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"2018-02-28 20:38:28"
BERNIE SANDERS PAYS FINE - FEC Credits PVA for Exposing Foreign Gov't Election Meddling
\\ //
"2017-09-18 15:38:42"
A Message From James O'Keefe: A Stack of Frivolous Lawsuits
\\hello everyone this is James of key from project veritas I got this letter ... surely for labor day from someone name surely teacher you may recall surely tear was the person in the democracy partners investigation where Scott Vogel said that she was potentially one of one of their bird dog hers she was one of our activities she got her after that late into the evening train now just yesterday Wall Street journal tweeted out that surely tear filed complaint against us a lawsuit against us again we didn't say these things about truly teeter Scott full dead but in this letter surely tear demands that when I'm reading letter a formal quest the James o'keefe retract all these untrue and false statements I don't know why she's absent me I didn't make the statements she says that we must issue a formal apology to miss teeter and we must contact every single TV station and every single media out of the play the clip obviously not gonna do that more on that in a minute but that's not the only loss of remember creamer sued us during the summer cream was the guy who was and Hillary Clinton involvement during the election Hillary like is aware of the work you guys do I yeah gracefully and then they tell Hillary what's going on well knows yeah he has sued us for $1000000 we got another lawsuit from this official who when we did the common core investigation last year that's the one where they said we don't care about kids all about money one of the people in the book publishing industry has sued us I don't know why she suing us to shoot super cell he's the one who said what she said and she didn't deny another guy a teachers union guy from Kansas by the name of whence is suing us he's the guy who said in the into the hidden camera you really think I'm a mother jungle you just so it's done this more than one can I see but I guarantee I'm he's sued us again not sure why we're being sued by all these people right away but more on that in a minute and then we got this other threatening lawsuits situation by the organization called the league of conservation voters and this letter this league of conservation voters actually petitions the California Attorney General for a criminal investigation into us and he and and part of the reasoning is project or tossed does quote nothing to further legitimate political discourse I mean we should be in jail because they don't like our ideas and we have any more released a video yet yet maybe that's why they're filing all these lawsuits so we've got and and I think there's more but right now we've got creamer Korver when this the situation with teeter it quite that doesn't make sense but we're kind of thinking here what's going on why it is happening right now obviously you don't get this flock unless you're over the target as the World War 2 bombers you to say but is there a conspiracy ... to what extent is cream were involved in this year's thing that's certainly interesting by the way if that's the case it will be exposed but to what extent is that happening ... into which so many things are so frivolous our lawyers are even worried about it privacy gonna deal with it ... it does affect us Republic of Texas in a positive way is raising more funds but this is happening I bet you didn't even know about it let me tell you what's about to happen the reason why I've been so quiet over the last few months is we have been working we've been focused in the coming weeks you're going to see one of the biggest investigations organizations ever done it's a continuation of our American province here is it's aimed at the media we're going after the holy grail we have tripled our journalists in the field they are not even here they're out there every day it's gonna be big it's going to be massive and if they think they can shut us down with this crap they're selling mistaken because not only are people in the media probably gonna lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are this is gonna be exposed for what it is stay tuned lays in German fireworks are coming //
"2017-09-13 16:46:42"
NH Sec. of State Responds to Veritas Video During Voter Fraud Commission
\\hello everyone is James o'keefe your project veritas who got a lot of things going on the huge investigations and be coming out in the coming weeks by 20 something we were mentioned at the presidential advisory commission on election integrity this is secretary of state bill Gardner here and watch what he says about our voter fraud investigations of 2012 with those instructions on that video be consistent with New Hampshire law or instructions by election officials were those inconsistent when I did see that film on I thought I was just you know here here's the problem and that's why the legislature is really trying to fix this that I'm not sure that there's any other state the country that has this Pacific kind of issue that we have so just get up to speed here in 2016 we went around the polling locations and showed the out of state voters in people without domicile people are non residents can vote in the state in Hampshire and they were offered the opportunity to vote this comes on the heels just a few days ago it it it was made public that there were thousands of people who are not residents of New Hampshire who were voting how long have to stay in Hampshire today ... there's no I want to go today you might tell them that you're with your friends in your hair and okay sounds like it's too yeah I got in yeah under but I you know you're here yeah here I just okay be able to vote in that I have had be in New Hampshire roughly 40 8:00 hours 40 8:00 hours how long do I have to stay in you're here today both be gone so after our investigation was released we did get front page headlines enemies front page headlines which made the Concord monitor and the union leader I'm assuming you've never seen these but the Attorney General New Hampshire said in Frederick County 16 quote we're going to be looking at it from all angles and there is some conduct we may need to follow up on and he was saying that some people may have broken the law now what this Attorney General do who works with the secretary state a Hampshire yet she sent us 3 threatening letters and in these letters the Attorney General said you must cooperate with us and hand over all your footage of course we don't wanna do that because we're journalists they probably satirist journalist and after these 3 threatening letters we actually paid a visit to bill Gardner here's what actually happened we got these 3 threatening letters and we got a criminal grand jury subpoena served on us by this guy who works in the attorney general's office threatening us now suddenly it's a problem by the way we feel vindicated we feel a sense of gratification because now it's come out that with what we did is true and you have them on record saying it but there is an ironic silver lining we actually frame these letters and I want to show you in our office what we do follow me this is from 2016 he's of the 3 letters ... from it Attorney General Stephen Avanti letter number one this letter services formal notice to preserve all footage filmed letter number 2 please cooperate with our investigation letter number 3 Raszyn cooperate the insinuation being that we the journalists or quote not cooperating because we're not turning over our notebooks and hard drives I mean this is this is what we go through as investigative journalists stay tuned there's a lot more voter fraud developments to come //
"2017-08-29 17:41:49"
James O'Keefe at FreedomFest: The State of the Media
\\thank you very much for having me it's it's great to be here and ... I'm gonna talk to you a little bit today about the media there is some videos they came out recently I think on C. N. N. some undercover videos so I have a presentation on the show some clips some talk about where things stand with the mainstream media so right now we have a crisis in journalism made a big problem people do not trust an hour to get their information from and there's a power shift happening right now power should be away for the mainstream media towards the citizenry your happen that you're seeing that happen right now people don't trust them and you've seen the polls a lot of people just there's a consensus about fake news and miss prevalent so we decided bill experiment if we went in under cover in the mainstream media could we expose how these people really think what their motivations are are they motivated by truce with my money are the laziest agreed Passover will not talk to you about today we called our series American Pravda now the interesting thing about the Russian province as you see behind me is it the thing about the way it people may be new they knew do with the New York times I'm not so sure many Americans do know they're being lied to but that was until recently only one under cover into C. N. N. and expose something that we all suspect to be the case some people say at veritas we confirm suspicions well check out this guy supervising producer Jon Garfield in Atlanta talking about why the media continues to harbor about Russia it might seem and constantly like what should the structure that this is ratings ratings right right CIOS see it is leading good job everybody covering the climate accords we're done with that let's get back hold for people see it coming slopes with concern right now like we don't have any John proof I just feel like they don't have half the day they want to keep taking since I've been president is probably right to say you are a witch hunt you know some of you guys there is no real from so there it is reducer on tape admitting what we also a case the whole thing is a witch hunt there's no smoking gun of course is almost naked is honesty he's so honest about it he's not exactly a villain and over the last few weeks and recently the ratings of C. N. people are leaving these networks in droves Russia Russia Russia and they just keep on right we've actually seen the media dubbed story they have no choice a lose lose situation for them and here's an interesting anecdote after release the story the Washington post only read The Washington Post you'd and you didn't want you to it only seat article they came out with a headline the latest James o'keefe video left out he doesn't talk at all about the substance of the investigative videos but here's the interesting thing it says video all the video and disclose that the producers based in Atlanta and washing New York remote producer this Washington post reporter to me and attacked us for omitting the fact well we didn't own it that fact in the video this is what I stated in the video I want to introduce you C. N. N. supervising producer John Godfrey in Atlanta there is I Kelly said he's from Atlanta and the Washington post reports they didn't say who is from so we sent and email the Washington post for a truck actually they live Jon Bon few of the the report the Washington post was not willing to give retract he actually works it's an email saying ... drop dead Washington post reporter asking us to drop dead after we ask them to retract his lot but finally Sunday night just 2 weeks ago they issued a full retraction and we framed the retraction because people don't realize that the most important thing is to hold the media accounts people their entire business my based upon but they have relevance when they create lies on this is amplug got thousands I only have 30 minutes here with you guys I can show you example after example just like this couldn't be any more clear cut of a lie and it's the things that you don't see it's the things that I I'm I'm not put pressure on the washingtonpost are tourney sent them a letter after he said drop dead but it's the things you don't see this is why frame in an ornate gold frame in my office is still with retraction smite with the proudest achievement but it's what their entire media business model is based upon anonymous sources woman resources should be used sparingly they should be used when you're credible when people believe you I can't use anonymous sources they would believe me I can show video but I just want to show you that example after the C. N. N. B. O.'s came out of course the White this really makes their head explodes when the White House says go watch these veritas videos that would encourage everybody in this room and frankly everybody across the country to take a look at it so they're encouraging the press will look at our videos of course that really makes the heads explode and then and then of course they say well that's just an isolated incident the first guy he's not a political producer he's a he's a Atlanta producer so when we do the next day we we drop another bill and this one is on the most political political people this on van Jones who says that the Russian thing is just a nothing burger it's sort of entered the lexicon of the last few days ... with a manager we met in palm springs few years actually yeah even with but what he thinks this weekend at all so tell us how you really think and then there is the of course these means this is probably the most entertaining thing about our work is that they create these incredible me that's my favorite one it's kind of like ... the I love you what's the show the name of the show this is ... Keenan in cal I think so people are creating these memes now it's you and this is incredible when you actually expose the truth when you actually reveal these people's real motivations you watch them on television and they appear so uncomfortable watch this clip Anderson Cooper and van Jones and look at how uncomfortable van Jones is for being exposed this guy the holster he the fraudster he'd been hit convicted easy page private to apologize he's a scumbag any does this stuff all the time so when on the tape you say that the Russian destination was a big nothing burger would you me I met for progresses to keep jumping up and down about this doesn't make a lot of sense now he's definitely very uncomfortable there I love how and Cooper asked him what you mean by that and of course the tapes go on and on we have people we have undercover porters embedded inside C. N. N. and they're the ones now we have to be held accountable this is Jimmy Carr an associate producer for Chris Cuomo show the morning show on C. N. N. talking about what he really thinks about the White House we all recognize years where is the one honey hollow we need does not this is we actually long she look like she's always so 9 years surrounds Morton just we just got back pres what you mean like an old one like I would would sit with her just ladies and and something about this clip is it the American voters stupid now aside from all the the foul language here what's interesting is the conflict of visions between the mainstream media which does not trust the American voter to draw their own conclusions if given information they do not want you to have the raw information they have to construct this false reality and presented here and shove conclusions down your throat and that's what you're seeing with these producers the people are stupid they don't know what to do they know who to vote for it to tell them to vote for that's the conflict that's taking place right now of course I confronted Jeff soccer to like the stuff that Mike Wallace used new at 60 minutes I stood outside his house CEO of C. N. N. you think he would talk to me no story now he literally ran right by me that was a pretty cowardly thing by the way because I'm standing outside his house hands right before it comes out talk to me and try to reflect tightly there wasn't a meal is gonna do is ask him surely then he refused and it's so it's off the case that journalists don't even leave their do they just get out of the limousine go to their deaths read off a teleprompter angle back into the limousine he used to be the case that journalism had some integrity before I was born Walter Cronkite the most trusted man in America the vast majority of people trusted him and network news many of you in the audience old enough to remember Walter Cronkite he became synonymous with trust so what happened why it was how we got here people say well undercover work this is a new type of technique it's not people used to win Pulitzer prizes for going undercover inch exposing tuning muckraking sort of investigative journalism this is common he was calm in Chicago Chicago sun times when multiple pulled surprises for doing things far less involved than what project veritas is done in one case Chicago sun times actually purchased a bar and put hidden cameras in it for a year and filmed all the bribes and kickbacks can you imagine any newspaper or television student the station doing that today that would never happen why well there's a reason to get into in a moment is is this is a scene from the Chicago sun times they literally had the city inspector on tape talking about giving a bribe that was the last time you saw it on television can you name an investigative reporter America is actually willing to do this no I can't thank you very much project very does is doing it and then the late seventies would happen is many of these people right after Watergate decided we're not going to doing this type we're not going to be doing this muck raking journalism maybe it became too real maybe they thought too high of themselves maybe they just became they thought of themselves a sort of new gods but they were unwilling to do the work that they used to do and integrity went by the wayside along with it we we think a few things happen greed laziness and fear these are 3 factors each of them has their own way I knows how to put politics which is maybe we all might think they're all just leftists well a lot of them are but it's not all politics lot is just greed laziness Israel's talk about greed you might be theme I think it's ironic that I'm quoting Noam Chomsky at the freedom fest conference but gnome Chomsky set the mass media are drawn into a symbiotic relationship with powerful sources of information by economic necessity he also said that's just a matter of cost why would you take a story from trudging veritas when you can show squirrel squirrels on a skateboard on Good Morning America right it's just easier it often deal the liability and this is actually true story miss is gonna make you laugh the story did during the election on Hillary Clinton which prompted to senior democratic officials to resign because they were caught on hidden camera talking about all the fraud they're going to commit fox news spike that story and while the story was the number one trending video in the world on you tube in training on Facebook I turned on fox news is from the day that my story was our store was training and I saw this on television there you go news reporters that's what worries because this is what they're wearing them cats playing Patty cake we know what it's easy to put cats playing Patty cake on I know and it's not about the speed but network at the moment we're it's easy to put this type of stuff on television it's bubble gum it's it's it's pop culture it's meaningless there's no risk at all and there you have it the greed that did the showing agreed with that seems surprising producer scene and saying it's all about the money we never had anyone say that before second factor laziness and I'm gonna show you a personal example actually the personal examples because people often are deterred from doing this type of journalism based upon what they do to people like me let's take a look at something I was arrested and falsely accused 7 years ago in Louisiana a lot of the people on the left forget what the word falsely accused actually means when you take on people in power they gonna come after you people were reporting that I committed a felony that I tampered with phones that I did something illegal inside a senator's office many of these journals were just plain lazy course they hate me but they were lazy and look what happened he said I was copper trying to tap the phones maybe you've heard this thing about us that was arrested for trying to do something with wiretapping scheme or what happened and even put my mug shot on the front page of The New York Times above the falls what's interesting is the New York times is not interested in any of the actual work we do why would the a brick ranch did my arrest course I was just a federal building when the camera I was actually doing anything illegal and this is what happened a third man is alleged to have lied outside in a car with a listening device this is what they're saying that we had listened device it turns out the listening device that we had was our iPhone the media is that these are just examples things you don't see this as Paul Harvey would say the rest of the story that the little things that help you understand how the media uses information warfare as a propaganda tool to mislead you I mean I phone in my pocket and the government arrested me for wiretapping due to the fact that had a listening device it gets worse they even admitted that they were wrong they said quote we were off a little bit acknowledge the Columbia journalism review when they said that I tried to maliciously fear with the phones and after this whole legal incidence the government even admitted that I was there just capture conversations on that you're not actually tamper with the phone systems but these are things you don't see these are things they selectively edit out of their articles about James o'keefe in project veritas I bet most of you have never even seen that but this is the truth of course I have my fun when they lie about us we do what we do best which is confront them there's no well I James of hate would you mind correcting the faculty Senate committee and notice notice the faces which become means by the way my fit my favorite is when she's driving off the cliff with some and Louise but if this is the enter I was why we love the internet they people have started making me genuinely fear the truth they did and this is this is Brad Woodhouse on fox news call us names here's the problem without with James o'keefe as a liar he's a Vic and he's been sick food and it's all the same aura characterization they deal in characterization we deal in cinema veritate or reality here's the problem let me say another example New Hampshire voter fraud they say voter fraud doesn't exist right doesn't exist George Stephanopoulos will tell you it does not exist so we go and actually show that it does exist by catching a Bernie Sanders supporter talking about illegally registering in his address and talking about New Hampshire poll workers saying that you can actually live in New Hampshire for various periods of time maybe not no time at all and vote yeah I had to be sure seen him there's no also you pledge your you do that but I understood you yeah I really when the jeans appear very nice site vote sure here all really via what do you think Tom can you say voter fraud camera so they say it doesn't exist suppose it he registered to vote early leaders can't here's what they do this is what they they sent 3 letters threatening a criminal grand jury subpoena one letter after release it most people down get all these letters threatening criminal activity because they can't ex reality they can just is literally a fight of good versus evil of truth versus darkness we're trying to give the American people information and they're trying to put me in jail it doesn't get any worse than that these people of the left you'd think they'd care about justice and and and and equality and and for and freedom to pursue the first they don't they want to put us in jail but there are always funny ironic sort of things that happen the universe has a way of of being ... ironic in ... interesting I walked to deliver my tapes to the governor of New Hampshire and this man walks up to me I thought he was a fan he looked just like an ordinary guy turns out he was some type of investigator from the state of New Hampshire the point is that the governor and I'm walking through the through the area there and this guy walks up to me and hands me a criminal grand jury subpoena now the guy's name is actually Dick Tracy Dick Tracy there's another guy whose name this is the associate Attorney General name is Richard W. head so I got a lot of Dicks in my life is very very tough but New Hampshire changed the law to require photo ID you'd never even know it the media you should we haven't seen Israel is on television people of New Hampshire were so outrage that we expose that they overrode the governor's veto the legislation and change the law to require a photo ID law because of what we did spite Richard head spite Richard Tracy and sometimes it doesn't require it doesn't require this fancy months long investigation requires you to video on your iPhone it is S. crossing the border dressed like Osama bin laden he no leann this video is from the conservative watchdog group price very every year shows how easy it isnt so we're crossing the border just like Osama the government says the border is secure traipsing for the call border dressed like the world's most terrorist I'm waving at border guards who are my the way in the any more outrageous re just in the court audio dressed this way but what is the government doing risk do you think to this video when I cross the border every time for a year 0.5 they detain me and they ask me questions like who are you voting for what's your next video why you doing this course it's against the law to even record video of these encounters with the border patrol this is the world we live in you try to expose the truth and they try to put you in jail they harass you they harass your family and it's a deterrent to other people there is this there is hope which I'll get to in a second but I want to show you this this is my passport document with a point X. through it and they literally ask me who I'm voting for what I think about Donald Trump they try to get into my phone I said Sir I'm a journalist of I give you my phone you'll have all the people I work for the sake give me your phone unlock the phone rule rescue is what they said and there are people like us David to lighten dared to investigate an organization called Planned Parenthood and California attorney general's office raided his home with a or 15 assault rifles they raided his home and cook is hard drives because the videos were too dangerous Kamal Harris who may be running for president get donations from Planned Parenthood the third factor is fear and I think that all the all out for mention things I've just told you about contribute to people being afraid this is a clip from our democracy partisan instigation of Mister Scott fall will who is the top political operative Wisconsin talking about breaking the rules breaking the law and committing voter fraud in order to win a presidential election legal what we need to win this uhhuh in the you're stuck together killer elite is aware of the work well so there you have it both of these individuals were Hillary can't friends with telling you with him Hillary knows about I might story blew up on social media we had the story might say something people honored we have the story ready to release and major media as Asians but others and they spike this story the last and we actually have a recording of my comp station with one of the media executives check this out oil production but my prologue titles for 40 8:00 hours there are those video Bob creamer was 10 office the metaphorical to their media eggs you know what they were afraid of and anyone take a guess just weeks before the presidential election we have videos of their top Hillary officials king about committing fraud they were afraid Hillary Clinton's the president United States they were unwilling share with you all truth for fear of retaliation by their own government now we're not afraid budget veritas not afraid but there's nowhere left for me to go all why don't I seem easy on television what you hear her here for folks now you know why you don't see these videos on television including fox news by the way because they're afraid they're afraid and we're not afraid and there's a lot of people who are now rising up and saying we're not afraid either and I'm I'm I'm getting close to closing here these videos on C. N. N. with the number one trending video 3 days in a row everyone was flocking to see them 0 Twitter impressions in just a few weeks and those numbers are rising people are leaving the media in spades and they're going where ever they can go to get actual real information things are changing and our country and you all are the tip of the spear it's our responsibility to be journalists we can't expect them to be journalists we can't expect it of course to go try to ban us from Twitter banners for Facebook content that might be investigation we have coming those stories still make the front page The New York Times our story still make C. N. N. they still make it through because you guys to win in the stories out right now what's next people say he'd go after next there's a lot of other media organizations that need to be exposed and I want to do an informal poll here I want you to just clap or yell or whatever when I ask you which of these other organizations you'd like me to go after first who would like us to go after MSNBC and by applause by noise who wouldn't like us to CPOs with hidden cameras The Washington Post and who here would like us to release undercover videos inside their holy grail The New York Times well it appears that we have a winner stay tuned thank you very much //
"2017-06-12 16:52:52"
Stalker Harasses James O'Keefe by Phone–Who is Behind it?
