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"2018-05-17 22:07:14"
Joe Rogan Experience #1118 - Theo Von
\\ //
"2018-05-17 00:16:13"
JRE MMA Show #27 with Tim Kennedy
\\ //
"2018-05-16 21:03:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #1116 - Steven Tyler
\\ //
"2018-05-14 00:15:40"
Best of the Week - May 6, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
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"2018-05-09 21:58:48"
JRE MMA Show #26 with Big John McCarthy
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"2018-05-09 18:20:10"
Joe Rogan Experience #1115 - Mike Baker
\\ //
"2018-05-08 22:36:01"
Joe Rogan Experience #1114 - Matt Taibbi
\\ //
"2018-05-07 20:50:26"
Joe Rogan Experience #1113 - Brian Redban
\\ //
"2018-05-06 04:43:12"
Joe Rogan Experience #1112 - Cameron Hanes
\\ //
"2018-05-05 21:54:12"
JRE MMA Show #25 with Michael Chandler
\\ //
"2018-05-01 08:14:06"
Best of the Week - April 22, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
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"2018-04-29 04:27:58"
Joe Rogan Experience #1112 - Cameron Hanes
\\ //
"2018-04-27 20:52:24"
A Moment in Mexico - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2018-04-26 23:01:50"
Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - April 28, 2018
\\ //
"2018-04-26 20:30:34"
Joe Rogan Experience #1111 - Abby Martin
\\ //
"2018-04-25 21:08:27"
Joe Rogan Experience #1110 - Zach Bitter
\\ //
"2018-04-24 21:30:31"
Joe Rogan Experience #1109 - Matthew Walker
\\ //
"2018-04-23 21:05:44"
Joe Rogan Experience #1108 - Peter Attia
\\ //
"2018-04-23 03:07:02"
Best of the Week - April 15, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-04-19 00:14:17"
JRE MMA Show #24 with Kevin Lee
\\ //
"2018-04-18 21:08:39"
Joe Rogan Experience #1107 - Sam Harris & Maajid Nawaz
\\ //
"2018-04-17 18:34:37"
Joe Rogan Experience #1105 - Michael Hunter
\\ //
"2018-04-16 19:07:22"
Joe Rogan Experience #1106 - Colion Noir
\\ //
"2018-04-16 17:20:03"
JRE MMA Show #23 with Alexander Gustafsson
\\ //
"2018-04-16 00:33:10"
Best of the Week - April 8, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
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"2018-04-13 21:21:56"
Joe Rogan Experience #1104 - Boyan Slat
\\ //
"2018-04-11 22:43:50"
Joe Rogan Experience #1103 - Tom Segura
\\ //
"2018-04-10 20:40:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #1102 - Matt Farah
\\ //
"2018-04-10 02:10:16"
Joe Rogan Experience #1101 - Chris & Mark Bell
\\ //
"2018-04-09 22:10:46"
JRE MMA Show #22 with Bas Rutten
\\ //
"2018-04-09 21:27:41"
Joe Rogan Experience #1101 - Chris & Mark Bell
\\ //
"2018-04-09 02:45:26"
Best of the Week - April 1, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-04-07 20:10:52"
Booger and the Champ Moment - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2018-04-04 21:50:40"
Joe Rogan Experience #1101 - Chris & Mark Bell
\\ //
"2018-04-04 18:59:42"
Joe Rogan Experience #1100 - Liz Phair
\\ //
"2018-04-03 22:26:34"
Joe Rogan Experience #1099 - Christopher Ryan
\\ //
"2018-04-02 22:16:06"
Joe Rogan Experience #1099 - Christopher Ryan
\\ //
"2018-04-02 04:04:35"
Best of the Week - March 25, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-29 22:06:21"
JRE MMA Show #21 with Eddie Bravo
\\ //
"2018-03-28 22:01:28"
JRE MMA Show #20 with Yves Edwards
\\ //
"2018-03-27 20:58:07"
Joe Rogan Experience #1097 - Legion of Skanks
\\ //
"2018-03-26 21:20:35"
Joe Rogan Experience #1096 - Todd Glass
\\ //
"2018-03-26 00:17:21"
Best of the Week - March 18, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-22 21:16:51"
Joe Rogan Experience #1095 - TJ English & Joey Diaz
\\ //
"2018-03-21 21:16:03"
JRE MMA Show #19 with Vinny Shoreman & Liam Harrison
\\ //
"2018-03-20 21:08:36"
JRE MMA Show #18 with Pat Miletich
\\ //
"2018-03-19 22:24:00"
Joe Rogan Experience #1094 - Brian Redban
\\ //
"2018-03-19 00:23:52"
Best of the Week - March 11, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-14 23:06:19"
Joe Rogan Experience #1093 - Owen Benjamin & Kurt Metzger
\\ //
"2018-03-14 20:46:38"
Joe Rogan Experience #1092 - Mary Lynn Rajskub
\\ //
"2018-03-13 22:30:35"
Joe Rogan Experience #1091 - Daniele Bolelli
\\ //
"2018-03-12 21:06:26"
Joe Rogan Experience #1090 - Andrew Santino
\\ //
"2018-03-12 02:12:04"
Best of the Week - March 4, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-08 00:18:44"
JRE MMA Show #17 with Yoel Romero & Joey Diaz
\\ //
"2018-03-07 02:55:55"
A Bad Breath Moment - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2018-03-07 01:28:13"
Joe Rogan Experience #1089 - John Dudley
\\ //
"2018-03-06 21:44:27"
Joe Rogan Experience #1088 - Bryan Callen
\\ //
"2018-03-05 22:25:29"
JRE MMA Show #16 with Brendan Schaub
\\ //
"2018-03-05 02:02:54"
Best of the Week - February 25, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-01 00:18:11"
Joe Rogan Experience #1087 - Sturgill Simpson
\\ //
"2018-02-27 22:16:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #1086 - Rory Albanese
\\ //
"2018-02-26 23:05:39"
Joe Rogan Experience #1085 - Kyle Kulinski
\\ //
"2018-02-26 04:22:31"
Best of the Week - February 18, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-02-23 00:40:23"
Joe Rogan Experience #1084 - Douglas Murray
\\ //
"2018-02-21 23:24:44"
Joe Rogan Experience #1083 - Dom Irrera
\\ //
"2018-02-20 22:02:14"
Joe Rogan Experience #1082 - Greg Fitzsimmons
\\ //
"2018-02-19 21:01:23"
Joe Rogan Experience #1081 - Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying
\\ //
"2018-02-19 02:04:29"
Best of the Week - February 11, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-02-17 19:42:23"
Jim Breuer's Colonization Moment - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2018-02-15 22:39:58"
Joe Rogan Experience #1080 - David Goggins
\\ //
"2018-02-14 01:33:36"
Joe Rogan Experience #1079 - Tony Hinchcliffe
\\ //
"2018-02-13 21:48:58"
JRE MMA Show #15 with Brendan Schaub
\\ //
"2018-02-12 21:59:09"
Joe Rogan Experience #1078 - Jimmy Dore
\\ //
"2018-02-12 03:25:59"
Best of the Week - February 4, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-02-09 21:10:25"
Joe Rogan Experience #1077 - Johann Hari
\\ //
"2018-02-08 23:38:53"
Joe Rogan Experience #1076 - Phil Demers
\\ //
"2018-02-07 23:07:33"
Joe Rogan Experience #1075 - Duncan Trussell
\\ //
"2018-02-06 22:54:09"
JRE MMA Show #14 with Matt Brown
\\ //
"2018-02-05 01:55:45"
Best of the Week - January 28, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-02-04 20:07:18"
Joe Rogan Experience #1074 - Cameron Hanes
\\ //
"2018-02-02 02:17:37"
Joe Rogan Experience #1072 - Joey Diaz
\\ //
"2018-02-01 22:36:50"
Joe Rogan Experience #1073 - Steven Pinker
\\ //
"2018-01-31 00:16:29"
Joe Rogan Experience #1072 - Joey Diaz
\\ //
"2018-01-30 21:04:48"
Joe Rogan Experience #1071 - Steven Crowder & NotGay Jared
\\ //
"2018-01-30 01:08:32"
Joe Rogan Experience #1069 - Ben Greenfield
\\ //
"2018-01-29 23:12:27"
Joe Rogan Experience #1070 - Jordan Peterson
\\ //
"2018-01-29 22:00:05"
Joe Rogan Experience #1069 - Ben Greenfield
\\ //
"2018-01-29 03:43:29"
Best of the Week - January 21, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-01-24 21:36:32"
Joe Rogan Experience #1069 - Ben Greenfield
\\ //
"2018-01-23 23:59:01"
Joe Rogan Experience #1068 - Michael Shermer
\\ //
"2018-01-23 22:08:01"
JRE MMA Show #13 with Rose Namajunas & Pat Barry
\\ //
"2018-01-23 02:54:08"
Joey Diaz's Changing Flavors Moment - JRE Toons
\\ //
"2018-01-22 21:36:22"
Joe Rogan Experience #1067 - Whitney Cummings
\\ //
"2018-01-22 02:24:47"
Best of the Week - January 14, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-01-18 00:55:17"
JRE MMA Show #12 with Ben Askren
\\ //
"2018-01-17 00:06:41"
Joe Rogan Experience #1065 - Danica Patrick
\\ //
"2018-01-16 21:27:13"
Joe Rogan Experience #1066 - Mel Gibson & Dr. Neil Riordan
\\ //
"2018-01-16 21:14:24"
Joe Rogan Experience #1065 - Danica Patrick
\\ //
"2018-01-15 21:37:27"
Joe Rogan Experience #1066 - Danica Patrick
\\ //
"2018-01-15 19:11:59"
Joe Rogan Experience #1065 - Eddie Huang & Jessica Rosenworcel
\\ //
"2018-01-15 06:02:31"
JRE MMA Show #11 with John Danaher
\\ //
"2018-01-15 03:00:30"
Best of the Week - January 7, 2018 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-01-12 02:17:20"
Joe Rogan Experience #1063 - Tom Segura
\\ //
"2018-01-12 01:20:42"
Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion - January 14, 2018
\\ //
"2018-01-10 21:36:35"
JRE MMA Show #10 with Tyron Woodley
\\ //
"2018-01-10 00:37:21"
Joe Rogan Experience #1061 - Tom Papa
\\ //
"2018-01-09 22:30:43"
Joe Rogan Experience #1062 - Dan Harris & Jeff Warren
\\ //
"2018-01-09 19:50:47"
Joe Rogan Experience #1061 - Tom Papa
\\ //
"2018-01-07 20:31:29"
Best of the Week - December 31, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2018-01-04 23:15:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #1061 - Tom Papa
\\ //
"2018-01-03 21:36:52"
Joe Rogan Experience #1060 - Remi Warren
\\ //
"2018-01-03 01:16:05"
Joe Rogan Experience #1060 - Jeff Novitzky
\\ //
"2018-01-02 22:24:32"
JRE MMA Show #8 - Jimmy Smith
\\ //
"2018-01-01 03:59:19"
Best of the Week - December 24, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-12-31 10:19:33"
Joe Rogan Experience - 2017 Year in Review
\\ //
"2017-12-28 23:34:36"
Joe Rogan Experience #1059 - Brian Redban
\\ //
"2017-12-28 21:59:32"
Joe Rogan Experience #1058 - Nina Teicholz
\\ //
"2017-12-28 20:10:53"
A Peeper Creeper Moment - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2017-12-27 22:39:32"
Joe Rogan Experience #1057 - Eddie Pepitone
\\ //
"2017-12-27 00:27:22"
Joe Rogan Experience #1056 - Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr
\\ //
"2017-12-25 01:15:22"
Best of the Week - December 17, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-12-20 01:05:02"
JRE MMA Show #7 with Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen
\\ //
"2017-12-19 22:18:58"
JRE MMA Show #6 with Eddie Bravo
\\ //
"2017-12-19 02:02:37"
Joe Rogan Experience #1054 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick
\\ //
"2017-12-18 22:36:27"
Joe Rogan Experience #1055 - Bret Weinstein
\\ //
"2017-12-18 21:13:15"
Joe Rogan Experience #1054 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick
\\ //
"2017-12-18 19:07:53"
A Silent Night Moment - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2017-12-18 00:33:20"
Best of the Week - December 10, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-12-14 22:10:12"
Joe Rogan Experience #1054 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick
\\ //
"2017-12-13 21:00:08"
Joe Rogan Experience #1053 - Neal Brennan
\\ //
"2017-12-12 22:12:02"
JRE MMA Show #5 with Stipe Miocic
\\ //
"2017-12-11 23:22:57"
Joe Rogan Experience #1052 - Mick West
\\ //
"2017-12-11 01:17:54"
Best of the Week - December 3, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-12-08 02:53:32"
Joe Rogan Experience #1050 - Dr. Shawn Baker
\\ //
"2017-12-08 00:28:13"
Joe Rogan Experience #1051 - Duncan Trussell & Christopher Ryan
\\ //
"2017-12-07 23:26:15"
Joe Rogan Experience #1050 - Shawn Baker
\\ //
"2017-12-06 23:16:29"
Joe Rogan Experience #1050 - Sean Baker
\\ //
"2017-12-06 21:18:09"
Joe Rogan Experience #1049 - Chris Stapleton
\\ //
"2017-12-06 01:04:18"
JRE MMA Show #$ with Justin Wren
\\ //
"2017-12-05 01:34:34"
Joe Rogan Experience #1047 - Andy Stumpf
\\ //
"2017-12-04 22:33:03"
Joe Rogan Experience #1048 - Doug Stanhope
\\ //
"2017-12-04 20:25:58"
Joe Rogan Experience #1047 - Andy Stumpf
\\ //
"2017-12-04 02:45:36"
Best of the Week - November 26, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-12-03 00:24:56"
Harry The Pipe Tree Moment - JRE Toon
\\ //
"2017-11-30 00:08:39"
Joe Rogan Experience #1047 - Andy Stumpf
\\ //
"2017-11-29 21:23:21"
JRE MMA Show #3 with Brendan Schaub
\\ //
"2017-11-29 01:05:36"
Joe Rogan Experience #1046 - Owen Smith
\\ //
"2017-11-28 21:06:15"
Joe Rogan Experience #1045 - Bryan Callen
\\ //
"2017-11-27 22:25:44"
Joe Rogan Experience #1044 - C.T. Fletcher
\\ //
"2017-11-25 23:33:13"
JRE MMA Show #2 (Audio Only)
\\ //
"2017-11-20 23:37:58"
Joe Rogan Experience #1043 - Brian Redban
\\ //
"2017-11-20 02:22:52"
Best of the Week - November 12, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-11-17 05:21:35"
Joe Rogan Experience #1041- Dan Carlin
\\ //
"2017-11-17 04:09:18"
JRE MMA Show #1
\\ //
"2017-11-17 01:05:03"
Joe Rogan Experience #1042 - Krystyna Hutchinson & Corinne Fisher
\\ //
"2017-11-17 00:09:38"
JRE MMA Hour - November 16, 2017
\\ //
"2017-11-16 22:20:34"
JRE MMA Hour - November 16, 2017
\\ //
"2017-11-16 19:29:11"
Joe Rogan Experience #1041 - Dan Carlin
\\ //
"2017-11-15 23:03:52"
Joe Rogan Experience #1041 - Dan Carlin
\\ //
"2017-11-14 22:19:23"
Joe Rogan Experience #1040 - Brian Regan
\\ //
"2017-11-13 01:24:27"
Best of the Week - November 5, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-11-10 21:43:10"
Joe Rogan Experience #1039 - Iliza shlesinger
\\ //
"2017-11-08 22:09:07"
Joe Rogan Experience #1038 - Billy Corgan
\\ //
"2017-11-08 02:04:13"
Joe Rogan Experience #1037 - Chris Kresser
\\ //
"2017-11-07 22:31:21"
Joe Rogan Experience #1036 - Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura
\\ //
"2017-11-06 23:53:53"
Joe Rogan Experience #1035 - Paul Stamets
\\ //
"2017-11-06 21:18:04"
Joe Rogan Experience - UFC Recap w/ Brendan Schaub
\\ //
"2017-11-06 18:38:01"
Joey Diaz's "Lady and the Bear" Moment
\\ //
"2017-11-06 00:26:34"
Best of the Week - October 29, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-11-02 00:37:16"
Joe Rogan Experience #1034 - Sebastian Junger
\\ //
"2017-10-31 21:34:49"
Joe Rogan Experience #1033 - Owen Benjamin
\\ //
"2017-10-30 21:01:00"
Joe Rogan Experience #1032 - Colin Moriarty
\\ //
"2017-10-29 23:30:51"
Best of the Week - October 22, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches go but at least it was on the other day and listen to Lee on that like he's the lease never been to a strip club before but his little voice when he chimes anything I have ever been to a strip club of Oregon's never been used to come now it's scared of armies I wanna take that guide us sometime wise is scared ... whom he I don't know he is I think it's a money thing because he's like I just don't get it you pay the money that they try to get money and a year ... yeah this someone told a story thing by Jeremiah Walken's trying to get that accomplished Republic freaked out just like ran out the bad habits that same kind thing like heat on that he's ever been no honor doesn't want to go over yeah he had we looked at the ground and walked in the front you never looking up all the way to the pack math Pakhtakor yeah I did I did get a day this is crazy I did eggs a show with George Perez in Compton at a strip club in Compton and let me tell you man and that was one of the most eye opening like that exist we walk in their strippers that district just came up to me and goes Hey honey look at this pussy I swallow the babies when they get it you want someone that's written like worry what what's it won't exactly what you look like ... live both like that baby mama I like I don't know like see him having a heart that still baby hand sticking out her traveling a blue baby he wants you tracked through no there was there was a few but then every time you talk to him you're like oh if I fucked up on debt you know like she was like yeah yeah it was pretty crazy frost tile here what about that clientele I would say it would they they were mostly there for us like with the George is pretty much from we had the whole club ourselves and it was all people coming to see the show so was and strippers to though and strippers still so is the idea that you get people in there for the show and the girls would dance for them afterwards yeah and while we're doing the show they're coming in sitting at table Hey one guy gets him but sex obstinacy I got a question for you can you talk about the Iran rabbit run race you had that you won right at we always thought about that one about it and no longer describe it because it sounds pretty crazy what happened ... so the 0 mile race that I was doing in a month before Moab at about I mean 12 miles roughly to the finish line my vision started blurring like in the periphery ummah and over the course of the next couple miles closed in until it was pure white I couldn't see anything ... side just like stumbled my way along roughly 10 miles of trails to get to the finish line pretty much I would say like 98 percent blind what I could see my feet migrating from my feet but it was just white out so I was running and that ... falling everywhere it was probably a hilarious if you were watching but ... I hit my head also on a rock one of 2 you blind yeah one of the times I fell so I had blood dripping down my face like stumbling along totally couldn't see the trail still one yeah Manisha Phoenician and hold the lead here savage should give seminars on how to be a savage that is crazy so what what what did what happened your vision ... so since then there's been tons of people kind of talking about it apparently it happens in in all trials quite often they are thinking it's a corneal edema so basically like I wear contact lenses to see ... and the like contact mixed with the air and the dryness in them all sorts of things because like a a kind of flu it ... I'm not really sure how it works your thought McGinley 6 or something people of Donley sick also get this corneal Idina so for now I'm just a stay hidden staying with the contacts because I'm I've been learning how to deal with those a little bit better were they look they look different vibes I look a fairly different so that first bullet time the show it was like a Brahman bull then one of the I. scrobbles which is just bits of frigging every sortable ever lot of generations will come in in a parade with and then sort of wrecks the hood and when they wanted to get released or one of their escape well I would have been with the first Catholic coming to the sky as I would have seen hundreds I and hundreds yeah wah yeah so they just sort of more FTA become wild animal yell and wild bulls very dangerous very dangerous here so what happened was Pedro shot these balloons dropped look you know dropped unconscious he falls dead walk up to it it John top lucky lately got up to it and I jumped up and anyone that and I'll get him against the tray like ran the get up hurry he felt he'd imminent so lifting up the curry he climbed up the tree is the guys bit Lenny felt some warmly legs and looked down he's gotten everything hanging down I read legs but he is a tough boss that he got a stomach back up and sort of held implies then the bull actually died climb down out of the train enough dough on 2 tones I think once in the air because the royal flying doctors come in grabbed him because he's a long quiet meal the night away and ... them once on the tables off right title as well wow gave me some Bob Dylan in of the one of a bloody mess heart attacks a no way yeah when ... use only thing is I need 36 or 37 teasing and how they can do with the Arizona Cardinals related no real yet you would think that a guy could get past getting gored by all year pushes got back into and like that because I'm gonna get a heart attack ... that's life's not fair right again wow that's crazy right but I mean is anybody been skeptical solid yeah everyone's gradually and and what what what's your response to that you don't know what I know right well you know though I can I don't know I can't tell you some of the shit that I know and I can't tell you what could it be that so crazy if you you know I mean what you said think about what you said you said that there's some ridiculous sort of propulsion system that allows you to move through time that they they visit this plan at all the time extract resources right that there's people in the government that are trying to disseminate this information but they don't know how to do it than on the right vehicle do it they're doing it in these sort of controlled chunks I'm think of all these things he said what could possibly be crazy in that well you're asked me how do I know and no no no I'm asking you what do you know that could possibly be crazier than that white dots they should I can't tell you it's a not everything's hunky dory is it something where you worried about the fate of the human race I think that's part of it Wes I move gonna move it's not as a centipede decked out of us go to Australia how about now why this guy in Australia I mean where is the spot don't think there is one in Florida was not just because of this is what I will say there it's not existential in the sense of our direct market come here like independence day in new to place ... but it there you know there are things to worry about but sometimes read his book for the writers go a little too far with that bullshit it was a family represent whatever it's just too much it's like you say you're going to people's houses and they talk in the news a ship for 20 minutes daylight while it's like by studio city where I live collect coffee shop from time to time you know what they're saying in their work to death to Vegas shooter to Vegas sure was Sunday night you know these idiots who say ma'am Monday but that this had to do a woman's rights and the abortions and they just talk please don't do this new breed of gentiles who just talk that's all they do is talk with big words to impress you but don't say shit don't say shit 3 or 4 big words to let you know the smart and them then say nothing I was not a repeating narratives so yeah every time the show the new show me to do I'm by wonderful tape recorders put them under the 6 fucking morons everyday that it might lead to show but what they discussed because this is 60 percent of America with these fucking people talking with this the idiots this ship that comes out of their mouth is amazing and you sit there and go no one the fuckin prices once the Shootist listen to these fuckin dummies listen to what's coming out their mouth women's rights metodo tone well what was their argument there they're saying that the guy well that all depends on everybody their argument is everybody trying to be smart on everybody it's a 6 people try now with each other sleep when you're does fuck and then the parties you talk about by the time they served the salad you wanna play going you fucking thing why my favorite fucking here with these people I could stop the Burger King have about a fucking time that's why I don't go to those dinner parties because as a people to want politics comes up you loosely Joe Rogan I want to hear by the mobile you mean movie you lose weight is no political people talking nonsense you move the more forward either impeach him get to know what or shut the fuck up I can't you put the moves on anymore but Stephanie first 40 minutes on you then send the check he called already but the flop and just don't give a fuck who gives a fuck this got to be something more there's gonna be a seal stuck on a beach somewhere in this fucking country sought to more important than this shit every fuckin that so the politics is over my world religion yeah I want the other to post up politics religion at those fuckin things but this new breed of gentile they just talk for the side to talking to see who's the smartest person in the room at the end the day they're all a bunch of dumb fucks anyway //
"2017-10-27 21:22:26"
Joe Rogan Experience #1031 - Jamie Kilstein
\\ //
"2017-10-27 00:29:29"
Joe Rogan Experience #1030 - Joey Diaz
\\ //
"2017-10-26 01:06:18"
Joe Rogan Experience #1029 - Tom DeLonge
\\ //
"2017-10-24 19:59:25"
Joe Rogan Experience #1028 - Adam Greentree
\\ //
"2017-10-23 22:10:07"
Joe Rogan Experience #1027 - Courtney Dauwalter
\\ //
"2017-10-23 07:59:37"
Joe Rogan Experience #1025 - Greg Fitzsimmons
\\ //
"2017-10-21 22:29:38"
Joe Rogan Experience #1026 - Redban & Young Jamie
\\ //
"2017-10-19 00:11:11"
Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - October 21, 2017
\\ //
"2017-10-15 21:31:30"
Best of the Week - October 8, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\ //
"2017-10-12 23:50:13"
Joe Rogan Experience #1025 - Greg Fitzsimmons
\\ //
"2017-10-12 00:37:33"
Joe Rogan Experience #1023 - Christina P
\\ //
"2017-10-11 23:48:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #1024 - Bert Kreischer
\\ //
"2017-10-11 00:52:49"
Joe Rogan Experience #1022 - Eric Weinstein
\\ //
"2017-10-09 23:31:48"
Joey Diaz's Backyard Surprise Moment - JRE Toon
\\I can tell a story about taking a shit we're not 90 people hit me up the next day Tommy that was the most brilliant story in the world listen with Tom how come I thought we should know the shit comic are my guidance wisdom I took a shit favors backyard after a 5 hour drive called them of some we attack on Denny not talk to you have to offer I took a shit many ran over it was Scott backyard smoke would soon I don't know who the next day he goes smiled back feeling of smoke in the house I don't know what happened but you can see the Browns this most important plot and a butterfly you also confirm what that for that in some years back yeah I've got it right now is you because I told the truth that little if that's hard to clean up to now yeah shit you clear of dog shit a Disney make you gag but human should bomb shit yeah smells so much stronger man or grow is so well known and I groaned you think if you heard okay if you cut it in half right on the field no more that 40 you in that okay with that we got a recent piece of but a few weeks out all my ... he's like I've done studies it if //
"2017-10-09 02:03:26"
Best of the Week - October 1, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches deserve the guy who was the doctor behind that movie concussion he was really talking about OJ Simpson because OJ Simpson was released things like this 100 percent chance IJCAI husk TTL and they've even said that OJ give the trial was today his doctor said that he would introduce C. T. E. as a defense the defense which is crazy because then you have to say is guilty yet didn't demand is always I didn't do it you know initially wrote a book how I did it yeah if I did it does little yeah I know but if is in tiny linear and I did it I watched that show the Cuba Gooding show last night to affect show I'd never see no university oversight is how is great who was a great great here yet great so you don't know it's weird watchman to revisit and I think that it who've been night when OJ got out it's like just go away yeah just goes away good canali it don't say anything play golf and keep your mouth shut he can do that well he's not going to any can't he's a he's addicted to love yes you know was addicted to like him and it's gonna always if you go to Florida display fucking stupid people foregoing taken right near the the toy he's going back to jail he's gonna do something stupid and violate his parole you think you'll do that don't at 7 years old when every as well if he does anything other than shut up now he's either going to die or go back to jail you know I mean like there's no there's no positive that's gonna come out of him making public appearances you know writing a book going on a talk show circuit like no like you 70 years old live out the last 101520 years what have you got just live it doesn't there's money somewhere right because Florida they couldn't take his writing lies at highs and there so yeah he's got money some wages just quietly fade away you know let people people might recognize you when you go down to play bingo at the home I don't want my own you know just wave banks moan brought into you know but but yeah and there's no I don't think there's any way there's no positive public appearance now that OJ could make it was it was a really really intense and that during that time 2 of his friends die within ... 2 weeks of each other of heart attacks at age 52 and 59 at Nikita compiled who's 52 years old he's running he had resigned from running the Russian anti doping agency so so technically the Russian anti doping agency shouldn't be working with Gregory's lab the water the world anti doping agency lab though should be 2 independent things but these 2 were working together because there was never any anti doping Russia was the anti anti doping system posing as anti doping so Nikita still in Russia he's been forced to resign and Gregory and him were still talking via a ... via Skype ... and data Nikita tells Gregory that he's gonna go ... but he's writing a book and that he's been in contact with David Walsh and David Walsh is the Sunday times journalists that chased Armstrong for 10 years he's part one the most renowned famous sports journalists in the world the that Stephen Frears film the programs based on David Walsh and syndicator had what reach out to David Walsh and him and David Walsh for making the plan to meet Nikita had told Gregory that you know he was gonna meet with David Walsh Gregory was like this is you can't do this you're still in Russian acutely you're still in Russia what are you doing and ... a day later Nikita dies of a heart attack this was a guy he was healthy ... had never had a heart problem and his life was a was a lifelong athlete never any was 50 to 52 and apparently he died over about 3.5 hours wall ... Nikita's wife was on the phone to Gregory crying ... this is a really have any suspicion of how they did it ... you know Gregory goes and the disks you just don't have a heart attack poison you know whatever that you know I don't I don't know how they do it in a rush isn't like isis they don't do something and then take responsibility right now obviously you know there's been so many stories like in buzzfeed last year that of the 14 deaths in London all tied to you know various had the series of Russia there's been multiple books written on it ... even a you know which was not widely reported ... the Russian agent the co offered a apparently the trump dossier with the MI 6 the former MI 6 agent a he was found dead in the back of Alexis about 5 months ago outside of Moscow ... so you know a clearly the day they they played by a different set of rules if you look at how men and women of all just to get partners women just have to look hot you have to look like you're fertile and young and have good genes which is what we consider beauty these what feminists say are arbitrary standards of beauty aren't anything like that they're very across cultures men like women with this hourglass figure and who have long shiny hair and who are not 72 because if you had sex with the 72 year old your genes died out he had this the feminist thing about arbitrary standards of beauty as a person who is ... deeply entrenched in science like that's got to be frustrating right because you're looking at something that's not accurate it's it's that you're pushing a narrative that's just not accurate there's this very take away culture take away you know all the all your personal feelings about human beings and you look at the mammal to human mammal and it's it's very clear why did that certain males are gravitating toward certain females and the contrary are ... conversely why certain females are gravitating towards certain males it's biological right and this it's so on helpful it's really awful this idea that people should like you for Watson down the inside you know we don't see the people ... if you look at porn it's not the woman who buys a homeless man a sandwich you know who's in the porn it's the one with those features that are just cross culturally appreciated by men but was also too we're talking only about sexual right because people do like you for who you are on the inside like Melissa McCarthy is a perfect example cheeses vibrant whole areas woman and no one 's no one still holding her up as the standard of beauty of our sexual attractiveness you know you're you're looking at her is fun person and that's why millions of people goes here in movies and her TV shows giant hit mean it's literally what's on the inside and how she carries herself right and she is very vibrant and if you look at that cross cultural research David by us who's an evolutionary psychologists did the big big cross cultural study and kindness was what both men and women wanted I think that was the top top of each list but if you prioritize well okay well what do I what army must have seen a partner a guy is not going to want a very old unattractive woman as his partner if you can do better and woman is not going home but want to have the guy who is sleeping in grandma's basement playing Atari Atari or whatever it is I'm a girl so I don't know anything about football are video games you know I'm sure when you're you were a sex addict and you're in this hedonistic in a whirlwind experience you're still you're taking in all this data you're taking us in in the hollow feeling that you had that you didn't like it is what propelled you to your new stage of consciousness once you emerge from it yes Roy every so often light because he's like pleasure lighten and will treat him as the point yeah I mean this flesh everywhere is that is that they're brilliant host not in hold on a minute this isn't working enough would really really work here like sometimes though the great gift of promiscuity is you get to experience all the intimacy with all of the strangers they seemed exciting in the top of sexuality that I've always had is more about worship than any kind of domination my goal I I tool in a series now about what I wanna control the soda but like the answer to all these wonderful experiences and encounters but within it this kind of ongoing seem of loneliness on ignore bowl and also this is the thing when you get the things your culture tells you you should be doing and you experience them now you know now you know you can stop chasing the carrot because you got a buy out of it is our own mini bullshit like gonna know and it's a hard one to learn but anything was gone orgasm at the end of it you know there's a degree of pleasure to be had have it takes it takes awhile to recognize a what we see with the emotional cost or made a spiritual cost on of a people that fight was preventing me from becoming a father from becoming a husband from set Ellen from becoming root it from becoming actually hall from becoming a man from becoming connected it takes awhile to spot that I think a lot people don't get the opportunity to break out that Pat and I would never exploit it how to not first being a heroin addict and not hold in many you're doing that thing again same with fame and celebrity well toxic well toxic excite in Britain and loads of lovely people in there and I still blocking on my making a film like that now will happen but like he's because I'd have to template and experiences of all this is addiction your expecting this thing to make you feel better now what's happened is I am as a baseline disabuse dove the idea that the material world will give me anything that it will ever fulfill me that I am responsible for my own connection and the my role here is to serve all the people and help them if //
"2017-10-05 20:16:51"
Joe Rogan Experience #1021 - Russell Brand
\\ //
"2017-10-04 22:58:43"
