah says she does consumer finance law and I don't actually practice but I do you real estate work and so so it's kind of because I was a legal work that real estate is all I've done since I graduated law school and to be more specific about exactly what I do so there are various consumer finance of regulations and laws out there that banks are required to comply with so the work that I do it makes sure that they Sir actually complying with those ... consumer finance regulations and I'm you know I look at emerging thanks some things like to figure out ways to get around things and then it poses new risks to consumers so I look at you know these new and upcoming issues and the consumer finance year to figure out potential harm to consumers anticipated and cut it off so that we don't have another bubble I'm Bob and you know what this backpack housing crashed that happened back in you know 62008 ... so that congratulations on being that tree off down yeah it's she's a VW Mecca she doesn't need makeup by the city that's you're just actually gets mad when I put makeup on just looks like my favorite I will make a fine guys I warily I space on right now to like hold things in and just that gets us back because he just lives mean like nationally and that's really awesome ... even let my natural hair with oblique Joseph I think I'm gonna have to get relaxed I can he handle this and he was really sad because he's like you know I'm gonna miss your curls and pink leader actually still here they're just you know a moron like blacks version of them but alright guys Joseph is gonna doesn't seem to me that the look like if we actually have some other stuff that we need to do today but it was so awesome hanging out with you on when the movie easiest way to establish credit 21 like we got along yeah we'll we'll get into that videos sorry that you can I ask my mellow and sorry but but we do a video of that and so stay tuned but thank you very much up to the Mike really all I can so we'll get there man thank you everyone for helping us reach 1000000 to you and yeah love machine you encouraging us enough to get to 100 video yeah if you want the power me which I don't know what he did with it do not forget nobody yeah moment on her blog yes and mention bats or email us militant student loan hero and so when this video we're gonna you know be a regular video that you can read what's so will drop all the info when a student loan hero power make it will see that next time by yeah so that okay how do I stop it Mona finish and each Missy //
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Fall Leaves and Hot Cider - A Family Vlog
\\Hey guys it's just one big happy today it's one of the greatest fall days that we've had will enjoy the leaves changing colors the downside of fall is though leans we have a lot of leaves 3 is all around you see I'm me and so it takes us weeks several times to get all these leaves taking care set this year I'm going to try to get Alexis greens Anton said to help me with glee if we compost and so we had to gather up all the leaves but also shred them down because you don't want the whole leaf near contras who will take too long for it to break down how excited are you I don't like repeating the because the season big thing that we insist spread the leads and that our view I don't like doing that elect a gift paperback no alright so it's going to lead we all have a leaf blower and that's going to be the most okay with my hand yeah no but how many times and 8 I hope this yeah yeah but you present yourself now I think about that now WNED turning on get the picture right now yeah this is the second week and they're already leaves just what it doesn't actually look that bad the first time I'm really you wear the jacket that here if my grandfather's jacket my favorite jacket it doesn't fit me really really well but I wear it all the time but I don't get it dirty I might just where now no maybe only a scarf to know I don't know I'm looking for a certain scar Bennett talks to me that's on the block of wood and are well thought was India's then I went to a close and I think that there going to the heavy alright it differs here protection alright time to head inside first synthetic no but I you can find the rest here we go that's the way who wants either I'm just getting that 70 who I want to thank you and if the okay by //
"2017-10-25 02:24:36"
Marriage Tax Penalty - How Being Married Could Cost You Thousands Every Year
\\conventional wisdom says that when you get married you will save lots of money but in some cases that is not true in this video we are going to be talking about the marriage tax penalty and how because of the way the tax code is structured many people can actually end up paying more in taxes blue I'm Joseph and this is Tasha from one big happy today we are talking about just federal taxes and the marriage penalty there people pay taxes at a lot of different ways state taxes local taxes real estate sales tax sometimes our taxes belts and the things you buy it on you know you but today just federal taxes because that's usually the biggest one or at least one of the biggest one alright so let's talk about how federal income taxes work federal income taxes are 8 what's known as a progressive tax that means the more money you make the more money you end up paying in taxes in theory we have marginal tax rates that means that a certain bracket of money saved from 0 to $10000 you get taxed at sea 10 percent and then any dollar you make above 10000 is taxed at a higher rate so from 10000 to one dollar all the way up to say $20000 you might get taxed at 15 percent lots of people think that if you make more money that you don't definitely pay more in taxes on on everything because it had a higher tax bracket well it's just so that additional dollar so it's bracket by bracket and don't get confused that if you get into a higher tax bracket of you're gonna go way way more money no this is on an additional dollar into that back this is a breakdown of the current tax brackets and the different options for filing now there is one more married filing separately but that's exactly half the married rate Sweden include that so what this chart shows you if you look across you'll see let's look at the 25 percent tax bracket you get into that tax bracket at 37000 if you're single 50000 for head of household and 75000 for Mary so what that generally looks like is that you can make more money without being taxed at 25 percent if you're married or had a head of household versus being single but now let's look at how the married tax brackets compared to a single plus single filers of 2 single people filing separately but living together or a head of household plus the single person filing so basically what these are our 2 unmarried couples what their taxes would look like in their tax burden would look like compared to a married couple this is the married bracket it's exactly what we should even in the chart before for a married couple this is the single Plath the single tax bracket so exactly 2 times the single bracket that we showed you before again this is a couple of 2 people but they are not married so they're filing as 2 single people even though they share household so what you'll see is if you look down at the 28 percent bracket that's where single and single starts to beat married so a single plus a single couple could make up to $183000 and still stay in the 25 percent tax bracket whereas the married couple would have bumped up into the 28 tax bracket and 150 3000 so practically that costs the married couple an extra $921 in taxes every single year not one year every single year so they were married for I don't know like 50 years that we almost like $50000 which is just outrageous plus if you invest that money well now yeah lots that's 100000 easy yeah now let's look at the head of household placebo and so just to clarify a head of household plus single would look like an unmarried couple who share a child and live together that's head of household plus thing don't notice right off the bat single plus head of household brackets are higher than both the married for the single player single and a 15 percent tax bracket it starts at 22 0 675 the 25 percent bracket starts at 87 900 5028 percent bracket at 200 23 $100 33 percent bracket at $400003 so if you wear paying rent at the top of the 28 percent bracket you would end up paying 2100 less in taxes every year which means you will get $2500 of your money back I think that's a really important distinction like people think ... you know don't think of taxes as money that they have paid out of their income but that is exactly what they are what that is so when you lower your income tax liability you get to keep more of your money instead of passing it on okay and so it's crazy that just not being married that is the only difference like not being legally married you would still have $2500 more a year in your pocket every single year that you're married and this is just the beginning so this is just the beginning of the marriage penalty let's start looking at some of the other ways that married people are penalized in our current the first thing is health savings accounts all health savings accounts are pretax accounts that you can contribute money to to help pay your medical expenses with pre tax money and the IRS sets contribution limits to those agencies every year the other benefit to the HSA is that once you reach age 65 you can withdraw that money penalty free without having any medical expenses so it's kind of like a backdoor retirement that's a great way to save extra money in addition to you like a ... for one case what right in working thank you like a regular IRA where the month every you can invest the money will grow tax deferred and then you pay taxes on that it well after 65 when you withdraw for any reason so let's look at the contribution limits because obviously the more you can contribute to these things the more you shelter your income from taxes today and the more that money can grow tax free rate so if you are single the limit for an HSA contribution is 3450 if you are a family so you have family medical coverage the limit is $6900 so if you have a single coverage and family coverage because one person in the household has has his or her own single coverage in the other parts covers themselves and their children then you can have up to a combination of the 2 single plus family which is 10350 but now say you're a household for 2 adults with 2 children each adult has family coverage you can have 2 HSA is with family coverage totaling $13800 so the value of that in tax savings is 1720 $5 a year every single here if you I hear it and that's at the 25 percent that's a 25 percent so if you're at 28 or 33 it goes up even another is the dependent care flexible spending account and this is similarly deducted by any chance a normal your employer does this for you but every year you put more money into it now the difference is here if you are married with 2 kids the maximum that you can contribute as $6000 combined yeah right between the 26 0 that's it now if you are unmarried that Max is 10000 because of one of you claims one child and the other claims the other time and tell you why you both have to together you get to almost double what married couples to put in a flexible spending account $10000 that is a chunk of change that you will not pay taxes so that saves you $1000 a year for every year that you're eligible to use the dependent care flexible it's been count and that faith is out when your child is on 13 so all of those thousands of dollars and free here it really but the next wave that income taxes ... or the marriage penalty affects how much money you and the pain says is on anything that goes by 8 percent if your income like for example medical expenses you can only deduct medical expenses in acts percent of your adjusted gross and so if you're a dual income couples making $200000 and so each if you make 100 you have $20000 in medical expenses a person well 10 percent of 200000 is 20000 so you won't be able to deduct that but if you file separately then you have the $20000 of expenses with that person making $100000 so they can deduct anything above $10000 because 10010 percent of 100000 so that's another was a $2500 in savings right there if you partner with high medical and then and then to be here out right now isn't as big a deal because lots more people are covered by insurance and out of pocket maximums and so that has protection there but if you don't have insurance or if you're about to lose your insurance at the marketplace kind of rearranges are potentially rearranges love this could really come into play then that last week and this is not a comprehensive list which is kind of sharing some of the biggest ... had hitting impact of the marriage penalty so the last thing is to because your student loan payment under the of repayment income based repayment programs is based on your adjusted gross income if you're married and if one of the only one of you has not long for both of your incomes will be used to calculate that and it doesn't help for I'm revised pay as you earn they will count your spouse's income even if you file married filing Bradley so being married could cost you extra every single here on your stoop if you're using income based as you can see there are some major differences major penalty in for filing Mary now we think that that's completely unfair we've talked about it before but this is this is not everything that could possibly change but it's just a few of the really big items that we wanted you to be aware of not unless they really say well if you're married you better go get divorced but just to just to know be aware of how important these different tax filing statuses can affect things so we hope you enjoyed the video and learn some new things about unfortunate taxes we'll see you guys next time I //
"2017-10-23 01:45:04"
My Grandma Got a Cartilage Piercing and Tragus Piercing!!!
\\yeah any all you didn't really she thought she was going to get a shot in her ear no it's a needle that's more sterile if he guy it's a lack says of course you already know who I am and I need to say that and I am with my mom and my grandmother she it was inspired by our bravery to go get some piercings about one of those I want to have lunch like my granddaughter and so now we're going to get her cartilage WNED there yeah like and earlier today we got so and instead we went relax but now we are third and cartilage about Israeli I mean she's only skating team it was like a lot that he cried when he gets shot or don't like now you know again if you do needle yet very and here ... loudly and react I sat on it practicing member now I have my yeah Iraqi I read a review all you did he thought he was going to get a shot in her ear no it's a needle it's more Sarah but don the way to do it yeah you get a big meal in your ear well part of Herman if I you know I need all there are needles if you go to like 7 once no specifically I think we're better sounded like nnova there's our now if he sees your heart where he'll the old insults that there yeah it wasn't me me when I was getting my then her brother start the trade if you want to hold my hand know if they're not on my hand oh my bag wooden slat I think that their life is an interesting color if you see him there just remember about the culture so tragus in that Margaret there Carl Lewis I have another pair we can always move them reason I think that's fine if you have the silicon than nope nope nope muscovite overhead rate without what looked like but if you want me to move it now how this all counts breadwinner that I have transitioned if you're in the same way depressed now welfare I promise it's not as bad as it may see when the phone how was this right in the heart or if you play we've made our own fun that one hurt more and he threatened alright going here former Mormon I'm Linda so how are you Feelin I'm good the nuclear at all appropriate yeah yeah back there that man mom I yeah yeah but alright we are we are done we are basically that it's dark out by blind but we are going to fight I they don't want to leave their like you're our favorite third we love yeah no no 5 guy dinner California they are waiting for our order meanwhile and over to great hi we need a tree oil so I feel like oil is not the first thing they're going to have the very so we can start doing some more intense cleansing we're I don't yeah you can only nbae then there was a line in maybe because it may not now live in separate no don't touch it with your bare hands or hands got to be clean what do you think for what if you got any good if you have a you know what //
"2017-10-20 04:34:49"
Traveling While Paying Off Debt
\\gosh I am so excited to finally be going to Singapore so we really be traveling more into I I but but Hey guys it's just a photographer one big happy today we're going to talk about whether you should travel while you're in debt the first step in answering this question is to recognize that this is a highly personal decision there are a lot of people out there with opinions on how we should all spend our money and live our lives but at the end of the day the only person living your life you and on your deathbed you're the one that's going to have to look back on your life and think about whether it was a life that you were happy have lived and whether or not you had any regrets so just think about that when you're in the midst of my when you hear people telling you what you should and should not be doing with your money and how fast should or should your dad just remember that it is not up to it your wife you should make that decision that fits best with your view of your life decide whether or not you're going to travel while you're in debt you wouldn't think about whether it's important at all to travel if you are sitting at home playing board games that's the the best thing in the world well don't yeah but if you want to travel you wanna do activities outside the house are going to cost stress well incorporate that into your plan yeah so if you have it checked out our financial goals video see that we have set financial goals paying off $30000 for cash flowing are portrait saving a certain amount towards retire with the ultimate goal of saving our first 0 in our 40 so we have these goals that that we're going to accomplish and we sure 13 travel in those polls because those things port that I know that there is a tendency in personal finance say that you should vice everything to pay off debt fast because a long and I just we just don't agree with that you have to make the decisions that fits best with you and we think it's possible to balance does wants needs and desires of to have a full life of your current style and your future self you can find a balance it doesn't have to be extra and the biggest problem with waiting until later you could die leader is not pro any and that's why we say find some balance do a little bit today while also planning 3 of even without dying you get older into the things he could have done when you were younger you can't deal with the same way things like over if your kids are 3 while Disneyland makes sense but yeah there 30 to do and make a whole lot less 3 year old there so yes that's very important that life is like a set of stages in so if you don't do some while you're in that state you may miss out on the efforts that for the rest of your life absolutely so if you've decided that you're going to go and travel any have announced great so tip number one to make sure because last do not enter more debt that is I do have rules except for one thing and that is if you have a very close daily livers are friends that it is very no on their death bed I mean even 0 it is okay in our opinion if you take out some dads to go all your last or member there lies that's completely up here with and I never tell you that's one of those life you'll never have to kind of moments and it doesn't have because right so just it's better to go then work on your finances active the rest of your life wishing that you had the opportunity see your last words to now a lot money it is okay so tip number 2 so we already touched on this which is to create a financial plans that for each travel so when you're ready to travel make sure that you're not compromising financial plan your financial it $200 a month now you have $2400 so every month the callers for dead I say well this month a dollar put it twisted no because you already 2400 was what you were a lot of apple taking 2 of the plan is really important because year over year you should be making progress they should be improved so you're not worth your assets that should all be going up over time if you find yourself where you're not improving over time or you're getting worse we have more debt clearly something is not working and red flags you have that feeling that yeah so for us one of those things like we said earlier is to have $1000000 early forties so that savings we don't ever touch the that just happens I that's financial priority number one that we then once we subtracted that we knew of it was this was the bucket of cash we're working with for the rest of the year so we a lot of this much towards that and this much and the importance of sticking to your plan long term financial goals are to holds true that should be difficult if you make compromises on that all of those tiny little standing published in call $500 this $0 next the next thing you know 5 years from now you're way off the your don't want it's better for you create 8 plan you can actually stick to that that's absolutely true because if you're making the full compromises you're gonna end up all over the map on what you're doing from month to month you don't even know what the plan is test number 3 keep your travel reasonable it you do not need to Max out and all luxury have a good time there listening so one of the best things passed by me deals and I might be something like group by finding out where gunning for airline ticket we did for a couple hours and that is single handedly helping us go there for probably half the cost that it would have otherwise yeah at least absolutely but that doesn't mean that we are spending the least we can and get away with either because example Singapore had some family now but have only stand up a nice are hostile rate like I don't wanna have to wear flip flops shower like so we are staying nicer hotel but certainly not go for it Madeline so budget on the the lead the men among many enjoy your he yeah you were just the better off just and it in a place higher philosophy spending money on the things most value and really cutting the staff doesn't just when now he decided that you're going to travels into time well you wouldn't want your picture no is it makes so number one remember do not think number 2 have a financial plan that includes that do not sacrifice debt payoff plan just for travel number 3 keep your travel responsible don't go stay at luxury hotels unless you have planned for the make sure that you get maximum enjoyment with only I have added that for hours latest travel travel I think and I //
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How to Save and Budget for the Holidays
\\you guys it's just and Tulsa from happy today we're gonna be talking about budgeting for the holidays figure out how much you need to say if and how to save it I I holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year like I really really love this time of year but it is also by far the most expensive time of year rate because we have Colleen with Halloween decor and ... costumes and candy and then there's thanksgiving which thanksgiving dinner is kind of costly in their Black Friday if you like going out shopping and then of course there's Christmas which is my absolute favorite and then decorations in this just like it can cost a lot of money many new year's Odilo many years that was so there are 2 ways to figure out how much money all of that is going to cost you and so the first way is deciding how much you want to spend so that way you say well this year have expanded dollars that I conceive towards that here's my number and then then you decide how to divvy that out amongst the holidays great so let's say you set your holiday budget for all of the holidays everything from Halloween through new year's at like $2000 will then you're like okay well I'm gonna put $100 towards home we need $500 for thanksgiving and then the rest were it's Christmas second way is making a list of everything that you need to buy do you or at 10 to the parties any decoraciones and any yes that you're going to buy and ending and that all up and you see what that total is and so then you know how much money you need to come up with for the holidays now we recommend that you go with option number one decide how much you want to spend first because if you're the second way and decide this is all the stuff that I want to DO we feel like you are much more likely to end up spending too much and it starts to feel like this thing that you are obligated to do you like of course I have to get a gift for such and such or I have to go to this event and so then you try to structure budget farther ... so that you can do these things that in reality you maybe shouldn't be doing right because an additive but not us attracting budgets which means so each additional item you just added and the disciple there's my number as opposed the first option will you have your number and all you can do is go down to 0 in a different style and so I would say that you can incorporate both so the first like right now we are on the cusp if not in the middle of you know like the holiday season has already started which means that now is the time you only have a limited amount of funds so now's the time to kind of say well this is how much I have to spend between October and the end of December this is the bucket of cash and working well and so this is how I'm going to divide it but which you can also do is say it will next year this is what I would like to do I would like to have you know Halloween decorations I'd like to make my own costumes I'd like to go over to sections such as house in you know across the country for thanksgiving it's and it's gonna cost this much so then you tally all that up and you can start saving for that starting in January so baton you know at the end of next year the money is already there if you've already decided how you're gonna spend it neither Veltins extremely important for you to accurately identify what it is that you're going to be buying and spending money on because you never tell forget posted some of them don't look travel those kinds of things yet so we gotta get about right let's talk about what you should include in your budget so first list the upcoming holidays that you were going to be celebrating now this will not be the same for everyone some people say don't celebrate Holly and I maybe you're Jewish and you don't celebrate Christmas and so upcoming holidays for us is typically a Halloween thanksgiving Christmas and then new year's eve right it is we don't do a whole lot most years we stay yeah once I actually like to celebrate and new years with my family and I think it's a great tradition to bring in a new year with the people that you love the most and I think about what you want to purchase for each holiday sewer for Halloween you looking at maybe doing Colleen direct decorations buying Colleen candy if you participate Tricker treating then of course there are your ... outfits main your your costumes and last year actually made our costumes or drop them some pictures of those as we're talking about this and we had a great time but this year I don't have time to make costumes so we may just pop into one of our spirit Halloween spots and pick out a costume for reeve that we made re use some of our older costumes so we'll see how that goes that's Colleen and then thanksgiving you're looking at flight suit travel travel the big one thanksgiving people for people sometimes when I think that is the Sunday after thanksgiving is actually the biggest travel day in the entire year so prices are going to be high and that's why you don't want to forget about your travel focus on the big items first and then you can cut the little atoms later yeah and then a Chris for Christmas Dio king at Christmas cards which by the way if you