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"2017-08-13 19:51:10"
Who Took Johnny Gosch? #Pizzagate Documentary
\\Monroe ... I NDA here is a close up of a 14 year old boy in terrible trouble John David gosh it was kidnapped on a Sunday morning as he delivered newspapers in suburban toying with us now live are Noreen and John gosh his parents if someone sees him what should they do bush of they call they should call our home telephone number which is area code 515 225 74 well if anyone sees a little call that number thank you very much so Sunday September 5 approximately 6:00 AM 12 year old John gosh had been delivering papers in this affluent neighborhood of western more one that was the last time he was seen Eric's believe the boy is alive and has been kidnapped let us know what you want as far as anything Johnny we love you were waiting for you to come home we're doing everything in our power to get you back and will even the porch light on it every night moms are like that take care bear Johnny gushes someday that each say the name and people know about it joining us was a paper boy would solicit papers just never came home and very much for 0 evidence ever since schedule never so what can I'm going hope that their son is still alive traduction but it's there please come we'll work with you to me education enter the missing John gosh is continuing we begin this half hour with a desperate search for 2 young cousins the search continues for 8 year old Elizabeth Collins at 10 year old Erica the cousins bikes were found by the late last Friday yesterday we learned that there we're going to Waterloo Iowa today and we're going to be visiting with drew and heather Collins ... who just lost their little daughter to a kidnapping and they have no answers as yeah and yesterday would have been Elizabeth's ninth birthday what's the biggest thing that concerns you other zone getting your daughter back and her safety I don't know what's harder not knowing or knowing the meanest if there's some bad that's happened I know it's hard because when you don't know your mind kind of imagines what might get along with it all day and when Johnny was kidnapped we lived on less than one hour member that just vividly P. and skips really scared as of that can't look away the fact that they've never found any just that terrifies me I always tried to have a plan for the next day something but it was activity well there was something I was doing on the case to keep it going to keep at home I live you just take the plunge and you start going back into normal day to day things it just seems weird at our house because his family by vicious terrorist round should be upside down on the coffee table or she would be doing something crazy to get attention when she was the center of attention wherever we went I mean so it's it's just weird how quiet it as but that area ... I am glad that I went to visit with heather and through this was a pretty dramatic god see moved by the kidnappers to take these girls in broad daylight and to take 2 children it's difficult for me because it just brings back every bit of information during Johnny's kidnapping and now here we are 30 years later and Johnny's never been found for hello posted on the this is a summer yeah my name is Maria and I've been teaching yoga for 40 years I'm a long time it's a long time to stick one thing people often ask me can you do the same thing doesn't get boring now it works I was born and raised in eastern Iowa I got married relatively young I had to children I was given the news my husband had cancer and that there was no way for but 2 months before he died we were hit with a tornado everything was destroyed when I started looking for my children I couldn't find them I was pulling apart rafters of the house walls I found the 2 kids lying face down in gravel and broken glass and then the rain came torrents of rain when the rain helped on they started screaming and that was like music to my ears it meant they weren't and no a few short weeks later my husband died there I was with 2 little kids to raise starting over and I remember just trying to rest a little bit and my little girl him walking over to the she said are you going to die too my Daddy wake up call time to get out time to get moving I did not want my children to feel that insecure that experience it either makes you a break too I had a choice I either get up and start moving or fell down in despair a couple of years after the death of my husband a good friend called me and she said it's time that you need to get out and start seeing people and there was the man that they wanted me to meet we met through a friend that I was in them the marine corps with when we started dating and then we got married had a nice wedding and then a couple of years later we had Johnny life was good that we were a normal low family John and I we were best friends I remember a building snow forts respecting caves and Mitchell had candles in different rooms inside the snow fort ... tell us it was a it was an adventure it was a little get a life and a lot of fun with that Johnny just enjoy doing so many things P. have such joy about it anytime that somebody had a birthday here he would spend a lot of time getting the right present form and all you want to do something special you couldn't live and a better place or have a better environment middle America great great neighborhood uhhuh Johnny's first morning out of paper out I think the Sunday morning paper and hands weighing in on the attack Gretchen the paper together he wanted the paper around because he wanted to himself on her bike he became quite a little businessman saved us money and he bought then he and his brother would go riding out in the fields at first I didn't understand I think and I bought a lot of around on but as I matured in his life felt it only became more and more I I I I'm at a loss for words here ... is it became shocking to learn that your best friend is gone abductor sounding we got a phone call from one of the neighbors wondering where the paper was on weekends his dad would help Johnny on the paper route and ... that's not what happened I was with him every Sunday morning except that particular Sunday morning news kidnap I wasn't there got up got my car when up to the corner found the wagon didn't seem anywhere around and told marina should something wrong she called police right away it took about 45 