\\everyone James appeared here on traveling but somehow it is because of my phone the last few weeks hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of calls first from this stalker person he keeps calling it now from I guess a robot that keeps calling my phone every 510 seconds I take the call and there appears to be no one on the other line and then after a few seconds they actually hang up persons on the other line they keep calling my phone hello hello can you please stop calling my phone you called my phone hundreds of times why do you keep calling and the person hangs up the phone and I'll call back momentarily as you see they keep calling back appears to be a robot for a lot of some type or even a stalker and they've literally right right hit the end button as I just did but a few seconds the poem I phone right back it's one of the most bizarre things that I have ever seen that there is they keep calling so I'm unable to make outgoing calls see if anyone answers the phone hello is anyone there hello hello okay then they hang up the phone so this person she called herself Bella I don't know if it's a stalker warm or maybe it's someone sent from Bob creamers office are running late these people done these antics before but answer the phone again hello this is James and then the person just sort of is on the line listening fairly try to get a rise out of me now they know that I'm filming so low and they hang up the phone and this is I want to say something literally non stuff all day they keep calling my cell phone hit the reject but and if you just look at this look at this constant constant calls all day long every 5 seconds this is how these people work this is I mean they're they're trying to stop me from doing whereas we expose reality they continue to harass harass harass harass harass around Manson voting at hello this is Bella this is James hello yeah what what why do you live you called me hundreds of times in the last few hours wine what difference does it make you gotta stop harassing me I do not want your phone calls and I wanna ask you are you sent from Bob creamer okay there she goes when a caller again up here she is let me ask you something is Bob cream or Ryan Clayton working with you to do this hello and is Bob creamer or Ryan Clady working with years to do this yes is Ryan Clayton or Bob creamer behind this operation to keep calling my cell phone hundreds of times to prevent me from taking and outgoing phone call civil blush yes you called my cell phone hundreds and hundreds of times I don't know who you are I've asked you to stop you of your I'm unable to make an outgoing fun because I'm unable to conduct crotch veritas business we expose reality you try to shut us down by not allowing me to make outgoing phone calls why you doing and the American people want no because right now you're on video so go ahead tell me what you're doing go ahead and they hang up the phone and still call right back in a moment but this is the type of stuff that we have to deal with we expose truth they harass we expose truth they manufacture they try to prevent the fact that I'm home we're calling them out Ryan Clayton Bob Greenberg you know Ryan played has in fact ... planted Russian flags of people's hands ... before he's throw himself down the stairs and cues told you might need I did it but this award and I want to say something look at this all day long a phone day I'm enjoying it then frame here the lighting is right all day long long day all I can say is that all we can do is put them on glass that's all we can do hello yes again the American people you're on video you're being live streamed why do you keep harassing myself and are you working with frankly if you want answered a callback we could keep playing this game see that local ID no quality no caller ID no caller ID no polarity all day long no caller ID no priority the best disinfectant is sunlight the con in the airport I answer the phone I take my pet now no caller ID to avoiding authority nobody nobody nobody all there literally all day long it's always gonna wait here and see if you go back I think she stopped to stop I think the technique is working yeah just do this every time you call or or whoever is doing it box the robots this is what they do a trying to shut us down they try to use this time to stop us we want to expose them to keep them being that we want to show the reality they want to stop the reality they want to stop the exposing they want to manufacture Karass intimidate and to her we want to encourage that's when you're done about it's about sunlight it looks like the calls of stop the moment they start again we're gonna keep playing this game states and we're gonna expose them and figure out who's behind this operation maybe when Bob creamer goes on the road he will confess a year on your live stream where and who is this you who is this and why have you called myself on hundreds of times in the last hour okay okay you need to stop calling myself going right because every time you call I'm gonna put John live stream again are you Irish Ryan Clayton Bob creamer behind the because okay who are you you gotta stop calling my cell phone I do not want your call you called me hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times you will be brought this will be broadcast then you're on video tell the American people why you keep pressing ginger tea you're on the you're on video tell the American people why you chose yep this is being recorded why you are being recorded paneling so we're recording the cellphone tell the American people why you're calling my cellphone hundreds of times television everyone here being recorded right now for the American people you're being records about the put out so tell me why I've got all I've got the we we've got we've got the call logs I've got all your hundreds and hundreds of missed calls so you're gonna tell everyone right now why you why you think it's appropriate to call me hundreds and hundreds time his behind who's behind you who's behind you well I who's behind you know is Ryan Clayton in the room I why is running Clayton in the room you called me hundreds and you call me hundreds and hundreds of times I wonder I want to know who you I want to tell the American people why you think it's okay to harass me did you know this phone call is being recorded and will be put out yeah you you are the ration me stopping this is for us this is harassment we need to stop need to stop calling this number falling down a stop calling this number I don't want to I don't wish to hear from you stop calling the shots yes everything we put everything every communication every community every communication you some really broadcast everything you send everything you say we published everything this will be this will be put on //
"2017-04-27 16:52:11"
O'Keefe Confronts WI AG's Unfounded Attack on PVA
\\your honor I video on sky fulfilling democracy partners back in October Scott full they're pictured he was talking about inciting violence to trump rallies who's also talking about busing people across state lines sometimes using fake ID's in buses and rental cars to vote illegally Allen well yeah what really is the video we got contacted by the Wisconsin Attorney General request to the tapes and our attorney sent the Attorney General all the tapes that happens back in 10/31/2016 so this week those concentrate general finally releases their report on our videos and it looks like they didn't even watch the raw material that we sent them this is the report from the Attorney General Roy Corte is the director of criminal allegation in the Wisconsin AG's office so in this report the AG is attacking our credibility's attacking the recordings again looks like he has the room watched the recordings we sent him he says quote the supplemental recordings provided are suspect first there are none of the usual signs of a complete recording he says the recording start in the middle of discussion well that's because we don't show the video of our journalists in the parking lot he talks about that there is a a gap he says that there are inaccuracies in in the in the time counter will the time counter is the thing on the upper left hand of the screen on our hidden camera it's a ticker it doesn't it doesn't reflect the time of day and that ticker resets constantly but he it looks as though the Attorney General here is playing some politics a he writes a poem bunch of gobbledygook about the recordings and how long they are was interesting is that when we sent our recordings to the United States Attorney in DC after the story we did on anti farmer that video why did the F. yeah yeah leann wonder yeah not you deviation unless you actually interview Pete the witness isn't look at the recordings you not going to determine if a law was broken so if you don't at least even start investigation you'll never know if there was material enough to she the rest but this CD doesn't talk about that he focuses only on the recordings themselves and then when you think things here he says on page 5 of this report he says quote the recording is not clear whether the conversation occurred in Wisconsin which would be necessary for a potential venue this is laughable it's unbelievable that he saying this recording takes place this bar called Garfield's 502 in Milwaukee any 2 bit investigator worth their salt looking at a bunch of videos images inside of an establishment and walking would deduce that it's in Milwaukee carmine Attorney General if you're you're you're showing a card here you can watch the tapes and you don't care to investigate this is about politics is about attacking project veritas because you think that articulates heel is our tapes and whether they're credible or not we give you transcript we give you full transcripts but the state of Wisconsin is knocked into the job and then we should you should be investing which investigate you and you should lose your job scuffle lost his job as did Bob creamer back during the election they were fired for their comments instead you focus on the office to see the recordings so shame on you and ... stay tuned //
"2017-03-24 19:21:21"
Additional Voter Fraud Proof for FEC Commissioner Weintraub Filed With FEC
\\a you're ... looking for proof of voter fraud right I yeah where at the FEC today we are providing her with the evidence that she demands evidence about busing and rental car program to be able to move voters across state lines evidence of hate protesters had evidence of illegal coordination that occurred during the 2016 election what we did it we accomplished our mission we filed our supplements to the F. B. sailor see ... Mitchell I dropped us you're I'm looking for yeah you're that privatize actions emitted a ... and he can't defeat complain about it proving ground order fried I'm rather than engage in a letter writing campaign or tweaks commissioner Weintraub we suggest that you do your job and investigate //
"2017-01-27 21:14:08"
Veritas Voter Fraud Compilation - #VoterFraudIsReal
\\for the last couple days ever since president trump announced he was launching a formal investigation into voter fraud you've seen hundreds of headlines saying there's no evidence to suggest that voter fraud exists we spent the last 5 years doing dozens of investigations finding voter fraud documenting it in our investigations have led to resignations and laws being changed someone start with this New Hampshire video we got offered a dozen ballots in the names of the deceased ... Jeff ... Reynolds comment on your list sorry confusion yeah Joseph Fisher and democratic very cool not democratic ballot one of the officials we met with actually told us there was no way for her to know whether the voters were dead or not services checking to make sure that our that's the way my heart I know after this video law professors who are not exactly proponents that voter fraud exists said that it videos changed their minds on the issue in fact proved that voter fraud responsible we even not offered then Attorney General Eric holder is valid just by walking into a place he votes and asking for it now this video led to an investigation in DC and led to Mississippi and Virginia passing photo ID laws do you have an air colder 53 42 if you strip they're actually forgot my ID units are also in Virginia this is Patrick Moran the son of congressman Jim Moran now Patrick encouraged us to vote multiple times president Obama in the 2012 election he was fired by his father kinda Shakespearean and the Virginia state legislator use this video as evidence of voter fraud again to pass a photo ID law zzounds about 100 names photo he's looking for 2 guys how right down it's got a well well ... it's scary but I'm not I don't wanna live so it's going to be right well and it's got a few in the scene got some the emotional when you and so utility bills that also in 2012 in Texas and OFA that's organizing for America one Barack Obama's organizations that help register people to vote encouraged us to vote in 2 different states Texas and Florida that worker in Houston Texas was fired but if no one can in no way yeah I am going into her room that like a sort of no one 's can and yeah yeah so anyway that he saw that most recently the 2016 election in the outskirts of Detroit we got offered Eminem is valid Marshall Mathers the third I said the name Marshall Mathers they gave me his ballot video went viral and prompted discussion in Detroit with the Marist bond Marshall Bruce Mathers first you know what I do some work kind of my wallet so I can still vote all you do is still the sound yeah yeah North Carolina a swing state we were offered nearly 2 ballots names of and voters will that North Carolina accent so I'm not sure that I will vote with about right now self assigned this then I can go vote so in 2014 went to a swing state Colorado then Senate candidate mark Udall a group affiliated with mark you don't work for progress we went undercover expose their encouraging us to commit voter fraud Colorado's mail in ballot system they told us go dumpster diving for ballots if they're not a list of the boat and they all these people are throwing out ballots sleazy used those ballots to vote yes that we can get as many votes as possible definitely are just discard the balance so I think that that's what we're gonna do and I think that can make the difference in the selection so you're totally right remarkably well this video Meredith picks the official actually offered me a job when I expressed my passion about going dumpster diving also in Colorado a Greenpeace official told us the location of the place that we can go dumpster diving telling us target minority neighborhoods what a feeling or you have like a lot this is a but not the right is a lot of people who hate to wait this is this like it is not really so getting rule housing is it mostly African American population then in New Hampshire individual polling booth curry star journal to lie about his residence say being with a friend he wasn't I want to go today you might tell them that you're with your friends in your okay sounds like it's true okay gotcha June yeah under yeah you know you're here yeah here I just okay be able to vote then we found Bernie Sanders campaign officials registered voter legally voting illegally and not even living in New Hampshire where they were voting also you pressure on interest how did you do that though out what I understood you ... really off mustn't on yeah he did he did have the opportunity yeah wow really one of things the media says there's no evidence non citizens voting well here is a situation where a campaign manager was fired after some officials were caught encouraging a non citizen to vote yeah I don't think so that's yeah extra about 2 rooms and before you know everybody but never make America what happens I'm sure didn't let me give them their rights and that there registration card as well leann you have your driver's license but do you have any sort of showing that good going to grab no one who yeah sure and then there's this and elections in New York an election thing about all the voters from as there's no photo ID will so for those of you who think these videos are real the blouse you responded as rose because he and of course the biggest investigation for veritas ever did that was in the press debates in Las Vegas this mobile work for Americans United for they bought stays even getting into them how sky's the people's identities how to commit the voter fraud a very easy thing her mother the more we know why we've been buzzing global and years we're not yeah yeah you can more right but multiple employer all yeah shower as you can see a hell of a lot of evidence voter fraud isn't there's a great article in the federalist I read you first pro article the authors talk how the diluted the I rooted in growth in moral hysteria over here we have voter fraud anyone who wants it but it is set up a crow laws photo ID and really face it the through the gym any proposal for 2 initial voter fraud will be met with Chuck of races Speer CT there are times deal and theories deal with can sure D. with hype Billy deal with cold hard these videos on to people resign Los rich hearts and minds rich we think it's the responsibility of the mainstream media show these videos report on cold hard facts //
"2017-01-10 17:15:35"
10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Black Trump Voter
\\the he tell your teacher you are so we have no you know right the Nazis rose to power not because they have a charter they had a minority hello right but it was a morality meeting that there were many about different groups but anyways that they had enough power and they were allowed and they still do not fear it's a and you know what people just but it you are doing that right well I say shame on you yeah //
"2016-12-31 15:43:48"
2016 IMPACT: Results Really Matter at Project Veritas Action
\\when I first started doing investigations with James ... project veritas was just an idea Tinian exist as an organization meaning that an office we were working out jeans carriage house James o'keefe became a media sensation after he and a friend poses a path and a prostitute and secretly recorded acorn workers giving them advice on how to cheat on their taxes those videos led to a massive political backlash forcing acorn to shut down we //
"2016-12-22 14:51:34"
Undercover: Chicago Democratic Election Judges Pretend to be Republican Judges
\\so this week trump officially won the presidency winning the electoral college vote every day in the media you hear about how Russia was involved the selection Russia hacked emails maybe Russia rig the election we don't see as much as the voter fraud that takes place on our own soil how the elections might be unfair messy or undisciplined affairs on our own soil president Obama says that though to produce quote not to be found he's made statements that we should trust the ents institutions themselves and not even question what happens here in this investigation project or task takes in Chicago and we show you what happens with some of the election judges there what difference yeah Republican judge is that this I gave a certain and Yonhap preamp public in New York so corny almost a lot has to be 5 election judges are supposed to be a mixture of Democrats Republicans that doesn't exactly look like that's happening here as you'll see in the state can I just ask you to what the Republican judge means home you know but if we go to another meeting her I'm sorry philosophy yeah into public in the green 5 okay what about what is after the Republican agenda home they have they are Republican and ... Democrats is yeah I guess so but you don't have to be a with Democrats but I'm working and yeah so many Republican it's only so both Democrat and Republican parties are supposed to appointing place election judges across the state to monitor voting it seems that no dissatisfied selection rules there is playing games and party labels here you have the lady say I just want to get paid down give a flip I'm not even a Republican really again nastiness unfairness these are Russians these are supposed to be judges in Chicago and then acting with the supposed to be doing in our country well clear of hot you have been it's likely this election in Maine ... for you but regarding the well ... Hillary yeah that's my money back so you are really Chicago so why did you go abroad you have to be Republican I don't think Masha no I won't argue if you know about do I hope wellbeing so technically he's not a Republican just like I don't give a for green flat people don't understand their civic responsibility to engage in a fair and discipline election again not Russians as is happening in Chicago and those were the only polling locations in Chicago where Republican judge wasn't actually a Republican judges like what is that I can only remember where this although small a mild legal closes hello okay I will pay the bill are you are you running for Congress where the Republican so would the the rule that how can you work as a Republican judge if you're a Democrat how can you claim to represent these rules and then so you don't actually have to be the political affiliation that you're supposed to be the idea of having both parties is to ensure fairness and when both parties are represented fairness isn't ensured democracies messiness you can see we have our problems in this country during our own elections let's focus on these issues journalists let's investigate expose these things before you make claims sometimes hyperbolic about foreigners being involved in our elections //
"2016-12-20 22:03:44"
Dear Jack Dorsey
\\hi Jack Dorsey's writing for a living then yes I think communications director Patrick aired hostile project there's one of the things you see a few months ago I wrote here and ask you to verify came just keep on Twitter and then you replied saying that that wouldn't be possible then shortly after that you ban James that he from Twitter following one of his tweets about our investigation and Hillary Clinton at first we were really pissed off but then we realized it was a blessing in disguise you see Jack when you bands games on Twitter he had about 70000 followers but then shortly after you banned him immobilize the masses and a monster was created in the time between the months of October and November James if he foresees 150000 new Twitter followers he now has $220000 thanks to you and everything that you did for us Bastyr censorship James tweets received nearly 100000000 Twitter impressions over a 31 day period between the months of October and November that's pretty impressive Jack however despite our videos being mentioned in the presidential debate by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both and being mentioned on Facebook and Twitter hundreds of thousands of times you refuse to make the project very past investigations a trending Twitter story but it didn't matter because the more you ignored us than the war that you banned us some more that you censored out are following Israel and and media sensation was created so Jack as the assistant communications director I just wanna say thanks because I've really enjoyed watching arch where followers increased by the thousands every single day we have a lot to celebrate and we celebrate with champagne and Jack we're gonna send you a bottle //
"2016-12-06 17:44:13"
James O'Keefe at Restoration Weekend: "MSM Is Dead"
