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"2018-05-18 17:20:17"
Something Wonderful is Going to Happen to Me - Spoken Affirmations to Repeat
\\ //
"2018-05-14 22:18:46"
I AM A Total Money Magnet - Spoken Affirmations to Repeat
\\ //
"2018-05-10 00:33:28"
Total Money Magnet - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-05-07 02:51:09"
Total Money Magnet - I AM a Total Money Magnet - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-05-03 07:30:48"
Something Wonderful is Going to Happen to Me - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-30 19:24:15"
Something Wonderful is Going to Happen to Me - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-28 09:36:36"
Feel Happiness & Bliss - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-21 19:24:38"
I AM Enlightened - With Uplifting Music - Super -Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-19 16:10:35"
I AM Enlightened - My Every Experience Is Filled with Joy - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-16 18:19:37"
I Love Myself - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-14 19:25:22"
I Love Myself - I Love My Inner Strength - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-11 08:12:05"
Alpha Female - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-09 07:29:37"
Alpha Male - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-06 18:51:16"
I Deeply Love My Partner πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-04-04 09:46:57"
I Deeply Love My Partner πŸ’–I Desire Love So I Give My Significant Other Love - Super Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-30 17:16:55"
Superstar Drummer - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-28 07:53:35"
Superstar Drummer - I AM A Natural At Playing the Drums - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-22 21:49:19"
All My Desires Manifest Tonight While I Sleep - Music Version - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-20 17:00:01"
All My Desires Manifest Tonight While I Sleep - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-17 17:09:58"
Losing Weight Comes Naturally To Me - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-15 23:32:50"
Losing Weight Comes Naturally To Me - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-12 17:31:07"
I AM Able to Handle Large Sums of Money - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-11 00:01:10"
I AM Able to Handle Large Sums of Money - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-09 23:24:03"
I Have Welcomed an Unexpected One Million Pounds - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-09 23:21:32"
I Have Welcomed An Unexpected $500,000 Dollars - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-08 19:42:20"
Subliminal & Affirmations Booster - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-07 01:12:52"
Subliminal & Affirmations Booster - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-04 04:09:29"
Violin Master - I AM a Virtuoso Violinist - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-03-02 19:35:26"
Violin Master - I AM a Virtuoso Violinist - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-28 05:47:59"
Thank You For More Money Than I could Possibly Spend - with Uplifting Music
\\ //
"2018-02-26 06:17:30"
Thank You for More Money Than I Could Possibly Spend - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-23 21:32:06"
Safe to Heal, Safe to Be Myself - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-21 09:11:29"
Safe to Heal, Safe to Be Myself - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-19 06:11:51"
I AM the Light - I Shine Bright - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-17 04:35:04"
I AM the Light - I Shine Bright - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-15 05:27:08"
I AM Open to Receiving Money in Ways I've Never Imagined - Uplifting Music - Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-13 20:38:52"
I AM Open to Receiving Money in New Ways I Have Never Imagined - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-03 18:54:25"
Chess Master - I AM A Chess Grandmaster - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-02-01 19:14:32"
Chess Master - I AM A Chess Grandmaster - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-30 00:28:37"
New Amazing Lover (For Men) ❀️ with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-28 17:59:32"
I Have Attracted An Amazing New Lover Into My Life (For Men) ❀️ Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-26 17:03:17"
New Amazing Lover (for Women)πŸ’– with Uplifting Music πŸ’‘ Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-25 07:53:30"
I Have Attracted An Amazing New Amazing Lover Into My Life (for Women)πŸ’– 😘Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-22 18:03:20"
I AM The One - I AM Connected To All - w/ Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-20 18:59:42"
I AM The One - I AM Connected To All - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-14 20:40:58"
I AM Magical - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-12 18:55:36"
I AM Magical - Today I Will Make Magic Happen - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-09 09:46:56"
Superstar Vibration - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-08 00:39:12"
Superstar Vibration - I Have A Superstar Vibration - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-04 04:57:05"
I AM BRAVE - Develop Strong Courage & Bravery - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-03 06:06:32"
I AM BRAVE - Develop Strong Courage & Bravery - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-03 06:05:53"
I Get Laid Like A Rockstar By Being Myself - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-03 05:58:29"
I Get Laid Like A Rockstar By Being Myself - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-03 04:45:09"
I Attract Amazing Sex with Gorgeous Men By Being Myself - with music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2018-01-03 02:54:32"
I Attract Amazing Sex with Gorgeous Men By Being Myself - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-30 06:10:21"
2018 Turbo Supercharger - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-28 22:23:42"
2018 Turbo Supercharger - I Accomplish My Goals & Dreams In 2018 Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-25 20:24:20"
Powerful Gratitude Affirmations to help you Manifest - with Uplifting Music
\\ //
"2017-12-24 04:52:22"
Powerful Gratitude Affirmations to help you Manifest - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-21 18:47:57"
Will Smith Sex Appeal - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-19 23:22:30"
Will Smith Sex Appeal - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-18 07:22:35"
Thank You For My Life - Grateful & Thankful - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-17 01:18:51"
Thank You For My Life - Grateful & Thankful - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-15 21:41:59"
My Boyfriend Just Asked Me To Marry Him - I AM Getting Married - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charge
\\ //
"2017-12-15 03:47:13"
My Boyfriend Just Asked Me To Marry Him - I AM Getting Married - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-11 08:42:02"
Marry My Dream Girl - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-09 19:12:34"
Million Dollar Product Idea - Everybody Wants My Product - with Uplifting Music
\\ //
"2017-12-06 19:35:41"
Million Dollar Product Idea - Everybody Wants My Product - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-05 02:21:47"
Dating Success - My Love Life is Flourishing - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-03 03:02:21"
Dating Success πŸ’– My Love Life Is Flourishing - All My Dates Are Amazing - Super Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-02 22:56:43"
Kim Kardashian Sex Appeal πŸ”₯ Uplifting Music Version - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-12-02 22:17:54"
Kim Kardashian Sex Appeal - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-30 04:53:40"
I AM Complete - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-28 07:57:29"
I AM Complete - I AM Whole and Complete - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-28 05:32:23"
Key tip to Manifest Faster - Do this while listening to our videos!
