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"2017-04-30 22:14:07"
Mandela Effect - Too much proof now - Undeniable Evidence!!!
\\n't Nnamdi uhhuh I hello and welcome back to planning a very it's been a minute since Mandela affect is a jet pack so much residual pre and I've been sent by viewers I myself of a you months that it is now hard for please watch the whole video because the last 2 as of evidence so strong so bullet proof that I believe it will blow the lid off this phenomenon forget it seriously watch and see for yourself so let's start with updating some of the residuals we have already presented first up the book most of you will remember the book English alive that we found that was published in 1991 stating that ms Nelson Mandela died in 1991 you also remember that I have tried several times to contact 1 of the authors Kathleen you I email her at her university email address 3 times with no reply so either the university is filtering the email as spam or something or she does not want to be associated with this effect since then one of our state community members have found here on late then the job networking social media site I'm a member of link in and I have extended her an invite on their last week I have not heard back from her yet but I will let you know how this goes this is not unusual since most people only check their link then infrequently or when they are actively seeking a job science the hoping to connect with her and get some answers I've also received about 200 comments saying that the book was written in 1990 and published in 1991 just 4 months after his death so how could they have known about his death beforehand we covered this in the first video but for those of you who didn't get it the first time or didn't read my reply to your comment or if you just new to this the book was written in 1990 by high school students as part of an English language class the book was published as a textbook as part of a series by the same name English alive by the 2 professors and neither can it and Kathleen you who are both listed as the authors of the book in the world cat online library catalog the book is 54 pages long and on the very last page of the book is where it is mentioned that Nelson Mandela has died this is most likely an epilogue or glossary section as almost every text book I have ever read has some type of section like this in the back so the question remains regarding why the book states this and we will have to continue trying to contact Kathleen you for information from her if anyone can get a line on any the cannon please let me know I cannot find any way to contact her I've spent hours digging through social media sites and via south African librarian university systems with no luck and now she may have gotten married and changed her last name is something that we will just have to let that one play out I have also received hundreds of comments from viewers and the community members stating that they own not only remember him dying but they remember his funeral some remember a lawsuit involving his wife Winnie Mandela some folks remember a charity event ... or concert and celebrities wearing tee shirts that bore his prison number and to show their support ... for the dead leader some comments refer to some people being taught this in school in the classroom that he was dead idiot died in prison and the list goes on and I'm not we have all seen the video for President Bush during his presidency stating that Mandela is that man dell is dead we even have a German radio network magazine that reported his death 6 months before it actually happened in 2013 in this issue of Deutsche Welle they dedicated the cover to his supposed passing earlier in 2030 but somehow it took the rest of the world and Mr Mandela 6 more months to catch up to the article so there's a pretty decent residual evidence out there pointing to that one single facet of this phenomenon that is named after Mr Mandela however there are so many facets of this phenomenon that is hard to imagine that anyone can deny its existence but yet they do we have covered the Volkswagen logo in Ford logo changes to death so we will skip past the tons of evidence for those having changed as well as the changes to the locations of Australia Sicily and the entire continent of South America which as all been covered a document so let's move on to some new residuals that I think are shocking and not only add to the case for the Mandela affect but literally prove that it's real and happening we'll start small and we will end up with a bang building in importance as we go and believe as a Big Bang kind there was a big hubbub about Mickey Mouse not having suspenders in this new timeline but I was recently sent a screenshot where he is clearly rocking some red suspenders now is this residual proof maybe so or maybe it's just a one off the monopoly guy in this time line has no monocle however I have also received several images of him with the monocle sure these could be photo shopped so I will not say their absolute proof that you can take them at face value and decide how much weight to give them my nickels and suspenders aside let's talk about something that we have all experienced that's the only I don't know how many times I've seen one of these containers in my life but it has to be in the thousands every household in America has at least once a vassal in it somewhere I'm sure it's great for everything chapped lips dry hands dry skin Rabb rashes the list goes on and on I have even used it to Greece certain parts and tools and things like that and it works great I love vassal I even love the Stone Temple Pilots song names Vassily which oddly enough is spelled with an O. not an easy because you see in this reality or timeline or whatever you wanna call it Thessalian has no up nope V. A. S. E. L. I N. E. is how it is spelled now and seemingly always has been the problem is that we find so many people misspelling the word like right here on this website with the picture of the jar right under the title you think that a professional blogger might get the spelling of the product and the subject of their article right right well maybe not now of course words get misspelled all the time in Bassendean sounds a lot like Gasol so maybe that is why it is so often the spell sure it might be possible however I was recently sense of images that clearly show that at 1.there were some jobs out there using the arrow in the spelling not the not only that but in this medical textbook called methods of adipose tissue biology and this is on Google books by the way they use the O. in this valley again we give attribute the spelling to mere error on the part of the technical writer who wrote the book and the editor who missed the misspelling or maybe Vasselin used to be spelled with an out the pictures that were sent to me seemingly suggest that it was okay so let's do some rapid fire once because the baby is getting a little bit longer than I intended and I know I'll get some complaints from those of you guys that there would maybe be so we all know JC Penney now has an E. at the end of it JC Penney P. E. N. and realize how it is spelled out but did it always let's take a look at these images how about those Cup noodles now this is one that irks me to no end having probably survived on these things for years when I was younger I swear was Cup O. noodles and hear some residual proof that proves that at least I am not the only one who remembers it that now it seems like the folks over at Lucas arts have a problem remembering this C. 3 PO have a server lag because as it turns out they put him in a video game with 2 gold legs on it and to put on a pinball machine head again with 2 gold legs what gives you guys so yeah stick around for one more massive Star Wars reveal at the end of this video I'm saving that for the second to last because it is you change Star Wars love you and we'll get back I get all the music there is a song by panic at the disco called