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"2017-08-07 21:54:13"
Roger Stone w/Update on Trump Coup
\\so if you enjoy this video and wanna see more content like this on the channel you can show your appreciation by clicking on the PayPal link in the description box and you can donate any amount that you feel is equivalent to the value of this video also leave us a thumbs up and helped us get more if you here's the good news even they kill trump and kill me it doesn't matter now their whole system's blown wide open people know it's an elected they know it's far and they know it's globalist they know it's Islamic they know it's satanic they know what Pat a file and they know it's out to get everybody and it's anti prosperity and so just rejoice that we're getting devastating victory for right now joining us is Roger stone out with breaking news on the isolation of the president the open push for could a tall ... the launch of his own you know my media system called real news as the media freaking out Roger stone well it's great to be with you up here I'm still love trying to digest everything we talked about last week but I am convinced that the 3 generals who now were in the top circle around the president are is seeking to isolate him totally ... is that kind of a death March to walk him towards the ultimate execution by ... Robert Mueller the president ... is ... ... you know is a probably relieve that that chaos other existed under Ryan's pre best of the oval office being an open door colonel like the Marx Brothers a state room scene ... I can understand why the president would be relieved but now we are at a juncture where they speak cut off old friends political allies friends from business friends from the world of finance friends ... from ... the president's past well Alex so I I really think the focus now has to be on the generals ... general McMaster ... has conducted a purge of ... trump ... loyalists ... inside the ... NSA ... he has put in charge is the number to a woman named Allison Nielsen whose job it homeland security where she was number 2 was to ensure that no one who supported Donald Trump or his ... immigration policies or hired ... he has ... put in to ... it into a fact ... this arrangement with the other generals where ... I am told they have an unwritten agreement that no military order will be honored unless all 3 of them signed up the usurpation of us of our entire ... us civilian authority a and I'm I don't believe that the us that the ... statements president put out has been seen correctly in in the right light I immediately begin to question whether the president had in fact seen the statement give that he was in New Jersey and that was issued from New York I now know the president was misled into ... approving a statement he was simply told that some ... have attacked ... that make masters for being a anti Israel and as you know Mister president he loves Israel without mentioning that Mister McMaster's recently said that and ... that to pardon me ... Susan rice had done nothing whatsoever wrong in her ... unmasking of ... sensitive a surveillance material for political purposes that's political espionage are and extending her ... hurt national security clearance these were 2 facts that I've my sources tell me the president was not aware of when he issued has a party US support for Mister McMaster so ... this is ... disconcerting I say let trump be trump I say that does the idea that he ... is that he is incontinent or need to handle ... is ridiculous but up sources tell me that the president was not happy with the a story he read that the ... that said that general Kelley was seeking to get control of the president's Twitter feed president the president put her feet is his province isn't being written by some other punk staffer or some ... you know military guy this is Donald trump's lifeline to the American people and the general I think may have made a mistake to in his efforts to attempt to close it that is powerful information because he was in the news being quoted talking about trump like he was some you know mentally retarded ... kid that you have to keep in the basement brace early America very sickening arrogant statements and I wasn't sure Kelly 7 C. N. analyze so much that either Kelly said that or he didn't say it but regardless implying that the president was being isolated for his own good and saying that he was no longer going to be do it on his Twitter alone I would run it past Kelly a again I mean these people are arrogant just like Rick master would run around and say we're going to topple Assad a dapper drops said that we weren't going to topple Assad and that he had to walk that back later these people are like whack a mole they keep popping up like bad kids just just feel they can score points with the mainstream media who wants to score points with his dying dinosaur edifice well and let's face it when congressman Adam bulls chef comes forward to heartily endorse the leadership of Henry McMaster of army of general McMaster I think that tells us all we need to know the globalists stick together McMaster ... is allied with the other 2 generals fora it is 7 days in may this is an effort to lower the president to sleep cut him off from his most loyal supporters which holds a truce from him about his government tried to determine them from doing any damage before they can take him out but then separately they don't want us warning the president all Hey 5 times this week clapper says he wants you to be overthrown ... look that you know on on on ... Al Gore just brag on the late late show that you're about to be overthrown so that's why they had the wash imposed a