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The Wheel of Ashtanga Yoga - John Scott
\\hi this is 2 and here we are beautiful purple value of course and again I'm here with John Scott and this is that a little bit special because okay the interviews are great but we really don't have time to go in debt than talking off camera with John the law you know it's got so much to share and he was very keen as well on doing something a little bit more in depth and in it a bit more special so here we are and we gonna be talking about and ma there's and the broader concept of Ashtanga and some of the teachings that John this call from a tabby choice that he wants to be up to Sharon passed down and that a very at the core of everything that we're trying to do it's sort of Christmas time here even though it doesn't look like it of course because we're in India so it also comes with that so timer of wanting to share more ... with others as well so it's sort of a really quite nice time for us to be doing this now because I'm that's fantastic with John is here with us and we're ready to do this forests and so I'm really just going to be here noting things and absorbing as much as you guys really sad and I could just pass you have to join and he's going to tell us what we can to be talked about today ... good morning and thank you Stu lovely welcome again ... she might not just for Murphy I might go from time to time asks you to interact with me so it's a little like you is the audience and her acting it's very difficult just to to write a book and you need the interaction of the listener or the observer older this the the students going to to use the material all the work that I do is me trying to decipher street when I called the Gurindji citrus right I encouraging in his simplicity also in building up his language his English language things were very simply spoken like a suture and and I've spent the last 30 years trying to decipher even the ones I I learned the very beginning some people interpret things they have a place just because it's except for interpretations and some like a suture when it's on packed depending on the context that you put it in then the words that we use will mean something different and I think also encouraging he himself was saying deal practice enormous coming depending on the student he was talking to and the time that he was talking yeah it could have meant something different each time I'm grigio only ever wrote one book and that book is to say the school the yoga Molla and so in the old Amala ... it's hard to work 3 my background as some of you know this industrial design graphic design product design and because I have the ability and being dyslexic can you know in the old days a difficult known because I was at home fox I think I was in class D. me further down the head I think because it's better if well it's a familiar highlighted might not draw nights yeah I work it out that way and in the process of doing it it helps me can seems to help others as well so I wanted to start off with ma them what what does mylar actually mean in the full width of the book 80 Sten from New York he there's a beautiful dedication to greedy saying the gruccis word is a sacred is a prayer and it's a combination of the push pull manga which is then the garland of roses or flowers so lotus is that you would and I do on your day your team or you on that one or even in welcoming a guest in the made up of flowers and bubbles nice nice Patton of flowers then you have the Japanese and the jet from others use for the resuscitation of mentoring and in that case each bead is to be counted and meditated on and so Guruji uses this the word model as a metaphor for Ashtanga vinyasa yoga that 8080 put it so beautifully that each postures like a flower a garland of flowers that Estrid a threat on the thread thread on the th for I have your number yeah I think that's crap link to work together on the threat of the brain threaded I don't think ahead of the bridge I'm here to say yeah and so how does that relate to vinyasa because when you ask that also listening king of awesome and each asana has you could say and number of beats still seeks to enter into the asana and to exit the house and and so ... George's metaphor of the Jeff Amala pushed Ramallah comes together that the then yes Sir ... that beats of the Jaffa and the asana is the flower of the push back and so when I graphically ... drool Amala and then that really helps self and it'll help you as well as Jay to understand the concept that courage was trying to pass on that this practice is a dynamic meditation it's a gross form of meditation that will learn as I teach us to to learn how to eventually die rate to more subtle a static meditations witches sitting in padmasana and focusing solely on the breath 2 people were inspired to me similar ones and express that just to sit and listen to your breath is very difficult and we can lose interest so soon we can actually be uncomfortable in our body and say vinyasa by adding a breath movement that makes it more interesting to concentrate on that says what yeah so that's a lovely one from Tim Miller and then from from Gretchen who we were teaching this last week she was taking us through ... ... com staying meditation practice and those 3 3 key points