\\ //
"2017-11-26 07:12:06"
Surrender - I Trust - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-24 06:45:18"
Surrender - I Trust - I Let Go - Super Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-22 08:00:32"
I Give It My All - I Destroy Limits - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-20 19:18:27"
I Give It My All - I Destroy Limits - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-18 19:26:24"
I Give It My All - I Destroy Limits - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-16 06:23:01"
Super Magnet - Uplifting Music Version - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-12 09:21:58"
Super Magnet - Become A Super Magnet for Great Things! - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-09 18:29:10"
Money Just Pours Into My Life - With Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-08 04:18:06"
Money Pours Into My Life - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-05 18:32:41"
I Make Miracles Happen - Uplifting Music Version - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-03 21:48:16"
I Make Miracles Happen - Miracle Machine - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-11-01 06:02:45"
I Love the Feeling of Being In Love πŸ’— Uplifting Music Version 😍😍 Super-Charged Affirmations
\\I love being NPI love being in love this is a fantastic I love it I love the feeling of I love every let's well so I love yeah I give she so I love all around I love he every you look at I love let me know feeling I get so hire a change I love I love well I love them I love it really you working I love it I love it I look every let's well most love when you're those yeah terrible change I love I love I love it dearly great I let me learn every last so I love these I love I love I love I love it that's really I love it I love the I love I'd love to I love it let's I love I love I love I love the //
"2017-10-30 08:10:00"
I Love the Feeling of Being In Love 😍 Attract Love πŸ’— Super-Charged Affirmations
\\WNED I Love Me like I love nbae love being in love you I love you I love you so much I love that feeling generous and last year I started feeling of being in love I love you I love the feeling of life being like thing or is wearing a behind locked us insurance I bask in this feeling on both I am I feeling a really on are you asking you're the love all around if you love them a door I love being I love the dialing up the none of love think about all of this love is I love I love the feel we cherry I love treasury George and I looked over at I feel he'll lift every Celeste like a lot well my heart I move few months I hardly I feel so you're really so level I love it so long as I love the feeling of I love you might be able yeah I'd love to be loved living in I feel you wonder I giving diaries close to I hope it's love why every 96 acts yeah Robert iRobot she actions are heroes here I'm lucky I love you mom I love so much I left Nnamdi I love the well gore have I'll ask so you really love legal or not I agree right yeah feeling you love all around if you are ignored the I don't know I love this line of radios on the links below well that's I love the feel I love it I love it Richard adored and one of every I feel so blessed daily lives well I think he'll live in the south over the last or he also chair I feel so I love my adored it feels like so you you're not I'm Bonnie I love the re love you know I love the most nothing that you love wonderful yeah by giving high res I hope steps and I was all been a love is honourable changed I love Jerry and I love I love the so much I love the feeling of being I love the feeling I love source of bass you I am so we love you you know that being in love yeah so greatly you're the love all around organic I love the I love the yeah like if you are most his love his as to I love the feel I love the feeling of the share I love this version of Islam and nor did he ever now you I will be I feel loved every I feel so blessed I love feeling well I he lifted look and listen over a lot of my heart I feel so I love going to Florida I feel a lot better cellular level you'll love it so I've gone I'm just a few I love my no no no no I think I would be love wonderful close to I mean my I focus on I love so the judge yeah desirable change if things are I love I love finding I love the so my I love it dearly I love you I love well so am I your feeling feeling a I absolutely love the I absolutely adore feeling a my also good I don't ask you really know the vocal around I'm glad to sort I love you you I like this focus I love the I love the feeling is the I love you and if you thrasher I feel hello everyone I feel so blessed well yeah I feel I am overcome you know heart slowing of it feels so good I love you so I'm she'll love so I've gone I love I don't you mean just these lights I'm loving it wonderful I give a lot love is closed I love the feeling I slowly it's bye bye it's just absolutely judge all been they're a little change I'm looking as you rise I love being I love the so much I love the feeling of I love that I love the love I or and that's absolutely love I have I am I am so grateful really feeling you're the love all around towards the I love the I love the yeah yeah well I love you fantastic lobbyists I love it I love the feeling I love Dorgan well if you if you lived every day so let's you well I am over if you I hard love feels so good I'm looking on the door if you so the level you'll love this so my body I love the re I love you one if you want I mean you if you feel laughter I give both lose to I like I focus on love is mind accepts iRobot I love it I love child I look I love the healing I love the I love the leann gore you know I ask I love we adore the one guy a lot of I appreciate feeling attacks so grateful good nice great I love it feeling like you love all around you I I love you it was one well yes yeah if you I love them I love the feeling of love mnbound you know what every feel so let's yeah well I'm right obviously I am over relations or the feeling of I feel so I feel so or you love it do you have left if you love so my I love I love my you well done Tokyo yonder giving I love flows to I have a feeling of love 6 gesturing all been iRobot changes nations are I love songs I love the feeling I'm not much you must have I love it I love the feeling of or I've asked this I am a lot of the I am I agree so it's great it feels Greenlee my you know it's asking you know I love all around I like them I love it because what is it you live like this I love I love if you I love the treasury I feel I don't know if you live everyday I feel so blessed well yeah he looked look at this feelings in my heart feels so good I love Robert toward one I have a lot of that cellular level hello so Mike von I love the I love you love so it's national I love the love the he loves you wonderful yeah I read love flows to I hope it's on love and I love my I mind accepts an acid sira both G. I love we I'm lucky I like well so I love the feel I love you I love it if you your vascular yeah I love their music I love if you I agree you want to be so every I still read them to you also you'll love all around Courtney Love yeah I love that so as to I love you I love the feeling of being I love the feeling of treasured in Dorgan she almost everyday I feel so blessed and I feel it's killing of deep you are love well the