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"2016-01-03 14:48:20"
How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas Drunvalo Melchizedek
\\I wanna give credit where credit is due this came from the Mayans and also with naked the kahunas and who I ... I I've got this from the Mayans and ... and this is extremely detailed does is you're going to see Anna and I thought that this was something that only they knew and then later I had 2 older ... kahuna teachers and when I just mention it to them they say oh yeah we know about it and then they describe it in detail exactly like the mind snow and so there's probably other tribes and understand this to I call them the beams of light and we're gonna describe them to you how they work how exactly how what in great detail the kahunas told me that both of them did tell me that I is very very secret and they ... do it to their children they activated for them we have put a lot of fear into our children about psychic abilities you know I mean like we burn people at the stake we've done everything we know a lot of world thinks it's evil especially the Christians which I never could understand because here's Jesus doing only sings usual because it is bringing people back from the dead and all kinds of stuff in and then Jesus says to the Christians all these things I'm doing you can even do greater things it's given him permission saying okay and yet sametime if somebody floats off the ground or something like that them is from the devil I don't get that but nevertheless the fear has been put out there and I really think that the children are saying okay mommy and Daddy I will be a good kid and I will not do psychic ability Selah it looked like it there the exactly the same as your breathing to they're like a a fluorescent tube there straight perfectly straight but they don't look that way are coming off the body their lives they haven't been used for thousands of years and they're just fuzzy little things the kind of look like that you can turn them from that into the street beans gonna draw this is of the person's looking this way and there's a real Ford explains okay 123456 78 that's the left and right side so this is the basics of what they look like compared to somebody is walking down the street see the mall this is kind of what they they look like once you know how to see them there easy there brighter than yours but you have to tune your ... inner vision to them to see them win them what you do there they pop right out you could see that this place right folds from there to the tip of the fingers is the is the longest one there's some that are a little bit shorter it fit inside of a perfect sphere because our head is not circle that they have slightly different links to take you if you're if you're a middle finger in your phone and put it together that is the size of your beams it depends on the size of your hands is one to come right up here is not the temples describe exactly where these spots arts backed by the ears and slightly higher it's a it's a spot that enters indirectly to the if you were to go straight through hip the pine hill Shaka not the gland but the shocker well all of this is coming from the shocker and these are antenna they receive images from the heart this link between the heart and the brain if you don't have these things functioning you don't have a connection between the heart and brain and no and that was the fall by the way you could see the fall as following 2 dimensional levels but I'm I'm real simple more accurate ways that we were at our heart and we moved to our brain an ascension really is just moving back to her heart it's really that's all it is and the ideas of other dimensions and parallel worlds known that ares just more mental stuff associated with an external blind of function a we can create anything we want we can make this reality and any anyway we want to make the problem now is that we don't know that in native everything's just kind of going unconsciously in whatever's going to it's the it's not being driven in a in a in a in a clean cut clear way there is the order that these beings have to be really when you reconstruct them there's an order that they have to go in and that order is this one is number one this set and this set is number 2 and this set is number 3 and this set is number 4 they also have a polarity associated with them and this one is positive and the opposite is negative this one 's positive this one is negative and this one is positive and this one is negative with and the one on the left the left side is positive and the one on the right side is negative things light up the light is coming from the pine hill Shaka out comes out this way but there's also a flow in it's coming both ways but to the the life as it comes in a spiraling it's rotating same way with your breathing to like coming down is rotating one way coming up is rotating the other way all these things are rotating though the light itself is doing this in the heart is completely link back to the brain the way it was 13000 years ago a sphere appears this year's perfect perfect and but it doesn't appear until these other things begin to happen of that we're gonna talk about for a get out of here you understand this completely or not to leave anything out or hide anything or anything is takes awhile because it's complicated but data but interesting that once you understand this to actually do it it's not that hard it's really easy it's much easier to do than America and there is this is simple was you get it at the sky happens what you know had up to set up one set of beams the rest tomorrow the same same same thing over and over and over now I'm gonna talk about the inside was going on inside the brain this is what happens as it leaves the surface of the skull she's pure white clean beams of light and ... but inside there are these little of a big they come like this and make curve and they're they're very organic in nature they're very much like electricity and they're moving all the time that their weekly you know there's a little spheres you can buy with electable veins it in ages things going up to the thing they look kind of like that they're constantly changing and moving ... and they and they come but this they're never the same and and this true the left and right when to and they're constantly moving all the time this is what would be if the heart it's fully connected with this but that's not how it is ... for most people not only do they look like this but the inside okay this is the plenty of land the beams as they go into a women I get with a skull and there and the games as they come in what they do is they go like this the the countdown and they just go no where and the other will come over here to look up maybe go up here and this one maybe will come down here they they they avoid like crazy that spot they