I write sins not tragedies and in this song there's a line that says haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamned door the problem comes in because mostly everyone I have spoke to and who has heard the song and it was love this song are adamant that the song always said haven't you people ever heard of closing V. goddam now this is a huge difference but people are very passionate when it comes to this one so much than another well known singer named Halsey was so affected by this that she even contacted the lead singer of panic at the disco and ask them about it his response is classic because it clearly proves that there is some residual proof of the Mandela affect happen and that the Mandela affect Israel his reply was that this is some Berenstain barren Stein bear shit right here so he is clearly blaming the Mandela affect for this lyric change what can you say that this is coming from the guy who wrote the song all I can say is boom speaking of which sticking with the music thing for a moment we have the lyrics to boom boom pow by the black eyed peas now this song was released in 2008 and the lyric as most people remember is I'm so 2008 and you're so 2000 late which makes sense for he is saying that she is very current and hit and everyone else just sucks and we're not out with that hip like she's however the song lyrics nowadays read I'm so 3008 instead of 2008 so I just don't get it why would she say I'm so 3008 and you're so 2000 light does it really make sense that maybe some will corner her or will I am and get their take on the layer change but it just doesn't sound right to me I was never that big of a fan so I can't say for sure but many people are saying it was always 2000 and that makes sense to me what doesn't make sense is that the statue of liberty as discretely move from Alice island to a place called liberty I'll now there are thousands of people who swear that the statue resided on Alice I welcoming immigrants from the world over as they head to the United States the inscription hot plaque in the pencil at its base health the story nice thing I think it says give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free it's part of a poem written during the fundraising campaign I find the base pedestal for the statue that was given to us as a gift from France Ellis Island has long been the destination for those who wish to become a US citizen and in the minds of many including myself it was a home for the statue as well but it seems that we were all wrong personally I have never spent any time in New York City being from Boston I've been through New York City many times while traveling but I have never really stop them as a tourist and see the sights but people who had visited New York City and the statue itself several times even swear that it was located on Ellis Island but on the honest with you I've been to New York twice ... and when I was in New York the statue of liberty was on Ellis Island the I remember learning in school that was located on and that always made sense to me because of the immigration but nope it's unlikely I'll morality is gonna have to get use that okay getting bigger and more profound as you move on it's time to get that look we have what many myself included considered to be smoking gun evidence that changes are occurring in the Bible in the book of Isaiah chapter 11 verse 6 has changed in all major versions of the Bible from the lion shall lay with the land to the wolf shall a with the land now you don't even have to be a Christian to be affected by this so many people who are even Christians know this where's it has itself become a saying of sorts when referring to things then life better swords or backwards blow when things go wrong it doesn't make sense people's applies even use this for us as a reference to advise events but the evidence is overwhelming that this person did in fact state the lion and the lamb just look at all the religious imagery out there that we first of this passage there are literally thousands of images of lions laying beside a land you can look at them all day long quite different websites and I'm Google and everywhere else yet there are very few images of a wolf laying beside only there's an old film called sergeant York starring Gary Cooper in this film there is an old man reading this verse from the Bible sure we much a pleased if I could have a couple what if inside well that go mighty good up you get on the line and Sean mired down with the lamb and clearly states the lion will lay beside the land so again this is clear evidence that something is going on and now we're gonna move onto the 2 biggest ones that I've found these 2 are so profound if you ask me these are like smoking gun type of stuff like there can clearly huge so the first is a toy that is made by Lucas arts which is the company owned by George Lucas the creator of all things Star Wars so it is an official toy from the official for creator of the official film series and it says all sure we all together Barbara Starr all on the I bought a we need a minute even say what I think he did any ... yeah the official toy from George Lucas's company says Luke I am your father this is like atomic evidence of the Mandela factor right here this is like a garden Godzilla sized gargantuan proof that the line existed at 1. I know there will be a least one silly troll who come out here and say well it's for contacts in the toy but it was never said the movie blah blah blah blah blah blah did stop don't even you just embarrassing yourself so is it's not time the the toy says Luke I am your father why would they like things I toy with that line if it was never the actual why doesn't make any sense special thanks to doctor Taryn P. lupus channel where I found this gem go check him out he has some great stuff on there for both Mandela affect and free living if we think also special thanks to one of our community members Jeanine for turning me on to therapy Lou thou and his channel where I found this gem and finally the coup de gras of all Mandela affect residuals was sent them to the better mankind channel and it shows the JFK car with only 4 people in it as many of us remember it is not from the Zapruder film it's an image that clearly shows Jackie Kennedy wearing that iconic outfit that she was wearing that day in Dallas looking over at John Kennedy and the back of a compatible with 4 seats and for people after looking around the internet over the course of a few days I could not find any other images of her wearing that outfit while in a convertible so to me this is thermonuclear proof of the Mandela affect I mean how can it get any better than this just the way so many of us remember soon it just the way so many of us remember watching it on the film when we were younger or the for these these changes started taking place which for me seemed to be around 2012 sometime it's amazing amazing amazing amazing really it's more than a means it's proof so I am gonna end this video here my mind is blown I'm sure many of yours are as well so let this sink in and please comment on what you think of all this leave us a thumbs up if you like it and will be back soon with another video thank a quick minute to let you know that I read your story is up and running a great way to show support for the channel and our circuitry we have a bunch of cool planet X. based designs as well as some very cool pop culture in a geographical designs that we think you will love I designed the created through some of the things that we love modes our search for truth movies that we love and TV shows we grew up on the school original designs will make great conversation starters especially if someone else recognizes the significance of the logo or slogan so click on a link and visit our spreadshirt store today as always thank you for watching likely subscribing in commenting on our videos who will be back soon with more great stuff see is that //

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