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"2015-03-24 03:52:54"
Pro Footvolley Tour 2013/Episode 1: USA v BRA Exhibition Match
\\I goes to Hollywood beach 2013 pro football the for season opener this is JT Thomas on the long side Avon Hazari and that we have a tacular first match of the day international challenge it USA versus still surgery and Fernando plants in the red white and blue they're gonna be playing against Adrian the monster and rolled into no freight menaces and plus the first time they play together wants a normal partner outside of the international challenge of the tree in the monster that cave on once the monster that had a lot of history ministers one time champion here on Hollywood beach this should be a pretty good match up well you're looking at the first of a 5 city tour that crosses the United States gets played twice in Florida maybe a third time also at the end season and in Virginia as well as California you're looking at a sport which was born on this beaches of Rio de Janeiro we're looking right now but right now course this pro football it to work towards the United States of resilience as many people know aren't the but say the proponents of Romeo there's a NATO then yes it landed in 2008 in the United States now you're also developing a lot of the players that come into the sport are former football or soccer players but the rules are like beach volleyball no hands the soccer ball replace the volleyball it's a little bit softer than the standard a soccer ball and then the next Thursday particularity at at at this which is the the shark attack which counts as 2.telogen start the game will continue with that later that was meant as a small surf and this is the monster with the Dink plants defensive end that ball falls out of bounds and ... cave on what you're talking about the shark attack we're going to see that ... perhaps in this match to spectacular played accounts is 2 points ... and ... basically the player has to strike the ball over his head with his foot sort of like a bicycle kick it's one of the it's basically the slam dunk or the alley you don't if you will in basketball for the sport of football I spectacular organised see that later in the day the shaman is this put the sword between the 2 players I got confused and with the wind it maybe a little bit difficult to handle so it's to nothing for you essayed this scissors Wente with that Deke and that ball falls out of bounds the Americans are off to a 30 lead it's been ... a beautiful weekend here Hollywood beach cave on we could not have asked for better weather yes it is and we take a look at them and is as start taking sort of a driven ball off the serve and then the toughest thing to do is to handle that off the chest lifted so that the third touch you can get across to make an attack on the other side of the net from what I can see when day is the more physical player on the Brazilian that she's Romelu with serve he's gonna try menaces Sergio Mendez's with that Dink and that ball falls in and it's for one kid when you were talking about the up players have any background in soccer ... obviously you know ... we know that your distinguished soccer writer and a commentator of the sport for a long time how do you feel about the average soccer player learning foot folly picking up this game well it takes a different set of skills instead of the ball on the ground balls can be lifted up in the air it needs a lot of flexibility and quick turns cuts in direction going to get reaction so it's a for certain type of player I once had the central defenders do great at it but the midfielder seem to do better especially the forward to forge are more of a reactive kind and they need to put the ball away and that's with the sport ... let's say I'm ... attracts yet the sport of track yeah it's definitely the ... the goal scorer type they wanna get up higher than it had the ball down so definitely love scoring in football it's for 2 right now a match goes to 25 points it's been as is perceiving serve Mendez's with the dank Rommel defends the monster try setting up his partner a bad set there and it's 5 to U. S. say here on Hollywood beach yeah as you can tell you get near the net you maybe get in trouble there's there's a certain sort of fine line between getting close enough to put it away in too close there's a good save as many as is gonna try Fernando plants with the shark attack points again at the net defended by rumble rumble going all in apple falls in what a spectacular series early here cave on we were talking about that 2.shot in the Americans the first to try it almost works well went back to back wouldn't it personal deal with monster monster would just abandon big those balls out isn't it volley there's the first one there are able we're gonna go to break here it's an exciting first part of the match here on Hollywood welcome back to Hollywood beach this is GT Thomas alongside Avon Antonio for the 2013 Hollywood beach open USA versus Purcell spectacular view there up beautiful Hollywood beach I've been having a great time here the sand the water right off broadcloth this year