minutes before the police arrive the place where I was only 10 blocks away the cop looked at me and he said oh well has your son ever run away before kid never ran away fact really upset us I was absolutely panic stricken I couldn't even be sure I was still breathing it was like this can't happen this isn't happening to us I was there that morning Johnny was doing his way Johnny's god was there with there were 23 other carriers they're doing the same I I was the only adult ... there happen to be a car on 40 second street and there was a guy in there in he was talking to Johnny guys Johnny said Hey can you come over and help this guy with a set this current church swapping he looks great took my thighs constraints and he would do that one witness said Johnny told him there's something wrong with this guy I'm scared there was a consensus as I recall a monk seal the paper boys in their summer they're asking directions became a witness so we would like to have identified but to say that a summer stopped last direction of a paper war that would not be at all I line we still don't know what happened that morning John apparently left the residence sometime around 545 as a neighbor reported hearing a wagon being pulled through the back of this yard Mike was picking up his morning papers and noticed a car stopped and then back up to the point where John gosh was walking and appear that John spoke briefly to the driver of the vehicle people saw him talk with the man in the car that car left Johnny Johnny proceed with newspapers have been dropped vehicle is described as a 2 tone blue 2 door Ford Fairmont that car came back the man in there ask directions I think I told the police he looked like he was mad about something he wasn't drunk but he looked like he said 3 horns caffeine you know I can't not sleeping when he wasn't sleeping humorous the question was home you know really go that's kind of haunted clock in the morning all of a sudden the witness that was sitting on the corner saw a tall man come out from between 2 houses and follow my son Mike saw an individual step from the curb onto 40 second and travel towards John gosh the next 2 people's humor to Juneau newspaper carriers he says that he NDOT at about this time PJ Smith reported hearing a car door and upon sitting up in bed and observe the silver and black Ford Fairmont start up from the area where John gosh was last seen and made a left turn after rolling through the stop sign without stopping the second windows where he slapped and of course all happened right here car ran the stop light turned left the fact is way cool sitting right there 2 newspaper carriers they get their newspaper turn around walk back by that same point and when they walked by the legacy was newspapers from their job there were no crime scene when nobody saw anything that to us was a national issue for the more disappearance he just vanished person just sat unsolved unexplained missing person case and the trail gets called room and a slowing all cop it's a runaway kid ran away now the skin that way Johnny was our paper boy I know I'm new it's parents but out to dinner with some ... Johnny would not run away all together we have 5 witnesses that each saw this time that took place and the cop stated again has your son ever run away before they were coming lately excluding we have witness at that time when a kid disappear it was generally a kid who ran away from home nobody would believe somebody would take a 12 year old boy on the street all morning that was acceptable Maureen got into per the men store have a crying shame we don't we still don't know where wondering what happened that then the only thing certain is Johnny cash's not been located nmap began a whole new dimension my it has gone on he would be held I'll it's hard hard fan and I think if that happens you're gonna do is everything in your power to try to find out what when the police we I don't he have a person that's missing and a family whom this is about one society changes putting kids on the side of milk cartons or not letting them walk to school anymore I always having to escort a more trading day cares in the morning so they can be there protected a minute gigantic societal changes at home probably long overdue changes but again they came because of what what I was it's a tragedy law enforcement authorities have no new leads in the case and had few to begin with thousands of people have been searching for the boy but nothing positive as turned up the drivers of cars in the area have yet to come forward with information I think all the crap like yeah bottom as far as any surprises about police department I think every day was a surprise most of time they weren't doing much one day when we had people searching all over the area I pulled up and there was a policeman said they're shooting radar for speeders like 2 blocks my house don't miss it but that got away and go find my son psych excepto the gosh is the boy's dead and his body will be found within 2 miles of their home near a creek some we have to check out because otherwise I so you know but just know when everything else is the tears part of we don't have anything people that we didn't even know came forward to help because there was nothing organized by the police nothing all of us we're reading about the turmoil that was going on with the search the laws of this time or 70 2:00 hours is what it takes in order to record a child is missing and none of us felt that was right course I got a couple of boys in my own hand Hudaydah lose you know one of them the guy shows will inform the psychic so their search and possibly plan another one slowly the searches stopped everybody went back to their lives so I asked the police chief when was the FBI going to be coming and he said well ... I don't really think we need the FBI we just really don't have a crime here and he put his hands out like this we just really don't have a crime they had to keep doing this they had to keep not agitating by reminding the police this is what's happened to us you say you have no crime to report we have no sun to put to bed this story had moved from my son was abducted to a conflict with law enforcement of you're not doing enough you not running down the lease marina is not and never has been as far as I know a shrinking violet she will not just stay home and cry in our handkerchief there were stories about cops who wanted off this case so