Joe Rogan Experience #1019 - Bryan Fogel
\\ //
"2017-10-04 22:04:28"
Joe Rogan Experience #1020 - Amy Alkon
\\ //
"2017-10-04 01:11:26"
Joe Rogan Experience #1018 - Alonzo Bodden
\\and let's get a a a Boone lays in German and were lined with one 's abode in how I meant what is up till on grace as somber times preserved the weirdest fucking times there are a pita Tom Petty ... just have to say that too yeah and they're obviously it's it's a ridiculous time and and like everyone's been saying again you know I mean it's like here we go again another 0 another mass shooting and date be I think the most disturbing graphic to me was the scorecard like big showed like this guy got 58 and a medallion Orlando got what 40 somethin and so because it's like okay you just encourage the next cycle right to try to set the record you know what I mean like it like it shouldn't be there has to be another way to say it without giving publicity to he killed more than anybody else now you know welfare buddies listen in the future this is ... taken place recording this on Tuesday are the massacre happened in Las Vegas on Sunday so it's just a couple days ago and ... we //
"2017-10-01 22:42:08"
Best of the Week - September 24, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches but it's just like those same people will do what you're like against women like I would never in 1000000 years go out to a show and be like I'm just rooting for the man today like like I I don't think this way I'm not like on team man but you are on team women like it's just it just seems to me that there's a lot of that going on you know what I mean a lot of that shit words like you kind of project this thing that you see racism everywhere we see sexism everywhere but all I really sees you fucking lecturing people based on race was in their mind they're allowed to do it the same way came last his loud have brown pride in his chest yeah truck kinda same thing like kill your disenfranchised or your marginalize you're allowed to stay in if you're not you playing that victim card as a woman and you're allowed to say I'm here to support my girl I was talking with us on stage of this a bumper sticker on a car it said girls kick ass and I was like some of them doubt summer lazy slobs I could align yourself with 150000000 women just in this country alone that's ridiculous and I don't say that the guy had a bumper sticker that said boys kick ass he bill like or follow that kind find out where he's been fucking these kids because you first what you never say boys her her her point is a kick ass you put up your bumpers who the fuck are you you'd pull moments your license where you live man what do you do for a Livin with but what's a bumper sticker about what the fuck do you mean by that yes and I don't need like I almost like an asshole sometimes my preface everything with a disclaimer like and I'm not saying this in a long when I just want to be clear that I'm not saying there aren't exceptions to the rule but it's also kind of strange to me that like if you wanna celebrate women why are you celebrating such a masculine quality like it's kind of like it's like look there are white players who are great basketball players right there are right there dirt of its key was amazing basketball player what I just wrote somewhere like white people kick ass at basketball it's like well he actually was a movie comes on in general women don't kick ass in general it generally speaking that's a male thing to do Grasso well nothing is not exceptions to that but you're like you're writing white people kick ass basketball it's kind of misleading they don't have the same feelings about cultural appropriation as some people do with fuck and berates yeah yeah I get it will but it's the United States right were centered over super sensitive we've gotten very says you know what it is it all comes from ... billet litigious culture that's it that's the ... absolutely the fact that P. even get sued for anything and I can see you at any time that's just like as American culture that's what you do it's like you know what you pissed off someone like I nuff you can sue them like and so there's a lot of like suing sensing enough successful cases along the way that's part of its like of fear based operating system right installing people on shit yeah we did you think was bad yet it's a combination of like someone like it's a good service to be able to see someone if you needed to yell ever it's abused up the Ying Yang and there's like professional lawyers they have billboards everywhere beginning Katy Perry was worried about being sued no I'm saying that I'm saying that the sensitivity is like a like a liar why we're so wait ... American culture is so like PC at this point because there's a it kind of goes hand in hand it's like up sense of ... mind and now I'm a metal ASU presumably to stand but but I will say it's it it having that litigious to fear based kinda motivator or imp causes people to want to correct things Linda core course correct 2 of them to form a something that works for everyone to avoid being sued 24 I mean and I'm not me not directly right by not directly but that thought process get that my answer is yes that mindset I think means because it's about like okay well how can we make this we have to include everybody on this which I believe men yeah but absolutely but ... but I think it should be done have a sense of empathy in now and then to say that that that you know people fighting for rights to have handicap parking like in the front of the building like that suggest that that's just a great idea but like I'm just saying that the what we will you were kind of referring to that sensitivity come comes from that were someone's like afraid of doing something wrong yeah and it just hurts feeding back competing back beating back and then you get people so fearful of any choice that they're making and who was it was it Roosevelt who tried to know it was in rock southerners weren't lazy just infected with hookworms story of the post bellum south as told by parasitism holy shit makes her teeth fall out and it you know I'm afraid not stereotypes are almost always the conclusion of lazy science they're just empirical generalizations they were stripped of their variances and encoded as fact into the collective consciousness of the general population to the to bubble bobble blah blah however sometimes stereotype reveals a hidden truth that provides an origin to the myth the trope of the lazy southerners dates back to America's postbellum period following in the civil war no one really knows where it came from but the image of lethargic filthy drawling farmer has pervaded art literature and popular culture until up until this very moment so 1 argument recently published by Rachel newer for PBS novitex presents some compelling evidence for the theory that a hook warm epidemic was responsible for the rural stereotype holy shed germ of laziness to the exhaustion mental fog it's attends reflect upon its victims historical evidence shows that the parasite ravage the American south throughout the early 20 century as a result of poor sanitation lack of public health programs among the poorer Jose Tracy by 1905 a parasite all ages that's a job yeah I'm a job to colleges because as a 40 percent or more not 60 for that I was wrong of the southern population was infected with hook warms the parasite thrives in fecal matter in the combination of shoddy waste disposal the rarity of shoes shoes no shoes allowed her horrible larvae to enter people's bodies to the webbing between their toes how filed what they penetrated skin they travel through their host's lungs into their intestines were they survive on a diet of blood they suck out from the intestinal wall of female hookworm could lead to 10000 hangs in a single day which gives you an idea of how rampant a localized infestation could become a very short time the laziness that is synonymous with McCormick ... Hogan infection is a pseudonym of iron deficiency anemia due to blood loss holy shit yeah getting bled out yeah 40 percent of people were anemic and had blood loss the poor manners victims the Paris I can cause stunted growth that's right I children with hookworms were plagued with attention deficit disorders lower IQ and the infection often it's strange food cravings for dirt clay paper and chalk well how nuts is that southern states where the nexus of hope warm friendly climate is the parasite love the sandy soil that make through with the region's offered all in 1910 some 0.5000000 southerners have hookworms Armani gonna go nuts is that that's insane thing yes we do process Heller is who donated money to try to combat it but that's the Illuminati isn't he like a maybe this is all stand it when I started 50 years for the warm to be eradicated from the south 1960 it was eradicated home done because of the sanitation issues look at that almost entirely freed from hookworms by 1985 yeah that was 2120 years ago I had so recently is completely insane yeah that's yeah it's never she's gonna grab my head of force meter pussy yeah great thought that was nice being made to do it that's when the greatest trousers beam saber so yeah Louis a ton of further study further poker moving past sniff it does affect that affect on the floor in your mouth we've all been there that that that that you have someone do that now it was alright not big enough that no I go as I really tried that tae this you try to push a far out you shot modest at 7:00 am I just ... who's not get a horrible monster at 7 something girls put never just infection owned she's yeah not my best moment would it smell like I don't believe it had a smell I don't remember having a smell she had explained it was must I knew exactly what it was are we both knew what it was you know no it wasn't bad it was a bad scene are but does she was really fucking sexy big fat ass Julia yeah lives on a farm onion yeah I just think of the other side I don't really care about that because again I want I want my face and Susan I do with it mind I think she's I have to make as well you know here is that you have to use your judgment and I think she's I have to fort close so I have to fart your farm amount yeah we've always done that tends to lift our ass since you were so big great at it I mean we were kind of mean that's different is that from that now that little yeah why not that I know of somebody must of your terrible way to feel like why did I just shower up first I don't like to show them up first I'd like to I like this August sent I literally like you like the electric sheep I like them and I tell you like all told the girl like fun dating you and I like you I literally if thrown girlfriends deodorants out really I fuckin do on stink a little yes perhaps but I have to fucking who is saying it yes but I have to like them though it has to be a car it's a chemistry thing that's nature telling who should fucking who shouldn't volunteer some people sent repulsive me the small their mouth or the small their skin repulsive man fun healthy people probably or even people that I'm just not meant to breed with soon but then there's some people the underarm smell the smell their feet when they're stinky though it like I do it makes me could not dirty I don't dirty feel got along just like little stinky in socks and sneakers whose clean the whole fucking family yeah if //
"2017-09-30 00:01:23"
#SoberOctoBert - Public Service Announcement
\\this is what it is Burke cry sure our friend good friend Burr is a fucking raging alcohol he certainly he drinks 6 doubles a night yeah he's doing it 12 drinks tonight outside of that in all honesty once again so we said you think you get so we said yes okay so then someone said sober and run a marathon I was like stop you guys is gonna die of a problem with tee totaling but I want to work for them in Mogwai Hawai Miami where you so we said okay how bout no drinking for the October and you got to do 15 hot yoga classes in a month let's let's just let's just put the parameters down and then put just pretend you think I'm not so everybody agreed to that and then a couple of fucking days ago they start saying we're going to be totally sober no we no I've whoa whoa so we collect hold on one of his mistakes so we talked I it Ortiz I can get into that place I can give is that no we place from I don't know do you want me there is and they're trying to shame me into quitting pot yeah you're just put weed the bucket mobile do we just in case I'm surface okay we should think about we should definitely thing rash I like it not like pot I'm not willing to not do it for I'd alcoholic friend and a welcher yeah yeah I was the goalie it's a great pleasure Quemado did do you measure what what's it to you for a year while I wanted to you pieces he he's sure how are you 15 days made over 31 days sober all we have to overhaul October Mabel due November November but these this month they can suck my Dick I'm honest get high every day //
"2017-09-29 00:49:25"
Joe Rogan Experience #1017 - Jim Norton
\\to bloom and we're live let's have a toast to you have to our //
"2017-09-28 00:22:46"
Joe Rogan Experience #1016 - Whitney Cummings
\\ //
"2017-09-26 22:04:50"
Joe Rogan Experience #1015 - Reggie Watts
\\ //
"2017-09-25 23:16:32"
Joe Rogan Experience #1014 - Dave Smith
\\ //
"2017-09-22 21:12:44"
Joe Rogan Experience #1013 - Cameron Hanes
\\ //
"2017-09-18 01:36:54"
Best of the Week - September 10, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches I'm people deftly won a fight I can't live in with fight I want some fighter I'm not either some people think that you're supposed that that's how relationships was beaten by it if you're not fighting the year somehow another you don't care about each other other because if you care you get upset some very weird sort of dynamic to man woman relationship dynamic of things that people think you should and shouldn't expect right the way people behave or don't behave the way they talk to you or don't talk to lex yeah it's very RBS weird because if it's all the same better with any friendship is the same yet don't let don't like people being mean to you don't I'm fuckin beat you down yell shit out you or take you have but some people I give you grow up in a home and home the fights all the time yeah you get used to that and then you it's not a big deal if she would this group would shoot 8 screaming louder and like as soon as it was it was done should be fine just like to have some coffee like so that I might be shaking like my god why did she say I'm my god I am not good with that kind of tension that at all yeah ice today this girl would get really mad really mad and wanna fight and then once once there was some sort of resolution should immediately turned das I'll is very odd doesn't should be aggressive so like to start some sort of altercation but you could calm the altercation down Russia down yeah which had almost shut it down but just saying you're not gonna do this not gonna talk like us like this is like a child yet I was young so I had I need to learn like how to talk to people right Michael or how to manage situations like sometimes like something's happened in between 2 people like ... you're you're upset about something and instead of thinking about how you're conveying your thought to them all you think of is what you want to happen yeah right I want you shut the fuck up yeah yeah I know even though you want someone to shut the fuck up the problems when you say that yeah you're not really thinking about communicating with them like through their eyes when they don't want anyone to say shut the fuck up we set it up with it because we want people to shut the fuck up did you can't deal with yeah I'm not here as you know it is there but you don't want you don't care what their needs are yeah stop boats Balz also like when people want people to do things that they want people that there's there is no athlete the mindset of you wanting of results you what's going to behave a certain way instead of thinking about them as like your equal I could just another human being and instead of thinking like I have to get what I want you like what is it that you want echo what it what happened here acquire we where that's is a pass I find like impasse getting older that thing is I'm more aware of your states that that big part of not thinking about you all the time you're always think especially you're young you're the common opinion did it's just me me me me it because you're just trying to survive Jennifer you're you don't even know what you want when you say shut that part down and think about the person across from you yeah it opens up the whole world but it's a difficult thing to learn went so well when you're young the camera industry just don 3 other useless last time you saw like a straight up hambre well you'd have to be like a guy was a photographer like Jamie then carry those groovy bricks you want press checks and you know he's doing just church all those who could clear the lighting was perfect for her this feature here but even not only love that they looked poems for sure they go I feel all the time but they just go on like little a photoshoot date with their feet like girls to into the CLI fun time there's taking pictures of each other they don't need to hire the photographer who I've seen them and I was a restaurant needs to bitch is just kept doing that back and forth to each other has like ladies enjoy your meal cry in their like no this this war with what is our iPhones yet this is the I'm about take a selfie face right it is a thing that girls do their neck that the only doing about take selfie this is it ready the US insists that that weird next move is like hilarious should arise like yeah but this is so weird self I don't ever do that any other time except for when you look look at it from what we just try to sell it right yeah yeah nothing is more now that word nothing's more awkward scenes or try to take a selfie your C. not mom at the playground with the kids and take selfies she takes 40 some Sophie's is still a disparate smile as we look like okay is role there is always a great Italy don't ever handle tricking people but filters who put the telly do it now itself is weird chick in Mulan check it adds to your 2 units and to come so can the craziness not where comes from but it belongs in a true it's in the same way yet on Brillo but that's a real chicken head gear you just is really into this is trust me I check in with little luck chicken has named this is that's what they do man there's nothing more awkward so try to take fucking so it's so embarrassing is deathly more awkward shit it's more awkward if your friend is taking in your guy your stand illiterate lumber ... again Culebra Culebra sleepless it's so we are what effect like this here via was looking yeah right yeah black robe you guys you're poking your ass out okay how many guys take pictures of the Hebron the you know me look look look up some mysterious thing about this book I'm writing it it it it looks as out I hope no awkward man if //
"2017-09-17 06:12:34"
Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion - September 16, 2017
\\ //
"2017-09-15 22:06:33"
Joe Rogan Experience #1012 - Brendan Schaub
\\ //
"2017-09-14 22:57:23"
Joe Rogan Experience #1011 - Tom Papa
\\ //
"2017-09-11 19:12:56"
The Hippie And The Chimp Moment - JRE Toon
\\I I interviewed this guy recently talked about animals that he ... he's doing his PhD and university of Pennsylvania and he he was working psychology but there were champs involved in his research and so they like they would come into these cages but they had this big area outside back behind the cages right were so like at night they would go hang out there were trees and stuff and whatever so he would hang out until everybody went home and he was alone and then he'd sneak back into the area where the champs where and he told his hilarious story where he's with this champion he let go back there and in the US market joined at the end of the day in the chance or one area and what it is Jim comes over and sits down next to him anti smoking a joint in the chip reached no and he has not get this champ Pete fifth could direct to the tip no injures him that it gives it back to all my job that that would be the greatest video ever on you to do that because one of a chimp fucking the frog of your snarling has tennis that idea not for the champ but but but one of us a chairman smoking a joint with the dude especially happy or I don't be the ultimate dump her go to many of you did bugger what you gonna do you now doesn't give the champ the joint shut the fuck off Sakhalin rip your arms off it //
"2017-09-10 22:50:34"
Best of the Week - September 3, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches think you're totally right in this matter discipline it will you need on 2 fronts is great but here's the thing you're such a violent no dough last one I'm real stakes with I mean well the wrist stakes bandwagon below your 0 yet let you get you lose your beardless and had somebody ... yeah well children that you have not you well hold on hold on is here now also bet my life well I ask you for what happened what's its PMR if it is a measurement of the height and weight yeah I said okay you at the height is polite about his height so just not fuckin measures alright I'm 6 everyone thought he was still lying there was no question was why we don't do that the it you're welcome mon I you did do all forcing the Terry type all you sold out so well when I got that activity was going on OJ though our joining orders are hi and we day yeah all right well so you your voice is breaking like Kevin McCallister knowing it would Jim yeah yeah yeah your own what do you do with that with a budget that late far meaning he I was not a well you Wednesdays of reform was get out of bed hello so that at that point it became him taking this opportunity going to Denver being with Duane get paid you the MusclePharm thing and then the whole thing with Connor happen on the TV show before this before any this happen Conor McGregor sorry kanamaro ... culminated Lesmana because me and Connor had one conversation we're sitting there and he goes he goes Meg congratulations on TJ defending his belt do seller teams last title defense team and I think a good but what's up with the way and say that no one in your team wants to be champions that's weird as it always is better because you know he's tried to get everyone to go out his camp that you know is just being a hater this and that and he goes he took that little bit of of of drama between me and dewayne like Dwayne St donor team wanna be champions including Cody whom sentiment tax ... it tweet and say Hey keep my name out your mouth you like a jealous girlfriend or whatever any city did that one little thing and the next time we saw TJ goes on is a snake in the grass and just built in this big thing said that raising the how well he is so good if you're seeing people right yeah so that took what what really happened which is TJ got paid to go somewhere else me said alright fine if you gonna do that's cool but like you know if you're on that team you're on that team and then then Conner turned the public around on him yeah it because it came out later after thing and so then TV became the victim and then he did now teaches new stories that I I I I got mad at you straight would do a lot of again I kicked him off the team well you know teaser now has a snake as a logo I know yeah there on the other hand fighter he brought and snakes you know I mean you just he's at home with that you know he's that's who it is so it's all good how weird we want to ask you a little bit like if you wanna be friends as befriends with dole don't don't lie do you think it was a good idea to write that memo if you had to go back again if you're in front of your computer and already press send would you ... maybe I would wait for my year end bonus a it mmhm man I do I mean I think I would've pushed harder even harder on the diversity programs although like I met with them personally and I kept pinning them and I sent so many emails that I'm just trying to have a discussion about this and I went through it modeler programs and sent this document this exact document to them so it's really unclear what I could have done differently but I I for example I didn't know so much about the underground conservative network before all this and truly mean yeah and even within Silicon Valley icon there's attempts to start connect them between companies but there's like so much verification that you need to go through to be able to join one of these kids have a pseudonym are are you don't need to be is totally anonymous but yeah you you don't want because there's active attempts to try to infiltrate these groups really yeah I this happens a lot where they'll try to join a group act as if they're one of them and I just you know record what's happening and then expose them was ... and you can take anything out of context and it would be shown as no racism also shore what mean think of what was said one night you but me joking around in this conversation you could clearly take something I said out of context and make liquor monster but if you're in an email and you're complaining about some sort of diversity program yeah like one what they often do is a we'll find someone that they disagree with and then they'll scour through their entire history of Google and all the emails that they've signed I try to look for some way to blacklist them our show that this person is evil therefore they should be fired ha ha or one supposedly this is happening in other companies too and they've been have like these automated scripts to try to find these negative things on people if they don't like remember the Verizon green battle yeah here used to call people up sometime just to call people up in a place on here I guess I still have it prolly why when Dan right use of king of rock and call on the 2 there is no higher like there is when you had a good move you have got to have 0 day run DMC you that for a year I I am beautiful Christina Aguilera no plot to soon I think we would just be like a normal conversation with like adults and it's silly that thing which is letter okay I'd always love letters are pretending it's I like some sometimes I'd like things and I don't like that I feel pressure not like them you know I'm like why how come I can't like that song to beautiful song is it is it too early sodas what's going on but a prejudice yes I feel a Taylor swift was blaring Hearst news on the other day and I don't I don't read like nothing I do it in a row of may when deficit you go boys thing that should be fun which we're going to be scared of saying things out I was when that one see a song here and after you left one day and you came back and looked at the front panel I passed on site sauce it's tight what do I sat out later if the hive shed yeah man this a lot I look a lot of shit that I publish in like what's your biggest latest guilty as pleasures ... I like Taylor swift yeah I like her music I like I like go to Tim Taylor not Justin Bieber I like his voice so beautiful voice no couple of his sons Eric and I think it could see his fucking ass off I heard some good if you're that kind of music perhaps that right now because Justin Timberlake is rumored or he's going to be doing vocals on the new foo fighters album but he's just doing like some background soon you won't even know it's samba is name made it out in a blog post or something listen that guy's not going to do if this Timberlake yet he's smart guy he's not gonna do anything stupid because if he does do that he's gonna smash it he wouldn't do it if you didn't think it smash course yeah who just smash it yeah he's great I don't know why people shit on him he's like one of the best must count if you too handsome too tall too pretty to rich he danced around soo good dance and don't like it do not like it yeah I cancelled like some handsome fellow dances real good and sings ass off thought that so you see people Hayden it gets are all the poison and who dances fucking dancer can't like dancing too much fear due to I am but it's that same thing the same reason why not suppose to like that I am beautiful song god damn beautiful song but you know people prefer you to be like you know enter Sandman n't which is great too it's a balance in this life right you while Ozzie Osborne every now and then you will show crow I like little Cheryl crow and I'm hollow notes all day I can't get enough of hall and Oates I can't go for that credit that I got you leg ADN I can't go for that no no can do hollow notes old school son //
"2017-09-08 01:39:18"
Joe Rogan Experience #1010 - Brian Redban
\\and with my legs in German hits the end of the world as we know it Montana's been on fire for a month Florida has 3 her attains headed towards it and Houston is still have under water at Houston's sad or have you been no I just saw you know live my exterior and she sent me photos and videos like her whole neighborhood's gone her eyes and like people have to put everything outside for the insurance collectors to look at it you know so there's just everyone's house has a pile in front of it not all their stuff and this is like no looting please you know I saw that on TV fark dude is like there's nothing stopping that from happening for months like this is the thing about like hurting Irma like they have Harvey hits Houston and then hurricane Irma date correct me if I'm wrong //
"2017-09-06 22:46:48"
Joe Rogan Experience #1009 - James Damore
\\54321 I will not James how I meant okay don't freak out about a year your sound of your voice in the headphones is the first time ever wore headphones aren't I podcast deftly first time I've I heard myself Tarkas aware after his second yeah we urge you get over it Bristol because Fatah really get very few take off you want that's freaking out too much then I can get through this yes is taking about it that we don't need these things just keep this sucker close to you in Iowa so our first of all thank you doing this you've been on this crazy sort a whirlwind tour name have you got any where you just been doing most of mostly from your house mostly from my house to science guy now for people who don't know the story let's give them the short version of it you are working a global and what prompted to write this memo it's it they would have these company wide meetings where they just push a lot of this diverse we stuff man some of it was kind of weird so I decided to go these ... these secret meeting sort of there were about 100 people are completely on recorded and they will talk about some of the things that they're doing and it would really contradict what they're saying publicly where all know we're not you know changing any of our hiring practices for these candidates and they said yeah we basically are are making it easier for some candidates to get an and //
"2017-09-06 00:18:00"
Joe Rogan Experience #1008 - Cody Garbrandt & Urijah Faber
\\alright gentlemen will live with a freshly fed Uriah Faber no more dieting no more way cutting is is up ms Michelman has it never got there it is sport soccer up to god and ... Cody motherfucking gonna brand finally made it pet here gentleman what's happenin this year we had a nice little beach run and I jumped in the ocean Cody kept issues on I get stuff is not a mouthful those green belly bars don't if you see talking in your mouth when a squirrel could put it if I ducked away these T. their specialty that have like pockets in your I need floss like twice this guy's making fun of me is that bro you been brushing your teeth 118 visits 20 minutes straight brush if the I. rex lightly came you know walked out and as it may still brush it it made me have to second guess them that but when people //
"2017-09-05 01:44:42"
Joe Rogan Experience #1007 - Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura
\\ //
"2017-09-03 23:01:34"
