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"2017-08-29 14:11:18"
Demolition of education: Israel razes EU-funded schools in West Bank
\\Belgium is demanding compensation from Israel after the authorities raised 6 emu funded schools in a village near Bethlehem last week the children now have to study in tents or outside as usual the soldiers came and started shooting in the air throwing grenades at people and then they started destroying the school I feel so said that our school has been destroyed it won't seem so upset because they raise our school I love studying so much one day I want to become an engineer as I mentioned the cabins which were meant to serve as schools were donated by the E. U. as well as all the necessary educational equipment the main aim of the project was to provide local children with an opportunity to get an education near their homes the nearest school is now an hour's walk away from where they live about Jim one of the country's behind the educational project has condemned the destruction calling Israel's move unacceptable adding that the project was to meet humanitarian needs I was in keeping with international humanitarian law pull a slayer travel to the affected village tonight before the new school year started Israeli bulldozers arrived here on the outskirts of the Palestinian city of Bethlehem to demolish 7 caravans that if we simply being erected as a school for some 100 obeyed when students from the area how this was one of 65 schools in the area that had recently been given the demolition orders but the difference here was that the demolition order came the same nice that the school was destroyed there was some bombs they was tear gas and the solution has been this taint that was put up to try and accommodate at least some of the children so they could hold classes and when there is a strong wind would get cold we have classes indirect sunlight some of us might get sunstroke and get sick and when it gets cooler people get deal to can attract middle to love to visit in a quick kiss from a village was so happy when they had a school and when it got destroyed they were very upset the kids used to love going to school there were so enthusiastic about it and now they're asking all the time why do I have to study in attends the children needs water classrooms and there's nothing like this in this so called school actuation inside they're awful classes that are simultaneously most of the students are not even they've been seen to a school that is around 10 kilometers away you can well imagine that is a far distance for children this age to roll and many of them say and on the way still see if he has according to the Norwegian who makes consul in the first also of the Sunni which 24 case schools like this being destroyed by the Israeli army points yeah oughtn't to but I did we got in touch with the Israeli authorities who told us that the schools were built without the required planning permits now Dimitri deli on his from the Fatah revolutionary council says there's a shortage of not any schools but also hospitals and housing due to Israel's reluctance to give Palestinians construction permits this time we talk about 3 schools but these are not the first 3 schools or hospitals ... suffer from the same thing ... our economy suffers from suffocation Israel has by international the responsibility of building schools they do not build schools ... and at the same time they don't give permits to ... build schools ... nor nor houses we have shortage in the hospitals because Israel doesn't give permits to build hospitals and at the same time they are building freely on our land to schools for Israeli ... settlers who are illegal colonial settlers on our land and they're free to build their schools //
"2017-08-11 08:10:52"
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: US escalation around the world 'desperately dangerous'
\\in August 1949 at the dawn of the Cold War the renowned singer and actor Paul Robeson it was scheduled to play a benefit concert for the civil rights Congress near Peekskill New York Robeson was not only a singular talent but an outspoken supporter of the decolonization of Africa the end of Jim crow in the United States and peace with the Soviet Union these political positions along with his communist affiliations that led to his blacklisting during the McCarthy era before groups and even a ride new writers whipped into a frenzy by local right mob of those gathered to attend Robeson concert beating them with baseball bats and hurling racial police took hours to arrive and did little to protect the concert goers leading 13 people seriously injured and breaking up the concert the media demagogues and nationalist mobs is set a terrifying precedent demonstrating how a performer could be shut down for speech which threatened the pro war status quo today legislators in New York are threatening to do the same to another performer who has taken a bold political position their target is rock legend Roger Waters and his support for the Palestinian led boycott divestment and sanctions movement or BDS an opinion piece published on local news and Nassau County this week compared the struggle of musicians sensor during the Cold War to that of waters stating the blacklisting of actors writers and directors during the Cold War is among the most shameful chapters of American history yet a group of Nassau County legislators appear to favor a revival of the blacklist they're determined to prevent former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters from performing at Nassau Coliseum next month because he has endorsed the goals of the boycott divestment sanctions movement BDS seeks to punish Israel because of its policies towards Palestinians the piece goes on to point