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"2015-12-07 19:07:21"
The Pharaoh Show: France (Part Four)
\\hello everybody this is your us from the Netherlands my channels name is yours truth seeker and ... I have some new songs show us how warrior is out of prison he's been reunited with his family and I'm very happy for that and I'm very happy to give you Disney was does also I less positive sides on that news well talk about that in a second first of all I'm you was released are sometime ago already because so far and I think it's my might do you some money together well that's ... payment that sentence was shortened but ... this might happen again we want you know started the fund and a fun race if it happens again so we can keep them out of jail or get an ounce Jill so that I'm coming to the less positive side now he said he's been taught you to get deprivation of oxygen as solitary confinement and I'm yes Sir is lost quite some white but I hope we can recover and you'll be his own strong self and well I have to say that's ... but can fully understand its decision to lay low with making any videos so we have to you know respect that fact that and for now and maybe forever we will not yet shown on YouTube began its first priority is family I'm them that's 4040 understandable I've done already allots to you know give the world some information and trying to get some people awake so that was it was I would like to bring out the small inside told him today on Scott under the circumstances you doing is all okay he sounded clear and and and ... you Alice we have to talk to him so ... John John is out shows free again relatively of course because you cannot really go out of this house but at least he's back with his family and that's where he belongs AMNH good thing they Germany real good pick there we go so sen a lot well it's boyfriend it was free masons and the US news and yeah in his own the top he said that he would pay me saying I thought yeah right I don't think girl 6 sings probably one of I'm paid so what mango and I saw the hot the whole big yeah I was lonely and I thought was quite yeah okay say say that this how does it all it didn't yeah I yeah I would yeah it's in maybe like see I'll drop I know that table and I immediately after the room but it was always in a building good and they always he was such a learn and I'm going so that yeah so what year is when the one time ... this relation of and my mother became the launch yeah yeah I came in with a soul once my best to so I ... one time me and my mother actually one ... into the main freemasonry room which I the live album anyway I'll fall well I really don't give a shit who went and it was just so it was very there is almost like a little creek surrealist can both and a lot stood me anyway so it takes a ... fully sleep seriously but yeah as the ... old seeing hi which is always watching down as and they Pat painted ceiling in the whole ceiling was paying said to Asia and a big right wounds just to see but yeah we might even us on I am coastline yeah yeah I don't know this is an interest England live her maybe you were lucky is still alive it takes time small though not to break a woman Dana installing a cellular ... very interesting not you I the I ... so this is the name of the museum and ... and the woman they it's called la com boom I call them a 20 pound I'm not sure marriages apparently they ... because there's one back from the sea eh and IT to they fixed it up we got here French pro spot of of the one ... this is the German bunker noise who probably on the beaches here yeah off track American or I don't know don't give it a 44 they remember that one read ... room little brother paratrooper always care I want to marry the role will go you okay ... put I used Angela I doing ghost blog didn't die because Nazi propaganda it says ... you liberate your own prison is if you go work in Germany although thanks you got the key Ovadia of the concentration camps you yourself have the key of the concentration camp go work in Germany yeah I keep my promises same thing and what we see here at a half go especially in the early days of the German Nazis in the thirties and twenties a lot of freemasonry symbols are being used skull and bones at and the fold out pair made Templars flag as the pope is arriving at I don't fit themselves doing freemasonry symbols with his hands as all politicians turn out to die secret politician freemason symbol you handled the Freemasons like Napoleone like Stalin like the rest and watch his facial expressions of Mister Gurian wily slipping his hand in his jacket I mean I'm real many many times you go 5 days a in history Graham not the start date barbarian it in the name change on David with Dan inquiry when that are created by a lot of that had back lit with the demonic worship it is document the war and the cold not with that thing they call it the crap that what hexagram and that's where the word to pastor can happen even felt pain from later when the conflict in the call the demon of the popular person star be drawn on the floor with the demon to arrive in or boy here but that gives you an idea if the most evil line in the occult world you'll see on this is the pupil in the middle and a bit longer you know at the end is like the pharaohs over the Moscato with some black to open now was to visit Los I still have those one my were on as a nation I have it's in Israel on a daily basis those careful the north tower the World Trade Center go hundreds of people gather here at ground 0 to mark the anniversary and what is it the tell you that the anniversary ceremony will also include several moments of marking the times of the hijacked jets rose is on site for well just the the ... at ground 0 with that everywhere there's a logo you know with the with the pyramid on top of it then how to 6 of them there's 9 maybe the non sisters arises le with everyone just like the frogs for a country yeah yeah we will people talk a little too you know about called him ... and it's here you know nature sleeping rough that's divine yeah and don't circumcise himself you know stay intact circus circumcision is like my own songs taking overnight guns because ... conception and ... show now going and to the forest to Karl rove the put on my sandals and this is him from slow next to the Swiss Borda and I like guys why maybe good line ... boots view and ... this is full of both because of the first World War maybe the lines were going to Basel I don't know so there's no verify it's a nice forest nobody ever comes into thinking a I have a feeling this bitch is not natural in a river would make a band you know naturally we'll know a ditch bitch you know like farmers make construction also I think these were the trenches and I and I just let the trees grow for not flower I'm pretty sure these are trained for were trying to because in those days there were no traceable yes whom I just start playing the high cross was even higher from full of they carry a lot of dangerous diseases so I'm pretty sure these were the trenches and about of course walk a fine that's why it made it larger and deeper sometimes a bit like this no frog try to persevere take off my shoes and ... it's not a you know take another one right relief goods from somebody broke with some Arab city it's absolute zoo over were we waiting for the coach to Missouri to search the car come with the dog so I just got in Strasbourg moreover the I hope we will work out why in Strasbourg I don't know love cages it all over this is of course the ... this is the hour of my no doubt this alliance eyes this so that means eyes this fish was arises they train they claimed the lawyer on the line in math that's why this the baby little Horace in those just gonna be a garden of obeying to oz's this is why the Omaha beach on 666 all these people had to die now before my eyes were like ally MC who ... it's all over sure caution this is Phil Strausberg I was totally in the moment when there's hold ulceration houses right the do I today is ... my the end of this World War 7 years ago so it's a Switzerland is not a holiday because ... one sad thing the second World War and the because I had to stop making money lots of money ... this is all fresh I want to be here today but I'm for couple of hours light you should have put it for her see full color 0 4 elements of the pyramids that value of it even the trees like immobilised and others 2 French thanks by now they might cost suit before my friends always a funny systems you know live fox review grows over everything argument so we got the wheels here you know to go far from alone you know when when the terrain is our because and then they go lower these ones here also we like to turn to go through the month no it's I there's a monument for the the elves I sons who were in the the German army and died moon because these are Swiss you know house us is actually swish so when things were dying okay you know the more that people in the Andes are Russia is in the German uniform now and problems so it was a ceremony did I miss that you know with a hitch hiking everything arsenal but the why you think that with mobile is stupid war stupid you might not see him now stop killing each other and where few have rid of Switzerland the base of all evil where the money is in the Swiss banks and that some players and the enemy within always much stop all these wars we need a good war bends the only within was not left Kelly Shada those who speak different languages have another uniform this is the French flag red white and blue read them wide because like Switzerland for the 2 ... red and White House of ancient Egypt and I'm blue for the blue crown war this is a war faring nation Switzerland the flag burn neutral place the better hats the White House the middle upgrades of but red house theft it's like the USA Britain 3 colors of pharaoh and then you know you wage war from this will happen to you will die and they fill up the pockets and how you know how you around fight war for them German uniform I am not so strong anymore ... in other words blue is the war and red and whites Swiss bank you know where they but they keep the money so you will die that's blue blue for the fifth and they get filthy rich read on what's but and then making large Hollywood film over for the next generations good war is ... good it is to be a heroine see something over the world then the other side is full of pharaonic symbols here 3 rings here eyes is or isn't set goals for the world domination or learn to so why it's been another kebab but my way around I know I know it could be what place already federally twice I don't even have to ask anyone yeah from inside the room hello are you doing I don't like it what they ... with the ... what we're doing with the Kurdish people which have sports I don't like that bad let us prove and learn the hope before no they go the a button from of my nose like I need a new insight that nice group sorrow that Siva works I have to put on the other camera so I just bought my way around their next go go bill bullets the so I'll be knowing the screw to from time no really good people I don't have to ask anything when I come that is like you know your little even off if you're hungry just going with the food you know I had maybe it's how the kebab maybe it's a chips or French fries read ... was another could describe what I talked about the case action yeah well that's that's the food over we ... came immediately like what do you want to drink in our hearts I drink some ... some like Truman said the milk like buttermilk so ... and the old lady the old mother's home with 2 real sweet guy and then the Bolsa I was always spoken so so what I thought of you a couple of days was all like what are you doing are you still around so I take some bread with new and come back when you want to know the so many immigrants in oh for god's where they come from you know like a lot of effort goes you know you know the misery that kind but the ... discouraging all those but don't forget it's not real hospital also a monastery was enormous for noblest in the monastery hello this is the priests of almost so I mean hunter they put him on a street on its and others will have been telling it's all from needs of its immobilised put it on over list and they know it I pharaohs breeze of almost clothing maybe about ... you know it's it's really hard warming as well as the name didn't just fill my stomach but it's so hard boiled ... this and this is why they don't like the other girls because these people are solo solo dream with each other you know they don't let you starve in the streets or know that they they feed you through well you can come back the soldiers and they don't want people to be solidly well but I want people to rests on the neighbors called the police and so ... is what they want so divided and people who listen to ... to isis these ... things fumo could staying they love them and I can see that they respect them and they don't want to play that game I ... well heart warming thank you good cooks follow from Kurdistan I have to go back to a whole Betsy stark unfortunately or switch the stock is it better so you know it's odd piercings loss north ... just go get away people will not allow friendly people will drive the other way and somebody came as I while we order something something stone so Monday they want to have it no no really happy so so you envisage who well I don't think my toothless good yes ... real good but yeah let's let's see so I wanted them to if scores results in our for now it's free dental help you know program all the ways of showing closely no really of the frogs that reminds me of how to avoid the flogging if you want to easier if you know digestive pulling hot water jumps out sooner but if you do ... judges is really go ahead that do it if you prove them warm water how like body temperature a lot of things with are the frog things owns a vision of life you know you go in slowly boiler is slowly make a Hotham I'm until it boils and a fox stays inside because it just slowly slowly slowly and I or anyone yeah country no one 's who've gone through similar I hope it's locally I'm gonna sleep good info Catholic and well they mmhm full service will so in full I'm in this office roller being in Iraq war I okay bye bye have a nice day early because we got done filming don't fill my ... on a secret mission ha ha ha I got to I just got you in the back I just shot you in the bag with my HD camera ... the CBI liba de godly about that only to see how much he Misato Sir cyclical Lucia Israelis are all so it is a bold are going out so far only because I got shit to sizzle more because the us release regular bunker left on political philosophy leg yeah so ... monkeys only done or leisurely like the Swiss cross only this is the real one the Swiss crosses to simplify one where the movie on the pharaohs in their ships and needs others another one more Templars must be the Templars gathering area order that many ships with which I brought the the black slaves into the Americas all time flows within us and for the crusades of course to bring the people over employer has to say simplicity so is the Templars ship that's a Templar ship here's a big template ship many of them or they'll ride these are the pharaohs these are the pharaohs arise I hear before that Kozol's know that the picture another example is Flagler lot of simplicity there there is I've seen already for boats here with simplest lag especially the Brits once a most votes right with his own but it's another Templars broke through Templar's bar just like in the old days the although very much a fleet is the Templars flag one of the boat this though it it's almost like the Swiss flag but still though are the same ones and the Templars were no monks they were the aristocracy and the pharaoh only because they were the second or third song they didn't have a right the consul in the power was out finally my eyes on the bloody boats this is tricky business yeah going to school say but with some clothes are moving we've done that day I think you know mall for a bill will multi course about sure look the suffering in the middle of the ... well so this the Corsican farmer and ... the Freemasons and these ferrosan aristocrats and ... next to Mrs soccer Rosie they ... they just told his land ... and ... you see it's very launch here it's like he's got having olive trees he's making biological oil with it all belongs to him and dune he doesn't even get a sense for who for the land which belongs to him ... they took away his possession and that was sold on the ... on the on the on the public ... okay for public sale or a public ... markets they just ... this own them and took away his land and the guy who bought it very cheaply for €360000 and he doesn't get one 's sense of for the earth all of it is ... aunts and sisters well I have been living here for ... many generations ... all these ... corruption corruption a at the highest level so they just disown them like enough feudal system it is average to crack the gold thing and that he doesn't get a cent user they're probably gonna arrest them on September 10 and take him away as say ... as a criminal this one I don't implement prison for a couple of days and then ... put new locks on his house and and so he conned get back to it is ... to watch him to watch his and it's all because it's it's a magic view on site gone where Mr Sarkozy is living a this is an abandoned base hair while I slept before and here it is ... saw gone and there about about their somewhere is so cozy way lives so I'm here at the land office pool farmer who's going to be extradited from his own land you should have them nice outlook here and ... I they with a very with a lot of trickery they trying to extradite him from his own land where his family has been for hundreds of years Corsicans so you can be done I'm sure that miss Sasakawa Z. and his fair rose and this Freemasons got the little dirty fingers and that no and then they said all the Corsicans also aggressive although they throw them out of their own land and hoping even that those and stupid things so they can move to attack the country down even more some stunning of his land that the farmers land so with soft course miss the Sarkozy wants to have boys for his half breeds Corsican pharaonic sounds like this is how it works so Sarkozy the the French president and a pharaoh so the court can farmer he has this is ... olive mill well he grinds the presses it's the only all of mill where they have cold pressed olive oil and they have this specialities that a Corsican poor Corsican farmers who don't have a mill or pressing instruments for making oil ... so they come here and have their own oil being made by this Corsican farmer with our own name on the bottle or on the kind so the sort of some nice things you know ecological and and what people do among each other is of course the new war do you will toil wants to break this so they have the ... monopoly over big factory well all the oil of all these farmers is makes into one grind and ... sold is nice little things the ... the bids are gone it's only Monsanto no no but things and I and then off to the show the Corsicans was a danger of your own well what do you think of that throw you out of your house and all his 3 little kids the of probably crying wet weather gonna sleep you know so here we see though so the New World order with Sarkozy and this ferrosan Freemasons just standing above all Knowles and terrorizing and stealing the land all over you Corsican pharma the now he sleeps the whole day takes pills he sleeps until noon otherwise it will start the filming him so but it's good I went here we'll have a look you know what's what's really behind the screens its Mr Sarkozy that the problem being here and these sub proprioception so well one day after I've been presidents I go in economics and in business and this place here will be mine well I am the pharaoh everything is mine that one more and more and more still from the people the way it is so here is the poor Corsican guy you see the house is not rich and ... here they saw cozy in the New World order yeah 2 minutes away so this is the place where Sarkozy lived I showed you the house ... he got married here with the Corsican woman who was of course souls our pharaoh sisters arises and ... he even sciences name to slog down into as a R. C. O. as speed Nico not Nicola we'd go suck goes O. sounds very Corsica that the same sort of action that is in Sicily and also I all saw it means ... ... king I'll explain that in the pharaohs so this is why the court you can to losing because they all in fits right by the independent movies Ohlins infiltrated by the pharaohs and the thing that force but found not so this debate so far gone where Mr Sarkozy is as an artist you ask I the house mmhm spacious so this is the house of Mister sock program has the bitch say well pharaohs of annoys best places some in Saigon in Corsica ... until the sun post office on his the post office there is the house of mysticism right here loses his house we got 2 children with opposing been more because Egypt isn't very far for these pharaohs and it's ... just next to this hotel hit this is the night Kazakh who your live well anybody who lines no but listen I spaces accessible now here I hit this is the town with Sarkozy lives or use pharaoh's living with his non speeches on top world domination their image things are gone then pulls it out no the pyramid Sarkozy living there the end of this road the Corsican farmer up there why was the other day looking down saying who has lance Stroud this zone why visit pharaonic massive even under the pyramid song lyrics and the the pool forsaken farmers doesn't know what's happening if you want to go to goes guy you want to go back is like a border check it everywhere in Europe you don't need any more far with except if you go to court I as my body and I no but but today //