haven't checked out how to take your own family photos you should admit I will drop only down in the description box in up here in the cards but taking your own family photos and then using and on why card making company is a great way to save money on on Christmas cards but yes then there's gifts you might want to travel you might do Christmas decor and that of course is Christmas dinner all of those things Hannah and Christmas parties Newton and if you go to parties even if you're hosting the party you're probably gonna take a guess some maybe some fear about a wind up like that and sell them at all of that and yeah it is a list dune in excel so that excel can just calculated for you and so that you know kind of what your number is or even better put your number up at the top so as you start adding in the numbers you see how much you have left to work with and so you can kind things now let's talk about how you gonna save and pay for it all ideally start this earlier in the year so you can save just a little bit each month we can really do that this year but we're deathly doing it next year and stay tuned for our 2018 budget video where we'll see how much we're going to save each month starting late then you're gonna have save a bigger talk to change each month now if you have the time a great way to save is using a CD or certificate of deposit them returns and October or November because that will lock your money away and also give you a little bit higher interest rate not not really high but it'll be somethin and then you make sure you don't touch the money and that then you get it right when you need to be spending it on Halloween thanksgiving Christmas album which is great if you get like a year end bonus or if you get a big tax refund just lock that money away and like a 6 month CD or something like that and so then it'll come do it magically while our money to pay for your holiday extravaganza and the next best things are just checking account or savings accounts that are in some out of interest one percent right now is pretty good for both of those and then and I just make sure you don't touch it that's the other key because you wanna make sure it's there when those bigger expenses alright so say your last minute like us the holidays are upon you how do you find your holiday fun well there a couple things you can do you like start 8 side hustle you know Watson doves beat you know watching house Watson babies ... lots of places are ramping up their holiday hiring now as you can get part time jobs up bonus points if it's at a place where you like to buy your Christmas gifts because usually the employees will get some kind of extra discount so that's a great way to make money and save money on your Christmas shopping and even some places hired do things as simple as Christmas wrapping I'm wrapping presents keep that that's really expensive and tell you nothing a part time job doing or just a few is on Craigslist or something like that even yeah I'm also you can consider having a nose spend a holiday where you know you just just be Frank with your family members and say you know this year I'd like to do something that focuses less on giving material things and more on giving things like time or doing more thoughtful Khomeini presents versus buying extravagant you know premade presidents yes so it is more meaningful and also that about a third of the cost and you want to make sure to tell people up front if you've had a history of doing lavish things or or anything like that because you want them to know that it's not important to you to get some guest from them yeah you'd rather them does visit you or something like that yeah it's that Anna south cost money so that and that's a gift right there yes so when December hits we will be doing things like I'm we're doing paper Christmas again this year per the request of several of our viewers so we will be doing a lot of videos on inexpensive homemade presidents ... as well as paper Christmas crafts that you can do and still have a gorgeous and wonderful Christmas ... also many as we can fit in the way and yeah do our goal is to do of loudness and do you one video a day for the month of December sharing our tips and tricks for having a wonderful and other things to lobby our Christmas yes there were a lot alright that is it guys good luck budgeting for your holidays it's going to be an awesome holiday season and you just feel it bye guys but I //
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Our Infertility Journey : A Story of Love and Loss
\\Hey guys it's Joseph and Tasha from one big happy today is national pregnancy and infant loss awareness day so we thought we would share our struggles with infertility with you guys because a lot of people battle this and we don't get to hear about it a lot so we just want to share our story and raise awareness of these issues doesn't you know it it's more common than you think and it can happen to anybody we were surprised but we got there let's get started the definition infertility is trying to conceive for 12 months and that not happening or multiple miscarriages of now it's important to remember anything up to 12 months that's not infertility that is perfectly normal so if it's taking you 6 months 8 months you're sending a little worried deceased and don't worry at so quick background ... obviously I have been a pretty a for meeting Joe says I'm I've only been pregnant once and that was a Lexus and now it was like I went off birth control and then I immediately got pregnant so that's kind of the mentality that the mindset that I had like all the minute I get off of birth control if I'm not back preventing a pregnancy I'm definitely gonna so after having a Lexus I ... had a marine I you dis which is a hormonal type of birth control but it's localized because it sits inside of the uterus so I had 2 of those and ... because of the hormones actually had not had period for almost 8 years before I on and then I took out my read up because I was married at the time and I thought we might want to start conceiving with another couple of years so I took off the marina on and then I it up getting divorced before we ever reach the so we try so for me hearing the story of how quickly she was able to conceive before I'm thinking yeah it's going to happen really quickly so we started trying and September 2012 and then within 3 months we weren't really concerned I was I I don't like to worry too much at times and no no everything's fine and me I'm like that we why hasn't this happened yet the last started to freak out after month to like something's wrong something's wrong yeah decision when one by the book about noon doing our best efforts to try to do things you know we're a little surprised because like we were baby dance and almost every day sometimes more every day although in multiple times and so with all of that after we were at the at the Senate extent we're a little concerned that we weren't getting pregnant 3 months 6 months and yeah so the book I bought was called taking charge of your fertility and I'll drop a link to that down in the description box because I learned a lot about you know the inner workings of my woman parts by reading this book that I kind of feel like we should all just know it should be just standard knowledge up for women so I highly recommend it even if you're not trying to conceive just yet because it just really taught me so much about the way my cycle works in but that is also where I learned about ovulation predictor kits seat to know when you're about to ovulate so that you can really time your intercourse I'm and so these are the ones that we started buying the like by the box full because you use you know you might use one or 2 every single day during the course of Michael to see when you ovulate so if it doesn't expensive they're not it's like 100 for maybe 2 the boxer 50 for 20 about something like that double into the fact when they use down description but I started tracking ovulation and ... we started really timing our baby they're saying I started using an app called fertility friend that I still ... it's it's a paid out is not a free app ... but I still use it to this day to to really just get to know my cycle so that to me give you know our odds of getting pregnant increasing to increase their odds of getting pregnant while at 6 months finally like I started to get really frustrated so I convince Joseph to go to a fertility specialist which it is still too soon to do that is 6 months you do not need to worry at that point and that's what he was telling me which is why like that was you know how I was dragging him to Chile specialist because he's like we are not experiencing infertility yet it's only been 6 my and he was right ... but we still went so they ran tests on us for me detect my Caligula reserve which is on the number of like how healthy your like ovaries are in the number of ads that you still have left and that was great that came back fine and then they also did a test called I think it's an HSG is the abbreviation but is basically where they inject tearful opium to to make sure that you don't have any blockages because it could be that you're producing angst but like I you know the little guys can't get there because your your tubes are blocked and and so then there's no way to fertilize the egg so because they also ran tests on me on his little guys yes and they were mixed results unfortunately so most things were okay but there was one one of the things that they look at and that was not a great number and but even though that number was a great so his other numbers that the count of the little guys ... and the activity of the little guys was at was very high and so even though this other number which is about the shape and the number that are the perfect shape for conception was on the lower side because the count was so high that should have compensated so as far as the tests were concerned we had unexplained infertility and so that just as a way of Justin improving I think giving it a shot this doctor felt blank increasing my testosterone would be something that that might how but because it really wasn't any particular thing that they can point to you it's kind of a shot in the dark but I went ahead and went on this drug that doesn't it was testosterone itself it was just something that helps increase my testosterone and his testosterone was already high that's the other thing it's not like he didn't have a low test alright as normal rate is already yeah sometimes actually even on the higher side of normal which is why his count and all that stuff was really high and so this was driving it up to the high side of normal even slightly above normal to try to ramp up production and ... it definitely had it negative consequences ... in terms of Joseph Smith yeah so I mean the people that have a lot of testosterone and it may be used to it I don't I don't know I'm for me I started feeling more stressed I don't get angry yeah here and so I really did not enjoy that higher level of testosterone that I had and I stayed on this ... for almost a year I think I was over yeah it was almost 2 years I think and until we went to another and I don't know what it means to Philadelphia but so we started consuming in September of 2012 well in February of the 2014 we had our first positive pregnancy and the only thing that we did differently and so the doctor also told us stop baby dancing as much as we were that was just more of that was our normal practice we weren't too ramping it up to try to conceive we were just that was that's just what we did ... and so the doctor said ease it back on a lot every other day yeah yeah I'm so that was tough but if you do is you have to do rate to conceive and so we ended up considered Joseph was on the drug Selena conceiving in February of 2014 for the first time and we're just so ecstatic because at this point ... we've been trying to conceive for like a year 0.5 so we were definitely like clinically official we ... you know suffering from unexplained infertility because it was over a year that we were trying to conceive before we finally got pregnant ... and I just remember it as being so happy lake just so happy and like calling our parents and telling them kind of like immediately ... and we went out to babies R. us and we got this late I think it was like what sizes my pumpkin or computer pumpkin umber and what and it was just so adorable and I started writing in it immediately and then I'm and and then 2 weeks later I started to bleed and I miscarried every 8 weeks that and so it was really really hard taxis over here you can skip fever but whenever I start to get upset taxi what really sweet so come over and but like it just never even occurred to us that we could lose this baby that really have been tidings hard to conceive and it was just it was a gift now she was she went to the doctor segment started leading the ransom tasks and I 11 of her numbers are not increasing like its head I don't remember which 1 of my projects to Rome was low and then that ... each the G. which is no hormones that the baby gets off and the placenta really gives off but still it's a posted double every it's like every day every 2 days in the very beginning and ... at first it was doubling but then it slowed down and if it's and then it started decreasing and that's how we knew that we were losing the baby yeah wake it took it took me a couple of months before and you know I was ready to even start trying again yeah it was really tough on us and we we have we had just bought a world once and have to this is going to go fine then and I was months before we went we jumped the gun we got what do we get special Eminem says had big says for Alexis that we're going to give to her and I got Joseph it sure it that said like I don't know something about knocking me out first big like that and it was like a dad to the ... yes it would have been 2314 or something and ... I mean realistically it took us so long that I don't know if the Eminem 6 we we have more of them and we like when we when we moved so that kind of this active reminder with when that happens we really got a little too excited he facets of lives is very devastating so we miscarried in March 2014 and and then we started trying to conceive again in 2014 and we went to Philadelphia in ... timbre of 2014 and we still kept trying although we were apart for months because Joseph was intact analysts is that even in Texas we have that one day did we we didn't I'm like oh yeah do without you why he's right I didn't I you why 2014 and that's it you during 7 nation where ... the doctor will take the little guys put them in a turbo charge we should ... and then you I would take I don't know right where they need to be yeah and and meanwhile I eating up to it I would have been hormones or a drug called clomid that increases the number of eggs that right then during any given cycle and then ... I would inject myself with the trigger shot to cause the follicles to the biggest follicles to release eggs and so they released multiple X. ... and so then you have the little guys in the turbo charge solution placed exactly where they need to be this only to slam the Colombian tunes but you know they get past all of those areas and stuff ... and so then the idea being that increases your eyes dramatically because you've got multiple targets plus the best of the best in some super Jews just like rap among ample not to get them where they need to go out and then really though ... IOI has team maybe 20 percent success rate so it's not that much better honestly than just trying to conceive naturally because it's like 20 percent a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant ... just not their natural began thing so then when we got to Philadelphia so we didn't obviously we didn't concede when that first I live and then when Philadelphia ... went to new doctors and did another I you I December of 2 we're November 20 right and and my doctor went to another urologist and he said that adding putting every other drugs increased my estos round when there was really no indication that that was going to do anything was actually incorrect and kind of old school and so my doctor back in Texas was a little bit older but not but I don't know 1015 years older than me and so I would have expected him to be old school but this doctor was actually probably younger than me and and said that that was the old way of doing it and really and there's every to be on that and so taking off and I was excited about that because I was not feeling well and high test us imprudently girl and has been university of you have it university Pennsylvania right yes yes so university of Pennsylvania hospital rate is where we went and so it's kind of like well they're teaching hospital they say we did that's not what they do anymore so we're like okay so we did that ... 2 more I you lies in Philadelphia and they both failed so ... around this time Joseph found out that his job was moving the organization out as well was reorganizing and there are some different options that I could pick to move and so we kind of looked at all the different insurance is because we at this point we think that we're gonna have to IVF which is it taking it up we little guys together and then injecting and so worldly you can you be like $20000 right and it's only a 40 percent great so even then you can do it 3 times and it would be perfectly but then the numbers tonight to be afraid of that and it's not usually covered by insurance either and so we're looking for places where they could possibly be covered and so our options where Colorado and land and we wanted to live in Colorado that's where we wanted to go but the insurance there didn't cover idea but assurance in DC did right you will do yeah and so so I I mean the pelicans like well we'll go out there and then so well they decided well we're moving so Joseph has a job there so now I need to find a job there so I found a job ex did the job put in you know let my current job no that I was going to be leaving in 2 months and meanwhile we're still trying because now it's become like kind of like a cycle it's like alright you know just had my theory ed ... I usually ovulate between day 11 day 14 it so 88 I start using my ovulation predictor kit ... we start we switch our cycle to an every other day thing once I have my surge we know that we need to trying to conceive that day the next day and the day after that and then now we're on the 2 week wait ... date 10 of the 2 week wait I start testing with pregnancy tests to see if I'm pregnant like it's just it was just like that's what it was monthly cycle and so you know it just and kind of all of the doorway had gone out of it right because at this point now we're almost 3 years in to trying to conceive and so you know I lost that eager anticipation to look at the pregnancy test is just like you know 30 something months of no I'm just kind of gets to you so I just remember like it was to have it I got up I you know put my little sample in the Cup addicted I put it down and start to get ready for wary Joseph so sleepy I looked down at the pregnancy test and it was positive like it was just the faintest little lie and I remember everyone else is sleeping I'm just walking all over our our little apartment in Philadelphia all the different ways to look at it like if this line for real and and it wasn't disappearing but sometimes with these TV pregnancy test which this is the pregnancy test version of the populated area population predictor one pregnant pregnancy ovulation I'm sometimes these little teepees will show like a freak sort of phantom line and so I was thinking I will that's what it probably is so I went out to I walked over to the grocery store leases the awesomeness of winning in a city you just get out leave your high thrust wallstreet across the street to the grocery store and it was closed suddenly gosh darn it where's their 24 hour pharmacy so there's a 24 hour pharmacy that was like a 6 minute drive away so I hopped in the car went to the 24 hour pharmacy bought one of the first response ... like gold standard $20 a pop pregnancies had got back home and like forced myself to use the bathroom again right even been that long and and it was pregnant and it was because it does and I like and I would just like behind us and he's sleeping like Nnamdi ... but it was like during losing the other baby way I just could I was excited but it was tempered itself because I just kind I felt like I was going to lose lose the baby again so there's actually a website where people post their photos of the pregnancy test to see if people think that they're they're saying online or not and you can do things like inverted colors and that we have done that on another one earlier because we thought well is 10 times the line and I'm there was no line obviously fat but this time so like which he told me member when I was asleep but it's waking me up sometime today and so and it wasn't that I wasn't excited about it but I was also very conscious yeah yeah we got really excited that there's not much more devastating if this one didn't deck but lo and behold that's all the time 3 years 3 I realize me on drugs for 2 years and then just kind of randomly getting pregnant naturally and before anyone puts any comments about ... will you finally stop stressing about it no no we did and you probably just don't say that to people who are trying to have a baby like that kind of thing this is really not helpful so please don't say those kinds of things just yeah but okay so to finish obviously that pregnancy turned into baby re and you know but I will say it wasn't until I hit viability like which I think is like 26 weeks before I was finally pumped up all feeling happy about the pregnancy because I thought you know if anything were to happen right now and we had a couple scared so I did start to bleed a week I'm so we thought we were going to lose pregnancy itself had pain yeah ... so at 28 weeks the doctor put me on progesterone suppositories and to keep my progesterone up now there's you know it's questionable whether that actually did anything ... but that's what she recommended and my pregnancy turned out great so you know better safe than sorry and then at 20 weeks I ... so I have a few green fibroids and one of my fibroid started to generate ... which is kind of like having a heart attack ... where part of your heart dies well so as your uterus gets bigger the baby takes more more blood so the fibroids that should even be there anyway some of them start to starve and die in it is extremely painful ... but thankfully the baby was totally fine it was just me in excruciating pain but because I went to the hospital about it that's when we learned that I might have ... my gosh what is it called when they with that and the babies are the flaws and it is our many thanks yeah I don't know if that's a preview I think is what it's called looking up from okay so so there is a little bit of that but there is a chance that as the uterus gets bigger the placenta was going to go up and away from this anyway yeah okay so content to previous efforts because on that yet so that's it but so that was a scare because what with the placenta over at the uterus there's an increase over the silence of surgery service yet there's an increased risk of and miscarriage and of the mom bleeding out and dying also you have to have a seat yes yeah because there's no way out and so so it was just a really nerve wracking pregnancy and the whole time but obviously you know it turned out wonderfully we have our little baby for a and you know we were just so lucky that our infertility story ... you know and in our Los that we were able to get through those things and end up having a baby because for so many people that just doesn't you know and really hard and it's something that really should be covered by insurance is not and this is really wrong because that is first for so many people from host people an essential part of over high heat to be able to create your family and you know like it and share that that life experience with your partner a yeah so that is our story I think ... we also princely when I tell you hour of labor and delivery greenness although that was done in love yeah and but if anyone out there is you know suffering in dealing with infertility right now we just you know that you are not alone and that you know where there's a whole community of people out there that have a shared experience and you know just just find those people and and talk finance support system to help you get through it absolutely because it can happen to anybody and there's a lot of information out there yeah they're always there is a there are always done since on even if even if it doesn't happen I we discussed adoption and we discussed now posturing and all that kind of stuff so there is absolutely nothing wrong with any and ... just to close out the video we will say that ... we have decided to start trying to conceive again so we're gonna see what happens over the next couple of years but at this point we have our miracle levy a rainbow babies so if it doesn't happen and we won't be doing anything like we're not going to be doing any kind of medical intervention or anything like that ... but if it so it doesn't happen in the next 3 or 4 years then you know we know we definitely done but yeah just keep us in your thoughts guys alright significant time but I //
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How to Plan a Trip - A Step By Step Guide to Planning Your Ultimate Vacation
