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"2017-04-11 17:01:28"
\\so I just learned this amazing way to trick your brain and overcome fear in just 5 seconds and I have to share with you guys now allow you guys may not know but I'm a naturally shy person unknown right knee yet been that way ever since I was a kid I did in society I'm nervous to going to do so especially you know sometimes I talk to beautiful women I'm very sorry I was scared to raise my hand in class basically just fearful of the things that I knew that I should do ever since childhood it is still affects me to this day so I'll wish I would learn to shrink back did because I would be more courageous more confident I would have done more teens try more things said more things now all my heart but here's what you do enough talk when you get that feeling that you want to do something like talk to someone you're interested in raise your hand ask question or ask for a raise the longer you wait asked do you get that initial feeling the more likely it is that you won't do that made you really want to do why because your mind starts to oversee make excuses after excuses all what a public school what if I get rejected but here's the hot here's the trick are you ready for its real quick real easy and it works once you know what you want to do talent down from 5 by for 3 to why they may go into that thing that you wanted to like a rocket ship countdown indium blast off sounds like this Philly if being over but it works it works based on the science of in study after study has shown its effectiveness CP quiets the negativity bias that we have in this this stinking thinking that the the bra allowed the warriors see warrior is a mis use of the imagination it doesn't nothing would train us of all will powerful when you focus on the countdown you is to grab the worry that that the doubts and then you can go and do what it is you want to do that's it see you just tricking your mom is see this is such a great tool to help you take control of your life his star living more authentic use this for things like waking up in the morning eating healthier going to the gym whatever positive change the you were making your life this will give you the courage to finally become the truest version of yourself how much longer are you going to say one day I'll be gone discount down and do not invent this this comes from the amazing male Robbins ... she has a great book called the 5 second rule I just finished your audible ... amazing so check it out check out try guys let me know what you what happens with you the Noles may be change your life in just 5 seconds peace //

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