center and the feeling I'm over feelings on my car and I love so sharing during the few I feel so I love being if you live so I will Vietnam I'm Bob I love feeling great you know I love life you mean by I love being Laura love what's your view I give close to I focus on loving feline pine so gesturing undesirable has changed I love being I love being I love the so my I love I love you cherry I love my family he loves I ask I absolutely love I absolutely adore it my every great is it a good law the love all around Giorgio I like I love I'm going I love the feeling of the I love the feeling of the treasury I feel my or did Nnamdi you know what I am so let's view of his I love it I love well really our love we also it feels so I love their wives I feel so so my body I look loving it was wonderful yeah and I recently most my life my mind Ngee all there will be changes there are I love feeling a lot I love the I love you so I'm loving the well I love this I really appreciate I'd love to have you gore a lot you know I absolutely love I absolutely adore I am so grateful great above all around so where do you live I love I love it you're lying to me well I think I love that feeling well I love the I love him treasures and yeah live every I feel so blessed yeah yeah you're on it must be well if you look at all of you know of it overcome our family feels so good I love it in real life feel loved and cellular level your mom I want I love the love I so you must I love you you Love he lovingly well if you what's your favorite I give it I love you love flows to love so I know my mind sealing them using all been she I look behind blowing ideally I love so much I love the feeling I love the I love the charities gore I absolutely love you I feeling a I love you I agree feeling a so grateful to my really he you're the love all around yeah July I love the feeling a love yeah I love it I love you I love it we're having every he also lets you feel well love and I am over I immediately my heart I feel so so I look forward if you're lucky you love is simply selling my body I love you know I love like I don't know during 3 wonder those tai chi is I focus I love you just as I'm I'm minding since I was just we have been fire opal changed I love it I love I love you so yeah I love of learning I love every we love I love the feeling my the doors and yelling about I've asked I absolutely love towards mainly she's right you are all around your I love I love you live like that well his I love the feeling of I'm not really a I love the treasury those I feel I feel left everything sales of less you just I made love you look like well look at us the reason heart of I feel so cherish feels so good off the I love and adore you are Sony level you'll love it so my boss I love the I love love my I love to ask you mean I love these are done loving my wonder we see love I live and mine online and adds yeah hello all been iRobot she I love the I love I love so much I love I love the I like that North long my answer Theodore I am so grateful yeah I still agree the love all around you have no good I love a lot I love it I love the feeling of the well and I love I love the feeling of I love the feeling of I love treasured it Georgia and in love show less every day Ngee you have world you're looking senator I'm over feelings I feel so good I love being with or if you are so you're levels you'll love it I don't live by I love this yeah right isnt I love being I mean also really wonderful I give mnbound love closed I focused I love my country right judge my mind desirable change I love I love being I love love you so much yeah I loved it I love the feeling of the I love or you really nothing //
"2017-10-30 07:04:40"
I Love the Feeling of Being In Love πŸ’— I AM In Love 😍 Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-10-28 01:14:43"
I AM Full Of Energy - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-10-25 21:29:32"
I AM Full Of Energy - I AM Filled with Positive Energy - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\NPI am full life cigarettes I I am I'm behind it guys and you know I don't know for mine I am likely to retain jury so that we can I just keep going now going mine a little I love everything every now and I I go with more money my gosh so these voters more and are now if and everyone credible and now more and you know that you can achieve never yeah Carlos modelers are just I feel that announcer live Bonnie day I am all over it Gambar when we got I had so much and now crush all my goals I am buildings in I am filled with the everyday like how my name is every day my body every day my inner days yeah more inner today I am lower and where is one of my town like my father others Meyer some nginx so it was life models so so we my body so my bottom Seoul is alright vital lines cradling was all I love how 3 hour running it only how much I tell others come in its own how much fun yeah please refresh I was the angered by law or you might notice that I have yeah but all the positive every day trying all that hard units are all the now it will all the time onerous so I thought every Friday I don't know punished of life well that I am sure users are so allows you but I don't every cell in my body all of the positive flowing following on well yeah double how legal I am now already world I am I am still more like all of us wants to I never ever my mind accepts yes she I've always been a desirable change there's I have been well I am because now we'll go I am like a there is still just it's going everything or any energy can you define what you mean but I I am a little more money I'm Bob so I feel a little more and I more and now if you have 3 others will announce I never all of them now today I am a little while I had a now crush on I goals is to I am filled I feel cold or hot yeah every day every day my the day my I levels every day or higher on the everyday I more and more and like I I might energize so creates a great of you might forced by now how about so all of yeah 24 by so I am alive blowing it my body so it was there's a lot right on so like a line I love how much you know yeah alright well Sir real bad execute my like how you know I have others come join no way by counties right now I'm crash you know just where I walk notice that I yeah hold upon every second we did this roles in part all the positive now following all the right now willing now is this energy and Bonnie I went through yeah my I don't know but it's all the energy I have you stores users I allow United strongly strongly vital I buy because it pause has already energy I the goals are now in your ready to go world Sunday I am everybody knows it well I want you to a random jumble of and I I just mind accepts I only got sire of religion in other words we all of our I am I wore it I am like a recount every cell battery so I just manners my I have if you have a high schools now I don't know where everything I do you know to allow on my blog I am filled with I'm gonna so I love Chicago more energy now if we will credible amount Lori you never the day I know now retro buildings I am we're going to every I am a little was like I gave my body yeah my inner yeah well our international day I or as a young yeah what was it like how my life president force I have my son how much others well really I am so focused so by satellite flowing into I applaud