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[Audiobook] Dinesh D'Souza "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party"
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Rare 9/11 "Flight 175" Footage
\\so well I you're kidding me this right I just the no well so for those of the I it just I think we building in the World Trade Center all over collapse there's a fire the last a hole where the rain had hit it that we earlier higher building there's more snow because you closing building feeling out the building is this is building the entire down areas no if I believe the entire our last I know this well all so it's the this I it's a very radio the one building tired we were our death yeah yeah //
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Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky Testimony - full live feed
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NBC September 11 live coverage
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Horny Joe Biden
\\our income was started thank you and maybe make me Hong well thanks go look up the senator talked here and here yeah I your our licensee you guys if save back all over okay well for the latest let's //
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The 9/11 Faker
\\in the years after the 911 attacks many stories have emerged of heroism triumph and tragedy but one woman's extraordinary tale of survival against the odds stands out I would go in the south tower and I lost my P. out there that day Tonya had stories seem tailor made for a country in desperate need of inspiration for stories below tragic but yet the most trial that of all the stories that perfect package everyone felt the time had politicians the press the families of the dead heroes who became a friend we took her on a just complete trust and faith in a report that we had no reason not to not to believe everything she was saying to us but there was a floor into his version of that terrible September day it would prove devastating when the planes hit the twin towers on September 13 the more on your head right Lydia he rather hi there Michael and in the weeks and months after as the nation grieved survivors the one that got away received little attention or sympathy they were after rule the lucky ones Jerry Bogut's was not he worked on the 80 second floor of the north tower the first plane hit 9 floors higher he managed to walk out just 4 minutes before the tower collapsed 3 members of his team what killed a number people afterwards told me well somebody must of been watching out for you you get kind of warm mystical in these situations I got angry that I said well why were there watching out for me the person 20 floors above might have been in a wonderful person you know much better than me in and then in a sense of value and they had no choice you know they they have no options and I did that doesn't make sense it's completely around Gary Cohen Sullivan was lucky to she'd only been working at the south tower but 3 weeks when the planes hit she survived simply because she didn't hear the announcements bordering a to stay at her desk I was so guilty for surviving I was really young all the the other thousands of people are dead but I'm still here ... yeah most of it is due to lack I worked on a low floor I didn't stick around the area ... I just laugh the in the aftermath of the attacks New York attempted to get back to some sort of normality but many survivors were struggling to come to terms with the horrific experiences after awhile you can't talk about this anymore different you when the round and Europe yearning to talk is greater than their ability to listen and and and and a lot of times it's repetitive repetitive so so sure you talk the first couple weeks for a couple months but then you feel like you just have to not talk anymore and ... it's not their fault it's just the reality of it nearly 2 years later many survivors still felt isolated and traumatized small group just 9 or 10 might have been a Manhattan church school to share their feelings when you were with other people in the group there was a certain permission to talk about whatever you need to talk about and they understand silence and then a I was use of the meetings spread quick each week more survivors would come desperate to share their experiences and and with laughs like we were able to get closer and closer to avoid kill we felt each other's pain and they gave me a lot I really and it worked it was great was really great suggests the car of the vote on 911 Cynthia Sheppard lost a fiance he died inside the north tower at the same time she was delivering mail to the World Trade Center she stood beneath the towers as bodies rained down in my mind I felt they worked the live they heard the day felt pain relief for they hit no I mean I still think all of them just before they hit and that like polite we just don't just look away forever the group grew soon there were 500 survivors signed up online I meetings with over 100 people amongst the new members one woman's story stood out Tanya had said she was on the 70 eighth floor the south tower that made a one of the early 19 people act or above the point of impact who survived but incredibly fiancee died in the north tower that day how vivid account of miraculous escape and tragic loss captivated everyone I looked around and it was like a horror movie people were mounted on top of each other the smell of burnt skin and people's inside was gagging I kept thinking about my fiance about our wedding I wanted to wear that white dress and that's where my love for him what an amazing tale I'm it with that her fiance was in tower one and she lives in tower 2 I'm her fiance with health Tanya was severely injured and managed to escape the power of the fourth class and then wound up in a hospital with a very severely injured ... and burnt arm something gave me the strength to get up I believe today it was my fiance on his way to firefighters took me in his arms the rest of the way out when the power came crashing down we found cover and the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital a wholly amazing 911 survival stories Tonya heads was unparalleled I thought it from the outside and Kenya 5 from the inside I could see the flames I can see the people jump and whereas she was the victim where she was on fire he was on this and the one safe there she had all the key elements from everyone else's story I saw it I ran from it she so it ran from it survived it must have a lost you know lost her husband anyone else has one element she had all the elements perfect storm but the thing that impressed a fellow survivors most was how well she seemed to be coping but she'd stuck at her career in global investment and now even found time to energize the group she put so much effort into the survivors network and it always made me feel guilty that I wasn't doing more preparing materials trying to define razors creating the agenda for the meeting lining up speakers things like that she gave a lot of money author to the organization she paid a lot of things out of her own pocket I can never give as much of myself as she cleaned they always made me think you know gosh how can anybody be that resilient I don't know what I would have done if that me that had all of those things happen to them because of this one event mmhm within months of joining Tanya was helping transform the survivors she helped the network get official status next if you would state funding she even found a specialist former expertly therapy session I'll see but like everyone else found tenure and a story irresistible her right arm would wish scarred and burned and and withered functional but but clearly badly damaged from from burns and with that with a look at that Armine her saying shoes on the floor were were some of the the ... plane fuel came Kemp's smashing a sloshing through and burning just automatically you're going wow look at that she's she's one of the people section bird by the flames and then that just what you don't question no one questions Tony ahead within a year she was to become 9 elevens most famous living face on 11 claimed 0 data lives but fewer than 300 compare bodies were ever recovered the remaining victims were lost in the rubble of what became known as the pit in 2003 the second anniversary loomed the experiences of survivors was still largely ignored they want to eat allowed ground 0 the place where they'd lost friends colleagues WNED suffered so deep if we wanted to go visit ground 0 to try to get some closure we were not allowed stand out ... around the big metal gate with all of the Torah ... taking their pictures and talking loudly on or stand next to the people found now horrible tacky merchandise that you know the picture book that the attacks and things like that there was no quiet place for survivors to go on to be able to have some closure with or to take a bite to their co workers or anything else they lost that there was an explosion course family members have access that's where their loved ones died no question no question but that of course survivors had it had experiences there too visiting there was something that we should be a lot of it if we just so there was a real strong feeling that not being able to do that was part of the issue of how survivors were being treated in the aftermath so far the survivors that got no way with the authorities but on March 17 Tanya sent out to concisely worded email to all members of the group somehow she negotiated away and I've arranged a visit to ground 0 for World Trade Center survivors during the visit those of you who are up to it we'll have the opportunity to descend to the bottom of the pit I realize many of you still find it difficult to go to the site so please think about this carefully Tanya a month later thanks to time his efforts small group of survivors finally got through the gates been to ground 0 it's very much like appearance on it also in many ways healing someone there's that aspect to it disturbing different people have different actions to that is a huge step for me in my healing process because that was the first time that I could stand there ... and like out some of the memories or talk about the memories that happened that day I know a lot of other survivors that went down there on that day feel the same way that it was a first that kind of and the closure I within 6 months of joining the survivors network Tanya I become the driving force behind the group people around her they were appreciating what she was doing for them while look at how this tower survivor who so badly scarred and damaged Anne and lost her fiance and so forth look how well she's doing to help all all of us cope with these things so she was acting like a good role model of being a good survivor and people were were and deep appreciation everyone who met Tanya was struck by how strong she seemed despite a terrible loss n't she did have a relatively sunny pleasant disposition and she wasn't Morosi whether to procrastinate you know that was in a way inspiration all like okay it's possible to live through sites hiring tragedy and still go on and you know have a life and be happy relatively and you know being and who you are in spring 2000 and fool the group started writer's workshops at last she seemed Tonya how to outlet for his sadness then she put her grief for display should do all so wrong it hurts as much now is banned them you cannot understand why why lying I talked to Dave and told him I was sorry but he didn't answer back our photos together are known the ghost of a life I once had desperately want back my other half is missing ripped away from us by human missiles Tanya had set about creating a public audience for her in a personal tomorrow she began mass mail outs to all 500 members of the survivors network detailing how painful recovery her experiences seem to be more than many of the other people who were involved in the summer and even though we try to be began carrying an equal and how there's no question that this hierarchy of suffering does form and the stories that we were telling didn't seem to have as much impact as of what Shakespeare she would walk in and would barely make it to our city because she would be of surrounded also by fans the whole group was becoming entangled in town his heart break on 3/23/2004 he posted the latest installment of the story except that work had led to a personal breakthrough I today I got a promotion at work at night still don't know why most of the times my mind is miles away I relive over and over the moments I shared with Dave my fiance who died in the north tower she after I heard about the promotion I had this urge I called the store with a wedding dress I never got to where he is being stored and told them to go ahead and donated to charity this is a big step for me it's been accumulating dust for 2.5 years and it's time I WNED but US Tanya put a tragic story center stage inconsistencies appeared I told some people she'd lost a husband others that her fiance had died the first doubts surfaced about town is incredible tale one occasion I asked her what her fiance's last name once yeah she does refer to him as David but had never used last night part of it was curiosity and part of it I think was a little bit of ... suspicion and she gave me last night and I remember ... looking in the portraits of grief that they wrote after 911 and everyone else and I said well why am I even doing this you know what would I felt bad that I was even suspicious of someone I just didn't wanna pride in what I make her feel worse I didn't want to ask more questions and even when you did ask questions when she was emotional sheriff don't answer them here just you know continue to be emotional never prevented her from from answering your questions but I think it made people less willing to act Jim but it wasn't just turn his vulnerability that made people reluctant to question in the 4 years since you've been in the survivors network the story had been central to that change of fortune and US New York prepared for the fourth anniversary of the attacks they were finally going to take center stage thanks to Tanya the organizes a new 911 I've got to hear of Tonya's story it's weighted them that survivors accounts mostly featured on 9/9/2000 by leading politicians opened the trip front of the world's press however many hundreds of times I've been here since the attacks is not a time when you don't see visitors coming here who were not here that day walking the grounds peering at the site trying to comprehend the story and it's our obligation to tell the only 1 story summed up both the tragedy and the heroism of New York on 911 Tanya heads why was she chosen to give the tour to the mayor and 2 other dignitaries probably because her story is the most tragic but yet the most triumphant overall the stories she made it out I thought she helped other people along the way she still carrying her head high in the notion you know she lost her husband who she has this permanent injury to her or so she is an inspiration to other people Michael Daly a reporter with new York's Daily News was among the press he picked up on Tonya striking behavior that day I didn't seeing anything for her release soon I appropriately moved by what she was saying and then people will listen to arise she didn't seem like she was jumping all over south to get a picture taken on that no we the way so we start here we think we are feed off camera listening you know trying hero was going on was had I could see that she was nervous she was edgy and now I've my reading that time was that there was because of the nature center and knowing she would be the first person giving the first short were liquid the other guys will tell this story it'd get what happened that day and what have you there she like she's always been so much an issue is it soon this our own thing and how much you as a reporter really need to drag her through choose a person who appeared to be using courage she was not someone who is accustomed to speaking to groups or accustomed to being on television and just put out of her mind that that all this was here and here's her these very very famous port politicians all this right there the foot Mahathera plays through that in in a way that one could appreciate and someone who was a opposable it very emotionally traumatized and damaged who had become the poster child for the tower survivors and was right attempting to deal with us the day we don't a crowd of them were very grateful another they I know I know you did a great job because says she'd been vetted by history by that point I mean if they gave you know she's not there we would people attribute guarantors of this point if it was a jet do I like play store is intent on not to be true absolutely do I make every effort I can make to make story is accurate yes I do just late that night Tanya email the network she made no attempt to hide her delight geek week for those who missed it here's a short clip about it notice the amount of cameras pointing at me and noticed one giving the tour too Pataki Bloomberg and guiliani don't ask me what I said because I have no idea I was freaking out only god I was totally overwhelmed and I had to tell my story it was like Hey that's great you know that's one of ... so people are very aware of it they're congratulating her it was a good thing John you had was not part of the official account of 911 of fame grew so did the questions about his story 9 months after the attack in may 2002 the New York times published a definitive account of the last terrible minutes inside the twin towers they claim they interviewed everyone who'd survived from the impact Florida Bob but now it looked like that been a crucial mission Tony head wasn't across America grieving families and friends seized on the New York times piece the clues about their loved ones dying moments ... 40 miles upstate from what happened been up at night the crowd has had lost their only son wells they scoured the article through any mention of him I took the paper and sat down and read it and sure enough that's when some of the arm survivors had started mentioning this mysterious man in the red bandanna and soon a pipe and red bandanna I think all my god well there you are I've found you was like a miracle he she called out to me I was shooting the kitchen choose a better option Jeff a couple come here I sit here I think I found wells and ... because well it's always carried a red bandanna in his back pocket since he was 7 or 8 years old in this father first game a red bandanna he always carried red bandannas with wells already bandanna man was just 24 years old when he was killed he'd been a high school hockey champion didn't UCSD volunteer at the local fire department after college he started out as a junior trader on the 0 and fifth floor of the World Trade Center Mr in very nicely he enjoyed it who's in the towers he loved working in towers I remember one day he called me up and I was at my desk in New Jersey I said that is it raining where you are I say it's pouring he said not where I am Sunda so I'm looking down at the clouds however it and he thought that was just nifty how he really did he love of that concept after the attacks red bandana man kept coming up in the accounts of the divide this wells had gone back into the burning south tower at least 3 times that morning it'll be rescued beat 911 had many heroes but few like wells Crowther in recognition he was the first citizen to be made an honorary member of the New York fire department he wanted to be a firefighter and he was doing that job which he and his heart of hearts what a typically then able for that to I have incredibly tight full when we are to know that no greater love hath one then because laid out his life Bristow Taliban and he did if he'd wells's story became a legend struggling to rebuild itself and as the tribute center tools grew in popularity and you shake it began to appear in time his account a young man with a red bandanna when she first told me she was on the Senate floor one the first thing he said was did you see the man with a red bandanna and the answer was yes I saw him but over time that became now get to see him but he put the fire out on her back and I I think I think possibly that a letter to the stairwell or something so it seemed to change over time that's what I noticed and again it's easy that's here out that say well he didn't talk about the same way then or I didn't hear it the right way or you know whatever but ... it just seemed to change over time and become more than it had been initially the tools of ground 0 would now running 6 time day and as we Tonya story was reaching thousands of from around the world in time the parents of red bandanna I heard the rumors about yet another survivor who owed her life to that song if someone says I hope you're the father and the man in the red band yes I was one of I'm delighted to meet them to know someone else but he was able to and I'll help and preserve their life I mean that's that's it's more of an affirmation of his life so when we heard about this woman Tonya had we were very excited and we wanted to meet her at first Tonya seemed reluctant but in March 2006 she finally agreed to meet the crowd this Tanya insisted they meet in private at one of Manhattan's most exclusive dining clubs we just talked and how often we we talk to first spoke about wells bit and then she ... she said well I'll tell you what happened with me but it was like a recitation homeless you know it was just she started talking and just kind of recited the story she said she was lying on the ground and and she thought this terrible pain in her shoulder and then she felt padding heading it and she was gonna stop it's not that hurts which but it was well is putting out the flames and she saw him when she turned wearing the red bandanna she said look on his face and I saw the beautiful brown eyes she said I have this picture in every room in my house so I can see his eyes every time every room I mean he's always there with me Mrs and I wish I touched you know so you know it was and you can take a piece of that clothing because she said it was the last thing that he had touched and you can have it put into a plaque like under a piece of glass of sugar like new site or something like that and present that to us should I would we took her on a just complete trust and faith you know what we had no reason not to yeah not to believe everything she was saying to us uhhuh in October 2006 Tanya head was voted president by members of the survivors network but there are growing concerns about that when she walked in the room there was an arrogant about her and I thought she was pretty pompous and so was the person that she was with but I could tell the other person was the follower and Tony was the leader no we weren't there for fun and games we weren't there for glory I was so turned off by that I fulfill my obligations did my tours and I resigned uhhuh most of the group though remained an aura that he president but how well she coped like Tonya Cynthia was traumatized after losing a fiance in the north tower he just continue to work and continue to help she was their friend hello I just felt that on rather than to Jeff ... Kate the pain bottled up I would have been able to like talk to her about it and she could help me please some of the pain that I Val Tanya usually went out of the way to help other survivors this time she seemed strangely reluctant okay shift that we're gonna talk back on the top of we never thought we'd never spoke and it was like a total avoidance I felt like I was been avoided by her and I I I I said well maybe it's me maybe that's the reason you know I I I couldn't understand why but we never we never really got into a conversation about our lives every year the crowd does hold a memorial concert for the song well in 2006 they invited Tonya they asked her to address their friends family and people wells had rescued uhhuh uhhuh I ... holidays with us today yeah but I have heard our kids to go to court but just as she was preparing to speak Tanya backed out she asked a friend to talk on her the whole at the time I just felt the very honest and sincere warmth torture if I think about it now is no you know I I don't have a feeling about it I really don't in hope something that I did at the time which made sense and was you know ... emotionally and and spiritually the right thing to do I'm not going to mean that everyone who comes along and says all I was there I'm not going you know do diligence on everyone home ... you know if they come with the you know what appears to be a pretty credible curriculum vitae fine I believe up to now everyone had taken time you're on face value on 9/7/2006 the New York Daily News ran an article telling the tale of Tonya's extraordinary escape from the 78 rule the first time it'd been written up in full for most readers it was a feel good piece but the journalists at the New York times were puzzled they'd already interviewed over survivors from that floor so who was this woman reporter actually called me and he said you know we're doing a story on Tonya said well it's nice and I just assumed it was I think though the anniversary that was coming up and or had just passed and ... her story and so forth you know should present as a barber that were seen over illogical when he started asking the questions though it became obvious after a couple minutes that it wasn't it was investigation Disney lot about what she told me about her story lot of details in another this seem to be in ... for a story that was going to be just about her experience without the need vitamins are part did you say that Dave was things that you would necessarily ask if you believed somebody story they were just doing a regular article about me he was asking yes but the big question