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"2017-03-09 21:43:40"
Debra Sweet. Head of group of organizations currently causing mass anti Trump riots
\\everybody this is us Thursday's broadcast March 9 2007 ... yesterday I was at the protest in this was given out to me and I wanted to actually find out where it was coming from ... so I did some research I got some pretty interesting information ... basically it all goes back to appeal box ... 305 west Broadway number 185 ... there's multiple ... businesses they used up the Obama so we have refuse fascism ... which is confirmed a communist group ... they're the ones that started the Berkeley riots in with my lawyer not a list of when this book deal over there ... so this will pay for them hauling right now it's basically the same papers that were over ... by the right ... then we have something called world can't wait ... they're involved with pacifica foundation in Berkeley ... and they control a large of publicly funded like it NPR type radio platform ... that supposedly wired to listen to but it's like a west coast thing I never heard of it and we have stopped police an anti police ... organization ... that's involved with the alliance for global justice ... which is involved with a south American activists ... Soros actually donated 50 K. to the alliance for global just ... that we have war criminals ... this is very against bush Obama trump anything Clinton I then we have WB I radio ... as well which is in Brooklyn New York ... that's I guess another public radio station that's probably how they get the word out you know for these ... protest I didn't know that ... the person behind it is known as one of the red lady and her name is Debra sweet ... I'm gonna be posting a picture up of her ... she is known as one of cirrhosis pockets ... she is the dominant Gina's abortion promoter because she supposedly profits from the increase in abortions due to her involvement and ... all the pro abortion public protest and everything like that ... she actually was also pictured and involved with the the Ferguson ... incident last year that their rights in Ferguson and Chicago vote day ... against said service which is a prominent sponsor a feminist Ashis involved with another woman Sarah ... Flanders was a Marxist Leninist ... she's not directly apart of refuse fascism or these other groups ... like you see here on the paper ... basically ... she's that had of these organizations that are doing the right things so I I ... you know call out to all you guys you may be ... tried to help me uncover this woman and ... stop which is going because she's doing very violent things people getting hurt ... I'll I'll post pictures up of her ... alongside with the video but I did find out exactly what this ... dried out the trump pence regime a fascist America ... vertical refuse ... goes directly to one of the red ladies which read communism ... she's a communist communist ... so alright so bad news radio but I wanted to do some research as I said I would and post it up thank you //

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