"2015-10-31 04:18:54"
CIA Drug Cartel | Ministry - Just One Fix
\\now retired paratrooper CI a man in charge Central America in the early eighties he insists the agency had nothing to do with any drug trafficking or with any well yeah yeah what's the most but has more blood I as the I the the ... local local why right other partners knowledge there code let me know this is quite pope I ... I I Paul the use all I it right the //
"2015-10-20 03:28:54"
Phil Schneider: Deep Underground Military Bases 3/3
\\all this alien thing is fine except for one thing Balian takeover this a serious threat kept totally out of the public view off the surface I'm sure the underground bases without question are being used as form a place to house alien takeover alien takeover remains the implementation a one world government direct opposite of constitutional law direct opposite of freedom of choice freedom of religion no other freedom so they go with it right to bear arms are we going to tolerate what we've heard from ruby ridge are we going to tolerate what we've heard from Waco are we going to tolerate that they ... fertilizer bomb blew 6 sub basement floors and I'm very some about sub basement floors of the World Trade Center IT 9 feet click each with 7 kinds of re bar reinforcement the only weapon capable of doing such destruction a melting the concrete and extruding the re bar in the high beams steel up to 6 feet in length or longer now originally was and melting the ends of it is a nuclear weapon now the people way have in custody as fall guys may have been able to prove its weapons and bombs and kill rabbis in New York but I hate to tell you this they did not have anything to do whatsoever with the World Trade Center bombing the only playing used was a construction nuclear weapon was housed at Mather Air Force base we only play such things are kept then she gently about Mather Air Force base in Oklahoma City Mather Air Force base trucks were saying 2 weeks before Alfa Primera building up blown to pieces strange I don't believe in coincidence they're non sequitur that cannot be proven mathematically it's utter terror so they don't exist however Oklahoma City bombing now fertilizer and a and a ... fuel oil bomb give me a break folks you can blow that one by my ears but I'm not a dumb and neither are you there's anybody in this room we've been lied to in the lies have got to stop and they must stop immediately for public officials cannot tell us the truth then they cease to be public officials and they are automatically guilty of treasonous action should be tried and convicted and if necessary jail Weatherby house arrest her otherwise before they can do any more damage Janet Reno Janet Reno is confirmed lesbian she got out run public TV and said so Janet Reno she did her way through law school its approval John the congressional records also also in question that's arts on the law school that she graduated from the record is not spot was there are thousands there are tens of thousands of fine police women women they could've done an exemplary job in a similar aspect Janet Reno is a murderer of our children and should not be tolerated to live those that murdered children those that abused children those that sexually abused children should not suffer to live CS gas that was poured in on to the Waco complex of Mr Koresh C. S. by the way stands for cesium cesium as an atomic element tonight's a tope it's a radioactive compound it is deadly to people under the age of 10 take one grab their lungs are Sam and they die and 70 2:00 hours or less report that gas continuously for 40 8:00 hours on that compound now I don't believe anybody is that we did that you have to kill them 100 fold over after they're dead this is the mentality of the people now ruling as kings and queens over us and it must stop if we allow another election to go by with the same ilk in the White House we have only ourselves to blame by the young family I have an ex wife and child defense intelligence agency rooms tried to kidnap my broader not too long ago Max why finger working in the state government services when Oregon picked up for 22 handgun shoved it in the in the back of the neck of this one person give me my daughter back if I don't I pull the trigger give the daughter back good choice now the remark that my ex wife had to say to this individual was if I ever see you again in any way shape or form I will kill you bonds you're an abuser of children therefore I suffered the you that you can should not live by the way she threatened a federal agent she should be in jail while abroad nothing like that's happened this people don't want publicity I shot a federal agent stain days ago shot him dead when I was bleeding to death with a shoulder or buried shot make it shot at a retired FBI agent but theoretically and he carries a same same cover it says about covering has a secret service agent Cup protection forever is a cop forever federal crop forever now that doesn't mean a whole lot I made a report went to the FBI you realize that though you know what they said they said things like this happen Mr Schneider we don't either believe you I'm using that as my own I talents or we don't give a damn now things wrong here I'm not reading this right I I defended myself the best for my ability I was hoping I could go through life without doing such a thing and maybe some of you of actually defended your home life in the summer fashions very sad the F. shoot or kill somebody maybe some of you were police officers that had to do the same and I don't know if you ever kill a human being you're never the same as a person who never has killed a human being is with you for the rest of your day well you do at war with the do it murder when you do it in self defense you've taken one of god's holy creation off this planet and there is a void there and I feel that I'm very sorry for that but I had to defend myself otherwise I wouldn't be here my message must continue I'm doing it on my own money and I'll continue to do it as long as it takes as long as I've got to live I get cancer and die the radioactive substance that I got hit with the 1979 late August of 79 so somewhere form of a plastic anemia affects your blood your bones in my book my bones are extremely brutal right now no cure the government never told me about that by the way now some up everything in the start don't be a few questions all answers many as I can for the next bigger however I want to sum up and say everyone of you in this room as a participant then secret things and you're very brave indeed and you should all turn around one another and shake each other's hand say thank you for being here please do that and greet your neighbor now this is the way the world should be there wouldn't be any war but what many strive war of the worlds they could be settled in a peaceful manner and a handshake that's the original American way and I believe that way is still there however remote at present time now I mean some of this talk and mention overview of the alien agenda alien agenda is rowly decimate the planet to take the remaining human subjects as slaves and the aliens would use this planet for their own names number one this cannot be allowed to happen the world takeover plans of the New World order a direct carbon IP blueprint from Adolf Hitler's routine of 1933 to 1938 must not be allowed to happen that includes the name the New World order that was purposely lose folks because most of us have been lazy we have not read our history and I'm talking to you because I'm one of we have not read our history books things have been omitted throw out basically what you've learned I'm not asking you to believe me I'm at new to re educate it's one of your selves and ask the unexpected your public officials of the people around you your teachers I'm not asking a question authority I'm asking you question them we features of this authority is this right there's this log correct won the best statements ever come out of the mouth of any human being was I think by an incredible black man named Martin Luther king said an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere that should be a motto but we live by George Washington said something similar we've said and uninformed populace is a populous and slavery by the way every freedom that we have must be fought for continuously you don't need to pick up a gun to fight for something we need to pick up your mouth need to pick up your brain and read a book need to pick up your mouth and say and when you hear somebody say why believe in gun control and say no I don't believe in gun control because guess what you take away that right what other rights am I going to be missing later on gun control is an attack on your rights if it is allowed to fully comply and go through all of your freedoms will be removed within a 10 year period after a last element of gun control so the attack of any right or the removal of any exit sting right is an attack in the front on everyone of us in this room and should not be tolerated that's that part of the dog the overview is about underground mound faces all of them should be made public in future talks over giving latitudes and longitudes of every single one of these bases now take us about certain food questions and I was going to quite a few of SS going here in this row I I've heard of project are but don't really know that designed to ... electric I the ionosphere and they will be able to Holly undergrad vases there was a I'm a ... ... Air Force ... schedule now a whack my last day of a about a day duration his servers such projects actually was in the Cortez while the initial part of I we're it was about sure fall as well as winding up the atmosphere might do extra question the front row thank you for taking the question my question I'd like to ask is this if we aliens have a 1002 Cubans all these which is but from it's taking question usually they have taken over all its left as of right true does that I'm very complacent of the 31 under the ground military bases basics for them if our freedoms are side the bottom dollar they've are basically won the war for there being an alien space we are an alien space art germs kill them also a dying race they're in far worse condition but they were the worst case of they are in of us to agree yes I heard a man speaking about you have chairman you know Dale you have suffered a are you aware of this scurried headed toward Europe je called never avoid hollow videobull last to on right her it is so so there is serial will that garbage you're right suggested 3 sources straw hat so what yeah it'll be a threat for us right now we will be we are clothes and questions like a rabbit you a late part 3 right we have forces of foreign forces so all of us have alien war going on red China is right now tions are our answer Robinson shooting that the rate of 50 Elise saw miles of them Golia so many there are no one alien engine the agenda of the go my world globalists right now yes they do in the total and then and are you may are Jules the president they ... of this they are they're all aware of the the name of your book and when will it be several several name but basically on real revealed I should now within the weeks of the outside I don't want to say thank you god bless you to ... emphasis Greg is what can we as you you are humanoids were human to its well anyway what can we do what we're doing right the ring I'm going well what can they're really killed someone wants to come we ... a forum well aware what's going well aware that they are kind will going you're right now far go into the alien full fledged of the sort pardon further alea all the world via all orders take this gentleman here only with the alien for full well he was so Leon the pro they were by get a raise drew's shoes yeah we did by great because rather 0 by the aliens counted for Sir so a where they were or where they did right now who lives so these movement but I don't I I I //
"2015-10-13 02:29:21"
Phil Schneider: Deep Underground Military Bases 2/3
\\I killed 2 of them yes there are moral and they do die ... one of them did this sorrow all I remember is that he just kind of waved his hand in front of his chest and the next thing on all this blue beam hit me on this literally opened me up like a fish and they're all burnt burnt my fingers right off of me and there was some form of electrical stores because of a cow like kid being hit by lightning bolt burned all my toenails off the main crispy critter my left foot burnt the shoe right off of me ... all I remember is a smoking romance and I'm weighing almost I'm still conscious but didn't remember much than ours on a green beret that was right behind me risk his life like he died the risk is life you show me back in the bass and hit the button then took me up I would be alive talking the other day Reverend it's life 6 secret service agent ray's wife graves troops lost their lives are you states and tell us anything the alien there Anna death talking going on since that time late August of 19 17 our military the rush Scully the militaries of collect with the outer space aliens we have a small grade or gray the reptilians the whole thing ... Levin ... Levin this grace's or been able I had to leave here in a hurry because their world ... attack both on the surface roll underground there to play the show some of you are from with that what some of your is your hand I have heard of Billy Meier of the area very good about half the group as one these lucky people as they figure out down the simple Diebold shown everything well the and that one aliens and they've been here helping have a picture of one of the aliens been working for United States Pentagon Croats 58 years listening this valve valve valium for is right here as my father in the background missile place the ready room of the USS Eldridge LBO ago has probably explain or maybe one shown in this picture is a list of the some of the notable people and after all it's Tomek bomb scientists of the day Aldeia time variant ... experimental us of the day all what job was of that particular day this isn't right this was in August of 1943 now this guy has not changed one iota and 58 year start work became air crash there whatever brothers under duress or not I start work for our U. S. navy and military operations in 19 37 year 37 or 38 it's what I've been told but for 58 years this man's been employed probably under duress you don't do is we say we're just gonna use your for alien bait or something I don't know but anyway he basically doesn't change you is for 490 years of what he says his life spans now do you suppose way of summing but that one using human looking type person he has 6 fingers on 6 toes and he's got one law oversized hard one long giant long ... his blood vessels are bigger he's got copper oxide for blood similar to an octopus ... his brain capacity 300 centimeters greater Norwich has a thinking capacity ... IQ if you pre order measured big totally off the scale we about a 1200 IQ ... bespeaks 100 languages fluently alien a rose others ... isn't it remarkable person I had chance to meet one time now now by the way doesn't shake hands news kind of in a space suit because all aliens regardless benevolent or otherwise they're carrying germs and diseases and bacterium in in on them third deadly to us with our making policy out I'd warned him all because because how do we not know that some of our diseases like aids Ebola by hand to virus when a few of these other weird designer diseases as I call them are not made from the cadavers of some of these aliens as a biological weapon to use against the people of the United States well I'm tired I'm tired Americans speaking out now no I'm telling you is kind of almost like a brain overload here back in 1946 we set off a number actually for atomic bomb tests at a group of violence in the Pacific I have an original photograph here the original language on the photograph it shows there is a large alien space ship off the wing tip organized states aircraft it was a drone aircraft right at the point where the bomb was beginning they show a neutron flash cloud here's the bomb going off here's the airplane chip here and here is the alien spacecraft 1947 after Roswell our military got for the U. S. Senate their hall before the U. S. and is what's going on here we didn't know anything about this until this happened that prop in our backyard don't lie they lied to you S. Senate Sherman prosecuted as traitors game by lying to United States senator house representative any senator house representative person present United States vice president any any cabinet member lying the American public is a traitor and should be dealt with him an