one is to keep staring back to the breath 2 is to stay on the breath and 3 is to intensify or to have greater interest so for me you know that I'm very much Pat Ashtanga vinyasa then yes I can tell you I count the breaths day there and so counting stays me back to the breath make noise clergy said with sound that keeps me staying on the breath so I count I hit that Chris and I make it intensifying it interesting by moving synchronicity with us there's a vinyasa fully that every breath is to be counted and meditated on every breath movement is therefore synchronous mind breath body all bound together so let's see if we can buying that together and said the metaphor that drew jeers have just got a lovely Molly here this is the classic Molla and the gentleman caller this is got 108 beats or in this case seats we won't count them but if we were to count around this necklace there's 108 plus this little pretty red 150 and then an extra one there that's called the guru of the now the guru beat I call the 0 the it tells you that you've made one leaf of 100 night so that's important to understand so Amala has a string or a threat beads each bead is to be counted and meditated on stops 0 and cycles around to Sarah so in the tub rejoices yoga Molla he introduces festival pseudonymous scholar a a salute to the sun bow to the earth salute to the sun and if everyone most today Sir in the sky ray they would have great physical benefits and mental benefits mental benefits because each then yes it used to be counted that brings the mind so you're staring back to the breast by counting it you're making sound as you breathe through them 9 press maintenance and your body obviously is riding so let's have let's have a look in and see if we can put this straight into understanding how it works Serena sky right it's right that serious so we have the name Syria no muss Kyra it has 9 vinyasa okay and there's something special about Serena sky raced you what would that be 6 6 whether we had 9 what I think yeah 6 it's sad and now I'm I'm doing this movie really thought you agreed to never leave heaven though he initially you end up and that that that so that was him starting to recount his experience and that of Sir in the sky can you tell me Stu where yeah where we are when we're taking 5 breaths where it is and ... you can in English lan or wan to during a for by 6 so in 6 we are doomed them duck down dog so this is called a downed let's make that the flower okay on ... ... I carry on now manga is going to be the flower there's going to be 9 beats ... seeds there so this one is the flower she got lab so that no have a lot less make a thread several strong when the threat just like this one there is a groupie I call that the 0 they'd so let's make that 08 we had 9 beats one 23 for 5 so what did we say this jury what was the number you have a higher threat we have 6 and then a 9 okay that let's take that out join in that we could count these but we could count them in Sanskrit so here's an opportunity for you also to proxy practice account you know is Sanskrit let's go a kingdom do away screening Chitauri puncher Schatz Salvatore harsh does not so where is cycling around from 0 each state is to be counted in meditative tone in 6 is our flower okay his yeah I'm drawing it like a a lotus so we can deliver a license in this have a look Sir in in the sky are a has 9 beads the downward dog the 6 speed let's put it in it there it is nice to have a dog nest you did ask me please mention some muscles just ahead of it stepping away the water is stretching his answer rods right away fold for it that hamstrings well yeah because comes back Zach old buddy full backline say course to his who lies in the hands and body work and he's been working on my body and and the answer this however is to is to cultivate cultivate foundation to cultivate Banda cultivate the breath cultivate the focus his the bundle we're looking towards number chakra the naval send it's about lifting through the arms and the legs a pull the spine off the floor in the process there are side benefit okay from his side benefits are that you stretch the hamstring compact so full let's have a look then sighed and in using the the stick figure this is ahead this is a torso legs foot arms nice some listed the okay so this is something you so I can quite simply is and this extension UM's up looking up so notice Linda nowadays sharing hit down head up do way I'm going to bend the knees take the hands to the floor flat lookin I've also put the hands Ford of the feature because if you haven't got those hamstring stretch it out beckoning him for its going to be difficult to fill half of maybe straight side Trini is a difficult one this one is to push away from the flow ahead up so you are not lifting like a ninja you're actually pushing the floor away so this is pourtant then train the shoulders and the hit again this spina supported by foundation of fools we call this one downward dog Michael this sure dog head down short dark head up this one sausage dog Rivera thug feral dogs because of all go up full legs up dog okay so can we say that we've got a command to a tree in each Atari puncher you can write that isn't a can the way Trini wiry Gumbel you need there just have a look head up head down head up head down can you