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"2018-05-20 01:33:27"
What Is Anarchy? Authorities In Canada Seem To Think They Know….Or Do They?
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"2018-05-18 21:15:36"
BREAKING: Shooting At Santa Fe High School in Texas - Guns Are Not The Enemy!
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"2018-05-15 04:07:39"
The Government Does NOT Want You To Grow Your Own Food!
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"2018-05-14 17:03:43"
This Is The Harsh Reality Of The Pre vs Post Legalization of Cannabis In Canada
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"2018-05-11 23:52:27"
This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About Syria
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"2018-05-11 00:00:24"
The Truth About The Battle For Iran - What You NEED To Know!
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"2018-05-09 05:46:17"
White Privilege Debunked! Ryerson University Conference Exposed!
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"2018-05-07 16:35:58"
The Electoral (S)Election Process May Soon Become Even More Manipulative Than It Already Is!
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"2018-05-04 22:43:03"
Canadian Psyop Exposed! We Have A Serious Illegal Immigrant Issue But That’s All A Part Of The Plan!
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"2018-05-03 23:32:02"
Check Your White Privilege! Press For Truth Live AMA
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"2018-05-03 21:34:02"
Police Body Cam Footage of Vegas Shooting Raises More Questions Than Answers! Press For Truth LIVE!
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"2018-05-02 19:25:04"
Press For Truth Live AMA (May 2nd 2018)
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"2018-05-02 00:13:45"
Re-Opening The 9/11 Investigation With Award Winning Actor Ed Asner
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"2018-05-01 01:23:16"
Free Speech Is No Longer Free Especially In Canada!
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"2018-04-28 01:17:11"
Cannabis “Legalization” Exposed! “Your Concerns Are Not My Concerns” Becomes Infamous Epic Blunder!
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"2018-04-26 23:24:31"
Kinder Morgan vs Paid Protesters, Feminists Vision For G7 & Paul Desmarais Jr. Caught Funding ISIS!
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"2018-04-25 21:16:15"
We Need To Talk About Alek Minassian - What You Need To Know!
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"2018-04-24 20:57:13"
Ontario Sex Scandal Evolves Into $8 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against CTV News!
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"2018-04-23 21:31:18"
BREAKING: Van Plows Into Crowd In Toronto Killing 9 With 16 Injured By Suspected ISIS Operative!
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"2018-04-23 04:44:49"
The Bissonnette Confession - What You Need To Know
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"2018-04-20 19:06:14"
420 Live In Vancouver - Countdown Coming To Dlive
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"2018-04-19 21:44:55"
Expand Your Reach And Open Your Minds(.com)
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"2018-04-17 22:44:26"
YouTube Vs 420 & The Great Cannabis Purge of 2018
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"2018-04-17 04:12:14"
BREAKING: Terrorist Attack In Toronto with PFT Live On The Scene
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"2018-04-17 01:20:44"
The War In Syria From A Syrian Perspective - What You NEED To Know!
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"2018-04-15 02:29:36"
The Battle For Syria - You Were Warned!
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"2018-04-15 01:06:47"
What's Going To Happen To The Price Of Gold And Silver In Such Troubling Times?
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"2018-04-14 02:34:03"
World War Three Is Imminent And #INoLongerComply
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"2018-04-11 16:35:00"
The Canadian Government Is Terrified About What Cannabis Will Do To Their Pal Big Pharma!
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"2018-04-11 10:23:39"
Humboldt Tragedy Invokes SJW Trash, CBC Thinks You’re Dumb on Climate Change & 911 Truth vs Google!
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"2018-04-11 06:30:05"
Humboldt Tragedy Invokes SJW Trash, CBC Thinks You’re Dumb on Climate Change & 911 Truth vs Google!
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"2018-04-09 22:24:30"
BREAKING: War With Syria Imminent Due To Israel/US False Flag Chemical Attack
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"2018-04-08 15:32:30"
EXCLUSIVE: Rare Footage Inside Massive Bitcoin Mining Farm
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"2018-04-07 05:07:42"
The Truth About Netanyahu's Illegal African Immigrants Coming To Canada From Israel
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"2018-04-05 00:33:24"
What They Won't Tell You About The YouTube Shooter
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"2018-04-04 00:43:36"
BREAKING: Female Shooter Dead At YouTube Headquarters PFT Live with Dan Dicks
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"2018-04-04 00:02:48"
BREAKING: Syria Under Attack! US/France/UK Strike - Russia Threatens Retaliation - PFT Live
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"2018-04-03 22:11:35"
BREAKING: Female Shooter At ΥouTube Ηeadquarters
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"2018-04-02 21:55:48"
We Need To Talk About The Sinclair Broadcasting Group Video
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"2018-03-31 23:04:27"
Bilderberg 2018 Location And Agenda
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"2018-03-31 05:40:29"
"James Corbett Is Not On Twitter" - By Dan Dicks
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"2018-03-28 18:16:19"
The Incremental Push To Repeal The Second Amendment Exposed!
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"2018-03-27 23:02:32"
The Poisoning Of A Double Agent - Canada Pokes The Russian Bear And Is About To Get Mauled
\\ //
"2018-03-27 00:30:18"
BREAKING: Alexandre Bissonnette Pleads Not Guilty - False Flag Exposed!
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"2018-03-25 19:11:46"
Μarch For Οur Lives Vancouver...Just Shoot Me!
\\ //
"2018-03-24 20:19:57"
Marching Into The Belly Of The Beast
\\ //
"2018-03-24 01:03:03"
Are The Terms "Mr. & Mrs." Offensive? FaceBook Is Toast & Rejecting Bill C-71 Lock Stock And Barrel!
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"2018-03-23 15:19:54"
SHOCKING: Forced Organ Harvesting Exposed!
\\ //
"2018-03-23 01:55:18"
Reactionary Activists "Shut It Down" Faith Goldie Silenced At Wilfred Laurier University
\\ //
"2018-03-22 20:51:56"
ΒREAKING: Exclusive Footage Released Of Ρaddock From Inside Μandalay Βay
\\ //
"2018-03-21 16:28:22"
Cannabis And The Federal Law Loophole You Don't Wanna Miss!
\\ //
"2018-03-20 23:15:19"
BREAKING UPDATE: Ρarkland Shooter Was Given The Green Light While The Authorities LIHOP
\\ //
"2018-03-19 15:18:57"
Countdown To The Bond Armageddon!
\\ //
"2018-03-17 22:47:26"
Press For Truth Live with Dan Dicks (Steemit AMA)
\\ //
"2018-03-17 03:35:50"
The Agenda To Destroy The Family, Wikipedia Conspiracy Police & #FreeDicks Wins!
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"2018-03-15 22:04:33"
Doug Ford To Open The Cannabis Market, Cut The Carbon Tax And Repeal Sex Ed?
\\ //
"2018-03-14 00:17:52"
Lauren Southern Banned, Tommy Robinson Turns Bulldog & Islam Is Not A Race Sorry Not Sorry
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"2018-03-13 00:43:45"
The YouTube Ρurge Is In Full Swing: Ρress For Τruth's Dan Dicks Receives Strike And Is Censored
\\ //
"2018-03-09 01:38:10"
Feminism Is Cancer, "Globalist" Really Means "Jew"?! & Amazon's Alexa Is Laughing At You!
\\ //
"2018-03-08 00:18:37"
Trade Wars Looming: How Will Trump's Moves Play On The Global Economy?
\\ //
"2018-03-07 16:54:22"
Acadia U Prof Rick Mehta "The Education System Needs To Come Down Like The Berlin Wall"
\\ //
"2018-03-06 23:20:30"
Press For Truth Live with Dan Dicks (Steemit AMA)
\\ //
"2018-03-06 01:34:08"
Ex CIA Director Warns Of Canadian Election Interference, Stingray Spying & Tariff's = NAFTA 2.0?
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"2018-03-04 16:24:30"
Trump Shoots Himself In The Foot, Infowars Gets Suspended & Fubar And The TPB Are Truthers?!
\\ //
"2018-02-28 22:32:22"
"ThemTube" Is Purging Independent Media Channels But We Have A Solution!
\\ //
"2018-02-28 03:53:37"
The Canadian Government Is Lying About Cannabis Legalization
\\ //
"2018-02-27 01:39:02"
BREAKING: Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Official Narrative Is Falling Apart
\\ //
"2018-02-23 18:56:09"
"We Don't Need A Government, We Need A Protectorate" - G. Edward Griffin
\\ //
"2018-02-22 21:49:54"
"Governments Are Shaking In Their Boots" Mike Maloney On Blockchain Tech
\\ //
"2018-02-19 14:44:18"
Shaking Things Up At Anarchapulco
\\ //
"2018-02-16 22:33:44"
The Return Of Ben Swann
\\ //
"2018-02-10 00:30:15"
Military To Spend $170,000 on Marijuana Simulation Kits
\\ //
"2018-02-09 02:17:26"
The Truth About The Toronto Police
\\ //
"2018-02-04 01:13:18"
Let's Go Confront The Prime Minister! Behind The Scenes With PFT
\\ //
"2018-01-31 21:49:04"
2018 The Year Truth Wins! PFT Live with Dan Dicks (Steemit AMA)
\\ //
"2018-01-31 02:31:52"
The USD Is In Trouble! It's Time To Hedge Your Assets With Tangibles Before It's Too Late!
\\ //
"2018-01-30 03:55:09"
Mosque Shooting Anniversary, The Strava App Security Fail & Transgender Hormone Therapy For Minors
\\ //
"2018-01-27 22:30:41"
Documenting The Roots Of Fascism In The 21st Century
\\ //
"2018-01-27 01:14:23"
Sherman's Murdered, Soros/Bitcoin/Trudeau Rubber Duck Conspiracy & Privacy Commissioner's Epic Fail
\\ //
"2018-01-25 21:13:40"
Patrick Brown Sex Scandal - PFT Live with Dan & Leigh Steemit AMA)
\\ //
"2018-01-25 00:19:19"
The Pope On Fake News, The US vs Assad And Trudeau in Davos - What You Need To Know!
\\ //
"2018-01-24 03:04:10"
Tsunami's, Amazon Go And Billionaires Murdered - What You Need To Know!
\\ //
"2018-01-21 01:52:15"
Top 5 Truther YouTube Channels With Under 1000 Subscribers #ScrewYouTube
\\ //
"2018-01-19 23:57:18"
THE Most Important Thing To Know About The Classified FISA Memo
\\ //
"2018-01-18 23:21:37"
BREAKING: US To Maintain Military Presence In Syria To Oust Assad And Counter Iran
\\ //
"2018-01-16 20:20:57"
YouTube's Days Are Numbered - D.Tube Is THE Blockchain Solution To Censorship!
\\ //
"2018-01-15 23:33:05"
The Hijab Scissor Hoax - A lesson in Propaganda And Fake News From The Canadian Government
\\ //
"2018-01-14 20:07:21"
Steemit Is A Game Changer - AMA Live With Press For Truth
\\ //
"2018-01-13 23:47:56"
Ballistic Missile Heading For Hawaii - Simple Mistake? Or Government Psyop?
\\ //
"2018-01-13 01:51:50"
Fighting "Fake News" Is Code For Enacting Censorship! What You Need To Know!
\\ //
"2018-01-11 23:49:14"
Twitter "Shadow Banning" Exposed! Opposing Views Go Down The Memory Hole
\\ //
"2018-01-11 01:48:02"
BOOM! Speaking Truth To Power - Justin Trudeau Confronted At Town Hall!
\\ //
"2018-01-10 00:08:02"
Tensions Brewing Between North Korea And The US Ahead Of Vancouver Meeting
\\ //
"2018-01-08 23:46:17"
The Truth About Oprah Winfrey's 2020 Presidential Run
\\ //
"2018-01-07 17:06:32"
2018 Shaping Up Big For Precious Metals And Cryptocurrencies!
\\ //
"2018-01-06 21:38:48"
Mark Zuckerberg Eyes Cryptocurrency For Facebook In Attempt To Take Down STEEMIT.COM
\\ //
"2018-01-05 21:03:22"
This Is Why You Need To Pay Attention To Gold!
\\ //
"2018-01-04 23:08:13"
BUSTED! Google & Amazon "Digital Assistant" Patents For Spying Exposed!
\\ //
"2018-01-02 23:58:30"
California Beats Canada To The Punch With Legal Recreational Cannabis
\\ //
"2018-01-02 08:44:07"
BREAKING: War With Iran Imminent As US Gives Israel Green Light To Assassinate Top General
\\ //
"2018-01-01 23:17:47"
Cracking The Cryptic M.I.A Code Tweeted By Assange
\\ //
"2017-12-19 20:16:01"
Let's Talk About Bitcoin And Cannabis! AMA Live with PFT
\\ //
"2017-12-17 01:54:34"
MKULTRA And The Russian Connection Exposed!
\\ //
"2017-12-14 19:40:19"
Did a Cartoon Mouse just kill the internet? Disney Buys Fox As Net Neutrality Vote Looms
\\ //
"2017-12-12 23:42:38"
Bitcoin and Blockchain Mass Adoption Is Happening! What You Need To Know!
\\ //
"2017-12-12 02:25:47"
SJW & Black Twitter Tools! Keaton Jones vs The Left!
\\ //
"2017-12-10 04:48:28"
Biometrics & The TSA In Your Car?! This Is Going Too Far!!
\\ //
"2017-12-10 02:08:29"
FintruX And The P2P Lending Ecosystem - What You Need To Know!
\\ //
"2017-12-06 01:46:21"
YouTube Censorship, Elsagate And The Future Of Net Neutrality
\\ //
"2017-12-05 03:49:33"
Facebook Uses AI To Detect Suicidal Thoughts...What Could Go Wrong?!
\\ //
"2017-12-04 23:43:05"
Blockchain Technology Is Changing The World Of Finance! - P2P Lending With Fintrux
\\ //
"2017-12-02 00:18:37"
A.I Computer Vision Takes Analysing MetaData To A New Obtrusive Level!
\\ //
"2017-11-21 19:40:34"
Gold Spikes As Dollar Crash Looms - If You're Not Protected What Are You Waiting For?
\\ //
"2017-11-19 23:31:31"
Free Speech Isn’t Dead Yet! Dan Dicks Live At The Railway Club
\\ //
"2017-11-19 18:10:21"
What You ACTUALLY Need To Know About The Paradise Papers Leak
\\ //
"2017-11-19 05:31:09"
What You ACTUALLY Need To Know About The Paradise Papers Leak
\\ //
"2017-11-16 00:36:15"
Project BIZARRE Exposed! New Digital Sensor To Ensure Patients With Mental Issues Take Their Meds!
\\ //
"2017-11-13 23:30:20"
The Sex Scandal Snowball Effect - This Is Getting Huge
\\ //
"2017-11-11 00:10:38"
G20 Justice - Officer Who "Kettled" Civilians Punished
\\ //
"2017-11-09 23:04:56"
Transgender Logic with Theryn Meyer
\\ //
"2017-11-09 00:19:53"
The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon - What You NEED To Know Moving Forward
\\ //
"2017-11-07 23:03:05"
Let's Talk About Solutions! How To Achieve A Truly Open Free Market As A Voluntarist
\\ //
"2017-11-06 21:32:07"
Dr. Jordan Peterson On The Collectivist Mindset
\\ //
"2017-11-04 01:56:43"
SHOCKING: George Soros Fund Manager Raped, Electrocuted And Imprisoned Women In NYC Sex Dungeon
\\ //
"2017-11-02 22:08:36"
Biometric National ID Cards Exposed - Maldives Government Launches The Beast System
\\ //
"2017-11-01 03:12:59"
NYC Halloween Truck Attack - What You Need To Know
\\making news today is a terrorist attack in Manhattan has left 8 people dead with many others injured and this is currently a developing story so here's what we know so far one suspect is in custody after being shot by police say cruel say pop was shot in the abdomen by police after you plow truck into a pile of people early reports said that his weapons were fake this week from the NYPD stated the suspect exited the vehicle displaying imitation firearms and was shot by NYPD that police have since confirmed that what he actually had was a paint gun and a pellet gun he was allegedly targeting a school bus while taking out multiple people along the way and when he exited the vehicle he apparently looked panicked and confused according to this eyewitness I've learned per se but ... he did have a noticeable one because he was have his car he did look like he was tracking this vote a little bit me was screaming out and he was screaming in the street he looked frustrated and confused multiple people reported hearing shots fired but it's hard to say at this point where or from whom these shots were coming from and that no was found inside the truck that was used as a weapon allegedly claiming that this attack was done for ISIS according to reports say pog designers Becky state and national who moved to the United States in 2010 hit a Florida driver's license on him at the time of the arrest victims can be seen along more than 15 New York city blocks than say pop himself is currently injured but is expected to live according to fox news vehicular terrorist attacks numbered 29 in 2015142016 and approximately 13 this year they say attacks are down but the leaf vality of these attacks have increased by 296 percent so maybe we should just ban all trucks and all cards to write I mean what other options do we have maybe we should just not allow anyone to have anything on wheels ever again sounds kind of ridiculous right that's because it is in a civilized society we have allowed some trucks to have more horsepower than others essentially making them more dangerous than other cars that are on the road but we allow this to happen because we know that that individual first of all it still needs to obtain a license but we also know that the freedom of movement is a fundamental right that everyone gets to have so we have conceded that we just need to trust that people are going to do the right thing with their car or truck of choice and it's no different with guns in our society and perhaps now which is good a time as any to repeat that now cliche but true mantra guns don't kill people people kill people with the Las Vegas shooting happening within the same month you better believe we're going to see some major pushes towards very strict gun control by just about every politician you can think of but maybe it's time we stop looking at the gun or the truck or the knife and we take a serious look at our immigration policy in our interventionist policy which generates blowback fender practice of arming and funding and training these terrorist on their homelands in the first place as I said this is a developing story and we will continue to track this but I want to remind you today that the most important question moving forward on this is going to be qui bono or who benefits who do you think is going to benefit the most from this is gonna be isis or is going to be the state leave your thoughts in the comments section below I don't think anyone who's ever donated to us at press for truth.CA slash donate this channel is only made possible because of people like you so thank you very much and if you'd like to get involved please check the links in the description of find out how you can become a PFD member or a PFD patron thanks for watching my friends stay tuned for more pretty reports coming soon this is the index reporting for press for truth //
"2017-10-31 01:59:40"
Hatreon vs Patreon - The Free Market Solution To Financial Censorship
\\is their tool in this day and if you're reporting for pressed for truth and I want to just quickly make this video today to talk about the fact that we are now living in a post you too bad park lips world where censorship has run completely ramp it and many of us in the field of alternative media independent media are feeling the crunch ... financially and the beautiful thing that it's happened in response to all of this is that there's been a free market response ... where we now have sites like that did me in bit shoot and duh duh pew to and even a deep to I I D. this is the news decentralized video sharing platform that pays you in crypto currencies so the free market has spoken you know when when you try to censor people the free market always speaks up and now we have a a new exciting one popping up because many of you may know the in when it comes to crowd funding peach tree on has become one of the biggest go to websites for for those of us in independent media as a means to be able to I raise funds from from patrons but you may also know they have proving themselves to also be a capable of censoring ... you know that those of us like our friend Lawrence southern use kicked off of that platform so in response to this there's a new one today I wanted to tell you about it's called Hatry on at history on die this was set up by a Cody Wilson I he is the guy who developed the ... 3 D. printed gun and I think this is a a a a beautiful free market response to these senses censorship solutions that are problems that we are now seeing ... so check out of the lake I'm going to have a a profile set up cold day Hatry slash pressed for truth very similar to my slash pressed for truth which I'll still keep obviously much love goes to all my PFD patrons but you know I I I don't wanna certainly just move on over to ... knew I ideological echo chamber were I would just be preaching to the choir so I want to broaden my ... my reach and be able to bring the message of truth to to reach these day SJW than and and these people who think that that censorship in silencing free speech the preferred way to go so check the waves into the spin a description a to where you can find me on I either flesh pressed to truth or the newly launched he tree on .net flash pressed for truth and ... I hope you will consider giving a pledge their if you appreciate the work that we do here at press for troops check the links below and so that's it ... before they let you know about this new exciting the centralized type of platforms are popping up all the time and we now have a response to the crowd funding problem and it's called check us out at slash pressed for truth //
"2017-10-30 02:15:16"
MKULTRA Victim Receives Compensation From Ottawa!
\\now infamous MK ultra brainwashing experiments have a major Canadian connection so in this video we're gonna break down what it is and where it sat today who has been affected by it and will share some good news when it comes to this dark piece of history let's start with the good news federal government quietly compensates daughter of brainwashing experiments victim Alison Steele with only 4.5 years old when her mother's life changed for ever in 1957 gene steel was admitted to Montreal's Allan memorial institute the once happy and energetic 33 year old was diagnosed with manic depression and delusional thinking in the months that followed steel became the victim of a CIA funded brainwashing experiments conducted by doctor Ewing Cameron she was kept in a chemically induced sleep for weeks and subjected to rounds of electric shocks experimental drugs and tape recorded messages played non stop her daughter says she was never able to really function as a healthy human being because of what they did to her and what they did was indeed horrific what Dr Cameron had figured out was that when someone goes through a state of trauma the human mind will shut down certain areas so that the brain won't constantly re live this terrible memory that's why a lot of times when someone's in a horrific car accident they have no recollection of what happened at the moment of impact that's a really well designed mechanism built into our brains by our creator Dr Kerr learned that if you reduce the state of trauma you could not only white Bo bad memories but you can create new ones are programmed the subject while they're in this state Cameron believe the combination of chemically induced to sleep for weeks at a time massive electroshock treatments experimental who synergetic drugs like LSD and techniques such as psychic driving through the repeated playing of taped messages could D. pattern the mind breaking up the brain pathways in wiping out symptoms of mental illness such as schizophrenia doctors could then re pattern patients however the D. patterning also wiped out much of the patients memory and elect them in a childlike state in some cases grown adults for got basic skills such as how to use the bathroom how to dress themselves or how to tie their own shoes yeah that's what happens when a man tries to play god when men tries to play god you're gonna have a bad time the experiments were funded in part by grants from the federal government's health and welfare department although in 1986 report by lawyer George Cooper found that government officials were not aware of the full extent of Cameron's experiments what patients and their families didn't know was that Cameron's experiments were also being funded by the U. S. central intelligence agencies MK ultra program the CIA concerned about the brainwashing of U. S. soldiers who had being Korean prisoners of war funded mind control experiments across North America so they thought to themselves soon the Koreans might be up to no good here so maybe we should just create what we think they might be doing just beat them to the punch just to be safe why do it to our own people what's said on up to Canada those French speaking Eskimos could use in shock therapy according to a report written by Cameron Steele was kept in a chemically induced sleep for weeks one series lasted 29 days a second lasted 18 days the sleep therapy was accompanied by a series of electric shocks she was extremely confused and disoriented but much more cooperative Cameron wrote in his report nurses notes on her chart detailed repeated doses of sodium amytal and house deal would pace the hall and rail about feeling like a prisoner it's just like being buried alive somebody please do something this was all said screaming at the nurse and the doctor one note said it's our government just wonderful and how many times has this happened you might be asking an estimated 70 patients were compensated but hundreds more who applied were rejected because the government said that they hadn't been de patterned enough to warrant compensation so while this is good news for the steel family we still need to come face to face with the fact that this happened in the first place and if you think it was bad what they were doing then god only knows what kind of experiments there up to today so I'd like to leave you today with the comprehensive video report on the Canadian connection to the MK ultra experiments that I produced over 5 years ago now so if you missed it then without further ado this is NK ultra and the Canadian connection no only conditioned American trained to kill then you have no memory of having no memory of the could not possibly fields you nobody of us have any reason to be at the club rain it's not only beans functioned as they say me crying please hello everyone this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth TV the use of propaganda along with the manipulation of the education system in the mainstream media has for the longest time being use as effective and practical tools by the elite of the world to control the masses throughout history they have been studying the human mind and an effort to not only learn more about what makes us tick but more importantly how they might become the time keepers shortly after the second World War the Canadian government along with members of the Central Intelligence Agency engaged in the now infamous project MK ultra which specialized in experiments on the human mind in an effort to learn how to gain more control over people this started in 1949 0 project bluebird and was later renamed project artichoke in 1951 by 1953 the CIA began the creation of MK ultra intelligence is nothing really other than in formation and knowledge ... for the days of Socrates by various methods and even before that ... mankind has been seeking knowledge of everything that influences his own life on the life of the nation to which you belong how about the idea that ... it is necessary nefarious it's always engage in overthrowing governments has falls had no doctor has the CI a engage in any political activity are any intelligence David it was not approved at the highest level in order to understand the relevance of these experiments we must first look back to a time before the second World War went during the 19 thirties the Russians were conducting trials against enemies of the state these were referred to as show trials and many of the people were found guilty of being counter revolutionaries and were subsequently put to death many of these people admitted their own guilt without putting up much of a fight and so the Americans believed that the Russians had figured out how to manipulate and control political dissidents to their own design during the second World War the Nazis also engaged in the row brainwashing experiments and a following the war as a part of operation paperclip the U. S. government began smuggling top Nazi scientists out of Germany through the rat line to Rome many of the scientists were given U. S. citizenship and went on to work for various facets of the American government including prominent hospitals and psychiatric wards where the research and experiments continued the CIA began setting up its own project for the control over people's minds the project was codenamed NK ultra and it contains over 150 sub projects they experimented with masculine scopolamine and marijuana on unwitting victim the goal remains the same as this 1950 to see I a memo says the aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self preservation did you ever consider what would have happened if any of these substances were given to say unwitting people I guess I must seem very very cold blooded about this but I don't recall ever having then very much preoccupied with that that with that issue tell me about the acid ... rather not size of Patrick a trip that was a trip the pain is so excruciating felt like some files to give me with 1000000 fans now does it require many of these MK ultra experiments included the use of LSD and other drugs on unwitting subjects as well as the use of controversial psychiatric treatments such as brain implants and electroshock therapy dual physicist Dr Jose Delgado was financed by the office of naval research in this experiment the bowlers sedated electrodes are implanted in its brain Delgado transmits an electronic impulse to the center of the bull's brain Delgado has remote control of the animal recently released CIA documents referred to the feasibility of remote control of an and that special investigations will be conducted toward the application selected elements of these techniques to the man many of these tests occurred in a small psychiatric institution called the Allan memorial institute which is a part of McGill University in Montreal Canada the head of the institute was doctor you and Cameron a renowned psychiatrist and once the head of both the Canadian psychiatric association and the world psychiatric association Cameron's studies were financed by both the CIA and the federal government of Canada to the tune of over 0.$5000000 Dr Cameron's 3 main brainwashing techniques included electroshock therapy and what he referred to as psychic driving and D. patterning in its use of electric shock methods the goal was to shock the patient to a state of trauma so that new patterns and memories could be then set in place these types of trauma based experiments would cause the patient's line to compartmentalize a section of the brain in order to deal with the abuse Cameron believe that it is within the creation of this new compartment that new information can be inserted without the patient have a knowledge of it the psychic driving technique included the use of LSD and other psychedelic drugs combined with a repeating audio message which was delivered directly to the patient he would give the patient intensive eh electric treatment it's not up to make the patient to avoid crisis deeply ... become a forget for and then he would the attempt to implement and Wendy as the next step was what he called psychic driving this involved almost endless tape recorded messages and more drugs for the patient Cameron wrote that this was the way to make direct control changes in personality my work aware of her under my pillow I want to wear the word which where you killed your mother you kill your mother and fully alive and well with a lot of money and then over and over again this voice I love like I say it'll take about 2 thirds of the things that message this was going on for 23 and Cameron would also put his patients into a comatose state through the use of simultaneous injections of barbiturates and amphetamines to create a lethargic zombie like state over a period of weeks the patients would be kept in a calm at state during this time they became like babies as their minds were wiped clean and new memories and habits could be replaced to fill the void how long perfectly beautifully for I would assume that a call law Brady for 8 he couldn't they have on the broken link total on the code good very with them both erase a disturbed mind and that all over again one of Dr Cameron's colleagues at the time was doctor Peter role for very lively really was the White House for the Patton ball from behavior which brought okay command the patient which would think and replace them healthy back Hulton behavior these types of the CIA experiments that were done at the Allen memorial institute in Montreal word done in secret and in most cases many of the patients had no idea that they were being used as subjects in the late 19 seventies and 19 eighties much of this information was being made public through the efforts of journalists such as John marks and through citizens who were directly affected by the MK ultra testing the Canadian government and the CIA were eventually sued for taking part in the E. legal experimentation of American and Canadian citizens Ottawa actually helped the press a key piece of information evidence that CI a officials at the U. S. embassy had actually apologized to the Canadian government and the CI a experiments were first revealed Jim Turner still flabbergasted you gotta understand how important these apologies and expressions of regret war this is an admission lifted legally admissible in court because that is one of the parties litigation Saint I did something wrong and I'm sorry I did it that is crime a facie evidence of negligence and of wrongdoing because all wrong long way to bring the case to a timely conclusion that the protracted tenure litigation that we had although the NK ultra projects were said to have ceased in 1964 the study of human behavior continues to this day some of the information that was learned during the MK ultra projects are being put in use today by police interrogation and military interrogation tactics at places like Guantanamo bay in Cuba one of the most effective tools of brainwashing it's the use of repetition which is the primary function of the mass media in order to manipulate the masses remember that knowledge is power and the more that we know about our own history the better prepared we can be for our future //
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Halifax Councillar Claims Saying "Marijuana" Is Racist