\\yeah I it's Tasha and doesn't from one big happy and welcome to you part to do in our where Singapore travel series in this video we are going to be walking you through how it step by step how to plan a trip a big threat an international trip so this should cover everything that you need you take a monthlong vacation and Africa CO a weekend nearby you don't already know we are taking a family vacation to Singapore this fall and we are very excited about it and we're doing this video series on everything that it takes to do this international travel so this video in particular we are going to be talking about how exactly you plan a trip so number one sat a budget setting a budget is going to be the most important step reason being if you don't have the money then you probably shouldn't be taking a vacation it's not a great idea to increase credit card that ... funded me now that being said it's it's kind of shorter term vacations Sean ... during the year you kind of know how much you have to take those traps don't then pick places that you know your budget will not extends to cover yelling if you got a lego $400 budget meeting not Hawaii this time this year maybe next year maybe not this year exactly so much of what the deal is you have a rough idea of where your budget is going to take you know and I think if you W. travel at all then you know and that's not well start researching and and you know to figure that out and part of this too will depend on how you like to travel ... because some people are cool with hostiles like even like family households but some people and some people want well it's mighty case and I travel I want luxury accommodations and so you know obviously that meet your budget is going to be larger so then step number 2 you have your budget we touched on this a little bit now you're gonna decide where you are going to go and the recently just said why we put budget first and because your budget is going to dictate just how far your vacation dollars are going to go so couple ways that we'd like to kind of think about where we want to go so keep a bucket list so as you come across please this baby in travel magazines are ads that seem really interesting just put it on a list somewhere a digital lists of places that you might want to go in your lifetime and so then when it's time to travel you can just review that list and say oh well let's see what these if you know you want to travel but not quite sure where to go yet you can it's Google no great places of travel replace for first time travel back and and we budget international travel just locked into you know what the different options also you can follow travel bloggers or bloggers or people on Instagram who travel a lot because they'll take pictures of their lives they do that's pretty don't go there step 3 check your passport and visa requirements for the place that you want to go before booking your flights if you jump straight to you up I have my flight now and then realize that you're gonna have to have a visa or a vaccination is another thing and then your passport is more than you can expand a couple months after media on that yet so we actually had to get ... new passports because our passports were set to expire within 66 months of are totally at people's like less than 60 days actually and really didn't have a passport so we did this backwards which is why we recommend you don't believe it is when you start being about travel will get past fortunately we had plenty of time and that's usually there's a little bit cheaper but if we'd done a last minute play we might have been kinda screwed so then step number 4 research travel insurance and I know our step orders like order of operations for trip planning is different from what you'll see a lot online and the reason why I say this to do these things before you even book your flight is because depending on the type of trip insurance that you want you have to get it within a certain number of days of making your first purchase for the trip so if you want an insurance that would cover ... like it cancellation for any reason you want to make sure you know that in advance you get some quotes in advance so you know how much it's going to cost as part of your budget and so then the minute you book your flight which will be spoiler alert the next step that you take you then hop on over to your travel insurance provider that you have already pre decided on and go ahead and book your travel insurance step 5 barley booking your flights now you wanna give yourselves as much time as possible to find a great deal so some websites let me send alerts you might be able to use points from a credit card to find a great deal but planned in advance that's the best way to find a great deal insistently sometimes are last minute flights and if you're able to just pick up and go then you keep that open as an option but more than likely you're gonna be looking 6 months or so in advance yeah especially if you're traveling with someone else besides you so we're traveling with the theory of 4 so we need 4 seats so I just made more sense for us to just look are out to get good deals rather than waiting for it last minute travel deals step number 6 research the places you want to go that things that you want to do and the reason why we say to do this before you book your hotel is the last thing you want to do is book a hotel over here when everything you want to do is over here and it's crazy expensive to get from here to here and then you bust your budget young on transportation or it also takes a really long time I've done that or my hotel was about I up 45 minutes from maybe an hour from the city center and so most my day seemed like was sitting on a bus getting from another and yes I must admit and that we were actually this close to doing that making that mistake for Singapore because we kind we wanted to stay on Sentosa island which is like a resort island that has theme parks and stuff like that and it has a beach that that's where Singapore's beach is but we only planned on spending one day actually doing the activities on centos at every other day we're going into the city were going a little India we're going to Chinatown and it's like an hour to get off of Sentosa and into the main city and the last thing we wanna do is spend 2:00 hours a day commuting while we're on the case and we do not every day nobody here especially and Reeves doesn't do our commute every day yeah he would not like that and with the tall there we might want to be able to pop back to our hotel for him so all of those that that's why it's important to just kind of plot out where you think you might go and then beat your hotel selection on that step 7 after picking up the things you want to see you can also have done figure out how you want to get around whether that's going to be public transit renting a car and walking biking whatever the distances from your hotel to the things you want to see or really the distance between each attraction you can kind of figure out how long did it and how much also you can fit in any given day considering how long it's gonna take you to get from the place absolutely alright and now that you know all those details you can go ahead and book your hotel and we did a lot we're gonna do a whole video on how we decided where we wanted to stay because I I think we researched this for months dimly out my god now so he pulled the trigger quick on one hotel just to reserve thumped and and by so you know where refundable rate and that we continue looking because we didn't want to over like and then regret not looking for and so our hotel and he will be the most expensive part of our Singapore I played some normally its flight and the hotel and then kind of everything else but we kind of have to go back and forth and just kind of think long and hard again about what we wanted out of that the case and what we wanted that to feel like and look like and how important the hotel was to lessen it was kind of important so you hear more about that when we do that hotel video but that's it 8 steps to planning your vacation and let us know if you have any questions what you think about our 8 steps because like I said they they are kind of the order is different from what you see in other places yeah and so we're always open into giving a better better way of doing things if you think that hayom we missed something or anything like that drops lawnmower will respond and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like these and we will see you guys next time well I //
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Things We Don't Regret Buying
\\Hey guys it's Tasha and Joseph from one big happy and in this video we are going to be talking about major purchases that we don't regret you might know us for always being frugal well that isn't always the case users on things that we bought that or that there are things that we pay for that isn't the cheapest option but it gives us the most value and the most happiness okay so the first thing on the list is something that is super nod essential at all and I completely and met Bess but I'll be honest with you got it okay a we do not but I do not regret Marie like I really really love it I wear it every day and I look at it and it is just such a beautiful piece of jewelry and exit the controls and every time I look at it and it makes me think of you know when he proposed to me and it also I it's such a quality piece that I really look forward to it becoming a family heirloom passed it off to Alexis or reads or you know one of their kids which in another band of fighting over it but it is just such a meaningful item to me I feel it can be for generations upon generations after I'm gone I just can't regret as love it I don't regret either and that's not just because it's the last one that I am you know we sound for me I don't regret our purchase of the Dodge journey now it is in the most expensive car or the cheapest car that we can have gone way it's kind of in the middle and but it just turned out to be a great car for us I thinking its nose gets okay gas mileage and has your middle the road features but it's comfortable it's perfect size for us it's been really reliable there's you know there's not like one thing that we had to get fixed and so it's been a fantastic car they have that there's a recall on on it engines header but ended up with there's another recall that you actually think it's about the air bad but my cars had a recall to an overly concerned that all the cars are having recall my okay so next our education we don't regret spending money on our education out I know in the last video Joseph talked about well maybe he would have gone to a different law school by he still like it you wasn't believed that doesn't mean that I regret that education at self or even spending money them out that I spent still think that battalion was there I mean it's good retains my an advanced degree versus not but I would have more value the other way but I still think investing in yourself and your education I mean we are entire lives yeah clearly different I mean my whole idea of what was even possible in my life just come who lead lead change when I went to law school and the people that I met the things that they were doing in their lives the things that they are doing now is just up for the main thing and it just inspires me to do things like this like make this you it would seem like you know kind of crazy rave but I'm like why not I want to do it I'm gonna do it and so and it just has given me so much confidence in of course you know analytical skills and all those things who was they yell the really does like what is that like oil some hinges really gets my foot in the door in places that makes it really easy when I'm ready to change jobs are finding a position and you know that kind of job and decreased security it's like absolutely worth it and another thing so we use our nanny stare and that has been an amazing thing for us to have and it actually doesn't cost us much more worried than going to a regular daycare but the trade off is that that we get more one on one time and Reeves gets gets his needs attendant to you more quickly and and better when we work from home who reads is here so when we take our our breaks I'm working we can go snuggle with Reeves because he's just right there and we can kind of see him all day and so that is really really nice arm and anywhere really groom lake think fall and grateful that we're in a position where we are able to do that I'm any part because we have a neighbor that is how the kid that's you know close enough in age to read if that makes sense ... for them to do and then you share with us we also don't regret spending money on vacations and family activities so while we do like to take advantage of as many free activities as possible it we just did a video and we talk showed hiking mountain near us we are also planning our trip to Singapore which were going to be doing videos talking about our budget and that means that we're gonna be doing that and you know how other various things but we just don't those memories last for for ever and any studies show that taking vacations with your kids that's really important gain a lot of have from not only taking a vacation and the memory after but all the months leading up to the trip that and he said earlier and it's exciting yeah and I guarantee you that year these memories are last a lifetime there's nobody that is required 8 time spent with their family at the end of their lives they're thinking gosh those those of the memories that that's last Friday evening they you think about so we don't have a lot of those another thing that we don't regret buying a house in a great school district mmhm their number of reasons why this is the case if we didn't buy any good school district but you always want your kids to go to a good school so the other options are well you send your kid to private school or well or what there's not really any other option I mean that's so the increase in cost of taxes and interest on a is still cheaper than private school tuition at least where we live or if there are more options than maybe not be something we could look at a cheaper house and then the difference would be and would be paid to listen especially sense one Americans is much older than the other day when I have 2 kids in an expensive school at the same time but unfortunately that's wasn't the case here on the other thing is what a good school district you get better home values more stability and so buying houses a less risky investment yeah I had never had it had trouble selling a house in part because I always make sure to buy a house in a good school district because the man is going to be high in those areas property values will tend you know ... maintain themselves in those areas so you know from and to the extent that you want to try to make some kind of a nonprofit beget your money that would be able to sell your house when you're ready to sell your house without having to bring money to the table that's a good criteria to use the quality of the schools that's right even if you even if you don't have kids at something to check because you you might want to you know sell your house like that and investigate it even without kids alright guys so those are some of our need your purchase says that we do not regret but also take out our video with the major purchases that we do regret a whole during a league that down in the description but don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like beef I'll see that next time I by //
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How to Take Your Own Family Portraits!!!
\\Hey guys it's Tasha from one big happy and in this video I'm gonna be sharing my tips and tricks for how to take gorgeous family photos with out a professional photographer senior family hundreds of dollars a year I I love it taking I love having those visual memories cherish for the rest of our lives and to meet is looking at a picture takes me back to that moment and it makes me feel all those emotions I felt in that moment silent taking both candid of family pictures when we're out and about and then also more pose yearly family pictures when we went to Sugarloaf mountain a couple of weeks ago and we posted the log for that saw trouble league down in the description box even though tech that out but we decided to go ahead and knock out 2 birds with one stone so we took a pic family pictures first and then we changed into our hiking gear and we hiked the mountain so I'm gonna be sharing everything you need to know to take gorgeous pictures of your family let's start off with equipment because obviously you're gonna need something to actually take those pictures what so this is the main camera that I use this is the just the camera body this is I can't rebel T. 5 I just got this from me for Christmas in 2013 so I've had this camera for 4 years and I really love it it's a really good camera and ... over when I first got it I would just use the automatic function so you just put it on automatic and you the button and it takes really good pictures but now that I've been taking pictures for a few years I'm able to use the manual function which allows you more like creativity in the shots that you take but doing auto is totally fine and and I would say that that plus side of DSLRs verses ... just other cameras is you tend to end up with higher quality photos and you can do things like switch out the lenses to create different looks so let's talk about the lenses that go on with this can't think can't ride the T. 5 high came with 2 lenses now you don't have to buy the full camera kit you can just buy the body and then by your lenses separately but Joseph bought me that kicks so it came with this land but I wanted to get alliance that would work better in lower light and also would create the nice kind of a blurry background that you see behind me right now so the next leads that I got is actually very affordable lands it's the lens that is on the Camarena house I'm gonna have to use another camera a film it's you can see it and so I have taken a lot of our family photos just with that land that it's an excellent lands on when you're getting into portrait photography but in terms of the lens that I used when we took our most recent family photos and you're not gonna be I'm throwing up pictures here you're not really going to be able to tell the absence of a difference between the different lenses that ... I used but it's this one from sigma and I'll probably to this down in the description box but basically if you have a DSLR you need elections it doesn't as much matter what lens you have as long as you're shooting outside and there's plenty of light but if you don't want to jump into D. SLR hobbies photography just yet you have 2 other options so option number one is just use a regular point and shoot so this is our canon G. 7 acts we actually use this a lot for blogging but it takes a really great pictures and you can use it with a remote and with a timer and time is a very important if you can't use it with the remote because obviously you want to be in the picture too and then the other option of course is your phone so I have a Samsung galaxy S. 8 it takes great pictures to our public some of the pictures that I have taken with it ... or an iPhone would work I've I've some cameras are great too but some of our budget cellphones though Motorola G. fours date the cameras are not that great so the quality will not be good enough for you to take really nice family photos so the second thing that you are going to need is a tripod so this is one of our tribe highs we have to and they have adjustable legs they can get taller or shorter and the camera basically the camera sits on top of the tripod on this removable thing that screws into the tripod next thing you need is about this is ... this summer I think it's less than 10 about some Amazon of toppling down in the the description box but you'll see as you'll see in this footage of us when we actually took the photos you can see us pointing at their DSLR with her hand trying to press the remote to get its you actually take the picture so remote is a great way to take the picture and not have to run back and forth between the camera now that we talked about equipment let's talk about location so location can beat someplace as simple as on your couch which here's an example of us taking a picture on our couch at Christmas it can also be in your backyard I have taken lots of pictures up Alexis and reads all over the yard and I or you can go somewhere for example when we did our Christmas family photos I specifically looked for a Christmas tree farm so that we could take pictures among the evergreens because that looks all Christmas Eve but with like Sugarloaf mountain yes we went there and we took pictures but we also went there's to hike so it's great to be able to incorporate taking family pictures in the midst of things that you are already going to do or here's another example of a picture that we took just in the middle of the street in the neighborhood where we would see don't necessarily have to go to fancy Kate places to take really good pictures next best time of day to shoot I delete you'll shoot within an hour of the sun rising or an hour at the sun setting so that can be kind of difficult but that is the best time because that sunlight isn't harsh so it's much easier to take a flattering photo check out this photo of us or any photo where we have the sun shining in our faces someone is going to be squeaky so either an overcast day is also a great time to take a picture and that would be like all day because the clouds are acting as a diffuser for all of that harsh sunlight I recommend that before you even go out to take your pictures again Goethe Pinterest and look up family photoshoot ideas or family portrait pose ideas because that'll give you an idea of different more relaxed Louise of moving around and taking the pictures versus just kind of standing there facing the camera and smiling and I like those just fine but we take a whole bunch showed pictures like that but candid photos are also really fun so we tried to incorporate some of those when we are out taking pictures too so then when you actually go to take your photos you put your camera and the process is really simple you put your camera on your tripod if it's on auto then that's fine you don't have to do anything else you don't have to mess with any of the settings all you have to do is if you have your remote set the camera to remote shooting if you don't have remote of remote thing you set your camera it on the timer then you have one of your family members stand where you want to take the picture then you can folk have your camera focused in on that person and then everyone thought person stays still and everyone else piles around them kind of illustrator of wine because then you're sure that everyone's going to be in focus you're done taking your photos now you're back at home and marry your handiwork and you probably have a lot of great photos but they don't quiet look as good as some of the photographs you'll see done by professional photographers and that's because professional photographers and it the photos even if it was a great photo out of the camera they'll do things like bump up the exposure a little bit to make it brighter or bump up the contrast a little bit to just make things pop up the saturation so that the green grass behind you is relieved green even though it was kind of like break in real life but those things are what really makes a photo pop so I there are 3 photo editing tools that I generally use all add a fourth women just because some people might have Max so I have a PC if you have a mac obviously there's photos and you can use photos to do some basic editing of each of your photos if you had a P. C. ... I forget what it's called like pictures of something I don't really use the standard editing software that comes with that computer so the 2 that I really use our picmonkey which is online and a lot of its tools are free so you can do basic photo editing generally for free atop a link to picmonkey in the description box I use it for a lot of things a great program especially the free stuff I love pre and then secondly you can use adobe products so Photoshop or Lightroom like Graham is actually really easy to use and so that's what I use most of the time now and so you can just throw your photo in there make some basic 2 weeks just to kind of bump it up and make it pop a little and there you have it professional looking photographs without having to spend any money and it's also a great you can use these photos for like Christmas cards and things like that so great money saving tip plus it's like a family adventure in the family has fine going out and shoot these photos so and that is it if you guys have any questions if there are specific that you want to know more about if you want to see if they maybe a light rain tutorial or something that how I edit the photos let me now but in the meantime I hope you guys enjoy it and please remember to comes up and subscribe CF next time I //
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How to Pay Off Debt Fast on Your Financial Journey to Early Retirement
\\Hey guys process injustice with one big happy yes how much we paid about $30000 in 5 months in this video we're going to be sharing our test to help you pay off debt back yeah before we got into the tete we're going to just throw a couple Havea out there because we know that you see all the time about people paying off you know $100000 worth of debt in 2 days and some of it you know other creepy extreme stories like that and so the first thing that we want you to realize is you can only pay off debt and Saxons your income allows so when you see people paying OB giant amounts of data in a short period of time really highly likely it is that you know it's definitely that they had very big income to help facilitate that rapid debt payoff or they're checking you know and they got inheritance or it is only like sell their house and they include paying off the mortgage as well we paid off debt yeah well within the off the loss to the Cleveland asset Netscape it also has a really in in in that case we paid off $300000 in one day because you know we sell the house so just take all of those stories would come out with a grain of salt and don't let that make you feel bad about your cross your progress is right sized for your life and your 28 number one you have to stop using your credit card if you keep using your credit card the balances will only get bigger and bigger and it's not to say that you it's impossible to use credit card responsibly or that you won't be able to you loneliness start using your credit card in the future when you feel confident that you can pay them well every month but the idea is to stop using them get use to sticking to a budget bill good financial habits so that when you pay down that debt if you do decide to use credit card that you care for rewards or something that you won't build up their debt again and it back in yeah that's right they will start using your cash or you tech book and start really getting snow your online banking because you want to check that balance you wanna make sure that you're not spending too much money one and make sure that there's nothing unexpected coming out of your account but you need to cancel it happens sometimes I'm off the all right step to you when we get to know your dad yeah and so that means you want to get to know the terms you need to know interest rates what the minimum payments are when there do you I'm just the more information you know about the debt the better you can structure of the plan to pay yet so you want to get a piece of paper use macros use word or excel cool sheets whatever on to you without all of your day list out did you date for all of your debt because you're gonna make sure that your pain your minimum payment on time so you're not wasting money on me U. S. B. interest rate for all of your that the minimum payment and I also think that it's a great idea to know how long it's gonna take you to pay those that's often you might have to use up an online calculator I like undead it it's on dat.I. T. I believe arm because it will calculate it for you and it's a free tool on and then I also look at how much interest you'll pay over time and I think all of those numbers are really important but had no motivate you you'll know exactly what is at stake and how much money you're going to be saving yourself if you pay your debt are quickly on the other hand if you actually have a low interest debt it'll show you you know that maybe you'd be better off baby but yeah let's assume you have really hot like double digit you know 20 percent interest rate which is all so the other thing we want to DO yeah it is make up budget so we've done the videos on a bare bones budget that we've been following and how to walk how what we're doing now but it's very very important if you don't have a budget to go ahead and get that budget time so you understand what higher cash is coming and where it's going out and it helps box then any overspending area this and it is the basis for the next few steps so that all our work it's a look for places in your budget to trim back so we usually have you know I a generous fund money budget on which was $200 each a month or I think it's gone up as high as $300 each month when we were doing really well yeah I like when we were before we had a pretty great when we're living in an apartment Philadelphia and because of it $3 each month we will learn about ... but we knocked that down $200 each month which is still not absolutely super barebone but we could go down to 0 and and we have gone down to 0 in the past just kinda depending on what what's going on in flag I'm cutting our cell phone bill if we have a video where we talk about some of the frugal habit that we've adopted over time to help I've stay on track with our money goal so on the other side okay hunters yeah I've you want to increase your income okay this could be a sign of how slow you might be able to make something to sow on many of the part time job in the line 80 said what dog house then there are lots of opportunities out there like mystery shopping Amazon Turk any there there are still many freelance opportunities freelance writing with 5 very person the 5 are yeah I mean I don't think nothing like I'm so we took out that to go to law school so I actually did an online outs that tutoring arm right gig for a little bit and that was interesting but you know it just it just doesn't think showing their F. 18 tutor of all my high school tutoring high school kids are all sorts of things I'm I hope that you can do you to pad your income to make a balance is good now and that's the part that you need that we have to do it you got a thing about it getting a raise at work if you ever ask for it you're not gonna get it you're only a small raise is that everybody gets you know so show that you're not in the room outstanding performer differentiate yourself from others and then ask your supervisor me I think I'm the guns are gonna raise then no worse than can happen is now and we have a lot of it then the other more him more important and more substantial is if you find another job if you're ready to take the next step up you can get a 10 to 20 percent raise from switching jobs so do you not does think oh I'm stuck where hand and everything it any better well don't don't do that to yourself take a look he would you know consider refinancing your debt now copy out slash working here if you're the kind of person if you're at a stick kind of person where you need to feel like a bad you need to be upset about having to pay all this interest every month and that's what you need to do to help you stay focused to pay off that debt then don't refinance your debt at a lower interest rate if you know that because it's 0 percent you'll go back to pay don't do that great this is for people who are motivated enough by by their future financial goals by not wanting to current that it absolutely makes sense to pay bell we eat absolute least amount of interest that you can paper cut that puts more money back in your pocket if you are able to refinance your debts at a lower interest rate and you have to also look at the fees for refinancing that and make sure that the numbers shake out actually better you should do that button that will get you out of debt faster determine the strategy to paying off the debt they're gonna teach you approach as early as you can time that snowball approach where you take your smallest balance and then pay that off first and then have them at Liz and Max smaller exhaust out any at this moment time it makes you feel good that you're that you're paying off something I think we have one last payment and so selected certainly working give you that this mental benefit out ... of success that is going on but it might not mathematically save you as much money and so depending on what your debt looks like you might be better off taking the highest interest rate first and pain not and then the next highest interest rate and then going down there now another alternative which is actually what we did on which it depends on the reason why you're paying off debt so for us we decided to pay off 2 of our gets very quickly out where I am window alone because we wanted to have a larger monthly surplus because I took a pay cut into because I took a pay cut was that we looked at the numbers and things started being a bit tighter than we were comfortable with and so we attacked the 2 that that actually had the biggest impact on our finances in light of their interest rates that we actually pay off the beat to death that had 0 percent interest rate but collectively the payments were relatively high right it's over those papers together Yeltsin since we could take out that huge chunk we didn't want our our monthly and operational surplus team to be so constricted and so that's kind of neither of these but about us according to crunch the numbers and really figure out I'm not just what's the thing you in paying off the debt but also what reserves your financial stability and in your comfort peace of mind and you know maybe have one debt that you really don't like because ... eat you finance a car and the car is not really working out and you really are upset about it well or it's like you know I think that or something like yeah the washer and dryer that you brought with your ex 0 every time you make that payment it just earn you now yet you get rid of those numbers but if you're trying to do whatever is the most mathematically sound again undead it is great for that because you can put in all you put in all of you that you can all of your interest rate and then it and use it had like 6 or 7 different repayment options that it considered including the dept avalanche and the debt snowball and it shows you which one will benefit you know I'm actually so that's it 7 quick and dirty tips to paying down debt super bass absolutely so they don you dance build well you can count on it I got it the next time //