bad because they couldn't handle is one people would say that Noreen was over the top it she was abrasive and she didn't really care but she was looking for her son her little boy I mean the horror of that that was lost following this release that we made the FBI he referred to us as loons that is a message to America that if you try to find your child and if you work diligently at it you may be referred to as loons by the FBI who are doing nothing to help the parents ... is somewhat of frustrating and ... an investigation but I'm very optimistic I think that we will find the boy in and he will be alive I interviewed horrible Connie and believe me I remember this says I don't give a damn about what marine guys has to say and that set off the fireworks we time you do a negative headline like that it affects public opinion about the case and about the family and we had a lot of that to battle here simply because we were asking questions we asked for the FBI to come in the one that we were within our rights to ask for these things and yet we were denied with attitude we were told by government agencies you have to prove that child in danger to us he's a runaway until you prove he's in danger you can almost become catatonic you can almost go into a state of mind where you don't want to talk to anybody ever again not trust anybody ever again that's our boys life the police chief had a lot of personal problems he was tired of the media coming down to bother him at all hatched the police chief began screaming at me and I looked at him and said there is no need for you to yell I have perfect hearing it was a way to push his buttons I will freely admit that the man was not handling the case correctly it was later proved that he was on he needed to be removed from office that one tribunal ports 18 officers making allegations against chief Cooney including doing police work after drinking fixing the tickets of friends and relatives being racially prejudiced and interfering with the department investigation against one of his sons both Cooney and mayor George mills in the actions of this many officers in a 37 person department cannot be ignored I know it gets tiring but any chance of any TV shows that they wanted to take it take care whenever you do a show especially a network show that stirs up the interest for the leads to come there was a private investigator that holds listen you gotta keep this case going on is going to have to be you guys that do it nobody else going to step up and do it yeah I know you like had like no help from them but for us and it's been like the complete opposite they are completely working with us I wish I would have knowledge of their house movie fan after what happened in the eighties because it wasn't just happens it was lots of parents that have the same thing happened concerning well and don't we all banded together when we demanded something different and a few people can make a difference since June is kidnapping I vowed that this horrible would not go down in history for non I'm still standing I'm still investigating I never quit others have come and gone and I wouldn't still be working in this movement I hadn't been on if I hadn't been straightforward and strong John of the ring gosh say they're receiving hundreds of phone calls all calls except for the one they're waiting to hear the one about where there for years and the staff of letters from all over the cut some of them from parents who also have lost children I life has been turned into spend it animation at this point we take each day as it comes and were very flexible we have to be and we're ready to move at a moment's notice if we have to to turn our boy back I think people today would be shocked at what the real situation was in 1982 please call required to wait 70 2:00 hours before they can start investigating for missing child case the FBI would track your stolen car across straight lines but would not track your stolen child across state lines there was absolutely no national infrastructure to support the hunt for missing children n't of our faith breaks in the case was the fact that a man by the name of Kim wouldn't called me and he was an expert on pedophile yeah I was in residence at all our state university and none article came out in the paper in newspaper boy certain papers missing almost dog was still there and it was obvious if the dog was still there he was never run away I had never heard the word header file and most of the people around us in this community had never heard the word either one thing really 6 out my mind I mean here's a Harvard educated publisher of the des Moines register sitting there and he says what since word peta file you keep bringing up this up right word passable that's that's the case right there the fact you don't know what the meaning of that word is that is the undercurrent of this entire scenario a innocent children like these can become big money in the highly lucrative business of child pornography and prostitution this is a catalog for peta files there are ads like this 45 year old man seeks contact with others interested in adolescent and pre adolescent boys and girls my heart went out to earn his apparent because I knew she had a big fight on our hands children need to know that they must be cautious with their actions he said if you'll be willing to speak out on this we will help you but be aware people do not want to hear that there are organized peta files in this country working to do just what happened to your son you know we brought in George Gallup we brought Ken wooden world famous both of the world famous and we had seats are up for 500 people 45 people can some believe the register in coverage no TV stations covered it was so outrageous time that somebody would do something to a kid that it was not thinkable but if they didn't catch the perpetrator something like this is going to happen again my PayPal I may help you and I so right now this is all we have this is a ... wildcard composite description of the 6 witnesses you just feel completely lost you know you you don't know what to do where to go going to talk to just like a movie being in reruns they were watching a movie except the actors are different that's exactly the way I I felt almost everyone involved thought okay this is that the same thing same thing happened again we were in depth ... trying to find a connection we did not find a connection the boys