see a patent arising and this is a bone of contention for quite a few teachers is the head up is the head down I'll let you decide to head up okay this is puncher chat so now scepter is the same as Trini pushing away you've jumped forward you're in your hands O. you have jumped back for a moment there so this was short dog shorter dog source and an arm for a moment then a you and me the jumping back there's than that yeah okay looking down so for a moment you'll front Meg CS and now you owe birds snakes and your neck blanks have become your birds wings yes you guys from the short dog to there too along dog sub system you're not steering wheel there I left a long time ago witness is a balance of the thing about mantra yeah or Jeff Herman chess is the mantra here is a can do away Trini Atari the body's doing the breast movement there and because the body's doing the breast movement and you off counting that that's like a mantra you're repeating it and so what is doing is it starting to use or take the mind against its own on this is serious so yeah if you will go to that place which is a quantum leap to go to subject specific which is just being prana flowing into foreman out of 4 what I mean by subjects if it you got subject meta yep that would be yoga practice yeah subject technical where those hands and feet go to support this body to do the stretch of the hamstring to be aware of what my body's do and then to go deeper to be subject specific it's just mentor and breath to take the mind to that place of infinite potential where you've met yourself choose human on the mat yeah I'm potentially can move behind all the binding that you've created will the limitations that you've created hi you can jump how fast you can run that your mail yeah if you're in a place where you are not locked into memory and motions associations assumption projection if you in a place of neutrality street would you be male or female and if I we just infinite there I you at high you human neutral and the biggest thing for me is is that we humans try to emulate in the second series for example yeah candles peacocks that's a quantum leap for a human body arms and legs to be yeah bird's wings so actually we're actually going backwards we're having to go back to having a child mind and a child ability to play and have empathy with ferramenta nation where and say hear the mantras taking you to a very special place that you're focusing in focusing and say Hey come to a Trini Chitauri puncture shat times 5 breaths without Figgis senior in shat then after the fifth dressed Sumpter harsh during same is away and move forward then Nava is the same as a now I've got Sir and I'm a scabby here for you eventually special money later a Montessori we've now got the Jaffa mine notified and hold that one here I made this one actually it I do not go in some a good some not as that June and then re threaded them this one blissful that when I went in there and have a little quick look this is 0 Hey come to a Trini to Terry punches shat sucked dry made it slightly bigger yeah harsh tone of the dish echoed the Shah made a slightly bigger the water shot try to shot check to dish out a great big one punch of the Shah showed a shot supped at the shop what would that be yes Sir number sky behavioral problems I'm suffering here on your behalf you realize that you know you had no right now I think it will have to explain so if you just hope that hold that in your hand for a moment and then you can sort of get the idea of how this is the columns the integrity had in his head yeah each weren't to be carried to it near as regards and meditated on and when you're saying meditated upon I I how does that manifest itself in that Vanessa what does meditate Lee if all the meditation is such a thing I know levels of concentration we cannot any concentrate if we focus in on something the best thing that we focus in on could be outside of us correct and we focus in on it near when out all of the other things distracting our minds and when the mines going out it's distracted through all of the senses neck piggy bank account it could be with my girlfriend could be the coffee it could be the tax bill could be all of those things that's destructive knowing if I go into the breath and actually count that brace the dynamic mid yeah while I'm adding the movement to it so to meditate on its main I Conlin faith thinking about my text but when I'm doing this earlier yes I can be thinking about foundation and hamstrings in back and being aware so that's coming into subject technical yes but the moment you go about his hamstrings a shorter than mine along with a minor then you're outside of the okay slow then that is known in the subject technical here you've gone into you envy jealousy when the poisons in the hottest restricting so I think stew did mention that this was a Christmas present banjo and the last time I met with you he did mention something about my did and we wanted some special Christmas a lot at some special so today I have for them this is the sort of person who I am the that Matt and I don't mind the man say today I will present with you my ... Marla for Christmas it's taken 2 years to get this man I've already given away one set is one and the wife his ticket that was dimming from China and then I had to