\\this is did Dixie reporting for press for truth we are in a world where political correctness has gone absolutely crazy we got people virtue signalling all over the place and this is now seeping its way into the cannabis community so joining me here today is the one only chat jacket of liberty farms in grassroots medicinal now we're gonna clear the air today about this recent article that just came out a counselor to stop using the word marijuana says turn has racist connotations now a child what can you tell us first of all I'm before we deal with the P. C. of issue ness of of this article I'm what you tell us about just the origins of the terms marijuana versus cannabis and why someone might want to think about using one term over the other well sure the origins of the word marijuana did come from the government there is it's a state status term you know ... so ... it's I wouldn't necessarily say it's raises maybe it had some racist connotations back in the day they're trying to it's all the dividing conquer thing over there scary people on the side of the fence for says this one ... and ... you know but I really think it it's just an inaccurate term is really that the then the main you know main thing here I mean it's it's not marijuana it's that's actually the term for a it's called a Mexican cigarette or Mexican tobacco I believe used so so that's probably where they're getting these ideas of racism that saying that this is going to be used to discriminate against Mexicans or yeah I do yes what it it the thing is is what they're trying to say is back in the day that they tried to demonized the plant by saying you know ... it's coming from across the border in them that Mexicans are bringing it in its marijuana and all that stuff you know so is maybe have a bit of the rhesus thing back then or just data a fear thing here something fear anything it doesn't matter what it is I'm just so that the government can be there to protect you and you know then for prohibit something and you know make a lot of money off of the Perot prohibit should know that and locking people up and all that stuff ... so I don't think that there's any one race that is you know no I you know subject to these laws though so everybody is is feeling the pinch from you know that the government's laws around marijuana or a you know cannabis right so I I I think it's it's a it's a status term it is an inaccurate term ... and it's against all of us not just one color or creed written it's really it's something that I think they tried to ... demonized all of us with his you know like that that that white people on the other side of the border not that they were all white either budget ... you know that the people on the other side or in the United States they were the ones also you know having to suffer from the prohibition from it food so I mean it on all took on all sides it's nobody's benefiting from yet from prohibition or from these false terms yeah so racism was used as an excuse to crack down on certain people and it still is today but that this moment that ultimately still came from the government right so it's not that the it's a it's a racist term it's still it's it's the state ultimately that I'm probably rain it's still and another status term and you know that the government has all different colors and ... then you know government and state states are are wicked J. Norma's gang you know either a big gang that that only is around because of your stolen tax dollars that they're able to keep going and in order to steal your tax dollars they need certain things to titillate put to put in the in the media that that fear certain people like old is this plant it's really dangerous we gotta protect you from it therefore we need more of your money yeah you know and it's it's a dell it's obvious a lot a lot of the true racism actually comes from the government you know a lot of people don't know that like Rosa Parks for example when she refuse to sit on the back of the bus for example some people are saying you know what how how could that bus driver you know that white men don't go along with that well it was the law in the this was mandated by the by the estate ... easy he was following ... orders essentially I it was a part of the law at the time ... so really this state is the problem if it's not it's not racism to fly you know in the in this article that we touched on earlier goes on to say we need to be a more progressive with the term Canada so it's not about being PC it's just about not being fooled by the stare and then disappeared using accurate terms I mean if if you want to protect you be protected from things like dangerous herbs that they claim are dangerous the best thing for you to do for any individual for any party out there to do is to educate yourself on these things not to hand about your money over to some bureaucracy that's gonna say all AOL will will help you by beating up everybody that has this throwing them in cages taking everything they have and ... you know that's it that's the bottom line right now folks say it didn't Trudeau who promised legalization is still jailing people right now on to the state people are still ... being ... but placed in prison a simply for this plant and it needs to stop and that comes with the end of prohibition in general so ... tried your your ... leading one of the causes to help make that happen and move in a direction where it needs to go I tell the folks where they can go to get involved with the ... it with the candidates the growers of Canada and everything you guys are doing so you can go to ... kangaroos.CA into check it that what we were doing with can't growers ... were online as well on to surround Facebook where where we've got a page on there you can check it so I can whisper to Canada ... and you're like a cannabis community lobby is he's going to go up against the government to read print represent the home Goodman growers I hear what true legalization of going to benefit the people so it is like I don't put the word out about that so I've always I know that and that's exactly what it is ... and and you know it's really it's the people have to unite to it that's the main thing is because you can have all the organizations in the world but unless everybody gets but behind behind one and says you know what we're doing this and we're proud of our industry and you know we're organized you just seem very scattered and and to be honest with you there's nothing wrong with individuals being able to be independent people but at times as individuals have to come together for certain causes so that they look organized and they look like they actually have their shit together to get some some stuff done yeah you know and ... you know we we have canisters of Canada I really get my shit together so ... I hope that more people join us out there and ... and help help with that and ... and you know it's ... it's about really raising a lot of awareness right now yeah talking to every government official you can possibly get your hands on letting them know that the allies were around cannabis letting them know the benefits in the benefits of having it within your your local communities and grown within your local communities and also distributed and and you know produced by people that that actually care about the plant have been in the industry for over 20 years a lot of the people and you know some of them way longer than that so I mean it's a it's it's one of those things you know we gotta be proud of what we've built to the end cannabis the the cannabis industry here in British Columbia was was not built by a bunch of bureaucrats and you know it was a lot of blood sweat and tears a lot a lot of work to build what we've done here and that the name BC but is a world renowned it's known all over the place and you know so we can't we can't just let that go to the wayside we can't let that the government that has you know how there's someone us for so many years benefit from that name and give it to their crony capitalist friends for their corn crony socialist friends whatever you wanna call it it's such a mess ... but ... yeah so you know we've we've got to stand with one another we got to stay with our communities and if if we don't hope one another over than what we're gonna help folks if you want to see cannabis legalization move in the direction that it really needs to go here in Canada please check the links in the description to where you can join at ... cannabis growers of Canada and liberty farms in grassroots medicinal.CHI jacket thanks so much for talking to us things for having me again //
"2017-10-27 15:28:04"
Hive Blockchain And Genesis Mining To Build The "Sweden Data Mining Center"
\\this is dead Dixie reporting for press for truth it has been a very exciting week for anybody involved in the blockchain technology or crypto currencies in general big big corn for example is seen all time highs it recently hit $6000 U. S. in effect at the time of the making of this video which right now hovering right in at around $6000 so for anybody who got into this a couple months ago even just a few weeks ago there already seen huge gains but I'm so this is a incredibly exciting to say the least now for the viewers at PF team you're probably already well aware that the largest bitcoin mining company in the world is genesis mining but what you may not know is that they have just recently joined forces of forces with hive blockchain and ... they've got some exciting things planned for the future so I'm I'm really excited to announce that today he I have on the line the C. E. O. and president of the high blockchain I Harry appropriate and ... I I I I wouldn't first ... bring our viewers up to speed and a little no 1 of the recent announcements coming from high blockchain which I think shareholders ought to be really excited about ... hides the blockchain has recently entered into a legally binding letter agreement dated 10/23/2017 with its largest shareholder genesis mining ... under which the company will finance the construction of the crypto currency mining data center in Sweden known as the Sweden data center the swing data center will be a newly constructed GPU mining facility with an anticipated completion date of December 2017 so real soon guys the company's cryptocurrency mining the capacity or hash power is expected to increase by approximately 100 75 percent with the addition of the Sweden data center so this is absolutely huge news and so I want to get your view on your your thoughts on the acquisition and you know where you see this moving forward with genesis mining in Sweden but before we get into that many could start us off by telling us how how did you first get involved with blockchain technology in general to the point where you're now the C. E. O. of high blockchain well I took ... exit interesting in recording quite sometime ago years ago ... and actually I was interested in and mining itself ... at the time you know it's going I bought my first big point at $100 ... clearly didn't buy enough of it but so far at that point timers I actually started mining that even on a very very small basis not nothing like the enterprise were that I'm involved with now but so always been keen on on me first of currencies this opportunity with with genesis and then what high we started looking at so junior transaction with with the genesis guns that we wouldn't ... marcher me of this year and unit hounded either so somebody somewhere ... one of my characters alleviating France wasn't was even very much very closely guys room from genesis and ... there's regards soon we're going over to to meet with them in in Munich we met we are attacked alarms went ... what's unique is while we then flew to Iceland to to see that the facilities they have in Iceland and so anyways right arm I just want to be involved with this company anywhere I couldn't it's been something that I've been ... thinking about for very long time and and it was very fortuitous that I happen to be there and and and and jumped on the opportunity well it makes so much perfect sense that you know you guys will be involved with genesis and also make sense that they would ... locate their original facility in Iceland and I think it's important to point out you know folks it is the the people in Iceland who ... you know jail the bankers after the 2008 financial crisis and I believe it was a bomber who said you know bit coin is compatible to having a Swiss bank account in your back pocket so it makes sense that this would be going over to Sweden what can you tell us about how the facility in Sweden and what you guys hope to achieve in the in the coming months okay in Sweden this this is ... arm and X. match and or or facility that they are so is was already under construction that genesis allies had already started ... filled out there we we ... Harris ... over 30000000 cheating on him treasury and we need so we negotiated cigar I ... well that's and that's 620 megawatts ... I don't doubt that is being built and in Sweden so this is going to be brand new equipment they are in fact ... genesis are ... ... built these race themselves say they bought their suppliers loser customized custom often modest mining reeks are all GPU bass rig so skilled in the art so can try cutting edge job machine so in that respect that city completed there in December of this year and ... momentarily get switched on we search mining morning ... the crypto currencies we wanna mine and how does the government of Sweden feel about this because I know there's been a huge crack down lately ... you don't China banning I CIOS and encrypted currency exchanges and the Russians doing similar things I'm how how how was a Bible there generally when it comes to crypto currencies for the Swedish government well Swedish government there's other Marnie there's other ... we're different C. miners over there are ready ... used so so it's something that they've been supportive about the end of the ... ... one of the main reasons that they also like or mining is in the the main the main imports it too Toumani is electricity so so it Sarah it consumes a fair amount electricity is Sweden does have excess capacity it's got very good power rates as well so you know biased by switching on you know we're going to we're going to be ... of a large ... industrial scale type of user of of that era power is well so Sweden is over or 50 percent of its power is generators are done by hydro electric ... that is that is recent that ... that they've been and I was ... it powers Zack on straight behind that are high growth it certainly had some it's something that so we look we look for is is is good power the long term power contracts in chief and that price is law and again in June jurisdictions Sweden Sweden is all out yeah it it seems to be ... ... compatible I guess to ... or or is it that you know I I know in Iceland that was one of the bigger draws with the lower energy costs on is it it's compatible to what it costs in Iceland is there in Sweden yeah it's it's it it it is very good prices in Sweden is while I slam course Harris the geothermal wind and and the higher lecture there and there is well that's why in the the aluminum smelters are based in Iceland is because of because of power prices for freezing the aluminum is requires a lot of energy as well so you know we are ... intentionally ... locating in these low cost power power areas now high blockchain is actually listed on the Toronto stock exchange and this seems to me like it's a great opportunity to bridge a gap here between people who are maybe nervous of the technology or people who are a little bit leery of getting into this but the familiar with the traditional you know ... us stock market ... type type of but exchanges ... who didn't do you do you see a higher bids being you know that kind of bridge between the mainstream in order to get people involved in crypto currencies yeah exactly and we we had ... you know we most most serves our survey I got a background in the capital markets while arm in really we're the only pure play public Marnie crypto mining company that that exists at this point time and you're right that ... and in a traditional bricks and mortar type of steel stock our act stock equities ... players ... don't how good good alternatives to to to get exposure to the script does the script so environment so what have I what height does is what's interesting is we're going we plan on supporting the coins that we that we produce so you know as a shareholder pa you get exposure but the exposure of the depositor margins of of mining itself but you also get exposure to growing in Manchuria of all of the underlying current crypto currencies as well so it's quite a unique way to to to get that exposure wall I think it it's it's unique it's innovative and so it's absolutely awesome in fact I you recommended the stock to my subscribers are no longer goes only a few weeks back at around 82 cents and today it's trading already yet over $3 it's about to close at over $3 so a lot of my subscribers are already very happy so for anybody else who is a curious about how do how they get involved with this ... where it maybe you can fill in the people who are into the crypto currencies but not so familiar with the traditional stock exchange how did they get involved with high blockchain I would sorry that people are familiar with what the crypto currencies bitcoin but maybe you know they're they're kinda new to getting into the stock market game but you know it can they just visit I'd can the disk on the trial stock market and and purchase 5 stock or or you know what's the best way to go about doing that well they would they would happen they walk past open a an account with them with a brokerage firm some sort it could be an online trading account with one of the banks or or with a traditional broker knowledge in and half have to buy shares on that one this is the way that they would have to get exposed to it arm yes that's that's probably the best way to offer for someone to to buy shares of part of your thoughts on the yeah I I would strongly encourage other people to ... to check this out ... because it's your it's that correct me if I'm wrong but I I believe this this company is not just going to be dealing in crypto currencies right is it moving towards blockchain technology in general because I think there's a pretty big future they're out for blocking technologies yeah and we intentionally didn't call it ... crypto minor or anything is because height blocking technologies and because at some point and time yeah there's a lot of activity going on in in in applying blocks change it to all sorts of different applications which are not cryptocurrency related so you know it's a block genius is really simply ... ... so public ledger and what you're doing is recording transactions that you're moving one digital asset from from one location to another and and to to verify the transaction and to put it in a format that is security and and then actually Alice the ammo lock Cheney that's activity that that miners do so then although right now there's not not lot of life blocks jeans except for the crypto currencies you know at some point in time when these other applications are gaining momentum and and and ... becoming more mainstay ... Tozer tangential of areas of business that that we could tell pursue was well you know at some point during those dark James have to compete with the margins that we that we that we get out while we morning cryptocurrency so that's that's one of the reasons I think that there's any a land grab going on right now for computational power are that's devoted to to to ... mining mining mining cryptocurrency but ... it more generally also watching well I've noticed that there's been some disputes within the community especially when involved involving the bitcoin core I mean we just had I I I second fork ... from big corn cash now in the bitcoin gold and I think it's going to be another big guy a forthcoming potentially in November ... so after I have you guys prepare for these things and it's hive able to ... mine bitcoin cash pickling golden whatever might be coming next well we our our facilities at the moment or GPU minors open GPU Marner so GPU is typically not used to mine bitcoin bitcoin is very efficiently Mari's glory ASIC miners many cigars are application specific I integrated circuits and okay there hearing Kerry asked me Fishin hole with me they have no flexibility what what they can mine so so they focus completely on this point where's the GPU mine mining that we do is is more about Sharon or in in the morning her differences like a theory on the couch in and a host of other alternatives are currencies is while so then right now we're with the GPU miners were not focus on this point I'll work for focus on these other these other currencies that's not by design ID's actually need because of opportunity earlier and certainly we hope to ... you you know in the future be able so to purchase armed perhaps I've added a different data sets center which would be devoted to 2 ASIC mining or to ward so it points arm but you're in the same thing that happens in the in the bitcoin world where you're seeing these hard forks also happen with these other room with each other ... currencies as well and you know that it's it's provides our opportunity is is wild because ... you you know you you can take of you are arms to use different currencies in you know if you really know you know the the characteristics that make make the difference are the different currencies attractive you know we we where she plans to take news arm on the underlying currencies and if we think there's some of that coming out or or or there's a particular currency which we think is going to gain traction will mind that just to get it just or not just to get long long that particular currency and keep it in our inventory in and hopefully you know we're right are on on on those on those viewpoints and make make a lot of money on the capitol occurred on the appreciation of those popular currencies some parents really it yeah yeah top of these these versus years about what works and and the different protocols that are being introduced and and the even under current season have you in and act on those news alright well as we said it's an incredibly exciting time to be involved in this space right now so I'm very I wanna once again thank you so much for joining us today and let the let the viewers know at home a where they can go online to I get involved with hive go to our website it's ... hive there's ... if you all are or news releases and and and the corporate presentation as well ... sign up for for our or an email update winner per week whenever we have one that's the best place to go thoughts and we're gonna have all the links in the description once again thank you so much for talking to us to care and you //
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When It Comes To Kids In Hollywood We Need To Talk About The Parents!
\\promise not to drive too fast and no we lease loopy there's kids moved from neutral with real he'll get it brand from the heart of your taking part in every glass did you why we found it has hello 6 told the most Atlantic Canadians love that yeah but try if you want healing I afternoon paddling alright he looks that was me yum Daniel Dicks the actor I first entered the film business when I was about 5 years old after I landed the part of my very first audition going on early morning auditions with my mom was awesome because it was fun and it often got me out of school which I wasn't complaining about throughout the mid 19 eighties the parts were rolling in commercials and print ads turned into TV shows and movies and before I knew it we were living in Hollywood Burbank going on auditions every day live in the tree I started landing big roles like when I played the part of Charles Bronson's grandson in the thriller the act of vengeance or when I played the son of Dave Thomas and the nephew of John candy in the incredible time troubles of Henry ofsc my agent was thrilled they were called JFK or just for kids and it wasn't long before I joined major unions like actor and say and the money that was coming in started to grow significant but I didn't know either way I was just a kid and then I got the big one my major break as they call it in the business after countless rounds of call backs and being scrutinized over by producers they had narrowed it down to a choice out of 2 and I was now one of the ones being considered for the lead role in a major Jr horror film I was thrilled I was super excited but something wasn't right with my by this point she had been on many film sets we had worked with countless directors and producers but this one was different given the nature of the content of the film my mom became very cautious of these people in the message they wanted to promote with this film and one day she said to me Daniel is this something you really want to do because if you're having any doubts are afraid I want you to know you don't have to do this and that's when I admitted to myself and I said to her you know what mom as cool as it would be to star in this horror film I actually don't want to work with these because this feels satanic and we should have nothing to do with I just like that my mom pulled us from the production she made their choice easy for them some other kid got the role shortly after I began to lose more and more interest in the business altogether and by the time I entered high school it was like a long lost secret of my past that no one even knew about and while most people might wonder what life might have been like if I had gotten that part I don't I keep thinking I dodged a bullet and while most parents would have spent that kids money without the kid even knowing mine didn't they invested it for me in real estate and they allowed me to cash show once I was at a responsible each because that's what good parents do when their kids go to Hollywood I'm thankful everyday that my parents truly had my best interest at heart which is something everyone needs to take a serious look at when it comes to parenting in Hollywood men like Harvey Weinstein and others are guilty of coercing in abusing young rising talent in the end St but one of the main reasons why this is even possible in the first place because their parents failed a swelling bank account and promises of fame can do strange things to the mind of a parent and those who lack a strong moral base will become like sheep to the slaughter of ravenous wolves what's it like seeing your daughter now in this position where you probably advised her you probably coached early on in her career Molly is great instincts for songs and harmonies pockets and read them scene are in this environment is like where she belongs Miley Cyrus should belong to a loving parent who's looking out for her best interests but her parents failed her and countless others may follow this similar fate unless we expose the dangers that lie within this industry it's going to continue we need strong courageous voices in the industry to come forward like Corey Feldman a father and outspoken whistle blower on the sexual predator and peta file problem in Hollywood Corey has recently announced his plan to expose sexual predators and peta files in Hollywood through a film expose any needs your help to make it happen all leave you today with the message from Corey Feldman about his struggle to expose what's going on behind closed doors in Hollywood and also how you can get involved with helping to protect child actors and actresses from sexual predators hi since Corey Feldman I'm coming here today to talk to you about what's on everybody's mind I told everybody if you days ago that I had a plan to try and hopefully bring to light what is happening in the world of entertainment as far as perverts and peta files all the topics of what we've been discussing ever since I even discuss the fact that I have this plan my life was turned into utter chaos you can probably tell by the sound of my voice it's pretty ripped up because of the devastation of what I've been through the past few days I've experienced things like never before I mean I've been silence my whole life but just over the past few days since I made that announcement I've been arrested I had a near death experience last night right felt like I was almost going to be killed ... 2 trucks came speeding out mean at the same time on cross walk and then several my band members decided to quit because they're afraid for their lives I don't know what got into their heads I don't know what they're afraid of all the sudden but they just laughed and and very alone but I need to protect myself and I need to protect my family I need additional security and I need a legal team to help represent me so that I can fulfill this mission what I'm proposing is a plan that I believe can literally change the entertainment system as we know it and I believe that I can also bring down potentially Abed if I will remain that I've been aware of since I was a child right off the bat I can name 6 names one of them who is still very powerful today and not a story that links all the way up to studio it connects paraphilia to one of the major studios I very afraid to do this it's not easy been living in fear and been living with this my entire life as most victims have I've been made to feel awkward misunderstood and I've been degraded a grade levels rumors have been told stories have been made up about me and I've been insulted integrated in ways that were unimaginable to me all because they fear what I know is the truth and I'm not alone I know that there's thousands others that experience what I've experienced in the entertainment and history I also know that there's peers of mine who know exactly what I'm talking about and know all the details but have been afraid to come forward with their own truths I am using this to draw a line in the sand to say to the Hollywood community we are better than this I know that we can stand together as one we can be United and we can create an affront those good people out there there's plenty of them that I've become friends with over the years they can hold me right now you guys can take my side and we can stand together but additionally not just the entertainment industry the entire world the entire planet can come together over this issue because our children are the most sacred things we have who could even dream of robbing an innocent child of their life experience it's not fair and it must end so I'm begging you to join me and let our voices be heard I've lived in shame and fear my entire life and still have millions of others and now we have the ability to let our voices be heard and break the damn of silence I propose to do this by making a film that will be the most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed by telling my own story in a very real way in a very honest way with no editing no censorship no studio behind it I will make the film on direct a film I'll produce a film and I will self distributed to guarantee that he gets a theatrical release with your donations additionally the well me by the security in the legal team that I need to protect my family until the project is released and once it's done I believe that we can revolutionize the film industry in a way that we can root out the evil and make it safe for our kids again so please join me in this fight I know that together we can stand strong the time is now I've had people on Twitter begging me to do this and I need to tell you that with 30000 new followers just in the last week I know this is what everybody wants to know everybody wants the answer who did this who's responsible they all want the answer and all these people taught me and tease me and boy me on social media on a daily basis every day when I go on Twitter I have to be printed with this topic that I do not want to have to think about again but every day when I'm trying to live my life and do other things and going with my tour that I've worked so hard for I'd lose all of that for this and I'm willing to walk away from all of it if I can make a difference and I believe that I can with this idea so please join me and help me can make your voices be heard and making a change that can revolutionize the film industry save millions of children's lives and let the truth be told so that the people who have done this damage can come to their consequences they deserve justice will be served under god to name because this is about good and evil at the end of the day there is nothing more evil than people who want to take advantage of innocents let's protect them together god bless you //
"2017-10-24 23:02:13"
FBI Declassifies Over 1,500 Documents On Sandy Hook Massacre
\\perhaps the most important piece of information that has been revealed today is the fact that Adam Lanza was contacted by the FBI end or the CIA a couple of years before the shooting any was essentially offered a job breaking news today the FBI has just released over 1500 pages of documents pertaining to the sandy hook shooting so in this video we're gonna go over what these documents reveal and also why this information is being released right now at 10:00 AM on the morning of 10/24/2017 the FBI released through 3 PDF files containing over 1500 pages of documents related to the investigation of Adam Lanza crew he was in contact with the type of lifestyle that he had and the circumstances that led up to the shooting large portions of these files have been heavily redacted so there is a great deal of information here that they do not want you to see with many pages being left completely blank this will certainly only raised more questions than it gives answers the documents for the most part contain subpoena orders in interviews with people who were close the Lanza or who had interacted with him at some point or another on 12/18/2012 1 interview we whose identity has been withheld stated the following blank had discussions with ms Lanza about Adam wins issues miss lends a toll blank that Adam had several disorders to include autism and Asperger syndrome there was one other disorders that blank and miss lands a discussed but Blake cannot remember that name blank remembers Adam being on some type of medication but he cannot remember their names Blake would have contact with Muslims I when Adam would have episodes at school these episodes would last about 15 minutes or so and often would require a call to ms Lanza who would respond from work Adam would become withdrawn but he did not show any signs of violence during these episodes Adam was more likely to be victimized then to act in violence against another person fun page 170 of document number to an unidentified individual claims that Adam Lanza may have had helped to prepare for the shooting blank called in to report that she communicated with Adam Lanza on the suicide site suicide is a website to support people that are thinking about committing suicide lancet told blank that he was going to kill himself and that it would be on the news Blake also thinks that a boy named blank was friends with winds up on suicide Blake has posted a video on YouTube under the name blank sinks blank might have helped Lanza prepare for the shooting other points of interest I noticed in these documents are the fact that the FBI documented telephone calls where people were claiming that this was a false flag attack and that Adam Lanza would mind control the FBI also revealed on page 385 of the second document that there is evidence to suggest that the shooter had interest in children that could be categorized as pedophile yet although there is no evidence that he acted on this interest but perhaps the most important piece of information that has been revealed today is the fact that Adam Lanza was contacted by the FBI end or the CIA a couple of years before the shooting any was essentially offered a job a neighbor of lands of reports that when Adam Lanza was in ninth grade Nancy told blank that Adam had hacked into a government computer system Adam had made it through the second level of security and when he tried to breach the third level the screen went black and the authorities showed up at lance's door at 36 year over not a street Nancy believe that the authorities that showed up at her door were either the FBI or the CI a Nancy had to convince the authorities that her son was just very intelligent and was challenging himself to see if he could hack into a government system the authorities told Nancy that if her son was that smart he could have a job with them someday so we now know that the CIA and or F. B. I. was in contact with Lanza a couple of years before the shooting the documents also indicate that in the 3 months leading up to the shooting lands it was completely disconnected from the world both on social media and in real life diligently locked himself in his room during those 3 months any only communicated with his mother by email even though she was in the very same house with him in my video in the wake of sandy hook released in January of 2013 I outlined the history of mass shootings and also how the CIA has covert psychological trauma techniques that they used for the purposes of carrying out false flag attacks all include a link to that video in the description below so the question now is why now with the release of the remaining JFK files due to come out in just a couple of days we have to question their time lines and their motives as to why this information is being released now in my video the truth about the classified JFK files I show how would amount to nothing more than a limited Hanyu which is designed to shift the focus away from the true culprits in honor their political enemy so the FBI documents reveal that lends a was in contact with the FBI prior to the shooting the JFK files also allegedly revealed that Oswald was in contact with the CIA prior to the shooting so was this just a coincidence then that both of these documents are coming out within just a couple of days from each other I don't think so a limited hang out is necessary for them to pull off when they feel that people are getting too close to the truth the new political enemy of the intelligence community's has become anybody who researches and exposes the JFK assassination false flag and the sandy hook shooting false flag pin for the record by false flag I don't mean hoax please don't confuse the 2 governments carry out false flags all the time in order to blame the political enemies so we need to focus on who the real suspects are criminal elements within the FBI and the CI a let me know what you think in the comments section below is this just another limited hang out that is designed to ignite a war between the intelligence communities and the truth or community 40 feel that the FBI and the CIA are actually interested in transparency when it comes to both these cases women or you think and please share this video as it does help with YouTube's algorithms that determine who's going to be exposed to watching this video and I want to thank anybody who's ever contributed to this channel by either donating at press for truth.CA slash donate or by becoming a PFD member or PFT patron at slash press for truth I can't do this work with though you so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart leaks are located in the description below if you have not yet contributed but are interested in being involved thanks for watching my friends stay tuned we've got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
"2017-10-23 22:43:14"
Can You Handle The Truth About Conspiracy Theories?