were dissimilar in and I in in most aspects other than their gender the police say they cannot connect those 2 stories which I find kind incredible are so many similarities you know at Saint Dane time ... conditions how could you not think they were connected how can it happen twice Mister a Martin did your son Eugene know about though Johnny gosh case yeah he's heard of it and he's been aware of this story and now Jony gosh know is it possible that the same person kidnapped both boys or is that just a coincidence possible at this point they have not determined whether there is a link between the 2 cases yet but there's a great many facts that are very striking are you hopeful that the trail for Eugene Martin might lead to Johnny to yes we are they do have some money kidnap mainly because of the kind of scary my killer taking random brainwash their something you're talking about the early 19 eighties kids were out playing in the dark of the roms let him go to school on this score it and this was part of americana ... free for long long time and it's gone and it started those 2 stories is so you're going to see if she wants to he had you met we cool great so it was like like you they get how are you I mean I please did it she's yeah IGN the it's good to see mmhm Noreen was always very intense and so sometimes a general feeling in the newsroom was I here we go again at that time when most of the people in the news rooms in this market were young most not married we were chasing the story and I think what we fail to think about so that was someone's life who is falling apart done the sun was lost in how do you go one and she went on and on and I and for a young reporter that at times would be frustrating but now as somebody who has 4 children thank you I but but we call this one night about 9:00 at night yeah bill and change storage to city Iowa and I asked her would you please send us a Dios and your dollar back she did signature is right there in he was somehow able to communicate that he was still alive it was just such a helpless feeling when you are a victim of violent crime only to be fair you know the pain and the frustration in trying to get a case like this resolved we've been disappointed things have not been followed through as adequately as we hope and so therefore my husband I feel we must do what we humanly can as his parents he walked out the door and the kids are getting ready to have pizza and I'll never forget it as long as they live the last thing he said to me as he walked out the door with save me some pizza Mallaby hungry when I get home anyway if when he got to the bushes and I waved at him and that was that when it was time again there are times when that the news says that they found a body in one instance soon hold your breath and bite your fingernails and hope that it's not your child and in other ways you wish that they would come out and say that that is your child so you can finally bury them and and and go to rest we I believe all 3 of them the same fate by the same trafficking networks but back in the day they didn't call it human trafficking that name wasn't given to it until much later similar to what turned away trying to some help people it's just pushed her back with a similar house but I would do is try and help bring these guys to do stuff that was your first ... hold this person down in back of car but the stuff for first place that was Johnny I all that I was it was a victim of a child prostitution network that senator Nebraska and 9 years after John guy Sebastian all the Nazi came forward and claimed that how about Johnny on that was the Big Bang Johnny count gays Khan 24 year old Paul but nothing a victim of sexual abuse since the age of 6 he is himself a convicted sex offender and has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder I can hear these other prisoners are things different things they don't mean like which I mean we spoke of a nasty recently at the Nebraska state prison he showed us dozens of portraits drawn and signed by the personalities which haunt him opposes branch the different personalities are here it is only through these personalities that he remembers the day he helped kidnap Johnny got every time he would put his head down to call up somebody it seems authentic it seemed to me that he couldn't fake that this guy probably wasn't capable of coming up with all these voices all these if you think this but I see can call for his alter egos at will first to emerge mark Anderson 15 years old our room talking about was that this was a planetary ... from boys hearing to take Paul says that annoying accomplice snuck up from behind as the abduction was made a nasty did his part chloroform in Johnny Karen I held him down for second I put this thing I mean enough for me over space and ... seconds later he will now I don't know how long we shot but I think we fill up every tape that I had Jim who is as unflappable guys yeah he just you know handles everything well I won't put just turned around and then like look at me in disbelief like what a little I hope this Jim always has a handle on it and Jim didn't have a handle on going on there but I see says child pornography sex magazines and films involving children as young as the age of 6 had always been the reason behind Johnny got his abduction learn through was over with reunion might top home and Tony single right there if you just take away everything was told to leave may be alive I'm reading you know it can happen to these kids live the we when how Manasi first surfaced I needed some time before I could go to the prison and sit down and meet with him but I could strangle them but I also knew that he had been forced to do it he had been a victim also by the same people it will you know video can't pick up just how badly Noreen guy shaking sees Paul but I see in the flat fills out a consent form not knowing who this woman is Chinese mother Mrs gosh when the company tell me what happened please for yeah I think so I feel so bad about it I but then when Mikhail it was a moment in time that I'll never forget I was anxious I was upset but I was thankful to him for going out on a limb to share it he didn't have to he didn't get a better deal he still had a service sounds so I had to admire the young man for the courage to do that but I see drew a map of that plan replica of one drawn by the kidnappers Noreen gosh says this 6 marks the exact spot of