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"2017-08-27 20:04:48"
Brendan O'Neill: The Tyrannical Idea of "HATE SPEECH"
\\yeah I think I completely reject the entire category of hate speech I was really surprised of so many people treat the category of hate speech seriously you have people having discussions like is this high speech is that hate speech and I'm always thinking what are you doing why are you treating hate speech or some kind of measurable scientific cats agreed to my mind the cat's great hate speech is as ridiculous and as abominable in fact as the idea of school crime and my mission in life or at least this afternoon is to is to create a situation where people bristle and bowl as much at the phrase hate speech as they do the phrase a full crime there are 2 reasons I reject the category of hate speech the first is that this is an ideological invention it is explicitly designed to repress the expression of certain I did is that it does that to great effect it is an ideological tool disguised as a moral good and the second reason I reject the country hate speech is because encroaches into the realm of free communication in an extraordinary way in a way that no other you know or censor in Martin has done because the police is not only ideas but also emotions feelings it is the definition of government overreach it is it has all the ingredients of tyranny so the first point the the ideology of the category of hate speech you can really see its ideological component if you look at the history of the Martin I did of hate speech is also the second World War that the keenest proponents for controls on hate speech was the Soviet Union and you had all these international gatherings in the 19 forties and fifties where people which were going out international treaties and so on and the Soviets will always pushing for the criminalization all hate speech I take you really I should state and racist speech they wanted international treaties to demonized and potentially criminalise hatred and incitement to hatred and amazingly the west actually resisted that demands Eleanor Roosevelt was leading a the Westin camp for a period of time all these international treaties were being drawn up and she said it would be extremely dangerous out little hate speech because any criticisms of public or religious authorities might all too easily be described as incitement to hatred not amazingly the Soviets one and in 1965 the UN convention out mold ... the following ideas based on racial superiority the key word that is I did is from the outset hate speech laws were about repressing I did is obnoxious ideas but none the less ideas is an ideological tool for the repression of ideas and even worse than being an ideological tool it's an extremely elastic warm it's extraordinary how unwieldy a and arbitrary I hate speech laws all and how much they have spread so they spread from criminalizing racial speech to criminalizing religious hatred in Scandinavia there are discussions to outlaw misogynistic speech on campus is they want to outlaw all they night platform a transphobic speech so hate speech a restriction spread and spread and spread doesn't unstoppable momentum because once you accept the originally Sylvia idea that some forms of speech so hateful that must be repressed and there is no and to what you might potentially sensa just to see how terrifying this is it in Sweden a Christy impasto was given a one month suspended prison sentence for describing homosexuality as a 2 month on society not we model thing that's repulsive but he believes that with every fiber of his being he was imprisoned for expressing his beliefs I Brigitte Bardot has been fined €30000 for describing the Islamic ritual slaughter of meat as barbaric she believes that really believes that our own campus is you're not allowed to say that a person with a penis is a man if you say the on campus they will accuse you of hate speech this is the world we live in folks if you say a man is a man you are accused of committing a hate speech crime and so the unstoppable logic is it's extraordinary and students I think students who try I'm ... clamp down on hate speech always present themselves as radicals but actually now the foot soldiers all the top down tyrannical attempt to impress the expression of ideas that started with the Soviet Union was in the sixties and seventies in price by western powers and then final point the second point is the level of intervention hate speech laws ground the authorities which is that yes they suppress ideas but they'll say police emotion hatred is an emotion might not be a big girl and clever mission but it is an emotion and to invite the authorities will student unions or any other form of officialdom to police emotions is the definition of tyranny we have to get serious about freedom of speech it is unacceptable to repress the expression of ideas it is unacceptable to repress the expression of hatred and it is unacceptable to repress the expression of racism the question posed series is hate speech free speech I think wishes I hate speech is unknown since there was only speech and all speech should be I yeah and relations what students can do to challenge censorship is always just worth remembering the freedom of speech is not something that can be given to you freedom to speak to some of the you have and you do I knew exercise if you wait around for someone say over here you're allowed to say such and such then you'll be waiting forever so I think they just need to exercise that freedom of speech and and bad the consequences to come along with that if you're a university which has banned robin takes some bloodlines it is incumbent upon you to get a sound system and play robin takes bloodlines on the list all day long my my favorite school look much painful machines and ship at some campuses some students have banned the making of sexual noises in the student body when I was a university if they banned the making of sexual noises I can guarantee you everyone would be making sexual noises it's it's a principled matzah it you must make a sexual noise in the name of freedom of speech so you you challenge it by doing what life's a bit you from doing and then if you get in trouble you built a campaign around that you get immediate interest you a lot of people to the fact that you are potentially being thrown off campus for having made a sexual movies and that's that's what you do I think you don't wait for them to change I'm in relation to what hate speech laws exist or have been used there are numerous examples this eschewed till 3 years ago student was imprisoned for 56 days aside from the racist on Twitter this is the country we live in people in prisons for 56 days for saying something ... I'm a member of a racist party was given a an 8 month suspended prison sentence and community service for writing a blog post that contained the word books this is the country we live in ... people find for making Jikes ... after last year's ... truck disaster in class guy when a truck killed some people on Christmas around Christmastime the police visited the homes of people who tweeted jokes about that incident there are numerous examples of hate speech laws being used to arrest fined and imprisoned people and the lack of outrage about today's really really surprising I'm hoping that in the future historians will look back and and be amazed that people tolerate the existence of this kind of legislation but having said that I do think censorship is also being outsourced by the state to rising numbers off private groups ... student unions other kind of known state bodies and that is very worrying and particularly going which student unions are kind of taken the baton from stay and are enforcing their own form of censorship of anything they don't like I'm a final thing in relation to ... free speech as a means of discovering old or trying to discover the truth I think that's very important and the point that John Stuart Mill makes which is the only way you can be sure that what you're saying is potentially truth by testing it in public debate subjecting it to ridiculing criticism and discussion and everything else otherwise H. just dogma if you just believe it because you know it's true you're just a dull contest and I think that's the case with lots of these and US officials who plantings ... ID censorship is the myth midwife of stupidity it makes you stupid a if you live inside a safe space I know kind of controversial idea with all I did you hate is allowed to enter that say space and you are making yourself into in India and you are making yourself dogmatic the safe space is a bigger truck to the people inside and then is for the people outside in the words of cardinal John Henry Newman the human intellect dolls from opposition grown it's only through exposing itself opposition and criticism and abuse and offensiveness and outrage and insults the your own intellect can grow said the thing that worries me most about students is that they are making themselves dom that's the real consequence of censorship the //

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