\\so did Dixie reporting for press for truth that I'd like to start this video off today with a bit of an experiment I'd like to conduct a brief poll asking you the viewers a simple question when it comes to government do you trust that your government has your best interest at heart I'd like you to answer in the comment section below with either yes I trust they are working in my best interest or no in general they are corrupt and should not be trusted go ahead and fill out your answers now or give me some time you do it well when you're done watching this video hit the refresh button and I think it'll be safe to say that the majority of PFT viewers are going to have a healthy distrust of their government and rightly so but this wasn't always the case 10 years ago I was laughed at and called the conspiracy theorist for merely pointing out some of the things that are now considered obvious fact take the case of Harvey Weinstein for example if last month you were screaming from the rooftops that he was a sexual predator you probably be labelled as a conspiracy nut job but if you believe this now it's okay to talk about it because yeah everybody already knew that so a paradigm shift has occurred where in the last 10 years more and more people are now waking up to the corruption within their government and they're starting to look to alternative sources of information rather than the traditional television to become informed a recent survey has just shown that the number one fear for U. S. citizens is the government not terrorism the survey was conducted by Chapman university and it serves to back up the point that while Americans claim to live in the land of the free deep down they realize they're living in a corrupt old darkie the Chapman university survey of American fears wave 4 provides an in depth examination into the fears of average Americans in may of 2017 a random sample of 1207 adults from across the United States were asked their level of fear about 80 different fears across a huge variety of topics ranging from crime the government the environment disasters personal anxieties technology and many others as the test of Neil McCarthy notes like last year corruption of government officials came top in 2007 with 74.5 percent of U. S. adults saying it makes them afraid or very afraid and here's the chart that puts corrupt government officials right at the top so while this is a beautiful thing to see we have to be very aware of the fact that they're not going to allow their monopolistic only got a key to just dissolve here and affect their gonna have to counter this problem they're having right now with fake news and a little thing called propaganda they're already trying to debunk the so called conspiratorial beliefs using math and statistics by releasing a peer reviewed paper by a doctor David Grimes titled on the viability of conspiratorial beliefs so in the interest of countering their propaganda I made a documentary film completely debunking this notion on the viability of conspiratorial beliefs so today I'm gonna leave you with that video and please help shared this one so we can counter the propaganda this is on the viability of conspiratorial beliefs Debat more people who were involved in a conspiracy the greater the odds are that conspiracy getting exposed that's human nature that's why clandestine operations are compartmentalized so no single person or group of people really understand what they're working on they are pieces of a larger whole which they don't quite comprehend that's how the Manhattan Project state secret for so long and that's how the elite get away with their operations today but recently doctor David Grimes has published a paper allegedly proving that conspiracy theories don't add up by using math and statistics corporate state media picked up on the paper and every so called skeptic has been sharing the findings as if it were definite proof so let's take this apart the paper is called on the viability of conspiratorial beliefs and was published in the open access peer review journal P. L. O. S. one this paper may be the best example of white peer reviewed doesn't equal scientific proof ignoring the argument of compartmentalize ation the basic premise is that if man made climate change is false or if back scenes weren't safe or that if there was a cancer cure that is purposely covered up because it's not patentable if those things were true so many people would have to be in on it that leaks would occur and the conspiracy would be exposed here's the problem one would want to select numerous examples of existing theories theories of different sizes and durations and plot them all on a chart to be truly objective and research orientated one would want to have a lot of data points if you did this you may even see a pattern between the number of people involved and the months it took before someone exposed the conspiracy the actual paper however only uses 3 examples and extrapolated from that they were the NSA's prism program the disc DD syphilis experiment and the inaccuracy of many FBI forensic tests another problem arises since the number of people involved with these affairs is unknown Grimes just guesses putting the number of people involved with the NSA at 30000 in reality a prison program could have involved just 100 people or even as little as 10 the data points crimes used were completely useless he didn't use enough examples and the few he did use were not reliable what's missing is data on conspiracies that have remained secret not to mention 2 of the 3 conspiracies he picked were before the internet era omitting a rather major variable they're also work any small conspiracies in his paper just 3 examples of big institutional affairs all 3 are also based in the United States with 2 of them in spying agencies where secrecy is a part of their job from these bad examples Grimes calculates the likelihood of someone in the conspiracy black thing about it and exposing the operations in a given year crimes calculates this at about 510 thousandths of a percent this is ridiculous if this miniscule quantum size number was true we wouldn't have the word gossip in the dictionary no one would ever spread rumors we'll talk about people behind their back there wouldn't be criminal laws and common law offenses regarding conspiracies this is just one of the problems of equating mathematics with human action people don't act like numbers in an equation this is one of the reasons mathematical economics has been such a dismal failure real life examples have already disproven Grimes paper email leak from the university of East Anglia which exposed fraudulent practices and climate change science is a perfect example as well crimes did not account for any deaths in its massive some people naturally die off taking knowledge of the conspiracy to their grave or they are killed to keep the conspiracy from becoming exposed like Lee Harvey Oswald's murder as he was being taken away by police telling the TV cameras I am just a Patsy the CIA have now admitted they withheld information about the JFK assassination from the Warren Commission the static population assumption in crimes paper shouldn't have been ignored if this was truly a scientific paper on the nature of conspiracy theories perhaps the real conspiracy is why this bad paper was hailed as science wild real exposed conspiracies the ones that become less important to conceal years after they have been are neglected this just goes to show that the so called skeptic munity can be just as dogmatic as the rest of us nobody is immune to ideology key is being able to keep an open mind and revise your beliefs when necessary there wasn't much of that in this paper this was just bad science coupled with confirmation bias thanks for watching stay vigilant and as always my friends press for truth //
"2017-10-22 02:08:20"
The Truth About The Classified JFK Files
\\exam legal representation 3007 not allowed me to have been a lot of nights I don't know what this is all about killed or lack I work in that building arguing about naturally if I work in that building then residents know that big Indian because of the fact that I I'm just a fad of the president this morning on Twitter Donald Trump tweeted a highly anticipated announcement about the release of classified documents pertaining to the JFK assassination he says subject to the receipt of further information I will be allowing as president the long blocked and classified JFK files to be opened the National Archives now have until Thursday to disclose the remaining files related to Kennedy's assassination the release is expected to include more than 3000 documents from the FBI the CIA and the justice department that have never been seen by the public and more than 30000 that been previously released but with redactions the reason why this is happening now was because it was in 1992 that Congress mandated that all assassination documents relating to the be released within which brings us up to this current deadline of this Thursday October 26 to the so the question now is is this going to be a full disclosure or are we talking about more decline convinced that look like this well that of course all depends on who you talk to as some outlets are saying it's likely that he if some of the files while others are saying that he will allow the release of all the classified JFK but all of these outlets are forgetting about a little thing called the limited hangout and in my opinion that's exactly what this is according to Victor Marchetti of the Central Intelligence Agency a limited hangout can be defined as quote spy jargon for favorite infrequently used gimmick of the client outside factional when the veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public they resort to admitting sometimes even volunteering some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case the public however is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thanks to pursue the matter further remember the missing 28 pages of the 911 report that when released was gonna blow the lid on the whole conspiracy and expose 911 what do you think happened there no significant smoking gun piece of evidence was found and instead the focus started to shift toward Saudi Arabian involvement instead of focusing in putting the blame on the Truman ultimate culprits those who boast about being the tip of the spear in the alternative media went from calling 911 an inside job to a Saudi Arabian job and lo and behold that ace up their sleeve the missing 28 pages ultimately served the purposes of those who we thought didn't want this information released and it's the same with the remaining classified JFK files if you are reading into those documents this week it's because the FBI the CIA and the justice apartment want that to happen and the fact is this looks good on trump he has every reason in the world to use this 1992 congressional decision which she had nothing to do with as a means to gain more support and popularity trope has already fueled conspiracy theories on this matter by talking on national television about a photo that was published by the young so credible national Enquirer that Ted Cruz's father was seen handing out anti pastoral pamphlets with Lee Harvey Oswald so trump is used JFK assassination conspiracies to his advantage before and with the green light from the deep state they're going to do it again with this limited hang out also known as the classified JFK files let me know what you think is there going to be any significant information many little golden nuggets in there or dare I say of smoking Donald piece of evidence that will be revealed or will this ultimately serve as a distraction shifting the blame away from the deep state and on to their political enemy I'll leave you today with these powerful words that were spoken by president Kennedy in a speech that he gave just before he died which should give you a pretty good clue as to who is in control of the official narrative the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people apparently and historic opposed to secret societies secret outfits and a secret proceedings we decided long ago the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment a parent and fax far outweighed the dangers which I cited to justify and there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its means to the very limits of official censorship and concealment //
"2017-10-19 17:09:45"
How To School An SJW - Debating Gun Control In Canada
\\alright well thank you very much thank you possible good to have a good constructive debate I wasn't don't use that this is Dan digs here reporting for press for truth and this is Josh Pearson reporting for world alternative media were here in downtown Vancouver today because we're gonna be asking people what a bit of a controversial questions in the wake of the Las Vegas man or we're going to be asking people how they feel about cells with guns let's see what they have to say we're just curious today about what people's opinions are upon ... Canadian gun control and in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting of speech bait about an amendment in the United ... we what do you think Canadians be able to ... to to own a gun offense I think the current gun laws are very appropriate within Canadian legislation I personally don't think it's safe Doubtfire arms ... people personally carrying guns around the city is just totally summing up against with the second amendment in the United States there to protect people's right to bear arms ... in case the government becomes a Calipari in or you know there's bad guys right I would you agree with Canada having similar ... abilities to bear arms if we went out never do you think that we should have a similar amendment in Canada no why is that I ... because candidacy so we should keep it safe Nuno I don't know ... life that ... just doesn't really make sense too much like it doesn't seem like it's all the new thing no no no not at all and especially especially like Libya America to its ... it's insane what's going on right now you know I don't think they need ... will why not ... ... not share data like everything's fine and kind of the way it is course of course ... so it's so you believe that we should be able have kind of like a second amendment kind of by well of course ... bill you know not down on the students in Surrey that's for sure I'll of course for sure definitely I do think guns are important to safety yeah in some situations they are but they should ... they should check first to the person that's getting the the gun or the weapon full version I own a I have an essay Sierra have restricted firearms license and I do understand firearms but in no way shape or form do I believe those weapons and they are weapons should be available to people the way they are in the United States I mean you can go to fucking Walmart and get again there is a bad person in the oval office right now nobody Saddam nobody's done anything and that they'd so claim with the second amendment to we're going to protect ourselves and if the government go crappy we're gonna do something in nobody's done anything really that's constructive towards getting temp out of office okay so with that said ... I'd would you agree that the gun should be there should be strict strict gun control in the United States under trump Aden any gun control the Hon lake yeah the whole bomb stock problem get rid of those preferably assault rifles you know human killing guns specifically I it's I think it's just important to mention this right now so it would be Donald Trump that basically would be in charge when we'd be giving up think or they would be giving up their guns to the government wouldn't that be kind of like if if you think Donald trump's bad when to be bad to be giving up their guns nobody's doing anything with the guns that they have right now so why keep the guns if you're not gonna be doing anything with them I find that generally people especially in the city like this a big city people generally don't feel threatened unless or don't do anything unless they feel threatened so veterans is happy and minds are a business and is kind to one another that I don't really see the need for any kind of arms or guns or any kind of violence I can't argue with you on being kind to others that's definitely something that we should do more often ... but looking at places like Surrey I I myself am from Winnipeg ... but a lot of homicide Lotta rape a lot of theft and ... Inc statistically in places with more guns there is lacerate less that less violent crime so with that said would it seem a bit better for us to be able to have the right to bear arms if we wish to not at all I think I don't know I think that as long as you keep the peace and do your best to like not intrude or I just think what goes around comes around so if you're good to people and you live your life peacefully then you shouldn't there should be need for any guns or arms or protection I think you know gun controls really important thing and I think that there is a way of doing it that is you know for hobbyists and for people that do are you know recreationally collect guns I understand the drive behind its cool down again you know it's funny guy I like going to a shooting range now going out in the woods and like blasting off cover rounds with the process for you for obtaining one was it ... ... done smoothly here was a lot of bureaucratic red tape you had to jump over well there is I had to provide 3 references to same as you know ... getting ... I ... taking us in the same as getting a job with a large company some like that you know like the gonna check you know they're gonna see who we are and you know they're willing to do that just to get a job never mind a fire arm like you know I I had the I had gone through a lot of hoops to get it and I have now the like I'm responsible gun owner my guns are locked in a safe and trigger locks on all of them it's a you know it's what specifically do you think they should open up because as it is now so you can get a gun for hunting in Canada but you're not allowed to team one for self defense eh are you are you okay with with that or should that change ... of the think the the current conditions are appropriate for what is necessary at the time as it is now for gun owners ... they have to keep their guns and ... locked up in a safe if they want to travel with the gun they have to tell the police about where they're going from point a from point B. ... and ... that that bullets have to be stored separately from ... from the gun I believe ... those regulations are are you're okay with that I'm okay with those regulations I feel very safe with those regulations absolutely statistically ... places with more guns in the United States have less crime ... that's FBI and I see stats are going back for the last 40 years so technically places where people have concealed carry our open carry how far less crimes but then you go to England or Chicago where there's gun control and it's crime is rampant well then you have to look at other extenuating circumstances towards how you can prevent crime besides letting people shoot each other and how would that be applause referenda I mean I'm not a politician I really wouldn't know but I mean I don't want people being able to randomly and wantonly shoot each other at any given point you think it's possible to just take a take people's guns at at this point take them away or should should that be look better and that's going to be pretty tough to do but ... it starts with just a lying and not making it available anymore and they can kind of seated I don't see that yeah take time but again today that I also so but let me just then challenge you with this than I am wouldn't ... eh that be putting it more so in the hands of of of the government in the police so essentially the you you would what you would be okay with the guns being in the hands of the police because somebody has to enforce you know being able to take away everyone's guns how welts will you enforce gun control unless you have cops and we're not saying going to people's houses and start taking away guns his that's where anything that's what's that's like in India like good outcome 0 guns in Canada and please have guns in Australia and is not like mass fuckin shootings all the time in Canada and Australia places that have gun control simple as that gun control gun control gun control they get it it will ... make America that a place symbols are it's not a whether you have again it's what he should have again and should you probably not you know like their other than shooting into Rangers no reason a handgun what should you have the right to have one if you want yeah I think that people should be able to feel safe walking the streets and in places with more guns there's less shootings that might be something that you agree to disagree because I'm a woman and I've never felt and the needs Gary again and I've never felt that having a gun what keeps me safer or more safe so are you for or against no gun control do you think that the gun should be seized in the United States seized certain kinds yes I like what kinds I'm Adam that patents assault rifles ... guns with like a high caliber and heavy fire rate how stopping power stuff that's not meant for like hunting or in self defense almost all the shootings are done with handguns not assault rifles a very small percentage actually done with us older one assault rifles around cover that base regardless no patents yeah didn't turn no handguns I mean if you wanna get rid of those 2 chair I'd like to give a course syllabi trump that would be doing it share it with us to be trouble Vasavi anybody but I mean nobody's doing anything about trump in terms of violent and in terms of violence or even much resistance at all really much concerted resistance doesn't seem to be Paul Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns Mao took the guns all these dictators over time took the guns before seizing absolute power over the people an absolute authoritarianism so if trump took the guns then when that just leave him open to be able to completely take over I mean if she's smart enough 0 they all all those other rulers had a certain amount of brains they have enough brain cells to rub together and start some kind of plan so I'm not as afraid of trump is I would be of Adolf Hitler Mao Zedong to be honest with you well no I mean Hitler spoke before he was in office about killing the Jews Mao Zedong killed 50000000 people still less afraid of trump the sorry I'm less afraid of trying but I have not I just wanted to clarify that what I'd said that wrong I'm less afraid of Donald Trump and the first out of sailor Mars I don't okay poses do you know they both were to help us more than he was apparently so unfortunately unfortunately alright well thank you very much thank you possible could have a good constructive debate I wasn't don't use that well that was pretty interesting to say the least I'd say that we had probably just under half for our over over half were against the guns and we did have a few I a certain amount a number of people here who I worry in favor of it ... what what were your thoughts just about ... the ratio that we vote down today are you surprised I'm not too surprised I mean I'm actually more surprise we found anyone that was actually in favor of gun rights but I considering with them recent mass shooting in Vegas ... of course people are very emotional voted the regurgitate what they hear in the media and a lot of them don't actually understand and we saw that today because a lot of the people we talked to were more confused about it and once you cite facts like ... places where there are more guns there's less crime they think about it I and on top of that it seems a lot of people are mad at trump and it by you using that ... example they think that trump is the next Hitler but somehow there okay with trump taking the guns which is a little odd in my opinion they also had a hard time understanding the monopolize ation of the violence the monopolization of guns in the hands of a select few group of people because let's face it when you are for gun control what that actually means if you are for guns being in the hands of this group of people and ... I hope that we at least educated some people today to be able to you know look into this with more of an open mind moving forward in Canada as I'm sure these ... laws are going to be ... coming up more so here in Canada as they try to restrict our gun rights up so absolutely our right to bear arms is intrinsic within our ability to defend our life liberty and property it's incredibly important and unfortunately a lot of people think guns grow lakes walk around and shoot people which I've never seen it once we actually get a video of something like that happening please please send it to me because I'd be very interested to see otherwise it's individuals who are terrible people using guns to kill other or are a good individuals and then good people shooting back and that is so important to us being able to defend ourselves and then of course defend ourselves against our future authoritarian government and that's the bottom line that that's what the second amendment is about that's what it should be here about in Canada as well so hopefully we educated some fellow Canadians as to ... the you know what what needs to be done with a gun control in Canada moving forward or lack there of ... so that so we hope you enjoy the video check voice in the description to find a Josh on you to Devin subscribed already world alternative media reports describe to us here at press Richards as well Jekyll excellent description they're pretty good yeah I //
"2017-10-19 03:02:01"
Craft Cannabis vs Marijuana Inc - Who Will Come Out On Top?
\\this is did you carry 40 for press for truth we're here at grassroots medicinal and I'm joined by the one and only Josh Sigurdsson of world alternative media and Josh think of the road in 2018 I think you know I think and this is going to be one of the biggest harder hardest or I can maybe so what are your thoughts on poems so called legalization under a you know Justin Trudeau coming down the pike for Canadians well played and simple I think that the legalization and that is not short of a lie I've look at the word legalize ation yeah it's basically the government took a right away from you and they're giving it back price and prices to in regulation government monopolized Asian and there's no end to prohibition here that one needs and is the prohibition but what we have here is incredible we have ... for example the dis abuse and ... budding flowers I cannabis plants you can and up in prison for up to 14 years that that is an end to prohibition that isn't true life each what we're seeing today is just ... Trudeau trying to get the future voters because he promised us time and time again we're gonna legalize on this date this state this state and now it's coming up right before the election well what can you say to as to the importance then 23 market candidates just as opposed to this call the cronies legalization ... what what can you say to as to the not on the importance of opening it up to it free market ... but ... really held that the model pops watched by marijuana well first of all looking at the black market for many years the one bad thing about the black market was that it was black that people work legally able to do these things and they still won't be after ... legalization but the whole idea was that over the years the inflation on the price of cannabis did actually go up that much since the 19 eighties anyway and that's a good testament to free markets and people you know actually selling things ... for a rather price because each other and in the case of legalization obviously they're coming up ... they're going after all the dispense and this free market angle is going to be X. so this is a major part that we have to be looking at is that people I after legalizing shin well very well still end up in prison for you know selling you know their house trying to you know make a living off of some that's very innocent lot of people me cannabis there's so many medical issues that I have and you go to the government and they are going to win I said they are going to monopolize the in this by about for a higher price than it should the hell out of it and continuously I you know how to close the walls on industry a point where it will be a complete monopolize ation you're going to get you know a bad product for a high price well in the province of Ontario they've already talked about opening this up to the liquor board could liquor control board of Ontario is called the LCBO ... what are your thoughts about the government putting the hands of medicinal cannabis into a liquor control board ... you know it and instead of having it small independents that people just like we have here a grassroots medicinal doing work as opposed to this crony inside government liquor board I mean it just doesn't make any sense no it doesn't make any sense ... they're doing exactly what they did with cigarettes as well they are going to the price way up and they are putting as many control mechanisms on cannabis industry as a human we can and you know people most people on the streets there like yet Trudeau's legalizing that's great everything's gonna be great and now they're apathetic they're sitting apathetic to the fact that ... you know now they can legally smoke pot on the street well that isn't the whole entire story here it also can to us being able to sell ... attacks self medicate to grow and just since Trudeau have prime minister we've seen as of April this year so it's gonna be a lot more over 60 0 cannabis arrests more than 15000 charges laid and that is unacceptable and people being apathetic to this because of this you know buzz word legalize Asian is just exactly what where they want all they want people waiting at the as the any throw people in prison for a bit it was yeah and that is the point that's important to reiterate here that no harm no foul nobody is has ever been ... harm from the cannabis plant it's it's a victimless crime ... exactly and as work Emery said in our documentary film ... the Trudeau deception he says your concerns are not my concerns I'm not concerned about his foreign policy about his views on economic and monetary reform a vote to any of these things single minded in the canvases absolutely even bill C. 51 we both actually interviewed Marc Emery ... before the election told us both the I think your issues for your concerns are not my concern and you know you talk about bill see fit 51 or something and he says well if activists are thrown in prison that makes them a good actor so if you are thrown in prison as then you're not really a real active in and you know this is a get out of market I warned him you warned him and now he's owned the media lining up you all along you know it's not he knew what was power in my well the key here moving forward is that we don't fall into that trap again and try to vote in someone else now to get rid of the big bad true go just like they did with big bad Stephen Harper endless cycle and until people realize that we're just going to continue down that ... road to I. Tierney so just want you I give people of the links to ... your channel I'm sure most people European dear already well aware of who you are but just in case they aren't working the ... you can find the ad world alternate media on to that Josh the and of course on Facebook at world alternative media and I just closing it off and I wanted to quickly mention sure we have Jack needs is running for the NDP just recently said he wants to analyze all drugs and while that looks on the surface like it's a great thing I'm all for the end of prohibition on all these drugs that I'm out of that the black mark in gangs however the way that they're going to do it we know the ending they are going to 2 I revenues monopolize all those drugs and before you know it you're going worse quality drugs on the streets and are going to keep producing so we need to have a real I'm real and to prohibition beware of the New World skin clothing coming down the pipe from the NDP Josh once again thanks so much for you //
"2017-10-17 01:46:12"
Live Q&A with Dan Dicks of PFT and Josh Sigurdson of WAM (Steemit)
\\alright we are live welcome to the broadcast ladies and gentlemen I am here in beautiful Squamish British Columbian I'm joined by the one and only Josh Sigurdsson now hello world alternative media know few hello and humans but so I get some questions up on the board I guess we will be answering anything kind of dangerous territory to enter into but anything you want us to talk about we will talk about now bear with us first track we're going to be posting this site we have to share it on scheme it ... and we're gonna share it on Facebook and Twitter and I hope that you guys will please do the same if you're just tuning in right now I go ahead grab the link and shared around on ... Twitter Facebook and be sure to get your questions in the comments section below and will be paying close attention to the chat window today of course if we get any super chat soon will be taking a priority over the super chat questions and so if I you want to do that great way to show your support also we're gonna be playing a close attention to our scene it but I accounts and then that's it seem my account is there at Chris for cruise and mine is ask Josh Duggar's so head on over to scheme and like I said we're going to ... we're gonna be posting there what is its miss sing posting authority press for truth would set me I never seen I try to get my make you log in alright so again if you're just tuning in please help us grow by sharing this link missing postal authority have never seen that before demand is giving us an issue currently the us we're having a strange issue on ... on steam it are you able to post yeah I just posted alright so I. Josh's currently for better live than on state route yeah Ferguson being live yeah well you can head on over to Josh's does seem to up for now anyways and down we definitely have that one lives will be always got to be something yes you know we're gonna be bouncing around back and forth between the chats alright guys we got a ton of comments and questions and stuff going on here in the chat so I'm I apologize if we if we don't manage to getting your question there's a lot going to be a lot of comments and questions floating by would try our best to S. scroll through and look for the question marks I'm sorry the economic truth that is John so nice and mellow John Cage Goodsir well get really you but you know what I mean well here here and here Joe brown says hi from Ontario Adam says hi is there some hard hitting questions guys I don't describe me to this channel without me knowing what do you guys do asks ... and Angie Laura I believe user name I'll let you are maybe fill that one infers that Josh watcher to figure out my scheme post yeah so we are independent media as ... Dan has pressed the truth I have world alternative media and we do whatever we can to provide the information that that mainstream media doesn't provide and it goes from everything from politics to economics to culture to ... you know just basic freedoms individual liberties are you know confront the politicians that don't want to have answer the questions you know try to do the job that the mainstream media is supposed to be doing but of course we know today that they aren't on either side of the spectrum because it really is pigeonholed between dial left wing media and the right wing media and no in between no room for questions ... objectivity and you know actually answering the question that so many people out there want to have answered so they are that's basically a quick run down I mean ... Dan has been doing a lot longer than I have ... lots of patient logic you know video reports lots of interviews you name it we've you name the I. political figure at least one of us has probably interviewed them and it just style we try to dig deep into that kind of Ralph so I think yes the if that answers your question hopefully I it's not an ill will that you guys subscribed automatically by one your friends but I hate to again you might enjoy it alright I am going to scroll through here and try to find some more questions thanks so much for that again will be keeping a close eye on the super track and the steam it post please share this error on your Twitter and your Facebook if you're just tuning in so that ... other people know that day we are live right now okay we got a question from Adam Scott what do you think about NATO doing drills in case of a North Korea attack I get questioned our Adam I'm you know a lot of this talk lately a boat I North Korea has to me seems like it's been a lot of smoke and mirrors like I I'm not so sure how legit this threat is but it seems that trump is taking the opportunity to a potentially you uses you know as a as a grandstanding opportunity on because when you know president Sir I faced with war and they often get more support from that from the public so yeah I'm but I would would we think of as though NATO potentially pulling off my arm ... drills are what exactly was the question there am see again there are so many coming yeah we're going to have that's gotta we think our NATO doing drills in the case of North Korea attack I well NATO is involved in tangled in basically every world affair it's sad nefarious globalist out warmongering entity part of a military gastro complex I with North Korea in mind now I'm done like reporting on this and I do believe that there is some kind of ramping up for war with North Korea but not out of the fans and not that I necessarily I something that needs to be happening obviously pushing a war with North Korea is incredibly detrimental to just affairs between China and Russia not to mention the human toll of what house so first of All I Want to go into and how the you in the UN and the United States help prop up the north Korean regime in the first place moving on over to today we're seeing kind of Ho Chi Minh kind of situation like we saw in Vietnam there could be a Gulf of Tonkin incident happening any day now and I want to look at is Kim Jong hoon truly dangerous to the west and the answer is simply no I'll let NATO can do and what a lot of that than North America cannot I missile defense program white I'm these guys can do with it the power that they wield is basically shut down missiles on takeoff so if a missile work to hit the United States I'd be questioning how it got there in the first place wasn't allowed to happen is that a Pearl Harbor scenario and then second from that either north Korean military is calmly forced to eat grass they they are sobbed into starvation and last time I checked you know you are starved dog so that they viciously attack other people but when they're set free on the people that are torturing them while they ate there's a good chance of dell attack from the hand that well didn't see them and in the case of the north Korean military the fact that they're forced into starvation tells me that these people are desperate and they are probably don't like never seem to much there is forced to pretend that they do and then the people of North Korea U. S. fees are being passed around people are waking up slowly I've to what's going on with their average gene and wide how they're being basically controlled by this high you know the communist dictatorship that pretends to be I've got I mean Kim Jong hoon pass themselves off as god to the people of North Korea it's horrible so I think those people are turned away cop and you know if the United States were to attack North Korea it would cause a massive conflict first of all souls of career would probably be wiped off the map very quickly ... because it's so close to the border and then also I think there's 150000 I troops Chinese troops allegedly at the border of North Korea there's a Russian I'd navy at the northern border in North Korea and there's all this nonsense happening around the sea of Japan and that tells me that there's going to be out I'm conflict but it's not a defense like I said I think that this was all planned it's a great way to ramp up ... you know concerns between Russia and the United States and China and the United States ... in I mean the United States has put sanctions on China and Russia telling China that they can't use the U. S. dollar anymore and I'm sure China would love that considering their push towards a cashless system so anyway long story short ... I think that it's a horrible horrible thing for NATO to be involved in this but I don't think anyone should be surprised I think we should just be speaking out against this war mongering because of course trump ran on a non interventionist policy and while we've seen how that turned out he is now ... threatening Venezuela North Korea Syria Iraq to some extent rush out with Taylor stand and ... talking about doing strikes in the Philippines so yeah you can get what you pay for are we going to let us know how our signal quality is it looks like we've been getting a little bit choppy but ... if these singleton remains to be okay we'll just keep going but if you get really choppy in the audio spent here then let us know and we'll probably have and the broadcast it looks like we're back in action right now have you been able to realize posed on Stephen yet and I haven't been able to post on Stephen we've actually had a brand new problem I'm getting a message that says missing posting authority pressed for truth never seen that before maybe if anybody out there is familiar ... with that kind of a yeah error message don't seem if they can help out ... but it is still in beta for anybody who doesn't know what team it is this is that a new and social media platform that Josh and I have been posting on and it Binghamton a supplement our income from you to really no currency called SPD's steam dollars now that we've been earning after posting there no we seldom seen.the skiing the dollars for for big coin and then you can trait that data for whatever you want gold silver or even be are castrating your bank account so that's what we've been doing ... at 8 but I'm having a problem posting it through there right now first time I've ever seen this yeah so what are my my intention was to be able to take questions from ... the but I still estimate followers there I just minutes to post on whose ... on his team it so I head on over to his he's not at George Sigurdsson on a scheme in and then get your questions in there we'll keep monitoring that keeping a close eye on it well I I see a common room Headin Gregerson anti 5 people were raised by single moms in most cases well I'm I'm sure there's a little bit truth to that I think a lot of them were just spoiled a lot has kids dimmed and were never taught right from wrong and basically worked all throughout school even if they came in last place that they want you know this whole Kennesaw office you movement that's been pumping up since the seventies ... and a lot of these ... anti for people they are just throwing adult had a temper tantrums they are I you know looking for an identity ... rather than actually doing the work to actually understand issues and have a political ideology so I think that's a big part of it but yeah I'm sure there were quite a few single moms in there there is the destruction of the family and modern day society there's no doubt about that and it is having a toll on on the public okay we got a ton of questions going on here what's going on John and asks cannot fit in jars us just stuff where it was going on brother hello I'm do which is do you choose not to discuss international Jewish power controlling our politicians had society alright the good the good you do question why don't you talk about the Jews job ... thanks Dan for ourselves okay that I find this it's it's rather lazy I I have an issue with you know political Zionism should I have another really doing a lot of just world if there and I I mean I have a big problem with the Raylene government I have a big problem with political Zionism by Judaism is a different situation guys and Dan thanks for having me this question down I'm gonna get a lot of trouble for this one but I'm mostly for all the wrong reasons died not a lot of people look for like I was talking with and you find identity so instead of really putting in the work to see how really controlling us they the use of collectivism in order to enslave the masses to push them into debt servitude to question interfere with another former servitude to the state instead of looking at how collectivism Corsham affects the individual people look to groups it's easier and yes there are some odd you know incorrect statements about that off my video on my computer software that helps you bet ... but let's let's now bear with us god is that since the video output is extremely low right now and we seem to be kind of choppy with the stream ... more buffering library clinical so on we may have to end this one guy's apologize about the course dream but that doesn't mean it's completely over we may be back sometime soon ... tend to be yeah we're jumping in and out it looks here guys I it's it's possible we may we may weather the storm and be okay ... but that I don't want people have to sit there listening to us all choppy you let us know if you can still live here is okay I'll see if I can get through some more of these le chat questions were hopefully aren't about a Jew world order as they call it yeah I haven't done any on questions on Stephen yeah surprise usually Stevens pretty active for these kinds of things but I'm not my scene is not working for some reason or other ... but ... against them it is just in its infancy really I think they just it's like 400000 users ... storage bins still pretty new I need the support of the individuals that are watching this video if people get involved and get on steam ahead and ... start sharing the word around to family and friends and you know we are looking the future we are on the ground floor of what's going to replace a dinosaur social media which is answering us at every stop and I think it's important that we move to a decentralized platform like Steven and what can you possibly lose I mean you don't have to put money into it you can either make a few cents or a few $0 either way it's better than not making a few seconds and not make a few $0 doing what you would on Facebook or Twitter anyway okay I did seem certain were back I think ... we seem to have a pretty strong connection so let's keep this one going guys and I'm going to continue to work on my skin and I want to try to get that going to ... we may have missed much question so I'm just gonna try to scroll through and I'm sorry says Trudeau talked about Trudeau yes of course there's always no shortage of usually this coming out from our our came in here and she for 10 minutes drama teaching Justin Trudeau I believe he just released something about a new tax plan today but I I been busy working on other videos I haven't had a chance to delve into that one ... but you recently not too long ago I had the chance to actually get up in the guys face some columnists stone bag I talked to a few times of us in the bill Bilderberg but I didn't get the calmest scumbag yeah I thought it was one of the best moments of my life because I think most Canadians would love to call trialist scumbag to his face I just quick rundown I mean I went to a press conference found out last second half asleep no food rushed into the place and they actually give me a press pass and once I got in ... I we did this photo op and everything in it was nonsense and then I actually went to ... asking a question that person from ... from ... from his administration came up to me and said I you can ask one of these questions so I'm like well I have a different question she said too bad so you've got the script for whatever questions see media agreed to ask him and didn't write themselves so I thought that was wrong so I waited and as soon as people are in between questions I shouted from about 67 feet away from him ... how do you feel about people having to choose or how do you feel the people in poverty having to choose between heating their homes if you their families in the winter out under a carbon tax and he just told me ... you're being groups Sir please stop interrupting your being rude there's there's no one talking then you know security shot me against a wall ... basically choke me out and I eventually are ones I I I found a way to kind of allow myself to be in the room a bit longer than I usually would be I told them I can find my bag when I saw my bag and they're just scrambling around looking for my banking as they look for my bag confronted a more and eventually when they kick me other room I said shame on you and your globalist counterparts your scumbag an absolute scumbag and next thing I know is on national news and people in Peru were messaging me about seeing it on the news there was an credible moment very strange out kind of like a Twilight Zone moment but Trudell I you know in Canada less than 50 percent of small businesses make it past the first year and ... I think 95 percent fail after the third eager before the 30 year is over and to raise taxes on small businesses is absolutely sickening small businesses which treat all by the way colleges tax savings places that are you know put your taxes to hide it from the government and if our the case I'd be like right on ... you know find a way to hide your money from staff but I think that it die it's a bit it's a bit hypocritical to because it turned out that time Trudeau had a whole bunch of shell corporations self and resume interests that so I mean he's basically just speaking from experience and not from knowledge of how many people are struggling to get business is off the ground while fighting state monopolies that've been subsidizing regulated to the top all the small businesses fail and people fall into poverty not to