will not touch it I've had a lot of theories of our all of this in my life wondering what happened and why this took place ... I know that in ... in China ... when they were studied the psychic kids this is the Chinese government and there scientific a community were studying the the super psychic children they studied them for about 10 years then they got freaked out by them politely freaked out it didn't switch they when interference was the other way and start arresting the mall and doing all kinds of weird stuff right resting the the Dallas than the kitchen garden Masterson they're they're going crazy now 3 of these kids are more powerful than the entire Chinese army and they know it and and there and now that they know what they dislike that they're trying to stop it but they can't really but that but this was happening but while they were studying them ... ... they discover something at which was kind of important they found that ... when the children ... they usually came in they they became aware of their psychic abilities with her about 5 or 6 years old time went before that they didn't nothing and then a when they got to puberty then they just keep getting better and better and better and better and better when they got to puke puberty one of 2 things happened either they just keep getting better and better better better better better or it just shut off and they could do anymore and ... am when they studied them ... they couldn't figure out that the lease the Chinese couldn't figure out why this thing happened it happened but what they did find out is the percentage ... it happened with about 80 percent of the kids they couldn't do it anymore when they hit puberty and this other 20 percent to skip going became super human beings and ... a hand so I remembered that that percentage and started looking around and I found out in the United States ... we have discovered through our scientific community that ... wind teenage teenagers go through puberty 80 percent of them grower calcium shield around their pine hill glance and calcium as an insulator the soft calcium kind of like arthritis take calcium and ... and it just blocks the ability to be able to do this work almost everybody walking around now does has these things non functioning and these things are not touching the by Neil Graham or pine hill shocker rather in this case the gland is the one that gets sealed but is the shock wrote that works off of it and these things are connecting to the shock right not to the grand to be clear your job now is to get these back into straight beams and reconnect us and if you can do that you will re establish the attention all of reconnecting dear heart the gland is only the the source of power is like this is your heart chakra here's your heart over here of there's a direct connection between the 2 but they're very different and they're both important this is the source of the shocker and there's some things you would do with the shocker and some things you do with hard we're going from a Merkava field which that's out here at the macabre field is intimately connected to these beams and of the sphere this year here is intimately connected at this point right here to the Leonardo severe that's in your macabre there is a very direct relationship between those 2 so here's what you do and and I'm gonna give you instructions exactly the way the minds of the Coons told me ... and which is how to do it on another person because they do that the way they teach you is how they're going to do it to their children somewhere I give you the same instructions but you are gonna have to apply that to yourself users do you start with number one this one the unicorn when you wanna know where that location is take the tip of your nose into river chan move it up a rock over that point right there where a man right now is this one okay that's the third eye and you're gonna need to know where that point is next very soon if you move that saying up to here and rocked down that will show you where the unicorn one is which is way up here and if you do or more time it'll show you where that one is here's the procedure this is what you do again this is on somebody else for you do the same thing okay got a fuzzy thing here I you just reach up with both hands you have to come around to the left side of the body that's why I have a face in this way you can't go around the right side of the body to do it somewhere else it won't work and the reason is because this beam coming out here has a positive charge and this one has a negative charge near use your hands and your left hand has a negative charge in your right hand is a positive charge and so you when you couple over the top of these the negative hand couples with the positive and the positive couples with the negative and it works if it will not work the ... if you try the other way around and you just grab those and are you grabbed this one this one and you with your intention you tell them you tell the body this other person or yourself to go into a beam but it what happens is even now you see this big fuzzy thing you grab it utility going to a beam it will just like that instantly but the beam will usually only be about this long it'll maybe this will be attention this is a half an inch or something to be really short when it when it condenses down into the beam it doesn't is not much there and that's up there and you can tell by how long they are how much power the the final shocker is putting out and so you're holding them what just like handlebars like you're holding on the handlebars of motorcycles and you're holding me here and you tell me going to a team and they will be short little things will you can censor feel which one is stronger and which one is weaker you go to the weaker of the 2 and you tell that just that one to to put out more energy and get longer when you're talking to another body you don't have you can use words the body will hear you but you can talk inside of your head the body will hear you just as well maybe you'd better and ... as so you could just tell it to put out more energy and it will do what you say but it'll usually go like this I have a little tiny bit more because the body hasn't done this a long time and to its but now a lot more energy but you have to say no more just keep going and then the body sometimes kind of freaks out over this ... the person itself kind of usually going through something sometimes but you all you're gonna do you're not gonna pull little way out you're gonna just make it as wide as your palm you want a lot you just wanted to do a lot more energy than what it's been doing and so you tell it you just keep tellin no more more more more and tell that that ... beam starts to stand out from the palm and then use to stop and when it does then you switch to the more powerful one and you tell it to do it and usually it