replace it with a white one so this is Syrian in the sky yeah it is here on the board 2 dimensional graphic now here is a physical mama I could count Mrs some a steady a coup do way Trini to query punches she had his White Christmas be the red one is set stop that ash does Nava there's the 9 if I leave to back that would be Sir in the sky now that money you'd have trouble with your foundation who and through that that might be the one thing that all of a sudden a penny drops for yeah ... to be inspired or to be ... taken out of the normal box of the dead poets society Robin Williams beautiful movie what it was was he jumped up on that desk anyway and captain my captain many had that class behind them because he wanted to share you want us to to to and they are interest to the students and so that's what I'm doing I'm going through the different mediums of trying to present something to make some clarity because the work that greed you did as a very special work he welcomed me into my soul with matri which was 11 kindness and he accepted within me with all my stuff as he did everybody following close to that is crooner passion and compassion for grid you was having a burning desire hope you bring yourself out of suffering and the method that he had a breathing system cool counted me if it Tristania fry focus which is vinyasa and here it is explained on the board so justice we had a certain number sky a the then for example his trickle Nelson very simple the group date 0 it has 5 in NASA a can do a the right side posture Trini come back up left side should worry and punching that would be the ma for iconos an array so what we could do serious this lay them all out and then we would head the beginnings of a bigamous yes ... have this just purely for the fun shocking value might be a way willow St I now I'm going to stay so let's do this again just 4 times trickle Austin and then we can leave it's J. yeah yeah no not that we can go on to something else this is the way it works the patent quite simply everything has a name so this fall I am in full that's true Conason that's cool and I it has I vinyasa it has what grade you would say and I joined them on the 2 states he calls them state soccer states which I would cool the flower he has to use 2 states tune and for so states to inform you have a right side and the left side they're all strung on the threaded their breath they all have some listed the for every awesomeness stops at some the city journeys in and out and back some mysterious so much like a GPS you down live where you got it how many tens years ago yeah where you'll spend some time having 5 breaths and wrecked turning back the summons to several droid again is quite simple that stay the Molla you'll then go through the and put some a city there in much of 5 a NASA one but hang on to and for 2 and 4 ... the states to 3 for 5 you know we could just you have the box now someone out there might go home and make these you could have a lot about it from that far you could have a whole box of beats and a lot of items yeah what's really interesting is a commences sameness Trini and is the same as Punisher do away right side trying to Atari left side triangle like these flowers and there you have the Marla for trick on us under a yeah which is that if there are okay and then courageous jog a mile every asana has pay name and number 10 states and it repeats old away 3 so it's not just Serena scar a discounted it's not just Serena sky a and B. this count it's the end tie up practice that takes some amazing concentration and for 16 years of Bruges teaching line he counted and so sometimes a vast Meester what's it like when the the time back in the eighties with career here in my school there was greedy and 8 students in the room maximum we will roll practicing at our individual rights unless he was taking 2 or 3 of us through at a time rice for example he took dina Joan myself and lean on through the second series together we separated at Kappa tussen ... dina carried on going issue when we got to the eco pod is Reno and I were held back a little but most of the times you were practicing at your own right when Guruji was with you no matter which one yes see you around he would pull that one out he would be saying to Atari punch at septa gosh darn thing anyone today in your head the one you wanted it he was passing the mentor I just like a TM guys I treat he was a generic mantra Hey come to a Trini when you receive Trini that's for you to go into your head Trini and so mantra initially by voice in a whisper think it and then you'll hear it so in my own practice I stand at some STD in I hear a the way Trini to our Dr counted it so many times for myself and for my students the mentors in there and you hear I hear it separate for the F. wanting to stop more with that the county do they want to say stop within their say it but no verbally but but or do they want to try and I think this morning I was doing a little private class with ever from here palm Grove and better and I had them counting first in English correct tomorrow we're going to be counting in Sanskrit but they were counting on now right to program it yeah okay so you can repeat it straight yeah can you can discern in Moscow right now do Serena muscaria Iranian and whisper and then try it