had I ever seen a picture had I ever I heard her say that they were engaged he wanted to do a story on time you had a nice story about the successes and all the wonderful things she'd been doing in head of this and head of that and you know what how positively she turned around her terrible experience do you think that they're just a few details that we can't you know just a few facts we can't seem quite to get himself gripping too yeah isn't so maybe you could help us out a so I don't know that much about it really ... other than you know what she's told us but outright and he said well what was your husband's name I think that you mean she wouldn't tell you that she emailed me reporters are out to get me please don't share information publicly and I I responded that I have nothing to hide about the survivors network and an answer the questions and there's one other shows I can't recall purchasing fine you know I don't hide anything but which is also a thing about me and I said I I responded I'm going to answer their questions it would seem that you need to talk with them is that what you're refusing to talk with though the last contact I had with a week later The New York Times ran a front page story on Tonya every aspect of the story was called into question Tanya head was exposed as a fraud a hoax stoned America but much of the world but for one woman in Brooklyn it came as a surprising really now I understood the avoidance it was right tremendous the wait was right while lifted it wasn't me all the time I thought it was neat I was the problem that way made the because I was a postal person and maybe I wasn't there in the tower you know I was that Jessa outside person so I was not considered part of the team and here now it once by while it was all a fake with yeah and lying a woman who said she was a survivor of 911 nmap with then your city mayor Rudy guiliani it turns out it was all a lie I wouldn't have tired and I lost my fiance and I thank occupied her head nor her lawyer are talking there is no evidence had ever made money off her story which she did makers in America we've been taken ... confusing sure we can do and many of us want to protect her stolen and that America could believe it and you know there was a whole disbelief and his campaign I wasn't really angry with her she is a a raving lunatic she made up the story and I knew immediately why she would do it you know for the notoriety and for the attention yeah as the news broke around the world every aspect of time his story was exposed as a lie she didn't work in banking it will have an office at the World Trade Center the fiance dates family had never even heard about then the Spanish national newspaper love on quad DHEA discovered that just 10 days after 911 when Tonya claimed to be in hospital with first degree burns she was actually enrolling at business school in Barcelona I have a dog with more than 20 people attending her class same day all of them remember tiny being there and ... nobody remembers 9 yeah hate anything about that that may 11 that would have been the first thing but had to say I buy the CD the then mentioned 911 appalled to anybody and of course ... he then show in the injure I thought Ndiaye's real name was Elyse yeah as Debbie had and her background provided another shop Nkana policia was from a well connected Spanish family she'd even attended Swiss finishing school genuine survivors were horrified to discover the time it wasn't even a U. S. citizen taken a plane I'm crossed the Atlantic to live out her fantastic lie but it turned out she'd been in the public eye before Clinton and bend intelligent Promociones CA and almost a decade earlier when Tommy was still a young student her family had been headline news for months her father and brother had ended up in jail for that part in a massive 24000000 euro state ruled our friends things that can never recover ready for that so we or trying to be except that by the group I should try so hard well hard to be except that than in the loft that he was ... willing to do anything with him Islam Tanya learn to get the approval she longed for click by lying even the damaged arm that was so useful in a 911 hoax and now the this study was that he had and what kind of part I fall I was driving the ... might Ferrari with my boyfriend and you know I was ... lame really pop that we the roller all of the people you know why I'm writing for this all of you never Paul anymore but you know what I mean because with all these lies ... he never ... glory at least I have never found nobody telling me maybe then really my theory and this is something I've developed just myself and I have no basis in fact upon which to ground but it would appear to me that she is an individual with a low self esteem very low self esteem if you seen pictures of her Eusebia short heavy set woman not one would consider to be released I would consider to be don't tap me on the leg here I'll go a and not what I would consider the ad particularly attractive individual so the normal standards but that's not how we judge people know here of course not but I'm this is part of my theory and that she feels no she felt that she needed to do something to create a different Tanya created Tonya head so well njih lifted it's like the 5 years without serious questioning what amazed everyone was how completely she built this new identity there's a point in our lines child with can you stop we realize realize it'll becoming famous athlete well it's never going to happen that's when you decide to make the best out of what you have for a tiny moment there we all achieve complete happiness at that rare instance we accept ourselves for who we are and we are satisfied suddenly life is no longer about what you have it becomes about what you don't have and that my friend set us off into our search for the stars its such a bullshit pardon and I know I I mean now I look at it and they just go wow it's amazing it see constructed a very large narrative and then the big story you know and then I guess doled out in pieces there's a violence to it Anna and and it's a moral possibly immoral to do what was done but I wouldn't call it sacrilegious it's taking advantage of people and everything is as it seems yeah it's taking advantage of people in that you take care advantage of critically vulnerable people that's probably if it works but Tanya hadn't committed any crime under American law speaking through her lawyers Tanya had declined to be interviewed for this film her exact whereabouts are unknown I am very torn she did a lot of good for our organization and to have all of that discredited ... is it pretty it's a hard thing to discredit at all and I mean she still they get for organization and but you didn't have to lie she could done those things without labeling herself at something she was it seems Tonya or in PCS simply packed her bags and left New York she was free to leave the truth behind I think it's time you had asked me to trade I wouldn't trade without I would note love hurt to have my family and my and I can in February 2008 an email was sent to the survivors network from Spanish account claim to turn your head I committed suicide it could be just one more story no one knows for sure what Tonya had is planning next the coroner's office identify Jonathan the DNA when I was Johnson's younger brother Timothy the painful experience of confirming the United attention Timothy you recognize shoes and his hand he said he said I would know my brother's hands and his feet //
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Cass Sunstein: Conspiracy Theories & Other Dangerous Ideas
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"The Secret Life of Bill Clinton" CSPAN (1997)
\\the book is called the Secret Life of Bill Clinton the unreported stories the arteries Ambrose Evans Pritchard good morning to you Sir good morning activity let's begin where you begin in the book you talk about how Oklahoma City bombing how that incident ... revived the Clinton presidency and you're using the president's words when you say that right now vital he gave an interview on airforce one after the election few days afterwards he was relaxed and he said he owed his ... great turnaround in his fortunes to the Oklahoma bombing and he meant it in a good in a good spirit it wasn't ... so those are negative comment but he said that what it what it did is it crystallized a sense in the country that right wing and Republican rhetoric could gone too far frosted and anti government ... as some sentiment in the country and it's just a precipitated this this song terrorist ... movement why is that incident such a focal point of this book well I think something that hasn't been reported to the American ... people is that many of the families have filed Los endorse it well number of lawsuits in fact against the federal government alleging that it was a sting operation or at least at the very least that the government was negligent and had some ... responsibility for what happened perhaps had a degree of prior knowledge that it was a broader conspiracy and they haven't told a full truce the the families ... many of them are very angry and one family in particular Glenda Kathy Wilburn who lost to grant your children in the daycare center conducted the rain private investigation for 2 years and they feel that the government cover up the true story that was up a broader conspiracy and that was probably a sting operation that went disastrously wrong and they've not come clean about it our guests will be with us until the top of the hour of phone lines are open you can also fax or email us on Mister Evans Pritchard is a reporter based in London spent some time here in Washington I yeah I did for a half years ... as the Washington correspondent for the London Sunday telegraph and I've not pretend that I'm writing for the ... about European affairs for The Daily Telegraph in London last Monday syndicated columnist Robert Novak I wrote this piece a sting operation gone awry he talks about ... Andreas Strossmayer a former west German army lieutenant illegally in the U. S. who is he and why is he important the bombing but serves as a very good question to Tim McVeigh ... telephoned him ... a few days before the bombing shortly after he I called a Ryder truck rental agency ... and that's how he got drawn into the whole question of the bombing in the first place now he's a former German army officer spent 8 years in the Bundesliga and he told me he'd had intelligence training I had done some intelligence work in the German army and he came here the intention of working undercover for the US justice department ... and ... he admitted that to me I'm so it's quite significant that he should figure as a character in this ... limit extended McVeigh circle he's also been named by an undercover informant of the ATF Carol how as somebody who was staring up race war terrorist campaign against the US government now with his background I find it very hard to believe that he's a genuine neo Nazi terrorist which is how he presented himself I suspect that he was here on some kind of undercover mission now whether it was for the German government well for the United States government or vice I don't know I think I might and conjecture and this account provision is that he was ... adjoined asset a penetrating the neo Nazi far right ... and those great concern that they were escalating this terrorist activities you devote a fair amount of time to allow the conspiracy theories that we're here ... on this network and read about from time to time different publications Vincent foster was it suicide was it murder well I didn't answer that question ... what what I say is that Kenneth Starr's ... investigators the prosecutor he appointed to reopen the case came to a different conclusion he told Ken Starr after a 4 month investigation that was serious evidence of foul play his name is Miguel Rodriguez ... he went to start the told star what didn't uncover drinks investigation using the grand jury and can't stop a looked the other way he didn't want to hear it he didn't want to deal with it sue Rodriguez resigned went back to California and that is the only time that it's ever been seriously investigated after that it was all damage control so I think you know I don't feel that Ken Starr has the authority to deliver the report that he's delivered I don't think ounces any of the questions is just a rehash of the Fiske report which was incredibly weak and ... he selectively uses witness testimony to support his case and it's very very very thin and at people who are familiar with the with the archive of documents in this case natively cystic nor to calm a colossal amount of evidence and is a look ignored what the crime scene witnesses said so what is your conclusion of the Clinton presidency so far because of the scandals or in terms of his general perform in terms of this book well I I wish I my conclusion is ... ... effect is very very corrupt man and ... in 8 that the it is partly generational thing I think that the current generation in power not just in America but in most industrial countries is is very ... has lost its on a code is lost its integrity ... and Bill Clinton is the emblem of that you're right that ... if president Clinton eludes justice at least it can be said that his destructive influence has been checked and checked by whom well they they think the good side of this book is not all negative on is that the ordinary people in America have held the line you know and we've we've we've seen it with the families in Oklahoma we see it now the people through the book who resisting abusive pa in that little corner and perhaps not always successfully but they're basically preventing ... what I consider to be a decadent and dishonest leadership class from dragging this country down and turning it into a banana Republic unit something to think the ordinary people of the ones who are going to save America not allowed to go the way that other countries have gone when it's democracy is being threatened by internal decadence I wanna get to cause but briefly give us the history of why you wrote this book and who your sources were well the okay sources first ... they're very few unnamed sources in this book in fact ... was aware of it is Scott name sources so people can make a judgment for themselves about how they want to evaluation ... yeah I first got dragged into this morass when when I start going to a console and talking to all the people that I'm not became quite clear to me a lot of very bad things have been going on for the last 1015 years that is to become a ... haven of of narcotics trafficking and the more I looked into it seemed to me the political machine in Arkansas and was involved ... and they've been a lot of ... misuse of the criminal justice system people have been intimidated people died the ... the and I started looking into these ... issues online IBM well I'm not going back up for them to go thrown right into the middle of it you also have ... a fair amount of ... pages toward the end appendixes ABC so and so forth what's in here well I'm the first part of documents from the Oklahoma bombing case to particularly the the briefing reports from the a TF when the debrief their own ... they're undercover informant Carol Howe including a ... debriefing from the FBI ... 2 days after the bombing when she named across mine and another follicle Dennis Dennis may Hanukkah and as having planned to blow up federal buildings and she said specifically that Dennis may Hana planned to blow up the Oklahoma the city federal building this is 2 days after the bombing cheese cheese at the command center of the FBI in downtown Oklahoma at Bethlehem they never into this man they conducted a 20000 witness interviews all over the country many of them irrelevant and never into the matter there and a government informant told them planned to blow up that particular building they have a lot of us free to do the book is called the Secret Life of Bill Clinton the author is Ambrose Evans Pritchard will get a call from battle creek Michigan from our independent line good morning yes I think ... bill couldn't get a bad rap in sos al gore's because tennis it serves them no constitution of the United States that all people are created equal how come ... homosexuals have to pay taxes but do not get in any fair representation I'm a perfect example I'm suing the company because they were homophobic they had the police come and drag me out of my house and torture me for 17 hours color and then attempted only because we have ... brief amount of time and we're trying to talk about this book ... by Mister Evans Pritchard you want to comment on that or have a question or need is being dragged through the mud by these Republicans when they find them clean they should charge a Republican Party for the cost to the American taxpayer so you're saying because he supports gay rights he's being attacked ... by the Republicans yeah okay your response well ... that that may be a bit of that going on I don't know I mean everybody has their own agenda icon really ounces of Adam and I have something of a libertarian streak in me and don eh whether somebody's gay or not doesn't particularly bother me from our democratic line at Charlotte North Carolina good morning you know yeah how you doing I thank you I I I just like to say that ... every bill the is a little strange on this Waco and the ... Oklahoma City bombing bombing I think you should look to pose session for this individual Timothy McVeigh and you might find the answer if you don't do that your ear loosen the situation altogether so what what what you mean by possession in a short quite understand the budget and even the bottles that's a very personal question and I don't get into religious issues really on this program who published the book out regularly it's a ... ... conservative ... publishing house in Washington with your first choice did they come to you did you go to them how did that work and thanks you know I wasn't really I wasn't really planning to write a book I just wanna be to it there's too much too difficult to do and don't ... I have a friend who's an editor regularly and he approached me and he's he encouraged me ever cared about a year to do it and then my wife weighed in and said you've got to you've got to write a list a few city cont leave the country without putting all this into a book so she persuaded me to accept the offer and on sided how many books have been published what first print run I think it's about 50000 which is quite quite a lot actually and explain this picture when was it taken and why is that on the cover well I only enough I can't answer that because I many just seen it myself ... I I came over from London on Thursday night and I never see the book before they had to be with the coffee and dump of us find the picture of course have a First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton whispering in the ear of ... president Clinton ... but was it taken at the White House you just don't know I I I must find out as its terrorist have been negligent of me not tonight but Tom we got a call from Hattiesburg Mississippi good morning to you you're calling from our Republican line yes good morning I would like to ask the author about so as I understand it Bill Clinton will not reveal his medical records and make them public is this the first time that American president has does not want to reveal their medical records I understand that when he first became president that the doctrine the White House was fired because he wanted to see what bill medical bill Clinton's medical records had to say appreciate your comment about this that's true that doctrine in the White House ... he he was going to give ... an injection an allergy injection to the to the present but he he was also do it and he refused to do it and I see a sort of medical records fast ... and he was I think 5 with interest for us is that ... I think certainly in recent American history that dumb people of even thought of Reid report requesting the medical records from from the president so I don't know whether there's a real precedent here ... he certainly is never revealed them what he's done is revealed ... and eva summaries of the medical records but not the actual rule documents one of the things that I know that the young Porter James ... legal team want to do is shake blues the entire set of role documents Tom going back 15 to 20 years you in a number of instances use the term abuse of power who has the power and who is abusing it right well it's it's good if it's about it's more than just Clinton it's about the whole ... power structure in the United States to specifically while it the justice department the FBI the political class ... as a whole so when you say the justice department you referring to Janet Reno when we say the FBI are you referring to director Freeh or other people in the department that are abusing the power while I think that people in the department abusing the power you take the case of Carol Howe which she came forward as an undercover informant and said yes it's true I penetrated if what appeared to be a bombing conspiracy ... that has great relevance to the Oklahoma bombing they immediately indicted her on on men indicted they've a bust at her house she was still working as an undercover informant for the a TF the FBI comes in Boston house and ... arrests have boyfriends charges him and then the whole over half of 3 months the possibility of charges and when she refuses to to tow the line shut up they indict half then they put her on trial ... and ... yeah de she went on trial last July I know and all this and she was finally acquitted by a jury in Tulsa but that that is absolutely disgraceful thing to to to to eliminate somebody has become a liability to them bye bye what they did is they turned her cover against a should be given a voice explosives equipment as part of a by the a TF what you collected it during her duties for the H. if they knew she had it and they turned to cover against her they said because she had this equipment use planning to make a bold laughs actually ridiculous so who's calling the shots who's telling them to do that very good question and it appears that this thing was orchestrated by the highest levels of the FBI ... FBI counterterrorism many in Washington ... they seem to be the orchestrators of the criminal ... charges against Carol Hahn they should be held to account for that subsidy disgraceful but the it was the assistant US attorneys who actually prosecuted the case in Tulsa and it was a US attorney in Tulsa this was a scene in the snow Northern District about how ... whom must be held accountable for this who gave the order for that did anyone in the ... Clinton White House either current or former cooperate with you on this ... they stopped ... cooperating with the Clinton along time ago why I think they young they found that they couldn't really spin me from our independent line fort Mohave Arizona good morning every penny governing good morning to you I was calling to ... you think Tara how ... was informant for and had such power how can this happen in our judicial system here in America I don't understand how do we know everybody's saying the phrase guilty on I have a total ... opposite believer that you just well ... I I think he's I think he was guilty and his lawyer pretty much admitted that during the sentencing ... hearings ... but ... I think I think is only part of the story there are a lot of people in downtown Oklahoma his soul McVeigh with a group of other men that morning okay operating in what appeared to be of a terrorist cell ... and I feel that the the investigation by planting Kathy Wilburn and Tom and ... and I plan to journalists cool John cash based on credible work for that McCudden daily Gazette have essentially sketched ... the outlines of the broader conspiracy and who might have been involved and they've concluded that the bombing was carried out by an organization called the Aryan Republican army which is the young Maitri wing of the ... Aryan nations ... near Nazi movement in fact you have a document here that ... because of the white Aryan resistance in this from the department of treasury which ... supervises the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms how did you get these documents well they can't a lot of it was with some came forth and legal discovery from Carol house a criminal trial ... some of it came full little bit of it came out ... in McVeigh's McVeigh's trial it was provided to McVeigh's defense team and discoveries have basically most of it has come forward in in nam through through the legal process not all of it there are some things in there that are still sealed that I've been able to to examine a few more minutes so ... with that Mister Evans Pritchard is the author of a new book on president Clinton and his administration Pittsburgh good morning my name is Mary Kay and ... calling this morning ... to ask this therapy I get very hip require name right now about your background and your credentials and so ... gathering in writing information out from the photo writing because the earlier part right well I mean I ... I was a Washington ... Gary chief for the London Sunday telegraph I was just sent over here on on on on on a routine assignment ... with a server for now fears ... before that I've ... I worked on covering economic affairs in London IE works in Latin America for many years I was in central American correspondent for the economist at 1. ... and I've done 2 stints in America as a reporter suicide tons 7 right is reporting in this country you know back in London did that have any direct relation on this book well it was a hell of a lot easier to write the book and then and then and then leave ... without an escape all the consequences of it in the sense that I I if I was an American