appropriate fashion this is actual proof positive that this occurred in 1946 the US military knew all about flying this and flying disc technology as early morally early as 1933 because remember the Germans did to a Nazi Germans Hitler and all and their band bunch of people big gifts to the big question yeah Wallace's been hidden from us here everybody says well where's the proof of that some of the proof plan on the table but a lot of you probably are probably skeptical it's a well I could be anything in my hand here I have a piece of what's called global mind it's the heaviest element in the world element 140 this piece of material ways 15 ounces Serena have times the weight of uranium can not we made we met gamma rays we can not be isotope it is totally stable it is used in all stealth aircraft and all Phoenix class submarines when combined with other alien elements which is impregnable they cannot be melted with charged particle beam weapon one properly combined and secretive compounds they can withstand temperatures in excess of 10000000°F has grown by aliens group given a good the other side of the alien question as some of these aliens are broken off from their main stream and said we're not getting a fair shake one so this is what happens I'm talking about the alien greys so all broken away there talk about not being popular this particular piece of metal it is an amazing piece of technology cable being grown in 15 different crystal systems now I'm a geologist then I prior to 15 or 20 years ago knew of only 6 crystal system no it's actually 15 began only alien metals now this is only element 40 if you look at the local periodic table in your local library of says for some are now line we've been lied to binge what we have to do which we have to literally for the truth if we as for the crew who lets them true we must take it before courts of law I'm in law systems and lets them if we cannot do this our founding fathers told us the only thing left is to overthrow you get the parasites out I don't advocate overthrow but it does look like this may be the only hope for now I'm going to casually mention to you something that's a very scary and they tell you what the alien agenda as and still sound very familiar the alien agenda is a complete takeover of this planet killing off of 5627 eights of the world's population by the year 2029 U. S. military is known about this for 45 years they've told no one as far as I know I'm the only person standing before a crowd talking about the alien it would okay they back in 1954 I give you this quick overview there was agreed in 1954 treaty where Eisenhower and a pack where we unknown alien speak of the time there were 3 at the time and said that we're going to deal in high technology but you can take a few head of cattle and a few new Sam you can expect tons thinkable that stuff straight out of the Nazi death camps and I'm hitting you now it's playing B. S. and it's got to stop now agreed in 1954 treaty would have been violated after after the great fire fight the alien human war I am only live Firebird talking about it worldwide at all only one the other 2 were in nursing homes in Canada and the Canadian government refuses to allow any U. S. people including myself to talk to them because they are afraid of kidnap probably the reason I got shot to pieces and Levin attempts on my life is I am a direct threat Billy entire system the New World order the alien agenda is one and the same it's world takeover and the decimation of the population of this planet come and tell you something a little bit different about the alien species the bad news ones there are 9 races both alien populations the look of a human being is a bag of food they're not candles in on the the flash in the bones and all I can is the they use the glandular secretions of animals and human beings has a mixture of the vitamins for their food they get high off of our adrenal glands substances Robert Greenwald call it's something like a coke came to them now what can we do about it we get right now if we do nothing we can do about it bell continue to go on basically will be let in the and you can I'm more and more people disappear right now as a high 0 children totally unaccountable through FBI archives I traced anywhere they have been been murdered nobody's ever saying and they're all underneath bases and they are so merrily done away with and they are literally that is a scary thing and they some and I'm not asking you to believe me total I am asking you to seriously doing enough homework they can go out improve the public record through the congressional records find out who's voting for what and go from there but we have to do as a group of people concerned people at that this group seems to be but no quite that because we have to assert ourselves in a way that we've never thought possible now I'm not asking you to do what I'm doing I'm telling you what I'm doing it's very important every one of you is equally important you wouldn't be in this room otherwise bell is other people out here that didn't come to lecture they really don't hear I yesterday I heard a fellow says sorry to say I I belong to this military organization that military militant organs I don't believe in the alien I can I there's no proof of it and so I showman artifact moves well it's nice to that could be let well I have no listen let it scratches diamond chartered man there's a sapphire but I found one will mount apart all the sapphire so out them zapper as art and some 9 right now it's a hardness of diamond missing scratches the heck out of it tear apart don't say something this technology is fine and dandy but the risk of the human race is the risk of one human life that is totally worthless we have to the one beautiful thing about the United States of America is we value a new one person's life the minute we lose it we are dead meat it is it is tantamount that we get back to constitutional law Bennett for our officials not to believe in that or a bad first of all for a politician to say while I believe in the U. S. constitution but I believe in gun control they can't be you can't be a master of 2 houses it don't work what you must do is tell at politician your disobeying the constitution of the United States you're sworn to uphold and you are in treason territory think about what you said you have 30 days to make that apology if you do not make that apology you are they treasonous individual then should be prosecuted NMO as a few other things I want to run by you and they're kind of in rapid fire orders area 51 is only one phase one of the 31 bases of these 31 bases I called area 51 a mega bases come on one bass and Tonopah test range very 51 that's too as for groom lake and a host of others now these mega bases are gobbling up our gross national product right now we're spending 28 percent of the gross national product on building underground bases slowly god on count for the defense budget that doesn't count for the spare parts budget then count for any of that tall and the black budget is dead dead wrong it side steps the United States Congress in its constitution of its people one says your bunch of morons you don't need to know all I need to know basis is an executive order written during the Eisenhower era right after the greed at night 54 treaty and his treasonous and we'll legal in this country and should be overturned and abolished no I believe in military preparedness I believe a military seek some extent these are always gonna be spies out there and they're all going to be people that want what you're hunka territory or how ground maybe even a country like that and I will defend these United States states against all foreign powers foreign and domestic //
"2015-10-10 12:54:56"
Phil Schneider: Deep Underground Military Bases 1/3
\\these bases basically large cities on the ground connected by high speed magneto Leviton trillions but have speeds up the month to according to Phil Schneider the black budget is a secret budget that gun is 25 percent of the gross national product of the United States black budget currently consumes trillions of dollars presently there are over one underground military bases some he's on the this is well built using Klay apology Liza drills control 7 miles per day also dedicated nuclear explosions were held to create a large space a lot of contract work in these places but never more than 3 to 4 little ways on the street provision and before entering this they don't want told they see it will cost and then a lot I'm bill Schneider I this mix of seniors in black budget program some government geologists as engineer structural engineer but there is space applications up here I have different artifacts ... Amer alien metals have been produced both on this planet Nick its outer space are now using all self aircraft all stealth aircraft Branson so black jets ... what you're saying no of black helicopters and light ... the coatings on the residues are you does produce I'm way on the the aircraft themselves the air frames and a and rotor blades enough and cases in no special titanium holes all these come in 40 so told ... regarding Mexico place overall goal Mexico unfortunate until author's note the alien part of years I first saw so what was going well gallery Dave hold up in a cave and well great grown down as best they couldn't area of the map calling on Brett we saw bowling for reduced goals are in it's one ... 23 0 every 0 now there are hundreds 31 we have military bases 14 the worldwide average 0 build no no use would cable building one of my our guide really railways all very very both saw records and the rail and we have no Leah's been to Burton's or even more before official do this heard of it there are reason both totally come what do you freedom show you here to kind of look at actual overruled so does give dole Gramm for every where it's old hat though it's for as a floor for a 4 year old come break it form the dripping for the crystal in a reports in the crystalline form this from the large graze now OJ of our quite a by the way this is for for a certain America serial I work with here we have groom lake is where the infamous area 51 as for as to I a base a color test site it was later become based on the states boys over 18 and workers work and 12:00 hours a and a lack most are more in the built out Jerry bases well then at sure Paul was at a base Leah said roughly thrown a quarter keep hollowed out under they have boring machine or they literally vitrified the rock great the rock a laser snow rock the will power the remaining coding the bay so you yeah that's alright all have knowledge is the old hat hello once the rally 38 very few of us this ... nobody I'm breaking the law breaking world as well as federal law coming out even talking about this new group I love my country more than I love my wife 2 weeks ago shot in the shoulder I don't want to gore you women out there are shot in the shoulder up here I would recently I've become friends about our area retired FBI agent the under the wing says I'm never seen a person braver than you and I said well there's more coming our patriot moved in these United States going to pick up the ball and we're going to the parasites out first of all George Washington and Thomas Jefferson a few other founding fathers Patrick Henry dimension of 2 all had visions these United States is going to live 700 years from where they were standing in that was ... somewhere around there there were the late 17 hundreds early 1800 so you can count this country this country isn't going to go to in the world order I believe firmly in constitutional law I'm not very well skilled at Matt's my embarrassment from the robot about it the government that is now in the still and ruling over us a ruling as we're excerpts and they're the kings and queens now that's a feudal system management even at a March we are now being ruled by an autocracy and check another words technical knowledge Jews rules is king with a few dole type system bill systems admin heroes live 350 years and they're coming back like gangbusters if we are complacent if we do not speak out in droves and I'm not just talking about me I'm talking about a bunch of us getting together and getting on the stump and loving our country more and we love our lives getting on some research going to get killed I almost got killed couple weeks ago had been for ... had them for an FBI a retired FBI man to risk his life this career everything put it all on the line and he didn't know me from Adam a week prior to that bye he he read it he listen to one of my tapes I gave up boats falls right over be very blunt about he mentioned he said that we need a lot more of you but unfortunately we're not getting while I'm trying to come up the best speaker in the world but I'm trying to relate to you that we get out and so seriously get a message shows are great despite rich hall should be absolutely Pat the room only and we should be getting the message out to as many people as we can with this man shows us there are is it possibly to reach for many years the public will you get on talk shows we've got to get on we gotta get on new shows TV shows and we have to really get the message out and I think we're doing it but it's it's a little bit slow and then the first part that's that's there's that part of the one I want to say in working with the black projects I was very loyal that was picked because I was very strong mentally there's a bunch of us that were picked because we don't crack under pressure we don't freak under pressure George Strait everyday events don't bother us now I was involved in something very controversial almost totally unbelievable to most of you if you were religious people I think all religions all religions have a time and a place and they definitely have a place in America now another thing I want to reach through you goes that during the unbelievable part I was involved and building a nother bays onto and inside a pulsating in Mexico which is Los Alamos laboratory throw biological laboratory on the southwest part of the archway to mesa ... we built an underground facility better part of 3 cubic miles all down on the ground then to the southwest of that we built we were a bit we're in the process of the early stages of building we drove for large ... tunnel like holds some of them ran 2.5 miles under service ... number the early at that time number of the original on well third are drilling nano machines are radios were or ... about the rate of up 2 miles a day it was fairly rapid the equipment kept coming up broken so we want to go down one send somebody down there human observer our human observers in this case find out what was going on well toward total surprise for Phil government know all about it then Tony by ... what I saw green beret and black beret people in camp inside of our geologists camp I knew something was up the gig was up for so long you all about the alien agenda I'll explain that in a few minutes the large alien graves had been in camp there for as best has believed possible ball for 500 years have been one of their internal bases and we we drill holes right on top of it all the stake in their all black sooty air came right out as soon as one of the first hole was socked in all this so it came up and well that's one at all all hell broke loose really hard started anyway after we drilled all 4 holes about it 2 days ago all forum and when you build a underground days ago for basic calls me build yeah call stove sure crossmember rolls across in the black use blasting equipment especially blasting a grammar by the analysts ation of Iraq formation and you literally blast out or travel out or or the flag rate or melt rocked out to build a large rooms are required for these underground base well in this process I was lowered down the basket of one of these holes and Bob from the service elderly woman here in the front was sitting on a 7 foot tall alien gray the stench was worse than the worst garbage can you can imagine ... the person was out of the industry was absolutely horrible highways anti retro oppose war that sounds engineer I didn't have time to carry all of the old role one of these so machine guns at all received Grammy yellow fruit no all the ... not a parameter in inner perimeter security people carried out Carol Walter PPK pistol with a 9 shot clip this is an odd way dogs of 1979 now he got a regular suit of clothes he got a regular close on cloture in a almost like a space suit environment reaching for a gun it's it's not the easiest thing to do and then the proper equipment and start shooting and I killed 2 of them yes there are moral and they do die //
"2015-08-02 21:55:58"
ISIS: War by Deception (Masonic Connection) Part 2