thinking it in your head and so have the it it depends on your personality some people can go straight to thinking which is hot yeah that would be me okay especially if you especially if you have Linda hold until I feel a serious second series starting in the third series and I get students that come to me that are doing the third series second series and do not know the count yeah I'm sure and then you think well how many posters do I have to learn the names the numbers states if you were to learn them from day one so much it would be so much easier so with ever today we did certain the sky a certain amount scabby patting the stuff in there the hostel sound and trick on us and that's all we did we repeated it with 3 and tomorrow I'll build upon that they're doing their homework today since about doing homework learning to count learning to brief leading to count breathe and move and as you say that doesn't leave much room for other thoughts which is a great thing exactly yeah and that's what we're trying to do a trying to process some stuff is not denying the fact that we have staff it's a fact that we get caught up in this stuff and that thing court up in that misidentification lims what we can do that limit size accessing up potential and this same circular idea I know you'd like thing called the aggression and know the stage is within a Stanger the whole not so much in a linear way Sam a look at it the linear then it would be a lying in ash blonde rush does is right 1234567 night we can go Yaman Niamh Asenath pranayama Patty how darn endianness and Mahdi the they Indian systems of philosophy especially the Sankey a system of philosophy loves to this thing so we could go goblin the Yamaha cement pranayama pretty Aragon Indiana samadhi it's also talk like this in the sense that we could talk about them as being whoops steps there yama Niamh asana pranayama Pratihara dar forget about the honor and some ID there at the top of the stairs this is for the like the stairway to heaven so this is where they were it's been a fun Grucci said to me you western that you start on the third step third limb since annihilate yes I've been promoted jumped up the steps right up the ladder to the food stick how many who drilled into my ego and he said then you go back but like snakes and ladders yeah the serpent go back you then you go back and stop Yom what does he mean by owner so again spending quite a lot of time contemplating and writing notes I was ahead learn from from Nancy guild of that she said to Guruji Ashtanga vinyasa yoga 99 percent practice one person theory practice practice and when you share this practice teach or is coming so we need to things we most need to learn now sell it's been a privilege choose to talk with you all the times we've talked with each time we talk together something new comes out each time you share that in a class with the students the new comes up each time you recount an experience and relive the experience a different experience there that's a total different experience it's a bit like you messaging my body each time you mess of my body you begin to learn more about my body said that the practice this just have a little I'm going to draw another we feel instead of doing it and in the end it's going make it just divide it quite simply into 8 if we simply divided into 8 day we have our hate them I'm gonna go and put awesome said Lynn right at the top because I miss understood 99 percent practice one percent theory I was a 19 men you know I really was a Nike men's I put a tick beside Ashtanga because there was only one person there I picked up ... I am there's life on your own and within the first sentenced you I was having to look to the back every few seconds I was having to go to the bank to the glossary to look at what look up what the word means so in the end I just went let's just look at the pictures looking at the pictures would be my one person that was very naive I thought one person very here I found a practice that is not within reason to just do it and so there I did if we make this a graph J. this is actually a Groff but I'm gonna put all my focus here on announcer yeah 99 percent not quite 100 percent well maybe some of us put 110 percent yeah some of us probably practice 100 times it I am more readable I'm gonna make a little link here of the spokes of this Ashtanga whew and put the center the hub that would be an out a balanced will it would be very uncomfortable I'm here and 110 percent even more uncomfortable practicing twice a day to get there twice as fast you end up twice as long being in the Baath with twice as much as so if you stop hating your body right sorry listens for a moment reflect on those that I only have a seating yeah if all you do is sit and I have a friend sure and career value has now got some of the monks the Crean monks Cummington bear because they need some physical often at my son's bodies of people that just do meditation as well and they're quite often very solid and very can yeah so when I was hit the region said to me that man is only excising and he was pointing to only exercising nor meditation if all you're doing is meditating you've gone 9 posture there has to be a balancing act so nexus play with this a little bit if we play with a little bit let's have a look a one percent