journalists might I'm pretty critical of the American press but I can see all constraints of their working under and it is quite difficult to challenge the entire power structure which is what I've done in this book is not just attacking Clinton I'm a pretty tough on the Republicans as well ... you kind of burn your bridges and uses your friends and it's very difficult for an American journalist or an journalist right that kind of book about their own country they can't continue to operate and function as a journalist ... I mean if I did this in London ... about the British ... power structure I really couldn't continue to work with so leaving sort of made it easier Ridgewood New Jersey good morning I could morning you just mentioned that the Aryan nation might have been involved in that bombing and I'm just wondering ... if it did they have anything any objection to that a Waco ... debacle of which you just coincidence that the Oklahoma City bombing occurred on the anniversary of Waco also was Larry Potts involved in the investigation of Oklahoma City wasn't it also at ruby ridge and soon at Waco and you talk in your book about the jury was a park thank you ... less hot hot question to on sounds role that the the Aryan nations on probably had they didn't like they didn't like the branch Davidians at Waco because on ... about 40 percent of the people died away correction black they're mostly Jamaican ... ... and in those and some of the major issues well and their emissions is very anti semitic and very of course Rivera anti black say but there was a certain I'm parallel interest today ... sore big government I'm out of control and down the the effect that the branch Davidian flag was flying at this at this headquarters of the ... of this neo Nazi group ... elohim city so there was some kind of identity with them and I think Tim McVeigh was very much influenced by by Waco but I'm not sure that some of the other people we suspect were involved in a conspiracy that was the that was a factor but not the and the facts I think ... that a big a factor was the fact that one of the leaders was executed on the day of the bombing ... a school Richard a Wayne Snell he was executed ... in Arkansas on 4/19/1995 and I know some of the families feel that that probably was the biggest single ... that's why that date was chosen in our remaining moments how does all of this connect to the president well he's always a happy things have happened under his watch Waco happened under his watch is the worst it's the wounded knee of the twentieth century in a later this the worst abuse of power people didn't come to number of people killed as a as a result of an act by the government and he never dealt with it he instead of farm ... heads railing people being brought to account they went out and tried the victims and that he tried the victims and many some of the victims are now in prison 7 very long sentences on what I think incredibly flimsy charges and so that set in motion ... the militia movement it's set in motion to some degree if terrorists domestic terrorism movement the United States now suffers from leaving Atlanta bombings and this happened on his watch and where there are there are deep of forces that have been worked for many many years the kind of contribute to this I'm not sure it would have happened if Paul Tsongas had been elected Democrats and democratic president amorous Evans Pritchard is the author of the Secret Life of Bill Clinton the unreported stories now available at bookstores by Regner impress thanks very much for joining us thank you we hope you'll join us ... tonight for the White House followed by book notes and a live question time looking inside the British house of Commons that can be seen at 9:00 east coast time and tomorrow morning on this program our newspaper roundtable segment will include a Jill Nelson of USA today also will be joined by White House director of legislation ... John hilly and Pat Choate //
"2016-07-05 07:30:58"
Full 9/11 Chopper 4 WTC Tape
\\I copy that yeah I can talk copy that go ahead I'm reading well what from what we can see right here as we were coming up the whole and river week thick black smoke in the fire is still going on right now the World Trade for as far as the eye can see and you can tell right here at the our there's huge gaping hole flames not been able to in some building here in our gaping hole through we are simply not close enough for right at this point ... we are following the smoke in the air right now there are several boats watercraft the river right now we'll try to get a better vantage point little did air because buildings streets but no doubt a lot of that ... that that that apparently does look like it is in the other building at this point bad because they're telling us to back off I we've lost signal they think it was to like suicide bombers go ahead here I don't hear anything okay we have a 5 mile radius we need to stay back were over north Bergen I do not hear anything I he appeared unless they can hear me I do not even cellphone negative I do not have cell service I can talk about what I see yeah but I I'm not here 6 copy that movie they want to go live music 737 standing by for air they want to talk about what I see okay but we can tell you right now from appearing chopper for we cannot get any closer than about 5 miles to the see because we need to keep this far back but you can see black smoke so far as we are away consume in here for you first you saw the smoke the one tower then we witnessed an explosion on the other tower now we think that there was a plane that actually headed into that second tower at some point and that's what caused that second explosion we are unable to get close enough to actually show you were tell you what's going on at the ground but in unbelievable sight here from above the Hudson River at this back to that information from the tower the both the is the reason I don't have our channel because transmitters our you mean the plane ticket I can't even get a cell signal and they think the first one was a plane to Lincoln tunnels close we're only on cable I think were off the air they just so they're just saying they knocked out the transmit we have that channel 2 you go ahead desk calling public one we're currently still over North America Hudson River I don't know George Washington with all the tunnels bush's speech I have the offender on not from the top is that a better place if they we hear that it is now I'll I you can you talk from it they wanted a hug it's bill we have a long we can stay for about another hour before we need to feel shaking yeah go ahead this is chopper about one hour one hour copy that you want us to refuel and half hour for fire at the that works 7 are look at the the other side of it that buildings right over it's just steel beams the other for the face of it blew out yeah it's a ground shot that they have Space Center tougher for local desperately need yeah just so you know when we'd go down to refuel we will not be allowed back up in the air copy that the what do you make what you mean he yeah it there's a building in the way everything okay did they pushes back smoke inhalation the victims coming in that when this well it hit a lot of other people power fell lot of other people but that it's terrorism they're looking for a third plane I fired 10 I thought I had a some of them before they're evacuating 30 rock how do you fight a fight like that how do you fight a fire like this right but I don't these guys now I don't but I don't hear it it is Kennedy is evacuated chopper for the local gas get 5 songs said Dave shut down medical supplies into LaGuardia where we go see you tomorrow explosion on Capitol Hill and explosion on Capitol Hill possible bomb state the park is easy chopper for local dress there goes calling all the crews at a lower I lost that work right it's a different T. Deborah I just forgot what you said just think of anything copy that we are going to Teterboro they want us to land yeah they want us to land land they want everybody adding told Makoto Teterboro just my lunch he's my one of the bad we need fuel right so I got a little somewhere you need fuel right they want us to land they just want us there and back you waiting 30 rob so they just want us to land we want to go back get a phone installed //
"2015-11-25 20:41:43"
U.S. State Dept. Caught in Right to Self-Defense Double Standard
\\these Turpin rebels they have the right to defend themselves in I mean I think they're gonna be who I was and it's unclear to me whether they were getting the strike at them when they're writing structure not that that that right applies to everyone does it not not just to the rebels were supported by the west I'm not gonna I mean we like dirty water just here where you're going with this trucks could mean do you think that everybody has the right to defend themselves we said very clearly the right people during the us and Australia now no I don't have the right to defend themselves now it looked as if there's a clear now but I'm I'm not gonna accept your premise that somehow giving okay with ya on that raised I saw that right you know that it I mean what Assad reached right now now he raised it I just doesn't seem to be doing is hardly self defense ... you know ... meeting what we're peaceful protests with 4 years of unmitigated at terror ends ... and the salt on his own people as far as we know different look at what's going on in Syria for the past 4 years has been really a peaceful protests that you're saying for now as I am but we all know the chain of events I mean if you want me to you know to well let me ask you every once more I'm happy to do so but you know everyone in this room knows what Assad is perpetrated against people should any thought being given the fact that this airplane that this airplane was shot over Turkey yet the pilots apparently it came down and it and stand territory should should that be given some sort of scrutiny I guess I'm look I'm sure that folks are looking at all of the different aspects of this //
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9/11 Museum Website Video Is Enhanced With Cloned Smoke
\\9/11/2001 was probably the nicest day that I can ever remember my life up until about 846 in the morning when everything changed or nearing my wife worked in the World Trade Center at state and city that night we should a late client dinner and and early business meaning my firm at the top the floors where we were on the first to the floors of the World Trade Center and I well all of my friends all of my please a brother everybody's in the building working at 846 I guess it was ... I heard this lure this terrible roar of the engine this so this huge shadow higher window line looking over my desk was was lit up with a fireball and papers flying through the air and I thought it must mean earthquake because of whining sound run buildup of foundation and the slaying of the building billing righted itself we know something bad happens was looking out the windows which may sound I could see metal like it's a ... panes of glass and concrete things on fire falling when I looked at exactly see the plane half were in the building it's kinda like a still photo to make arming the wing in the tail still sticking out we drove down and everybody's running this way by the time I see the building crisis hardly shocking as can be there's a whole gaping hole inside the building smoke pouring out flames pouring out we got a lot of calls that morning ... from family and friends many of them you and my brother was the pilot may called to ask me if they thought he might be involved in this and I no no no but with my mother I said I'm I'm okay on the other building but we're gonna evacuate circling circling and then I heard the engines spool up as I heard the engines will be the more a plane hit tower number 2 literally alright it looked like a media strong religious you're coming burning I taxes steal size of our refrigerate one around exactly what you saw ... it at the World Trade Center really Pentagon ... only letter the ground about 3 or 4 minutes into ... into crawling around and unable to see anything appearing thank ... thinking that it's probably a really straining a sense of why people have been jumping out the windows one of things that I remember Arafat ... old equipment that they had on and they must be very heavy because the repenting to do it over breathing heavily and they were sweating profusely ... and I remember some of the people we gave them our water to drink pour water down to heads to cool them down and as they proceeded to continue up the stairs were part of I wish granting people as they walked out the door asking what what that sure they'd worked on which where did they come from we've gotten this if for 70 second floor a high floors in 90 second floor and then we heard there heard the sound was the loudest sound I ever heard noise over my head Yugos tremendous noise like a roar off my head like like a locomotive coming at you reminded me fixing his win very very fierce wind off a hurricane went I felt a rush of wind coming from above me and what sound like about 1000 freight train and before I had a thought to even say anything or do anything ... I heard a thump thump thump faster faster and then yes SmackDown there was a lot of chaos people running thousands of people running down the street screening yelling and so we just started to run and I am in the clouds so the cloud coming in and finally reached us and just engulfed us world goes black I'm laying there holding my breath hold hold your breath hold your breath Mary worked 2 World Trade Center the second tower and when I turned around I watched that building and at that moment I had a sense that or knew that she was not coming home tower to fell within less than 3 minutes Tom Miami once left I understand that paramedics and doctors that were that were down there on the ground and make it has stood in the active NDA and I saw now the north tower he was 13 of the soul life in this small area from like 30 fourth floor aw I don't know why but that part of that did to stay we didn't collapse remains does does to everybody and then if this was killed in hours sorry Sir that's the tax I saw little people in light Bob and all the while I was digging the only thing that I remember seeing was steel and rebar which goes to the concrete I remember seeing pieces of what I call myself a Madigan's which I know where it and ... bundles of rags on fire which I know that wasn't really rags on fire either I guess I too was showing my foot and and I I didn't do you think about me frightened but when I came out of that hole in my school devastation it was this huge piece of steel about 70 feet overhead with planning and chase everything's gone World Trade Center at this I lost my best friend for we at 960 and they've lost 600 lost every single person who was in the offices there was no way out and what percentage wise a second home in did you work there community and I'm thinking of off and I have a small dog I we need the national September 11 memorial and museum with the truth for future generations clutching a bad changed the lights of everybody in America not just what happened in New York but also at the Pentagon in Virginia and Chang Phil Pennsylvania where United treatment it also critically important first World Trade Center attack which happened on February 26 1993 I think it's important that the families who lost someone have someplace to go and remember them many of them gave it lives I could be here today ... so I live my life to remember them by then the memorial and museum is porn people don't know what they have done what they gave the last you know remind everyone there is strength of who we are we are together that cannot be denied tragedy brought people together and I think this mortal can do that again it will show those individuals who were responsible this tragedy we cannot be defeated and we remember our own and we respect and we are we are gonna our own //
"2015-09-04 01:33:22"
My 2nd Cousin and his Wife Seek Help Identifying Daughter's Murderer (2010)
\\they were playing the voting there is a program for children after all give it a clear you would never charged reference here is a look out reporter up bringing Hubert days they said that there are meant for all really love the tightly woven fabric of our family does change for ever but we will always be a family of 4 but it does look favorable action but not please if you know anything or know who is responsible north down please call don't we we need you to help them we've got more than 4003 call rebel depleted you I //
"2015-03-21 04:52:08"
Simon Shack's "Addendum" Exposed as Intentional Deception
\\ladies and gentleman there's a lot to do let's get going on 3/23/2009 Simon shack published a video called September clues addendum chapter 1 I will be editing Simon's addendum in the interest of time in continuity in his addendum Simon shack makes the claim that all of good live network footage depicting the collapse of tower 2 it's fake Simon bases his claim on the presence and activity of a certain helicopter flying in the vicinity of the World Trade Center 5 seconds prior to the collapse of to her to Simon then tries to demonstrate the absence of the same helicopter from live network footage this presentation is an examination into silence claim that the helicopter is absent from live network footage and the methods Simon uses to support that claim Simon's first step is to establish the presence and activity of the helicopter using amateur footage so let's rejoin addendum were Simon Shaq is focused on establishing the helicopter I have muted Simon's soundtrack for 2 reasons one Simon never speaks and 2 it would be easier to hear me Simon eventually shows this image depicting the helicopter 5 seconds prior to the collapse of tower 2 from Devon Clark's prospective please part meanwhile I would bet this map and draw a line of sight from Devon Clark's camera position to the helicopter Simon also plays a clip from the so called Spiegel camera position self east of the World Trade Center in Brooklyn Simon let's the footage role until tower too begins to collapse Simon then reversed the tape in ends when the helicopter is in position 5 seconds before the collapse of tower 2 going back to our map we can get a second line of sight from the Spiegel camera position to the helicopter as we rejoin addendum Simon is playing another clip from camera planet this time depicting the approach of the helicopter it's a long clip and I have to let it play in its entirety even though Simon interrupts the footage several times we do get to see buildings along Church Street in the foreground which pin the camera to church and Dwayne I was able to find a copy of this camera planet footage online and without Simon's interruptions I was able to measure 42 seconds of helicopter activity in the vicinity of the World Trade Center prior to the collapse of tower 2 this information becomes very important later when we learned about Simon Smith it for now here is our third and final 5 seconds helicopter picture here's a map showing the line of sight from Church Street that Duane after zooming in we see that the footprint of the helicopter is just north of tower one the helicopter has been firmly established near the World Trade Center and that complete step one Simon will try to demonstrate the absence of this helicopter from live network footage or put another way Simon tries to not find a helicopter so let's get right back to Denton and I'm just gonna let it roll Simon takes a moment to identify this helicopter as a police Celica but now he's back with the camera planet footage and he's ready to present some NBC helicopter camera footage I've got both eyes open I'm looking for the helicopter Simon then goes full screen with the highest definition footage available he says and I still don't see a helicopter the NBC camera angle changes to the General Electric building and I still don't see a helicopter I'm just letting this play straight out of a tendon and these camera change seem to be with the archives all that you read Simon's overlay please note the 2 helicopters are flying broadside to the sun from the camera's perspective and against a dark background NBC is cleaning up tape of the collapse Simon wants to see it again and so do I here we go looking for a pet the helicopter I don't see bet the helicopter let me play looking for the helicopter and Simon because the tape time for my first green bottle and I'm going to focus on sentiments treatment of the NBC helicopter footage Simon's first frames of live footage were during the collapse so I examined the archives from 42 seconds prior to the collapse to see what Simon left on the cutting room floor the views from the General Electric building but then they switched to the helicopter footage which is soon then on tower one when the camera zooms out we see Pat the helicopter right where it should be according to the camera planet footage so let's keep our eye on path the helicopter and see what happens when the camera zooms out some more the helicopter seems to get smaller and apparently disappears did the footage all of a sudden goal fake or is there a rational explanation something involving the laws of optics with the principles of photography the helicopter might not be big enough to register at this resolution the point I'm trying to make is that by suturing out the earlier portion Simon concealed the fact that the helicopter is in the footage thereby leading his audience to a false conclusion now what about the back end when Simon cut the tape during the collapse is a longer clip available let's see a German television program called Galileo mystery investigated 911 and big show the clip we need here's the clip the camera zooming in if your eye out for Pat and there it is here it is again in case you missed it camera zooming in a little more and there's the helicopter and now that we have more information about a helicopter in the footage during the collapse of tower 2 we can make a better judgment about Simon's claim I turn now to Simon's treatment of MS and DC please note the stamp earlier in the upper left hand corner which indicates Simon's willingness to examine non live material for evidence of past the helicopter this is a short clips of heads up straight out of addendum collapse is happening I don't see Pat the helicopter Simon puts up a question and then someone started displaying parallax which is beyond the scope of this presentation I search for a copy of MSNBC and here's what I found not only is there a helicopter in the upper left but there's another helicopter over on the right now let's much as the collapse happens with the helicopter in the frame what have we seen enough to judge Simons claim as invalid need more let's examine Simon's treatment of live chopper footage from channel to the city group center building and the Chrysler building help plan the camera just off Stanton island southwest of Manhattan so let's watch straight out of addendum all that you read Simon's overtly and there's another one looking for at the helicopter there's Pat waiting for the collapse which should store right about now keep your eye out for Pat there so Simon himself presented Pat the helicopter in live footage during the collapse completely depend king his own claim demonstrating once again that Simon publishers in the automotive bunkering genre and what about Simon's methods how about Isuzu mean did Simon cut out inconvenient and potentially contradictory facts it would seem so what about poor research skills or willful negligence I see no effort at Simon tried to find a longer clip of the zoom been showing a helicopter during the collapse and finally did someone tamper with the evidence the bleach out not one but 2 helicopters did Simon have the means motive and opportunity Simon's methods seem to be very impressive but for the wrong reasons and now I'm out of time there's so much more to do thanks for watching be well and Godspeed //
"2015-02-21 07:58:29"
Muslim Recites Koran to Obama in Newtown
\\if but I I I only do it in 9 years Saint learn your eyes he this seeming I ... what everyone jul or one of those same mean and I'm one of those same me no no I'm learn leann who she was them ... what the shit is slow be I mean that scene rainn seem that's ... because who don leann all I un well I ... hearing names on our C. M. Mitterrand PM why don't well my ... alone does wound he soon yeah I era una in Iraq he what does senator Kerry Ebert idea and or Jean Lloyd Jared said sorry guys are ... and Sonny is still a gene pool mean one who so the ... leann this you know law are often on it all for you in the name of god the compassionate the merciful the Muslim community at the al hunt I Islamic center in new town in Connecticut and throughout the nation joins with our fellow Americans grieving for those who died in the sense this tragedy and praying for them and their families we ask god to grant those lost a special place in paradise and we asked their families to be granted the strength to endure the uninsurable isn't such times of almost unbearable loss that we seek the comfort with our creator and the artificial divisions of faith fall away to reveal a nation of mothers and fathers brothers and sisters sons and daughters all United in a desire to bring healing and renewed hope the Koran Islam's revealed tax tells us that god's mercy and compassion ... without limit and always available for those who ask god says when my servants question you about me tell them that I am here I answer the prayer of every person who calls on me chapter 2 verse 186 the Koran in the Koran got also says give glad tidings to those who are in your with patients who one afflicted with calamity say we belong to god and through him we shall return such are the people on whom there are blessings and mercy from god chapter 2 first 155157 so where does all of every faith of every background pray for god's comfort at this time of unbreakable are heartbreaking tragedy verily with every difficulty there is he's barely with every difficulty there is he's chapter 94 verses one through 5 I've the 6 I mean //