so credible and do my lot still be hydrolyzed ncredible list now yeah I know every hour on my hold on a house others you know how much like everyone I n't you'll notice the along green energy yeah you notice that daily thing although I must it was a I mean every day on a positive all the hot now hourly day well so I have right sounds like what is so every day I never I allowed you right my god all the hard all this time I have all some going now energy moreover I am I have a film more than I well I want I have a family life just all I know Dyer will change global vendors I am a bit hours I am like a every cell battery just go every the latter there is a everything I yeah power positive violet filled with reliable my body so on my village on our end now every every night credible amounts are more and never well really everyday lots every day energy more and limit now my crush all my goals I am feels more like every I asked for a long night reading my blog George the day my the levels the days or enter today I am yeah I mean there are highlights of lapses and they're just credible there's a although clearly I am so now so I am 5 Starz only lonely my body so I buy so I realized credible and also of how much and every al-assad's well like how for myself everyone I raised I noticed the great I'm also you know really J. all that hot every day holding hands on him all of the hostages now flowing among all across right now on this energy by Brian and we'll have the right I date now I have some provinces life for all the energy IRA words I feel Edwards now versus I allow and I really I don't my body the older because all the positive I have no idea on so now it right now where I am so you're I am ready shortly our anything do I want I am a rather small level I am evil look at I am like a there is still hope that I just yeah well as you but I have no more energy well I like I am 9 more vitality my body so filled with more answers our inner now every I do have a script more and never before every yeah we knew you also told us try amounts of notice every day I am more and limited right well the now fresh all goals I am filled out I am still seems like every day well like Dave I've the day my for other I am the more I read it yeah a little like yeah rebel like by others on my really why is it so I feel on so 5 our by so unicredit one liners I thought why so like a lively critical analysis of how right now free hours we how much alike others right down everyone knows rushed drop by so that's the never in my long life alright I have yeah is fall upon every a day although I must all the time perhaps alright positive now for down this my mom sign it right I think or is it all the iRobot iRobot well you know allow the senator by the time my body all of this possible we radically and only wants I have all that energy online now in ready for world you energized let it lie I am flight identical well it's more than it well I want reversals online lines exists she full of energy I Allenby every I have used I am right there is so bad just every will you watch your inner or in a everything I so yeah lies it will allow I am I filled out from our vitality my body is mine so filled with them or not our inner now every credible announced you never every day outage alliance now crush on my goals I am buildings I am filled with more like every day science will invite town yeah yeah and my body every day in my inner a levels and more and for every not only are in lower energy yeah like how life it's our job part of life my body how much I don't know how really I am so awful now so I am a vibrant my body so ncredible it was awesome soldiers finalized with credible every hour I get in your really my how much vitality okay Vitali every night notice the swagger and I lost one I might write I notice it only now are fully yeah my line of houses I games all the time I only positive manners all the parts our job is not on the listener well I hello from I every day as he entered the Irish choirs source universal hours I idolize so my by all the time Alan Alda Hans I have all the I need to gaudy now in your world I am we're all out on irreparable online yeah Harvey never I herbal NBER full of energy I am like a you're still battery just a little you know more energy online lot of positive energy I thought it was more like because soul asylum's power and more energy now every day we will critical Maureen however a day science if you don't know where today I have I really don't know right now my goals I am still amounts of I am filled with more money not every every day my energy levels yeah hello really I don't like for every 4:00 hours we had I have incredible when I buy I am so helpful yeah I think it's now my so I am a vibrant lowering energy you might online so we monitor the letters live on so Nightline now now 3:00 hours the books are real vitality others come in like how you would right you know just you know and I a new swaggering now the reason for this I notice that I have powerful day I would posit and every day falls upon clients are all the time all right now glowing all the parts I'm innocent every drastic things I have an abundance life I work all the iris and iris //
"2017-10-16 15:10:47"
I Have Found Myself - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\I am one myself I know we yeah I malaria well only now well Michael is very all words following you one more yeah all that I I know first and you will yeah for all that I where we'll and very or a by on all it's I first yeah I 5 like they're there and I like for we no I love life no Sir yeah you just I love myself vocal no so I right there's I I'm I love myself no one well I I really where all 3 I I am alright I am no now we so yeah so have for what areas learn like because our I all that I always but I guiding is yeah and I where well very my highest and I go her and you all that I love my the Sir like I level my well I love my so the love you I love yeah I well what there I am I am I am I great so no there is goals are with only like shall no and I No Way yeah I very you for and I for now only goals are we look love sure right just myself the I'm not still it's and right let's we laugh sure where in I I so I no guys areas like you I I or there every I I the I right I and well the the no like I do very probably I learn I so yeah I where //
"2017-10-16 00:29:59"
