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"2017-09-01 21:49:46"
Journalist fired for exposing how CIA ran weapons to terrorists
\\ ... Bulgaria reporter has spoken to our tea after she says she was fired and interrogated for exposing an Azerbaijani state run airlines involvement with international weapons shipments on August 24 though Jana guy 10 Shiva tweeted quote I've just got fired for telling the truth about weapons supplies for terrorists in Syria on diplomatic fights her story was published in the largest Bulgarian daily newspaper in circulation back in July since then Bulgarian authorities have interrogated her demanding she reveal her sources and she was eventually fired guy Tenchi does spoke with RT correspondent on your part pal and says her source is anonymous Ileana can you start by explaining what exactly our scoop concerning silk way air why is and how it's tied to wars the Middle East in December of last Seattle so ... reporting on the battle of violent pool land that she had is from on the strip from its designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations retreated from that position because I got inside the ... 9 on the ground warehouses full of hidden weapons with Bulgaria as ... their country of origin when they got back in my room going through AA Bulgaria I traced back though this shift mounts and that it's turned out that they had just a small path of a bigger intonation all scheme involving their night to stay Sasso deray via the United Arab Emirates ... many European countries and Azerbaijan I receive their arm secret mammals site which yeah why a correspondence between the Bulgarian ministry of foreign affairs and the the issue re amnesty vote Gaviria with diplomacy notes for flights out of hearing weapons so did a different look geisha house around the welts that I mean Syria ... I mean the only Yemen Congal Pakistan against down so ... the scheme is and explain in brick on different the private American companies Shattuck that still great airlines the transport or eastern European weapons and that ... secret that CI a program for a long long U. S. found that leg bones so still play and lines provided this service diplomatic flights for weapons because side diplomatic flights I exam the ... shakes ... not appeals and inspections in this way still play and lines and that didn't then diplomatic flags thrust faulted the sounds of weapons to Syria to Yemen Kong loads of different data walls almost around the wealth and the crap out of diplomatic thanks and how did you receive these documents and were you able to verify them I received the the documents ... Sorenson goal in July ... ban on most of its grounds I don't know cool ... the people behind this anonymous account well but then very thankful to them because the information they provided ... shelf me do my investigation and ... when I check the authenticity of the documents that I ... needs further research I reached out to the azzurri embassy and if there are released on a statement confirming that the authenticity of this accounts ... the the embassy confirmed that they had been are subjected to a cyber attack and urged will get on sort of just doing basically a ... these show and ... the Bulgarian sort of did will start to sob ... launched an investigation but not that into the criminal scheme I they they had been investigating my sources of information that's why also interrogate it can you elaborate on your interrogation what exactly they asked you they ask me about sign my soul says so they questioned me about the way I got this ... documents ... they did on that asked me in general about ... my friend thinks and that they they don't care about ... the scheme they camped outside the souls of 5 the information and I I published Sears say if Ortiz were more interested in your resources than the contact content of the story you exposed which included a getting Paul Garion made weapons into the hands of al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria yet I dont clarify any ounce of by the Bulgarian authorities how will gear and weapons made it so terrorists in Syria the official response by the book get on that room is that Bulgaria ... doesn't export weapons still out kinda which is all this I don't expect the book here on governments to have a great track us I am though between the Bulgarian prime minister and ... ... but that's equal ... do what do I need the litter so far ... ISIS all of kinda this is obvious but I provided the information I provided Duff will teach I which was that tape around the grounds from the warehouses of land that you had to skip that and stole their weapons and nobody ... neither the beginning National Security Agency now the began prosecutors asked me to provide this they had guns ... how I love bone I am very thankful to old media like TV ads and the ... yeah guys Asians for giving me the opportunity so Greenville ... this information I can provide these documents still anybody who wants to go make an independent investigation daily on that guy can Sheva thank you so much //
"2014-10-23 00:45:42"
US sends weapons, supplies into the hands of ISIS
\\the winds may have just blown in favor of ISIS militants near the Syrian town of Kobani in an unconfirmed YouTube video ISIS fighters appeared to be in possession of U. S. supplies and weapons intended for Kurdish allies they claim that US planes air drop the goods and that the wind just simply carried them over entices controlled territory in the propaganda video a masked man displays what they call spoils of war ranging from American hand grenades to small rocket rounds and other supplies that could be used against the Kurdish forces along the border city now in the U. S. dropped 28 bundles of arms and medical supplies to help Kurdish fighters and civilians on Monday U. S. Central Command says one of the bundles and didn't drift from its target but they say that they destroyed it before actually hit the ground here's a Pentagon press secretary rear admiral John Kirby addressing this confusion were aware that one bundle did not make it into the right hands and you sell saying come release indicating that that they destroyed it from the air ... that doesn't all all of that doesn't take away from the notion but that this video is out there and and that it couldn't fact be that bundle we just don't know Kirby says the U. S. has now spent $424000000 since August 8 on its fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria while that's a monetary blow to the U. S. the currents fighting back isis are taking a hit on the ground parties Polish Lear is in Turkey with more this Syrian Kurdish commando was injured on the same day his son died but he didn't have time to bury his boy who fell next to him in battle because he needed to get himself to hospital and foster 2 bullets in his leg and he was losing blood and so he lied to the Turkish army vacation across the border patrol has had his chin in concert because if they would know I was the fights and now they would have arrested me and not let me into talking and checking up as Qabbani Boone's injured Kurdish fighters all smuggling themselves across the border for treatment in Turkey and then it's the same argues journey back to join the brothers in arms as Bravo persona non union but you put them on the job and if the Turkish army looked at my injuries closely they have known I'm a fighter but of course I said I was a civilian Bob it was hitting his back 5 days ago he meets us hours after coming out of hospital by tonight he hopes to be back in Kobani but that in there put closure better we crossed through the back path so legally got treated us to die so we are not afraid to die it's a headache for Ankara on its doorstep is ISIS and now in its backyard all Syrian Kurds the president added on sales are just as bad they seem to blame him for 18 the jihadists so I so much so how the Turkish army was helping nice people in the Arab villages told us how they help 1500 fighters cross the border and I to Syria but no involved tune and cruises and women all could stir costs board into Qabbani but only Iraqi Kurds it's not clear if this is good for the Syrian Kurds who will still have to disguise themselves or even for the peshmerga which needs to travel 300 kilometers to get him this is the closest we can get to Qabbani the Turkish tanks are in position as they have been for the better part of 2 weeks just in case Qabbani gets a little closer to them point of sale all tea on the Turkey Syria border //

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