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Financial Update October 2017 - Financial Freedom and Debt Payoff Reports
\\Hey guys it's Tasha and Joseph from one big happy and it's time for another financial update this is where we're gonna share progress since last month on all of our financial goals I this is our second a financial update we switched up the format last month which was our first financial update which we will link in the description box here here I never remember what side it's on but basically when we first started these we were just doing that updates and that didn't really reflect how we look at personal finance because we believe in taking a balanced approach to personal finance and we have multiple financial goals that we're working on at the same time so a financial update helps us kind it keep you posted on how we're doing on all of those things and not just one goal back in March we thought a major goal to take care of 2 debts so one was someone does that we had we spent 14000 to replace all of our windows and the other was $50000 in credit card debt and so this is really our progress I'm paying off those as well as our savings yeah well troubling in the description box to all of our hurt previous updates if you wanna check those out so let's take a look at the numbers so I think you look at those debts our car loan in August was $12300 we made the one payment so that's down to $12000 now our AC alone was $7600 and now it's down to $7300 the great news as our credit card had $2700 on it and now it is down to 0 because we paid off we also have a 41 came alone was $12800 in August it's $12700 which means I totaled that was 35400 and it's all the way down to 32000 and our total debt paid off since last month was $3400 for a running payoff total since we started back in March of $32000 so we are super excited about that and if you include our mortgage in our total debt payoff because we don't I'm our mortgage numbers are on there but if you could a mortgage then we paid off a total of $42000 worth of debt this year alone that's pretty awesome each worries fame is about $1000 and so its principal yeah right so that's does building a minimum of $12000 equity every year so as we're going god I think right so let's look at the asset side of thing ask her assets we report 3 main things our investments and savings our house and our cars we don't really report a kids college funds because that's really their money now we're going to look at the current value of the assets less any loans that we have on it so that means home has our mortgage several minutes if that's what we know and just give you the net equity same thing for one of our cars it hasn't note themselves online so we're gonna reduce that and just the part that is our equity kind of what we really have that okay so let's take a look at the numbers so our house the current value is 615000 when you subtract the mortgage and AC loan and the 4 when Kaelin on because the foreman came on we use as a down payment on a house in the net equity will be $64000 that not for our first car that doesn't have a car payment on it it's just the total that Kelly blue book value of the car which is $9500 and then our second car the value of it is 16000 but we have to subtract the loan that we owe on it so the net equity is 3900 our our investments and savings totalled $231000 to a grand total net equity is $308400 I think we did a fantastic job so far this year me we made a lot of progress yeah I'm really excited to do a like 2017 interview video obviously we can't do that till January ... but it's as we do these videos so that you can see it's like you make tiny progress over time but it can add up to huge wins over the course of the year and personal finances kinda like that great its a marathon not a sprint that's so let's see what did we have over so we have Singapore coming out in November so we're switching obviously we paid off the 2 things we wanted to pay off this year so where done with debt payoff mode so now we're switching more to savings because we don't want to use a credit card and take on more debt to go to Singapore we want to use cash for it and I think we're definitely gonna be able to do that hopefully with some room to spare yeah and then after we get back from Singapore then it's Christmas ray and Christmas is like super expensive my favorite holidays so I'm really excited but we're gonna be doing Christmas on a budget and we're gonna be doing on the videos about that with how to budget for the holidays right how to save for the holidays those kinds of things yeah cell this that's it for this financial update we hope you guys enjoy if you have any questions be sure to drop us a comment down below and also thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this see got next time made by by //
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Start Traveling More - Family Vacation to Singapore Series Part 1
\\Hey guys we're going to say how far this is the first video in our Singapore travel theories we're gonna be talking you through everything that we're doing to plan and execute our trip to Singapore including budgeting and all of that other logistical stuff and then of course we go on go to Singapore will be taking you guys right along with us on our family travelogue their argument is here packing yeah like my new one Hey guys welcome to one big happy 5 months ago we bought plane tickets to Singapore is kind of on a whim touched on the late about a great deal and just we took the plunge just within 20 minutes of finding out and it's going to be incredibly awesome we've been looking forward to it understand yeah house move are excited and so we decided to do a video series before we even get there where we walk you through kind of all of the steps that go into planning and budgeting for a trip and you know just kind of because we don't know anything about Singapore ray so and we don't do a lot of international travelling I think a lot of people want to travel more but you eat because they don't know how so we're hoping that this this series of videos will be really useful and you know as you guys go on to planning your own international trip right I think especially with kids right behind him everybody thinks that you have to give up traveling if you have kids especially young kids and so we're going to show that no you don't you can totally travel deathly still do the things that you wanna DO and even if they don't remember it the you will not simply to to really take into account why me traveling why is that important so for us I mean we want to see the world we want to experience new cultures yeah really and also new places see things that you don't get to see anywhere in the United States and there's going to be lots of that even I'm just anywhere anything form super excited for the Hawker centers which has been really cheap super delicious food fell looking forward to that and also I think that the biggest reason to travel is really tough to build memories with your family I don't countless studies really have shown that you don't get much happiness from buying things compared to experience says that that you have and so dumb best way to get some really intense experiences it's to go somewhere take a trip because then you've got a week 8 days and days or whatever everybody being together everybody doing fun things not not your regular everyday tasks cooking on your scene wouldn't do online Terry cleaning your house yeah and it so not only do we get hacked like long lasting happiness now we as a people from traveling from vacationing but we also get tons of happiness in the months leading up to the vacation because he got that anticipation happiness and I tell you I have been looking forward to this like and to say I can't believe that it's right around the corner because next November's only one month away now so I think we've been planning scouting out different things we want to do for months and it has been awesome just looking forward to that so that's just another way of like generating happiness in your life taking trips right then and I think every time that we've done that research we've gotten really excited because we know that it's going to be fun so let's take a look at some of that past travel that we have done so I did not travel much as a child and my parents would go a few cases with out me and my brother so the only trouble that I've really done has been as an adult I'm I'm going to Orlando to Disney world a couple of times and I was fortunate enough that that my parents did take me to quite a few places ... I don't think that we really did near international travel I think I took a step into Canada one time with them but I mean yeah it's still watch that much a fine umpire have great memories from doing all the traveling with them and since we've been together we've gone on that too vacations so we did at Texas to leave early eighties yeah we did a Texas takes staycation where we went to San Antonio went to the Alamo then we went to slaughter bond which is this water park in Texas and it's just often it's so much fun and then we hung out on the shore somewhere I don't even know where we were just run all the planning yeah yeah which was not really a ghost or something right and so that that town in general was really affected by the hurricane so I know I was thinking about the place we stayed was right near the beach so I hope I hope it's still there because it was an innocent little yeah ... and then we went to my family reunion that 2 years ago 2015 we went to anti guy and that was my first and only international travel trip and I was for my family reunion and I just I just loved it it was just so much fun and after having done that and finally been outside the United States like what have I been doing why haven't I been totally morning going outside of the United States so when I saw all those sweet tickets to Singapore like we gotta go and also we normally take a trip around thanksgiving anyway it's as we go to Texas so that was some of that like the flight the cost of the flight was already sort of built into our budget because we normally spend a certain amount of money to travel for thanksgiving right anyway it is shockingly expensive to set a trap everything's coming anyway and yeah flights were cheaper to Singapore than they normally are to Texas though at the pre is a good deal why Singapore obviously like with that we scored a really really good deal on the flights and it is also well known to to be a lot of fun people speak English on large scale there I mean when you get into foreign countries frequently you'll find no pockets of other languages anyway that that you don't run into here is months but but there US as I mean everybody speaks English just about yeah it's we have to get around it's not that we're opposed to going to countries who don't primarily speak English out but obviously we write bigger hurdle involved and because this is our first time yeah right well so it's easier user fida so it's not it's not the same as I go in England where how is everything in English but it's yeah it's a little bit different and I'm anticipating that we're gonna be doing a lot more travel and honestly so we're gonna be gone for 8 days and that's because it's in the middle of the school year so we can't pull Alexis out of school for ever ... but ideally I would have loved we both would love to be there for maybe 2 weeks so we can go into Malaysia are going to Kuala Lumpur like really get a good taste of Asia instead of just going to Singapore but that's all we're doing this time around just Singapore so things that we're gonna be covering in our upcoming videos ... so gonna go over a kinda how to plan a trip that logistics and all the different things that you should that you could should think up when you're planning a trip and in particular I would say international travel ... because certain things are probably our last necessary if you're just going to be doing like a road trip or can't be checked some kind a local travel faces a bigger tent where you're leaving your state or even your country right now we're gonna talk about how to budget for the travel because obviously you don't want to ever have to borrow to do your vacation and so you wanna know you want to know what you have up front and planned state and speaking of which were also going to be doing a video on traveling the while you're in debt because I know that someone's going to say something about that like all well you should wait until you're completely out of debt before you travel we disagree we believe in balance you guys you guys know this hopefully if you're new here welcome I'm but we believe in taking a balanced approach to personal finance so you can work toward your financial goals goals paying down debt saving for emergencies saving for your financial future while also enjoying your life it is possible do multiple things at once it absolutely is yes doesn't tell the other things are going to talk about how the process to go to get a passport ... what we had to did all the research to find a hotel things to do places to eat all that fun stuff yet things that I that we need to take with us because of reasons a toddler and yeah so that's is this whole list of things just for having and then of course when we go on the trip we're going to be flogging and we want it to be as if you guys are right there with us experiencing the best that Singapore has offered do us a favor drop us a comment down below let us know what kinds of things you'd be interested in hearing about what kinds of videos you'd like us to make questions you'd like us to answer and we will respond absolutely thumbs up subscribe and we'll see that next time but I //
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Financial Decisions We Regret
\\Hey guys it's just and percent from one big happy and say we are going to talk about our financial regrets yeah how many of them sex none mummy condominium you know one big happy we talk frequently about living your best life on the journey to financial independence now you don't always know what the best decision is going to be at the time and so these are 6 things that we definitely would have done differently if we could do it over again yeah first off we've messed some investment opportunities now we get meters outside too much about this because again you don't always know but and during undergrad I was working and also was doing some investing some day trade and and I had I was evaluating the purchase of some Google options which you don't know that what that is it's basically lemon stock ownership so the stock market well if I held it for just 6 months Google went from $800 a share to 2345 I would have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in my twenties that would upset me for my entire life but I didn't regret number 2 wandering large chunks of money in that we both came into in our early twenties so for me when I sold my second house that was in 2006 so I was 24 I need a $50000 Crockett on the sale of that house and I also need a $14000 profit on the sale of my peers house where did that $64000 go like I have no idea does it just evaporated and of course back then I was not nearly as responsible with my money and I am now but had I invested that $60000 10 years ago oh my goddess and have so much more money now yeah and so for me when I was working and training I was actually doing well and so I had about $15000 that I took with me as I am moved to law school and I similarly can't really tell you well it definitely paid for my book that definitely need for granted that anything like that know if I'm at the lunch to prove that I didn't really take the least amount that I possibly could I don't even know what I did with that money number 3 I regret not going to Southern Methodist University as an you are lost because I had a large scholarship there and I was going back and forth between going to SMU in going to Ohio state and ultimately swayed to a head of state because I wanted to you know take classes from a professor there in mergers and acquisitions and use well known and so am I right to know that that's right it was a higher ranked law school is 23 S. immunities in the fifties and so I thought I wasn't in the best thing to do at the time well I ended up back in Texas Ohio state or regional school most people stay in a high around there so I would be better off going to SMU because it's also regional school and then we'll have a better network in Dallas but so just to provide a different perspective on that so I also had a full tuition scholarship to the university of Michigan which is a top 14 school along with yeah I think it was around 8 Penn somewhere like that so Michigan is a national school arm but ultimately Yale being number one there it it didn't make a difference ... in terms of job opportunity career opportunities afterwards ... that the loan repayment program at Yale is excellent and so that's not to say that you should always go for the full tuition scholarship because Joseph regrets not taking the full tuition scholarship and I don't regret taking leaving the full tuition scholarship on the table so our next regret is not maxing out our our 401 K.'s immediately when we started working like we mentioned in our $200000 we tape $200000 video which will drop only 2 in the description box for the first what 4 year when you do we start maxing out a 41 case 2142 14 so 3 years for me and for years for Joe set out of law school we were not maxing out our for 1 case at first we were just getting the employer minimal up like the minimum to get the employer matching and then we bump it up a little bit every year but then we busted up a huge fit so that we were fully maxing out of poor when Kate and it made a drastic difference in how quickly we started amassing wealth so we both wish that we had done that from the very beginning and just you know got used to living on that lower income but we have double the money now next we regret selling their houses back in Texas I had a house amendment tasa and we moved into a different house and rented out went out for a year well who lives across the country to Philadelphia we sold both of them we regret this because the market there is really good we could have gotten especially on our our larger house great granite and appreciation we'd be sitting on a huge chunk of equity and a great passive income I mean yeah it would be great if we sadly did plus there's a court is how it went I cried I could ride my last day in the house I left that I wear it next regret is I think the Honda fit and that is because it is in reality I'm not a compact car kind of person and it I just it's a lovely car and I do enjoy it but I actually do wish that I'd gotten something a little bit bigger I haven't had a lot compact car since the first car that I bought one in 19 rise and ever since then I've had SUV's and this is my purse returned back to a compact car and you know I just I just prefer to have a slightly bigger car with slightly more hope whose power that's members number so I do kind of regret it but because I do like it as a car it's not like yeah not that bad but if we're being honest I kind of wish I'd done a different car everyone wants to code their car not bad and yeah last when I bought my first house I also bought a number of tools but I but to cheap tools and then with the remaining money that I had I wanted to do my ID I was awake and so this is before tasa mass design I I did not and then I went about my DIY where and so the execution of the mega quality of the work was fine but the design and the colors was just terrible and so what ended up happening we had to pay somebody later 6 how men and take it all out and fix it because we don't have the time his whereabouts and we're about to move we had written is coming and I mean it was just as a terrible decision don't D. I. Y. without a good design and also the cheap to walls are not a good thing happy there because they break they don't work well they're not accurate and then you end up having a much harder to those are 6 of our biggest financial regrets do us a favor drop us a line in the comments and share some of your financial regrets and in our next financial video we will be talking about major financial purchases that we have many that we don't regret see that next time by //
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Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 2017
\\mmhm shooting to me much anymore I don't understand why a guy discussion open one big happy and whole wheat is right around the corner so in this video we are going to be and we've you find it easy and cheap Halloween decor ideas first up we have this legally and delicious Jello bring to make this you're going to need 2 packs of orange or peach Jello 5 ounces of fat free evaporated milk and a plastic delamar I got mine from the dollar store spread your mold with nonstick cooking spray this helps make sure that the Jello will actually release went mix the 2 packs of Jello with 1 and 3 quarter cups hot water and stir until it's fully dissolve next at 3 quarter cups of cold water 5 ounces of evaporated milk and stir again you want to use fat free milk so that it doesn't curdle next you can add your food coloring to make the brain look more realistic I used 6 drops of blue and 5 drops of red for more details about this recipe swung by our blog at big happy life. well toppling down in the disk now that your liquids all done during a port in the mold and refrigerated for 6:00 hours to make this look even creepier set your Jello on a bed of lettuce once it's firm the Jello should slip right out of the mall place your brain on the lettuce and then surrounded by some gummy worms and serve it tear gas the lecture next up were going to make some easy while art from printables I start out by printing some creepy pictures of human bones that I found online for free I'll drop a link in the description box with more info on brief confine the spooky free printables want to print it amount and I used plain printer paper just grab your frame and switch out the new spiffy art for whatever was in there before there are tons of free printables available online and they're a quick easy and inexpensive way to switch up your decor for the season here I'm using tape to hold the paper in place before putting the back on once I got the back lawn I just put it up there on my mantle with the other printable and it looks amazing and is free and easy all right now it's time for spooky scarecrow BB to make her you're going to need burlap a fake wake a skull baby pajamas and twice I got everything except for the baby outfit from the dollar store how cool the burlap onto the skull making sure to keep all of the sunken detailing on the base that's what makes it creepy you can cut a hole in the skeleton mouth using a pair of scissors like I did add some more creepy details I finished hot glowing the burlap around the rest of the head and then secured the edges in the back with a here next you gonna wanna hot glue the play hair onto the head use twine to add the stitching to the eyes and the I really like the extra detail and creepiness that it added to the look of the doll but it didn't take much time at all it is awesome now that the head is done let's move on to the body since we are using this indoors I stuffed it with towels if you're going to use it outside you might want to use head you can distrust the pajamas by dragging in in the dirt or spring it with coffee if you'd like and this was just an old set of crop up set of pajamas that reads has outgrown that we decided to use for this project and a knack to the baby by covering a section of paper towel holder with burlap then I use the rest of the paper towel holder to keep the head in place but if you want something sturdier you can just use paint for Esther said and there you have it a quick and easy crew Greenpeace scarecrow baby to add to your how lean to court now we're going to make this 3 D. all of our we're going to meet she's called glue sure frame and a skull take the glass out of the picture frame and hot glue the skull so that this call doesn't mean and that concludes with one part water PP glue onto the faith and leave the chief Crocker make sure to more cheese cloth to the skeleton repeat this step a few times until you're happy with the way the layers I did 4 at layers on our when you're done just wait for it to dry cut off the excess cheese clock and put the glass back in the frame and there you have it a quick and easy Caribe project that cost less than $3 next up is our fairy death cage to make this you're going to need a bird cage filler for the bottom of the butterfly wings and miniature skeleton we got ours from the dollar store first you want to cut the wings off of the clips that they come on then take one of that many skeletons and attach the wings to the back of a skeleton using some hot glue be sure to attach the wings so that the pretty side faces the outside and so that the bigger part of the wing is at that time and do the same thing for the second fairy I liked the idea of it being a pair of fairies inside the cage and you notice I posed them so that one was playing in the lap of the other one so next you need to add some color to the bottom of the cage to make it look realistic then you some spider webbing to make it look like a fairy friends have been in the cage for a long time then put the fairies in the cage and add more webbing to the this was a quick and easy DIY Halloween project with huge creep factor that costs less than $4 to me alright guys I hope you enjoy these 5 easy DIY decor ideas if you did please be sure to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like these because there are going to be a couple other videos in this series throughout the month of October and I one of really make sure that you guys don't miss it the banks are watching guys will see you next time I //