I Have Found Myself - I Know My Values - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\nbae no I don't either ours I appreciate I'm in the process I am everyone with myself or with my work so I am I am at my wits lesson in life about each other my values are I have my own I so we have Los so I am so happy in the ratings no one I for awhile right over I have found in my life now using that's I know what you might call user guys I all areas of Maureen valley down with myself really alright goals are and her school down I know my goals are because his words like following Michael you more precision you know without all that I I always like no one is words guiding pre I was on my yeah I'm court down all that I aware of schools are hi all I am willing to it's most of I am very proud of the I according to highest I online all that I do I know what I was right personal yeah my life is now used I found out my life world goals are user reflect all that I values are reflected if you herself I that I do building my god it out my there is hope I love myself you know my I knew that I served well sorry I take right honey I yeah you're right I love myself yeah honestly love myself I love myself I don't think we're gonna and so I don't no there's a ability yeah whatever I you know they'll so I mean Gramm leach Bliley I love myself you know yet every surveys show I love you like old I'm listening so I did I am wrong so how are you everyday life easy to we I power yeah where all while my those results really and I've I am a one I am right I am so what well right I am very so so how during World schools and I make I know what I I am a guy all areas of my life balance Armonk rules are in my personal value alright Michael Eisner and my true words just well Bosley shy about also if all that I I always love to numbers we awards and and I I'm going to school you got a lot core values it all that I where are you going to schools are Michael and we I or that very proud of according to my highest I don't all that I you know what I stand as we know my personal use and you're goals are in these are reflected in all that I their respect I am down now and I what about clarity and focus I love my but well I serves I'm one just well yeah I lower myself yeah I love my I love my life I don't think so a little later on I was and myself we others are so I set my love you myself I love like I look at myself no yeah research serve to go out of your mind Greg I bought it the owner had part of my days I find it easy with Howard actors where if all that you are now going I am so yeah I think hi I was wondering myself Miami I am I you know what you want I would alright sounds like patent and rainn great for she lives so you're perfect now you I know what my values are in a guy just like all areas of the thousands with I think all my goals are in agreement with where all my goals are in words are usually yeah also you know her I had I I know we I needed to do 2 words that I I'm going to guide you because of guided by or Downie isn't all that I do where the guy so most of our carries around sure why do highs in I on the alright I you know what I saw it also to I personally yeah right now you now use well I don't goals are values are reflected is all that I do sorry but I it's also personal all that I knew about it will be like or how there are 2 both of I love myself so I deserve love I Sir I I am I am happy to just be we I love myself yeah he was I look at myself and allow myself it's on and the feeling I like our I have it's in my village so hardly sugary others are it was I have had on ability whatever I set my mind much I have you're not really not I love myself no every I'm glad you you also yeah alright on you have I'm all hard days like I with whom except on that I know where all that plus when I am so angry I have I am was like yourself I am a like Brian I know what I all right you got 3 I have read full I so so perfect look like or how you I know what yeah well I all areas about so my goals are in agreement with over I'm going true value worries following my more that is all that I always personal I needed to write it works on that I guiding principles of my yeah I'm like court all that I you're aware schools of my we let most of the very proud of I agree according to my highest I honor my values and all that I do you know what I I'll all those they were my first I'd like to I'll be it also my family was are reflected all that I do as early values because personal I use it where little honey there is no I love myself don't what I deserve Love Me razor I'm with you what really just I love my well I settle down I love my I love you myself allow it's in my head accepting myself I hope others are and whatever I say loving life cycle I I love myself every Sir if you ask goals and do what makes good I right Roland part of dateline with Howard awareness of all the positive so great I am so so I agree I am I want I am every right I am so what might come you are I tell you going well what one so have because I am so happy no I I know which side use our guided by all areas valley my with my tongue well you all my stories are now yours are in where is my I mean words now for I don't like caller and I I know we great wars are that our so you yeah prince yeah core value all that I you know where they got schools of my life and we want to well that's most of what everyone around she's I only according to my highest I also all that I use no we're nice we'll no time for him to values are I like well I am I goals are in Markham I don't know there reflect all that I is are we going well you I first we are running and I I more with Claire folk I look like so I deserve love I don't Sir I ordered the I am just be I know in myself well I love myself for schools but my I all right others are our lives similar do it whatever I say mine were loving myself yeah he does but really yourself I love my every to go after I goals you because you don't want part of my everyday life right so in which you live your our where all the so angry so no I right what I am I am I am which might try I have you don't have to Marie because great for I am grateful all I am so happy perfect all now you yeah I know what my use our online is a guy like all areas ballots I am who user is really all my goals are I know I words following that I my more well using all that I I always leave the I work very it more guiding if guided by court all that I do I am where I got Wilson Land I'm really most or even I'm very proud of she according highest value and all that I so what I say but they there's 3 my life now you know goals are you Allen they're real likely things out and I do there was like and it you know personal I knew all that I I well there so I love you might it really ladies and you guys are all about all serves to so I think right I am more than just I look at myself love I love myself and if you make I hot dogs and I so others are just hired by I have why in the middle whatever I I love it myself with us now I love myself I know every Sir you go right I'm going or it might a lot well only about with whom you got our 6 awareness of all the so great I am so thankful summary I am I am everyone so I am unlike Miami I know how to live Horcher I I don't know great thank I am grateful great fun so what happened I am so happy Turkish cellphone you know yeah I knew user guided by all areas of my Alan well yeah alright goals are salary personal have all my goals are in G. my thoughts worries you are well Chris all that I did No Way first if you can wars are guiding because of my life guided by court all that I you wear guiding principles right one I'm very proud of the last line according to my highest I on your all that I do nice to that all I've lived personal value yeah now I I'd like to go goals are going I like that these are reflected you're all that I 0 rise like my action I went down I personally only use guy Michael line I or clarity in your I love my hi we were right so I I deserve love 0 I am worthy of my own life I let me just be I love myself honestly I love my I love you myself allow myself you know you the my my so great there's a they're working I love I don't whatever I loving myself how along really happy loving good I love myself no yeah ever take her sure if you go out go listen to easy to no we have so is it real or more the hard a sign cool with I know myself everywhere we've all the pies 3 I am so thankful you know my my along with my I am a I am you know what line I will go well great I am grateful so I am so happy so I I am for I have found with Michael we No Way Michal user guide so all areas balance only I actually and with my now all right rules are now all my goals are true value tiger words down here always I corps more color prints all that I don't I always personal my towards guiding principles of that yeah I know all that I do you know where I got schools of how to well it's you'll well you Aries around choose I really according highest I don't know all that I so what I see no I'm is a day I like that goals are in charge I still use our reflect all that I do they're reflect I yeah early personal thank you there open I love my I mean now I abilities where would I sure I love sure my I am aware that you I am just going I'm a little myself honestly I love my I know for myself myself yeah I am bill so so //