\\to me to be fair we had helped create the problem are now fighting house because when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan we had this brilliant idea that we were gonna come to Pakistan and create a force of mujahideen equip them with stinger missiles and everything else to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan and we were successful the Soviets left Afghanistan and then we said great goodbye leaving these trained people who were fanatical in Afghanistan and Pakistan leaving them well armed creating a mass frankly that are at the time we didn't really recognize we were just so happy to see the Soviet Union fallen without okay fine we're we're okay now everything's going to be so much better now you look back the people we're fighting today we were supporting in the fight against the Soviets I ... I you I I you no I the I ... and on top of that I am concerned about this report about Syrian rebels in the ceasefire with isis ... senator Daschle not true well shot wondering about whether I don't care about the report I know these people intimately we talk to them all the time but also let me point that if we are going to conduct a conflict the way you are describing Edison I'm afraid that's the case this is reminiscent of Viet nam the gradual escalation that ended up in one of the worst defeats that America has ever suffered let me ask you about what your colleague Graham Paul said about it this morning said it's a mistake to arm them most of the arms we've given the so called moderate rebels have wound up in the hands of ISIS because ISIS simply takes it from them or it is given to them and we mistakenly actually ... end up giving it to some radicals how how look at things literary Allah as rand Paul ever been to Syria has he ever met with my cynicism that runs right because of the Chinese people not annoyed that we're going to I don't want to get in a fight with him at all yeah but it's not true I know these people I'm in contact with them all the time that let me ask the I think I I took the Japanese public just like how your government has made the forest decision to pay 200 minute apart they stunk state you now have 70 2:00 hours to personal government and make him a wise decision by paying the 200000000 to save the lives of your citizens otherwise it's not will become were not meant we may look at the shadows on these 2 guys faces if there's a sign outside there's only one life source of the shadow should be on the same side Snoopy they're not there's obviously different light sources and these people are obviously bad it makes phone they show my goodness the first time one governor time seen in the same U. S. Intel it merely says ISIS and there's no expectation that this time would be different but the tape itself is trying to screw me from outside analysts who believe it was cultured and still in the studio with the background can be changed using called a green screen yeah the I I I for and and you know there and and there are people going around killing people in the name of Islam or the name of another religion because of someone else's religion that very real the whole worldwide Islam go over because of Jim the is what because he got rich and they're fun today I authorize 2 operations in Iraq targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians were trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost certain death may explain the actions we're taking and why first I said in June the terrorist group isel began an advance across Iraq but the United States would be prepared to take targeted military action in Iraq if and when we determined situation required in recent days these terrorists have continued to move across Iraq and a mirrored the city of Arbil more American diplomats and civilians serve at our consulate an American military personnel adviser rocket forces stop the advance on a bill I directed our military to take targeted strikes against isel terrorist convoys should they move toward the city meantime the state vigilant and take action if its terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in Iraq including our consulate in our bill and our embassy in Baghdad we're also providing urgent assistance to Iraqi government and Kurdish forces so they can more effectively wage the fight against ISIS right now I call my friends family loved ones to rise up against my real killers the US government what will happen to me is only a result of their complacency criminality my message to my beloved parents save me some dignity and don't accept any meager compensation for my death from the same people who effectively hit the last nail in my coffin with the recent aerial campaign in Iraq I call my brother John was a member of the U. S. Air Force think about what you're doing think about the lives you destroy including those of your own family I call on you John think about who made the decision to bomb Iraq recently it kills people whoever they may have been thank John who did they really kill and I think about me you are family when they made that decision I died that day John when your colleagues drop that bomb on those people they signed my death certificate I wish I had more time I wish I could have the hope of freedom to see my family once again but that ship has sailed I guess all in all I wish I was an American this is James Wright Foley an American citizen of your country I think government you have been at the forefront of the aggression towards Islamic state yeah put it against the fungal far out of your way to find resistant fin our fears today you'll military airforce is attacked of baby in Iraq no strikes have caused casualties amongst Muslims no no longer fighting an insurgency we are an Islamic bomb and a state that has been accepted by a large number of Muslims worldwide so effectively any aggression to with a stomach state if an aggression towards Muslims from all walks of life have accepted Islamic caliphate as baby to ship so any attempt by you Obama to deny the most since their rights of living in safety on that Islamic caliphate will result in the bloodshed if your people I'm the United States America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people we will be vigilant and we will be relentless when people harm Americans anywhere we do what's necessary to see that justice is done and we act against isel standing alongside others I'm I am Steven Joel Sotloff sure you know exactly who I am by now you know why I am appearing before you and now this time from my message Obama your foreign policy of intervention in Iraq was suppose to be for the preservation of American lives and interests so why is it that I'm having to pay the price of the interference with my life am I not an American citizen you spent billions of US taxpayers dollars and we've lost thousands of our troops and our previous fighting against the Islamic state so where is the American people's interests and reigniting this war from what little I know about foreign policy I remember a time when you cannot win an election without promising to bring our troops back home from Iraq from Afghanistan please close down Guantanamo you are now Obama nearing the end of your term having achieved none of the above this evenly marching us the American people into a blazing fire she I'm Bob Coburn I'm fine I'm back because of you arrogant foreign policy towards Islamic state because of the assistance and continual bombings and on the news a lot on the most of them by all serious warnings you Obama have yet to gain from your actions could just enough of American citizens so just visual missiles continue to strike our people our knife will continue to start the necks of your people but mmhm I she did your organization obtained the video I out we have being wet side have been now researching the jihadis wait on line for over a decade follow their stamps monitor their activities and studied their activities online any time ... kind our ice is becoming more and more something skated and adopt new technology we follow that technology and we study their techniques by doing that we can predict where they might be uploading the videos online after all these behaviors are being disseminated on lying down the line and so they have to go somewhere online for the dissemination ... we looked and found so you look and you found it obviously just heard the state department spokeswoman you know tell me that they have it yet authenticated the video are you certain it is what it claims to be the video shows the beheading of Steven Sotloff ... day location where the video was obtained mom is the location I says usually uploads it though regional VPS to ... do video shows a clear message from isis that follows the same message and that it had before and in fact within a short time after our released I says I count on social media indicated that would then ... short time they will be releasing the V. deal on leave we actually had the deal beforehand and were able to beat them with the release need your police a gathering in front of the harm of Steven Sotloff family Miami and Florida below is the Islamic state militant group releasing a video they say shows the beheading of an American hostage the masked figure in the video also issued a threat against a British hostage Amanda great names as David Haines and wound governments to back off these evil alliance of America against the Islamic state that's according to a monitoring service called summaries or or I but the I well WNED I and for I //
"2015-07-06 21:13:05"
ISIS: War by Deception (Masonic Connection) Part 1
\\nnsl people we are fighting today we funded 20 years ago and we did it because we were locked in this struggle with the Soviet Union they invaded Afghanistan and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and went to work at it was president Reagan in partnership with the Congress ... led by Democrats we said you know what you sound like a pretty good idea let's deal with the I. aside the Pakistani military let's go recruit these mujahideen it's great let's get some to come from Saudi Arabia other places importing their Wahabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union or or 2 now with more my big head moon the moon the house so that you have some hope is a more sidebars I saw yeah so what I heard may not a somewhat did you did you would we're out there and I met him why did that I'm going to be would you agree that to find out maybe ministers I've the other my I'll see him are you is WNED or I intelligence officials in Pakistan say a local commander from the terrorist network Islamic state has admitted to receiving funds transferred via the U. S. who made the confession while being interrogated Pakistani police arrested ISIS commander use of all Salafi and sources told spends a commander confessed to receiving 5 through the United to reply people Syria but Salafi reportedly said he received around $600 for every recruit he sent to Syria and that he was working with the support of an email the paper quotes one source saying the U. S. has been condemning the Islamic state activities but unfortunately has not been able to stop the funding of these organizations which is being routed through the queue Wes so yeah you see the old dark rob bank is 5 to Nazi supporters personal friends of Adolf Hitler and the outdoor club banger was founded even in Switzerland it says the author can rub bank is found sweats alone not the deal with isis Syria Sir John McCain insisting that time confront by such things now senator John McCain joins us good evening Sir getting ... I just what to do about it kill a solo more salt in the wound if we'd also I'm helped finance the free Syrian army the moderates who might not have seen isis it comes so successful in Syria because now Mike metastasis they have rebranded Iraq Hillary Clinton scribed already the meeting in the White House over 2 years ago everyone 32 recommended ... harming a fox news or growing concern that the terror tirade in Iraq soon becoming here the United States the seeds are 9 elevens are being planted all over Iraq and Syria you don't have to believe me this is what they're telling you they're gonna do I am concerned ... and I think I'm all Americans should be concerned I guarantee you this is a problem that we will have to face we're either going to face that New York City a woman a face of fear well that is pretty scary with more on the threat Peter Johnson junior Gensler yeah good morning Steven I think all we have to do is look at the words of colonel Kenneth king who's the former commander camp book a prison in Iraq let's see his experience and that's the fear coming to a city including New York as a result of what they're doing it's important understand who al Baghdadi is he's got a PhD in Islamic studies from Baghdad university he's consumer world most brutal leaders in the world now its nickname is invisible cheek he was detained camp book as you know and then pushed it all kind in 2013 and now we know that there's a $10000000 bounty for his death or capture eerily similar and perceived by many of the al Qaeda and former al Qaeda forces include people in their eyes is as the logical successor to Osama bin laden and a lot of foreign policy experts are saying that the similarities are too eerie into disturbing it turns away that Afghanistan was going the 19 nineties to weigh that Iraq is now proceeding in 2014 we only have to look at the radio address that al Baghdadi gave last January this is disturbing he said our last message is to the Americans soon we will be in direct confrontation and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day so watch for we are with you watching that it's all scared about this and so that's the guy who's running right now if this guy's same guy we prison and now and it has a light Hamlin's released allegedly made a threat time that he left look up then we need to be on the defensive and the offensive to ensure safety and our city continuing shooting you in battle in this war on terror we are also learning more about the leader of this terror gripped by man described the new bin laden care to it turns out he had been in U. S. custody until 2009 when he was then handed over to the Iraqi government part of our troops right down then he was least now he has led this effort to create an Islamic caliphate a nation state ruled by radical Islamic law and dedicated to killing quote non believers spreading its power as far as I can can J. is a former commander of the prison where that man was held until his release in 2000 Ken thank you so much for being here the most stealing violence terror groups seen in recent well Jeff the group's mysteriously die if a man known as Abu Bakar I'll buy he is so elusive that we only have a hello grainy photograph Daddy now commands several 0 man eaters that's very that's a very serious what they say and I agree with you think that we can have all I think it's inevitable he told us he told me in the end the soldiers around me I'll see you in New York that is just chilling this man Abu Bakar online Donnie has his eye on New York and his intentions are evil you guys in New York I steady buildup of stories have a subliminal resonance in other words the subliminal residents functions to trigger the trauma if the other people begin to experience levels of fear the being re traumatize in essence the psychological warfare is using issue to fear there's a fear and usually this fear comes out of a trauma I trauma a dramatic of me any trauma in any traumatizing event media uses the stick to that band me with SMC that's some serious mind control propaganda BR we think about this at one event this traumatizing affect of this event and how that impacted our subconscious mind is truly profound //
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The Pharaoh Show: Switzerland (Part Three)
\\I am reaching honey and the life from children's mother and for our own children pleasure now extremely heavy for all of us in this fun my man is not a criminal person and only because I would never say within such a long time if it the hard way around we would like just to live together as a family because we need but her quarry national curfews Geneva with the great difficulty however looking counterfeit maintaining international it was decided that out by that very ornate old international effort to order the height the normal government by the press results of formation sightings became known as the headquarters of the group to continue what's wrong build a burger who call world government that now controlled I the who's the high security prison that put me into and this is the first time I see it as a Chronos and the bed so that means the aristocracies ruling and that's for these people will never come out Swiss so keep them for ever you know for experiments things are used so the aristocracy they're quite sly this way you know this is so they got a rented more expensive than the most expensive hotel suite what was my cell the second from the from the top I'm not even a criminal refuse it wasn't on the pro political prisoner here the probably looking at my Amy so this is the the current all of the aristocracy wave their ruling they're ruling over a boon the goal of money so this is called the Emmental that was very very the worst type of Swiss you can get through it did I have that I have been having children slaves even our own children until 1999 and they're the ones who live is still living in the caves in Swiss cave dwellers Crono the bed the visits ... 7 Crohn's and ... 10 heads like in ... revelation well let's hear that's what John soul I'm working with gave world Spanish guy WNED Switzerland has 7 heads of states who devised some ministries among themselves Crono Boone I we because of 17 years off Swiss Nazi terror my mind a dramatically tries to for more of it timely blocks out the car I remember so I didn't see that first and when I showed the video to someone while looking on this at the screen it's got to know that dimention then I saw it above the logo for the Swiss bank of the Swiss authorities there is a problem over it that means not either that the aristocracy is ruled as time flows who founded Switzerland and 12 night one all of aristocratic descent into the Switzerland it is not a mother could enable wars Switzerland is in fact a pharaonic breeding ground and the royal next Walt Royals common study like in Geneva Swiss international school boy Swiss elite boarding school well no this is so bad this is so Boschwitz Nazi showing all these things a so now we're going to solo this is the clean Swiss banker here okay likes this sort of thing older skewing Swiss waiting at the bus stop these are the racist signs just opposite all this hard it's all of you know like whites only that's why it's so voices Switzerland here the over lists I mean the Swiss often arose then not even Europeans and there's another one that yeah as another one for so I would raise it says so bad so what about from that he overlooks I tell you they are not to be there were so this is a book store and ... Switzerland trying though eyes this ... more triangles there the ... joining ... and ... and here another freemasonry triangle but do we have here earlier this no Willis there's a funny thing on top of it I never seen his record about 10 minutes be available and this is the sum it's like a sunflower so this is still a bird gold deal say are all day here big time big time and it's full of it absolutely fuller there all parents this is Switzerland and it has 3 fate like that 3 purchase so here we are in face to you ... Mr Phil Collins lives why is not living is about in this village what do we say that it overlooks we don't really know what she well what will produce is the okay okay this is ... book so he has some real pharaohs living here I was another pocket in Switzerland in March which is absolutely full with these things as one their as another one there ... full of it does it with one hand ... I saw on you tube that would be ideal ballistic ... at the Washington Monument they call it Hughley away to call their religious and Washington that was damaged by the quake 92 11 well that's what I call a good omen there was damaged by the quake the Washington mobility is the biggest one the world so here it is again the the going yeah Barkley Switzerland trying to survive Spain no well the that a song lyric reference if all these guys European so is the sun Uruguay fix this with the sun the noises program and saw yeah and this is the ... hotel Bovee dollars well Mr who a partial he was ... suicide the German politicians by suicide them and his boss Todd it's a specialities of the Swiss to suicide someone and here also appear well there is the sun Mira graphics and ... and there and that and so forth so this is a real hotel pharaohs a freemason that's the fat world there is I all almost said that it's not going to flying over the Freemasons their ... and the sun they were living in a very different form and is the son yes a so this is the hotel into the as the name of I they're everywhere lies so this is the the bank this is the call there are made on no Sabah it's all the same diligently hostess 25 notice or as the symbol of the song worldwide what do we say yeah vocalist a real one more real than the rest around there yeah I'll talk for the ... sort of affair still engine the flow of this is very hard to recognize the Brits look at it it looks like a mobile there's some talk with the bowl like the world overnight top of it aunts I was a farce there many times and I I never saw it it's usually for the parades ... that we've got symbols like that how many 1 so 34567911 well done I'm not really familiar with so still in Geneva what do we say yeah soul song lyric let fix that and now the sun irregular fakes Arab bank but the pharaohs ... we're going to see here no religious does and also world freemasonry triangles in June the was full over there and there well