Best of the Week - August 27, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches yeah I mean people ask you like why would they wanna be on TV because everybody wants to be on TV like we talked about different play groups and are they the producers did most of it won't be on TV but there were like 3 or 4 they did because they were they thought they were spreading the word maybe they were I you know you know what was their message was when you were talking to Mike what what was the reason for them doing this they believe America is a white country ordained by god that way they believe the Bible says that's true they believe the Bible does when America but to say it's like I'm not telling you what I believe but right believe that the Bible doesn't think the races should mix the Bible doesn't you know all the things the people cry the Bible the Bible talk about donkeys in they will expect you know so the data and they believe that America is a white country founded by white people and that that was the but the people who like the black people in the Mexican people and events of the cats in the Jews only if they're cool with capital of the state the Catholics should get to leave go back home and because America is 8 and it then though and the whole America is for white people is the whole white is the just the Detroit saying the white at the state thing that all of the people are that all right national white NASA's would say then so you know who they they think that this is it that the you know this is a debate they think America's they think this the whole idea of America's that for whites only and that the rest with me to go home how I feel for you I mean I'd be standing there with these people in the woods in Kentucky looking into the eyes of madness yeah whether we're and satin sheets over their head with more holes poked out for eyes those sort of there's a lot of it that was fun I'm use to it like we got there I got of the car and is a line in the in the show where you can hear me before you see them going like how this was a good idea and that was really me saying this was not a good idea that was not meaning joke to they see a phalanx of them in Austin in their detention and right when we got there the guy was no blue was like Amelie goes into a rant about Ferguson it was in 2014 Salalah Ferguson how black unit please themselves into the white man is going to better that into what the same time they don't advocate violence because it's clear that at some point they were told if you talk about violence the FBI will be here every week and you know so they like we don't advocate violence we have gates up defense we don't hate black be we just love our people but also black people can't look what they do in Ferguson much of the black people aren't whatever blah blah are the equal of the white man and ... and so I had to so we first are shooting I there was like this guy was going off and I was really having to take it and warnings is gonna be the next 3:00 hours miscarriage like yelling and the producer stepped in and said alright everybody this is hope we have took the camera for a second we slowed it down in the reset chairs we sat down Sir talking in it that from that point forward they were so excited to talk about their clan think they don't get asked that a lot that they sort of like the eventually you would if you were thinking that it was the clan you like as people talk about their lives I don't agree with them but that they're not they didn't stay angry all solvents ... this photographer because it is fast food is weekend and she had a look of film camera you know do you develop you know if if she's all know you can only develop black and white because if you develop your own color pitches the fumes well they'll knock you right out vote and saw says so just a little bit of that will be a great time this is a small so does get a little bit of that and you could look up from pain yeah you do a god damn job interview nail it may be just a little bit us tons lives it just like crack a violin funny I know like grilled does a little bit of that whoever tried poppers no poppers are those the things of the crack I'm and they sniff it email nitrated things called now either whip is in college oh yeah I did that when I worked at ... creamery worked in Newport creamery Asuka ice cream place they had a to the ice cream those ... big vats if that what is that gas nitrous oxide nitrous oxide riots in this area and we would ... we do talk yeah like socks off of it that killed a lot of rain lack I killed a lot of great I'm arrived in one week in in college and have to count it on a Friday night and on the Sunday houses walking on yeah well at all and we don't I don't know if I was forcing the yields this because I will try to justify how I felt or it was a natural you know but yeah it was happening while there and you could help it all know you so that you would just tweak out by itself just you have it you know who's you know absolutely good pay her out like a crazy workout yeah I have to work I'm usually spent look he loses last week out later I do like a I think that the way in which we can now those who sell in Russia so tight put a soulful yourself ride yeah change your state of mind because by yourself you know people say the smile change your mind right against the way your brain feels a few free Gallipoli does that too right now and definitely does ways to do it Emmy Y. Wildwood Indians like native Americans when they would do those those battle cries wildly doing that begin fired up yeah you get hyped up by yeah will sing a song Vikings yeah New Zealand data banks yeah isn't it is New Zealand isn't it yeah yeah would they ... they will play is this video of them plan the USA today via and they're doing this elaborate they they doing up this very elaborate and well and is an exotic and cuts of the USA team at cana looking back can I just confirmed that confused with this was going on and they went through this whole thing is this right here and in a basketball game near the basket value is ridiculous yeah of basketball it and I will never forget just about 45 points yeah but you plan NBA superstars but it's dummies whizzes cota called his Florida and me doesn't they do all the time but as but is is it seems so stupid that's 12 it seems stupid if you if you play basketball is stupid something can have you evolved as a virtue in some circumstances and still be of the type that if magnified beyond its proper limits becomes pathological so let me tell you something I learned about Hitler which really is it I haven't recovered from my shock from this so we'd be looking at the relationship between political belief in personality okay and and your political beliefs strongly determined by your temperament so liberal left types are high in trade openness that's creativity and low and conscientious spot you can fragment conscientious miss up into industriousness and orderliness and the real predictor for conservatism is in orderliness not industriousness and you might think well that's no surprise right wingers are more orderly hence Hipper's call for order let's say but it's one thing to say to do hype posit that another thing to measure it now it's measurable and it appears that orderliness is associated with sensitivity to discussed and this is actually a really big deal it's a really big deal so there's a paper that was published implausible on about 3 years ago looking at the relationship between the prevalence of infectious diseases and authoritarian political attitudes and they did it country by country and then within countries by state or province and the correlation between the prevalence of infectious diseases and authoritarian slash right wing political beliefs at the local individual level was 0.6 and so I will I want to take this apart little bit okay so the idea is that it this is part of what you might describe as the extended behavioral immune system and one of the problems with the interactions between groups of human beings in our evolutionary past was what exactly what happened to the native Americans is you know they came out shook hands with the Spanish conquistadors and then within a couple of generations 90 percent of them were dead of small pox and measles and mumps and so it's been a truism in our evolutionary past that if you meet a group of isolated if your group isolated humans and you meet another group isolated humans and you trade pathogens there's a real possibility that you and everyone you know are going to be dead in no time flat and so we have a discussed mechanism that that produces this implicit let's call it race so racial and ethnic bias that is part parcel of the human cargo of landscape but the problem with that is that it's rooted in a discussed mechanism that actually serves a protective function now when I was sorting this out I was reading Hitler's table talk in Hitler's table talk is a very interesting book it's a book a book of his spontaneous mealtime utterances from 1939 to 1942 and I went through with this new knowledge because people think of conservatives as if like a fascist as afraid of those who are different they're not afraid they're disgusted and that's not the same thing because you burn things you're disgusted by and so it was terrifying to me to read it because then I also thought all well discuss sensitivity is associated with orderliness and you need to order in a society in order to maintain it and the Germans are very orderly and that was actually a canonical part of their civilization and part of actually what makes them great and powerful and that just had to tilt a little farther than necessary and all of a sudden everything needed to be get cleaned and you know Hitler talked about cleanliness all the time he actually meant that and so this thing that's emerging you know you talk about its biological basis is evolutionary basis it is it's part of this deeply rooted discussed system that protects us from dangerous pathogens that can manifest itself in and does manifest itself in the political realm are it's not good so //
"2017-09-03 05:35:48"
Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - September 2, 2017
\\which we talk about it yes body still //
"2017-09-01 22:34:37"
Joe Rogan Experience #1006 - Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein
\\getting bigger but the video part is getting to a larger percentage 321 gentleman or will live here we go Jordan Peterson Brett once team how are you guys doing very well things come in and to be here how excited to have you and Hey should be fun to use your spiffy you make us look ... look very sloppy we don't what can I say man you know I only have a broad a limited number of close well good move you look great and now could see you guys both via and ... so ... whose idea was it to do this for a small so just a I think it was I think was brats yeah I saw it ... tweet of Jordan's about ... or maybe it wasn't a tree I did see a a YouTube clip that somebody tweeted I don't know if it was you ... your perspective on ... on Hitler and ... your argument was that he was actually even far worse than his reputation would lead us to believe and it's funny it ... it harkens back to my first evolutionary project as an undergraduate I was working with Bob Travers his ... when the leading revolutionary minds of the twentieth century as I was looking after having as an undergraduate adviser pulled a sucker right up to your face is going to turn sideways we're looking at each other then asked which of the yeah yeah okay so anyway I did a a ... project with Bob on analyzing the Holocaust from an evolutionary perspective I wanted test the question about whether you know at the time it was it was commonplace for people to say that Hitler was crazy and it was something that bothered me about that analysis I think there's something actually dangerous that we dismiss somebody like Hitler as crazy before we understand actually what they're up to so when I saw that your your video clip I thought it would be worth having a discussion ... so that we could figure out what perspective make sense that sounds like an awesome topic but before we get to that I would really like to know what's going on with you because you're at the center of this crazy controversy of evergreen state college ... you essentially left the area //
"2017-08-31 00:11:12"
Joe Rogan Experience #1005 - Hannibal Buress
\\5432 part yes yeah hello Hannibal was a man who are you Sir I'm good to see you get to see it so you have notes yeah one incident and also does one it's a legal affairs at at that notes other times what it is they have the written down you not only had like in your head Adam in my head when I'm older men now it reminds took the slip away from a head start to slip away so I as some those intricate alpha brain and you got notes and do you ready that was the notes we wanna talk about what's going on well we would I give credit to his kid I knew as raises an old naturally it was just more for like you know sometimes if stuff lego someone follow if I feel like I don't have time right now I am in now I'll like peek at it real quick rye Floquet rightly fresh but refresh your browser you good C. Tillman yet cyber Monday on no worries man yeah shit happens I just didn't //
"2017-08-29 23:19:23"
Joe Rogan Experience #1004 - W. Kamau Bell
\\4321 yes I will live Lewis was wonder why see you do that android like Alabama none of that union people get to get so into teams right yeah so annoyed groups you belong to a college in android guy yeah I was I mean about of ... Andrew again uses a windows phone yeah he's the host country area yeah yeah to be outside the box nice guy Henry Rollins for president yeah what if you have any doubt what you trying to do is Henry Rollins really run for president I mean if Iran gets a part of this merchandising look alike when yeah yeah I feel good for a little bit bad about that yeah I I hope he gives a shit now out of the give a shit but I did buy it sort of excitedly and then had a motor like wait a minute so yeah yeah he not only did he probably knows you know I would I would imagine he may maybe I'll find out now but ... how much you pay attention that god I will be fair of inner Rollins I'm I'd like him because 1 of the heads of the 413 but Dave like his music Amy bickers sort of stand up really absolutely about allowing Eisaku his spoken word shows I'm I'm all in a hero why I'm now did you hear his podcast with our extra fear no I've heard that do you gotta listen to Harry and he arm //
"2017-08-29 01:56:19"
Joe Rogan Experience - Mayweather vs. McGregor Recap with Brendan Schaub
\\that's fresh E. did S. when lively's gentleman ... would live we're here to talk about print shop shoes those fuckin just use the war to a Mayweather McGregor fight why in the fuck you block those I think someone gave you some opinion where your thumb into to spare me ledger levels landslip Brian thank you at the video month like all guys going into as many songs as you told me so it's part of you with the holy man I am unaware Fanny pack I go shut the fuck up meant any any time with any sort of fashion discussion eyes go shut the fuck any back makes sense though the only the only to have you know who's like you because you are you are you like a hand made yeah from from Britain yeah a 16 holders are delicious R. but the black hole what the fuck is that about game of thrones Shiism Cologne I see buckle that I just can't get it out or what's the beta back is that a bit easier it's a gold piece on I get more cuts gold yeah it's just like one of those that black or blue dress thing or just whatever yeah I have more influence on the issues than any issue of a rat and a bed hold on their line to your see results foot for guerrilla now person here to know J. lo I saw jail she loves your shoes you as I love your shoes or she does she's a checked out days in a row so I shot co sign but you'll probably also trying to make a rod jealous because the province gather long enough for she start to feel bored yeah rise was just trying to base it to crackle guy went platinum soon Jamie does Allah god of gold to you or am I going blind the to Goldie different you can tell the golden go go back up to that school and see the buckles like silver and yet so different I mean goes to go live to make it larger and that's a little breathless right on that ... is it I mean I just don't get the hate on this but I know I would come in there gore says so gross and not //
"2017-08-28 20:16:54"
Joey Diaz's Edible Moment - JRE Toon
\\who does anybody dome does all Martha faca then go on stage so Friday I went to the store and I swear to god guys I need not promote that smoking pot at work that before I left the house it was a little brown a 70 milligram per I like maybe 13 clubs left for the day I was fuckin storm business right yeah I was a half a pack of anarchy edible they give you to breath each brownie is 70 milligram that so crazy I love Gary I rub my bowls a 70 milligram June the Stanley 7 milligrams Rogel Joey's eyes like a parrot chief cyber fuck perhaps supplies to the rest the world 70 milligrams of put you into a fucking hole do you know I gave 500 last night who he's with us is can we 500 newsroom put it well my lad 0 Billy Graham edible food you know that I wasn't shaken song down all because I got a good sense of who goes we split at 3:00 in the afternoon hardly Turner proved by 7:00 how is so far by 8:00 and you know usually when you eat you tame animal yeah flocked fell this turned on me it is an uphill through the ultimate dog like a savage you meet me at the submissions at 1.I had the cheese doodles that belongs to the baby pirate's booty here they were on the floor they were just coming out of my face I was just I was just not me pirate's booty in my face and a pair I couldn't stop wikipedia pages of marriage boot pay as Irish Hootie shall open carriage boutique I was that the whole but my wife was like because I had my clients are the lives they couldn't see me that my wife look what do you do it in the air who looks like a little bitch you've got a better idea what a 45 I slept all 4 I got up and in no way I was raised Mad Max I just laid there also I think what you want for the more you know we were so low 30 I woke up with a ton of energy honored a jealous shado I watched the cop lose all my god I was locked up except calmly as they leave the comscore you don't answer falling Islamic counselor because I love America every //
"2017-08-28 00:18:21"
Best of the Week - August 20, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low freq bitches my kids get old enough now whether sports leagues no longer you know the a for awhile there was just drive me crazy as is apparent going to a game and realizing that they were keeping score yeah because he didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings home on that's the whole reason why people get better you fox meanwhile the kids are keeping score kids know for sure and kids don't want you to blow smoke up their ass right in on it that come off the cordon enough like you know what I would like to add the oldest boy a scooter is 10 years old he's he plays a lot lacrosse he's been playing for 5 years and so he's he really likes it he does he does well but Iran not raise in the you know a division one champion there right address but he plays other sports too so there's this sort of well rounded mystic we came off the field one day and we were walking along and and now the all the parents were gonna March off and the game was over and any sister says I do and I said well you know you could have done better ... I said I I just get the impression you didn't try as hard as you could what do you think any looked at me irritated right they looked at me like I can't believe you just said the great and so he said what Anna and I'd look them I'm walking along and I did realize parents were within earshot this it will look you know skewed the woman a blow smoke up your ass you want to be honest with you and to his credit he said knowledge we are swimming even though he wasn't happy about the honesty sees Beyonce would be and and so what we tell kids that we they know better you know if you tell a kid that they're great at doing wonderful and they didn't what if they take away from that they take away from it that you're kind of bullshit bright yellow E. X. unless they're just super super young they pretty they get it at a pretty early age before here's our here's something that's important to related children that you are not your accomplishments you are you and the only way you're going to get better at accomplishing things is to be 100 percent honest about the amount of effort you put in and what the actual result of that effort is and whether it's a failure or success that does not define you that defines your participation in this particular activity is not you you are an individual that will hopefully learn from all of your endeavors but you're never gonna learn shit if you lie to yourself he never gonna learn shit by simply makes this nobody scores a point in there are new winners in there are no losers in everybody's amazing that that's not good because good voice by the way it's not good is there's going to be people out there that are fucking driven by and psychotic and they're going to get ahead there's people that our task oriented and goal oriented and they they have on idea ahead of them gonna try to figure out how to make this happen they have a goal they want to reach it and if you're competing with that person in any form of life and they're not burdened down by the bull shit that we give so many kids today they're going to have a massive advantage in this idea that this kid who's been coddled and treated like he's always gonna be a winner that somehow another they're gonna be happier is fucking crazy if they you know you can't process what's true and what's not in the kid can't process criticism yeah right constructive criticism I don't just stand there and berate your killer question that's that's just as bad as it doesn't yet know absolutely the guys that stand and use everybody scene right yeah the dads are sometimes the moms and stay on the sideline and berate their kid because kids jeopardizing a scholarship to some more on school yeah morons but I know I I think you're absolutely they've got of the sooner they're able to assess that that equation effort ... end result yeah and comparative what's going on around them well look you know not everybody wins the the lottery like asking how that right but let's look at is not the problem with socialism and the idea of we should even out the playing field yes I mean the idea that up to your competition died right but you know it's a famous Democrat John Kennedy said that life is unfair all night guy Angelina different era but it's not fair right if you just want to bang away and shakes it and you can't you know you can't dwell on the things that you don't have Hey I I wish I could've been born better looking I could've been Blackwell taller you know you gotta make the most it's like playing poker you gotta go and play it you can have the worst hand and you can win the pot but also you know obviously is it easier to win the hand if you got 4 aces right you know what if you're a bad player you win nothing because everybody's going to drop right and so even getting the best and doesn't Esalen you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna play it right but you know it's not I mean if 2 people if I want to hire somebody and the way they look I believe is going to help me earn more money because I think that having a more attractive person in particular business up his position is gonna somehow lead to greater salesman that's really the only reason that you're gonna pay somebody more money if they look good might look good on you know I go on fox television or CNBC fireside an accident that all these women interviewing me are pretty hot right I mean unattractive women could read the news and ask me questions just as good as they can but they're hoping and are betting that more guys like us are going to tune in to watch a hot chick interview me then a homely one and they're probably right right because probably lots a homely goals that are applying for these jobs are not getting hired no I agree with you 100 percent but that there's a fascinating thing that's going on today where our competition is thought to be in some how some way shape or form a negative and that this kind of competition whether it's couple even capitalism itself is criticized right like there's a lot of people today that are in favor of socialism that's one of the reasons why Bernie Sanders so attractive is because like Hey you people are not winning this crazy competition out there that don't have any desire we're gonna even out this playing field in those people that are out there kicking ass and taking names we're gonna take some of that money we're gonna just give it to everybody else yeah that is the appeal of socialism because it appeals to the lowest common denominator does appeal to ignorance but it appeals to greed because it and envy like all this person how so much more than me and it's not fair but here's the beauty of competition because that's why we want competition we all want stuff right and and so I want people competing to sell me stuff right I want to have as much as I can as far as consumer goods that we all want we want products and services that enhance our lives and the way we get the best products white with the highest quality that deliver the most value at the lowest price is to have lots of competition all kinds of people competing for my business have got some money to spend ... buy my product by my product competition is what's make is what make sure that I get the best thing does super hard to wrap your head around yet then there's the big question I wouldn't get paid the big Bucks if it were half the big Christians why yeah why do you think this is all happening or do you ever that use that word why why is a weird word right yeah Liza where it is happening it is so ... what's causing it to happen one of the forces there because it happened yet have ever why do you ever look at all go is our purpose to all this so short ... and I think answers no I think they know that I think that the yeah there's no reason why in again just looking up into the sky ... you know unless the purpose was to make a pretty sky boy anything that we're seeing here on earth could have been done much with much less effort than making 100000000000 galaxies right ... there's no evidence that anything that we've learned about science or the universe that gives us a reason to believe that there's a purpose behind it all ... if anything as time goes on the entropy of the universe is increasing of universes becoming more random and disorderly ... I think that we're you know riding a wave of the universe that is growing and expanding in cooling and and becoming more more disorderly and that's a finite amount of time so 14000000000 years on the Big Bang to today sounds like a lot that's 1.4 times 10 to the 10 years but the future of the universe is enormously longer than that going to our best current theories it's way it's potentially infinitely long anyway the last stars not gonna burn out until a quadrillion years from now we are very close to the beginning of the history of the and but it's not forever doesn't last an infinite amount of time so the universe is ephemeral we human beings and living creatures are temporary structures within it and the idea that it's all for some big cosmic purpose seems to hold very little water do you ever contemplate what what function human beings have in the in the university the way we interface with the reality that we we interface with are the nature with around us yeah I think that we are the function healthy is the right way to think about what human beings are we should be glad to be alive enjoy it while we're here ... be nice to each other and try to learn more about the universe but it's not if we choose not to do that that's not going against any pre ordained function that we have you're your own remarkably calm when you discuss these things do you do you have any existential angst do you have any like I think now the other way around and honestly this is very very small amounts of data but ... from what I can tell when personal tragedies strike people who were atheistic cosmologists and scientists deal with it way better than people who think that were embedded in a matrix of the bigger purpose or spiritual reality really yeah because you get that this is this happens and you have a nexus of active an infinite perspectives not good like when someone dies it's sad you can buy sad but you can't you can't say well that shouldn't happen rhyme right this is these are the kind of things that happen I //
"2017-08-25 00:29:04"
Joe Rogan Experience #1003 - Sean Carroll
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Joe Rogan Experience #1002 - Peter Schiff
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Joe Rogan Experience #1001 - Mike Baker
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Best of the Week - August 13, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies went way over the line yet because then you can't do critical government stuff it's illegal precedent that set that Dan makes the craziest ship possible words like all this is ... words or violence these words of violence and rape now no one can say like our new president is horrible you know like now you can't even show descent it's all just a way to tighten screws anything to people the left or shown to send more than like violent descent towards the president well yeah I like really like angry like in a way that I can't remember anybody doing towards Obama now to the point where it freaks me out like they're like it's weird why didn't I wasn't obviously traveling in this the right circles look for people that really angry at Obama but even the people that I saw on line that are angry and they're calling me confident or fool who spend all of our money in all these different accusations but not like what I'm seeing what trump like I'm seeing dislike flat out insult from famous people all the time yeah and the media I don't get why people totally trust to me it's like you'll see them misrepresent something in such an egregious way them and my dad is a a rhetoric professor so it's like he teach a class in propaganda this is like my whole childhood is worried about the show it's I'm watching C. N. N. like you mother fuckers you know exactly what you can misrepresent things so egregiously that I'm like of course no one 's going to trust you and that's where the problem right and it's not that you you don't wish that they were correct right it's that in them lying even if you're on their side more than you're on the fox news side yeah scene and lies even a little then it's fuel for the other side in that vastly diminishes the impact that you can have Liz you're not you're not trust what have you have to it that's all you have a news now yeah is trustworthiness because everyone can manipulate in Photoshop now that that that audio Photoshop Boeing on it's like you have to just trust people I can't trust anybody that's real issue and an issue with and and and issue the lapping so hyperbolic it's like when trump was first elected house like oz socks jumps crazy and then I saw their reaction and I'm also triage debt wells like women what's crazier the guy that may like tax to dictators deck or like people like saying that democracy is bad and I'm like this is a weird battle so but that stayed with me and then when I started ... at quest in we were helping all these kids are working with all these kids and I saw how extraordinary they were which by the way drug dealers some of them are amazing entrepreneurs and so it became this notion in my it's unreal did I tell you some stories sometime shore absolute fucking crazy and I thought Jesus you're better off from her than I am like they're telling me how they watch like ... the cop cars and when they change shifts and how they know that they're being identified by their cars and so they change cars author as crazy and saw Mike Jesus gave me this concept I called mining for astronauts and I'm like in here in here somewhere Indy here being the ghetto are some of the most amazing minds I've ever come across and these guys can be anything we fucking astronauts right like whatever they wanted but they don't believe they can and when I would interview them is not so imagine you're interviewing and I came up with a just like a a fast waited wide enough think exacerbating questions and one of the questions was a magic genie shows up gonna grain one wish one which only you can't wish for more wishes cancer cancer bring anybody back in the desk be something for yourself what you wish for universally to a person they also job okay that makes sense youth you think that's what I want here so you try to get jobs in tell me 1 job then we get past that bull shit and I tell you obviously that's not true like we really want like what's job to get you money okay do you want money or is it something else notes money awesome man it's a magic genie cast whatever you want what you want you know answer every single 1 of them gave me $11000000 you can buy a fucking house for $1000000 kid is it was so crazy it's a magic genie joke like you can ask for $1000000000000 but their frame of reference is so small one guy this is like the one exception city wanted an airport I found that so when you're hurting so I had to push unknown Isaac why an airport is a because business guys come to the airport it's like okay what what good does that do you use because then they can teach me about business nothing about that for some how fucking many steps removed are you from what you actually want yeah but that's like they they don't have you Sam a systematic thinker right so I've had to learn that is not where I started so I spent thankfully one of the things I'm most grateful for my life I have to learn everything the hard way but because I learn things the hard way then I can show other people what I did where I fell down and how hopefully they can avoid some of the mistakes that you made is a bathroom with a door that faces outside the worse is when you go over a girl's house in the goodies are bathroom and you smell matches oh yeah alone and now she was like this mother fucker up yeah it just makes it thank tell you thank you like burn it off fume hoods Matthew I'm only yeah thank you bye I'm a panicky about are met they ever get to a girl's place and then you feel the gurgles Elaine Lila's on radio one yucca I could of had that before I'll dating a girl once she had for Roche's diarrhea ferocious so she called in regular yeah I just don't know no one time and she so she went to the bathroom and she just turned on the shower and she turns on both things on the sink whoa yeah I just sutured tightly around now I had called I'm like what the fuck is going on I was very young at the time yeah I understand super confused what the fuck is going on there I had I had once in in college where I was at this ghost slays and she was just like hot cakes game on like go for it rise like I have to take I could feel that it was a diary explosive diarrhea shit and I also realize there is no way to do it that they would just be a black toilet on our and there's no way I could coverage you know what I did when I went back to my place I was like of ... I'll see you some other time or would it to run the next day her friend like you like the fog and like they gave me credit let the late they thought I was a guy that I was a good Catholic Haas knows how I had to take yeah growth real why girls yeah because they're not get fucked they don't want a friendly a flock racial use reverse psychology on you you're an amazing I got 9 isn't gonna cry I hope you wait for ever the circle that you last night even when you get married tell her we'd get married so clever so much don't have sex after you're married never it's not about that writes about relative yet like twilight love it if I'd had battles that were intact it would have been a different story that night blouse cabal's about yeah yeah there's a time when you know the dates and the sensitivity of your inner asshole region on this amazing 8 is it knows especially go to see about a fart right when you like you like about it kinda far in and then also alarms are going off just know Arya all no need a clamp shut like Jesus what is that if we were having this debate yesterday about wire they sometimes hot like why is it hot in the mind is why do you know that hot gonna smell bad spicy food bro the but is that what it is solely engine I don't know how I'm I was telling you guys at one time my freshman year and picture for a week and I had I use what I was addicted to stake was very good she's an alright afraid raising families means to me how long is that since day a long drought will end when we have played freshman ball and we're playing Pat is in the side we just a jumble of a school like you gotta be careful you don't and that we were gonna play the Christmas story what kind of are we talking a mass of basketball and I had taken a shift away 10 days I got something I took acid sub up my stuff got until nobody in those days I was really scared of doctors I would say shit nobody could put the whole way home we down the boss well we will wait and some extra good health and I was this for so back yeah right we wanna boss started running you know school buses I run into the windows right swing down the bus windows but he is would get bad I father again has a few good god almighty god he's changing flavor but but the worst thing was off the cheerleaders or cry that's how bad it it was simply a criminal but no one features yelled the of my guys today problems are bad so bad what's worth yeah //
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Joe Rogan Experience #1000 - Joey Diaz & Tom Segura
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1000 Episodes Of The Joe Rogan Experience!