the abduction she says most people mistakenly believe that happened at the corner why do they want Johnny everybody asks me that I don't know the answer I wanted to get kids we're using they'll selecting a kids it will close the families why you like her people I did a katana this is a composite sketch of Emilio the mastermind of the plot gave but now see the job of chloroform a Johnny is everything you telling me the truth Tommy Maddox exploding and for me until hearing all of this it was just like my whole body seized up I kept thinking I can't listen to any more but I have to I have to hear the rest of what he has to say that they kept him tied and gagged a good share of the time and that Paul was indeed the first one to molest him on film the kidnappers took pictures about to either ever ties him for sale or in some way entice another pair file to pay for services when you talk about some of our meditation on north and there you're going some kind of really gives the sound out and he'd seen as long letters Colin Todhunter I have never told the press that Johnny went with mediocre class if it wasn't relevant to his kidnapping did you ever see any marks or anything on Johnny's by William Kennedy had a circle of friends Chester something was just was like a like South America while information on Johnny's large chest birth mark was widely circulated but us he described other markings which were never made public a scar on Johnny's ton nerene says he bit through his tongue after falling from a tree house a white scar on Johnny's leg just above the ankle he'd received a burn after touching the hot tailpipe of his brother's motorcycle but I see also described a stammer Johnnie suffered when he was upset I ... these are all things that started a puzzle that we've known about for a long time in these are important things they might be little things and they might not be big things to the police department but it's forming a picture after viewing our unedited interview western mind police say Benassi said little to prove that he had first hand knowledge of the crime there is no way right now that you can say I'm convinced and we gotta go talk to him you can't say that at this point I can't myself this time I would have to think that after all the years and all the frustration and all the data and what does it hurt to go talk to why not Canada tends to that whole conspiracy theory type of flavor that that the whole thing has my phone model and we just got there and eliminate that as a possibility for once and for all if you can do that and so investigations department went to Omaha they did not interview Paul but I tree but they did interview his siblings his siblings put him in Omaha at the time of the disparity Johnny gosh now we can only go on the information was given to us so that's information that says we shouldn't continue to go down the path of poor but not but not she's based on your siblings are saying and that's all we do is evaluate that evidence so home you can make a judgment on that we'll stand by what we've done sticks to our city from Omaha to deploy yeah I and if you've kidnaps somebody probably driving faster with you get there back in the day and your sister might not know you're gone couple if you realize you're hanging all your hopes on a child molester who's done unspeakable things to your son there's just been so many things that Paul has shared with us yeah would have been impossible for him to know had he not been with Johnny among that information letters to Benassi from around the country that he says are from members of the alleged sex redneck kidnap Johnny got complete with descriptions of Johnny's physical condition and his whereabouts well I don't know on Johnny you think he's alive you've got a case that's going on south for 10 years I was thinking the kick in the door staff to want to talk for the time is right again I will reiterate we may well interview but it will be when we're ready how much more time passed them by I have no idea it as a major character we can get one for some help this is where we need it we can't take somebody to court without them and they know what there was so much information put out about this case and of course the mother would certainly no more than anyone that he had information that was published but I'm skeptical I really am I think some of these people we're con man who knew how to take advantage of the situation I know what it's like to search for a missing child I know what it's like to not know what happened so I thought tell us what 10 years they've been sightings Johnny's never been found 2 years ago a convicted child molester surfaced and said he kidnap Johnny Manasi claims that an organized ring a pet of files ducks children and forces them into a life of child pornography and prostitution and that it happened to him medals won I was focused on missing children because our host John I had had a son abducted and killed and so we do a lot of stories about missing children and as the anniversary approached to Johnny's abduction I was on a story we want to look at nobody had found Johnny so any excuse is a good excuse to keep it in the light we didn't know who we were going after and we had a missing child who'd been missing for 10 years and the FBI was waving us off frighten very beginning saying these are not credible witnesses we don't believe this information is valid so we went to a pretty skeptically particularly we have a card like Paul what I see who was clearly suffering from awful personality disorder who had huge credibility issues and women in prison these people when they get a hold of young kids and stuff theory force to do things in and they a photographic take they film it ... in the full traverse that is to be their black means staying with them or make to split your mind of so that you don't remember who you are although not she's a tough free there were sold many facts that he seemed to know that lots of people didn't know and that gosh is were convinced that the only way Paul knew those facts was if he had talked to Johnny Paul claims to have seen Johnny in 1986 on a trip to Colorado where Johnny was being kept by a man called the colonel trying to run away from one to and you can we gave spare time to the pollen allergies story talked about the branding you talked about but we're pretty amazing accusations and then this kid started homes his wife who came forward pain