what else to say rise well since I P. well I don't know if this is a coincidence but if somebody knows well who knows what is what you know you see the V. form and the double some your yeah how many doesn't make any sense you know but it's ... funny among you throw them out of one 's own of like the effects of the drug life for his the police station senator with the goal Bob weir camera which is an excellent all the junkies and the drugs just like 50 meters it's the most secure place for them to have absolutely nothing to fear here just right next to the police saw him doing Switzerland whether consume hard drugs this here is a lot of measles I filled the before and whether consumers later on the dais it's about their it's full of drug addicts and the police station is hit the main police station or in the capital Swithland so the most secure place to take the drugs is just next to the police station that it's the most secure place goes the Nazi Templars of the Nazi police in Switzerland the only occupied of putting innocent foreigners and prison that's what the dude all day protecting bankers and drugs very clean and no troll look at the clean sweats or Santorum drugs is they haven't come by airplane and then they shipped it to the rest of Europe that's what they do through the Ryan soon Kermit's so who in turn its so she also means a Casal says the Deutsch Auden's condom to Deutschland these are the Teutonic knots and exactly in this time office would say came in and ... they'd they did die what would become back from the crusades but he did I ... the crusade against Poland and then they invited all the Germans to come and live in Poland and the ... found it's a sci Liza Schlesien where Auschwitz where they found at Auschwitz so it's all connected to Switzerland 0 again here this service to twenties 1226 Switzerland was founded in 12921 so it says that because it was given so the deutschen Auden the juke joint Teutonic knights ... hear some more about the Auden said Tom atomic large door to home very much you are connected to the Templars the ... ... the door which Deutsche all in that this large all on votes fifteenth 108 but they came foods like you know just before the farming of Switzerland and in this time though you arm they build all the ... the council's imposed and ... like in Malbork this is the night mythos non so here in fact they gave it back the Teutonic knights they didn't need it anymore in 1554 because even back no no really at sci Liza and I found it now the ... the councils of the Teutonic knights and here to this ... it's a comic moisture that had the Buddha the ... the nights brothers you know some close to home so this is a complex here that's the ... the council governments Swiss cross on the but as the I boon I have a different way of building because it and crewmates burn in Switzerland well for Kim young Swiss north Korean dictates a live that's the church of the black cross being part of the turn its consul and the truth of the black crosses a Protestant reformed judge some of you probably already know what the black cross means and what kind of people depicts black crosses and whom or what they followed picture this from wikipedia crewmates causal and the name here Cologne 3 church that means it's by the Templars it's from the friends were like come on the day that Tom Petty Seoul ... cost cels and churches all the time close all cold come on trees so this is how we know it's Templars stalk this is inside the troops of the Teutonic not so don't really know why well if you look yeah it's quite a special neighborhoods have so snobbish both of you who don't touch me he scoffed you have no personal some unfinished in the moment politically before the English surveillance picture up we offer a funeral here Yom finish in a moment ... with don't talk to me is that it's your hands always go get your filthy Nazi hands off me don't talk to me like okay as well just don't you talk to my school best we have I we don't know don't touch me I'll drop complaints Scully is what makes don't give me any orders William what damn Swiss Nazis well look at all the Nazis what do you call it pulling something no with this your bunch of Swiss Nazis don't touch my microphone a total release go you want to go out to your Cole who alright since you call the police that's why I do it tell why tell me why thank you to store a few new low you I was silent I didn't say anything you disturb me don't touch my over yet gold don't touch me goal you damn Swiss narcissist don't yeah get violent just gothic might want the cold he's on the sand dunes all of them ones of Swiss logs is getting violent this is noise the bones of the of the tempos alleged Ventura bolted Saint Petersburg is just next to it as we're putting this from so that's what he has a look of his long noses every Socratic so off to the crusades they get organized here and ... then they did all the crusades to the Baltics and it was the prince Alexander Nevsky post Soviet Russia I'm putting you belong so this it is an enemy of the Russian people he's just telling the Russians what they want to hear just like Hitler did and so they will obey him so he's a hero like Hitler and they die for him you know who is could it it's a lot of politicians here rich people and these Teutonic knights that took over the entire ... region of course they all belong to the Teutonic knights here all 3 so Swiss flag this is amber joining importance hotel next to the Swiss parliaments beverages the world in the hands this is where the dominate the world yeah all the Swiss cantons into with stuff I and ... yeah so here in Boone this is DR Ruth the river which is finally going into the ... into the Rhine all another another time to joining their a casa this old gold I suppose his real goals we got lots of it but this is not a Christian crosses a Swiss cross the Templars cross today's there ... and of the other side as well sold gold and the joining the freemasonry joining yeah yeah so where we are again the Swiss parliament member this is where they masterminded the Holocaust this is why they must the mind the domination of the world ... the sucking out of the US economy by Swiss banks ... old the dictators they have the money on the on the banks you know the U. S. B. like the United States Swiss banks those ... yeah I mean Qaddafi couldn't be Qaddafi couldn't those things without the Swiss banks about Switzerland the same thing for ... Saddam Hussein Adolf Hitler ... Mubarak and all the all the dictators they had billions and billions here in Switzerland with which I bought the arms and ... to control the people some people's talk about aside by about 2 Qaddafi like there was a new person for the others he was very very bad how is this possible well I tell you why this is what dictates is always do they give one part of the population everything good health care we couldn't like in the military and the police you know given everything education schools university the other part is being terrorized so by this difference it's much easier to rule you know by divide and rule devida at them better off ... Mr Hitler did the same thing the English always did this in the colonies about just creates a difference within the people and then set them up and play modes against each other so this is why some people say well Qaddafi was a swell guy you drove warts ... and well you go boil health care free health care before the others he was a bass this is Swiss torture detention center in our own house in Berlin here they talk to foreigners by putting them in the cell without oxygen which is code ... Tutsi demo that okay suicide the many many many foreigners here I would do best what do I say sue over a list right nicely playing golf freemasonry trying or needs Isaacs and the bed wasn't it somewhere in the Bible in the revelations the end times the beast the best well this is the council of the bad this is a beast the Switzerland well in the Swiss newspaper from ... 2005 it says black on white that there is no oxygen to breathe and is ... torture Swiss torture detention center no there wed screen you can read this ... thousands of immigrants and people have been so their only torture them here ... many died money was suicide in here and they know it perfectly well I know very well very very well and as any other mafia no there is I of the law of silence here and you know the ... Matthau if you talk about other than the Swiss vendetta will come and they chop off the foods of your cats or they attack you ... or they have you arrested by ... anti terrorist score and these sort of things like ... that Switzerland so here the proofs and the police had 7 heads and 10 horns as Switzerland the home of the pharaohs 7 heads of state revised 10 ministries among each other the breeze all I Swiss pharaoh's no for political reasons the ... the Swiss but I the letter of lead try to Mike I profilo foreigners this who has no good size of all now for political reasons to fill up prisons with them I'm going to ask you what have the Swiss contribute to the human race else them making war crusades Templars financing Adolf Hitler the Arabic saves lives and you know the dictates in the world the African the site and the slide banks and bloodshed them human misery the arms race nothing I want to see a Swiss system I mean I wouldn't mind being conquered by Switzerland right now he I the I and //
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The Pharaoh Show: Switzerland (Part Two)
\\nnsl nnsl Sunday on 3/9/2014 I witnessed a very shocking events in the Swiss school when young Swiss children were forced former satanic ritual for the parents in your dreams look at the hands is these the what that this was exactly what the young Swiss children did all I have to do and us they didn't tell us anything about this exactly this the right hand up with 2 fingers so this isn't a freemason log a week and the skull was in the school was placed at exactly the same way in the same corner of the table and looking out diagonally ... over this corner here the same thing Swiss schools eye witnesses lost weight consider the job bringing in the skull and had and they're of the skull doesn't even play part one drove into and the entire story my son within the play so for privacy reasons and as it is concerned children articles save for that faces this side here we can see this call my son is just sitting here opposite this call so that this gives me a creepy feeling as we already under attack and we get a lot of murder threats by the Swiss police in the Swiss just then they got the lego cats nobody could not target for 12 years ago I never saw again so the things happening in Switzerland I wonder how many parents know about this the child was standing for ages with the right hand up with the middle finger of the index finger up the other the other arm down like the bathroom it's thing just standing there in front of my son bike obstructing his way as above so below together with that skull makes yeah same minutes later still sounding like this ... nnst I no no tune and what's around what special here and here's the ... I school mondo no it's ... like the ... fulmar commandant to our stop all business was Gestapo 3 clearomizer consider a lawsuit ... the graying in his little tune ... Swiss Templar and there was the overcome one outdoor guys come on no ... well behaved choking you won seats in solo tune couple of times it's impossible nobody takes the they I would like a big slow release home world domination or switch to home rules the world as the crown a crown of burn ... is another Kronwall ally crowns a number yeah and his hair is Catholic a 60 percent of Switzerland Catholic ... the other 40 percent is like prince's of close the Catholic Church box Romano let us know please hit sometimes a song lyric left of the pharaohs Templar's cross ... there's a Swiss cross ... another corona with the ruling the world I would have flown the lease this I hello domination of the world wanted to fill the lease on a church so that means the aristocracy another and the church several would be working together and this is a Jesuit sure apparently so those there's another frivolous yeah I always liked the square and compass we wanna make the are you like that ... for will almost well let's go inside the Jesuit church no you don't one side the cross on the other side the ... school of death with the crown that means the masons is aristocracy that's alright that's what I've been telling you all the time the aristocrats they became the Old World order this is real world order and they became the the New World order pharaohs became the aristocracy another really and this and that's why on a Jesuit church there's tempus crops and she will release squeezing through and it was all real life NATO or see on the CI oval it's everywhere in this church is it's abundant so this is a Jesuit church off solo tune com very far away accounts of film of all know what I saw here withdrew template geyser if you look to growth Virgo through Templar guys and Catholic Church and just with true fires a big song lyric live off the pharaohs again with a system like the CIA and the knights of it's very abundant in the show through which you have never seen it like a hello maybe they are the CIA and the nights were some people find it and his world this the Templars the view of the Templars Himmler was having on his jacket and so the Jesuits they were ... created by the Catholic Church to ... to get rid of the Protestants and with all means murder torture killing so that's what suggests with song I level of profits a lot people say there are like combined with the time I don't know but it's it's a military wing of the Vatican and I say the Templars are more the military wing of the aristocracy but they they surely had some combined forces same symbolism the Jesuit church plus CRA symbol in tune Switzerland down here it says fall from Flores nnova over here we look what's on the other side so we move towards a free myself from and I always this courses that well isn't ... ballistic for Cyrus there's eyes is as well looks just like the one I filmed on Normandy at Normandy beach told his people died for so normally ... nobilis stands next to the water wise's towards a sizes in that case you know the river not but if there isn't any water and that will be a statue go next door mobilised for Cyrus summers or always be isis and ashes what followed were you doing up there who are you no Lafayette by so what do we see what's that the overall the message got on the church world of genesis com is the he's been there for centuries Vessey gone wrong right I I do consider the octagon and the bad Bill Clinton is the military wing between number 4 number 6 the ... the masons 6 the hexagon and the bad of course though the Swiss killers for the aristocracy so they all the military wing the back this is all so this is often and everywhere you can see 3 for ISIS or isn't set and 3 different ... shapes as well because that Seth is higher than Horace is the little one this forest and of course this is also the queue if you look carefully you can see the Cuban it and with the cube you can you can make a hexagram so what do you think all the vase idea well this is in fact the bank and this is a Swiss bank with the Templars the Templars V. I don't so these people know exactly what they're doing I know they want their money back that they lost their goal that you know this was the well it just trying to us so they sold it to the Americans and how they want the money back to god knows of the go like double ... though that they're only trying to get it twice you know this is always so this is in fact the name of the bank I think are filmed in Geneva will those pharaonic stuff on earth and that is the basic up by inches the the overall in that the Mason supermarket looks like bill ... froze in front of the bank gotta the pyramids inside the trying so while more than one lots of ... grail selling him means of love this area was definitely is and the same area here and this is in it too young and burned as the ... a pyramid insurance 3 colors for eyes is or isn't set so obvious well the caller bullion all well this is Switzerland this is definitely the base of all evil and they're just trying to show with that bank stock with the with the the gold initiative just show like ... Saleh through us like on who wi Swiss we are victims as well who how they stole our gold as well well it's just another trick truth so you so you can see Rumpole guy who was ... the president and other is room pull saying that Switzerland is so great and no Salah Alex Jones I problem reels Swiss for if fifth column sleeper cells trying to stabilize the ... stabilize the world when I tell you the of Rumpole he was born in 1935 in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh was founded by the Swiss and whose ... from his father's and mother's song which is sold Truman well probably Swiss German well that is Pittsburgh founded by the Swiss Denver you know with his famous Denver airport with all the ... the medicine symbols on it so this is ways from so he's definitely Swiss roses that's why we love Switzerland's you know they're gonna destabilize the world you know this is that of this is that I mean you know because I know the Swiss banks are going down is why Sayonara Pittsburgh is together with places in the United States like burn how votes ya rudely Larga Zurich tell city another burden you BR isn't all the burden so all Swiss and this is the ... PVR called Swiss American see you know the Swiss belt Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as part of the Swiss bow as head not that concentrated as Ohio but still it's the well nnova in Bern Switzerland openness bill saying are and the famous statue of the Swiss federal file yeah they call it the child needs a warhead that's what the sisters arises one no live Vachon to make a garden gnome out of it and then they use drugs or this was by the files so this famous Swiss profile goods to counter is well known for peta files those ads children's lives nor do we consider joining the Swiss crossing or you'll notice of the bad so it is still the bag you know the ... the revelations the ... the beast one of the basis of their Dr use a funk of today Sabanci center this exceptional video from 10/24/2000 for in which Alex Jones shows his real colors and symbol of hope logo on time now why would you patriotic American as he claims to be show the Swiss Bogong flag in the symbol of this and the symbol of the Swiss banks the same banks claims Hades in so much well I've seen enough this guy's a Templar sought help agents with most like lightly Swiss immigrant ancestry as most Swiss and German emigrated to the southern U. S. states and following the KKK Ku Klux Klan with an equally Swiss tempers flaring see my video about that just because Hitler was such empowered because he was a good talker Mister Jones here as being selected for the very same speakers qualities now he says that the Chinese are the enemies now we must wait until the authorities attack us I do think it shows the real 3 mice stopped wrote this it's why is it really got on the road to a free medicine really zapping behind his head post Soviet guy who knows symbol why my yeah I'm the same will free my silly stuff and that really is a god same thing