\\what is gellan black helicopters have been spotted this is the hundredth episode 200 episodes ago by the way folks and this is our 3 hundredth episode alright folks this the 401 to simply going regulation goddam lance W. Cuban I love Lucy and got 400 yeah this is episode 500 did you measure of life was 3 D. it's dar's have aligned the prophecy has come true Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo so 911 you provides another was upset people say repeat show might do what the fuck do you think matter come on dude stash how dare you now they they have ruined it Michael Shermer how yeah yeah that's pretty preposterous would yourself talk bodes for canoeing all Yugoslav folk talk about as we you're getting all that that stoner we'd you were getting into space weed islands are com au and and I teach enter the code name broke it and you will get 10 percent off all your orders O. and an I. T. use the code word Rogan and save 10 percent off any and all supplements gonna come to a point somewhere there's not gonna be any secrets and that's a good thing there's gonna be full information disclosed from you to mean ever and what it is is the convergence of all human beings it's pretty fucking crazy and that's where it's going how come I can bank online how come you can deal with the entire world economy through computers on the internet but you can't vote Railey when it should be as it should be no Mexico should be no United States must be no Canada to show me the planet earth night that's really what it should be doing that these ideas are fucking stupid but the DMT experience in itself bomb is unbelievably intense but there is such a radical difference between eating a steak the by the store and eating the backstrap of an axis deer he had to sneak up on we all love to sleep but everyone's afraid to die this guy named Fritz harbor yeah Fritz harbor innumerable tragedy of Fritz harbor yeah Dan Carlin's hardcore history Dan Carlin podcast where he talked about the Mongols and Dan Carlin ... thing on the on the history the Mongols this is when they had the operation Northwoods umber thing that have been passed if you haven't seen that document that's crazy that as a direct result of my obsession with quake this is off my quake playing days I got addicted to a video games because of newsradio because the writers the writers writing room where they had a lan party so how was that X. quick to ourselves obsessed with this that I I put a T. one line in my house so I had a T. one line installed I'll so you must be rich the the sensory deprivation chamber is been the most important tool that I've ever use or for mine album much to fuck with the isolation I lived in Colorado the marriage how good 8 miles down a dirt road my dog eat lamb outline that I lived in I talked about this yesterday I lived in the mountains of Colorado for 4 months fitting that's where I went to live with this last year till my dog Eddie by mountain line to my wife got pregnant first to even some nice plump dogs along the way yeah it's really their downing Matsumura well it's like mine I'm sorry ma'am this change of the topic plot outlines addictive earlier yeah the dogs all dogs and cats let's buy a house in the mountains so it wasn't on the top of a mountain my dog Eddie by my online whoa yeah that became a bit my act and if you play the podcast drinking game drink I've seen 2 in my life and they were both maybe like 60 the first was pro X. 60 pounds in the sun what your dog or so yeah that was about 60 pounds I //
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Joe Rogan Experience #999 - Tom Bilyeu
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Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Breakdown - Mayweather vs. McGregor
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The Twelve 12-Year-Olds Moment - JRE Toon
\\as I think about it what people said like you know if it could you be a //
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Best of the Week - August 6, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies so its image I would I would encourage people especially maybe people that are prone to cancer or people who have had cancer in the past //
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Joe Rogan Experience #997 - Pauly Shore
\\boom I'm alive dude you survive what somebody Jorge surf it he survive the job ideas experience you know I got it I got a I'm I gotta ... attacks from time to time Segura right yeah I said it because he asked me where backstage about to go onstage at the main room and he's like I why do my podcast bubble blah and Mike awesome and then we are taxing just about my schedule at him and then he is in that I'm like okay I'm going to go see Joe ideas that ... and he's like dude fucking got //
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Joe Rogan Experience #996 - Dr. Andy Galpin
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Joe Rogan Experience #994 - Dom D'Agostino
\\boom amber live core dump welcomes yeah I'm doing great jealous of her ripped clothes Canada fear I know you've done projects we did Tim Ferriss podcasts or John that I do is an excellent ... 3 of them I think I did I am for 33 grown past all I need is a list of the other to them arm what is this why you brought me man this is crazy that is drunk says with the says hi maybe the I drive farm winds guys think that ... to slash I ain't magnum might have to have a party its us sucker it's mine it's pretty legit in regards to if you want to stand killer Janet diet yeah and ... I tested this in in my office actually in and just found that it to be it non glycemic for one thing which means it doesn't impact the sugar content is so low there's not an elevation in blood glucose and I can stand ketosis on this one if I do one glass to earth third of 3 starts to kick me out but to last the wind can completely sink into us censure single operator arm most glasses most wind will take etiquette hoses a Yummy it's highly dependent on the good like a Merlot you know it a dry wine typically doesn't but as for Lamar dry I'm most of it yet house this time out white wines tend to kick me out more and require something like ... a sweet wine with a resigned or something like that really sweet sangria you know I don't know very that's a sugar yeah and even beer does even though it's post below card beer tents kick now realism Michelob ultra maybe one you know one or 2 but other than that yeah I mean I get that question a lot so it actually got me interested into studying this so I can answer them the questions with some level of knowledge and after testing these wines and ... I came to the conclusion that you can drink 2 glasses of wine a day honest //
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Best of the Week - July 30, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\hello recruiters just keep keep stern under its it's hard because it's fun subsiding it's exciting to think that there is some sort of a job you know I ball soup we know us is around the world they decide to blow up tower 7 you know it's funny but the moon fuck towers she's already not I mean you're talking about the if you know it all or know it's crazy but the moon is the hardy shit ever accomplished the greatest by the human race the right way this accomplishment Arab was landing on the moon right right so you would think hold the ship ball I don't think it does no it would listen okay okay but look just at the time at the time but we stand intranet is the biggest okay okay but I'm just about like a physical achievement 3 dudes they that shot up in a rocket there were in the look like ... orbiter and then the orbiter shot out the lunar like the lamb and then it lands they played golf went doom bug writing did doughnuts in the San they get paid pictures they get back again take off doc what that orbiter and then fly back that's the hardest should ever no one died but to kill magic can you imagine that second mission 6 months later he did it again when when they had to break the news that the demagogues different astronauts because every mission they use different aspects wouldn't you think that would like a show again the same star over no no 3 due to pull that off keep doing it do are you kidding they did it before him they don't keep doing it lucky with what we do if what if I don't think god would if they were planning on using buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong but they just fucking god I either go home she had this are going to clubs and when can we find out there like you know co they want to renegotiate the contract because I probably went to the moon for like you know $70000 you not only the god that government check they don't make it easy on W. on the second album or are on the second love it just like the record business you know to me my bachelors album to make that much shape of course say listen will get you on that second on the second and third landings you know much money you're gonna make you gonna come back you can be famous you can fucking do also to press ages think about the cold deep they probably got blowed out and got too cocky wanted to renegotiate and the NASA said we just gotta go with new dudes that they made $8 per diem when Congress Sam folksy raw dog he uses sand Uncle Sam uses broken glass on his Dick we brought that because because I didn't remember that that this one always got to me man that ... those brothers that shot their their pandas from the Menendez brothers one of them had a weight on memory legs glorious fake head of hair ma'am taken often went to jail it was a really crazy store because they shot go on their own parents right what old man how the fuck does that happen to you know the one on the left to one of the has a total way I mean if you look at all now you go I get it now the one the right was just blessed if just straight up blast with curly locks wears what the fuck man those those those sons shotgun they're fuckin parents man you know Kirk fox use to teach them tennis ha that's where I hate that is right duo somehow vaguely remember that so he has a whole story well teaching them tear tennis do this here's the shit out of me that people could do that it doesn't scare the shit out of me nearly as much as people get so angry at someone they could shoot them but it scares the shit out of me that some of you do that to their dad with their mom to initiate the mom to Jesus HR adopted right where they near a thing the Menendez brothers were adopted now mailing air and I think I think they're just trying to get money alright is that sexual and psychological abuse did suffer the hands their parents or will they go I know it's like you always want immediately blame it on the kids right but if they kill their parents but did the parents could been fucking monsters Hey you never know all it's got they have to be monsters I mean if you think about it how do you make a kid that is capable of shoot you in your sleep you gotta be either of raise that kid horribly unless you just by dumb luck have to complete genetic psycho path from birth that you could done nothing affects you've got 2 guys are willing to shoot you while you're sleeping and you raised him from the time when they were babies that's crazy I never knew I was gonna say their house yeah I want to have in their house burnt that fucking thing to the ground probably want to have imagined it like Nicole Simpson's house a whole for so many live there wasn't a call Simpson's was at a house was our outside an apartment building sectors are going down here to him Yahoo that's a weird one because that's like it's a public building you gotta just deal with it people just deal with it is that apartment like still empty hers now that he'd killed them on the street right the kill them outside but every time you go home you have to step over a crime scene to walk into your house and you've seen the pictures yeah you know the history every time O. J. document you comes out or every time they have it OJ series on TV Owen his ... parole hearing it comes up you're like talk if what a doorway into that house so what do you like right out I want to talk to the person who's right doesn't give a fuck and do not know what hit okay yeah because about a good deal of deal baby it sounds fast Britain would yeah listen she should be nice and all within the act but did you ever see the autopsy photos ... didn't don't now if you haven't don't that's not worthy you get it sort of murder who've seen photos it's just so hard to believe that someone could do that to someone tears pretty they are cared about that they had babies with my people can't quite or a Z. game of thrones are who had but just barely that's what it is it's like every week it's the game of thrones affects normal and a jump in height is a social psychologist over and we had a really good piece for the Atlantic in 2015 about this phenomenon that's gonna save space trigger warning phenomenon this idea that you must never be forced into a position where someone has an idea that opposes yours and what he said is basically make people crazy you know that you make you crazy that that the idea in psychology is that if you have a chain of thoughts leading to a bad outcome if you're depressed record oppressive then you have a chain of thoughts leading to a bad outcome the way that psychologists deal with that is the cognitive behavioral therapy they say okay we're in this chain of thoughts are going wrong I attributing to somebody motive they don't have as your wife really being nasty or is it you just attributing nasty to her and that's why you're getting the pressure spinning off right try to control your own chain of thoughts what the micrograph intertwining culture does is it actually grants valve the more you are offended the more value you are granted and therefore you have actually an interest in being offended we've you'll wards if you're offended ground you eat your your treasured if you're offended because it demonstrates that you're what Craig you're with the more you are offended the more we can show that you are woke and because you are woke therefore your granted this virtue you get to lord it over everyone else may say my speeches if we could somehow identify like the LGBT half black half Hispanic one quarter native American little person you know then we would finally have the the person if we could go to dance all of our questions because their identity would be unquestionable to be older it right if we could find Yoda but just get the moccasin discussion altogether he just rule from on high he she and I want to put a gender on Yoda grounding yours Gendo it is iota yeah right out of your guy would deep voice neighbor being rude bite and so but yeah you're you're absolutely right is no one is a no one 's left enough yeah it's it's I don't know where the limit is nice and its it there so far left that they've actually made common cause with the people they hate resume talk about safe spaces as it were it yet Missouri in all these black students protesting and actually said we don't want white people who think like us and want to help us in our safe spaces we feel insulted by that it is not a simple the KKK agrees I give you wanna do safe spaces for separate says I can find some Jim crow racists are totally up for that pulling 1962 well there's the other though really bizarre statement that I've heard over and over again that black people cannot be racist against white people because they don't have any power over white people yes ha ha while then which is just it is inane and it's an inane statement that this idea that you have to you have to have power in the superstructure in order for you to even to be erased I can understand the argument they said look you being racist is not connected to racist action if you don't have the capacity for action that affects people then your personal racism is not as important as the racism the people in power that at least is an argument read the idea that you can't be racist at all if you're if you're black because black people don't have enough that first of all the idea that black people have no power in the United States is utterly crazy and it's utterly crazy well specimen was going on while I while I was president the Attorney General was that was present yeah we said this about Baltimore we kept hearing in Baltimore right within the riots that but with a rise in there saying well Baltimore PD here they're they're cracking down on black people get the chief of police was black the majority of the city council was black and Democrat being tired is the the deputy district attorney was prosecuting cases black the majority of the police department was minority the Attorney General of the United States was black the president of the United States was black but up here in the majority of the city of Baltimore is black but apparently 2 white guys falling I just at some point you're gonna have to make your ideas actually work in concert with reality I can I can't like do this with you do you ever step back and //
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Joe Rogan Experience #993 - Ben Shapiro
\\do we have enough love for tomorrow when I have tomorrow Britons would Ben Shapiro we are live the people spoken well thank you for having me okay survey here Matt I became a fan of yours when I watched you ... on with what the fuck is his name the CN and ask how here's Morgan all those glorious thing was when you went after him to sit with the sandy hook thing like right away immediately click ... it was just glorious and you could tell that he didn't know what to do with it in any literally said how dare you which is what I say with people all the time I'm joking yes I helped her you know exactly as all my friends and I would like is clutching his pearls his mom really pass through 2 segment interview and during the break I said and thanks so much for having me on it in a corral that this was not a happy camper yeah well it's you crush them and do the other gift from one of my other favorite ones was Chelsea handler crushing them or she was literally talk like you even talk to me in the break in the break a check in your phone to check on Twitter at any you to tell you is like ... no he just you know came from that weird British tabloid environment and you found out that the company that he worked for did really creepy she //
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Joe Rogan Experience #992 - Ian Edwards
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Joe Rogan Experience #991 - Eddie Bravo
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Best of the Week - July 23, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies are only parent outfit I wore costumes like badges and like sketches and shit okay boy you what is going on here in this picture so strange recording each other they're holding hands and steering it uses eyes like you know this is such a sucker tunes your little kid they just fox your brain up like well this is what I'm looking forward to when I get out this house and you got a house here car accidents gun shots rape but they fuck each other while they're both wearing a costumer they fuck people that aren't wearing a costume apparently in this is I've I'm sorry if you're a member of the furry community and I misrepresent you but some of them have hatches whether asshole is sort of like those old school pajamas in those ... wild west cartoons yeah over the wild west pajamas where they had like a like Popeye always had those Dookie flap you got 2 buttons to cover your shatter like the shit trap and you open up the trap door and drop a bomb in there then but that fucker back up didn't have the NWO drawstrings appropriate even have like rubber waist bands back then right like hell about Italy goes big buttons on either side Alija tighten down your ... underwear back then was buttons that makes sense the play buttons in the front buttons in the shelter fitted buns on everything back on so these kids they thought that was the future then they went out there and they got punched in the face the moment they left their house and then probably somebody did terrible things to them that what school they got picked on and here they are switching or a squirrel homeless is cool just like in the courtroom those my favorites or no zoom and watch it grow core to the book unlimited squirrel anyone to go to school and went to s'mores when you screw well the hotel we're at they had a request to the filled up a furry success mean a few of the other UFC staff I'm not I'm not lying filled eyes and and they got a request in the request was the furries asked if they could put a litter box in the lobby no way yes they want to pay for a litter box he brought into lobby like this whole convention is all us what can we do that my gosh like what the fuck he's talking about fit my idea for cats they tried to get a litter box and put it in the front lobby like the west and in Pittsburgh to makes 0 apparently I mean it could all just been just we get a bit alike call modern man well the death and we're asking for food to be delivered in bowls on the ground whatever the order they want to put a bowl of dog food bowl and eat on the ground right do several different rooms that requesting this that I can see though of figuring goal that distance a few that are taking a shit my fuckin lobby right you are no dog ask you don't know until you ask that is all of us it's all us here just all us we're monks friends well payment each task was just ask it is so crazy it's probably asked him I mean I get applicable does have a little box in your room in the lobby yeah come on man I bet a lot of Madame in the room yeah I'm going up that fucking flight of stairs a duffel bag filled with litter is there is part of the store sport when I come into bodybuilding it's not like I invented steroids of authority that you know my first Mr knickers in 1965 Larry Scott was the Mister Olympia 965 and he said he was using steroids and that was on in 65 so when did this start being used I don't know but for sure in the early sixties in 65 that steroids when did they invent steroids ... believe well you had testosterone I mean testosterone was used in the second World War the the Germans are using that with ... SS soldiers ... so injectable testosterone was available then steroids which are more refined version of testosterone ... I think late fifties how is it more refined what way so you got testosterone is a male hormone so especially 50 percent androgenic that smile like characteristics 50 percent anabolic repair bill so they want to take this they wanted this part the anabolic and minimize the androgenic because that's what give your side effects prostate growth and all that stuff so they try they refined it so that those effects are minimized and more valuable effect that was the idea and as a guy called John St Laura thank ... and because they found out the Eastern Bloc they had their own have their own stuff call to rentable so ... Siegler invented Donna bowl and I don't know don't quote me if I could be wrong but I think was about 58 or something like that he developed that for US weightlifting team 1950 I think was 50 idea but before that had testosterone so who knows what ... when people started using a book for show from the early sixties it's been a part of bodybuilding and then other sports and the use of a disclaimer inside the steroid thing sane anabolic steroids do not increase athletic performance that's hilarious right so they stated this I'm also told guys if you take this you fuckin balls are going to drop off the American diet gonna get liver cancer so guy started using them and say that's all bullshit right so then they don't listen to anything these medical guys got a psycho 0 lines for us then right so you're going to launch a solo time not necessarily so we have a question to have chances of side effects but you could say it's been greatly exaggerated and certain that's the problem was a propaganda deception right ethic see just however the fucking truth man on that them deal with it and ... that's what I do ... because us all the stuff on the internet about what I'm suppose they're doing and I thought young guys are gonna read this and maybe they can do it so I did an article in magazine muscular development I said here this is what I did this is what I did and also there's a lot of different contest and there's a my opinions and you're not my honest opinion is like I don't think it's worth it unless you you know you're competing us on but ultimately it's up to you let me give information what you do is up to you and I don't know if 70 percent of the people like this bullshit in writing you must talk much more than this but I'm taking this item taken more than this I don't like him well tough shit man enough we're happy with I always tell kids who want to be in this business to please wait like even when my kids are just wait wait to you like what you can understand what I was able to be grown and and have some grown shit happen to me in just regular life should happen so that when this happened I still have a point of reference to give back to because you know like I know you've interviewed everybody this business of fiction in such a way where you see one person one day I will say the comedians name but I'm I'm a comedian back in the day did like half of an HBO whatever and then the next week I saw me at 12 bodyguards and they will push me back but let me go mingle right now just go crazy go crazy go crazy go crazy clothes and I see how much how I won't say the names would have been a couple guys I never get this one to hit and I wanted to try to say something to limit and for some reason he had a white suit on we know enough club looking white suit on in these big chaise know what to talk to on any set not right now man I'm rich he said that I thought everybody who's let me be rich and famous right now I wanna hear your but those benefits and some with me you think you could get away you know that our is near the scene I had to select okay but that's you know that's what happened when you got to be careful that tide goes in and he goes out and people come up and they remember you they remember and remember when you fuck with them and we've seen and we've seen him we've seen a but but being a comedian we get we get a chance to sit in a different scene because we sort out who are our jobs or or are observational it units and we still have our own demons but this is just different we also get humbled lock as a comedian yeah you gotta get those jokes you're performing in front of a live audience is all live is gonna work it doesn't work she had him go back to drawing board it is gotta says yeah actors don't get a lot of that this one the reasons why the kind of shaky yeah more shaky it right don't get a lot of like that testing it live in front of people that you Miller only comes at that you don't in in in this in this tough house talking to act another actor it's tough to see I'm a comic who became an actor sun cheating yeah and don't do this and I'm told I'm I'm gonna be a Saint Louis tomorrow you know aggression jokes I can you know I got egg argument thing off but just actors it's tough when you figure out a way to bounce 3 careers saying to me you could do anything you're you're weird guy and that way you got a lot of weird talent yourself is talking about Justin Bieber and yeah Chris Brown you got soon weird ability to shift to it's I it is not only here but I've been fortunate in the fact that now things have opened up like you know back in the day like you could only do one thing and one thing I will never get Keenan ivory Wayans Tony say you know what's what to sing and shit you you want a month but I can see you tried the saying is they all either tried using a program can you see them Lomu's real incumbent will join me stop you to find me in the faith ha ha ha no money at the one thing in the youth violence love that so I let my cut me down everything //
"2017-07-27 22:14:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #990 - Jamie Foxx
\\it's somethin gotta find some though right fun struggle I am port have a struggle god has certainly got a helpless because complain I've already I'm sure it will go ahead and invade there's a little bit of that was gonna metallurgy you had a turn to have fun over there which one is a damn check check check check check out here there are he's in my ears will live puts a lot of their you know what you it's great that we look at each other we well do I know it is crazy little Indian brace unless we did and no one to lean in to you yeah it's been a long time hand man was so now where to go now I don't know just try to stay alive keep movin no you doing it yeah I mean who as you go what one day who's as usual not where they stand who you've called out the money I called out among the flag how you know this is you know I just gotta get it today we get into crates that'll give the play was really a terrible it was crazy when I moved to Austin like it was like it was like gunslingers what happened with that now than you called America well that was a a bad situation we have a he was stealing everybodys gem offering up the wrong shit now now so can only go so far does get and I to be nice about it you know I'm no no no you know that's going around in a union talk but he let Jamie Foxx did you talk about whatever the fuck you want because you do terrain loses talking off off of of might about how well how would we would have been in jail yeah had there been social media that means come tomorrow we have life love double let let me look at you my student you had to kill because what we're talking about everybody that like came up in the sixties the seventies they hear the nineties everyone before social media the wild lives they lead you can't do that anymore can do and what it what this comes as you came for fall you just you know tune it was talking about like you know Chris Brown out see Chris Brown who come to my house and he'll he'll he'll just sit there and thought what the fuck you know doesn't listen just too talented for for one cats like him and Justin Bieber who've been who've been blessed with extra they look good they can fight they their athletic and they saying that dancer to dance out and first time I met Chris Brown is crazy I'm doing a party in Miami when this mean Colin Farrell a Merton's you know anywhere who was still in it is years back not to 2005 me I think it to death and ... so I'm hosting a party you in Miami the crowd going crazy with in the down like that in the VIP is some kids dancing might look at that and Daniel all this it is a lot more DJ Gary goes Joe Madison new kid Chris Brown you he about to be the next one as if he thinking Dan because you know I'm not that I don't like much heroes in this young woman who had not come down and fuck him up LifeLock okay so go down there and now you know it's sort of my time is a rise following me about to go battle whoever this kid is saucy yeah bro you think you can dance on a day like some kind of bullshit how a lot of money this is to me were all you were all jammed together right he doesn't do a movie no leaders he does a back flip but the way he did the back flip any 6 to he's standing in the middle of the crowd he jumped over the crowd did the back flip up here and came straight down the civil Sir a similar program in the beautiful I don't know what my goodness some Avengers shit up up up and others who I said dad do when he get all and then you know he gets on the dense social media catches on death and then it is just hard it's hard it's hard it's hard to live hello when you live when you socially not telling all time you have to say social media sort of makes you color inside the lines yeah or try to I try to yeah or or like this it makes you took your artistry and sometimes little that doesn't make them talk you crazy and took increasing techie artist you might I don't know what I mean wasn't you know I'm in I'm good I said I'm a fuckin I was just catch on the myspace and shit chips shifted so might my daughter sent me a picture of Riana right going to the met ball and by the time I got to pitch you would ever have been the picture was Riana and and in his yellow dress and I I have Madonna so love the dress is Amazin I don't understand the pizza it's in it but make you know maybe that's a you know she's given not to Italy or maybe she had to dress for I'm she's I know there's a mean as a way yes it means assuming she said no there's actually not a pizza in the dress somebody crafted or fixed up there we made it look like it's pizza yeah because it ... causes trailing behind and so me I think you know what the fuck is I mean this is not that because it's so this girl worked hall whole fuckin night to get this dress to go to the met ball which is you're supposed to be you know out the blacks there's somebody puts a piece on a mess all you see is a pizza I so how do you compete with that how how can you be Michael Jordan and kids run up to use it yet a crappy thing ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah I mean it's not a crime in the memory of the like the best thing on the internet is one of the best things about the universe is pure being able to make funny it's the best thing boy what's this though losses sticks that's not saying what I think I want all stick to deal with me Michael Jordan to somebody under the age 18 he'd cry baby face let me give you credit long though so true yeah yeah man it's so it's them well we're talking about John Jones yeah how Jon Jones fight this weekend John Jones is a wild mother fucker and that's why he's the greatest light heavyweight of all time does he so what part of what you have is you have to have it which I'm not going to be Mike Tyson Mike Tyson back in the day you couldn't that's why when people say like why does my tears the first or he's a fighter he's not a tennis player bull might was awhile boy in to hang out with him you could understand like he was the biggest purse on the planet it had demons Yaza embodies fun to look at it because you seem in a club he sees he sees some girls in there I how you doing you love them W. who goes there what do you like you like BMW leconte like BMWs and crazy he'd take the girls out and go get a BMW and he was that crazy your son just income out college look the beer and we open up the BMW dealership but he was wild but I say just like how you said enough for you you can't have that type of talent in that area and not have the subject Jon Jon Jones can't you you can't you can't drink milk and and almost kills on my the only thing you can only do that homogenize about to get no you can't yeah there's gotta be something about you that's out of control and impulsive wild dangerous and that's what makes him so great everybody even talk about it with the people on the wall you look it Hendrix look at Elvis they have to have something because this guy fucking yeah guys going to give you something incredible but he's also and give you something to anchor that because I believe this what I believe in and you tell me if you please I believe in the yen and the Yang of everything meaning like when there's absolute light there has to be absolute darkness to balance it out and