mention the fact that he is still to this day continuing to jail people poorer and I you know interacting with the plan and this comes after he rode in on the weed ticket I mean this guy basically ... I found you gotta do you think Canada devoted muezzin on this promised that he would legalise cannabis and what we've been saying is that if the takeover of the industry I basically cannabis is going to be legalized eventually in Canada but it's not gonna be done under the waiting that Justin Trudeau's promising is going to be done we've been warning about this I made a documentary film about it plays like a documentary film anyways only about 1015 minutes long call the Trudeau deception and in it we outlined exactly what was going to come down the pike lines here with the LCBO about being pitched now the cannabis in Ontario and just what the the corporate takeover really marijuana ink moving in is is what we've been warning about and I exactly what we're seeing right now I'm so yeah I think you for the question should go the Trudeau deception I also made another one called the Trudeau a foundation both I think it's called where we got into his paid a plate kind of our tactics similar to what you see in the United States with the inhaler Clinton and the Clinton foundation and that campaigns ... so yeah we're not we're not big fans of via a very current ... ... feminist drama teaching overturned to say the least and you know people I always find it and find a way to get into that left right paradigm right so I can I try to confront harbor many times it's really hard to get to but I tried to confirm a whole bunch of times because well from basically he pushed that a lot of socialist policies he pushed a lot of fascist policies and you know now Trudeau's prime minister I've tried to confirm 4 times successfully twice and it's the same thing he's pushing socialist policies some communist policies and some fascist policies you say it's a mix of different flavors of collectivism but of course it's always well you must be at ... trumps sure if you if you don't like treat our you must be at kami if you don't like Harper and it's like how Bowie try me consistent you know there's been a huge loss and consistency over the last couple years without Canadian election and the U. S. election and we need to get back to the roots of the problems of collectivism and you know the beauty of individual liberty which you know there's only one person you truly have control over and that is our self and without that you don't have the basis life itself so do I take I you know a person's individual liberty to do what they want to say what they want as long as you're not hurting anybody is to basically take away their entire life yeah alright let's go are on back to the U. to chat and ... chip Stephens media give that a refresh of that I saw a few dollars on there already so probably got some potential questions coming in 23 up votes for dollars and 67 cents and 0 question well right somebody said is I don't I don't agree with third Tim Hortons banning you on their wifi yes no thank you yeah for those of you who don't know PSC is officially banned on ... Tim Hortons wifi but there is the odd Tim Hortons ad that you can log on to and I have a feeling those ones are probably who did the ones who have managers who are fans of the website and ... who have manually over written that because there is the odd like one out of more one out of 50 Tim Hortons you can get on press for truth when you go in there under yeah corporate ... skills if it's crap coffee anyway I'm not to wear anything can you get their punctuation right yeah Poppa there should be out on apostrophe before the yes but I I think Luke or does he actually had an issue and for and so while back to go to where his videos were in ... able to the plate and it's happening to a lot of independent media us and it's just it's a sign that we must be doing the right thing up there banning us someone here who ... says talk about censorship on steam it and I DD that's that's being me is asking I please talk about censorship on steam it well one of the good things about ... blockchain technology and and appeared here please let your system is that it's almost virtually impossible to censored things on the blockchain because all they are visible pregnancy forever now in the case of steam it there is potential there for possible censorship in the sense that in scheme that you have what are called minnows dolphins and whales and somebody who has a lot of money let's just say for example a millionaire out there wanted to just buy his way in hypothetically someone could trip purchasing I bought a whole bunch of steam get a lot of steam powered then get a lot of curating power and have the ability to vote out for people and and put certain people on the front page ... enemy even have the ability to to to down book people and eventually silence people ... so there is potential room there are 4 of censorship and as I say then these new systems are still in beta they're still trying to work out all all of the kids there ... but yeah I mean there is room for that on the on scene that we do have to be aware of that I'm I don't know exactly you know it you think god is like how how was it that a whale could potentially I'm blocked information from getting off the front page well I mean they could down vote but I mean it's it's a rare thing to see ... there've been a few people that have posted some really discussing stuff on demand that you know people have downloaded it kept off the page then a few people that you know attacked a few whales and got you know kind of down voted but here's the thing I mean ask me grows that dumb uploads are based on the demand of you as an individual so you post and that is a product you are providing a product or service and people have voted with their dollar it capitalism right free market capitalism and there's a few that tried at that might try to at times poll other people off the page but I seem it grows that'll become lasts and lasts a likely to see because it they're going to be a far more ... whales and far more dolphins and you know that if you post something and it has quality and you will get out voted and you will do good ... I seem you know cut up big ... things happening on steam it where you know someone that down voted by a whale and you know the community took care of it and it was the whole issue was solved it was settled so that's all I have to say I mean I have never seen any issues personally ... with mirror any my friends or any of the yeah getting censored on there and you know individual demand is up smallest form of censorship you could imagine compared to a government or an establishment or Google or a Facebook I censoring you in making sure that they do you take any possibility of you spreading whatever message you have I just noticed a super chakram up thank you so much of Brian and I have for the super tried very very much appreciated them to see if there's question attached to that no it was just a donation alright thank you so much ... very much appreciated summit is asking ... what is a whale well in scheme it is that is divided among middle dolphins and whales that's just basically the Latin well it's a crypto definition for anyone that has on over average amount or larger than you know most people have if you're in like the top I don't know live 100 people out of the 400000 you're probably going to be a dolphin if you have there's some people once you meant that have millions of dollars in their wallet there definitely dolphins if if that is I've now money is in their steam power so I the whales are basically that dolphins are usually over $5000 in your wallet and under that's a minnow and ... I mean and I've seen a lot of minnows make hundreds of dollars on a post so don't die see it as well you have to work constantly to get up to that high level people share each other's content and I've seen a lot of minnows make good money like I said the worst thing that can happen is you make a few cents on demand that's the worst thing that's not a bad problem to have okay I'm gonna scroll through because ... if there's been so many comments and questions coming through while we were ... you know jumping around and in that connection ... ... but it seems to be mostly ... comments okay here we go don't worry about global warming do you think true Thursday will ever win I don't that's a comment for us or if that's just somebody here I think all men I think are winning right now we're winning so much there is you're going to be saying please too much winning chill on the winning we can't win so much and I'm gonna say we're gonna keep on winning an even harder that was a terrible trumpet freshen but if they look at me true thurs are getting bigger than ever think of what it was like in the nineties and into the early 2 thousands how far we've come since then it's become ... it's become really big I think nowadays are more people are getting at most people on the street believe 911 was an inside job most people on the street even the mainstream media will say you know Kennedy was the official story about Kennedy was not real we just got to keep getting the golfer talking stuff out there Kallada Gladio I all the operation condor ... we have to keep getting these things out there so more people understand it but yeah I think we are winning more than ever and it's a clear sign ... just by the way that you know they are talking about is now for a long time the main 3 media we just not talk about independent at all hoping no one sees them and now independently as are becoming so popular that they're kind of just going I you know these guys are idiots they don't know what they're talking about and trying to make us look bad which is a good sign really that we are really a thorn in their side okay will jump on back here thank you so much for the question will try to find some more comments and questions here ... ... James Trudell John 316 John 316 John 316 other to try to tell us something ... yes John 316 that is a good 1 for god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall have eternal life good 1 thank you John talk about the importance of understanding logical fallacies ad hominem and red herrings wow interesting question ... them the importance of understanding logical fallacies while well I ate I guess you could also kind of going to the round of limited hang out and being able to decipher between what's real and what's not and you know who's being honest and who is selling out and who is working for someone else and who is working on their own it takes a lot of ... you know psychological strength to get through these days because of course we're bombarded in the mainstream and in the in the independent world by a lot of fake nonsense and you have to be able to research it source inside it and figure it out from there and it's hard to ever say you know when someone's for real and when they're not you know especially if you don't know them ... I'm sure there's people in independent media that our plans and then there's ... people that are accused of being plans that are really just good individuals working as hard as they can to get a message out so it's really it's dangerous territory too because then you could end up accusing someone of something that they aren't so it is it is psychological right you have to ... be able to decipher and the vast majority of people can't so ... hopefully you know we have to kind of train their minds to understand what's real and what's fake and give them the sourcing that we have access to and show them that lead them to the light I guess you could say say you go this way do it this way and maybe you will find the truth by not it's not easy and you can only really speak for yourself whom I know what it was and they just experience from being in this movement for all a long time it's really people are always going to spot the phonies here I mean I've seen so many guys come and go in this movement and certain guys have even gotten really popular even heard all 3 for you and almost certainly just disappearing and fall off the off the face of the earth then and just never do anything again generally most of those people were in it for the wrong reasons some people believe it or not I get into this because they want the idol worship they want to be looked up to they want ... they they want if you claim they want to be rich and famous and if that's what you're getting into his movement for then while you've got it completely backwards and time you're gonna be spotted and and pointed out of the phony that you are yeah I mean it's the whole reputation thing ... I'm not gonna name any names are it's free but yet there's people that you know they've worked hard for years and then it turned out yeah their true colors came out they were and they wanted to basically be an idol to people and they want to make big money or get later whatever you want to say ... for that and then they start falling into the mainstream ideas ... under the guise of anti establishment ... Terry newsroom and they basically follow along with the official stories and we've seen that especially over the last few years years with some independent media as and it's it's a shame because you know that a lot of us we do really unpopular things because we believe in the truth and we believe and what we are putting out there and we believe in the message of freedom so we do really unpopular things that you know I know I both sites I you know I've got from supporters hating me and Hillary supporters hating me and you know a guy communists hated me fascists hating me I liberals hating the socialist conservatives it's when you're trying to be consistent with your message and you know bring forward that message of individual liberty truth can I have to step on feet on either side of the spectrum and annoy people that's where you see people that are for real and then you see people that you know just kind of follow up that way again and you know folly to what's popular and push that because they see success on the horizon of some form but in the end that success doesn't come because that lack of consistency rooms our reputation and long term these people are just kind of looked down on yeah I've seen it write a couple of cans of beer worms have been opened on and ... the track sort of going to go ahead and dive into it I'm we have a couple of interesting questions I'm one who's are asking us our opinions on what going on with the wildfires in California another one asking improved can we talk about Vegas and the biggest shooting so when we start with a California all alone that is bizarre I I've just recently on come across a number of photos that and were sent to me and Josh told me if you that you came across the last few days that I it's it's bizarre I mean I don't understand ... I don't understand some of them I mean some of them appear to have played cards completely melted ... means with trees all around them yeah there's a lot of examples of big department stores are burning to the ground in the middle of a parking lot with all the trees standing around 8 cars burnt down with the trees all around it and you know there are some fake photos to there's a few CG I voters and that are making the rounds that we have to careful not to ... fall into but I have seen some of us are ... Josh deaf or seen the chat do you think it was side tracked energy weapons that honest answers I don't know it could be could be it I mean I don't know why I haven't looked into it enough but there's deftly something strange with that and just considering the size and scope of the fire it is one of the biggest I think it is the biggest in in the state's history in California and I mean that that is something considering we hear constantly in the news every year California wildfires it's a very common thing but ... of being the size and scope that it is I mean it would be a great form of bioterrorism to be use of false flag of some form ... either way it there's I have no evidence so I can't really make out definitive claim either way yeah we're doing there's still a lot to be ... to be looked into I'm with that one but down and we're certainly going to be taking the so called official story with a grain of salt because we know we're out of thing always always often more often than not I lied to you when it comes to these that to attract tragic that events that you know set yeah policy moving forward toward a specially and a good example is some of the things we've seen recently in Las Vegas yes and that just needs to be talked about ... the story continues to change alot of the time lines coming from out of the the the main police staff sergeant who's in a charge of the press of relations changed her story a number of times ... well I think that he has been good to see the FBI has I'm I'm gonna just more questions being raised about about this event ... more and more it seeming like a false flag now when I say the words false flag these days I want people to misconstrue this and and confuse this with this notion that there were you know of at crisis actor and then nobody died in fake blood and all this sort of thing or or that product with the Manchurian candidate who you know who knows I mean there there's I don't speculate I I just want to stick to right now there's too many things to do not make sense to do not add up and we have to point out all the holes in the official story that are certain to just come through like a piece of Swiss cheese right now absolutely added with Vincent Vega shooting there are a whole bunch of a holes in the story I remember the day of the shooting or the night out there were almost immediately post on reddit claiming that I it was P. it was officer from the Las Vegas police department and they were saying look we're going to make him see in our you know press conference and we well take as long as we can to get promoted because the motive might embarrass the FBI I think there's a big possibility that as a gun running situation with the FBI about I don't know for sure I can't say either way album there's a lot of strange things happening that his use capitals ... guy ... disappearing that woman couple people now out there who survived were having found dead ... there's definitely some really strange stuff going on and I you know there's also a lot of fake nonsense going on or as well which I think I penny goes into that limit hang on situation that I was talking about earlier is that there are fake stories being pumped into that you know internet and they're mixing up this story in that story and before you know it there's conspiracy 5 theories ... fighting with other conspiracy theories ... while the official stories competing with that and there's like 50 different stories and it confuses the whole situation that we never get the truth so we have to be objective we have to sort things out and make sure that we know what we're talking about before putting out something ... that is under the guise of an anonymous source so I think I there's many things that pop up about the biggest story that are confusing and don't make any sense and I think we will eventually I get more to this story coming out but it just seems like I don't know about you guys but seems like it's not getting more confusing by the day I'm I'm just scrolling through the chat here and I just noticed this one Dan Dixon is not a real truth there he's a gate keeper look into it with the Canada shooting armbands see I think I did messages about you all the time down from people that usually right in all capital letters of comment in between words unnecessarily and unlike many callers like 50 Collins and it basically because you did the job that a journalist should do in the autumn of shooting happened instead before we jump to any conclusions let's look at the facts first because it just happened which is something that is a responsibility of any improper journal as a reporter is to not jump to conclusions and say Hey look this is what's happening it's deathly best we I have no proof but let's just put that theory out there until I catch some scheme you gotta be objective so yeah I I get the comments all the time did it say with from auntie fi down dates is a Nazi because he interviewed Christopher cap well but vice vice news that they're on guns were also interviewing him and you know asking you know for some foreign dialogue on a story that was all over the news it's yeah some sort you know I would love to someday interview someone like a rock child is well you know and put them on this fight and big Dicks you don't dig into their ideology and you know it's not going to make me like like as a form of card with the Rothschilds I mean it's ridiculous obviously you're running the federal reserve and you're secretly printing money and pretty people into a debt slavery act by intervene or off child I am the head of Hamas escorted her thumb around they have matched up the shape of my ear with the other guys here and there is a dead giveaway and the guy has appeared so obviously beard other guy with beer yeah only the same person you know how someone's gonna find this video and clip out that part where you say I am the head of the mosque I actually apparently in my mind alter ego is ... Brett Greenberger I mean I've I've apparently been exposed that I am Brett Greenberg I am the son of Maurice strong I've heard as well yeah so you got some roots in Winnipeg that as well I'll you know it's funny because I I know that you on weekends are secretly ... bill Hicks but then you have to go all the way down to Texas takeover for info wars and then come all the way back up here we come Dan Dixon men go into Greenberg son of Maurice strong I I really don't understand like where people I get these theories some guy actually put together a video of myself interviewing Lucretius he ... Acapulco 2017 and they cut it up so it was just us going but but but over and over again with a green screen be flying around us with this long all capital description about how we are both ... it you know global less shells that work for the Rothschilds at you know Lou prudence signed and I am a dirty Jew and you know all sorts of stuff like that and the whole video was just us going but but but I wouldn't be flying around us yeah I think there are some people as severe mental illnesses out there that I really need to find something better to do than trying debunk people that are putting their lives into spreading that is the truth that information instead I don't know they go after you know horrible political ideologies years that's saying that simple minds talk about people ... average minds talk about events and a great minds talk about ideas and maybe I think should take some advice from that yeah yeah I really found it get to you know folk focus on changing the world instead of worrying about what other people are doing wonder things I I yeah he's the most when people saying you know what yeah but you never talk about this why don't you ever talk about this particular issue and most often than not I have talked about that issue I do cover that issue but a lot of times I'm thinking my soul well why don't you cover the issue at hand be the change you wish to see yeah I mean there's I I can't you know there's that and there's a lot of issues I yeah I haven't heard yet and I will I'm I'm going to cover these things but there's only so much time in the day a lot of times I think it was Buffy would stopping you guys from going out making your own videos on this yourself yeah exactly people after you know pick up a shovel every now and then and ... I mean it's it's funny because you mentioned people say well you haven't done this issue or that issue sometimes I'll put up a video literally about the federal reserve and so on will comment 10 seconds after I posted video wired to reporting on the federal reserve I mean I swear some of these people are actually watch the videos to look at even the titles and just go out of their way in order to I don't know transferred a conflict in that's just unfortunately the way a lot of people are and I just tend to try and ignore them don't feed the trolls pretty much ... there this is what I live move rule I live by down one except for you just had them when I'm yeah to be a great cliff that's true yeah O. watch out for that later so one year says press recruit have you ever interviewed Kevin a net yet he embodies what a true anarchist is you should get behind his Republic of Kanata that cannot freedom movement ... I haven't interviewed cabin in there and ... I I ... I purposely stayed away from that one to be honest I'm not just because of the controversy surrounding the validity of his findings but a lot of people who I ... ... you know I used to breed research I respect have informed me that ... he's not to be trusted and down I want to do is I don't have somebody platform yeah unless I'm you know really really sure about what what I'm doing with them with that person in with Kevin in that I'm not ... so I don't know if you're familiar with because yeah I know money's talk with them ... and here is that we brother hunter ... is see I've had a lot of I was going to do some stuff with them and I'll just leave it at this ... I've had some friends that have had dealings with him and it just didn't turn out like it should have it was dishonest situation so I'm just gonna leave it at that ... market libel here so I but yet there's some issues that if you have a different experience let us know I mean if if there's ... good evidence of you know these things that he pushes actually working and being alleged operation then let us know I'm gonna leave it at that though okay we've got a whole bunch more coming through ... and what do you guys think about the wind speed issue is trump actually succeeding at chasing out the peta files from power positions on I didn't I I'm not so sure that what's happening with winds scene in Hollywood is a direct result of right trumps crackdown on peta files in fact there's a lot of photos of trump with winds denied trump's daughter and son in law Kushner not to mention ... Jeffrey Epstein as well from hanging around with with that scene of the famed Lolita express ... so much don't so sure that there is actually a connection there ... I I I have seen ... earlier on in trump's presidency he did seem to be cracking down on now you know Peter gave the sorts of things which is fantastic but what's happening right now what's what's happening in Hollywood is it's just his time has come I mean this is something that ... has been slowly unraveling we've seen actors like Corey Feldman and I we've seen people like Elijah wood we've which you know others ... being vocal about the fact that this goes on but this is what it took I suppose is that one night at that that this one big one to really kick it off but I think this beginning of of what we're going to learn more of what goes on in Hollywood wal mark my words fan Affleck is gonna be the next big downfall a long stride people like Bill Cosby I I mean there is an operation past viruses going on even under Obama for awhile I mean I find that the CIA and the global sounds which is very lenient towards people of that disgusting you know ... view ... that the pitfalls of the earth and what's happening in Hollywood is a great example of something that independent media has been talking about for decades it called crazy for doing just that so I I think that there is a lot coming out there is kind of a domino affect seem to happen I wouldn't say that trump is the one that's behind that I I Derek there were a lot of dust under trumpet their work part of operations that were going on before he was president so let's keep it up actual but in that sense but I understand why you know people are desperate to get rid of these pitfalls I am to you we need to but left side you know be legitimate about who's doing that and we're not going to just leave it off for a president to do it takes individuals are basically coming out against them to creep catchers are great example about ... of that capture ... that creep by catchers in Victoria British Columbia that are going out and catching peta files ... protected they basically socially engineer them to come and meet up with them and then they have a camera and they get exposed there are a lot of ... pitfalls out there and we need to be able to crack down on them but let's not be clear about who is doing that when trump is you know hanging out with the Clintons I you know I know what Jeffrey Epstein I have some serious doubts that he is actually cracking down on that because I was specially considering you know some of his past statements although lenient myself on from during the election over some of his statements regarding women because obviously there is enough in the mainstream media about that when there wasn't anything about how the Clintons have treated women for decades and I wanted to report on that but you know there are some examples of trump's things for creepy stuff to young girls that are under 18 and stuff like that and it makes you wonder buy with that said I mean let's just hope that people keep coming out in certain naming names instead of being afraid to speak the name of evil and put the word out there and get other people aware of it so it doesn't happen to more people because it's just gonna get passed down the line if no one says anything you have the issue of not naming names I think of the big one I mean as recently that ... on that day commercial actor Terry crews came out saying that he was sexually abused from a high level Hollywood executive but he's not naming any names Elijah woods talked about stuff you didn't name names de Cory Feldman's not naming names and I you know I mean these guys are scared you know they're they're scared because look at Harvey Weinstein's powerful connections to the Clintons and the Obama's I mean these people are connected their their powerful but you know it and that they could they could potentially be saving lives out there just by ... by naming these names is easier said than done I mean it's a lot of courage and to be able to do that but this reminds me of when ... II my little you know off list came out and he said I you know when everybody was labeling him as a paedophile and that he was that supporting Pat a few we and everything he admitted that he went on cruises and at parties where there were that those types of things were going on and what we need when he told that he never named any name and now it's ridiculous it's just it's so good it's so wrong so personal kudos for these people for at least saying something it took them a low on I mean at a great example is actually John who is you know everything is rape you think about me it's rape you look at me it's right all that and then it turns out she's been hiding this stuff about half an actual rape is going around raping women and sexually abusing them around Hollywood the whole time she stays quiet for 25 years but she pretends to speak for women and speak up against rape no she just called everything he sees rape and then covers up an actual rapists crimes so other ramming get raped by them instead I think it's ridiculous winds teams just beginning I wanted to quickly I do a show because I have a comment here on demand ... by doing Hayes who I asked another question on the live chat which I think we answered about logical fallacies but he asked ... can you talk about the role the compulsory education has played in the propagandize a sham of every generation stands that founding of the Rockefeller and Carnegie found I am so glad that I do not have kids in school because I've always said that if if if I did all I would be in one of those parents who would have thought down with them and said okay look ... the history class is telling you this but years what really happened now you go ahead and tell your exam paper and and your past what it wants to hear so you can go ahead and get that 80 and you can get out of there pass but no this unknown here's what really went down I'm I'm I'm not in favor of ... out of the Arab public education system the way we have it today in fact I don't even think woo hoo with good education system a real solid Goosen system works what we have is that it's an indoctrination at camp it we have a programming system we have a brainwashing can't that's turning out factory workers and that's turning out attorney of people who are incapable of critical thought and when you ... it bring that into the university levels and even multiplies so I'm I'm all for ... I'm you know home schooling and and just that and not having anything to do with that kind of educational system absolutely I mean ... I've always encouraged people to drop out of school because I I mean I dropped out when I was in grade 9 and I just picked up books it wasn't that I didn't like learning it was that I didn't like being indoctrinated and I knew what I was learning was wrong I have the personal strength to do that my parents were aware of that at the time they've worked aware of that system but I was I have managed to be and I'm lucky I was because I read a ton of books and I wanted to give you guys a few examples of books that you can read ... witches out crimes in the educators ... by Alex you man there is outside the school revolution by of course none other than doctor Ron Paul and Holly Swanson is a great author as well broken down all the horrible situations and our public school system and how late I'll push you would ... eugenics and agenda 2030 kind nonsense and I've public schools today I think you get a much better education today just watching independent media I mean that's where we've gotten to you folks is that the public school system is all about indoctrination and brainwashing people so they can grow up and then washing me media and can continue to get brainwashed looking universities to just filled with Marx's professors that push you know every form of control complex imaginable so getting out of the public school system is that is it is incredibly important ... in order to free your mind and free yourself from the chains so many revere so I that's what I have to say about it but I ask for you know that ... going back to the Rockefeller Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation all I can say is good riddance to ... David Rockefeller and good riddance to you as a big new Brzezinski we've lost a few monsters this year and you know they're gonna be more lost than ever where they'd where they're going so I think god's word we're looking at a bright future as long as people like yourselves that are watching this video look to independent media look too good literature that's not just state prop ... propagated nonsense and by the way I'm looking ... at even got calmer now again thanks for the comment Wayne Hayes it seems like my lives you at ... post is starting to take off $8 so yard is already up to $108 that he's made and we've only been broadcasting for less than an hour and ... there's 100 next few dollars and this is all I did I wrote entitled lives he makes you NA ask us anything press for truth and wow puts the picture of Dan and I and I wrote even one tonight and express for truth and I are going live to answer any and all of your questions tune in at this link in either join us in the YouTube live chatter comment below ... your questions that was all he did I do need dollars I did the same thing and I got it acted out of $180 not because ... if you don't work through the process of recon didn't post for me so yeah it's okay you can't you can't tell him all that well but if you guys can maybe how help me out make that up on the press Richard.CA slash donate link located in the description below course we always need your support and that's why I've been posting on steam it and you do so much because it's been helping to supplement my income that have been losing from the U. to that part of lips now in seem it's been a fantastic absolutely Steven has saved my life I mean I just I don't know what I would've done ... after all this to monetize a sham Stephen has kept me on my feet enough to feed myself and I'm in Vancouver I mean I I was outside of Vancouver right now I come from Winnipeg and I pay for it with this I paid for my recent trip to Vegas otherwise trust me I don't make very much money at all but it's it's enough to live on and I love what I do so it's worth it but Steven is really helping independent media thriving continue to thrive ... especially also with the use of deep too now so you have that now Facebook alter it in with the men and then you can sign in with unity deed to dock with video did your doc video and I you can go there enough to decentralize video sharing platform where you can make money on your up votes using steam it's all about the demand of your posts and it's a beautiful thing because I do believe that we are looking at the future where the internet was ... you know the future out of televised news and newspapers now I'd teach you is the next generation it's the future of news again the all all over what we've seen on you tube feedings censored and pushed to the side pushing the curb that decentralized websites based in crypto currencies are really going to replace that that is now becoming antiquated yes you heard that right YouTube and Facebook are becoming antiquated I feel like it was just yesterday that I first started going on Facebook and you too but I mean I'm Tania like we have to keep up with the future and this is a true free market individuals few future that we're looking at and what does an independent media they've been trying to silence the voices such as ours and in general there's been a major move towards this shutdown of the free flow of information online you look back it's hard 72012 I think it was when we started seeing us just put in pepper and act on it so but in all these pieces of legislation that they they tried to use the system in order to silence us but it didn't work every single time things were were stopped ... end and so now they're they're going to the root of financial terrorism and and just Sweden market movement we talked about this earlier in a video you need problem posting tomorrow but you know ever since the you could apocalypse happen now we have deep do we have bid me we have a bit you and we have all these I I knew new and exciting blockchain type based applications wanting all because they tried to to block that block us on YouTube so it's a whole cliche thing to try to strike us down we only you know we we come up yeah you take down one of us 10 more take their place and it's kind of like every single time they try to attack us we come out on top it just is the way it works is someone is looking out for us you know it you know every time these people try and deep 6:00 hours something else comes along and we've basically get the upper hand I mean they use the internet in order to you know surveil the masses in with Facebook and ... you know go go and look what happened what happened the entire establishments are getting pulled apart by the seams by actual truth in information that was put out there looking on the internet self well what can you do you move to a decentralized platform and that's not basically the future and I've regarding that video that you mentioned and so I'm going to be posting that tomorrow at world alternative media I know there's a few people watching this video that aren't sure who I am so just another ... reminder world alternative media on you too and on Facebook at other places and less humid for now because it's bad enough that I'm still on some of these dinosaurs social medias yeah we're gonna have gone all the links in the description to I'd jockeys channel into Josh's ... Stephen account has wells my steam account and I'm gonna go ahead and post this video right now is shoes were done to steam it anyways even though it's a little late to the party but I want to get 108 Bucks yes so one thing Joe hall files that's a guy out for me come on Joe hall files update Dan yeah looking hook a brother I really have to give a big things that god no I mean he's grand yeah this is an example of into //
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China Seeks To BAN The Conventional Car In Favor Of The Electric Car
\\comes to business all of commerce in every aspect of economics all boils down to one thing and that is the correlation between supply and demand well in a truly free market that's the case but is that what we actually have today oil prices have been manufactured to be artificially low and subsidies are being granted to major corporations who are being favored to monopolize various industries so the question we need to ask moving forward is qui bono or who benefits when it comes to the environment I think we can all agree that pollution is bad there's no argument there but the fall of the Petro dollar will fundamentally change the lives of Americans and Canadians alike and it's the Chinese government who is leading the charge right now to make this happen this just recently out from business insider China's ban on gas powered cars could cripple the oil market and there's this from the guardian China to ban production of petrol and diesel cars in the near future China the world's biggest vehicle market it's considering a ban on the production and sale of fossil fuel cars in a major boost to the production of the electric vehicles as Beijing seeks to ease pollution and the Chinese are certainly not the only ones engaging in this effort threatened to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040 France also seeks to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cards buy 2040 and India's auto industry is now gearing up for the government's electric vehicle push so needless to say the conventional car as we know it today is not quite dead just yet but it seems that its days are numbered and the electric vehicle will emerge as they go to mode of transportation for all the people of the world but what is this going to mean for both the oil and gas industry and the electric car industry moving forward well Canada's economy is heavily dependent on oil exports and wasn't that long ago that our former prime minister Stephen Harper signed the largest gas and oil deal we've ever seen with the Chinese and when the rules are implemented eventually oil productions is going to decrease because it's no longer going to be economically viable for them to produce more oil than at the prices stay low will reach an inflection point or a pinch points and eventually the price will go up as people are going to continue to use oil in there for the price will skyrocket so as we witness the death of this industry there's one key area moving forward in my opinion that pay close attention to and that is the industry of lithium lining and the making of lithium ion batteries just last week I interviewed Jeremy Korea bearing lithium about the budding lithium industry and where it is leading in the near future and more importantly how you can position yourself to profit from making wise investments while feeling good about supporting true free market entrepreneurship in the lithium space the fact of the matter is lithium is the new petroleum of the 20 first century and while the crony capitalist fascist governments are manipulating the markets there's actually an opportunity here to move the means of production into an area that is better suited for the environment and it can be done on a voluntary basis we all want a cleaner world I think that's safe to say but I also think it's safe to say that we want this to come on our own terms we don't want this forced upon us by a corporate fascist dictatorship bearing lithium is trading on the TSX and I recommended it to my subscribers last week at a dollar 82 and has now risen to 295 Soviet like to support true free market entrepreneurship and a cleaner environment check out my interview with Jeremy poor Yale include a link in the description below and also be sure to check out portfolio wealth slash E. V. this is how I found out about bearing lithium so 1 of the past the knowledge on to you so that you can learn more about how you can get involved in the rechargeable battery market which is estimated to be $112000000000 industry by 2025 so when it comes to the government I think it is safe to say it's just past that baby stay out of it check the links in the description below and let me know your thoughts on the manufacture death of the conventional car and also where you think the future of clean transportation should be heading share this video if you fail the information useful and please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a PFD member or a PFD patron and thanks for watching my friends stay tuned we've got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for pressed for truth //
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Las Vegas Shooting And The Cold Hard Truth About Gun Control
\\just stand if you're reporting for press for truth we're here in downtown Vancouver right now in our joined by the one and only Walter blocks here at speaking in Vancouver yet speaking event and effect we're going to be speaking together ... just next month at an event called the sons of anarchy on November 19 in Vancouver a put links to that in the description below ... but I wanted to get your thoughts today about something that is kind of controversial right now but you know having you wrote a book called defending the indefensible and in in response to this Las Vegas she there's been a lot of people ... discussing this gun to be a key issue and it's almost hard to defend pro pro gun advocates following the you know I think an attack like that so what's with voice might have for people who want to bomb talk you know about the second amendment and the importance of being able to own a gun following events like that well the reason for the second amendment had very little to do it fairly late 18 3 had very little to do with criminals 5 of criminals it has to do with turning with the government ... the conus 13 homeless were afraid that King George types would arise in in the United States and what they wanted was to defend against the government now how many people were killed out in Los a big concern about 60 500 were injured Peter that with how many people kills many many many more people ... the drug go the drink alone JK Fishin kills her whole tens of thousands of people I wrote a little book of privatising roads with 35000 you're going on the roads so the government is a mass murderer one of my favorite examples on Jewish and ... Hitler had a very very strong gun as a result the no Jews have the guns now suppose that Richard had a gun my Hitler said reason this false look Jews affirming how can we stipulate that Fuhrman gotta get rid of kidding I'm just putting China channel on then Hitler here ... and we have 2 ways of getting the Jews one we just kick him out in tele movie but it was and let him go free you still have a gun and if I kill them they'd shoot back in ICU so I don't know what the vision or but army or something and maybe what 11 go but no they didn't have any guns so they were hopeless well do we want to be helpless again still look a lot of people hate Donald Trump you lefties out there you think Donald Trump don't have a gun the case the whole trial book goes berserk I doubt I favor Donaldo Hillary now Tom was actually pretty good on gun control it's not as good on other things as I'd like them to be but he's not so I think a the main enemy is not private criminals how many people deprive the criminals kill the the blood the Crips the mafia you know dozens hundreds of times the government is a mass murderer and I'm certain that the U. S. governor not only other governments Miranda US governments got for the world should and I give you cases of a ... that kid has the drug law and then you know the FDA doesn't allow if you're on your last legs and one my Dr this stunning now you know they have rules about but hundreds hundreds of people being killed every year by comfort government is the well if governments the enemy and it's all about protecting ourselves from that enemy should people be able to match fire with fire absolutely sure I mean some will say well okay let everyone have a mosque because in the 1789 and all we have is not the government must what we need is a quick once with the government chewing private people on that jet planes or the drones are things like that they should because the government is actually ... the monopoly of actually the actually the legal monopoly of force and ... power corrupts sin absolute power corrupts absolutely somebody once said I didn't create that so I that that's a good argument in favor of ... this and what would you say are some of the solutions moving forward like should we be privatizing all of the police forces here and just opening guns up to being a a free market well yeah that we had you yeah you can just sorry you just give them a number of them okay I favor privatisation of everything not only is it moves Saddam doesn't crap everything you know moves us right now there are more private the U. S. government doing some good things orders of but they also depend criminals in jail for consenting adults or drug crimes where is the private cops and people who watch out for the malls in the shop centers and things and they don't arrest you for the doing victimless crimes they arrest you for you know disturbing the peace of stealing or something so here I I think Thompson and private courts so much better than the government yeah well it seems to be the case where he did this just when you call other track record of them yet when we privatize the same you work in a better not only for our well for everybody people for for all the set secure well not everybody is the it doesn't bureaucrats right civil servants the like it good for most people for so it's thing to to have privatization all the more reason why we should be involved if the government doesn't like it so I once again thank you so much for talking to us I check the links in below ... myself and all through king of the sons of anarchy next month I believe I think that's a viable we'll see much what happened //