\\make you very much thank you everyone I only have about 10 to 15 minutes for lunch but I want to say a few words I was invited here at the last minute by a friend Jim young here ... I invited me and ... thanks for having me ... I want to say a few words and showed us the very few clips project veritas ... I want to say that we did and the media in this country as bill will said last night is now discredited it's dead and we have killed it and it's been a long time coming because they put us through so much over the last 10 years Planned Parenthood civil lawsuits jail defamation lies slander and now we won so many what I'm gonna walk you through very quickly just someone I think is the the the poignant historical moments it all started 4 weeks ago when Twitter kicked me off I was kicked off Twitter for releasing the videos and and out of no where thousands of people sent messages your Twitter thousands of people sent and they really stated my we had 40 40000 new I I I met Donald Trump 2 years ago I did story at Cornell at the ... we I said we were we were and I club anyway to do it no and we released this video on Cornell do day the day when all supposed to give money we had a long night stop giving because started giving the project veritas I got an E. from someone New York from the trump tower that said don't try to meet you just 2 years ago and he pointed out this video and said that that's Donald Trump it's great work is all Donald Trump was always a fan but this is well before he ran for president fast forward 2 years we release the first video if you'll bear so so it turns out sorry for the language but this is your taxpayer dollars hard at work so these people were doing these awful immoral things illegal things and they were working directly with and for the D. N. C. paid by Hillary Clinton to do them we released video after video card what we did related very easy well you know what then the years we're not so I grew up with we had doors we had a embedded Hillary Clinton one year we had to set up elaborate aliases we had to set up and offshore ... we created an offshore accounts wire train $20000 in real money this guy we had exotic sports cars we had private planes that were landed to me so that I could convince these guys that we were big money people finally we we got them to confess that it was in fact Hillary Clinton's idea to dress people up in these ridiculous costumes to get punched in the face like so so the movie that don't need that any could you just say that the way you just said it right into my button camera that man is not low level guy some corn employee that man was was married to is married to a United States congresswoman is best friends with Obama was a community organizer with the bombing and resigned right after this video came out this video these videos were the number one trending that's but of a beautiful sight to behold in the world to the number one trending video on you to every one of them was trending number one worldwide and that happened over the course of a week 0.5 that means when people went to the first thing they saw where these videos and the reason why that was is because there's just nowhere else for the citizens to go to get their information I tried this is an unbelievable series of events before these videos came out I worked with some media organizations and I tried to partner with them I will not give you their names it's not just fox but I went to this club companies and I so that we are big big story they were excited they have everything lined up at the last minute they were threatened and they spiked in journalism that means they didn't run the story for fear of retaliation from a future future Clinton department justice they spike the story at the last minute and the only people who could have done this for people without any stake in any media company we broke the story is on you to be broke them on Twitter and after the people resigned there was a ground swell we had 75000000 people on Twitter see these videos 20000000 people on you too that's C. N. N. as an audience of 1000000 people okay things are changing so but the traditional victory is when you do get things like this to happen on CNN different video emerging of a group of pro Clinton political operatives talking about stirring up trouble and provoking violence a truck rallies video comes from project veritas brain shut James o'keefe who's got a less than stellar reputation for accuracy however some of the things I hear on the tape decided to ignore enough for learning for one person be fired so far another to resign a lot of course about the recording scene investigative correspondent for Griffin tonight so there are people I didn't even I didn't know these people were in our office and all of us all my god there's there's there's people with with signs on the audience in the past tag veritas it was a ground swell but we have reached a tipping point in this country I thought it wasn't gonna happen but it just happened where the social media is now more powerful than the mainstream media that's just the way it is so and then this happens and then the White House gets asked about it and I want you to listen very carefully to what Josh earnest the press secretary for by the way Obama was best friends with Bob creamer these guys were organizers together and Obama and creamer met with Obama 47 times according to public records it's a matter of public record and of course they asked about it so the ... project veritas videos that's a they're not making the rounds up late not to the White House have any reaction to Smith so or the severance up to veteran democratic operatives after the release of the latest project veritas videos in particular our drawing attention to a Robert Kramer a convicted felon who visited the White House according to reports 342 times also met personally the president some 47 times the most recent occasion being in June of this year well I've been asked about term videos that have come from this outlet and each time I've tried to I urge people to take those reports not at face value ... not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole packet to solve because despite what the name might suggest the videos have not often reveal the truth now you know and I know that a few minutes later when Josh earnest went behind the curtain part of the state she goes dammit we got cover that up somehow and it's that moment when Josh earnest walks away Ben tells the truth that's what veritas wants to reveal people are fed up they're fed up with watching people go on stage and lie over and over again and and that's why they lost because the American people want authenticity they want realism and they want the truth and these people just gone stay safe back the thighs extreme suspicion with James o'keefe they they're tired of the people lying so then what happens in front of 80000000 people this happens I have a feeling how they came I believe it was her campaign that did it just like if you look at what came out today on the trips where I was wondering what happened with my rally in Chicago and other rallies were we had such violence she's the runner but I'm on that because the violence they hired people they paid them $1500 there on tape playing the violin caused by just do bad things but I think it's our campaign DC uncomfortable she looks so we're trending everywhere Facebook Twitter YouTube and the mainstream media's trying to cover it up there was an extraordinary moment and just just by way of background when I was at this debate and I I was standing there and and and hit next the Hannity and and you know him he by the way this guy is a good guy he he had to personally call Scott bulbul himself to get a comment the ceiling was fired because nobody else would do it he had the guts to do that and because of Sean Hannity this story became what it became it takes some people in the media sometimes had to go around certain people to make things happen that's what any did and then there was this moment which I just thought was incredible Democrats are you worried about violinists are supposed if they're found I know nothing about this I'm not you know I I can't deal with everyone of his conspiracy theories I hope you all have something to eat something to drink on the way back let's go to applebees yeah what do you think about the violence okay time to get some food ... so that we make the front page of The New York Times and days reporters really must've hated writing that but that's what we call breaking through but we don't normally read The New York Times anyway but it's still pretty cool ... and it wasn't just as it was the voter fraud and I'm gonna finish up in one minute it was the voter fraud yeah we actually call these elections commissioner saying that there's so much fraud and they but they wouldn't say it publicly they would only say it in private ... we actually got off to a great guy to add what we actually got offered whom Aberdeen's ballot someone here Laura loomer where are you Laura there she is she got offered dressed up in a full burqa and was offered whom as ballot because there's no photo ID in New York City some is going to show you a couple the media is trench warfare this is a trench warfare people like veritas and Sean Hannity and other warriors are the tip of the spear were fighting them in the trenches and that's what's important C. N. N. Brian Stelter Hey Jim because the gym my program had 1.35 0 TV here is Leslie K. Brian are you 2 videos had 10000000 views the last 7 days ... the daily show James are you going to pervert produce the raw unedited footage your producer for the daily show are you willing to publish your raw videos to accompany your segments ... The Washington Post selectively edited out of their article the fact that Kramer was scheduled to meet with Obama 47 times Dave Weigel at the bottom there says now if you show me video that Obama video from the meetings of the bomber all shine your Pulitzer Prize I said Hey David The Washington Post shouldn't just be your job I never accept the bullshit Pulitzer from the corrupt media and then of course after the election you had all these journalists with but so smug so smug both trump and is a media failure ... shut up I said the political I will never shut up your organization politico censored and attempted to discredit many contrary sources of information one of the many reasons why the media failed and then there was this is the most amazing thing how journalists can protect themselves from hostile trump administration where were you when the California Attorney General raided the home of my colleague David to lighten up the Planned Parenthood videos where were you when they put me in jail and destroyed my evidence where were you when we were the stirring first amendment opposites when they tried to shut down citizen journalists who had overcome your firewall to get to the truth these people are such such corrupt scum but the good news is they lost soon and that the facts prove it this is another one of these corrupt journalists quote just a reminder that at this moment when serious journalism need more than ever Facebook and Google constitute 68 percent of all ad revenue and I said to them because the people left your meaty institutions to get to serious journalism being done on Facebook and YouTube and you understand that people are leaving the mainstream media because they want to know the truth bomb and then another one go buy a subscription to The New York Times we're gonna need robust press I said one would have more success just getting a camera YouTube account so I'm I'm closing in closing Bob my mentor Andrew Breitbart god rest his soul you can really you can really fight and immediate at their own game sort of performance art to a tragic veritas 51 seat renowned for position we have thousands people who give us checks crowd sourced funded by of no one who fiduciary controls me on like the corporate mainstream media and we're so much work to be done a word about courage do you fear for your life you know all these things I don't want to address that but I will say that there is physical and there's moral courage and people go to Washington and they become corrupted but what I've learned is that you can play the media you can defeat the media and you can get the media to react you can you can get the media to react to your narrative we gotta focus on the truth and we have to have both physical and moral courage we need people in this country who are going to fight for something greater than themselves but the politicians are never going to do it it has to be the citizens arrest me ordinary people who do extraordinary things my colleagues at what people say me it was my team 12 full time under cover journalist risking their lives to do this we need more people risking their lives on our soil then on this soil because the war as Marcus the trial is is not overseas the war is in the media trenches that's where the war is now that we're gonna have to continue that war and thank you very much for having me //
"2016-11-30 21:09:08"
Bernie Sanders’s Deputy Campaign Manager Threatens O’Keefe With Lawsuit
\\so we did a lot of mail project veritas the other day I got this letter ... from a lawyer for this many Richard Palicki air you may recall Pelletier was Bernie Sanders national field director he is threatening a lawsuit he is saying that I illegally recorded him as part of an investigation we did during the primaries is there any any issue in foreign nationals workin like for a presidential campaign or is that something that ... ... you guys are fostering a lot Holland hearing right so I'm heartless they have their work fees that got it are they paid yeah well you're not being paid so that's what you just saw was part of an investigation that showed at the Bernie Sanders campaign was violating federal election laws by using Australians that were paid by the Australian labor party so that Australian labor party worth they set everything up will they pay for our clients yeah I mean for that because stop pounds I mean we have to get $60 stark and that was interesting about the story that we really stuck in February it didn't get a single mention in any American cable news show or anything like that but it made the front page of every Australian newspaper getting reaction from government leaders so back in March and Hampshire state Rep actually filed a formal complaint with the FEC we're still waiting here back from the FEC but all this letter there are 2 things that we just don't like the first thing is the lawyer says this letter is quote confidential and protected by applicable copyright law unquote I mean it's ridiculous we we CBS and we buy we publish this letter on our website the second thing is the letter says quote Mr Pelliot Mr military agreed to speak on the condition of the conversation was on background we don't think so take a look at this clip my other leg off the record you are you can be on the record or we can talk on background that I'd love an on the record comment yeah we do this for years were used to this we say bring it okay or not afraid of this of this lawyer but what what is interesting is that this story got worldwide coverage eating get mentioned once on cable news now they have turned their attention back to the story back to the video and maybe now the video at the proper attention deserves //
"2016-11-29 17:21:01"
John Fund References James O'Keefe's Videos as Evidence of Voter Fraud
\\so what exactly let's get specific about it are there examples were hearing all day in the press there's no evidence that there's ever been anybody not qualified to vote voting I don't know why the press is such an interest in telling us that but is there evidence countervailing evidence that in fact non citizens have voted in written past election well if no one in the media except for James o'keefe will go looking for this they won't find anything it was James o'keefe's videos that showed democratic operatives actually plotting on camera to commit voter fraud //
"2016-11-14 20:48:26"
Everyone Moving To Canada Post Election: #CheckYourPrivilege
\\yeah Hillary is better than I do hardcover by trump roaming about around I'm going to Canada that happens that's a privilege that means anything book on Canada trampling how how's that privilege side I don't try to make light of it yeah and the fact that you have the option yeah somehow that's true when there are some yeah if any Republican gets nominated I'm gonna move to Canada with my entire family so the but I need to coming to your country if you let me enter Canada also reserving my ... read by a ticket to get out of here if you will maybe cared for dishes but I'm 100 percent moving to head I love Canada I think that it's a great place and there's an area in Vancouver that I find beautiful the killing I can conduct this log on account of a child how how's that privilege sorry I try to make light of it yeah and the fact that you have the house you know somehow that's true there are some yeah I mean all of us said that that was said in jest without going anywhere //
"2016-11-09 01:17:26"
CAUGHT ON HIDDEN CAM: Election Laws Being Broken in North Philly
\\so we're at 3303 Yorktown road here in north Philadelphia and I went in there under cover said a note of vote for liquidation election official walks out and gives me a sample democratic ballot that is against the law she cannot give me election hearing materials that's exactly what she did our other undercover reporter was told here who to vote for one of the people actually said go for Hillary Clinton when the people manning the desk here such a vote for Hillary real laws being broken here and Philadelphia we're gonna be showing the stuff we doubt law enforcement will do anything about it but the American people to learn about WNED n't WNED //
"2016-11-08 19:58:35"
Reverends in Gary, IN: We “Tell Them Who to Vote For”
\\so prayerfully you're just going on a straight democratic state we make 60 okay so we would want to focus on yeah this isn't something that we can really how to compress when I was a little people would get off exploring places yeah we just so I didn't even know where they were going down all the dogs yeah it really really close that this Gary well I will sure it's going to be driving we could politicians and all our journalists met Reverend marlin Mack of home Baptist church in Gary Indiana the night of state's primary election in may he was attending a victory party for local Democrats I don't know body we need a 3. we don't use fans of lunatics hold meetings with him out one of the vehicle we see them home yeah this is so I didn't even know where they were going down are they don't have there was a we actually no and I don't yeah nobody has wait a a vote for they know yeah yeah we get out of the all they know that's like telling then back at him you don't we will we won't get out now about you know like anybody I know and most seremos are so it's also a matter of like the door itself you know who you guys went so it's not technically an endorsement they say okay pastor and that and that's and that's not quite work went really well some not all right Irish school provides at 51 C. 3 organizations can not quote participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of in opposition to any candidate for public office unquote the most important thing is that pastor's church staff should not be using church resources to engage in political campaigns so how do you plan to give people the fall semester as of right now even though you know we mobilize we go pick out we know so we are supposed to no matter what yeah why do as a matter Reverend mac and Reverend Johnson told us many times that they were sure their community would follow their lead at the polls as long as they have the funds seeking his mind her way for yeah right in the face Travers stop you know you know we have the what does the drivers on volunteer yeah they they are but when you get what you want you get more if you have bus traveler we pay them to get more she was still working with our share if I tell a guy need to travel all day we'll have to look someone else I know trying to make alright so marked gravel saying Graham plus even then it could possibly work those ships Justin carry we do need to it to our churches before they go to we've made have something inside sure we can say no listen you go to the folder this is this is worth escape well I mean the do we need to make sure you know this person has our best interests at this person supports this that doesn't know and you know do so donuts out all you knew them even if they check you know it before you go out it's really full fledged campaign and so and so people I mean they might yeah they look good rather hungry then I you know I can't spend the day the they need to go on and get resources and push myself but if you they don't do exactly what correct they were hoping that our journalists would connect them with the donor to fund their get out the vote efforts and there was a very specific way they wanted the donation to be made yeah so how may understand from ... how I mean it there possibly make 60 you can check he didn able to sure work so 0 places looks like he just gave it to sure yeah he writes it to church the only I understand how it might be like well how did you you gotta check how did you I will have to be upset went to the church of okay zebras writing use one you know he checked you guys catch sure and I could be anonymous right now ndnation never get you in trouble there will let's say someone close sat then we got the check check your he writes a check to the church was he right chicks in church as opposed to this gives rise professional so it's good to simply because so so we would want people yeah why this isn't something that we can you know how to compress it no absolutely and what was wrong with the donations made public let me tell you what I this summer but we would have see I are so this means that you would put us after more people don't don't notice but we would have to do is go most which I mean literally we can have chilly van through here go and you say all his fans Roland called they were there pass side and when did they know pass rather than they know who they don't it's election day we decided to send journalists to Gary Indiana to see told who to vote for yeah yeah I my dad Georgia so you know the bridge you like that is that like you just does or long time not always you know someone still calls than they had drawn him great site disguise go ahead and nuclear launch codes through Iran NDEs war that's not a good week leadership who does a you know the courage to stand up for their convictions but also has a self control thing beyond their like St ticket Democrat that would be nice let me it's a bold now you really don't a lot of information deal with the issue it would be probably this bed so prayerfully you're just going on a straight democratic state I guess you wouldn't want anyone making them steak and voting for the person of their own choice //
"2016-11-04 20:45:04"
Maggie Hassan Flip Flops on Syrian Refugee Stance
\\all sure no one person I was talking to one mag each nnova unpopular opinion time off as where do you think so I mean yeah it's not a popular Powell was purposeful pulled loose ares even my for my liberal sources say about like I don't like I wanted to reclaim it Binghamton powers go program and the Marlins Mary snow or a growl maybe our house which is way better you mark Shand I'm people really like not a lot out I know you Love Me ambush articulate freighter Maggie Hassen is the once popular 2 term democratic governor from New Hampshire polls show her losing her Senate race to the incumbent Kelly Ayotte maybe that's because the people of New Hampshire don't really like a son that much or maybe it's because they don't know where she's the issue and that's coming own camp number lately a lot really I like crime but I you know that your mother and I'm pretty moderate and quite she had not thought was wrong and I don't like the famous refugees just like abortion certainly last November candidate Maggie has came the first democratic governor to call for a break in the Syrian refugees in stay it sounded a little suspicious maybe like a candidate blowing in the wind popular public so we want to find out what Hassen understaffed really thought about accepting Syrian refugees into New Hampshire last December our journalist asked Hassen at a tree lighting ceremony yeah I know I know what I would I have said is the only CIA raise concerns about whether ice is critical care in our country getting we those concerns and then I think we should do workers the Syrian refugees but the police palpable practically sweat and then after yeah I mean Hitler got it right then you met amber Barbagallo executive assistant to governor Hassen despite what hasn't said publicly Barbagallo told our journalistic Hassen wouldn't turn away Syrian refugees from the state not turn people away is no not at all refugees and I am not at all in this actually seen it are to do that as governor anyway you know well why did she say I guess say that she wasn't wasn't for having I'm sure what she's she wanted the flow of letting go if you disagree about to make sure you know pay we had to take him it's like I'm we have arrested maybe we should just it looked like sure that our everything's up to so that we're not letting anyone and you know the it's very likely does that she did just people this or just take a but what can you just take a pause right now real value it make sure that every every single we do it single prop please there's nothing to lose she would never turn away and she won't so she yeah I met more where to New Hampshire yeah bun unite she agrees that Assyrians here too I mean she would not ever turn anyone away places so if the federal government answer which we have a number of Bangladesh it's shared with him sure and sure the federal yeah here if he's Liam and she would like bush's sparkle yeah we'll get our we're court agrees with so to sum Craddick step state I will be honest with you it was a great night out I think that members you know why I don't actually comment earlier yeah yeah the issue so in October we followed up with and razor in we want to know for stance on in refugee crisis different to a room full of donors so you know I don't agree that we all have our Bob moderate forces this sort Syria okay the we federal government area ordeal 6 yeah I know that you we //
"2016-11-04 18:53:14"
Undercover Video Exposes Early Clinton Email Witness Who Was Never Interviewed by FBI
\\all I need to know is is has the FBI talked you are you involved in that at all I told you I'm not involved in the FBI has a talk yourself leann we were intrigued when the FBI reopened its investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal so we teamed up with lead investigator reporter Elise Stranahan from and we visited the documents reports in news stories related to the investigation it type hi so I don't I don't know all I need to know all I need to know is is has the FBI talked you you don't have to use your name I've come I know my NDA and that you spoke with her mom now about email issue it was it was a very general issue that comes from users all the time no kidding most sensible test for her Clinton email accounts to loans and myself they were received but there are many messages in response is not sure my researcher name came up so I was wondering if I could maybe ask all questions and really just story now ... so I know you look at the state department I do are you still there I do okay on I don't think I need to be involved I know I know everything I don't want no you know I you know who I am completely understand that com I know that it's just you know because I had it for sure ... I can I can imagine a third really I'm sure you've seen as love misinformation going on right there is but I really can't exactly what we found was this woman her name is Cindy Almodovar what we learned about her and what she told us would raise serious questions about the thoroughness and competency of the original FBI investigation nobody has contacted you know well I thought that you maybe be involved in you're not involved that involve that's why I can't answer anything I'm not involved was CE January we've done so much research on this and we've like us again your name has came up and I'm not looking for like you to even answer questions really just like confirm I can't confirm or against and not involved in them so you know a high really can't I am sure the reason not your name even came up Islam during least emails right here in this house of your name I know my name is yeah and that you spoke with Huma about about email issues that are gone on it was it was a very general issue that comes from users all the time people who don't get email in outlook well I know I know why there are high ... no other involvement than that the email chain she is talking about is from 2010 and was released by the FBI in June I met with Huma for about 30 minutes to go over here male issues this email is dated 12/17/2010 and signed by Cindy Almodovar who mustn't several tests for her Clinton email accounts to Lona and myself they were received but there are many messages in response is not received remember the 2010 is years before anyone outside of the state department knew anything about Hillary Clinton's exclusive use of a personal email address for all of her work related emails during her tenure as secretary of state on 1214 HR 22 at Clinton sentiment such to whom I I Clinton and thou moral at at 10:03 PM the subject line was blank whom I received a Clinton address but Lona did not receive on her account the email and the chain connected to it is interesting because of this paragraph buried in the state department's own investigation into the email scandal the paragraph reads in part unclassified to staff in SCS irem reported to OIG that in late 2010 they each discussed their concerns about secretary Clinton's use of a personal email account in separate meetings with the then director of that CS Iran according to the other SCSI room staff member who raised concerns about the server the director stated that the mission of SCS Iran is to support the secretary and instructed the staff to never speak of the secretary's personal email system again the director referred to in the OIG report is John Bentele in 2010 he was the state department employee who manage IT security issues for the top echelon of the department he told FBI investigators those conversations back in 2010 never occurred in March of 2016 Bentele refused to answer questions from Senate investigators and asserted his Fifth Amendment right 87 times during a deposition for a civil lawsuit filed by judicial watch related to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server I I'm I'm working on a story I'm interested I I want to know the truth and I want to know if if you are one of the people who who ... who came went to John then tell and so that they are concerned about Hillary Hillary's private server I don't know anything about them you one involved in that at all I was not without its I've got to say to stop this because this this is like harassment I'm I know this will be the last time you see me so a lot of it I just as one of the truth and I don't I I really you know I'm I'm interested I want to know if you if he has talked you know they have no one from the Washington Post or The New York Times talk to her either I am sure reporters and you know people have been coming to your door no no one has come to the door you that first one even though her name stands on the emails released by the FBI no one from the FBI ever attempted to speak with Almodovar no one ever attempted to get the bottom one she might have case that is so critically important to our national security it makes us wonder who else did the FBI would like to speak with //
