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"2017-07-27 11:40:46"
How to Change Your Life in Just 5 Minutes a Day
\\ ... I call it now I lay me down to sleep and it is ... about the most of practical I'm all of the other 5 wishes fulfilled foundations this is something that you can do when the show is over similar when you go to bed in the book of job there is a very important ... statement the statement says in a dream in a vision of an eye when deep sleep falls upon men while slumbering in their beds then he opens the ears of men and seals their instruction your sub conscious mind is most comfortable when you are I'm conscious you are unconscious when you are in your sleep space and in your sleep state your sub conscious mind is busy at work and it's so important these I call it the last 5 minutes of your day so you get into bed every day you get into bed and so I'm getting ready to go to sleep and you are now about 2 year in that state between being awake and being asleep we're gonna trials the ... and you are going to marinade for the next 8:00 hours if you're unconscious some parents who smoke are preparing their marinade and that the question is how do you want to prepare yourself for having your instructions seal your ears are open and your instructions are sealed so most people you know last 5 minutes of their day as or March answering to sleep to review all of the things that they don't like and all of the things that didn't work and all of the people who have hurt their feelings and all of the stuff that is going on in their life that they wish weren't happening this is their worry time this is the time when you fill your mind with all of this stuff and then you go off into sleep and he opens your ears and soon with your instructions while your summary that's right on the book of job so what you want to do is reverse this practice because your sub conscious mind is listening to how you are asking the universe to provide for you what it is that you would like to attract or manifest into your life and if you fill your sub conscious mind with all of the things that you don't want that you don't like that make you unhappy that make you depressed would make you worry then your sub conscious mind which is impersonal and remember it can't make a distinction between what it is that you are feeling as a result of what you place into your mind or what is actually happening in your life it doesn't distinguish one from the other is totally impersonal it's just open to suggestion and here you are suggesting to your sub conscious mind which well when you awaken you will align with the universal sub conscious mind the one mind you know there's millions of people out there in the world and there's millions of you watching this program and you can see the difference between each and everyone of you on the basis of your parents but there's only one line that's what the great spiritual texts all teachers so now if you see if you program your subconscious mind to me tell your son to go over all the things you don't want all the things you don't like all the things that shouldn't happen all the ways that you were mistreated all about how terrible the economy is and you know what we live in a fear based world you want to shift away from that kind of consciousness and use the last 5 minutes of your of your day to program your sub conscious mind with what you have placed into your imagination with your I. him I am well I say it to myself every night especially when I get into that that state you know that weird state where your son a half awake in your half asleep and you know you're heading towards that sort of that some some patches place and I just remember what it says in the book of job I don't want my instructions sealed by going over I am sick I am poor I am unhappy I just say I am content hi I'm lucky when I wake up in the morning I don't say good morning assuming hers as a your morning guy up enormously being grateful rather than being in that place where the things that you don't want or what you have program your life to be I would think of this as a you know like you have a currency and then if if I were to give you currency to go out and purchase what you what you want and every place you when you took this currency that you have to purchase what you want and you purchase what you don't want now when you get home you wonder why your house and your life is filled with everything that you don't want it's because you're insane the system certainly I mean what would you change what the currency that you have the by what you do with that therefore when you do a lot of spending on what you know what when the currency do you have for attracting and you're like what you would like to have a new thoughts in your imagination your anger I injured paratroops isthmus why would you use it to say I am unable I am I'm lucky I cannot I will not your throttling that's what it says in the I am discourses your throttling that break I am presence that is located within you and so the last 5 minutes of your day as you're about to marinate for 8:00 hours in your sub conscious mind with your unconscious state you want to call into that state even if you just even if your senses tell you ... disagree just fooling yourself and so you don't want to use your senses and the internet and other people's opinions what you're seeing what you hear you want to let go of all of that and recognize anything that you want to attract or create for yourself and your life begins with what you have placed in your imagination and assume the feeling of that was from film and now you're going to practice it issue what I've been trying to get me to get the stuff out of your sub conscious mind is a big job it really is people most people are just not willing to do what it takes I still can't get the Morse code under my sub conscious mind I need salmon major deprogramming they event exercise if thou who love then it stops it's always there but that's just harmless what isn't harmless is you know placing into your sub conscious mind all the things that you're reviewing about what you don't like about what didn't happen but will mistreated you about how sad you are about how this can happen you are a creator no I will put it this way he said the feeling which comes in response to the question how would I feel were my wish realize is the feeling which should monopolize and mobilize your attention as you relax into sleep how would I feel were what it is that I would like to attract and create and I don't care what it is whether it's about the condition of your body the disease state failure and the fact that you've been overweight for good for us 3 centuries are 3 decades or whatever the fact that you've been addicted use new ignoring even if you're drinking the coffee and doing the drive and drinking alcohol eating the sugar and so on ignore what your senses tell you ignore what that what you see on the scale ignore all of that and say I am sober I am healthy I am well being I am content I am happy I am perfect health because ultimately that's how you will attract it you have to be able to see the wish for Phil already in advance and call those things which do not yet exist as though they do //

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