"2015-01-19 14:12:02"
1998 Emmy Awards Pressroom re: David Angell
\\there's further unprecedented fifth consecutive time for outstanding comedy series to yeah well it no they always something missing I they I but I you well again no thanks thank you the new yes yes they certainly are I was busy talking about ... I guess my recovery they came to me and offered me an option to to try something that might help me that's about all I want to say about it thank you he said you son of a bitch that silver haired lovely man I have no idea no actually I just I moved into the neighborhood of where he lives read Lee and he said actually welcome the neighborhood so it took on all kinds of meeting at that point that lucky charm no no actually I'm living right the ... that's ... that's always the best solution I think ... I've I was toying with the idea of the fact that about 6 months ago actually realize that I've forgotten everything I know and I really had that realization 1.9 I thought the luxury of feeling that way about life knows that every day I have an opportunity to remind myself that I'm so lucky that said Fraser old well yeah what do you think you may no band no I think our we have just the best bunch of people I've ever known in my life ... as human beings and as professionals and so that's I think what does it to pursue the pick up my knee I don't really feel like I'm Mr Thursday nights traveling ... I've ... I use to think of myself as Mr every night but okay but you know they get a little older things Jay and ... there's still a few good nights in the per week but ... well you know the Thursday night question think about it too much I really just love our show I think we have a wonderful opportunity to to continue to do great work in a time slot that will hopefully be watched by more people and that I did was where I used to work for 9 years before that so I I feel good about being back there there you go that sent the magic 8 ball yeah I was ... well I mean the hammy yeah not said yeah so yes we were gonna make their retirement announcement at another time ... who ... if you preempted me though ... you know and I think for as long as we wish we can ... do good work and ... for his long as it's fun we will it's starting to at but the 50 of what the fiftieth anniversary doctor right I have no idea what to tell you about voted you possibly get in this room who were you working for the ... so there you go you with the sports guy okay great Dodge in my car brake to the stars but you know it's funny I was thinking about mark McGwire ... the other day when I saw on his 60 second home run thought high certainly never have a chance of doing that but ... 5 of these is pretty cool yeah he probable enemy so the writers of the finest group of people I've ever known they're certified as writers but as a group of people I adore them I've known some writers were real miserable people so you know I've what a refreshing thing we have in our in our lives here to to go to work every day and enjoy the people we work with and ... also revel in their talents I I Marvel after we sat down and done the ... of run through I Marvel at what appears on the page the next day after we've collaborated and talk through something in this and I I am just constantly impressed amazed delighted by the by their work one more question please I'm yeah something ... impressed me that was in the very early part of the show which seems now like the dark ages of television ... though the quotation about ... this art form of being a torch of hope in a troubled world and ... I think that's probably true I know I've had people come up to me and say thank you for the show as a group ... people who had been in ... in a hospital for months at a time or bedridden or had lost a loved one in and they've they've thanked us for just making their day a little better or a little brighter and ... I think that that may be as a torch of hope a little bit I I certainly am proud to be a part of that I did that as we sat in the audience ... feel very proud ... that I'd been allowed this kind of a life so thank you Kelsey I'm sorry we have to move everybody on right now yeah sorry I get so and we're all have one give mass room to do together and we're going this way please we're going yeah yeah villa backtrack followed him watch your back well I every //
"2015-01-19 13:53:01"
1994 Emmy Awards Pressroom re: David Angell
\\and I show responded I know your parents you will reap what we want washing another show we said what shows or walk away almost to a person they call greater you heard stuff like that for you know well you never really believe there's a there's the next lesson of being the favorite the top it really feels all whole if you are and you don't so Nnamdi date and I'll just say that the other room I wonder if and I got one that's better than I wanted still running over thank you David guy that's right the sirens well as companies and everybody involved by what happened to Fraser the character basically is that he was given no more resonance by the show and in my forms of ms well he is now a fuller human being he has more residents and the people around that you know reflect back the writing is a course of a different kind of style cheers wasn't certainly the writing for Fraser's play different so that he has a bottom a resident foundation ... he has more nuances he is as pleasing a man hours before he was sort of a attempting to grow up now is I'm gonna more vulnerable more adult more more subtle clues while he's going with the show well things seem really god yeah it's you do drive right residency low that it's just a year isn't going to work and pay off I feel will go I suppose I lost a little weight yeah but I got the boundaries yeah I no no people really aren't that silly really talk to me about the site point ... I get letters from a lot of people's faces saying how much they enjoy the show I think I'm cute who it was it was just like go don't work it's good it's exciting a week we all work together for me ever cast it took about half an hour if you like we had worked together before ... it's just that damn good group of people that's the key we everyone of us individually is extraordinarily gifted and are good at their job and show up for work so not sure not showing up in Waco I so the attitude from work those out that's such a calm yeah because I hate it yeah it was flattering yeah it it basically you know okay foundation the rumor that we were a good show and ... so please know that now someone like me nervous about us Sir I think we're going to talk against anybody else I think that's very your question and what version yeah yeah she site profession it's my job that I don't know I mean it's a really yeah ... and say hello axes yeah I'm loving this alar get real tired of talking on say hello of yes you go to work now Kelsey well Paul this is smart and also the fact that he's the Best Actor in a comedy on television which we knew before you got this and ... so that's very startling he said if you want I I'm one yeah think through the results of that he never said anything of the kind it isn't clear it was given to fight one more minute you all of our resources the only things which hopefully ... that's next but if the US on April 25 that's a no not if it's funny though microphone this his home I think it's a method the methods on switching calmly tragedy or serious drama is hard to do I think all actors just act sometimes it's funny sometimes it's not ... I don't drive them change the process at all anyway I mean I just know that I've founded a true than a character on planes appointed unbelievable that's I think we succeeded and that the innocent right I know we'll find out I'm working on yeah I am actually on and a great story we'll see I don't know right no no it's just that I don't think that's we're all I yes being a very stoic yeah things really wonderful and longer gives a nice and long and but you know I work really starting to and yeah it's great yes I was getting every possible as my men of the cloth with me one of those guys who go okay thanks guys theory much //
"2015-01-13 09:00:52"
The Frasier Story Part 1 - re: David Angell interview
\\nmap to the break our evening continues with the phrase your story a chance to meet the cast and creators of Frasier now look at how Frasier came into being and Howard currently reaches all screens the phrase your story yeah goes to Fraser and then goes to Frasier Frasier Fraser's won for outstanding comedy series setting a new record for most consecutive wins in this category previously held by all in the family fearsome how was I don't have a speech ... I'm just going to wing it I'm doctor Frasier crane I'm sorry I startled you literally everyone came to the same conclusion character that could have a life beyond cheers was Frasier crane well it's it's not you yeah how dare I mean it looks so good on the start of foam head what our great concern was was that to look pale in comparison to cheers I tell you what I feel I have found my calling that's a wonderful feeling as I you know I remember the first day I decided to go into the healing arts just the thought of helping my fellow man imia sense of purpose a mission in life some surprise surprise Mrs Davis I had a bad childhood join a club says barrenness for you know terrible to all those things were growing through our mind and doing this even and though it felt good it always still weren't weren't sure how we're going to be a very happy yeah about a 2 ladies leasing company I'm sure I'm married but you know I'm not dead really well it is here through early very early on Fraser we have Carlos pressed who will get by going to work hard to think so inebriated with joy over the 6 or else the sake made me Kraki not by they pay nobody told me he was I think now you know why yeah his timing is so incredible and that he can say these incredibly long winded speeches and keep them funny you know I mean that's hard Samus maybe of rough going main despite your vehement protests to the contrary and and with no intention of disparaging your sincerity by Dan and I believe that you may still be suffering some emotional residue from the turbulent relationship you had to die sorry freeze damage the does offer paragraph what was he saying it's anybody who performs comedy yeah it it can't be taught it's you really that comes with the package or it doesn't and Kelsey has ... it's a must see really good package but I don't know how that would play ... you know a lot I'm going to kiss you I'm gonna kiss you hard and I'm going to kiss you long think about it I am going to kill I'm going to kiss you like you've never yeah yes cheers was vile things ing romance a new so at the end of first year at Sam kiss the second starting to date and the way they would drive each crazy in their dating and so we decided that the 3 of us decided she'd end up in the loony bin with them breaking up with the and the right and up there so they're looking for a new variation the third season and so they brought in Frazier Diane needed an interesting ... character to to ... take take up with that since she and Sam were on the outs panda ... since she was in a sanitarium for awhile it got to be kind of interesting if the if the doctor from from there that I treated her would become a regular the they came up with a character Frasier crane I said who do you want to play it and ... they said John Lithgow so we went to John Lewis downs agents and they say it's not interesting television so then we started to addition and one day we got a tape from New York and about the third face was was Kelsey face the idea of doing television was but I a bit horrifying for little daunting because of course it means well for a young actor in New York it's pretty much guarantees the end of your career hell she was 29 at the time and ... looked about 38 not you know not from a hard life just that's the way he always looks older than than what he really is and he read and he was brilliant actually nobody described him really I I went and got the sites for the for the part which are you know just to sort of distillate of the whole script and what would be the audition scene and as I read it I thought I'd play this can and that was it I think I know who he is I'm I'm doing and that was why cock your days it was so obvious that he he was the one he if he was the one that fit I mean if you look at his first show his entrance ... where he's where Sam asked to meet him and he's been sitting at the bar and Kelsey comes on with all guns blazing with that deep rich voice that he has and this kind of ... pompous air hands over the U. basically a good open minded person that you be responsive started the liberty of dropping by a little early she actually said something nice about he says a lot of nice things about you he gave Sam competition he ... also upped the intellectual anti another notch or 20 ... because you know he he was certainly well educated and refined and I mean in all us since you know he was really the Diane's male counterpart //
"2015-01-03 06:18:19"
9/11: Bill Heitman
\\but here in our studios we have a survivor he was in tower one Diana Williams has joined us just so that you know who that the cast is Jim Dolan remains with us and bill Hauptman Aikman and and he is here because his brother in law on Scott Meyers is an audio man here built you literally farm work and not building when this happened palace what happens cruiser quarter to 9 exactly because my death with all of our guests and ... the building //
"2014-10-23 22:38:58"
9/11 The Falling Man segment: Jonathan Briley
\\he said I'd like to talk to you but I can't for my life's work I I tell people that they have to go on after tragedy and they said in that same impossible voice but I I can't do this I can't do it for myself the reverent Riley suggested did you know talk to Jonathan's older sister Gwendolyn she'd been especially close to jhonathan China for John of the narrow Briley was this person that just love life and that it was contagious so when you are around him you could help smiling and laughing every time job thing comes to mind he's walking when he's talking and he's smiling and they had this bounce in his step he was one of these special people that could spread himself around the whole family and we all got ... I piece them Donovan in the days after the attack the Bradleys waited for his return the phone call anything as the days passed the hopes of finding them alive faded Reverend dryly gather to family in prayer she'd talk to god like someone who absolutely new that he existed MTBE says I believe you can create a miracle I want my miracle he said I have loved you I do love you I believe you I have served I want to know am I so the next day we had a phone call from the corner set to come down they found Jonathan we know where he lives that was a gift that was sick gift ga uhhuh carnage office identify Jonathan through DNA and dental analysis Johnson's younger brother Timothy the painful experience of confirming the attention Timothy you recognize shoes and his hand he said he said I would know my brother's hands and his feet he took one of his shoes and he kept it they were black tennis shoes place up in that had the velcro thing around the ankle I didn't remember anything about arms tee shirt but when I talked with Timothy he did he talk about Howard Johnson had this orange tee shirt and they would tease him because he wore it all the time could jhonathan be phoning man when I first looked at it was almost like touching a hot stove you Jess you mind just come at I looked at the figure and I saw it was a man whole slam wow I've looked at and I said if I didn't know any better could be a job offer but for Gwendolyn the identity of the falling man didn't matter she understood that it symbolized something far more significant than a single individual I never thought of the falling man as Jonathan I sort of him as a man that just took his life in his hands for just that second I did that person have so much faith that he knew that god would catch him ... once he so afraid to experience the N. up there that's something that I'll never know because that that happened to him we I we're not trying to figure out who and more figure out who we are to watching that told you know could never be absolutely certain that jhonathan Friday was the folding map but he learned something far more important from Clinton the man's identity didn't matter the power of the image came not because the falling man could be identified but because he couldn't with that day needed more than than anything else was essentially what a lot of other wars had which was the tune for the unknown what makes the tomb of the Unknown Soldier so poignant is the fact that he is unknown it's not the fact that he is the identifier it's the fact that one has been been made to stand for many when Richard took that picture I I believe that he took a picture that really stood as the tomb of the Unknown Soldier for that day early leading serious Tom junos quest had revealed just how important a foreign man Willis the image didn't insult those who died rather it was a fitting and just memorial to them because it forced the will to acknowledge and remember the terrible events of that day one of the reasons why I became so determined plumb the meaning of the falling man was that we can hope to understand these incredible times unless we look at these images and accept the witness of these images I mean I think that looking at looking at the for you know falling managed to did discuss it is is the only option that we have given that there is a falling uhhuh I Taylor mmhm right Dennis or it's mmhm you know mmhm mmhm //
"2014-10-23 22:35:15"
Deena Burnett: "Enduring Love" Segment
\\or during love untold stories of flight 93 continues here now is Maria Shriver mmhm Deena Burnett will never forget that first phone call from her husband with a terrible news that his plane had been hijacked he would call again and again 4 times in all she would tell him about the attacks in New York and Washington he would tell her about the plans he was making with the other passengers and then he was gone and I'm still holding to the telephone they held onto the telephone for 3:00 hours into the battery brick the phone dina Burnett's last link to her husband Tom and his final words to her from aboard United flight 93 unless we got to do something the images from that day of smoldering wreckage in a Pennsylvania woodland and the knowledge of what her husband and the others did I've propelled her this past year on a mission of her own to find out what happened in those last few minutes in the cockpit to understand why the plan that Tom and the others conceived ended the way it did and so I turned to the FBI agents and told them that I wanted to hear the cockpit voice recorder Dino was a leader in the effort to convince the FBI to allow the flight 93 families to hear the tape she and the others agreed they would not reveal publicly exactly what they heard I think all of us are walking away glad that we've heard the sounds in the final moments of our lives because I did find peace and joy peace and joy because her questions were at last answered her beliefs confirm you knew that he was in that cockpit struggling in the final moments idea Tom and the people aboard flight 93 came very close to saving that plane and of course we live with that everyday thinking about why deaths dina and Tom's mother Beverly his father Tom senior his sisters Martha and Mary went directly from listening to his final moments on tape to visiting the place where his final moments unfolded the crash site it was a chilly dreary day raindrops mingled with their tears I know this is where the bodies and then it makes their very emotional to know that this is not just a picture on television anymore I'm standing here this is where his spirit is always with me wherever I go being here at the crash site certainly makes his absence his earthly absence much more real they were moved by the notes the poems the angels placed at the site by thousands of grateful Americans it's incredible X. Appier full display as affection from strangers that helps tell strangely enough oddly enough it helps a great feel to know that so many people have been a factor by our lawns Tom's family was anxious to speak to counsel people who witnessed the crash to see in their mind's eye how the plane hurdled the field into the trees to imagine Tom struggling with the hijackers but I keep getting these images of it in action gets way sometimes him quite emotional about it I think all of us have seen image of trying to figure out exactly what happened on the plane for a voice in how you pray for our brothers and sisters on United flight 93 and all the victims of 911 lifelong family friend Monsignor Joe slip Peca said mass and there was one more heavy task that day taking possession of Tom's remains the tiny fragments salvaged from the wreckage home to Minneapolis for barrio home to the church where Tom in his family had worshipped much of their lives where Tom and denies daughters were baptized where hundreds of mourners had gathered last September to praise him Tom Burnett was given a military funeral at Fort Snelling in Minnesota he I well he never served in the armed forces he was awarded this honor as a citizen soldier a hero of this new war all of these new would serve their country and ... I think we believe ... and know that Tom served his country where we're proud that he's here well the nation has mourned the loss of life on September 11 the loss of innocence to it has reached out for comfort ironically to those who have suffered the most over the past year Deena Burnett and Tom's family had been called upon to accept all the accolades showered upon him at the White House where many might have been killed if the terrorists had succeeded in their plan as we were leaving the staff lined up along this long hallway both sides they handed us flags and pans in and they had tears in their eyes at Tom's alma mater the university of Minnesota to honor Tom for his heroics and to memorialize his life this Memorial Day parade in California dina and her daughters were the grand marshals I was absolutely stunned to know that 8 months after September 11 that the affection and the memory is still so well expressed in so vivid at ceremonies like 1 at the Seattle Mariners Yankees game where dean and the girls presented a check for money they had helped raise for bereavement camps for the children of victims of 911 at the espys where they paid tribute to 4 of the flight 93 heroes who had been athletes my husband Tom believe that morals and values were not debatable these were virtues taught and demonstrated by his parents making his actions on flight 93 a tribute to his mom and dad it is unlikely that any of us will ever find ourselves in the place that Tom mark Todd and Jeremy found themselves on the morning of September 11 and therefore we couldn't emulate their last acts but we can emulate the way they live their lives with faith honor and integrity but deliver us from evil and dina says it is her face that has kept her going through the dark times this year powers you been able to go on trusting that everything will work out and that god has a plan for each because of that trust dina and her daughter's 6 year old twins Halle in Madison and 4 year old Anna Claire had developed what they call the safety prayer asking god each morning to keep them safe through the day and return them safely home again each night then this this stuff goes with them here for all of the brunettes even the actual someplace they call home has changed this last year Tom senior and that felt they couldn't bear to stay in the house in which Tommy grew up all the familiar objects echo their feelings of loneliness and loss their zillion memories it in in any house mom saved everything and for bev every picture every item she packs in her son's old room unleashes a fond of sorrow here was his letter from Bloomington Jefferson and here is Tommy in a little Christmas so that you got this horse pal he loved riding that horse Gina and her daughters move to Arkansas in June so they could be closer to her family was it difficult to leave the home you shared with him it was very difficult I felt as if I was leaving a part of him behind and not being able to turn around and visualize him in the kitchen not being able to see him sitting on the sofa in the living room the move confuse the girls played them anxious about 2 nights after we had lived in the new house Anna Claire woke up and she said mom can we go home now and I said and Claire said this is your home I said see you have your bedroom your clothes are in the closet your toys are downstairs just yet can we take those things home to I think maybe there for dina says she is motivated now by a single overriding purpose to create a memory for our children so that they know the significance of their father's death do they know that their dad is viewed by many in this country and around the world as a hero they don't talk about what happened on September 11 very often but they too have a child like understanding of what happened they know that their dad has been considered a hero they see a flag flying in they get excited and they say mom that person's flying the flag for Daddy for Halle Madison and Anna Claire of course all the honor in the world cannot make up for the loving father they lost on Christmas day they came into the room and they didn't seem very interested in opening their cats when they did open their gifts they would come to me and say I wish dad could see this how do you talk to them about their loss and help them through it we just talked about hell what he would think about that particular gift and why they thought he would like it and they were able to eventually smile thinking about what he may say thinking about some of the faces he may make at them birthdays too brought poignant moments Anna Claire when she turned for she blew out the candles and she made a wish then she turned to me and she said mommy do you know what I wished for and she said I wish that Daddy would visit us from heaven but I just say to her dial and clear that some core rate which I said what do you think dad's doing right now and she said I think he's watching me blow out my candles and I said I think you're right and I said you do know that well Daddy may want to visit he really can't but that he's always with us and always watching us mom Texan man for the kids on the head do you find that as you try to help your children ... see through these months do you feel like when you put them to bed and close their door that there you are alone was nobody to help you throw it course I feel that way and I think the first 56 months that was the time of day that was completely overwhelming for me at night at night the children would be in bed the house would be quiet and there would be alone with my thoughts my memories it's easy to sit and stare at his picture go through the photo albums do you ever think about what Tom with think of what you're doing and how you've handled this past year I think a lot about them I think in everything I do I have 2 goals first to bring glory to god and second to bring honor to Tom's Anne Marie and I think that I've done that and I think that Tom would be very //