might you might have a tele tips times to keep going more no more no more and you get out to approximately this long in both hands and then that's all you gotta do stop the Nestle perfect or super precise or anything else like that he took in approximately out about that with your pants and then you drop your hands and you put your shocker points directly over those points right over the top of those points so ... if you're doing it on your own hand your left hand goes on the front and your right hand goes on the back now you can do this without your hands when you do it to yourself you can just do it sitting and do all of it without a year you're communicating with your own body it's very clear but some people who really need to feel and they need to use their hands so you put your hands over the top of your shocker over that shock critics after bam then ... the next thing you do in this is hard to explain a hopefully you can pick this up you close your eyes you can see inside the body with your eyes closed if you open them up you see the surface or what's around it but you can't see inside the body and if you close your eyes and with your intention you look to see the pine hill shocker if you do it's usually a for most people it's it shows up as red and some people shows up with black for you it might be turquoise who knows but it's majority of people it's usually red or black you really do have 2 different levels of where you can see from once you see that the next thing is to look to see forget about all these other beams you're only looking at this one you look to see these 2 little beams at her wiggling around there and so you see those bills shocker point and you see the little beams going like this and now with your holding your hands over that with your intention you get those beams to connect to that and they don't want to do it you gotta keep working with them until they'll kill a lot of times they'll connect and will do it for like 2 seconds ago they'll break apart so go away so you just keep doing it till you get into contact and then you got hold it there for out depends on the person but least a minute and maybe even 2 minutes ... until you you can see that they're not going to break apart and then when you feel that they're not going to break apart and you've got them there then with your intention you pull the beams out from the power arms you pull them out and they will follow right behind your our hands as you go and go beyond the sphere because once they get to where the smears they will stop and so you got this far out say you can go past a few inches won't matter wouldn't matter if you with that far out that just after you're out farther than that them one hand link above away from from this you pull them out they'll come out there's no spear here now just these 2 beings sitting there and when you get them out the next thing you do is you shift your attention to the very ends of these things and they're pulsing the throbbing so once you pulled amount and you feel that you got a feel this pulsing and for me I feel it in the farms well what it is is there not they're posing like a ping pong match polls polls polls polls close polls polls points back and forth I you don't want that with your intention you've got to get them to pose the same and so what happens is what you're putting your attention in their pulses samples same micro for 30 seconds Stephan happens and then it goes through a moment of chaos and the post to which which was going Paul's Paul's Paul's Paul's Paul's Paul's vehicles post bubble pulled both words cargoes crazy for a moment then part polls polls ripples in the same as soon as they are ... you count the pulses 123 for and to the mines say you wait until you get 20 polls I don't know if it's because of their 2013 systems and all that other stuff they say 20 possible stable as I go on I got like 25 make sure but but they have to do at least 20 pulses and when you feel 20 pulses or more on their you can drop your hands and this beam will speak connected in here and it'll just stay there and then you go around to the back of the person next to get to the side beams that's number to and you get these beams the side note where it is the care is not the temples but if you go right to your ear comes to the ... to your head it's just a little higher and maybe just a little tiny bit in front and say good behind the person in need you repeat what you just said you see the little fuzzy things if they're off center uses poem back with your intention get them where they are feel which is weaker get that weaker when talk to the body gets to come out there do the other one out of there put your hands on the forums on that person's head or on your own if you're doing it and ... look inside and see the pilot and you can see inside your own head looking with your eyes closed and and you'll see the final shot reissue the little beings you got to get him to connect once are connected ... did you pull the beams out on either side you do that pulsing thing again you deal they'll be going back and forth you gotta stop that with your intention give to post the same account 20 or more and then you can drop that one then you come to your third eye this beam this level one running across here and ... and you do exactly the same thing and then this will happen automatically and then you should not have to do this one if you have to do this one they're ... it's it's a little awkward in the sense that you have to do it here but you can only reach this fall at the perineum there's no other way yeah it's a long ways in but to reach up through the tube is the only way you can get to this point because it's in the middle of your float and ... but I it's not likely that you'll even see anybody in your lifetime have has to do that but just you know you can't reach this point from here you have to reach all away from the breathing tube at the perineum once these are out in writing ... day will you what happens in an actual practice when you do it to someone else is low are a lot of times they'll run for about 10 or 15 minutes and collapse and you have to do it all over again usually the second time will hold and and ... and at which point ... it will go for quite awhile I don't really know a long time but really this system to get this get these out you only have to do it about 2 weeks every day for about 2 weeks and it's permanent it it's it won't go away after that but ... it won't it doesn't do a lot of function you know it's out there and running it's very much like the ricotta field the macabre field doesn't do much until all everything is lined up that wants it I used to actually find people in the audience that had really bad my migraine headaches and I would work on them because when you do this that migrant goes away if if you have migraines all the time you're the lock because if you do this