that's with everything that we do it's sort of like we're not gonna get away with anything like anything that happens to you in life states you have to pay for it like I was is like a grocery store okay got career got paid for that okay I got the money pull ahead on paper then here come the family boot yeah I need the money yeah you you you fuck when I'm gone I'm gone I'm I'm a realist release the story about source all these different things and you gotta pay for and that's why you see these guys like that because you know like I said talking to Justin Bieber you know everything I said some of this shit is suppose to happen to you impasto he can't otherwise the think the success that could tell at 20 years old it's impossible I was just reading some shit about him cancel his tour yeah because you said too much work me just going crazy I guess but he's made $93000000 this year here like what Jesus Christ talking 28 yeah if us we might share well you know I it's one I will take the 90000000 goes to 1000000 but we can't be in his mind and we can see how it is he grew up that way grew up there we never had a normal life you don't expect I got out at like I always til kids who want to be in this business to please wait like even though my kids are just wait wait to you like what you can understand what I was able to be grown and and have some grown shit happen to me and just regular life should happen so that when this happened I still have a point of reference to give back to because you know like I know you've interviewed everybody this business of fiction in such a way where you see one person one day I will say the comedians name but I'm I'm a comedian back in the day did like half of an HBO whatever and then the next week I saw me at 12 bodyguards and they were pushing me back but let me go mingle right now just go crazy go crazy go crazy go crazy clothes and that's the ultimate out I won't say the names would have been a couple guys I never get does one do hit and I want to try to say something to limit and for some reason he had a white suit on and we know enough club looking white syndrome in these big chaise know what to talk to on any set not right now man I'm rich he sat up up up up I thought everybody let me be rich and famous right now I wanna hear your without its infamous me you think you could get away you know that our is near the scene I had to select okay but that's you know that's what happened when you got to be careful that tide goes in and he goes out and people come up and they remember you they remember and they met when you fuck with them and we've seen and we've seen him we've seen it but but being a comedian we get we get a chance to sit in a different seat because we sort out who are our jobs or or are observational it units and we still have our own demons but this this is different we also get humbled lock as a comedian yeah you gotta get those jokes you're performing in front of a live audience is all live is gonna work it doesn't work she had to go back to trying bush it is gotta says yeah actors don't get a lot of that this one the reasons why the kai Sheik yeah more shaky yeah right don't get a lot of like that testing it live in front of people that you really only comes at that you don't in in in this in this tough house talking to act another actor it's tough to see I'm a comic who became an actor some cheating yeah I'm gonna do this and I'm told I'm I'm I'm a be a Saint Louis tomorrow you know aggression jokes I can you know I got egg argument thing off but just activities it it's tough when you figure out a way to bounce 3 careers saying to me you could do anything yeah you're weird guy and that way you got a lot of weird count yourself is talking about Justin Bieber and yeah Chris Brown you got soon weird ability to shift to it's I it is not only here but I've been fortunate in the fact that now things have opened up like you know back in the day like you could only do one thing and one thing I will never get Keenan ivory Wayans Tony sago Westwood to sing and shit you you want a month but I can see you try the saying is he all either tried using a program can you see them Lomu's real improvement will join me stop you to find me in the faith ha ha ha no one else the one thing in the youth violence love that so I love my cut me down everything you don't so I was doing of course the stand up you know doing the one the shit and then it wasn't until literally ... I was drawing these parties in my career and I would always stop parties like musical guys you know subtle part of it off puff comes in in Dave price like 2000 club is there it is all about him and I never get he got mad at me a little bit because I would follow him and I'll I'll actually follow him would it would it would a camera because it at the time at that time poses the biggest guy in the world you know you can get in this part so the well again is part of Russia would camp like you put in the document document to see how much I know what label as a Yemeni get their main by the Guinness tonight and it was a back in the day with the you know with the camera phone I had a big fucking cannon that you could only showed in the light and she hasn't been to change the battery when we get all this shit right so at 1.I told him we were actually in Philly and he was throwing a party easy a playboy sport is 1000000.5 to massive like to to where we he said it could cost 1000000.$5 a produce participle of omigod I loved parties amazing yes the mayor is in every possible test too much what as you come to my place in Ellen out though you party for 400 books that will rival is part and he got a little mad because you know if he was like no no I'm No food issue don't fret us and I'm not I respect you a super Ellie as not to get around so I guess the LA and that he calls in early one you'll play but make the shit happens etcetera so cool are going on the phones about 12:00 in my small house and Tarzan in in god bless my neighbors that live them I'm no longer day and only want me to get I was too much but the parties fevered pitch and I invited the right people you know the right girls were beautiful but not too tight not to you know just everything was great the guys when no hate is a unit of LA could you know make for a fun yeah girls no one in that it was the right guys any shows up and when he shows up he got this to go on that TV's oldest a girl in the movie as your friends it's like we'll hang out here so it's like you know soccer and Mister kirke I see a possible look at the party as a little bit on the table I got Kentucky fried chicken but I put in a nice place I got coca Cola but is just in a pitcher I see we're at 280 books right now and count I won't go forward and he had the most incredible time right but at that party was all musical people and I I did it for a reason at that party Missy Elliott of course she had her room advise going crazy Missy Elliott I'm going to my garage in this 2 guys a little guy like this in a tall guy the little guy ghosts you'll be it was like this all the time we as a hero who use it up with enough to the money was for us in her you just how long go to school wine Sousa Kickin ass is going have we have a greater but it was another guy Stonewall green jacket like green blue jumpsuit nobody's talked soon guess who were who I know I know as it was summit Paris Jones great party so suppose he's the real no one knows but and now the way I got into the music however is that all these different parties going on and I would have liked different musical people leave me music in my little studio that I built I went and got just great studio built in the back of my house and so one day incomes this kid backpack on jaws busted who is it ... Kanya all his jaws bus of white car accident right Kanyon walks and I said who's that isn't what I said new Montfaucon yea many but be sure that what he do what he produces buddy also wrestle anybody come to my house they got a buffoon so I see ya many so you know you rapidly he wrapped the most incredible for out of his freeze it wasn't cries out in the why you aren't famous he did it with a broken jaw had liberal lose jobs a little swirl nothing was broken but a little swollen because it wasn't too long after that accident that he had ran in any goes ... our art I got a son guy dat you'll you'll be got on ... at the I got a song I know you could kill and let me sorrow goofy face after from a little goes a yeah so she could cope so we go in a bat once that's got studio debate so leasing is if the song's gonna go she says she wants a Marvin Gaye some Luther Vandross sauce I got it she's so she won't tomorrow being juror who you like what you know I so I gotta put an arm be on it you know cinema real singing saying he said I don't do it I but I don't know jazz just sing the song because it's hip hop and I said okay cool subgrade only sung the song I'm thinkin songs whack he's not gonna make it so I went off I did a bad movie I come back about 6 weeks 8 weeks later that song is number one my boy goes I you know so you say it was shit is number one in the country and and that's how I got into the music so long story longer is like year you can do all of the things and there's a lot of actors and actresses that can you just need those opportunities just like in life when your when your opportunity comes if you prepare for it now you could jump into it and then grab it and you know what I was told was by my guy Brianna who does all my music he found slow jams he found ... golden he found blame it on the alcohol he says you gotta stop singing funny shit in single real record unless you sing the real record and Massey's you sing in it now you got a better go so now after all those years the people that grew up with me Dwight doing stand up or watch a cotton date it they're older in any young folks is right you can hear me just like how you know the guys now going to my to do so so as I get older you hope that you're blessed with opportunities and you know the old saying but to sort of reinvent or re introduce yourself to people who may not know your what's also guys like you have other interests you have more than one interest you don't just want to be funny yeah does a lot going on in there is this a lot you know but like like we all are like comedians we got a Lotta shit that we want to get out and like I said being a comedian we had we we use the heck is getting is getting crazier it's getting tough on us as far as you know everything we say you know they wanna come killed right I mean I did I did one I did Jimmy Fallon once seating the Jimmy Fallon in every organization wanna get me would you say I was doing a joke ... of sing in ... using these funny songs about who let the dogs out so we took who let the dogs out and put it in like a ... but got like a vaudeville show tune pool that the dogs at whatever was right but beginning of that I I sorta and live like I was watching these dogs and they were coming towards me and I was wondering you know who let them out and there was a pit bull there and you know you have to be careful because pit bulls can be cantankerous you know and I go to the sun the pit bull community was like Jamie Foxx says people shouldn't I couldn't pull Shambo purple and then there was another thing where Jimmy Fallon was doing ... it was doing some type of VOA he was saying what was going to be on the next show and I was doing a bad version of signing which I actually know how to sign buzz gonna Beverly know sign language and the Senate will talk more about it later you know all those types of different date but as I was doing it as joke I didn't know that the person he was talking about happen to be deaf ... now my god insulin you know sos's all these things and I try to tell people I say listen we never mean anything bad we poke fun to win that we don't mean a thing that you can just you know we can't you can't kill as I am because I gotta keep doing what I do you know so it's it's getting tougher well it's just we're talking about about social media about ... people commenting on things that you can't read the comments just too many people here and people are always looking for something to be recreationally out raged out here in the comments get that adds to the pound coming to hit you right where you are also time for this right look that's good too though little bit them in the right when they're actually right like someone's a some ridiculous about you and if you know it's ridiculous it doesn't mean anything yeah but if it's got a hint of truth like Melissa my system at your teeth you can look in the mirror house to him that I have to I don't fuck elected I go but I got somebody hit me with the donkey the deal struck in docking outside of Carter yeah you know who carried so you know but I tell people time don't read the communist does the book don't yeah Thomas because it will make you start to change the way you do things if I read all the comments on the bottom of the joke yeah if I read all the comments and then we'll try another you know to I got a movie that was just ... shot for a little enough in call Austro weekend in it the jokes are like all the way out there you know and it and it's I got everybody in it you know they were all taken we all play different characters like I play a white racist white racist cop I and how do you do that Oshkosh duty I grab everything Solti but it's a date of Robert dungeon place in Mexico ... Gerard Butler plays a Russian who loves gymnastics ... Benicio del Toro plays this crazy Ted to ours and we're all you know we're all doing our thing so it's like if you read the comments that'll make you took that into this some brilliant in its where it is it's a cool little thing to which is called are also we can for reasons about 2 guys one guy list of curry the other guy lives lebron James and all the trying to do is get all star game Minnesota like this whole journey of run in all these people so is dull but is some things where is liable you know you could see Islamism some shit on both Robert Downey junior just from tropic thunder think about that you could never do that anymore you can a black face anymore you know what I will say this people have to understand where it comes from there are real people that did a really mean you harm like outside of us I mean there's some real people who really don't fucking like whatever your with the black you why you straight gay whatever it is that some people who really don't like with entertainment and it's easy were easy targets were easy it's easy for you to jump on Robert Downey junior identifies with Joe because it's easy you know when it's real things which you know whether it's politics with where the a lot of times we we sorta we're not ready for that fight but it's easy to sort of pick the comedian I call Robert S. listen I I need you to play Mexican he says do that here's the deal sure why not fuck it sure of course or Mexican whatever but any text back and said I'm nervous play the Mexican NASA will shit you played a black do you killed as shit which is all you know we gotta be a new character kind of blowback do you get from playing the black dude 9 because we fuss with him for the wire too though it was like what what years tropic thunder I feel like I was like 10 years ago is wow but but but here's the thing we fought with Robert Downey junior like this are guy but like I did his birthday party in my first job was how dare you take all of these roles from black people you know I only have eyes let them have it so it's sort of like to entertain is man wished we you gotta give us room you know Sam liked of to play and I'll show you when I when I got to take that room yet take it you can't worry about so Chapelle somewhere was like no other western about his jokes news I yell and let you know people to sit where she did nothing says I'm about Donald trump's and grandma pussy or some shit whatever but it was choose like the one thing O. did you look at what happened with politics this year people sort of stripped away a lot of it you know send regards to what you believed in ... who whatever person you voted for who's a lot of things that were sort of dressed about like maybe we're playing things a little too close but some of those politicians were afraid to say what Donald Trump was soon and they ended up being left in the dust because people little I won't where he's he's got a point in the system will plain things a little too close so ... when you look at that as the comedians I wow you know that was and that was good for me and that was good for me in a certain way of first because it's great jokes 2 is like it does say are we becoming too fragile when it comes to our race like black folk like I say yes some people races and some people perception know what that means now the perception names okay the perception in America was the white man Donald Trump can be president the one that can do it perception does it mean that if you vote for Robb Donald Trump that your races I don't think everybody because it was a big thing sometimes this perception I'll I'll make I'll make it clear okay I do a joke if an all black people and I said black people are very interesting people because we deal with racism and perception isn't I see because we're very nervous flyers right we don't like to get home planes first thing we do when we get on the plane we see who's flat it's more fun we look in the cockpit if we look and see a black guy we will stop into a how long you go flying back a well you got your house which is and that was the perception and the little woman sit next to him ... shit we good could be a bright sunny day so how's the weather we good and then they just sit in my seat anytime you hit a bump my brother was straight same situation you going in the cockpit you see a white guy with this song pepper hair in those aviators in its form here like this gonna storm an asset shit fly the ship to her case so if the perception that we have to talk about Santa does that make sense our Devlin make sense yeah you know this deftly that you don't like though the Donald Trump things funny no that it said it best Alonzo Boden you know lots of guys funny comedian here he said he goes not all Donald Trump supporters are racist but all racists are Donald Trump support staff that yeah yeah yeah yeah that he deftly awaken etcetera but I know what I mean the way the but I will but I will say it is like I said the perception gets a saw to yeah you know because I might my daughter it was interesting my oldest you know my oldest daughter like when when ... when the election happened and when you know the results came in got up so I could take a lesson well what you were going to go to somebody although not all of those but you know I still will you know you gotta get out there because their perception was she had in the bad right you know since we got to get out there and do you know whatever that yeah whatever that is indeed this weird times for everybody now because I think social media allowing people to express themselves yeah everybody's express themselves and platform and forming groups you know they're just like you know they're progressive or they're they're Littler liberal or their conservative in this everybody has a voice is everybody has a voice is so much voices I'll say this maybe you can appreciate this because we've we've lived with living in 2 wars we lived when I was in here and live yeah its its discretion social media allows you not to have discretion you're able to gohan and type whatever you want to say and that usually that's what we pay attention to discretion is this was in the dinner table and go I said something that you did like but the discretion was I'll address that later right so now that you don't have any discretion anybody's voice can be heard not everybody had he said not everybody has point that we should hook all of our wagons to write what I notice is that we will hook our wagons to the most extreme point and that may be only 20000 people like when my home is in his email you with the same man was also a salmon views to get 80000 Jews asses 8000000 people in Philly allow why you just listen to those 80000 people so you sort of have to put balance in the way you so to sift through it is that we think that does make sense yeah what to wear try to put out to people if you run into a room and is 100 people that room what are the odds that one person is a fucking idiot 0 percent right it one person animals almost every room Iran group of 100 people in Italy and I'm being very very polite person that means probably if you probably feel but let's go with 11 out of 100 so that means there's 3000000 fucking idiots in this country we're just right idiots right non fixable idiots here air so if you can and re-attempt right because you in the back in a day of Madonna dangers both right about come out naked you know does dance integrated like it's all good yeah so what I hope will not always say just don't took the art don't hug ardent with food for the comments because will end up not having anything I haven't anything to celebrate that these that is good like having some sober somebody did a song that was don't one movie that was doble got outside the box as opposed to what we love celebrating which is the crazy shit Miami yeah well especially for comics day if it's the ex is one per even do a crazy movie has a lot of people involved in it if you're onstage you say something fucked up it's just you yeah well I I'm I'm going back out so is is about to happen and be passionate hold much give basket good yeah I'm going back out and I you know like how much time did you take off I'm never actually taken off because I still do give a guy got a gig tomorrow Saint Louis you know private gay whatever but but is just you know I kinda like as a comedian you gotta live like I I just can't jump out there and start talking or writing jokes like I've lived do some crazy shit so I gotta go out there and talk about that you know had I not at home because the one thing I hate is the one thing this tough for comedian is to become successful because we talk from a shit is fucked up pointed view and I gotta have a little anger and I have a little poke fun in the public come that was if I become what I poke fun at then I can get it off that's why my house people come to my house my duties as an is that why is this room not there's nothing in it I said I don't want to complete the house because it gives me a sense of like I'm still trying to get on like I don't want I don't put like all the pitches nothing is like perfect among create there's a curtain right now it is torn open in my bedroom which I think was going I didn't Churchill's going and I just I just gotta leave it like that I keep my house a little so that we totally fucked up a dysfunctional mansion I talk about the house dysfunctional mansion where there's always somebody at like like the other night does Aldo back into my house of battle dance and Chris Brown yeah I like who does that humans and I just just crazy shit happened at my house all the time so I could I have something to link my you know hitch my comedic wagon to so you you you create chaos on purpose in a little bit of I just leave it slike answer and I I don't I don't remove myself from I don't remove I don't get behind the gates behind the guesses worship behind the gates behind the gates when you get behind the gates when you reach a certain point you behind the gate you can't really see I'm out but I'll be out with people ahead of people but I had a of a B. tea party right 3000 people in the house counted teases creek people at the gate you know trying to get in is and as I look through the party there's Floyd Mayweather all time Yahya was such a box was opened call target was part of the big you know that god if I come to you know so there's Florida sped Joe this little Kim is on stage performing and then I look around and I see some of the home is like the real guys that will suffice I was nice party right here because without it my ... sit so it's all of these mixes of people that can still touch hang out with people from up from my ... community of her name is onka she's like the unofficial mayor in our niceties ... little white lady from Germany and she's on the dance will dance with snow all I do is let this nuclear assault but in the winter I don't know it is crazy sauce so to keep it that way so I can stay loose so when I go out I got I got shit that I could talk about from the hood to the way so you still you still manage to stay a regular person got too but how that that's a heart that person was achieved as much success as you have done is not as easy balancing act stay normal because you must get overwhelmed by requests and people just wanting your time and wanted a hits hits themselves to you win but you gotta look I think what helps me is to some of the failures like doing a couple of movies that don't aunt who lives that my mailing anthrax you know who I am going to TSA they'll speak to you yeah movies out there come other they only make eye contact with him argue the author to have a movie set so or you just get that he is a good data files would you doing baby what was that she did lash it out I had was arsenal fasted many ... us you know so it's like you appreciate those right but which keeps you regular keeps you humble and the and you just gotta sort of look at other people and see how people in our business when they do get behind the gates you know you sink comics that get that 0 mouse there and don't only funding them yeah it was really funny noises so you came only 16 you know they all fall into the sexy on now mostly funny keep the TV movie keep my head looking goofy Hale at whatever it is because that's what I draw form when I go out because people can sense it don't you think Aulia the I think stand up is kind of in some ways it's a like a mind meld are massive gnosis like you're connecting with the audience if there's anything false about what you think you know what you're saying and some of them at least can feel it yeah sometimes all of them but some of them can feel it it'll fuck with the energy of the room but if you're in the groove you're really being yourself that's what we see Dave onstage one things about Chapelle is that he's always himself and he can just be himself so you relax as an audience member and slide right into his mind any graphics you on a journey because he's himself he's not he's not he's not disconnected by fame and celebrity in that way he was genius how he passed up all that money yeah just went to Africa yeah just settled in and then came back then didn't do any scheduled gigs for years he would show up with the speaker and set up a speaker in a park in like Seattle just gather a crowd around start doing standup humid suggests one St is like how do you find it I figured it out you know how he did it will I agree with that because like I said if you says can sometimes be our our coffin especially when you like so when you're when you're coming even all me down to the way I handle like myco like social media's interest in getting in on me just sort of brand new on it and what people view like I was a Minnesota off off off off so do I was just talking about how people view you I went to the gas station and I put on the sheet and not to the pitcher and let those who have had needs sums pick up some you know 14 I wish it would have now put it on after the picture window in my Instagram blew up like shit loses a read accounts and mainly to shave a little affair domino's Gucci's yeah I'm a little bored auto dial any let me get as far as I how is just gestation chase but everybody thought they was you know some else knowing now what it I don't want them to think that I want them to think about spent 2000 levels because as we always lose a hearty Jay's anyway right so I actually hit my boy Dabo Anna Dejan things to listen I want to do I glass no I will hold you and you you go the us none I want to do and I glanced it costs less than $30 I see but what we're gonna do is we're going to go through each frame and make sure each frame is tight like a dope like amazing because I told them the story about being at the gas station and they will out while I think that's a good idea so we ended up doing this whole line with wall to 0 frames and we did this line skirt it's a scholar of pre they revolt right and everybody thought that it was something else 30 Bucks third Josh and now even J. lo Bella Thorne all these other people all wearing the chaise because what we notice when we did do that people embrace it a little more because we did a commercial that was that we almost made him stay where we get clothes on and we tell people how much the clothes cost in people got turned off because the jeans were like $400 Jack was too that the right word for and I know what we were trying to say was although these clothes crosses our glasses own cost 30 Bucks so debt story in itself I take that and run with it and say like I'm not the guy buying the high in you know right Stuf I wanna keep it sort of Pune regular no sent via the Mason but it does yeah I know really rich to jazz a pickup truck he's rich as fuck need just like to drive around the shield Toyota pickup truck he likes it and why do that kizi one still normal feel Norman Saito grimy you'll feel normal if does wash hands sometimes get dirt under his fingernails pretends a farmer in about a whole world its people are weird yeah that men don't so but we have to balance both because that because because you know you know been being you know being been urban I gotta step out they shine sometime to I'm a boy has you know you know we we we we get out there we show a little bit of the success you know I'm saying just let people know we still do and I think I love the expression be in urban America among other things rapid headed to become urban when here was that I'm actually looking like I'm yeah I'm black I I took your time I'm in I. C. C. H. Nick if I lose if I lose being that if I lose me in and then I I gotta have that you know Xander yeah although only yeah I got it yeah not get it you don't have everything is a good one now it's fun to write is fun too but I gotta I gotta have that part I gotta have always had that sort of like a king Lee can leave where I came from rise that's that's what they try to snatch from if what we did we did the television show a crisp answer in a buddy Lewis wrote this will just incredible script call white famous and white famous was about a comedian whose you know trying to become mainstream without losing his you know is black audience which is all these articles we go through that around you know because the minute you start doing the you know the so soft movies in Belgrade sub male cousin mama for well yeah okay kick us and you know I think the problem was shining is what defines you yeah problem when you when you just everything is flat like Floyd Mayweather in a way it's part of his persona it's part of why people root against him like a boy is a genius Simeon my printing not just a genius boxing is the greatest defensive boxer in my opinion of all time but also a genius in that he figured out a way where he has a style that's not appealing to allow people here but what is appealing as people want to see him get his ass here and never fucking house in this and then you know Floyd's the home floor comes by the house man and I don't want to put everything out there that he does he's super super competitive that's what's amazing but he also understands that Yohji fox on sin was gonna you alternate that date did woman fought a fox because we can be competitive us out in our town easy work light work so he was sitting at my crib and speak for like hours about the business up trying to turn these boxes mines on my you'll get your money you know saying don't you know get your money gets a business guitar and then he talks about what you see he says I know the reason that I fight Oscar de la Hoya on Cinco de Mayo is because they want to see that he he owned he he he carved out a niche of being the the the the charismatic building that makes it yeah any wasn't in the beginning he was and what he did many who was pretty boy Floyd Mayweather and then became money Mayweather yeah but had he stayed pretty boy who who the fuck knows running he might've been like sugar Shane Moseley or something you know but not really because she had lost to a few guys like what Floyd did better than anybody is not get it yeah yeah if he's been hit like 6 times right right right really hard like 6 times you never see him and said you do here zab Judah to but his defining fight was the moralis fight when he fought Morales goblin was amazing and that E. E. also said that that hit the sugar Shane hidden here today said I hit one should shame Tustin he said I really as she says should means that what you're talking about killing jukebox I don't kill me it's S. as why didn't you see the end of it you sit in and around and around a determined but he's he's got rocked enough I does one the few moments we really a clock cleaned by world class fighter in a go kart clean twice so it'll be interesting his next fight coming up well Connor's not that level a boxer you know someone I forget who was it said it I think it might have been ... his day okay yeah but it but not now about someone saying that he's got to owes Pat militants saying that he has to almost sheet within the rules that I think he's got a like fight in the Clint she's got a like dirty box a misguided because I get hosing out a way to tie him up and manipulate them and move his body around yeah he's got to figure out a way to be good defensively too has got to hurt him does it all black high high risk high risk low yield possibilities are yeah really is ceasefire the web described it if you how would you expect the greatest figure skater in the world to do playing hockey against Wayne Gretzky hi yeah I it's not the same thing yeah but it's fucking excite a whole you know I've got no great way freak show ever Israelis freak show ever I'm I'm waiting for that fight more then canelo Alvarez verses gonna go out get even though that fight is a little initiative may live I live right yeah because it's gonna be some crazy shit some crazy shit goes crazy bull also does the mind fuck factor he's the o'connor's the only guy the Floyd's ever fought they can look at a mango if this was a real fight you'd be fucking dead owning knows and knows it everybody else Floyd's been able to fuck up your locks up all of them did you know like do you ever see the video with him and Robert Guerrero but before they fought day the day had this ... this thing where they were doing photoshoots miraculous stereos it's whose is whose Robert the ghost Guerrero is a fighter that Floyd fought maybe 45 fighters go right and he does worked for 12 rounds writer shit out there buddy standin right phantoms enjoying going to shit is a Jew easy work your easy work legal she goes he goes on to some extent because no 1 has to get value not gonna do shit doesn't get right close to each other you not gonna do shit you're he's you work and you can see the dude was just here 0 no like he knew it he knew the Floyd was right very well when Connor looks at him and goes if this is a real fight at