"2014-10-23 22:21:27"
Devin Clark 9/11 Footage vs. Colour Balanced
\\ //
"2014-10-23 22:12:22"
Mario Hytten interview June 1985 [French]
\\when you vote it up for me doing some good to sell as a P. Yongle then if you share with us at the Miss America into threw at him I'm I'm set up you know to promote similar you eat and get that a commercial supply to now you'll be ready anything do you vote no the da noctule if we think it'll be moping on mostly the social work profession quiet I don't think it fun people filibuster something unseen the they can we can have and I think most his house and control and it's about a 15 horses but you don't have humble mosque Levitical do much of the Jamaican in my town on the loss was seen as one of the candidates Kanoon flat I'm brands hatch ... unison coupler in a spell in the media on it 10 minute plays him one of the managers Qalaat plies him ... the etiquette prima Anita include his own king of Allentown measure me Kanina Tillotson acted movie dispute delude herself in a different one meal a canopy so that he would use it much because I think on get political have affect on Duncan led NFL she and those who would use Matthew 18 with him revealed don't get high as EP got knocked down Jim prospect has happened if you look on you conformant by me asking for me I mean it's a human a class in a kind of that is that okay point to a club you know he does look when Julian would you have with it effectively to tussle fissile data my Senate validate their math science can then take it because a plaque on the fox and then he finds impetus I think on the left I think if the image to be more SFM we hang on when they like you know what the lakes within implicate Manami for continuous about 4 Google it look with a genetical now that you're going to kill you so so went up failed but it won't but mostly we come in my Alipore my sick until about 9 at it by someone join a petite to get Christmas kingdoms on it that comes out intensity many of forming them with the limited unequipped on the aunts prosecution did to cheat battle Anna at all because I don't know my mind of late a demo felsic class any gift that you realized the mistake Boscombe asset you did in busy killing the people fisherman them if they'd been used which I own undoing because you can do it took if I will be to put a push and then get killed you know over his early ages could ... of cool whistle should know well in you know all on an a plus if you belong to detail McNall shifted from the twentieth is near completely allows you to move a sealer on the actual Daniels not my skinny are set ... Sydow food human than you did the aircraft commander unfair and no minimum please Yemenis ours in that area FAPE pool of tinea ... my je je easing Kalyana model placid Beachy nightlife on a phony I'm consumed if I say don't buy from a phone that I am not for me why image notice you don't jump in and all of deforming plummeted and sassy Luciano man black even if we don't ... Asia is you take went on to found on the homes man say I got money sequence danske you don't kill ominous it does attract equivalent diploma focus is looking down behind you seen only in blacklist chameleon of yet which is like was it to some people it's use other clocks where I dispose 8 is going up in a few 0 souls notice so they ship you do well looked into we know I I'll inform for left wing on for me 94 he's possessed lesser felonies and Matthew Hanlon concealed the premium can only going into some kind of the phone into a modulated piano down now that's good managers don't forming plot and I'm coming to the Illinois within the Iraqi police who a key person push in the womb addict for she and random map it does seem to click bill who switched to the defendant wielding capitals hope with the public and other up or that you can add them into the house under your area Michael is for those of us who moved to la now it was extra special nothing it'll better you peace mood issue both //
"2014-10-23 22:06:40"
Alleged 7/7/05 Bombing Victim Rachel North
\\I welcome back thing with it some before we talk to send you back Scott about his a voyage of discovery in the land of his fathers India a remarkable human story Rachel north had a very very bad to a 3 is first she was violently assaulted and raped by a stranger in a flattened beach was very nearly killed many survive by pretending to be dead and then still recovering from that ordeal she was caught up in a terrorist atrocity Rachel is on the Piccadilly line keep trained blown up in the 77 bombings right close to the suicide bomber when you got to make a backpack and a piece of metal narrowly missing on dreadful her right when the bomb went the grotesque synergy between to life Rachel started with the other past //
"2014-10-23 21:54:57"
9/11 NBC - Anne Thompson Reports
\\who lived through all that it will be one of the unforgettable moments of their lives N. B. C.'s and Thompson was in the vicinity of the World Trade Center the buildings began to come down and Tom this is the view tonight down west Broadway smokes filling the air where the 2 towers in building number 7 stored in the last hour we have seen busloads of police of doctors and ambulance after ambulance go into that area to try to repair a city that's been mortally wounded by this attack a direct hit that shattered New York city's confidence Wes was the first black lab they made a mad dash so on to just take over and everybody just let it run right as soon as we got on the train station keep screaming and crying and yelling in this is total chaos in the bottom of the building was blown out for me ground 0 for and Broadway about 2 blocks from the World Trade Center just as the south tower crumble Hollywood could never imagine something like this a tidal wave of smoke and debris came roaring down Broadway I was standing out on the on the corner Fulton and Broadway I ran into a building ran between a column and a building at 195 Broadway of course my face and my body into that building for what seemed like 5 minutes I was pelted with all kinds of debris I crouched down was coughing trying to breathe couldn't get any air this the air was so full of smoke and dots when it finally settled I stood up my glasses were covered with dust hours later I'm still covered with dots the building that I was in front of 195 Broadway the doors were gated shot they open the doors let us in and inside we were finally able to breed it wasn't easy my eyes were filled with das my mouth was filled with us we I was choking the people I was with were choking it was just absolutely horrific all I could think of was this is war I just heard the rumble and then they go out I really like hell and it was a large wind coming down here panic survivors fleet by whatever means they can theory more destruction at any moment 30 I tried to leave the building but as soon as I got outside I heard a second explosion and another's rumble and more smoke and more dots I ran inside the buildings the chandelier shrug and again black smoke filled the air within another 5 minutes we were covered again with more self and more dots and then a fire marshal came in and said we had to leave because if there was a third explosion this building might not last everyone we critical palpable fear is people run through the streets choking on dust and debris alright we were so the building come down we already know walkway held up to save like 40 or 50 of us the like there were buried there at that mall pops out a little bit X. buildings only thing that was a part of us would like one is what does the streets of the financial district covered with debris in some cases ankle deep cars on fire cars just turn by the force of the explosions it was like something no one had ever seen panic like smoke heads up town officials ordering precautionary evacuations of some of New York city's landmarks this is an orderly evacuation of 30 Rockefeller plaza on the street anxious commuters trying to call home cellphone service dead at Grand Central station probably desperate to get out of the city on but outside the station a surreal scene people buying postcards of the twin towers that no longer exist as the day wears on witnesses who survived the attack now face a new horror searching for missing friends and co workers we can't account for all of our employees we have we just had it in a state of shock the biggest busiest city in the world the attack revive spears of the 1993 bombing suddenly know where in the financial district seems safe did you ever think this could happen again no I really did I lived through the first one after a tragedy so great tonight a city comes together searching for safety and comfort time now this area is more than just the business district it is also where people live and within the last hour we have seen families bringing suitcases crates carrying the fed their family pets to leave and go elsewhere they have no water they have no gas and there is also the fear that more buildings will collapse the area is covered by police from all over New York City and they tell us that they will be here through the night Tom alright thanks very much I N. B. C.'s and some the let me ask you after you finally emerged from the building what about other people who could not get into a building what kind of casualties Tom I am I will tell you that when I walked out the building on Broadway and had towards it was as if there had been a blizzard 3 and dust all over the street I saw people running I was walking there were a lot of rescue people there but there were people injured we I saw a woman being carried by 2 men it was it was like something I had never I had never seen anything like it and all I could think of was just to get away from there to get to safety and as we kept walking to denounce read I could hear yet another explosion behind me it was truly one of the most frightening moments I've ever lived through thanks very much NBC's Antonsen any number of NBC news personnel work clock and all that today among them our producer merry Beth o'toole and correspondent Rehema Ellis and they provided us tonight with the kind of love video diary //
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WNBC Chopper 4 WTC 2 Explosion Coverage
\\there are numerous emergency ... a merging see vehicles and officials that have raced to the scene we do not know ... in terms of injuries or fatalities we got absolutely no information about that at this point in time but we can tell you this but something has obviously crashed into the World Trade Center and I were eyewitnesses have told us it was an airplane of some sort there have been some reports it might have been a 737 others have told us it could be at a medium sized out of some sort ... and again we had a gentleman tell us because the vast simply taken out the garbage and talk and talk and that he looked up in the sky he saw this happen and of course there's a lot of shock and so a lot of sadness for the people who looked up into the sky and witness this just a short time ago you can see we have we have 5 chopper for is now on the St April Monica what can you tell us from your vantage point well what from what we can see right here as we were coming up the Hudson River we can see that black smoke indicating the fire is still going on right now the World Trade Center for as far as the eye can see you can tell right here at the top of this tower there's a huge gaping hole flame still inside thick black smoke still coming out we have not been able to see it right if any kind of an aircraft is inside the building this is the best vantage point right here and as you can see just a gaping if all straight people out of the back the weight of the we are simply not close enough following the smoke in the are several boats watercraft buildings there if you're taking a look now you Croatian scribbling lower that apparently does I get is the and that looks to be there you know obviously there stories of I got now building suffering some damage when my car joint pain studio and information but perhaps you can again ... go over what we do know at this point which is pretty much visual and what eyewitnesses have told us well I would hate to speculate but duh paradoxically separate incident right there I mean it this this building has been the subject of terrorist attacks in the past and nicer luminous but one to speculate at this time because a separate explosion yes it is in the other building now we have try to get all of the Port Authority which manages the building we haven't been able to get an answer ... we did call MT a in the MP a a says a subway service as of right now is continuing so that's not a problem subsidiary below but I imagine that will change very quickly after what we just witnessed that was a dramatic explosion again it was in the separate tower in the wonder where the plane just crashed into about a half hour ago yes and turned away again there was no sign of any airplane close to the Radics notion nor was there any reason to believe it would be rare that it could've been an after effect a repercussion of the original out what we believe was an airplane going into 1 of the twin towers and both of them now appear to be on fire we have no word of casualties injuries fatalities when you can see is heavy heavy black smoke you can see flames how far down you sent that goes on the second of the ... world trade I would say that it's probably maybe 78 floors below from where the plane crashed into the the original but I was trying to we saw on the separate building but that died as I said it looks like I dislike explosion had nothing to do with the plane crashing into the you know the first building exactly and of course there are I thousands of employees in those buildings it is a regular work day we have no information about anybody who is inside there and are what kind of shape they might be and we at this point are seeking confirmation of exactly what happened particularly what just happened armed with this second export of apparent explosion and I don't don't know where to look at that we're gonna look at the tape of this last explosion maybe we can now pick up something here we rest were so we were talking about what was going on in and suddenly there was a big explosion in the second building there it is it is right there comps seems to be completely unrelated to the first one I didn't catch a bit of that but I guess I have to say it looks like something that looks like going into the building yes possibly another airplane on well may perhaps from the other side because we've we've only upright vantage point here and what we can tell you about the building on the right is that I witnesses have told us that I'm sorry why don't we live in a witness on the phone only Morris are you there or can you tell us what you saw yes I was at my desk and I heard this big boom allow found and I looked out the window the top floor on the World Trade Center there's flames that's coming on crashing down to the brim on the west side all the parts and they would like run into each other and the flames just started coming down real hard in another song explode again net of impact like building a UN help crawling into will finance and to my windows the UPS opposite sides to the World Trade Center I mean if the tower did you just see another explosion I heard it's good I'm one on the phone with you I learned a big boom again it's just it's going to get do you see people leaving the but a relapse of everybody that's right I'm the only one on my floor a great get out but what can you tell us about the do the bill can you see people on the ground from the desert from the turn of bottom yet from that the fire the fire brigade and they became everything else that that's nonsense there right now do you see people that are out there injured right what can I count on the 20 eighth floor okay yeah so is my new to my vision and I really can't see too much alright I thank you very much Eileen and please get out of that building and I figure I'm David right now thank you very much okay and the safe way of another ... another witness Janice Huff on the telephone I'm not sure if it's Arjuna south but ... she Paley was a witness Jan at the for the second motion neat office where are you know none of this and I'm watching TV right now yes yeah and ... it I could see the pictures that we have of the building the first building was the one with the tower on the top and as I'm watching it and you're talking I see a plane flying behind the other tower and I fear getting closer and closer to the building and thinking about a plane it was not a sudden I see this explosion the other tower so there was another plane so there was another plane with the sudden explosion from what I am looking at on television from the angle that I was looking for his a replay right here I believe when I was watching I got this looking at the first power I've noticed that there was a small coming around the side of the building you see if they're the right I see it I see what I mean midnight at the end there is right now I see it and then I thought poem right there watch that it it you're absolutely right ... I get now I don't know if it's a helicopter or plane but it was certainly flying in the wind right into the bills it was a plane I can we show that again please I I I I I I did I clearly did not notice that the first time right I think we need to take a look at that again ... it's ... it yeah obviously what we are looking at are the twin towers of the World Trade Center in flames we know nothing yet about the number of people art to that of what is exactly happened there ... we we can only tell you what we've witnessed in what eyewitnesses have told us now here in a look at this tape again here comes I think word I think we deathly have to open this up to speculation this could definitely be deliberate attack mess up is now up on the right hand side of your screen with Seiko lock and we'll show you what we write what genesis pointed out to us Eric comes once so I don't know yeah night doing it Tom there is you see coming down see that coming out is conceivably it looks goes between the 2 buildings if coming right and right there up right there there is Arabic right or it obviously we know nothing more then what we're looking at I wish to tell you at this point that all 3 New York City airports have been shut down ... we know nothing about what who or what might be responsible if indeed this was an attack farm again we've had I witness on the telephone talking about the first explosion on if we had 2 people that told us that they saw an airplane medium size airplane going into the first tower and then we just showed you what we say also that you tape yes what's good April Monica up in chopper for was some more information April okay Harris and I guess work it's a lost cause in just a moment I know that they've certainly made April when any of the other chopper store in the area trying to story back off because obviously what they want to do is see //
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Deena Burnett re: husband Tom
\\you're now is Maria Shriver I desperate and wild struggle that's how law enforcement officials describe what they've heard on the cockpit voice recorder of United flight 93 in the days since that plane went down outside Pittsburgh we brought you the stories of the phone calls made by some of the passengers who are most likely in that confrontation with the hijackers tonight another member of that courageous group a beloved husband and father and adored son unable business leader and a man who would not sit quietly and let the terrorists carry out their plan uhhuh Tommy was a courageous land he was a leader I we cannot speak highly enough of it Tom Burnett junior grew up in a land where larger than life legends were what a small boy I had to look up to a Minnesota kid a hometown boy whose airplane rides were pretty timid back then an outdoorsy type who love to fish with his dad to swim with his mom a pesky little brother who are in the total devotion of his 2 sisters like many young American males see love sports baseball was an early passion and by high school he was the star quarterback on the football team a big guy 6 foot 22 5 pounds but while his close knit family happily stayed put in a Minneapolis suburb Tom Burnett acquired a taste for adventure he won an appointment to the airforce academy where he would have learned to fly but left when he discovered he'd rather give orders then take them he chose another university and study business instead of actually leading a California company that makes a medical device doctors use to mend broken hearts but business putting in the air flew across the country so many times the woman he proposed to was a flight attendant when their daughters arrived first 5 year old twins Haley in Madison that a year later Anna Claire Deena Burnett stop flying so when the horrific events of September 11 began to unfold Dino was in the kitchen fixing breakfast watching television she worried because she knew her husband was planning to fly home from New York that morning she got a call from Tom's mother in Minnesota and we both knew he was in New York did not know which flight he was coming out on and while I was on the phone with her the phone rang an on call waiting and I clicked over and it was Tom and I asked him immediately if he was okay many said no he said I'm on the airplane United flight 93 and it's been hijacked what went through your mind what did you feel what went through my mind was just terror and he gave me a few details and said please call the authorities and hung up with details did he give you I just that they had knife to guide that ... they had a bomb on board dina immediately called 911 but with all the chaos in New York it took awhile before she could get anyone to believe that her husband was on yet another hijacked plane while she was talking to the FBI Tom called again with an update on the hijackers and what did he say this time he said they were in the cockpit he asked me about the World Trade Center he asked if it was a passenger airline and I told him I didn't know and he said okay and he hung up again said that he had to go and then what did you do I never hugging the telephone waiting for it to rain and that reporter on TV said that there was a plane that had just hit the Pentagon and I remember just wailing thinking that it was my husband's flight because they didn't give the flight number right dina says she began to sob her daughter's hugged her asked what was wrong and the phone rang it was Tom and I was so glad to hear from him so really I was so relieved dina told him a plane had just crashed into the Pentagon and that she had told the authorities the FBI about his calls he said we can't wait for the authorities we have to do something and I he was just pumping me for information his adrenaline was flowing and he was trying to sort it out and I think he realized much sooner than I did that it was a suicide mission and then he hung up he hung up he said I've got to go any Honda and 15 seconds later what would be his final call he said okay there's a group of us were going to do something I said no I said please sit down and be still be quiet don't draw attention to yourself and he said no he said if they're going to drive this plane into the ground he said we've got to do something and he hung up the phone they never called back how long did it sat watching waiting hoping is a blur as she stared at the frantic rescue efforts in New York she says she stubbornly held out for that familiar voice telling her he had gotten control of the plane this even as the pictures of the smoldering wreckage of United flight 93 Tom's flight were broadcast and I'm still holding to the telephone they held onto the telephone for 3:00 hours into the battery brick back in Minnesota Tom's mother Beverly was in a daze clinging to the feudal belief that he would somehow be okay I just thought he was coming home and no wonder it seemed impossible that he was dead only hours before her beloved and loving son had called her from his hotel room in New York describing