Jimmy use who had the brand and was telling the stories and confirming with blotchy was talking about we went to Colorado with but you know his house say the house ways to keep us safe described this house with this secret underground chamber where they would hide the kids when the police would come and there was what have I if no without being with a rather the cafeteria initially we turn William I love couldn't it digging under the house because I felt that I just the memories flooded back of I lost a monster before we went in that building I described and there's little great before the great off Stephanie looked on in there like no no here's the hall it's abandoned we go underneath it and sure enough there's this chamber dug out under the house with kids initials carved in the wood well this is where the Catholic kids can write on anything here is for the anyone ever try to come looking for look at us running the house here so that there was a sense that we're really close you know something is going on here but every time we found a clue we ran into a brick wall the owner of the house food had been abandoned was a former prison guard who disappeared you know the people who had composite drawings never became real people never had names we never could go after them as individuals we could expose them and get them brought in for questioning there's the things you think are true there's the things you know are true and then there are things you can prove in court I don't think it matters what can prove in court and we didn't have anything that we can prove in court joining us cases wanted me you know in a way that nothing else that I encounter on America's most we encountered horrific crimes if America's most wanted with all of our resources couldn't solve this case then chances are no one would and as I looked around no one else was trying to solve the case ... it I don't know what else they need it seems like they're never happy that no matter what comes up on the case no matter what it is they refused and say it isn't genuine all we're not going to go see Paul Benassi we're not going to do this we're not going to do that book but we want to solve the case if you want to solve the case you have to do some things you can't just sit behind a desk and wait for the driver of the car to come in and turn himself in I guess I'm just more appalled and shocked anymore this young man who admitted helping to kidnap my son molesting my son and I was being told by the west one police that they would not go talk to him I'm in a mess in the harem had found work for about 10 years this job for a situation now where it was centered in Omaha Nebraska and they flow chart from coast to coast Harry them for the rich and powerful the network also apply blackmail the compromise the rich and powerful that's what I first heard Johnny cash's I you know that we we've story 3 why everyone the he never changed the world I was a young senator at the time sharing the strange insane stories about kids are telling about how the sexually involved with this prominent individual learns that prominent individual can I get this letter for the kids in jail who had just been arrested kid named Paul but not and it led to a horrible horrible horrible picture of E. own children being used to provide sexual pleasure for all adults in in so many of the case is very prominent in goals got it just its own monsters thing that I still which I didn't even know I know that sounds crazy but I wish I truly didn't even know all this 1989 the Franklin credit union scandal burst into the headlines Paul Benassi was one of the witnesses who made shocking allegations of child sexual abuse by some of Omaha's most influential citizens I I don't know who they all are all I know is is the guys that were controlling everything I I was not I kept it I was not a up one for self that way because I was doing things for other forum that they couldn't didn't wanna sell me and plus I was damaged goods these guys wanted kids that have not been involved in a sexual stuff and Johnny Depp babai gathers action Colorado so he ended up there and he been with a lot of guys there too that this can't make him for money cell he never got the money the guy got the money no there were 2 different kinds of kids there were the throwaway kids the runways drug addicts living on the street hustling for sex and then there were the virgins and that some of the sick individuals would pay large sums of money to have clean kids to abuse and that's the part of the story that I found most horrific and most disturbing before Paul even admitted that he abducted giant gosh who is receiving letters from kids around the country who didn't discuss Emilio and who also discussed JJ so I think that that's pretty powerful evidence that Paul did take power and Johnny gosh adoption and that Amelia wasn't law we couldn't find any reason why he would be making this up the dates of some of his earlier interviews with John the camp and some of the recordings that he made early on these things sort of pre date a lot of the publicity so yes it's possible he could have gotten some of those details but it seems highly unlikely that whether he was actually there I don't know did you know people who was there I think that's very likely did he know Johnny guys at some point after the abduction yes I believe he did a grand jury investigated called the allegations are carefully crafted hope Manasi was charged with perjury a perjury charges were eventually dropped during the investigation a court appointed psychiatrist diagnosed Benassi is having multiple personality disorder caused by years of sexual abuse don't people ever spoke to about it was the media and I kept asking if anybody come to talk about is like nobody's really come to investigate anything now is come does you know hear anything at say about sometimes their forces just too powerful people just to make him rich and interest that you don't even understand or know anything about involved that make it impossible for them to allow you to succeed in getting this expose the correct ... drool a Republican from the Midwest Lawrence E. king is serving a 15 year prison sentence for a multimillion dollar for all but financial crime is only half the story pulled by Nancy was a victim of king's abuse he was also sent by king told you of boys town youngsters off campus we didn't go to Nebraska with conspiracy theory now