fairy the very first one percent theory that I lent was posture free breathing looking we could translate posture free breeding looking place soon asana pranayama the higher or Lunda you John I Trish the so if we were calling this the ash the anger I limbs that would be pranayama and that would be Pratihara okay so pranayama pressing let's give me then some value if I then have a look at my we feel can you seen on the wheel is a little bit more balanced as an aside that's cool Asuka the hub la hole that the axle goes through this in the ancient Vedic so which is ... the chariot refers to chariots when the suka is dead center cherry runs swiftly smooth and the ride is comfortable that is one of the meanings of so remember that sicker as a whole this hall is not centered this chariot wheel Ashtanga chariot wheel is getting a little more balanced than when it was up there so this could be posture free reading looking place we could call that drishti we could call that you John I we could call that bundle the one to send all of a sudden starting to expand a little bit more okay this many is really manual one person's practice practice practice 99 percent practice of one percent fairy there's a lot of sanitary the subject assist too great to decode all in one day let me tell you that later let's get on the mats get doing so he got me doing and that one actually meant was that asana became action I took some action to make myself meeting myself day in the men I had was confronted with her to a wall because and by doing 110 percent twice as much ships insults in the buff I was looking at one of my doing first you start on us and he said on the third limb then you go back for every action is a reaction the reaction is you start to look at yama yama for me what does it mean to me is true yama just means relationship relationship to yourself to myself first before I can relate to anybody else and they are really going to get these codes into me that I'm not going to harm myself I'm gonna tell miss truths to myself that's why I'm here in meeting their cell I'm gonna steal from my cell most important thing this time so then you start to read the cut your excellent yeah throughout exactly so what happens as for you stopped then from action and reaction there is then the words cools and the 50 Grucci was so clever in the simplicity cause and effect karma seeds counting seeds and they're counting sees counting postures counting the vignettes says into or out of whole manga becomes cause and effect we could just look at him if this is a cause yeah because of free breathing which are the cause of ... posture is free breathing if you then Mike pranayama or free breeding of course they have 6 is focus if you have focused you're then going to get concentration so when you said you start looking at yourself look that's because you start asking who am I so Niamh what does it mean to me make this all about cleansing purification it's about clearing out all of the stuff that I'm not learning to relate then learning to study study who I am where I am what is this amazing as you said if you start looking at how you write your whole fastener in the standings gonna change so very clever a bit like the matrix G. in the matrix and swim neo comes in these beings pulled out of the the the power off power plant he said all is plugs I mean so you would often these just called the one and that ... Tang was going to be as operator in programs and he says they this is just boring protocol shit he says let's get on to something more interesting that start off with combat training it's almost a third program listen program is asana this do something interesting if we do something interest in the weather stared back to the breath that still back to breath body movement so by going into Austin and he's asking you to do this already joining us why droid into the whew yeah now if you take my hand it's bent you put straightens can't push it it bends but it straightens at the moment let's have a look at this line this is a bit like my hand Alber Shota I've got to pull this a little bit if I put some stuff out on us and then go back stuff yama if I stop pulling on that it's kind of cool ness this way especially if I stop pulling yeah so what's going to happen is we're going to get it these 5 specs these 5 specs now I really starting to the balance so lingered uses Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is 99 percent practice practice practice practice do your practice and all of this coming he mentions the word practice about 5 times so we can focus on these 5 practices yeah if we focus on these 5 practices and something really starts to greedy cools Pratihara looking place because when he first translates it the the the official translation of prep Tihar is since withdrawal you'll withdraw whirring listened to us from the objects of the senses that take your mind out or distract your mind and separate the hour is not to cut off from the senses but to turn all of the senses in on one thing and in this case with tuning in now all on the breath so when you turn and focus in knowing Grucci met me with matri with love and kindness with that big open smile he hates hot no one 's very classy said John Scott was gone and I was lost trying to catch up to where he was any before I