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Sugarloaf Mountain Maryland - One Big Happy Travel Vlog
\\I Hey guys come to Sugarloaf mountain here are just and Alexis and there is baby and we are getting ready to go on a hike earlier today sure is around right around here and so we're gonna do a video showing you how our portraits are so hopefully you guys will enjoy that but now we're gonna go on a hike and show you the mountain and how the full it is here because we are huge believer in a local travel taking advantage of that natural beauty that is where you live so we're gonna make sure we do a lot of these local travel videos for you guys as we explore our state and neighboring states in addition to our international travel right and so that might be again as soon as this car passed this so we can cross the street who does it has on his hiking backpack that has a water what is it it's a camelback then have it and everything all you can take them what impact low so we have right let me go so reason the stroller papers ... like being like that are we sure we want to take the show there and not put in and not just deal with the carrier women Sir so what's the vote distro little okay right change of plans after speaking to some people who just headed to the summit we learned that we're probably not going to be able to get up to the top with a stroller even a super rugged outdoorsy stroller like ours so we were walking back to the car gonna put the stroller in the car and just use the baby carrier like we did on our where last hike at Patapsco state park level drop a link to that ... above right here for breaking and down below the description box so be sure to check out Patapsco because it's going to let's go look for it actually short permanent work though and though it doesn't like and by mid mom has the perfect parts though here's someone else and how long are mom picked the blogging can't and I am very charismatic and I gather we are the perfect plot he her we what I said to be a club it what malfunction yeah yeah he's not to clean the well it's only only got feeling we should eat in the car it is by Taryn every time we go out hiking unlike we need to hike more so that we can get me me can get into better shape but while I'm at it I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my diet that I don't know how justice doing but so when I started I was 212 and for my diet that I'm supposed to lose 4 percent of my weight so that would so I need to be 2 or 3 at the end of my diet that and I was too if I so wait yeah the 2 of I did double check I write my weight on the mirror every morning but yeah so definitely making progress and I'm getting closer and closer to the top and more and more out of breath until he's here still going up it's Leah it's a tax it's good exercise I had because good we did the right then we are home and done hiking I mean not that that would okay boost on nafta gatt it was fun it was not too long either yeah through important but it was pretty neat the Texas yeah rocky and the and fell over a lot of fun but it was definitely a lot more hard core manpower lack I'm impressed by the Arab men I laugh in reams of getting ready to go to bed before 3:00 am to make them more aware let's with a point where in our backyard ticket at an amendment to that a it's really big I well if you want please arrested squishy marshmallow thing yeah it just simply think that one well now you can have this one I don't know if that's what you want you can't dismiss that on to my laptop time Daria was trying to have my god more okay unified I in anything that Alexis on Snapchat who then listen I'm going to go kill some one of our neighbors just came over ... there well there's 9 and just give us this adorable picture frame from vacation and he drew this cute little dragon complete for renewed and that his soul week and you know I mean I'm really love our neighborhood I mean it is like a true neighborhood in like every sense of the word where it's like the kids grow up together and some of them don't leave me to rate their kids here ... but it's just a very welcoming I just kind of warm place very neighborly you know and I think we lived in a lot of different places and that's not always that easy to find some people will make a comment now this is how you all tomorrow and whether or not we have but yeah I think neighborhood but if I don't and we're going to be spending all my years of our lives in this place and I agree all cool yeah and I would rather spend it in a place that you know that had a sense of community ... neighborliness yeah you know in a in a place that I into week coming home to and a lot of people don't value that as much as we do and that's totally fine ... but that doesn't make their values sick then better just make the we agree well life life life in one no one with opiate and we're done have been small where's the fire is on its way out the front left and how it works so we go to the waves died down that it's the coals and that's where the heat is yeah and so time to reply about anyway I've never camped before but I would like to try to camp next month so maybe we can go camping in like October and will take you guys want for our first family camping trip I my but her //
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7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom
\\Hey guys it's just of anti asa with one big happy today were going to talk about the 7 stages of financial independence and how to go from living with your parents in their basement to owning your own house in the Hamptons and never having to work another day your life if you don't want to we first heard about the 7 stages of financial independence while listening to a podcast call up pant from afford anything what's up a link ... in the description box to her podcast and if you guys aren't listening to it you totally shut up and it was an episode where she had Joshua sheets who has a podcast and a website of his own radical personal finance and he was talking about the 7 stages and it just made perfect sense to us so we wanted to make sure we share them with you got it and these are really important because it's very difficult to Scotty the bigger picture from starting where ever you are to really getting to the ultimate goal of being independent and having the things that that you want in that are important to you so this breaks it up gives you these intermediary calls to to see where you're going and how you doing yeah alright so let's look at the first state stage 0 financial dependence that is where we all start out usually and with money with their parents as a kid you have no wealth of Europe I'd say that's 99.9 percent everybody unless you just starting with the trust fund then you're kind of different yes so I was in the stage up until I was 18 years old and then I joined the military and I became totally financially independent at at that point so I stop I let that statement 18 I think dependent longer because it's nice it can be the other kinds right yeah but I have I had hope and during undergrad and my parents bought me a car when I graduated high school that it's still going my brother has it now and and so I think I stayed on until I graduated and I kind of transition Deering colleges I got a job does making about the same as what types of making the military which is sad of military so underpaid but but that's next 4 years for me stage one is financial solvency this is where you are supporting yourself now for me I started doing that right after I graduated from college then moving on to law school and my parents said yeah this is this is it you're done first degree we help and then you're gonna yeah and like I said for me that started when I was 18 because I moved out of my parents house went off to the marine corps hundreds of miles away and that was it I was completely supporting myself my parents were sending me money I wasn't on their insurance anything like that brought people I feel like this is the kind of sink or swim moment because they don't always have I think we all could have better financial guidance when we're younger and so he is gonna have to hit the water and and try to survive hopefully you have a house basic knowledge of how things work yeah I had no idea my parents who teach me pick anything like him the finances not how to open a bank account not how to write it tactically absolutely nothing so yeah it was a big a big change for me it's probably always a big change okay stage 2 is financial stability this is where you move from just basically being able to keep a roof over your head to starting to actually be responsible with your money so you start having a budget at this point really starting to figure out how everything works how you want to live your life and manage your money hopefully and this is also where you finally start saving some money and and that's why it's the the point we start being responsible with your money because you're not just spending all of it you're saving some of it for a rainy day stage 3 is that freedom so this is a pro all dead but toxic debt so if you during your thinks for a moment got some credit card debt which high interest rates but yet that's all to all too often this is where you get rid of that use you get on a path and pay off the bat that and that's how it for us that might not be all that we might still have mortgage might have some low interest that that will take longer but any that high status credit cards get that taken care of Steve's for its financial security this is where your investment income any passive income a pension and social security is going to cover your bare bones expenses so that's your house your food and health care yeah any immediate costs alone miscellaneous things but not bigger things like travel or purchasing a brand new car just the bare minimum so and you can consider it a financial security because basically as as you can support yourself indefinitely on a bare bones budget so you're you're really financially stable you're able to weather a lot of the financial teaches I'm in a good rule of thumb for financial stability is me you need about $1000000 for every $40000 worth of living expenses so that's a drawing and what's considered the state withdrawal rate which is I work for him 4 percent that's 40000 stage 5 is financial independence you've had this stage when you have enough passive income to cover your bare bones living it's actually your current lifestyle the lifestyle that you want so you're very month living expenses plus then nice little question to do the fun stuff right so I would say that that this for most people is going to be substantially higher than financial security so if you've seen our budget we spend about $67000 a year excluding childcare and if you add another $10000 for travel because that would be I wear ideal lifestyle number looking at around $80000 a year so we need to save up to $0 to reach this stage request your numbers will be different right especially if you live in cheaper areas very cheap areas and that's actually including keeping our current house so if we move to a less expensive area and had a much lower mortgage then we wouldn't need nearly as much that we what we would do or we travel more who travel yes as big a problem or stay tuned for our Singapore travel series it is about to start we're gonna be doing weekly videos talking about good the preparations that were making being and just kind of showcasing some of the different hotels we consider it and all that fun stuff a little better today yeah all the things that we considered yeah there was a lot travelling with the family especially with a small child my step stated state 6 is financial freedom this is where you have enough money from other sources that we talked about and probably working at this point sent nail those big dreams so the only way to get that to the stains after going through financial security and then hands on independence is now you're probably gonna have to keep working yet you have to it that's the only way to keep advance ing up the financial independence ladder through the 7 stages because if you just stop at financial stability while you're what is going to say it's not going to increase if you stop working if you don't have any income extra income coming with stage 7 the final stage is a financial abundance and that's where you have more money than you can spend within reason because I think it's really possible that spend all your money no matter how much money you have that's true yeah Brian islands but this is the the point in your life where you're able to I I would say I consider it to beat Pat being able to pass on substantial wealth to your to your dependents to donate to ... meaningful substantial sums to meaningful causes basically you have a substantial estate that out leaves you and can continue to work towards the goals that you had after you're gone this Sunday they were both really looking forward to you I think so now you don't really get to see all of the fun because there's a point where well your state will continue and you won't but you can start by giving those donations I think yeah I would definitely like I want to be able to you donate a substantial Santino because without their generous ... of financial aid and loan repayment programs I definitely would not have been able to go to that law school so I think it's important for me to get back to and I'm doing similar things with different causes and in my schools as well just amassing generational wealth I mean it's just a wonderful goal to have so everybody should be able to do that it is not something that should be reserved for people that are already mega wealthy we should all be able to you strive for that in and have it be an achievable goal and reasonable so those are the state is army we're gonna be talking a lot more about how you move from one to the other ... but I think it's really important to notice that they kind of overlap so right now we are in the working towards completing the deck freedom state will be in it for awhile but we're also working towards the financial stability state and we might actually hit both of those right around the same time so you know it's not necessarily that it's just you can only focus on one and then the other than the other but it's like a prick print it out progression as you move through your life so we hope that you've enjoyed the US and can focus on those steps in your own life and all join us in financial abundance years and years from now are you guys but I see that sign //
"2017-09-19 02:01:43"
Walking Wellness is a Class? | First Day of School (OBH Family Vlogs)
\\WNED yeah yeah mooning over except performing with Russia to Friday's on who's the teacup all I knew that the hot water and that's very appear to 620 tester it you really well if you're in a pretty one the the what I'm going to and if you break the rules but and they're fun I think it's already on the bus we'll see from Iraq have been getting well that's a bonus maybe about maybe not it certainly have bass I the government talking to my brother you and hello tell me how it went well some reason I I'm not yeah I heard about he was there you go well very funny but I'm ... flatly okay so when we go to the year before what we want on it and so last year we got a company that was like a piece of the classes are going to here and ... so now secundus puts them right looking out of what I have done we didn't want the Wallace was on if it was honored with swift so so and what this is I just did not 8 people and this is happening to them to like stuff but they didn't ask for like would not even in their recommendation sheet at all now on their schedule if it is not that it wouldn't good thing is that I don't need what you want what any missing a car crash and you know well the validity of that sort it implies walking or this is boring lock sometimes they don't rodeo but I'm not but when I am home I like now he see any thought it was odd that me was going to have an empty backpack but what about those bugs and I'm sure that's just about have an indentation now that I come home leaders use how a lot of I would you can I'm a lot of people emir for like they got a lot of class I got a class that I didn't even know for me through to him request here are but she got it anyways and so ... ... go she can probably get the 7 reasons to describe such classrooms so that when she played you know my mom and I was like do you know my mom and then I'll wait months can be really scary to find yeah no I think she's going to tell her mom and we're going to go talk to the school about his balancing the useless because that's a waste of my time you see and you know I think you heard sherry what things you have walking but well it's not I know someone who has who has added a big pronounced credit for who's in but they don't ask for journalism but they are in journalism anyway yeah am I I he said thank you you're one of the potato yeah yeah yeah hiring hall are I sit down now yeah he said your but you're not I I don't think there was about your first day if good right here ... some life very stable critique it ... make up looks NDA thinking you know I didn't get any mascara on so I feel like if you look great you okay ... so not a lot of compliments on my dress might make of people there people like my piercing I wait and see if your hair because we were talking about when we get this summer and although it I think email yeah I had to have been like for you back then let love it on the fly ... so the room through the like outlet and so on the bus will start on the bike buses actually an interesting so there are a lot more people on the bus because there were the freshman right ... let me think what else ... so we were talking so one thing that was really you that we talked about was that when we get to school world would be like only now is the image telling telling even if people you thought thought just yesterday you gonna love you you can //
"2017-09-14 12:22:42"
DIY Platform Bed - Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget Part 2
\\Hey guys welcome to another one big happy D. I. Y. build this is part 2 in a 2 part series showing how we built this platform that be sure to check out part one to see how we built the base and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like base built it was time to move on to the upper canopy we cut the 4 by fours to 7 feet long then cut the 2 by fours to lead by measuring between the 4 by fours after we inserted them into the base we use metal right angle brackets from home depot to attach the 2 by fours to the 4 by 4 posts using self drilling screws there are lots of other more legit woodworking ways we could of done this but this is by far the fastest and we started by attaching one bracket to either end of the shorter 2 by fours this made it easy to install the 2 by fours because they just sat right on top of the 4 by fours while we screw to men to attach the long 2 by fours Wyclef them to the other side of the medal right angle bracket to hold them up while we secured them using more of the self drilling screws next it was time to secure the 4 by 4 posts to the frames we used a socket set and drill to install 6 inch lag bolts into the corner blocking that we installed when we first assembled the base so the first thing we had to do was to drill pilot holes for these huge lag bolts that we use next it was time to actually install the lag bolts using an adapter on the trail and the socket set so as you can see these levels are actually really big so when Joseph went to screw them and using the trail and are jealous cordless and battery operated so the first 21 in just fine but the quick the drill quickly started to struggle and so then Joseph had to use elbow grease to get the light bulb all the way into the what went before as he did this 4 more times now that we're done walking around inside the bad we went ahead and installed the middle support board using pockets grease this board will help support the slats that the bed sits on once we have the better altogether it was time to pull it apart so I could finish it I was going for a weathered multi layered finish similar to the restoration hardware look I used 3 stains tour oil based seeds in the colors weathered grey and dark on the third was a whitewash pickling seen by men last that I use for dry brushing I painted on the rather grease stain in chunks using a cheap paint breast then filled in all of and the spots with the dark one and let the stain set for a minute then wiped off the excess with the clock this created a nice multi colored aged effect then I top coated with the white washed pickling stayed I used a dry brush mat that wise dipped my breast lightly in the stain and wiped up the access and lightly ran the brush across the surface of the wood in the direction of the would agree I used a clean cloth to bust out the rough edges of the brush strokes then I layered on the whitewashed until I was satisfied then moved on to the next side I repeated this process on the entire bed so you can imagine it took quite awhile the finishing took the longest by far we could have gone for a simpler look that would have made it go much faster for example we could have just picked one of the stains and gone with that now I did try just the dark mom that it just that weathered grey and we didn't like it as much as the ex once I finish with complete Joseph top coated it using poly cry like and our paint sprayer poly acrylic is a water based topcoat and it's really easy to use once the top coat was dry it was time to take the bed upstairs and reassemble it the bad is going to happen because good solid wood so it was a bit of a halt to get it up there it I file is this true right we must struggle of getting beds upstairs look at look at just look at it that struggle you can have a queen how that he did not have a clean bed fester to reassemble the bad we inserted the posts then screwed in the lag bolts cure the 4 by fours to the base which Joseph had to do largely by hand because we needed the trail to insult the screws on the flaps well Joseph was finishing up with the lad bald head pain placed the flat then space them by eyeballing them and used 1.5 inch self drilling wood screws to secure them to the base the battle scene on the slab so it's really important that they are secure the last step was to re attach the 2 by fours to the 4 by 4 is to make the canopy now one thing that we did not do here that we wish that we had was to mark exactly which 2 by fours went where because that would have made the reassembly process a lot easier once the bed was complete we put Alexis is thrown back together and this is how the bed turned out later we restyled her room and this is what it looks like now we hope you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this one thanks for watching by //
"2017-09-13 01:46:29"
OBH Financial Freedom and Debt Payoff Update September 2017
\\yeah it's Joseph and process from 1 big happy welcome to the September 2017 financial update her we share the progress we've been making towards our financial goals you know they are wealth building being rats and not dead love it more about the debt less about the richness but we'll get there right before we get into the numbers let's talk about why we are now calling these videos financial updates instead of debt look recalling them like dat database debt updates because before us if you if you can watch our channel you realize you've realized by now for us it's not all about debt it's about the long term wealth building strategies so it really doesn't make sense for us to just provide updates on one side of that equation which is dead and not on our primary focus which is our savings so in these updates now we are going to include both debt and saving so you can see both sides now this month is our first holistic financial update and it's been awhile since we've given you any updates at all we had yeah we had our dad update back in June and so we made a lot of progress since then so let's look at the numbers let's take a look at the debt numbers so back in June we Otis $13000 on our car $8100 now 90 C. $7500 on our credit card 1300 113 $100 on our forum when Kaelin for a total debt load of $41707 now let's see how things turned out this month the obvious numbers are car down to U. $12300 that AC loan is down to $7600 a credit card is down to $2700 I for one came alone is $12800 for a total debt of $35400 which means we paid off $6300 worth of debt since our last debt update so are running the off total yes I don't so many payoff total since we started ... the debt payoff which was in a parole is $28000 now of course this doesn't include the amount of principle that we paid on our mortgage so that would bump the number but we're not including that so let's talk about our assets the other half of the financial update going to include our house our cars and our savings and investments we're going to subtract the loans that we owe on the cars in the home presently one of the cars but don't give us the net value or net equity that we have in the one car in the house yes so when we do a report on the hour assets that it's going to be using their current value so that means overtime depreciating assets like our cars meeting assets that go down in value over time you'll see the cars will be worth less and less over time but in theory hopefully our house will be worth more and more overtime and then of course our investments in savings those are the ones we were really expecting the values to climb over time though not necessarily from month to month because I or you can ask a year yeah into this kind of volatile alright so let's see how those numbers shake out on assets that so item number one we have our house that has the current value of $615000 if you subtract the mortgage the AC alone and the forum one K. loan because we use that money as a down payment on the house then our our net equity in the house is $63000 our first cars the Dodge journey it's worth $9500 which paid off so that's as we've done over our second car which is my Honda fit is worth $16000 but it still has a what was that $12300 that we owe on it so the net equity in the Honda fit is $3600 for investors in savings $224000 so grand total all of our assets combined equals $300000 in assets so that was our September update looking forward we are moving into the holiday season and we have a Singapore check coming out so it's really gonna be tight but we're gonna have a heart yeah yeah over these next 3 months to make sure we pay off the credit card which was our financial goal for this year to pay off the credit card and then castle our trip to Singapore while still having enough left over to Pat he nice Christmas but for cash we're going to do it president into yet so we're doing it uber frugal now spend September perhaps also October and November we'll see how it goes if and see how quickly will hit our that the numbers that we need to hit ... for paying off our credit card even for the Singapore trip some sure will be sharing tips on some of that thing but tactics that we're using to make sure that we stick to our budget perfectly and then also minimize our spending even on our normal budget categories like corks recently yeah so I hope you enjoyed our financial update and we'll have monthly updates from now on will be regular this time because it's gonna be exciting to see out I'll go get these next another big I think I think that's later by //