"2017-10-13 20:10:56"
Bitcoin Is Skyrocketing And Can Not Be Stopped
\\this is Dan Dicks you're reporting for press for truth we're here in beautiful Squamish British Columbia today happens to be Friday the thirteenth a day that's been associated with bad luck but not so much for today as we are seen huge gains in the markets and I am joined right now by the one and only Josh Sigurdsson of world alternative media and I gotta say I'm glad you're in town today just because you know you come up cover a lot of economic news you cope cover a lot of financial news and today I mean the last we saw for bitcoin it is up 57 own 9 as of the making of this video so incredible incredible games so what can you say first of all ... eh adds to the resiliency of big coin I mean we just saw China trying to ban ... I initial point offerings I CEOs were seeing them try to shut down exchanges but this doesn't seem to be phasing the queen what are your thoughts on the on the incredible resiliency of big point it's it's an incredible thing we're watching a nonviolent monetary revolution happened before our eyes and it's exactly what we needed ... I mean the decentralized world is going to I replaced this central planning control grid that we've seen set up by central banks around the world and it's a beautiful thing we saw big going go above 5800 at 1.yesterday and it just it's a testament to the fact that it keeps climbing it has the scarcity in the demand has the application it will continue to grow and the central banks are panicking the banks are panicking because they know their system is going to eventually go down and bitcoin and of course things like gold and silver and all sorts of different kinds of assets will replace the centralized control grade that they've been trying to force down our throats with legal tender lives for so many years so I'm really excited about it I think that bitcoin a lot of the all coins they are just they're shown themselves to be something that really has true value based on the demand of the individual because people I'm essentially don't like to be controlled yeah exactly that's the beauty thing about what we're witnessing right now is the that the de centralization that's that's coming in with these coins and obviously when when we see a spike like this in big corn it's going to affect some of the other all coins out there ... so you actually managed to do pretty well with the with the old coin trading's I'm what can you say about some of the other all coins on the market right now ... some of them you know that they're they're all fluctuating and it seems to be based on what big corn is doing up absolutely I have something that I love is dash I love steam and has the application a like I said before with honesty Madoc harm I I look at things like I you know like when it's been doing pretty good recently ... there are quite a few I've actually been looking at salt it's brand new and it's kind of climbing and something that actually has been quite shocking to me and I I mean I should actually also mention OMG however I really like on you but I something that's been quite shocking to me you are lately is actually just in the recent I think 2004 hours or something like that hive which actually found out about on press for truth I it's been climbing like crazy and it's a mountain climb right now and I'm I'm actually pretty excited about that as well yeah if you guys are not familiar with hi this is one of the first publicly traded a blockchain related companies to be listed publicly on the trial stock exchange and yet will I I put out a video about that ... awhile ago now I believe it was trading at around 72 cents in it's so I didn't $3.16 is the last life ... today on that one so I yeah absolutely high blockchain is an exciting one what are your thoughts about the future of blockchain technology because that's where hive is trying to take the space into not just crypto currencies but you know other applications that that this can be used to to better humanity with this whole centralized a decentralized concept and what your thoughts on on the future of blockchain technology not necessarily dealing with cryptocurrency absolutely well I think it is the future I think it's going to replace a lot of what we see today I can automate a lot but it's also going to help us in a lot of ways where we weren't able to solve certain problems in the past I think that there is a huge I huge climb in the blockchain I've you know demand and you mentioned something you'd hit the nail on the head application application is so important you can't have ... that demand that persistent demand without the application so you can either scares the in demand which is a beautiful thing and you need that but when you have the application then you can actually use it for things you have uses for it you can sell it out to people and say look what you can do with that and you know you can actually prosper quite well out of that blockchain technology is the future there are certain things we need to watch out for within blood the blockchain ... technology especially when we see the central banks grasping at straws but look the way I look at it is there the risks ... don't outweigh that you know the great approach to it because obviously the central bankers are desperate they can't raise interest rates enough to drop them out when the ... dollar goes down ill go negative and they are desperately trying to switch over to a centrally planned blockchain technology which is a huge huge skirt on the planet we need to avoid this at all costs but I don't think that they're going to be a rush to do this in time receipt in China India Australia Sweden Canada to a great extent but they haven't got it to that next level yet ... god for bid that they do but ... outside of that I mean blockchain is our great tool to be used for the freedom of individuals ... it's going to be the future we can't avoid that and I think that there's a great opportunity to be had ... especially without crypto currencies but on the blockchain period just how you can solve I I think there's a commercial not that long ago on television actually for everything certainly can't be taken over by blockchain and you know you elevators that house like problems in and it's autumn we fixed by the blockchain if you know what has all this a I and everything and as long as the government doesn't hold that a high I think we are going to be looking at a very bright future true absolutely and I mean moving forward in this ... what sort of advice might you have I mean it within in regards of how people can ... profit off of these things I mean you've done well I've had people actually contacting me this morning ... about hide because of that video we put out our a few weeks ago now saying Dan we've had huge gains already and ... so what what sort of advice do you have for people to be able to invest their assets in in kind of more trustworthy safe avenues rather than you know fiat yeah well first of all I'm I'm gonna have to get into hive well yeah I think it's I I'm a little bit late to the draw but I think it's gonna be climbing a lot higher than it has just recently and I think that there is a bright future for hive but I also I want to just quickly say this is my opinion not sound advice because you have to go to some Keynesian university you know school and get some like government degree in order to say yeah this is what you should DO which is exactly the problem one of the biggest problems in the financial world today is you know people on TV spouting off like a you know Paul Krugman and people who have absolutely no idea what they're saying and using up practices that have just bankrupted countries for home almost 100 years but I would say personally I really like them bitcoin that you know that duh fallback I going it's like the original it is though one that's probably gonna rise up most over the years ... it's not looking like it's going down any time soon there's hard forks coming there's been going gold coming ... and then obviously dash I is huge and has a very small circulation compared to a lot of others and it has a lot of application use its ranked high and it's I think going to be taking around real soon as biklin kind of star stops on sky rockets hit yes it has in la the last guy a couple days when it kind of calms down a bit I think we're gonna see a big ... rise in dash and who obviously steam because ... steam estimates releasing smart tokens yeah soon and that means that people like myself I can have a wham coin you can have a PFD coin people get in on this and it's I think that that's going to be able largely a big part of the future of our blocking technology as well yeah absolutely I mean people are already building on this block chain that technology through the the steam it blockchain ... building on it like with the did DTF platform with his behalf phenomenal and so yeah I'm closing I want I want to get the links on so that people can learn how to better home better their lives in in prosper off of this I mean it yeah I I wanna I wanted to tell people if you are interested in checking out some of the things we've been investing in I mean did check out check a bitcoin if you're unfamiliar with this for the first time Josh has been doing pretty well with that I've been doing a doing pretty well with it I'm checking high blockchain I'm I discovered this through yeah a guy named Lee or any has ... website that really breaks down called wealth research slash must so if you go to that link you'll be able to ... see how I have myself and ... some of my friends and family this morning who have been texting me have said Dan this is being an amazing opportunity thanks for telling me about it I'm so check out that link ... Josh what links that you wanna point people to I'm because you've been doing some fantastic work I know you're going to be covering this as it continues to develop yeah I'm sure that your link so people can follow your work absolutely fine me at at Josh here 10 at and I've obviously Facebook I'm at world alternative media and a you tube you want to see our videos we got you to buy ... world alternative media circus up we guide hundreds and hundreds almost 600 videos up on there and you know we are just going to keep trying to Peck away at this and I'm just a happy to be joined by a joining you here and now British Columbia dad and hopefully in the next coming days will be waking up to a bigger wallet each time and you know I'm I'm really excited about and I think other people should start ... you know looking into this further and stop being so afraid of this beautiful decentralized system that is the future of currency and assets so I think people should look into it and really get a grasp on it because I first of all I'm I'm really understand why people kind of straight away from cryptocurrency yeah they have a bad feeling about it but once you actually look into it I felt the same to you once you look into it it's far more reasonable than you might actually think and it's something that has saved me from after being demonetized by you to it saved my life it allows me to keep doing this for a living cell I thanks I thank you for I talk with me today down and it's on a bright future ahead absolutely my pleasure is the incredibly exciting time to be involved in this space check the links below Josh Sigurdsson thanks so much for joining us today thank you //
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Elite Sexual Predators Are Being Exposed! The Fall Of Harvey Weinstein Is Just The Beginning
\\okay particularly vulnerable because they need an agent in the agents are creeps too you know and like and then they you know trying to get them a job in the you know the casting directors can be you know and the people who were ... them at the producers the directors and mean it's just it's rampant in the industry there's not one actress who doesn't have a story for years it has been rumored that Hollywood is filled with sexual predators and peta files who prey upon young talent and rising stars in the industry some have tried to speak out about this but they've been brushed off and ignored and of fears that they would damage the industry there are people that weren't the people that did this to still working still out there and there's some it's powerful people in this business at that hour 0.5 ago no one is saying what I'm saying right now what would you say to a parent who just has the best intentions is coming here with their child don't go into it thinking that it's all roses higher interest on Saddam but in the wake of the recent fall of famed Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein more and more Hollywood insiders are now speaking up about the horrid and vile industry of Hollywood insiders film director Kevin Smith recently stated the following on Twitter he financed the first 14 years of my career and now I know while I was profiting others were in terrible pain it makes me feel ashamed Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Joe Louis have just come out stating that Weinstein harassed them as well when Gwyneth Paltrow is 22 years old she got a rule that would take her from actress to start the film producer Harvey Weinstein hired her for the lead in the Jane Austen adaptation and look before shooting began he summoned her to his suite at the peninsula Beverly hills hotel for a work meeting that began uneventfully it ended with Mr Weinstein placing his hands on her in suggesting that they lead to the bedroom for a sergeant's she said I was a kid I was signed up I was petrified she said in an interview publicly disclosing that she was sexually harassed by the man who ignited her career and later helped her win an academy award Angelina Jolie's stated that I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth as a result I chose to never work with him again and warn others when they did television and film actor Terry crews has gone on the record that he was sexually assaulted by a high level Hollywood executive and he also one on to warn that I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent but Harvey Weinstein is not the only predator Florida the ring star Elijah wood stated that he was protected from abuse by his mother who didn't let him go to these parties but he said his peers were regularly preyed upon by those in power if you're innocent you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed wood said people with parasitic interests will see you as their prey so rob Schneider's speaking up Elijah wood is being vocal about this Corey Feldman and Terry crews are shedding light on this issue but none of these people are naming any names they warned us about others but are free to call them out because these people have very powerful connections take her me one sting for example this is possible because of Harvey I he is a wonderful human being good friend and powerhouse Mr president thank you for being my guests tonight I can't thank you enough for doing this it's incredible and as I said I always learn amazing things from you hopefully they'll let us do this again I was just going to talk about movies that it's time Hillary Clinton also has ties that run deep so to say that he's got some powerful connections would be a major understatement film actors Matt Damon and Russell Crowe have recently come under fire for coming to the defense of Weinstein in an effort to kill a negative sex story on one scene in 2004 but Damon has recently responded to these allegations claiming that this was not the case that we're all familiar with Bill Cosby in his multiple sexual harassment cases but this doesn't even come close to scratching the surface when it comes to who the real major players are in 2012 almost a year after his death it was revealed that television and radio personality Jimmy Savile had committed sexual abuse his victims ranging from prepubescent girls and boys to adults by October of 2012 allegations had been made to 13 British police forces and this led to the setting up of inquiries into practices at the BBC and within the National Health Service so while it is very troubling to learn of these horrific things that go on at the Hollywood insider parties it is good to know that some of these Hollywood insiders who are in the limelight are now coming out and being vocal about some of the things that go on behind closed doors in Hollywood please share this video because we need these testimonies to take off like a ripple effect and hopefully these Hollywood insiders who have had the courage to speak out will encourage others in a similar position to do the same feature to subscribe to is here on YouTube if you haven't already as we will be covering this more as it hopefully continues to develop pen if you appreciate our efforts to bring you this information please consider joining us is a patron and slash press for truth or by donating it pressed for true.CA slash donate links are located in the description below thank for watching my friends and stay tuned we got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for troops //
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Las Vegas Shooting And The Role Of The FBI
\\the week of the Las Vegas shooting that took the lives of 59 people gunman included more questions are now being raised that have yet to be answered as the official story now has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese that's been used for target practice there's a debate on line as to whether or not multiple shooters were involved as video evidence now appears to indicate that there a different guy it's being fired at the same time a link to that video was located in the description below give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comments section below but regardless of the unanswered questions there's one fact that remains true and Julian signs of wikileaks love him or hate him was bang on when he tweeted the following almost all terror plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model what is the business of the FBI extracting tax what does it need to do that astable threat problem real terrorists are sporadic and make the FBI look weak solution make them any links to a business insider article titled the FBI is manufacturing terrorism cases on a greater scale than ever before then it goes on to state how the FBI has ramped up its use of sting operations in terrorism cases dispatching undercover agents to pose as jihadists and ensnare Americans suspected of backing isis a KA the Islamic state diaspora isel the article explains to the reader what we have been warning about for years here on this channel and that is the fact that the CIA and the FBI and even our Canadian counterpart ceases the Canadian security intelligence service will often look for troubled individuals you're usually mentally unstable so that they can coerce them into carrying out acts of terrorism or no soil the terror plot before they can do it and then pose as the heroes when the Canadian government was caught doing this red handed we blew the lid off the story with our video breaking terrorist cell exposed as Canadian government operation where we show how the candidate bombing plot couple with freed after a judge ruled that the police and trapped them it's official the Canadian government acts as a terrorist organization through the police and intelligence communities and therefore we as taxpayers are supporting true terrorism the FBI was also involved in another Canadian terror plot involving a via rail train and when I questioned the terror suspects lawyer as to why on earth the FBI was involved in this Canadian case here's what he had to say I question the lawyer of the suspect and ask him whether or not his client was contacted or in full rated by a cease for me and I also asked him why is it that the FBI are involved in this Canadian case we are hearing from her very curious what evidence there is support that remains to be seen criteria you apply for the last year was there any contact during that time or were there any secret informant who infiltrated the group out once again I have no camp comment on the evidence so for the FBI and the department of homeland security are involved my take on it or not and I frankly I don't know so even a lawyer of the suspect was unclear as to why the FBI was involved in this terrorism case but now we know and as we've proven the FBI is in the business of creating terrorists through blackmail and coercion and various entrapment tactics that are designed to pin the blame on a political enemy through the use of the false flag attack so knowing that the FBI is heavily involved in the Las Vegas shooting case and considering their track record it is my opinion that if it does come out to be true and multiple shooters are officially confirmed then the FBI is going to be suspect number one on my list and unless we have what amounts to a full public inquiry that doesn't amount to the FBI investigating themselves then we're just going to continue to lose our fundamental rights and freedoms as more of these manufactured caravans are going to come in the near future so I will leave you today with the link to a video that I made explaining how all this is done called conditioning Canadians for the war on terror and if you haven't seen this one yet please take the time today to check it out you can do so by clicking the link right here on the screen and if you'd like to support this channel you can do so by becoming a PFD patron at patria slash prince for truth or by donating at press for truth.CA slash donate so thanks for watching my friends share this video if you found the information useful click on that like button and leave a comment instead to my friends we got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for tree //
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If Technology Is The Body, Lithium Is The Blood!
\\assistant exterior portage repressed for truth we're here in downtown Vancouver right now and if you're watching this video right now I'm willing to bet there's a pretty good chance you're probably either watching this on your laptop or perhaps on a cell phone and you may or may not know that in order for that to work properly this requires some lithium particularly in the batteries in there so needless to say this is going to be a very huge important industry moving forward and I am actually here in the offices a bearing lithium I'm joined by the seat you know Jeremy poor yea and thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us we're gonna I get Dick I wanna get your views on on that the industry and where you see this moving forward to in the near future a but before we get into that home to me to start by telling us you know you seem like a young guy how how to somebody use such as yourself self get to the point of being a a CEO of of the of the lithium mining company well first off and takes her out things were happening ... then I started in the in the capital markets when I was 18 years old so I did start younger than than most ... at night I worked in a well I attended university homonym most recently ... we did a company we co founded a company called pure energy minerals we did a deal with Tesla motors it was a project in Nevada where we where the companies raise to close to 16000000 today they're currently in the development stage of the project ... and we proved a resource text the only let him ... producing mine in North America so we were kinda early lithium we we saw the trend before a you know a lot of the other companies did and ... were highly successful and and now I'm allowed to bearing lithium where ... ... I guess that's my hope would be my second ... successful projects an aura so for people who may not be you are aware are familiar with what exactly is lithium and is this replacing ... ... either industries of old like zinc and I I'm not sure what other kind of I. elements were being used for these types of things before but it's is the secretary currently replacing the old coming in with the new it's at that in a not so what's going I would say that the lithium is replacing anything you know if you if you look at the pair table you go hydrogen helium let so it's the lightest metal on the planet hold the highest charge so it's always been there anything that that needed to move cellphones ... laptops power tools any with batteries always been lithium ion ... you know for electric cars you know can only be lithium as far as like the wombat is there is other ingredients in in the battery as well so I would note that ... you know it's not just the battery demand it's also you know the the lithium market as a whole is a very tightly controlled markets so that's helped put up ... push up the the costs as well ... but it's mostly the adoption of like I said ... ... the grease now cell phones ... as you mentioned earlier laptop computers and then the eve he's and then also the one thing that a lot of not a lot of people talking about his great storage for renewable energy well great storage for renewable energy and electric cars sounds like this is leading towards ... hadn't something more sustainable infants terms of something that Sir friendly to the environment so is is that for you guys one of the main ... I'm pushes here is that this is just cleaner energy I think that that happens to be that's one of the things that's driving with you right electric cars what cleaners especially in China you know they demand that or they say they've ... demanded that kill all combustion engines moving forward are not are not to be built are driven in China also gonna happen over night there's obviously a phased approach to that but you know that's because of the pollution we all know there's a big problem with pollution in China so lithium is definitely benefited from that ... and as far as rubles go you know we all know that that green energies was is growing larger larger and well we all know that it that it's important to our ... society moving forward now one of the issues is that the wind doesn't always blowing the sun doesn't shine at night so great storage happens to be a way that we can we can bring on more renewable energy we can use it 2004 hours a day well here in Vancouver I've often referred to this place as the watermelon province now this is largely because a lot of people here do you know if water runs green on the outside the red on the inside essentially people here have the the the look of environmentalists but when you get down to the core of the ideology there essentially communists that the root of it so what what can you say as to the the the free market entrepreneurship ... in in in terms of providing ... I'm market solutions to free energy would yeah what what can you speak to that about because you're an entrepreneur you're involved in the free market it is that I prefer a bowl ... solution than what we see coming from what seems to be kind of a socialist movement here in Vancouver why I think the writing's on the wall it's not just a Vancouver movement ... what what I would say is that you're probably talking about some of the subsidies that the government's given for electric cars and for solar ... you know those were early on subsidies to Canada to get the industry off the ground and now for example solar energy in the U. S. is now the cheapest for a power and a now plays more people than coal so so today I I no longer believe that it is this industry are no longer is in fact an industry that's that's heavily subsidized it can survive now without subsidies out electric cars ... I definitely think there still is still subsidies in there is still subsidies but those are going away those are expiring and you know the entire industries is again starting to now stand on its own and it won't need those subsidies go thing I'd mention is that oil and gas ... and I drove by the way I differ combustion engine just pulled disclosure at this point time I think I'm the next car's going to be electric because that's what I do believe that but the point I'm making is that ... the oil and gas industry is also had heavily subsidized we don't often talk about it ... because you know we're just so used to it but you know they are very very heavily ... government support well when we do know that in a nickel Tessler Irish Syria you on mosque is Islam you know advancing Tesla to bring in ... these electric cars and what you mentioned earlier what what was your your involvement with your earlier company ... sold to him or what what what was the deal that you had with you on musk so ... we did ... supply agree with Tesla it took a long time it was a lot of negotiating and we learned a lot of things ... we knew a lot of things about the supply chain but we learned a lot more things as well one of the issues of lithium is is that you mention free market it does not run as a free market like for example gold or silver give you produce that you can sell it how markets a liquid market everybody can see the price of every day ... with with let him its industrial metal it's sold on contract so there's only ... for companies that control the majority over 90 percent a lithium production so those for those 4 companies ... essentially act as an oligopoly if they produced anywhere from 2 to 4000 ton and they sell you know right at 12000 higher you know the last quarter rescues recorder for example so they are have a tremendous interest in bringing in a lot of other players and have them out of the market function you know more freely and that was one of the things that Tessa was very concerned about because they they're they're big advocates of a I opened in the free in a transparent market so that's one thing about lithium they think it's a very small market it's only about a $2000000000 market it is growing rapidly and will continue to grow and has been a lot of investment in it so that's why there's a lot of providential projects for production and that's one reason we've also seen the squeeze ... but you know so it's not just the demand it's also that the market fundamentally is different than a lot of other well where do you see it then I'm going from hearing in even in the in the coming months and years it seems I mean to a Tesla just bill I think the largest of lithium I'm producing factory in the world I believe I'm at where do you see this industry moving from here while Tesla makes all the headlines ... are the majority of the headlines up until recently you know we saw dice in a vacuum maker Nelson C. announced that they are now building electric car you've seen apple Google both announced that they're building electric cars ... and then you know I it for example Volkswagen said there needs to be 40 giga factories you know ... there's been I think 10 giga factories announced and bit are being built in China there's been wanted pull another one in Chile another one in the U. S. ... in the northeast ... you know I and several others there will continue to be so I I think that's what makes the headlines but there's a lot of this movement is ... ... is no longer a small ... no movement it's large very legitimate companies that are moving towards ... this direction well if somebody is interested in getting into the space I mean how could they potentially get involved and and wood with the best Avenue maybe to get involved with the ... something like bearing lithium I mean is his stock options the best bad then you know I I apply it way too I get get involved at this point yeah I I mean I guess you're referring to like gold for example you could buy ... you know gold bars or gold coins yet that's not really an option ... in elective it's highly combustible ... and you know it's an industrial middle upper middle ... so wit with taking advantage I've you look at the majors SQL is trouble Albemarle tripled FNC's doubled ... so you know they've had a pretty good run I think the continue to move higher ... but you know they've had an excellent run so far you look at the juniors there's not a lot to pick from right and that's what the reasons why you've seen you know some of these you know so many stocks movies because there isn't a lot of viable projects there is a lot of projects out there for investment ... and you've seen companies agree atento into the space posco which is where the world's largest steel companies ... has appealed they understand the demand for this mineral so I think Barry is an interesting opportunity to invest because if you look at our market cap relative to our peers were significantly lower and were one of the most advanced projects in the world and we are the highest grade lithium Brian project in the world that is not currently producing ... so I I do think you know you can make a very a legitimate argument that bearing is in an advanced stage project is an interesting investment opportunity if you'd like exposure to a few yeah absolutely and for anybody who's watching if you do when you are interested how well it where to go what what kind of link some can they can they go to to do a little bit more research on this or at the even want to purchase in stock and how do they go about doing that sure ... so depending on if they have a broker discount broker who they trade through Nick we trade on the ... the Canadian exchange under the ticker B. R. Z. and on the OTC QB exchange up B. R. G. R. F. and you can find more information on our website ... bearing and you can sign up for our newsletter and keep up to date on developments there and you can also ... call us or email us the full number all the information on the website and we always look forward to a titty feedback where Vester in trying to improve each day fantastic well I think it's a great opportunity and down you know we're gonna have all the links in the description so definitely be sure to check out the links them so yeah what once again thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today and good luck guy with a with this industry moving forward thanks Dan appreciate //
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PROOF Canada Is Importing Terror! Edmonton Attack Exposed
\\do like she should rethink his involvement with the Canadian government needs to be exposed to now more than ever so today we're just gonna jump right into this the Edmonton terror attack suspect it's a Somalian refugees you came here to Canada because he was not wanted in the United States they wanted him to be deported back to his home country of Somalia in 2011 he was taken into custody by the U. S. customs and border protection service any was held for 2 months following the investigation a judge decided that it would be in the best interest of the American people that he be ordered to go back to his home country of Somalia so the American authorities after a 2 month long investigation concluded that she should not be allowed to stay there in America so what is the Canadian government decide to do the federal government decided to sponsor him for one whole year naturally in 2012 he came here on his own claiming asylum status and ended up being granted refugee status later that year after 3 years of his new life in Canada Sharif was investigated by the RCMP after someone reported that he was espousing extremist ideologies but the RCMP never did end up charging him files on the subject were kept in shared with other police and intelligence agencies but he was still allowed to live here and do as he pleases because it's the current year and diversity is our strength on the evening of 9/30/2007 Abdulai he Sharif plowed his vehicle into a police officer sending him flying into the air at which point he exited the vehicle and proceeded to stab the wounded officer before managing to then drive a U. haul truck down the busy streets of downtown Edmonton striking for pedestrians along the way no I can't say we didn't warn Canadians precisely about what was coming down the pipeline with videos like Canadian foiled terror plot in the intelligence community Canadian terror plot exposed as RCMP set up season RCMP complicit in Maine affection terrorism breaking terrorist cell exposed as Canadian government operation via real terror plot exposed the Strathroy bomber another foiled terror plot and many many others and we told you the truth about the propaganda that is at play here with videos like the truth about refugees coming to Canada the truth about xenophobia the truth about the war in Syria the truth about the Syrian refugees the truth about John McGuire and with videos like isis in the Canadian terror threat and our Islam ideologies compatible in Europe in the west and many many more links to all of this information will be included in the description below so that you can educate yourself on what's truly going on behind the scenes so while I'm here trying to educate people on the facts that they're not getting from the mainstream media vice news put so this unbelievably despicable editorial far right extremists will use Edmonton terror attack as propaganda the article goes on to say I think what we're going to see from the far right or extreme right is this I told you so moment they're going to be sending the message to Canadian saying we warned you that by allowing brown Muslims into our country we are running the risk of getting us innocent Canadians killed you don't know what the far right will do they see the Somalian a community members are afraid that the far right and white supremacists who use this event as a tool to spark hate and continued their agenda of hate hall heading there in large the crux of the problem folks I'm not racist I'm not hate filled I just haven't allowed this politically correct social justice warrior culture to indoctrinate me with their twisted ideology so allow me to present a scenario to you and perhaps we can give this a try how bout instead of regarding each other as a refugee or immigrant or citizen we respect private property rights how bout is a free society we do away with the need for an immigration policy instead of seeing borders we recognize property lines how about instead of seeing people as illegal immigrants and refugees we see them as either invitees fortress pastors and maybe it's time we try a policy of non intervention how about we stop bombing Iraq and occupying Afghanistan in giving ISIS a reason to be on their hit list in the first place the media along with the liberal government are the ones who are pushing this agenda for an Islamic alliance with the left and one isa strikes again the blood is going to be on their hands be sure to watch our video George Soros in the Canadian agenda exposed where I outlined what the agenda would be and I'm sad to say that unfortunately it all came true all include a link to that video at the end of this one in the way things are going right now it's probably soon going to be a legal for me to say the things I'm saying in this video without being charged with some sort of ridiculous hate crime so please share this information while we still can and of course these videos are only made possible through your donations at press for true.CA slash donate or through your patronage at patrie slash press for truth were even just a few Bucks a month goes a long way in helping us to bring you this information so please check the links in the description or right here on the screen if you would like to get involved and stay tuned my friends we got a lot more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
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Can We Have A Rational Conversation About The Las Vegas Shooting?
\\sustain Dixie reporting for press for truth it is a sad dark day for Americans as they have just suffered the largest loss of life in a mass shooting last night in Las Vegas as 58 people have lost their lives and over 500 people have been wounded and what we're going to talk about today might make you uncomfortable they might make you angry but unless we keep our emotions in check as we analyze this catalyzing event those who seek order out of chaos will use this opportunity to achieve their goals of gaining more control over us now we're going to be showing any of the footage of what happened in this particular video you can check all that out for yourself and I would strongly encourage you to do so welcome to embolden anyone on any side of this by showing any images of the shooter I'm sure the mainstream media's gonna have that fully covered what we are going to do is we're gonna look at some of the facts that the mainstream media is not talking about so that you can have a better understanding of what took place last night and more importantly what's at stake the alleged shooter 64 year old Steven paddock and in order to understand who this individual was we're gonna first look to his family his brother Eric panics stated that Stephen was a wealthy man he owned houses and apartments and he often went on ya 2 words playing poker at $100 ahead but life wasn't always good for him his father was at one time on the FBI's most wanted list for robbing a bank and then subsequently breaking out of jail we also know that the shooter has a pilot license but he doesn't have the proper medical certification needed to legally fly I tried to inquire as to the state of his mental health but the Federal Aviation Administration would not give out any information in regards to his mental health records what I did find out was that the shooter Stephen Paddick once worked for a company who later became known as Lockheed Martin a global defense and securities company but Lockheed Martin won't say who that company was which really just raises more questions what we do know is that the shooting took place from the 30 second floor of a hotel room at the Mandalay bay resort and how the weapons were brought up to his room is still unknown because the CCTV footage has been collected and is currently being viewed by the police a woman on the grounds has claimed that a woman was screaming you're all going to die tonight approximately 45 minutes before the shooting began and she was allegedly so I read that she had to be escorted out by security and just so you know links to all of the sources for everything that I say in this video will be located in the description below so I would encourage you to do your own follow up research on all of this information isis is clean the shooter to be one of their own suggesting that he converted to Islam just a few months ago but the police have yet to confirm any of this information further unconfirmed reports suggest that he was left leaning politically and now there's the debate as to whether or not this constitutes domestic terrorism but regardless of his position 1 thing I am seeing a far too much of right now is people who are using this event to confirm their own political bias politicians like Hillary Clinton for example are all over this politicizing the issue to be all about gun control and the use of automatic weapons in the hands of civilians and while many will argue that the second amendment was enacted long before they could have perceived the use of these fully automatic weapons there for these weapons shouldn't apply what they're forgetting is that the whole point of the second amendment was to defend oneself from government oppression and of the police and the military are able to arm themselves with these types of weapons then the American people should be able to match fire with fire in order to protect themselves and the fact of the matter is we're all being watched by the government right now 247 the NSA can read your text messages they can listen to your phone calls they have super computers that can recognize red flags through their algorithms so all of the surveillance all of the biometric technology and the advanced police states that we're seeing growing every day all of it clearly has nothing to do with them protecting you but it has to do with them protecting themselves from us because when people finally realize who the real enemy is and they rise up against the state then against their real governmental oppressors and against those who are creating these enemies of humanity the whole system is gonna come crumbling down and that's the real truth of the matter here so as more of the facts come in we're gonna continue to dig deep into what took place here who all the guilty parties are and what the solutions ought to be but I want to remind everyone that no matter what side of the political spectrum you categorize yourself in we cannot allow the governments to strip away our rights and capitalize on events like these time and time again please click on that like button as it does help us with the video algorithms that YouTube uses when determining which videos should get exposure and which ones should then be sure to check all the links located in the description below so you can do all your own follow up research on this and also see can join us as a P. of team member or a PFD patron thanks for watching my friends be sure to share this video if you found the info useful and stay tuned we've got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
"2017-10-02 00:01:00"
ISIS Attack In Edmonton Puts Canada On Global Stage Of War On Terror
\\should index here reporting for press for truth a terrorist attack is just occurred in Edmonton and reports are now coming in that this was done by an ice is operative so the gloves are coming off today my friends in this video we're going to show how first of all this suspect was known to police before the incident happened the Canadian people were warned by ISIS directly in that they were going to do this and how they would do it and we're going to show how the blood is on the hands of who I feel should be suspect number one right now criminal elements within the western governments who are manipulating the war on terror in order to gain more control on us right here at home footage has been released and due to its graphic nature we're not gonna be showing it here links will be included in the description below but a vehicle can be seen ramming into a police officer sending him flying up in the air at which point the driver of the vehicle exits the car any proceeds to stab the police officer who was laying wounded on the ground several hours later the same suspect was seen in a U. haul truck which she then used to ram into for pedestrians before flipping the truck over and being arrested by police this attack follows the trend in Europe where ISIS operatives also have been using vehicles to plow into unsuspecting crowds and in order to understand what's happening here today we need to remember the warnings that have already been given just wait Islamic state reveals it has smuggled thousands of extremists into Europe an operative working for Islamic state has revealed the terror group had successfully smuggled thousands of Colbert jihadis into Europe isis threatens to send 500000 migrants to Europe as a psychological weapon Islamic state finds success infiltrating its terrorist into refugee flows to the west so they clearly have a beef with the Europeans and have plotted against attacking them but a great deal of people have forgotten that this fate was meant for Canadians as well as we expose in our video ISIS warned of the Canadian attacks soon to come audio recordings were released stating that Canada would be a target and that they would use any means necessary to achieve their goals and now it's come out that the Edmonton terror attack suspect was known to police according to the public safety minister and now that this destruction and mayhem has made its way to Canadian soil prime minister Justin Trudeau had the nerve to under the following in his statement to the nation we cannot and will not let violent extremism take root in our communities pardon me come again isn't that precisely what you did with virtue signalling tweets like to those fleeing persecution terror in war Canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith diversity is our strength but regardless of Trudeau's open border policy that mimics those in Europe and regardless of the propaganda regarding Islamophobia that's inevitably going to be crammed down our throats we need to remember that this isn't terrorism folks this is war when you shoot at someone and they shoot back at you that is not terrorism it's war and as we've proven time and time again we are isis and we have the proof if you haven't seen this I will include a link to this video in the description below it was the west to bomb to their country's first and created refugees it's the west to arms funds and trains these extremists that were created out of that chaos Bennett is the west who have allowed this engineer crisis to make its way onto our soil so it's time we say enough is enough I've been warning for years now that Canadians are being conditioned for the war on terror until we learn who the real enemy is the attacks are only going to continue and more of our fundamental rights and freedoms are gonna be stripped away from us every single time but you can help us raise awareness by sharing this video so that when the next false flag attack does occur people are going to know who the real enemy is criminal elements within our very own governments who are utilizing their modus operandi I of order out of chaos to gain more control share this video if you found the information useful folks because it's go time they're not messing around here anymore and we need to get real serious about exposing what's really going on here and on that note I wanna thank the PFT members in the PFT patrons who make these videos possible through your patronage at slash press for truth or through your donations at press for truth.CA slash donate the links are located in the description below if you would like to contribute thanks for watching my friends click on that like button and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already we got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
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Quantum Computing For Global Surveillance Exposed - What You Need to Know!