could answer him because I was a backpack he was watch the wall and said this is because and he went this is called and then he pointed at me was like a little ... lawgiver dross and like a thunder bolt of lightning he went you are called and then he said I am god and he said everybody to the whole audience everybody's gone and so for Grucci Pratihara is seeing god into so on the day that he welcomed me he was welcoming gone into his house from the very beginning and so he was in his suka what if soup is a home which is a looking place let's go back a little bit if you gave a whole to a child yes what would a child do the whole I mean it stick something in it yeah what else would a child in their math all and look through me so an axle line that goes through the hall or you look through the whole now when Monty hall was up here at 99 percent practice all I was seeing was just a little bias Jones bias of those beautiful hamstrings that restriction not seen and the whole so suka this week I just mentioned on a different sort of a whole suka is when your looking place or let's say another word for hole is aperture another word aperture what is aperture referred to at 2 refers to the needs all of the camera lens that we're looking through and Nick's got a special aperture assistance setting to look through and so we could have a very tiny little hole hot sauce the Grinch at Christmas time and yet the great story of the Grinch Nick might not know this Negrin story than in the west there is this Grinch it's that doctor Zeus that little story and the Grinch is a mean known guy off the top of the mountain he goes down on Christmas Eve and steals all the presents and and then he just head is the or the who's down in who ville I am not crying and upset in fact what they end up doing is they come together in the same they sang and they and what they make out is that Christmas is going to happen regardless of the presence and when when the Grinch ... discovers that well listen is hope as hot opens up and look how the Grinch is hot is one size bigger and so I was just like that our center al superar L. ha can can open up and that's very much where I grew GSO suka duka this is Duca Dick Kerr is the pit compliment the opposite to bless love Julie comes to boo his paying suffering and so let's just have a now look at how this kind of role in my naive days I've put they also know right at the top Unisys moon clear these out for simplicity make a nice one here no I think in the last interview we had touched you I shared with you that you asked me about my body and I said yeah my body hurts their life happens we have our ups and they're down what stays consists for me in my life is my practice so now instead of putting Hosler at the top of my real I've put awesome as my foundation stone yeah it's what that's the start of my day is the thing that holds everything together let's make it a pyramid it's my foundation is awesome so let's go back this way this one must be Niamh and this one stays as yeah I'm Yamanouchi yama asana pranayama pretty high okay so we take those out what we then had to have from Pratihara which is during the senses and so I believe that you can focus on these 5 sometimes it's talked about for external and 5 a 4 in 10 of but for me Pratihara can be very external I'm I'm I'm reading looking out to the sound of my breath counting my breath everything revolving around the focus of the breast is my Pratihara looking in through the Looking places said though I can hear that Britain the with the breath with this superior in the Santa talking about these is being seen these are seeds J. there Deana I mean Tara Deana samadhi concentration meditation samadhi that's a school that absorption or the point at which you are now moody longer separate self important self identified self selfish self you have found your selfless when you're in service to others Liza seeds those seeds will blossom from practice practice practice the seeds blossom planting more seeds and your internal guidance they are going to be the fruit of your prayer so the fruits of your practice if you practice these 5 limbs the other 3 lives free to the leave it there I call that the Ashtanga will 8 limbs all inspired through the work with Sri K. Pattabhi Joyce Guruji has books Liotta Marla and today I'm sitting here with sure purple valley it's a great place where people come together thanks so much John you know we're opening it so much that it's it's just to give some clarity that's it you know and also like you think before sometimes things would then stick in your mind when they presented in different ways exactly us yes out of the box on the wall yeah not in the book into your own notebook yeah and the thing still is that everyone should have the you know the diary you could start your own you know the diary today you guys to and have a play yeah this is Sanskrit we're learning a language slowly slowly we learned names numbers and write those numbers down stop counting those numbers most of the teaches that produce work really just selling the notes of their experience I'm and everyone of you has a story to unfold everyone of you has a story to tell and you could do that in urine notebook thank you thanks Joe coach expect go //

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