out it was waters himself who's saying famously in pink Floyd's the wall the timeless lyric we don't need no thought control in an exclusive conversation I spoke with waters about attempts to shut down his show for his views on Palestine but also the current state of politics in the United States and the rise of the modern Cold War Roger you are one of if not the most high profile supporter of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement in support of Palestinian rights legislators in New York not sow county are actually threatening to cancel shows of yours a for this position you take and how is that able to happen well I guess I don't think it is able to happen ... but the basis upon which is happening is that they is that the a Pat AIPAC in the ... Israel lobby in this country tried to post legislation in the state legislature in New York to criminalize ... membership of will support for boycott divestment and sanctions they failed in their data Andrew Cuomo the governor rotate into state law person executive action Justin is a person in the Mitchell so very soon or of some kind which I haven't I I continuing sexually what it says but ... which says that no organizational business is about to do business in New York state ... with a person such as me who is involved in the boycott that movement to try and encourage peace really careful meant to them modify its purposes visibly very Palestinian let's get into the government because in defending his bands decision to plain Israel Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke said playing in a country isn't an endorsement of the government pointing out the group doesn't endorse trump but still plays in the states why is Israel different that's a 2 part question alright ... Tom yoke is wrong about no endorsing the publicists if the Israeli government by playing ... ... spokespersons of that government have said how excited they are that this is the best thing that's happened for the hospital which is the explaining ... to the rest of the world Waterloo ... but what a wonderful and precious democracy Israelis ... and Willy nilly when they cross the picket line they are making a public statement that they do indoors the policies of the company what ever they say because that is what will be reported in Israel and that is what gets reported around the world that is why radio had of being so as soundly criticized by anybody with ... progressive ideas about human rights ... because they have taken that step the other thing is about not performing in the United States of trying to boycott the nuts and the people of the United States have not got together is a civil society and asked performance from the rest of the world not to come and perform in the United States because they are now Q. pipe people and the reason organized resistance against the occupying army civil society in Palestine in 2005 started the BDS movement themselves this isn't something imposed by a bunch of foreign wrote musicians this is something that they started that by who denies it and I have made an appeal to all artists righteous musicians actors directors anybody in the rest of the world to observe the picket line which they have trouble ... and 2 Oscars not to add to to to observe a cultural boycott of the country you're one of the most beloved rock stars of a generation you're very vocal outspoken and I would say you're fairly accessible why don't we hear from you on mainstream media or on popular late night television shows I'm told that they come on so that question but that it comes from above I was told that by Charlie Rose not directly but by his producer why isn't Roger on Charlie Rose and we're not quite sure but it comes from above that change so you figure out for yourself it's not rocket science these after you took these positions ... won't do I've I've taken this position since 2006 when it's a long story but basically it's yet those 10 or 11 years and a bit if my presence began to be felt buy a pack and by the Israel lobby in this country which is extremely powerful this you know and the very very powerful Delano's 2 old political poachers they wield enormous power in Congress which is why as we speak there is a bill before Congress ... that is sponsored by among others the junior senator from New York Kirsten juniper and draw that she met in the post I look forward to meeting again and because I wanted to explain himself to me ... and then the bill is to criminalize BDS with criminal pound penalties the people like me there's been a being tool co for $0 fines and 20 years in prison as a critic of Israel one of the main ad campaigns against you this powerful lobby has rolled out is to call you an anti semite in the U. S. at the moment if you question the media's obsession with trump's ties to Russia you're called uprooting apologist if as a journalist you challenge the narrative the media's pushing on the war it in Syria you're called in a scientist why is it ... when you start to Callao injustices or inaccuracies in the status quo people are immediately slapped with a label because we're living in 1994 you know the that well when my children were young teenagers I insisted that they read Brave New World so they have you have to retype all children should greet Huxley and all well and maybe a bit of wells maybe IBM's if it were something in French but in fact that is where we're living now where where propaganda is more important in fact it's far more important and that that is a huge news story about this whole thing about fake news is that people have understood that the truce facts philosophy middle age history education none of these things are important in order to retain a position of power you need to be really good propaganda and you need to be really