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"2017-08-19 16:06:58"
is Germany Rebelling Against US Sanctions on Russia ? | REAL MATTERS
\\so as most of you know the United States has recently issued a new round of sanctions against Russia as was expected the sanctions got harsh criticism from Russia which one as far as expelling a pretty major portion of the United States has diplomatic mission in Russia now the most interesting part about this round of sanctions unlike previous sanctions which were widely supported by the U. S. as allies Germany has expressed considerable concern about the sanctions with some the German government going as far as to say that the EU should propose counter sanctions let's take a little deeper and look at why Germany is so critical of this round of U. S. sanctions more about real matters by clicking on the peach tree on in the link in the description below Germany's economic minister made some of the most outspoken statements against the US sanctions and urge the European Union to fight back against this new round of sanctions against Russia the reason is is that it's widely viewed in Germany as punishing European most importantly in energy market which has close ties with some German company some provisions of the sanctions passed by Congress gives the US government the ability to sanction companies developing Russia's export pipelines the pipeline that everyone's talking about is the Nord stream pipeline in fact the second notion pipeline the first one was already completed and this carries a significant amount of natural gas from Russia directly to Germany and not surprisingly many European companies are involved in this in depth so now you may ask why is no extremes so important to Germany well it makes Germany a critical player in Europe's energy market once Russia's energy exports bypass the eastern European countries and go directly to Germany which means Germany control the flow of a considerable amount of natural gas the rest of Europe and protect itself and arguably Europe from perceived volatilities in eastern European countries German French and Dutch company see this as a way of securing Europe's energy market however many central and eastern European countries have seen this as an attack on their current profits from these pipelines going through Russia to Europe and that this would centralize even more power within Germany but also continue to empower Russia the United States has also been critical of the project encouraging Europe to diversify its energy imports away from Russia which would then also aligned with the U. S. is energy interests and this is why German and European leaders see some of the provisions in the sanctions as a trade war against the European Union in order to push Europe towards American energy interests and this is why Germany has been so critical of this new round of U. S. sanctions because it could be perceived as not only sanctioning Russia but functioning companies pursuing Germany and Europe's energy interests for more episodes like this don't forget to hit that subscribe button and I'll catch you guys next time for another report piece //

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