fucking kill you what do you boxing Dan so real fight I'll kill you there he's a he's right he's right like it yeah Floyd could say also who will dismember may he said it a couple times next fight will do MMA he's not still eligible for good for whipping Floyd is some are yeah so we get a lot he's got him on his his is his play of bill so it's almost like you start to like I know but people start to go like is Floyd nervous I said I don't know but I tell you it is he's deadly around this guy to play through yeah in that fight is becoming bigger Albany Hager oh yeah bigger and bigger so it's like it's gonna be is going great and the one thing flow would always tell me though he said Jay fox he's the one thing we know ready for is the lights that's what you mean he said the lights when the lights on that bright and you look and you see all you see Denzil you see all these that's a different the different bankers who took time out on the field hadn't but he was on the head decision lights man he said as wanting of infighting G. 5 if I numbered license out this pants was only interested yeah it is gonna be Angela curries but Conor fights in the lights to we just never box anybody like that that's gonna be a totally alien thing when he gets into that Rainey's got shoes on they fill those big ass gloves on his hands and it looks on the other side he sees Floyd who's moving around here and get ready this guy is gonna be a Chicago right out is gonna be something in there is going to be everything scrubby plug in everything don't you think about it bowl I mean a goddess they got us some going that often I'm going early how you dress conferences were amazing I'm already booked I was booked in DC that night in advance I'd so arty sold out to not to shows that night I couldn't I couldn't cancel and you can't condone can come not gonna be there I'm gonna work either they want me to do something for a NMSU asking me do I gotta figure out a way to not see it until I did not know what happened is no way to watch it again you know I'm gonna have to figure out a way I hope the audience be nice not townnews pro you do people watching it on the phone while the show's going on now like I guarantee yelling of selling its not down in a minute yeah I'm here not from the audience it was it was it wasn't me I would have is great in great it's gonna be injured so listen so my yeah then I go from here I don't know where we would this would start where do we go from here keep moving keep moving new have jobs and join yourself you're hot and I I'm having I'm having a good time first super successful guy you seen completely balance adapting they're there are there are things that you just cannot get away from that you do know you high right behind it in and for the most part I dismiss my stuff moved off my whole family lives with me so I had to worry about in month my father and mom living all that's great yeah and I was adopted 7 months so in my mind and in my mind knew my biological mother you know are crafting our relationship now in the in the latter stages of her life so you know nest in but I do want but I don't want no bullshit outside of that you know where someone is is is is sitting somewhere watching me from a distance I no right there you know so mom comes in day in and they've been divorced for almost 30 years was great wisely we live in the same say under the same roof his whole area as a whole nother show wow in ... he's still dates you know they still get it in and I miss you float over to his side of the house to be written see to go Hey how you doing are you own hand yours this is who is this while you know Steve didn't matter I just want to get some of the refrigerator lonesome spoil stuff didn't does kind of intense and then you hear that a model in this month my my past earth could you tell another couple months and have seen unlike now parents you know so but it's certain things about it but you gotta figure out your happiness in the only way you figure out your happen is you got to try to see well for see what's going to be a problem so I get my family close to me so whatever problem we gotta work out work that shit out right here get my mom a lot in the in the in my sister's tomorrow and my dog is close to me so they see Daddy going to work like this still some worksheet is like now we just not on the red carpet leads red carpet every day you know I gotta get up I gotta go you know I gotta talk shit I got kids low as you are going to die up to a whole lot of shit in order to keep this thing going so you try to you know in life you try to see what try to force he was gonna is still going to be so sourced always gonna be someone this outlandish and ... but ... you you try to get a get a front that's an interesting way to handle it though to bring everybody close to bring your whole family house yeah and not everybody can do it you know because it you know it's like the you know beginning brought his only child I like having people where I can be by myself this always would throw parties like and I will kidnap people like my house at what you only live Chris Chris where just a make up room Florida's don't know you but because I just wanna people right now have my family you got to but not like this and not everybody can do it because it you know it is is is is is interest in my my father who has a great story my stepfather is a great story you know he was on drugs or or at I had a situation about Woodrow that were crack is it going to jail I rode in one letter so you get out you know I saved a life because I like writing letters to people in JI like going visit people in jail he gets out his around just before 911 and the mob stepfather was incredible in my life because he taught me how to play tennis so back in the seventies and in in the in the in the eighties he was like playing tennis a lot what kind of sing the black do play tennis his ego lance honestly so you're so people I Yanick Noah in telling the Stasi beyond board Vitas Gerulaitis old like heroes and Leslie Tony Atlee play tennis so many gets out gets out of jail and make sure everything's cool I've taken to the US open this whole area of men not parts Watson Venus one way is crime family it is this you know this would this is how we are live is what you this is what we need to do so watch as Venus fly in a couple days of after dead of 911 ... but you know he stay with me spes been with me since then you know it early on I would just go by check the drawers makes it is no para from there you know wrong she is smoky we cool right that it don't do no more in there and we've been cool since then you know in in in the save a lot of money rear young's ends on just write their hands on but ... sometimes he would just been surrounded by loved ones enough to keep them from doing anything stupid it can it can and it was but it was bumpy at first one going to because he wrote a book and talk about it is but the first because when he first got out a distant ship form got him this gun him down car whatever he relapses Khargone he's back he also was a couple of things that we had to work out but now know to see him now like you know you know like a you know we go to different Vance whatever like that he's his whole wall he old school he'll he'll do does did you know if you got to him speaking actual photos eagle eagle developed feeling a little film to we put them in the developed feel see Nick but fail any got a whole wall everybody these met you know all this he rolled and ... so it like I said you know I try to try to look ... try to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the fucked up shit what about like would you creative time when you have so many people live with you and did you get giver feel like boxed in not desk you know like I know that the best way to create as they have people around because I tried a joke out of the NATO non doing their job yazata tried his ideas see how they respond because of family don't you need a real going in has terrible yeah you make it clear yes and he always got it to mean having people around to tell you the truth you know why everybody my family you know it's in the truth of as soon as sleepless eyes to this they sleep and let us it really affect them yeah so it's like you know having that allows me to create and then I have my own little space where I go okay let me get this now let me they responded to that now let me put this together over here in a little space so you're like a little sanctuary I got a little that house studio that's there are set up well going into all that shit you know but it helps listen man I know you gotta get the fuck out here you only here for an hour right here with his finger dude listen you are you an amazing person and I'm I'm very I'm very honored to have you on here because the you're one of the very few people that I know that has this up what well rounded life but also is very balanced like you had amazing success in all these different things but here is normal and approachable as anybody I know I come to you you know I gotta be why you because you are a speaker of truth we've seen the German one but the one thing about your opinion is always gonna be truthful so you know as us come from a different time there's certain people that we want to have the real truth come from you rock pale all these guys so we came up so when we're doing our art only doing whatever we do yes always going to be those people that you know rock which but you want to get the people who have a really artistic real opinion does that make sense yeah none of it and if you hear them say Yakama fuck with it now okay I got it if J. R. says that's cool deny knowing his wife when he said it cost him over to tell you he'll tell you today should wet you know the enemy will be I you know since we got to be you know you gotta be on point with this because I know when I run into does that like you you want to have that favor does that make sense I know exactly San yeah you got hold yourself do you guys do you got people in your mind right now them when you're doing your thing that you know of everybody's yelling at all we love you but if that person say maybe this maybe that you call her yeah user you people are gonna be however sent real yeah yeah so there you go the bad motherfucker Jamie Foxx thank you by the U. attack I've been alright I'd say no they told me say pre very revolt yeah how do we get the how to get those awesome preview revolt you lose your clothes you never lose your glasses man this all them the 2995 minutes ago they go lays in Germany I the I //
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Joe Rogan Experience #989 - Dorian Yates
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"2017-07-26 01:13:57"
Joe Rogan Experience #988 - Nick Swardson
\\turn on the lava lamp P. knows how Kurt on everything is manning whose young Jamie 321 I live with Nick Swardson former drug dealer next Telstra's Taylor Pelister tale of lives of youth gone wild it's a tale of youth gone by other Jews Carlisle how many people it broke windows because they heard that song bleak female what I'll finally some did you do you go home and I hope I get a installs could be inspiring a bad way sometimes right yeah you do so shit only people carelessly whispered I know fucking careless do I mean people will people up for the go go yeah they were not ready the whole yeah you know when they were planning on going so low tide yeah I'm with most a lot of fucking people this year and you stop and think about George Michael prince who is the latest one do some say one Lincoln Park Jessamine Hastert's remaster that was a big one and horrible Chris Cornell both in the same way yeah //
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The Little Pill Moment - JRE Toon
\\dog I enrolled in a book about a month ago I found the back of my draw that this fucking me up Greg I was the second expired vicuna meticulous but I'd like it you will have paid through my mouth OKW root canals they give you well public's quiet vicuna my what what I think about the whole head of a committee decision why steerage I pop that but the flavor after was wash all we could turn just stronger than ever we might as well but I thought of that whole even on the bike took one hour case I had to pay the nose spray and I never wore those pants again I got a problem and I go on the pads in there they are watched him right before I went on stage and pop who gives a fuck don't even though as the more I've been through everything H1N1 well how strong was it all my god I pitched a half on stage and I blacked out first 30 minutes I could want to get back to the hotel room feet the other and it //
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Joe Rogan Experience #669 - Joey Diaz **Re-Upload**
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Best of the Week - July 9, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies and now the reason why that upsets me is because of its it grants people a false sense of as security and hope you know Islam is wonderful but we need to attack this separate thing called Islamism Welt from day 114 0 years ago Islam was Islamism now that doesn't mean that there isn't a spiritual element that doesn't mean that most Muslims just 1 of practices spiritual part but there is no set of doctrines and a separate book called radicalized Islamism it all comes from the same text that comes from the Koran that comes from the had these kind of comes from this //
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Joe Rogan Experience #986 - Maynard James Keenan
\\what's it called again with Jim called Verde valley Brazilian jujitsu severity valley BJJ and what what towns other old town cottonwood and Arizona so you essentially like ... invested in bill to jam out there so you have a place to train basically here that such a smart move yeah it's kind of what you have to do right yeah otherwise you have to drive hours deal somewhere and there's megatons down south is a bunch of places down there but they're just it's enough to our Dr ... there's also Ted Osborne house bridges just to has an academy there town when you decide like where you gonna live when you sigh we're gonna like decide to spend all your time like do you ever go what the fuck am I doing in the middle of nowhere in Arizona I'm maintaining peace of mind and I remind myself that right away so that's like essentials planned out in the sense yeah //
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Best of the Week - July 2, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies how did you get so how did you get the Alex Jones 1 to be 9119 when I had a planet out ahead of ahead of do I to fit some podcasts in I had to do like extra ones the week before just so I can get to number 911 with Alex Wright was yet it seems like a long see that's what I had him on earlier and I would have we had a money again for 911 but having won the first time for 911 exist day that's our biggest podcast by really far as I know I may be 5000000 downloads fuck yeah but here's the conspiracy raise that right my saying correctly what is the actual number is exit price 16 now then check the last 23 days but okay so so 16000000 die here's what's crazy arm it never charted on iTunes the iTunes charts magically went down while the Alex Jones podcasts is in the queue and they stayed down for over a week conspiracy theory and then when it came back up podcast that got way less down those that Alex's were written were rated much higher than his and they had happened before and after all I I do remember that his was the only part test that was left out of the ratings Lou like for sure whatever then I want podcast the country was the number one box as we did buy a mile and I had the number one podcast before site number one podcasts episode that was more than 5000000 downloads more than any other part has had before crazy so sure for sure probably would've been number one if it was a lot of download less they had like one of those serial episodes or something came up that week who as town I'm so they got and that's it's it's very likely that someone's trying to hold our children and that's a Stokes his fork in fact I don't understand Streisand effect it install fire of Alex Jones even making Kelly's fox now her shows going down the toilet is it like what happened in the aftermath she hears that here's the problem is a problem making Kelly was a fox news person she left fox news to go to NBC NBC is thought of as C. N. B. C. which is thought of as fake news by these right wing trump trump bands what which calm truck drivers jumpers so as soon as she goes over there generalist and then to the liberals she's fox news right so they're not interested in there either and then she does this podcast without Jones are this interview rather without Jones and the interview without Jones she says I'm not gonna paint you out as a monster I'm gonna give you for it she saying all these things as you go through a softball says well I want people to get to know you and he releases all that is like Hey this is that person and the ratings just keep automating right like but famous but not like Tom Cruise fairness right Tom Cruise like connected with that person I can't we did make it a better story if it were known who was noticeably like that like your level or lex ... or like a mark 2 plots are you known saying like and the arrow marked plazas well he's got your level no I I don't know you know is not to put the 2 plus some of those who have but is on of the depositors there that add their very made dead the show togetherness on HBO my point isn't about the tipoff brothers is that they were just like semi famous not like yeah yeah okay wanted Tom Cruise says it does crews out also yeah but what is she going to or do you want to get to the fire so you see you got invited to a Superbowl party at that's this person's house right limits of Tom Cruise come your house for the server is a Superbowl Superbowl parties I hope ... asking Tom Cruise in the system yes I I'm like honey said yes we do should write a melody Tom Cruise going I think they will be among the humans so the number that really shows up with a brand new like clearly fresh football but is a system like you know it's like tossing like a literal broken into football in the air right and they're all talking about marriage at some point the day that you know what the best part of being married is though right fucking your wife am I right just fuck your wife and everybody's like well I come home its role took the plot is sort of like a robot like an alien visiting yeah you must be amazing to hang out with I love to hang out with them fucking your wife right Newman I mean when you're that famous your work ethic it's like you just devote everything to that I think because like I have my my agents were like they know that it then agents who are Tom Cruise they don't they said Tom Cruise always gets back within an hour when we sent the script because I like keep a script for like 3 weeks in the by the time I read at the parts you cast or is that Tom Cruise will read a script an hour and get back to them either like it or not like it like he's just like on the ball here healing he's trying to win noon he's one it's an in human instinct because our human instinct is to just atrophy in a way I mean you have to kind of fight it but you need to be lazy and to procrastinate it's definitely to be lazy but it's not if you gonna be Tom Cruise really have to be on the ball is no other way to doesn't just does not times out that's not just what's going on knows there's some weird alien sort of behavior patterns that we don't recognize as being normal when he jumped up on Oprah's couch it's like I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love numbers like what the fuck is going on here person notes of a person who doesn't understand French but you're spitting reference to a French person you're saying all the right door open like what the fuck is wrong though the CIP it seems that every choice he makes outside of acting is based on what he's assuming normal human beings think is the normal behavior prize goes all love is when you jump on a couch ago I love herb which is informed by movies really write like that's more movie like writers like John Cusack it say anything like well that's what love looks like it's not you know or is telling a bunch of the fellas in order not sex talk with the fellas although I like to fuck my wife clock the friction of her vagina makes me just blue tile right guys the new back around like that or think about it I was remember when people were in those the holograms attached to a rubber band around their wrists and ... do every stupid fucking things do you member Jamie your member may somehow us Gwyneth Paltrow's got trouble for Saddam honor right well the sad Slotkin's bit Jim thing I've no offense square it's but I thought I might have a modest said some mean things about where some guy who's a been a couple of things about her late leader of fucking 90 website sheep takes is she supposed to wear like a rock inside your vagina because no one knows I think also I call them post Xerox yes he rocks our whole area song I guess would like strengthen you it's if you wanted to strengthen it just 2 cables around the deck that's my that's my method it doesn't work so many vocabulary of Iraq's good way to go Gwyneth Paltrow wants to heal you with magic stickers Christ perceives she needs getting paid they'll tell you that a lot dummies out there either sot numbing all the way to the US use ATM machines she is proof that bullshit sells way better than science I mean I do not have her hurt Souter and we demand could rebalance the energy frequency I don't know that hold on a second she's discovered something about stickers if you take the stickers and they're made with the right material you just stick them on your body in the right places and they in quotes rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies couldn't do nothing out of the NASA space suit material and NASA said it was a load of B. S. but hold on a second I don't think that NASA's right one of them was wearing a bunch of movies subsequent reason Iron Man and not a science it says Gwyneth Paltrow's goop website a lifestyle business lifestyle which sells all things werent advertise the stickers are using NASA space suit material which presumably was the source of their magic healing properties Jesus fucking Christ shoes special stickers are not made this is what NASA says they're not made of space suit material not the space new suit material has healing properties the first place it doesn't the quote from the former NASA scientist mark Scholl shall ham shall show Hummer Schiller shallower sums it up ... hills wow what a load of B. S. this's or that yeah okay shoes obviously own group quickly updated site now doesn't claim anything about NASA space suits and stickers but didn't dial back in in the magical healing claims his recoup says now in an article called wearable stickers that promote healing in parentheses who really he'll Faulk human bodies operate and I do you energetic frequency but everyday stress is an anxiety you give me stress you betcha throw off our internal balance depleting our energy reserves in weakening your immune system fuck imagine thinking that you could put a sticker on units can heal you body vibe stickers only got the call body bags coming pre pro they come pre programmed all fucked their programming her roommate is no there's 2 an ideal frequency allowing them to target imbalances you mother fucker are you fucking crook did you have enough money bitch it's just not right terribly though the residuals on the Iron Man movies just weren't enough for her god damn 60 Bucks for a 10 pack holds shit if //
"2017-07-03 20:20:40"
The DMT Moment - JRE Toon
\\not so easy to sort out who's the good ones and who's the babble sort of like we were talking about this people that have the simplistic idea that all you have to do is get Donald Trump high on the emptiness and see the light yeah it's not necessarily the case is not necessarily the case yeah I think it was the wasted on him I think we would have to do at least an indwelling catheter may be our live continuous Theophylact tachymeter usually basket that well I am sorry sorry wrong wrong turn but yeah I didn't think it's your penis but yeah it's a very very Freudian decided to go through his deck variety that is whole area of not not cool will go through the vase no matter that he might know that the first time come baby the way to get it wet maybe the way to get it soon some the perfect Russian robot fucked off the cliff who just lock them up in Iran right when he gets inside there you go she gets them in full guard locks in place and they had a catheter like delivery yeah maybe they can program a leg like DMT like little nano bots they go right through the penis whole right into the system is run out of air right in their eyes all he just takes off but again a custody something there so many animal or to have an effect please so many enemies I know there's somebody out there that wants to that's does do it pick the way to do it to some perfect aha super hot 10 Russian hooker looking check I think that offense to Russian hookers right or Donald Trump look //
"2017-07-03 02:57:27"
Best of the Week - June 25, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies so this is VidCon thing that you want to wood who puts this together Hank and John green and who are they the vlogbrothers that famous YouTubers Honda I find it very interesting that when anything was calling me should head and garbage human that's a direct violation of the code of conduct and that I do anything about it no I don't because she's a feminist it because she touches on one sign up because she gets special if water is using the psyches and what do you get special treatment because at this point she's basically become the avatar feminism if she fails Israel though I swear to god in that I mean is she respected in that world no no Evelyn Hansa what this the proper up because she's in the psyches usually goes many sense one I mean Wilson the mythos is built up around her and spit word yes its arm and and they've all props are on the full propped her up level said good things about him in that role defended her and if it turns out that she is in fact an abuser she did according to the Vietcong code of conduct which what is the code of conduct O. I I come member of the basin but I I write down a video ... it's when money's videos on it was just a quick message to and condone green and the I know that thousands of people enough and say Hey look she did violate your code of conduct from a position of institutional privilege of VidCon shoes on the panel I did have a marksmanship and like fun she's calling me names is accusing me of things on true she and she was doing that while you were in the audience directly looking me in the eye and was uncanny thus forming but the that's not right and they've done nothing they have done nothing they've said nothing as you talk on that mountain and then afterwards all I got from her fans then I mean like you know hundreds and hundreds of messages or another just between them all night with exactly the same language she uses when she's displaying a look of the nasty messages I'm guessing of people calling me a garbage human which is what she called me and so she has done answered nothing different incisive right hand condone she's violate your code of conduct her founds she's incited a sudden what differences exactly as she claims only to you but she has actually done this then on the Saturday she was due to be on a panel about cyber harassment see but it can't be harassment when she's a woman and you're a man because you are their oppressor so it's the same thing as racism among black person being resilience a white person yet possible to the end the only reason to do this than to not to can take no action right keys if you are highly ideological and in interesting so you feel like they're Heidi I I'd highly ideological mia incredibly biased but why are they if there YouTube stars mean aren't they like don't they understand that the very programs ari progress so you're fairly progressive tune on the liberal on the progress what is the difference in a liberal a liberal school results into progressive articles about him when I was little I told my dad ... I was like can we get rid the apostrophe I was young I was like 12 and he was like well and I was like it's just a soft like we were flick but what is it like people always mispronounce and he's like you should be proud of that and I was like I'm not and then yeah but I really think I'm nice is 13 that's rafia and then and then and then I started to like it you know because I'm like yeah I guess it is my name fuck it you know ... but when I was little I wanted to check I remember I remember asking my parents if I catch it's I mean this is embarrassing I remember telling my parents that I wanted to change my name to how this to Damien Monroe no yes and we have it that's your whole now you wanna change Yahoo from a crystal clear to Damien Jurado Monroe a match and so magic if my name was Damien Monroe you would have hated me immediately not I wouldn't mind occurs over mine yeah but did not feel vano atar that's pretentious name ever my name is Theodore theater overall but but think about but but think about this is why you even know why why I wanted lives would be there because this is so embarrassing I whatever but okay because Damien was that is the devil right Hey and then Marilyn Monroe was like sure in my head house was that you have solve this so this was like a show biz name ID I don't know I can get very far with that I will say this time the estimates that young when there are tons of other bacha Khan my magic Davis of the morale omigod I'm better now I would hate that delirious I mean all the stupid things as a kid I think it is obvious my parents would have let me do that thank god I was a fucking weirdo man I would ask my parents I would I would ask appears that we sat like this at the dinner table and I asked him as I as I can you call me crazy legs nnova really thinking is like a lake that will be cool like if my family call me crazy hates Damien crazy legs was Roco Anja and then they were like me and my dad was like nice and I was like but just like maybe just a lease at the dinner table I remember saying that and you relied on the fucking calling you crazy legs into Chris all Mike so funny kid shit that was even younger the crazy like thing was I was a product 9 I have not have never had anyone really try to pick a fight with me at a guy at a concert once they get all get all ... but heard about me not letting impassable tween me in this this girl that we stand with me because people kept trying to cut through to get free with an anthrax anyone to get items like fuck this one people keep trying to walk between us like Jesus just go around right so eventually I might not not let anybody buys I got my elbows out and people bump into it and go go around with this guy he just kept going kept it happened it's like and fox you dude I sent her the girl go away usually get between you and your girl is all measures I get like a Dick rub a dub dub maybe I mean if you ask nicely maybe what I got one well I don't know it's a bold ask but ... it you know what though fortune favors the bold done and I'm a kind human being maybe he'll one meter of is there but that's what he got you a god so so you have in you take those are so the guy comes around he finally goes around us and then he's just he looks at me like Hey man I was trying to get there and I don't look up to here with me with this girl like get yeah go somewhat each school around ... anys get now please get pissed about it because I'm dismissing him you know what I sounds like this you know its scope was walk away now back its is fucking hackles up and he's all mad he's he's looking to muzak you this and that I start laughing animeigo y'all you you wanna you wanna scrapped because you can't get through here is that is that it is is this what you want to do and he just like wah wah and I okay okay whose move on old truck and chest up even bigger and it's just like he looks like he's going to walk away with everything all right you know okay dear on things like who he just get all worked up and fight you points his finger out I'm laughing at him and the girl who are who was I ... digit soon was a fighter she reaches out and grabs a whole this guy's wrist imposes hand outs you like that you don't want to do that and he looks at her and looks at me and I'm just smile and and he pulls a hand back I I go I know it must have gone through his head is just like this girl's grip is serious and she's telling me don't fucking do it it's probably a good idea not to fucking do it probably Zak yeah but other times there have been like ... you know I'm not impervious to getting in the mood and so sometimes I've been out about and some was being a Dick head and I see it it's like okay this guy's he's he's clearly trying to egg something on somehow this so maybe I can no add a little something of that scene I feel if he'll ... if he'll bite and just you know our I've had some people who own gaff course now is gonna fight you then who you are like are you fucking kidding me I'm some sort of dealer celebrity nobody knows who the fuck I am so get away with a lot I think and then the thing is if a guy who had a fight who would know you are a few guys a fan of fighting he would know who share our and those guys be way less likely to pick a fight before there was one dude who was at this bar in Fullerton and he's being displeasure any being an asshole in this place and and my buddy hammer ... he was a door at the time in the south it and they're like come on any this guy's fucking get all riled up and I'm standing there with hammer just looking at this too and it fits in the other toward high comes over he's like Hey you fucking dumb ass you're wearing the fucking T. shirt of that guy right there so maybe you might want to shut the fuck up Mrs because when when my affliction shirts the guy looks at the shirt he looks at me and ... share this is stupid getting your ass kicked because you picked a fight with a guy who's shirt you have on like you you're you're wearing a Josh Barnett shirt and //
"2017-06-27 23:59:34"
Joe Rogan Experience #980 - Chris D'Elia
\\beyond its good luck do do do do do do do man on fire leisure modifiable now on Netflix pause this podcast and go watch to even better enjoy a comedic stylings of crystal we didn't somebody what's up man do your shit is out right now it's actually you don so happy I'm doing this we're gonna talk for a few hours because I can't stop checking my fucking phone don't tutor like an asshole I know I know I I think I think ... I won't do it and then I'd be like don't do it don't do it and as I'm doing it I'm thinking I better not be doing it doing it fucking right now you gotta have other activity I know I know I work out but then and then I I I do stand up and I know its problem is probably an enemy yeah well you're you're very dedicated to it you love it here and when you love what you think about it a lot when you think about a lilo let me check to it I know yeah it's also such a safety kinda just move that you write you yeah I mean we talked about this before it's just like fuckin you put up with your phone on Friday some you know what I've been doing a lot lately data's been more productive when I know I can't give into the pipe Goldman notes that's good decide what I find man I find it like what I'm what I'm doing is just distracting my joy I was hurt because of my podcast man I used to I used to do think I used to just spend time thinking like to spend time in my //