\\is did Dixie reporting for press for truth that I'm afraid I have some bad news for you today folks I'm afraid you are being spied on probably right now the Big Brother Orwellian nightmare is just being kicked in the major over drive so we're just going to jump right into things here in this video we're gonna be talking about DARPA and their global gnashing of CCTV is China and their national ID surveillance system on steroids or math or PCP and how quantum computing it's going to provide the vehicle to make it all possible but just before I do I want to give a quick shout out to one of our sponsors that one world digital not don't let the name fool you because they're very heavily invested in fighting against the New World order and the solution that they provide is an economic one because when you purchase one of their digital android cable boxes you can prevent a good portion of your hard earned dollars from getting into the hands of these major cable and satellite companies and that is something that we hear a PFD fully support so if you're in the market for a digital android cable box check them out at one world digital and when you use promo code P. F. T. you'll save $50 U. S. off the price of a box it's a great product and they're a great bunch of people so show him some love and don't forget to get your savings and let them know that we sent you when you use promo code P. F. T. her eyes back to this being spied on business combat zones that see or CTS is a project of the United States defense advanced research project agency also known as DARPA whose goal is to track everything that moves in the city by linking up a massive network of surveillance cameras to a centralized computer system artificial intelligence software will then identify and track all movement throughout the city but that's just their goal right they haven't actually started implementing this have they Moscow officially turns on facial recognition for its city wide Cameron network the facial recognition system devised by a Russian AI firm has been in use since earlier this year as a pilot program but now it's official and it will remain in place for the city's 160000 CCTV cameras but Dan and this is about stopping terrorists and criminals you must be saying look at London England for example there's millions of cameras there one for every 10 people and they're just perfectly fine away there was a 77 bombing as a matter of fact it turns out cameras don't deter terrorism or crime at all study showed that CCTV cameras have failed to deter criminals and the recent U. K. riots showed CCTV does nothing to prevent street crime alright DARPA's been tracking people through a mash of CCTV cameras but big deal I mean that's been going on in London for years it's not like they have personal information attached to this tracking system I mean that would just be too intrusive on her privacy right shopbop broad door on this are you kidding me over 20000000 CCTV cameras have been equipped with a I technology in a been installed in China in what now looks to be the world's most advanced surveillance system according to a documentary that ran on China central television the security cameras use facial recognition to identify each person and then it overlays a pop up of their personal information on the screen about the person these descriptions include details like age gender and the clothes that they are currently wearing because yes this happens in real time the system also tribes vehicles tagging them with their make and model and color but how could they have all this information on them instantly in real time just by scanning their faces you must be asking well the system knows who is who because in China everyone is given a photo national identification card some by the age of 11 and all the information contained therein is stored on the government's national database don't you just love the state and who could forget China sesame credit a system which is linked to 1.3000000000 Chinese citizens national ID cards and ID scores each citizen on their behavior so if you do things pleasing to the state your score goes up and if you do things that go against the status quo your score goes down I expose this extensively in how this is a blueprint for the west all include a link to that video at the end of this one but that's China right I mean they're not gonna database our faces and info who would be willing to do is give up that information to them anyways oh wait can you live for as we pointed out in this video it's not only watching you the iPhone X. exposed biometric identification is just the beginning people are now expected to use facial recognition to open up their phones and we're suppose to think that this is cool but that's an awful lot of data if they're going to want to track everybody and have all this information on everyone in real time they're gonna need some serious super computers enter the world of quantum computing where Microsoft has just developed a new coding language that is made specifically for quantum computers but the time the complex machines are ready you might grasp the tech quantum computers can solve certain types of problems exponentially faster than the best super computers they would allow scientists to do computations in minutes or hours that would take a lifetime of the universe on even the most advanced classical computers Microsoft explains that in turn would mean that people could find answers to scientific questions previously thought unanswerable ... who just imagine the possibilities like tracking in tracing and data basing every single human being on this planet what once seemed like a far fetched idea is now a complete reality I mean where I've just moving towards this 1984 Orwellian nightmare it's arrived it's already here and unless we in the west oppose these incremental steps towards all ... Tierney we're gonna fall prey to the governing authorities who seek to control every aspect of our lives just like they do in China so I say we lead by example and we boycott the iPhone acts or any other system that requires facial recognition or biometric information in order to gain access don't let your phone do this to you and don't let your school do this to you or your place of work or your bank or whatever the case may be just saying no might biological information is like a sacred temple and I will not allow you to make a digital copy for the purposes of control and I hope you'll join us in the battle against you too bad paca lips as I've been vastly demonetized because I go against the status quo so if you would like to help us continue to be able to do that please consider making a contribution by joining us a PFD patron at slash pressed for truth or by donating directly at press for truth.CA slash donate links are located in the description below Sebek for watching my friends be sure to click on that like button share this video and leave a comment and stay tuned we've got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
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Chelsea Manning Banned In Canada Means It's Trudeau's Time To Shine!
\\stand exterior porting for press for truth the former U. S. intelligence analyst Chelsea manning has just been denied entry into Canada as the young soldier turned whistleblower recently tried across the Canadian border in Quebec taking to Twitter with a totally reprehensible use of emoji is by the way manning states no walls no borders no bands no deportations no prisons hash tag we got this and when posting the letter from immigration Canada manning states so I guess Canada has permanently banned me immigration Canada denied entry because of convictions similar to treason offense but why would a fleeing transgender soldier think that they would just be welcomed with open arms here in Canada alone weights remember this tweet from the Canadian forces we welcome Canadians of all sexual orientations and gender identities join us diversity is our strength and of course you could forget about this from our very own prime minister to those fleeing persecution terror in war Canadians will welcome you regardless of your face diverse city is our strength hash tag welcome to Canada and even though manning is not fleeing because of this no trans genders in the military situation recently issued by trump or because there was a need to fleet persecution terror in war as according to Trudeau's tweet it seems our feminist SJW prime minister has still found himself in a bit of a P. C. P. R. pickle also known as a politically correct public relations problem so what do you think our virtue signalling feminist prime minister Justin Trudeau and our lesbian premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne are going to do about this particular situation well according to immigration lawyer Peter Adleman either the minister of public safety or immigration could step in to allow manning to enter Canada perhaps ... unquote humanitarian grounds both ministers could make an exception if they wanted to he says so it seems that what was once a potential PR nightmare may now soon be turned into a grand standing politically correct gesturing opportunity for Trudeau and win so that they can pose as the heroes here because Hey it's the current year now let me just clarify that as a voluntary is I am against the initiation of force or the violation of the non aggression principle in any way but as a realist I also know that so long as government is involved in the picture this snowboarders concept is only going to lead to a global governmental authoritarian world order so I'm sorry but no diverse city is not our strength as we recently exposed in this video caught on tape illegal immigrants in Quebec attempting to court women for marriage you will see that openly allowing criminals into the country who violated the non aggression principle first by crossing a private property line will not strengthen Canadians but it will in fact do the opposite will eventually be ripped apart from the inside and for that matter I know I'm going to upset some people by saying this but by referring to Chelsea as she or I heard and pandering to his delusion as I'm seeing nearly everyone do right now is not helpful to him or to anyone in any way whatsoever Chelsea is a man and no amount of surgery or hormones or makeup or denial is going to change the fact that he has to X. Y. chromosomes this is not bigotry folks it's factual science having said that Chelsea manning is a hero for leaking the Iraq war logs and no one can take that away from him so while I am a fan of his brave act of civil disobedience I must say I'm not exactly excited about the coming virtue signalling that we're going to be seeing from our leaders here in Canada let me know what you think in the comments section below should Chelsea be allowed entry into Canada or should the policy just stay the same as it is and what about when it comes to referring to him as a her do you agree that this amounts to the policing of our language and is detrimental to the future of society or do you think I'm just being a big it let me know in the comments section below and as you may or may not know this channel is only made possible through your donations at press for truth.CA slash donate or by joining as a PFD member or a PFD patron at Peachtree slash press for truth where your monthly contribution goes towards the making of PFT videos and documentary films check the links below or right here on the screen if you'd like to be involved with what we're doing here at PFD and stay tuned my friends we've got a lot more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
"2017-09-26 06:56:58"
This Is The Blockchain Company The Government DOES NOT Want You To Know About!
\\stand Dixie reporting for press for truth and for those of you who have been following crypto currencies and blockchain technology in general you'll know that there has been an incredible progression there's been an amazing evolution to this technology since its inception in fact ... crypto currencies have done to cash what MP threes I have done to ... that C. D.'s and in fact the applications for blockchain technology is what we're just in the beginning phases here they're so much potential for this and for those of you who have been watching this channel for quite some time you'll know that I'm often talked about a blockchain technology being at a historical moment right now it's almost like we've reached a fork in the road where this could go in the direction of the you know where the powers that be are interested in this and want to use it to enslave humanity or this could completely in power humanity and free us from the clutches of the centralized planners so today I am so pleased to be able to announce that I finally found a company that is taking this into that direction that's going to be able to empower humanity and I'm talking of course about high blockchain and join me on the line today is only your dance he is the founder of wealth research group ... .com is one of the world's largest newsletters of financial newsletters and I he joins us today to talk a little bit about high which recently listed on the trouble started exchange so this is a historical moment in the evolution of blockchain technology a silly or thank you so much man for taking some time to speak with us here today ... how I want to get your views on you know eh high blockchain in where you I see this company moving and what it seeks to do with blockchain technology but before we get into that maybe you could start us off by telling us a little bit about how you first got involved in this blockchain technology and how you got to the point of wanting to be so involved investing your time and energy into ... accompany you I like 5 well arm well let let's start with some with the fact that I'm 33 right now I thought investing when I was 16 armed and that would with regard to crypto currencies what happened to me was that the summer of 2012 and a friend was the it was a pretty wealthy investor showed me that in Colorado they're gonna announce the legalization of cannabis real soon and so I am and I'm I'm thinking that's your many companies that I like to position my thought early and I and I flew down there he would at the ballot and when I was there it was January of 2013 I wasn't Breckenridge's ski town and I thought of the booming cannabis industry just starting over there but then I also saw that the them you know these people are using any or are investing in a new currency in of crypto currency called back when that time it was a bad out ... them but if I'm not mistaken about $17 proof coin and in like a month after ... when I bought it it it was $119 I sold I thought I was the smartest guy in the world right around 700 per thing again like among and then I research further into it com I used to go to a lot of a lot of the Congress is and ... in 2013 I got back in there let when I was managing and you boutique font like 20 armed well to do people and that ... yeah we got investing in bitcoin about 400 and we buy more than 800 and I liquidate the fund at the end of 2015 with a new resolve and passion that I didn't wanna reach just 20 people and help them I wanted to reach a broader audience that that's why I launched it down the well research you've been free financial newsletter there's no threshold and our idea our goal was to help people who wanted to build a financial fortress around them built around their family around their future to get educated about economics about investment about finance and we also non conduct your own due diligence on company we do marathon like 30 to 45 days we'd look for specific opportunities this would be in long term ... have you no longer investment but also the small cap sector where you can create up enormous gains in a shorter amount of time around and so that's how I got to the point where this summer I spent a lot of time in Vancouver and looking at a few small cap opportunities but the main thing that I really wanted to find a company that will be the bridge between traditional investment and the creek the world and because there's a lot of people who have a technology barrier and do not want to own a cryptocurrency any of them and and the house store them with a wallet they want to go with the traditional way and and by a publicly traded company that has potential leverage towards non BL blocking technology and that's what happened with with high basically it the hype and the name hive came from the fact that when you go into these facilities that mine for cryptocurrency it's like a bee hive that there's no way to them thank arm itself they launched last week I know you'd follow that you know that they they lift the for about 30 cents Canadian and the first rate was about 74 Canadians that day and it went all the way up to 220 thank you the 220 third $2 27 giving it out at the top ... and that's like that tripling your money or a 207 percent return and I think the company has a lot more to go up the just announced that Balkh you'll find anything arm where some of the people that that are coming in with that of $30000000 fine it thing are the ... 1 of the things that is the cofounder PayPal so it will use steel and I think that it's the purest blockchain company out there they partner with the object of his money they bought one facility from them and their mining that Darien now the wait company structure about what you want to get all the research on it it that well research forward slash month M. USD but anyway around what they do is they they paper their operational costs like it you know the everything that we do with the company and then whatever's left the court so they hoard whatever cryptocurrency is the most profitable to mine at this specific time and they're gonna expand into other facilities there there can you know her either ... genesis my filled in the future arm you know that the news will come out when it come was gonna come out we don't know what's what's the next for them but they have a first right of refusal on 3 other facilities and you know who knows that the future is very ... bright as I said it's the first and only of blocking pure blocking company and it it's been a success as this past week got people that are described as there are you know they're they're very happy with what's got what's going on yeah well this is an amazing opportunity for investors and not only that but like you said this is the chance to bring this technology to you know and grandma who who's nervous and and and leery of of the technology and then maybe is interested but a little bit nervous about getting involved I'm so how does a company seek to bridge that gap between people who are maybe on the fence maybe thinking Hey this is interesting ... but I don't know it seems a little ... seems a little too technical for me ... to how to bridge that gap because I think that is an important ... stage in the evolution of blocking technologies to remove that that fear ... that people have about the young known I'm right now it is that the aim of high blockchain is to kinda need a mainstream this only no I mean band the the idea is simple arm cook the currencies are a relatively new industry so when you talk about the world class experts or the people who've made around that successful mining operations either 6 or 7 year old companies right so the new with the new industry and the people who are the experts they have a 6 year advantage over new people of the barrier of entry to open a competitive mining company right now enjoying and you know the ranks of of other companies like gas money is very hard you need start up capital on that insane I not like in the days where you know people used to live on the PC can't do that anymore can be real smart about it and what I found on our hive is done is they've taken fiorito corporation your is is that ... if you choose corporation that has its man and in many industries and they've done successful businesses throughout the world at whether it's entertainment whether it's national resources the gold mining etcetera either brilliant people that are behind your and they approach dance the mining which is the largest private the ana probably held mining company for cryptocurrency and they are essentially I haven't created a hybrid were hive is a publicly traded vehicle were you and I can join forces and own part of the growth that the D. E. management expertise of Iori and the crypto expert teeth of genesis M. brought together so it's the perfect bridge in the perfect vehicle for people who are traditional investors we do not want to own a specific current you put one the expertise of the best people in the industry to help leverage that watching that knowledge you just remember hive is any harm love is that it's not only a bridge but it if the company that has many opportunities for growth they'd baking going to a lot of the new aspect of watching remember mining at when you mind you one token then and the tokens can be more than just cryptocurrency the that the second wave of blockchain around companies will not only be in the work of currency it blockchain has arrived armed what attributes so the next phase will be healthcare on the blockade the your personal information will be there you'll decide whom to share just what this will all need to get mine then and and proud of you know button built employed hive would be that ... will be one of those are pioneers right now the only companies that ... no the first to market is is that you get vantage just think of the of the number one on coca Cola company right score Cola and who who's the second third and fourth we don't know right because the first morning after you did vantage it's like that with any other any other industry so arm with it and obviously they're getting the the work around ... right now and in in a few months to a year of serious brokerage firms looks better would be approaching their client about it that this is a very only you can get you can research just company before it it becomes the now it is no longer the radar his own thing yeah exactly and and I I I can see this moving into an area as I said earlier that this is this company is going to be able to move us to an area with blockchain technology to be ever be able to empower humanity and remove it out of there the clutches of the centralized planners you gave the example of health care I think another interesting example where this technology can be applied is in the voting system and if we have it in the hands of the right people and not the government or the very people you're voting for then we can have a peer to peer ledger based system so that we can do away with voting fraud I I mean how exciting is that with this technology I is there other examples like that where people could could start to understand how this is going to empower humanity and and take take control away from the government and put it in the hands of the individual that's exciting thing to me here it has the thing right up the blockchain or decentralized databases bit been around that the seventies that this is an idea whose that opens time with calm right now it blossoming right now because people are disgusted with the federal I with them because it there's nothing wrong with a centrally with them per se but when you abuse it when you corrupted when you create a situation that the one percent of the population has this enormous advantage with regard to being closer to credit the source that with regard to being close to the government to lobbying to anything that they want when you see this kind of the 5 in the world where of wealth is abundant it's just not organized in the right way you can look at the third world and understand that wealth is not organized in the right way because these companies countries in the third world they have many resources on the ground that they never get to enjoy some the blockchain is gonna take away power that has been around now for thousands of years in the hands of a minority when you create a decentralized database rather where shared on a global of on a global lecher and you got $5 smartphone band coming in in a matter of months there is the population of about 3000000000 people who won't have smart bones in the next 2 or 5 years that have not only when they become a little elf part of the ... but of the modern world yet and do you are a thing that will liberate not only the modern world of what the world but the third world countries this is huge blockchain is in the third wave of the internet domains were the first wave then came social media announced blockchain if it's gonna take up a decade but the idea is that this progress will will lobby stopping like when equate what's going on with Rene didn't work with the resistance no more armed what we call the bitcoin ... avicularia that are all the time that date China's gonna close the changes or you know you got all these are Napier's the idea as simple when when cars first came around all these railroad magnet they lobbied for the government so so private will be stopped right the the created laws that every car then this is true every car had a driver and engineer in the black man running before the car lagging that a car is coming how inconvenient is that they tried to stop a proper when the the it it that's why Jamie Dimon that you know the CEO of JPMorgan colon pick one of fraud and you know key thing that his daughter's body like it like girls can't make us sound financial decisions or something so he's not only being an asshole but he's also being affected if any tell the ether but she feel likes you gene well now everyone who's buying brick when are you know either quitting them too around it did tell me that that ... everything's going right for them right now but you never know the reason he's going against it is because what you've got certain disrupt the very thing that his industry is built on that the power to control currant the issue so I can tell you on the flipside I was just the blockchain conference in you got JPMorgan people all over there they are part of the theory malign so the the idea the chip Morgan on and all these other banks are resisting ... that I can tell you there is the thing it publicly but on a on behind the scenes they know that they can't stop what's going on and they need to adapt ... in York Stock Exchange is nowhere near a investor and and now going base around the the nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange are both prototyping blockchain platforms for ... trading stocks the stock the stock market would be open 247 and not just on you know that a few days a week and find out ... Israeli and German in and around ma a Canadian stock exchanges are all prototyping blocking technology does the got the name of the department of defense is looking at blocking for secure messaging it is the ... look it is what it and if it's just a matter of having the courage to be a pioneer investor it's just the same way as with other pioneering industries like the legalization of cannabis where you see that there is an enormous opportunity obviously canvas that there is the battle growing cut the industry in in in the United States right now so ... but it went well research you know we try to do is we try to drink accurate information through our free newsletter around to people and then we also want to bring them the opportunities because the mainstream media is rigged against you it's really in the middle class it didn't it owned by the elite one of the elite for their agenda its business and people have got to stop being naive about I'm I know many listeners are very well educated they know that but you also have to take action that the next phase after knowing that there's a problem I mean the fact that the thing the rig don't mean that you can't do anything about I've proven that you can now create a fortune by the age of you know 33 by knowing and applying ... information so absolutely anyway it's all about ... exactly knowing what the actual problem is and what the real solution ought to be and I think 1 of the reasons why the banks running scared right now and they're looking into this is because of movements such as let's say for example the occupy Wall Street movement back in 2012 on that could've kicked off a dead people you know that this mentality people wanting to get out in the streets and fight against the bankers only their energy was directed in the wrong area you know the 1 percent the what the guys on Wall Street are are the problem it's the point 001 percent now we can only direct that energy into having these people utilize blockchain technology in order to free them from their use the you know a centralized fee are no money out of nothing planners ... then they would become completely free and they've realized that blockchain is there have been the answer for them I'm so for those people you know how to if they're listening to this right now and they go you know what you guys are right that's the true solution decentralization is where it sat and if you guys are endorsing higher than I want to check it out too how do people get involved with this like it if they want to either buy stock or or you know just learn about the company in general what's the best places for them to go to get involved on Wall with regards to to hive blocking technologies are you can visit the official website you can also go to on are you a more strategic our analysis of this it against what research or slash month ambiguity and you can you can download all our research on the company with regard to buying the stock I mean it then it's a normal pocket it traded on the Canadian venture stock exchange though this of the TSX venture under the symbol hive there HIV or at it with the dawn on the U. S. done ... exchange and that on the bigger P. R. E. L. F. now that might change because that when you when you go to Peoria life is gonna show lead a gold Corp which is part of the previous settler corporation name the one that's changes obviously going to be ... in high but essentially when you buy a share of Peoria left leader gold or but it's the higher if you have any you know of any issues of concern just go to your broker or whatever you're using I I cannot give any non personal advice or anything like that but if there's any problem you can also ... good of the conflict that's for the wealthiest issue ... website you can add direct you but again this is something that I'm involved in because I believe in and around what I am not a yeah I am a financial adviser or anything like that that important you do your own research on this absolutely yeah and I've been doing my own research too and that's why like I said in the beginning I'm so excited about this one because this is the first time that I've come across a company that in my mind is leading society and and and mankind towards this area being able to free themselves from from the clutches of the centralized planners so absolutely exciting time to be involved ... any any arm you know final thoughts on on not only where you'd like to see this go in the coming weeks and months but you know I'm I'm I'm the future of blockchain a technology in general and and how hard the blockchain ... .com is is going to be the vehicle to be able to bring people to where we need to go well I think I think Dan the year the important thing here done and there is a flawed system are offline payment that the men that I work the the PMR tears system the way that it is a bill today is is by default so there was a gold standard I am the gold backing to all currencies ... from 1944 through to 1971 at the Bretton woods agreement basically what happened after the second World War that the United States became the only superpower that was democratic yet the USSR but that was communistic so on the is the majority of countries in the world saw the benefit of backing the US dollar with gold and then working with a reserve currency for all transactions night it's a very global our world and that sort of a of a system was very fitting so one currency so everyone can talk through one currently 3 more ... until they pay $35 to one ounce of gold any government in any are entity that was sovereign and wanted to exchange your dollars for gold could have and what happened in the fifties and sixties that deny they started running deficit spending with the Korean War with the Vietnam War in 1969 armed you know the French president started doubting that the convertibility of 35 to one really existed after the United States government if done all these spending so he didn't believe that the gold was sufficient to cover the 31 the 5 to one ratio need demanded audit you demand you can you can go to your children actually cool Charl the gall on talk about the the ... eh the gold standard and you'll see how we speak to his own people they hate I don't trust these American arm and so on August 15 1971 46 years ago and when one month I'm Richard Nixon took it chicken way out and then that of creating a system that works you could look word suspending the convertibility of gold into dollars and I or $2 and the goal of story and in that instant he mean basically all currently hello against each other but they don't have any tangible backing to them so an arm not money or currency it came from commodity based too political we base so that we see that come up no currencies are are ... traded with regards to stable economy from Venezuela economy is very on the table they're hyper inflation the US economy's won the world's biggest non and so the currencies pretty stable right it's much more stable than Vince well liked better but what we've got now is it is not commodity based money and not politically big bunny then next day isn't mathematically based currency which is cryptocurrency and so you can program limitations into it so that you can't contract and expand it and will like the like the central bank did and it all these innovations privately either through lack of the glory hole outside of it and the fact you don't have to get permission from anybody but that you control your own currency is the future armed and I believe the future of currently not the future of money that they'll on it and then blockchain is what if the platform from all lead to run on without blocking you have no grip the curfew world so that's why the did real power in the real innovation is in the blockchain in there for a company that can take advantage of the growth of watching it self it is going to be a very profitable amendment if they can do it right so I would like it could go to work with you doc off course last month we are going to cover this company alpha next few years as they grow and grow in the newsletter so obviously ... the newsletter has much more ... topic and and ideas on that we publish every 23 days didn't sign up for the for the premiums on our how you can take the test drive and go to the website there's a wide array of special report that you can check out and download then look at the the idea that people in middle class America are gonna get wiped out in the next few years because inflation is gonna pick up the data that did that situation home with regard to national debt in the US and other countries under developed countries is horrible because of demographics demographics are are becoming much of people of our aging and they're living until 89 need 100 these kind of these countries cannot thing entitlement they promised these people and politics is going to change it in an amazing way and the problem is that when you have a debt based system and a coke antenna political are based currency system with all these problems crypto currencies you come much more important gold silver become much more porn and that's what you're gonna see 13 do not create a financial future for yourself that had nothing to do with the government you can have really suffer in the next decade or 2 at this armed conflict of retirement by entitlement becomes obsolete yeah yeah exactly you know as I said it does feel like it's a hut storable moment in the evolution of crypto currencies and you want to be on the side if you know of you know looking back in history you wanna be on the good side here ... so you know moving forward ... blockchain technology I ice I think is clearly going to be what can potentially ... and free humanity I'm from this enslavement that we've been under for so long so over the next couple weeks months new maybe even years ... following the the progression of progression of high a blockchain so thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of our audience here at press for truth will be sure to have all the links in the description and ... Cuba are keep up the great work men think so thanks for sure sharing your views on higher today and you //
"2017-09-19 05:08:23"
Dan Dicks On The False Left Right Paradigm And How Unity Is NOT The Answer
\\first I just wanna say it it is amazing to be back here in an arc poco this is my ... third ... interpret poker experience spin some serious progression I within this movement but the same time it is a very very different worlds that we are living in today the current state of the left right paradigm has changed dramatically from where it was last year and certainly the year before that and I feel that our momentum had somewhat being stifled but certainly only for the time being don't trump seems to have ignited this populist movement of nationalists who are now championing for the state to solve the problems of the state and I thought that we were making a lot of progress in terms of enlightening people as to the false left right paradigm which really keeps us just thinking in groups with the nation state of the tribe we have a pocket of freedom minded individuals that recognize that they are individuals and they have some clue as to the problems and the solutions but even amongst our own crowd a diversity of opinion shouldn't permit a moral or cultural relativism yeah when it comes to the truck presidency many are adopting the principles of the left in their engaging in this social relativism game and to me that's very dangerous to get into yeah I think most of us here today can agree that democracy is religious and insidious form of communism and I don't think that's gonna be changing anytime soon then just like communism democratic states really run counter to human nature you can't say that it's good in theory about batting practice because of its bad in practice then by definition it's a bad theory now there are some anarchists or libertarians who view Donald Trump as the lesser evil of Hillary Clinton and I definitely get that that's fine I totally get that but it's another thing to actively campaign for him even if you don't if you don't consider yourself a a strict anarchist or a libertarian democracy really just legislates moral and cultural relativism and it needs rejecting root and branch I hope to live in a world someday we're calling yourself a Democrat or a supporter of democracy it would be just as ridiculous as somebody coming here and calling themselves a ... Marxists or a fan of anarcho communism now Donald Trump is giving the appearance of being anti globalization but he's really just another thought here is using this position that's been bestowed upon him to his advantage his populist support it's embarrassing really and it really goes to show just how far we still have to go in order to undermine democracy completely but in order to do that we're gonna have to closely analyze all of the current divide and conquer tactics that are at play here never before have I seen the state of the so called tolerant laughed and the so called alright clashing with one another to the point of escalating to all the violence you can now apparently be past take Spencer that's when you get threatened with physical violence by the left as it happen to me many times I've been called the white supremacist I a big it a racist an Islamophobic it really is a ridiculous term and I've been threatened with physical violence for merely questioning the compatibility of Islam with the west in our Christian western cultures and values here and while we continue to bicker and argue about these you know these clashes begin to get worse between the left and the right and this continues to intensify powers I ought not to be are really sitting back with a big grin on their face by watching all of this because they know of the extreme importance of making the pain and suffering of separation far outweigh any issues that they may have had with abandoning their sovereignty in favor of uniting together into one all for the common good of humanity of course now I'm sure many of you are familiar with her Milo you not bliss he was a speaker here last year at last year's Annika poco but the organizers of this very fine event have decided to cancel his attendance at the conference this year and for very good reason simply put state of them cannot be fought with more status the problems of the government are never going to be solved by the government itself in fact only mayhem and destruction begin to occur when you play into this by placing yourself on to this left or right but this clash we're seeing right now is happening on multiple fronts at all levels from the very lowest rate to the highest recently we've been told that a Donald Trump went to war with the security agencies in the intelligence community is in there now getting back at him people are leaking classified information to the press stuff that's getting people fired just look at what happened with the latest debacle general Flynn he was forced to resign on February 13 that as a result of getting caught lying about whether or not he discussed sanctions in a December telephone call with a Russian diplomat now the very same people who were calling Edward Snowden Chelsea manning and Tom Drake and so many other Obama era leakers criminals are now praising those who leaked this highly sensitive classified information that brought down general flint now president Obama's top national security adviser James clapper he was caught red handed lying to the public and also to Congress which is a felony and despite lying about domestic surveillance programs that the courts ruled with the legal he kept his job right on up to the very last day of the Obama presidency so while the left have suddenly rediscovered the virtues of illegal leaking truck supporters are now adamant about rooting out the so called criminal leakers and this is just a couple of small examples of how this narrative is always been crafted and designed in order to play us off one another the powers that be need this trump card as it were to establish the order out of chaos that they're trying to create and that's what it really all comes down to ... order out of chaos is the name of the game and what comes when it comes to various conflicts and ... democracy in general the global elite have always backed 2 sides all throughout history so morning why does anybody think that it's gonna be any different here today in the 20 first century what evidence is there that anything has changed with the Illuminati you're the ruling elite are no longer in control they were present throat history and we're supposed to believe now that they're just not here controlling world events wars have been fought people have been assassinated private central banks have been set up everywhere but we're supposed to believe that Donald Trump somehow slipped through the cracks at this stage of the game you cannot become president of the United States by chance she probably repeat that at this stage in the game you cannot become president of the United States just by chance if trump were a real threat to the establishment he would not be in this position his merely being played like a puppet really by dark forces in the physical and the spiritual realms these people all of these people are into the occult it's very documental that many of these key key players they attend bohemian Grove they go to skull and bones they engage in ancient rituals and it's not just for fun and games folks billionaires do not take time out of their very busy and valuable schedules to just do this for shits and giggles and the fact is they're gonna have no problem taking down the current status establishment and replacing it with the more libertarian establishment so when an artist or a libertarian society could still lead to all out tyranny where individuals are checked and micromanage for security albeit a security would be voluntary privately owned instead of government which is only a marginal improvement and it really does not address these dark darker forces the Luciferian forces that are behind this push for a one world government remember it's all about chaos and no it knowing how they manipulate us into going down the road this path of our own destruction we have to be very careful moving forward so let me present to you a scenario ... in terms of the Hegelian dialectic where that state is in let's say is the thesis a libertarian and this is a mirror and a prism is the antithesis with all of fascism in global authoritarianism being the synthesis and if we are not careful the future will lead in this direction and I'm here to tell you today that there does exist a Luciferian elite who will control this new emerging apparatus the blockchain may appear outside of elite control but at the end of the day as our technologies in our economy's merge as stated some fails and it gives way to more market based tions somebody somewhere is going to want to put a chip in your body to identify you and at the end of the day does it really matter if it's a private security and identification agency or if it's the state's so this one world libertarian order if we can call it that it's going to be much like the tower of Babel where everyone speaking the same language of ones and zeros and since the market is a much more the efficient at building this kind of turning the elite will forego any status intervention so long as the belief system of the people do not recognize their atheistic materialist philosophy as the real prison that the powers that be have the men they will accept 3 year capital markets if they've won the battle but much like the story of the tower of Babel without god in the picture guides the idea of liberty and freedom is really only half please so how do we deal with these dividing conquer tactics that are seeking order out of chaos in some sort of way that's not going to resemble at Babylonian tower of Babel type scenario and if you're not familiar with the story of the tower of Babel let's just you add that to your data bank of knowledge because there's a lot of truth in the story of the tower of Babel and I I'm not talking about the literal interpretation I'm speaking more about the concepts in the warnings contained therein about the dangers of collectivism and the importance of maintaining our individuality and and the truth of where we came from the elite have conditioned us into a philosophical fearless society devoid of any sort of religious truths this idea doesn't even wore any kind of response in fact it hardly ever enters the discussion at all but it's as real and truthful as history and science itself and whether we like it or not we all have an archetypal Shiro to which we look up to so who is that in your life maybe it's a super hero from a graphic novel or maybe if somebody from real life history like Murray Rothbard or blood when Vaughn Meese's or maybe but when it comes to emulating behavior you follow the teachings of Christ and if you find that yourself in that camp well congratulations because I mean directing truthfully you're acting sincerely you're being true to yourself your family your friends a community and I believe unless the west rediscovered this tradition unless they Rick rediscover this rediscovering Christ and what he taught and you the fact that is the very foundation of our civilization we're not only going to prevent true liberty from spreading but the freedom movement will only get half of this archetypal equation correct because without Christ the movement is going to be missing the full spectrum of how one should conduct themselves and act properly it's not just about abolishing the state although I'm obviously totally for that it's really about how to conduct themselves and how to act properly in press for truth as it were so moving forward I think it's incredibly important that the individual needs to become conscious of the fact that the group ... culture nation state tribe what everyone call it is subordinate to his or her values set like most of us intuitively know that even leftist can't deny this they throw around words but their actions demonstrate otherwise our actions demonstrate the validity that only individuals act a group is merely just a bunch of individuals and if individuals leave the group ceases to exist everyone here knows that to some degree but there are many who are ignorant of this in there even got off the argue the opposite and they're the ones who really need to become conscious of the fact that the group is subordinate to the individual and once everybody understands that and can properly articulate that then we can have a rational discussion about you know how taxis taxation is theft and what it is we need to do about the current state of the government thanks guys //
"2017-09-17 01:20:57"
Bombshell Report Exposes Pentagon Arms Transfer To Syrian Rebels!
