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"2017-03-27 04:46:41"
Major Financial Group 90 Second speech
\\hi my name is pile and I may just have the solution for business startups about 90 percent of businesses in the first year and a failing so you know what I mean is we need about out 10 people in this room right now now does he will fail when starting up a business we're gonna be good if we could all the time the statistics in favor of you so some knives are failing knives on you could succeed while the better songs in the field of this is that you're going to this is what we come in major financial group what we would do is indefinite asses of regression analysis price elasticity of the mod and I was close cause of most reason think that with the best way to put a business succeed buffoon walks in and is thought to China with their money into different I would cause a company that was alluded to just take your money and put it into advertising which does not I saw the cool of the program the coolest awesome watch and occasion you going to stop to understand how to manage your finances this is where we do deep analysis I'm as I'm create understanding for you I will cost amazed on how much they're willing to pay unpredictable fertility and make you understand where you will reach profit maximization so you don't have to do anything more almond extract so if you want all services I want your business succeed should calm always awake to happen for you //

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