month ago saying Hannity has now got Alex Jones territory look he's crazy the claims of the planned for C. O. G. to overthrow he got it from Alex and they don't show that was an Atlantic monthly so you can get it for me this is going on Lou Dobbs Rush Limbaugh all of us yes it's true that Alex Jones in Rogers down all of us trailblazers yes don't you think a little tired beyond the trailblazers not dangerous scissors or to try to kill Roger twice I'm not going to get in the stuff going on behind the scenes here but let me tell you something if I wasn't somebody I'm not I'm not into abuse but if somebody's gonna do it I can flip a switch and like you understand I get my energy often try to destroy me understand I'm committed that I love you understand I flip the switch so they did understand I love olive absolutely enjoy it I'm going to put a good face on it I love it whatever you do because you're going to be defeated and we're winning the culture war and now you can't carry out your little assassination or whatever or hitting wood from drugs claiming that a collapse a mental issue but I'm on P. C. P. whatever it is you're planning don't think we all know and don't think you're ever going to get away with it McMaster and Brandon and all you do Garrity collaborator Benedict Arnold that sold us out to radical Islam don't ever I'm sorry Roger I'm ranting but you brought up this clip I had seen I watch it during the break and it made me get angry again but it shows how weak they are if they're afraid of us and are fighting around the clock desperately to keep our information get the president it shows what week crap they are not all strong we are but how weak they are well it's a big it's a 2 pronged strategy of one is to try to cut off all access to the president so that he doesn't watch info wars doesn't read Breitbart doesn't see that daily caller isn't watching town hall in a dozen of others us sites that he did avidly follow during the campaign so he's on a steady diet of fox and CNN and the 3 networks I fox is probably where he gets most of his information and if he's watching ... judge Jeanine or Sean Hannity or judging the palatine or Tucker Carlson he's get our Steve Doocy is getting a straight a otherwise you're right the complexion of fox's changing quickly by limiting the print media that he sees and ... is this swiftly curtailing his television viewing so that does not include alternative media ... it's much easier to control his perception of things ... as I've said 100 times on this program when Donald Trump has all the information almost invariably makes the right decision that your senator Thompson let me add this you been saying this for mines Kelly and others have tipped their hats their their hand they're on TV saying we were getting in totally isolated now some people say well that's the leaks so they can find the leaders are maybe Kelly's good maybe yes all I know is McMasters bad matters I don't know what's going on and yeah we're gonna see the league stop that shows Kelly's good up but or maybe the media's misquoting Kelly regardless here regardless all I'm saying is that that that that it's true he was being spied on its true they're trying to overthrow him and he needs to know their sorry go ahead that analysis be absolutely clear when they talk about at a meet when they talk about finding the leakers enclosing leaks this is folly but no president is ever able to do that they will run cursory investigations they're gonna find that the people in government who leak our strategic enough not to use our own cell phones or emails I they're not going to leave ... traces that for which ... in some cases are crimes in which they could be prosecuted them what will happen is the government will start using surveillance and ease dropping to try to catch the Lakers before they lay and it'll be that surveillance the deep state actually uses the start up stuff and twist things to burn potus well okay or even worse it will late it is precisely what ended up bringing up that president Nixon down it will now be used to use a condom my god trump was to really his own staff in all honesty the fact that we even need to put members of the White House staff under surveillance tells you that they have had poor hiring practices this should be the ultimate team of trump loyalists instead address that day one they put in she dept globalist Soros operatives at all the gatekeeping points kaput end the fifth column but it's very sad to me that the president is like a captive in a tower is instinct is good his heart is pure and and when he gives orders on the economy in their carried out we see the results he's meat being told things selectively so ... they can in my opinion lull him to sleep about the danger of Muller and what he has in store our age try to mute his corporate tax cut back to something meaningless to us tall as long as they can on the wall and otherwise just run the clock out hoping that the Democrats take the house in 2018 and then anything ... Mueller dishes up can be used as a as a phony excuse for impeachment if you're interested in learning how to create content and spread content will show you how good the operational YouTube channel click on the about button and then click message sent us an email if you want it engage become an ample warrior we will train you up if you like this video make sure you get the lights but it also subscribe to the channel and hit the bell I come below the video to get notified when the latest new content drop to keep us in your prayers we get a lot of resistance to put these videos out ... but to ya'll way be the glory //

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