good at selling big lies often and loud and the last thing that you won't find in the mainstream major is anybody shining actual real life to anything so people who are who who actually care about the predicament of the human race or about the future of this small vulnerable plan at or about the fellow human beings and if they're being oppressed to kill during or and or anything like that it's best to keep them out of the way because they may interfere with the general narrative you say people are realizing that this is something I would say you figured out awhile ago you're currently on the us and them tour which is full of the ... especially politically charged visuals but many of your most well known songs written decades ago still correspond perfectly with the current state of politics in the United States I you one line which come is Hey you White House you are and we're just a few blocks from the White House now Roger what is it symbolized ... well it's it's it's America it's an edifice that had now has become symbolic of how detached politics in the United States but all over the western world has become separated from its potential function which was famous for society civil society to organize itself in a way ... that helps society to grow and develop and that protects the civil and legal rights of its citizens it is it is now the White House is sin is sin edifice symbolic of the function of government which now seems to be to protect ... that tiny elite of very very very wealthy man who actually run this country and the corporations who profit from the policies that are meted out by the Congress that is bull paid for by the donors who would given ... that the liberties to make those donations by the Supreme Court in citizens United which is one of the most regressive pieces of of ... out of legal doctrine to have found its way into this into society since the second World War and it's deplorable in every possible what it means that you can buy the whole political system is up for sale because of that one particular mill so in consequences soon it's an absolute it is a sure rob the whole thing is a sure road now has nothing to do with government of the people by the people for the people there's no longer any safety net this particular administration it has shown and and is completely honest about the fact that it wants to dismantle all humane federal governmental ... agencies to look at that look off to the environment the old the sick the aged any pull anybody pull anybody that they need to be destroyed on the altar of the advance of the corporations and if if what I was saying wasn't true it would sound crazy but it's not it's actually so that must be kept from the public has to be kept off the mainstream media we must we must not talk we count talk about it it's not a Palestine and you wrote that song 40 years ago by and in much of the establishments criticism of trump we hear the phrase that I hear all the time in a particularly liberal media this is not normal that somehow trump is more authoritarian or militaristic brutish than anyone else who's ever run this country or been involved in politics do you think trump really you represent something unique in the United States only because she's supremely del yeah he's he he he is and then compose her name at self evidently Annie Annie he kind of progress professes that publicly all the time with these tweets and just generally with the way he behaves whatever North Korea best not make anyone threats to the United States they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen showing his slight is different than a bomber was so even claim they were much smoother operate system but they were still operating policies which fundamentally wrong and in human a particularly in their waging a war against the rest of the world innovative this idea that ... the United States needs to be amended troop presence over the whole globe and needs to be them ... threatening as much as it can and controlling as much as it ... it's deeply and desperately dangerous particularly the world we live in where we still after all these years have countries that have nuclear weapons so that what we could you know we could be sitting here talking what a surprise it will be if there's a woman and all the lights go out because of some electromagnetic thick and then suddenly we realize they happen wow and it's what we've all been talking about and the wise man have all been warning us for years and years and it just last week they came out and I said the doomsday clock is 2.5 minutes to midnight this is the closest we've been to the nuclear catastrophe since the end of the second World War and and and yet when we talk about well we talked I should get a we talk about heightening tensions with Russia well yeah yeah I'm a yeah and and it's why you know why you have you have to ask yourself why why would we why would we do that why would John McCain wants to be going and having a war with Russia why would be the one change here abnormal boats in the Black Sea aware of that why why this obsession we've with Russia why not why not make maybe that maybe that's the only tiny bit of sense that jumpers my days that it might be a good idea to actually have conversations with the Russian the guy a cult members 9 but the foreign minister seems to be eminently sensible and eloquent Lavrov yeah and also people people I think would do well to ... Rico of ... the interviews all of the standard with Clinton because when you actually listen to it if you if you compare that Vladimir Putin with Donald Trump gecko which language about the sit down and have a conversation ways there's there's no question this was a complete buffoon who doesn't make any sense knows nothing about anything this guy may