very nice Roach we we behind the head Alex Jones show many more symbols or go go selling their products program from Basel from chemical plants in Basel Novartis and see about more than a July so this is an old Roman road already filmed a for you the Roman way the home of a cat they burn and ... leading to where we are and ... well the Swiss so most probably you know before they were in the Roman legions stand that becoming the Swiss mercenaries and that's you know led by the Templars and the most probably a mixture between them between Romans and Alemannic thrives and the ones in charge there pharaoh's amid that this is what Switzerland is that's why there's a pope Scott because the Swiss are a mixture between Roman soldiers who who did to perform the biggest genocide on the European people's very ... the Celts and ... labelle I got the car and frowns and this is Switzerland there will always be murdering and killing further mixture between Rome is that they're not like the Germans I hate the Germans that mixture the queen Romans and ... ... Alemannic tribes who were the first ones through ... collaborate with them ... on the compound of the of the Templars while pharaohs of the aristocracy Switzerland well the fill the room way going all the way to burn ... so this is what this was basically owned and not to men make them to have them mix doing a mixture of killers for the pope for the pope the Roman Empire and the aristocracy they've done nothing else really another lost their cold a come find it anymore where's our gold no is it there yeah and the Romans they probably had legions you know with the bad on it you know just as the octagon symbol I just showed you in the bank not very far from here like 5 guys from New ... ahead then how it perfectly well they've you know octagon that's the as the military wing that Switzerland really they always would always with the killers and now they want to you know with the with his gold reserves in out of it's a loss with appropriate to haven't no that was once my chaos and try to make others follow up so they can attack the U. S. you know there will be the item is the U. S. all on all sides on all sides and Switzerland's is doing the financial side now it's coming up it's also Rumpole talking about it protecting Switzerland is citing the Swithland is the only true democracy democratized the ship in the world enough Ron Paul Alex Jones you know it's all Swiss fifth column they are because these men are intelligent they know perfectly well what this was that in the war well of course I don't talk about it you know dole sleeper cells to tell you don't trust them I don't trust the Swiss cheese I gave you enough evidence I'm also looking at the shot that are we my little girl waving so this is an burn has Switzerland the capital of Switzerland here it says I'm on if you don't move now she was ... she was married with the ... with the brother all of all very of Russian saw saw Alexander the first she got fed up with the climate in Russia may be the political climate supposedly the ... it was too cold so she came here to burn in Switzerland and ... before was a minus 3 but her real name is not so ... should evolve who real name was you liana forms Sachsen code book so this is where she lived for our own exposure and ... well who knows what as being there gone with something you know if if dole belonged to her and this is where the Russian embassy is now no it's still the fairest soccer C. ruling you know the embassy the politicians but never never never ever chains no and ... Julie on the phones oxen Cold War you know like the English royal family she was the niece of Queen Victoria of England no you just come here and change their names and and also it's got the money off thought exam though you know to buy this and to live here and to have a nice life and was ... it really is a nice place is next to the river are right here so while the Russian people were starving and the children dying you'll be on the phone xoximilco book a German aristocrats married to the Russians saws and ... the brother of Charlie's on the first and ... a niece over the English royal family who knows all the same they just got the money from the people ... wild children were starving so that was just before the Russian Revolution really she died a 340 hit so let's have a look at the ... the embassy them Switzerland is a real oak program is a really important part of it all so here again the lion it's not an animal to evolve was hit in Europe Switzerland here it's the symbol of the ... of the royalty the royal bloodline of the Ferris talk Chrissy ... which the the the the European aristocracy that took over of the pharaohs and this looks like papyrus those sort of the river Nile it was a funny door it looks like the round circles the Jews had to wear in the Middle Ages and ... in Muslim countries the yellow round circles I mean it all has a meaning to all 4 of them 2 crosses her one of you know the line to the other side we have a lot of on the other side of the house is a song lyric playful over the fairest talk Chrissy and call souls in the Middle Ages they have this a lot you know that they are the enemy of mankind so most certainly the send and one 's a living here well I've ... for the vote ruched offer pharaonic voodoo here sort of a reptilian coming out of the out of her stomach it from the back ... don't know what that is look good it's like on the 50 Frank's ... Frank bill the money bill if the Swiss well unisom Swiss voodoo what is the no burning things here for real with stuff coming out back into we I look at the arms the reptilian coming out of the back it's a see this is Switzerland folks that home of evil pharaohs so this creature crawling out of the back over human being is the very same creature we can see here on the Swiss 50 Frank's bill here where the harm ability this is not the low nobility whether descendants all of ... ... you Leon often Sachsen cold book sex Coburg Gotha now like England's royal house real funny things going on here in the land of hatred OQO gone and this reptilian crawling out of the back of a human being even has the 3 fingers all 3 toed ... hands which are quite typical for rex Williams and what you can you can see it on the check and ... so why on earth is a we'll do more human being make something like this there is also the reason why they ... law of masonic and ... hidden forces they do the masonic M. gesture well concealed hits lonesome Bob below new stuff not a typical 3 fingers as this thing crawling out of the back of a human being in October on home of the devil Switzerland probably semi armies when but the grail means our blood is here are descendants are here and this is the house of on a few of the role of now which was not HIM 9 her name was you'll be on the phone sucks in cool book and knees of Queen Victoria Faris soccer C. N. sweat so ... related to the English when Serbs or Sachsen Cold War married to the Russians ... who were effect Germans living in swizzle now about real Germans the whole bloody pharaohs they are so this is the grown exit the house that means I see this here where you can see that all the little babies it no the hill writes this is the not who 100 or see this is moves well that means sort of a vesicle parts is you know we we stick together all the rings like the or do you call and the ... the Olympic Games allow what sort of a leaf that is it all has a meaning ... what kind of Buddhism Berlin ibis bird of the pharaohs the descendants are living here under other names you know the incognito like with is still the same how cool shit is following this here is opto gone course technical no the sign of the Templars Ritalin everything is next of the building look around it is the aristocracy that the ones who doing it all to us and we are their slaves with the lions and grails follow this is the Russian embassy and Monaco there was these Swiss guy a one of those green peace follows who was acting like for Greenpeace will for the New World order against Russia so this is all the Russian embassy which is full of commerce and of course next would the US Russian flag well wide blue and red and ... there is the house of on a few other off now was not that but who was ... you'll be on the phones oxen cold walk it was right next to it so you know it the Irish soccer who's there or as I know them the Ferris or visual don't you think that this embassy here is that it is not the Farris sort of the it's still the same ones here no and here the coming out this I there is a children's playground to us here but the Russian come out and play with the children no so if there's any Muslims who want to drink a Cup of tea with them you know find a myth so the Swiss actually you know when it considers one of them they organize here we can see that they can organize and very quickly they even ride these things on the wall no it would have been something else a please would have taken this away but because he is one of them they leave their but if it's about the note immigrants being tortured and stigmatize here in Switzerland no by the dozen paying and I know this you know I've sent them thousands of letters and talk to people they just laughed in my face but if is one of them you know they immediately reacts now is this with slow rides was another door close all part of the embassy looking a little is also like a console so he notices the harasser Chrissy well nothing has changed assist the old world tour though was the feudal system of the aristocracy and the New World order is a system of Freemasons and Templars because the second song and a third song they also want to have some power with his soul the aristocracy is still be gypped still the pharaohs nothing has changed I just put on another jacket for us on a few of the whole of non there's the river ara which sort of represents the Nile for them must be nobilis somewhere and the ... the warts represents isis and this is the Russian embassy in Berlin well well well together is all the same thing ... the aristocracy the fairest soccer see all the and though there everywhere family of the British royal family and here is the river Audre I'm who's who's is what the name a that's related to the word elf fairies and ... as the river there and ... many but you've reached Germany Rita see when I was even in English mistletoe holy clown for the Celts next to the fairer soccer see willow rises Nick is Friday evening no offense people there palace with a freemason get with a closer look shall we you want to challenge other okay produce some upper class for aristocracy with a reptilian thing we just saw the reptilian coming out of the back well the human being no the upper classes we'll have these gatherings specially like Friday evening ... no said today ms eyes loser what I like no this is little Horace there's always this watching him no a pharaonic cloth no women it would well that you know and he's even sitting on the octagon well good your risk matrix you sitting in the octagon what's holding looks like a canopy the canopy is a vase with the pharaoh's they put their souls and so that means we kill them and then you know kill the soul I see Horace matrix no that's why we have all the wars moon why don't I suggest wise what these people are that we saw the reptilian before so cold verticillium Scott you know the back the boy so unfortunately it's getting dark so you won't be able to see clearly but she opposed to spending almost almost a pyramid determined ... with several sites steps new the feelings of we going on several levels no world domination and this is octagonal more technical stuff that's part of the ... it's part of the call so that the descendants accounts was just behind here descendants of on a few other old now or xoxo the ... Giuliana forms Sachsen Cold War well you know what suction Cold War represents not only I we know these people but everywhere it's everywhere you look here in Basel as the V. of the Templars you don't find the you know like this on my own and the and the tying came out in the Middle East and then a guy who's done all over there is the ... the jury of the ... free my son's goal all go look meaning the Dias para and off the pharaoh's and the basic of fighters forming the oval I make sure I was just taking a rest you know drinking something ... slightly if it's shoes everywhere ... I just came back from prongs because I had to go to the dentist if I'm sick and if I want to see a doctor after hitch hiked 3 days to go to France no that's with Sula but then give me a working permit but put me in prison all time how could I work those by I kidnapped my child that terrorizes will know so I go to France to a dentist you know if they don't see any all other options for me then terrorizing me and putting them in prison no that's tough there's no more integration no this one is lately de company permit chemical I'm in the area where the cut the chemical companies off Switzerland the no boxes and ... you know the Avalon backs and stuff yeah nice through though and this is ants from my ... friends sugar markets closed ... got for and ... this ... while I met a guy who stole my videos videos on YouTube when we invite them and he told me this mark CDA limb what a great smiling on us the hours but the overall I sort of the big smile there just going in the wrong mom hall tonight really and so much and then graze over on me now must admit there's something to it and this the pyramid trying yeah my sides and then G. again looks very fashionable that G. I most of the things that don't even type from anymore and I are so much I because I don't feel like it and all the time you know ... is a famous tumblers crops the Swiss soft oldies load goes well this one is better love art art guy guesses bond done privately by the driver much better laments cargo go with what you think what do you think a man //
"2015-03-27 07:27:46"
The Pharaoh Show: France (Part Three)
\\nnsl nnsl so this guy also hear bill by the pharaohs and the pair are it's cold but I style it means the 3 stones whoo what kind of stones Hodes phones from user of the war name well let's go have a look Seoul Forrester place to hide there's a 3 those the cause of the 3 stones well do it does anyone think these are the first 33 stones of the foundation of the causal I knows the 3 stones are the stones of wisdom the pharaohs in Egypt I H. S. I Xers horrors and say or the Holy Spirit to the father and the son father is Seth set on the real fathers of sirens but set tone Satan is the father and Horace is the sun and eyes is the idea of ... making man shaping my new there's all Farahani that Eystein the 3 stones even a Cavia so this is next to Strasbourg you know the center of Europe with the European community is say what explanation they give us that it's ... was built on through the rocks I only see 2 actually they say explanation they give us for the name ... 3 slow because of that bullet when the lie about the World Trade Center they lie about everything a lie about the foundation of Switzerland everything yeah and the 3 stone Carrossel is actually the place where the ... Megan wall is but it's all linked together so here in the middle is a swastika this is when the mill the first time a film that I didn't see it and then some German guy told me what is a swastika and this house is such a dark and it's a good thing for a little the good this everywhere this is some miracle in the windows as well I sold some other things as well some some sort of a Jewish thing Lubavitch now why do the Jews they put a swastika on in their own building small why would they do this yeah there this now why would they do that this is with I do as I explained the mile the videos a swastika eyes something that come through a pyramid and its parent so this is in Strasbourg sits during the dark images of that's why why I I notice that in the first place in the other yeah 3 callers for eyes is hosing suffix and ... and later on when I look said the ... saw when I looked at the zoo men on the on the use of all I always see other things which I don't see you know because it's too far away which I don't see ... when I'm filming knows because I got 40 times zoom into but this is Strasbourg his other some more songlyrics live within the pyramid things were just you know the the authors with the federal next off was just beyond their Volvo the pharaohs into colas for ya him and poems 3 my son in the same through this I filmed the house that would be forced so here a pyramid head in the aisles us with the ... the 4 elements the full bowls around and this is the sort of a ... school plus loud with the ... the overall like the oval office is so basic up parts is ... very much so like even his a pyramid the blonde sighed and John Lee as well but this is the most important so again the 4 elements in this supermarket thing via the mole the moral of frozen food realistic and this is the mole here with all the pyramid limes to so this is from the Templars and one man ... acquitted it down and it's ... they call it the lock on Monday ... Kamal for like they did the commanding when they come around so this is where you can say this is octagonal I have no idea where they use this for that probably goes under the ground always big you know and obviously this is a pack of yeah that probably had the horses and stables and that's who you can see the ... Freemasons crosses ... triangle story somebody coming out there it's all of the federal it's called local moan that read this and you don't so they say this this wall here it's really out of the time of the Templars who the old the old mood here that probably 1000 years old that's why 3 European salvo who so the Templars here they build this dike here to get the water while he was still quite went to ... from the hill here so we'll hope for ring down there this guy here is be working hill this life like in the with would I met him in town and they die civil we've just talked to them okay so off if you want I can drive you there but nothing else to do those quite nice and ... they told me like ... in those days however day they probably don't get it they serve the dog only with a shovel and a lot of people I hundreds of people and ... so I said yeah with the help of horses maybe he said no no no ... the horses were only for the nobleman for the aristocracy and ... for the Templars and ... did the presence the youth Carlos dislike him Egyptian times copies this is inside of this take a multi hour here no as a trump was always right there the buildings and all taken away and we can see here this going on the ground here so the stamp was always there will punch diggers gravediggers gold diggers so if for little building like this it's always ... there's a dozen other reason army account livid dozens mean anything so it's it's an underground tunnel to the sky for so high thing stretches I so these are the foundations over yeah over time the ... it it's in the stables is nobody really doing something with it and this guy here says that apparently the off to the temp was left the knights of Malta they came him without the science now it says it's time to move on was founded St Joan those user them says sends Andhaka that was the ... though is the last stronghold of the Templars on ... which fell just before the Switzerland was founded in 1290 on on may 18 and