"2016-11-03 19:27:30"
Foreigner Calls Himself An "Expert" At Donating to Clinton Campaign
\\let's ... and then I saw my I'm feeling shop well those are considered a what about it about those yeah I saw right here you want the laws here many he works in Canada and stuff like that better than is right no I go can I money I can I donate and then I want yeah so is there a good way for him to donate give the give the money to me today on a is another way you don't need them that's if you're a citizen or not it is all the way down make ... by you know we could thanks the lawyers sign up to do registered accidentally terminated like $10 yeah you said you told the nothing like happened good the reporter get in and out like and that's like a huge like //
"2016-11-03 14:24:59"
Project Veritas Action Confronts Benjamin Barber Over His Racist Comments
\\Nnamdi Mister barber WNED lack Republicans ... to Jews to help the Nazis what other songs yes doing what you are saying that were canceled clearly by Jews you same thing also black sorcerers of help very choose to help the Nazi the none of that is that that's not the case Walters a video that came out today that shows just the opposite is and to show that video to all black Republicans have anything aside all vulnerable I don't //
"2016-11-02 13:55:28"
Major Hillary Donor Inside Dem Fundraiser: Blacks Are “Seriously F***ed in The Head"
\\I don't know the song yeah leaders by Jews same thing I also blocked very they will help maybe there I help them maybe I don't know so that's what difficult alphablox orders would help them really hard very they will help maybe there I help them maybe I don't know insult harm to have ... Steve bell's accusations that he had that type of discussion I is insulting to me as African American Deborah Washington called as some fiery temper take they don't offer is live forever are very he does and to hear that time moves plus sold that because we don't have a high deductible load them except it's why people hate politics people go to Washington and are just in it for themselves Deborah Ross is a Democrat Senate from Carolina we met her in some of our donors at a fund raising a on the Upper West Side of New York City timber 19 H1N1 Amir boom porters and donors we about black salute the Florida so this is like the voting against herself even if you have like even if you have like a like loading it's like I mean I'm sure the name of because like sure it's someone I think Carson is alive is he may be not now that night fundamentalist maybe a nice guy but it's like you're going in with a party that wants to and I can write my own they don't you know so journalist was barbarism will know and he is a major donor to Democrats Hillary Clinton but yeah I think like I you think that they would do they would all depends on what yes it's on hold asunder locked 30 they will help maybe they're right I thought it was important issue a barber's comments with African American Republicans in North Carolina thoughts on that what so that's what they think of I'm speak with for the most part ... it's wrong it's an eye opener but that's what happens when we as blacks fold majority just for one party so as as an African voter do you feel lately you would be a traitor to your own route so everywhere I go for Allison's earlier Republican camp absolute not as a matter fact has become benefiting my race by voting ... gets the Democrat party take the African American vote for granted they don't offer as anything I think that Deborah roles have shown her true colors yet not this is not it that what you've what would you just show me is not racism ... and condescending and don't recall in blacks stupid and ignorant and say that we're voting against our own self interest if we support in the Republican I am a pole I am insane she did and ... and and Deborah all should be called to task or something I'm very disappointed in her I I consider it an insult arm to have ... think of those accusations that they hear that type of discussion I is insulting to me as African American it's not only dark money it races and ... evil money field with venom there's obviously an agenda there you go look in his eyes in the field it means that you can see there's a range there and there's a deep seated resentment towards African this is unbelievable I can I I I I cannot believe that such a thing to say about minorities thoughts on that while I mean that is horrific athlete to email them allow those words that come out of your mouth concerning us as African American folk to think that we all voted for someone and reference in that too choose with the Nazis I yeah I am appalled by the fact that company yeah I have no respect for his roles and ... allowed him to be and her corner and I believe that if she if he said those things seeing in some ways share the same values I don't believe that ... African Americans support well I think that that that she should give the money back bishop wouldn't says the Deborah should be taken to task about Mr barbs conference you wonder whatever Ross Hillary Clinton's campaign ignore this video or they've announced the comments in return the money why don't you ask //
"2016-10-31 21:59:11"
James O'Keefe Responds To People Who Accuse Him of Being A Felon
\\one of the constant misconceptions about my past is the claim that I'm a criminal a convict or a felon this federal court document signed by the United States Attorney states unequivocally that there was no evidence or intent to commit any felony again no evidence to tamper with the phones or to commit any other felony on 1/25/2010 I was arrested with 3 colleagues by the F. B. I. charged with entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony a charge that was well beyond the facts of the case it seemed to be at an enormous over reaction ... to what happened and relatively soon within the first couple of days the prosecutors knew that this was not any terrorist ... activity and they knew that it was a politically ... related matter having to do with ... editor Landrieu we actually showed a real driver's licenses each and everyone of us and walked up to senator Landrieu is Dorrie was open anyone can walk in it wasn't business hours and I sat down on the couch and then I said and this was in the original after the FBI affidavit I said to the secretary I said I'm waiting for the facts of the case were pretty straightforward if slightly ridiculous in January of 2010 senator Landrieu support of obamacare led Louisiana voters to flood her office with complaints the plan was to make an undercover video United States senator Mary Landrieu setter phones were jammed we thought it'd be regulatory ironic and funny you tube worthy if we caught her staffers on tape are making derogatory comments about the tea party olestra shut those phones down so there was no criminal ... intent there was no ... effort to commit a felony a no evidence whatsoever on 5/25/2010 the Mary Landrieu case ended in in that the government gave me 3 years of probation for a class B. misdemeanor //
"2016-10-31 16:57:18"
Democratic Pollster Celinda Lake Tells Union Workers To Lie To Voters
\\Tony snow Celinda lake democratic pollster miss like thanks very much for joining us lights I study here grab me in citing that's yeah and frankly are you know that's not the reason I and arson they are born excuse me as I Democrats are 11 points on separately we've never won a presidential election never in history that post we are in trouble at first of all I'm glad all you guys are very trusting not a lot about how I think you might wind up about what is going on jobs or something like that you might like that married you know we do yeah like we see partners //
"2016-10-28 17:37:10"
HIDDEN CAM: Media Matters Brags About Sabotaging Roger Stone
\\it was during our democracy partners investigation that Robert creamer let us to media matters in Washington DC this immediate matters over there Hong Kong action wow that's cool media matters calls itself a web based nonprofit progressive research and information center many matters been going after me for years have called me a hack a liar convicts they're actually bankrolled by George Soros they say they're pursuing truth but then they brag about ruining people's careers outside the times did different so pressure point campaigns to get ... notable conservative voices also like Lou Dobbs on CNN left now is about business going back all media matters president Bradley bay chalk gave our journalist a tour of their offices just to get a team of media reporters on the track a lot of inspector Sir Paul they chalk proudly boasted about the media matters assault on conservative writer and political consultant Roger stone so I think our our big world was a media watchdog has been to take his MVPs and put them on the sidelines so the first one was Roger stone a you know that is it for him in that case ... so we let him track every book did took everything is crazy Boca sourced Ariel ... parse out his tweets but you think that by each the city group for like attack that it was whether it was on minorities are LGBT folks for immigrants and we publish that with each network we reach up privately to networks is that here you where you have had this guy on 12 times last for months and he said he's the 3 things about all of these different ... bankers you have on air or people work for the organization and ultimately we got a band from fox in the city CNN yeah they don't function for months just like we try to take every piece of the sidelines it might be in show the tape to miss stone and get his reaction Nick MVPs up a silent so Roger what's your reaction those comments for the media matters president censorship see when they can't refute what you have to say on any issue based basis they resort to name calling racist bigot fanatic so want ... deplorable I and then they they try to high pressure the old media to ... destroy your your media access are they successful in doing this to the successful black calling people black bowling people like you certainly in the case of the mainstream media yes but ... the viewers that I reach it for example or in any half dozen of alternative media sites or my own broadcasted stone cold truth for my podcasts they could no longer can have the kind of across the board media blackout it David Brock ... is a former conservative ... who went over to the dark side presumably for money has run this vituperative national nasty campaign vilifying may if you go up on Twitter you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of trolls repeating falsehoods about me or distorting things that I have read or said these are Hillary's attack dogs media matters for America by the way he should go to our website media sh matters for and you can see where we deconstruct them ... these groups are the are the cutting edge mostly financed by George Soros up these are the bully boys these this is where the the dirty tricks our dreamed up and executed we invited stone to our office before we could show on the footage we to schedule interview with Alex Jones and I joined him tell you James okay doesn't let the credit he wants to beat these people here here's the joining us via Skype ... will Mister Starr and media matters didn't miss a beat before we even finished talking they had put up the Alex Jones interview on their website transforming ask you both what happens with a steel in front of god and country up to James and then Roger so if you have 50 or 100000000 people in this country who have no one to speak for them what's gonna happen to those people I think that that's a that's a powerful movement of people David Brock and media matters tries to intimidate us and forces to the sidelines but won't work because we have their playbook and nothing is more powerful the veritas //
"2016-10-28 16:16:47"
Robby Mook Denies Creamer Connection to Clinton Campaign
\\2 democratic operatives Robert creamer and Scott Fauvel were caught on tape ... talking about instigating violence a trump rally in fulfills case I'm last time we spoke you said any violence is unacceptable have you looked into whether or not democratic operatives paid by the Democratic National Committee were actually instigating these horrific ... actions these violent actions we saw trump rallies that's I mean I'm sure you would agree it's it if that's true that's really offensive well violence is unacceptable these individuals no longer have a relationship with the DNC they've never had a relationship ... with the Clinton campaign a my understanding is that at the ... events the reference happened I think in February of last year they did not have a contract with the DNC until June but putting all that aside ... this this was again out of video that was leaked out for the purpose of damaging the campaign it is added it so we don't know what the full context is ... and there is there's no evidence whatsoever ... and that we have been able to find that anyone ever did anything like this when they were working out for the DNC but certainly even if they weren't working for the DNC if they were Democrats in their instigating violence this is horrific it's it's unacceptable for anyone from either party do that but again no one who is working for the DNC or the Clinton campaign was during that this is again an attempt by Donald Trump to distract from the real issues of this campaign //
"2016-10-27 21:04:50"
Sean Hannity Interviews James O'Keefe About 4th Project Veritas Action Video
\\first thing is I don't like I said thank you for the proposal and I'd like to get the 20000 across to palm I'm gonna happen I'm good up the second column gonna make here's my money guy he's getting in touch with you an auto wire the fun serious we are running out of time you know so we did the record he told us to send the check to Americans United for change it was earlier this year that we purchased a shell company called repulse bay limited it was incorporated in the least Central America in 2005 next we open a bank account Billy so we can move money around the world anonymously why your guy took care business right away against the I just knew it took John wrote for believes in them and I just wanted to make sure that that that got you so good I'm glad I'm glad some money definitely helped shortly after the funds were released Charles Roth's niece are journalist got offered an internship at creamers firm democracy partners Roth's money man Michael Carlson requested a meeting with Kramer Carlson said he was looking for an immigration lawyer with powerful connections for wealthy client in Syria who wanted to live in the U. S. making the phone call ongoing recording I will try and find a couple of great would close to you and get back to you record locating some red would house the president of a UFC the folks we had sent the money to heard that we were releasing undercover videos exposing their activities what else told a journalist that a U. F. C. was going to return the $20000 he was concerned it might have been an illegal foreign donation critics of our earlier stories have suggested the creamer isn't as well connected as we reported that he is just the husband of Chicago congresswoman Jan Schakowsky we beg to differ according to White House visitor logs creamer visited the White House 342 times since 2009 47 of those times with Obama but it's clear is own words that confirm our reporting it probably was the best campaign in history called when the second one who who were the first was good job then I wish consultant to both second one was really perfect everything here on every level every aspect how does he do it could I mean he never makes a mistake when he's in the presentation scoops as possible when the more consistent benefactor I am pro sure they are not impression since he was a community organizer Chicago money to major okay but you made a lot more opportunity once he's done 9998 days like that minus 7 closure when he got closer I would just have it with me Chicago actually on Friday last ... it is just as good as ever he has shown a lot I I do a lot of work with the White House Sherman your issue helping to run issue campaigns that they've been involved in Amanda preparation everyone for the hell I got one a month I think about it the hell out here bill for the ... look whatever north pissed me really ... I just think they're correct thank you trend make America more like Britain when it comes to gun violence sure I've been asked about ... videos that have come from this outlet ... in the past and each time I've tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value ... not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package assault because despite what the name might suggest these videos have not often revealed the truth and I think at this point I would urge extreme caution I am drawn conclusions about anybody's character based on a few hours of us have a look at this video because time and time and time again information that is released by this information by this ... organization ... is ... a lot different then initial reports indicate alright this is now the fourth installment by project veritatis in terms of what they have been revealing which by the way is fairly extensive and corrupt is the fourth and now a series of multi part series that is sending shock waves through the day and see the Clinton campaign that on top of the wikileaks I went over in the first hour today welcome back ledger with us 24 now till the on top of the hour and joining us right now we have the one and only James o'keefe is the founder project veritas spent well over a year investigating this corruption this nexus between the DNC Hillary Clinton's campaign and the fomenting of violence the plans to orchestrate widespread voter fraud and now this fourth installment today are how are you Sir paper a bank shot of as you just heard that sound coming into this segment that was Kramer who has been let go now from the DNC describing a close relationship but both Obama and Clinton taking $20000 from believe bank account that's what's happening in this latest installment I thought that was a believes that for all the rich people put their money does so they don't pay taxes I've heard I've read about that drug dealers and people who avoid the IRS typically use the British Virgin Islands and believes offshore accounts we actually created an offshore account a real company that we wired money to them and then and that is very popular with the first video they quickly out of the money that we actually break before we released the first video we reached out to for them to comment on the day they sent the money back they thought of something wrong with taking the foreign money but Kreamer brags about how we can give us access to Hillary give us a quid pro quo says he's on daily calls with Hillary can't and and that's the way it's not great I mean you made a pretty difficult call here to keep the investigation go when you add to decide to pony up 20 grand for this effort and I'm sure there's probably some consternation in the room as you're saying really to finish this we got to give these people money ... but I thought it was the right call and then he ended up getting a back because glad for you whatever marginal advantage make it with that $20000 is heavily outweighed by the massive public relations had an ethical head and a potentially legal head I mean 2 people have resigned but what's remarkable about this they they return the 20000 to us by way bush remark about this whole thing is that you just heard Josh earnest the White House saved exercise extreme caution I mean creamer keeps creamery this is a significant people seem to put pressure on both Obama and Hillary because this guy was close to both of them and he says so multiple times in the video and we have some material that ... you know showing White House conference calls in and and calls with the White House with creamer invited again I invited our undercover reporter to the White House I could not go because I wouldn't dare go into the White House with a hidden camera that that's against the law but he invited us to go there and in earnest at the White House press secretary saying just actual size extreme caution yeah I know I read this today they're they're urging extreme caution but this is what we know this guy's bend to the White House 300 42 times this guy is on tape saying every morning Omana called 1030 that goes over the message being driven by the campaign headquarters you have on tape the flow of money from Hillary's campaign to the DNC to this particular group to those people fomenting violence or orchestrating voter fraud now you got in a little bit deeper and you gave $20000 and 20000 was part of a basically a down payment they thought they were gonna get a lot more money and as a result what with a promising you they're promising us some type of quid pro quo which really is as American as apple pie at this point but what it does prove he says we can arrange a meeting with Hillary Clinton he says he's on call France calls everyday with Hillary Clinton campaign so in return for the $20000 from this overseas donor he can give us access and what this proves is more of what we've shown in the first few videos that it straight from the top video number 3 which I was on your program talking about on Monday shows that Hillary was personally involved in making people dress up like these ridiculous ducks Donald ducks and would foment reactions get punched in the face that was her decision according to Brad Woodhouse about Kramer it's got full featured in the is even Donna Brazile idiocy to the person in the video are names price says that it was Hillary's idea and Bob creamer is now doubling down in these new tapes saying how close he is with it with Hillary so if we had a press so this is really the big headline out of this is that Hillary Clinton between the third and fourth video is making decisions directly to these dark arts political operatives that are fomenting violence engaging in a plot and scheme for massive voter fraud and it sounds like money funneling laundering foreign donations right is is that is that a fair characterization yet money coming from at a bank account in believes and the evidence that they thought it was wrong and that they returned it I mean why did it take the money from and then when they get caught they say oh let me return to the money and and Brad Woodhouse was on I think was fox and friends yesterday morning Brentwood house by the way is the guy who runs this nonprofit organization that was working illegally with the DNC and enthusiasm Bradley coordinating you bet I was eager to do so Eric it we can't fully I have that tape let me play this for you because this was on fox and friends with Brad what house and right after that I came out of that lance Rudy guiliani is that legal because he said Rudy guiliani is wrong hang on let's play this it appears you're coordinating are you of course were coordinating I'm absolutely core dating it's completely 100 percent legal here's the problem Steve with these ... here's the with up with Jane he's a liar he's a convict and he's been successfully sued for lying about people and putting them in a in a store you sign than me is not accurate well it it it's accurate that we're coordinating with the campaign were legally allowed to I have a I have an organization Biggs exists on the coordinated site of the one we just had really Jack early on the show and he said it it's not illegal for outside of the coordinate what he doesn't know what the hell is talking about and then I interviewed Rudy after he saw that he said that god doesn't know what the hell he's talking about the you know the answer to that yeah I do let me address that will quickly so after Watergate Congress passed a campaign coordination like very simple to prove a violation you just have to be a payment from someone other than Hillary that in this case would be the nonprofit which took our $20000 from the beliefs bank account and the campaign has to be materially involved in shaping the communications you have Kramer on paper thing was Hillary's idea to put the ducks on the ground it is to get punched in the face via the payment you have the conduct and you have the coordination done FEC complaint as arguments filed ... we have 100000 people are email is putting pressure on the FEC will because we live in a so that you know sort of in my opinion banana Republic where the government doesn't enforce the laws Brad Woodhouse can go on TV India as arrogant as you just heard him the whole notion of a liar I mean it's it is of course they're gonna say that not one single thing in the video shot at anyone disputed Brad Woodhouse just that it's accurate you ever happened video I'm a liar but it's accurate I selectively edit video put another way like every reporter on the planet my colleagues gather mass of material to reporting and when I went down to tell a story that's called journalism especially when it strikes a chord do you want to