adding a new element to the ... to the event which is the international challenge USA versus Brazil and I get to play as team USA and I get to play alongside for NATO planes first comic play with Fernando plants is an extraordinary athlete one of the best players on the tour one of the high flyers on the tour and I'm very excited about that with a very very tough Brazil team in the monster and Ron Lou who are heavy training very hard together so this is gonna be a great kick off event for 2013 the a 66 year toward or just get started and we are ready to take over all beaches in America were ready to go that was ... team captains USA team captain Sergio Mendez's and right on cue back here in the stadium menaces puts the ball away so ... search of as their very eloquent in describing some of the lofty goals of the ... pro football he tore cable and you've been around the store for awhile are some of your thoughts since 2008 in the as points by the way would serve the monster we'll get back to that the second moon beautiful shop there are shark attack the first for the Brazilians and that counts as 2 points cable and a little bit on the up the tour in some of the the goals that obviously meant as this is well we can look here at the replay a prize Wetterau moral caught the ball he figured that ... went day ... monster had touched the ball with this touch the net with his foot so was point over but they got the point anyways this tour started as a few people playing on the beach South Beach other beaches in California and then it's basically gain some sponsorship gain some traction can gain some visibility and I think when people see it they they like the spectacular aspect of it they like the laid back aspect and and of course it can certainly appreciate those who plays football or soccer can appreciate the skill level absolutely and that's Fernando plants there with the beautiful on ink on the near side the monster unable to get to it the American seem like they have just a little more pep in their system R. as they take the 85 lead here on Hollywood beach in South Florida minutes is urging urging the crowd on to get into the match it's still early here came on this is menaces to serve yes it's one set up to 25 it's sort of like in volleyball you can get on the street can if you can serve out for 5 points you can cover a lead or you can get way ahead now here comes monster hand he's a player that moves around the court can get tired at the end of the match yes fitness is always been somewhat of a of a concern with the monster's very powerful player very emotional players well it's been to the semifinals here in Hollywood few times it plays along side plants who's now serving the ball ... and dug their longtime partners they've been too many semi finals so many finals but they've never won here on the pro football the tour that could all change here in 2013 but right now it's plans first the monster here in the U. S. savers still challenge plants getting the better of his regular partner it's 16 you don't I'm sorry you summon is is ... when the point with the header to the open part of the court has both of the other players moved up the fund the corner they're gonna keep trying trying ... ... Romelu and he's just not really putting the ball away I guess the monsters probably the better attacker of the 2 cave on and they're splints again influences really start to come on here in this in this ... in this man plants and college played as a forward with his back to goal line and I think that set of skills goes really well with this sport is you get set up here by men exist and he jumps up like he's gonna kill it decides to Dink as a nice shot there and does a perfect set also by minutes that's not easy cave on as you know ... first time that ball into as you were mentioning in soccer the skills such as little bit different there use to perhaps corralling the ball and and and holding it really hear you just try to lift it all the time so it's just a little bit different no shark attack thereby for Nintendo plants wow cave on how do they get up so high and knock it down with such force well he it it's it's a teamwork saying I think from what you see here Mendoza set him up to getting a look at ... at monster trying to defend on it he knows you can get it and he's looking at the ball but ... plants really made it difficult with that perfect shark attack they keep surfing Romelu Rommel the chance to attack their NICET tack who in my name is is with the mistaken nearly destroys our equipment cable I he's thinking that's coming out of my check let me make sure that I don't get billed for that one yeah so ... that's a net that's a net cam I hope we still got that shot going into later in the day site over night take a look this happens also when in the 11 aside game is then one uses left foot to lift it how I this is plain sweet scent menaces go along nicely defended by row below and the monster on second that Gloria correct JT you you expect that third play that they were going back to 2 pick up there kill but monster saw them heading back in the day did on the second one a growing to read