"2017-06-26 21:56:43"
Joe Rogan Experience #979 - Sargon of Akkad
\\ //
"2017-06-26 02:29:10"
Best of the Week - June 18, 2017 - Joe Rogan Experience
\\how low frequencies and it's just because he got mauled it wasn't because skill wise who's commensurate and they will Floyd came back in the rematch is boxed his face off just fucked him up because you just want to let him know like look dude I barely took you since that first fight we got close but only got close to like a sloppy Braun and just put a skill clinic on in the second fight check if I was even close I think that that's the only competent somehow Connor normally fight selling a swarming face first brawler type duties to guys like cautious about getting hit yeah I and I I'm I'm thrilled about it but I'm also I I I I wish I wish I I wish I knew more about your side of the tracks well we don't know enough about Connor because Conor's never had a professional boxing writers you know and the thing is you see striking but you only see striking when he's working on a Texan wrestling all the other shit too if you just kicked him like with that I mean just it just didn't do it just to learn now to subdue it you fucked up the up but it would be hilarious laughs you produce products of stipulations the contract say can't get an armbar what I know come I think just kicking him in the head and knocks him out be worth losing all the money in and get more money and could show match and he would be a god damn folk hero if they got in close if they got any eros and Floyd was like sucking and you go on the outside and he threw a jab to cover up a left high kick and that left high kick next I'm just dying in the C. Floyd go limp and he would go limp he never been high kick like that Jesus don't be crazy because even though is common yeah he could clip on whether I give you had no idea of you hid a kick behind a punch like fighter la fighters due to like throw a punch literally cover your face so the kick is behind it already and then boom the kit comes like why your vision is already you're thinking about the next punch bang the kick lands new detailed happens all the time if he did that audience mean would be worth it it would be would fuck up everything up because no one ever trust another fighter from an inmate to ever find a boxer in a boxing match again so we've only had the up the opposite happened really you know she she quit and a lot of people quit our search and rescue Alaska on Denali for years and and you'd be amazed how many people are just done you know he's a slowdown in their done because they're not rational enough to know like if I sit down and I just took just a little bitty nap and get back up detective snow nap and you're done whom you know that's known now what's known I'm I don't like that so if if if that's a fear turn but but with hypothermia the interesting thing that happens is you get euphoric right you go through this this stage of super called super cold in your core temperature drops low enough to where you for your comes in so often times of same people we would find our undressed so you get hot you get warm so the gloves are off the Hajji lofts Hanson Z. unzipped and you know everybody's everybody's Buck naked on the side the mountain right before the data for the day so not that I wanna go out that way but now I can think of worse ways I could see for apparently while is we also pull people back seeing multiple times we pull people back and they did Scott's that they described it and then we start re warm in their frostbite and hence it's not right after that and then I heard stories about that are too long fast frostbite is so horrible to look at too early to see the stuff we had to see you and her fingers still half half fingers are off yeah yeah she's any pitcher it's missing fingers missing taking each other Sierra she's lucky from the phalanges are gone yeah so they got her down they ended up hours and hours and hours we're tracking we're taught we're trying to talk to him they get her down to camp for which is that tracked you saw then the trickiest part as he'll tell you because I can't I can't for the camps 3 yeah I can for came 3 and they can't 3 to camp to which they didn't even do they could get that they could get to camp to which is straight on the look the same loads of face it's a it's about a 6060 degree ice face no which is slick sewing europen somebody down you know there it it actually does provide you know less friction you can actually slot somebody down but you can't get going too fast you know so now your twenties are great 2627 0 feet you're 130 pound under 25 not sure but you get a lower this too if a lady down hard auction is going to work in a minute she's 200 pounds well that but yeah with dollar gear no longer you know yeah I mean yeah it is 160 or 70 pounds worth the wait you know deadweight dragged lower down ... so we got her down we got it down to where we can go in with a helicopter and we picked her up and took back down to base camp and that was when the the meeting took place between her husband and the tearful rejoicing in the other side of the part you missed was the helicopter landed it you couldn't land a camp to we weren't spoke of 23500 to the base of the T. ... crap on point and you got there and said I can only pick one of you and she looked at her husband said you stay Lana so she made her day and take the nextel Cup her out so we got her down and she looked at her husband said you stay and what pitch you quit well she was magazine go left she was pissed of the shoes pissed that she got left but he couldn't carry her know that they didn't think Iran you're switching it depends there's ways looking out of both lay somebody quit somebody gave up somebody said no I mean who knows but I'm sure they had goes to do some deep bass therapy might know got home okay so a minute and a fill in the gaps here so fast forward ... 9 or 10 months and dude husband has a head has a heart attack in the house so he does I'm the I'm sorry should be left in account a photo of it if it is guys locked up and going to Everest then you and I'm a little more of the you know this Shandling tons and tons of paper so you're drowning and confused Santa claimed he had that's a sad one man well funded dude that was how the best that I'm doing a documentary about him now for HBO and so with the most fun part about it is he always went to the comedy magic club did stand up even in here is where you didn't know he was doing it ascribe madam E. at the county magical now that was I was great yeah he just I mean I was like for me I was a huge fan of Larry Sanders show and Larry Sanders show others were Paul Sims gonna start yes the producer of newsradio and so when I would you know lie sounds like was one of those ones like how how so it's actually Garry Shandling right there left there were Judd Apatow that's right there is a weird one and he and you're the comedy magic of the tape every show since the eighties have every show taped yeah and I said can you give me the last 50 sets but Gary did the comedy magic club and this is you know from the last few years and no one 's ever seen any of his jokes except the people at those shows he did do Monte bead in Dubai on talk shows there was no special some of the funniest jokes you ever heard just him you know working on a graph havoc around BB and so funny yeah but he did a lot of notes user his discipline guy he he was a well in the seventies he wrote so many jokes I found these binders hundreds and hundreds of jokes in every loose leaf binder like a guy sitting at a desk all day crafting like to sentence perfect jokes yeah but there's like the balance right is that there's crafting the perfect jokes and then just being able to be loose yeah and fun and that'll areas we also is going stage with that just set up any would know the punchline and would say the set up and hope the punch line came which is pretty wild he ... you know when the when the great things about doing a documentary is you get to ask people for footage so Seinfeld gave me ... the dailies for comedians in cars getting coffee when he interviewed Gary and then the people who made the movie comedian about Seinfeld gave me all the dailies of a sequence that they only use 10 seconds of the documentary which was carrying Jerry going to the county magic club and doing sats and also there that night as Neil and Chris rock and there's 12 takes its all their performances and then their entire conversation for 3:00 hours hanging out backstage and it is unbelievable the conversation how funny it is and ... there's a moment where Chris rock is doing that joke about how Nelson Mandela got divorced but even Nelson Mandela after decades of pinhead prison he could survive that but he could supply getting gotten even better it's of course a bit late I've gotten word of it but there's a shot of sailing alone in the green room watching rock do this bit and as he's doing it Gary's Ike saying what he what he's like guessing what the bid is as rock saying it but in all of Chris rock and it's a it's a really beautiful moment and that's what the best part of doing this documentary is just finding little magical moments that no one would ever see if you can dig deep I yeah if //
"2017-06-22 20:31:05"
Joe Rogan Experience #978 - Judd Apatow
\\so I might put some dates earthly do it do it and we're live judge how anybody yeah Judd Apatow here dude you know Sussman real well that not only do I know your manager Sussman chess Sussman when I was a kid I loved comedy so I got a job at the east side comedy club at that which is in Huntington on Long Island this is about 8384 //
"2017-06-20 22:11:04"
The Governator Moment - JRE Toon
\\even Arnold came out against all jump yeah so early after all didn't fuck me what does not but he was nice to them that's nice of them sausage on that site Mara now things wrong yeah he said he didn't voice I can no longer stand for some but not all of us come back to my cell there's a line people here just because I didn't it's all up okay you John grabbed a pussy well first of all a lot of them would let users have to ask just grabbing to see left to right grappling pussy and ass is not our goal pro Hillary I mean Hillary is a good one thunderstorm most people when they are around food one and they wind up a suicide thing themselves nnova nationally to use if it makes you hello I ... not just the governor it I //
"2017-06-09 22:52:56"
Joe Rogan Experience #975 - Sebastian Junger
\\ //
"2017-06-09 00:36:55"
Joe Rogan Experience #974 - Megan Phelps-Roper
\\3 D. to Juan E. A. S. I live not yet pause hold you too some sort of a struggle yeah we lapped okay how I era Wheeler Walker junior fantasy ... by maybe I will be you will if you never heard of them before I hadn't and for us that's okay ... so first of all thank you thank goodness appreciate it in a problem what is it like I guess is the best way to get this started what is it like being a person they grew up in the Westboro Baptist church for a book person the outside for me I when I think of that I think of like this crazy hateful angry environment filled with like really mean people that say horrible things about gay people and all sorts of the folks that I meet you in your super nice seems so normal that is the conundrum so I mean a lot of the things the words that you just use to describe the church that's definitely not how I experienced a growing up for the most part Alan I mean my family outside of when they're out on the picket line their immune credibly kind and gentle and and compassionate and in the I think the biggest misconception about the churches that they're motivated by hatred time and in their eyes fits the definition of loving what we really thought we were doing what we were doing was loving our neighbor so that in the first time that phrase appears in the Bible it's in the context of when you see your neighbor sending you have to review Kim said and //
"2017-06-09 00:14:06"
Joe Rogan Experience #973 - Wheeler Walker, Jr.
\\boom is it a live wrong now fuckin Joe Rogan my man thanks so much for have me back thanks for coming back as a lot of people everywhere if this is the fucking tonight show man for I go my energy on children her Jonjo roads in the last year in my life so I can stop at stop fucking answering them lemon me back back right now you are back right now via feels weird feels like if your sales here like 2 days ago that's ... a problem maybe your agenda too much on the road I deftly was drinking too much I'm I I ... I went to my the last tour I ended up in a in a I don't make sense about end up in the markets you ruin the last tour with the little 5 visa to fucking grill isn't Shia a little too I don't know I I don't they said it was kind of just exhaustion and you know whatever and not you know the the normal I think they wouldn't //
"2017-06-07 23:00:31"
Joe Rogan Experience #972 - Ari Shaffir
\\good fun phone 32 own motherfuckin pearl traveler are reassure face-adornment's let's check it out via he checked out for 4 months yeah really checked out you got rid of your phone you didn't answer any emails feel like I am going to disappear for 4 months here eating to give a time frame now just said just it's going to go to his head like one to 3 years them I know when the baby to I don't know just will stay did you get the inspiration from Henry Rollins podcasts hours are gonna do it while ... yeah he said like come see me in a December I think was having shows at Largo knows they are Marty could be I think I'll be gone by then while I've I've I was waiting until I finished off the work I had to do do my special right ... you know efficiencies art show just like just like get get of Somali just leaving it much Pelling anybody yeah you know right the path he places of her yeah do that Rollins podcasts you did was one my all time favorite ones of your is great it spirals out there though you podcasts great leads to a really good it's really good you want or not the trust fund can so relate and it's great I'd love your intro owes you know no in cooking onions and just talking on data it's so //
"2017-06-03 00:16:52"
Joe Rogan Experience #970 - Bret Weinstein
\\ //
"2017-06-02 00:17:16"
Joe Rogan Experience #969 - Andrew Santino
\\3 why Chito sentido why that was ... I tell you when I first moved to Los Angeles ... eyes clean this basketball league with these kids from east LA there's like only connection I had and I like what he's like couple kids I knew from Long Beach and ... we would go play ball in this league and afterwards we go to a bar and just get shit faced like to blacked out of our mind 22 like every time we had was going to the booze and party and so we're partyin and I'm wearing basketball shorts like white people do when you play bass well and all my Mexican friends you know they were like whatever they had on the floor that morning who's like jeans and do you know what it what does not never basketball shoes for them and was sitting there drinking and this dude Pablo his body money looks on my legs and he goes Doug I gotta fuck initial question player like did you have fucking orange leg hairs dog so I do not know you for years you've never seen that side not all dogs so grows god I managed to look at bro is kinda like if you ate a bag of Cheetos and you what the finger dust all over your fucking legs each other Shadowlands log so that you don't think so that all these dudes are these fuck him all these homies are always like you know it was just if you just //
"2017-05-30 23:17:35"
Joe Rogan Experience #967 - Bill Burr
\\find full moon 3 to wound me ha bill Burr and alive you looking very slick look like a professional man all I was doing television this morning as I mentioned to you I've I just heard calling Howard show and I'd run out of button down shirts that I can wear on TV because I was go but down jeans and whatever nice pair shoes about a sport coat Gabrels just like I do like so cool back in Google image myself on the show go what I wear last time I I could tell what black shirt I had on its like I gonna go throw sport coat on some show get trashed for that liquid you all Hollywood now man trying to look good so yeah that's why I am dressed up here on the best dressed man in podcasting today you are right now for sure at this moment I just some amazing you actually look to check to see if you were wearing the same shirt yeah yeah why do you have for yourself we don't know because although the internet is just the internet is non stop shit it's like why hope amount of it's like you got trashed me a second that would make you work for them I can give you the lay up well it's it's a mild trashing I mean it's coming from me I dress like a fucking idiot and I mean it's just you know it's just it just is what it is it's just like for whatever reason I mean I I don't know //
"2017-05-29 18:33:34"
The Shart Moment - JRE Toon
\\how about I ship my pants are running this morning love yeah it's you not hard just then it was a short has come up a hill had nothing left and I and I thought I had to fart and just ban I did that the other day my house yeah this'll scored what Jesus Christ feels like such a failure but I had some good farts before that that yeah album yeah I got motivated yeah because I had so popular you're on a roll at some raw metallers and life season and it was just me of that as a cover from Norway was pausing and leaning into them and our and that it is a little Buck ... that's a shower where is the ultimate failure because your job as a human is to provide for your family and not shit your pants because there's times you know like Ono I'm about to ship my pens there's like a there's a certain alarm that goes on like when he like all with no no we're could salute to hard here okay we can drop their boys we got a runner we got it right yeah it's going around here yeah Kathleen they're closing yeah I love again clamping down it's the same exact feeling that you get is when you try to hold common you know that don't know shacks yeah I would say one damage try tantrum I'm gonna learn how to like completely could truly guy so that you could have like an internal orgasm I choke one back while it's gonna grab the base right before impact Zoe's really hard but what if you walk cause an injury so I've only done a couple times the move you broke your own deck could you grab it too hard life would not be worth living can you imagine that not having your Dick come anymore for the rest of your life and knowing that you think it might this is why I can't lose and I can't lunaire who that'd Barrett sing myself said to a lot of guys have you got to choose between being blind or have you Dick break well no question what would you say give me the fucking stick in the dog //
"2017-05-28 21:28:58"
Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - May 28, 2017
\\ //
"2017-05-26 05:01:20"
Joe Rogan Experience #965 - Robert Sapolsky
\\Joe Rogan experience Wrenn first well thank goodness it really really and I found out about you several years back by our I heard something about toxoplasmosis machinery yeah yeah and I have seen ... a speech that you would give them on it where you were talking about how many people have been infected by this cat person and even that feral cats I always wondered I guess probably get tested and I'm worried about the result current personal yeah well it was just fascinating to me that it literally I mean what is the number to you in an American that might have been in fact disputes order of on her truth Americans but worldwide it's person of humans the best guess 50 percent of human //
"2017-05-25 00:39:04"
Joe Rogan Experience #964 - Everlast
\\do do do do do do do 432 who on my brother in the man who got me in Instagram photos and video over of abandon that members get 1 and I still got $40000 and you know like 4000000 that many of us don't do you have to go to my room whatever are you got me into it man day Sasha salons or was I mean you several times launchers like the Gaelic Irish ... saw Lou Barlow 00 you know it's that is sunshine is like this L. A. I. N. T. E. would like 1 of them crazy marks on it all doesn't it so Gaelic Gaelic is of what seemed real running what language to read or try and pronounce some shit to be like something they will be Gary and it will be spent with like 617 let her smooth importers because that shit cruciform ruins which dealt crucifix with the circle who was it that ... absent lives in the thing is bemoaning those runes and shit I don't know dude does anyone speak Gaelic couldn't //
"2017-05-24 00:23:59"
Joe Rogan Experience #963 - Michael Malice
\\is everybody what's up man has gone along thanks for doing this I appreciate it house in honor Batman to so many people that I really enjoy and respect have been contacting me about having you wants when they found out I was having you want mouse and Mickey Mouse legend on the ... in when they were ... what I was saying that you're gonna be on a people heard about the get super pumped so that's very very flattering yeah and Dave Smith who I love very great friend of mine guys great guy he was super site tell ya so welcome Sir thank you Mister eggs good time for you to be here to man it seems like we I might go to war with North Korea so why your book dear reader I held it up the ass protium important but for people that are like I'm what exactly is going on over there let's I wrote it so that it just everything you mean the presses is crap reeling everything pretty much yeah what's I would again wrong they're getting wrong that ... said that there was an article a couple years ago so the example is used where you had all these women marching in Pyongyang the capital city and the headline said Kim Jong ruins mini skirted robot army you know how how they are you know look they're all brainwashed and robots it's like they're all hostages if someone puts a gun to your //
"2017-05-22 20:08:23"
Tom Segura Syrup Moment - JRE Toon
\\I have a buddy of mine who hooked up with this girl yet and ... they do but back and forth online and then they got together in the said immediately before she even blew him she went right to his ass I went live in the US yeah goes I just got off the plane yeah let's fucking disgusting travel as the equipment yeah Mike watt who was I was so discuss their never called again I I'd know first move what the athletic yes you know some ways a bold dial yes now that's a weird move though right yeah yeah who come messenger transcend subjects are just cool man leann yeah man but she's the best well I mean how many guys have told the friends that kind of a story in the family a while that's awesome awesome there to do an act as if we found a good girl I'm again or you know and wolf wolf Worf Newton remember doing that someone in college I only did it because I saw the movie you know I did I got Hershey syrup and I thought it was like kinky the do right and then I realize as the her sister spirit it just looks like she shit all around her whose it's just liquid hot wet so I pulled my face up in it looks like she is shut my mouth even though it didn't taste like it looked like it yeah that's not a good look now yeah look at spike beneficially no it's your whereby you know she just leaves what you wanna do alrighty alright man the //
"2017-05-17 01:36:28"
Joe Rogan Experience #961 - Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson & Michael Shermer
\\ //
"2017-05-16 04:26:35"
Joe Rogan Experience - Podcast On A Plane UFC 211 Recap
\\the job will get experience ladies and gentlemen welcome to the post you have seen the wrap up show with Tony Hinchcliffe day everybody and be your host Joe Rogan we are on a flight right now ... coming back from Dallas Texas sorry I saw just kicked LH here ... but we had a great old time and ... the Verizon wireless theater on Friday night UFC last night now be alright that means the guy was a little worried about him at first the question erupted a little bit but they're not to be a very good do ... but a //
"2017-05-15 22:35:04"
Joe Rogan Experience #960 - Steve-O
\\do do do do do move move I'm here with confirmed cosmonaut Stevo yeah man who's been to space a man who knows about the atmosphere I can't say I've been to space so I went up and a Russian mig fighter jet to the edge of the earth's atmosphere hi wasn't Dino high fucking forget shit I fucking forget there wasn't that much higher than than eating out so normal flight is like water as 1000 and then with slight idea further don't live go higher right then go up to 35000 for commercial flight I want to say that that that that it might have been like not much more than 50000 but I I I I can't back that up and I remember it was is shockingly less than you would imagine all that you have their eye and a video that //
"2017-05-11 01:00:30"
Joe Rogan Experience #959 - Mick West
\\ //
"2017-05-10 00:37:44"
Joe Rogan Experience #958 - Jordan Peterson
\\ //
"2017-05-05 20:09:13"
Joe Rogan Experience #956 - Guy Ritchie
\\ //
"2017-04-30 06:09:15"
JRE Clips Channel Promo
\\care from mixed martial on the podcast and he was talking to me about this guy that we knew most people think didn't know 911 wasn't most people believe that tower 7 fell because of fights because the government told father Prescott bush financed the Nazi to union bank that found a conspiracy theory we don't know shit we're looking at a bunch a lights in the goddam Scott you gonna tell me that god light and that light that's 5200000000000000 light years away how the fuck did you figure that out there's like this show of transmission zone below the third dimension this just turned over the most horrible things what resonates to and it's trying to get up into the third dimension that's just a basic level consciousness to launch into the next levels and there's a full out war inside the government of guys like to eat steaks drink beer and have more women versus a bunch of pot belly Palafox downed me he's fucking very very high level US //
"2017-04-26 00:51:55"
Joe Rogan Experience #950 - Abby Martin
\\ultimately the nuclear bombs work it's all posturing probably right yeah do do do Abby Martin we live we live here while you have a doom shirt on powerful street cred with the kids there today shirt going back to the Wolfenstein doom days Akira old school ID software how yeah name becomes awesome I miss doom I due to the new ones but you don't have yet another side I did was terrible was that the first person shooter so bad no no no there was a mood there was a first person shooter movie like something Harry or sunflower yeah as a club yard hardcore Harry I'm not Henry generous and Henry was a good that was not it really just felt like you're watching a video game the whole time I was absolutely insane it was a good I don't know whose it it was very entertaining well very good yeah there is yet do that's right rock when you hear well known right old school town those terrible movie because it's so damn why does it look like I I remember doing being super red and orange in this is blue come unannounced gonna withheld because survey on why the listed first yeah because nobody knew who the rock balance Karl urban simply told that movie was announced Karl urban binnen did I just had a Twitter argue with Chelsea Clinton now has no you did yeah it's like these people don't understand never respond to someone who's like waves less than you know Shiite colder a basically a coder plans were criminals and she was like yeah you know //
"2017-04-19 02:28:10"
Joe Rogan Experience #948 - Brendan Schaub & Eddie Bravo
\\ //
"2017-04-18 22:41:43"
Joe Rogan Experience #947 - Ron Miscavige
\\43 2:01 am alive what's up front hoy I'm doing okay yeah yeah good in it so we designed a community and seconds ago around the airline out well I wanted to get away with its gets more natural it sometimes like some of the best stuff gets said off Mike so we figured now how to do it where people get and then the suit pretty much soon as we said that we start talking about home no complaints so you contacted us after the Leah Remini interview right and you want to get on and you have this book that you wrote yeah called ruthless with the correct pronunciation is cabbage miscarriages cabbage miscarry at the actual name of the book is rootless right Scientology my son David Miscavige in me right now let me let me just say this before we get started because Scientology is the first time ever been contacted they sent a ... then email so my publicist and they have every bottle //
"2017-04-17 22:37:17"
Joe Rogan Experience #946 - Dennis McKenna
\\which is seems the problem with the marijuana is 54321 tennis paternalism gentleman before we're just discussing how I was saying that marijuana can be your friend and it can enhance your life but if if you take too much it's it's such a seductive little creature and a little bit of it is like ... this is nice this feels good but if you get too crazy especially you too crazy with edibles it'll take you and take you away on this wild journey paranoia and and skin you'll it'll lock you up some people just need to take a couple weeks off just relax that's always a good idea season it right yeah yeah I think people underestimate cannabis I think it can be like you say you can really sort of knock you off your center especially if if it's edible unlike all these things you gotta learn how to use it yeah I mean it's basically that's what you gonna do you have to learn how to use a but you know you know that's my raps yeah there's Europe but it's a great rap there really is it so important it's I think it's so important for people to realize that he got a let like regular you like do you like natural sober you it's important be in touch with that yeah like you don't want to always be high or always be Kaffa needed or always be anything well exactly I mean where did you know people get you know to these places and they fail to do a reality check on themselves you know I mean I get emails //
"2017-04-12 23:58:40"
Joe Rogan Experience #945 - Dr. Roddy McGee
\\54321 whom false start holies in German hello doctor McGee that sounds not me paying if you hear in that you like why this is a podcast in a bathroom no that's coffee how about a good thank you for having me thanks for being here for ... folks who have heard me ... rant and rave about the fantastic results that I have had ... getting treatment on my shoulder wells that close getting surgery it's this gentleman doctor McGee who has a was fixed me up out of Las Vegas Nevada and now we're here to talk about it now clipper ship the chance to be here but alright you're very very short words today is very talkative before the podcast folks so goes but now I'm hearing myself and those words around yeah //
"2017-04-11 22:51:22"
Joe Rogan Experience #944 - Scott Eastwood & Cameron Hanes
\\dum dum dum dum dum 3 to one ... lazy German got a sweet show today Cameron hands in the building weighs a German camera games sat what's a brother Scott motherfucking Eastwood is in the house and if you can't see me as his awareness week under armour camo shirt I do tend to blend into the background so if you get confusing go where it was Joe's hedges floating in the air like that but it's like if you if you could see it you'd be you'd notice you look Jack damage acts right his title IX is it's hard for me until the owner Tilman a floating head so I came to town we should both today and I know we gave you bow yesterday yeah yeah yeah he ... week we went down to a riverside ... person archery and check out ... he denies show me ... throw me blow a bow so that was cool you had an old you had an old bow we we've had an upgrade didn't way yeah well you know all about it was the old rocks it was like Ross trolley from my dry stretch unless yeah same come running known works is I did I marry her is Ross an archery company a big archery company now known small yeah no I don't I don't know I'm not even sure if they still try to make him anymore it is like a second hand bow I bought off somebody ... years ago so this something you want to do for awhile and somehow or another you gotta hold him ... I don't remember how we got ... connective we live like this Instagram he likes to say I slid in India so I was down in the ends of desperate girl but I I think I mean I was but a funny stuff obviously and I think you commented maybe your son yeah so was it like an unsolicited DM yeah I had like to get to know you little better but I think we should //
"2017-04-06 01:11:46"
Joe Rogan Experience #942 - Dan Flores
\\3 to boom alive how are you Sir I'm very good jobs good to meet you man great to meet you and thank you very much do as I've learned more about coyotes over the last couple months reading your book and listen to a podcast with ... my good friend Stephen now which was amazing who'll work crazy animal that is you know I have coyotes all around my neighborhood and ... it became a very ... this is a very close to me when I saw one of my chickens get captured by a coyote and a sub watched him hop the fence with a chicken in his mouth cat Tammy's mother fuckers is all around us especially I I live in a fairly rural area around here ... about a 40 minutes outside LA so it's you know the nights were quiet in here and screaming in the night and I didn't know much about until a star read your book them yeah they're amazing animal Matt think ... there's not really another mammal aside from us that has a biography like these animals do and that's kind of for the reasons I got fascinated the with some ... they were doing the same thing around me when I was a kid growing up in Louisiana I mean that's sort of the beginning of my ... I'm my getting captivated by these little small wolves because they were suddenly showing up in the by use and swamps of Louisiana when I was 121314 years old as far as I knew this was an animal that was suppose to be in the desert serve the west and so it seemed to be something that you know commanded ... one 's attention that this critter is is appearing in places where you would never expect it Anna and now course everybody in the country is dealing with that is so fascinating that in our lifetime they've spread from the American southwest every single state literally every single city in the country now it's true and I just got a ... so he sent me this ... yesterday that somewhere in Georgia they have some sort of a bounty on these wolves about you know coyotes that's willing //
"2017-04-05 17:48:22"
Best of Bert Kreischer Vol. 2 - The Joe Rogan Experience