the neon blue square speak did you think I'm sure he survived the crash I'm sure I realize it is a good day okay ... it's just always been there I just was optimistic that would be okay I his dad Tom senior by all accounts his best friend fishing buddy confidante best man at his wedding was more realistic well I have worried like someone hit me in the stomach you know and ... when your wife kept saying is going to be okay I'm sure it's okay what did you say to her I just walked out the front door and paste the sidewalk for a bed Tom's little sister Mary Margaret who always thought her brother walked on water hadn't seen the pictures yet she prayed now for a miracle so there was hope and at least I had hoped at that point I thought I'd maybe they crash safely maybe it was one of those you know landings maybe they hit water in fact his whole family clung to the notion that Tom was somehow invincible he could do anything not Superman maybe but but ... analytical and ... highly intelligent and capable of doing something like that many of these calls we've heard people of called really home to say goodbye and one gets the sense that he didn't really feel like he was calling to say goodbye no he was not calling to say goodbye and I think that if he had said goodbye I would as been terrified he was taking down information he was planning what they were going to do and he was not interested in reviewing his life or whispering sweet nothings in to the telephone I assure you he was problem solving and he was going to take care of it and come on home but in the days since the crash Tom Burnett's life and death have been reviewed at memorial services across the country in San Ramon California where he lived and in his hometown of Bloomington Minnesota so we gather this evening to offer memorial mass and celebrate the life of one of the girl victims of United flight 93 Thomas E. Burnett junior it and those tributes hailing him as a hero a label his family says he would have he would irritated I work here I would be he didn't think that there were many here it would be embarrassing very on aunt to a grieving widow so many people are calling him I help you much have fired him the anyone's here do you know what did you say to your case 3 a little girl nice satin on the bed and I told them that that dad was not coming home and they asked why and I said well the plane that he had been on had had bad people on it and the bad people did something to the airplane to make it crash and that all the people on the airplane died and they were hanging on every word and then when I said died they just burst into tears and they said no this death is a hard thought when you're only 5 my civil where is that now if he's dead where is he and I said well he's in heaven but my little one said why does he want to be with Jesus instead of us in Madison asked if she could call him on his cell phone when I told her no that he didn't have a cell phone in heaven and how they said well can the postman take a letter to him so they understand I think that that is not coming home but they don't understand exactly where he is or why the why of course has many answers but another question may be why Tom Burnett mark Bingham Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick fought back against the terrorists in the case of Tom Burnett those who knew him best say he was a deeply spiritual man who rarely miss daily mass ... counted among his closest friends a Roman Catholic priest Monsignor Joe Slabodka what causes a person to be that quick quick cause a person to throw his life on the line it's gotta be the fact that he believes god he knows god is with him not only love of god and love a family but love of country to maybe the thought that his plane might be crashed into the nation's capital is also what propelled Tom Burnett up the aisle of that doomed jet what will you tell your children when they're little that'll tear about their father I'll tell them that he loved them and that he wanted them even before they were ever born I will tell them the kind of life he land with honor and dignity and integrity and how he believed that being a good citizen was the most important thing that any of us could become as word of what Tom Burnett did spread the expressions of support poured into his family from the White House to the schoolhouse banks and praise and comfort Mr Verlaine ISI about what happened to your side I know your son would make a great game your son does not need to die I know how much you miss him remember that he did a good thing for America and he's nothing happened much in love a here and the rest of his family wherever we go people know itself pick in town that that is and ... announces its company state he did a wonderful thing there the pride the overwhelming support the kindness of strangers the brunette family knows it will help them get through these days of numbing disbelief but they know that soon the whole his death has laughed in their lives the 8 will deepen his sister Martha I think ... hill call hill you know he'll ring up hill walk through the door well uhhuh alright so my us but it also good to see you see you are welcome home done that and the son and brother who came home for every holiday for every family celebration every chance he got won't be walking through the door again but the telling and retelling of what he did that Tuesday morning in September will surely earned him a place on that roster of legendary figures he so admired as a little boy //
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PBS Evan Fairbanks WTC2 Demolition
\\ //
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Persuade Change Influence - Domestic Psyop
\\mmhm nnsl nnsl WNED I from mmhm //
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No Alleged Flight 175 Trajectory Discrepancy
\\ //
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Interview with John Beug, 9/11 victim Carolyn Meyer-Beug husband
\\ ... when I was so was I was in school I'd move from small of what liberal arts school in central Illinois to up backup Chicago which is why I'm from and was fiddling around northwestern and got involved with doing concerts at Northwestern University this is 196869 that was Bob a pivotal time the music business if you think about it you know who was the when FM radio suddenly exploded not just similarly how internet it's exploded with FM radio with a whole new Avenue for music being exposed from about 6 what would I say 676869 in those years but I was doing I was promoting concerts and I but I was too working with like Joni Mitchell or Charles lawyer Tim harden their Paul Butterfield blues band Laura Nero those research shows it is working now still trying to go to school I get sort of dragged away from school and started working in and around the the music business them Chicago and a guy named Lou out Lou Adler hired me because I've been working with Cheech and Chong and Chicagoans that come to Los Angeles and the heat Lou Adler held a tiny little record company distributed by them but had Cheech and Chong and at Carol king I had a couple of other projects and that was that was where I started and work with him for 72 to 76 77 but during that time we did those Cheech and Chong record we made up in smoke we made the first what the first of the first you can junco up smoke and ... the Rocky Horror Picture Show with something that have just emerged out of you know putting a show at the Roxy and that seemed like a good idea and took Broadway did was seducing because of the time and the Rocky Horror show was very successful in Los Angeles New York hated it you know didn't wasn't successful on the film really didn't emerge until 7576 you know years after I'd been in release and you know what I thought that the government lot of money on it but it was you know it's only been at it it's all in the long run that's except for ... and I left and learn work to the motion picture business for a number of years actually just on the other side of the freeway here Warner brothers and then was asked to come you know so mo Austin called me in 1986 to sit well how did you come back to the music business and I it is interesting how the music business is also my first love but it's it's to my advantage some sort of understand both sides of the film side but also the music sign sometimes they they intersect I'm the donor site but it's worked for me well because what I've then going on to do one of the time I spent at Warner brothers record solely is was responsible for music making music videos and then sort of evolving into a longer form projects is because that's what I was interested in and whether I was ahead of the curve are behind the curve it's the businesses Bobby they've moved the business area followed me here I followed it I'm quite sure what which won the the easiest way to come contextualize what I do is that I'm a facilitator I'm I'm there to work with the artist and to guide them to the process of quite whatever they want to do ... and as the businesses involved from analog recording digital recording to CD's DVD's that's the helping the artists through the process of understanding the medium and then working within the medium I've been working for Warner's when I was in the th the the future motion picture business produce and I were aligned meaning that I was a guide physically on the set every day making sure that we're staying on schedule and people were showing up and what a line producer does and not really having a lot of fun with it was alright but I was my favorite and do music myself I used to there's a guy at Warners thing Jeff Iraq's you know ... and I used to do style you know he come in because if he knew that I had more film knowledge and he did and this thing music video just starting to really emerging in terms of being important ice make me sick videos for or I'd fix music videos because it I had to amount of editing experience and I I the pivot was probably I found this guy that from Chicago that was a medical illustrator and he decided you want to do that anymore he want to become an animator but he had just absolutely amazing skill because of flooding the night all of your gonna become medical straighter you come go to medical school in the live in the studying grey's anatomy and the guy's name was Michael Patterson and we found a record and he animated was group call aha remember a high take on me and off the strength of that is it will maybe you should keep doing this or you know sides it's as I said sort of dumb lock in terms of ... instinctively things that I like visually the audience seems to react to you know ... and it's interesting because we made a I made a video with my late wife actually ... for Van Halen and Ben wasn't crazy about it visit but they still others at the end of the day the let us go with it it was called right now again was a sort of a departure from when that's over what I like doing is it you'd identify what you're supposed to do and then try and figure out how you can very off the center by 10 degrees one way or the other so I think it's distant and I'm not at all and I don't know that I've consciously thought well I'm gonna do this and do this and that it's a service //
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UK Police Modify/Reproportion Jean Charles de Menezes Photo
\\this image was shown to the jury by the minute polices depends on the right hand side socials diminished as innocent man on the left Hussein Osman 217 Balma we could bond photo was used to illustrate how the 2 men have similar faces also could be confused for a Java now on the left is not different spoke so on on the right to halt the original images used the prosecution ought to forensic experts to make his own version of the one on the left using a standard software program couldn't and he found 4 key differences he some of your characteristics he said had been smoothed out my life the photo including a frown on sport had a small bomb to the left strong tune on the small mark about the color but he'll play today the judge Mister justice Henriquez all is it the prosecution's case could cope with it photograph how did some weight B. the new P. lately Kyushu barrister clan Montgomery said yeah spotted the strict shingle recycling through space ceases to have the correct proportions so Charles was shot dead over to train at Stockwell station with Daniel off the failed terror attacks in July 2005 a key issue in the trial has been aware that he was mistaken Hussein Osman what he was followed by on the Cup of offices we've been staking out the flop sweat by coincidence both men lived this hotel is back to impose them through the trial which will decide if the met police broke health and safety laws by shooting film Charles and indeed allowing a suspected suicide bomber hope to achieve women denied the charges the case continues //
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Operation London 7/7: Neverending Fakery
\\steeple died and hundreds were injured in Britain's worst atrocity since the Lockerbie bombing but do we know what really happened that day who knew that these people thanks in the name of Islam it's the stuff Rachel is on the Piccadilly line keep trying blown up in the sudden sudden bombings right close to the suicide bomber when he got to make a piece of metal narrowly miss archery and harassed by the dreadful coincidence Rachel was actually reading a magazine article about her right the bomb went off the grip test synergy between 2 like shit Rachel started with the other passengers and the day night she consults to rise above both experiences well partly because of her strength of character and partly because of her father he it is genuinely outsourcing to be told that my own weaknesses other people's eyewitnesses green overall and the memories fade gradually but the love still remains the same she was taken unfairly and a life was cut short but I love was something they could never take if you can hear me Benny now I'd like to just tell you thank you for touching my heart and soul and being the best friend I could ever have yeah the idea that it's the government's actually right the 77 bombings in alluded to demonized Muslims it's just throwing petrol data and to the //
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9/11 In Memoriam New York City Part 2
\\ //
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9/11 In Memoriam New York City Part 1
\\it we have something that has happened here at the World Trade Center we know that lame and and one of the towers at the World Trade Center might have it goes from one side of the building practically all the way to the other we've seen a fireball and I can tell you it appears tower number 2 at least from our vantage point appears to be unaffected this appears to be entirely in tower number one oh my god it was a huge explosion I'm sure everybody in the city it's coming it's gotta be hundreds of people I heard grab life so I could have been leann missile the world I don't know hourly just 3 minutes ago Los angles into tower realize it's more serious try to make the best assessment of the situation for the rooftop conditions so we had unfortunately it was later with all sorts are antennas in cable home at this time we could get on our own I made a close approach toward company building I clutched look over remember an almanac Austin skewed based peering out of the smoke right now it would be a good don't they New York a my gun exclusionary hold you know it why are there any black smoke coming from you know Bernie regression to Richard little towns that don't mind numbing and taking a brief all I didn't look any more than an icon everyone where people to help all people dug a little ways and people didn't look so great that I could like the part yeah I'm I'm so mad and admit that their bank alright yeah you're going to die because I'm okay alright yeah I'm okay alright general well I am gonna call you mother something well right now so trying to find out what's going on people ramblings you get onto the bridge and from what I think knowing about it autonomy the north the north down uhhuh now what about mmhm we //
"2014-07-22 02:22:32"
911 Live News Broadcasts The New York stations [4x speed]
\\this has been an ABC 7 Eyewitness News special report I good evening everyone of her more actually we have a breaking news this out of a downtown Manhattan a plane is allegedly crashed into the World Trade Center you're looking at live pictures right now from news chopper 7 a plane has crashed into the side of the World Trade Center details at this hour German schedule update there are believed to be a plane crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center I just saw flames inside you can smoke our cover of the tower we have no idea what it was it was a boom just a few moments we go towards this now this could have been that aircraft gore could been so was this I wish the let alone most welcome passenger planes perhaps so I won't even after your brain it was relatively large and it wasn't the size of the jet okay but ... it was not a small one lane right was in a small like perhaps like every 6 here now is a large and it was so loud right over her head they were you know world trade it was an aircraft that was about it forum it was heading south of here over over Manhattan and I did hear some kind of a screech of some kind of a whale of before of tremendous boom ... so a big gun high real life bush thought it was a plane ... then I look at the year I was going on here I'm sort of perhaps it was interesting claims he sting Samit's and we can tell you that we've had a couple of I. we've 3 eyewitnesses on the telephone ... Mary kozo who spent on the phone with us is just told us that it appeared to be a medium sized jet she heard a sound a buzzing sound looked up and so that should solve this airplane great is devastating and what do you think you know all over Central Park looking back at the twin towers of the smoke looming of course over Matt had there's one of those helicopters one of our news copters is up there as well John DelGiorno on earlier we don't have Johns audio do we have John no no we still love John issues we get John on the phone we'll go to John who is obviously a birds eye view as you can see right now from the sky after 7 smoke again billowing we have more illnesses hearing scene as we look at our metro cam looking east I believe looking east down the river and you can see the all black smoke out billowing into the crowd a lot of ... uncertainty right now as to what is happening you can see there are choppers NPI please I could be a police helicopter that home while we just all night goodness you're not another sure right now all my goodness of what I believe rainn that just hit another plane this house or not looked like my goodness another plane has to the twin towers on the words but comes to mind right now terrorist what if it's like it ... this is something that you've seen on live television just unfolding para hunt stories in this building many employees this ... the first plane that went through and twin engine all 720 sevens 37 we don't know what else just crashed in second twin tower on the area I'm sure right now ... is flooded with all I feelings I'm like for only it was an unbelievable sight power one Wayne nnsl I nnsl I I nnsl I I'm I cool and he I ... leann I and and sure yeah all we ... wasn't I'm I I ... that he sure I do I yeah yeah yeah I some the mean the we the no it I I this I //
"2014-07-22 02:13:55"
9/11 WTC ABC7 Reporter Joe Torres - Home Video
\\killed Taurus is on the scene Joe we have not heard from him for awhile beyond a few white gold in color over there you are okay where are you and what do you see what one hi everyone ... I know where to begin now my photographer Glen may rose and I are are today for okay ... back at Saint Vincent let's just tell you what we went through ... at the time that the first collapse occurred we were 2 blocks away ... as close as police we're going to allow us to get ... talking to fellow police officers FBI agents it set her up when all of a sudden we heard a rumble ... we were just about underneath the world trade towers and I think our first impression was close by with no way numb we thought it was a subway and I think it was a terrorist attack that the attack obviously the World Trade Center apply and that that something was going to happen down low it's not like an earthquake we hear this rumbling beneath our feet we have no idea what it is first someone says subway and all of us put together we think the attack it now perhaps subway underneath us we do know what direction to run the crowd immediately start running up church street from lower Manhattan about police at this point it is anyone Galway you think you can just say it was a whole rain forest FBI offices for NYPD for fire repressed for media for a for ... victim could come out of the towers ... not knowing what is happening ... we ran 56 blocks ... and smoke at this point different where it's it's like out of a movie because you've we turn around over our shoulders and the smoke at this point is coming closer and closer to the west end and we don't know what's in the smoke with a focus come from and we have no idea at this point that the top of one of the towers is no longer there were still under the impression that the fifth with crap subway and that if we were running the street below it fate within a few days and come out from under our feet about 10:00 this morning photographer gland may Rosen I stood at 7 World Trade Center the twin towers still piercing the clear blue sky moments later up thunderous rumble one one I started running north Church Street alongside police officers at the emergency workers we thought the ground below was about load seems now we heard where the floors of the tower collapsed as this breaker tumbled to the ground the expanding cloud of smoke and debris chasing us up the street I screamed a gland weighed down with his camera batteries and tapes take heat moving daily 56 blocks later we our hearts racing people crying others gas be for air as we caught our breath Kevin macneil explain to us how he got off 80 fifth floor homework a bomb or so your return was flying we just had all fought hard prior where we found yeah we came still on Church Street thinking we were safe he didn't interview with the Port Authority engineer worked on the seventies floor of number one World Trade Center say but we never been the interview we're very strong going because I remember from the last last time so what what what take as an engineer to do it I it's Dan 3 they //
"2014-07-11 12:29:17"
WCBS 9/11 8:50 - 9:00
