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"2011-04-21 12:56:55"
MONOLOGUE: "The Devil's Aftershave" by Pete Malicki, performed by Matt Charleston
\\the thing about superheroes no matter which one you talking about spider man the hulk that woman okay if you couldn't tell you at this would still be true serving your eyes don't have super smell think about it what separates a severe Evernote how about Lizzy pretty strong some good fly on its head laser beam can you imagine moms no supermax flying through LA on his way to rescue a drowning go from a sewer his eyes all blistering from the millions of small particles is it now suddenly the stands out on 0 people 6 my but the but it's like a breakfast look at this I was voting critically high it's it's a spell but alas I I cannot fly with drug wherever I go I'm Bob Donnan constant honking plot let me tell you something when you magnify any smell but doesn't ever become known as when I was younger I did not mean friends what's this about such a not a good old boy reclusive but I just that smells I does is keep called coming artist right this building does and flower in the morning actriz sweat from recess on was the defense go than ever like me ginning up city group broad Broad Jenny brought was it evening salary I had not mince you never tell me not but good the fear because the whole months to whose outline or explosives he'd she tried to kiss me once but Allah doesn't speaks with white bread and peanut butter made me gag I am a decisive little better in high school but this Sunday I was at my new job in the the lingering rancid carrot smell of vomit ... announced that its ruling does he just said I was distracted a big compared to that your own Baptiste Ringel real that matter from no Dudley on today I'm not a psycho serial killing time he dedicated his life to distill experiments and did read it all I wanted was to silence them it's great extension of a loss so I experimented right with with drugs and ... whose tobacco the first cigarette was like putting my head side to do any of the 5 Las filled with good in plastic if I can have it I mean this is a noxious is the next generation about but what I can do I can remember what happened whether nullity of smells well you know I'm not the smell is that it was leaked to memory so wherever I go I have my memories for us quite literally down my throat the city the building I work in the study instead isn't greasy metal railings the fish market smell of the Asian immigration specialists a level 3 my P. C.'s child disk drive festering Wilson coffee break my boss is off to say one thing I truly couldn't stand was my boss 5 years my junior he's off to set it brings me to the memory of man I despise like devil himself we have a sort of us us feel good discussed and hatred and self loathing it is a pity because it is a nice guy well the last I ever went outside I visited my sister the aching coleslaw and then a smaller kid sperms on every town house some of his intent on as to what was going to study yes we have is god there I don't sleep I hate my job and I had to buy everything in the city smells so does something natural how to treat Jennings it stinks that certain number Cassidy al Kamen Tian a lot of these sorts of ways it does mean giving up something I would cut off my nose if I thought it would help nothing is pleasant but we know it roses aside pungent they make my head spin chocolate is like Greece drizzle like a bird so about even the fluoride in tap water with you 11 swallowing acid now John stop exaggerate I could even smell the last one new pics she knows we lay person's money open up to the lab I have this is not a lot which and I was always ... I'm an excuse and let only minutes later and I'm not smell wrapped around my right leg news cognac sig Gozen Muggle stuff to say I know many commodities house here it's been nothing to me that I knew exactly what the memories envelopes me I'm the smell of my freshly laundered killer not from the tree outside Savvas possums closed I mean its branches leave he praises the wing was sucked in and something audience I'm playing someone into my room suddenly so guys playing cards in that think teens in cases he's had climbed out of my mouth cognac on his breath the week caught me out as my soul it's too low the smell might fear must sweat glands opening salty at that moment but style as I cried into the morning and blood in the telly steely smelling blood shop like a razor ranked as a concealed on my body this old man I live just down the road from my from he's I saw red blinded by the memory of the strong calloused fingers pressing against my mouth and I I pulling inside of me to the and my wife was to be out of sight I stepped out of the country don't bumping around for not much status does that it's no police boots it's snapping unlicensed dealer and might be is overwhelming excellence holding cell Dyson states weeks couldn't believe what I said the other man it done to me tried to rob him I lost it when he refused to cooperate my sister and you know what I don't think it's easy getting correct Hong Kong and honestly I knowing that well maybe just a couple of steps I can appeal the sentence but I actually got here thugs in this place I think as much as any other human being I know where that office I am 25 years to get used to the blood in that case sweat le but I was 25 years since it here captain nausea but that I I //

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