and you stab us these things you're more than likely you're going to find that your migraines stop unless it's caused by a physiological thing something like a tumor something but if it has any emotional base senator at all ... this is going to go away they just stopped as long as you keep the beams out ... Blahnik often Russia Moscow and what are your book slack yeah that this psychic children Russian yeah I know I know what he's doing is working he takes blind children and now teaches in the sea takes people who are totally blind it uses and how to read watch television and drive cars and now owns is hard to believe it but it's true and I've been I've been involved with people that are totally blind I met missionary Incheon field along time ago variance in field is completely blind she's in her fifties and ... but you would never know she was blind by interacting with their because she seems totally normal but she actually has no eyes at all and she could see NASA's taken are now a premier seer again she that they they didn't believe her faster where are you as she said well I'm actually floating around the solar system most of the time and they I know I'm sure they internally kinda laughed at her and then they said well if you're really floating around the thing that we want to go to a certain satellite up there and read the serial number off of it she did and that caught their attention the and so that the user is size to go out and seek you should go to Mars or anywhere and just go right down the Sentinel capital what they see and she's very good knives and I've been with her for I spent about 3 or 4 months with her and I am got the do what she got to know this was fun and and ... alright I learned a lot from her but died that Rick that more recently I was with the Navajo and ... with one of the shamans there and ... I was I took a group into ... antelope canyon ... which is another whole plan you have to get their permission and so he took us there and he is also a shaman as you know we were there with his 2 aunts I think they were of these 2 women never little older than him and ... and so he led us through the canyon and he gets to the other side he tells us all the stories and things he comes and he sings peyote songs to us and it takes is outside of the other end and he this is a natural looking snake was not carved points to the entryway to this place and he's showing everything with the snake is the eyes and all the stuff like that all in all the group's lead and won the Eskimos she's got her arm around me like this and she leans ever since isn't amazing and I said why it's amazing as she says our will on our nephew is ... blind he can't see anything but you can't tell and ... and so I I didn't know that about him is funny going back after you just you just told me that a and he's driving a pickup truck that and I'm in the back of his pickup truck like a blind guy driving over the road there a okay life is weird yeah we can he see internally ... I mean that whatever we do shamanistic work he is the most visual person I've ever seen inside he can appear to me better than anybody I've ever seen but in my conversation with a lot of the second kids that they're pulling the energy and through the fourth fifth lumbar they know it coming in at 90 degrees then the ghost ship straight up the spine hello I don't see that anywhere else so maybe they have some other way of linking the the brain to the heart ... but once we reached puberty we have to do when you're doing this to someone else do are you physically or internally seeing their their shocker nor they sing at the little girl you have to see if they don't suck I see you have to say you're actually doing it for them but if you do it yourself on yourself you have to see your own you have to see this going on inside your own head and you can do that we begin with this fame number one we then go to to left and right then 3 third eye and then for you don't have to do and so the procedure is again ... you you can either can see or sense or feel these things and it's easier on yourself sometimes it is others because you're just gonna be reaching up here you know write your own head and ... and you grab these things if you're not sure ... just use your intuition and just do the best you can this works on most people even if they don't really know how it is because of the gland that we're working with the spino gland is a pretty interesting thing it it it functions true intention more than anything else so you are beginning with here you will work on this 1 and this 15 sets up high on your head and ... you need to find that spot and you need to find a spot back here to begin with you need to know where this left and right what is this write reviews come on it's a little bit higher a tiny bit forward if you just kinda aimed toward the center of your head you're going to get there remember the point the final shocker is in the center of your breeding to so it's your really kind of aiming for the center of everything that the final gland itself is just a little bit back from there and ... ... and then V. this spot here is just one you go scope wine and that's where it is this is really a third eye of the final glance should be from what I'm being told exactly the same size as one of the sides and I am more round exit at the final grand is and I literally I scientifically it is hollow it has color receptors inside of it has a lens on it for receiving light and and ... and that is that Jake Lieberman's work with a light the medicine the future is one the most ... advance people in in the eyes of light in the world and ... and the but it's entropy down to like go like a like a P. or something it it we haven't used at it I believe that if you start using it it's going to grow it's gonna get a disc a muscle or anything else is going to get stronger but the thing is is the lens is facing up this way's looking right up the tube and it's designed to perceive light from above and ... where are these guys efficient at 90 degrees looking out this way and so our lives is just it's but it but it is literally an eyeball it has other functions but that's one of them one of the things it did that when I was working with Jacob Liberman ... that he showed me which was usually made the sky guy really knows a lot about this but to heat they've tracked exactly when like those in the eyes exactly where it goes precisely the whole method but right after it leaves the find elsewhere it literally according to ... Jacob Liberman it goes to every single cell in the body and he says from the way that they see it now every cell in your body is looking at exactly what you're looking at that changes things and how all these guys do near looking what I'm looking at what could have he is the light actually enters into every single cell //

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