\\yeah let her pick her favorite color and interior to Christy it rise live from the studios to information network this is breaking news good morning Michael Pomeranz along with Lisa hill some breaking news to report here looking at a live picture of the World Trade Center we have just received word that a plane apparently has crashed into the tower one of the 2 towers at this point we don't have further information regarding the type of plane Nick state of only really saw obviously it looks quite severe ... we don't know about the people who may have been in the building here NF NF claim as well we have several crews on their way to the scene right now right my fellow farmer whose net I think if you knew this morning every morning is on her way literally right now as soon as she gets set up earlier her I'll live to get information about an individual on the telephone Marcella look and tell us you know we're right here we're trying to get away nope thing or thrown out okay you're looking live frogs tuning into what is apparently happened a plane has crashed into one of the world growth rate towers after that really number one to smoke we don't know I for or even lie when I met seen you can see a plane is definitely affected my floors at least 12 but with 3 floors and further fairly to smoke on the the building as well as on the back now we're again trying to get in tankan's act with telephone crews to this story this is a major story this path you're looking at first time so bear with us as we try to piece together exactly what's again these are reports that were good a plane is in fact what it crashed into the World Trade Center we from what we see can't really imagine if much else but these are again only reports as you look live at the scene Michael operative it's telling me that we understand it possibly a 737 jet that has crashed into power number 1 of the World Trade Center building possibly a 737 jet that just crashed into power number 1 of the World Trade Center we missed it where we're just hearing now that the debris obviously falling through the streets below for gathering some information folks familiar with the financial district know how congested it is down there how tight the streets are how narrow the ... area to navigate is for drivers as well as for pedestrians so quite a scene down there right now ... toward the financial district against it's our 1 yes tower number 1 World Trade Center tower number 1 obviously the upper floors there ... we're not sure where that plane was written any progress service trying to land which airport of course we're working on that still season fire brush fire from another part of the building there's we look zillion are off on our cameras there we have more silicon now joining us with a little bit more information Marcella where are you and what can you tell us a ballot mostly they're okay early school colors slot which connection with Marcela farmer she works in you can hear in the background there though some of the chaos is as you would imagine would be going on in that area heavy area for commuters have area for for commerce and not to mention the thousands of people who work at the World Trade Center on the shirts sheer chaos there were unsure how many passengers were on that plane on how many people are affected after building as you think Michael the free why thing falling to the street below which makes sense considering that if possible 737 jet may have crashed into World Trade Center tower number 1 it's just happened filter looking live at our cameras afia yeah billowing black smoke from multiple Florida found we understand sure rescue crews the mayor everybody's on the way down there to find out more details on this replacing as many calls as we can to find out more details in this course for the thing on the story and bring you the details as soon as we get from taking a look right notably could just from the Associated Press they're coming across with bulletins now confirming that it was a plane that is crashed into the World Trade Center Guinness is according to the Associated Press as we gather our own people down there at the scene taking a look at what's a what's going on in front of you you're saying if both for the very first time as are we a reminder that ... what we're able to see from our fix Medicare was appoints all across the city for just what you're saying right there that apparently from the reports again by the Associated Press and from what you're saying that a plane possibly a 737 jet it tower one of the World Trade Center in the financial district reports that debris falling to the ground and ... that's where we are with the story right now as we ... continued efforts some more information for you we have more self Palmer working the senior her just a moment ago we're unable to establish clear connection with her but you were probably able to hear through her cell phone ... that there's a lot of emotion sure sure we have covered 2 on the way as well Jim Smith is flying there as we speak right to get a closer look and to see what else is going on there you can imagine the entire buildings all of our work with anything evacuated immediately as well as the area around there so traffic imagine Michael of course is going to be chaotic perfect rest of the day no doubt again folks were looking live at an unbelievable season absolutely unbelievable scene harkening back to the bombing of course this is not a bomb we understand that a plaintiff actual air plane has crashed into the World Trade Center tower number one building number one if you look at it ... an eerie shot there of the March they building here right and the World Trade Center studio background to the back with the black smoke billowing out of the top stories of the World Trade Center tower number one currently available hole is quite apparent there ... unable at this point to see any pieces of of plane or anything to that would indicate to us that it was in fact the point again we're going on reports and clearly up at that level it's hard to imagine it could be anything else at all the reports of the ... debris falling to the ground we have ... working hard right now to talk with ... VFA a right Port Authority to get any information to you ... as far as what point of what type of plane who's involved how many people in the building ... Marcella farmer working it from the ground it obviously that Michael is on a large plane if indeed it was another where we're getting confirmation on that because you can look and see how many 5 of this building but damaged and the smoke is amazing all looks like apparently at least 3 size if not all 4 sides of the World Trade Center building have been damaged by this a collision unbelievable scene thought impurities bringing back memories of about what might have 1993 World Trade Center bombing ... we're getting we're getting somebody with somebody on the phone were working on it okay or information that is now working on a contact with somebody on the phone we we don't want to add any more confusion to the mix however we are under the ... advisement now that CNN has spoken to who they believe was a witness who is told them it was a twin engine plane because of perhaps if the if the World Trade Center ... it's of witness report only want to emphasize that that's the ... the story that CNN is able to help us rock compile at this point but as you can see a very very fresh and horrible scene is this movement bills from the top a section of the power of one of the World Trade Center 210 story building is what Carolyne is and you can see it's obviously in the upper upper levels of tarot tower one we're trying to effort information folks this just happened again as Michael have mentioned CNN of putting a witness who says that he or she saw a twin engine plane flying right into the trade center unfortunately we did not know at this point where the twin engine plane aware that airplane attributes when engine 737 may originate from where it was heading which of our 3 airports obviously is gonna affect airport traffic as well as ... the entire city comes to a standstill right now as we look live at an apparent plane that has crashed into the World Trade Center we're giving you every possible angle that we can come up with is we have fixed cameras all across the city taking a live look we're looking at it along with you for the very first time the heavy black smoke pouring from the top of this building reports now that a plane of some type has impacted the World Trade Center crews always on the way working as hard as we can now ... to get you more information all right there jotting down notes if we get them do we have that person rate of crime ... with everything falls what I'm talking to my producers as well as trying to get to our information is weak effort information were trying to reach witnesses who may be there live at the scene and able to give us the first hand accounts ... witnesses we do understand from the Associated Press reported hearing a huge explosion ... also more I've witnesses say they saw a small commuter plane crash into the buildings are getting 2 counts there Michael from witnesses according to the Associated Press who saw a small plane so perhaps that's indeed what was it doesn't matter if the extensive damage has been done I'm not sure again of any injuries albeit their faculties several obviously from looking at this non we try to get that again Marcela Palmer on her way ... doctor there by cellphone for yourself when I got disconnected for the head of which is saying that ... we're now getting reports from the Associated Press ... that witnesses reported hearing ... at seeing that huge explosion heavy smokers you see their billowing from the top and several witness accounts now ... kind of deciding with a C. N. N. birdie at a story that it was a twin engine Malian not to say that we know for certain would want to make any assumptions especially this early on if you take a look at it ... along with us is refusing to give any information for you as it's developing ... understand right now that we do have somebody joining us on the phone yes a posh winger is on the phone live to tell us what he thought morning profit Nordic go ahead take it away where were you and what did you think road in my apartment pretty much right under the flight path at this point in the village and ... for Christmas really really loud noise //
"2014-07-03 10:12:02"
ABC Chopper 2 - 5 miles from WTC
\\yeah we got to get more live over the west side of Manhattan were up around 70 ninth street about 5 miles north of the World Trade Center and again to recap the events here this morning has sadly is that a proper 45 this morning an airplane traveling from north to south struck the north tower here of the World Trade Center shortly after that as the first building was engulfed in flames they play with we were on our way to we witnessed a second airplane strike the south side of the second power this out power and that is the second row claims that you here are some air traffic New York metropolitan area all operations New York airport Jordan John F. Kennedy International gala party airport all air traffic operate I didn't as far as another aircraft dropping right now but included we're being had that in this 5 miles from the site of this absolute disaster //
"2014-07-03 10:00:47"
Photos of World Trade Center From Empire State Building (Gans)
\\ //
"2014-07-03 09:56:44"
"Chopper X" vs WB Air 11
\\and what I saw trying to keep to slip trying killed it doesn't feel good my nephew autistic on my office door 20 L. ... now this is the aftermath we are this is the chopper chop Ruhleben Melinda Murphy is up there with check who's taking the photographs right now and you can see the intense billing there you can see that the aftermath of what we believe are too and we're going to say this 2 possible terrorist planes attacking the World Trade Center both towers of the World Trade Center we do not know the extent of any injuries we do assume that there are people inside both of those towers this is the business our this is the second time that this particular building has been attacked in this city is Melinda from 11 available we have not availed Ernest moment okay but you are seeing her pictures right now and we'll hear her and we'll hear her report in just a minute it what is amazing here when is your looking at this gaping hole you're looking at a building that has been an icon for most of the New York City skyline it might say that and it's also been a target now as we sat thee it's hard in 1993 it looks like it's being targeted again today at 9 OO 9 well obviously that's a part of what looks to be damaged at this point limiting that live shots rang out from Aaron Levin we're going to try to get to Melinda Murphy in a few minutes she's got a bird's eye view and you can see the flames are still as you can I've ever been amazing and we do I apparently assume that there are people in that building at this hour because there was no warning one happened at 8:00 right after 8:00 and the second just 9:00 that witness is reporting that the 2 explosions were about 18 minutes of explosion came after aircraft I crashed into the upper floors part the second explosion came after an aircraft I crashed into the upper floors of web web check this is the chopper chop well why then Melinda Murphy is up there with check who's taking the photographs right now and you can see the it //
"2014-07-03 09:50:55"
Pavel Hlava Miraculously Captures Both 9/11 Plane Strikes
\\I have a Honda is recording a video postcard and home to the Czech Republic he's writing an SUV approaching the Brooklyn battery tunnel captures a glimpse of the first plane going into the north tower but he doesn't know it then he goes into become emerging from the tunnel camera on the college again and it was only weeks later that he realized he had captured that first plane going into the north tower in fact his son almost accidentally erased the tape here you can just see American flight 11 as it approaches and hit I certainly weeks later that he realized he had captured that first plane going into the north tower in fact his son almost accidentally erased the tape here you can just see American flight 11 as it approaches and hit I I they know who you are within the family open her own body house nuclear 8 yes the the arena league battle not the admiral Oscar winner looking looking out your admission acne download we had 30 of cumulative voting weeks later that he realized he had captured that first plane going into the north tower in fact his son almost accidentally erased the tape here you can just see American flight 11 as it approaches and hit I //
"2014-07-03 09:44:54"
Rick Leventhal - FOX WCBS 9/11 10:04 am
\\Jeremy is a governor can you hold hold on for just a second power from right to left he finishes everything good old equipment imploded holiness like good when it got to the building a block away I couldn't building for a couple seconds criminals on the building gonna put up with most of it but you know what we can get on with building because everything was locked up when I came out and everything was cool they assume it looks like on the bottom real movie you did you know that was an exposure who's a building collapse to me it sounded like get that to me sounded like an explosion and then the building the rolling sound government buildings a lot with their other people might have been a lot of people on the ground nearby when it happened almost where that happened it was mostly more force but I don't think I'm any better there could really I don't know many people would you say were on the ground when the when the building explode because I don't I don't I own my own and I don't know they might have been the might of been on ring hunted 50 I don't know what's what's your full name please of the going out alright thanks a lot for the here and you're looking at live pictures on the left of your screen on the right of yours //
"2014-07-03 09:40:33"
Rick Leventhal "Huge Explosion" 9/11 FOX WCBS 10:07
\\I'm aware of your screen on the right of your screen roughly ... power you're one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center this is a big gash on the ground lots of it pandemonium here a short time ago when the building did go out to whatever was it happens a huge explosion are huge grumbling cloud smoke and fire came across a pure fury and instead of going this way and all we saw was with people more people running in this direction everyone law enforcement people woman pushing a baby carriage this is actually we believe debris from one of the planes that hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center the FBI here you can see that it woke the stereo off they were taking photographs in securing the stereo just prior to that huge explosion that we all heard and felt we are but as I talk to some of these guys use your name and the battle creek would you say would you hear it felt like another quake coming we got a good club then we ran down the subway at the desk holidays down there with a lot of people is going don't let them medical David thank you later people did you see people anyone is in danger of getting hit or miss not bad yeah but I was running and it was not even though it's just sort of thing coming right have you seen that we will see the tower after it will be putting in things that happen now this guy look at this guy surreal unbelievable unbelievable the streets have been shut down ... there was very little traffic on the street except for emergency vehicles going one way or the other so it was not a lot of vehicle traffic in this area but there were a lot of pedestrians on almost every single corner taking photographs and just looking at the building which was still smoking but still on fire a lot of police officers and I thought that I would write me the building where you explosion occurred when the plane hit the building I was that I stole it from my old as a matter fact on the Lower East Side so you came here yes check it out no one would even be we can help a little yeah Rick Leventhal is the one reporting on it yeah he's not able to hear me at this moment ... but which is that justice out of a plane //
"2014-07-03 09:36:04"
2nd WTC Attack: 880 WCBS AM Radio
\\right so what we're hearing a couple of witnesses who said they saw a plane fly right into the building come Kaminsky in chopper a dating back with us again and out of we are getting a look at the south side of the building and certainly there is now that we could see severe damage not even to the south side of this building which is now beginning to make me question file which your gold about this aircraft approached from all of that be out most of the smoke is billowing up now to the south side of tower number one so it's a little bit difficult to ... to determine exactly because the impact point I could say that whatever internal sprinkler system there is at the World Trade Center has certainly been activated because the smoke that we could say that the impact point still very dark but the smoke toward the top the top 10 to 15 floors up our number that smoke is now a lot of blown out on all 4 sides 15 to 20 stories on on tower number one but certainly that smoke is now ... white aim that in nature so ... there are fire crews just screaming into this area from every conceivable direction we're looking at cruise up flying down west street currently into this area we've ... noticed of some I coming across canal St ... and ... just this entire area of lower Manhattan is absolutely going to need to be avoided for how long there is absolutely no way to tell now we've got to look at least 3 sides of the tower number one and that is the only building of voting right now Tommy we're seeing but I was another apparently that was another plane we have ... witness we just spoke to a moment ago we're hearing from Carl Tendler who was at the village apartments in Washington Square were trying to bring him on the air right does a second plane that just look up one it's been another one Carl yeah we had been building number one the other building yet people right into it describe exactly what you just saw yeah right sort of jet coming towards ... Lee bill Daley was low ... use about half way up and he flew into ... you look like petite outside valve well if cornered above the buildings so bah building number 2 is now burning that's now in either one Plano there are 2 planes flying into which one aircraft but just can't help but without a quarter it looked like a twin engine jet that is about what was described you described earlier wasn't you told all the first one was a debate brave and hit the person buildings okay we're seeing like it looks like some 6 confetti parade there is debris flying out of that south tower we saw a burst of flames a moment ago just before at Audrey aircraft but job it will be number one okay we're gonna go back to Tom Arnold's go chop arrayed eightieth minute okay is all about buildings 20 minutes since the first explosion the first plane window into the north tower time have we have gone to the north side the World Trade Center ... so we were shielded from the ... from that Bob but just a moment's prior to that we work ... getting a look at tower number one that was unaffected but as we were looking back we did see a second explosion of some type in tower number one so both of the towers of the World Trade Center are now affected this has died this second explosion //
"2014-07-03 09:32:46"
Extract from Channel 4 Doc "102 Minutes That Changed America"
\\well yeah but in I I ... there what is that calling alright I don't be a person where where that right there one of those big heavy things why they're ready piece of paper would not fall alright gotta look No Way now game that guarantees yeah yeah yeah I see it and see it is I mean who's to say it's not fair to I regardless deeds can be so dangerous that that that being obviously people I what yeah I a I'm no yeah many yeah so a a Nnamdi see what this bill //
"2014-07-03 09:27:16"
All Flight 175 Images Collected as of 2009
\\well we are I think the whole picture brought well we got an explosion inside I could I hope takes about but perfect several floors were taken out I don't know if there's any kind of a an effort up there yet now remember all my god Eliot of people being taken out of the building at a you say that emergency vehicles are there understandably so but of course the major concern is what a loss I need to know if there were many people in the building something else one crooner show over in Chelsea on did you hear the explosion I am your position yes we did the math fact we we heard it and and because I was just like standing there pretty much looking out the window I didn't see what caused it or if there was an impact so you have no idea rather write another one another plane you look at the picture from our chopper now arriving at the scene ... Jim Friedel in Hoboken ... said it appeared to back sharply and smashing directly perhaps purposefully in 2 time all my goodness al Qaeda there's another one it I'll trade center buildings at a one the observation deck ... this so should press ... with story that says there is a no report of casualties ... without collusion now as to what is how but then you can see yeah there are child I believe that could be a police helicopter that is cold so all night I miss you a lot of so there I can impact lower we believe perhaps the for and and they are trying to find out the facts to as we are and right now they don't have it and as you know Jim this this has been a target before back on November 2693 a terrorist act the World Trade Center killed 6 and injured more than 1000 others do you know whether or not the FBI I think we're going to have to fix the system altogether I happen to agree with Barry that ... we we we need to keep these ... airplanes on the ground seen all around you well you one fully nobody nor could they know the implications 400 firefighters to reach the scene of the World Trade Center attack today as many as half maybe that with aviation fuel splitting deep inside one of the world's tallest bill I certainly did realize the twin towers of the World Trade Center would now come it came out quickly and condemned the attacks he does not want to be associated with it he knows the U. S. is probably going to strike back at whoever they suspect being involved knives or box cutters on that flight attendants had been injured or killed and that people had stormed the cockpit holy yeah in the mood to have it carried out these attacks is beyond the Ken of so many of these so the shadowy groups that one might immediately suspect being involved well the reason why Unna your son going to pre preschool and you captured that shot right there how far away from the building where you I was part only it I was it me in the shop and he was down on the ground he started to cry I says listen flight 175 it's 18 minutes later swamped in from the southwest death so I wouldn't sign I turned on the TV and I saw what millions of Americans saw nnova yeah whoa shear nerve I all pull the my good pollution on it public attitudes exploding //
"2014-07-03 09:00:46"
9/11 Unseen 2nd WTC Attack, Jumpers, Debris, Street Scene
\\ //
"2014-07-03 08:11:29"
911 Eyewitness: "As The Bombs Were Going I Sat And Watched A Few Of Them Explode"
\\because they thought I had just gone to work so I knew that they needed water and dom I stood there for a few minutes and then those I don't know how much I would buy all the sudden I looked up and about 20 stories below with this look like to me about 75 flights of below the fire I saw from the corner boom boom boom global global Boboc dislikes 23 years went down in it the hope is when all that is the part of the gore people who started running I sat there and watched if you've exploded and I just turned around and I started running for my life because at that point booklet //
"2014-07-03 08:11:26"
9 11 "Oh My God, That Was A Bomb That Did That!" [Shapoff]
\\yeah right you member when we were talking I advice you I wouldn't want to we'd have to go good yeah I was a problem that is back with a broken bone that dad is no god well yeah you know yeah all we are going is busy all fluffy little yeah but it looked like there was an explosion ennobling it enough it was a good and that wasn't just because the filled in a lot of extra you can't really I it no not really I yeah okay last never let //
"2014-07-03 08:05:13"
9 11 South Tower Strike Eyewitness From Woolworth's Roof
\\yeah we'll talk to me how standing on the roof the whole white building cool looking out our see what happens the next thing I did I seen a spot new year another way to pay that circle I kind of went off a little bit ministry itself out and go to the other side crash right in an explosion with soporific it looked like it had died the boy to fly in a cave Ryan out of that one voice the price and we were standing and I said I can't believe this and sure enough there was another plan Wayne was in no way an alignment it was a twin engine big grade yeah it down maybe no hope big but Palin's it went movement when it though yeah you you feet away I we believe that a close when you run this building and will you feel like you can //
"2014-07-03 04:14:51"
9/11 Researcher Scott Vincent (genghis6199) in Role of Ska DJ
\\yes yeah the vibration mobile what we do right Chicago thank you brother bill for now would have to slowly that's time will come no we just right the for what full wait for the don't go what or right that'll be hello scuttled yeah sure right Reggie credibility to Ross to get some cash from so the corridor but it was you wanted more than once already discovered for another we thought John Paul I didn't go in the you know that if they didn't know I think on the road that led out nnova Boston gravy is not a game you know the drill should we need ages ago through our Gloria reform to Boston woman acutely first we must lead in some passages the Bible show him his wrongdoing then look see now we can when I'm gone no one right more than a boy no nbaschedule it they welcome back to 23 right dial that's right we do on how yeah they go and see where that leads we're back with this guy right now why out in the west side of welcome back at you with a bad cold ups guy Wilbon she was she was your vote run that that .dot. yeah I yeah we let that it what yeah hold but I'm the NBI bill girls no at the the I welcome back on go no the I what WNED I you in they I in I you name yeah I'm not a but all for they all thank you the but noble Dr children I don't know do but for yeah it's all good could stop I yeah yeah so go mnbound the only other I I good good so there's got both no don't look for at the yeah not go I I the could and the we but but and I no but I I yeah from go //
"2014-07-03 03:50:03"
9/11 Victim David Angell at the 1984 Emmy Awards