address the personal attacks you always get whenever you expose them I I do I it would take me probably longer and then the segment allows but just editing thing is total rubbish I mean acorn that I wasn't sued over editing I was sued for invading the acorn people's privacy and nothing to do with editing you had to do with California filming in California which is a 2 party consent state the film so when you hear people say okay if a liar he added film he was sued for editing I was never sued for editing I was sued for filming these government workers without their knowledge and by the way I defy I'm willing to take the Supreme Court I think we need to fill more government workers without their knowledge and in their offices during the course of business of the second thing is that I'm a criminal a convict with that with that again Sean that was going into a federal building with a camera using pretenses I showed my real driver's license and was eventually cleared of any felony was just the mere fact that I was inside the federal building filming I learned my lesson but it really wasn't that big of a deal Bob creamer is an actual convicted felon who's actually been convicted for bank fraud and is actually met with the Obama 47 times and talked to Hillary everyday so I'm upon that for a misdemeanor using a camera and a federal building he's a convict prepend I'm a misdemeanor is not does not make you a contact by the way you know it's not a felony is that I don't miss demeanor now an agreement it's a class B. misdemeanor yeah petty crime for filming in the federal on the federal and by the way I am war with you I tend to believe that we need more filming of government workers to find out more corruption more lies more ... planning and scheming and plotting to manipulate foment violence and voter fraud I think it's more important American people know that truth look like the reason I do want to give you that opportunity is because every time you're talked about on any other show but mine it seems that's the attack you get and I want to make sure the people understand all right our what tell me what else is coming well we know the materials were still were little we produce and release will happen tomorrow we're releasing tapes all next week I just wish that people would put pressure on the White House about the relationship with Kramer more because I can't do that at that is that the principal has to do that and I think people have got to ask Hillary Clinton about what we've exposed so far we have more we have more materials that show White House conference calls between Bob creamer and have accomplished combat paper was that as the highest of the high gets literally working right with Clinton right with Obama and we we can show more that all right well and when is the media matter stuff coming now that MRO so one of the things that happened was we'd pick media matters David brought no that'll like me for some reason over there I don't know why very huge theory they don't like you or they don't like me Sean but they they did invite us to their headquarters death some conversations they talked specifically about these women these women who've been but growth by trump allegedly they were doing a program on that we have a little something coming up tomorrow on that do you have David Brock on tape unfortunately not but we do have the president of media matters underpinnings Bradley ... cameras last name at the moment but David Brock was out of town but but ... David Brock's got in trouble for money laundering himself between him and various ... groups that he's not supposed to be coordinating with was that proven or is that in court that that's currently there have been some stories written about that ... these peace groups 10 to get away with it Sean because that there's just no law and harassment at the FEC nothing somebody filed a complaint against me again this year here we go another $0 in legal fees are alright thank you James okay project veritas we appreciate it as always thanks for your good work and ... //
"2016-10-27 00:55:20"
Scott Foval Reveals Who Was Really Behind the Romney 47% Video
\\uhhuh 47 percent with him large leave it there believe the government has risen by ability to care for them I believe that they're entitled to healthcare to food to housing that's that's a title did the original insert 0 gore campaigns watch really concerning people in it is grazer's is is Alex in New York they had a good you know remember 12 she needed in Florida who record wait that was a a lawyer it was not the lawyer took off his I tend rebel say so I think we need to operate do I know this this with an allergy and you know that we //
"2016-10-26 17:53:34"
Rigging the Election - Video IV: $20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned
\\a political consultant I just want to get that money from point a to point B. a shell company I took care business right away against the I just knew it took John wrote through believes in them and I just wanted to make sure that that that got you so good I'm glad and eccentric west coast millionaire spot checks begin with but I definitely could see my I definitely could see myself being a larger contributor an English money may then suddenly I worry about in Cleveland I am saying that we must not only believes we just used for the first time with your transfer $20000 sent from an offshore bank in Billy's we know this company would be sovereign and then mysteriously return all the ingredients of a spy thriller but in fact with the elements we used for our undercover operation to investigate the Hillary Clinton campaign the investigation ultimately led us to Robert creamer a democratic power broker who knows the White House like the back of his hand that are going to present community organizer got every morning when I use it I'm on a course in 30 metallurgy at the go show the message being driven by the by that campaigning I do a lot of work with the White House the project veritas action investigation into the Clinton campaign took us more than a year we had people working for the Clinton campaign full time across the country we even had someone working for a time inside the Clinton campaign headquarters in Brooklyn New York we had people posing as donors political consultants interns overseas financial advisors and activists canisters with you guys and now how badly they need that money so I'm basically that and in response grander for all the extra nobody's really supposed to know about me yeah antibody locks all where let me and talk to them set and here all 25 and they're all in April we started on bird dogging by the close underhanded nationwide operation to foment violence rallies we are less hard drive that come with the media and engage in live calls come you need to your version of marine for in in the line well yes you're starting energy Eileen election and and it was the and Hillary president and state your ducks underground by god we all sorts the movie that the movie that Scott full will give us a primary voter fraud when we we it's a very easy more no one then the good morning for years we're not so Bob is really different and talk to the staff they're all in 25 and they're all he's full of Americans United for president Brad Woodhouse numerous proposals to further efforts and they're asking hundreds of thousands of dollars I need to know from you folks if I decide to do this what is your drop dead date for if I do it what you know at what level and when do you take a commitment from me when I think about it into this small so if we look at this September 5 thing the per September 22 in our thinking ... soon to be on the radio about a time most early ... in one of my go close to the axapta work with the trust you know do you not up front coming to an end so I'm and swimming I don't I think it would be difficult to you know ... I know we we we literacy for basic campaign hello sure great span is on this we need someone up front and we're we're looking at other we're looking at the source the election we're running out outside the cave dark F. growing impatient with it's all about the money I can't stress with you guys and now how badly they need that money Charles Ross third was he was the rich donor we invented who said he wanted to make a difference and stop trump it is a phone call he made to Robert creamer in June I can tell you right off the bat rob that said you know I see the rise of Donald Trump right now in the United States as an extremely scary thing to prove the credibility of our donor and keep our investigation going we made the tough decision to donate $20000 to Robert creamers effort we determined that the benefit of this investigation outweigh the cost first thing is I do like I said thank you for the proposal and I'd like to get the 20000 across to ... are gonna happen I'm good up the second column gonna make here's my wire the funciones we are running out you know so or also there was some ideas that have been relayed to me from Steve that Scott mentioned to him about trump events that I would like to talk about those events as well despite having that number and we expect most of my time will be trouble bench running yeah that's what I do let me ... yeah I'm sure that's a huge told us to send the check to Americans United for change Jennifer changed forever quiet straightener that's a secret war that is so true etcetera do unto the guy was so prepositions security yeah yeah reaction they've been they're usually located here now it's evident but I'm there's Arkansas Bob creamer was listed as a U. F. C.'s general consultant until our stories about their shady activities were released now his name is nowhere to be found Roth's English money man sent email to creamer asking where to wire the funds queen were sent our guy a U. F. C.'s bank information it was earlier this year that we purchased a shell company called repulse bay limited it was incorporated in the least Central America in 2005 it was nothing more than this piece of paper next we open a bank account Billy so we can move money around the world anonymously it's typically the actions of drug dealers and tax dodging white collar criminals we used as a cover hello Bob Charles during our picture of big are you doing okay ... I'm just checking to see here ... marriage things are for your point of view and ... ... actually I was thinking we might want to set up a time to ever call you and I just got that you once did Packard on that's fine too I would like I would like to do that ... couple logistical things beforehand Ike it to Beyonce him a little bit peeve that I haven't heard back from you guys both the Carlson money transfer to decal through okay I'm just getting back on this time zone myself and I wanna make sure that that came in okay yes of course it did I'm sorry if I I thought I thought I had gotten back in Paris thank you for that I apologize yes you can through neutral names retirement why you're got your guy took care business right away doomsday I just knew it took John wrote through believes in them and I just wanted to make sure that that that got you so good I'm glad I'm glad some money definitely helped shortly after the funds were released Charles Roth's knees are journalist got offered an internship at cream was firm democracy partners nmsiis entering brand earlier work a little election because I think you know we also arranged another meeting with Scott full who was even more expansive about what he was willing to help Roth do when one hands very we can get there and full set us up to meet Cesar Vargas quote the guy who can get things done unquote become no not on business now has a shop in an effort to see how far these guys would go with the promise of more money Roth's money man Michael Carlson requested a meeting with Kramer Carlson said he was looking for an immigration lawyer with powerful connections for wealthy client in Syria who wanted to live in the U. S. making the phone call ongoing record I will try and find a couple of great referrals to back to you quickly okay zombie and jam what what Dick on the first well just talk to god where talk to first initiate systems up his alley first thing is up for sale it sure okay ran the campaign how personal bomb is a show on the tour pretty well directed creamer gain the recommendation to our journalist and made it clear the connections he could make if we delivered yet another donor paying over so yeah shin some competitive campaign real quick here's what I do campaign consultant to the more like a little closer like they have I think they were ever try well I don't know we make sure precipitous how about a thing on me I spoke with her big turnouts both of them we wish to thrive harm where ever the candidates goes to drive his message show that in any given day they will be between them and probably 6 questions so ... our team will make sure there are convention all 6 places where every day ntfc annnnd ... and we try and you're going to help define the other candidates cleaver was not shy about how much access he has to the Clintons campaign staff on a daily basis every morning whatever you get I'm on a course in 30 Miller gave the go show the message being driven by that campaigning I'm I'm in this campaign when we deal with what you know her media with good television radio earned media and social media not with ... paid media advertising W. holder print advertising everybody's driven on the same track show up and in their global budget people on the Brooklyn office are responsible for all aspects of community quite gotten rapidly lines of Iraq as a guy that I work with Cavaliers well in that configuration I'm just sentiment know beforehand and we came so my is there might a revelation the woman talk about although trump don't hold your cheque 9 and similar houses isn't this you know where that's going to do that I said I think I'm also creamer bragged that he campaign every day and can contact them at any time and it's not just the Clintons that he has access to creamer also makes it clear that he is well connected to president Obama critics of our earlier stories have suggested that creamer isn't as well connected as we reported that is just the husband of Chicago congresswoman Jan Schakowsky we beg to differ according to White House visitor logs creamer visited the White House 342 times since 2009 47 of those times with Obama but it's clear is only words that confirm our reporting probably was the best campaign in history American politics when the second one Putin first was good job and I wish consultant to both second one was it a year or everything here on every level every aspect how does he do it could I mean he never makes a mistake when these in the presentation systems as possible by midway consistent benefactor pro if you are not present she was a community organizer Chicago creamer thinks are journalist is connected to large donors and is not shy about the access you can give but for a price of course money for access I need to meet in okay but we made a lot more opportunity once he's done 9998 days like that 7 when he got the fact I would just about women Chicago actually on Friday last ... it is just as good as ever he shows off I I do a lot of work with the White House Sherman your issue helping to run is they've been involved in for immigration reform for right the hell I got a month I think singles about the healthcare bill for the ... it's a suburb north pissed me really ... I just think they're correct for try and make America more like Britain comes to gun violence issues knows it turned into a lady at least here in the U. S. she's a really a very low on and living arms and hands because the money is interested in making a donation swimming the you know we're nation okay only so ... your version would rather give to their own room that she what would you say choice pauses okay enemies gypsum China reality helmets and simple ahead ... I'm sure the glaring and ... ... how do you wanna proceed to ... how should I proceed public life won't give out too well tolerated to hold you I've got a battle or I'll call you back prescribed they will severing the team because you tell me how much we I will talk to you I'll talk to us well I think I think you know fundraising push intervention in the moon . ... njema using windows frightened at the national level yeah I see that should I suppose but I did ... okay let me know should be handled no made every our investment paid off story was solid creamer foldable Jenna price from the DNC Brad Woodhouse from a UFC Cesar Vargas and others had opened the door to their smoke filled rooms of the legal and dirty campaign dealings was here this is a particularly engineer his first year the DNC is at least big additional limit and then we were stunned by a totally unexpected twist redwood house the president of a UFC the folks we had sent the money to heard that we were releasing undercover videos exposing their activities what else told a journalist that a U. F. C. was going to return the $20000 he was concerned it might have been an illegal foreign donation were happening at the wire transfer showing the $20000 was returned we wondered why it wasn't a problem for the previous month that would house had the money //
"2016-10-26 14:07:07"
Wolf Blitzer "We Haven't Confirmed Authenticity" of Project Veritas Action Videos
\\as we found out a video today that has been part of an effort with the DNC to to incite violence at right at rallies at trump rallies ... the videos that came out today show that there was a coordinated effort from there from high up in the democratic ... operative world between the DNC and Hillary Clinton to incite violence ... so I I actually am in somewhat shocked that that that hasn't been covered more considering all of the faux outrage from the Clinton campaign over some of the things that have gone on the idea that they were part of ... I process and potentially that it went as high as secretary Clinton herself according these videos the lack of coverage of this in the questions that need to get asked and the answers that need to calm OB should be I I'll most of the top story tonight as far as I'm concerned low we have it confirmed are those videos but I I will say this would here are some of the things that are uttered at these are trump rallies and the threats that are made at the working news media the reporters the photographers the journalists who are there it it gets pretty scary from time to time I know you've been there I know you've heard it and I and I know you want to tamp down don't you think Donald Trump should tell the people at the Israelis like these guys are just doing their jobs I think at la I am downtown kinda get a message to get out again I don't I don't think violence has as its place in political discourse equally I think Hillary Clinton should answer the questions about whether or not her campaign the DNC or actively paying operatives to incite violence at rallies that to me seems like a very very big question that deserves an answer and its edge worthy of reporting to be sure I will follow up //
"2016-10-25 17:06:36"
Megyn Kelly Covers "Donald Ducks" Project Veritas Action Video
\\then there's another troubling new video from project very task which previously exposed democratic operatives working to harass Donald Trump and provoke his supporters and then play the victim for days now the Clinton campaign party leaders have denied any direct link to the very dirty tricks described in the videos which have led to people being fired so far watch I've tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value ... not just with a grain of salt but maybe I have no evidence in the law Mister crane side because he did not want to be a dispute with the action that he isn't he at this point no one is working for the DNC or the Clinton this is again an attempt by Donald Trump distract from the real issues of this campaign well me any salt clearly agreeing with any power we don't need a package the Democrats fired 2 people in those videos for their antics so for specific a migraine assault where the firing people but this new footage tonight is raising questions about the denials about how did no linkage to Hillary Clinton can't the DNC //
"2016-10-25 17:00:22"
Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Comments on "Donald Ducks" Project Veritas Action Video
\\welcome back to Hannity so project Vera tosses out with a brand new undercover video tonight that appears to show democratic operatives admitting that Hillary Clinton herself is responsible for dirty politics plan to try and attack Donald Trump overs tax returns now fox news as we've been telling you we have not independently verified what see in the video but is beyond shocking take a look you George etcetera then head of listening nzpress so so it's what we reached out to all the people in groups that were referenced in the video we didn't have also tonight the Wall Street journal is reporting that they soon 4 major Clinton ally Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe donated get the almost a 0.$5000000 to the state Senate campaign of the wife of Andrew McCabe that he's the FBI's deputy director he's the guy that oversaw the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server you can't make this up here with reaction is Donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne Conway right but we established in the earlier project veritatis videos that the money goes from the campaign to the DNC to this democratic group to those people fomenting violence and planning widespread you know plotting planning and scheming widespread voter fraud in this election cycle now in this third tape it goes directly to Hillary herself making the decision about how this outside group these agitators exactly what they're to do now I'd like to know what did she know when did she know it did she know about the fomenting the violence that she know about the scheme for major voter fraud these fair questions they're very fair question Sean and there's a pattern of conduct here that is to story your opponent I heard nothing in these tapes at all about how Hillary Clinton is going to explain obamacare in all of its merits how shall defeat terrorism how shell get the 94000000 people out of the work force into the workforce house these millions of men and women and children who are in poverty are not insured it's never that way it's always the cesspool of that the politics of personal destruction and if you don't hear in a project where toss and see it in the project their task videotapes then just go to a swing state with me sometime friend and go turn on the TV because it's all over America attack attack attack you know we're old enough to remember last month Hillary Clinton saying when they go low will go high I said a hot minute I mean they've been calling low ever since and these tapes just prove it what do you make this one to mention is that I just want to mention very quickly that Donald Trump is out there talking about the red corrupt system and when he talks about the red cross system is really talking about the forgotten in a forgotten woman and these tapes these revelations show exactly what he means Sean that the raids corrupt system means that the little guy gets left behind SME like Donald Trump who the mainstream media and the money folks and the entire political left don't want to be a legitimate candidate don't want to win they will stop at nothing to try to destroy and they don't want to debate on the issues they just want to destroy him and when he talks about the re corrupt system people say I think I think it's a very rested a message because people see right in front of them that everything's unfair for Donald Trump to win he must win Florida he must win North Carolina he must win Ohio and that's still assuming that Utah Texas and Georgia is is not in place some are suggesting which I don't believe they are on that he's got a win New Hampshire he's got a win Iowa org New Mexico instead in New Hampshire and that is gonna take Nevada is god take Arizona did it for him is good it's gotta be he's gotta run the table here one if you are which one well any meaning to wait if not I may have hit Reginald so I'm not I can't forget that you're right that worry ads that's key to 270 usurer I what I mentioned using the 9 I I know that it's Peter Paul Ryan Peter's finger file Ryan decide they think you with that yeah detect killer in the a problem figuring that now he would not he would really Mr chomping governor pens Yashar believe it when I see it here's the thing we're not taking our chances are you've laid out the mat and then we've got a couple of other states were being very competitive in the air watch where we deploy our assets Mr jumping governor pants we were up in paid advertising and where we're also trying to leverage some other opportunities peluk Everytime semi truck I can mention principal Saddam shop that they're wrong because this is a guy who's defied convention from day 1 and I believe that people are making up their own minds they won't be told justice in the primaries will be told who can win how to think who to vote for what you believe that race is over the race is not over give people their voice and their vote it is not to you or me or anybody in Clinton wrote a certainly not the means higher grades responsibilities to cover the election not tilted it's up to the voters they deserve to stand in line and expressed about I'm telling you that people who stand in line for a trunk rally 1015 0 strong they are going out to vote thereby has led the 400 the chill of the Hillary Israel as soon they'll both to ... I Kelly if you dislike a professor's lecture is not a rally he thought no //
"2016-10-25 16:53:22"
Bill O'Reilly and Charles Krauthammer Discuss "Donald Ducks" Project Veritas Action Video