"2017-10-15 02:41:26"
I Manifest My Desires - I Manifest Quickly - w/ Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\thank you rainn best relationship that tires right I am making right you might manifestly tires right now ladies liars for right tires yeah sign here higher my desire Mike Myers hearing I know that every it also it was tires out I want my designers join me next that every it also tires my tires out just like I want right now right Myers all my right that everything like just right //
"2017-10-14 02:23:10"
I Manifest My Desires - I Manifest Quickly and Easily - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\NPI can manifest labels irony quickly I don't always manifest might iron ships quit reading my manager about my wishes shirts anything I can always available as my wishes whatever they want xinmsn biller alright then arrest my wishes I fully in list home for our and you know it's on yeah that's my desires I know my desires mnbound email my desires out of nowhere just like so I can this I best relationship manifest in but I want it that we don't have manifest tires right now no I am making reason right so my gosh iris right I am manifesting on my desires right now sires for our yeah tires of your writing tires yeah IRA show at all sire shows up way tires sure higher insurance hire a show like higher that's tired of the you and I don't or might is on Ireland my desire to matter of yeah I read my I read just like tires your device numbers how source I'm at home so trying to that's I think I writing my own I have the ability the ability Joyce your article I need to I know that everything you will find right I know that I was right drove my and also right the other there it was a I was like 3 and well a dollar everything is wonderful right now why is this ever going LZ they have fires are right now because I think it's a lot of you've already yeah our of my my desires every you are 6 or even less yeah 3 a I try works Michael my it was done what we always whatever the it will help William then I Dyer my eyes honors that's you tires out of nowhere just like I relations I I want that's right now so I tires were then fires right now desires for our right in tires higher show of all time I urge you no way sira show up tires should tires show up I am sure there are right tires right as I tires higher writer of me I am rose right I always I read as well recently yeah might tires or just really our source I am a power so yeah that's good I like on the I mean we I'm writing I don't yeah there was join crime is my I know that everything wineries right by right I and I don't it also I don't you're daily we a dollars dollar he's a one right now Reverend every so yeah is there a lot of fires are right every yeah I am lost traction right now Bob yeah right our there like on now it's all my desires to over laws of great track Michael so I I altruism tired always my I always whatever you know full and right everyone fires you know I that's my desires out I know just like my daily management I don't trust relationship I want out it will testing right so fires right now fires you were our the day tires right tires Myers show up all the time Myers no I'm no way during the show desire job on the Myers show Russian real yeah tires sure most for like sire my desire her I I reckon I always Neier I read and tires or if I I trust powerful source will alright source I yeah no during my I am Chinese right the ability to I ability Joyce we Michael miracle I know that everything I write I know that I means or how I one minute all my own eyes day of I wonder David right really how's just yeah right now every does your I just they are like alright others are right now she's violent long drive 3 women who are raise your yeah our minds on I am now because designers to we have everything great yeah drug it was my goals I don't government my sign always this might always whatever they need don't ask well you know rolling his sire's he designers out of the No Way is just like that Mr life yes I want greatly or if tires right now those Iraq right now 4:00 hours a day designers right in liars tires show on both Myers show way buyers children Myers I feel Myers grew up Myers you are here's a way around it higher we're like my desire I don't tires I I agree with the Greece I read on we or so I our source however when sources yeah but I mean I I am writing yeah I do listen to yeah you our list I know that everything I will I know that all yeah every they like a every as I ask I just I don't training are wonderful right now forever for help even as I want I am like correct you're right very what she is I am going to lie a lot mine was yeah ours might Irish right I need laws of I know right ratings yeah I awards I call I don't I find always always as you know earlier I know we'll have I don't really there's man my desire Irish that's yes my science out of it's just like just as and I want fires right now see you and I fires right now or our yeah hires a right and tires Myers show on fox tires show on no way my desire to show Myers you higher Sunday higher tires as you I or my I might as no matter how desires and writer of my sire Arabs I read recently I write raise my I don't tires where did I we're I trust I am a little it's create a hello sources I know where I'm going to ask you that's turning I am try to I am writing my really he looks the ability choice right miracles I know that everything I we'll find I know that I I all 6 my so I create one year and release daily bank yeah yes I we it is unclear a dollar do you want for I might right now whatever reason helping best we need them I am like like stories right now we I am calling I read all our lives I don't really like because it's desires I take with I was ntfc a I I mean where is Michael don't I you know I now we and I think whatever that means right my no I last Myers the my desires listen my desires out of just like man did I want that's right now turns out focusing right tires right now 4:00 hours buyers of your writing tires well Myers no way higher tires you out Irish right tires show on you're on the it is my desire to like and I for my desire my desires it is my design right I rest willow 3 by the yeah trust our source no I like during my women I mean I am writing my if you look if usually we're okay I know that everything we'll find I know that I I