mind hoping to prove it we went to Nebraska to try and work out what happens and we found a conspiracy of silence king was arrested at a federal investigation showed he'd stolen $14000000 but the money trail lead quickly to the original allegations of child abuse but the F. B. I.'s enquiries with secret they didn't ask me very much about Larry King they treated the allegations are made about people who abuse me almost like a joke I was very disappointed with the way the FBI law enforcement trees of the victims I in fact turned them into the offenders so to speak it's not going to be believed they said it will not be believed you will be found guilty of perjury you anyone telling me maybe we got a message from the Discovery Channel saying that all work on this program must cease you watch television actually paid for me to go out to Bethesda to talk to senior executives Discovery Channel to try and persuade them to run the program and ... they just in one another they didn't want to talk about it they just turn around somehow if you control the media if you control the justice department if you control the police you own the system it was just unreal when you're talking to somebody let's say a law enforcement officer and they need just I'm not talking to you about this I I I don't I don't know I don't want to talk about it the are excellent ... very familiar with the Johnny Cash Katie's ... his Iowa paper boy who disappeared 30 years ago I am not personally familiar with that case but you know about it we agreed that we would not talk about it so okay have Seraphina so yeah I did not really know on a whole the FBI has a good organization the Catholic Church is a good organization that doesn't mean they don't have individuals who do terrible things and the natural responsables organizations is to protect the organization so I do think that there was some institutional protection of people who would done bad things I think that transcends this case that happens everywhere all the time so I think it's important agenda these organizations are not trying to cover up some grand conspiracy they're just trying to cover up some wrongdoing at a very very low level to protect the reputation of the organization and I think the Catholic Church is a perfect example of how that happens and how can go on for decades without resolution I still go back to the same thing I've said from the beginning okay for peta file must go out and take the risk of being caught by granting their own victim does the rich pay file take that risk of being caught heavens no they pay someone that's when we develop supply and demand that now has the name of human trafficking and it's going on everywhere in the United States I know that what happened was wrong and I need to ... you know what I can to try and help stop these guys from doing social so I've known during for maybe 30 years or longer you know it our age I think it took several weeks certain even more than weeks maybe months or 2 months before we actually talked about Johnny it's quite story more so than I ever believed her could ever imagine I think those prior like the other 98 percent of people out there think this there's so many things involved in here that you can't be true just can't happen in our society I felt somewhat sorry for ... because nobody believed so you know it it took awhile just been amazing unfortunately what's what's great about during the thing I love about her what you will power it's just not the easiest thing in the world being during gush so we were victims parents so you know it's it's just torn apart so she's done a great job I could not get my breath and I thought I was going to pass out at seeing my son like that if you look closely at this one over in this area there's dark pigmentation is not a shadow that is the birth mark that Johnny had it was always up in that area of his chest the hair texture look similar but the face was too small we can scan in that entire image isolate to face but when we make it larger it gets really worse and all that details that we're looking for just aren't there so it it wasn't a good candidate for ... serious spatial comparison first of all there's no birthmark on his chest and the the picture does not even look like him his feet were much larger than that even when he was kidnapped sellers you've lost a lot of weight still slaves things same length we located a law enforcement agency in Florida who has identified specific pictures to say that was a case who work we identified some of the individuals in those pictures those pictures did not have Johnny gosh in them these boys were from all from Florida's this case and I work in 1979 there was a case that involves several boys tied up and gagged I'm of course when I saw the pictures of there was no down my mind that this subject was a paedophile none of the boys ever admitted did anything happen to so no arrests were ever made she never seems I I I can't say that I remember them you know that was 33 years ago I can't really recall this one those photographs are my son and you know it matters not to me if people think it isn't Johnny we know that it is and the western one police are mistaken ... wife who's been there for me through a lot of things she's right there to St mia Hamm correct me and put me back where I need to be if she doesn't let me just give excuses we've had our rough times we made it 10 years you know she may through this that part of it's the think the worst is over and I'm because I had a hard time flows in and in in communicating it's been a big problem whereas in prison I started getting visit by river in the gym are from Lincoln at that point suffice to have a lot of hatred mother bitterness toward the people who abuse me actually getting even more because of all the memories that were now flooding my mind I just wanna see these guys down in the the most horrible way and I told her emerald hunt you know many times I told he wanted me to me says you know you never doing any better Taylor and forgive give the bitterness the anger and hatred I remember going back to my cell and I said I know would you say is true doesn't mean they shouldn't have to answer for what they've done it just meant that I was elected destroy me anymore first name destroying the hating them wasn't them he was me the I was used to be a part of Paul the Nazis trial when they were suing his perpetrator I was asked during the quest