\\do you remember when bush the elder ran for president 92 they had guys with chicken suits chasing him around chicken George you remember any of that I don't remember but I take your word for it because this came up in a project veritas undercover tape and ... it's an interesting ... situation so let's roll that we'll discuss with Charles afterward yeah you got was the candidate celebrity all so it's what okay so the dots on the ground war ... docking releasing Zac Kondo never really materialized ... this is ... another ... portion of that very tests on the cover that ... before show that there was some violence a trump rallies inspired by this ... democratic croup it's the first time Hillary Clinton's name has been mentioned in association with so called dirty tricks how do you read well first of all I have to commend chicken George well here's our conditioning a quarter century later he must be working out to go into a duck costume in daytime often in heat that's quite admirable look compared to the other tape the one where they're talking about inciting people to violence which is not a dead serious stuff that is this is almost comical politicians like it is except for the Hillary clinicians that's illegal if Hillary Clinton when he has ha with a pack that would be illegal in that and that's why I even ran and I understand but first of all let's let's look at this sort of first of all it's not I don't think it's gonna have any effect on anybody second because this is invoking her day there is no documentary evidence that she actually was involved idea if there were it now if there were an email Thursday open testimony I don't know perhaps but the other thing is look there's sort of this understanding I think all of us except that there's the barrier between the packs and the campaign of the candidates which is supposed to be impermeable right is sort of a loose one we all know that after all of the packs are manned by ex by ex officials of one or other of the candidates who know how they yeah I know but I got a kick out of yeah hills are you really worried docks on the ground yeah I know of which you know imagine if that's you know that's what history right what boots on the ground jaws she wants docks on the ground I I think you could rally of nation around that a child //
"2016-10-25 16:43:42"
Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy Asks Brad Woodhouse About His Appearance In "Donald Ducks" Video
\\a bread we're gonna talk about you you're very famous right now you showed up in a project veritatis video where I'll Bob creamer who you actually fired I think a week or so ago it looks like now okay well then if you didn't fire and no no no no no no not Bob creamer dog fired another in this okay so that's right ... Mr of Scott full your national director we gets a video that sure looks like here you're out a third party group is coordinating with the Hillary Clinton campaign which is against the law obviously it's not photos stop right there using is my question it appears record needing are you of course we're coordinating I'm absolutely core dating it's completely 100 percent legal here's the problem Steve with these ... here's the problem with up with James o'keefe he's a liar he's a convict and he's been successfully sued for lying about people and putting them in a store you sign the US not accurate well it it it's accurate that we're coordinating with the campaign we're legally allowed to I have a I have an organization digs exists on the coordinated site of the one we just had really sang only on the show and he said if it's not illegal for outside groups according to what he doesn't know what the hell is talking about there and they're in the F. B. C. identifies groups that are allowed to coordinate and groups that are not allowed to coordinate in the differences are groups that are coordinating spending money on ads to influence the election and we we don't spend money on ads will spend a dime on television ads that allows us to coordinate James o'keefe is a liar a convict and a fraud and I'm really shocked that you would even bring this up over one you think this is a this is a big news story that the mainstream media's and doing that's why we write about what whether houses not doing it because it's a bunch of crap okay you say it's a bunch of crap Dallas would you say I'm not going to get into on my brother's activities I'm having been through this a lot ... there are a lot of people that comment on campaign finance issue that they may or may not know ... very much about that but what I really want to see my brother do I is fail and fail to get Hillary Clinton elected weather is coordinating or not and I believe he will fail to do that in North Carolina where Republicans are voted wrong in early voting and now we're gonna win the governorship here North Carolina we're going to retain senator burns and how we're gonna bring Donald Trump victory ya on them right America that's wishful thinking run out of what his activities are I can just tell you'd really like to weigh in on it but that would be awkward at the thanksgiving table potter Dallas and Brad Woodhouse thank you guys for join us live //
"2016-10-25 16:12:03"
Brit Hume Reports on "Donald Ducks" Project Veritas Action Video
\\there is nder cover video out tonight from project veritatis that exposes new links between the Clinton or least once we didn't know about between the Clinton campaign and outside groups causing trouble at trump vents and somehow Donald Duck is involved box if you force in cars here James this is nothing to quack at brit tonight's revelations come once again from Bob creamer he is the veteran democratic consultant whose contract with the Democratic National Committee was severed last week following the release of 2 earlier undercover sting videos from this same conservative group project veritas action it also emerged last week that creamer a felon who served time for tax violations and bank fraud has visited the Obama White House 342 times close to an average of once a week over the last 8 years now creamer can be seen discussing the Donald duck's operation in which costumed figures resembling the Disney character us captured by fox news cameras at various events popped up this summer at rallies for Donald Trump outside a hotel of his harassing surrogate's at all turns chastising the GOP nominee for docking the release of his tax returns in the latest veritatis video creamer identifies the purported mastermind of the dots operation I have an interest in a hurry so so it's what don't repeat that to anybody one democratic operative working with cream here was a man named Scott full who was fired as field director for the progressive group Americans United for change last week also as a result of statements he made in the first 2 project veritas videos in the latest one Fauvel suggests the docks were also intended to advance a separate goal of inciting violence not not that not conduct itself because that's the only reaction to all I because it was about this voters creamer in the latest video also alleges that Donna Brazile now interim chair of the DNC intervene to get the docks project moved out of the committee in over 2 Americans United for change because she feared trademark trouble from ABC Disney which controls the Donald Duck character neither the Clinton campaign or the DNC responded to our requests for comment however in response to last week's videos both the campaign and the committee accused veritas brit of selective editing in its past work one of the like if if the editing was so very selective in this case you don't think those 2 guys who have been let go doing for there appears to be some there there James thanks so very much the Clinton campaign is trying to paint Bob Kramer one of the democratic operatives in the videos of peripheral figure but there is is James is noted evidence suggesting he was certainly more than that our nightly for NTIA got Benson political editor and Susan's ratio chief congressional correspondent for The Washington examiner guy your thoughts about this and what it tells us I mean it's a little hard to get too worked up about someone a deeply involved Dutch can't but I guess I guess you know this is where this bizarre campaign is taken it's 2016 bread so of course we're discussing Donald Duck this is very important that the underlying issues was there a crime here was this a violation of federal law which there may have been I think we need more info on that but it certainly doesn't look good on wouldn't know that very well the coordination how you have outside groups being ... not allowed under federal election law to coordinate with the campaign and if this is Hillary Clinton clearly the campaign the embodied in the campaign directing outside groups to do things hot that's not permitted so that's the legal issue at stake and then there is the secondary issue of this guy Kramer who's now gone and you make the correct he info who are both gone so if this is totally selectively edited days seem to fall on their swords or get fired awfully quickly here at the White House is James just reported roughly once per week over the course the about average duration yeah that is ... that is really interesting even for a the the husband of a congresswoman should mission with the White House says about that is that he was first of all the husband of democratic congresswoman Jan Schakowsky from Chicago and that he would therefore be cleared to come to the White House as a spouse of a sitting member Congress and that the events early phases of his visit ... or large events in which a lot of people were present of that seems a little difficult to imagine that there could be some a large events out of 342 visits and they we know there were some 40 summit which the president was present so the question arises you know is it a plausible explanation ... that that he was there and he really wasn't involved the White House at all what he thinks is not for all those visits you know feed only been there 10 times or what because my we go through those White House logs back in there's a question about how often the iris commissioner was visiting and that's a lot of visits to just be there as a as a spouse of a Congress person I I'd or destroyed role or whatever else they come up with is that clearly there was something else going on there what he was doing business in the White House said if you think of the numbers we had 42 minutes almost a 1 whole heaters yeah worth a visit NDA let's let's not pretend that he is an average run of the mill spouse a member of Congress either he is a well known long established hatchet man for the Democratic Party is a practitioner of dirty tricks that's what he did he went to prison at 1.for unrelated fraud this isn't just an average guy who might be married to a Democrat from Chicago you're at the White House 3 and 42 times for a reason and as Susan says it's not just the Easter egg roll as words headache and then he's been fired if that does tell us is that all you think they'd want among the campaign in the convict them to greater so thank Frye thanks to both of you stay with us //
"2016-10-25 16:04:40"
Bret Baier Discusses Project Veritas Action Videos With Fox News Panel
\\part I wanna turns or the story at the top of the show and that is this project veritas of video ... behind the scenes articles it is it is it is we're going to have some extra Ndongo and as we go to school are going on to some of what is sure to spark a reply she explained originally located these individuals no longer have a relationship with the DNC they've never had a relationship with the Clinton campaign this was again I'll I'll video that was leaked out for the purpose of damaging the campaign it is edited so we don't know what the full context is Bob's contract up according to the records and I was able to pull at the DNC because that was not done aside until June I just give you some context Bob Kramer is this consultants ... whose Democratic National Committee contract was severed after last week's veritas video ... the White House log so he's visited 290 to 201634 visits with the president also intend to any pendants ... now some have said that there are even more of those and ... meeting with the president is this guy's connected Laura and these videos show that he's talking about Hillary Clinton saying you know let's get these Donald docks about tax returns out to this outside organization yeah if these are independent expenditures being use are not suppose to be coordinated with the campaign others that there isn't a very strict 3 prong test it's said to be able to meet whether this coordinated expenditure which is against federal election law it's risen written regards payment content and conduct now the content here is this Donaldson character it's not clear that that would under the legalistic definition be a communication is coordinated as again as a legal matter one again the legal though we talked about it to begin right shut but it but I know that gets kind of dismissed it it's not all that clear yet if the it's it has to be fleshed out a bit more but more important they keep kind of blowing this often say well creamers no longer wear and what does it matter he was he's a dirty tricks guy longtime confident of the Clintons obviously very close with Obama and he was involved in this and clearly according to that video and I can't see how they say that's it it's not edited Hillary Clinton gave the thumbs up to this now again they keep saying well they're stolen documents wikileaks or stolen you can't look at well they didn't think they were that it was a concern when Donald trump's tax returns were leaked out and they may have that this again speaks to the question of ethics and propriety they think campaign finance laws are important ... but when they throw to follow them they wanna blow it off and say well he's no longer employed I don't think that's all that relevant here I just think this case don't know what we have here other than Hillary Clinton may be thought it would be amusing to have a docstoc Donald Trump that doesn't necessarily translate into an independent expenditures Laura points out ... but these are very serious allegations and that's why as a journalist I want to see the full unedited tapes because ... vo Keith had ... dis moles if you well in side these organizations for many months ... and he's refusing not only to release the unedited tapes but to even put any kind of a time stamp or any kind of contacts whatsoever into these tapes and given his history of misleading editing I think that that is in the organs he did have this this vox to tamper with phones and ... democratic senator Marylanders office ... and the FBI arrested him and 3 others they charged him with entering federal property under false pretenses ... with the intent to commit a felony he ended up playing to a misdemeanor ... he was sentenced to 3 years probation and that didn't have to do with any of the the editing of that tape just to be clear of that of the charge a lot of objects and these tapes from the past electric current including the lady who was on the oxygen tank precious when contacted by news organizations and she said that is not what happened yeah we are looking at the that the tapes as far as the unedited portions where they're talking about the interactions with the Clinton campaign and I guess the point here is that they have to the worst point have dismissed this entirely the first tape dealt with inciting violence at trump rallies Tom and there was a complete you know push off a Heisman award there that they were no where near this this ... this guy and yet he is talking about hearing from Hillary Clinton and people close to her interacting with the DNC and Donna Brazile and a contract because she's word about ABC and Disney and the character I mean there's a lot of interaction here that is not explained by the campaign or the DNC yeah got ham and that is I think we need to another you know journalistic point that we need to make is that NBC news has reported that ... keeps group ... was given money from the trump foundation at the very beginning of this when he was about to launch his campaign and of course a lot of his stories have been running through bright part at that time ... Steve Gannon was ahead of right parties now trump's campaign manager so you you have to point out the connections as well yeah what what I think the issue here is that look don't trumpet the issues the beginning of October it would really give him a pretty powerful no opportunity to just reinforce that notion it speaks to something that I think pretty much everything everyone whether they admit it or not regardless of political leanings belief now which is that the Clintons as of cronyism incorporated that there is a deep center to them that in various ways sustained by the suspension of troops in political ... in in political expediency the problem is I think this point in the election up because the truck packed campaign dissident self defined by chaos in a way that his ability to use this dissident drive those undecided voters into his pockets and looked Hillary Clinton this is something of a research I think that people really believe it's it's certainly it reinforces something that is Arab most people in the country most voters believe already existed it sticks in a in a practical sense terrible but politically I don't know how it changes the diamond since the right I'm Lycia and legally obviously their questions as well about work goes //
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Bret Baier Reports on "Donald Ducks" Project Veritas Action Video
\\right there is a new undercover video exposing direct links between the Hillary Clinton campaign and outside groups promoting her campaign the subject matter a Donald Duck mascot may soon on the server seems silly and trivial but it's no laughing matter if violation of federal law is involved chief washing correspondent James Rosen joins us with the latest including the White House reaction beam James read good evening lawyers advising the conservative group releasing these undercover video say that Donald Duck agitators if funded by an outside group but controlled in some measure by the Clinton campaign or the DNC could have run afoul of the laws that govern public communications against the kind while costume figures resembling Disney's Donald Duck became a fixture of the campaign trail protesting outside Donald trump's new hotel in Washington crashing the trump rally in Virginia chastising the GOP nominee for not releasing his tax returns WNED harassing pro truck congressman now in its latest undercover sting video the conservative group project veritas action presents a hidden camera confession from Bob creamer the consultant to the Democratic National Committee contract was severed after last week's veritatis videos in which creamer purportedly reveals the mastermind behind the Donald duck's campaign ADN over so we so so it's we rejoin watched as remember Wodehouse head of a Americans Cole relaying miss marching Reynolds record numbers of bettors the news is and would like to have with real news is she and as we go to school what is and that is working in the region only a school work is George up George H. in all creamers occur calls into campaign manager we look another day there are tons had a relationship with Belarus violations primeras advice the last 300 the latest vin Donna Brazile interim chair a Disney owner of the day there is but anyway Donna Brazile in honor connection with it to get off so we switched ownership or literature Martin short of change yet and assist press secretary for the DNC firms the organization a hand in the operation groups I ordered we just so sold fired last week field director for Americans also was seen operations and so it's campaign or the DNC our request aboard Air Force 1 today white veritas editing Ernest of long as he Walton Elliot Burch spurred an election we would cool over dilly Dally alleges Alan the of what there a breaking video they put I really mean some here it looks in Iraq group video it says as Hillary Clinton Floyd these directly but to do question I am a candidate can group get into pop here Allegheny and it hurts ported dealing with it now third party clearly would be a that would just Chile and that's clean up these filed but overall the do you know what that was still where others said no relationship at all video where clearly having a worry on these it is not voters in her the law there was an I if there knowing and willful relations to a //
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Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved
\\mmhm clear which targeting anytime Chris Harris states ducks under by god we so it's the I think this is going to get some water I've got my son leann president future president as to its one ducks on the ground 3 of our undercover a geisha dark dealings of the Hillary Clinton in this story will show in a legal dark money conspiracy between the Hillary Clinton campaign the DNC and the non for profit corporation Americans United for change and it's all disguised as a duck so I'm basically that and in response to for all things nobody's really supposed to know about me yeah antibody locks where let me work and talk to set and here all week 25 and they're all it was earlier this year when people Donald Duck started showing a country it turns out the duck was Hillary's idea and we certainly NTAC right show tomorrow morning at 10 I hope we can arrange a sword San has well launch Donald Thomas I guarantee Donald who don't science is not secretary something he based in Washington see with deep ties to Hillary Clinton the Democratic National Committee and Obama's White House in fact White House logs document that creamer visit the White House 342 times and that directly with Obama 47 times that is it never got there we're seeing a cruise missile in every hello from nbae published 5 year olds but here we are he has guns we Donna Douglas you may Brad Woodhouse is president of Americans United for change after our first video would house fired Scott mobile his national field director we put out over the last several release around that day that he was you know you in any other and we see that's the key here is to have the visual and have do you have to sign so when a ship of that blasted didn't get reporter starting silly and I think the hospital doesn't yet know which we're talking hundreds of and it and which is more was there a lot of guy who's done this other George this is the right and it was the Chris United States orthodox underground by god we all sorts while the movie that okay yeah ... and is a clear the better idea rejoice you know this guy school are Lucy did did ... chicken George in 1992 yeah ... came to work so hard with the idea doctors I ran a playful newer and and it came out businesses grow Duva we focus a and I want you to check got lots of problems sham surgery 5 ... but then I got a call actually going on the point about the one personally I got good news and bad good news is and they would like to have a mascot well I'm a hamburger Barbara you can try but the good news is she wants to be Donald Duck and as we go to school are so quick yeah idea going on to what is your by that should explain right now the Hillary and origins go ahead read coming next may she has a right this is just going resonating presidential decision made nobody answered there was direct involvement of Americans United for Donald duck's smacks of illegal coordinated campaign expenditures federal campaign law experts have told us quote the ducks on the ground are likely public communications for purposes of the law political activity opposing trump paid for by Americans United for change funds but controlled by Clinton and her campaign unquote representatives of Hillary's campaign run daily conference calls we witness with Kramer a UFC managers and their operatives they were talking about where to send the docks and the ducks message and not just the campaign Donna Brazil's Democratic National Committee was in on it as well message in there pecan extremists message depending that we have street Democrat which targeting any but they can insert into multiple events now through the end of election on a continual basis on a daily basis but basically to all the way across the docks we got him we could get be with for the for the aggressive about it I wanna make sure the rest of the we want to do from the line for the events we're we're plastering the outside with trump.message and then going into the events everybody as their phone producer 20 people 23 where they all have their own set to go out on the line with on the inside all all so so they'll catch like the incident and going down there so we want the media to let us live. right so you have everybody like a rental they're all time to go on order hands people I the you get my drift trying to set prices right job the license you see some hope so that's came running but a woman who was busy writing a copyright issue sewage all my love that is awesome like you can again you know the pay the rent NBI were not using it it's they were in charge of it yeah the whole the whole damn thing let him borrow police are you from to addressing first off the view that the actual ideas hatched that so we're journalist why there was a problem with the DNC taking credit for the duck .has to be a Americans United for change in is it to do over quickly some problem 20 Donna Brazile and you can ... so partisan 0 rated better creek March that's why because Hey yeah New York New York range okay so just exchange markets US to sit yet we we rejoin watched as dar because Hillary Clinton British sure she really what the star figure out your doings should or spark so would growers doxa water and no Berkeley truck taxes in an ABC there Sir dozing or crazy because they thought our racial slogan was Donald ducks his tax return losing sectors there is an urgent trademark sigh but anyway Donna Brazile here you know there are connection with it she market suit got sucked so we switched the ownership of the dark to marginalize change which ... in our science sick truck ducks would sing search returns and Eric Marshall on August 18 the wallstreet journal wrote the Donald duck's was the creation of the Democratic National Committee then on September 8 the journal reported that the DNC cut ties with the doc quote the DNC is no longer associated with the duck Americans United for change is now managing the doc a consultant for the liberal activist group told the Wall Street journal unquote but behind the scenes the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign was still running the show breaking federal campaign coordination laws yeah and so if you like campaign home so I can still see that they had something you want ads like groups why are you taking credit there is shoes there is like it's a whole story about intra party Paul no but it we just have to be careful about he sends Tom but there Richard said go on ... we were in full even expected there to be violence following the duck and it sounded like they wanted it to happen yeah you know classic doctor have these pure magnesium some was around sure it really is so relieved referring you know people with them to protect I think this is going to get sort of Sumner somewhere sure some results in reduced it really is how often are it may have been the yeah has been is there in North call him on it tends not not that the dock itself because that's the only reaction to all I okay because it was about the signs but supporters say going places what am I got poison for under the more I mean president last week he got fired Robert creamer resigned from Clinton campaign activities it was after Watergate Congress passed the campaign coordination law to prove a violation 3 prongs are required payment by someone else other than the candidate for election activity conduct a campaign being materially involved in shaping communications by third party groups and content running electoral advocacy close to an election payment is complicated but just the fact that Fauvel a paid employee of Americans United for change was the duck at some events constitutes payment by a UFC conduct based on their own admission the campaign creamer their agent and a U. F. C. coordinated the duck activities and finally content Donald duck's is undeniably political content directed against one candidate for the sole purpose of helping another the connection between crema president Obama and Hillary Clinton is undeniable as are the campaign law violations if it looks like a duck if it talks like a duck and it walks like a duck it's probably a duck they broke the law last week Hillary denied her connection creamer in a UFC America it's time you demand she tell the truth and stay tuned because this morning come //