them off could serve their by the monster going do you robless Startin to get in the groove of things here nice attack by Ron Lewis to straight points there for Ron blue and ... the youngest of the 4 on the on the court Ronald Reagan who by the way was a 4 time ... for city athlete up in Michigan he played at a small college up there ... he's back on the Pro Tour this is been asistir serve points and this is I'm able to get that and your talk you mentioned the word momentum cave on do we see a little bit of a shift in momentum right now on the mat well obviously you switch every I'm we so often so you can sort of them parse the wind conditions and any other conditions on any sort but now they get the Brazilians can get on a break there are 3 points down Asia a 2.shot or and then another point will get him back in the match a tie note no Romolo is is not really a he's more of a defensive type but they're set up backwards in it you know you get pointed digging and this is what happens monster couldn't get that one it's a point for the U. S. team yeah you're matching rumble of being a better defender and perhaps that's probably why ... menace is attacked a monster on that any came away with this mistake there by monster and another point a relatively easy point for the Americans so 1510 here on Hollywood beach it's one set to 25 points this is minister Sir 1510 this is no break at tries that Dick shot plants defensive why take goes long Manassas saves it plants now so nice rally no break up who wouldn't mistake by no break at and that was a tough ball for the monster I would have thought maybe also monster could have thought to say that one instead trying to well I had to make a decision on we have a good match here yeah on Hollywood feature we're gonna be back after the break the welcome back to Hollywood beach this JT Thomas alongside cave on in Tokyo this is the 2013 Hollywood beach opened its the probe foot folly to a beach volleyball with soccer skills this is meant as a reserve for the Americans it's Steen tend she is the monster going for a 2 pointer ye yes in Brazil right off the break with that to Porter cable on what a beautiful shot there by the monster yeah a monster caught planes she wrong footed plants plus was coming up and then he caught him with that shark attack that once were 2 points if you are not familiar with the rules are 2 plays which worth double the points the shark attack and the bicycle kick score on those you get to and you're right about the wrong footed plants was expecting perhaps a Dink are a short ball and monster read that and crushed it long and talking about crushing it long Romelu started to get in the groove here once again planes clothes started cheetah little bit their cave on expecting the shorter balls in the players see that and they go long it's hard to defend shots all the way in the corner check out the shop here right Romelu well plants is trying to cover something but he's always leaving something else open and it's credit to the Brazil team that they can see what is open and putting the ball there exactly and it's not easy I mean you're trying to pinpoint the ball in this tiny little area and the back get it there and I guess that's why the Brazilians are the Brazilian sit at 1713 races but I usually just important point they won the serve back they've got a lead and can they get a streak going here went to a Romelu with that did in that time both players they'd flat footed the Americans not defending very well ... cave on their attacking at a very very high percentage to put the balls away but they're not defending all that well well I think they're both players who like to attack special off the headers what Sergio likes I guess he thinks this monster now they were out of position so try to take advantage of it is plenty sends it back but he can't catch them for the point this is madness is he's gonna get played set the net plants can't put it away well fed bad set there by planes monsters all over the court end monster one up play there by the monster Adrian boy today beautiful shoddy defended twice to very very difficult balls and then a soft feathery Dink over the net cable that was some great football well it was a a Graham bull rally where both teams had to scramble and in the end the winning shot came from Moscow got out from this save and then was able have the composure to drop it in for a short ball it's just plain suit the set they're gonna keep trying to serve men as us all day and ... Rommel with the mistake and the Americans are up 1850 so a point is a point you can take it anyway could be a rally that takes about 23 minutes or could just be a simple mistake like that but about what is the point from what I can tell I think the players emotionally losing it after losing a point off a long rally probably takes more out of it Lou nice set nice shoulder dang by that when taken with Mister Schwartz not not a 2.because it is a shoulder but they're 2 points within the the America the USA team yes and ... that just goes to show his arsenal is different type of balls to me but this is pretty much is a great attack but it's