whether I had ever seen or talked to my son in all the years he had been missing and I didn't answer and the judge instructed me that I would have to answer I'd be in contempt of court so I said once I saw my son wants if somebody disappears into thin air one that I'm really unusual amazing thanks insane disappear into thin air twice that's something that even I number for that has happened to Maria there was a knock on my door persistent knocking and I went to the door and I could see a young man standing out there and I kept looking at his eyes in the eyes don't because I said who is it and that is me mom hello he had another young man with him who didn't say anything and Johnny did not enter do sound I said let me call somebody to help he immediately got very upset and he said they'll kill me if they know I'm been here he shared some information about how the traffic the kids through the country but he did not go into great detail about the sexual abuse and that the kids were forced to do a lot of things that were illegal so therefore none of them would ever go to the police for help and then in a very short time it was over and he said I have to go looking back on it I probably should refused and then in contempt of court because all hell broke loose before we even drove home the news was everywhere everywhere and then all the criticism started someone who so outspoken Telemedia and now suddenly Cheney it was very simple my son asked me not to say anything she said she didn't tell anybody I shouldn't tell her mother which I thought was kinda odd her explanation was that he asked not to have this put out because who would endanger him I thought that's the last thing you'd want you'd say something and all of a sudden you find out these boys indeed danger Narine Sheeler said nothing or if she said something she blew it out straight and I made it clear to were we were in court federal court this was a trial a neither she should saying nothing or tell the absolute truth John I truly believe that the reason they don't want him coming out is because he knows too much information which is why he believes that here comes out he'd be killed immediately or he would disappear and that's the main reason besides fact is on the media circus he doesn't wanna come out is because you know maybe for Xena killed or you go to prison for them which I don't think I'd be much I think any during the world the convicted anything and with everything that he's gone through he said the kids formed a kind of a family of their own to try and look out for each other the only part about the mind control alt was that he said they controlled us they do things to us things like that he kept good and I think part of the reason he kept it up a little bit aloof was because he was talking to his mom and maybe he felt some of the raw material might be too raw and it would be not only upsetting to me but may be embarrassing to him to do that that's the only thing I can figure out but knowing that he'd gotten away from these people and probably didn't want them to find him again I can totally understand why he only stayed for about an hour I can totally understand why he slipped away into the night wouldn't tell me where he was living and a few things that worried face that if that was for his protection and also probably mine but I kept that information to myself for 2 years before I was on the witness stand and had to answer the question for the attorney lot of parents feel guilty if they enjoy food because maybe their child isn't getting food if you get a good night's sleep because maybe your child is not permitted to sleep there's never anything about that process that a parent should feel guilty about because you have to do every single thing possible to maintain yourself physically and emotionally yeah right right now right now I just look forward to tomorrow everyday I want today over already no the day after that can be over to what do you think happened to Johnny I don't have a claim compared all these options mother rushed Salim no no there are a lot the people they never get resolved I believe that my son deserved 110 my energy to try and rescue possible or at the very least try to find out what and 30 years after the kidnapping I am so much farther down the road with the knowledge of what it doesn't mean that he's been home that doesn't mean the cases but at least I and that is huge almost impossible for anyone who hasn't lost their child to understand it does to you I think with Doreen Chong did on the national level trying to make people understand that you had to have a strong the place to find kids was really heroic and what they did for the missing children movement can never be you have to live with for the fight for yeah yes if so you why on earth would Johnny even want to and be scrutinized like he's kind of way specimen another plane whatever his life is now assuming he's alive it's working for sometimes the better decision for a parent just do what's best for your child not just what you want to have have and if that's what's best for Johnny rather than stepping out and being the brunt of all of this then he asked to do that carava rights because the west the morning police in their lives disco and talking to Paul but not thank you Jonathan right I think his civil rights violated unbelievably some time was taken Johnny Herbalife I have felt through all of this that I have been very to make the decisions and I hope that anyone that sees this really realizes what a problem we do have a with regard to our children's safety scientifically they say about a half to one percent of population are Pat impulsive sexually attracted to children and those people are going to appear all levels of our society from coaches priests teachers a police officer every day thing reported because such an ugly people who stepped or don't read right now there are thousands of kids children they're being brought into the sea faxing it uses it's one of those kids looking at this right now what do you say to tell somebody if it's someone a family doing something tele teacher hello counselor telling a minister no you're not doing anything wrong fear being true to one thing but you need help with someone that's going to carefully some of the some lucky someone who's gonna stand up for it will destroy your life if you let it continue let go on I and //

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