"2017-09-11 11:00:03"
Things Money Can't Buy - In Remembrance of 9/11
\\Hey guys it's Tasha and just from 1 big happy we made this video today in collaboration with several other you tumors and remembrance of 911 over 3000 people lost their lives on 9/11/2001 we hope that you will join us today in taking the time to remember how precious life is and that the most important things in life I think that money can't buy so the first thing that we wanted to do you is sharing this video with you guys to talk about our memories of September 11 when it and and where we were and what we were doing so 9/11/2001 ... was actually my one year anniversary at states marine so I was stationed on marine corps base Quantico which is in Virginia and when the attacks started I just remember all of the marines in my building we were all gathered around a television and and it was just silence and we were just watching it happen and every single one of us knew what it meant for us as military people that basically we were going to go to war and that some of us were going to die ... and so that there was a really crazy ... you know way to experience it and you know of course certainly nowhere near actually being in New York actually experiencing those events first hand ... my mom was actually 911 operator and ... so she's you know really gotten up close and personal claims at the devastation while it was happening ... and so just it it's just kind of I'm unbelievable just remembering it and also I was 3 months pregnant with Alexis who was just a really crazy time I live there and was still in high school I remember I was going I was striving for and try my truck to school listening to the radio and at the time I didn't listen to NPR anything like that does have some little tiny news segments and I heard that a plane had run into the towers and that is that I think a second plane have but I had no idea the magnitude this the size of the planes I was sitting here thinking that was a little single engine Cessna's that just lost their path that and and have the buildings whether it's I got to school and the teachers clearly had a grasp of what it happened and so they started turning on the television and so that we can all watch the news and then then that sort of thinking and everybody I understand that that is very serious and not not not at all like anything we've experienced before so it's been 16 years but I think you know it's going 911 is going to be a part of our national memory for I mean hopefully for for ever because it you know it's just such an unbelievable event but there is also room for hope when devastating events like this happen ... and so that's why we wanted to remember 911 today by focusing on the wonderful things that exist in this precious we short thing called life ... that are you have nothing to do with money and that's still a so number one you know cliche as it is we have to say money can't buy happiness rate ummm and and it is super cliche but it's it's really the truth because you know no matter how much money you have if if you're not surrounded by people you love if you don't find a sense of ... you know the jury in your own life ... purpose in your life I think it's really hard to truly be happy if you have a ton of money but if you have those things and not a lot of money you could still be happy when everything is love and friendship it is just vital to have people around you that really love who you are as a person he'll support you know regardless of of whatever is going on in your life and maintaining those strong relationships having those connections that's just irreplaceable absolutely another thing that money can't buy is great and you know I speak to this from personal experience because if you've been watching our channel for awhile you know that I started out as a single teen moms and ended up graduating from Yale Law School and I'm I'm a pack attorney and I didn't have any money hope Michael and I have Alexis on what I found out I was pregnant I was hundreds of miles away from my family and all I had to my name was a stereo and my clothing I did have a driver's license I don't have that I'm in speaking like $17000 a year so obviously didn't have money but what I did have lotsa was grit and you know a belief in myself and that if I just kept working at it that eventually something would happen and he left some great things did happen and it just goes to show you if you have gret that the other things will eventually fall into place next satisfaction you are never content to play with your accomplishments with how your life is go away with what does connection those relationships that you made then yeah will never be satisfied and and not something that regardless of of how successful you are financially you can still not find that that piece and not satisfaction with how your life is going keeping up with the Joneses that kind of thing you better really and I love the situation and I hear and and and recognize what might you have done what you do you have and and to really be satisfied another thing that money can't buy is being a good person just being a kind hearted generous person making a positive impact on the world just by being nice and this is really near and dear to to my heart and I honestly like very very ... relevant to 911 because kindness tolerance patience those are all wonderful things for us to model in honor of 911 and I think it you know we we feel that especially ... you know having more of an internet persona and now with you too and we see kind of the kinds of things that people will say on the way that that we talk to each other the way that we treat each other ... I think that there's also a lot of room for us all to be kinder loving thoughtful people to each other and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with how much money or how little money you have and everything to do with your willingness to be a positive force in the world last but not least gratitude being thankful for what you have and also the people around you the people who helped you become who you are the people who support you know in everything that you do now for me personally I was on disk eternally grateful for Todd said in and the rest of his family almost 10 tearing up to cook but ... because this is the you know the the we really feel very strongly about all the things that we're telling you guys and you know along those lines thank you guys for being here for supporting us for interacting with us watching us being a part of our family we appreciate each and every one of you you're making me tear up my goodness okay now of course we are extremely grateful for every veteran that it's out there risking their lives alright guys those were our things ... that money can't buy thank you so much for watching and please be sure to check out the other you 2 birds who partnered with us on this because we are sure that their messages will be just as meaningful and inspiring and hope you guys have a wonderful day of service in remembrance of 911 my dad's //
"2017-09-08 01:23:58"
DIY Platform Bed Part 1 - How to Decorate Bedroom On A Budget - Frugal Living
\\Hey guys in this video we are going to be showing you how we made this DIY platform bed please be sure to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like these but but a first step to building wood furniture is to get wood we usually get our wood from home people or lows but they time we went to our local lumber yard wanted to untreated word for the 4 by 4 posts for this project we used 92 by 6 is 44 by fours 42 by fours 812 foot long 1 by forest to 6 foot long 1 by 2 the world was pretty rough as you can see and also had branding stamps on it so I broke out my random orbital Sander and got to work with some 60 grit sandpaper there were a lot of board so this took me quite awhile next we cut the 2 by 6 sat Alexis is bad is a 4 bed and we face the with off of the measurements of her actual mattress we cut the inner voice of the platform 2 inches longer than the length there were 5 total at this one too for the platform and 3 for the face which includes a middle board to support the plan backslash next we cut 2 points down to the width of the bad plus 2 inches these are for the base and lastly we cut the longer platform boards which were the with the bad close to inches plus 11 inches of overlap once the boards were cut it was time to drill the holes for the pockets cruise reviews to join the platform to the beat we used a tool called a credit that makes using pockets groups incredibly I told one hole 2 inches from the end then one every 7 inches after next it was time to do the notches we modeled our bed after this 0.$0 restoration hardware bed where the posts go through the platform this is a more complicated design than just having the base of the platform but up to the pope's Joseph marked where the notches would need to be starting from 2 inches from the outer edge then measuring 3.5 inches which is the actual with of a 4 by 4 use the miter saw to cut multiple slices in the wood called curves so he could easily break away most of the wood from the not then he used hand chisel and sand paper to make the cut out Smith if you choose to go with a simpler design just used a jig saw to cut the corners out of the wood or you could use your mitre saw all right now all of the pieces of the base are ready to be assembled to use glue and pocket screws to join each side of the face which rests on the floor to the top with a plaque we used clamps to hold the boards together until we were able to get the screws in there the next step is to attach the 4 sides of the face together but first I went through and get all of the pieces of final stand with 100 the quicksand a lot of people say that you should go much finer than 100 great but the vet came out plenty meanwhile Joseph useless scrap 4 by 4 to cut corner blocks for the base we will use these to attach the 4 sides of the face and secure the 4 by 4 posts well Joseph was doing that I attached the one by Tuesday the long side of the bed using a 2 by 6 scraps to get it to the right height later on we'll screw the flat at the bed rest on into things strips of what next we use the blocks to attach the sides of the bed to each other to form one strong heavy although we use self drilling wood screws support this project we went ahead and pre drilled a pilot hole to attach the wooden blocks to the faith because we wanted to make sure that the wood screws went in St because see that we're kind stalling them into a piece of what that's going so that worked out really well and really easy to get the screws and knew that they were going to hold and that they were in there state afterwards we realized that we needed to add some pockets cruise on the outer edge of the Ford's so we did that using the credit that tool is just super off and I highly recommend it and make building so much Papa flat to 5 and then test them out to make sure that they fit and with that the face of the fed is we so stay tuned for part 2 of this video where he built canopy finished the bad Stalin and don't forget to hit that subscribe button see you guys next time by //
"2017-09-06 02:41:14"
8 Frugal Living Tips | Easy & Painless Tips for Saving Money While Enjoying Life
\\okay guys it's Tasha it doesn't from one big happy and in this video we are going to be sharing 8 of our top frugal living text either gonna be easy ways for you to introduce frugality into your life to help you save money so that you have more to spend on the things that you really love let's get into it so let's get into you'd be 8 tests now some of these tips are going to be practical tips and some of them to make frugal living easier to to your life so tip number one is to me ... Pratt and we have done a lot of videos on meal Pratt in on our channels were gonna drop a link to our meal prep play list down below but mule perhaps safest seats as hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single month because we have our meals already Pratt and planned and so we're not tempted to just randomly eat out when we eat out it's because it's a purposeful chill if 600 times teal and mama to specially on weeknights busy working parents know perhaps number 2 you drink more water everybody says that we're not getting enough water and I know day the day today we are you there but when you DO you feel better you feel fuller you don't crave the sugary Xena crave the snacks and so is kinda works itself out that you're not gonna spend money and those kinds of things because you're feeling good about your day because you're drinking more water tip number 3 budget cellphones and budget cellphone plans so I have never owned and I feel Joseph own one awhile back but she broke it to think about that then I accidentally dropped it that's what happened with the book about it or underemployed about 3 years now we've been using budget cellphones and budget cellphone carriers so we have been getting though Motorola G. series phones which ... it would only have to because we don't swap out our phones ... often so we had the G. 2 and then that now we have the chief fours and it does end up being $100 a pop because we saved an additional $30 by getting the Amazon prime version with ads on and you don't you don't even notice the ads you swipe past them and I don't you don't notice the fact that it's a budget cell phone is a smartphone like any other most of us are just using it for social media and checking email and they work great for that plus we have T. mobile which is a budget carrier east have a public wireless our goal is $50 a month but it wasn't unlimited now we have to mobile units $80 a month for 3 unlimited lines with data and talk and text so it's a lot cheaper than our bill was when we had 18 T. 18 tear filled with something like 2 $50 a month crazy yeah and now $80 a month that's thousands saved per year in just that one small change next number 4 brush up on your DIY skills so no that's everything from appliance repair plumbing electrical the more you can do you the less that you're having to pay somebody come in your house and take care of things also we like to woodworking built furniture so we built the table you don't lex's bad and it so much nicer and so much more valuable having having it done fine with us then purchasing it takes tons of money and this is a perfect example where frugality doesn't mean doing without I love HDTV I am all about fixer upper guys I'd like tipping Joanna I I really love them but a lot of the stuff that they do is really expensive and so by DIY and were able to incorporate expensive finishes designs from expensive stores like our table looks like $1000 pottery table pottery barn table the costs $0 Alexis is bad it looks like a $4000 restoration hardware bad because $250 so stay tuned for that tutorial but just perfect perfect example of using our skills to help us save money in the next step is to automate your savings so that means put your savings in a separate bank savings account somewhere else taken out before you ever see your P. tech because then it's like that money doesn't even exist and if it doesn't exist and current also next tip you want to surround yourself but they're good community at people that are like minded or at least support your frugality because go make a one some choices that other people well find a little odd at first but if they're open minded say okay potluck dinner dance we have game night just the other night with the neighbors and it was also yeah they brought some brownies we brought the ice cream in the weekly board games and that was a cheap and for goal but fun filled night it the next step practice self care get enough sleep get exercise on drinking water like we're not we are not the greatest at this this is what we are working on especially since ... we were better at it and then we had the I think babies throat like just throw your whole schedule open days really be the excuse for so long yeah you got a of that so we know we had to get back on it which is part of the reason why diet that this month to kind of like get our butts in gear because we skin in the game but the more time you spend on healthcare because health care does take time the less time you have to do things like window shopping number 8 have life goals incorporate your frugality into those goals that way when you're making a small toys to not by Sunday so does live Tay's whatever it is you don't feel the hurt by the want for that because you think about that bigger picture the bigger things that you whether he retirement or trips and so in the realm of things not during a latte so you can do something amazing he would make that choice who tip number 9 I know we originally that I know on the fly but it just came to me which is structuring your life so that you had it brings you daily joy right because so many of us we impulse purchase we we over sleep we over eat to actually soon general unhappiness about our lives and so I would say tip number 9 is definitely figure out the parts of your life that are less than ideal and start making daily I'm changes to your life to get you to where you can be happy on a day to day basis without feeling you need to buy things and to consume to fill a void so that's like bonus tip but in the deep yeah but honestly it's like the best because if you truly happy about your life like I mean we love we love each other we love our family we love our jobs with our house it's late and so it's a lot easier to not to feel like we're just content with we don't really need to go out and buy things that's true and for all those things they all didn't come easily now are times where we we've had to make very strategic decisions to acquire these happy things yeah I like taking a $20000 pay cut to leave a job that I hated which I'll drive home link to that while great talk about how much I hated my job and search on back when it was happening back last December and my life is feels completely different now because that one thing changed but it came at a huge pay cut but it's worth it turn well then we hope you've enjoyed other than take that we have to you know I mean where I know now that okay so 9 look the bonus so we have you enjoyed it and we'll have more videos we share more frugal tips in the future yes and do us a favor drop us a comment and share some of your work painless frugal tips you think that next time I //
"2017-09-02 17:06:24"
Cartilage Piercing! Tragus Piercing! | Mom and Daughter Vlog
\\Hey guys it is Alexis and Pasha from one big happy as you can see the kind of tuning today yeah you know with the curly hair news left in there white shirt features but anyway today on I am going to you we're both getting your piercing I don't know nice to see is made our main ... I'm 100 percent I want to get another one on my ear right here and good but the I first our saying Hey let's go Claire is but it's mom would you rather go to attack where they sterilize Neil so I don't know chance from the loft scared there was one time we were at the mall and was I wanted to get another ear piercing and I went in there and there was the in tattoos and he had a zillion piercing okay and I'm he just sat there and looked down he was then guy but he's going Gary sound like no no I right now there you can do that so but now thought about it and time ago 4 a loud we are at you played were just outside he really didn't know out and you may hear things they kind of want to get do it for and the wealthy but really and I I he plans ... I am not old enough apparently for tattoos you Pierce my ears ... mom to that ... if we had known know that if we had known that we would have gone to Claire's instead of driving all the way out here judges have them tell us now so we are going to claim and so I even went and looked at Claire's and using the data and the near us use it once dire so I'm it's going to wait sometimes yeah I gotta wait okay I mean I want I'm going to wait so I get them properly months and 7 exciting so it'll be it'll be yeah memorable moment so better to wait it would allow a lot of so some some is are you proud no and so dad got that me being the role for the tattoo parlor parlor when Mike the local county rule so we called this see any attempt to pray in the CD and guess what you can get do you want to go right now yeah yeah yeah and I can see //
"2017-08-30 21:52:57"
Vegan & Vegetarian Family Meal Prep | Easy Recipes for Beginners
\\Hey guys it's Tasha from one big happy and welcome to another family meal prep this time we're doing a vegan vegetarian addition these are the actual recipes that we use to feed up feed our family during the week and even the baby left arm yeah I the we're gonna start off this mill Pat by making slow cooker steel cut oats hearing the ingredients and as usual I will drop the rest of the link to the recipes or the recipes themselves in the description box but basically I start with the steel cut oatmeal because it takes the longest to cook because I'm using the crock pot we lugged steel cut oats because their hearty and Julie and they just seem to kind of stick with us a little bit longer than rolled oats and these especially we really like because we added some coconut milk which gives it this additional flavor and I know you're probably thinking well it's a little odd to have coconut milk with apple pie but trust me it works so I set that on high what they put in all the grief ingredients for 5:00 hours and that's all it takes next I'm going to make the chickpeas to go with the green suit now if you don't know this trick for cooking dried beans quickly this is going to change your life basically you put the dried beans with wire and aromatics in this then a pressure cooker and then you set it on high and that the time that you set up for will vary depending on the fiend so I'll toppling down below to a chart for that but in 37 minutes those beans those chick peas went from being completely dry to completely cooked and that is amazing no overnight soaking or any of that next up I make some roasted cauliflower and roasted cauliflower if you've never had it before it it's almost like favori candy it's so delicious now this recipe is from budget bites one of our favorite inexpensive cooking recipe websites and it calls for parmesan so for this particular recipe this is vegetarian but it's really easy to make it vegan by just omitting the cheese next up I start to top up the vegetables to make the garden vegetable lasagna soup and the curried came up one of the things that I love to do when it comes to meal prepping quickly is to use recipes that call for the same base ingredients and then you just use spices to switch it up so even though they're 2 very different recipes curried quinoa and garden veggie lasagna they both start with the same basic ingredients I use 2 different oils coconut oil for the quinoa which is on the left and then all of oil for the garden vegetable lasagna which is on the right but then after that I'm adding garlic and onion and then I add the peppers and the carrots on the garden vegetable side because those I topped whereas I'll add the carrots for the quinoa later because I shredded those so they don't need to cook quite as long on the quinoa side I add in curry and spices and that much that you see right there is actually ginger in a bottle which is great and super convenient ... compared to keeping pretender around so the secret to creamy delicious coconut the her read quinoa is to use coconut now which is also so I use a total of 4 cans of coconut milk in this meal prep one can in the ... upbeat oatmeal and then 3 more cans here in this quinoa and quinoa I used 3 cups of quinoa so this makes twelves 12 servings and that's the other tit for Neil propping you want to make sure that you double or triple the recipe so that you get lots of servings out of it so on the garden veggie lasagna side of course I'm going to add crushed tomatoes and diced tomatoes and then Italian seasoning and so that's how you get the variety he's the same ingredients but then you use seasoning to spice it up and switch it up so while these 2 have been cooking the cauliflower has been roasting in the oven underneath it so you'll see me pull it out in just a bit there goes and that is phenomenal recipe I highly recommend it inexpensive just a few spices and it is delicious so ideally I would have been cooking the green suit at the same time here but my still only has 2 large burners and so can only cook hold 2 large pots so I end up making the green suit the next day but normally I like to do all of my meal crap on the same day but as you can see even with that it makes a lot of food and it's 2 different dishes so even if it can hold us over 3 maybe 4 days without me absolutely having to cut so at some wilted spinach on the right hand side to the lasagna and on the left I actually added wilted arugula and those are both things that we happen to have on hand because we always buy spinach every week and I buy a Google out when I can and that's it both of those dishes are done it was really quick really delicious with and then our I had both of these recipes complete and they're really inexpensive because they're primarily vegetable based I would say it cost me be $25 worth of ingredients to make all of that food so now it's the next day and I am making the green soup so I start by caramelized onions and this takes quite awhile once the onions are nice and brown I cover them and let them simmer on low meanwhile I started the water boiling with a quarter Cup of brown rice in it and what that brown rice does is it adds it acts as a thickener for this suit to make it a little bit creamier now the recipe called for arboreal race I didn't have any arboreal race so I just used brown rice don't be afraid to substitute as necessary to make these recipes where if you don't normally buy or bored arborea rice like I don't know only by arboreal right I think it's okay to just substitute regular rise unless you're making risotto if you're making risotto then go ahead and get the arborea writes the kids it makes a difference but for this it really didn't so much the onions were done caramelized thing I added some vegetable broth and wilted the vegetables and for the vegetables the recipe calls for a pink it is spinach and charred but I just use a pack of power greens which is mixed baby greens that also include spinach chard kale and so that was a lot simpler it's $5 a bag at Costco it so I just threw that all in and it was already mix without me having to look for the different varieties so that once it was all wilted I threw it in the vitamix and blended it now if you have an immersion blender like I have an immersion blender I could have done that but I really do like using that vitamix because it gets soup released minutes I had to blended into batches because it was a lot of volumes so then it once I was done blending added it back to the pot and then tasted it for seasoning because the only seasoning that the recipe called for with salt and cayenne and we tend to like our food to be a bit spicier so as in you know just have a little bit more flavor in it so I ended up adding I would say about a quarter teaspoon of the cayenne and then also about a quarter to a half a teaspoon of 2 men if you happen to like that's buys I loved human so so don't be afraid to customize the recipe to suit your particular palate and once the soup was done I just added it to a bowl of brown rice which I cook teasing the pressure cooker and then the chick peas these are quick delicious and help me vegan and vegetarian recipes they're great if even if you eat meat you won't miss the meat I promise you so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please thumbs up and subscribe for more family meal prep thanks for watching guys by he thinks //
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Should We Follow Dave Ramsey Baby Steps?