\\the general good experience no he's not being mean right to end racial jokes like being heavy on racial jokes just because I was like a fucking no I don't I don't care like don't give a shit enough about equality to trip put my job on the line to try to make everyone even like I'll I'll get into nights with all that room I just to black jokes but not mean but just what I do black jokes right bottom and then you do that what you do that you have a fuckin power of attorney to do anything because even the clean you will go my kids think there are still right right right now and then and then and then a live improv I talk to the audience when you're saying that you are you use to do of real racist jokes a racial joke racial jokes you know what do you and you stop doing it because they offended too many people who I never got and no one ever got offended but I just noticed that I was up for one of them setting on it now I can I would write I could write all day long a great joke about black people I mean if you sit here I swear to god if you put in a room with a black audience all I'll do is talk about black people all all do not now the dirty the one only the furthest I goes I joke about Tom just ... go out of his race is that they don't make black baby powder I just think that from accounting and Johnson and Johnson they were followed up by now as very well and then they go you know that ... that'll make $1000000 make like a powder and then the thin end but hell call Magic Johnson Johnson's sedan one night with what ms great one night is black dudes that the minority at the Miami goes ... you motherfucker when you get done you put a joke about black baby powder of tell you what I'll make shit and so it's like I'm thinking double digit now like with what will they make it he goes we'd all have a problem with moisture the way you guys do because you ever tell a little white guys like hugging a dolphin he concludes black you of a problem retaining moisture so they have a problem getting ashy so they have to always stay moist wears white people are constantly fucking moist wooo into his leg pages never needed black baby powder things will heal you would you and I was like but was awesome was like a great moment a live dude if I could if I had a videotape of every experience I would like to live audience I would be a the most famous comic in the world the I've had black dude get onstage in Miami right real shit of a fucking 3 gangsters in the front row true story on my children new book in their ruining the show for everyone like what I just talked to them 1 do gets up on stage have within my set and he's like this is a real motherfucker peacekeeper real real talk right now real tall you know real mobile does get the 305 he drops his pants Joe's date place goes bananas right to like hole and it's a D. biggest blackest it's almost purple so black like but it's very cute it's cute and I'm like that is that is about him that he'll come out bags that booking months 9 inches and it it's a it's a it's a show or it's like a thing okay fit in uncircumcised I'm just looking at it like holy shit so then I go I go man that's fucking as name was ray I don't know why I remember that the library I go I think you might want to get all staged his Dick again guarantee you you're calling the cops right now and I don't want to go to jail for the show in your deck is I appreciate that good looking out and then he put his pants on and leave so I go men how you follow that nother gang banger stands up gives off days ago please the losing another cock right now pulled his pants down vote get just as big but lighter lighter unlike a lot how come like holy shit among those like you might wanna go because it will break that guarantee the comic out so they're sitting with I swear you'll my children there sitting with and Harold a hairless albino okay and I said and now another call the crowd is like fucking in a fevered pitch ago that's funny at all the Dicks I wanted to see was yours he stands up gets on stage takes his Dick out and it looks like a lighthouse no grass right white in the play there flipping over fucking tables they'll fucking going nuts and was it moving along with my show that's that's that's the that's by no ... home you know the file that your father can't follow it I did literally and I've white glow in the dark Casper the ghost Dick almost it was beautiful and it was big I swear he was big and I was like those like fuckin and then and then they all waited for me out of the bar and they're like you were taking you out knows like I'm running on this ... this doesn't end this way I love when he bombs their lead so rare is really fucking funny it's like when it's like when you shoot a bear with a bow and arrow but they don't know they've been injured yet but they have no there's any shot of donor I watched a lot of hunting I watch like hunting videos like a so I so if I if I ever got too fucked up what is in I'd watch hunting in Florida very easy to get really Dan bear it bear hunting from in my opinion you've got I've never done the book all the videos are they dug put a box out full of food the mates in the tent moon the bear will come out they should with bone marrow and the bear would get hit but would almost feel it would seem like the bird like how the fuck is that and then you'd see the look in the bare space where they'd be like hope feel good I'm gonna go rest for a little bit that's Elsa girl look 20 bombs is like is like you like you like he looks at you like target Duggan hit you like and you know we've been hit by an arrow my favorite one was in the in in ... in Pearl Harbor me Pearl Harbor Hawaii me concert dura and Russell Peters and now I go up and I do okay but maybe I was dirtier than I should have been that's totally fine because the only real thing that we're don't make fun of the whole winds that was that don't make fun of Hawaiians and don't bring up Pearl Harbor well I am told opening joke he's like man it's a lot of fat people but I heard I life was slow by another 12 about the metabolism so Bennett's foods I got lost more ground level you Japanese guy pointed out the directions been those Japanese though this place like the back there and I mean he bomb so hard that when he got off he was like that early sweats like where you get in these like you like all pretty good and you you know if you might want to go back to your desk you know told him lose he said that video where I'm saving Tom that that week yeah going at it with them anymore after the show before or how many shows you guys do one just one and pro are just one I want to pose a little dirty I think Tom went up had a rough that beat key cuddling back you know Tom is not right for corporate gig in that opinion in in those are corporate doing motives the for the it was like maybe only 3000 people on at Pearl Harbor sitting in lawn chairs with their families what was the gig like what who was a 4 for the permit for the U. S. so ... that's on that's a military gays yeah corporate giving up a bit that same same energy bars so I end so then Tom sits next to me this is my favorite part Tansu thanks to me and Russell Peters comes on stage and you can hear there's a murmuring no mind you were at war with Iraq and Russell Peters is a little brown for their taste moon and Tom goes I never realized he looks like the enemy yeah kerosene heaters is by the way didn't acknowledge it did have a great set we could hear that kind of like they brought up one of the like and Tom they're in the back like this is bad we get the next day usually yeah yeah you thought it was bad because he was brown but it was only because we have gone to rifle training the day before and Russell had randomly chose not to go randomly and the first words of rifle training was there's one rule here if it's brown it moves you kill it and Ross and Thomas like this what the fuck commands of your Mexican you in the fucking army tell you this shit if it's brown and it moves we tell it blow the case and then and we brought our wives to it would weave arrives to rifle we shot every gun they had with moderate wives and the girls were like great for what steps indigo clear the bathroom or to get to the bathroom so we walk in and the guys like ... although they're gonna be 6 is it a real military guy or like the other girls went about his okay the Tongass Hey do me a favor when they get in act a little like aggressive to them and misogynistic and list just the looks on their faces so the girls walking is a well Thibodeau ladies got lost don't know what time it is of their man's not next to him and Christina and my wife started bubbling like what the fuck it is like ladies do follow the men don't know what to do there's a gentleman and he got into character so good but Tom stepped in is that if you don't everybody it to tell me he's doing it because we ask them to the guy was good yeah yeah it's funny getting trained killers just cracked jokes the guy was it was it was a really fun trip for the brown kill every move around it moves you tailor them or the group and so you see we doing sets I was on was working on a part so you working at Barnes and noble no working we're now it's bad but you sets a Barnes noble was working a partisan noble men working out during the day in the basement I have fucking that I got fired from bars and a list of the worst I was working boards noble Astor place no fuckin AC let's everyday I would even have a job with the foxes and as you do you like that's all about but that could buy workout you like him alright we'll do a little bit of this if I do this all day long fucking Jack buys but in the summer so I go down to the basement and you can take the freight elevator publicized of psycho in 5 minutes you take the freedom over to the basement and no one could get down there because you had the elevator it's one thing to the basement I took off my clothes and start working out and just like do push ups sit ups fuckin curls of boxes pull books out to fuck him these fucking jobs front rows and I work out and then it was there's no AC so that I'd wait like cool down Paloma clothes back on get a freight elevator walk up and I just killed like 30 minutes we have a job like that to kill 30 minutes is a it's like fuck him club that was close to being over.right right so I'm like this is an empty ripped fuel to Everett fool the adult pop in book 3 reveals every 3:00 hours right all my tongue like a tweak or running around Sheldon travel books going down the basement pounding like a puppy I was just I had a co looked sweat looking motherfucker with a name tag August and so like 2 weeks into it my boss Dwayne pulls me aside news like is it heaven even spent a lot of time in the basement and I was like I have like no you travel books that's we chemo now there is like yeah you know we have video cameras sick I know that is a good fucking fired those like while I think I did when I can explain you know I can't I can't of someone getting into their underwear basement working out do when they should be working and then coming back up there interacting with people and Australia comics was trying to think alternately and I'm on speed which is Kim so theoretically like I would do for this shit well who's crazy if you didn't know me exactly some guy told me of the day we're doing a promotion phrase DTV by the job then the day I wasn't funny because Burke everything you do is only funny if you spent fucking 2004 hours with you it's so yes I got fired and then came a hobby great to have that tape if and when a Barnes and noble have all my dough god that's on his name way number he asked me if I want to be a manager like a week before that and I was like no news of what those that he's like you know the manager of that no he's acquired by do you work out what would you want to do them as a convict medium and as I got this isn't what I do he looked me dead the face he is this is what you do this is who you are you work a Barnes and noble don't think you're better than us or not wha clock I'm at here soon added nausea fired but don't think you're better than us ... what would Burke Christ was telling what I smile might be one of the great stories know that no he's just his pants and all the time 30 movies all the time he wrote how long would you said the story began with you saying that you should is passing in a banana Republic in Beverly hills and ... it was it was like real is like like the real coming of age part of my life my dad looked at me and he was like buddy about this in my pants when why do we use the word is not in our public have a bathroom here's the fucking worst part of it right so I look and I go to she passed out I think as your pants I go she puts a little bit and then walk and and get your hotel and he just left my daughters with me like fucking drop doesn't like pets overnight here and so we started walking down rodeo or whatever you know Burton one of those roads to get to his hotel right so my mom comes up now she's like she's like where's your dad and I said well he left me this letter I got a bite for I'm bought into by in the swim Ernie ago had to shit his pants good evening it is it is bent they go it is it is shit to shit his pants and they just he's walking on the street ago I'm sure we can catch in his walk of slow and then my wife comes up choose where you gotta go shoes pants with white we just use the bathroom with the words balance goes downstairs and I went live price of the ultimate insult evenness mode who's black Sunday and we like to make a leather jacket on sale what's even worse I think if shit your pants in line for the bathroom Zen everybody's going don't dissipate live people use bar yeah dumping your pants that you like close proximity there's appeal wait a playoff shitting your pet when you shit your pants I say that hidden your pants a lot like getting it do you why you roll the dice so much get away with it that when you do get caught with your hand it could use are like I never thought that was gonna happen are you I see my private it's all in why today who sows so but in a minute thirties he was running marathons in Houston all the time not even like I'm gonna send like many selling all of once a month I'm talking once a week he would this is before cell phones to he was in his thirties in the thirties I was a kid we were living in in like north Tampa not like the nicer nor table but in the shade your redneck verse black nor Tampa and ... first time I ever heard heard Edwards in this neighborhood the my dad's Romero thoughts would run like ... 5 miles 10 miles and you go out and all these Temerin teaches pants 3 qualities orange groves should himself right clearance of the best he could then run home but there were some nights everybody's distinctly was before cell phones were get dark my mom's like we gotta look your dad and we'd be driving his route great run all sudden like and make it happen yeah book come out of the fucking orange groves like I'm here give me the car right no need I will come get him owe you he just would yeah I would be read whenever thunder and lightning and he's just an orange Grove naked like have you should have passed and I would be like over here he be like alright just up the front seat don't don't like real quick it is better not he hates my stories I hope someone of anyone's business knows my dad let him listen to this because every fuckin story I ever tell he Falken always goes god damn your fucking imagination I'm not I would fall I did not shit my pants up but I should a little but I didn't ship might not agree with it or should my parents who just squirts his loss order I don't know let's call him on the phone do it just I don't even go lucid like I didn't try to control it or move around I just let the dream play out but I realize it was a dream still didn't wake up I've and that's a rare thing our meals just for that yeah yeah I know I have dreams I have dreams I've boo fucking crazy dreams but I am still lucid inside my dreams are dreams I'm reading something and I'll go I'll do you ever go well it's a funny that I'm reading something because nothing's there in the real thick there's nothing there in my mind's making up these words but I'm still reading them that's so interesting I had a dream one time that me and Elvis walked in was Patel and therefore dudes but fucking right just hear me or they wear like just that might be one of the best sentences ever created I had a dream that I was with Elvis who walked into his dressing room there's 4 dudes but hear me out but I guess we're grown up in Burger King cups to her what he means other and then I learned when I say that if I fuck you shut the door and I looked at all the folks going on in your room they said to me was your dream baby Khan wake up wake up wake up tech made it restricts how might we you would really put me out what what what what you really put me out was not that not that the guys were both fucking right that they didn't know it was the product placement but what the fuck the Burger King do not get it what the fuck when did they figured it out you just don't know that there's a way to enter checked advertising in your dream storage drugs walk you through some bad hurting in the future right now it's like I got more Chryslers dream about the Elvis in the butt fucking car though no no no but what if there's a possibility that it that someone could insert a product right to dream right that they could give you a cheeseburger and that cheeseburger with some experimental thing that would make you think about Burger King in a dream and see a burger in a dream if you do it you can do it of what it's going to future if like I go and sit yes work in the future that doesn't mean sense yeah for the final duck noises of geico yeah it's something to have this happen to you you're hungry or state were still missing on hold so I can wear stumbling on something very brilliant ... too it's a flag though those first name I forget yes okay going to Los jugos so I called Joe this is what you said you go we just talk about this year like yeah you got so many crazy stories that happen you edit and and and but I never think that I think they're just things well I think it's my ability the way I see something happen is different than the way everyone else sees it happened you know I see the the little thing that bit registers in me I go all that's my thing you know in it like that for me or my wife just glazes over it and it's come to light in this podcast more than anything the machine I mean the what I've told a story to fucking 1000000 people but no one told you something lit up knowing what is good story right the fuck in fighting a bear the fuck everything up getting mauled by a bull Tracy Morgan everything's lights up so then I'm talking on the phone today a call you because you hate you devise a and you go as I'm on the phone with dell American Airlines 20 upgraded you look we're gonna sit Amsterdam was it I never been there I said well what do you do you ever go there don't go see flying dildos true story right so I hope so unbundling 22 a method I mean in this Amsterdam with the black 5 friends and there and of course we do the rounds in Amsterdam you fucking lit up ... Heineken factory has jobs I think even maybe mushrooms we walked by this live sex show and it says on the Billboard ... guy on girl girl on girl oral sex ... this this this and then the last one is flying dildos come see flying dildos and saw Mike fuckin a telephone person find does it was effectively build is that to me is a show stopper that is something that I will buy tickets for everyone for flood Beisel tickets we go to see a live sex show ever seen one no it's basically like a half a boxing ring so it's like you walk in and that stadium seating and then have a boxing ring where they just without the ropes and they just everything happens right there that his flock to just talk and ... inner dudes beat not in the audience are you like to wear lipstick no do Darby not in the audience they are it's no it's a kite is currently you know you say that because I don't know we're supposed to do but there was like 20 people there who said they get to give maybe should have been but we didn't know we ruined it for everyone ... so we sit down and they're like in the they come on the like the first is ... girl on girl is is just a beauty of one right so right 2 girls come out and the like they gave the go eat ice and sing to girls Camillus are gone flying dildos frothing bill does not like no we're not playing the list ago all no duty guys really good who is he going to lose too so they do their thing believe a girl comes up by self masturbation I go find all since you've known not Plainville as I've busted everyone became the stage I just feel flying Bilbo's how many people came to study like 9 acts nynex Gundy's how about long as each one doing 5 minutes apart amassed rating and then meeting each other out the blowing you do them all we outgrow left like the headliner right like and we get to the guy from the growing like you better be fucking flying dildos and guys like we're monthly bill looks okay stop the fucking playing globosa Mike I would move the whole time that you're doing what they're fucking up yet but now we got 20 dudes in there all of my team problem will give him a hug who we want flying dildos right for them both how do we will finally comes out with a doctor's of little briefcase in the doctors think bag yeah just Watson was days ago you better be fucking find the list because they didn't get one and I am flying build in the bottom fifth you know like bug right of the military came out I'm going to need and I'm going to need someone from the audience and everyone's like so my book I am doubly going up there of course he did so I get up I made up there and I was tuning thought do those fucking bill does ago my hand vote goes up Gary okay hands behind back in a bully as one mac as he handcuffed me and it was like full I don't think I would hope not she drops my pets cutaway shirts with the scissors throws me on the back with a dildo in my mouth I just box it and it's been good to have that was flying bill does and she leaves me with a double my mouth make people everyone will be cute pictures might put himself ready for like I had it comes on a good fucking move just just like we did the don't know who the fucking nightmares to would have a phone then size issues in 90 is right up to the Russian mob thing so this is and there's no digital cameras took real might I can tell you if you want somewhere out someone out there has in the dusty su Baki J. coups motto they brought back collar he didn't let go though you know when to take is the out PJ cruise mano a home has as a picture I guarantee ex I know he's listening when my buddies was on it with us he had one of those disposable cameras and came right up there like right up to the stage of stamps that soon say if you're out there find me on Twitter home whatever with PJ stands very little time to make it worth your while PJ from Qamishli out yeah so I never go to the best PJ faith of ever seen in my life yeah you would you give him before the shows I have no idea just how I have I have no idea he's extracellular he is known as cilia in Burbank there's wild up parrots gang of wild parrots I you are seeing them mom and they they it's the loudest thing ever had no where it it sounds like murder outside of your house you know that's weird yeah and and if you look online is like websites devoted to him and stuff and they look just like normal parents they just go around in this huge gangs that's preserve rain I remember we ... worked at the ... west Palm Beach improv the old one way back in the day and ... I they put you up of this condos me and Matty Kersh looked out the window this fucking like parrots like actual parents on this power lines Mike do there's like real parents out here yeah like this is the weirdest shit ever like their parakeets and parents yeah might easily tropical birds of Miami's tropics it is the tropics it is the tropics yeah barely America right let's be realistic it's too awesome view headache that it isn't pretty easy and too many Cubans guidance may throb and in a tropical we're going to Cuba yeah how cute your trip flippy Cuba how do I love you open up relations as one of the best thing about the show right now yeah yeah I would love to the others parakeets our parents were movies at the Burbank parity in these are actual virus Asha Parekh yeah and you know you go home from down because of you to what I know these are just still pictures ... of did they come from people that were ... that had was pets or would they come from the you know they'd there's no there's just rumors because Disney's there said a lot people think that what Disney's with Walt Disney's parrots in need of some machinery for and they're not parents Walt Disney's such a mother fucker he's got fake parents out there flying around shit on people yeah I had a bird's eye had bird feeders out I bought recently and they found out about it now they won't leave my house alone there there like every day all the parents in means that matters cool too that's pretty dope if they're allowed to allow their knowing as fuck no I'm really not Lauzon yeah put that let them into your spiritual compass yeah bring them into center it seems like an amazing thing to have in your neighborhood O. Haskell in it's really cool because it's ... I live in equestrian place their horses and parents and have really so must now also worship and bird shit all stewed up together in the Burbank son how is it that it's a legal if you don't clean up after your dog but you're allowed to just have your fucking whore she is his arm and D. its giant asshole 1200 pound body of stewed grasses oral to sure right I'm sorry is this possible stones is a dirt road you former flock pick up after that Donte your dog did you share all of my previous your dog is not that green this is contributing to global warming don't you as Terry hassle Brian said even like Paris since they put even though the ticket like the parents up but like I yeah I on the floor well we're gonna close our doors were gone yeah are nnova bring the fucking parents into the courthouse we would now like to prosecution and witness the Burbank barrenness member seems before no Leanna cool no 2 hits is fine I take 2 heads all the time and I drive is yeah yeah you'll all you do is you need to do so with that stuff right plaques and stuff tell them everything John all you know all I what about the the defense attorney goes and the judge goes badgering you're wrong buzzing the witness in the objection and then brought suit goes and Paula Gregory known too far to //
"2017-04-05 02:57:02"
Joe Rogan Experience #940 - Sam Harris & Dan Harris
\\ //
"2017-04-03 22:53:15"
Joe Rogan Experience #939 - Chris Cage
\\very good yeah we're good 5432 there was a there was like you didn't do that Thelma was it shows a finger button Chris was summand Horia good men who Donja thanks for doing this ... for people to name right now ... Chris is ... the author of how to hike the Appalachian Trail and is also a talk about these in the budgets for this company is not sponsor this company ... green belly meals and these of these really delicious R. bars that are that way like 50 pounds Darko a brick filled with ... nutrients in food and they're really good for people who do this crazy Appalachian Trail thing these these bars view that you sell of become very popular with hunters and and people that I like to go on now ... backpack journeys deep into the back country and ... I found out about you from our rich ... courage notes outdoors podcast and ... that's where I listen to you on his podcast and that's why that's why here etcetera locators Cody love the 5 //
"2017-03-30 20:55:42"
"Mindblower of Mindblowers" with Lawrence Krauss
\\how low frequencies what about the ideas of the universe is in a constant state of contraction no it isn't ranch and now and it will mean that people think and no soap in abandoned some physicists to argue that if there's a cycle cry looks nice and the argument I think most of most people I mean there's some people argue for that do that no I don't mind I got you something neat well I think they're trying to do type their ignorance and something that isn't it any more plausible that picture that expands forever and as far as we tell the most likely possibilities that are universal expand forever fought to make you a little bit happier possible the best pictures that we have of our of of of the early years is that we actually our universe isn't unique it isn't alone that there are many universes we call it a multiverse and that Albanian stint in time in kind of a cosmic super time there's always universe being born so that that that multiverse might be might be infinite and eternal where are they outside of our universe I was an impossible of course it's possible I understand and I questioning it okay no no you're light years one find it well first of all the simplest possibility is that they're outside the region we can see right for for for example the edges of our visible universe spaces expanding faster away from us the light because you know we taught you in school nothing can travel faster than light you may remember that from scratch we lied 50 if you kick one no you have to parse it more carefully like a lawyer nothing to travel through space faster than light space can do whatever the hell it wants so locally as I told you the radio host is is at rest they're not moving in and the other into the galaxy give them in the visible universe and we arrest but the space between us is expanding so that galaxy like a surfer is being carried away from us faster than light relative to the water the surfers and moving right but well to the shore the server is right right okay so this this galaxy is not moving relative to its local surroundings but it's true moving away from us faster than light and like a surfer known under tow they can swim really fast in the water but if the waters for moving away from the shore the limit back the shore right and so that galaxy the light from that galaxy is traveling through space at the speed of light but if the space in between us in the galaxy is moving faster than light then the poor like can ever make it to us we call that a horizon wow so the space is traveling too far for the light to reach us so are you a fast track basis to fast so this like can't catch up with the expansion of space and it never gets to us and that that galaxy disappears from our causal horizon we call it we'll never be able to see it will never be able to interact with it will never be okay and it could be that that there are different regions so far away from us where space is expanding faster than light which which have a very different history than our own so they could be space could be infinite just are simple unit the space that we know of and love could be infinite in extent and different regions of that space had different histories and some of those regions out everything we can see we know emerged from a single point okay we can tell that we can tell that by mission Big Bang expansion of everything we see and working backwards in the universe that are visible universe was one smaller and smaller and smaller to go back in time we can actually follow the laws of physics back to the earliest moments the Big Bang until those laws break down we can make predictions about the universe should look like almost predictions agree exactly with the observations we make which tell us that that picture works but another region if you wish could've come from a different Big Bang but is that another universe or is it a part of the universe so when you see here's how we've changed and I know this is semantics but non trivial semantics namely when I was a kid universe meant everything everything right but we say that's pretty stupid definition a better definition is an operational one universe means that region of space with which we at one time we could have communicated or one time in the future even if the future is infinite we might communicate with because that describes the region of space where cause and effect works some measurable distance yes and so that our we think of the universes that region which could open it throughout which everything could affect everything else ultimately in in Philly long time and in that picture we universes can be restricted in size and then other regions which could never have affected us and which will never affect us in the future we call other universes ... I see and when and and now they're many different versions of a multiverse but that's the simplest version and this picture we call inflation which out but you know I talk I just did too little clips associate with a new book up I have one force for pop publisher and one was for big think one is a the universe in under 2 minutes so you can look up online look for large grass explains university 2 minutes right talk about this cosmic expansion and how it might mean there's a multiverse but the other is up explain universe in terms of of this beer bottle of that that I talked about your earlier so you can that's a video you can watch that but if this theory of inflation which actually says our universe could the Paul the qualities that we see of our universe can best be explained of some early time in the history the universe when was a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second old it had a huge expansion suddenly increased in size by 30 orders of magnitude in size in a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second which is by the way particle physics suggests is highly plausible you know okay and then and then and then it would produce universe that looks more less like we look what you look like and and ... and it and it's right now the only explanation of what of how that would cause the universe to look like would look like but the neat thing about inflation is it's eternal so inflation that puffing up and in our universe and then boom hot Big Bang followed it case to the region nearest universe puffed up by huge amount than all that energy which restored an empty space got released like the beer bottle and we got a hot Big Bang and the rest is history but that's locally but somewhere else it between us in there space is still expanding exponentially and faster and faster faster and only maybe somewhere else today boom like an ice crystals forming boom that that region of space is suddenly left inflation and maybe get the dissolving years in the future the be another region of space that's expanding away from a sum of much faster than light so we'll never know about it which suddenly that region these inflation and boom another hot Big Bang happens and it turns out each of those hot big bangs after the inflation ends depending upon how it ends the laws of physics could be different in that universe and that's what we tend to think it's quite likely that there are many many separate regions of space and in fact it's eternal so such regions are are forming eternally for all time and and and there are thought big bangs happening in many regions and the properties of Mitchell's regions whether they are conducive to forming galaxies and stars planets and people may be different so we could say logically in that picture that the reason the universe looks like the way it does is because we're here to measure it I all my guy we should leave it at that okay wishy closer that that is the mind blower go and blow it could I if //