want my own sure all 6 so we are going to a lot a right it's like right second dollars creating a waterfall right now evergreen hello I am like these are men or as you write alright violently all I Iraq's powers my desire to are you right now I rhymes with great not they had Lorelai towards my goals Boston you know the life as it might I always I always whatever they everyone as all and I my this yeah that's 2 years ago my desires out of religion just like yeah one and I want I wish we resting my desires are right now she was right right right there's no or our way designers of iris higher will show up on Myers way tired of shows hire you to tired as you I so your whole show higher alright was this higher like with and ... of this I read it I read ability Myers what is a personal a little source will on our way source my really I am the I'm writing a I always try the ability the ability to jointer leaves you're is that every we'll try right I know that I was my rolling my eyes it also day of well created in Europe daily yes I train a dollar no one ever my son right now evergreen hello ask a lot I am like and if you bastards for me right now Iran's very really by applying no creation slobs Howard life on I am down causing Myers we're now farming laws or is it we choice day I you know afterwards hi I'm this always always I whatever military just I going in my Myers based on that tires out of no where just like I like and I want to quickly sires right now Lucas alright tired right now for our right desires here's your balls higher no way higher //
"2017-10-12 07:23:25"
My Investments Are Increasing - My Money Is Growing Rapidly - with Uplifting Music - Affirmations
\\ //
"2017-10-11 07:01:58"
My Investments Are Increasing Daily - My Money Is Growing Rapidly - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\NPI am anywhere njai am investing harbors are I see how I am not over and over yeah all mine businessman scenery money manager I everything from line you are mine business gradually agrees money as right as we well here I tens of investments are going to be seen every yeah for all in all I I yeah a lot of one on every day good and others investment got it wrong on the road on my investments are growing at a all the investments I don't know getting I just really make Benjamin I like what do you grow I managed that way watching this land our own incredible watching I'm find a wealth Iraq the my investments just wells more investment every RSS said join multiple that's it you know you and I well that's it is your one I don't yeah I'm adding to I am afraid in this money generating early hello yeah girl great you know it offers all the time hello limit one source severity grace of every year he rose higher and higher well the money has yeah for awhile for your our life so that I am I mean is it I open my eyes I'm a I got we attract other money from all items on the you know right every day well they all I more advanced or Johnson source of yeah well I am an ex yeah really I am in front I every day that way when the dates every way I meanwhile well prisoners if you all that I have been all raise the allow o'leary really seeing it goes all internal struggle to or money on all the world's eyes getting more info most the line well yeah hello right the allow myself what a good one now every I know what I love the rag large sums just 0 welcome I enjoy creating well spend I I mean like now I look it's a little that's don't mine early in Alex I just I am the luckiest person I I see go every day that's the way restaurants are Alexander Bradley investment alright it says great all the fine investors hold on so all right a lot of drug use 0 you and other this funny just growing a invest well Dan vestments I don't know waiting they that's I love it is hydro my mother watching there was a great watching I around just W. excellent yeah 7 what did you allergy raising money my money double you gave it let's find sort of a lot I am worried money more yeah waking Clinton's of you wouldn't all this time welcome you're right out source our welfare severity and now isn't it grace of every day my it really is hiring I am building while the other for my money while this I allow myself to one that I am creating I myself the and job with more all in one I don't read or see well but I Donald yeah we're going into once I am sure concentrate well I boy I am an ex last I am on my the day the way every day the way well I am right well next great all that I have hold it it's the all areas more than Sunday on I would do it all well drug Johnny I well I know you know by Daniel well if you parent right results because I love my so now after doing what I love close to now large sum just always be 0 to our wedding alright I am well tell you exactly on a I use my here's 11 I millions dollar investment growing I am yeah girl latest George yeah invest my things does your money invested investing rapid critics and this really all of my what more than well by investing yeah all right yeah a lot service yeah well you the other life vest drug that's a growing at about your all so I don't know why trying to make best watching grow manage my now watching Rosie watching I rather just last just go well your office every day about Moran said read I enjoyed cool when I invest once doubling yeah I was I am a great investment money you know he's a wait I and what we great that's what I'm really called on I'm willing to it's very I expect rates of growing I well I don't I'm not so he's been from you lost money that I am creating a I open my eyes I am credit one trapped up although you online one is for I was really see well details I have worked how source of I well I am an excellent the master I am in control of my life all right a day no way yes I danced away well for well sounds like the dollars are yeah we all that I have iris well we're going to reading a day go of all turmoil struggle our well day by well here in yeah the I allow so okay now after it's nice what I love those can be rapidly yeah large just they are all of you I actually feel well what I mean right minor miracles 9 because you are all in all many my events caller are now growing I am on this the best I see my grow every day all this that's on no just rather that's I'm really dressed all of our sort 9 full this yeah well I all of my yeah a lot more money survey and other alliance just growing we just all the investments I don't know we make watching growth it was online I was a I called watching we just wrapping it's just a job I'm just more assets that very I am sure I will for this is my we're every day formal rating this he's a nice when it comes great you know plans investment opposite last night all the time I will really the there stay raise 3 higher and higher well Ali while his I allow myself to rose but I am we I and I am moved to move on he attracted Albert all of them because more to the right I have to say yeah I don't think people fans are Ryan are the new read up on how source of I am to answer well I am not really mad I am in control of my life yeah the way sure yeah no way meanwhile now in the house I'm grateful all that I have why is it I recently we still all areas reaching us today we're all Ariel Sharon I ask well I I think we were promised well parent right yeah I was it was fun then I allow can you really right I now have find more size what I