\\sedan Dixie reporting for press for truth tensions are quickly rising in the Middle East right now and people are not even aware of what's going on so we're just going to jump right into it in this video we're going to expose the fact that the Pentagon is currently secretly supplying weapons to anti Assad forces in Syria and this comes despite the fact that we were told just months ago that Donald Trump was ending the secret CIA weapons program in Syria trump ends Colbert CI a program to arm anti Assad rebels in Syria a move sought by Moscow CIA no longer arming anti Assad rebels Washington post reports U. S. president Donald Trump has ordered the CIA to discontinue a program of arming and training anti Assad rebels in Syria according to a report in The Washington Post which cites unnamed U. S. officials which is quite convenient for them well a new bombshell report issued by the OCC RP and the B. R. Jahren now confirms that the Pentagon is secretly shipping weapons into Syria and on top of that they're trying to erase the paper trail the report details the fact that the Pentagon's 2.2000000000 Soviet arms pipeline is flooding into Syria the Pentagon is on a spending spree as it scrambles to amass vast quantities of Soviet style weapons and ammunition but it's running into problems sourcing that and it is using misleading legal documents to disguise their final destination Syria this report details how 7 U. S. documents were whitewashed in order to remove all references to Syria because they don't want you to figure out what the endgame is here's one example of a before and after image showing how the document was altered to remove Syria as a final destination for these weapons and ammunition you see this is exactly how the CIA has covertly created groups like ISIS and al Qaeda by secretly funding and arming and training them they've managed to create this horrific army that's no doing their bidding and secretly carrying out their agenda the report goes on to prove that the Pentagon suppliers of these weapons have known links to organized crime networks the document reports that the Pentagon program appears to be turbo charging a shadowy world of eastern European arms dealers and the report further adds that the Pentagon is reportedly removing documentary evidence about just who will ultimately be using these weapons potentially weakening one of the bulwarks of international protocols against illicit arms dealing so was Assad's forces in Syria are fighting ISIS the U. S. and secretly arming and funding them because their ultimate endgame is to overthrow with side in the takeover Syria as a precursor for an eventual war with Iran it should also be noted that a high ranking CIA agent has recently blown the whistle on the deep state and the shadow government exposing the fact that the CIA is fully in control manipulating the government behind the scenes all include a link to this as well as the bombshell report in the description below pet if you're new to this information please check out my video titled we are ISIS here's the proof were at line how all of this is done along with all of the declassified documents to back it up please share this video with the family information useful because we need to spread the word about who the real enemy is criminal elements within the intelligence communities who are manipulating the deep state through the secret government and if you'd like to support our efforts to continue bringing this kind of information to you to please check us out on Peachtree slash press for truth or press for truth.CA slash donate as we are fully independent and we rely solely on support coming from you the viewers thank for watching my friends stay tuned we've got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
"2017-09-15 05:28:29"
Caught On Tape: Illegal Immigrants In Quebec Attempting To Court Women For Marriage
\\this is did Dixie reporting for press for truth then for those of you who have been watching this channel for quite sometime now you will know that we've been very critical of Justin Trudeau's immigration policy mainly because of his virtue signalling grandstanding way of going about things we knew this was inevitably going to lead to problems and lo and behold here we are right now there are thousands of migrants mostly of Haitian descent a crossing into Canada through the Quebec border seeking asylum in if this was middle people fleeing a war torn country your the old women and children that be different but this is that man in criminal thugs seeking to engage in illegal activity and in fact we now have the proof that this is happening in Quebec because joining me on the line today is our good friend at least Stewart she was just recently in Quebec and she managed to have a bit of conversation with some of these Haitian migrants at the Quebec border so we're gonna get all her views on that before we do let's take a quick look at the video she just released 4 days ago of a conversation that she had with some of these Haitian migrants of the Quebec border you in my merry are you married no although the you would want to marry yeah altogether allies yeah you know the relationship we would buddy eventually goes I mean we one women here and then your resident tomorrow she did hit my no I get nice I denies there is in the end we all the cool make so many good good connection business commercial yeah for example I'd be you you made my pleasure those units the much people Haitian people is that you get money yeah we've the America although the one that you were within wasn't yeah maybe come with yeah get the money yeah my is this my yeah the give me there is a difficult yeah I did yeah a and I want it's difficult it is I ... you know you don't work with you don't need to read it we well yeah you know we love you work through you're getting there is because the well yeah you can or you can no well I am I have a boyfriend so those I hope that doesn't matter wasn't you can look E. you don't know we know how to our group wild bees we go the bush when you you get their response yeah I mean I hope my book I bought it no problem for them her 8 well that was pretty telling pretty revealing to say the least no ... Lee you recently ... back you were down at the Quebec border ... yeah I managed to capture some of that on film talisman a bit about what your experience was down there this is groundbreaking stuff you've uncovered ... just lay it out for us what happened when you went there to investigate in Quebec well I've been following this very closely on because I'm as a Canadian citizen very concerned about what's going on and go back ... you know I decided to take it upon myself I found out where they were ... harboring these migrants so called migrants ... and I you know I decided to take upon myself to go investigate I don't trust the media so I found out one of the locations they were at witches in Cornwall at the now center what I like to call the our resort and spa because that's exactly what it is when I walked in there it was like full amenities spa ... swimming pool workout room and they're staying there on the Canadian taxpayers dollar ... and so I decided you know to take a walk around there and actually ran into these 2 migrants who were quickly ... you know starting conversation with me asking me where I am and where I'm from ... if I'm interested in marriage if I'm interested and I'm getting married and they propose to me in the arm the idea of commercial marriage which is also known as human trafficking it's to pay money ... it for marriage and in return for you know a a status in in Canada for a for a sponsorship basically brown for residency in Canada and as we saw in the clip they were even you know was suggesting that we you know part of the plan would be to separate from this girl later down the road you know so that that's totally just a sham wedding yeah they actually I'm the one migrant told me that ... he hadn't done the same thing in the United States on he'd already been married in the United States with with another woman and I'm a year later had split up after he got his residency in the United States I'm well a lot of these people are coming from the United States because of a potential band I coming from Donald Trump which may not even be a real thing in fact on but this isn't this is what's going on so what is the Canadian government doing about this or or at least the the police and the RCMP at the border from your perspective what you've seen in Quebec Howard the dealing with the situation they're actually assisting the migrants coming over I mean they're carrying their luggage there the the border there is basically a revealing and it's a makeshift tents where ... illegals are coming over and then ... being arrested intentionally and then you know the the border guards there are are assisting them over it like I said carrying their luggage and ... and even providing them with loopholes of how they can apply for for asylum ... and as long as a refugee or ... according quote asylum seekers coming over here ... as long as their their own their status is pending or if they're appealing their refusal they're allowed to use any amenities that any other Canadian can use which is on the taxpayer's dollar which it which is what I'm upset about where we're actually rewarding these people who are coming over illegally getting arrested and then you know paying for the consequences later on potentially or you know being granted a temporary working visa well as I understand it a lot of the the the people are being encouraged to get flat out onto the welfare system you know they're they're they're being courage to guide to to milk and use this Canadian city I'm here in the and we've seen an increase over the last I would say month maybe month 0.5 do you know what the numbers are like I mean I think I heard that there are 2 to 300 a day crossing into a Montreal ... who are it is a is that deaf and figure Rocca correct in ... or is that increasing now they they say that the numbers have actually tripled from 7000 in July so whatever that number is ... is I mean this this whole thing started with Justin Trudeau's tweet ... you know basically welcoming anyone with open arms ... and you know it circulated on I I'm an app called whatsapp where to Haitians were were told that they would they would be accepted here on the on the Canadians dollar ... and yeah it's $649 per month per person or $189 per for 4 in a family of another month so that's that's what 2.$5000000 ... it you know are gonna be granted to these asylum asylum seekers I put in quotation marks ... ... over the next 3 days are gonna be handed out ... at the end of this month you see this is why more governmental intervention just causes more and more problems I think there are probably some eh migrants who are seeking asylum here legitimately and I I would leave it to the to the ... ... private sector as opposed to the public sector arm in order to a a deal with the situation properly because in my experience and people live ... a it's a what we've private sector through ... you know a private little churches and private little ... family groups who sponsor families over here that sorrow people get properly integrated into society that's so people get saved from war torn countries such so we can help people coming to Canada who will actually contribute to society ... so what I think we need to see the separation from the government handling the situation because who would you agree I mean it seems the more they get involved the more this becomes a mess I mean I think there's a huge backlog now ... going back for as far as the didn't the mid nineties begin worse and worse and worse and the more the government opens their arms ... to ... immigrants and that we have illegal immigrants coming in just the worse it's going to get yeah I'm you know ... can you just repeat the question the last question I'm sorry yeah no worries it's just I am I guess it wasn't even much of a question I suppose who's more of a statement about the current state of ... the this situation here ... in Canada about you know that there is there is there is the problem with them people fleeing war torn countries that that is an issue but we have to properly vet these people and I was just I I was just talking about the private versus the public sector ... just seeing if you would agree with the fact that I have but we just leave the government out of this and leave it up to ... you know ... and the ... that the private sector to ... to handle how we're gonna integrate people into some okay yeah and even do like apply for residency legally I mean these refugees that are coming over and they're not even refugees are even know what to call them I think they're economic migrants ... but I would be the proper term in and you know Justin Trudeau has called them irregulars instead of illegals ... I mean to do it properly to apply before even coming here and then seeing if you're prove that's that's the actual proper way to do it ... and actually there was a doctor in Montreal who took it upon himself to ... go to the Supreme Court include back and and you know trying to the border the makeshift border in Quebec closed ... for for these migrants coming over because it's what's happening there is is a legal ... and the the court actually overturned it and said you know we're not going to touch something that you know is is full he left up to politicians to make the law so so what they're saying in essence is that you know the politicians are above the court system well in this current the politically correct culture it's a pretty unpopular stance to take ... to suggest that something must be done at the border but as you said when these are people engaging clearly in illegal activity trying to come here to ... Kerry of criminal acts such as you know that meeting someone like you having a sham wedding you know getting a residency card and having a divorce and then become a permanent resident I mean it it's unbelievable ... so I'm in any any final thoughts on and you know what where you think we need to move here and as a country I mean Justin Trudeau continues it seems to divert you signal in and be like he's ... the all encompassing Hey we love everybody we're all just one big happy family ... where do you think we need to go on moving forward as a nation in terms of our immigration policy that well this is a dangerous very slippery slope we're facing here because ... we saw this exact same thing happened in Athens Greece where hundreds of thousands of migrants were being housed at their Olympic Stadium ... on their way to ... Greece in Sweden ... I mean we're seeing numbers triple and quadruple cut through quadruple ... and I I mean what is the solution do we just stop paying our taxes because our taxes are what's funding this ... I don't even know what the solution is and it and it's very terrifying because I mean look at look at Europe now we're seeing it ... fall apart before our very eyes are what what is next I mean I don't even want to think to be honest on yeah what can I say just stop paying your taxes ... maybe write your congressman I'm I'm but that's also turning to the government I mean are are they really on our side I don't I don't know yeah no I would have to agree I mean I I think that's fantastic voice to stop stop room and contributing to this in in any way shape or form a stop paying your taxes stop voting in the these ... warmongers who are pushing these agendas and ... moves toward towards the grassroots bottom up approach and you know that's that's why I strongly encouraged people to get their ... involved with their local communities side there's a Lotta a church groups and things of that nature who will sponsor on people who are fleeing war torn countries and you do need that help so I I think that's great advice let's let's take it remove the power out of the hands of the government to be involved in any way shape or form I what whether it's through funding it with their tax dollars are through voting in these people with their votes ... we got a we got a vote with their mind vote with their dollars and ... you know hopefully we can ... head turn this country around you know and and dumb how it figure out how to properly deal with the people who do need help as opposed to these criminals are coming here to seek to engage in illegal ... activity so ugly once how much money how much money was it that Trudeau gave to the Clinton foundation but yeah yeah hundreds of millions I I believe whose ... toward like 27 or 25 written directly ... exactly yeah exactly ... this that this is what happens so that they'll they'll squander your tax dollars to the things that they shouldn't be going to ... let's just keep it to ourselves and put it into the private and the sector where we can actually achieve the things we want to achieve I'm sort right it looks like it looks like Canadians are going to have to take our country back in their own hands because our for our prime minister is that gonna do it let's face it yeah that's that's exactly it that's the bottom line we gotta stop looking to the government to solve the problems that have been created by the government ... so where can people find out I'm this ... video and should shoot out your channel into any other links I'm where if people want to find how they can learn more from you well I'm sure you're gonna like my channel in the in the description below but ... my channel if you just ... typing to you too ... L. E. I. G. H. S. T. E. W. why all one word ... my my my you too will come up and I'm also on Twitter with that same name ... I'm more active on Twitter the name on you tube let's be honest but I'm just starting to post videos on bit shoot because of the U. to purge obviously had a good call yeah good call I'm also one bit shoot and ... I follow you on YouTube and Twitter and I would strongly encourage ... everyone else to do the same I will definitely have links in the description below be sure to check them out once again Lee ... great work on covering and ... keep up the great work you too Dan thank you so much //
"2017-09-14 00:39:26"
The iPhone X Exposed - Biometric Identification Is Just The Beginning...
\\is did Dixie reporting for press for truth that I'm willing to bet that there are some viewers watching this right now who are probably very excited about the release of the upcoming iPhone 10 or iPhone acts and they may not even realize why why really I don't know how long that videos but now but I just watched the apple iPhone X. promotional video and it was sick it was so excited I don't know why I am so excited if you are willing to dish out $1000 for one of these you might think twice about that by the end of this video because the say that apple is pushing the boundaries of an Orwellian nightmare would be a major understatement so in this video we're gonna peel back the layers of the onion and reveal the core agenda here and spoiler alert it's all about control 4 weeks ago I released a video titled wireless warfare exposed declassified military doc proves smartphones are killing mankind and in this video I not only warned about the detrimental health effects that these devices are having on our psyche and on us physically but also outlined what they had in store when it comes to biometrics augmented reality and wireless technology then here we are now 4 weeks later and with the release of the iPhone 8 in the iPhone 10 it's even worse than I thought and George Orwell the author of the famous book 1984 he himself would be blown away by the advancements in the tele screen technology and know Hillary Clinton the moral of the story of 1984 is not that we should trust the government in the media you double think bag no the lessons you should have learned from 1984 is that Big Brother A. K. A. governmental surveillance has nothing to do with protecting the individual but rather it has everything to do with monitoring the masses as a whole say see first apple had to get you used to giving over your fingerprint in order to unlock your phone which ultimately goes into the database of the NSA the next phase is to track your face with facial recognition just by looking at your phone at this straight guys it's really not hard to imagine what might be coming next ha it but tell exam now eat your breakfast we're really not that far off from the folks and unless we reject the is incremental step awards this Orwellian nightmare now they'll continue to March us down this road to slave men and on top they'll charge you exorbitant amounts of money to do this to yourself the facial recognition technology used in these new iPhones is currently being used to both unlock your phone and also control in real time emoji Zack can then be sent in messages 30000 data points are projected upon your face mapping every single detail tracking your movements the variations in your eyes and facial expressions and therefore tracking tracing in data basing your moods emotions and yes even intentions but what if you don't want to unlock your phone in a particular person's presence like a police officer for example what would stop him from putting you in handcuffs and holding the phone up and for your face in order to unlock it it would build the retinal scanning and biometric mapping of our eyeballs is that information going to be categorized in stored on a database as we recently warned in this video the race for a I exposed how trans humanism technology is leading the third revolution in warfare I outlined the fact that man is slowly being merged with machines and this is being sold on the notion that it's gonna provide convenience that human beings will be stronger and faster and smarter but the truth is the goal here is to turn us freedom loving individual human beings into easily programmable robots that answer to Big Brother and to the state getting you use to looking at your phone and it looking back at you and the 2 of you just looking at each other it's all a part of this transhumanism agenda and the merging of A. I. machines with mankind we are taking incremental steps towards our own enslavement by accepting via metrical system for payments and also for surveillance and where this is leading is to a future where you and your device are one biometrically connected in a soup of DNA in ones and zeros but just how far we go with this is still currently up to you because as it is right now we don't have to use these products so I would encourage you that while we still have the option that you would choose freedom over trendy technology that you would choose anonymity and privacy over inexpensive NSA tracking device and that you would choose health and longevity over radio frequency and microwave exposure and if you like the information presented in this video please share it and help spread the word about the dangers of these devices and if you'd like to help us continue producing this type of content please join us as a PFD patron at slash press for truth or by contributing directly at press for truth.CA slash donate thanks for watching my friends stay tuned for more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
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911 Truth Live in Victoria with PFT (09/11/2017)
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Here's What They DON'T Want You To Know About With The New Cannabis Regulations #LCBO
\\this is due next year reporting for press for truth I am currently surrounded by some cannabis plants as you can see and I'm also joined by my good friend Chad jacket shot of course is the president of the cannabis growers of Canada he's also the founder of liberty farms and he's the owner of grassroots medicinal.CA and some of you may have heard I'm sure in the last few days the news I we have an article here ... just out recently LCB ... to run 150 marijuana stores so Chad we've kinda seen this coming down the road for a little while now and they just made the announcement it looks like 150 LCBO related stores are going to be get into the cannabis business I mean what would you have to say about the latest news today well the good biggest concern is you know not just the fact of the LC vios getting him involved in business in it but there they've announced that they want to shut down all the existing ... cannabis dispensaries in Ontario so they want to shut down an already existing market and a bunch of P. it you know much people's hard work and efforts that have been going to going into it are are gonna be you know trampled over by a by the government and their own their very own tax dollars at them probably most of these people are actually paying to the government right now so it's it's a sad thing to see ... you know it the people that have stood by this industry for many many years now ... really does deserve a lot more credit than than what they're getting and to to have just handed over to the LCBO which is really just a massive bureaucracy and you know really it's now you the unions are going to be just you know going crazy did to keep this with the LCBO because that's it's of bits a massively unionized organization ... it it's a I don't know I don't like what I'm seeing here at all and I you know I've we've seen this coming for a really long time it almost seems like a massive get ... like a mob takeover that's how I kind of liken this to it's almost like a at some gangsters moving in and that wiped wiping out the small time guys and then just monopolizing ... in an industry ... so I mean leads we've said we've been warning about this a long time in some of the newer regulations have just came out and I want to get some of your thoughts ... maybe can them hold the Mike for me and I I'm gonna eat us show you right here we have the latest now this is just out from the government of Canada announces funding for law enforcement in support of cannabis legalization and regulation the current approach to cannabis does not work it's allowed criminals and organized crime to profit blah blah blah we get to the point here today the government of Canada announces up to $274000000 to support law enforcement and border efforts to detect and deter drug impaired driving yada yada yada so they just announced a couple days ago that they're they're ingesting $257000000 and this is in preparation for legalization what does that tell you well it it tells me again that it's ... that's a bunch of gangsters like you said that are now using a bunch of stolen money IE tax dollars to ... use it against the very people they stole the money from and ... shut down a free market of you know well I it's hard to say it was a free market because it was a tad that the boot of the government on their throat the whole time as well but but another wise free market of entrepreneurs that are trying you know to to start you know somewhere in business or have been in business for a very long time and you know it's really sad to see that that the government uses our our tax dollars against these people on a regular basis and and myself I mean I'm I'm I'm candor cannabis person I've been in this industry for a long time you know and I I I love this I love that the people in this industry and I I hate to see them you know get kicked to the curb on all these that this new legislation right well another part of this new legislation that I think people are not aware of that I want to get your views on ... is the fact of what they're gonna do to that not only the medicinal benefits of the plant but also the potency of even the recreational side of things the whole this once more also you and now this one just came out ... not long ago in this is talking about what the government has in store for regulating the potency now look at this people T. H. C. potency over the last few decades changes in growing a production techniques have resulted in cannabis products with higher levels of T. 8 see a potent concentrate potency your concentration of teed see is often expressed as a percentage by a deep sea by way of substance goes on and on essentially here it says that ... back in the 19 eighties it used to be around 3 percent now you can get an upwards of over 30 percent and ... some are suggesting that 15 percent should be the absolute maximum amount of TFC you should be able to get into your body and I've even heard Chad that the government wants to go as low as 8 percent T. H. C. so if you do get your cannabis from these LCBO ... Canada stores they're good that they're they're not going to be medicinally benefit beneficial it seems and they're only gonna have about 8 percent you'd see in them yeah they're gonna they're gonna have caps on them and you know those 8 percent to 15 percent strains are gonna be very expensive with a heavy heavy tax burden on top of them just like you know the the alcohol or the to this the cigarettes that you buy ... it it's it's sad to see you know where we're really in a in a country that people pride themselves on freedom and they they think we're in a free country but we're really in one of the most heavily socialized countries in the entire world ... you know majority of of that you know are are much higher tax tax dollars are our our income tax is is not even used for for the public it's actually used to pay interest on private are you know private banks or the the central bank so it some the sad thing to say is to see an in and a lot of people protect the system because they think that there's just no other way about you know way of life and ... yeah here here we are again with another another situation where I see socialism basically just taking over a and a movement ... also taking over you know in industry and trying to shift well from one group of people to another group of people you don't so we've been warning about just that for awhile now constantly saying that they're getting their ducks in line they're getting their ducks in a line they're preparing for legalization in order to monopolize the industry capitalize on it destroyed the medicinal benefits and that's precisely what they're doing and now we're seeing it dished out through the liquor control board of Ontario I mean you know I made a meme the other day about you know talking about people who ... are are using cannabis to get off of addictions what about people who have addictions to that does very serious drug alcohol another associating their medicine with alcohol well exactly and if that if that's what they're gonna do and put them in the LCBO is with the liquor then then that's a that's that's totally brutal I kind of think that what they're gonna do is that it's the liquor control board that's gonna run it but it's gonna be a separate entity they're gonna open up their own their own stores which is still it's you know it it's still your tax dollars shutting down at a viable industry and I'm calling you know people that were otherwise trying to operate a free market ... you know people that are operator calling on the black market market you know ... criminals and ... and basically just running then it running them through the mud and and basically you know these people are are great wonderful people some of the nicest people I've ever met in the canvas industry and they would give you the shirt off off their own back and ... it for me it it saddens me just to see the propaganda being used against people that don't even know how to counter and they don't know you know what to do how to stand up for themselves right now you know well the good news there ... is that we do know how how to do that we know how to counter this we've been doing it for a long time in fact ... it Chad helped us put together though the Trudeau deception over 2 years ago now which laid out everything we are seeing right now with the cannabis plan and that the current takeover in Canada but there's more good news to the story the fight isn't over people ... there say they're gonna legalize cannabis by July 1 of 2018 that's probably another you know a ridiculous state this can be pushed back or something but it's not happened yet we're getting our ducks in a line as well so tell people how they can get involved if they want us you know try to dear this back into the direction it needs to go for what we need is strength in numbers we need to just get together and we need to have our voices heard in a professional organized manner and cannabis growers in Canada is an organization that I put it put together to be a vehicle for a vote and a voice for the people for that situation ... if we have to use it to to ... challenged the system in in the in the in a legal manner then that's that's something we can explore if if you know if it's it would be a lot of it is is lobbying and an awareness and just actually letting them know that we are a viable industry we are professionals and we're here and we should be at the table to be able to talk with them if we don't have ourselves a professional organization for all just you know sitting in our basements are in our in our ... buildings a rat wherever hoping that we can be included in the industry and somehow it happens just by fluke well it's not gonna happen that you know you have to you have to go to them and you have to go to them in a and a and a professional very strong manner and let them know that this is what the people want you know and that we've been around for a really long time in this is an industry that you're just trying to steal from one group of people and and give to another and that we should be allowed BC but is not you know something that was created just overnight by a stroke of a pen by a bunch of bureaucrats and you know that's a name that they're now trying to hijack NBC but should be a part of this industry and we should be recognized as a viable you know economic part of of of Canada and that we've been contributing for a very long time exactly and that's precisely why we need the grassroots bottom up approach at this not the top down seeking for the government to solve the issues that are created by the government and that's why that's why they're they've done what they've done because they've seen such a ground swell effect of the people and that's what they always do that the state always tries to put its face on on movements so you know when when you've got something like glee cannabis in the internet and they're watching of us all talk about the medicinal properties of this plant and what it will and the wonders of it they're they're watching that too and other gonna do is say well we have to figure out how to hijack this movement just like they've done every other movement in the past they they do it to everything I need any ground swell affect any ground grassroots movement that the government tries to leap forward and get ahead of you to try to act like it's them that's done it and and don't be fooled you know it's it's the people it's the reason that's the reason they're doing this right now because they're afraid of the ground swell of it otherwise we wouldn't have legalization it wouldn't be here we wouldn't have even to the point where we are now well you know how they say it's a gateway drug well it that the gateway has just opened and the doors had just the doors that legalization are opening we can go various numbers of directions when we do enter through that door so I hope you guys will check the links in the description and I join the cannabis growers of Canada and ... help Chad in this fight help us all in this fight to get cannabis legalization back to where it needs to be absolutely contact us at I'm I'm chat at cana cannabis grow organic growers.CA my wife is tenure with an I. A. T. A. and I a ... there's also tennis tenure ... seeing she's ... just 3 tenure with the why you can contact her don I can't growers any of us you can speak to and you know I we we do lab testing a cannabis or as a candidate that's what that's what this is all about is well we have a a health Canada approved laboratory that we get our stuff stuff tested and an apparent proof through we have approval you know method that we go through and all all we have to do is prove to to these bureaucrats that are trying to put us out of business that we are we are good people were viable people and into the public in the you know the public really needs to get behind behind this is well if they wanna see craft animus if they want to have a have a free market not some you know water down do you know what type of of legalization then they need to get behind the cannabis growers to Canada's well so everybody needs to get behind us we need you know donations and where that really whatever we can can can get information from people you know we really just need help from every angle we can possibly get right now because they are coming out us from every angle I in in in the other direction so you know we just we don't we need everything we can get to help stop the monopolize ation of the cannabis industry in the takeover of cannabis in Canada check the links below and check out this brief message right now from our good friends cannabis growers of Canada British Columbia home for the most beautiful landscapes world mom and pop 3 farmers markets the world's best game snowboarding Sir by protect every worst you are here BC struggling right now it's turn did you know that the last your species also been home buyers we're the but is world renowned for its taste aroma we did that one comes gain recognition international celebrity we can't disclose create wealth opportunity came I'm sick see cannabis crop is worth over $70000000000 a year 17000 reading work for Canadians realize we are joining together of the free there it's all if you come and join us universe that's //
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The Great Crypto Paywall Of China Is A Blueprint For The West
\\or has it that China is about to shut down all domestic bit coining crypto currency exchanges and this is causing a great deal of turmoil within the crypto currency space especially when you consider that this comes just a few days after the Chinese government announced a crackdown on icy oats initial point offerings is a way for raising funds so in this video we're gonna break down all the latest cryptocurrency news that you need to know about even if you're not involved in this space but just before we get into that I want to give a quick shout out to one of our sponsors that one world digital and don't let the name fool you they are very invested in fighting against the New World order and they do this by taking revenues out of the hands of the major cable and satellite companies and they put the savings back in New York snow bugle in here to have demonetized a lot of channels like mine because they don't want to fund the kind of information that we're presenting here well the truth is 2 can play at that game so I pressed for truth we've teamed up with the fine folks at one world digital where when you purchase one of their custom android cable boxes you not only get access to every program or any channel imaginable but you also get it at a fraction of the price essentially crippling the cable and satellite companies while at the same time you'll be supporting the free market independent entrepreneurs who are providing a Robin Hood service here just like the guys do at one world digital and when you use promo code P. F. T. you say $50 U. S. off the price of the box so don't delay guys check out one world digital today and together we'll figurative we throw up that middle finger to the cable and satellite companies far right under the topic for today's video why would China want to block the flow of crypto currencies or ICO startups well perhaps the days of venture capitalists fat cats gobbling up ideas is coming to an end as today's entrepreneurs are finding free market alternatives to raising capital outside of traditional means because remember that TV show called dragon's den and their spin off show they had called shark tank well the reason why these investors are called sharks are dragons is because that's actually a pretty good representation of the characteristics of what venture capital funding is all about just like these for editorial creatures they're seeking to suck the life out of their prey and it's usually more about usurping a new idea rather than empowering an up and coming entrepreneur and so now the free market has brought us into a world where I CIOS or initial quite offerings are raising more funds then virtually every traditional fund raising means combined and this has the government running scared according to clean desks recent state a blockchain report I CEOs emerged as the world's most important crowdfunding tool in the blockchain space out doing VC investment as well as Kickstarter and other funding platforms according to the research venture capital funding reached a total of 235000000 for the quarter where is icy owes topped out at 797000000 that's more than 3 times as much a new crypto currency called file coin has just broken all time record for ICO funding raising a whopping $257000000 from investors so to say that this is compatible to a bullish gold rush is a major understatement and the Chinese government are not the only ones taking notice right now Malaysian finance regulator warns investors over ICO risks Malaysian securities commission the statutory body that oversees and enforces financial regulation has issued a statement warning investors of the risks involved in initial Korean offerings or I CIOS according to the statement released yesterday ICO schemes may be on regulated possibly exposing investors to fraud and could also be involved in money laundering and the financing of terrorism so the nanny state is treating them like children who are on capable or not responsible enough to make their own financial decisions and taking this one step further now as if banning I CIOS for fundraising wasn't bad enough reports are now claiming that the Chinese government is about to completely ban and shot down crypto currency exchanges this is the article that came out today that's shaking up the crypto world claiming that the authorities are about to crack down on crypto currency exchange websites and although this is currently just a rumor a major Chinese exchange recently stated that BTCC China exchange is operating normally and has not received any new directives from Chinese regulators it should be pointed out that it was also the same publication who were the first ones to report on the icy O. ban before the official documents came out and that rumor turned out to be true so there's a pretty good chance that this rumor will also come to fruition in just the next few days and as we've explained on this channel many times before what happens in China is often a blueprint for a test run for what's going to happen here in the west so if you currently have any cryptocurrency stored on an exchange website I would strongly recommend that you get them off in fact even more strongly recommend that in this current economic climate you get your hands on a couple of these or if you can afford it grab a few of these in fact my financial portfolio advice would be to invest 90 percent of your assets into silver and gold physical tangible metals that you can hold in your hand and then you can put the remaining 10 percent into crypto currencies but if you do decide to play around in the cryptocurrency space I would again strongly recommend that you do not hold your coins on an exchange website because just like in China they could pull the plug at any time so I would recommend getting a paper wallet or what's called a hardware wall it like this here the ledger nano asks this is essentially the equivalent to storing your golden years silver on your land bearing it in your back yard as opposed to having in a safety deposit box or storing it in someone else's fault consider wrap this up the message for today's video is that it is now more than ever incredibly important to protect your assets and to take the responsibility of securing your wealth into your own hands get your money out of the banks and put him in a physical metals day here crypto currencies off of exchange websites and put them on a secure encrypted key and get this information out there to anybody you know who's interested or invested in the cryptocurrency space before they potentially lose it all I feel that we're at a fork in the road so to speak right now with blockchain technology where it could be used to empower humanity or it can be used to enslave humanity and where this goes right now is really up to us so I hope you'll educate yourself today on free market solutions and the need to protect your assets and speaking of crypto currencies I want to thank all of my followers at steam for liking in up voting my content your support is very greatly appreciated and if you haven't signed up there yet be sure to check it out you can start earning your own crypto currencies there and be sure to follow me at at press for truth thanks for watching my friends be sure to check us out on page 3 slash press for truth if you would like to invest in our efforts here or you can contribute directly to us by visiting the patriarch alternative late at press for truth.CA slash donate share this video if you found the information useful click on that like button and leave a comment and stay tuned my friends we got more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for pressed for truth //