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Top Clinton Strategist Discusses Project Veritas Action Videos With George Stephanopoulos
\\well thank you for coming in this morning just heard whatever trump had to say and I want to show a video of it we did it that gets into what he was talking about this this charges of inciting violence testing and you do these actions you will be attacked that's so that's part of the process and get out listening the reaction to it the security team every crack and his supporters this is pretty shocking stuff now another man questions about these Okie videos in the past about the editing impressions of all keep it yet yet but both those operatives who were in these videos have now reside and they did receive money from the DNC they were subcontractors isn't this exactly the kind of behavior Jurgen complaining about well it's it's it's a video somebody who has a track record of doctoring videos these people have resigned whether they were talking to him on camera when there's some snippet that it's been manipulated and taken out of context I don't know that for the first time I've seen the video George but what's been going on throughout this campaign in Donald trump's own words we have video of Donald Trump saying punch him in the mouth I want him carried out on a stretcher I mean this is a candidate running for president of the United States so if the Republicans and Donald Trump or Eric trump want to talk about genes of teeth instead of the words of the nominee of the Republican Party I think it's showing a sign of desperation here in the last week so what are you confident you don't have other operatives out there doing exactly this I'm pretty confident I mean I I think as I said we're talking about a guy who has a track record of doctoring videos these people resigned ... as you said ... and if this was happening day in and day out //
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Anderson Cooper Calls Project Veritas Action Videos "Damning"
\\a different video emerging of a group of pro Clinton political operatives talking about stirring up trouble and provoking violence a trump rallies video comes from project veritas brain check James o'keefe who's got a lesson stellar reputation for accuracy however some of the things I hear on the tape or certainly hard to ignore enough for learning for one person be fired so far another to resign a lot of questions being asked about the recording scene investigative correspondent for Griffin tonight has the story the undercover videos produced by discredited conservative activists James o'keefe and suggest it was democratic operatives hired political activists I'm looking coordinate see to instigate violence and insight reactions at trump relics and in one of the undercover videos Scott fulfill a subcontractor for a DNC hired firm called democracy partners supposedly explains just how he does this crap okay Craigslist we'll come always a I have people it is not it's a matter of shelling out so once you get into the rally enough time here and a tee shirt satin or you know chuckles and not see you know the you get you can message to draw them out button and drop them to punch here according to the cover videos it was this man the Democratic National Committee turn to to organize the work Bob Kramer is the husband of Illinois congresswoman Jan Schakowsky as part of a group called democracy partners and he too was caught on undercover video here explaining how he was hired by the Democratic National Committee to stage counter demonstrations and press conferences where ever the trump campaign showed up I am it's really really bench okay we'll hold him Corsica both consultants and you from different parties and it hurt very of reticent people if anything ... take into account my rules yeah but it is to manage all at Kramer stepped down from the campaign today announced his subcontractors got full was no longer working for is firm both the DNC and and pain deny any coordinate with anything involving the of violence Kramer himself told CNN as former contractors were committing bar room talks existing none of what is being described by full never actually happened in a statement Cramer writes we regret the unprofessional and careless hypothetical conversations that were captured on hidden cameras of a regional contractor for our firm he is no longer working with us the Clinton campaign response while project veritas as been known to offer misleading video out of context some of the language and tactics referenced in the video are troubling even as a theory or a proposal never executed we support the democratic national committee's appropriate action addressing this matter and look forward to continue waging a campaign of ideas worthy of our democratic process James okay as a convicted criminal they add with a history of doctoring video to advance is the ideological agenda there Andrew Griffin joins us now so what's the DNC doing about this first they put out a statement saying Anderson there's no evidence that anything described on these tapes actually took place they agree with Bob Kramer's decision to step away in separate from any work on the Clinton campaign but they're also going to investigate they say James o'keefe to find out if he did anything illegal in and your I. gathering these tapes we also did just get a statement and from democracy partners that say a group of ... partnership basically that works on democratic campaigns they said that we were breached and betrayed ... but still standing and we condemn sees me here violence and election tampering in all forms so that's where it stands tonight alright driven through thanks you can bet the panel's got plenty to say about this Clinton supporter and former Obama senior advisor van Jones is with this Clinton supporter and democratic strategist Maria Cardona chief political analyst lawyer forger some supporters Jeffrey Lorton scouting elf use in our political director David Challoner gore Abby deal is this and it's really looks damning on the tape it it does look damning and we don't know how big a deal it is it's just more time garbage in what's been a very ugly and we don't know this was locker room talk a kind of phrase to use a phrase ... for ... whether there's any sort of I mean though ironic that they were using the term right ballroom yeah right rendez condemn Donald trump's our you know sing rock exactly up with we don't know how this video was gone we don't know how it was edited going there and there is so many unanswered questions to this story so you need to start peeling the layers of the onion here ... but I will say though you know on the face of it you see the story ... it first appears in bright part it confirms an existing negative narrative if you are so disposed to believe that the Clinton campaign is dishonest etcetera etcetera if it will do that I think however this is a story that needs a lot more are reporting on it and that the tape is is quite disturbing honestly Jeffrey me as a drum supporter you hear these people talking about you know I'm not a surprising people on and I were many violent yeah I'm I'm not surprising Lisa is meant that I said some version of this months months ago without knowing about this and said this is what the American left historically does they do things like this Chicago riots in 1968 were based with these kind of provocation had entered the bipartisan about it for a moment the first thing I thought when I heard this was Nixon's plumbers ... who who were out there breaking the law deliberately dad burglarizing Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office in this kind of thing mean this is not except in North America subjects I mean this is totally unacceptable of and here we are that Maria that it you're right it is not acceptable at all which is why I'm glad that the DNC and the Hillary for America campaign came out and said as much I do think we have to underscore though the fact that James o'keefe has 0 credibility in this area he's the one who had who did the doctor videos of Planned Parenthood which were completely false he's a condemned he's a he's a criminal right and so I think Clinton yes I have we have to look into it and to make sure that you know none of this actually happened the DNC says none of what actually happened then in fact this this group and this guy was not working for the day and so that way I think to say to the government about or am I mean so you yes you think they are committed ... I guess I can think of a criminal he isn't he well and if he was convicted of a crime I don't know that one brand suffers not criminal for the rest their life based on one exam what he meant that's true but then I think we have to continue to look at it and see what's going on with that they're 2 different things here ... one is the ... simplify a confession from creamer that they're guessing people to the rally to stir up trouble ... that's not a legal ... it's on it's it's distasteful ... but you can come to live with that the other though is horrific in la the other is a conspiracy to really get election ... now I would take that much more seriously if it didn't come from Pinocchio I mean the guy look I guess that means I don't like your call people provide other don't that's don't trust plane arriving here in Las Vegas Iraq if the debate tomorrow that I would take a lot more good again all so so who's your from I think that the fact that come from hokey a good reason to withhold judgment you get the we will withhold that because this guy literally is Mr Pinocchio he's easy it as if there's a more I let's try in America both on who it is ... if any of this is you //
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Al Sharpton Tries To Discredit Project Veritas Action Videos
\\are so they went over so well are enthralled accept the outcome of the election she will win election and as long everybody knows there's when will you said as long as some of your legs as long as there's no instances there are similar to the Clintons pain for violence a trump rallies losers no instances of rigging the Atlantans painful violence a trunk road now know right from project very because we know we know that that's what someone alleged would we can lakes not at all and have a very tough video from the German who's been in the White House over 340 times part of a Democrat machine has been now fired and he was inciting violence or your job at all carefully edited video I wouldn't use it as a good distraction is another user Canada's quite doesn't //
"2016-10-24 12:14:20"
George Stephanopoulos and Eric Trump Discuss Project Veritas Action Videos
\\the DNC has an operative on a hidden camera that comes out ranking about how the incited violence cited violence the Chicago rally a rally that top police officers punch a rally that got people hurt and no one even talks about it I mean you see these disgusting tactics used by the DNC as a civilian I'm totally shocked by them you know the dirty tricks the things that will come out the things that the lord constraint would use any evidence that it leads our bodies unlike well listen you see that you see the hidden videos pretty bad stuff when when they're talking about going out with a talking about these other education paying people to commit but what voter fraud pain people to go in sight fights at at rallies which get people hurt I I think you see their true colors //
"2016-10-22 18:22:33"
Donald Trump Calls for Legal Action Against Project Veritas Action Targets
\\it is just been learned on video that the violent protests at some of my rallies like in Chicago where police and others were seriously hurt you saw that blood pouring down their face what caused by paid paid DNC and Clinton campaign operatives now we didn't know this we didn't know this is just came out 2 days ago on tape we didn't know this we were amazed at the level of violence these were paid operatives paid by the DNC and probably the Clinton campaign this is a criminal act policemen were badly hurt and so were many others and these people should be prosecuted but but because of the rate system they probably won't be just like we found out about these paid violent protesters it was probably the DNC and the Clinton campaign that put forward these liars with their fabricated stories but we'll find out about their involvement at a later date through litigation and I look so forward //
"2016-10-21 22:08:08"
Hillary Clinton Ends Press Conference After She is Asked About Project Veritas Action Videos
\\Democrats are you worried about how violent storms supposed if they're found you know I know nothing about this I'm not you know I I can't deal with everyone of his conspiracy theories but I hope you all have something to eat and something to drink on the way back //
"2016-10-21 21:47:59"
Project Veritas Action Confronts Voces Milwaukee
\\that ... stop overseas markets here you know it's not as Bucks for different Scott for both yeah couple on I mean better or Cesar Vargas mental note do you need to get the idea talk the talk to them I'm I'm just curious ... sky is ... he's got a really interesting relationship with the ... Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC I know you know anything about that we have ... we have information that says that you know he is he's working with priorities USA as a liaison between them in the Hillary Clinton campaign I to videotape plus you could stop that and do you know what about Cesar Vargas you know when you do not know what has ... there's I have is there anything that ... Caesar mark as I like to have we ever information that he's when firing with 2 people in New York City how do you don't have her he's been conspiring with 2 people in New York City to can alter fraud by by busing outside I'm no globalizing illegal aliens your only son here take sure we get our hair with high we're out here so Scott both Scott it's not vocal and the there are guys that were not available I'm getting a check Val Rahmani nter as you can see like we are on our way here then we I just had the ... just walked in the boss is here asked about Scott bulbul as well as Caesar mark as and there information regarding voter fraud it's even sending people to incite violence a truck rallies so Scott Vogel has not been set were unable to make global bush or Cesar Varga has bush bush //
"2016-10-21 21:46:25"
Donald Trump Mentions Project Veritas Action Videos at Third Presidential Debate
\\and I think it's our campaign because what I saw what they did which is a criminal act by the way where they're telling people to go out and start fistfights and start violence until you are in particular in Chicago people were hurt and people could have been killed in that Ryan and that was now all on tape started by her where he incites violence where he applauds people who are pushing and pulling and punching at his rallies that if not who America is and I hope that as we move in the last weeks of this campaign more and more people will understand what's at stake in this election it really does come down to what kind of country we are going to have also said when she talks about violence at my rallies and she because the violence but like tape //
"2016-10-21 21:41:23"
Donald Trump Praises Project Veritas Action at Rally
\\choose that came up last night was the fact that the Clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt violently our rallies and you inside absolute total Bedlam so so and you know I've had occasions where we had rallies show credibly violence as it's going on over these 8 P. by the Clinton campaign and it just came out and I give a lot of credit to the people that brought this out believe this is criminal behavior that violated said trees of tradition of peaceful democratic elections a campaign like Clinton's that will incite violence is truly a campaign that will do anything to win and the candidate like drug give Hillary Clinton who will lie to Congress lie to the FBI destroyed 33000 emails put her office up for sale and put our confidence bill information in the reach of our enemies is a CAD today who is truly capable of anything yeah including voter fraud //
"2016-10-21 21:23:27"
Donna Brazile Attacks James O'Keefe on Megyn Kelly's Show
\\join me now Donna Brazile chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee got I think you very much for being here so that a lot of people involved in that campaign to incite violence at the truck rallies and make it you know look like trump supporters were violent when in fact they had been provoked by these folks looking for a fight say that this was in direct coordination with Hillary Clinton's campaign with the DNC got bobo the guy caught on tape was not been fired said that's how it worked the Hillary can't pays the DNC the DNC pays democracy partners are group who paid the boat pull the group and that the group that put that quote execute the expletive on the ground nigella that that contract of Perth the ball that contract based on mon dollar job became care own on July 28 of the contract is ... that is ... allegedly ... be referred to was not the time until Lugdunum 26 day and I think all that evidence is out there look when you have a convicted criminal ... sneaking around your office with the imposters dead try to ... now you're referring it but nothing really had it Margarete part no law armor armor I'm referring to Mr dole came up and management that he is.the some video that he'd done before but again going back to the so called contract that you you mention of Bob's contract though according to the records that I was able to pull at the DNC ... go was knocked out side until June of 26 days I'll create our is just not just a good earlier that that's fine just let me know even lower but I what color are your little dog now how you look on the right man to head up the forgive me if I just want to get the viewers up to speed up the fallen is like you know I have okay Bob creamer was the head of divine the partners this is one of the groups he'd not been fired he this is one of the groups that committed these acts he's the man who was at the White House 342 times and met personally according to the records with president Obama in some fashion over 40 times he's now been dismissed but he's the one saying that there was coordination with the DNC and this is obviously a very well connected man he too is a convicted felon convicted for brought this is obviously not an honest person and yet you are working very closely with him the DNC well again Bob Bob Kramer and I I was I went back to the DNC the other day ... when this came up after we learned that we had ... ... trance Paso a convicted criminal ... sneaking around our office posing as an answer ... and I've I asked for the ... record so far mobilized could include do allow Baden this with Bob Bob go a contract would go mobilized his group was signed in and in June to help us win build and rallies across the country mean and democratic rally ... so what Mr trump risk was referring to and I'm sure you it'll be that you'll see the results ... that was something that happened months ago and I don't I I have no evidence and no knowledge of that Mr Graham looked up the side because he did not want to be added to the kind of distraction that he is even at this point I had ideas but I just witnessed the third debate I want all 3 debates that are going to the fantastic job I thought he was not only our own the mark in terms of the substance I am talking about real solutions for the middle class but Donald Trump an opportunity tonight ... could could tell the American people that he would not allow any foreign government to undermine our democratic process and rather than take deposition down from basically says in a democracy where the voters to decide he alone will make a decision whether or not he will accept the results it's pathetic controversial now what we did doesn't it the depth of that I feel very strongly about you you don't strongly about an impact to walk into our office ... trying to get ... staff people to do equity line then come up with this video until they're done about the the right of everyone just being there Kelly and I want I want to hear it every American has the right to vote on election day let's be clear I said nothing about my feelings this is about a controversy that erupted to the point where I wasn't the one who fired the 2 steppers the Democrats fired these used episodically they believe them rotated out to the cloud whether the tape wake up at night I finished whether the tape was obtained improperly or not but but no one so far has come out to challenge the legitimacy of these particular tapes put out by James o'keefe who brought up there at all devote absolutely so you don't do it you know tapes are are falsified a little kid enjoyed falsifying records we did with MP argues yeah but what about yourself but look at what Kelly catch you were at a presidential debate ... and Donald Trump made several ridiculous claims than I and I and I do admit I hit don't try harder database with those right now Bajan aptly basketball and I'm just telling you he tried to score on misinformation //
"2016-10-21 20:44:08"
White House Responds to Project Veritas Action Videos
\\so ... the ... project veritas videos that have been no making the rounds of late out as well 70 reaction to the dismissal of the severance of 2 veteran democratic operatives after the release of the latest project veritas videos in particular are drawing attention to our Robert Kramer a convicted felon who visited the White House according to reports 342 times also met personally with the president some 47 times the most recent occasion in June of the well I've been asked about term videos that have come from this outlet ... in the past and each time I've tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value ... not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package is sold because despite what the name might suggest the videos have not often reveal the truth you know so people that were sort of shut down form walked away based on the release of these yeah and so ... and that is true and so that's why I'm reluctant to comment directly on the videos themselves I think there is a principle though but I will give voice to which is I know that there was the suggestion I and some of these reports that it might be a clever organizing tactic or a clever political tactic to try to incite violence of political rallies ... that set that is entirely inconsistent with ... the president's view about the community organizing and waging a vigorous campaign that we should attempt ... and we should have so much confidence in the power ... of our persuasion and in our arguments ... that ... we should have to resort to violence in fact it is completely inappropriate I to resort to violence to advance a political and ... that's a that's what this principle at the present strongly believes Craig was concerned with all those visits here to the White House in particular I'm I'm wondering is that a reflection of the ethical standards of the Obama White House that a guy like that ... who at least according to the video's admittedly out these videos are some dispute in some circles seems to be suggesting voter fraud a person who is a convicted felon and often frequent visitor here at the White House it is a reflection someone argued on the standards of this White House that that's the type of person that here with that sort of pregnancy and I and I think at this point I would urge extreme caution and drawn conclusions about anybody's character based on a few hours of us have a look at this video because time and time and time again information that is released by this information by this ... organization ... is ... a lot different than initial reports indicate because //
"2016-10-21 20:42:59"
Bob Woodward and Bill O'Reilly Discuss Project Veritas Action Videos
\\her though so I think it does bring in Bob Woodward from Washington so what's your reaction to the project very tough situation they scanned well nothing what and well the evidence look shaky at this point ... but give me a strange things happened Watergate now Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky of the server for the secretary of state for 4 years ... Oliver email so you gotta look at it duh it the post we have a reporter looking at it but you've you see the snippets of conversation ... giggly cameras ... in it's not clear not borrow Zen and it and as I pointed out we first reported this last night there 40 hours 40 hours of tape so you're right but I don't I wouldn't say the evidence you shaking because the guy had a lead the Clinton campaign today I mean that tells me that this is fairly big and then you saw the defensive ... the White House spokesman now defense and he was well anyway wasn't overly defensive I didn't think and you know we'll see in people will look at this ... is our former editor at the post Ben Bradley said the truth emerges sometimes it takes weeks or even years //
"2016-10-21 19:40:05"
Shirley Teter Changes Her Story After Release of Project Veritas Action Videos
\\nnova after that late into the evening turned out to be so the term bird dogging people in the line at the front which means they have to get there at 6:00 in the morning isn't getting the funds a rally so that when John comes down the rope line they're the ones asking the question in front of reporters is there a preflight but all that kind of operation start people 2 weeks ahead time and train them how to ask right yeah determined to burn down any stuffed in his strengths and he turned around and just call //
"2016-10-20 22:18:50"
Sean Hannity Interviews James O'Keefe and Donald Trump Jr.