\\yeah have you heard of Dave Ramsey about a lot of you have because you mentioned in your comment size if you haven't he's a financial group that uses 7 baby steps to get you to financial peace a lot of people love his clan and wonder why we are following so in this video we're doing a comparison of the biggest US and our plans to see which one will it leaves open the best financial let's get started the hi and welcome to one big happy I'm touching and this is Joseph and our goal is to encourage and empower you on the path to actual independence while also enjoying your life along the way we think it's possible to do both and so please nonstop and subscribe for more videos like this about family money and buy their last video we talked about the importance of having a long term planning all goals in a strategy to get there is that a lot of time countrymen of ours to figure out what our ideal retirement was going to be my age you are towards higher and how much that was going to cost we can use that information to set a financial plan now that'll help us get there in the future this video is going to compare our planet we came up with with Dave Ramsey 7 baby steps to see which ones to work the best let us instead we crashed all kinds of numbers to figure out which plan was best and so here's a sneak peek graphic showing you both of our plans but we won't tell you which one is which at this point let's start with the assumptions that we used to do our population first off we assumed that we would ... 12 percent on the best return on investment that's way too high we don't actually agree with this but this is a number that team so we decided to use it to be consistent I also assumed a 3 percent appreciation rate on our real estates our house the long term averages 5 percent to this on the conservative side and then lastly we projected out 20 years to get a really good idea of where the baby steps in our plans would take us over a long period of our lives so all right let's get into the one big happy for let couple of principles behind the one big happy financial plan number one we believe in saving and paying down debt we definitely want to eliminate any high interest rate that we always contribute the maximum to our retirement to be a minimum amount towards all of our low interest ads including our mortgages we want to pay for both of our children to go to in state colleges maintain a 10 percent budget surplus for emergencies and fun and making a sentence for a tree falling in the house so some of the big points ... for our plan compared to the baby steps we don't plan on paying a mortgage off early and we will be staying in our current house provided they are current that's on their regular payment schedule because they're all industry and we're going to continue at our current savings rate we're not going to change that so the important thing to realize what this slide is that we go network positive by year 2 even on our current plans without changing anything so we got a lot comments that they'll never get out of debt will always be a is that that is not true because all we have is low interest that just by pain as agreed our debts automatically retired themselves and we end up going out with positive without having to do anything any drastic debt repayment ... measures and you're for my lovely forgiven and then you can see your 7 Alexis will graduate from college debt free and tosses loans will be forgiven you're 8 will be debt free except her markets so now looking at the bigger picture you can see that our net worth continues to grow at CNN as we've been saving that whole time have not altered RCV treat this exactly the amount that we stayed every single year so by your twenties will have 7.4000000 we also included just for anyone that was curious what our remaining mortgage balance with at any at points so when are not worth the 7.4000000 our mortgage balance we without let's talk about the plan results 7.4000000 now where we keep our current house we get to travel year lead go on vacations we replaced vehicle if necessary for both of our kids to go to college at least a public university we could retire as early as 14 with the $0 but that would you go live in a lower cost of living in and we have a 10 percent budget surplus for emergencies and some fun so basically we keep living our lives exactly the way we are now and that trajectory in the lead up to a 7.$4000000 network into you and that's a lot of money just case you're wondering yes so now let's look at the dream these baby steps we're not gonna go through the steps one by one but you can pause here and kind of read the descriptions that we've included on the fly and if you're not that familiar with it they really plan highlights the goal is to get through the baby steps as fast as possible that includes us to sell your house and moving to an apartment over debt free because according to Dave Ramsey's technically our mortgage payment is unaffordable because for him he prefers for you to have a mortgage at a 15 year note that's 25 percent of your net pay than ours is to 25 percent of our net K. but on a 30 year note so we definitely have to sell our house we also stopped saving for retirement but we don't draw any of the money because that's only recommended for avoiding foreclosures or somebody bankruptcy and neither does apply yeah me something for retirement that doesn't happen to a big step for so lastly we assume that we do everything we can throw all my available money into completing the baby steps as quickly as possible so this first slide here you can see we complete baby step one which is $1000 emergency by the year one we also sell our house move into an apartment and start saving for retirement we go network positive in year 3 and so we complete baby steps to by year 5 so take us 5 years to become debt free and move on to be staffed 3 in year 6 we have our 3 month emergency funds saved which is baby step 3 and then the 50 save for a house which is being step 3 feet at which point we then purchased a house that allows us to have I'm a 25 percent devote more than 25 percent on a 15 year note which would be a $350000 house with $0 and he now a lot of people say that that's a tie but I mean we live in a high cost of living area and it's also in the future so it's either gonna be a smaller house or definitely a lesser school district yeah and put it in perspective our current house by year 8 would be where it's like 7 and $750000 to buy a $500000 house 8 years from now you can imagine kind but there is going to be a bit of a difference so then we move on to the baby steps 51 which is saving for retirement saving for college for kids and also came down where it we do all of those at the same near 17 we are completely debt free paid off that markets and 5 and 6 yes and so we would also have saved enough worries to go to college but unfortunately we started we reached the college baby steps after Alexis without already out of college so we weren't able to help pay for her to go to college you do the honors yeah so then by your 18 we can finally move on to babysit 7 which is to grow wealth and so we start throwing all of that money that used to come into our mortgage that was going to to go to college all of that towards savings and so you can see by your 20 we end up with 4.$70000000 so the Dave Ramsey planned prose yeah 4.7000000 now where you're 20 that's good current that's a paid off by your 7 in our mortgage is paid off a year 18 now we are new markets that we got away here each spell mortgage paid off in 10 years first fast the constant Dave Ramsey plan we live 7 years of employer foreman came at we are not able to have a Cup we are not able to help Alexis through college yes figure that out on on her own we have a smaller house and a less desirable area no replacement vehicles over the entire 20 years and we take no vacations not to be clear their baby steps to acquire you to not hit a new car or not hold the keys well what we wanted to show with the best possible case scenario for if the daydream the plan and the baby steps where we could end up buying actually if we really through all of our money in 2 whole heart into the fees so financial services Max gets out performing enhancing drugs good though everything yeah for 20 years of gazelle intense that's how much money so let's see how the 2 plans stack up to each other so as you can see the darker green is the one big happy clan the lighter green if the Dave Ramsey plan under the one big happy end up with millions more dollars Dave Graham the clan this lies the next live right here shows the exact dollar for dollar measurements and so we created this handy dandy little chart and that kind of that compares the one big happy planned to date plan several different quick answer is more circles are better so are not worth your 20 Arab land mines 7.3000000 is far larger than 4.3000000 by $3000000 that's almost double yeah and because of the net worth will hit positive net worth year 2 on our plans it'll take your 3 on the Dave Ramsey plan and that's in part because of the ... the loss of the house houses and asset that is worth something so when we sell it weaker costs that translate to a lower network our emergency fund size would be entire year 12 months with our plans and only 3 months with the Dave Ramsey class just to backtrack a bit because I want to give an adequate explanation for the deaf one of the because of the difference in net worth delaying saving for 5 years and the thing out on the employer match for 5 years has he to rasta impact that is basically impossible to overcome if you go just go back and look at the other flies you'll see that even when we start putting all of the money that was going toward where did in the Dave Ramsey clan all of it all of our money is now saving the one big happy plant is still growing faster then the Dave Ramsey plant because at that point we just have so much more money that the money isn't working so hard that we can't catch up by just the easy on the Dave Ramsey plan so okay to continue on our emergency funds one big happy plan will have 12 months but the difference is we stuff if 3 not technically Dave Ramsey got that go up to 6 but we wanted to keep that 3 to 6 we stopped at 3 so we could keep going on the baby steps I got free date is a much longer 28 years of that plan and so this goes today Ramsey 17 years on our financial independence state so when we would have enough money to completely quit working and keep our house and not change anything your time for us your 14 on the debrief the plan the number of vacation is that we are able to take 4040 vacation so that 2 year with our plan and 0 not a single 1 to keep up on the Dave Ramsey and that number up because purchase over those 20 years or under our plan 0 under the demand the clan so the cards you know maybe you might think you can keep a car for 20 years but more likely than not you're going to need to get a car or at the very least by one for Alexis would you buy one hurries rank and that's too hard right there in the us to press so for cars over 20 years but for 4 people so we're going to be doing more videos in this series going and doing a deeper dive and explain why is what exactly is leading to the discrepancies but we just wanted to show that number one all those comments that say like there's no way we're ever getting out of this and we're like totally as slick screwed sorry sorry excuse my French ... obviously we're not rate because the trajectory that were on would have less you know multimillionaire through 20 years and we wouldn't even be in our yeah we'd still be early to mid fifties and are in 20 years on land that is also important to point out that a lot of the growth from the Dave Ramsey plans whether 4.3000000 is because we have already they so much so that we're calling his plan for let's say 2 years ago or something like that well we wouldn't even have that much money and whatever yeah we also did calculations where we heard just a retirement accounts to pay off debts and it ended up even works like far far where's so do you really shouldn't get credit for our $200000 that we already had saved but we put it in there I'm but okay some more details to come you know you guys are gonna have tons of questions so be sure to drop us the questions down below and we'll answer them in the comments but also that we will know to add that content as we're discussing this deeper in future videos alright bye guys I //
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They Thought My Dad Was A High Schooler! | One Big Happy Family Vlogs
\\yeah it's like this and Tasha with one big happy today I'm going to swim in the river with my friend this summer is halfway over items supers don't actually go to school buttons really yeah not much this summer so going over to hang out with my friends flash yeah thing out toward the so we are here I am going to be can you make me so you can see it hopefully no one steals you I put you down across them change of plans I cool little cool in the backyard that's my friend right there say hello and we can assume around a little bit I'd rather summoned Opel actually then a reverie just because you know they're animals and read very soon never ever did growth like coming in a lake except 9 it's really cold omigod it's so cold. my favorites are paying umoro on here onus on good no wait I don't see my glasses not familiar I Eddie could I really do need to get all my hair right now no yeah last you know one okay I a place you could get right yeah one road apparently alright alright I I it's so her friend got a job at the place where she wanted to get a job even encouraging them to get a job all summer but my aunt and CNN and that's you know and love I want there you a lot of better said I we John says he went with her friends in a river you see Sunday they go to the river it near the river that for about vannatter yeah doesn't allow us in our neighborhood why they're seen as to cheat lower property values while I agree because I would be fine they're gonna pull our backyard for notable months let him into the store to get some Flack I think if they as we go up into the face we see humorist we'll find them have any of you guys you sesame seeds of black RT like I was thinking if they do not black sesame seed someone just asked if dad was my they were not sure and I was also are you are you it's hard to believe I didn't really I don't I mean she needs that we get to I mean it's a we got the black sesame seeds and and Alexis wasn't right they were in the spy style close my door properly appear earlier Cartman stolen at any moment I know they couldn't also look at how gracious my hair blue even though I have one my team yeah right they were complaining about it in the store so you really have is a bank yeah it was all I could have all my hair look so growers on only it's not going crazy in you don't need a haircut very sure is not even early even Aphrodite about that you know they're not going to complain about your hair around okay I mean to do you like you know I like my hand just saying it's now I have more work to make it look good thing you do I guess right Swisher right here was he spent more in one day on a haircut that I then the last 3 years ago yeah because you have mom and cut your hair and a special person to cut my hair off no that's not what grows it looks on 9 saying if I need a special person to come here do the right thing to straight here then it would well that's that doesn't look rose not if they cut it the way the what is with that person straight hair would look weird thank diners CNBLUE I picked it up //
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What To Do If You Win The Lottery | 12 Tips for Winners
\\authentic but you'll our lands I need about 300 marines were even so well yet magic my guess where I live well yeah it is the manager receiving a video I really theories okay yeah it's also and tells them when they got me and we are working on treated you moral life streams and so we decided to do a video on what you should do if you win the lottery because Powerball is leading the fight $700000000 I think they're still adjusting it I don't know the final number is but I read that they engineer the lottery to get bigger and bigger jackpots so that's pretty exciting some $0 now if that yeah but we actually don't play the lottery and and we have no but the ticket ... but does so we find a fun and it will go buy one yeah but generally we that's not it like winning the lottery as a like retirement or financial strategy is not we recommend but it ... so but if you like doing that or if you just want to do it for fun and you happen to win the lottery we thought some tents what you should do if you win the lottery okay so number one don't tell anyone do not tell anyone that you won the lottery yeah because that will just start a whirlwind of everybody and their grandmother finding out that you have money as a matter of fact let's all go ahead and practice are silent screen ready 123 and that's all you do right you know what your neighbors know you know your family to know you know your friends now just that's so I'm number 2 like the first thing that you do after your silent scream uunet signed the ticket make a copy of it and then put the ticket in a safe deposit box at a bank it's only some time to figure out all the other things and so you definitely want evidence that you won and also you don't want anyone to find a ticket and how do you damn and so yeah I don't don't let it walk around with it on you in your pocket like omega and then like he can you now and staring at it like all my beautiful lottery ticket noon and lottery winners get killed guys like people straight up look how home invade a lottery ticket winner to try to steal from them protect yourself so be careful but a number 3 no one to start hiring professionals because you'll have a lot of money you'll need people to help minutes everything for you so first off you have an attorney not just any attorney not your hometown of this guided my well no you find a large law firm that deals with high net worth individuals preferably that deals specifically with lottery winners are the people that just get a lot of inheritance yeah I mean there's nothing wrong not to not hometown attorneys or anything like that but practicing law like damn near any other profession that requires that you it takes time to develop a certain level of expertise and so a lot of hometown attorneys they wouldn't know what to do with someone that just 100 or 2 great $0 like they wouldn't really be able to be the best advising you yeah so next professional you get an accountant and then a financial adviser now the reason you need all the is is that they are going to be an ethical actions that they can't all be in in the same company and and so they also do different things which is why I've 3 different present exist but only in the law and you want to make sure that it's a fiduciary relationship particularly with a financial adviser like the attorney is going to be like they they have to maintain your confidence and you know keep your best interests at heart because it's like a 10 asin on same thing with accountants but financial advisors depending on you know the relationship you establish with band they might be out for their best interests and so might directly toward like hi fi investments and stuff that you don't really want to make sure that it's a fiduciary relationship and that you interview several different companies get referrals if at all possible on and like speak to current clients of all possible and make sure that you are comfortable with the professionals they each use because they were setting up things that you have to live with for for a long time you're gonna wanna now you'll be a contact with them plenty in between clicking my name is 7 after that okay so the next thing ends and that you want to do is decide whether you want a lump sum or an annuity sell a lot some is where you get like a whole bunch of money at once but you don't get the full jackpot you get only you know of course in because you elected to take it in a lump sum whereas the annuity will pay a certain amount for a certain number of years and in the end you may get more money but you get less up front and your attorney and your accountant and your financial plan I would be able to help you with all 3 of those I think that we would take the lump sum just because I don't think that are investing and now what will end up being better in the long run plus of the new Eddie you have to worry about what happens if you died before you collected all yeah and and we need to to care about those kinds of things in your state anyway but as a one more thing I don't know deal less than alveolus had where it goes right up front so so I may I number 5 so I have a plan to stay as anonymous as possible again people get killed yeah this is not a house and many you can view some of our best that I said don't change of behavior don't quit your job just yet give us all some time is that you don't want anyone to give up in the event that you have won the lottery especially attack on yeah you definitely want all of your financial affairs in order and come up with their plan before you you know unleash the beast because there's gonna be a flurry of people that want money from you want this or that from you and you won't be able to take it back once it's out there so take your time the silent for awhile get your financial house in order and then start telling people and also hopefully you live in a state where ... you don't wear lottery winners can remain anonymous not all states are like that our state is thankfully I'm and your attorney can also help you remain anonymous ... by the Attorney dealing with the state lottery you my meal take your winnings I trust that kind of thing and that is preferable anonymity espresso preferable because user you will have to deal with that if it does get out ... I would say be prepared to hire some security or relocate for a little bit of time at the very least so that people just aren't are coming at your house constantly Iraq number 6 make sure you clean your winnings before the deadline so I think it's 9 months and I haven't talked at all of this planning don't you know don't do something dumb and and OQO forget that actually claim yeah any and there are a lot of things for you to put in place before you claim it so it's not crazy that you might be kind of bumping up against this deadline because you've got a 5 year 3 professional that you're comfortable with you want to set up a will before you claim that so that you had decided beforehand where all the money's going before anyone finds out about it this is a lot of stuff so 3 months can fly in in no time it's kind of be cognizant of the deadline and your attorney will help you with that too because attorneys are all about getting things in before the deadline number 7 you want to have a short term financial plan before you just go and get you did you cast you don't put your money in a bank that's a terrible idea because they can count only in Surrey up to 250000 involved bakes failing is rare just a few years ago it was happening quite often compared now and so you know we have had some trouble or that like your hometown bank the bank with Trevor don't take your money there they won't even know what to do with well how do I know what time basis small naked they're more likely to fail and then some of the bigger banks rightnow so just isn't generally a good good idea that you want to take your money to a brokerage account ... and this is only discuss a question does professionals you hired by they'll put you in something safe short term like some some US treasuries didn't tell you figure out the long term where you want and that's that okay well next thing is you want to pay any outstanding liabilities particularly things that your past do on because the last thing you want to do is be a multi millionaire millions of dollars and owing money to to people like particularly being behind I'm on on your debt payments like that get your debt payments at least current ... any your financial adviser might actually advise against completely paying off all of your life though he's just kind of depending what makes the most financial sense for you ... but without a doubt they will say concurrent on your debts so next don't spend any of the money just Willy nilly what you want to have is a plan to spend just the returns so just what your investments make yes so the idea is that you have your money working for you you're not spending any of the principal let justice that you're just living off of the interest because then you never have to touch that that mean body of money it will always be there because so many lottery winners they end up road just a couple years later and it's because the spend down into the principal and then they run out of money yeah so you would be able to make a difference for your family for generations and so you can't do it bison by spending it's not possible and so I think looking at a few of the comments and we'll get to questions after we finish up by west thank you Cynthia doesn't mean that I looked really cute and useful thing you know I'm going to be doing a make up tutorial very soon because several people have asked for it so stay tuned for that but okay finish that things okay so of course when you when the whole bunch Monday one of the first things that you're gonna want to DO as you get your favorite charities can give back and so one thing about that don't give any small charity too much money at one time because you cannot they'll they don't have a deal that money either and so this is something that you want to discuss with with your attorney and then also I'm bigger organizations bigger charitable or charitable organizations that's that's where large donations can go smaller ones if you give them $5000000 in there their normal lives is 100000 yeah it's a money well you want it's not work yeah it's not to say don't donate them but don't don't need to now but maybe donate to them in small chunks or put the 5000000 in a trust that slowly gives them chunks of money over time so that they can grow into written managing that endowment responsibly right and I know this the same for friends and family if you decide that you do you want to get some of the money don't give too much too quickly yeah because no one is as something great at managing finances just because they have a lot of yeah which brings us to number 11 which is protection money from others ... obviously when you when your in the lottery and people find out you win the lottery they're going to ask you for money and you know of course you are going to want to be generous with your friends and your family the people that I've been there with you through thick and thin and where we definitely not advising not doing that because I know I would only do that for my friends and family ... but exes sometimes you're gonna have to say no ... because some people don't know like I'll have a limit you now or will get as much as they can and so if you don't learn to say no then suddenly won't have yeah I knew that I also part of that it is probably to be their best interests to actually move from where you currently leads and the reason they people people also might figure out that ... you suddenly came into a whole bunch of money that's probably it happened if you're in a small town knowledge then you're spending a lot of money come that they're gonna notice and so it's best to to move away study done by that Lamborghini yeah I mean that absolutely and so you you're probably gonna want to acquire assets and in a trust analyses name and so you want a couple and then around other people that maybe have money so you don't stick out like a sore thumb on if you know anybody coming over to your house and all they slip on some ice and they took the next step yeah basically scamming you just random people okay and last one you want to protect your money from you so there is a reason that you hire all these professionals because like I said we are not as silly great and handling money just because we have $100000000 thanks most people are terrible handling money and right and so you see how many ... NBA stars and football players have hundreds of millions of dollars of their their career and end up bankrupt while because they're not really great handling money and and it's you know but I know this is really different rate when you the way that you manage money when you have normal people many is very different from when you have like a not money to qualify as your own bake rates so it's it's good to get people who do that type of work day in and day out that can help shield you you know your tax liability help your out maximize your returns while hopefully also minimizing these and and you know it just kind of say Hey maybe you don't want to do that when they see you doing something that they know is not in your best versus people who will just enable you right and won't tell you know when the 6 how you know because they want you to doing things for that not this one of the reasons that and then they would be isn't necessarily bad because you can't send it all not only feel it's going to be coming over here and in time so that that's one thing to consider also locking different amounts away into into trust me making cash harder to access you wouldn't have $1000000 in your bank account maybe only have $10000 in the bank account or or whatever so you just can't accidentally get frivolous souls and this is not actually on our list but I'm gonna throw it on there to say okay so now you're a multimillionaire and you have tons of money into I'm you have time to learn all about how to manage your money I mean I am all about yes higher for nationals but you ask ma'am why they're doing what they're doing so that you understand what's going on because at the end of the day the only person that's really responsible for your money it's going to be you and that you know so we know plenty of people will not know what you hear a plane were swindled out of all kinds you bite your account so the lawyer or so you just want to make sure that you are aware constantly aware the state of your finances and what it should be so that something is looking a little odd you can catch it so that's good so do we listed comprehend that have been there a few too many what seems so we have we let's say hi to everyone to everyone who commented so we have that will leave hi hi Cynthia Cynthia ... must pay great advice I just got a lot of ticket last night can't wait to take the number exactly duty though just for fun just for fun but we we I mean almost never play so wow so when should you get a lawyer and how much would a lawyer cost to represent you so I would say immediately that's probably not a third young thing really the other race you wanna don't tell anyone is number one make a copy of your ticket signed in signed it and make a copy of it and hide it away in a safe deposit box at a bank ... and then number 3 is get an entry so you should be able to do all of that basically the next day to start finding an Attorney and how much will it attorney costs so a partner and a big law firm can easily go for $1000 and our