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PFT Live - Q&A Steemit/Patreon
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Electronic Warfare Patents Seek To Alter Human Consciousness
\\this is did Dixie reporting for press for truth that I wanna start today's video with a bit of a warning that the following statement is going to sound fantastical it's gonna sound conspiratorial maybe even downright outrageous but by the end of this video I think you'll see that the gears are in motion for this agenda to eventually become a reality so what's the topic for today's video directed energy weapons have been created to affect the human mind by altering our brain wave activity through the admission of specific frequency and this is all being done for the purposes of mind control I don't do it sounds fantastical and maybe even conspiratorial because that's what it is people are conspiring to manipulate mankind through altered states of consciousness and in this video we're gonna lay out some of the patents that have been filed to do just that so let's do it alright we'll start with this 1 here you S. patent 5 both 36858 a method and apparatus for changing brain wave frequency and this 1 was filed back in 1990 a method for changing brain wave frequency to desired frequency determines a current brave wave frequency of the user generates 2 frequencies with the frequency difference of a magnitude between that of their current actual brain wave frequency and the desired frequency but always within a predetermined range of the current actual brain wave frequency and produces an output to the user corresponding to the 2 frequencies and it sounds quite the technical so they include a diagram here explaining precisely how our brain waves can be affected by these various frequencies next we have method and apparatus of varying the brain state of the person by means of an audio signal again this was filed back in 1990 a method of varying the brain state of a person includes the steps of supplying the first audio signal to 1 year of the person supplying a second audio signal to the other ear of a person and substantially continuously varying the frequency of at least 1 of the first and second audio signals to bury the brain state of the person this is again using audio signals now ... in the form of whey forms to affect the human mind moving on method and apparatus for translating the E. G. into music and to inducing control various psych psychological and physiological states and to control the musical instrument file back in 1987 a method and apparatus for replying in musical feedback signal to human brain or any other brain to do so controllable psychological and physiological responses and eh again it's it's filled with the diagrams here explaining precisely how this can be done and these all go into length lead detail I will include links to all of this at the end of this video method and apparatus for inducing in establishing a changed state of consciousness filed in 1990 and elect electric acoustic device includes a sound generator is well is a system for producing synthetic human speech connected to a modulating stage for super imposing the output signal barrow of the super imposed output signals are applied by in it amplifier stage to one of the early one of our headphone system or a loud speaker system so again we were talking about beaming the sounds into people's brains to affect our altered the altered states of consciousness to their desired ends silent subliminal presentation systems here filed around the same time 1989 a silent communication systems in which non burden mural a carriers in the very low or very high frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibration only for inducement into the brain typically through the use of loudspeakers earphones are pies electronic that transducers yeah I'm a silent communication systems here this the invention relates in general to electronic audio signal processing in particular to subliminal presentation techniques and they go 1 here with more ... subliminal these methods of inducing mental emotional and physical states of consciousness include specific mental activity in human beings this 1's wild again 1990 seems like a pretty popular year for obtaining these patents a method having applicable idiot in replication of desired consciousness states in the training of an individual to replicate such a state of consciousness without further audio stimulation and in the transferring of such states from one human being to another through the imposition of one individuals E. G. superimposed on desired to stereo signals on another individual by inducement of a bind by Nouriel beat phenomenon and again this is pretty complicated stuff but they have all the graphs you know ... outlining here's the left right brain the maximum that altitude ... brain map of the neo cortex the various ... frequencies that need to be applied in order to achieve this and it goes on nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors check this one out this illogical effects have been observed in humans suck a subject in response to stimulation of the skin within weeks electromagnetic fields better pulsed with certain frequencies near half of her or 2.for hertz such as to excite a sensory resonance many computer monitors and TV tombs when displayed pulsed images emit polls electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such acts like station it is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of the subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer or monitor or TV set for the latter the image pulsing maybe be imbedded in the program material or it may be over layed by modulating video stream so the prick the TV programmers you know don't even have to be aware that their television program is that potentially subliminally ... affecting got peoples that psyche here because of the ... pulse that frequencies that they are admitting back to the human brain and ... this was filed but back in 2001 to be able to do this from monitors the method of an apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness once again this is improved methods and apparatus for entertaining human brain patterns employing frequency following response or effort far techniques the facility attainment of desired states of consciousness so here again we've got more diagrams of all the various tasks they've been doing the the brain wave stance because in these are again experiments that have been put into practice these are very very likely explanations here of how all of these things work method in an Associated apparatus for remotely determining information as to a person's emotional state in a method for remotely determining information relating to a person's emotional state away form energy having a predetermined frequency in a predetermined intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a remotely located subject waveform energy emitted from the subject is detected and automatically analyze to derive information relating to the individuals along the emotional state so were quite literally talking about beaming frequencies towards a person to determine their emotional state whether they're angry sad feeling Reuven remorseful revengeful who knows they can peering your mind it seems with this technology and get an image back saw transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions with echo in electronic receiver this one filed them back in the 2002 a thought transmission unit sends modulated electro magnetic waves beams over long distances to which human receiver to influence the thoughts actions or perceptions of the organism with or without their consent but without them requiring electronic receiver this is absolutely phenomenal technology being filed for patents back in 2002 moving on we have electronic fringe field generator for manipulating nervous systems filed back in 1998 apparatus and method for manipulating the nervous system of a subject through afferent nerves modulated by externally applied week fluctuating electronic fields tuned to certain frequencies such as to excite a residence in neural circuits depending on the frequency chosen excitation of such residents causes in human subjects relaxation sleeplessness sexual excitement or the slowing of certain cortical processes so and again this is quite literally ... eh using these frequencies to affect our nervous system in such a way that will make us feel ... did the various feelings depending on what the tune these frequencies into and how they want you to feel communications system and method including brainwave analysis and or use of brain activity this is getting right into the sci fi filed in 1998 a system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity the brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location the example by satellite at this remote location the monitor brain activity is compared with pre recorded normalize brain activity Kurtz waveforms or patterns to determine if a match or a substantial matches failed if such a match is found in the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word of the phrase or the thought that its corresponding to the match toward normalization signal again we're talking about mind reading ... with this wave form technology apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing a fact now we're getting into transmitting the voices directly into people's heads a modulation process with a fully suppressed carrier then input processor filtering to produce encoded output for example tude modulation in audio speech processor filtering intelligible subjective sound is produced when the encoded signal is demodulated using the R. F. hearing a fact so again the they've got to ... ... diagrams here explaining exactly how this can be done we're talking about putting speech yeah through various frequencies being decoded by the human brain as an actual voice multi functional radio frequency directed energy systems okay now we're getting into the literal weapons this was designed by Raytheon company and did the defense company and R. F. D. E. system includes an R. F. D. transmitter and at least one RFD antenna there are FTE transmitter antenna direct high power electromagnetic energy towards a target sufficient to cause high energy damage or destruction of the target this is quite literally day energy beams you know utilizing various radio frequencies I I against an enemy but pointing it directly at a target dual use our F. directed energy weapon there's the clothes and dual use our F. direct energy weapon and immature and flew the digraph here this is quite literally a frequency energy beam weapon that that that can be fired at a subject this was filed back in 2007 in fact it was only just a couple of weeks ago ... that here you S. says 16 people were affected by unexplained health problems that have been a embassy a lot of people are under the impression that they being hit with a sonic Boden weapon how could the sonic attack on US diplomats in Cuba had being carried out if an acoustic weapon is responsible for the attacks on US diplomats it's likely to be ultrasonic so the it looks like you know this this mysterious sonic attack on US diplomats based in Cuba raises questions people there are already noticing that some of this technology seems to be ... being used right now couple more here Paul so you give manipulation of the nervous system file back in 1998 here's a method and apparatus for manipulating the nervous system by imparting subliminal poll situ cooling to the subjects skin at a frequency that is suitable for the excitation of a sensory a sensory resonance and ... we also have methods and devices for producing a desired brain state filed back in 2000 and the method in device for the production of the desired brain state in an individual contains means for monitoring and analyzing the brain state Wallace sat over one or more magnets produces fields that alter this state and again we're talking about using frequencies and magnets in various pulsating techniques to essentially control what your at thinking not not only the input button but also ... also the outputs again all of these are documented in a lot of detail finally we have the apparatus in the method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves here is an apparatus in a method for censoring brain waves at a position remote from a subject where by electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signal interference with one another and they interfere with one another to yield a wave form which is modulated by the subject's brain waves the interference way form which is representative of the brain wave activity Israel transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated inept fide the demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual visual viewing and it's routed to a computer for further processing and analysis so were quite literally talking about taking the image from off your brain and putting it on to a computer screen so they can analyze what's going on in our heads this is fun believable like I said it's almost straight out of science fiction and I'm gonna include a link to all of these patents in the description below so you can check all of these out for yourself I'd strongly suggest you look into the use this is pretty wild guys be sure to check the links in the description for all of the sources to these patents and also leave a link at the end of this video to video report that I produced over 5 years ago now titled MK ultra in the Canadian connection if you haven't seen that one yet you'll definitely want to check it out thanks for watching be sure to share this video if you found the information useful and if you'd like to support our efforts you can do so by becoming a PFD patron at slash press for truth or if you'd like to contribute directly you can do so at press for truth.CA slash Doni keep fighting the good fight my friends and stay tuned we got a lot more video reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
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The Race For AI Exposed - How Transhumanism Technology Is Leading The Third Revolution In Warfare
\\did Dixie reporting for press for truth it's been said before that technology is a double edged sword and following the development of gun powder in the night century and the nuclear weapons in the twentieth century the race for artificial intelligence now in the 20 first century does have the potential to put the gears in motion for a global technological World War so in this video we're going to delve deep into the transhumanist agenda and how the goal is less to do about how we can use robots to enhance our lives but rather it has everything to do with turning us human beings into controllable programmable robots ourselves incapable of escaping the cloud deal on musk founder of open a I a company that works on fundamental advances in a I capabilities and near a link a company that develops implantable brain computer interfaces recently tweeted the following he says it begins and he posted that with a link to this article and he followed that up by stating the following China Russia soon all countries with strong computer science competition for AI superiority at national level most likely because of World War 3 in my opinion and the article that he links to has the headline Bruton says the nation that leads in a I will be the ruler of the world the article goes on to say Russian president Vladimir Putin has joined the war of words concerning the international race to develop artificial intelligence speaking to students last Friday Bruton predicted that whichever country leads the way in AI research will come to dominate global affairs artificial intelligence is the future not only for Russia but for all humankind said Putin it comes with colossal opportunities but also threats that are difficult to predict whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world but just who is on the cusp been on the forefront of developing artificial intelligence technology will the Chinese have stated that they have ambitions to become the world's leader in a I by 2030 however the evidence would suggest that it is indeed the United States who are leading the charge through the militarization of itself a bit company known as Google now before we look at where all of this is heading we first have to look at where this all began DARPA the defense advanced research projects agency launched in 1958 with the goals of making pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security now they have most notably influenced many non military fields such as computer networking and the basis for the modern internet and graphical user interfaces in information technology now here are just a few projects that DARPA is currently working on or has developed we have CTS or combat zones that see the goal is to track everything that moves in a city by linking up a massive network of surveillance cameras to a centralized computer system artificial intelligence software would then identify and track all movement throughout the city they're also developing remote controlled animals these are sometimes called bio robots or robo animals and they can be considered but cyborgs as they do combine electronic devices with an organic life for and they're also working on developing brain implants often referred to as neural implants are technological devices that connect directly to a biological subject's brain with many of these experiments being carried out on people in the military so DARPA has been leading the way on technological advancements that are mingling robots and technology with the human mind and the leader of all of this the director of DARPA a woman by the name of Regina E. Duggan has recently left the company to join Dougal how then she left Google to join Facebook Regina E. Duggan is an American businesswoman inventor and technology developer she served as the nineteenth director of DARPA and in March of 2012 she left government to take an executive role at Google just prior to the acquisition it was announced that she would create and lead the advanced technology and projects or a tap group that Google owned by Motorola mobility and in 2016 she left Google and joined Facebook she's going to lead the newly formed team called building 8 so the technological ideas of DARPA in regards to trans humanism and the merging of man and machine are now making its way into the fabric of society through Google and Facebook we're being sold on the idea that merging man and machine is going to provide convenience and our lives are going to be better off and will be more enhanced with this technology the goal is to first get us addicted to using these devices then gets used to wearing these devices on our hand in the form of a watch or on her forehead in the form of glasses but eventually they'll have us implanting these devices for our convenience of course and alas the trans humanism agenda will almost be complete but of course microchips are sold 19 nineties today it's all about nano robotics that DARPA has developed into what is now called smart dust technology were tiny micro electro mechanical systems can potentially be inhaled or even rubbed into the skin instead of implanted a just as a quick side note I recently switched from using this as a deodorant do using an all natural deodorant which is much much better and I was reading the back just to compare and look what old spice decided to write on the back contains older fighting atomic robots that shoot lasers at your stench monsters and replaces them with fresh clean masculine scent elves border fighting atomic robots that shoot lasers at your stench monsters what kind of nonsense is this now I'm not suggesting that there is no but technology in here but what I am suggesting is this is some deep seated psychological conditioning which really amounts to nothing more than predictive programming and now with the development of the cloud they're seeking to merge the wind machine manned with this system for the ultimate purposes of control through global surveillance state and this brings us back to where we started with this video with evil on musk here now dreams of building a wifi hot spot that's going to cover the entire planet so that when the system is implemented there will be no escape from big brothers all seeing all watchful eye the coming 5 G. global network is gonna make it impossible to escape the system especially when we're connected directly to it through nano bot technology but there is good news today my friends because here's the catch I would is today Europe forced to use a smartphone being on Facebook or Twitter or the internet in general is still an option we don't have to be here if we don't want to be in effect we've been tricked into voluntarily giving up all of our information openly to Big Brother so as we continue to push forward in technology inevitably advances we're gonna have to find a balance between how we can both utilize technology but also stay disconnected from it on a biological level I'd encourage you to take the 2 day EU lecturer Nick detox challenge and see how you feel after going just a couple of days without any wifi or exposure to radio signals are any screens of any kind and I think you'll be quite surprised at just how good you'll feel a huge shout out goes to our patrons at Peachtree slash press for truth we cannot do this work with though you so thank you so much to anybody who's contributing there and if you haven't yet joined please check the links in the description below or if you'd like to contribute directly you can do so at the patriarch alternative link press for truth.CA slash Tony thanks for watching my friend stay tuned we've got more media reports coming soon this is Dan Dicks reporting for press for truth //
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Director Kevin Smith On Charlottesville, Free Speech And The Left vs Right Divide
\\is did Dixie reporting for press for truth I just got home from Vancouver where earlier today I had met up with David Ike for an interview and we had talked about the whole right and the anti fur on the left and all the clashes that are happening in the United States that videos are now all put a link to that at the end of this video but while I was waiting there to meet with David I was going over all my questions and mentally preparing for the interview in my head and all of a sudden the film director Kevin Smith walked by any went right into the cafe that I was sitting at and so I mean noticed across the street there's a film crew there and I put 2 and 2 together I realize he must be in town working on a movie in probably decide to go to the washroom or something and it's going to come back out and he's so I search scrambling to put together my camera Quitman I I figure I should get an interview with this guy and as I'm pulling all my stuff out of trying to think what should I ask in the boat well all these questions about the so called alright in anti fur were on my mind because I'm about to interview David I can half an hour from now and so right then and there he comes Chernoff backed out of the cafe so I say he Kevin do you mind if I get a photo with you so it's a sure looks that no problem ... so we take the picture and as we take the photos soon as we're done I say Hey listen do you mind if I didn't interview with you I have a you tube channel and we could do it all right here on my phone I have Mike pretty much set up I can grab it right now it'll only take a minute or 2 and he said ... sure if it's just going to be a minute no problem so it's a great I run over and grab my Mike and I continue to not put it together ... getting set up for the interview and he sees it and he says pressed for truth is this about politics because what I really want to talk about politics which is going to be about and I said oh ... actually I was going to ask you more about the the left and the right and you know all some of the classes that are happening in the United States in that regard things that ... of yeah hi thought you were gonna ask me about the movie I'm working on I I don't want to talk about politics and but I'll talk about the movie so I said no okay fountain all this asking about the movie then so I fired up the cameras and I started role in and I did just that I asked him about what he's working on in Vancouver and ask them about the movie and I have nowhere else to go from there so I was about to wrap up the interview I wasn't about to ambush him with a political question I wanted to respect his wishes so I was about to wrap it up and then all of a sudden he says okay what was it what did you want to ask me how bad it what what's the question anyways so I laid out some of the things in that I'm seeing in the United States have some questions about the the alright man teeth on the left and here's what Kevin Smith had to say about all this is the interview this is Dan Dixie reporting for press for truth we are here in downtown Vancouver and I just happen to run into the one and only Kevin Smith who was in town right now working on a ... film looks like there's a crew over there and ... tell us what the what brings you to Vancouver where you guys would you guys working on right now present for truth no I'm looking for ... we're shoot ups of superhero so I this my third and I came up to Vancouver up a big fan of the area with film school here in South back in 92 so I came up to direct an episode Supergirl but as good saver doesn't cry walk around their work and Vicente camera you see all those like hundreds of people work together okay keep turning we all as people cross the street that's that's us that's just make pretend but I'm directing I'm sorry ... so what's the yeah well I don't know how much you can you can give her or tell us what yeah ... in this episode ... yeah I come for zillions I'm site you signed a non disclosure agreement but let me assure you there some jam and then Supergirl and get somebody out of that chair seems to be a regular theme of the shows wonderful show I love to death when I am any dry you gotta try good well okay all I ask you wanted to ask you what it was I was gonna ask you don't have to answer if you don't want to I I'm I'm meeting up with somebody right now in about an hour it's gonna cont controversial figure he's here speaking I in Vancouver he's got a sold out show and at an arena ... and I'm gonna be asking him in the bin but now the same question and that's the current state of the left right ... divide in America we we've seen ... split into these tough them different factions that now that all right and the suppose that day you know anti fur on the left were seen clashes in places like Berkeley where you know freedom of speech is is kind of being stifled by by the left and then there's these white supremacists on the right what do you make of this current you don't divide that's going on in America where you think the suspended from wait I'm sorry go back did you say the the sphere speeches being stifled by the left yes it seems that ... there and if you if you think hate speech is free speech like we are in America we celebrate ... people are free to say what they want to and but the country was founded on but that does include 8 speech in their laws in place for that sort of thing and oddly enough ... we've we've kind of the reach to climb in the U. S. where it that it we're saying ... activity that you aren't seen in quite some time don't really associate with the current version of the United States are disheartening but while all one can ... do is kind of ... remember the facts and right now the facts in such case like like soup Charlottesville as not a bunch people descended on a small liberal arts college town it starts to shed and it normally historically the administration that occupies the White House would have condemned something like that instead ... the for the president made room for points of view that are morally reprehensible and don't have anything to do with what countries founded on I've heard that that that kind of faction of this right wing very very small like percentage wise I I think there's you know maybe 500 people in it like that actual neo Nazis in Ameen but 500 people with bricks and all of 61 guy with a fucking car so does matter how small it is if you're preaching hate that's what happens you can't sit there and go morally equivocate and be like wow you know there is a on both sides bullshit nobody on the other side no leftist took a car and drove it to crowd human beings as a woman is fucking dead 2 cops died because like they had to troll this inane Indian this bullshit that was allowed to happen so yeah that way when when Jack enters the equation and the other side is still being given voice and then their voices like well we don't need the voice was to jump in a car like an ISIS agent would and weaponize a vehicle against our own brothers and sisters in the United States is horrible do there's no more than just this no longer discussion about well everybody should be allowed to have their say hate speech has no say not just in America than anywhere and look where it leads to so we got killed somebody's dead so we will never live again because budget jackasses want to go down to a city they're not even from star some shit and those jackasses that's not both sides that's one side that's the Nazis the fascist the clan like it's clear as day I'm in any other administration be clear as day but for some reason you got one person this administration who won't say what the country wants to say without equivocation without sin there been what well so these people about you know and then saying they're fine people on both sides makes you sick I think IBM Hoover for that reason I go back to work though thank you so much good luck with that what is it what is it called press return the present richer alright Kevin Smith on the both left right paradigm well I should say not fall since the left right divide in America between the alright and the anti for left very addressing thanks for watching ... believe your contact comments them in the comments section below let me know what you think stand X. reporting for press retreat //
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David Icke Shatters The Antifa Left Alt Right Paradigm
\\assist index here reporting to press for truth we're here in downtown Vancouver British Columbia and I'm joined by the one and only David I get I must I must say if this had been maybe 4 or even 5 years ago this interview probably wouldn't be happening because you weren't exactly the most welcome in here in Canada back then but this is then that was then this is now and I was welcome among people with a brain on active duty or even half a brain cell on active duty I was very very welcome ... it's the people that ... think they all ... liberal who are at the very epitome of it ... and interestingly what we're looking at now very topically is a a massive expansion not least in the United States but across Europe and in the colleges and universities a massive expansion of the very phenomenon that I faced here in Vancouver of many many years ago ... add long time ago and it's the phenomenon of em all of it it's it's a mind game across the apart from the few that off knowingly doing it all these so called progressive a known liberals that want to ... destroy freedom of speech that completely clueless and so self obsessed ... and so ... narcissistic but they call and see that they're being used to destroy what they claim to stand for because what we're seeing now more more like I say it's just a massive expansion of what I faced here in Vancouver though she's go is the use of the front ... called anti fascism to act in blatantly fascistic ways to destroy our freedom of speech what I find interesting ... because it's all a mine guy missile a psychological gun is if you look come what happened in ... Charlottesville you had violence on both sides because it's it's my view that when you have ... extremes like so called left and right if you go if you go far enough to the left of far enough to the right you actually meet them both on the same ground because that the same mentality I'm using a different ... label so you add of course violence on both sides if you notice ... that at Donald Trump who I have known who ... 3 for us pull for whatsoever but to a fair when he said it should be but many sides were involved he was absolutely jumped upon by ... the media and the progressives who I am said you can't say that at and even the British prime minister Theresa my came out it said you cannot equate ... and see flashes with flashes well if they both at the same yes you bloody Karen I'm an this is that this is the mind game if so called far right in in America all being tagged with campaigning for freedom of speech the progressives and these violent ... fog schooled and tifa a big equated with anti hate this is all a mind guy and this is of the mind game with a tag words and phrases to each other so you you do word association you say one you you perceive the other so what they're doing is tagging ... protest for freedom of speech to the far right and so cool white supremacists so that anyone and you I'm sure all will have experience this yourself among the ... progressive ... boys and girls and I say boys and girls nature they because they they have not yet ended adult hood the progressive boys and girls in Vancouver you are I'm sure of a face the same thing up it means that anyone who is far like me from the far right as you could imagine all are still tied to with far right why because we're demanding freedom of speech you know all your far right then a because these people you know they also they are so deep in the program of idiocy they they they have no capacity for free thought so then leaders like these anti Philetus not never seen one of them it could string 2 words together made any sense but ... these unsafe elitist they say something and yet all go you know you know it and disturb the got no capacity for free thought to say well hold on a minute up but you know you know what wit where anti hate right yeah so so why do we act in such a hateful why why do we have had on our faces when we can't pay no thought we were anti hate ... Windham with pro diverse city right well you know we all the way we destroying it by saying you can speak but you call on you know with dealing with a ... I had a deep psychological program collective program but he's turning ... people who perceive themselves as liberal when that's the loss thing they all I'm and call themselves anti fascists do the work of the very establishment they claim to oppose bye bye ... destroying the ability of people to have freedom of speech to challenge that very establishment it's a joke and ... we need to we that we need to address this because this unsafe for ... well operation is a proxy army by the elite and the establishment to destroy freedom of speech and destroy the ability to expose that elite and that establishment now as far as this false left right paradigm goes which I've learned a great deal about from you over the years it seems that the oligarchy are using this divide and conquer tactic and I want to get your views on what exactly does the Concord park entail what what is the endgame for them when it comes to dividing people because I thought it was all about unity they want a one world government one world religion a one world cash system so it is is the conquer part unity on under their rule or or how do you see them conquering I people by dividing what what because take the ... situation that I've just described they're using this ... and see for this black blog this ... progressive ... self deception to destroy a ... the ability of any one does not think like they do I just take much bunching of consciousness to think beyond where they did I'm anyone that that that doesn't think that they do is to be silenced and what this is doing think think George Orwell think ... new speak but I'm that the control of the language so so lots and lots of words will you could actually expression thoughts and express your opinions were destroyed and taken out and replaced by new speak you speak being words that what basically didn't say anything aloud just describe political correctness now let's look at who polices political correctness the same people I'm talking about the the unsafe a stroke progressive ... ... for cystic ... ... networks around the world so they use thing down to squeeze because they believe in diversity of the ability of people say discuss believe think anything outside of the narrow band of perception that this is stop Lishman this elite wants people to to to to believe I'm wants people to perceive that's what's happening so what's happening is you've got diversity in Cuba different views you squeeze it and you squeeze it you squeeze it until you've got only one narrow band of opinion one narrow band of perception that is acceptable now you've got your unity but it's a year to see within this narrow band of of what you're allowed to think say and do that's what we say and and what you know people out side of that ... who were challenging that some of some of them that may be of what you call the far right fost numbers of them absolutely nothing of the kind for saying hold on a minute the world's being taken over by political correctness we caught say so a anything anymore and soon it will be think because of the technology they have I'm they have to be ... demonized is why I said earlier they're equating far right with demands for freedom of speech well we should afraid of a space all your far right yeah this is what they're doing and we need to stand up to it and not accept it's because I'm if we go on accepting it then numb they'll be no freedom left in this world in a very very short time you know this is not some time over the rainbow eventually you know when the grand children are old all all I I'll admit women no no this is now it's happening with talking a few years hence but this will come in unless some a more people grow a backbone well it's I on that notes the solution wise ... what where do we need to go from here how can people break free from from this disc conditioning essentially end and not be subjected to this false left right paradigm of what what what what are the ways to to to break free from this control what after that to get form for a start I mean you talk you talk to your run of the mill so called ... at see liberal progressive then knowledge of the world world events sees is tellingly ... well nonexistent which makes them so easy to to ... ... manipulate and direct but what if it's about removing the cause of the problem I mean you know we've got the time here to go into all the different levels of what we need to to turn this around but one of them is one crucial it will bump foundation possibilities let's look at what the cause of the problem these instead of finding a solution to it let's remove the cause of the problem now if you take the destruction of freedom of speech it's people being intimidated into staying silent about what they really believe that's the problem right it's not it's not the Intimidators