always headers whereas blend today it's shark attack evenly failed on that 1 well that's a go for broke move yes if he gets of the they're tied their talent yeah but it's also risky because now it's 1916 of the Americans are 6 points away from what let's try to pump up the crowd diss other plane at home I mean this is where the pro football tore all started here in South Florida it's difficult when the Atlantic washes up what is home what is the way where that water comes from and the sand comes from but there it is the beaches of Hollywood beach nice shot there by no Bragan double what my point was that came on is that the first pro football league tour started here on Hollywood beach 2008 that's when the ... ... Romario the one time right World Cup winner ... from Brazil he won that event 2008 then in 2009 there was another event does a spectacular event and it's just we've had some winners from all over the world to 2010 the parent winds came and shocked the world the football world by just simply strolling everyone the Americans the Brazilians the French the Italians without ever getting a grain of salt of sand on their uniforms I mean they left with no stand on their uniforms that that year that was just spectacular display back in 2010 but we're back in action here nice shot there by points points with the dig puts it away and you essay at 2118 second ball attacks you know sometimes you can catch your your opponent off guard you know so I went out I'm all up for it you know if our if being made that way now on the other hand you know some attacks are are are made prematurely you know the second the second ball can be made prematurely and you can actually ruin a good set up that will put you are closer to the exact then you know was a second bomb so great words there by Fernando plants and ... talking about scoring off a second ball which is exactly what he just did and this is no monster plugs tries the shark block and well what an athletic play by both athletes on that into Brazilians get 2 more points and this game is far from over it's 28 to 21 presumes on Serb tried to make a comeback Kieran Hollywood beach cable and it's anyone's game right now will that play was a bit of a soul train's soul against soul whoever won that one would have gotten 2.she could have given a 3.lead to the west but monster one it and his team is now within one Rommel though tried to go long men has defended that very very well and it's a point for the Americans and it is 2220 yeah those who haven't seen the shark attack before it's basically you get up over the net and slap it down with the sole of your foot so it's really really difficult you don't sign on the instep it's on the soles so if it's a angles right it's really difficult to defend shop plants and monster go at it to see who won that ball 5050 ball over the net this is the monster with the set for Rommel though defended by Mendez's plants is gonna surfer Manassas offended over there well biathlon storage the outside of the right foot this is plain set then Matt once got the shark but he also hit the net so it's a point for the Brazilians 2122 when technology the refs dissipation in the match calling the via the infraction so we have a good we have a nail biter here it's 2122 percent means on serve Americans 3 points away from the victory it's up to 25 you have to win by 2 as rob Lowe no break a first serve no break is gonna probably trying Mendez's they haven't served Fernando all afternoon just don't break it would serve just minutes plans for the set Mendez's crushes it down to a mere side and a great point for the Americans they needed that give them just a little bit of a of a ... a book leave there either yep reading room thank you it's 2321 interesting how menaces played it with the header the driven header to the left foot of Romolo sort of like playing it to somebody's backhand in tennis exactly this is went there with a 2 pointer no Wente sets Romelu no menaces defends Meneses chess set unorthodox Lee over the net what they know and the Americans at 2421 K. Vaughn Antonio book each taking a look at monsters taking longer to get up after each shark attack and so basically if we had a short cameo we could time it is really taking a lot out of them Rome will set him up for a couple of shark attacks by the last one he couldn't get his legs he had rubbery legs and he couldn't get it it's now match point match point for the Americans minister serve the gonna serve went to a point with a shark attack defended by menaces this is pointed with the set menaces read the thing and the Americans come away with the victory 2521 here in Hollywood beach what a spectacular win and what a spectacular start to the Hollywood speech open welcome back and forth match in a lot of momentum changes they look like perhaps men is is going we see the monster going for broke but this time they're playing up at the net and is is cross court drop shot which is not easy you have to really get the right Sarah Kayvan had already JT Thomas we're gonna be back but what a beautiful win by the American yeah I //

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