\\present our next award at 2 gentlemen who are no strangers on this stage between them they have 8 Emmy awards that makes sense I guess famous for their highly disciplined performances on the Carol Burnett show here are Harvey Korman and Tim Conway you very much I believe I speak Mister Conway when I say that it is a Peyton that are ... are we up for an award no no no we're presenting an award for outstanding writing an account a series where I mean when are we nominated for an award no no the part why weren't we nominate well I guess but the members of the academy thought that ... some of our colleagues did better than we did last season Stephen nominees are we didn't work last season well I'm sure that might have had something to do with it the nominees are why are we here this is the place need everybody's watching this all the network header right founder third maybe we'll get a count of have we got time to tell about that pilot idea I I don't think it's appropriate to do that now tomorrow morning I'll call up but grant the head of CBS television to make an appointment the nominee part is that the one that you said was a Bozo term that I used humor and you know he's an old friend you have to worry about companies use the other cloud would you answer the many David angel for chairs old when Charles left Charles for cheers power play David Lloyd for cheers homicidal hand Tom Patchett for buffalo bill will convince sort and Jay Tarses for Buffalo Bill Joe does problem part 2 and the winner is would you do the honors misconduct Sir Edmund how about and the winner is David angel for chairs all claims and defeat yeah academy let's tell when shows Jimmy barrels ... Mitch can and Eliot Stoller say hello to my family to my father in heaven and finally ... for all their love and support ... I'd like to thank my wife Lynn ... this is yours to honey thank you so much I now for outstanding writing in a variety or music program nominees of the writers are late night with David Letterman show number 29 and look at Mike pain and Gilda Radner late night with David Letterman show number 285 Charles Grodin Jerry Seinfeld and Linda Ronstadt //
"2014-07-01 08:02:05"
Rick Leventhal 9/11 "Man On the Street" Interviews
\\and Rick Leventhal who is again not able to hear us but ... boom truck trying to bring you from the ground the perspective of of what he witnessed felt and heard and I think Rick is not clearly are you aware as we that the upper floors of tower one of the World Trade Center have collapsed completely and you know it felt like a bomb hit or a plane into something like that but the whole full Wayne did here plane did hit again and we look at the window always so as to break all of the place but we thought the building was going to topple over it was gone so I wanted him dead one of the date we're town one we made out well you're looking man given much alright take care clearly this is a nationwide catastrophe but folks ... phone lines in New York are virtually shut down so you're not going to be able to call your lot of if you have any other way per email if you have any other way of contacting your loved ones try and do it without using the telephone because telephone lines in New York are at gridlock right now let's listen in again to this I would have they got I hope ... what other people may go out the building as I did alright thank you tell me tell me what you saw 7 talk to us where were you up 25 Park Place mean is superb so I heard the loud noise from a jet we look up we see it is big jet look at 737 or 72757 thought that was a big jet yet resort come just looking like it sideways at first we thought it was just going to try to miss it but I think right into the middle of it don't inflict on the seventh floor and then if only we see the second one bang into it we're on the roof of it where a block away I mean what's going through your mind when you see this as the bodies flying out of the sky and you can't do nothing about it you tell me tell me what you think yeah my thoughts my mountain near that prejudiced people is no words to describe what's going on out there I mean you see bodies just I mean you have now latest book coming out of now the state legislature I can't imagine anything worse than this it's got a big I can imagine nobody on the plane must die Florida Pete friends among our religion fault floor print on all the buildings of this book for my friend to have no pride get ready to go upstairs to go to work //
"2014-07-01 07:51:22"
WTC Attack September 11, 2001 from New York Police Helicopter
\\the I I the where we all I I we help out with yeah what all right yeah I hi after right I how we go when I moved over more I parent I don't right our and we read the right and if you want really I what we got right I what all about I so and rebel don't know I we are no Terry the very lucky I didn uhhuh one yeah what the I well we've here and all who that's it that biggest possessing a world right there I yeah my question is about the one okay I I think yeah may I yeah they may yeah we they will try hi Paul 5 yeah about but you know what I'm going to bed all that said I think what had probably I don't have knowledge about what would it making a I know you're the one okay short no obligation I and hit enter when I think about it I got to replicate about driven I don't yeah you got me a job all what trying you know what let if you don't like one yeah yeah that I don't know but it was the //
"2014-06-21 11:53:00"
September 11th 2001 WNBC Dub6 18
\\a fire truck less than a headache some of them before they're evacuating 30 rock how do you fight a fight like that how do you fight a fire like this very //
"2014-06-21 11:46:20"
Unprecedented Network Agreement to Pool All Video of 9/11 Attack
\\hours a couple we're looking at a live picture from Jersey city area toward lower Manhattan and you're looking where the world trade centers use debate not on top of those world trade centers when they were there with the broadcast towers for most of the broadcast type entities ... in The New York ... area so most of you in America who will be watching us now are watching on various cable systems Comcast cable certainly ... dish network direct TV so we are UPN 9 news in New York ... like and spent much of the coverage that we you are saying is ... we bring to you via satellite ... and broad and then to your television sets around the nation it's a it's a difficult time all of our colleagues from all of the various broadcasts of entities had their towers on top of a top of the World Trade Center except one thing you know this is actually an unprecedented agreement that all major U. S. news networks have agreed and falling all available pictures of this attack on America that's extraordinary and that just shows the immensity of this kind of ... tragedy //
"2014-06-19 05:36:05"
9/11 Guiliani Appeals To Public For All Video, 120 Trucks Full Of WTC 7 Steel Removed 9:12 - 10 am
\\we also appeal to other people that may have private videos of the occurrence Simpson came forward late yesterday and ... last evening but if they do please contact the police department the FBI because it could be of enormous help in the investigation of the case ... where we're going to a try to open schools tomorrow we were hopeful that we'll be able to would certainly be able to do it in the entire city and we'll be working on a plan for the maximum number schools that we can open on the east side of Manhattan basically the Lower East Side of Manhattan con Edison is working ... I think as I intensely as they possibly can to try to get power restored it's gonna take some time and we're bringing generators and the governor made available to us group of generators that we've moved to Randalls island and the other will be using them and that area of the east side needs ... generator power because they may need it for quite sometime the we were able to move 120 dump trucks out of the city last night should give you a sense of the work that was done overnight I sold some of the debris has already been removed more that is being removed and it'll be done by barge pole throughout the day today ... the subway system is operating in all of the city but below fourteenth street and largely because right now we have that close okay so if you're in any of the other 4 boroughs public transportation his normal the subways in normal the buses are normal pyramid had the subways are going to be working ... to fourteenth street and then for those that go under these they'll just go straight out to Brooklyn as soon as we can get that area the city open however they will be subway service there except for the 15 lines the west side I or T. both 30 fourth street because of the collapse it took place and of again we ask only Yorker's tour to cooperate and to try to help each other there and they are going to be a lot of people today who need help and need assistance either because of the fact that they know people that were lost in this terrible tragedy well because digits frightened of what may happen if you could come for them and help them and system particularly elderly people that that might be a way which you you you can contribute and we're getting very very close cooperation from the state from the federal government I think people in New York the best way they can I deal with this right now not only to deal with their own grief which we all feel and have but to show that we're not gonna be in any way affected by this they were not going to be powered by that we're not afraid we're going to go about our business and lead normal lives and not let these cowards affect us in any way hello like they're trying to do which is to instill fear in us no then I think that as the mayor indicated the focus right now is still on the search and rescue in the hopes that we can that ... get other people out of the debris and save more lives we have at last count 18 different search and rescue teams down there I want to thank my colleagues ... we have 8 from Connecticut the governor Rowland San and others from around the country that we have a specialized team coming that governor Calderon ascending from Porto Rico and it's this type of support from around the country ... that is allowing us to get through this I have to so yeah I was down at the scene last night and mayor in your police and fire ... not only were heroes at the beginning that there's still heroes they're down there under enormous personal strain and risk ... I saw them at ground 0 well a high rise was on fire ... right across the street they could of classes and they are risking their lives not to try to save their friends and colleagues and the new Yorkers who are still trapped and ... we have to thank them say a prayer for them ... this is a time for rescue it's a time for commitment but it's also time reflecting grieve for those who ... didn't have their parents come home last night here for those who still might be lost than ... we will get through this because as the mayor indicated new Yorkers come together in times of crisis and we seen tremendous spirit ... donating blood volunteering at hospitals helping us to get through this and that we have done everything we could to be supportive we have National Guard troops here now ... we are ... mobilizing fire departments from at Westchester and Rockland that are backing up in the Bronx were mobilizing fire departments from Nassau and Suffolk that may help ... and some of the outer boroughs on Long Island ... but what we don't need our people just simply coming into the volunteer we have the hotlines we have the organization we have tremendous coordination between the city and the state and federal government so people who want to exercise their expertise with other firefighters they should contact the choirs department if the EMTs are nurses they should contact the hotline that we have set up at the state ... where we've already had about 10000 calls so ... this is a tragic episode in American history but new Yorkers will get through this America will get through this we will not be intimidated we will not lose our freedom what is the world there's one other thing we we should of these are these are the out the flight Korda boxes that the firefighters in the police officer the rest with a look of looking for and we're going to have which would like what will give you copies of this would like you to put it out as broadly as possible but also we're giving copies to all the rescue people in recovery people so that they can try to find them all together before 2 for each airplane and that that's what they look like except it'll be obviously covered with soot and and and dirt but there are a lot of lot of a lot of people involved the recovery and relief effort who know what they're looking for the No be some that don't though we can give those out would be very important this morning's meeting with devoted to the relief and recovery effort largely this afternoon what we're gonna focus on the economic recovery of the city and ... work with the hotels the restaurants the real estate industry how we're going to we're gonna rebuild we're not only to rebuild gonna come out of this stronger then we were before and in addition to having a wonderful people in New York is the governor indicated we also have the strongest business community of any place in the world that we're gonna call upon them and we're gonna need their help but we're gonna come out of New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani called important things are gonna go to Capitol Hill but just one mention the mayor made an appeal for folks that if you see the black glasses are actually orange pushover hope we are intact from the aircraft they are looking for that also a video appeal if you live with someone you have to be in New York yesterday if you had a video camera they want that that a tape that might help them in their best //
"2014-06-13 05:22:55"
Route 30 movie podcast featuring Ace Baker - #23 Aces & Eighty Eights
\\hi I'm a speaker I did the music and you're watching the route 30 movie podcast a few years ago with a small band of friends and colleagues I made a feature film for the price of a used car that experiment proof so worthwhile gave birth to another as episodes of this podcast continue you'll hear from cast members and the crew while we share with you the experience we had making route 30 I'm John punch and you're watching 30 movie podcast I think I think composing music my whole life I can never be in a really little kid thank and I I can actually get my hand slapped by my by my piano teacher because I was making up new endings to like Bach that's not the right chord you know yes I was I was once in a few different rock bands was in a band called mother's finest joined up with them and we toured all over Europe think if you go on you too you can find me here are playing a very large concert with other spiders Holland is for some reason the the melody for original bill and words to go with it ... just sort of came to me all all all once and then I was thinking about the character routes 30 is mainly set in in the overall Pennsylvania have that said to me sort of americana musically is sworn into right now very simple music I guess kind of a sweet innocence a whole and that brings us to the after the bill took Martha any snow Martha's in this place time gone by I'm we work it fortunately I act are that's enough but that wasn't good enough for John ... he insisted that I learn maple leaf rag whatever 30 //
"2014-06-13 05:10:53"
2nd WTC Attack compilation MSNBC
\\I my god it is good abortion or it might go on to do good exploding I just got it on video this is the worst thing everything my way home booted flight 175 T. minutes later swamped in from the southwest devastating the second building //
"2014-06-13 05:04:29"
9 11 Melted Cars - ABC Diane Sawyer
\\as you can see around me there's a dramatic change in activity and I don't how much you could hear earlier when we were telling you about it who have 6 bulldozers down here now we have an entire line and the tire streets full of EMS crews in ambulances it appears they have got the lights up the generators are working and it's very possible they could be moving in soon for some kind of activity actually on the site and I got done day over here with me we've been dividing up all the duties here and he's been down to the scene and also JD how partners said he's just a volunteer came in from California and was around the area I just wanted to know how much fire is there you said you were just at ground 0 how much fires left well the building 7 there was no fire there whatsoever but there was one truck putting water on the building but it's collapse completely and then the other building that there were some flames still coming up was in World trainset trade center one but not a lot and you said you saw melted tour buses melted cars the cars that were right down there it was just unbelievable they were twisted and melted into nothing I built the debris is just unbelievable and then you can see fire trucks and police vehicles that were down there early that ... all their windows the windshield a completely blown out from must have been from one to breach robs we can even see from here that the smoke seems to have gone down.and I want to repeat ... Peter because JD was saying as well as don earlier case you didn't hear us that it is carpeted up there it is ankle deep in papers since in some places papers and debris go up to 3 feet high you have to Wade through in some areas is our financial documents the other ones I looked at many of them were financial documents very personal documents that ... when I saw the first explosion that that hit there was just a a snow cascade of of paper and out the whole area down there's is coated with it well Peter again we'll let you know as soon as we can confirm that they are going in to the site ... we should say that the mayor was here just a minute ago and drove by waved at us but would not stop Pentium dying just exactly where are you what about for 4.5 blocks from ground 0 okay thank him alliance where don David under the wonderful job for us earlier today giving us some sense of of what was happening as close as you could get to the scene //
"2014-06-10 20:41:20"
September 11th Second Plane Crash 2001 Sekani 6
\\ //
"2014-06-10 20:40:27"
September 11th 2001 Stevens1
\\here on leann no it's just well taking building everything I ... you it hello //
"2014-06-10 20:38:38"
September 11th 2001 Next to WTC CBS Net Dub3 29
\\nnst were you aware first more when we started our this mod 40 people in there explosion life flash out my my window my whole doorway dead since my office blew open my office was freaking out makes told the calm down get to the center of the office every was fine on my floor we just started heading down the stairs I heard people were trapped in the bathroom I ran to the bathroom loses blown out as many but it was in there the word in there so I started going down the steps hire people shouting I stopped at like 68 minutes a woman in a wheelchair and and ... my god are in those straps wheelchair just carried her down the steps Carter down 68 floors and we got lost on the fifth floor chaos network communication and all my then 5 DB and left a and T. a //
"2014-06-10 20:35:04"
September 11th 2001 WABC Dub1 97
\\take it for me from the beginning see vertically low I looked out the window and then I saw something push building again and I saw the tail softly I saw flames engulfed the whole upper portion and then I saw the smoke and the whole trail Ron faith trailer was almost lifted off the ground and feel no you know I was OK but they know that I work here it just tore me up like a torpedo I just can't do that regardless of what you saw anybody could do this is payback I remember looking at the clock it was 9:00 illicit here's people sitting at their desks with families and then they weren't any then there was a second play it over the phone with my mother looking out my window my office I said I'm like on another plane hit and then I saw the first of claims the small and I decided to I felt all over again just a little over I hope I never anybody ever you know that feeling the people just knowing what's lost today nothing right pray that god took a quick //
"2014-06-10 20:27:17"
September 11th 2001 from Hotel Window ABC Dub7 04
\\Kristin like this people falling out that was a person another person Tammy only got //
"2014-06-10 20:26:11"
September 11th 2001 from Hotel Window ABC Dub7 03
\\aha idea holds out with other people injury a week ago I can at this moment //
"2014-06-10 20:25:46"
September 11th 2001 from Hotel Window ABC Dub7 02
\\6 in the morning so let me know this is mostly a news you know I religious being killed I mean part of it fusel lodge just way you're but I when you we the where be daring cross history for me if you well I agree with you yeah we are hearing is that I 30 we yeah that's a nice not to worry I saw I thought the Saudi explosion 3 fiery free no I wasn't in I there are people trapped up there this is just the most incredible thing in the world it's real flames shooting out the windows family there alright I we I I it I I just right okay I need I okay yeah because we have here //
"2014-06-10 20:23:54"
September 11th 2001 from Hotel Window ABC Dub7 01
\\World Trade Center food lately plainness rainn delivery yeah there were no character long long additional more you can see leann right now we can see buildings from the top of the World Trade Center county yeah by their other people that are around you at this point shop Russia don't make okay al hunt coming down Tuesday is not at all caller your foot into the top of the World Trade Center there I lost everything damage from we get really is that what it was I IGN this party because Tony building just I hate funny how you like he yeah I where there look we yeah //
"2014-06-10 20:08:49"
9/11 NIST FOIA Release: WNBC Dub10 number 48
\\I copy that yeah I can talk copy that go ahead I'm ready well what from what we can see right here as we were coming up the Hudson River we can see that black smoke indicating the fire is still going on right now the World Trade Center for as far as the eye can see and you can tell right here at the top of this tower there's a huge gaping hole flame still inside thick black smoke still coming out we have not been able to see what if any kind of an aircraft is inside the building this is the best vantage point right here and as you can see just a huge gaping hole through out the entire side of this tower right now we are simply not close it up right at this point ... Louise are following the smoke in the air right now there are several boats and watercraft is see in the river right now we'll try to get a better vantage point and see what we can see on the ground a little difficult from the air because the buildings kind of shadow the streets but no doubt a lot of activity on the ground right now ... bad that is that apparently does look like it is in the other building at this point back off they're telling us to back off //
"2014-05-28 09:33:22"
Bedrock at WTC Tower 4
\\unusual conditions exposed on Tara for is because it's something that isn't seen anywhere in New York City the scale and the sculpting is so unusual and different it's something that we don't get to see on the surface of the ground in the places that we all go the first time that I went down there I had no idea what kind of scale it was going to be like this just so large in terms of area and in depth it was quite impressive these are actual very large sort of whirlpools that have been carved out goes deep down into the ground and then swirling around in a large world will area most of the glaciers the big glaciers that have ... come across this area came from the north west from across New Jersey on the way that boulders Kabul's read sold and so on carried them across use them scour out these in New York so and then positing both on the site and downstream behind Tara for is the deepest part of the excavation Scott that the natural scour bush with Tara for goes down 100 feet below sea level Norman the shared at least to the extent that documented and we had a nice article in New York times and they showcased it and everyone seemed to take interest in that find these bits and pieces of ... sample very rarely and so when you find them you grab them and try and take make the most of them now the next step is to take the data the photographs the samples information measurements and things like that and to take it to start analyzing we knew it formed actually hundreds of millions of years ago we might actually be able to get a more precise date for when this last major glaciation took place now it's really that at a point where the tower will rise back up out of out of the the past that of the glacial ... plunge pool and it was just a couple months I think we'll start to see you know you know real production and the building or rise above street level and everybody walking along the streets will say well yeah I remember there is there some special there //
"2014-02-12 07:28:55"
CNN Naudet replay
\\World Trade Center is rocked by a plane crash and watch as another plane enters the picture plowing into south tower New York gripped by chaos and many fear the worst with reports of thousands missing and presumed dead and the U. S. capitol shares in new York's misery //
"2014-02-12 07:26:24"
175 Jersey Shore video
\\how to it to have it carried out these attacks is beyond the Ken of so many of these so the shadowy groups that one might immediately suspect being involved well the reason why ... //
"2014-02-12 07:22:39"
175 Speigel video
\\ //
"2014-02-12 07:19:14"
World Trade Center from Queens Nassau Border - Fred Hadley video
\\it's sign it's so //
"2014-02-12 07:14:38"
Replaying partial "divebomber" through smoke angle
\\your time a plane crashes into one of the towers of the World Trade Center in New York some 18 minutes later television viewers across the country watched in astonishment as a jetliner flies right into the second trade center tower in Sarasota Florida President Bush calls the crashes an apparent terrorist attack //
"2014-02-12 07:05:13"