this is from the twelfth century so just before so here they probably ... recollected that all got together before they went into the crusades ... for the wrong no and where these ... this octagonal ... building is over there her other program of tunnel I mean how to find the thing back you know so ... after hundreds of years or the best thing to do that if you want to build a little ... to build a little thing like that so you can always find it back home looked like a little but faced with the pigeons the doves the letters from home or do you believe that Mrs good way to find the back in its octagonal so they always know it's ours when its octagonal we have a I have a lot of credit ruffled so this thing will definitely the the federal building it will definitely lead to something well of all the things they stole we will bring it to Switzerland I had apparently ... during the war they had the Germans if we go that the V. 2 this is not very far from the ... from the dip and that the V. through the view on launch the and that prisoners or concentration camps slave here well I'm a look of the lamp these are the same lamps find an OSHA Ritz when any concentration camps earlier typical Nazi allow Jerry's rolled his with the Nazis the Swiss one thing for well his entrance sanity all that's John the Bible revelation size all if I can Los stronghold saw his entrance of the thing is so we're very near to the tip and to England ... and ... the Templars had little boats actually the temperature was ... and ... this is not very far from here so this might have been like a crucial points to very strategic a bit more land in words these is to defend and more difficult to find is it to hide Barry things it's a bit hilly yeah my without cutting is now and then maybe they came from hit directly from Jerusalem ... transporting this stuff a lot of things going on before they finally found that Switzerland so this is from the 12 century ... Switzerland was founded in the of the century office would sign ... the late thirteenth century in 12 lines who are ... the so for the Templars is probably pre Switzerland anyway for hiding their stuff so this service or technical towers certainly most certainly leading something on the need to know I know the stamp of now I know how they work this is why didn't you this is still the same force it's it's the Nazi Templars the 50 only reason why the Germans were here they've all rights is an old German why I suppose the owner is suing the so sign until today I was like you it's like walking around the 9 same 43 of the data I Chicago il very sick indeed does not far anymore even the ... shouldn what they call tomorrow when the I told mmhm I it just might affect your weapons and you can purchase ammunition here come by Falla you calms pull it arose often assembly line saw sergeant said this ... this so it Omar beats apparently this is ... American soil the ... the ... football to tell you have to paw sort of a customs here will sort of pulling these all the so you boss ensue America and ... territory well I'm not going in there Clark no this really is like a ... ... like an apple is no this is Omaha beach the same sort of a war to lie because duh with the Washington Monument is look at it all that's why not apparently yeah so what I wanted to show you had to get into all the the sure it's a normal this is what I want to show you this what kind look who's like on the dole are yeah it's all over this is worth a darn fool this is the 666 June 6 at 6:00 and this is where they gave their lives for under a tree did and ... DX theory aside looking just under 3 because it's raining it's like Hough's knowing and ... yeah these funny things to the war that has reform so show the gun once more there is like on the dollar Norris you'll see Horace no worse or do ciclo home so for the New World order that just had to get rid of a couple Europe a couple why do these I got all your but Europeans because ... they want to raise a human race femmes raise hopes alive so these were like special forces in the most intelligent and the most beautiful the most strong of humanity and well that to disappear call it a workers could study the ones who make the liberty boats and all that right runs so that symbolically for the ashes of the of the dead but the main solve our dreaded the grain the grail sort ... blood this is and ... he got a real maybe not my wrist before the other is about the war and ... who will but I don't think you go revisit I ... Columbus the other side it our fellow countrymen written sacrifices so that's almost the same as the ... the CIA with the ... the ... NATO symbol and it well let's have a closer look well it says this am but sold shoal portal of free and I say free freedom Melissa throughout and ... love like the bull horns especially from the other side sacrifice of mankind mmhm Hey we could see a wool with engraved goldeneye all around the area probably with old Amanda fell now all around sign here on the other side of the wall read and see the the seal of the ... the United States with via the flag of Israel the and it's like on the dollar and ... who who here it's a 666 one large very rule 6 June June 6 which is a 6 month at 6:00 okay no won't so this is the other side of the ... this says the American ... monument the motion Bethel American battle monuments commission and this the ... cemetery got ... lost I can tell you got my camera it's still raining so ... them standing under a tree there we go were being watched all over probably look them by uhhuh away from so they wouldn't be this is a this is little America is I don't find civil for France and here so this is actually going to have a look now the playing golf here I okay so this isn't all Coogan all told gone they're the ones who ordered the Templars that is a flag you know flag hope don't draw don't be mistaken the gun is very much alive as another warm very real the comments are that's what I was a couple of Jews isn't well bomb got Ohio and ... is a more good Hebrews that's all so they died as well yeah that says don't leave just a private nothing more system 7 private mmhm so they're inside likened the ... charge received I answer this it's over there with the 7 ... thing things on it's like on the ... the monument full I am and ... walk on so he is sort of idea and also an all time so this is for the Christians I suppose the one for the they're very much war I the the graves all Marvel here one like some notes real marvelous cost of fortune the I I mmhm I then the ... I ... there well the Gloria and so they said oh ma base this is why the man had to climb up to the program machine gun nests and all ... look it's like 45 degrees tape ... you know it will cost ... it will cost a lot of lives you know that before well the general was in the ship there probably the pharaoh in the free my son we pick this out because it's so difficult to know as it is a sacrifice ... ... he said to the man while you go here and then ... it's easy to kill Leo send the ... that the ... the grenades in the cabins machine guns it's so easy to kill you head that's a horizontally tricks it is ... no it's unknown like look look sleep you know it's it's more the it's it's degrees in there a sacrifice via first to see the V. dicey there's ... one to hook where are those whether to climb up released tape which was seen or movies ... and ... his like Omaha beach there's a ... machine gun nests there whatever we going to kill you too it was a sacrifice a 6667 say gravar all showed you the number that is even there ... don't believe your gender roles don't believe the politicians all lying I believe the magic circle a say I wound be your own general a warrior doesn't take orders I'm between the ... the beach ... mob beats and the ... the machine guns and ... the hill I could have done a bit of jungle warfare ... well isn't that nice okay full of loads of body so in the skeleton it's all here jungle warfare beach will fare hell warfare nice and feel like in Hollywood you know that's they want you to think you gonna be the hero like feeling of a Hollywood movie general just wants to have you do that de ... don't be a soldier be warrior 5 the enemy within one of the other soldier another uniform so here we go the double version of eyes is or let's say the sisters arises we have ... Horace the falcon galled and Horan's Horace is the child which he raised alone you know without the man there is a gun so that means we have them and kill each other and they'll die so we can raise mankind new from scratch the only one missing is like Seth or Osiris I have no clue what the bugger is and this actually is the biggest song lyric live however saying the ball on each side has a show in the pharaoh show and in the middle the round thing out a show from the other side okay do very slowly for so this is the sun remember the pharaoh show the round thing in the middle he is the son yeah so we go all around here as I show them all these houses no well there you go one borrow one sorry to hear about 2 soccer fields long not like on the houses and then we got so I'm in the middle and the 2 bars on each side has on the houses is all symbology and we got the other one is and this is the original eyes this with Horace the ... as usual before with the ... the whole thing of this here the sacrifice the 666 second prize is the horrors matrix to raise mankind the man new from scratch and the women they ... the which is they have this of the wide witches they have an alliance with Seth or set Hong the Hitler man and all the others so I saw it was before so this is a ... chicken or a ... Roosa so this is Lamar yawned because on friends saw with his eyes as well as Venus Venus for the perverts I was a joke and for the Romans and ... held a chair for the Swiss and the rest of the statue of liberty for the yanks so ... and that's eyes is Lamar down because the statue of liberty was given by the French my son's ... ... than enough so ... yeah so this is the song the irregular that's all it says with the fall gun nmls world believes that and Norman debates I a whole Omaha beach does cruel whole the 3 Omaha beach also of animals are coming to me now Morris thank you so this is all my bids there's a magic circle mushrooms my that school the magic circle but we're going to stand in between her sue upwards those so is Omaha beach who hit the city and is the ... that's a cemetery so but so this is European spirituality ... and ... believe again sold the ... of the foreign powers older believes water ... very foreign to us and ... we are being forced to believe in all this pharaonic believes all the and the results are you are this is the result of all that ... //
"2015-03-20 18:22:04"
The Pharaoh Show: Switzerland (Part One)
\\so this is just another warning off these Swiss terrorists and as the arrest of the ... anti terrorist squad was and they did even worse things they did Swiss it's really murder and call Fraser is no warning and the murder threats I'm receiving of the Swiss police and the Swiss justice department what will happen next so together with the cats but they ... they chopped off his leg ... here was another warning they gave me a loss is this was from the biggest Swiss newspaper the article about how they arrested me with an anti terrorist score but with 3 guns in my head they put out a ... a bandage over my head as in the ... rendition of the CIA like ... there were owned ... men all over the place shouts threats ... handcuffs foot coughs and ... late thrown they threatened day I got move the threats in Oslo that that I shouldn't talk about Switzerland on the internet ... so and they did far more words which I'm gonna to tell you about in the next good ... I don't know what they gonna do next so that they apparently gone ... makes true that ... their threats and ... trying to live through what to do what they ... what they said well this is Switzerland for no reason at all the was a cop with me for no reason at all so I put them on the internet and then they send them anti terrorist school that's what they did it was a warning you can read all about it this is was in the biggest Swiss newspaper okay I I I we I this we I I the the so here we are in the place Cold War where the ... Laura bush police so somewhere in here we see see the sun year ago if so that's down in the village even in the old farm our houses so you are the descendants of the pharaohs went up there somewhere Mozilla controls the of the ... is the call because our ally in here from the hotel the symbol of the aristocracy and the ... pharaonic dignity web of course the descendants of the ... so fare amidst the sunburn so aristocracy live down here and ... off to like write things here and here is another son there were blue we assume no some people have it was an American living yeah another sort of Nazi like symbol with the Swiss temp was cross in the middle very good film a Swiss because everyone else was he is putting up the ... the temp was thrown again that's hotel I hear the lie in some of the aristocracy Jose a coat of arms it was going on and the US of council of ... with the bush legacy ... Laura bush and also related to some senators word the American embassy one so because it's all over war rich Swiss because it and the sphere just in from of the United Nations in New York at the Vatican fix probably the world domination that's the name of the place warp and he has such loss a man's consul and the the yeah and sisters all the ones in the White House and then there mobiles also the Obama fella this house was realized so the world domination close to full for ironic next to the council going up to the council one of the council this was American colorful irv is apparently they got a lot of visitors from the U. S. of the descendants of the ones who rolling your us all key positions but as the sun irregular of course pharaoh said here earth's the pharaohs became the aristocracy in this to him now though the Freemasons is hiding away from us and this is also related to the ... descendants of senator Charles Robb who is again ... relates to to President Johnson and of course the ... the ancestors of ... First Lady ... Laura bush with that's was look his mother Samira Clifton is well on so actually here is the origin of the patriot act is what's left because this is typical Swiss style ... total dictatorship but that they have done the same thing in Europe already I know the government there within the U. S. already doing and that you're from here from war which is not very far from tune while I was in the newspapers you can see the elves there so this is ... that's more than this is ... March 2000 for food so there's built that's where they rule among this is for oh yeah that's of course the graying of means are see this here the pharaohs ahead our descendants are here and that's moving grow moving our blog is here our genetics are here now would rule the U. S. and this is what the US embassy went well it looks octagonal maybe it's always the outlook post okay thank you all for not really soft the council and ... I show you the skull and bones signs I saw him this is my skull and bones is Frommer's me Seoul template stuff in Switzerland cause of death was a death order in order of death bringing death to others is like the mossy Templar so the same thing no some of the Swiss always knows it you know everything so this award Casal Laura bush Charles Robb definitely Okuda octagonal when does she outlook post ... the military wing looking out who's coming and was getting out who's not going out anymore creepy stuff I see little Baathist that's going all American car weather's rich Swiss the entrance of the council so for you coming out of everywhere and a few of the lease the symbol of the aristocracy sources on the White House as I told you before which is the and I live but it's also the 3 the Holy truancy for the pharaohs like Horace eyes is or isn't set the big one of course is set the ... the lord of darkness with his 2 pupils and ... grew very much related to the hours my 3 for that told wrong it's not a coincidence and ... or look at that hand freemasonry say a and they shall solo coach so they're the ones really do us with the crown I think on ferro and around the corner on the right hand side is the skull and bones I'll come back another time as interesting I get the same thing you know by the of the pollution knowledge registered mail and as interesting why they get it you know also as a comparably Sunday through the Freemasons brothers and ... so that putting a dark the dark cupboard never hear anything over the gun probably about child molesting I'm going how well you know it says ... was an exposition burn in you as I thought a burn in the White House you may those 99 to one was to be the first Cold War or even put it it was Liz ring the bell probably not gonna like a now good will ... mistress yeah English all carry well I don't want to show to know ... all of the doors going open automatically while push the button grant this year no no 0 just get by yourself but I know my emphasis came from you know from ferrosan who is out of the little bit however I ... are just off I go to Interlaken hopped out everybody goes to so you know this as a pharaoh you know yeah I know I don't belong to the commoners enough you know I don't know what that it interests me because some yes there are still printed book quite a bit crowded time for me because I'm I'm very distance makes you know yes that's good make your photos I don't dress thank you very much that yeah thank you my lady where was it ... scope of that to get it when it's not in some I know that if so I rang the bell in this eyes is of course 1273 Switzerland was finally at 12921 so there were just before that away during the crusades I asked some irregular if of course no I have plain I'm not sure we're going to see the funny Somoza I so look within it sure seems unable to wonder what they did that I so the hand that's the hidden hand yeah I would say the what the Freemasons or stuff from the dead jackets and I like the polio ... it look it appears to be the right hand the right hand that's the hand with which to kill willow with which to do things now so that makes sense that means your hide what you gonna do it's a smile to the people and I like the Freemasons like in the White House and ... just by surprise that could prove my you're gone yeah but damn I don't see that skull and bones anymore I think I took it off 16 Nov 2 normal apart ... look at its own no I look at the child molester now here is this thing are put on the ends look look this torturing the child look at the Swiss child molesters who's already put on the men's room look at it now what they do the masons in the pharaohs in the of the aristocracy the 2 child molesting torturing the child this is what I showed I told you in the in the ... Tutsi ... the torture methods enough to lift the fallout I hear this you know it's all rusty alright it's so obvious how you'll see it Emma I sort of don't even other say longer or song of yours mercy of peace were Port Charles poor thing I fear that did the same sort of things were lost some sitting on a throne look the king the idea that the the lord is sitting here and the Swiss clock doggone look that during its killing the people alone torturing them looking as another body of another