work yeah so it's gonna be expensive yeah and although you might not have all that cash up front I'm sure if you show them your winning lottery ticket though work something out yeah definitely that the photocopy I do the photocopying lagniappe to it ... so hominid hi Muhammad ... are we reading the comments we are now K. as mean ... terra thank you terrace she says where we are so inspiring greeted bias she solely getting her husband on board well so we're not advocating that you guys go out again and played a lot of weird to say that if you do happen to go and play and if you do win that these are good things to eat so far yeah in reality your expected return them out the jury that you expect for playing lottery is virtually none the odds are just terrible so I'm not so some semi Anna asks should you buy Lotto ticket and what's your what's your one limit and data what's your advice for spending on you know basically gambling okay so in terms of investment this is a good idea to play no it is not as a terrible idea to play all this is your money yeah well I do a lot of things that are like terrible like who needs to eat a Twinkie but and I have an in between Cuba long time but I'm not opposed to eating a Twinkie even though it is a terrible idea sometimes we do things small things at a terrible idea so the way to view the lottery like many things as you were paying some amount for entertainment yes just like gambling isn't purely entertainment and so what you wanna DO is figure out how much entertainment you're gonna get this is this gonna be exciting for 10:00 hours or is this to be exciting for about 10 minutes and then decide how much you spend on 10 minutes of fun if it's $10 okay problem when I was like 910 tennis yeah but let's say you get excited for an hour well maybe you're willing to spend $10 an hour yeah and I would say it's also a matter of if you feel like suddenly you're spending way too much time and too much money investing in the idea of possibly may be winning the lottery and then you might need to cut back right because some of these types of activities can be really addictive like that anticipation and the highs and the lows and so you just want to be cautious that it doesn't that it moves does it move from fund to a section so for us personally we don't ever play the lottery went almost never I think it's been years since the last time we played the lottery so in Philadelphia I mean yeah because Maria elsewhere in Europe we have a list of Philadelphia and 2 we have yet so I was now within the office and they did a pool and so for a few months and I joined the pull and so I want to get in you didn't win now yeah yeah but it doesn't get what it was about camaraderie getting coming into the right ... okay so the video on taxes we might do something on tax there's probably not specifically lottery money taxes but yeah tax is really really complicated on me so we can do like basic tax stuff I am over it but we're going to really get into a specific and difficult scenario because yeah we can say generally how personal income taxes work in the United States okay so while I'm 324 says but you pay tell your tax up front with the winnings so unfortunately that's not entirely true so when you win some of the taxes are withheld certain rate but not all the taxes that you might need to worry about so that because there are so many different levels attacks if your state taxes the federal taxes local tax and there is a really good chance that you're going to have to pay 1015 percent more than they automatically with cold and so that's why you get an attorney and yeah it's not supervising all I know ... now don't deadliest enough money we need a cast because you're about to have a gigantic bill and so you're gonna have to pay a sum estimated tax to cover that and they'll help you with that but it's not that they don't take care of you all up front by just with all the proper amount that be nice when you give family money can you make a profit off of it and get money back at the end of the year okay so you could that's making a lone tear yeah and you know it it's like yes yes and no on because it's not like donating to a nonprofit which you can use to reduce your tax liability is just a gift to a family member and your family member depending on their relationship to you and the size of your gift may have to pay taxes on your gift so yeah that's doubly true also if you're making a loan if you if you want to make loans to your family members Swiss I say it's always a terrible idea just consider it you have to let me go but always get it right so everybody knows how they're going to pay it back set well is that the echo it's easier that way your hurt feelings than in yeah next okay it's okay lala and then moody on I'm so sorry if I'm Mr nothing anyways names Amy hi things for watching and we are happy to provide this I see that as a lot of fun then Debra hi you can play the Lotto I'm but these are great tips you can use if you get a large inheritance from loved ones that's true yeah you got you why you're here published publicity from that but you're probably unless you have a famous rose yeah but you also will be able to keep it secret more likely than not because the will will be available to all of your family members so they'll know right away not only about the very ... but you know some of this stuff solely if you just get a regular size inheritance so I would say like $100000 or less you're a local attorney should be able to help you with that and is the local estates attorney and that's that's normal so don't feel like you need to go get an attorney and a big fancy law firm if $0 an hour when you have a small inheritance that's absolutely true yeah okay let's see how how many open the YouTube account help putting I you know honestly I have no idea if it's been so long since we created this channel because it like we do you know I do not okay it's like 3 years ago when I cut all my hair off I just randomly made a video and stuff 2 and even I think the way that you make a you tube cow is different now because back then it wasn't even late to Google and write to your Google account the way it is now but I'm sure there are tons of tutorials out there tons of videos out there even on you too people like how to start a YouTube channel so that's what I would recommend on it if you guys are interested we can do a video on how like our the process that we go through to make videos the things that we you I'm yeah yeah yeah ability that ... when he says that we learned great thank you don't you I comb my hair just for you guys I'm hearing on a bun I want anything I hear someone with my hair in a bun again so I spent like 30 minutes curling my hair as I hope you guys like it okay couldn't the Sofia has how do you create your chances of winning sometimes we I mean technically ... I'd this it's buying more take it now but in reality you're going to live don't think that you're actually going to and it's just hang around a man that you try to increase of winning only say for you to play on occasion for fun I mean there is no there is no guaranteed way to win the lottery everyone's while seen article that will tell you what this is how you definitely can win the lottery because when the jackpot to get so high well technically you can buy all the combination but if there's another whether you have to split it with them so there's no guarantee that you'll never get all of the money so there's no way to win the lottery guaranteed there's no way to really significantly chances of winning and told us that money so just to take it maybe couple yeah you'll be better off spending that money in those years late study it like going back to school in finding a job that's gonna pay you more money over the course of your lifetime absolutely no point okay senior school budgeting with college students anytime ... so but I would say there is you're trying to just be as cheap as possible me because we don't know white student loan programs are gonna be you want to take us you want possibly him ... I mean telling time to become side look for part time work work for look for work study look for yeah both where our way through college ... and we still we came out with a small and relatively small amount of debt from undergrad I 20000 now keep in mind that you know I had a child so that maybe I could only get my living expenses so low and I came up with 20000 it's just that you came out when I think I have 15 yeah and in reality I should've had 15 I was working enough that I think I could have paid more and so so I should not have had 50 yeah so I would say it was one of the things that I use to do because you only get your or your funds from the school twice a year so I would put all of those times in a separate account and then I would have a monthly budget that I would just transfer over namely the amount for that month so that I didn't run the risk of spending money and running out of money at the end of this Sir alternatively you don't have to have your Maximo the package dispersed you at one time so later to really try to keep keep it low on the on the line to be you know you're gonna have sound well you get your worn out and ... only take the small us earlier though the smallest amount that you can live on and are a couple of minutes yeah monthly and I'm gonna give you monthly disbursements I don't know what will yeah but periodically but but then try to leave some of that on this first and then and in that sense of doing it back yeah and then so some other practical tips on have a have a whole bunch of roommates rate and cook at home as much as possible because I just found I always lived off campus obviously because I had a child but I consider getting a meal plan because I was at school for so many hours of the day but it just is so much more expensive to buy into the schools meal plan then to make their own food if you live in a place that has a kitchen now if you live in the dorms and you might need to observe what I have found is that those are usually more expensive than ... living out off campus with roommates so if you have a kitchen and make your own food and then lastly pre game at home okay I'm see okay so in terms of giving anonymously to you a family or it was hers so if you if you have a an attorney that you're working last or even enhance the visor I mean they could they can definitely send anonymous donations yeah I think I can still get credit for on your tax returns and your filing ... and then it doesn't have to have your name attached to them that they can have all that now I would say the same for your family as long as they don't know who your attorney as because otherwise they're probably gonna put that together yeah I guess if you didn't want to use an attorney which we recommend that you do you probably go get a money order right and then just make it up to the church and his mail it to the church and so then many artists don't have too many I'm not sure maybe not sure what about all the assets and later when I a certified check mena would have your name on it it would just be drawn to your financial institute so that's another way to be an army as it dropped now let me have a mailing address make certain open them and yeah I think that or send it certified mail so you know some have signed for it someone definitely received it so that's that's another option or think what we do trying to get people money we just gonna leave it around the house he's talking about the little girl that comes in watches taxi sometimes seems sometimes doesn't want to take money from us I thought worth talking about lets him okay all right next so I would travel to okay I think you want to open a lottery business so that's probably gonna be illegal we should simply the state's run though I really am but if you if you happen to you in a casino license you know I think is basically the lottery but with much lower winning I think that's great numbers right so I don't have the casino but I like seeing because those people statements yeah and most states don't let you gamble on on you know open up gambling spot so we're gonna be licensed yeah and I from what I understand it's this huge hassle yeah no one needs a victory Amy says he played the pick 3 ... and for for 10 years before her numbers were called what you're swelling while I'm here leaning over a week sorry he says I'm encroaching on 8 okay so well and yet so I'm all for you know we limited playing of the lottery owe you never bought tickets you just kind of picked 3 no I meant that's all I know is that I like that me with just pick the numbers but not actually buy the tickets and just wait and see her numbers came up but I have so that's fun but I have to say man would I be sad divided this may speak because I'm hot and then didn't win and I'd be devastated and well as a pick 3 pick 4:00 am in the best of them even if she won the jackpot would be like a $700000000 jackpot I don't know that I could ever get over that let's say a big fish story that just won't quit well alright guys we are going to sign off now thank you so much for watching in doing us and hopefully if you ever win the lottery you will be Mary and also said the sound because you know we do have your career here either that or you know and you have the need to give us money I'm so stay tuned coming up this week and we have 8 and Alexis blog which we like doing violence to just kind of showed more of what our regular life looks lake and so we hope you guys enjoy watching them on and we are working on a massive video I'm just kind of going through Dave Ramsey's babysat and showing where you would end up financially by what we would end up financially by Foley Dave Ramsey's baby sat versus following our current plants so stay tuned for that right they thrive said I've got I okay how we turn it off that's //
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Simple Skin Care Routine | Oil Cleanse Method | Drug Store Products
\\Hey guys it's Tasha from one big happy in this video I'm gonna be sharing my night time make a move on and skin care routine this is a highly requested video so I hope you guys enjoy if you do please thumbs up and subscribe and if you have any questions just drop me a line down in comments alright let's get started I the first step in my skincare routine is to use olive oil and wash cloths to clean my make up I like the oil cleansing method because it's simple and in the olive oil dissolves the make up so it's easy to wash away I use about a teaspoon of oil and massage that all over my face mmhm I'm days when I don't wear makeup which is most days out of the week escape the olive oil industry to using our cleanser I have normal to dry skin and I rarely get acne even if I go days without washing my face as long as I'm not wearing makeup but because like phase leans towards the dry side I only clans once a day even if I am wearing makeup everyday once I'm done massaging the oil and I use very warm water to wet the washcloth and then I wipe the oil and all of the makeup that it loosened up off of my face I keep the washcloths folded so that I have multiple clean sides to face to wipe my face with 11 side gets dirty then I switched over to switch over to the other side folded and then use another side until I've used all of the squares of the washcloth I do this process twice the second time with the new washcloth the second time gets the last traces of makeup off leaving my face ready for cleansing I've tried using just boil to cleanse my days but I've experienced breakouts doing it that way so I went back to using a regular cleanser after the other thing I love about the washcloth method is that you also kind of give yourself a little mini steam treatment every night so I find that really refreshing and relaxing before that 3 times a week I follow my oil clans with a gentle face grabbed I been using the same I scrub lately mostly because Alexis turned me on to it and it does smell really good I like to use scraps because they feel like it makes my skin look a lot brighter when I do and it definitely feels softer in the winter I use a homemade sugar scrub on my whole body that leaves my skin super moisturized and according to Joseph extra soft so stay tuned for that when the weather gets colder next up is my face cleanser I've been using this one on and off for years and I really like it my skin never field stripped or overdrive when I use it which is great I've used cetaphil and other mild milder cleansers in the past but when I do I found that I'm more likely to get acne so I just stick with what works usually at this point I will hop in the shower to wash my face that we might face stays moisturized and when it after I'm done cleansing and then when I hop out the shower I can just go ahead and put put my moisturizer on verses if I cleanse and moisturize and then take a bath will then you might end up washing off your moisturizer my face is all clean and it's time to moisturize I don't really have a go to night cream but this is the one I'm using right now if you saw my budget meal prep video you'll remember I purchased this as part of a Costco hauled back in February this is the second bottle in a 2 pack so it might last me the rest of the year when it runs out I'm gonna try something new if you have a night cream that you really love go ahead and drop me a comment down below so I can give it a try I love how rich this night cream is and how moisturized it leaves my face afterwards even up until the next I'm currently using this I came from cetaphil because it came packaged with the larger cetaphil body cream I bought I never really used eye creams but I'm in my thirties now so I want to start taking better care my skin again if you guys have any favorite eye creams I'd love to hear about it I I finish up my nighttime skin care routine by swiping some lip balm on my lips I have a couple brands on hand at any given time tonight I'm using EOS alright guys that said that is my face routine it's simple it's easy and quick which is perfect for a working mom the toddler at like me so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and please remember 2 thumbs up and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time by //
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Our Financial Goals | Enjoy Life & Plan For Your Financial Future
\\Hey guys welcome back to one big happy I just NM process and today we're going to talk about how we can have massive debt that scares people and maintain our financial then alright let's get into it people asking comment frequently how would you be calm even happy with so much debt they say that they would have anxiety couldn't sleep at night just really that well now how to function and and we we just don't have that the way that we maintain our financials then and stay calm estimates for things so number one we have a strong idea of what our deal life looks like number 2 we have clear financial and life goals number 3 we have a solid plan to get there including some contingencies number 4 we are flexible so we'll talk more about all of these things in upcoming videos but in this video we're gonna be focusing on our financial plan so we have a lot going on in our lives right now if you guys haven't notice we have a toddler who's in daycare and daycare is crazy expensive basically like the cost of college tuition we had a teenager who's 3 years away from college herself so we'll have a kid in daycare and attended college and were hoping to pay for college for her on you know so that she doesn't take have to take out that we also would like to give her a car if possible and then if you watch some of our other videos you know that ... our our house actually needs a lot of work plus of course we have that $0 in debt to take care of so we have a lot of things all going on in our lives at once and so the only way that we can navigate these things is by coming up with short term and long term financial goals so we we're gonna talk about our financial goals in a couple of times brings first there's this year second is next year third is 5 years from now fourth is 10 years from now and then we have our lifetime goals and so that's how we think about our life in those chunks and making sure we're moving towards those goals during those time periods our goals for this year Max that retirement accounts pay off credit card debt pay off her windows in cash flow a family vacation to Singapore my number one priority every year is maxing out of retirement accounts because there is nothing that you can do in retirement through creative financed to survive and make ends meet basically have to go back to work if you can if you can't hear that there's always bankruptcy there's negotiating their ways to pay for school north of the you know between but retirement that's it yeah so then as far as our second and third goals which focused on debt payoff so we decided to focus on those this year because I did take it a dollar pay cut to take my dream job and so that made our margin so the space between how much we bring in every mine and are required payments a lot smaller than we'd like like for it to be that we're comfortable with so we decided to knock those out as soon as possible so that we have ample room in our budget despite my cake cut then the last thing going to Singapore we haven't done an indication in 2 years but we certainly don't recommend ever barley to go on vacation there is is this where America borrowing the case is not one of them know exactly what a cash flow that and this does tie into your vision for your life because we value travelling and seeing the world and so that's why we made sure to include travel periodically and our financial and we got an amazing deal on ticket yeah and if we hadn't been able to do that we would not be going to Singapore yet as ever once in a lifetime deal are excellent look at our next our goals for next year next year our goal is of course accent our retirement accounts start saving for Alexis is college fund reduce consumer debt too under 9000 increase our emergency fund by 3 months and cash flow some family vacations next year will be shifting their focus away from debt payoff and more towards savings now this really depends on your financial philosophy and for us our interest rates are so low they're all going to be under 3 half percent that it makes more sense to pay the minimum payments and shifted to our other goals and so those other goals include cash flowing college for Lexus out so we need to save a minimum of $18000 a year or on average $18000 a year over the next 4 to 5 years in order to pay for Alexis to go to an in state university for free so I mean well without taking out loans obviously it's not free and and then the other thing that we want to start addressing next year is the fact that we don't really have a large enough emergency fund and part of that is because we both have really really stable jobs but it is a weakness that we want to correct so we're gonna save our goal is to save 3 months and additional 3 months next year and then 2 months every year after that until we have 10 to 12 months of emergency savings put away under a 5 year goals we want to have enough money saved to Casper college for Alexis Tom a 12 month emergency fund $600000 saved in investments all of our 2017 consumer that eliminated and all of my student loans eliminated afterward to 5 years from now Alexis is a rising junior in college and it reads this and second grade and so at this point our goals our goal switch from being specific to warrant like milestones that we want to have hit by year by 5 years from now it's a no brainer 5 year goal we've just working backwards to figure out what we need to DO and years 39 Tim had done for the most part our savings goals kinda do their own thing as long as we continue to Max out of retirement plans we're not going to really have to worry about hitting that number also paying the debts among us who made those mineral payments they all retired themselves their work tough out and my student loans I'm on track to be forgiven in less than 5 years so that you will just take care of the house so onto our 10 year goals so at this point we only have one major 10 year goal and that is to have $1000000 saved for retirement 10 years from now and once we have that we will be financially independent we will be able to sell our house move someplace with a lower cost of living buy a house for cash and just to live off of the proceeds of our 0 mil I mean I'm not only I was about to 0 are $0 for the rest of our lives if we want to that doesn't mean we can definitely will retire in 10 years but we want to have $1000000 nest egg in 10 years it's not that option okay next I lifetime goals now we're still figuring this out so they are few we want to retire at 57 so that Thompson when she turns 57 and I will continue to work flame away for the men and so I am 57 at its core lightly to think he's not sleeping away he loves his job he's been Philly and this is important because it's a quality of life thing if you don't love your job should look for another up it is absolutely true I do love my job and so because of that it's enjoyable to go there they're great people there and so I love my as I do yeah so for 3 more years it's really not a bad thing at all yeah the other thing that we've come up with merely for me that I want to do it is climb Kilimanjaro ... because it's fairly walkable so you don't have a lot of climbing experience and and it's also very very high up so I think this can be really neat and that would be a big trap like going going to Africa climb Kilimanjaro so that's kind of like a lifetime gold but that doesn't mean that will wait until we're in our fifties or sixties to do it right it's just one of those over arching things that we're gonna keep in mind as we you know through I mean really for a pay the money to go to Africa to climb mountains we are also going to look around Africa yeah I guess so that is it does or our current financial goals ... and also giving you insight in how we go about planning to help you with creating your financial goals so drop us a comment down below tell us what your financial goals are your 510 lifetime goals because we would love to hear it and if you have any questions as usual drop us a comment and also next week we will sell you the progress that we the making what their debt payoff unknown lets people I probably concerned about that yes says Satan for that next week guys but I we need to have the same yearning for could you say well welcome back to just let me know welcome back welcome back to the job yeah //
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Outfit Planning | How I Organize My Capsule Wardrobe | Minimalist Closet Tour | Back To School Haul
\\Alexis from one big happy this is the second part in the 2 cardio in the first video I showed you how likely now my a joke if you hadn't seen that go check it out illegally in the description box this video will be about me showing you how I plan out my outfit on a daily basis so I don't have that strength and I still look good if I can get out of the house and get to school now let's get started here is what my capsule where job looks like I have 9 dresses 15 shirts one skirt 3 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of jeans this is enough clothing for one month of school 20 days with no repeats a key to having a good capsule wardrobe is having versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched make different outfits we use it app called smart closet to plan and schedule our outfits for a whole month at a time the first step is to gear clothing into the act you can do that in a couple of ways the first way is to take pictures of each item of clothing and import them into the act to do this you're going to need to thinks a white background any camera you can use a white sheet if you want but we use a poster board happen to have if your phone has a great camera you can use that my phone camera isn't all that great so we use our canon G. 7 next to take pictures and then imported them into my phone since my capsule is so small it only took 30 minutes to take photos of all of my clothing we took each item of clothing off of the hangar in leave them out on a white background and we took a picture of it with the camera it's pretty simple really taking off the hanger in using a white background will make it much easier to add the pictures into the closet apps once we were done taking pictures we import them until I found the T. 7 X. makes it super easy to do because it creates its own wifi network and uses that to send pictures over to any device I select the pictures that I want to import and it does it automatically now that the pictures are on my phone it is time to add them into the smart because it when you open the app it takes you straight to the closet screen which shows all of the items of clothing added into the act put the plus sign to add more clothing here you can either add clothing from the gallery took a picture using a camera or find pulling these apps shop feature I'm going to add a shirt from my gallery first I rotate the shared next I removed some of the white background using the auto crop in the research tool you'll have to do this but it looks better when you're putting out fits together once I'm happy with the way the picture looks Andrian details about the item and filing this under tops and Kate only this information when you're playing outfits together it's blue anywhere in the spring and summer these details are helpful when it's time to switch your closet out for different seasons so when you're moving from somewhere to the fall to switch the season to fall in the app's settings and then back out will automatically through your summer clothes and add your fall clothes now I'm going to show you how to add clothing from the shop teacher this feature is great for either finding new items here capsule or adding new things right as you buy them from the store here I am adding a white tank from Old Navy once I find the item that I want I go through the same process to crop the picture the biggest downside to the shop feature is that the clothing is usually pictured on a model which makes it even harder to crop the photo after I'm done cropping I add the item to my closet okay now the hard part is done and it's time to do the fun stuff making that up you can do this manually by creating a look in the log book section of the act that's what I'm doing here actor create the outfit I added to my calendar but my favorite thing to do is to create outfits based on rules here is how you do it little lookbook screen and click the crisscrossing arrows this takes you to the rule creation screen I'm creating a rule to make out that sees a top and a pair of shorts then I create another rule to make outfits that are made up of a top and a pair of pants now let's try it out and watch the magic happen that automatically made every possible outfit combination based on the rule using all of the items in my closet you can see that the act came up with 27 outfits now not all of that out dates will work but this makes it much easier to fill my closet with looks also appellee suggest looks you haven't already added to your look here's the calendar after I added a few more outfits