love those 2 I am I am the source of your I don't have my best invest money best that's why now rather well that's all of you know way I sing for science as every day all of my it's our own yeah I a long time and money sure yeah that's lying on his visit growing at around all 3 is best I or about me getting one just watching Roman and a lot when watching there was a what I right now Iraq this just the best ones Francis said read showing posts reams of Ernie well hi by unlike Dover the day yeah yeah I am a grotesque I am among we waking is there we lost our estimates are for all the time and welcome source and there never yeah I hearings on it now will be what else you you know while there's a lot I allow so because we would like that I am creating I hope over track number all the money I can these I yeah money hi I release date will the I am the end is still going up on source of use our no one well excellent I am trials in my mind the day every way you coming day the way well if you're well he well I I need during all that I have so that I yes we one final area we I let go of all real strong when I well I need as well hearings right that is yeah I I allowing yeah what's good now after well yes I what I love close to save large on just Sarah join the well Ron unz compliant way you are right I live and read you know when you it's my best really investment Lyons resulted from now it is growing if you're looking if there's is you know every day just she grounds I this our rapidly that's not all of my it's very hard full the best line every game all of my along serving the other that's rockets the best are they going smiles reinvest right I don't know it really makes but as my what from watching well it's you growing yeah this is just terrible yes whereas every join the folder lock we are double yeah one the romance great invention generous it was a wait our alright and that's how I felt all the time well I only need source tired race of yeah going higher and higher noun solution well I I value it's nice to have miles was I so I that I creating I open myself up one Dr Melanie all the money your words and your right I am so yeah well cable where have see source of labor well and the next there was my I am in control of my read a where the day you're never well here you can and 3 for all that I the little that I allow it on all area words and yeah go home turn of struggle on the all who will it ignores your state yeah well Aaron maybe myself really want in life now and I need what I love flows from Iraq large signs of I just 0 right well is right joy saving what our right you have a lot yeah and I your mind just sort of work 0 dollars invest yeah well growing I am now person just every yeah that's that's for reasons that's that's right wrapping all the Caroline yeah all the I a lot serve it yeah you does it growing yes I my only all that's I don't know goodnight really make being run out watching throw you relying on the internet watching growing up I was ready yeah when around the just it's just yeah we are morass so I think polls and just it is money will go yeah probably I am a great money general yeah we got on a single yeah designate out all the time I welcome really sorcery well it might he is that's racist said react not //
"2017-10-10 08:09:25"
Everything I Do Is Successful - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\I only yeah makes CNN everything I'm so every night every time you thank every we have every every we all that I all that I the yeah every I how it is says everything okay credible everything I do great right then I we says he I really no really let's so please right every I we've all we that well Sir I am like I you everything you I only yeah think only all that I yeah every right we as no thank you all that I you not I since he is but great you there's join thank I only every every will your we've we as well this yeah you you I the we this is my and I we 3 all that I yeah I we he business IGN if you credit right the night and I yeah really 6 and I we every I I yeah so I've come the every I always we that's well certainly have we've yeah please I am that is all that he every and since 6 I and I news please I and I the the it right and that as I I the Max he every you're I you well it's we've we and I you knowing //
"2017-10-09 07:30:22"
Everything I Do Is Successful - Everything I Do Is A Massive Success - Super-Charged Affirmations
\\nnova nnova reaching I do not everything I do is a massive cnty everything I do successful looks everything I success so naturally at everything I do grades all that I do every like I always great if you well I only isn't that right now yeah racialized I know I do as high that's I always 6 I nmls that idea everything I do like everything I do great sense that but I don't think yeah yeah all the Jeffrey rulings every she always all that I all that I I want Niagara I recall with I have a hunch that's all the the exit that's right you know John 800 credible everything I do I'm going grade 6 I do the remark yeah I do all that was every that I yeah everything I do says already so because that's join he's you know we so it was my inability to everyone I right let's try it from every night you always result everything this has not come you've already all we I am a every drugs so that every people I wonder how it's always you have a way of always grace all of the time well how are you so having great for like the night you know I do you guys everything you know I everything I are you you you guys you I always so I I always got that's just my house the thing I do as I always I see do I expect all that I think yeah but every so but I do know every time we will successfully every goals yeah every so now that I do all that I do if Iraqi leveraging I have it's all we expect everything I do credible you know you great 6 everything you are and I that I just you I am already only yeah enjoy that I no we don't plus yeah every night on you're always resources that's my everything just for hold on that's what words are not yeah everything you look at I wonder how I must always we have always had great the wealth of the search your so 3 right well it might you know I thing I do I think I've always I do like you well 6 that I think I don't I always I only that's good I always but 6 you know all that I like everything I do every every every goals every last all that I all that I act I wrote a person I had lunch on one all the and set if you credible you know you great you know yeah right that article like turns on and every that I you know I do you already 6 so 6 join right I now we know everything I when I we all so crazy so we will you well I'm going I will be working after I yeah see that everything all well look I wonder how it's always thank you every way of always work all of that we'll have the certainly I am so I please read all of my yeah everything I do everything I do right yeah yeah I do success it was great right except says that I do you know you I always yeah I always think that's just my you setting I always yeah magnesium yeah all that I do every like everything but I and right we as I recall every little all that I do so in all that I and we I asked every possibly one minute I have on we will yes it is strange successful you would have paid correct and I can bring grade 6 you know I do marble everything I do 7 yeah that I do yeah