be power hungry any maybe but it least he's at least is coherent mistaken string a sentence together Whitney steamed enlisting reads about the political situations in the places that ... his his countries involved which show that it not be said or on his doorstep Putin is not frigging around in Mexico heat of napi missiles just over the Mexican border so you're obviously not afraid of being called the Putin apologists now like Oliver has been he first pointing out these now of course I'm not afraid it's it's just the reality of the situation that that gets back to the idea that what's important to the mainstream media is propaganda the announce what it's about it's become a tool of the propaganda maybe on which signature some logics finally I you're on the US and had them tour right now throughout these states and then I believe Europe as well ... for your fans coming to your shows how would you like them to take your music and translated it it translated into action and their own lives their role of humans I hear you talk about that a lot your role as a human being and especially our fans in Israel who might be wanting to know why they that music can be played in our country word and be very hard for that not through Israeli fans because of this film in touch with many of there is a big big resistance movement ... it in Israel that this particular organization called boycott from within run by a guy now cool run a Balkan and I and its proper organization and they're extremely bright because in the face of the intransigence of most of the Zionists it in Israel they actually running their own form of resistance because they are caring ... Jewish people who ... deeply distressed that the publicists of the Israeli government run contrary to the Humane 10 days of Judaism on what's actually in the Torah I'm I'm I'm what they believe that connection with with that religion I'm agnostic so it it's really none of my business but and we do know that will lose Judaic based religions will have the same basic ideas but but when you your space coming out in the end this attorney something we've done searching kicks in this country and everywhere we played because the show is very political see it understand what it's about recognizing the predicament of others may attach is very much to the philosophical position that we should do is we would be done by character from chills king size 4 to play bits my sister was she would be done by says that but we ate it is incumbent upon a soul and upon our politicians known for those of us who think about people who might be on the other side of an argument to pull ourselves in their shoes how would we feel sitting here in Washington if that would transposing around in the sky or die and we never knew what we were gonna be planned out lots of because if they had a drone attacks prince targeted assassinations of which I have to say I could not have been more disapproving help when when the last administration was why barrack Obama's kept continued and expanded that drone program I will never know I haven't had the chance to ask him about that and I probably never will a but I have no idea it's hard to imagine a sensible reply I mean he might say aware we have to fight terror please you give it you must see that being that kind of belligerent bell echoes deadly presence in 137 foreign countries can only encourage a resistance to that to that he beat me unacceptable colonial imperial this behavior sin efforts no you can't cut the head of a state anyway that's a long conversation and but what I found in the in in my shows is that we discovered that that 10 or 12000 people telling is that number rates I'm desperate to find to be in a in a in a place of love for their fellow human beings to support the effort of it they want help people they don't want to be part of this administration's charge towards ripping the rug out from under us society is a whole giving it entirely of just the corporations and the few very very rich very very greedy man run everything they want to they want that to be a society where they care for their brothers since and they would like that to extend beyond the national borders of the United States not just into Mexico and South America wet trump thinks the enemy out but also went into purposes in the Middle East and and all that well so that they start addressing the idea that all human beings deserve human and civil rights including the Palestinians and that from my position as a as an active member of BDS specially my brothers and sisters in Palestine who've been living under a minute tree occupation for 15 years since 1967 and so we we continuing the struggle and we're winning it this is why they call me an anti semite this is why they want to silence me this is why they don't want me on Charlie Rose Bowl Stephen Colbert as speaking he lets me play my song but I'm not allowed to sit on the couch and tool because this unit because they don't want to hear it but ... it's spreading that sway this of fright 68 years following the Peekskill riots artists in the United States are still targeted for their political beliefs now by a powerful lobby in Washington representing the interests of the Israeli government what's more a 7 decades on from the second red scare in the beginning of the McCarthy era a Russian menace still looms in the minds of Washington's political class and many lawmakers are fixated on escalating with Russia all over again the threat of mutually assured destruction has yet to temper the bellicose rhetoric from our leaders now as during the original Cold War it seems that only a handful of artists and thinkers are brave enough to put careerism aside to lead with their humanity and to question more //

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