child lying here on my car they don't even high that's and ... say that the typical way to school wonder what this is growing up I just told I'm from I'm off I'm from the bloodline on the ferry from Latin no money .being me Gloria I'm Robert some temper so rulebase trains what did they do with the school her breasts although living of number 3 the holy Trinity there are this color why I was there once I'm a youth Bates is black homeless the skull and bones when it's gone reflexively I don't see it some group V. enough of course who is in the coffin sorry cartridges in the meantime the took the scholar why maybe I still have a picture of it I think yes I am quite sure took scripture yeah I don't find that still for a rings we always find them it's a solo song lyric live remember counseling from sin that will show that that helps you know this is one of a no hiding away off of the crusades in this with the pharaohs kinds of and who can come here no it's so bad that the school is going on so this is ride around from where we're living actually 110 minute drive some sort of folks profound my parents told us that but I present evidence of the leading Lauren was available that leaves our founder I didn't see that the other thought for we only see things in his time like it looks like a war but I suppose it's the back Jones back so this is the land of the back but Liz Max here and ... well sorry folks I looked about ... at least at least 3 or 4 times and I didn't see the skull and bones anymore but it really took it off because of my I think it was is somewhere in the war so the lady said I can I can switch the ... head did the thing yeah and the door goes open there's a guy open something this public this one so no one was a how that goes so in the James Bond might in the Alps snow which no not much fun to have the this is a little nobilis consultants will but let's be quick enough on you have to go through all my photographs and find out skull and bones analysts have a look from the other side no wonder how deep the pond flexor colorful little was a full of poems enough WNED look before our eyes hopefully it will all work for his love was going down looking so we don't have a powerful the magic palm referring Donna cult following more so smart fellow should not always sitting next to where the world the lady passed by with a BMW convertible and file to her with one arm like like this like you know my Chester anon followed so this is the apparently the new costs good it's pretty close come over there see anything on them but I think or says login every village Swiss overshooting right everywhere I don't think the do anything you know to protect the people this is the hats children's lives there until 9 thing IT 9 ... nobody stood up to save one of those school children and I sterilize by force until 1996 and nobody ever stood up for them well what's the use of run your Swiss we'll get to the other council I suppose you know ladies ... living longer yeah the living here with the families was a look of the do unto us will finish none of us a call for Moishe losses to move new castle like doing what you called another new because our ... Isabel during like the other one was double guys one for the parking lots already over his all this big is on top of her legs entering Zulu country Zulu time not further as the ... because the world domination soon world domination that means we're here this is joining when the door John don't say anything ... crown ... so more softer it's come se with the sun in my eyes so does the new costs notion us this was a living with their families so another electric go well with the big father goes beyond the other side we'll be surprised with descendants are living here as well no once or more like this since like meal of course from a distant relative you know I like from you burn and ... I who knows the gray landed with the growing on top of the buildings are you come visit the crying that means our descendants are grains are here with our blood is here with the crying show that my songs are so these are all rules they ruled the White House as you as you saw in my other movie ... by Laura bush so if hello distinguish little Dick alone are you opening up can I have a look first this I'm a descendant from America you know distance you know yeah are you afraid yeah are they gonna hit you when you left in yes yes oda woman this yes dangerous anything these are staying home for me having a bad day these are the Freemasons it okay sorry what I don't want to give you any problems and when I was 9 I say come on told him that our room but you're just a servant yeah how all of the aristocracy or became and you where you from Alabama I'm a descendant from him though was so long so do you know any secrets do they kill children hill unknown or any other calls so I saw how the other was a shield in metal how the ... how they kill children nowadays child molesters and not but the file soon how they show it only the aristocracy was always doing this conflict ... a bit to the side and that is the out of Thor a bit too day yeah that's excellent some about the no question I'm breathless wait a minute I when it says ping I'm off yeah go and of course through this ... Costello and the ... the nobility of the pharaohs through the body may knock TI's overflows writes the entire population is that you have ... ... more less ... in Switzerland more than less the ... the pharaonic genetics and the ones who have very little of it you know they come farm the land and get brown is the other one says well there's these vampires allow the noble of lesser the White nobility purpose of jury excellent and of course they're the ones who got a little bit more like 50 percent they can be the police in the nights in the ... I want maybe 70 percent that could be the lone ability and so forth and so on it is Switzerland the rights you know the percentage of pharaonic genetics in the blood because of these guys here is very very high and that's why they are entitled to rule America in Washington and they do believe my absolutely smiling to look as this was the and in Washington you know in your face smiling through that say that way you don't look as we saw on the on the effects Russ sits shield the rape your children and do some sacrifice with them slim yeah this is actually the reason why I why ... Freemasons one OP positions on the world the actually still do child sacrifices today because of these guys hit the aristocracy and they are ferrosan Farris already in the Bible that with bad ones this alone this is a base that this is their base October films yeah it's all over that's a well I also know there is a time of war as for the comment as a live the hyper senses of ferromagnets takes caves you go crimes against humanity these ones here they rule the U. S. hopes for sure Gosselin mill of the world literally with some of them it turns the Laura bush's her Casal President Johnson and senator rob's we will do is being Dominators my children Ngong painful doldrums good flotilla home of the devil basically I love but and this cut isn't implemented by the blessing of incredible adopt me full take itself on notes so mine a follow on why are you Eliza Tibbets agreed upon the Paula for tips we not for it look at who is a government agency out of law school gates if yeah I scrutiny well for some minutes off of the first men to all of scientific book it was real slow saga plus also saga both as a small target caught me this all is gone exactly should always write to echo now say person does we followed with both men is what bus fleets us office he said there because meat that he be awful not when vita obeyed to program often free continue which mosque on a problem all this indeed that I climb the conduct of divinity in the sky filed old Christian based on his first on the candidate Mizuho heroes called the could also to us is to host to bed see my own taken the Burmese hosts mop itself so this is very daunting to he enriching issues because I wanna do is hits me and ... but they're hoping I will hit them back but I want because the Swiss athlete for the Swiss always rushes in a public school in east coast buffet and then they say the foreigner was aggressive for you just sold sold but I'm not progressive I move slowly so everyday use he sought to swear himself to force themselves inside the door is telling us we can't it's called initial a full time permanent who do you think this is because this is a strong number found that this is Switzerland look at him yeah the hoping I will hit them back but I won't I want this another one look the getting organized cochief of look because most proof everywhere if the theory Lucas that something so hold it up could never learn the truth so shake Nova they seized pregnant problematical across actually look at it well I'm gonna go house well I've got you on camera might your camera but I think sorry in Switzerland they just common ring at the door and ... they just had to one I think you go out of the door and if you hit them back the call of the police you know they just call up the police in a very organized so I was just accepted another aggression and another one and another one and another one going on for 16 years you know the other cops for a recall because I didn't do anything I I'm not allowed to tell you why because of the Swiss and such a Swiss terra find out why so getting some press they just have to jump I so if I say the sun miracle effects of the sun near a cliff there is okay so this is another rich in Switzerland before you jump this cold is number the helping hand says if things are getting difficult so I jumped shelling out jump well well this so I 4 can jump so I do know that day maybe get a bit first will I this bridge so everywhere this signs to love people splashed down there was not the Ritz bank as the jump I //
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Google Ads: Join The Illuminati (Scam)
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Ministry - New World Order
\\we yeah all Dr by I I they are right world right from right I that I yeah the I I yeah you //
"2015-01-10 21:39:12"
Chemtrails: 05/01/2015
\\so the yeah but but I //
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Viva Palestine
\\Nnamdi for that opening somehow psychotic is I love it all silly about equipment will I I think I the hello the yeah for one but number 7 big no I //
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PSK Analytics/Statistics 2012-14 | Non-Profit Channel
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Paedophilia: The Real Terminator - Bill Maloney
\\I revolution going on and my opinion generate white black brown whatever over there is living at a time of women I'm a rebel well night it what color you believe built in the only way I bill is with stream that so what do we want them this is well you get to the club can get to the root of the and then we can correct the problem WNED don't come legally punish rooms are not going to see I am young offenders you situations child abuse section on just moving along here it's about almost all of it yeah just because on a choice you know adulteress pulse but no charge we got one of the big stars cycle without you know that and well well you were in the wild Billy start when all you are really fun iconic 10 years ago and yet 25 now that was 10 years ago also show the out you know that stood out you don't know you know that so they'll use we know about you know they should be out 32000 yeah crimes being pal could know that so the audience and you know that should be out 0 dogs was that will give you guys a sanction at home on a federal lawsuit world views including most self insured the out house so now are you speaking with you you speak of it again welcome because as long as I was going to say you get involved with morning and go to the site so we will talk with the police officers and being guarded around a lot people but you don't always sort Klein makes and you say that we do as on doing it now that that causes in a good because oncologists radio at all anymore and and I seldom use machines the chairman or after we cannot well Sir the absolutely best the guy you don't think you should be next by date initiative we should read the site we did about how to liberate we've got a place known simply as well so vigorously debated could control it was a movie studios because if you look at all just you know just like human get out of bed pillow decide who the original Toyota institutional appearance is because no one percent of all children in our institutions off from these kind of areas I'm immature young trying it will get handled today is a now the point is that no one on the plane does that going to the apply because so try and can be 300000 just to take a child and they'd be in a we'll poll and robot gosh I used to go to play holes could it really does pay no it we could all I told him I don't know well I'm out you know in any so this I think and well we would although you might all want room so it's head institutional child abuse almost gave upon what it it's about I want you to sort out what children not knowing what little children okay so young there's often a lot of tall she's don't know I don't know if you've ever do you notice it was housed in a charge of present and I did write songs so you agree but not well you've got to do especially when you want me to my mind is that the man has no response job and what I say it right just by great but I sat idle because all upset because I saw it on the surface as you know how many people I might call you remember you'll be hassled lately on the strike on the possibilities yeah because I know that they are you going to buy because Allen most request that you don will phone home sigh of your dreams right knifing yourself you know promote 8 and I'm in the world body you know don't promote it is child abuse I what about managing public you will right we and set a very good it is it a little bright but the website so long me do you Sam in writing it's always available and not a not a spoken word yeah I don't know about you know what you want us to uncover hard I will just yeah I join a Cup of coffee on what's it like you know what level with that the guy in the extra bugs sure the odds because we believe that would suit or buried Dale that's fine but knowing right now you believe what would you know one old lady the level yeah I don't I don't advocate not so bad because in the government say only use it when we should be out 7 a my signature bosses to you know site any children what they would really out so I could Greg and the ongoing hi yeah our because my it we took the straight away record you want to talk to us at the bachelor she doesn't but I don't know scum is so clear mission for that pussy was very warm easy to assume that some abuse hurry up you'll because of big government off you don't touch me because as those who just touch me so hurry you all know area is not winning still about child abuse now in the house is going to affect solid kinds gonna put what it's going to affect child to be sorry Sir ouch I saw parents go to the police officer here we do carry press is not to die so we don't want to talk to us about child abuse and I think on a they know it is 7 yeah kinda silly she urged ministers to make it legal the people to be a that's a tight sexually explicit images of children ... and she wanted that to be my day go as long as the children in the images hadn't been home or abuse it seems frankly astonishing now but there ever was an organization called the paedophile information exchange but its history has certainly come back suburb of labor party deputy leader my wimpy organizations not Dennis might have been exaggerated well listen to this from a man who campaigned in the 19 eighties to try and have it back reporter for the second sure from a magazine website but a child has not had a sexual experience by religion one of the that is good for the people companies that this organization managed to affiliate itself with the National Council for civil liberties which Harriet Harman went on to work for then sent to you know have a pretty nice policy on affiliations seventies with more than 1000 organize a she's attached the Daily Mail which has been running the stories feels miss home still apologize for the make it was a horrible organization it was campaigning for development consent took 10 it was also talking about maximizing thing set up possibly have worked this organization that had this link sure when it is time to apologize about precise fried as indeed the current leader of liberty has done well I think it was progressive goals that they have the same as a poet was it it's not my responsibility I'm over exerted through capital punishment going to know what you're good at those everywhere you go but I thought about opening over you're going to go to hell solve pseudo data Baldwin gentleman that was worried about to what's up with the child abuse but he's white out cuts to child services you get angry and emotional that's gonna be summation here today of course it is survey port Maud's though mum's and dad's and doctors and nurses teachers parents all across the country you all worried because the people know go get the deficit down other decisions lots to do things this fall a nice sauce Doucette orgies destabilize the communities pushing unemployment up people are worried about that I think we're gonna see today's most people saying to George elsewhere in the government click to think again Techni things in a reckless way let's talk about to the division of the 19 eighties who are a strong unified community fund that they'll be people there from the labor costs that would incur policy the cassette to talk to you all parties who are worried about what's happening with the cuts it's called the mosque we'll tentative even as the greatest irony hit actually there isn't alternative unsettling also clearly so evidence file you fix if it's going to this contains clear and that that that claim intelligence the widespread Pete alright one of its members closeness links to a senior writer for who says he could smuggle indecent images the leaves were not followed up but if the fall still exist I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police sure the evidence real examiners investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful Pete phone network linked to parliaments and number 10 is a very difficult and complex case I'm not entirely sure which for the prime minister he's referring to but I what I would like to do is look very closely and hands on us to have the allegations he's made the case that he raised an army camp and see what the government can do to help give them of the assurances that Gregory the masons Avenue to go to Mason Stephanie need to be investigated especially in and and all whales ... nearly everyone she on the list that I have not all members although this on a large it's NMSU it's your that I the playful and but low volume sending children to think it's going 13 year old all right I well all I would gazing at college no 0 yeah long the what like prologue well no not at all little place rebel where you live or place you live longer J. I live alone I'm when we but I no middle grade I no on this lately I can but I don't want right no one the Israel we