\\let me ask you this president is important we had 2 tapes now come out ... I just saw James a creek keeping the crowd here for a moment ago we had to take him out one shows that money coming directly from the Clinton campaign funneled through the DNC funneled through democracy whatever right into the hands of agitators fomenting violence going back as far as Chicago against your father and a huge mass of voter fraud scheme that they put in the works this to me is really hasn't even resonated with the American people and now it has and has to get out there I mean and that's part of what he was talking about today okay it will accept a fair result but we're not gonna accept them when they say we've been doing this for 50 years we've been Boston we don't play by the rules the rules only apply to conservatives apparently or maybe we're the only ones of the morals to be able to actually comply by them if this just coming up this isn't pretend this is undercover videos games okay fret over there that did a video he did a great job and I think it was his doing the American people great service by highlighting this because everyone thinks though the system so it is no way they would do this he's seen it at the height of could you imagine that been the White House 350 times doing this hasn't met with the present 47 times end and they're saying all this never happened to me yesterday Obama saying this never happens talk to someone it happened a couple hours later little magic if your father was on tape funding the fomenting of violence could you imagine who's your father or operatives within your father's campaign talking about a massive voter fraud scheme shown they would run out of the country and that's the problem the double standard that exists between the liberals and the conservatives is disgusting and it has to be highlighted so I think Jim did a great job of being able to highlight that's illegal show the American people and everyone should go look at projects are doesn't see what happened because if you look at it as an American and I don't hear which side of the spectrum on your on but if you look at it as an American as a human right and you're not totally disgusted there's something wrong with the law //
"2016-10-19 18:38:55"
DNC Schemes to Bully Women at Trump Rally
\\uhhuh so I'm basically deputy Rabbitte response director for the day and see for all things trump on the ground protest but they shot all of that was us what's more him than he'd done none of this goes to come back to us because we want it coming from people we don't want it come from the party I mean I know things that like make it tax I think of like I like I was a bit while men old or older women but like attacking a truck prolly like things like that really show a kind of a PMR so we get people behind trust when he's at a rally we make sure it's women and our and their and their position that's mad one images of the man holding the women who were trying to hold that's what I'm going to that is what that do you think that do it there have to shell out 7:00 hours at a time the early so I pretended the truck supporters to like it sat behind let's hold up those signs that we have implemented pockets that is the head WNED //
"2016-10-18 17:45:02"
Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud
\\and you know often non non existence now has a so however other people can make things happen you know //
"2016-10-17 20:32:50"
James O'Keefe Demands The Corporate Media to Report Veritas
\\hi I'm James o'keefe here it's now 330 eastern time the story's been live for since noon this is the inciting violence Hillary Clinton staffers working with the DNC to incite violence a truck rallies this this video has taken off on social media it's actually according to the other is a bright part most heavily trafficked story that ever had and hasn't been done drugs yet we're going tweets 52 weeks a second on my timeline here ... it's blown up in the grass roots but let me tell you something ... some sources told me that media corporations are blacklisting the story because they're publicly traded companies and they're afraid of being retaliated investigated by Hillary Clinton pardoned justice so here's what I need you to do I need you tweak this video this this since this DNC in Hillary Clinton citing violence the eyes you tweeted at the bankers at places like fox news which is one of the corporations ... threadbare making Callie ... bill Reilly ... Sean Hannity tweet this video out them with the hashtag veritas or bird dogging and let's get these organizations these media companies to overcome their fear and report the truth because this is big this is probably the biggest thing we've ever done we have another one coming tomorrow and we need a ground swell of people to break their damn and to push the water over the dam this is important please put these people with hashtag veritas for docking thank you //
"2016-10-17 15:57:17"
Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies
\\yeah matter what legal saying what we need to wait longer Hillary like is aware of the work that you guys do I hope get things fully and then they tell Hillary of what's going on well yeah I'm not suggesting we wait around we didn't start this right away okay everyone okay call this conflict the Dayton vannatter Rinfret in in the line well he was starting energy one to gauge a dark ... dealings Hillary Clinton a culmination the year long investigation infiltrating the machine from the bottom all the way to the White House there are concerns this election will be ready what you're about to see make you uncomfortable an angry it's graphic uncensored and disturbing our attorney said there is strong evidence of criminality and this it's just part one we and they're talking so I'm basically that and in response grander for all the extra hologram nobody's really supposed to know about yeah we have mentally ill people check make no mistake Cesar Vargas I got wasted lie on camera all where no matter what what we need to witness so Bob this ruling president and talk to them separately and they are all in including get 25 grand they're all there is a narrative Porter's on grounds violent dangerous beat up protesters who don't agree with but our undercover investigation the Hillary Clinton Democratic Party machine reveals a very different story if you'll bear any protest and you do these actions you will be attacked that's also so that's part of the process and get out what was the name the reaction that it we know that trans people bug out security team that freak that and his supporters will lose their shit this is Scott full use the national field director for Americans United for change he used to work for people for the American way an organization funded by George Soros he also has his own company called the full group he's one of the dark operatives for the Clinton campaign hi I mean it's a they had a special events for the PNC I thought that's a political pasting its demands placed on partners tonight partners holders of public group goes to execute shit on partners private political consulting deep ties to Hillary Clinton Barack Obama's White House the Democratic National Committee we are the primary mechanism as a team democracy partners is the US this try answer okay we hold him across the country does book consultants and you from they're great curry Gregory address a painting ... and ... my rules campaign is to manage all I Bob creamer is democracy partners he is the husband of Jan Schakowsky a democratic congressman from Chicago and in 2005 he pled guilty to tax violations and bank fraud he was convicted and sentenced to 5 months in prison and 11 months of house arrest he found a democracy partners in 2011 just through orientation ... democracy partners is kind of a group practice those ready consultants that Saddam especially why write different kinds of I work on rainn now log this investigation is revealed compelling evidence of a dark money conspiracy a violation of federal campaign coordination laws between Hillary Clinton's campaign priorities USA Hillary super pac and the Democratic National Committee we have a clip deliverables that we have to deliver everyday I grew up with a plan to build all these projects AFC all right paper soon which is the alliance for ... right retired Americans CIO one of them partners to stop depends on and then this year the DNC and a campaign and prior right now he's a big part of this too the campaigns and the ensuing cannot priorities again and again to that the people who when the super pacs after each other and even if the weather people are the hubs with the case like so you're kind of like I'm media is between the super pac and the DNC but they get rockets in scenes they can't to each other the units are kind of like with themselves so we're not because I'm sitting so those conversations can be between themselves yes I do whispered as Bob is the primary there numb sobbed him but I'm also a primary to a you have seen separately that's why so there's like a Morse code between the DNC and and you guys have been less bad than Texas text conversation it's like is that correct slow it down and I'm going Pony Express so I mean that's not is a business that's because we have watch is making sure there's a double blind the actual campaign actual DNC and what we're doing is a double blind so that they can plausibly denying okay full is creamers dog full and his people train the agitators to go to trump rallies nothing is left to chance put this crap of there is a script a script okay descriptive engagement the crazies by crazy they're starting confrontations in the line right that's very conflict on 2 years in the rally is what's inside the rally down this ticket services when they're outside the rally he harder to get in the media will cover it no matter where in half always around initiating the complex by having the meeting conversation people are naturally psychotic great okay any honestly it is not hard to these assholes it's a matter of shelling out you want to get into the rally in a planned parenthood tee shirt or you know chuckles and not see you know E. you get the message draw them out and drop them to cheers oval boasts at work about so here in one you have a schedule of events we update this are ongoing rolling basis every morning those are only from all the time soon tomorrow for instance we're turning out 500 people international in DC we have to have wherever these events are which means we have to have a central teacher training yet now we have a built in New York with built in and they have a local idea of a group of people in Vegas Colorado well in Minneapolis so I'm this guy is Aaron black he works full time for democracy partners he directs the spontaneous protests that trump and pensive Ben's his real name is actually Aaron mentor we don't know why he uses the name black nobody's really sparse know about me but the Chicago protest when the shuttle that that was us was more him than me but none of this is supposed to come back to us because we want it coming from people we don't want it come from the party separately a protest it's brown DNC protest it's right away pressing to say partisan but I find them there coordinating with other groups on the ground and so the playing field general but they're the ones talking to the cameras that it then it's actually people but if we send out press advisories with DNC on them and and Clinton campaign just doesn't we have to be really careful or I mean he had a week what we don't need a sports show up on paid for people to you that's not gonna happen yeah human run Greek black or bragging about a protest turned extremely violent I love the trump campaign cancel huge rally fights broke out between protesters and jumps reporters into Chicago police officers were injured based on reporting event was not spontaneous we were called the campaign every day global the focuses we met her at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July yeah really this Clinton dark machine is also prepared for the fallout from the violence they foment at the trump rallies another demonstrations prepares for one thing I'm never gonna live simply click on chat at a rally and then not have his doctor bill in his ultimately the whole endeavor is to get negative press of trump and his supporters in local and national media it's something that Bob and I so is what I'm going to bed or whatever just do it that and not have anybody show up but not happen we have to get these guys have been doing their dirty tricks for sometime even before trump won the nomination well I've I probably know your work yeah but what's the a choice where everything grab sign and then did you begins Rothstein yeah when I was a little the guy yeah is my counterpart who works for and that and and that was like like yeah storyboarded to him getting wrapped up really scenario and it so you like when so duration and I we know we run the area around to make sure they're awesome okay yeah member this woman her name is Shirley teeter and your old saw her of COPD according to numerous news stories of the she was Carolina Porter Richard Edea played her story across days what are active she got her after that silly been true men trained to bird to attend bird dogging people in the line at the front which means they have to get there at 6:00 in the mornings in the game the front the rally so that when John comes down the rope line they're the ones asking the question in front of reporters as their preflight all that kind of operation you have to start people 2 weeks ahead time and train them how to ask right to train them to burn down we pay check make no mistake the last 20 years I paid off with your home guys crazy stuff and I've also taken in for dinner and I'm also manner they had a hotel and a shower and put them in a program like I've done that but I mean the reality is a lot of especially in in hiding not for you doesn't matter oh yeah you want their pocket money level when I need to get something done in our software raid the first guy I called was the head of the AFL CIO down on because he won't will what you need I would say I'm I hope you live in that they find that guy and that guy with Bela yeah he'll lose during docking bird dogging it's a word we had not heard until we got into this investigation but when we checked the wikileaks Clinton emails we found references to determine emails to and from the campaign this is a chain were Clinton campaign manager Robby move suggests it might be a tactic to employ to shore up support with Hispanic voters after our report they may also need some help with the people in Iowa and Wisconsin 0 anyway have to be really honest I was is a difficult case because 5050 state anonymously at Pappas Davis right racist I when I came home last night and really just sat because that's not the way I was ready and that's not the Iowa I grew up in you kind of have to accept that's the way it is now New York but that Wisconsin's chances corruption as you can see it's alive and well in our country you're paying for it as we continue to release more videos you must hold the mainstream media to account further investigate what we've uncovered America our war is here we must decide if we're going to save this country or lose it the court Abraham Lincoln America will never be destroyed from the outside if we falter or lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves //
"2016-10-13 23:13:17"
James O'Keefe is Back On Twitter
\\looks like our email campaign and phone calls to the CEO and CEO of Twitter worked because they've identified tweet but need to delete and this make any sense because it's no more harassment than any other to eat or go delete it and see what happens I just went to my Twitter page they said it was locked out and now it's actually asking you to delete the specific tweet give me the option of deleting this ... it says Wyle now this is the guy we call on tape here you said quote you have to grab the ask like twice not get fired it says the staffer this is between I wrote yesterday at 430 there's nothing around school about this but I'm gonna go ahead and delete this and see what happens and now I'm gonna go ahead and hit the delete key accounts unlocked they just unlock me from Twitter you know it works all the things you guys did you guys sent out thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets thousands it we see Jack Dorsey all all the sweets thousands of tweets at Jack's censoring speech violate your mission statement unlock James it keeps account you guys did this you guys put pressure on the CEO of Twitter and you unlock the account so that's what you just saw the one where it said delete this week I was nothing more than a strong man they had to do that because you guys put pressure on you set up thousands and thousands of tweets and they had to come up with a reason so let me back on Twitter so they want me to delete this innocuous tweet but we're back stay tuned //
"2016-10-13 18:14:55"
James O'Keefe on Varney & Co Fox Business
\\like global seriously well well yeah you just witnessed was the New York City board of election a mission fraud voters one polling state into another Seoul here is what the say about the laws New York state Rolex and you know yeah pretty explicit I would say this man on your screens right now is James okay he is pro veritas I want you to take going on here people to a polling very on the inside no vote Wall kid it was that the election low level per angry with how the unwittingly by the way go the me wall to wall of in a written wall to wall on no Rick what is your what can pull up that accordingly which in wire I New York and any idea any on this in New York City or in any near ... Perot the Berlin vote when live now we've done porting of if you're the roles Pete the New York so poor in this Stewart Twitter media you want it those got story time Hillary's can't voter ID there move videos and stroking //
"2016-10-13 12:56:02"
HIDDEN CAM: Russ Feingold Says Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns
\\I alright yeah there is still a public it's like technical the brothers I did so we were intrigued by the comment about executive orders and then we found this email on the wikileaks DNC email treasure trove it's an email from Hillary's press secretary Brian found about the kinds of gun control laws Clinton when an act using executive orders if she were to become president how else you have a lot more now Shoshana down there that she will never get guns like reveling in this country so closely poll should get rid of assault weapons get rid of it bullets amid all that but she needs to Scott I don't know why he became so that everyone you don't one of our journalists went undercover into the Russ Feingold campaign in Madison Wisconsin they need help with the mouth or is it just every crumbles okay could come close process somehow our cover was blown can you tell us if you're working for any one particular not right and answering questions recordings not really answering questions classroom didn't we are gonna okay uncut okay because most great media the final campaign was so proud that they had uncovered the mole they trumpeted their brilliance by going to the media time magazine the Huffington post and others enthusiastically reported the story the Feingold campaign wasn't as brilliant as they thought they were on the very same day they uncovered our undercover journalist we were infiltrating a fundraiser in Silicon Valley with the candidate Russ Feingold himself spilled some beans about possible Hillary strategies to restrict the second amendment I look like a young Elton John or an old Justin Bieber fine gold talks both sides on the gun issue Wisconsin has a lot of hunters who vote not mine but I what I do is I go with the majority of the people to stay with the very concept they leave back overwhelmingly believe there should be back projects for the internet and production interestingly Finegold stance on guns disappointed some of the big west coast donors I spoke with one of the US Congress right now I understand that I understand hunting I think it is nosy something people do why he became a man so that everyone some of us is here I don't mean the merciless list does Hillary's white what else she had only one for now you're never going to get guns totally out it's the second amendment right but you can't get soft spoken lost Nasirabad wouldn't it 51 conduct shopping stay tuned America //
"2016-10-12 13:04:56"
HIDDEN CAM: Clinton Staffer Says I Could “Grab [Her] Ass” and Not Get Fired
\\white I think that that number one hard like that look like if pain is pretty good you know //
"2016-10-05 13:52:53"
UNDERCOVER: O’Keefe Exposes Ted Strickland’s True Positions On Coal and Guns
\\Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland's campaign for Senate is floundering we heard it not from Republicans but from Democrats working for his campaign do things have effort also with a witness is not for according it's not like you're good thank you really they have so much //
"2016-09-16 21:39:00"
James O'Keefe Infiltrates Clinton Campaign As "Dr." James O'Keefe
\\Dr there's a doctor in the house buried there tossing in my practice lies a lot of things in this area Dr James okay yeah but you know I also I'm just very active politics I want to make this country better I believe they had no idea because I thought of you right away and unbelievable I know I'm a doctor right in the nnova supplies our house going really well how is your health we hope so Sirius serious thing hi she is myself he James okay your name Kristinn you're the state director of the American okay organizing organized got it well soon yeah we we can't you know so it's been 0 keep with the maritime really anything all your okay power you know here's hello Peter was your guys to you there's no just here to give this car well okay really copy of someone is in the if you like ... you better believe it yeah so we know the well because the video yes I I should well maybe we'll see if there what would you well you could well I'm here he gave so we are you Israeli politically of those I well you see I stealing lying yeah they will do I live in was a that makes no ... really soon it's all throughout we have hired by her over hello Michael when you're 10 all because I was giving the interview in there with some there are about now it running it's going //
"2016-09-16 16:20:42"
OSU Students Threaten Trump "Supporter", Try to Suppress Free Speech
\\Robert are problem I'm not going to talk a little bit more to get a life who dislikes are from 2013 run sneer yeah I or because I'm an idiot up like it but if you know what what you will be on it now and I don't like it one bit voters who live here P. here legally yeah yeah ergo what I want to know about skies nnsl you don't know who he is I'd like I'm if I was missing I write take his hand grab his hand disco over different but I was firing at like I was gonna put programming across allow go for it I will personally yeah they might know go out let me you're right your hands on learning when people walk in I sort of world you know realistic smokejumper he owns a small one she //
"2016-09-15 12:49:12"
Berkeley Mob Shuts Down Free Speech
\\another one well I've so for future a trip to they're taking away all my that's why Dr along because if you could think where would actually believe that migrants coming from there such a surface level I don't know heroics of the look like they got a fair today I am no someone needs to go what's your name no one of them on well we got excuse me so they've shown our ability to do that I put they will let us get agree with you walruses area you're running it's going it's going to //
"2016-09-13 14:50:28"
UNDERCOVER: College Student Cries Over Trump Drawings and Bricks
\\I don't get it is make America great about we got it we gotta build will make America great again we try to have a sovereign country I got it I got talked //
"2016-09-13 14:10:36"
James O'Keefe "Triggers" Columbia Student Over Trump Chalking
\\I think what he means //
"2016-08-23 16:19:12"
Hillary For Nevada: Still At It Again
\\I don't want down from come come come here come here there's like hundreds and hundreds of people and I just wash it Richard don't trouble not born they all signed up literally sure but that doesn't mean non person we didn't let me see here Donald Trump cross out of the bag you registered people to vote for a Republican and Democrat this was to be nonpartisan you can't put anti Donald Trump self on the back well she's not even though that I think through California just committing voter fraud you know what I don't know that both yeah do whatever whatever you can get away with it just do it yeah yeah it within the law we can we talk about ask for forgiveness not to permit //
"2016-07-29 20:38:49"
James O'Keefe Dancing at the DNC
\\love for the DNC without a break the glass ceiling placing it say's openly which see small you see of course there is no you of course this is what you see love them dancing where Democrats in spite of rob got lost //
"2016-07-28 20:31:43"
O’Keefe Undercover With Outraged Dems at the DNC
\\I James over there meaning that we can't get out people really really his main idea goodbye as Hillary supporter first female president replies why just our first black president our personal presence state your job yeah jaws you know that they were I think that right voter fraud what if any feelings you have about mean at this point what difference does it make get over it his point what difference does it make reshaping L. our first if Hillary is a if you will right decide what you just stole the election saying we're going to come they were saying that we could I get a sense that we're trying to break the glass ceiling the man is not a big deal how something that is great like my yeah but my pleasure because //
"2016-07-27 17:56:44"
John Podesta Gets Hostile With James O'Keefe Over Hidden Cam Footage
\\John is James o'keefe from project Paraty say doing you know that woman in Las Vegas who you met with who said do whatever it takes I don't know that both yeah do whatever whatever evening in Wales and just do it now yeah it within the law we can we talk about ask for forgiveness not for permission as you know you got to get a real job how to get a real job but I have real jobs what happened to her did you leave the country yeah well I'm not it's that way why are you pictured with her in a photograph Christina on that one what she said you don't get lost get lost but what happens where she she broke the law in Nevada and you were with her and you broke the law but he don't remember that ... no I didn't I was cleared all who resigned grace in Louisiana we also got a just get lost I'm not going to get what's coming to keep holding guys accountable